Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XIII. No. !437__Whole No.4634. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North *w?at ooruor of Fulton and Num IN. IAMES GORDON BENNFTL PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION _KOK.TY THOUIARD. DAILY HEKAX.D?fcvery iUr, Price 2 cntipw Copy $1 24 per annum?payable iu advance. WEEKLY flKRALD?Every Saturday?Price #X CM pereopy?$3 UJfceuta per annum?payable iu advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice cents per copy?$6 per annum. including postage, pnyable iu advance. Subscriptions and advertisements will be received by Messrs. (ialikrnaui, 18 roe Vivieune, Puis t r. L Himmnlx, II CornhiN, and John Miller, tbe bookseller. London ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-Published on the lit of January of each year?skiffle copiea sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at tlie price*?always cash ia tilfauce. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible luner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that mn-r iu them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and wkL despatch. All letters or ^osnmnnicatiooe by tttkil, addressed to the establishment, m~?t he post paid, or the pottage will to de dne??,l from the t-^wrirtinn monev remitted A?^fHAKLE.vl RAILROA^UMPAN) SUM^IEK ARRANUfcMEIST. ON AND^SSthe Cars will run as follows, until 'further notice. Up tmn? will leave the Citv Hall for Harlem Sc. Morrisiana. Eorham fc Tuckahoe PleaaantviUe, 5 30 A.M. Will'msBr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle T " 5 30 A.M. White PI'ns. Bedford, I T " 7 A. M. Whitlickville I " It " 10 " Croton Calls 19 ? 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 S r. M. t M " 4 P. M. j p. m. 4 ;; I ? I SO i 4 " M s " 5 SO " <30 Returning to New Yor? will leave? Morrisiana fc Harlem. Fordham. Will'msBrVe Tuckahoe 7 05 A. m. ? 53 A. m. 6 45 A.m. 7 30 A. m 1 !# " 7 55 " 7 50 " I 41 " 9 ? 9 09 " 9 OS " 1 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. m. 12 it P. m. 5 52 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White PI'ns. 2 " J 08 " ? " 7 10 A m. ) 15 " ? 01 " * 33 " 5 20 ? 61 " g * t SI 6 28 ' 8 05 " * PleaaantviUe. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville |l 13 AM. AM. 7 51AM. 7 43 A M i 13 P M. f PM. 4 St P M. 4 44PM Croton Kail*. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train* to anil from Crotou Kull* will not *top on New York Island, except at Broome atreet, and 33d atreet. A ear will precede each train ten uaiuute*, to take np passengers in The morning train of car* from Croton Fall* will not (top I between White Plain* and New York, except at Tuckahoe William's Bridge, and For dhain. _ Extra train* on Sunday* to Harlem and Morrmana, if tia* Stag** for Lake Mahopack aud Danbury leave Croton Fall* on ariival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trauu, and for Pawling* on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. * FAKE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Fall> ..$100 To Whitlickvlile 87* To Newcastle . . 71 To Ple^santville UK To White Plain*.. ... ... .....u. H Freight tram* leave City Hull at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Ketnrniug, leave Croton Kill* at 7 A.M. unil 9 PM. UAY It Cu'3 BOSTON AND EAS'I fcRN exPKE8S, via Newport and Fall River.?Thi* h'l press leives the office. No. 1 Wall street, coruer of llroadwav, daily, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby lecuring to mercliauts and others the advantage of a late hoar for forwarding ra*e<i, package*. Sic. Bank notes, specie, drafts, and valuable parcel* are secured in irou *afe* and placed in tlie charge offaithful conductor*. OAV It CO. Merchandise, paekage*. Itc. forwarded in onr own ear*, and by leaviug order* at our office. No I Wall atreet, coruer of Broadway, pockage* will be called for in any part of the city. S No. 1 Wall atreet. corner Broadway. ( No. 7 Stite street. Boiton au5 30tre , OPPOSITION PA88A(JtToKKI?;E-To r- *J**Tl wi**I a" Syracuse. $2; Oswego; WBMMHHa $3; Rochester. S2; Bnffalo, S3, Cleveland, St; Detroit,$1; Milwaukir,$(j 7V, Chicago, $G7S; Cincinnati, S'i75; T iron to aud llaiuilton, $1; Whitehall, (2; Montreal, $4; Pittsburg S'>< Olfiae, IUU Barclay street. Any s-cuntv' repaired will be given for the fulfilment of all contract* made wiili thin company. Nli30l*rr M. L l? A V, Agent | New York. 11)17. rr^m PKur-i,r nmx. s'i'ha *;uov/ b colt P i Daily, Sunday* Excepted? ItmmHBImThrough Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlnmlt and Liberty atreet*. Steamhoat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will Itave on Monday, Wednesday, am? Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. ^ Humboit lir-rN unm nuuoici, uipi. n. u. vnunden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening! it 7 o'clock ml Trim* for Schenectady, BalUton, and Saratoga Springs, will run at follows:?Leave Albany at UK A.M., 5 P.M., except bundays. passengers will find this the moat expeditious and convenient route. At Five O'Clock, 1'. iVi.?Landiagat Intermedial* Placet? f'otn the loot o I Barclay atreet. 8teambo*t UOCHK8TEK, ^sitain H. H. Furry,. will leave on Monday, Wedneaday.Friday.and Sundayafternoons, ftt 5 o'clock. SOUTH VMKRICA, Captain True,dell, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday,?ni>d Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. .... The above boats will at all tunes arrive in Albany ample Urnt for the Morning Cars fortne tutor West. Kreight uktu at moderns rat^i, and aone taken after 5K o'clock, P. M. , T/? All personsore forbid trusting any of the boats of this lisie. wit'iout a written order Irom die captains or ageuta. Kor pannage or freicht, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. RCHl'LTZ, at the office ?u the wharf. au23 ?trh <m CONEY ISLAND HURRY.?The well Q^aij^enS'known attamer AMKRlvAN EAMLE. Cap"T Geo. H. Power, will run regularly during th? seaso i to Coney Island, landing at Kort Hamilton, as follow*:? Leaving Pirr No. 1, at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Island at I'.'a. 6. In addition to the above trips, will make a moraine trii> to Kort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilton at 8 o'clock. au4 4it*rc ;r-???T KOKKKY POKT.-ThI . earner J08KPH ' K. COKKKE, will leave the pier, foot of UHU?wMHtoCliaaibeis street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock, P. M. N. B.?On Sunday's, the boat will leave the fodt of Hammond itreet at 8: Canal street. 81*; Chambers atreet, Pikr street, Kast River, 9'and Tier No. 1, North River, at lit o'clock au3 yf m NOTICE. 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY.?Oi and : vC,iL?fa after SUNDAY, April 18th, the steamboats UVLI'H mid 8fATEN INLANDER will ran u followi, until farther notice I.KAVR iTATEff IfLAIfD At ?, , ?, 10.11, A. M., and I, 2, I, 4, J, ?, 7, T. M. LRATK ItKW roRK At 7, ?, 10, 11, A. M., ami 1,2, ten minntai put I, ud at 4, 5, 0,7, o'clock, Y. M. New York April 11th. *11 r '?^rKORWRKW?BUKY, OCEAN HOUSE, m!??R-u?* Loiik Branch, Rnnsom Dork, Brown's Dock, ^^S5?KfeMi(i<lletownaiid Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Master, will ran ai follow*, from Fulton Market Slip, Knit River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Saturday, 2?, 9,'i A. M. Saturday, 2B, i P.M. Sunday, 29, 11 A.M. Sunday, 29, P.M. M?U'lay, SO, 7 A. M. Monday, 30. 11 A. M. Tuesday, 31, 7 A.M. Tuesday, 31, 12 M. The Line Stage* will ran to Howell Works, Sgnan Village and Freehold. Stages to couvey passengers to all parts of the country. N. B. All persons are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE, an) 30i* rc ,jm>FOR SHREWSBURY,LONO BRANCH, W. SCHKNCK'S, HIOHLANDS, Ocean House, and Eatontown Landing The Steamb'^t EDWIN LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will ran as follows rtoin foot of Vesey street, North River: Leave New York. Leave Hhrewihury. \u*. o'clock. Auic- o'clock. Saturday.28, at 4)4 P. M. Sunday, 29, at 10)4A M. Monday, 311, at 6 A.M. Monday, 30, at 10 A.M. Tuesday,31. at 6HA. M. Tuesday, 31, at II A.M. Su?e* will be in readiness on the arsivdl of the boat to con vejr pwenners to aMj>arts oj^the country. jy3l 30t?rc The superior steamer NEW HAVEN, 'aplain V in Pelt, can be chartered for KxcurwW"N""i"'n to any place, by application at No. I Barterv PUce, North river. iv28 30trc ( Ij l/.r.n n 11 r. w UA* Ul.