Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1847 Page 3
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TCLEORAP1QC. Markcta. Albany, September 9?P. M. Hour?Tha market continued dull at $6 87>i for fair brand* western and Oenesue, and $& 6J>fc for fresh ground. Sales of all kind* were Very limited. Wheat? The article continued inactive, and no salea were made -worth reporting Corn?Sales of 3000 bushel* weateru mix- d were mnl? at 65o. : for white do. 67e. W(ii?k?y?s?l?? at -J70 Provisions about the same. lt?C"lpi* bv the canal during th? preceding 24 hours? H^ur aooo barr> Is; corn, 0000 bunhels; wheat, 'JU00 do.; rye, 2000 do. No change in freights [Ti Wraphio Cor of Phil Bulletin ] Baltimohk, S^pt ?. 1?47. ? In the absence of nearly 1 all nhfppinif d<-m?nd, floor continues extrnnelv quiet. . Holder- have submitted to reduced prices, tut the rates ' have not yet tempted purchasers to any exteut. There ; "UK to be a stand off holders asking $6 J5 for both Howard and City Mills, but buyers are offering only 31. and as low as $5 No change in grain from yesterday -the declining prloes have not rallied. The iutrket generally quiot and heary. PiTTiuviio, Sept 9.?The channel has about S feet 9 Inch, s today There has bean a rain In the mountains, aud we look for a rise. I hear of no salea of flour this morning. Corn Is dull at to 40 Wheat no-nlnal at H7tol)0 Pruvbdonit ?ery dull. Whiskey quiet at 19)? toSO'i Oroceilefi heavy. MarrKtd. On Wednesday evening 8tli lnat., by the Rev Mr Ch*se, Robkrt Dixon, Kfq . U S. Navy, to MigsLariiA t Ilki bKi. of Monroe. Connecticut. On Th|irad:ty evening, 9th inaf , by the llaw Dr Stark. \ O 8ra?*RT, P.Kq,. to vias E Duaui, only daughter of : ?. Dubue, Esq , all of New York. Died. VMtarJu mnrnlno ?- ai.t I her Hire. Tin relation* and friends of the family are respectfully Invlteil to attend tbe funeral, this morning, at tea o'clock fr >in the residence of b?r nephew, Christopher "Wolfe. 724 Broadway On Thursday, the 9th Inst., at 0 A. M.. of disentery. thkodohk (loan*t, ion of Lout* anil Emily Oeorger, a**l 1 > months ?nd 9 day*. The fried11\ of the faintly are Invited to attend the funeral Lhin ?rteruoon. at 6 o'clock, from their residence, No lot! Ai'Alty street CO" Uu jilo paper* please copy. Uu th ? Uth I nit , tLr.AKoa Eim, twin daughter of Eleanor Ann and Henry O'Baker, aged 9 mouths and 13 day* Th', friend< of the family are respectfully invited to tte' J(| (,(? funeral, thin (Krlday) afternoon, at 3 o'elock, i> No ii7 Prospect street, Brooklyn ' On Tue-dsy. the 7th Inst.. at the Seaman'* Retreat, 9 Xaten Island, Mr. Thomas Pabkkk, of Charleston, S C., Aged 'J? years. {,'(/? i harl< (ton paper* will please oopy. At New Orleans, ou '29th August, at 3 o'clock, of tho prevailing epideiuio, James Sill. of Liverpool, aged 30 years On 30th August, of the prevailimg epidemic, Ludlvm S Chittenden. u<ed 36 years, a native of New York On'?9ih Aug . of the prevailing epidemic, Felix Muidoon, a native of the county of Longford. Ireland, ag->d ad years On the 30th Aug , Mihshit Muldoon, his wile, aged ml years. On the 30th Aug, William You no, a native of Bremen, Germany. On the 28th Aug . of the prevailing epidemic, Mr. Andrew S. Cooke, aged 33 years. O HS t<lU I K.S of O'CONNBLL.?The Obsequies iu Memory of UuiielO' oueell, will take place in this city, on .lie 2?d nutlet. Tlie funeral or>tioa will be delivered bf Ex-Uovamor Seward, .it Uaatle O trdeu, qu tlie 23d lutUuit. The <-oiuiniit>e of Amusement* couipoasi of ttu deleaites o unaiereas tocieiiss ??a the iLxecutiTe Committee of tlie N'e>* Vork ite(?nl Asjofiatioe, h've left nothiug uudoae to make th,* e<>miueinor*tioa wo: thy live illnttriout departed. Tee uimutkli-u of arrangements letpectfu ly invite ell Socie ! ?. and citixens from aistcr cities, within'*'ich of INew Tork, lo#a on the occasio*. They will obtain their phce in thn t e? b# rr.ioftiHK te tbe Ofiid tMarahal, Thorn u O Conor, In , or .o Ibe udj- urued meeting of the Committee of Arrangements. at Mr. William reeu'i, Montgomery 11-tli, No. "? I'riece meet, on Wednesday evening, lilh latum:, at 8 o'clock. B> order of the Comasittee of ArrauaeiiuoU. Bartholomew o'connob. Cmm ti E. Sbma, Saeretary. Cbaiiman. Hi >t* r o 1>?U&ulA'l O ? HjUI Biiatol. kept b> Hicli.rJ Saud?ra, Uae '1 tarersiar* lit. jenr*', P<irn. Whereas, * yonex ??'"?, h neie <wria the said hole . left, (or New York Dy a H*?r? p.chsi fcetwe.-a the resjrt 1(41 aad 1844, sspposed to li ve ? married. Pboai> this meet her eye. the is rete a. p y to Mr. Thossas ttryou, of TiVuli, at me O ?ibv Il..t?l, New York, of wiiomshe will t ear of touiethiua te lie ?d> mage. >10 2:'in t; n V.mank e preTiV.s ud Locomotive Office, ^ 133 Ka't-.a stre?t, Co aar of Nassau, 3d story.?Inrds, *i < w.'i. rs, biila, aad jwb p iatiag of at, kinls, neatly rue correc.f) wxee<te*. at terylow prises. I1ereh?ats- storp heelers, and all others domic bnsiaeat, will flu i this office well supplied witu a'l kiudj ef oaatrritl iccmur te ao guod #ri tieg Mercaa i e aad eoiainerti^l priatu g oa-tieul ny it tease ia tfpecimeaa may be seen at ib-> office VU Kulton t'e?t. THoMAi L. SlIT'lON. ?ln 'ii ?tw S. t. . Vi LNOI^JC.?One earn angioe ot' two horse l oner, complete, with locomotive bouer attached, all la ?ni/d older, lor sale kw. R Il Jli- St * O , ' o 4' re _____ " ""* " fold street. TUK .> i . *Oi NO fc ELLIS, st?;?Pkc i FCLLV anu.iu ice that their new e tnbliahmeot. No 271 Bioidw^v. conn hi <ji,r tab* 11 street, (out block above tlmr preseut I rati hi ) K*i !>< ?j o. eued witil iUO r.ise-, fii minu *u ent rr 1 v new and the lanteat >( ck of ?le.ant, useful aou farcy | article* <,f a 11 ivr order of taste, beaaty aad richness, ih u hav: titti b*en - xbibi'ad i?a New York. anhnniaw tilass, F-ench and Dresden Porcelain. Tjrui Colts, t Hfitr M. chr, Bronzed, ni't and electro-ailvered *'? e?. i-lnid Uiaki, Drawing tJasea, Work lioxo, Slc.; Cwtlai . u !tte?l (iood?, Paper and KaaCT Stationery, Per uanert, Dm lua,' omi?a, u id article i fur ill* toilet ; Fans, Uubie.lia, mi.?. Wli ?a, 1'arsea and Bikj, Opera tilaj.iei, 4t.c. ; , CUi r?a ami lad a I' amM Articlna and curiuaitiei. i'o iheir luiuiar buaiaes* tliey Kill a-d JKWfcLRV. ani ir.vite particular atta.HOa to their large (flection, botli F.?ie gn 101 ucaa, of tlm uawaat, richest awl mo.t elegant descriptions : b * a! fit I Watches and (,1'ik*. fancy nilver Ware, Li men is, Cnweo*. K|a, Knamela, 4tc., all of which will be ui .rknl lu plain at pncaa from which nut the alit'it- at deduction will oe ui- ilu. aiU6 i?* ?'ia c *71 Broadway. corner ofChvnbcrs srrr?t. Vj! 1 4 r.U v K< l At HlS HO V1K on t.oudav last, Andrew M f wal, ai^thoat la yei s,i>f lair coinpleiiou.full e>?. an-l mum pi< J 4,.tjnK. he generally responds tu the name of r.muy. A?? .'.mourn iou ol'111s y?hereabouts will he tliinkfuli 1 i?ee.v- t ma J.t<.>ii?)as ither. .vim. >lanu. No. 3 , Win ih- li^nt ?rbv Mr. V;.? I'elt, JJ Mercer atreet. - 11 t?r1 rP " TTTTiPrili 1 JTTioi> 6F~ iHc. .mamsachu " f.'i > * ? haiitaii'f .leclrmic Aasoridtionv Inr the *n*"ur adamant n< Maiiafacruraa and th? Media >ic Art*, will '"'.a lata at lMa?ail aati (^uiory nails m tbe fit- of Beaton, c amtieucing on Wednesday, September 11th, of the picseul The Oeveraaiaat of lh? Aaaoc i at ion being vested with full K,?rr * to make all *eceeaiir? arraugem^uia. announce cur F f ii K.a bitii n. ia fait contideiife tn?t lb* various nd imboruut ) ore mauls in ever <!e potmeet ol Mechanic a*U ik 1 1 a 1 f during 1 <tu?iryto vrbich t e luveutive K#n.n? of our c aatrvue a toastautly (Hug biith. caanot fail to an Ivr th>> 1 xl 1 'Di>? mora vluabie, luteiealiug and keueficial uuu lllierofi a iirei e'ras rs We e eloi* 'eip? rfany inyie and '"licit Mechanics, Manal.u-lurers axd vit sts throughout the Union, to coatributa *,'? i?eaa laseve y nepar'uieut of labor or i^kill; articl 1 of u .. -mm KIT ?1. u, n j Hii'wr mtie.isl. ill* pTOMUC't 01 1 ti>* I* 'o * aitk. MtMtWw hvp fi?a. ? hair; um crwiM I vH'tiK ii ixliil > aud ea* e; mid iu liue ao' production mail* ' of iu.*r*' -l wiicli can iu any way minuter tj the cmai -it or um taanealid aiciety. \?H w* (i?i?br utrr a j?raia>um of One Hundtil anil Fifty Djli.r. ii> ut iiiv*ki?r ?f ?uch machine, implement or aeiamiAc 4 Mn<ny,u ilul' be iiec'iia*, by the Judge* mo.r >iniu<- I t "t t<. Ii.e of w.iakiud. \l?o, a rieinia'ti uf O-r Handed Dollart f-.r enrb ma'hin*. fcc , at (hull I,a civitidrred aer.?ud m iBitmiU/ifr; ud/innl' rif y iVII-ra for hit wnirli h II ?uui4 I'uid iu t?<a r*i|?et It beiag uudrrttooif th#' tu:h (inclin e ' r i plemant. 'ad if practicable, >u.h tciaulific ditCover* li.rni ptrr of tho prctcut hibibi ioa. M?>. !<(.>!'<-old it Silver) or lioanrary Diplomat, will br iw 1111* i the aticlet tihiftitad m?y daeerve; anil th? manK??<a pl?d*> thimwiyn that the abictMt impartial.ty shall ba obi ivad iu their dutribntion. A ti l?a. t < nmort a coatpicuoai plica in tha Exhibition, ?h a 4 lie teat in aeaaoa, that tliry may ba r*f iitcred by tha flu | am teadaat, at Quiacy Halt, on or before Saturday, Sept. Mm. The Fr-i^br of all *rticl*?, machinery, lie , which may be ac t fi.r the >itioa ore the rarmui railroad*, connecting w itti tba city, will, if tucli a-ticlet, kc, a re accepted anil actual ynhibitnci. be eluiided bt the Association All w'ui raav with io (ire?ent mailutias, model*, or gsede for pr m nei or ?tli bi i-n are rnju??t?U to adjrrat Mr JOHN KUH V Secratir. of the Aa oc.aiiou. City buildii-g, >o II < ntirr*. Button, tine -paid which will meet with imme il't otteatiua *r .? s?crel<ry will -l?o lurmth, on application, *rat t capiat of i?r Cieuer<l Circular, containing tha inert e . n'vt and lie uUiio a of the rxhibiiion. is -> i <l?r ftlie <, ?1'i H'yrn?