Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XIII. No. ?au_Wholi Ho. MOO TH K NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, HortH-WMt nomar of Vultnn and Rum? M, JAMES 60RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CmCULATION?KORTY THOUIARD. DAILY HERALD?E??ry day, Pne? * MMPWeory?C Upr milium?payable in admnce. WEEKLY HERALD?E?err Saturday-Price S* MM Mr copy?$3 UKctati ner annum?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Erary Steam Paekal dayPric? ^ r-rncs pw ropy?S5 per annum, ioelnduif poataf*. or S3 25, excliiiive of poatatfe. layabla in advance. Rnbactip tioni and dvrrtnemen't will la reeeiyad by Myaari. Oal? naui, 1R ra? Vivienie, Paria ; F. L 8imonda, II Corahlll, and John Miller, the hnnkaeller, Londo" ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?;Pnhlnhed on tba lat ol January of each year?aingle copiea aiypence each. _ AD VEirTI8EMENT8, nt the n?ua] price*?*lw*jr? caah ja advance. Advertiaeineutaahould be written m a plain, leeibW m tuner. The Proprietor will not ba reaponaibla for arrorf thai may ocrorjii them. . ? PRINTlwO of all kind* axeentcd beautifully aid wiD A^l' letter* or cr?mmunicatioa? by mail, addraued to th? pr?i>rieror of the ea.*bli*limant, mu?t b? pott paid, or tba pot: Hire will } * mo?#r r*vnitt?4 HKNBI HF.-Z AND '^AMILLO 8IVORI, ill informiiur llir public thit thev have definitively associated fir the I>urr-o>e of giviug joint Concerts in the Vnited States till iheir depe'fnre for Europe.requesr that all letters on butuiess should bp -<ddres?ed to Harz Ik niv <ri They take'his opportan-tv to announce that th?v hare prevailed upon the celebrated i>nm* donna, Madame Fleuri Jolly, to pmmour her depa tare for New Orleans, to assiat them at tliei' Grand Conce t, which will taka place at the Tabernacle, on Tuesday, Sept. 21. Further nn't:cnlars in future advertisements. stl naffrc MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE?FIFTY DOLLARS BRWARD will be paid by Messrs. Reimer It Mecke, of N?. 41 William street. New York, to the first person who may furnish them wi'h information that ahall lead to the discovery of Constantine Fritie. a native of Bremen. Mr Fritze when last heard from, in June last, was at Philadelphia. where he stated that he had made an engagement to ent?r the service of a Mr. Van Doon. whom he h?d met while t arelliux. in the capacity of book-keeper, and whom in pursuance of ?uch rng-gemeat. he was then about to join, at Bal'imore,and proceed from tnence, on board aschnoner to Charleston, in the neighborhood of which latter city Van Doon represented himself as a planter; bu' inqui ies made in that quarter have failed to discover anv such person. The folJowii g description of Mr. Fritze's appearance may assist in afT I'd'ncsome cine to his fate. He is 21 years of age, and of a stout, stroutr and muscular frame ; head large, hair light brown, thick and woru parted ; eye bluish ; nose, month and ?h;n common ; tee'h verv fine, white aud perfect; face r und nnd fleshy : completion, very healthy, cneekx ruddy. It is believd that he has a small wart ?n the left cheek and a few blue siots on one eyelid.caused bv an explosion of gun-powder. H? d d m>t Kiml'?h verv fluently. s2l 3t*m OI CONNBLL P ROCK 811 ONLJU E8T8?The In vied Guests are requested to assemble at Vauxhall Garden, Bowery, near 8th street, at 9 o'clock precisely, on Wednesday Morning. j In order to prevent confusion it must be understood that no person, excapt those in the nrocession, can be admitted into f'nstle Gsrden until the whole procession ahall have entered. Th-re will be no deviation from thia rule. The Marshall an'l officers of the various Societies are requested to meet the Deput- Grand Marshal in the open space before Stnyveutnf Chorch, on this (Tuesday) afternoon at 5 P M , to receive final instructions as to their nlnces in line. By order, HENRY STORMS. s2l lt*rro Deputy Grand Marshal. |iU/u ^iu-uo ?m oe'iwmwr, nn v/?iU?y i*innu, ? ?ui|i .F b'nt: the owner can have her by applying to Cant Jarvis Jonea, Flushing. *nd paying expenses. s21 lt*rc LOST.?Lost about the Jth of August, from Lovr^oy's Hotel, a Valise. marked J. P. D. on the end, con'ataing clothing. (There wis a Valise left at the same time resembling the oa*. that was t?ken) Whoever will return the aim* in rniid hotel hall b? liberally rewarded. s2l 3t*rc PI'HSK LOST?On MonUiy rtfternoou, 20th inat.. at o'"lock, ? drab silk st?el wrought Purse, containing about $11. Loat ei her in stage No. 200 Empire Line, or near the corner of Broadway and 4th street. T' e finder will be liberallr rewarded, hy leaving the purse at the HowardHotel or?t No. I H mover aqmre. stl It*re WANTED?A. situation in a pr<va'e fitnily as Conk, Washer nnd Ironer Thebe'tof city references given, Pleate emi'ijie at IX Walker street, in the rear. IB lt*m WANTKD?By a young woman, a situation as chambermaid to assist in washing and ironing, or waiting.? Would have no objection to do general housework. The best of eirv rel-rences given. Please call at 26 Kivingston at. 21 2t?m WVNTS \ SITU %TIO"V?By a Young Woman; will wrtah and cook in small family, has good city ref-rence. Plea?e c -II at J4 Rro?evel arrept. in the ren'. s2l 2t*m W'\ NTICD?A ?ituati"tt aa waiter, in a private family, by a Prnr.?ata?t yonue man; understands well the care and driving of horsea?has beat of reference from last employer with whom he has lived for the las' twelve months Please itK| .ire at No. 44 Prince street, for two days. H'snoohject??U'a to go io the eonntrv -s2l 2t*m \jrT VNTED? By a young m irri?i< man ( Ameurau) 21 yean V o of strictly MMM habits, a situ-tiou to drive an express, ."rpcer'a, or soda wagon, or horse and cart; underatinds the care, management, and driving of bne. two, or four horaes; ia perferfly acquainted with all parts of the city and Vrnnklvn-. m willing to ilo the porter work of a store if re quired G>od pcsonal city reference given. Please inquire at Ml Broome street op s'airs, h?ek room, for three diva, or directa now to " M. T." at tliii office. s2l 2t*m WANTED a siTUAT'ON.astJempstress orChamber rnaid, or Nurs* and Sempstress. by a young woman of considerable experience. and well vqnamted with the minai;?inri)t of children. Can mnke herself generally useful.? She can be well recommended. Aptilv at No. 32 Whitehall st s2l 2t*rc \W \ NTED?\situation as Nurse, bp a res|>ectible young TT womxn. She thoroughly understands taking care 01 ch'ldren, can do pltin sewing, has no objection to do clumber work, and is besides a good washer and ironer. Please call at No. *2 We>t Broadway. Also, another girl to i!o general homework may be had hy spplving as above. ail lt*rc WANTED?inactive young Man f om the country; one who has from $500 to ttiOO cash capital, as partner in a light and easy business. With proper attcntiou It w.U pay from (45 to $50 per week the yea' round. Also wanted, several vonng men with $25 to $100 cash, as agents ti t*av*l aoath anu west. Active young men can make, from $3 to $5 per day. clear of all expenses. For further particulars apply at the Real Karate and Commission Office. 139 William street, corner of Fulton street, up ?t'irs. between the nours of in and 3 o'clock. s21 It*rc W AVI ED?1Two Hrat rate Pantaloon Makers, to jo to Boston. Constant work and aa good wagea as paid by any shop in this city. For further information apply to s2^ lt?rc _ A. WHEELER. 4 f'mirtlandt ?t. A SINGLE OKNTLEM AN of about2l years, that speaks English. German and French, and can give good references, w inta a situation to go with & respectable family to the 8onth or to west of Europe. P ease address letter* to the poit office, to H.F. Rupprecht. s2l 3t*m B'JARD ?\ respectable private fami'y. without boaiders, w ul<l wish to arcommodare a Gentleman with a furnished room, and breakfast, tea and dinner on Sundays, if required. Hot, cold and shower baths in the hause. Enquire at 103 Hammersley street, between Hadson and Greenwich. *21 3t*rr ASSIGNEE'S NOTTCE.