Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1847 Page 1
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\ H . J. ? TH1 Vol. XIII. No. H4r>_YVIio[? No. *8451. THK KhW VOItK HERALD SSTABLOHMIuNT, North -west i orn*r of Kultix* and 9l?ar? 'to uwco cnonnpj orwwrn DDnDPimiR mi'iuvr uunuun uluiilm) i iiwi ihuivmi. OIBCIJLATI?<-M)KTV THOl'gAm DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price il cent* per *opy? t}p*i *111010?i.?vrtblr in adyance. fc'KiLkf.V flSKALD?K very Saturday?Price 6Jtf cacb ftt '"'in? 33 1?J< rents r *r aitmirn?payable ia advance. HERALD KOH EUROPE? Eiery ijieain 1'acket day? Pnrr ccutt per copy?$5 per annom. including pn?ia?? fav-ible .il advance. Si<b?rriptioiis Hud HdverliMme.ils will b? rr> f u'J by Vlmsrs. Gxtinunni, 10 rue Virifun!, Paris ; P L BiTi'inl. |0 Corn lull, uul John M liter, the bookirller, Loudca ANNUAL I'K TOKJAL HEK ALD?Pabli?he<l on th. Ut mI J .nii^ry "I'moli year?niuyle copies sixpence each. AUVk.i'1 ISEMENTS, at the usual nricea?always cafh is tdvaiic* Advertisements should lie writteu ? a plain, legible n> 'uuer. The Proprietor will put b? reipoiuibla fur errors thai ia?y occur in them. I'RIN'TllIU of all kind* executed beautifully aad witl. despatch. All letters or eoinrnnnicitioas by mail, addressed to tilt ?s:*b!i*hmet'?, must b? p??l paid, or tlia poita|{a will ba da #?'??iif-oin >K? <nfc?erirtio? in?? ? 'emitted Mtw VOftH AN Ij H AKLfei<*l KAILKO AU (JUMPAN Y SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON AND AKTER THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, 1?47, tha Cats will r>iu in follows, nutil lurcher notice. Up trvns will lr:?va the City Hall for H&rUmlt Monisnua. Ko-hum He Tuckaboe Pleasamrille. S Jfl A. M. WiJl'insBr'ge. Hart's arid fievrrasUa T " 5 50 A. M. While Pl'ns. &e.lford, t T " T A. M. WfTlickvilla 9 M 1# " 10 " C?itou Kills la " 11 " 4 P. M. IA. M. 11 ' I FU. H(" < T. M. J f. M. * 1 u I K " 4 t HO " i 5 30 " 6 5$ " Bernming to Near Yor? will leave? MnrriaianalcIIarleai. Fordhim. Will'ins.BrV?. Tnckahoe 7 05 A. M ? S3 A.FaT 6 (J A.Jf 7 30 A.M. 8 la 7 55 " 7 SO " 41 " 9 " 9 00 " 9 C* " 1 80 P. M ID " 12 23 P. M. 12 .4 P. M. S 52 12 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'us 2 " 5 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M J < 15 " 6 08 " 8 3} " 5 20 " ?? " 7 4? H IP. M 5 " I 21 " 6 28 ' ? 05 " Pl.-asnatvilU. New Ca?t!e. Bedford. WhiUickville. ? 13 V M. t AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 PM. ? P M. 4 51 r M. 4 45PM Orotoa l'"nlls. 7 30 A M. I :? r M. I*ha miu* to and froin Croton Kalli will not atop on New York Island, except at Broome unset, aud 32d street. A ear will precede each trniu tea miumea, to take up j assengrers iu Th* morniuir train of ears froia Croton Kill* will not stt>|> 5. V""!o Whit* Plains and New York, except at TucUnhoe William's Bii<l?i', and For dhain. K.r'ra txaois on Sundays to Harlem imd Merrisnna, if fiat *guJ'?Vor Lake MahopackaiidDanbury leav?Crot<,n K JUoa uHval of tbe 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 1\ M. trains, and fur Taw(iruif on arriTal of th*> 7 o'clock A. M. train. ^ FAHK FMOJ1 NfiW YORK i To CculOB Kails w To Whitlickville fK To N*wch?rle *5. To PlNKUttll!' To Wbtt? "'..... JO Kreighi trunk leave Citv H<vl) ?t 13 M. and at 7 I'. M. H*t?rning, le*v? C rotor Kalis h' 7 A.M. and 9 P. M. OPV'OsTt10N PASdAOK Oh KICK?To ~ 4lb.iny. Ciic-i S1 5"; Syracuse, S3; Oiwego; Rot heater. St; Buffalo, $2; Cleveland. $4; Detroit,$4; VIilwitukie, W 75; Chicago, 4'? 75; Cincinnati, SB 75: Toronto tut Hamilton, *4; Whitehall, $2;, 11; Pituburf )S. Olfien, IWlUrcHv street. luyi'CnntT required will be given for the fulfil mMrt of all contracts nude litis company. au2?3fli?rc M.I, h \ Y, Agent I New York, '847. ad CONEY ISLAND KEKHV.-TIh well flZ*2t*tS3^kn'?wn ?t?ainer AMEKInAN EAOLE, Cap. *** *** *- - O?o H Power, will rm reu'ularly during the se?so? in Coney lalnuil. landing nt Fort H iaiiltnii, a* fol|ow?:?i.oivihi Pier No. 1, at 10, i, 4. Aline Cotillion Hand Wjniirn ies I he bolt. am 45t? re NOTICE ?bb> 8TATKN ISLAND KKRl'Y.?Oa u<l RITNDAV, Ai-ril 18th, the steamboats ASSmBSIIb SYLPH and 8TATEN INLANDER will -bu u follow*, until further uutice LSATR STATEIS 11LA1VD At ?, I, 9, 11,11, A. M-, and 1, 3, 1, 4. S, I, 7, t. M. HAW 1KVI TORE .it 9, It, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes nut 1, u<l at 4, J, d,7, a'etor.k. V. M. New Vork April Utn. alS t flTIZEN'* NeiW iTVk LINE OS BOATS KOH ALHANV, >s Luadiug at Van Courtlaiidi's Newburgh, Poui;!.keepsie, Kingston,''aukill and Hudson.?Pure50 cenl?? Br--?>.(?at .inn Dinnor on Board. The new .jid alngaut Su-aicer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capu A Degrool, Taoadays, Thnr.days. and Saturday*, at half-past ait, A.M.. from the pier font of Robinson aires;, touching at Hommondstreet jatr. Iiom New York, Kor fe.ssa#* frieght, apwly or. board the Boala, or to Clso. T. 8i?nl?v,at the oilier, loo. of llobit-ir-u street. OrT" .Vf! ptwons *r? r.woi?! tnsliBC t!>? alwn hosts oi ae li<ft <t f.f I li# n??a?t mvlu rh 7Z? MOlvNIMO LINE KOtt ALB AN k ANU ' 'wrtfo TUOY mid Intermediate Landings. l$>''TOBK*u>lNa Breakfast and Dinner on board ihe Boat. The lo?v pressure staiiuilioat TROY, Cnptuia A. (iorhtun, will le?T? the iteeiaboat pier foot of Barclay street. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. at seven o'clock A. M Retureiuir u'j .be opposite day*. The Htonmer NIAOARA, Capl. H L. K-llorg, will leave the Vt*.mbo<it 1'ierfoot of Uarelay street, Tuesdiy, Thursday an ! S/.'ord.iv, at he If past six o'clock, A. .V., returning on the oj p'isite days. ?,r~ Pare 50 Cents. i-orp-uMge or freight, apply oa hi.ard, ir to i". 3 Hall,at fh*. ftlfp# ..n wharf. ZZH. ... OCEAN 8 I'KAM S A VHi vTION 'i"-3L7/yfy'COM"AN Y.?U?i'ed Stat*a Ma.l Line to ' o'*es and S<iu,hampiou. and Bremen. ^ SjjlfciaM. The splendid new sfaroship WASH'N Oi. i4IUUM'Pm TON tous burthen, K.e.le.ic ilMVitl, cn-nrntnder, ?ill at ire fiom New Yoik Oil the 23d SepteflTier, c rrying lis i Uuited Huite< Mail._ She will tourli at Uowu aud iJoutharapton 10 lanu pi urnSo * and fr'ixht, aud deliver the mailt f?r England, Kraucc and iflgium. au'l will tbeu proceed In BeraerhavcU. Returning, will ee.v? Bremerhsven the litb October. I he Washington is built in the strongest manner, with a view to bamg convert'd intoashipof war, aud subject at auy tuna to iusp. cti in ny officer* appointed by* the President, both duriug and after construction. MJn: lias two engines, of I0U0 horse power each, and accoinm T-itiin.s for 2<i pas<engerr. 1'sia/e from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, SIM. Pan.'g f .on B v'neii and Southampton to New York, Sl30. She >*ill earn- ab< tit 300 tons freight. which will lie charged according to the nature of the go ds offering. AH letters ratiit p ?s'hr.jofh tlie P is< Office. Parcels, for which bills of I id i <g will he signed, will he charged Si each. For freight or imssiigu sniily st the office of the Ocean fiteai* NivigatieuCompauy, 41 Willi un street, corner ol Wall. E MILLS, < Agent. Ageuts at 'viathampton DAY. ' KOBKKY Sc UOSS. at Bicmeu < .A. IIEINEKEN & CO. at Havre WILLIAM lir.LIN. ~a hesecon I stramcr of the line is in due course ol constrncti in ??d ?ill li- in rendiness in the eisuinfr fall ap2'Jfh U.sLV K UUl.Ail I.I.NKUF PA^KKl'S KOtt ?2Jj^,NKW ORLEANS.--The following well known, niliuB and favorite p???etships hive nccommoiliti .us uiisnri>i*?e(1 for cabin, second cab". and cernge paasejgers, aid will i ositively sail as advertised, or passage free, viz The SOUTHERNER. Capt. Palmer, Setf emder 6th. The HUDSON, Capi. Site, September 1 ith. The O iLKNA.C pt. Dennis, Heiiteinber.Pth. Per-ons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well io .-ecuie passage oy ci.her the above packets, us they are all iir?f el??s ships, ? omnia ml ed by tneu eiporieaced in the tride, and w.II sa.l pnncritillly on tlieir appointed days. To secure htiihs, at'pli ou board, or to W tt I. T. T APW-OTT. <Wt South st ivv KOR NKW ORLEANS, with disp* ch.?The yf1 $V*> 1 ?' clas- fait sailing packet ship PLATO, bnrtnen .afdaH^i.HKl inns < npt Bcarse. i i > uoinm dxtious ior c vtiin, second csbin, end steerage pi >p u?ih ii.'a unsnri 'itsed by an) ve se' in p it, and as a i umber of her ias eiuers are Hire idy engaged, th'ise desirous i f securing hertlis should nuke ra'l, apolic turn on I oard, at pi. r No. 9K st Kiver, or to J VS Mc MURRAY, ?JrrC Corner of I'iueand Booth streets. 