Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1847 Page 2
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N K W "YORK HEKALDJ Blew Tar*, Thun?1*y, lepftubtt M, 1841. | THS HBIHA.LD FOR EUROPE. 1 The Approaches to the city of mexioo AID THX BATTLE FIELDS OF GONTRERAS AND C11URUBUSC0. i The ?t?:ainshit> Washington will leave hereat noon to day, and her raiils will close at the pout office at eleven o'clock thin morning. We hull, as usual, publish a Herald for Europe on the occ&aioa; it will be ready at half-past nine o'clock. It will contain the whole of the details ot the two great biults of Contreras and Churubusco, with the list of the kiil-d and wounded, aud buc'i f.irther news from the seat or v- ar as may be r<C-ived Ht this office, by express or otherwi?e, to the hour of publication. It will also c<>otnn t'l" l-ttest go ier*l. political and financial nrwa fmiTi all p->r s of the Luiti*d States. Also a d u-?t of the ni .rkets in this a d in other cities. It will be embellished with three engravings? tMin-'l)' i " The ?pproaches to the city of Me*; ico a sketch of the battle fields of Contreras nn I Chumbosco ; and the steamship Washington as she now apin-ars. Sifigle copies in wrappers for the mails 6^ cents. Tii* y c n be m >il"d at this offic-. 7 lie Battle Fie <1* or Contreras and llturnhuaeo. We g'V- on thr-i<ut?ida <>t this day'rf paper, an er>gr.v?d plan ?>f the lis of Contreras Hi il t hiinibus'-o, t iknn from a skif i <if the ir 11 (I tn d bv Li^nt nenur?*iiHrd, <>f the Corps i-f H" 'ioeers, for the Is?w Oilenna Picat/une 1 will be p'lUlinhed in tne Herald for Europe, at li If pa-t nine o'clock this morning, together with all the details of those brillixnt achievements. The Next? oii|trcM W?* republish the 11 trnes of tfie members of the T" > rti?-th Congress, in this day's Herald It in now ncirly complete, and is, therrloie, tlir m >re vtluiMe. If the elections yet to t.ike p'nC'* resu t as they diii for the Tw-my-Ninth Congress, the whigs will, hj.pireuily, li .ve h ninjnriiy of two. There i.? one native, however, whom we hive counted with the whig*. Ther are two contested s??t>??one a white. in I the other n democrat. If^allowert, on- will offj-t ihe other. Tuke the lift in .ill it* p ill's, and also the i-ubjects tr? be brought before C'>ngre^< in the en.-uing winter, into conaidrratui'i, Hud we see at once that the proceedings in Washington next winter are to be of au exciting and important ch meter. Pub ic Debts of the Siatra?Delinquency va. Repudiation. Th" efforts m iiie within the past two years by those States having large debts, the interest on which has for m my years been iu arrears, to resume payment and place their financial affairs in a prosperous condition, have luiled to meet with that reeponae from those interested as bondholders which they deserve, and under the circumgt tncea ara entitled to. There is a large class ; -r c : i il..i.1 ._l .l_ 1 ui luiri^u umiuiiuiucra WHO cucuuiagc uic uiuoi gross attacks upon those States which have partially resumed the payment of interest on their debts, who imagine that ihese attacks have been the prime cause of the resumption, so far as it goes, and who believe that if they are kept up, and the cry ofrepudiation conrinually kept ringing in our ears, a more sperdy resumption of the full payment will follow. English papers are feed by English capitalists holding the.^c bonds, to continually hdrp on repudiation, believingthat it advances their interests, and will speedily bring about a resumption of payment, and un acknowledgment of all the claims against the States. They will be most awfully mistaken in this matter. These attacks have already produced a feeling in opposition to thpse movements; and in every instauce where it can be made available, efforts wiU be made to put off the day of payment, rather than to hasten it. We have seen thi.i feeling exhibited in the State of Illinois, in ! the convention recently held for the reviaal of the constitution. A tax of two mills on every , dolUr ot t ixable property lia? been authorised tor the payment <>f the principtl of the internal | improv. raent debt, leaving the cnnal debt, which is held m^rtly by foreigners, to take it* ch-tnce witti the canal and canal property. This distinction wan m-ide principally on account of the course pursued by the trusters of the foreign bondholder# in relation to the progress of the cm?l,and the speeches in the British Parliament , b<>ut using coercive measures to bring about th? piyinrnt of debts due British subjects from j thJ States of tnis Union. The foreign bond- | holders h.iVG obtained ?ll they will from these j repudiating States, as their organs choose to call [ them. Tne laws passed enforcing taxes will be car- 1 Tied out as strictly as possible, the payments pro mned in the way ot interest will be made as j promptly aa the receipts will permit, and all laws rel ting to their public debts will be carried out to the letter, but nothing more. Even in the event ?f a full resumption being within their means, much sooner than anticipated, we do not believe any efforts would be made to carry it into eff- ct. The disposition manifested by the Legislatures of Illinois and Indiana, to m ike satisfac tory nr range menu with their creditors, have been misconstrued by the foreign portion of the bondholder*; and ?uch remarks have been made by their organs, and each the course pursued, in reference to the former State, by their agents here, thiit all anxiety to do anything more has been removed, and a feeling just the reverie taken its place. Since the arrangements referred to h?ve been perfected, these States have been accused ot repudiating a portion of their debts, a t-ira never applied to th?m before. fter having given up their lands to their creditors, pLced their c^-nils in the htnds of trustees, appointed by the very bondholders making this chur^e, lifter having placed the arrears of inter- 1 est in a tangible shape, to draw interest after a j Certain period, alter, in fact, acknowle.iging every firihing of their debts, principal and interest, and secured them by pledging all their available property, alter increasing the taxes lor the purpose of raising revenue to meet promptly j the payments of interest, they are met with the | chsrge of repudiation, and accused of swindling . their creditors, by forcing th?m to accept the terms proposed within a certain period, or lote their claims against the State. There are undoubtedly many innocent parties injured by the bad policy pursued by those who are no better judges oi the chaiacter of ourpeo- i pl? than to suppose that ihey are to be intirni* dated by any of their threats, or forced into mea- | sure* by their aneers, which would not willingly I bit done otherwise; but such is always the case, and we regret it ia ?o. The character of our people, particularly those of the western State*, will be understood, perhaps, when it m too late to do theae foreigners any good. It is well enough for ihem to know that they will gain very little by the courea they are now pursuing. VaLV* or American intrinsic alue of the shipping (not including steamship*, steamboats, nor schoouers) belonging to the Uni- ' ted States, is put down at #120,000,000, as a moderate estimate. The number of persons immediately interested, ia stated, at a fair calculation, fe be 1,175,000. ..iJiMli.i.i l. BunN^u, tmv?d at lilt* port yesterday mutjungtrwtn Boston, waking passage of 48 houra. The extent oi damage sustained is not yet aacertained, nor can it be until she is taken upon the dock* It is to be regretted that out of eleven docks owned and about this city, but one is capable of lifting a vessel beyond 90 f?