Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 8, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 8, 1847 Page 1
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TH] *ol. XUI. No. ?40_vrtu>u ffo. Mia. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Rortlk-WMt corner of Bolton and Hum M JAMES GORDON BERWtffT PROPRIETOR. cmci 'LAnoW-JfQHTY THOCTBAWP. DAILY HKRAL>l>?e,*ery tiny, frie? a ctnti p?r ?0PT. f H r ?r uiuiim?iwynble in?dr*nce. TVBRKLY HERALD?Evary 8awr.liy-Prie? e?nu fr coil*?*3 ux cenu i*er annum?i>nyil>'te in !?dY?ne? H KIt A i n tr>!i i'.ifRnni'_ir..n .it.* v.r'j.i ii??? Price (,% rrmti pee copy?$5 |*r annum. ineludin* postage piiynble >a iilviuice. taesi:ri(>'i?'iu and narertiiiemeuti will M received hy Mtnri. Oalitmrni, II rue Virietiie, Parit ; P L Hiii'oiiilj, It Coraltill, .tntl John Miller, the bookseller. Loudon ANNUAL PICTORIAL HKK ALU?PublieheJ ou the Ut of January of each copie? eixpenre e%?h. AUVKttT 18KMKNTS, ut the uiaal price*?nlw.av* caah in advance. Advem*emci)ta?houId he written in aplain, legible invnier. The P.upnetor will not be responsible (or iron tliat loay ocruj m thein. I'lllNl I?|(J of all kinda executed beautifully aid with despatch. All lauera or communication! by mail, addrenad to the establishment, must ha post paid, or the pottage will be de darted from the enbeeriptioa money remitted. NKW k'OHK AND H A RLKM UAILKOAD COM PAN* HUMMKK ARRANUKMENT. 0NC? will ran as follows, until farther notice. *Up trains will leave the City Hall for HarleuiJi Morriaiana. Korhsm It Tuckahoe I'leascntville, 5 JO A-M. Will'ms Br'ge. Hart's and Newcastle 7 " 5 JO A. M. White Pl'm. Bedford. I " 7 " 7 A.M. Wfflliekville J H 10 " 10 " Csitou Kails. 10 " 11 " 4 P. M. r A. M. 11 ? I P. M. I JO " 4 P. M. ? P. M. 4 " I ' I JO 4 M 0 10 " s J JO " 6 3# Retaining to Now Yor* will lesve? Morrisiana b Harlom. Konlhap. Will'ms Br>e. Tnekaho#. 7 01 A. M. 6 53 A. Mi 6 44 A. M. 7 30 A. M 0 10 " 7 55 " 7 50 " ? 40 M 9 M 9 09 " 9 OS " 1 29 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. I? ii P. M. i it * 1J J5 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Plhu. ,? " 5 00 " 0 " 7 10 A. M 1 15 SOI " 0 JJ " 5 M " 41 " 7 ii 1 P. M. 10 4 41 H 6 It " ? P6 - " Plea* >ntr ill*. N*w Cutl*. Bedford. Whitlickvill*. ' ISAM. I AM. 7 it A M. 7 45 AM 4 11PM. > P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45 PM Croton Fall*. 7 30 A M. 4 SO P M. The train* to and from Crotou Fall* will not *top on New York Uland, except at Brooine street, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten minute*, to take up puaeiixera in the c*f. The morning train, of car* from Crston Foil* will not nop between White Plata* and New York, except at Tuckahoe William'* Bridii*, and For Extra train* on Stuiday* to Harlem and Merruiana, if line weather. 8ta?ee for Lake Mahopaek and Danbnit leave Croton Fallioa armal of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. truni, and for Pawtinjz* on arriral of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. 7ARK FROM NEW YOUK : To Croton Kail* 91 to To Whitlickville 87* To Newcastle. 75 To Pleuantville. UK To White Plata* M Vrei*l< tram* leave ''it? Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. RernruiaK, leave Crp'on Faff* at 7 A. M and 9 P M. TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH jurist ffimw NEW A*D MOST AGREEABLE LINK TO FREDErickiburg Richmond, I'etertbu'if, V'a , 8:annton, Va , aud the Virginia Hprinf*. Weldon, N. C.? anil Charleston, B.C. The |iuTiiic a e mlo'frieil that the new *-jd?plendid low iwee*nre (teamer POWUATTAN (coonertie* with the Great Maill.iee at Aq'inie Creek.) leave* Commerce *treet w4iarf. cutimore, every mesuty ana rriuay r,veiling, ai o i . ju., (or the ahove poiiuj 'l'hrouf li-ticlteu to Richmond $ i Petersburg C " Weldon, N. C 9 " Staunton, Va 11 , ?' Charleston, 8. C 17 Being at the tame price, mure direct and expeditious, and much more ceitaiu luaii the Che?epeaHe Bay and.lames River Stoambe t Liae.?all the wide and rough portion nf the lJay, Dot wee* the mouth of the Potomac and Old Toint Comfort, beiai entirely avoided by this liue. TriTellem treadvited ttiat the liue hereby advertised is part an'i |>arcel of the >. eat Mail Line through Virginia; and that it ia the iuteutioa of the companies composing the Great Mail Line, tint paaaaagers sliall be coaveyed by them, in connection with the Powlwttan, always as cheaply as by any other liue, and with more comfort expedition and certainty, than by any other I iuu, except the line via Wellington. For further partiuulars, inquire at the Southern Railroad office. Pratt Areei, Baltimore; ol Stockton fc Kail, or at the tne Commerce street wlurf; or, on Tuesdays and Kridaya, on be<id the I'ewh ittan. of O. W. GUNNK.LL, Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above line will bear in mind that they have two h.?urs more in Baltimore tnan passengers by the (.hes?|>eaUe Bit and James River Boats, aod yet reach any point south of Petersbu'g at the same time with these last, even <vU*? 'here is no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jjrtSMii'r _ wa. NOTICE?LIOUlC CHANGED M<OM r 7 to S o'clock.?On and ifter Monday, Sept. G, wiMBIa the Albany and Troy Evening Liue of staamera, E u M ft?., Capt.R. B. Macy, and COLU r BIA, Ccpt. W. W, J'urper, will leave for Albany and Troy at 6 o clock inateail of 7. as heretofore. sC rli rw-. -. t.,? t HI _. M>I?L* A \~ U l 1 > I'u P7 ill cnte. riuri.r. ij ' IIIPJ Oi r<nifia#vmw i-v? ALBANY', Daily, Sundays Kxcep ed ? hBKMBhi Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier bstween Counlaudt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC' NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will lesve 011 Mouday, Wednesday, aud hriday eveuiugs, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIR HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crutteodsn, will tear* on Taesday, Thursday and Saturday eveuiugs at S o'clock Ai Five O'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermediate places? from the foot of Batc'ay streetHleamboat ROCHESTER, Captsin K H. Furry, will leave oa Mouday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at S o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, f-apt T.N. Hulse, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. at i o'c'oek. 1 lie above bosts will at all time* arrire in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cart for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate raiej, aud none taken after 4>a o'clock, P. M. !_/ " All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats o( this line, without a written order from the captain* oragents. For i*auK< or freight, apply ou board the boats, or to P.C. BCHULTZ. ai the office on tlie wharf 18 rLa ' | CONEY ISLAND FERRY.?The comrjjjM^^^Mmodiuf and elrgaut Sreamer ION will run re HliifeiBHMMgulatly oa the above ferry, and leave Pier No. I, N. K., at It A. M.and 3 P. M. Coney island at UJ< and 4 P. M fin Sunday, will leave Canal street at 10 A. M. and lj< P.M. and leav?last at Conev laland ?t 5 P.M. si 7t*m FOll SHKfc. WSBUK Y, 0</E \N HOUSE, J ..jMIImlti Long U rail oh. Ransom Dock, Drnwn'a Dock, Middle town and Ued Bank.?The Steamboat ORUB, C. Price, Muttr, will ran u followi, from Kulton Muktl Blip, Eut Hirer Lmii N?w York. Lot# Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Wedneidny, 8. at I P.M. Wedneiday, 8, at 5 P M. Tim id-iy. 9, at 7 A.M. Thursday, 9, at 2>< P.M, Fnday. l?.at A M. Frid-y. ln.at3iiP\f; Saturday, II at * A.M. Saturday, II, at * P M. Snuday, ll, at 8 A.M. Sunday, 12, at 6 P.M. Monday, 13, at?KAM. Monday, IS. at 10 A M. Tiieaday, ll,at7 AM. Tueaday, l4,atI0kA.M. The Line Stagea will run U> Howell Work*, fc.iuam Villaaa and Freehold. Htv" to couyey paaaeogera to all part* ?" U>? coiiutrr. N. B. All penon* ar? forbid tnutiu* the aboye boat on acconntof the Owner*. " ALLAIK1.. K stftff'.tmUHY', I.O.W1 WAWUn. f aflTl Ocean Home. P W. Scliauck'i. Highland), ffWWJlWwUi Huoaomand Eatoiilown Landing, ilieiteam, boat ED WIN LK Win, < act. H*vn?a, will run a< Mlowi, from (not of B'relay trreet, North ri*er: Leave New York. Lravt ShrewthifV. O'clock. ?c,<*k; ? Wvdnexlty, 8,at 3 PM. Thurailay, 9.-t7XA.M, 9, at I P M. Friday. 10. "'..f ? M Friday 10, at 3 P. vl. Saturday, ll,it8>i A.M. Ha-u day, ll,at3XPM. Monday. 