Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1847 Page 3
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W I / " ' I 'HlMMMgi balance to our credit; and exchange remain* largely in our favor. Our Importation* for the season are principally over; the bulk baa been received, and lor the remainder of the year, there will, ; -without doubt, be a very limited aupply received. We have no doubt but that the export* from thia port for : tbe remaining four monthaof the year, will more than offset the imports, leaving the bulk of shipments from other porta, to swell the balance in our favor. lLxchanget betweea Engluud and the United States hereafter will continue in our favor. Should they at aDy time be against us. it will be but temporary, and produced by some un- I natural cause. In the regular course of trade rates will generally rule in our favor. The importation of merchandise into the United States from Great itritain has reached its maximum; we are so rapidly extending our own nixnufiittures, that the domestic consumption is pupplitd to a greater extent by our domestio product*. Tbe increase in population is not so rapid as the increase of all kinds of manufactures, and tbe importation vf cottun, woollen, iron, and other manufactures must materially decline A spesulative demand may from time to time run up the quantity, and the shipments of these goods to our markets on foreign account, to get rid of any : surplus at home, may swell tbe Importation at times; | but these things will regulate themselves, and a few years i will sufllce to do away with them. Manufactures of overy description are rapidly Increasing on the continent of Kurope, nud the markets hereafter for British , fabric* will not be so large as they have been. It is our j opinion that manufacturing in Great Britain for ex 1 port, particularly of cotton good*, lias reached ltd maximum; that the manufacturer! of that country will never again codfuuiu do much cotton aa they have heretofore, and that the consumption of British cotton goods'will hereafter be mora confined to Great Britain and her de- I pendencies. The following statement shows the amount of tolls collected on each of the State canals for the month of Aui;uat. in each of the years 1846 and 1H47 Nkw Voita Danai. Toll*?Comparative Receipt* roa Auuuit. On what Canal. 1816. Jlug. 1847. I',rie Cmml $250 580 (iT :>0 < humplain 10,822)0 13,1169 06 Oswrgo 7,663 01 10,222 31 ' ayuua mid Seneca ' 3,7% 48 3.404 49 Clit lining 1,062 68 2,3:i.% 87 Crooked Lake 103 16 183 23 Chenango 2,357 02 2,981 40 Oencsee Valley 2,672 90 2,*95 02 Oneul? Lake 44 90 85 10 <lii?iil-t Hit* r Improvement ? 44 12 tteu. river to\riug|i>ath 26 94 43 16 $278,790 16 $124,883 96 The increase in ttie month of August, this year, over the correspoading month last year, is $140,093 80. Stock Idxcliange. S.VflO Trea* Note*, 6'? 10?3? 25 *h* Nor !i Wor RR 60*a $10000 do >60 102* 50 do 60* $7000 do 102J? 25 do 60 A* Suluo Kentucky 6'i 106^ 75 do 60 $11000 1'euii.V* 76 450 RR 61X S5I 0II Held Bdn, blin 7100 do 65 S15IHI0 do kl2m 73 200 do (GO 64 Si ?15000 do 73W 100 do 160 65 $5000 d? 30 73)2 25 StoniiiBton RR 57}* $10000 R.ig Mt?Bds,*6ra 71 100 Long lil MR ts 0 33>4 10# auua Farmer*'Tr 33?? 250 do 33>, lw> do 33>J 50 do b60 33>. 72) do 3J>,' 100 do ?U0 33 72j do 33'a 50 do 31W V) US Bank -I100 Harlem RR 68 35 Canton Co 36l? 50 do s60 67J* 200 do *4m 35 150 do b30 68 50 do ?6m 35 100 do b30 675* 25 do 35\ 50 do *60 67 25 do 35* 1C0 do b30 67 50 do b30 353a 50 do B7i? 50 Nor St Wor RR 6% 50 do blO 67^ 25 do 61M ICO do 671.7 ISO do 61)4 100 do 1)30 67'4 126 do 61 160 do 67 Second llonrd. 60 alia Nor 81 Wor RR 67 60 alia Harlem IlK *30 68 60 do 66 2U0 do 6?>* 25 do 56 K 100 do 68 25 do 5*>5 100 do 67 125 do 65 100 do *10 673ft 25 do 56 400 L Ialsnd RR iuw 34 100 do 54% 200 do >10 34 25 do 64)2 60 do 34 150 do 51 300 do 34>? 25 do 53>? 100 do 34 25 do >60 50 50 Reading RR 65 50 Harlem RR 67 >? 100 do 65% 100 do 68 60 Farmers' Loan e60 3 New Stock Emhangei $50'0 Treat Notea n'O 101V? 50 alias Nor & Wor l>3 61 $10000 do (10 l(i2', 50 do c 61 50 tliaa L Ialsud 130 33)2 50 do b3 6V>a 60 do 13 3:Oa 60 do c 60 50 do Sat 33* 26 Canton Co b3 36>? 60 do sl5 3:i >4 50 do b30 35 60 do al5 33 V 50 do b3 3i? 60 Nor & Wor RR c 62>, 100 Farmer*' Tr e 33X 25 do- b3 61)2 50 do 33* CITY TRADK KKPUUT. Nkw York, Wkunesdav Afternoon, Sept. 8. Sales of Sour were confined to light transactions in <3enesee, anil chlelly Ohio brands, without material <" hnr.g? in prices. The market continued hue of Southern. while prices were Arm. Oraln told in a moderate -way chielly at yesterday's quotation!. Provisions continued iuac'ivo, while groceries wero more or lean quiet. Aaiit ?Stile* of 150 barrel# pearls were made $7, and 50 pots at $5 25. li>:r.nwA\.?Sales ol about 1000 lba. Northern yellow Wf mate at 21c. IIhkaosiui f* ?Flour? Sal?sof 4 a .500 bbls. of Genefeu wev* inuUu at $5 60; another sniHll let fresh ground -was reported :it $0 50; 3 a 400 do Ohio, round hoop, sold at ftft a lot of Ohio, B, bad, sold $4 13)tf; 1000 New Orleans, no inspection, was sold upou terms not un<l?r?lood ; a smull lot of 100 Lb!*. Rochester, sol 1 at $ "> 6B>4. The last sale of Georgetown new was made at >0 ;>0 Wh- ai?Sales ot 3000 bushels good Ohio mixed sold on private terms, and 1600 do Ohio white sold at ?20o Orti Sales of 2000 a 3000 bushels mixed, were made at 64 rt-rls, 1100 do New Orleans, sold at 65 c's.; 1000 do. tl .t ???,..u- ?nl.4 Til ?? - I.IIWI.I.. fl?? ??IJ -I ets i ujoo do, good flat yellow, sold at 71 otB ; a let of mixed, n Utile heated, s?>ld at Hi eta. Mral?Sales of h.mi b&rieW wee tern New York, were reported at $2 76. J<y?A sh!? of 600 bushels old watt made at US cts , and 1400 Jo Northern new ut 80 ots. liyt Flour?Sale! of 26J t ins, were made nt $4 Oalt were inactive at 40 a 1 i ota, for new, and 43 a 44 for old. Jlectipti down the Hudson Kiver, Septembtr Hth Tth. Total. Flnnr, barrels IS COO 3,228 18.228 Wheat, bushel* 3.200 6,762 8,062 i lorn, " 16 000 1,626 17,626 Meal, batrels 1.300 60J 1,902 Ilye. bushels 2.200 5,000 7 200 CunoLKi?Sperm were firm at 31 eta., with a fair Amount of Bale*. Cok? ?.k?No naleg of moment transpired, while quotations were u ^changed. Cotion?The continued unfavorable accounts of the growing crop in MississipDi and South Alabama haa t>tre?glh?ned the market the last two duys full one quarter of a cent per pound, and buyers now make bids readily up to the prices they were paying before the arrival of the steamer. The sales to-day amouut to quite 3i W) bales, of which it is supposed 1000 bales were taken to replace cotton sold for Southern account, uuder erroneous view* about the probable yield from the next crop. Ki?h?There were about 300 a 600 quintals dry cod, nfloat held at $3 62X. Sales of 300 a 400 bbla. mackerel were sold at $13 26 for No. l's, $A 76 for No. 2's, and $6 for No. 3's. There was nothing new in scaled herring Kuwit ? Sales of 400 a 600 bzs. bunch raisins were made at $1 40 a $1 46. The stock being much reduoed, there whs an improved demand, and they were afterwards held at au advance. IIkmp?The market continued firm, without change in prices. I.kap?The rales within a few days have been large, at $4 12K, and to-day 2000 pigs sold to arrire at the same price. Moi.a>ik? were steady, but sales were very light. Naval. Sroitrs?Sales of 140 barrels spirits turpentine were reported at 600 , some holders demandud 62c ? llngin continued tlrin. north county afloat was worth K <),)? . xnd on shore at 66o. Raw turpentine stood at $3 26 I and tar at W N liti.? - liinHfi'u was lower, ana sales or louo a 'jOOO gallon of Kiiglish wen* made at fl'JXc.; city pressed wan w>>rih U.'io.; crude sperm was tirui at at >1 02 a $106 nsUi-il. Sales at New Bedford were large, and selected wh tie wha said to be held at 36>fc 37)tfo. on the wharf I'rotisio.xs ? Sales of pork were making chiefly In small lots; the s*1?h footed up about 160 bbla. prime at VII 7i<. and 3 a3i'0<lo. mtw at f> 14 7ft. A parcel of about 200 bills good Ohio mess sold at $lft. In beef we heard of no truiif actions of moment. Labi* remained about the same, while no transactions name to light. Bijttkh ? Sales of about 20O packages Ohio were made at llJio alto. Cheese?Uood dairies continued steady at 7c a 7>?o.. wi ll a fair amount of sales for home use; itif-rior whs dull At 6c. A Hive?I'htre were no sales reported. Quotations ranged from $4 a $4 87X a frfl. The latter, for prim* to cumce quality. Sioah ? The market wan quiet. The weather being rainy during partof the day, l<? extent interfered with business. We only heard of 32 hhda. (ierman rellu"d at H'no. Tallow con tinned firm, and sales were made at 9J{e, while tho butchers' association continued to demand lOe \Viiai mofK ?Sales of 10,000 a lft 0<)0 11)8 Northwest wra reported at 33 a 33)^c. Sale* yefterday were inadx Ot do at 34c, ai.d some holder* to-day demanded 34)?c. Whiskky ?Salesof 200 bbls state prison were mad* nt 27 ? .7,SJc; do void nn private termH. and 130 do New Orleans were reported sold at '20 a viii^c. KaMisifi* Kates to Liverpool continued nominally the name, via : Id Ad fur Hour, and 3-lGd offered, and 7-82J a ,*4d aekfd by the packet* for ootton. To (Jluigow. fii tun* of oil were eugaged at 3r>s pel tun, anl 300 * .soiMihl* io?in at 2? (Id perbbl. (.'otton was engaged to Hamburg at \c per lb. Tka? at Aih tiok ? Imported per ship Horatio.? Terms, notes ai 0 months, payable In this city llyHOii?24 half chests flSo per lb; 49 chests 61)^; 24 hf do AS; 10 do 44>tj 4(1 do 40'{; 11 do 37*. 