Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1847 Page 3
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hoary,wrth a d<wnwsid Idiitiy. fid r?t?s(f>t<nl 3000 bu'hela Maryland White and yellow, were made at 03o. ?07a. Whiskey was dull at 47o. lo barrel*. Provisions. no change, while sale* were limited. Lard continual tUfly. and prim* wu iu good demand at full price*. U*iu held up to-day. Albany. Sept. 13. Vlour?There wus scarcely anything dolug In flour, while (imitation* were about the tame. Wheat, no (tale*. Corn?The market w is dull, and no sale* of moment transpired. Outs- Sale# of 1000 bushel* were made at 4Jj. Whiskey was inactive, and prices nominally the same Provisions quiet. Kecelotfl by canal during the prceedtng hoiiri Flour, 6 000 barrels; wheat, 5,000 t bushel*; corn, 1H 400 do. Vessels rather scarce. Boston, Sept. 13? P.M. i Cotlon?The market, on acoount of the unfavorable j n?w? from the South respecting the prospecta of the 1 growing crops, was firmer, and sale* of 500 bales were iuhJb at full pricua. Hour?For good brand* Western. , and fresh ground Genesee.the market continued steady, i uud sules of about 1000 bbls. were made at $5 00 to $6 | Corn?There was very little variation In prloe*, and we j note sales of 2000 bushels, including sound mixed and yellow, at 70 lo 75 cts. Oat*-Hales of iOOO bushels old | were inaite at SO cunts I'rovisious were Inactive, while j prici-e were nominally the sams. Whiskey, no change. | Freights Inactive. , (Telegraphic Correspondence of Philadelphia Bulletin.] . Pittsburgh. Sept 13 ? li M?There are 3i? feet w*- j trr ill IIIH chmiiU'l and rising. UM weeK's mameis are ! opening dull with nochango from Saturday in price*, bo that old quotations may be renewed. j Married. On Snnday evenln *. the Uth Inst. by the Her J. Add son, Cauev X M Schmiu to Altiiea, daughter of Krnea' Keyset, Ks<i all of this city. On Monday t v^oion. 13th inxt , In the Allen street M K church. by the Uo*. B Creagh. Mr. Stephen H. Knait to Miss Amelia A , daughter of N. P. Anderson. K-(( all of thin city At Vera Crux, ou the evening of the USth August, by Lieut Col. Dixon S Mile*, Lieutenant Governor of Vera Cruz. Mr J. K Li.wia, of Oslveston, Texas, to Miss Okoksiama McComii, of New York. Uted. On the i:tth inst, at the residence of her ?on, (Alexand<*r Underhlll,) Elizabeth. reliot of Caleb Underbill, il;u<t Brooklyn, in the 74th year of lier age. Hit rrmtiui will be conveyed by the Harlem Railroad, ut 7 o'clock this morning, to her late residence, In VVestoheatcr county, for interment. Un Monday morning, 13th inst., Thomas A. Kempib. una of Peter and hlten Murray, aged 4 months and 25 d?y?. The friends of the family are rospectfully Invited to attend the funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, wi.hout further notice,from the residence of his father, US Maiden Lnne. At New Orleans, on tho 4th inst., Mr. Archibald L. Der. ai5?'d 24. ton of Anthony Dey, Esq , of this city ? s?me day, Peter McNabe, l(j?county Longford; Peteh Hvax. id -of Parish Tuatn, county Cfalway. Ireland. At. Hudson. N. Y . on tho 10th inst., James William. ron of .lames H, ?Ud Sarah K. Harley, aged '2 months and 12 days. Ou SuDday morning, Tith Inst., Infant son of G. A. and Thalia Macfarren, aged nine months. Weekly Report or UeaUu, In the city and county ol New York, from the Ith day ol Sen1 ember to the 1 Ith liar of September. 1847. Men, 79; Women, 64; Boys. 79; Girls, 79. Total, 301. DISEASES Access, 3; Apoplexy, 6; Atrophia, 2; Bleeding 3; Bleedfrom lu Ut. 1; Burned or calded. J; Casualties, I; Cliolern iul'autuin, 30; Cholera Mo bill, 3; Consumption, 2U; Convulsions, 13; Croup, I; Debility, I; Delirium Tremens, 2; Diar> > rhcea, 13; Dr<|>sy, 1; Dropsy iu; D'opiy in the chest, 1; D'uwurd 5; Dventery, 38; Epilepsy, I; Fever, 8: Fever at, ?; Fever Remittent, 2; Fever Typhoid,6; Fever Typhu , 37; Fever Nervous, I; Disease of Heart, I; lloop i.'K con*!' 3; tutul*. I; Intltnwnalion of brain, 3; Inflammation of liowel*. 10; lnd>'minMioii of Iudks, 4; InlUmmniioii of s'omni.h, I; luH irnmation of liver 2; Iutemptnnre, 1; I nition, I; iM?msmus, li; Measles, 2; Ol't Atte, 5; Palsy, 2; Premature l? rtl?,1; Scro'ula. 1; 8nrue. 1; Suicide. 1: Siiflfii. calii'u 1; Teething, 3; Ulceia, 1; Worm*. 4; Unknown 3 Au:e? Uu>'er one year, 36: I to S yea<a, 53; 2 to 5 24; 5 to It, 10; 10 to 20. 14; 20 to 30, 31; 30 to 40 12; 40 to 50, 17 : 50 to GO, 22; t>0 to 7*. 13; 70 to 80, 6; UllioiU, 3; 9? to 100. 1; uuknown,7. A W. WHITE, City lnanector. City Inapcetnr'a Ofllc, Sept 13.1817. ?J U- _ J?IBil JJ. ILINOI8 .ND MICHIGAN CAN VL NOTICE? Hold.rao' 11 i-ciunl .Ylirhigm Canal Scrip, who with to to tmuil ihe l-tiie, (Governor French being iio?v in the citv.) Vrin H??il i"?inii?-ivca of lit u- fit ?f an " >ct for fiiuiliuK ("a?at !*erip."aptir-TKi Kebiuarv 22J, 1817 bv applying at the ofli'e of iilia>??t>d Johu O'Brien, No. 33 Wall atreei, wh?re an agent may tie fiend 10 A.M. to 3 P. M , for a few da\a Illtni* ai <1 Mii.hivan Canal Bouila will be given for i the principal, ??>1 Interest Certificate! for ihe in'errat .. It i> deairr.Me that the holder! of th? Scripahould preacnt tha uidc * iihont Ueia.,aa the operation of fundi'g will be mu h laciliiatrd d*ri< g the aiay ol the Governor in New 1 < fc a14 I w' ewli I>1||9 1A I U-T-CAUTION-Loit A bank of 1''m* JLv/? Irrla d Draft ou the Ba k of Eugla> d, ?lt>r i Ititti \ug.nv 1P47 t II il?y?' eight. payable to the order i <( M m. K Di'-liuaoii; amount, ?lU2 10a . uot eudorard. and I tli r I e valnelrai ?xcept t" theowuer. Ba?kera and Broken nr- cautioned . gvimt aeg.itiating ihi* draft. t20rewaid will hf paul on the teatora ion of thia il aft, with or wi hont the l< Itnr tha; enHoaed it; apply at 10 Katge'-a atreet No q? "ill tor ??k d ?I4 lt*rc 0\i| nEVVAklJ,?The above reward will be giveu to any SplP(' iieoun thit will dive auch information aa will lea<1 to > <oiervof? air of gooda. miaaiug from ahip lit ila, from I Jlivrr in'ik>,(lJ B. kC.tS'o.144. Apply to Brown, II others St o 'J " *11 at eet ?14 it*m P-?X OKU' II, n C.W. YOftK. Ifcp-Tmberli] 1847 -The Veen er < ALt.DONIA. will leave Boaton on Thuraday, .he tr.iU n. k-. n-. ~.;i- ? :n ->? 1 . tha IA h m?>.. at 4>i P. M. Postage 011 ail letters mint b' |irn'ii-l 10 Hontnn Lei en of half an ruuce or under, J i cents n-i cac.i additional half ounc e-J coats. I sH Pi re KOBtCKT 11 MORKTS. V. M. ' pT.i Kt MK.?T, TOILET BOAP8, rateut Midicines, -I Kimcy Miic ?. T?'T low, amiable for the conntrv t ade, < l? ice < < I c???. Extract! ana othar Perfumeiv. for retail ? II iml: K irf'cr'a eeleori ei walnut oil military shaving <>?)', II.o "lily iur a tic'e Dr. Fo"id'a Pectmal byrnp, for the .* . T. m? I rnlial dvaawtary and deraiiR-meat of the howeli Miritiis nnivarsal pills for clenssing ihe S'stem Kor *U? at No 1 Cou.ii.mdtit est first store [mm Broadway. GKO B OROSEK, <4 Wt*rc lite Vr?lim fc Kow er, of No. 3.^ IURTLE SOUP.?The Proprietor of the Baud I < 'off e Hiose No. II Pine street, between Broadway and *110 il rr?i?et'al|y info'ra the lovers of Turtle and Terraeina. thatheh<s provided a superior lot of the above *rill atMH tit biti which b? willsarve in soapi, steaks. Irica?i-fi .ml in every day this w ek. The larder ia fnrn shed witballt drlicacita < f the season. Families supplied. IL J 11 JAME8 KOSHKTT DUivm.L UN THE KVK.?Just Published, a Popular I I reatiae on tha EYE, its Diseases, and their cure, with oncrsriugs rules f r the selec iou of spectacles, tic., Ovo , jn ca> ts T<> be had at the aulhup's, and ol booksellers Keuerl'y. Ur Powell Meads exclusively to diseaees of ihe Eye and E t f < m ? io 4 o'clock, at his office 361 Broadway, comer of Wairea st ee . - Iti'rici'l Kyea of superior quality recently imported. >? ?0i? r. BiAi^Ut LANDING.? \mety h?lf, quarter, and eighth iiwa, 'fur.h proof A. Seunette Brai.oy, received i-eci r m ilia o!d-c<ttibluh?d home, uow landiug per baik Aigle I'm i H.i hel.e. f.fiy iml a?d quar'er nipee Otarl, Dupny tt Co. Biaady, pale .ml - ol'>r*d of difTe ent V utagei, now laudiui; p r i>iidius from Bordeaux. Koranic Ir in the whail l? ^ JOHN CASWELL, fc Co., 87 Front it ?i< 1 *rr B. '? uI Mi, at 148 i iiainbera strait, with a very hrautiiui f o- I M? m wlii His wall fiaisbe l with mirble mantels, lias >hree.large ra n ics attached,also afront bedroom adj >i?ing withpai.iry Single bedrooms ou lecoud floor for gentleinru. I li? i<> lua biuic vacated early application is de: ai.ed. 4 U'rvfr waited Apolr it HI Chambers at. al4 lt#m G'.> ' Lk.M?N'? LEE 1' OFF WAKDHOBE, ke.-Oeutl'm-ai or families having superfluous effects, such as sppirel. jewelrv, fire arms, furniture kc , which they ?ie*rr todispcse ofadvantageously, have the best oppoitunity I,f donk so by lending f >r the subscriber, who will attend tliein kt th ir resicencM by appointment. H. LEVETT, Office. No t Wall street, corner of Broadway. N.B ?A 1 ne addressed ibrough the post office or otherwise, will r* ve pronai't attea'iou. al4 J'ec "VTo I |',K.-Tiie public are resjiectfully informed tint ti e | ll a >.la * truail mf? f(s ? - r u> IV entlt, a*d the public ia gener*l, to open the New Yuik IIOliSK ilA/\AK 31 Croaby at'aet. 10 it* original and once very jmpnlar hutineai, in the ruplic anrtion ealee of Horaen i 4*r hi.h, Wagon*. ?..dd!ery, fcc. fcc, sud ander lh? nianngrmentr.fVr Win <owaa. who i? w?ll know n to llir | utiT'C j k 'itril.iu the m m?t<iiiinnt o< audi sale*, ai d hn| e* by it'irt Mm tin* to buaitm in receive that ?h\ e of public favor that >v it dire enrnd'd to tliia p >puhr But. -a JOHN H. OATFIELD,Proprietor. WM. IO WAN, Mugger. ? ?. " , r0?b? atreet !Ty"The proprietor would rroat reepeemiliy ml. im the rub lir in |e e ?l, that ti e Oral Auction hale will lake i>la> e at thr v <irtc H'>r>e Baz ar, 3i l roaby atreet. on Wrdneid y, i 8"i>'em'<arSS, I >7 tu roinuience at II o'clock. A.M. The rr p. elnr wi.ald all i inform gentlemen having property lor gaie oa 'ha' ?h? iO plane 'oha?e ihe aama Tgitta eil, oil or lit*fun* 8 n* l.,ck. A. M., on Tueaday, Hat. pievioua to a&laof Weilnead*? P S? tail pattica'ara apply at 'he office. JOHN H. OATFIELD, PrWtor, ?I4 9'*m SI Croanv atmrt I~~> . si M L. A.NtiU AUt. vCADKVI V OF LANOil \(?K IS3 Hrnmlwny.?The Directon of tha above .A<'? emv nifi-rm ihe p?ruea who ?ubaeribeu for Kveniu* l i uotintheF encft I'nguage. and thoan winiing u>/om that llii-run .h will rr mmenca on Tuea^ay, the 14th mat. Claaaea M ev- m.