Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 28, 1847 Page 1
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r TH \ ol. XUL No. ?.'IS_W1U>^ No. 4833. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Rvrtbnrwt comir of Pulton and Nuna dl. JAMES CORDON BENNEn, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOCSAJTD. DAILY HERAA.D?Every day. Price Scantaper eopy?*7 f JBL!WP?t~J*y?l>l* >o adrnnce. WEEKLY HERALD?Every 8atnrday-Priee * c?ata I eoPV?$S UK cant* per annual?payable is advance. HERALD FDR EUROFE-Erery Steam Packet day- : Price ceitta ;.ev copy?$5 per annum, including poetage, payable in advance. SuWriutioua and advertiaementa will be reoeived by Meaara Galipnam, II rue Vivieune, Pari) ; P. L. ; SimnmU II Cornlull, and John Millar, the boolueller. London ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the lat of January of each year?angle eopiea aiipence each. ADV KflflSEMKNTS, at the nana! lu-icea?alwayi eaah in advance. Advortuemeuta aiioold be written in aplain, legible manner. The Proprietor will aot be reaponaibla for error* that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinda executed beautifully aad with aroaMn. All lattera or coomnnieatioaa by mail, addreaMd to the eatahliahmeut, mnat be poet paid, or the poatage will be de eiMedfrnm the anhacrintina mnaer remitted * NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY BUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ()N the V/ Can will ran aa followi, an til farther noaee. Up traiaj Will leave the City Hall for Harlem It Morruiana. Forham It Tnckahoe PlaeaaatviUe, ; 4 J# A. M. WilI'miBr'ge. Hart'a and Newcaetl* 1 7 5 JO A.M. Wbite Pl*na. Bedford, 7 7 AM. Whitlickrilla " 1# " 10 " Croton Kail*. 1? " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 S P. M. i at " 4 P. M. a p. M. 4 s s n f 4 ? " J SO " (30 " Returning to New Yora will leave? Moniaiana It Harlem. Fnrdham. Will'ina Br'ge. Tackahoe. 7 05 A. M. IUAM. 6 15 A.M. 7 30 A. M. I 1? " 75} " 7 50 " ( 41 " * " 9 00 " 9 OP " 1 30 P. M. 10 " 11 23 P. M. IS i3 P.M. 5 52 ' 1] li P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'na. * ?' HI " 6 M 7 10 A M. 1 " 15 " 01 " I IS " 5 SO " SI " 7 44 1 P. M. t ? SS " ? 21 " S OA " Pleaaaatville. New Caatle. Bedford. WhitlickTille. 11 13 A \1. am. / ai j\ w. i *j jx m 5 II P M. P M. 4 51 PM. 4 44 P M Croton Rail*. 7 JO A M. 4 SO P M. The train* to tad from Croton Ralls will not atop on New Turk laland, except at Broome atreet, and 32d afreet. A car will precede each train leu minutes, to take np passengers in the city. The momiif train, of can from Croton Kalb will not atop between White Plainaand New York, except at Tnckahoe William'a Bridge, and For dhain. Kxtra tr&iui on Sandayi to Harlem and Marriai&na, if fine weather. Stages for Lake Mahopack and Danbnrv leave Croton RaUa on arnval of the 7 o'eiock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and Car Pawling* on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. * ITARE FROM NEW YORK : ?o Croton Falla $1 00 o WhitlickviU# ?7? To Newcastle 75 To Pleasiuicvilie S8X To White Plains.. M Freight trams leave City HaD at It M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton pals at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. OAV * CO.'S BOSTON AND EASTERN EX. TRESS, via Newport and Fall River.?This Espress leaves the office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, d lily, at quarter before 6 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to merchants aud others the advantage of a lata hoar for forwarding esses, packages, lie. Bauk notes, specie, drafts, and valuable parcels are seenred In iron safes anu placed in the charge of faithful conductors. GAY It CO. Merchandise, packages, he. forwarded in our own cars, and by leaving order* at our office. No. 1 Wall street, comer of Broadway, package* will be called for in any part of the city. nm... t No. 1 Wall street, corner Broadway. ( No. 7 8t?t* itreet, Boston. au5 30trc .. m OPPOSITION PASSAOE OFFICE?To C-irfl(Le?^ Albany. Utica ?' 50; Syracuse, S3: Oswego: aBHHHbt3: Rochester. $3; Buffalo, >2; Cleveland, $4; Detroit, $1; Milwaukie.tO 75: Chicago, fS 75; Cincinnati, 16 75; Toronto Mid Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, S3; Montreal, 4: Pittsburg, tt. Office, ISO Barelay street. *ny enritv required will be given for the fulfilment of all controls made wi.h thia company. au 35 30t*rc M. L KAY. Agent | New York, HI7. n m KEurLa.??i e.amuux/ ? ton ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Excepted? MUflMTriroieh Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Coartlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will leave ua Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 'cloak. Steamboat HKNDH1K HUDSON, Cape. R. O. Crntteadeu. will lee ire on Tuesday, Thursday mud Saturday iteaingt at 7 o'clock Special Trains for 8chenectady, Ballston, and Saratoga Springs, will ran as follows:? Leave Albany at IK A.M., 3 P.M.V except Sundays. Passenger* wiU find this the most expedition and convenient ronte. At Kir* O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? from the loot o I Barclay street. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ?,'ai>tam R. H. Furry, will leave on Monday, Wednesday,Kriday,and Suday afternoons, at 5 o'clockSteamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain Traesdell, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday^asd Saturday aftersoons, at 3 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 5X O'clock, P. M. 1t7~ All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order Irom the captains or agenta. For pasture or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ. at the office on the wharf. au23 fitrh KOK BRIDOEI'ORT.?Steamboat MMf^flb^AROl) will leave foot Market street, on Satu niHkilay, August 28th, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Klages 'eave Bridgeport, on arrival of boat, as usual. ' *2' 2-"rc CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?Tne steamhoat ATLAS. Capt. P. H Smith, will run on fmrrv until further notice. Lea v. ing Hammond street at 10 and 1, Canal street lO1* and 1 >4, luid pier No 1 it 10,^ and l)f. Fare 12X ceuu. (ioud cotillon mnsic will accompany the boat. ?au26 3t*m *tA CONEY ISLAND JERRY?The well fc^,M^jHnown ateamer A.MKRCAM EAGLE, Cap2BMaM3E>taiu Oeo. H. Power, will run regularly during the season t.i Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, aa follows:?Leaving Pier No. l,at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Island at *- In addition to the above trips, will make a morning triu to Fort Hamilton, leaving the eity at 7, Fort Hamilton t I o'clock. au4 45t?xc 1 FOR KEY PORT.?The ..earner JOSEPH COFFEE, will leave the pier, foot of mWMmChambers street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 'clock, P.M. N. B.?On Sunday'a, the boat will leave the fix* of Hammond street at I: Canal street. 8'f; Chambers street, IK; Pike atreet, Eaat River, 9 and Pier No. I, North River, at 9,^ o'clock an 3 3Dt*m NOTICE. 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?Oa and I' after SUNDAY, April 18th, the ateamboata iCiOBflK SYLPH and S+ATEN INLANDER will run as follows, until further notice s? LEAVE STATE!* HI.AND At I, I, ?, 10,11, A. M., and 1, 3. I, 4, J, , 7, P. M. LEAVE NEW YORE At T, ?. 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past t, tad at 4,5, 4.7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 11th. all r ~FOH HHRK WSBU R.V, OCEAN HOUSE, ' ?if Branch. Ransom Dock, Brown's Doek, Middletowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS. C. Price, Master, will run aa follows, from Fulton Market Slip, East River :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Saturday, 28. 9* A. M. Saturday, 28, 5 P. M. Sunday, ! , 8 A.M. Sunday, 211, P.M. Monday, 30, 7 A. M. Monday. 