Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1847 Page 1
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f TH tol. *111. No. ftGO_Wt)nU No. ?*S7. First division new yokk state miutiaDlVlsluN OHDEKS Nsw Yohx, September 21, 1WT. The uauniformrd Militit of the City <>f New Yoik. (which eoiliiarri >11 the able bodied white male citizen* between the ag'? of 18 nutl 4.'i year*, who her* not commuted, ind who are not m-inlieri of an muforin coiniwuy, or exempt by law) wl: take notice of ih< f.'Mowing orders, to assemble for coupcuy panda ?n ! tnnrtial ^x-rcine, on Mond iy. the 4th of Octobrr next, at the time mid placet tharci't stated, id compliance w ill n act ?f he Legis'afure of the Htste of N*w Vork, entitled " \u act for th* orginizition of the First Division of th* New York ^mte Militia," passed May 6th, 18(7, and they are hereby notified of their enrolment. <?oirmand.nts of Brigades, Kenmcnts and Companies will direct all officers and non-commissioned officers of each uniformed enmputv, to attend the parade in uniform or Uutlresi. Hub* Iter's and mm-commissioned officers will a<d the comrnsinlants ol'companies in the exercises of the day. No lierson will be prroutied to leave his c .mpany withont permission of his comtnandiug officer until suu down. Pursuant to said act. each command u t willntfix snch penalties for offences and delinquencies as tie statute requires, opposite the name of the person so delir(|aentor offending. A f/ourt of Appeals for each ragirarut, to Ilea' excuse'. will be held at the time an-< P lac* stated at th? cud of the Regimental Orders Hv order of CHALES W S?NHORD. Major lieneral Commanding. ** V. VV KTMOHK, UIT. Jmpeccor. SECOND RB01MENT N Y. S. MILITIA. 4THiNO (THWUDI. I'ur u int to tbe above Div aioii Order* mid tue net therein mentioned tl?n uiiu formed nriva'ei of the several companies of this re/unrnt jvill assemble within their reap?**ive Company Districts on Monday, the 4th day of October next. at 10 o'clock, A. VI., I'nr Comtmiv parade, inspection and martial exercises armed nud eijnipped according to law, a' 'he places ltsiunated fo. eirh District reepectiyely, a* follows:? f oinpuuy A District?Joaep'i Craig, Comtn&ndini, within a line bounding Spruce, Cliff, Hague, Pearl and Chatham attests, k'lown na the KI rat Electi n L)i?trictn( the 4th Wad, hakiprar* Hotel, coruer of Duanc aod William eta. Company U Uiatric ? Alexander Castle. Commandant, with n a liue bounding Kerry arr-eet, Peck Slip Son h. Rooae?; It, Oak. Pearl, H*|ae and Cliff streets, known as the Fourth E'cct'Oii Diatrict of the 4th Wlrd, at the corner of Dover and re ir| atreeta. < omiMuy C Diatrict?Thomas W McLaay. Commandant, within 11tja bounding Roosevelt, Front Catherine and Oak atieeta, known a* the Third Ele. tion Uiatrict of the Fourth Wurd, will asaeinbleat the corner of Oliver and Oak streets. C'ltnpaur 'I District?Alexander Eagles n, Commandant, within a liue bounding Chatham, Pearl, Oak and Catherine Ktreats. known na the Second 'Election District of the 4th kVa.-d opposite the Catholic Church, James street. Company K District?Hubert Mcl eod, Commandant, within n 1 ne bounding (he Park. Chatham street. Pearl at'eet and Broadway, known ?s the Firat Electiou District of the Gth Ward, will a tenable at ih? coner of i antra and Duane atreeta. Company F District? Wm. W. Paraella, Commandant within a Ime bouudmg Pearl, '"entre and i anal atreers and Broadway, knorrn ts the Second Election Diatrict of the #th Ward, will sstemb e at corner of E m aid Franklin atreeta. Company O District?H-nrv Parsons, 'ominandant, within a line b*uuding Centre Walker. Mnlberrv, Chatham and rearl streets known as tho Third Elect on Diatrict ot the 6th Wa d, wil. aaaemb ? at the corner of Whit* and Centre ats. Company 11 Distnct?Alexander McKenx'e, Commaudant, wit.,iu a line bounding < hathnm. Bowery, Walker and Mu1bery attest*, known as the Fourth E'e-ticn District of th- 6th W >d, wi'l assemble at the corner of Bayard aud Molt streets The Regimental Court of Appea'a to hearappeals from flues or penalties, imposed, will be hell at the Centre Market Drill Room ou Monday, October II, 1147. at 11 o'clock, A. M. By orderof ALEX. MINO, Jr. Colonel 2nd R*g'C THIRD REOIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 1st ahd 2d Wards. In compliance with the above Division order, and the law therein referred to, the uanaiformej privates, members of th* several companies el tins regiment will assemble in their respective company diatricts.ou Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock A. M.. fjreompany parade, inapention nud alrill. armed aad equipped, according to law, at the places drs gneted (it the lollowmg districts, viz: 1st Company ( A) commanded by Capt. John Jagels, and district bouuded or Naasau, Wall Broadway, Rector, West, nud Liberty atreets, will meet ui Libeit/ street at the corner of Greenwich. Ud Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Laban, districts by "sassaa, Maiden Lane, Sooth and Williata lirei is, will id utiuar 11 mo curupr ui nuitu mi. 3dCiuipany (C) commanded by Lient-coinmardint D. C, Vaufhuu, dutricts beanded, bec uuiof at thu Bitterv, by \Vh [vhfcl 1, MarkctAeld, Broad, Wall, Broadway, Hector ?nd Wtil a;reela; C the p ace of begiuuiatf, will aaaetnble on tha B.tlteiy > p^oaite to Greenwich it. Hn t nmpauy ll>) ci'inmauded by Cai>t. Henri' C. M-ri. diatrict bound d by W'nlt, Broad, iVIarketfield, Wnitufcul aad Ptwrl a.a will aavrab'e on Hanover Squire. Jin Ct.inpaey (?) ccntiaauded by Cape. 8. 8. Parker, dutrict bou-dedby Will, tenil, rVliitelull aud South atresia, will aa aeiub e on tbe Hvter. oppotite to Kroutu. 6 li Couipmiy IK) c miaa.ded by Capt. William Serrill. dtv trie bonnied by B radway, Park How, Spruce, William aud ii.ue.ty atrecta, wiii &a?r?i|ilr iu the Park oppaaite Buekmaa creel 7 h Company (U) commi'ide.l by Capt. ltirhird Hiyuor. diat ui h uade i b| l.viu u .aue. Liberty, William, Kulton aud s?,uth iU*et<, will .ucn'i!* iu Piatt, at the coruer ol tiola at'eet t!. ''yi'n.uv (II) commanded t.y Ca?t. Jn?epli Lnna'i, diat.ict bitn?rd b? Knitou, William, rtprucu Kerry, Peck blip, nuu 3 Itj street?.. will auma tie in IteeJtuiaa atreei, the corner ol' iltiain ciaat. The He* internal < ourt or Appi'?l? to hear appeal* from iiuHH If iniwltix Ifnrjl Trill > I lied at St *ueai t ? Jl Kult.w street. on Monday the It li day of October, at l'?ar o'clock P. A. By order, d. dROOIvK POsTLEY, Col. Comtaunliug 3d ttegioieut N. V. 0. M. FOURTH EEuilMS.NT N. Y. 3. MILITIA. Mm an o Ijcm Wild. Far<aect to thi ab.ire Inrimuu Orders, aud the act therein Xutioued. the auui<i.'?i rued p-ivate* of the several conpauiea j| tui< .H<iaa?i will aaaemole withiu tUei- leapectiTe Com J?u . u a;ri i" Da Jtnuutf, uie lourin uay oi vciuoeri,?u, 11 III >'ciuck A.>1 , for company parade, inspection, anil martial exarcia4. armed end equipped according to law. nt tlie placea de igrate ' for dm ict r?ii ectirely u follow*, vix: 1st Company Dutrict (A. Troonlcomiaanded by Capt. Kdma .J Char ? , Jnu'. and bounded by H iuitou. SVooitT, and Fourth at ?eta, ctixth Aveaue Cauiinc, Bl<*erker. ami llancoea streeta. at the comer of T/v mjnou and Fourtti iuicu, right on heurlh atreet. 2d Compaay Uiatrict (B. Troop) cammauded by Capt. Oitrat LaarMea. and b uudrd oy rlona.ou, Wi.oa'er, Amity, nd Orent Jm.ea jtieHa aad the Bowery, at Che coruei of ,W ercer KjiI Aiaitra' e'ta, right ou Amity ai>eet. 3d Comp**>y I) strict (Company ?.) coinmaudrd by Lienleu iat t.o?iiii?jjd.iut John tow I or, Juur., aud boa?<*ed by ( Jouea, Am ly, aud v?oo?ter etreel*, UiiireMity flace. Four ee itli arrnet, aud the Bowery,at the corner of VVooater street ami Warerly Plaea, right ou Waverlry Placr. 4th i onipany Dielnci (Company B) c.nnmtnded byCaptaiu Kerhcr, and boaudad by Fourth atreet, Univeraity Place, Fourteaath atreet aad Sixth Areuue, at the luteraeetiou of ihe ceutte walk, ranmag North and South wilhth* North walk of Washington aquare. 3th < naipaay Diatrict (Company C ) comnunded by Lieut. Commandant Jacob tichinid, aud bounded bv Houston, Mulberry aud Broome atraeu, aad Broadway, at the corner of Crosby rnd Prince a raet. rigntou P/tuce street 6tn Company Dntricc (Company D ) commanded by Lieut. Ceminiedaut Patrick Murray, auJ bounded by ilouatou, Mulberry and Bra.itne atreau, and the Bowery, at the coiner of Molt aud Prince atreata, right ou Prince atreet. ith Company Diatrict (' -ompioy t) Coramuiilcd by Joha II- willrr, and b unded by Broadway, < Uual, Centre, Walker, Orauga and Braoma atraeta, at the Corner ol Grand aud blrn aueeta. right OB fclm atreet. Ith Company Dutrict (Company F) commanded by Captain Kdwtrd Hinekan, aud baunded by Walker, Orange and u.nonie r?eu, <tua tne tlowery, ( llie corner ul Hnltr uid Mulberry atrecta, right "0 Mulberry atreet. The ilrg.rueuMl Court of Appeala to hear appeala from flu'i aud ueualtiea impoaed, will be helJ it Couititntien Hull. No. CIO Broadway, on Moiul .y, Oct. lBtl?. Il<7,*t5 o'clock. P. M. By order of CHAKLC8 YATK8. Colonel 4th Uegt. N. V. 8. M, FIFTH Rfc81MKNr7N V. 8. MILITIA. Brn Ward. ^I'urauant to the ab>,?e Diviaion oroert and the act therein MbalilY rii the ununiforined private* of the n-re al coiapamtt of tin* Kegiment will aa?emt>le within ih-if re?