Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1847 Page 1
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r Til \ol. xni. No. S33?WboU No. *83*4. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Murth-wut corner of Kulton -and Mi. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. cracOLATlOW?JKOHTY THOVIAIDi DAILY HERALD?K.very day, Price 2 eempweopr >1 *lP?r junum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD-Every Saturday-Price 8* eaau per copy?81 12)< cenu wir annum?payable in advance. HER ALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice r>}{ ctirts per copy?$9 per annum, including pottage payable m advance. SuW*rir:i.m? and advertisements willbe received by Meases. iKIignani, II rue Virieune, Pari; ; P. L. Siiniimli, 18 Corihill, anil John Miller, the bookaelle*. London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the lat of Jaimnry of eacli year?eaigle copiea aixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?alwayi caah in adyance Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible lor errora that may occur in them. ' PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully and wkh despatch. All letters or ootnrnniicationf by mail, addreseed to the eitahlinlimeut, mint be pott paid, or the postage will be de eur.teil from the subscription rooner remitted. NEW tfUHK AND H MIL KM KAIl.KO MJ COMPANY HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUN& 10th, 1847, the Cars will ran aa follows, until farther notice. Up trains Will leave the City Hall for _ , , HarUmfc Morrisiaaa. Forham It Tuckahoe Pleasantville, S SO A.M. Will'msBr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle T " 5 N A. M. White Pl'na. Bedford, I " 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickville 9 H 10 " 18 Croton Falls. U ? 11 " i T. M. 7 A.M. U ' I P. M. 4 J# " 4 P. M. I F.M. 4 " 4 ? 55 '? 5 30 " 34 * Returning to New Yors will leaveMo rriai a nn k Harlem. Fordham. Will'ms Br'ge. Tickaho*. 7 00 A. M. S3 A.M. 6 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M. lit " 7 55 " 7 50 " 48 " 8 8 09 " 9 03 11 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 12 ?4 P. M. 5 52 ' 12 15 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl*n?. t " ill " 6 " 7 10 A. M. | ' 15 " # 08 " I 33 " 5 20 " 51 " 7 45 - 1 P. M. 6 " i 22 6 28 " 8 05 " Pleanantville. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 18 13 A M. 8 AM. 7 51AM. 7 45 A M 5 13 P M. ? P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45 PM Croton Falls. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The traiui to and from Croton Falls will not stop on New York Island, except at Rroorne street, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten urinates, to take up passengers in the city. The morning train of can from Croton Falls will not stop between White Plains and New York, except at Tuckahoe William's Bridge, and KordHain. Extra trains on Snndayt to Harlem and Merriaiana, if fia? weather. ritage* for Lake Mahopacltand Danbnry leave Croton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for PawUnas on arrival of the 7 o1' lock A. M. train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Fall* ... f 1 CO To Whitlirkville ?7* To Newcastle, 73 To Vleanantrille 62* To White Plain*.. JO Freight trains leave City TIall at 13 M. and at 7 P. M. ReturniMK. leave Croton Falls at 7 V M. and 9 P. M. TOTRAVKLlJERSliOlNO SOUTH NEW AvO V103T AOKEBABLE LINK TO FREDE"riclisbu'g Richmond, Petersburg, Va , Staunton, Va , and the Virginia Splines, Weldon. N. C., and Charleston, 8.C. The public a e informed that the new and splendid low pres8ure steamer POWHATTAN (connecting with the (jreat 1 *11 Line at Aq^uie Creek,) leives Commerce street wharf. Baltimore, evey Tuesday and Friday Evening, at 8 P. M., (or tie aoove points Through-tickets to Richmond $ 4 Petersburg 6 We'don.N.C 9 Staunton, Va.. 11 l'?9 Charleston, 8. C 17 Being at the same price, mure direct and expeditions, aud much more cc la in than the The-epeake Bay and James River So ambo t the wide aud rough portion of the Bay, between tile mouth of the Potomtc and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by this line Travellers ireadvmed fiat tne line hereby advertised is part gnu pt'cel "f the < J ent Mail Line through Virginia; and that it i?the mreition of the coinp-nies composing tlie Ore it Mail Line, thit u*? e igert shall be conveyed by them, in connection with the Pon h-tLan. always as cheaply as by any other hue and * uh more comfort expe J.tion and certainty, than by any Other line, except ilie line via Washington. For f u t ier pa titulars, inquire at the Southern Railroad office Piut street. Baltimore; of Stockton U Fall, or at the tne Comm* ce Stieet whir/; or, on Tuesdays and Fridays, ou board th? Powh'ttr.u, of O. W. GUNNELL, Capt. V. U.?Travellers hy the above line will bear lu mind that i),.v k.trixnhoun more in Baltimore tnan passengers by t'.e ' hei'ptiike Bay and Jamn River floats, and yet reach any point sooth of retersburg >t rhe sunt" lime with these lut, ?r?n wIiti there is no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jy4 3meo I'r TZL 5a Y ti CU.'S 1JOSTON AM L> EASI'ERft EXX^ua EKESS, via Newport .uid Fall River.?Thia Express Wt leaves thr office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, daily, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby teen ring to merchants and others the advantage 0f n late hoar for forwarding cases, packages, fee. Bmk note*, specie, drafts, and valuable parcels are secured in iron safes and placed in the charge of faithful conductors. OAY fc CO. Merchandise, packages, fcc. forwarded in oar own cars, and by leaving ordera at oar office. No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, parkagne will be called for in any part of the city. ( No. 1 Wall street, corner Broadway. f jj() i 3t?te (trert. Boston. an5 JOtre <***> OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE-To A1 '*oy. Utica $1 50; Syracuse. $2: Oswego; MKSHHUr $3; Rochester. $2; Buffalo. 82; Cleveland, Si; U?' roit. SI; .vjilw?uUit\ S? 75; Chicago, St75; Cincinnati, $6 75; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $1; Montreal, Piltaburg. $6. Office, 100 Barclay street. >ny s-cnritv rniaired will be given for the fulfilment of all ceatr <ets made wiin this company. an >'i I't'rc M. RAY'. Agent | New York. U47. _ l ~~ 1-lUunIZiri.lINlL yTKAMBOA';:# KUM f ||\LBANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? I*'A-aaMuHha'fhrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from (he Pier between Coartlandt and Liberty streets. SreainNwt ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will Uave <m Monday, Wednesday, an^ Friday evening!, M 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDKIK HUDSON, Capt. R. (i. Cruttea4*n, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock Special Trains for Scheneotady, Ballston, and Saratoga Springs, will ran a> follows:?Leave Albany at R? A.M., 3 P.M.. except Sundays. Passengers will find this tne most expeditions and convenient route. At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Daces? from the foot o i Barclay street. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain K. H. Farry, will leave on Monday, Wednesday,Friday,and Sunday afternoon*, at* o'clock. nremaDoai 80UTH AMERICA, Captain Trnesdell, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday ,.a?d Saturday alteraooai, at ft o'clock. The above boat* will at all times arrive in Albaar in ample tor Tor the Morn in* Cart forme East or Weat. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after SX 'clock, P. M. XT"" All persons are forbid trusting any of the boati of thii line, without a written order from the capraina or agent*. For irfurage or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. 8CHHLTZ, at the omr.ejin the wharf. au23 6trh Zjm CONEY ISLAND KERRY?The well -JWl.?