-. ? ?? li h.wr from 5 tu 9 o'clock ?l< lt"re t'i K. V I, j.N i>. ^MOTHERS tc CO., Cummiaaion Mar' c ta. N?w Oilean . ?iE I i L-.VEL ? ND, V.. I,- V" I. \ N I). A r i |,"V-l,iND, I.T -1 > - <IIM nru MT t.1 ine pnrehaie and la ot proline, r . n i <*< .if v?in? u Drn ;a. and rae?img and foiwarding m- auit i ro'lura. . _ H? 10 Mraara. Jf.wn, B th? ? Jt Co,, I'lieipi I) hi* k <" , BoftkK elwd, Y> n?*.Smith k ' o 0 l. I P I crl?bri?tad M AD \ VI |C A L>:?1.1 II 1 ii I Hi (i? ?irr<-r *ea B >wty, ami || iae a ly irkno lulji* I ih- tno?i wnnilaifiil *nn n in -? ?teuc<\ infe> ) in ft |r w I yat<"ba do: har i ofeiiion and tMi a V private life 'f h i?r who heie few dny?, with v?< to comult her mvmeri u ikil1, will b'?in arary poiaibla information of til their moat aeea'?Wnra of lore, mtrnage, jaaloniy, frienli, law. in l hiMi'ieai ferary description. Far i* 'need to V e?n a C n ulift i jn hour any t ma daring tjie day and arming till lftnVi en. ill 8t*in |V* T k * OH OBTAINING -UlTABLKrAHTNT H8 U V K NiAt'.R AOE, 13 White atreet.?Honri for la<iia? Hi'li I yinnl'e <1 nice, from 9 A. M. ontil 4 PM. Oviniain?* i froin '> nn il 9^ P. M. > li? imncipla up >u which ttiia office la condu'ted will giva M?Taa more mi .mi iu half an nourthan tliay can obtain in ih? ortfi n-y wi in an mout'ia. r.ofnmimi' <>i a with rial nima (po<l-paid) will rcceire p.-uin i* ?inu, *wd be coiaiilered atriC'ly eoofld ntUl. i * i A. D KILBY. f 1 l> LXf'KV Kft>h o"abl? Tailor IIS William meet, ir the V w ?fi.r?a?I have rccairad a fall aaiortiniMi <if i |or> ' jfimprw* ?n<l Vaatinga. which brio* bong hi i I will in * "o onler at ?*ery low prirei I hnve alio ' i ?< rtipa .! >f rev'y maile Coftta, Vtaia and Panta, rery n?n I , m<Hf au<l trimmed For cot. qnality, work mar ?hip, nil . ric*. I im (?e"rably known to tha public It (ball be my i ! i rnr in ratftin ilici* ??'"d opinion. bT a?lli?ga good article ii' i low pne?. Hirk ('oar* from ft*to 911s Dreaa Coata matl a of (I e French ' lo'li, to order, frogl $13 to 930; every othar gt'j?wnrio I'r-portww. ill Jli?*m y 'K Vl /.NOINK? Ona l atin argmi of two non* H ii /<i>r, . .xni.'ate with l?f otnotlfa M!*f kiMahad. gUlt r-'? I f-r Mil low- * MOK Ii CO, >lt Mu' ? nA W <mM MMH J A GENTLEMAN and his wife want* two or three foonn wiili* pr ? ?? r??| ? etabl* family. aotil thelstofMaj ? o.i* of litem e?a a ctII tr kitchrn. Pie* ad drew * Bot. tt this oilier, s:ttiuK location, term*, 8tc., lie. Reference?** chjMi'Mf ill ft?m J WANi KD.?? *ue Ttion?aiid 4tfeuta are wauted to ll/l/v It cate iu difTereiit counties for lh# iaie of imw PiC*'il i tide thit will cumt* iut? universal use, and it oeed'd by every ram, wnnia ? d child for general use ( we business >* plei?ant and ueat. Good bunne.s men can mike SSvQ to >HU0 per veer orer all eipenaes. Those demous of making money ate invited to call: let'ers postpaid will rrceive atteutiou chakl^h full til, st4'ttt*m Vi Greenwich atreet. < >X MAKKhH^ANTEU ti> make Dry <_?oo.l Vnes.? Piicen adiancrd aud stsady employment -1' It ?' H Cliffatfet. C. L WATKIS iU >*a Situations wanted.?afresiwcutle yonm woman want* a situation a< letniatrfii. auil do cli.imb.-r Wo k; the ' ther aa eh Id mire aud do clumber work; can be well recommended fr in their last place. Enquire bt Uj Madison 2<l tloo sU If rc A SITUATION WANTED by a young wo in nil ai plain cook, washing and ironing?can make herself useful iu a family. Bekl of city rtfeiences. To be seen at 131 Artillery street. Biooklyn. _ _ _ ?H 2t* re SITU VIMON WANTED by a reaper able yeung woman as chambermaid and waiter, and clumber maid, or to take care of children. Ueat ofcity references. Apply at t) Crosby street, fmt floor in the rear. sU lt*rc WANTED ?A sitnation by a Scotchman, who will mnke himself generally useful, in a Wholesale, Comniiiion, Jobbing, or Shipping house; has had thirteen years experience in business; was bind in Glasgow. The most sat isfac ory testimonials csn be produced, and reference given. Please address X Y. '/... Her Id office sl4 3t*rc WANTED? A situation by a respectable vouug woman, ma small private family; has lived for the last eleven years in one family. <.'an gi>e the best city reference, lie. I'lease to call at No. 146 Korsyth street, iu the rear buildinz, fi st n"or. _ <14 3t*in WANTED?By a respectable young womanta suujtion as chambermaid or writer, or do the housework of a small private family; the best of city references given. Pleace cull at No C Mott street, iu the rear basemeut, this day, or to-morrow, or day-after. sll lt*rc WANTED? \ re<pectable young ?oiniu desires a situat on to do cooking, washing and ironing, or the housew rk of a small family, or cbamberwork. Good reference! given. Apply at 7' lith street in the rear. sl4Jt*m WANTED.?A situation by a respectable young woman, to d>< gencrtl housex-orkj or coonjiig. washing aud_ir"ii i"K; can give good relcreuce Irom lier last employer. API ly ?t 75 Mercer street. ?I3 2t?m WANTED?$13,000 l<> be invested with $75,UOll already invented la a prnfUable manufacturing establishment uear New York, together with a gentlemau to take the general charge of the hufiuess > ( the company u President. Address T S.. box 1,119 New York postomce. sll6t*rc WANTED IMMEDIATELY?30 or <0 good Sioue Mssons to work ou the York and Erie Kail Road, Layneiboro, Pa. Wages $2 per day, and steady employment for one or two years. Application to be made at the Columbia Hotel. South Brooklyn. JAMES COLLINS, WILLIAM BEARD, sfl 2t*rc Contractors. WANTED.?A farmer and his wife, to one who understands his business, in all its branches, a good situation will he offernd. An Eastern man accustomed to the u?e of the aie. driving cattle. Sic., &c.. would be preferred. Apply to JoIlN C. STEVENS, corner of Mu'ray street, and College Place, between the hours of li and 9 o'clock, in the morning s7 7t?w WANTED?Iu a private family. One who understands his busiue's, and lias good recommend itions, (an'tjuo other,) may apply a 31 S-int Mirks PI ice. aU3t*rrc W VNTKl)?Au -tlive. intelligent boy is wanted iu an English Cotnmis:ion li Inquire at 66 Beaver st, upstairs. _ sl2_3t?m PDWr.K l.'JUM-?. i Mir. :i0 Narrow Looms, <> superior make of iron, to ? <-ive twilted work, cither cotton or woolen satin?t?, Kentucky jeans, tweeds, or drills, with chauee cams. Tliey w ill be sold at a bargain. Impiue at 22 Broad street s9 18t?rc AN IMPORTED SOW AND BOAR FOR SALE?An > nuliuh Sow wilhsix voung pgs, und a boar of a very laige aud superior breed, 'ill* Sow and Boar were imported by 'he adveniser last y ear. Kor further particulars, apply at 113 Water street, up stair*. ill St*re Dll ELLiOTT, OCULIST. 61)3 Broadway .corner of Arnit.' street, informs his patients, that lie wul be in his olfice ou Tuesdays, Thursday s and S.turd ys from 10 to 4 o'clock. The poor, as utnal, will receive advice and me icine gratis, in a I diseases of the eye, from 4 to 5 o'clock, on the above days . sl3 Gtis*m Britannia ware manufactory.?o?"ti^d? St Norris, (successors to Henry Hopper,) No. 234 Secoud meet between Avenoe B and C, have constantly on hand ami 1UI ?aio a i<iiMr in imc 111 u? unuiuui* is 111^9 lur oil HI1Q ipirits. Candlesticks, Castors. Piteheri, Tumblers, Teapots, 8oup and Gavy Ladles, Bpoous, Spittooui. Syringes, Decanter Coiks. &c. |N I! Britannia Ware neatly rrpiired. sl2 30t*rc 1 Hi i BARRELS l'UHK "hl'llUTS- ~~ l"v ICO do Superior ALCOHOL, WHITE BRANDY. An ricelleut article of Native Grapes for Preserves, Cot* dial*, be., at a muck lower price than the imported. For sale by JOHN D'HOMEKGUE. 208 Kr. nt street, between firekman and Fultou sts. s 12 30t?rc NEW JfOKK. HAVRE AND P * 1118 AGENCY.? Parcels, packanes, or 'en. letiers, Sic.. for transmission by the Kre .chuteamer NEW YORK, to Mil on the I5.h intt., will be received ct No. 10 Wall street, uutil 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning. 12 4*rc LIVINGSTON, WELL8 St TO. New YOKE, HAVhE. and PaKIs AGENCY.?Parcels, samples orders, letters, 8ie. for tran?mistiou by the Krencli steam ship N i'. W YORK, to sail on the Uth received at No 10 Wall st. Arra- gements fo' the utmost care and de iwtch at Havre and I'uiis have beeu fully coucluded, and personal attention there will be given to any commissions ectrusted to us. s12 tIMhrc LIVINGSTON. WELLS & CO. 10 Wall st. Prepaid letters to all part* ok europe The subscribers will recei-e and forward letters per steatner Caledonia, to all parts o| Europe. liai.s will close at 4%, P. M., Wednesday, IS h inst. HARNDEN k CO . 6 Wall street. P. 3 ?Letters cau be piepaid as above to all parts of the Con tiuent. sl2 3trc 'I'l'i'lM FIVE DOLLAR ^UITi^?Consist of fine cloth X Krcck or Dress Coals, casaimere Pants and fancy Vest. Overcoats and Cloaks, with ele*nut rich linings, Si to $10 each ; business coals $1 to $3 ; vests 30 cents to (2; cash paid lor iteuts clothiug, cleaning, d>ing, repairing, and altering cheap and fashionable, corner of Nassau and fieekmin sueets. sit 7t*rc (1 A fc'fc'.I.X RI'A Vlt'R rmi'lld 0**4 jo c un heavy \ Muck Kelt Beaver Clothi. 2V do do biowa do do do. IS do do \ blue do do do. Received, ami for sale by II. BK1GHAM & CO., 11 Gtis rc 60 Pine street. C'hOK K WINKS, TK\M, he.