30, 11 A. M. Tuesday, 31, 7 A. M. Tuesday- 31, 12 M. J lie Line Stages will ran to Howell Vvorka, Squan Village Freehold. Stagee to eonvey passengers to all parta of the country. . N. B All peraoua arc forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE. an4 3flf re FOR SHREWSBURY.LONG BRANCH. r_dESNP W. SCHKNCK'S. HIGHLANDS, Ocean MEBHkH'iuk. uiil Eatontown Landing. The Steamboat EDWIN LEWIS, Capt. llayuea, will rou aa follow? from Toot of Veeey ?treet, North River: Leave N*v Fork. Ltav Shrtwfbur*. Ana o'clock. Aug. o'rlock. Saturday.21. at 4* P. M. Sunday, 79, at 10>?A M. Mouday, 30. at 6 A.M. Monday, *). at 10 A M. Tve>day, 11, ?t eXA.M. Tueaday, SI, at 11 A.M. tkatiea will he in readineaa on the aravdl of the boat to eon vey irawngun to all |>art? of the country. Jy3l 30t fC mm Th> inferior itMnwr M&W KAVk*N? rwdL Mf'aptMin Vau Pelt, can be chartered Tot * *carjMHOMkaiona to any place, by application at No. I Hanerv PNre, North river. jygt TOtrf Tm /EN'S NEW UAV LINK. OK rwdCUMiOPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY, .MNMMMHib I.,iudin? at Van Conrtlandt'e Newborgh, PongliWerpaie,Kingeton,Catekill and Hudaon.?tare JO cenU? Bieakfoatand Dinner on Board. _ . The new and elegant Steaaner ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tneedaya, Thundara, and Satnrdnya, at half-pait mi, A. M.. from the pier foot of Rohinaon afreet, touching at , Hammond itreetDaer.irom New York, For I'axuue or irieght, apply an hoard the Boata, or to G?o. I T- Stan lev,at the office, foot of Robinaon atreet. rr \fl penoni are forbid meting tlie above boata on a a- j oiiat of th? "wnera mvl* rh line KOR ALBAN Y anb f TROY and Intermediate Landing!. <JSmHMHHm Breakfaat and Dinner oa board the Boat. The low preaaure ateamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorhim, will lea re the atramboM pier foot of Barclay atreet. Mondaya, ! Wedneadaye, and fcridaya, at aeven o'clock A. M Return- i ins on 'he oppoait* dayi. The Steamer N1 A'iARA, Capt. H L. Kellogg, vnll lean the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay atreet. Tueaday, Tnuraday 1 and Ha'nrday, at half peat aix o'clock, A. M., returning on the oppoiite dare. O" Fare H Cent*. For peaaere or freight, apply on board, or to K B.Hall,at nffryow ' * wharl mfj?~ KOK LIVERPOOL.-TheTTeVLi^e-iT-gTur nffjfw pucker of 2le'S? pfrmber.?The euperior faat tailing i J3UCI4 packet ,hin QUe.EN OF THE WEST, Captain rhii.i VVo.Mlhouie, !?i0 tone hnrthen, will aail aa above, her reau ar day. . F ,r freight ?t paaeage, having aplendid large and eomfortnatate room? and cabin, apply to the captaiu on board, pier No. 21, neat aide of Burling alip, or to WOOLhOLL It MiNTURN, V at. Price of paaaage $IM The new M< ket ehipCONSTI HTTION, IBM) tona hnrthen. Capt John Britton. will euceeed the Queen of the Weal, and ifoa her regular day, Hat of Octobor aX re E NE NE^ m, m ^AnUSLE IiTUFPARD'S EMIGRATION OFFTIT L- ineonuectioa with GEO. R1PPAKD fc SON. 1S4 Wv terloo Hoad, Liverpool. Penoni wiahing to lend Tor their (ri?ndi in the old country, can iccure pas*age in any of ths following new line of packets, tailing from Liverpool on the <ih '^''oRgTmjTI^N, 1,400 tone, Capt, John Brinon. QUEEN OF THE WEST. 1.JO0 tone, Capt- P. Wood&h0"lVERPOOL. 1,140 ton*, Capt John Hdridge. OTTINOUEK, 1,000 tone, '"apt IraBunley. Geo. Rippard & Son are the only agent* in Liverpool for the above line of packet*, in addition to which they deipatch a firttclau ihip every week. Penoni lending money to their friend* in large and imall amounts, can be accommodated with draft* ou ilie Belfast DUIK1UK uompuy, tuu nivir nuuiprtjui unuvnu m irrianu; also oil the principal bauki iu England. Scotland, and Wales. Appivto Carlisle: & kippakiJ, a?tl yofm it South street, err of Wall. ^^LOUIBIA^r^AND^ UNI^^ TO^^^^VERT *^^PrY8. Ship OSWKOO, Captain Johnson. Slitp HUDSON, Captain race. Ship CLJSxQN, Captain Ingerioll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Rant. Ship SARTELLE. Captain Taylof. Bark tfENESEE, Captain Miuot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Orei*. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the osnst experienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely tarnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ahipe will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, (silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, orjwckages sent by, or rat on board of them, nnleas regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Or Leaner wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, M Sooth street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Aott ml JIL 86 m us wisaing to send for their friends in the old owntry, can secure paasage on reasonable terms, by any of the maguificeat ships comprising the new Line ofLiverpool packets. vii:? CONSTITUTION, 1740 tons, Captain John BrittonQUEEN OF THE tVEST, 1400 tons. Capt. P. WoodhouM. LIVERPOOL, 1260 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HO rriNOUER, 11J0 tons. Cant. Ira Bursley, sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month. Paasage can also be secured by the St. Oeorge's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making qp all a stiap every five days from that port. For rorther^arnculars a^ily to jyW 86 Bonth street, New York. - FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The .hip.of tlii. comptuiy are appointed to aait ai fol ? L.lUKKC>Nl NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15ih August The M18SOURI " " 3I.t T* The NEW YORK " " idth Sept The UNION " " JOth ,f hROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th August The UNION " " JIat ^ The.e Steamers are equal to auy afloat, with commanders of tried skill and known conrteay. Their atate room, and cabin, are nouaually commodiou., and they are provided with every thiug requisite for the comfort of |?ssrugrrs. The price of ruMAge in the first cabin from New York ta (120. From Havre 1,000 franca. Wine, are not included, but will be farni.hed at moderate rates. All letters must pas. through the post offlcoFor freight 6r passage, apply to an4 rc AYMAR fc CO.. 34jJouth sjreet. S&OM0* BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM 8HIP, 1200 tons and 430 horse power each, under contract " with thejLoras of the Admirality. HIBERNIA. Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. BRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA. Captain Ch<trle? H. E. JuUkias. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA THE EUROPA The tcskIs appointed to tail from Boston are the Hibernia, August 16, 1847 Cambria September 1, 1847 Caledonia September 16, 1847 Britannia October 1, 1847 The rrssels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1847 Caledonia August 19, 1847 Britannia September 4,1847 Passengers' luggage man bo on board the day previous to sailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, 120. , , No berths secured until pud Tor. nhipi carry experienced inrgeoni. No freight, except ipecie, received on day* of tailing. