Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1847 Page 1
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IT TT ?oi. mi. Kn, ?ca_whoi? i*. ftteo. LMHST DIVISION NEW YORK BTATE MILITIAT DIVISION ORDERS. Nsw Yo*?, September 21, 184T. The vnoniformed Militia of th* City of New Voik iwbicb eiiitincM nil the able bodied -whit# male citizen* between the agra <>l 18 and 15 yeara. who have not commuted, and who are net membera of an uniform company, or 'Kempt by law) w 1 take uotiie of the following remme.til order*. to aaaeinble lor Company i?irtcie >ui?l martial ei-rrise, on Moud'jr. the Uh of Octobtr next, at the time and placea ttiejer autad, in compltance n act nf he Legiitature of the State of New Vork, entitled "An aetforthe o-Raniiation of tha Firit Division of the New Vork *???ie Militia," passed May 6th, 1817, and they are hereby notified nf their eurolment. f oirinaiid nta of Brigades, Remmenta _ and Companies will direct all otUcera and nou-conimiaainnad officers of each uniformed comptuv, to attend the parade in uniform or undress. Su'.ial teres and uoo-enmmiaaiourd olhcara will aid the Commaudiuit* nf companies in the axeraiaeaol the day. Wo pernon wilt he permitted to leave hi* c .mpauy without permission of hit commanding officer until *uo down, runnant to aaid net, ea;h commands), t wi 11 hffix anch P*naltiea for offence* and delimjururiea ?< the statute require*, opposite the na-iie or the peraou ?o deliiiqueutor offeudbrig. A (>ourt oj Ai'peal* lor each re?im<^tt,(n haa'cTruse*. will be held at the time an>_ Place,ta.ed attk. end of W^NKORd" Major General Commanding. U C. VVi tiaeu, PW. Inapector. aD/mkrn namufl'tf'P V V a Ml I IT I A U I I* ?i iiuui?iai 1TH AHD 6fH WARD*. 1'ur u utt to the above Div ?km Orders ".nd tn? sot therein mentioned th* una lifortoed r??iT?tes of the seveml cominuiei of thin regiment w ill xsirmble within their respective Company Districts uu Monday, the 4th diyof Uetob*r next, at 10 o'clock. A. M., fur C ?:i|>'mv parade*, luape.tion auil martial rmrcii,! aruied ami eij-y? ;< n..'Cor'li':t to Inw, a''lie pUcus designated fin each Distil' . ;;uCtivcly, a* follows:? Company A District?Ju.ieph Cmu. Commandant, within a line bounding Si.iuce, Ctjflf. Hague, l"earl aud Chatham stteets, known a? the First Elecri u District nl th?4thWa-d, opiiOiite nhnkip-nre Hotel, corner of Dnaue and William sts. Company B District?Alexander r. Castle. Commandant, within a line bounding Kerry s"ert, Peck Slip Son h, llooseV'lt, 0>ik. Pearl, Hague and Clift street*, known as the Kouith K'ection District of ilie 1th Ward, at the corner of Dover and Pearl C District?Thomss'W McLeay. Commandant, within a line bouuuinit Kuoneve t, Front Catherine and Oak streets, known as the Third Eleaion District of ihu Fourth Ward, will assemble at the corner of Oliver and Oak streets, Company <> Disttict?Alexander IvAgles n, Commandant, within a line boundiug Chatham, IV-- . Oak and Catherine streets, k* own as the Second Elective District of the 4tl> Ward oppos.te the Catholic Chu.'ch.Jau s street. Company E 1'istricl?Robert Mcleod a^omanodant, within a 1 ue bounding 'ho Park, Chatham stie -t. Pearl st eet and Broadway. Unown ?? the First Election ,">wtrict of the 6th Want, will assemble at ihe corner of' eutre and Duanestreets. Company F District?Wbi. W. I'arseils Commandant within a line hounding ['earl, enttcaud' anal streets and Broadway, known i s the S.-eond El'Ction DistuCtof the ith Ward, , WiTl a*.emb e at corner i.f Jfi'in a rd Kruihlw Hrei ts. Company U District?H nry Parsons, .< WJ^n^HLdaut, within a line (minding Centre Walker, Mii/-"'')VjvOhatham and Pearl st eeu known as the Third Ele*? >. Jtrict ol the 0th Wa d. wil assemble at the corner of f a Centre sta. Company H Distiict?Alexander lit':?M(iotnmaixlaut wit in a line bounding < hatham, UwtBr/ .Jraiker and Mu1brry streets, known as the Kourih KtiHM^lTKli ict of ill' 6th W (I w i'l assemble at the corner of Iijffjmf ?tid Moit streets The Regimental Court of Appea'awtyftjapiie ils f'om fines or penalties, imposed, will be liel-l al.tLt f.eitre Maiket Drill Hootn. on Monday, October It, 18ft. ?Tl o'clock, A. M. 11 yorder of AUEX. 'MINO, Jr. Colonel 2nd Rrg't. THIRD REGIMENT V. Y. 8. MILITIA. I 1st aito IU w arus. Iu compliance with the abo??* Division order, and the law thercm leierred to, the mnsiformed priratei, members of the aer?i?l compauies uf this regimen: will auemble iu their respective company districts, on Monday, the 4th day of OctnW utx', at 10 o'clock A M , f.?r company parade, inspection nu#dt*U. aimed aud equipped, according to law, at the places dm gun led for the following district:., tix: laiCompany (A) commanded b>- Capt. Johu Jagcli, ami district bounded by Nassau, Wall Broadway, Hector, West, and Liberty streets, will meet ~u Li boit/ street at the corner or Qreeuwich. Id Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Labau, diatrteu bound-d by \assaM, Maidru Laiie, South and William autrts. will meet in Cedar at the corner of Nassau at. tdC' (C) commanded by Lieiit-comma"diot D. C, Vj*;;l?un, dutnca bounded, beginning at the Battery, by Vjb teWJl. Marketficld, Broad, Wall, P road way, llector aud West streets; t the p ace of beginning, will assemble ou the Batcetr ppositr to Greenwich st. Mte<Couii>wiy (U) commanded by Capt. Henrv C. M ux. district bound d by vVall, Broad, Mnrketfield, Whiteluil and 1'earl * s will assemble ou Hanorer quire. 3th Company lb.) commaudcd by Capt. 8. S. Parker,district by Will, 1'earl, Whitehall aud South streets, will as temb'C ou the ltaiterv opposite to Kronttt. tt U v (K) c mina ded by Cipt William Serrill. distric. bounded ov B.imdway, Park How, Spruce, William and Libeity streets. wiU asacinule in the Park opposite Beekman street f II l'Uiii|>au> \w; vuiiiuMiiuvu uy iiiruiiv nsjuur, dietii t b uudetl by Maidtn i.ane Liberty, William, Kulton uud 8 nth streets, will tmsemble in Piatt, at the corner of liold a tract Ith Company (H) commanded by Capt. Joseph Lonati, district bonnded by Kullon, William, Spruce, Kerry, Peck Slip, ad South streets, will assemble in Beekmau atrert, the corner f ' illiam street. The Regimental Court of Appeal*, to bear appeal* from fines or penalties imposed, will be he'd at St'iueail's, 131 Kulton street, on Monday the liili day of October, nt four o'clock P. 41. 15y order, 3. BROOKE POSTLEV, Col. Commuidinf 3d Kegimeut N. Y. 8. M. FOURTH REGIMENT N. Y. 3. MILITIA. 14th and 1'jth Ward*. Pursuant to the above Division Ordrrs, and the act therein mentioned, the uuunifo.ined pi irates of the aeveral companies of this :>egimeut will assemble within lUei respective Company Districts on Monday, the fourth day of October next, at 1(1 o'clock A. M , for company parade, inspection, and murtial exercise, armed and ri|uippeu according to law, at the places designated for each district respectively as follows, viz: Jat Company District (A. Troop I commanded by Capt- Edmuud CUarlei, Jour, ana bounded by11juitao, Woost'r. and Fourth streets, Sixth Avenue. Carmine, Bleecker, and Hancock strteti, at tlie corner of Th .inpion and Kourth streets, right on Fourth street. 2d Company District (B. Troop) commanded by Capt. Gatret Luersseu, and bounded by Housiou, Wooster, Amity, and Ureal Jouei Uie?ts and the Bowery, at tlie comer ol'S.ercer and Anuty st'e'ts, right on Amity sfeet. 3d Comp ny D strict (Company A.) commanded by LieutnriLt Commindant John towler, Junr., and bmui'ed by Great Jones, Amity, and Wooster streets, University Place, Kuurieeuth street, aud the Boweiy,at the corner of Wooster street i\nd Waverly Place, right on Waverley Place. 4th Company District (Company B) Cjmmiudcd by Captain Peier Kerber, aud boundeJ by Kourth street, Uuiverstty PI ice, Kourteenth street and Sixth Avenue, at the interaction of the centre walk, luuuiug North aud South with the North walk of Washing*!)!! *quare. 5th Company District (Company C ) commanded by Lieut. CtMMMMl J.icob Schiuid, and bouaded by iiotuton, Mulberry aud Broome streets, and Broadway, at the corner of Crosby rnd Prince s'reet right ou Pnnce street Cth Compuiv District (Company D ) cominuidedky Lieut. Command mt Patrick Murray, and bounded by Hoeston, Mulberry and Bre 'me ktreeta. and the Bowery, at the coincr of Mottaud Prince street*, right ou Triuce street. 7th Company District (Oomiiany E) commanded hv John H. .viiller, and b uudvd by BroaUu iy, Caual, I eutre, Walker, Oianirennd Broome streets, at the corner ofOrand aud Elm right uu film street. Utli Company District (Company F) commands d by Captaiu Krlw ,nl llinck-n, and bounded by Walker, Ornige and Broome a retts, and the Bowery, it the corner of Healer aud M u I berry streets, right uu .Mulberry turret. The lt-g-raani?l Court of Appeals to hear appeals from (uim aud penalties imposed, will be held at Constitution Hall, No. tiJO Broadway, ou Mondiy, Oct. 18th, 1847, at J o'clock, P. M. By oider of CH \ULK9 VATKS. Colouil 4tit Uegt. N. If. S. M, FIFTH REGIMENT, N V. 8. MILITIA. Oth Ward. Pursuant to the above Division orders and the act therein moulii" ed. the unuuiformed privates of ihe several companies of thit Uegiment will as<einhle within lhair rosjiective Company districts. on Mondny, ttie 4th day of October uext, at 19 o'clock, A. M., f r Company parade, inspection and niartidl e*? cue. armed and equipped according to law. at the place* d* :ig .