- >1K. BLOODUOOD, ' No. 4 Pine (t ret, offers for sale on reasonable terms? 1UC0 b islceU(N.B) V in d'ay Chawpigne, pints and quafU. 25 do. Ay Crcnmit, do quarts 60 quarter casks Mnnzimilla It Amontillado., pale Sherries, 26 demijohns superior table Madeira. 26 do Pule Otud Br. ndy. 60 do Old I'ale Heiineasr do. 2 dozen very old Jamaici lluin. 4 do do Antigua do. 76 half chests fine Ooloor.g Tea, very low. Also, other fiue Black and Greeu Teas, in chests, halfchests i nd small holes. sll 30t*m HAHT1NUS' CO VIPOUND SV HU" OK NAl'THA? Not only a positive but a warrauted cure for consumption and all diseases oi the lungs. This has decided the di pute about the curability of consumption, and satisfied the medical faculty, and all who have used it, that consumption, and all afT<etionsof the Iuiiks, rannot only be cured, but they are a< easily and simply cured as almost any of the disorders to which tlio human frame is liable The operation of a siogle bottle, which costs but ou? dollar, is sufficient to satisfy any patieut? if not altogether too fir none wiih the disease?of this fact: and even a single dosr uivr* evidence of its extraordinary influence in arresting aimera-licnting the malady, by the immediate relief which it affords. This is no quack or secret rrmrd,. Or. Hast" its i's discoverer, is one of the most eminent phi sicinus of the a ge, and hi* made a full disclosure of its history, nud all its compiuent parts, to the world ; not withiug t" incur M responsibility of confining to himself, for the sake of profit, a secret wh ch was calculated to do such universal Hood And such Ins been the w?ud> rful results of its operanous, the Loudon, Medic il Times, and the most eminent physici ois of b th lirmispheres, ar?atixii>usly calling upon ?uffe>en to liave imm-diite recourse to it, and itroclaiminic that of nil known me<liciies, it alone has positively established its efficacy, by undeniable proofs of curing consumption and all o'her diseases of the limits. Price One Dollar a bottle ; six bottles for five dollars. As this is a very expensive prepiration, it ii not left rround on commission, as is the mo.-e with quick medicines, but must be purchased out and out by those who sell again. This arrangement will, in general, limit its sal* to the larger cities audtowns ; and, therefore, persons residing where Hastings' Naptha Syrup cannot be obtai ed.and who can be reached by s'ane, etptess, steamboat, or any other public conveyance, should write direct to M. A. >'Harrison, No. 147 Greenwich street, New York, enclosing a remittance for the number of bottles requite* which will b* immediately packed and forwarded to them, in a manner to secure their safe and speedy delivery. Notice?Moore fc Co , the former agents for this medicine, hive with the con<ent of Dr. Hastings, of London, sold and tr*u<fer<?d the agency of the American conti cut to M A. K Htrrisoo. who is now the sole anent of Hastings' Compound bv rnp of Naptha in the United States and Canada. ?9 j 't*in Wiu.i; wius: 31 k.\timtfi and (>iiizeu* wuiiihh a rt'lt qnnlitv Wi< or Ton pre, air invited to inapect the eitenaive woninn t ol VVm B tehrlor. where they emi Helen frmn tit? lugee* *tock in the Umteil State*. There i* alwnv* a hem place to procure ?u .rfele in everv ba*iue*a, and the beat place lo liov a Wig or Tntii ee,n at Hn'chrlnr'a tnannfactory. Nil i Willi airert, Uroai'wnv. Private room* for fitting Wig* I opv the *wl#t'i??* Mill Wrrr JUST RK< KI VKU? a iicnuMluaent Ol laucy ami black i|l? Cravat* anil Hcirfa, 4ti at J. MiATE'8, Gentlemen'* Ontlitlxr. 237 Broadway, cor of Parkpl.iCe. U.N D *.K OAHMli .NTS? V I utjr aatortment of Silk MeriH ", Lnnihawooi f'otton, kc of every demr.ible atyle. at J AOATK'S, (tantiemes'* Outfitter, 2>7 Broadway, cor. of. I'.uk ulaoe. Oi-TTVKH?A a^>i>erioBAtticle of Kid Olovet, with welled rami, not liable ui rip: Wto Choxou, Biijou, and ailk thread and woullen Glove*, in treat variety, at J. AGATK'8, Gentlemen'* Outfitter, 217 tfionlwav. cor. of Park pi tee SHI UTS-The aubacriber mioljj Call the atte tiooofthe public to hi* atyle of Hhirt*. whicfl are raaile in a?m>erior in inner. Phirt* madr'toorder,and wai ran'ed to fit. J.AGATK, < ieirlrmen'i Kurm<liiuK St re, 2)7 dr.aJway, cor. Park place. >1 10i*re 'r*0 TAILORS?TTie Fall and \VTnter Kaaiiion for 1S17 and I. 1818. it now publ|?hed a'id ready lor ?ale by T. Olirei, 17 Cedar ureet, New Yerk, the thud doo* from Broadway. T.Oliver hai removed from No 4 Courtlandt utreet. to 17 Cedar *treet. where he will eonti.iue to piihlnh hi* Kaahioni and Mi ?omi a* heretofore. Hi* new *y*tem, c-lled the "Taj. lor'* Philoaophiral Trajiafer," i* now complete nud ready for ale. ll Kjt* m 'I* E 5 HOFIf, I \ I I.OUT NO ? ANN S?i KEKT. 1 (lirevi uatothe let* ft'?,iit No. 19}* Ann meet) would r?ape ifn I) ii form hi* rnatoinare and ihe pnblic generally, thul having <li*po*ed of hi* old *torh, he i* now opening an antirely i.ew and 're?h a.,?oriin?-t of plnin and fancy Cloth*, Caaaimeree and Vealiug* of the lateit, 'ichrit a d moat fa*hiouible ttyle*, all of wnicli !i?vmg juat been purchased lor rath, he i* enabled (and will) lurniih garment* nt. made and Irnnmed in the mod fa*hionable *tyle?, at the lowe*t price*. A rail i* *olicited from thoae about making their election*. *7 30t*rc rfilMbLV NOTICK TO Mt.NTLHMKN.?A* iha Kail JL and Winter Seaeon*are aettiug in, gentlemen would aate money by looking un their Woollen Clothing and have them either cleaned, dyed, alterrd and repaired. *nperior to anything yet done in tin* city. Clothe* cleaned or dyed without the aid of ?te-m or coloring at *lioit notice A trial will prove the fart From the *ati?factinn given to the pnblic.the *nbieriber i* induced and determined to follow Ihe above brajii;lie?, notwitlutandinw all rompetition*. for having a *mall core he oan work for *mall profile. At luch, gentlemen will do well to call befo-e going e new here at No. ?l .Murray *tr?et, corner Wa.hington, at the Cheap C**h T*;]onnf eetahli.hment. A < OHTI8808, M Manny ?treet. CWh*?dy?d wtrnnted fait colore. _ O l U*m i\ Miir' Shot) pk i i a ey s, c asks, chkmic als. \* \|iparatna, It- , of mipe.ior quality, at loweat market price*, at ANTHONY'S! National IlKguerrian Denot, 317 B oadway, New \ork. t^Kvery thing ia the line constantly eg linnd aatl J#r*m r|M ill, V T s Ml I,nil K 11 \'l lis. No. 447 I'earl Mreet. A near Broadway. The*e Bath* have been established for the la*t twenty-eig year*, and are the only Sulphur Bath* In the oily, Tiier are highl/ recommended by the mo<t em?iifnt phv*i(ii?ui. for the cur* of rheomatiebii alt rl??un?, ohro- t h. 1 Circular?to our patrons and to pbinTKRm OKNKRALLY.?i'lie undersigned respectfully rp a non-ice that uotwittulaudiug iie tevera lose aostamrd by 1 the ltu lira iImjt Inve returned business atthe aouthweat cor* t > ner of Naaaait aud Ana aireets, directly opposite to their w M establishment. Aa the entire atock of t) pea, machinery and it ? future* weir destroyed iu the conllagr.iti?u, toine little indul- All geuce may be claimed for the time urceaaary to perfect their j All mi iuKi in mi They are gratrful. however, to say, hat many All ol tlieir valuable m >ulds aud m trixea were preserved by the hai te tiona of their tnenda, aud will in a f* w daya he rewired die i?l in full operation Aria n talents lure been made fo a , |/iti aerrea . f new and beautiful faces, for new innn'da aqd mnchi- aer nery. The undeiaK'ued solicit a continuance o( favors fimn 1 n- a their typographic il brethreu. and the printing trade generally. poi I ht-ir muf rtuues hsve aron.ed them to fresh energy, and by tne their prompt exertions, thry arc d?'ermiuril to lOkintap the ; |?>i pro^d distinction <0 long awarded to their UoUae, a? bents ai ; A i the lieud of their (lecuMar branch. Kur excellence t>f woik- 1 dm nanship, dunbility rftype. i.nd material, thry will continue b;>i to challenge competition; tliev h >ve ou hand lomr few am ill Inn faucy founta: and a riuiuitity of br.js rule that were aaved from nig the ruius, which will be disposed of at reduced pricea. that | Inn they may be enah'ed at the comineuceineu' of their opera- pat lions, to have on ha i'l an entire uew stock of every arti le re- out luired iu priutiug olRcet. The undrrs>gn?d take this opportu- J eoi iitv of retnruiug their grateful acknowledgments to their | the frieods for their generouseff ita on the late disastrous occa- , cas aio'i. JAMfcS CONNOR k SON. fiu< illTtre | iu! /MfOlCK I'KRKl MKRY AND FANCY 8OAP8?At I ? " wholesale, a'. bargains, Twenty-oue Cortlandt at.; M dox. ! ' large Hock Coiogue, to elose a cousigntneit, remarkably low, _" (il) Tweuty-oue Cortlandt at. Alao, Walnut Oil Shaving Moap, uud all Fancy Soaps, cheap. Dalley's aul Cot- . nrl'aPaiu Extractor, Depot for the true article, wholesale,at bargains, Twent) -one C ortlandt af. Alao, Dr. McNau's Cure . 1 for Deafness; Hay's Liniment, a cure for the Pilei; Btlrn of | Columbia, a Hair Reatorative or 8tayr. all llt?r? THK NtW YORK FAMILY MOURNINO STORK - *. Every description of firat aud aecoud mourning in great f. variety, Maiitlea, Cloaks, < 'ollars, Millinery, Hosiery, lie. Ladies are informed that this establishment is intended solely ' for the aa'e of every variety of m?ur>unjr goods, at 4H5 Broad- _ way- one deorfrom Urooi^?- nn22 Wm I CMJLoHfcU PAPEua \ND I* AI't.K bOXf-s?M*i7u~ ' f J lectured by <i. BACH, 4S Kulton street, N. Y.?Con- ! , staiitly on hand; also, & fine assoit me"t of imported Krench I j[ iftid UennMi Colored Paper*. All order* promptly executed. ' '' and on the most reuunkbic term*. >110 * in | SKLL1NO OKK.