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM, )r? Agent AtHARNDEN U C0.'S,6 A ill i(T^In addition to the above line between Liverpool in Halifax, and Boaton, a contract hu been entered into with Her Majaaty'i government, to entabliah a line between Liverpool ana New York direct. Tlie tearnahipe for thia aervice are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will itart. Uuder the new contract the iteamen will tail every Saturday during eight montha, aud every fortnight during the other montha in the year. Going aj ternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boaton, and be tween Liverpool and New York. _ __ nM r KOK NEW ORLEANS.?Louiaiaua and New MSVWYork Line of Packets?The aplendid faat tailing JHHKal'acket >hip HUDSON, I'. Page matter, ia now loading. anil will poaitively aail September 13, her regulai day. For freight or paatage, having haudsome fu rail lied accommodation!, apply on board at Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, it South it. Agent* in New Orleans J. O. Woodruff It Co., who will prommly forward all good* to their addreaa. Th^icket ship Otwego, Cape Ingertoll, will inceeed the Hurtaon. nil aail har rcnlar il?v ault n FOR HAVKE (via Cherbourg).?The y^MKlileteamtr MISSOURI, Captain Morin.will leave on her regular day, Tueaday, the 31>t inatant. Price of paaaage, f 120 The ahip haa an experienced lurgeon. Letters must pan through the Poit-office. For paaaage or freight, apply to au24to3l rc AYMAR fc'Co., 34 Ronth'it STEAMSHIP SOUTHERNER?Thia all11* will retnme her regular tripa to Charleaton, on Saturday, the 28th inat., and will he ready to receive freight on Monday For freight or paisave apply on board, at Peck slip, or to 8POFFORL), TILESTON ?t CO., an 13 2weod 41 Month itreet. . CON8IONEE8 PER"SHIP ST. NICHOLAS, fgjgyironi Havre, will please senu meir permits on Doaru, JmmmmvitT a n.k , or to the office of aufl, :ttrc BOYD it HINCKEN, 88 Wall .t. ^ NOTICE.?Packet ship SHERIDAN, from LiwHMrWverpool, is discharging under general order. ConjMpiifaisiKnees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. All goods not permitted, will positively be sent to the public store. aii26re^ FOR LI VERPOOL?New Line?Regular peck H^et of 36th of Hfiitemher.?The splendid, last sailing Bbpnckd ship SHERIDAN. Captain G. B. Cornish, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having haudsom# furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, orto K K. COLLINS. S? Hcuth st. The packet shin OARR1CK, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, will snecMditb* Sheridan, and sail on the ttth ol Oct, h?r regular dsv an 27 ONLY REGULAR LINE OK PACKETS FOR {flSfWNEW ORLEANS.?The following well known, JBBBfafaat sailing and favorite packet ship* have accommolUtious unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, and will j oaitively sail as advertised, or passage Tree, vix :? The SILAS HOLMES, Capt. Berry, Monday, Aug. 30th. The SOUTHERNER, Capt. Palmer, Sep emjerGUi. The HUDSON, Capt. Page, September 13th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well lo secure passageoy either the above packets, as they are all first class ships, commanded by men eii>erienced in the trade, aud will sail punctually on their appointed days. To secure berths, apply on board, or to aii26 W. It J. T. TA PSCOTT. M Sonth at. ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO.?PASSAGE TO (flS^^and from Liver|>ool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, aHMhatid Remittances to Ireland he. The well known favorite packet ship COLUMBIA, will sail for Liverpool, on Wednesday, the first of September, her regular Jay For terms of cabin, seroud cabin, and steerage passage, apply to Captain Furber, on board at the foot of Beekinan street, nr to the subscribers The YORKSHIRE will sail from Liverpool, on first of October; passage can be engaged to come from the old country by this splendid ship, orby any of the packets of the Old Black Ball Line, to sail from it on the 1st and IMi of every month, by applying to us. Tl>uac remitting money to Ireland, can have drafts on THE ROYAL BANK OF IRELAND, and on PRESCOTT, OROTE k CO, Bankers, London, which will be paid at the various brauches throughout Great Britain aud Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS & CO , iio. 9j p uiioh iirrri, iirw i or*. next door to the kultun Buik, Only authorued paiaengerageut* (or the Old or Black B ill Line of Liverpool packet*. autt m INFANTS' AND CHILDREN'S MAMAaIN DES 1 MODES, eatabliihed in l?S5.?Mi.i JACOBS (late of 417 Broadway), beg* leave to return her tiucere thankt far the liberal patronage n>e hat received tince opening at 619 Broadway, one door from Houitou atreet, and take* tnia inr tbod of informing (tranger* and the ladiet of thin city anil viciuity. that ?lie ia now open in* her fall lumortmeut of Infanu' and Lhiltlren'a clothing, comprising rich ailk velvet anil merino Mark*. Coat* and <<loak*, braided and plain, and every article in the Children'! detriment. Ladie*' ailk Opera Dree*, Hood*, Hnn Hat* of all description!. Hair Grata Cloth, Moreen, and Hough'a Patent Skirta. Ladiet' ana Children'* Dri-iiei, and Uentlemen't Veata, braided to order. N.B. Ladiet own material! made np. nul&Mt'm 'pHK CHEAPEST STORK IN THE CITY, l#4X F^TJL ton itrcet, for ? ranch and American P?er Hanging*. Window Shade*, Curtain Material!, Ornament!, kc.?The subscriber bat constantly on hiuid a large aiaortment of the above article*i alto, mao'ifaclnrer of the galvanised Spring Mattress, which, for comfort and durability cannot be eacelled. Tare hair and other Matt re lies: Feather Bedt, fcc , with evary article m tlie Upholrterv line, at the lewatt possible price*. N, B?Steam boat and ship cabin* and hotel* fitted up and farnUed. ? - K. DAVIE A, *n6 Vlt re upholeterer. IMK Fnlion at. TkTEW BTTLIC 6* MUSICAL, INa 1'KUMEN T8.? H Jutt received from th* firtt manufactorie* in Vienna nnd Pari*, an aiaortment of the latait and mo*t approved momeal instruments, cinditing of ba*a inatrumeuta railed Ban* Tuba*, in F, C and F, flat, with from 1 to ? cylinder and (a new ityleof valve called) drum, which the perlortner ran re gnlate by the ipringt of the valve*, to move according to hi* fancy in one moment; alao 1 Euphooeum with 4 cylinder valvaa, the mo?t complete baa* nolo mttrumeiit in u*e, for orcheitra or military banda, together with a gene raj as.oitment of muiical nstrnments, *uch aa Hai Horn*, tbo t ornas, ?-oruetta. Pott Horn!, Cornope*u?, Flute*^ Clanonett* fcc., may be had wholeeale and retail, ttC. O. Christman'i muiic and mn*ical hiftjrnmeat manufactory and wnrehonta, (M Pearl it. aa l?*t*m H KOELER. M.d", Surgeon * ? Oculitt,haapraeuaad A. for more than ten year* in different. paitnol Earopfc in Minor. Laiiataa. Armenia, South Africa. Bra ail aM aw Holland. ,, Jyr Mt*re Oraeawiak Kraal,? cor. Morns. V YORK, SATURDAY M THE UKAND FASCY DSESS BALL AT THE OCEAN HOUSE, NEWPORT. TBS FEATURE OP THE FASHIONABLE SEASON. The Philosophy of the Watering Place. OUR DAGUERREOTYPE SKETCH. The point toward* which the fashionable world at the North h?T? been looking forward for leveral week*, la at length paat; the fanoy ball U over. The king* and nook*, knlghta and nuni, dame* and dandlei, falrle* and flundi, have again oaat their sheila, and the lnae?ta of faithion are flitting about In all their variety of butterfly pUminge. tlT?ry thing ?u propitious while the arrangement* for the ball were In progress. Nature seewv<l to aid the projeot of pleaaura, the weather was all that could possibly be desired; none of the little vex.atiou* disappointment* which are so apt to occur to mar, in some degree, the pleasure of the scene, happened on this oocaf ion, but all seemed to oombine te give iclat and add pleasure to gaiety. The weather for several days previous to the ball was charmingj the evenings delightful?a bright moon and a oomfortable atmosphere; so that all who arrived at Newport were in good temper* and entered at once upon the work of preparation with a cheerful zest. The town beoame full, and the publlo houses more than full, several days before the 38th. All the cottages in the violnlty of the hotels were engaged by the landlords, who were obliged to ootouize lodgers in them until, at length, they were all full, and the publicans were under the necessity of turning from their doors loads and loads of fashionables who were, after each arrival, to be seen driving around town, eagerly enquiring for some plaoe to lodge, , Some Of the knowing ones had written on in advance, and secured rooms. But the number of these was few, oompared with those who wandered about seeking some plaoe to rest themselves, and enjoy the oomforts (!) and delights of the for the present, centre of fashion. Some of the pleasure seekers had brought fanoy dresses for the occasion, but by far the greater number had to depend upon the coetumers, and in due time Messrs. Taylor and