Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1847 Page 1
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I irnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I TH Vol. xm. No. ?04.Whul? Ho. Kill, TH F NEW YORK II Kit A L 0 ESTABLISHMENT, A<>rM?-w?rt eomar of Kalton and Mt JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. I.IRVHUTIOII-VORTV THOVRAXD. DAILY HKttALD? Krery day, Prio# 3 enufti eorr-?i K<*- Hunam?payable in idruce. _ . WKRKLY HKRALO?Ktctt Saturday?Pne? ?M ptr ".'It-y?$3 l!W c*ntt r*r annum?p-tynblc m advaae*. HKKALD KOXl KUHOPK?Krer/ Steam Paekai d*yfn * 6*a'-nKt [>er ropy?per uunuui, raclndin* po?Ujf?. or S3 2i, ctclusire of pxtaue, w.y:?l>ie in adranM. Hubeerip t,..,. .?,l ...K. ............ JT, II 1* -.rcivftd hv Mem-1. 0?Br oili. ',11 rat Vivienar, l'iri? ; I' L 11 ("oruliill, auJ Jolir Miller, Uir l>oi'W<Mlrr, Loodow ANNUAL PICTttlllAL UKKAI.D?Pnblithed on lh? lit i'l J iuunry of encli mute rapir* lixpenee each. ' OVKKTISKMENTS, u tlif utunl prices?n'.wan cmIi it /Utu". A.lvertisemeuU ahonld be written iu a iiliwii, lejriiil; m.; iU. r. 'Hit- Proprietor will not !? rMpotitibJ* for errerTlhM HIV O'-ciir in t'tcin. SMI.NTlVO .'I <11 kio?li ?rruu<l heawtifullr >ad willi '?weh, Ml ffr eomrou9'M?io?? by m'il, arf.lre?oed to th? pf l.iielnr of llie . mini b* po?t paid, or the pofc" will !>e ill*tin i?<* Irnin t).? ??tli??,ri'>r.r,? m.wt r?lo:M?<< NEW YOKK ANUilAKl.hM < ; -""HS, v Vi -VnM H.MlKII'1; 'VI*' ' Hl'\. tiptoe -'j.- AKHANOKMKN1 ?0.\ AN.) \J| fKK li-M'ttHIIA V, JUNK lOih, IIM7, ti-e (:?n n il :mi fnllo'va. luml further nneir*. C'p traint Ail! lent Hi-1"ity Hull for ; WnrrminiM Kor*iati> * TnckaliO* Pleat iiti 111*, 'j 30 /\ vi. Will'mallrVe Huit'tond Newr*?tW 7 " i JO A. iVl While Pl'un. Hrd'ord, t 7 ' 7 A. M. Whillxkvill* >? ' IS " lu " f.wuw hill 1I> Ii 4 P.M. 7 A. M II 1 l'. M. ? W " I r M ? 5 f M. i X i to < ? tn " i " 5 33 " 5 50 " Keturnmx :o New Yor* will leave? M irrUiaaafclUrUio. KordhAa. Will'uit Dr'ue. Tuckiilioe 7 05 A. M. > S3 A.MT li 45 A.M. 7 30 A. M f 10 " 7 55 " 7 SO " Ml " " 9 oy " lt!l 120 P.M. 10 " 13 23 P. M. II .4 P. M. SM ' I? 15 P. M I 45 " 1 40 " White Fllu. 11 " 5 0? " 6 " T 10 A- M. I 15 " 8 01 " I || <i JO " it " T? ? IP. M. 6 f It " 6 2* " 8 05 " 1'lc.uan:villa. New CatMe. Bedford. Whitlickrille. ?? II AM. I A M. T 51 A M. T 45 A M 4 II P M. ( PM. 4 51 P M. 4 45PM Crotnn Kallt. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. Tli* train* to and from Croton Fallt will not itop on New York Itland, except at Broome itreet, nnd 23d itreet. A cat will precede each train ten laiaatea, to take ap pauenceri in ihe city. . The momiujt tram.of can from Ctoton Fallt will not atop between White Plaint and New York, except at Tnckalioe William's Bridce, nod Kor dham. ..... Eitra trains on Sundays Co Harlem and Mornsiama, if flat WStftKe*'for Lake Mahopae.kand Danburr leava Croton Falli on tnivnl of the 7 o'clock A. M. ami 4 P. M. trains, and for Paw linns on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. nags on KARR FR0M ts'K W YORK : To Crotou Kills $1 00 To Whitlickville ?7J* To Newcastle 75 To Pleaanntvilla *2}? To White Plains. , W Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Kails at 7 A. M. anil 9 P. M. ?^7~CONKYISLAND FERRY.?SUNDAY r EXCURSIONS.?The Elegant and CommotWNijWSnSin (lions steamer ION, will leave Pier No. 1, N. K.. at 10>?, A. M., and IK. P- M.; and on and after Mondav, the 30th in?t., will leave duly nt 10 A. M., and 1 P. M.. until further notice. al9 7t*re KOK NTW BHIJNSWi' k?A! 3, P. M._ _N F"re 12K rents?The eleeaut st?*nier ANTEi ViiaM JitiiliiiJlin I Ol'l l'i|H Vim IVii III leaves the fo <t of Knbiint'>n street, ueit above Barclav, daily at 3 P. M for New Branswick. binding at Rossville, Woodbridne, Totlen's, Peith Amboy. and French's?Passengers take stages diiect for Cranbury, Cross Roads and Spotswood. Returning, the Antelope leaves New Brunswick at li before7 A. M Breakfast on board. All descriptions of fieight taken onreasrnahle lerms. s2t.6t*rrc 'jj.