Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1847 Page 3
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f ? ?in . ... ??y >' tain article* of dxattUo produce exported from the I port of Botton to foreign port*, during the weak ending | August 2let:? Commkbcb or BoeTow?KirOUTI K0* TH>. WtEK. I Tn K ft Inditt?Ureal 16 bbd> I i bUl*: Dom-atica, I 1048 b?ltw and ca*en; Load, 31)00 pig*; Picklea, 14 boxes. | To Kurnp-?(,'ottOD, 67 bale*; Bone*,a cargo: Ham*. > 75 hU'ln; '1 allow. 54 do; Chuv*?, 4370 boxen; Shoe*. 39 I cii'i; Leather, lOrolU, Oils. 40 oaike. I'n Soutk Jlmrrica ? Doni?atioe. WJ oaf?*a; Lard. 300 j k?K?: Nail". 200 do; Pitch, 100 bbl*; Lumber. 2"),464 feet; Shingles. 4.264; Tobacco, 69 bxa; Mtareh. 400 do; Twins, ' -2 bale*; Spirit* Turpentine. 20 l>oxe?; Shore. 1460 pair*; W'icking, 14S bale*; Oil, 7 bbl*; Butter, 613 lbs; Pickle*. I IP boxes. 7'u H'ett Indie t?Beef, 13.065 Lb*; Hoops, 30< 0; Lard,' 431 keg*; Kli>h, 222 bbla, 547 boxes, 124 drama; Nalla, 464 ntukii; Shook*. 5,241; Candle*. 640 boxe*; Cheeee. 2,704 ' lb*; Butter, 1,5*8 do; Ham*. 400; Oil. 25 bbl*; Paier, 66 bdl?; Lumber, 21.000 feet; Hour, 100 bbls; Pork, 16 do; Soap 5iJ4 boxHB; Tobacco, 2 hhd* To Suvtl Srntin ITInnr IMA KKI?. I!,fm *nn* l?'l *lrt* <-oru ui'al. ^4-J do; II read. 129 do; 'corn, 68 hu*h?ls; J Pork, 104 bbU; Hams, 1 bhd; Be*f, 24 bbln; Lard 16 do; I Api.liH to do; Cheese. 300 lbs; Oil. 2 bbls; Lard oil. 6 do: Tobacco, 1 bhd, 23 boxes; Bricks, 3000; Caadles, bl D03HS. The value of merchandise exported for the above week, was $217,601, of which *102 ,.'.66 63 was in domestic products, and $23,034 47 in foreign product*. The imports into Boston for the week ending August 31st, were as follows:? l>:ruar? i.ito tub Pobt or BoSTorr.?Wxit* Endiku Auo. 31. lour, fm NOilemu,bliIt.?.5M Coal, from Philad. toot. 27,9U " friiiBiImn re.... U.I " from Kondout i82 " fiom i\lr?am (?ai-r)3,7ai " from Hichm'nd.bth.8 500 " from do ( VV|:l<) .5.550 " from Baltimore, tut. C>S ' from N'W Vurk ... 4,20' " from N Scotia.chiil* 3,131 " Irum oilier |i.ace*... fill Moiatte*,forcigu. Iinila .. til Corn, Imih. <2 9"I8 " " liercet. 2!) " ticks...' 3,599 " " bblt .., 21 Coriiinn I, libit SS7 " coattwise, blrJtr 47 "l?<t, buth 4.7 J8 " " tierce*.. 2 i>)f d 1,970 Coffee,fniStOomiiigo.bgi 2,397 p?U huh 11,381 Sugir, foreign, botes ... 2.015 t\e flour, bbls 100 " Midi.... 139 Co toa Itnles 3.9S'I " " bbls 143 ll*mi>. IVnm Vnnilia, bit. 150 " coaatwite bit.... 12<i ' liom Liverpool. ... >fl0 " " hhdt .... 72 c astwisa 759 M " bbls... 173 Rui-.ii;*, buxe* 700 The urrivals at Bostou on the 31st Inst., amounted to 163, of wbich 23 were frqm foreign ports, and 146 from coautwire ports, not Including wood coasters. A large number of the coastwise arrivals were coal vessels. Stork tCxcltange. WO Trem Not**, i* 104 27.'| tin IN or Si Wor It 62 lb* HO do 103Jf 5 do WiV 'M> Penmylvan'a *e 78 50 do blO fi S ft' i.O do 77 K 2C0 Heading K 07 ?01 l)hin 8t, '60 a 90 d'.iK 100 do blO 67,^ 56 0 do l0"Vt 400 do sUmos 66 3'iOfl Illinois 8p 450 do slmns 67 50.10 do *4mos 46 100 do *12mos 86 V > S i >lit ITiriiipn' Trui.t ViW 9PO f.nnp TkIhiiH Tl3.? SO do stmna 35 * 50 "do tnw 33$J 4',il do bJ0 3% 50 do >30 33% liul do Ji'i 400 do ?60 33 U 1U0 di blO 3 % 100 do 130 33% K.O do ilmui 35 ',0 do ilia 3 >' ? 12) Morrn Canal 15 50 do 33% 100 do ; i'r na 14% SOU do 860 3>% iU do a4mo* 11 900 do .13% 2 New York Bnuk 124 150 do li'fl 33% 6 hk of Comm full #7 1J0 do b30 3 i% 4 H'ate B'nli ?jt 100 do b3<l 31 5 N Haven 3c Hartford 106 150 Hnr'em llll b'JO GO 9 Vaeon 11 4?% 50 do bCO C9 |?2fl do >10 483% JjO do ?30 (.B S. 1C0 Canton Co 42 200 do 08% 50 do 42% 50 do b60 09?? 25 do 4IX 150 do blO 68;; ion do 41% 50 d? 68% 2J NorSc Wor H i>l% 50 do 68% 75 do 61% Second Bnartl. $IPOOO Treat Nu,6? b30 103% 50 aha Canton Co 42'f 100 aha Ncr & Wor R 60% luo do blO 42% 150 do bSO 61 25 do biiw 43 50 do b30 61 25 do bnw 43 *5 do a3 60% 50 do 43% 50 do 61 50 Morria Cnuil bl5 1''% 150 do bSO 61 25 do blO 16 Ml do >30 19% 25 do blO 16 50 do a30 to 50 Lcnc I>land R 13 33V 130 Caniim Co 4 2 50 do 33% 5J <u 42% ISO do 33% 1?w Ntmk Kichangt. 50 all* Long laid R blO 23% 100 aha Nor h Wor 11 61% 150 <*o c?a?i 33% 100 do >3 62 100 do b60 34 25 do cuh 61% 50 do b 15 31 50 Harlrrn R 50 do b30 33% 50 do Monday 6?% 50 Nor Ik. Wor 6 % 100 do ?3 68% 2i do b3 6! 50 do caah 68% 60 do cuh 62 CITY TItA.DK HKPOHT. Nkw York, AVkdneidat ArTcanoon, Aua. 26. The Sour market was a shad* firmer to-day, at yesterday's quotations Salna of Oenesee were made at $S 75; of Michigan at $5 <U%; and of Ohio at $5 58% a $5 01%, including a lot of Cleaveland City Mills at the Bftme price. 8?1?ih of all kinds were rather limited. Sales ot Illinois red wheat were made at 116c, and a lot of Michigan sold on private term* ; a lot of western a!s0 sold at 110c; Oenesee was held at 130c. Sales of mixed corn were made at 70 a 71c; of flat yellow at 70c; of Nerr Orleans ytllow at 72o; and of handsome round yellow at. 76c. Sales of western New York meal were made at $2 6.'%. Sales of Rye were made at 88% a 90c. Hull * of ontahv the carirn were made at hv r?tull they were held HO* 62c. Provisions exhibited Tery little climge. with a fair amount of sales. Groceries were rath-r dull. Sug-ir was inactive, and prloes rather less firm thau were current, a week ago, and the same can be sa d of molasses. Coffee was Inactive and sales small, while jirloea remained steady. Receipt! down tht Hudson River, Aug. 26. 1 <.744 barrels. W heat 1 H00 bushels. Corn 10 700 do Rye . . .. . 1 '200 do. Cornmeal 680 barrels. Ajhks ?Sales of 76 bbls. pearls were made at >8, and CO do pots at $5 J.V Bheadstvm.? Flour?Sales of 700 a 800 bbls. Oenere<! e>r<-niatle at $6 75; 300 do Cleavelsnd vlty mills so.'! at $5 76; 400 a 600 straight brands Michigan were reported sold at $6 C-'X; 300 do Ohio bakers' brands sold lit : J< 0 a :t00 do Onio straight brands sold at 62X a f b i'iH% Southern brands were nominal at $6 23 If'fi->,l?Sales of 4.000 bushels Illinois red were made at Jl 16; -2 fi?0 do Michigan sold on private terms, and 1 find '1o Wontern red sold at $110 A lot of Genesee w is held at $1 30 Corn?The market was some 1> sm firm, and sales comparatively moderate. Sales of A,000 a 8 "0<l bushels Western mixed were made at 70 a 71c ; 9.100 do at 710 About 6,000 butliels flat yellow made at 76o; 3S00 a 8000 do. New Orleans yellow, sold at 72c.. and KOO do handsome lound Northern yellow, was sold at 7<iu ; '2100 do. New Orleans white, a little heated. Bo!dat7lo , and 6000 do. mixed, a little heated, sold at 70j Mr*I Sales of 600 bbls Western New York, were made at $2 62X Jiye ?S.'S of 1200 bushels were made atr-S^o , and 86110 do. at OOo. Oats ?A cargo of about 31X10 a '2600 bushels ww sold at 68c. By retail they were lleld et 60 a 62o. Cakolis -Sperm were firm at 81c. i C'-rrtr.?The stock of Rio in market, was estimated at aboui 10 000 bags We quote Rio at 7>i a 7^,0 , Sumatra at 6jf?Java, at 9o ; St. Domingo, at 6)4 a 70.; La gaoyra. at Sales of about 300 bags Rio, were made t>j amnion, (a little damaged.) at a 6J{. a 6Sic. Cotton?The sales to-day oomprise 1200 bales, at our luslde quotations The market to-day was thinly attended, and the quantity on aale increased. Livcaroei. Oi^atsincarioa. fine Orltant Upland*. Florida. Moh. 4- Texai I u lienor-......... none. Done. none. is'iJiuary 11* n>i iim* lift 11* a 11H VI1<I<II<11U 11X* I2W 12 a 12K II a I2U ?*><? Middiin* lSMo I'M UH ? 1JS >*S mkuiimi Km* i?a * 1 ix i?k?12* ux 11 >UI.... 13 a 13^ ? llS ?8j*a 13)4 Hilly i*atr rjW it 13? 13* > 13)2 HX a 13* (rood f*tr 13* 1 13jt Done. lift* 14 lur ? a 14 none. ? a UH Motmunt* or Cotton in thc United Statce*. Total Exporh to Miciivtd line* foreign Parti A?/>? 1. linct Sept. I. Porii. 1I1G. H45 1840 111) N-w Oil ain, Ang. 14. .7111,911 1 0J9 "M 544.760 1.0.773 V.ihllf, " 14. .071 4'VO.i 111 201 21C.IW.1I Vl , da. " 7. .1*7 8.1 139 488 3S.126 40 981 T.l?, Jana l?. . 8 256 ? 643 O.'.iff i?, Aug. M. .113 374 114.563 119 ill 73.471 8 f .KK.Iiua, ' II..318 ill 148.760 190,116 179,517 N. Carolina. " 20.. 6,061 9.J64 - V1 k 1 < ia, " 1.. 13.3'Hl 11,912 151 1.108 NrwVork, " 14.. ? ? 126.001 Olhrr porta, "II.. ? 10,460 2 393 13,870 Totil b"laa 1,764 471 1,667,133 1.203.543 1,613,401 Totil 1145 1 067.833 1.645,401 Daeiaaxe 303,361 431,151 y(nM ?The market for dry 00J *u a little easier. 8* -* of300 a 4no qu ntal* w?re mad* at $3 t>n\. Maokar*l weregteady. Hale* of 200 bbl* N*. 1, wet* made a' $13 io a (18 60 ; 800 do No 3. at $8 76 a $0; and ftOO do No 8,at $1 75 a $4 S7H; 150 bhl*. pickled ood. *i>ld at (3 AO; and'20 do. pickled Healed Huh, at >3 50. and 600 boi?K acalad herring, sold at 03^e KauiT ? Moderate aalea of buachralalni were making Without change In price* Oirtiaia. ? Hale* of |AOO pound* were mad* at 33c. Ileur - The market w?g lirm, but uo sale* of moment tran<ilrnd Li?u-Hmnll *ale* in lota of 400 a 600 pig*, were making at 4o per pound. Lkai Hti - The public xale to day wai attended by a [large company. The whole catalogue consisting of 8490 Utd-a. w."i Hold at good prieea Hemlock, good stamp, fight ami middling weights. a I8c ; do heavy, lA a ll?'j?o; ditmageri, IS* a lAe. poor do. a 6.H0. I Um?TM niHrket watt tlrm; the last sal? ot lboma*lto? whh reported at OOo | Meuim - Wa* rather inactlre, and *ale* light. I Natal Htuif) - Sale* of ubout 600 barrel* aplrlta tur|)eiit>ne. were made at 47o. There wai no ithinvu In I aw. In r>*ln. or In tar. On.? S*l?