<<ted for eicli district reuieetively aa f illwws:? The Ut ornpiny diatrict Company \, nu er command of Copt, Keinecke, aud bounded by Br?a i>\ay, Canal, Oreeu and Houston stiiu Vlercer at, right on Prince at. The 31 Company diatrict, Company B, under command of Lieut Meye/hulx, aud bounded by Ureen, Canal, Laurenaand 11 iiuton *ts , iu VVooiterat., right ou Prince at The 3d l oinpauv diatrict. Company C, under commuid of Opt. Kowald, and bounded by Caureiu, Canal, Sollivau and Houston Hit, in Ttioini'aon it , right on Prince at. The 4th Company diatrict, Company D under command of Cap Mwaiiiwaider. and bounded by .Sullivan, Canal. VVatta. Varica ?ud 8;>riu.;?ts ,,in Watis at., right ou Sullivan it. The ith i- i npaiy district, Compmy E, under commtnd of Cay: Oopport. an I tmunded by H'tllivan, Spring, Varick and It.m,ton it, in Kiug at , rt* it <.u \IcDouual at. The till < oiopany district, Conip ny F, under command of Lieut, Khrman,aud bounded by Varick, VVatta, Hudson and llonvmi its. in Kiug at., right on Varick at. The 7th Company district, Compinv G, bouuded by Hudson, Canal, (Jirejiwicliaud Houston its., in King it, right on Hudsou St., ami be under tin-command of Lieut. Phirman, who is hereby defined for that purpose. 'I he 8 th C. on piny district, Company li, bounded by Green wicli, Canal, We?c.oid iI<ju?t >n ?t.. io king at. right ou Ore st.. itn>i h? under the c 'in.nanJol' Lieut, Hust^ who is horei y detailed for tint purpme. Xho Court ill Appeals to hmr ni>i>?f>li from fniei or penalties impos' >1, will be held at t entre market drill room on \T<tti'l:iv. 2^tJ? Oct. neit af i o'clock in the afternoon By order ol ANDREW WARNKR, Col. 5lh Ileg't. SIXTH RKOT. N. Y 8. MILITIA. Tninp *>*11 Fifth W*rd?. Pnranint ti the abo?<* Ptviaion orders, *ud the Art therein mentioned, the uniioilVirtne.f J*ri?ate<i)l the aeveral Com allies of this regiment wilFaaaeinble within their reipective company dntr eta on Monday, the trli^dnv of October n?*t, at 10 o'clock, a.m..fjr company vaiade. inspection, and martial e%rraril Mid turn pp?d accord iuiMo law,at th? placo* tie* situated for auch nmrrleta?e.Hir etirely, aa follows:? Comtmny A?Ciptitin W. l< rancitrfronimnndant, biunded^hv Liberry street, Broadway, Fnlton ti/ett, Weatstreet, at Ful tMn, opposite ( luircli at. , Co. 0?Lienr J. Adam, MNderbersrer, ^iMnnrnndant, boundid liv k'ultou. UiO'divay, Mil ray ttteet, Greenwich street, at I'ijUou,corner vjl'Cl|ijrc!i utresl. i.o (Li"iite? ant W O. l>onham, Commandant. and bounded by Fulton atieet, tireeuwich atreet. Reade atteet, Weat aiieel. at Cl.amheia; comer of Washington atreet. C?. D?Ca|it*in Jamea Vv. Farr. Commandant, and bonnded by Murray aireet, Br. adway, Keade at, Greenwich atreet, at Murray street, corner of College Place. Co K?Lieuteuajit W. A Hiin-hmxii, Cora'ftandant, bounded by Heatlo atieet, Broadway, Franklin airset, Hudaon at, at ejat side of Huda*n ?t, Corner of Duane it Co. F?Licutena it W. H. Walker, Commandant, bounded by Kwle Hudson atreet, Beach ?treet, Weat atreet, at Weit Tide of Hudaon atreet, corner of Duane afreet. Co. G-?Captain William Chalmers, Commandant, bonndfd by Franklin atreet. Broadway, Canal and Laight atreeta, Hudaon street, at Hudson atreet, at 8t'a Park. Co. H?Cartain John Oregorv, Commandant, bounded by Beach atreet, Hudson atreet, Laight atreet, Canal atreet,Weat atreet. at Hudaon at, opposite Ht John's Park. Apiwala will be heard at Thomaa Hiley'. houae at the corner of Weat Broadway and franklin atreet, for Companies A aud B on Fridav, Oct. 15th, at 7H P. M. For Compeuiea C aud D on Saturday, Oct the aame hour. For Companies E and F on Tnesday, Oct. lTh, at ths sane ; n-r. B<>r Couapantea G ait a H on Wednesday, Oca. Mth, at the Mime hour. By order of WILLIAM DODGE, Colonel 6th Hegt. N. Y. 8. M. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. V. ?. MILITIA. 7th a*i> 10th WaiiDa. Pursuant to the above Division Ordera aud the Aet therein mentioned. the an uniformed privates of the aeveral Companies of thia Regiment will aaaeinble within their reapecfive com p?ity distrfts on Monday, the 4th day of October neit, at Jl o clock A. M . for company parade, inspection and martial eteiciae, armed aud equipped according ti? law. at the placea iaaignated for each district reapectively. aa follows;? Toe 1st Company Diatrct ia bounded by Catharine, Madiaoa E NE NE"V and Rg'r'ii streets and East river; will parade in Monroe at. right ou Pike *t aud be commanded by Capt Thix. Morton The 24 company Din'naf is bounded by Rutgers, Madison and Grand streets aud East rirer; will be commanded by Cam. Wm. H. Williams, and will parade in Monroe *(, the right on JefTersi n at , 3d Company District, bounded by Catharine. Division. H utgersand Madison streets; will be commanded by Lieut, lo-ud't Edgar vl. Crawford, aud will parade iu Henry ?t, the right on Market st 4th Company Diatrict?Bounded by Kntcera, Division, Grand and Madisnu atreeu; will be conunauded by Capt. tha? VV Smith, aud will pnrmde in Henry at, the right on Clinton street. 3th Company District?Bounded by Division, Norfolk, Gnudand Eldridge itreets; will be commanded by Captain lames L. Wanth, and will parade in Orchard it, the right on Hea'ar at. <th Company District?Bouiided by the Bowery, Orand, Kldridre and Division streets, will be couamnnded by Captain Cyras H. Loutrel, tad will parade in Forsyth at. the right on Walker at. 7th Company District? Bounded by Norfolk, Rivington, Allen and Grand streets ; will be commanded by Captain William H Uudermll, and will parade in Orchard street, the right ou Broome street; 8th Company Di.triet?Bounded by the Bowery, Blrin ton. Allen and Grand atrects : will be commanded by Captain Henry C Bhumway, ?nd will parade iu Broome stTeet.ihr right on r.hrystiest eet. The Ci.inmaudant of this Hegiment will atteud at the Mercer lloute, (corner of Mercer and Broouie streets) ou Monday, the 2Jtt> of October, I8l7. at 3 o'clock P. M., and will then and there hear nil appea1* that imvbem de to him lor the remission of any tine or penalty igamst auv person or persoiu M tolled as un-uniforined raeinTiera ot tins regiment. II A MrtUPUf A UDVVJIUIKD u) wiuci ui ah i/MCi rr A> w 11 n..?i 11 n.i?, Col.Tih Ktiiorat. EIGHTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 11th and 13tii Wanus. Pursuant to the above division orders and the act therei mentioned the ui-uijiforuied primes of the ?f vrrxl companies , at' thin regiment will assemble witUm tlmir lespective company districts ou Mnuduy the 4lli day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M , lor company parade, ins|>ection and murtitl exercise, armed and equipped according to law, at the places designated lor rich diitnct ie?i>ec(i vely, a* follows Gump.i ny A. Capt. Ueoige Lyoua, commandant, at the corner ol'Clinton and Grand streets- District bounded by Norfotk, Iliviugton, Ridge, and Division street*. Company B, Capt'in James Price, commandant, at the corner of Grand ami Sheriff streets. This district is bounded by Kidge, Hiviuguni, Cannon, Grand and Dirisiou streets. Company C, Captain M M Vau Dyke, commandant, at the corner of Goerck and Grand stieets. '1 Ins district is bounded by Grand, Cannon, aid Hiving ion streets, and the East Kivrr Company D. Captain James Little, cnmmssdant, at the corner of Put anit Houston streets. This district is bounded by ttiriiigton. Clinton, Houston and Sheriff streets. Company E. Captain George U. Bowne, commandant, at the corner of Caunou and Houston streets This district is bounded by Kivington, Sheriff a-d HuusUm streets, and the EautHiver. Company F, Lieutenant Edmund II. Weyman. commandant, at the corner of Fifth street md Avenue B. Thia district is bounded by Houston street) Avenue B, Filth street, and the East River. Company G. Lieutenant Alvah T. Canfield, commandant, at the comer of Seventh street and Avenue B. This ristri<t if bounded by Fifth slieu, Avenue B, street, and the East River. Company H, Lieutenant James II Dyer, commandant, at the corner of Aveuue B and Ninth streets. This district is bounded by Ninth street, Avenue B, Fourteenth street, and the East River. Appeals will be heard at the Military Hall, No 193 Bowery, ou fenday the 15th October, 1817. as follows Company A,at I o'clock,A. M.; Company B. at 9 o'clock. A. M ; Company C, at 10 o'clock, A. M ; Company D, at 11 o'clock, A.M.; Company E. at 2 o'clock, P. M., Company f, id; 3 o'clock, P.M.' Company (J, at 4 o'clock. P. M.t Comiony H, at 5 o'clock, P.M. By order of COlT J. W. 8TVLE8. NINTH REGIMENT*N. Y. S MILITIA. 