Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1847 Page 2
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' ' , i m n ?JV.FW YORK HERALD. York, THE FORElOlM MAIL.#. THE HiRALD FOR EUROPE, IN THE French and Bngii*h languages. The ?ie iner Naw York will leave this port a i n - o'clock, this afternoon, for Cherbourg. The .dedonia will leave Boston to-morrow noon lor Liverpool. The mails of both will close in this city to-day; those of the New York at noon, and. those of the Caledonia at o'clock in the afternoon. We are authorized by Mr. Thomss, the agent f the r.yal n) ail on board of ih- French stearn?hi , t'? -.iiiiie, for th?* information of the com(U. rci 1 community, that letters, parcels, and n Wfpip?r? will be received on board till the moment "f her de>>?trtur*, that is to s?y, from the closing of the mail at the post office at twelve o'clock, until the alexin r 1-aves her pier at the foot ?'f Clinton utreet. Earl River. Tii* Herald for Europe for the New York will be tiut>li?h'-d at 11 o'clock, and that for the Caledoni i at 12 o'clock to-day. The edition for the French steamship will, as usual, contain a summary of American news, since (he dep.irtute uf the last steamship, in the French I r,guagr, for circulation on the continent of Europe Both editions will contain full Account* of the recent interesting in vements at the #:ut of war, and eu?'h additional information as we may re.-eive bv telegraph from there to the hour of publication; it will also contain the latest political, financial, agricultural, and commercial news from all parts of the country. There will be two engravings published?one of the city of Mexico, and one representing a Mexicau ranchero preparing for the guerilla warfare. Single copies in wrappers 6J cents. They can b* mailed at this office. ZKPO&TAVS vawi FROM THE CITY OF MEXICO, BY TOE SPECIAL OVERLAND EXPRESS TO THE NEW VORK HERALD. Our special overland express from New Orleans has again placed us in possession of some highly exciting and important intelligence from the seat of war. It will be seen that the news received at this office by express last Friday was correet, except in one particular, namely, that the Mexicans had supplicated for the armistice. It appears that it was asked for by General Scott, at the instance of the British Embassy. Two terrible battles, or rather a sucee*sion of battles, had been fought by the Americans and Mexicans, and a series of splendid victories achieved by the Americans. News from Europe. Another packet ship arrived yesterday from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the 17th ult , only two days before the last steamer. We may now the more confidently expect later intelligence from Europe by a packet ship, unless the Union soon makes her appearance. Thk Cask or Tkimk, Wabd k Co.?The suspensiun of this extensive private banking establishment, will not create so 'niucli embarrassment in financial circles {as first anticipated. The liabilities of the house are noi near bo large as reportea, and there is every probability of a resumption caking place immediately upon the receipt of advices by the ue*t steamer. Should the accounts from England be at all favorable, every farthing ot their debts w ill be promptly paid. The surplus exhibited is very large, and it would take a series of serious louses to make the concern bankrupt A very Urge amount of their bills have been protested for non-nccepunce, which places thein lu h better po ition thun if tliey had been pro tested tor non-payment, as the property upon wti'cii the nou-<iccepted bills were drawn tall* sgtui into their hands, and is appropriated to th-ir I.quid tion. Bills protested for non-payment lake itieir chance amongst the liabilities of ihe tiouse upou which th y are drawn. The Steamer Washington.?The company having completed the improvements on the Washington, fhe wil. take her berth at Pier No i, North River, this afternoon. She will come down under steam, and will take a few turns in the bay. We are informed by the agent, that the principal part of her luel and stores are already on board tor the voyage, and that she is full of freight, and has a very fair list of passengers. She will positively sail on the23d instant. We shail give to-morrow a full account o( the improvements and alterations made upon her. Thk Yellow Fever in New Orleans.?We hope that the New Orleans papers will publish the Humes of those who die in that city ot the yellow fever. We are frequently requested to give lists of the names in the Herald; we do publish all those we find mentioned in the New Or leans papers; but they ^are necessarily imperfect and lLcomplete. It is a Bad duty that the press ol that city owe to the thousands in other cities who are daily Losing friendsand relatives by this dreadful scourge. Thb Chicago Convjc.ntion.?We believe that the Executive Committee of this Convention are to meet at the Astor House, at 10 o'clock this morning with the Hon. Abbott Lawrence, of Boston, in the chair. They are to adopt some course of action for the next meeting of Congress in Washington. Turks Island.?We have received the Turks Island (Jazftte to the 2ith ult. It contains no news _____ Cltjr Intelligence. Tut Wr.ATun ? We bad another vary sudden and unexpected change of weather yesterday. The thermometer htoodat 19 'clock. M as low ."s Oi degrees In the shade in Wall street; and the day was extremely wintert?h and disagreeable, though we had neither rain, wind nor snow. We long for fall weather. Miiitht.?The " French company," Capt. Lonatl. j reoently formed In this city, have been organised by the eommatid-r in chief, and attached to the 3d regiment, by Colonel Brooke Postley. Tub Chiefs* Juki - We Informed the public a day , or two sinfi*. that in ootmequence of some dispute hav- ! log occurred between the Captain and the Chinamen ) who navigated her. that the former could not leave this city es soon as he expected, and that he had wisely de- I elded upon keeping his craft open for exhibition as long as he shall remain here We now learn that she will be off ia a day er two,and repeat our recommendations to every one to see her. Ai-f. roe ?Edward McBride, a young man of I respectable connections, during a shout residence on Long Island, became deeply ?namored with a young lady, who, however, did n?t reciprocals his attaohmeat. In o< nMK.uxnoe of which he repaired to this city and engaged h"fird about a month ago, at the house of Held where he has repeatedly exhibited eympioma of insanity; and at an early hour Seetrrday morninv he went into the outhouse and inIcted a horrible ?a?h across his thmat with a rasor He was shortly afterwards discovered and taken to the City Hospital. where he lie* in a very precarious state. f eu so is thk Watka.?Coroner Walters held an In<jue?t yesterday < n the body of an unknown man. apparently wbout 30 years old, wh . was found floating in the Ke?l J( iver near the foot of Grand street, on Monday eveni.ig. Verdict death by drowning. The Nalional (tnz-1 It. and Puliee, Criminal and Law E.poeitor? (la'e Police Uiitrtir )?of this week promt el to contain some peculiar criminal Intelligence, in hl;h as well as low life. See advertisement. The