Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 30, 1847 Page 1
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XJ ! BgEB? T XT % oL. XIII. No. Utt?Wholo Ho. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, orttfwwt corn ar of Fulton and Imm Mi. JAMES CORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. oracuu noai-roRTv tuociaid. DAILY HfelKAL.u-fe.very da,. tnem 2 c?nti p?r copy?*> Kper iinuum?Mvible in?dr?nce. w EKKL7 KfcU VLU?Krery 8uvday?Priea ?M cmf prrnoiiy?jij io4"o? per annum?|inyar>ie in iutiiicc HKRyLD FOR EUROPE-Eyery Steain Packet darPri-e X i?t copy?tj per annum. mcladinf postage pty lUe in tdvunre. 9 udac nation* and ad?erti?fn?fnU will op recby Messrs Qalirnani. 18 rue Viyietine, Paris ; P L itioioTKit, It Cornhill. and John Mi'ler, the bookseller, Loudoi. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALI>-P?hlished on the 1st of January >>f each venr?(ingle copies iii|??ce each. ? DVKSTIStMKNTS, at the usual price*?always idvnucf AJvertiicioritU should be written in plain. legible Mitnii'r. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors thai mawiccnr iu them. ? PHINH>ro of all kind* executed besutifally and Witt, des .atcli. At1 letters or communications by wail, addresaea to Ihe establishment, mint be post paid, or the postage will be a? 4vrrA (mm the inlMeriptins raone* tsmittfJ MK W V UKK AMI * \HLfc?l HAH.K4>/Al? OUMf AN Y HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, I?47, the Cars will run a* follows, until further notice. Up trams will leare the City Hall for _ . , Hirlrmk \lorrisiana. Forhani & Tockahoe PleasantTille, iXA.M. Will'msBr'ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " j 30 A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, I ' 7 " 7 A. M. Whitlickrille ? " 10 " 10 " Crotoo Falls. II 11 " 4 F.M. 7 A. M. 11 " $ r. M. ? ? M * T. M. I P. M. 4 , .. J JO " 4 " I# " J 5 JO " ( JO " Returning to New Yora: will leare? MorrisianakHarlem. Fordham. Will'ma Br)ri. Tiiekaho;. 7 Oi A M. ? 53 A.M. 6 46 A.M. 7 JO A M. t 1J " 7 55 " 7 50 " 48 a ? t 09 " 9 W* 1 20 P. M. II ? 12 23 P. M. 11 .S P. M. 5 52 1 U Ji P. M. . 1 45 " 1 40 " White PI1* * ?? J 01 " 6 7 10 A. M. I 15 " ? 01 " I S3 " 5 20 ? M " 7 4? 1 P.M. A " I M M OO ? I 05 14 Pleasantvilte. New Castle. Bedford. Whitliokville. II 13 A M. AM. 7 31 AM. 7 43AM ilirM. ? P M. 4 41 P M. 4 44 PM Croton Fall*. 7 SO A M. 4 30 P M. The trains to and from Croton Falls will not atop on New Fork Island, except at Broome atreet, and Md street. Acer will precede each train ten minntea, to take np passengers in the crty. The morning train of care from Croton Falls will not atop between White Plaina and New York, except at Tnckahoe William's Bridge, and For dham. Eitn trains on Snndays to Harlem and Mernaiana, if wittntf. Stages for Lake Mahopack and Danbnnr leave Croton Falls on inival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawlings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARE FUOM NEW YORK : ?o Croton Fnlla ... fl 00 o Whitlickville I7K To Newcastle 74 To Pleasantvill* WK To White Plains.,....................... 40 Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning. leave Croton Falla at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. (MY k CO. *8 BOSTON AND KAH t bKM EXL&| PRESS, via Newrvirt and Fall River ?This Express BC Icavrs the office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, daily, at quarter before 4 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to merchants and others the advantage of a late hour for forwardiuK cases, packages, tic. Bank notes, specie, drafts, aud valuable parcels are secured in iron safes and placed in tne charge of faithful conductors. OAY St CO. Merchandise, packages, Ike. forwarded in our own cars, and by leaving orders at our office. No. I Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in any part of the city. No. 1 Wall street, comer Broadway. ) No. 7 Sue street. Boston. auS 30tre m OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE?To r. W Albany. Utica >' 30: Syracuse, S3; Oswego: MUHBa$3: Rui'liesfr. S3; Buffalo, $2; Cleveland, $4; Detroit, Ji. Milwaukie, S3 74; Chicago, Si 74; Cincinnati, $3 75: T iron to md Hamilton, (1; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, S<; Pitubnrg. $C. Oi8c<\ 100 Barclay stroet. . ny s curtv required will be given I'or the fultfhnent of all contr-cts roide wi/li this company. an2i3i?t*re_ _ M. L HAY, Agent | New York. 1817. COtfEY ISLAND KERHY.?The"we7l -j* knowu gteaim-r AMERF?AN EAGLE. CapJHMMMCjKLtnin Geo H. Tower, will ran regularly during tha seaso-i to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, aa follows:?Leaving Pier No l,at 10, i,4; leaving Coney laland at llfc,*# ?. I ii addition to the above trips, will make a mo rain* trip to Fnrt Hiimilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilton at t o'clock. iiu4 45t*rc_ ~FOKKKV POKT.-Th. ..earner JOStPH | COFFEE. will leave the pier, foot of " ?^v>wwwMviiauiuria ?nc*i, ucui ? . ivi nvi i uu> av * o'clock. P. M. N. B.?( >n Sunday's, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond street at t; street. I1*': Chambera street, 8X. Pike atreet, Ea?t River, 91- and Pier No. 1, .North River, at ? o'clock _ _ nu;l J<u*m NOTICE. .mm,. STATEN ISLAND KERRY.-Oa and r ofter SUNDAY, April 18th, the ateamboau t-J CtSUL 8VLI'H and STATEN ISLANDER will ru/i as follows, until inrther uotice LBAVC STATKIV ISLAND At ?, t. ?, 10,11, A. M., and 1, 3, I, 4, S, t, 7, P. M. LKAVE NKW VOHK At 7, I, 10, 11, A. M , and 1, 2, ten minuw* past I, led M 4, 9, 6,7. o'clock, P.M. New York April lltn. all r " KOlTainrKVVHBUinr. OCEAN HOUSE I . Lrfi'iu Branch. Rnnsora Dock, Brown's Dock, ' ** -itiSvw Middletown and Red Bank.?The 8team boat OKITS. G. Price, Maater, will ran u follow*, from kulton Market Slip, East River >Leave New Vork Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Monday, 30, 7 A. M. Monday, 30. II A.M. Tn?iday, 31, 7 A.M. Tuesday. 31, 12 M. The Line Stag** will ran to Howell Works, SjUan Village | an<l krechold. Slaves to come r passeugeri to all part* of the OO'intry. N. B. AH persona ore forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P ALLAIRE. aul 3iH? rr _ -a*,"" FOR SHREWSB UKV, LoNO ilfiANUH, I - * P. W. 8C H KNUK '!J, HI <J H L AN 8. Ocean vVWi"?{siG>Bto House, ami Eatontown Lauding. The Steamboat EDWIN LEWIS, Capt. Haynes, will run as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River: Leave Nev> Ya- <. Leave Shrewhury. Aug. o'clock. An*, o'clock. Moudty, 3d, at 6 A.M. Monday, 30, at 10 A.M. Tuesday,31, at t>,'iA. M. Tuesday, 31, at II A.M. Stakes will be in readiness on the arsivill of the li?at to con vey p<?seu?ers to all parts of tne country. jy3l 30t*rc (mas The superior steamer NEW HAVEN, f ?^TantJiin Van Pelt, c.111 be chartered for EicurMHBMMVflkisioiis to any place, by application at No. I B?n*rv row, IVmili river. jv2!30trc '-ms*^ ITIZEN M " >KW DAY LINE OK OPPOSITION BOATS KOR ALBANY, Lauding at Van Courtlaudt's Newburgh, Ponnhkeep?ie, Kingston, Cat*kill andiiudsuu.?KareiO eeuta? Brmkfust and Dinner on Board. The new ami elegant Ste-uner ROUER WILLIAMS. Can. A. Dr>{root, TnesHays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-paat lis, A. M . from the pier foot of llohinson street, touching at j .?. , v... V.>.b For i*??*;te or Irieght, apply ?n board the Boats, 01 to Geo. T. Stanley rtt the office, foot of Robinson itteet. (?7* All prrsonsare forbid trusting the ?ho*e boett o? ae mitif nl'f' c ?wn?T1 mTie rh m MOtvMINO LINK KORAXBAN i AND ' r.-timJ3* TttOV and Intermediate Landings. RCHo Breakfast ami Dinner ou board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, B ill leare the steripboat pier foot of Barclay street, Monday*, Wednesday!, and Friday*, at seven o'clock A. M. Returnir.i' on 'lie op|H>?ite day*. The Steamer NIAGARA, ('apt. H. L. Kel!oEif, will leafe ihe Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street. Tuesday, Thursday auH Sitarday, at half past sii o'clock, A. M., returuinf on the opposite days. IX~jr" Fare SO rents. S\,r nasssire or freight, apply oa board, ar to V. B Ilall. at tbe ofrr* <n ?'? whnrf. ivW ? - pggTH BTEAM *NAVIQ\Tl6lt COM "AN V ?Ui.ited States Mail Line to '<)wes and Soirhampton and Bremen. -tX*'^'ffjtf rhr splei did new st-amship WASHIN*)trSHnaTON 1750 tons burthen. Kiede'ic Hewitt, commnider, will st rt fiom New Yoik ou the Sid September, C rryinR th : United St*lei Mail. She wil| toil' h st Cowes and Southampton to land passen?