~2?hm>wn steamer AMEHKAN EAOLE, Cap3CoLj&2E.tain Geo. H. Power, will ran regularly during the se.isou to < -oney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, as follows:?Leaving Pier No 1, at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Island at 1 Vi. In addition to the above trips, will make a moraine trip to Fort Hamilton, leaving the eity at 7, Kort Hamilton at 8 o'clock. au4 45t?rc FuRKEY PORT.-th* . caine7 JOSEPH COHFEE, will leave the pier, foot of MmaaMMHaCharabera street, daily, for Key Port, at J 'clock P M. N B ~< >n Sunday's, the boat will leave the foA of Hammond street at I; Canal street. IW; Chambers st'eet, IX; nke s' eet. Fast River, 9* and Pier No. 1, North River, at X o'clock aunjm-m NOTICE. 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY.?Oa and r* ^ after SUNDAY, April 18th. the steamboa'a WYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will no as follows, until farther notice :? Leaf a STATKN ISLAND At ?. I, I, II, 11, A M., and 1, (, I, 4, I, ?, T, P. M. LEAVE new toll .11 r, I. 10, 11, A- M., and 1,1, ten minntei pact 1, lad at 4, S, 8.7, o'clock, PTM. New York April lJth all r ...^ forshrewsburv,ocean house * [ | i ' ?if Bran oh Kuusoin Dock, Brown's Dock. * Middletown and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C Price, Master, will ran aa follows, from k niton Market Slip, East River :? Leave New York Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Friday. 27. 8 A M. Fr day, 27, 4 P. M. Saturday, 28, 9? A.M. Ha'arday, ?!3, 5 I. M. Sunday, ?9, H A. M. Huuday, 29, ''V. P. M. Monday, 30, 7 A.M. Monday, 30. II A.M. Tueaday, 31, 7 A. M. Toeaday, 31, 12 M. The Lib* Stagea will ran to Howell Vvorka, nqnau Village and Freehold- dtageato convey paanengera lo all parta of the country. N. D All periona are forbid trolling the above boat on acconntof 'he Ownera. J. P. ALLAIRE. *a4 301* re mm. IfORHHRKWBBURY.LONO BRANCH, r f VV.SCHK.NCK'S, HIOHLANUH. Ocean Houaa, *nd Eatontown Landing. The Steam boat KDWIN LEWIS, Capt H.ynea, will ran aa followa ftoin foot of Veaay itreet, North River: Lenve New York. Leave 8hrevif>vrf. \1" o cloek. Aa?. o'clock. Fr'day. 27 at 4 P. M. Satnrday, 2*. at !) A.M. 8*rur'Uy,*8, at 4*< P. M. Sunday, 29, at 'OX V M Monday, *>, at fi A.M Monday, iO, at 1" AM. Tar H ?y, il, at 6X A. M. Tueaday, SI, at II A.M. Mihmcs will bo in reniltjifai on th? iimvUI of the boat to com ftr PnMMtngen all p?rt? of the counrry. jy3l 30t*rc _ JP*.,, i'he r'.learner \KVV II VVRN, i"t^-UC3?l aptam Van Palt, can be chartered for Itienrto *,ny place, by application at No. II B?trcr?r piire, nvr/, Jv2H tOtre -.fC^'a. .boXL'?k^> SfciW ^AV LrNV7~o5' iidf iTCT^P ^'1?N BOAT* VOR ALBANY, ifiWMII^MI.'.ndi'j,, at Vau Courtlandtt Newhnrgh, f ,04.-1 Ucpur KiiiwitM.rat.ktll andHndaou.-FHreiOeentjflr? ?kl- *? and Kitii/.y 0|, Bi.,rd Th, aw and ahjgrfbt ?|?xaei KOOKR WILLIAMS, <aji A Oegwot, 1 u-iidaya, rharadavj. and Saturday*, at half-past an, A M.. tnwn the pier foot or Ilotnnsou atreet, tonchirc at Hammond ?tf*cT-aer, Irom New York, Kor : *?.*?* or frteaht, ;pply n the Boat*, or to O?o. T Sutler.Ut the office, foot of Robuuou atreet IT* All penoaiara forbid traatiat th? abova boeta oa ae cant of tha own an 9rjt E NE N && m. m m ^aklISLE k RTFPARD'8 ESnGjTvTION OFM^?, V in connection with GEO. RIPPARD k SON, 134 Waterloo Hoatl, Liverpool. Persons wishing to leud for their friends in the old country, can secure passage in any of (he following new line of packets, tailing from Liverpool on the SLh uf * oRStTtWiON, 1.500 toot, Cart. John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1.J0& ton., Capt. P. Woodhouse. LIVERPOOL. 1,150 tons, Capt John Fldridge. HOTTINOUEH. 1,000 tona,' apt. IraBuraley. Oeo. Rippard k Son are the only agenta In Liverpool Tor the nbove line of packets, in addition to which they despatch a tir*t cla?s ahip every week. Persons sending money to their friends in large and small amounts, can be accommodated with drafts on ihe Belfast also ou the principal btulu in England. Scotland, and Wales! Applvto CARLISLE: & HIPPAttD, %n21 Vit'm 48 South street. Ci.r of Wall. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA.AND ?W YORK LINK. & 1 H ? TO SAIL EVERY TEN DAYS. Ship QSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Run. Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark t/ENK8F.E, Captain Minot. Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Baric HEBRON, Captain Oreiy. The above ships are all ef the first class, of ljglu draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced captain in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passen**Neither the captaina or owner! of the above ahips will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, tail ver or plated ware, or for any lettera, parcels, orjNiek^g*' sent by, or.put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or itassage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to ?. K. COLLINS, it South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. M. 0t m m 'i* aWjCOTT'S EMIGRATION OFFICE, 86 Smith ?t.? 1 Persons wisjing to send for their friends in the old ctmntry, can secure paaaage on reasonable terms, by any of the magnificent ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets. ?ir:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Optaia John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1400 tons. Capt. P. Woodhous*. LIVERPOOL. 1250 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HOTTINGUEIl, 1150 tons, Cant. Ira Bursley, sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month. Passage can also be secured by the St. George's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making au all a ship every five days from that port. For further particulars apply to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. jy29 86 South street, New York. _ _ FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC X&CifillMi STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The ships of /Wffc.fSY/ftjtftihthts company are appointed to sail as follows FROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th August The MISSOURI " " 3Ut " The NEW YORK " " 14th 8et>L The UMION " " 30th ' > ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th August. The UNION " " 31it n These Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commander* of tried aklll and known courtesy. Their state rooms and cabin* are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price ol pissnge in the first cabin from New York is (120. From Havre 1,000 frvnes. Wines are not included, but will be furni>hed at moderate rates. Ml letters must paas through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to au4 rc AYMAR ?t CO.. 34 Bouth street. sffZESOtB BRITISH AND MflttTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Hllttl SHIP, 1200 tons and 430 horse power each, under contract *?* with the Lords of the Adinirality. HIBEJtNlA.Captain Alexanuer llyrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edwaid (.?. LottBRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E Judkins. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building ore THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROFA. The vrsseU a|>pointed to sail from Boston are the Hibeniia, Angust 16, 1147 Cambria September 1, 1B-47 Caledonia September 16, 1847 Britannia October 1, 1817 The vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1847 Caledonia August 10. 1847 Britannia September 4, 1817 Passengers'luggage out be on board the day previous to ailiug. