Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1847 Page 1
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I TH ] V oL im No. MT.Wlult No. ?M4. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Horth-weit com*r of Palton and Run* *ta JAMES GOROONBENNETT, PROPRIETOR cmcULATIOl^FHRTT THOUSAND. DAILY HERALM?Krtry da?, Price 1 canuixr topr?9 Spc nanum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?- Every Saturday?Price ?V< Mr i-.ipy?l/U oniiis er nunuin?payable in .idrance HICK ALU FOR EUROPE? Knry 8i?am Pacini dayPrice cent* per copy?ti per annum. including posta*? puvtble .n advance. HuDacriptmns and advertisement* will brcceived by Measrs (Hlirnani, U rue Vivieune, Paris ; P. L Sin-unds. !? < 'nniliill, nnd Jului Miller, the bookseller, Loudoa ANNUAL PICTORIAL HKRALD-Pnhli.hcd on tb. l?t ofJmuary of each year?linifle copies siipcnce each. anVK.JITiaii'.MB'.NT* ?f fh? II....I nrices?.ilwii-i caah u sdraure. Advertisements should be written in a plain, leiiibU m inner. The Proprietor will not be responsible rot errors thai m iv occurm them. I'KINXnlo of til kinds executed beautifully u4 will patch. All letter* or communications by mail, addrsssed to th< establishment, innst he post paid, or the postspe will b* dt darteri from th# anh?rrintioH mrtntv remitted NKW KUHK A!ND HAKLKM HA1LKO.VD CUMl'AN 1 8UMMEK ARRANGEMENT. On a"E) AFTER tttTTrsdat, JtWfc loth, iwt, th* Cars will run at follow*, until further none*. Up train* will leave the Citv Hall for llxrlemjk Morrisiana. Forhara k Ttiekahoe Pleasant? ilia, 5 30 A.M. Will'ms Br'fe. Hart'a and Newcastle 7 " ft 30 A.M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, I " 7 " 7 A. M. WlJiliekville 9 ** It " 10 " Cjpton KnlLi II " 11 " 4 r. M. T A. M. u ? r. m. ? m i r. m. ? P. M. 4 " I " ?? " < n ? " 5 JO " 0 30 M Returning to Stm Tort will leare? Morrisiana St Harlem. Pordhn. Will'ras Br'ge. Ttiekahoe 7 05 A. M. 0 51 AM ? 41 A.M. 7 30 A. M 1 ifl ' 7 55 " 1M " I 41 M 9 ? 09 " ?<* " 1 JO P. M. 1J 11 23 P. M. I? ti P. M. 5 SI "* 1J 15 P. M. 1 45 " I 40 " White Pl'ns ,1 " SOS " 6 " 7 10 A.M. | ' 15 " < Ot " II " 15 20 " it " T4J ? 1 P.M. 6 ill " 6 28 ' ? 05 " Pleas antrilU. Now Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. it IS A M. I AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 5 13 PM. f P M. 4 41 P M. 4 45 P M Croton Kails. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. i ne trams to ana nom uroiwi miiswni nui nop on new York Island, except at Broome itreet, and 33d street. A car will precede each train tea ruinates, to take up passengers is the city. The morning train of ears from Croton Falls will not ?top between White Plainmnd New York, except at Tuckaho* William'! Bridge, and Kor dhum. ... K.-itra trakis on Hnndays to Harlem and Merrill ana, if One gtaees for Lake Mahopack and Dnnbary leaf* Croton Fall* on snivel of the7o'clock A.M.and 4 P. M. trains, and for Paw?a4. on arrWaUf theTojetoek A^M. trun^ ? To Croton Fall* $1 To Whitlickyille 87* To Newcastle 74 To I'leasantville To Wh-te Plain*. M Freight trains leave City Hall at 13 M. and at 7 P. M. Ut turning, leave Croton Fan*at 7 A.M.and 9 r M. tgtmm NOTICE.-For the better accommodation r - ?rll. ^(if the pnblic (as the day* becoming SKWHMMBsho-trr), ihe NKW PHILADELPHIA will en ?ad afier Monday next leave New Bruu*wick a' 3i m'nnie* past 6 o'clock, a>.d New York at 16 minute* pait 3 o'clock, stopping at llie regular lauding* The llA K.IT IN will continue at h?r old hoars, at 7 o clock from New Urn-swick and 3 o'clock from New York, ruuuiug thri ugh wtlinat stopping Both hoai* leave from the foot of Barclay street. Fire <nilie New Philadelphia. 6>? cents; Raritan. 12K cent*. New Brunswick, (MM. 3. 1817 *? MTATKN ULAMti n.nn s -m ,.uu after FRIDAY, Sept. JOth, 1817. the steiuriiMhW ISmU boon SYLPH and 4TATF.N ISLANDER will make the following rips ?ntil fnrtfier nouce s? l(.cave Whitehall. it 7| 9, 10, llt A. M., and 1, X, ten ininute* past 3 ud at 4, 5, 11,7. o'c'n?!> p M LKATg Ql.'Alt A NT I NIC. At C. 8 #. 10, U, A. M., and 1, 2, *, 4, S, t. M New Vera Pe t. 6'li s8 ~NOTH E? HOUR CHANUKU MiOM 7 to 6 o'clock.?Oil and .fter Monday, Sept. 6, the Albany Mid Troy Evening L'ue of strainers, K vi rill p., B. Macy, and COLU > BIA, Crpt. W. W Tu'per. will leave for Albany and Troy at < o clock inHead of 7.?? hcetofpre n6rh , _ PEOPl E'8 INK HTbAMUOA'1'8 FOR r-JT^yL??^ ALB \N V. Daily, Sundiys Exoep ed ? oSUEHi Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Tier brtweeu (.ourHsndt and Liberty streets. fUe inlioat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will Imve on Monday, Wednesday, and friday eveniugs, at 6 ? Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSOV, Capt R. O. Cra'tendrn, K ill leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eveuings at G o'clock At Five O'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermediate places? Irom the loot of Bare ?y street Steamboat ROL HEdTKH, Cauttin R H. Fnrry, will ! :?*? nu Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Suuday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Cart T. N Hulae, will leiveou Tuesday, Thursday and Sa'nrday alteruoout. at i o'c'ork. The above hoat? will at all timet arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Car* for the Eatt or Wett. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after O,' o'ctork, P. M. \_j~ All person* are forbid trotting any of the boat* ol thi* line, with' lit a written order fron the captains or agent*. For n>*tsge or freight, apply ou board the boat*, or to P. C. 8< the office on ihe whaif. s6ih " CONEV ISLAND KERKV.?The cumr j?,?at^^^N?noiliu* and elegait Sreainer ION will run re M23ha?H^HBgularly oo the above ferry,and l?ave Pier No. I N. H., at 11 A. M.and J P. M. Coney Island at I2)? aud4 r. m On Sunday, will leave Canal street at 10 A. M. and IK P.M. anil leayp lot at Conev laland ?t S P.M. si 7t*m KOKSHHKWhBUKY, OCEAN HOUttK. . iLong Branch, Rur.som Dock, Brown'* Dock, T^KaUHMMidillrtown and Red Bank.?The Stearnimat ORUB, C. Price, Muter, will run a* follow*, from Fulton Market Slip, Eatt River Leave New Vork. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Tiiu-sday, 9, at 7 A.M. Thunday, 9, at P.M Knday, 10,nt 7?j A.M. Fridiy. In,at 3>J P.M Situidiy, 11 at 8 A.M. Saturday, II,at 4 P.M. Sunday, 12, at 8 A.M. Kuiidty, 12, at 5 P.M. Monday, 1:1, at B^ Mondiy, 13, at 10 A.M. T.te?day. II, at 7 AM. Taesday, 14, at 1(J>? A.M. Wednesday, 15, at 7^ A.M. Wednesday, 1J, at 11 A.M. i'lie Line SUnr. will mn to Howell Work*, Sou am Village and Freehold. Stages to couvey passengers to all part* of the con mry. N. U. All person* are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIRE. *2 JO'* re FCK SHHEW86UKV, LONCi uRaNCH, Oeean House, P. W. Hchanik's, Highland*. iMWMnlh Runsnm and Ivtontown Landing. The ?team, boat ED WIN LEWIS, ant. Haynes, willruu at follow*, from loot of B irelay street. North river: Nr 10 York. Leave Shrttnthuiy, O'clock. O'clock. Thursday, 9, at 1 PM. Friday, 10,at 1AM Friday 10, at 3 P.M. Saturday, ll,n8H A.M N i'tt'ilav, ll,at3)?PM. Monday. lJ,at!)AM. Tuesdiy, H, at 10 A.M. Wednesday, IUtlli<\ M. Thursday, IS.atllA.M. F iday, 17, at 1 P.M Saturday, IB, at 1 P.M. Monday, 20, at 4 P..MJ Tue.dav, 21, at 1 P.M. Wednesdar, 22, ?t 3 P.M. Stages ^<11 be ?< readiness on the arrival of the boat to conv?v i> iKi'iiifcra to all parts of the country. For I'm tlier particulars apply to F, B. Hull, at tne office on the what I* ?' K OPPOSITION PASSAGE UHFU-fc-i'o r M ? Utica SI 50: Syracuse. $2; Oswego; MKOBUtl: Rochester. $2; Buffalo. ?2; Cleveland fl. Detroit, SI; Milwaukie, $6 73; Chicago, t# 7J; Cinciunati, $ti7'i: Tormiio Hid Hamilton, 91; Wbitehall, $2; Montreal, $1; PiUaburg,$6 Olfioe, loo tin clay street. /sny a-cuntv required will be given for the fulfilment of all eontncr* nnde wiin ihia company. .in >.. I't rr M. I, KA V, Agent | New York, tfti7. ad CONKV ISLAND 1KRRY?The well Cr " rT*T^2iel,n"wn ateimrr AMKlt K".AN EAOLE, CapW. tain (Jeo. II. Power, will run regularly during the season to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, aa foP Iowa:?leaving Pier No 1, at 10, 1,4. A fine Cotillion Band sreompei iea the boa'. aul4'it*rc ~~ CITIZEN'S NEW DAY UNK OJ. ' ^tJflJ^SNOPPOHITtON BOATS FOR ALBANY, bMKSHHiMLanding m Van Courtlandt's Newbnrgfi, Poughkeepsie, Kiugston.Catskill and Hudson.?Far^iO rents? Biraklaat anil Dinner on Board. T ie new and elegant Steasner ROGEIl WILLIAMS. Capt. A Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturdays, at half-put ?