-The creditors of JAMES H. C'?OLEY are hereby notified and required to present thrir claimi. with the proper vouchers, to A. Anson, at No. 5 N?ssm str<-et, on or before the 1st of November near. New York. September 2#th, 1847. A. ANSON, stl-M*rrc Assignee. THEATRIC41.?Just published, thisdav, two new farces, " Mother and Child Doing Well." and "Did you ever Send ynar Wife to Camberwell." Price 6 cents each, full and artinir copies. Also, price 50 ?nd 37 cents, the Negro Singers Own tfook, 410 piges. *"d contai <ing every Negro Song out, the most complete nc?ro aotiK Boo* erer I'ublnheu in thia country. Copie? can he aent hy mail. In the liipenny edition of plays will be emb'aeed erery new niece of merit. TURNER fc KI8HKK, 74 C.iatham >. N.Y., *21 1t?ro. 15 North 6ili at., Philadelphia._ TO IlKTA'L LIQUOR DEALKH8?Kor tale, an nnarte caska. anil four eighth c.iika of A. Semneite and Otard Brandy, hnth dark and paie. Persona wishing to purchase the article will do well ti i all aed aee it, aa it can be Doucht cheap for ra?h. at No S Ann street, bas'ment s2t 1t*m UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND TUESDAY. September 11, at I o'clock, P. M. Purae (100, with an inaide stake of SIM. halt' forfeit?two m>le heata in harness. H. Woodruff, names gr. g. flrey Eagle Jamea Whelpley, namea b. on. Lady Sutton W. King irnnea. t>. m. Sal The car* le<T# Honth Kerry, Brooklyn, for the conrae, at half put 2 P. M , e-'H return after the ip ?rt la oeer. Hept 77th?""urie SIM?HO to go to the aecond beat?Two inile lieata i ' hiriieas, free for <ll trottrng horses etcept Lady Nulf.ilk Eutriea to he made at Oreen Sc Uerina, Sept. 20th, by U o'clock, P. M. Three or more to make a race, and two to atart. _ _ ?16 at* re. <;ENTKfcVlLLE COURSE, L. I.-TROT 11NO. T -Afrfth?SYjL.1. 1 PUUH'e'. OK SJ0-T?o mile lie.t* in liarneit, to come off . h?- 23d of 'eptember/iee for horaea that nerer won a purae orer $i0; to close on Tue?d V ermine, the 21st of September, by time o'clock, P. Si , at Oieeu Sc Beviua*. Three or more entriea,' two or more to sta'l to make * rare JOKL CONKLIN, Proprietor. r'?nrr??;ll. U.r,, OA 1017 .tl Ida harlem park couhs*?tRottinu ffl I -artgl-r Wit 1 rfT^^nHL i PU ' *!*" 30?> loaeil with two enti hii with ho insole "ijke of t'^faih?Two mile h-at?. in harueaa?t o come off at half-put 3 o'clock, preciaely. on Wedneaday, hept. 13 W Whelm entera b. m. Bell Ringer. H. Wood tuff *o era * g. Trustee AWn. o't Friday September 3<'h, at half-paat 3 P. M.?P?r?* of $T>, *i'li in ' nuke of $33 each for |ncin?Mile heata, be>t I in i, umlerthe aiddle. mtj lanac vVoodraff entera r. t. Roanoke. J Nodine entera r g. Village Boy. To rr me off weather perm ttiuc. all 3t*je H woodruff. Proprie'or. ?p i-, FOK S\L/t,? 1 hree fine horses jnat from ilie . lal-T^com-try?one bay, one black, and a dapple grey. All iijuJ?'iice wagon htraea and faat traveller*. Can he ?eeu at the wiiS'e of Jamea Qnarry, 30 and 33 Amity a? >31 3t?m ?n - SUrKRI R MATCHKD HOR8F.8? A pair of AeeV^rery atyliah hone*, perlei tly matched, unsurpassed /J^dJUin figure and action, and In excellent condition. The *b"*e ho'aea will ha a' Id at anetion at COWAN'H Biz ir. 31 t roshy street, nn Wedneaday, 33d inataut, at 13 o'clock May beeeen at the Baxaar on the day of aale. s3'!tiia*rc <1 ? ?>\Ttli -A pair of jet black ai d a pair of zUeL^pea'l white Hnraea. Alao, a dappled or iron grey *?ddle Horse (dipp'ed preferred) Tlieae Horaea m ai i ll hare louu and fall manea and taila, he perfectly aoniid, yery atylisn, aud ni t under J or oyer 7 vein old. Apply to JOH.N WILLIAMS, Veterinary Hnrueon, ail 3t*m 131 * hryatie street. |Aa- n< I'lCE?PacketahipOARR1CK. from Li?erMKf *Vro?l. ia diach-riiing under general order at Orleana JtUUlg^wharf, foot of Will atrret. Alt good* not permitted will poaitiyelf be lent to the pnblie ?t?re. all 3tre E NE NE1 DAHK THEATRE?Tuesday! Kveeing. H#pt II. will I h# performed the comedy of the WRONG PASBANGER? Dennis McCarthy, Vr. Collins; Mr. Jenkius, G. Andrews; Charles Morton. Hield;Tom, Anderson; Julia,Miss Julia Miles; Fally. Mrs. Knight After which the comedy of HIS LAST LEU8?O'Callaglan Mr. Collina; Mra. Montavur. Mrs Dvott. To conclnde with the corned v ofWAYSAND MEANS? Sir David Humher, Mr. Bam; Random, Heild; Lady Duuder, Mrs. Vernon; Kitty. Mri. Abbott. Door* open at 7 o'clock, Performance will commence precisely at half oast T. Hoses. SI r-?, Mi rents Oallery. rents. BOWEKY THRATRE-A W Jackson. Manager; Stage Manner, Mb 8Trrr"*a ?Tuesday Evening, will be performed the Tragedy of BKUTUJ, or he Kail of Taruuin? Lncius Junias Brums. Mr Mar-hall; Titns, 0 W Clarke; Tullia Mrs Jordan; Priestess of Rea. Mr? BroadleyTo conclude with the drams of HOKER-? ndreas Holer, WMarshall; Hoo ayr, JC Dunn; Marie, Mrs Phillips. . During the Evening, Mr. J. C. DUNN will sing the Patriotic Song of ' My Own Native Land." NOTICE?Doors will b? open at 6% o'clock and the currain will rue at 7. Boxes Omenta Tit and Oat-Lrnr. Cts CHATHAM THE \TKE.?Under the Management of Mr. r Tuesilay Evening, Sep'. 21, will he performed WILLI AM TELL?William lell, Mr. Neifie; Emma. Mrs. Nichols Tobe followed by JUMBO JUM? lumbo Jutn, Mr Rice; Jl' 8?j 8ligo, Taylor; Mr. Grab, Herbert; Arabella, Miss Hildrrth; Deborah, Mrs Wrev ..To conclude wuh the V1RG1NI A MUMMY?Oinirer Bine, Mr. Rice; Dr. Oillen. Taylor; Charles, Allen; Lucy, Miss Wheeler; Snsan. Mrs. Herbert. Pniccs?Boies. Si cents: Pit, 1>K cents. Doors own at 7?nerformanee commences at half-Dast7. PALMO'B OPERA HOUSK.?Tuesd y Kvemng, ^eplem'r 21, will be performed the Vaudeville of BOOTS AT THE SWAN?Peter Pippin, Mist Clarke; Frank Frisk'y, M' Walcott Previom to the Vaudeville?Classic Grouping*, glimpses of Vatican, Roma. To be followed by daring achievement! on the TIGHT ROPE by'lie Ravel Family. T?conclude with comic panromimeof ROBERT ANDBERTRAND; Robert, Autoine IUvel; Demand. Gabriel Ravel. Doora oiien at 7, performance to commeuca at 7>? o'clock.? Ticket* SO cents. to all parts of the house PALMO'S?Last week hut one of the Ravel Family in America-JOHN HEFTON'S BENEFIT ?Wednesday. 8ept. 22, the Ravel*' piece of the THREE F\CED FRENCHMAN, with dances, flve]part*. and the surprising necromantic feats by Gabriel Ravel, hi* .farewell appearauce on the stage in thoie characters. BEAUTY ANU THE BE AST-Beauty, Miss Clarke; Beaat. Mr. Walcott; John Quill, T. Placide; Aldgate Pump, John Sefton. Dancing by Madame Leon Javelli, and Henri Wells. To conclude with, 2d time, a uew comic pantomime by t' e Ravel Family. i21 lt*rc ITCHELL'8 OLYMPIC THEATKfcT??'n Tuesday Evening. Sept. 21st, the performance will comineuce with anew farce, the LIGHT TROOP OF ST. JAMESMaiter Thomas Suiallbouea. Mr. Hollaud; Lady Blanch Gray. Mrs. Tinim. To be followed bv the burletta of BEULAII SPA?Hector Temnletoii, Mr Hollaud; Caroline Grantlv, Miss] M.Taylor. Alter which, THE PAPHIAN BOWER, or Venusaud Adonis?Mars, Mr. Cunningham!, Venus. Miss Mary Taylor. To conclude with the WIDOW'S VICTIM-Mr Podge, Mr. Holland; Jane Chatterly, Mrs. Timm. Dresi circle, 50 cents ; Upper Boxes, 25 centi ; Pit, one (hilling ; Private Boxea,$l ; Orchestra Boxes, SS BROADWAY THE ATRE.?This splendid establishment, erected in the most ftthionable and popular section of the city, with the determination, ou the part of the proprietor, to make it worthy of the patronage of the intelligence aud fashion of the city of New York, will be opened, with a strong d efficient company, on MONDAY, September27th, 1847. This Theatre haa be*n erected at a very heavy outlay; and it is confidently hoped and believed thit it will meet the wishes and expectations of the publie. It is loca'ed ou the Southeast side of Broadway, between 'earl and Anihouy streets, and at a point which, it.ia believed, will accommodite every Miss of society No pains or expense have heeu spared to render it worthy of the character of a Metropolitan Theatre; and the Eroprietor hopes and trusts that he h is erected a Temple to the I aroa, which will be found worthy of publie approbationHe h s ei rued rhe hear talenr rhir ^nnlH ?la*rr?H nn ?ith?r aide nf the ocean: and having engaged Mr. Okobok H. Babbktt, 10 well and adroit ageously known to the patrons of the American Drama to conduct the whole establmhmeut. he ia confident that his efforta to please will fcmret with a corresponding reward. It will he the ?bjectand design of the BROADWAY THEATRE to preaent to the public talent of the highest order, no matter where it may emanate. A.MANN Proprietor. O. H. BARK* TT .... Acting ai.d Stage Manager. Mr. J. M. THIMBLE Architect. Mr. J.R SMITH .Scenic Aitiat, Assisted by Geo. Heiater, Prof Kriainer, and John Williams n. Mr. ANDREW J. ALLEN .Costumer. 8AMUEL WALLACE Properties lie. Mr. UALBRAITH. ..3tage Carpenter and Machinist. orchestra. . Thia department will be full and efficient, under the direction of ^ ^ tT?? 1*11. OA. liUn El, whou talent an J educatiou *re ao well known and appreciated l>y the people or New York. TheCompauy will conaiatof the following ta'eut, moat of whom are well aud ndrant .geouaty known to the palrona of the drama, on hoth .idea of the oceau:? M188 FANNY WALLACK. (fiom the Liverpool aud Ma<che?rer Theatre. ) MISS BOSK 8ELBIN, (from the Theatre Royal, Haymarkrt) MRS. W1NSTANLEY, (from the Prince..' Theatre, London.) MISS CARMAN, (from the Liverpool and Maucheiter Tli'itrn ) MRS. H1ELD, (from the GUagow and Edinbargh Theatre. ) MISS HELEN MATTHEWS, (from the Bo.tou and Pl.iladelpli a Theairea.) MRS. WATTS. MRS. SERGEANT, MISS KIT/JAMES, MKS CHAPMAN, M"S BERNARD. MISS GORDON, . M'LLE ST ('LAIR, M'LLE CELESTE, with a full and efficient Corra de Ballet. MR. O. VANDENHOFF. \1R. II WALLAcK, (from the Liverpool aud Manche.ter Tlieatrea.) MR. J LESTER. (from the Theatre Royal, Havmarket) MR. J. LYME, (from the London and Liverpool Theatrea ) MR. J. M. DAWSON, (from the Liverpool aud Manchealer Theatre. ) MR. VACHE. MR. FREDERICKS, ,r MH. H HUNT, MH. E.SHAW, lr MR. C. W. HUNT, (from the Bo.ton Theatre..) MH. Q. CHAPMAN, MR. J. BERNARD. MR. H BERNAHD, MR. J. KINGSLEY, MR. J. EVERARD, MR. J. WALTERS, MR. ALLEN For the npeuiug play, and other amu.emeut., the public are referred to the future bill, of the day. .31 tfrc APOLLO SALOON, 4uTBROAD WAY.?Turaday, September 21?Mr. J. Poole'a Coucert, aa.iatcd hy Mra. Wheelan,(late Mia* McGloiu,)Mr. W.Irving aud Mr.Gleatou, who will preside at the piano. PROGRAMME. Part 1. Overture Mr.