|>cctiTe Company di.tncta, en Monday, the 4th day of October nait, at II o'clock, A M , fnt Company parade, luaptcuoa aud martial ein cue, armed aud equiptwd according to law. at the placet det? ,*t-d for eich district re-peatirely aa I'uilowa:? The lit ompiay dlllMt Company un rr comma,id of C*pt Remecke, and bounded hy Br (way,' anal, Cirecu and Honaton ati , in Me'aar at , right on P. nice at. The 2d Company diatrict.Ceinpany B, under c of Lieut Weyeih dz, and bounded by tlreen, Canal, Lament and H uatiin att , iu Vvootterat., right on Prince at The 3d Coinpwr dutrict. Company C, under commind of Cape Kow.ild. and boauded by Laurent, Canal, Hnlliran and II oiiston att., in Thompaon at, right on Priuce at. The 4th Company diatrict, Company L> under command of Capr Hwartxwa der. and h-muded by Snlliean. Canal. Wattt. Varick uid Spring at* viu VVat'iat.. right on 8u'1it*ii it. The ttli C impa-iy diatrict, Cjinp my R, unde' command of Cap Bopport, aud bounded by Hnlliran. Spring, Varick aid Houston tt, in King it , right on Me Doug il at. Th? (th t.ompauv dutriet, Compmy F, under command of Lient, Khrruoa, and bounded by Varick, WatU, Iludaon and ljonatnnata,. 10 King at., right on Varick at. The 7th Company dutrict, Company O,bounded by lludton, Canal, Oreeuwichand Houtton ata.,iu King at, right ou Hud oj ?t , aud lie under the command of Lieut. Pturmui, who i< hereby detailed Tor that purpoee. The 8;h Company district, Company H, bounded by Oieecwich, CliitL Wei; nd Houston it, in King it right on(i' at. t<e under (he command of Lieut. Heat, who i? hereby detailed for that purpoae. The kefirn?i.t?l Court ol IppeiU to hew appeila from fines or penalties inip?,s?4, will be held at IiMM m uket drill roam nil loudiy 2ith Oct. neat, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon JJy Older ol ANDREW WAKNEU, Col. Jth Keg't. SIXTH BUM:. N. Y 8. MILITIA. I'tuiiAjlNii Ftrwi W Aft Da. Pursuant tn the-???r?jjjyi..iuu ,.rd?f?, mil the Act therein mentioned, the fTlVaie^ol the sere.-al Com. antes ol'thu re*tmeni VITl tunlUe within their reipectiye compi ly diatr clam irt^ahr<Uv of October ntlt. at 10 o sloe ?, ?-m.,r.<r c<>n*inf oiim?. njaperhon, and martial ei rciae. rraed ui<i<KMrij>?ed arenrd1u*?o law, at the placea design tie J '.?r such baricla 'espoitiTely, ?s follows:? Cmnmny A? my^in W. Fianew.cnminxndtiit, b .nndedjiv Lihaity street, Bmwiniy, P*ltsu street, Weatatreet, at Kulton, ornnili I hnrchst. Co. B?Lieut J. Adam, Milderberger, '"ommindaat, bnondelh/Kiltoi dimd-eiy. Vhi r?v atreet, Greenwich street, ut Fulton. cornei of Church street. o C?Li?ntemit >V O Junham, Cowmindant and bonnd*d by Fulton ?tie<", Oreeiiwi<-li atreet, Hetde at e?t, West street, ?? Clutmhers: corner ot Washinntoi atreet. (!?. I)?Captiin James W. f irr. Cominio tant, and hounded by Murray s reet, Br >a I w iv. Ilevle at, Greenwich atreet, tt Mm ray st'eel,corner of College Place. C.? K-Lien IUI W. A l|.:ictim in. Com lan-Unt, honn led t'V He* !e street. Broi?dwiy,*Fiankl n s'reet, Hodnon at, at < W wde of III,I son at, corner o<' Daane tt Co. F?Lieu it w. H. Walker. Commandant, bonnded by Heide 'tre-t. Jludtin arreet, Beach ?lreet, Weat street, at WMt ai.le J Hudstin ?i reel comer of Dnane sti eet. Co. O?Ci^Um Will ?n> Ch iloieri, Command int. bounded by y ' .k'i i *te-? f P,,o..i?? <y. Canal >nd Liigtit streets, Hudsonst eet, at If niton strset, t St John's Park Co. H? t i John Oregiyy, Commandant, bounded by D -.oh s'reet, Hudjiu aMtei, L"i?ht srreei, Canal strest, West atree' it Hu4?nn ,f, rprxiaiie ? John's Park. /U*.1 nW i h**r, "'The** Hiley'- hnnae at the corner ' B o f"r A "J ompfit'e. C and D on Saturday. Oct 16t'i,?t the una ?f"t'. for Cotnjnuiss E and F on Tuesday, Oct. 19th, at the at in* hour. For Compnnie* O nnd Hon Wedneeday, Oct. aoth, at the itu)'' hour. Byoidsrcf WILLIAM DODOE, Colour I 6.1) Hegt. N. V. 8. M. g"VENni nr.OfMr\T V. V. S. MILITIA. Ttii nn Itin Wanot. lo U't .?()? Diviaiou O d?ri anJ Act therein mtar e?I ?h? otd nrifufes ol th^ several com(Nftni#? of th*f Megi'iieii*. will ^?ermt)le within *heir r***i??crirw com peur dMtricui no iVi??ndty,\he 4th day of October next, at ) o'clock A M . for company i>ar*de inspection and martial eierci-?r, armed and equipped nccordinf tv# law. at the pieces de^iffnaferl f >r each district res|>e(!ti?e|y. aa follows:? The 1st Compeny District is bouuded by Cetharine, Madisoe E NF. NE\1 and Hu'gera atreeti and Eut rirer; will parade in Monroe ar, right on fikc at aud he commanded by Capt. Thoa. Morion. The Id Compauy Diatrict la bounded by Rutgera, Madiaon and Unuid atrrrta and Eaat river; will be commanded by Cant Win H. Willi iuu, and will parade iu Monroe at, the right on Jefferioii at 3dComp*ny Diairict, bounded by Catharine .Division. Hutgeraaud Madiaon atiee'a; will he commanded hr Lieut't Eilfar ?1. Crawford, aud will parade in Henry at, the right ou Market at 4ih Company Diatrict?Bounded by Rutfera, Division, Grindand Madison atrreta: will be commanded by Capt Cha? W. Smith, aud will parade in Henry at, the right on Clinton street. ith Company Diatrict?Bonudad by Diviainn, Norfolk, Oraudand Cldridge itreeu; will be commanded br Captain JameaL. Wau#h, aud w.ll parade in Orchard at, the right ou Heater at. th Company Diatrict?Bounded by the Bowery, Oraud, Eldridge uid Diviaiou atreeta, will be commanded by Captain Walk* rat 110 P?rade In Forayth at, the right on 7ih Company Diatrict-Bounded by Norfolk, Rieington, Allen and Oraud atieeta j Will be commanded by Captain William H UuderhiLi. *uJ will pintle iu Orchard street, the ruiit oq is room* street. 8th Compauy Diatrict?Bounded by the Bowery, Iliviq tun. A!leu and Urand atraeta ; will be commanded by C'ptain llenry C Mhumway, and will jiartde iu Broome street, the Nf hun < hryatie at ret. The Ciminaudaut of thia Regiment will attend at the Vercar Houae, (our ier of Mercer anil Broome atreeka) oil Monday, Iha tth ul wcrobtr, IS 17. it j o'clock P. II., in J will then and there hear all appeala that mar be m de to him lor the remiaaion of auy fine or penalty agaiuat any peraon or peraona eu rolled as uu-uuifoitned mrtn'irra of this regiment By Older of ANDREW A. BKKMNICR, Col. 7th Regiment. EIGHTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 11th and IJtii Waxds. Pursuant to the above diviaiou ordera and the act tl erei mentioned the a -uuifor:ne<t privitea of ihe severnl comonnie' of this rrgi.nent will uaeiuh e within their leapeclive compnn) distiict* ou Moud.iy the 4th day ol'October next, at 10 o'clock A. M , lor company par.tue. mspectiou lua martin rieicise armed null equipped acc .rdiug lo law, at the place* designatei forea>h distiict ie>pectively, as folio ws Coinpiuy A, Capt. George Lyons, commandant, at the cor ncr ol Ciiut m aid Grand streets. Uistrictbouuded by Norfolk liiviugton, Kidge, au-J Dirieion streets. Company b, Cant*in Jamra Price. CJmmwdmt, at fhi comer of Grand and Sheriff streets. This diatrict is lioundn by Kidge, Hiriiigiou, Cannon, Grand and Division streets. Company C, Captain MM Vau Drke, commandant, at tht corner of Goerck and Grand streets 1 hi* district i* bounder by Grand. Cannon. a> d Rivingion streets, aud the East Kir?r Cempauy D, Captain James Little, commandant, at the cor ner of Pitt and Houston atreet*. This district is bounded by Hiring inn, Clinton, Houston and Sheriff (treet*. Company K, Captai.i George B. Boone, commandant, at th< corner of Caanon and Houston streets This district ii bounded by Uirington, Sheriff asd Houston streMs, and th< Hirer Company K, Lieo'enaot Edmund II. Weymui commandant at the corner of Fifth street aud Avenue B. This diatrict ii buuude'l by Houston street, Avenue B, Filth street, and th( Kast Hirer. Company G. Lieutenant Alvah T. Canfield, commandant, a the corner of Seventh atreet and Avenue B. This district ii bounded by Fifth street, Avenue B, Ni .th atreet,and the Kasi Kiver. Cumpany II Lientennut James II Dyer, commau'aut, a the corner ?f Avenue B aud Ninth stieeti. This diatrict ii bounded by Niuth street, Avenue B, Fourteenth street, anii the Kaal Kiver. Appeals will be heard at the Military Hall, No. 193 Bowery on Friday the lith October, 1817, as follows Company A, a B o'clock, A. M.; Company B, at 9 o'clock. A. M.; Company C, at IQ o'clock, A. M ; Company D, at 11 o'clock, A. M. Company E. at 2 o'clock, P. .VI., Company t>, at 3 o'clock. P.M. Company G, at 4 o'clock. P. M.; Company II, at 5 o'clock P. M. By orderof COL. J. W. STYLES. NINTH REGIMENT^N. Y. 8 MILITIA. 17th Waao. Pursuant to the above Division Uiders aud the act thereii mentioned, the ununiforuied privates of the several compaiiiei of this regimeat will assemble within their respective coinnan] districts on vlouda/, the 4th dny of October next, at 10 o'clock A. Vl . for company parade, inspection and martial eiercise - ruied aud e<| iip,led according to the place designate! fcr each distiict respectively, a< follows 1. The district of Company A, commanded by Captain Join i' Helme, and bounded by the Bowery, Riruigton, Eldridge First avenue and Second street, at the South East corner o Houston aud Christie streets. 2. The district of Company B, commanded by Lieutenan Comui't Stephen H. Cornell, and bounded by Eldridge, Kiv msiou, r >< ?, ATeuiio a, necoud atrert, ana Mrat avenue, a the South ffe.l curuer ;l Houttou aud Allan atreeta. 