--.ry. COlt SIIKKW8BIJRY, OCEAN HOUSE, rA'-iTi:"/1 Lone Branch, Runsom Dock, Brown's Dock, Middletown and Red Bunk.?Tlie Steiunlioot ORU8, C. Price, Master, will ran aa follows, from Fcfltos Market 8Kp, Kast Hirer :? JLeave Naw York. Laava Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Sunday, 26, at U A.M. Snnday, 26, at 4 P.M Monday, 27, at 7 A.M. Monday, 27, at 10^ AM. Tuesday. 28, at 7 A.M. Tuesday, 28. at 11 A.M. Wednesday, 29, at It A.M. Weduesday, 29, at ll.'? A M. Thursday, 30, at 8 A.M. Thursday, 30, at 13 M. The Line Stages will run to Howell Works, S<|u^m Villap* and Freehold. Hta&e* to conver paiteugera to all parts ol tbe enuutry. N. B. All pereon* are forbid the ?bove boat on account of the Owner*. J. p. ALLA1KE. >2 301* rc KCK SHHEWSBUKY, LONU BRANCH, T Ocean House, P. VV. "ichanck's, Highland*, s-viijgSSHe* Hansom and Eatontown Landing. Theateam, boot ED WIN LEWIS, i apt. Hayn*a, will run ai follows, from loot of Barclay *tr?et, North river: Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury, O'clock. . O'clock. Tuesday, 28, at 9 AM. Wednesday, 29,at 10>{ A.M. Thursday, 30, at 11 A.M. Sugt-i will be in re.idineM on the arrival of the boat to convey p-tsaengers to all iiarts of the country. Kor further particulars apply to K, B. Hall,at trie office on the wharf. _ ?1 30t*rc . ,, . at'A'li'tN ISk.V.N U anJ i' _y-5'vts-.f1* 'Iter FKIDAY, Sept. 10th. 1847. the steawrifrjtbSWil* boats SYLPH and staten islander vail make the following trip* iurther notice I? LKAVfc WHITEHALL. At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., mid 1, X, ten inmnUs pot 3 aid at 4. 5. (, 7, o'clock, P. M.' LKAVK qUARANTINC. At ?. 8 t, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, S, 4, s, 6>?.F. i'. Mew Vork 8e( t. 6th. *8 _lt ?i MOUNIMJ LINE A>' 7 O'CLOCK, r jw<1L?MKOK ALBANY AND TKOV, landing at ffiXriMMKHIa^aldwell*, Wearpouit, Newburg, Hamptou, Milton, r?UKlikeeiiiije, Hyde I'.trk, Kiugatou, Upper Kedhook, Barrytown, fiiitMl, (^atskill, Hudson. Coxtatkie, Kinderhoon and Bal'iinore. Landing u II tinmuud street. Leive.i New York, Tue?d?v, Thursdav and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. B.rakfut and burner on bjari the boat. The low pressure Steamb .at N1AOARA. Capt. H. L. KelIokk, >viil leave t-.e Steamboat Pier foot of Barolav street, Tuesdays, Thcrsduys, uid Saturdays, at seven o'clock, A. M.. 'titnrniug ou the opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at tlie "tiicr on the wharf. >16 rc MORNINO LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK C-ji-^Jran^FOK ALBANY AND TROV, aud inter mediate Lauding*. The Ste -.mer TROY is a third larger thin any other Day Boit; and in point of speed, safety, and commodiousness u actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired More nniveisal ami euduriug popularity, or retained in greiter perfection those substantial excellencies which really deserve puhl c favor. Kmc Fifty Cents.?-Breakfast and Dinner on hoard the Boat. The low pressure steauiliont TROY, Captaiu A. Uorhuin, will leave the pier loot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, aud Fridays, at (even o'clock A.M. Hetnrautr on the opposite dftj-i. ? For jiiitige or freitht, npply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the whan. siSic PKOPLK'S I INK 8TKAMBOATS FOR f ALBANY, Daily, Snndiys Kxeep ed? idRBre >111 OTi?i? Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M-, from the Pier between Courtlajidt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTQNtCapt Wm H. Peck, will leave on Moudty, Wednesday, and hriday evemnifs, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSON, Cnpt. R. O. Cmttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 6 otlock At Five O'clock, P. M.?Lauding at intermediate placea? from the foot of Barchv street. Steamboat HOtHE8l?H, Captain R. ,H# Knrrv. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at SoVlock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T. N Hulse, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday afteruoons, at j o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Car* for tlie Fast rt Vest. Kieight taken at moderate rates, and none takea alter 4K o'clock, P. M. VJ- All arsons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For ins < >(?? or fieight, ape'" ou board the boats, or to P. C. Hi 111*LTZ, ai the oroct - tne wh? sfi rW OPPOSITION PAH4AOK OFKICE-To JV f* Ibany, L'tici $1 iO; Syracuse, 12; Oswego; mV&XmMSm(3; Rochester. St: Buffalo. *2; Cleveland, t'>; Detroit, (3; Milwnokie, $7 75; Chicago, $7)75; Cincinnati, $7 75; Toronto and Hamilton, $1; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, 94; Pittsburg, $7 7J Office, 11)0 tiarclay street. Any aecunty reiiuiren win ne given lor mf luiuimeni 01 an contract* nude Willi tl?i? company. nu 25 3(it' re M. L KAY, Agent | New \ ork, 1117. j_ NOTICE.? Kor tlie better accommodation r_*aBtJZJW (lie public (na the d.iya ere becomiug adBKa^kfSaaahotter), the Steunbont NEW PIIILADELPHIA will, dii and ifter Monday next, leave New Brunswick at 20 ininnles lu-lore 7 o'clock, atd New York at 15 minute* past 3 o'clock, (topping at tlie regular landings. The H A HIT \N will contiiim* ?t her old hours, at 7 o clock Ironi New Brui,?wick and ,'4 before 3 o'cloqk irom New York, running through without stopping Betli boat* leave from the foot of Barclay atreet. Fare in thn New Philadelphia, ccuU; Raritan, 12X cent*. New Brunswick, Sept. 3, 1847. ?8 30t*rc 0* CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?The well known steamer AM KHKAN KAULK. Capjfc??WpJK-uiiii 1 <r? H. Power, will ruu regularly durum the seas.>n to Coury Island, lauding at Fort Hamilton, a? follow*:?Le??u<g Pier No. 1, at 10, 1,4. A fiue Cotillion Band iccompm.iea the boat. an4 45t*rc jr?i?w TO WI NO?The new and powerful rteam' BELL, ('apt. U. Yates, and HE il INufcHMh RALD, Captain J. P. PARKS, will be in constant readiness f ,r'Towing Veaaela to and from sea, and about the Harbor, on (he most reasonable terms All ordrrs thank,ully received and punctually attended to. Apply to the old established Steam Tow-Boat Ollice, No. 74 U jnth street, corner of Maiden lane, up ataira. Tl?e Boats lay every night at the f.>ot of Grand atreet, e.r., and n?e al way* in readme** at a moment'* notice. N.B.?All prreoua are forbid trusting the above boat* on acconnt or the ownera. W.N liT. M. DOIHJHERTY, a> Wl*rC No. 75 South at. tor Maiden lane. new Line of packkit*, to ans fli<>n WPjfV LI /EIIPOOL -The splendid fast Bailing and jMMMefavorite shipStiERlDAN, Capt. O. D.Cornisli. will poaitivcly anl from New York on Monday, Sept. 27th, aud Iroin Liverpool on the llth ol November. Persona about proceeding to Eurnpo, or thoae wishing to send for their frieuda, ahonld make eatly application nu bond at the foot of Wall atreet, or to W. Ik. J t. tapscot T, 22 rc _ _ *> South atreet. PACKETS FOR M ARSEILLES - To MiPra mMMPV the l*t of October, the superior copper fastened and aUhc ippered ship WAVERLY, D. H Trueman, maater; has hand?ome accommodation* for passengers. For hR' * BOYD It HINCKLN.H WH?. E NE NI The above is an engraving of the t-teaiiislii|> C boxes, which all our readers have heard o ultimately released trom her unnatural r Affairs In California. Santa Bahuasa, Uppkr Caliiobnia, > May 3, 1647. J At a moment's notice, by a mail across t!ie mountains, 1 am going to give you an idea of things In California, as they are now and have been since our arrival here. You have probably heard that the first ship, containing three companies, with the Colonel of the 7th regiment United States Volunteers, arrived at San Franoisco, on March 6th, after a passage of one hundred and sixty-five days. The remaining ships soon followed, and the last one arrived three weeks after us. We were disappointed in finding everything quiet, the treaty of peace having beea made and Generals Flores and Castro having gone into Sonora. Three companies were immediately marched to the Presidis, about two miles from the town, where they remained until the remaining ships oame in, when our destinations were made as follows Companies D, 0,1 and E, at iVlonterey, with Colonel