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Hilifai, 120. No berths secured until paid for. itiese *hip* carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of tailing. For freight, passage ,or any other information, apply to 0. BRIQHAM. Jr., Ageul AtHARNDEN k CO.'8/i illi117-In addition to the above line between Liverpool 11 ^ Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being bnilt, and early next year due notice will be triven of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the teainers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other mouths in the year. Going al innately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, ana be tween Liverpool and Naw York. m82 r KOK NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New idWffWYork Line of Packets?The splendid fast sailing flMMfapacket ship HUDSON, P. Page master, is now loading, and will positively sail September 13, hei regulai day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on Board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 36 South st. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff IIt Co., who will promptly forward al) goods to their addreaa. Theficket ship Oswego, CapL Iugersoll, will sncceed the Hudson. sail her regular daT a?H r-_ KOK HAVUE (via Cherbourg).?'i'lie /ayjeKMisteamer MISSOURI, Captain Monn, will leave on her regular day, Tuesday, the 31st instant. Price of passage, (120 * The ship has au experienced surgeon. Letters must pass through the Post-office. For passage or freight, apply to an24rn3l re AYMAR k'Co.. 34 South'st. CON8IONKE8 PKR BHIP ST. NICmOLAS, afflwWfrom Havre, will please send their permits on board, JWMKapier 4 N.R., or to the office of auioStic BOYD it HINCKKN, 88 Wall ?t. NOTICE.?Packet ship SHERIDAN, from Li MCJWWverpool, is discharging under genrrnt order conJMMBasignees will please attend to the receipt of thrir goods immediately. All goods uot permitted, will positively M sent to the public store. au26rr FOR LIVERPOOL.?The New Line-Regular mWV packet of 21st September.?The superior fast sailing SSOmm packet ship QU&.KN OK THE WEST, Captain I'hitip Woodhouse, 12i0 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, haTing splendid large and comfortastate rooms and cabin, apply to the captain on board, pier No. 21, west side of Burling slip, or to WOOUHULL k MlNTURN, 87 Socth ?t. Price of passage $100 The new pa< ket ship CONSTITUTION, 1C00 tons burthen. Capt. John Britton, will succeed the Queeu of the West, and sail on her tegular day. 21st of October. ?2fi rc XdKE- ONLY RKGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR MgUVNEW ORLEANS.?The following well known, JHNHsfaat sailing and favorite packet ships nave accommo(litiuus unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and teernge passengers, and will | ositively sail u advertised, or passage free, vi* :? The RIL AS HOLMES, Capt. Berry, Monday. Ang. 30th. The SOUTHERNER.Capt. Palmer, Sep ermierGth. 1 he HUDSON, Capt. Poge, September 13th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage by either the above packet*, as thev are all first data aliipa, commanded by men emerienced in the trade, and wtll sail punctually on their appointed daya. To secure berths, apply ou board, or to ati2r, W. It J. T. TAPKCOTT. 06 South at. 1U)( HE, BROTHERS Ik (JO?PASS AO E TO AV^Wand froin Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, jHSMi>and Remittances to Ireland kc. The well known favorite packet ship COLUMBIA, will sail for Liverpool, on Wednesday, 'he first of September, her regular i'ay for terms of cabin, second cabin, and steerage passage, apply to Captain Kitrber. on board at the foot of Beekinan street, or to the subscribers The YliRKSHIRE will sail from Liverpool, ou first of October; passage can be eugaged to come from the old country by tflis splendid ship, orby any of the iiarkeu of the Old Black Ball Line, to sail from it on the 1st and lMi of every month, by applying to as. Those remitting money to Ireland, can have drifts on THE ROYAL BANK OK IRELAND, and on PRE8COTT. OROTE ?c CO , Bankers, London, which will lir paid at the various branches throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO, No. J'j Fulton street, New York, neat door to the Kultou Bank, Only authorised nasseuger agents for the Old or Black Ball Liue of Liverpool packet*. anftic 1N1? a NTS' AND CHILDREN'S MAli As IN DES MODES, established in 1835.?Miss JACOBS (late of 437 Broadwa)), begs leave to return her sincere thanks for the libeial patronaae Mie has received ainee opening at 610 Broadway, one door from Houstoa street, and takes this me tlx.d of iufo'iniiit strangers and the I .dies of this city and vicinity, that she is now opening her fall assortment of lufauts' nnd ( hildrtn'i clothing, comprising rkli silk velvet and merino Ra? ks, osts and (cloaks, braided and, and everv article in the Children's department. Ladies' silk Opera Dress, Hoods, Sun Hataof all descriptions, Hair Orass Cloth, Moreen, and Hough's Patent Skirts. Ladies' and Children's Dresses. anil (Jentlemen's Vests, braided to order. N.B. Ladies own nultruli made g|i. anlSJOt'm rfHfc CHC.APK8J BTOMf, IN THfc CITY, IMX KalM. ton street, Tor French and American Pagier Hangings, Window Sh'des, Curtain Materials, Ornaments, Ike.?The subscriber l> is constantly on hand a larjte assortment of the above articles; slsn, mnnoUcturer of the galvanised Spring MiWtresr,, which, for comfort and durability cannot be eacellrcl. Pure hair and other Mattmaea; Heather Beds, he., with every article in the Upholstery line, at the loweat possible pneea. N. B.?Htearaboiit and ahip cabini and hotela fitted up and fnrniahed. K. DAVIKs, aiiHAr?re _ 1/pholsterer, IIWK h'ultnn at. NKW STY Lit OV MUSICAL 'lNHTHU>itS'TAJu?t received from the firat minofactorin in Vienua and Pans. an aaaortment of the latest and tnoat approved milkiul instrument*, consisting of bass instruments ca'led Bn.?a Tubas, hi K, C and E flat, with from J ui I cylinder and U new style of valve called) dium, which the performer can regulate by the tpriugs of the valves, to move according to tua fancy tn one momeut; also 1 Kuphoneum with I cylinder valvea, the moat complete baaa anlo instrument in use, for orchestra or military bands, together with a general asanrtment of musical instruments, sueli a* Sai Horna, Kbo Comas, Coinetts, Poat Horna, Cornopeans, Flutes, < lanonctts fc.-.way be had wholesale and retail, at C. O. Christmsu'a music and musical instrument manufactory ai.d warehouse. 404 Pearl at. ani?*tf?m C"VAsi 6VV CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANT > ED ? Ladies and Gentlemen having any cast off or super(Itioua clothing or fnraimre to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending a note, or by calling 011 the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. ....... >, II. DC BOKH, T1H (/anal street, up slaira. N B. Ladies can be attended to br Mra. De Boer Old tiock aad job looda bought, of aay descr.DUoa aad UMUI ,'ft4 IMirf W Y 'O EW YORK, FRIDAY MOJ Art COUNTRY 8EAT FOR BALE.?That very de]*!! *Jr*ble residence in the beautiful village of Kiuderhook olumliiaCi)uu;y, lined up, aud recently occupied by ihe late Peter J. Hoe*, Esq., is now offered lor sale. There are alio on the premises, cnrri:ige-hou?c. stablea, wood-house, barn, and all other couTeuirut out buildings The grouuds, about four arrea, are well stocked with a large Tar iecy of apple, pear, peuch, cherry, ulum, and ornameu'sl grajpe vines and ahiubbery, allot which kaia been jktctei Irom celebrated nurseries, both in * urope tud New York The whole property it now in the moat perfect order, lu the Village i* ?u Academy, secoud.tonone in thia Hcate in point nf character mid standing. H'or ternu, kc.. apply to DAVID VAN 8CHAACK, Esq., Kinder hook, or au5 30t*m PS. HO Eg, 3i Wall street. KUll SALE? WESlCHEoTKK LAND.?To geu>KfSktleinen in want of sites for country seats; to market gar^k^deuers in want of laud for gardens; and to all peraou* wislmtft location in the neighborhood of New York. J 0 acrea of hud. in the town of Westchester, within milea of the City Hall, wth right of passing over Harlem Bridge tree of toll, are offered at private sale, in lots containing from 5 to 50 acres each. The lands are withiu 15 minutes walk of the railroad; Trout on good toads; are in the neighborhood of schools, sua churches of Jiffs rent denomination; the water u good, sua location healthy. Till# indisputable. Terms mo> delate. Auply to Gouverneur Morris, Morrisania, Westchester Co.; or to Walter Kuthfeford, Counsellor, 79 Najsan St., New Vork. aul*30i*m ,m KOK S ?LK-THJL PROPERTY IN UNIOM VIL ffiSLAUL N J ?Ctutis'.in >.:?