-?Krench Artilicial H lowe.i Hearner*and material* for llorii'*; a lurge atock, with G ca?e* Klow- en er*. of the lie we*t *tyle,ju*t received by the late*t arnvale, lor ] air below co*t; the owuer* ginug up the entire busine**. th Alio , 2 ca?e* fancy Boxea.for bonbon*. BKUN LAKOHIKKIC kCOURT, t lIT Mt*m IW Willium Xew Vnrk. JKKklOtsoN~7tVSlJHAiNL.lL CUMI'AM *?OmTe "No ! ol 50 Wall atreet, oppoaite the Merchant*' Exchange. , en Thi? company continnee to luaare against loaa or damage by 1 of Ore, on dwelling hotuea, wa/e house*, building* in general, j *t< good*, wares, and merchandize, and every description of per 1 J< on*! property. ! ?r L >*sea correctly aa<* promptly adjusted and paid. 1 DIRKCTCRS. I ,r, Thm. T, Woodruff, B. U. Kobaon, M. D., Vraneii P.Rage, i;< Mmei Tucker, John P. Moore, Anson B.iker, ? }'h<)oipeon Price, Caleb C. Turn*. Jaa. E. Holme*, , ohn H. Lee, Eliiha Kigga, Tno*. Morrell, 1 (John C. Merrill, Joieph Allen, Knijene Bogart, Joieph Drake, Wrn. K. Thorn, Hoberl Hunch. 1 *' Thoi. W. Thome, John II. Davison. r,>l MOSKH TUCKKtt, evident. , 111 U*o. T Hone. Secretary. mvM e rV Vfl KB. M. CAllROLL'S MKDICATfcU VAFOlt Bath* I j,|t Ivi 181 Kulton street, opposite Church *reet, are a safe and *,> certaiu cure for rheianatism, c ugh*, cidds, swelling ol the |,P gla'id*. stiffuea* of the joint*, ague auu fever, (kc., recommend- i ? ed by Drs Mott, Steven*, Boyu, aud other*. The Vapor Batli liai beeu (urceufully adin matured iu the above complaints, i ( fo the last 32 year*. Open from 6 A. M. till 111 P. M. Hariapnrilla Syrup prepared hy the hh.vkers, 75 ceuts per bot- , *' tin anft lot*re bli Li UK hltMtKo BKANDIfciS.?-.Now lauding at Pier 7 | j,? N. It., from ship Mary KrHiicis, from Bordeaux k', peek, age* of the above well known Brandies, direct from the hou>e i lu, ol the Subsciber, iu Krauce, vii. Cognac, " Letter Kiere*," | Arm ig ac, 1 Star," Bordeaux, Henry L. L. Cha'auette and IRochel'e Lafayette brands, |iale and colored, in half, quarter aud eignth pipes. Also. 15 cask* White Brnudy. of auperior flavor, foi preserve*. Also iu store, entitled to debenture, a 0,1 full assortment o| the above Brandies, of various vintage* from 1111 1827 to 1846. Sample* at the office. 191 Wall utreet f' an 12 30t*m HKNRY LKO^'K. ! ? W 1 CHALLKNUK?Notice to gentlemen who want rl BWwV their ol I clothe* to look like t ew, <:;nl U the Tai- -* hiring. Dye ug, Cleauiug. and Ketiairirg Kstahlishmeut, No. J1'1 77 Gold stieet, corner of (iold and ipiuce, where ord rs will be. punctually attended to at the shortest notice, aud i n the ?el most reasonable terms, by , J. B. NOAH, 77 Oold ?t'e?t. I 1,1 N. B?The highest price given for gentlemen'* left off ; au' wearing t?tu ami. sl3>t?*c j J an.NUli.Nfci BKaR'8 OIL.?Hard study, c)o?e couliue- t Iment, au exce** of care, and dyspepsia are the principal * causes of premature baldueis; and a more mortifying circum- | >Mace than to be deprived ol Hie unturul ornament lor the "" bead in youth or in the prime of life, can, iudaed, hard y be ab: imagined. That pre|<aration, then, ii best ealculated to benefit the hair, which lus a tendency to equalize the circulation P? m the scalp, to stimulate the akin and nourish the bultw ihu ''V lie immediately beneath. The Genuine Bear s Oil, imported "" by the undersigned, from Cauad.i and the .North1' eat, ia superior for this tmrrose to auy merely artificial preparation in ihe world. It I* highly perlumed, and ita use Ins been strongly re- Y commended by those who hive thoroughly studied the cous i- ?' tutiou and , h\siologv of the hair. Perfumed and prep red for G the toilet by HKNRY JOHNSON, Chemist, 273 Broadway. !?? corner of Chin hers st'eet. Sold also, at IU0 Fulton street, and ril 77 Kast B oaiiwiy. Large bottles iO cents; small, ?5 cents. j,:, Purchasers to be assured of get ing the genuine U*ar'a ^ Oil, mint porchase only Mich as hear the seal and uMneof p Henry Jo' nson, 273 Broadway, New York. A an3l 3llr*m * DAUU t'.KK I AN MaTKiiIaLS.?Manufactured by Ht JOHN ROACH, Optician, U Nassau street. New York, where every article of the best quality may be had at the lowest price. Roach's Trip'e Comi?>nn l of Uromiue, a te superior chemical, producing quick pictures of flue .white Ki tone, now used by th# best operators, a few of whine u.imea are attached. We have used Roach's preparation, and recoin- = mei.d it. believing it superior to auy thing of the kind lu use:? I S. L Walker, Alnany; 8. .1. Humphrey Wilmington, North * Carolina; P.'". Ransom. Troy; A. J. Beals, New York; T. 81 C Doane, Montreal; Clarke & Brother, Syracuse? Kor sale ?' by ihe manufacturer, 82 Nassau stieet, New York ; O. Dexter, 1,1 Albany; William Bristol, Utica; Clarke tl Brother, Syrucuse; c< T C. Doane, Montreal; William R. Pratt,, Vir- i ol itinia; Cooley fcCo., Spriugfield, Connecticut; and Brmsmaid I r? 9L Brother, Birllu'lS, VarMOMt, anil 3frrc \g KINHAK!)T'S OILhe.L) BRASS LKI 1'fcKS MIR | lvX SIGNS?These lettersare rcmorkablefordtirnbiliry.and [ m a brilliauer of the gilding unequalled br any her article in I p., the city?which brilliancy ii warranted to stand exposure H to the weather. T ey are also japanned to r.nv color that may ... be desired. Orders left at Jouet,Beebe? StCo.'i, 120 Fulton , S treet, will be attended to. * The partnership heretofore subsisting between Meiuhurdt 8c ! 111 Stott, was dissolved on th? 1st July. V,' a 13?m fh 8 P MKINHABPT v PAUlS ARTIFICIAL FLOW KHS,.ixo.-N. KAlliN.lmporter, 53 Na?sau street, up stairs, h i - received by late ar I rivals a very exteusive and well selected stock of French Ar- , tificial Flowers and Klower Materials, together witti a most splendid assortment ol Feathers, Coiffures, tkc. 4tc hr., which he offers to the trade at Inw prices. au28 ]0t* in INSTANT CURE KOK THE TOOTHACHE.-Tliere have been many attempts, from time taUHWfl, to discover a speedy and MHIMItf cure fur the tooihache. The discovery lias at length beeu mule. No toothache, however ft'1 acute, can remit for live iniuntes tbe Clove Anodyne 11kills ? the nerve forrver, as far aj its capacity to eirlure pain is con- J; cerned. If this were universally known, how much geuuine "misery to disiraction tending" would be saved. How many a y one suffers for days together from this greatest of all frj " The minor ills that curse humanity," |jt when 25 cents would purchase an antidote to liis distress. As a |>oet says of theliiad of Homer, "I would not be without it In my house, L For all the weslih of Crmius." Fre|>ared and sold by Henry Johnson, chemist, snccessor to u A. B. Sands St Co., 271 Broadway, comer of Chambers street. < Sold also at 100 Fulton street, and 77 Ka?t Broadway, IN. Y.; sold also by most respectable druugists in the Uuiied States. Qv" Purchasers must be carefui that they be not deceived by some worthless enmpound under the uiune ?f Clove Auodvne. Examine the wrapper of the vial before purchasing, and j observe the name and signature of Heury Johnson on all the v. lUoins. au3!30t*m |in Roman eye balsam.? . ?? ,t " Waes me ! a chiel lonhs unco grim l'? When the windows o' his sonl grow dim." in Tawiahilu ol There are few bodily ailments more distrersiug in iheir na- w ture than inflammation of the ey es. accompanied or succeed* d cu by uefective vis on. Anything which can remove these evils hi must therefore be regarded as it boon, of which the value isuot "I to be estimated iu dollars and cents. The KOMAN EYE BALSAM prepared bv HENRY JOllNSON is such a boon. Its menu have been tested by loio( experience, as thousards have derived uuspeakable beuefit Iri in its applicatiou. Many patients, alter kiiff'nug from ilrfUwumtion for years, h ue been completely cuied by using this delightful salve. '1 he reduces and watery huino, have gradually disappeared t oin their eye- I i lids; a'id iliey have ultimately beeu enabled to read wiih plea- / sure the smallest print by candle light Pi ice 25 cents a jar, with ample directions for use. Prepared and sold by ' ?r HENRY JOHNSON.Chemist, ar.31 30t?m 27] Broadway, cor I hiinli-rs ?t. )| | REWARD?Cross's Specific Mixture for the curt J {plIl/U of gouerrhm.% gleet, strictures,and analagons com- : iilninla nf fh#? nrinini nf irrnfnfion Of nil rftnpdipi irt Jit* covered ior the aTiore complaint*, thii is tiie most certtiu: it i makes a speedy aud permanent cure without the least restrictiou id diet, drink, eiposure or change in application to busi- I . aeu. The proprietor challenges a single lustaiice of recent [ gonorrhoea to be brought which the inifture will not :nre, under forfeiture of $ .00. One bottle Inata 3 week, which | generally cures; many are cured in two daya. Kor sale by 0. H. Ring, 192 Broadway,corner John street, New i'ork. ?iil 10* m AMIJKOSIaTT room I'ASl'v-Kor" rlf.11 I?a III- , I'eeth ami Gnmi. aud communicating an agreeable odor to the Breath, this iinli oaul Paste, cxnixiseil 01 orris and other fragraut ingredient*. has been acknowledged fir luperior to any oilier rlentif ice. B< iuk eomiiounded id* nstroig. nt unterials, if ha<deus the gnina and tnikr* them adhere tnur- ll ml. 'J to the teeth, thereby assisting maternity m preferring the I at' [' ter from premature decay. I l is IVt- also coiiriinesanii-pu- "J 'reacent and detergent propertiea in an eminent degree, and it. . frequent n?e 111 ore meana of keeping the breath ano mouth in a sweet aud healthy condition. Prepared and sold by HKN* K V if IIN'HJN. Chemist and Druggist, 173 Broadway, in the ftrnnite Building, corner of ' hamper* street. Sold alao nt I'O Kultou itreet; "id at Coddington's, 303 Hudson. corner of Hpring l'"f* SO renti. _ au'il IWm WINDOW BHADKSlof every description and qualitv. cheaper t'-sn at nay other establishment in the Uuitea States, (or eals wholeselo and retail, at C JOHN F. DITNCKKR'S, J SIChatham corner of Chamber street, at UttMt're New York -it LMIPOI.D lit NiAl Bit Y. M h'.|.B fwf ).\ lmi?.r."ers of t'reuch Keathers, Kl?wars and Materials, No 139 Wil- JJ Imm street, near Fullou street, New York. Office in Paris, 6 and II street of flaire ?nl9 Kit ere DYOTTVILl.K ULASHAVOBK I'HILl DKI.PMIA.- sii These ??orks are n w lit r>la?t, and the subaeribrrs are piepared to eieonte o-rters for mineral, porter and wine bottles, carboys, druggists'glass |?tent medicine bottles. jars, be. A full usertmr it of druggist*' rials anil bottles constantly on c. BRNNKKf, HMITH Jt OAMPBKLL, ?n!4 No r?H Howth Kr > ! si CTKAVV li 11A flli ?>1 . 1.1. t ? ,u O PKR SK V BROOK8, (fWlftS V . ?. ,r??' * ??? atreo< Vi'ONK vTOLtMN - Ab^S^T/.Tackion, Pswnbroke . Lrl Jg Re*de stree , near Broadway, loans money in lark* or small sums, aa may be requir?d, on watches, jewelry. plate, _ wearing apparel, dry g "ods, aud personal property ol every