- (}. SMITH, Preairleat Ui*T.?fbie >u uil teatival, given to the / rm a in, >a t lacityand preoiueta. anil their ' e *iU mil lie nee on ilie 11th or Septein ier at Kant New V ,i.i, >>v I h . v|ii er. utlie wiae Hum, who wa? the prnprio t tr ut t>m lie u if >1 K'oiivlt t U-n g'V?al<tt ear, aud where ?o mum Ik* iiel ?.itMa'tiou wa apnkeii of by all paitiet wli i to li in Hi"' fe? i?al; aail from the |ir*| arationa already (iii >'ki.0. nr cut pinmiae an merea-e of Hennre and amnseiru ii' in h|l that will I .ror u? with their itwki. JOHN MILLER. P S Tli# S uili farrv eve tike ptuaeutfrra direct ?n the Kri.o d : I 9l4, A. M ; P.M.; aM and #, r VI , beai <ea e*tra ir i ? * 1*1 a k lit ?uy lime. ?l> it itFStfcM*rg E> ; lU^JtiPAKT ?l .NT ? *t meeting of the e.iicmaere I n.l r mill' u ol'llie I1' re D?ixntmriit, held at Firemen'! II I!, on Tne-dav Keniini, the 7tb iuaiaat, for the purpose of tiumi King * I ??iidate W n I a ??'MC? uow ematu.g in the l'.i? i -i< . r|n i'f ur Dejnrtmeii', Mr John A. i. re?ier harII r-erciveil a in .jnilty ol th- totea cut, waa duly noniiuated m ? candidate to fill iaid vacancy. By order, l)h LANCEY BARCLAY, Secretary. Nc"? Torll, "ept I. 1*17. I'M' tT BROOKLYN Foil S.TLK?Nme lott et J IJ ooklyn, ti'ea'td at Ned H >ok, in the .Sitlh Ward, <> I 4ri 4 io? >. rent fioui ii'.iirerii 190 to 19.1 mclo ire in the ti eiu't' "ftli? \ n?t? L> .< k ea h lot 14 by (00 feet. Will he | told'i' ? nah e if m.p'ied f .f aooa. Arl i N.i ia? lout ?t a* 31*m . iXOWK FOR H.4I.K-For t.|. ,he .t ck hd V* iitr i'Miif lfc>. .il.l <ttabli*hcd Grocery and I liuor -itorf I'll, in- c Mill.*, r.oruer of Mloe< k?r aa I ''one 'ia tiieru, A ii will be Kireii for fi?e; it will he nolil eh??p for ca? , c ?id?rii.g locnrina fcc Ai p;\ nnii.Mli .'rl t" k H" ir _ T OtiAB MOKRKLI, IV) Fin it at. T3 ii S |> ?la llroridwiy, oa tiie Id ale., a email tool, cuiU't* X i ( a Gold Watch, wh cb the owner can hare by p'OTiag p,<.|i-riy 'tad p.iymi charge* by ctll.eann CHABLES ferguson, 9 1'* r> 167 W mi Br nil way. H.? >'H< 0 Of FOUTUNB TELLING, It now prMtmidh" tnanv imp .aMra in tine cir.v ; but lhat 'lie celeb .rml ^ admie AD >LPH. f'oi? France, now at her pri?it? rrti'lenre III lleetcr ttr ei, third Mork ea-' ol the Bowery. i I r It th.'.e who (for hen. (It, or r?e? hot cnrioaity ) co.mlt her tc entifie tkili?of all their mott aaerrt affnre.i f I love, m i ri ?-. je*lo ,?y, frien d, law?when or wli ,t hnthtud or wf. ihev will get All lnee acknowledged who have inTtillil tnl her wm.der'nl p >wera Fee reduced to 50 centt. Comnl'a'ion hon ?, til day and araaing till 10o'clo<k. , # ' r II' i I Nl . -IV L> H i i LIBKaRI KU T.'ftRr,- I I ' i u itenper I>/k . to innie hie friendt nod eielomera to an in* e -tio of mil I'kiMw I inr ry Fnrn taie, which h t bneu n't e to cdr for the roantrv teat of t P Rimnn, kt'|., "f H ii'?-P-it, < o*a It ia g't i tended to rrai.vk on r1 ,'?! i?ern*at, ilrhnuah covii'xxiienra tin'h .re ^ irteel'ed tl?r ii Ii'ni ^ nroi>?, i?-e? that ?othmn ol ih? kied |ln?* e< ii?f>r? ~ee> * n in thit r. Batry. It eompriaea in rid ee? of t ele wo kina ?l ip the cloaeat appronm?u >n to the I hnr ?e 'Ir t cai ' ima*mtn Th w'lfl'e f'h? 'tirnitnre will h? on hand 'or a few da-t for ih>- H ?,* rtion of th"M who may be i w ?r.t of new ttvlat pfr'fh 'nnii ur?. JIJLIl/fl i| |'*irt < tblnrt Maker 40fl Broad?rar A >AHTMENTI TO L .T UAwUoiMly (teraitkMl mm ( A iMMikfd.MliMMlilMMWIMM. MVftl 1 A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN wish** sitnatiot ?s cook and laundrOsa; up towa would be pre- | for red; ap(>ly at H Crosby street iu th* rear; can b? "eea Tot t > days B'st of references ?U lt*rc W, N l'jtf ? A good Cook; also an Ainencau w..imu as Nurse, to two children. Apply at *3 Fourth st.eet, ne<r the Bowery. _ ?ID 3t?rc W ANTS A bITUA'i 1(JN? As Mempsiress aud Chambermaid, or Sempstress and Nursery Slaid, by ayonug woman. Mho ran p-oduca the beat city relerencaa?is wall acquainted with the management of children, can make liaraalf Kent- allv useful. Apply at 32 Whitehall itraet. ?'0 lt*rre __ WANTED?B? a rrapacttble young woman, a situatiou aa cook, that rulv uadrrstan Is her busiuess. Can be seen |Ott?id<nal92 llwd'Qn street ?92t*rc VK/ A.NibU A PkRnON who understands packing crockVj ery. Apply at 109 W ifer street alOit'rc WANTED?Bviwo rrspectable ) oung women,situations iu a private fimily, one to do cooking, washing aud ironing; the other to do chau.ber work, children'a r urse or iramv tieis. Beat of city re'eren' ea?or to do general houaework Apply first door from AvauuaC, in X 1th street, left hand .ide. alO tt?ni WANTED?An experienced Milliner. Apply*at J13 Broadway. s9 nam WAN 1 KU?A bitu-.tiou, by a respectable youug Mauand Woman, either in city or country; the man at Coachman, Groom, or any employment to mike himself generally useful, or to work od a farm; and the woman as cook, washer, and irouer in a private family or a farm house. The apullcasta are brother and sist?r. aud want to rat plncea together. Good recommendations given. Apply at 20 Pr nre street, up ataira, in the rear, for two daya, or by letter, addi*?aed to A. N , will be pnitctuall> attended to. s9 Jt*m WANT D?A 1'irtuer, either ail*.t or'active, with St.000 to $1,500. in the wholesale wiue and liquor basiuaas ? To any one really wishitg business, the above ia a good opport'iuity Addraaa A. M., Bo* 1 668, Lowar Post Office, with umnr and address. Satisfactory references giveu. 9 :II?tc WANTED I.V1MED1 ATELY?10 or 40 good Stone Masous to work on the Vork axd Erie Rail Road. Layuesboro, Pa. Wages (2 per day, and steady employment for one or two years. Application to be nude at the Coiunbia Hotel, South Brooklyn. JAMES COLLINS. WILLIAM BEARD, m 3ii"re Contractors. WAN 1 ED?A situation as Clark, to go to Met icu ;jf California. by a youm mau who tpeaks the Spanish language aud brings good recommendations. Addmi Bueua Vista," at thi? office ?8 it'rt WANTED-A (riddle aged Woman to Waah, Iron, aud do the Chamber work. Alio, a untie man, ai Waiter. The beat of City reference required (Yom their lajt place or places. Apply between the hour* of t and U A- M.. at No. 1 baitert Hace. ?> 3t rrc WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?An experienced Nurie to Uke the entire charge of a young child. Apply at pure at 20 Concord street, Brooklyn slji'rc W.VNTKI)?A farmer and hii wife, to one who understands hia bwww,ia all its branches, a good sitnatien will he offerud. An^katern man accustomed to the u?e of the txe driving cattle.3tc , fcc.. wonld be'preferred. Apply to JOHN C. STEVENS. corner of Mi ray street, and College Place, between the hours of aud9 o'clock, in the morning. sT 7t*m PAIll'ICl/LAR NOTICE?A gentleman would like to hare a room, with or without uoard, and pay for the same in lessons upan the Piauo Forte. Good references given. Address a line to C. D , at Atwill'a Music Store, 201 Broadway. s91t*re PR ACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, No. U Cedar Street-" Mr C. C. Marsh. Author of the "8iceace of Double Entry Book-keeping Sintp'tfied," and the "ArtofSinS'e Eutiy Book-keeping Improved," continues to teach ss ore. I he pupil becomes familiar from actual use with all the books constitute g a set, aud a person of good capacity will, by this course, become a competent book-keeper in about a mouth, and wi 1 receive a ceitilicate to that effect. . Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at the rooms, from 9 A. M. _ s9 30* in POWER LOOMS?For sale, 30 Narrow Looms, of superior make of iron, to weave twilled work, cither cottou or woolen satinrtt, Kentucky jeans, tweeds, or drills, with ahanKL-cams. They will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at 22 Broad street. s911t*rc TWO BILLIARD TABLf.M kOR HALE CHEAP.? The Tablet are in very good order, and all the fixtures complete. Euqui e at Sweet's Croton BatH, coruer of Hudson aud anal street, of WM. H. SWEET. s9 3t? rc GENTLEMEN'S L- FX' l)KF WARDROBE, Ike ? Oentleineu or families having superfluous effects, such as wearing apparel, jewelry, fue arms, furniture. Ike., which they desire to dispose of advantageously. have the beat opportunity of dome to by sending for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residences by appoiutment. H LEVETT Office, No 2 Wall street, corner of Broadway. N.B.?A line addreued through tliu post-office or < therwue, will reccive prompt atteatiau. sB 3t*rc HA.-tTINUS' COMPOUND SYRUP OK NAPTtIA? Not only a positive b it warranted cure forcouiumptoo ami ail .i-eases o< the lungs. This has decided the dilute about (he tu ability of couiumpiion aud satisfied the intJial fu;ulty. aud a>l who have meU it, that coasamption. and all h|f?ctioiisof ili? I ngs. r-annot <nly he cured bat they are at easily and simply cured as .tin 'it uny of the disorders to which the human 'rime ialuhln T?e p< rail on of a single bottle, which eotti hot on. dilUr. is sufficient to satisfy any patient? if u?t altogether too fir f one w>h the diseiisr?of this fact; a d even a single dose givtt evuience of its extraordinary inllnence iu arr-tting anilerailic-1 ,ig the nulad,-, by the iuimedi.ite iclirf winch it iir<rila. This is uo quack or secret rem'd, Dr. Haiti ga jia discoverer is one of the most rminaut physicians of ihe agi, a..d has made full disclosure of iu liiitorv. aud .ill its c >nin .|1?I1| t?*rlt t \ the wnriH nnt ?! !>> ,* ?? I iucur t?e r??po?i' ilit)' of c > li i?K "> him?