Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1847 Page 1
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r_ | THl __ %?l. till. *o. tllJ.WhiU thy: u:h york herald f4TABLISHMRNT, lurtk-WMl cort>?r mt Kmltnn m4 BMM *. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. ? IULIH I U>N_M)HT* THOVUIID. DAILY RKRALO-lNirtef.PnMlMMPfKiV^t , sitEwrpriKtes; .?i "wrcs %trMwr-TSxi*fe Ptv* trnu r?T rI?r Hf'iJ "I P?atB*? -i,hom <.4 ,Ji?nn???u will W r??-?n?4 by Yraan tali/mat 1? rm? Viriaaaa, ^rif i P L H? IICnntMt. ??Mu * Sw*e#<ter. L*e4?<? A> NI AL I'M InKlAL HP.H\LU-Paali.haJ aa ih. M ?f la|I?f n' * <?. i nr-Wfl* anpatKa Oath I AUVKHTIHKMRVril. al l?? aaaal iwiraa?alwn/a caali n 4iaurr A I'rniKMiil?t??l4 aa vnitn la al<lat<i. I?cih!i wnaar TK? will a?< W? ?ir aanklo w >rr?>a u>? -WtTrMri u. *.?*W^aavfWIla Will I VII ia;rer? ?* n.?wnuiiM fcf wmI. a44????< to ??> I .w,.l,iKll' i??Wr? Ja#4. nf lHa |axU(l ?itl b? 4? ?K? Winn rj^Tg a mm *!; -'* MB ;"S ; **?' On am> \*tk.h TMrri* >?rTnrsr. **>. m?. * l\n will ma m i |>o<i at>l f?i*?r i(??. l.> utui will Irara tl?a I if Hall I ' II ImR M"'f??Hi.? K->H?aiii k 1Vk^>M PWaMMvill* J M A M7 AMI'iiuIIi'i# H.ri'i ?J NawcaalU T t W A M Wl.i>? n*M Br4i"i?I I ? r " ? a. M w?.i.a?!iia t * l? " M ** ('MM I- ait* It II ? f . M. rT m il i f m ? n - ir M I f. M < I ? H " 4 M " IN " I n RrraiatM ta Naw Yar? will Ua?a? VfnrnaianafcHarlam K?r4ha* Will'awBrka Tarkalina TWAM I1IAM tt A*r 7 ?X 9 l? " T J4 " 1 ? 'n It ? ? ?1 M IV " IMP. M |( " IIIIP.N It ,1 r M J M _ II ? P. M 14$ " IN ^ H'Kila PIS* ? I *1 " " T M A ll I I) " M - I M " i? " M III " I P M ? Id ' < M * Pleaaaainlla Niw CaaUo Btiluri. Whiiii'kvilla illlAM. AM TIIAM 1 44 AM i u P M. I P M. ill rM i > P M CrtKoa r?ll? T M A M. mpf fh# truui to aa4 fro* Cratoa Kalla will Ml Map am INtw fork I aland, atoapt u Brooma atraat. ud JM atraa! A rai will preccdfe iuli Mia taa miaataa. to taka ay miinan ta thThe moriurm traia of eyi ffoiaJ'roloa TilU wi|j, u.,t .ij? between WlUta ruuu ion, wwwr* ? Willitui'a Bridirt, tad r?or dh*m. . _ _ Kit in trams 00 Baa days to llarlam ia4 Marrttiaaa, If flat " SttvM for Lai* Maho.jMsk,eu?l l>Mb?rr Cru4?? fell*M umal of tli* 7 o'clock A M a?4 4 P M mm*. < * uw. on VaWNitw lroRK : To (iroton Falli ' ** To Whitlick?ill? To Newcastle. TO PlmaaUtVllle JJ* TJo Whiu PUiut. j.- ?'** Freight train? le*?e City H*U * M ' E ?! Hamming, laava I rotaa l? ! 1 A M ?? ' '* > OPPOSITION PAB8AOK OKKI' K?To r ?lb<nv.Uti*??' M; Strracu.*. ll; Oi?Mn; I'^WHHCtS; nih?ll?T. It: B<fck tl; Ur.rl.ud, S4; Detroit,#!; .ylilwiuk ie, U 7j; < liieacp. M 'J; < tuciiuiMi. $(i7i; T.roilo Hamilton, Sit Wlilt*h*ll. Mi Montreal. $1: Pittiliurg (6. Ortio*. 100 Barclay tre?. , , ... . ? Auy vnirit. required will ha (iflu for iht falnlmeut of til eontneu m^de tliia company. ,, . au 2') :iut*rc M. L K \ Agent I New York. HIT. JKM CONEY ISLAND j^KHY-Tf* well <Sl, jys?^wWknowi. ateauier AMKHCAN KAOLL. ?p3C^2hfc3K.tiilu Geo H Power, will run regti'arlr during the aeaaou to l-ooey laland. lauding at Fort l!?inil("u, a>i lullow*:? Leaving I'ier No. I,at 10, 1,4. Aflue Colirlon Baud ae* lmiiei iea the boat. ?u4tjt?re NOTICE -(ia, STATEN ISLAND FKRIIY.-Oe ?d T i ^ .> SUNDAY , April lilh. the ateamboatt rs^^53slBHC SYLPH aiid stATEN ldLANDKK will rnn as followi, until further notice i.icarB ITATKK iilaso At ?. ?. C. 10.1). A- M-, aud I, I, I, 4, ?, 4, T, P. M LRavs MW *o?? .U ?, 10, u, A. Mm Mill l^^a?^j?W peat J, a*d ai 4.1. New York April Ht'h.' ' ' in CITIZEN ? NEW DAV LLNIt JJ? OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY, .V.WySSSaBae Landing at Vtio Cotirtlandt'* Newburgh, Poughkeepaie, King?tou,<;at>.kill end Hudaon.?KarejO c?nt?? und Dinner on Bomd. ,, liie new rniil eleiriiitHtewifr ROOMl WILLIAMS. LeptA. Degroot, Tueadaya, Thuradajra, and Sal a r da/a, at kalf-pnel lit, A.M.. from the pier font of nobineoa etrect, touching el H?.inmoml?treet raer, (mm ?w Y'ork, For pnaMgc in trieglit, apply'-n Bowl tae uoatJ, or to l?au T. Stanley,at the u.IW, fi>ot of Robiusou atreet. [T7~ All pr.ra'iuiare tnvbid trnatiea t'ie abn?? boeu oa M " * '* " . MOMNINO LINE FOR ALB AN i AN T* TROY Mid Intenuadiate Landiuga. /. fK.veSSBSia Breakfaat end Dinner ou board the roat. Tlir low preaaure atcaniboat TROY, Captxin A. Oorheui, will leave me t?eu>D?:u pier 1001 01 uunia? nut.. Wednesdays, and Friday*, at sevtn o'clock A. M KatnruinK ny the opposite days. The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H L. Kellogg, will Inn the Steamboat Pier foot of Barcl\y mrert, Tuesday, Thursday Mid bv'urday, at half pait sis o'clock, A. M., returning ou Use opiNjjue dayi. jry- Fare 10 Cent*. For passage or freight, apr'7 on tiO).rd, ar to > B the o'Tiee 011 whnrf. itVI - .. OCEAN Hi'KAM jTXVlUVliON COM PAN V ?United Stales Mail Lin* to / :jr Vryi iw>*iCowe? and 8ou?hainptou. aud Br. men The splendid new st'amship WASHlNOm tsSS^talON I7j0tons burthen. Fiederic Hyitt, comin uiJer, will atirt from Ne * Yolk oa the 23d September, c rrying th : United State t Mail. She will touch at (/Owei and Southampton to laud passenSert and freight, and deliver the mail* fur England, France and lelgium. iluii will then proceed to B'emerliaViU. Keturuinc, ..will 'eive Biemerhsven the l^th October. The Washington in built in the strougest manner, with a view to beu.g converted into a ship of war, and aubjeet at any time to inspection by officers appointed by the President, botli during and after construction. Slit ha< two engines, of 1000 hone power each, and accommodations for Z11 p?**et.geri. 1'issage from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, $l?4. Passage from Bemei aud Southampton to New York. $IM. She will carry about 300 tnui freight. which will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. AH leiiers MMPMa through the Post Oflice. Parcel.!, for whicli4>ilis uf ladi' g will be signed, will he charged ti each. For freight or paaaxge apply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Compauy, ii Willi 1111 street, corner of Wall. K MILLS, < Agent. Agents at Southampton DAY, CROSKKV St UOH8. at Bremen <A. HEINEKEN ii CO. " at Havre WILLIAM I9KLIN. The tecou 1 steamr r of the line ia in due conrae ol construction and ?ill b-in readiness iu the ensuing fall a?2!lfh ONLY lit- (JULAH LINEOF PACKETS FOR MHP^^NKW ORLEANS?The following well known, sailing and favorite pa^et thipa have accommr dni.i.s unsurpassed for Cahiu. second cabiu and s'eerage passengers, and will 1 ositircly sail as advertised, or |<nsstge free, viz The SOUTHERNER, Capt. Palmer, Sep emderCth. The HUDSON, Capt. Page, September Utli. The ( \LENA,Capt. Dennis, September iOth. Persons wishing to |>roceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage oyeuher the above juicketa, as thev are all I'liM class ,lis; i, roiiimandcil by men experienced in the trine, aud w.ll sa.l punctually on their appointed dayi. To tecurt bertha, apply on board,or to ana I 'C W It J. T. TAPBCOTT. M Hon that Mr FOR NEW ORLEA.N8, with disiwch.?'i he MV^Iirat I'tHufut anilu.if imrkt-t shin PLATO. burthen j?iififc!iSatOO<) tons (Japt. Bearae. "l'.ir .t.oonimedatious Tor cabin, second cabin, and steerage pa?scigers are unsurpassed by miy ve:ael in port, alia as i.oinli'-r of her passengers are already engaged, ihoae desirous of securing liertht should mtke earlvr application ou board, at pier No. 9 E >st River, or to J AH. \lc Y11JRR A V, t3 rre Owner of nneand 8?uih ar?*?u. ?