* of llncond continued light, and price* nonlnnllj th? *?me. There were tome small lot* of couiitj on the market ; hut held above the view* of buyers <h|.-h of were made at 1 loo cuh At New Bedford l<-? of nil rui were made at *1. There wan no change a ?h l? ?sr manufactured, In thli market. Palm w?* ?t*llln? at 7Kc Phovihiom - ft,tie* of 200 barrel* mom pork, wer^ made 1111') !? ; i'1? prime, *o!d at $l'J, and -ISO do at $11 4 Off-No nale* reported beyond retail tranearlon* Lard- -Sale* of Qii k?((? were made at ll?tfo, and 0 sarrel* at l(H?n '140 barrel* grea*i> lard sold at So Bale* of about SOD panka?e* Ohio, were mad* U 11 a IHe No clmnne In thl* Slate'*. CKtrtt- Sale* of I) (. >*f* Wfr>' made at 7Xo. I Hici. - Small wile* were reported, without change In Irlnv* I iiu ? Sale* of about 300 hhda. St. Jago, (Cnba) 1-f niariu at 0 a T i .? - Butrh?r?' A***elatlon wa* held at 9><c. i IVhueichi - No change. Wmixi r.--Thaartlol* itood it about 38* a Mo, 1 thuut mUm of moment. ? Rata* WW* T?y loaotlr*. and quotation* . I.! _ J' ... . ... 1>A- - war* nomiDtl The low ntN offered were iftAwd by ?oai* Amerinan vessel*. To Liverpool. some flour ?u reported taken M low M 13d par barrel, though la. 6d *u considered t fkir quotation. Cotton and grain ware nominal. Few engagement* to any foreign port ware reported. ______________ TIOEtiRAPHIC. Harkcta. New Orleans, Aug. 10. Cotton?The market continued firm, and sales of iOO a 300 balm were made at full prices. Flour,?TUo market oontlnued heavy?sales of only 700 a 800 bbls wer? were made, consisting of Ohio and IllinoU, at $4 79 a $5 76 for St. Louis City Mills. Wheat.?The article was extremely dull, and no change to note in pricua. 8ales very light. Corn.?Tha market was very dull, and sale* very limited,and prices merely nominal; some lots mixed sold at 64o. Meal sold at $1 74. Oats ? Sales of 8000 bushel* at 37o. Provisions?No change. Sugar and mo1 utiles remained inactive, while prides were nominally tho same. Freights inactive?last engagements, ootton I ?,'e; and 14d for wheat. Sterling exchange, 5 a ft^c, with an upward tendency New York sight bills, >? a ;iO. 1 reasury Fioies, a a irnuency uownwaru8. Baltimore, Aug. 20 ?P. M. Flour?The market was rather inactive Sales of 300 | bbla Howard itrert were made at $5 ; and 400 d<? i fresh ground at $6 76; City Mills nominal at $8 a $6 95. I Wheat -The market continued steady, and sales of 6000 i bushels Maryland red were made at $1 10 a $1 20; m w j do was worth $1 28; and family white do $1 30 a $1 35 Corn?The market was rather feeble, and sales of 2000 > bushels Maryland white and yellow were wade at OH a 70o. Mass pork we quote at $18 28 a $15 60; beef $14 a $14 60; sales small. Whiskey?Small sales In hhds and bbls at 26 a 27c. Bi'ffalo, August'J6?F.M. ' Hour?The market was dull, and small Bales of Ohio ! and Miohigan, with brands equal to Oenesee, were made j at $4 87>i a $6. Wheat?The article was dull at $1 for I western good mixed and red, and at $1 9 for good white < do. Corn was doll, and no sales were making worth re| porting. The tendency of the market was downwards? We quote wostern mixed at 68o, and yellow do at S6o. Provisions? No change. Whiskey firm at 26 a 27o, with | an upward teudenoy. Oats Bales of 1000 bushels were t made at 36c. Ileccipts being light to-day, we have omit ted them. Freights by canal to Albany remained with, out change?tIk : 60o for flour; 10o f?r wheat, and ISc for corn. Albany, August 26?P. M. Flour?The market was quiet, and prioes unchanged. i I Inrwl wAutsm and (litnusuu liMnils miia^ "- - B"" w.?t""", $i 60 a $5 tj'i.V Wheat?No saloH were reported. Corn?Tho market was inactive. and prices nominally the same, viz:?at 70 a 73c for Western mixed. Rye was ; firm. Oats?Holes were reported at 62 a Mo. The market was less Arm. Whiskey, remained unchanged. Nothing nuw In provisions. Vessels worn rather more scaroe, and river freights a little stiller. Receipts by canal, during the past twenty-four hours:?Flour, 6000 barrels. Corn, 13,200 bushels. Wheat, 1000 bushels. Oats, 3000bushels. Boston, August '28?P. M. Clour ?Tho market continued firm, and the demand fair. Bales of SOOObbls straight brands Western and (ienesee, were made at $S a $6 1-J>i. Wheat?Hales were light, while prioes were about the same Corn? For sound Western yellow the market was firm, and sales of 30.000 bushels were made, including some lots of yellow mixed at 83 cents, and remainder yellow at 83 ctnts. Rye?No change. Small sales were made at 89 a 00 cents, Previsions were steady, with light sales Lard?Sales of 500 kegs jrere made at 11>? cents. No change in beef or pork. Fish steady. Lead quiet at $412*. [Telegrr phlo Correspondence of Philadelphia Bulletin.] Pitthburo, Aug. 20 - 12 o'olock M.?There is nothing new to communicate to day. Tho markets are qul*t, and the demund for breadstuffs very restricted. The river quite low. Married. On Thursday, the 20th Inst , by the Rev. Charles C Pise, D D , Mr William McUrurty. to Miss Mahy Anhe W., only daughter of Mr. James Tilby, all of this oity. In L% Orange, On , on Thursday morning, Aug. 10, by the R?v. J.W. Tally, Mr. 8. A. Durakd. cfWhite Sulphur Springs, to Miss Mart Frances Rankin, of La Orange; all of same State On the 22d Inst . by the Rev. Henry Chase, Mr. Jas. Finnev to Miss Margaret A. Tindale, all of this city. Died* On Thursday morning. Thomas J , son of Oeorge and Ann Maria V llictt. aged 3 Tears, 3 months and 3 days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from 08 Mangin street, this afteruoon. at 6 o'clock. At Albany, on Wednesday, the 23th Inst , Mrs. Mary ar r<Ki.v, wiuuw ox vim mio ur oaroun /LKony Her friends. and thonn of her brother*, Hiram and Morris Ketch am. are invited to attend her funeral, from the hoove of Mrs. Dr. Mitchell, No SI Mercer street, tbia afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation On Wednesday, the 25th inst, of disease of the heart. Bridget Mahadv. sged 82 year*, a native of Ireland, pariah of Ldworthstown. oounty of Longford ller friendi, and those of her brother, Kdward Mahady, and of her brotbera-in<law, Michael Crononge and Krancis Duffy, are rejipectfally invited to aMend ber funeral this afternoon, at half-past 3 o'clock, from ber lato residence. No. 84 Market street. At Albany, Aug 24, Sarah Arms, daughter of J. V. and Klisa Hanoox. aged two years. On the 24th of Aug of congestive brain fever, Chas. Robert. infant son of Henry and Morgiana Farrels, aged 10 months AU'I 17 days. His remains will be taken to Westchester at 8 o'clock this morning On Thursday, Aug. 26, of dysentery. Clement LfrcvRE. son of Thoniss J and Sophia C. Coleman, aged 3 years, 9 months, and 13 days Funeral this day i27th), at 3 o'clock precisely, ffom No. 68 Sixth Avenue. His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment In Valparaiso, May 23, Mr. John Nichols, an American seaman. Jane 6, Mr. James C. Wood, carpenter, an American, long resident in Chile, sged about 40. e>ame date, at the American hospital, Mr. Peter West, of >l Industry," Ms. (probably Tlsbury), about 30; he was the flrst officer of the whale ship Mary (supposed of Kdgartown). LOST?A small bundle of keys, supposed to have been dropped in passing from Cliff st to John St., a* f?r a* the comer ol William st. A suitable reward will be Riven for U'eir d livery at Ifi Cliff At aa!27 li*ic TO LAMP MANUFACTURERS, OAS FITTERS, lie. ?The moi elepant stock of (ias ('h*u<leliei?, Bracket* lie , ever impo'ted Irom Paris or'sud, for tale. A* these good? rami be <old in a few days, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Plumbers will also Gud this worth notice, si there are noire plain brsrkets. pendants, hnrners, lie., among tliis lock. To be seen Lorn 9 till 5, at 498 Hudson street. a?S7jjt#m ^ I TVf e CELEBRATED CHINESE SKIN ? ? lutruLU.? mil truly ueautitul and elegant ar'icle <: . b? hud of all reapecable chemiata and perfumei* in New York, and throughout the U. State*. in boxea at 3} and i? cents Travellera and reiidenta iu warm climatea will highly appreciate th s luralu-tble addition to their toilera The Mite imiwrtera are HOBBS k Co Wholeaale depot W Bnchtllor, 2 Wall at, New York. Beware of counterfeits fee rhat e?ch hoi beara ihe written aignatuie of F.ibeau Jt Co . o'i the ll * rnmfnt itjmn ati7r|4i*m (ki ,YT I > Lt.S u u.n blj.m) anu vTohtJJOUjWJ GAOK. in lumi to auit applicant*, on piodiiciiT* n al eaiate in thii city or Brooklyn. It will be loaned f.,r a term ol year?il <Ic?iird Apply to 8. 8 BHOAD, No. II Wall ?'reet, m the Cretou Water Office, buement. au21 3tiiend*rc 'fHlUvll-HS OK " YOlfN (i PHYhT' T" or ( hroec- literI. mtl Kacta, with a iket.h of tt>e Aulb'<? of the ChronoThermal Syat tu uf Wedirine? By Win I Cduer, A M , M D. Price BW renin. London. I Ollmer, 19 f*?ltinalI; New York, Kedfi?fd Clinton Hall: Graham Tribune Building*. Tliia work att cka the received practice ?f medicine with icntbing aevrity. It la w ir to the knife, and the knife tn the hill, ihe B iaton Medic<1 Journal calla it a b mtivJme't of Allopathy." It i> moie: it la ta utter a.nilnl fin. No wonder ita independent ana fearleia author n p o?frit>ed and oatracmed hv the i>role?