Uould opened their wardrobes, and exposed their brilliant dresses for the inspection of the publio. Mr. Taylor being a professional costumer, (at S3 Trine street) of course knew what dresses to provide fur the occMion. Wednesday evening and the ball room told the best story for his taste. We were prepared to discover In the pleture which the costumed assemblage would present, that kind of shabby finery which the worn tinsel and faded colors of theatrloal wardrobes frequently, Indeed almost always, present. But nothing of the kind appeared. The dresses were many of them nojr, and made of rich material; the ornament*on all were bright; and where brilliancy ww desired for effect, it was sure to be brought out. To those who enjoy ludicrous scenes,nothing conld be moro amusing in the whole affair than the scene at the ooatu. liter's rooms. There was a perleot medley of humanity The nations of almost all Europe and America were represented by the applicants for fancy dresses. In one uorner of the room might bo seon a French gentleman costumed as 8am Sllok, and wearing a magnificent pair of moustaches, while opposite him waa a Grand Turk in a quandary, I. e., a gentleman half dressed in the garb of the Turk, consulting a friar as to whether he bad not better appear as a monk. In another n?rt of ttiM ronm ?u tr> h? RuAn n. hriffumi l<v?liln<? Ha?_ tfi-rs at himself in a glass. A stalwart knight jostled against a Frenoh boatman,and a hump backed monarch sought the btir dressers' ?orner to give Mr. Dibblee directions about his ringlets ; but his story is cut short by a Chinese gentleman who wants a flesh colored head with a long tali. A smooth faced youngster seeks a huge beard and heavy moustaches? directions are given how to make white faces black, and black faces white; and red faces, rodder still. Shy lock brandishes nis knife, a hermit wraps himself ill bis gown, while Hamlet makes ills toilet standing on a trunk. Don Cesar overhauls a pile of clothes for a remnant of his costume, and jostles against an astrologer in a myxtioal robe, (iroups of friends occupy different parts of the room, and all converse in loud tones aboat their dresses. Some speak Eng.Uh, some French, some Italian, and Germany U net silent, wulie, every few moments, ladies pass the door to the rooms whore they are to be furnished with their fancy suits. All is confusion and noise The only composed man In the room is the oosiumcr himself, who, perfectly used to such scenes, moves about as quietly as \l there were no noise, no uproar, no confusion. By the way, speaking of selecting costumes, reminds uk of one little incideut connected vrith the ball, whioh may as well be given here. A young gentleman who had Intended to appear at the ball, procured his oostume, and, just for a lark, put it on in the afternoon, before tea; and now he had got it on, it ocournd to him that V... .. ?>11 kit ?/1<? i 1 no Uii?u? no WVII ?/ ? uu iu auiauuc, BU ting some choino frlenda to accompany him, they all proceeded to a favorite resort, known an the " Tea Gardens,-' and the end of the matter waa, that our friend got merry, and then convivial, and then?forgetful. He went to rleep, and did not awake till about the aame time the next day, when he aroused himself, and proceeded to the hotel to attend the ball. When told that the dance was over, the supper eaten, and the affair past some hour* since, he was incredulous; and we left him in the enjoyment of a firm belief lhat his lriends were trying to dupe him into a belief that the ball was over. Kip Van Winkle did not take his long nap so much to heart us did our hero of the Tea gardens, but all this is out of the way. On Wednesday dinner waa served at the Ocean House earlier than usual, In order that the large dining hall might be given up to the decorators, wuo aoon hung it with evergreens and beautiful tlowrra. The orchestra waa raised about four feet trout the floor, and a magnificent arbor thrown over it. Fifteen chandeliera were suspended from the celling, and a complete belt of light waa radiated from hunjreda, if not thouaanda of wax candlea, which were placed at short intervals entirely around the room, at a right height to ahine to the beat poaaible advantage. The effect ot thia arrangement needa to be seen to be appreciated. The light from the chandeliera waa, of courae, very gTeat, but being softened by ahadea, it needed the beautitul little sparkling gems which surronndeii the roem to add life to the scene. As the bright ornamenta of the dancers flitted about the room, they sparkled back the light whion they reoelved, and the reflection waa ouught up, and intercepted a hundred tlmea before it reached ita aouree. There waa a (lerieoi, lyinwaucn u? ryicuuur iu eTcrytuiug ; lb wm really difficult to conceive that all this <u but uiock grandeur; and, Indeed, it was not. Fortunes were worn upon form* of beMity, and many a man would might hi* day* In comfort and contentment upou the Income whioh woald oe afforded by the intercut upon the value of the ornaments which were there displayed. AU were gay?happy?what oould real lords, oourt ladle*, or sages ao more Well, all wm at length prepared, and the musician*, < ameron's band, being In their place*, the ball commenced. First came a quadrille, then a waits, and then the polka. And these dances alternating, made up the order of the Boor for Hie evening. It was near midnight before the magnificent ncene was at Its height or beauty. We regretted, that we could not attain a position overlooking the whole scene; aa it was wo made shift of th.t elevation which a ohalr afforded ii*; and as we feasted our eyes, thought or the kind consideration which we by accident heard expressed for the press by Miss Aid?ge,the belle of Baltimore,who,whlls at lea, and never dreaming that one of the "prentin ehiuls" wad within ear shot remarked to a friend that she hoped the press were well provided for, and added that there should be some plaoe prepared from wtilen they oould look down upon the whole beauty of the scene; (would that all with whom we have to deal were so oonslderato, thought we.) because, added the belle, we ought to havu a good description of it. Of oourse. her kind wishes had in view the 1 good description;" but no matter, It was well thought s > su so,. na we saw mor* beauty in a certain sultana s face at a subsequent period of tn? evening than we shonld have discovered,if we had not by accident sat nearly opposite to it at the tea table. Well, the chair aforesaid being brought into requisition, we got a view ?f trie whole scene. Nodding plumes, streaming ribands, and all manner of gay head gear, floated In every direction. Polite courtiers, meditative students, profound philosophers, bold robbers, sulky brigands, bloody pirates,crossed the paths of beautiful, stately dame*, gay flower girl*, peasant maidens, and gay youths of botft sexes and of all. characters?there they go. Mingle mlugla In the walk, or thread the uiaiies ol tne dance, in the most agreeable oonfusion possible, while the notes of in ii Mir nil the room, and leave no opportunity for (IuIIdom to enter. No, among all thu character* not on* ?h mo to repreeeut the leailen queen bulioeeii. Mo, the five hundred tptriu which were congregated in that hall, ware all at antlpod?* to dullucM i'emona who war* at tha lata fancy ball at Saratoga aud at the Newport ball, say, that lor numbers an J character, the la?t in deaerving of precedence There wero one or two \<-rj rich coetume* at rtaratoga which worn nut on tha floor at Newport, hut there many at Newpor. that wore not at naratoga. Tha rulee adopted by the committee of management war* nre In number. First. Tha prio* of ticket* for gentlemen In fknoy ooetame waa to tie $ft. Ladle* In lancy ooaiume admitted without charge Hecond. Tta* price of ticket* for gentlemen not iu roeturn* waa flaad at $16; for laute* not in ooatum* >10 Third. iLTery per*on,in order to gain admlMloo to tha