{%?: KO< 111 t BROTHKRH hiio^?PAtkJAlir. iO taAHw'fcand from Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, jT Tli Remittances to Iretand tic. The well ki own favorite packet alnp COLUMBIA, will an<} for Liverpool, on Wednesday, the first of September, her regular, ay for terms of cabin, second cabin, and ateeragr putm, apply t>4 Nptaiu Kurber. on board at ilia foot of Beekm i'i ai rr?t. or to the-ubacribera ... Til- YoRKtHIHK will aail from Liverpool, on firat of Oatoner; p issage can be engagnd to come from the old counfrv by this splendid ship, or by any of the inehata.of the Old Black B ill Line, to aail from it on the lat and MH> of every moiph, bv apply inn to us. . A . Ti oib remitting moi.evto Ireland, can hiw draft! on TIIK R'?V \l, BANK OK IRKL AND, and on PKKSI OTf. GROPE 8c CO, Bankera, London, which will lie paid at the various branches throughout Uieat Britain and Ireland. AM,ly BHOTIIKHg fc CO No. J - Fulton street. New York, nest jloortothe I"nlt->n Uank, Only authorised passenger agents for the Old or Black Bull Jjine ol Liverpool packet*. re ? Ki ll. N*, vV O h I, f. \ .N l?ouuiaria auil .New V'"l< I'lue of faolceu?Tha spleiidid fast sailing ^INSwISlsf'acket s.htp HuDSOM. P. Page muter, ia now loadlug, anal will positively sail .September 13. hei iegul.ii day. r or height or passage, having h.aiidjome furnished accoaimodalioi.i, ap?>ly on board at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall strert, or to ?. K. COLLINS, M Month si A.icnu in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff * Co, wlio will promptly forward all eoodj to their add rets. Thefrickft ship Oa vego, C.apt. Iiigeisoll, will succeed the HnHflOit. *rnl r??nUf r ||ii2l r >k fOii UVKttPOOLr-ftew luie-ileKahr y?ciH'iW?' of 28th of September ?The splendid,fast sailing j'flliafcpieket ship 8HKRIDAN, Captaia (i. B. Coiuith, W'T'l'??ilively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or pas sage, having; handaome furnished ace?a>mcdaUona, apply on bu ird, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall stree.. or to r. K. COLLIN*. M Hcuth at The p.cket ihin OARRICK, Ospt. B. J. 11. Tiesk, will amoetd.t't* H hen dan, and aail on the Mth of Oct., her regular d><*__ *H9T f K'U K LI V ICR POOL--Only regular packet ol the J??fWfith SeptemberJJ<7. The m>(nificent fast aailing jSUHtm nrlut .hip PATRICK IO.NrV, burthen 11)00 tons, Cart U I mo, will aail positively on the Gth September. 1 he .v ciinvnoditiona for cabin, atcrnd cabin and a eerage pa? i iigtis err superior to any other vess<l in port, slid aa a number 01 li*r passengers are already engaged, those desirous of S'cnring herbs should mase early application on board, foi I of Ma<deu-lane, or to JOHtCI'li SlcMURRAV, nM Wtiki ?or. of Pie* and Sonih ata. KKT HHIP WAfikLOO KltOM LlVWlMMfy KKt'OOt..?<Jonaigneea will pleaae aend iheii perMUmtm '"its on boAid, footof Maiden lane, or to the office of .i K..RMIT, 76 South street, as all roodrnot permitted in live da) a, will unavoidably be Mut to tht Public store, s) re ^ TV E1 NE ML IS" m ~ML ^AMUBLK k RTTAHU'8 ENKJ^VlON OFHuSl L IB couucriiou with GEO. R1FPAHD k SON, 1S( WaleHoo H oad, Liverpool. Peraoua wiahiug to tend for their frienda in the old country, can aeeure paaaage in any of the following new line of packet*, tailing from Liverpool on the 6th of ?T*ry month, m : ? l'OSnTl1 yTtON, 1.500 torn, Capt. John Britton. qCEfcN OK THK WEST, 1.200 tona, Capt. I' WoodImnm. kl V EttrOOL. I,li0 toui, Capt John K ldridge. OfjINUl/EH. I.WO ?ou?, ' apt. Ira Buralejr. ije.i llii . r l x i?*>n are me ouiy hki-uis in Liverpool ior me bur* liii? of packets, in ?JJic>on to which they denpatch a lirM rli<i ?hipe*ery week. Prrv>i.i ifutlmK moucy to their friendj in large and iui.ili amouuta, can be accommodated with drafts on .he Belfast Bankiui Compuiy, and (heir uunierou* brancjies in Ireland; Uooutbe prtunpal bank* in Kiinlaud . SrotMud, and Walea. Applr to CaRLISLK U KII'PAHD, ?iiI1 y?*m 18 8ninli street. c r of Wnll.^ M?K NKW OKI.r.AINS~ LOUISIANA AND KW V'OHlt LINK. 44L M?L J&L J&L i??Sb j?tE2L ttfCTy TO^TRVkry TK^HYH Ship OSWr.UO, Oaptaiu Johnjnn. iiiiii Hi. UiON. Capuiu Fage. oiup < IJKTON, Captain lng?rsoU. *'.ip L()ylSVILLK, Capt. Hunt. fetup SARtKLLK, Captain Taylor. 0uk (ICIIJCin'E. Caitaui Minoi. Bark J. k.; WILLI Ail a, Captain hukai ttuk HKBIION, Captaiu (ireig. 11.e ainia are all of the tur.t chus, of light ur a't ol m 4i#r, and e mni.viJ.'J I,/ the moat r*|*Tii n. c J cuptaiua in I'lieii ibiui t.r handsomely fuiuuhcd, aud every atieutxiu paid to the eoinfort ami couvemruc* of ilia (usaeu era Neiinai (he or owam ol the ulmre al.ips will be re l> for Jawrlry, bulliou. atouca,,ai|?er or pUted are. or f.?r any lalteis. pWMll. or pack u;e? ul In', or put on b<?rJ of rtinn, iniieaa regular billi AT lading aire tauen lor th? nine, and ihe value thrrein expressed. .ir freight or rwaaace, apply nn board, ;it Orteaiiun-harf, fool ol Wall street, or to r. K. COLLINS, it South street. A fen i i* New Orleaua?John Woodiufl It Co., who will promptly ill goods to tltrirnddrma. sty as. Jm ITmmOTT'JTkaTHIH 4TIO^JPPlC?. BC, gSali IT? I I ? ? * f i.? ifsil i<>r their rrifoda in the old dpuo* trf% cam M*rurt i \a? <e on rf?i?ntiAh1?* term*, by any or the i>?/u<.rr' t aHi|? tottiprisiuf the uew Line of Liverpool pack* we, tit:? (<)N tfTITl TION. iTiO Uwa, f>ip{*in John Biitton. Qi KKN OK TIlK wKriti MOOtom. I"?|?t. P. Woodhoufe l.i V f. M K 'H'L. 1*^* Captain John Khlrii'^e. Mil! I'l N?llV K. IIM rotis, ( im. Ira Burtley, ail < m . n the bih of every i.iouth l'*i*a?( fcse al?-? ^ ?erare4 by the 8c. OeorKc1* Line, or the I'niou i . w.i k' mj til n i-'up e-very five 4ayt (t*m tint port. Kor lartlier partirul ira nuply to W.kJ T. TAP8COTT. jyH W 8o?th nrrct, New York. .. ?? k .>1.11 i k a .> n.\ i l. a r? i i o L>XIj? KTKAMcHIP COMPANY.?'Th? slnpsof TvPfcfS^'""" t"af*"y *' to sail at folTR'TM NEW YOHK. The KH ILADKLPH1A on th? litll August The MISSOURI " " 31st Tl The NEW YOUR dihsei.t. The IMON " " JOOi '' ROM HAVRE, The NKW YORK " " 15th August. TbatJNKlN " " Hit n Theee (Vr?mer? ate si lo arr afloat, withconimaudcrs of tried skill an<4 known cuurteay. Their atare rooms and cabins srr uuiiau.ll. (utmn.v.hoa., ?.,d tin v are provided wilh every thing i?*4Uiaite l'>r the comfort of passengers. Tlie price of i tiMir in I 1m- i'irat cabin from New York la SIM. Krom ilivre I,$m fruits Wiuesarenot included, but will be furauked at moderate rates all letters mast pass through the [>oet office. Kor freight or passage, appl y to ?u4 rr A YMAR k CO It South street. BRITISH ANU NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL M AIL STEAM SHI!', 1200 tons and 4M horse i>ower each, under contraei ""^^^^^ ass with the Lords of the Adimrality. HIBi.RNIA.Cautam Alrianuer Ryrte. ( . ALt.DONlA. lapuiu Kdw.ird (J Lott. BUITT.ANNlA. t aiiuiu Joim Hewitt. C AMBRIA,< aptain I her lee H. E Judkiar ACADIA, Captain William Harrieoo fl fhe fo?r steamships now building are THE AMERICA. THE N1AOARA. THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. The ?"s?rla appoiuted lo aatl from Boston are the lliberma, August Id, 1847 Cambria . .September I, l#47 Caledonia September 16, 1847 Britannia October I, HIT The vessels appoiuled to sail from Livetliotil are the C.'tinbria. August 4, 1847 ("itledouia Augun 19. 1847 B.iuania He; tetnber 4, 1847 Passengers' lujgige most he on board the day previotta to sat I inc. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $110. do do tc Halifai, IK. No berths secured ontil }>&id Tor. *Buse ehipe carry experienced surgeons. LjNo freight, except specie, received on ilsya of aatliajtTor freight, passage ,or any other information. apply to D. BRIOH VM, Jr., Agetl I AtHARNDEN k CO'tt.i / ill. lT/*Iu addition to the above line between Liverpool v i, Halifas, and Boat!mi, a conirsrt li?s hee'i entered into with Her Majesty'sgoverumcnt, to establish a line lietween Liverpool and New York direct. The steamship for this service are now being built, and earlv ueit year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamen will sail every Saturday during eight mouths, and every fortuight during the other mouths in the veai. Oonig al t-ruately between Liverpool snd Halifst and Boston, aud be tweeu Liverixml ?iol New (ark MR t Hilt UVtRTOOL- inr .Nrw Line?Regular ?fIV par koVrt 21st Sep'r mher ? The aup< nor fist sailing jfifcfefel?cket shiii Ul r.V.N OK THE WK?T. Cepta.n I'hilip VVnodhntite, IM4I tons barthen, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or pasaage. hat nig ?