^Glea?oii. i ? ime oquaii, . . Mr. I'<)Oie. The Mocking Bird Mr?. Whwltn. Rally in oar Alley Poole. l.*rh<wd Watch, (duett) Meaara. Irviunniid Poole. O. Whittle and I'll come to you, my lad Wheelan. Old To -ler Poole. It win not my own Native Land Mr. W. Irving. Here'* a health, bourne Scotland. to tliee Pool*. Part II. Yankee Doodle, with variations Oleaaon. The McGregor'a Gathering Poole. Now hope now fear, (duett). M'?. WheelanandMia. Poole Norah McShine Poole Day of Bucay Trvitiit. I love her, how I lore her Poole. My Brother, dear Wheel'n The laaa with the fconnie blue e'en Poole. Part III. < rrand March Oleaaon. The Fairy Boy Wheelau. Klowera ol the Koreit Poole. The Irith K.mig-ant'a Lament Wh'elan. Proudly and Wide Poo'e. lH/"* Ticketa Fifty Cents; Family Tickets to admit three persons, One Dollar. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. No postponement. >21 lt*nc TABERNACLE- MADAME ANNA BISHOP wiTl have lh? honor of giving a vocal and inttnimeiral concert en FRIDAY EVENING NEXT, 8EPTEMBR 24TH, on which occuion the will ting aoine of hat favonte cavaltnat and songi She it happy to announce thnt aha his prevailed on her muaical director, the celebiared harpist. MR. BOCH8A, . ? | in i-criurxi ou me narp, uring nil nrit appearance in .New York. Mr. B rough will ting two songi. For full particular! of concert lee small billi. To commrnct at t o'clock. Tickets one dollar each, to be hud it the mniic atorea. and at the Tabernacle on the evening of the concert ?2I lt*rc SIMNUK iCTTZ ! CKOWDED HOU8E8! TRIUMPHant auccrts! Fashionable auileiices, at the Society Library, corner of Leonard it. and Broadway, eveiy evening during the week, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, SEPT. 20. The entertainment will cona'at ofihe mo?t eitraordiuary KEA l 8 IN MAUIC and the mn<i HUM K.ROUS SCENES IN VENTRILOQUISM. (Lyf* Afternoon performance on Saturday at 3 o'clock. Admiaaion 25 cent*?children half price. I)onr> open at 7?fommencea at 7>t>. <19 in (IMOWDED AN II KASIIIONABLE HOI'S'S-Onr Week More?They w"nt let ui go.?MH HILL AND UK. VALENT N t, the Unrivalled Representative! of Yankee and other Eccentric Charac'era. will give their combined ente<tainm4nta every evening during fbe week, commencing on Monday, Sept20th,at Mechan ca Hall, Broadway, a few doora above Oand at. Ticketa admitting a gentleman, or gentleman and ladv, 30 cent* tfOJti?*re AT APOLLO i.OOMS, no BHOADWAY. Trnnpe of Living Male ard Female Model Artiatea. Dr. I OLLYKK will (for the first time iu Ameiica) cuirmrnce hi?e?'lorrrt kih) Marbl* Pfrwiifirilinmof all the great trri in Painting and Sculpture on 7'huraday evening, at eight o'clock, hept 2.1d. The strictest accuracy will be obaerved in relation to the drapery. ala-> to ihe claasical 'acred ami modern, evcuta repreirtiten. The Artiitea are from the Royal Academy of Loudon and Pans. Descriptive Munc, under the directum of Mr. Dodworth. Admisaion. M c nt?; il.iof open at 7 at13ti>*rc AMERICAN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Ann atreet. ?Splendid performances both Afternoon and Evening. CAJV1 Pfl ELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS! ORPHV AN FAMILY. OR KENNE8ECK V9CALI8T8 GREAT WE8TERN, the Yankee Comedian. Pete Morris, Conic Singer, Mi?a Bernard. Wai Figurea of Amitrad Slaves. OURANO OUTANG-J00 NATIONAL PORTRAITS. Med. ROC" WELL, the limon Fortune Teller. Admiaaion IS cente?Ch'Idren onder tea. one shilling. at} G" RAN" SOIREKS MUSICaLES every ngiht this week at Piuteui Cafe des Mille Colonnea Saloon. 307 Broadly. all 2'eodia*re W ALNlfT 8 i REET ;FHEATKEPHILADELFHTA^TY Open for the season Leiaee, E A. Marshall; Manager. W R.jllUWe. Toesdey Ifening. ,"fP? ? ?';. "'II be acred Shaktpeare'a fragedv of OTHELLO, Othello, Mr. i. Wsllack, Jr; Ja?o, J. M Scott; Cassio, Wheatley \ Rflderigo, Hi him,; Emelia, Mr?. W. R. Blake; Deademona, Miaa A. ' l o'conclude with the fare, of THE KINO'S QARDENER. Madame Ualochaid, Mia C. Chapman; Oalochard, Mr. l BoPim.nd Parqnette, 50 cents; Second and Third Circlet, 13 cents: Orchestra and Private Roies. 75 cenla. AL.lDV who a competent |*rson to teach the Piano, ?ishes to obtain a few pnpili to inatrnct at her reaidence, at $t per mrfath. fleaae apply at JW Hudaou Krtet- i21 6t*rc W YC IV YORK, TUESDAY MO AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF iHE FOREIGN HAILS. The Details of the Intelligence by the Britannia. die., die., die. The ptearner Cambria, under command of Capt. Harrison, now of the Hlbernia, expected to leave Liverpool for New York, on the 19th of Deoember. The Statei of the Zollverein will bold a conference in Lelpsig at the end of September, to deliberate on a general law respecting bills of exchange. Frederick Soulle. the French novelist, died on Thursday laat, after a painful Illness. Piedmont haa pronounced in favor of the Tope. It is said Oen. Kspartero U about to return to Hpain. and will again take an active part in politics. It is further reported that the British government have recently offered him a pension of .C'JOOO a year, the General's affairs not being so atlluent as to nllow him to remain in England The offer waa most respeotfully declined by him. and from the moat honorable motive*. In the official letter, communicating the gracious intentions of the Queen, it is said these words occurHer Majesty Queen Victoria, and her Majesty's government, animated by sentiments of the moat lively friendship towards Queen Isabella II.. would see with the deepest regret the first and most distinguished of her Catholic Msjesty's servants uuuguu i/u uuoiiuuu ciiikinuu. uiuniwmr viiku rviuru ??t? mi native country with all the honor and dignity becoming him, and which are his due," Thn American frigate Macedonia, formerly conquered from thin country,md now Rent over here with a gratuitous supply of provisions, was waiting at tho tail of the bank ou the 'J7th ult, when the Queen arrived in the Clyde. Just when the Queen's steamer wus about to para the Macedonia.and whilst cannons were roaringfrom the Hhore in erery direction, and the atmosphere resounding with the huzzas of the multitudes, two seamen were observed on board the American frigate, the one coolly sitting on the summit of the foretop royal, and the other of the mizentop-royalmast Immediately a third sailor was observed mounting the mainmast; be also ran up the rigging to the toproyal mast, which hu nimbly ascended, and then standing on its very top with one foot, he deliberately took off his hat, waved it three times round bis head, and gave a cheer to her Majesty. A seaman on board one of the Queen's ships whs next seen ascending to the summit of the topmast; but when he had nearly reached the top, he was to appearance ordered down by an officer, who very prudently, we conceive, countermanded the imitation of a most brave and daring, but certainly a very foolish feat. Transatlantic Btcamkrs.?By advice from Hamburgh, we are informed that tho line of .steamers between Bremen and New York has tilled all the inhabitants of the states on the shores of thv Kibe with the dasire of rivalling their brethren on the W'eser. Kor some time past efforts have been made to get up a line of steamers between Uluckstadt and the United States, and this projeot li now so far towards realization, that the American Minister at Copenhagen is expected at Hamburgh in a short time, where be is to meet Mr. Donaldson, the United States Minister in Berlin, with a view to arrange the matter. The United States Government is reported to be bo far favorable to the project, as to have proiuiHcu to auvance ono nan 01 inn run jh required, provided the Danish Government will advance the other : and it is confidently stated that the Danish Government leud a very willing ear to to the proposal. To the inhabitants of Hamburgh the scheme appears a very wild one, and very well calculated to entail ruiuous louses upon ail parties interested. The establishment of a line of steamers between Gluckstadt and the United States will he the signal for the