13, at 9 AM. Tuead.y. 14,at 10 A.M. Wednesday, lWUJiA M. Thursday, 16, at 11 A M. F iday, 17, at 1 I'.M Stturday, 1?, at I P.M. Monday, 20, ?t 4 P. Vl, Stages will l>e in readme** on lb? arrival ol the boat lo cony?v p?e?engers to all part* of the country. For further particular* ap|dy toF, B. H?1 ,at ihe office rn t ha wha? f. n' 1111 * r' OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFK E-To r iTM| , A lbany. Lftica $t JO; Syrnrtue, $i: Oswego; MMUlSmBB*$3: Kitrlientfr. ?2: Htillilo, $2; Cleveland. (4; Detroit,$4; Milwniliie,$C 7'i; Chicago, S?75; Cincinnati, $071; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, S2; Montreal, $4; Pituhurg, $0.. Office. ioo lUrclay street. , .. , . r ? Any avcuntr require*! will be i[inn for the fulfilment of all ontr icis mail* wnh lhi? company. ,a "Irt,* ."< M I- '< A i . \u? i' I New York, '817. ~ ?M i(lN, i ISL \NO fff.HKV?The well d2S?*?S*ku"w'' AMKKKAN KAOLK.*i^ry ()PO II Power, will rn . wre'a/ly dunn? he seaao-i to < ooe? Island, landing at l"ort Hamilton, . low*:?Le*?in? f'ier No. I, at IB. I. ? A fine Cotil'imi Band Mfowrwilw the boii. "" rc r.T'vvs NK.VV UAN LI IN* O? ^.^0l^A?"rr()HITIO.N BOAT* FOil .VLbA.NY. *t Van Cnnrllanrft > Newbnrgh, Pnosrhkeepsip, Kii?i(alon.<sM*kill anil Hudson.?FareM cenu ? Bseakl'aat and Dmn-r ou Hoard . Th?of't nnil *te^niii fttewte' KO< 1KH WIliLIAM?, CH'I. A. fetroot, Tnead.".yi, Thnrsdiy*, and Saturdays, n' kalfpast in, A. M . from ilie |'i*i fr>?>t or Rul'insou sue?t? tonebim M Ilaraiaonu street r?er, Irora New York, Kor i?un? or f rieicht, apply no board the Boatf, or to Wo. T- the office, foot of Ilobinson street. ly"- All persons are lorbitl irasCior the above boats o? *-* tnnfit a( ?!? n?r??r? mrl# 'n iVOHN IN ULINEioHAtBAST A N t) i' - * TROV aud lnt?m?dinte L'UidiUKS. Jtf.4w<8HB? Bretkfast and Dinner on Iioa.i1 the Boat. The low presaore steamboat TKOV, Capr?in A. Oorham, will lenre the steeaaboat pier foot of B.irclay street, Mondays, Wedues'lays, and Fridays, at seven o clock A. M Hernrnicti on '!ie opposite d\ys. The .Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H L. Krlloa^, will lease the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay sireet, Tncsilay, Tlinrsd.iy miiI Seforday, at half paet an o'clock, A. M., returning on the n.posite da -a. Ty Fare 'i0 Gents. F;rp. na?r or Ire.ght, spM* o? board, *>r in I. B rha iiST< ii \>i? nrharl iyjfl Fofi . \V ?I( f; \H, with dispatch.? i <,< fir*1' tl"' f'"'' sait'af packet ship PLATO, burthen j|i^:SuL'"'l? ">n? ? '.pt Heane. i , e'>inmedaiii,i.s iu.-, second cabin, and st?eroi(e p*.ie '/er? "e itimuri-assed by anv reiaet in p.'rt, and aa a I nwill r of her iHSieiicer* are already euiiKid. those desirous of arruriiiC berths ahould m\W eaily auolic tion on hoaid, at |M?r No. 9 L'.?t Hi?er, or to JA?. McMl'RRAY, y| rre Corner o( and Month streets. PACKKTB 'KOM II aVRK?Second Line?Th? MVVWship HT. NK OLAH, Krelrieh, Manter, will sail JHMbonth?UtofOctob?r. BOVI) k II1NCKKN, itoolre ? Wall sueet. E NE" NEW j& m ^attdslr it "Ufl'aim's emigration oFPii k, v-^ id eoniieccioii with GEO. kipparl) h 80N, 134 Waterloo Ho.ul, Liveri*>ol. i'craou* wUhiug Co tend for their friends in the old country, can ?rcur? putaqe in any of ihe following new line of packets, tailing from Liverpool on the (iih of every month, via ( onstitut'on, 1,500 ton?,Capt, Jolin Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1,200 tou?, Capt. P. Wood . L.1 v r.nruv/u. i,uu iuus, v/?|ii juihi r lunuKe. HOTTINGUEH, l.OOO ton, ''apt Ir* Bursley. Urn. Ripperd HfcSou are the only agents in Liverpool Tor the above liue of packets, iu additiou to which the/ despatch a fir?tr!a-? sliip every week. IVrnoin uudiug money to their friend* in liuve and ^trull amounts, rs'i be accommodated with drafts on ihe Belfast UankiuK Company, aud their numerous branches in Ireland; alto on the principal banks in England Scotland, and Wales. Apply to CARLISLE k RIPPARD, a-.i2l Vit*m 51 South street, for of Wall. FOE NEW ORLEANS, LOUI9IANA.AND EW VORk LINE. J& M. TO SAtTTvERY TfIW^YS. Riiip OSWEGO, Captaiu Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Pig*. Ship CLIFTON .Captain lnrersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Burn OEN ESEE. Captain Miuot. BsrkJ. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark H ED RON, Captain Greig. The above ship* are all of the first cli*?, of light draft of water, and commanded by the moit experienced captaim in the trade. Their cabin* are handaomely fnrniahed, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the pa*aen"'Neither the captain* or owners of the aboTe *hipe will be re poniible for jewelry, bullion, precion* stone*, enlver or plated ware, or for any letter*, parcel*, or package* Ant by, or net on board of tliem, anles* regular bill* of lading ere taken for the lame, and the value therein expressed. For freight or paaaage, apply on board, at Orle&nqwharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 64 Sooth street. Agent in New Orleane?John Woodruff U Co., who wil) promptly forward all goods to their address. M M OTT'8 EMIGRATION OFFICE, W 8mith st.ns wishing to send for their friend* in the old apuntrv, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the magniticeutship* comprising the new Line of Liverpool packet*, viii? _ CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons. Captain John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1400 ton*. Caft. P. Woodhouse. LIVERPOOL, 1250 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HO 1TINGUER, 1150 tons, Ciapt. IraBnr*ley, sail in i; from Liverpool on the 6tn of every month. Paasage mil >!<n lie secured bv the St. George's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool paraets, making ip all a ship every fir* days from that port. For further particular! apply to W. 4c J. T. TAP8COTT. Jy? 86 South street, New York. ? _ FRENCH THAN 8ATLAN TIC S'f&sEWB 8TEAM8HIP COMPA NY.-Th#ship? ol company are ippoiuted to tail as folJSBkJIbhL. ?KR<)M NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 14th Annul The MISSOURI " " 31?t T' The NEW YORK " " 16th Sept The UNION " " SOth ,f > ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th Augosl. The UNION " " Slat n Theje Steamers ajre equal to any afloat, with commanders of tried-kill and known courtesy. Their state too row and cabini are unusually commodious, and they are prov ided with every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price of passage in the first cabin from New York is (1)0. From Havre 1,000 fnnca. Wines are not included, but will be furnished nt moderate rates. All letters must pass through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to au4 rc A YMAR fc CO.. 34 Houth street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN /2J MfHi.Ltm.RaV At. MAIL STEAM SHIP. 1200 tons i'*" h"r?* r""" each, nuder contract with thvXords of the Admirality. HIBERNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward <{. Lott BRITTANNiA. Cipuin John Hewitt. CAMBRlA^Capuuu Charles II. E. Jnrikuu. ACADIA,, Captain William Harrison. The fonrstemishipiinow building are THK AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THK EUROPA. The vessels appointed to (ail from Boston are the Hiberuia August It, 1847 Cambria September 1, 1847 Caledonia September 1C, 1817 Britannia October 1, 1847 Tbe vessels appointed to from Liverpool are the Cambria ... August 4, 1817 Caledonia Augusr 19, 1047 Britannia September 4, 1847 I'asseugera' luggage incut be on bo.\rd the dny preriou to sailing. r.nge money?From Boaton to Liverpool, $130, do dote Ha ifas, $20. No bertlis aeenred until paid for. "Hiese ships carry experienced surgeon*. No freight, except i)>eci*, received on day* of (ailing. For freight, passage,or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr., Ageut AtHARNDEN & C0.'8,>1 V ill <1 0*7"In addition to the above line between Liverpool uq Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into w ith Her Majesty's govennneut, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, aud early next year due nutice will be given { of the time wlieu they will start. Under the new contract the steamers w ill sail every Saturday during eight mouths, and every fortnight daring the other months iu the year. Ooinp al | ternately between Liverpool ana tlalilai and Boston, ana Q* twern Liverpool mil N?w York. mta r ~ - OCKAN STEAM NAVIO.V1ION COM PAN y.?United State* Mai] Liu< to / sminr!' Cowes and Soutlismptou. and .Bremen. The splendid uew steamship WASH I N(i1710 torn burthen, Kiederic Haritt, eomtnjuitler, will stirt from New Yoik on the 23d September, carry ing th > United States Mail. She will touAi at Cowes and Southampton to land passengers and ireivlit. and deliver the mail* fur Kugland, France and Belgium, ana will then proceed tojiremerhaven. Meturuiug, will leave Biemerhaven the 1Mb October. The Washington 11 bailt