111 chests 3lltf, In half do 31. AO do 30, AO (lib bxt 39, 300 do and 3A0 131b do withdrawn. V uijg llynon?29 bf chts 70o, 17 Jo 61. 3!) do 60Jtf, 92 d'l 60, 10 ? <10 M)f, 23(1 do AA. 24 do A3, 30 do 60, Id A do 49, 27 do 47',' HO do 47. AO do 4?K, 170 do 4A, 371 do 44, 26 do 4:1. UH Jo 42x 33 do 43. 40 do 41 M, 141 do 41, ISA ao and 7o chr? 41. 20 do 40. 34 do 39)*, A? do 30,00 do and At nht* Wt 1 '? 1? 33 26 do 37, 62 do 34X, 149 do 31, 66 do 3(1 302 do 33X 273 do 33, 1.317 withdrawn Ourp wdef?40 hall' e.heets A7X cents, 131 do 48, Irtfi do 3 >, 0 cases > ach 12 2lb canisters 36, 100 6lb boxen 29, 100 131b do Imperial?W hf chts OO^, 135 do AI, 10 do 3?X, 78 do 3-<*. ;.0 cafes 11 .lb canisters 40, 100 61b boxes 30, AO 181b do 30H 61* do 30. I'tioshong-i?l) hf chests 19, 423 do withdrawn. 11 v poo Skill 37 chts 3(1. 38 do .13, 68hfdo 32 (91 do withdrawn), -1 oh?? 31, 10 do 38><, I0 do 38, 38 do 37, 34 do 31*. 1*0 do 34 J *.nikay 130 bf ohMtt SB, 40 do 30,3a do 39, 961 do W*. ' | TELEGRAPHIC. ( Blarketa. ^ New Oblcam, September lit. Ii Cotton?The market tu steady and we note sales of * 600 bales at full prioer Small sales new were making at ti l'J a l'JXo. tor fair uplands. Flour?The market was 1 without change, and sales of Ohio and Illinois were mak- f tag at $4 50 a $1 tiiXo. St. Louis ohoioe continued in good demand. Sugar?Moderate sales New Orleans were 'J making At 6X a 7>?o. for fair to prime. Molar*** were inactive at 3D a 32o. Provisions?Mess pork (15; prime r $12 60 a (1-2 75. Lard -Prime continued in good demand, and we quote it at 13 a l lo. Torn was ilull at 50 r a 55o. Nothing doing in wheat : wu,?k-y dull at 1!) a ti 19^0. Sterling bills 6X a 6; Ner York sight bills par; Treasury Notes dull at par Frelghtsnu der*te?engage- 1 menta without change In rates. Albany, September 8?P.M. J Flour?There was no change in the market. We quote f Western and straight brands Genesee at $i 37X, and { new do. at $5 50. Wheat?There was a lot of 1000 f Genesee in the market, for which 128o. was asked. Sales ^ 10,000 bushels mixed oorn were reported at 63c. Oats h ?Sales of 2000 bushels new were made at -I0o No Rye * of moment. Whiskey dull Provisions?No change in prices, lteoeipts by canal during the past *24 hoursFlour 6001) bols, Oorn 18,200 bushels. No change In ? freights. j [TelographioCor of Phila Bulletin ] Pittsuvro, Sept 8, 1847 ?The sales of flour continue 1 light, though there is a better demand in consequence of very light receipts. Pennsylvania flour is selling at $4 I' 7.">, and Western at lower figures Nothing doing in 1 wheat. Pennsylvania yellow oorn brings 38 to 40o. No change in provisions. Whiskey dull at 18 a 18^0 in ' Mils. Lard maintains its rates; is scarce, but the inqui- '' ry not as animated as last week. Tobacco, light sales 11 Wool steady. Groceries, fair supply but dull demand. 1 [Telegraphlu Correspondence of Phila Bulletin ] \ Baltimore. Sept 8, 1847.?The western mail was de- 0 tained some time last night by the oars running off the i tracK near Camberland. The accident caused no serinna itimim. ! ?,? Vl?. ? ilh n..? ~r t.1. fa-nily. passed through here on his way to Pittsburgh 1 Sales Howard street flour at $5 24; City Mills at $6 44. Sales or red wheat $1 to $1 Of) to the extent of ft.000 " bnrhels. Sales of whit* oorn. 00c to Hio , and yellow ?4o. to Olio ; oats 33o. Provisions are dull Pork has < been sold at $l'i for prime, but is held at $16 50 for mess 1 and $ 1 'J 60 for prime. Sales of mess beef at $14 to $14 US. Bacon?Jiog round is worth Do. to Dj^c , with fair 1 demand; hams, sides and shoulders bring 9%o. to llo., . 0>?o to Otfc. and 8o. to 8>io respectively, Lard?Less in<|uiry. but firm. Whiskey. 'J7Xo. in bbls. Sugars are | dull and declining?other groceries steady, wool and tobacco rather quiet. The day is sultry, with occasional showers , Married. At Schodnck, on the 4th inst , Mr. IIenr t P. Hanor, 1 of Sand Lake, aged 72 years, to Mrs. Phebk Yorker, of the former place, aged 70 years, 0 } On Wednesday morning. Hth inst., Mrs. Mary Mc- ^ Lkoh, in the 71st year of her age. r Th friends and relatives, also the members of Mount t< Vernon Lodge, 1. O. of O K.. are respectfully invited to attend her luneral, from the residence of her son Nor- \ man, No. 0 Kldrldge street, on Thursday afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock. t In Brooklyn, on Wednesday. 8th inst, Charles Gal- " laugher, in the 3-id \ ear of his age, a native of the ' county Donegal. Ireland His friends and acquaintances are earnestly requested ' to attend his funeral, this day, Thursday, at 4 o'clock, P. M., from his late residence, Amity, near Columbia * street. South Brooklyn. j In New Orleans, on the 'ioth of August, Charles 1 Dcrrv, of yellow fever, late of New York, aged 30 years. Lots at Brooklyn kor salkIn^ lot. at ^ Brooklyn, aituatedat Red Hook, in the Sixth Ward, on f Partition street from nnmhers 190 to 198 inclusive, ill the vi- 1: ciuity ofthe Atlantic Dock, ea -h lot 21 by 100 feet. Will be ' sold reasonable if amilied IVr soon. i Apply at No. 150 Front ?t a9 3t*m "i I'.ADIllui mu A IM is I> V ? L! l. . ,- ^ ,.i w vm u iicj iciuiiii ma uiuii uncrrt maiiKs , . V to his friendsandDlilpbon at Kordham, for the kind- 1 ness which they rendered him in turning out to search for hi* 1 1 '<sf child, but particularly to Jacob Lorillard, nq., whose servants aud horse* wera employed for many hour* iu the search , F'lnlh^n), N. Y. Sept. 8. 1847. ?!> It*m I AUADKMY OK L\N<JUACil?!i.?Lessons in French.? 1 I'ersons who wish to be instructed in the above languige, are requested to appjy to the undersigned, who will be hippy to e?plai i to ihem his nsw method, by which pupils "re etia- t bled to speak in the space of three or four mouths. The uu- i dersigned has engaged a professor of Knglish and Hpanith, to teach iheie languages, on the same s;strin, and is ready to exhibitlhowtvrr astonishing such an undertaking may appear ) the highest testimonials in support of his new method. Having printed in large type the whole course of lessons, the sub- * scriber lespirtfully invites the public to inspect these, and in , order to convince the sceptical, he ?vill have pleasure in giving the first lrsson 10 any one gratia. Teachers will be supplied with a complete set r>| the tables at a reasonable charge, and professors specially instructed. Will.if wished, attend ? at private schools. K. HKJHAKL), t (Ex-Professor from the University of Paris,) i >9 lt*rrc iS) Broadway, New York._ . PIKE DEPARTMKNT? ?it a meeting of the Kuginvers ! and Koiemen of the Kire Department, held at Kiiemeu's . Hall, on Tuesday Kveuin^, the 7th instant, for the puri>ose of nominating a candidate to li'l a vacancy now existing in the ! Engineer Corps of the Department, Mr. John A. Creiger having received a majority ot the votes cast, was duly nominated as a candidate lo nil said vacancy. Rv ill.- I AlVT/'l'V I? ?!><'? Secretary. I New York, Sept. 8, 1817. iuJiiimii SPANISH AND FRENCH.?A young man and sinter from ' 8|iain both speaking the h'rencli language, and thorough* . ly educated, are disirous of procuring emp'oymeflt. 'J he ! younu man has had a mercantile education, Hud it of activc business habiti. They would strive to make themielves useful ' aud agreeabl* in any thing they _ might uuderiake. Tbey are c us yet unacquainted with the English lauffuage, but are acquiring it rapidly. 'J lie best of references given. Address box 1900 Tost office ?9 lt*rc c CJ BOUEKV STORE FOR SALE?For sale the stock and { lixiuresof the old established Grocery tnd Liquor Store I' II omen Schilling, corner of Blet'Cker and Cornelia streets, v A lease will be given for five years; it will be sold cheap for . cash, considering location, (itc Apply immediately to ?!) Jt*tc THOMAS MOKRELL. 290 Front St. v r|V BKOVVNis'lONKSKa ENGRA V Ell ti HEKAI.D \ X FAINTKK, STJ U'uaiiwiy, opposite the I'aik.?Coats of c arms, errata, cyphers, &c., engraved on stone or brais; diamonils, amethysts, tnpiz-s, &c., bought in the ri'iigh or cut to a any form; ladies* arar., signet ringi, pencil case*, be., engraved J with nrins. or any device Coats of arms found and painted III any style, from $i and upwards, au1 forwarded to auypatluf the Hinted Stalss. Books of Heraldry kept, with upwards of i 200,000 name' Any information giveuin heraldry. ?9lt*rc 1j^ UUM1)?In Broadway, on the 3d nil., a small box, containing it Gold Watch, which the ow ner cau have by p:oviug (. property oud paying charges, by calling on CHABLEsFERGUSON, a iD3l* rc 167 West Broadway. HUMBUG OK FORTUNE TELLING, is BOW pime* ( tisedby many impostrrs in this city ; but that the celebiated Madime ADULPH. fiom France, now at her pri- . vate_ rrsidt'uce, 111 llester strtet, third block ea?t ol the Bowe- . ry, informs those, who (for benefit, or eveu but curiosity ) , C'insult her scientific skill?of all their most secret atrurs,of love, tnarrugr, jealousy, frieuils, law?when or wlul husband or wile lliev will get All have acknowledged who have invectig.ited her wonderful powers. Fee reduced to iO ceuts. Consultn'urn hours, all day and evening till 10 o'clock. i9 It* re ( | MIINESn. STYLE* Or LIBKAll? FCKMl UR*. - , The subscriber begAo invite his friends and customers to r an inspection of rich Chinese i.ibriry Furniture, which hu ^ oecu'e to order for the couutry seat of i P. Barnum, Kaq , nf Bridgepoit, Cojii. It is not i.itendeJ to remark on 2 the style in nil adver iseinent, although couuoisseura tnat hive travelled throughout Europe, agree that nothing of the kiud ' h*a ever before i>eeu seen in this country. It comprises iu richness of s: vie. wokinatiship, the closest approximation to < the Chinese tli-t can te imagined ' The whole ?f the furniture will hp on hand for ft few dan i for the iuspectiou of those who may he in w ant of new at) fes < of rich furniture. JULIUS 0 H.SSOIR, 1 i9 3t* i? rc Cabinet Maker, 199 Broadway. 