*'S a id (f iklit. ami delirer the mails f?r Knilaud, Krance and lelfium. and wi I then proceed to B rmerhartn. Returning, wi'l esre Hremerhsven the ISth October. | he VVxslii'iKton is built in the .tro.ieest minner. with a view ro be" K convert'd into a ship of nv, and subject at anv time ro i?sp rti n by ottsers appointed by the President, both duriuK >nd sfter c?- stiu-tion. 8*i<? hs< two engines, <*' 1000 horse power each, and accomm .d >ri,>i ? Tor 20 nisseffr-r. P .awuc from N'ew York to Southampton or to Bremen, Pa??.nf? from B rmi'i >iii(1 HnuilniP|i on ?o New York, Hli* ?ill carry abut 300 ton* freight, which will be charged acnrdi-.g m the nature of the gondi Ifering. AM letter* in'Mt |ii?? throngli the P *' OSfi P*reela, for which bill* of lnrti a will be Mgned, will be cher^ed each. For freight or |m?aag? apply at the nllire of the Ocean Steam Navigation I iomimny, ?i Willi <(n mrret. corner of Wall. K MILLS General Agent. Agenta al Sonthampton I)AY, f'HOSKKY k ROSS. at B.emen r.A. HKINKKKN k CO. ' at Hare WILLIAM ISM.IN. Til* aecon I Kteani'r of the line ia in dne ronrte of con'tracti in ? '' i'l k* "i reidine? i" tbe enaning fall nSKN .f-.f?r-_iii. FOR HAVHK (via Cherbonii).?The eteamer MISHOIRI, Captain Moriu, will /%Tvili-'7/'itf^leava 'in her regular day, Tuesday, the 3l?t -i A&iLJua itatant. Price of pauage, f 1911 The ahip haa an et erieuced aurgeou. Lerteri tnuat pa?? through the Pnat-olfiue. For pn?aage or freight, apply to ?n'n,,1l re A YM Aft k Co . II Hnnth'at r r-r?~i.-? maFls" oFfHfc" StSawV-R ? / VH()IJ H |, for H?frr, will <|o*? tt /&* OQlM^iy, 3lar |ri?r*?t At 12 ocl1'noon' au28,301 31 rc 8T16AM8IIIP MlWoiJttl. ?1Af, a .ip will leave ihe wh>rf, /AftXC71 f-C*3 ' Clinton ?tv?er, on itteaday, 3t?t iwW ,n ' P"ci?lyal IP M. - - iBXx^a* are rrqueated to aeml t^tir b j air* (ri'ert ?tich aa they require daring the voyage,) o feimr-i on NT "id iv. No Package* will lie received after 9 A. M.t Tncaday. a?*. 30 k II jrn , HTK.\MSHII' MIHSOI III -I'KKSONH ha?mir Ml la agamat thia abip are remieated them in npi irate, at the office of j'i j'""!**' on Nlo,ld?> . Mlh mat. APAIITMKNTS TO LET handiomely fnmuhed or un(umiahed, at >1 North Moore atreet. au3l 7t*rc E NE1 NI KOR LIVERPOOL?New IIm-HhuIii pack^HflWet of ?tli of Heirteiaber ?The .pleadid.Taat .ailing Hpukd .hip SHERIDAN. C.ptaia O. B. Coruuh, will poaitirely aail a. abo?e, her tegular day. for fnigkt or puM|?, haruur haudMme forniihed icmbd<y "iW i?> KOK UVKKPOOL.?Th. New Liue?Regular J9fL packet of flat Sfp'tmber.-The *un*rinrfaat .ailiug SUtlL Packet .hip QUtKN OF THE WEST, Captaiu Philip Woodhouu, ilJOtoo. burthen, will ail .< .bore, her reguarday. F.?r freight or paaaage, hanag tpleudid large and comfortable room* aud cabiu, apply to ti.e captain oa board, pier No. II, weat.ide ol' Burling .lip. or to _ WoOkHOLL fc M NTURN, (7 Soath .t. Price of parage $IU0 The uew pa ket .nip CON8TI TUTION, I60A ton* burthen, Cai't Jnlin Brirtou, will mcceedllie Queen of the We.', and mil ?wi her egular day. 2'.t ?f OcMier ?2r, re FOR LIVERPOOL ?Oulv rerular , arkrt of the w3CTV*th t*ePTt;rntirrVwl?47 .^he "'Iiriiificriii last sailing JKHMlbl'ackct .hip PATRiCK HENKY, burthen 10(10 tous, Caul Uclaui), will Mil positively ou tlie Stli September. The arcommodattuna for cabin a-ci<ud cabin uuil s'eertgc paasengera are inferior to any other ?e?a? I in poit, anil aa a iiutnber of her |iiuaeiig?n are already engaged, tnoie desirous of aecurimc bar.In should make early application on hoard, foot of Maiden-lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.VIURRAV, an21 [Orrc cor, of Pine and South ?ta. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO-PAKSAUK TO ifl^ind froin Liverpool, per BUck Ball Line of Packets, JBBSbaud Remittances to Ireland Ike. The well known favorite packet ship COLUMBIA, will aail for Liverpool, on Wednesday, tho Urat of September, her regular Jay H'or terras of cabin, (MOM cabin, aud steerage passage, apply to Captain Furber. on board at tlie foot of Deckman alrret, or To the auburribera The YORKSHIRE will aall from Liverpool, on firat of October; passage can be eugaged to come from the old country by this splendid ship, or by uiy of the parketa ofthe Old Black Ball Liue. to sail from it ou the 1st and Urii of every mouth, by applying to na. Those remitting moiev to Ireland, can have drafts on THE ROYAL BANK OP IRELAND, and o% PRESCOTT, GROTE Ic CO, Bankers, London, which will he paid at the various branches throughoat Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO, No. J j Fulton street, New York, uext door to the Fulton Bank, Only authoriied Passenger agents for the Old or Black Ball Line ot Liverpool packet". hu2J re KOK NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana anO New *S?V York Liue of Packets?The splendid fast sailing {HHBBP'icket ship HUDSON. P. Page mister, is now loading, mid will positively sail September 13. her reguliu day. For freight or passage, having' handiomc furnished accommodations, apply ou board at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 66 South st Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff Ik Co.. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The puchet ship Oswego, Capt. Ingersoll, will succeed the Hu'lanii, ?nd sail r?mlar da? au2l ONLY ReGULAR LIN EOF PA?_KE1S> FOR fgjEjtV NEW ORLEANS.?The following well known, JHUKefaat sailing and favorite packet ahipa have accommodatioua uusurpaaseu for cabin, second cabin and '.eerage |w?seugers, aud will iositively sail as advertised, or passage free, vii :? The SILAS HOLMES, Capt. Berry, Mom'ay, Aug. 30th. The SOUTHERNER . Capt. Palmer, Sep emderOrn. The HUDSON. Cant. Phuc Henremhpr 13th. Penous wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage by eulier the above parkeu, a? thev are all firat elaia ships, commanded by men experienced in the trade, and will Mil punctually on their appointed daya. To aecnr* berth*, apply on board, or to u.20 w. ?t I T. TAPWOTT. Mfcwithst. h OR MARSE1LLES.?The ship MI?taVA' KkHIV Capt. Brown. For frnght or pntanur apply to Jfifiifa CHAMI'KHLAIN It PHELPS, or to iiih rr BOYI) Hi filNCKK.N, U nitn BO * >( t'F THE CITY OF ST. LoUM KoH SALE ?Mayor's Office, 8t. Louis, Mo., August 14, 1847.?Up to the llth day of Octobrr, 18 7. sealed hida will be received by thr undersigned, M yor of 'he city of St. Lou's, fur the pur chase of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of six per cent bonds of the city ol St. Louis, (except such amount thereof a? may be sold at par, on or before the 13th day of September, 1817, payable ?t St. Louis, or Mew York, at th? option ol the puichasers?the princip'l in twenty years, and theinterest (being sii percent per auuum) semi-annually Such bias may be for part, or the whole of a id bonds. The bouds are to be each for the sum of one thousaud dollars. Each bidder is required to write upou hia bid the amount of bonds for which lie i offers, and to nuke a pan-meut in cash of five per cent f the amount of bonds bid f >r by him, to be deposited in the hands of the Mayor, at the time of receiving bids, which deposite shall be re|>aid by the Mayor on the day succeeding the day ou which the bids ahall have beeu opened, to the persons who made the deoosites, excepting to the bidder to whom the bonds are awarded. On the llth day of October. 