dysentery, wlneh has been (jolts prevalent at Newbury port, among children, for some time past, seems po iw ^xieuuiup more to a4uiis than hitherto. ! maul An'sTmounAXT OVMLAND BXPRE89 raoM HMr 0KLUN8 TO MLTIMOBE ANL> TUKVCK TULSO&AriZO TO THK NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FROM THK S ? A + 6 F WAR. ACCOUNTS OK THK TERRIBLE BUT VICTORIOUS battles of CONTRERAS AND CHURUBUSCO. Splendid bat Dearly Purchased Achievement*. incomplete: lists OF THE AMERICAN OFFICERS KILLED AND WOUNDED. Seven Hundred Mexicans Killed AND Great Numbers Wound. ! TERMS OF THE ARMISTICE BETWEEN GENS. SCOTT AND SANTA ANNA. THE NEGOTIATIONS FOR PEACE. &C. &C? &( ! im /># iama imna^ant ! intelligence from the seat of war. thirty-iix houri tn ad| vance of the mail. ' The special and extraordinary overland er.prers for | the tfew York Herald, reached Baltimore last evening 1 from New Orleans, with the Picayune of that city of I the 8th Inst. That paper oontalns the arrival at New Orleans, on the 7th Inst., of the steamer'Mary Kingsland, tcifA the particulari of the two battlei fought by General Scott under the voalh of the city of Mexico. They were terrible eonflicli, laid to be the hardeet fought battlei of the war, and are called thoie of Contrerai [perhapi Coyoacan] and Churubuico, and not San Jlngel. ThU new* wu telegraphed from Baltimore to the New York Herald offloa, and we lay it at onoe before the public. The Telegraphic Despatch Baltimore. Sept. 14, 1847?Night. The overland express for your offlce has Just arrived, and I hasten to telegraph the news to you. It la of the greatest Importance. I According to the Picayune of the 8th inat., the Mary Kingaland arrived at New Orleans on the 7th from Vera Crus She brings the much desired and anxiously exp oted intelligence from Gen Scott. The two battles between the Amerioan and MexiO ins. victorious to" th* forumr. wore feuftht at Csntreras, or Coysaoan. and Cburubuoeo, so called from the field works of the enemy The proposition for an armistioe was made by Generul Scott, and it is suppow-d to have been at the initvnce of thr British Emhoiiy The report, hitherto given, that the city of Mexico was at the merry of the Amerioan army, seems to be Unfounded, and ihould prace nut follow from thr ??- I lociationi thin ptnd ng, another batt'e would have to he jtugnt. According to a letter from Mr. Keudnll. dated T?c? buy*. Aug 3-2. the ArchbishopV palace of tbat place wan occupied by General Scott and a portion of the Amerio*n army, after dtfrating the enemy in two of the hardrtt fought battles of the war. Annexed are the particulars of the manoeuvre*, and brillUnt light*, tog. ther wit), an incomplete liat of tb* American officer* killed and wounded. On the 14th August, a rec nnoi*?n?q made by Colonel Duncan, having satisfied General Hcott tbat a road for artillery could be cut from Chaleoa to Bun August in General Worth's division moved in that direction on the 18th, followed by Generals Quitman, Pillow.and Twigts By this movement a pew line of operations was taken on the southern and northwestern sides of the city of Mexico, and the tlrong w?rkt of El Penon and Itexicalcingo, on which Santo. Jlnna had beitowed tueh immenee labor, wre completely turned. On the 16 th General Worth marched as far as the Taolenga of Han Gregoria, wbeu a halt was ordered by General Soott, as General Twiggs bad met a large force ot the enemy near Chaleoa. Twiggs promptly ordered the heaviest trains, (guns probably.) unllmbered. and after a few discharges the enemy was dispersed.with a loss of six killed. On the 17th. General Worth resumed his march over a terribly bad road, but by 8 o'olock In the morning be was in sight of the domes and spires of the capital, without opposition, exccpt that rocks had been rolled on to the road, and ditches dug. evidentty showing that General Soott had stolen a march on Bant* Anna uu rw:uiug buii fjuini, uuwvTor, a icibtnriog are was opened on the head of his column by the enemy stationed In an advantageous position, which was noon silenced j by Col. Bmlth'a light battalion of the 3d artillery, nnder Major Galb. Another attack wai shortly after made. | but again the nemy's picket* were driren In without ' Iom. At 7 o'clock on the 18th, General Soott arrived at Ran J Augustine. At 10 o'clook General Worth we* in full I march for the city of Mexioo by the main road. Majors 1 Smith and Trumbull, Capt. Mason and other engineer ! officers, were *ent In advance, rupported by Capt. Blake's squadron of dragoons, to reconnoitre, when a masked battery opened upon them, and killed Capt. Thornton, of the 3d dragoons, bealde* seriously wounding a guide. Col. OviADd'f brigade was then ordered to occupy a poeition on the plain in sight of the enemy'* batterivs at St. Angnatlne. whilst Col. Stark'* brigade aud Duncan'* battery took their station in the rear clone by. A jt'ty waa then ?ent out to reconnoitre, to ascertain the practicability of finding a road by whieh the village of San Angel could be reached, and the *troughold of bau Antonio turned Thl* party had a gklrmlah with the enemy, killing Ave j or tlx, and taking aa many prisoner*, without losing a man. The result of the reoonnolaano* waa favorable, and It waa ascertained that a road oonld be made. The Mexlaina were plainly seen In force near Bronteraa, and at a . eounell held that night It waa determined to attack { th??m hi th# morning Whllat thin rt?toonolanuca WM going on, Oan. Worth had aatal>llflh?d hlmnalf at tha HaelenJa of Uunara, from tha window of which eounilww number* ol tba HM-my , ; ci'Uld br Bonn at work up'n tbn San Antonio Abont ni>on they opened upon ttM Hacienda with both r unci ?bot ami shell. Nuarly every (hot took effect, but <114 no damage eicept to the bulldlnga. Late In the evening thuji with again opened, but were dllnnt during tbe night Had the fire been kept up, the ; liwoUnda might have been torn to pleoea, and tha antlra i command compelled to retire. At right o'clock on the morning of tha 10th. tha battalion again opanad oa General Worth'* position 80 hot 1 waa tha (Ira, that tha troopa ware compelled to gain wmmmmeZbmmefmmm tUbar tsfcind ths Ml?ap, tot M4 Ml f?* * * * PMMM About nine o'olook ths divisions of OommU Twiggs ui PHI- w were ordered US Birth In ths direction of Crooter*, and, by on* la tb* afternoon, whoa in plain sight of the enemy'* batteries, and within rang* of tbo hoarier guns, the brigade of Col. P. W. Smith waa ordered to advance towards the enemy's work*, Whilst tbat of Col Riley moved, toward* a email village to tbo right. and thua cut off rein'orceaMnt* whioMr?ight bo sent to Valencia from tbe city. An inceesantflre waa opened on Culon^^PPb'a command, and goon the rifle* were engaged fSbthe picket of the enemy, driviog them M> . . The twelve pounder b?tt jlilaMgifl. Magruder and the Mountain how 1 t upshift) r' **< now oommanded by Lieut. (' allencCTor thiOrdnanoe Department,were pre** ed forward, nrteffned on th* enemy, bo* were aomueh exposed t? Mm from heavier gun*, that they won soon Uenced. Lieutenant* Johnson and Callendor wor* seriously wounded. At 3 o'clock General Cadwalader wa* ordered out to support Col Kilry, reinforcements being seen on their way out from tb* olty, whilst General Pearce wa* sent to sustain Gen (Col ) Smith. The firing from the enemy's batteries was inoefsant. About 4 o'clock, Grneral Scott arrived, and seeing tbe immense strength of the Mexicans, at once ordered General Shields' brigade to eupport Riley and Cadwallader. and prevent, trpossible, a junotiou of the force* coming out from the olty with those of Valencia; bit few of the movements of our own troops could oe seen but every motion of the enemy was visible. The order of battle of Valencia wa* most imposing The infantry were seen drawn up to support the batteflsafl ?Kila? lMk*l linna nf ?ka anam.). mtrn. tioned in the rear, &a if waiting the shock of the battle Two separate charge* of the latter were dUtlnotly seen to be repultad by Col. Riley. Until night had fairly oloxed in, the firing from the enemy'* batter!