*iun. " Oh, Sun, I hate thy beami " *21 I'is FfcM *rrc XM ATKIMONI AL.?I.ntmODU lOIlY OKK'Cfc. >3 W HI Ta, STREET?Thia buainea*, (which appeariao ntremely novel to many pe aons, who do not underauuid ite principlea ) will give apjilicauta m ire correct information hi on? hour, icapectinff character, ciicumttaui el, lie .without e?po-ure ol n?mea, or location, ttiau ean be obtained in the cuatomary way in an month*? (Something of viul iinportuice t thoae contemplating marri ) Applicant.- mint larniah mloubted re 'e'enee Hon ? foi l.idie*. fr n 9 A M , un il 4 P \1., ith a lady in attendance Hour* for Gentlemen, fr m 5 until 9K P. M. Cominauicationa with real namea, (poii paid,) will receive pr?mi't at'ention. ir.inv au27 H*rrc NO. HfcVEN NOH'i'ri AMt.KlilA Day Publiahed?Containing the j,j viewi:? Plate l?t? Felli of the Ueneere. Roche?t*r N. V. ' 2d? <evidence of H. R Pirroti. , Coldipribf, N.Y. " . 3*1?View id the Backwooda, Oliio " 4<h-S<rat'g< Luke, N Y. Each number it complete iu itaelf, and contains, beaidea the four tpleudid views eight Pgea of illimtrative ten, by the editor, Joh.n K?<1 E?<|. Plicae viewi are all taken no the spot by E. VVhi t field. 1 erm?, $1 per aunnm, in advance. 8 nglo copiea ii ciuu, mailed to any part of the Unit.d fit -tea h? i H.LO OkiHOTHKK, 32 Ann .t.,N.V. , P. R ?We are now prepared to aupply back nnmbera. h27 2t rrc. Ev PrtOKf.s^uii m trrrrr YjilL dzlivkr a Lecture oo MEXICO, at the Broadway Tabematle, ou Friday evening, Aug. 27, commencing at o'clock. Th Lecture will emb ace ? picurexpte aketrh of Mexico, Anglo-Saxon Love of Military Olory. Battles of Palo Alto, Keaac* de la Palma, and the Storming of Monterey, with ail ri vocation to Peice and Forbearance. a ?ur?ey of the Plana of Providence, and a contrail between the Aword aud the Preaa. Adtniasion 25 rents. Door* open at7 o'clock. Tickets to be had at the principal Muaic Stores and Hntela. noJ5 Jt? e GHEES'TURTLE 80UP A.*JD ftKAjis?A very fine G-een Turtle will he ae yed up in Soup and Kteake ihn day, a id duri.ig th* week, at the Bank Coffee House, .No II rine atreet. between Broadway and Nassau. Ala;>, stew d Tnrrapina ey?ry day thia weelt. Families supplied. The lai'e ia anpplied with all the delicacies of the season. uu2i 3t?rc JAMF* FOS^ETT. MUSIC TAUGHT* on moderate term*, by a lady who ha* had considerable experience in teaching She i ^x-*~sr ?*.?. | t % WANTF.D?In Brooklyn. or ia dM m?MS^hJf; of ft. J ohn's Put, i (mte of farakhoTapMMMM.iMMhte of tceommudatiug four single nulltauo. and WMIl tin afTV?<J* nee of a arrvaut rnuld be had forth* morning ud eveuin4 meal*. Address box No. 1313, New X oik Po?t Office. _____ __ mmV *??* ? WAN'liO-Byi ropecuble Youug Wumu, a tituatioa r* Norte and 8eamstrest. No objection to goii?f to the country. Please call at 74 Thompson ttieet, near Spring rowr?e> giveu anH It" in BOY VV ANTKIJ?Iu a Cotton Broke.'* office, a Boy about It or 13 years old who writes a fair baud, aud is coavsr wt Willi ti<ure<. Apply tn nl7 lt*m WHIOHT 8t LK tVIN, H mover street. WANTKD?A boy 15 or 16 yean of age. as a bur-keeper. None but oue that is acquainted with the business used pplr. at *21 Butli st. s27 lt*je WAN I'M)?A situation iu a private faiuil/, by a rrspecta hie girl, at teacher and aeamstrets iu a couutty residence; is capnMe of teuchiug reading and writing /.uglith grammar, geography. aud imtronouiy; together with varioua branches of taucy ueedle woik; received her education in Europe. Can uive the best of lefereucea Address to Marcella Grouney, S Daraml tlrret, Newark, N. J. au2C >frc A UK 1ST L KM AN gouw abroad wishes to piac.e hi* sitter with a respecuble family. The lady will make herself g'reable audutel'ul, and pay her board 111 advance. Address A. V.. at the office of the New York Herald, with real name .in I addrets. mi l statute terms. niKi tt*rrc rpO HOl'KL KKKI'KHS?A young mtn 30 yeais of age. X who has fceeu engaged iu a hn'el for the latt 15 years, auu who iierfertly undersraudt the management of a hotel in a<| its departmi'iiu. together with book keepii g. is desirous of engating himself aa assistant in some leading llotel. Undoubted relerence iu regard to character aud capacity will be giveu. Address L. H , Herald office, with uame aud location. ??>: 'i, WAiNXhU?In a dry govds importing house, *u experienced clerk, well acquainted wilh dry goodsacd the maiket; mid fully able to take charge <if the ! reuch and O'er maii corres|iocdeuce. A wood mlary Will be allowed, but none need apply but thou lully competent for the situation. Beit relereucts required. Audreu box 1603 at the post office. . : itHt'a D\ (> l T VIIX E GLASS WOK K PHILADELPHIA.? These works are now iu Man, and the subscribers are prepared to execute orders lor mineral, porter aud wine bottle*, carboys, druggists' itlais, pateut medicine bottlea. jara, be. A full aaaortuirnt of druggists' vial* and bottles couaiantlyon hand. BENNEKS, SMITH h CAMPBELL, unit lm*ghz No. SIX S*<uth Fmatat. PAIN 1 INGS?A small collection of mre and good Paintings. by the old mtutera in perfect order, and handsomely framed, for sale at 91 Liberty street. Two or three line historic il pictures, landscapes, 6s.c. May be seen every day from 9 nil 2 o'clock au'<!H 30f re MiSSI nG?Cat* Strafford of t^e British bark Klleu, left hia board inn house on Wednesday last, llih iust.. with the intention of visiting Hobokeu, since which time notidiugs have bren heaid of him Any inf >rm?tion which will letd to a knowledge of hi s whereabouts, will be thankfully received by WOODHULL It MINTURN. rr South street. A I 'HEMIC A L K KsI l L I\?A VVON DEH !-VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR D?E,to enable peraous to dye instantaneously tlieir hair without the least inconvenience. For clungiug red or grey Hair, Whiskers, Eyebrows, lie., to a Brown, Black, or (.hesiiut color. The slightest evil consequences need not be feared from itanse-it isaltogether harmless. I his composition is theonlv one sanctioned hy the science of chemistry, to dye. in an indelible inauner, the various Kradalions ol'colors, without danger or inconvenience, and hasjustilie.l the liberal pa'ronage and unlimited confidence of the publie. If Black is required, ask for box marked N; if Brown, box mxrkrd B Prepared by JULES HAIJEL, perfumer and chemist, 120 Chesput street, Philadelphia; and sMd wholesale ami retail, by A. B. it 1). SANDS, Druggists, lllfl Fulton, cor. of William st; H. Joh'son, 273 Broadway; A. L. Wiuship, 77 Ent Broadway; A. K. Aruult, 119 Broadway; and J. B. Juquemjd, 115 Broadway, New York. If>~ Be *are of counterfeit*. Ask for "JULES IIAU EL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAlll DYE," if you want the geunine article. A premium awarded it ti e Franklin Institute. an26 3flt?m rpiiEHNf'ALLlBLf. HAltt DVE?AlexandersTrirobaphe I. ? Improvement of 1816?'The most successful Liquid Hair Dye ever known fordyeiug the hair, whiskers,he. a n.i ural browu or black, so ex'cily resembling the uatnral color of (lie hair as to defy detection Iu elfect is instautaueous and permanent It can lie ased with the greatest ease It is also free from those properties (usual iu all unitarians of this cele urmru preparation) 01 kivihk an uuuaturai rru or purple lint to the hair. The Kenuiiie article ia for sale by moat of the respectable druggists throughout the United State*, aud by Kiuhton It Co Broadway: 'J lioinas k. Maxwell. William street; A.ll llW Sand*, anil Johuaou, Moore k Taylor, Maiden lane, New York, and by the aole ageuU, au26 30t*r<: R kO. A. WRIOHT, Philadelphia. C^HABLKS AHUKyKKLDTi New York i<i Maiden lauc, J np stairs, anil 2) Liberty atreet; I'hi'adelphia, 16 North Kourth street, np stair*; Boston, It Kilby street, corner of Dnane stieet, Importer of all kind* of toys aud fancy a, titles, perfumery, soips. musical instruments, Krcnch rli na, German plain and cut class ware, oiuaments for mantelpieces, liquor caaes, he. j nuij 30t*rc WliNDO W HHADf.H of every description mid quality, cheaper than at any oilier establishment iu the United States, for sale wholesale ai.d r- tail at JOHN K. DUVCKKR'9, 58 Chatham, coruar of Chamber street, au2J30t?rc New York. BOOK iEIXKRS' TRADE tJALK8.?ueutlemru attending the Trade Sales, arc presumed to know the style and ciiarmcternf the subscribers' raiious publications, they are specially invited however f> call and examine the stock in all it* Va'iciy. Also, thr low price*, the catalogue with the cash prices set down ; the thow bills; the Comic. Oeiman. Houaekcep* rs, nnMTIRttdRoafn and Bendy Almanacs fur ISIS, l'he 200 kinds of Souk Books; the same number of kinds Toy Books, and plain; aud the immense number of Miscellaneous Uooks of all sizes and prices; and above all we want our customers to b<-satisfied that we deal fairly with them in propria pertona." or with iheir letter* containing orders, Icc. TURNER it FISHER. 