1 HAVK YtjU THE ASTHMA, Pains in ttie Breast, obstinate Cough, or nny Puliii ni.iry complaint/ Do not i;eg- L lect yourself. Thousands have met a picmatu e death lor 1 the want of attention to a common cold. Dr. Swnyne's Com- , p.iuud Syrup of Wild Cherry will positively com ihe above f complaints, nnd save you from that most awful disease, l'n|- n mmiKry Consumpiou, which sweepaiutu the grav* hnrdred* or the young, the''Id, the lovely and the gay. Beware of tmi- ? ta ions, as *11 prei aratons of Wild Chrrrv are fictitious and r counterfeit except that jirepared by Dr. Swavne, corner of * .?i u ?in..i.j_i_i.:- i_ n . uim'jb-i'uia, iu curing ruimo ary ? Cnntuinptir n tli* wurlil cannot produie itii For lit It* by Chaa. H. Hing cornrr Broadway and John . streets; K. A Harp's, ISA Bowery; K. B Warren, 201 Bleecker Mreet; J. B. Dodd, 177 Broadway; J. C. Hait, 348 I trand at,ret; J J. L. I.ewis, J<7 Orecuwich street, agents for New York city. ' M'l. Hayes, Brooklyn- s9 lt*rc " HAHTINU8' COMPOUND SWOF OK NAI'THA? Not only a positire but < warranted care for cnHMimpt on n and all <li-eaiea o< the lungs. *1 hit has decided the ui i>ut? about the cu<ability i.fconsuinpiion and patisfied the mnli al r faculty, and all who have titcd it, that consumption. and all "fTtCtmiiaof ilifi I iii<a, ranuot lily be c ired b*it they are a. ri i-iihiIy and simply curedaa a'm at anyol the disorder! to w inch tl the human Ir.une is Inhle Tbe operation of a mtigle bottle. r which coata but on? dollar, ia mi tin rent to satisfy any patient? < if not altogether toi fir voue with the disease?< f this fart; ii and even a single dose gives evidence of its ex'raordinary ia- < llnence iu arresting anil eradicM lug the milad/, by the Hiiine- ti diate relief which it affords. 'I his la no quack or secret retntd-. Dr.Haiti'gs if* discoverer, is one of the moat eminei.t phi siciaos of the age, and has made n full disclosuic id' ita hitt iry, and all it* component parta to the wor.'d ; not wiahi >g to incur tie reapouaibility of confining to himiell, fur the ??kc of profit, a aecret waa calculated to d<> aurh uuiveraal . Rood And anch ha* been the w.?ud iful results of ita operaIiona, that the London Lancet, Medic I Titnea, and the moat 1 eminent physicians of b' th hemiapherea, ar*ansir usly calling ] upon auItinera to have imm-diate recoune to it, and proclaim- r ha* positively citab- \ liilied ita rflicacy, by ii'idcniible proofs of <.iir iiik coiriumj lion \ and all o'lier dneaiea of the lungs r 1*1 ice One Dollar a bottle ; s<x bott'ea for five dollara. As thil it a very eipeniive preparation, it ia not lelt around on ? commission, as is the mo > with ^nick medicine*, but mual |, te purchased out and mil by WON who nil ?g,,in. Th's ar- ?, rangament w ill. in general, limit iti aalr to the lamer citie* and mwna ; and, therefore, p rsons residing where Hastings' Naptlia Syrup caunot be obtained and who can be rear hwl by I'age, p'eaa. ateainb ?at, or a-y*r public conveyance, " hoiild write direct to M. A. >. Harriion, No, 117 Greenwich * street. New York, enclosing a rcmitrmcr for the number ol ' bottles requi e l which will b> immediately packed rnd for- '' warded to them, in a manner to secure then safe and speedy 11 delivery. ' b Notice?Moore & Co., the former agent* for thia medicine a have with the con lent of Dr. Hastings, of London, aold and c transferred the agency ol the American conti ent to M A K '< Harrison. who is now the lole agent of Haiti' gi' Compound ' Strup of Naptha in the Uuittd State* aud Canada. s9 llt'in _ 1MPKOVKD MAGNETIC MAcHlNfcS.? MOOR 1 HKAD'S ORADUATKD MAONKTIC MACHINK ? J Thia imtrninei.t is an unimrtaut imprm ement over all other forim of m innfaemre, and haa been adopted by the Medical " I'rof?>aion generall", aa being the moat convenient aad elfec- ~ mat Magnetic Machine iu uie. It ia perfectly aiinple in conat uction, aud therefore not liable to get oat ororder, ai i? the ca e with all other instrument*. It admit* of the moat perle. l 1 conirol, and can be graduated to any power; adapted I ran in- I fant, or aVllcieut for the strongest adult, at the pleasure of the t operator. The magnetic force is iinpirted iu a continuous p m inner nnd wi?h no unpleiiiiiit ieniation, to the mo?t clelica'e ^ |?ati?ot. It reouires no n*?iflt&ut in itn u?e, i* in eTepr re?|?ect perfectly harmleiii. Kach iuntrumrnt 1* wnrranteu; nnd y nrromp?i?iie<! by a new Mftnaul* with full nirertiom for line 10 \ the virions dit^Mea for which it ii mo%t eflfrctual. Tricei froin $8 to $12. ManuPictured and for ?a1e, wholeinle and retail, by d I) i MOORIIKAI) IB? Broadway. W. Y. | A 1'AH I'M KM 8 TO Lr-T handsomely furnished or ub fwiiUM, m II North M?ow itmt. M n*ro (i WANTED?Immediately la the ofte? of.the u Uuiou Magazine. A yoaug ui that ii good peonu, tad willing to make himself generally useful to hi* employer, ml Ciu come unquestionably well recommended for hi* onesty, intelligence, *nd enterprise, w II ficd a permauent freaaonable Compensation, by applying to 3R.AEL Pi KT, Publisher of the Union Magazine of Literaire a lit I Art, 140 Nai?au itrfet ?9 11 m 11^ VNTKi)-A? experienced Milliner. Apply at J13 vv Hr mlway. *9 it*m rO UOUKKdLU .HH.?Twenty good hand* will io?ii iui mediate and itt-a<lv employment at the Eagle Booalnndig establishment, 196 r ultou street- Knur or live flrst-rate forrar<teri aud edge gildtrs are alio wanted. *9 lt*in JAMES LINEN. rt> THE 'MERCHANT TAILORS?A k'miah uilor, who came by llinla*' *team*r from Pari*, where he wa? nifl.iyed a* a cutter id one of the lirst houiea of Pari*, wiahe* ? find e>rploy nient a* *ucli; ha aneika Errrch, German and a ittle Uafluh Direct to M. E. llerttlil office. ?9 It'ro \^J AN PEL)?A Situation, by a respectable young Man and " Woman, either in city or couutry; the man aa Coach . Oroom, or any einiiloymentto mike himaelf generally seful, or to work on* farm; and the woman a* cook. washer, <1 ironer in a private family or a farm houje. The appli?nta are brother and ?i*t?r. and want to Bet iyace* togetherfood recominendatiru* given. Apply at 20 Prnce *trcer, up tair*, in the rear, for two day*, or by letter, addre?*ed In A. will lie punctually attended to. gf Mat LIT A NTED?A lituation by a resectable yi ling woman aa vv chambermaid aud waiter, and willing to do general ouaework in a*mall family. Be*t of city reference can be iveo from her last place. Plea*e call at 188 2d atreet eau be pen for two daya. *9 lt*rc A VOUNO PARISIAN LADV would like tobe eukaged 'a. in a good tchool ** a**i*tut Ereucli aud Muaic teacher, lie lias no objection* to go to the country, and **-ould prefer o board with her employer* She speak* Eugli*h fluently, nd can give the beit refereuce*. A <lil re * i ' aria, 313 Broadway, New York s9 Jteod'rc 117* ANTED?B< a rfsiect ible young woman, n ailuation as TT cook, that ruly understand* her busiuess. Call be sren i>r two days in Hudio'i s'reet ?9 2t*rc ANT D?A Partner, either sile t or'MMve, with $1,0(10 ?? 10 51.311U. minr wiioicviir wne nuu liquor ? l'o any one really wishing business, the above is a good nr>ortuuity. Address A. M., Rox 1 ti'iS, Lower Pott Office, with tame and address. Satisfactory references given. ?9 3l*rrc lYT ANT K D IM M K D f\T K L V?if or 40 good Si one MaTT siini m work on the York and Erie Rail Road, L-vue*loro, I'm. Wages $2 per day, and steady employment for one ir two yearn. Application to be made at the Columbia Hotel, South Brooklyn. JAMES COLLINS, WILLIAM BEARD, 0 iJt'rc Contractors IIT AN TED?A situation as Clerk, to go to Metico ;ir CaliTT fornia, by a youuit man who speaks the Spauish lati:uuge and brinks good recommenduions. Address '* Buena /lit i." at this offi ce s8 3t*re S\LESM vN WANTED?frlTciotir store?to one of ?x- I pelienca a moderate salary will b? given. Address Box 170 post aflcs, with name ana reference. s8 2i*rrc tlTANTl' l)?A middle aged Woman to Wash, Iron.and vT do the Chamber work. Also, a single man, as Waiter. I'hr best of city refereuee required from their last place or ilaces. Apply between the hours of 9 and 10 A. M.. at No. 1 ]atterv Plac". sB lit rrc IjETANrED?A situation lora smart, stout boy, 16 years TT old, either in a wholesale grocery, or retail dry goods toie The best of city references will be given; compensaion for services, moderate. Kor particulars apply to >B2fm (iEOKME STEW All l\ h Co., 1I) Walker sr. 117" ANTED IMMEDI ATELV ?An experienced Nurse tt to t?ke the entire charge of a young child. Apply at i,re at 20 Cimeiiril street, Brooklyn s 0 !!' " re 11/' ANTED ? A sileut partner with f 1000 in cash, to invest TT in a dateut mediciue, .already partially established, and rom which a large foituue can be realized in a few years. To ny one having that amount a good note will be given as secnity, and twenty five per 'But.allowed. Address a line to Paent Medicine, Herald office, stating name and address. s7Jt?m _ ____ _ _ IXT AN 1'ED?Situations in the B'lot and Shoe business, by TT a young man and his wife, who thoroughly understand lie wholesale and retail trade, can cut in the ladies'departnent if required, or