*) had net lacked. It had been a continuous roar for nearly six hoar*. Oen Soott retired to San Auguitin about 8 o'clock, in the mldat of a hard rain, and Oen. Twlgg* and Gen. Pillow, came in about 11 o'clock, oompl*t*ly exbauited not anticipating the great atrength of th* work* of th* euemy. It wu thought that the batterie* could be taken at a dash, and that the troop* would all be comfortably quart?rvd atriau Angel for the night. Inatead of this,a larj.* portion of them were compelled to blvouao wlthont blanket*, in the midst of a pitiless itorm. On the JUth Worth was ordered to move with a part of bi*divi*lon, Garland'* brigade, to aid in the attaok on Valencia, a* to foroe this position, waa deemed lndiipemable. At 7 o'clock, a few diaoharges of cannon were heard, a rattling of musketry, and some even said, that in the diatanoe ftorses of the enemy oould be *een flying toward* the city, yet few deemed that the batteries had b?en stormed and carried yet. It was so Oen Soott himself accompanied General Worth, and started for the soene of action, when they were met by Captain Mason, with the joyful intelligence that Valencia had been completely routed, after a terrible struggle. The attaok upon hi* works was planned by Gen. Smith, and resulted in the oapture of IS pleoes of artillery, and some 1500 prisoners, among them Gens. Blanoo, Garoia, Mendosa, and the notorious 8alas. He also captured all the ammunition and oamp equipage, whilst the road over which those who esoaped fled was strewed with muskets. No less than seven hundred of the enemy,among themmany offioers, were left dead on the field, whilst tha num ber of wounded was far greater, and the works of Contreras completely in the power of the American army. Gen. Scott at once ordered Gen. Worth to fall baok on San Antonio, to turn and oapture that work, and then push on towards the capital by the main road, whilst the main body of the army moved on towards Ssn Angel and Cohojcan. Gen. Twiggs bad scaroely mured half a mile beyond the latt?r village, when a rattling fire of musketry announced that it was actively engaged with the outposts of the enemy, and the heavy booming of cannon now gave token that the noted seoond division had fallen on anotner strong worK; a lew minutes more, ana tremendous firing from the right made it evident that (Jen. Worth's division was actively engaged. He had completely turned the strong works of Sa&tonio, bnt while doing so the enemy had abandoned the place with the loss of three heavy guns, and had fallen back on a second stronger line of works. It was now one o'clock in the afternoon, and about thx commencement of the battle, and suoh a rattling of fire arms baa seldom or oarer been heard on the continent of America, aocompanlnd with such booming of artillery: ai d this was oontinued over two hours, when the euelny was completely routed from every point, and until those who were not killed or taken prisoners were in full flight for the city. i un flbrHUgiii ui uio I'UBUiy 11 tuia place was jluuwu to hare been at least fifteen thousand, and many say twenty thousand, all fresh troops, and In a position of uncommon strength Opposed to them were about six thousand Americans, j*ded and broken down by marches, couutfrmarehcB and Incessant toll At Churubusco the Mexicans say Santa Anna com manded In person, but that he retiret^early. The young men of the capital, from whom 10 much was expected nearly all fled, without firing a gun. The loss on our side ha* fallen most heavily upon the South Carolina and New York volant-en?the 6th Inlantry nd Smith's Battalion, and the batteries of Capbt Magruder and Taylor. The South Carolina regiment was nearly cut to pieoes. Thirteen Mexican Generals were, killed and wounded More ammunition was captured than General Scott has used since he has been in the country. The following is the terms of the armiatice agreed upon whilst the commissioners of the two governments eh.'11 negotiate terms of peaoe:? ""'AlAer army it to be reinforced, nor build new i'/encet during the ormiitict, nor go beyond iti preient line\ in short, the two armies art in no way to inttrfert with each oihtr,without 4H hourt notice. Annexed is a lift of the killed and wounded ao far as known : List or Killed and Wsundeo. Officers Killed?Regular!, Msjor Mills. 16th Artillery. Capt. Ilurke, lstartllleiy II ....... 7?K Capt Thornton, 3d drageom Capt Capron. Int artillery. Capt Qualey, 2d artillery. Capt. Anderson, 3d infantry. Lieu*. Irono, 1st artillery, but attached to Gen. Cadwallader'a staff. Lieut Preston Johnaton, lat artillery, but attaohed to Magruder* battery. Lieut. Kaaly, 2d infantry. Lieut Woodman, 16th infantry. Lieut. liaaaman, lnt artillery. Vtlanlttn. Lieut. Chandler, New York regiment. Col. P M Hull it. South Carolina regiment. l.leut David Adams, do do. Lieut. W. R. William*, do do. OfnctBi Wounded. Regula ri. Col. Clark, 6th Infantry, olightly. Col Morgan, 15th Infantry, aercrely. Major Wade. 8d Artillery, wverely. Major Soonlment, St.h Infantry, ftlightly. Capt. WannoU, 2d Infantry, norerely. ('apt Phillip K'arnry lot Dragoona, left arm shot off. Capt. MeKennella. Ai d Dragoons, severely. Cap^. Craig. 8rd Infantry. seTnrely. ( apt. Roes, Tth Infantry, Bererely Capt. J. R Smith, 2d Infantry, severely. Capt Chapman. 6th Infantry, slightly. Capt. Johnaon, Oth Infantry, slightly.' Capt. Holdeu, 12th Infantry, lightly. Capt Ilathway, 3rd Artillery, slightly. Capt. Hoffman, flth Infantry, Mlghtly. Lieut. Schuyler Haniilto>, ltt Inf., but attached to General Soott'g fltatf floverely. Lieut Hallo way. 8th Infantry, but attached to Smith'* Light battalion?severely. Lieut Bacon, tith Infantry, severely. Lieut. Calendar. Ordnance, but commanding howitier battery, severely. Lieut. , Artillery, severely. Lieut. Herman Thorn, 3d Dragoon*, attached to ?? i laff, slightly. Lieut. Hendrlckson, Qth Infantry, severely. Lieut. Ilundert, flth Infintry, severely. Lieut Boynton. let Artillery, but attached toTaylor'i Bittery, slightly. Lieut Lorimer Graham, acting with lit Dragoon*, severely. Lieut. Van Buron, BIHk. slightly. Lieut Martin, 1st Artillery, right arm shot off. Lieut tloodlac. l?th Infantry, tqorUlly. Lieut Farri'lly. flth Infantry, but attaohe^ to Sfllljth'f Light Battery, severely Lieut Lugenbell, 3th Inlantry, Adjutant, ?Hjhtly. Lieut. Bee. 3d Infantry. slightly. Lieut l.ovett, 3d Inlaatry, rilghtly. Lieut han.llcr. 3d Infantry, Higntly. Lieut Hollinx. 