*?t in length, *nd this on? in now, unfortunately for the Britannia, occupied by the ship Senator, which vessel, of course, has a prior claim; but her owners, Messrs. Slate, Gardner k Howell, were willing to give up the right to the Britannia, but that the ship is to be delivered to Government on Saturday, according to contract, and for the fulfilment of which they are under heavy bonds. Under any other circumstances, the dock would have been, through courtesy, placed at the disposal ot the Britannia. Rut as the affair stands, the steamer will not be raised until some time to-morrow. Ocka.n Steam Navigation.?There are now no less than eight sea steamers in this port. Annexed are their names:? Washington. (Am ) BriUnnl*. (Br ) United Mat*!. (Am ) Union. (Fr ) OondslqulTer, (9p ) Southerner. (Am ) Iris, (Am ) Northerner, (Am ) There are. in addition to these, two ocean steamers on the stocks?one, the Hermann, to be launched in the early part of next week, and the other, of thirteen hundred tons, {o: the N?w Orleans trndp. Ttt?atrlc*li and musical Pake Tncatic.?Mr. CoUins toek bia benefit at the Park last evening Tba house was orowded from pit to gallery He l-av#s now for Philadelphia It Ic scaro-ly two years since Mr* Mowatt made her triumphant d hut at this houm. st-pplng at onoe Into the hlgheat walk of h?r adopted profession Her abilities have nines bean acknowledged In every quarter or tba United States. Her career ha* been an eitraordlnary one Before ah? appeared on the c'aje. h-r comedy of ' Faablmb wan producd and filled the thatre for three successive w>-eka Her own impersonations of a wide raniie of the romantic drama are marked by a naturalness of style and a depth and intensity of feellug. which find their response tu tba bearta of bar audience A* Juliet, Beatrice. and Mra. Mailer, she baa by turns called forth the warmest eult glum* Mra Mowatt't fame ha' already reached England, and she bas accepted an advantageous offer to appear there this autuma Asa patting gift, she is about to enriob our dramatic literature wltb a new five act piny, in blank verse, written by herself, of wbioh report speaks most favorably, and great Interest will he felt to witness this last effort of her Renin*, which, if successful. will t'lace her In the highest pori ti n in the world of letters and art Mra. Mowatt't far wi 11 engaiceuK nt ooniaiunres tonight with thn play ?f" Love " It is. we believe, her first appearance In tha cbaraoter of the Countess In thl- city. She is support'd by Mr Davenport, a youi g American actor, fait rising In bis profeseion. Bowni Thru ik ?Three capital pieces are udverUsed to be performed at thn Bow?ry Theatre this ev*tiing. eai'h (f which, from the mann- r in which they are oast, will be noted iu the beet manner. The first la the tragedy of ' Damon and Pythias," In which Mr Marshall will take the part of Damon, and Mr Clarke that of Py ibias rue remainder ot 'be characters are equally w?ll cant. The 6?<-.oTid piece la the comedy of ' ?lamboi *llng " and the concluding one i* tha comedy of " Olt Hull " Wo have aeea the first pieoe performed with this oast and we ware miob pleased, and we are confident that, ail who atteud the Bowery this evening will be del'ghted with it " Oie Bull" ia a very amn.-lug little effilr. an I we feel oonfldaut that Mr. C. Burke, .tin I. i,?nr. ftir ???. fthar ,nt?r of kbeneler Calf, will do ?n>rl? ju-Uoe to ti. As for the second pieoe, " Bamboozling." all we oan say la that it has been performed at this tbfatrn on neveral occasions, and baa always b?en ieruiveu with groat applause. Chatham Thkat?s ?Jim Crow Rlea, Mrs. Nicholls, and Mr. Neafle, arc carrying all before them at the Chatham theatre, Since their engagement the house has been filled every night, and the applause which 1* bestowed on the performances Is nothing more than they are worthy of Mr Fletcher, the manager, understands the wunts ot the publio, aud Is determined to supply all chat in needed. To-night the grand opera of " Otullo," which would make Lhe mtddest man living laugh, will be repeated ; and. for the first time, the laughable farce culled " 8am Swipes, or the Upper Ten Thousand." will b? performed The monologue on the death of Daniel O'Connell will also be given this evening. A full house there, no doubt.'s OrenA Iloi-iz.?John Sefton's benefit was really a bumper. The theatre was filled from pit to dome, and all the actors performed their parts to admiration. The larce of ' The Three-faoed Frenchman" was very effectively played, and the acting of Gabriel Ravel was productive of oontlnual roars of laughter. We were much pleased with " The Beauty and the Beast," In which Miss Clarke appeared as the Beauty and Mr. Walcot as the Boast. These two able actors, /VI. U?r>n?\ VI wm Watt, .n.l the fmrceur, Tom I'lacide, rendered this piece of I'lanohe's in a very witty style. Ml mi Clarke is always a very good toubrttte, and we ad viae b?r not to search fur a more ambitious rank, for she ha* do superior In that line in any theatre in New Vork. The pantomime of ' Robert Macaire," la one of the best pieces of the Ravels To-night the entertainment* art varied and excellent?oommenolng with the operetta Who is the Composer." an imitation of Aubar's comic opera of " La Barcarole" After which, the eseroisei ou the tight rope, with Gabriel Ravel in a Fai Ecm$ait " The Milliners," m-zt follows, to be succeeded by th? dance " El Jaleo de Xeres," by Madame Leon Javelll; and the whole to conclude with th>- celebrated performanoe entitled the " Bedouin Arabs," by the entire Ravel Family?who will, in this spectacle, not only appear correctly attired, and offer a p-rsmiatlnn of the rent Bedouin, but will pledge tbemselvee to exhibit all that these Indian pei formers have attempted, with many daring aud aimost incredible feats, which no performers of any naliou In i he world h*ve ever conceived poKslblu to be achieved l'almo's will be again tilled to overflowing. Bowebv amrriitmkatbc.?There has been muoh disappointment In the absenoe of Mr. Oossln, the great down; but we are authorized to say, that he will positively appear this evening before his old friends of th? Bowery Amphitheatre Mr. Gosain is undoubtedly a bust in himself; but there la a variety of ampUitheatrical eutertalnments offer*d for