Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Eylül 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Eylül 1847 Page 3
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[ / xports htn |It?d Of. we ahould in time* put hare gone to any extant, and run lur.'ely in debt ; but now we consume oar own fabric*. manufacture to an latacaaa extent our own iron, and (apply the place, by our own industry. of an enormoua amount of merchandife, which heretofore baa come from Kuropa, aud which we have in many lnatanoes had to pay for with the hard dollar*. With a falling off of more than four million* of dollar* in the balance against u? in the trad* of thl? port alone, there la very littl* probability of there being at preaent an exportation of ipeel* to any extent. The official return* of the trade and commerce of the United State* for 1847, will show a result very different from any heretofore given. The aggregate value of either imports or export* may not be ?o large a* have been given, but the balance will be on the right aide of the aooount, aud we ihall be ablo to make a mere favorable (tatomeut. I toe It Uxchange* $IOOi 0 Treai Ntt f* b'JO 103 23 shs Manhattan Bank 97 iOtuu do >90 10?3U 10 Mechaiiica' Bulk 10M? luoo do 103* 125 Cam on Co . , * MM do 103*2 50 do bl5 36 <? 50?i do bl5 in.iC 90 do 10000 do GOdi 10354 25 do bM 3 2oou Btaie 534 *6? 103* 11 MohawkRR 75 louo Peun'aVs 7# 100 Nor fc Wor RR b90 j6H 0000 do 76X 150 do itO Ohio 6?, '?0 100 175 do 5000 do bl2m> 100 W 25 do 10< 0 dj 1(10% 100 do 57 fiiiia d > im* 100 25 do bnw 57 3 .0 Ohiofi's, '50 tH* 225 . do MK Jff,0 do !i9 250 L Island RR S<S 5.00 U*?d I'g Boiidi 74^4 50 do bl5 34j? iiu.0 do 74? 65" do HOOO do 74>4 50 do ?nw 34 , 150 .h. Bead, ? RR 66U 100 do bl5 W*, 20'i Farmers'Trust 3i)? 800 d? J<1? 2 5 do >80 33 C 100 do bt>0 34?f 101 do ?J0 33>* 15# ? do I** 101 do 33'a 350 Harlem RR . . 6S? i do 3I;? iO uo blu 68'4 a Morris Canal ISO 14 SO do 68>? n.1 (lo >60 12), 50 do >60 67% iO do UJ4 100 do 68 30 ^)erch't< Kx'g* Co 7 630 do C8% JO do fcj-i .->? dj 100 68 .1 Utica k Schenectady lis 100 do C8k 25 do 1I5'? 60 Hudstiu River RR Bj>. IS do 115% 5 da 86 17 Ulica Scrip 115 Second Board. $I<K)00 Tress Nu6's IV.on 104 loo itu Harlem RR 69 600(1 do 104 50 do >90 OS CfiuO do 10Jt? M0 Canton Co 37W 60iM do aHma 1U4J-, 2S do b'JO 117% to alia L lilttnd RR 34% 100 Motrin Canal >60 14 75 do 34V 100 H?a?iJg ItR C?>4 to do 34V 50 Nor St Wor RR 55 Ilarlrm RR alO 011-52 25 do StK 5(1 d.) Ct% 25 do 54 Aa 60 do 6U% 50 Farmera' Loan :I4>4 3K.0 do blO 69 New Stock Exchanges $1000 Treaa Not?> bio 1*3 50 >iu Harlem RR e 68 V Joi-0 do Pec 25 03 50 do C 6*?? 23 >h>7rli Ward Bank 95 50 do C 6MV 11:0 Farui?ra'Loau b30 31 50 do 68% 50 do 1:30 31% 50 Vor U Wat RR c 65 ? 50 do b29 3i% 25 dj b3 55K 100 di blO 31* 11:0 L Maud RR bIS 31% 50 do bIS 33% 50 do b'2 34>? 50 Hailem RR >9 ??% 60 do bU 34fc 1(10 do b3 6fc% SO do C SI,'* 100 do a3 6?% CITY TRADU KKPOKT. Nkw Vorx, Fiuday ArrtiNooM, Sept. 10. Common brands of Western and Genesee flour tre^i dull, and sales made in some cagey at a trifle lower, while fresh ground from new wheat wu firm, and fresh ground from old maintained previous quotations. Wheat was dull. Corn continued about the aame. Rye waa tome lower, while oats were a little firmer. Provisions stood about the same, with fair amount of sales in pork and lard. Groceries exhibited no change?common grades oMtugar were dull, whilo fine held thtir own. A>his?Males of as bbll pots were made at $5 25, and 100 do at 1>6 18%; pearls remained steady at $7. Bkcswax?We have only to notice a sale of 1000 lba at 6i4 oents. SnKAusTurra?Flour?We notioe the arrival of the first, flour, ground from new wheat, in the State of Ohio, ccibiisiitig of 600 hbls, consigned to Dwight Johnson, Kan . ofitiia citv. which was held at $6 37Sales of 70J l)bl? llmrM were made at J6 60; fresh ground, from new wheat was Arm, for which, aftnr 'Change, $6 76 whs offered and re!'u?ed, and $6 S7)? demanded; 200 bbls. f.trai?lit brand* lliohlgan gold at $3 6i%] 100 do. Ohio sold at $6 37^; ltO do , rather extra, sold at $6 75; 000 <lo. U , bad, told at *4 26; and 300 to 400 do., round hoop do., via New Orleans, sold at $b 12>? a $6 26. ssonclmrn continued firm, and In light supply; 300 bbls. Bracdywine sold at ? 0 26, 4 months Howard straight and Alexandria weru worth $6 DX a $0 26. Meal? Common to good Western New York were worth $2 60 a >2 76, with sales Rye Flour? The last sales were mud* at (4. fr'heat?Sales of 3000 bushels Genesee were made on private terms, and a lot of Western sold at 1 j9e. C#j n ?Malts of #000 to #000 bushels flat yellow wwe rov.le at 70){u; 601)0 do , flat mixed, nearly yellow, w?-? uiule at 67(i, and 4000 do at the same prioe; 200o tiucbrjn >?w Orleans white sold at 09Xo, and 7000 do. flat yellow at 7<>o; 1500 to 2000 do mixed, damaged, sold Ht. .>8j. Aye?^aiusof .1000 to 4000 bushels were reported ut Vic, which exhibited a decline. Oult? The market was noma Urmer, and sales oi 3000 to 4000 busholaof old were mude at 46o. llt<'tpu dnwn the. Hudson Kiver, September 9. Klour 1H.32H barrels. Wheat. 0,000 bushels. Coru 17,600 " jMeal l,30o barrels. Hye 7.000 bushels C'tnDJ-r.s?Sperm were steady at 31e. C0. ?**?There were one or two fresh cargoes of llio . I.uh r.f _kl.h i.. .I... . In. til*' I v nuiv... m uiir uiuikiv, wuriiiiuucuii 15 a igcmkj i.Nf* We have only to notico Hales of 400 ba^s of Kio, damagid, made by auction at 6*? a 6)4. cmh. Cottow.?We har!'^'y ^dow what to nay about this artio.e broker* do noii.*lN"n communicative to-day, but we undirkland holders a/*1 generally indisposed to sell exoept at about half ? cent <JV?r *^e current rates the lai>t two day*. in couftcquenco o. undoubted destruction going forward in the only ?tc"M?p iu which the orop h?s latterly promUed a remunerates S' TT^ , bottom lmidK of Mikflssippi aud LouU.Vi*' We hoard ot Mi'.et of 'J00# bale*. K i5M -Salt* of 3 a 400 quintals dry cod wW Made at $3 00; mackerel were dnil, and sales of only 300 barrels wt-re made nt price* barely supporting previocrt quotatioiis; herring stood about the same, without sales of IU"IIie>lt. Fhi ir?The market for bunch raisins oontinued firm, and sales wer? made at prioes varying from $1 43 a 1 obwhile a.rintly prime wero held at $1 60. The supply was ohiefly h> lu in second bauds. llifMP?ijiilex of 50 bales extra dressed were made at J-il j per ton; and 13d do. dressed at $170 a $100 per ton Lnu?iu*rket was tinner, and sales of 1UUO pig* WfW - ported nt 4 25. The market was i?acUve, and no sales beyond retail transactions reported. Navai. HrOait-The utarkut, was tjuiet to-day, without change in prices. Small s.ilns spirits turpentine were rep rum at 6o ceiils; r*w utood at (3 'Jo; S. county rosiu i.l (lunli naked, and Wilmington at 75 cents. Ou. - Liusred ih'hited no change; English whs ilull at ti-i>4 a ?.1 cents, while American city pressed sio?d at <55 cents ca li '1 here was no change in crude whale; selected was held at 36>i cents; aud crude sperm, by gome parties. v.i? held at a figure ii.tiove $1. though purchasers were not di-p js. d to meet thdin above tkat price. PaoTmo*??Sale* of 3IK) bMs. prime mess pork wi re reported, at $15, (probably in separate lots,) aud 500 do. prime do. raid at $11 0J>?r$U 76, to divided parcels /ie*/?Sales of I8U tierces wore made at yib; city mess W?1 worth <13 ? $18 26; country do. $12 a 12:16 a 12 60; mid prime do . 75. Lard?Sales, within a day or tiro have reached 600 kegs, ut 11 J? c. Kiin?Holders asked $5 6i>? a $6, which being above the views of buyers, especially for export, there were no h .Ins of ni' irn nt reported. b*' lo?Ohio new alover was firm at 7 a 7){c Tbe itwi s?i?c oi uiiioiny went maue ai 7>i / oo n jiau accorulng to qual!:y. Muoak S&Ih* of 200 hlidfl. Cuba Muscovado were mailt) ?t 6 a (1>4o. A lot of about 100 hhds., including some Iota Mu.?:ovaio and I'orto Rico were offered at aucliou to-day. Inn. were withdrawn, and the Bale postponed till the next dfty, the 11th lust. Tau.ow continued Ann at 'JX a 10c. WiHi.tioiii?North-west continued te be held at 35o , at wl iich fcuiall unlet were reported. WHis*K>?Saint of lliO btl*. Statu prison were uudo af,27o; drudge w.ia held at 37>{o. The last tales New Oi leans wt r? made at. 36 * 2li>ic. W001.? t lie market for Atnnrioan was brisk, and the Bales of this woek hare reached about 100,000 Lb#.,,at prir.i-s VHrvIn* according to quality. Irom 27 to 4So The at rivals down therifer were heavy, ^.ut the stock bvl n >i. accuraulat d. la foreign, wo did not hear of much doing. Fhikih ri?Hates continued dull. Cotton wos eng.ig ad to .. m..U'-rat? extent for Liverpool at 3 ISth a Xd ? Hi u<-to the ssire port was nominal at Is ?d. A ship w.n chartered to go to Jamet itlver to load with tobacco for Louden at a 6s. TELEUltAPlUCr Marktlii Albany, 8tpt. 10?P. M. Flour?There wal nothing doing, while prlcet were nominally tui'aatitfl. Corn?No t tie* trnnspir* d. Western mixed wo quote dull at 63 a 6 >0 , while for high nixed, or Hat yellow, a little raise 1, 07o. was *?'*ed.? Wheat- The market was dull, an J quotations nominal. Me-l- S?le? of 200 bills. Western New Vork were made at *5 fiMf Wblakey ln?'tlr?. The receipt! by Iho eatial. durl'ig the preceding twenty four hours, were an fbUow* :~Klour, 1000 barrel*; corn, 13.800 bushel! J wlient nngt ; o?t?, 'JMd bwtiel* i rye, *00 bushel*.? Vewrl* rather !caro?. [i"el>t^Tar'bl? Cor. of t'hlla<)?lphia Bulletin ] Pittmi mi, 8?pt. 10.1817. Til" w*t<-r In the channel in riding nlowly, and I* now tin i?.i two fret. Tli* enpply of flour U to a moJeTBto ?