Stevenson; Companies A, D and F at Santa Barbara, under Lieut Col. Henry S. Burton; Companies il and K at San FraucUcu, undvr Major J nutty X Harditt; while Company C usrrisoiled 'the towa of Sonora, sixty miles north of San Fruncisco. We arrived here on tho ?th of April, nud after encamping on the beach lor a few days removed into barracks, where we are now comfortably located, and our men In good order and discipline, ready for an attack, which the present state of affairs renders not improbable at any moment. You are aware tbat a treaty of peace was entered into In January last, between Colonel Fremont and the CcmmandaDt of the California forces. Thin treaty required that the Califoruians should surrender their public arms, and not again take them up, or lie requested to swear allegience to the United States Government until the cloe? of the war with Mexico. This treaty was made just after the flhht at the Pueblo de los Augelos, (the town cf the Angels) between Oen. Kearny, assisted by Com Stockton, and (Jen. Klores, with five hundred mounted Cal'fornians, who were most signally defeated. Immediately after this, Floret left for Sonora, without doubt, with the intention of raising a force to invade and retake this country; but no further attempt was made hers. Col. Fremont, with hi* voluuteers, were at the Pueblo?Commodores Stockton and Shubrick on the coast?Captain Tompkins, with his two companies under Uen. Kearney, at Monterey, and soon our Mgtootf of nix hundred mes was stat ioned at the three most important towns on the coast. Within a few days, however, we have had news which may b? relied upon. It is known that a Mexican, sailing under French colors, which was taken in the harbor of Saa Pedro a few weeks since, by the Warren, had previously conveyed from Ouayama, and landed a quantity of military stores, ammunition, and some oannon ut the bay of San Francisco' in Lower California. Added to this, it is reported, on good authority, that a Mexican force had crossed the Gulf, and after taking their stores, are now within five or bIx days' march of the l'ueblo, which is ninety miles below here. Col. Cook, who is stationed there with a company of eighty dragoons and three hundred and twenty Mormon troops, has commenced preparations to receive the enemy,and has sent to us for a supply or ammunition,wmcn we uivpatcneu to tne amount of Ave thousand rounds of ball cartridg-f, a week ctnOo. It in altogether probable that (Jen. Klores, stung by his defeat, and actuated by a spirit of revenge, upon reaching Honor* gathered around him a company of desperudoes, many of them being men who had deserted from Santa Anna's army, and inoiting them with the hope of plunder, ha* brought them into California, little dreaming of the American force he would have to contend with here. Should he reach here, however, he would be immediately joined by the Caliiornians, and one desperate effort would be made to drive "/o? Jimtricanos'y from their soli. It in a mistaken idea that they are in favor of the American rule here. Much rh they disliku Mexico and her government, they would rally round her standard at the tap of the drum, and fight with all their kill and bravery, which by the way, require a spy glasi placed with the btg end at the eye,to be discerned. For the last two months they have been very anxious to purchase arms and ammunition of all kinds, and at any price, and it is well known they are gathering in the vioinity of the Pueblo. One great, cause of their hatred is tbu actions of some of the Mormen troops and citizens in the country, and many of them seem to entertain an idea that "/< ? rtuin icano*" are all "Mormonito's,'' and that we have come here to upset all their religious as well as governmental institutions. Many persons still doubt the probability of another outbreak, but I am persuaded that all appearanoes threaten it. Incase it does come we can muster about two thousand Amuricau troops here, Including marines and sailors of the men-olwar. Fremont's battalUn ot volunteers, who were raised by him laat August, in San Krancisco, at '2o dollars per month, were disbanded a tew days since at the 1'ueblo, their time of service having expired. The Urutus.bringing the remainder of our men who were left in New York, arrived at San Krancisco, a week since, with the men in good order. Wu have just heard the news from the United States of the bill for the increase of the army. It Is glorious, and we hope that some of us will be remembered. 