11'" H K, B H<?TH IERtTk CO ? PASS M JK TO t-^SrE^aud Liverpool, per B lack Ball Line of Packets, JwSbjKsa'id Remittances to Ireland Ike. Tli? well keown favorite packet ship COLUMBIA, will mail .'or Liverpool, ou Wednesday, the lirst f September, her re.Hu'ir,ay H'or terms of cabin, secoud cabin, and steerage passive, apply to Captain Kiirber. ou board at the loot of Bcekinn strrel, or to the subscribers The YORKSHIRE will sail from Liverp<K)l, on firat of Octooer; passage cau be engaged to come from the old conn, trv by ihn splejdid ship, orbj* any of til- i-aikeU of the Old Blach ilall Line, to sail from it on the lit aud IS#i of every mouth, bv applying to us. Tlitue rr .ilttl'ir m i *\ t" Ireland, call l. ive ili.sfts on THK It iV ^L HANK OK IKEL \Nl). andoa I'lifcii. OTT CiKOTE fc (^O, Bankers. London, which will '>e p ud ai die various branches thr .UKhont Oreat Britnin aud lxfci.iud. /ipply t*i ROCHE. BROTHERS & CO , No. i Kuttou street. New \ ork ni-xt do'.rtothe Knlton Uunk, Only au'hori ed passenger agenU lor ihe Old or Black M ill L,ii* oi L<v*n?,ill pucker anOT re fsXrk. K< >il ij V KUPi M)L - I li? New Line?Regular I Th. ...n. ,i..r f..l colli,? I --L--' r UUr.KN OK THK WKST, Cipwn t-1111 ti H ,j'.ilhoa??, 1310 loin biuthen, will ?ail aa above, her r>an ai'l<i . Ki.r fieight or paaaage, having splendid large anil eonlnrtasiite room* and cabm, apply to the captm.i on board, |>irr No. 31, meststde of Bulling aiir, or tn WOO iHCLL fc MiNTURN, *7Sooth at. Trice of passage $100 Thrnrw i"i ket ahiti < ON8TITUTION, >601 ton Vitrlbrn Cai i John Biittnn. will snccerri the Queen of the \V'ea? anil ?ail ?" her "ignlar day. 3'at of October ItW rr f()B LJVKKPOOL?New l.ine?iiezulur F'-.V ofMth of *epterriber?The splendid, f.isl Hili'i. SfSiy^pfieket ship SH Kill I)AN, Ca|"<iia O. B. Coruuh, w' tioaitirely Mil is auove, hrr regularity. For freight or puaag*. having handacnv' furnished nceomBir. letiona. apply ?n board, nt Orleans whirl, foot ol' Wall at reel. irto * K. COLLIN*. M Acuthtr. The i.vikrt .hip OARRICK, Opt B. J. H. T.aak, will ai, <!.? "h?no??i. an t aeil on th? iWtb ol Oct., bar regular it. *' ?ti*7 PA' Kr.l Hllir W/VrKHk.oO KKOM LIVJf'JwiV KltPOiil..-Consignees will ple.iae semi lieii perftn i i-tir ' '? >" b "? <1 (n il of Mmini laye, or to the cilice ol K RMIi.'O *o?th uteri, ?a all goods nut |>e<initlediiii . |n , ii 'Ulilr be "?ni i.i he PaMta wifi ?'l <c Wit.i'l l.?" i'Kf V/aueh \jtihcial Klowers. Vtialheisanil ** m : urials f.r ilr>ii? a; n large. s'?.'k, with * run Klow era, uf ihe newest style, jnit rvceired by the latest am rat*, for aal' below coat: the owners giving np the entire busin*** A Wo I M?a fancy Boxesior boiibona. BRUfi l.AJHOHIKKR' Ik COURT, ?ITl(ii?m ta WiMmoialreei. New Vork. rilAW BOAKt)d.-4? tons Bwirda Ki^le^ lyM dm No Hm4tr Nhhi ium! 1 E NE" NE llffc $.$ ^wTlSLE k kITFTiIP'8 k.miuiiaTION OFKU'e, V in connection with OKO. RIPPAIID k SON, 131 Waterloo Hoed, Liverpool. Pfnoni wiiliing to >end for their friei <1? in ibe old eouutry, can ?ccnre pus >ire in any of the folio ?iuir new line of |>acketi, milium from Liverpool on the Oth of every month, vil i nNKTII IiTlOW 1 \flfl tnm.Csnt. Jnho Rririon. ' QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1,200 tons, Capt. P. WoodLome*. LIVEHPOOL,l,150 tons, Capt John ldridge. HOTTINOUKK. 1.1)04 tons, * apt. IraBursley. Geo. Rippard & Sou ure the only ageuls iu L.vurpool for the above line of pickets, iu addition to which lliey despatch a firitcla-s ship every week. . Persons sending money to their friends m large and mn.ilI amounts, can be accommodated with drafts oil ihe Belfast Hanking Company, ami their numerous branches in Ireland; also ou the principal ba;>ks iu England. Scotland, aud Wales. appiv to Carlisle u rippard, au2l Vt* m 68 South ttreet. cr of W?ll. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND KW yorfc LINK. M M M M TO SATT7EVERY TEN DAYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON. Captain Ingersull. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Aunt. Hhip SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE. Captain Miupt Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. llark HEBRON, Captain Ureig. The above ships are ill of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are haudtomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passen go rs. Neither the captains or owaevi of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, piecionsslones, .silver or plated nut, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or nut on ooar'i of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for th* tame, and the value therein expressed. Cot freight or passage,apply ou board, at Orleans-wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent iu New Orleans?John Woodruff k Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. rfHy 'P \VsfcOTT'.-^MTGRATIO^oTTTcE, fl? sStF^t^ X Persons wif.iing to send for their frieuds in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by toy of the miguiliter.t ships comprising the new Liue of Liverpool packets, vir.:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, HOC tons. Cant. P. WoodhouM. LIVERPOOL, 1250 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HO i TINOUER, 1150 Ions, (/apt. Ira Buisley, sailing from Liverpool on the Gin of every mouth. Passage r ti :.|ju be recured bv the St. Usorge's Line, or the Uuion L'neof Liveipool paAefs, making m all a ship every five d iy? from that port. For farther particulars apply to W. U J T. TAreCOTT, jy29 86 Sontli street, New York. - ? ^ KRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMP A NY.?The ship* of ' T''fl ''/ftw?'''1* cump<u'y are appointed to tail as fol?KRONT NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA ou the 15th August The MISSOURI " " 31st ?l The NEW YORK " '? ISth Sept. The UNION " " JQth ,r 1- ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK. " " 15th August The UNION " " 31sf ^ These Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commanders of tried kill Mid known courtesy. Their state rooms aud cabins are nn isually commodious, and they are provided with every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price of passage iu the lirst cabin from New York * (120. From IWvre 1,006 frfhes. Wines aienot included, but will be furnithud at moderate rates. All loiters must pass through the poat ofltce. For freight or passage, apply to _auJ rc ^ aymar U CO.. 34 South street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN S"Tttfli 1 " 1 "" ?i oiur, i?? UJH "Tffclifpjiitf ,3? 'lor,e power each, uuder couuaol """ WlHfcB with the. Lords of the Admirality. HIBERNIA, Captain Alexauaer Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward it. LoU. DRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. E. Judlias. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THB AM URIC A, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Tho vesieU appointed to aail from Boston are the Hibeniia Aucust 16, If"7 Cambria September I, 1847 Caledonia September 16. 1*47 Britannia October I, 1847 The reave la appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cainbria. August 4, 1C?7 Caledonia August 19 1817 Britannia September 4, 1817 i'asjengers' luggage moat be Oil board the day previous to ><tiliug. aage money?Frtfm Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do U Hu .fas, 120. No berths secured until j>aid for. 'ftiese ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing, for freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent AtHARNDEN fc CO.'8,<> V ill O* In addition to the above line between Liverpool i \y Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Hei Majesty's government, to establish a line betwetn Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract (he steamers will sail every Saturday dnhng eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year, lioimt al irm-tely between Liverpool and llal.fax find Boston, and be tween Liverpool and New York. _____ m22 r Jg*r COUNTRY Sh.AT KOU hALIC.?That very de[I."a si'able residence in the beautiful village of Kiuderhook XiilO-loinbin County, fitted up, and recently occupied bj the inte 1 eter J. Hoes, Esq., is now offered for sale. There are alio on the premises, carriage-house, stables, wood-honse, barn, and r.ll other convenient out buildings The grounds, about four acre}, are well stocked with a large va/itiy of appie, pear, peach, cherry, plnm, and ornamental isrev grape vines anil shtuhbery, t.llof which have been j^Mctcd Irom celebrated unrseries, both in Europe and New York. The whole property is uow in the most perfecr order. In the Village is an Academy, second.tctnone in this Putt in point of character ?uLst?udi>!B. Kor terms, Uc.. apply to DAViD VAN HUtlAACK, Esq., Kinder!,ook, or . iri 30t m I*. 8. HOE'S, 16 Wall street. FOR BALE?WEBTCllEsTKR LAND.