^F. ur r*^ULg2hOI'P()8[TION BOATS FOR ALBANY, rftBAmMMhLauding at Van (Jomtlaudi'i Ncwhurnh, I'ougiikerpsie, Kingstou.Catskill and Modioli.?FareMeant*? Bienkfait nud Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Sicwntr ROOICR WILLI AM8, Cipl. A Degroot, Toradayi, Thursdays. and Saturdays, at half-put eu, A. M.. from the pier foot of Robinson (tract, touching at Haramoua street p>er,lrom New York, For passage or frieght, apply ?n board the Hoau, or to U?o. T- Stanley,at the office, foot of Robinson street. IP* All personssn rorbid treating the shove boats 01 ISmurt of tf.? (iwnari mtrlO rh MO nNlNO LINhTTok ALBAS V ANU TROY and lnter>n?diute Landings. *' >?MBb Breakfaat and Dinner on board tbe Boat. The low preianre steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorhain, will leave the itermboat pier foot of Barclay street. Moudayi, Wedueadaya, iuid Fridays. at seven o'elock A. M Ke'.ureiauon *he opposite dayi. The Hteainer NI AO A K A, Opt. II. L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Piei foot of Barclty itreet, Tuesday, Thursday mid Satmday, at Kaif paat ail o'clock, A. M., ratmcu.g ob tha opposite da> ?. J Fare 30 Cents. Kor passage or frsight, apply oa board >r to F 0 Hall,at the nrii?e nn wharf iyWI 4<Hg- FOR LIVKRPOOL.-The N. . l.iie-Regn lir WrJWV packet of 21it Heptemtier.?The superior fait tailing iUblb packet ship QUf.KN OF THK. WK8T. Captain rhilip VVoodhome, 1250 torn burthen, will sail as nbove, her regular day. For freight or pa*sage, having splendid large and comfortastate rooms and cabin, apply to the captain on board, pier No. J1, west side of Hurling afin. or to WOOIlHULL ?i MlNTlRN, 87 Socth it. P-ice of Jtasaage f IIK) The new pa ket amp CONSTITUTION, ir.oo tons burthen. Cart John Bnttoa, will ?nccc?dthe Queen ?fihc Wear, and all op her rirnlariliv J'st of < Vtoher *211 re . t 'u1 klVKIH,0',L ?Only regular i ack't ortha ?tt^Sys'h. T'''' f.Biitfi'ent la.t Failing jMllbl'ickr' .hip PATRICK HKNRY, burthen Inofltoiii, tai l l? I mo will sail poairively on the flth H^ptemlier. 'Che irc mm.'ditiona for onbin second cabin and S'eertige passengers sre superior to ary other in port, end aa a number o' her pni.eagers are -heady engaged, those desirous nf t'ftiiring bcr In should make early application on board foot of Maiden-lane, or to JOHF.PH Mr MI RRAY, MM lotrr cor "f Pine and Honth stv iflj* FOR M AI18KI LLfcfl.?The ship MINKRVA, ? E NE N] j^^l8LE S^^^KD'S E^UjSVlON v/ iu connection with GEO. RIPPAK1) tc SON, 134 Waterloo Koad, Lir?ri?)ol. Perilous wishing to tend for iheir friends in the old country, cau secure passage in any of the following new line of packet*, tailing from Liver|>ool ou the 6th of every month, vim.i? CONSTITUTION, 1,500 toui.Cabt, Jolm Britton. 9 QUEEN Of THE WEST, l.jff toni, Capt. P. Woodhouse. . i, LIVERPOOL. 1,ISO tout, Capt. John t fdridfc?. HOTTINOUEK, 1,000 tout,' apt. Ira Bursley. Oeo. Rippard St Son are the only agenu ip Liverpool for the above line of packets, in addition tQ which they deapatch a first clats ?hip every week. Persons aeuding mone'' to their friendi in large and small ..uuuuwi, -/w w,vvu....wu??u * mi uiaus ou uir ociiasi Banking Company, aud their numerous branches iu Ireland; also ou the principal banks in Kiikland. Scotland, aud Wales. Apply to CARLISLE h HIPPARli, anil Wm 58 South street. e?r. of Wall, FOR NEW ORLEANS. louisiana and ?w YOR* link. M A to SAIL Every tendayb. Ship OSWEGO, Captain John ton. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Iugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Cautain Miuot. Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Dark HEBRON, Captain Ore if. The above ships are all of the first can, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the moat eaperieuced captain* in the trade. Their cabins are haudsoraely famished, aud every attention paid to the comfort aud convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the abore ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, tsilveror plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent bv, or put on board of them, unless regular bills 01 lading are taken for the same, and the vslue liars in expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fooi of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 Sooth street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who wili promptly forward all goods' to their address. M M M & rHAPSCOTT'S EMlflRATIONWFTcE, 86 Smitli st.X Persons wishing to send for their friends in the oTil country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any- of the magnificent ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets. vii:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OFTriE WEST, 1400 tons. Cant. P. Woodhouse LIVERPOOL, 1250 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HOTTINGUER, 1150 tons, Caut. Ira Burslty, < sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month. Passage can iilso be secured by the St. George's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making iu all a ship every five days from that port. For further particulars apply to w. A. J. T. TAPSCOTT. jy29 #6 South street, New York. - .FRENCH _T R A_N S A T LA N T1 C y/Efjm? * rE.AMHllir CUMr AIN Y.?The shi|? ol lh'* com?'?ny ue appointed to sail u fol?KROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the ISth August The MISSOURI " " 31*t T' The NKW YORK " ' iith Sept. The UNION " " 30th ,r _ V ROM HAVRE The NKW YORK " 15th August. IheUNKJN " " 31st These Stenmermare equal to any afloat, with commander* ol tried (kill and knowu courtesy. Their state row mi and cabin* arc uuiuually commodious, aud they are provided with every thing requisite Tor the comfort of passengers. The price ol Busa^e lu the lirst cabin from New York is $121). rtoui avre 1,000 francs. Wines arc not iucluded, hut will be furnished at moderate rates. All letters must pass through the post offlc*. For freight or passage, apply to an4 rc Ai MAR It CO.. 14 South street. jfifiPV BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN xafaffck'*royal mail steam ship, 1200 ton. ^^UZUsEffiB^aud 430 horse power each, nnder contract with the Lords of the Admirality. HIUfcRNIA. Captain Alexanaer Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captaiu Edward G. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. K. Judkiu. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. ai'he fourateainsbips now bnildingare the america. the niagara, the canada. the europa. The rrsseU appointed to sail from Boston are the Hibernia, August 16, 1147 Cambria September I, IS4T Caledonia September 16, 1847 Britannia , October 1, 1117 The vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1147 Caledonia August 19, 1S47 Britannia September 4, 1817 Passengers'luggage must b* on board Die day previous to tailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $110, do do tc Halifax, $20. jiNo berths secured until paid for. Itiese ahips carry expenenced surgeon*. Fj!>o ireipiit, except specie, received on uays 01 sailing. t or freight, passage,or any other information, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent At HARNDEN (It CO.'S/i V ill It/""In addition to the above line between Liverpooli, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Hei Majesty's government, to eatabli?h a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for thia service are now being bnilt, aud early next year due notice will he given of the time when they willatart. Under the new contract the strainers win sail every Saturday during eight months, anil every fortuigtit during tne other months in the year. Going al teruately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, auu be tween Liverpool and New York. in?2 r "MSF FOR NEWORLEAN8.-Louisiana and New iCMfW Vork Line of Packets?The splendid fast sailing J^HBfapacket ship HUDSON, P. I'age master, is now load111Hiu! will positively sail September 13, her regulai day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, J6 South st. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff It Co., who wOl promptly forward all goods to their address. Th^pncket ship Oswego, Capt. Ingersoll, will succeed the Hudson, mil aail h?r regular rfav au2l r- f?>?