formation of a similar line between Hamburgh and the republican confed' ration, for route qui eoutr, the measure would be forced upon the inhabitants of Hamburgh, unless they deHired to see an important part of their commerce transferred from Hamburgh to (iluckstadt The idea of two lines of steamers from the Kibe to the United States, in addition to the one already existing from the Weser, is preposterous. One of them would necessarily have to go to the wall. Kkvkr in Scotland.?We regrut to state that fever continues to linger about the districts of Kdinburgh and Glasgow, chiefly caused by Irish immigration From 25th June to 17th August no fewer than 26.33* Irish have arrived at Glasgow,of 1150 fever patients admitted into the hospitals then, 750 were Irish, 3H0 Scotch, 15 English, and 5 foreigners Another excellent Catholic olergyman. Dr. Slnnot. has fallen a victim to the prevailing typhus, havin died last week at Greenock. Thereturning officer for the board at Glasgow hat also been taken ill, bis being the fourteenth oasn of attack in the establishment. CounTr.M Lola Monte*.?The rumors, says a letter from Munich of the !i5th ult., which have been current for some time, that this much-talked of personage was to M elevated to the rank of countess, h.ivo been confirmed this day Lola Montes has been oreated Countess of Landsfels. the title of a Bavarian noble family now extinct. She becomes the mistrocs of a very handsome yearly income from her signorial domains. Coal in 1<kan< ?:.?The Journal dra Drhatt contains an article on the increasing consumption of ooal In Kranoe, by which it appears that the consumption of that article, which amouuted in the year 17H0 to only 400.000 tons, increased to above (>.000.(100 tons in the vear 1845. Between the year 1841 and IH4.1 the coal mines in France Increased in number from 4'ib to 419, and the number of the steain engine* employed in those mines from 3111 to 391, and the production from 3,78.2.Out) (ons to 4,30-i 000 tons. of which 1.408,(KM) tons were supplied by thw Valley of the Loire, 046 (KM) by the neighborhood of Valenciennes, 410.000 l?y Alais. 300,000 by Crnezot and Blanzy, ISO000 by Aubtn, lot),000 by Coramentry. Tli? Monater Steamer Great Britain. We Intimated In a former number of the European Timtt that th-t noble steamihlp (Jreat Britain wax very likely to be rescued from hop rocky aalina ?nil that die would once m*re float,with her usual fjH and majesty, on the bosom of the Mersey. We have Ble highest gra tltlcatlon in saying that our expectations have been fully realized; and at the time wo write, this maritime leviathan is safely berthed in one of our dry docks, for the purpose of being examined anil thoroughly repaired, so as to mtke u?r seaworthy?fit to cross the waters of the Atlantic, und, in her future career, astonish the world as to her powerB of propulsion, and her exoellent <|Uallti?w as a sea boat. When the (treat Britain was cast ashore, ( aptain Mosken, who acted as commander, did nil that his ingenuity could to device restore his magnificent and noble ship to her native element, but they proved unsuccessful Subsequent preparations were made to refloat h< r, all of which were the worn of time, much labor, and capital, but as the readers of our paper are fully aware, did not succeed in effecting the deslr d object For some time past Mr. engineer of great scientific skill had been preparing floats and other apparatus, by aid of which he proposed to set the ship at liberty; and in firder to put his plan Into operation, the spring tides that took place In the course of last week, were selected for the purpose. The Admiralty had kinlly allowed two of her Majesty's war steamers, the Birkenhead and Scourge, to go round to Dundrum, well manned, to rend r all necessary assistance and tow her off Both steamers arrived in the bay in the course of Tuesday, August 34. The stern of the Great Britain was lying seaward, and her position just as It had bi;en for some time past. A large chain cable was drawn right round the vessel, a little above the keel, to which thacouiHsand boxes were attachi d, that had been used as auxiliaries for raising the ship. Four large cables were also attached to this !cuain. anil made fa*t to the anchor* of the Birkenhead, which lay about 400 yard* to the ea*lward, and ai*> to the bower anchor ot the (Jreat Dritan h.rst-lf. The crew of the Scourge, and a party ot marine* belonging to the name vessel, were on board, and rendered important aid. Two sloop* were plaoed on each Hide of the vessel, amidships, on which short log* were placed creasways, the end* of which pointed under the bilge of the vesaal; on these log* shore* were placed In an inclined position jand made fast at the bulwark* of the vessel. bo that, a* the sloops were raised with tho flowing of the tide, the ship was al*o rained 4,0n Wednesday, when the pumps, ten In namber, had masten d the leak*. the Dirkeuhead. with full steam up, made an attempt to haul tbe Great Britain off ; but in consequence of some of the b< ams, to which we have alluded, having glveu uw*y, the attempt railed, when the ship had only been moved Hi feet On Thursday a second attempt whs made to haul her off, but It also proved unmecesrful, as she was then making more water than usual. In consequence of some holes which had been pierced In the bottom. The*') holes having boen cloaed, and a large marsh pump, capable of throwing out three too* of water in a minute, being brought into operation, the grand attempt was made on Kriday, when the crew of the Scourge, under commander Coffin, and i about HO men. all under tho directions of (aptaln < laxton aud Mr. Bremner. commenced operations In right | t-ni urrnb. nil ririm i?n i nwi inmm nr?ttn kll riSfl Wim IDS tide, Mid attain r floating position, the mrn Kt the cspHtan commenced to warp her off, hauling on the anchors of the Birkenhead and oo her own be*l bo war. At half pant 11 o'clock she wuh moved nO fathoms, or 480 feet to sttawards, and wan left in a ponltion to float at even nrup tide. When the tide receded, tho whole of the bottom of the ve**el visible wan examined, and It was found that a number of rivets had been displaced, but that no greater Injury had been *u*tairied. The bole* were all stopped and iliiiH the leakage of the nhip wax greatly diminished. When the vessel's safety was fairly plared beyond <(iie*tion. Captain Claxtonjwho la one of the bent naturetl, kind, and jolly-hearted mariner* we hare had the pleaeure ot meeting, took hi* stand upon the quarter-deck, and called all hand* aft, and propo??d three cheer*, and one oheer more for the Great Britain, which wax responded to with the moat deafening shaut* ; after which three cheer* were given in *ucoes?ton for the Queen, Prlnee Albert, Great Britain, Ireland, and Lady Maltady Montgomery, of Tyrella, who bad *hown *o much kindneae to the pa**enger* when the Great Britain went ashore. Three obeera were likewise given for Lord de Koo* and Lord Roden, both of whom had been most attentive in rendering assistance Similar compliment* were paid to Captain Claxton, Mr. Bremner, t aptaln fisher, of the Coait Guard, and for the Birkenhead and Hcourge. Captain Claxton al?o sailed for three cheer* for Mr*. Mile*, who ohriatened the Great Britain, and they wtre al?o heartily given We may here observe that oue reason for thl* rejoicing, apart from the safety ol the ship, was. that that wan the day on whieh she had been launched, and christened by Mr*. Mile*. Bristol, tome year* ago. From Dundrum Bay the Great Britain proceeded to Belfast Lough. It was originally Intended to take her Into Atrangturd Lough, but baring encountered au In )RK I RNING, SEPTEMBER 21, tensely thick fog. tlia design waa abandoned. The fol- ! at lowing letter. written by ( aptaln < laxton, and addressed tr to MenBrj. (iibbs. IIright h (Jo , of Liverpool, give* the reason* for standing for Belfast, la "Oar*t Britain, Belfast. Aug 18?8 P. M. | nl " Dear SirI have the pleasure to acquaint you that J* la?t night at eleven saw the last of the Great Britain In }* Pundrum Bay It waa intended, after the morning's " move, to postpone that ?f the final quitting until thin 81 morning, but th? ship floating with the tide, the tempta- P' tion wa? too strong. so the signal vm made, an pre- * arranged, for fifty men from Her Majesty'* ships for ?' pumping The work rei|uired for anchor cable*, warp*, J1' boxen, and their appenda*;** which were all out adrift. { by occupying our crew, allowed the pump* to get behind *' hand, and the water, which It was reputed required , tewer pumps than before, speedily got ahead, and at four she wu to all appearance a water logged ship. Kresh P' vigor was, however. Infused, and before we got off , Strangford, (where, in our state, I thought it was best