> co.i ny sicie an<l dwei^JWluig HOUSE, barn. 3 cow booses, 2 wnggou houses, corn cub, 2 barracks. kc..f\vitli; Mm acres or excellent Laud, ins high sfste uf euftivatlou, well watered and timbered. The I rops are uot surpassed by any ill the State?nor is the store to be surpassed for a country store. The property will be sold a bargain, as the present owuer is too old to attend to it. Title indisputable. Apply to J AS. B. BARK, every Wednesday, at the Northern Hotel, foot of Courtlandt street, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M., and Thursdsys until I P. M. pother days to the New York Hetil ttstate Cornpauy, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J. B. B. anU y>t*rrc bLUUK .19? THIS.?Ladies' iiititers, aliiu ers, Bus. kiui, Ties, House Slips, White nud Black Satin Prunella Buskins and Slippers, and al* other kiuds of Boots nud Shoes, of the nuest style. Also a l.irge assortment of misses and children's. Geutlemen will fuid in this store a great assortment of fiue Boot* and Shoes, calf and piteut leather; Gaiters of all kinds. Also, Boys' Boots, Gaiters, aud Shoes, of all sorts and sizes. All of the above of the best quality and cheap, at 367 Broadway, one door above Franklin street. a3 30t*rc M. C AH ILLJK8KNIJH BOOTS. ? 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JOHNSTON. 280 Broadway, 2d door aonth of aull lat*rc A. T. Stewart it Co.'a Dry Good Store. t*MTN ST IT AT I () N ('( 0?T1 VKN * ? )'U K8TKO k'KO.> " Obstinate, inveterate and hnbituul Constipation. (Coativeneaa) not only totally overcome, bur: alio completely dratro> rd, without uaing either purg-.tives, injections or baths, by a natural, simple, agreeable and infallible meaus, recently iliacov?"ed iii Krance, by M. Wartnu, 68 Kue Richelieu, Tana." l'rioe 20 ceuts. '?7" Tills great reine > i i> a light, palatable ami deliciou* food called "Ervalen ?n vegetable harms? in aome respects resembling arrow root Th? . I,,..? , nil ITrval?nt* <> > >?.. National Depot of \V crtou, of Paris, expressly established lor their sale, at HAMMOND'S h CO.'8 Drug Store, 278 Broadway. corner ol Cham era street, three doors south of Stuart'* marble building. Booksellers and Drugni^t* abroad, desirous of iurroduchig the Krvalenta in their rem ective citiesfc rtowns. will he dealt ?ith on favorable terms, by addressing. put paid, "The Director ofthe National Depot ofWarton.ol Paris,"New York. ai>M30t*m CJfcNTLKWKN'8 H \T8-FALL F ASHTON, ui7.? * Beehe Si Costar. Hatters, 1J6 Broadway, New York, and 1.'8 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, will present the Kail Fashion fur gentlemen's liatsKou Saturday, August itStli, 18i7.? Upou issuing the fashion for the srosou, B. St C. lieu leave to snythat it is their intei'tiou to introduce a style of hat ultob'rther superior to any before offered They have adopted an eutirely new and nniqae mode of I'limning. which irombiuingin the highest dtjree elegance of n.iish ami durability tends niatu-ially towards the preservation of the *<at. Auother improvement will be the strict adaptation of every lit' as well to the features, as to the form iiud size of I he wear v. thereby avoiding the apparent incongruity of a large aud t ill man with adiminative hat, tic* vena, Beebe 8t will present oil this occasion besides their well known superior Moles-<n hat, a black fur hat, ol the tliicky Mountain Braver; a superb article, which will be sold it tl.eir regular stai.dard price. They would respectfully invite attention to the branch of riiru cat jui imi mtriii, un iirrci, ronx-ucipnift, wnicn will be opened ou the 28'h inat., iii a st* le corresponding with ti' ir lionte in New York, witli a superior stock of goods, ajitl ?v tli die avowed object of fnrniahiug a belter for the price than can be found elsewhere. 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M Chambers st. aiilO)nt*rc nalys1s ok BEaOtT -To KIT* "the la.e tne"o7a"l form, and the complement* of beauty, *ay* Winkleiti n. tliH anoatle of beautv. the hair otiffht to crown 11,? heid, mid to surround the temples, describing a portion oi l firclf.M it i? in general seen iu beantifu| persous. Thu form <f the forehead is appropriate to all ideal heads. On this |>oiut I?*vater concurs in the same op mon with Winfcleman; mid ilie a icients thought itie hair pruduced n very had effect it it descended ?o low .is to hide the forehend. l.ucian, designing to represent in the must lud'Crou- manner, the hur of an ugly Woman says thst it w. a short, fl it, mid glued down as it were to Iter forehead, which might lead us indeed, were the circumstances not ?o remote, to imagine he was describing some of our modern Broadway belles or an Esquimau* Indian. 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Patent Mediciuea, K?' cy Artulee, in every tariety, supplied upon the lowest terms at No i f'ourtlnndt street, Hrst store from Broadway Also, VROOM k KOWLER'8 unrivalled Walout Oil Military Bhaving Hoap. the only genuine, awarded the first premium at the American Institute in 1144 and 1144 sir** olovlxPiVS#i3a(r^i#..i. JNING, AUGUST 27, 184 ^ *' The War, Ac. " NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. U. S. Naval Hoivital, ) Near rensaoola, 10th August, 1*47. J Tho offlcert of the U. 3. iteamur Mississippi hare met with a glorious reception from the magnanimous citizens of Pensacol*. Scarcely had she dropped her anchor opposite the hospital, when a boat was sent from the navy yard with an order from the commandant to remain where we were until further instructions could be sent; but the offleor of the boat took charge of our letters, to deliver them at the post-effloe. Four hour* after, the boat returned to the ahlp, brlnging back tbn letter bag, with a written communication from the captain of the yard, prohibiting all intercourse with the ahore, and stating that he could not even send our letters to town until he had heard from the Bourd of Health. All day Saturday we were kept in suspense, but. as directed, landed the oonvaWscent patients (sick there wire none) at the hospital, and on Sunday morning bad a clean ship, und, comparatively, a healthy crew About 1 P.M., another letter was received from Captain Latimer, covering a communication from the Mayor ef Pensacola, which, in laudatory terms, commended him :or his fatherly care for the health of the worthy clticens of the place, and, in a measure, leaving it to himself to fix our quarantine. Mind you. we had a clean ship, and no one seriously ill on board her Again, we were told that we might send letters to the commandant of the yard, but none others. Now, here have we been for five or six months on the most harraseing duty, along the health destroying ooast of Mexico, and for the last three weeks reports have gone forth, that the yellew fever was raging in Commodore Perry's squadron, particularly among the offlaers and crew of the flag ship Mississippi. Those reports are read by our wives, children, and friends ut the north, aud hero we were debarred the poor privilege, by heaven of even souding a harmless letter through the post office of Pensacola. lest it should contaminate with n pestilence the whole of its illustrious citizens ; and our absent frionds must be kept in ignoranoe of our fate, that iucrnse may be offered up to the vanity of a man, who is here clothed in purple and flnellnon, aud faring sumptuously every day. There is no country throughout the world where letters are stopped at quarantine. Persons ou board vessels in the Mediterranean, with the plague of Egypt and the cholera of Asia iu them, are not prohibited from communicating with their friends by letter, after the process of fumigation; and the