3 The district of Company C, com >anded by l.ieut Jacol L. HeiriuK, hud bounded by Kmi, Riviuiftou, Cliut >0, Ava uur B, Hecond acreti. end At nue A, at the South fcjut curue of HuUitoa and No' atrerti 4 Tlie district of Compiuy L), commanded by Capt. Chtrle T. Pulwi ale, and boun led by the Bowery, Second atrert Kirat avenue, aud Sixth atieet, at the touth Kait curuer of He cun<t avenue a id Kourth a reet i. The diatrict of Company E. commanded by Capt. Marvii R Pitinui, aud bou ided by Kirat avenue, second atreet, Ave liUD H. and Sixth Ureal, it the South tuajt corner of Avci.u* A tu 1 Fourth atieet. 6 The diatrict of Company K, coin aim led by Capt Joho N Hay wa-d, and bounded hy the Bowery, ixth atreet, Atciiui H. nereuth atreet, Avenue A aud Eighth atieet, at the Sontl Eaat comer of second :ireuue and seventh atreet. | 7. 1 he diatrict ot Comp my ii,> ouiminded by Capt. Richari 11 Tlionipaoii. atid bouided by >he B >wary, Eighth atreet \venue -t, aiid Tenth atieet at the South Caat corner of He coud ava .ue and Ninth at.eet. 8. The diatrict of Cnmuauy II, commanded by Capt Henr; B. Mrlville and buaoiUd by the Bo*very. T?' th atreet. Are nue B aud Fourteenth atreet, at the Sooth tajt corner of Sc c?.nd avenue aa<! Twelfth atreet The Regimental Court .f Appa-ila, to liearappe.Oa fron fineaor peoaluaa impoaed, will be held at .Military Hall 19 Bowery, on Thuraday, thu list of October, 18-17, at 11 o'clocl ! in flit* fiiMiinon Rv nl' "" Jfi. JKS8UP, Jr., Col. Comm'g 9th Regt. IV V.8. Militia. TENTH RKOIMKNT N. Y. 9. M. 9iH Wahii Furanant to the above f)ivi? on >rder? mid the Art the reir mei tioned, the U'jU'.ifonned pri?lti of thn a?vernl coinpamei of thia >?g m<at will ataemblo withiu iheir respective cumin it dutricu oo Monday, t'ie 4ih day of October neit, at M o clack, A. M.. fir company pa<ad*, luapectioa and martial fi rrciaa, armed and equipped according to law. at the p'.acea de aignate^ lor each iiltrictIWptBtJttU,Hfollows 1? lit Diitnct. comptny A.bou-jd-d by the llud.on Iliver Hammer*!?. Bedford au 1 llsro streets, and commanded b> Thorn is Jose*, captaiu, at the north east comer ofiludsou anil I.eroy streets. 2d District comi<any B,bounded by Bedford, Hsmmers'y Hanco?k, Bleeckerand Carmine treeta, 8ixth Avenue aud B*rro?v meet, a id commanded b ? Henry L. Hoellle, e plain at th? north eaal Curuer of Bleecker and Cornelia streets 3d D?triet,coNipa'iy C, bounded by ihe Huds n River, Barlow, Hudson and ferry atree.a.and commanded by Heury 11 ru u?'. captain, at the uoith east corner of Wfcahiugton and Auioi street* 4th District, comptnv D, bounded by Hu'lton street, Barrow street, Siith \venue and Ainos at., commanded bv Coiueliui Cla'k, c-ptaiu, at the north eaat corner of fourth and Cbri* tophxr ?t eets. J.h District, company C, bounded by tin rludsou River. H'rry, ||u ton and Troy at eeta. and commanded bv Jamei M'Orath. captain, at the north eaat corner of Washington and Bank itreeta. 6th Diatriet, Company K, bounded by Hudion, Arnoi, Fac Captain, at the North Ea?t corner ol Fourth and Perry streets 7rh District, C'omi any IJ, bouded by the Hudson river Troy stieet. Eighth avenue, and Fsorteeuth street.Hud commanded by Cornelius Vaudeiveei. Ciptaiu, at the North Kill corner of (iiee wichand Horatio streets. tth District, Company H. bouudvd by iCighth avenue. Trov, Factory and Am streets, Nixh avenue aud Fourteenth st and commanded by Jacob Itaynor, Captain, at the North Eesl corner of Scven.h avenue au'i Eleventh street. The Ilegiinent\l Court of Aplasia. to liear appeals fioin finesaud penalties iinn sed w II behrld at the Notthern Kxchange, *""" 271 Bleecker st-eet on Friday, the 22d day of Ootuber, 1H7, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon. Uy order of CHARLES J. DODOE. Ll. Col. Comm'g 10th Regt. N. V. h. At. ELEVE>TH REORIENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 16th and 18th Wsrds. i Pursuant to the above Division Order* and the act therein mentioned the aoamformed piivatea of the aeveral Companiei of th>a Regiment will aaaemble within their reapective i oinpa nv districts, on Mouday, the 4th ray of October next, at l( o clock A. At., for cnmpuiy parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed and equipped according to law, at h? places de signaled for each district respectively, a follows:? let. Company Dietrict of I. ompiny A, commanded by Captain Rioert r. Fraser bounded by the Hu ltou Kt\er, hourteentli street, the Kigbth avenae and Nineteenth street, on the the correr of fronrteenth street Hud Eighth avenue. Id. Company District of Coinnan B. commanded by Captain John J. 8<uvan, bounded hy the Kiithth aveunc, Fourteenth street, 8.nth avenae and Nineteenth street, on the eorntr ol Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. Jd. Company District ol Compenv C, commanded by Captain John Seulert, bounded by the Hudson Miver, Nineteenth street, the Eighth avenue aud Tweary-eighth street, ou the corner of Nineteenth street and the Eighth avenue. tth Company District of Company D, commanded hy Caplain Frederick Piessnerker, bounded by the Eighth avenue, Nineteenth street, the Sixth avenue, and Thirtieth street, on the corner of Thirtieth stre t and Kigh'h a? enne 5th. < .onipany District of Company E. commanded by Captain John MrMahou, bounded by the Hudsou River, Tweutytighlh str?et. the Eighth at rnue,'i hirtieth atreet,the MtU uremic nail Fortieth street, on the corner of Twenty-eighth feet and ihe Eigh h avenue. #th. Company District of Company T, commanded by Captaiu A. Hendrrson, boamled ky Sixth avenue, Fourteenth atreet, East Itirw and Nineteeth street, on tne Corner Fouiteeuth aireet and M tth arenue. 7th Company Oiatriet of Company G, commaji led by Captain II V IMrdsnburg. b' uuded by the Sixth aveune. Nineteenth street, the East Hirer and Twentieth street, on the corner ol Tweuty-Hiiih street and Sixth avenue. Ith. Company District of Compnny H, commanded by Captain lohn r. Ellis, and bounded by hinh arenue, Twentysmh street. East Hirer and Fortieth street, on the curler of Twen'r-anrh street and 8iith The Reguneatal Conrt of appeal, to hear appeals from fines and penalties imposed, will he held at the Madison Cottage, corner Kiftn a-ennesnd Twenty-third street, on Monday, the llth ofOe'ohar. at t o'cUrk in the alteruoon. Bvorderof ROBEilT C. MORRIS, Col. llth Regt. N. Y. 8. M. '? TWELFTH REOIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. llTH W??il Pursuant u? the a birr Dirision Orde s and the Act therein m*nfion*d, th# tini*iorrn*ti prirntei of th?i several Oomiioiri f this Hrgiment will assemble within their respective compsny .'islntu, on Monday, the 4th fay of October neat, at 10 o'clock A. VI , for company parade, inspection and marital e?*. armed and etjuipired according to law, at the plscea desiKnaied lor each district respectively. aiTo lows:? Company A. Captiin Vinrent, commandant, bounded by 4th arenue, r.9th strait, *th arenue and With atreet, at N W. come of 4th arenue and Bith atreet. Company ft, Captain hetta, commandant, bounded by 4'h avenue, HarlemH rer and Kills, East River, and Mtli street, at N . E eotne of 4th av?nue and ?6'h street. Company C, Capt. Mayner. romman J >nt, bounded by a line running due west from the high bridge, the Hudson river, Spuy tei. Di> val Creek and Harlem river, to lha high bridge, on K">g<it>ridge road, opposite the high nudge. Cotnpm/D.Cipt rm lhoinm*, comm "<dant, bouudrd by the Dt>i aveaa>, Mi'li st. Hudson river, Manhittan at, and 126th at. atS W cnr ol tth avenue and 86 h at Comp u / f.Ctpt. Averran?, commaudant, bonnd^d by trh arenue, Mth st the Hudsoo river, and 40th at, at N. W. corner 8iti avnua and 40ih st Company K, < apt. Wilson, commandant, bounded by 4th aveuue, 40th st, 2th areoue and M'Ji at, at 8. W. cor. of 4th avenue and Mth st. Company (i, Capt. Rev?"|ds, commandant, bonnded by 40th st. East nver. Htitlist and 4th avenua, at 8. E. eor. of Mth at and 4th avenue. Company H, Lieut Comdt. Ayrea, Commandant, bounded by tthavenue. Harlem Rirerto High Bridge.thence dne west to Hudson river,and aloug said river to Ma* h ittau street, lliili ririt, tth avenue and lltth itreet, ou llth avenue, near Tiinity Cemetery. _ ? . Ai peals will be heard at No 142 Fnlton street. New York City, on Tuesday, the 12th, Wednesday llth, and Thursday, the 14tli days of October ueiti between the honra of 12 M and I P. M.. of each day named. By order of BENJAMIN W. BENSON stt litre Colonel. W YC 7 YORK. WEDNESDAY M M PR ASLTNYRTG ED Y7N7 RAN C E * The Examination of the Duke, j AND or Kad'lii de Luiil, tbe GoverntM. I ixtcikouatoht or thk dvii de mtiiin (cHiiLli , LAUBE Hl'Ul'tl THEOBALD), AOCD 43. I You know tbe horrible crime imputed la you; you know all the etrnumstanos* wulcti h??B been laid down before ] fou. And which exciudn the Tery appearance of a doubt. | recommend you to abridge the fatigue you appear laboring under by oonfessinn of the truth, for you eanaot, ?ou dare not deny It !?The q jestlon U Tery precise. but haTe not strength to answer. It would require Tery long explanation a Yon My It wou'.d require Tery long explanations to anawer the question I have juat put to you; not so.a" Yes" nra " Ne" I- sufflclsnt'?It requires great moralstrength to answer yes or no,?an immense strength, whion I haTe not No long explanations can be requisite to answer tbe question I hate juat asked tou' ? I repeat, it would require a moral strength, which I do not possess, to an Wer It. At what hnur did you leave your children the evening tefore the crime? At half past ten or thereabouts; a quarter to eleven. perhaps. Whit did you d" after you left them??I went down to my oiiamb r, and got Into bed immediately. Dul you bleep'?