*ll, Tor tiie fake of profit, a Merit wnch wu calculated to do such a^ivtml g juU And such has bcrn lite w>>' il .fill rasu'ts of it* uptraiicni. llmt ilir London LnMt, V.wdic .l Time*, and the most m-nei.t jihrilciaii* i.f b th hrmispherea, ar* auxi> ualy calling upon HUtf-rrrato have iminvli*te r*courie t? it. aud proclaiming tint of "II known me, it al< ur liaa positive y eitablishe.1 ila rfliocy. t?y u>ideni>ble proofs ofcu-ing consumption aad all other dneaaes of the (Vice Oue Dollar a bottle ; a x bott'ea for five dollar*. Aa I ili a la a very Kxprnsive preparation, it ia not left around on ! commission, aa is the mo je with (inack medicines, but must he purchased out r\ud out by ilioje who sell again. This ari&ug'-inesl v ill. in general, linnt its sal- to tha larger cities a d iowua; and, thriefore. prions residing where Hastings' \nptlu Syrup ciunot he obtained and who can be reai.lwd by s age, Cip eaa, steamli >at, ur auy other public conveyance, h.iuld writ direct to M. A. I". Harrison, No. U7 Ureeuwich street. Nnw Vurk, en losing a remittance f>r the number of lioirli s rrq ii c l which will be immediately packed and forwaidrd iu [Imm, iu a maoiier to secure their safe and apeedy deliver; Nc.tirc?Moore & Co.. the former nffenta for this m*rlii>in? Inve with the c in.eut of IJr. H istings, of London, lold and rian.ler ed the agency "I the American conti cot to M A K Hirrisoi wh > is now the so'e aaeiit of Hastings' Compound si rup of Naptha iu tli? United Slates and Canada. ?!) jut in WlUd ! VVIOS!?8'i'HANOh.HS and Ciiizeus wishing a fiial quality Wig or Toupee, .ir? invited to inspect tht extensive assortment o( VVm Batrhelnr. where they eui select Troui tha largest acock in the United States. There is always a beat place to proenre an artiele in every buaineee, end tfir beat place to buy a Wig or Toupee,is at Bhiciiclor's manufactory, No. 2 Will street, near Broadway. Private rooms for fitting Wik-a. Copy the *<Mraas. an 19 iet?rre TO TAILORS?Th? K.I I and Winter Kashion for 1(47 and I&48. H nuw |<ohliklied,aiid rea<lv lor sale by T. Oliver, 87 Cedar (treat, New York. the thud door from Broadway. T.Oliver has removed from No i Conrtlandt street, to 17 Cellar street. ?here will conti'iae to putilish his Kasnions and S' mems as heretofore. His new system, called the "Tailor's Philosophical Transfer," u> now complete and readv for sale. sltot'm JU>T KiOckl VKL>? A rich assortment ul laucy asd black silk Cravats and Scarfs, lie at J. AGATE'S, Gentlemen's Cutfitter. 2J7 Broadway, cor of Parkphee. UM)".K OAKMhNTH-A large assortment of Silk Merino, Caixhswool Cotton. Itc. of every desirable style, at J VGAT. '3, Gentlemen's Outfitter, t.fl Broadway, cor. of Pi'li ajjee. ( ti.0% EH?A snprrioifrticle of Kid Glove*, with welted Mains, not liable to ripkWso thosson, Uajon, aud silk thretd anil wuollen iSI.-ves, T?i great variety, at J. AGATE'S, Geutl-meu's Outfitter, !tJ7 Broadway, cor. of Park place rtHIKl'S?The uo?C'it>er wony call the ufte..tiou of the imMic to hts style of Mhuu, wliieh are marie in a superior manner. wbirt? madetto order,and warranted to fit. J. AGATE, Gentlemen's Furnishing St re, 217 Broadway *cor. Purk place. s4 10t?rc NEW VOKK DENTAL li'.l' aud dinggisU are respectfully informed they can find at the sub^enhe ' a com>lete assortment of Teeth, Deuta) Instrument*. Gold Foil, Plate, Wire, Holder, Spiral Springs, Platiua, Gold, iwaiel foil. Precipitated Silver, Silver Plate, Wire, Solder, &r., Itc.. at very low prices. Dealers in the above articles will find it greatly to their ia terest to call, examine, and learn price*, ai lam detertniued to give bargain*. JOSEPH T. MUHPHK.Y. 30t*rc ibi Broadway N. V. mn ui> v - o..l-t. j sr: rr " : 1v IIUIKU rv**?rjl r.n.i.? 1MB aOVC User, Having (> * loiiK and favorably known to the travelling community as couductor of a tint class hotel, ii desroas of making aa arrangement with the propr elor of a first clan hon.e, who would be disposed to aeII out on favorable term*, or else become a partucr in the ?ame The moat undoubted references will be given and requited. Communications addressed to box 1U0, Cost Office, (post paid) will meet prompt attention, and he considered strictly confidential. si 3t*rc GB. <. LARKK, Kaah<o?able Tailor. 116 William itreet opposite the New Storea?I have received a full assortmnr of < loths, Cassinieret and Vesting*, which being bought for c ub, I will make 10 order at Tery low pricea I have also an Assortment of leady made Coau, Vests and Tanta, very neatlv made ami trimmed For cut. quality, workmanship, snd price, I im livorsbly known to the public It shall be my endeavor to rat lin their good opinio*, by selling a good article at a low price. H c k Co?ts frmn $ > to $11; I)-ess Coats made of (via Krench Cloili, to order, from $U to $20; every othe,ga'inent in proportion si 4tis?m I> ' K . *< MOFK. T Ml.OK, NO tt ANN HTHKKT. I. ? (rirevieustothe late fi-e. at No. Ii|i Ann street) woo Id ie<pe tlally isform hit customers and the public generally that having disposed of his old stock, he is now opening an -ntirely new and 'reah assortmeet of plain and fancy Cloths, l 'assimeres and Vestings of the Uleat, richest a''d moat fa?hlou-ble styles, all of wtiirh hiving just been purchased for nali, he is ensbled (and will) furnish garments rut. made and ttitnined in the most fashionable styles, at the lowest prices. A call is solicited from those nbout making their (elections. ?7 3<lt*re Me KN KIJN-T E CKLKBRATED CHINESE BKIN POWDKH.?This truly beautiful and eleuant article caa bn had of all respectable chemists and perfnineii in New Vork. and throughout the U. Nt?'?>s, in boxes atfiS and SI rents Travellers and residenti in warm rlimatvs will highly appreciate tha invalnsble addition to their toilets Tie sole irnsu rters are IIUBB1* k Co Wholesale depot W. Sachcllor, 2 Wall it, New York. IJBeware of cottnterleits. Hee that each bos heart 'he written siguatti.e of Knbeati Ik Co . on the tr vrmissst stamp anflt |tr*?n NO I'lCE ?Theandeieigned, luring iiisi>osed of their ea interest id tlie Kxpress between Boston Had srw >i?rk. and Provirteaee aed New TorW to Messrs 8LAKK, I Ol)l,ID(H.k Wll r.hLICH, beg latf* to ask ilieir lYiei.ds -ssssl the uhlie a cMinnaaea totfieir Mftrssois. of the l>a?i<<a?? hitherto coufiilrd'to them H\HNDF.N t, rn 11A l"N D E N It O will continue, in cnnircti'.n Willi the.r Liven*" I Honan and ( ociir.retnl Atfem-iea, the Hhipju'.a, < ?>t- rn Home, KicKiuik* Mj<1 Otaeral Commiaeion Boiiim, Am hetMofore. 0?rtc?i?I Cn?n afreet and IK) State arreet, Boetan. fl Wall atreet, Nrw York. I < <K.k atreet, end AN Wmerl#* Road. Liverpool New Yerk, Sept 1,1147. ^ | COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE -The .nbaenben beg \j leave to inform tli"ir f ?nl? arid the public, that they hare thia day forth! n C *rahip, nnder the name and trie o BLAKE, COOLIimf. & Vv HEELER, for ,be i ni|'inr of c iiduttn.g the Eiprera biiiine?a between Boetoa and NewY'ik and Pro?lder,ce, ?nd I lint they haye pnrchaaed of S'eaarn. Harndeu k Co. their good will and mtereat in their well kn *11 l-'.ypreet etwtM the aliore eitiea which will >? conducted under the att le of " The II irndrn'a Eipeaa.'and he* a coiitinnance of the liberal puron ige hitherto beatowed npon feir j'reilrceianr' JAMES H.VL'a KB,** J' j? Cowt .? ?, Boron. FHED. W. COOLLIOGE.t Wall afreet, New York. IJENNET W W H KELEH, Union Dnildinga, New Tmk. Sept. 1. 1847. rrwridtwee. awi?&JiToa fn DYOUKRROTYPK. PLATES,CASKS, CHEMICALS, Aplmratna, It' . of aeeenor quality, at loweat market priora, at ANTHONY'S National Damerrian Depot, | 247 B'oMway, New York (T^ Every thing in the line eonatnetlv en hand anil Wrn _ rj*HK OIII411N AL t ALV \ N11 RINOS beada. beltj. A pla?ter?, oi.i*notia rtoid, lie , wliole??l? noil euil. at l?1 Broadway, corner John afreet, pea'ert ?u|>|i|i?d on liberal t terini. Warranted to be manufactured by tha original m k?r?, i and (lie *t?? m RMWk redaeed. m Btmdmay, eoraer Join I ?m* hnmU I A Oil 1 CULTURAL ROOMS, LYCEUM BUILDING Ml Broadway, New York. HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION-At thesw?etip? of the State Agricultural Society, whose Fjui will be bcU at Saratoga Springs, on the litn of SepC^ the American Agricultural Association have changed the time of holding their Ethibirfou to the <th and 9th of Sept. All peraous da siroui of aiding the cauae of Horticulture, are ewuestly intittd to exhibit specimeue of Flowers, Fruits , w Vegetables, aud to compete for premiums. Programmes may be obtained of Mr James Hogg. Seedsman, 561 Broadway, opposite the Room*?of any of tne principal seedsmen in New York, er of the following Executive Lo>*u?iLiee Luther Brndish. Wm. Coventry H. W&ddell, Jauies Leuox, Hhephc rd Knapp, 'Theo. Frelinghursea, Hulas King Delafitld, Archibald Russell, R. L. Pell, Edward Clark ? . I vlimif re ri P OAHDNRH. Bee'v Si; BSC HI B KH is grntelul to the smoking public for . tt*e evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation oi his efforts to furnish them with theTiest Segars that can be procured from Havana, and he pledges himself that nothing shall deteriorate from wliat he prides.himself is ajustlv earned rrputition. His agent nt Haraua will coutinue to select th* best Messrs that can be procured, md at the lowem rates.? Amoug tlia Ust importations, are some very choice, of the iol low ins brands t? Palo Alto, Regalias, (very prime,) Ugues, Oraina v llosas, Old Zaek, ElLeoudeOro, Neura Empresas, Macionals, India. AntiquiiUas, Clemeucias, he. For sale in lota npon terms to ensure a duplicate visit. an 14 lot?rc 106 Broadway, cor. of I'ine at OLOREU PAPEHS ANU PVPtRBOXES?ManuJ factured by O. BACH, 49 Fulton street, N. Y.?-Constantly on hand; also, a line assort mot of imported Freucn and (merman Colored Pat>er?. AT. orders promptly executed, aud ou the most reasonable terms. al M'm 'IMMOLAT'S 8ULPHUR'B aTHS, No. J47 Pearl street. A near Broadway. These Baths have been established for the last tweuty-sig years, and are the only Sulphur Baths in the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent physiciaus, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chronic oumplaints, eruptions of the skin, he. Medicated Vapor Bath* also given daily, from 8 A.M. to I P.M. s2 301 #rc TISSUE PAPER?1000 Ream* No. 1 White Tissue. JL 600 do. Oreen do. too do. Yellow tOO do. Blue do. For tale by . PEUSSk. fc BROOKS, 199 tf in Vn. ?S and Nassau street ANALYSIS OF BEAUTY.