*r but ml.** are rev.rldted, a* operator* cannot* ngr < * upon terms. Oralo* are nominal to-day. There huv l> <i" some ealet of baaon at fortnnr price#. Tobacco qal-t. No change In grooeries. We bar* had heavy mill", on J a |.ro?poct of mora. Rai.timosk. Sept 10, 1M7. Kli ur lit ir>r.i?wbat firmer to-day. and $1 48 1* tb? lowr-.t. p ce accepted?the sale* however, are rory light. - | The a-nolo '* beginning to bo eoarne again, which will , In l|i to s-tppnrt pre?out figure*. drain In depressed In ptie-f. Hivt the hie* moderate. Prlrne new wheat I* ! wo h il'5 to in*. xtid InTerlor kind* frr>m 10 to 16 oetjtg | lower The r njr* of whl?? for p-lmo and extra i.? 105 to lldoenl*. i orn rtn l.i ijj fur all i|uallti**; Id corn nual Tio liii|ul y. Hye 1* Arm at 08 to 71 cents, and rye flour $1 4 li Phi;** li/scollkotihn of kkw climbing M'lliifl ri Ko<"i. Hardy Garden, and Oreen home An In*. Cmerarh*, Mlmdrnilioi i and ({* oiinmt. ere now renly ml? H the Oarden, llenn ?'re?t n?nr Atlantic* ireet, bo.M'i B " 1.1 d Uo .quel* utk-fnlly wade to order, til i'u'm I Married. . On Thursday, 9th innt , at st Peter's Cbureh, by the , Rev. Dr. Smith, Mr. Hc.nir Krokml, to Mia* Cobnblia I K. TuarLca, youngest daughter of Mr. Geo. C. Turflar, | All of tbif city. On Wednesday. the 8tb Inst., by tba Re*. Mason ! Noble, Dr. William H. Humbert, to Mlaa Susan A. Whittle***, daughter of Heaekiah Whittlesey, fc?q , of | LI intra. ChemnnR Co . N. Y. Kliuira papers, anl Washington, D. C., papers | please oopy. in tbia city, on the "111 innt, by the Rev. L. M. Vln* j cent, Mr. William Tam-ob, to Mra. Ague* Pbentice, both of Newport, Rhode Iiiand. IHed. On Friday morning, the loth Inst., David Obeic, Ksq , ! I of tbia city, in the 30th jear of hi* age. I His relatives and friend*, and the member* of the bar | of thin city, are respectfully invited to attend bin funeral , from hi* late residence, No. 107 Grand street, on Suuday. 1 ' the 13th inat, at half-paat 1 o'clock, P. M. i On Thursday evening, the 0th inat., Noah CoN*oB,ln ! the 41st year of hia age. His relatives and friend* are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from bis late residence, No. 309 Hudson street, on Sunday next, the 13th innt . at 0 o'clock, A. M , without further invitation. His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for Interment. On the 10th lost, of intermittent fever, Ann, wife of James Bithell, In the 19th year of her age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are reti- i peotfully invited to attend htr funeral, this afternoon, at | 4 o'clock, from her late residence, 81 Rose street. i On Friday, the 10th Inst, Robert John, son of John ! and Mary Jane Cunningham, aged 1 year, 1 month and 0 days. Their friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from their residence, 403 Grand street. On the 10th lost., Catharine McNwlt*. Her friends and acquaintances are renoeotfullv lnvl ted to attend her funeral, thin afternoon, from the re- i sidenoe of bur suiter, In ibid itreet, between id uuil31 aveuuo, at half-past 4 o'clock. ? I Circular?to our patrons, and to prinTERS generally.?The uudarsigned respectfully a luouuec lint notwithstanding the sevore lou sustained by tin: 1st* Are. they have resumed business at the southwest coiuer of Nassau and Ann sir set*, directly opposite to their old establishment. As the entire stuck of types, machinery aud futures weie destroyed iu tha eoailagraiiou, some little indulgence may be claimed for the time ueeeasary to perfect thtir cringe limits They are grateful, however, to say, hat many 01 ibeir valuable moulds and mtriies ware preserved by th* : eie tions of their fiieuds, and will in a few dtya be repaired | and iu full operation Arrangements hive been made fo a j series f tew aud beautiful laces, for new moulds and michiuer. . The uudersirued solicit a continuance of favois from : tlirir typographic >i brethren, aud the printing trade generally. '1 heir mi.f iltUM have aroused them to fresli energy, and by their prompt eiertious, they are determined to maintain the proud distinctiau so long awarded to their bouse, as being at I the head of their jwculiar For excellence of wot k- j mauship. duribility of type, aud material, tliey will coutinue i to challeuge competition; tliev have on h.iud some few small ' fancy founts: and a Quantity of brass rule that were saved from the rums, which will be disposed of at reduced prices, that j they may be euab'ed at the commeucuraeur of their operations. to have on haul au entire new sfick of every aiti lis re- I quired in puntiug office*. The unders'gnrd take this opportu- j uitv of returning their grateful acknowledgments to their i friends for their generous elf rts on the late disastrous occasion. james connor u son. sllTtrc CHOICE PERFUMERY AND FANCY SOAPS-At ' wholesale, at bargains, Twentv-oue Cortlandt it.: SO dor.. ! lug* Hock Cologne, to close a consignment, remarkably low, 1 (2!) Twenty-one Cortlanilt st. Also, Walnut Oil Shaving Soap, and all Fancy Soaps, cheap. Dalley's au < Couuel's Paiu Extractor, Depor for the true article, wholesale, at 1 bargains, Twnity-oiie Cortluudt st. Also, Dr. McNair's Cure I f'irl)?<fness; Hay's Liniineiit, a cure for ihe Piles; Bslm of j Columbia, a Hair Restorntive or Slayer sl<18i*rc WED ill NO, Vis'lll'lNO mid MI.UiJhTNTS' C.UflJ?Wedding, C'tnpliuiektiry, Visiting aud Merchants' <'aids, elegantly rugraved aud printed. Ou Fiau-i a lot of su rerior Freuch Cards, having a brilliant polish on both sides Cards printed Iroin engraved plates at short uotice. attention paid by the subscriber to the getting up of Cards " At Home." Complimentary or Cake Cards, for wedding pnties, in the nettcs: manner; Cake Boxes, tnTeloues, Ike Please call and examine the specimen books, at VALKNTlNi'S fashionable Card Engraving and Priutinic Establish uifiit, Mo yH ">as?au atrtet (between Aiiu and Fulton atreets) over Stronj^Wotiu k ngraver. >11 lt*rc 'p J l UUNi'hV .vifcHCHAM 18?Brown 8~heetiugs aud X Hlnrtiug* of every ktyle and width, nil the kuowu braudn boihhrayy aud fine?8t*rk Mill*, Lawie ce C, Indian He.v! < abot A. Premium Heavy Merrimack, hxeter*. Uitkuowns. Sic , may be had at mauufsctuier*' pi ice*, on the aeconl 11 ora ol N>>a. 18and 29 < rdar atreet, hulia block above Pearl atreet Vard wide Hheetings. 6 ceut* per yard; alto. Uuu, VVick, ! Twine, Wa>p, aud Waddiug. Also, beat Southern Cottou i V arn. Moa. 6 to 11, and 7 to 12. T. t?. UNDEKHILL It CO., all lt*rc Nos. IS aud 20 <.edar it. BV OKI) K OK HO.N_CHAHi.KS P. DAL* , Awocuf Judge of the Court ol Commou Plea* for the City and : Couutv" of Nrw York, notice it hereby given, purau ?nt to the 1 proviaioui of the atatute authorising attachments a^iusl ab ?c'iidiug, jco.icealed, auil nou-reaideut debtor*,"that an attach- < meut ha* laaued agaiuat the Mtate of t.II \Hl,LS OOODYE.Ul.n reaidrnt of the State of Connecticut, and tlx tame will be sold for the payment ot hi* dehta, Uuleaa he af>- i pear and discharge snch attachment, according to law, within nine moHh* from the lir*t publication of this notice; and that 'lie payment of any deuts out to him by residents of this Hi.ate, and the delivery to him or for hi* use of any property within ! thia Bute bcloi,K'n< to hira, nud the transfer of any nuch property by iiiin, are forbidden by law, and are void Dated the zd cay of August. 1847. MARTIN, STilONG & A. K SMITH, Altorneyi for Attaching Creditor. ill 3t?m ? Wall street. N Y. . > TO UKNTfcKL KAlUlLlfcS.?A gentleman it desirous of rng.igiug a hands .mely furnished parlor, witli a bed-ro m auached, lu n genteel private family, where there are no other lidgrrs I'reeieuce given to where he can have bren fa*t . cived np id his w;m Price no object i( the accommodation Is >up<rior. Location iu the immediate vicinity of Broadway, nud not liuher than Graud street. Address Y Z,?t thit office ! *11 6l*rc ) LOSi'.?Take., Irom the steamboat ALII)A, 011 ai rival ; Thursd ly evening 9th inst, probibly by mistake, a Lai'Y > Hat n x, racked on the end in white letters,S. C C., N. V." alsothe name on a cud. The person luviug the aame, will plea.e retu n it to ih? agent, at the steamboat office, fooT of Kotiinson stret t. or t" No. 173 Twelfth at all It * rn TO FABMKBU-THfi LOIM M ANUf AC TUttlNG COM PAN V offer for sale their new aud improved Toutl- ' reite. lor use on winter grains, at the old rsiahlislieil rates o' I '4 cen s per bushel .ind Si 40 per barrel. It may be bta'reil ! from James B Cm, 90 West streer, New Yoik; orTi-oma Kullinsou. corner cf Hridge ami Broad sis., Newark, agent', i or at the factory on the H ckeustck river, near the turnpike i r ad from Newark to New York. si I St-ltiw *in SA KELT UfcAVf-a CLOi'H.S- | "rk JO c <ses heavy ii Mack Kelt Beaver Cloths. 20 do do \ browu do do do. li do do H bine do do do. Received, ami for isle by I). BRIOHAM & CO., all 6ms it 60 Pi ue street. THM UAV PuBI-ISHKl/. puce I2)i cents eicli, EVAljNK: or, 'Ihe Statue?a play, by Richard Shiel?being No 42 of tha Modern 8 andard Ur.imi, ed:ted by Kpei Sargeant Also, BEAUTY AND i'HK Be AST, a comic extravaganza, by J. R Planriio?being No. II of the Mioor I) ama. >11 lt*m BKhKOkO It '/O.. 2 \stor House. A LOT OF SMALL l) \K KNEI , for sale cheap, It ing i on the dock foot of 7ih stiect, Ear river, apply to James DeVor, st W. H. Webb's office iu Lev s, near 7th street. >11 It'in CM.OICK WINKS. TEAS, fce.