ball room, muat be provided with a ticket. Fourth. The esoeptlona U the aboye rule* were, parent* having adult representative* praeent in coetume) alao, grand-parent*; and aleo, clUiena of the United :ORNING^SH|P^ 1* State* and foreigner*, who bold or have held diMjMuUh d public vtatioiiH. Klfth. 1'ba declilon of the committee of recaption wu to be final with regard to coetume. Namei or Sknioh Manager!. Hon. Mr. Archer, Virginia. T. Uibbe*. Etq., New York. J Le Roy, E*q., New York. C. AUton. Booth Carolina. B. M Uibbei, " ' Hon. R bayard, Delaware. A. Thorodike, E?q., Newport. Mai. Oen Jeiuii, U. 8. A. H. C De Rham, hiq. N Y. G. B?ir lay, Eiq , New York. Darid F?&ri, Eiq , Boitou. Go*. Gibba, Newport. H- Brajroort, En, New York.' 8. NichoWon, K?q, N. Orl?. C. H. Rusael, E?q., " A Jamet, Albany. Junior Manage*!. W. Middleton, R. Carolina. P. Calhoun, U. 8. A. E. P. Deacon, Pottos, O. Calrert, E?q., Baltimore. A 8 Macomb, Wa?hinfton. A. Sumner, Em. W.P.Gnffln.lJ. 8. N. W. B. Clark. Eiq. J. J Pnnil?, hUq., 8. C. R. W. Jim?, E?q? Albany. Ed. King, E?q. A.8 Ixird.Eiq 8 C. T. U Applriun, Uuiun. U. T'tJany, Em., Baltimore. A. L. RoberUon V. C., N. Y. S. Tlioniuike, B' ?tou II. M&son, New York. Georte Join, New York. C.DeBhim, " I. M. Wright, " " L&diki in Coitumi. Mlu Aldrldgo, called the belle of Baltimore, appeared as a Sultana Miss Anderson, of Savannah, aa a Turkish lady. Miss Bay, of Albany, in a Spanish drew?a young lady with remarkably One feature*, and n lovely expression of oouatenanue. Mrs. Barney, of Alabama, aa Zeluka? GTsek dress and bead dress trimmed with ptiarla; boddioe of red satin spangled; akirt white lace spangled; Turklah trowaeraof yellow aatin, with red allppera; hair braided with pearla; necklace of puarla and diamond oroaa. MiM Berault, of New York, as a Spanlah danseuse? yellow silk akirt, with blue lace flouncea; black boddice embroidered in ailver. Mr* Bragg, of Alabama, appeared aa the Dntchesa ot Sutherland?dreaa, blue aatln, trimmed with black lace and (lowers; hair curled; blue oapand plume?a splendid eoatume. Mrs Col. Bohler, of South Carolina, represented a lady of the oourt of Louis XIV. MiM Bayard, daughter of Senator Bayard, of Delaware, u a Normandy peasant?a beautiful character. Miss Cooledge, of Boston, was dressed as a Spanish lady?a beautiful costume. Miss Cotes, of Providence, as a Oreek peasant girl. Mrs. < hiids. of Philadelphia, as a lady of the Court of Louia XV. Miss Crocker, of Boston, as a Greek peasant. Miss Delaplaine. of New York, as Undine?very much admired. Miss Freeman, of New York, appeared as Rebecca, the Jewess, and sustained the character admirably. Mra Fuller was dressed aa a Swias peasant girl. Miss Fowler, of Bleecker street, in tnls city, was attired as a Spanlah lady. Miss Fowler, as a peasant girl of Normandy. Miss Frances Glbbs, of Newport?a splendid figure? dressed as Marchioness of the timeof Louis XIV. White satin skirt, richly trimmed with gold, Teat of same, splendid spencer of soarlet. Miss Glbbs, (No. 3,) of Newport, dressed as a Turkish lady. Miss Gerard, of New York, as a dame of the Court of Louis XIV. Miss Oroeebeck, of Ohio, niece of Judge Burnett, of New York, Spauish costume. Miss Hope, as a Swiss peasant. Miss Harrison, of Virginia, niece of ex-President Harrison, and a member of the Randolph family, appeared us Norma. She was acknowledged one of the belles of the room. Miss Hubbard,of New York, as Elvira, in riiarro. Miss Hoyt, of New York, as Sappho, dress, white cashmere, scarlet embroidery, tunic of the same, diadem of gold. Mrs. Hunt, of New York, as a Polish lady. Miss Hubbard, of this oity, as FUle du Regiment Miss Halsey, of Waahlngton Place, Frenoh Marchioness, court dress, old style, rioh brocade silk. Miss Jaoksou, sa a Greek peasant. Mlas James, of Albany, as Hlnda, white laoe dress, with gold hand crimson velvet cap, beautifully em broldered. Mrs Jaoob Little, an Rebecca, In her court drear K splendid oostumu. Mrs. L did not danoe, bat reoelved, nuvertbeless, a great deal of attention. Mra. Legare. of South Carolina, a Scottish 1 again MIm Murray, of New York, as Bright Thought, In white and silver. Miss Mlddletoo, of South Carolina, as a Krenoh peasant; blue boddlceand arlmson skirt. Miss 8. Mlddleton, of South Carolina, as Maid ef Honor,in the time of Kranoi* the Kirst. Mrs. Ogden. of New York, as a Sultana. The Misses Plersons, of Washington, as Minna and Bronda,white skirts, colored boddioes, blue and crimson caps, and plumes Miss Paul, in a Swiss dress Miss Perry, daughter of Commedore Terry, appeared as a V ucatanese ; as did also her sister. Ml>s Robblns. of Boston, beautiful rloh satin dresstime of Louis XV. Misi Robinson, of New York, as Night, in blaok and silver. Miss F. Robinson, of New York, as a Mexican peasant. Mrs. Sargeant of New York, as a Ureok peasant. Miss M. Savlno, of Prorldenoe, In oharaoter of the Orcek mother. Miss Stone, of Charleston, as Ladjr Gay Spanker. Miss Thorndlke, In a peasant's garb. % Miss Throckmorton, a captive Spanish lady, led by young Unoas, one of Uen. Wayne's group. Miss Vanderhorst, of South Carolina, m Diana?a beautiful representation. Miss Weaver, of Alabama, Cracovlenne, red satin boddlce, with silver trimmings, white skirt spangled, red boots, red eap with feathers. The Misses Winchester, of Boston, one as a Greolan lady the other as a gipsey, with a beautiful group of onuaren. Mlu Wethered, of Baltimore, Tyrolian costume. Ul.tTLLMr.ll IN CotTl'Mr.. He/r Alexander appeared in the early part of the evening as the Wandering Jew. acoompanied by Mi?a Shirley, of , an a JewexM. Afterwards the Herr changed his costume to that of a magician, and enlivened the company by the performance of many amusing feats ?f conjuration. J. K. Adams, grandson of J. Q Adams, appeared In a Mexican costume of the present time. J. P. Alston, of South < arolina. as Sir Walter Raleigh. K de Alviar, of New York, attache of tha Spanish legation, in a costume of the age of Louis XIV., very rich, In powdered wig, lie. Prince Beaulfremont. of the Krench legation, in beautiful ccstume of the olden time, powdered wig anil queue. Mr. Urigham, of New York, as a Debonnalre. Mr. Beck, of Philadelphia, as Klohard III. Mr. Barnwell, of New York, as Ravenswood. Mr. Blair, of Missouri, In Oreek costume. Dr. lieck, of Philadelphia, as Buckingham. Mr. (i. bailey, of Newport, as a Highlander. Mr. I.lark, of Newport, as Shylock, with his knife. Mr. B. D. Clark,of Worcester, an a Highlander. Mr. Cralghton, of Boston, as (Jrand Turk. Mr. ?-reamer, charge d'affaires for Russia, in Russian uniform Mr. Clifton, of Louisiana, Chinese costume, very rich. Mr. < unniuglian, of Boston, a Neapolitan Captain, velvet dreis, black, with blue trimmings. Mr. Colt, of New York, as a Greek boatman. Major Calhoun, United State* Army, appeared In his uniform. Mr. Deacon, of Boston, In a black velvet suit, riohly 111tads* isrwl nrnntitflntixl With it hit wnrm m. mnmt vagantly jewelled chain of gold. l*robably the moat expenalve ruit in the room. Hla (later km alao riohly attired. Mr. Ix,ao, aa I'harlea '2d. C. I>< ltham, of New York, aa a Venetian boatman. Mr. D rr, of N. C., Sicilian noble?rich velvet jacket and patitH trimmed with aoarlet galoon, rich caahmere acarf; jacket, hanging aleevea, alaahed with crimaon; pointed hat with green plume. Lord Durham appeared aa a Patron di Hattrau- full Wrench trowaera of black velvet, red allk ahirt, drab jacket tiiinmed with black, abort aleevea ahowlng ahirt aleevea, drab hat trimmed with blaok. Hon A Kgerton, aon of Lord Klgin, in ooatume of a Oerman student of the middle agea. Black velvet trowaera trimmed with aoarlet; jacket light blue, trimmed up with aalmon colored trlmminga, and baaket button*. Mr. EUey appeared In * Greek coatume of conalderable beauty. Mr. Ford, of Boa ton, was eoatumed aa Sir Roger de Coverly. Mr. Uibbea, of New York, waa dresaed aa Julien Peveril. tieo. W Otbba, of