-yep, (? a sigh ) Till what hour ' ? 1 uo not reoolleot. W?i your resolution fixed when you went to bed'? No; 1 cannot even tell whether that might be oalled a , revolution. , When you awoke, what wan your flrit thought??I believe I was awakened by cries In the house. and that I hurried to the ohamber of Madame de Praslin. (The aci cused added with a sigh)? I would ask you to restore mo to I fe by Interrupting this interrogatory. When you entered the ohamber of Madame de Praslin, you could not be ignorant that all the issu's around you weru shut?that you aloue could enter??! was ignorant 1 of that. You entered the chamber of Madamu dc graslln several ! times that morning; was she in bed the first time you went there' ?Nc; she was unfortunately stretohed ou the floor. r Was she not lying on the spot where you would appear to hare struck her the last time??flow can you put suoh > a question to me' | Uecaus>) you did uot answer me at first, llow did you ' com* by the scratches I see on your hands .' I got them the eVHiiiug before tearing 'Praslin, as I was packing I up my things with Madame de Praslin. 1 llow did you oome by that bite 1 Bee on your thumb ' It is not a bite. 1 The surgeons who have visited you have declared it is | a bite f Hpare me. tuv weakness is extreme. You must have passed* very painful moment, when on t entering your ohamber you perceived yourself oovered 1 with tLe tlood you had shed, and which you tried to I wash out ? That blood has been erroneously explained ; I did not wish to appear before my children with the blood of their mother. | Do you not feel very unhappy at having committed ; this crime ? (The locust d was silent, and appeared lost ' in thought) , Were you not under the Influence of bad advice, im pelllog you to commit this crime ? I have received no advice; no one would advise ?uch an aot. Are y< u not tortured by remone; and would it not have i been a sort or teiief to you to have said the truth ? My strength foil* iue entirely to-day. r You do nothing but speak of your weakness. 1 asked you a short time ago to answer me only by " Yet" or : "No?" If any person would feel my pulse, lie would easily judg? of my weakness. , You have just hud strength enough to answer a good many questions of detail which 1 had addressed to you ; f your strength did not fail you for that. (The aooused wss silent) m 1 Tour silence answers for you that you are guilty? You * are como hero with the conviction that I am guilty ; 1 cannot ubange It. ) You could change it if you g&vn us reasons to the contrary, if you were to explain differently what appears ' only susceptible of explanation by your guilt ? I do not think 1 can nhange that couvictlon In your mind. 1 Why do you not believe It poaaible to change our conviction? (The accuBeri, after a pause, declared It beyo?d his power to Cuatinue ) i When you committed ibis horrible act did you think of your children??As to the orim<J, I did not commit it? L ?s to my children, they are the oonstant subject of my thoughts. ' Daro you affirm that you haye not committed thin , grime*?iThe accused rested bin head upou his baud* and remained silent for a few instauts; then ha amid, "I i cannot answi-r such a ijuegtloa '') M. d? l'raslin, you are under mental torture, and as I told you just now. you might perhaps assaage It by f answering ine ?( The accused did not answer, and begged as a favor that his Interrogatory might be interrupted h and put off to another day. In compliance with this request the Interrogatory wan stopped.; 'l KiafT inTEIIROUATOItr or MADKMOItKLLC DEIU7ZTI DK?ron ret, ioip 37. When did you enter the family of the Duke d? l'raslin as governess.' ?On March, 1, 1841. What salary did you receive??At Lady Hislop's, near London. I received l,H00f a-jeur; nt M. de 1'raslln's I was to have something more?'i.OdUf, with board and i lodging. i L>ld you receive that sum from the moment you entered??Yes 1 What were yo?r functions in M. de Traslin's household.'?! had the care aud education of the nine children,but it wiis found nece-sary afterwards to add an under governess After that, the Duke took u private tutor for the boy?, but he became dissatisfied with him. I and dismissed him fcfter some time, lie then placed first one son, and then a second, with M. Boussu. a pro. [ fessor of the College Bourbon. J remained charged with the education of the three eldest girls and the ' youngest boy. The three youngest girls were placed at the Convent of the Hacre-Caeur; as M. de Prasiln himself acknowledged that it was impossible to malutain > harmony between a head governess and an under one How long is Itjilnce the under-governes* left tho house ( or me uuke -jo i'raslin.'?About tnree years ' The information which wu have receivnd has mmln us ware that tor a length of tluie you behaved badly toward* Madame do 1'raslln; that you did not show her > that consideration at.d MmN that you opflit to have ' done, and that y?u endeavored to alienate from her l lie affection of tier husband and ber children ' ? No. jever! never ! When I entered Into Madamede I'raslln'shouse matters were already on a very awkward footing Tlxi Duke wanted to direct by himself the education of his children, as the Our he's lierseli told me She informed me that It was to the Duke alone that I should have to render an account, snd the Duke himself also repeated 1 to me the same. '1 hree or four governesses had succeeded each other In the house In the course of some months; the Duke could not agree with any o them? Madame de I'raslin told me that I should reside alone with the children in oue side of (lie hotel, that I should take my mxuls alone with them; and that I should allow them merely to see their mother. I refused to oonsentto these propositions, and declared that I would not accept the kituatlon that was offered The Duke then decided thftt the governess end the children should take their meals with thu family, but that the children should remain under her exclusive control and direollon. At a | later period, during a stay at the < hatoauof Vandreuil, I where 1 was alone with the Duchess, the latter took part in the readings and direction of the studies of her children. On his arrival, the Duke, having learned this, was very much dissatisfied, and expressed that dissatisfaction somewhat stro'ngly, whereupou the Duchess abstained We were then established at the Chateau de I'raslin, where the governess and the children lived tni tirely apart, except as regarded the meals, which were taken en famillt. I never endeavored to keep away T the children from their mother, but there existed be- | tweeii lli? uuke ana .Madame do I'ranlin oauses of difference which I could uot prevent: I ?u, perhaps. greatly wrong to accept that position, but I never wilfully endeavored to pain the Duchess. Tho Duchess expressed sentiments of jealousy toward* me, but wbloh had not the least foundation tn the world. Still, generally, the Duchess was on good terms with mit, without beinn affectionate, and that often caused me to forget her injustice I had no fortune, no friend at I'arls. T was obliged to keep my position, with so much the more resignation that tbe Duke had promised togive me a pension 11 had the courage?such was the trnu he used?to terminate tho education of his three eldest girls, notwithstanding the annoyance which that task might occasion me. Did the pension which you speak of form part of the first terms agreed on between you and the Duke.' No; all that was spouen of was an annual salary. ilad the Duke ilxed tha amount of tbu pension' No. but 1 always reckoned that It would be l.tuflf. a year, or MMf. for each of the girls. 