1847, the bids sh*ll be opened; the bond* then unsold ahall be sold to the highest bidder, or bidders, for cash, onles> the bida be deemed too low. Or.ificateaof indebtedness now outstanding against the city will be received in lieu ol cash. Up to the 15th day of September, 1817. inclusive, the Mayor will sell the bonds afore?aid, or any part thereof, to ?ny person or persons, at par, for cash, making th? bouda so taken at par for cuh, payable at twenty, t< n. nine, six, or three years, airr r uate. at tne option ol tlic purchasers. A copv ol the ordinance authorising the sale of thru bond* is giveu below. BRYAN MITLLANPHY, Mayor. D. H. AaMiTRONQ, Comptroller. T Ordinance No. 1 866 j An Ordinance to provide for the payment of outstaudiug bonds, and obligations ot indebtedness, which fail due during the S resent fiscal year. e it ordained by the City Council of the City of St. Loui? as follows : 8gC I Tint the Mayor be, and lie is hereby authorised, to issue the bonds of the city to the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for the purpose ol paving the ontstaudiug bonds of the city, which fall due duriug the present liscal year, and also other obliK >lious of in<Jebted?ess which existed prepreviousto the coinmeucetueut ol the present liscal year. 8*c. 2 The boo-<s to be issued under ihe provisions of this ordinance, shall be each for the sum of one thousand dollars and shall he signed by the Mayor, and couulersigned by the Treasurer and Comi?roller; shall be issued to bearer, and shall be dated ou the day of tlir ?al? thereof; auil such as are uot otherwise provided lor by the fourth section of this ordinance, shall be redeemable "t the end of tweuty years from the date thereof; and shall lie made payable, orindual and interest, either in this city or in the city of New \ ork. at the ontioo of tli- purchaser, which shall be designated >: the time of purchase; the said bonds shall bear iuterest at the rite of six per centum per auuum, payable semi-annu II v, for which coupons shall be attached, said coupons to be signed by the Treasurer. Sf.c 3, Immediately after the passage of this ordiuance, the Mayor shall advertise in two papers of this rity, staling that he will sell the bonds aforesaid, or auy curt thereof; to any l>erson or persous, at par, for cash, at any time previous to Lhirty-five days after the passage of this ordinance ; and that such bonds as muy not be sold iu this manner will be sold to the highest bidder, for cash, on a day which shall be thirty-live days afler the passage of this ordinance between the hours of IK aud 1 o'clock, P. M ; and said da) shall be des guated by the Mayor, iu his advertisement ; and, further, that he will receive sealed bids for the same up t1 that time Skc. 4. The itiayot shall sell all, or auy part of the aforesaid bouds, at par. to any person or iiersous, who may apply for the same; and he shall deixsit the money received fiom such sale in the City Treasury; and such persou or persons who mav buy said honds at p?r. shall have the option of having the bonds executed, redeemable in either th ee sit, nine. ten. or tweuty year* nine or tney may eiect iina designate it the tune ot purchase. Mkc. i On (he <1 \y which shall hsve been designated by the Mayor, in the adTertiseinent provided Tor by the ihird seetiou of f > ordinance, between the Honrs of 12 and I o'clock, P M., the Mayor shall, in the jireseuce I' 'h* Comptroller. aud the President of the Board of Aldermen, and the Chairinau of the Doard of Delegates, or such of them a? may be prrseut. o|>en all bula (or the purchase of said bond*, which he may hare received op to that time, and he (hall sell to the highest bidder, or bidders, for cash, all ofthe boudi issued under the provisions of this ordinauce. which shall not have beeu wild previously in manner as described in the fourth section o<~this ordinance; unless in the opinion of the Mayor. President of the Board of Aldermen and the Chairman of the Board of D'leg itei. or a majority of them, the bids be deemed too |.?w; in which case, they 'lull proceed to make suclt negotiation for the sale of the bonds, as snail appear to a majority if them best for the interest of the city. Hkc. ' It shall be the duty of the Mayor to require each bidd-r to write U|>on his bid, tfie amount of bonds lor win. h he offers, and he shall also require a payment in cash of five per rentnin of the amount of bonds hid lor, to be deposited in liis hands at the time of receiving the bid, -vliich deposit shall be repaid bv the Mayor on the day suiceediug the day on which the hid* shall huve been o|wne 1. to ihe persons who made the d?txisi's, eicepting to ihe bidder to whom the bonds are awarded. 8i:n 7. The amount of the proceeds of the bonds to be sold under the provisions of this ordinance is hereby appropriated o (lie payment of the bands of the city, falling ilue during the present fiscal year; aud also to the pa> ment of all ohligarons of indebtedness which existed previous to tli* commencement ofthe present fiscal year. 8kc H?Them shall be constituted a separate fund to be railed " the Sinking Fund,"mid 'ill moneys that ma be appropriated to that fund by the City Council, shall be set aside and reserved eiclnsively for the purpose of discharging thedrbUol the city made by way of loans to her. Site. 9 The Mayor shall re eive the certificates of indebtedness which are now ou standing agfcinst ilie city in lieu ol cash, wheu offered iu payment for the purchase of auy of the bonds authorised to be sold under this ordinance. DKMUTKIUS A. MAOEHAN. Chairman of the Board of Delegates. OROROK MAUUIKK, President ofthe Board of Aldermen. This bill having been presented to Bryan Mnllanphy, Mayor of the city of 8t. Louis, lor his approval, and having heen by him returned to the Bo rd of Aldermen in which Board it oriaioated, wifh *?is objections thereto, wss, tins eleventh day of August, one thousand eight hundred aud forty-seven, reconsidered by Mid Uoard, and passed by the requisite majority; nil e memb-ra of said Board having voted for its passage, thi nbjectionsol the Mayor therero. to the contrary, notwithstanding J08EPH W. DOUUMKHTY, , Clerk ofthe Board of Aldermen. i Tlos bill having been received by th- Board of Delegates, | ?) a mrhaeiiKer irom tne Bourn o| Aldermen, with the objection* of the Mayor thereto, on (he eleventh diy of Angn?t, one thiminn.l eight hundred mid fortv-ae?en. The Boa <1 ol" Dele* gitea thereupon proceeded, anil reconsidered the vole on (lie pauniie thereof. and, aftrr micli reconaidcr/ition. paaacd the Hime by the reijuiaite m?jority; all the member* preaent, nine in number, rotwg for tin [wi?ni(c thereof, the objeetiona of the Maror, to th? contrary, not ffithatandiag. , JOHN H. TICK, Cerk of the Board of Delegatea. I certify the foregoing to be a frtie copy cf the oriaijal Ordinance [ t. a. | on file in the Hegiater'* office. aatilw Ih JAM I.KMi 'N. Regiattr. NA IIA.N A. COllKN. COMMISSION MKKI.IIANT, Charleston, 8. C.. will make liberal advancea ?u all de acriptiona of merehaadira. an?4 ftr*re Q1 Ml Y ?There appear* to lie two ill llrrr,,t fl,?*> ? .,1 mrn in N-w York Po)onknow what makea one claaa look* o much attpenor to the other? Anawer' That'a a fact that haa truck me frequently. But I have ne?er been ahle to account lor the diffrrauce. It certainly u not the cloth, altogether. Why no?let me tell yon, one claaa hoya aix ahirta a year from Scott. 91 Niaaan atrtet, aud hii ahirta being cat in a a vie truly mchauieal, they cou?e<iuen'ly fit beautifully. '1 he other elaia don't cat* two atr<wa whether they wear any lurta or uot aa lone aa they are t lerated. When you want a?y ahirta, ctl there firat?he aella a magnificent ope for SI M, and wn.nuita them It It- Oppoaite Herald office. Katabliabed in)'. anlD ft*rrc Ht?lC TA(J?#HT, on moderate term-, by a lady who haa had eoniidemble eiperience in teaching. She teachea on the Logerian ayatetn, which ia greatly approved of in Knrope. Tenna, Three Dollara per month A line addreaaad to A. D.. at the Herald office, (tall be it 1#nd?d tf> ** PAINTING*?Aaaell collection of rare aud good ingi. by the old ma*ter?, in perfect ornar, *wl baiidaomely framed, for aale at 91 Liberty itreet. Two or three Ape historical picture*, landscape*, kc. May be seen every day from till I o'clocli. aui?30t*rc W Y O EW YORK, MONDAY MO ARRIVAL or THK STEAMSHIP QUADALQUIVER, (apt. Hoskeo. TEN DAYS LATER FROM ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. Very Important Intelligence to the COMMERCIAL COMMUNITY. Another Money Crisis in England. STATE OF THE GRAIN MARKETS. The Cotlou Trade. &C. &C. &0. Tim steamship Guadalquiver, Captain Hosken, stole quietly up our harbor early yesterday morning, to the astonishment or almost every one. She sailed from Liverpool at one o'clock on Saturday the 11th instant, and arrived about six o'clock yesterday morning, thus making the pissage over the Atlantic in less than fifteen days and-a-half. Our papers are to the latest moment. The news is of the greatest importance to the commercial community. There is another financial crisis in England, and several very extensive failures nave taken place. The total amount of the liabilities of the various firms whose failures had been reported on the London Corn Exchange