this evening besides hlB, and with all combined, there is no danger but that there will be a crowded house The feats i f horsemanship, and th? regular equisirlan and etbiepian performances, an excellent, aud well worth seeing. M*dami Anna BiiHur'i Cohcest ?This great con esrt, which will ba the first of the season, will take placi to-morrow evening aun? laoeraacie, ana ? cud mauri ih? music-loving portion of tb? public, that it will be i rare and beautiful entertainment They are do doubl aware that fiocbn-i, the great hurpUt. and Mr. Brougb lbe lavorlte vocaliat, will aiuUt her lu it. Mkihanici' Hall ? While all th? plaeaa of amusement in the city are striving to draw good houaea, and succeed in doing to only by direct or nnoommon energy, lb.rar? and fashionable audience* crowd to Mechanic*' Hall every evening to bear Yankee Hill and Dr. Valentine. -No better comment la neoeaaary on ihe oharactei of their entertainment*. or the eatiuiation in which they are held. We believe they will remain here the whol> of tbia week and theu proceed to acme other oif y We uan advise all who with to opend a pleasant evening to viait Mechanic*' Hall. Sin * But*.?If this celebrated man never had a reputation, he certainly ha* on* now, for the town ia fnli of aocounta of hia extraordinary trioks, performed at the Society Library. He will really make any thing out of nothing?turn black Into whit??talk, aou to convince one not in the cecret, that hair a Una n men were epeakli g, and in One,do all klnu* of iwpnMiibilitiee in the llit'PI. "?rj HUU KIMirmi UIINliri r,prl1"" I. ir' J HUI abould eee blin. If it were only to be convinced of ih> great length to ahtoh he camea the mag teleuce Da Colts*'* Mobil f*H?o*inc*Tioi?? ?We are Informed tbitlhe tirat tub' bit ion of Or. Colyer'a model tmupt will take place at the Apollo Room* '.hi* evening, and we undar*tand there i* much anx ety on the part of the publio 10 wittiean It If what ij*>.ated M true, t h> re if no doubt that they *r? deaerviug of, and wil. reoelve, a* much patronage aa they deaerve We ahall take the flrat rbauoe of aeeing them, aad reporting wuat we thluk of their parlortDanciM. Ooino the favorite Clown, ha* arrived in town, and appeara title evening, lor the flrat time thie aeaaon at the Bowery Amphitheatre. .\ir (JoaMn give* aa hie apology for not performing on Mo?i<i?y laat. hia being detained on tb? read between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Hfiortlng Intelligence!. Taoinno Coums.? A purae, with an Inaide *Uke, wu trotted for yeeterday afternoon over tbla nourae, by a g Traatee, and b m Bell Ringer, two mil* heata. In harneaa. and won by the latter. They had three heata before a deoitlon a* to which ?H the winner *M announced A nharge of foul driving having been ma le by the frienda of Trustee egainat Mr W helan, the driver of dell Rioger. it wae aetlled by the Judge* de claring the eecond heat a nullity The third heat waa won by Bell HI tiger. quite aa euelly aa the two prwetona and ahe mn* then d> clared the champion of the conteet The crowded nlete ot our oolninna. will not permit ua to give further detalla of thu affair. than the time: ? Flrat Heat, ?:4? -Second Heat. ?:U-Third Ilea*, ft:43 There are aald to be many fine horaea on the ground at the Kalrfleld (Vt) race*, which commenced on We<ineaday. Vr.HMo-.T Er.Ftrrmv ?The MontpHier IVatrh man Iihh lull return* of the l#te election In State. The vote* for Oovernor aito aa follow, compared with laat vear lM7-Katon, W, in.'JM; Dillingham, p., 1?7>W; Bralnerd, Abo. Mi*. 18l?-Katon, W. JO.AIU; Smith, D , 1 ft 4A0; Bralnerd. Abo., 6783. The Senate will oonalat of 31 whig* and 9 democrat!: the ftMUKrftto, and 00 tbolltlenlit*. MJaotlty of whip on Join* ballot, It, iu? om^uim -jf O'Conmil, tha Agitator Mil Llbtf*tof of Jrata?d, nr? oeiebratcd la Lkit olty, ywtardayi by our Irfck fellow-citi?en?, and won Conduota4 in* manner that reflected the highest eredtt on all "iraniira i ed hi getting tbem up. The display ?u grand Wd Imposing, the weather *u delightful; and m the sol?mn proosesion moved along our (trued, It presented a grati; f|lng and solemn spectacle. The number of aooietiM I that appeared on the occasion, bore eridence to tha faot I that la the death of the Liberator the Iriah feel they hire auatained an Irreparable loea. We obaerred that the Astor Houm, City Hotel, tha Mumob, and other publlo buildings, hung their flags at haltjnaat during the I day, and the ahipplng did the same. At about eleven o'olook,the numerous societies got la to the procession, and inovod in the following order : Moauted fcscort. The Grand Marshal, Thouias O'Connor, Ksq. The Deputy Urand Marshal. Aids. riasT Division. Thomas M. Jeukins, Aid to Urand Marshal. The Calvary Uuien Beuevolent Boeietr, No 1. KCOND DIVISION. James Mullitan, Aiu to Urand Marshal. The Laborers' L'uiou Beuevolent Society. No. a. William Koley, Marahal. THIRD DIVISION. Mallaehi Faliou Aid to Urand Marshal. The Laborers' (Juiou benevoleut Society, No. S. Jame* Kilbride Marshal. FOUIftTM DIVISION. Joseph 8. C?ssr<ly, A.d to Uraud Marshal. The Laborers' Uuiou Benevolent Society, No. 4. V Cohor, Marshal. FIFTH DIVISION. ICdward Short*.I. Aid to Urand Marshal. Hib-rtiian Universal Beuevolent Society. Johu Hcau| ai d 1 bomis tlyuu, Marshals. The Paters m Rrpe?l-r? and llui'ed 8,jus of ?rin. Henr. J. Coddini|toa. Marahal. The Erin* Km tenia I lien elicit! Socieiy ol Brooklyn. Joseph McMurray, M?r?hal. The Mayors .ana Common Councils of New York, Brooklyn, ai.d Jersey City. The O iafor of the Day. Invited Uuests. Foreign Consuls. Offlaers of foieign Vessels of War. Ofleers of the Army aud Navy. Militav Oruerallv. .. ... IIITH ?ITIIIOlt, Major William Dcnmaii, Aid to Grind Manhai .vlntr*. ooooooooo.iuojooooo r?ll Be.r.ri | rvauu Cu | Pall Beaien. ooOjiMuuuijaooojuo Mates. Mourner*. I The United Iri?h Rri>-?l ociation of New York. William Uriima i, Marahal. (ktknim ditldulf. William Mc nd e. Am 10 Oraud M nhal. The Hiberma unievole-t Outiil Svcicty. Ur W ujiniu O'Uoui ell vl .r hil. The eut society uf Operative Muoai. VV ilium Kiwiouk. Mertliel. The Kin ret xuiunl Br jev.?ie ( Bocietj. William Oreeu, V|ar-h?l. The Young Kne.nH .f Ireland. Johu P l.urrau Manual. ciohth division. Captain Viuci ut, Ai?l tj Grand Manhai. Tne K. C. Total Atxtineuce Benevolent Society. John .vlcUratti, Mnrthal. Tne Skatnroik drnevoieut Socieu of New York, iiumi Kiun, .Ylamhil ; The United Practical atoi e Cutler. of New York, Brooklyn, ,.nd Cny. William Ynuug. Maiahal. The Frirud y "uu* i f St fatrick. Thr i i.h fcmigiaul SoCirtv of Ne<* York. Uhe .Newark Hibernian Piovidrut society The Nr.waik lit pea! Auociati n j 1 he II.lie u an l"r.,vidrnt Society of New H.veo| The Suanuuck Benevolent 8 jcie.I-* of .New Yvtk aad Jirooklyu, milled CitiMua generally The Line of maroh wa? Iroin Second avenue, through . Eigh'U street to tun Bowury. around Uuiua?qu*re,<1 j?b Broad ?uy io Grand nlreel, along Uraud aireet to the Bowery, through Chatham etreet and Umadway