-To five the face the oval form, and the cnmplementa of Deauty, aaya Winkleman, the apoatle of beauty, the hair ought to crown the forehead, and to surround the temples, describing a portion of a circic, as 11 ii in general seen iu oeeuiuui persons. i nil lorm of the forehead ii appropriate to all ideal head*. Od thia poiul Lavater coucars iu the lame opinion with Wiuklemaii; and the aacients thought the hair produced a very bad effect il' it descendedao lew aa to hide the forehead. Luciau, designing to represent in the moat ludicrous nauuer, the hair of an ugly woman says that it wasshort, list, and glued down as it were to her forehead, which might lead aa indeed, were the circumstances not so remote, to imagine he was describing some of our modern Broadway bellea or an Esquimaux Indian. A remedy, however, is fortunately at hand, and triumphs ova. Nature; aud the world renowned Poudre Subtile, the invention of that ingenious chemist. Dr. Itelii Gouraud. will eradicate every fibre of supe'lluous hair wherever applied, aud display the luddeu beauties and intellectual developments of either mMe or lemale foreheads. But lie aure and get the genuine preparation, and thnt is to be procured at I he Doctor's only depot iu New York, 07 Walker street, first store from Broadway. aun30t*m PAINTINGS?A small collection of rare aud good Paintings, by the old raastera. iu perfect order, aud haudsomely framed, for sale at 91 Liberty street. Two or three fine historical pictures, landscapes, tic. May be seen every day from 9 till 2 o'clock. MiJCTOr'rc REMO VAL.?BOULANGER has the honor to lulonn the public and her pepils, that she has removed to No. 68 Green <vich street, aud that her school will re-opeu the first Iteptember. Terms, the same as formerly, payable in advance, either by the mouth or quarter. Wanted a lady to tench the Fnglith. au28 30t*rc L~ bOI-OLD k MAURICE HELBRONNER, Imported. of Krench Keathers, Klowersand Materials, No. 139 William itreet, near Kulton street. New York. Otuce in Pans, 6 aud g street of Caire. huI9 30t?rre PARISIAN DECORATIVE UPHOLSTERV, Curtain Materials, kc?The Subscribers have now iu store tlieir f'lll st ick of l.'jiholstery Goods, Kurmtare Coverings and Tri Amiugs, consisting of /very aiticle in their liue, auu which they offer at ivholuale aud re ail prices, lower than cau be purcluised at any olArr establishment in the city. Krow their stock, wh ch embraces the largest assortment of De L*lues. BrocateW. Plushes, Lampm. Gimps,Tastels,tic. Sic merchants ciui supply themselves with a better selection thtiu have ever before been offered. We are also ?ow receiving in store, our assortment of French Paper Hangings and Borders, also, the newestjmlterusof Pasis Painted Window Shades, which having been purchased this season and imported under the preseut rate of duties, embrace Uk best assorted aud chaaprnt variety ever brought into the country. SOuOMON h. HART, Importers and Manufacturers of Upliolsierv Goods, Paper Hang.ngs aud WiuUow Hhides, 313 Brovlwav, opposite the Park. hu?9 3flt?r'c__ C A Kill AGE& ? - A largest nssorim^ nlot Carriage* iu tim oiiy is forsale ? "a.iio ISroadway (Coliseum Building) at gren'ly reduced (iic?i comprisiug Coaches, Phemous, Barouches, Buggies, Rockawsys, Wag- lis. Also, anew style t f carnages, for twe or four i^rsona,, witli and without lops; together with a large assortment of harness an Kit "in H. H ROGK.K8 In ANCY GOODS?V. A. ARTAULT. Proprietor or the Lalavetie Bazaar. 149 anil 1M Btoadway, up ami's, hu juit iinpoitcd a. suitable stock for fall trade, wliich he offers * country merchants ou eucouragiiu teruis, cousisting of fane) iaUid work boies, fiue Ikus, cut glass, Paris porcelain w.ire purses, ladieit bags, perfumery, jewelry, steel goods, Sic.; ii fine the must splendid and varied stock of laucy and usefu to be Cuuud is this city. Country merchants are iuvitei to call. aul7 30t?rc WONDERFUL DI8COVERY.-8triker's Solution 10 the Hair, which will ch <nge grey heir to its origina color in a ew minutes. This Solutiou is differeut from nni Vffl nffi'rcd Thniii wkn tlnnhf it* t/irf>t?a >r? ?..n..nrH<l t. fiave their bair clnnged before paying their money. I >nc tria will prove the fact. The Solution can be hail at C. B. Ham moud'i, 27* Broadway, corner of Chamber! street; Dr.Ch aste uy, IMi Muwary; Dr. Coneyactre, 39-<:haiham street; and Striker's, 4 Coeuties Slip, where ir can be applied None gi a nixie uule>s timed H. Striker, in red ink auSflHr?n> f MH r'.lNT ( I'KK KOH Til K fooTHAI UK-1 tin"; A hare been many attempts, from time imn.emori>l, to di? caver a sperdy and permanent cure for the loo lnche. Tlx discovery has at length been made. No toothache, howevei acute, can rer.itt fo- live miuntes tli? Clove Anodyne I. Willi the nerve for-ver, as tar as its capacity to ensure pain is concerned IT lliis were universally known, how much yeuuiiH "misery to distraction tending" would be saved. How many i one tulle's for d lys tog? tlier from I hi s greatest of all The minor ill? that curse humauity," when 25 crut* would purchase an antidote to bis distress. Ai a poet says < I' the 1'iad ol Homer, "1 would uot be without it in my house, Kor all the wealih of Crimus." Prepared and sold by lleurv Johusou, chemist, successor tc A. B. San ds * Co., 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street Sold also at I no Fulton street, aua 77 Ka?t Broadway, N. Y sold also by most respcctaMe dru. gists in the United States Cy Purcha?era must be carefui that thry be not deceiver! by soine worthless c inpouud u ider the nume of Clove Anodyne. Examine the wrapper of the vial before purchasing, anil observe the name and signature of Henry Johnson ou all the genniuar- au31 30t*m Roman kyk balsam."Waesrne! a ch.el loeks unco irim Wlitn the windows o' his soul grow dim." Tannahill. There are few bodily ailmeots more distressing in iheir nature than inftsmnritiuu of the ayes, tccom|iaaird o> succeeds il ky defective vis on. Anything which can remove these eviU must therefore be regarded as a boon, of which the value isnot to lie estimated in dollars and cents. The HOMAN KYK BALSAM prepared be HENItY JOHNSON is such a bonu Its ments have been tested by long experience, as thousandi MVSderiveiLunspeakable benrfu from its application. Miny |>atieuts, alte' suffering fioin inllimui ition for years, h ive been completely cnredbv usiug this delightful salve. The rei'ueu and watery humo hsve piadirjly disappeared torn their ey* lids; ai d they have ultimttely teeu enabled to read w ith pleasure the smallest print by caudlu light. Piti.e2i cenuajar with ample directions for use Prepared and sold by HENRY JOHNSON.Chemist, anil 30t*m _ 271 Broadway, c 'r < hamliers tt. 4b ?j |i | KKWAHD?Cross'sIpMll .\iisture lor ilia cull Itw"v of gonorrhoea, gleet, strictures, and aualagous com piainu of tha organs of Keneration. Of all remedies yet dis< covered fat the above complaints, this IS the most certaiu: n aikeie spaedy and permaneut cure without the least restriC' Uoa in diet, drink, exposure or change in application to bus . aaaa Th? proprietor challenges a single instance of receci fuaneihaa to be bronglit which the mutura will noi ear* nader forfeiture of INC. One bottle lasts a week, whiet . --"*Jlv eeree, many are cured in two days. Kor aala b) King. 192 Broadway,corner John street, New York, sail IMjII _ A?.M MIHIAL TOOTH PASTfc.?Kor cleaimug t he Teeth and I mini, and communicating an agreeable odor to the Breath, this Ambrosial Paste, composed of orris aud othei fragrant lugredieuta. has beeu acknowledged far snperior t<; any other Jantifiice. Being compounded of astringent mate rials, it hardens the gums aiiB mikes them adhere more fi ml v to the teeth, thereby asmstiug materially in pretrrvmg the lat ter from premature decay. This Paste also combinesauti-pu iresent and detergent properties ia an eminent degree, and iti Irequentase is a >ure means of keening the breath and monil in a sweet and healthy condition. Prepared aad sold by HEN it i i hrmiit and Uruggiat, 273 Broadway, in tht Uranite Building, corner of (hainbera itrert. Sold aUn a H 0 Kalton (trrrt; And at Coddingtou'a, 30.1 Hudar.n. corner o Spring. Prjff ,')0 eenta. noil 3t?**m POWKI.L ON l'Hfc blft.?Jim publiatieil, a I'o^ui. i Traatiae on the EYE, iu Uiaeaaea, aud their cure, wi.l engrariuga, rnlea fur the (election of apectaclea, kr.,1*o. prire 10 cent* To be had at the author'a, and ofbookaalleri generally. Dr. Powell attend* riclanrely to diataaea of the Eye and Ear from to 4 o'clock, nt til* office Ml Broadway, comer oi W?rren atrcct Artificial Eye* of mperior quality recently imrntfed. antaWie'r CTAl- ,\NI> LbTTllH I'APKK.?Cheap Cap aud LetUl y T.tper, of Ttriona nialitie*, for Bale by JAMES NORVAL, al I0ti**m No. ino John trrat. C> II kMLRS AUMENFlLCTi New'Viirh. M Maiden lui'e, J up Hairs,and 23 Liberty atrret; fWadelphia, IS Nortli Fourth tweer, np attire; BoateaJ M Kilby atreet, corner of Dnnie mch tiaporter of all kiuda of toy* and fancy aitirlee, I>eifui3cr7. toepa. mmical inrtramenta, French cli on. tierinaa plain a^ rut glaa* wan, iraatnentj lot mantelpiece*, li ijaorcaeaTaa aa? 1?*rc #YVoYTVIl.CE OLA^V^okXl, HHiLAUELPMIA.? U Xheae work* are now iu blaat. and the anbacribera are prepared to eiecnte o-der* for mineral, porter and wine bottle*, carhova,ihiiKK ?'