alone, during the pressure, was estimated at ?1,300,000, or about #0,500,000. We give full commercial accounts in this sheet. The following is a comparative statement of nrlnAa onrr?ti( f ai> krAmlahiMu in T lirmpnAnl the 8(1 and 13th instant:? The Pmcr.i or Drkad?tltk? in LivcHroot., August 3. Jiunmt 13. Per Cambria. Ptr Ouaii-li/uivr. American wheat 7 6 9 a 8 ti a 9 0 Indian oorn 26 0 a 35 0 2(5 0 a 30 0 Indian mi>al 14 0 a l.'i 0 14 0 a 14 0 Western flour 37 0 a an o 30 0 a 37 0 Tin- Liverpool European Timen of the 14th instant, states, that by the last British mail steam hip to Boston upwards of ?12,000 of protested bills for non-acceptance were returned. It appears that the bills were drawn at New York for corn speculation for a Londxtn principal, but as the agent had exceeded his instructions, they were dishonored. Spain and Portugal continued as th?y were ; in a state of confusion. The official notice of the Bank of England, raising the minimum rate of discount to 51 per cent., had revived nil those discussinus which in April last were so warmly agitated respecting the power of that establishment, and the prudence with which that power is exercised. The French steamer Union, hence, arrived at Cherbourg, after a passage ot 13$ days. The Britannia arrived at Liverpool on the night of the 13?h. The packet ships John K Skiddy, Sea, Bavaria, Hendrick Hudson, Montreal, and Fidelia, had arrived out. As a proof of the pressure ofthe late high prices of food upon the resources of the poor, we may Instance that the payments into the Havings1 Banks ol the L'aited Kingdom, during the <iuarter ending the 5th July, amounted to only ?61,000, whilst the amount withdrawn was not less than i.'t,'.J00,000. It is probable that a higher rate of interest being now obtainable by other modes of investment, may have contributed to this large withdrawal of funds. The Belgium Government has determined to establish a direct steamboat communication between Antwerp and the L'nited States. n ww expeoieu mai mo monster steamer ureal uritain would b? afloat In the course of a week from the 14th InBtant. Between the date of the opening of this year's navigation and the 3d ult , there wero exportA from 8t. Petersburg!! 24J,?3.'i chetwerts of rye ; M9.71B chetwerts of wheat; 3H,333 chetwerts of oats, and U0.84-.2 kulen ol rye-meal. In Glasgow and its violuily fever appears to be on the Increase, as several more eases hart- been reported over the previous week. A hospital has been erected there, and Is now in full operation ; and by the removal of the infected and the fumigation of tliu houses, it is to be hoped it will soon be alleviated. A correspondent at St. Helena, in a letter dated June 16. Informs us that Captain Blrcn, of the Waterwich, of 10 guns, had just captured a line brigantine. with A10 slaves on board ; she was apparently an American built vessel, but had, when captured, neither papera nor oolors on board. By an official document, printed by order of the British House of Commons, it is shown that In Ave years to 1826, there were 6286 persons oonvicted on capital charges, and 307 were executed; in the next live yeurs 7077 Dersons were convicted, and 301 executed; in the next, 3877, out of which I7f> aere executed, In the next, 7rt7, out of which 44 were executed. The I'ari? CnnttUulionnel states that the cholera in raging with intense severity amongst the ltus*ian army of the Caucasus It ha* already carried off the General, Major Kowalewski, and Colonel Prince Orhelian The malady has diminished In mat detachment* of the army and increased in others. It In added that the cholera has appeared in some of the mountain district* hoi under the dominion of Ku**ia. A letter from Stuttgardt states that the second ami lout portion of the loan of 17,000,000 thaler* (14 000,000 franc*), at 4>f per cent, interest, whieh the Chambers authorised the Government of Wurtemburg to contraot, and which amount* to 6.000,(100 thaler*, has been negotiated with the houses of RothscUIM. of Frankfort, and of Fedder*. Benedict, and Stahl, of Muttgardt, at the rate of t?fl per IOO. The total length of the newraliw?y* authorised during the last session of Parliament is I6H?X mile*. The following are the members of the new Belgium Ministry, formed by Mr K. Kogler, who assume* the Home Department ? Veydt, Finance ; D'Hofftcbmidt. Foreign Affairs; 1)? Haus*y, Justice: Frere-Orhan, Public Works; Central Cbaral, War. The late advice* from Germany communicate a fact to the mercantile and (hipping interest a I hi- important fact of the righta and prlril* tfea of a froe port baring been accorded to a district ou the Weaer, where the nmall atream the (ieeate run* iuto the rirer.. Thin place Id rery near llremenharen, where all rer?el? of heavy hurthrn bound to Bremen are obliged to bring up The Hanorerlan government in deepening the \vnter at, and in the approache* to, llarbourg. it In believed with the Intention of making llarbourg alao a free port. Mince the 4th Inat , Earl Dalbouaie ha* been appointed Governor General of India, and Sir Menry Pottln|jer Governor of Madraa Hir Henry Smith aueceedH >lr Henry Pottinger aa (Jorernor of the Cape of Uood llope Hir II K, K \oungwill. It Id reported, ahottly amume the offlee of Lieutenant Governor of Australia; aud Sir Robert Wilaon, now (Jorernor of Gibraltar, I* likely to Teller* Lord Heaton in toe admlnlatration of the Ionian I aland*. The London Jltla?. ape*klng of the reported marriage between the Ouke of Wellington and MIm Burdett Contta, Nyi?' There 1? no longer any doubt that the preliminary arrangement! are nearly completed." The potatoe* thronghout the trie of Wlglit are looking remarkably well and the yield will be large and of good quality. Them are now in the 8t. (Catherine'* Dock* (which are filled with reaaela of all nation*) the gre?: quantity of 00 (KM) barrels of wheaten flour afloat, waiting quayroom to dUobarfi; beelde* a large quantity of ludiau corn meal and corn.?London Nrict *1uf. 12. Within thl* day or two there hare occurred two rery remarkable Inatanoea in which the auapended navigation law* hare been made arallable tor the Importation of grain and flour?one, belonging to Holland, harlng arrived from New .York, and another, belonging to the I'nlted Htate*. with a cargo compriaing 7604 wacka ol wheat and WIOO barrel* of Boar, from France.?lAvttpool Tint i. mi RNING, AUGUST 30, 1& ?- . :== The lute adrirea , from Smyrna to the nounoe that buolnent wv tery dull The Marc nage. and the high ratea demanded for freight, preVn^B merchant* from operating to the extent they would halfdone If T>-eeela oould have been engaged on moderate term* Some little buaioeaa had been recently tranaoted inoottonat Improved price*. In wool there was no alteration. Halea of Payambol ?flk had been made at a lower figure. The atata of the market for Import* I* oharacterlaed generally aa being languid in the extreme " Royal Visit to R> otlimo?Her majesty and royal contort, with the PrinOH of Walea and Prinoeaa Royal and aulte, left O'borne Creek, laie of Wight, on the llth loatant.for their tour through Scotlaul. which la expeoted to occupy about Bve weeka. The royal aquadron consisted of tb? Victoria mid Albert, Dlaok tagle, Undine. OarUnd. Fairy, and ^oourge. At night the aquad ron *111 uucuor during the voyiige u.t Plymouth. Falmouth, Milford, Douglas. not! Loch ltyau Oreat preparation* are making in Scotland to give tho royal party a truu Highland welcome. A* AxraieAN Yacht.?Amongst the Porrsiaoutli naval new* we flud the following : ?A crack yacht will shortly be looked for here from New York, whose model In quite a novelty The keel U 6)^ feet broad, clear of the garboard strake. aud GI feet long The yaobt in about I 76 ton*, length 69 feet on deck, width of beam 40 feet 3 j Incbe* She ii schooner-rigged. mast* 94 feet and Mi , feet. From the end of the mainboom to the end of the i jlbboom lJi feet, she i* called the Varborough. after | the deceased earl and oomuodore of the 11. V. H. atiom ov Kiki.i and F.mi-kiioiu.?Throughout j the hlitory of Kurope there never existed ulinilar exam- j pie* of *o manv sovereigns threatening to reelgn their | throne* as at the preaoot moment. No fewer than three or four potentate* are declared to entertain serious Intentions of abdicating their power and authority. The autoorat of l< us*la stands highest in