to travel. Letters addressed for -J. M., to he offioe ol this p?per will be attended to. P. 8.?A single siua'ion for the young man will be accep'ed. s7-1t?rc IIT ANTED ?A farmer and his wife, to one who uuderTT stands his business, in all its branches, a good situation nil be offernd. An Eastern man accustomed to the u<e of the xe. driving cattle. Sic., &c., would be preferred. Apply to DHN C. STEVENS, comer of Mti'rav street, and College 'lace, between the hours of 8 and 9 o'clock, in the morning s7 7t? in BOARDING?Two airy and pleasant rooms on the 2d story, with one or more smaller ones adjoining, may be ng^ged.with full or partial board, furnished or mifurnished, iy applying at No. 30 Commerce, near Bleecker steet. Refernces exchanged. ' ?7 3t Hi IIT ANTED fr- m 1st October-next, he a siuvle uentlemaii, tt two furuished rooms in a private family, (where there ire no other boarders.) with breakfast and tea, in Eighth, Vinth or Tenth streets, betweeu the Bowery and Fifth Avelue. The best references giveu. Address A. B., box 180, P.O A FAMILY LIVING IN A VERY ELIGIBLE PART rV of rhe citv, wishes to have a geutleman lodger wlio will urnish his room A uote addressed Y. X., at tins office, will nut with_attention. ?7 3t*t> M7" ANTE .?A putner with from $300 to S.'iOJ cash capiTT tal. Ail y young mau with the above '.of capital :an meet with a rare opportunity of making n fortune. AdIron through the Des ntch I'ost, M. Y., No. 12 Kultoa street ?7 3t*re PARTICULAR NOTICE?A gentleman would like to have a r>om. with or without board, and pay lot the ime in lessous upon ihe Piano Forte. <}ood references riven. Address a line to C. D ,at Atwill's Music Store, 201 Broadvay. s91t*rc ^ KW MUSIC, OLEIC BOOKS ISONGS, UUETT8, L* and Piano Fortes?Just received, fresh supplies of new md fathiouable Music, much of it personally selected. The >eautiful sour" of Jenny Liud, Mrs. Fishop. he. A large vaiety of Son^s, Walties, Marches, Polkas, 4tc. The popular Mladin Music, Boston Melodeou. Nr.*. I and2;new (Jlee looks, Northe'n and Southern Harp. Oriiheun Lyre, (Jems of ScottishsOi g Musical Litrary. New Music constantly published. All the ?eleh?ateil Instruition Books for every inAlUtMt Music selected for binding and handsomely bound. I'iano Kortes and ether instruments wholesale nnil retail >9 I2t#e?d rc C. HOLT, Jr , IS6 Fulton street. PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, No. 88 ? edar Street Mr. C. C. Marsh. Accounta it, Author of the "Niceuce of Double Entry Book-keeping Simplifi-d," and the "Art of Single Entry Book-krepiug Improved," continues to teach as ibove. ' he pupil becomes familiar from actual use with all the looks coiiKtituti' g a set, and a |iers"n of Mod capacity will, >y this course, become a competent b<xii,-kte|>er in about a nonth, and wil icceive a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses, with terms, oblaiued nt the rooms, f'em 9 A. 4. ?BW*ei DK. CHRISTIE'S GALVANJC RINGS. BELTS, BRACELETS.. ANl> MAGNETIC FLUID -Strangrs are resprcilully informed that the only place iiNIV York o obtain these celebrated articles genuine is a' 182 Broadway, ictween John street and Maiden Laue. In all crises of ner'Oii'lisetses the efficacy of Christie's Galvanic articles is rulv wouderful. and their treat celebrity has caused thsm to >e counterfeited by needy pers >ns, who offer spurious ar.d vonhless imitations, agnnst which the public are respectfully uarded. Nodru*gist or drug store in New York will ever ie ajjowed to sell Dr. Christie's articlei. The sole and eiInsive agency is at one hundred and eighty-two Broadway. *9 I' rc POWER LOOMS?For sale, 30 Narrow Looms, of superior make i f iron, to w eave twilted work, either cotton r woolen satinrts, Kentucky jeans, tweeds, or drills, with hnnge cams. Tl.ey will be lolil at a bargain. Inquire st 22 Iroad street. s9ll!t,,re r~WO BILLIARD. TABLES >GK SALE CHKAP.? The Table] are in very good order, and all the lis'ores omplete. Ennui e at Sweet'sCrotou ll.itb. corner of Hudson ud t'anal sireet, of WM. II. SWEET. s9 3t* rc _ ______ MENTLEMEN'S L*Ff OFF WARDROB K, Uc U Ueiitleineu or families hiving superfluous effects, such wearing apparel, jewelry, lire arms, furniture, fce., which hey desire to dispose of advantageously, have the best opporunity of doing so by sending for the subscriber, who will atend them at their residences by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office, No 2 Wall street, corner of Broadway. N.B.?A line addressed through Ihe poal-olSce or otherwise, vill receive prompt attention. sHJt'rc. rlqplN & MOSBY, Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods, L/ Groceries, and Mexican (i ods, Forwarding and Com ion Merchants, mouth Rio Grander Consignments ol freight eceived and foi warded to all point* on ihe Rio Grande or ill HttlCO< Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. I.iliarii, Mnjiiv&Co., 8 and 89 New Levee. ?BJ0t*rc IV) HOTEL KEEPERS.?The adve user, having been long and favorably known to the travelling community as oniluctor of a first class hotel, is des tons of miking an arangement with the proprietor of a fust cla?s liuu?e, who vould be disrosed to sell out on favorable terms, or else heroine it partner in the >ame The most undoubted references srill lie given and required. Communications addrnsed to log 18.10, Post Office, (post paid) will meet prompt attention, mil lie considered urictly confidential. s8 3t* rc PI B. CLARKE, Fashionable Tailor, 110 Willi nn street Us opiwisite the New Stores?I have received a full assortneut of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings,which being bought or casn, I will make 10 oriler at very low prices I nave also hi nu'irfmeut of ready made Coats, Vests mnl Pants, very leittly made and trimmed For r.ut, quality, workmanship, nd price, I im I irorahlv known to the public. It! be my ndeavor to retain their good opinion, by selling a pood article ta low price. Hack ('oats Train $5 to $11; l)'rii Coats made >f fine Krencli Cloth, to order, from $15 to $20; every other 1'inrnt in proportion. .'I irn*in LO.HT?On Saturday, the 4th instant, a Letter, addressed to Mr. Walter C. Uregn, from Mcuri. Tator Si Co., Trov, nclosing their note paynb e to ih* order ?f Mr. C. K. Il.iicht, for $1030 at ft inonllis from ItSih August last All peious are lothiddeu to negotiate said note ; and the fi iter will lease return it to crher of the said |*rties. Payment of sanI ->te has been stopped g7 3tia*rc I* >.EW8CHOFK, TAICOll, NO 26 ANN STREET (previ ns to the late fi-e. at No. 19V* Ann street) would ivspe' tl'ully ii.forin his customers and the public Ketreialiy liat having disposed of his old ?tock, lie la now opening an ntirely new and fresh a?aortinei t of plain and fancy Cloths 'astiincren and Vesting! of the Uteat. richest a id mostlash>n\ble style*,all of winch hivinp just been purchased for a?h, he i? enabled ( md will) furni?h garments , ui. made aud riinnit-d in the moat fashionable styles, at the loweat iirices. A call is solicited from thoie about making their selections. >?T 3i?t? rc rT?lEt?Tl. UKUNUAOE, M EROHANTtAft.OM?Ts prepned to eiliihit a fnll and omplete assortmentof seai.n-ible goods, winch he will make to r.rdei, at redaccl prices, 22 Broadway second floor.opposite City H?fl. stCtis'rc UTKKN KUN-T E CF.LEBR A TED CHINESE SKIN iL POWDErt.?This truly beautiful and eleicaiil article a i be hsd of all resizeable chemists and perfumeis in New fork, and throughout the If. Stites, in hoies atJSJ and M cents "ravellers and residenta in warm climates will highly apprei?le ili a invaluable addition to their toilets. The sole inuwrlers are llOBUrt k Cn Wholesale depot W. lachellor, 2 Wall ?t, New York J"/"" Beware of counter ri'S. See that e>ch box bean ihe written signature of Rabeau L 0<v, on the g< vernment stamp. au27 I It 1MMKL1 NOTICE fcf O^NT L EM EN ?JU heKafl and Winter Seasons are setting in, gentlemen would save lonev bv looUiuu no their Woo'lcn lothinir and have them titer cleaned, dyeil, altered and repaired. superior t anyliing vet dooe in thi* city, Clothe* cleaned or dyed without le i?ia of ?te -m or coloring ?t short notice. A trial will move ne Tact Krom the * itisfsctiou given to the public the subscrier is induced and determined to follow the above br mchei, otwithstandinu all competitions, for having a small rore he an work for small profit*. At inch, gentlemen will do well i call before going ei*ewhere. at 91 Murray itreet, comer Vathington, at the Cheap Cash Tailoring establishment. A C0RTI9808, 91 Mnriay street. I 'lothes dyed warrinted faat colors. ?'i Mt*m rJKOWN'8 COKKEE HOUSE AND DININO BAU LOON. No. 71 I'e irl itreet, head of oentie? Slip. H'raners and nt^ieis whose Imsiness rails them to the lower part of le city, will find this a very convenient place to uet their meal* -Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. UEOROE BROWN, *330t*re ^ Late of Lovejoy'* Hotel fiuWKLL ON THE EVE?Just published, a I'opular I Treatise on the EYE, iu Di*e.i*es, and their enre, with nprsviug*, rule* for the (election of *i>ectac|es Ike.., *vo., uce .'ill cents. To b? had at the author'*, aud of bookseller* enerally. Dr. Powell attend* exclusively to diiease* of the Eye and .ar from t to 4 o'clock, at hit office 2C1 Broadway, corner of V-.rren street sVi'd 1?r? T?rior ootliry recently in ported 1 Al? I) LETTER >AP?t-OWp ( iji andTettW -y r.iptf, or rartout qualitlet, for *ale by JAMES NQRVAL ?110ut*ra No 1M JolunifW. } JACOB 8. PLATT, Anetiooter. m f AUCTION SALE OP