Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1847 Page 3
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r eral partiea btw taken par??le for Liverpool Htlm of middling New Orleans have been made freely at U%o. and (f>od middling Upland# at the same figure The took ou baud la the city proves to 1*? 20 #00 less than tliM old eatlmata, and holder* are of opinion that the home trade will require two-thirds ot it. Fi?H-8alea of 700 quintals dry cod were m&de at $3 Ma II -JX; (took continued light Mackerel-Sales of 300 bbls ware made?the No l'? at (13 25; No 3 s at ?xJ H7X, and No 3'# at $6. Sale* of 20<)0 boxes scaled h"rrings. including 1000 Nos. l's and 2'*, on terms not in vie public Kacir.?'The sales of buneh raisins reached -100 a 600 boxes, without change in prirsr . Oimawo ?A sale of 2000 lbs was made at 33 cU. Hr*? ?The market was quiet to-day. Dew rotted -was Arm at $140 per ton, snow do $16.r>, and water rotted 9>IF>2 per ton liibK*.?The market baa been well supplied during the veek, principally from the River La I'latta. and a caiyo I oi about 9000 Buenos Ayres were disDosed about 121* i ru I) inos The demand is good, but without any parti- I ou'>ar animation1 Leatheb ?Tk? markut U brisk, and sales have been j steady since the public salt) last^Tbursdsy, at full prices | The demand fur heavy weights was very strong, and it : waa estimated that the stock of that description on hand I did not exceed 6000 sides, all told. Lead.?The article was held firm at 4 cti. per lb. Moi.amki ?Nothing doing to-day?prloes steady. Naval Stosii?Sales of 000 bbls. north county rosin were made afloat, at 00 cts . and 000 do at a trite less. Sales of between 600 and 1000 bbls. raw turpentine were made at about(it was supposed) $3 25 per bbl of 280 lbs and n&les of about 404 bbls spirits turpentine were made at 50 eta Oils?Linseed was dull at 66c a O60 far English, while city remained at 67o. Crude sperm was wortn $1 Soleoted whali 36n and shipping 34K? There was no 1 change In manufactured?olive remained steady. llOo. I 1'r.h isios?.- There was nothing doing in pork beyond email sales to the retail trade, in lats of 40 or 60 bbls of : prime and mess. The former (in this email way) at fl'i , ami the latter at $15 In large lots it was worth less by * 12lga9flc. Tbere was nothing beyond retail transac- | tiona in beef. Lard?Sales of ISO bbls fair quality, were 1 made at 10,^0. and 60 half bbls. at 11c; and 200 kegs I prime leaf lard at ll^o Cheese?The arrivals were j tree, and good dairies were worth 7 a 7)*c a 7>?o for | choice Butter was rather inactive, while prices re- | m'lined about the same. Ricf..?Then? was very little doing, while prices re- { muined the same Suo.ib ?There waa very little done to-day iu any j description, while the market presented no new features. . Tobacco?We submit the usual statement showing th* prices, sales, receipts, and stock on hand, for the week ending this afternoon Sold Jlec'd l/tit Stock Pric*t. this week. week, on hand K rntneky,Virginia niid N. Carolum,. 2Xto 7X '"k' SKwWtfe. Alary laud and Ohio. ? ? 6 lids. 5 hdi. Conuerticul teed,.. S lo 15 ? 37 cs 178 c*. I'musvlvania seed, 7 to 16 130 cs. 10c. ? 144 ct. Florida. S to 60 ? ? 113 cs. Iinvaiia 20 to 87150 bh ? 505 bis. Fillers. Cuba 17 to 30 219 bis ? 1M1 bis. Tan 35 to 45 ? ? 109 bis. 8t. l><>mingo ? ? 1288 ?rs 1288 srs. For Virginia and Kentuoky tobacco the prioes were well supported. In all other kinds, there was not much doing. Havana tobacco, in spite of a small stock, there waa not much firmness in the article. Cuba tobaoco. of which we expeot a large supply, has had a retrograde tendency ; pretty large supplies of St. Domingo tobacco arrived this week, and will affect the prices of Connecticut and Pennsylvania seed tobaoco The new crop of Connecticut seed is said to bo middling in quality and in quantity, altogether about 4,000 cases against 5,000 cases of last year. TALi.ow?HaleB of 30,000 lbs were made at 9>? a 9% cents Whalebone?Sales of Northwest were reported at 33 cts. Whiskey was inactive?some holders naked 28 cts . i while buyers were indifferent, and salts could not have ; been lorn 1 at prices beyond 27 a27>{ cts. per gallou. , Wool?There has bmn mere doing Mnce our last re- ] port, and sales ol fleece and mixed have reached about 60,000 a 70,000 lbs . at full prioes. .- ion.. ? i> muml i.utmtriui;ui ui WV ??lf? OI COIWU was uiado for Liverpool ac 7-32(1. Flour stood at about ls.fld. per bbl. Kates generally were dull and little of- ! faring. TEI.EORAPHIC. Itlark eta. Baltimore, Sept. 4, T. M. Flour.?The market was dull with a downward tendency. Howard atreet wan inactive at $6 37>?, and no aale* of moment in any description were reported. Wheat continued in fair demand, and we note sales of 2000 bushels of Maryland reds at ll'io a 115o. Corn? The market was some less Arm, with a fair amount of transactions. Sales of 6000 bushels Maryland white and red were muda at 63o a 67o. Nothing to report in rye or oats, which remained nominally the same. "Whiskey? Sales of 300 a 60o bbls were made at U ">?o. In provisions there was hut little doing. Lard?Prime quality continued in good demand. Alii a *r, Sept. 4th?I'. M. Flour?The market was dull and no sales of moment were reported. Corn?Sales of 8000 bushels flat yellow were made at 68c. There were no sales making in other grain. Whiskey oontinued dull, and Provisions inactive. Receipts bv the canal for thu.past 34 hours were about as f >llows : ?Hour, 7000 barreb; Corn, 13.700 bushels. Nothing new in freights. (Telegraphic Correspondence of Phila. Bulletin ] t'l i Tfiiunn. Sept. 4.?There it* little or no animation lu our market Flour and P^orl-ions are only in retail demand. Groceries are morn active, as traders are making up their fall stocks Nothing doing in Wheat. Corn 36 to 37J? cts Whiskey quiet and unohanged. The water in the chauntl still low. Married. At Boonville, New York, on Wednesday the 1st inst., by Dr. Hunter. Mr. Wm H. Bklchkr. of St. Louis, Mo , to Vll??, Mart Hi ntkr, daughter of the officiating clergyman At Bedford, on Wednesday evening, the 1st inst., by the Rev. Alfred H. Partridge, Mr. John F. Bcttsrworth, of New York, to m aria, daughter of the Hon. William Jay. Died. On Saturday morning, the 4ih inst , after a short illness, Wh Hollowat, of Middlesex Co., N. J., in the Solh year of his pge. The friends of the family and those of his father-inlaw John C. Robertson, are invited to attend his funeral tills Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late re sldenrc 219 < hrystie street. On Friday 3d inst., alter a short Illness, David Rresk:, Med '10 Tears. is friends and those of his brothers, Jonathan and John Reese, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his brother, 3 Jay street, on < ?,! ? r .1 l> m Id Brooklyu, on the 4 h inst. Maria M. eldest daughter of .Viirt-u MH'1 Catharine Hshertler, aged 4 years 11 month.' and 12 days Th" friends and acquaintances of tho family aru respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thin Sunday bfternoou. st 3 o'clock, from 143 Concord street. lu Morrislowo, N. J . lid iust., Mahraiikt r* Movkrs Dkxtkii. youngest daughter of MargurctU M. and Ur. G. T. Pexter. a*.!d 14 months. The following were among tho deaths at New Orleans of the prevailing epidemic '26th lilt., hRAMris Kitocsald. from < asile, County of Carey, Ireland, awed 2'2 years and It* month*. 33d lilt.. An Shay, aged 30 years, a native of the city of New Vork. -23d ult, Wni iam Shay, aged 30 years, a native of New Vork City. Miss Oath\mrtic Aim, aged jfl years, a native of Ballinupl-i*, <i;ilw?y county. Ireland, '26th ult., at Bouliguy. J'sri-U of Jefferson. l'tKRJo* Reading. aged 61 years. a native of Trenton, N. J. William Biown, aged '24 years, a ualive of Belfast. Ireland. Khisid K Hiutii.ti a native of County Roscommon, Ireland. Ukmjamin Hccitis, aged '27 years, a native oT Cold Springs. New York '2.'<th ult., Jamk* A. TKSKY,aged'27 yoars Dk,iii McCarthy, aged '24 years, a native of Kenman, county of Kerry. Ireland. '24th, Tiiomai Ruston. aged '29 years, a native of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, Kngland ' ii a i i iiij II I iJ li B')N SK.IOUR?Thi? delighlful and fashionable sumraer retreat, ii mtaated about a mile from (New Brighton, on tlir romantic baukt of the noble sheet of water which sepsratrs Statrn lalmid Irointlic Jei.iey shore. There it a steambo:tt Comininiratiou with the city of New York, eight tinier a Hat; while Jenei city is reached by a drive ol thrre-quarle.s of an honr. over mr of rhe fiieslsud most agreeable ro-d? in the Sl^te The air is reiiiarmbly salnbri^us and cool. S' d r? freshing breezes may at all time? ha enjoyed in the welltlitdi'd walks nnd gr< undt. A commodious Bith-liotie is at?r<-|i il ro the utalslishment ami peculiar farilmea are afforded lur sail- >: 'ur I tiiiuK. Large quantities of gamearetobe f u d in the minediaie negi.btliond, ai.d the facilities for fulling a>e well ki r,wn. Tnetuble is supplied daily from tne New 'ork market*, and especi u pains ate taken to furnish it Willi every delicacy in ill sensi.n. additional mesiis of aceomnodation have been piovided, ?'j(l to f. n" es r< turning from more distant watering pi re?, ai l o h-' . * ho may de.we nn ngreeible reaideice during the reinai d.