>*, A. M., from the pier foot of Robinson street, touching at Hammond street jeer, (rom New York, For i use age or frieght, apt 1/ ?n txxu.i the Boata, or to Ota. T. Stanley 31 the iflice. foot of Robinson ftrect. (TV All per?ont ?r? fotbit) trusting the a We boau on aa*AnNi .ifit.# .w n?ri wrli Hi ?- .uunNINO LINE FOR ALBANY AND TKOV and Intermediate Landings. '.IwiHr Breakfast and Dinner ou board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorharo, will leave thr atecipboat pier foot of Barclay street. Mondays, Wednesdays, end fc'ridavs, at seven o'eloek A. M. Returning it. the oppusite days. The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thnrsday and H> nrdav, at half past st? o'clock, A. M., returning oa the ipposne dav a. Kar? M rents. For near ge or freight, apply oa board, or to W. B. Hall, at the otree n* '! wharf. lylO tiBfc. ? ^'R NE1V ORLEANS, with disnvch.?The wTjfflV claas fa?t sailing packet ship PLA'l O, burtheu jpflfis'^o I "US Cnpt.Bearae. yn<- scfommadslimis icr c tbin, second cabin, and steerage pa-senders are unsurpassed by any veasel in port, and as a number of her pa*?eugers are already engaged, those desirous of securing tie.ths should make early application t u hoard, nt pirr No. 9 but River, or to_ J AH. Me MURRAY, si rre Corner of Pine and South streets. ll-Mk. LP^ur''iJSv?9'l H A V RE?Second Line?Tha fvw "l' " r. NICOLAS, Eveleigh, Mnstsr. will sail JHEIT...I. t*e 1st of October. BOYD St HIVCKEN, '""'re M Wall street. vM>RNfcW OH LEANS?Louisiana and New wBTMry \ ork Line nr Packet*-Positively the first and >* ??? ""IT regular packet to sail Se|itemh*r ij. The nrw and <plendiri fast sailing packet shii Hi D*ON, P. Pag? muter, n now loading, and will positively mil aa above, her reyula. dav. tor Ireigiit or ptusage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atrret, oi to K. K. COLLINS, H South it. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff * Co.. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. Positively no goods will b? received after Saturday evening. Septh Ilth. The packet shin Oswego, Capt Ingarsoll, will snceeed the Hudson, aad sail bar regular day. (7 E NE NEW fib. Ml M. ^AKUSLE kTHTrARD's KMMJHATIOV OFCTot, iii connection with (JK.O. IllPPARD St SON, 134 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool. Persons wishing to tend for theii mends in the old couutoy, can secure passive in any of the following n?w line of packets, sailing from Liverpool on ihe 6th of every mouth. v:* l ONbTD UTlON, 1,500 ton?,Capt. John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST. 1,200 tout, Capt. I'. Woodhone. LIVERPOOL, 1,150 torn, Capt John h Idrtdge. HOTTINOUEK, I 000 toB?, ' apt. Ira Burslry. Geo Rippard St Son are the only aceuti in Liverpool for the ibove liue of pnckets, in addition to which they-despatch a ustclmis ship every week. Peraona sending money to their frieudi in large and invtll amounts, cau be acccinmodnted with drafts ou ihe Belfast Banking Company, and their namerona branches in Ireland; lao on the principal bai.ka in England Scotland, aud Wales. \pplv to CARLISLE St KIPPAHD, >uii w-m jn aoutn street, ci-r 01 wait, FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND KW YOKK LINK. Ml && i2t ToTArRfvEHY TEffiYi Ship OSWEOO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captoin rage. Ship CtlrTON. Captain Ingerioll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cape, Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Capuiu Taylor. Baric OENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parke/. Mark HEBltON, CiptaiuUreig. The above ships are all of the tint class, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the most eiperieuced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owner* of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, | recious stones, Isilveror plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or nut or board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for th? same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleana-wharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, tt South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. ^fiP^OTT'/^S^lATIO^l^l^CE, 16 SojuP^ X Persons w>uing to send for their friends in the old opnntry, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the magnilicect ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, viz:? CONSTITUTION, 17S0 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1400 tons. Cant. P. Woodhoose. LIVERPOOL. 1260 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HO 1'TINOUER, 1150 tons, Cant. Ira Buraley, sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month. Passage can also be secured by the St. (ieorge's Line, or the Union Line o( Liverpool packets, making in all a slap every five days from that port. For farther particulars apply to W.SJ. T. TAPSCOTT. jyW 86 Sooth street, New York. - - FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPAN Y.?The ships of .^IRjfTC&^this company are appointed to sail as fol 2*1HMBs? "FROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the bth August The MISSOURI " " 31st T* The NEW YORK " " ISth Sent. inc uniurt juiq ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " ISth Au?ru*t. The UNION ' 3 lit R These Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commander! of tried skill and known courtesy. Their slate rooms and cabiui are unusually commodious, and tliey are provided witli every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price ul oasaagi; in the first cabin from New York u $130- From Havre 1,000 franca. Wineiarenot included, bnt will be furnished at moderate rates. til Inter* must |>a*s through the post offlce. For freight or |>a*e?ge, apply to _aujjc_ AYMAR k CO.. 34 South street. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHU', 1300tons 430 horse power each, under contract ?with the Lorus of the Admirality. HIBERNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALKDON1 A. Captain Edward (if. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E. JudJtiM. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Tho vessels appointed to nil from Boston are the Hibernia, August 16, 1147 Cambria September 1, 1817 Caledonia September 16, 1147 Britannia October I, *817 The vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1B47 Caledonia August 19. 1817 Britannia September 4, 1847 Paiseugera'luggage must ba On board the day previous to sailing. sage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do tc Hu il'ax, *30. No berths secured until jaid for. Viese ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of (ailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIQHAM. Jr., Agent AtHARNDEN & CO.'H/i VilliIT^Inaddition to theaboveline between Liverpool\n Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into WW Hei Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpoo ana New York direct. The steamships for this service art now being built,and early uext year due notice will be given of the time when thev will star!. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during ?i?rht months, nnd every fortnight duriug the other mourhs in the year. (Joins al ternately betweeu Liverpool and Halifai and Boston, anil be tween Liverpool snd NewVork. _ nrfl r L ~_.. ... "OCEAN 8 TEAM NAVIO s~TION X vjjSPW (!OMkAN V.? United State* .Via.I Line to Cowei and 8011 liamptr.n. end Bremen, fff The splendid new st'anuhip WASH IIS U* AJIIefta TON 1750 tons hnrthen, Kioderic HsMrttt, commander, will at<rt from New Yoik 00 the 23d SepteflNier, orrymc tlu United States Mail. Slit-will tourti at Cowe* and Southampton to land pa*sen?ers and freight, and deliver the mails fur England, France and Belgium. anil will then proceed to Bremerhavin. Returning, wilUeave Bremerhsven the Hth October. 1 he Washington is built in the strongest manner, with view to being converted iuto a ship <H, and subject at any time to iuspectioo by officers appointed by the President, botn during and alter construction. Slie has two engines, of ICOO hone power each, and aecommnditions for JO passengers. Pissnte from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, $1?0. Passage from B'emen and Southampton to New York, SIM. She will carry about 300 tons freight, winch will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All Inters mint pus through the Post Office. Parcels, for which bills of lailii g will be signed, will he charged S3 each. Kor freight or passage anply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, 4i Williim street, corner of Wall. K MILLS, Ofneral Agent. Agent* at Southampton DAY, CROSKEY & ROSS. " at Bremen C. Kt HEINEKEN ?c CO. at Havre WILLIAM IStLIN ? he second steamer of the line is iu due course ol construction aiid will be in readiness in the ensuing fall ?n89fh ^ ^ ~ KIIK IHVItK via (J H KHUiill tiU ? J&jfcipttni The steamship N RW YOHK will leave on h?r regular day, Wednesday, ilie 15th inst Price ol cabiu i-assage, $120. The ship has an eiperieuced surgeon. Letter* must pass thr ugh the |>ost office. For passage or f eight, apply to *6 9 m AV M All k I 'o . 