health officers offer every facility to further the object; but the distinguished Capt Latimer has so little sympathy with the offlc*rs of the servioe to which he belongs, who have been on severe duty in Mexico, that be will not forward a letter public or private, although he cannot but know the cus toms una quarantine regulations of all nations throughout the world But we have the consolation of knowing that w? have not deserved this treatment from Capt. Latimer or the high-minded citizens of Tensaeola , in faot, what little we could do has been pretty well done, and in our weakened state we thought ourselves entitled to some little consideration, in any other city of the United States we should hare been taken by the hands as brethren, but here we see nothing but the oold shoulder, ar If we were struugers entering their porta with a pestilential disease caculated to produce famine, death, and all the other Ills that tieah ia heir presumptive to. I am, fco., ko., Our or THfc SrrrKkcri. P.8.?There were publio despatches from ('ommodore I'erry, to the Navy Department in the letter bag which I apt. Latimer wouta not pasa, and which might have been of great importance to the government. List of the officers attached to the U. H steamer Mississippi. arrived at Peusaoola on the 14th instant, 4X days from Vera Cruz:?Lieutenant Commanding, S. a. Lee; K irst Lieutenant, S K. Blunt ; Second Lieutenant, L. Maynard ; Acting Master, 11. Kodgers ; Surgeon, L. W iVltnou ; Purser, YV. II Kennon ; Lieutenant of Marines, W. L. Shuttleworth; Midshipmen, T. B. Wain wright, O S. King; Purser's Clerk, O. Hutchinson; First Assistant Kngiueer, J. Follansbee ; First do. J. Oay; Second do. W. K. Everett; Third do. M. M. Thompson ; Third do. J. M Adams ; Boatswain. J. Fentberston j Ounnur, Oliver ; Carpenter, 'l'ownsend ; Sailmaker, K. Middleton. Supernumeraries?Lieutenant 11. Walker, Assistant Surgeon A. N. Bell. Passenger?Passed Assistant Surgeon J.Thomley U. H store-bark Southampton. Thorburn, in t>8 days from Klo Janeiro, arrived at Valparaiso June 10. Sailed trow Valparaiso, May 30. U. S frigate Savannah, Mirvine, llln Janeiro and United States. u. n kui|i i.?iuuiuun. muup <>i wur w nrrwri, ana store ships Lexington and Erie, the last said to be bound to tliu Baudwich Islands and China, to bring government stores to California, were ut Monterey March tf. U. S. sliip Congress was expeoted in a few day*. Some of these vessels may have been mentioned in former aocouuts from California, which were received some time since, to May 3. AUIY JNTKI.LIUKM E. [Krom the 8t. Louis Itepubllcan, August 19 ) Col. Bentunha* pteferrrd charges against Col. Kremont, and demanded In- recall from Calilorma, and trial by a court murtlal. We have reason to know that it is ttue. We happen to be ourselves somewhat mixed up in this matter, but have not felt at liberty to allude to it until we saw It noticed in another quarter. There is no mistake in the assertion that Col. Benton has perf?rred charges, and asked lor the recall and trial of Col. Kreuiont, Whether the Secrutary will pay any attention to a charge preferred by the falher-ln-law against the son-in-law remains to be Been. If he does, we presume, the whole trial will be one of those farces or whitewashing a airs which may serve for demagoguism to use, but will, to all honest minds, furnish unsatisfactory evidence of guilt or innocence If reports, which reacn us from California be true, Gen Kearny haa taken away the necessity ot Col. IJenton's being the acouser and prosecutor ot his sou-in-law, for he has been tent home under arrest, from California, for trial This attempt of C><1 Ilenton to shield his Bon-in-law from Imputations which have been made against his conduot In California, is in our estimation, about the smallest game a statesman ever was engaged in, and we mistake much the judgment and good sense of the people,if it does not result more to Col. Kremont's Injury thau benefit. The history of the case is about this:?Col. Benton wished to obtain from us the name of the author of a communication which appeared in our paper, written by an eye witness of the transactions in California After trying several means to induce a disclosure of the writer's name, he resolved on prefering ,.I,*I*mttrulii,ir u n/inrf in.rti.l uml I t,..u kvini. writer out as a witness. Col. Denton base* hid charge* HK?lunt Col. Kremont on th? communication in the lit jinhtimn and alio on articles which appeared in the Louisville Juurnal ami the New Orleans f'iraytmt?and tor the authorship of the latter, return to Lieut. Kmory of the United Status army. We cannot but believe, with the f'lmtrican'i correspondent, that "the chief oi the War Oepartnunt, will refussthis imperious request." Major Gen. Patterson left for theseatof war yesterday, In the afternoon boat tor Baltimore, accompanied by his aids, Lieut. Col. Abercrombie and Lieut. Williams. He will assume command of his division in Mexico, which, It will be recollected, he was deprived of on the disbanding of the seven regiments of volunteers by Gen. Scott, alter the battle of Cerro Gordo.?Phila. Ptnntj/lvitnia, 30. We learn that G. W. McLean haa been elected Lieut. Colonel of the New Jorsey Battalion of Volunteers. This l.i regarded as an excellent selection, w the Lieut. Colonel has had much experience, and is a capable and accomplished officer. We also learn that the battalion will be in readiness for the held in the course of a very few d?/n. It will consist ot tlve companies, of eighty men ea^ h, vis:?Company A, the West Jersey Guards, / ......I. il t *1 ?1.... II, Laptiin David McDowell, encamped at Trenton. ( ompany ( aptain Pearson, encamped at Newark. ( oinpany D, the < adwslader Blues < apt&in Reynold", at Treason Company K, Captaiu Napt^ at Trenton. The battalion will rendezvous and take their departure from Governor's Island. The steamer Kashlon left yesterday fir Vera Cruz. She taken over the following passengers Claiborn Nance, clerk of the I'ay Department, J. N. < hapten, Commissary Department; Lieut. MoDowell; M sars. Humphreys, Drysdale andOarey,sutler*; W B Mol.ane; J C. Kara, Quartermaster's Department; rapt. Blscoe'a company of mounted Loulsiau* volunteers; Lieut. B. 8. Mudd, 14th Infantry; also, fifty teamsters aud fifty-four hursei.?Mew Orltani i'lcayunr, Jluguit 19. UENKRA1. SANTA ANNA. The New Orleans La I'atrm of the lHth Inst, has a long article ou .Santa Anna, in which, after giving an account founded on Mexican authority woTthy of credit, of 8anta Anna's true ooudunt at Ainoxoc,which se?ms to give the complete lie to the fulsome praise* bestowed on that (! the sheet entitled "'J'bn happy appearance of the i'Jth May," which, our readers will remember, was published In Mexiooju?t previous to the suspension of the press there. The La I'alria is still Inclined to believe that Santa Anna Is playing traitor with his country; the result, however, will be shown, say they, by the result of the next engagement. If Bant* Anna is truly determined to " conquer or die,'' as h? has so ofteu said, or is faithful to his country, he can easily obtain a complete triumph over the small army which ia inarching against the capital. From Valparaiso.?We are indebted to u friend lor the Vulimrmeo \tighbor, ot' Jun? 2<? The National Congress was In KesMon, having assembled on the 1st. \ synopsis Is given of the message ol the i resident. Mention ie made of the negotiation ponding with the government ol the United State* for the settlement of claims of our oltlxens and the President promises himself " a speedy and ju?t conclusion of the question." Mr. William Wheelwright's project for the construction of a railroad between Santiago anil Valparaiso, was under consideration In the Senate, having been recommended by the President General Blanco had been appointed Int'-adent of the Provlnoe of Valparaiso, In place if General Aldunate, who had resigned. ? Iio>.ton JldvtrMttr. ukai/fH of