17 m Waau. Pursuant to tha above Division Orders and the act therein mentioned, the unnnifuruied privates of the several com) anies of this regiment will assemble within ihei. r?n>i<ii?i praiu,.i.? districts on \!oud?/, the 4tTTd*y of October next, at 10 o'cfock, A. .vl., for company parade. in<i*ctiou and martial exercise, armed aud equipped according u> law, nt the place decinnated for each dim let respectively, a< follow* 1. The district of Company A, commanded by Captaiu John Helme, 11;d bounded by the Bowery. Riviugton, Kldridice, First avenue and Hecond ?treet, at the South Cist coruer of iloaaton aud Christie itrerla. 2 The district of Company B. commanded by Lieutenant l.'omm't Bteplieu H. Cornell,and bounded by Kldridge, Kiriugton, Kwvx, Aveuue A, Second street, and First avenue, at the South Wrot comer of Houston and Alleu streets. J. The district of CompanvC, com-auded by Lirut Jacob L Searing, and bounded by Ksiex, Kiviugtou, Clint'ii, Avenue B, Hecond street and Av-nue A, at tit* fcoulli Kaat corner of Houston nnd Norfolk strerta 4. Tlie district of Company U, commanded by Capt. Charles T. fiulwiskle, and bouuJed by the Bowery,-Second street Firat dveiiue, and Sixth stieet, at the bouth Ka?t coruer of Second avtuue aud Fourth s'leet 5 The district of (Jompauy K. commanded by Capt. Marviu R Pitavui, and bounded by Kirat avenue, necoud street, Ave ue Band sixth street, at the South fcjut corner of Avenn* A and Fourth street. 6 The district of Company F, common ted by Capt Julia N. Kayward, and bounded i>y ilie Bowery, ixlh street. Avenue B, Seventh street, Aveuue A and Kwhtli ItrtM, at the South Rast corner of recoml aVeuue and Qevenih street. T. The district ol Compmy li,commanded by Capt Richard H. Thompson, and bounded by the Uowery, Eighth street Aveuue A, aud Tenth atreet. at the South Corner of Second avcnnp and Ninth street. U. The district of Cnraiiauy II, eommaRifrd by Capt Henry B. Melville, aud bounded by the Bowery, Tei til itreet, Avenue B. ?ud Fourteenth atreet, at the South tail corner of &e Coiidavenue and Twelfth atreet The Regiment il Court t.f Appeal*, to h?nr appeal* from 6n?anr penal lies imposed, will be held at Military Hall 191 Bowery, on Thursday, the 2 list of October, 1817, at II o'clock ia the forenoon. By order of E. JESUP, Jr., Col. Comm'g 9th Rect. N. Y. b. Miliua. TENTH REOIMttNT N. V. S. M. 9th W*ri>. Pursuant to the above Divu'on Orders and the Act therein mentioned, the unumforined privates of the several compnuie* of this rornnrat will assemble within their respective compi ny district* ou Monday, the 4.h day of Oetober next, at 10 o'clock, A. M.. for company pa'ade, ini|H-ctou and martial exercise, armed aud equipped according to law, at the place* de*i?natel for each district respectively, a* follow* :? 1st District, company A, buund'd by the Hudson Hiver, Hammersly. Bedford an Bario strei ts, and commanded by Thomu Joue i, captain, at the uorth east coiner of Hudsou aud Leroy *trert?. 2d District, ootr.pany B, bounded by Bedford, Hammeraly. Haucoek. Bleeckeraud Carmine streets, Sixth Avenue and Barrow street, aud commanded be Henry L. Hoelzle, c .plain, at the north east corner of Bleecker and Cornelia street*. 3d Diatrict,company C, bounded by ihe Hud? n tlivcr, Bar*ow, Uudaon aud Perry *treet*,aud commanded b/ Henry Bruner. Cuptaiu, at the noitlieait corner of Watliington aud Aino* ttreeta. 4th Diitrict, company D, bonn Jed by Hudion street, Barrow atreet, Sistli Aveuue aud Amos at., commanded bv Cornelius Clark, enptam, at the north east coruer of Foarth and Christopher stieeu. District, company E, bounded by the Hudson River, Perry, Hudson and Troy sheets, and commanded by James M'Grath, captain, at the noith east coruer of Washington an Bank street*. 6th Diatrict. Company F, bounded by Hudsou, Amos, Facrry, and i'roy atreet*. aud coinm oiled by Jaoiri R. Dodue, aptain, at tiie North East coruer ol Fourth and Perry streets 7lh Distiict. Compauy (i, bounded by the Hudson river, Trov .!.*?! Killhlll aveuue ..111 .... ... ? A mantled byCornclim Vamlerveei. CipUiu.atthe K'oith E&.t corner of Gree wichand Horatio atreeta. th Diatrict, ComiMiny'H, bounded by Eighth avenue, Trov, Factory Mid Amoa atreeta, Hit h avenue and Fourteenth *t., and commanded by Jacob Haynor, Captain, at the North Etat corn?r of Seveu h avenue uu > Eleventh atreet. The Kegiinentil Court uf Apie.ila. to hear appeala from fine* and iienaliiea imp ard w II beheld at the Northern Kgchange. No 273 Bleecker atreet on Friday, the 22d day of October, 1&I7, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of CHARLES J. DODGE. Lt. Col. Comm'rf >Gth Regt. N. If. 8 M. ELEVENTH UEGINIENT N.Y.S. MILITIA. 16ill and <Otli Warps Purauantto the above Diviaioa Ordera and the act therein mention) d the unuiitformed piivatra of the several Companiea ofthia Regiment will aaai mble within their reapectire company districla, on Moiid.iv, the 4th fay of October *?ir, ?t 10 o clock A. M , lor coippiuy parade, inapection and martial eierciae. aimed and equipped according to law. at >h? plaeea de aignatcd for each diairict respectively, a. foltowa:? 1st. Company District of Company A, commanded by Captain Robert I1. Fraaer. bounded by the llujaon River, fourteenth atreel. the Eighth avenue and Nineteenth atreet, on the the correrof Kooileenth afreet and Eighth avenue. 3d. Company Uialrict ofCompan b, commanded by Captain John J. Sauvan, bounded hy Ihe Eighth avenue. Fourteenth atreet, 8,ith avenue and Nineteenth aneet, on the corner ol Fourteenth atreet and Sixth avenue. 3d. Company Dirrict of Company p, commanded by Captain John Seufert. bonnd'd by the lindaon River, Nineteenth atieet, the Eighth avenue and Twen'y-eighth atreet, on the corner of Nineteenth atreet and the Eighth avenue. <th. Company Diatnct uf Company 1), commanded by Cap. taiu Frederick Piesauecker, bounded by the EigLth avenue, Nineteenth atr'et, the 8iith avenue, ana Thirtieth street, on the comer of Thirtieth aire t anil Rigli'h av etiue Jtli. Company Diatnct of Company E. eomin mded by Captain John .wMihon, bounded by the Hudaon River, Twtntv eighth atr'et. iho Eighth avenue, Thirtieth atienl.the Hixlh avenue and Fortieth atre it, ou the corner of Twenty-eighth atreet ruid the Eteh h aventie. 6th. Company Dutrict of Ccmiainy F, commanded by Captain A Hinderaon, bounded by Sisth avenue, Fourteenth atreet. Eaat River and Niitalamh iiiici nn rh*. 'a,h?f teenth stru t and H xth avenue. 7th. Company District of Company Ci, commanded by Captain H V. Hardruburg. b'uuded by the Sutli arenue. Nineteenth street, the E:isi River and '1 -ventietli street, mi the corner ol Twenty-Mixih ttreet ?i.d Sixth avenue. Mi. ( company District or Company H, commanded by ('.tip tain John H. Ellis. and bounded by fixih avenue, Twenty itih street, K??t Hirer and Fortieth street, on the corner of Twenty-tilth street and Hixth avenue. The Hefiioei.tal Court of appeal, t<i liearapp* .Is from fines and penalties impoeed. will he lield at the Madison Cottage, corner Fifth aicnue and Tweuty ihird afreet, on Monday, the ltlh of Oernher. at 2 o>l?ck in me afternoon. By order of ROBEHT C. MORRIS. Col. lltli Regt. N. y. 8. M. TWELFTH MEOIMKUT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 1ST|l Wttp, Pn'Mient to the above Division Orile-s and the Act therein menti ir.ed the im uninformed pnvatnof the severnlComiHi in ol thu Kegiinent will assemble within their re*[>ective company <*litricta, on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock A.M.. for company parade, inspection and mamal eierciae, armed and equipped according to law, at the pljces dekiitualed for each district respectively, at fo lows:? Company A, laptain Vincent, Commindaut, liouriled by 4th avenue, l>9th street, *th avenne and With street, at N. W. come' of 4th aveune aad 8G?h street. Company B. Captain Betti, commandant, bounded by 4th avenue. HarlemR'Ver and Kills, Kait Hiver, and Mth street, at N. K come- of 4th avenue and Hill street. Company C, Capl. Mayher. commandant, hounded by aline running due west liotn the high bridge, the Hu'lsou river^ Sou v. -en Dim vel Creek anJ Harlem river, Jo ill* 1 KinKsbrid*e road, opim?UC the b..^ r|oBe - ? . on Company 0,OVnt n-ndhomme, cninmiiidaut, bounded by the 8th avenne, Cfith?t, Hudson river, Manhattan at, and 123th it at N W e?r of 8th avenne and flfi'h st. Company K Capt. A veiiana, cuniT andant, bounded by 8th avenue Mih st. the Hudaou river, ard.40tl. si, at N. W. corner 0th *'en yand40t"s. Cou.pnty K, ('apt. WiUon, commmdant, hounded by 4th avenue, 40th st, 8th avenue and 86:h st, at 8. W. cor. of 4th avenue and With st. Company O, Capt. Rovntldf, commandant, bounded by 40th t. East liver, 86th st. aud 4th avenue, at B. E. cor. of 86th (t and 4th avenue. Company H. I.ieot. Comdt Ayrei, Commandant, bounded by 4th avenne, Harlem River to High Bridge,thenee dne west to Hudson river,and along aaid river to Marhittan atreet, 115th street, Ith avenue and 129th street, on luth avenue, near Trinity Cemetery. , Appealswill be heard at No 142 Fulton atreet, New York City, on Tuesday, the Mth, Wednesday. 