-To gen flplMMI in want of sitei for country seats; to market gar*JU^deners in want of land for lardena; and to all persons Kinlmig a location in the u> ighborhoi d of New Vnrk. S 0 a^'es of land, in the town of Westchester, within ! miles of the City Hall, with right of passing over Harlem Bridge of toll,are offered at private sale, in lots containing from S to iO acres each. The lands are ?itSu 13 minutes walk of the railroad; front oil good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools, aud churches of different denominations; the water i? good, anil location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to Gonverneur Morris, Morri?ania, Westchester Co.; or to Walter Kuthierford, Counsellor, 79 N?u?in?t., New York. nil III tilr * m KOK S \Liv-THK PB.OPKRTV I.N UMU.V ViL fyyq|LAl>h, N J.?Consisting 01 aco:i J7 mere and dwsl?-K? HOUSK, barn, 3 cow houses, 2 waggon houses, corn crib, 2 barracks. kc., with <6*? acres of excellent Laud, in a iiijli state of rultivalion, well watered and timbered. The crops are not surpntsrd by any iu tiie 8tite?jor is the More to be surpassed for a country store. The property will be'sold a birisaiu, as the present owner is too old to attend to it. Title indisputable. Ai'ply to JA3. B. BARR, every Wednesday, at the Northern Hotel, foot of Courtlaudt street, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M., and Thumdays until 1 P. M.pother days to the New York Ileal Kstate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden lane. J- B. B. an 11 30t*rrc MONEY I.KNT?The highest prices advanced in lar^a an>l small sums on gold and stlrer watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing^ diy goods, kc atc. JOHN il. DAV 1Kb, Licensed Pawnbroker. 232 William street, near Duane. Persons received in private office by muting the hell. an23 10t * re DAOUKRRI AN MATERIALS.?-Manufactured by JOHN ROACH, Optician, 12 Nassau street. New Vork, where every article of ihe best quality may be had at the lowest price. Roach's Trip'e Compound of Bromine, a superior chemical, producing quick pictures of fine white ton*, now used by the best operators, a few of whose uimea ?e attached. We hare used Iioach's pieparntion, and recomuiei.d it. helievii g it ?U|x nor to any thing of die kind in use:? h. L Walker, Albany; S.J. Humphrey, Wilm ufton, Noah Carolina; P.C.Kaniom. Troy; A. J. Be.ils, New Voik; T. C Lioane. Montreal; I larke k brother, Syr-.< uje? For sale by the m^ni'ficturer,82 Nassm street. New \orl?;(J. Dexter, Albany; Williaui Uustol, L'hca;CUrki k Brother, Syracuse; T C. Uoat.e, Montreal; Will ain H. Pratt, Richmond, Virginia; tooley k Co , hpiiugfield, Connecticut; and Briusinnid k Brother, Hurling on. V'y mow. "ii3l 3 t*rrc LmXlAllbs, No J b.VKi/LAY STREET.? fhe subt scrib^r would reipeclfully remind his fnei ds and the i ill,lie iii general, that he h is in separ te apartments, five 111 !:ard tables, equal to any in the city,and gentlemen t isitno; his e?U llshnieut (bii be funiinhed w ith curs which will te k'pt for their own u*e. The tanles, balls and rues not to be n.i .passed b /any in the city. The rooms are large, snd any gv-ut cairn who wish to iudulge thi mselves in this amusement will not he n fTx.iied with th? heat. Also, has two good Bowling Alleys, which lime been lately rel'ittei', and will ha k -pt in 'he best ord?r. The bar is always stoeked with the br?t 1' lU'Ti and segars to be found in the city of New York. Also, has the best of oysters the niaket can afford. Also, Cold f.uueli every day at II o'clock ; Clam, or Kish Chowder very Wednesday. (Itutleuien who visit tins establishment nill iot et with polite attention from all about Ins house. N II. The price of Bowling isthusnme gi a game of Bill>ards. No. i Barclay st., lew 'loors below the American Uriel FRANCIS MONTEVKRDE. au3I 7tklaw 3t?rn Gh.MUI.NK BbtHK OIL.?Hard study, close couliuement, an excess of rare, and dyspepsia are the principal c uses of premature baldness; end ? more mortifying circumstance than L1 he deprived of the natural ornament lor the l ead iu youth or iu the prune ij life, can, indeed, hard y be i' uj icd. Vlr.t p'eparation, then, is best < a|i ulated to benefit the hair, which has a tendency to equalize the circulatiuu lo tlie ?C?I|>, to stimulate the akin and nourish the bulbs that lie immediately beneith. The U'ninne Bears Oil, imported by the undersigned, from Canada aril the Nortli'-eat, is superior for this PU'l:ose to aoy merely artificial preport tiou in ihe norlil. It is highly per um?-d and its us* his bee strongly iacommended by tnose who have thoroughly studied the cons<it-iiioo and physiology ol the hair Perfumed and prepared for the toilet hv JlKNRi JOIIVSON, Chemist, 273 Broad way. corner ol Chamber* street. Hold also, at 100 Pulton street, ana 71 Kastll oneway. Largfl bottles lOrriii,; small, /5 rents. 2 y- Purchasers to be assured of get iiu the genuine U-ar's (JiiTinunt purchase only such ai hear the seal and name of Ilei.ry Johnson, 273 Broa4way,New York. nn3l :iwt ?m 'lM) TliK LA1JI f.S ? III*. lUffiiBInlul) niHRAr V JL KILLA ii * favorite of the Ladies. It relieves tliem o? a grest amount of snfTeriug, and gives them completions, ami buoyaut i|>irir?. Mrs. Tarker kind!)- sent ui the follow> >?:? South, Aug. 17, 1947 Dti Tow.himd?Sir: IliiTii mt pleasure to testify to the beneficial effects I have eiperienced from the use of yoqr Harsaparilla. My system waster? much reduced by nervousi.est aud general debility, and with a var ety of female comi laints. I read your ailToitisement, and was induced to try the effect of youi remedy. It restored tne toa better ?tute of hraltli I li-d not enjoyed for several ye?i? pr? to l-knig it; aud I do moat eherri'illv r?connnend it as a valuable medicine to all who are afflicted as I have been. MHS. I'Mtkhlt, Bailie street, Sontli Brooklyn. Principal Office. Is* Kn'fon sf. ?n'<* lO'm OPKICK Of THK NKW YORK KIRK AND MAIUNK INrtlJMANCK Co., New York, Aiignst 4, '??7 DIVIDEND?The Board of Directors have this d*v declared a Dividend of Fire per cent, ont of the profit* of the last sis 710,1 d,m"^ M 0tCVNDtHH^U^J0, W Y O W YORK, TUESDAY MO Attaint In Call fur 11 la. Valikt or thk Sacramento, Alta Cai.iioriia, > Kort Now Helvetia, Juno 14.1817. ) I it" tiling Lrlt r from a California Volunttcr to o Friend in Stw York?Tht J'oyajc?Description of San Francisco and California?Interest^tig Incident ? TKs Cannibal Kcishurf?Climalr, Soil, <J'cfit. On thu 1 Jth of November. as you already know, I lift the lan<l of my birth to seek la a new and wild country, now t'rlondj, now associations, and a new mode of life. During the llr?t fuur days ot? our voyage, we had weather, which, fir severity, was not equalled by the most boisterous weather met with at Cape Horn. The splendid description of a storm at sea, given in the novel of the ' Pilot,'- would fall short of doing justice to the terrifie storui which we witnessed when near New York. There were belonging to the regiment on board the ' Brutus,'' SI persons. Of this number, about 30 suffered considerable from sea sickness. Think heaven, I entirely esoaped this peculiarly distressing lliucBS. which cannot be better described than by Imagining by the side of the bunk In which you try hard to sleep, an angel from heaven and a demon from the lower regions. Imagine alto, that they both ofTered to convey you to their respective regions. At this offer you would endeavor to turn in your " pent up Utica," and most beseechingly implore him that oould give y<>? the most speedy relief to oonvey you, body and soul, to his region, bu ft heaven or . On the fifth (lay the storm broke away, and the good and sprlghtlv little rliip Brutus moved gallantly through the " deep blue sea." When we were off Cape Horn it was summer; but such a summer I never a#ain with to experience. As usual, it blew a continuous gale. The weather was as oold as " (Greenland's icy mountains;" the ship kept tossing, tumbling and pitching like a thing bewitched, without lutermission for the space of 24 days,in endeavoring to make a distance,which with a fair wind, oould be made in 24 hours. During the whole voyage, had very llttln sickness after the first few days, and although for sonix time monotony reignod supreme in our uiiuiature world, we endeavored by various methods to " drive dull care away.'1 Continuous head winds made us a long passage. On the 17th ot April we arrived In the harbor of Sau h'ranclsoo. On the 18th we went ashore, making the passage in Ave months and seven dnys. The mouth of the bay of ban Francisco lies in latitude 37 68. The water on the bar is 8 fathoms at low tide. The harbor is an