4th Infantry, slightly, Lieut. THJen, 2d Infantry, severely Lieut. Nowuian, Oth Infantry savere'y, LUut. tiardlner. 'id Infantry severely. Lieut. Harden -^d Intantry slightly. Lieut Sprague.Sth In) mi ry, filthily. Lieut I'almnr, 9th ltif?ntry neverely. Lieut. Buoknnr. Oth Intantry sltghtly, Lieut Cram, Oth Infantry,slightly Lieut. Hiinpalu. Uih Infantry. slightly, Lieut, retained, ]Mh Infantiy, slightly. Lieut. Bennett, Ityh Infantry. NBW YOR* HCUIMCRI?VoLVRTscap. Col. Burnett, 7ih Regiment. Capt Fairchild slightly. Capt Dyckman. seventy. Lieut Sweeney. severely. Lieut Jennings, klightly. M UnH. Omw. MMNtv i dlgYIi Lietrt Potior, NMri*. Lieut GriCra. slightly. Lieut. Malaownky. ellghtl*. SeuvH Ciioimi Hialiiiiit. Col Dlokenaon. Mnnlj. Capt James 0 Blandls*, slightly. ,... . Adjt Caaty. e?v?reiy Llauft Lamp tor lUgMT. < 'apt. K 8 Mfffnt sllgjjtly i.tfUt K 9 Belling*, wferclj. I.leut J H ' lark iiu>|Hrouslj. | Lieut J. W Sta?a. eligntly Liaut J R Davis, sllghdy apt. W D. UcMudura, Hligbtly. 1 Lieut James Abney. serious Thcalilcal a^d Musical. f?" Thutii?Mi Collini ?1There la no oountry perhapo, where national oharaoter U so strongly marked ? none where native humor so richly abounds, as In Ireland It Is original, and entirely tut gtntrit. It If full ot genuine nature, and has all the elements of fun Mixed with those of wit and spirit Miaa Kdgeworth has written elaborately of Irish built, and even as spirited sketches of Irish character. Lady Morgan's no less admirable sketches have vhilrd away many a long beur; and Lever, with his natural and high wrought delineations of Irish scenes, and Lover's more recent exhibitions. have made us familiar with the whims and eooentricities of the sons of ?rin. But thoroughly to appreciate Irish wit and Irian character, the publie must witness l olllns' admirable delineations. Since the loss of poor Power, he stands unrivalled and alone as the representative of this class upon the stage. His humor Is quiet, rich snd racy?his brogue natural and national? and gives great effect to passages of passion -to sudden transitions of feeling, and to every point of humor. His singing, too, is. equal to his acting. His voice Is a fine tenor, and his songs are given with such sweetness and archness that the effect is irresistible. In this respect I he excels all who have gone before him. His perform- j ance of the Irlth Ambassador, last night, was gentle- ! manly, chaste, and effective?keeping the bouse In a 1 roar; yet neither exaggeration nor violating the inten- i tions of the author He is the very spirit of fun, and diffuses life and laughter through the bouse. His entur* talnments are rich and delightfully amusing, and we reoommend every one who loves to laugh to visit the Park te-night, when Mr. Collins will appear in two of his best characters His engagement oonoludes in four nights, when we shall have the pleasure of welcoming the accomplished Mrs Mowatt, and her new play, so long expected, so long looked for. Chatham Theatsk ?To-night we have three exoellent pieces presented, vis: "Follies of a Night," in which Mr. Waloott and Miss Clarke play the leading charaoters, in a splendid style?then the faree of " Kill or Cure,'' whloh will oertalnly both kill and oure all kinds of melancholy, and the whole will conclude with the nautloal drama of " Tom Cringle's Log " All these pieoes. with a variety of dancing, by Miss Deloraine and Mr Yates, is surely enough for one evening Mr. Fletcher's muragemerit of the Chatham, shows how thoroughly he understands theatrical taetlci, and pleasing tho taste of the many headed public. Castle Garden.?The second performance of the " Barblere di 8evlglla'' went off last night, In much the same style as previously, and we need not give any other account of the opera, nor of the drbutant Lorini. There will be no performance at the garden this evening, but | to-morrow the celebrated opera of" Kemeo and Juliet,'' (which attracted such a large audience, and received, as it deserved, unbounded appln use, on Friday last.) will be repeated by the Hlspano Italian company ; the exoellent ' Prima Donna, Tedesco . performing the part of Romeo. This is the bent answer she oan give to some silly private gentlemen who have said that she fell sick on purpose, not wishlug to appear in this part, as she was not confident of her own ability, and not well supported by the rest of the cast. Tedeeco will always be Tedesoo. 8lgncra Carantl di Vita will perform the character of Juliet. This is oertainly enough to attract another audience of over three thousand persons, who will undoubtedly go. Palmo'i Opr.** House.?The Ravels.?'The entertainment of lust evening attraoted another very large audience, nearly all stranger!, among whom we remarked several trit-j?li$ minoVt. The English vaudeville the pantomimes, and the rope dancing, proved very effective, and exoited r> ars of laughter. To-night there U a very good bill offered by the Ravels, for the benefit of Mr. Lamanna, the excellent leader of their orchestra The English actors will give the representation of " Sketches of India." which will be followed by the first act of " La Hyiphide," during which will be danced a grand " i'ss de Deux." by Mine. Leon Javeili and Mons. Henry Wells, with solo on violin by Mr Lamannu? ' Scotch Quick Step," by the whole company and Henry Wells. The piece to oonclude with a graml tableau aa<l , flight of the Hylphlde; after which come the exercts."* on '' La Cord* Raid*." by Leon Javeili, Francois Ravel. Madame Martin Javelll. and Le Petit Amour The whole to conclude with M Dechatumeau," the capital pantomime Ik which Qabriel excels. Ciacus? Bowebv Amphithkatbe.?The entertain| meats, this evening, will be of the highest order, and I douJU<-*s will attract a very large attendance. The | beautiful feats and performances of the talented Weils family, are of the greatest interest, and the horsemanship of Mr Oeorg < Smith, and the rest ot the equestrians In the company. Is certainly beyond all piecedent in the feats of the ring The popular Miles' Ethiopian bind, add their exertion* to the evening's entertainment; and what with the Jokes of John (io*sin, to crown all. we do not see how It can be otherwise than an overflowing house. Siunob Blitz, the celebrated magician and ventrilo quist. has lately been astonishing the town by his feats of diaolrrit and bis extraordinary powers of voice ? The Society Library Roum is patronised nightly by the elite of the good city of (Jotham, and we will venture to nay. that no audience can be more highly delighted than those who assemble to witness Signor ililts's wonderful performance As to his ventriloquism one could scaroe ly Imagine the bum,in voloe capable of nuoh a variety ol expression where It not they had "auricular demonstration''of the fact. This evening ha introduces several new feats. Yankee Him. and Dr. Valentine?These two celebrated comic characters, well known all over the world, will give their third combined entertainment this evening. at Mechautos' Hall The room was crowded on Monday and Tuesday evenings; therefore, go early. M'mllk Dojardin's Dancing