-r ol the iea*on. " 8o,i <t?joUi'' offers a peculiarly healthful and accessible reheat. i > I' W. I.OCKWOOD. Proprietor. "Hoi Qei nirM Beriren Point. N.J . Hert 1, I'II7. s'? Tl.lKLY NOTICK AO UKNTtKMr.N ?An tin- Kill And iutrr *e??on,are acting in, gentlMarnwool I inr m ?.ir y by lookinf uii their Woo len Clothing mu h?vt them either cleancd, dyed. Itered and repaired. sn payor t > anytli.uir ver d;>ee in thu c:ty. Clothea cleaned or d|Al without tli? iid of ate <m or coloring at shnit A trial will pro?* the f.tct From the satisfaction given to tl?f public the ulwrnber m induced and dttermined to follow the above brioches, norwirh*undinu nil comment iora. for having n small I atore w rnn work f*r mall profits As auch, gentlfmen will do well to call ha for* going ? ?t*where, at No 91 Murray street, corner Wfuliinntou, at tha Cheap Cash Tutoring ^Atabliahment. A (/A RTVMOS, 91 Mnriav atieet. ( l ttheadyad wtrrmtid faat colo > a5 lit in NOTICE TO M AN UKV l'lrRKRS, MtrilAMH'S, I rri.lori, Ur ?The O-eal FVr of the American loatiJuie of New Vuik, op? ii t > the pnblic at Cwatle Oaiden, on thr Jth !> October. ? tide, for competition tnu?t be brought en fi- lat nr Mnf October The earlier the bi-tter. Onr npeuiou* and akilfal rit teni almuld he in aeaaon; many loie the henrfi'aol the Fair by beirg n "day afer thefiir." It will be * aplendid ahow. Circulars maybe had at the I ?tito'e rnnmi, in the Pa'k a^ 2 rc RMJHT t'HINCl P' EH.hnTe alwa aienaured nnriraied aac reja at HANFOKD BHOTHKRH. Merchant T-il?i? IV Kiilf'O aire#!.?lit. Aiwa' a girea v< od fitting Coar?, Pai.n, and Ve,t?kaep-t e he?t of Clotha, Caaaimer* and Veatii<g? 11Tit Jl C?h; conaeqnently, cu I II per cent cheaper thin thota? i?t tell on time. 3d. OA-ntaare mil, ai they ought to be, and done at the tire jvvmned 7" V lu I mite nude in twn-ity-'inr hoo i ?/"il Rre'V rariety of Oentlcmen'i < a'fltting comuutly on baud, anilaold at ?er> l?w prir?, l?r cuh only HANKOKD UHO 1*7 Knlton itreet, 301 rm n?it to the Hanld OMc*. M, I MvtO>l L I vrno[>Ul I OKV 0#t N< . 11 White ?treei.?Til* Udita (mme eapecilly) are reipe"tfiill> m> ited to call and inveatigate thia principle?aa it Iieea ihi-m aimilitade in taare, diapoaition, mental caoaeity, in ihe tele'tiou of 1 part 'er, wi:h a certain gnar nty 01 go >il ro^ral character. Reference* ricliau^ed. ( ominnnicifion, with re'1 namea, tioat-paid, will recelre prompt attention, and be treated confidentially. Ilonra for l^adiea only, with.a Lady in attendance, from 0 A. M.nutillP- M. Ho?r? fof Oentlemen, fr"in i until 9H ?>(. A D. KILBY. ti lt*m .. ? lml . ?mmmm^p?i NEW YORK DENTAL DEPOT-D?no?t? u4 4nwgists ?re res|>ectfolly inform*)] thty cut And tt the snbyrih?r'i a turn. l?te assortment of Teeth, Deuta' Instruments, Gold Foil, Plate, Wire, Solder, Spiral Spring*, PWiina, Oold, Htauirl foil, Precipitated Silver, Silver PUte, Wire, Solder, kc. lie. at very low prices. D.alers io (he above articles will find it greatly to their iaterest to call, examine, and learn price', as turn determined to give b?iraius. JOSEPH T MURPHEY, Hi ttlt?rc _ _i.1l B mail way N V. MIMA IN HKMMEW Bp.NKVul.hM f? ? :IK. I Y ? The Mtmbeis of ill * Uneiefy are resiieclfu'ly invited t> attend a general meeii' t; < < iiludiy, Hie Jth of September, at > o'clock P. M , at 69 I.urflow street. Au election of Officer* will take place, and other business of importance actcd upon. Mlfm OU8TAVUS BERNHARD. Secretary. ! J AMES H. BRUNDAUE, MERCHAN r TAILOR?1* | prepared to exhibit a full and complete assortmentof sea- i aonnble good*, which he will make to ordet, at reduced price*. I I2> Brondway. second floor. oppo?ite City Hotel. s4 6ti**rc ' At Altl) ? Special attention is rei|U?-*teit t.i (lie following ! imiHirtant notice :?Thejstomshiug success and immense I pa'rouage attending ihe NEW HAT COMPANY, establish- | ed now oulv nine inou'hs, induces them to add to their beauti- ; fill Three Dollar llats a far superior finish aud icore costly I trimmings. They respectfully assure the public that (key ! u..j ... .......I,- ii,. v..,.:. ?. U..1..1.:.. .i. .. ' lie manufactured, at their standard price. THREE DHLLARS. The Cowpsny offer for sale this day, the 25th their sm>erior Fall Fashion, the very acma ofne.tnrss in style and trimming. As until, nn secnud quality, no Second Price, aud mii no consideration will old hats be taken in exchange except I rum the patinas of the yearly arrangement. GARUAN ATI. Manager, lit Naisan atreet, two doors Irom Hpruce, s4 CtSltW?rc and 16 Bowery*. JUHT RECEIVED? A rich assortment ol fancy and black silk Cravats ond Scarfs, lie. at J. AGATK'S, Gentlemen's Outfitter. 237 Broadway, cor uf Park place. UNDEK GARMENTS?A large assortment of Bilk Merino, Lambs wool Cotton, lie. of every desirable style, at J. AGATE'S. Gentlemen's Outfitter, 237 Broadway, cor. of Park place. GLOVES?A superior article of Kid Gloves, with welted I iiumi, not liable to rip; also t hossoa, Bsjoa, aud silk thread J .iud woollen Gloves, iu great variety, at J. AGATE'S, Gentlemen's Outfitter, 237 Broadway, cor. of Park place SHIRTS?Tlie subscriber would call the attention of the 1 public to his style of Shirts, which are made in a superior manner. Shirt* made to order, aud warranted to fit. J. AGATE, Gentlemen's Furnishing Sfre, *4 30t*rc 217 dr-tadwav, cor. Park place. Choice and unadulterated connections j L"af Sugar, Canities. Loiennes, aud a suoeral variety ot prime first quality Loaf Sugar goods, equal to the very best I and superior to moat.ou hand, and constantly manufactured (prices low) by STEWART, BUSHING U CO., Who'esale Confectioners, 4 ll Pearl street, corner Mad'non it^ s4 CH ALLENGE?Notice to gentlemen who want Vpt/wv/ their old clothes to look like i ew, call at the Tailoring. Uye'iig, Cleaning. and Repairing Establishment, No 77 GolJ st. eet, corner of Gold ana Hpruce, where ord?rs will lie punctually attended to at the sho'test notice, and on the m is' reasonable te'm*. by _ J. B.NOAH, 77 G>ld st'??t. N. B ?The highest price give.i for gentlemen'i left off ! wearing ?ppetel. s4 3"t*rc ! Humbug of fortune telling, is uow practised by many imposters in this city; but that the cele- ; lirated Madame ADOLPH. from France, now at her pri- ! vate residence, 111 Hester stseet, third block eas' of the Bowery, inl'oims those, who (for benefit, or even but curiosity,) cousult her scientific skill?of all their most secret affa>rs, of love, ma riage. jealousy, friends, law?when or what huxbiud or wife they will get. All have acknowledged who have investigated her wonderful powers. Fee reduced to 50 ceuts. Consultation hours, all day and eveuing >ill 10 o'clock. s4 2t*rrc CCHARLES RIDGWAY" HAIR CUTTER, he.?Will S mtioduce this dav the latest English kud French styles for Gentlemen's Hair Cutting received by last steamer, at his Hair Cutting and Wig Rooms, 170 Broadway, corner of Alaid*u Lane, upstairs. N.B. Th?v are iL'iiiine. si 3t*rc i 'pO PUBLISHERS AND NEWSPAPERS.?The sub- j M. >criber has edited and published three weeklv papers? i Ills Politu al Register and Commonwealth were filled with e says ou passing events?his Weekly Satirists with odea, epi- 1 grains, &c.. all by himself. His scientific writings, ou mot J ..ubjecuare pretty well kuonii He is familiar with French, t Spanish, aid Portuguese, the ordinary routine of the prets. nuJ i vould accept any literary arrangement for a moderate remuneration. Address, X. x. Z., care of Mr. Jones, 49 Nassau St., N. Y. _ ?3 3t?rc | HEADS ok HAIR?Heads of Hair.?Those articles lor- i merly known as Wigs aud Scalps, prior to the late im 1 provemeut'of Ridgway.are now known only by the above i title, owing to their strictly natural appearauce and artis'ical ' tout eiiseniule, causing them to he the most desirable article ! imm to a natural head of hair. To be had only of CHARLES ! KIDG WA V. practical Hair cutter and Wig maker. 170 Broad- | way. cor. of Maiden-lane, up stairs. Call and see them. N. B.?Private rooms for fitting and trying ou Wigs, lie. s3 30t*rc IV tire interest in the Express between Bo?tou and j New York. and Providence and New York, to Messrs B L AKE, COOLIDOE & WHEELER, beg leave to a?k their friend* and the rublic a continuance to their successors, oftlie business hitherto confided|(o them. HARNDEN k CO. HARNDEN It ' O. will coutinne, in connection with their Liverpool Motive and Continental Agencies, the Shipping, Custom House, Exchange and General Commission Business, J .is heretofore. Okficks?8 Court itreet and 120 State street, Boston. 6 Wall itreet, New Vork. G Coi k ?tieet, and 60 Waterloo Koad, Liverpool. New York, Sept 1,1817. pOPARTNERBHIP NOTICE?The subscribers beg Vy leave to inform their f.iends and the public, that they have this d.iy formed a Copartnership, under the name and style o< BLAKK, COOLIDOE St WHEELER. for the u'pnse of conducting the Express business between Boston and New York, and Providence, and that th?y have purchased of Messrs. Harndeu & Co. their good will and interest in their well known Express etween the above cties. which will tie conducted uuder the atyle of " The Htindan'a Exp-ess," and bi-gn coutinuaiiceof the literal patronage hitherto bestowed upon theirjiredecesaors. DEXTER BIJIGHAM, Jr.)q JAVIKS H. BLAKK. S8 Conit street, Boston. FRED. VV. COOLLIUGK. 