arm of the sea, extruding some 40 miles inland, shut in by hljh and precipitous hanks. The entrance from the ccoan is by an op'iiiiig about one mile in width, through rock formed wulls, near 200 ftet in height. Krom the points forming the entrance the sea gradually expands to some 8 or 10 miles in extent from North to South, and 12 from Kast to West At the extreme eastern portion of the vast basin thus formed, its shores again olose abruptly, contracting so as to leave a pass of about two miles m width, which forms the entrance to a second buy of still larger dimensions. Krom this gorge the high rocky bauks again open for ten miles, when they oiose to the width of about one^mile, which forms the entrauce to a third bay, more spacious than either the first or second, extending 12 miles from East to West and l'> from North to South, affording the sufust ancftorage. i nave Di-?n iu.ou^ii inu different bays, and a more will and beautiful sight ue.ver greeted the eyes of mortal. Han Francisco, or the settlement until lately called Yerba liuena, (in Spanish meaning good herb) In situated cIoho on the shore, and cun-nntu of about fitly houses, built principally of a timber culled re l wood aud adobe, (mud and grasd, sun driod ) The place Ir indeed rapidly Increasing, thirty houses having been built within the past two months There are sevwn store* for the sale of miscellaneous articles. Trices for we*ring appa rel are exorbitant?pants worth f-i in the State*, will briug $6 and *(> I shots r.ortn $1 00 were sold for >10 per puir when the Di:.l* body of the rcgimetit first arrived; they can now b'i purchased uaxily fur f,l; nil other articles in the same ratio. There fire six places in Yerba Buena for the exclusive sale of liquor, onu shilling per Kl .gr, no smaller coin uwl The climate *f Man Kranclioo ai d all along the eoaat it T?ry disagreeable A severe and cold westerly wind prevails during the morning utiU 0 M , when it becomus quite wmui and pleasant, if tho wind dies awsy Between the hours of 10 A. M an J 4 P. M , light clothiug can b? worn with comfort; at other than between these hours, thick warm clothing is ubsoluUly ueoet-Hary, the c.imet't u so changeable, l'lie farther North a perbon goes, the climate ia more a^reeitbSe aud pleasant. During my stay at Han KraucUco 1 visited the settlements nailed the .tlissiou and th'? Presidio, each three mats distant from Yurba liuer.a The .' !issiuii it the prettiest and bait place tu the vicinity. The Presidio is used as a barracks lor companies K aud H. The land ia tue vicinity of San Francisco for farmiog purposes is not worth one cent per acre. At this place 1 met an old acquaintance of yours and lay own, no less a personage than Pat , who had run away (row a wLale ship ilr was confined in the government hospital by frosen feet, lie bad volunteered to go to the California mountains to relieve emigrants who were perishing froiu the want of tood. (1 will alltido to this hereafter ) A very alfenting meeting took plsce between him and bis brother John, wiio was attached to compiuy O, of this regiment John had been confined for nearly two mouths ou board the Brutu*, with a severe attack ot chronic bronchitis and liver complaint, and was in a very weak aud dangerous statu when tukeu ashore. He was immediately tuk1 n to the hospital, and placed upon a soldier's couch ? usually a pine board?without being perceived by Pat After he had been placed upon hii bed, Pat enquired. Who was the patient brought in'!" Hu was told tiiat it was a young mau from New York. ' What's his name?" asked Pat; " replied the hospital steward At the sound of his own uamo. Pat leaned on his elbow, and asked, " Do you know his trade?" The words had scarcely escaped his lips, when he turned his eyes towards the new patient, aud beheld his urothrr "John!'' exclaiiaud Pat. "Fat."' fainily muttered John They could not grasp each other's hands, but leaning upon their elbows, looked at eauh other in mute astonishment It wout) he useless to attempt to depict their joyous though almost skeleton faced. t>-' Old Dave Martin," as he wss familiarly called, and with whom you were acquainted,breathed his last in San Krancheo bay the sucond nixht tho ship lay in port. He came out as officer's cook, but not one day out of the five months' voyage was he able to even attempt the duties for which he had engaged. I remained at San Kraucisco, where I enjoyed mvself. tor tiro weeks, when 1 left to rejoin my uompauy at Sonoma, GO mile* distant. Sonoma Ik a beautiful little valley, tbe settlement containing about 3."> houses, the laud fertile, weather Dearly always pleasant, and tbe town very rapidly increasing; taken altogether, it U one of the inoit desirable places in tbe whole country I was received by my company in a warm and really friendly manner, aud by my old friends 1 was saluted with " Vou d?d foci! uid'ut you know better than to come to this Ood-fortaken country?" The site which Is laid out tor tbe town of Sonoma, >8 sold in lots of !)0 tquare fret, at $16 each; other land is sold much cheaper. Tuis town is tho residence of tx-Governor lio|-gs, of Missouri, aud the distinguished Mexican (Jent ral, VaUejo. The alcalde or chier magistrate, Is Governor Hoggs, appointed by (ion Kearny. Alter remaining here some tune, a detachment of 3& men were ordered to the Valley of tbv kaeramento, from wbiob place this letter is dated. 1 applied, and was in tho detachment. I have been here three weeks, and have had a good opportunity of knowing the country roundabout, which in very fertile in most places, though irrigation will bo uecestaiy iu a great portion of it. Tbe white inhabitants of this valley are principally Germans and Swiss There ate a larjje number of Indians lu and about tho valley, principally of tho Digger tribe, who feed on roots, gi am-hoppers. etc., and whose greatest luxury is to sit in tbe burniog sun and eat vermiu from each other's beads. They are very filthy, aud nearly the whole of them arenaKd There ar? in.Hans here of tho Walla-Walla tribe, Irom whose depredations wo arohereto protect government property. This is the place so highly spoken of by writers on this country i'he fort iu which we are stationed belongs to Captain Suter, who, for gentlemanly conduct and philanthropy, cannot be excelled in any couutry IU has about .'>00 ludians under bis control Caulu are very cheap?beef 3a4 cents per pound; horse.-, f iO; saddles ? 10. There Is no fruit lu this portion of the country that I have visited, except wild grapes; they are abundant. In the southern portion fruit is snid to be plentiful. I'eace is declared In tnis territory. In fact, before any of the II. H forces had arrived here, tbe country had oeen taken p> ssciislou of by AmOrleans, KnglUh. etc , under the bear Mag." 1 will not attempt logltcyoua description of tho statu of tho couutry. 1 be U. H. newspaper* will do this. Kvery olio I have met with in this regiuivnt U dUsatistied with this country, and sll will return home as soon as iliey possibly can lJii.-iatistaci.ion prevails in tb<r regiment to u great extent. Those companies of the regiment stationcdat every po-t excepting company l , have lo labor bard, and the duty is very Uborioua? building and repkiriug forta, barrack*, MO. My company have very eHsy and pleasant duty, thank heaven I have said a.s much of the country ss this letter will allow. I have a Jiary of occurrences which I should like to send you, but loft it ut Sonoma I Mull return to my native city ss soon, I think, as I pos.lhlj can. which I am afraid will t?M s-ime time, as th. means of getting fiom tlila country are not 'JiMly obtained. I have uot boeu muob dleeppoluted iu toy anticipation*- * f the* nature of tbe country, but I t-iun i* perceive itny Inducement. 8H yet, that w*uid make w .slay lu this "American Italy," or, worn properly MieaklDg, Mexican hell. f)n? thing I must candidly acknowledge, mid that i*. that never ha-.? I enjoyed better html'b during niy llf? nuii tban I do at premntj .