to 11 go,) a thick.Ja most dense fog came on. and obliged us to go * to Belfast.where.haviug kept, the water under,we arrived c' about 4 P. M I am now shipping laborers, and hop? to ? be able to start to-inorrow ? a dry ship. " Yours truly. "C. CLAXTON." * ' Messrs Gidhs, Briuht kCo." JJ Captain Claxt m having procured a sufficient number . of hands to work the pump*, by their combined exer- , tlons she wa* freed from water bnforo Sunday morning Being again put into tolerably *afe condition *he started " in tow of the Birkenhead for Liverpool on Sunday evening. The Incidents aero** the channel were few and unimportant. The run from Belfast to Liverpool was made at the rate of 6)? knots per hour 1 From an early hour on Monday morning it waa known by lii'ans of the telegraph, that the Great Britain wa* uu vnti puri i unu#uy was rue lo go and see her c enter the Mersey; accordingly, about noon. when it was i expected that shu would appear in night, the pierhead* whim thronged with persons eager to catch a glimpse of the noble whip as she panned along. Shortly after H 1 o'olook one of the ilook Kerry boats HtnrUd from the 1 (ienrge's I'ier with Mr Shute, of the tlrra of Messrs. , (iibbs. Bright & ("o , thu Liverpool agents of tho (Jreat Britain, and a number of gentlemen interested In the 1 safety of the ship. At some distance from tho Itock t l.lght-house, and in the midst of thu hr.ze which then . t prevailed, she was discerned, with a variety of streamer* 1 floating from her Ave masts, and n large crowd of persons ' on deok. She passed tho rock about half past one t o'olook. Ahead of her was the Birkenhead, apparently r in gay and excellent trim, along side of her wait a steam tug boat,and followir g and towed by her was apilot boat. 0 IV e must confess that thu general appearauce of the o (ireat Britain surprised and agreeably disappointed uu. M We expected to see a vessel^to shattered and weatherbeaten after tho storms and harsh weather which she n has had to eucouuter, that few, if any, would succeed in d recognising her. But such was not the case Her hull c appears as perfect, almost as free from damage or defect, o as when we ilrst saw her enter the Mersey amid the re- e joicing of tens of thousands, or witnessed her departure o for America accompanied by the good wishes of enthu- r piantio multitudes The red streaks upon the hull are n certainly less freah to the eye than they were twelve fc months ago ; the tar upon the iron sides of the vessel ~li exhibits something of a browner hue than it did then; ti but thu exclamation* frnm every one who saw her be- n fore, and who now saw her again, were?" how well she tl looks !?how little the change' ? how splendid her ap- t pearanoo!'' o Krom the time that the Oreat Britain appeared in a sight the river presented a gay and attractive appear- a anee. The various river steamers plied up and down, s and frequent peals of cannon gave the ooean leviathan a n hearty weloome to our port once i gain. All the vessels I In port hoisted their flags, and the numbers of gaily de- a corated steamers, as well us large and small craft, which c appeared upon the bosom of the Mersey, manifested d clearly enough that their owners and commanders re- ' t joloed that tbe noblest of all steamers that ever sweDt I e across the broad Atlantic wan again alloat. * | t The war steamer Birkenhead having left its important n charge along tin* Prince's I'ier, proceeded to the Sloyne, e alter which, with the assistance of Home of the tug-boats, t the Great Britain wan warped into the Trinca'a Basin, o an 1 placed on the gridiron, where she now lies. p Since her arrival at Liverpool, large crowds of people t have repaired to the place where she is moored, eager to d have a look at one of the mosi astonlthing monument* of the skill, perseverance, and bravery of scientific men, i and that, too, over obstacles whiah the great muss of all | who saw or heard of her perilous position were not loth < to pronounce as being totally Impossible to surmount ? < Well Indeed may Captain CUUton and Mr. Breuiner feel 1 proud of their triumph. Less important achievements ; 1 have been chronicled in history's page, and we shall be i not only astonished, but much disappointed, if this i almost miraculous event be not faithfully preserved, so that the generations which are to succeed ua shall know i what these distinguished men have performed, and .how < they, despite the wild tury of the elements, and the tor- 1 rifle violence of agitated breakers, preserved from entire I dostruction the most stupendous piece of maritime architecture ever launched upon the wat<T* of the oriny <; deep. y The Threatened Rupture between the Pope | of Home mid Austria. t [Krom the London Times, Sept. 3 ] ft Our readers were on Saturday put in possession of the u;,.?..t terday confirmed. that Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, had avowed the mum* of the Pope It wan stated in our correspondence that he bail offered the whole forces of his kingdom Id defence of the I'ontiflcal dominions if their Independence should be threatened by the aggressions of Austria ; and though this may be doubtful, it la certain that hu has pronounced himself in favor of tho insulted power, and has joined his protest to that of the I'apal Court against the overtures of tile arch-enemy of Peninsular independence. Such a step connects him. of course, with thn liberal nause in Italy, and adds the strength and resources of Savoy to the party of cunstitutional progress. It would be invidious and untoward to seek for any other motives on this occasion than such as might naturally and legitimately have suggested a line of conduct so entirely conformable both to Interest and honor; and if the general gratification at his Sardinian Majesty's ftrotiuni iamenlo should be a little tinctured in some quarters with misgivings as to its heartiness or permanence, such sentiments would be the result rather of Involuntary reminiscences than of present conclusions. Hut bygones may be bvgones. Charles Albert has now an epportunlty of playing the liberal ngain, and ( of obliterating, by a part well sustained, the reoollectlona of scenes In which the character proved too magnanimous for his propensities, or too fatiguing for his powers. It was once said of a very great ancestor of his Majesty's. by a witty diplomatist, that it was geographically impossible he could ever be an honest man. A necessity mo indigenous would cover a multitude of peecadilloes; but it ran hardly 1m doubted that the present relations of Savoy must dictate the precise course which inclination might be expected to prompt. A most significant hint has lmen given that it Is not only the legation of Bologna, but the realm ?f Sardinia, which Is senumt.Mil hilt h* t.h? Pit ami ita trfhntartau fmm tlm mr? glomerated possessions of an overweening power. No monarch in mors interested th an ' harie* Albert In u- ?| sertlng the Inviolability of a landmark, and hi* acred- tl sion to the cause of justice may be the more securely i welcomed, from itn accordance with the obvious dictate* j, of policy. Nor in It to be concealed that suoh adhesion ,, in encouraging to the patriotio party, in a double point t( of view It Is net ouly that one of the moat important t< powers whose interest* enter Into the relation* of the ri Peninsular State*, ha* thrown It* weight Into the scale of freedom, but the hereditary characteristic* of the w house In question, invest such a decision with far t greater significance than might be lutrinsi ally attached 01 to it It Is rarely that the houne of 8avoy ha* been found on the losiug side. The intuitive sagnoity of thi* t| nuclent race ha* guided them to fortUDe, through per- h plexttics Ix'yoad any ordinary ken; and the political tl second sight conferred by the atmosphere ofchambery ? has far surpassed any legendary attribute of the f cot- |f tish hill*. That the cau*e of absolutism and Austria, snouiu nave om virtually pronounced hopeless by the j discreet and deliberate sentence of in penetrating a r, judge, is ant which must convey the hlgheit satisfaction toaU '< j have sympathised with th? protracted H struggles of Italian liberty, and who have deplored the a errors into which precipitancy. enthusiasm. or despera- ti tion have hurried so many noble, bat misguided spirits. ? Nor will it hi- amongst the leant singular points of the 1, Ktory. that on a question involving the freedom of Italy, m the decision ot France wa? anticipated by the conclu- a slonii of Savoy. C If the present were not an ago for audacious strokes of ,j stratagem or violence, we should indeed conceive that j |i to nothing less than the dotage of a superannuated J / alarmist could be attributed so gross and unblushing an [ * outrage on international rights as that now authorised K and defended by the court of Vienna. It is less the ac- 0 tual occupation of the olty of Ferrara Itself?though that *1 is Illegal enough?than the contemptuous refusal of so much as a pretext for the act. together with the perse- , , vering insolence ol Its execution, which excites such i< universal indignation. F.ven pending the treaty of Vi- i enna pretenslous were put forward by Austria to extend j ri to the garrisoning of the town as well as the citadel the al phraseulogy of the article regulating the right In ques- | tl tion; thoughsuob interpretation was pretested against ,j at the time by the Pope s representative, and has since ,.