Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Eylül 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Eylül 1847 Page 1
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V THI % al. XUI. No. 8'>0_Wbol* No. HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE g RELATIVE TO THE ? BATTLES ? V OF ? Contreras and Churabusco, j Names of the Killed, Wounded and I Missing. * _ m INCIDENTS AND SKETCHES. ? N The Progress of the Negotiations. ? die. die. Ac. ? Pi We Juuston to lay before the public, the name a of those K who wore killed aud wounded at the brilliant battle* of Contreras aud Churubusco. We also give the name* of <j those missing, so far as known. rj Thn list is probably as complete as an unofficial report , can make it. n Ic is the sad, melanoholy part of the details of the '< bsttlfs. THK PEACE COSt.MISSION'SIW. ?! [From the New Orleans 1'ioayum, Sept. 0 ] D Tacubava, Aug. '29, 1847. The poaoe commissioners met again yesterday, and *' at a point nearer this plaoe. Nothing positive in re- ' lation to the proceedings of this second meeting has 3< transpired?some say that everytHog want on smoothly, others say not, which is tolerably stroag proof that out iitLle Is knewn one way or the other in re- H In Hon to thu deliberations. The new commissioner, T llernardo Couto, was present, as was also Atristain.? Thn latter is represented as a tool of Mackintosh's; but if ho can ao anything towards bringing about a peace, w that makes no difference. They say that In the city oc they indulge in the hi pe t)|at the aommissloners will lii n^rtte upon the Nueces as a boundary. This 1s carrying l*i trie > t alu-* and stones a little too far. " (Jive them an di ii.oh and thej'll take an ell" is applied to many people s? in the world?glre a Mexican an inch and he'll take at C least seven miles and a half. c( THE KI I.I.KD, WOUNDED AND MFSSTNO. [Prom ll.e New Orleans Delta. Heptemher 9 ] The following mournful list shows at what Immense C( sacrifice thj latu glorious victories of Gen Soott have 01 hern ?..hi?ved. No less than 1017 of our brave soldiers ?! were billed or wounded on three bloody fields. Among ? them are some of our best officers, who in their eagerness to gain laurels and incite their men to deeds of B( prowess, li??e exposed their persons to conrtant peril ni and injury It is. however, a sonree of some alleviation u to the public grl?f, to observe that the proportion of ** killed to th? wounded is smaller in these late severe sn- ~ EH'Bi-Tua than in our previous battles. Weobssrvs. however. that ui4t>y of the woanded are severely ao, ana thr nnmWrof deu'a* of those wounded, ftom tho natur? of lbs un mostly used by the Mexican?, (heavy ' artillery,) most be very great. j: Iu another column we give some particular notloeaof ? the principal officers among the killed and woanded. J Fissr Division. [i Return of the Killed, IVotintled and Milling in thl Pint <; Uivisitn, commanded by bfajur Qcn IVortk. d, Kiulkd.?Smg't C. W. Cobb, oo. I 2d art; Privates Bi Henry Hear, do; John Ilealy, do; John Sheridan, co. H, ti Mli Inr"; Al?x McKenile, do; Serg't John Farrell, oo. C, jj 'id art; Privates John Daley, do; Wm. Lnndolt, co. I; j, James Wilton, oo. G; J. L Jordan, co B. 3d art; Serg't 4, "Woi Brown, co G; Privates Phillip NiohoU, do; Chaa. j, Rny, do; John Ruber, do; Serg't. Wm. MoGnire, eo. I; y Privates Nicholas Krnnibton, do; Wm. Johnatan, 00. A, j, ItU iiif; Kdward Kirwill, 00. I: F Pinkerton do; Coru'l p, T. J?ni?s, eo E, 6th iuf; Privates J. C. MeKinney, co. ]| A; A Vanalstyne, co. E; Samuel Wilson, do; B. 81rman, <j, co. I; EC. Smith, co. K; Porter Hand, co A, 8th inf; ,| David Noble, do; D Harnett, co. C; J McKee, 00. D; j Geo Graham, do; A D Harris, co. F; Wm. Bray, co. H; p, Robert Haddy, do; John Fosk, do; Paul Dufour, 00 I, 8th u inf; Edward H'tnlng, do; Caspar Polk, do.?Total, 37. c Wovxuko?Privatu Jas. Keilly, co. A, 2d art.; Sevg'ta jy Philip Wlluon, 00 K; E. Meyn, do; Privates H. Acb*r- v man. do; John Casey, do; P. Dowd, do; W. Gravenbart, y do; John Steward, do; Andw. Casey,do; Hugh Casey, do; Jainrs Davidson, do; Martin Caawav, 00. I; Patrick Kan- j, uody. do; Wm. Lufforty, do; Joseph Mills, do; Edward n Suihvan. dn; Hertry Vuchi1!, do; Serg't Joseph Kadding. p do; Corp'l Wm Sutherland do; Privates Jamus Donoho, p do; Michael Lynch, do; Wm. Murray, do; 2d Lieut. P. j, Farrally, 5th infantry; PrivatesUeo. Bishop,co. H; Chsa j Carner. do; W. C. Emerson^ do; John Francha, do; Peter [ J'J vnn, do; Joeeph Kry, do; J. A. tloolt, do; Win liell,do; \ Mloh'i Steier, do; John Shimtnel, do; David Wilton, do; c Jacob May nr. do; Dan'l Rodgers, do; Thomas Sleek, do; jj 'Jl Lieut E IS. Ilolloway, co. B, (th inf.; Privates Cbaa. l Chtlla, oo. Jl, 8tb inf ; ( ti'tn FiUgerald, do; Mich1! 11*. p Kail. <lu; John Sawyer, ilo; 1st Lieut. Lewis G. Arnold. ^ co. 1'', id art ; Srrg't ( harl?a Wilson, eo. C; Corporal u Andrew Bell, do; Privates Chariot Carroll, ao; George Heek, do; ll?nry Douglass, do; John Klump, do; Powell |, Ouillp, d ; Jacob Sohriver, do; Jamas Gould, oo. D; jy James liurg.-u, do; Richard Birmingham, do; Serg't ,) Tin'Hi* G. A)l?n, oo. F; Privates O. W. Churoh, do; Jeha Corner, do; Patrick Gallagher, do; Henry Hatoh, Si do. Hurfh Murphy. do; ' baa Q Putnam, do; Martin Ili ortlan, do, Philip "Sevens, do; Lewi* Selter, do; 1'. y.irn- g( grible, <o; < hurcli Snyder, do; David Walsh, do; K. E. * b.mndera, do; H rguuu Lake Walker, oo. G.; Jaa. Chap- c p-ll, do; .'airnn 11. btarr. do; Corporal Simon Stanton; p, Private* H binart, do; P. Thornton, do; Lewis Sohott, p, d<>; John Harper, 40; J. J. Moore, do; Wm. Bardon, do; Vl Thos. Starr, Uo; H. L*?y. do; Jas' Hughes, do; D. Haga- 4, man, do; 8erg?t*. A. B. Cleveland, co. H ; John Walterr; c< do; John Cur.ningbani, do; Corporal J. Rio Redman, a do; Privates K C< nnorn. Chas. Blrnan, do; Oan't Daly, g, do; Henry Frank, <10, James Gourley, do; John King, ,, do; Alex Moore, do; Cba*. l'age, do; Dt. Major Ward, 8d Art ; Ssrg't John H. Hick, on. B ; Corp'ls W. Young, ro do; John llyues, do; E. itu worth. do: Joseph Akor. do; i. Private* John Coogan, do; Adam Deflin, do; Ewd. Egan. do; K W. (ileason, do; John Hughs, do; F. 11. Lachat, do; G W Smith, do; J. Thompson, do; Wm. Patton, dr. ?, Jiro Morris. 00. G.; Kwd. Porter, do; Thos Brs'" ? John Melliand. ilo; Tbos Loftls, do; Chan An- v thouy Sutler, do; V. Kouwater, do; S' -im,. Vi U?h? ? ' bard. 00. I ; Private# C McClym^ do T. McCoy, do; ? J Sailor do; John Setitr <lo; 3u Lt u. Thorn, (A deC.) /, 3d L>s?; Private" John _,cLaughlau,oo. A,4th Inf,; Datii. ? S^ea, doj John ,.,iftxander, 1:0. B; J. Frob, 00 I; Jos. 1 HhalT*, 00; A iiai'and, do; E Thompson, 00. D; Col. l' , H." '. -< ) Oth Infantry; Adj. P. Lugenbisel, 6th inf ; I apt w. ( bmpmau. co. G; Major B. L. E. Bonne- ?( 6U1 ial j (. apt. W. W. Hoffman, co. D; 1st Lt. T. llendriokaon, co. K; 1st Lt. J. D. Baron, 00. A; 2d Lt. I S. B. liuckner. (ling. Q. M.) Privates A. E. Boyer, eo. A, 6th inf.; J. Connnll do; Tater Fraier. do; M. Knott, ?lo; P. Mandy, do; D. Henry, do; W. Wetyhton, do; F. .Moreton, do; E. M. Whltterd, do; O. Othman, co. B; J Boyle, 40; J. Jacohson, do; U. 8. Hall, 00. E; J McAlthatiy, do; M. D'Urien, do; G. Ritner, do; S. Real, do; L. i iokelman, do; W. Wheelnr, do; Serg't Lawrence, 00. F; Corporal J Hannan. do; Privates F. Matber, do; H. Miller, do; I). Reiin. do; J. Rodney, do; P. Maloney, do; J. Burgrn, do; J. G. Wllmer, do; C. Thompson, do; W^<# sunhbury, co. G; J. Rice, do; J. L. Clark, do; Serij't S Minur, co. I; Privates G. Smith, do; P. Barine, do; P. Riley, do; G. Rung, do; 1. Mullen, 00. K; H Rl- 1 Icy, do; L. Deray, do; F Knap, do; Q. M. Serg't J. Mahervey; Corporal W. Williams, co. A, 8th inf.; Private* T. Hardy, <io; W. Williams, do; W. Loomis,do; J, Hardir. do; W Bowles, do: P Connor, do; W. Kaley, do; F. schoup, do; Serg'ts It. McKowen, co. F; J. Kronlre, do; Mus. J. O'Nell, do; PrWates A. Barker, do; J. Connor, do; D. Keefe, ,do; W. B. Mattering, do; II., do: J. McDonougb, do; W. Lerron, do; J. W!:?>n. do; Corp.11. O Shrill, 00. B; Prlv's W. Allen, do; 1? Dunwar'.. do; L> Carroll, do; U Hoss. do: M. Hixran. < lo, Servant" \V. N?t1u?, co. C; K. Owens. do; Corp'al H Goodwin, 'lo- Mus'u Jesse Brown, do; Privates U. Cnnsty, ?i?>; J. llaruss, do; J. i.anouer, do; J, Tuttie, do; H M.