in the strongest manner, with a view to being converted into a ship of war, and subject at any time to inspection by officers appointed br the President, both during and after construction. Hlie ha* two engines, of 1000 hone power each, and accommodations for ISO passengers. I'mage from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, $1M. Passage from Bremen and Southampton to New York, $160. She will carry about 300 tons freight, which will be charged according to tne nature of the goods offering. All letters must pass through the Post Office. Parcels, for which bills of lading will be signed, will be charged ti each. Kor freight or passage apply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Compauy, 4) William street, corner of Wall. K. MILLS, (general Agent. Agent* at Southampton DAY, ('R08KRY & ROSS. at Bremen C. A. JIK1NKKEN k CO. " at Havre WILLIAM 1SKL1N. 1'he second wamer of the line is iu due coarse ol construction and will he in readiness in the entiling full aiiTOfh NU'llCi.?All persons are cautioned pk" i ii at trmtinK the crew ol? the I''ieuth >^Vcil^K2^*fleain?hip I>ew York, as no debts of their ~**^UU|flS{contractinK will he paid by the cipu-n or ^^^^^^^ ronvgnees. No bilU will he paid, unlet* contacted directly with Captain Kermud, or the undersigned. iG] in __ _ AYM aK It CO.. 34 Son h ?t. r. r?nlrm. ?TKA.vT8HII'"NKW V()KK-< .m.ignees ol good* by this ship. ere requested to tend their jierm.ti on bwud.lootof Clinton itreet, ?r to the office of the consignee*, immedi ' KOR IUVRK in ( IIKUBOriKJt The ateainihip N KW YOHK will leave on her regular day, Wednesday, the ISlh h)(t Price of cabin iMiiagr, (120. The ship has an ei|>?rieneed surgeon. Letter! mint pais through the |>o?t office. For passage or f eight, apply to ?69tm AV.MAK I* Co . 34 Koutli ?trert. J? J?NLV HMJI-I.AK LINE OK PACKETS KOR BH^V NEW ORLEANS.?The following well known, KSMhalast sailing and favorite patiot ship* nave accommodations unsurpassed for eabin. second cabin and 'teerage jmuseugers, aud will? ositirely sail as advertised, or ixissage free. *i* The HUDSON. Cart. Ttge. September llrh. The OALKNA.Capt. Ilrnnn, Hente'nlirr *nth. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well o secure p-vss^gc by euher the above packets,as they are nil .1 ri t class ships, Jed hy men enierienced in the trade, and w.ll Mil punctually on their appointed dayg. To secure bertha, apply on boerd.or to anDlrc W It J T. TUH' OTT. IK Smith at frOR NfcW Ol'.LKA.NH.?Louisiana aid New York Line of Packeu?Positively the firat and WSimmm only regular picket to aail Seiiemher |i. The lie * and splenilid fast sailing packet ahip HlUSON. I'.Psgf, miner, is now loadinr, and will positively sail ai above, her reifulai day. For freight or piunge, having handsome furnished accommodation!. apply on board at Orleaus wharf, loot of Wall street, or in K.K.COLLINS, % Month st Agents in New Orleani, J. O. Woodruff h Co., who will promptly forward til good* to their addresa. Positively no goods will be receireil after Saturday evening, Bepth llth. The picket ship Oswego, CapL Inkersoll, will aaccoed the Hudson, and sail fcev remlar dar- sT KOB Itr Lizi; HON DU HAM- Bark JOHN R ?M*y(IAH|IN> H James Petersen, master, will have jBiMMHs'lespitch for me above port. for height or |>*S'age. Inving taperior accommodations, applv to the captsin on l?oa d. Pier 9. ast Hirer, or to - '"F. ALU \NDRK. n witli ilml, K<>< Mr., b ROTH kits ft( U-fAU?Ut 1(5 ft001 Liverpool, per Bl%rk Ball Line of Pnckeu, ftem* trances to Ireland Ike. / _ 'T X OKKsHIKfc will Mil from Lirerpool, on fir?t r?f wcwmit; p*ft*agc ran he eugnged to come lr .ni the old conniry by this apleudid ?hip, orby any of the packets of the Old Black Uill to mil from ilon the lit and loth of every month, bv applying to na. Those reii ittiug im> r / to lr?lm<l. c?ii haye drufti on THK ROYAl, BANK OK III hA, AND, and on PMKSCO I'T, OROTK ic CO., Bankers, London, which will l>e paid at the ruinoa branches throughout Oreat Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHKItH It CO, No. ii Fulton street. New Vork, neit door to the lultoii Bank, Only authorised passenger agents for the Old or Black Ball Lute of Liverpool packer.. *n2Src KM. LI V KR POOL -The New Line.?Regular ?jMIV packrftif 2tsi Hep'ember.?The superior faat sailing M|?, packet .hip QtTf.KN OF THK WKHT, Capuin riulip Woodhouse, 12j0 tona burthen, will (ail ai above, her rrutilar day. For frright or pa.aage, having splendid Urge mild enrnforustite roonn and cabin, apply to the captain on board, pier No. 21, west aide of Burling slip, or to WOODIIuLL St MIPWURN, 87 South at. P'ice of paa?*ge $100 _ _ The new pa'ket ?lnp CON3TITITION, 1600 ton* hnrthen, Cept John Britton, will succeed the Queen of the Wfj, apd sail On her regular dav . 2'si of (IrMer ?nn "f OH LlVH I IHIOU -New Line?Kogulai pmji wrtfAVet ol 26th of Hepteniher?The splendid, ran sh.IiiIk 'rtimrMi p--1--' ship HHKRIDAN, Captain <?. B. Cornish, wi'i positively sul m above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome fiirnnlied eecntamodarioiis, aprlyon board, at O'le^it wherf, loot of Wall street or to K K. LOLLINo. 50 Hcuth itTha packet ?hip OARRICK, Copt. B.J.H. Tiask, will meceootthe Hheridan, and tail on tba Wth of On?her refrnlar dar ___ an2T KOPOLD k MAtJRICK HKL1KONNE1L Importers or French Feather*, Flowenind Material#, No. 1$ William atreet, near Fnlton itreet, Now York. Omee inrarta, 0 ami sueet of Cairo. out* Kt?rrc W 1 o YORK, WEDNESDAY MC INTERESTING WAR INTELLIGENCE. TUB T.ATRST NBWS IM TiETAIT.. [From the New Orleans ricayune, Aug. 30 1 ^ The schooner Mlpnuwippiarrived Irom Vera Cru* on Sunday, hiving milled thencii on tho< vening of the i'st Inst. At that time the Kaahlon hud not arrived there, though couatantly expected. She lelt here the evening of the 17th. The moot important news by thU arrival concern* the movement!) of (ten. Scott.. There bad been varloue rumor* on the subject in Vera Cm*. many of which our correspondent knrw to ha unfounded, but he write* u* 00 the aftoruoon of Saturday. the '21st instant, on what i lie consider*" the beat authority.that the vanguard of y 1 Irtlit-ml urm v wua n t A ? aH ftn liVitikv f h? llitH / instant, and up to that date had not fired a nun. Thia ( news reached Vera Cruz by a gentleman who left Ayotla , on this 1 Jth. coming down by way of Orixtba. Ayotia t is but twenty one miles from the oity of Mexico, being f twenty mile* beyond the paw of Rio Krlo Wo now i turn for a moment to other subjects of great interest. f The expedition which left Vera Cruz about the 13th ( Inst. to reinforce Major Laliy'ii command, wan composed j of Capt Wells' company of the l'ith Infantry. Capt. ( Hailes company of the 14th infantry, and i apt. Fair- i child's compnny ot Louisiana Hangcra. all under com- i mand of Capt. Wells. The; returned to Vera Cru* on | the 17th, after having'prooeeded as tar as the National , bridge, where they expected to overtake Major's , command. Major Lally, however, had gone ou, and by ( subsequent advices at Vera Cruz It is known that U? , had carried up hia train In safety beyond Jalapa. , The command of Capt. Wells were compe led to fight , their way to the Bridge; and they made the attempt to pais it, but found all that heights occupied* by the guerillas. who opened a heavy lire upon them, killing nearly all the mules and forcing the whole party to retire. They left tho whole of their wagons save only one in the possession of the enemy. All tho baggage of the officers and knapsacks of the men, which were in the wagons, fell into the hand? of the Mexicans, and little else besides the mail was saved. The losa of men in this affair , has been Ave or six killed and two or three wounded, , and several men have subsequently died from fatigue | and exposure on the march. ? j About eight miles this side of the bridge, Capt. Weils | on hisadvunce, detached twelve dragoons, accompanied < by Dr. Cooper, with directions to go forward cautiously, ( and. if they found it prudent, to report to Major Lally; i but if they encountered any obstacle, to return and re- ( port the fact at once. Nothing has since been heard of < this party, and It is supposed the whole have fallen into ( the hands of the Mexioans. These twelve dragoons we j suppose to bo a portion of Kairchild's company. Dr. < Cooper was the surgeon who went up with the train. 1 Capt. Welltf had live successive engagements with the enemy befire the final aflair at the Bridge. In this the Mexicans had one piece of artillery engaged, from which they fired grape, and were thus able to make good their , stand against the command of Capt. Wells. I Major on going up with the train is said to have . had a sharp skirmish with the guerillatt at CerroOordo. nil Irt I .....ih.,. I ...uh .