Mobii.i.?From ihc 2<1 (o fht. 8th ot thin month, the Board ot Health reported lour cs^aes of yellow lever, two ot which, we believe, terminated fatally No other caae* have occurred during the M>a?on. aud after a diligent inquiry among the physicians and the ritlxru* generally, we feel fully warranted in the assertion that the city ia remaikably healthy for the season of the year, and ia entirely free from any indications adverse to a continuanoe of heslth. Our friend* abroad are cautioned against the idle rumors that are afloat on thl? auhjeot.and to rely implioitly on the report* of the Board of Health. No eroioe of fever will r*cape their Kiiutiny, or fall to be promptly laid hefor* the publio- Mthtlt HtgiHtr, Avguit 19. I _ Law Intelligence. Si'rKKMt Cou rt, Aug. 20?Before Judge Edwards.?In rt Paul Bruni ?The following proposition* were contended for, on the argument of this ow, by Mr. ?. Saodford oou-sel to the Con?ul-Oen?ral of Franc* ? lit. The object of the treaty, and of the acta of Congress, wm to give the aid of the court* of justloe, ot the several States, And of the United States, to enforce the ftpeolflo performance of contracts for maritime service on board of the vessel* of foreign natiens while in A| ports ot the UniUd State#, id. The terms " xailor*. ptrt of the crew," should not be limited to persona who stipulator to perform Jiity as ordinary seamen, nor exclude otberi ?rhos? servijes were to be rendered either In aid of the n?vigfc{J*n o.' the vessel, or of the persons on board ; and, there&re, Bruni oame within the provision* of the treaty. Sd If Bruni bo uot within the letter or spirit of the treaty, his contract oomes within the letter and spirit of the tt?tn Of ( ongre jg. Thewu acts are more novel In their terms than the treaty, and were within the eonstitu tional powers of Congress, and ar? binding upon all oourt* la the United Slate*, without regard to the terms employed In the treaty 4th Th? prisoner being subject to the laws, a proper requisition was presented to the juslioe to give him Ju rlsdiction of the subject matter The Consul-General and Viae Consul could legally appoint a deputy to perform this duty : it was ministerial in Its character ftth. Justioe Drinker had competent authority, under the treaty and act of Congress, to entiirtain the inquiry ; and the proceedings befnre lilm .\u\ a him Jurisdiction of both the parson and the subject matter. Judge Edwards delivered his opinion on the case this morning. The following is a copy :? Oil the petition of I'aul Bruni, alleging that he was illegally held in custody, on the pretence that he was a deserter from tho ship Philadelphia, 1 issued a wiit of habeas oorpus, directed to the keeper of the City Pr'son, commanding him to have the body ?f the said Bruui before me, together with the cause of his detention To this writ a return was; made, that t he said Bruni was held in custody by the said keeper of the City t'rison, by virtue of a commitment thereto annexed. The said commitment was signed by W. Wain Drinker, a Special Justioe of the City of New York, and was in words as follows:?" By W. Wain Drinker, Special Justice, Stc ? To Emanuel Joseph, one of the (Constables of the < ity and County ot New York. Paul Bruul having been arrested and brought before me by virtue of a warrant issued by muiu pursuanoe of the ant of Congress, entitled an act to provide for the apprehension and delivary of deserters from certain foreigu vessels iu the ports of the United Staten,' approved Jd March, lH'i'J; aud it being found on examination before me, that the facts stated iu the said warrant are true: and the said i'aul Druni not being a citizen of the United States. I do hereby, in pursuance of the said act of Congress. on the request of A. J. Borg. Vion Consul of the (iovernm?nt of thu French, order that the said Paul Uruni be detained at the expense of the naid French Vice Consul, until the said French Vice Consul finds an opportunity to send him back to the dominions of thu said French Government; provided, nevertheless that the said Paul Uruni shall not be detained more than two months after his said arrest; thesu, therefore, are to oommand and authorise you, tho said Kmanuel Josephs, constable &co , to convey to the city prison of the oity of New York, the body of the said Paul Bruni, and deliver him to the keeper thereof; and you, the said keeper, to reoelve Into your outtody in the said prison the body of the said Paul Bruni, aud him safely to keep in such cus tody until the said French Vice-' ou.ul shall require the said Paul Bruni to be delivered up to blm, to be lent back to the dominion of tho said French government; or until he be delivered from such custody i>y due course of law; provided, however, that the said Paul Bruni stiall not Ixj so detained mote than two mouths after his said arrost. (tiven under my hand and seal this twelfth day of August, IS 17. W. WAI.N DRINKER.*' To this return the relator put la his answer, denying that ho was a sailor on board the said ship Philadelphia, or that he was one of her crew; and alao, In subHtanoe, tbat he had been cruelly treated by the captain of the said ship, arid lhat the magistrate who issued the said commitment had uo authority or jurisdiction in the uiattur, uud tbat the warrant issued by the magistrate and tli? proceedings under It, ware Irregular At the commencement of the investigation I decided that the commitment waH/in'mu facie legal, and J untitled tbo detention of the relator; that. 1 had no power under this proceeding to examine Into any question of mere error, irregularity, or want of form; and that the only question before me wag whether the magistrate who issued the process of commitment hail jurisdiction. (l'he People va. Nevius, 1 Hill, 134 ? 3 11111,661?note 31, and cases there oited ) It was not denied, on the coutrary it was admitted by the oounsel for the relator on the final argument, that this was the only proper subject of inquiry. The commitment under which Bruni wan detained, purported to be rnado in pursuance of the act of Congress of -id March. 1899. wbioh is in words as follows :?" On upplioation of the consul or vice consul i>l any foreign government, having a treaty with the United States, stipulating for the restoration of seamen deserting, made fu writing, stating that the person therein named has deserted from a vessel of any such (Mmant While in any port of the 1'nited tUates, aud on proof, by tlie exhibition gf the register ol the vexsel, ship's loll, or other official document, that the person named belonged at the time of the desertion, to the orew of the said vetsel, it shall be the duty of any oourt, judge, justice, or other magistrate, having competent power to issue warrants, to cause the said person to be arrested for examination; and if on examination the facts stated are found to be true, the person arrested. ..111..,., thi> l nll.,1 Stuliii uh>ll I,.. .1... lirerucft up." ho. (4 Statutes at Largo, 303 ) Thu act of Congress does not refer particularly to the French government. It refers to " any government having a treaty with th? United Htates, stipulating for thu restoration of seamen deserting." And it appears by reference to the sixth article of the treaty with Krance, that she had such a treaty with the United States ax is required by the act. (8 Statutes at Large 270, art 6 ) As the sole question is one of jurisdiction, the first inquiry la, at what stage of the proceedings did Justice urinki r obiain jurisdiction of the matter, If he obtained such jurisdiotlou at all? The answer to this unquestionably Is, that If nil the proceedings were regular, up to the time when the relator was brought before the magistrate, under the warrant issued by him, he then had jurisdiction both of the person and of tho subject matter. 