| been virtually disclaimed by the Austrian government, tl Thus much, however, might have been alleged by Aug- q, tria, If a legitimate and rightful occasion had arisen for R) the exercise of her privilege at all?that the right of oc- h, cupatlou of the town had been a disputed point; nor is it s, probable that much outcrv would have been raised in against such a stretch of privilege, If the occasion of the j,, movement had really and honn fidi been such as was c, contemplated by the treaty, when, ss a precautionary w measure, and for the good of both States, such limited ! m right of entry on a foreign territory was conceded. Ilut w it was not a* against the States of the Church them- i rj selves tbat the Aulio caWnet claimed the wardship of i* their border fortress; and it Is in the shatnelessness and .,r violence with whlcfrthe privilege has been both oic. ?d- |n ed and perverted that the enormity of the present act n, couplets As far as Austria la concerned.there Is neither j .? a rumor of war nor a shadow of trouble Far the purpose m of thwarting and Intimidating the eounelii of an lnd?- tr pendent sovereign and people, or checking the progress w of opinions from which she Is pleased to augur barm, I tei and of stifling a judicial Inquiry from which she ration to ally apprehvnd* dlrgrace, she has sought out a privilege which was given her fer the greater security of her own i ||n frontier in times of war. has pushed It to lengths which 1 m< would uyder uo circumstances have been Justifiable, wn and is bow, In a time of profound peace, In despite of pro- hu tests, and without the allegation of a producible excuse, th' occupying the streets and dwelling) of a defenceless olty Tl with an overwhelming f?rce an The concessions to Austria by the Treaty of Vltmna |M can surely need uo augmentation It Is enough thai the ( n, family of a sagacious chieftain should have pushed Its |>o dominion from the circumscribed cradle of a Styrian pu lordship to the Vistula, the Dniester, the Danube, and I w f'o. H Li euough that a Oeruisu power should be guar- I qq IERA 1847. iteed In the monopoly of the fairest province of Northn Italy. It in enough that the cadet* of its haune lould be provided for in the ancient duchies of Italn itory ' ertalnly the cessions which oarry the ordlincen of Vienna to the Po and th" Tenet no cannot be presented an unreasonable or scanty: ?let the patriottn of Italy and the Juatlce of F.urope wu that such llms are not passed In almost nny ca?e the wrong* of ich a sovereign a* the Tope woald command that symktby which is seldom withheld from the overmatched id the oppressed, but the unselflsh seal for the welfare ! bis peop<e which has called down this insult on the ead of Plus IX has naturally augmented and ennobled le interest which is felt In bis cause The attention of lose who still conceive that the spiritual power and inuenoe of the sovereign of Rome must of necessity enanger the Independence or disturb the councils of all aople in legalized communication with his Court, might ? pertinently directed to the scene now beforu them, t which one of the best and most popular Pontiffs ever nown is bearded lu his own dominions with every clrumstanoe of Insult and violence by the brutal strength f a Catholic power, and may be brought, perhaps, to ast his best hopes ot rescue and relief in the generous id of that Htatu whose inhabitants are periodically liorilled with phantoms of his Invisible and potent might 'he nineteenth century, however, is not an age for anoher sack of Koine, though mauy a Bourbon might doubt's* be found in the ranks of that barbarian host which i now rwarming on the banks of the Pa. Ireland. Dublin, Sept. 3,1847. 1 Editor N. Y. HKHAI.D: ? The mall leaving this day, 1 haaten to give a summary if particulars which have ocourTed since my last comnunicatlon. On Monday the Repeal Association held its usual weekly meeting la Conciliation Hall, Patrick Soraers, M. ;. mr migu, m ids cnair. sir. jonn U'l oonell handed In i remittance of ?M trom Boston, in the 1'lilted States, vith an address of condolence to the family, on the Iohh .hey had sustained in the death of the Liberator; and ho subscribers, by their aaffrages, nominating Mr. . O'Connell to ocoupy the vacant pout of leadership. At he conclusion of the meeting there wan a verbal dispute etween Mr. J. O'Connell and Mr. John Reynolds, conernlug the freeman, the former defending the oonduot f the editor, the latter impugning It. The rent of the reek amounted to ?119. The confederation held a leeting on Thursday, the 20th. Mr. Smith O'Brien adrested tbe assembly at length, He entered into the Ircumstanoes of his re-eleotion for Limerick; spoke f the generosity and determination of the electors, yineed in his return; he promised a continuance f those exertions, the whole of which he had aleady devoted to his country; and concluded by ntering into a detail of the future plans of the onfederation for more extended organization and lcreased utility. The Reverend Mr. Kenyon, the klented priest from Templederry, also addressed the touting, expressing his opinion as to the true nature of he present politics of Conciliation Hall, and the results hat must be expeated if they are persevered in and sucescl'ul. The meeting of thn Comederatlon was romarkblo for the accession to its ranks of Lord Wallsoourt, n Irish nobleman ol worth and ability; Mr. T. C. Antey, the lately elected member for Youghal, and some ther gentlemen from the opposite quarters of reland. North and South. This may be looked upon as i very Important Indication of future more extensive acesslons; the principles and Independence of the Confeeration seeming, at least with the reasoning portion of he community, to increase In favor more and more very day. Even the Evening Mail, the organ of the old ory aristocracy, following the course of ohanged oplilons, regards its prosperity no longer with alarm; nay ven with complacency, for in a late number It writes bus:?"The secession of Mr. 8. O'Brien and his fellow nnfederates, was the first effectual attempt to raise a lubltc opinion among tbe Irish masses. In opposition to he single will of O'Connell. The survival of the oonfeleratlon Is a strengthening of the same useful barrier tgainst the attomptiot Mr O'Connell's sons to perpetuite a similar despotism In the hands of an oligarchy of >rlest* and demagogues." kThls Is merely an expression >f a feeling provaleut among the higher orders in this country, ana which wkh ( ?> strongly manifested in the ate election* by the open declaration of several of their body tn faror of repeal The 7\<nr?, which lately poured ?n uninterrupted torrent of abuse upon the landlord rlas*. and looked upon the question of repeal ax burled with O.t'onnell. alarmed by the change of opinion, is now turning, and discerning perfection in the landlord* which before were utterly undiscovered and unseen, but t* praiae or abune will soaroely be sufficient to check he powerful movement that h%? begun The supporters of VIr < arroil McTarlsh gave a public linner la?t week, to celebrate bin return for Dundalk. \ letter wan rr?d from Mr MoTarUh, apologising for bia .bsence; and Mr John O'Connell, who wan present by uvltatlon at the dinner, Dtated, "that he greatly feared hat Mr. MoTariith wan struck down with a daugerous i"ver, for that nothing lend could prevent hit being there hat night.'1 Thin I* the only Intimation rince then reeived of the Illness of the henorahle member. The Homing Chronictf, In an article on Ireland, anticipated hat the winter of 1817, will be rendered more calauiituh by the necessary collection of the poor rates than,wad hat of 1H46, by the viditation of famine. Kor ourselves, bough we cannot Indulge in such gloomy anticipations, ret there Is no doubt but that the assessment and colection of the rates will be a work of the greatest dlflttulty. The fiuenin# Mail, leading the way, argues that >y the act of union, Ireland was bound to seven- eighths >f the burdens, but that here. In a general calamity, half .he burden in placed on her alone. mo ui>uu * uiy ui < laiwajr u>t? memorialized