-ill. *V. .? 1 .. : Hoy a. No accounts of theae affair* liavo been received, but our latest letiern nay that there M uo doubt of the safety of the train. No news hail been heard at Vera Crux of Capt. Besancon's company for a fortnight It was out on a scout when news reached there that Major Lally required reinforcements, and It Ir by many supposed that the company fell in with the train, and, crowing the National Bridge, continued up with it. Other* again think dr'erently, and suppose tho whole company has been cut off by the Mexleaus. Such is theteuor of ur latest letters. lu regard to (Jen Hoott's march, there wero rumoisat Vera Crux that he had met the enemy and lepulsed them after a sharp engagement, in which he lost UK) , men. This the Mrxiciuis regarded an a victory on their part, as their loss was lnKignilicaut. Notwithstanding there details, our correspondent writes that there is no truth In them whatever. He also considers tho announcement of the Sun of WnaAuac that Oen. .Scott arrived at Ayotla on the 11th, a? a statement hszarded upon mere rumor. He baa conildunoe in tho veracity ol 1 the mtn who arrived on the 'Jlst. ana declares the vauguard of Soott'* army to have been in Ayotla on the 13th, having met no resistance t.o Ur Both tho Vera Crux papers aud our correspondent believed that lien. Scott was In possession ot .Mexico by the 'ilKk inst , but | tney ami no information to mm eaeot. We havu more minute accounts on board the ship Agnea of the various engagements with the guerilla* mentioned above The MUaissippi, being a last sailer, has anticipated those account*, but without supplying ail the detail* We have n? letter direct from the army. The Bolrtin de lag Notoiiias, of Jalapa. atiys more correspondence from the army has been Intercepted by the guerillas. This paper appears to have advices from Puebla to the 10th Inst., but only states that the last division of the American army left on that day, 4000 strong The followlngare additional particulars from El Sol, of the 19tli instant:? The train, from its smallnesa and the apparent embarrassments, has been epen to more annoyanoe than any other train ever started for the interior. The train was merely sturted as a reinforcement to Msj Lally, who. In bis communication to Oov. Wilton, stated that be would await Its arrival this fide, or at the National Bridge Msj Lally was supplied with artillery and yet was obliged to call for aid. from some cause he did not await Its arrival, but passed the Bridge, leaving the enemy again to fall in his rear, and intercept the reinforcement. The reinforcement commenced its flghtiog two miles beyond Santa Ke, and it continued on with more or less skirmishing every day. At a bridge four miles this side of the National Bridge, in a deep gorge, Hanked by almost lmpasfabie heights thickly.studded with chaparrel, the guerillas evidently iutunded to take the train and iho command. A complete ambuscade was formed, and allowing the train to advance upoa the bridge, a heavy Are was opened on the right, left, front and rear. The. cavalry under Captain Kairchild received the tirst fire, returning with spirit, and he was followed by the Infantry; all standing In position for several rounds, when the [ enemy was discovered in retreat, and were pursued home with loud and hearty cheering The night was dark for continuing pursuit, and the command, cavalry and infantry, remained entrenched near the bridge, and awaited the return of day. At three o'clock in the morning, the surrounding heights were taken possession of by our men, on the right, left, Iront and rear, and at four the lighting commenced ? Captain Halle's company fired upon and charged the enemy on the left advance, and completely routed the attacking party, and a division of Captain Kalrchlld's company charged in the rear, routing the enemy with aome loss. Captain Wells' company guarding the open passes and occasionally firing on the retreating enemy. The train was soon alter put in motion, and moved on to the National Bridge, where they confidently expected to meet Major Lally ; but who. unfortunately for this gallant little band, had passed, leaving tbis strong bold to be re-occupled by the infamous predatory bands of guerillas; thus completely cutting olT his reinforcement. Considering the great exposure of our men to fire from ambuscades and strong forts, it la almost a miracle they were not destroyed. Tbe loss li, however, small?live kuimu ana wounded. Several of Capt Kairchlld's horses were shot, tie did not lore a mbhIh man. The ambulance euntaining the mall. w?s saved by John Tohnr, formerly of Capt. Burks company. 3<1 ariilleiy. He did no without any directions from the ws^on.mastcr, as we are Informed, and to him alone credit is due. El Hotrtin of Jalapa, of the Kith instant, speaks of the capture of a eonrler, carry ing despntchett and letters for the Americano. The private letters, the editor cava, contain remarks extremely offensive and irritating agaiust the Mexican?. Tho Hol'tinaays, in a parngraph under the heading''Aspect of Negotiations,'' that an American division of 3000 men left Puebla on the 7th, an equal number on the 8th. and on the 10th, the remainder (4000) wero to start This statement Is evidently inexact, materially reducing tho real figure to which the American force reaches. That paper speculates on the Issue of the battle then Imminent, between the two hostile armies, prognosticating that It would bring the Mexicans to an advantageous situation to listen to propositions of peace. [Correspondence of the Commercial Time*.] Vkba Crux. Aug. 17, 1817. Since I last wrote you there has been quite a move in our circle of authorities. Tne harbor master has been removed from bis office in consequence of allowing (ion. i'aredes to land Ho po. r Mr. Clark lost his office by doing (Jen. I'aredes a good deed. It appears that Messrs Atocha and Tamani were the geutleiuen who accompanied the General to their or his domicile The Governor ha4 Mr. Atocha up about it, who told him that he was Lot an informer. This was rather digglug for his Kxcellency. We have reaelved some accounts from Alvarado; It app-ars that Kapt. got his vessel, the 11* da, staunch brig of war, ashore on the bar, and when he and twelve of his crew landed In the boat they^were made prisoners by s party of AiviradUus men who have been treated morn like friends than enemies. Vint Cauz, Aug. 19, 1847. A rmrwSM*+ haa insf Mntn* In Ihu* k--~ ? ? ??* Ing of the Mexican Oenerals at Mexico All hut three, including Santa Anon, have decided In favor of deliver- 1 Ing up the city of Mexico to Uen Scott. Uen. Valencia and two others determined to tight It out to Hje last, and not gUe up. We now discover Santa Anna's ohar- I acter In full. Finding tn?t he could not wblp t he Van- 1 k?es he intend* to make tlieto the instriinvnts of plac- 1 ing him at the head of the Ooverainent, and th?re pro- , tect him. 'I his I* one of hi* rni'i, and is io keeping I with the report that he promise I our Government he j would make peace If they would give him a passport to return to Mexico. He bow apparently want* to fulfil his promiiie, when be finds lie caon t (-.unserve tola ambition otherwise. Commodore I'erry came up yesterday uu a visit. He iiave ( aptain F. of the sloop ot war 8 a severe lecture lor not overhauling the lirltish steamer ind arresting Oen. I'aredes. Our men of war certainly are of groat servioo to us here ! They all lie at Antonio Llzardo. a distance of II miles; and in reference to ihein it may justly be said, that the guerillas could, were they strong , and daring enough, come In and cut all our throats be- I fere we could get any assistance from th?m. The best excuse they have, la that there is no sick i'?s there, although some say that It Is as bat! there, if not wor?e, 1 than iiere Th? barque Cora nrrlved yestrrday ; we have only 37 vessels in port, principally small ones. Flour $11 60 pi r bbl , duty and rharges $J 60 ; Lard | 10 to 93 cent* per lb.; Potatoes $'? 