?'jla??, patent medicine bottlea jnra, he. A mil aaaaiuneot or arnriiui* *uu uid Dottlea conatnully on hull. bk.vnerb, smith * camfbkll, nlH l-n*gll* No Hi.rill, CI . .M l.NK II', 'llx I'll. IIj il >IU'I>, r|l)?e COIillttna in*nt. as tier ? of care, and dya| epai* are ihr pri>ieip*l Ciiutt ol j>rmnnure baldneta; an I > more mnrtflymu rircu alaarr Ma <n ha deprived oftlie natnral ornarnea! fur tl.e hea:l in youth i>r in tM pnme <.f life, tan, Ildn4ihird ! iirintilH. That p'eperaiioa, than, n beet *al> iilate.1 to beaefit the hair winch hut * teadeuc? to .joallre the Circulation in the acalp, to stimulate the iltrn *ed nonriah the hnllui 'h?t lie iinoirij|n(ely beneath. Tha Oanuine Bear a Oil. irni-ort^d by ihe luriomuned, fro>n Caaa'la and the North*- m<, ia anptnor lor thia |<u roar to any merely preparation in ;he world. It it highly parfninad. and it* ua? h.u bee*. itroiiK'r racommenriad by ihoaa who h\?a thoroughly arndied . he conatlotion and vhxiologv of the hair Perfnmed and prep-r?d fur iha toilet by HENRY JOHNSON, l .hemut, 271 Broadway eorner of Chamrera at'Hat. Hold ai??, at 100 Knlfon atreet, and 77 Rut B oailwny Larue hottlaa Mrrma; amill, *5 centa -[fT* Pnrebaaere to be aaaured of je?in* the Pennine B??r'a Oil, pintt purchaaa only aueh u hear the aaal and uamaof Henry Jpl aion, J7J Broadwav New York. a"3l 3flt?m Li"jkt(>yvwa rurobEa nBTu it nTTTThT WXxf r.U ?Ladira or Kehtlemen harini ao|>erflaiini efTerta todiapoaa of, aurh aa VVmrmK Apperel, Knrnilure, kc., eau obt%ia a fair euh pnea for tha atme. bT aendina fdr the aubacriber, throuah the roet Office, or otherwiaa, who will attend at their reeideneea. J. LEVRNWTVN, ... . ?M Broadway npataira .-Jri c** k* 't!Mdid to by Mra. J l.aveuatyn. >4 ? *r any^ther'iuia^iuhment in the^1'mlfd 8 ?taa, for aale wholaaala andr.tail at JOHN F. DtJNCKRR't, SI Chatham e"rner oft liamber afeet, an3M?f*r? New York Should this mrkt the view of oubtavk HENRI MARTIN, of ( hatoni, i-roiee, formerly ?ea. man on biarrl bria J.'tae of (arrvUn, S a'l> , he i? rfqn??tei| lo call ?i iti* I'lBca of ?. Ltutilhoa. 44 Broad ?n#ef, N?a Vu?k, * h?; a It# will k? infutmr* n( n-mnluui ?re?ili t?> hti mm*' mm JACOB 8. PLATT? ^uctiooeer. AUCTION BALK OK 100 CASK8 TUMBLERS, v.*? Xa.H mid i flute,ship. and other tumblers?all warrantediouiid. J'hesale i> by order of n covsigi ee, aud without reserve. Al the invoice ram? in loo late for dialogue, 20 sample cuki can be sismiued a' the aurtwii r ioiu, tlie atle will take place at pre-isely 12 o'clock Terms, 4 moot lis for approved paper, for sums of $lfO aud upwards* lit It+ffft S .. ? _ . JACOB 8. PLATT. Aoctionaar. ~ ^LK THIS DAY, at 10 o'clock, at 23 Plait, Corner of Odd street?Crockery, China,*. and Earthenware ?lio crates opened, to be sold from tlie shelres iu lot* to suit purchasers. Also, .1 general assortment of flowing blue, printed, white rn ite, dipped. edired and C C ware, viz: dishes, platca, ba?ri ioo|i a.iuuuce lu>eeui, salul*. boat*, picklei, tit* and din -er sets, toilei ?are. juic*, bowlt, (kc Also 2 crates dipped jugs aud J cratesC C do, and 3 crate* chambers. Alto. IS crates tluwiug blue ware, of choice natterus, all to nut' li throughout. ris: diuuer aud tea sets, toilet ware, jugs, dishes, pi ties, iwltiler*, inn (Tint rnu^s. try tea sets, kc. Also, 3 crates dipped aud j ellow bowls. Also, } crates edged plaies, twitfler* and muffins. NB?All will ue sold assorted from the shelves, aud th? ass.iriiuent will be complete; the ware will be |?cked sound iu every respect, by eiperienced packers, and may be sent tc auy part i f the country. Glass ware, rixr lamps, tumbler*, wine*, money jars, lan terns, castors, mantel ornaments, Sir. Sir. Also, a geueral assortment of glas* ware. Also, with which the sale will commence at 10 o'clock, i general assortment of rich flowered blue aud priuted ware suitable for retailers of tine waie, cousistiuK ef soup and gray ture-us, compete, salads, dishes, covered do., nappies, bakcri toilet aBd dinner sets, fcc. Kvery lot olfeied will be sold without reserve. N. B ?The afentiou ot couutry as well as city dealers I directed to the*e sales, which will take place weekly; an every article offered will in all ca*a* be positively sold, r? serving the nrivileite of passiug dunlicates; and importcis an dealer* having suplus itoek will find tin* at all time* a desire ble medium for disposing of th* *ame; aud their interest* wi! be strictly atteuded to; aud it is the determination rf the am tiourer to use a p'omptue** in Kinking ana settling sales thi h is heretofore hreu unknown in shell'sale*; and h? pledge himself lo thi* eff?ct. slO ll?re J "o"B 8. PLATT, Auctioneer. D'NNER 8ET 8 ?Jacob w. Piatt ka* iu hi* tale thi* day c Ciockery, China aod fllsss Ware, at 10 o'clock, at 2 Plii't atreet, corner of Hold street, 20 handsome diuuer seti complete, consisting of about 1M piecee. and eichcei will b sold iiepsrate, to accommodate purchasers. slO lt*rc J. VV. BUIJWN?Auctioneer CABINET AND HOUSEHOLD EURMTURE.-J. BROWN will sell this day, by catalogue, at lO^o'cloc |[ no M4 oroiowny. a large HOCK 01 elegant cabinet an other (furniture, comprising in nh of any and rosewood sofas an I parlor chairs, divaus, ottomans, couches, marble top roirwuo i and mahogany dressing bureaus, marble centre tables marhl wshstands, dining, tea, card, quartette, work and ullu I tables, mahogany and black walnut t'rench bedsteads, ha mattresses, lie. Also, solar lamps, girandoles, China cut glas ware, fcc me. sID It'm DON SKJOUK?This delightful and fashionable sun U mer retreat, is sitnated about a mile from Mew Brightoi on the romantic banks of the noble sheet of water which sep rates 8tntea Island from the Jersey shore. There is e stean boat communication with the city of New York, eight tiau a da; ; while Jersey city is reached by drive ol three-qua ten of an hour, over one of rhe fi- est and most agreeabl roads in the State The air is remarkably salubrious aud coo and refreshing breezes may at all times be enjoyed in the well shaded walks and grounds. A commodious Bsth-hou*e is a! tached to tM establishment and peculiar facilities are afford ed for salt-water bathing. Large quantities of game are to b found in the immediate neighborhood, and the facilities fo fishing are well known. The table is supplied daily from th New York markets, and especial pains are taken to furnish i with every delicacy in its reason. Additional means of accommodation have been piorided and to famll es returning from more distant watering places and ?ihers who may denre mi agreeable residence during thi remainder of the season," Bon Hejour" offers a peculiar I) healthful and accessable retreat. D W. LOCKWOOD. Proprietor. "Bon Sejonr " Bergen Point, N J.. Sept. I, 1817, sS 6lrc RIGHT PKlNCIPl.jiftt.have alwa slensured unrivalled sue cess at HANFOHD BKOTHKRS. Merchant Tnilori 127 Kulton street.?1st. Always gives good fitting Coats, Pauu and Vest?keeps,the best of Cloths, Cassimers and Vestingi 2nd. Terms cash; consequently, can sell 11 per cent cheape than those that sell on time. 3d. I Armenia are made as they ought to b?, and done at th< time promised. II^A full suite mvlc in twenty-four hnu-i. Kvery variety of Gentlemen's outfitting constantly on hand and sold at ver> low pricej for cash only 8ANKOKU BKOTHKK 127 Fulton street, irt 31trrc next to the HeriM Office. HIUIK'M rATK.N X' I'UKMllJM kXTKNSION U1NINI TABLKS, with metal plated slides, for private iiailoi and dining rooms, hotels, steamboats, tic , unsurpassed for els gancc, durability and convenience, warranted never to get oi i fouler. A large assortment, the largest in the city, and ui <|nalled for vanety; together with a general assortment of e|i gant aud fashionable Cabinet Fnrniiure. constantly to be foun at the waietooms. No. 443 Broadway, where the public are n apectfnlly invited to call aud eiaini'te. eu?4 3l)t*re C. K HOBF., 443 Broadway. tiS ) C;-i At.UK VOK?Notice to gentlemen who wai their old clothes to look like i ew, call at the Ts loring. Dye ng, Cleaning. and Hi pairing Establishment, N , 77 Golu sfeet, C'rner of Gold and Spruce, where ord-rs wi be punctually attended to at the ?ho -test notice, andontl m ? reis< rmnle terinr, hy J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold st-e?t. N. B?The highest price give for gentlemen's left ?i wearing I1 ?rel. si 3<lt*rc Hr. \D8 Ob 11 lit?Heads of U-iir ? Those articles It tterly known as Wigs uud healpe, prior to the late ii proyements of ltidg**y.are now known only by the alio title, owing til their sinctlv uatural appearance aud artistic tout ensrintile, cau iiug them to he the most desirable artic * ......... ..ii. ..i . r I.... T,. i.. i....i ....!.* ,\f i'ii a it r i HI DO WAY, practical 11 ii rentier and Wig innk'r, 170 Brfl> way , cor. of Maideii-laue, up s'airs Chll and see them. ' N R ?Private rooms for titling and trying on Wigs, be. \ ?J 30' "re _ _ _____ 1 rp'lMKLV NOTICE TO OfcNTLEMKN.-As 'he K X and V* iuter Mensoiis are sr-tti-ig in. gentlemen would sa money by looking un tlieir Woo'leu Clothing and liave tlie I either cleaned, dyeil, hltcred and repaired. superior t > ? thiug vet done in this city. Clothes cleaned or dyed witho the aid of ate^m or coloring at short notice A trial will pro I the fact From the satisfaction given to the public.the inhai hern induced and determined to follow the above hriiiche notwithstanding all competition*, for having a small I'ore I 1 can work small pHM A. such, gentlemen will do wt to call before going elsewhere. at Vo. 91 Murray street, com Washington, at the Cheap Cush Tailoring establishment. A CORTI8SOS, 94 Muriay street. Clothes dyed warranted fast colors. sJ ttt?m ; OROVVN'H ? OKKKK HOUSE AM) DININO S. J JL? LOON, No. 71 Pearl street, head of Coenties Blip. Stra , gets ind others whutr business calls them t<> the lower part the citv,will liud this a very convenient place to get their met , ? Breaks'i?t, Dinner and Tea. , OEOIIOE BIIOWN. si lot * rr Late of Lovcjnv's Hotel J~ t.P r V. KHU ,N iix SUM A N C K I.OMJ'A.M *??ittic* ^ JO Wall street, o|.posit# the Merchanu' Eschange. This comiMiiy coounuss to insure agaiust loss or datnag* I fire, on dwelling houses, warchonies, buildings in gener goods, wares, and mtrchandiia, and evsry description of pi > sonal propertyLou as correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. ; DIRKCTCRS. Thos. T. Woodraff. B. R. Kobson. M. D., Francis P.Hag* ilowi idchi, jonn r. itioore, aiuod duii, Thompson Price, Caleb C. Tenia, J as. E. Holm* I John H. 1m, Kliaha Rigga, Thos. Morrell, John C. Merritt, Joseph Allan, Kugene Bogar luaaph Drake, Win. K. Thorn, Robert Smith. Thoa. W. Thorae, Johu K. Dumas. M08K8 TUCK KB, esidrnt. O*o T. Hoer. Weeretary. mvH e MKS.M. CAKRdLL'8 MKDIOATEDIVAPOK Bath IW Kultnn street, opposite Church tfreet, are a safe ai certain cure Tor rhri?imtiam, c uglis emit, swelling of tl glands, stiffness of (he joiuta, ague and fewer, tie., rrcommeu ed by Dra More, Sievens. Boyd, aud other*. The Vapor Bai liu been surreisfully adtn nuteaed in the above complaint for the I:ut23 years. Open fi?raC A. M. till III I'. M. i Sersaperilla Hyrup prepared I" the Shakers. 