| m- KOK HAVKE (via Cherbourg).?'1 he eteamer M1SSOUKI, Captain Morin, will /YftUfrfafateXleave on her regnlar day, Tuesday, the 31st ingt?nt. Price of passage, (120 The ship has an experienced snrgeou. Letters must pass through the Post-oflice. For passage or freight, apply to auMtoll rc AYMAR k Co.. 34 Honth'st jjjf v'OH LIVERPOOL?Nsw Line?Kwular packHQ^et of J6th of September.?The splendid,fast sailing JHBbl'-ieket ship SHERIDAN, Captain O. B. Cornish. wiii positively sail *? above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome fnrnished acrom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreeuorlo P. K. COLLINS. M Sctith at The packet ship GARRICK, Capt. B J. H. Trask, will iaeceed,th? Sheridan, aad sail on th? Kth o( Oct., ber regular day any? ONLY RfcGULAR LINE OK PACKETS KOR mHWNKW ORLEANS.?The following well known, dMWafaat sailing and favorite packet ships have accommodations unsurpassed for cabin. secoud cabiu and ''.eerage passengers, and will | ositively sail as advertised, or passage free, vn The SILAS HOLMES, Capt. Berry, Moni'ay. Aug. 30th. The SOUTHERNER . Capt. Palmer, Sep ernuer Ctri. The HUDSON, Capt. I'age, Htptejnber 13th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage l>y either the above packets, aa they are all first class ships, eompiauded by men eiperienced in the trade, and will sail punctually on their appointed days. To secure berths, apply on board, or to an26 W. It J. T. TAPSrOTT. M South at. aCT*. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO?PASSAGE TO frnm Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, JMkBbiad Remittances to Ireland he. The well known favorite parket ship COLUMBIA, will sail for Liverpool, ou Wednesday, the first of September, her regular ?.'ay. for terma of cabin, second cabin, and steerage passage, apply to Captain Kurber, on board at the foot of Beekinan street, or to the subscribers. The YORKSHIRE will sail from Liverpool, ou first of October; passage can be engaged to come from the old country by this splendid ship, or by any of the packet* of the Old Black Ball Line, to sail from it ou the 1st and MMi of every month, by applying to us. Those remitting money to Ireland, can have drafts on THE ROYAL BANK OK IRELAND, and on PRESCOTT, OROTE It CO, Bankers, Loudon, which will he paid at the various branches throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to nnruv nnnTui'iiu i, en No. i> Fill too *treet, New York, next door to the Fulton Bunk, Only authoriaed pa??enger agenta lor the Old or B'.ack Bull Line ol Liverpool packet*. autt re TO TRAVELLERS OOlNti SOUTH SatiESt: NEW A!ND MOST AOREEABLE LINK TO KREDErickuliurg. Richmond, Petersburg, V* , Staunton, V? , and the Virginia Spring*, Weldon, N. C., and Charleston, 8.C. The puTilic nte informed that the new and splendid low i>'ea?nre steamer POWHATTAN (coiineeticg with the Great Mall Line at Aqquie Creek,) leave* Commerce atreet wharf. Bal'imore, every Tuendiy and Friday Evening, at <1 P. M., lor the above point*. Through-ticket* to Richmond $ i Petersburg S Weld # Htaumon, Va.. , II " Charleston, 8. C IT Being at the aame twice, more direct and expeditiou*. and much more certain than the Che?epeakc Bay and Jamea River Steauibo t Line,?all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, bein? entirely avoided by this line Traveller* ?readvi*ed that the line hereby advertiaeil la part ana parcel of the Oreat Mail Line through Viigiuia; and that it lathe intention of the coinptnie* compoaing the Ore it Mail Line, that |>aa*engera shall be conveyeil by them, iu Connertiuii With the Powh?ttan,alwaya a* olieaply aa liy any other line, and with more comfort expedition and certainty, than by any other line, except the line via Washington. For further particular*, interne at the Southern Railroad oflire, Pratt atreet Baltimore; ol Stockton Ac Kail, or at the tne Commerce *trect wharf; or, on TaeadtV* and Friday*, on board the I'owhattan. of O. W UUNNK.LL, dept. N. B.?Traveller* by the above line will bear in mind that they have two houra inore ill Baltimore than passengers by ll.e Chesapeake Bay and Jamea River Boat*, and 4 et reach any point ?onth of Peteraburg at the aame time with theae last, even when there ia no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jyl 3meod"r f> A K v JUM PER??To SotuhOTti md Wcatem Merchant*? D Vour attention u KtpeeU^Jy called to a novel aud inoat uaeful invention, the Patent STTaatic Baby Juin|>er, for the healthful exercise and amuaemeut of infaata. '1 he relierit afford* thoae having care of children Iheevtenaive *ale it haa rvervwhere commanded, with the liberal percentage allowed to thoae who bay the article to *ell scam, remJera it a moat deairable object to rnrehaae. either siu*ly or by the qnakUty. GEO. W. TUTTLE, Inventor and Proprietor, VVholesale and Retail Depet, 311 Broadway, N. V a?HJ#t*rc LIOI ID II AI It DVE.-BATt Hh.LUH'is INSTANTA NKOUH LIQUID HAIK DYE M Ur superior to any thing yet oller-d for coloring the hair to a beaut* (u< and permanent black or brown, without (teiniM or injuring the *kin. The wonderfn facility with which thia remarkable lionid effrcta the deaired object, excite* the admiration and aatoniahment of thousands who \T* loud ,n ita praise. Bold wholeaale and retail at WM. BAT< HELOR 8. No J Wall atreet, near Broadway. Price?Bott M for the h, ^ tlM; for the Be^re of worthleaa eonnterfeita. Agenta in Waahlngton City, J H O'hhs allWt re iOARDU ?#0 tmia MtXSHL'i - - - - W Y 0 EW YORK, SUNDAY MO IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FROM THfc WAR QUART Hit. Authentic Details BY THK Steamer Galveston at Ndw Orleans. &c?j HiCi) Aifi [From tbe New Orleans Pioavune. Aug 20.] The utoainahlp UaiY??ton Capt. Harllanii, arrived yesterday from Vera Crui, having touched at Tampico, Brazon and (.'aW?4tnn. She left Vera Cruz on tne l'ith iUHt By this arrival we are in uOAae?*(0n of qdfloe* from p??V,lu |h. i.lh ,?f A,...... ?mV U'f-r l)i>n w. had before received Our letter* were brought through from Puebla to Vera Cruz by a courier despatched exclusively for this office. The new* 1* important. (Jen Scott was (till at Puebla on the 6th Inst., but the army was to take up the line of march the next day for the city of Mexico. Gen. Twiggs' division leaving on the 7th, Gen Quitman's on the rtth, Gen. Worth's on the 9th. and Gen. lillow'g on the 10th, Col. Child* remains in command at Puebla. Gen. Pierce arrived at Puebla on tne 6th iost.? not on the 9d inst., a* some of our contemporaries stated, lie lost not a single man on his march, notwithstanding " another severe battle with the guerillas." 'I he most agreeable news by this arrival is the escape of Major Gaines und Passed Midshipman Rogers from the city of Mexioo. an^thelr safe arrival at Gen. Scott's head quarters. They were of course not under parole when they left Mexico. The particulars will bo found in the letters below from Mr. Kendall. His letters mention an affair between Capt. Ruff, of the rifles, with his command. and a Mexican guerilla party; in which the latter was entirely routed. Mr. K , also writes us of the death of Lieut. Hill, of the 3d dragoons, and Dr. Hamner, of the South Carolina regiment. From Vera Crus, too, the news is important. The train which left Vera Crus the evening of the 6th inst , has been attacked about twenty-four miles from Vera Crux; iudeed, attacks commenced shortly after leaving that citv. The escort to the train was under oommand of Major Lallv, of the 9th infantry, Col. Wilson being down with yfcllow ferer. We have confidence that the following is a more correct report of the principal affair than that of the Sun of Ji'iahuac. It Is from an officer of iutelligonce, and is to the latest date. Camp at Ukioue, 24 miles from Vera Cruz,) August 11. ltM7. ) '-The oommand under Msjor Lally was met by the guerillas yesterday in foroe, at Paso Oneja. one mile in the rear of this camp, about 3 P. M. Attacks were made in front, in rear, aud upon the centre of the train, and they were repulsed at all points, aud we advanced to this encampment. Our force was well distributed for the defeuce of the train, the force in the rear being nearly as long an in front, and a guard of two companies i n thi* uiu.?A..a ?r>.l 4lunl/u? .,lnnn .irl*. rv# the traiu throughout. But our loss is severe, two officers being severely wounded Capt James II. <'alwell, of the V'oltiReum. and Capt. Arthur C. < uinmins, of the Uth infantry, the former a native of Maryland, the latter of Virginia. Yen men, non-commissioned officers and privateit, are wounded. None were killed outright. One hus died Hiuce, and some perhaps dangerously wounded.? Hopes