71 Chatham st. N. Y., n25 30r"rc IS North 6th street, Philadelphia. npHiToWSEiTOK A w KLL-lW?T ABLWHe-L), roomy a aim iimuyiumiKiiBu n\j i bb, in uicviiwicn iircfii, wun good bur-room, forming acorner, wishes to dispose of ii. The True rum uuul the lit of May, U48, with right to prolong. Private entry, and iii every way very comfortable. Addre*t, G. N . Herald otfire ?aM 3t*rrc THK NICVV YORK FAMILY MOUKN1NU STORKKverv desrnption of first and second mourning in great varieti; Mantles, Cloaks,' ollats, Millinery Hosiery, 4<c. Ladies tire informed that thisestablislimentlis intended solely for the ai?!e of every variety of mourning goods, at 4M Broadway. our door from Brnof- n't?2 :MH?rr Uflf.'H I'ATKM' PKK.VIlllMKXTf.NSlO.N ulM.NO TABLK8, with metal plated slides, for private pallors and dining room, hotels, ?teamboals, &c , umu'i'-uvd for elegance, durability and convenience, warranted never to get out of order. A large assortment, the lurgest in the city, and unequalled for variety; together wuh a general itisortment of elrgaut and fashionable Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be found at the wire rooms No. 443 Broadway, where the public are respectfully invited to call aud examine. au24 30t*rc C. F. HOBK. 443 Broadway. M EINHAKDT'H GILDtD JbKASH LE'l TOW KOH HIUNS?These lettrrsare remarkable for durability, aud a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled br any other article is the city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand exposure to the weather. T ey are also ja|?nned to an} color tint may be desired. Orders left at Jones, Beebee itf-o.'s, 120 Fulton street, will be attended to. The partnership heretofore subsisting between Meinhardt tc Stott, was dissolved ou the 1st July. al3 6m*f Ii 8. P. M K INH A HPT. NO HUMBUG?A new dining s.ilo-m just town, at No. 17 Kr..nt street, and I idgiug also: come and judge for yonrself. The rooms are S'ncle an21 30i?m QU KR.Y ?1 here appears to be two different mums of men in N*w York. I)o you know what makes one clasa looks so much superior to the other / Answer! That's a fact that has struck ine frequently. But I have MVW been able to account lor the difference. It certainly is not the cloth, altogether. Why m>?li t me tell yon, one clans buys six shirts a year from Scott. 94 N usait street, and his shiris beuig cut iu a s vie truly werhaiiic t|, they consequently fit beautifully. 'I lie other class don't cw two straws whether thev wear anv shirts or not [ a? long ii* they are t .lerated. When von want any shirts, cal there first?he sells a magnificeut our for St 50, and wwrants them to fit- Opposite llerald office. Kstabllshed 18JJ. flu 19 lot ITC IMI'KOVKD MA<JN'K'MC .MM MINKS.? MOORHfcAD'H URADUATKD MAGNKTIC MACHINK.Thia initrometit is an important improvement OWT all other forms of manufacture, and ha* heeii adopted by the Medical ' Profession generally aa being the moat convenient and effectual Magnetic Machine in uae. It is perfectly simple in const action, and therefore not liable to net ont of order, as is the cue with all other instrument*. It admits of the most perfect control, and cau be graduated to any power; adapted fnran infant, or sSfteient (or ti e strongest adult, at the pleasure of the operator. The magnetic force is imputed 1u continuous manner and with no unpleasant sensation, to the most delicate patient. It requires no assistant in its use, and is in erery respect perfectly harmless. Kach instrument is wurranted;aiid necom|uiuicd i,y a new Manual, with full direction* for use in the v.-rious diseases Cor which it ia moat effectual. Prices from St to Sit. Manufactured and for ante, wholesale and retail, by a2l7t?m L). C. MOOKHKit). 182 Rr.wdway. N. Y. C1 AHHIAUKB.? i i-4 largest assortment of Carriages in tuts S city i* fursale i.No. IM Broadway, (Coliienm liuililiug) at greatly reduced | ric ?comprising Coaches, I'heatons, B*rr>uches, Buggies, Kurkaways, iVV.ig >ns. Also, anew atyl* < fcarrjages, for two or four |*r?on?, with a?d without tops; together with a large assortment '>f harness. ?? 30t*m _ __ H. 8 HOUKRS. DR. UMSIiTnil UALVANK H1NOS, BELTS, BHACKLKTH. A NO vlAUNKTlC KLl'i D,?Strangare are reaprcifullv informed tlmt thebiilyjilacf inNew York to obtain these celebrated article* iceunine it at IW Broadway, .letween J oh ii street mid Maiden Laue. In all c<uri of nervo Mdiscnies the efficacy of Christie's O tlvani<: article*. is irulv wonderfnI, and ttieir great celebrity ha* canard th-m to he coitiiei felted by n#?edv persons, who offer spurious and worthies* imitations, air* mat which the public are rrs|?ertf ully guarded. No drti^g'sc or drnf atore in New York will ever ... ...... ..II wiiiniin 9 firuclva. 1M aots and CIrlimive wofy 11 at one hundred and eighty-two Broadway, an21 7t?m AGRICULTURAL ROOMS, Lyc:EUM~flUlLu7NO Ml Broadway, New Yor%. HORTICULTURAL K7IH1BITION?At the anggoitinn of the Slate Agricultural Hoeiety, whoac Kair will be held at Saratoga Hiinng*. on the 13th of Kept., the American AgricultnJ Auociatioa hare changed the time of holding (heir Kill'fitto ilie Ith and 9th of Sept. All per*<in* de airoa* of aMiuic the eauae of Horticuhure. are earnestly invited to eilubit apenmene of Klowera, Kruit* , er Vendible*, and to compete lor premium*. Programme* may be obtained at Mr. Jaiu* HoUi Btnuiuuk 361 Immr, opp..*ite the Room*?of any <il tlie principal aeedameu in New York, er of the following Kaeeotive Cownittee Lntlier Bradmb, Wm, Coreutrr II. Waddell, Jatnea Lenoi, Shepherd Knapu, Tti?*i. Krelinghuy*e?, Itulua King OelaAeld, Archibald Ruiaell, K. I,. Pell, Kdw&rd (Mark. lylKOf re n i' ifUIIIN'KR D \ BY J dlMPBRn? l o Soiitiieri xnfl tVeatero Merchant*? U Your attcutiou la reapeniMUr called to a novel and Dimi u.-eful invention, the Patent Kiaatic Baby Jumper, for ihe healthful exercine and amuaement of iufauta. ihe relief it afford* thoae having care ol childirn the eitenaive aale it haa everywhere commanded, with the percentage allowed tii thoae who buy the aiticle to aell again, rentier* it a moat deairable olqect to purchaae either nn?; or by the <|iiantity. GEO. W. TUTfLE, luvenlorand Proprietor, Wholeaalc and Retail Depet. Ill Broadway, N. Y. an 19 ?r rc IJANC? GOttoS?V. A ARTAULT. Proprietor of the Lafayette Bazaar. 149 and 111 Broadway, up ataira, haa joat imported a amiable atock for fall trade. Which he offer* to country merchant* on encouraging terma, conaiating of fancy inlaid work botea, fine fan*. cotglaaa, Paria porcelain ware, pnrae*. ladiea baga, perfumery, jewelry, ateel gooda, lie.; m fine the moat apTemlid arid varied Mock of fancy and uaefol goo l* to lie found in t*"i? city. Country inerchiuita are invited to r?11. aul? K)t*rc drowns' (Tokfke house anu dinInu saO LOON, No. 71 Pearl atreet, aitnated in the bnaineaa part of the city, (head of Coeutiea alip.t preaenta great indocementa to merchants, atrangera, and otneri, whote bnnuen may call them to fhat jmrt of the eity. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea QKORGIC BROWN,1 ate of )t? Wt'lt l.ovejov'a Hotel PA" WAN IJ YKI N U K.ST A BI.ISH M r.NI'-l (l*;rr . u WBiatn atreet. New York-COURT li DK8CHAUX dve and nniah in a new and aa|?rior atyle, never before introduced into the United State*, all aorta of gr.Qda, aewtng *ilk. twiat and tram*, either plain ot *h*ded; tephpr wor*ten and woollen yarn, aewing cotton, mohair, ItC They have imported patent fMMtftrtrtTor pWting np wonted ?nd til*. either in akeim, spool* or iticki; damaged or faded 1 guuda, ribbon*, ailk, aatla, meriaoe, Ihibet aud cuhaere thawU, gimp*, fringe*. cord* and taaaeta, ladle# tad geplie I ?m.,lr*4u4?Imm4nulmhw wmTm. I p ABINET AN^HO*?S?JU?VI;HnVtcRI^^^^ V> Brown will ?rll at auctiou, by catalogue, this day, ? ridav, Aug. 17, It loX o'cUu k, It 1U Broadway, a large assortment i' furniture, roapriaiug rutcwocxl solus aud chair*, rowwmi UJ '<lack walnut bureau* and wuh stauds, mahogany sofas aaa ParWrclmri, marble tup dressing bureau*, marble (op ceatre taBlfc. Uiuiug, let, card, sofi,.|uartette and work table*, '?au*. Dttumu,. couches. rocking a?d sewing chain, mihogany French bedst ?.<* ?, nittiiiiii. pallisses, 8m:. Also, tilt giiamloles, ->lar lamps, plated wire, ivory table cutlery. crockery, fcc aujj It*in J. W. HLl{L'Ll^LAwn<neer. m?-r& ? ,?,V? ^Tl'priT THE U. H. NAVY {?*** V ARD.-W ill be sold at public auction nndar the lirection ol r. M. Wetmore, >i.v .VjU'ut, at tlie r*..y . _id, Brooklyn,oa Saturday, Auk. 28ni,>h^tt o'clock, uoni.oue |> 11 r of Oxen. Terms rain. fhM 4| ?rc Bonus ok thk < ity ok st. i.oi i-. koh. ?Mayo '? Ofice, Bt Louit, Mo, Auttutt M, 1847.?Upv, the 11th day of October, 16:7, sealed bids will be received by the Kaeetaigaad, M yorof tka city of St. I.oun, for ilia parrli ue of ue huudreu end fifty thousand dollar* of lit per caut koaaaol the city ol Hi. Louis. (except *u< t> amount thereof * may lie solrt at par, ou or before the 13th day of September, 18(7, payable at St. Louis, or New the optiou ol the pu cha?ri.-?the principal in twenty year*, aud the interest (being ?ix per cent |?r annum) semi-annually Such bid* may be lor fin, or the whole, of a id bond*. The bond* are to b* each lor the aula of one thousand dollars. Kaeh bidder is required[to write ufou hi* bid the amount of boudt for winch heiotlers, and to m-ke a payment ia caah of pre per cent < f the amount of boudi hid fir by hiin, to be depo*ited iu the hand* of the Mayor, at the time of receiving bid*, which depo ite *hall be repaid by the Mayor on the day succeeding the day ou which the bin* *!iall have been opened, to the peraont who made the dei-osites, excepting toihe bidder to whom the bond* are awarded. On the 11th day of October. 