| lendid large and cornfortastate rooms and cabin, apply to the ca|itaia on board, pier No. 21, west side of Burling klip, or to WOOwHuLL 8i MiNTURN.r Bocthst. Price of passage $IIM) The new |?. ket ship C-ONBTITI'TION, I6M tons barthen. | Caiit John Biittuu, will succeed the ({urrii of the W t-aL. and MH as htr irfihr ?] 31st of October uisrc M COUNTHI Sr.A 1 rUH - 1 Ml veiv -if sizable residence nil tie beaatifal villaganf luude, l.M.k C luiuiiuCoituly,btied ap, aud recently occupied b) Hie iaia t eter J. ll'ies, Eai|., is uow offered lor (ale. 'l'herr are alao on ihe ptemisea, r.irnage-honse. suMes, woiMl-honae barn, and al! other MVIlistl out buildings The grounds, about four acres, ire well stocked with a large vu ?11 f ?p pie, |**r; |*nrn, cnerrr, jnuin, ou uruameu <t vrs 111*1* vinet and shrubbery, allul winch kave been ^trcieJ Irom celebrated nurseries, both in Kurope an.l New York The whole property it now in the most |ierfeci order. In the Village it an Academy, second tououe m this h'-ue in point of cliaroctei aAstanding. Kor term*, lie.. M'I'lv to DAVID VAN IvUACK, Ksq.. Kinderhook, or Hn3l0t*m f H. HOM, B Wall street mtm KUK HALh?WMIl'CHKitTfr'H LAND?To genjKKftilrinrn in want of sues for country seaU; to m-irkrt ^ir^Ja^denrrs in wan: of land for rardeua; ami to >11 pertont wiatnug a local.ou in the neighborhood of New Vork. J Otcrea of laud, in the town of Wetlchet'.er, within * milet of the City Hall, with right of pasting over llarlem Undue tree of toll, are nfferrd at private tile, in loia containing froin J tn JO acres each Tlie lauda are within It minulet walk of the railroad; front on good'inda; are in the neighborhood of tchoola, and churclira of ililler'ut denomination*; the water i? good, ana localiou healthy. Till* inditpulable Terint moderate. Anply to <lou?ern?or Morria, .VlorriaauM, Wetlchester Co.; or to Walter KulhaKord, Counsellor, 79 N*?? ?n at., New Yoik. an l> fw'm KUK ? \L1 11f. I'KoVr.Hi k I.N CNIU.* VIL #C?LAOV'.. N J mi,! iu . co 1 17 -u ie and dwelIIOUSK., barn, J Cow houses, 1 waggon hmiMi. corn crib, 2 barracks, lie., w nh ? *? arrea of etcrllrnt Land, iu a bipmu |1 tildraoW. well w.lrred and titiiliricd 1"lie crops are uot anri>*asrd by any in the Suit?nor it the atore to be tur|*uued foraconutr) More The property will be told a bargain. aa tin preteul ow ner it too old 10 attend to it. Title indisputable. II)'tit, rtery Wnl'irsday, a', the Northern Motel, foot of ' onn Undt street, from I A M to7 IV M., anil Thursdays until I P VI pother da) t to the Vet Vork Real KiUH Compiuy, corntr Broadway and Maiden lane. J. B. B. an 13 3ftt*rre . LOOK *1' Till* -Lidiet' <(titer*, Hit' ert. Hutkins, Tie* Ho-.tte Shj-t, White p id Black Htna HPee rni sella nntk nit au^ (klfjien tod .1' tlirr kmdi of Boolt and tihoea, of the finest style. Alao a larg? attortmeut of irnutt and children's. Oentleuieu w til And in tint ttore a great atvirt'.ient of fiut Boot! and Shoes, ralf an I pitrnt le?thrr; Oaitert of all kiuds. Also, Boys' Boots, (1 alters, and hhoes, ol ill tons and MM All of the above of the beat inality ard eheap, at X" tlroad way, or>a door above KtiuLliu street. _aijm*re M f' A1111 L TIU; Aelt.t \ N r\lttt aki.k I OK LOVK r^VaBIRU, Chinese and New Holland I oehatooa ?The ^ Kjpiiblic nt a dit'anee w ishing informal 1 relative to the* 'TBBX rare and taluablr Uirda Can all tn l)?'. > <' Uettr* one lu the Menagerie ol Sl< sar? It*y 111 .. I lud Wari.if. tnr other of Otorfr Ij, 1 hoi burn. K*o., 1^ Jntm ttreet I ne ntn I variety of Canary >nd nre and valaable late Birds, fanct Caves, Bi'd Herds. li<' k' N. II -Kiu| ( harlea Spsaiels, Ki.gliah a-d trh Terriers all for sale by W H JOIInSION. tt? Broadway, td door south*1 sail lJt#re A T Hiewart h l> a 1 ?r . ? I *0 JKrrr.iuun cM?tut.% >t.e.uiir.w i ?um ?,* M Wall tfrwt. npivtite the Merrka?tt'k.sritaaae. This compmy Mttluits to ustit aaaiuM I 1u ot damage bt Are, on dwelling houses, wsrelivnset, kniUm?s .a gv..>rai goods, warts, aad iwerchaadiaa, gad star? deeeriptwrn i-er ional pn,4itr Losses enrrt otly aad prompOr adjastee aad paid MUCTWI Thos T, W. odrn*. B li Uolma, M O , > tuna t <*> , Moses Taiker, John T Moora, Aos.?l t?.ker. Thont:?<Mi Frira, CaUl-C Tu. is lis. r. 1' r.ea. /"!"! H. L?e, Hull.! Uiyw, I ? . M-inoU, I j. I?i Mf.'iii, mm N5?a hm*"k?'vti' Y"* X k-T-*.t in-?k. TlioaW 1 horaa, Joua II I ? <r ? _ tfm& Tt;< Kftft. (I??. 1 Hum *?r'?r?r? ???? 1 MK(? ?l> ?* .i > ( j lcf? WHO ?>IAVl TlthM^KLVl.t I r ! in ili? ?.i i... .. n ffiin niMfinili nblc Vribrn* < iram lor H?mi i??I hi* III*la, nn, .?ra.,l> liratMii by thnaa who made trial of it, laat >aa> ?.a n,? i., , lirnuium .1 lha Imliimr r'ir. I <!?? ! it ia fal.) r.xr.4. J by thoae will/ know III.1 il ia ii.i|-?*MUr to aU'.alKlan ?? ulicl* tqual tu it. It M aoftaula* in th? a* la. Ir?|rw.t t.i ll.r iimi' I'rilmoiiil lirrklra . <J pim|'lra. ><! ia aold rl.?a, *r Mian llic old a. apa. All. iharafora, wwi ? al( tnanll ??? nomy and r imfoit id ihatial, ahoahl f u- NikraMliaa ui il (Kriim !ha KrrmuK Minor |-Mh.? i Vai ! * .? ( rraaa ai know by rl|iariaiica to be th? heat kl->d o( ilullai ami. iii im- |eritua who have U'>at>lea?aaa brai4? afcoald sot fce Willi..ut it, * Pr?i-arrd aod for ?ala, wholeeale aad rer ail, Vr < horiea II. King, U uitgut, l?l kmadaif. ceiaer wf J. Ka atseet auN JOi'tre i tk'toh wahIjhouh A.NbTFirvFiLkk. wavT Li KD ? L?di?a iff i-h'lrmeo ha?iu? aaiwrltauaa effrttolod.aixiar of, *i?ch u Wranac Ati?r?l I araitare kr , ra Uin a lair raah yiee to/ iba >aa*. by ae..Jia? for tba ?u... nb ar, through the Poet Ofite, of itherwae. wi.,.w il attead at their raaideoera. J Lt V'JtS11 1N, r Broadway ayau<ra Uaaauatra ??Oid?a ________________ I WIAUUW IHAtir.a ol a aery arNii|ama a*? ?tlH'. cheaper thin at any other exabliahmeiit M the ( ailed Stataa, fur aale wholeaalr ai d r?tai| at JOHN f. WVCREB*. MChatham, corner oft Hwrber ilfffl, n?]Ot*rc Na* t?t. w ro W YORK, SUNDAY MOH A MEXICAN PREPARING FOR In the above engraving 0Br readers an: presented with a scene in a Mexican ranohero, which is of fre<iuent occurrence in all parts of that country since the breaking out of the present war, viz.: a runchero preparing him self for guerilla warfare He bas affixed t* his heel one spur, which was brought to him by ono of the females of the family, who helds the other and smokes while listen lug 10 me piana o me umu, wuu ??nKo uouui nuu ?? structlon to th? Yankees. The other fcmules, seen in the plctare, are watohlng the progress hu makes in atWnr New*. x important from tub plains. Oiaoi: Nation, August 17, 1817. I came Into this country last evening, after an absence of nearly three months. I tl nil that all the Osages have returned from their summer excursion to tUc plains, wh?r? they went to meet the Cainanches find other tribes of Wild Indians; also, fur the purpose of laying in n supply of buffalo meat lor Ihe months of August and September, which is usual with them every weason They bought or traded for about seven hundred mult s. They were with the Camanche Indians several days, trading and counciiing. They fouud the Camannhes encamped on both sides of the Arkansas river, some four or Ave miles below the crossing of the Santa Ke road, in a secluded place. There are with the ( atnanches. parts ofsix other nations?in all, about one thousand lodges, or about three thousaud warriors. While in council with the Usages they told them that tho Spaniards had advanced them large droveB of mules and horses, besides considerable money, to watch and kill or destroy all Americans and property of all kinds that passed that road. They are to be well paid for every white man's scalp, and every ox's tall. They will remain at that place until this moon U over; then they a* to travel west during the fall and winter. Karly in the spring, when the grass is three to four indites in height, they are again to take their stand at their old place, on both sitles of the Arkansas river. In fighting th.