polltioal Importance, lie 1* said to be suffering great mental a nxlety from some unexplained cause ; and. having provided the means of supporting himself liberally during life, by liberal Investments in the Knglish and French funds, under oolor of a great financial operation, ho inteuds, it is said, to retire to Italy, and there pa*a the remainder of hU day*. The King of W urtemberg, be father-in-law of the Prince of Orange, has repaired to the Hague, solely for the purpose of dissuading the I'rince of Orange from the decided resolution which he has taken to renounce the crown of Holland. The King of the Belgian* seems to be equally afllicted. He has returned to the Palace Laecken at Brussels, from I'arls. in such a mentally debilitated state that he i* unequal to the cares of government, and all parties seem at u loss to conceive what will be the upshot. Turning to 8pain. the last accounts from Madrid state that the Uueen has expressed to her minister* her resolute Intention to abdicate the throne, and It was renorteil that a special council who summoned to delibrat upon ! the subject. With regard to this latter case, there in no | doubt less apprehension need be entertained of the 1 Queen of 8p?in taking ao rash a step, an it would be lu 1 her na*e. an of the other royal personages acting upon 1 their declared intentions. The unhappy marriage of the Queen of Spain, brought about by h rench iutrigue, is doubtless the cause o( her Majesty's disgust of the present position ; but her youth, and still more her political Importance in the preservation of the balance of : European politics, preclude the thought of any such serious change of dynasty in Spain. With these singular and unprecedented events hanging over the ffcte of Europe. It is a great happiness for mankind that the general tendency of political opinions is to maintain peace, and to enlarge the sphere of human Industry by the general adoption of free trade principles. Scram Ship Ocadalqi'ivkh.?To-day a n?w steamship enteia upon oomoiercitl enterprise, and destined to traverse the waters of the Atlantic ocean She Is a beautiful vessel, and named the (Juadalqulver:?600 tons burthen, built by our townsmen, Messrs. Vernon it Co , and engines of 2'io horse power, manufactured at the extensive works of Messrs Kawcett Si Co., also of Liverpool. She leaves our shores unser the command of our old and esteemed friend. Captain iioxken. who kindly takes 1 clia.'ire of her to New Vorir th? (.iipn^ut 1 her owner*. Whm at that city. w? understand, c'"-Is 1 to be fitted up with flush decks. similar to tho?. ,f A i itMB iteamers. From New Tor he Wl -ed to I Havana, and he t ere employ the emu anoe of 1 passengers und light freight o> of i >&, and she in admirably adapted for tli mutt of such voyages. Her launch here was mot considerable interest. Whllat she has,been in ooks havlog her an- i gines Qtted she ha* been nn ol.j. very great attrao tlon. Having completed her li and being ready for sea, on the 7th she proceeded the Coburg Dock o*a trial trip down the channel rUi-r to test her capabilities. Hhe started at eight o . in t*e morning. Having on hoard a party uf ladies and gentlemen. The weather, though at first showery and unfavorable, afterwards became beautifully tine; and the ship made excellent way. The Mkerrie* were reached in a run of about sis hours, at two o'clock, against a strong opposing tide and head wind, and notwithstanding that the ship had on board ten days' supply of coal; and at seven o'clock sh'i returned to the Coburg Dock after a cruise highly satisfactory in its results in regard both to the vessel and her admirably constructed engiuA, which worked with unusual smoothness The oompany on hoard enjoyed the excursion highly, and separated with feelings of regard most honorable to the gallant host *host> hospitality they had received We are happy to state that she go?s out full of passengers and lightfreight ?for the latter ?7 per ton has been paid here. We with her commander and passengers a pleasant and prosperous voyagx. and trust that the <Juadali|uiver will gain fame and fortune for her spirited and euterprlsing owners.?European Times. Jiug. li T mtT n > -> .... I--,. ........ .- L? ll_. >??>? ?' ? ? ?' i.i i muvr.a in Ul Rur?..?HCIUrtJ 111** dicing of the trench Chambers. MUuUot took th? opportunity ot alluding to the struggles now going on In Switzerland aud Italy The Viscount de Klavlguy haying interpellated tbn French foreign minister upon these points, M. Uuizot disclaimed, as heretofore, any intention ou the part of France to interfere in the affaire of gwitzerla d, no intervention, he declared, being intended. At the same time, M Uuizot did not attempt to conceal that the proceedings of the radical party, "whose ideas,'' he said, "where they prevailed, brought about the shame aud ruin of the country where they were in lorce,'' would be put down If they persevered in attempting to break up the federal compact by violence With regard to Ita4y, M. Uuizot threw doubta upon the reported occupation of Kerrara by the Austrian troops Now, as we have the most authentic Intelligence of the fact, of tho truth ot which M. Uuliot must have been well aware when he spoke, it augurs but lndilferently of bit sincerity The friends of liberty throughout Kurope have viewed with feeling* of too much delight the reforms made by I the Pope since his accession to permit the Austrian* to counteract, by the unauthorised presence of their troop*, the wise and libeial measures now in progress throughout the I'apal States The occupation of Kerrara is a j scandalous violation of the Itoman terr tory. only *e- l eond in enormity to the vile conspiracy which haa re- | ceotly been defeated by the patriotism of the Deooie ? Non-intervention ban become lately a fashionable cry ; but we very much mistake the character of our countrymen, and, indeed. those of France, If they (lo not resist 1 thin aggresion of thu Austrian*. and demand serious nalNfactlon. With Kngland and Franco firmly united Id the chukk of Italian liberty, little fear* need be entertained of the elTorta of Prince Mntterulch. and of the e.der monarchic* of Kurope. The I'ope tuuxt receive every tupport from our own government, and we hope It will be afTorded equally by France In the spirit which her foreign miulater profease*. She may be assured that it will be responded to by Kngland with unxlou* aid zealous sincerity Thk Frkich Oi?*n Sth?iiih?The praii?? which hat been hestuwed on all hand* upon the shape and build of the new French trans-Atlantic steamer 1'ulon, ban been disagreeably *et off by an account given in a letter from a passenger on board that ateamer, to the Journal i/u Havre, ot the manner in which the agencie* and internal arrangement* of thin ve**el are carried on Thin gentleman, after dencrihlng the triumphant uianuer in which the ve?nel wa* received at New Y'ork, begin* by alluding to a remark, which he Nty* wa* generally made, that the vessel wa* III-painted and ill in order; but all thl*. lie H?y*. wa* excn*ed a* being c>iu*ed by the ha*te In which the ve**el w * got up. The ateainer *tarted well, and after a fair pannage, reached Cherbourg in thirteen day*. So far all wa* well Unfortunately it transpired at New Yorlc, that a dls*eu?ion had ariimn between the agent of the company and the captain of the steamer, ami thl* led to a ludicrou* exhibition of care1e**ne** The agent (nay* the correspondent of the ,/gurnol <lu liarrr.) doe* not *poak a word of Knglish, and he Indulge* lu a display of air* which I* anything but proper, til* deputy *peak* a little F'.ngli*h, but he I* unacquainted with the custom* of the country, and though lie talk* a great ileal, what he *ay* I* never to the point. On the day nf the departure of thu Rt^umcr. ah tn? imjt?