16?7. the bid* *h>ll be opeued; the bond* then un*old *hail be told to the highest bidder, or bidder*, for cash, unli i> the bid* be deemed too low. Iteniftcateaof indebtedness now outstanding against the city will be received iu lieu ol cash. Up to the 13th day of September, 1817, ireluiive, the Mayor will *ell the bond* aforeuiid, or any part thereof, to ?ny person or penous. at par. for caah, inakiug the bond* ao taken at (wr for ca*iit payable at twenty, tin. nine, in, or three years, ufl<r dbte, nt the optiou of tlie rurchaser*. A copv o( the ordinance authorising the sale of these bond* is given below. DRV AN MULLANPIIY, Mayor. D. H. Ahmitkoho, Comptroller. [Ordinance .No.'l |6C J An Ordinance to provide fur tlx paymrut of outstandingbonds, and obligations ol indebtedness, which Tail due dating the present fiscal year. Be it ordained by the Citr Council of the City of 8t. Louu as follow* : Six- I. That the Mayor be, and ha i* hereby authorised, to iamue tlie bouds ol the city to the amount of one huudred and fifty thousand dollars, for the purpose of |?> iug the outstanding bauds of the city, which fall due during the present fiscal year, aud also other obligitions of indebtedness which existed preprevious in the commencement ol the present fiscal year. Ukc. 2. The bonds to be issued under ike provisions of this ordinance, shall be each for the sum of one thousand dollar*, and shall be signed by the Mayor, and countersigned by the Treasurer and Comptroller; shall be issued to bearer, and shall be dated on the day of the sale thereof; and ?ucti as are not otherwise provided lor by the fourth aection of thi* ordinance, shall be redeemable at the end of twenty years from the date thereof; and shall lie made payable, priuciiwl aud interest, either in thi* city or in the city of New York, at the ontiou of ths purchaser, which shall be deiignated ft the time of purchase; the said bonds shall bear interest at the rate of six per centum per aunum, payable semi-amm ,lly, for which coupuna shall be attached, said coupon* to be signed by the Treasurer. Hku. 3, Immediately after the |<assage of this ordinance, the Mayor ahall advertise in two |uiper* of ihi* city, stating that he will sell the bonds aforesaid, or auy part thereof; to any person or persons, at par, for cosh, nt any time previous to thirty-five days after the passage of this ordinance ; and that such bonds an may not be sold in this manner will be sold to the highest bidder, for cash, 011 a day which shall be thirty-five days after the passage of this ordinance between the hours of 12 and 1 o'clock, l>. M ; and said day shall he des'guated by the Mayor, in his advertisement ; and, further, that he will receivc scaled bids for the same up t that time. Skc. I. The mayoi shall sell all, or .my part of the aforesaid bonds, at par. to any person or (tenons, who may apply for the sune; and he shall deposit the money received f.-om such sale iu the City Treasury ;nnd such person or persons who mav buy said bouds at p*r, shall have the option of having the bonds executed, redeemable iu either th-ee. six, nine, ten. or twenty years, as he or they may elect and designate at the time of purchase. Sec. 5 On th* day which (tall hsve been designated by the Mnyor, in the advertisement provided lor by the ihird lectiou of t"ii ordinance, between the hour* ol' it iuid i o'clock, P M.. the Mayor *)i >11. in the presence >{ i|i? Comptroller, and >he President of the Board of Aldermen, and the Chaiiman of the Board of Delicate*, or ?uch of them ? may be present. open all bid* lor the purchaie of said bouds, which he may have received up to that time, ami he shall sell to the highest bidder, or tuddera. fur cash, all uf the bonds issned under the provisions of this ordinance, which shall not linve been sold previously in manner as described in the fourth section of this ordinance; unless iu the opinion of the Mayor, President of the Board of Aldermen and the Chairman of the Board of Deletes, or a majority of them, the bids be deemed too low; in which case, they shall proceed to make such negotiation (or the sale of the bonds, as shall api>ear to a majority t f them best fur the interest of the city. 8kc. 6. It shall be the duty of the Mayor to require each bidd-r to write u|>on his bid, the amount of bonds for which he offers, and he shall also require a payment in cash of five per centum of the amount of bouds bid for, to be dei>osiied in his hands at the time of receiving the hid, -vhich deposit shall be repaid bv the Mayor on the day su< ceeding the any on which the bids shall have beeu opene I. to the persona who made the deposits, excepting to the bidder to whom the bonds are awarded. Sr.c. 7. The amount of the proceeds of the bonds to be sold under the provisions of this ordinance is hereby appropriated to the payment of the bunds of the city, falling due during the preseut fiscal year; and also to the paymeut of all obligations of indebtedness which existed previous to the commencement of the present fiscal year. fiyc 8 ?There shall be constituted a seiwrate fund to becallcd " the thinking Kund," and all moueys that mar be appropriated to that fun'l by the City Council, shall be set aside and reserved exclusively for the purpose of discharging the debts ol' the city made by wny of loans to her. 8?:o. 9. The Mayor shall receive the certifica'es of indebtedness which are now ou slant!ing agfcinst ihe city in lieu of cash, when oirered in payment for the purchase of any of the bouds authorised to be sold under this ordinance. DEMETRIUS A. MAOEHAN. Chairman of the Board of Delegates. OEORUE MAOUIKE, President of the Board of Aldermen. This bill lming been presented to Bryan Mullanpliy, Mayor of the city ofHt. Louis, for Ins'approval. Slid hating beeu by liiin returned to the Bo>rd of Aldermeu. in wliirti Board it orikii ated, with kis objections thereto, was, this eleventh day of Auiri'sC,one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, reconsidered b>-said Board, arid passed hy the requisite majority; ui"e inemb'rs of said Board having voted for its passage, ttie ohjeetionsol the Mayor thereto, to the contrary, notwithstanding. JOSEPH VV. DOUGHERTY, Clerk of Ihe Board of Aldermeu. This bill having been received by th* Board of Delegates, by a messenger fiom the Board of Aldermen, with the objections of the Mayor thereto, on the eleventh day of August, one thousand eight hundred and fortv-seeen. The Boa'd of Deletes thereupon proceeded, and reconsidered the vote on the passage thereof, ami, after such reconsideration, passed the s me by the requisite majority; all the members present, nine 111 numuer, voting lur tne passage thereof, tne objections ol the Mayor, to tlie contrary, JOHN H. TICIC. Clerk of the Board of Delegates. I certify the foregoing ro he n 'trne copy of the origi.ial Ordinance [i. ?.] on file in the Register's office. an25 2w Ili J AH. LKM?>N. Register. Ct OLLKiiV; OF PMITSIClAMf. AND ?UK7ifcON8 ' ol the University . f 'he of New York.?The fortylint session of the College will comnieuce on Monday, Oct. lU 1847, and contiuae until the second Thursday in Murch, HIS. Alexander H. Stevens.M. D , President of the College and Emeritus, Professor of Hirgery. I Joseph M. Smith. M. I) . Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine mid of Cluneal Medicine. John B. Beck, M. L>., Professor of Materia Medics and Medical Jurisprudence. John Toriey, Ml), LL. D., Professor of Chemistry and Botany. Robert Wstts, Jr . M. D , Professor of Anatomy. VVillanl Parker, M. D., Prolessor o( Surgery. Chandler It Oilman, M. I)., Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and Children Alon/.o Clark, M. D., Lecturer on Physiology and Pathology, including Microscopy. Gustavu* A.8ibine, Uemonstrntor of Anatomy. Peks.?Matriculation, fi; Ku'l Course. $108; Graduation, S2.'i: Uemoustntoi's Ticket, (i; Board, $3 and nnder. Clinical Instruction at the New rorlt HnspitO br Prof. Smith. College Cliui(|Ue every Monday Upwards of one thousand patients were prescribed for before the class daring the p>st year. Obstetrical case* furnished to the advanced students. Subjects for dissection ire obtained without difficulty Annual Commeneeineut?On the second Thii-sdiiy in Murch Rei|uisires f?r OitMltiOl TwMttHUt years nl age, three years of study,and two full courses of Lectaies; the last in this ___ ? ?.l i r<-liinirmr> ?