-iMuu, do; K. AloBrohenty, do; 1). Griffin, do; B iiart, do; Si. Smith, do; J. O'Brien, do; E. Langiey, do; U. H, Washington, ao; K. Joraan, do; K. Curtis, co. E; J. I)r?p?r, do; O Auiilin, do; R l>pl?s. do; M. Htllwrll, lo; F i>. C. Uy?, do; \V Biggs, do; M. Sallingo, d ; P. Kiuer. do; A SuQwbaugh. ilo; H. Mohlviiu^h, do; T. Owens, do; hergrunts VV Lio'iurke, co. II; J. Remington. do; I'rivsU-h Geo. U Fletcher, do; C Orklun, do; 8; J. McOulro, do; II. Costoio, do; I) .s?o(Md, do; R. \V<ig?n, do; G. Migher, do; ii. Rudolph, do; Hergr-ant J. ( raig. on D; M. Keefe, do; Privates G Banghanau, do; C. Burns, do; J A. Katun, do; G. McCarthy, do; II Nlfhutii, do; J Krosk, do; J. James, co. K; J. Uw-ttnr, do; A. Borrei, do; W Reynold*, do; J. Mtmo; W i'leroy, oo. II; Sergeant J Anderson, oo. A. Hth Inf; I'rinx .V. bouerlin. do; S Tajlor, do; J. Curling, do, J. 1). Kolpp-r, do; J. Liidirhart, do; VV. Hirst, oo C; F. Homerhai < . do; E. Cuini>erbeaob, oo. D; E. Ash worth, oo. E: It. G. Uinet, do; J. C. Kennedy, do; 8. Keridon, do; It. ltunarll, do;>0. white, do; S Johnson, no F; J. Miuit. do; .'" recant 8 Stot'ffiir. I; Privates C Ben- pi; W. Delauey, do; M O'Brien, do, Corporal 8. |] Mailman. co K; E. Capon, oo. H; l'rlfates J. Bennett, J, lo. J. Gordon din r. l/?..kin. .i?. vi a... u Lto'nogUaugh, jo; W.Duua, on. C. g iMimitii ?PrlTate* John Golden. co. D, Ud artillery. T returned; Stephen l.umh, oo. I, 3d ari.illery ; Michael c McOraib, oo r, 4th infantry, wounded ; Patrick Oreen, C oo. K, 4.h lulantry , Andrew Mcl)on?l<l, do. ; Jamee \ Hteei, do. ; Joliu H-jbertson, ce. I ; Joseph Hpenoer, c.o. fl D, 6th infantry ; J. K. Debann, eo. K ; J. Wmltb, cs. B, y flth Infantry. \ Recapitulation.? Killed, Commissioned Offlosra, P nous i N on-Commissioned do., 6; Musicians and Prl- J vates, SJ Wounded, Commissioned Officers, IS ; NonCommissioned do., 41 ; Privates, to., 433. Missing, Prl- * rates, 10. Aggregate. 380. a Srroitn Division?Gf.mnu Twioos. Return uf Ike killed, to funded and mlttinr of ths 1st Hrifadr, 'id Dilution, in (As actiom nt iAt 10rA and 20f*i siiifutl, l*M7, at Contrtrat and Ckuruhuteo. I; Killed?Captain K A. C apron, oo. B, 1st artillery: Captain N J. burke, co D, 1st artillery ; 3d Lieutenant ? n. ||. ilnisn, eo K, 1st artillery ; Sergeant John Anderson, co. L>, 1st aitillerj ; Privates M. Carr, oo U, M. Hides ; J Head, oo. K, M. Jtifles ; J. O Bilen, oo. E, M. ? Hides ; A. Trontfatter, co F, M Rifles ; Joseph Black, r co II. lit artuinry ; Joseph Banks, oo. D, ds. ; Arthur O'Connor. co. K. do. ; Charles Taylor, co. K, do. ; Christopher Wedinajer, oo K, <io. ; Valentine Way, oo. H, s tin , Joabisa Lutterenger, co A, 3d Infkstry ; Jshn L. " Martin, eo E, do.; Oeorge Kraut, oo. K. do.; Alexander Metaier, co. I, do. ; Thomas Crask, co. K, do. ? Woiuded?Capt. J. h. Hathaway, oo. H, 1st artillery, J slightly; C?pt. L. 0. Craig, oo. A, 8d laf, nererely; Capt. P1 3 NE1 NEW ' . T. Chandler, CO. I, 3d lnf; let Lieut, and Adjt. Don arloa Buell, staff 3d inf, severely; lit Lieut. M. t'.. Van uren. co K, M. Rides. slightly; Sergt O. L. Road. co. . 3d lnf; Corp. Jaoob Sauiuions. oo H. 1st art slightly; orp. Henry Buok, oo A, 3d Ipf; Corporel H. G.Tucker, >. C, do; Corporal J. W Kaufman, co. C, do; rrivates . Moluirby. co D, M. Rifles, slightly; H. NotUge, co , M. Rifles; J. Lyons, co. K, do, severely; G. H. Hough, ?. F, do, severely; W 8. Walker, eo K, do. slightly; J. tines 1st. co G. do. tligbtly; J Hooker, oo. G, do. slightJ. MoNally. co. H, do, sevtrely; J. N. Caskey. c? II, . u, severely; Win Shepherd, co. B, 1st art, slightly; rancis Buscham. co. B. do, severely; Henry Sherman, j. D, do, severely; Oliver Snider, oo D. do, s?verelv; >hu Swan, co D, do, severely; Thomas Billing. co. 6, o. severely; James Sherry, co. D, do. slightly; Charles [iller. co I), do, slightly; Peter MoDermott, co K, do. vnrely; U'm B Lauibie, oo H, do, slightly; Michael IcConnlck, co. II, do, slightly; Julius Johuson. co. H, D. slightly; Lemuel Horuer. co. G, do, mortslly; John lonks, co. O, do, slightly; Henry IVrry, co. A. 3d inf; .' ia Turner, co. A, do;.lames llnuunu oo A, do; David Urtlett, co. C. do; Nicholas Battendorf, oo.' C, do; ohn Uulno. co. C, do; John Madden, oo. C, <lo; Geo W tu.jt, uu. u,un; uiruncK merguns, eo. 11. uo; aami. r. urrin, oo. E, do; Wm. I.each, oo E, ?lo; Wm. J on en, oo. 1 , do; Albert Stimpson, oo II. do:' Wm Anderson, oo. . do; Jan. McNally, co. H, do; ltobt. Lennox, oo. H, do; A lohard Menge, oo I, do; John Hairholden. co I. do; t harles Rapp, oo. I, do; Jimes Durham, co. K, do; Ilea- 1 r Sagvier, oo. K do. Miminu?Corporal J O'Connell, co D, M Rifles, since 1 >in?(l; Privates?W Wood, oo D, do, sine* joined; Josh ( ewhouse, oo E, do, linoa joined: Geo Karohler, oo 0, ? It art; Jacob Mlcar, co A, 3d lnf; Geo Washington, Jr, y > B do; Geo McDonald, co E, do; Chas Hopkins, co E. o; Randolph Likens, oo E, do?known tj be wounded; i tephon Ferris, co 11, do; John Curry, co 1, do; Saml aria, co K, do. ; Recapitulation?Killed?Rifles, 4; 1st Artillery, 10; I 1 infantry 5?19. Wounded?Kitten, 10; 1st artillery, i; 3d inf.'J8?64, Misting? llillus, 3; lot artillery 1; 1 linfB?11. Total, 83. < second drmade. WoimurD?Engineer Company? 1st Sergeant D D ' asting, (lightly; Artificers?W H Uartlett, severely; J ' .Smith, severely; Moneli, slightly. 1 Minium?Engineer Company? Musician Nowoting. ' 4th Ahtillkrv?Killed? Sergeant Henry D Good- ' in, oo Uj Privates?John B Shuck, oo E; Wm P White, > F; Timothy Kelley, co G. Wounded?3d Lieut Col- ' as, co C,severely; Sergeant G K Donnelly, oo E, do; ' rivatos?Banks Davis, eo O, do; Joseph Athoy, co C, 3; Alex Plerson, co C, slightly; Enoch Bowles, co C, ! iverely; Wm O Whartou. oo C, do; John Wymer, co ' .slightly; Wm Wise, co D, mortally; Benj W Ileath, * ) D, severely; John T Williams, oo D, do; Wm West, > D, slightly; Chrlst'r Albock, oo E, severely; J nines * gun, co E. do; Michael Evans, oo E, do; August Klein, 1 > E, do; John McLaughlin, co E, do; John Moilarney, 11 > E, do; Wm llobinson, co E, do; John Hutcbirson, > E. slightly; John B Moore, co K, severely; William 1 aith, co F, slight.y, Jos W Gavin, oo F, severely; obert Johnson, oo K, mortally; Wm McCaffrey, co G, iverely; August Handler, oo G, slightly; Jos 8 Hack- ? ?y, oo G, Sevsrelv; Jas Kletch-r, oo H, mortally; Rlchrd W Allen, oo H, slightly; Luther Whiicomhe, oo II, 1 rveselj; Sergeant Daniel Wllbro, oo K. severely. Mis*- ( if?Private# Jt* Friabw,?r> E; Jaj Uuian, do; John t 19UWBOM, mo. 3d i*r*MTa??Killed?>Ca?*. Jm. . Andetton. co II; i 1 Lieut. Tbomaa KMlr. eo. K; Privates?Samu?l O. i rawford,oo. A; Hone* C; Dennia Dally, eo. | ; John W. Arthur, do; David Houston, do; Henrick \ bar, oo. E; Abraham Clemens, oo F; John Boyd, oo ! !j Lewi* P. Lamontin, do; Daniel Striker, oo K; Franis Oruber, do; Michael Leopold, do; Samuel Wilson, do. Voundcii?Capt. Joseph R Smith,oo. B, severely, twice; ' apt. A. W. \Vn?sels, oo. G, slightly; 1st Lieut. J. Hay- I un, A D. C. slightly; 1st Lieut. It. P. Tildeu, co. <J, J ightly?twice; 1st Lieut. C. LovuU, co. E, slightly? ?ioe. Privates?Jas. A. Taylor, oo. A, slightly; Jno ridgen, do, severely; Malcom Herrlngton, do, do: Corp. ( miw? Turney, co. B, slightly Privates?Wm. Hawley, >, da; Win. Stuart, do, severely; Win. Ears, do, do; 3bn Riley, do. slightly; Oeorgo Martin, do, do; W. A. i lalcom, do, do; Hugh Young, do, do; Edward Tlcrney, I 3, do; Sergeants?James Stevenson, co. C, do; John \ irks, do, do; Corporals?James Knox, do, do; Thomas < andiey,|do, severely; Privates?Charles Dennln, do, i a; Admand Tallessou, do, do; John Gallagher, do, < ightly; Walter Haner, do, severely; Wm Hughes, ] ? slightly; John D. Kelley, do, severely ; 1'arcy age, Uo, slightly; Thomas E. Thomas, do, do; Charlv? oonelly, company B, severely; James Kerby, do. do; orporal Henry B. Knapp, co. D, slightly; Private* i lont'y Bartholin, do, Heverely; Frantz Katman, do, do; i /m. Donnoghy, do, slightly; Patrick I)irg?n, do, do; i ^m. H. Bobies, do, do; Jn?. Kelley, co. K, do; Levi inher, do, severely; Howard Mharpless, do, slightly; iliu Qulnn, do, do; Jacob Fry, do, do; Michael Gortily, do, severely; 8ergt. James Mann, co. K, slightly rivates ? K. M. Bascom, do, do; G. A Hornett, do, do; atrlck Linn, do, do; Jno. Hannington. do, severely I D 1 Fullen. co. G, do; J. G McNrtly,; M Sheridan, o, severely; 8. R. Thorningtou, do, do; Corporal P. A 'aylor, do, slightly. Privates?Win. Mills and William V'alsh, do, do; Sergaant G. S. Bradley, co. H, slightly, orporal John Conroy, do, severely; Private*?John ] ombard, do, do; Roger McDonough, do. do; Tim. lahon, do. do; Sergt. Win. Merrick, co. I. slightly; CotMate? II. Snow, do, do; Jno. Farley, do, do; Privates? 'horn. Blake, do, severely; Danl. Clarke, do, uo; Thos odd, oo K do; Krs. Gruber, do, slightly; Win fluket. I a, do; Kd. Ullligan, do, do; Thoi < ran lord, do, severe: Jno. People*, do, do; Oeo A. Pay, do, do; Corporal t llcharl Jarauski. do, do; Corporal Jos. L&tbrop, do. i ightly; Private Krs. Meyer, do, do. 7th Inkantht?Killed?Capt. Charles Hanson, co. ?, rg't Jas Truman, co O; Privates?R Stewart, co. O. ( 7m Webb. co. H. (founded?Capt. R. H. Hots, co. I), ] iverely; 1st Lieut. C. H Humber, co. B; Privates?Jno. ] ires, co. A, slightly; Francis Brown, co C, do; Dennis i ardy, do, severely; Hainl. Benton, co. D. slightly; W < wmentier, do, do; Corporal J Cranglw, co K,severely; . rivate* - P. Mony, do, do; J Walker.; O. Sulli- i an, do, do; L. Clarke, do, slightly; Musician J. Mabin, ?, do. Corp). J.