CHINA, CJLA88. EARTHEN- * T*. ware, fce., is unavoidably postponed frnmltiia day till to- * wurrow, 10'h lu<t, at 10 o'clock, when it will take pine* on V}1 tiit lirst floor of the inctmn room* corner of Plait aud Gold *?; ftreets. Tlir assouiaeut will be ftiy complete, and croc?ery dealers from the country, as well a* the city, are desired to ^ taka notice of the same Alio, at <2 o'cock.M handsome A and flulii. u iMe i-ti of linn*r and tea ware, each aet ciutaiaiiiK the Ml i u. i e of pieces, and will be sold iu Iota to mit c,< pUfch'nf rt ?'J tr*re T BUN Si.i /Ull ?l'liii ileiiuhlful and fashionable suminer retreat, ifntaa'nl about a mile from New Brighton, , oil the romantic bunks ofrhe noble sheet of water which separates Stateu Island from tne .leraey ?hore. There ia aIteaui- 'ni boat communication with the city of New York, eliiht lime? dj a da); while If ran city ia retched by a drive ol threc-i|uar- " teia ol ail hour, over one ofrhe li iest aud moat agreeable nv roads in the State The air ia remarkably saluhri"ua and cool, | w aud refreshing breezes may at all times be eujoyeil in the well- I J" ill idea wnlka aud Kn uioln .A romiirod:tia? tiith-hons* is at* taclird to the csrafcliahmi-ut aud peculiar facilities are afford- J* ed for nail-water bathing. Large ouautities of Kami* are to he ' fiiind in the immediate neighborhood, and the facilities for liahiuK a'e well known. The table ia supplied daily from the " New Vork markets, and eapecial pains ure taken to furuish it ? Willi every delicacy in its arasou. 1. Additional means of aerommodatiou have been provided, ,,, aud to fainil es returning from more distant watering places, y aud others who may desire in agreeable residence duriuif the (; remainder of the season, " Uoii Sejour" offers a peculiarly healthful aud accessable retreat. V D W. LOCK WOOD. Proprietor. ? "Bon Hejonr " Bergen I'oiiit. N J Sept. I, IHI7 ?'i 6trc RKJHT PRINCIri.KMnvr al wava>uaured uunvailed auc 8 cess ut SANKORD BROTHERS. Merchant Tailors 127 Kultou street.?1st. Alwai a ^'ivea Kood fittinic Coats, Pants, aud Vest?keepa..tlie beat of Clolha, Cassimers aud VestiiiKs. j 2nd. Terms cash; couaequeutly, can sell li per ceut cheaper I than those that sell on time. ( 3d. Garments are made as they ought to be, and doue at the c time promised. j K~7~ A full suite made in twenty-four hoU'S. r Every variety of Gentlemen's outfitting coustautly on haud, g aud sold at very low prices for cash only* SANKORD BROTHER 127 Kulton street, , !,'? :|flrrrc nut to the Herald Office. Hd'llKPATENT PREMIUM EXTENSION Ul.NINU TABLES, with metal plated rlules, for private parlors | aud dining logins, hotels, steamboats. Ike , uusuipassed for ele- | gance, durability aud convenience. warranted uever to get out ) of order. A larjje assortment, the latest iu tlie city, aud uu- j equalled for vaiiety; together w nh a general assortment of elegaut aud fiishionable Cabinet Furniture, coustautly to be found ( nt the wareroouis, No. 44J Broadwy, where the public are respectfully invited to call and exauflte. , au2< Mt*rc C. K HOBE. Broadway. GREEN TURTLE SOUP.?The Proprietor of the Bank I Coffi-e House. No. 1' Puir stieet, between Broadway and N...>11 would ro.nrrir nllv inform |K.. l,,v... ..f - I ( Terrapins, that lie in* provided a auperior lot of llie above epicureau tit bits, which he will serve iu soups, stenks, fricaseea, and stews, every day this week. The larder is fuwiahed with all the delicacies of theseaaou. Kumiliea supplied. I "73tlr<L JAM EH P08SETT. , l>h| t ' tl A1,I.KS (JK?.Notice to gentlemen who vvaut ' thrirold clothea to look like i.ew, call nt the Tailoring. Dye ng, Cleaning. and Heimiring Establishment, No 77 UolU meet, comer of Gold aud Spruce, where orders will 1 be punctually attended to at the shortest notice, aud ou the in i*t reasonable terms, by _ J. B.NOAH, 77 Oold at<e?t. N. B?The highest pricc give i for gentlemen's Irft off wearing apparel. si 33t*rc HEADS OK 11AIH?Heads of Hair.?Those articlea lor- ' merly known as Wigs and Scalps, prior to the late im WWB?f llidgway, are now known only by the above title, owing to their strictly untilral appearance aud artistical tout euseinble, causiug them to he the most desirable article next to a natural head of hair. To be had ouly of 1' II A It I.KH HI DO WAY, practical Hair cutter aud Wig maker, 170 BroK way, cor. of Maiden-lane, uj> stairs. Call aud see them. i N. It.?Private rooms for litting and trying ou Wigs, Sic. J 3 301* re ? I^O TAILORS AND MtHtHANTS?Th? Kail and 2 Winter Kaahions for 1817 and 1818, are uow ready for sale f" at No. I ourtlai.d' street, thrre doora weat of Broadway, at A. Vv HEELER'S United States Fashion Emporium, >7 3tis*rc NOTICE.?The uudersigued, having dispoaeil of their eu tire interrat in the Expreas between Boston aud New Ynrk, aud Providence and New York, to Messrs i BLAKE, COOLIDOEIc WHEELER, beg leave to a>k their frieudsaud the oublic a continuance to tneir lucceasors, of the i. buaineas hitherto coufidedlto them. HARNDKN & CO. i HARNDEN 8c 1 O. will continue, iu connection with their Liverpool House aud Continental Ageuciea, the Shipping, Custom House, lLichauge aud Oeueral Commission Business, i as heretofore. " Ofkicks?8 Court street and 120 State street, Boiton. f' 6 Wall street, New York. fi 6 Cook ?treet, and 60 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. ? New York, Sept 1,1817. _ jj COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?The sub.cribera beg I leave to inform their frieuds and the public, that they have this day formed a Copartnership, under the nume and ii atyle o" BLAKE, COOLIDGE &. WHEELER, for the ? purpuse of conducting the Express business between Bostou i and New York, aud Providence, aud that they have purchased <J of Meaars. Haruden U Co. their good will and iutereat iu their t well known Kxpreas 1 etweeu the above cities, which will be t couducted under the style of " The Harudeu's Exp<eas," and ? beg a continuance of the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed i upon their predecessors. DEXTER BKIOHAM, Jr.),, r.? JAV1ES H. BLAKE. I 8 Conit street, Boston. ^ FRED. W. COOLLIOOK.6 Wall street, New York. 1 BKNNBT W. WHEELER, Uuiou Buildings, t New York, Sent. 1, 1M7. Providence, n S? i'II \ W~ltiS! WIOH!?STRANGERS and Citistns wishing , a first quality Wig or Toupee, are invited to inspect the extensive assortment ol Win Batchelor, where they can select from the largest stork in the United States. There is always a best place to procure an article in every business, aud tne beat place to buy a Wig or Toupee,is at Dotrhrlor's manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway, l'rivate rooms for fitting Wigs. Copy the adilreaa. anl130t?rrc BEEKA1AN HOUS?',, No. 68 Beekman street, (lato ffjW Mrs. Floyd's.)?The proprietor begs leave to snuounce XiUL'" '> s frieuda ?ud acquaintances, that he has m eued the above named house, and tlaltera himself t>y strict at ention to business, to merit a share of public patronage. The finest liquor* ill. t c n be pro'nred arc at his bar, aud the heat flavored segara He will be happy toaee Ilia old I'ienda. and respei tf ill> ?' li'.-ils a cull. There are over tin rty single lodging ux.lp'. wh" h w II at 'eai.t be equal to any ill the eity, iu point ol' > l'?i.!ii:,'u an I -espectful attention Single meals at all hours of the d <> ai.d evcuu g- JObEl'H WILSON. s!)3t?re 1 MI'.Viii tl A HOUSK WANTKU, consisting ol odd riK in auil i Ixil rocm, by a young man and la is wife, < of the first rtspeoability, without children; soinewline In UM lower part ill 'lir elty preferred XM rent to he between fifty unit 11111* hundred dollais per year. W ith some neat, 1 milI. genteel family. w ho hnve ino-e room than i? required. a ' desirable arrangement cm be made. Address with real nnioe, ' (none others will he noticed) stating price, iluation, Sic., to II. U. II at tltia ollice. Helereneea exchanged. S3 lt*rrc MKOIt S VLK?A wholesale Liq or Kstablishtneut? n bargain lor cash Alio, a tavern, with lease, k'.t now doing a good business ; there is a good garden , vacant lot, and out-buildi gs; rent S1IHI per Huiiiim. This is a lint rate ch mce fur a person wishing In so into the busin<-ss with a small capital. Apply to JAMKS Ul'TON, at Mr. M. Myer?', 4!) V as-<u street. s9 3t * m MTO HO'I'KL Khr i KHt AM) O'I'll Its?KOR . valuable house and lot, situate south corner of West and Hammond streets, in this city, and ii'iw i.cctipied as a steamboat hotel. Twelve or more steamboats land daily at the pier ill fro"t of said premises .rendering it a verv desirable location for those interested in the hotel business, ror particulars inquire ol Mr ?..T Sinidt, 20 Nassau stree', N. Y.; E.H l.udluwit Co., S7 Wall street; or of J. K. Tillman, on the premises. t>!) I0reod*m KOH SALK?A HAUWAIN?AJTave,n well fitted 1 t^jlJ up in *r*ry r spect?in a populous neighbo hood in the | cityo Brooklyn; now doing a first rate busiuesr?pn j tits about t:(ino per annum. Satisfactory reason will hegiten foi selling ont. Apply to JAMK8 l'I'TON, at Mr. Win My , e's's 111 Nassau street llouseaand Lots for sale in Williams- . bn>kh fcc,onmiewbtstsms, s96i*m MKAK.M I* OK SALK, of about -IU acres, situsted on the Hill, I) , miles from Middlebrnok, where the Mi? hethtowii and Sonierville Hailroad passes through.? On the Kami is a new dwelling house.a lirst rate well of wa- j ter at the door,about 1M# bsatiag peaelt trees, ^nd other froit. ! The quality of the land is good, nud in a good state of cultivation. Annly to James P. Barr Wednesday!and Thursdays, North- J ern lfoiel. foot of Coiirtluid street; on other days, to Kdwd. f Stafford I Leonard >t. corner ol llinlsmi niilti'I liSik l'IZt*rc ? J L'f 111 nil ' TI..I.I.. ..Mlu.,n. ,.l Tl.A.nn. lU..nk? ' vTVB deceased, situated in the county ol Columbia. three ??mL nrleifrom the city of 11ii<1*oii. The farm ccntaiu* l(>0 acre* of laud, 30 of winch me word ; th> re?t under n line tlste .