31 South street. onlyrmjular mnkokpai kkishih ORLEANS. -i'he following well known, JHBHKBlast sailing and favorit* packet ships nave accommodni>/us unsurpassed lor cabin, lecond cabin and s'eer.ige pa*seuger*, and will 1 ositively sail as advertised, or passage free, viz :? The HUDSON, Capt. Page, September 11th. The (1 ALKNA.Capt. Dennis, September *0th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well 0 secure passage by either the above packets, a* they are all irst cla^s ships, commanded by men eiperieuced iu the trade, aud w.ll sail punctually on their appointed days. To tecun berths, apply on board, or to an3l re W. fc J.T. TAPSCOTT. M Smith st. J4SL ri a w n >5MlIZ.K' HONDURAS-Barg JOHN R iMHyOAKDNKK, James Pederten, mutrr, will have JMMbnpi|>i Tor the above imrt. Vor freicht or piunge, hxvinic auntrior accommodations, apply to the captain ou l?oa d. Pier 9. tRiver, or to H7l? in F. ALEXANPRfctt 80 nth strec'. i/tf? KOK U V Kli r()UL -'i l,p Sew Jiue ?RV7?|^ ^f|V pack?*nf 21 tt September.?The superior fast Miliar mtmrn Picket ihip QU&KN OF T?K WK8T. Captain 1 nihil VV ondliouAe. 12j() roiis liurtlicn. will Mil -u nlwn* k.. regular day. Fur Ought or passage, having splendid large and comfortastate ronm? and cabiu, apply lo (he cap'jiio ou board, pier No. 21, writ aide of Rurliug slip.or to WOOUHULL k MlNTURN, 17 South 4(. Price of passage ""> The new packet imp CONSTITUTION, 1600 lona bnrlhen. Cant John Urilton, will aucceed the Queen of the We*, and ail on her rcgnlnr day. 21st of October aW re rUtt HTV fcltl UOL? i>e? Line?ttegniar picatnlaVet of Wih of Hrpiember ?Tha splendid, fast tailing JHSNLpicket ahip S1IERIDAN, Captain O. B. Coimsh, w>ii poiitively tail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K K. COLLINS. M Scuth it. The racket thin GARRICK, Capt. B. J. II. Tiaak, wUl nccreo.the Sheridan, and Mil on the Nth of Oct., bar regular dtv Atf *OR LIVERPOOL?To tail with deipatch, ihe gjHTm ft'st c aai, fast tailing regular Packet Ship W ATERiMMbMIO, Capt Allen, boithen 1100 torn, will aailaa aooi e, naving very anp'rior accommoditio a fur cabin, second cabin and sieearge passengers. Per*o< about emhsrkirg, should make early application on bo^id, f'>ot of Maiden Lane, or lo J. MeVUMUAY. corner Pine anil 4o<ith streets. Pe'sons deairona of lending fir Iheir friend* >n the Old Cnunlry, ca i hive ihem b ought ont by the above splen-'id ve??el, or any < ilur of the reinil ,r lm* !>y applying. ?R rrr NOTICK?The consigaie of i?ti hlida. T?ba. co. Myay'0"""11"' to orJ,'r> P'r > > ?> CLIKTON. fruin Mew MMMHSe 'i'leaiM. and the consignee of In hales wool ma keil i . i iiiairood, per same vessel, will please call ai d receive the tan e thia day, at the office of E K 'OU.INta, 8 M South street. rOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the |?th of r?at sailing packet ship jHwHfe Sr. J AMIS, burthen RVItons, will sail aa alicve er regular dav. Having superior accommodation* for cabin, secsnd cabin and s'eerage rvseugers Persons intending to emliirk .honld make early application oc * aid, foot of Maiden lane, or lo J. McMURRAV. 11 rc enrner of Pine and South siiects. JAfr KOK MARSEiLL' S.?The superior copper fas ffS^teued and coopered shin WAVEHLY. ''art fin ?h, jMmCb1'he promptly dispatched Kor freight nr psss.igi, for wMch she has comfortable famished accommodations, np <r|" R'rc BOVI) It HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Rnildingi. Lkopold k mauricf. iielbronner. im^mem of Kreach Kenthen, Klowersand Material*, No. ni William street, near Knllon street. New York. Office in I'arn.i anil A street ofCeire mil VU'rvr fl HEAP CASH K8TABLI8HMKNT?The under .igned furnishes shijis, steamers, hotels, hoarding house* and families with .<11 kinds of ?tore? at wholesale pneea Among his stock may he lonnd groceries, lienors, se^ars, fine wines. 50 baskets Due D Montabello and Heidsirk Champagne; *10 half chests black and green Tea will be sold at great bargains to close a consignment. Country merchants and np town grocers wonld do well to call. All orders from the country will be promptly attended to. Masterj of vessels hay inn small loti of goods to dispose of for cash will pleaae eall. Orders amounting to $10 will b? ? ? home free of caiuunaai 30t*rc A- B MILLS, M Watar it W IfO r YORK, THURSDAY MO BONDS OK TllK CITY OK ST. LOUIS KOK BALK ! ?Mayor's O'ftce, St. Louis, Mo, August II, 1*47.?Up to , 1 he Uth day of October, 18)7, sealed bids will be received by tM undersigned, Mayor of the city of St. Louia, for the par I chase of one hnudrrd nud fifty thousand dollars of six per cent bnbd*of the city ol St. Lmii, (except such amount thereof u may oe sold at par, on or before the Uth day of September, i 1847, payable at St. Louis, or New York, at the oj>tioa of the pircliaiers?the principal in twenty yean, and theiutereet (be* tug ux per cent perauuntn) semi-annually Such bid* may tic lor purr, or the whole, of a id bonds. The bond* are to be each for the anm of our thousand dollars. Kach bidder ia required to write npou hia bid the amount ol hoitda for which lie< offers, and to make a payment in c-jn of fire per cent f the amount of bonda bid f'r by him, ;n be deposited in the hands of the Mayor, nt the time of receiving bids, which depoaite ahall be repaid bv the Mayor on tne day succeeding the day ou which the bids aliall have beeu opened, to the peranua wt>o made the derosites, excepting to the bidder to whom the bonda >re awarded. Ou the 11 ill day of October. 1147, the blda sh?U be opened; the boud' thru uuaold ahall be aold to the highest bidder, or bidders, for caah, nnlcsi the biaa be deemed too low. Ceruficatesof inuebtcdueis now outstanding against the city will be receired iu lieu ol caah. Up to the 15th day nf September, 1817, inclusive, the Mayor will aell the bonda aforeaaid, or any part thereof, to any peraou or iieraona, at par, for caah, making the bonda ao taken at pur for caan, payable at twenty, tru. ui'ie, an, or thr?? years, after date, nt the option of the purcliaaera. A copv of the ordinance authorising the aale of theae bonda is given below. BHYAN MULLANPHY, Mayor. l>. U. Armstrong, Comptroller. [Ordinance Nojl 860 ] An Ordinauce to provide for the payment of outstanding bonda, and obiigations ol indebtedneas, which fail dnc during the ' present lineal year. i Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of St. Lonis > as follows : Sec i. That the Mayor be, and he is hereby authorised, to issue the bonds of the city to the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, for the purpose of |?y ing the outstanding I bouds of the city, which fall due dariug the present fiscal year, l and also other obligations of indebtedness which existed preI previous to tliv commencement ol lite present liscal year. Sec. 3. The bon'ls to be laaued under ihe nrnvuiima nf ihia I ordinauce. ahull be each for the turn of oue thousand dollars, aud shall be signed by the Mayor, and countersigned by the I Treaiurer and Comptroller ; shall be issued to bearer, aitd ahall be dated on the day of the aal? ihereoT; and audi ai are not otherwiae provided lor by the fourth section of this ordinance, shall be redeemable ct the end of tweufy years from the date thereof; and ahall lie made payable, priucipal and in[ terest, either in this city or in the city of New York, at the option of the purchaser, which shall be designated a: the time ofpnichaae; the aaid bonds ahall bear interest at the rate of ail per centum per annum, payable aemi-annu .lly, for which coupons shall be attached, said coupons to be signed by the Treasurer. Skc. 3, Immediately after the passage of thi* ordinance, the Mayor shall advertue in two papers of this city, stating that he will sell the bonds aforesaid, any part theieol; to any l*rsnu or persons, at par, for cash, at any lime previous to thirty-five days alter the passage of this ordiuauce ; and that such houds as may not be sold in tliia in inner, will be sold to the highest bidder, for cash, on a day which shall be thirty-live days after the passage of this ordinance between the hours of 1] and 1 o'cldck, P. M .; and said day shall bo designated by the Mayor, in his advertisement ; and, further, that he will receive scaled bids for the same up t'< that time. Skc. 4. The mayoi shall sell all, or any part of the (foresaid bouds, at par, to any person or persons, who may apply for the same; and he shall dep? sit the money received from such sale in the City Treasury;aud person or persons who mav buy said bonds at par, shall " f the option ofhaving the bonds eiecuted, redeemable in either th-ee. six, nine, ten, or twenty years, as he or they may elcct and designate at the time of purchase. time. J. On the day which shall h?ve been designated by the Mayor, in the advertisement provided for by the third section of tHs ordinance, between the hours of 12 and I o'clock. 