are yet entortalned for the recovery of the two captains, if we can send them to Vera Cru* I believe that the commanding officer has sent to Vera Crufc for a detachment of horse to esoort ambulauces to take back the wounded wbioh may accumulate by the time we reach the National Bridge. We a:e 1,000 strong, with a traiu of seventy wagons, and the troops all raw and comparatively uninstructed Out I think we will make our way through securely; perhaps lighting our wav fur uiauy (lays. Wo are about twelve miles from the National Bridge, and we move on a few miles to day." The Sun says eight men wero killed on our side, aud that Captain Loy ell's Georgia mounted men killed twenty-live of the enemy in a chnrge. Uovernor Wilson immediately ordered up reinforcements. Captain Kairchild's company started at ouce to go up, and Capt ijeefuldt's. of the Louisiana battalion, were also ordered up. A gentleman who oame over in the (ialveston saw the latter leaving the city. Capt. Besancon's company was absent on a scout when the news reached Vera Cruz of the danger to the train When he returned, he would bo ordered up, and other foroe* were to be sent forward The verbal reports are that the American* had thirty men wouuded in the skiruiiah and as many horst s killed It Is not to be concealed that serious fears are felt for the salety of this train. The Mezioans have made extensive preparations to harrass it, and out it off if possible. We are informed that the number of Major's oommand falls short ot one thousand men rather than exceeds that number. The Mexicans are un| der the impression that the train takes up a million of dollars in specie?so says the BoUlin of Jalapa of the 8th inst., which has been received at Vara Crux. The Boletin prays Ood that the guerilla* and national guard together may succeed in cutting off the train. The National Bridge is the point where the decisive action is expected. There was a report In Vera Crus, that the guerillas had destroyed a part of the bridge and erected defensive works there. The latest number of the Sun of Jtnakuac sets down the number of the guerillas at 4000. Led on by the hope of a rich booty, they raurtt not bfi expected to (leftist ftom their attacks no long as a chance remains for them. Two men belonging to the train lagged behind on tho second day'* march from Vera Cruz, and were rnt off by the Mexicans. One of them wu horribly mutilated, both leg* being cut off below the knee, lie died Inimi'dlately. The other w?s no severely wounded that he died shortly after be wat found by Capt. BesaD^on's men. The wounded man just had time to give a description of the murderers, three in number, and the course they had taken. They were pursued and caught, and at once an example was made of tbem. Captain Kairchiid returned from a scout on the 9th inat, after having made a circuit of about thirty miles At a small town called I'aso de Toro, he found secreted in a loft some fifteen or twenty mi am tai and as many sabres, which were destroyed. Suspicions induced him to examine some trunks in a bouse, in which be found several hundreds of cartridges wrapped up in women's clothcs. There were but few men about at the ranchos, but at almost every place they learned that the guerrileros had gone up towards the National Bridge. A detachment from Capt. llesancou'tf company, thirtyfive in number, lert on a scout on the nth inst. under Lieut. Waters. The .Sun of the 11th Inst . announces that a private of Besancon's company was killed the evening previous by the Mexicans. His name was Kran cis I-oring. a Canadian by birth. We regret to read in the Sun. of the dnath of I,ieut. Uuiot. Adjutant of the LouUiaua Battalion. He died on the !)th Inst., after an illness of only three days, and was buried with military honors the evening of the same day Col. Wilson, who was to have commanded the troops that accompanied the last train from Vera Crux, is convalescent,and considered entirely out of danger. The reports as to the health ot Vera Crux are more favorable In private practice there was very little fever. but a great deal of sickness in the hospitals. The Spanish Minister resident in .Mexico is expected in VeraCruz about the '26th inst , on his way to Spain Letter* from Vera Cruz nay he will be escorted by a body of Mexican lanceri. The Sun assignn a reason for his departure, in which we place no confidence. The whole story is rather apocryphal We are sorry to see in the Sun of Anahuar that another courier iu the employ of the Americans has been shot at Antigua. The following passengers came over on the Oalveaton :? Dr. Kverett, Lieut. Hart, Mr Blauton, U.S. N.,Mr. sB. Elliott, U. S N., Messrs Lartegne, Hush, Kioe, 8eely. Wager, O Kesket, J. W. Cleal, J. Wallace. Capt. Ticknor, and a on deck, Pheula, Mexico, August 3, 1H47. Intelligence has just been received that Captain Ruff, with a squadron of cavalry, has given the guerillas a severe drubbing at Han luan de los Llanos General I'. F. Smith, learning on his arrival at Ojo de Agna, that a partv of these gentlemen of the road had a rendezvous at the former plaoe,despatched Capt. R with orders to surprise them if possible. The expedition was successful in every way?the guerilla* were surprised before they had time to reach their horses, aud at once took refuge in a church and iu two or tbrru stone houses adjoining Into these our men at occe charged, the Mexicans roooiled in dismay, and after a short struggle were entirely defeated, with a loss of between 30 and in killed aud some AO wounded. A priest anil cure, said to have been In some way connected with the guerillas, were taken prisoners Much ii the report of the affair at present current?I shall prohably learn more of it before I close this letter. .Midshipman Rogers, about whose Imprisonmeut so much hax been said, has taken the liberty ot releasing himself?in plain Knullsh. he has escaped from tbo city of Mexico, and has arrived here In safety, He was not on parole at the time, but at large in the capital under a bond with a money penalty not to break his bond.* ? to Toluca. and that there was do probability of hl? being exchange^ he started off in the night towards Chslco lake in a boat Arriving there, he started on horseback through the mount.*inN with aguide. and. as above stated, got through in safety lie reports that Santa Anna has not so many men as has been estimated -that ne has not more than 10.000 who are well urinml and well organized Perhaps he did not know that Valencia had arrived with reinforcements from Sail Luis. Both Rogers and Lieut. Semms. who waeseut on by Com Terry to attend to hlsoase. will go ou to the capital whenever the army moves.and take a part in auy game that may be there played. In fact, the same may be said of a 11 who are with the ariny and not immediately connected with It?there will be work for all of them, and their zieatest safety will be in the neighborhood of ball*, shells, ami kindred projectiles In relation to young Rogers. It Is said he came off with the knowledge, and by permission, of hi* surety We have a rumor this morning, and a startling one, to the effuot that Santa Anna Is moving upon this city with his entire army and fifty pieces of cannon. The news la too good to be true, snd no one credits It. 1 believe I have already mentioned the death of Lieut. Hill, of the 3.1 Dragoons, and that he was hurled with military honors. Dr. W. H amuse, of the Carolina volunteers,^died this morning. Just before his death he embraced the Catholic religion, and received the absolution of the church I learn that a portion of his family In the United States are of the same faltb. The health of the army Is generally Improving. . tafermtloa to-day that 0*n. Nsrae U at foot* ?4 that ha U awaltlaf Umvi the miNI of *00 iRNING, AUGUST 29, 18' raarlnM. and 1000 of the new levies. Thla trill b? soother Jfttntioii?will probably cause another delay In the march of the army. I wish you could see the Jala drrt'onrtt a? danced here at tn? Spanish theatre. by the Senoritaa Kirperta an'l Mono'., and two masculines whose names are not given iu itis bilR It is fall of life, action, and ea-ta- ' u"tc. and was loudl? end warmly encored lant night ' The women folks who take a part in the danoe labor under no particular restraint that can hi discovered, but throw themselves into attidudes that Would be deemed unsettmlv bv a committee of nrutlas in oilr own country. Here, however, the audience ill oomvnsetl, almost entirely of officer!, and the more voluptuous tile postures of the flgurantu, the more rapturoui the applause. We Dover ses the Boltro and other gpanlsh danced given with proper effect tb? United State*. Pi'cbla. Mexico, August 6th, 1847. Gen. Smith had returned with his brigade, and the re port is that Gun. Pieroe is to sleep to-night at Amosoque and will arrive her to-morrow. The account of (Captain Ruff ' adfenturs with the guerillas at Sun Juan de Ion 1 llanos in fully confirmed. No leu than forty-three of tbe -m jmy were kitted, a great ntimber were wounded, all their arm1) were destroyed, and their flag brought off The two padres *?