13th, and Thursday. Ute Mth days of October next, between the hoar* of 12 M. and I r. M., of each day named. Byorde.of BENJAMIN W. BENSON , ill Ifuo Colonel. W YC V YORK, SATURDAY M< Movoments in Politics. Boitoi*, Sept ? ,1S17. .Vj.ucAuirtti Politict. The Jesth of Governor Wright bag excited among wme of our politician a mora than ordinary do j gree of inUr??t. The loss of so great a man, would by itself lmva caused a profound emotion; and when it is considered how many hopes and schemes were bound up with hit* name, It may be safely laid, that not eren the death or General Harrison was an event of more importance. The whig* hoped that he would be Indirectly useful to them neat year, by permitting his nine to be need against that of aay Southern or Western democrat nominated for the Presidency by the Baltimore convention. The Van Bur en men looked to maintain their bold of the government through his elevation to the Presidency. Other democrats, who have become tired of the peddling polities of the Albany Regency school, as applied to the affairs of a great nation, feared that hfl mlcritt h? IndnnnH *"' *?? enoe of tali (Treat Intellect and unu to purposes nit of an enlarged oharacter, and from a mistaken sense of duty. Alt th?M hopes, and double, Mid feare, tire burled In tne icrmro of Wright. Ttaa Van Burnn men here feel the blow terribly , too much no to permit any attempt at disguising the nature of their sentiments to be made. It was their intention to have, at the approaching State convention, passed resolutions in favor of Mr. Wright's nomination to the Presidency ; and the two del'gates to the national convention which the State oonvention is to choose, were to be lnstruoted to rote for hlin only as the demooratio candidate That purpose can hold no longer, and there is not timo to look round for a new leader of the Van Buren faotion. In faet, all that has kept that faction alive any where,was the cemrnon belief that it wus favored by Mr. Wright; and there can be no higher proof of the vast influence posessed by Mr. Wright, than the f?ot that be oould maintain himself uninjured, while ocoupyiog so dubious a position. Any oommon man would have broken down under the weight of the odium that must stick to every thing having even the remotest eonneetion with Van Burenism. Very little has thus far been done towards making choice of delegates to the demooratio convention, and the suhject is hardly ever alluded to out of the circle of those who make a business of politics ; and th:?y are a class of men who have precious little influenoe with our demooraoy, just now. They are mostly otHce holders, whose only object is to hold on to what they have got. But the people desire the men who look to lead them to be. at least, of ordinary disinterestedness. With tew exceptions, theso men are Van Durtnites; and they are just now In tlie pleasant predicament of the thiee wise men who "went to see in a bowl,''and do not know what to do without a chart to bteer by. The gentleman whom they were to disgrace by their support having departed they are ready to transfer their allegiance to whomsoever will pay them best for it. They are delicate, however, on the subject of the Wilmot proviso, having always, as every one knows, had a gnat regard for the slave. Whether any of them have a direct or indirect interest in tho slave trade, la not precisely clear ; but from their broad denunciations of the South, it is generally supposed they have. No one cries ''stop thief!" so loud as your common plunderer, and more than abolitionists live luxuriously on means obtained by the success of slavery. It Is said that so?ie of those gentry will endeavor to make the democratic Statu oonvention adopt aud endorse the Wilmot Proviso. 1 can hardly believe this to be true, as the democratic party here, having burnt their tingers terribly in the Texas lire, are very chary about touching anything having ihat connection. In ltM3 every democratic member of thj legislature, un<4,.* n... ?? Ud. tuu uuvuvuii auu nuiiur Kir. lHTlOn, paflHeU T0solutiuns declaring that under no circumstances would thfy support the admission if Texas Into tbe Union. TbiH was held as pledging tba whole party to the auti-anuexatton ground. Nevertheless, in IH44, the whole party? excepting some three or fuur thousand abolitionists ? wheeled about, and went for the annexation of Texas under any cirouui'tances. The rldiculou* nature of (.heir course is now comprehended, and they will not be fouud in a hurry to take up the cudgels again in behalf of ' the slave " Tbe Wilinot proviso is seen to be a visionary and Impracticable scheme, und it will take something more than the Influence of the general government's offloluls in this quarter to foroe it down tbe throats of a parly thoroughly disgusted with swallowing black doses administered by tbe same bands. Morton wields an influence amounting to some three of four hundred thousand dollars per annum, all of which is directed to tbe advancement of abolitionism He did much towards effecting Hale's triumph iu New Hampshire?indirectly It is true, but not less surely ; his objeot being to lessen the weight of Judge Woodbury with the deoiocr-toy, by taking from him the moral influence of being backed by his own Slate. Oostov, Sept. 2:U, 1847. Jlnothtr CUapttr on Matiachuselti Politict. Voil haTM nrnKflthlw luurnoil ll(vK?nU? II ? " that the Democratic State Convention,which mot yesterday at Worcester, nominated Caleb Cushing for Governor, on the second ballot, by a very decisive vote. This nomination indicates that it is the intention of our democracy to tight the battle on the war question, as Gen. Cashing has afforded no evidence that he differs from the whigs cn any otber point. Kor anytbtng that appears to the contrary, he is as good a " federal whig" now as he wu seven years ago, when be travelled over the country denouncing Mr. Van Buren,as aiming at a usurpation of the power of the >' purse and the sword,'' because of his "standing army" proposition, and his consistent and manly recommendation and advocacy of the Ind? pendent Treasury. Tho convention passed a resolution warmly commending the Iadependunt Treasury, of which Mr. Cushiag has ever been a llrm opponent; and another, in which the tariff of '43 is denounced as having been bad as bad could b?. and Mr. Cushlng voted lor it, and supported ic in every way ! The extravagance and class legislation of our wbigs were wannly condemned in other resolutions, though uo mun ever gave them a more thorough and uncompromising support thau Caleb Lushing ' Ho much for p?rty consistency ! The delegates at Urge to the Democratic National Convention, are C. W. Chapin and U. K ltallett. Of Mr l hapin I know nothing; but Mr. Ilallett is well known to be an antl- Wilmot proviso democrat. Mr. ( hapin was elected .in tile first ballot. and Ml> Hallett on the second Towaids the clo^e of the Convention, Mr Amass* Walker, who is a fort of transcendental democrat, offered a resolution against the" r?-annexatlon" of any more slave territory to our country, which resolution, on motion of Mr. llallett, who spoke against It, was laid on the table This fact 11 tuoRt significant. seelug that among those who voted to lay the r> solution on the table , were men who had once supported, witn all ! uiHr (iri-ngtli. resolutions declaiming that I'txm ought | not to bit admitted into the Union nn-ler any circumstances. Taken In connection witli the entire proceedings of the Convention, It shows that our democracy aru uot where they Uavti been, and where thay never wetin to be again. Kvery thii.n about tho Convention?Its organization, the tone aud character of it; proceeding*, ami the nominations made by it?showed how flat is the Morton branch ot tho party. Col (jreune. of the frtt, and leader of whit is call, d the J?o?l party, was President, and made iu tliut oulce a very decided impression The new State ceutral committee is substantially anti-Morton, the few decided MMmM on it being men of no account i whatever, and only admitted out ut regard for what is called " harmonyand of Ibe nature of political bar- ! rnony I need n"t speak. The nominations ara mostly, If uot all, taken from what is ualled the anti-abolition section of the demooracy, while Mr. .Morton is the head, and has beeu for many years, of the abolition democrats. It was under his direction that the anti-Texas resolutions were adopted, by the ?nljr democratic Legislature that has exlst?<l In Massachusetts " within the memory ui Lin WU?|[ iDDtDiwnt." He instigated John P. IJafe to tight the New Hampshire democracy vUh weapons drawn from tbu Abolition army, ana expressed bis gratlUoatieu at Mr. Hales tinal success. Tin i'mi party, when It ohooscs to exert itself, can always come right sitio up " It is to the demooracy, what whlglsm ia to the community at large?the esseucn of its respectability? and therelore bound to sucoeed, whenever it condesoends to put forth lU energies. I hear that Senator iiale, of New Hampshire, la about to take the field a^ainot our democracy, He v,ill, it is ! said, make a " progress" through the State, bearing bis lestiinoi y agtinsl the nutnntsMvenas* of i be d?mocraoy to slavery. It If understood that be nomos out under j the patronage ot < <>r Morton, though tbo story that 1