60 t" J>7 60 per bbl ; j Onion $7 60 per bbl ; llams none, good I J# to IH cents, everything elie in abutftance. \ ours, nt? nkxt nbw? moM ?gn. scott. (From the New Orleans Doayune, August39.] I The Fashion has been absent on her voyage to Vera I Orui longer than had been anticipated With every day's delay the appetite for the new* expected by her w sharpened. We fully expeet bar to bring us the reeul RK I (RNING, SEPTEMBER 8 >t Oea. Seott'a encounter with' the Mexicans. It ia >oiaiblu the drtailn may not pome through to soon,** the ountry in far firm Mag safe for couriers to traYerse, >ut by Mexican report we ought to have the result of >?ttle What that result wllibe we do not for a moment loubt. but the desire to learn it is doiih the leas iutenae The Kaahion left us thu evening of Tuesday. the 17th net, direct for Vera Cruz. llimjuito time, therefore, 'or her to return. Her detention increase* the cbmcea hat ahe will bring ua the news all go eagerly look for In all. We pr?y that it may be so. MONAHCHY tN MEXICO. [From the New Orleans La I'atri*.] Havawa, Aug. 12, 1847.?On board the Kugllah mall iteamer Terlot. arrired from Kngland on the 8th lost, run unman >'"u .tiariano raredes y Arigulla. ex-l'resllt*lit of the Mexican llepublle, accompanied by four Kn{llxh offlcjrs. and they left yesterday in the aame steamir l'or Vera Cruz A* It naturally the case, this has given ise hero to a thousand rumors, and the most absurd itories have been Invented. I will, however relate to you irhat I think most probable, and which Is regarded as luch by the reflecting people It has been ascertained :hat Taredes comes with full powers to propose K.uroM-an Intervention, (Anglo-OalUc, as they call it,) and to :ermlnatu at once the difficulties between Mexico and :he United Htates. It is also stated that afterwards -tanta Anna will be banished, showing to the Mexican people that the " benefactor of his country.-' (btnrmtrilr It la patria,) an tbey call him. has done nothing else but sheat them, and thut bis intention has always been to <acrlflc? hia country to his private interest*. Santa A una once banished, I'aredeB will atuturae the power, and assisted by hi* numerous and influential partisans, be will establish a monarchy in Mexico, aud I'aredes will be nominated Generaliasiuio of the Mexican armies. Opinions ar? divided concerning tho origin of this monarchy. It appearr almost Impossible that there should be a coalition between France and place on the Mexican throne Donna Maria Christina, and the Duke of Montmorot, (Iliamares.) This appear* ridiculous, but there are many who believe It. Others are of opinion that the plan is solely French, with the acquiescence and aid of Kngland, which offers her aaaiaUnue In 3rder to prevent the farther extension of territory by thn United States, and to prevent all objections by France, when Great Britain proaentd herself, (veiy soon t lsr&H) in the arena to take possession of the isle of ^uba, in payment of the Spanish debt, and with the In,entior> 'hat the mongrel monarchy of Mexico may lend ts ami nice to Ureat Britain, in case the United Htates iealpu t resist, or oppose her possession of the (^ueun if Indlei (Cuba.) (ien. Taredes avoided all coinmuoi:atlon with any one during his short stay here. This las given rise to many suspicions among the "savaoa." who have not succeedod this time In fathoming the ;ruth. K\'ENTS IN CAI.IKOIINI*. From tho St. Louia Republican, August 31 ] A souieu lint acuta anxiety is observable in our roni nunity in relation to the true cours<i of events in f allornia, reaulting in serious differences between the Military and a portion of the Naval Commanders there iNgenibli'd. Thegontlemeu attached to the Army, who lave returned to tbia city, very properly, maintain a itrict reserve in regard to the transactions in question, lor la it probable that any thing like an accurate statenent of facta will be preaented to the public until ther some out before a Court of Inquiry or Court Martial, nteresteri parties may publish one-aided statements, or ;et audi statement* before the publio eye, but, aa we have iaid,the whole atory will not be told until it is brought out jy a military tribunal. In this atate of affairs, it would i?vo much unnecessary excitement,and prevent mlsoonitruution of motives, If isolated facta were withheld from ,he publio. An investigation of the grave chargea which aavo been forwarded to the Department at Waxnington, jught to satisfy the frienda of all the partiex,and such iureatigatlon will, we presume, be immediately otdered. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. Proclamation Ay <A* Governor of Kentucky?William Owsley, Gov mor and Commanilrr-in-C/tirf, to the Militia of Kentucky Whereas, 1 have this day received a requisition from Llie War Department for the raising and organization of two regimenta of volunteer Infantry, to aerve during the war with Mexioo. uulesa sooner discharged, I do hereby call upon the militia of Kentucky, desirous of engaging iu the servloo of their country, to orgauiae themselves into companies and report thuinaelvea to the Executive Department with all deapatrh ; and hold themselves in readineas to march hy the -JOth of September, on which day It Is expected the regimenta will be tilled, and the couipauien iiuiiuru ui ineir place 01 renuezvous. The detail* of thin service will be fouail in the general order of the Adjutant General, hereto appended, f i In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto set ; L. S ' my hand, and cauiied the anal of State to ba ( ) affixed. Done at Frankfort. August 31,1847. By the Governor, W.vl. O VV8L1C Y. W. D. Redo, Secretary of State NAVAL. Commodore Storer yesterday hoiited his broad pennant on board the U. 8 frigate Brandy wine, bound foi the Brazil station, on which oocoslon the usual salutes were fired. She will put to sea with all possible dt>*f>atch, in obedience to orders to that effect from Washngton. We hope that shj bears to the government of Braiil such a balm for Its offended dignity as it mny honorably receive, and ours honorably offer ; and which mny effectually nip in the bud the embryo quarrel between two nations whose commercial intercourse should unite them in the bonds of peace and friendship. The following is a list ef the officers of the Brandy* wine and the passengers goingout in her Ccmoiodore, George W. Storer; Captain, Thomas Crabb; Lieutenants, John A. Davis, Luther Stoddard," Samuel Larkln, tarter B Poi n dexter, G. Wells, J. J. Guthrie; Master, JohnS Tailor; Purser, Joseph Terry; Kleet Surgeon, B K. Bache; Passed Assistant Surgeon, It. T. Maxwell; Assistant Surgeon, Alox. Koblnsen; Chaplin, J. L. Lenhart Seoond Lieut, of Marines, James Wiley; Commodore h Secretary, Storer; Passed Midshipmen. Wm T. Truxtnn, John T. Barraud, SlmeonS. Bassett. T. Lee Walker Midshipmen, John G. Sprostoo, Charles B. Smith ; Cap tatu'd Clerk. Wilson; Gunner, Thomas Venable ; Boatswaiu, Wm Smith; Saiimaker, David B. Park; Car punter, Jos. Coxe; Purser's Clerk, Jenks. Passengers to join the U. 8. ship Ohio.?Captain Wm V. Taylor,Commander Andrew K. Long, Purser Samue1 Forest; Captain Marines, Jos. L. C. Hardy; Passed Mid' nhlpmen, R. L. Law, Titos. G. Katon. Thos W. Broad' head; Midshipmen, Jno. T. Wood, Wm II. Ward, B. C llsnd, A. B. Cummlngs. Wm. Gwinn, David Harmony J. P. Baker, J. J. Cornwall, Jos. Miller, R. T. Chapman. To join the If. 8. brig Perry.?Lieut. Com'dg K. G. M IIUHJ, 1 KWCU .lliuiiui|(iuru U, ly. DSH^T, AIU. niiBr|).?Norfolk Herald, Stfl. 4. Powder Mili. iimiwn up in (Jukkne County, Ohio.?About !) o'clock, on Mondny morning last. the kernelllng and glazing mill of the Metara. Auatin. on the Little Miami, at* milea abovo Aenia, blew up with a tremendous report, completely destroying thu building aud the greater part of the machinery, and instantly killed a young man?James Klrkpatrick?who was in Uie building at ibe time. At the time of the accident, there wan from 1000 to IJ00 I ha of power in the mill?all of which waa. of courao, conn willed Ilow It became ignited in a myatery which will probably never bo Helved. The machinery was, ami had been aUndlog from the Saturday evening previous, and no fire of course wan permitted about, the eatablish mem. i wo or wiree minutes oeiore tne explosion ,*ir Ueorgn Linkhart. bad taken a load of powder ,from the mill to the dry-Louae, and had left young Kirkpatrick. un? mpWed, la the mill, llad the accldeut oecured thrcft nwnutes later, Mr. L , and t*o othqrmen employed about ' He mill, would, In all probability, have returned to, been and blown up, with It. Their absence was moat fortun ill! and timely. ***** * .Sudden an lightning, a bright bla*? spranh Jp among the tree,*, accompanied by three cracks each lollowing the other so nuickly aa to render the difference between tliero hardly perceptible. The report of the explosion was so loud an to completely atun u* for the moment; and th? concussion of the air ao great, a? to stagger the horse upon which we were riding, and to render him for the moment entirely unmanageable, the falling fragments from the building adding to hia, aa well aa our own, altrin. The building una razed to ita very foundation atones and the strong timbers of the frame torn apart, twiat?