>om?c?l Ouiiiiril' liiK on .noiiuiy. nrpi. tiin, and continuant to October IBth. Lectures? On Hygeine, by Prof. Nmith;on Medical II >Caiiy, by Prof. Tor rev; on Hernia, by Prof. Wafts; on Infiutile Disease*. by Prol Oilman; on Physiology of ilu- Blood, by Prol'. Clark 1"Ilia course 11 free to the matriculated student* of the college. The prolrssion throughout the country will observe that in deference to their wishes, as eipressed by the late .Medical (J intention, the Trustees have increased the number of Profetors to seven, and extended the Lceiureterm to lire months, with one month of preliminary iiistmction. au25 ll*rc R. WATTS, lr.tHee. of ihf Kecnltv. KOPOU) k MAMUCE HfLBKONN Ml, liniM.ners of French Feathers, Flowers and Materials, No. 13!) Willum street, near Fulton street. New York. Olnce in Paris, t and 8 street of Caire. WW IN*tw 'IMHK v N V, VOUNO k it I.IS i'.KSPM i FULLY, A iiiiuiniiire flmt th-ir new establishment, No. 271 Dim idway, corner of Chambers street, (one ul >ck abore their present location) baa been opened with iievlyZAO rases,forming an entirely new and the largest stock of elegant oseful anil fancy articles of a burlier order of taste, beauty und richness, than hare ever been e?h bited in New York. Uriinr.'B, Uobi'iman (tl??s, French aud Dresden Poreelsin, Terra Cotta, Papier Mache; Bronied, Gilt, and Fleetro-sil. rered Wares; rirh inlai'l Desks, Dressing Cases, Work D<let, kc : Cillleiy and Mtee'(foods; Paper and Faney Stationery; I'erfnoierf. Ilrushei, Ccnibs, and articles for the toilet; ! ms I tnbreIbis, Canes, Whips, Purses and Uigs, Opera (ilasscs, kr , Chinese ami India Fancy Articles. and Curiosities. To their (ormvr business they will add JKWhLUY. and inrite particular attention to thfir large selection, both Foreign ann American, of the lie west, richest and most eleirsnt uracni'iioBi; ncmiiimi v> arcaea ?'n tioc?? lanry Hirer Ware. I)i*m?nda, Cameoa, Co'ala, Kuamela, lie. he. til <1 which will be mrnked in plain fignrea at pricea from which not the aliRliteat deduction will be mule. 271 Broitdway, corner of Chamber! atreet. ?113< titia'ml te _ ______ D alley* pain kItmai toh.-what u u? b?*< external remedy in the world ' Aak any druggiat in the United Btatea and he inTariably anawera, Dallev'a Pain KitMCt< r. Country dealera auppli'd on the moat liberal teima from tile I'roprietor'a depot, 261 Broadway. It muat come from there to be geuuiue. H. DALI<K V It Cp., KiiJO ISteodia fiSn m 2< H Brrndway. | * Ol.T'S < OTTHN 1)1 <K A ..mi mi aiippiy ol the r?. " V rioua numbera. 22anif44 iuchea wide, warranted aoperior to any in marker, for a .le b* NATll. It L. k GEO. ORI9WOLD. an ft24tltawia*m > _ 72 South treet. rfHR ORlUlNAL jTSLVANTu RINGS, bwfe X plaatera, magnetic fluid, kc , wholeeale and retail, at 193 Broadway, corner John atrec. realera inpplied on liberal terma. Warranted to be manufactured by the original makera, ami the price ia mach reduced, l'jl Broadway, corner John atreet. an20 tftt're IXTHOLKMALK HtllltT WAHKHOU8B, No. 14 PlaU f atreet, 2d door from William, where may be foauta larue aaaortment of Minna, of erery quality, made in the lateet atytea, and of auperinr workmanaliip. Kancy and Plata Linen, Mualinaail common Hhirta, cnnatantly on hand. Southern aad Weatern merchant* ure reapectfiillr luriwd to call before parrhaaing. JOHN WOOLgKY, 34 1'latt at. _ jy 10 Ml*rre DAOiTKHKOTYPK PLATKS.'UANKH. ( IIKMIl ALU, Apparatua, fcf.. of aupenor >inaliry, at lowrat market pricea, at AN fllON Y'i National Magnerrian Depot, IM7 Broadway. Naw York. (T7"F.fery thing in the line conauntjy on hand. __au2l?t*m 'pile. PKNN?Yl?aNIA HAILHOAUCoMfAkl me A notice that the Directori are now prepared to with .Maintfactorerafor lUilroad Iron, del>vciab*e in It4? Kiid 124?. to an a moon t not exceeding Fifteen Thonaa. id Ton a. >'or laformation aiflt at their office, No 7o \V>|rut Mrerf. Hula ??n <tt* 4 V .' > II H U f Peeei.l PWSftiTV Ttii. I'Ol Ml'.-J.IV , l ei% e?l ? * Oritid atreet, S liolea n' beautiful f'jialiaH prir.ti, which are to bt -Id by ft:# pound; ilao ?hi?lin?*. aheedcia. kt,, He., together mih a new and wall leleetra km:'1"1w4*"- 'M& mr t Mwr* mm M*RI IN Orua (WW or CoHUftbit. AlriulWI conclude Mr Auderaou; Aii(<lioa, Doom open o'clock. ciaelv al half neat 7 DUAKUI TiUvAl Ka..?A. VV U J?. 8?cvcra. 8(?<e Maiaxer.?Friday ereiMm^^^^^^^l will be performed the play of LOvE-The Mrs. Bliaw; lluou, Mr. Clarke; Prince Frederick, Mr. Hall. To conclude with the tlujIlioK drama ol OLIVKR TWIST ?Oliver Twist. Mra. IJoeffc bill S>kea. Mr. W. Marshall; I Fdvia.Mr M'ereua; Naucy H>kos, Mrs. (Jreeue; Roaa May- , bie, Miaa Gordon. . lowa.Maaats; Pit and Gallery, 1?X centa. Door* opea ata / jurter to Tt performance to commenfe at half-naat T. / C ''fi' HA.Vl THt; V4'HK ?Uuder the .Mai>a?rineui oi / ?^wi?"-#ar To be followed with the iwnte <..?e(iv ?? TWA'LK ?,th lha P?ntomin??Sf i*J iiVu/.JIN PUNCHINELLO? Punch, 8.? Cario 1AJUJP Pkicks?Boiaa, ttceutai Pit. uk cent*. ? Hooraopep it 7?performance cntnmanrrs nt lulf-i.-st 1. ^Ntyi'r of the LhHMAN FAMILY kC. WlN'l'Hi- K. P A81LL GAKDFN. ? Friday Kt'ihuk. August !<7<h, v> will be performed TUHNInG THK TAfcLKH- Kek llumphnes. Mr Holluid; Jeremiah Bumps, Mr Walcot; Patty Larking, Mis* *'U>k?ftw d? Mmlelot. M'lln Jalia ami Flora Bohrintiiii Polka. M'llf* \<lelaid?* itiid Mathilda I.#limiiii. Mr. C. Wiuthcr on the Tiaht lloi>e To co?rluie villi L'AKBHE MAG I QUE During (he ballrt, Pa? rf<* Troii, by M ll's Mathilde, Juli* and Flora Lehman, und a Pas tie Deux, by Mile Adelaide cud 9. Lehman. Doors oi<en at 8X: ferlurmance lo commence *i J. I A<IIM4M<<H t6 Cents PALM1 i'H OPERA HOUSE.?"ridgy Kituiui, Ana. fill, i wi'l he performed tile comedy of MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE-?Mra. 8omerton, Miaa M<i>y Tailor; Mrs Brown, 1 Mrs Henrv; Mr. Homeron. Mr. Byrne. i After which, daring achievement on the TIGHT ROPE, by the Havel Family atid Lean JaveMi. 1 To be succeeded by the celebrated i<autiiin<me of JO''KO, the Bra/iliau Ape?The A|<*, Moni. Marrelli; Pipo, Gabriel Ravel; Fernandez, A. Ravel; Mid. Fern&udet, Mad. J R<vel. To conclude with the ITALIAN BRIGANDS?Characters by Gabriel and the Ravel Family. Ooora opeo at 7X, |ierfuruianee to commence at > o'clock.? | Tickets Ml cent*, to all parts of the houte MINERV* ROOMS. BHOAUWaV.?Sacoud WeekTf the original VIRGINIA 8ERENADEH8, whose concerta for the last six niKhts have been attended by the elite and fuhiou of the city, and the press in general, who hare unanimously expressed tliat this is, without exception, the greateat combination of wit and talent in the country The Programme fur this week will be found rich and versatile; the whole concluding with the burlesque opera of hiUKKO! Founded on the eelebrsted ltaliau opera of " HafT)," one of the moat laughable and ludicrously sublime productions ever offered to an aduiirinv public. For particulars aee bills of 'he day. Doors opeu at 7 o'clock?Performance to commeuce at I. au?7 tfis'rc AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Ann street. ?Splendid performances both Afternoon and Evening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN 8KRENADERS ! | ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS Moving Panorama of the City of London! Pete Morris, Miss Bernard, Ike. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. OURA^G OUTA^G?ANATOMICAL VENUS. Mad. ROC* WELL the famou* Fortune I'eller. Ailinissiou 25 cenu?' 'hildreu under len one shilling. al9_ KOADWAY THEATRE?This aaublishmant, new erecting iu Broadway, will be opened for Dramane pur| poses s?lcly, on or abont the firit of Saptambar, aadet the oiauagsrasKt of O. H. BARRETT. Peraona of acknowledged talent wishing iicnatioas for the seas >?, will pleun addreuliim (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard atreet. A. MANN, aole Proprietor. (T7* Daring Mr. Barrett'i abeence in Europe, all leiteta sad bnainess communicationsmay be addresaed to hia agent. jelStfre W. CORBYN. No. J Barclay street-^ DANCING AcaD'EMY.? No. m Canal street, Eart corner of Broadway?Mr 8ARAC< O, Professor, Inventor, and lirat introducer of the new duicesintne United States, having recommenced his lessous, wants several Young Ladiea from 12 to It years ofaqe, who-n he will teach gratis, all d*uces of the " ttalous," and after shell pay them monthly, a satisfactory sum. iu order to dani e with hia pupils th? modern dances, which tie only m America can p operly tench, at the Polka Mazurka, Krdowa-Waltz, Waltz in live step-, he. , he., mid i particularly the Oerinan Cotillon and Mazuika lln"drilles. J _ a'>J< Ht?rrc , COLMAN'S OALLERV OK OIL PAINthNOS, No. t 203 Bro id way, above his Book Shore, consisting of ninety choice Pictures by celebrated masters, viz .?Titian's Veuus, , of life size ; The Dying Oladintor, by David ; TKe Misers, by Mntsys, the blacksmith ; Helen For man. by Ilobena ; The Euitliih Roadside. ike Ike. be.. It ettermed by foreigners as smwrior to any public exhibition of pictures in this country. 1 Mr. COLMAN imports all the New Popular Engravings Irom London, Pari*, and Germany, which with hit eitentive collection of Books, Paintings, Fancy Stationery, and Drawing Material!, he offers at the moat reasonable prices, wholesale or retail. HERALDRY.?Coats of Arms furniahed and emblazoned in the moat aumptuoua style, or may be had in pen drawing, jy27 Mon, WrdltHnt tf re _ TO THK PUBLIC and all persons indebted to MAMUEL BROOKS.?The insertion of an advertiaeinent, uurter the signature of "William Judson," claiming to be a partner of the undersigned, is totally false, and all debts contracted and due Samuel Brooks, must be paid to him aloue, the receipt of the (aid Judson not being a sufficient discharge. SAMUEL BROOKS. August^O, 18(7. au2l 6tis?je KOHLSAAT BROTHERS, 41 John street, have now on limit .*11,1 nffrr for i:iIk n r#rT ?ir#niivn al?iif tin#,,.! .if Zephyr Wonted*, Pattern*, Klo?