11 he thus obtained jurisdiction, his subsequent decision, aud commitment ot the relator, are conclusive so Ur as this Investigation is concerned, and 1 have no authority to review them. My reference to the act of Congress. It appears that there must be "an application of the Cousul or Vioe Consul," which must be "made iu writing, stating that the person therein named has deserted." Sic., anu that "on proof, by exhibition of th > register ot the vessel, ship's roll, or other official document, that the person liumed belonged, at the time of tne desertion, to tho ciewof said vessel, It shall be the duty of any court, judge, justice, or magistrate, having oompeteut power to issue warrants, to cause the said person lo be arrested for examination " There were four requisites necessary to the regularity of the prooeediugs befure Justioe Drinker previous to the examination: lit. An application, pursuant to the provisions of the statute. UU t'roof, by exhibition o| the ship's official document, that Uruni, at the time of the alleged desertion, belonged to the crtw of thu Philadelphia. 3d. That the magistrate should have bad competent power to is?>ue warrants 4th That the said magistrate should have caused the Mid IJruni to be arrested in a proper legal manner. The first question is, as to the regularity of the applluatlon made to the magistrate. |t appeared on the investigation, by the testimony of ^nthuuy Borg, that the captain of the Philadelphia tied at the Krem h Consulate, In company with ttie collniguee of tho ship, and requested the witneM to 0,2^0 an application tor the restoration of Uruni. as a <lr?ert,'r 1 bat ^0 op a form, affixed the official consular seal to It, and signed it for the VlooCouaul "1 tmt this WH* 111 about ten o'clock in the forenoon; that untner tb? ( i.udul nor the Vice Consul were present at Uie tlm? That tie wan a cle-k in tbe office of ttie consulatc. au(l bad a general authority from the CoDKttl an<l Vic* ' onsul, to use their official name and Real, in such oa*?? That the Vice Consul came into the < fllc? at about balf pant el4?en o'olock, and on being inform**! of what the clerk had done, the Vice < onsul ezpreaano hi* approbation The original application wan produced before me, am! was in form, undoubtedly, in compliance with tbe re qulaltiont of the statute But it was contended by tilt counsel for tho relator, that it was invalid, because II trail made by Hj? Consul through IiIm a^ent (althougl legally authorised for ttiut purpose; instead of beiii|j made by himself or the Vice Consul in person What wan the charaoter of the application ' It wan s dimple ministerial ant, of the inont ordinary kind, n mere request, requiring neither judgment, skill, noi ability to ulake It An a general rule, ministerial authority can be delegated, unless there is some law or some rule of policy, to lh? contrary In this case ths application determined nothing, and proved nothing It did not constitute any part ot the proof to lie made befire the magistrate, mid whs sufficient, according tc every rule of policy, whether miide by the cousul in person, or thiough his duiy authorised official agent It was issued Irom the coneulate, under the official seal oi the oonuul general, by an authorised agent and stated that " the consul general requested,'' ho , and wan after wards ratified by tbe vice oonsul, This, It seems to me was a sufficient application by the eonstil, within the spirit and meaning ot tbe treaty, and of the act of Con grata. The second enquiry i?, was tho proof before the magistrate, sufficient to authorise the arrest of the relator' It appeared hi fore me, thit the ro/f it'tquisto^r, n lj*t of the crew of the ship, Wiu< exhibittd to Justice Urinket at the time that he issued hi* warrant, and that I)runt's name was upon it Hut it wa* contended that although upoa this list of tbe crew, still that be was not one of the crew, because be is called dumfiii/ut. and not' seaman" of sailor" It will be rememlxrrd. that ail that the stahite requires, in that It shall appear from the of flnlal document of the reMel, that ti e person named be! longed, at the time of t.e desertion, to the orew of lh< i TFKxftl. NotlnuK I* nnxl aooui 111. m inK ? 0?ui in.'<r j Mllor. Tb* olBeial document In thin <uu<i, ?u ihu rMt i'n/utsingt.oT a lint 01 lha qrnw, and If Hrnnl * IIft'11M ?p. I peered in llilii lint that ?M all 'hat I ho *talut? required, W?ft Junlice Drinker a u)*g)<<tral?, with cm> pft*'nt (iow?r to iMU<i warrant*, within lu? pn.fUlon* of iha uratutw ' J lit* wu nut denied on ihe aj|tuni?nt , hui It wa? contended that tiia aot itailf In contrary Ui I tin proftatouft of art *?o I, or the coufttilutiou of (b)> I'nltvd Mtataa, wbleb declare* that "Tba Judicial pnw?r of in* United Htaiea aball be verted In ona Hupreme ' on it, and In ?neb Interior court* n* tba Confre** may front lima to tima ordain aadeataMtab." And that Ju?tloa Drinker Mag Stat* ma?i?tr?te. tba power could not n>?rfl?tf?t^?, witli U^aelfa/ter the law baa beun In for nearly twenty yeara, to A* to the ia/rt subject of the warrant iwueU by the iuagiMtr?U" van proper form. The statute doea not say that the maKi'trate (bail Ucue a warrant, bat that '-ft shall be bia doty to oau*? the said person to be arrested." The prooeaa ua?-<l by Joa- ^ tioe Drinker in thlacase, waa what ia ordinarily called a warrant. There ia no doubt that it con'alnrd all that waa necessary to make a l?tfai arreat : If it contained more, that waa mere surpiuaage. it waa aiao contended that the arrmt waa Illegal, be"*"* >h- - ?- > rnm. I....?I without nat.h The *ta tute aaya aothlmr about an oath, and tb# warrant Ipauad by Justice Drinker, waa not a proves* of tha character alluded to by oountltutlan of the United Stat? s a* was urged by the couna?d. (Amendments to Couailtu tion, article 4 ) If I am correct in these tMwi, there waa no want of jurisdiction in the inagiatrate wild Jaaued the proceaa of commitment, under which the relato." waa detain*], a?<1 imprisoned. The writ of Ka'-rai corput ."*iuat, tharator*, be dismissed, and the said Paul Brum r?m'w4ti t" tbr ouatody of the keeper of the City Prison. The Pursuit of Knowlkduk t'.ndkr L>u icu r.-* tiks.?The following im amost riniwrkat' unrf praiseworthy inatunee cf nuat perseverance and in' dustry rightly dirtctort, nr.- uhlu . to etfrct Among U10 graduating class at the commencement laat week. at Williaiua ( oilrge. wajt one by the name of Condit, irom Jeravy Thia gentleman Is a shoe-maker, i.i married, and ha a a family of toui children. Six yarn ago. becoovng sensible of the bleaaiogs of an education, he commented learning tiie simple branchea, audi as are taught in our primary school* Oa? by our, ua he aat on hia shoemaker's bench, he mustered grammar, arithmetic, geography, fee , with some occasional assistance from hia fellow workmen At thia time he determined to obtain a collegiate education. Without means. and with a large family depending en him for support, he commence d. and learned Latin and Oreek in the nventngs after hia day'a labor waa oyer, under the direction ot a | friend; nnd after the lapse of a year aud a half, prepared himself, and entered the sophomore class of Williams 1 College He brought hia bench and toola aa well aa bla I booka with him The atudeula auppliod him with work; the faculty assisted him; and together with the fund for ' indigeiit students and aomu occasional assistance from other aourotia, he waa enabled to go through the ooUage course, and at the name time support hia family. He graduated Iaat week, on his birth-day, aged thirty-two. lie atood high in hia clans and received h part at commencement, but decliued At the farewell meeting ol i the claas, lu consideration of his perseverance, talenta. 