-y press their prisoners in the front rank, and after the first discharge of American arms, they make the churgn. They have been seen by the Osage* herding large droves of oattle; mules and horses, which they have taken from the Americans They are herding thrin near the Arkausas river, some fifteen miles below the road They spoke of having had a fight with the Americans far south The army had two large oaunons, and destroyed a great many of their people. V rom what I can learn, the Usages have not had a band in robbijg and killing the whites I' rt?The Canianches have a great inuuy prisoners, whom they used astliivcs. They are principally whites, women and children, and are stripped and paintei black, and generally on foot ?St. Louii ktvitlie. AFFAIRS l> CHIHrAHtJA. Intelligence to about the 40th of June, has been received in this city from Chihuahua. Kverything was quiet in that town The citizens who fled on the approach of Col Doniphan's army, and remained away during his stay there, were returning and resuming their accustomed pursuits The American traders were employed in the sale of their goods, and it was observed that the Mexican* took unusual pains to testify their fr enJshlp for theui and their determination to protect them from attacks from any ((uarter. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. Major (ieneral Patterson, United States Army, accompanied by his aids, Lieut Col. Abercromble and l.ieut Williams, arrived at Norfolk on Wednesday last, in the rteamer Jewi ss. from Baltimore, and took lodgings at the National Hotel. The l uited States transport sshooncr Marin Thomas, l apt K not, arrivvd yesterday from the mouth of thn It to Orande. whence sin sailed on tha 30th Inst. She brought uo letter* or papers The propeller AshUud, also arrived yesterdiy, having sailed before the Kanuv. Sho brought a mail ? N. O. I'iiagunr, '17<A ult. The steamboat Taction!, ( apt. l'earoo, arrived yesterday from < iucinnati. having left on ilm 1-Jth Inst. Slut reports Ave and a-half feet vt water i i Iho channel, nnd falling She U ft the st<ainb<. at Duroc on the dim at Hmlthland, and the Martha Washington reloading at I'aducah The I'a^lioui brought down from Newport barracks. Kentucky, two companies of regular*, for the 1st and IMll moments of inlabtr/?two hundred men iu all ? under cummsnd of l.iuts Kleld and Ketchain, 1'hey were at once put on board the steamship McKim, fur Vara < ru* ?I'n ayune, U7lh ult <#eu L:in? (at Meir.) In again out, and has probably ire this. reported liiui.-? lf to Oxo. Taylor. 4 apt J. I ? ieudenln, of Little Hoc*, ^Arkatift&o. who, an \*elstaut ' oibiu ssary. I uited States Army, has been -tattooed for the past nix months at San Antonio and < smargo, returned home on the ltilh ult. The Oregon battalion of volunt'ers was still at Kort l.eaveuwcrth <>n the 'JJd ult Col. I'owell was expected to arrive on the next aay. (<?n kearuy was at the i'Unter's Hotel, St. LouU, at the last account. (apt l.eeliei base, former l^uartrrinafcti-r here, came passenger In the steamer Alabama, from New Orleaus, aud I* uow In Ibis oily lie comes direct from WalhinKtou city. snd It Ii ruiuore i, la the bear< r of aomn important order from head-<|uarU re, the nature of which we will not venture a guess at. VV? k tow that lie brought a supply of governinrut fund* for the ute of the <juarterina>i?r s departing ot. aul rather suspicion that tills wag the principal otject of hi* visit We uuderMiUid that < ipt > raturos uunj- diately to New Orleans, where he will act as assistant "jUerUrmaaler. Matumorai Jh'laf, -1 at M V* e understand that the Secretary of War has directed two more companies of uouutetl men to be recruited In this Mate They will l>? equipped by the government, but their horsata will not be Iuruished them The latter I consideration will )> a drawback here in town, but in the country spirited young mru iu circumstances to own hums we bop* will be lound in abundance to respond In tbi* raqMatUOtt II m?y not Da too lata to priiVint ihe entire ili.peiaton of tba ooispany ?o recently raim j by i?eo lluaaU. la Kalinaa* ~h (I Pir. .lu* 17. NAVAL. A Preach uiau of war brig commanded by Cgpt. l.a Uaera arrtred at <>o Tueaday < v.? idk laxt, lb* 1Mb luat , from V.r? I mi Mhaaalled thcaauiM day u lb? M laaiaaippi, ud th?r? furr bring* no new*. There U ?rr; little atrkaaa on board of bar. but two inen bviug upun ili* aick lift I ho t?r? etenaahlp Alleghany. I.l-ut Hunter, Oom aading loak bar iieparture truia oar port ya?t?-rday B'>rnn<g al lit o . Km * tb'i tired mm gun and paaeed up ! front al tba l??i from her anchorage at tha Point, and turaiug brat her iouiw t <the??ulf Htaa wan under learn alnae, ud unfa l along at a (nod rata of rpeud. t.iperiaared ahip b at?r? wbi have little coofldeute la aipermawu, c -ii'iratB' I to iiprm their atlmlraUua of bar Kba mil* fur Norfolk We look ap?<itht??taaauhlpa*anriprrlment we confeaa , lat *ua in almb we f?ad much ooobdHure Mvw Norfolk, tba AIW|bui ? to take b?r departura for Um Madiuiruau - K<r Oilrmnt /'iray uv, ill A uif. rftoif ink tAt iri< K(i;ai>im<4. I'e?paleb?e bare beaa received at tba Nary Departmei.t frewa i oaaaaodor* Biauu of u lau a date > a >l?y i mt; at Mowteray froaa a blab wa obtain tkl i tag laleIHgi?a af laa Olfaau *( the r<|ue<lr<>ii oo.l. r bta a aaaaaad Tba ' laitepaada?a. tba ; ??, aod tba - fortaaamrtb were oa tba aiaat of Mexico, ?i? f rrlog tba blockade ef Maaattaa and (Imj bmi 1 ha frigate ' oagreaa ' wu oa ber way Itum rtau Uiego. and the Data b?4 aalted from Panama la Vooterey Th? Warraa w? at *aa Fa4ro Tba Froble arrived at MaoUray oa Ibe ill April, wltb Mr. Nertla baarar i f da?patatiea from Waabtngtwii 1 ba lUd abip hue waa at Vtow Carey ? IfeaAiaglaa f/?ta* The tenet r% aUaja aaw mil at IH < lair, owned l.y tba M aware Maora waa LwraeU oa ( nday tba i7th ult tafatbar wub ib,MI bat Of luw'jer Wa hare n?t | leorwed tba partlewUre < t RE H IN1NC1, SEPTEMBER 5. I THE &OERII.LA WARFARE < I feiL tiring himself far the course, he in about to adopt, and aro smoking awuy in good earnest?for it In customary in Mexico for Hie females to indulge in the use of the weed. On the flour nro neon the saddle, with a latino coiled around the pummel?a light jacket, pistol, sword ?%u., RW'i ibv uuo tvujri VI tutj IWUI au Wt'?,.riir, luobiug i against the wull. In the rascal's belt ia accn th? deadly stiletto, wbich Spaniards In every part of the world usually carry. Thh may be relied upon as r truthful plotur#, fur It was copied direct from a sketch taken in Mexico. Aflalrs In Oregon. [From the St. Louis Republican, Aug vi8.| A letter from Oregon, dated the 23d of May last, Informs us, that the election for Oovernor was to come off ou the tlrst Monday of June; that Geo Aberuethy ( Whig) and A. L Lovejoy (L K ) were the principal tfandiUates. but that these divisions hud no effect in the contest; that Aberuethy, who has been Governor for two or three years, is opposed to the "liccnse law,'' and vetoed it whxn piRSed by the Legislature; that the latter is in fav.