Newport, aon of Kx-liovernor (iibba, waa attired aa a gpanlah grandee. Oliver Olbba, of Newport, appeared aa a French peaaant. K. M. Olbbea, of New York, oourt ault, time of <George IV. K. M. Ilarrla, of Rhode laland, French boatman. Mr. Ueorge Hubbard, of New York, aa Conrad, In the Coraalr. Mr. Haley, painter, of Boaton, aa a brigand. Mr. Hubbard, of Boaton, aa Debardem. J M. Hayden, of New Orleaua, aa Othello. Mr. Honeywell, of Boaton, In an Kngliah court dreaa. R. D. (card, of Mouth Carolina, ae an Italian nobleman A. Jawea, of New York, aa a Neapolitan boatman. R. W Jamea, of Albany, 1'olka noatume, one of the aelect few who made the moat of the Polka, and formed a aplendid group. Major OeneTal Jeaup. of U. A. A., In uniform. Mr. W. H. Jouea, of New York, appeared In a aplendid Auniriaii court urww. mv uusiuma una manner were greatly admired He wan one of the folk* danoers. Mr J?welt,.of New VorK. m a Saracen, in armor, kdward King, of Newport,M a grand mandarin. J. M. Lackey, German studant. J. C. Lyman, of Boston, appeared m a Turkish knight of the days ef the < rusadere. Mr. II Maaon, full dress Polk* ; called the best dancer on the floor. Hi* costume waa exceedingly showy. and very tantefully got up. Mr Mouran, of ProTldence, R. I., a* a courtier of Charles II. Mr Mlddleton, af 3. C , appearad an a French courtier of the timo of Louis XIV. Count Monthelon, of the French legation, Frensb fop, blue and yellow striped coat, fkwn colored tighu, full white wig and heard. O. Manlgalt, Oreek drcM. Llent. Murray, U. H Nary, Don Cesar d? Baaao A. H. Macomb, of Washington, French dreas, high boots, splendid costume. Ll^ut Col. May, U. 8. Army, in undress uniform. L. Matthews, of Nsw Orleans, as flaladln, a very rioh Wlllll H Otis, ot Boston, as a Frenoh fisherman J. F. Otis, of New Vork, as ftwiss peasant, very pretty oostums, black satin, trimmed with blue and sUvsr. Edward Perkins, of Boston, English court dress U7. J. J. Pringle, of South < aroiina, appeared m a ban tllly hla dreaa waa very rich. Mr. P. Parker, a rleh French oourt drew Col. J. Preaton. of Florida, aa an Indian Chief. C. Pell, of New York, French oourt dreaa, rich, orlmeon and ailver. Charles H. Ruaaall, of New York, Turkiah eoatume, ohanged to dnaaa worn by hla at Court of Victoria. Mr. Rioe, of South Carolina, aa Don Juan. Mr. A Kobertaon. aaaiatant Vloe Chancellor, appeared an /ampa. or a Mephlatophllea in the ball acene; whichever the character waa meant for, It was Tory well auatained Mr. St very, of Boston, aa Jaquea Strop, attending upon Robert Macaire; afterward a aa Jack tar Mr. Edward Shippen, of Baltimore, aa a French boat* man of the old achool R M. Staigg, of Newport, Sir Thomaa Clifford, aa Secretary. Mr. Sergeant, of New York, aa a Highlander Mr. E. R. Smith, of New York, appeared aa a French oook, In full ooatume of bia profuaaion, and auatained the character admirably. Thia waa dooiiedly one of the featuree of the evening Wm. I). Sayre, of Miaaiaaippl, aa Sir Walter Raleigh Mr. Sbott, of Philadelphia, an a Krenoh boatmen, very rloh eoatume. Wm. Swinborn, of Newport, aa an old gentleman in a gay auit. OCR1B, KiU^IIBU UUUIi BUlk Major Searl, of U. 8. A., who was wounded in the Florida war waa preseut iu his undress uniform, be appeared to enjoy the scene very much. Baron Stokel, of the Russian legation, Greek ooitume ?a splendid one. Mr. John C. Taylor, of New York, aa Sir I'oter Teaile. Mr. Trapln.of Savannah, l-'renoh Hussar. 8. Thorndike, of Nuwftort, Courtier, George 1st. M.*. K. L. Waddell, of New York, first us lvanhoe, changed his costume to that of Robert Macaire, attended by Mr. Sivery, of Boston, ad Jaques Strop. Mr. Willing, of Boston, Charles Anjou?beautiful. Mr. W. T. Wood, of Virginia, Claud Melnotte, best costume Col. Winthrop. as a pirate?oaptain Mr. Willing, of Philadelphia, rich oourt dress of blue velvet. Baron Wrangell, of Russia, Russian oostumo. H. B. Wilkins, of Kngland, an Hamlet, in full dress. Mr. Winder, as the Black 1'rinoe. J am us Weils, of Boston, appeared as Missaniello -sustained the character well B. 8. Wells, of Boston, Spanish oourt dress, blue silk, handsomely trimmed. Gen. Wayne and his lady, appeared as Powhatan and rooahontas, and accompanying them whs a voung Unoas, leading a Spanish lady cuptive, followed by two nuns and a novice, forming altogether a beautiful group. Besides these, there were iiuite a number uf gentlemen and ladies not in costume. We noticed the Hon Mr. Archer, of Virginia; Mr. Ingersoli, of Boston; Judge Bragg, of Mobile; David Sears, of Boston; ex-Governor (iibbs, Rhode Island; Robert O. Shaw, Esq.; G. Calvert, Dr. Beck, Mr. Calhoun; Mr. Hulseman, of Belgium; Count Olinsky; ex-Alderman Hart, of New York; Mr. Moses. Charleston, S. C.: A. S. Izard, of South Carolina, Oeo. Jones; Mous. De Silva; Hon. Abbott Lawrence and lady, of Boston; Judge Daniels, Virginia; Mr*. Peter Parker, Boston, Mrs. Alston, South Carolina, Mrs. De Rham, New York; Mrs. Hoyt, do.; Madame Calderon de la Barca. The ieadiug costumes, and many of those that serve to make up the whole are thus given. The groups which were formed In the ball rooui were many and beautiful. The Indians, the gipsy find her brood of Utile stragglers. hihI nunv mnrn nuvtir > ?** ?>?iw? -l- ? -?? aided to make up the moat beautiful tableau taut bull room ever witnessed on this nide of the Atlantic At an appropriate hour the ladles were conducted to the supper room, where they were greeted by a si^lit, which it iN pleasant (o hold iu reiuemorunce. The long piazaa iu Kront of the Ooean House had been enclosed, and a supper roundabout two hundred feet. *ai thus formed. This saloon wan decorated with Hags, and lighted up ky lamps aud cundlen; and the table*, which extended through the whole length, were a credit to Mr. Weaver, and hit aide. Messrs. White and Tope. The following la the bill of rare:? Bil.U OK FARE. Houp, (Jreeu Turtle, and Oyalers. 10 Booed Turkeys with truffles. 20 Boned Cliickeus, iu jelly. 12 dishes Note de Zuau a la paristeiuie. 10 diihea Veal Gullets en Bellevue. 12 dishes Chicken in Aspic. 12 dishes Aspic of Oystera. 4 PAtiy of (Jainc. 13 petty de Foie (jras. 10 llimi iu jelly. 24 dishes Beef Tongues ui jelly. 24 Mayouuaise ofChickaus. 21 Msyonuaise of Lobster. 41 (lubes Cold I'igeoua. 24 dishes Cold Chickens. 34 dishes Cold Ducks. 24 dishes Oyateia en (Joquille. 24 dialira t ried Oy tera. 24 dialies fickleU Oyster*. ConricTioNKar. 7 IVramiHd iB 41 Jelliei. 100 dniiet Fancy Cake. Ice C'rram Frail, lie. he, After a full compliment had b'*?n paid to the obecr of tlx supper room, the company returned to the ballroom, aud were soon whirling in the giddy waltz, or performing eccentric revolution* around a given spaoe of the apartment, in the beautiful Polka, and tbui it wan kept up until about four o'clock on Tnursdmy morning, when the company retired, thu ladies to their rooms, the gentlemen, lour to their rooms, some to the bar room, some to the open air. Many of the ladies had been up two nights aud a day. There were so many heads to drees, aud so ftw ladies' hair drawer* In towu to perlovn the work, that Mr Flotcher, one of the artists in that line, wait employed on Tuesday evening to dress the heads of some of tho ladles who were obliged to remain, in all the statel neas of stiff deoorum, for thirty hours before they appeared out of their rooms, but, by some magic, they managed to look as bright as new buttons. In short, all went off well; and, alter the dance was over, the managers had a supper In the ball-room, where wit waited on uiirth, and Champagne on both. Finally, when the gray light of morning began to peep over the ocean, a select party started tor the Tea (Jardens, from whence they returned, some at 8, some at 9, and some at 11 o'clock, a m , on Thursday, a sorry looking set, to be sure. A fancy costume, be it never so fine, does not ahow well by the light of the sun ; and, finally, even these, like