1 have much more to say but the mall is closing. E. G. U. ARMY. We learn from Frankfort that the requisite number of companies for the two new regiments called for from Kentucky. bad been reported on Wednemlay evening last It la probable that there will be many more compacii? >s than are called for under the requisition?periapt* a full regiment?by Monday next, the day upon which they will be reoelved by the adjutant general, and the regiment* formed The following Is from the Kentucky Yeoman of Thursday : ? " Yesterday morning at 10 o'clock w? called at the executive department, and learned that the following companies had beeu reDorUd towards filling the two infantry regiments now being raised in this State. The companies will be receired, and officers appointed, on the 'iOth Inst. We think there is no doubt but the regiments will be full by that dav,and some companies to spare : ? 'First Congressional District?No returns Second? Hart, HO on roil, not fuii, Capt. i*. it. Gardiner. ThirdNo returns. Fourth?Adair, Capt. J. C. Squires; I'ulaskl, Capt. J. O. Lail. Fifth?Bullitt, Capt Wesley ['helps, <-apt. R. T. Jacobs; Nelson, Capt. B. 11. Ilardln; Washington, Capt. Mark Hardin. (Sixth?Whitley and Laurel. Capt A K. Caldwell. Seventh ?Shelby?Capt. Thomas Todd; Louisville. Capt. T Renting. Capt. K. M. Maury, Capt. K Uevelln. fcighth?Franklin, Capt. H. C. Harlan; Scott, Capt. J. 11. Smith; Fayette, Capt. L. B. Hebinson; Bourbon, Capt Sims. Ninth?No report. Tenth ?Harrison, Capt. T. T. Magee; Capt. T. W. Decourcey; Kenton, Capt. Jas. Wils<.u; Nicholas, Capt. L. Metcalfe. " It is understood the Fayette company has been disbanded; the Kenton company's captain hss died; Capt. Develin, oi one of the Louisville companies, has resigned, and the Hart company not quite full. No oompany has yet been received, nor will be until the 20th Inst " Since the Yeoman derived its information from the executive department, we know that several companies have been reported, among them the Fayette volunteers, commanded by Capt. John H. Morgan. We understand also that Capt Lawrence, of Richmond, has reported a company froBi that plaoe. Capt. Leander M. Co*, of Fleming, had about fifty names reported ou Tuesday evening last, and no doubt waa entertained that he wopld complete bis company before the 20th. The lleld officers of the second new regiment have not yet been annonnoed by the governor We are requested to state by Lieut. Dodge, of Oapt. Robinson s company, that the lUMiiliini- tmmmmmrni* ivtiv* iin* r W YC :w YORK, SUNDAY MO ANOTHER VIEW OK rJ .... ^ - THE MONSTER. STEAMS hreat Britain, at the time when whe began to rise If, holding thirty tons of sand each, and were reco ssition. I company is not disbanded, an the yeoman understands. I ?Islington (Ky ) Ilrjiorter. I Towards completing tlie volunteer regiment to bo furnUhed by the 'id and 3d military divisions of this State, I fire companies, wo understand, have been reported to I " ?i- - ?u? v^v/*t>tuu&. tja- i cm in li. nuiumun n, irnm nuni* ner county; Capt. A brum M. Savage's, irom DeKalb co ; ( apt. George T. Collier's, from Franklin co ; (.'apt S. J. Warner's from Bedford co ; and Capt. T. J. Wbltefield's, from illckmanoo. Another company, we are informed, may be expected from Humuer county, Captains Trigg's and Bradfute's companies, now being formed In thia place, will be. we learn, in n, stato to bu reported at an early day. An election was held for ofllcers in tho former ooinpnny on TMdl/, and resulted in Hie election of Daniel Trigg, Captain; George W. Wilson, 1st Lieut , and Francis M. McN'airy and Notvell Walker, 