-MR. BlOOUOOOD, | J No 4 Pi e st > et. off. r? fur sale on rrnsouable trim*? 1000 B ) Via d'ay ChaTpgue, pints and quarts. S5 do. Ay Cremant, do t|uaiu 41 qu tr'er ca?k> >tfuizrinlls & Amontillado., pale Sherries, | 24 uemijohas anperior taiile Madeira. I 14 do Pie Ourd Br ndy. 40 do Old Pale licnuesny do. 2 dozen very old Jamaica ll.un. I d do Anrigua do. 74 half "lien's line Ooljung Ten, very low. Also, othei liue Black and Orceu Teis, in clieiu, halfrbnu i.nd small ?.i.xe? all3ui*in I 'TVKACH-R?jK MODERN L\\OUaO.-S.?I'll >s? who m. t.rc uemroui iu ohm 11 a riuimi'.u as teacii?r til inouein iru I' (,'? ? will api ly til the uiidt-MiKiii-J, at (lie-Kranklin Hou?e, fl<;.dw*y, The teacher ia needed at Concord Academy, < arolme. V i-, and die under?Kned periion is cmp >wered to nuke a lieu! selection. L >1 (,'OLKMAN, all 2r?in franklin Home, Broad .< av. Nails, twink and shok ihmkauCui and Wrooght Nails, Biedi and Spkea. 5,6 8, 9, 12, 18. 24 and 36 lb. Seite Tw ine - 2 and 3 Cotd Oilliuif 2 and 3 thread India " " "Hopewell" Cot: m Seine Twue, ol every lize. Wrapping, Wool,aud Manufacturers' Twine, of every description. Shoe Thread, of every-description, including Titley, T.ilhjim'a and WalkerV Korsale by II H?m CKBKA ?t CUM1NO. IOC Pearl at. ' TO BLACK lp8, MACHINISTS, lie.?A rare chat.ce is offered of an K'.tibli?)nn-nt iu one of the best thoroughfares in the lower part of the city. est?bliahed m-ny yems, and can be had oi easy terms, if applied for s> ou. Kor particulars, inquire of Mr. M. ATKINSON. J2d Hreet. sJI 1l"m Son:k ' :? jnVk?;tio s kkv, art am " kkTY n ko J ANO UNADULTKRATKD, rnad expressly to >ait the aiMilh xud \Ve?t. Prime Lo if Sugar Cundies, IS'*i cents. Hava?a Sugar <>K'lie i 16 ceut-s with i? gensrul ??oitment of LoHiifi'., A'mo ds,a;:d other superior >*unar UooiU, at t(i< lows market (iricc, by 8TRWAKT, BUaSIN'i Si CO , ?II 2t *rc Wholesale Cor.fectionera, 418 I'earl, eor. .YIadi'o> OUSKQUli.S of O'l/OSNEIL.?The Obloquies i , Memoiy of Daniel U'1 oimell, will fike place in this city, oil the 3'ill iustsnt. The fuue i! oetiou will be deliver if nv Ki-Oovarnor Sewird, at Cistle Guden, oti the 22.1 in-taut. The Coinmitfe of Amusements coinposwJ of th delegates o numerous societies and ihe Executive Committee of ihr New York (U'peil Anoeiitios, hive left nothing undone to rtlake th's c <nim*-in 'ration wivthy :he illustrious deputed. The ^oin'nitt'-i- i f nrnnff>meiiii >e |*ctfu ly invite all Forieiea und cirizena from ?i?fr cities, within >e en of .New Vork, njoin on th* occasion. They will obtain their pliee in [h? line by reporting to the Ortnd \1inii\l, Thumii O'Conor, F?q., or to ilik adj timed meeting of ih? C> mmiltee of Ar- | I rsngcraenti. at Mr. \Villinn> Often'#, Mojtg'jirery H il', No ; ~i\ I'rinee street, on Wednetday evei.iiix, 'ill' mtUu:, at 8 o'clock By order uf ihe Committee nf Arrantem'iiti BARTHOLOMEW O'CONNOR. OHtiLti K. Shka, becieuiy. Chairmen. nip :U*r>c I.N HO i M vT O ?II t-l Uris'ol Left b Ktch.rd Sander* Kna Traveraiere St. > tin"re*, Pirn. Whrim, atouui! i eri hi. hi>uaeke>per in the aaid hole . Iel> (or V?ik bv . i Havre p cket betwe n tl.e yena till and 1811, auminitd t > 1 hve ain-e married. Rbon' this nn-et her eye. ?ne i* re ! iin-<te?? to ainr to Mr. Tbomaa Hnoa, ofTimli, at tlir Globe Hntel New York, of whomalie will bear of amnethinx I ! her ad i an "aire. alitpi'm STTON'/Va n kr.K pkkT*F? and Locouiotiv* Oinct, I IU Knlton atreet, Co ner cf Na?:?an, Id atory.?I aid*. ci'> ol ra. billa, ai.d job p inting of al. kiidi, neatly >in<'correctly aiec.teat ??ry low price*. Merehmla. atore kee|. eri. and all othera doin* bui neaa, will And this olliee we't applied wit.i all kindi uf ?nar?ri I nrcaiary to rUt good i't i ting. Mercaa i e and roinm?ri ial printing ixwtirnl rly hi tendel to Hpecimrna may be aeen a', the olllctin Kultoj treet. THuMA > E. bc'1 TON. ilfljt?m | G1 TiTT" KKY HTOHK KOIl it A IK ?For auln the atock and I C li?nre? itf the old eatabliahed Oioocry :iud Liquor Store I i fll?>men >chillirg, corner of Bleet>er mi I ''orneiia itrtelr, \ lm?e will be given for five year*; it will be aold cheap fo: raih, comidariiif location, fcc Apply immediately to 9*t*rc T iQ*1 ASMOH HELL. MH Front ?t. L'OT* AT BROOKLYN KOK 8ALK?Nine lot* at I tfiooktyn, matted at Ked H iok, in the 8itth War I, on ( Partition itreet from nnmbeia 190 to 198 inclusive. in the ?i- 1 cin>ty ofthc Arl-<i?ti<: Dor.k, va h lot ti by l(Xt feet. Will be ] noli! re' amiable il applied f r noon. Apply at No. IV Kroiit it. ?">Jt?m , | 'III Nr.- . VlYLC.N > LI UK Alt? KUR \I t UHr. ? ! a/'l e ?u >?Cri">#r I) j> to invite hit frienda and e.utoinfra to , a>i ma, e.Mion of rich' In lie - I il>r >ry Kurn-tuie, whien II n tireii ini I- to ordr. for the country aeat of J'. P. Hiiuum. h >q., of Uii>!?-|x?>t, '' It m n. t i ttudr.l to rein< rk no the ityle i? an ad ret ia*m?ni, 'Uh<>a|ih connoiiaenra that have . travelled tlirioihont Mi rope. a free that nothing ol ih? kind ' h-? ever tief-re bee i ?e-n in tint c u>itry. It eompriiea i,. j rich?eaa of s'vle wo km* ahip, the cloieat appro* imatinii lo 1 tha rhin'?e *h t cen be ima.infd _ Pha whole I th? fnniitnre will be qa hand for a lew dar. ( fo the i?a|>ertion of th we wlomny b?Ti w >nt of ne w le. ? ofrirh furnitare. JULIUS D' < e ??3t?nrc Cabinet Maker, 4M Bto?dw?y. AOKNTEEL YOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN, of ? agreeable i*crtou aud manners, who understands noodlew?>rk in geucral aud making of tfaimeuts aud who is willing to mo into the country, may hear of something to her adranUgo by depo?itii>g a note in the Herald Office, addressed to * CI I100/* stating where an interview may bo had. . u f~ 1 ry it and sec. Best of references given and required ill lt?rrc Agentwanted forthecity oknew York. to ?ell Mahm'a ayatem of Garment Catling and PUtei ul K.taluou ?Tne popularity of the ayatem 11 eueti as requires uo c.miraeut upon it. i lie pint* contain aeventeen figures, executed, u uaual, with lute, ami beautifully colore J One of the figures is a correct aud striking likeness of the gallant Lieutenant < olouel May. The beiuty and design of the |?l?t? will v. arrant it success. wherever it maybe introduced, tor further i) riiculam, addiea* K. .\1 AH AN, 211 Cheauut ?tre?t, Philadelphia. all it rc WANTED? A large furiiiahed Room auitable lor eveniug lectures aituited in Broidway, between the Astor House aud Broome street. A|>plv, between 10 and 3 o'clock, at the Acndrmv <>l Language*. I8J H road way. ?H lt+rc WANTED IM.Vl Hl)l ATELY?Several young and enterprising men, to aoiicit auhacribersaiid collect money for one or 'he moit popular periodicala published in the country. Men who can come well recommended for bonxty. integrity, and perseverance, cm make from $5 to M a day ths year round. Several are making at thii rate now. Apply to all It* ro ISRAEL POST. HO Nana a at. WAN I'fcl) IMMEDIATELY? A tint iwe MilUuer: th? i heit reference* required. Apply at Mrs. J. KINIELS, svgrnt. No. 459 Broadway corner ol Grand street, entrance n i Or uid atreet. lit upstura. ill It'm WA Vl'* U-*IJ,000 to be tuveated with $75,Ot)u already inretted i? a profitable manufacturing establishment near New York, together with a gentleman to take the general charge of the buaineai of the torn pan y as Preaidant. AddreM T S., box 119 New York poatoffice. iU8t<*rc WaNTKB ? A good Cook; also an American womrn as Nurie, to two children. Apply at 363 Fourth atreeti ueaMhe Bowery. a!0 3t?rc WA NTKD.?An experienced Milliner. Afoly at 513 Broadway. a9 3t*in WANT I)? A Partner, either aile..t or active, with SI,000 to $1,500. in the whoieaaln wine aud liquor baiineaa.? To any one really wiahirg buaineaa, the above ia agood opportunity. Addreas A. M., Box 1 CCS, Lower Poat Office, with unine and address. Satisfactory references given. a9 3t*rrc WANTKU IMMEDIATELY?10 or 40 good Stone Maaona to work on the York and Erie Rail Koad, Laynesboio, Pa. Wages SS per day, and ateady employment for one or twoyears. Application to be made at the Columbia Hotel, South Brooklyn. JAMK9 COLLINS, WILLIAM BEARD, >8 *t*rc i.ontn?tors. WANTED.?A farmer and In* wife, to one who understands lua busiues*. in hII ita branches. a good situation will be offarud. An Ka tern man accustomed to the u e of the me.jIriTiiiii tittle, kc., kc, would be preferred. Apply to J >HN C~ 81 EVENS, corner of Mu ray street, and College I'lace, between the houra of 8 and 9 o'clock, iu the mortiug. ___ s7 7f in PARTICULAR NOTICE?A gentleman would like to have a room, with or without board, and pay for the amne iu lessons upon the Piano Forte. Good references irivvn. Address a lTUe to C. D ,at Atwill'a Muaic Store, 201 Broadw.y. ?9Jt?rc PttACrTOAiTBOOK^KEETlNO, No. M Cedar.StreetMr C. C. Mar?h., Author of the 'So-ence of Double Entry Book-keeping Simplified," and the "Ait of Sintile Ei-tiy Book-keeping Improved," coutiuuei to teach aa above. I he pupil becomea familiar from actual use with all the bnoka constituting a aet, and a peranuof good capacity will, by thia courae, become a competent book-keeper iu about a mouth, and wul icceive a ceitilicate to tliat effect. Proapectuaei, with terms, o tained at the rooms, from 9 A. M. a> W m POWf.H LOU.VIH?Kor sale, 30 Narrow Looms, of