-mJ should I live to return to the Mati-N in my present health, I ehail feel nufllciently repaid for all the j.rivati ns that I have or ro;iy hare to encounter I inuhi now clone 1 bin letter accompanies the parties returning to the Maten under the command of General Kearny and Lieutenant Fremont. It will leave ono or two day? after It* date for It* de?tination. It 1* believed by molt person*, und the bluff old Gon. K-arny yenterday told ine ho. t hut, we would, in all probability, bo discharged in tbe course of two or thrre month* I cannot lay thla tUttrrlmc ui otion to my noul It depend* 011 tbo wnr between trie United Btaiex and Mexico. There In at thli fort ono of the party of emigrants whe we* froitfn in the muuntalti*, by the name of Kelsburg Thla man says that human Hepli ii the sweetest meal he ever ate lie, when In nit meat wa* often d to him, refused to eat it, raying that he preferred humau fle?h One night he took hi* ohild to bod with him, and the next morning it waa completely devoured. The next nlglil he devoured another child of hi* own. I have not time to write more. The newspaper* will fur uith you with tint parUouiari of UUa dreadful affair. UK E RNING, SEPTEMBER 7, Wamiikgtojc, Aug.?, 1847. TheDrpcrtinmtofWar.?.l moit ulraardinary Soup'' g itory, founded foiitivtly upon Iht factt in the Can. ?j Vide ike Recordi in the H'ur Olhet. \i Kdmund Uurke, of the Patent cfflce, wo believe. once L< upon a time remarked, that although the uge of chivalry J was gone, "log Vankls" had supplied lta place with the j age of invention. Hence thobe white oak pumpkin seed*, o il<\irivniift nulmnffa *? -? 1 11 1 d dcla a useful Invention to the catalogue does more for u the common good than he that win* a battle. The man, ? however, who can produce an invention that will enable ^ Scott Anil Taj lor to dispense with their long trains of u escort* and baggage wu{onn, will contribute more large- t ly than tho appointment of a Lieutenant Oeneral to the * vigorous prosecution of the war. , Such a discovery has beon made?such an invention has been submitted to Secretary Marcy, of which w? have the 1 honor to present the lollowingreport Col. llenton, Col. . UonipUan, and Col. Fremont, all three belong to Missouri; t but that Is not all. A pluln country farmer, in that State, 1 during the late tlno harvest, had employed a large number | of inen to reap his five hundro,) acres of wheat, equal to I a crop of ten thousand bushels. As usual, a largo iiuin- < ber ot harvesters required u vast amount of provisions, I and their dinner, from day to day, was a sort of barbe- < cue, prepared and celebrated iu the woods, thus making a dolly jubilee, or harvest homo of tli>? labors of tbe sea- l sou; a sort of patriarchal manifestation of thanks to the ' Ureal (iiver of the fruits of tho earth and the blessings of Hoaven; a spontaneous expression of gratitude appropriate to the beuifloenoe of a wise 1'rovidenoe, who dei^us, from year to year, to bless our beloved country with a surplus of the good things of the earth. Well, on one day the harvesters of this old farmer had their beef broiled barbecue fashion?the next day it was fried, roasted and stewed?and the next, for a change, three fit beeves, such as aro only raisod on the fat lands of Missouri, wera boiled, with a corresponding proportion of hoe cakes baked in the ashes, Tuckahoe stylo, and a large hogshead of whiskey toddy, in the shade of tho spring?a largo spring, bubbling up like a river from the bovwls of the earth, supposed to bo ono of tho itrxuni^ :rom the Rocky Mountains, and which, sinking iu in - -uds of the great American desert or prairie,and puroul: a subterraneous passage, here rise out from tbe earth, oool, copious, refreshing, and pellucid. It so happened, tbat on the day tbe three fat beeves were to be boiled, that a dozen sugar kettles went employed, of tbe lurgest size, and large were the expectations of tbo harvest men of the ricli soup and hoe-cakes luey would have for the dinner that day. Col. Beuton and Col Doniphan visited the field, and the grove where the pots were boiling, and after inspecting the operations of the oooks, and after admiring tho curious tabic in the wood- which was a hundred yards long, made of raw hides, hairy side up, und so arranged, that tho tails bung down on each side of the table like tassels, with the head of the table ornamented with the shaggy sk ns of four buffaloes, the borna supporting a large earthen bowl for holding tbo soup; after inspecting all these arrangements for the dinner, Col. Iientou and Col. Nonlphan passed over to th? harvest field, of a hundred acres, in which some two hundred men and boys were employed. There under tbe shade of a group of great hickory trees, (called by tbu V ankees white walnut ) Col Ueuton andCol. Doniphan were each compelled loamukea speech. Then toasts were exchanged, and tbe sport was kept up until the long slanting ray* of the sun reminded tbe farmer aud bis people that the day had slipped through their Anger* but the dinnor was in waiting, so they repaired farmer and workmen, and their visiters to tho grove. Sad was tbo scone. Complete was tbe disappointment thero Tbe cooks had been tryiug tbe hogshead of toddy, and they were all asleep at the spring. Tbe tires bmi burnt out uuder the kettles?the coup, by long boiling, had been reduced to the consistency uf jolly, about threu kmIIoun in each kettle, cooking lUe so much nine, in wiilcii tliu Loom wuru bleact.ed from tho exoersivc heat of thu tlUldi), HO loUg lie jit up. The bouos were taken out, and the soup, on exposnro, hardened rapidly to the consistency of caoutchouc or IndU rubber Hut it wiui not to bo lout. It wan cut up into fragment* of tlio site of a cake of shaving soap, and divided uuoog tho hands. With a plenty of witter and whiskey, on# of these oaken was f mud equivalent to a K'J 'd diunur. '1 he couipnay dissolved, but ihere was one man who had made a discovery, which was, and Is, that this concentrated quintenhuuo? of beef, thus prepared, would be the very tning for the army In Mexico Some days after, on consultation with Col. Denton, thin discoverer of the great ultimatum of the extract of Deef, scut on a specimen by mail to (Juartermiuler Gen Oibsou, at Washington, franked by the distinguished Senator, as "Slid sp." (aoliditled soup,) embracing propositions to supply the army with tho article, and representing one mule could carry as much of this quintessence, as would be equivalent to two wagonloads of the raw material of corned beef; and that with the addition of vegetables, and milk and bread, it would be (Uu rurj thing?the great desideratuin In croaslng the desert of Ent-arnaolou. Wo understand that the surgical bureaus, army sad navy, hat* been experimenting for a week or so upon this "fstrait Je Intuf," and that a wag of an officer, who was requested to try it, and giyo in his opinion, h?k rendered iu his'eport to the army bureau. In the following doggerel*: ? ' My Dk*a Doctor? Your extract I've holled. Rut in making good soup I've been totally foiled? If my opinion you value, I think,if you take Home leather Hud fclue, better soup you will mako; Hut. If Hclonoe, Dear Doctor, int-ists it will do, 1 am bound to defer, and to say the same tuo, Ami leave out all about The leather and glue." Judgiug from this report, tho experiment has fulled ; but we all know that Captain Koss. In one of his voyages toward tho North Polo, did carry with him a large supply of this very extract of beef, au 1 that it answered the purpose, among the icebergs, of sustaining his men through a long winter. But the climate of Mexico is different, from that of the lee bergs arrund the North 1'ole, and tresh beef or salt junk will continue to be amoug the principal iugredleuts of the army rations. We submit our statement of the interesting circumstances, euuing In this discovery, without comment ; adding only this closing remark, that we defy Father Ritchie to deny the validity or reuso'iablenees of the 1 exposition. THE DOCTOK. 