2d Liouts. ?Nathvillc Whig. We understand that Col Lane has lx??n authorized to accept two additional companies to his regiment, making a regiment of twnlve companies. About eighteen companies had been reported last Sunday, and two had been accepted.?Indiana Jlr.gitler, St/it. 18. W? gee in the lint of wouhded, In the last great li ittle, the name of Lieut. Win. II. (?oodloe, sou Mr Jas Ooodloe, of this city. His wound is set down in the report its mortoi. Lt (.?. served with Walker's Rangers at, Palo Alto and ltosaca de la I'alma, and in consideration ol bb good couduct on t ;oso occasions, was appointed to a lieutenancy in tho 15th Regt. li. 8. Infantry. ? Cincinnati Commercial, Sej/t. 20. The steamer Buena Vista, arrived yesterday from St. Louis, and landnil at. I'.nrrolUmi I 'nut ?lnnn'n. T>.?? , - t r r * "J of Illinois mounted volunteers. numbering ninety-five men. Tkey are destined for Vera Cruz to be employed on the line bttweea that city and Jalapa.?N. O. Picayune, Srjil. 17. The New Jersey battalion, it is paid, will sail for Mexico on Monday. NAVAL. The U. S. steamer Water Witch, Lt. Corn'g. Tottcn, sailed yesterday morning for Penxacolu. The U. S. frigate United Statei, from Trinoe Inland, bound to Windward, was spoken July 4th, In lat. 1 54, long. 6 44.?Norfolk Beacon, 2.1it iitil. Rellglou* Intelligence. CALKitbAR?September 26.? 17th nunday after Trinity; 29th?St. Michael and all Angels. October 3 ?16th Sunday after Trinity; 10th ? 19th Sunday alter Trinity; 17th ?'2?th Sunday after Triuity; 18th?St. Luke, the Kvaugelist; '24th?21st Sunday after Trinity; 2Hth ? St. Siinon and St. Jude, the Apostles; Slat?22d Sunday after Trinity. At the late triennial convention of the Unformed Dutch and (German Reformed < hurdles, held at Heading, I'a., a resolution was adopted recommending to tho dilfurunt ryuods a dissolution of the convention, aud it return to the original mode of communion between the two ohurches. t hainbersburgh wa<* fined on a< ths place, and August, lH.iO, as the time for the next meeting in ease no dissolution takes place. There is an Increasing attention to the subject of reli gion id ninny parts or Kentucky. Onn congregation near Oreem>burg has been refreshed by a gracious outpouring of the Hpirit of (lod, which resulted iu tin- hopeful conversion ol pome twenty-five souls. Dr. Fausgett haw been elected Profesaor of Divinity at Oxford, on thu loun lationof thu I.ady Margaret. The triennial meeting of the Board of Missions of thu Protestant Kpiscopal Church. in appointed to be held in St. Bartholomew's Church, on Thuredny, the 7th Oct., at 6 o'clock. I'. M.; The sixty-third annual Convention of the DtoreHu of New York, will ussemble in St. John's Chapel, 1 n the city of New York, on Wednesday, the v9th inst., feast of St. Mlchail and all Angels, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The exploratlou of the city for the purpose of ascertaining the amount of Bible destitution, was terminated on the "JOtti of August last, with the following result:? Nuroher of families and plums of business visited, 68,415; families found destitute. 8.470; supplied, 4,703; refusing the Scriptures,1 .ail; volumes distributed, 0,100; cost of liratuitous distribution. #.1,7<31 00; amount paid for services of distributors, $1,< 1)4 #8; imouut received Dr sale Of Bibles, $1,137 71. A delegate of the German Reformed Church recently gave the following statistics of the denomination:? There are'J35 minister* belonging to the three Synods of the German Keformed Church Of this number, 74 ofHciato exclusively in the German language, tili exclusively in the Knglish language, uud 95 in both thu German and Knglish languages. A colli ction will be made Id St. Paul'* Chapel this morning, for tho benefit of the Protectant KpUcopal J raot Society. Mr. Charles Uttlo, graduate of the Theological Seminary, New Haven, Ct., was ordained to the work of the ministry at Columbia, Tolland county, Ct . Sept. 1, 1H47. The Central Presbyterian Church in Haveratraw, N. V .. under the care of the