to Fuij tou Mtieut; through Kuliou to Greenwich etreet, to the j Bauery. | Ou arriving at the Battery, the part of the procession 1 preceding the lutierel oar halted, aud formed uo liroeu: wii li t-tre< t. The funeral car thru panned in front of the line, and the ui.ffli wu tak n iuto the garden, followed by a baud of munic playing thu dead march in 3aulj and here we thing wan the most imposing part of i the pag ant. In accordance with the programme of ar! rabitementH, no peraons were allowed to enter the garden ! until all who were oounected with the prooession had j doD? go. Those bearing the coffin being the tint that entered, we had a good opportunity of seeing it, ana it [ may be well to give a description of it, and the oar on which it waa drawn. The car was sixteen feet long, by I eight wide; the height from the lower drapery covering ' the wheel* to the platform holding the sarcophagus is 1 four fret; from the piaifurm to tne top of the square j drapery eight feet; from the top frame to the head of | the oanopy, seven feet; in all, seventeen feet. It was I drawn by twelve horses richly oaparisoned, with ostrloh 1 plumes and cloths of black, trimmed with silver, bearing a shield, with the Irish harp; each horse was l*d by a ! groom in a blaok velvet tabbau, black cap trimmed with , green, and top boots. The chief mourners wore blaok clonks and hat bands. ! The coffin was covered with green velvet, rlohly embroidered with gold, and renting on the top was a sarcophagus oovered with crape As soon as the air which the band played was flnlshed, the colli was deposited on a table oovered with blaok, immediately in front of the platform designed for the aooommodalion of the | orator of the day, ILX-Guvernor Seward, and which was likewise oovered with blaok. After one or more airs ' were played, the doors were thrown open, and the vaj rlous Huuittties which formed the prooeesio|i marched in, each preceded by a band playing a mournful tone, , and each with its banner furled and oovered with orape. j It was more than an hour before all got settled and in 1 their plaoes, aud when they did and the spectators had | occupied the seats in the gallery, we estimated the nuuI ber credent at ten thousand, and think that that is ra ther under than ov r the actual number. Order and silence being obtained, Ex-Oovernor Seward ascended the platform, and delivered a lengthy ' oration on title life and services of O'Connel. We cannot poohiolj make room fer the whole of It, because our columns are so much crowded. We (halt gire extract* from It, which will convey the meaning of the whole: ? Ic Is a holy eight, he eatd, to lee the obsequies of a tidier, not only of .civil liberty, but of the liberty of conscience?of a soldier, not only of freedom, but of the. cross of Christ?of a benefactor, not merely of a i race or people, but of mankind. The vault lighted by ' suspended worlds is the temple within whloh the great i I solemnities are celebrated. The nations of the earth i are mourners; and the spirits of the just made perfect. descending from their golden thrones on high, break i forth Into souge like this:? Tears are nut now tby due From the world's toll, Come to assume in Heaven the brighter birth: i A winge l angel lrom ihy mortal 0011 Escaped! 1 hy glory lingers yet round earth. Christ's hallowed warrior, uvitig, thou went'st forth; i Christ's champion didst thoi^die. And now, blest shade! The crown and palm of righteousness and worth i ihou wear'st, with joys unspeakable repaid " ! The speaker then drew a pioture of Ireland, when 1 there were trained bands which were sworn to resist even a seven-told toe; knights who won renown for valor and oourtesy on the plains of Palestine, and dames who J were honi red by admiring bards and mlustrsls in strains , | like these:? The daughter of Moran seized the harp! And her voice of music praised the strangers ; ' 1 heir souls melted at the Song 1 Like a wreath of snow before ine eye of the sun," | and contrasted it with that which it now presents In an ' i age ten times ino.e enlightened He theu reviewed the : history of Irelaud to ttie year 1773, the year in whioh I Uriltsii troops tired on the m'lttia of Aoixrioa, and the - | year In wnion O'oonaell was bora. Turning to the . American revolution, ue slated its objeot, and tne s>mpatny extended to the revoting colonists by irishuieu. ' I and said that the war opened by Amerloa was the same i | struggle in which Ireland lits been engaged ever since, t iu wnich U'conuell labored with so tuucb J <al and iorce J and success, and wtncU he has left uufiuirhed He then reviewed O'CouueU'seervicee iu hisoountry's c*ue, enumerating luein one bvone.aud the hold which he held on the Irish people Keferring to the enthusiasm ainoug the truth ?or o'oounell, he painteuitgraphlualiy. and aiso his election by his couutryuieu. He continued?H is uow the elrotion day. There Is O'Conutll, depicting the atruoitles of llrltlsh persecution with a n->bte srdor of religious Xeai. A baud or tenants I are mxrwhlog by, under the oonduct ot their laudlord. 10 vote for the ministerial candidate They piute : they i mingle in tbe crowd ; tney listen, and now, at every I uftdence of the Liberator * voice, redoubled shout* arise, " O Conn>ll ard Freedom!" I Ad eieet<.r 1* released from jail by bis creditor on eon1 dllion that he Tutu against O oouurll. lie la already at | in* pons?a shrill cry 1* board?It 1* tbo dnbier's wife wb<> f(i?aki? Hem-nitwr your soul and liberty" To* debtor rises to tbe ia*jesty ut a treeinan, and declare* bis vote for O Connen Instantly all rem* lu arrear are paid by the lalUoliu Association. Iba elector's debt 1> Jiscb trged by tbe came omuiprrsent power, and tbal uoUe cVltio woman's exclameuou beoomea lb* walohword ot ail Ireland : " Remember your Soul and Liberty!'? CVConneli* exertion* m seeming Catboi.c emanoipa t'on, next engaged me speaker'* attention, and be lul luffed tbe Liberator all througn tbe repeal agitation, not forgeltlug tbe Clontarf luuellog. and tue pioaecutiou of O'Connell ?nd others. Myeafciug of tbal nieinorabke proeecntlon, he *aid ; ' A jury Is packed by excluding frma tbe panel every Cat none and every patriot Ireland cornea out from bei * hill* and ber valley* to look upon a oanae in wuiub abn ik b--r*. If on trial before an Anglo-Irish jury In* court f tbe pale. The venal court extort toe desired verdict, and no* Ireland may no longer petition. Her own jury ban condemned her in ber own capital." \s to tbe intluenoe whlob O Counsll has exerted In the cause of liberty, tbe speaker was very eloquent. He concluded as fo.lows: I " Come forward, tben, ye nations who aro trembling between the dangers of anarchy and the pressure of despotism. and hear a voloe that addresses the Liberator of I reland from the oaverns of sllenoa, where prophecy is born : To the?, now sainted spirit, I'atnarrh of a wide spreading family. hemoteet lands aud unborn times shall turn Whether tbey would restore or build. To thee ' As oue who rigbtiy taagbt how seal should burn; As one who drew from out faith's holiest turn, The purest stream of patient euergy After tLe oratlou was concluded, tbe large assemblage adjourned, and the proceedings of the uay were concluded. " Movement* of Uu t'euple. Hod. Thoiua* L i.iinguiau, member ot Congres* elect, i from the Buncombe di.