<i and broken aa though they had been but broom atrawa and scattered in every direction. The heavy cog wbeeli of the mill had been blown into the river to a|dl?tauce o some fifty or sixty yards, and even the large water-ifbeel outside the building, had been started from Ha place The heavy sills were pileu up on each aide of where th< building had stood, and the solid earth beneath tori loose to the depth of several feet The shingles, lm., of the building were broken lnt< very amall fragments, and covered the ground and fillet the tops of the trees about the place of the accident The body of young Kirkpatrick wax found in thu raoi some two hundred feet from the building, the skull nom pletely crushed, the neck broken, and very much roan gled and disfigured otherwise, but st ill noun of the parti diarevered. Mia death must have been instantaneous llu was one of a large family who live in thu violnity aome or whom were eugaged In other buildings of tlx manufactory at the time. He was about 17 years o age. The precaution of the Messrs. Austin, in having thi dtItofnt departments of their manufactory MpMlM from each ottier. and ao far removed an, In the event o accident toone,th? others should remain uninjured, hti In this inatai.c >, taved them from a loaa wllcli,h id tbei establishment been all an4er One roof, would have beei complete and liiOAt (Jim .<lruu?. Aa >1 Id, tlntr lone ml not exceed perhapa, $1'J00.?Xenia ToreAjLight. ]'r(m;uk?'8 of Astronomical Diucovkuv.?Ii 100*1 M'vcn l>odt<-? were known to belong to our nyiitemthe Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venue, klarn, Jupiter, an< Saturn In 17itt> thifre bad been added eleven, namely four MtulllUM of Jupiter, fire of Saturn the F.arth itrtlf which waa now fullj recognised M a planet, and II alley '1 coiaet, though the prediction had not been verified It IM)H there bad been added nine?namely Uranu*. am nix Mtellllea, with two eatellltoa of Haturn. Willlan tlerecbel Ifft Ibeiolar ayetem half aa large again it numbxr of bodlea aa he found it. Since 18(H) there have been added nine ?namely Veita, tbe one yet itnchrla tened, (Henke'a.) Vitre a, Juno, Cere*. I'aUim. Nepiunc hncke* Comet and Hiele a Oomel. If M.**ell f.'ioul he riirbt lu what he Miapecta to lie a satellite ol Neptune for nine we inuitreiul ten. Motion 77mm. There are 100,000 theep In Addlnon Co , Vt , whirl; muct be driven to the other leotlone to l>? wintered, or be c! aughtered The deficiency of the crop of bay, and the ravages of graaabopperi. are eald to hare caueed a scarcity of f#K>d. The steamship Cambria, from Bo?ton, (Id In t., 2 A. M..) fot Halifax and Liverpool, waa Men 3a l??t.,6 P.M., In lat. 4130, Ion. 0? SO, by ship Clyde. # lERA l, 1847. A ITalrs of La Plata. Oi'kmoi Ayrks, July 3, 1847. F.ditoh Niw York Herald: The vepsel by which I wrote you last night could not get out in oonsequenca of low tide. The armistice for flv? month*, of whloh I spoke, wu proponed, but Count Walewski and (Jov. Rosas oould not agree upon the terms, or rather, Arana, the Minister of this government, laughed at the turms proposed. The question on which the eonfercnco was broken off 1* now well understood to hare been the right of this government to control tho navigation of the rivers Tarana and Uruguay. In the proportions submitted by the ministers, there was an acknowledgment thai the rivers belong to the governments bordering on them, but they inserted that their navigation shonld be regulated by the laws of nations. Gov. Rosas insisted that the laws of nations had nothing to do with regulating the navigation of internal rivers. The ministers Anally agreod | only to treat of the river I'ruxuay.and in doinit so I their object became palpable. Their governments have i a treaty with the government In Montevideo (which ! Rosas insists is an illegal and intrusive government of { the Handa Oriental) for the frej navigation of the I'ruguny. As you know, one ban I: of the I'ruguay belongs < to the llanda Oriental, und the other to the Argentine j Confederation. The whole <iuegtlon of difference then resolved itself baok to the recognition of the legality of the Kiver* Government. Th's, Rosas has refuted, firmly, from the Brst, and ke will not be trloked Into an} thing that can be construed Into nucha recognition, even by implication. Thus has ended another chapter in the faroe of the peace-making mediators, if they are sincere in their disclaimers of Intention or desire to interfere with the internal affairs of these government*, why do th-.*y not withdraw their forces 1'iont Montevideo, aud raise tbeir illegal blockades ? Oribe would then enter Montevideo almost without opposition, and then would be the time to Insist on his compliance with anv treaty they may think they have legally made, with what they call the ife /acta, and, therefore, tbe At jure goverumeutj then they might have some shadow (ft argument to jusHiy coercive measures. Now, they are blockading buenos Ayres, because they apprehend that tho governor , wh >m the people of the llauda Urieutal wish to rule over j ttiern may refuse to act right. They are planing Rosas l in limbo because they are fearful Orlbo Intends doing I wrong? 1 hope our government is not so much occupied j wita .Mexico MB 10 prevent it irorn occasionally uiruuig au eye to thin quarter. Our trade is eutirely cut off, and Ida interests of the l'ew of us who are here are Buffering serious damage. July 3.?Again, tbo vessel by which I write could not get out lait night. Nothing more of interest ban trail spired. Lord tlowden 1m to embark this afternoon, and the Count to-morrow or next day. Yturs, Sic. A Citizen or the Unitko State*. [Kromtho Buenos Ayres 1'aoket, June 3d.] "It ban boon already proved to demonstration that President Oribe did nut freely and without compulsion, nor without enterlDg a protest resign the Presidency of the Oriental State ; and that he not only sutlered co eroion by the rebellion of illvera and other ruthless Unitarians and the French intervention of 18:1 >, but that he aleo published u protest. To say the least, the assertion of ilie ImperUl Government, that "General Oribe resigned the I'reslaency of the Uruguay freely, without compulsion or a protest." cannot be regarded but as very Incorrect. The Imperial Government adds to such a groundless assertion, others no less fslse and inadmissible, when it maintains that 1'resident Oribe " was succeeded by ft Government acknowledged throughout the whole State, and subsequently by that elected in conftfrnity to the Constitution of the Republic." Tbat b? ('residency of General Ortbe " terminated many years ago, and that ouording to the Constitution itself, his Immediate rejection IB not allowed." ' The Imperial Government knows perfectly well that the principle* of the Constitution and the faih accumplii, tar from proving its abortions, contradlot them in thu fullest and most positive manner. Let the Constitutional history of the Republic of the Uruguay be chronologioally examined, and the demonstration of what we establish will at ouce appear. Tho Oriental Republic is composed of nine Departments; all of them disavow the authority of the intrustvo government in Montevideo, which holds sway in that city and In the fortltled towns of Maldonada and < oionia, ouiy by the aid cf foreign bayonets Tlier.i are not in those three places one thousand Orientals in arms, nor four thousand Oriental inhabitants, females and old men and children included. Almost all uro foreigners.* In the nine departments of the Republio the Oriental nation, which rcsirts the intrusive Government in Montevideo. acknowledges and upholds the legal President Brigadier O. Manuel Orlbe. This Chief Msglstratn has ou his side an army of nearly 14,000 Orlentuls, the decision of the Inhabitants of the towns and country of the Republic- the entire body of the nation. This is the fact now existing?an evident fact and one puiuoij usiiuum . auu ib in ?v;i;uiujiauiuu ujr nu uii^u<-btionabie rinht. 