superior make of iron, to ? eave twilted work, either cotton or woolen latiueta, Kentucky jean*, tweeda, or drills, wi'h cUa:>ue cams. They will be sold at a bargain. Inquire ?t 22 Br.nd street. s9 I8t?rc 'pvvo BILLIARD TABLES *OR SALE CHEAP.? A The Tables ate iu vely good order, and all the fix'uies complete. Euqai e at Street's Croton Bath, corner of Hudsou and anal street, oi WM. H. SWEET. s9 3i* rc _ __ _ ____ CVkNTLEMKN'S L? Kr OKF WAKDROBK, kc* Uentlemen or families having snperfl uous effects, such as wearing apparel, jewelry, lire arms, furniture, kc., which i lie y desire to disiwie of advantageously, have the beat opportunity of doiui so by seudtug lor the subscriber, who will attend them at their residences by appointment. H.LEVETT, Office, No 2 Wall street, corner of Broadway. i N.B.?A line ruldretsed through the post-office or i.lherwise, will receive prompt attrntion. s8 3t*rn 1 H\STINGS' COMPOUND SYKUP OF NAPTHA? i Not only a positive but a warranted cure lor comumpt on aid all oi r ises o' the luugs. This has decided the <li rut* about the iu.ability of consumption, and satisfied the incdn al fx' ulty, and all who have used it, that consumption, and all ] afTectiousof th* I .ugs, cannot only be cured, but they are as easily and simply cured as a'most any of the disorders to which the human traine is liable The operation of a single bottle, which costs hut o.i.? dollar, is safficieut to satisfy any patieut? ( if lib t altogether too fir gone with the disease?of this fact; , ai.d even a single dose gives evidence of its enraordiuary iu- , fluence iu arresting and eradicating the malady, by the immediate relief which it affords. This is no quack or secret remt- , do. Dr. Hastings its discoverer, is one of the most eminent physicians of the age, and has made a fall disclosure of its history, and all its c juip >neut parts, to the world : not wishing to incur fie responsibility of confining to lumsell, for the sake of protit, a secret wh ch was calculated to do such good And such has been the wond'rful results of its operations, that the Loudon Lancet, Medical Times, and the most eminent jihyslcmns ofb 'th hemispheres, are anxiously calling u|m>ii sufferers to have iinui'iliate recourse to it, and proclaiming that of all knowu ueriiciiies, it aloua haa poaitivei y establiMie I ita efficacy, by imdnmble proofa of curing consumption anil all o'her dixeitses of the latins. Pi ice Uue Dollar a buttle ; aix bottles for five dollars. Aa ill's is a very expensive preparation, it is not left arouud on commission, as is the ino.e with quack medicinea, but must Le purchased out and out by those who sell again. This arraug'ineut ? ill. in general, limit its sal* to the larger cities ami towns ; anu, therefore, persons residing where Haatmge' Naptha Hyrupcaunot be obtained, and who can be reached by a'age, e?p e?, steamb >nt. or ??y other public couveyance. >huuld writr direct to M. A. fc?. Harrison, No. 147 Oreeuwich street. New York, enclosing a remittance for the number ol bottles reijui e l which will bs immediately packed bird furwa>ded to them, in a manner to secure their safe and speedy deliver)*. Notice?Moore k Co., the former agent* for this medicine. Iuve with the c uncut of Dr. Hastings, of London, told and r-hunfer ed ihc agency ol the American couti ent to M A K il iriisou. who is now the sole agent of Hasting!* Compound av rup of Naptha in the Uuit'd States and Canada. >9 3*>t?m WiliS! W 1(?S !?S'l'KANUICKS and Cliizeni wishing a fust quality Wig or Toupee, are invited to inspect the ntenaive assortment of Win. Batchelor. where they can select from the largest stock iu the United States. There is always a best place to procure an article ig every business, and the heat place to buy a Wig or Toupee, is at Bntchi-lor's manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Private rooms for fitting Wigs. CopT the address. aul9 3flt*rre 1 'HO TAILORS?The Fill and Winter Fashion IW 111! and L 18:8, is new published and ready lor sale by T. Oliver, E7 Cedar street, New York, the thud door from Broadway. T. Oliver ha* removed from No 4 Courtlandt street, to 17 Cedar street, where he will continue to publish his Fashions and Systems as heretofore. His new system, called the "Tailor's Philosophical Transfer," is now complete and readv for s-ile. si Win JL'ST RECEIVED?A rich assortment of lancy and black , ilk Ciavats aud Sc-ufi, fcr at J. AGATE'S, Gentlemen's , Outfitter. 237 Broadway, cor. of Parbplace. UNDER GARMENTS?A laige assortment of Silk Meti- | n\ Lamhswool Cotton, be. of every desirable style, at J . AGATE'S. Gentlemen's Outfitter, 2.17 Broadway, cor. of Park uliice. GI.OVES?A -^iperioMrticle of Kid Olove*, with welted sr?m". not liable .u np^Bao Chossou, Bajou, and silk thre d oud woollen Olnves, in great variety, at J. AGATE'S, c Gentl--men's Ou litter, 2J7 Broadway, cor. of Park place > riHI 111'S?The subscriber would call the attention of the t public to his style of Shirts, which are maoe in a sui>erior ? manner. Shirts madeltoorder,and warranted to fit. J. AGA'l K, [ Gentlemen's Furnishing St re, IJ7 Broadway,'cor. Park place. >i si aiiiTe ! Nt,W VOHK lih.M'Al. DEPOT? Usutisu and druggiils are reipectliillyinformed they can Sadat the subscribe 'h a com lele assortment of Teeth, Denta-Instruments, I ( old Foil, PI re, Wire, Snider, Spiral Springs, Pli-.iua, Gold, Mani< I F ill, Precipitated Silver, Suver Plate, Wire, Solder, s Sc<!., be. at very low prices. 1 Dealer- i.i thr- above articles will find it greatly tn their inlerest to cull, esainiue, aud learn prices, >.s lain determined to t give bargains. JOSEPH T. MURPHEY, o >I 3#t*rc _ 55) Broadway. N. V. i Gil. CLARKE. Fuhionable Tailor. 116 William street opposite the NewStnres?I have received a full assoitinentof l loths, Ossnnerei and Vesting*,which being bought for cash, I will mfke to order at very low prices I have also an asiortme,.t of ready made Coats, Vests and Pants, very neatly made and trimmed For cut. quality, workinauship, and price, I am (ivnrably known to the public. It shall be iny endeavor to re:ain tliei good opinion, by selling a good article at a low price. Sack Coats Irwin (5to $11; Dieas Coats made . of (i ie French Cloth, to order, from Stt to $20; every other garment in proportion. tJ 4ns* in rp \iK IK< llOFK, TAII.Oll, NO 26 ANN STREET. , J. * (previous to the late fire, at No. 19)< Ann street) would J respe'tfully i: form his rustoinsgs and Ihe public generally, " that hating disposed of his old stock, he is uow opening an entirely new and 'resh assortment of plain and fancy Clnths, Cassimi-res and Vestings of the latest, richest and most fishion.ble styles, all of vhich hiving jnst been purchased for essh, he is enabled (and will) furnish garments ut, made and r trimmed in the ino?t fashionable styles, at the lowest prices. f A cull is solicited from those about making their selection!. , 7 Wt?rc , IVf^ KNKUN?T KCikLCBRA I KL) CHINEhB MKI N c J-TX POWDEtt.?This truly beaifliful and elegant article ' can be had of all respectable chtmnti and perfumeia in New I V?rk.,bd throughout the U. States. in boxes a''J3 and 5S cents i I'rnvellrrs tud residents in warm climates will hiKhly aji]>re- * ciate th * in vain ible addition to iheir toileia. The ?ole importers are HOIIBM St Co. Wholcaale deiiot W. Hachellor, 2I Wall at.. New York. D Beware of eouuterleiu. tice that e*ch bot beirs the written signature of Fnbran | Hi (.o., on the f vernment stamp nn2?ltt*m < A K * KTMKNT* TO L T handsomely furnished or us? a fnroitneil, it II \oril. V|?.?re street. o ? * P W5 I- TfiK.PAPU^ChMp ( v m4 Letter . VV r^i er, nl various cjualitict, for sale by JAMES NORVAL. l. si lfttis'iB Ka. 100 John street. TITmKLV NOTIC? FO OkNTLCMEN.?A* tin Put X MM W inter treasons are setting in. gentlemen woul.l ?avr i( money by looking no U)eir Woo'lsn Clothing aud hive them \ either cleaned, dyed, *ltered and repaired, superior to any- , thing yet done in this city. Clothe* cleaned or dyed without i.,e "id of (M m or coloring at shoit notice A trial will prove j [he fa t Kiim the satisfaction given to the |>nhlir.the sunscritier in induced and drtermined to follow the above br nches, notwithstanding ell competitions, for having a small a ore In can w>rk f r small proofs As sueh, geutlem-n will do well o call bi'fore going e'sewliere at N'o. 91 Murray street, comer VVaaliiukton, at the Cheap Oah Tailoring establishment. A < OHTI830M, #4 Mnriay street. J' Clnthes dyed warnnted fast colors. sjllt'm 1 CH-Mt-DN |N.-UllAN?~h \ > * ITiihco M "! ? ;<0 Wall street, opposite the Merchants' Ktehauge. . Tma company eontinnta to insure against lots or damage by ,| re, on dwelling houses, warrhousei, buildi:.*? in grneral. roods, war*i, i.jj ni<rch.ia('iM, aad everr description of per ionil property. I.nstts co-reclly asd promptly adjusted nod paid. DtnitOTOM. ' Thot.T, Wood raff, B. R. Robsou, M. D., Kraseit r.Saga, n Moses Tucker, JohaP. Moore, Aasou Baker, " l'hompaon Trice, Caleb O. Turns, Jat. E. Holmes, ' John II. L?e, Klitha Riggt, Thot. Morrrll, John C. Merritt, Joseph Alien, Emreoe Boyart, ? Joseph l)rake, Wfll. K. Thorn, Robert Hrnilh. ' Tlioa. W Thome, John R. Oaeisop. MOSES TUCKER, (sidest. u Oeo T. Hop*, Veertutr. mtH * \ 1 lis. M CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR B?th? r 184 KulPjn slreef.opiHiaite C.hnrch street a-e a sale and 0 lenain cure for rheiuiiatiain, c nghs. colds, swelliiu ol llir tin ids, ?tilfie?s of the joints, ague and fever, kr., recoinmend d hy I)rs. Motr, Stevens, Boyd, and others. The Vapor Ufth n las been siireeisfnllf adm nistered in the above eomplatnls, r.jr the last ?2 years. Open from 6 A M. till 10 P.M. ?lkr?ii'irilla Hyrup pirparrd l>y the Soakers, 75 rents per bot- J |e ?nSVn*re J ^iik.vwwvonK PAMiI.V ti * I very <! ? vri|>ti??