-uiet in N Carolina,arrived in Bos* ton on Maturday, and is staving at Urn I n niont Houae | HU chief object in vinttlug Bjsiou at this Mine, it Is said, is to be present at tb? Convention of Geologist*, who | oommenoe their Motion on Monday A democratic conviction was held In Westchester ! county, on the Md Inst Tne Hen John Hunter of Fal. Uain, aud lit. B?nj Brandreth, of Sing Hlng, ware >p, pointed delegates to the Mtate convention, to be held at rtyracuse on the fl?lh inst. The Senatorial aonventh ? Ih to be held at Col. William*' Hotel, Peekskill, on the IVth of Ootober next The wbln of feoeeetfent stre *> *m! In Stat* eenvsntloa en the Id ot November. mHrnammmmmrnrn W8 lfm|lAVIi| 'i"M IimUi ? Whigib iUMoi?ladapMidMl In email ctplUU?Dea* ' orata IS .Oman. ' Quo M. D?LUi, Prttidtnt. L Term Turn 1 Expirtt. Expirtt. t Arthur P &agby, 1949 Jeffercn D??u, 1151 1 Dimocni iiij Henry 8. Foot*. 1153 ! . Aiuiiiu. Mimouai. I . A. H 8?tnr, 11(9 Darid R. Atchiaou, 1949 Cheater Aahley, 1153 TImmdu H Beiilou, 1141 1 CoffHBCTICVT. NiwUmriHiM. John M. NHee. 1149 Chailei O. Atheruui. 1149 I J. FT. Huntington, 1151 Join P. HtLi, llil < Delawabb. Nbw JmiiT. 1 Jthn M Clayton, 1951 Wm L Dayton, 11)1 1 Fruity bwruanet, 1151 Jacob W. Miller, 1951 I Klobida. New ton. I J. D. WiMoit, Jr.* 1949 John A. Dn, 1949 Dtrid L. Yulee,* 1951 Daniel 8. Dickinson, 1951 Geobuia. Nohtii i'abolina. Welter T. Colquitt, 1949 George E. Badger. 1949 ( Doubtfal, 1953 r. Mmngum, 1953 ? ILLINOIS OHIO. I Sidney Brec??, 1949 William Allen, 1949 i Stephen A. Douglaaa, 1953 Tkowut Corwxn, 1951 I Iruiaha. rinmrLvtNii. K. A. Hanneeau, 1949 ftimon Cameron, 1949 I Jeiae D. Bright. 1951 Daniel Sturgeon, 1951 1 Iowa Bhodb Uland. Democrat, probably, 1951 -filbert C Oremt, 1951 Democrat, probably, 1953 Jokn H. Clark*, 1953 c Kkntucbt. South Cabolira. John J Ciittenden, 1949 A. P. Butle>,* 1*49 _ Joseph K I 'nd'rwood, 1953 John C. Calhoma,* 1953 " LOUISIANA. TENNESSEE. , Henry John ton, 1949 Hopkins L. Tumey, 1S5I > S N.Dukus. 1953 Whig, probably, 1953 n Mains. Texas. , John Fairfield. 1951 Thomae J. Husk,* 1*51 .'ainee W. Bradbury. 1(53 D-mocrat. 1953 Mabylanp. Wbmont. I Jaftt A. Ptaret, 19<9 William Vpham, 1949 . tUvti dty Jutxnton, 1951 Samuel 8 Pktlpi, 1951 [ V'aIHCHLIKTTI. Viboinia. ' Daniel tVehler, 1951 Jamae M, Maeon, 19)1 , John Uarii, 1951 Robert M. T. Hunter,* 1951 MlGHiaAII. I Lewis ( *??, 1951 ? AlpheUJ Fetch, 1953 BECAFITOLATION. WlUff ? 1 11(Upends J i J 1 Dtnocriu ? a V*c?uciea ? ( Tot*! t Hoom of ReprMMotatlYM. i VVbiga in iu imJI capital*?Democrat! in j rOiMD t Alabama* New Jcriet. 1 1 John Gay It > 1 Jam's G Hampton, 1 Henry IV Milliard, 1 tV.A. newell, 3 8 W. H irrti, 1 Joerph Kdaajl, t 4 VVm M. I iirr, 4 John Kan Dyke, J 0?oi|? a Houiton, i Dudley S Gregory, c t William chlio, is kw Vo??. u 7 F. VV. Bowdfia, 1 Frederick VV. Lord. I Akiahiai. 2 H.C. Marshy. p 1 Robert VV Jonasi'ii, 3 Henry Nicoll, a Cowi?*cticut. 4 William B .Vlaclay, ? \ James Dixon 5 F.A . Tallmadge, 2 Samuel D Hubbard, 0. H. Jacluou .t J John A Roskwell, 7 tVtlUam Nelson, 4 Truman Smith, 1 Coinciju# Irarren, Dklawari. 9 Daniel H. Si JqAh, v 1 John W Houston, 19 Ellakim ?kemll, l loaida. 11 Peior H. Sylvester, 1 KlwarJ C Cabell, 11 Gideon heynoldt. Ok roia. 13 J J. SUng* r land M 1 Thomas B King, 14 Or la, do Kellogg, 2 Alfre Ireraoii, 14 Hiduey Litwrtrnce, n 3 John W.Jones, 1? Hugh White, I < Hu4h \ Hat aI ion, IT Gr^rfa Peine, T ' i Joha H Lumtkiu, 1* Jos-ph Multm, t 6 Howell < obi. 19 William Colliji, 7 Alexander H. Stephens, 2il Timjthy JeuaiDi.*] 8 Robert Toombs, 2\ O A. 8ta,kweather, Ili.ivi.ia. 22iAu?burn B rd?all,T 1 Ro .*rt 13 Hiliiam Uuer, ? 2 Jinu A McClernard, 24 Duttel Go't. , 3 Oriaud.> B. kicmia, 15 ? Conger, t 4 Johu Went worth ? (fi?. T Lawrence, } J Wat. A K ciimJion, 17 John M Hollty, t> 1'honaij Tuner, 21 t-lias U Holmes, ^ 7 Abraham Lincoln, 29 Robert L Rote, ( Indiana. 30 ltaniel Rumsey, , 1 Elisha timbree, 31 Lrudley Me < tun, 4 2 Thoinx J Hauley, 31 Salhun K. Hall, \ 3 J I. Kobinoui, 13 Harvey Putnam, , 4 Caleb U. Smith, 34 H-'ashmgton Hunt, , J vVm. VV Wi<-k, North < arolina. , t6 Georet G.Dunn. I T. L. CHngman, 7 K Ir Thompson, S S. Hoydr , 1 Johu Petcit, 3 Daniel 61 Harringer, 9 <;h'nl?i W.Oathcart, 4 Augustus H. SKeppard, ' 10 WillUtn R ckbill, 5 Abraham Veuable, | Iowa. 6 J. R. J. DAniel, r Win Thompson, 7 J?me? J. McKay, ' 2 Shephord Leffler, ? Richard S.Donnsll, Kentucky. 9 David Outlaw. 1 Lyon B.iyd, Oieuo.t. 1 2 Samuel Peyton. 1 , 3 B. L Clnrk, PcitniTLTAlflA. 1 4 Aylett Bucuner, 1 L. c. Lctin, i ') J h Thompson, * Joseph R Ingtrsoll, ? Green Jtdams, 3 Charleg Brown, 7 Vti ntit i i<nui? inniwu, 8 Charles & Morthead, S John Fretity. 'J Hichnrd Kitueh, t J IV Ilimbeck, i 10 John P Oainei. 7 Jl. R. Mcllvaint, Ohio. * John atrohm, ' 1 Jamn I.Farran, t William Hlrimf, 5 David Fieher, 10 Richard Brodhead, ' .1 Robert C. Schtnck, 11 Cheittr Butltr, 4 Richard S. Camby, 13 David Wilmot, 1 j Win. Hawyr, 13 Janut Pollock, 6 Bodoluhua Dickiutou, 14 Oeorge N. Kckert, 7 ? 14 Henry Ac*. ! 8 James L. Taylor, 16 Jatptr E. Brady, y I'homas O. Edwards, IT John Blmnehari, 111 Daniel Duncan, ? It Ji ti drew Stewart, , IL Joliu K Millor, It J b M*i|U, 12 famuel 3 Vinton, 30 John Dickey, 1 1) J.mei Kirhey. 21 Oioiei llimptan, 11 Nathan Evant, 33 J. W. Farrelty, 13 William hairnua, 23 J m?? Thonu,?oii, 1$ Jotui D Cammina, 34 Alexander Irvine. 17 CWrge Fnea, . Hmodi Ulard. 18 La^mrl Lthm,* * 1 llinry ?. Craniton, i'.t^f?hn Crowell, 2 itai j tf. 1 huroo'i. 2(1 Joshua R. Guiding t, houth (Jabolina. 21 Joieph It. Root. 1 Janet A. Black, . LouiaiANA. 2 Kichard K. Bimoaon, I t 3 Joievh A. Woodward, , 2 4 A. U. 8imi, J ? i Armutead Bart, 1 4 C Itaac fc. Hulmea, i Maikk. 7 K. fitrnwell Rhett. 1 David Himmooa, Tikmiiiki. 2 Ana W. K <!Im>p, 1 Andrew Juhuaoo, t Hiram Belcher, |3 If. M Coekt, 4 Franklin ? lark, 3 John H Crozier, ] 1 Kpliruim K. i*Ml, 4 H. L. W. Hill, JninraH Wiley, 5 Oeorge W Jooea, 1.7 Hrxekiah Wiliiama. 0 J. H. T'louuu, Maryland. 7 Meredith P. Gentry. 1 fVuhingtnn Barrow, 1 3 ? # L.orei,x. 0. t.'haae, ] J ? 10 Fre<" v. St nt?n. 4 II William T llasktll ' 1 I kin 1 r\ :J a 1/ 0 ?? i/Aviu a. nauimiHi Massachu??TT? 3 r. Pilshnrv. 1 Robert C. 'Vinthrop, vfhmoit. , 2 l> f King. 1 William Henry. 3 .Hmni ibhott, 2 Jacob Collamer. 4 J (i Palf> tV. 3 Uetrge P Marsh, i Charlri tiudton, 4 Luc.u. tJ Peek. 6 lien, ge Jlthmun, Viaomu. 7 Juliui R.ucku.tll, 1 Arch b>Id ttkiason, 8 Johnfl Jidamt, 2 Richard K. [9 Jt'Cwm Halt. 3 Thomas S. Fluurnty, 10 Joseph Orinntll. 4 '1'hVi 8. U> cock. Michigan. i Will-am Ooggin, 1 Kobfit McClellmd, 6 John M Bo tl, 2 ? 7 I boin.s H Bnylr, 3 Kiug.lcy L. Bricham, > K. T l>. .Yisuaairn. 