*!? were taken prisoner! in the church, and who were supposed tc ?*pvq tome connection with the guerilla!, have since been reieaJM by Gen. Smith The letter mall brought up by Gen. Pleru?, ?Hh dates from New Orleans to about the 8th July, haa come 3J>? , the main newspaper mail will arrive to morrow. Many of the officers have told me that their anxious mothers, wives and sisters, have done little but reprimand them, for not writing to them oftener-they would not blame (hem so much if they knew the extreme difficulty of getting letters down to the ooatt. 1 have already mentioned the successful escape of young Rogers from Mexioo. Last night about 10 o'clock, I Major came in. passing safely through the entire CM- xloan lines. It soems that on Monday last all theArne| rlcan officers were ordered to the head quarters of Gen L.ombarelui, and were there told that they must prepare in twelve hour!, to move to Toluca All of them, save Majors Gaines and Norland,and (-'apt. Danley.gave their parolesjthat they would proceed to that place; but Major G. distinctly told Lombardinl that his parole was at an end?that he did net ask for Its renewal, nor should be accept it. On Tuesday morning the officers, with three exceptions above named, started in the Ktage for Toluca. aud on the same night Major Gaines, acnoicpnnled by a truity Mexican guide, set out for this place, and after being once In the hands of the guerillas, and running many narrow risks, besides, succeeded in coming through in safety He inf rmed Lombardinl distinctly, through the interpreter, a brother of Almonte, that he should not give his parole for Toluca, and anticipated being arrested and put undpr guard at once; but not thinking, protiuhlv Km WltlWI uttwmnf n aunana Ku wua u 11nauii .la part. The sequel in known. MHjor (iaines thinks tnat rtant" Ann* ha* about I .*>.000 tolerably well uniformed and drilled men, to which number must be added a rabbis of undUciplined recreiti, naught and picked up every way, and giving little strength to the army. The main defence of the Mexicans?that upon which they most rely?in at the Penon. and at this point they have planted somu of their best oaunon Sauta Auna himself is described as being in a greater dilemma than ever. The jealousy and obstinaoy of bis enemies prevent his openly avowing himself in favor of peace, and he is shrewd enough to know that the next battle must result against him. Thus uis own downfall Is stariug him in the face turn which way he will, aud he is now awaiting some revolution ot Fortune's wheel to extrieate himself. lils utter downfall would seem inevitable did not his past history afford abundant evidences that he has risen above every speoles of reverse, and so fruitful is he in expedients that he may still rise triumphantly from the whirlpool of diOlcuities by which he is surrounded. Sluoe i commenced this letter (ien. Scott's orders for the march of the army have been Issued. The division of (ien Twiggs is to move on Saturday, the 7th instant, that ?f (ien. Uuitnmn s on the Hth, den. Worth's on the 9th, and (ien Pillow's on the 10th. In the meantime Col Clillds remains in Puebla as military and civil governor, and Capt De Hart as lieutenant governor, while an efllcient garrison, In addition to the sick and those who are convalescing, will be left behind. (luu bcott himself will probably accompany (ien (|ultman's division, and the entire army will concentrate at Home point this side of the capital. The order for a move has been received with rejoicing by all?the heads ot the oommlssary's and quarter In almost curtain that an abundance of money can be obtained. No man in the United Htatos could believe tor one moment the straits to which our army has been driven for want of cash, especially after reading thu statements made in some of our papers. Here in Pueblait Is given as a faet past all gainsaying, that since April last the commissary's department alone has sent to Washington for near $400,000, with which to meet current cxpens?s. and of this amount not a cent has been received. The exertions of Captains Irwin and Urayson, combined with those of Air. Hargous, have effected much, however, and through them a large depot ot provisions has been got together here, sufficient for the army for months. Puemla, Mexico, Aug. 0, 1847. Gen. Pierce arrived this morning?his men, though muoh jaded and travel-worn, making a most soldierly appearance. The 9tb regiment, in particular?the New England regiment, commanded by Col. Hansom?attracted much nttention from the crowds assembled to see the new levies enter. Notwithstanding all the stories told In the Mexican papers, it teems that (ten. Pierce has brought his command through without losing a man, and with but three or four wounded, lie was attacked several times by guerilla parties, yet by prompt measures succeeded in of Captain llodflxh, who commands on* of the New Kngland companies ? a regular lumberman mid bridgebuilder, froDi " way down in the State of Maine " Arrived at I'lan del Klo, what did they find but that the bridge bad been destroyed; yet Capt. D. had his Yankee ingenuity about him. and In a few hours time the entire command was taken sately over by means of a new road which he himself out. A Yankee will be a Yankee, transplant him a* you will. The officers with ( apt. Ruff, at the time he routed the guerillas, at Han Juan de los Llanos, were Lieutenant Walker, of his own company, and Lieutenant Hawes, with a company of the 'id dragoon*. The defeat was complete. W'e have a hundred conflicting rumors from the city of Mexico. One is to the effect that Valencia Is coming out with 1*2,000 men to attack us in front, while Alvarez, with 8000 I'tntos makes a lemonstration in the rear; an other report has it that Santa Anna has disarmed 3000 of the Uuardia Nacional, having discovered that they were hatching som* plot against him ; while still another report would have it tbat a regular revolution had broken out against the brnemrrito of his country, and that all wu " confusion worse confounded" at Mexico at last dates. Then, again, we have it that I'uebla is 'o be attacked Immediately after the army has left, the garrison put to the sword, and the citizens severely mulcted and robbed for the good treatment they have elven the Yankees. For any one of these rumors, there 4p< probably not the least shadow of foundation ; yet as the Mexicans feed themselves upon the hopes or what they should do, they have given them circulation as facts, and very likelv one half of the community believe tbi.