<i of firm and Mcnnd monm'ng in Rrwit 4 ruiefr; f'lonka,' nlUra, MilHotry Nn?iery, lee. iuformeil thMtlm* tiihli?hmrtitiii inMnatrf ?>lflT brth? n'f of evrry variety ??f m^ornn ir ifoodt, ?t 4W pf'M#p |f WnV Ai>4\t from Hr<V>'~* ^nMW'rr v REMOVAL-?BOl LANOKRhasthi honor toj i ;m .. e public and her popila, tint she Ins removed to N<> ?8 i Jree i ?ich street, and that her school will re-open the first j leot-mlper. Terms the * e ?s f rinerlv, psyshle ia sdr ince, ^ itSerbTthe ?nlii or qnsrter. Waated a lady to teaeh the d f.uflish. au28 i0t*r? rtAINfTD ELEPHANTS AND CAMELS AND ' IlORSK.fl ? Hulilf important Hill br Aarlioa.or valmole Camels nod Elephants and Hoim, ia Loudon, oa or ib >at the lirst of November. 1S47. Mr. Hughes Proprietor of he UotiI Mtramoth Equestrian and Z ological tUubli'hBenC. England, ben to inform parties likely Co beeeew perdiasern. that the whole of his t ul , unequalled nock wilt m ?l Ntaitivel / be >uld u above, c?uutia| of two stupendous blephauts. twelve gigantic Citmels (which are far mora rowirful than horses tu harness,) Hitv Hunei, ?ix diminutive Polies, (one ot which it to tin ill, ami beiug perfectl) milk while. i> considered to beguile* freak nf uature,) the Ef>pit iDriguu uuparallelcd work of art, d>auu by | :imels, two new and entirely novel Baud Carriages of a very [orgeous description, elaborately curved and ele.--.uilv' d'Co't- , rd aud paiuted, which have only I cm on the road during the urn met, xud are ?o constructed tin' they can b? eapo-ird ! aithout the lean difficulty; the iruiguificen' K ah or llurmeve rhroue, drawn by Klephants; the Ag-nl's Carriage, which. ] with harness, originally to t JK70Q sterling; tiiteen vana, sirtne >1 which are of a splendid drscriptiou, th? costly plated haries? for camel*. h rses aud elephants, all of etijnitite work- 1 in lu-hip, and Inyr breu on tlie road only during the summer; I ;lie sumptuous wardrobe, trappings and paraphernalia renutlite for the Stage and Circut, of superior manufacture; a com- J inodious cativa?* Pavilion, ineasuriugoue huudred aud tweut) tive feet by eighty-live, airanged ou the must approved princi- ' pies for Ki^uestriaii peiformauces, complete iu every depart- . incut Also, a variety of other property too extensive to be tnumerated in an advertisement- The sale ha.i been advertised iu the Loud u Times newspaper, of July J9:li. tutli, 21st, I ltd, 23d and 21th, 1817. Any communication addressed tu i Messrs Ilanburv,. Taylt.r k Lloyd. Hankers, 60 Lombard itreet, London, will meet with immediate attention. Il3.urc BON MEJOUIt?This delightful and fasluouable summer retreat, is situated about a mile from New Brighton, ou the romantic bauka of the noble sheet of water which separates Kwten Island from the Jersey shore. There ii a steamboat communication with the city of New York, eight times a day; while Jersey city is reached by a drive ol three-quarters of an hour, over oue of rile ti test and most agreeable roads in the Htite The air is rem irkably salubrious and cot.I, aud refreshing breezes may at all liinea be enjoyed iu the wallah tded walks and grounds. A commodious B itb-hou.e >s attached to the establishment and peculiar facilities are afforded for salt-water bithiiig. Large miautities of game arc to be found iu the immediate uo:glibnrliood, and the facilities lor lishiuff aie well known. Tiie table is supplied daily from the New K'ork markets, aud es.iechl puus are taken to furuish it with every delicacy in its season. Additional means of acromrandatiou have been provided, and to lamil es returning fVoui rr.oro distant watering places, and others who may desire an agreeable reaideuce during the remainder ol the sea*ou, " Bou (iejour" offers a peculiarly healtlil'ul aud acccssable retreat. D W. LOCKWOOD. Proprietor. "Bon Sejour." Benreu Point, N. J.Sept. 1.1117. si 6irc RIUHT PBINCIHl,KS,have alwai s<ensurrd unrivalled sue c?ss at WANKORD BROTHERS. Merchant Tailors" 127 Kult?n atreet.?lat. Aiwa', a gives good fitting Coats, I'auta, and Veat?keepi.tiie lje?t (if Clothe, Caaaimera and Vesting*. 2a I. Teyns eaih; consequently, can sell li per cant cheaper th in these tliat aril oil time. 3d. Garments are mad* aa they ought to be, and doue at the time premised. jt*7" A full suite mid* in twenty-lour hon'i. ??J] Every variety of Gentlemen's cotfitting coustautly ou hand, and told at very low prices for ciali only' SANKORD BROTHER. 127 Fulton street, ?J 3(lrrre _ neit to the HemJd^Jffice. STE AM ENGINE.?I'ne a e?m engine of two horse |K>wer, complete, with locomotive bouer attached, all m good order, for a.ile low. it. HOE 8l CO., .ill) H'rc !9 Mid 31 Gold street. AlGIER MARKT.?This nunual featival. given to the ' ernnii pi.puUtiou, iu tliii ci;y aud prccmcu, and their f. leuda. will be siren on the Uth ot September at Kast New Y-'rk. by Joh'i Miller, otlie. wiae Hans, who was the propri*tor of the beautiful groonda when given last ear, and whet* so much heartfelt satisfaction was spoken of by all partiei who partook iu that festival; aud from th* preparations already ou hand, we can promise au increase of pleaaare and amusement to all that will favcrus with their present*. JOHN MILLER. P. 9 The Sjnth ferrv car* take puseugcra direct to the ground, at9'?, A. M ; l>?, P.M.; at4audG, r. VI..besides extra trains retu'in g at any tune. slO 3t isK-'4a4tM*rc PI Ith DtFAKTMISNT ? At a meeting of the Engineers anil H'oremeu of the Kire I).-, irtme1?, held a: KiitmenS il >11, on Tuesday Evemug, the 7th instant, fur the pnri>ose of I'omiuating t candid.ite to All a WWy now eiistiug in the Engineer Corp* of the Department, Mr. John A. Cregier having received a in ijorlty ol the votes caat, w.u duly nominated na a candidate to till said vacaucy. By order, DE LANCEY BARCLAY, Secretary. N*w York, Sept. .1. 18I7. __ ?93tis?m tullOPS TO I.ET, WITH STEAM POWER,To let, the premises in the rear of 70 and 72 L'owery, and rear ol U and 41 klizabeth street. There aie three uiL'iugt with a good ateain eogiue. The premiaea are now vacant, and posteaaiou gireu immsdiately. Eutrance from the Bowery, and acartway from Elizabeth atreet Apply it Ru n r's hook atorr.76 Bewery. all 3l*m I r v-l> 'I'LJ U- 11/41 'Ul.' A KI l > WPilUU' i*. U ..I way, comer of Anthony street ?The house is four ttoJJi^rie.t a d finished attic, couliins 25 rooms, 22 of which luvc lire |>Ihcci and marble mautie*. The parlors nre finished ? ith carved statuary marble mantels, mahogany doon, rich plated furniture. |>late class wudows, gas ar.d Croton wa'er introduced ihrouuhout. The house is 70 lcet deep, but c&'i br rxteudud to 112 which the owner would consent to do should uit ble inducements he offered. T^e buildiug on the rear ol llie lot con Id he connected with the front premises, making a depth of 137 feet by 28. These premises we ii arected in 1843, and finished w ithout regard to expense, for lh? exclusive occupation of tb; owner. .The central location of thes* premises and its immediate vicinity to the new Broadway Theatre, Tabernacle, and otner public buildings, renders it avery desirable situuiou for a hotel. It vi ill be Teased lor a term of years. For further | ariicnlars, apply to W B. MOFFAT, 11 JtSatMoi&Tu is*rc 3J5 Broadway. FOR S ALE?A large uumber of valuable Lots situPjf ?te in the villag* of Williamsburgh, fronting on North J!^|?2d, Come I ye a, 8k ill man, Jackson, Withers, Fitist. U .ion avenue, ami l.orimer streets. These Iota will be sold upon favorable terms Apply to JOHN hKlLLMAN, Juii.. at his house North 2d street, near Union Avenue, on M on lay and Friday.^ sl8 3flt*rc JgL TO LKT?A large and cummodioua House, iu the pjl 8ix:h Avenue, between Waverly Place and 8th street, JUUhtvug the modern improvement-, bathiug room, he. Tnen-iuie is new and vtry convonieut A part of the I'uruituie would ba sold at a fair price. Possession given immediately^ Hentlow._Addres?bi>x (511'osl Office^ alO 3t*ui FOR WALK.?A VALUABLE FARM on 8titeo HPflk Island, formerly k.iown as the Ridgway property, eonsitting of abiut sixt> -live acres of laud iu a high state of cultivation ml well fenced The turnpike road ruus through tlii fKB, which is bounded on one side by a rreek, Irom which the best mum re may always be obtained. A large part of the laud is well adapted for building lots There are two fruit on 'he form, which lie* within lulfa mile of the Undiug at Chelsea, ?litre the steamboat Raman call* daily, and lour in lira from Port Richmond. Kor term* and further particular*, apply to Mrs. Marti regor ou the premises. slO lit*rrc JCv KINK OOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. The ^ Subscriber is selling all descriptions of flue Uold and WflC Silver Watches ana Jewelry, at retail, lower than any other houie iu the city. All Watches waitanted to keep (food lime, or the money returned. Watches and Jewelry e*changed. Gold Watches us low as $20 to $21 each. Watcles and Jewelry repaired in the best manner at much less tliau the usual prices. OEO. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, null :j(?tm* re SI Wall street, coruer William, up stairs. ?TO THOME THAT WISH TO JOIN THE lsr REOT. OK U. H. ARTILLERY.?Wanted for the 1st Regiment of Artillery, <00 able bodied men, between the ages of 18 and 30 years, to which Rood pay, rations, and ciMihiug will be given. Apart from the above, a farm of IlO *cre?, or $100 Treasury Scrip, and $12 bounty. Apply at the rendezvous rooms, at No. < Greenwich, No. 99>s Washingou, and No. 38 Clin'ham streets; also at the Arsenal Yard, rorner nf White and Centre sti, New York. s6 10t*re f WANTED?Twenty-five able-bodied men. from IB t. 35 years of age, to fill tip Compiny A. 12th ll'g't. U. S. In fmtry. This company is ordered to join (Jen Scott as soon is its tanks are filled. Che enlistment is duiing the ?ar with Meiico?pay from $7 to $13 per mouth; rations, lolli ng, and medical attendance furnished bv government vithout eip.-nse to ihe soldier A bounty of $12 js given to he recruit, and nt the expiration of term of service, or when lonorably di> charged, the soldier will receive 160 acres of and, or if lie prefers it, $101 in Treasury Scrip, with 0 per cent uterert. Olfice No. 167 Chatham St., Cor James street, New f.rk sfl3teou#rc m OENTU! MBNf II kf5 OK THE PALL STYLE, are now ready for inspection and sale, at Roberton's I'htriix H it and Can Manufactory, 119 Fatten street, New Ifork, and at the Br nch Store, fit Kultou stree, Brooklyn. In agnio calling the attention of the public to our manufarure.s, w-do so with the positive conviction tint we are now ifTering better articles in onr line for the price than any other slabluluneut in the United States. PRIt.'Ri, Kir?i <iunl ty Nutri i or Beaver li?f? $.1 !10 Second d.i dn ilo 3 1)0 Kirat do Moleskin do 3 jO Second <lo <lq do 'i t'O Third do do d? . 2 Ml Chiu at correspondingly low prices JULL8 PLUNKKTT. W. ROBERTSON. Jr. ?1 Ifm HK 1I \T8!!?Th? Kail atyle of Moleakin and tine No0^ tri* H'.ta, finiahed with (lie new atyle of trimmings, aaerier m any before offered at the reduced price of S3. A'ao, Short Napt HiIk Hats. a neat and durable auicle at ti 0, wilh large assortment of Capi,aome new patterns, much dmired, for aale at low WM BANTA'3, No. 94 Canal, alllfre corner of Winxter streei. n NKW HAT PUBLICATIO N &-JUST IMII CI > '/Jth The lira' Kdition ol KNOX'S Kali Style of Gentle- | m-n'a (lata for 1817, haa juat been puhliahed, and ia now ready 'or delivery. The author i? confident thst he will dispose of h .lu nula of copiea, inasmuch .ia all who have inspected the vork p'ouonnce it to be uneaualled for grace, beauty, and air liltingue. nnd a promise of doing the moat thorough and aatia ic'ory aervice. Tina atyle of hat ran only tie obtained at I 'niton'- Iris a'reidy the talk of faahionable circle*, HI.! the pr'v liling opinion ia that one cannot lie reentnir.rd aa i gentleman in aociety unleaa he wean " A KNOX " ?n fitis" m ?mm K)< CAMT MEKTINO AT WHI'I K PLAINS I Sunday, Ittli September. the cara of the Ne w Ynrfc ifcliflmil Hailem Railroad Company will leave theCity Hall, M. V , at* knd 10 o'clock A. M. end 4 and JtW P. M. Returning, will leave White Plaini at 7:10 and 8:30 A.M., tnd 8t30 and 5:30 P. M Kor Croton Kalis, jiaaaongera taking the 7 o'clock A.M. rain, may visit Lake .tlahopic, rein 'in four lioura, anil return o the c ty by the afternoon train. all It rc 7..*+. HUN DAY AKTKJINOON KX< URuf.^N - TO HARLKVI -The ateamboat HKR > LD ? UnaBnii Capt. Parka, will make an eicuraiou lo H<"rm o.i Srrid iy afternoon, Sept. 12, leaving likeatieet K. II.. o'clock. P M ; Qrand arr*et, and Fifth afreet R.R., 2>? 'eloek, P M ; returuii.B leave Hxrlem iH o'cl? ck, P M. The above trip will afford pxaamigerj a line view of the Kaat liver, Hnrlg'.'e and the varloua public buildings at Blarlc rr I' laland, ko Flirt each way \iXe?nta. ill 2t* r I VV- < > llllA' II K V' riMIINS DOWN * LOWKK BAY, on Friday and Satnr'^meWiAiweUay, September 10 and II, ofT S*ndy HouP, nppmti at 'llMf I .land way. Th>* steamboat \TLAS, !npt. P. II. Hmith. will leave the pier font of Uammonn at J o'clock, P. M.5''anal ?frett, 2)<; Pier No. I, North vrr at 3 Hire lor the "hole excursion, tS cenu. N. B?A ford cotillon h?nd wi|l accompany theboat,and retnrn to icci'yat 6 o'clock. alDSus-m P. H SMITH POR NCW OUT.KA.N8.?Louisiana and Net York Line of Packet*?Positively the first and m*Btfii oi Iv reiiuler packet to sail Monday, Kept II. The tw and upleiulid fad sailing packet ship HI. USON. P. Page, luter, it now loading, and will positively nil aa above, her eiftilai day. For freight or passage, having h?nd?oma flirnished aecomlodatiom, apply on board at Orleans whaif, fi>ot of Wall :reet? or to K. K. rOI.LlVS, M Sooth s? Potitirely no goods will bo received after this eveninn. Mat rday, Sept. Ilth. A tenU >1 New Orlenm, J. O. Woodmff St Co., who will romprly forward al! goods to th^ir a<ldr?*j. Pmenger* will pleaae he on board Monday, Sept Uth, at 13 'c'ork, at Orleana whaif, foot of Wall itreet, at wi-ieh tune i? ?lup will aad. The ticket ship Oswego, ('.apt Ingertolt, will xncoeed the Indso", and aail liev r?tnl?r day all _ p as* aoTcTo and i^ho^ l.lfTTflxiBxSV?' l',e l-'nio i l.i ie of Piketn ? Picket of the It'll n n' *fai'Jei|i'"mher?Th? ip'endid. fast aa'li' g packet ?h'i A IIVI ON (liioo r nt* burthen.) *"*pt Edwards. will T"velf >ai1 from \e? York, on Monday, Sept IJth, ana from 1 ivrr, ool on the l?t of November. Apply on board, or to W. It J T. TAfMCOTT, , At thilr Orneral Paaaage Olfl:e. 86 ?on'h a?reet. J'l door br^ w Bnrline slip, New Vork, or ti WM. TAPSrtiTT. W< |Tat?rloo Moan. I.iverpool. *ii_ !rr i/j-jt PwKM' SH'P ( ONHJ'ITI flON, KM<>M JfffV LIVKi.POOL-Crns g.ees per tin. vesselwil, MMfal'le ?e tend thrir pern t? on hoard at writ aid# Of a In,* ?lip, without delay. Allgonls not permitted In five , ay?, are liable to h? sent to public store (11 m WOODHULL fc MIMURN,?7 South at. I PARK THEATttK.-Boaa. ?!, fit. <MIm? { Jw""!' ?*pt "v ?'J! t>* formed the JACK ('Al)L Avlmcre, Mr. forresi; Lord Clif. ford, Mr. Droit; Lord Bty, Mr. tttirk. M*riaw??, Mrs. (i. Jouea. . To eomglmd* with lh? cmm<t * lb* HUNTER Olf THE ALPS?Fell*. Mr. Dvott; Roailvi, Mr. Stark, Florio, Mi?? Denny; Julio, Mm S.Demiy; Jeroayao, O.Mdicv, Helen, Mi Abbott. Doors ofxu At 7 o clock. J frforinmce will commence py?. gierly at luilf Wl7. _ I BOWEKV THKATKK?A W Jiuioif Muijfri Mh STKvr>? 8u?e Manager NOTI'K TU THK PUBLIC. Tllii K#t*bli?l????t i? BOW cloeed Inr the parpoM ol r?modellink the interior of the hollar, ami newly painting and tho Tticatre throughout. On it* rc-opeuiUK the Minxer trua * he will he euabled to inhibit euch irapiovemenu aud alterat'ou for bcaoty, comfort aua convenience i*a will bear favorable < umperiami with ujr Theltie u the country. The eiteneive patronage already beatowed on the home, ilrm.inda from hiui every eiertion in hia po wer.tod he t ikcethu opportunity of aaaunnx tlie patrons "f the Bowery Theatre that he will u?e every endeavor to merit aeoatioaauee of the many fivora ?o liberally baatowed ouhim.aiace the erectionirftbi proatadi&oe. ai tire HKNEMT OK MR. WALCOTT. CHATHAM THEATER.?Under the Management of Mr KL ETC HER.? aturday Evening, Sept. llth, will be por(o>med, the dramaof VH'TOKINK?Alemidre, Mr.; Michael, > eafie; Mr. Bojaaaut, Taylor; Victoriue, Miaa Clarke; Eliza, Mra. Herbert. _ . To be f> lowed br a turlet a called MARRIED AND tiKTTLED? Aut"uy, Mr. Wale jir.Oleopafra. Mri Walcot. To conclude with the dnmaof THK HLOATINU UKACON?Jack Junk, Mr. Nealie; Auicratoff, Brandon. raic'Li? Boxea, 2) rents; Pit, 13)* ceou. l)o'.r? open at 7?performance rmnmenrea at half-past 7. CASTLE MAKDEN.?KARJCWKLL ENGAGEMENT of the Italian Opera (Jotni'uiy, einhtv-thiee i-> number, lium Havana, uuder tlie inin'K'iiient ol Dou Jute Villariuo. NOTICE. Ratvrdat, September llth, Owing to the necessity of a uight rehea'tal for the opera of IL BARB I EKE &E 8EVIGL1A, ill. r will oe no I'crf .rinauce this evtnu a. It. Baaaiicait uk Hr.VKiLia will be produced poaitively on all re MO N DAV EVKMMi. nALMO'H ilPKRA" uhlTHU r - ? IT will he performed the THftEe. FACED KREM H- ' MAN. or Stratagem better than Force, m winch <<abriel UttcI will sui'niu live character*, mi l Johu Selton three. After which, the daring achievement* ou the TIGHT ! ROPE, by l ?<iu Javelli, Kraucoi* Ravel, Madame Martin Ja- ' velli, and I.a i'etite Amour T? We followed by the celebrated Bolero of Cadiz, by Madame Leo i Javelli and Mom. Heuri Well*. To couclude with the conue rautruume of VOL-ALVi< NT?by the Ravel Kamilv. Doora o(leu at7>4. performance to commeuce at I o'clock.? Tickeia 10 ceiita, to all t?rt* of the bouae MI.NKUV* ROOMS. BROAUWAY?ORAND UALA NIGHT?Poa iively l ot week of the acknowledged original VIRGINIA SElltN VDKRS. Tin. Evening, -em. 11, UENEK1T OK WM.r. LONG, Agent for the Sereuaders, and positively the lint night,on which occaaio.i they will Intro 'net a v .riety of uew Hougs, Glee*, Chortuea, Parodie*, Conuudru 1 a. kc. Every effort will be ranle by tlie company to make thu, th-ir Uat week, a week ot all week* The whole to coitalude wiih tliat noul-itirriug aud uever to be forgotten burlesque ol the n|?ri of Saffo, entitled 81UKKO! Principal character^by Wiuuemore, Kelly, Smdford aud Horn. Admission, 25 ceuti; Children under ten yeara, accompanied i by their pnreots or guvdi ma, half price Appropriate aeati will be reserved for the accommodation of Iidieiand children U<M>raopeu at ? rtVlixtk?Commeu.