the liovernor gave a dollar towards defraying the ex- 1 penses of his" course of lectures" against Cushio^ism, . is of course incorrect. The Whig Convention ?U1 meet at Spring told on the 1 J',l(,h. There la r, prospect of a pretty tight on the slavery und " no more territory'' <|ieiiiioiis, iu that body, whion will give a ?czt to its priKieadings that wss laokicg in those of the Democratic Convention Neither party cart's a farthing about the " man and brother" of cable hue, but he makes "agood enough Morgan'1 for their purposes, until after election. Hartford, Sept. 33, 1847. TKt VrocteAingt of the !) mocratic Slnlt Convention? , Nomination of Slate Oj/ictri ? The Democratic Preti- | dtntial Convt ntiun?1'roiecutions Jor Carrying Ltt- I ten. i Last evening t Sent you by the lightning line, a list of tilt offl?--rg nominated by the democratic oonvi^tlcnyei- j terday for the support of the deir.ooratlo party at the elettlonln April, 1840. I will norepeat theni,however, with the r places of reaidenoe annexed. There were 272 delegates present?the iargrrt convention held lot years j i by the democracy. Tne weather has been auspicious, 1 being of tha peculiar balmy kind, called Indian summer ?tho p?rfeouon of beautiful weather. 'I he convention was called to order, In American Hall, at 16 o'clock, A. M. Hon. Mason Cleveland, of Hamp- j ton,was chosen Chairman pro tem , and Wm. W. La ton, of Tolland, Secretary pro ten Thn nsual committees to examine credentials, to 1 nominate permanent officers of (h? convention, ho. lie., were appointad. The following were the permanent officers of the convention President?Hon. John C. Palmer, of MUdl*??x county. | Vice ('residents-Hartford count/, Odlah L". Sheldon'; New Haven county, Am (Juddlngton ; New London j 1 county, John D. Usllup ; Fairfield county, Frederick 8. j WUdman, Lltohfleld county, William Moody, Wind >RK ] DRNING, SEPTEMBER ! bam oounty, George Warren ; Middlesex county, F.Jwln Stearnee ; Tolland oouuty, Orrln Holt. Secretaries Julias B Harrison, of New Milford, and John F. William*, of Woodstock The nam* of Loren P Waldo, of Tolland, waa withdrawn aa a caudidate for Governor, after tbe Informal ballot ?undoubtedly because of bitter opposition for bis having advooated tbe repeal. In the last Loglrlatura. of the bridging ot Connecticut river, twenty miieu below tbe bead of sloop navigation?when George 9. Catlin, an ex-member of CongreHe. was nominated by a vote of 137 out of 274. Ha is one of the fatbera of tbe " bridge claw*!" and a wet nurse, therefore, to thla day. Their candidates are? For Governor?Geo. 8. Catlin, of Windham. For Liaut. Governor?Orlgen F. Seymour, of Litchfield. For Tr?a?urer ? Alonio WsBirge, of Coventry. For Secretary?Charles W Bradley, of Eaat 11 ad dam For Comptroller? Frederick Croswell. of New Haven, The oonventlon next ron?iiW.wi ?<? ?1-=?? -? ? pointing delegate* to the National Democratic Convention of 1848. Upwards of three hour* were ipent in an acrimonious discussion?In their 1846 Mlddl*town Convention fashion?about how many thl* convention, should eleot. Their statu committee had warned the convention fcr the nomination of Stat* officer* and to choose two delegate* only for the State at larg*, answering to the two senators. That portion of thu party called th* old hunkers" went in violently for choosing only two, and threatened to send four more by a convention next spring, ho ; but by a tremendous vote the questlonwss decided to sead the fix.the four equivalent to tbe four representatives in Congress, to be chosen oy the delegates from their respective districts. About halfpast ton o'elook r. M. tbe convention had mad* choice of the following person* ? Iraac Toucey, of Hartford, for tbe Stat* at large. .Samuel Ingham, of Say brook, " " .Inuit? S. 1'ratt, of Rockhill. from 1st Cong District. Chas. A. Ingersoll, of New Haven,! from id Cong Dis. J hn C. Holland, of Norwich, from 3d Cong. District. Perry Smith, of New Milford, from 4th Cong District. The delegates were author ?ed to All any vaoanoy that may occur in their delegation. The chairman of tbe committee on resolutions, Mr. Eaton. of Tolland, presented the following, which were adopted without any discussion, th* hour of 11 o'clock P. M. having arrived 1. Resolved, That the triumphant manner in which the principles of the preseut national administration have been established, in relatiou to tbe laying of taxes, and the receipt antf disbursement of public moneys, bas verified the soundnexiof democratic policy; and scattered to tbe wiuds the false and fearful predictions of those wbig prophets, who, destitute of taltn In the elllcacy of tbe laws of trade, or in tbe ability of the people to take care of themselves, bave looked to a national bank and a high tarllf as the two great specifics which would prevent all evil and accomplish all good. j Resolved, l'hat tbe consideration of tbe result of democratic policy in our own State, is no lesa aratit'yicg; and that when whig legislatures have not dared to repeal the law abolishing imprisonment for debt, or tbe law establishing a supervision over our banking institution* which the deuioorati eoaoted, aud when the present whig Governor warned the General Assembly not to Interfere with judicious legislation of their democratic predecessors, in relation to the registration of voters, we have reaxon to congratulate oarselve* on th* fact, that oven our political opponents are compelled to do homage to the wisdom of democratic legislation. 3. Resolved. That the doctrine of "no more territory,'' now put l\>rth by the whig party, to prevent a quarrel la their own ranks, as to the government of any new territory, is at war with the best interests of our country, and would deprive us of great oommorcial and In uuniriKi auvanuiKeS. 4. Resolve J, Teat wo look to tbe addition of territory as Inevitable, Hiid will bull its acquisition itn tliu means of increasing the resources, rnd adding to the solid greatness of thU American republic, which in to be tbe leading pc,wer among tbe nations, and tbe gigantic exoinplar of tbe beauty and strength of Republican Institutions. 6. Resolved, That notwithstanding tbe " aid and comfort" which tbo wl.ig party have given to tbe Mexicans, by uphoMiug them in the prosecutiou of tho present war; by condninuiug tin ir own country, and by treating our gallant and patriotic army us a band of men engaged in tbo enactment of the moot atrocious crimes, we have reason to rejoice that in every battle the American arms have been orowned with victory, and that whig sympathy has bad no other eQeot than to prolong tbe coutest. t> Resolved, That our thauks are heartily tendered to the officers and men (if the American army, for their repeated victories and constant good conduol, and that we point with pride to the bravery and soldier-like deportmeut of tbe New Kngland regiment in tbe two reoeut battles before the city ot Mexico. >. Resolved, That we respectfully rcrommend to our political brethren In the various states of this Union, that a National IJi-mocratio Convention for the nomination of oa.idldaceri for the Presidency aud Vice Presidency, be holden in the city of iialtlmore, on the illi Tuesday of .May next. B Resolved, That we have full confidence In the State tioket, this day nominated, and most ohoerfully recommend it to the support of the democratic electors of the State of Connecticut. Mr. flammkrsly . of Hartford, rose and remarked that at that late hour he would detain the convention but a few momenta. Ho ros? to perform a melancholy duty of reverently speaking of onu of the great men who has recently departed this life. Their deaths have all been fiucuiiar. Tbe sickness aud death of him who was "First n pcace, aud first in tbe hearts of his oo*ntrymen,;' was so sudden that tbe news of tbe latter was reo ived with the former. Thomas Jvflnrson and John Adams died on our anniversary?4th of July. William tltnry Harrison bad hardly entered the Presidential mansion, before be was summoned to scenes ol the other world. And the one to whom be now referred, had just retired to tbo quiet of bis own farm, and the din of tbe last Presidential contest bad hardly died away, before the news of the death of this distinguished citUen of .New Yora burst upm us. He was In some respects tbe most extraordinary public man who ever appeared on tbe political stage lie was rein irkabln for tbe highest order of talent, with meekness of tbe meekest form. Ue had faculties to fill any office, yet