('cultivation, Willi K oil Imiih, ft". The home is large and convenient, and in the li'st order beautifully situated rur- , rounded with virion* kirds of Ciint. The above place will I he sold low, an I on accomin-jdatii g terin*, or eiehangtd for ' good |iroducti*e city pronerty. Knr farther p rticular* inquire ou llie pr*oit?'? of S.rari A. Wright, or of 8 4M1JKL THOMPSON 275 " e.vl ?t. N. Y. ?? Ht*m WM. WHIOHT. ?<!) Pearl ?t. N V i 'mL I'APKK MILL, and VAI.IMHLK KAKM KOH . p.jW BALK?To clo*e a concern ?The paper mill and farin Xalfll i'e *>tuatcd at Andover, Connecticut, 15 mile* aoulhI'lat ol 11 irti'oril, nnd 23 mile* northwest of Norwich. Tie mill it 38 by 7C feet, with a wiry 32 by CO f'et. It contain! five engines, one 72 inch fnurdnner machine and drier, a lirtt ra'e water wheel, and everything requisite fur a i ood paper mill. The Mill manufactures about 40.000 dollars worth of imper i per annum. It i? at tin* t>me in foil operation, and may be innpec'ed by any person des roll* of purchasingTbe farm adjuinin;; tha mill contains about 80 acres of g"<>d laud, part ol it in timber. Tbe improvement* coiinst of three dwelling home* of the following dimension*: One 26 j by T6 wth wing 2'>. bv 23 feet, with carri^ce home and o'her , conveniences attached : one 2t hj 30, with wing 17 by 83 feet; , nlioone20 bv 40 feet, nil well furnished w.tli barm, woodhomes, tie. Sic. The above property will he *old low, and a good part of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. Kor further particulu,a aj.pfy to PN HKSK Si I1ROOK8. t 5 and 07 Nassan street, New Vork, or to DANIEL CR \OQ. nil Mr re Windsor Lock*. Conner nciit. MTO LKT? A Parlour and Itedroom, furnished iu th? .<iaiidH"tnest stvle, to a tiiiule g-utlci> References exchanged. I ply at ll'i Leonard street, between Broadway and Kim *"ft. ii|??n JfX FINE GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. The J6 fa} Subscriber i* aclling all description* of fine Mold and 1 <3uir, Silver Watches anil Je wrlry, at retail, lower tlmn nay ' ................., ..r 1 I, mi ||.||! >T> wuniniiu in ir'|> (imu time, or I lie money returned. Witch** and Jewelry eir limited. Oold Wnirliri a* low aa $K0 10 $?5each Watches ami Jeweliy repaired in (lie beat maunrr at much lex tin n the uaual price*. OKO. C. ALLEN, Importer nf Watche* ami Jewelri, Wholesale and IteUil, ani530tia*rc 51 Wall street. enrnrr William, w|> ataira. ' TO W ING?The new and powe ful rteam?_??IL-^ci-s JACOB BKLL, ' am K. Vate.. and IIKalH&filBMa>r.Al.I), < apteio O. B. TAKkH. will he in ronatant {rendiueai fir Tnwi'.tf Vessels lo and from sea, and 1 about ilie Hailior, on 'he mini reasonable teim* All ordeis thankfully reci n rd an*t punctually attended to 1 Apply to the nlil ealahliihiril Strain T-w-linat Ollice, No 75 S uth struct. Corner of Maiden lane, op stairs. The* lay every night at the foot of (Jrand street, K II., 1 anil **e always in H ndii>e?? at a moment's notice. N.B AH person* are f.i'bid Inning the above hoal* on account of the uvrnera. VV. N It T/M. DOUOHKR I Y, ?*) lot *rc No. 75 South ?'. cor. Maiden lane. KXCURSION DOWN THK~LOWKR ij?nmBAY,on WtilrlKltr and Thnradav, off Smdy (XnHkMMMaellnok, slopping ?t I oney Inland each way,? The steamlioat ATwVK, Cnpt. P. II. Smith, will leave tne merfootof Hummnl ?t., at J o'clock, T. M ; Canal afreet, 2X; Pier No. I, North river at 3 Fare for the w hole excursion, 25 centi. N. B. A gncd cotillon band wi|l accompany the boat,and return to the city ut 6 o'clock. TJtiaVe IV H HVITH *<ii? HO' I! u , ni?)'l lll.KS k < O ?PA88AOK TO WtvVWand from Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, i3WMfc*'.'d Remittances to Ireland lie. The e ell known favorite picket ship NI.W YORK vt ill Mil for Livcipool op I l,ur? lay, Kith Srpteinhrr, |her regular dav. Kor term* nf rah ii, second cabin auil storage p?-? *e, apply to ( ip aiii <n| p, i, on board at foot of Beekinaii ?li?rt, , or to the sutiic ibers . K'l'lie ,\ KVV Y' ill K w ill sail from Liverpool on Ifith of ( rtober, lM?iage ran Ii? erg gedtoo-ine fro*n the old conn- t try by this aplem'i.l stop, or by any of the packets ofthe Old Black Ball Liue, to anil from it ou the Ut and 19th nf every month, by applying lr u>. i Those reinitting money to Ireland, can have drarfis on TIIK ROYAL HANK OK I H KL AN D, and on rRKHCOTT. UHOTK * CO, Hankera. I.nndor. whieh t will he paid attM vnriotit brandies through* at Ore t Britain ' and Ireland. Apply to ? * ROI'ITK. RftOTIO HS fc ? O. N't. J I'Vlto.i ?tre?t, Pfew \ ik, I do r to the I1 til in I I Only auihorusd passenger aim's tof (I't UM iiU ? "*>? I Lin* of LiTtrpool ptoktlr ore )AKK THEATRIC.?Boiee.'lt; Pit, Menu: Uallerrt) ? e.?M-Th,r^? tVpt 9. w.ll h. p..f;,ru.,d the needy tf the OLAUIArOR?Hpart.cua, Mr. Kor*eat. Pha- mm riu*, Mr. Liinu 11 irllim, Anderson; Jiiln, Miaa Kate orn; Senoua, Mm. Abbott. -n To conclude with the comedy of Hl'N'TF.H OK THE LPS?FHi*. Mr Dyott; Ui|>ti>ta, Ande.ion.HcUu.Mrt. bbotl; Oeiierite, Mua Mile*. Doors oi'en at 7 o'clock. Performance will commence pretelv nt half ml7. lOVVtKV THk ATRIG?A. W. Jackson, M.uuiger; * Mu Stetkns, Suite Mnnimer. NOTICE TO 1 HE PUBLIC. Tlii* EsUblisbimut i( now closed lor the purpose o( re del ling llie interior of the h >use, aud newly iwintiuK and p, coram:* the Theitre throughout. On i'? re- peuiuK th. anaicer trus's he wilt be enabled to exhibit such improve- | 'hd and alteration for beauty, comfort ?iidjronTenieuce ?* p{ ill hear f.i*orable < omjtriaon Willi any ITiratit iu the uutry The citeuaive i>atrou?ice aiready bestowed ?o the ta nie, <!emimla from liiui every;eiertion in liia power, and he kes 'liia opportunity of nnuiiuK the patroua ? ! flie Bowery Itea'retlut he will u?e every endeavor to merit a coutoiu- Ja re of tlie mmy itTors ?o liberally bestowed on liim. jiuce e erection of flu* nre**nt - -'nice. & CHATHAM THKATllK.-l u.ier the Management ot >lr ?>? J KLK.Ti'HKHTh'irwihv Evening, Se|>' *Jth, will be pi esei.ted THK KOLLIE8 OK A NHJUT?Pierre Pallet, *. Ir. Wnlcot; Phillip, Mr. Neatie; Duchess de Charters, Miss ?r lark?. To be followed bv CHARLES Xlf?King Charles, Mr. 7 Icot; Ail mi Brock Mr. Taylor; Triptolemus Muddlenrk, Mr. Wirans; Kudn-a, Mits i l,.rke. ?!, To conclude wit* STATE SKCKhTS?Hugh Nerille, Mr. ' talTord; Calverton Hal. Mr. Brondon; Maud, \lra. Wrey. Phicki?Boxes, 25 cents: Pit, 12^ cents Doors open at T?pe.-formnnre commence* at half-past 7 ^A8TLE GARDEN?Thundav Evening,September!)th, < will be produced, forth* aeeoiid time Jn.e Verdi'-G^od At )pera. in three art*, of the TWO A It I?h'rHi.ri?/?. u\?.- til ari, Sill. Louis Vila; Joco|k> Kosi-ari, Sik Natale Perelli; "r ocopo Luredano. Sir. Luiki Hattallini; BarbariKo. Kig. Kedeico Bqdiali; Kanti, Sin J"?e I'iatnoiitrsi; L"crii; i Contsruii, th liirnora T'rm ltiiiicri; Pir.iua. Siguoriua Teoduliuda Uerli. /.; Omuihiisaes wi'l be iu readiness at the close of tl.e icrforin- _i uoes, At the Battery Gates. Dooisojieu ?t6>i; Performance to commence at 8. Admission. >0 c.euta. T1 PAL.VlO'H UphRA HOUSE?Thursil v ' Kve'iing, Sept. 9th, will I)**!* formed lie musical piece of Zoe. called . <OAN OK A LOV * H?Peter Spyk.T. Placide; Gertrude, 'h Hiss Ma v Taylor. A After wliicli A ill he eiliihit'd the Classic (lruupii>KS, l' ilimpses of the VATICAN, HOMK ti After winch, evolutions on the 'I'KIHT KOPK, in which lie Kavel Kanulv him] eon Jarelli will appear. .. To be succeeded by the Grand I'u de Deux, from Nathalie, >y Madame Leon Javelh and Vona. Henri Wells. To"'onclmle with the. MAGIC TRUMPET?Harlequin, i*t>riel Rivil. tl Doors open at 7 .'4, performance to commence at I o'clock ? ? TirUrts 50 rents, 10 nil parts ofthl home fTRfc AT ATTN \i TION ? I'Kt.Dr.K KPItlOI'KAN h OPKRA TROUPK.?Tim unrivalled troupe, composed f, >f sii performers, vi*. :?T.Backus. Violin; K-Sranford, Banjo; li De Buke. Celestial Chimes; W. I'rice, Triangle; L. A. Wilson. Tambourine, and W Suydaiii, Bouea?will give 11 icries of Confeitaat tlie Apollo Roouix, 4 ID Broadway, every eveniiiK this week. h'or further particulars see siirtll lull4. >6 7t*rc AM Kit K A.N MIJbKUM.ri Mier Broad w it and Auu airtat. ?Splendid performance! both Afleruoon and Kvening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN HERENADERS! ? IMtrilEAN FAMILY, OB KENNEBECK VOCALISTS. 3 Moving Panorama of the City of Loudon! Pete Morris, .\fiss Bernard. <kc. ' SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. OURANU OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VKNUB Mi-d.HOC1 WELL. the famous Kortun# Teller. 0 \ 1 ti 1 vi 1'in 3'i cents?I 'h'ldreii amler (ra one ?Iii|I;cr *1 INERVA HODMS.IIIIOAltWIV-liHAVU (MI A , .'X NIGHT?-PosMively Inst week of the acknowledged riginal VIIUilNIA SEKENADERS This Evening, Sept. C tb. on which occasion ihev will introduce a variety of new long!, Glees. Choruses, Parodies, Conuudruti a, kc Kvcry effort will be made by the company to make this, li?ir last week, a week ol nil weeks. The whole to conclude wi ll that soul-stirring and uever to e forgotten burlcsijue of the opera of Saffo, entitled STUKKO! Principal characters by Wiiiiiemore, Kelly, Smdford and lorn. Admission, 25 cents; Children under teu years, accompauied y their parents or guardians, half price Appropriate seats will be reserved for the accommodation of lilies and children. 