*. Roberts, co. G, do; Private Oeo IJull, ). H, do: Corpl. H. Uolenian, oo. I, severely; Privates ? Ibert Hart, do. slightly; Peter Maloney, co K. do; unutl Ratcliffe, do, do; Benj. Veny. do, severely Mitt- \ it - Private Rice. ,t Total in Hecond Brl^^-Kllled, 23; wounded, 120 ; , .Using, 4. Kngine^r Company?Wounded, 4; miseiug. Total, 165, ^Imptlny K, 1 it Jlrt?JjigAt Battery 2d Diviiion. lit tied?Privates Francis Melvin, Harvey Tyng ? evenly {founded?1st Lieut. J. (I Martin, 2d Lieut, dward C. Boyton, Seritt. Patrick Martin, Sergt. Joseph loOee; Privates-David Adams, Alex. Bruce, Michael inchlaw, G. W. Fish, Alex. Met abe, John Jones, Adelhus Shaffer, Patrick WsJker, Henry Williams. Sli;htf IK?uiided?Corpl. John Jones; Privates?John Krahler, Henry Parrow, John T Prath, Christopher Phillips, ,oula Loup, Louis Christian, John Gow; Artificer Kbin Shedd. Total?Killed, 2; wounded, 23. 14 horses killed or Dtally disabled; 3 severely and h slightly wounded. Third Divuioh?(is*. Pillow. leturn of killed, wounded and miffing in the action? of the 19i/i and 30th Jiuftut, 1847, near the city of Mrxtco, of the lit Brigade, 3d Diunion, covunatided hy Brig. Oen. Pierce. 9th Rksimert Ihfawtbv, Col. T. B. Ra*soM.?Killed -1st 8erg't L. B West, private W. Taompson. Woundd severely?Lieut. W. N. Newman, Lieut. A. F. Pulinr, Lieut. Crunum, 2d Corp'l W. K. Hoes, Private S. 8. weet, J. B. 11 tie. Wocmded slightly?Capt. Johnson, n> uuiji i ! ?. ?r . uruuh OH UO VT . VY . rage, 4tn Horg'l . C. Htowell, Private* T. A. Pratt. W P. HasklOA, Jaiuen Vebber, Geo. O. Goodman, T. Beedle, C. Uettlno, J loore, 8. I* Hall, W Soule, M. Wight, C. K. Blood, W fraub, II. Diaan, J. W. Bondel. Jan. Hendemon, (I Mrllll*. D. K. llioninond, A. W Brown. I) tlogan, B Beam, . Klinn, W. Gould, A. T. Pik?, O. W. Wood*, G. Barnes, i. F. Davis, 8. D. Canfield, J. Hosse, D. Brown, J. V. harterton. W. IthodoB. J. Scales, J. H. llig^lus, J. Lln?f, J.T. Fly. Killed? Private B. McCloskey. 13th I*fant*v, Lt.Col. M. L. Bokham. ?Killed?1st erg't Win. C. (Oliver, 'id do Peyton Randolph. Woundd Mortally?Private Henry L. Dermltt, Wounded So erely?lrt Corp'l Jno. L. Tubbi, Privates Wm J. Knos. )hauucy Howard, Martin Karis. Pinkn-y Anderson, LeItt.Sever*. Wounded Nllghtly?Capt N. B. Holden/id ,t Jolin C. Limpkins, ad Merg't Thomas .Smlthirs, 3d | Tunisian Sam. Church, Jno. A. (J. Warneck, Win. M. Javil, Fran. M. Bradley, Beverly h'aughn. Warren 1) ilanton. Jan. Calvin, Isaao Baker, Jobu T. Bowers, Adni Peyton, Geo Tatnoi), Win Morgan. Klijah Bowlln. oseph Smith. Miming?Private* Leander Crutcher, L. berman. IOtii Infamtit. Col. O. W. Morua!*.?Killed?Lieut l,hn II ll,^.l.n.n L1...I.I / ! .1 _ 1 ... ..vvHwrns, i.iiinii>wil ? IIWrtltT w. AlHirrWH, I riat A* William Rooerta, Samuel Carney, Jno Sl?ath. Pear Hill, Miclia?l Spelcer. Wounded Mortally?('apt. .uguatua l{uaral*. Lt. Wm 11. H. O. odlue, Privates Jno lleae, (ieo. Oou;>h, Dan P. Ilank*. Hitch Cumuli. <Jao. Vhlte. Wounjrd Severely?Gol. George W. Morgan, erg'ta Jno. Cunningham, J. M. l amm, Wm. Matiee, Uu Rodes , < orp Is Uaac W. Urifllih Wm U iinpkinon, Jas llealy, Musician Joe. Cl?rk; Privates Jno. W. ook, Wm. Heed. Henry Wldunr, Alex. Davis, Dorr 11 ulUr, Hiram Brown, Wm. Rogers. Wm (4. Adams, ranola Kabrm, Jos. Vranola, CJeo. Steinman, Jacob Hallnsr, Jacob Hocsr, Cornelius Westfleld, Richard North ?p, Jacob J. ttartiui, Wm. Barnatt, Lewis Voight. Ruf?rt Whitn-y, Clark Munaou, Napoleon 11. Perkiim, Wm [. Miller, Thoa. Suortall, Peteraon Cowry, Robert Linsey, Dhnll. Larly. Michael KralonK?r,lla IweKCilley. Wound 1 Slightly Cta. Charles PclerneU, J. R. Deunali ; Sersant .Major Thomas McKeen, aerneauts Haitian Bydol, 'homaa Krenoh, Hak W. Schooner, Corp'l Horace llansuk ; Privates Westly Uordam, James ?i. (.oraus, (?eo, ooper, Naao A. Hmitn, James Houle, Aha Taylor, John lc( amm, Jaa. Hill, Wallace W. wood, Jeremiah Orif- j th, Mather H. Chanoe, Samuel Traak, F.dw. B. Calklin, lartln Klien, John Wltaon. Missing?Major Frederick lilla, Serg'ts Frederick Lawbeinhrimer, John Smith ; rlvates John Hoobatetler. W. Soblrayer, Joel Shiveley, aaper Matley, John Stall, Balthaeer H apple. HreariTULATion.?Commissioned Officer*?Killed, 1; , 'oanded, 11; missing, 1. Non-commissioned Officers nd Privates?Killed, 11; wounded, 154; missing, 10? , utal, li>6. i stcond ssioade. , voltiocu* RcniMIKT, COLonKL 8. B. AnDSRWi? 1 Iliad-Sergnaut R S Pulllngar, Corporal Robert Kn- | >w. Wouoded -Sergeant Robert B Taylor, Prirutea < llle* K Bell, Richard Brooka, John Kitisimmona , 14th Rr.oiMei?t isvahtav. Col Tbohdal*?Killed , Corporal John P. Miller. Wounded ? I'rlvatea. Jauie* ( 1 'l'aliaterro, John J. Jones, Theo. Martin*. Missing? rlvates l'lmothy A. Wooden, John D. llamas , htm Rkwiment Isrinm, Lt.-Cou. W. II. Uraiiam. i -Klll*d - Private John L. Koonta Wounded?Privates S. Thompson, Jos. Lord, M. Hoffman, J. Little, J. (). j lara, A. Harvey, Lyone. RocurT awn HowiT*r.R Battcst. Lt. F. D. Cam,rw- 1 *a?Killed?Private* John Humphries, ilobt. Douglass, | oha iJngerpr. Wounded?lit Lt. K. D. Callander, Cor- | orala LybMua Rabb, Albert J. Boris, John Naglea; Prl- j W YO STORK, SATURDAY MOR 'ateg rater 8tra?sner, Christian Schwartzweller. Eira 'raven. lluiry D. IVrry, Miohael Kiti/erald, Mlohiml 'arret, Thomas K. Folk, Oeorge Sweekard. South Ciholina Kki.imkmt. Col. P. M. Butler? ^itld and Staff?Killfil?Col P. M. Butler. Wounded everel??Lt.-Col. Dickinson. Wounded ?lightlj?Capt. Ian D. Blanding, Adjt. Jaa ( autey Company. Jl.?Killed?Capt. C. Wilder. Wounded nortally?Thos. black. Wounded severely?2d Lt S. Sumter, Corporal W. T. Norton, Privates B. Caugliman, 1 M. Smith. Wouudtdillghtly?C. II. Moody, E. Hunt, an. Dunn. Cumpuny It. ?Killed?Private W. R Davis Woundd severely?(Corporal E. C. I'ontell; Privates Thomas 'harlev L>. Mo Henry, James young. James Fauoett rVoundeil ulightly -Sergeant W. Curti?, Corporal A . Hood. Private* T. Cabill, J. Conn'r,T. E. Dallas, T. ) Eftea.J. M D. Hood, T. Robbing. S. Terrell. Company C.?Killed? Private Hitton. Wound?d severely?2d Lieut. R. S Billing*. Sergeant* (Jay. Ueor*H Vat<-r?; Corporals Onto . Horton; I'rivates Bradley, l?. \f....... aii-nttni. <1.1 uiul I V 1mi..I I lightly?Capt. It. S. Moffatt, Privates Ballard, Wooten, ' Iumphreys. Company D.?KilledI.ieut Davll Adams, Private rhom&s F. Tillman. Woundt'd severely?2d Lt. Ji.sepli Umey, Corporal W. B. Brooks, Privates Jumps Joff. J. .Vhittaker. J. Addison. F Posey, 11. J. Key, W K. Unhank. Wounded slightly? Privates J. Lark, K. Linking, t. Slomao. Company /'.- Wounded severely?Sergeants J. D. ValKer, J. M. Hicks; Corporal J. McCollum; Privates "ampson, Ilartman, Murk^u, Valentin*, Gilbert, Mackiy, Pratt, Woatberby. V'aniUf, Wanner Wounded ilightly?Corporal J. K Qiiinn, I'rivates Miott, Wright, i Company G ?Wounded severely? lit Lt J 11 Clark, i ^ Row. Corporal Mol'reight, Privj.teg M. Harper, P. H Reynolds, J McNeil, J l ain, W. B. MoCroight, VI. 11. Travis, M. B. Stanley, R J Barber, R. J. Gladney, 3. Alexander, Wm. Nelson. Wounded slightly-2d Lts. I W. Steen, J. It. Davis, Corporal Myers, Privates 8. F. Bone, 9. Camak. S. Nowwun, W. J. Sanders, W. M. Joodlet, J. Romedy. Com/inny H.?Killed ?Privates Timothy Kelly, flhedirk Wiggins. Wounded Severely?i'rivates J Kennedy, William Mooney, it II Corley, W S Johnson, W K Purs*. X Deolin, T Price, K Trioe, J B Cantwell, R Waddeil, I F Watte, W Barkelow. Wounded slightly?Capt W ) Desaussure, Sergeants II Beard, J L Perclval, J M ililler. T lleggg; Privates M Brown, II JCaughman. J ampbell, J T Lupe, K U Randolph, J D Stamford, I) 'ollock. Company K.?Killed?2d Lieut. W It Williams Private ohn SlaUery. Wounded mortally?Privates Bernard regan, J Baughmau. Wouuded slightly?Corporal W J Kaves. Company L. ? Killed Sarg't Ja* Dsnson. Wounded everely-Corp'l J A Speers; Privates W Shephard C iVood, M B 0'Neale,<> 11 Abney.M Clopton Wounded lightly?Privates U II Mat Ms. J Warner Total, 137. Fourth Divmio*?Oe."