1* M. the Mayor shall, in the presence <>f th? Comptroller and ihe President of the Board of Aldermen, and the (haiimuu of the Board of Delegates, or such oi them as mav he present, open all bills lor the pnrchaie of said bonds, which lie may teve received up to that time, and he shall >ell to the highest Didder, or bidders, for cash, all of the bonds issued under the provisions of this ordinauce. which shall uot have b?en sold previously ii. manner as described in the fourth sectiou oi this ordinance; unless in the opinion of the Mayor. President of the Board of Aldermen and the Chairman of the B >ard of De|eg.>u*s, or a in.jority of thein. the bids be deeuird too low; in which ease, they shall proceed to make audi negotiation (or the sale of the bonds, as shall appear to u majority cf them best for the interefl of the city. Skc. $ It shall be the duty of the Mayor to require each bidd? r to write upou his bid, lite amount 'if houds (or whi< h he offers, and he shall also reqnire a payment in cash of <>\e per ceutnm of the amon-it of bonds hid Inr, to be deposited m liis hands at the time of receiving the bid, -ehieh deposit itiall be rennid hv the Mavnr mi the d*v aur i-redtttir iK# iliv >? u?l,i*-t. til* bids shall h itc t>-?n openct. to (lie persons who virtue the deposits, excepting to the bidder to whom the bouiis &jf awarded. Hkc. 7. The amooDt of the proceeds or the bonds to he sold under the provisions or this ordinance is hereby appropriated m t lie payment of the bonds of tlie city, I ill on: dne during \\it present liscal year; and also to the payment of all obligations of indebtedness whichexisted prev.ous to toe coinmeucemeut oft lie p-esent Aacal year. Sec. 8 ?There shall be constituted a se; . ite fund to be called " the Sinking Fund,"aiid all inoue/s inn. bo appropri ated to that fund by the Ci'y Council,iliull tie set aside aud reserved exclusively for the purpote of discharging the debts ol the city made by way of loaua to her. 8m-. 9. The Mayor shall receive the eeriiflca-cs of indebtedness which are now ou standing a/^inst ihe city in lieu ol cash, when offered iu payment lor the purchase of any of the bonds authoriied to be aold under this oidiuance DEMETRIUS A. MAGEHAN. Chairman of the Board of Delegates. GEORGE MAGU1RE, President of the Board of Aldermen. Thia bill hiring been presented to Bryan MnHmphy. Mayor I of the city of St. Louis, for hia approval, and having been by hun returned to the Uoird of Aldermen, in which Board it originated, with hia objectioua theieto, was, thia eleventh day of Angn?t, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seven, recousidered bv aaid Board, and passed hy the rei|uiaite majority; nine niemhars of slid Board havimr voted for its passage, the objectioiisoi the Mayor thereto, to the contrary, notwithstanding. JOSEPH W. DOUGHERTY, Clerk of the Board of Aldermen. This bill having been received liy th.- Board of Delegates, by a messenger Irorn the Boaid ol Aldermen, with the objections of the Mayor thereto, on the ?leventh d,iy of August, oi e thousand t ight hundred and fortv-seven. The Boa'd of Delegates thereupon proceeded, and reconsideied the vote on the passage thereof, aud, after such reconaiileration, passed the a me bv tin- requisite rmjurity; all the members present, nine iu number, voting lor the passage [hereof, the objections of the Mayor, to the contrary, notwithstanding. JOHN H. TICK. Clerk of the Board of Delegates. I certify the foregoing to be a Itrue copy of the origiMl Ordinance f i. a.J on file in the Register's office. ?nt^ 2w Ih JAS. JLKMON. Register. AGRICULTURAL ROOMS, LTCItUM BU1LUINO id 1 Broadway. New York. HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION?At the surfestioi of the State Agricultural Society, whoae Kair will be held at Saratoga Springs, on the 11th of Sept., the American Agricultural Association have ehanged the time of holding their Exhibition to the 8th aud 9th of Sept. All persons de sinus of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly invited to exhibit specimens of Flowers, Fruits , er Vegetables, and to compete for premiums. Programmes may be obtained of Mr. James Hogg. Seedsman, Ml Broadwav, opposite the Rooms?of any of the prinripal seedsman in New York, or ol i the following Executive Committee :? I Lather B radish, W in. Coventry II. Waddell, J James Lenox, Hhepherd Knapn, Thro. Krelinghuyse?, Halm Km? Delufield, Archibald Uassell. U. L. Pell, Kdward ('.Ink. i yll Mt"r? M P (MHHSRH. Hee-*. THE 8UB8CKIBEK ii grateful to the smoking public for the evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation nl hit efforts to furnish thein with the bent Segars that ran be procured from Havana, aa<l he plrdges himself that nothing (hull deteriorate from what he pridea himarlf it a jua: 1 v earned r putation. Hi* agent at llarana will continue to seleet the b-?t Segvs that can be procured, and at the l iwe? rates.? Among tlK bit importations, are aome very choice, of the fol lowing brauds*? Palo Alto, Regaliaa, (very prime,) Ugnra, Oraina r llosas, Old Zacb, El Leoade Oro, Neura Ernrresas, Maciouals, India. Antniuidada, Clemeneias, Ite. For Mle iu loU upon terms to ensure a duplicate visit. H. HENKIQUE8, anH ttt*re IM Brnadwav. rnr rf Pine It C"oLi K?. L> PAffcis" oi u F\fe.K DU.U.S-.VIuuJ factu.rd by (I. BACH, 19 Kulton a'rert, N. Y.?Constant? Ou hand; also, a fine asso;i mrnt of imported Krench Oernuji l-olored Pauers. All orders promptly executed, and mi the most reasonable trrms. >1 !W* in T'IMOLaT'S Hi;Lphi: II BATH8. No. JO I'earl ?trr*T. near Broadway. These Baths have been established for thr list twrutyaix vrara, and are 'he only Sulphur Ba'ha in the city;. They are highly re-ommendrd by the most i-minei t ihyaiciaoa, lor the cuie of rheumatism, salt rheum, chrome coini'l.iiita, eruptiona of thr ?k n. If. Mr licatrd Vapor Baths also given daily, from R A M. to I P M a2 jnt*rc || j ttf, W A M U?Croaa'a 8|*ecihc Mixture lot iiic cura of gonorrhoea, gleet, strictures, and analogous complaiuta of the organs of geueration. Of all remedies yet discovered lor the abot e complaints, this is the most certain: it makesa apeedy ami permanent cure without the least restriction in diet, drink, expnanre or change in applicatiou to bust* nets. The proprietor challenges a single instance of recent gouorrhoa to be brought which the miiture will not cure, under forfeiture of $100. One bottle lusts a week, which generallv cures; m?ay are cared in two day*. Kor sale by C. II. King, 193 Broadway,corner John street, New k'ork. aall M*m TISSUE rAPKK?1000 Menina No. 1 Whit# TImm! ~ J00 do. Oreen do. MO do. Yellow W do. Bin* do. For ml* by PF.RflS*. k BROOKS. W tfw No. *.' "lid *7 N MM *t*M* Analysis ok bkaijty ? Tn ime m*- ?v*i form, nod thr complemenli of beauty, aaya Wmklein in, the aj?>*tle of beanty, the hair ought ro crown the forehead, wid tn anrround the temjdea, dearriSing a portion of a circle, u It i* in general Km in beautiful peraoo*. Tin* form nf the fort head la appropriate to all ideal iiraila. On this point Lavatcr concilia hi (lie aaine op'nion with Wiukleman; and he * .cienta thought the hair produced a very bad ell'ect it it descended an low a* to hid. the forehead Lni-ian, deaigning to repreaent in the mitt ludicmn manner, the h.iir of ugly woman aaya tint ii waaahoit, II it, and glned down a> it were to her forehead, wliirh might leail in mill eil were tin nrcumataucea notao remote, to ne he waa 'Icieribing aome of our modern Broadway beilea or an Ea<|uim mi Indian A remedy, h i?ever, la fortun lely at hand, ai.d moinpha Nature: and the world renownrd Poudre Hnhtile the invention of thai ingeiiioui chemiat, Dr. Kelix Oouraud will eradicate rv'iy nitre of aBpe'fluoua hair wher?