*niri?rfi w?rn alftttnv <ir.?r> tn th^ir dinner, th? captain rose to apologia for tta? alwmrn of ou? of the necessaries of liia in the vessel, viz: the article of sugar, and ha a*ked the passengers whether they wished him to return to New Vork and get some, or ptoceed without iiuy' llowevnr disagreeable inch an omission might bn. It *?.i agreed to continue the voyage. Thin, however, la not all. The dinner, though good, waa always insufficient, and none of the delicacies whir(i are to be obtained on such steamera generally were here to be had There were no refreshment* to be had on board The wailing waa bad, and instead of a steward, that indispensable tlirectorof all, tiie I nion poaMiaea an old gentleman decorated with tbo cross ot the l.egion of Honor, a person, no doubt, ol the greatest respectability, hut whose attributes ara evidently ill defined. This gentleman, and thn other authorities on Hoard, had the best rooms In the veeael; they occupied the bust seats In the centra of the table, whilst the passengers were placed at the extremities Thay got the first helps without any regard for their neighbors; they spoke exceedingly louu, and were wanting In that decorum which is so essentially required. All ibl* was very offensive On deuk the service waa scarcely belter performed. The oftlc.-r on the waich walked tbo deuk with bia hands lu hi* pockets an in cigar or a pipe In his mouth, carrying on conversation In a loud voice with the passengers, and paying no attention to the man at the helm, who generally steered very utgligenily And bare it may be proper to observe that the faot alore ot the vessel telug ill ateered Is considered loh'tvo caused the Vessel to l<,?e, ou au average, 16 mile* per diem, that Is, the lo?s ot a day upou the whole voyage, besides an Immense Increase of expense to the proprietors "Tin correspondent of the Journal Ju Harrr conclude* by saying, ' 1 think that in general the officers of the Kronen merchant service attach au exaggerated Importance to the theory of their proiestion,andare too apt to neglect its practice This is the difference between theui ami the Americana. I prater th* American method.'' The Journal du Unvrr appends soma remark* to this letter, and says that moat of these defects may easily be remedied, and that already the company haa provided for a change in the agency at New York. i ?1 vr. The Engl lab Blrcllona. [From the \vlliner Time* Aug. 14 1 The election* for the fcnglUb. Irlih and Hootch borough* aig aow, * believe. concluded There ara yet a few of tha eountlaa undecided. Various speculative divisions of tba naw member* have been allotted by our contemporie*; but If political partlee ara U> be ranked as befo a Into liberal*. P?elite*. and protectionist, tb? member* will be oonaldarably on tba liberal aid*; but tha apparent numerical aeoeealon of strength gained by tba mlnlaterlal phalanx may, upon a division. be counterbalanced by tbe vot?* Of the new membera. entertaining ultra or Independent opinion* Tha minUterlal or liberal aaetlon would, if united, be about equal to the Peelitea and protectionist* combined With tbe exception of free trade queatlon*, respecting which there U a great gulf filed between tbe more liberal Peellte* and tbe proteotionif'i, it will be found, probably, that the ministerial measure* which may be propo*>-d in the enaulog Parliament, will be oarrled either by the forbearance of tbe protectionist party or by tbe support of tbe Peelltea. should any important question arise upon which all parties are as yet unpledged and unfettered, turning upon the great cause of public liberty, and Involving the right* of thu people as against the aristocracy, then It will appear whether the present rancorous feeling of the protectionist party against the Peelltes would survive the trial, and such a <|uestlon would test the integrity and consistency of the i'eellteH. The present distinctions of party cannot be of long duration. Kltber Sir Robert I'eel, with suoh of his adherents as may continue attached to him. must form a virtual coalition with the whigs, or they must return to their old seats " below the gangway," and merge Into the protectionist party, who. upon a new question, would receive some fresh designation, remaining still, as they ever will be, the great tory party of the oountry ? The county contests have not exhibited so many singular features of excitement as the borough elections. The great constituency of the West Riding of Yorklhlre, the most numerous in the kingdom, proposed Mr. Cobden just prior to the nomination day ; and his name threw smh terror into the hearts of his opponents that Mr. Denlion. who had represented the West Riding for six years, did not venture to demand a poll; and Mr Cobden was by acclamation elected th? oolleague of Lord Morpeth. Such a step cannot fall to have predominating influence over the free-trade discussions in the ensuing Parliament Mr. Bernal Osborne, a Liberal, has displaced ( olonel Wood a Conservative, in the county of Middlesex. Sir George Grey has also gained a county seat In Northumberland. In Ireland our apprehensions of the loss of Mr. Shlel's seat have proved uufounded, but he gained his election only after a severe contest; whilst we regret to say that Mr. Wyse, one of the most enlightened Liberals of Ireland, has been defeated. Sir Denham Norreys, a rising influential member of excellent principles, has been successful again at Mallow. Up to the latest hour of our going to press, the government of Lord John Russell may lie said to have the following gains and losses at the present efections : ? Total Liberal gain 74 Total Conservative gain SM Net Liberal Rain 4fl If the above be an accurate estimate?it in subject, however, to correction?it will give Lord John Russell W8 votes on a division. Thx returns to be received will probably giro his lordship some further voted. Tlio Mexican War In another Kngiiali Aspect. [From the London Times, August II ] Our columns and comments have lately been so monopolized by the experiments and vioissltudes of a general election, that the bmlssion of all notice of a rather Important despatch from Mexico some ten days ago whs an unavoidable occurrence. Since then the moro recent intelligence has arrived which we published yesterday, and which confirms to some extent the anticipations which would naturally have arisen from the previous mail, though it does cot bring uny decisive information on one or two points of considerable Interest. The mail of last month apprised us that the victorious and apparently unimpeded career of General Scott to the oapltal had been brought to a full stop at I'uebla, though rather by his own weakness than the enemy's strength It was Intimated also that some new base would be taken for the lino of operations on the city of Mexico, and that the arrival of fresh reinforcements, their organization at V 'Th ( rut, and their junction with the main body, must .-redo anv lurther movements While war was thus tared for. peace wa* not neglected, huJ with the usual umbidextrou* attitude of an American army. theCoinuiander-ln-Chlef and the "peace commissioner," were to advance together. From our present advices, we now oollect that General Scott in still at I'uebla, or at leant no authentU report* have been received of hi* advance, though by withdrawing the garrbion of Xaiapa, and leaving the height* about Ills present quarter* to the oare of a small detachment, he might march upon Mexico with full 10.001) ifTeotive men 8omu division* of the promised reinforcements had arrived at Vera Crux, where they were suffering frightfully from fever, which wa? expected to inoreaie in viruleuce H* the rainy : season approached No mention i* muds of the new line : of operation* Little, moreover, in said of the peace comI mi-nloner. which I* more unfortunate, u* the proceeding* of that high functionary were invested with considerable ' intwreat by the communication* of our previous curre*I poudeuce. It wu there authentically *tated that Mr Niohola* K. Trirt, the peace officer in i|Ue*tion. had been appointed, not unintentionally, by the Government of Washington after such a ashion and with *uch power* that the cordial co-operation of himself aud thu Genera! in command wa* an event beyond reattonablo expectation, and the report proceeded to relate tint <>eueial Scott had actually declined to be Hupersededso Hummarily, and that thet,e two high officer* of Congrea* were I thu* at variance in the heart of tho enemy's country, i Whether Mr. i'reaident folk ha* really succeeded in*et| ting aside the authority and forestalling the credit of hi* | rival we musiwiiivrorun ne?i uiau 10 uiscover, a* tne ; present intelligence only informs us tint Mr. Trist's priTata credentials and despatobe*(wbich he srem* to have forwarded quite independently of ths general Id command) bad been just received at Mexico, without gluing any authentic detail* of their