-m. There can be little doubt of one thing?that Santa Anna is compassed about with difficulties, and that although at present he " rides upon the whirlwind nn<l directs the storm," theobstinacy of Congress and the jealousy and stubbornness of such men as Valencia hedge him in with a perfect wall of opposition A long way the eurewaent nuu most lar m-eing roan urnonf; mem,ma may HtlU be enabled to keep the upper hand.aod nuntain himself ii. such power an a broken down and fallen government 'lay afford any one. There in no nuch thing an tome, ug what nuch a man an Manta Anna can do?look at whxt he has done nince his terrible defeat at Cerro l?ordo, foj example. No one but he would have dared to show hi* face at the oapital after auch a reverse ; but with a miserable remnant of an army h? boldly entered the olty, and since. with an empty treasury, and with obstacles that deemed insurmountable, he baa collected and appointed a numeroua force, Inspired the hoped of a people he hu* a thousand times deceived, and for the time being at leant, rides rough shod over every thing ? What the next fortnight may turn up it Ih Impoaaible to forsee, and in auch a state of affairs it Is idle to speculate. Contrary to all expectation*, the train which came up to-day did not bring any money, and benoe the poor provident for tbe absolute wants of the army are worse uff than ever An high an fifteen per cent has been paid to-day for money to defray the expense* of the short march from this to Mexico, aud noun of the holders here are even chaffering for eighteen' Such aru the straits to which our <|uarterma*tern and commissaries, abandoned an they have been by the government at home, are driven Nor in clothing brought, nor are any of the necessaries lor the well-being of the army, to nay nothing of tbe comfort, and henoo all ban to be purchased at rate? which amount to ruinoun extortion I give you factn which every man here known- comments may suggest themselves. I finish thin letter in hante, and late at night Tomorrow morning Ken. Twiggn moven with bin division, an I have already ntatxl. Reports continue to come in that large bodies of the eneihy are moving in the neighborhood. and junt now ?rn huar that from *00 to l(MM) guerrllleron. who nave been dogging lien. I'ieroe. were K"eti thin ale-moon at hi I'lnnl. Tbe corning fortnight will came to un burthened with newn, and whether It be of peace, or war to the knife, I nhall give you the Intelligence an early an possible. [ From the New Orleans Delta. Aug. 90 ] Vkba Cltit. Mexico, Aug. 12, 1847. The steamship Kanny hnn junt arrived, having on board ( apt llaile. with troops, teamsters and bornes? learn that ( apt. H and the *oldler*wlth him. havo been at once ***igned to the duty of accompanying the ranger* to go toward* the train which haw been attacked, an I mentioned yesterday; but whether they will go forward to headquarter* or return here and w alt for the nest train, 1 cannot nay?or even watt to And out for t he boat 1* to leave here the moment the last la taken out of her. New* ha* been received here from TueM* to the 7th Init., by a large mercantile hou*e, and it bring* the much Je*lr<*d Intelligence that Oen Scott moved forward from thru city on that day. Thin I* no idle rumor either, the partlee who received the intelligence ar? above all doubt flo far. *o good, but what force he brought with him In the advance I am unable to nay , It. however, fully bear* out my formi r advice to you, that he would leave for the capital a* noon a* Oen. fierce arrived at Tuebla. The arrival of Valencia with troop* and artillery at tha olty of Maaloo ha* greatly tmbarraMed Hanta Ao> M'l MVMHati | thara la no doubt that the latter did ! all ha;*o*?4 to taflmbm tha Cmrnm to reaalnd Uw."wm (or traitor) resolution" before their adjournment, but ?He4; and although the whole responsibility haa been placed in hit hands of making what terms he thinks fit. tvt with suoh a man u Valencia (a regular war to the knih> Mexican) bin elbow, aud the resolution of tu# < ongreaa, " that tlie man who would propose a peace shomd be pronounoad a traitor, lie staring him in the 1 face, be inaat not- dare not?now carry out bis own plans We may, therefore, hope that this country must be conquered by war, and not by peace: by this, how ever. the commanding geneial?If ho has not had * flght t Rio Frio, equidistant from Kuebla and Mexico, and where he maitpau to get to the Utter?il already, If not within the walls, at least, that he is " knocking pretty loudly at the door;" and it may be added "there"* nouita" in Santa Anna telling the General " that hu can't come In." The health ot Vera Crui, as far an 1 learn, li excellent There are ?till In the hospital! some few Hick and wounded, but otherwise nothing extraordinary in the way of sickness. The ousiness of the city and commerce generally la very dull, but thin Is entirely owing to the state of the roads to the Interior, and like entire absence (except by special express) of communication Kor instance, I know an Knglish house herehaving. for months, jC80,000 worth of goods in the line between here and the capital, and there the goods must remain until some Uieansare effected by lien. Scott to open the way, by fortifying the whole line between here and there Several other merchants?American and t.ngllsh, and not a few respectable Me&icans?are in the name predlcaand as to tho latter, they would infinitely prefer baring American protection (rely tug as they do upon it) than their own government?baring no oontldence or faith in the latter. [Correspondence of the X. O La I'atria | Vkha Crux, UtL Augast, 1817 Thtte is nothiug about pcace transactions On the 10th of thiH month the Spanish minister '"ft Mexico, and it is sai4 the Kbgllsh one will do the i>aDie; it seems that their respective governments have ordered iheui to withdraw from the capital; the motive in not known (ieueral Scott has not moved from Puebia. or at least nothing t<> the contrary is known here.aud all that in said is that forces will go out frarn the capital to attack him. The convoy which left here some five days, has met with several calamities on its march. Padre Jurauto has again appeared on the soene. and in two rounds which he gave the convoy at Tolome, he left some Americans killed ; he also lost a considerable number on bis side Santa Anna has written to Padre Jarauto, directing him to take anything ho may require from his estate, Manga de Clavo, and to take all the laborers otf with him; all of which he has done. Vera Cruz, 12th August, 1447. The steamer Galveston Is about departing, and I have nui uvc uiiunKii iu write you in- wuiuii i win maun luc ber*t use of. A private express has just arrived from Puebla. which place It left live dflvs ago A person worthy ol ail coufl denre assures mu that ne hss seen a letter, directed to a commercial house here, dated Puebla, the 7 th instant, in which it in stated that Soott had just beflun his march, but thet he did not know exactly the amount of forced he carried with Mm If this is true, both armies mintt have had an eucountcr Ji*her yesterday or to-day. The convoy, which left here on the 7th, wan attacked by the guerillas, at a short distance from this city, but I have not been able to oome at the true revolt The harm they reoeived was small, and they proce?de(| mi their journey. INDICATIONS or TEACH. |Kroin the New OileaiM Times, Aug JO ] The following which appeared in El Diario, ol the 3d instant?that paper Is the government organ at the capl: tai ? teems to auuounru a desire on the part of Santa Auna, and his ministers, to prepare the minds of the i people for a pacific arrangement. The idea of waiting uutil victory shall have crowned the Mexican arms, in u I coutllct with our troops, tor seriously mukiug or receivI log overtures for poaoe, is denounced by El Sol as puer! ile ?the translation we Und lu au extra of the (ialveston Civilian : ? "Alter having manifested in our previous articles.with frankness aud in good faith, truths over which uo doubts 1 can be placed ?for reason that some are founded lu tlrst | principles, aud others are founded In the state of our afI fairs aud iu the workings of parties?it remains for us, 1 I iu conclusion, to tlx in dear aud determinate pro;oa<1 tlons, the opinions which which we havo set fortu We shall thus pla?e in moro security from slulster and iui[ proper Interpretations, our own opinions upon delicate | questions?as also tot the present form au end to the I question. We will Indicate, as we said yesterday, the : manner in whloh the supreme powers ougnt, in ouropln ion, each to operate in their own kphere and all with j unanimity, for the purpase of protecting this situation. I and with it the national honor, dignity, iutervsts, and I independence. VVe have said that war caDuot be a permanent state { with nations, and that sooner or Uter Mexico and the United States must make peace. We have also said that ui-curuni unu national pride require mat tliln slioulil Ixi celebrated, but above all it Mhould be offered, If possible, the moment tliat Mexico should have her arms crowned with victory; but beforr in no possible manner This bein'f admitted, it appears plain that Congress, called especially to consider the state of things created by tho with the United .State*, and being the beet interpreter of the wishes of the people, should declare or nut whether the commissioner on the part of the . United States Khali or not be listened to. The Llxecutive Government only wishes to be instructed upon the desire ol the nation relative to this matter?to place it beyond the reach of