\er applied, and diaplay the hidden beauliea and iniellei tnal .? v elopmei.ta nf either mile or femnl* forehead*. But be anre and get the genuine preparation, and that ia tn be proeu?ed at'he Doetort only deimt in New York, 67 Walker aUe'V t'irat atore from B road way. an 17 Iflt * m LEGE I FREHEri BRANl>IE!l-.\owt?rdin*?i Pier 7 N. R., from ahip Mary Franci*. Irom Pordeiui. ii park, ajea of the above well known Bmndiea, direct from th* houte of th* Hubacnber, m Franc*, nr.. < ngti?e. " Leger Frer**.*1, ' Htar," Bordeaux, Henry I,. L, Miatunelta and Rochelle Lafayette brand*, pile and colored, in half, quaiter and cigntli pipe*. Also. I) ia*ka White Bmrdy.of aupeiior flavor, for preierTe*. Alao in atore, entitled to dehaatnrF, * full aaaortmcnt of the above Brandiea, of v.irn-ua vintage* from 1*27 to l*4fi. Hampl** at the office, 104 Wall atreel. anil SOt*m fIFNRY LE*IVR. MONKY LENT?The higheat price* advanced in lar*e and amall anmi on gold and ailver watchea, di omnia, plate, jewelrv. furniture, clothinit dry good*, kr kc. JOHN M. liAVIKS" f. cenaed Pawnbroker. i:? William a'reet, near Dilate. Perann* received in priv*'e nlfica b/ ringing th* hell. _____ ?w?t VELLINO OFF.?Kreucn Artificial Klowar*. Jieatoeiaand W material* for florist*; * large ltnck, with eaaea Flower*, of III* new*at itylr, juat received by th* lat*at arrival*, for **l? below ?o*ti th* own*ra living up th* *ntir* buaiu*** , , ?ItK I RNING, SEPTEMBER 9, The War, dir. AFFAIRS AT IMI1ITNA. Extract rf a letter received from Laguna, dated August 11,1S47:? . ' The export duty on log wood and all other produce ban been abolished, which li a great alleviation to our trade; however, at the same time an order has been published. that all produce rom'ug from the State of Tabas- j on will be confiscated, which will have a coniiideraMe in- | flaenoe on prices of lug wood; a great quantity of logwood which it shipped from this port, comes from some estates which, although nearer to this port, belong to the State of Tabasco, and as tUo?e supplies are now out off. it will make a great difT-rence in the stock of logwood. Tbl* measure of course does not in the leust In jure Mexloo nor Tabasco, but excluslvt ly our port and commerce; and it is really astonishing bow badly informed the United States Government ia about these porta, because it can only be attributed to misinformation to take measures which de no barm to the enemy, i bat only to their friends." ARMY INTELLIGENCE. We understand it is estimated, from the official returns, that there are at least 2 000 additional troops at Vera Cruz, prepared to form another train. Uesldes these, there are other reinforcements m route. The Paoli sailed on Monday with 100 men fron Kort Mclienry, for Colonel Hughes's detachment, and at Kort Monroe I Ju uieu wero preparing to embark In her. The New Orleans papers are frequently speaking of troops arriviug there for the scene of action _ ? The gallant Kentucklacs are evincing their usual readiness to join their country s standard under tbe new requisition for two regiments from that State. The I govern* r has laaued his proclamation for two companies lrom each congressional district, and as soon as the call was known at Lexington, fifty young men were obtained in two hours. At Louisville a like promptness was displayed. NAVAI, INTKLLIOENCK. Com. Koamv visited the II ? ? Monday, where be yu received with the usual honor* and naluto. i ommander Stribllng Is to be fleet.and not flag oaptaln, of the I'Hcifle p<iu*dron. The Water Witch hag not Railed for renrncola, having only gone up James Hirer for water, from whence she returned yesterday.?Norfolk Beacon, Sept. 7. 1 he Repeal Question la Ireland. rorn the London Chronicle, August 13 ] Thou who lin Mined lhat the agit ition for (he Repeal of the I 'lion would neoesearuy uie with O'Connell, must be u litiw startled with some of the recuits of the Irish election-t. It it evident that amougit the i?ii of the people the enthutiaim Jor the Repeat cauie ttill burnt as fiercely at nt any former period. Leadership Indeed baa died out with the great agitator. Tne movement now in utterly ungulded, and whether It will graduully exhaust Iteclf in blind and fruitless effo-tn, or be sustained and directed against this country, will depeud entirely upon whether any mau arisen capable of embo.lying the popular sentiment in his own person. With Mr. O'Conuell repeal wan a throat?an expression of national discontent, and a means of extorting concessions from the apathy or the prejudices of the Imperial Legislature. But he did not deal with it like one who contemplated the possibility of having to set forth his principle in a practioal mtasuro. His follower* of Conolliatlou Hall are in muoh the same predicament. They stick to the magical word, but they do not give proof that they have the faintest conception either of what kind of thing an Irish Parliament would be, or if it were the best thing in the world, of what the means are of obtaining it. IViih ike matt of the penple, however, it it plain enough that repeal it no alternative, no initruinent for obtaining tomething eltr, but the object of a genuine pattion, which, m> longer controlled by the matter hand, may become a very ten out difficulty in the path of the Irith (iuveriiment. 'Jhere can be no more ttriking illustration of thereality and intimity of the popular Jee'ing, and at the tame lime, of the ulltr powrlettneti and incapacity of thoso who now profess to guide it, thau the late election for the city of Dublin. The tacts of the case, eo far as they can be gleaned from the Irish journals, are these:?Messrs. Grogau and Gregory, the late tory m?uil>ers, were 1m possession of the giound Various ellorts were made to bring lorward either a whig or m repeal candidate, but ub.ind m?d, apparently from the belief that a contest was liopele?s. At the t le\ent'i hour, Mr. Reynolds, nun of tne speakers of Conciliation Hall, came forward us a repealer, but aocordlug in hlu own account, with so little pretensions, that he could scarcely get a suitable pernon to propose or reoond him upon the hustings. He had the opposition ot the Conservative party to contend with. He had no support, we may piesume. from the Government, and he certatuly had not the couutencnce of Mr. ti'Conuell's successor* In Conciliation Hall. Perhaps the hardest thing of all was tuat he had no money. He contrived, however, to go t? the poll, and trlumptied Oy sheer force of popular enthusiasm, much to bil own amazement, and very little we ihiagioe, to the ?atlstaction of Mr. John O'Connell Who having aspired to the representation of Dublin himself, had felt It necessary to relinquish the project as impracticable. * * * * ** * Against the Government the pacsions of the people teem to have broken fo/th with peculiar violence in every locality in which Government candidates appeared i ut* V'11101 secretary ciniKinna run return iij only threu votes, though hi* opponent wut total stranger, who had become a repealer lor the occasion. Mr Shell appears to b? Indebted for his seat to the circumstance that the Dungarvnn repealers relied upon having a candidate dent down to them from < unciliation Mail, in which they were disappointed. The NUlcitor Ouneial hat* not ventured to show himself 10 any constituency, and the Government Retina likely to have no Irinh law officer In the next I'ailiauient, although tbe measures to hu proposed relative to lriah property will render the survices of Mich u functionary peculiarly important; while Mr M'fullagh, whom claim* upon the confidence an J gratitude of his countrymen are no great, and between whom and the Government thu bond of connect 0 t wax ?o slight, in rejected by Dundaik in favour ol ft uia " half \ unkee adventurer. All this tends to show that Ireland Ih bccotn.'n ; from yrar to yoar lea* governable, and that, although ?he is lLoapable of direct conflict with the power of Kngland, she u tending to a state of disorder and anarchy which wiilbeinore embarrassing to thu Uovernment of this country than au open appeal to arms. Jit the bottom oj thite anatchiial tymptomt Ut? the utter and topelm mitery of the mum oj the people, and their invehrute ilntrust in the clan which. ?? uwntri of land, hae atmutt luprrrnr power over thrm. The relation between lanulrru and tenant 1s tbe primary and master influence I by which improvidence nnd indolence,turbulence an J discontent would be permanently kept up, even though thu oitsgovernnient of centurlea had left no tendency In the stat.i of society to the same results. The truth will be ultimately toiced upon us, that landlord and tenant not only do not atand to each other in Ireland as they do in h.ngland, but cannot. even by legislation, be placed on the same relative tooting, 'fhu restraint* of usage and mutual respect cannot be supplied by law, aud where we are driven to legislation to make up for the defects of custom and opinion, we must adopt wholly different principles from those which are requisite in a sounder condition of society. Let law lay what it tm y of right and title, the bulk of the Iti$h peaiuntiy mutt rt mam upon the Iriih lot I, with a moral ri^ht to he there, hawu'er impeifrctly the right may be reconnited. An extensive clearance of estates is au atrocity which, bowever legal, cannot be endured. The right to do such thiugs could not lie tolerated if It were exercised on any large scull. 