75 crnU per bo t|a. anS Jot* re rpttK MOW YORK KAMILV iMOUHNiNO STORK. JL Every description of firal and second mourning iu gre varietv; Mantles, I loaks,' oll.irs, Millmerv Ho?irry, fcc. Ladies are infotm*-d that tliia establishments intended solel ' forihesa'eof every variety of ("' 'irning go'.dj, nt 4M P. .? ?<v> ?i?? door from a?M3flr*re ClA*TOKK CLOTH I NO Al> D FUHMTUMK WAN' ? J KD.?Ladies and Oetitlemru having auy cast off or supr ' tluoua clothing or furuiture to dispose ol. rau obtain a fair cai price for the time, l?y sending a note, or by culling on the ?u ! ncriber, at hia residence, or through the post, which will I punctually attended to. H DK BOEK, 7I>? f'anal street, up stain, i N. B. Ladies ran be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description, ai , amoant. al 30t*rc WHOLESALE SHIRT WAREHOUSE, No. M Pli street, 2d door from William, where nuy be fount! large assortment of Shirts, of every quality, made in the lats , styles, and of superior workmanship. Kancy and Plain Lin* , Muslin aud roinmou Moris, constantly on hand. Southern wid Westers merchants are respectfully invited rill mirrli*.inir JOHN WOOLUKV 14 Plan >1 j r 10 t.fli rrr m OKNTLEMEN'S HATH OF THE FALL 8TYL ''Ell, are now ready fur inaiwction *nil aale, it Kobe aon'a Phmnii Hit and Cap Manufactory, HlKulton atreet, N< York, and ui the Br-ncli Store, 61 kulton a tree., Brooklyn. In again calling the attention of I he pnblic to our muufn turn, we do ?o with the poaliive conviction tlmt we are no off-rime better articlea in our line for the price than nuy oth eatabliahmmt in the United Statea. f MICH. Kirat qual'ly Nutria or Beaver Hati $3 V . Second do do do 3 01 , Kirtt do Moleakin do 3 V Second da do do 1 01 I Third do do do 2 K l>pa at correipoodiniily low pricea I JULES PLUNK F.TT r W. ROBERTSON, Jr. ai Tt?i fS ATI<) \ H? ) I 'ST I0HUICD The lirat Kditinn ol KNOX'S Fall Style of Gent men'a 1 hit a for '147. baa juat been pnbliahed, and la now rea r fordelivery. Tl'eauth>ria rorjli lent th ?t he will di'pore thonaanda of cnpiea, inramuch na .-II w ho have inapected t work pronounce it to be niieriualled for (truce, beauty, nnd Hittingue -ml a promiae of doing the tnoat thorough and aat factory acrvice. Thia Myle of hat can only be obtained at i Kulton atree - It la already the talk of faahionable circl< and the prevailing opinion that one cannot be recorniACd a gentleman in aoeiety nnlcM he weaia "A KNOX. a?r.fia?m TWO dKANO KXCI/msIONS D()W i?fe5wra?THK LOWMl UAV.on Friday and Hatt sKwWni day, Hapteoihar to nnd II, off Handy Ho' atoppine'ar Totiey lalandnach way. The ataarahoat ATL 1 Capt. r H. Kmitli, will leave the pier foot of Hainmo at., at 2 o'clock, P. M ; Caoal atie?t, 2X; Pier No. I, N,,i a* .1 rniw III* IIIV ? MJ I'l'nil PI . D ? Kurd cotillon b?nd wi|l accompany thfbont.and rrtnrn th^ci'yat# o'clock. alO in*' m P. II SMITH I KOR BHIDUKPOUT?BUMMr NJMRC * ^will laaf f. Ill .'f '.! kat ?Irr?'. on 8'kinrdi iViwww?WerSev>'?l'"r llth, a( 1 o'clock. I*. M. Eti? liitvi llri'l(<-|iort on ih? arrival of (ho hoi>t at tianal. 10 2i*rrr "KA^D itilfATTT^^KA-TXTtTTF ? ** COTILLON r.XCURKfON. Monday, " 1*<7 Tha auhainalial i ?' Tiff VI L AS, r*|ii. r. H *mitb, will Hammond at ll< A M . (.anal ai fl; I ailimne at . #)<; Piar No I N. 1 lOo'el'.ck and proceed 'o the llorte Hi > . Kndy Hook, a l?nd ihr p .?a?ii|t*i? fi??. k u:Ti -i>-ni me I Vir hathl'j nawi (ha li*h:-hon>? and rrtnri iiir in thr n ; hyC o'clotk, P.M Ka>? r tlir ftenrairn V> c#ii ?nrh way. N. B.? I 'h? wa th?r ah 'iild pr unfavorable, ih? mci ioa will ?ak? placf tl.a (irai I'm rdnv. alfl FSIIM nt <w>. TO A IN(??'Th* new and |x.?f ful ?tfa JACOB BKLL, < apt K Yatea, and II MMMbRALD, i'ar>?ain J P. PAHhH, will ba aooatnnt raadiuaaa f r Tow i'.g Vrtiala to and from nea,a ahonf tha Harbor, on tb? nml rraaonabic t?rma All oidni thankfully recriTod and punctually iKrndrd I Apply to (ha old aalahliahtd Ht-am Tow- II 'at Otficc, No 8 ntti a'raat. c?mr of Maidun lan? np ?(airi. Tha Boan lay fivary night at tha f< ot of Orand atrcet, r..f and -re al?ava in raantntaa at a mum'ut'i noticc. N .B?AM paraona are fo'bid truatin* iba ah?T* boat' t arcannt of tha nwvcra. VV. N k T. M. POUOHIR1Y, a# Klt*rc No, 75 South a*. ?or Maiden Ian*. r.rwr.Y nlast w.inrrprer;.. ** fi^'l, i?F* and flMta-.r .'t^mar ION will inn r BBfiMHHbinlarly on (b* abora frrry. and leava Piar N I, N R.. at II A. M..ind 3 P. M. < oney lalaiid at l?S and P. M On Snnday, will Isava Canal alreat at 10 A. M. nn.l IJJ C.l and Ima laat at I'wiar faland I J f M a5 "t in I'Ai'KM 'III ' <?\H I i'l I I 111 ^ KR" ' JBV LIVKb POOt-C. nai? rt, par tbl. ra.atl w JpUBM?pl*M* *#nd fhrir prfr?' t? on benru it w?it ? Mu ln i W4 1?< i. ililiy. AM f v"*ii 1.01 1 rrnniit*! it* f. ' i BENEFIT OF MR. FORREST. DARK THKVX'Kc.-?*1: fu, ? tun: Gallery ? * cai ? Fried** !(!* ibit. 8?pt 10, will be ierf.%inei1 the I play of RICHELIEU. or Tlie Conspiracy?Cardinal Rirhelieu. Mr. For?est; Coant de Baradas, Mr. Berry: Chevalier de Mauprat, Mr Dvott; Julie da Mortimer, Mrs. Joues; Miri.ui de Lorine. M ra. l>yoit. . To conclude with the tragic play of PIZAKKO?Roll*, Mr. Korrest; Pusrro, Mr.Barry ; Alouxo. Mr. Dyott;.Cora, Mr?. U. ' Jones. I Door* of?n nt 7 o'clock. Performance will coinmeoct preI ei??lv Hf h"lf uasr 7 _ BOWEKT THEATRE?A W. Jtciiw, Managers Mk Shvicns. Stage Menage/. NOTICE T'? THE PUBLIC. * This Vsta'iluhment ia now closed lor the purpose ol re- j modelling tlie interior of tlie li'tise, and newly pointing nna d?cor.iting the Tneatre throughout. On i's re peuiug the Manager trus"s he will be enabled to_ cihihit such improvemmts anil alteration for beauty, comfort nnd convenience a* will bear favorable ' oinrarison with any Theatre in toe country The estensive patronage already beatowed on the tinvse, demands from linn every eiertiou in his power, anil he takes this opportunity of assuring the patrons <-f the Bowery H | Theatre that lie will use every endeavor to merit a contiuu' auee of the many fivora so liberally bestowed ou H"n since ' ' the erection of the present edifice. s5 tf rc BENEFIT OK MWi CLARKE. CHATHAM THEATRE.?Under the Minagement or Mr. H LETCHER.? Kriday Eveui'g, Sept. loth, will be tl i performed the comedy of LONDON AHSURANC E?Sir Harcourt Courtly. Mr. Walcot; Max Harkawav, Mr Taylor; I Dazzle, Mr. Neafie; Lady (Jay Spanker, Mi?s Clarke. To con-lude with the farce of AN OBJECT OK INTEI REST?Barney O'Dwver, Mr. Walcot; Mr. Varmaduke Primrose, Mr. Taylor; Kanuy Orihbles, Miss Clarke. , Prices?Botes, 2S cents: Pit. cents. d D?>"r?open at 7?performance rommeiices at half-past 7 ,, ASl'LEOARDEN ? Ki I'ln Even lug, September 19th, d v will be iiroduced, Bellini's graud oiem. entitUd HO VIEO i- AND JULIKT?Romeo, 9-g norina Fortannto Tedeseo;Ca- ? II pulet Sntnnr Pietro Cand<;Tybalt Sig L Perozzi; Loreuz), !- Sit F. Badiali; Juliet. Signora C. De Vita. it Omnibutses wi'l be in readiness at the close of the performs ances, at the Bat'ery tiates. Doois upeu at 6)?; Performance to ci minenre at 8. CI mission 40 rants a ?f DALVIO'S oPER V HOUSE?Knd y Evening, Hept 10 p 13 JT will b? performed the one act piece of SKETCH V.S OK 1< i, INDI *?Count Olo'ini, John Sel'tou; Tom Tape, T Placide; e Sill" Scrsggs. Miss Marr Taylor . After which, the daring achie^ emeuts on the TIOHT _ ROPE, by Leou Javelli, Kraucois Uavel, Madame Martin Ja l To hr foil wed by the romic pautomimn of LA CETK j the Ravel Fa'uilv. j To conclude with the of COCAMBO?Puhaaf l(j Smyrna, John S^l'ton; f'ocambo, Mszetti. u Doors oi>?ii at 7*4, performance in commence nl 8 o'clock ? ,r Ticket* W ceuts. to all parts of the liou>.r. ir /IREAT ATTRA..TI O N.-P EEDhB ETHIOPIAN OPERA TROUPE.?This uanvniK-d troupe, composed of in performers, viz.T.Backns, Violin; K Stanford, B?iijo; i U De Buke, Celestial Chimes: W. Price, Triangle; L. A. , " Wilson, Tambourine, and W. ruydum, Bones?will give a J series of Cou'eits at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, every i evening this week. For further particular! see small bilh. s5 7t*rc AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway nnd Aun street. ?Splendid performances both Afternoon arid Evening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADER8! ORPHEAN FAMILY, OK KENNEBECK VOCALISTS. Moving Panorama of die City of London! , Pete Morris, Miss Bernard, (kc. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. I OURANO OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VENUS , Mad. ROC' WELL th? famous Fortune Teller. Admission 25 rents?f'hilHren nnder 'en one 'h<l!in?. al# MINKRVV ROO>1S,BKOAUWAY-OKAND OALA , NIOHT ? Positively l*st week of the ackiiowlrilurd onri"al VIROINJA 8EREN A DERH This Evening, Sept. < 10, BENEFIT OF A F. WINNEMORE, author of the most t popular songs of the day, on which occasiou tliev will intro- > "ore a v.irieiy of new Souks, Olees, Choruses, Parodies, , Connndru' a kc Every effort will be made by the company to make this, v ! their last week, a week ol all weeks. C r The whole to conclude wi>h that soul-stirring and never to i, be forgotten burlesque of the opera of Snffo, entitled I i. BTUKFO! , r Principal character* by Wiunemore, Kelly, S.tudford and Horn. I Admission, 23 cents; Children nnder ten yean, accompanied by tlieir parents or guardians, bits price g Appropriate seats will be reservedfor the accommodation of I, ladies and children. ] Doors opan at 7 o'clock?< at t ?10 3' -r r OLD VlOLIrxS.fce'?S.JOHNSON, No. lu7~wThIin st^ 1 ha* on consignment four v.iluahle Violins, viz: one Ma3 jini, price $90, one Auiati, Uttfl; one ..lor, SiO; one Duke, j ra >40; miiI a Gue t< ued Violu, $t>0. These instrum-u s are the ! propeit*' of on iraateur who's now too old to use litem, it (Ly" For mile, a splendid Btchm Flnte. entirrly new tmde ? by :>larti?, Paris, price $70, with complete instruction book. i ! N. B.?Modem Music for ev ry ii.strmneut. at two ceuts I d per'age Iustrumenu bought, s lil or repaired. e- k!) :p is? rc i TMi'K "IJHEEK *L\VE."-l'o?tr i Slifiir "..fill- (.rrrk Slave is now r pen for exhibition, at the National Acade- , it my of Design, from !? A M. until 10 P. M. Arfmittaiicn 2i i- cents? ik ;n tickets SO rents. ?4 ISlSl'dil rC l'j f^OLT'B COTTON DUCK?A cons&uxt supply if tltt ri* ' nous numbers, ;? and 11 inches wide, WMUdtlptlWI to nny iu iu:irket, for s .le uv NATH. kL.k OEO. ORI8WOLD, aiiS itr:itawis* in 72 South atreet. < ^ TV ALLEY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR.?What is the l.est j n mJ enema! remedy iu the world I Ask any druggist in 'lie i ve Uniieil S'atrs and he invariably answers, Dalley's I'lin Elai tractor. Country dealers supplied oil the most liberal terms le from the Proprietor's depot, 20? Broadway. It must come from I :!B there to be genuine. II. UALLbi o., Ap *nSM 12re<ir|ig ei8u m 2<>fl Br<? ?HwnV. OGl)hN 6l M03BV. \Vho!e*?tle l)?aleri iu Dry Goods, (t orenea. and Mexican (j od.1, Korwtrdnig him! Com sio-* Merchant*, mouth Kio Grande. Consignments of freight til received and forwarded to all points ou die liio Grande or in ye Mexico. >m Agents in New Orleaus?Messrs. Lillaad, MoshtIcCo., y- Stand 2!) New Levee. >8 30t*rc J* CtNTUrlLL?f cor53St L. l?iraorriNU. i ffl er pullflE $100?$100 to the Mteond ' eat; 3 mile heats, to com* I off on Monday, ilie 13ih ol September, at 3 o'clock, P.M.. I and clo t- wiihthetwo celebrated horses, James K. Polk aud j _ Lady SutfolU a. Conklin names k. .lamei K. Polk, in harness. u- D. Brvan " ... K in. Lady Suffolk, under the saddle. | of 1 mitn-Jintclv after, a match lor $200,1 lay or pay, mile lienU, lit in Injurs* Mr Holland names cli. in. Alinack, 5 years old, by Almack Doras Sut-diker mimes br. g. Jefferson, 1 yeara old, by Henry Clay. ? , ? Xhe c?r? will leave South Ferrr. Brooklyn, for the course ?" at half past (.and halfpiut 2 o'clock P. vt., and leturu ufter the . sports are over. Karc each w ay 21 ceiita. 7 JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Jj' Centreville, Hept. 8, 1817. s8 6t rr m H)lt SIALK?A daik brown .Hare, lj', hmtls | I h gii, >ia years old; warranted tonnd. and kind in ?12jL single and double liarneu, ami under the saddle, and , ii a fist trotter. Apply at Mr. Murra/'a staule, nearthe South i ferry Brooklyn, where ahe can he >eeu. ^10 Tt in ??| W/(\ I'f.ll-An UTop or dnppled grey MfM ' ^LjwfS(dappled preferred), lie muat be a good Saddle ' ' ' ? II..... with full aud Ionic inane and tail, perfectly sound, and not over 7 y* Ta old. Apply immediately to John | Will mi,k. Veierinarv Snrn'on, I'll ( hrvilu-arrrer *!l rr i ~Vi" hkavks and ukokk.n w'imj in i ? wl ~P"J'i * and |iermaiitntly cured, by the , 'l f ^ ^ ' "" of Tatter?all's Heave Powdera. They have | been in con.tant uae in the 'i'atteraall Stables, London, aad by noblemen throughout the Kingdom of (, for in ire H* I linn fill v years As a medicine for Heaves. Broken Wind, Ul [ Bolls Worms, Ice , the proprietor olfers tham to the |ieople of | the United States, wi Ii full confidence ol the r aiio'obn lou. ; None genuine v irhour the signature of J. K ll'KDHII>K, j l(" I Kirtrf street, London. Price 4 fchillnigc sterling i rr package. _ orfl. American ctureiiey. A. II UUUOII k t o., 11!) h ul- | ? (mi atreet. New York, Agenta General for (lie United .States, it All ordera, accompanied by the cash,and po?r timd, (> net u n 11 >utteuded to. Person i deiirinir tlie agency, fiy addressiug as It above, |mit paid, with Rood reference, will receive immediate J. attention. >7 KOK 8/\ LK-A II.> ilo sr, iijlj handshigh, I ! I' ?Ut^^yenrs old this si.rum. wmiuutrd sound. Had It nil in T- ' - f il.Ii. mid double hariiesa. and an eicetleut aaddle I ih hor.e?is very taat > lid win be aold < heap lie ran be aeen at | b- Murr v'a Livery Stable, uear Mouth terry, Brooklyn. a7 61 r? . mjc-r% toVahmk!<h aniibhi i iikhs?.|. sn>< k ~The thnvouvh bred abort-horned Hull MAItlli'rt . | ^baJaBW ill be evhlbitcd at the Mute l air, fiirMoiia, on the I Mil,, /.ii, and 'tilliof this mouth, and tiiere offered for tale. _ Marnu is now four years old, imported from the celebrated itt atock of the late Karl Mpencer, and will compare with any I la Durham Bull on the continent. Iln. atork |irovea lemarkably | ist fine, and would be a valuable auiinal foi trotting with the naC tive itock. Kor particalars.iniiuire of Thomai Di ll, Morriaaiana, Westto cheater Couuty, N. aud during the lair at the U. H Hotel, 8arntog?. alOSt'rc ? KUK MAI.K.?The lineal young .Newfoundliind K, Jog in the city, mammoth aire, 11 inoiithi old, prrrt I' ? fecilv trained, and warranted a good guard; length i iw leet iu inches, height 2 feet niches. May be seen at Mi Water atieet, and will ! ? sold cheap. al0 3t'rr C 1M KOH HALK.-A VALUABLK FARM cm IMN ,w Vtfll Inland, formerly li jowu aa tire Kidg?ay property, rnner I siatiiiK ofab- ut ?nti -live aciei of land ill m high state of cultivation and well fenced The turninke load rnthrough the f?rin, which is bounded on one aide by a ereek, tmm [ which the beat muinre may alwivs b? obtained A large part J of the land la well adapted for building lots. There are two J ! onaes, good nutbuildi'gs, excel'ent wnter i<nrl abtisnauee of ' fruit on tho faun, which Ilea w uhlii h .If a inile of the landing ' at Chelaea, where the ataniriboat Kantan calls daily, and four mil'a fr< m T rl Kichmouil. Kor terma and Ituther particulars, arpiy to Mrs. MacUregor _ on the t>r>'iniaei. ( * JUL KUlt MAI.fc.?A I r?!'- ii in lip ofvainah e L'.'a llUh { jm te in the village of W il iamabargli, fronting xrn Noitli vf Ua&2d, Conselvra, Skillmui, jar bu n, Wilhera, I-rout, /'* I io., avenue, and l.onmer atrreta The?? lota will be sold i h.e upon favorable terms. Apply to JOHN SKII.I.MAN. Jan., | V at his h m?e North 2d street, near Union Avenue, on Monday | jJJ and Knday. all M'lt I Mi TO I.I. I ?A large ami c idi ma ii aa Jj*jM Siith Avenue, between Waverly Place ana Dili street, J*J&havii.g ihe modern improvement!, bathing loom, Sir. i lie hniiae ia ne w and very Convenient a part of ihe lurnirjjj ttue would he aold at a lair pnri* I,'ui Riven immeIliaielv. Kent low. Andrea, bi iji n ' "r" ' ' ' ' ik, juHi. TO iJhT ?A I'nion - H I m intn.lanfneal .f to li n,_ I. , ;,t|. Ill ill 111 In I'llCea ;S It^iltl^Iformrd ?treel, hetweed Bro.vliray <l l .lm A Hurt. **; to ?>. KfNK OOi.I) AND ?ll.VI H WAT?IIKM The i>?Hnb?crihfr i??rl!io??ll ?l?ri,| lfin- ttold and iSWt ?il?cr \Vitr!.r? ei.J ?'l 1 "< ?'. '"wr? ,l"" u? rp tXTl.xi'.r it. the cuy. All Wat' l" a ? attained V ' iy tin*, nr the moie ' . '' a chanted (JoJ.I W.ncli" .ulovrm* io?.!,..ich and Jew-Irv repaired in the br.t mun?r? mnrh lay fhvi the n*inpV?t"r""f Wax he? ?"d ./rwelry. W holea-Me nn'd Krlail, Ui |iW , >(>?; ,*rr M Wall ttirtt, mrufr W illiAin, up -i ?" ? ... I MMIKORTH, SKRAI'HINKH. AND ?t. jtJ "J' i y f MM.OlJriONH.? lli? ?tib?< riUn li i , w H C?r jr*-#"-*} >n hind rianofortee, n ?cw'i d "> ' -rr, nil | J f | 1 lof mi'eriof time nnd lini?h AWo, Heiepliinet, "? 111 upler did mucwnod ' Hurt, well ^d ?.te.l for amall eburrhei; ? rrry |nl|,| md mvrri tourd. Melodeoua of tin mil litm M?(ie for All innlriimnm, nnd muiictl gooili generally. All of if which they offer at eUremely low piiere. i F. MILKY k Co. Muaie Fuhliihere, J97 Broadway, between Hemic ami Duane itieeu, ">* ?<#ti'eod*rc Nearly oppoeite Htewart'e In ?k T< > HI l< I) K ^ Nl [T.RH.?Se veriil rr?pertnMe breedid y'lMp er? nf the l ong Ornry, heing detireni of piomotirg ihia innocent and deligmfal amniement hr compvmg In TV\V> their produre. here drtetiiiined to mil* public meet7} ing f?r the perprwe of nrr\nning n ilmw nf their (tock. and lorin11 a couaiiiDtion for the rouditimii o( entering hitdt, t , a?aiditig premium". lie-, lie. I'lje pretence of ihe admueri nf lie l< ng canary ii moat rein tpectlnllv reqneated and urged at Ihn primary mee'ing, in order that all may hare a voice in fnrmiug th? toott ?>>liii?i\ ragnlatoni, thn* girug the ten chance Tor diteatiifar^no neieB * A j'lhlic tneetir| will be l.rM for thi? rnrpoee rn Friday a, eve. lag, 10th inatant, at l,afav rtte Hall, oppoaite Niblo'? old 14 garden, at 7 o'clock. ??1t?iri ki TO TIlOfK tilAT WIMH fo JOIN THK* Ut * iHHir llM'. s AI.TILLI'.IU -W.?,tid f. r the l.t ? ' ll " H ,n''iit of Artillery, too able hodi- d men, between the M I JUL"Kei < f II and 30 rem. t . wi i"h food pay, rahom end lj | nothing wtM lie given Apirt I um iheehive, ? f'i n ol M il of eere?. <>r tWO'?tun'Bciip. and tl} bounty. Apply M il,? ,f I??di I*?#a io'wa mN.> I't. ' an *.r I, .Vo ni?