-e *t I. ?10 2'*re HEAT ATTKAt.TlO V.-rEEDfcK ETHIOPEaN OPERA TROlfPE?This nunralled troupe, co/ni'osed <.f?i* performer*, vi*.:? ictnii, Violiu; F.Staulord, lluun; ti L)e iluke, < eleatial Chiniea; W. Price, Triangle; L. A. Wil*on, Tambourine, and W Suydam, fl"iie*?will give a *erie? of Con erl* at (he Apollo Room*, 41u Broadway, every evening tliu week. Knr further particular* *eo email billa. *6 7frc \ MERIC AN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Anu street. 1m. ? Kpleudid per/ormMice* botli Afternoon and Kveuiua ' CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SfcKENADERS ! ORPHEAN |fA;.iILV, OK KENNEBECK VBCAL18T8. Moving Pnuorama of the City of London.' I'eie Morri*, Miaa Bernard, 4tr SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LRQ. OUItANO OUTANG?ANATOMIC AL VENUS Mad ROC wKLwth*CuMMftrtiNTeller. A'lmmioi) I'j i run?ri. Ii'ren nn?ier t?n. oneshillinr. al# | Yankee hill and dr. Vawcntine wiu five their combined Entertainment* ?t Mechanic*' Hull, j IIroadway, a few doon above Grind atreet, ou Monday, Se; t I'Jih, aud every evening through the week, coinmeucing a: S o'clock. Their eu'ertaininrnu will embrace eccentric character! of every description, old, young and intermediate. Biti and *cr 'pi, odd* aud end*, in* aud outa, head piece*, quip*, quirki aud quidilin*. with queer, quaint and quarelsome lollis; Yankee (tone*, dialogue*, with *triktug imitation* of three lupiraul* for the *ta^e, hypochondriac*. curiou* *peeche* ; and ora'.toui with wbiituical facea, old maid*, learued tguoraur women, debating clubs, steamboat*,country ichools,imitation* , of'lie Hungarian Singer*, kc. Ticket*,admitting a gentleman or a gentleman and ladv. Mi j ceuti. ~ 11 3tla* re SIUNOK BLITZ hu the houorto announce that he will i give hii much admired performances (in Monday. Sept. I3lh, and during the week, AT THfc 80CID.TV LIBRAKY. conaiating of NATURAL MAQIC ANl> VETllll.OQ.UlSM, j Imitating a dozen different voice*. I Door* opeu at 7 o'clock, performance toe mmence at TKAdmiasiou 25 ceuti; children under 10 years of age naif ; | price. Alternoou performance on Wednesday and Saturday at 3 ' o'clock. all 7*rc | C'^OLMAN'a UALLKllV OK OIL f AINtInOS,. No i S 103 Broidway, above hi* B>ok Store, coaaiatiuit of niuft) I choice I'ictarea by celebrated rnaater*. vit Titian'* Venut, i | oi lifeaize ; The Uymv Divid ; The Muera. b> i i Matty*, the blackimitn ; Helen Forman, by Kubent ; Tlx i Knglnh lloadiide, See Sic. be.. la e?termed oy foreigners a> i 1 *ui>-nor to any public exhibition of picture* in thi* country. >lr. COLMAN import* all the New Popular Kiixrunnip ' | (rom London, P.iria, and Germany, which with hii eitruatv* 1 coIlMMiof Book*, Paintni;*, Faucy Stationery, ftl4 Urawn.t ! MlWrfllli he oiler* at the uiosl INHMII price*, VkHMM 1 retail j HfcKALDKV.?CcwU of Aria* furuitMd and tinbi&touad in the moat suinptaou* *ty|e, or may be had la pes dri win*, J Jy81 Mm. Wittfct ti re P" bilo-chouan society A 88 kmbli k8.?tin I >?{! of the above lateinhlie* are requested to atlem! ; a oieennj, this (Saturday) evening, at Taminany Hall, at V 1 o'clock. By order, all It*in WM. M. HOFFMAN, Secretary. LO VlOLINS.kc.?S.JortN-?ON.No.l#7 Wi.liams'., Inn. on cnitignment. four valuable yiolius, vit: one Ma Koii.pnce ? *J. <>><< A in hi, ii'j; oue . >inz, ?M; one UuKr , I :40;i.nd a fine t .ued Viola, $00. Tlirie iuatrumen 1 are ihe 1 property of an atnatenr who 110 ? too old to uie them. ! BT7" Kor ?tle, a splendid Buthm Flute, entirely new, mvle 1 by Martin,, price $70, with complete inatructiou book. N. B.?Mod-;.11 Music for ev rv mstruinrut, at two ceuti ' f eriOK?. Ii-.alrumenta Loui[tit, ( il l or repaired. ?9 3t ia* rr OULtfcN U MOSBY. Wiioleaale De?lera 111 Ury Uooiia UiuCeriea, and Meiicau (J odi, Forwarding aud Com 1 uoa Mi'chantt, month Rio (irande.jCousiKunieuta ol freight , I received and foiwarded to alt pouita uu the Rio Uraude or in 1 | Mexico. Agenta in New Orleans?Messrs. Lillabd, MoinritCo, M and 39 New Levee. s? 3H?rc Ij'OUND?In Broadway, on the 3d nit., 1 imall box, containing a liold Watch, which the owner can have by proving ! |iro|ierty and paying charges, by calling 011 I CHABLKS FERGUSON, 9 3t* rc 167 Wot Broadway. ClNTRITIUit COKRSK, L. I.?TROT'i'lNtj. m T f&sfcr. T1 L <4 in ML PUIlSK 8HMI?$iuu to the second fii;SanleMtti. tucom' off 1111 Monday, the lJ hol September, at 3 ?'< lock, I'. .VI. aud c.oie 'wiili the two celebrated liorsei, Juines K. Po!k auij Lady Suffolk A.Coukliu nuinra a. g. Jamea K. Polk, in harueaa. , I). Brvan " ... g m. Lnily Nnff ilk, under the aedrile ; Immediately after, a match tor t2Ml,; l?y or (my, mile lieata lu Iririieia. Mr Holland namea ch. in. Almark, 5 vara old, by Almack boras tsnediker uaniei br. g. Jefferson, 1 yeara old, hy llenr) Clay. Tiiccan will leive South Kerry. Brooklyn, for the course at hilf put I, and half-past 3 o'clock P. VI., aud letnmatter the , JOLL (/ONKLIX, Proprietor. 1 (lcntfwi|l?i>ipt.t, IM7. iU ill rc <1 _ Ntl hUNDKKD AND FlFTi DULLAK* JL*lM!KWAUD !?St leu, from tne irriniin of the ?uh' ' s > iT.h/r nu the iii)[ht of (lie 9th initiiif, a rery inooihiiuilt ami roand-bodied aorrel hour, about 11 liana* ; high?troln in ordinary gait, and pncea rrry fut 11ml a lung tail whtn til rn a\v..y ; carried hia heid low when going, mil hid a imall white at t hi hia foreheal, and a imall anient m the right fore leg, between the ankle uid knee, llailaimall apot uu ihe buck with no hair on. Aim, ui oral bodied Leather-Top Wi|on ai.d two let Hameai. The nbore reward will be paid for the return of the abort deacribed mticlei, in go#d ronditiou mid the arreit audcouv(Ctli)ll ol' ths thief, or one houilred tor the convictioi 1? the thirl'. UKO. W.-SMITH, coruer ol South Kouitli and First atrttta. Williamnburgh. or all It* re 17 Mtot WW, New York <l KUH SAL IL?'A Chtatnqt HOHMG, aivcu yen: 1 il l 11K liaadi high, kind and gentle in hiraeia, am ' ' < ? ""l( be warranted perfectly aouud. Thr same will be ?u| I low, *a tha owner n nbou l IutIb| tOWn, Kn<|uire at | S. H (iray'a Livery Stablci. 3J Warieu atreet, near Broadway when Ik- r m b* ?een. all it*>n 'ti l>OK WALK?A dark brown ivlare, l)U h>ndt j J.'iVoC' Ii Itli, ai* year* old; warranted tnuud. and mr.d n ' ' T * mule and double harueaa and under tne laddie, am i i? a f.iat trotter. Apply at Mr. Murra, 'a itaslc. uearthe Houtl : I r . II.K'iklvu, wheir ?tie ran lie liPeu. ?l(l'P*n rJV WAN 1'fcD?An iron or dappled grev Horn J/Mit.ii pled pieferred). He maul be n good Suldli | \ IIn ti. with lull and long inane and tail, perfectly 1 ?ound, a>id not or?r 7 y*>ri old. Apply imm?diat?ly to Join. ! Williuna, Vr'i riuirv Siirg'on, I'll I hry'Mir itrcct ><l 'lr?rr t HKAvta ANU bTIOKKN wind IN . xa(i "MIORblCS, ipeeilil / and permanently cured, by tin I * " ? of Tattcnall'a Hearr I'owderi. They Inn i liven in comtani me in tbe Tntteraall Htalilei, London, and b) | noblemen throughout the K ingdom i t ( Brit liu, for m in : ili.%n fifty yeira. Ai a medicine for Ilcivea, llfolieii Wind : Botta, Worm*, Itc , the proprietor r.tfera tliem to the people th* United Statea. wi h full confidence "I the.r ni>i"""i None genuine without the aignnttue ol I. KIKKBKIDh Fleet atreet, Lcyidon. Price 4 shilling* ?t<-rlir*i?r package or $1. American curreucy.*A H (JDUiiH k I o., H9 t ulton atreet. New York, Agent* General for the United Staiea All orri'ia, accomp mied liylhe c mli mil pott pnd, (innrtn ill*, | attended t<i. I'tnioua deiirnig the ai{encv? by t addraaaiug h. *bo?e, |H)?t n ith good rcf'rence, will receive iminrin ti* attention 10' * tOft liLt-A n?; it" ??. m H J> > ; ?*?. i -A^iT^yean (ill! tint anrin*. wi'trauted ?o?nd. ' 'in k "1" / I- unJ ijoiinlr li*rur??. end M eicelleut naitdii hor?e?1? very In it anil win be ?old 'heap Hi ran he aeen n I Murray1! Livrry Stable, near South ^p rVi Brooklyn. ?T?*ro ' _1f I 1(1 k \ it IN I) Bit I K.DKKH ?IK 81 (X I The tlmrouih brfrf aliorf-h< roed Bull MARIIFr be riliibitrJ it il" State Knir, Hit '.toga. on tin I II... uut, and Uli of lhi? month, anil there offered for ?*!e Mtriua la uow four yeart old, imported from the celehran atock of the Ule Karl Spencer, and will compare witUai.-, Durh?m Bull on the continent. Ilia itnck prorea reraarkalit) flue, and would lie a valuable animal lot croiaing with the ua I"/i cartienlara. inijuire of Thomaa Bell, MoMaaiana, Went rlira'er ( ounty, N. Y., slid during Uir fair at the 17. 8 Hotel. Sw atoga. |III|*W I | MYO M'OKTSMKN-A valuable hBTTKH UO(. to be ahot for on the 11th of Se| t-irber, at Mr. Mr ' i>v V t 'ot of the liill, Hobukrn I'.irdt will ke fnr- ' t inkaii ii one ahi'liuf ench. Shouting to commmee at ihh o'cl ?k alt }tSfcV1*m | MKOK" 8aI,t.-The fineTT youiiK Sew foil ndlanii ' dog in the City, mammoth aiie, II muntha oM, p r ferily framed, and warranted a loud guard; Ungili.', lert it inChea, height 2 f??t 5>4 inchea. May be aeen at JO ( U He ?tirrt. ?ill I.? mid f I,<1.1(1. ?I0 3t*l i.-- ;MU?UT jAitiTiT AN it HTK SAD ... ->??f i'1**!1. ""> Pianofotte one Setai Intr, vnl tw ' , III Duleiinetg, and a good aaaortnirnt < f (Jmtara , a Arcn/deon?, and violina. Apply to ^I bum* W,T'i(lh?f of ihe (lunar Singing, Pienoferle, Acc nleoi. and Violin. Terma morieta'e, at 4U Bioadway, tlre?- door. 1 aHoee O nndatraet. ?U 1' in . ... -j. Mk.Vk.KAL very good aecond hatulria o , ? ' ''i-jlfor ai le rheip, at MA llioidwar; among lh?n> ft ?S J ?"