11 ut if the rights of landlords be thus really and practically limited, It is a folly to say that the sauie kind of limitation might not be utiibodied in tbe shape ol of law, lfan adeiiuatiTnecesaity for It cau be shown to exist. This is tue point which, more than any other, now r< .itres the attention of those who are preparing reined. I measures for Ireland. To allay discontent, promo industry, and by steady and profitable Industrial occupi ion to turn awoy men't thoughts from political agitati n, the most essential thing istoglvonew rights ^ and a cow portion to the cultivators of thu soil. Thk ArmoACHifto State Kair.~ reparations, on i the most xtenslve scale, are being completed for the | great Farmers' Kcrtival, to come off In tills village on 1 lh? 14th. I.'ith. and 10th dsvs of SentemSer ! The | lacu selected tor the show grounds. la a beautifui | Held of Boost* 'JO to 2b acres, a short distance eaat of ConKress Springe. The Held m now enclosed by a tight, high board fence, and the buildings are all finished and ready lor the reception of every thing designed for exhibition. Arrangement* with the different railroads leading U Saratoga have also been made, by which the transport*' tlon of animals and articles will be facilitated The railroad companies frotn Buffalo east, will transport stork and article* tor exhibition at the fair, every day next week, so that all may reach Schenectady by Saturday, the 11tti Inst. It la indispensable (hat the ar> tides should atait In reason westward to reach Schsneotaily by fcaturdny, or they may fell of being exhibit"! at the fair. j Krom Albany, (ireenbush and Troy, article* will be taken over the roads whenever they are presented at ! those places, until Saturday. Any unavoidably detained may pa?s over on Mondsy. Passenger trains will lenv* during the week of the fair an follows : ? Albany.oh a m. Schenectady, a m. Saratoga,9 a.m. " 9% r hi. " 3 r m. " " " t-ji " Troy, !Xa*. " ? a.m. f>H " "it M " r m. " Tlio price of admission to the grounds Is to b- I'JX cents lor each person who Is not a member of the society nor inriuded In the family of those who Hr? tuch mi m b?-rs Any person may become a member of the society 1 on the payment of >1 This will entitle him nnd his family to pnss in and out of ihn grounds a? often as he pl?a?es ? to exhibit any thing for premiums during Ibe i year Tor which he Is a member. Exhibitors should bear in mind, that they are expected to be prrseut with their animals and articles when entered at th? business office of the society. The large tent in the ceutre of the show grounds and thu verandahs of tha adjoining buildings are to be beautifully lighted up on Wednesday evening of the fair It is expected that several agricultural addresses will be delivered <>u the ground on that evening, and among the speakers selected I* Oovernor Ilsmmoiid, of South < srolina. now at the north, and who has been Invited tt sddress the society on this occasion. '1 his will, r.o diiiibt, be the largest and most lnter?stIng gathering of th* farmers over assembled In this country ? Soralvt;a Kapubliran. Herr Rynlnger, on Monday afternoon,repeated his feat of walking on a wire acroaa the Sohuvlklll, In the presents* of thooaanda of nectatora. Toe hasardoua act was p*rfora*4 thU time above th* bridge at Or ay's ferry. I I ERA 1847. Police Intelligence* Mtilam Rf it'll -tireat efforts w? re made yesterday in order to liberate thin woman from on*tody on bail, but without (-fleet, a* she still r?mains In prison, confined in ' Babe'*'* cell. Stealing Clothing.?A fellow called Walter Moore *ai arrested yesterday by a policeman, on a charge of stealinic several ladies dresses. and other property, valued at >3d 74, belonging to Sarah Hudson, residing at No. 3HA Water Mtreet Justice Drinker committed him for trill. Char/ft of h'alte I'rtlruen?Officer Klooni, of the chief* office, arrested on Tuesday night a man by tbo name of ICdward Warren, Jr. a resident of Mllwaukle, Wisconsin territory, whom the officer found at the Howard Hotel, on a charge of obtaining merchandise from the following merchants, amounting to near *8 000. hr fnlse and fraudulent representations:?Benedict Rockwell, 81 Pearl street; .March Sl Couipton, Wi Peatl street; Oardener W Peck, 140 Pearl street; Meeker k Herbert, lift I'earl street; and Perkins, Brooks Si White, l'itt Pearl street, making five complaints in all Th? Court held him to bail in $0 000. to answer the oliarges, in default of which he was committed. Charge of Fitit Vwj'trni/.?Officer of the Oth ward, arrested yesterday Joseph (iulick, the ex-militia fine collector, on a charge of stealing I shirt, 1 chemtae, 4 towels, 3 skirt*, 4 pocket handkerchiefs, and other articles, valued ill all at $0, belonging to John H Duo.i, | residing in Reed street. Justice Drinker held Inn to bail In the sum of f 200, for his appearance at Court for trial. Indi-ted with Mudamt Rtitrll.? An officer arrived in town yesturday from Newburgh. having in custody a respectable looking BUM about 40 yMMQf age, by the name ot Joseph P. Conk, whoui the officer arrested on a bench warrant issued hv the Court of MeRslonx. lie liav- I leg been indicted by the ^;r?ud jury with Madame Rente!!, on a charge of manslaughter in the second degree, in causing an abortlou ou tile person of a young wouian I who was in the employ of l ook, at Newburgli, and ait testified to by the girl, who became cncirnft by him. aud afterward* furnished her with funds to proceed to New V ork, and directed her to go to Madame Restell's. where the operation was performed which earned the abortion and likewise the indictment of the accused parties.? The accused was held to bail in the sum of $10,0l>0, In default or whioh he was committed to prison. Straling a Coffin.?A man called Nicholas Sollnski, was arrested yesterday onacharge of stealing a mahogany coffin. valued at $13. from Rellvue ilosplt?l, belonging to Mary Doherty, which coffin Mrs. Doherty had purchased for the interment of her husband, but wan exchanged by the accused for a pine one. Justice Drinker looked him up for trial. Charge of Grand Larceny.?Officer MoManus, of the 8th ward, arrested yesterday a young man by the name of JameH Kinley, alius " Bendigo," on a charge of stealing from the person of I'eter Crowley, a resident of Albany, while in this city, on Monday night last, on a visit, $48 in bank bills. On being "frisked." the officer found on his person a f>'J and a $6 bank blU, corresponding exactly with ihe money stolen. The accused wan dressed up in a new suit of "toggery." evidently purchased with | the stolen money. Justice Drinker locked him up tor a further hearing. Ditmitial nj Complaint.?Some days ago, a camplaint was preferred bifore Justice Osborne, by a nativa of the K.uierald Isle, by the naiue of Love, against Mr. Thompson, the publisher of the Hank Note lit porter, for passing some spurious coin. The matter has since undergone a thorough Investigation before Justice Osborne. and resulted in the dismissal of the complaint preferred Kroni the evidence adduced pro and con, it appeared on the part of the complainant Love, that he called at Ihe office of Mr. Thompson to get a $100 bill changed Into specie; that Mr. T. gave him $16 In gold and the balance in silver, consisting oi five franc pieces, and Americau, Spanish and Mexican dollars; that on the second day after getting the note changed. Love again called upon Mr. Thompson and stated that several of the Mexican dollars given him (Love) were bad; whereupon Mr. Thompson expressed his doubts whether any bad money had been passed away at his office, at the same time orderiog his clerk to change suoh as might be found amongst that which the complainant alleged he had received from him; that the clerk looked over the money and picked out four dollar pieces, aud give $1 in bank bills for them, at the same time pronouncing the rest to be good money, aud