\Va>iiiia. | ti*. and No. M CbaiUaoi .treeu, al?o at Arveitai Vard, , I MM) ?f Wh<?aiU i -MUt ID , IV?1? Will. t?rn*n 1 ----TO TBS LATEST MOMENT. TRLGURAPIIlCi l.tKlalatlve Proc??dliigk Ai, Sept. 9, 1M4. A ( otnraual.atlon waa lent to both Houaee by the Qo'ernor, announcing the death of the Hen. Bilaa Wright. t WM referred to* joint committee. Doth IIousbh then teok a raced till four to reoelfe th# epert of tbe comniittue. men atk. The report of the Joint Committee waa made by Mr. peneer. He addreaaed the Senate at acme length, at ?r which thia body adjourned until to-morrow. Tbe report wh made by Mr. Haulkt, who addreiaed lie Houm for ioiii time. Adjonmed until to-merrow morning. From the South. PKTiaiai'Bo, Sept 8th, 1847. There haa been another failure of tbe mail aomth of lontgomery, Ala. The Charleitin Couiirr of the 7th, jntalna nothing later from Mexico. New Orletna date* f tbe 1st and Ud inat. are now due. (Telegraphic cor. of Phllapelphla Bulletin.] Ualtimobc. Sept 9, 1847. There baa been another failure of the Southern mail, nd at thin exciting moment, when the army newa ax cteil hv tKm It'tttliinn uf V'mv OrlnAna la an Afiiioualv >oked for, the failure la peculiarly provoking. Tim Western cm were again detained on their laat rip by running off the track near Martinsburg On* lan war iujured but not fatally. We art) without ! loot J tews here. BY TI1K MAlLfc Waihuutos, Sept. t, 1647. Ntu>$?Mailt Up?llnut Nqui ! The back mails hare ootne through, bringing ua the particulars of Captain Weill' unfortunate trip to the National Bridge. and the lou of the wagons supplied with ammunition destined for the support of Major Lally, who had bravely cut through and gone forward. Captain Wells and his men, it appears, behaved with lingular bravery and coolneia, and though they bad to retreat back to Vera Crus, It appears from all acoounU that there would in a few days be a force sufficient mua tered to open the road up to the bridge, and to thin oat the guerillas. We understand that Lieut. Colonel Hnghea'a bat talon from this district and Maryland, reeently lent lown by sea, (and of whom we bare heard nothing alnoa hey sailed, rumors prevailing that one of the ships la lost) am to*. 11' uiiuildl for the express purpose of keepng the road op?u between Vera Crus and Jalapa Thla rill be a Held of active duty, and the volunteer who atuhen Father Jarauta will be entitled to a gold medal. k very thing. of course, now depends upon Soott If he >e bullied, and has to fall back, J6.U00 more men will b? ranted to repair the damage; but the commanding geleral knows this, and his circumspection shows that he h prepared beyond the possibility of reverse, lie must ;o in. We hear nothing more of Paredei, but suspeot that ha las g-no forward to do his best against tiie American unites Still we should not be surprised to hear that ha led been Imprisoned or shot ua traitor. Oeneral Taylor's section of the country seems to be leld only by (he force of arms, which is. Indeed, the lane, also, with every portion of Mexico, including Upper California, where, even in times o| peace, they have icnroly held any correspondence with the capital, from lis distance, au i tile mountains and deserts between. And tile fact is. we liavo yet to hour of the llrat \lexl:an. except by compulsion, joining the American ranks. Oil the other hand numbers of renegades hive gone jver <roiu our side to the eu<*nif. Theory, therefore, the staTe and beguiling id?a that the Mexicans so love us and our institutions that they arc thankful tor tlie upprovli of the \u)iri".'kii army to on.trCt thcill f I mil III 111.... t 111 unir-lu i.i./l ilH.,inli-n. ii4H proved to b? utterly unfounded nnd perfectly absurd. No, Mr; it wu<< uo mistake. 'j hey do not love u?-they hate u*. and tltcy will hute u? until they ?m exiingulidicd. mid thut tlity are to lie extinguished, we believe 1st clearly written in tue book of fate Santa Anna ha? been by u? underrated, though overrated by the Mexican* We Imve expected too much (a benevolent policy, but an expensive one) from revolutions and oab.ils, and conspiracies among the Mexican*, uud too little from the ' moral Kuaeion'' of sultpetre. We have lout tuna ire have gained battles, but have failed to gather the fruiU of victory by following them up, and fur want of men the war haj dragged along; no that General Taylor, with all his brilliant achievement*, In just where he was it yeur ago. with his enemies increasing around him and his force to be diminished ror the reinforcement of Scott. It 1h hard, and if the old man oomes homa, we nre afraid tho rancheroe will drive lien. Hopping and Oen. Ciinhing across the river, lor well may be It said of Old /ack, that ? "One blast upon his bugle horn Iv worth a thousand men. ' Upon the whole, however, we ran decide upon nothing, until W4 hear from the city of Mexico ; but when Scott's despatches. In a few days or less shall com" to us dated at the '-National I'alace," then regarding peace or war. Nous t'crront. QUIKN 9ABE. W*?hikuton, Sept. 7, 1847. Mailt Behind, 4 c.?Local Jiffain?Curiovt History of the Old Thtulrt. We have several mails due from the Koutb, Intercepted on the way by obstacles unexplained ; but whloh will no doubt be particularly attended to and Illustrated In Mr. Cave Johnson's report to Congress. We mnet believe, In the Interim, that these obstacles are beyond the oontrol of the Postmaster General,or that the frequent recurrence of two or three mall failures a week would not be permitted in a line so important to the government at this tine as that from New Orleans to Washington. We beg leave to set a little matter right. We like to do justice to all men, and especially to every good fellow. Oibhe, the barber for Coleman's Hotel, does not go for (>en. Scott for the Presidency; bat tor Oen. Taylor. This is as it should be, for while Old Zack is Rough ud Heady, Oibbe is Smooth and Keady, and shavee equal to Grant; and both of them are justified in thela?fetnion that Old Z.ack will go in. If be runs, just as smflVBIjr aa a razor The people will save the trouble of any^etteclal pleading on that ticket. One of the most complete arrangements for a forenoon's paetiuie for strangers coming to Washington, Is Copy's establishment iu Louisiana avenue. You try your ckill first at pistol shooting, then roll a game or iwo 01 inn piua, *1111 alloy* equal to thoae of tbe Ootblo ealabliihment Id Broadway; then there li a bathing place below, from which you may return to a retired bar up stairs. and discuss a sherry nobbier or a bottle of pop very conveniently Thin bouse waa formerly the old Nalloual theatre, but 1'. went down?then It was changed into th? Assembly llooma; but ( opp bought them out, aud converted them Into a new concern altogether We have aeen old Mr Jefferson. and Fanny Kemble. and Cooper and his daughter (now Mr* Robert Tyler) and Hherldan Knowtea, and Dooth. and hoet of others, play in that house; subsequently we hare danced many a quadrille in the aame place; and now you may practice at platola in what waa once the gallery, roll tenpina where the bosea uaed to be, and where, more recently the aaaenibliea were celebrated; and take a comfortable bath In the pit. in a nice room, on the siime floor where, a few seasons ago we were wont to diacuaa boned turkey, stewed oysteri and champagne, and where wit. and beauty aud laughter, ruled the midnight hour. "?il natvro hominum," Ice. We have, of course, no news to-day; but every ?ueceeding luorning enlarges the hope / >r the report of another great viotory THE DOC'IOR. Wiimsaros, Hept. 8, 1847. Mtirh in LiltU. W? Imre no toleirraDhic reliort from Richmond ttila morning. Wire* supposed to be clipped. We are all, however, expecting something by the afternoon's mail. The National Intelligrncir join* in the complaint of mail Irregularities We (hull take up tb? defence of Col. Johnnoii presently. We never did like to pee a man surrounded by hoaiile tribe*, without a friend to defend him. and we can t stand it much longer, in regard to tlii1 Postmaster Oeuerai. We are iu ? lair way now to get at the truth of the Texan annexation project; but that the Uritlsb government proposed cutting of the aohi-iui. we think baa lie'-n tuflloiently established, whatever Uen Houston may say to the contrary. W. RtLTfMoai Sept 0. IPlf The Rrctnt Smuggling Cam? Robbing of a Drover? *1itvtOil'i 7'iy/oi >fr? f'airtn't f'traf .7/>/j<aratiee ? llnlUttay tlt .H ThtHre?Slock Hoard, +-c. The smuggling oaso I mentioned la*t week lias turned out to be u lalse alarm. Mr. Joeeph Kettle, who was arlejted. ha* bri-n examined before the Collector of the port, and honorably' di*cbarged aud relieved from the slightest censure in the matter. Ilia character for intagrlty and high standing wae established by some of oar most respected Nothing la said in the report ma'le public of the examination of the two who run away, which leavea an impresaion on tba public mind, that there Is something which haa been smuggled from tba public gate. Mr Jsme* C ullan, a drovur of thia city, returned home laat nigbt from WlUlauisport. Md , in the vicinity of which place he bad been waylaid and robbed of hla horse and t JI4, and left tied to a tree Mr Attwood la exhibiting his Hen. Taylor here, bat tba announcement of the editor of the New Orleans Dell*, that it. resemble* the Oenerai about as much as It does a mud fenee. prevents our citizens from visiting It rer talnly puts a different aspect on the (leneral flrom any other likeness of him that I have seen, and givesi ths> lie to every description of his personal appearanoe that haa be*n published Mrs Farreu mad * her first appearance last night be for* a Baltimore audience, In the character of Mariana, In' Th? Wife " Her style of acting Is certainly most 1 origin*!. ?nd I must see b.-r iu other rharact?r* before eiuressmg any oplulon of her merits. #he la rerr aa'i * * aedulaU bay r0^9 **7

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