malevolence, although no one can doubt the immaculate patriotism of his Kxoellency the I I'reaident, or bis resolution to die for the glory of his country ; and although military pride requires that war i and nothing but war should be proclaimed: yet, as first magistrate of the nation, it was his duty to refer to the representatives of the people to learn their pleasure and whatever may be tneir sovereign decisions to carry them out, as he is determined to do.1' ' The article then laments that Congress cannot act for the want of a competent number to form a quorum? | hopes this difficulty will be brief?as the members are I Mexicans, and will listen to the call of their country, i which requires them at thoir posts, to meditate upon all | the embarrassing affairs which now surround the Kxe! cutive: and says no doubt exists thut they will be able to withdraw the nation from its present position by af; fording to the Kx-cutive proper lights to proceed with j certainty. This is the part which it says belongs to the [ representatives of the nation?that which belongs to the Kxecutive has already bean set forth lie feels and knows his duty; and, in the meantime, until tbe proper ! authority defines another cause, he will follow that which will conduct to the glory and vengeance of the nation. NKWS FROM TAMPICO. The (Jalve?ton touched at Tampico, leaving there on the 11th Inxt. A tow oa*e* of fever have made their appearance there, but the Senlinet sayd ther? lit no epidemic. I The *team*hip Al**>ama Balled on the 1.1th Inct , from Tamploo for Vera Cruz j The American itchooner Capt Page, wax takca Into Tampico in dlgtre** by the mate of the Alabama The captain, mate and all the crew except two men were pick I of the fever. The U. 8. gun boat Petrel was at anchor at Tampico. AFFAIRS IN TEXAS. I The Ualve*ton touched at the city of that name on her pac*agu from Vera ( tui, leaving there on the 17th inst. Out papers are to the Itith. The Auitin Htmoi rat inform* u* that Mr. Cotton, who receutly In company with Cfcpt. (J K. I.ewl*, encountered Hud killed several Indian* near Laredo, ha* returned to llay'* camp with Instruction* from < Jen. Taylor to prooeed to Mier, report to (Jen. Hopping, and await for further order* at that place. It in al*o Raid that the Central government of .VWxico have opened negotiation* with ?Jen Scott'* head quarter* In that event. It I* not probable a forward movement will be made until the result of the*e negotiation* *h*ll h? known l.*ron iiHrti.-n ! of Indian* are roaming over the country between Han Antonio and the Rio (irantle. Mr Cotton left Monterey on the 34th of July, he rn; presents water an scarce on the Laredo road. I Small robbing parties iufest the country between the Rio Orande and Mexico. ( apt llaylor had been sent out agaimt them; he captured several and huug them The Democrat gives the following aooount of the fight between ( apt. Lewis and Mr. (Cotton on the on* sida, and Home Llpan ludiane The Indians attacked Capt Lewis and Mr. (Cotton at a water hole, twelve mile* the other Hide of the Krio. They were secreted in a ohaparrel when the two TexInns came near the spot, the Indian* tired at them, per hap* a couple of times, wounded Lewla and charged < otton discharged one barrel of his shotgun. and killed an Indian Lewis killed another with htn rifle. Cut ton allot a third one badly, while h? wan In the act of shooting at him be thinkn he wounded him mortally. Me then drew his holster. advanced. and would bsve tired again, but Lewis advised him not to do so unleash* could make sure of his man. telling him at the ntnn time that he was wounded. The Indians were l.lptnr. 11 or litin number They retreated precipitately, getting up a nioiirnfui howl when they saw their comrades fall '1 he Indian, who tired at Lewis, wan bo near him. that the wadding set his clothes oil tire. Ills wouud is in hit hip Cotton had to assist him in mounting and dismounting from his horse about every ten mil?? fn>m thete to Laredo, where he left him, proceeding through a country Hwarming with thieves and robbers he hardly rested a moment till he reached Hen. Taylor's headquarters, and delivered the express Lewis In Laredo: his wound is doing well Tne urmncrat states, that the company of rangers, commanded hy Capt Johnson, from Shelby county, has lett Austin for their new station, at the old Waco vlllagn ou the braxos river. thirty miles above the falls, and aeren wast of Torrey'a Trading ll?use The Drino nut says: ? That Dolnt has also designated Iv I olonal Iliya, a? the aubneijueut illation of Col Koae * company. which Irft It* nlil campln* blacn on the Hun Oabriei. aereral daya alncs. and nr? thin, in at th?i villa a in the performance of Ita appointed duly Thla city 1* now entirely without protection, further than thi*t afforded by it* own oitlgan*. and thoM reaidlntf in tb? immediate neighborhood arm* I.ITKIXIOXNCK. [Krom the New Orlean* Picayune, Aujj JO.J Wa It-am that the (Joverunivnt ha* dually determined upon making a reijuUltion V r ten thoueaud more vi IUDlvern, under \he original law authorising thn r?i?i?K of flfty thouaand men Wear* led to belie v that the re(|uliition ii. inade principally upon the Weatern sutea. We raay eipect thet the call for the additional vok v t?era will reach ua through the papera in a day or two. Tli* daaignof the (iovernuiMiit la t<< hare thirty thouxand men under lian. Hcott'a ordera by tbe end of September. Thaaaoner tha iietter. naval. [From the N O. Dalta, Aug 30 ] Through tha oeurtaay of a gentleman who arrived on in a f?tw day* were mm them yellow li-riuantown wu Sibe i* now the tiag on the on a crulae, the ferer having board. The John Auama 1* blockading th? The commodore expected to tail in a few days, the whole Mjuadron, for Lu Arcai Islands They Ua r,(t to the westward of Vucatao The annexed communication from a corrcnpondant t Penaaoola ia entitled to the Implicit oredunoe of our reader* :? N*v? Yard, Pk*sacola, Auk. 17, 1647. Ai a person fully acquainted with the true etate of the case, and aeairoua of correcting any ar-oneou* repressions nnd exaggerated) reporta to which the arri val of the t\ ? steaiuer Mississippi. with ? number of tsver patients from the Gulf may bare given riM, I b?g leave to offer you for publication the exact state of the patients in the hcipltal at this station, as gathered ' ' - -* f ' ' -., >. '?' ?> '? . jtat.He>iin..n? f.f thia <lc.;*v There hcvebdea admitted into th?? hospital. Trout tue Mlasisslppi, 149 patii-nts many of whom not Uv.-r caaea, but ar? affected with other diaea^ea incident 'o the crew* of large ahipe*. No dfa.oa have r. JOrr.'il at the hospital up to thlj da.?*, nor on board tU- atip allien ahe left the aijuadron at Ant^D i.iiardo Out of the Whole number of there are hut neven considered severe or <i?.ig?rous, thrf JJ*at are reported convalescent. moat of them walking .about, and many not requiring medicine The charac'er of the diseaae ia reported by the *ur* geona of the ship and the hospital tia mild, yW'U'UlJ generally to medicai treats.,nt, and much modified hy U?e uure atmoaphere of thia place. The time of con/ licence is rather tedioua. Theae facta are respectfully aubmltted for the information of your readers, and with a view to prevent any unnecessary feara with regard to vlaiting I'ensacola or Ita vicinity, which were never more healthy or free?fv)Ri epidemic or oontagion than at present The Slave Case at Carlisle.?The Philadelphia Ledger of yesierd.iy, given n contiuuitlon of the evidence in thia caae Willia Koulke, on hia croaa examination, aaid that he did not know whether Mr. McCUntock knew, wbeu talking to him in the oourt r<*>m. that Soott waa endeavoring to reacue the colored woman. Edward Showers teatilled that while tbe appllcatlou for a writ of habeaa corpus wan being made, he waa couvcraing with .Mr. McClintook about the new law concerning fugitive alavea, passed at the laat session of tbe Legislature Me (witness) remarked to him "thia will bo a good time to try your new law." Mr McClintook then addreaaed himself to one of the counsel for the slaves, and be (witnoaa) left tbe oourt room, and afterward met Mr McC. ou the stepn of the court houae, who remarked that there had not been a particle of evidence brought againat theae peraonn to ahow they were . slaves lie said "They are aa free aa any of ua, and no slaveholder shall take them from ( arllsle. If I ean prevent it." Tbe carriage was then atandiug in tbe atreet, ttnda few minutes betorn the alaves were brought down. hd wvm away, and lie (wituens) missed him fl or 10 mi' nutes. After the riot commenced, ami clubs and atonea began to fly, 7'itneNii got behind the stone pillars, una naw very little ol took place after that Michael Holcomh, deputy sheriff, testified to having assisted in bringing the nla\ "*? the jail to the court house; saw Mr MoCllutOck and U" ^'r Ltlley conversing close to the bench when th.i general rush tooic place in the court room; don't rcmeml^r seeing Mr. McClinlockdown stairs. Mr. MoCllntock and Mr. Lilley went up to tha >??ooh aud spoke to the judge. Wui. ii. Penrose, Esq., depoaed that when the !iabea<f corpus wax argued, he wart in court, and heard Mr. Mc < I in toe k Hay that the Legislature had pasted a law which altered all the existing clave lawn of I'enusjlva ilia Amoug those who participated in the riot in the court room wax a man named Augustus Bootes or I'oaten; he wax particularly active. Mr MoCllntook, Mr. Showers, and Mr. < aldwell had a discussion in th?r court room, about the conKitutlonal rights of the slave holders. Three or four other witnessi' i w.