8ucD I believed to be his decided In'entlon, according to a conversation which we had tegetber. It Is certain that, In the latter month* especially, tha Duchess de 1'raalin had conoeived a very violent jealousy against you, and that she had no doubt as to the in- ! timate relations which she supposed to diet between ' vou and her husband? Never, no Sir. never. The Duchess may have said it to others, but sne never said it ' to me. Two years ago, when in Coraieawith my pupils, on one of the estates of the Marshal Sebastlanl, a journal published lhat I hail taken to (light with tha Duk? da 1'ranlln In conseijuenoe of this I resolved to leave the houee immediately; but the Marshal, lather of the , Ductu s*, Opposed this. representing lhat such a insa- , sure would b? a confirmation of the rumor. The Duchess aliowad great ooldnws and disxatisfaction at seeing me abandon >uy determination ai,d remain in the house. , However, this seemed gradually to wear away; aud,enpe- , dally within the last year, the Duchess became kind to- , wards m? I was then completely thunderstruck when, two months ago. tbs Abba (iallard cams to me and said , that my presence was a cause of trouble In tha house .and | tbat I could not remain. , , We have hclera us a letter, without data and without , signature, which wa present to you. It appears to us , to have bean addressed to you at no distant data by tbe Duohcsa do I'rasliu, and in it she says, that If it be for- ( bidden to sleep without being reo mulled to one's neigh- j bor, it appears to bar that a new year la a still stronger reason to put an end to all disaensions, and to forget all ( griefs. She tells you that it la with a true heart that < she el tends her hand to yen, and begs of you to forgot , the past, as she does herself, anl to live for the future , in good intelligence with her. There existed, then, at ] that period ot the year, subjects of complaint be- | twei n you ??This letter was not written In the month | of January last, but in January, late It was then that , she sent It to m? with a bracelet, which she gave me as a new year's gift. She had been cold to me; but during ( the last winter she was muoh better disposed towards | me. Kvery time she went to the theatre sn? gave me a , place in her box, and when she went with her daughters , to a pleasure party she offend to take me. I forgot to i IRK E ORNING, SEPTEMBER 2 itmto that during th? preceding winter she several time* to h poke to me on project* of marriage f r her daughters, ; proi pegging me to try to Indue* M. de Praslln to adopt bar edu riews; but 1 declared that these project* of marriage In I pari 'nmUiee ?t# thiii^n too dallcata for ma to meddle with i nev n any way. Thete was seen in this reply, whioh I be- lity let* a win* one. a Jc?lr? to establish myself for ever in gesl the family by keeping off good marriage*. for it wai un- thel lerstood that i ibould leave when tba tbraa eldest to e iaughtar* rlinuld b>- established Wh Whan did you leave the houaa of tha Duke da Praa- bat' lin ' ? On Sunday evening. tha IHth of July lait, at tba tha moment that all tha family wera preparing to prooaad to mei tha Chateau de Trillin tak After leaving the houie did you not eontlnua to tea and tha Ouke de Praslin '?I only Raw him tbraa tlaaa Tha pla first time was with hi* daughter Bartba and hi? ion Ray- mo1 nald These two children bad barn brought to tha board- ; anc Ing-sehool in which I reside by tha femma-da-oharga of I thn Marshal I had been with tbem to tba dentist, th? wbara thay underwent operatlonf. The Dukacame tore- ain Join us. and I went with them In a carriage totheCorbell thn Railway. As we bad some time unoccupied, we want to cat tha gardens of the Luxembourg. It was tba Duka who bel proposed It, saying that I should thus remain longer with M d the children It is impossible for me to tlx tha date oi tbla rlo first visit. Eiuht days ago last Tuesday the Duke oame the ti> see ma a second time ll? illd ?>? nr. ?-i? ? that he <il not f?ll 'Jrms-d enough to present himself fat at tho nom?ut to Madam* Lcmaiin, and that he calou- tei lated on making his first visit to li?r with hli daughters de He announced to me a visit with his children for Tues- aiji day last, the lTtti of thi* month He then spoke to me bit of the direction of the uducatiou of hi* daughter*. which 1 tio did not proceed according to hi* ideas. On last Tuesday, ! wl the 17th. he brought bis three daughters and hi* little i wi boy between half-pant 8 and 9 o'clock. Madam* Leuinire 1 wl with whom be convened for tho Urn time, informed him 1 tio of her intention to nlvo m? a superior plaoe in her esta- I hli blirhmHut; hut she laid that on account of the rumors til wli4eb had been current on uy aocouot, it was indispen- > at sable that the Duoliess should write a letter to deny ra tbera It was settled that the uext lay I should preseut oe myself at about 'J in the afternoon to tbe Duchess, to ho- an lit it the letter. The Duke and hU children left mu m about 10 o'clock. at! Where did you pass tbe night of the 17th of August ? re ? In ray chamber, in the house of Madame Lemaire. th Did any one sleep with you in that chamber??No, iti Sir ; but I was surrouuded >>y neighbors, who could hear ne tbe least noise aud the least movement that I made. co At what hour did you go to bud ' - At half-past 11. th During this evening did you converse with M. de Fras- to iin alone, out of sight of the chlldrvu and of Madame Le- ed malru ' ? No. Did you accompany the Duko and his children??I v? only accompanied them to the door. ho How did you learn the horrible event that has taken he place? ?From M. Reray, professor of literature of the in young ladles, who sent his servant to the hotel at 8 us o'clock, and oatne himself to announce It to me, with his du wife, and take me to his house, where I passed the day, br until I whs removed by a police agent. dr Why did you <(uit Madame Lemaire at suoh a moment, ob without saying where y?u wero going.' I gave the ad- all dress of M. Hemy to Madame Lumaire. I do not know de why the police agents remained at her door without be coming for me where they were sure to And me. In You mustlearn that grave indications accuse the Dnke on do Praslin of haviug killed his wife? Oh! no, no. no, no, th gentlemen: tell me that that is not the case. It Is im- th possible, lie, he who could not bear to see one of his tr children suffer. No, do not tell me that It is he! You li say that grave charges arise; but say rather that there ni exists a suspicion which will not be justified No,no! (As fri she spoke she fell on her knees, clasped her hands, and so beut her head to the ground ) "Oh!" she resumed, "oh, pi tell me, gentlemen. I beg of you. But no! If you told tli me, I would not believe it?no, never." 8he then paused, ht and pressed her forehead with her hand*. "It la impos- In siblo," she continued ' My conscienot tells me that he tr did not do it. But if h? did it, oh God! why then, it Is tc I?I alone who am guilty! who loved the ohildren so w much, who adored them?I hate been cowardly. I w dreaded misfortune, misery, and knew not how to resign in myself to my lot, for I am a poor abandoned creature, ni without resources, without any other supporter than an fo old grandfather, who ii severe, and who threatened to de- gi prlve mi) of the little ha did for me. 1 was fr'ghtened at d< what might happen to me. Oh! 1 wax wrong. I ought hi to have said that I would adapt myself to my situation, 01 that 1 could be happy In my little chamber, aud that t? they aught to forget me and love their mother; but I did w nothing like that. When 1 lett the house, I was In snch fr despair that I wlnhed to die. | had a phial of laudanum; itl I took the poiuon, but 1 was unfortuuatsly called to life, for lift* is very sad to me. I was so happy during six tl years In that bouse la tbo midst of the children, who H loved me, and whom 1 loved more than life, that lite be- t cm me insupportable to mo without them. I have said It, u ltlslwhoiim guilty. Write it sir! Yes, write It! lie d must have demanded that unfortunate letter which was t] to vouch for my character, she must have refused It, aud II ihen--Oh. yes! It is I?It Is 1 alone who am guilty. Write * it, write it." fi .Such an exaltation does no4 appear possible to belong ir to the feelings which may bavu existed between you o! and the children. Was It to these ohildren, and to them <1 alone, that the letters of despair you have spoken of si were addressed f Yes, sir, there may be exaltation in all oi feelings Cannot you conceive this ? And then 1 would not gi answrr till, after havingseen M. de 1'rasiin so kind and hi; good towards me, there should not mingle with the af- tic lection I felt for the ohildren a tenderness, a lively ten- w: derness, lor their father ; but never, never have I car w rled into that house trouble and adultery I oould not ai have done it, out of respeot for the children. I should have felt as if I was sullying the brows of my own daugh- hi ters if 1 had klused them fter having become guilty ? ol Is it not to be believed that an honixt love may be on- al tertaloud I feel that I am wrong In making use of the ei word "daughters" which I huve done only sinoe 1 wrote tl to them I have said "my children" sometimes when tr spcakiug to all the IHtU baud w Wan this sentiment of tenderness participated in by h M de I'raMin ? No ; M. de I'raalin had no sentiment of A tenderness, nor exaltation of tenderness for me, but his ti children were unhappy, they suffered In their health 1> from the harsh treatment of their mother. w but if it can be believed that M. de I'raslin was the rt author of the orime, it can never be thought that he hi committed it to defend his children against the harsh a| treatment of their mother ??No, sir, that was not the w motive. That which excited him, that which oarried ai him beyond himself, was fear of a suit for a separation, ci with which Madarno de t'ratdin incessantly threatened HI him. In that he saw a great misfortune for his children, ar the ruin of their future prospects, and he was disposed ai to do any thing to avoid it. lie was Informed of the suit in by M. Kiant, the notary, who communicated it to me.? re 1 he Abbe <ialiard also mentioned it to me, and ML de di f'rtisi 111 ?*d mn to Auhmit to ?