deso'iption an?< V>t*m T 188UK PAPEK-^KHIO Reams No. FWhite Tissue 4 500 do. Green do. MO ' do. Yellow 100 do Blue do. for sale by I'KRSS* h. BROOKE, iff* rf m No. gft and *7 Nas*?n street 1'hK INVaCLIBLK HAIK U V K? AlrniidersTiicniiaplie ? Improrement of IRifl?The most ?ur< rssful Li<|Uid C. Htir Dye erer known for dyeing the hs'r, whiskers, Sic. a u?.n- m ml itrown or black, so exactly resembling the natural color of the hair aa to defy detection Irs effect is instantaneous and . Krmaiiant It can be eaed with the greatest ease It is also A, 'e from those properties (nsual it all imitatians ol this cele- M bra'ed preparation) of giving an unnatoral red or purple tint , or to the hair. _ I no The genuine article i.i for sale hvmortoftho re<peetable j druggiati throughout the t'uitol Brutes, and by Kushton It < <? 1 Broadway: Thomas k Matwell, William street; A. II k D. j Sands, and Johnson, V|oor? fk Taylor, Maiden lane, New J York, and by the sole ar*nt<, 1 S auM-tot'rc _ R. Ik (?. A. WRUillT, Philadelphia-^ MC^NkY LENT?Th?liigbesf prices advanced 111 laige ( \a. ad small sagis on gold and ailver watches. disw>'JB<u, p!*t?,J#Welry. furniture elortiiiin dry gomU, Itc ?c. J JOHN >1. liAVlM. Lietnted Pawnbrftker. 4 Nrmi r*Nirt4 m nwwtiwI '5 .... ? JACOB ? PLATT, Auctioneer. ? P HIS DAY, 10 o'.lock, at the Anrtion Hoom, U Plstt i * treet?Jacob H. Pl.t:, will sell this day, asuboye in lots I ?oi >uit the com try as well as the eity tr-de, general wit- il><i ut I.f heavy nil J shell lnHware and eu'lery, smoug whirh 1 Ml ? follow si?ti*, trace mid ot chains, i a'olma hoes. 00 to J i ?o| io, mi ill n*i. woodaciewa, rast bnits and taole hinge*. | / id, wr unlit null, long handle sh?tct> and plate hinges H' io. patent copper mills hide whip*, Ur. AlW, BifmiQC Ye u hes?y and shelf li idware, ?ir.t?\evr Vorli bronte lioi- I and red and > ell. w trowel ha K curry combs; IDaiO dulen j Ml llock>; Carpenters' imitation rim locks, till lo<^?. brd I cwi, iron weig, ts. round inr t apa, ?hort handle frv U ua. ej? irh wrenches, ?iuiffers and t .v, te f iys. hf *ee and llittf, jj *der li i .v i, cm' . h ' !i;, l> n 4 *** . It- Vim, w th wh ch Jj ?ile will cuaineucr ? hiudi'fif :n?oi?e "f o ket stid i knives in doiens. aud an invoice of table hultffnj f- ta? i ] ii'?, I'irt of the slock of hardwaie house consisting jl in in I rible aooi'a, alnoii|{ vtnich are'-?iks of far* thuiWili'ui d,, t> ut kettle*, cr aud blisteieu steel, caaka of butta anil table get, rmsed t late null sli'illerliiuit's, bo* Coffee mills, black- m, American and Kugiish kuoh lurks, closet do, parliamen' ?, u't ?. rloak pitia, taier (ilea. sh-lfn l.l handsaws. imllsiwa cul enhculfre mill, Iiucets, . ur > rniiiiu 1 r.ive sliut er bolt*. j,,, >oeik wood screws, till lucks, carpenters'nin do. fry piua, t,, n weigh s &c. Alao, account of v?li?m it tnay coucern, -|<| i mmnwi been damaged on voyage . i i in; > t iti. m. three tui es heada aaaorttd. lerma caah. Alio, cauea, German ailver ll', t comus, one case knitting pins, metal shaving hoiea, pocket ! stands. ateal |>ena, sitgir tonga, (ie man ailver forka aud i loua, ha|( claa|?, ateel fire iroua, ailver pencil caaea, gold ia, waitera, aud tea trays. Alao, 10 toi a k.ugliah blister aud i* It ateel Also, brass bittery kettle a. Alao, inatlieinatir al co trumenta aud measuring tapes. Alao, two casks well as- *-l ted table knivea and forks, Ike. Viilay, 17th, 10 o'clock ?Large Sale of Kaiicy (looda?10 tj ii cat beads. >t. all lt'je j al ob * platt. Auctoseer. c< i old jkwelhy and kani'y goods.?jacob f 8. platt will ?ell this dtv, at the Auctiou Room, no ? Piatt street, during the Htruware tale an assortment of ft itlery aud Fancy (Joods.aud at 12 o'clock 150 Io t fclngush. * encb, and city made Gold Jewelry, altogether a valuable tort meat. all It* jo * JACOB He PLATT, Auctioneer. n \ >KO( iva HO"?X Tnc^an.l Ok Chaiua, Hteel, &c.? \ > JACOB S PL \TT will tell thia diy. at 10 o'clock, at -aucrion room, 2J PUttatreet, oeremptorily, 10 ci^lia Caro- Ul e l?i.ea. 5caaki oi and trace chaiua. lJ ton* Kncliah blister I ca?t *teel, mill a iw?, wood acrewi, ud m\uy other acaice d <le?ir*ble g ?od? iu the li trdwara hue. Xl o.a general a<sortmcut of t ble md pocket cutlery on I rd? a' rt in dotena. * S B ?llegnlar weekly a^'ea of cr?>ck*rv aud glaa*w ?re. in h? e la'ge a^lra room. o\ er ihe auction room alt lt*je I). D NAlill. Auctioneer. 8lore 139 Kulton street 1hknch and knu. i8h ii \s kixtuuks.-Mon- u dir sept. 2d nt ih o'clock, at 130 Kulton utreet,? a atock t, Oaa Fix'urea just ianiioited, of the luteal models and finish, m^riaiug water^oint aud slidinc chaudclieia, gilt nud broust* _ from two to lifteeu lights, of hesutilul workm^uship and tits, sconce table lightt, French lamps, corridor I.imp bum 'j ?. Iiarp nil") lyre lights, Uc. Tim aboye stock ca-t be eximinat atiy time previous to the tale, at the auction room aud r worthy the attention of dealers aud persons titling u]> gas ^ *nrcs. ^ all 4t n*m ? (J. W. PINK, Auctioueer.| ' 1 OLD WATCHES, DIAM0N08 AND REAL STOVE \ f KINGS, TINS AND FANCY" GOODS ? Van Ant- ? ?rp ft I'm*, will sell, thii day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction m, 132 Water street, several invoices of fine gold watches, 'j imond nigs and broaches, and other articles of gold jewel. I'rom Vienna mid Dresden, and of American manufacture, g !so, splendid girandoles, Djhemian iflass articles, lamps, it* J ware ami fancy goods Also, (a larg? invoice of jet ]j ods, new patterns, just landed. For particulars, see auction id of I ouiier and inquirer. s 11 lt#m W \1. W SlIIU LEi , Auctioneer 1 UJOCKERY. OLA8S, AND Hi N A AT AUCTION ? ' Br J. M. It Bogert, on Tuesday, Sept. Hth, at 10 o'clock, g, store No 'J3 Jolm street. Catalogue sale of blue, flowing le, and other printed, edged,dipt,C Cand white granite ware; ? it's, ditliei, and bilte-s. all s'ics; teas, coffees, tea seta, fu wls.jngi, toilet wtre. with all kinds of common ware, lots l orn the shelves,, to suit retaileia aud grocer*. at four cj mtha credit. a><Hit*m IOUSWHOLD FURNITURE AT AUoTioN?Will In* aold[at Auction on Tuesday, Hrpt, Hth,at 10 o'clock, / No 41 liigh street, Brooklyn, the Kuiuittire of a family de- ? inliig housekeeping comprising so'a, chairs, tables, c irpets, 1 itt ug. looking gl, book c*se. bedstexls, heds, mattress- |t and bedding; also the Kitchen furniture. The H> use U) ?inquire m ib'in. ?i3-.'t?m 11.1 ? j h, n t'i. i\ I. h'/ 1IJ C..S ? A gcut'cinau isdcsnousof eng iging a hands m*ly furm -lied pirlor, with a bedro m _ ached, in < geuteel private family, where there are no other i Igers. I'releience given to where he cau have brea fiiat X rved up in his room Price uoobject if the accommodation uperior. Location ill the iminedia'e vicinity of Broadway, Q d not hiklier than Grand s reel. Address Y /, at this office. 'I[6irn__ IHaYJtICAL BOOK-KEEPING. No. U Cedar Street ? Mr.C. C. Marsh. Accountant Author of the "Sicence of C >utde Entry Book-keeping Simplified," aud the "ArtofSius Kutry Book-keeping Improved," coutinuea to teach aa ure. a I he pnpil becomes familiar from actual use with all the 1 oki constituting a set, and a pe s n ol good capacity will, \ this course, become a competent book-keeper in about a ntIt and will receive a certificate to that effect. (j Prospectuses, with terras, o tained at the rooma, frrm 9 A. s9 30*m r > K\l<) V A L ?BOULANGEK h is the honor to uilorin the ? *> public and her pupils, that she lifts removed to No. S8 ree i vich street, and that her school will re-open the first " ptcinbcr. Terms, the same an f rmeriy, payable in advance, ciierbyihe- "ulh ur quarter. Wanted a lady to teach the v airlith. aii28 30r*re I JEW iOUK HEN I Al. DM'OT?D'utuu and diug gists are respectfully informed they can fiu4 it the sub- t, riber'i a complete assortment of Teeth, Dental'instruments, old Foil, Plate, Wire, Solder, Spiral Springs, I iitina. Gold, anicl Foil, Precipitated Silver, Silver Plate, Wire, Solder, j I!., he. at very low prices. ucilien iiiiiic auu?w kiuvic* vtiii miu n. iiniuj w mini iu | ml to cnll, examine, and learn pricea, ulim determined to vebargain!. JOSfclfH T. MUlirHKY. 4 30t*rc 654 Broadway. N. V. AlFi ?K TAINT?The highly ueieureted Mine, and .tiona. MONI'LAISIK, first d.tacera nl ilie reputed Theatre l.a cila. of Mil.iu, (through the medium of Mr. L. Martini, their ;ent) have the honor to announce that titer will soon produce rforethe \inericau public a new euterUkiuraeut. which will uiaiat of Dramatic or Historiral Balleu, with the aiais'ance I' the eminent mimic, Mona. Bnrthnlomin, Composer and Dictor o( the B dicta, Mous. Corby, comic dinner, of ie principal citisa of France, anu the dtuicers, .\1 lie Ani Bulan. and Mona. (irntai. All application* (.