4, Doors open at 7 o'clock?I'nmmence at R r8 2t*rc n RANI) SPARRING K XIII BIT ION~A N I) C O M p]7TJT MENTARY BENERU' to GEORGE KENsETT. aimerly of Washington, but more recently of this city, and >r the last twenty-five years a lesident of the I'nited States, 1 ho bring about to return to his native country itis the mteniou of hta friends to give lutn a benefit, and they beg respect- j. lilly to inform his friends and the pubi c, thai the SHAKS'EaRK ASSEMBLY ROOMS, in Duane, near Chatham treet, have been secured for (he occasion, on Tuesdiy evenup ueit, the Mill inst. As this will be the last time that he vill have the honor of aonearinir before an American nutilic. T t is to be Imped tint it may prove of a substantial nature to >nr wli) hu always conducted liiinu-lf with Propriety, and ieeu the means of alTonliug ui;itiy au agrerable moment to t( lio?e who know liiin. Kvety exertion will be used to ensure II agreeable ? veiling, and nothing permitted to occur that can r< D any way mar the harmony of the occasion. y The follow nit gentlemen hive kindly consented to nppear md cout'ih te to the evening's cnteri inmeut:?Messrs. James a 'ullivau. Dill IIirriiigton, Tom O'Divinell, Awful Gardner, ii Poling Mull van, Dick Sause. Bill Wilson, tugrther with all he fancy of New York who have volunteered their service'; b ind the lovers of sport inay depend on i.eemg * bout or two i. with the gloves after tli' most approved style if the I'. It. The sports of the evening will be wound up with a set-to o >etwteu Bill Harrington aud Oeoige Keiisett, after the stylo if the old school. r Tickets, 60 cents, to be had at Mr. Kensetl's, 491 Pearl street i tnd at ihe d or on Hie evening of performance. ?9 ltje OLD VioUNS.kc ? S..IOI1NSON. No. Tg7 WiliamsT, has. o.i consignment. four valuable Violins, viz: one Ma- ' giui, price $90; one Amati, *11"; ore ..lor, $t0; one Dull*, | c40;i-nda flue t ncd Viola, $( !). These inslrumen s arc the lirojHprtv of au amateur who ? now 'oo old to u?e llicm. t \i/~' Kor sale, a splendid Bmhm Klute, entirely uciv. mide . by iviartm, Paris, price $70, wiih complete instruction book. N. B.?Modem Music for evry n.siruincut, at two teuts l per tag*. Instruments bought, sold or repaired. s9 It is^rc I rpo TAILOKS?The K H and V^'in?r-1' Katliiou lor 1 '117 and ^ I Iffl?, is now nub'i?lied a'id ready (or sale by 'I'. Oliver, a IT Cnu street, Nciv Vurk, tlie thud door from Brasdwtr. T. Oliver hi* removed fr?m No i Courtlandl street, to 87 0 Uedarstreet. where he will eouti lue to publish his Fashions n sud Sv?i'ins as heretofore. IIis new system, called the "Tai,,r'. 'Imn.l'.r " I. ,, w .1, I <- >.,,1 ,-.,U l,.r C uile. si lut * in * JEWISH HV M A( f Util'K, No. i'iH 1'carl stieeL?The cele- ? brsted render. I'inkiis Davis whose celebrity has #?|>re-td iver Ku'opt, will officiate, (luring the holidays. at the above Hi Synagogue. Service tvery day during the holidays, at t> A.M. r, ?nd S H. M. tl 3t*m JUST UKlKIVhK?A r:?:li m"'t nl I inry aid hlack rilk Cravats and Scurfs, 4ic at J. AUATE'S, Cientlcmeu's t,iut''tter. 237 Broadway, cur of Park place. UNDKll GAICMKNTS?A largeaisorttnent offlilk Meri- B no, Lamhswool Cotton, ho. of every dvsirable style. at J |i AOATK'8, (Jcntlemcu's Outfitter, 2j7 Broadway, cor. of l'urli place. " OI.OVE8? A superior article of Kid Gloves, with welted i j iramv not liable to rip; also I hossou, Bajott, and silk thread and woollen Gloves, in great variety, at J. AGATE'S, I Gentlemen's Outfitter, 237 Broadway. cor. of I'arlt place. , hlllRTS?The subsoilier would c ill the attention of the public to liia style of Shirt*, which are made in a superior t manner. Shirt* madeftoorder,Hid warnuled to lit. J AGA1 K, Gentlemen's Furnishing Stcre, 237 iiroadway,''cor. Park place. s4 30' re 1 KW V OltK IJK NT A I. DKI'O T-Dentists and drur i gists are respectfully infoiiiied they can fiud at thesnbIfribe's a com,.|eie assortment of Teeth, Denta' Inatruinenta, I (fold Foil, Plate, Wiie, Solder, Spiral Springs, Platina, Mold, , ^fani'l Foil, Precipitated Silver, Silver Plate, Wire, Solder, kc., lie., at very low prices. e Dealers in the above articles will lind it greatly to their in- , crest to call, tiamiiie,aud learn prices as I "in determined to I live bargains. JOSEPH T MITRPI1KV, r s-l 3flt*r? m Broadway. N. V. j ^ fiAilLKM f AKK TMOnlMQ i OUmSK. ' t ^ 1r. \ PURsKoi 830 will be given, to come off ou friday, u IV Sfiit lO'.h?nsile beats? lieal tlitee in live; f ee for nil 0 if.ckg nors?s who n?ver went for money?under the saddle? i it > all'past ) o'clock p ecisely. Entries to lie inadeatOeen S iBcv.vj'a, oxjer before hall put 9 o'clock I'M.,ou Thursday, j n September 0 h. (9 It*in HIU*M WOODKUFI1. Proprietor. ti i BNTUYILLB COUMB, la. l^TBOtTltfo! at m t ? If L ^ u PUJ19K $400?$1(10 to the second hest; 3 mile heats, to come off on Monday, the 13' h nl September, at3o'clnck, P.M.. uid clow with the two /celebrated hor>es, James K. Polk and H I. oly Suffolk . ii\. ( onkliu names s.g.JimesK. Pi.lit, in harness. D. Drvau ...Bit ' "dy Su Ifolk, under the saddle. I JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor, t'entreville, Pe| t. 8, 18l7. al6t rc ?h WANTKU?An d ppled grey Horse ' irl ' IT*' ' preferred). lie must he a good Saddle ( ?? II" with full anil long inane and tail, perfectly ii noil, and not over 7 yv ra old. Apply iinmediawly to John Williams, Veterinary Mont on, Ml i hrystieatreet s9 ,'ir'rc " ?j^__ilKAVE8 AM) BROKEN WIND IN ? Jjul^^IlOKSKS, api'edil , and |>etmanently cured,by the e fi ^ v of Tatler all's Henc Powders. They have lieen m constant use in the Tattersall Stables, London, and by I noblemen throughout the Kingdom of Orct Britain, lor in ire than fifty years. As a medicine for Heaves, Broken Wind, Botts, Worms, !kc , the proprietor offers them to the people of I llie United States, wi'h full confidence ol their approbation, j * "iir Kfiiiime ? itnum flic aiyunMirr 01 j. t\ 11\r\ u i* i \t r<t Kleel ntreet, London. I'ncet ahillmia nfrlinn i ?t package, i.) SI. American currency. A II (iOUOH k ( o., I It Kulr.n atrect, New > orli, Acciita Oeneral for the United Hiatev All ordera, nccoinp oiled by the cull,anil poat'paid, linnet nn 11 y -fended to. Pnraona desiring the rige nc r, by nddreaamg aa above. po?t paid, with good reference, will receive immediate att-ntioa. ?7 M*B M ? KUU 8ALK?A Bay Horae, 14^ hu<i high, I i Iwt"1 y cnee old rhia awing, w. rranfed aound, and kind in . r *" Ri"' duunle liarueaa.nnd an excellent anddlc hor.e?ia very (mi t ml will be Fold 1 heap Me can be teen at Mnmy'a Livery tvnble, near ftouth Kciry. lirooklyu. tfh?S _ MKVtKAL very good second hand I'lauo", r *'*" cheip, M .:i 1 llr<ndt?av ; zoning diem J 4r ? ?'* a plendid tuned t.ta' ocuvea innrnmeiil, and ' I" * I llgvrry seat little raninet mjteod'ri } ~ TO III k< (> KANCIKKS.?Vreraj reapeetible breedera ol tha Lon( Canary, l-en.if dcairoua 'I promoting thia innocent and delign'fnl nmiiiement by romj ?riiik h llieir produce have determined to call a public meet- . ing f"r the puriM ae of iirriuifing a ahnw of tlieir atock and lo.ininga ronalitntion fur the couditinna <1/ euteiiug lord*, u awarding premium*, kc-, kc. I, 'I'he presence of the udrnirera of ibe I ng r.uiary 1* most re pectfnlly rri]iteaici| and n.gcd it lhi? primary meeting, in oriler that iill in ly have a voice in forming (be moat "Vktarv ,c* gulatii ni, that giving (lie If ia cli o,ce Iir duantial.i^ioti hcieafter. ' . , h A nublic meeting wll lie lield for lhi? piirpoae on F riday 'VI- lug, 10th Iii>i.iut, at LafiVKlU' I * ill. oppoaite Nlblo a old 1 g irden, .t 7 o'< |i ek " " *,n ? I WANTM)?T'wcuty-tive able-bodied men. from into Ml V, yean of age, to till up C< n>pauy A. I2ib llegt. U. S. In- * Yfl Untry. Tliia coinpauv ia ordered to jma (?eo Scott a? (| JJi.iMii, na 1 ta lanka are lilled. The a-lalmenl ia dining tie _ war with Meaico?pay from $7 to $11 ter month; rntmna, clnthiug and innlical attendance furmabed by Km eminent, without eipenae to the inldier A bounty of |I2 u given to P the recruit, ami at the eamration of tarm of aervice, or when 11 honorably dicharged, the anjdier will leceive M O aerea of a land, nr if be (ire I'era It. fill1' in I leaiurv Hcrip. with li percent |mterert. Omce No. IftM'halhara It , cor Jamea tlri et. New n York 'I?rc *; III 'illKM. iilA-r WlVil TO JOIN fllK lar ,, n RKOr. OK I'. *. ABTItJ.KHV?Wanted fur the Ut n llcg,tne..l ol A H11! 1 y, 100 able III id I'd men, between the , agea of 18 and 71 ycira, t.i which good pay, rationa and cuithing w .11 1^ given. Ai^art fioni theabme, a farm of MiO ^ icre?, or 1100 Treaaury Hcrip, and |I2 bounty. Applyat the " endfr.Ton? rorma, atNo. ISS^jj (ireenwieh. No 9!i'? Waahiog- a on, ai d No M l-haiham atreeta; nlao i,t llifl Ataeml Vnid, g lorrer of White and Ontre ata , lafew York igtOt're ? Ht NMV IIAT |l R| :i \ I|(|N:, -JI ISSl'BD.? The lirat I ,.|i' n n f K ?OA 'S I i 1 \ le of < ientle- t ni n't II ?ta lor ikl7, fun )iut 11 | nhii lied, nud m now terul1 1 g IT delivery. Tl-r ''Iilb <r i.s eoi.rtdi'iit I'i* I lie w ill diapoae i I' l.nusjuda of eoplea, iuamnrh aa ill who have inipectediha a >rla p mioaiirc it to I e iiiieiitnlleil lor grace, heaaty, and air liltingvi ?nda pn.aiiae rf i rung th' moat Ihore ngh and aatn. ( a< tory aeiyli e. Thia at, i f hi' i n unit lie ob int il at i}( ' ii'tii i tne . |f ia fire I i" e I k of fi?l i , I.' eiclit, I ipd tli* | i?v. ilii'g o|1 inioii ii ha: i M cam.