aspired to no office. During all tbe acrimonious discussions, whilst lie was a Senator, no discourteous word ever fell from bis lips. He was well understood as uciuk lur prominent democratic candidate for Presidential honors in 1848 llu wan literally u ( IneliiDitus. llu had retired from his political labors to tyi form, wh*re he wan not a theoretical but it liractrai farmer, llu well undemtood tin- value anil dignity of Ubor. Mr. II. said he had a resolution to present, which hu doubted not, would be unanimously adopted?aud in so doing ttia convention would b? performing no more than its duty, 'l be question wan taken by tbu entire convention rising. '1 he resolution wan an follow* KesolVrd, That In the deoease of the Hon. Silas Wright, the country at largo ban been called on to mourn the ion* of one of her most disiiingulshi <1 sons; that hid cufiuent uhilitiis, hu pure und uusrlliMi character, his rcpublicau himplleity, bid unwavering court u y. and the pence t modesty with which be wore hi* well earned honors, constituted a cou>Viiuullou of qualities wblob made him a deserved favorite in all the walks of public aud private life; and that we mourn bis suddeu departure, iu the meridian ot his days, und in the full vigor ol bii iutelleotual powers, as a public calamity, justly calllug for Mils public maniftsUtiou ot our respect for departed virtue aud greatuess. Rt solved, That our sincere condolence |? herewith tendered to the widow of the deceased, aud that tU? ('resident of this convention be, aud bo is hereby requested to forward to iter an iiutbenUo copy of tUubc resolutions. The convention ru-chuae their old State committee for the year cumin/, consisting of Jumes T. 1'ratt, Julius Catliu and Hiram Hetcbur. Adjourned at 11 o'clock 1'. M , unr llu. Comments I havu reservej for Another letter, as I desire to let the froth, arlsiug from the fermentation of yesterday's convention, subtlde, before writing Its epitaph The U. 8 Grand Jury have been several days in session in this oily, who have lound tiro bill* ol indictments agalnht perrons lor carrying or aiding iu carrying letters uuder the llrm of Muhlvun '* Co. VV ho these parties are iuii *re mulcted 11 nut known. No errest* h;ive jut been nude. Sa ( av? JohnHou, alter directing judge, attorney, Sio. to spare nu expense in terrtting out persons who have bad the audacity to attempt to aocoiumodate the publko when the government will not do the work wbloh they anxuinu. has pitched upon a couple of unlucky ''Us!-'* ou reform to vent his spleen. This Is your fcOftited froe tradeiam, is it. r>iiLAf>Ki.rnu, Sept. 18, 1H17. ftnn$ylvania Pulitici. In my flrat letter I gave an account of the existence and intrigues of factions In this county, at the nomination of a candidate for Hecate; aud I now propose to lift the curtain to your readers, and expose the contrlyanoej reported to in making nominees for city and county offices. Your paper containing my first letter, has been better conned by our county and .State politicians, than any other issued irom the prom for the last year. The whig* rejoice over it; let thtm wait, I will taku them In hand next 11 ut now to fliiliih thn dej^ourats The delegates to the city and county delegation, arc chosen at the same lime and in the aauio manner as the delegates to the county convention, except that the city and county uniting, meet at the Court House, on Independence N'tuare, while the county conferets meet In Ue Northern Liberties, once designated by Jjfrerson an the cradle of democracy. But, Johu A- ?^?nuer and n ranci* Clinton were the two prouiiueut candidates for county commissioner. '1 be >oTiner is cloaelj allied to the bmlth faction, an J a few yervrn ago Was a member of tile corporation which now tvimdssomucb power politically Mr. Bender Is urespectabin man. but not very well tjuulifled for the office, which circum*tanc? was decidedly in his favor, as he would be more pliant in the hands of his friend Besides,John Miller, the chief clerk In the olHoe, would be always at hitnd lo assist and Instruct the new eommlrxlouer In bin duties. Unimportant events, however, have great In- | ttuence over results?this it i- notalwayi pocfible to account for so it happened on this occasion. Mr. C jnder. It is said, some tlmu ago defeated a gentleman anxlou.i lo obtain a pui lie place in this olty Th!?, of course, Inoenxed the defeated one, Who natursl'y determined to take the earliest opportunity ol repaying nfiloloDs intermeddling with Lis private affairs and public rlftbta. A In 1U44, whan uativism was rife thl? oounty, Mr. Bender, (so said th? defatted.) presided over an assembly of the Natives at the furmatlon of a club. I do not vouch for the truth of this story, but It was not publicly denied during the last oanvasa, although prl SERA 25, 1847. - - - 1 TTiitely all Bender* moo contradicted It most seduously The wtory got hawked about among the delegates till it attracted attention; and on torn* authority, which I never took the trouble to Investigate, obtained a certain barn of credence. Nothing however, more than thia, contributed to the defeat of Bender, while hi* quondam Mend, who lost a little office in the Cuatom Houee,enjoyed his triumph with unalloyed happiness, The defeat of Bunder was unexpected, and destroyed the hope of securing the patronage of the Conimissloner's office next year when In rotation the bead of the Corporation wu to have been elevated into a good fat offloe. Mr Clinton the successful oandidate for Commissioner, came near, last year, receiving the nomination, and thought he had some claim upon the party and his friends in the Northern Liberties, but to his honest astonishment found they were ail against him The ohief opposition was direoted by the cnlef clerk of the office over which ha will preside after the eleotlon. The members of that Corporation faction have a nrofound nnnl for one another nothing can separate them, oven the poll* they amicably divide. If they hold together they will yet have all the county expenres In their own pocket*. They are a clever set of tellows, and when one like myself Is Initiated, whom inclination and pecuniary ability render Indifferent and independent, their acuteneia at the game if full of interest. The sequel of all this is, that the Hon. 8 T. Smith will b? a candidate for ileoorder of Deeds next year, lie made a strong effort soma years ago , if he bo successful next timo. what need he care about his rival Charles Brown. The one will hold an office of honor to tickle hie ambition, the other an office of profit to swell his pocket. But Smith's iriunds may kink. Cincinnati, Sept. 1-i, 1S47. Ohio Puliticg. ****** Our election will take plaoe In about a month from this time. At present, very little interest is felt in the subject; which is more remarkable, as the election is one of the most important that has ooourred for years. The legislature which is to be chosen on the 13th of October, will have to district the State anew, and apportion the representation. As we do not mince matter* out here, the party which shall triumph next month will probably receive the control of the State for years to come, so far as the legislature is concerned. It can s* cut and carve, and ''gerrymander" Ohio, tliat the other side must remain in a minority in that body, even wiih a popular majority in its favor. The chanced are altogether in favor of the whigs, provided national politics do not enter largely into the canvass. The llouse consists of 72 members, of which number the whigx are confident of electing 41. I hardly think they will come up to that number, though such may be their g <od fortune. Tbey can afford to fall four behind that number, and still be sure of the House WVro it not that thin oouuty, (Hamilton.) which is always democratic, has the largest representation of auy in the State?being entitled to four members, while no other can elect more than two?the democraoy would staud a mighty slim chanoe of having the House at any time. Some of the legislative districts last year gave very small majorities, and it would not be surprising to see a change in ihum mouth. I would Instance Darke. mid Shelby, aud Guernsey. As respects the Senate, the chances for the whigs are not so good as they are iu the House That body has 3(i members, one-half of whom aru elected annually. This year nineteen new member* are to be chosen, there being a vacancy iu Wayne county. Those win held over are ulne whigs and eight democrats. The Wayne vacancy will most probably be filled by the choice of a democrat. It is the opinien of many who are entitled to speuk ou the subject, that the eighteen members to bo regularly chosen this year, will be equally divided; In which case, and the democracy successful in filling the Wayne vacancy, ths Senate will be lied The Senators to be chosen this year will hold their places for two years, and of course will form part of the legislature of 1848-49, which will have to make