butterHies, who ;had oatlived tlielr.companions, disappeared, aud nothing wax left to remind one of the gay scenes of the night previous, except the rattling of thu crockery ware and the jingling of lamp hangings, which the ser tiinu were removing. At a late hour dinner was served, and It was a curiou? fact that the ladie.i looked much brighter than their companions of the steruer sex ? Whether the beverages favorite with the different sexes bad anythlug to do with producing thin state of thing*, we do not pretend to nay -we only note the phenomenon. Uefore dinner, handbills had been distributed through the house, announcing that at four o'clock the Haxor Strop man would"hold forth I u front of the Ocean IIoumi, admittance free, strops In cents." Ho, according to the bill, the m in of strops made bis appearauce, and the ladies and gentlemen assum bled on the plaxza to hear the home-made poetry of this remarkable genius The ladles declared it wan very amusing; the lurn bought the strops; Smith pooketed his warning, and started off like a cunning Yankee, some dollars rtoher for the treat which be had furnished t? the boarders at the Ooeau House. This llttle.lnuldeut served to arouse the spirits of the drowsy ones for the time, but all soon subsided Into the former quiet of the day after the ball. When at length the time arrived for the passengers to prepare for their departure for New York, there was a general oommotion; porters were in great demand; and the heaps of baggage which soon appeared in the porob, told that no small number were about to lake their departure; and sure enough, when the time arrived for leaving, load after load were rolled off towards the boat, and there was promise of breathing room.once more at the Ocean House,where there are still left a full complement. We bade our host of the Ooean farewell, and were soon on the wharf, where we waited some thirty minutes, when the " Massachusetts" came to our relief, and we were soon in the good company of < apt. Brown, to whom we made known our wishes to be accommodated with a room and writing materials As there were several members of the press on board, the Captain gave up to our eioluslve use the small cabin In the stern of the boat, and more than that, Introduced the steward, who soon furnished us with an excellent supper, and made us an comfortable as possible, and all out of compllmcut to the press. May Captain Brown, his geutleinauly clerk, and good natured steward, long live to chaer toe spirits and lighten the labors of the chroniclers of passing events. May their shadows never be leys. After a comfortable breakfast on Friday morning, we found ourselves at the dock, and ouoe more put our foot upon old (iotham with a great deal of satisfaction, for let those go a pleasuring who llk? It, we can find dust ami nonfuslou enough even here Ho to a watt-rlnir place, foraoath, ami fur nnn'i health too; pon honor, it Ik too good a joke to apeak aerloualy of Leave your quiet home, jour own good bad, oomfortahle sitting room, mi J familiar faoea ? llrir itrange faces. noliiy hall* and midnight bao nanalr To ride, to bathe, to dine rxonaaively, and drink generoualy '* thin seeking health wnere ahe la moat likely to b? lound ' The fault la not iu the place . not Id the hotel, not in any of the meana at ooni mand, to aid in enjoying health, and repairing by rent the wnarled mind and body The meana are all at hand; but thoae who reaart to the watering place* will not avail tbem*e|veg of tbein. Aud after inn faahlonnbi< aeaaon Is over, the r.'itt came back to the city and *e elude thetna< Ives to get a little reat, before the wintel aeaaon commences H ? heard * gentleman complaining on Thuraday night that he had hud ao hard a time of il at Saratoga and Newport, that he waa now going to kodii quiet spot up the lludaon river, to roat himself and re. new hi* energies But after all It it but life, We And ourselves in the broad atream an?l steer our course with more or leaa oare, yet, all toward the aame goal. We all aeek the Itlanda ofpleaauru thatllain our oourae, an! all endeavor to pluck the flower* from the green banka aa we glide along We all aeek pleasure, aud whv ahall we dud fault with othera beoauaa thay do not admire the aame port** that we love' There are pendant all along over the sterile walla of life, vine* producing beauteous flowers, nouriahed by tmaglnatlou and fragrant with hop*- but alaa. theaa beauteona flowera, thay too, often cloak tne nu'Meua of bitter frulta, which ate the uiore acrid a* the flower* ware more promlalng For instance, balla. even fancy balla. are verv plaaaant to think of, to enjoy, but a b':ad-acbe ta a headache, aod tha retrombraiice of pleaaure pant never cures pain present. 1 he uest grand fitt la tb? tournamrat at the White Sulphur Springs, Virginia. Lijmuxino in Michigan.?The Detroit Frtt Prrti ratunHtca the amount of lumber to tv* shipped thla aeaaon from Saginaw Bay at I0.OUO 000 feat, During tha aeaaon aeveral st-am and water mills hava bean erectad In Haglnaw county, the moat sstenslva of which are thoea owned bv James Kldred k Co., who are running a ateam mill and water power aapabie of manufacturing 4,000,000 feet a year Nor when the the whoee (hadow* fountain* pour uodylng Krom her bo>om their hymn when daily toflt are ended, And the early loved are near, Then the twilight bring* a healing Balm for wounded spirit* here Tbnn I feel ^glorious preaenee, Gtimmuringi) of another shore, Of an unreineuibered being That wa* mine In day* of yore. Then the *ilmit thought* are tolling Service in the heart* own ahrine; llniiueu yplrita there are thronging Viewlenaty at day'* decline. Mercy oome* with white arm* folded Am a nun'*, whep lo*t in prayer, And with eye* up-rai*ed eternal Blue, as Alpine vloUt* are. Kaitb arrayed In ohangel*** raiment, Such a* cherub* wore of old. And h?r smile In filled with brigbtn***, Angel brightness, #??r told. Memory, with a fad- d chaplet, Anil k(trltudiu her hand, Wandering sadly a* * pilgrim From a aim and distant land. Hop*, with gentle mien, advancing. Boweth humbly ntiar the shrine; On har lip* are Ave'? trembling, In har eye* are tears divine. Peaoe the lengthened aUls it treading, Incense tluaUth from her gas*, Blessings o'er her pathway sending, While her soul eihales in prais*. Truth and Honor, Love and Virtu*, Kneel in lowly reverenoe there, And the quick ear of ambition Listens unto Ulory's prayer. ('harity. with meekneMi bending, Breathes iu seraph accents low, While the Hours are vespers pouring For the weal of earthly wo*. Then atherlal strains re-eoho Songs of joy and hymn* of prals*, Through the spirit'* true cathedral Mpirit volccs worship raise. In that moment are r?-fastened, Chords the passion* tore away, 'ltound the heart by angel linger*. Leading to the better day. And the soul in vigor stronger, Rises with a heavenly seal. Norved to do life's earnest bidding With a puru and saintly swal. Ruch art) consecrated moments That ths world cannot Impart; And I hail their radiant coming As the Habliathof thn 11 Hurt | Citt Hotel, Aug. 'ill, '47. M COUNTRY SKAT KOll WALK.?That rwy ?Uairnble rrnileuce in the beantitul Tillage of Mnderhook Columbia County, (itled up, recently occupied bf | lii* 1'eter J. Hue*, r'.n|., ia now offered tor aale. lliara j are alto ou ihe premitea, carriag*-hou?<-. acabla*,wood-houa?, i barn, and all other couveuient out buildiuga Tli* groano*. | about tour arret, are well alorked with a large rnjitiy of apple, pear. peach, cherry, plum, and ornainaauil imt, inix viuea arul ahrubbery. "II of which have bern MtrcuA tromeelrbrated nuraeriea, both in fc.uro|x> auu New York. Thf who^e property u now in the moat perfect order. In tbe Viliaga ui an Academy, ocoud.tocoue lu thia K^ite in point of cliaraetft and aland ing. Kor terma, lie., apply to DAV1L) VAN WCHAACK, tUq . Ktaderhook, or auSJOt'in I1. H. HOICK, K Wall itrnt miLm KOR8ALK?Wt.Si'CHfc.?TKR LAND?T" g?n Jt^flSiilruieu in wiuit of aitea for couuuv aeati; to market gar ^JLk.