< t he n c> taiga(1 , i femiemaa iu lonigiy vnlgai h? ?^i 141 "A KNOX ?lKu%m I ^ l_?t jgmfii m [LATEST MOMENTA TELEOltAPHIC. Additional from Mexico. Pktfbibi'bo, Sept 8, 1847. The southern mail thl? morning. bring* New Orlena* per? to Ike 3i?t. Thoae of the lit are behind The "hip Ague* had arrived from Vara Crux, which irt nhe left on the J lit liar advice* furniah the dell* of Capt. Wall*' expedition, but nothing Ut?r. The Jala/ia Hutlrtin of the lath wyl, that Kather irauta wan the leader of tba altaoka on Major L ally'a ain. and that the American 1<>h* wai 300, which It la ilieved in exaggerated. Major LaUy had raaehed Jalai with hia for op, including the detachment of twelve Bgoonn. Captain Walla' loaa was about 40. The propeller Buchanan had arrived from nratoa on e :24th. No newa. [Telegraphic Cor of Philadelphia Bulletin.] Jdcxlcan News. PKTEaiai'Ko, Kept. 8, 1847. The Southern mail ia in with New Orleana papera of ? 3Ut ult; the papera of the lat of Heptember, which e due. failing to reaoh here. The ficaytint of the 3 lat annonncea an arrival from e Draioa with datea to the 44th. The Matamoraa <U' contalna the partleulara of aeveral akirmiahea [licit have taken place between the Mexleana undtr an I'rrea and Anierloau acouting partiea and traina. hey all occm red nn the road between Monterey Mid atnmi'raH. The enewv aeeui to hare gained courage "in the delay of (Jen. Taylor in moving forward, and lair attacka are more boldly planned. About thirty uierinana have b-en killed in theae varioua akirmiahea. he Mexican Inns la auppoaed to be much heavier, hut ier? are on niea' h of arriving at correct eatimatea. 1 lie j himp<t nutt tin, 01 llio loin. expre??e? hope# IBM lajor l.nlly'ii train han he..n oaptured Juratta. with bin guerillan are very active The iiuprKKRiou Ii?k become general on the Rio <iraad? lat < Jeneral Taylor would mui? Irom bit poaltlou tonrdn Man l.uiii Potoai on the l?t of September I we no ccount of any more troop* baring been detached from in coin maud for Vara Crui. It ta believed tbat tb# irce now concentrating at Vera ( 'rut i* amply >uftel?nt > keep the communication clear between that place Mid lie city of Mexico. The Yellow Ktver, Mailt, 4U>. Baltimore, Sept. 8, P. M. The mail due to-day from New Orleana baa fallad ; here la nothing aouth of Savannah, Naw Orleana of tha 1st only recelred. The aouth western mall haa also allad. The cars from Cumberland were detained by running IT the track. No aeriou* damage dona. Interments from yellow fever at New Orleana during arty-eight hours ending 30th ult., were 104 ; death* at harity Hospital, 38 ; interment* at Lafayette, Legltlallva Procet-dliiff'* Aliuivv, Sept. 8?T. M. The Senate met and adjourned forthwith. In the ilouae the rexignation of Mr. Wright, of Sulliin, elected Judge of the Supreme Court, was announoed. djourned. The Governor will send in a menaage announcing tha ?ath of Silaa Wright. BY TIIR MAILS. Waihinotoh, September 7, 1847. 'ailure of the Mail?Air. Dix, Ventral Kearny, and Lieutenant Colonel Fremont?The Witmot Provito. Another failure of the New Orleana mall laat evening, 'ruly, a moat efficient roatmaater (ieneral. The numerous frienda of Mr. Senator Dix will r^Joica ) learn that he ia not aa yet about to retire from tha ^presentation of hia State, in the Senate of the United tatea. It ia true, however, that he did contemplate inch neceaaity. It waa apprehended that aerioul Indlspoalion in bin family would oompel him to resign hia neat, ut the atate of partiea in New York at present, render i aouDttui whether bis place would be tilled by a demorat, and In such uuoert&luty, Mr.Dix feels constrained, 10 doubt, to make an effort to retain It. HU resignation vould be a loss to the Kenate and the country. The misunderstanding which led to the arrest of Ueu.enaut Colonel Fremont, will be the source of muoh bit;erness. The issue between Ueneral Kearny and Kr?nont will not be permitted to rest on it* own meriU, bat vill be made the occasion of an unnecessary display of litterners on both sides Both officers deserve high iraise for their good conduot and gallant services, and hu trivial difficulty which hug arisen, should be as much a possible smoothed over, and not magnified Into m ranorous feud. Those who seek to make an egotistical dislay by the advocacy of either side, deserve the savereat ensure, and yet preparation is being made to oonvert tils honorable difficulty between two meritorious offloara, rising lrom a misuuderstanding of their several inductions, into a disgraceful wraugle, in order to gmtif the inorillnatn thirst of some of their friends foe IUUU1CU WttUTfl. The Wilmot proviso la in danger of total extinguiahaont. The wliigs aru btginuing to wo that it ia an unaafe khuh, and thu northern democrats will no doubt drop it iltogeth>tr before tbe l'r?Rld?nlial canvaaa of 1844. The xiuinph of that dootrinu would lead to tbe abandonUKut of our cluima on Mexico, wbich, besides being an tot of positive injuatice to our cltizena, would dlagraoe J? in the eyea of the world. 1 nay it will lead to tbe ibandoninent of our claima on Mexico, aa. If the proviso jo inaiatud upon, It will drive the South to oppoae the ic luititlon of any territory whatever. Mr. Buchanan'a etter ban placed thin queation in the cleareat light. It night be better in the abatraot, that alavery ahould not list In any new territory we may acquire from Mexico; >ut a practical expediency ia batter than an abatraot Klit, when that abatract right ia poaitiveiy unattainaile without the nioat disoatroua results. Now, reaulta be most disastrous would follow the aucceaa of thia Wll?ot proviso doctrine. .Southern Senators declared laat aeaion on tbe floor of the Senate Chamber, that that floor light be expected to be deluged with blood In the event f an attempt being made to trample and insult the outh by the adoption of thia proviao. If the South canot be forced on thia queation, then we ahail acquire bo iTritory lrom Mexico, and ahail have expended thouuida of Uvea and milliona of treaaure in making a boot?sa inroad on her domain, thua entailing diagrace on oar ationul name, and suffering our cltlxena to be defrauded nd plundered by tbe pettiest power* of the earth. There ia a faction at the South not dlapoaed to be atistled with the Mitaouri compromiae, but ail moderate uen will Hupport that compromiae aa the bond of union iclween the North and the South. GALVIEN818. \V*?hi!??to!*, Sept.7,1847. Nothing To-day. We have nothing to-day from either celumn of the imiy in Mexico, and we are all anxiety to hear of tha eception of Gen. Scott at the capital; and what ia the ixpenditure of life on either aide, and what are the iroapecta of peace. It will take h hundred dragoona to bring Oen. Saott'a inennenger down to Vera Crua. judging from the nwarma if guerilla* that infant tin* road '1 hn whig* here. favorable to the nomination of (Jen. Taylor. are alno favorable to hi* resigning, should any more troop* be withdrawn from him to reinforce Oe?. Hoott; an J they nay tHat the old man will resign. Qui in id'r. .Mr Senator Weatcott, Mr. Senator Ragley. hare been, tnd wit nuppoae int-nd to he hire. during the Interregnum. Mr Johnaon of f.oufiiana. ha* recently come up ind brought his family < ol B*nton in expected back loon, from the V^'oat. I'erbapa be will bring Col. Krenont with him. W. D?i.riMoar, Sept. 8, 1847. lid Zack't I iktntii?Mri Farrtn? I)rftn4rri' Ctlr. hrulion?Volitict?Thr Museum, <f-c. At wood's much talked of painting of General Taylor a* arrived in Baltimore, and will noon be opened for exibitlon The New Orleana Drlla nay a, It la about aa luch like General Taylor aa a mud fence, and certain , la, there la no reaemblance In It to the many deaorip' lona I have read of the old hero. Mra. Karren, the tragic actreaa from the aouth, make* er Aral appearance thla evening at the F'ront Street 'heatre in the part of Mariana She baa been highly poken of. and will doubtleKa draw a line houae She la bout thirty yeara of age. of fine form and feature, and r her aliilitlea are e.jual to what they bay# bwn repreented, cannot but be well received. The old defender* of Baltimore are making great pr?>aratlona for the celebration of Monday next, aa the anIveraary of the Battle of North I'oint. They will 1nt? t 7 o'clock In the morning for the ancient borough o f redvrlck, where they will be met by the remnant of i alt I more ilefendera In that place, and will b? acoom nied on the trip by several of our volunteer eompa lea The fall '-ampaign for the flection of Governor, memera of ( ongrees, and merobura of the l.eglalature. la pro. leaning with spirit and energy. The fact that the potinal complexion of the next llouae of Kepreeentattvea rill In aome m< aaure depend on the reault of our on renaloual oonteat, la Infualug energy Into both partira, nil all ueana, fair and foul, will be uaed for the victory The Muaeum. withita new and npacloun aaloon. under lie management of Vankea Siilsbee In crowded nightly. ,nd the performances are very good flair* uf BUtcka at BsUtlmorc. "in 7-Maryland Vs.7>;? <>? Trvustny rotes I'., iM.tUoer ? *\\1. 10', $!W) tltV ?' . III 101U U.itd IB'ir, rlu.rJ t III ''a . f, I lev it ? (?'?> f' lOJaskH. If*', M. . I e re el ..Intl9.ia-*.I,MI||'I ? it)' l>0/te?M cloatdat lOiUaakid. l"*Kbi4. Biiiiworo aoil Ohio railw^ liMM HH, asged, ilji bid.

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