choice of a Coked State* Senator, Mr. Allen's term of service expiring ou the 3d of March, 1UIS# Hence the Importance </f the electlan of this year, for should the whlgs succeed in carrying both branches, they will r?district the State in such a manner as to leavu Mr. Allen's friends In a decided minority; while every Senator gained now by the whins, is so much Secured towards the legislative strength of that party in the body which shall fill the place of Mr Allen. Mr. A1 leu has something to fear, too, from his own party. Col. Medary, of the Ohio Stattuitun, is extremely anxious to give the country the benefit ?f his own views in the national Senate. It la said, on very good authority, that he will, io the event of the success of the democracy in our legislative electious next year, work against Mr. Alleh. on the ground that he did not show pluck enough at the time of his quarrel with Crittendeu I happen to know that Medary did express himself in very strong terms on the subject at ths time thn quarrel took place, urging that Allen would have to Hog or shoot somebody if ho wished to hold his own In Ohio., Medary li?:< prospered through the misfortunes of hic.friends uud I nhould no:, a under if he ware to supersede Mr. Allen, who is very way his superior. The quarrel between Medary and young Tappau biases out occasionally, but the ilamu Is not ooullnuous, as the former dare not go ' into it,'' through his paper, and he has not yet deemed it expedient to treat Tappan to a taste of the patent oil of horsewhip, his favorite medicine in such oaseg. Should the democracy succeed in the approaching election, you may look for him in these parl>. Mr. Corwin has not improved hi* prospects of being President by iusuourse ou the Mexicau war. The pejpl" are patriotic, and the quicker the whigs discover the fact, and act upon their discovery, the bettar it will bo for them. The proposition to nominate Judge Woodbu ry for the Presidency, moots with much favor among the democracy. Movement* of llio I'coplc. ( 01 uugb has withdrawn from tba Congressional contest in the third district of Maryland, leaving but two candidates in the Uuld, Mr. Ligon, democrat. and Mr. 1'hiipot, whig. The late whig State convention of Michigan adopted the following resolution:?" Resolved, That It be recommended to the whigs of the United States to hold a convention at Baltta\ar?, in May or June next, for the purpose of norniuating candidates for the oflloe of Presldent mid Yloo President of the United States." The oouvention afterward proceeded to select delegates to the National Convention, and the following gentlemen wero chosenCharles P Babcock, Joseph It Williaius, at large; Samuel Barslow, first district; Horace Mower, second district; K. W. 1'eck, third district. M dm- nllaiicoii * The lior-jes of one of the stages which left Cumberland (Md ) on Saturday moruing for the West, became frightened by a locomotive on the Mount SavHgo Railroad, and dashing down a high piucipice, broke the stage, killed one of the passengers, and injured another dreadfully. The whole amount of stock fur the proposed telegraph Hue from Troy to Cunada, via Bennington, Rutland and ilurlington, is taken, that the tlrst asseismeut has been promptly paid; and that the work of construction will be immediately cotnmeuced This line. ?,? i? well known, i:< desigued to furnish the connecting line between Montreal aud Now York. It wil\ U) aumpleted and put in operation tho present (all.?Rutland i ft ) Htrald, Stptrrnbti Ui. i I non. II.> . Ueberry had at Troy.week before lest.nearly 6 ll'J ol gold in pieces Ave of whicu weighed S IN 8 01. IS dart. The largest piece weighed 1 lb II ox. This was all found lately near Inland Creek, Montgomery county, N. 0.? ^irten^horo, Put. The editor of the Clarion of FrtrJnm, published at Cambridge, Ohio, says that he haw been mobbed eleven times, and even while he was writln;; tbe article in whicli the statement occuri, stones, rotten eggs,4io., were being thrown at his house All the I come derivable from the sale of lota at Mount Auburn la to We expended upon the cemetery, in the excavation of rinall lakes, the establishment of fountain1*, extending the iron fence on the three sldos of the ground*, the erection oi a grand cenotaph to Washlngton, on the summit of the highest hill, and in various other improvements. _ It la said that a general congress of the Kngllsh, French. Uut?;h, Belgian, and (icrrnan creditor* of Hpain is to bo held in Madrid soon. The Kngllsh reprosentativa is a member of parliament. Thk New Telescope at Camhkidok.?The following correspondence on the uhiect of die new telescope recently greeted at Cambridge, will be read with Interest :? Cammhii>uk Oni? rvatorv, Sept J'J, 1847. You will rejoice with me that the great Nebula in Orion has yielded to the power of our incomparable telescope This morning the atmosphere being In a favorable condition, at about 3 o'clock the telescope was set U[>ou the Trapziiumln the great nebula of Orion. I oder a power of 200, the ftflh ?t*r was immediately cootpicu- i ous; but our attention was directly absorbed with the 1 splendid regulations made In Ite.lmlBWiiete neighborhood. This part of the nebula was resolved into bright ' points of light. The uuiuber of stars was t?o great to ettempt counting them; many were, however, readily located anJ inupf-ed. Tbe double character of the brightest star of the Trapeiium was readily recognised, ' with * power of U >0 This is " Htruve's Olh star, and 1 certain of the utars composing tbe nebuU were seen as doub'.ji stars under this power. It should be borne lu lulnd that this nebula and that I of Andromeda hove been the last stronghold of the nebular theory; that Is the Idea first thrown out by the elder Merrobe', of inojeeii ol nebulous matter In process ' of condensation Into systems Tbe nebula In Orion I yielded jot to the untlvailed skill of both the ilertchels, 1 armed with their excellent reflectors. i It even dotted the power of Lord Rcmc's three foot ' ml:rots, giving not tbe slightest trace of tesolvablllty, or sepsratlon Into a number of single sparkling pointa. Anil even wlieu, for the Omt time. Lord Hosae's grand ' reflector of six feet speculum was directed to this object, t " Not the veriest trace of a star wau to be teen " Hubse- < <|uently his Lordship communicated the result of his ? further examination ol Orlou, as follows:? t | '-(tUiuk I may safely say. that there ean belittle if i | any doubt, as to the > "solvability of the nebula. We < could plainly see that all about the Trapeiluin Is a mass t of stars; the rest of the nebuia also abounding In ? stars, and exhibiting the characteristics of renolvablllty ' strongly marked " I This has hitherto been considered as the greatest effort of the largest redacting telescope In the world; and this our own telescope has accomplished I feel deeply sensible of the odlousnes* of comparisons; i but Innumerable applications have been made to me fur l evidence of the excellence of the Instrument, and I can < see no other way in which tbe public are to be made acquainted with Its merit*. .W.C.BOND. / LD Mm Twe Cuth MlKellMtoui Foreign Affairs . Awbdea^nrv of Norfolk ha. been conferred on the Be*. PhUlp Jennings, U D . AssUtant Mini (tar of St J a IBM c Chapel. Westmorland street. Marylsbone A number of.Mormoolte fanatic* have for torn* time Infested the pariah of Hartlebory, in rarioua parta of which they bold meetings twice or thrice a weelL Laat Sunday evening th?y assembled at a pool on the estate of Mr. Amphlett.of Acton-hall; the "alder" took up hla station in the middle of the pool, and culling hli dUclples to him one by one. after luuilerjiig soma impinu* gibberish, soused each over head and ears in tha muddy element, this performance over, they sang a hymn, a fur which tha dripping assemblage disparted. We learn from Hanover that the government of that State haa converted tha provisional commercial conventions, which it concluded some month* ago with the United States of America, Into a treaty of oommeroe and navigation for twelve year*. The Jlugiburgk Oa*ett ha* tha following from Anooua, dated the 6 th:?" It was hoped at A then* that Sir E. Lyon* would grant a respite to the government Altar receiving the S3 000/. that he had oailed for. Tbto hope was uutounded. It is now known that ha baa demanded the 1UU,0004. Of 1644 " The Calabrian band* have Increaaed (*ay* a latter from Naple') to an alarmlogextent, and the government hu marched aooo men to the to aot again*t tbam.