^engagements to be made to Mr. L. Marli, the sole aiceiu 1'ir ilie Uariholomiu and Monplaiaii Com my for the l/niteu Stales, at hia residence, 390 Broadway, nlel de I'arn. _ au?fi ThHa*u(ltTii4w rc r 'IIOLI.U THIS MKKT TrlK VIKW OK OUSTAVE . ' II KM III MA11TIN, of Chalons, France, formerly sea an on board brig Liner of ( ainilen, Maine, he is requested I ca'l at tlie olfice of K. [itnlilbnu.K Hror.d street, New J or*, where he will be informed of something greatly to Ins fereaf. HiiS(ll7!*rc TA?T OKK (J L OT111M 1>"aT>D KUllMITU H K~WANT J EP, Lidin and Oeutlemni h mng any cast nlf or auperuoua clothing or furniture to dispone of, can obtain a fair cash ice for the a tine, liy sending a note, or by calling on the subriIter, at hi) residence, or through Uie post, wnich will be luctually attended to. j 11 UK BOKR, 7l>i Tanal atreet, npstairs. ! m n t _,i; ... vt.. ii.. ii.... Old stock and job good* bought, of any description, and noiut. s2 30t*rc J U I'M? 1 he undersigned, having dispoaed ol their on tire iuterest in the Express between Boston and ew Verk, nnd Piovidence and New York, to Mcuri LAKK, COOLI I)l)K tk WHEELER, bet: le?Je to a.k their lend* and the imblic a continuance to their sncce*tor>, of the inoeu hitherto coufidedito them. HARNDEN k CO. HARNDEN & ' O. will continue, in connection with their iverpool House and Continental Ajreuries, the Shipping, jitom House, tichange and Ueneral Coiuidimiou Hum en, heretofore. Okfu'ks?8 Court street and 120 State itreet, Boston. 6 Wall itreet, New Vork. C Cook utreet, and W Waterloo Koad, Liverpool. New York, Sept 1, 1817. OPARTNERSHIP NOTICE?The inbscribert ben _ J leave to inform their friendi and the public, that they , ve tins* il iy formed a Copartnership. under tbe name and ji vie Of BLAKE. COOLIUUK k WHEELER, for the S irpune of e. nducting the Express bu<iiieas between Bostou 1 d Mew York, and Providence, i-.nd that they li.tve purchased U Messrs. Harudeu &. Co. their good will and iuterest in tlieir o ell liii' Wn Express > etweeu thr above cties which will be ( inducted under the style of " The Hirndrn's Exp ess," and ti g a continuance of the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed t. K>n their !>redece?sor?. li JAME8 H.BLAKE.N1, | ? Court street, Boston. KKED. W. CO0LLI l>OK, i. Wall street. New York. BK.NNET W. WHEELER, Uuioa Buildings, , New York, Sent. , Providence. J * In ^ niuiuuLxuKAL ROOMS, LYCEUM BUILDINIJ i ?. Ml Broadway. New York. Ii HORTICULTURAL EXHIBITION?At the suggestion b ' the State Agricultural Society, whose Kair will be I Id at Santoga Springs. on the IJth of Sept., the American I uric ii It ii ml Association have changed the time of holding ? eir F.ilubitlon to Uie hih ami nin 01 oept. All persons ae | roll! of Hiding (lie came of Horticulture, ?re earnestly inted to rihihit specimens of Klowers, Kruiu , ?r Vegetable*, id to compete for premiums. Programme* may be obtained i\lr Jnmeii Hogg. Seedsman, !*>? Brondwav, opposite the ooin;?of nuy of tne principal seedsmen in New York, or ol e following K.xecutive Committee l.uther Ilr iliih, Win. Coventry H. WaddeH, J*me* Lenox, Hhepherd Kimpn, Then. Fre!inirhoT??i, Hnfus Kin* Delafitld. Archibald Husnell^ 11. L Pell, Kdward Clark. ) ylI Mt-re^ n P OARDXK.R. Hec'y. rll" Slj USCiUUKlt is gratelul to iht! amoving public for . the evidence he ia daily rereiviog of their appreciation ol i is efforts io furnish them with thebe?t Segar* that cm be rocu'?tf t'ior/1 Havana, and he pledge* himself that nothii.g ill. deirrmra'.e from vi hat he pride* fiiui.ell is a jumtlv caned putntion. Hisa*eiitat Havana will continue to select the rn that can be procured, ?nd at the hiwem rite*.? moo* iIw li?t importations, rre inme rery choice, c>f the fol Iy. ! i bruiu:? I'alu Alto, Regalia*, (very prune,) llgnes, Ornma' Itosaa, OldZack, Kl Leon de Oru, Ne?m F.mtirenu, Macionala, India. Anii'iuidada, Clemencmi, (tc. or sale in Iota upon term* to ensure a duplicate ruit. I H. HK.NRIQUfcg, an II M te lOfi llroadwav . cor of Pine at ~~itkamj mji vfie bta bathing - COTILLON EXCURSION. on VVeHneadav , Sept IHh The nh*ta'ilial aea r ou r A J LAH, Capt. P. H. Mnith, w ill leave Hammond at. ' 8.y AM ; Canal *1,0; t atherme at, !>Hi Pier No. IN. R. ' o'clock. ami proceed to the Hone .' hoc, Pandy Hook, and n.i the p issengers, givjng sufficient nine fur bathing, viewing e liglll-hoBae aud retnrning to the cii> by 4 o'ctjck, I'M,? ire I r the excursion 2a ceuia each way. N. 11.? I the wcnilif r ah' nld pr re unfavorable, the evenrmi will take idaee the lint fair day. >11 Jl?m st*/*-H IK\M TO HAVANA?To sail '/|i.-i about the llih of Oct b?r. (the posture ilay be ?tat-d here.ft r) the new and lowcliil Iron htennrr (It)AD \LOUIVfch , ton* rncsurem-nt, built iu Liverpool, er i!' b.o? ?r? ..ow he in* litt?d up, with even" egaid to comif, v. nri!'I ii, i d e|< gii cc M,d H e table will be liberally pp'ied uuder the an|ieriiu? of pro'essrd cook*. Kan * 570 in Mate Hotms on Hvlooii Deck. |?o in forward Mid afi and upper deck eibin*. inc tiding wine. For further particular* applv ti the consignee, ?M .fi"m I- Wj, RIMONDM, II New *t. * ril III" ' " M-.W VO..K KOR IIA- I //JPdKSrrB. V" K ? i hn tlup will leave the whnrf foot Clinlon^itfee^ <>o Wednetdny, lV.h iust., rvHettgrni %fe reqne?red to ?er>d their b5g? onboard ooTueatUy. No creels rfrened after 0 A. ! fn W#dne*!?y ^ 113 live 7),; THE hI KAMKH I j NK W \ f>RK, wil| clone >if the ro?r Oftire o'clock, oq wtdneu^v* i't > * iiuire ftiAv V..Ku,\V.;s< ON3TITI. TION kh(?M LI ^ KKPtJOL ? i ,nnticn*e? per thitkhip will i??r??r HMm their pernutM on bourd >it the ^rc:ioxal I)ofk. lt? thn nine# of the HYiti?rribrm, niili u'deUr All goods ^ t pcrmit'r j in f\rr tnyn mm ? e *rnt t.? Public MlofC. WOODIIULL k .tilN I UK%, lf< 3j ro 17 Sooth Mrert. NOTI I . rt nhiptUHHfCK, f i j Xlx hy tli * *hii) uili |>lftut ?t?c Mt r IBPb l^rrnu on h#?ir?i nnfriMliarrtv, Mt Orleio* wh'iif, , *t I ?Vnil ?(ieet. A'l KootU not |i?rmitte<l wifhn fivr I! i i.11?v? i v be tent to the i>ubh< - "J< fcJNtr N() ri('E?l*4ii?iiiger< j j arkrl H I l>^ON, PffW for New w?ll |?I?h?# |ro on lio%r^, >t OfMflN Uaa? whtrf* foot of VV^il 't en, ilind?v. ( luet . y)HW Ifrtii ii II oviofk, M , hi whir h uwe ihf ih?r ?ill I H > Ili MRP ^ ' . . ' - . -f.; TO TBS LATEST MOMENT, TKL.KUU APH1C. MOVEMENTS OF TROOPS FROM THE Rio Grande to Vera Cruz. it., ?C., Ac, fKTitiiiat'Ba. S?pt 1?, 1S47. The steamer Telegraph, from the Braso*, hat arrived t New Orleans bile nailed theuce on the first instant. She brings copies of the Mutamurmt F.'ag of the Mth ult. (iuoerai Taylor has Issued order* from t iuveriiinent, withdrawing all the troop* from his ooluain that oan safely be spared. It created a sensation. Tlis Ohio and Indiana regiment* under Cien. l.ane. left on the 13th; and the Massachusetts regiment, under Lushing, was ordered to Brasoe Island, there to embark immediately for Vera Crui. Deas' battery will aooom pany (Jen. Lushing' Hays' Texan Hanger* embark for the game destlna tioa. Uen. Taylor will then have remaining, between Br* sos and iluena Vista, 6/V6H men. (Jen. Taylor has with him, at the Walnut Springs, only Kauutleroy's dragoons and <"apt Bragg'* battery. A letter from Lapt. John Butler, say* he arrived at Cuwargo with a train, on the 18th, reported to Uen. Hopping, and was ordered thence to Mier A uttur frmn ( vraleo mention* the safety of Baylor MRK THEATRE.-Boaea tl; P t, eent. (Hllery.23 reut?.--Tueadav Kvei lujc. Sent It. will t>? i?,i, medy't'f the IKISH AMBASs \ LMIH-811 latritk O'Plta i, Mr. Col ?i?; Oraud Uofce, Mr. B-rn; Pm.ce Hu4oli>h. Stvk; Count MaMiioa Mr Baa?; Lady tiuily, Mrt. it'll Lilly laabella, Mn O. Jone*. it er which, the eoraedietle of HOW TO PAY THK ?,NT?Mortfau Hattler, Mr. Colluw, Mr? Cout-icuc*. Mr?. | IWoiclude witHth. farce of* KISS I V THK I)AUK? PetubotJ*. W. B Clnpmau; Mil Petub^oe. Mrs. KuikU. , i??or? opeu at 7 o clcc*. JVformmiic# will tommm** pie- | el> nt l.ilf inat7. lilVVhltr ? H A 1'KK?VV. .Unii?ir. I Mk Stkth>? Sttae V)??i*rr. NOTIt e. fu THE PLBLl'.. Hiii Katnbliahinent i? mi* cl'Uvd lut ihe pur|>o?e 01 re- I 1 ?i?| th; interior of the houae, and uewi> juiuliug aua :or??t nif (h? 'fn??tre tlirotiiihnat On ir? re |?*iiln* the linger mn he will Be ennMed to nhiWtiucKimiiKiff* nil and alteration for beaut)", etwnfort and eonvenieuee ? II heur favorable 'ompariaon with ilu* Tlmtrc_ lu the lintry. The eiteaaire patronage nlre.\di beafpwed on ti:e use, ilrui lu'lt fr'un him every riertiori iu hia jwiwer, and he ea ihil opportunity of asauiiuit the patroua of the Uowerjr eatreihat lie will u?e eV*ry endear or to merit a eoutiuuce ot itic tnaiiy fivora >0 lioeratly beatowed ou hnn, amce ? er-ction of the liferent edifice. aitfre^ * HATII V M Tlih > Tltr. ? I uder the Management ol Mr. ' KLKTt HhH.?Tuesday KvemuK, Sep'. 14th, will be Ho' uied, tli = drama ot VICTORIN K?Alei indre, Mr. Wal- | t( Mich el, > eafie; Mr. Boaoasus, Taylor; VicUrioe, Mia* nrke; Klizi, Mr?. Herbert. ro be followed by TOMPKINS BLl'K?Mr. Thomaa impkiua, Mr. YValcot; Mary, Miss Kit*j*uie? l'o conclude with ihe dninnof THE VLOATINQ BEAON?Ja'lt Junk, Mr. Neatie; AuKrmotf, Brai?duu. I'mcii-MM, 33 ceiita; Pit, 12% cruu. lJt.ors open ?t 7?i-ertorunnce commences ?t hilf-|Mit7. VA>TLE UAKHKN.-KAKhWEUL KNOAOKMKNT J of'lie Italian Opera Comptuy, ciklili-lliiee 1* number, 1 >m Havana, Ci der the nitnagrmeiit ol IJou Jose Villviuo ? ] u-sJay eveiiinv, September 14th, will be preaeuled the opera II, DAKB1KRK 1)1 HlVlliLIA?Count Aliniviva, hi*. | otiiiuico I.orini-, Kl|(aro, Si*. L. Vita; Doctor U utolo, Mi*. Uittalini; Builio, Sit; Pietro Ciudi, Ktorrllo. *ig, I'Uuutesi; Bosnia. SiKirorn Kortuuau i'edesco; Bertha, Kin ra TeoJolmda (irrli. Doors opeu at 6X< perforin nice to commence at t. Admiatioa, M eenu. hiII l?? 1*11 Muieil hliOCKlNii. KVk*NT??