1 Bostoi, August ?, 1847. ' Tht Politici in Maiiachuittts. In addition to making nominations for Htate oflloera. our whig and democratic conventions aro to choose two " delegates at largo" each to their respective natioua1 conventions. This fact ought to give a more than ordl nary degree of Interest to the business of malting up tho State conventions ; but, ho far at lea.?t an concerns the democracy, thsre Is quite as much apathy on the presidential election, as there Is respecting n.ero local affairs. No man appears te care a straw about the matter. This is the more remarkable, when wo tuko into accouut the important point that Mr. Polk has frankly avowed that he shall not be a candidate for re-eloetlon, thus len.ving the party at liberty to select some now candidate without referenoe to himself j and si ill more remarl.a' le Is It, when we call to mind how great wax the excite;- <nt on this very subject four years ago. Tben< men w a ready to fight tb securo members of the national conTrntiou of their own peculiar faith. Mr. Van Uuren'H friends deuounoing ail who ventured to si much as hint, i b it it might be found advisable to nominate home Mm "iix th.iii the man wh'i was so scientifically floored in iktO. Now, auy one who may l>? desirous of going to tho convention, ou the same terms that < aptain Dalnetty v> uid uot go to war, namely, "on his ewn charges, ' is likely to be welcome to the honor Of those among leading democrats who are likely to be brought before the national convention us candidates fur the Presidential nomination, one has quite as many friend* h* another, or as all others Does this indifference spring from the auxlousness that, whoever the nomination may f*ll upon, it iiiu avail him nothing, as tho democracy must be beaten next year In the national contest ? I think It does ; for whatever reasons there may be for not looking for success In this State on the part of thu democrats, their interest In national mattere cannot thereby be affuoted. Their vote in a national convention could uot lie greater were they In the ascendant here, than It will be with their existing beggarly minority. Their ludirect Influence would bo greater, but not to nuj marvellous extent, were they a successful, and uot a thoroughly routed party at homo. Their Interest in tl choice of a President ought to be ns great, (iti fnet greater) now that they are hopelessly struck down here, is it would be were th> y possessed of power ; for In the national ascendancy of the party must they look for that compensation demanded by their want of local power. You will see In the Jltloi of this morning, a oil for a whig State t onveiitloo, to be heid at Springfield, on ihe 29th of ."eptepiber next, precisely one week ufter the mewing < t the democratic conveuiion. I learn from a ourne entitled to the highest credit, that whatever may he the feeling of tne wbigs towards Governor ISriggs. that gentleman is resolved to lie a candidate for tin' nomination brioro m? convenuou. no win noi give way Pf hi* owi. accord hofr re the aiwauSt* end Intrigue* of the ah ilition section of hi* party. The chance* oi' bin being nominated ha\e greatly increased In connivence of His determination. Kiruines* Invariably bring* succfhH to it* p<<**e**or; and If Governor Brlggs *hould act with detrriu nation, hu may compel hi* fo?a to another disgraceful retreat. It will he amusing to nee the ?!<J-hot abolllloDlitta once more votlug for a man whom they have again and again denounced a* being either a miserable imbocila or a paltry knave, ftbould he be nominated they will hardly dare to desert I heir party, a* they w?uld tbervby forfeit all chance of taking part in the great work of nominating a whig candidate for the pr? *id-in y; aud that ohaoee they are particularly anxiou* not t'> forfeit a* they are e? treacly de*lrou* of pruHniiig tbe claim* of Hi uator ("orwlu in the national convention It I* irue, noma of the hot 1.. inl< >1 1 :? th<* party?children lost In the of ' mutual adml- | ration"?declare that tbuy are revolt*1 not to mippoit | the (Governor again In any event; hut, like oiber naughty { Ultie pickles, tho.Mi turbulent buy*, after being /.juudly whipped on a very uupoetlcal part of their preolou* ourpu*je*. will be pent aupperleiM to bed Perhaps, however, f the abolitionist* may be *trong enough to prevent hi* J n< minaflon for a fifth time, and thu* *?>? their more C ardent brethren from tbe paDgi of the birch and of uun?er. < [ERA 1847. U.nrakti'natk Akkray.?The following which we copy from the Norfolk 1) ear on r Saturday l*st, fr<Tr? u* tldlr^a of molt unfortuuut* *t? of ul'atr existing In Aocomao county, Virgin!*. trust, bowr^fr. that thu matter Is much Hxaggera>d. and that tb? diff~renc?? said to exint will bo iprtidit H(iiu?te?l - W? l. iirn that a fltrht oocurrod at Drum ioiicI Town, Accomac county, on Monday last, between udge Uayiy. member of Congress. and Mr Kinney, one f the candidate* of the county, growing out of the late ivihion o> the Mi thodtst Kplscopulian cliurrh. In which 1r K was shot in th? thigh by the judge The excitelent in Raid to be intense, co much no, that the judge, rho It Ik paid, was imprisoned in the jail a part of Mouny. has be n compelled to leave the county, and acordiugiy took pivm^e yesterday In ihe boat lor Rultljore. Some Idea may bo formed of the excitement parading the county on this subject, when we Inform the eader that one of the magistrates of the ocunty went n the bench on Monday last, armed with a pair of reolvers and & bowie knife. In addition to the above, the Richmond Knyuirer pubIshes the following communication from oae of the most expectable citizens of the county of Accomac : ? a?A11 omac, C. H., Va , Aup. 31, 1h47.? I regret to have -o inform you of nn unfortunate affruy which occurred kt our oourt-housu yesterday afternoon, (it b-iujr our lourt day.) iu which Mr. William ii. Kinney was shot. . or days before court, the crunty was lilii d with reports, > hat Judge Bayly w?4 to be attacked on that day by h snnibluition of men, lud oa by some of the Messrs. r'inuey.s ; and, also, that the court was to be insulted, tnd some of its members taken from the bench and tied. ! l'hese reports painfully affected every lover of peace and ] <ooJ order, and many were disposed 10 attach no credit to them whatever; but the ierult proved that uu y were mistaken. As soon as JrJge liayly get through with his business in court, which was betweeojtunset and dark, ho left the court-house, walked over to the tavern, stopped just In front of the hotel, when h? was taken off a few feet by a client, and engaged in conversation with him. At this time, Mr. William B Kinney wiusseeu to approach Judge Bayly, followed by his backerg, who, it seems, had all been assembled in the tavern poroh ; but a moment's conversation ensued, when KlnJ ney struck Bayly h-m1 knocked him down ; and as Bayly rose, he discharged his pistol nt Kinney, and the ball patsed through his thigh and l< dged in the foot of Mr. Tracer. The wound is not considered n dangerous one. The mob (for I eanuot in truth characterise it by a ntlider term) now became furious, and no man can conceive what the result would have been, butfor the very prompt and energetic sctiou of Mr. John C. Wise, one of uur magistrates Mr. Wise himself was armed, he being one of thejustices that was threatened with being tukon off the benoh ind tied on that day; and it was this fortunate circuin't.ance that enabled him to hold the mob in ehrok; every thing like law and its officers was disregarded and trndleu underfoot. The excitement was so great that it was round impossible to go into auything like an inveatiira: ion of the matter, and Judge liayly was lodged in jail investigation, when lie wan fully acquitted. The evl- ! ience made out a pure cuk? of self-defence. Tb ee magistrates wvrtt Hitting in the case, and thty warn unauiinotis In their opinion Throughout thin whole ailulr, he couduct and beaiing of Judge it. was cool, cului aud collected. Mr. John C. Wise's efforts, as a peace othoer, ivnre above all praise; and the writer of thin would be JoinK injustice to hU owu feelings were he to omit to add thatln those efforts ho was nobly sustained by .Mr. Herill Weat, one of the very brut ollicers that this or aDy other couuty was ever blessed with, ilia lorn and tattered Boat the cuit mi.ruing wan tlM beet evidence ol his services through this trying a Hair. You way be ready to uk the caus? of Ibis excitement against Judge Bayly. 1 will answer, in a word, it wu Mr. William it Kinney'h de- . feat at our l:tat spring election, aud the triumphant vote ! which JuJge Liijly obtalued iu this oounty for Con- | , MumricBNT IJkc^uksts.?Julien Poydriw, late 1 of tile panuli oi I'onite Coupee, 111 this Stute, by bis last will and testament, bequeathed to one ?r mora parishes of tills State. to orphan asylums, other charitable associations, mid inlivi Jiwlfl, property of Iimni-nor value. Tbd IbUOtflttil are MBOBg the bequests 'i'o the i'oydras Orphan Asylum, of New Orleans, the lot of Und that I pMMM in the fiiuburg It Marie, at the corner of Tchoupltoulas and Poydraa streets, also the three houses thereon To the aanie establishment two lots in the same streets, which are situated aud uiaks part of that piece oi laud which Is called batture ; lacing IVydra;,, I'uhoupitoulaH, Commerce and Levee streets, whether built on or not. To tile harlty Hospital, of the City of New Or'.oauH, two pl?t ei of property that 1 own in that city ; the lirst consisting of a half lot with a brick bouse, situated on Levee street, between St. Louis and Contl streets, and the second of a lot with a wood house, at the corner of Bienville uod Burgundy streets To thi parish of I'olnte t:oupre, mv usual plaoe of residence, thirty thousand dollars The Interest of this sum to be employed in givlug a dowry to all the girls of the said parish who may get married; the unfortuuate to be always preferred. J give and bequeath to the same parish twenty thousand dollars. 