19 John 8. Pendleton, 1 ? lit tieury Bedmgsr. 2 11 J*me* Mc^oW'll, 3 12 William P. P'titon, 4 ? 13 Jindrev) 8 fulion. Miiiovm. 14 Kob?ri A. Thompton, 1 James U. bowlia, IS William O. Kruwa 2 John Jamiesuo, Vr liconain. 3 James L Qreen, 1 John II. Tu/ttdy, 4 Wiliard I'. Hill. i John 8 .\aw liMriNllt. 1 .4(ii0f Tuck, 3 I h.irirs H t'eialee, J Jamet Wihon, 4 Jauiea H Jonusoa. KOTKI or BCPKRCIfCC. , * Cilhoanitci ioithe ben. X ' ailed Old Honkers. ate. * * Iulei>?ndmt Democrats t Seat to be aontested by It Aiiti-Keut Whig. L) \1. Dobson. | 8e<t to bf contested by Jama Munroc. Th r r c C a f I T C la t I o !* . MruiKiti Elected. Whig. Dem. Alabama 2 5 Arkansas 0 I * 0 Oelawa.a 1 n Florida 1 0 Or<Jr*ia 4 * Illinois 1 * I Indiana. 4 # lows .. 0 ' Kauiacky * ^ Main* 1 ' Ma-enehuactl s. 10 " .Wirhiuxu A 2 Mid IIri 0 "> New Hampshire J 2 New Jersey 4 > New York 13 II North Carolina < * Ohio 11 ; Pf uniylrmua 17 7 Rhode Island 1 1 H.,mh arolint 0 ' Te measer S J Tel is 0 Ver.nont I 1 Virgin:* n ? Toal m Too Mixiiii to si Elcctio Old Congrni. Statu. Hfhig. D*m Ixiuiaiian. I 1 Mirviaod 1 4 SchiB?D 0 laauaipni 0 4 bio ...... .................. 2 To be rlerred I j> Already elected 1" Aipeet of the now Coe?reee II* US Probable whig majority > NAMES OF THE CANDIDATES tOK THE VACAJ?CI*S. UtlTLAKD, WKDREtDAY, OCT.#. Whig Dtmocrat. Indtprndrnt. 1. John O Chapman, ? 1 J D Roman, I'd ward Shnrer, ??3. John Phil pot, T. W. Llton. A. O. K*e, | 4. J. hn P. Kennedy, R. M. McXane, ? 1 Alex. Krana, H. I. Carmiehael, ?? (. Jonn W. CriaAeld, 8. D. Leoouipto, ? OHIO, TtTKlDAV, OCT. U. fVHig Dtmocrut. AbtkHtn, 7. J. O xorna, Alex C?u<pDell MICRIOAR, NORDAT. ROT. 1. 2 . No nomination! >?t Mifaieairri, mordat, rot. 1. Whig. Dtmoirut. Indtptndtnl. I 1. ? J. Thi OiiMon. hober Joaclyn. t. Alex K Meridm, W.8 Keathereton, 3. P. W.'t hompkina, R. W. Roberta, ? 4. ? A. O. Brown, LOUIIIARA. MORDAT, ROT. I. Whig. Utmtcrat. Initpmitnt. 1. E. Moiit gat. E. Le Bere. 2. B. O Thibodeaox, Thro. Landry, Jacob Baiker, 3. Tmm?n Phelpa, J H Harmonaon, W H. t'nckam, 4. John Wed dell, Iaaac E. Mora*, Alei. Declonet. Governor leward'a Oration on tlio OetUt of Duiel O'Goaaall. deliTered at Cii'le Garden yeaterday after oou. will b? publwhed entire wd corrected, in the " frindne .or tbll after noon, and may be bed ta wrapper* for (the mail* or lo-dayS luaaakif ildeaired; price 1 Mate each , i# Hum U irfMC *n?Klu# Aw Mil I U lowi' u4 iown-Kiwn wmiirfrt to rtjoy ? half my*"<?? , ittMilimi, ll will be foaiM in tbjcautrd position of John Tra- I U, 111 BroSh?ay~?a quiet, rtwste ajlpoii, up stairs. whaia i bamuit upp-ored btauda or Winea, Brandies and Liquor* re to be found; Ufc&M a d conreraatioiial en/jyuieut wi'hiu ha ituh of * 1 Tisi'ara; and m f?et. a ntioml rendn<us there (lie "flow of so-il'' and tha " feme of rataon''can always lid an outlet frum tba cares an I latiiiuea of huuiau riiiteure, 'ohu Travii cua (apply the .equisitesto hum-tu coiufort at 413 Iroadway. m Richelieu" IMuinond Pointed Gold Pena._ l*ha real article at a r-enf bargain B. 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Meeting In the Great Tent?A tent meeting rill be held on the ground ktio- n as Niblo'a (Hrden, commencing <u Wedueaday, Srpt 22. at 2 o'clock P.M. Lecturea I will be rieliverad o < vanooa important religion* tonic*, auch i? the Nature of the Kingdom of Uod; that the establishment ; >f that kingdom ia fu uie; that th" doctrine nf a temporal Milenainm i* not suataiued by the Bible; that tb? period at which j lie Kiugdorn.of (J d i* to I e established at h ud; the im- j >ortance of preparation for the thiuga which are shortly to , : ime on the earth. Thee lee'urea will be delivered by rinn??. of Boston, Jo*i*h Lit' h of MtiUdelphia. and other*, i Public invited to att'iid. Hr*f fr?e. The Cheapest place la the city to get your | loots, *hoe* or gui era, it at J<iue>'* 4 \nn street, urar the VIu- | eum ? ou rail get tl ere n?g,i>d bo.iu at $4 50 a* can be pur:ha?ed altewhere at Sfi Quit* a aaving. He al?o aell* veiy ' lice boot* at S3 50. 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Kverou hand iu ?ndrivorng to pi ewe the pnblic. he can safely reeotrmcud hi* Fall | upply u uoe ja lied iu beauty and richness. The science of tat inakiag. like other science*, is progrensive, and h- In nude aome improvements in the adaptation of liau to the he> d, | which cannot fail to pleaae the most fastidious connoisseurs- . Mia hata are emphatically fall hata, as he ha* fallen in the : >riCM by presenting a better article at the old cheap rate*. IS ?t Henri Hera and Camttlo Slvort, In lnformng the public thit they hare definitively aisoci -t?d fur the rarpose of tiring joint Concert* in the United States till their lepartnro for kurore.raqueit that all letter! on buaiuea* ahonld le iddreated to Herz It siyri They take this opportunity; to announce that th?y hare preailed upon the celebrated prim* donna, Madame Fletiri Jolly, o postpone her depa-ture for New Orleans, to assist them at heir Grand Conceit, which will take place at the Tabernacle, on Tuesday, Sept. 28. Further particular* in future ndrertiiemenu. ?22 2t Navigation of Uis Otilo Kl*?r. Place*. Time. Stale of Hiwer. Louisville.. , .Sept 16. . ,8 feet 6 In. Claolonati. .......... .Sept. 17. . .6 feet 4 In. rising. lVV.u.lln? Hunt IK ? fut A In I PittsbunT. Kept. IS . .3 fee* 3 In. MOVKY MARKET, Wednesday, Sept. 144 ti P. H. The 8took market tu a little more buoyant to-day ^rloes improved a fraction, but the transactions were to I limited extent. At the first board Long I land irent up K per oent; Norwich and Worcester X; Stonngton 3; Farmers' Loan X; Reading Hi Morris Canal and Canton olosed at yesterday's prioes. At the seoond board Harlem went up 1 per oent; Ling Island >4; Canton Jf. There was a failure to-day among the corn dealers. The reports current relative to the losses of the American Exchange Bank by the forgeries of Kranois Beit ett, the Wall streetbroker, are not true. The foundation for them was the fact that one of the forged notes was left at the bank for eollection. This bank iloes not laae a dollar by tbe financial operations of this stcek speculator. The Phenlx Bank is the prinoipal sufferer. There has not beep a veiy active demand for foreign exohange for this packet. Stirling b.lls are not ao high as they were by the last nteam?r. We now quote prime bills on London at 7>* a b\" premium; on Paris Bf 37>4 a 6f. 36; Amsterdam SO'* a 40; Hamburg 3,W a 30; Bremen lb}i a 79. The acceptance of a large amount of Prime, Ward k Co.'i bills by Overend, Gurney k Co., of London, has prevented remittances to make up for any deficiency their non-acceptance would have caused. We annex our usual table of quotations for the prln* oipal State and other stooks used for investment Pricei or Stocks in the New Voaa Market. Redeem- )M7.. 1(47. 1U7. Kntr. able. June M. July 19. Sep. ?J. tr-:.?I u?... r. mut ? - ? ? . ld\ 8 18ttf 107 al07J* 105>*?105X ? ai04 " 1846 105 a 106 104 al04)? 