Acadkmy.?There will 1 be found among our advertisements the annntice of Mmlle Derjardin, whose style of dancing it considered so fashionable in our circles of bon ton Her academy was, last season, frequentsd by the first families We can, therefore, recommend it to every body, for we know that Mmlle D. possesses, not alone the real talent which makes the artist, but. in addition, she is the only one in New York teaching the newest dances, Polkas and Ma turk*. now rtchtrcht$ In the gr?at city of Paris. Sou Smith, the we?l linear manager of the New Orleans, Mobile. Hud St Loul* theatre*, arrived in this city yesterday, and has taken apartments in the Astor House for few day*. * Mali Failures. The St. Louis Ri-puihcun takee notioe of three mail failures; one at Vandalla, III ; one at Colombia, Mo , one at Rooheport, and concludes by asking, "Has Mr. Cave Johnson an agent in this scotloa of the oountrv. who can spare so much time as is necessary to find out the delinquents in this very important branch of the publio ssrylos."' Miscellaneous. The trial cf six persons accused of being concerned in the murdei of James Duncan. Is now progressing in the St. Clair county Clrouit Court. The deceased, it will be remembered, was shot by a number of citiiens, in the Illinois bottom, several miles from this oity.?St. Louis ttcvrille, 7th init. Jane aid Henry, slaves of Mr. W. C. Dukes, convicted of having poisoned Mrs and Miss Dukes on the 37th of August, were executed at Charleston on the 10th inst. There was an immense crowd present to witness the execution. ' It is said that tho Sioux Indians are suffering much through sickness, induced by lack of necessary food. The following ar? the ages of the Win gate family, re (tiding io thin vicinity: ? Dorothy Hayea, died Sept. 14,1818, aged 70 year*. Kliiabrth Hayes, " April 20, IB.T7, " SO " 8 mo* Deborah Hayes, " Sept 18. 1MB, " 89 " 7 " Hannah Wingate," Jan. 20,1841, " 80 "8 " John Wingate, " Sept. 18, 1830, " 85 " 8 " Mary Furber, aged 01 yeari 2 mouth*. 1* yet llriug Jonathan Wingate, " 88 " 0 " ? Abigail Twombly, " M " 0 " " Kbeneaer Wingate, " 80 ' 7 " " Caleb Wingate, ?' 7? " 4 " " Aaron Wingate, wai lost at sea in 1700, aged 33 year*. AU children of the late John Wingate, of Madbury, N. II.?Porlimoutk Journal. The remain" of the oelebrated Priest Oallitiin, are to be removed to-morrow from their present resting plane, near the church at Loretto. In Cambria county, to? new monument recently erected for their reception ? Pittikurgh Journal, 11(A in$t. Mobile la **ld to be now Improving, and It l? stated that there Is a great deal more actlre productive Industry lu requisition than there haa been heretofore. Several extensive manufacturing establishments are In operation?large Iron and bra** feunderle*. engine building establishments, planing machines driven by steam power; barrel and tub making by steam, Itc Mobile pee ins to have heed bled heretofore by non-residentiwho made money there to carry el? and Anally Invest elsewhere Things are changing for the better. Emancipation in French Guiana.?It ia ?t:?trd upon iiiformxliou ilerjvrd Irorn C.ipt. CImrk, of bng Romp, arrived at Itaieiu from Cayenne, having nailed August ftth. that great e*cltein?"t prevailed there in re ference to the <|u?*tlon of abolishing *lav?rjr. which has been In agitation for some ye?rs Th? Colonial Conned has hitherto bad a large m-Jorlty in favor of tlie weasure: but the minority, though small, was turbulent, and had contrived to hinder tbe consummation of (he measure Th" ne st intelligent planters favored emmiclpa tion Meanwhile new laws have been passed by (he Krrteb chamber's modifying servitude; and the feeltng in faVor of emancipation ha* greatly Increased; so that at the flection for a new council on the 29th f July tlie friend*of the measure succeeded In ele<st|r.g a board unanimously on their side Th* next advice*, therefore, will probably b* that decisive step haa bean taken to effaat emanaipatiun. I ! i i m-j pmm ibmnmmw rt? C*unitr/*ttri -Saldon"iraynard, Thomas L. i Braynard, Hofiei Bonnsy, Ml Hannibal Bonney, the ; ttmmmmntm* on oktrti of nmfrtnri^ nl I passing counterfeit money, whose imiti we noticed on I Bnnday last, were all conveyed to King's county and 1 lodged In the Brooklyn Jail, la order to be examined for tr'al. Th) offence having been committed la that uoutrfv. .Su ,.it< is i f VurgUry ? 0??wrs Shad bolt, of the lota w*rl aid WiiHim, of the I5tb ward, arretted oo Mnu<u> uigtit 'woyoung men, oallmg themselves Gilbert | Croinw?U aud Oliver Cromwell, on suspicion of having | burglariously entered the dwelling house occupied by Mr. rhouiae Beunett. situated at the oorner of 13tn treet and nth avenue, at-aling therefrom silver ware valued at (60 They were taken before Justice Ketcham, 1 and committed for examination. Sailor TMevi i.?A few day* ago the U. 8. frigate 8a anuah arrived at this port after a long cruise. and the orew, consisting of over 600 men, have been discharged, aa dtaken up tneir quarters in the 4th ward. On next Fridav morning they are all to be paid off, and then the fun will begin, particularly, aa we are Informed, that a number af thieves from boston and Philadelphia are loeatad amongst them, dressed in the man of-war style, whleh enp.iles them to mix In with the sailors as "pals," at the same time plok their pocket When paid off. they will average something like $iM) each, which num. expended by these jolly " tarn" amomcxt the dance houses and other plaoes, will make the Fourth Ward quite lively for sometime to come. Capt Hmith, 1 of the 4th \V*rd PoUce. together with his aotlve officer*, are on the olose watch for those thieves dressed in the dlrguise of the sailor, and have spotted many already ; so that wheu the sailors are robbed, the Captain will know exactly where to drop on the thief I Robbtd in the Street ?A Frenchman by ths name of Francis Fraslsn, while under the influence of liquor, last i night, on the corner of Catharine and South streets, wax j robbed of $1)0, In gold and bank bills, by some Water j street thief, who are always on a "lay" for sueh ohancea No arrest. t Robbing a Venel ?Some bold thlsvss entered the i cabin of the schooner Washington, lying at the foot of i Roosevelt street, and stole therefrom 3 silver watches i and a lot of clothing, together.with a savage bulldog, i who was left tv ?uard the oabln In the absence of the captain. No arrest. jirr it of DiiorJerliei?Officers Kohler and W?hbum i of the Stb ward, arrested on Monday nlgbt, the follow- , lug young men. who gave their names as Frank Ualla | gbsr, Edward Hamilton, Lawrence Denoyalls, William | Blewvelt, and John Ormr, on a oharge of riotous and j < disorderly coi.duct, and likewise stealing 400 segars and | < biz pie*, belonging to Frederick Ruder, grocer. No 601 Broome street. They were all detained Tu the statloo | house by Captain Kalrchild, and in the morning Mat be- I fore the magistrate I Law Intelligence. Scfrkme Court.?Present Justices Cady, McCoun and Edwards.?The Court met at 0 o'clock. Judge Cady 1 called the calendar-Nos 4A, 40. and 47, were reserved, parties not being ready; 4H and 40 went down No fid, motion for sew trial denied. No. Si, assessment