>leuera in want ?f Innd for ganlori: and to all peraoot w tailing a location in the neighborhood of New York. i 0 acres of land, in ilia town of Wcstcheater. witlun 8 nulaa of the City Hall, with right of paaaing over Harlem Bnqte liee of toll, are offered at private aale, in lota containing Irotn } to Ml acrea each. The land* are withiu 1} mmutea walk of the rulroad; frout on good toada, are in the neighborhood Ol clioola, and churchen of different denominational j/.a water la good, auu location healthy. Till' uiiliumi .hi# Terma bo derate. Apply to Uouterurur Morria, Morruania, Weatcheeler Co.; or to Walter Kulhaford, Coniiaellor, 79 Naaaan at.. New York. au l? H)'*m KOK flALfc-THt: fKOCKHl'V IN t'NIO> VIL lSSr.Aiik' v i J J-J i Hlil'SK. burn, 3 cow houses. 2 waggon hoasea, aorn rrib, 2 barracks. tie...with UH acres of cicellent Land-la a high Hate of cultivation, well watered and timbered. Tb? crops arc pot aun?.iaed by any in the State?not u the stora to be sorpeased for a country atora. The property will be Mid a bargain, a> the preaetil owner la too old to atteitdto it Till* indisputable At'idv to J AS. B. BAKK, every Wednesday, at the Northern Hotel, loot ol' Courtlandt street, from A.M. to 7 I'. M., and Thundsys until 1 1' M.iothsr da y i to the New York Heal Kstale Company, nroer Broadway and M/ddea laue. J. B. B. "MT *WTK m LOOK Af THIS.?Ladies' Waiters, Slippers, BosI ^ kmi, Tieaa House Slips. White and Black Saba Trunella Buskins and Slippers, and all other kiada ol Boots and Shoea, of the bneat atyle. Also a lar|e naaurtment of iniaaea and children's. Hemic men will find in thii a tor* a treat aaaortmeot of fiaa Doota and Shoes, call' and patent leither; Waiters of all i kinda. Also, Boys' Boots, Gaiters, and Shoes, of all aorta and ilea. All of the above of the beat quality and cheap, at M7 Broadway, one door above Kraiikliu street. | ai Wt*rc M. CA^IL^ J FRENCH BOOTS. ? Pans imperial French Cdf BooU for f4 SO, equal to the beat sold m Broadway for 91 or $7. Fiue l>reuch Call Boots, city made, for $1 usually $J?can be fouud at the corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office. Beat boota made to Older for t4 iO. Alto tlie French Congress boou, ol the beet quality; boots, shoea, gaiters, slippers, fee., eonatai tly oe nana. All foods warranted to give satisfaction. Control KuIum and Nassau streets. jyM fit*re r?THE AKHlCAN PAKKAKEET, OH~L0V? BIRD, Chinese and New Holland Cockatoos.?The public at ft distance wishing information relativeu> these T95Xrare and valuable Birds rail to their recollection one in the Menagerie of Messrs. Raymond and Waring the other of (leorge C. Thoibura, Eaq., 15 John street TneasuW variety of Canary and rare and valuable Cage Birds, fancy Cages, Bird Herds, lie. fee. N B ?King Charles .Spaniels, Eugliah and Scotch Terriet? , all for sale by W 8. JOHNSTON. 280 Broadway, 2d door south of an2i I2t*rc A;''' Stevssri V O.'s Dry Good Store. LACK CAPES.?-PETER ROBERTS, T73 Broadly, respectfully solicits the aiteution of ladies visiting New York to his stock of goods, comprising the following, War? Maleine Lace Capes, from 12 upward, white and blackVi' sites, $6; Mantillas, $7, worth IJ; 1<M Shawl., $10, worth ? embroidered Muslin Capes, $1 JO do do Chum terra, f I; do do C ollars, 21 cents; do cambr-c Hdkfs. $210, Revierre do, 76 cents; tape bordered do, <){ cents; infant's Kobea and Wants , very clienp^ ladtea' needle work and tambour D tease a. do do; I area. Hoaierv and Wlnvea. of every descriptive. je?4 ?t? r LhFTOKK WAMDK6BE ANU FURNITURE WANT ED ? Ladies or gehtlemea having anperflaoae efleeu toI dia|K>ae of, auch as Wearing Apparel, Furniture, kr... can obtain a fair cash puce for the same, by aending for tb? sukacrib er, throngh the roet Office, or oiharwiM, who will attend at their re?ideneea. J. LtVKNHTYN, 4M Broadway op stain. Ladies can be attended to by Mra. J. l-ereustyn. n4Mt#rc r|^HK bUlitMJltillKK i? vrntalul to the *inokiug pablic for Ji the evidence he daily receiving of their *ppreciation of hia efforts to raimili them with the beat Megara that aau be procured from Hivuia. and he pledge* himself that nothliw shall deteriorate Irom what he pridea himself ia ajaativ earned reputation. Hia agent at Havana will continue to MM the beit Wegars can be procured, and at the lowest ratet? Among the laai itnportstiona, art tome rery choice, of tha f<H lowing branda I'alo Alto, Uegaliaa, (rery prime.) VP"* ~ Orama v Koaaa, O'dZack, K.I l.eou rte Oro, Nrura Kinnreaaa, Macionals, India. Antiqnidads, fUemeneiaa, fc?. Kor aale ui lots npoa term* to eninre a doplicara visit. U. IIK.NH IQCKM, an It lot "re 108 Brradwa* , r or ?.f fina at (^H?uAr camH tM-* iTrr niiffiiiijwTl J furnishes shijv. steamers, hotels, .hoarding bouses and families with all kmda of atorea at wholeaale price* AMW h.s stock may be fonnd groceries. liquors, segara line wihv, SO baskrts Dac L>. Monubello ana Ifeidaiek l bam pane; M* half cheat* black and green Ten will be sol* at great Wgaine to cloae a conaigninent. Conntry merchant* and ap town groerra would do well to call. All ordera from the country wtlt be promptly attended to Maatera of veeeela havug email loaa of giK>da to du(H>*e of for caah will pleaaecall. Oroera amountuigtn (It will be aent home free of cat>ge iwlllN'rc^ A. B. VI 11,1, Water ft rtOTON~ WA I KH KILTKHH AT ONK OOLLAJI * KA( H ?J. HTONfc. No. 3* Broedwgy, New Yorfc beg* to inform lua frieuda and the public of this city and othet place* which are supplied be poblic water works, that he has a. arranged hia improved Water Filter* that they can be applied to trie Crotou water fanceta. They are *o constructed tliat any peraon can keep them in order by replenishing ? itn the filtering medium at the moat trilling eipens*. A aingle , luapeetion will convince anyone of their superiorly oyer any ' other Kilter in uae. P. 8.?Hia other Kilterssold a* n*nal. ?lei re ??? ' A NALYblfl or BKAlrTY.?To ch? Uct ihf 0**1 J\ form, au'l th* compl?n?eDC? ol k^amjr, *?y? W ink torn* n. (hf * pott I ft of bmnty, tbt H?i t onjfhc to crown tw for* ' head, and to aurronud Che templea, aeecnmna i I'orjion ui a circle, n it i< in general eean in heiutiful |?raooa. rhia form of the forehead la appropriate to ?ll ideal heada, On thla point I I-unlet roncnrt in the win* opinion with Wirklem*n;aM tli* aeeianta thought .the hair produced a eery bad effect If H deaeendedao low aa tohide 'he f<irehend Luean, d'aigalu to repreaent in tlie moat Iniiicrona manner, the hair of an agly 1 w oman. ?*ya that It waaabort, fl it, and i(lii?4 Jnwn H It w?r? to Iter forehead, which might lead ua indeed aera tha elr eum<tiuirei not ao remote, to imagine be waa dnacrilnug aoma of our modern Broadway bailee or a? K.eqnianiat Irdiaa A i.medy, h.iweeer. la fortunately at hud, and triumph* uv?t Nature, and the world renowned I'oudre SabMe the tnrea> tion of that ingenioua chemiat, Dr. Felix Uoarand. will aradi eate e?ciy fibre of lopa flaoua heir whareeer tppliad and display the hidden beautiea and intellectual i?velop?anta of either male or female forehead*. Rat b? rata and get the gtnninv prepaiation, and lhaf la W? ba procured at th< t>'>efflr% onli depot in New York, ?7 YVulker atreet, firat am?e u,-m Broadway. eari?t*ia QKt.KMA.Ki atraat biwn1 ?a3 mj Lodging liy the day, waak or mouth, on the moat taaapna bla terma A choice of aerat-l tingle rooaa may be had by applyiai immediately. Kindle nieala Mr , be had a' all hoar* T *n^ J_ WILm?.>? ?< WI'H COil NTH V MfcRCHANTft DKAL?M IN "HSHE Mftly, Toilet Hoap?. Patent Medieinee, Keney Art elea. ia every variety, (applied a poo the lowaat tenaa ? ' ft) Courtluidt atreet, Ant atora from Broadway. Al?<', vTlO<OV It FO wLK.H'H unrivalled Waiaat Oil Mflit-ry fcaefua Hoap, th* paly genuine, awarded the flret prawmai at 'j0 American Inagirnte in IM? and laa*. .......

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