>r of it. and assisted in carrying it through the Legislature in despite of the veto; that the only issue is "liquor or no liquor;" and that the "no liquor'' candidate would be elected by a triumphant majority over the " red noses." Our correspondent urges us to recommend that some practical printer should visit Oregon, with a view to establish a newspaper there, lie should take with him a good supply of newspaper and jolt type, with iak, paper, &c., for au extensive business. He advises that the establishment, if sent, should be shipped from New York. There is already one paper there, a very small sheet, issued twice a month, for which the subscribers pay live dollars a year. The writer thinks that another would be prodtable. We comply with his request, und those wh't are fond of such euterprises may make their own calculations. Nkvvs From Texas.?The steamship Ohio, Cupt.'Swller, Jr., from Qalvcston, the 23d, arrived yesterday. To the captain we are iudebted for papers to her day of sailing The schooner Robert Kid, Capt. < hatnpion, arrived at Galveston on Saturday 36 hours from Corpus Christ! There have recently been several arrivals of traders from Laredo and other parts of the Ilio Grande. Gen I.ulnar's command at Laredo has hsd a salutary tendency in suppressing robberies and other acts of violence. Home confidence in the security of the country begins to be felt. Gen. Lamar has secured the confldeuce of such of the Mexicans ns are disposed to be friendly; aud those of a contrary disposition are afiuid to mauifest it. We take the following articles from the Jlustin Democrat of the 14th inst: ? A portion ot Col. Hay's new regiment were to leave San Antonio yesterday for Mexico. Lieut. Col. Bell will be left in command of the remaining forces on our frontier. Cnder tho command of thut accomplished aud well-tried oftlcer, the companies along our border will doubtless do effective service. Mr. Cochrane, of Capt. Henry Mc< ulloch's company of rangers, arr.ved in this place on Monday last, bringing some important I ndian news, if it be true. He stated that he had been iu comp iny with the Wacoes for several day* prior to his crossing Little River ou his return to the settlements, by whom he was informed that it was the avowed intention of the t aniaaches and Tonkewas, who are now hunting together, to commence open hostilities against tho Americans, so soon as the interned boundary line shall have liven designated and marked out. lie also stated that lie saw on his route ludians belonging to several of the different tribes, and that the statement made by the Wacoes was full<r cor roborated tiy them all. The following Is an abstract of the census of Goliad county, reported to the Secretary of State :?t|u?litied electors, 71 j white males between IK and 45 years, !'7 ; white males uuder Id years, 07; white males over 4.'i years,'24; white females, li t; Blares, 14(1. The town of tioliad ooutatns l!H white inhabitants aud ?>0 slaves. The census of Uurlesou county, as returned by the assessor for 1H47, stands thus : ?Hualitled electors, '208; inhabitants over 18 and uader 1> yours, 187; under 18 years, '24!?; over 4"> years, 45; females, 38j; slaves, ::;I0. The town of Caldwell cont tins A3 white inhabitants, and 32 slaves, Major Neighbors has been after the Camanchou to have a talk with tnem, and learn their intentions, but they kept out of his way. Nothing has yet been heard of the surveyors, whom, it is believed, the Indians captured. We have no continuation of the Indian news contained in our last number, taken fr.?in the Victoria AAvocalt, says the Galveston Nrws of the JIst. . Mr. Ilud on, with about 30 men, hud been some I.?0 tulles above San Antonio, aud serious apprehensions for his safety were entertaiued. lie hus now returned in safety. The Indians discover symptoms of hostility. Hauta Anna?the Indian, not the Mexican warrior?professes to be still friendly, but Uulf.ilo Hump openly threatens war. They have removed all their women and children out of the wuy. This is considered a bad omen. I he reports in relation to the crops, from all sections of the country, continue to be highly favorable. The prospect was never before go encouraging. Corn is so abuudant, that it is said contracts cm be made for almost any amount at '20 aents per bushel. Forty passengers arrived at Oalvestou in the brig F.mily from Hamburg.?Sew Orleans DtUa, Aug. '27. Another Exi-uess Rouhkiiy.?Yesterday morning about o'clock, tt robbery was committed at th? depot of the Heading railroad, corner of Uroad and Vine streets, as the cars were about starting. The conductors upon the road are iu the habit of doing business, carry iug money, 8to , for the banks and coal comp ini- s. and other persons of this city, to their agents in I'ottsville. and for this purpose carry a rong box for the reception of packages, an<? which is u?u*lly locked up iu the forward oar, in a closet made exprersly for the purpose Yesterday morning Mr. Frederick Keelny, one I the conductors, placed his bos as usual in the closet, which be securely fastened, but while he was getting tb? hiud cars o! the tr.?iu connected, tho door of the . I., ./.i ur.,u unlocked, and the box abstracted hv anmu daring villain, and the door left open. The box contained a package Of the Farmer*' and Mechanic' lUnk, 11.Mresaed to Mf Henley, containii.g in $ft'a and $lo"s of wild bank ; a package of gold containing from f OJ to $1,0110. thH property ofK M IJrex il, and another 1.1' containingabimf $1,300, $<0l> lq Wtrard fViand n Bank or Northern Liberties, l>r? and $i'a. besides $30 In pecle, directed to Juhn < uran. of .Mount Carbon, forwarded .by the Delaware Coal Company. The box w:is about two f??t long aud dim wide, painted green, and marked K. K Ills believed the robbery was committed by experienced hiindH, and probably more than ouo wan conoarued In It, for the conductor waa not absent over five minute* Tin wholo amount of money atolen is Stated to be $4,780. About noon a man waa arrestoi cliarfc-d with the robbery. and taken belore the Mayor, but itc r? being no evidence against him. he waa honorably discharged. In the afternoon, a man named James htrou'l. w?s arretted In the diatrict of Hpriog (iarden, by constable Keyser, upon suspicion, and taken before Alderman I.ut*. Vise af reet near 13th. After a patient hearing be waa held to bail for a further hearing to-day A female who waa seen in company with the prisoner In the morning, waa also arrested aaan accomplice Her Innocence being fully made out, she wan set at liberty.? I'hilaJ. J.tdgtr, Sijit. 4. On Monday morning last, when the jury, in the | case of the aegro riotvrs, handed In thulr verdict, immediately upon It* rendition, lodge Hepburn, with much warmth and feeling, declared that the verdict waa one to which the court felt compelled to declare ita solemn protest, adding that, had It been a civil case, the court would Instantly set It aside as not being rendered according to the law and the teatlmony. - bifiulc Ihrnld. iy i> [ERA 847. Religious Intelligence. t >li mil I on Septkmbch.? 3?, 13th Sunday after Trinity, 5, I tth Sunday after Trinity ; I'J, 15th Sunday aller Trinity?Kmber week. The Mlaaouri I'niveririty but oonferred the dagraa of ; U D on the Right Her Cicero H. Hawks. bishop of the J iio^ee* of Miaaouri. The Kngllah papers announce the death of two of th? irar apoatoliea in Kngland, Bishop Griffiths, of the Lon doo diatriet. and BUbop Moatyn, of the northern. The K?? Hufua W Clark, of I'ortHmouth. N. H . wUl i pr<-a?h thin evening in the Plymouth ehureh. Brooklyn. , <>n the di<astrou? influence of war. upon our oiril, noclal and religious Institution* An l-ugilsh paper show*, that In the Jloouiu of St < \?