1 Ttie flections for Representatives Bliould be held in the OrlcuUl Stato according to the 3'Jnd, 36th and 40th articles of the Constitution of tliat State, on tbe last Sunday in tbe month of NtT<*mbei ev ry threw years. The Constitution baring been ?worn to on tbe IdtU ot June 1830, tbe first Legislature was elected, which com> menced its session in October 1830, and choue Rivera President. That first Legislature concluded its session on the 16th of June 1833; because the legal period of a Legislature is three years, according to tbe 'i3rd article of the Cw* . stitution, ana that of each of Its sessions is closed from 1 tbe Kith of February to tbe Kith of June iu each year, according to tbe 40tb article of tbe Constitution. 'J be legal period of each presidency should last four years, according to tbe 76th article of tbe constitution, and Rivera ended bis on tbe 'J4th of Oct. 1834. It uot allowable to elect a ('resident until tl.e 1st cf March 183A, thn {'resident of tbH Menat" exercised tbe executive power until that day, in couformity with thn 77th article of tbe constitution. The second legislature was elected on tbe last .Sunday in November, 1833, and commenced iti session on the Kith February, 1H4. On the 1st of Match, ISM. it elected Oeneral D. Manuel Ortbe, president of the Hepublic. President Oribe was to govern until the 1st of Murch 1831); and the second leglbiature was to coutiuuo its sessions until the lutb of Jum . 1838. On the last Hnnday in November, Ibdli, the third legislature was elected, which commenced its legal term on the ltfth of February, 1817, and should have entered on the Iftth of June, 1830, electing on tbe 1st of Aiarch in same year the third President of tbu Republic. All the constitutional powers of tnu Oriental republio were then iu existence by the true and lawful will of the nation. Rivera tht n revolted In July, 183rt, at thu bead of the ruthless Uniti.rltiu emigrants lrom tbe Argentine confederation, for the purpose of deposing the legul oie1 cutive power. Not b< ing able to effect this, be solicited the French intervention, and with tbe aid of the latter I accomplished in October, 1838, the usurpation of the public power*. > Krun though h? should have preserved the third Legislature, which should have existed until the K>th of June, 1830. its continuance would have been illegal, Inas> much as it would not have derived its authority Iroin tbe rights and will of the nation, but from the personal will of a rebel, But ill vera, far from continuing thnt third Legislature, dissolved it by a declaration jicr 11 tl ante ?e for his own cuds and purpose* on the 11th of November, 1838. in which, amongst other things, he stated what follows:? " 1st. 1 constitute myself a guarantee in my own person of the constitutional institutions of tbe republic, in lb* manner in which they are established is our politij cal code I ' id. To render this solemn guarantee tffeotual, I sus< pend momentarily the exercise of the high constitution* al powers. r ''3d. This suspension shall last no longer than shall be i strictly recesskry lor the re-eatabllstiment of order allaying passions and preparing the tree exercise ot those n high powers. i "4th. As the representative of the public will and commander of the forces which weru placed under me to n uphold thu same, I will adopt of my own accord the I measures which I may consider expert ent a^ l"Ug ?s tho suspension referred to shall last, but circumscribing 9 iiijself to those which may he necessary for accomplishing the objects of the foregoing article. ' 1 establish lrom this dsy a register which shall bear my nsine solely, In which I will nraT nu iuj unimn .? be published by my Hecreterles, to which ofllc* I appoint i Mfmri, . i?niiago, Vasi|uet end Kn' riijiii Marlines un'l which register^! will lo*? the day on ' which tho sin-pension of tb? iwrelfM th? constitutional power hIihii cmw " * 1'his usurp iili.ii of tho publle power*, Ib'onub tbn 1 effects Of tbe Kreueh Intervention, was kept up until * Jnnimry, 1839, when it attempted to asiuine another ' fin-in, hy calling a n<tw election of I'eputles. which was ' not effected in any month of NoTiinibnf, as In enjoined ' by the constitution of the Oriental Mtate. That Lt glaJ lature, the work ul Rivera unconstitutional in It* origin, Id the manner Id which it eassuinmoned.and in it* e>o tlon, named It* own author ('resident lu IH39 First , Haw i.lreia did uot take the oath before tho President of i the ttcnate an In provided by the constitution Second 1 flaw. ' That unco stltutlonal legislature. the creature of ' private will superseded the l egislature elected by the " nation, uud abolished the constitution, the work t f the , national will 1 hird flaw ' I^Tble first Legislature of the usurpatlon'concludrd Its llleviil period In IV4I ; and was Mlowed by a se ?ud In trurlve Legislature. Which concluded Its unconstitutional term In 1^4 I No l?gifitnacy could b? attached tn a I.^tfMatriro j wlu ii witLout the special powers m. ntloi.e.i in tho |.')7tl' *i i ! : > r (lie coi s'iiutlun. ej.ct I tm ihir 1 i nn1 stitutlonsi l.eglalnfurn It nuido an alteration in 1he Willie political system, by turning out ol d.iois i l.e, !sluture, the work < f the Oriental nati< n, and of .t fundai mental laws And lit election and < MmMilW w\a 1 | ordered by Klrera, whOf by the aid of foreign power I combined with a rebeiliou. declared hiuiseir tbn repre> tentative of all the rights and powers of a nation which, far from electing him iretly, was Inthrallcd by these two combined coercive deeds, wbieb attacked not only th? hiccutlve, bat fclto the legal l egislature Nor can It b? alleged that the state of th? aatlo# 1b _ / JL D. Pile* Two Canta three years and a half of such oppression can legitimate such grave infractions aud unwarrantable offences. until thing* return to the condition In which tliev were in 1S3H ; because besides that mi?ht .low notdeaSoy right, the best and ino?t select portion of the Oriental nation emigrateJ and have remained ilnce then attached to the legal 1'reHident. (ieneral Manual Oriba; and that portion most ooDSldei able In iumb<r which could not amigrate. hare all declared in hisfav >r. an U an evident faet. Ill vera ended the Illegal period of his usurpation la March, 1843. According to the constitution a *ucc?raor should Iw elected Rivera * Deputies and Senator* were iu Montevideo. Notwithstanding. thc?e creaturea of his resolved that a I'reHid-ut should not be named, and that Don Jotyiiln Suarci should remain, ad interim?* phautom which is still in mistenoa since 1443?four yearn and a-h tlf. The institution of the so-styled Council of Notables and other monstrous and notorious aet? aggravate still Uiore thoaa repulsive illegalities; and the selPst vied Senator* .n Muntevideo.bavo declared that thdj would not heel xngud nor have they lieeu changed; sotae there lire of iuor?. than fourteen years standing, whil*' by the '2Pth article of the Constitution of the Oriental State, the Senators should only remain in tb exercise of their function* for Jlx years, and one-third of tholr number be rcuewed every two years. It is also notorious that the only will which uphold In the eitv of Mimi.ri.1... n,..-.. ?< illegalities*, la that of foreign power; Dor dot > ?v>.'n tb? f*ct exist there of the will of a part ol Uiv Oriental nation repre?eutin< illegltim ?te interests In such nuiabors ik inlgUt eoustitute in lii'eutal party, ko thit tb? nation mifht U? considered <tivid??l into two entities (tr"?gling with each other t.L.i oue In behalf of legu or and the other for revolt lion :ry h way The Orieutal nation e.ecieu it? Chamber* and rr<-> W dent in I8J i Thin work ?1 the nation Liaviug bouu t>' i thrown bv Hivera's rebellion and the French Intel e< tion in inau, free and col tilntiinal order in the Oi tul republic became interrupted The legal govern:.' nt presided over by Uemrnl < >rity- haa been reestablls "J after an interruption by foreign violence and interv ntion, against which he protested, aud against whi h i. cording to the principles of public law, even though Inhad not, protested, as he did, the unquestionable right of the Orieutal nation would prevail. Oeuerai Orlb? war freely elected by the people, and is susta'ned by them In the sainc manner. Ill* government is the pure and legitimate expression of the Constitution aud of the national will. The relxtllon of llivera aud other ruthless I tiiturians. which in conjunction with I''reneh intervention, exalted Itself lu l*3H, opposed but au act of violence to the law and to the will ot the nation. These principle* and facts contradict most positively the assertions of tkn Imperial government in regard to I the character which it recognise* in the nominal and intrusive government in Montevideo, and to the authority whioh It denies to hid excellency I'resldeut Orlbe. after the Imperial government in March, 1843. declined the authority ol liivera