ease. Green vs. McOowan, was then taken up and argued bv Mr. Gerrard for plaintiff; and Mr. R Mott, fur defendant. No 17, Betkman vs. Pitcher, being a re served case, was next taken up. Mr. N. B Blunt appeared Jbr the defendants; and Mr. J. T. Brady fur plaintiffs. Judgment reserved. Si'Himi: Court, Sept. 14?In Equitr, Special Term ? Before Judge Edmonds? Lab-n and otheri, v. Field' n and oiken ?An answer cannot be sworn in England before a Master Extraordinary of the English Court of Chancery. In this case a motion was made to take the defendant's answer off the file for irregularity. It ap- ' p. ared that the defendant's answer in this cause wan sworn to In England b fore a Master Extraordinary of the English Court of Chancery, whloh was the irregularity complained of. Judge Edmonds?The practice is Irregular. An an- t swer of a defendant residing in a foreign country must be sworn to before a Judge of a Court having a seal, an d the fact of his being a member of the Court must be certified by the Clerk or Register of suoh Court. Motion granted. Green vs. Ward ? An order having been obtained In tbls cause, directing the guardian te bring in $3000, and that the Clerk might invest the same on botid and mortgage, Murray Hoffman, Esq . moved on petition, that the bond and mortgage now exhibited to the Court might be taken as a part of the investment, and that the guardian should only bo called on to briug the balance into Court. Judge Edmoso*? Oreat difficulty must necessarily attend the investment on bond and mortgage of moneys in Court, under the present system; the clerk of the Court of Appeals is alone charged with the custody of the moneys in Court, and will alone be authorized to make suoh investments, he will bo continually receiving vouohers from all parts of the State; and resldinor himself at Albanv, it cannot be expected that be will have any personal knowledge as to the value of property, excepting such as may be in the lui m diate neighborhood of bis reuldenoe. He will, therefore, be obliged either to take security upon lands at it distance from the parties Interested in the fund, or if hi invests In the neighborhood of the p&rtleB Interested, be most take a mortgage upon lands of whose valuo be can have no personal knowledge. To remedy this iuoonve nienoe, I suggest the parties interested should select tu< proper place for the investment, and then a reference to ascertain its suitability and propriety; and upon the coming in of the report, they shall enter an order directing the olerk of the court to apply tbe investment upon tbe speciflo bond and mortgage mentioned in threport. Let a reference l?? mud>, to inquire whether tbu bond ?nd mortgage now offered is a proper iuvextmecit and also a reference as to the balance of $i,00\) to be brought into court. AUm ad? Davit, rtceivtr ?Motions in equity suits and proceedings pendiug on the first Monday of July last, must be made Id the oounty where the defendant.In the suit, or one ot them, retlde. or in an adjoining j county. Paimnhe as. P irmalcIn oast* of divorce, on the ground of adultery. It is ordered that when tbe comcomplainant's bill has been taken pro, after personal service of the bill, a decree will not be granted, ullem upon tbe production of the original evidence of setvice, and upon evidence of the identity of the person up on whom tbe st-rvice was made. Law Si nr. ? Jacuht vt Hoak'r?In this causeajudg ment wai entered up as in ca?e of a non-suit, the plaintiff having neglected to bring the oause to trial, not with standing which, be afterwards set d >wn the cause anu prooeeded to trial, obtained a Verdict aud entered up * inriirmMtifc I) I) Kiki.ii, for defendant, moved to pet aside the verdlot and all subsequent proceedings. b> oaure the judgment in raen of a nun-suit. bad been perfected previous to the circuit Mr Kaymono. for plaintiff .moved a on cross notice to net aside the judgment iu case of a non suit on an afl|. davit, stating that within twenty days after the rulu foi judgment, lie had incited to defendant'* attorney. agr>e nbly to the rules of the court, u stipulation ami witlni. . lifteeu days after, had paid the taxeil coots of the circuit Judge Kpmomjs ? It makes no difference?the risk ot mlnoarrtage is his to whem the pikers were directed; putting the papers Into the Poet Offioe in an vuvel pr properly directed to th? attorney, at his place cf reel deuce, aud payiog the pontage I hereon, is all that is necessary. The rule says that such service shall be a good oue of ueci Uity; therefore the nak must be to the pari j to whom the papers are sent Both judgments ate there therefore irregular, aud mutt he set aeide, but not with costs; we allow no oosts of motions, unless suoh motion* are rendered necessary for the attainment of si me sub htautial right in a cause, except sometimes we may allow them by wa? of punishment My only doubt is whether I ought not charge the defendant with costs of setting aside lii? judgment when he renewed costa of circuit after giving a stipulation, he knew they were put in. ami it was enough to put him on enquiiy. and he ought not after to have perfected a judgment. I will allow the cost* of the motion to set aside that judgment, but they are to abide the event. No other costs of th?M motion* will be allowed. SurcRioa Coust?Before Judge Oakley ? The People of the State o) Nrw York VI. Wm Mucklei/, Jnnph It' Cor lift and Richard Lawrrnce.?This case was given te ths Jury to-day, and a verdict taken by oiusent The jury found on the first brauoh for the plaiutiffs th. amount of their debt and six cents damages On the second branch they found for the plaintiff, 6 cents damu gas?all fubject to the opinion of the Court, on a casu to be mado, with liberty U; ester up judgment for the de fendants, as In case of a non-suit, if the Court should be of opinion that the verdict ought not to staud; and, als with liberty for either party to turn tho case into n lull of exceptions. United Statu MarihalsOkfick ? ul ar >> tn C eate a Hernlt.?Captain Shannon, of V|ln 'J--? "I which arrived in the lower bav 1 itavtur. (Mil - j ton, came up to town In the'couim: u, 'in I lodged a complaint agiinst ten of the crew, for an at tempt to create a revolt on board, upon wbieb a warrant was granted by one of the United State* Commissioners, and a deputy marshal sent down to the Hook, where the sblp if at anchor, to take them Into euatody and bring them np. Cocbt or General SEinoi'ii.Tueeday, Sept 14 -B" ' fore Recorder Scott and Aldermen UodJ and SpofTord i John McKeon, Esq , District Attorney. Trial far Grand Lurany ?At the opening of tbe | Court this morning, Bridget Phillips was placed hi the bar for trial on an indictment for grand larceny, I having, on the?th day of June last, stolen $30 la gold coin from Thomas Martin Thomas MaHtiw sworn? I havo seen the prisoner be fore; I saw her on the night of the 7th of Jun? in Cro<-* st at a house called t le old brewery; I w?