6 Wall xtreet. New York. BR.NNET W. WHEELER, Union Buildiuga, New York. Sipt. 1, 1847. Providence, s? 2wi?h2wos fh CASi'OFFCLOTHING AMDFURNITURE WANT El).?Ladies and Gentlemen having any cast off or sujierlluous clothing or furniture to dispose of. can obtain a fair caah price for the same, hy sending a note, or by calling on the subscriber, at his residence, or through the |>ost, wnich will be punctually attended to II DE BOER, 7l>i Canal street, upstairs. N. B. Ladies can be intended to by Mrs. tie Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description, and ?moant si 30t* rc QliEM V .?There appears to be two different thlltlof men in N>* Vork. Do >ou know what makes one elM* looks s > much superior to the other' Answer I That's a fact that has Crack frequently. But I have never been aHe to aceouut ml the difference. It certainly is not the cloth, altogether. Why no?let me tell yon, one class bays six shirts a year from Scott, 91 Nassau street, and his shirts being cut in a s-yle trnly mechanical, they consequently lit beautifully. The other class don't can; two straws whether they wear any shiru or not as Ion? as they are tolerated. W hen you want any shirts, cnl there first?he sells a magnificent one for 11 50, and w,r. iauts tliein trt lit. Opposite Herald office. Established 18J-. hn 19 101* rrc r.KN FUN?T K tTfc.LEBKA1 EU CHINESE BKLN FOWDKt.?This trnlv beautiful and elegant article ran be had of all respectable chemists and perfumers in New York, i.nd throughout the U. States, in boxes at Si and it cents Travellers nnd residents in warm climates will highly appreciate th s invaluable ad.litiou to their toilets. The sole importers are MOBB3 It Co Wholesale depot W Bathellor, 2 Wall st, New Vork. By Beware of counterfeits. See that each box bears the written signature of Fabcan V Co., on the tri verorneut stamp mi27 Ml* rpu THE LADIES? UK. TOWNSENU'S SARSAPAl KILLA is a fav< rite of the Ladies. It relieves them of a great amount of suffering, and gives them fine complexions, ami buoyaut sj-iritis. Mrs. Parker kindly sent us the following :? South Bsooii.ii, Aug. 17, 1817. Dr. Townskpid? Sir: It gives me pleasure to testify to the beneficial efects I have experienced from the use ot your .Samparilli. My system w* i very much reduced by uervous>ics. and gei.eral debility, and with a var ety of leinale comi lan.U. I rend your advertisement, and w its induced to try the effect of your remedy. Ittestoredme toa better state of health I h >d u?.t enjoyed for several years previous to taking it; and I do most cheerfully recommend it as a valuable medicine to all who are alllicled as I have been. MRH. I* \RKER, Baltic street, South Brooklyn. "roiri:>.l Office, 1"H K?olion *t hii'18 3n?m WOMiKlth'I'L DISC)VhitV.?Striker's Solution lor the Hair, which will chinge grey hair to its original color in a tew minutes. This Solntlon is different from any vet offered Those win) doubt its virtues are requested t# have their lia^r changed before paying their money, One trial will prove the faot. The Solution can be had at C. B. Hammond's, 278 Broadway, corner of Chambers street; Dr.Ch astenv, 150 Bowery; Dr. Coneynctre, 39 Chatham street; and at Striker's. 4 Cpenaei Slip, where it can he applied None gen nine snf? aimed M Striker, in red ink au20 I4t*ir> flHK.NEV.' V OKK FAMILY MOUHNI.NO STORE ? A Every des"ription of first and second mourning in great varieti; ,\! ?it!es. Cloaks, ' ollars. Millinery Hosiery, Ike. Ladies informid that thise?tablishmeut is intended solely forthesa'eof every variety of romirninp goods, at 485 Hroad*rav nne dofir from Broo'- an22Vir?re WlHiLKMALf. SHIHT WAHJiHUlJJJf., No. U J* US atrcet.2d <looi from William, where rn?y be found n Urirr amorniient of Shirts. of every quality, made iu the latesl i'y 1 , and <>f superior workmanship. Kancy and 1'lain Linen, Muslin nud common Hhiru, coiutiuit'y on hand. Snutheru aid Western merchants nre respectfully invited to ea<l before pnrehauiiK- JOHN WOOL8ICY,M rlattit f vIt Mt*rr? D_XOO^ROTYPK PLATES,CASKS, CHEMICALS, Apparatus, Kr<- , of superior quality, at lowest market prices, at ANTIlON VH National Dairnerrian Depot, 217 Broadway, New York. IT/" Every thin* in the line constantly un hand. niiJl I.Vll'KOVfcU M~AON>7ril! MAC II IN ES.? MOUK tlKAO'S fin ADUATKD MAGNETIC MACHINE.? I hi i .u tninet.t is hii important imprvement oyer all othei *'.riiis of manufacture and has hren adopted b_y tlie .Veili;*! I'mlauiou Keiierall ,< ? being tlir mint convenient and effectual Magnetic Machine iu use. It is perfectly simple iuiconmi uctlon, and the'efore not liable to get ont of order, as is thr cur with all oti er IMtrnmeuta. It admiti of the moat perfei f < >tmol, an'f tin be uraduatrd to auy power; adapted f >r an in ' t!i", O- alfcli.-.triit fur lie atrouk'.-t i.ilult. at ihe pleasure of the iperalor. The magnetic force ia impir'.cd in a conliiiuoua in >111 er and w, h no aupleaaau' aenaatiou, to the moat delica e pitient. It ici|uirea no asaiata it in its use, anj ia in every reject pe'fectly harinlraa. Each instrument la warranted;and ceompauied by a i ?w Manual, with lull dirertioiii for uae is ti.e virions di??a*ea for winch it ia moit t ffectual. Prices from $U to tit. Manufactured and foraa'e. wholesale and -efnil, by a 10 7t* re I)C. MMI )K II K A P. >W Brord way. N. Y. DK. CnKIYI If.'B ti Al. V AMC KIN (Jr., BKI.ln. BHACEI.E1 H. AND MAONKTIC M,UfD.?Str i,aria ?.- reapecilully inf-rined (hat t"e only i.lace in New York ( ) obtain these celebrated artii-lea ireniiine la tt It] Broailwav. wc-inrrii JWIHI wireer lull .Yiaiilen i.aue In all r ! * of nerlO'i'ili't'iei the efficacy of Christie's (iilvanic aiticles ia 'rul v wonderful, and their gieat celebrity haa caused thftn to he comtei'eited bv needy |?rv,m, *ho offer spurious and wonh'ets imitations, nnnnat which the public nre respectfully guarded. N ) ilnixn ai or duty atore in New York will erer tie allowed to tell Dr. Chriatie'a articles. The sole and exdome <gency ia at one hundred and ei|(htv-iwo Broadway 1 au3<i 't*rc PiKISI AN DKCORATIVK UPHOLSTERV, < urt^> Mat-rials, kr. ?The Huuscribers have now hi alore their I' ll siock i,f I pholatery Ooods. Furn tnro Coverings and Tri innings, coinuting of i rery article in their line, and - Inch i they offer at wholesale and 'r ail prices, lower than rau be i purchase'I at any other esubliahmert n> the city. , From their atorli wli ch embraces the largest assortmeot ol i D? L inea, Broe*tels.Plualies, Lainpas. Oimi>s.Ta?<ela,ltc. Ike i merchants c n supply tliernv Ires with a better selection than i han erer before beee offered. I vVe ?re also row receiving in store, oar assortment of French I Paper II inging* and Bord-rs, alao, 'he newest patterns of Paa^ I Painted Window fhsdes, which havm* been porchaaed thi< i ?rason and imtioiteO under the (resent rate of duties, embrace ih- be?t assor'.r.d and cheapest variety ever brought iuto the i c u try. h(Ii QMON fc HAHT, Impoiiers and Manufacturers of Upholster/ (foods. Taper Hang ngs and Window Hhades, JI3 llioadwar, opposite the | Pnrj, WW Wt?n? ! HAKLKB Fl'I.LKH, who'eaale and retail deiler in J. ' I Jennings' new patent premium safetvO.v Lamps; also, i Pa'eut Phosgene <fa* fordo. Also Carnitine. Spirit Oas. Oil t Ami Lnril Hull L?nthom?.Oifl>ciOlw.ikC |Of ih? nin<t ' * approved stylet anH patterni Alio, C?inphin?, spirit Hu, Oil, Wicks, kr. ke. No. ITJ Greenwich ilreel, between Chambers and Warren streets. *1 3?t#re | WILLIAMSBURGH LOT* WANTED-Omo or two r->t? rot above F'ltli street. A line addressed toCHAB. MATTHEWS, New Yoikpoit olflce, stating sise, situation, and terns, and which innst tie reasonable, will read** taxation. *4 3t*re INFORMATION W ANTED-WaMedtoluTow where in New York, can be fouod iui office to obtain information of heus-at-law and next of-kin in Europe, from advertisements t-ikru from Euiopean pajiers. lie. Addresa JACOB. Herald office. s4tt*re WANTED? Look oat you that wuut business; here is in opi ortuuny that i< wort hy ol notice, to ihose that the nubl'c life; < ne of the b:si public ;houses or saloors is to be disposed of. Having k. pi the sbo?? stand for s' veral would now wish 10 l?> ve the ci y. This stand is lo'a'ed ,n the ifreaftt <h3ioukhfare, end most business part ol the ci y o' Ni* Yoik. For lulormaiiou i lease to address O H, it this oir^e. will be'led to. Capital rfq-iired. f">m 1 w0 t0 finir thoisa ?* dollars. s3'J'*rc BOARD WANTED?By a young Man inaquiel private family, (with no other boarders.) between Canal anu 1'rince streets, on tlie West side of Broadwa\ Address, stattug terms and locution, to L. T. R.. at this office I'efer* dices exchanged. >3<t*jf Bo AH DKI'.S W A NTED- A pririM Kami IV c in arc date Gentle muu and his Wile with Board. I'tie situation is eligible, beiuit within a stone's throw of Grace Church. The llouie has verandahs and bath. Address Box 981 l'ost Office. .1 1>?r? 'po TAILOHS-The Kail Mill Winter Fashion lor 18)7 auil I- 1841, is now published and ready lor *ale by T. Oliver, 87 Cedar street, New York, tlie thin! doo" from Biondway. T. Oliver has removed from No 4 Courtlamlt street, to 87 Cedar street. where he will couti iue to publish hit Kiahioui and Svsteins aa heretofore. Hia new system, Called the "Tailor's Philosophical Trausfer," is now complete and rcadv for fnl t*. ilJ0t*m APARTMENTS I U L T liaudsoiuely furnished or ua lumuheil. at 31 North Moore atreel. ?l 7f re ADVERTISEMENT KOK OL*HS MANUFACTURERS?A Oerinan Gentleman, (thirty yearaof *ge.) who l or a length of tune has had the i?actic<l sueer uteuueuce of the mnat extensive Olasa Manufactory in Bohemia, and who U <tt present engage i in the like ca|*eity m Kugla*d, is willing to accept of a similar aituatiou iu America, on suitable terma being offered. The Advertiser knows the muiufacturiog department iu all in branches aud it, iu pailicular. thoroughly acquainted with the < 'hemical process for the production of all sliadea of Colored Ulass; samples uf which, if required, Can be futuiahed and .el'trences ol the highest respectabi'ity given. Kor particulars,apply to Mr. W. Fortenbach, apothecary, 14 Hudson a*reel. New York. sillw'rrc I^OK SACK?A HARE oT'POHlT)NlVY-'l he Wa.hiugtou Bowliug Siloou, comprising four superior Allevs, wi'li splendid Billiard Room attached; together with Bar Fixtures and Kurniture complete, all got up in the latent and moat attractive ttyle, it now offered for tale ou accommodating ter.ns. 