inn ..ords Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury. stating hat Lord Lansdowue, the representative of her .Ylsjesy's government, In the House of Lords declared, In uly. IHlti, "that especial care should be taken that ao lubllo works should be undertaken but those of unqueslonable utility." Now disclaiming all desire to repudiate ust claims upon the county, they require that the rorks executed should be valued, and the fair amount lone charged against them. In Fermanagh, the asslstnt Poor Law Commissioner having, with threats, eneavored to oblige a larger assessment, the Orand Jury, y a majority of IS to persevered in their forinur rate 'his state of things has principally been brought about y the evident waste of money on useless works, which ow remain unfinished; and the refusal of government, irough the Irish Secretary, T N. Kedington, to assist i the completion. "It being the l.itention to render , le mail coach roads aloae passable." To turn to the policy of the government in another spent. Fever is fearfully prevalent In Dublin As j .ated in previous letters, the attention of some of the : ifluentlal inhabitants of the city, and particularly of ( r. Curran. an eminent physician, was direoted to the , ict, that, though the eases were so numerous as to re- , aire the exposure of the dying wretches in almost open | leds, (In one case Dr. f'urran found thirty-seven pa- ( ents so situated.) yet government closed the doors of , ork street l ever against the admission of three uudred additional patients, for whom it could afford erfect accommodation. Sir W. Soruerville, in a letter i8ir K Borough, Hart., on the subject, "states the desrminatlon of the government to carry out measures of ntrenchment," and that this accommodation oould not n afforded to the locality with which he is connected ithout Showing to other localities a similar indulgence 'he papers are still full of disgusting details of suffering n the one hand aud economy on the other. Kever still revails In tho provinces. The Cork Examiner states lat there are seven hundred and eighty-six cases In the ospitals of that city. The Limerick Chronicle, "that lere are four hundred (patients in the hospital, and umbers are being refused admittance for want of room ? l Dundalk, ( as tie bar, Cavt.i, Hliiio. Belfast, lever Is .ill prevalent. To turn from disease to the ntate of the harvest. With gard to thin, there exists the greatest r?Mou for conrutulatlon All manner of cereal oropa are of thn most bundant description, and are being rapidly cot down nd Raved There 1* ctill a rumor of a blight In the potto. but all well grounded apprehension of ltd extension tay, by thin time, be dismissed. Potatoes are ooming In i comparative plentv. and of excellent i|uality. and are ailing at Ad a Sd a l()d and Is a stone. The Curk Etintnrr mention*, that some potatoes, brought over by aptaln Forbes, and planted in April la^t, have prouced a most abundant yield, and are named after him t in anticipated that a more extensive Importation from Linerlca of thin valuable esculent, would l>e attended '1th beneficial relulta, and tend to vevivify it* exhausted i rowth. Connected with Captain Korbes, and his visit | f assistance to this oountrv the Cork Ctnilitulton t *t<M, that 'th? committen'appointed for the purpo*e, > y the people of Cork, hare purchaaed a magnificent < ilver, at a co*t of on a hundred gulnen* to be presented .1 > lilin, an commander of the Jam?*towu c The twenty-Ant lint of the Rritiah Awoolation for the li sllef of dUtrami in Ireland and Hootland, anuouuce* the o mount already received, at i.4.IU (XXI. With regard to t ie corn trade in connection with the pai.t prevailing y l*tr***, over speculation ha? produced ciniHe(|u?nt T?ctH The Murk l.anr f'T/irnt of last week eetimate* j( ie amount of failure* In that departmental near fife e lilllonn Alexander Dlokson & ' o , Belllnbet, In thl* a Juntjr, have eloeed for 9u0,000 pound*, that of K-rnag- | an fc. < o , ftllgo, for upwerd* of nu? hundred thousand a nveral *ra?ll concern* are alfeoted by their do*e The v miiaAer of the Nenagh llank, Mr K J kmnelly, ha? 0 ren dl*ml**ed. In con*e?|tienc? of the low of a parcel intalning ?7,600, which, on arriving at Ro?erea, to ii hich It wa* forwarded. wa? found to contain only turf- x oul I. Beyond thi* no |>er*on ha* been, aa yet, charged r Ith the attraction of the money. The Liverpool G'eu- g rr *tate* that, within the la*t few day* Indian meal ha* c >en Hold at I J*6J per barrel, or about Jul p?r ton; the [ Ice ol a ton of guano at the name time hung about 4?H. ti Miigo the *tore* are crammed with braadatuff*, and u ?!i arrival* taking place In con*e<|uence. tloeit flour Ii II* at 17* a cwt, oatmeal, 14* ; Indian meal, from H? to u s; aod fill tall in prioea, though not to the name ex- o nt, I* not confined to the last named locality alone H Ith regard to railway*, enterprlxe teem* to be inrat exmlvely exerted, and with oertaln promise of advantage v the country. Tha Oreat Southern and Weitera Hall- a y opened to Rorcrea on the l*t in*t and the whole ? promt*** to twi ready for traffic by tha middle of next ei <nth. Tha niunbor af men daily employed on the p rk* of the fork and Dandon Railway, amount to nine b ndrod, t|esUe? one hundred bor*e*; the company it* affording relief to at laaet four thou*Hnd person* w i* fli*t*n<J of the Waterford, Wexford, Wlcklow p d Dublin Hallway, wa* to be turned on Wednesday i ? t, by tha Karl of Courtown. Mr llrunel (a tha chief ' gmevr of the undertaking. The line or railway from A rtadown to Armagh will be completed and open to the t blio about tha flr*t of October. Tha Limerick and Ii aterford Hoe,a* far a* Tipperary.wa* opened for trafflo a the 1st September, and it Uaxpaotad tb?t tha Dublin a t n , JLd M J? Prtet Two Cmu. and Belfast Junction Railway will h, opened fnm D-o* Ueda to Dundalk earty in IMS Tn? pruinlpU oft,n^t right U further prospering All th?< are ??, i?uo..h of a national advance. that notwlth?'.*nlm put division* md calamities. uan imrMyinw t>? oh ,c*?1 \ t?Wal neeting of a lately formed a?ao^iation o\iu,i the --Vtater I'enant Right Association," In yearly to b? hill In Derry. lo Down. Lonl Caatlereagh hu volunteered a >led*? In favor of tenant right la B-?lfa?t th? defnatel candidate. Mr Suffern, and the two members Lord J. :hl<-hester and Mr. Tennent, pledged th4in<elT?? ti tU [enteral principles In LUburn. Sir It rieym*ar U tledged In Fermanagh. Sir V Brojke hu dWtlnjtly leclared In favor of Unity of tenure While rallwty* ire prospering, other work* of Improvement an al?o in irogreas. The drainage of til* Bilbos river. whioh runs .hrough the estate* of the Karl of Htradbrok* aad A iolng, to be laitn-diately under aken An engineer la engaged In the preliminary ?ur ley. tlio, an engineer from the Board of Worki, is at irusent laying out a new pier at Duaoannon. t'ounty IVeiford, for fishery and a earn accommodation, though it the name time, a oorreapondent of the Frttm**, writ-lag from Boyle, itatee that a number of landholder* la that district oouiplalned of a refuaal of the Board of Work*, to carry on drainage, for the execution of whleh all proper preliminary step* had been taken, and the undertaking reported on and approved of by the engi ueer of the Board. Un Krlday laat the Great Britain a* Anally released from her position in Dundrnm Bay, and towed over on the following day to Liverpool, where nhff now IIm fnr r?n?Uln.? ?Ku -u- u during hfr detention The oosts for the funeral wr?monies of the late Karl of Uessborough, amounted to l,l?S pounds?paid by thu Uoard of Works. The widow of William Orr. one of the drat riotlmH of the raballlon of '98, dl?d on thu 9th inst . aged 79. Tha Cata of Orr. who wan hanged under vary peculiar circumstances of harshness, wan generally commiserated at tha time, Mid hiii name nerved an one of tha rallying erlaa of tha insurants. stimulating them to revenge At Cashei, a Mr. Krank O'Ryan, a young man just come of age, was wounded by a gun-shot by his father, for refusing to join in some legal settlements. The father has been a: rested? tho son is expected to recover. Larkins and Darnell, convicts under sentence of death, endeavored, by an attempted murder ot the turnkeys, to tffeet their escape from the gaol of KiUkenay, last week. By means of a fellow prisoner their attempt was frustrated They have since been exeouted. Their offence waa the murder of Mr. 1'rim, pay clerk. On Thursday John Hslahan was executed in Carlow, for tha murder of John Kelly Kiledmond. In Kogland, Lieut. Munro has been convicted at the Central Criminal Court, before Mr. Justloa Krle, for killing Colonel Kawcett, his brother-in-law, in a duel. Though sentence of death was recorded, it la supposed it will be commuted into a year's Imprisonment