1 and Christian character, they presented his wife with an olegant aet of silver apoona, to* and table, each handsomely engraved wi'h an appropriate inscription Mr. ' vuuii wm uuw t-nitii iu? Liitioiugicai h^mmwy ?v York, uud will uo doubt, make a faithful ana popular mininter. What young man In thin country will : after hucIi an example an thin, j.dpair of obtaining an | education '?Springjltld Republican. Important Trial.?Thin moraine was com : rnenced the trial of Proh-?sor McClintock, and j about thirty other perilous implicated In the riot In thi? place in Juno lant, on the occasion of the reoent re?eu? | of three fugitive HlavrB, in which a citixen of Maryland unfortunately received iujurien which reunited fatally, l'rofeiaor Mc< lintock in charged with interfering Id the urrent of the MaveH, a*id the other* with attempting the , fi'M'un of tlio mme from the oiBcern of the law. The trial was commenced about noon, wlien a Jury was en pitunelled aud the bill of indictment read The bill eon' talun three count*: ?Klrit, for riot and breach of peaoe, Hccouil. tor riotously ttEMcmbling with the intention of producing a breach of the peace, and for the additional i purpose of rescuing three fugitive hluve* then peaceably and lawfully in the powuMioii of their owner*; and the third for acnauit and battery. There U a galaxy of ladle* in attendance, aud the trial ha* produoed oon ilderable excitement here. Wm. M. Meredith, Esq, , and other eminent counsel, appear for Profesnor MoCUa j took.? Carlisle Lrtler in I'hila. Ltdgtr, Jiug. 'iO. Thk Tki.kuraph.?The post* are up from Mo! bile to within bixiv inileii <?l Mouii/omerv. ?nd th" wired will oros* the Alabama at ( ubawtia. l/pwtrda of ouu hundred luilesof posts are al*o up between New Orleans aud Mobile A jli'hmoud paper r?x>?-uUy Hated I nut the litix between New Orleans aud Waahlogton would probably uot bo in operation Were u?*t Hummer, tor want of experienced oparator*. This. w? ar>* authorised to say. la u mUtaku, as 4rrangemenU axe I iii.iklag tbat will obviate auy difficulty on Uiat point ? I AT. O. BulUtin. Election or Judges by the People ?Thit project ie tutit engugtnt: public tittrnuoD throughout <t)hlo. aud in destined to be oue ol the moat popular I reforms ever brought to the test of tlie ballot box. VV have heard men of both parties express the opinion Utat if the people of Columbiana Bounty ware required to rote 011 the ijuestlon at the next Ootober election, the Cruposed alteration In the mode of choslng Judges would ? eUMtainud by nine-teutlu of our clUtens This would I be ((ivlug a " zest" to certain functionaries In a new way] | ?Ohio I'a'riot miarcllaiiaoua. The Salem GaztUe nates, that over one hnndrad and three thousand person* were conveyed oyer the EMtern Hailroad in thu month of July last. The Hartford Timr? [says? We hear no complaint of the potatoe rot In this region the present season The new potatoes brought market, are very tine The brig Glamorgan, arrived at Baltimore yesterday from Klugxton, Jamaica, brings an overland letter mall from the I'acillc. Daniel Webster received $1600 for his three days uer ices in the Oliver Smith will case. known an the husband of Mis# I.andon, died at f?|w Cuiistin April. Col Veil h remains worn oonsigtied to tLsj tomb In I'uyettuvUle, ArkttUKHH, on the 3a lost. The ceremonies w?r? attended by four thousand person*. The New Orleans Of It* has given report* of the invests itlon concerning the killing of Orren Dyrd by towards. The cane was dismissed ou the 17th, the Recorder being satisfied that bdward* acted purely in iwlfdefence. Movements of the f*ropl?. (ion T. O. Oreen and lady, accompanied by th> lion. Branch T. Archer, loriner He rrtary of Statu ot the lli-public of Texas, are at the City Hotel. The people of Scott aihI Crawford counties, ArkatiSM, have commenced regulating I heir neighborhood. 1 her buv? driven some bad characters froiu among them, and notify those that remain that they must leave The | Jbkuniai IntrlUgmcer say*:?Mat Oerriug, the outlaw, who, by his numberless acts of crime aioug the ( herokeu line, rendered himrelf the most notorious scoundr?. living, had a narrow escape, aud lias made track to some other diggings. ' NOT let TO UUTCHKHH. Articles ol tne Batcher* Melting Association for the ensuiug )"ear ue now re?d) I vol will remain oi>en for tiguaiures at their office, corner of ; Kirit avenue aud Fourth street uutil 1st Keinember next. I' Utitche rs desirous ol becomiug incmoers ol the Aseoeialloh will call and leave their signatures prior to that ilste. all Wi?rc By order of the Bonid ul Trnstess. I p t'KKIlKl BKAMllKS.?,?ow landing at 1'ier 7 ' Aj ft. 11., from allip Mary Francis, Iroin Bordeaux, HI pack, iBc'.of the above well known ttrandiea, direct frumtiie In uac ~ of the Nubacibci, in Kranee, ?i*. Cognac, " Legal Krerea," /, ' Stw," Bordeaux, lleory L L. Clunutdt and Rochelle Lilayeite brands, pale ar?l colored, in hall, quarter and eighth pipes. Alan, IJ maka While Brandy, of anperior tl.tvor.loi preserves. Alan iu store, eutitled to debenture, a lull assortment of the above Brandies, of viutages from IWT to 1146. Samples ntllie office, 101 Wall street I an 12 30tMn^ HKftMY LKOER ' lQ.) BROAD WAY (corner of John st.) -TO THOHK I 134 WHO HHAVt THK.MHKLVfc.8 I (kroin the fc, veiling I'oat.)?Mper.imeus of Ming's nnapproneh able Veiben* i ream lor Hhaving.?Thu article, universally prised by llioae aim made trial of it, lust year took ihe Arat 1 prt iiiiam ol the Iiittiimi* Kair Indeed, If n luliy cooceded I, tfinM who know that it la iinpoanihln to maunlactare an I I aiticle equal to it. It la softening lo the akin, Imgraut to the I aeuar, a deatroyer ol fiwcklesand pimplea, and ia aold chea-er , I until til' old snaps All, therefore, who would conault a?? In.ony and comfort in shaving, ahimld (> ?sc?? i hernsrlvea of it (Krom the hveuuig Mirror )?King's Verbena * ream we know byriperience lo be the beat kiud of shaving soap, and > | those peraena who hare troublesome beards should not br i I wi'hout it. i Prepared and for sale, wholeaale and retail, by (haHee H. King, Oritifgnt, 192 Broadway, corner of John afreet. auZd 30l*rrc , \JU His ' ** IliS !-4THANliliR8 and ' iritem wmhing vv h firal ijualitv Wig or Tou|iee, are invited to inipect the ' ritensivc assortment of Wm Batchelor. Where the? can select from Ihe largest stock iu the United Ktaies. There i< always 1 n heat place to procure an article iu every business. Aud the brat place lo buy a Wig or Touoee, ia at Batchelor's inanufcc tory, No. I Wa|l street, near Broadway. I'rivale room* for f l'i|ting Wigs. t.'opy the address. snlHW'rre JlUUID 11AIH l)Yf>#ATCM?.I.OK ? .lM A -J NKOU8 I.IQI 10 HAIR OYK i?<?f superior to any thing yet offered for coloring the hair to a beanrk I fi.l auil permanent black of brown, without staining or ' inuring the .kin The wonderfnl fsnliry wiih which tin. r? ' uitrk ihlc liquid effects the doured object. e?cites the adniiinII II and aatoniahmcnt of thousands vefco Jjre loud in lis piaiae. i Mold wholeaale and retail *t WM BAl IHk-LOR H, No I Wall afreet, near Broadway Price?Bottles for tha half. II ? , forthe whiskers, ?i flewareof worthless counterfeit* ' At'tnum Washington Cifv. '. H '* 1 h? ?t*?mf re I rt%0 UKU< f l< * AND 0TH < KB - '? . the "ease, A (atock and fniurea, logethe' Of separate.) of the well 1 known and long eaiablished grocery store, on Ihe cornet of Greenwich avenne a d Bank street An; ?uch aa ' this ia leldom to be obtained, kor farther parnctilar* uply | on ti c P'cmiaes. .V M ?The moat a*tiaf%ciory rea"ms wll' be a?-.ig ed for the di'iwiaal of the above anjig**re i t i"T i T7J5 n"? j? Tii 7. 5K7S~aT wiui m ublt'i t with Halt Bhenm, K.rvsipelaa, |r?l. Ring t in ! r,,t " - I jt'ai-H. nrOther diswasea M the akhi. tnar obtc. .. i sr- d I 'Ifrrf'jAl enre,ai Mr?. Ctrroil't M?'Uc??<! V*j' ir 8<ilj ar,?inl Iodine 8*lh .^uibtmhrneut, 1?? Fulum meet, uppoaltc ?;hw*i Cna>P<>rui?l C?<Mitnut Syrup of kS*r??r?riU*, ;.r?i ireO ly tfi* RulKn^J mu i?iWtnu. w'n HKOfcLKH. Oenlet. ???/ (or mote thsu ten imii in rfiff'wit i* uof 1 wri>;*?. \?i,i Minor, Lmkuui, Aibuk, Ro?th Al'nc* 8r??il iujd jvf/*W?"re Orrniiifh ?tr*yt. ?*?. tot. Mnriom g? hAW- BOARDS &OU& I JrHllW V0 MMKlW Nwen""'

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