1 hu interest of this sum to bo employed towards contributing to keeping up an academy or college, to be established In the parish. To the parish of West Baton ltougu thirty thousitud dollars, the Interest of this sum to be employed In giving a dowry to the girl* of this parish when they marry.? To each of my god-children that may be alive ut the ] time of my death, tive hundred dollars To each of my n-grops, male and female, large and small, ten dollars. To Mr. helix Bernard, planter of West Baton Itouge, two thousand dollars. To Mr. Willis Alston, of North < arullna, two thousand dollars. To Madaine widow Xacharie, wife of the late cashier ol the Bank of Louisiana, two thousand dollars To Miss Krances tiall&tin. daughter of Mr. Albert (iallatln, United States ambassador to France, ten thousand dollars. To Mr LaUltc, Notary I'ubllo of New Orleans, six tbounaud dollars. To Mr. Kufctacbe Lcbedel, planter of I'olnte Coupon, two thousand dollars. To the sons of I'atros and of the mulatto woman Serlette, the guardians of my bouse iu town, five hundred dollars. Independently of some uncultivated lands that belong to me, I am owner of six plantations; of wbich four are situated In the parish of rointe Coupee, and two In tnat or W cut Union itouge. One in h sugar plantation, the other five are cotton plnntationfl. On each of the plantations there am a great many slaves which are directed to bo Hold at public sale, the purchasers to bind themselves to emancipate the slaves, with their increase, at the end of l*eiity-tive yearn from the d <y of Mle. The balanoe of the estate, after the payment of the legacies is to be divided among a number of nephews and neiceg of the deceased. Joseph Theodore Baudue, of New Orleans, and Guy Richard. of Points Coupee, are appointed executors to Fettle the estate in Ave years, each to receive twenty-tlv* thou*.ind dollars for hi* service Tiik Lonoitude or Albany and Augusta.?We liave received trom Major Graham, the ustronomer on the part of the b'nlted ett%t?s, lot the demarcation of the bouudary under the treaty of Washington, the following communication, which we publish for tlie benefit of geographers :? Washing-' off, August 18, 1847. To the K.niToa nv the Uniok : ? In the course of the opt rations for the demarcation of the boundary under the treaty of Washington, we had occasion to observe at the State capitals of Maine und New York?that Is to say at Augusta and Albany. Finding the positions of those two places n- given by the best published authorities extant, to differ esst-u tially in longitude from ourreoent determinations, these are offered in a bHef form for the columns of the Union, In anticipation of a full report, suppos<ng they may be u??ful to geographers engaged in thepubllcatlou of Klat* maps. Our determinations are as follow, viz l.aliluil' Long llud t Writ of north. lirrenw ich. In lime. In arc. d. m. i. h. m. ?. d. m i. Augusts, (the "Augusta House"hotel ) from astf iKiimi'sliitiHrrvxtioiis maiie in Ang'is', 1841 44 It 33 139 08 0 47 00 Albany, (the hut* Capitol). ? 4 ,V> (i3 an 73 4149 2 Albany, (ti.a Acailemy)... . ? I M G(JJ 711} 439 In the observations at Augusta, I was assisted by Lt A W. Whipple, of the corps of Topographic*! Kngiueers. attaclied to the boundary flounnlsslcu. At Albauy no observations were made liy us for the latitude It Is. however, given by Mr It T Talne In the United States Almanac for 1816. as lid 3'lm ii.'n north. The longltudu ?ns. however, determined with n;ii"h care, and dircctly by clirououie'rio comparison wit It Rouse's Point, whose absolute longitude from Greeuwioh has been determined by a number of observed l.unar Culminations made by myself at that place in the yenr IHl.1), and computed by my assirfant, I.lent A. W. Whipple, with referenco to corrorpoudlng observation* mad# at Greenwich and other European observatories, giving for the Rouse's Point observatory Ih. Mm. :7s. west of Greenwich. Kor tli 'difference of longilude between Albany and made wiLli tniuiiit Inntruinnnla oi the bo*t construction ?at Albany by l.leut. <}eor/(H '1'bom, Corps of ToprKraphtaal l.iiKiucvrs, ami at Houoo * Point hy luriiclf l'hn tinnMnlmioii of tli? chronoiiiftcrit. varying number froia 0 to ri jicr trip, by miTrral different trip*, wis conducted unci, r the iupirinteiuJcnce of l.ieut. Whipple, ?nd ?.iv?:I7 obrouomatrie differeuo**, a^rceln^ rt ry i.eutly, n lueun of rrhl .-b wa-i > dopted ?* the difference of uiuridiunc. On referring to the United State* Almanac of IM46, t?? find the longitude* which *? burn given above to diffur front the authoritle* there staled?19 second* of time, or nearly thre? mile* Ka*, In ri'Kild to Augusta, tb? capital of Maine; and A I 'Id enoua* of time, or nearly 3 uilli'D gr-ater. in regari to .Albany, the capital of N?w Vork. I am. rtrr respectfully, your obedient servant, J. D. UKAIIAM. Tim T?I.Ef?RAri! DlFPCItSNCIf OK LoNOtTUM a.nxj Ttmk.?In comi'Utinjfthe lime olTVIei<ropluc despatches al^iwanon should h? mad*for tbn difference ol longitude between i iu. innati and tba Kaatern oitiei. The difference of I'ngltuoe between Cincinnati and the prionlpal F.ast-rn citleiU nearly a* toilom ? Uifftrmce Of uongitu ae. i/iy rrmcr oj / ir,|?Co?ton, 13 arg. 2.1 njln. llr?iU<n 63 minute* New Yofk 10 ' (11 " ' rhilMtlulplilM,n <1*-K 17 roln Philadelphia 37 " Wn4>ngtoo, 7 'ii " Wasliloyt'iii .10 " ( iDo.urH* ihn above-mentioned oitl< k, I?inn of Ofar.lunatl, *onrl-e, meridian, and ?uni">( lake pin wearten than lifiiv for latu-nna, when II. I? I I o'el< ok. or aclil'UD, at U a lun?ton ltl*jii?t halffast II oY coX at rminnatl ?( Chi.hint Movement* of the I'eoplo. Hon Theodora Krrllunlinjrmn anil lady, and Chief liutlfla VYllllamn, of < onn , arrU.d at liuffilo. on Baturlav f.x l'r< Mdent Tyler ani l*dy, accompanied by Col. 3wdla*r, art alao thar* I. . l.iHf, " ? LD. Pile* Two .Ocuta Law Intelligence. '""Sera* Mr Covai. Sept H? l'r??rtit. JuAtioeO'ady,Hurlbut hcI hdwardu -- The court vim ornanii<Hl tbU morning at 10 o'clock?th? lirst bualnen taken up waa application! for tlio bdmiiution of attorney*. which wara printed, aud Henry B. Cowles, Chan. O'Conor and Wm. S. Dodge, K?<|m . were appointed esamlneu, who aia to (It till* evening for the examination of the caudkdatiM; esparto motion* were then taken up, and a few heard, after wbieb tbc general calendar wm called. but none of the parties b<tln^ ready, the court adj .urnud to 10 c clock tomorrow morning. D*Jore Judge Edmon-li?Special Term? ludge ?dmonil* took Inn stmt in tbe chamber. formerly occupied by the late Vice C hancellor, and op?u?d a special t*rm of the court, for beariDfi law and equity motion* 111* honor announced the rrder of bualn**** to be an follow* Ut. f inurftt mfiMnntf' ')il ununi I or fl amit.Mil mrttlnm* ;id, enumerated motions. or motions piaoed in the oal?nj.r lie alno announced, that by thj now oonititution Bti'l ju ilclary act, the offlca of maitui in olian.ery wan abolished that in future all chancery *ale? of mortgaged property w?rr to b? made ,by tb? sliertflli; that iu c>JtMi><4Mfnou the judges bad mad it ail order that the sheriff of the county and city of New Vork should, in twenty-four hour* alter he received tlio proceed# of luch sale*. bring tin >ame Into court and deposit them lr the bank of I otniuerce iu the name of tO? clerk Oi tliu Court of Appeals. We understood hi* Honor to My tbat tlitre wsm at present in the New York Life and Trust < oiDpuuy. J?7i>0.000. and ia the Manhttla.ii $130 000 of sailor*' money. All or-'ors uiedw lo fVfurw to draw money out of court, are to b signed by til* judge uinklug the order, and to be couuteisigi -d Lj lUo clerk of the Court o* Appeals. After thin anuounowu;ent iths made, dome <!e motions were heard, amougst which was au application in the matter of Taul lirum, for a orrliornrt, to rr'tvive the proceedings fr"?? the i'olice Court into the Supreme Court, upon "Inch his llnnor made an Older to show uaumt why sv.oh proceedings should not be removed; and lurther. that lustice Drinker nbouid Hay Ml procemiings in the muter until the further order of the court, and that th? Order then Hindu should be served on Justioe Drinker and Ik* French CouhuI. His lionor shortly after atijonrutsd. UlflTED HtathsCiecuit Couar, Kept, tt?Before JUil,'* Nelson.?The September term oi the court commanreu tliid morning, ilia Honor alter taking his seat announced that appeal cases only would be heard thin week, jud that on Monday next equity cases would be taken up. The rose of I.imingttoH vs the gteumbuat Kxpren and the toul/imt tioveieixn was then called,whirli was an