?. Quitmam. It port of the killed and wounded in lUe lit llegimmt U. S. Voluntetrt of New-York Col Ward B 11 urnutt, severely wounded; Sergeautilsjor Jeremiah lleilly. killed. Co. Killed ? I'rivate Benj Bennett. Wounded? !d Litut T W Sweeny^tverely; 2d LloutC 8 Coopirdo; Corporal Louis Albiu^h, dj; Privitss Janes M Boyln , lo; John S Drew, do; James Stacuiu, slightly Co. B.?Killed? Marg't. H. Von Romaiu. color bearer; >ergt. Louis Bovet; Privates?l)?vid luthbone, Peter kV'Usse. Wounded? Sorgt (/-art Bechtr, Mvervly; Cor>oral II. DarilonvilU, ?ligbtty; Trivatea?John E. Twe?ly, dangerously; L. Mulr, slightly; C. Piugolt, do; P. Sbeon, do.; George Daub. do. Co. li.?Wounded?Private ti. Spalding, slightly. Co. J5 ?Killed?Lieut K. Chandler; private. Jacob ruers. Wounded?1st Sergt. .O Fitzgerald, severely; rnvaies?James uraay, un.; i naries rtioinpftou,do; Jonn IL Leech do ; Francis Couroy, slightly; Munsen, do.; Armstrong, do ; Hoe, do ; Softrle, do ; S'owly, do. Co.F.?Wounded?Privates Jonh Boyle, severely; D. Costello, do.; P. MoCaun do.; Thomas Supple, slightly; William Tompkins. d?.; John Meyer, do. Co. O?Killed?Privates Hubert Devoe, Bernard Crummy. Wounded?IK Lient. < has. II. Innis, slightly; 1st jergt John Wilson, do.; Privates?Andrew Kline, severely; Wm. Hart, do ; Chis. Crapp, do.; Alex. K Fisk, lo.; Peter Farley, do; James Smith, do ; J as. McGill, lo.; Alex. Rodney, do.; Kdward Carr, do ; Adam Saun, lo ; Martin Kinney, do.; Nelson Barnes, slightly; Albert E. Dennis, do.; Bernard De Young, do.; John Shaw, do; I. Smith, do.; LottHwift, do.; Musician Patt Berry, do., I Co. //.?Killed : Private Wm. Allison. Wounded ; 1 !d Lieut. Jacob Griffin, Jr , slightly; Corporals?T. W. 1 Uray,slightly ; H. Moorehead, do ; Private,*?Jan Brady, I te.vnrely ; Wm. Brumagem, do; Robert Dyas, do ; John i rower, do; Wm Boyd, slightly ; Alfred Douerty, do; Kdward Fisher, do ; Cornelius Winter, do. Co. /.?Killed: Corporal Smith Harris ; Private Jsmes Murphy. Wouuded: ( apt. Morton Falrchlld. slightly ; id Lieut. Jas 1). Potter, severely ; Sergeant Kdward Cook, do; Privates?Kobt. l)ooley, vlightly; Saml. Gardner, do; Harry Like, do; Stephen streeter, do ; John Gardner, do ; Jos. Duffin do; Richard O/den, do ; Danl. Robertson, do; Jos. Krtukliu, do; Heury Phillips, do; Co A' ?Killed : Privates?Patrick Fagan, Henry Maxlain, Charles Foley. Wounded : ( apt <? Dyckruau. severely; 1st Lieut. James N McCabe, slightly; 'id Lieut; Corp'l Aim Morau. severely; Privates, Win. June*, do; James Bowsn, do) Jam*-s Toiukin*. do; Henry 8. Wood*, do; A Vau Allen, do; llandolph TutUe, do. Minting : John Cook. Killed?cemmittsioned officers, 1; non-eommi.isioned. I; privates, II. Wouuded?commissioned officers, t; non-commissioned, 'J; privates, (54. Missing?1 private 1'oial, 103. l)ranni?n attnchfd (? Hr/tH-Quarteri of Otn. Scott.? Llapt. Thornton, co. t>", 'id drag , killed ; l'bilip Kearney, 1st drag , wounded ; 1'hllip Mcllvynolds, 3d drag , do; Lieut. Graham. do; Privates?Cowden, jd drag, do I'atrick llart, 00 F., 1st drag., killed ; J110 Hitter, co. K, lo do; J*s McDonald, do do; Michael Bropby, do. do; \ugustus Delsi.l. 3d drag .killed or missing ; Kd. Curtis, lo., killed or missing ; Guo. Duver, do , killed. ACCOUNTS 11Y THE MEXICANS TilRMSRLVES. [From the Washington Union ] It is amusing to sen the aecounta which are given by ^be Mexicans themselves of the great battlo which wae fouiht near the walls of Mexico. We are indebted for Lhe two following letters to a gentleman of this city ? They were forwarded by an offlcerof distinction at Tampico, who obtained the Spanish copies at that place.? They were addressed to .Mexicans at Tainpico?the oue writteu from th < capital itself on the 21st August, and the other at ilu'jatla. between Mexico and Tampico, written on the 'ititb. They are sufficiently piquant, and very Interesting in the views which they preseut of the progre-s and result of the battle of Cburubusoo. City or Mkxico, Aug 31. I am In the blankest of humors; I am overpowered by the most profouni melancholy; the whole has gone to the devil. The Vankees, tho hateful Yankees, have triumphed, because our inefficient generals cannot even command four soldiers. Generals Valencia and Santa Anna have beon routed successively at the stone quarry of San Augel, and at the f hurubusco bridge; and Scott, with his ar?y, occupies the hacienda of Portales, distant Ave miles from here. That gang of miscreants would havo oconpied the capital to-day,Wut Gen Santa Auna.ln it is reporttn nrovunt auoh lunnmlnw lo th? natWtn *r% h-w? the hateful flag of the atars waring over the palsoe of the Montesumas, kit* deoidad on hearing Hi<? propoaals for peace from the United "tat?? commission! r, and a* a preliminary, to morrow they will discuss the terms of an armistice The commissioners on the part of our government are Generals Mora, Villamil and l^uijano. Malediction and etejnal hatred to the perveised, who have usurped the title of leaders of the nation only to head revolutions they promoted for their own aggrandizement, and to demoralize all classes of society. A treaty of pea?e appears to tne Inevitable, under the most shameful conditions to us; for. without an army of public spirit, which has been deadeued by olvil dissensions, and In the face of treasonable selfishness shown by the authorities of some of the States, what advantages is it possible to obtain from a proud enemy who is conscious of his power' I will not continue discussing this point, because I feel my soul is burning with despair. Poor country ! She has been buried in the nitre by those of her sons that he most distiogu^hed. Hum ati.a, August 30, 1847. I have learned the following from letters to the 31st, received from Mexico :? At diwn on the 19th, the enemy made false attaokson the farm of San Automto and on CburnbuKco, which is supposed they did ao as to execute their real mameuvre, which, as was afterwards seen, was to advance ou Tacubaya. This was done by sending their troops along the thickets and ravines betwuen Tlalpam and that town Valencia wss not taken una* ires, who, vou will recollect, wsi in rharife of that post, and wan timely advisei by his explorers of the advance of the eneuiy. a nil therefore, received them with a terrible tlra of artillery and musketry. When the enemy found they were diseovered, they took the direotion ot the height*, where our were placed, sustaining an active Ore from their infantry, aided by sor-.e artillery shots, with the object of succeeding iu getting up ; but every time they attemnted it. tiiev W"r?. i b< eked and disordered bv our tror |.?, ?u l Immediately ilireatenud to charge with the bayonet, which mi liever (lone. They, therefore, retreated four time* to the ravine. where they kept their referee, nod whence th'-y returned organised and reinforoed The day was i-|?> tt. lu this manner. It is oaloulated the enemy loot in t.i. Ir attempts more than one thousand men. repeatedly asked for .aseinlance, or to call the altuiitlon of the enemy, that he might flank them, but waft always answered iu the negative. Notwithstanding. at 3 P. M . one of our divisions *w sein flanking tiie enemy with 4,000 infantry, 1,000 cavalry, and 6 field pieces, commanded by (ieu Santa A una This so intlmllatod Soott that ho showed by hie manoeuvres a disposition to retreat, but when he saw that Ihe said division had remained as pimple spectators, he returned to the charge until the close or the day. In the early part tf the night, Ueneral Santa Anna inarched t? < hurabusco, and the enemy, who knew this movement, sent the greater part of tlmlr force to the rear of Valencia's ; and as this general had no Information of the withdrawal of General Santa Anna.slackened Ills vigilance in that quarter. And at the dawn tf the 20th he found himself hemmed in by tue enemy, who reinforced with iioOO men, charged along the ravine with uoh fury that they were not intimidated at our soldier* sherglng them with the bayonet; on the contrary, when our in,ops advanced, theirVfell upon the artillery, ol srhlch tliry possessed themselves, along with the auiiuu aition, trains, fcc ? dispersing 800# who remained. It appear* our loaa in this action amounted to 400 tilled, and more than 1000 prisoners On the afternoon of the 19th, (Jeneral Raogel left Mexico with a brigade of #000 men, and orders to reinforce Valencia or attack the enemy In the direction the former might think proper ; hat on the road he reoeived Inatruotlona from General Bant* Anna to remain In Has RK H NING, SEPTEMBER 18, 1