-r? ulco examined, who testified much to the amu-i. i,'>a am ihoge who pr?ceded them. Firk at Albany.?A large fire occurred itl AlIxuiy on the afternoon of Tfiuwluy. Ft lir??kc out in the chair paint chip of Messrs Tarnell k Iwhty, on Lodge street The flames extended to State and Howard streets, devouring a* they went The property destroyed was the large frame building on the corner of LoJge and State streets, owned by the Van HenssalKer estate, and occuDied bv Thomas McOuire. ax a furniture store tin wan insured iu the Albany Insurance Co., $700. Lom about $8000. George Klley, furniture atom, $1000. No insurano* Benson and ( ranuel h plane factory. Insured $1,800 Lou about $1,700 A two story building, occupied by Thou. McUuire and another family as a dwelling They saved little or nothing. Small frame buildings on Lodge street, occupied by three paint shops of Menard Burley. Corliss. and Coburn But littlo saved. Stock all destroyed. The building on the corner of Howard and Lodge street*, owned by the widow Calverey, Insured $400 It was occupied by r. Lamb, grocer No insurance. Loaa about $iOO. The upper part occupied by Mr. Atheral, saw filer. Ha naved nearly all bis property The adjoining building on th? corner of Howard and Lodge wax occupied by Mrs. Calverey. Sne saved nearly all Iter furniture. Tivoii Hose Company had an Insurance on their property of $140. The Are was the largest and the hottest we have had in a year ? Jilbtmy Knickerbocker. OBt'.'HPATENT PREMIUM EXTENSION DININU TABLKM, with melal pUted iliden, for piivst* i>arl?ra unit (limine rooms, hotels, steamboats, die., unsurpassed for elegance, durability and convenience. warranted never to get not of order. A large assortment, the largest in the city, sud unequalled for variety; together with a general assortment of tleKant and fashionable Cabinet Kuruiture, constantly to found at the wurerooms, No. 443 Broadwur, where the public are reupectfully invited to call and es.iriffle. au24'JOt*rc C. K HOBK HI Broadway. TP HE NEW YORK KAM1LV MOUHNlNti STORE ? A Kvery description of firat and secoiiu mourning tn g.e?l rariety; Mantfeg, cloaks, ? ollars, Millinery Ho* ten <kc. Ladies are informed that thiiestahlishmeiitlis inte"d? 'r for the sa'e of every variety of m"uruin?r goods at ll< t: < ?Jw?V' one door from Broo?*? Ht*tf T\lt w rAPKK HAMlilMJ??r. PAMfcft ft < o , yZ~ 179 Pearl street, >rw York, Importers and .Vlanuiac'iirer*, have received their usual lar^-r supply of all the new interna, "f every style and iinality. of Krenfh and American Paj er Hangings, Borders, View*. Hi.. hoard Prints, and wrie \V iuilow urtain I' pet, winch they offer to dealers, merchants. Hid others, at extremely low pncia. The rnoat competent workmen to harg paper may be iivl u tWTHlwif intlm. )M10'*rr MONKV LfcNT?The highest inces advanced in Urge air' ainall Mima on goiu and silver watches, dinm jnJ*, |.Ute, jemlry. lurnitiire. clothing, dry goods, kr kc. JOHN M. DAVIKltj Licensed Pawnbroker 232 William street, near Dual*. Persona received in private office by ringing the bell. sn*? ?r?r VI RS. M. < \RROLL'S MEOICATKU VAPOK Bat... ivA 184 Kultnu stieet, opposite Church street, are a safe ana certain cure for theuknatism, coughs, colds, swelling ol the glands, stiffness of the joints, ague anil fever, tec., recommended by l)rs. Mott, Stevens, Boyd, and others. The Vapor Bath lit* lirrii in r r * i%fn 11 v Milm niat**r?<i in th# *k<ivi> rnmhUinli for (lie insl 23 year*. Opto from 6 A. M. till 10 1' M. Harsnparilla Hyrap prepared by llie Hlmkers, 70 eeuu per Hottla wt W*n P~ ANTAL0<-)NH -K A1IKKNH. the well known Pants Tailor, 20X Ann utreet, has lately received over 100 pe?. Cinty Caasimere* mnl Linens, of which he makes [nuila in order lor only \1 '<0 lo V per pair. AUo, Kn-neh mid huglian black caaaimerev and doeskins, >from tu ?u er pair warranted good. oruos,0e. (ienl* who are in waul of Pauls, will do well to call at Ann ?U??t, Jy< Wt*rc BKEKMAN HOU8K, N04M Beekinaw sneer Board Lodging by the day, week or month, oo (he moil reason* ble leraia. A choice of aeveral tingle roomt may be had by applying immediately. Mingle meals in- V be had at nil boura of the day aud eventng. J WILBO v POUiVrHV MKMCHAN'iH, DKALKH* IN I'kKKtJ. MKKV, Toilet Soup*. Parent Medicines, l>?.iey Article*, in every variety, supplied upon the lowest terms at Nil J ci, rfrct, Hrsl 'tore Iroui Br.xidwajv Aim, VHOOM St KOWLKK'H uuriv.tlled Walnut Oil Military Hh*rims .Soap the only genuine, awarded the first preiaintn at tm American Institute in IWI and IHf> OKU I) OROW.M, formerly an*Mr*m V IIOO VI ? KO W I.KIt of No. 1. N (^HKAPt'AHH K8TABLI8IIMKNT.?Tho undertigned J rbruithes ?hi|i?. ?tearnen, hotela, boarding houses and fa nulies with all kinds *f stores at wholesale price* Am?k hrt truck inny l>e found groceries. li<|itor?, *egan,fiue win? , j'i baskets Wuc D. M"utabello and tleidaick I Imrupngii* M half chenl* black and green Tea will t?e sold at great haig*n,a to close a consignment Country merchants anifup town t> m er? would do wc'l lo call. All orders from the country will be prmn|>tly intended to. Master* of vessel# having small k M of good* to dis|>o*e of for ca*h will pleaaecall. Order* amount it k lo f 10 will be sent home free of callage. j auH?t*re A. II. MII.LH. M Wstev tl i > KOTON W ATKK ULTKIIH ,vT 5S?: DOLLAR KACH.?J MTONK. No. 390 Broadway, New York. begs to inform Ins friends ?nd the poMic ol this city and other places which sre supplied bv public water work*, that be haa to trrauged Ins improved Water Kilters lhat they can be applied to tne Croton water I'aiiceta. T lie y* are an constructed that ufpnioi can teep iiww in oruer oy repienisnmg * itn the filtering medium at the moat trifling eipense. A un?l? inspection will convince any oue of their saperiority ovti uy othei Kilter in use. P 8.?lln r>th?r Ki|tess<.ld as asnal. VNALY8IB OK BK*UTV ?tha lace the oval form, *ii?l the complements of beaut,, ??>s Wti.klemaa, the apostle of beaut)', the Mir ought to crowi. the fore hrnd, and to surround the temples. deacribmg * poition of* circle, as it ? in general Men in beautiful persons Tli form of the forehead ia appropriate to all ideal head*. Q, his |*iDl l.avnter concur* in the name opinion with Winkleuvui. and the a ctents thought the hair produced a very bad effect It it dtseeiided to low as to hide the forehead. l.,ue<an, d?sigrnng to represent in the moat ladicrou tnannei, the hair of ,n ngl/ woman says that it wnt short, fl it. and glued down a? ft were to her forehead, which might lead ua indeed. *ere the circumstances not to leinote, Mi imagine he waidesr ,.\\x some ot our modern Broadway beltei or ar tniiiu: A remedy, h. wever, is fortunately ar hand, ar.d triumphs o?(i N^'nre: nnd t?>.'world renowued Pnudm Nuhnle the 11-. n in n of that iogrnioua chemist, Df. Mil Ooareud wili e.-adi rate er?ry fibre of tnpe'flaous hair wherever applied. aed disl-liy the hidden beauties and intellectual darelopmetifs ot e 'her male or female foreheads. Bot be ?ure ?nd get th' lie I m lie preparation, and that is to be procured at the Doctor's i.niy depot iu New Vork, 67 Wilker street, rtrat ?tore frr.m Broadway. aordt*" IV' H AI ' 1 ? tKdftfc1U&jfgfe*

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