*l>h Wales which abounds in poor curate* ol long j landing. *'7.003 per annum in hold in sinecure, by Hag- i luhmeu who do not k'iow a word of the lau^ua^ji of f the parishes from which they derive their Invuuies Tha London Tahiti says that the name* of Arcbbl- 1 h 'p < roily, of Armagh, Archbishop Murray, of Dublin, ' and Archbishop Nicholson. of Corfu, am entered on the 1 Pop* t private list tor a vacant Cardinal's hat. The corner stone of a now Catholic ehurch wan laid last l-'rlilay in Woo?ter Wayne co., Ohio, by Right Key. i Bishop Kurcoll h ather Driscol, H J who loft bore for Montreal with the other t-'atkore of St. John's, U. wo reget to learn lying dangerously til froui fever caught at tho shed*, so alto U the Rot M. Lasnier. It Kathers lleaudrand and Mollcy, ut liytowu. were recovering The superior ot tho (iray Sisters at that place, wax roceuUy extremely nick from the same fever. The llrove church, erected fhr tho congregation of the llofnrmod Dutch church. Now Durham, N. J., will be dedicated to tho worship of tiod on Wednesday, the 1st of September; servioe to corn tncuce at half past 10 A. M. Hcv lieury Ward Beocher has accepted the Invitation of the Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn, to l? couie their pastor, and i? expected to oommenue hU labors In October. Iter L. Orlggs. of th? Chapel street Church, having received and accepted a call from the church in Middle- 1 borough. Maes , resigned his charge last Sabbath. Another Qnanoial year of the American Board closed on the 31st of July, leaving the treasury ot the Board burthenod with a debt of m 're than thirty one thousand dollars This result has been owing to two cam?8 I The ordinary receipt* of the Board, lor the last year, have been less than in any previous year since lSilii Thedif- I ference, however. between the donations of thu two liet years Is only f'J.TM ; there being, at the saute time, a dif- ! ference between the legacies received during tho same period (including the Waldo legacy) of $4tf,tsH.i. -J. An uuusual number of laborers, within the past year, have gone forth to the heathen. Twenty missionaries, two male assistaut missionaries, and eighteen female assistant missionaries, have embarked for their respective fields since August, 1841 The Iiight Rev. Bishop Hughes arrived in the city on Till xli,. '""B , Mr. James O'Stillivan received the order of sub deacon In the < athedrnl on Saturday last, on Sunday that of Deacon; and on Monday (feast ol St Rote, of Lima) the buly order of the priesthood wart conferred on hint by the Rigtit Rev Bishop coadjutor. We understand that the official ratification of the acta of the late Provincial Council of the Bishops of the I'nit- , ed States ha* oeen reoelved by the Right Rev. Arohbl- I hop The cities of Albany and Buffalo in thin State, I have been erected into Episcopal Sees, by his Holiness I I'lusl.Y The Right Rev. Ur McCloskey. coadjutor of > New York,has been appointed to that of Albany, and the Very Rev. Mr. Tlmon, Superior of the Lazarists. to that of Buffalo. Ualvestoa has been erected into a See, and the Right Rev. John Odin, hitherto Vicar Apostolio of Texas, had bee* appointed Bishop. The Rev. A Rappe has been miide Bishop of Cleveland; we have already noticed the appointment of M. Bazin to the See of Vluoennes. Number of Kplscopalian parishes In Maine 6, number i of clergy 15, Baptisms siDCe the last Convention?adults 6; infants 87; confirmations 13; communicant* 666; contributions $1104 87. In the diocese of New Hampshire there are of parishes 9, of clergy 16. Baptisms?adults 8; Infants 40; confirmations 10; communicants 443; contribution* tOAH OH. In thediooese of Khode Island there sre 36 clergymen. Since the last Convention the Bishop has consecrated two churches; ordai ed four deacons nud su priests, confirmed one hundred and thirty-five persons, and (Including the services of his own parish) has administered the hoiy communion about thirty times, and delivered about two hundred and sixty sermons and addresses ? Kour clergymen have taken letters of dismission to other dioceses, uud three have been received. In the diocese of Illinois, number of parishes 36, of ol?rgy 11. Baptisms 111; confirmations 41; communicants NS3. Iii the diocese of Kentucky, the number of clergy, including the bishop, Is 19. The clergy In attendance were 11. The parochial reports preseut the following: Baptisms?adults 19; infants 1.19; colored 5; confirmed 117; communicants 730. Sunday Schools?Teachers 33; scholars 116. Mlauellmieoua. The post oflioe at Northampton, N. H., was entered | on Wednesday night, and robbed of most of the letters i and some loosrt mone)i The bags containing the small mails for tlie towns west, weje found about twenty rods from the offloe, cut open, und rifled of their contents; all the letters prepared tor mailing In the morning, nearly all the letters in the boxes, aud three or four hundred (lead and promiscuous letter snot called for, were taken. What amount of funds the letteri contained Is not known Baker St Delano put a letter in the offlce for Sturbridge, containing $79 in monoy, and another for the west, with ! a draft of $110 on the American Kxchange Bank in New York, payable to Charles Delano, both of which are i gone.?HumfiiliiTe Oazeltt, 1<1 inst. The Southerner arrived at i harleston on Monday morning last. She had over eighty passengers in the ; cabin, and thirty-six iu the steerage. The Coutirr Hays :?"We are Indebted to the Southerner for New 1 York papers of the IMth, which were very acceptable, as the mail from New York failed to-day." (Jreat preparationa are making for the approaching Kair at Saratoga The committees are busy in causing the erection or fences, &o. Two recruits, who enlisted at Buffalo, jumped from the steamboat a few nights since, ou their way to this city, and were drowned. The Common Council of Boston have voted to give ''apt Youennes, the oflloer who arrested Tirrell. n tliouHand dollars Accounts from St. John, N. B . state that (ituution of the immigrants on Partridge Inland at the entrance of the harbor, in beginning to attract the attention of the I government. It if stated tnat women, nick with the | typhus fever, hart* twen left to sleep ou the damp grass ; for two suuceMive nights, during which time no on* cam? near thcin ; and other cage* of grou neglect am , pointed out. A painful alTair it if) said took place at tlio Providence j depot h'riday morning, in which the domestic difference* of tile parties were obtruded upon the public gate. We learn that the ground between thin city and the ' Central Railroad i* stuked oil, and that a contract ban beeu made tor the ponta. Am noon ax a sufficient force can be obtained it will not be long before every thing will be ready for the wire. - CtniiiiitljiitMliil, illi|uila, ' Qeorgia. We were grieved to learn yesterday that another of , the ulsters ot chanty, who lias been miuuieriug to the nick in the Charity Hospital, was struck down with the fevor. Her lite i* despaired of.?JV? w Orlrani Ftcayunr, Jluguil 37. It In said that the prospect for the early commence- i raent of the fortification on Holler*' Point Hat*.is aasumlug a brighter a?pect; that Major Ogden, ol the fcugl- I nerr Department, ha* been asmgned to duty thure, aud will no doubt noon make the preliminary preparation* The Mexican (Julf Railway was opened to it* preiant termiuus. 2? miles from New Orlean*. on the irtth ult I A feaat was given on the oocasion at Lake Borgne, and speeches were made by Col. Isaac T Preston, Judge K. A. (/anon and O. P. Jackson. K?<[, in which they paid a glowing tribute to the enterprise of the company and the still aud ecieuce of J. ?V. Smith, the engineer of the road. An accident, which it U feared will result in the lorn of several lives, occurred on Tuesday last, in froat of the dwelling aud store of Jo*. Sijuire, r.sij .of Venice, in this county It appear*, according to the Information which hit* reached u?, that a man with a loaded gun in hi* hand, wan walking in front of the building, when a number of perfton* came lip in a wagon, aud a* the parlies were In the act of pausing each other, the guu went off, and Wounded tour of them. It I* *uppo?ed mortally 1'hose injured are W. Cool, Sarah .