oontents or their reception. * * * * Tbe tu rns of peace as most recently reported are Interesting and characteristic. America in to have the line of tho Bravo up to the Pass, or, an dome nay, even to Santa Ke, together with the province of L'pper California. It in even asserted in the private correspondence of some , of the tran??tlantic journal*, that Lower California, also, together with a right of way across the central isthmus will be comprised in the demands of Mr. Trist. Kach party In to pay its own expense*, and Mexico is to be reimbursed for her cessions of territory, in wbloh category, however, the original bone of contention, the Doab between tbe Del Norte and tbe Nueces, is not to be included. A suggestion, which we suspect must have come from the Americans, proposes that part of the payment for these lauds should be made In responsibility rather than in cash, and that after the " three millions'' have been paid down handsomely, the remaining accounts between the high contracting parties should be balanced liy the United States taking a certain portion of tha foreign debt of Mexico on their shoulders?a very pretty example of " conversion," which the creditors, however, will probably hardly think it worth their while to quarrel about Between certain securities, as between certain insects, there is no settling the precedence.? The truth cannot be denied, that, if the market had but tx-en opeuea a nine more iairiy. ,>i-w i amorma in or no | more una to Mexico than Louisiana ww to France Not , only In the population of Mexico almotit stationary, whilst tbat cf thel"nlted.Mtaten lncreanen at a rate greater than that of our own Inlands, but the country at the head | of the California CiuH in nucli an irreclaimable wante that all ordinary intercourse by thin route between Mexioo and the upper province* would be impossible, while the coant In of nuch a character a- to render any regular communication by sea but little more practicable. California mtild never he ttllleil hy the rican?. w/terea* the tide sitting westward Jrum the United Statu ihowi what mutt nlmoit nerenarity rttult in thati/uar Itr. In the present day, the sovereignty of thW barren and half explored province may neem of small moment, but ltn capabilitien and proiulne have not escaped the ey?s of the prudent The bay of Saw Francisco in the lineal in the world, and described by Captain Wilken an amply capacious enough to receive tli? united navies of America and Kurope Krom so favorable a harbor the course lies straight and obvioun to I'olynesia, i the 1'bllippines, New Holland, and China, and It Is not extravagant to suppose that the merchants of thin fu| ture emporium may opeu the com me re ot Japan. So I vrantflv iiiiImmiI ur? f h?? dcnt iit nt tlila nniviiwu n*uil gured by Intelligent American writer*, Hint It hut b?en represented hh unlikely long to be subordinate to tbe power* of the Atlantic seaboard, but a* promising to risu into an Independent power, which should rule over the water* of the I'anino. Such i* the region which an amblttoui* and aggressive State I* nnw endeavoring to extort from an tin hi die but obstinate nephhor -an attempt In which It I* Indeed probabl* that ulie w II ultimately succeed, but of which the realization appear* thrown to a greater distance hy every *ucce*?lye mall Ntate of Mexico. [Correspondence of the London Time* ) MitlfO, Jrwa W.?(ieueral Scott'* unexpected delay at Tuehla. (whero he (till remain* ' ba* occasioned some Important ahaiige* here hanla Anna ha* withdrawn hi*resignation. mid in some degree recovered hi* *?oendanoy, Troop* have arrived Iroui many of the Internal departments, and tbe force now a*Sfinl>ied here I* estlUiated at not leu* than men. with more than a corresponding train of artillery Had (ieneral Hoott pu*lied on here direct from t erro < iordo, lie might liaTii occupied the city without llrlng a "hot; but be him gl* 11 lie Mexican* time to recover from their panic, mi l till* cnpltal of tha M?nle?umaa wili not be surrendered without a b ittle. The American (ieneral'n operation* have. however. been conducted with prudence, for the more we learn of the number and condition of hi* lorce*. the 1b*n adequate do they appear to the occapation of ?o exten*lTe a line of country a* that from thin to Vera Cruz. By withdrawing the garrlnon of Jalap*, and leaTing only a nuiall lure* in po**e**ion of the height* Which command i'UHbln he can now niunter 10,000 men, lor the attack on thi* city ( on*lderatile delay ha* bean ooca*lone.i by the attack* of llm guerilla partiu* n au American con toy of money and ammunition between Vera I rui and Jaiapa. A hpauixli prie*t, named Jat iuta. ha* given unexpected energy to that* band*, and di*tloguiMied hiin?t If peiNooailjr on varlou* occagioua. 'i'ba clerical and military character* do not *e?m to l)e oon?id> red incompatible elltier in Mpain or hem; indeed, tha hi?t Alexicau inrurgent, llldalgo wa? a Tillage print Ou? gueuua iuuicepled ue*pat<-h froin lite .iiuerlcau MecirUuy at War, ,\ir. Marnj. to (jtneral scott, datad April <0, which ooulaln* tha lollowing paa" 1'hl* government haa received h ut* that part of the State of \ era <-ru?, aa wall aa aonie othai*. 1* di*po*ed to revolt Hgaium the central goTernuiant. II thi* oe trua, u*e erary mean* In your power to axolta thu epirlt, taking, at tha rauie time, the utnioat eare that the I utted state* chould not appear to Im) Implicated. a* thi* would glTe rl*e to charge* againol our goTi rnnient when negotiation* lor peace are commenced. If you think proper, already Puebla. the cry they troop* teem the rooky Penon. about hr*? Puebla road, baa b*en atrongly tort bably. ao^o ba the aeana of a deoiaive battla^l^^^^^^^^^^^^H approaches of tba town, trencbn* are dug thrown up, but a olaai likely to keep out Amariean*. If victorious Id the prevlou* battle. though a olty Ilka tbl?, where every h. una la capable of being oonrerted Into a fortraaa. might be long defended by determined man, 1 aee no reaaon to apprehend * oonteat in tba (treat*. While tbl* Imminent danger threaten* tha capital of tba republle. the atrif* of political partlna 1* a? Here* aa ever The reflecting portion of both faction* (I'oroaand Moderado*) la. doubtleaa. aware of the neocaalty of negotiating for paaoa with the I nited State*. but nalthar dart- to propota It, from an apprebenalon of tba bar* aug gaation giving an advantage to tbelr oppanenta With in the hut few day* a communication ha* bacn raoairad by tbia government from Mr Buchanan, datad Waab lngton. April to In which he announce* tba appoint meut of Sir Nlcbolaa P. Trlat aa commlMiooer, to aooompany the army, with full power* to make pun whenever the Mexican* are dlapoaad to son* to tana*. Thli communication waa aent here under cover to tba Uritiuh Mlniater, aud the amwer (which, aa far aa l? publicly known, merely atate* that the nota would ba laid before CongreaiJ via.* taken to I'nebla peraonally by Mr. Thornton, tlie Secretary nf flu Lawmfcifln 5? B therefor*, ground to Infer tfiat ioo? friendly mediation la K"'"K on Sunt* Anna ban made some exertions (real or pretended) to net the Congress together; but that body, from mutual jealousies, carried to an inconceivable hlght, will neither meet In sufficient nam bar* to transact buaineaa. nor conaent to bo declared In ree?a?, and leave the executive unfettered. It Is difficult to discover the clue to v.axlcau politic*, which team to ba a compound of Spanish Intrigue and Indian cunning. ? Santa Anna, who aeems ao desirous of assembling th? , Congresa. may very possibly be engaged in fomenting their dissensions, In order to pave the way to hla own l dictatorship i The pretension* of the American government are now I understood to be moderate; the same, or similar to those auggeated In ono of my iettera The lint* Of thn J Bravo tofaao del Norte, or Santa Ke, and Upper < allfornia, to become American, each party to bear Its own expenses in the war. and Mexico to receive a pecuniary compenaatlon for the territory oeded. of course wltboot reference to Texaa proper, which ia condemned as a lawful priie. If peace should ultimately be made on th*M terms, the assumption of part of the Mexloan debt by the I'nited State*. Instead of their paving an Indemnity , to this country, might be a good arrangement for all ' parties. , I General Almonte, who was closely imprisoned hera oa ; some unknown charge, and who had a majority of votes | for the office of I'reaident, has been liberated under an amnesty granted bv Santa Anna, on the anniversary of bis birth-day. Or the States which voted, one only (Chihuahua) gave ita voice to Santa Anna, but, owing to the occupation of so large a portion of the country by the Americana, it was found that no legal election ooald be made, and he remain* In poaaeaaion of nearly absolnt* power, which he has, as usual, abused to the prejudice of the foreign residents Forced loans, nominally on all the inhabitants, but really confined chiefly to foreigner*, was au old expedient of lila for raising money; and their Injustice was i-o apparent that at tftie period of the French blockade. Mr I'akroham successfully Interfered to obtain their nernatue.1 *hr#,iT*#lnn Hrttftah eubject*, which neceaaarily became the rule for other foriti<D?rfi. Deprived of thi* rmnuret, Rant* Anna now i>UyH m bolder gam? For a forced loan he bu substitute. 