*verv thinir from Madame de Pratlin, and I promised him to do no. at whatever sacrifice if might cost inn Whim the disgrace 'ai fame thus I had not thu oourage to do it, aDd I asked Tr lor tbia unforiunatf letter, which ha* done all the evil, on bccauie Madame Leuaire did not thiuk that of the 19th of of June, which you have among the papers seized at my residence, sufficient. I'll Your departure was not the result of a just manifes- wi tatioo of jealousy. V ou were sustained by the husband ev against the wife, and the intervention of the Marshal ail became neceisary ' Thin resentment was not manifest- an ed until the l;ut moment. M. de I'raelin ban never ex- in pressed to me anything more thau friendship and esteeia, and I protest, to speak the word, that he him uevcr been M my lover. to It in. however, a month since you quitted the house fr'' In the interval are the letters which you acknowledge .1 yourself you did wrong in writing In the interval, we * mid several visits?three at least, paid to you by M. de I'raslin. JCven for yesterday, you had been requested to present yourself at the house to ask for a letter from the Duchess, and yesterday morning she was assassinated ? J. I can only repeat what I have said. There was nothmg ' . oriminal in tbe past between me and M. de I'raslin, and ' no criminal project intended for the lutnre It M Madame de I'raslin bad died a natural death, and M. de co I'raslin had otfered me his hand, I should never, for the *!" sake of the children, have consented to an alliance be- ! neath the Duke, the consequences of whUh would have fallen on them ; and never should I have entertained " the idea of a liason of auolher nature If M. de I'rulin . . bad loved me, I might have sacrificed my reputation to htm, and my life ; but I should never have wished it to ' have cost bin wife the Iom of a hair of her head?no? v never?never ' Are the four beginning! of letters which we now dhow you your writing r Ves One of these letter* h*n In It a phrase which in not flnished ; It begins thus : " You do not speak to me of your "I father ; I hope hu I* well, and continue* to have coorage * It seems to me that I ahould be lees unhappy if I wm sure of suffering what did you intend to nay ! It la J probable that I wished to terminate thn phrase by the 'r word alone, or by the words for you all. I stopped, I I cannot say why I thought It better perbapa not to I . speak to theee young ladle* of their father. 'r. Vou were right, but precisely beoaure the letter con- j , talned the expression of a mutual sentiment, of which u the daughter* ought not to be the confident! ? This I sentiment was no other than an affeatlon expressed per- ?* haps more warmly than It was lelt, but which had no- 1 LMiug |U|)??^11 IU IK. iv wwmo Ulic IOIUIIUI BU JVKri j)aM- 1 sd together in the same house. iKCOJU) INTr.B tor. ATORT or MD1XK. Or. LU7.T. ' OI How lung have you been engaged in the education of I sti M de Praslin's children ' Six yearn tad three month*. ta Who r .ii".' I you to enter that family f I obtained the I wi Ituatlon through Mde da Klaahant, to whom I hud been 1 gt recommended by Lady iilslop, whose daughter I had I I aducated. M When yon entered tho Duke de Traalln'ti how were you I I received in the family ? hxceedingly well ; the children 1 al! loon became attached to me, and the Duchess was pleaxed th with me ev At that period did not the most complete good under- im itandlog e*iat between M. aud Mde de I'raalin ? No; the gorernea* whom I replaced had warned me that there "ti irere often differences between .M and Mde. da I'raalin, , co in 1 bad recommended me tha greatest olreumspeotion ; >'o with respect to them. I ah Did you obaerra that circumspection ? Tor a length of , net .line that was not necessary, for I lired apart in the 1 louse with the children; I saw nothing. wr At what period did that state #f things cease T When "" he girls began to grow up the father cams more fre- ' luently near them, and of necessity near me. since I ''J jeTer left them. Fraf lln'held hera<df apart.l>ecauae f*T ihe went a good deal Into society al Taris, and ll?ed at f"t ier father's; ! tha oountry she remained a good deal In 1 "*' ler own apartment, and often seen took her meala there lur supposed that to arlae from clreuroetenoas betweea her ri ind M. da Fraalln which t was unacquainted with. D.d you, howsvtr. aa would seem tu be yonr duly, en- Jf?i leavor to bring tha children as much as possible, both ?et n mind and affection, lu contact with their mother??I onl ittempted several times to come to soma und> rataudlng > ?ith Mda. de i'raalin on the aul^ect, but she ne??r hii laemad Inclined to Inform mo of hat Intention* relative | cut [ERA 2, 1847. r children. She stated to m? that she did not apro of the direction given by M. da Prmalln to thalr cation; but that ihe had promised to leave the suntendenc* of their studies entirely to him Sh* er asked me any quMtion a* to the character or abiof any of her daughter*; aha never made any augIon concerning them, except in what related to [r dress; she never endeavored to induoeher children ohm near her. and the (poke to then very rarely len we were alone the conversation generally turned iwn ber and me on questions of literature, in which children, from their age. and the degree of advanceit which they had reached in their ntudlea, oould not e part. Three conversation! fatigued the children, i oau>ed them to prefer being alone with ma. as I ?d myself more on their level. They feared ihelr ther exceedingly, but they war* always aubmiaaiva I reapeotfol to her. lid you not frequently peroeive that this situation of i Duohaaa of PTaslln with respect to her children, thla tost complete Isolation in which she was held from all it regarded tham, was exceedingly painful to her, and ised differences between her and M. de Praalln? I ieve on the contrary, on my soul and conscience, that le. de Praalln, being much mora occupied at that ped with her sentiment* for her husband than with >s* which were inspired by young children whom she vly saw. removed them from bar presence wtoeu their her was with her in order to remain with him; and iuitionally held herself apart from her children when VI Praalln was not thare. in order to turn it into en arm ilnst him in the reproaches which she addressed to n on the manner in which he governed their educan at home Never would Mde de Prasiin. at first, ten In the country, take a walk In oommon. but nfter,rds she changed When M. de Praalln used to play 111 his chlldreu. and replied only briefly to tho ques>ns which she constantly addressed to him to attract t attention, she used generally to quit the room, tesyiiiK in a. visible manner her jealous Irritation at the tuntion which the children paid to M. de Prai-lin ther than to her; the children at an early period perived this sentiment, and conceived a sort of irritation ;alnst their mother; they affected, with the innocent lice of cliildrun, to brave this sentiment, in testifying 111 greater tenderness to their lather. I perceived the al mischief which thin kind of struggle produced In e children, but had not always thai power to prevent i results. Kveu at a later period the excessive tenderize which I frit for my pupils prevented me from being mpletely impartial in these matters, which presented euiselves afresh day after day, and 1 oould not attempt bring back to .Vide, de I'raclin those whom she designly, or at leant very imprudently, kept apart from her. la all that you have said you have been endeavoring ry evidently to throw all the fault on Mde. de Praslln; wever,the frightful catastrophe which has terminated r life ought certainly to render you more circumspect your manner of judging her. 1< roui the language you e, it may be deubted that you did all that it was your ny to do to terminate so deplorable a situation, and to i g back to the mother that affection from her uhilen to which she had such (troug claims.?from her lildren, be it remembered, over whom you exercised an moHt absolute power, as is testified by documents unr their baud and yours. It is therefore permitted to lieve that you have been iar. very far, from conduotg yourself in these unhappy clrcumstauoes as you igbt to have done ??I would not for the whole world at I could be accused of being wanting in respect to o memory of Mde. de 1'iaslln, but you demand the uth from ine, and I am bound to tell It in its totality, lo not accuse her heart, I do not accuse her sentient*, but 1 do her character, at moments irritable and actlous, which rendered her Incapable of conducting inauy children of sges, minds, and characters oometely opposite. Neither had she in her tenderness for lem that Iaitttr alter, that facility which gains tho turt of youth ; Irritable in petty circumstances whore dulgence would have been tiecessary, she, on the conary, manifested, us If to make up lor such useless rigor, o great an extent of weakness when circumstances ould have demanded the suveritv of a mother. These ere the reasons which had induced M. <ln I'rasllu to slst on an eJucatlon completely isolated ; but unfortuit.'ly his domestic taste* and the pleasure which he und in the society of his duughtors caused hiui by dee<-H to relux for himself thin measure of isolation Mde. ? l'raslin became aunoyed at this, for until then she id submitted without any apparent difficulty to the 'der of things that had been established. On my enrlng the house she had announced to ine that matters ould no on in that way. aud that she would abetalu tm interfering up to the lime that her daughters lould be of an age to enter the world It results from what you have just said that tho auaority which had disappeared enttrely from Mde. de raslin's hands passed Into yours; and, still more, hat the affection which wai due by the children to their mother was concentrated in you. Supposing that you id not exert yourself to bring about that state of blugs, it Is impossible but that you must have perceived ;, and it was your duty to prevent such a result, which ll.iws us to atrribute to you in great part several of the ital results which emanated from It .'