told the complainant If he had any doubts of their value, to take tbu whole to the next office and have tliem duly attested there. At a subsequent hour ot the day, Love ' again called at Mr. Tnompson's office and presented several other Mexican dollars, alleged to be spurious, and demanded that they should also be taken back ? The clerk, not feeling satisfied ?s to the character of his customer, refused tu nave anything further to do with hint or the money. T lie complaluanl then lodged his com plaint with Justice Osborne, lie was atteuded by James K. Whltirg, Ksq , and another counsellor, by the name of Urewiter ; and,on being cross-examined Wy Mr. 1 Sherwood as to whether he had been induced by certain ptrties to prefer the complaint against Mr. Thompson, , whether counsel had been employed and paid to attend , to the complaint in this matter tor him, aud whether ne bad taken the money received from Mr. Thompson to a oertaln part/ or not. h? deolinrd to answer the<jue*tioni pul to him Justice Osborne, after reviewing the t. stlinonjf adduced, concluded that the nclenter or guilty knowledge of Mr Thompson in passing spurious coin, if any had been passed by him, had not been proven, and therefore >lisniissed the complaint. Miscellaneous. A man the other day, protessing to lie an Italian in dlotreKf, applied to u. lady on Third street, for alms The lady told him her hui-liand wnn not at home, and that Hhe herself had no change. The lellow replied, by demanding bow much i<he intended to give, and how large a bill she had? propoeing to change it hims'Mf, rather than go without the intended charity. Decidedly cool for* beggar?Cincinnati Uazitte. A lady visiting at one of our flrst families, who wan assisting in iraking arrangements for a wedding parly, a few day* since, narrowly escaped death by tasting the oil of almond*. Having uncorked the vial and merely touched the cork with the tip of the tongue, she wax uddenly seized with violent spasm < and revere pain, which continued for nearly 24 hour*, notwithstanding the almost efforts ot the physicians ?Syracuir Journal. The total amount of ice exported from Boston during the month of August, wax 1,970 ton*, most of which wan shipped coa*t?i8?. The requisite fundi bare been sub.icribod for building a plank road from Canajoharie to Cherry Valley. The Common Council of Albany, on Monday night, loaned the General Government 11,300, to improve the navigation of the lind*on river. About forty vessels, of all sizes, heavily laden with timber, were atauihor at St. johnu, N. U , ou '.he 1th Inst, the scarcity of seamen and the nnormous wane* demanded preventing their departure. The "tars" demand X Iti for the run home. The rogue* who robbed llerr Alexander have been arrested in Newport. An election wn* he'.d on Monday, in 1'lica, for Director* of the New York, Albany anil Buffalo Telegraph Company, tthen thn lolloping gentlemen were elected for the enftulng year : ?T S Kaxton, J Butterfleld, II. Oreeniuan, N L> Child*, J. Wilkinson, A. hprague, T. Y. How, jr , A. II. Tracy, S. K. B. Morse. The canal from this place east, for fonr to tlx mile*, in jammed full of boalr. and haa been for the last ten day*, it 1* caused by a deficiency of water on the long level, between the Lodi look* and L'tica. If tho canal waa enlarged, two leaders might be added, whloh would stford an abundant supply of water. The present state of things is very annoying to boatmen and bunineK* men, an<? their louse* alonu -ould pay the interest on the cost of an enlargement.?Syrncuts Star. We had the pbasure of cnnver*lng, mm* day* ago, with a gentleman who ba* recently been iu Knglaud, and who. from his official situation, hud excellent opportunities of judging of the op>*-!on* of the imperial authorities on the subject of tue navigation laws, and the tree navigation of the St Lawrenoe. With ralerence to the last >|ue*lioti, he Informed it* that he had no doubt it depended upon our*elve* to a/<k end have the de*ired concession. This opinion i? now confirmed by thn publication of a document, addressed to the Hoard of Trade by the Civil Secretary.?Montreal llrratd. ra*senger* on the Daniel Boone report that a* five runaway slave* were about to croM the Obio, near Kiplny, a Mr. Roberts, in pur*uit, mixed the rope of the nkilT and endeavored to prevent them. They ordered hiin to l> t go or they wculd shoot lie dUregarded the threat ? | 1'hey tired several pistols, and one hall ( truck hi* forehead. lie wan not dead, but thought to be dying at the t lant account*. - Cmrim.ali .'Idv. We understand that the whaling bark .America, ( apt. Smiley, from the Falkland Inland*, arrived at Newport on last Sunday morning, with a cargo of MOO bar rein sea elephant oil. ( apt S. aenta boat ashore. and learn ing that the agent* or the vessel had become emburrassed In tbeir pecuniary affair*, immediately got again under way and proceeded to sea. We learn that < apt. S. I* owner of a part or the vessel, and ha>i con*lder?Me claim* upon the property, which ho will pribabiy eni Oeavor to render secure before " concluding hi* voysjje." ? Ncuj lltdfutd A/evruvy. The fl*hing business during the prwnt season h** been fair no lar, and 'be prospect I* that the ye?r * recult will be an average of the last thr. e or four year* ? Upward* of seventy vessels have gone to the Hay of ( haleur from (Jlnuce*t?r. which I* rather morn than usual ? (iioueinler Ttlrprn/ih Important IIrspaT' iik* Proimm.y.?Ws yes terday evening found on bonrd the steamboat an old acquaintance and iriend. who brought linpoitant dea1 patches to government from the sent of war Th? se despatches were tnniled at Montgomery, and probably tianspired tbrouch the post office at < harle-.toti yesterday afternoon, after the departure ol the Washington boat. A* their ciiaracter w?* made Known at the Mont1 (Toniery po?t c/ffl' i-afti r passing through that plane, we ' uiuit receive tnem by the car* tills evening Our friend ha* been to .Mexico with a million of dollar* in specie tor the government lie could not with honor Impart to us any positive information a* to bis despatches, other man that they are of a very important character Should their Importance juitify it we shall issue au extra ? SucuiinffA llrpuhlii nn, I uaki.isi.k hi.avk Ca<<f. ? hentk^ck <>k tiii; hiotsh.h?The ("ourt bun tin* tKy p insrd sentence on th? defendants, convicted of participation In the late rlo'i In this place. One was sentenced to ten d. y* Imprisonment In the county jail. Another to six i "nth* i ImptisoBiAi'ltt, and eleven 10 three years in the Ki?t *rn | I'enltentlary. This eaao has created the most Intense excitement in our community, and th? trial and whole 1 proceeding* have been of a deeply interesting charsotar. Imminent counail were employed, and the court houae wa* thronged with Intarested *peotatoraduring the trial. Tb? verdict of (.ha Jury wa* rendered laat week, and sail| tence deferred until to day.-Cor FhiUd. X>wi. """*"" " *11^""^ . LD. Prtct Two Cwli B?>?t?o? snikoi, Sept. 7, 1847. 7V Siaton?Prrparatiani jmtht Fair. That which, at Saratoga, W peculiarly termed " the Reason,'' still continue* with unuiualI1 *TiTfT *" agent*. natural and artificial. ui?ite to heighten and prolong the period of enjoyment. The iun rend* down his venial ray* with just enough of warmth to confer a ansa of oomfort, while the dayi are redeemed from tlM oppreaalva. exhauating heat of midsummer. The crowd of boarder* ha* thinned out to that degree which render* the society of the residue um entrained and familiar. It I* at Saratoga, In thi* respect, like a large party. When the assemblage la largest, then 1* the moat restraint and reserve ; but M the company gradually disperse*, the few who are left, removed from obaerration, are more familiar and free ; the Jaat ia bandied, the laugh goea round, aid it Is afterward* remembered that this waa the most pleasant period of the riait. The people here ar? all preparing for the fair, trery thing betoken* great event* to come off. Provisions find a ready market; rooms are renovated ; b?da are put op; and every where thu good folka are doing their beat to make their homes look cheerful and comfortable The tide will soon iiet In, and then the tiuea of won'lnr trill begin Gingerbread will lore its attraction* to tho nitfti* y i. at h in gazing at calve* wi' h their bead* under m?iu legs and homes with head* where their tali* ahculi ba.? Sheep, Log* and cattle, big mid small, will be greater < "rioaitic* than the vondi rful beaata of the traveill".,: menagerie, and every currier of nature in tha format!r or mallormaltnn