Vogel until further orders. As Valencia w?b posted on 1 ' he hills ami farm of i ontreras, he knew nothing of this ! an: broe Tha remnants of this general's forces, pursued tat iv the enemy, joined Hang-In. who, as soon as he knew toi if the defeat, counter marched to the ofUdel. In thts re) itfair we lost 20 pieces, most of them of heavy calibre, an ,11 the train, ammunition, ho. that came from Hau Luis ; sat md. above all. the nauin of military men. which, until ho low. we had well or badly borne (jnneral Scott inline- in liately fell on Snn Vutouio. aud bef re mid-day he was we nolosting our troops with the artilUry he took at Con- lee ;rer?s, wiiich. united with his own, aud the whole main tel x>dy of his army?emboldened by a triumph which, in 1 ny opinion, they had not even dreamed < f? routed ours a t n a moment, but so shamelully. that at the first tire they . of ;ook the furrn with all the ammunition uud park of artif- j ca ery, which, it is *ald, they spiked ; and from that very th jlace they went to attack Churubuioo. Here the by ittack whs vi ry brisk on both sides, both parties losing hi nany men On our part, we have lofct battalions ye Independence and llravo, of the Natlnual Guard ? ti< (onreely 400 11five beeu rallied of 1300 forming No. II loi 1'he 1th light infantry was destroyed, a' d nearly the j th whole of the company or legion of St. Patri'k; the fow ed :liat retuaiued were the folks i o of thu Vittoria bat- co talion ?who were the lust to retr> at The unumy, there- Oi tore, took possession of the post at 5 P. M., after having wl obtained four victories. These they have, in spite of pr the unskilfuln-ss of our general, purchased at a very pi high price, because, It Is said, the'.r dead amount to more bt th?n 3000. Notwithstanding thi i, they advanced as far wl tsthfc farm of Tortales, distant one aud a half leagues, p? when they lortltled themsnlves believing they would be It attacked on the '21st This was not thu o se; because u; that day was employed in g">lng in und out of the gstes, gi and in talking a great deal. Ou the afternoon of the V 2lst, there were quartered at the palace, the liattaliou of w Sur Mornlia. the remnants of the 4th light Infantry Vio- n toria, and the Orunadiers of the Supreme Tower, and />< many ammuuitiou wagons, aid some artillery, of which el we had too mUjjji left in the direction of Chapultepeo.? ui It w sil't a niiiHte on th? enemy whs expected this night. j> Ihwever (his General Santa Jlnnn moved for an ar- n niitice. t\e termi of mhicK will have hren discwted ?n C 'he '2'2d. At ft preliminary to this, Hen Santa Ann* d >lie red to lisun tri the proposals of peace from the Uni- vi :eJ State* uiMnmixidoner. In order to arrange the ar- it nistice, tn*?rj.1 m Mora, Villamil. and Quljano vreru ap- it jointed. So fir, we kuow unions the killed are (ienerals ai I'orrejon. Ktantera aud Mexia. nnd Col. Perdijon; and ic imoug th<? prisoners. Bravo. (ioreeten*, Kincon, Oozn- to nan, and Parrodl, and Captains 'i'abnra and Choaa, and fr Vlajor I'om; but there 1h no doubt there are a grrut a nany of both. The capital win iu the greatest couater- h( nation. u? ANOTKKK ACCOUNT?FItOM AN AMERICAN OFFICER. hi TaCUB AtAt (iu full view of the city of Mexico, J August -J4, 1317. ) The army left Puebla on the tfth of this month. and. 'u fW atV-w d*y? inarch, reached Ayotla, immediately on .he margin of the valley of Mejtloo Untweeu tliid place ca md the city, about four miles distant, we knew there Pc was ??troug fortified position, called St I'inou; it in a luiall isolated inouutain, surrounded by water, on one dde Of the principal causeways leading to the city. Afer sp-:idin;{ a diy <>r two in reconuour-iDg this place, ot md which it would have caused a great Iom of lit* to live taken, it was a>certftino 1 that there was a prai fcca- ttl >le rotd Math of l.ake (halco The Geueral defernlned to tAlft this route, and put the army in motion, *u Having out-division to watch the enemy in our rear. "r I'he march Wis a dreadful one,It being the rainy season. o1' rhe road wp. iu many plaoes, where It pa??es at the r" 'oot of the Mountain* and on the margin of the lake or larrow c.iufew iy, nearly covered with water, and ex- -j-j iMsively uniddy; at others it was oyer rooky spaoes of ,h" mountains,and in places entirely obstructed by huge :ooks, rolled down by tho eneuiy; but nothing seemed to tj, lamp the ardor of the army?all obstacles vanished be- a[ 'ore them. In two or three days, when the whole army ivas Id motion, they could bo seen from the front, itretched out over a distance of seven or eight miles ? On the 18th, the Ueueral reached a small town called San Auguslln. about twelve miles south of the city, the ending division having arrived there the day before. Den. worth had plaoed his pickets in advance for the irrlval of the General, lie ordered the whole division ., ,, ,. i t ? 1/ .. ,.. .. , ,,f - |. i. ... ,.1,,., itrlking distance of a strongly fortified plaee called San Antonio, aud alio that reconnoitrolng parties ihould be prexsed forward still in advanae; the piwty was supported by a squadron of cavalry and a battalion of infautry. A. In pausing to the front, I lound that a troop which had been placed as a picket had gone forward; aud as 1 oame up with it, it mado a turn in the road which brought it ri in full view of the enemy's battery, which opened upon f< theui. The first tire killed Capt. ,Thornton, mangling ii his body in tho most horrid manner. The ball, a sixteeu li p iunder, atUrwards struck the road, aud litrrally cover- li od ine with mud and fragments of stone, one of which c made a slight bruise on uy right thigh. A guide i was knocked from his horse within Hire feet of mo, with a shocking wound in the head by a pleco of stone J It is thought he will recover, but with the loss of an eye <] The reoonuoistance was continued right aud left, with I some hopes of storming the battery that afternoon ; but o night and tho rain oanie on, and It was given up. Very p early the next morning, 1 discovered from the top of the house in which we were quartered in Han Augustiu, a K large body of the eueicy, some W,00lt or 16.01HI. on our h left., about three miles distant. The General had order- ti ed reoonuoissances in that direction towards Han Angel, h whom I reported to him He immediately ordered two o divisions forward under Pillow aud Twiggs, and followed t soon after himself. The enemy were found in an en- o trenched camp, at a place called Contreras, with 20 pie- u cm of artillery, some of them very heavy siege pieces.? The attack commenced at noon, and the tiring continued incessantly until d.irk, when It ceased on both sides, our t troops maintaining their ground,and occupying a village o near by. During the afternoon we watched the differ- p ent movements of ou' troops with the most fearful anx- f iety, aud could plainly see one ot our columns resist m t cbaigu of a large body of cavalry, and the (MCJ failing from their saddles and taking to their heelrf, or rather t to their horse's heels. During the whole of the light,we v could see on the right a body of at least ten thousand ? infantry, aud cavalry In reserve, toward* tho city : but I; they bad not the courage to advance, although Santa t Anna himsrlf was said to be there. Tht att.u k was or- e dered to be renewed at 3 o'clock next morning, and the li General returned to Hau Augustin. He left at an early a hour, taking with hint (Jen. Worth's and one-half of his division as a reinforcement; but en route he was met ( by an ofllcer, who reported that the batteries had been a carried by our troops in m most gallant style, Ctl. Kiley j leading the assault. As lie approached ttie si ens of action t it seemed most incredible how ear men got over the p ground to the attack. It was over immense mas*e? of lav?, ti thrown up in the roughest, sharpest, possible shapes, and ti covered with dense brushwood. Streams lutd to be crossed and deep ravines ; and most of them having passed almost incredible thai tliey should be able to 4rlve ilou- '> ble their number# from a battery of :|.'i henry gun*. The ? se.ene of tho arrival of the General wt?# most exciting ? I'lio cheering of the troops left to protect thn property taken, and their delight on seeing lilin was very gratify p ing. .<1 any of tho guus taken hare been added to our ? siege train. The amount of ammunition taken exceed- 0 ed by three times the whole which we brought from Ve- t ra Cruz, so that we are all well provided. Hut the great- 1 ft caute of exultation wat Me recapture of two of our t own gum,brought from Huena Vitta, the last battle of ' Ufnml Taylor. When I saw the United Statos on them, 1 1 felt lifcu ilmuouuting aud embracing them, Whit ii f remarkable about tbeir recapture, it teai malle by the \th o artillery, to ichich rrfiM'M they formerly belonged? " They, with other small captured pieces, were lm:nedi- r ately fitted up a* a light battery, noi the captain < (Dunn) who took them, in command of it The Gene- ' ral. when he received the intelligence of this victory, " sent*ieneral Worth back to make demonstration on * Man Antonio, whilst he, with the portion of the army " which was pressing the enemy, should get in its rear. I c will not stop to describe the scene on the Held of battle. " On leaving it the road was literally strewed with dead v Mexicans, arms, broken oarrlagos, fan. In passing a P bridge, 1 looked over and saw the bodies of e.t least twen- 11 ty, piled one on tho other, and the bank of the stream ' was strewed with thorn, aud it was some distance before we got out of sight. doing on, wo came to a courch, in ' which were conllued TiHi prisoners. The General halted a low minutes, and addressed the officers Vefy Kindly.