'J he mom is 25 by 101, ceiliug 22X feet: iu fact, take it altogether, the establishment can't be excelled hy aiy simi lur coi.ceru iu this rity, fur splendor, convenience mrinois anil excelleut >itu llion for busii'esa, being only three doora from Broadway on Prince, No. 72 The alleys mvy be purchwed w iihont tlie bar fixtures and furniture, if so desired. Enquire upon the prtniisea between the hours of 10 and 12 A.M.. of the proprietor. JOHN TRAVIS. si 3c*re _ its 1 1 k HKWAUL)? l.os' or mislaid, a heavy gold medal ip M. V and clip iu The ineda' weighs about tlnee ounces, ? ith a SpauiWi inscription. Whoever will return the m?dal udcliam to Mr. K. W. Bodsteiu, No. 3 Sp uce s'reet, shall receive the abote reward, and no questions asked. Piwu Inokers a'r requested io stop the above if ffeie-l Cnl.ORKi) PACKttS AND PAPER BOXK8.-Ma.nilactured hy O, BACH, 49 Fulton street, N. Y.?Constant! y on hand; also, a line asoo;t ineut of imported French . nd Uerimn Colored Papers. Al. orders promptly executed, and on the most rea*onable term* si 30*m '|>0 DRUUOISIS aNU APOTHKIAHIES?A young 1. MAIN, aged twenty, who has been iu tlie business more than two years, writes a good hand, and ha* a general knowledge of business, ii desirous of obtaining a situation iu the city or country. Address " H." this office. I?u307t*rc ,^| ONEY TO LOAN ?Abraham J. Jackson, Pawnbroker 1 v i- 58 Keade street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small sums, as may be required, on watches, jewelry, plate, v>euriiig apparel, dry g .ods, and personal property ol every llM^fipUOS. nu24 *li?m Lr.UK FREKES BRAN UlES.-.Now landing at Pier 7 N R., from ship Mary Fraucis, from Bordeaux. 86 pack, age* of the above well known Brandies, diiect from the house of the Subscriber, in France, viz. Cognac, Lrger Frerrs." Armag'iac, ' Star," Bordeaux, lleury L. L. Chatanette aud ltochelle Lafayette brands, pale and colored, in half, quarter mid eighth pipes. Also, 15 casks White Brandy, of superior ilavor. for preserves. Also in store, entitled to debenture, a lull assortment of the above Brandies, of various vintages from !?27 to 1846. Sample* at the office, 104 Wall street. aula 30t*m HENRY LEPER. IJAINTINUS?A small collection of rare and good Paiutl iugs. by the old masters, iu |>erfect order, aud haudsoinely fratnrd. for sale at 91 Liberty street. Two or three fiue histoid! pictured, landscapes, &c. May be seen every day from ? till 1 o'eloeh. auM 301 *rc D\Ni INU ACAlJEMV.?No. 50 Canal street, Kut corner of Broadway?Mr. SARACCO, Professor, Iuveutor, and first introducer of the new dance* in the United States, having rteommeucedhia lessons, wants several Young Ladies from 12 to 18 year* oface, whom he will teach gratis, all dunces of the " Salons," and after shall pay them monthly, a satisfactory sum, iu order to dance with hi* pupil* the modern dances, i.. ?.,i? ... a ... .... ? L ., o ,. Mazurka, Redowa-Waltz. Waltz iu five ?tep>, iic., <kc., and particularly the German Cotillon and Mazurka Quadrilles. aiiM Mt*rrc CHARLES AHRENFELDT, New York. MMaiden laue, up stairs, tuid 26 Liberty street; Philadelphia, IS North Kourth street, up itaira; Boston, It Kilby street, corner of IJuane street, Importer of all kiuda of toy* and fancy a.ticlei, perfumery, aoapa, niuaical instrument*. French china, Cierman plain and cut glass ware, ornaments for mantelpieces, li i|Uorcases. Ike. au26 30t*rc REMOVAL.?BOULANOEK has the honor to lulorin the public and her pupils, that she has removed to No. 68 Greenwich street, and that her school will re-open the first -eptembar. Terms, the same as f tmerly, payable iu advance, either by the mouth or quarter. Wanted a lady to teach the Knglish. au28 30t*rc PA WIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS,Jkc.-N. KAHIN. Importer, S3 Nassau street, up stairs, ht> received by late arlivafs a very extensive and well selected stock of French Artificial Flowers and Flower Materials, together with a most <;ilcndid assortment ol Feathers, Coiffures, be. be Ike., which be offers to the trade at low prices. ai>2< 30t*m DV O ITVlLLfc ULASSWOKK.i, PHILaDELPHIA.? 't hese works are now in blast, and the subscribers ire prei i<e<J to execute orders fur mineral, porter and wine bottles, carboys, druggists'glass, patent medicine bottles, jars, tkc. A Cull assortment of druggists' vials and bottles constantly on hacd. BhlNNEUS, SMITH & CAMPBELL, an3l lm*gbz No. 36K Smifli Front at. ERUPTIONS OF '1HE SKIN.?All who me troubled with Salt Kheuin, Erysipelas, Itch, Ringworm, Pimpled ice, or other diseases ol the skin, may obtain a speedy and effectual cure,at Mrs. Carroll's Medicated Vapor,Sulphur,and 1 >diiie Bath f^stablishment, 184 Fulton street, opposite Chureh street. Compound Concentrated Svnip ol Sariaparilla, prepared by (tie Shakers, 76 cents per bottle. . auS 10t*re OELM.NH OFF.?Freucli Aitificul Flowers. Feathers :>ud *' materials for llnriss; a hur stock, with 6 rases Flowers,of the newest style, just received by the latest arrivals, lor sale below cost; the owuers giving up the eutire business. Also,! cases fancy Boxes, for bonbons. BKUri LA ROSIER K * COURT. alT Win 122 William street. New Vork. 'I'HK SUBSCRIBERis grateful to the smokiug public for l t'ie evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation ol hli efforts to furnish them with the best Srgars that can be procured Ron Havana, and he pledges hiinaelf that nothing shall deteriorate from what he prides himself is a justly earned reputation. His agent at Havana will coutinue to seleot the best Sews that can he procured, snd at the lowed rates.? Ainoug the last importations, tiresome very choice, of the fol lowing brands :? Palo Alto, Regalins, (very prime,) Ugnes, Orama v Rosas, Old Zack, ElLeondeOro, Neura Kmpresas, Maciounls, India. Autiquidada, Cletnencias, he. For sale iu lots upon terms to euaure a duplicate visit. H. HKNRIQUES, an 14 30t*rc 106 Broad wat, eor "f Pine St. INFANTS' AN L) CHILDREN'S MAOAdIN DE8 MODES, established in 1814 ? Mis* JAI (IRS U,.r. nf Ij7 Broadway) begs leave to return her sincere thanks f<.r tli?s liberal patronage she has received since opening at 619 I lirjadway, one door from Iloustou street, and tike* thii me thod of inioriniiu strangers aud the Indira of dm city and vicinity, that she ia now opening her fall assortment of Infanta' mid Children'* clothing, comprising rich ailk velvet and meriuo (Jf?i ka, Coats aud Cloaks, braided and plain, and every article in the Children 'a department. Ladies silk Oixra Dress, il'iod*, Sun ilatanf hll descriptions, Hair (iraa* Cloth, Morreu, ami Hough's Patent Skirts. Ladiea' and Children'! Dresses, and Oeutlemrii's Vesu, braided to order. N B Ladies own materi il? made up. , u IKit in POWKLL ON THK KYK?Jaat published, a l'o|>ii|ar Treatise ou the* Diseases,and their cure, with engravings, rule* for the selection of spectacles, fcc., Hvo., ,->nce 10 cents. To he hnd at the author's, and of booksellers generally. Dr. Powell attends eiclusively to diseases ol the Eye and Kar from 9 to i o'clock, at his office 2(1 Broadway, corntr of '.Varren street Artificial Eyw ofsnpcrior quality recently imported. IsMWt'w NO ilUMBUU?A new diniiiK saloon just opened down town, at No. 17 Krunt street, and Induing also: corre and ndire for vonrself. The I?mi are sinvle ?nJI Klt*m Oh VlC K Oc THK iN K W YORK KIRK A.\D MARINE INSURANCE Co., New York. August 4, 18t7 DIVIDEND?The Boiril of Directors have this day declared 1 Dividend of Kive per rent, out of the profits of the last ?n in tuths. payable on demand, at the office of rhe company, No. 72 Wall street. D. UNDKRHILL, S ?l*m Herreuir?. ' |' I.M' )LA I "fTSI LPHL'R BATHS. Nn.H7 Pearl street. I. near Broadway. 'X hese Baths have hern ertahluhed for the last twenty-sis years, and are the on< y Sulphur Baths in the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent physicians, lor the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chronic roinplii ts, eruptions of the skm, be. Medicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from 8 A.M. to 0 I'M. s? JOt'rc BKOWN'S COKKKK HOIJSK AND DIN1NO HA LOON, No. 71 Pearl street, head of Coenties Slip. Strangers and others whose business calls them to the lower part of ihecity, will find thisa very convenient place to get their meals ?Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. OEORO?: BROWN, sJMt'rr Late of Lovejov's Hotel. CAP AND LETTISH PAPER.?Cneap Cap and Letter Paper, of various qualities, for sale by JAM ICS NORVAL si lfttis*tn No. 1(0 John street. /I a. CLAHKK. Fashionable Tailor lit Willi im street, oiinoHite the New Stores?I have received a lullassorimen? of I loths, Cassimer. and Vesungs, which b? ing bought fur, I will make lo order at very low prices I have alio i'i a**?itineiit of ready made Coats, Veils and Pants, very neatly made and trimmed Kor cut. quality, workmanship, aud urice. I am (iTornhlv known to the public It shall be m v to retain their good opinion, by selling n good Article it n low price. Suck Coats fr?in t~> to $11; Dim Oo.iU made if flue French Cloth, to order, from $15 to S20; every other <*rment in proportion. it (tis?m fffc KLLIOT, OCULIST. 6(3 Broadway, informs hTTpa 9 tienrs that on aud after September the srcoud, he wi^ be ii hit office on Tuesday*, Thursday* and ttnturrtnvt, from 10 t . t o'clock* anil <tia*rc 'P?K I'KOI'K ie TOKS of (lie Shak.peare Hotel, corner JL of William and Duane ?treet, respectfully infnrm their Iriendi nnd the public generally, that on and from the 1st day if Meptrmher next, will be ready to give dinner frmn 12 to 4 n'clock, nf 2< a he*J, prepared ill a suiierior style. They have liroriiled themselves with a new toe* rf Wine*, Liquors, and I'emperiiiice Drink*, uot to be surpassed by any hotel in the ritv auW Tt*m