?i never raid to tyself, " I will withdraw from this mother the affection fher children to Ux it on myself;" but 1 loved them?I svoted myself to them, their pleasures were my pleaires, their paind my pains. Kor six years 1 watched rer them night and day, with a solicitude that never ive way Thee<] children loved me with all theenthuaein of their age, aud I loved thsiu with all the affecun that may be supposed consistent with mine. I was ithout family ties, without frieuds. all my sentiments ere concentrated in my duties, at once so agreeable id so easy. Did not a moment arrive when you perceived that you id become between M and Mde. de l'raslin a subject : dissension? stumbling-block, and did you then do il In your power to change so atHicting aetata of things, ither by sacrifices Imposed on your s< If love, or by all tie means that you ought to ewpioy with the children > Induce them to fet 1 for their mother sentiments hich they ought never to have ceased to feel towards ?r, and whlcb it was your boundt-n duty to nourish'? s io what related to me personally in the coolness beiveen M. and Mde. de I'raalin, I at tiret considered it of ttle importance, in const ijuence of the facility with hich I saw herconoeiving the same impressions with isprct to all the persons in intercourse with ber usband. At a later period, when these circumstances ppeared to assume some gravity in the eyes of the orld, I sought an explanation with her on tUe sutyect, id expressed mygell'clearly and without any eircuinloition. she then appeared to consider this suaceptibly of mine as a great excesa of self love, in the second y position In which i fouud myself with respect to her id M. do rra-lin, being hurt at finding myself repulsed a conlldence which I considered honorable for me, i /rained from recurring to the subject. A* to the cbileu, could not a mother have drawn them back to herIfhad she wished it ' At the commencement, you said that M. de Praslin at It iiTed principally with you aud his children??M. do Htlin did not lire principally with mu and bis children; ily, at the country long walks, and in town, the habits Aide de I'rasiin, who did uot quit the drawing room of r father except to enter into society, caused that In the *y hours In summer und during the long evenings of nter, M. de 1'rasltu walked out with us, or passed his enings in the schoolroom circle. The children were linitted, but for a few Instants, to tbair grandfather, id Mdo. do 1'iasllu never asked us to pass our evenings her drawing room. In your system of reply you throw all the blame on de de Prusliu.and that Uugusge is most painful for us hour, after having heard a moment ago tue two letters a>i which that excellent person addressed to you? one l New Year n L)ay,in which ahe offered you sog?neroua>u oblivion of all the differences which existed between >u and her; she might have ?aid pardon, but did not do ; the other, written when you were leaving her roof, lu hich ahe assurea you of her protection?all this. too. I>? borne In mind, when ahe assured you a peuaion of 1,uf. a,year?? You interrogated me on the courae followI relative to the children, and I endeavored to iuak? it clear as possible. As to what it peraonul to me, the nduct of Aide da I'raslin wan to me ua to all who ware iiuainted with her. unequal, and oiten lucompreh"iiaie. I wm often cruelly wounded In my self love and my her feelings; at other tlmee I wax treated with intercut id affection Often after having thus wouuded me she DUld make me some rich present; and even just before left her hotUM, when ahe had refuaed to meet me at eala, when. In the eyea of the vhole household, I agracefuily aent away rather than honorably dismissed, de. de 1'raalin haviug met me by chauce, all at onoe 'iaced great kindness.and even sent me booka to amuse e. That Is a prool of the goodnersof Mde. I'raalln, a goodeas manifested so frequently, and whioh waa ao rumarkt>le, when diaplayed alter such great causes of diapleaa re.? But w?a not that kindnesa a proof that ttiu dlairaaure to which you allude waa caused rather by an rilabllity of ohar?ct?r which ahe could not control than f facta which ah? considered grave' There waa, uufortunately, but too much muse (or that ritability of character, and you yourself, after vou left adame de I'rarlln'a, afforded a strong proof of the tact id you not by your oorreapoudence wit/i M de I'raalin id hia daughters, keep up *a muoh a* In you lay the niimenta of Irritation, aplte. and anger which existed itween them aud Madame de I'raalln on account of your living' Kven in calling on tbem to aupport lbs separain wlthfhmuera, waa there not In your language a terble encouragement to preserve the aentiiueota wblon ily too strongly reigned in their hearts, and the exploan of which lu M. de L'raalln's led to so frightful a oa i...> i - th*t in i!iv IsMera thorn un neither art nor hidden motive I wim In the utino?t I ief, ami axproaaed my dmipair with too much warmth, now reproaoh myaelffor it; but oertainlr It wan not to paratu them fiow their mother that I wrote aa I did ,.P| nuw that i ought to bam gona to a diuance. and lowed the aenliinent* of the** children to calm down in ? cuurw of time, )>ut I uever aom;ht tn augment the il. What I* altogether unfortunate It that a determi>lion rtiould have b'<?n oom* to all one* to break th* id* of affectum which had become atronger nnd ronrfur during ?ix yei?M Mad Madame da I'ranlin :u,. toan explanation with in?~ bad rhw author laed onr rreapoudenne. and taken it under h?r direction, had i- allowed un to ?ee each other from time to limn, their ittment* and mine would not hare bean excited. u every anawer you glee, you lnxinuat* aomethlng ,,ng agalnat Madama da I'raelinf? (Weeping.) I wUn I Mnoerely I had not to My what I do Nbe I* id, and I only with I oould bring her back to Ilia, not merely giving mine for her*, but in addition by aufIng the moat norrlbl* torture* Who btheld ai I did, elx yiara every fold of her mind, every cbanguof her tence' Who knowa aa I do tbnt extraordinary and omprehenalbl* Veraatllity which cau?*d Madam* dn laliu to paaa from anger to mirth, from dlndaln to mild>i, from irony to klndaea*' I feel that except before i, I would not have uttered a word, exoept of reepeot. leration and regret Oh, I do not defend myielf. 1 y endeavor to enlighten what la dark line* you left M. de f*ra?lin'a how often have you *e*n il and hia children ??Three time* once with hi* *eid daughter and hia youngaat boy, the teound time ha x u Tw? Cutm. waaalone; ha*eu for mi to tue door. The thirl time WMOD TUMlfty 1 u*. w.-'i of hli dau?V. <-i * 1I In jounfMt boy. Whoa he mow to 70a alone, w?ri r->a 1 t.ft,h?r' Thre?v<iuart*ra ot au honr M de Prulu Jti Aut-i by oue of tin daughter* to o*rry a b??d ?? .,f f., . ? , v| lie my: he proposed to m? to if it Into \ o?.fn-, b? wanted to ooavraa with m*. What >u th? ?ubj?at of jur aonnrntm '?Tat .11 rection which ought to b* *1* m to M He \j lrt,, hu llliril daughter, whose eduoitiou M i?. d i Pratlin hid undertaken. Did yon not blame that direction??I oouldnot approve, 1 a tuaoher, of a course of studio* wtiioh VI. aiiityhiia' self had told ma was net prvtlc ?b!e with 11 i< * oarson, and I recommended W d? 1'raslin to alio* i^kVIiI to enjoy the country for a while, and th-ia f >lio*. *t the 0011 rent whore her sisters wjro plaosd, a m >re regu lar course of studies. In the last visit mad* to you by M. dt Praflin. in 00mpany with three of hi* daughter* and hi* youngoat ton, what took plaoe '-WMn tb-y all eotered, the children and myself were at first muah affeotad. I then told M d't fraalla that Mde Lemalre, the mlstreas of th? school where I was residing. wa? inolinad to glva ma employment, but that having heard eome unfavorable reporta relative to my reputation, she wanted to obtain from Mde de Pr??lin a lettwp 1 * ?