104 a ? ' 5 1843 99 aioo 98 a ? ?.a ? Trea'y Notei 6 ? ? a? ? a? >cw Vork, 7 1848-49 101 al02 103 alOlV IOiX..OJ)4 " 6 1840-44-60 106 al06)4 106^*106)4 ? a ? ? 6 1861-63-67 106 al07 ? *107 ll>6 a)0?H " 6)4 1860-61-64 103 al04 I03J4*104 iOJ al?4 ' 5 1846-7-8-9 100 alOOV IUU uliiO)4 10# aWOH " 4 1840-1-3 100 aiOoS 100 alO >, ? aluO* ' 4 1844-8 100 alOuS 100 alOl 101)4a ? M S 1849-60-1 100 HlOllX 100 alOl ? a ? ' 4)4 1819-48 97 a 98 ? a? ? a ? Ohio, 6 18)0 101 alOI)4 99 a 99>4 ? a ? " 6 1846-60 102*al02), 100 a ? I00'4?100)4 ' J 1840-46 ? a? ? a? ? a ? 7 1846 103 a!03>4 1U3*?103>4 103 al03)4 .{ b tacky, 6 104j^al04 101 a ? I00>4al0#)i ? 4 90 a '(OX 81 a 81 ? a ? Illinois, 6 1870 48)4* 49 47 a 47)4 43 a 43)4 Indiana, 4 24 year* 47>Ja ? 44 a 44)4 4VJ4* Vrkanaas. ? a? 38 a 39 a VIit)ami, 4 63 a 62)4 60 a 61 60 a 61 PennaylTania^ ? 13 a 83)4 79J4a 8o 77 a 77J4 renneuee. 6 100 a - 100 alOOX 100 alOO* S. York C?ty7 1847 107 al08 108)4?109 108 a'09 7 1843 106 alOO)4 104 a ? ? a ? ? I iSS-n S :S StSu?,^^ " j^gx SWSiJ 5! !? N. Y. Life Io? k Tru?t Co. 104 al06 ? a- ? ? banneri Loan & Xruit Co. 96 k 36^ 35 ft 36W 3 Ohio Life Ina. IkTru.t Co. 183 alOS >?> *,0'X 10!v',#?u Bank of U. t? in Penuayl'a. 4 a? 4)4i W W j* SJerwy R.R kTrana.Cp 106 alOl 107 a? 103 al04 Vlohawk k Hud'n Raflroad. 69 a ? ? a 74 74 a Utica & Schenectady KailM 1W al27 123 UK all9 4yracuar k Utica Railroad. 120 al22 121 a|34 113 alJ Vuburu k 8yracu?e Railr'd 104 al06 108 ailO 107 al08 Vnburn k Rochester R, R- 10J a!03 101 *101)4 101 alOJ Reading Railroad, 63)4t 64 67 a 61% 63 _a 63X Delaware k Hudson Canal, 190 a ? ? * 190 a ? Readme RaUroad Bond.: 78 a 7# 77K, 77)4 73 a 73* Reading Railroad Mu Bd., 76 a 77 7 3*a 7i)J 69 a "0 Quotation* for most of the ntonka in tbi* llat bare fallen off within the paat week. Thin depredation, la tbe f?o* of a rery eaty money market, miut appear very extraor dinar? ; bat when we take into consideration tbe events which have recently transpired in financial and commercial oirolM of thl t country and of Europe, the causof this redaction will at oaee appear. It is the absence of confident*, more than any thing else, which U the principal cause of the depression In the stock market. Treasury note* have bean r?tber Arm nine* the receipt of advloes from Mexico, relative to the movement* o> the army and the prospects of peace, and a (light Im provement has been experienced. Wa are anxiously waiting further and more definite account* from tbe army of occupat ion, a* the complexion of the stock market for the next nix months depend* almost entirely upon the nature of account* from that section Our money market Is not likely to be unfavorably affected bj the financial emb .rrarsmects of Europe. Ht least for t.he prrsent. and there ie every probability of our escaped most of tbe difficulties whioh the commercial olacst-s ou 1 the other side have experienced There is no doubt but that we shsll be heavy losers by the bankruptcies in Europe, but we trnrt not be)Ond ou> ability to bear. From the effeotof the failures thus far.we should judge there is nothing to fear from the future The worst, no doubt, is already known. We find that the merchants of other cities stand it as wsll as they do hare. It la sUtad that New Orleans 1* not so great a sufferer a* at first reported. Tha amount of exchange returned upon merchant* ot that city, waa, ap to the 14th instant, vary small, not exceeding ten thousand pound*, and no fears are axpi?<?*d relative to any ftiI tur^lMaa*. Fortunately for all, the commercial classes 1 \ l? tfikt Mtfatry *?f? Itti H*f rtrWf *h4 nrofl)?toM position whin tb? iniolni??l?i c? tb? o4h? rid* OOnunonoad. They never wan ta ft BOM lmpfftfut* ble position, and U will require immense Iomm to shake then. We hare bo fault for the result rha convention recently convened at Springfield, Ilii? noU, for the purpose of revleing the constitution of thai State. bu finished its duties and adjourned. The new constitution will be submitted to the people next (print; and without doubt ba adopted. There la one aection in it to which we direct the attention of all interested, aid of the people of the State particularly. Abtiolc 16.?There (ball be annually aaaeaaad and collected, in the aame manner aa other State revenue may be assessed and eoileoted, a tax of two mills upon each one dollar'a worth of taxable property, In addltiou to all other taxes, to ba applied aa tollowa, to wit: The fund ao ereated ehall ba kept separate, and shall annually, on the first day of January, be apportioned and paid over pro rata upon all suoh State indebtednaaa, other than the canal and school Indebtedness, as may, for that purpose, bs presented by the holders of the same, to be entered as credits upon, and, to that extant, In extinguishment of the principal of said indebtedness. So far as the annual assessment and collection of a tax of two mills upon eaoh one dollar's worth of taxable property, in addition to all other taxes, are concerned, we oordlaliy agree with the framers of the above article; but the rest of the neotion cannot ba oarried I into operation, and is, therefore, an Inoumbranoe to the whole article. There are about eight thousand Internal Improvement binds of the State of Illinois in exlstenes, representing a debt of about eight millions of dollars. The tax of twa mills on the present valuation of property in the State, would give about two hundred thousand dollars per annum, wbloh, if apportioned and paid upon the Internal improvement debt, would be equal to two dollars and a hair on the hundred, or twenty-five dollar* on eaeh thousand dollar bond. According to the above article In the new constitution, an annual payment of twenty-Are dollar* on eaeh bond, would b? required. In the flrit place, It would be a very extraordinary movement to pay an lota of the prlnoipal of thl* debt, befbre th? full luter?st wa* regularly and promptly paid ; anJ in the leoond place, It would be almost an lmpoulbility to make the payment* according to the requirement* of the seotion. It would be impossible to get all the bond* preiented for that purpos-v A few might be paid the Instalment, while many would not demand it. A large part of the revenue from thi* souroe would remain in the hand* of the State Treasurer, and weuld form the nuclt-n* of a linking fund for the ultimate extinguishment of the whole debt. In the third place it 1* unconstitutional, If such a term oan be applied to a'section in thecontltutlon ltsvlf. The bond* issurd by the Stat* from time to time, have a stated number of year* to run, and are payable at oertaln times, and the holder* cannot be eompelUd to take the whole or a fiactional part of their bond* before the whole becomes due. The State of Illinois cannot compel its creditors to aooept these annual payments on th e principal, or stop the accumulation or payment of Inters upon the amount represented by each bond. It U to be regretted that this clause in the new constitution, is so worded or c innot be differently construed, n* much of it* virtue Is lost. We, however, are much pleased that the principle of taxation was not entirely abandoned by fcUfl uuuveubioa. M It rimuilB uirpusmuu to piuituD for tbe payment of the State debt,and gtreH the people tn opportunity to expresa an opinion npon the autj*-ot. If the people vote for thia tax of two mills, it will ekow a deposition on their part of taxing themselyea, and the lugiilot ure can, at any future tim*, annul this suction h > afl to turn the tax into a sinking fund, or appropriate It to the payment of the intwreaton the Stite debt. Stock Uxehiaitge. $^8flOTre?? Notes, 6* lot 2j0 *hs firmer* Tr b60 31 6000 dj 104 V 300 do biO J?X 500 Treat Notes, 31-3 li'3 100 Vi ksonrg Baak i( 00 A'sbanm is 61 100 Illinois Bauk 13 % HiO# City is, ',0 91 30 Ltfavette Bank, Cin t> I0.HX) U State* 6?, '87 105 V 50 Uuitoo Co 33 V fit-Oo Kentucky 6s UN V *> do (10 33 ? 