* 'I'lendnl toned 6){ oetavea iii>tnrnent, nn ITS 1 I la rtry neat littl* Catimeu ??3ltod*?c TO SBI LATEST MOMENT. TELKOUAPI1IC. IjtgliUtlve Proceeding*. Alukki. HOpt. 10, 1047 Iwui. Bills weru introduced to All the vacancies of Justine* In the Superior Court of New York uity, and the Recorder of Albany. Ordered to a third reading. Bills weru introduced to increHHe the po#nr of the Board of Supervisor*, and for the redemption of conntry bank bills at par, In th* city of New York, w?u ooo sid*red in Committee of the Whole, but not dif>poaed of. The par redemption bUl wu made the special order of the day for to-inorrow. AlttMBLI Among the petitions presented waa oa* from Tompkins county, praying for an amendment to the Constitu tion, so as to allow the canal to be completed forthwith. ra**?d to a third reading ?a hill to allow the Governor to fill the vaoancy of tho Recorder of Albany, which was referred to the Judiciary Committee to examine the constitutional power of the Governor to make appoint mcnts. Also, a bill,instructing the judiciary Ceiuinit tee to r?i>ort a bill for the protection of emigrants . From the 8oatb. PniLADBLrHiA, Sept. 10?10 P. M. Klugs arc llying in both this city and Baltimore, and a National salute wait rtred at the latter place, at four o'clock this afternoon, in honor of the news from tho seat of war. We have nothing later from the south, your e*pre?* having anticipated the intelligence by to-night's mall Yellow Ftvsr In New Orleans. Philadelpuia. Seot. 1(1. 1SJ7. Interments in New Orleans from 0*ver, Sept. 2, 77; Charity Uuispital, 14; Luf.iyi-ttr Iloapitui, 14. BY THR VIA1LR. Waihidotoh, September 8, 1847 Mail Failum?The IVhigt and tin Mautry QmoIioi? Mi. Rmton. Two mors failures of the mail- one last evening. and on* Tuesday evenlug What a jowel <jf a I'oBt Man tor General. The whigs are very foolishly determined to oppose any acquisition ot territory Iroai Mexico, and to make this an issue at the next Presidential election?at leant it would appear so f ont present ludicatlon* They expect to unite in support of this policy, the fanatics of tho North and of the South, the ultra abolitionists and tin) ultra upholders of slavery. The abolitionists mxy support the policy, but tho South will not hustaln it. The great body of the southern pitoplo are content to decide tho qucstiou by an exteuslou of the linu of the Missouri compromise, and on the same terms-that is that North of thirty-six degrees thirty minutes, there shall be no slavery, and that its establishment south of that line, clisll be left to the people of suoh Slate as may be formed south of the line. 1 look upon it as certain, that slavery cannot exist, at all, in auy territory we shall acquire by treaty from Mexico, for the simple reuion, that slavery In such territory would be not only unproductive but burdeniioine The North, consequently, can have no valid objection to the disposal of the question, by an extension of the line of the Missouri compromise. The South insist upou this compromise as a point of honor. Kvery southern man who bMMamlued the Bulyaot, in doubtless convinced that slavery cunuot exist in any territory we may acquire in Mexioo; but, nevertheless, southern men will never conMnt to declare, on compulsion, that rlavery thall not exist la euoh territory. D ut there ure men at the South who fors?? that slavery oauuot exist la thu California* or New Mexioo, and who, on that aocount, will oppose this acquisition, regardless of tlie manifold advantage* accruing to the United Status from their possession. It is to be hoped that few men ure so Illiberal, and so blinded to the interests of thu Union by snlUsh considerations. To protest against the extension of our national domain unless slavery shai I extend pari panu, Is preposterous It is chiinAicai to expect that the slave States caa ever attain to a nume rioal equality with the free States ; but their very weak nt'ss will be a source of strength. They will always hold the balance of power. The two great parties whioh now divide the free States will be obliged each 1 to the South, so that there is not. in reality, any dangar ui trucrunouuirni. uj iiih unu on me ami or SliTerj.? The Southern States will be able, at all times, to bold their own The Union intimated, Rome time slnoe, that Mr. Den ton would nut oppose the administration next session. it spoke rather in hope than In certainty, and had no valid ground for the assertion. Mr Benton will doubt less be occupied In opposing Mr. t'alhoun, and trying Ouneral Kearny ; but be will also find limn to manifest his feelings towards the administration, to which, If not deoidediy hostile, be Is by no means favorable. I trust there will not be a repetition of the disgraoefol scenes enacted last session Mr Bunton Is a very able man, but bo sometimes prefers the gratiUoation of his own private feelings to the geod of the country. 'OALVIKNSIB. Waihisoton, Sept. 0, 1M7 . M ore Vict trie I? TXt Rainbow ap/iearing again?Sftt at the Uatei of Mexico? ?i Truce granted to conndir the offer I of Mr. Tri$t. The lightning line brings us a report to-day of two severe battles fought and won by lieu. Scott, over Santa Anna and Valencia, of the appearance of lien. Scott's army before the imperial city of thu Astecs, and of a truce being asked by and granted to the Mexicans, so as to allow them a chance of considering Mr. X'rist's overtures of peace This does look like peace; or it may be a ruse to enable the .Mexican government and army to escape from the city; just like the truce granted to Arista at Mala moras At all events the skies look brighter down in Maxioo, and we may have yet a treaty belore the meeting of l/uni;russ. NOUS VMtKOVS. P. H ?It rains like all wrath; and wheu good news arrives in such oases the old women say it is a good sign Y es, I sposeso. Baltimobk, Sept 10, 1 (#47. Xrwifrom the Jlrmy? The Ureal Nm> Kork Failure ? fatal Jlccidtnl? Mri. Farren?Stocki, ft. Our city is in a furor of excitement this morning, caused by the arrival of most Important intelligence from the scat of war The Hags are flying from every prominent point of tbe city, and a national salute will be flred at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Tbe news of the failure of the great Arm of hrlflM, Ward k King, has been received with ^reat surprise, and ii&n caused fear* to be entertained for thi stability of other prominent bouse* Id your city. Messrs ilaslehurst k Murray, of thla city, hats sue needed in obtaining from (kifnomt the contract to build the mauhlnery for the war steamer, now building ul the Philadelphia Nny 1 ard. The comiwtitor* from Philadelphia and New York were very numerous, hut a* Baltimore Iron hw to he used for all such work, Messre \i at U were enabled to underbid them Hers Is now, therefore, the machinery for two <vwau teamers under contract in Ushlraore, .Messrs H?eder h < o hating secured that for the n?w mail steamer to ply between ' harleston and llarsna A boy about fourteen years of ays. asmed John Smith, was yesterday killed in tue lower part of the city by a t.rniu of ear* passing <>rer his legs and the lowy part of (Jin IMHJJ II" W?" riii|r??wnun fc?? mi I/O mi MR WDUVt la full motion, and fell under t?i?* wbwel* Mr* Karron made her tiwon'l appearance tMt evening in " L?r?'i Sacrifloe," to a Rood audience Her atyle of ictlug la much aduilre.l by many. Hale* of AUwka at Ha HI more. At i he ST'x * lioauo, ; ?i t 9? ft Bno Ci y Hiiea. iwi. i#iK;?lldo io*,\; *? 'I", two, >00 l state* l? l< ?, <! nt IW aeiied, I03)< bid. Tniitry Nut**. (' ?) rt' ?ed it III! luked, 1G1)( bid. State G per cruta r|,,aed m t?H' Mfc"' I7>i bid. C Itv ?J?rc*HU of 1800, rjnaed m 101 ?al,ed. n*>l| /id. U.dlimore and Ohio K ilw.,> aharea naked. I <t ni?l PitiL4dki.rmia, ?ept. 10, 1?47. The upeclal expre** new* received thl* nrnming liaa a?ed the public mind of a portion uf it* anxiety In rel*. .Ion to the whereabout* of General Scott, but tha curio, ity to learn the detaila ortbe battle* u inteaae. I'hila Jelphia having a large number of lt? oltlian* iothear ay who participated In the two battle*, their frimda are nxceedingly anxlou* to learn their fate. The Doctor Cooper, ol the army, wbo aooompanlort Lieut. Ilendernou and ten dragoon* deipatehed by Capl Well* to ^roeeed to Major Lilly's camp, belonged ti hi* city. a:il the intelligent)* received lead* to the bu lef that he ha* periihed along with tbe olhera of the <iea 'lini. nt. tinleM the gu>-rillaa hare treated them a* prtloneri of war, which iniy be reckoned among thelm robabilitle* The uncertainty In relation to the d<wor'rt fate, I* causing great trcnhle to hta relative*, and t l?ri(ff circle of fti?nd* In thi* elty The new* hM created con?lderahle excitement, and .he atar epangled banner* are flutterlo-j from every flag >t'?ff throughout the city. Th? ?Wmboat I'ortaiuonth. In returning from nnexsur*lon to H?lem laat evening, ran Into a aohoMier at motor off the city front, and did considerable Injury ?* both. About MtO colore I perforin wore on l>"?r.l (I -tetmboat. and It I* tald that one man wa* earned everboard and drowned The neve re Rtorm of yritenlay afterti'v>n ha* canned a break In the telegraph wire* between thi? oilv and l'?; tlmoro, and the Interruption up to thi* t ni". hi?ii' t been Mpaiied. The arrival of the expreM ha* reudeu-vl

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