*? favor. M (1* Praslia weut to see \Id?. Lemaire, antf. when ho returned, I tol 1 htm " not to think too much of this *(T*lr, u Mde Lemairo probably gave it nor* Importation. Id ord?r to induct in? to aooept ooadltioM whicli I did not Hum inailnmi to accept." M. de Praslia left m? sotuo minutes after, ani our Uit word* were, " fare well until to-morrow," u we wore ail to meet at IS o'clock, and it had beeu agroed chat I ahould make a stop towards a reconciliation with Mde de Praslin. Old M. de Praslin give you any hops of obtaining the Ifttfr from Md?. do Prailln ' ? lie hwl told Mde L?inaire thai h.? thought it would be difficult to obtain it, at Mde. do I'rasiin was anxtoua for me to go to tome foroigu country When M. de Praslin left you, did he appear extraordinarily excited '?No, he merely said, " 1 am aorry for you 1 play an awkward part in this affair." He appeared calm The hour wan a little before 10, and ha waa la a hackney-coach with his ohlldreu. The ueqt day when yoa heard of the murder, you want to M. Romy's. Did you take with you the letters found there, or had you left them there before ??I took them with me. Vet you did not wlah them to remain In that houaa? Is it you who mentioned M. de la Berge to receive them T ? No ; for at that period I attached no other lmportanoe to these letters than that they had bean demanded back by M de Praslin. Did you ever hear any thing from M. de Praalln tola*d you to suppose that he was likely to bare recourse to extremities f?1 swear by all that is moat sacred, never ; I often heard Mde. de Praalin threaten to kill herself. One* at Vaudreull she wantod to stab herself, and M. de Praalin, in disarming her, wounded himself in the band; another time at Dieppe, after an alternation with ber hushftnil she rtmhed Into the street. thriutAnlnn- in *! ?? herself into the m; but some bourn after, by that strange inconsistency of character of which I have already Bpokeu. she was found by M. de I'ranliu In a ahoy, making purchased, and quite calm On many and many an occasion, M. de Praslin was calm, unmoved, and full of milduetu* Was not the demonstration of these extremities to which Mde de Praslin was tempted to hare recourse a proof to you of the profound afflictions which ah* moat have felt' If you liked, you could certainly (tat* to ns how great a part you hail borne in produciog In hsr such a state of mind, flow heavy ought not suoh a conviction to be to you at present ??The first demonstration of Mde. de Prnsl in was anterior to the time of my entering the family; M. de I'raslln mentioned it to me as an intimation of the great consideration and attention whloh it wiit nemssary to evince towards her : the others wera followed by so niuoh calm, and sometimes high spirits, in a short lime, and indeed often immediately after, that I regarded them rather as the effervescence of an smelted imagination than as the result of a real evil. Were you aware of the intention of Madame de PrssUn to insist on a separation??Yes. The Abbs Oallard, who first came, as the org<n of the Marshal, to order ma to quit the house, spoke to mo of a great soandal that must ensue In caso I refused;?a* It I could have refused! And M. Beaut, Madame do l'raslln's notary, whom 1 Iwvnt to see to endeavor to find out the cause of this unexpeotod rigor, also tolujme, that, being no doubt badly advised, she had conceived the idea of a separation; bat 1 do not think that M. de i'raslln attached to It any la portauce except lor tue moment Did not M. de I'raMin himself speak to you of this separation?? M. de ('ratlin, woeu he came to announce to me that his attempts with the Marshal and Madame d? I'raxlln. to proloDK my st?y in the family until the marriage of the second daughter. had been iueffeotual, seeing me shed tears, said, " Vield. I beseech you, with a good ({race, aud without Irritating Madame de Praalla, for the scandal which ha* been spoken of aan only b? a suit at law, or a separation, aud iu that case i should daft roy my daughter*." It in at a period clone t<> that at which you ijulttad Um house that apparently the step of which you spsak waa taken??It was, In fact, about a month before my departure, and it is at that period that Madame da *?t"n thought Otto dine apart In her chamber. Whan M. da rraxlin ?im? observations to MadaM* da fraalla on thin sequestration from ber children, aha replied, " No, I should b? too much embarrassed with Madam* d? I.uzy; I prefer not to se? her until the moment aba leaveg ibe house." In youroorreepondencs you apeak of oalumnlaa directed sgainst you. Kxplaln what you mean by that allusion'?M. Oallard and M. Kraut told me that an impression unfavorable to my oharacter bad been produced la the world relntlve to my relatione with M da Praalln. h'rom the time I left the house a kind of fatality pursued me, and several persons repeated these calumnisa to Madame Lemalre. The fears In Rtialautl or Loalng U* North Amerwan (Jolonlea. [From tha London News, Aug. SO ] The result of the general election in Nova ttootla haa brought on a critical period for our North Ameriostt solonles and the empire at largo. The returns show an undisputed majority in the House of Assembly of eight liberals-of eight mambara or ihH parly opposed to the provincial cabinet bequeath cd by l.ord Falkland to Mir John Harvey. The questlon whether tlnTB 1s or In not to be a responsible go vernment in Nora Scotia ean no longer be evaded The present administrative council of that colony and tha new Houam of Assembly cauuot act in ooncert, one or the other must give way If government acquiesce la th? decision of the colonial elections, and form a provincial cabinet of the leader* of the popular party, public business will go ou (monthly and eatiafaotorlly. If an attempt ii inad? by any coup d'tlal,or by corruption, to keep the old party in nfllce, the oonsrquence, not for Nova bcotia alone, but for the whole of our British North American ooloniea, may be of the gravest character. _The IradiTH of the party which ha( triumphed In tho Iat? election* were excluded from offlce by Lord Falkland on purely personal, and, we mutt be allowad to (ay, most paltry, connderatlonM. They unquestionably possess among them a greater ameunt of business talent lhau in to be found in the rank* of the opposite party. Their loyally in unquestioned. and they are the popular party. It is to be hoped that Mir John Harvey will not allow any personal grudge, because these gentlemen da lined, when he took the reins of government, to land themselves to make up a oompoalte cabintt devoid of principle, to prevent his at once and frankly oalliag to hi* council the popular leadera. should be be so 111advised, we cannot believe that the brother-in-law of the lata Karl of Durham?himself so frank and fsarlsaa in the avowal of his liberal apiniona? will counUnanoa nu' 11 UU iu nun rougii-pnoa over rnsponsiDle government. VVe look, In the event of Sir John'* demurring, to bin receiving a peremptory Intimation to govern with and through th? House of AMembly, or rwaign bil appointment. Nothing short of this, we are satisfied, will oonteat the people of Nova Scotia If they we thtu left to regulate their Internal affair* according to their owa notion*, their attachment to the Britiah connexion will know no bound*. The bad effect* of any course of policy adopted by the home government that would shake the loyalty of Nova ttootla. by Infringing upon the constitutional right* of the coIobIkU, would not be eonflnnd to that provino* Canada I* (till in a doubtful temper, the effect* of the unlucky misunderstanding between Lord Metcalfe and the leader* of the rsepearfM* Sovernmeut party, have not yet entirely subsided. A epiitstlon is at present on its way, or about to be Mot, from Prince i'-dward's Island with the Speaker of the House of Assembly at Its h?ad-to complain of the ooaduot of the governor. With new or scarcely appeased discontents lurking In all the neighbouring colonies. It would be the height of folly to trifle .with the public fee I lug of Nova Scotia. < treat Britain lias tnuob staked upon the loyaltv and i loTt I'f tb?M Noith Amirleto oolonlea The "j'mnlin | of Halifax and Bermuda give* a* In llm? of war tba [ nouimaud of tba whole North American ooMt. With thna two ntatlon* Id our poaaeaelon, and with a oon?tant communication maintained by (teamera from thla country to each and between theiu, our ImU might keep tti'i northern Atlantic aa eaaily m ever our anoaatorn kept the narrow *eaa Lo?lug Halifax, there la no other barlxinr In Ainerioa that oould nerve eJ enubetltute tor It; ami separated from It, Bermada would loaa alinoat all Ita value. Ilut Halifax in no Gibraltar, to ba held la drtlanea of tba people who poeaaae tba main iMd. The only condition upon which w.. can retain it in tha maintenance of the colonial nraui whioh bin da tha rountiiea behind It to the mother oouutry. And the ouiy coudltlon U|x>u which that nixui can ba b?1b1>Im4 Ik by keeping the colonUU loyal To make and keep them ho tbere in no otber recipe than that of leaving their local government in ttif-r own handa. Heil-governmvnt iu all lew ?1 alUIrn wlll.eoon render than aa pronperoun an their m-igtbnur* in tba United Mtataa, and proeporlty will keep ibein loyal. XI. nu K. Nrwa Kmpomvm. > utica, Hept is, 1817. $ TKf Trial of Mri. Kunkle. The trial of Mrs. Kunkla, (who killed har hut band) at thia plaoe a kbnrt time ilnoa, haa baaa la prograaa at the week. Tba jury went out to-day, and after two lnuri, returned a verdict of guilty of murder Tba judge will aentenoe her on Mondoy. She bad the moat able counael In tba (Hate, which wm tba Hon. J. A Spencer. or Mohils.?The yellow fever i? lowly on tba Increase, aud la becoming leea manageable. At vet th?re are few death*. Within a few dayi mm ball be better able to ?ee the effect of the preaent unfavorable Weather on the health of the city. ? Mmhil Rrgitttr and Journal, MM install.

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