-nt up claim will, her when she put her hind In my pocket and stole six half eagles; I found the money in bur possession, uu J then went for au officer anq bad her ariested The jury retired, and ufter an abience of a few minuUs rendered a verdict of guilty, and the court sentenced her to the State prison for the term of two years The court then adjourned until ft o'clock P.M. Madame R-thll tint yri Hailnl ? The Court held an evening session at 6 o clock, pursuant to adjournment for the purpose of attending to a tresli application to obtain the discharge of Madame Kistell, on bail; (he accused, through b?*r counsel, offering as sureties Wi|. Ilam Uarland, of No 90 Bowery, and t harl?fi TVhltson of No 33 Dayard street. th? former setting forth th:?t h owned real estate worth $SOO<>, and about $9,OoO in pe,. | sonal proporlty Mr Whl'son, as stated y>-?terd<y i stated on oath, that he owned a line of nine stag-*, and tbout 70 horses, some nagons and other pro efty, worti 1 about SB 000 The District Attorney objected to th> l>ail offend and the oourt refusi[J to sceept it an satis faotory. Madame R was, therefore, remanded for tb present The Court then adjourned until to-morrow morning Coy * T or Asfeai.s, Sept 13 No. 13.?On tbe cam . dar called and pa?<ed. no on* appearing. No. 13 Vati | Hit-sen piaiu 111 lu error, va. Fuller ?J?-f ndant, iu Mr. Cbauncey Tucker opened the arjc?'o?nt (or pluiut'li in error in tbu eau<e?li K Seldt-n and A i'abor In ?>v- j position, concluded the argiin>"ot for defendant i?i error, ? and C Tucker olo?ed f?r plaintiff in <-rr?r. Court Cti.ksbil, this IJat ? S <p >ior C?nr' ?Vrfore Judge lj?kley ?Nos ! ) JI '^0 *1 ? ' ' 34 37 ?S, S.l, 40, 41, 49. 43 41 4i 40 4H. 43 ><>. *1. t>: , >8. A 1*0. 58 fl7 The certiorari oal.nJar of this lour, will be oalled on Saturday. I Appointment nv the G<>vh.;:"ir ano 3i:v*te. i -?KfT H?New York City ? Lewta H Sm if?rd. Jn<- | tine of the "uperi ?r court, vloe S?mil*l Fones. res'g>i.*d - t Albany City?Deodatu* Wright, r-ct> of the olty of j , Albany, vise Jauies MoKown, deceased. j , W ry "*C(AMiHATi*i??r Mora BraynarJ <7 Wall atrtwit, together with Bonney, who ni arretted It WilUeeaburgh, ware given up to the proper authorities of King* county. An examination took place yeaterday evening at the police ofllon. biforn J tut ice (inrri on. The* were cuiumittuJ until a farther examination, which will take place thla morning at 11 o'olouk. Bt*h 14l or thk Dkad--The Coromoii Council pa*#ed law. oa Moudav evuning. prohibiting tho iutfrmeut of fcny dead body within two utile# of the Brooklyn City . Hail itter the let of Juue, 1844 unJ> r a penalty of $100 i for each offence, ugaluet any one who taall aaeitt thera- I A Jotful Mcktiko.?A young emigrant from Ireland, named John Smith, wa? found in Clinton street yestarday morning, lying by the fence and dreadfully afflicted with the email pox. The dlaeaan had broken out all over his faox. While being conveyed to the poor house at Klatbuah, he got thirxty, and went to the pump to get a drink. A young girl wai at the pump, who immediately reoognUed him an her brother, and lavished the moat tender embrace# on him It waa a light to affect anr person. Th# boy atated, that he waa concealed from view in tho Kalamaaoo when the ahip waa examined by the health offloer at quarantine. Wkkklv RitroHT of death# and interment# in the city of Brooklyn, for the week euding September 11. 11447.? Malea jJ, females 23. adults 18, children 40; total 48. The U. 8. BUamrr Virginia and Submerged Propeller*. Nvw Voax, Sept. 11, 1847. To thk Editor of the N. V Hkbilp : ? 8ia, ?A notice appeared in your paper of Tueidar last, in which my name wag used wholly unknown and unauthorised by me, and your Philadelphia correspenilent make# a (till more free use of the same, in connection with the U. 8. Steamer Virginia and Mr Loper As the writer# or the notice# alluled te. are evidently writii g about what tbey do not fully understand. and the name of the undersigned being u# d in a manner that oall# for a notiae. you will, therefore, do me the ravof'ol giving thi# an insertion, which will plana tho luhject in it# true light, and set yonr Phlladelphi i correspondent right in regard to th* matter. Th ? steamer Virginia wa# origiually built in thi# alty with my mode of propuluion. Itlsutated in yonr paper :if this day." that my plau# and Cant. Hunter'# ar la id a " There U a similarity in tb? construction of the propelling apparatus Mr fir?t xjusrimoiita were made In U iH and '39, villi the iierisoutui wheels ; experiment rery rood oonvlnoed me of the decided advuntag* of ih* vertical as uBHfJ la lb* Virginia, over the horizontal wheels Owing to the similarity above alluded to. opportunity h*s been taken by nome, (I do sav by those Immediately oouneoted with the so nulled Loper propeller) t" confound the plum used by Capt. Hunter with chose of the writer, to their disadvantage. an the plans of the gentleman alluded to are said to have fulled, upon cliioh I Intend expressing no opinion, laasuuoh a< I conilder hlui eminently calculated to take charge of bin own attain No ooufliction in apprehended b?tw?ea Capt Hunter and the uudersigaed in rtgard to this nuttor, he bein< a J honorable tuan, and li acquainted with tho facta of tbe ruse ; further, no reasons c?n be oflv-red why others should Intermeddle In a matter wbleh ouly | couoeruH Capt. Hunter and myself. Since the Virginia *m built, lmproreaients of importance have been madn; and v.-lieu I ?'?- inf ,rin*d that her propelling apparatus was to be ch.tnged, proposal* were ' immediately made to the War Department that all tba ! neceniiary alteration* would bo made In that vessel, toe . principle of propulsion to remain the uaine. which would ! be ueoessary to make her one of the fastest and most efficient steam vessels belonging to the government; and if. after the alterations were made, tbe vessel did not give entire satisfaction, no charge would be msde to the government f>r work perform- 1 ; but iu case the vessel should give sati-fuction in every refpect, those who made thn al.erationa were to be paid at ike u*u?l rates. It was also stated that the alterations, whteh I proposed. should cost the government very much less than would b? required to adopt thesoruwpi-opellor instead of retaining u-y mode of propulsion These very fair and liberal proposals were not acoepUd by the Quarter-Master (Juneral of tho army. Sooa after the Virginia was built, and beftra the was rigged with sails, it was thought advisable to test her by a sea voyage from tbis port to Boston. The v<i?s?l at that time bad two non-ooudenstug engine* with cylinder* two and a half fuet stroke, and twenty lnahes diameter. and a boiler eighteen feet long, six feet diameter, with return Que* ; blowers were u:.i d in order to keen a supply of rtteam; the vsssel ?m loaded 10 niae feet. The distanoe from New York to StaU'H Point ,, aft miloi, mtn i> ran in two hoars and ton Winut.