* *ilki,Caura**, and a variety of "ther article* in thu line. French Fancy Goods?inch a* Beadi, Clair*', Twi*t, Braid*, fcr. Ike. Golduid Silvered (,acea, Braid*, Tauela, Fringe*, Cord*, he., for Ilejralia* and Cap Trimming*. Milk Fringe* of every deacriptiuu and color, anitable lor fall tnilr?Kiittiiua, Cord*. Gimp, he it"-. ?m2? ?ii**m M ONKV '1 U UMN ? Abmham J. Jackaon, Pawnbroker I'JL 58 Keadeatreet, near Broadway. loan* money in Ur*e or mill ?um*, a* may be required, on watches, jewelry, plate, weiring a|>|iarel, dry K<>od*, and personal property ol every Jenetirlinn aii'ii:tui*m C'RlcKET?There will be a grand |>lay ol Cricket, thu ' day. kriday, between two eleven* of the St. George'* Cluh, atthnr ground, llarlein. The gre?t single wicket match between Winkwoitli and Hamt, come* olf ouWedoesday neit. kBtr it*tc CENTREVJLLE COURSE, LONG ISLAND. iH T 'twfc . TTROTTING Af* D PACING?Four pui*e* ill one day.? All cloned, with ID hone* euterr d. Particular* ro-inorrow. To come off on Monday, Anoint 30. JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor. f'entreville, Aug 2fi. IS47. a27 1tj?_ <l . NOTICE^-THE RuhE HILL HALE8 A*!) Kichange Stable*, corner of 21th (trett and 3rd 'T^ ?v?,m? The subscriber take* thi* method to inform hi* cnxtomer* and the public generally, that idler this date the price per day of every horse kept at tlii* establishment will ba 10 cent* REYNOLDS K. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. New York, August isth. I84T. a IT lw*ft ( *71 lmi. it. ?i i i iy, iihi al- . ,X*5"^LIBL.R LlNIMKNT.?Tliia truly astonishing me- ( ' ' ' f is a clear, beautiful and transparent Hind, highly fragrant and |*rfec^y delightful in ita flavor, and is ea- ! pechjly designed to be prescribed iutrrtially or eiteruallv, 1 and warranted to cure after all other remediea I. i e fa.led. < All rheumatic and scrofulous affections, ring worm, tetter, i barber's itch, old acres of every nature, frost bites, burns, ' latins in the back, and affectiona of the spine, dislocations, en- i largement of joints, bunions, corns, callouses of every descri|? tiou. tooth and nervous headache. One or two doses I alien ac- ' cording to direction is aa sure to cure the bilious chtlic, diar- > rhrca, S.c., aa it ia taken ; and airectious of the throat, hi short, ) |?ins of every uatiire yield to its mtliience immediately. Fe- 1 ver and ague broken in two doaes always. N. B. 12,W0 cures \ have been made iu two years. , Among the many distinguished individnnla who have kindly . allowed na to refer to them, for public good, are the Hon. Mo- . ses H OnnneU, residence No. 6 College Mace, New York city; Hon. Hiehard F. Carman, of Carmaiisville, New York city, and Mr. Arnold Mason, contractor of the High Bridge | over Harlem river, was curea of chronic rheumatism of over i 30 veara' standing?can be aeen at all timea at the Bridge; Mr. i Samuel Roberts, his partner at the Bridge, gives it aa Ins opinion that it saved hia life, from a severe injury sustained by a fall; Mr Jnmea Murphy, proprietor of the Harlem. Bull's ' Head, Bowery aud Broadway lines of stages, has uaed at hia ' mammoth establishment over one thouaand hollies. He says I the more they use of it the better they like ir. wbollrac and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principal deiKit, No , 2.10 I'earl street. New York city; H. In/eraol St Co., wholesale -I 1 ,1? ...........I ,lr.? .?.l eras throughout the city and country. It ia put up in large bottlr?, and sold at Mcent# per single hottlr; $4 per dozen; hall I gross S21; one gross fM. The proprietore of this great retne- , ly are ready and willing to bark their opinion, that the\ ran | how more ast"uudiiig lures, and a greater number of rertift- I cates than any other remedy offered to the public. All letters inu*t he postpaid. JyltQteol*r<JHA PO POKTtK HUU8K KKkCkKH? i o Let. ihr 1 pw Store, two Back Uooina and Ollar, on the corner of , XjU^24th Ltifft a>id(6'h avenue, at preaent kept by Mm. ' ?iiuhri, now dmn|a fair business, and can be greatly would tnuke a lint-rate ataiid for the grocery or wholekale I'qiior buitnesa. aa the store and cellar are large, and in an improving tieighb'rhood. Also the futures for sale. Apply or the premises, or to 8TlKLlN(Jli WALTON, an !' it*<18 eor, 34th street and tth venue. Mi putt >\Ll,?A good business sta'id lor a Tit ri n anil ; Country Stoie, wi'h Hflfl ?crea ef Land, of good soil and quality, suitable lor farming aiyi garden pur|o?s, on toe I,ne ofa railroad, about 40 mtlea tiom the rity. Also, a Tract wf Land on Long Island. Will be a> Id ch'ap, and on i r sy trrins. Appl y to John W. 4 hambers, room, oftheAme- [ rlr-n Institute, rear of the '"ilT llall. a256fef>d*ie | K voX, 11 12* Kultou ?t>eet? fail itthioa for 18(7. of Oeutlemeu'a Hats, will be introduced on hatnrd 'y, 28thof Augus . aii2)4tis*rc J?v FINE GOLD ANT) SILVER WATCHES- The Subscriber is selling all descriptions of fine liold slid Mil vet Watchei ana Jewelry, at retail, lower than any , other house m the city. All Watches warranted to keep good time, or the money retained. Watches and Jewelry tichanged. fJold Watches a* low as 120 to $26 each. Watt l es and Jewelry repaired in the best manner at much lets than the usual prices. OKO. C, ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Itetail, aull30tis?re II Wall street, corner iV illiam. up stairs. f?roil BKIIXJKl'<HIT?Steamboat MM ^j>CM^>AK()i) will leare foot Market iittn, on itani" dHMtfHlMday, Auguat 21th, at > o'clock, P. M. S'.agea '?.??? Bridgeport, on arrival of boat, aa naiial. U1 t>?rt II . CONKV INLAND I ? KIIV -Ti.e .te?tn | C^f'Mfa^^Sboat A I L *H. CaH. I'. H Smith, will run on eEEfcuMHathe ahore ferry audi further notice. I.ear. in* Hammond atrret at 10 and I, Canal lUret lO'^aud I '4, and |>ier No I ?t 10%^; aurl IW Hare \2H cerna. Uood cotillon muaic will accompany the boat. ,an*. Jt'in <?,?, >l7)KNIM< LINK ?OH ALBANY AND TKOV and IniafiwduM l.andinga. JHflBMHk Breakfaal and Dinner on board the Boat. The low preaeore lleaiuboet THOY, Captain A. Worham. ill leate the ateeinboet pier loot of Barclay afreet. Mondavi, Wedueadnya, and Kridaye, at aeren o'clock A. M Hetnrx>nr ou the opponte daye. The Steamer NlAOARA, Cept. H. L. Kellogg, wJl leare the Hteamlmet Pier foot of Barclay itreet, Tuciday, TJniraday ind Saturday, at half pact in o'clock, A. M., returning on the oppoaite day*. (f Kare JO Centa. Forpaaatge or freight, apply on hoard, or to V B ha office on wtmrf. Ivto NOTH K ?Paeneegira per pncfcet ahip SIpbUNB ! uniyWfnr Liverpool, will nleaae he on hoard ut Orl'ana | jMMBwWharf, foot of Vail atreel, to-morrow, SMurde*, j Auguai /till at IJ o'clock, M , at whtehtme f lie thlp v? ill , 111. I.ftier liaga will clorr at the iitual |'lnce?,at h It |?at II oVIoek -uj7 POK.UVfctlt'lJOU-.*'* !,???Keii?ni |>nCi>i 'I of M!h nf ^eiitember ?The (ideiidid, Teat aniline ' .-{jM*! I'kei ihip IH Ell ID AN. 1 nptaitt U H i ii leitlveiyKll ?a above, her regnlm d*f. I Kor (rairht or p*e? >ge, hiring l,aiid*nme lnrmat'?d oerow) I taoluinoa. ?{plyon uigrd, ?t Orleam whart, fort of \ve|| iue?t, otiu 1 K. COLLIN* M i. at I ^ ??5ktV1^? ? AMUCK, C?pt. B. J. H T.?*, wlU ; | n??Md|ih? tlierldM, m4 *11 on Om Mtfc ! On, h?r. regular j 4*r - mit I re no the epidemic 1BS7: the sphere more more sever* in than in New weather tu very tho sun * ray* the beat wae somewhat relieved by wa br?ei?? Picayune lay* the fever haj driven away ail that can well be spared, and dullnee* reignaiuprema BY THE HAILS. Waihimoton, Aug. 34, KMT. The Preparationi for the Reception of Congrett?Tkt War an J th* Pruident?Importance of P tact to tho -hlmtniitratiun? Jtipect of Partiet?Opinion* in Hra$ Kington. While awaiting luUlligeno* from the anuy of Anahuae ; while in patienoe and oon( we are eipcctIng from day to day ipeeiOe evid?no*< from the oolumn of (i?neral Moott, of oontlnund war, or a wpeody peaee, let ua Indulge with your reader* In a little hoteh potah rif a miscellaneous conversation i arnuiuuut* tu mil <aui?r ijumuudi, iiiu 01 3Tr?i,?*r momeat than the question of peace or war with Mexico, la I ha question of tba next presidency General Taylor'* last letter baa rendered blm unavall Me for the pr-seat; but In tbe event of peaoe hatore th? adjournment at Comgreen, It li expected be will be brought out either in fhtor of Henry Clay or of tbe principles of Henry Clay. With his latest exposition he Is a complete John Trier to the whlgs. very available, but not to be trusted On tha other band, we know that the leading men of tba damocracy here strongly suspect Old Xaek of playing a deep game, tor the White House. They suspeol that ha is a whig, snd only awaits tbe available occasion for announcing tbe fact A friend of ours, has recently received a letter from Oen Taylor, in which be says It will be useless for anybody te attempt for tba preaent to extort from him an exponltlon of his politloal opinions We will perhaps iu a few days be enabled to give yon some extracts from this letter Regarding the next Congress. tha questions of the war and the presidency will doubtless lengthen the Drat session to nine or ten months; and fron tba leathering Indieatlons, Washington City has never had the crowd, and has never seen the time, that are shall have next winter, peaoa or no peaoe. Mr. Willard, late chief manager at Colrmnn's, la ittlug up a large establishment on tbe site of Mr. 