-Vnmugit theui reru lour generals. Ilo th'-n hurried out ' to join tho pursuing army We came up with them at 1 tian Angel, where they had halted. An the General 1 paesedulong the line It was one continued fhout. After j 1 a few minutes, we parsed on to a village called Coyoca- 1 can, whero we heard tiring on our right, about two miles 1 ofT, in the direction of rtau Antonio The General 1m- j mediately sent me, with Captain Kearney's troop, In naceitain the state of affairs. We galloped on, atid ' on approaching the place, I found that Worth bad ' turned the place by both flanks, and driven the enemy ' 1 from it.mid i?a.? l? hot pursuit I returned to the Gene- < ral as <jui< kly I had gon< j and a8 I fa*oped ftlong ' I beaid a bn*k hring in troni When I reached lilt" I ' < rouuu that lie ??< lHTC|Jy eugagcd with the enemy at , ' another strongly entrenched position- Han i'ablo. I This action hinted more than two hour*. and the liring 1 ' wan more general. aud more continuous than any I had ' heard yet '1'hM eu?iny'? grape and cam*ter tlew likn ? bail, and the Are of our infantry wan one continued " volley. ? aptain Taylor'.-battery wa* obliged to retire, !> in* roo*t sadly crippled?loet two officers.a great rainy ' uj. n and left tlx* field with only two hor*e* to a Kuoi ' but the enemy. although behind etitr. nchment*, with 1 heavy gun*, could not witbitand thn impetuosity and ' < valor of our troop*. The place wan carried by assault, 1 aud the whole armament, aud a great, number of primmer* wi re taken. In the meantime, Worth having hotly pursued the enemy, came up with htm at another fortitied place In advance of Han I'ablo, called < hurubnueo; aud, after an obstinate reeiitanoe, carried It, made 1 many priHonerx, aud drove the enemy before htm. The ' dragoon* pursued, and followed him to the very gate* ' of the city. Two officer* are said to have beeu killed 1 inHde the entrenchment* Of the gateway. Thus ended ( thr day; and I think you wilt agree with me that it wai a loltrolly active onr?four diitinct hattlei having hem t fought and wo?, and the enemy oufnu nbering u< it*?eh t at liail three to four timet. They aeknowle ge to have had thirty thousand men In the field on that dav; aud yet we drove them on every occasion, aud in the end. "j made more than twenty-three hundred prisoner* among ttiem seven of tueir principal general*, and about lorly pleora of cannon Our loss, I am sorry to ' say. ?? may be expected, ha* l>?eu very great It msy ' posaiUly leach one thousand Killed aud wounded, but the ruturna are not yet In; but enough 1* known to satisfy u* that we have lost many very valuable officer*. I Among the prisoner* taken, I waa mortilled to see be- , o tween fif'y and seventy deserter* from our;armv, with 1 the Mexican uniform on. A court 1* lu eesslon to try f them, and I truat that many of them will be punished. , It is pretty well knuwn, from I heir poeltion In the battle ^ at Han Tablo, that a volley troui them killed and wounde<l six tee* out of aeventeen of the *econd Infantry, includlng an officer, aud leaving one officer (the adjutant t of the regiment,) itandiny [ERA ;S47. There are many of our friend*. I am sorry to iay, long the killed and wouuded ; but 1 can hardly unu'rate them now. Young < aptain Hanson. of Wa*hia?i was killed Colonel Butler, of the South Carolina (irnent wan killed : Smith, badly wounded In the arm d thigh; hop** are entertained that hi* arm may be >ed. Lieut. irons shot through the windpipe, blight pea of hla recovery. Cajit. Phil. Kearney, lo?t hi* arm the charge toward* the gate* of the oity; he 1* doing ill There are other*, no doubt, which I cannot recol!t at thi* moment; but many that we are equally inre*ted In are *afe. llagner aud Gait are both *afe 'l'he next morning, the General, leaving a hoapital and (arrifton in Sau Augustin. set off with a determination reaching thi* place before night. Halting at Coyoan a short time to allow time for hi* various order* for o movement of the troop* to be executed, ht wm mrt a tl'g from the citu, anking termi. After makiug s reply, the bearer of the flag, a geueral of engiueer*, ry civilly proposed to the general, knowing hi* intenm of coming her *, that if ho would halt a few hour* nger he would request hi* government to aend wurd to j e castle of Chapultepec not to flreon us in we approachi. But the (ieneral replied that it was bl* Intention to | me here, and he would take the risk; and on he went ' u approaching the town, the (ieneral sent me forward ith an order to Col. Harney, of the dragoons, to take >s*ession of it. and make the neoessary disposition of : ckota, Uc., and wait the arrival of General Worth, | 'fore unsaddlinz hi* horse*. We rodu into towu I Ithout molestation ; but a troop which had accoinluied Captain Lue, iu ailvancH, had preceded OS.? was lucky for us that Chapultepec did not Are [>ou UK; lor the town it iu perfect rang.t of its ins, and might havo knocked us into a cocked hat. .'orth'H division did not arrive until near dark, and u had none bnt dragoons with us. The tame eveing another flag wat received fr?tn the city. I will not retend to give the object!. Several have been inter'mngtd finer; and I am happy lo my. that an mrmiitice at this day agreed upon, with the object of negotiating >r a peace. The (rim* were dictated by the (fenerat, nd every thing lootteas favorably at may be. 'I he reneral very magnanimously, and very discreetly, no oubt, too, dm not atk a surrender of the city, ut it it irtually under hit control: and, to have taken the army to it, would have been productive of Rome trouble, as would be next to impossible to control the troops. We re occupying the Bishop's Palace, a huge pile of buildigs, with mugni&oent gardens attached, but as uncomrtablu as can be, there being no furniture. The view om here, though, is beyond description. Chapultepec, little on the left, looks frowning down upon us with its 'ivy guns; and the city, with its innumerable spires, larly surrounded by water, is directly iu front, liut I ive not space for further description. Thuk Magnanimity.?The New Orleans Delta, in deriblug the gruat battle before .Mexico, relates the l'olwing incident: ? The force of (Jen. Smith was not strong enough to ,rry thu enemy's works, and at the same tinn t" hold ifnession of the village of Kusaldo; but fortune favors e brave; for while he was preparing for tiie attack, sn. Shields reported bis near approach with the Mouth trolinaand New Vork volunteers Ueu. Shields, though itranking lien. Sunth, had too much magnanimity to sum* the command, or to pluck the bright laurels tout to be gathered by a brother soldier in carrying one the enemy's strongholds, and accordingly he moved ibjeot to the command of (Jen. Smith (Jen. Shields' igade was then placed in the village of Knsaldo, to cut F the enemy's retreat from Contreras, or to take the serve of tha enemy in tlauk, if he should change his out. JK FORCE OF GENERAL SCOTT BEFORE THE CITY or mexico. We havo seen a statement of the forces, taken from te Mexican paper now published in the city of Puebla, id wiiioh is believed to be substantial/ exact, it is ius : Brought by Scott to Puebla .7500 men. Volunteers arrived with Pillow 2000 do do do Cadwalladvr U;00 do do do Pierce '2000 do Total number arrived 14000 Sick, deserters, ko 1500 (Jarrison left In Puebla 1000 ? 2500 do Force which marched upon Mexico 11,500 do FFA1R3 AT VKRA CRUZ?MA.IOR LALLY's COMMAND. I [Kram the New Orleans Picayune Sept. !