((irifftu* ill Mr Vacne; Kiuy. Mr*. Wat a. I o lie followed by ihe KOIJ rt LOVERS?Bibi, Uabrirl till', Babel. >1 d.Leou Javelli. Altai winch, the daring achievement* ou the TIUHT UI'K, bv > rim Javelli, Ki tutuii iltvel, Madame Marliu Jafill, ai.d La Petite Amour Tu conclude Willi COCAMUO. or the Embassy at Smyrna Pash* of Suivrna. Julm Helton; Cocambu, Mr. Mazelli; Zondr, Mad. LlOU Javrlli Doom open at 7^, to commence at I o'clock.? ' i kfU'jO emu, to all s of ilir house k/flTCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE/?Tuesday evenlug, Sept. Mill, the performance will commence with A VIKE r'OR A"? HOUR?JnskyuOaiter, Mr. Holland; Patty 'rattle, Mrs. Titnm. After which. 2d time. THIS PAPHIAN BOWER. or reuu< and Ailouis?Mara, Mr. Ouuuiugham; Venus, Mil* 1nry Taylor. To be followed by SAHATOOA SPHINOS-Timothy 'iiiewell, Mr. Mitch'll; Mrs. Tatiewell, Mr*. Titnm. 'io conclude with ihe (it)Vr ItNOH'rt YVlKr.?Hickory hort, Mr. iiollaud; Letty Briggs, Miss Mary Taylor. Ore**circle, iO cent* ; Upper Boxes, 23 cents ; Pit, oneshiliik ; Private Boxes,(5 ; Orchestra Boxes, f'S. Door* o|ieu at 7?( urlnin rise* at 7>?. 30WKRV AMPillTHEATHa,.?John iryou, Manager, John Oossui, Johu Well*, Clown*. The Equestrian season commeuces tin* evening, Tuesday, t-pt. 14, 1847. The manager hu great satisfaction in announcing the engrment ol the most prominent taleut in the country, aud the irst stud of horse* in the equestriau piof.- ssion. The programme for L'ii* evening embraces 11 acts in the rcle. Boxes 25 centi Pit 12*i cent*. Children to boxes half piice *13 2t rc J. BURT IMS. I e-?re I (vAMlJ. ? The Pee Dee Ethiopia Opera 1IMM, beg. V leave to inform their friends and Ihe public of till* city, nt they have withdrawn their enlevement from the Apollo .ooms, owing to previous engagements eltewliere. PEE DEr. OPKtt.i TROUPE. T. Backus, L. A. Wilsou, U. De Buri>e, W. Price, K. Ht?nl'ord, W. guydam. *14 It*m i Mf.tUCAft MlMtUiVl, Coiner liroadway aud Ann street. ?. ? Splendid re rl'orumnces botli Afternoon luid Kvening. C AMPBKLL'8 ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADERB ! inrilM AN KAM1LY. OR IU-.NNK.BKCK V?CALI8T8. UREAT WESTERN, the Vaukee Comedian. Pete Mom*, Comic sinner, Mm Bernards Wax Figure* of Aliu*tad Hlave*. (URANO OUTAMU?300 NA'IIONAL PORTRAITS. Mad. ROC' WELL, the famous Kortuta feller. Admission 15 cents?Children under rrn, our shilling, all II INERVA ROOMS. BROAuWAV.?4U# Broadway. vJL above Walker?A Olorioiii Battle ha* been bought and Von?Announcement Exlraordinarv !?Oue Week More of te VIItOINIA SEREN the above establishment. 'OBUMaCIBf OB Monday Evening. Sept. 13. The uuparailrled success they have met wi .h, their numeous udmirers aud head* of families, have induced them to rel aiu oue week longer. In additiou to their already well orgauued band, they have rcured the pre-eminent services of 8IONOR DON MANUEL LOPEZ, first time in this country,) whose performance on the SPANSH OU IT AH, cannot be equalled Mutical artists a:e particularly lequeMed to attend. Thr whole to conclude wi<h the inimitable luid laughable lunlmble burlesque oi the opera of H:tlf j, entitled 8 t U K K O ' Admission, 24 cent*; Children nudrr tea years, accompanied >y thrir parents or guardians. half price Appropriate seats will be reserved Tor the accommodation of adies and children. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Cnminww at I. >12 3?*rc YAMUCK HILL AMU UK. VALKnT.Ni--*ill give theircoiBtiiiird euU'iMiuineuM enery evrnuiij this wetk, it Mtuh.tu c?' Hill. Ilroudway, a lew doors above (J and it., :?iutneuciiiK at 8 o'cl?;k. TickeU udmittiuti a gcntl.inaii, or jetleman aud ludv, M cents. sM 3tia*rc UIUMUK BLITZ bas the honor to announce that lie will ^ Kite his much admired performances on Monday. Sept. I3(A, and during the week, AT THft. SOUIkTV LI Hit Alt Y, conaiatinK of NJlTURJil. MAGIC JlNL) VETUU.OQ.m8M, Imitating a dozen different voices Doors open at 7 o'clock, performance toe mmence at 7)f. Admuaioii 2J cenu; ch.ldreu under 10 years of ngt naif rice. Alieruoon performance on Wednesday and Satuiday at 3 'clock. all 7*re l . l> HV1 k II KH PIJL'UL'V'I'I u la' I I L I A I V I'llUl ?I T1VK OF UlUKASK.-Or. JAMK8 ABHLKY, 40 ludsmi *treet, gives sitting* July, It 'J A.M ,4 and H I'.M.? (Urgit: tl operation* me erlnrmed without pain. t. Isildlurth s rendered p.tiulcss?far *afer to molher??the period of coninemeut shortened. The mult?evere diseases olleu yields 10 ti lemedial mlluriice, alter all other remedies hive I nled in he li.iid* of the most skilful of the prolessiou. Ten* of linns mils, through ihe inefficiency of other remedies, are , leldi g up their precious lives, that might. in Mesmerism, ive. The palsied luve the use of their limhs restored Tunon ate nrri sted in tneir growth and laulity; and (lie stainnrrer Ins Ins uttoiiv ce made e >?y; the shoitsigh eu given coiect Vision. Those who hive sleei less nihts, are so u made ij* it 10 rest in slamherit* icfrrsliing Ri that of iufancy. The mud diseased in Mesmerism finds its cine. Dr. Ashley trejits he discuses of woine i and children, and attend* to the gencal narlire of Medicine Mid Hurgri f. si I It* rc I ) I OU T I'll INC 1 HI.KM,hive alwav sfeunured unrivalled sueIV cess at MANKOHL) bKOTHKRH, Merchant Tailors, 27 Fulton street?1st. Alwaj s gives good lilting ?.oats, I'anis, iid Vest?keep* tlie best of Cloth*, Caasuners and Vesting*. 2nd. Term* cash; consequently, can sell II per cent cheaper hau those that sell on time. 3d. Uanneijt* are made a* they ought to be, and done at the ime promised. |T/~A full suite made in twenty-four hou . Every variety ol Oentls mtu's ourfiltii g const-iully ou hind, nd sold al very low price* lor cash only' KANFOKD JtllOTIIKH. 127 Fulton street, *J 3fltrre urn to the Herald Office. ,7^ Al'lt I (A N 1'AIIH \KKhl' OK Lo'VK IIIKU ? We Two pilr i I these much ailini>ed bird*. (icrfect beauBK& ties.) oue Mockit g Bird in song, can he heard day or I9K evening; one Amizoniau Parrot superior for talking > ?uy iu the market; open for competition to any bird, public r private ; Afiicau tirey Parrot*, line talkers au4 whistler*; 'liiuese Birds aud Chinese Cages; bird Heeds in nil its vanecs Kaucy and other Cnie*, with a variety of srn<11 articles ill numerous to mention, h ing < harles Hpamels nd Ki:gill Terriers for lale by W. 8. JOHNSTON, ,11 It* re Ml) A road way. r?y KKLLINUKH'S I.1NIMKNT will "heal sine* J upon the horse's back or breast, ai.d make ihe collar 'i /i or saddle upon them in a few days soundly, also, uts.biUises, scratches, thrush, aLiI all inanu?r uf strims, p.iviiis nugiion*. burbe and splents (.in their early stage*.) It s used by all (he heat stable keepeis. our most d stioituislied lorse trainer*, and tlie *tai;e pri prietor* of New VorU city ; iy all the large soda water iiiauulacrureri, Newton, Ormsby, >earbo u, Ike., as the best ar.d cheapest iu market It c in be iad alwa> s genuine at our principal depot, H. Ingersoll St Co , >10 2311 I'earl street of Mes?r*. lUruer, II lys Si Co. t'l J I'earl. >f John W. Fowt, No. 6 Old slip, of W m. Ke linger. Bushvirk, L I., in any .lie following prices Due do,en, $1. oneg OSS, $12, III grors at the rate ol ( Hi per gross, mule bottle.10 cents The strength and <|ii intity renders it nu times cheaper than anv article ever oII red to the public. )ne bottle, witn care, wt I In:t in .1 naMe two or three years, f uikI a> cordingly. 1 lie most Hitoundiug cure* upon record an he iceu at our principal depot. It can also be litd of drug;iit*. ?a<!d eis, st re* and tavern*, throughout the city nnd ou trv hciicrjlly. 'or Inrther particulars, see advertisement n tlie Spiri'of the Time*. >14 30> re <n FOUND, on the 9th Kep ember. 1147. a Hone, /Xii^^witli bndlc and H.uld e. Apply to officer Olnptiell, < \ s > i>i tin- i..-I ii not cinmru hi tuiee >m% a, ne sill I"- vld t<? |m\ expenaen. a l'J 3t*m ?li , FOR BALK?A Som I Horn, young and toil ' ,.'-A4^^Cau be ie?n at I'. Hariii-y'a Stable, corner 1th ?t eet ' ' ' ? ? "' Lafayette Place. >U It*m '"V .... Ms. M ND1IKU \N|) ! I1 V DOLLARS /-i*?v^RKWAKU !?St len, from tne premuei of tlie mbs \-aenher, on iht* night of the rtli ii, tan', a very <iiii> th-nuilt anil round-bodied aorrel liorie, about 1) lianda IhkIi?trow mi ordinary !(ait, and pncea rery fait Had a limit tail w lirn taken aw.-y ; carried Iiii In ?d low when going, and Ii nl a xnnll vrl.ite ttnr in bin foreheii', and a ainal 1 a| ItnC on 'he unlit fore leg, between the ankle and knee. HaJaimall ?jmt uuthe hack with no bair ou. Also, an oral bodied Leather-Tvp W: con and two iet> l!iri.iai. The abive reward will be paid for ll>e return of the above leicribed aiticlea, in good condition t.i.d tlie arret! ami con rictmn of the thief, or one hundred -'nllara for tbe conriction if the thief. UKO. W HMITH corner i>l South Fourth ar.d Firat atri cti. Williimiburgh. or all <t?rr 17 Knfronttreet, New Vorjk f'l i > '1IIOHK Til AT ' I <) '<>IN 'J IIK I' r Kfcor. OF IJ. M. ARTILLKKV ?Wanted f'?r tl.e lit Uegiment of Artillery, <00 able bod'd men, between the age* of 18 and M jeara, to Which K'i"d l'"V. inOOM. and -1 ol lilliK Will be Kivin. Aixrt fiom tin-above, a turn ol 11.1 icrc, or HUI) 1'return y Kcrip. and f Ii In ',U *! r reud "Xrnuf 101 inn, at No. 2Yi', <Ireenwieb. No M.a Wuhli ?on. nad No II i.ha'hain aneeta, all" at the Aiaenil lard, corner ,,f VV lotr ami I #-n?'r if* . N - ? "rk ifi wit re M~~ FA KM FOHTALK.oj jo?? ? M r?intuatedl?m tbe Hill, IX mil., fr. rn Vlid-llebok where ihe Jill r.ihethtown and Norremlle Kailroa l |> through ? t <n ti e Fa.m ia a aew dwelling hruae.a (Iraf rat? wi ll of water at (he d.Mir. about WW) bean g t each tt'ei. and other friit. The qui ity i f the land i? K'?.d, and iu a good atate of culti'*Api>ly to Jairea B Harr Wedneidayi andI Tburadnyt, Northam Hotel, foot off ourtUadat eet.oi other il.ra, lo F.dwd. Hi afford, I Leonard at. rorner of Hndann ?nA ITiSfc ri2t*re I , I LKI-IHK lib! ?K AM) NT OK K 33', Bro .1 way, corner of Anthony atreet ?The home ia four ?toi^jflLrii'i a d Implied attic, contain! u rnoma, 23 of which Ha^Tire placei and marble mantlea. The nation are Antihed e nli car*cd atatu'rr muble marula, main*any dr.ora, rich plated furniture, pla.e *l?? wir.dowa, gaa acd f'lod n ?valei nti'idiic d ihroui?hent The li'iuae ia 7.i |e?