1 a forced contribution of 1,000 000 dollar*, the maximum to be paid by each perxou being a,000 dollar*, and S the in In mum 'i:i dollar* The Governor 1* the cola i judge of who Ik to pay. and how much ; and the penalty ' for non-payment within three day* (In lieu of the howapring and baetinado of Oriental deepota) In the duplloa, tion of thi- contribution I am aorry to nay that oar I Mlniiter, Mr llankhead. (wlio liae reaided in the K**t), ace* nothing wrong iu tbi? He doe* not peroelv* that It 1h a revival in a morn obnoxiou* form of the principle which hi* predt-i-eaaor *ucce**fully combated, and all ha , will undertake to do in favor of Brltiah fubjaoU I* to obtain a reduction of the quota in cane* of manlfeat lnju*tlce. No contribution of thi* description can be impartially collected in thi* country 1 he very natur* of thin corrupt society forbid* It Arbitrary In It* origin, It* operation muat. be attended with lnju*tio?, fbr the i .Mexican ha* a thousand mean* of fading payment, the foreigner none It in to be lamented that Mr Bank head'N health Is now no bad that buiioea* of any kind inuat be a painful annoyance to him The French, who i are much mor* numerous than the Kngllih here, bar* refuted, to a man, to pay thi* contribution, and have addreiaed their Government directly on th* (utyect. If the principle be once oonreded by loreign Power*, all foreign property in thi* country may be considered liable to confiscation at the pleasure of the Mexican Govern ; ment! The Mexican Cabinet ha* been again changed ? General Alcorta la Minister at War, Don Domingo | Ybarra for Foreign Affairs aud the interior, and Don | Vioente Koinero (a vexllge of the Gomez ferial party) i Department Iroatrated by a blockade of more than a year'a Juration. trade here ia of courae at tb? loweet ebb. nor la any immediate revival to be expected Irom tbe arrival of Um American* before they can derive any benefit from their tarltl (In which aorne defects have been dlaooverad), , tbry rnuat bavn a force sufficient to aecura the aafe tran it of merchandlxe and apecle throughout tbe country, for which their present number* are wholly insufficient. 1 K.xchange by thl* packet opened at 14\d . and flloaaU at 44d The city baa juat been declared in a rlgoroua atate of Iaiega. No one can leave It without a paaaport. and martial law ia proclaimed. France. Our advice* Irom l'arla are of the 11th inat. In the French capital the only matter of general inter1 eat appear* to be tbe departure ol the King and the royal family for Ku, by the great northern railway. The A?! tinnnl remarka thai hia Majeaty waa looking far from well; but we have aeen too many atoriea of tbe nam* I kind trumped up to give much credit to the report. ; The Princes* de Joinville and tbe Dutch ma d'Atimale I are atill at tbe Tuilleriea. There la an account of aonie bread riot* that took place at Troyes, which were happily auppresaed without loaa of life The disturbance aroae out of a dlacovery by the iuhabitanta of the town that the bakers were combining with the faimera to give a falae value to the corn aver agea One uulucky baker waa caught in tha act of par I xuading a farmer, from whom he had purchased a lot of j wheat at of lOo, to make a reiuro of the price at 7f lie. Uut for the Interference of tbe gendarmerie, the bakar ; witb bia property would have fallen a victim to tha popular Indignation. Both tbe Impoatora have bean thrown Into prlitou The Medical Society at Anger* ha* complained of tha quality of the bread .mpplied to the prison* and other public ' tablUhmeDlA The Momtrur uotiBe* the law by which tha Mlmatar of Klnancn In empowered to negotiate a loan of :iJO 000,. | (HiOf. '1 lie lie It indulge* in one or their stereotyped for* boding* of Impend in* ruin, with which every neulon for *ome yearn put ha* concluded. The auly variation, at prevent appear* to be a *w?eping charge of corruption nKalnd every thing and every body. Hpalib The Madrid journal* of thattth, nieutlon the Quean1* boar hunt, at Paular. in company with the Count of sarita < eloma. the dramatiit, and M V l? Mega, the aetor. tier Majeaty'n exploit* on the occasion have uot been recorded Madrid Bourse on the i5th' Three*, ifl\; Klva*, 17H Kxchangaon London, M) dollar* 40 sent* I The private letter* received from Hpaln, from quarter* which ehould po**e** the flr*t mean* of Information, a**ett with oonfidenc* that another crl*l* I* approaching . l.?? ...I. .V- 1 * -WI.1. I. I ?WI. "* - ??"I WHICH IV IB IIU|M.?FIUI? present t<> calculate. The unblushing profligacy dally exhibited In the court circle, we are Informed by an eye witness, is outraging n?n the M*>n?w of ftpaulsh propriety. an 1 I* tending rapidly to accelerate a change The private communications fully confirm the conjecture* made in some of the Madrid paper*, that the fall of Salamanca an a minister I* cloee at hand, eo that there la an end to all the hope* of the foreign bondholder* b?lng any way benefited through that medium The same deplorable court Intrigne seem* to polaoo ' the happiness and Impair the prosperity of the country. The distressing and now disgraceful conduct of ta? t^ueen and her consort to each other, give* rlM to a thousand rumor*, and whilst Madrid la occupied with these cabals, the extremltle* of the kingdom ara again threatened with Insurrection. A scheme has been form ed to connect the movement* In rataionla by a chain of guerllln partle* with the band* of t artlet* now appearing In Arragon. Nararre. and the Ba?ine Province* Alreadyhave captures and the usual *anguln*ry execution* takeu place on both aide* In tne mean time the people of Madrid niinise themselves In affixing pasquinade* at the palace gate*, one of which, In ridleuleof the t^ueen of .Spain * frivolous occupations, ha* been rendered In tne following doggTcl ? ' 'Mm Klrg a In the I'ardo, th? itueen'a a dancing, VVhllxt our Montemolln In advancing " Sonor Oloxnga bin been mdil'iilr recalled to Madrid, whilat no a journey to I.ondon. In order to rompoN the exlatlng dltf*renoce, but It in <M i rult to predict what will be the termutlon of theae fatal dlMenalmr Portugal. The most recent Intelllgmic" from rortiigal 1* by no meaup nal Ufactm jr to the p?pnlar P*rt7- The ri-preeentatlvea of the l abral faction at 111 remained In power, and no dlnpoaltlnn waa relreed hr the ((neen to yield that deference to the authority of the Allied Powera, on th? wUhra of her ? which can alone lead to the peruiaueut traur|Uilli*allon ?f Portugal The daf*n<v? of Oporto wrre b?iog dismantled. and <>eneral i onoha wan withdrawing the Spaniah inreea, by way of Vign.from the Portugueae terrltoty I he Duke ot Saldanba Had diaperaed hia army of operattona, and had proredded t<> the northern pmvlnc<-a,with a ?i?w to conciliate oooftdeuoa and r?atore the Queen's authority. Switzerland. A letter from Berne of the 7th Inat., nay or?Theprocedinga o( lb* liberal party here are draervlng of all ( rata* Although having a decided majority in the diet and although It aeea praparatione openly making by the * athollo rantona to realat Ita authority. It procoeda with a oalmneaa and moderation Tlilch la not only praleeworthy, but which will, we ara i aaured, be fouud at 1M to be the uoet politic m well aa the wlaeat courae. | Thy committee of aaran, alter ten day* ol exaniina

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