'uller'S late popular bouse, a complete new rig, out and >ut. house, luruiture and all. capable of accommodating rlth bed and board, some two hundred and tlfty pcraona, >eing next to Coleman s. perhaps, the largest house In ?wn. Mr. Fuller is building an elegant new establishnent. corner of I'ith street and the main Avenue, whiob *111 be another ornament to the oity. and a oomfortabla >iaoe for sojourners Then a company are actively emiloyvd in Ultiug up the United States; and then we hava .hose good and popular houses of Coleman's, Brown'a, ind Oadsby's. at each of whlob everything Is cut and tried for the return of Congress All the houses wa iavo mentioned, with a number of other good hoiela. ara >r will bo in readiness l>y the meeting of < ongrrM, with warding houses of every calibre, from twenty down to Lroe dollar! a week. Tell the good people, a* Old Zaok calls them. to eom* iloDg. Wh aball have room and good accommodations or them all, with everything on hand to latlafy the wanta >f our vialtera The great mearurea before the next Confess will be, in the order in which they w'U be taken up, I The officers of the House, sp? ker, Clerk, and subirdlnates Vinton, of Ohio, will, probably, be speaker, ind Nathan Sargent, (Oliver Oldschool, of the Untied Statei Oaxtttf.,) or Alexander Kara nay, of Pennsylvania, oierk; and our old friend M%}or Dade, reputed lineal holr to the Townsend estates in Kngland. will, probably, be the door-keeper. At least, a strong effort fa making in his behalf. Mr. MoCormick, superieded by Mr Johnson, as I'ostmaatei of the House, will, probably, auperteds the supersedeas And thua we go. Mr. Krench expect* several good whig* to atand by liim; but we are afraid that pereonal pledges will not bear the aorewa of a party caucus. Besides, the Clerh of the Houae la an importaut functionary in reference to the next presidency, and In that aapect of the caae we aee but little proapeet for Mr. French. If we had the casting vote, he ahould be clerk, but wu are afraid we shall not have that privilege. ^d. The Mexican war, and a loan of a few millions for preaent necessities In the Henate we shall have an interesting state of things. Mr llrownson has disclosed and adopted Mr. f'alhoun's views of the war out and out. Mr. Calhoun will carry democrats enough with him toeonatitatewhat Hop Turner denominates the "balance of power."? lenoe both houses will atand antagoniatlcal to the ad bat Mr. Denton will come down wi'h nil his strength igalnxt the cabinet, and the plan of the war a* conductid This we don't believe. We hold tbat Mr Benton *111 stand by tbe administration as long an it i* uncomnltted to any clique of the party Mr Benton goes lor Vlr Van Dureu or Silas Wright. Ilrnt and last , and only n thn event that Oen Cass should be made the favorite sponsor of the 1'resident. or only In tbat other event that the President himself will be put lu tbe foreground For the succession?will V r. Benton desert him As far as tbe 1'resident is concerned, he baa cleared himself, lie li no candidate Ue has no preference for any clique. He will abide quietly tbe decision of the convention. Hut for all this, Mr Benton will submit to no tampering with, or ruling off, of the claims of Hllas Wright, m tbe rightful suocessor of Mr. Van Uuren. in caae the saga of Kiuderhook should be deemed again unavailable, a* he must be. The grvat Mirsourian Is a Bourbon of the Bourbons, and no three dajs' revolution is Bufiloient to deter him from pressing their legitimate claims in opposition to the revolutionists of the party. He hat not yet given up the fight, and he Is not the man to give It np while there Is a second to stand by him. But we are running ahead of our catalogue. The war question in the House will depend upon tbe state of thn war. We may yet have peace before the meeting of Congress.. Wa may be plunged still deeper into tbe war In the latter case, we anticipate, whatever may ha said to the contrary. tbat the U. Mates armies will be withdrawn to specified boundary, and tbat they will occupy it, wbUa ! lie navy shall hold the ports of Mexico In occupation, and ;ol|ect their revenues lor the l/nit<Kl Mates until tha boundary shall be acknowledged by Mexico. la iase of a treaty of peace In tbe interim, then the ex ^eim? s.tbe ptrn or *?nta Anna.toe mri f muuone.ana ID* IVilinot proviso will be the theme Tbe administration )m discovered (bat, saving a niisll tract on tbe Ianflo toast. the nut territories of l/pper California, are a poalire, irrroUimable. hopeless. treeless. houseless, unlnlabltable, howling wlldernees, a was'.e of three or four lundred thousand square mllet, of volcanic mountains (Itbout timber, and sands without water, or soil rrqolilte to human subsistence It will b? no great aaertOM, therefore, to sail back from 40 degrees to SO, ar even to iti 30, so aa to embrace the harbor of Han Krancisoo. I'his latter Una will cut off the quarrel on tha Wilmot proviso, being the line of the federal ordinance of 1787; tnd we venture to say to yon that If a peace oan now b? tiad upon that line, a treaty will be concluded befora tha meeting of Congress If both bouses were known to b? largely or decidedly in the majority for the administration, thin would not probably be tbe case But circumstances alter rases, an I the original Idea of a Urge acquisition of Mexican territory, is now secondary. and insignificant to the policy of securing peace right speedily, la order to prevent the war, and the results of tha war, the issues of th? war, the achievements of tha war, and tbe acquisition of peace, from tailing Into the hands of tbe whigs. and out of the hands of tbe administration The whole gams is hatardad and ? ill -?l... In IK. Jminlitrfttlnn if tha rnlln v ?... ^ ~ card or dictating. directing, or pushing a pram shall fall Into the bands or th? whig*. It will be worth the tariff or '40, the sub-treasury. and every other measure of the administration, to secure peace Wore the meeting or Congress. The crisis in a crisis euro enough With a treaty the President may still preferI be to Congress ; failing of a treating he must subscribe to tbelr dictation, and ?tand promoted by the whigs to tbn country in (he attitude of having been arretted In one war by the Senate. and of baring been extricated from another by the House ?the flnt a war proposed without sufficient cause, the second. a war entered into without sufficient authority?eitbei or tbtm inconvenient. b?th together |M>ftitiv?Iy troublesome, tuid neither or them promising the prime coat of the undertaking Our own view of this Mexican war is, that sooner or later it was unavoidable?not to be escaped, and cut*red into, not to be relinquished until the enemy is vanquished, silenced, submissive and reduced to g?o4 behavior And a peace with their own recognised government I* the only peace Follow them up?drive them to the wall, and pin tbtm to your term* No government patched up by Olen Knott, will hold good. Foreign nations will recognize no treaty with inch a government, nor will tbn Maxicaii people themselves And a peace, state by State, with tha .Mexican State*, is perleclly absurd without the assent ol the Mate* In their uuited representation But, with a treaty, the administration will hav* at least the credit of closing the war which It begun?of extricating Itself, and establishing a bono Jar" with Mexico, and a peace, without the Intervention of < onK-ress; and if the administration submitted to the HenaU on the Or*goo <juastlon, there will be the gratification of baring had the Senate accede to the administration on - ' * faiUH nf i(j hntiA the Met loan i|Ue*tlon. an" - -- d#ry on the north, It will bare tha ?f defining and erecting * boundary on the ?euth The next cjueatinn before 1 ongrea* will he .1 The next Treeldenoy Thl* '|iie?tion will be inexplicably mixed up with the Mexican war. and ?? ry other general (Ueitton of leglrlatlon, and before the cloaa ol the approaching aaaaion we Khali know ?aetljr more than we do now, ra*pecttng the probable candidate* of either party, and their chance* Mr. Calhoun will *tand up for <?en Taylor, we guppoae. a* being a inldway poaltion between tha two purtlr* roramanulng the action of both, and *ubject to the caucuoea of neither. Kltfbtly managed. tha whole power of the next Congreaa will be thrown Into hi* hand*. excepting Ith The lUrer and Harbor bill, which, wa think will Si- paa*ad with a hop, ?klp and *jump, over thn moat for midahla ?at? m>waKi that oan be written I'pon tbl* bill Oeneral < ae* ocouple* a eingular attitude 11a held iwek at the lata < blca^o Convention Very wall What for' Why, to a* to avoid committing hiniaell agaiuat tha Houth Ha may ha thn Uaitlm re nominee V> til he not thou ha raqulred to glv? hta " Ida. *" on Itlver* and Harbors' To lie ?ura And If he gore for theui will not the Mouth daeort htai - and If ha goe* agalnet tn.iu what *ra hi* ah*nc*?f<>r the Nortli and Waetf 111* be*t pl?n l? to itaud up to hi* principle*-*how bi? bend, twUI It la clean, why, In Ood'? name, ba afraid' Why attempt to carry water on both ahouldart Stb Tha Wayi ud Mean*, tha orarhauUag of Ik*

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