-s. at hair tMe ; the I whole distance to Boston wan made in forly-flve buirt I ruuuing time, and we run from .Naosett light to Boston, I a distance of 73 miles, ugaiust a frt*h Kale and a heavy I sea. at the rate of ft. 6>? find 6 knots liy the log ; wtieu we left Boston, the distance from the duck to the light bouse, nine miles, was run in fifty lira minutes iu slack water. These faots were published at the time, and oan he substantiated by the very best of proof Soon after this the blowers were removed, the vessel passed out of the hands of the original builders, and wax subsequently sold to the War Department, in the strvioe of wbieh bhe has not been the most efficient, as tbe email boiler in her did not correspond with the sine of the wheel*, which must be driven at tbe proper rate of opved, or there will necessarily be a loss of power t has* were uulbrtunate circumstuuoes, over which I ha I no control at the time, and uuter have (to tneir discredit) taken advaut&ge or these circumstances without investigating oauses and their effecui Since the alteration* weia ordered for tbe Virginia by Qen Jesup. a number of notices h.ivr appeared ia tbe papers of this city aud Philadelphia, wilten with an evict-lit desire to throw discredit upon my mode of propulsion Krom whatever source these may tisve rmauatvd, let It be said to those men not to bu in tjo mack h*?to apon this subject. Very respectfully. Your obedient servant, __ K. K ALPRICH. Pos'.scr ?u Loitlgn Licit*i s Fo*kto* Lf.tteb >>fkiue. Nfcw York, ) No Ci Merchants Kxcliaog? J Ed Herald: ? In the Hcratit uf Huoday. August Stflh, you have a Ion* article wii.h regard to loreigu post***, tie , which co a taint) a slight mistake, aud *n the subject is one of importaute to tti? public, i will give some formation, which you can use ?s you think propel. You My, "Lett-rs by the < unur.l steamers for th? continent, cannot be prepaid in tli? l.'nit-d State! " j Thl* Is (i mistake, for Intu'U can be pre-paid at this of- . lice by the atxive steamers, to auy pari of the continent. This office established an ageucy in Kurope (tor thl? ob- i j-ct) many years since, in conformity with the wish of ihe public, which has been suce-a?tul. Again, thia of. ttoe acts bh aic-uts for making up the uiali* for the Liverpool aud Loudnu packet* tailing ftoin i hi. port all of wtiioh charge lv!)$ i-enta lor aiugle letters. ami oue o?-ut fur no we papers, (**cept the Dramatic hue. which sails on lh' 2titb of each inoutb. whlrh taken ihitn free;) th? Havre pactetx aWo lake lett< rs free lis true the pott . (line keep* a letter bag tor the above packet*, lor thtt accommodation of non-reeiiien>? or this ally, (or in all letters.) but the pontage must be paid Tbe poit oflloa ? baj(S close come two hours previous to the reesel'a tailing . but tbe last beg clones at tint office 10 minute* prevloua. At regards letters for South America. W*?t Indie*, or any oilier foreigu port, all pen through this ollloe. l'hur* it not, at yu say, "any foreign letter department in our post oiflne," tkereture nil letters l*!t at tho pott office for any f >re'gn p rt, (except Liverpool, Loudon aud Havre) are sun to tals office. * * * Movement* of the People. Col Hugh he* been brought iorw?.rd at an independent dumocrat for Congress, in th? third CongrrtKioual district of Maryland John I'bilpot. E??j . has been announced as the wMg candidate of the same district. It Is said when the news of 8llia Wricht's death tenched White Sulphur Spring*,Mr Clay was deeply utfmil .!, | and paid a toiichiogly beautiful impromptu tribute to the honored dead, by alluding to his gen tiro us nature, uncompromising integrity, accomplished p iwers in debate, aud his eminent public services Vice President Dallas was at Pittsburgh, Tenn , on tli* ; llth i ust. Patrick T. Jackson, for many years distin nl?l?ed among the roost prominent ef the citizens of Boston In worlu of private enterprise, died on the lith iuat. Col Wm. 8 Parker, of gouthamnton countv. Va . was thrown from hi* horse a few (lays ado, unci n > injured ?h ' to causa hiit death. He wu a brother of Com. Parker of the 17. 8. Nary. The Yeixow Fkvkr h* Nkw Oht.kans.? Stealthily progreHMing, in tat ility and tne d-ily number of eases, In the epideinio Hearnes with tholr black plume* and their white plmnes ? the craped banner* of our lire companies. an well an tho'o of the Odd Fellows and M?mm-th? artillery vnwon of thii military, with its panopoly of Mack, upon which rest the re.oi.ios of the deoeased s< Idier. accompanied hy solemn luimie and shrouded banners- Ion* and mournful processions of the useful and wealthy cltisrn, and occasionally that nfaome fair Hower. plunked in the spring time of life? the military currisg* following the corpse of the ?i runner and the d-slltuie-all, brmgiug sad rtli'otions to tne inlud, an- witnessed In our daily walk*. Hut despondence should not (tome upon those who have thus fur 'soaped the m?lady; < hei?rfulue*i in its aorst en-niy, and we should endr-iror to pursue our yueatious In that delightful mood The cloud is now dark above ih. but It will poon vnnMi, und the clear blue 11'jnament then , presented will hriug new energies for busim**, ingmher with renewed and exhauatles* pl< asures D ifluulty in ' obtaining physlcl.ine i.t the propt r mom-nt in bt'couili g alarming VVe saw several portions in search of m< 'Heal iid, yusi-erdav. who had fi?il?J to obtain it ut the crit'ual time?Iftw Orltatit National, fltA ???t The potato rot, uoconlmsr to the Ohio Cultivator, is extensively prevalent in that Wtato. lllcltrllen Diamond Po|mt>d Gold Psni? Oe? III thefre .tesf eice'lei.ciee <Tilii* pe:i is. lh,t if us'iouih nil free ** ? OUill. aud Will wm.r lur yea ? ahJ i|wi,< he a flr?i rtte *r-icl.-. I lie inblie Inn discovered. al..'?wli,:e i<i?a in i thayaratlie ch? ?l,"? Vk !! n% t?? h* t p?.t> in ?,(> Tn*j nre ? ?! i. fiHtuiv I., hy B & V\'ai,,.u . o? it Will am trtct. on? door hrlow w?lliiif?t,?i i|j. Y Hir 91 r- t; tliu pri'* u %t ?i:lv Oriar pant t' Si * m l ?I jO mid for tt .'? ?. f TS |< rl*ewlinr? Connrmi ii j?. Pouaewfolly r?P? Tit; K?w VorU Onlrt Pen (iun|i?n)', Vo. 30 , /oh" ?tr??f, rnrher ?**? krt>p a ?! ?'? I .i.ort. lit oft r j-nuin*' l.iamnud P lit-d l-nm .n h-iirt, at 1 n|;. oT lie r r?u ?nd othr. n? fi" f ic' m r>r. 1 >> l? 1 41** |ni,*r!t n tT t>> <*-11 H'liii. fan ?li > htta ill.- 11I ilii< > ( Mnti> tnedi t ih*ir pi-n- il winch tliey lura 'ht *riMf#al i iri'tv tl< it flan ba f >UMil m Ua oir> > ls<> ( til tad ?llT?r )?a ill pencil ua>? U I'l I'mii t'i?nmi| Or rti nin ? ! io ?- u w 1 i?r m.i utr. To l.e\ ? ^lioji down f w.i wiih frvje rn 1 h? i#he?, initahW for a jew-liar. Ap,l> n? above. Tl|? Plmtibe NnlIo .nl I>ngn?trfJin Onllary, 1 ..t 11... .. j>-. 1 cori.rr <>: Br hi lw :) >ii 1 ?r iy,|r at irr rr' 1 m?' I l" .ill ? m ,v r? vi 1 ?i i ci. *.1 in . in . tli" lufift an I mint i'lfMi* 'inj collection of J. (i. .1 i-dirltln l.iut 0 world; a <1 ft' of "tir 'nr .|? ?. n' .ignoil Pil tUia of th-m. u>'?e? or f.ieud, it i? ih* pi?ce 10 ki i it. 'l."> onl> f?r tl?? I* rintiim (>oM Prti, ivlflt ti v r T< 1 ami Priiol I. \V il-i . n 1 x (n nl ? mrenn d ilt ilf< i 1 'ill 11 un I yol I ?. .? 1 I *<*r pen* d r icil c w 1 ) 71 '.'nUr Mr- Nt iv V i V j'r I < li> *;i i , III lide'plii^. nr<> huw * lm? lho*< vipvrinr pr??i nm it Id f r ft I 2b. T'i*ir ? ? nt i? in. conn l?t* tlmi ?ii m fonnd my w'icre *|"e, co tin u nf Hr.iw..'< H <*?? ^l>?n:<'r'ii H Co ifrr ?, ,? iiu.rif.-.ii lJm y.Pi nr \'h? t, mil in ny othrr ?tv i*\ wl .oh thf ?i?- >(iliii|( ? li iln?li* rr?. pneet mn'li lirl 'W til' |n*nt IT r.f ot any ottier li u<? 1 th? trade. Uoltl |i?ii? c treliiilf tepaircd or rrpoimed.

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