>iatthews, Isaac Street, aud a little girl, name unknown How the accident happened or what was done with the man wtio caused it, we are unable to Tttrgrapk, 37Ih ult. Annivehsary at Andovhr Tiikolomical Sk.mi* nary.?The Minivera-try ex?tci*e?, ?t Andover, took place on Wednesday last. The opening sermoii was preaohed bjp Itev. Pro feasor I nompson, of ('.act Windsor, Conn., ami Is represented as haying been a w clear, ktrong, dignified, thoughtful oration without any especial attempt at display The graduating c|*.s wns small. The following were the oration* of graduating member*, as appointed for the occasion:?Rhetort of the truth that the lloly Spirit aids the preacher ?Jonathan hdwards, (V. <,) An?lo?er. (Necessarily omitted on account of sickness | ( brihlian patriotism-U'rlstopher M. < ordley, (\V H. (!,) Anu Arbor, Michigan. Aesthetic culture ?its importance to the New Kugland preacher?Satuu*! I) Dexusr, (li. U ) | Itoxbury. 'i'he realization of the ideal lu character Jolin JV1. ttteele, (I>. C.) hpsorn, N. II The religion of sentiment-- Kdward W. Clark. (D. t;.) Tewksburr Srriuous Norn.v ? We timl Utf following par* I' ticuUrit in relation tc tlie wj?urioWn noire purport- J inj{ to he the Issue of the New Haven Bank, allusion to which has already been made lu the Utrald A parcel of blank tun dollar notes, from the genuine plate, bad been stolen from the printer* office tho bill." filled up with false t'iguature*, numbers, date*, he , ami let afWt The u umbering aud dates, and the names of the persons to whom tney are payable, are very easily detected, while the signatures of II Denison, president, and A. Towusend, Jr., cashier, are very good imitations The paper and the Impressions are perfect Mo far as they nave been seen, they are payable to T. Bishop, /. Brauley, I. II. Towuseud. and ?. A loot, and are dated 1st l-eii and 1st Deo. 1*4V and 1 at Jan., 1st Not and lat Deo. IH4II. The bank has Issued no ten dollar notes dated l*M, and those Issued In 1H47 are all signed II. | Manlord, president. - * LD. I'rtre Two Oaati V. - . Wovem??U ?f the Heople. Mr Clay n nuractmu friend* will be Dleaead to hM( that he hU gotten back to th- Whit , Hulphur improES Iti health, and yet more, end uo doubt WaSae,Improved In wpirlt*. He iodioi to bare been ino*i ffretefullv preesed by the manifestation* of afl.ctlon exhibited ever* where on hi? way to and from the thor. n?. about MKJ visitors at the spriugn. aod about .i~u~errivaii per Jay.?Baltimore Jlmrrican, intt The funeral serviced and rites of burial of the bod* of (ion Hlla* Wright warn performed at< an ton on ttumlay last. The number of our eitizens from all part* of tbo county who were present wan so great that a part only were able to obtain a plaoe within the spacious cburou where the services were held. The discourse wan delivered by the Rev. IiIrani 8 Johnson, an old friend an* neighbor, tbau whom probably no man living was mora ntlmate with the deceased When the veneraMe clergyman mentioned the commencement of hla early m,uaintance with Mr. Wright, in theyoar a fellow ituaent. and the continued and uninterrupted friend*hip .'listing between then ever after, be was moat deeply ucred Ho spoke from his own knowladm of the prirate virtuuj or* the deceased in early life, witb a truthful arnestness, deeply affecting to tbe entire congregation The mortal remains of our distinguished and beloved Friend and neighbor are deposited in the grave .' The iecrues of Prorideuce are Inscrutable, and we bow to Ihu severe stllictlon.? O"dintbvrgh Republican llil ?Jl r&redtfd is said to be a man of great probity,but luteal perutu. It is rulated that Santa Anna once attempt*! to bribe him through Trrnel. Taredee pronouaeed tho agent no gentleman, and told bitu to tell bis principal to meet him lace to face. ' If," said he, " 8anta Anna bail lost, a leg, I too have lost the use of both my bands, (ha had been shot in both) yet I will be glad to meet bin! ? hu*t. Truiiicrijit, .!.( ititt. Col. Jehu 11. Weiler declines being tbe democratio candidate for (iovernor in Ohio, at the ensuing election. It it: said in a letter from London, that Fanny Klsalar h?H lost BOO ooo francs by the failure of a banker at Venice. Tho democrats of Seneca county, Ohio, held their County < 'onventlon on Saturday, the 3Mlh ult, and bobInated Mr. Noble their representative for last year. The lion. Win. 8. Archer. Senator of Virgluia, and the Hon. llranch T. Archer, formerly Secretary of War and Navy ot Texas." are spending some days witb their friend lien. Thus J. tireen, at Jamaica riains. Caleb Segur, of Mount llolly, has been appointed Steward of the New Jersey Lunatio Asylum. A Democratic Couuty < onventlon asneuibled at Lancaster, I'a . on the 1st After the nomination of candidates for County oOlcers, the convention adopted resolutions in favor ol the tariff of '40, and approving of the course of the national administration in relation to tho Mexican war. Also approving of tbe ooursu ef tbe prosent Chief Magistrate of Pensylvania, and reoommendlng in strong terms his re-cieotiou. BOOK9KLLKK8' TKADK 8ALE8.?Uentlemen attendiiik the Trade Sale*, are preauuied to kuow the style ud cnaracterof the subscribers'various publication*, they arc ape* r.iitlly invited however to call and examine the atock in all it* variety. Also, tlie low price*. tlie catalogue with the cub |>rici's aet down ; the allow bill*; the Comic, Oeiman, Housekeeper*, Farmers and Hough and Heady Almanac* for 1MI. The J(KI kinds ol 8on( Books; the WM number of kind* Tor Books, coloted aud plaiu; and the immense number ol Miscellaneous Uooka of all sizes and price*; and above all we want our customers to b>-satisfied that we deal fairly with them in "propria Jwrjona," or with 'heir letters containing orders, lie. Tl'KNKK k t IHHEK. 7? Chatham at. N. V.. a2i 3flr* rfl 11 North dill streel, Philadelphia. M tLn.~M. C AKROLL'S MfcDICATfciJ V APO & Hatha. 184 Fulton street, opposite Church Brest, are a safe and certain cure for rheuanatism, cough*, cildi, swelling ol th? glauda, stiflTueaa of the jointa, ague aud fever, fcc., recommended by Dr*. Mott, Stevens, Boyd, aud others. The Vapor Bath lots been succcufully adin metered in the above complaint*, for the laat 23 ye.irs. Opeu from 6 A. M. till 10 P. M. Saraaparilla Syrup prepared by tlie Shaken, 71 cent* par bottle ?a1Mr*re HOBIC'S PATENT PREMTVM EXTENSION ulNING TABLKS, with metal plated alidea, for private parlors mid dining rooms, hotel*, steamboat*. he , ouaurpaaaed for elta gance, durability and convenience, warranted never to get oat of order. A large assortment, the largest m the city,and unequalled for variety; together wuh a general aaaortment of elegaut and faahlouable Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be found at the warerooins. No. 443 Broadway, where the public are respectfully invited to call andexamMe. ?u21 30t*rc C. F. HOBF.. 443 BroadwayT"hk original Galvanic kinuh, band*. b*tt*7 plasters, magnetic fluid, 8tc , wholesale and 192 Broadway, corner John street. i>ealers supplied on liberal term*. Warranted to be manufactured by the original maker*, and the price is much reduced. 192 Broadway, corner John treat. aiW ?f re WIGS! WlliS!?STKANliKKS and Citizen* wishing a li'st quality Wig or Toupee, are invited to inspect the exteu*ive assortment of Win Baichelor, where they Can select from the largest stock in the United State*. There ualwaya a best place to procure an article in every buaineta, and tike best place to buy a Wig or Toupee, it at Batch* lor'* manufactory, No. 3 Wnll street, near Broadway. Private room* for fitting Wigs. Copy the address. aul9Mt*rrc C' t nulnk BLAH's oFL.