-t df ep, hut cm he ^tended to 113. which tbe owner would eotuent to do ahould mit bl? n.dncamenta be offered The building mi tlie rear of he lot could be connected with the Irnnt ptimaei, m.'kiof a lepfh of 137 fen by 21. Thcie pietnuea weie erected n IKI, iud finiabed without retard to eipenie, for tbe eiclniiie ocunation of tbe owner. The eeutral location of thf ne pit muei rd Hi iinnie<liate ticini'lt lo the new Proadw ar Theatre, Talert.aele, and omer public bni'dirpa len'Iernt a?e v dmrable it n ''"n for a hrtel. It ? ill be leued for a tcin of yttra. ( oi i.nher lariicnlari, apply to W L MOFFAT, all .HHilMnnlt'l n i?*ic 3 "i Uroadway JCV FINK OOLD AND MI.Vi.M WA*IH HL?7-Tb? e /?J **ob?eriber ii lellmv ill deaeripilo-a ol fine Oold aid ittTi"!^ w-*-'- -- - ' ' i.l, lower tl an ai y tnetbouae in tbe city. All Wall. . runted tokcpgind ime, or ihe money rcfUtneJ. V\ trhta Krul Jew'l.y 11lianit?i], (Juld U'kirlma hi low ai |J0 to (Uvach W l?'m Jid Jewelry r?|4il?ii in Ihe bu! in" mnclt leal t|n n tl itnal pnc.ei, (iM). C. ALl.f.N, In^-.rtw of Wniehfi and Jewelry, H'holrtal? and Retail, M Wall |mt, fKfiiff Wiliuin, up iMIlf. and tiU detachmeut. which it was supposed bad btw cut off. Their mcapi was miraculous, thirty were attacked and captured by Mexican* near Ceralvo. Gen Lane wan fortunate enough to fall in with them, routed the captor, took man; uiulra and pther property, and rccaptured the prisoners. Kaither accounts are given of ^attacks on trains, ^ Home dozen in all. Several deaths from y?Uow fever bad occurred at Braxos. Capt. Fairfax, of the Virginia regiment, died at 8*1tillo on the 14th General Taylor Intends vUltlng bin family about the flret of October. Yellow Fever at New Orleans The interments in New Orleans from yellow fever during 44 hours, eudiug tith instant, were 138 , death! at the Charity Hospital, 41. Legislative Proceedings. Alsanv, Sept. IS, 1847. schatc. The Senate, in executive session, confirmed the nominations of Deodatus Wright, Recorder of Albany, and Lewis H. Sandford, Judge of the Superior Court of New York. The Usury Bill was passed over. The Senato is now discussing, in committee of the whole, the par redemption bill. . The par redemption bill was not di-posed of. Z'JZl Nothing else of interest transpiired prior to adjournment. AltrMBLV. 4 Petition of Oneida Bunk for par redemptions In New York Mr. Bascom brought In a bill to reduoe fare on railways from the Hudson River to Lake Krle to 3 cents per mile. Mr. Rctiikrvord offered a resolution, Instructing the Judiciary Committee to report the bill for the election In t.h?* nlfw of Mh* York nf IiiiIithb &nrl C.Urki in Wtnl Courts, Special Justices, Recorder, Harrogate, Mil auoh other officers as may be deemed expedient. Laid on the table by Carpenter'* resolution; by Hutherford adopted, (sailing on oommittee to report on the propriety of electing the Chief of Police In New York. Tho blU to consolidate the U. 8. depoalte fund and oomnton school fund, and to reduce the number of loan commissioners, was passed in committee of the whole. The General Lien Law was then taken up in committee' aud the question was disposed of. Adjoarned. Kx-l'resldent Van Uuren is here. DY TilK JKAILS. Wjihikotoh. Sept. 11, 1847. Showing how Ihingi are going on, <fr.?The tat* / Cajit. H'ellt. It is said that (Corcoran k Higgs yesterday aaked three per cent, for stocks in the Government Loan, whltk they still hold, and that a week since they would h*T? taken three-fourths of one per cent. But we have still some apprehension that if these bankers can sell out at two per cent, on the Orlsaba news they had better do It. It may be all ri{ht ; but we don't recognise the necessity of trusting to the back-door, or to the Knglish courier, for the report of results which ought to hava brought us a special messenger at all hazards. Old 2ack sent un one right off from Buena Vista, a greater distance to the coast than from the city of Mexico; why then hare we had no messenger trom Scott ? It may b? all right, and (Jen. Scott may be holding hit messenger back until he bhall bo able to despatch not only his nport* of the victories, but also a copy of the treaty, " (^ui>n tubt." in it posMble that the Mexican* did send out on* dWI ioD to tight even a single division of Hoott's army. Can It be that thu euemy reuiaiuud in tlie city tUi Worth >ai thundering at their g ten. Was thin defence a mar* rute on the part of Hanta Anna to satisfy th? populace that further resistance was useless ? but conjecture is idle, when thj telegraph in the morning may report you thn real facts In the case. That was an uutortunate expedition of Capt. Weil*. Niue wagons of auiuiunition captured by the guerilla*. ItiSthe greatest victory the Mexicans have achieved; and the report of thu captain presents a clear case in hia favor Had hit been supplied With decent animals to draw his wagons, he might have whipped through; but of all animals in the world, a stubborn Mexican mule is the most unmanageable, especially in the face of a lire of musketry but the case of Major demanded immediate help, and such as they had on the spot we suppoaa they forthwith seut up to take the chaacea of the road. The exigency demanUed the haxard. The expedition In its result amouuted ?o the transportation to the Natiounl Bridge of nine wagous of auimuuitlon lor the use of tha guerillas But a speedy peace may prevent its consunip- ? lion by these skulking and dodging brigand*. The scoundrels! There they stood up among tha rocks, beating a drum, and making challenges until Captain Maile opened on them in the rear, when tha drummer suddenly stopped operations, and the greasers scampered off like a pa< K of wolves attacked by a company of bull dogs. And there were Wells' men in tha road below, laughing till their sides ached, and the teamsters all the while cursing and belaboring their obstinate mules, pulling the wagons about ia every direction. We hope you will give the roudurs of the Hi raid a pictorial Illustration of this sctne at I'll I'u-ute Naclonal U'.. Iwil.l >...i !? ?> I ?nl>ln Wulla .11,1 hi* he kept ou to the l>mt merneut of a possibility of suocesa, and that in hU conduct of the whole expedition ha proved himm-lf the obedleut, courageous, and disoreat officer. tie received hlB orders, and did all that man could do to oarry tbeni out. llut, unfortunately, instead of American home*, he waa hampered by these Infernal Mexican mules, and when they wera Hbot down in the traces, of oourse the wagons bad to be iaft in the road. Meantime, we hope yet to hear of Dr. Cooper, ami the twelv dragooim. W. W ash i no tow, Wept, 11, 1(M7. Stronf lltlfml Ike Di/tlumtltil* and Diplomacy ~PoUtici?Tht I'retiamry, +eof the Ttmn. It In officially relinquished. The right of way for the CoatiacoaJooa and Tehuantepec canal is already a raited right. Don Jon? Oarsyhas It, and there, wa suppose, j it will itand. The Don haa a Mexican .Spanish nam*, i the best guarantee in the world that nothing will b? done. Upon the whole, howerer, we are rather pleated at till* ob?Uc)? of a pre emptlon claim, for, with iha acquisition of the route, there would be no power In the government to construot the oanal; and no possibility of a combination of private capltallatn to undertake the work. Besides, a nhip eanal would require more water than the dividing ridge oonld furninh. Again. In relln] quishing this scheme, the admlnl*tratlon will the more ; r?* Illy secure greater advantage of boundary Mr. Dalian fount, therefore. fall upon some other expa: dirnt, if he would have any specific nharn of the acqul- \ i sltion* by treaty froui Mexico The Tebuantepeo canal \ m h it project, a* by common agreement. The admin- r i titration and the orgauio paper kindly helped him to . i > | make a rami of It; but Senor Oaray a prior eontraot ./"*? | clones or foreclose* the ("peculation | Mr. lliicbauKU fall* heir to the Mlasourl compromise. Ill* letter on the subject given It locality and a name. It will be apt to work well, and with a treaty on the Una of SO 30, the Wlliuot proviso will be a dead letter. The heritor, the river* and valley* of San Krancleeo, arc j| . all of California that in worth having ; but it may be ne- f fi V A ce*?ary to go something lower down In order to acquire ' a pannage through the Sierra Nevada Into the heart of the continent Vet, If we can get the Klo Grande op to t 14 30 as a boundary, anil that parallel thence from the ilver across to the I'ariiir la '*li*f*ctkon of Indem .ities from Mexico, m- shall b?i dolus well.evm If the agree| nn lit nhall involve the paymeut of tho three million* ? For thl* aforesaid reason, we hhall acquire the harbor of san I-rancisco. that all important halt-way house and recruiting station lor the notnmeree of th? t'aciOc, and J our ship* of war For all practical purpose*, the residue of Alia California is not worth a paper of tobacco each to the few half-starved Indiana tb-tt roam over It for the plunder ot travellers. Upon tbo whole, we think it way lie awiunmd that had the character of the countries ol New Mmlio ami California keen under stood t<foyears ?go an liuiuga ooutmuous desert for a thousand miles, east an.I west aud for an' almost equal scope north and south, a way might have been discovered through which the p^ace ould have been maintained, end permanent boon dary between us ?cd Mexico conotdea. d?8neit tud established. In other word*, had it been known in the | outset that Nrw MhIm aoi r?J|*c?U <*