in Newgate. Hartley and Bourne, of Dublin, have obtained the coach contract fur Ireland, for five years, the contract of Mr. Croal, of Edinburgh having expired. Tho Itepealers have gained eight seats at the last elections The lost Nation contains the correspondence of the Dungarvun Committee with Mr. John O'Conneil, previous to the late contest. Blame Is attached to Mr. John O'Conneil for the loss of another repeal seat there; and in Kerry Mr. Maurice O'Conneil Is oharged with surrendering up, in order to avoid a contest, the second seat to Mr. Herbert, a conservative. His constituents, it is stated, on discovery of tha tact oalled upon him to resign. The Glabt states, " That the furniture of tha lata Mr. O'Conneil, Merrlon Square, is sdvertlsed to be cold by auction in the course of next month '' It laexpacted to realize a considerable amount above the intrinsic value, as remembrances of the departed agitator. Tha library is not mentioned. A petition is preparing against the return of Mr. John Reynolds for the city of Dublin ii ii fiuppohhu it will bo mucccmIuI. There wu a balloon aaoent In Dublin la?t week. Mr. Hampton and two. oBluer* aaoended. Another will take plaou on the 7th. Spain. Our account* from Madrid are of the 'J7th ult. Oan. Narraex arrived in the morning of (that day. and had had conference with the minlitteni Paoheco, Uenaridea, and Uatiainondu At 4 o'clock. P M. he wai to be admitted to &u audience of the l^ueen It waa believed that theeuti>e miuintry would reaign. Aooordlng to the Kara, the personH principally talked of for the codpoHltlou of the new cabinet were Meaara iJonoio Cortea, Pidal, Arraxola, bartoriun. Orlando, Hautlllan, Oil van. Koch de TagoreH. Heljan, llion llotiaa, Benavidea. and Maaarredo. M. 1'acheao waa to be appointed ambaaaador to Romn. The Three per Cent* wore dnne at for oaitb; the fire per oenta at 17?,, aud the <oupon? at 16. Portugal. We have received account* from Liabon to the 34th of Auguat. The new cabinet had at length been completed, under the direction of Marahal Maldanha, and compoaed of hla frienda The following are the membera of tbe cabinet Brigadier Daron de, Minister of foreign Ada Ira; Colonel kranxinl, Minister of klnancna; Dom Joao da Fouten IVreira. Captain In the Royal Nary, Mlnlater of iii.. \t i. rlfin ii.. i?"Jt- - , wwui nuvwuiv a?r#ruu .?l?liw V ' RrTUlO, MinlRter of the Interior; Doui Antonio Kirnudn de Silvn Kcrrao, Minister of Justice and Public Worship. Thn new ministry h&rt issuei a programme of tk prlnciplei* upon which It taken office. In thl* ilMunnt the cabinet declare* that it ha* adopted conciliation between all partie* a* the baaia of it* policy, that it la determlned to reapeot and ob.^rve thn charter, and to fulfil all the diplomatic engagement* contracted with toreign pmv.TH. They declare that thn object of the MB now entering on power la to carry on the government on principle* of morality, honeaty, Independence, and virtue. The Uaron du Lui, the new Mlnlater of War, ?u Quartermaster-General during the civil war The Minister of Kinancee, Colonel Krantlni, I* described a* a man of ability and science, but a* not being deeply verted in the practical nart of the important department at the head of whioti he baa been placed. The MiuiHter ot the Interior, bom A Mello e Carvatlo, whh for a short time a member of the Cabrai ministry, but he i|Uarrellnd with hi* colleague*, and has ever since been strongly opposed to them Uom A da Hilva Kerrao i* a distinguished counsellor in tha Supreme Court. Italy. Letters from Naplen of the J'Jd ult. (tote that tha King had proceeded to Measina. Some disturbances bad occurred at I'alermo,and five non-aommlssleaed odoeri of the garrison, and several respectable inhabitants of the city, amongst whom were two brothers, Messrs. tfal lo. had lies 11 arretted. A corps of -J,000 men, oommaaded by < t?neral Desuget, had been ordered Into tha Abruzzi. A natrla. A communication from the Italian frontier, In the Mannhr-.m Journal, states that, in reply to a formal^prote*t from Lord Palmerston, In the name of his govern inent. against Austrian intervention in the Internal afFaira of thn states of the church, the Austrian eabtoot baa declared its determination not to interfere, "exaep% ;n the last extremity, I. e , If the movement In the stater if the church threaten to compromise the tranquillity if it* own province*.'' In such a case, it is added. " no Lhing shall prevent Austria to exrrcl*e its incontestibia right." A similar declaration I* said to have bean ad> irnssed to the Krcnch and Roman cabinets, andlnatrue li'ins given to Prince Kadetzskv. in certain ana?tlfu<? ? ? oumntanr.e*, to enter the I'lipal territories with 30,000 mnn Thn police U nv?n morn than usually utlni In l,oml>ardy,iind the frontier surveillance mors itrict thin ?ver The Austrian troop*, which by thn prevlou* accounts had taken posaesalon of the city of Ferrara, hay* since, it in Raid, evacuted thn town and retired Into tho citadel, which, by one of the rlauae* of the treaty of Vienna, th?y are authorised to occupy Oreat excitement prevail* throughout Italy. OrttM. King Otho opened in pvnon the session of tho Uroak i liamht r on the fltb ult., with a speech in which ha eljirnasnd regret at not being able to announce to them thn conclusion of the difference with Turkey, hat hold out a hope of it* upend* and peaceable termination ? Alluding to tbn dissolution and to the eleotlon*, he aald, " From the facte themselves, gentlemen, you will admit that my govern mnnt, not withstanding the clrcumataac?-s In which It ha* found iteelf placed, ha* respected the right* of the nation, and taken every precaution to guarantee the Interests of the Htate, and to maintain tra? Iuilllty and public order Thn m?a*ure? adopted for this purpose will he *ut>inittnd for your approval." On thn subject of thn debt hie mejnety says, " Theamellomtlon of our financial condition, in favor of which mj government ha* made thn greatest nfforta, I* an abject of high importance, which ought to excite yoar peculiar solicitude; moreover, thn fulfilment of our engagements to thn protecting (kienfaitrirn)powers render* It a matter of duty It is on this very subject that my rovern ment will submit to ronr deep deliberations Important pri'jfi.'tn of In*, which, without compromising the Into ,<sts of the tr?*i??iiry. or thorn of agriculture and nktl. r.ition. will contribute to the regular payment of our icbt. and tbu? pres-rre the national credit and honor.? >Ijr government, Impressed with the Importance of tbeee onxlJeratlon*, anil although vary awkwardly situated, ikk compelled to satisfy the persevering demand* f wn* of the three protecting pew?r* a* regard! the Invests ami the extinction (oaorliiirnfnl) of the half early period ending In the month of March ' M. K.ynard, the liberal I'htl-Hellenist, who advancad .'10,000 to < olettl to enable him to overcome hi* flnantal difficulties, finding that K.ngland ha* received the mount, li now making an amusing attempt to induce ,ord I'almerston not to demand pai ment of the hlU* bout falling due, aud pray* that a congreaa may be conokedto take Into consideration the financial condition f i ireece, and adopt measures for her relief Uy the la*t account* from Athene. of the 10th ult? the mportant Intelligence ha* r?aehed u* that Oenetal Orllotti ha* escaped troin impri*omnent at Chaleia. and alsed the standard of in*urrectlon against the Coletti nvernment at Negropont The King Dent hi* all-desmii to the insurrectionary geneml with an offer of anion, If h? would lay down his arm* and dlabnnd bla len, but (Jrlilottl refused unless Coletti waa ftnt dlailssed. should (irlilotti b? seconded by Insurrections i l.aconia, Messina, Acarnanla. and PatrM, the governlent must oome to tarm* with the insurgent*, and a?npt their dictation. Otlslottl 1* assisted by Colonel corutanlete*, who I* raining recruit* In Attioa. The Albion, Kodnxy, and Vanguard, which hare been islting the Ionian island* and PatrM, are expeoted back t the Pirrus, to protect British Interest* The French war steamer Rubla, la kustly employed In irrylng warlike (tore* to Allvarl. In K.ubo-a, the greater art of whloh Island la declatvJ undar blockade, a* wall y sea aa by land Ttit InsuaaicTion.?Tha Athana journal* of the JOth hlch havn oome to hand, confirm the accwit* already ubllahed, of the Inaurractlun In Oreeoa. which i* bead d by General Orlsiiottl. " The escape of (i?ner*l Oriuiftttl," say* Lt CewrrtVr n?*. " is another example In support of the great ruth, that when k cuvrrninxnt pay* no respect to tne kwa, It expose* Itself, sooner or later, to meet aoarcny nd iusubordlnatton from all quarter*, seen from It* own Accustomed to violate the law* on all cioasiona

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