6000 P?f. n 3s 77 V 30 do 3:<? K00 Ohie (s, '60 lti'Oi 73 do 3 Jf 7U0 do, >5? V?* 60 do bl3 i> 3*0# do, 7s 10>X 133 do 3-V 2000 III Special 44 13 do 3*4 loro Read M Bonds 70 60 Nor It Wor R i>\ 10.000 do t?a 60 do 4a IO.CBO Rrrdn<K Bouds 7*H '?0 de 48W 5 *hs B of America 99 300 L Island R > u It Seventh Waid Bank 94 400 do JbtO 3 V *5 City Bauk 109 160 do l>3i 70 M?c Bauk 1U9V 330 do *30 33 250 Readiug H 50 Harlem R 33 100 do SM 63W 500 do 5 k 230 do 6iK 100 do MO 3<X 100 dn b60 61% 100 do IjJO 53 275 Far Trust 3u>? 50 do b 5 53 150 do blO 3 >, 130 do slO 5i\ 200 do 30>, 60 do s30 US Second Board. $20,000 Tress N 6s, blO 10iH lOOshs Harlem RR 53V 15,0(10 do 104 H 33 do 5.? 100 *b* Nor Ac Wor 4I,V !>0 do b60 5t>J 50 do 48>i 50 do *10 '>3S 34 N Hsven Ik Hartford 100 150 L Island 3 3i 25 Canton Co 34 60 do b30 i> 2(>0 Harlem R 53?^ 50 do b30 32 i<) do 63% 25 Illinois Stuts Bauk 13V IiiO do 63V 50 Farmer* Loan S K 50 do 53}? IS Mohawk HR 7j)i CITY TRADE KKI'OKT. New York,-Wednesday A? tkhxoow. Sept ii. New and fresh ground Flour maintained prerioua quotations, with moderate sales in all descriptions 'Wheat was In Mr demand, and sales of good Genesee made at full prices. Sales of Corn were made to a fair extent at yesterdsy's prices. Rye was firm, while oats rrmaiaed about the same Provisions continued heavy, especially Cork, which bad a downward tendency Groceries re. mained a bout .the same, with moderate sales. Asiirs?The market was quiet. Pots we continue to quota at $5 Sl}?. and Pearls at >6 60. Beeswax.?No cnauge. Bhkidsti'kfi ?Flour ? Sales of fresh ground Genesee aod new do , id small lots, were made at $6 7? a M7X; in all ubout 4 aud 500 bble; 250 do. strait brands, viichig.*n, fold at 76; SOtl do faany Ohio, told at $5?7)f; 2 0 do. do , at and 300 do of another brand uuio. uo, at $5 **X A small sale of new Brooklyn Mills , was made at $6, and 400 do Genesee, uninspected, | sold on terms not understood The paroet of new | Genera Steam Mills, noticed yeetaraay, was hrlil at 96 50 and not at $6 50 -it was n very handsale j artiole. IV/ital?Sales of 1600 bushels prima westI ern red Ten* made for export at fl 07X; 4500 bushels prima old Oinessa sold for export on pilvate terms; aod , 700 m 8000 do good Genesee at li5c; WOO bushel* do. western red sold at ll'ic, and lHOo buehels of Genaaea -old at >1 IS. Corn?Sales ot 7 a MuOO bushels of western mixed ware made at 0U n 6-JXc; aooo do high mixed at 63c, and 3000 do good sonad mixed at the sama pries. Several parcels of damaged changed hands at different ,>ricts according to the condition of tki article Miml ? Western New York fair tc good was worth fi SCa 19 75 Rye?Sales of 15 a 1600 bushels ware niidr at 80o, und a small eale of 300 busbel* waa reported at 76o Outt #ere in good demand at 48 a 48o, at which two cargoes were hoid Th? following table gives a comparative statement of i the pricrs of oreadituffs on the 14th Instant, prior to ths | sailing of the Caledonia, aod on the 3M iustaut, the day 1 previous to the sailing of tha steamer Washington Stpl U. Sepl ti. Flc ur. Genesee $i 56 .1 #.X 5 IJo, gonad ? ? 5 74 D >, new - ? 5 t1)f Micliigiu ttr-ighi braads and ? 8 75 5 71 Olii Ilil ho?.|> ? 5 37X ? 3;^,J JO Ohio found hoop ? 5 21 i 111 S<K Fuicy do ? ? J 7) *5 KK Southern new ? ? j 7j kg w Whem, Oeuesee, good white. ..1 II ? 1 l( tl 2j Wer.ern white 1 15 ? 1 lj Do ted IN al It 1 It Coru, wntrrn mixed <5 MX Matt Coru. flit yellow 67 a I* S3 a tt Curu, no tlier round do tl ? (7 _ Corn meal, *m? u > ew York. .1 90 il 7i a tlHa) 75 Do ftrw Jeruy J>J i - 9? 're.. 7J TJ 7t a M Rye Floor 4 Ml ? 4 *4 >?V Oiti 41 a 44 41 41 Barley 47 a 58 one rtaiu. Receipt) dawn tht Hud inn River. _ tll Sept tu. Sept tl. Te al Flonr. bbli 9.11x1 |.,loo Con,, bu?b 7 40# in Mil UJ'O Indian Meal ? ? 110 dThent ? ? 5,6 4 Hje ? ? l,t.O CardlkI'?Sale* of *p*rm were made at 81e. ' orraa No *nl>-* of moment traotpired, Rio wa quota it a 7f(o. aud Jura al a So. t:0TT0ff--Tha tale* to-d?y amount to 1000 bale*, and were taiien ohirflj for export at priori ruling abant a <l'iart*r of a oeai lower thin onr quotatioua by the 'learner Citlt-doula ; pccationally a trin* mora bat been coed-d to by holder*, whohara generally shown tat litile diepoti'loo to oII-t their tuypliei eio-<pt m very full firioet, "Middling" New Oil*?nt of en indifferent Caeifloition will i*-ll readily at lljfe, an-l I'Jo ha been reused for a liberal *tand?rd. and oanool b? bought at a rgs rate Fair Upland* tell readily at lilf*. wuinh i* a* low that nraa" ?*a "* v * " -??-? ?? <?itunlfcOijO bale*, of which, 1*H> w*r* taken on ?peflula'?Fuh - 8h1?m* of About 800 a lOOfi quintal* dry Cod war* nada at ft3 There were no nrw arrival*. iV^rk*,.fl?t?*lwiof 4>'0 hhl? w*f? mad*, embracing No l'? ?t .1-2 h $l'i U, No. if at $8 a $8 11% and No 3'* at $?. Irrritig 8 ?l?* of 410 boxa* ?<*ro made, about h*lf f f which wfre coaled, at 9?o The remainder oouiaUd of No 1'* nthftc and No 2'? at 3()o Faurr? 8?le* of SO.OOl) lb* Dried Apple* war* made at 'fc'" Halm of !> 0 bbla and hbda 'ianl? Currant* w*r? in~<le at t>jr auction JH a 10>J Hr.MP - We r>?T? only lo no'inn Ml** of H a 10 ton* Of 'iHCkifii at *19tl p?r ton, daw rotted eontluuod quit* ilroi Hi 4l''0 Hipk??The *?le of Orlnoeoi. noticed ye*t?-Tiay, <t>ouid iiiiV ' bci-n "tatad at. 11 laetead nf 4o Wm h??? milling imiw to notice. xci'pl a further arrival of ab >ut iOOO I'r ni Antwerp 1'he low at*t* of tta- market* iu Kurope, a* we >ir?dieted aomr t'ro* line* mu<t turn tba urr?at of Hid- * to American p rl*. uulll th* preferure iu thou* market* ha* b*m e?.wd l j a cneck of linyorta'lorii or hj re?h'pinent* to higher ui irket* Lr.ii) 8*l?? ol 400 pig* ware uiade at $4 3IK, and <00 do at $4 37* Molahk??S?le* of 190 hhd* Garden** ware mada at 24c Tba artlole of good quality wai considered aoma flruiar. Naval 8ro*x??8*1** of 100 bbU Spirit* Turpentine worn made at 60o OMh. No Mia* of moment occurred la r?w, or in Ro*ln; 1000 bbl* of Tar had bean received and wm on the market, wMeh wm held at $i MMOili?Llnwed, moderate tola* of English w*r* report

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