KADICAL cittE OF (JOHNS, wuhont cutting or the leaat pain.?Ur 8. Shiriacotf, from St. Petersburg, of Huain, ha* the houor to announce to the I idles and gentlemeu fit New Voik.and the public iu general, tli?t he uuder akea to r. mpletely ekftrimte aoft or hard Com*, Bnnions, Naila and e?ery other hard auhatanee on or between the toe*, without cutting, by means of an Kliiir of his own invention. The oper<tion i* performed hi the space of a few minutes, without the l;aat |>?ni, ai:d the pntient may reauine Ina dress and oecura'ion with the aatisfaction of carrying the corn or root in hi* nnd. Ur. 8. Chiropedist. will give his attendance at his >lfice, S3 < Ii .mbers street, opposite the Park lie will also be happy to attend Ladies or Gentlemen at theii i i-tiitrf if re.inired. M Chambers at ai?ID!Wl*re l-l JU>11'C.HS?To Suntnern ml Weatern \|en hams? "YdM attention is mpecie i J y called to a mvel and most '"W ' eotkm, the I'atent Klaitic Baby Jnmper, for the { althful eierr ise and amasement of infants. 1 he relief it afords those having care ol children the eitensive sale it h i* very where commanded, with the liberal iiercentsge allowed ii th?M who ony the article to sell aaaiti, renders it a m st deiratile olyoct t" purchase either singly or by the iinantity. ??fu i ' j lJl TLR, 'nventorand Proprietor, ? Wholesale and Retail Depot, SI I Broadway, N. Y. C AT ^OoTS ^i.WiVVSV'WfeLAM AND v CHIN A. by J. M. B. Bogert, to. morrow, Monday. StpC ? ! o'clock, at No. 93 Joiui street, 40 packages ofopeaed crockery ware, all kinds of uUtet. diulira, leas, tea ieta. bowles, pitchers.toilet * cheap china tea aetts.cut and piaiii alaia tumbler,, all in lota to auit dealeaa and giocera, ?nd worthy of tlfiit'ow. "t ' in-n'hn credit. l'?ni f l C.IM 1?..N ? nAIH-IALL * A??1 ItJiV IMI V? Urel.f * i nt-.., ll.urera, f>6 Droadway, New York. 11* Chestnut street, I'biladebphu, will preaent the Kail Fashion fur iteutleinen'a hats, on Saturday, Vuguat Hih, 1M7.? U|h)0 Uuaing the faahion for the araaon.B. It beg leirr to ay that it i? their in Vet ion to introduce a style of hat altogether sniwrior to uiy before offered Toey li.ire adopted a.i entirely pew and uiiiiae inoi* nf pirn'Ming. which eitinbiniuK in the highest degree elegance <.J finish i il l durability, tendu mntciall/ tow-.rda the preservatiou of the I at. Another improvruieut will be the strict adui>t?tion of every hat as well to the feature,, a, to the form and sixe of the wear er. thereby avoidiug the apparrtit incongruity of a large and tall man with h duniuutite hat, vice versa, Bet-be sc Co,tar will nreient on ttii, occasion. beaides their wel' known auperior Mcileamii hat, a black fur hat.ol the Rocky Muuntaiii Ueaver; aauperb Article, which will he aold at t'.i-ir rriiulur ?laud.ird price. .. 11? - - - ... - . . ><>i>nuiuiiy imiu attention to me tiraurn 01 their establishment, IM 'lieMnut street, Philadelphia, which will he opened on theZSth lust, in a stvle corresponding wilh their house 'uN( w York, with n superior stock of goods, aud with the avowed object ofl'uriiiihing a better hat for the price than c*j> be found eWt-where. There will always be found at both places a full and complete assortment of luts and ca|>? for genu, youths mid children, together with ladiei'riding hata and cai>?, and a variety of fancy goods appertaining to tip trade, ?uch at canes, umbrellas, gloves, brushes, aud other article* for the toilet. The fac/li'ies afforded them by a ready and frequent intercourse with the cities of Paris aud London, together with the recent iinprnveinenu which they have effected in the construction aud use oT^inichinery. will enable thetn to offer goods of the must desirable fashion and fabrication at the very 1 west market prices, eitherat wholesale or retail. a 15 301* re SLIKIXH! HHK1.LH!! HHKLl,it!!t'-VVaii(ml all kni'tf of shell*, lor which the lugh'st price will be giveu, at U> ( liathnm street, opposite (Cambers street. At the stme place will also be footid a Hrge and well selected assortment of Shell*, whicn will be disposed i f at reasonable prices. N. B.?-The highest price will be paid for all kinds of cast-off Clothing aud Furniture. Do not mistake the uuinber, 6i Chatham street, ?uiJ830t'rc_ SliOUI.U THIS M Till''. V'lKVV OK GlfsTAVE I1KNH1 MAKTIN, of Chalons, France, formerly seaman on board brig L*nce of Cainrfeu, Maiue, he is lequetted 1 to call at the i flice of E. Lemilhoii, 44 Broad street, New 1 Vork, where he will be informed of something greatly to his interest. au'JO I2t*rr 'rMIKJINKAI.I.lULr H A1K I)YE?Alexanders l'ricoba|die 1. ?Improvement of 18l6?The most successful Liquid Hnir Dye ever known fordyeing the hair, whiskers,ke. a m.uml hrowu or black, to exactly resembling the natural color of the lisir a* to defy detection. Its effect is instautaueous aud permanent It can he used wilh the greatest ease It is also, free from those properties (usual in all imitatiaus of this celebrated preparation) of giving an uuuatural red or purple tint to the hair. The genuine article ii for sale by most of the respectable druggists throughout the United States, and by Rushtou St Co Brondway: Thomas U Maxwell. William street; A. H & I). Sands, ami Johnson, Moore It Taylor, Miideu lane, New Yuri:, aud by the sol* ?f?uts, nuM S0t*rn K & (i. A. WRIOHT. Philadelphia. LEOPOLD dt MAURICE HKLBHONNEK, Importers of French Feathers, Flowers and Materials, No. 139 William street, near Fultou street. New York. Omce in I'aris, C and 8 street of C?ire. nil 30t*rrc C^ODISTRk MERCHANTS, DEALERS IN PERKU J MEIIY, Toilet Sohju. Patent Mediciues, Fancy Articles' inevfrv variety, supplied upou the lowest terms at No. 1 Courtlandt stre't, lir?t store from Broadway. Alio, VKOOM it FOWLEK'3 unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap the only genuine, awarded the Ant premium at the American Inetitute iu 1844 aud 1846 CJF.O. B. OilOSF.R, formerly with a.i.Vim?n? VHOOMIt Kt) WI.K- U. of No.S. '|"nr, i r,si 91UIM. IN I hte. Ul'l'K, I64>4 KulI. tou street, lor French nnii American Paper Haugiugs, Window Slnaci, Curtain Materials, Ornaments, die?'I lie ubscriber ha* constantly on hand a l.irge assortment of the ftbove articles; also, manufacturer of the galvantsed Spring Mattress, which, lor comfort aud durability cannot be excelled. Pure hair aud otn<-r Ma'tresses; Heather Beds, he., with every a'ticle in the Upholstery line, at the lowest possible prices. N. B.?Steamboat and ship cabins and hotels fitted no aud furnished. K. DAVIKS, .in', im?re Uriholsrrrrr. If?4^ Kulton st NfcW STYLE OK MUSICAL IN~Si"RUM ENTS.? Just received from the first manufactories in Vienna and Paris, an assortment of the latMt and most approved instruments, consisting of bass instruments called Bassa Tubas, in K. C and E flat, with from 3 to 6 cylinder and (a uew style of valve called) drum, which ihe perlormer can regulate by the spruiKs of the valves, to move according to his Tmcy iu one moment; also I Kuphoneutn with 4 cylinder valves, the most complete hass solo instrument in use, for orchestra or military bands, together with a general assortment of musical instruments, such as Sax Horns. Kbo Comas, Ooinetts, Post Horns, Cornopeans, Flutes, Clanouetts lie., may he had wholesale aud retail, at C. O. Christmau's music ana musical iustruuieut manufactory aud warehouse, 404 Pearl St. ail 12 30i * in FhCHANT TA1LOH.?FRANCIS H. McKLROY, late with Wm.T. Jennings 8c Co., of Broadway, begs to announce to his friends aud the public.that he ha* opened the store. No 234 Broadway, opposite the Fouutaiu, two doors shove Vvm. T. Jennings St Co.,for the purpose of carryink o i the Meichtnt Tailoring business in all its brauches. At all tilties he will have on hand the best aud most fashionable of leady made garments, and will atteod punctually to any custom woik his old customer* or the public will favor him with. Purchasing his goods for cash, lie will be able to sell as low as auv o her establishment; and he hopes by strict integrity and attention to busiuess to merit the many favors he has heretofore received. Shirt*, Stocks, Cravats and Hosiery of all de*cription*ou hand. au3l 30t * m BEEKMAN HOUSE, No458 Beekman street. Board and Lodging by the day, week or month, on the most reaaona ble terms. A choice of several single rooms may be had by applying immediately. Single metis mry be liad at all hours of the day and evening. J.WILSON. a4 30t*rc MB. KOH NEW HAVEN, Carrying the U. 8 . * Va 1?Kare $1.?No charge lor Berths o' /VMMMls1''tate Rooms on this boat?The rrw sea iteatner ONEIP \, < apt. J M Brintuall, will leave from foot nfCatharine street. E H. for New Haven, every day. (suuday ftcepted ) at 4 o'clock. A M. it're . ||, CONEV ISLAND KERRY ?The Steamer ^WnL-AATI.AS, Captain P. II Smi-h, will make JBriMHIitlirer excursions to Couey Island, ou Sunday, the 5th Sept .leaving Pier No I, North River,at 9S A.M., 12* aud 3 P. \1. The other trips advertised will be discontinued, and the above in their stead. *5 lt*m CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?The com" N ii"-'ii- and elegant Steniner ION will tun re ^ulMMWMHKularly on the above ferry, and leave Pier No. I. N. U., at 11 A. M.ruJ 2 P. M. Coney lslaud at 1J>* aud 4 P. M < >o Sunday, will leave Caual street at 1U A. M. aud I% P.M. Hid leave last at ("onev Island ft 5 P.M. t5 7t*m | c^cik. NO l'l'?E.?Hour Changed from 7 to 6 I 1 ! ?ti.. A.