* The ulstrict of Malacaaae. In Upper Albania, 1* in a state of Insurrection, the inhabitant* having risen m m utr against the legitimate government of the Grand Hignior, in the midst of a somewhat strong garrison of tlie Imperial gnanl, which has been reinforced by two battalions of regulars despatched from Constantinople. Th? Ottoman government was aboat to blockkda the whole coart. In England the present consumption rf sugar may b? taken at ?80.000 tons per annum. beine at rain rtf '11 lbs per bead of the population, while in Kranoe only H lb?. per head. Our Paris letter sav*. the Timet, states that for 60 year* the Testable and fruit market* of the capital had sever witnessed supplies of equal quality and abundance with thos?of thin season. The Cologne Gazette contradict* the report of a marriage between the reigning liuku of Brunswick and a 1'riuceffl of Mocklenburg-Shwerin. Mr. Baring has undertaken to present the petition, numerously and lnfluentially signed by the merohants and bankerii of London, in favour of some modification of the existing Currency Bill. The battle between ThomasLane and Sam Slmmonda, for X200, took place on the border* of Northamptonshire and Buck*, on Tuesday last. Lane was the winner In rounds. A Pension of X 1.600 a year revert* to the crown by the deutli of A. C. Lynch, Ks<j . late Master In Chanoery and ex-.M. P. for the town of Galway. A Hull paper state* that an association has been form* ed lu that town for the purpose of "keeping journeymen shoemaker* honest." The London correspondent of the Livtrpotl Albion states that Mr. Molfatt, M. P. for Dartmouth,ha* beoome a proprietor of the Morning Chronic It. A subscription Is now in progress for presenting Fred* crick Douglass with a printing-press, aud enabling him to establish a newspaper In the State of New York, for tho advocacy of the rights of hi* colored brethren. A letter from AUcant announce* the death of Cardinal Clunfuegcs, archbltihop of Seville, lie was oreated Cardinal in IH26. A package el oranges, addressed to the Queen, at Buckingham Palace, has arrived, via Kalmouth. at its destination, by her Majesty's ship Crane, from the Braiils. The Brussels Emancipation of Sunday states that tha Kiugof Holland ha* had a relapje, and Is now alarmingly ill. We learn that the Austrian Government, In Imitation of that of Krauoe, is about to send a Consul to Calcutta. In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Wednesday, the rule, obtained by Mr. Dunn, the perjured suitor of Mlsa Coutts; for an arrest judgement, was discharged. It appears, from thulast report of the Registrar General, that, lu tho Ulverston district one person In four attains the age of seventy; In Lancaster, one In six; In Preston, one lu 11 fteen; in .Manchester, one In seventeen; in Liverpool, one In twenty. As one of the evil effect* arising from inattention to fumigation in courts of juntioe.the Kerry Examiner statee that, at the cIobc of the quarter sessions for Listows, the assistant barrister, crown prosecutor, and Interpreter, were all simultaneously attacked with fever. The last has since died. 3KSSI The Klectrle Telegraph Company are now making such arrangements as will enable them to communicate tho true time, as observed daily at the Koyal Observatory at Greenwich, to every station on the various lines of railway where the company has a telegraph Station. The Sltga Champion states that, for the lost ten years, Lord Pttlmerston has not lingered a penny of his Irish rental, the whole of it, amounting to ?80U0 a year, having been appropriated to improve the property and tha condition of the tenants. The Chancellor of the Kxoheqner has received fTOB "C" ? 5"tor the uxigeuclea of the country." The bankruptcies declared. In Pari* durln* th? ??? six munttiH of the present yuar amounted to 8M, beinf, an compared with the corresponding period of 1848, u increase of 181. A Currency Reform Association has been formed la Paisley. TUu Kroneh authorities have relinquished the Boulogne harbor dura on vessels having despatches, public journals, Sio., ou board. Mr. llarrntt. the proprietor ot the Dublin Pilot, b? about to publish a Life of O'Connall, tho materials of uicuuan ucfa cout'oit-a aurlug an Intimacy oj mtnto n yearn. A Krenoh nurgeon asserts that, by exposing men and animali to a galvanic current from Clarke's magneto lectio apparatus, tie ha.i succeeded lu rendering theui as insensible to pain an if they bad Inhaled sulphuric ether. A tew days einoe, a skatn weighing 187 lbs. was caught off tno Isle of Jiute. The Commissioners have giveu notice of their lateation to apply to the reduction of the National Debt the sum of jC094.91:2 16*. lid . being one fourth of the surplus ef income, over expenditure, for the year coding the .">th of April last. The installation of Lieut. Colonel C. Kemysa Tynte, Provincial Grand Mauler of the Kreemasoi a. of Mmmouthhhlro, took plaoe at Newport, on Wednesday, the :tOth lilt , with great trial The Yellow Fever In New Orleans* INIUKMRVrs in tilk difkkuknt c'emktkeies, For llir lit etily four h nun rtiihng at 6. P. A1 , Srpt. li. K< brrt Mcl'ullir, NY JLdwi,rd Ionian Ireland y viwsril McLaughlin, Ireland <'allierinr Mulkolland, do Autfu'O .Miifjni, Hpam Pierre Mike, France Mnry Ann Kieli, Orrmanv Jacob Warner, Unknown Joint Smith, Unknown Frederick Hhreidrr, do f'Mlierine Hmirr. (In Nlilea \1<Osnn, Irrlaad Vebcliaao Mnllatto, Sicily L) nirl retry, Tsna hrnt Seiger, Ptn>m Mn? K Schwartr, Bavaria ( Hi'kev, Ireland Thomas Ford, Ireland Christian rt Iloeiligcr.Ueiniauy Klitabeth Kalteutimer. Ueraa T. Calhoun, Ireland Johanna Ranch, Unknown Solum >n Byre, Pa Valeuline Muuk, Germany Carl Un-lrr, France Incident in Nkw Ori.eans.?Many of our renders will no doubt r> member having n?en for the last six months an Intelligent and Interesting lam* girl, about eight or ten years of age, who. supperted by a crutch, hobbled and played about the step* of the St. Charles Hotel. She did not a?k for alma, but her tad and pleading face and unfortunate situation spoke In a language stronger than words, and more torclble and convincing than long stories and whining appeals She had for a long time been alttioted with a disease la one of her limbs. which wss considered Ineurable. and had suffered an Immense deal of pain, so much so that the limb was drawn up in such a manner that she could act use It at all In walking ller cad situation exalted much sympathy In the minds of those who frequented the uouiin, ana Der uodMt and i|Uiitt minntr indumd many a man to drop a bit into b?-r band Mho *ai frr'|u?nUy obn?TTnl near nightfall to ba wf<-pln?f, and wban aakod tha raufu>,?ha oald that tha pTnon who ?rnt bar oat to tflf, if cho did Dot bring bomn fix bit* alway? brat bar. Aknut a wuolr ? rtn ahn waa aHanlraH H?a a>*>llskv Gmmm.. - .... -j !, whi n aha could not be induced by persuasion or foroa to take any medicine. hhe waa noon curried off by tha virulence of thn disease and now reata from her (offering*. Poor girl' earth had hut few inducement* (tor bar t* wish to tarry her*-, and the grave but trifling Urrara for her innocent imagination to b? alarmed at.?AT. 0. Pit , Sr/U. lti. I.VPORTANT ArKKST OF CoiJNtkrfkitkr*. ? Wet learn from a friend,.recently returned from a ri?it to New Hampshire, that on Toesdayof last weak, two persona wore arrested in tha vicinity of l.ancaater. N. H., Tar having In their possession with intent to paaa a* ganuine. a large amount of counterfeit bank notes Their n?mm are < harlna Young, of I'ortland. Me , and DanUI Moulton. of Draotut, In this Stale There were found noon tlmm f4760, a portion of the note* being untrta>d and not aigned. The bills consisted of tent of Adaaa Dank. North Adam* Mane . threes of Marblehaad Bank, Marblehead Maw . two* of Eastern Hank, Rangnr, Ma.; twos of Worcester llank. Worcester, Masa ; twoa af Iiardner (lank, < Gardner, Me.: and nneaaf Atlautlo Bank. Boston. Maaa Young la about slaty year* of afa, ana la, undoubtedly, a veteran In the business of counterfeiting M a ulton I* about thirty years of aga, ire faat tan inch"'* In height, black hair and dark completion.? These two Individuals hare, probably, been oouattad with a gang of counterfeiters, forming a link batwaau the < anadaa and tha States, and their arraat may bo ooked upon aa snsoad la Importance only to that af Sal len llriilnvd, and others, In Naw York.?Uesian Jourut, H'fl 33. Accident at the Dry Dock.?An unfortunate usually occurred at the I'mte-d Statea Dry Dock his morning, whleh resulted In thn daath of MUaa Klar an, a laborer on the work. One of tha large pile* whlah ire being driven la tha foundation waa about being oiated to Ita pirpendicular position In tha pila-drlvlag nachlna by tha ohaln uaed for that porpoaa, aad when irarly up. tha ropa (enured to the lower aad of tha plla ,o ateady It. and prevent aooldanta. slipped tram tha peroii who had It In charge The result waa a sudden 'winging of tha atlnk by which the daoeaaed waa struck n tha back, causing Inataat death.?Brooklyn Kaglr, Stpl. 34. 1 IkaLTH or Mobii.e.?The fever haabeen steadily progressing for the past fear daya. The exaot number of death* by It we hare not bean able to ascertain. but wa suspect the report of Interments for tha weak will ahow a considerable Increase over that of last weak.?Mobil* llttald and Triiunt, 17tA imti.

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