ap> peal irom a dcorne pronounced in the District < ourt by Judge Belts. it appeared that or> the 13th of October, 184/>. the plaintiff's pleasure yacht, called the " Mist." was lying ut the foot of one of the pier* in the North Kiver.tbe steamboat was coming down,having in tow the canal boat Sovereign laden wltu ooal. and Intending to take other boats in cow In pwsslug the "Mist," the o*nnl bout took a shear round and tan into the " Mist," cutting her down to the uuter's edge and damaging her to the amount of fil.iUO. A suit wus instiluted by the 11belleut iu the District Cour^, Upon review ot the pleadings und proofs in the cause. Judge belts dismissed the iiuci miu tup in, truui wmni utriMun hid planum oppe&lej. The cause will occupy twoor threudays Mewri Cutting and Sedgwick for appellants, Messrs. Bodln* and Morton for respondents. Sirrnioa Coi ht?Sept (5?Before Judge Oakley.?Th* term ol thia Court was op-jn-d to-day, au'i a jury sworn in, after which the Court adjourned to this day weak. Commov i' 8 ? Before Judge Daly.? Jilbtrt Iiracn vs. Samuel Hammond ?This was an action Ot' trover for the recovery ol a gold watch. The partial are both watchmikes*. It mdii that platntitf left the watch in diapute with defeudant lor some purpoae. which did not appear. The defendant afterwards alienee that he veccguised the watch to be ono winch had been former' iy stolen from hlu. The question was aa to th* identity of the watch. Verdict to-morrow niermug. For plaintiff, Mr. Jawes. Howe; for defendant, Mr. T. Warner. Coijht op GkmekalSemiom, Sept rtib.?Thn September term of thia court cnuiuieuetd to-day, with tbefolj lowing calendar. via:?For stabbing, with intent to kill, : 1; rupo, I; burglary, 4; forgery, a; iulauticide, 1; em bcr.xloioent and grand larceny. 1; grand laroeny, 2K; | lalse prutencen, 1; attempt at grand larceuy, Si unnatural ollince, I; concealed to Rival, 1; rescuing a prlso' uor, 1; breaking windows and assault, 1; petit lurcenies, i 6; abandonment,'J; bastardy. 7. Total 01. | The following gentlemen were thru colled and aworn i ui ineniimra cl the grand inquest, who, the usual I charge from the Recorder, retired to Uiclr rooiu for the | prosi cutlou of the dutici <ua>gM?l tl/iui.?turns.Jus O. : Jacobus, foreman, John Buichlii, (ieorge Bell, O.mier Bentou, .Matthias Clark, IJaviu f ield. NicharJ ixeuch, William Messier, i.aocft .tlurgan.AuiGs Alilii r. Abrultam ! Quackeubusb, s ll. Sturgei-n. Krancis S?ctiolo?, ilcbcrt f K. T rem per, William Underbill, bauiuel W'l J Jetleld, Ueorge Ward, Henry llrerort?id Robert Patterson, indicted for assault and batWry, Hugh Monohaw, lor burglsry, Michael Walsh, for Iib4, and John Hi vena, for grand larceny, w*r? called lor trial but falling to appear, their recognisances wel* lorftUed, and oench warrants ordered for tlielr arrests Vltadrd <?uif/y?Patrick Marliu pleaded guilty to aa assault and battery on ltalph Patterson. bunteno* dsferred until Wedueaday. Trial Jar Jitiauit with intent to k'ill ? Patrick Burke, aliO'llrlen, was then put upon trial, on an inalotnient for haviug. ou the lath day ol June last, assaulted with a knife, with Intent to kill, Martin Tellisun, Norwegian sailor. Mahtin Tki.i.uom aworn.?I am a Norwegian. loam* to thu city in the brig Aurora, from Antwerp, about th* let of June last. Ou thu lath of June 1 was stabbed in four plaeee?the man now present, Patrick Burke, U the man that stabbed me. 1 never saw the man before; it was about 7 o'clock P. M. when he stabbsd me. After I was stabbed I went on board the vessel, where two doetors came to aee me. I was aflert, :irds taken to tho Hospital. where I stayed seven weeks. 1 was stabbed with my own sheath kuile, which was taken from my belt. Wii.uaM B hoc it sworn ?I live at No. 42 West street. 1 keep a sailor's boarding house. On the 14th of June I heard a noise in the street,and went to the window. I ihoa raw two nieu holiiing the pilsoncr to keep him from Tellisvn 1 al tor wards saw lellison, who had four wound* on his back and shoulder. Burke told me that he intended to stand his trial. Kiiwasu UwrHK sworn ?1 am * policeman of the let Ward. I arrested the prisoner on the night of the Wth of June ; he had a knife in his hand at the tim-i , Ujv knife now shown is the same. He after bin arrest s? 1 he iisu had a uiuf*i with a Bailor. I then took the knife to the doctor who dressed the wounds of Telllson , he said I flu. Unit- il ill tw.f The proaecutlon hern rented, when the following teatluiony wan produced for tl'e del'enoe, William Johhiuh, (worn.?1 rtwlde at No. (K) W*it street. I known prlaonsr lor a oonaldaratMo tl?Ji>?; he U a man who work* along abort* ; hi* u*'rany oarrl*a a Umfe; I have never Known auyll^nrf agaioat ii ? <juaracter. John O'IJbir.> nwrn ? I have known the prlaoner all hi* life ; ho In my brother , I h?ve uever known anything agaioat hid t.Hrucwr. Under charge of the court, the ca*e then went to the jury, who retired, and alter a ohort abaence, return eU a verdict or not guilty. Tba court then adjournod u?lU to-uijrrow morning. Coi-rt C a a?Thia Day?Common Pleat.? Hafore Judge Daly, No*. 03, 94, Ort, 97, 9d, 99, S9, U, 90, ? , 70, Hi. Army lnt?lil((ciicc. Tho latest letter which haa been received at tha War Offl-o trem Oeneral Taylor I* dated In Auguat. He acknowledge* the recaption of tba letter which bad been uddrutxed to blin by the Secretary, for hla portrait to be uugraved upota the inedal which haa been voted to bin by Uongreaa. Tha general retara the Secretary to tba picture which had been painted of him by Mr. Brown, of Richmond, rut containing a correct, per ha pa tba beat, liken*** of him. ? l/ninn, 4tk in?f. A large amount of aruiy munition* arrived hereon Saturday, from the United Htmteaaraeual near Plltaburg, ?u tbeir way to Mexico They oonllat of ehot. ahell, and ball Cartridge*. ()f tbo latter, aawral tbouaanda are now 1 in the magazine* of thli city?placed there for a*fety.? | Cincinnati Coinmtrcial. \nval. Commander Long, who I* ordered to the frigate branriywine. and I,leu.. Tlltou. who goea out a* I'aaaeoger la i ihutabip to Dommand the Catted flat** brig Perry, arrlvet nt Norfolk yeatordny, and took lodgliig* at the Nai tlonal Hotel. I Tho United Statea frigate Brandywlne, Capt. Crabb, , having taken on board her powder, yeaterday, and beln* ready for *ea, will drop down to Hampton Hoada tomorrow She wai vlalted yeatefday by Cooimodor* Kearny, and tired the uaual ralute on the ooea?i<Mk. Tha Brandy wlim ia bound to Hlo da Janeiro, and Com loudore stornr govt out in n?r mm <:oaam?n<Mr 01 me llraxll Ktation ? Norfolk lltrald Srpt 3. The I'. 8. 9t?amrr Virginia; fir.* Yom, Hept 8, 1947. V'our Philadelphia correspondent U wrung lu -tat in* thiit the V. h Mmuifhip Virginia han had her projx?i i'"K power* alteredfrom Hunter* to hoper't. The VlrKlnia riftrr bail Mr Hunter'a propeller, but wa* built in thin ritjr by Jhiu** I* Allaire ami other*, and fitted willi Mr AMrlrhe'a wheal ; and it In Mid by a Hoeton pilot who took bcr to sea, on her trial trip trom New V otk to Boatou that hn had piloted all the Hrltiah mail learner* out of the lloeton Harbor, and that the V. made the distance from the city to the liffbt. In onefourth lean time than any of the mall oli-amera. It would aecm that your mrreapoudeut, well aa tha 1 f'hiladelpblaria, were afraid to attack Mr A.'a propeller. It hae been Well profed (bat be haa attained mom upeed with hla prop.Hi r tbau any other now In u*. Hll< < inteudad for ae?, and not like Mr L >. for amooth witar, Otir Philadelphia frienm h?Tt made revert! utihurreaeful attempts to end one of Mr 1. a lxrit* to aea?they *11 did vary wall till they left tha Delaware Hreakwa. or 1 _ . J I...* WliNDOVV MlAliti.S of every deacuition and quality, chr*i>er lhaa at any otliei taialiliahaiein iu lue L'aiieii I Huii-i, Tor mle wliolnala ?. <t r t?il i john k dunckkr'h. 5* CWlmin, rorn*r nfl h*mH*r nrfft, ?J3lot*re New York. f II AH l.hS AHHK n H fcLU'i", New Vvttl j'i iVUitttu i4iir( vy np ?i?u?, an i 2.i l.ibeay atrart; PUi'aiUMiia 14 North Koartli ?;-*?(, ?p atmr*; Boffin, II Kilby ?trrei, enrvtr of l)a*or men, II'ipoftn* of ill kind* of toy* uid fan r -i tl?l?. jfffuitifry, mimical malum arte, French th a*. <>*rmm. plain will rat glue war*. ota&menu for miintHi>i??a, II . in itfiw fcr ?uii J0i*rc Di'/1 i v ii lk i.:..'aVv omk . ewil iTTtu hi a.? 1 hea* worlu arc ??w in Mul and ih? iBtierribara ar? prepared to aiecBte orders I'ur miner*!. porter and wine boolee, carboys, druggist*' (lata, patent medicine hottlrs. jars. *?. A lull assertmerit of drucgiata' *i*ls and bottle* eonitanuy o? I """""iffXt'.

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