|linnv Evening Line Steamers VvtWiJi.HAAi: NEWTON anil HENDH1K HUDSON will leave for Albany at G o'clock instead of 7 an hereto1'oie, on and after Monday. Sept (itli 1817. *1 3trc FOR ink" Vl'sHINO- UANKS-The a,TO. -h 1 rif* art >trtm r KOW'lUbKO, Copt. I). ?9txjNiiH* Deming, will make an excursion .to the Fishii ic Ba-ks, on 8und<y, Sept-mber 5th. Leav ng as follows :? Chamber sstreet, 7>a ; spring street 7J? ; Hammond strret 8; Rroome street 8>i ; Catharine street 9 ; Pier I, North Hirer, 9X o'clock, and MS I'. M. She w'l1 also make another Kicur?ioo on Tuesday, Pept 7. I*cini? the I ist trip this season of tnis ho?t. She will be provided wi'li proper Band of Music for Dai.CillK. rare 50 cents for each Excursion. il Jt*rc I. HUNUXY AVI-KKNOON KACMKSIUN ~>TO HARLEM.-The steamboat HERALD. sfflfidBfifaiCapt. Parks, will make an excursion to Harlem on Sin day afternoon. Sept J. leaving Pike street. E. R 2 o'clock, P. M ; Ora-d street, 2.U, and Fifth street, E II.,2^ ,'cl. ck I' M ; returning, leave llarl'in 5>f o'clock, P.M. The ab ve tiip w ill afford passengers i fine vw wof the Ea?t Kiver., and the various public buildings at Blackwrll's Island, fcc Fare each wsy i2X cts. si 2t*rc ? OKAND EXCURSION AKOUMDSTA- i jJK^-NTKN MLAND-l he .teamboat JACOB !'9lRHMnaar BELL. Cnpt. Yates, will nnkc the above excursion on Sunday. Sept. 5th, stoppings! Perth Amboy two hours?leaviug the loot of Grand street. E. K? at 10 o'c'ock A. M.: Pike it eet, 10.l? A. M.,and pier No. 3, N II.,at II o'clock A M., affording to Hie passengeis aline view of the harbor, the I a\s and the different fortificotions, Ike., at the name time enj >yinit a cheap and plen?*nt excursion. Fare for the excursion, '?? cents. li It "re Vw. NOTH C-HOUR CHANUIlD FROM ' - s hSEVKNiTO SIX O'CLOCK -On and after .<MMMBMM?ndi) , September tith the Albany and Troy i Eveniiw l.ine of Steamers K.V1PIR P., Capt. It. B Macy, and i COLUMBIA, Capt. C, W. Tupper, will leave for Albany ool Troy at L o'clock instead ol 7, as heretofore. s3 tf jp?. PKOI'l.K'H 17NESTI6A?t?OAT8 fQR ALBANY, Daily, Snndiys Exeeped ? Tti rough Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., frem the Pier bstween Courriandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave on Moudny. Wednesday, and Kriday evenings, at ti o clock. Steamboat HENDItlK IIUDSOV, Capt. K. C>. Crutteuden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at ti o'clock At Five O'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermediate places? from the foot i)r Barc'ay streetSteamboat SOUTH AMKRICA, Capt T.N. Hulse, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday afternoons, Steamboat HOCHKSTER, Capt. R. II. Furry, will leave hi Tiumdny,Thursday and Sa'arday afternoons at5o'cloek. The above honts will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the East or West. Freight taken at inodente ratei, and none taken after 't},' o'clock, P. M. All persons are fntbid trusting any of the boat* thii line, without a w rtlten order from the captains or agents. For p'sioge or freight, ispt-ly on hoard the boats, or to P. C. -< 111 I, IV Mr ihe "(tier on (lie wharf. *3 re ...... KOH SURE WSBURY, <)< E A.N~HOUSE, L"ng Branch, Hansom Dock, Brown's Dock, Middletowu and Red Bank.?The Steamboat UM/S, C. Price, Master, will run as follows, from Fulton 1 vker Slip, East River :? Leave New York. Lear* Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock, Sunday, 5, at It AM. Punday, J, at 4 P.M. Monday, fi, at II AM. Monday, 6, at 3 P.M. Tuesday, 7, at 12 M. Tuesday, 7, at 4 P.M. Wednesday, a. at I P.M. Wednesday, I,at 5 P M. TiiU'sdty, 9, at 7. A.M. Thursday, 9, a' P.!tt Friday, ' KAM. Fr.d^v. in ?i P & Saturday, II at 8 AM. Saturday, 11, at 4 I'M. I'lie Line HfciKM will ran to Howell YVorka, Villaur mil freehold. 8uum to couvey paaaengert ?> all parti of the ".ii'intry. N. t). All nerion* are forbid Cniitin* the above boat on ac.rout of the Ownari. J. P. ALLAIRF. ?2 3ftt*re " ? ~>< K 811H K WflB UkYTOTNti BKANCTT, - >?rU| I J IN Ocean llou-e. 1*. W. 8chanck'a. Highland!, ' ANtWMM Kunaom aud Km out own Lauding. Tlieateam, boat F.DWIN liKWIH, < apt. Haynea, will run aa followi, from loot of Barclay ?treet, North river: l.ravr Ntw York. Ltavr SKrewhuru, O'clock O'clock. 8uud\y, i.atllA.M. Sund.iy, 5, at 4 P M. Monday, li.atlJ M. Monday. 6, at 4 P.M. I und.iv', 7, at 2 P.M. Wedneaday, 8, at 7 A.M WeilueadiTi ?.at 3 P M. Thuraday, 9, t7><A.Vl Thursday, 1, at 1 I'M. Fridav, 1(1, at 8 AM Fnd.iv in, at 3 P.M. Hnru'dny, IK*t*K A.M. Saturday, 11, at 3>%P M. Monday, 13, at 9 A M. St-igr. will be in readiueaa on th? arrival ol the boat to eonv?v |iiaieu*er? to all narta of the conntry. Fur further particular* apply to F, B. Hall, at the office ou die wbaif. >1 3fli*iC i/oNkT iHLANf) f'KRHV.?Tue" H e*in^jk^W|~jj^boat OF.NKVA, ('apt. (ieo'tr Hazzard. will run on the above Ferry on Sunday, ^eptrmber 1th, leavii'tf .. _ I9'h 8'.. N. H. Hammond H?. Hpring rt. Pier No. I N K. 9? A. M. 9V A. M. 10 A. M. Wli A M. 2 P.M. !>, P.M. IX P.M. 1 I M. Aud tiie 8'cniSoat ATLAS, Capt. P. H. f>miih, will run at foPowa, lf.ivoik Himmoni' Street. Spring 8tre<t. Pie r No. I N. B9M A. M. 9? A. M. I? A Mi P. M. IK r ? F-re |',X Cent*. , , .4 2i-i T. ICILBT. Hkt- 81111' WAVF.HLV FKOM II \ VRK.-Om <? Kfn neei wilt iliaaa irnJ tliei- |.*rmi;? on boarn,at I in Hfc:." I It.vrr *2Lr!_... |? PACKKTS FOH H * VIIK-Second Line?The AWkahip sr. NICOLAS, K?elei?h, Matter. Will tail iUXLon the lat ol October. ?V 1> * ' "J.'-KN. It JUC M Wall afreet * DAM THEATlUt.?Botea. tl; Pit, M tali; OtUery 16 r?mom^rt ?veainr, Sept ?. will b? wrfnrmmd tha wJ, Of OTHKLLO-Oi??ll.,r>Tr. For,,.,ffiV,& Ca.MO, Starfct Rorterlgo, A Andre wi; Ludorieo, 8 Pear.on Brrl'iatiu, Andersou; Uratiaso, Oallot. Ur.deux.n*, Mrs K. "'<T^'ci>Bel?d? wiUi the OOVERNOH'S WiKK?The Gotcm or, Mr. Aldtrioo; Hickory Short, W B. Chapauu; Ctptain Holystone. Bast ... Door* open at 7 o'clock. Performance will commence fraeia^lv a, half PMtT. BOWEKV Til - ATRK- v W J*< mid*, \uu,Krr Ml Stcvickh, ft?e Mana*?/. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. Th>? I'slnblithmeut it now closed lor the porpote ol remodelling i lie interior ol' the h>m?e, aud uewly pui'inug and d' Hie Ti.ealre ihrou*ho?t. Ou i'a ie-ni>eiimg Ihf Manager Irut ? lir will ba en ililrd to eilubit >uch improvemeuta aud alteration for beauty, comfort aud rouveuienee as will bear favorab'e ?mni>arisou widi any Theane iu the country The nteusiye patronage already bealowed on trie house, demands from him every exertiou tu his power, and lie takes ihis opportunity of assuriug tlie patrouf > ! ihe Bowery Theatre tint he will use every endeavor to merit a conlimi>uce of tlir mauy f>?ora ao liberally bestowed ou him, jiuce the er.ctiou of tlie ?re?*nt edifiro. aS tf re (chatham j iip atiu. ? i i.iienii? mimimmiii<h vw J KLETCI1EK.?Monday Eveuing. Sep'. 6tli, will he I><-rl<>i in- ) the adinirahle comedy i f NONDON ASS17KANCE?Sir Harc' urt Courtly, Mr. Waleott; Mai Harkawav, V)r. Taylor: Charles Cour'ly, Mr. McCuteheni; U'hIp, Mr. Nejfie; Meddle Mr Wiuaus; Cool, Mr. Allen; Lady (iay Hj>inlier, Miss < ltrke To ciiucjude with, the fen'e ol BAMBOOZLINO? L,apt. I-rank Bmnbouzlr, Mr. Nealie, Bophu Weatou, Mix Kitzjaine* I'vicus?Boiei, 25 cents; Pit, \2K cenu. Dooraopen at 7?performance enmmetires nr half-pad T. ("* ASTLE (.? \ROEN. ?K'lrewrll engagement o| I tit- Itallnll J Opera Company, 83 in number, from Havana, under the m^iiatC*'mnil of Don Joae Villa'iro ? Monday Evening, Weill 8, will be performed Jos* Verdi's gra> d otiera of the TWO KOKC Aftl?Vianciaco Koscari, Sig Louis Vita, Jacupo Koscan Xig. Natkle Perelli; Jacopo l.ored.tun. gi Batuliui; Barbango. Sig frederico Bidiali. ( ami. big. Juar Pinmnnirai; Luciccia ('ontarini. Siguora Teresa Rainieri; I'ftaua, Siguoriua Te dolinda Uerli. poors open at #>4; Perforiuauc* to eorameace at 8 Admission. M cent* ? \HTLE GARDEN?Sunday Evening. Sept. 5th. 1147. S Grand BACRKI) ORATORIO from R'usnii's MOSES It the Italian Open Company from Havana, uug b\' the followiug ladles ami gentlemen, accoaoian led by the orchestra: ? 8i|[. Perelli, Rig. Jinnies, Perotii, Albettazzi, Vita, Ibadiar Riaga, Novelli, Mvarez, Battalion, Balaguer, I'iamouteai. Bmti, A ma, Locale III, Pamgaro'a, Oonella, Alvarez, ltnbio, Pnch, Rossi. Kignorioa Kortunata Tedasco, Bigra. Raineri, Higra. Uerli, Albertazzi, Oentilli, Negri, Bborgi, Piamontesi, Arditi, Bbtirri, E. Rerellani, PaauanM Tickets, M cent*. Uoors open at ti. Concert lu eomineuee at I o'clock precisely. 2tr<PALMO'S OPERA H OU 8 Ei?Monday Evening, SeTT. 6th,will be p?rformed the REN 1) r ZVOU8? Piipnia, Kliss Mary Taylor; Old Quake, Mr.Vache; Smart. MrT Placide. IV. be followed by BLAISE AND BABET?Bibi, Uabri I Ravel: Blaise, I inn Wells; Babet, Mad Leon Javelli. To be succeeded by the j> >ntomime of J'H;KO?The Ape. Minis. Marcetli; Pino, Gabriel Ravel; Keruandez, Autoiue Ravel; I'edro. Francois Ravel; Mudame Kernaudaz, Madame Jernine liavel; Cora, Madame Maitin Javeli; Jules, La Petit* Amour Doors open at 7>4, performance to commence at 8 o'clock ? Tickets 50 cent*, to all 1 mrt ~ of the houae MINERV \ HOO vis, BKOAuWA Y-(? K AN I) GALA NIGHT.