baneful and illegal, and, consequently, thai now in Montevideo, an illegitimate result and i initiation of the former. In what concerns the Argentina Government, as a belligerent, it canuot admit that it nhall be oonaidered as allied to a rebel, to a subversive and seditious power, as the Imperial government pretends, since the alliance at war of the government of the Confederation is with mo "kbi auu national government 01 rre?dleut unoe. Ucuersl llosaa nomr not therefore profcsn th* antl social principle which the Brazilian Cabinet so unreasonably ascribes to him? Besides, tho Argentina Government, as guarantee of the independence of tbe Oriental State, baa bositlva rights to defeud it whenever a foreign intervention may oppress or attack it. The Argentine Government in the present war haa had, and still hast'or its only aud legitimate 0Ljt)0t,the security and honor of the Couledera.iou In thu very origin of the war ami during its course, it liHd contracted wuh the legal Government of the Republia of Uruguay solemn obligations in the defence that the unjust anil cruel aggressions of a common enemy, allied to heterogeneous elements, have obliged and stifl oblige them to make and sustain. It lum contracted in ton luce of the universe those obligations for the war which bind it a* would the most solemn treaties ; and tt is piaasft lu this respect ill the Hume case of security and honor in which other eminent Government* in Kuropt and America have been placed ere now il 1) M s government won similarly circumstanced in IHOb. Tho Kmnnrnp of ,.twi t. m of lh? French rej<-ctcd the majority ot the Spanish nation which, allied to tHu (iovernmunt, combated a^aliift au Intrusive (nvernuiout, elevated and sustained by foreign power. The gov eminent of Her llritish Majesty, sustaining it* allies. the .Spaniards. declared to the i-mperors of Russia and France in an official note dated 10th December IfliHt, what follows " In the answer given by Franco to thin proposition of II. M , he observe* the ill-devised aniline to which tha has had recounts to accompliKh the object of the moment. The whole Hpanlsli nation in there designated under the degrading denomination of iniurgtnt Spaniatilt, and the request to admit the Spanish government as a party to a negotiation 111 rejected ad Insulting and inadmissible. ' " With no ln?* astonl.ihn.ent than pain Hla Majesty ha* rccelred from the K.mperor of Russia an answer similar in substance though lets objectionable In ita ton* and ' manner. The Kmperor of Ku?sla brands with the nuns ot ftimiWn the glorious r (forts of the Spanish people In favor of their legitimate sovereign, and of the Independence of their country, thus giving the sanction of il. I. M.'s authority toau usurpation without example in the history of the world. " The King would not have hesitated to avail himself of the occasion to consent to a negotiation which might bold out thu hope or the prospect of a peace compatible with justice atiil honor. "II M deeply feels that It should have ended In a manner which mutt aggravate and prolong tba calamities of Kurope ; but ii. M. * honor aud the security of the British nation do not allow l( M to enter Into a negotiation, abandoning a brave and faithful people, who ooutbut for the preservation of what is dearest to man, and whose efforts y. M has solemnly bound himself to second in a cause the justice of which Is so evidently manifest." In Atrferlca the Government of Chili was similarly situated when, allied to the Peruvian patriots who defended the independence and fundamental code of Peru, destroyed by H*nta Crni, it pent warlike expedlticis t* I'eru and Bolivia. The Peruvian nation was oppressed by the usurper for more than two years. The distinguished (General ( itnarra with a Peruvian division joined the Chilian army, under the eommand of the illustrious Ouneral Manuel Unities, the present worthy President of the Republic of < 'hill. The legitimate rights of Peru were not Impaired by an act of violence of niOi? Uian two years duration; nor was Chili renturud buc* ii". hs * belligerent, it combated in the Ki^rious tnuunur uhioh it did, allied to the defend' rs of I'eru in a common '-ansa. And tb? Imperial government Itself has given the example of justly rep lllni{ for ten years the rebellion ?f Mo Urande, even 4t a tune when the rebels were masters of the whole of that province, excepting two of Its cities. bemuse the Interruption of the legitimate authority l>y unjust violence does not cause the legitimate right tfl l:e forfeited _ I he Argentine government m true to It* principle* which ant thoae unltcrially recognised a* the preeerver of natiens, fur during tbu long rebellion of ltto Ornrid* it uot only recognised the legitimate right of the lni|>? ri;il government. hut it alao contributed to Its triumph. The Imperial (Jovernueot ha* not dared to dlapntu a fact so honoranle to General Komu' Adminiatration, no important to general intercut*, and no ill-re<|Ulted by II. M.i CiMorti Mtercllnneoua Meaar*. White St Thayer of Went Nlednay. Maw., are ahout to commence the manufacture of cotton goodJ in A lire occurrnd In Cincinnati, on Saturday, w\nch destroyed the largo brewery sit uated on La Fayette itreet. The ioa* ill ealimated at f JO.OOO. Mr. ilunm man, ?l Hoxfourj. (Maw.,) a manufacturer of Are engine* ia now conatructing a aplendkd machine for < ouftaiitinople. which. It la wild, will be the flrat Are engine ever ueei iu that city. The death* iu New York for the week ending Aagoat IB, were 317. la 1'hiladclphla, for the name period, the death* were 1M. In Baltimore, 01. In Charleston, lor the week ending Augiut I", II. In New Orleuna. for the week endlug Auguat 'Jfl. 443. Our thank* are dun to Adam * l.iprea* for HoiCob paper* In advance of the mail. <ieorge W. Kllery, deputy collector of the port of Newport, I* the *on or tlie laty VVil'iain Kllery, on* of the algner* of the Declaration of Independence. There are then live of the aon* of the aigner* allre. Trial ok Pi-avks.?Tlie trinl of two ulavea, Henry and Nancy, the property of w c. Dnkea, E*q , charged with poiaonlog Mr* and Mia* Dukee, took place yeaterday at the rourt-houae, before the preaiding m>giatrate*. Juatlce* Cooper and Klllott. and twelve freeholder* Henry waa convicted and (entenoed to he hung in the jail yard on Friday next, 10th inatant.? Nancy wan alao found guilty, hrr kaenteneo being three month*' aolitary couflnenieut, every alternate week oa the tread-mill, and twenty laahex on the lact Friday of each month The trial ?aa rmined thla mornlntf. and Jano, thii other hUtc, charge*! with the iig> crime, nu arraigned. Ilur trial wiw not concluded at the hour of ?oiD|( to preM.?Chorlrtlun Xrwt, 4 - A i nit. " " J'iig INK A NTH' AND < MII.PHKN H \IAOAKIN Ui'.H MODEM, Muliliilwd iu IM4?Mi? J A t OBH (late of <'7 ilrnadway), bek-? leme to r'lurii i ?r iiokk thank* foi lh? 11brInl pilroM(r ?nr Iw* lecrirrd i>|wnniK at It* Bro?dw.?y, on? di>or from II?? ?tr?" t, and : ilr< ihu ran (hod of informing tir*nict-r* and '<? ladle* el ihm cit> and vicinity, that thru now opening hrr l"*ll mfol of lulant*' nil f hililrni's rlothinp, comi'iumi itch ???k TtWrt nnituiertno Si- kt, Dmll and loak?, brmdrd and itlnu, and every ?ititle in Ihe Children'* department. Lad,**' nlk <) -r* Dim*, llood*. Sun llataof all de rnpinmt. Hair tiraau loth, Moreen, and Hnnch'* P*tent Hkirt* ly-dw*' and Children's Drette*. and Gentlemen'* V'Mti, biaided to older. Nil l.'din own material* made up. aor>Mt*m Y| ONKV I'O LOAN ? Abriih'iin J. I ^bbr>t|ei, irl 'A He?de*ireet, near Broadwaf, loan* mone" in lirjenr nit .ll tiiait, a* iiuiy be required, on witchea, jewelry. plate, | v.ei'iu?( apparel, cry g?od?, and i>e iuukI property ol erery deaeiiptimi nv*4Vin HOtJK*M*Li,.ilS! I HADK BALKh? feniU men *<teadi' K th* Trade halta, are prcaiimtd to know the atyte and ehtiMCier of the anbac libera' ?ai iu< pnblicMmna, ihey are ?pernlty invited how ever t? call and i inmme the atoek in >11 it* finely. Alto, 111' low pric-*, the Catalogue with ilie er*h > rriee* ?et down ; the ?how bill*: he ( n?ie, Uttiuti, HowI ??i?ri, K?r inert and Itough and !'.? id > ,\lrnMi*ea lor !? | The 2<*l kind* ol Hong Book*; the a ime nnmber of k:nda l or Book*, eoloied and plain; and the inmriit number ol Miacellaneout l ook* of all me* and pnce*; and aboee all we want out > nato?ner*tn b?*iMl>0ed that we aw fairlT wilhtheini in "propria prritna," or with their letter* containing order*, kg. ^TUKNER It KmHKK.T?ChaUu?.t. N.Y., 35 30r* re IJ North ?th atrent, rhiladnlphia.

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