-Ha.d study, close coaltae" meut, an etcess of care, and dyspepsia are the pruaeipe! causes of premature baldness; and a more mortifying circumstance than to be deprived (if the natural ornament for til* head in youth or m Hie prune of life, ran, indeed, hardiy be imagined. That p'eparauon, then, is beat emulated to benefit tlie hair, which ho* a tendency to equalize the circulation in the scalp, to stimulate the skin and nourish the bulb* rhat lie immediately beueath. The Geuuine Dei.r a Oil, imported by the undersigned, fro.n Canada aud the North*.e*t, i* aupe nor for tlua purpose to auy merely artificial preparation in the world. It ih highly prriumed, and its use his beea strongly re commended by those, who have thorouvhly studied ihe consti tuuon aud t hvaiology ot the hair Perfumed and preptred for the toilet bv hf.nky johnson, Chemist, 273 B roadway, corner of Clumbers street. Hold also, at 104) Fulton street, ana 77 Kastl) o.nlw iy. Large bottles 10 cents; small, /'j ceuu. [17" Purchasers to be assured of get ing the genuine Beai'n Oil, must purchase only such as bear the seal and nameot' Henry Johnson, 271 Broadway, New York. auJl 30t* m INSTANT CUHK KOK THE TOOTHAt; 11K ? 1'here have been many atteinpu, from time immemorial, to dia eever a speedy and permanent cure for the toothache. The d.scovery has at leugth been made. No toothache, however acute, can resist lor live minutes the I love Anodyne. It lull, the uerve for?ver, as far a* its capacity to endure peui is cou cerned. If this were universally known, liow much genuine "misery to distraction lending" would be saved, liow many * oue suffer* for days together from this greatest of *11 " The minor ills that curse humanity," when 21 cents would purchase an antidote to nis distress As ? a poet says of the Iliad of Horner, "I would not be without it in my houae, For all the wealth of Ctntsus." Prepared and aold by lleurv John*ou, chemist, *acce**or to A. B. Sands Jk Co., 273 Broadway, corner of Ch imber* street. Hold also at 100 Fullou street, aud 77 Kait Broadway, N, V.; sold also by most respectaole drurfifista iu the United State*. [17" Purchaser* must be carefui that they be not deceived by some worthless compound under the name of Clove Ajio dyne. Kmmiue the wrapper of the vial before purchasing, and unserve the name aud siguature of Henry Johiuoa on all the geaniae. au:n 30t*m FWKW r ArKIl H AN?#I .> UH?I". I'ARW k tU., No i * 179 Pearl atreet, .New York, Importer* and Manufacturer*, have renrtveil their u*ual large *upply of all the new paterna, of every tylr and <inaticy, ol krench and American Paper Hanging*, Borden, View*, Kirebonrd Printi, and wide win dow Curtain P-|>e?, which they offer to dealara, merchant*, and others, at extremely low |>rice*. The mo*t competent workmen to hang paper may be had at WIT abort Burt?. i2*)30t*re MO.NKV l.C.N 1 ? 1 tie inglie.t i>ricea advanced in large an 1 *mall *nm? on gold and *ilver witchea, diamond*, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry Rood*, be. lie. JOHN M. DA V 1Kb, Licenced Pawnbroker, 212 William atreet, near Dona*. Person* received in private office by ruining the bell. _ ant) )0t*re ("*HKAP CAHH kftlT ABL18HM KN T?The uudemgned J lurm*he* *lnp*. (teamen, hotels, b ardmg houte* and fain. lie* with *11 kind* of stores at wholetale prices Among in* stock limy be fnund groceries. lienor*, segart, fine wis**, Ml haakrta Dnc 0. Montabello ana lleidsick < hampagne; tM hall' cheat* black and green Tea will be *old at great bargains to cloae a consignment. Country inerchaot* ana up town grocer* would do well to call. All order* from the country will be proin|>tly altended to. Muter* of veaael* haying email Iota Of niji til dniNiae of lor cnah will pleuecall. Order* amount ing to SIO will be *eu( home free ?f caitage. mlint'rc A. B. Ml LLS 59 Water *t DAOUKKKIAN MAIKmI il,.t?oanufactured by JOHN llOACll, Optician. 02 N***au itreet. New \ oik. where every article of the best ijoality may be lud at theloweit price. Koacli'* Trip'e CompounJof Bromine, a superior chemical, producing juick picturea of floe whit* tone, now uted by the beat operator*.* few nf whoee naaes are attached. We have u*ed Hoach'* preparation, and reeoameod it, believing it inperior to any thing of the kind in u**t?H. L W.lkrr, Albany; ft J Humphrey, Wilmington. North < a.olina; P.H*u*om. Troy; A J Deal*. .New York; T. I liome, Montreal; ? lark* V Brother. Myrarme? hor aale by the Naeeau .licet, New Tor*; O. Defter. Albany . William BriaroJ, I'nea. I.larke It Brother, Hyracnae; T Doanr, VI.unreal, Will MM H PraU, Richmond, Vir inia. < ooley It < o . ttpringlield, Connecticut; end Briuimaid It llrnther. HorMIW'on. Vr mon'. "BJI J'l'rrc HI1.L 1.1 MO*, No j OA M' LA V STHKICT.?Tho mU acriber w.mid respectfully remiud hi* Inenda twl the on ft lie in (en?r*l. thai h? hu in ?(>?/ 'U ?|'*rtmont>, Ave 111 li^rtl tablea, in any in the city, and gentlemen TUIImg hu rau< liabment can be furn lilted with raaa which will he kri>( f<? their own uae Th* la'ilea, balla and run not to b? au'ioaaed by any in the city. The room a ?r? larie. and any trol emeii who ?nh lo indulge tliemaelvea in ihia imgHMM will not be nfceatod with tho heot. Alan, haa two innl Bowling Alleya, which have kwu lately rrfitlai4. and will be kept in ilia brat ord??. The bar ta alwot* ato'ked with the boot 1MB r. I.'I ieg?r? be foond in toe city of Now York. Alan, haa the boat of oyator* ihe ma h*t can ?ff'>rd Also. I 'old Lnnrli *?ery day at II o'clock ; < lam, or Kiah Chowder vory Wodneaday. tici.tleme i olio tlolt tki* raublnlimout will mm with polita attcntioo from all aboot bia bona*. N H. 'I ho |.rico of bowing latheaam* aa a gam* of IIIliarda. So. J Ban lay It-, frw ?'?or? below iho'America* , Hotel KHA.Nt I* MoNT?.VKHOt. anil 7tfclaw lt*M RU.MAS Kt ?. H 4 l.? \ >1 ? " W*c? me' a eh e| look* onco grim When the window* ?>' bia aonl (row dim T *it**NILL. There are few bodily ailmonta tn<>ro diatroaaing in ihoir nature than inflammation of the oca areoiniwoied or a?ccoo4<d by delectiw ?i? <>o. Anything which can re mora thoao a?i la una) therefore bo reganieJ aa boon, of which tha ralno la not to ho eadmated in dollar# "id cent* The KOMAN KVK IIAI.M 1*1 l-repared h. III.NHV JUitSdON oMrhibam. Ita morita ha?* been tea'*d by eiper.enee, aa thoVMnd* liaee dented anapeakabl* bene to from ita ait'ticMwa Mtay l>aneiit*. alter tufferii.g fro* infUmmation for v ?a>a hare beow i .itnplrtely enred by lAing thu doliglMfol aol*o. The rod no m nd watorv humo. have uraOo-lly d>?ap|<oored I ow? their oye Inla; ad tnny ha?a altimaiely bean enabled to rood wi?h plea mre the mallear priot by candle light I'nre IV cental iar. with aiupl* direction* fur nae fiotwred and old by HfcNRY JwllNMON.t bemiM. ?SI 3*t*m |T1 |r?(d?iv r<H himUn it \ u ?>* \. roofii fA?rS ? . th. I * T?#th?nd (inmi. u<4 comma mrattni aa utwiM> 4m u. h r Brvath, i tn* Arabi*ml CM*, fiinil i>[ lihi *mJ ih?i rr?fr*nt ni(r?iliruu h?? b*an Iw mi?tor ta my othar orntif ic?. B. r<.m?.undt <4 ( f ???r ???ai !? '? ri?l?, II h%'d*m th? |nn? > m .*? lK?m 4%*r? ?nr? ?i ml r lo lha u*lh- llinrby Mlilini inMf ul y |>r*>*ri U.( 'h# la> t*r from |>r?m?lara <W?r 1 l'..i* ?lw> . ..a?im???ai?-ra Iraurnt and d'u-rgant propariir. la ami.aal frr.|om? a?r xi tar* mnoi of krri'ina iK? btmfc a?<f mna-l. III * iww (iiiMimlthv r.*4ii|. H Pr*|Mi?4 ?!? kt MF.N HY JllHNHON.I I|#|||||| .nil l?r?*gi.l PI > ?*? ?, Oranil* Building, cnrprr <?f ' <r?rl *>ld ai l?0 Kill inn >tr?rt i ??d at < .mI<Ii?*i<? . W Ma4a?a ? ?? * ?l Sp???f Pnca Menu * S

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