> ] The health of Vera Cruz is fast improving. Kor seve ill days betore tlie Mary Mngsiaud leu, mere were but. ow new cases of vomito, Had the inhabitants were debatng the necessity of quarantining vessels from New Orsans. Thu Xu/iiMti, a clam ot the inhabitant* who lave had much to do with th<> sanitary condition of thu ity ninot) it was iirst formed, are represented to be urgug the uiuueure with great earnestness. Thu Spanish Ambassador arrived at Vera Crua on thu 1st ultimo, and wad to embark for England tile next Ay, on the British mail steamer, on his return home, le is understood to hare b?B recalled In consequence f his intrigues to establish a monarchy in Mexico, aud lave the Duj de Montpensier on the throne. It is said that the governments of bath K ranee and England disavow having entertained his scheme Had e b?en successful. they would not hXVe been so anxious ) disclaim his acts llis Kicelleney's equanimity must ave b-en considerably disturbe 1 by an incident which ccurred within a few miles of Vera Cruz. A squad of apt. Hairchild's company of Hangars happening to bo n a scout, espied a body ot Mexican landers in a valley, dvancing along a road from the city of Mexico. The men had not forgotten the tate of some of their ompanions wha accompanied Captain Wells to the Naional Bridge. Thirsting for vengeance, they were soon hurglng down the hill with sabres drawn. As they apiroucbed tho Mexicans, a gentleman wassef n to spring rom a litter borne by a pair of mules, aud endeavoring ty gesticulations and speesh, to keep the squad otf. home few of the boys who understood Spanish, learned hat the gentleman who was making such a liberal use if arius and tongue, was no less a personage than the Spanish minister, and that tba lancers wero sent with uni from the oity of Mexico. The s.juad mistrusted born might be some trickery in the matter, an J escortd the party to the gate of the city, where His excelancy, followed bv a numerous trai.i of inules, entered, ,nd the lancers wfieeled about andni:ide their w?y bank Letters from Mexicans at Jalapa rec-ived at Vera rui, state that ( apt Walker, with a dotac imeut of bout 300 men from Terete, arrived there on the 35th or tHU uit., and met Major there According to bene Mexican letters he committed great outrages on ersons and property; but the probability is, he diJ nobing more than chastise the lubabitants for the uheli?r and aaaittance afforded the guerillas by them, AFFAIRS IN THE CITf OF MEXICO. We lay before our readers the following letter of the itest date from the ?'itj of Mexico. It was written by m LuglLsh commercial house- ? Mruro, Aug. -JO, IS 17. On the 19th, at I'J o'clock, the piece of artillery In the laxa wh fired to aimouuce the approach of the .\merian army from I'uebla. Commerce was Immtdiately losed and all ren to take up arms and to prepare to meet he enemy,aud ail pr"he?led victory. On the rah. about o'clook, the tiring commenced In the ptdrrgal boween San Angel and Contreraa, in the airectlon of lalpam, where Uen. Valencia took up Ills position with, hey say, about WM10 inen and'J 1 pieq?s of artillery. The irlng of artillery oonlinued until dartt. On the morning >f the 10th the action commenced in real earnest, and in > very short time the whole of Valencia's army were unning in full rout in all directions, leaving their rbole artilier; Ou the ground in posHersion of the enemy. The Americans followed up the victory and successively .Hacked the different fortifications situated iu the haoinda of S?n Antonio, Churubusco, Mexitwlcingo. Sto , o that at 'J o'clock of the same day the whole affair was oncluded, the Americans occupying Tialpam, Man Ingel, < .burubusoo, Sic , Stc. The amount of killed and rounded on both sides is not known yut, but It Is supposed to be considerable on the part of each, as there is io doubt but that the Americans bave suffered severely tumor says luOO will scarcely cover the loss, ('aula Luna puts the whole blame ou Valencia, in not obeying lis orders, and the friends of Valencia say that bautu Vnua dM not support hiiu on the morning of the JOth. There are about |ft,000 or, 'J0 000 Mexican troops in lie city, and unless an honorable peace Is entered into .bey will bave another brush, lint my opinion Is at| kill be settled, if it wis not previously understood. 'J he justness houses continue closed. 1 herewith send you :h*> Oiaritt,which contains the moit important particuars up to date. The A me dean trooj'i now In Tacubaya. San Angel, San Agualin, fco. The opinion nl the" hotter anil our countrymen among them, i*that a peace will be concluded. An affair look place ye*terday aorning about Ml o clock,in the Piaia Mayor ISO wagon* :ame from Tacubaya for provision*. uuder the *rmi* Ice, cortod by Mexicau troop* - winch they hity w?a *ent to .he jilafia i ? uilntake?auii on returning to where they 'houhf h^?? none,tile mob commenced crying " .Vuerr lui Vinkrtt. " and throwiuf Atone* at the defencele** tagouer*; and though escorted l>K Mexican troope, founded fteveral of the teain?terit and even *oine of the loldier*. We were fearful hh to IU conm fjuence*. but it ippear* from account* received thl* morning from 1'acubaya that nothing farther need be apprehended, M it aeem* (Jen Hcott I* satisfied that the Mexican tuthoritien did all they could to put clown the mob rheoomialii*toner* appointed on tb? part of th? Mexi:an* to treat willi the Vmericans are lii'ti Herrera. (Jen. Hor?, Uon Bernardo Cout", ari l Hon Mig'i Atrisuln. I NCI DK,N TS, KTC. [From the N. <? U?lt?, *opt ? ) Col. Child*. Ooveroor of i'uebla, ha* issued a proclanation under date of ^ust 13th, commanding the inlahitant* to keep within their house* in caae of alarm. )y the *aoie proclamation, we perceive that ' apt. W. C, Je Hart, of the -'i artiliory, in appointed Ltout. Oovern>r of I'uebla. Sixty men of Captain J. J. Connolly'* company of nounted men, from thia city, arrived at Vera Crux on he Jilt ult ; al*? live companiua of IllinoU volunteer* Senor Atocha ha* publi*hed a letter In the Sun of Inahuae, defending himself from the charge* of the 'Jrlla anil I'irayunt. The editor of the Sun of .'InnKnur ha* *een a letter llrected to hi* Kxceilency l.lisut Oenerai Mariano I'aede*. commanding the national arrniefl, Kingdom of lexlco. We perceive that ( apt. Walknr, In an expedition to alapa. eatiaed several Mexican* to be (hot who bad been oncerned in the murder of American* The Sun oj Jlnnhunc state* that Paredea wa* pre*ent rith (ien Valencia, at the battle of t 'ontrera*. and ?luted in ordering and directing the movement* and miloeuvring of the command. One of our Vera Cru* corre*pondenU, in a recent leteT, in speaking of Com Perry. *av?:?I received new* i?re a few dayi ago, that on Com. Perry' return to th? LD. Price Two C?nti< .4 A. squadron at AWarado, he found that two stilors twloac* In* to Um "quvJro., had h?n kili.d on ,horu by Mexicans. Without. however. wattlo* to^ut-r iuto aov explanation with the authority. th? subU.-t the Commodore immediately went to work, hud tlie alcalde arrested, aud lnl'orm?d him that hi-, would te h>Id responsible for all suoh act* in future; but, in th< present instance he would merely require the payment ot Vi'> >0 for the use of the widows of the two men who w?re inu-d'red it is needle."* to add that the money wan immediately paid over, and will he I >rwar<i?J ?t. on to Its destination. Coin P. being iuformed that the jail had b?en broken into and a quantity of ootton? S'Jtnu fifty bale*?which wait seixed at, or a short time previous to, the time of the bombardment of this por' wan taken out of the stores belonging to the V. S lioyermnent, immediately sent word to the authorities, tiiat if the cotton wax not ai ouce forthcoming. he would set tire to two Mexican ships lyiog there, aud if that win iti.<uffli'ieot t'sr his olject. he would raze the towu forthwith. The eo'.ton was soon produced, and fhipped for Vtr? < rux. The heart of eyery LouieianUn will throb with emotions of pride and joy an he reads of the brilliant and conspicuous part which our ^alUnt fellow citizen, Ueu. Per*) for K. Smith, took in the late severe a no bloody battles before tho city of Mexico lie wan. beyond all competition or oontradiction. the hero of the battle of Coutreras. Ilia cool and masterly uiameuvre*. aud Intrepid d'-meanor in action, are the tlieae of univeraol praise. The intrepid dngoon officer, ('apt. Seth B Thornton, who was the first to begiu thin wur, wa?. alat-1 the first to sacrifice hin life in the lute march of our army from Puebla. 'J he circuuistauces of hin death will he found fully detailed In the letters of our correspondents. Llk* Col. Uutler, he left a bed of Birkut-fH. to meet the fo?, upon whom ho warmly desired to aveuge the treachery by which he had beea betrayed in the oomtuencemaut of this war. He waa killed by a cannou ball, In a reconnaissance, several days before the battle. We knew Seth Thornton well. He wan a companion and schoolmate of our earlier days, and a braver a d mora warm hearted houI never auiinated a human train*. 