-?Pus lively last week of the acknowlr dgrd original VIRGINIA SERENADERS Mond.y Evening, Sept. Kill. 1 (H7, IS set njwrt tot tne benefit of Mes<rs Sandforil and Horn, on which occasion they will introJnce a variety of new Songs. Ulee*. Choruses, Parodies, Conundrunis be Every effort will be nnde by the compauy to make thii, th>ir last week, a week of all weeks The whole to conclude wi ll that soul-stirring and never to be forgotteu burlesque of the opera of Saffn, entitled B'fUFFO! Principal characters by YViuueniore. Kelly, Bandford and Horn. Admission, 23 cents; Children under ten years, accompanied by their parents or guardi'iia. halfpryre i>c?w win uc reserveu lor me accommoUat ioil ol ladies and children Doors open m 7 o'clock?Cfmin?nff MI s52'*rc GREAT ATTRV TiON -I'ICtDfcE ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE.?This unrivalled troupe, composed if in performers, viz.:?TBicot Violiu; F.Stanford, Banjo; O De Duke, Celestial Chimes; W. Trice, Triangle; L. A. Wilson, Tambourine, and VV. Siiydam, B"iies?will give a suries of Coui eiuat the Apollo Robins, 410 Broadway, every evening tikis week. For further partifnlars iff small bills. ?5 7t* rc AMERICAN MUSEUM. corner Broadway and Ann street. ?Splendid jierforinancei both Afteruoon and Evening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS ! ORPHEAN FAMILY, OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS. Moving Panorama of the City of Loudon! Pete Morrii, Mm Bernard, lie. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEW LEO. OURANO OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VENUB Mad. ROC* WELL, the famous Fortune Teller. Admission 25 cent*?Children under ten. one shilling. al? IMPORTANT?The highly cmeurmed Mine, aud Mom. MONPLAISIR, first dancers ol tlie reputed Theatre La Scala.of Milan, (through the medium of Mr. L. Martini, their ngeut) have the honor to announce that thev will soon produce before the American public a new eutertainment, which will consist of Dramatic or Historical Ballets, with the assistance of the emineut mimic. Mom. Bartlmlomiu, Composer and Director o< the Ballets, Mons. Corby, the great comic dancer, of the principal cities of France, anu the first dancers, M'lle Anna Bulan. aud Mona. Orosii. All ?pplicatious for engagements to be made to Mr. L. Martini, the sole agent fur the B.irtholomin aud Mouplaisir Cominuy for the United States, at his residence, 2SK) Broadway, Hotel de Paris. au26 ThSaSuliTuiw rc CENTREV1LLE COURSE, L. l.-TRO I'TIMi. id am i * mmmL ^ mm mi. THREE PI J USES, one match. Moiu'ay, hepteinbe- 6,at 2 o'clock. P. M. No. 1.?Purse $50,two mile heats, under the suddle. C.S. Bertine, enters ch. m. Lnhnrtana. I?'ac Woodruff " b. in. Lady Taylor. No. 2?I'urse $25, mile heats, best 3 in 5, ui:dtr the saddle, ut 3 o'clock. A. Losee. enters b g Youug Americus. A. Conkliu, " b. g. Jim Bell.. C. S. Beitine, cuter* ch. M. Liah'.rtana. No. S?Purse (25, mile heats, best 3 in 1, in harness, at 4 o'clock. / Rogers, enters r. g Isaac Newton. A.Coqklio, '' h g Jim Bill. ( S limine. " h k. \ ouug A in?iicuj. W. Conkliu, " g. g. T?* ey. Iinuiediately uf er a tnat.h for $i60, i luy or psy, mile heats, in harness. J M. Holland, names ch. m Lady Alinack, 5 \ rsnld.hy Altnack. Doras Suedeke, names br g Jefferson, I years old, by H. Clay. The cars will leave South Ferry. Broolilyu. for the Course, at li il' past 1 and I o'clock, and return nf'er the sports are over, -si :ir r<- JOEL CONKLIN. Proprietor. ??l HOHSE W ANTED?He mint he Hi hands high, lat^M'Owerful and itrong; young, sound and kind main ' ? * ? - Ore from blemish or vice; not to weigh less than 1100 or KU0. A lasi horse preferred. Enqn<re ol Tompkins It Livingiton, 194 West St. ul It*M ?7i ~ ~ NOTICE TO HOME DR4>V Kits - We the undersigned, of the old established Sale aud Ei' ' ' ? Stables, known as No. 104 and 165 Washing ton street, take tliis method of informing our customers aud lie public, generally, that after this date, the price of horses k'pt at these e'tahlisnmeutsj will be 50 rents per day. A S. CHAM BERLIN, No. lot Watinugi'ni street. ' ARL V'OUNUS, No. 165 Washington street. I 7r in ~+l FOR SALE UREXCH AlNOfc?A lady's poJUST>iiv .Saddle Horse, kind, geutle. and a last pacer; or ' " ? ' " i.i be eichanged for a family burse of a descri|>tion wanted. For further particulars enquire at the rear liable, fronting the 3d district police station, Robinsou street, where the horse ran he peen lor a few days. si tt.'n're . ? M FlVE I Ol.LARS REWARD-Lost. M Fridsy VM| morning, the 3d lust , a while rugiish terrier slut; ad a \ellow spot over one eve, and onswers to the name ,.f Vei.iis. Any person returning nerto 4ti Beaver street, will receive ihe above reward. ?5lt*m KIR HALE?The finest young Newfoundland dog yc-ru in me raiy, inaininoin size, ii inontns old perlectly J ? " t'niued, and warranted a good guard; length fifffl 10, Height 1 Oft if, lurhes. May be seen at 2tli Water sfrcet mid will he sold BMtll. a4 3t*rc |u W vN'l'KL). TWKNTV KIVK VOLUNTKKRH lor C ALIFORMA ? A detachment of Volunteers will tail wt from INf w Vnrk on or about the 12th nut., destined for the JltNew Ifork Regiment of Volunteer* n?>w iu California. Persons tuitions t<> emigrate to n healthy and fertile country, will lind this n truly des ruble nptdltlM 10 join, as there are only twenty-five more recruits required to complete the de 'achment. It is u?r?i?ary to make mi mediate application at Harmony llall, .No. 17 Outre itreet. CAPT. J M. TURNER. slilt'rc Recruiting Officer. MTO RENT?Kor a Boarding House, or to a private family?That larfe. pleasantly situated, very airy, and convenient Home No. 171 Canal Street. Iu the p'ea'antt>i |i.rt ofthe street, between Varick aud Hods hi sts. The house is roomy autl very airy, and haa recently been painted tud papered throughout. The Croton water iu the kitchen ? '1 o an approved tenant, it will be let for one or more /ears.? Posiesstou immediately. Apply at J7 Morton St., before 9 A M . or after 4 I'. M. N. P?A piece of ground, iu fence, in the rear, liaviug a front of 100 feet on Vestry street, can he had it required, si 2tcod*rc A/gL HOTEL WANTED.? A commodious and well lo ffvjB cuted hotel is wanted, possession to he given immedi J^lsately, or at any tune wh'ch in .y be agreed upon. Ni otijettion to purchase out an establishment th>t may snit. Communications (confidential) addressed to D VV B at the office of this mper, will meet prompt attention. sj?tin*rr L I'i \NOKORTES. HKKAPffTVf>i'. AM) ?'I he subscribers have now |* jj V <1 on hand Pianofortes, rosewood and mahogany, I I 3P I I * of superior toi e and finish. Also, Seraphines, in splendid rose wood cases, wrll adapted for small churches; very load md sweet toned Melodeons nf vsriou. sues Music for all instrtitnen's, and fnniinl goodsgeuerslly. All of which they offer at eitremely low | ricet. |K. RILEY Si Co. Vusie Publishers, 207 Broadway. between Reade and Duane streets, s4 It is eoH'rr. Neurl o itmite ^l'-warts hTsO'l'j)' AM' Ml.v t- :< VV M < IIKS f he ^^fHubtCribcr is ftcllinff til (iracril'tiona jmr (iold ami aide Hilver Watches and Jewelry, at retail, lower than anv other house in the city. All Welches tirrwit^l to keep g** u time, or the money returned. Watches and e*changed. Gold Watches a* low as $fD to $23 each Watches and Jewelry repaired iu the he?t mwnfrit raucn less than the usual price.. , OKO C ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, H holesale aud Retail, aiilflMtii?rc 51 Will stre_et. >r?e William, np stairs fl TtfKRK'4 \ BKTT U< N \T < OM|NO jpk>KNOX'S Aurumn style of Hats is now Issued, and is one of the n'atest and hest samples of becoming headI gear ever vended at his establishment. I2? Fulton street. These ha's are Distinguished for their ad?ptednesa 'o every fonn Bud le*> lure and are as rhaiacteristic ol a gentleman aa a gentleman is characteristic of a handsome hat. The qu'litv of the notarial and the method of making np, are unsurpassable. Having furnished good hats her tofore;the subserib r is now determined togne, in his new Kail Kashlon, better o"e?! *31 Gtu"n? KNOX. WNKW MK \N< H I.IN- <'K I-.I Ai.- t i?HOM HAHLP.V) To KnHT WASH giMT nn ITTTT'T-I AND GARY \ NHVII.I.K Tli# proprietor! of the pretrnt line of Ingri now rnninoir frrnn II?rlrm fo ihe High Undge, will, nn Monday ti?If, Si" Huff inlirr. COMWKnC* runni E a at**e In the above IMN plMM, in fonue' Hon with their jireaentline, dully, fund <> e i ep'rd. Hour* of ttxrimu ?? follow* Leu*' 11 trl* m?'S A. .VI ,11 A.M. and P M. Ui'i Fort Wmhinilon?i){ A. M., 114 I' M. mid iSi P M (Jond li '!???, careful dri' er?. mid comiortalile c irn**e?, are prnv.ded ; ?iid every attention will br K'ven to mime convenience and regularity, by their aitem in Harlem. .1 At OB HOMKN I) YKK, Ag'nt. P. H ?The / bove Una will run wilhin a gamier of a mile (if ihe MikIi lliiiigp which can b? reached by ? MBlfortiMi1 at d hadv walk "I fifteen minntea. *t3t?rc Srofi ? \MP Ml KTINU wTiitk PL v INS I>iiii>i< f'nrap Metlini neck. commencim M mi day. Sept. Cell, the cum of the Harlem Uulioad Coin.any will lr?ve the City 11*11, Mew York, fur White Plaiua ?l 1 iiid It nVtueb, A M mid 4 and "i 3<l. P. M RetnrniBK will leave While llama' at 7 10 anil I Ml, A. M ; and 3 30 and "i 30. I M. >3 Via rc *0 TBS LATEST MOMENT. TELEUR APUlCi | PHILADKLrillA, 8?pt 4?1 A, P. M. , Thars In nothing nouth of Montgomery, by mall, at I Richmond, thli morning. Rich word, Siept. 