of those of the hoof or the horn, be the suhjeot of speculation and wonder The live stock oi the g< uus, however, will hive th*lr share of admirers. Th? old worn oat politic*! hack, tb ? brokun-winded. weszen-v>Miged Invalid, the short. stvT-, plethoric doctor, the pciiUr (bo mountebank tnil j-ggler. will Nourish on tli" brief and busy stage. An unaMini collection of distinguished man will uwnl at this time?Iteverdy Johnson, John Tyler, Martin Vau llureu.and many of the kind. Many have already engaged room* at marvln'a. The crowd which la anticipated hits induced a large number to secure room* at the United States Hotel and other howiee, a precaution which those who am wise would do well to follow. The fair grounds hare been well arranged, and the buildings am oommodlous and convenient The whole is enclosed by a high fence. Mr. Wrlght'a address, at the time of bis death was nearly written, and will probably be rna<l by Mr Oil. The painful circumstance under which these last words of Mllas Wright are presented to the public, will excite unusual Interest A new aud valuable work has recently been published containing an aualysis of Congress Spring, with ooplou* remarks upon the use of the* medical properties, Ua. Its author was the late Dr. Steel, and It is well edited by Dr. IVrry of this village, who, being an educated, practical physician, and living In the vicinity ol these waters, is thoroughly acquainted with their qualities and rllects. The editor has selected with good taste, for the motto, a text from the liible. I fouuu the work at Mendell's news depot, where everything valuable In the lite r iry line can geuerally be found. Gen. Tom Thumb, ilrri and Slvori, Herr Alexander, and the late Frank Johnson's celebrated band of Instrumental music, are here too, aud will give entertainments during this (kit. N?.i? Londo.i, Sept. 7, 1847. Celebration of Ike .Innivtrmry of the <WA of Sepl<M her, 1781. The anniversary of the Oth of September, 1781, was celebrated at (iroton heights, on the <Hh, with more than usual interest. At 3 o'clock, T. M. about two hundred and fifty parsons, among whom we noticed many a fair faoe from this city, assembled at the east aide of the monument, to participate In tha featlvity, as well as the solemnity of the occasion. The meeting was nulled to order br appointing the venerable Ur Downing, of Preston, President; Jonathan Brooka, Int. Vine I resident; Ur. John IIukIi, of l<?djnrd, ad V' l'i "1-nt- L Oaboll aud I Wid.O Irtfli of tin i y, hei-rxtario Or. Downing I mud)* a f < irk". ?l.. were 1 iKt n>>il to with deep attention li" li . i taken hi r it, Mr. Riobard | fetayner,o. ,uug .. souk ?.' r- pr.ute to tlie oocMinu; an the orator of th. my, Mr. Jonathan brooka. ar 1 In a r?p of revolutionary oelobrity de livered a I* mi l pertlnunt addr''ae Several uistln gulahed ni in ililldrcnt parts of the Stats, were expected to p int? In the *tercl/wH, end the committee, to whoui entrusted the arrangement!) of the celebration, ii uded to bare read the ?e\ ?ral answers to their invltutiona, hut on account of ths Inisnsss of the hour, it was deferred. Long may tbe old veteran, who has fur ssveral yean honored this day of dsya, lire to welcome Its annual return, and be cheered on by the reflection that he la doing a good work in his grey old sge and his deoUnlag years. Ship Fever at Qi.'bbkc Montreal.?Th? fh11> Julius Cii-Miir, from Liverpool, with 471 pa?aengera, la at Orosae lale ; had 33 deaths on ths passage, and his lit) sick on board. It is said. In a miserable at ate. The Canada Mc Vrtbur, from I tlaagow, with 6 oabia and 13# steerage pmwengera. la detained at the (juanatine. She had twelve deaths on tbe pasoage, and has 80 alek of the small pox. I um aorry to aay that the Catholic clergy has lot auother of kta members this afternoon, the He* Mr Brady, viear at Kiinouakl. who died at the Hotel Dleu Nun ncry, of fever contracted at (iroise lale.? Car. Montrttl | It mil it 'id in it I It will b? ?*Bn by thf* hospital return* for laat week, | that the number In hospital In more than on the pravioun wrek, but much less at the theJ? libera the healthy | passenger* are placed Hospital return from the Hist, to the J8th Aoguit lleratlnlng on the 'Jlet, J048 ; admitted since. 4M ; discharged, 284; d'ed. remaining lttl?4. ,Number of deaths at the tents, when- the healthy passengers are landed, during the same period, UO. Total deaths on thu island, from the Slit to Um 38th, 388 ?Qu#A?c (.iazrttr. We have news from (irosse Isle up to yeatarday. Thi number in hospital haa decreased considerably. Tua hospital state yesterday was ha follows :? Men A4S Women 60J Children 412 ToUl ltfAl I>rs. Stewart, F.sstaff, Newton and liamour ha?> the fever. Kmiorawt HeiriTiL, Mo-iTllit, StfT 3 Number of Sick. l)ird 21 Aours. Men 49 J Men 7 Women 4 >t> Women.. . . Children it?7 Children 1 Total 1154 ToUl 1' At Ht. Johns, N 11. nu the 1th lust , the niimV< <i arrivals of immigrants in three days had beeu .'10 Cases of fnver AO. " The Mayor has submitted cat nil resolutions to the Common Council relative to thoernl grants that have arrived this seaaon, with a view f bringing the subject under the notice of the Imper'v' authorities, ana inducing them to re'train a systatu emigration which Is so productive of disease and dtaUi to the emigrants themselves, and burdensome to th> people of the colony. The resolutions were pasaed bj the board." vi,..... ?... n... n.-- w- l-.? <u.. Mr*. Hart, the mother of thr child, whose cu?tojy ??? given to the father by the Court before whom a lntb'-M corpua wn? recently tried at her Inatigatlon, made another attempt to obtain ber child yenterday morning, which van aucceiwful. After effecting u entrance to th? building. Kh? a*ked the privilege of nunlng the child. Ilaviug obtuned It tor that pnrpoM, aha ran down aialr* and through the hall, but ao hotly punned that the cry of murder waa railed Hhe, however, aueceeded in opening the door leading to thn atreet, with the child In tier arm*, and, reaching the carriage In wuitlng. "a" driven oIT In poa*eai<lon of tlrr infant child We have learned, aince pi-q^SK 'be ab ve, the mother tendered her aorvio3ron Wedneaday, In presence of her counael and witne/wea, to take rare of the child, and for thin purpoae agreed to lire with her huaband. Her offer wa* rejected, and ah'1 wai refused admittance.???> Harm Courit r. MnvrmriiU of the People The lion Iteverdy Johnson wm In Buffalo at tk? laat datea received from that city. Ki-Prealdent Tyler aad lady are at Niagara falla. Kx-tiovernor francia. of Bhoda Inland, la bow la I'DllMUtnpiim. Mr* Trl?t, th* lady of N. P. Trlat. Kaq., the Pmm < 'ommlaeloner In Mailoo, ii now on a rMt to aomafr1en4i In ( heater county, IV Nh* la ? grand daughter of th* illuatrlou* JetTeraon. (i?o. Taylor wax recently nominated to tba Pr**1d*noy, at a inaai mating of the rltl*?o? of I,ycomlog county, I'a , at which th* Hun Joaeph B Anthony prealdad. Vic* President Uallae. accompanied by member* of hla family, la-ft home for Pittsburgh on Monday laat, where lie propone* upending a short time among hla frienda. Two hours after the rail for troop* wa* published la Kentucky. flfty young men In I.exington, had volunteered for the war Many of them had just returned from Me* too. In Main*, on Monday neit, th" peopl# ar* to decide upon au alteration r f the nnilligllon to prohibit the Hiata loaulng Iter credit to ro, por?ti<>n*, and running la da St to an amount over >300,000. The MarquU d? fllch?botirg. who came p.isaeugrr In lb? Kranchateainer New Vork, b?? arrliedlu Iloatoa, and taken lodifingH at the Itevara llo j?* lla 1? aorom panted by hi* son and aeraral diatlngiil'hrd g'utlemau. Tint Address I'Ktr arld nv Mr. Wright.? The Hdtlrend pTrpured by Governor Wright, to bf delivered at (ha agricultural fair of the State Agricultural Society liaa been kindly forwarded by Mra. Wright, and wo* received by Mr I- lag* thia morning. ItUevlleat that the addreaa la In all r--?pecta ?omple** We understand that <J*o. Vail, Raq . Pr?aldent of the State Agrt ru'tural ftoclety, liaa tnvtt?d wen l)ii to read th* ad, draM. and thai aa coon ? an answer Ir received from ! him, the fact will be announced The Troy f*?f, In | linking of the addreaa, juntly ramarki:?"It will be I doubly Interesting to the people on aoconnt of th* melancholy absence of Ita author. It will b? aa the rolea of wUdom coming from th* grav*, and under theaeelr1 uumataucca, we think, would ba mora aecapUbU tb?a f any addreaa from a living speaker ?Jtlhany All**, 3*j | ttmhrr 7.

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