11? wax born la C aroline county, Virginia, and at hin death wan about thirty-three yearn ot age. Young sh he wan, his life had been a checkered and eventful one We doubt whether there is any man now living who has panned lately through bo many and such imminent perila and trial* aa have marked the lite of Capt Thornton Home yearn ago he wan a passenger, when nuite a youth, ou the 111 fated Pulaski; and when that nieauier look lire, he wsh nearly the last to leave her. When others thought only of saving their own lives, be thought ouly of saving th? lives of the fair women and children ou board. When all the passengers had been sent tiff in boats aud ou spars, Captahl Thornton, having tlrst securely tied ilia body to a hen-ooop. threw himself into the sea. Whilst in ihe water, he picked up several men, whom he also sucoeeded iu fastening to the coop, aud thus they floated tor many a long sod.weary hour, i xposed to a hurtling sun. and without ? particle ot food Una by one hid onipunioni dropped olf, and perished 10 the sea. Thornton only rcuialued; and at ladt, famished and vduced to a state ?f raving insanity, he wai picked up hy souio boats aud taken ashore, hor a long time h<s life was in great danger from a delirium aud lever, cousetjuent upon his int?use sufferings and exposure. Hut he recovered, and th? time we hear of him Is in the Florida war. where he pMSed through mauy extraordinary perils, and ui*uo,(iiinhi d himself as a most gallant and active otitucr. lu the beginning of tliis war, (.'apt. Thornton WuH selected by Ueu. Taylor for a very delicate anil difllcult duty, the full uature and results of whioh ate familiar to our readers, l.tst summer, being relieved from duty, he cxma home ou u short visit, nut as soon as he reached W:ishiegton, earnestly entreated the War Department to allow him to take the Held of active operations His wish was granted, and he hnrrled back, to the scene ot war, aud eag-rly sought an opportunity of uintiiipiiiniiiuk liiu-'-u ' i .jvi u.-Jii, iu the front of danger, &ntl reckless of all perila and obstacles, was by uo menus phymcally a vljjoroua or rnuacular man iiu the contrary, he w,m of small and delinat? structure, and of weaiily uoniitltullou. But his bold and manly spirit made nun always ready to daro every danger anil assume the most trying and perlloua positions which oould be pointed out to hnu but alaa! poor Seth?he is gone?out oil, not an hut brave heart panted for, In the glorious oontllot of arm*, at the head of hia bold Dragoons ? hid bloody sabre (laming iu the sunbeams,and the trlghtenca foe flying before hisavenglDg arm - but iu a mere reconnoisaiiur, by an accidental cannou shot, and when do enemy was in sight, his bravo spirit was loosened from its mortal tenement; and thus ho fell, with his face to the foe, i'eace to his wanes -immortality to his memory. The death of Col fit-roe M. Butler. the gallant South Carolinian, the representative on the bloody tleld of Churubuaoo, of as noble a race of heroes us any oountry has produced, will create a profound aud extended sorrow iu this couutry. lie hat been fur a long time a ! outiHplcuoW aud prominent cltiaen of Soutll Carolina, and was noted for his grrat lesolution aud Indomitable courage lie possessed military qualities of th? hlgheat order, and gave promine uf great suuoess and diatiuutiua in a career which, alar! terminated at its very commencement. Col. Butler had been very ill for several days previous to the battle, but when he heard that the I'a.inetto Hag was going 'into tli? tight unaccompanied by him to wiiose special charge it had been oummlttsd, he brooke loose from Ills physicians, ahaudoued his alck couch, and weak, ghastly, aud almost fainting, mounted his oharger, aud pinoud himself at the head of his regiment. With such au example, men tar less ardent aud gallant than the South (. arolintaus. would have beeu prompted to deeds of anperhumaa daring. But there wan no hucii iuciiem< ui accennsry u> luiyi >r imu ui the " Harry Hotspur of the Union," an I'reulm onoe styled the gallant 1 almetto State. to the moot brilliant and conspicuous display of military inalitie*. 1 heir services are fully noted la another part of our paper.? Col lluUt-r, though twice badly wouuded. aud weighed dovru by faiuluiiNti and Ions of blood, maintained his position until a tliiru wound caused hi* death Lieutenant Col LMokinson, who wkh the Orel officer wounded at VeraCrua. al*o*lguali*?d hi* valor ou occasion, and wan a^ulu badly wouuded. Wo notion with much pain that Col. Morgan, the gallant officer who lately coinmanded, with ao much ilUtinction, the J<i regiment of Ohio volunteers, we* badly wounded lu the Ute battle* Col. Morgan n <ju?te young man, but U one of the moat f-arie** aud daring men iu our army. Hu *a.< the officer who, in nommaud of a xmall body of reluutters, last wiuter defeated Urrea. at the head of a large force of .Mexican horae. lie lias gnat military talent*. He wan lately appointed by the President to the Command of one of the new ten regiment*; aud it wa* at the lo-ad of hi* regiment that he wai eevrely wounded in the late battle. Lieut. J one*, who acted a* aid-de-camp of (fen. Cadwallader, died of the wounds received in the engagement! of the M?th and ioth August. M IMTAItlf INT*!.LICENCE. lien. Patterson, Col. Abercromble and Maj, Win H. Polk, U.S. A arrived here, eveniug before lant, by the railroad, rn rwitr for Mexico.- Alanlgumriy (Ala ) Journal, oj KM It i* elated that the " Rangers" and the '-Ouards.* two roropanie* from ' ovington, in thi* State, are to M ro-organised for the purpose of returning to Mexloo. iloth companies signalled themselves at Hueua Vista.? St. Lout Union, lUih init. NAVAI, INTF.I.UaENCE. The Tf. s frigate United State* wa* spoken, no dftt given. In lat I i>4 N , Ion 6 44 F. , lrom I'rmces Island, Africa, hound to windward. We learn from the Nary Department that the report* in circulation concerning Hie I nited states bomb vessel Hecla and her officers, are not correct The Heclft, Lieut. Kalrfax commanding in entering the river of Al arado ou the night of the 14th ult., got ashore on the bar, although she had a pilot on board; but she wa* got attoal without any serious injury None of her ollcers were lost.? ll'uihingtnn Union, Srpt. 10. i'ollce Intell Jlrrrtt of a Burglar. ? Officer* Shadbolt and Jftcqnef. of the I'lth ward, arrested on Thui*day night a V'ung men calling himself Thomas Jones, on a ohsrge of bar gl?r|ou?ly entering the watchmaker * store occupied by Mr ilichard Murphy, situated at -i" t <>rand street. it appear* that about 0 o'elrok on that evening. Mr Murphy left the man for ft (hart time, locking the door _?f t''r him, 'iiit] upon hix return JlMon-foJ two tnieTes inside, who had e?i'l?ritly en tared with a false key. An alarm wit* Ht once given, nil I'll the rascals bolted from th??tor*, And after a lorn? chase th? f>flloer/i auccc?ded in ?n-"sllDi{ .IntirD, the other making good bi* mcijio.? Justice Kricham locked him up for trial Dtmr l-tlit Howl <'Soiera Doudinan and ItafTerty, ^ of till- ?th ward, arrested yesterday two women by the naioaf of Juli* lbman keeper of riousn No, -J3 Itendo street, and f.oui*a I' Ifarriaon, keeper of houie No. aO Hade dtrees; both of whom are Indicted hy the Grind Jury. on a eb ?rga of kee^inn a disorderly house and a common resort for prostitution. Held to bail In th? .sum of to answer th? charge Htibhing a Honm Milt -Officer Splcwr, of the Bth ward, arrested a man by the nam* of Obadlah Y.v na, on a ''barge of stealing from a room unU by the nama of William (>roTra, a email amount of money, toolbar with sereral article* of clothing Detained by the umgfstrate for a further hearing Hrcetvmg Hloli n Uoodi-- Olltc?r Prince Joh? Davla of the lower police, arrested yesterday, tha notorious Mary Read, keeper of a groggery on the Ki?e I'olnts, ot> a bench warrant issued by ihe Court of Hesaiona, ahe> having hi cu indicted by tha grand jury on a charge of buyiug stolen goods, knoa lug the rnuia to be stolen Hha was hald to hail In tha i>um of >li>Of?, In default of which she was committed to the Tomb* f i im??r i.i.wne. of l lie Third ward, ar r>'Kt<vl yratrrdajr, a iiimi <*aili*d < irurg? Thompaon, on * aharga of utraliu* 1 pair of K*1tT bootn and four bundim of *h - ?tring*, lot which nn otner 1* wanted. Apply to Mr 'now. cl?rk at the I'ollc* < >tJlo?, Tomb*. Hithhinn a Starr. t?omr pereon enlerml the rtore occupied by Mr Kaapp, No. MQKulton atre^t on WrdneeJay I a* t and atoU from thratorv (lateral pur??a,tog?ther with a } !> oountcrfrit bill, on th? ULanif'ord Bank. Connecticut, and no clue *?* hbtalnail of the thief until Inat night, a boy hy the nama of (Near liogart, waa arr?*tfd iu tbajsim flic, endeavoring to procure the exchange of th? idtnUcal V< bill, atoluo from Mr Kuapp liuiiicaOalioina o tuimltUd him on the charge of robbing tb? store S/f tiling a Vrfit - Oflrer < ronett, on* of Justice Osborne's aids at tha Tombs, arreattd, yesterday, a Spaniard sailed (Jrroinin* l.auiberty, on a cliargw of stuaiing a blue biaca silk dr??s from Mary M?eley. r?"ldlt g at J84 South Fourth street, Williamsburg!), valued at >i0 Justice Osborn* locked hlin up for trial Prtil Coruc^u of tha ?th Ward, arrested jvntardty old tbi?f i allad Jolin ( N? U, whom ha found on tin* Kit" Point*, endeavoring to aall a pair of wag n cushions, valued at tth* property of Hiohard Wrl#ht, residing at No IH Van Isiu stree' Locked up by Justloe Oiborne for trial