4, 10 o'clock, P M. My next despatch will b? from I'ttertborg Upeiatlon* commence ! there o'clock today UV THK MA1LH. Wiinn.iror Sept. ?. 1h4T The return of Paredn lo Maicu IiUtrfrrmct?Th* Hot! matter Ventral. I neu It stated that our <lovrrum~t,t liim rveeUc.l < surances from all the powers of i.urope that tbey wilt nut interfere lu our quarrel with Mexico. It has received assurances that tbe_cltir?iMi of several of the prineipal European puwern would uot be allowed to privates oa our commerce; and ihe lost of these assurances wu received, 1 believe.fcme six mouth* ago Sln?e that tima there ha* been uo correnpondence between our Government au J any European Government regarding Mexico. Our Government ban never protested ugalust lnterfereact* on the part of any Kuropean Goverrment In tie ! struggle between Mexico and the United State*, there being no rcsron to apprehend any Mich thing It has not lately received any assurance from any Cumpem Government on the suhjeot. 1 repeat, there 1* no reaHen to apprehend Intervention on the part of any k.uI ropean power In our war with Maxico; but this la not at all Inconsistent with the supposition that Parede* baa Intrigued with some Kuropean sovereign for the esta I blishment of monarchy in Mexico. There U nothing at all improbable in the supposition fared?* la avowedly a monarchist He wan obliged to tiy from bin country In disgrace, In consequence of his monarchical predilectionn Would he return to it at suuh a orisis a* the present, If be bad not pome encouragement from those with whom he has lately been conferring! It la not probable. Perhaps he found the courts of Spain, of Kranoe, of Kn gland ho inoorruptlbly faltbful to the interests af the Tutted States?so averse to the spread of rnonar O^inal principles, as to turn a deaf ear to his tempting proposals IVrhap?, rendered desperate by their rejection of his offers, he has returned to wipe out his traiugreBsion, and die fighting for the nationality of Maxloo We shall see. The government had no special agents In klurope, m a* m ntaitiu, iu KHicn me movements or raredea. Uur diplomatic agents had instructions to keep the governmeat advised of his movements. and did ho, except In the matter of hid departure, which wai Wouhtless sudden and secret. Mr. Campbell's mode of apprising the Governor of Vera Crux of the prexenoe of Paredwx on board the Kngllsh steamer, wait extremely injudicious He should have dent a special messenger, instead of entrusting a despatch to the hands of a lady. Mr Campbell has, however, at various time* given the cabinet valuable IBformation. and this one error should not pri-judioe him too much. Me is regarded as a very efflolent offlcer, although in this one instance he oommittej a sad mistake. Nevertheless 1 do not regard the return <t'Parcdes as absolutely injurious to the cause of peaoe, however muob he may be himself disposed to prolong the war. It Is u ot at all improbable that bis return may force Santa Anna to make peace. This result will depend upon whether Santa Anna has sufflolent strength to venture on anoh a step. I think his late movement evince that he la Impressed with suoh a conviction. The bouthren mail failed again last evening?the third failure within four daya. Truly we have a moat efficient Postmaster Ue neral. It will soon oome to pass that if we receive a mail but once a week from the South, we shall thank heaven, and bless the efBclenoy of Cave Johnson. GALVIEN8I8 Waihiiutor, Hept. 3, 1?47 The War?The Policy ?f the tVhigi ^ Upon the presumption that the war? " Which far a space did fall, Now trebly thundering, swells the gale," And that the gale will not have subsided into a oalm bufore the meeting of Co-jgress, what will be the course <>f the whig*' They have one of three alternatives, to wit: ? I. To take the war into their own liands, and prose( ute it rigorously to a peace. 'J. To adopt the defensive line of policy of Mr. Calhoun. 3. To let the war. and all the responsibility of the war, i ft with the administration, voting all the needful supplies. Ti e first alternative would be hatardous. The war i.ilijht not be terminated In advance ofthe campaign of MS, which would be disastrous to the whig ticket. Tha. i-cond expedi> nt might throw the I'residential election i ito the hands of .Mr Calhoun, but the third would cast he whole burden of proof upon tli^ administration, eo i iuit it thn war should last, the admluistra'ion will b* responsible; and if a peace should be attained, the iiuhlevemetit may b? claimed for the whig generals It lit pretty clearly indicated that the latter will be the pi> of the whig House. Mr. Calhouu's plan would be perhaps the least i? pensive ; but leaving the war in the care ot the administration, would be tile -nfest tor the whig party; ml where the question la be tween the interests of a party in power.and the Interests < I' the country, party interests always take the precx denco. The leading whig presses, then, are leading off 111 tavor of voting the requisite supplies of men and money?the administration will have to foot the bill, and the democracy iu Congress are oommlttsd to the ' rl r(< rous prosecution ofthe war '' The President's Message will be the cue of the autho rued whig action, if the war be still in existence. The ?liigs hardly will undertake the prosecution of the war i hey have denounced p? rfodious. nefarious and unjust, uor will they haxard the game ot popularity by with drawing our armies from the fields of their triumph*, with the Mexicans still unsubdued They will then leave the war to the administration, because however hard It in <y be upon Uie treasury, the administration will b? responsible All right 11 ut iu advance of the occupation of the imperial elty of the Mexican Irprroel, and the contingencies of peaoi suspended upon that consummation, all speculations asiMrding the action of ( ougres? In the premise! are premature. But in the event of protracted war, It will rest i w ith the administration to end it. W Wahhinotoh 8?pt. S, IS47 Parrdu. II ib iinpoaxiMe lo reaaon out a oa*e Id wliloh auy good m to be expected of I'aredea. lit- \? one ot the moll if acheroua of all Mexican* mid la charged of drinkin* r no Mvicat by the >iuart He in '-ertaiu ! on** thing liis hatred of Santa Anna 11 may ham uitlliona condi t.onally at hi* command. lie may join Nanta Anna for t.tie time; but If the Dictator I* not tli? death of aald Ta if les In- will belie hi* pant hiatnry I.ft u* wait. Pared** r iiHt at flrnt help in tbu tight with (.ion Scott, if It is not | Tor; but if the " Hurley burley'a done,'1 ! 'lien we ahould like to know bow Manta Anna and Pare lea will an re* VVe rather apprehend that the ageoey of t.e British In letting in ?l'aredea waa not that they knew him to lie a missionary of peace, but that they ex cted hn would create a dlTeraion which would haateo lie termination of the war Ho be may,, but if he get* to lie aity of Mexico before flcott, we fear be will never get lit again alive The lioldneaa of the mote la ryual to * lie temerity of Napoleon in returning from Klba, but, . every other aapect, the caae of 1'aredea is perfectly t Jiculoua Heiaaiiaaa iu going into Mexloo at tble nge of the game * ?????????? WixriiooToit, Sept 2, IB47. The War- Tie Next Cottgrem~The Prttidtnty. Krary thing dependa upon the contingenciea of thia w?r. If we hare peace agilnat the meeting of Congreaa, >id a good boundary, there will be no morn formidable Mime auhmitted to the Baltimore democratic convention in that of Jamea K. Folk, and there will be no otbei Iternatire to the wbiga than to take Old Zackon tru-t | t the war cnntinuea. and the uhancea are at leant equal it It wtli beatill in full blaat i<n the recurrence of Ijntnher, then will (be administration reallM- the diffleifl iea of ita poaltlon In real earueat. There la yet a chance i <oap? ; but there la alao reaaon to apprehend that th* >y of salvation ia paat. and that the y, ry magnanimity ?ith which the adminiatration hat pursued thia war will the broken wheel to the wagon, when it come* to the trd pull At thia very moment, the proapeeU of tbe big* are better by a hundred per oent than a year ago i et the war la popular How ia It. then that tbe adinbaratlon haa been loaing ground? Becauae It ha-i en unfortunate In the piosecution of tbe war, be. ,?une tlie people aee no end to the liurdena of the war, 'id no warranty of Ita beneflta ; becauae, In abort, they re getting tired of thia war and it would be abaurd to t< mnt. to (li'irulae It That's whv. PARkHM W*iHi*?Tof?, Sept S, 1S47. Mr. Sr.rrrtary Afn*on. \ gentleman liiturnis UN thU evening tliat Mr. Secre .iry Manon ban been cnlle.l to Virginia, on account <>t >'.e daugerona illnena of hlH father, knd that Mr Ruoha itan will be Saoratary of tha Nary, ml inl. Now we con ' ** that we were Ignorant of the fact that the fatlirr of mlge Manm at til nur Tired. an<l if h? daea. he mnut lw a viTjr old man; ami If dangaroualy In alinont hoptti; i.alnxt hope, that he will nurvire the attack Htlll we boi>e for the bent On the nnhject of (IckneM, w? are gratified to ntatj hat Waahlngton In unusually hetlthy t hua far thla *>aon, where**, la?t year about thin time ferer* of rariou* > pan and fereri and ague*. preralleil like an epldaum Vvb hope thut thnelty may eaoupe thin fall; bill there In llll Mm? enongh lor the f ?riTn to relurn; and the nui"! abundance of watermelon* will bare prepared the way I our annual unwelcome rialtum i!n ?".melw?'k But *e hare a chance of <noap?, ami ermi thin l? a matter of .ratulatlou

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