ltev. Amasa Stetson Freeman, wan dedicated to the service of God ou vunday, tho luth instant. ltev James C. Houghton wa* Installed over the Congregational Church in Middle Hadd?in,Ct., Sept. 13th. The Ker. I>r iUwks will preach thin morning in St. liter's Church, Twentieth street, and in the afternoon in St. Judes' (hurch, Sixth Avenue. sgcftkt COMMKRCIAT, SoCIETIKS l\ THK I'niTKIi Statks.?It his loll if been known, that in New York, and in other large American cities, there exi*t* a confederation, or soolety. for mutual protection of the merchant* and teller* of good* againat needy aud dishonest customer*. This society has it* agents in most place* in the Western State* an>l (Canada, with whom it communicate*, (now per magnetic telegraph.) when any of lt? member* wishes for enquiry relative to the Handing or hone*ty of intending purchasers. We are not going to quarrel with thin aociety for many reasons, one of which I*, that nothing we write could aught affect it ; but we intend to allude to a recent circumstance connected with it* Kingston show that it in uapa<? ble of doing an infinity of mischief A Kingston merchant had occasion lately to visit New York One of the parties of whom he wished to buy, being a member of this intelligence aociety, male enquiry of the Kingston agency. The answer returned *w. ' that the intending purchaser was what he represented himself to b.?, but that he had taken another gentleman into co-partnership, for whose heavy debts he was liable " Of course the negotiation win suspended; but the Kingston merchant, knowing that he had taken no inan into partnership, and therefore was responsible for no man * debts, wan as much astonished as confounded at the statement, andoould not be made to believe that any such answer had hewn returned, until, by some means or management, he obtained sight of the letter ami took a copy Then oonvlnced of the fact, he gave references to parties of unquestionable respectability, and with some trouble and delay, removed the scandal and made his purchase*. I'ariie* who accept the agency of a secret intelligence society of the nature we allude U>. should be extremely cautious in their couduot. They have it in their power to inflict serious injury on tholr felloy townsmen, without, In one caae out of ten, affording the injured persons the mean* of explanation. in the ca*e which has oomn under our notice, there existed no reason whatever for tho information given; It wa* gratuitous and it wa* incorrect; and knowing something of all the parties Interested, we cannot linagln? why it wa* given Secret societies are net much influenced by newspaper notoriety, and we greatly fear we have thrown our labor away on tho present ooomIou.?King$ton (Canada) Whig, Stfl.l8, >RK I RNfNG, SKIT EMBER 2<>. L'HF, GREAT BRITAIN. R BHaiOTffXNGt TO RZSS. from the Dundrum Sands. The larye boxes which mmended by Mr. Charles Bremer, civil engineer Movement* oi the People. A Tavlor meeting was held at the Court House in the city of Reading, Pa , on the 18th inst Dt. H. H. Muhlenberg presided, and resolution.1) were passed in favor of (?en. Zaohary Taylor, ana fit person to fill the presidential chair, and that the democracy of Berks county pledge their undivided support for the hero of Palo Alto, Kesaca de la Palma, Monterey and Buena Vista. The democrats of Middlesex county, Muss , are to hold a convention at the Court House, in Concord, on Thursday, the 7th day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M , for tho purpose of nomiuating six candidates for Senators tor Middlesex county, aud for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the convention. Zeuo Scudder. ' f Barnstable, is one of the whig candidates for the State Senate iu Massachusetts. Capt. Scott, Dyer, (democrat) was elected representa Tim result of tUo second trial to ?iVect a representative In Augusta, Me.. on Monday last, in b? follows: < ol J, A. 1'ettingill, 300; J. W. North, Ksq., 251; Huel Williams, lfctO; J. Dcate, 2t>; scattering, 2. No choice. Thi? election In llock county,'Wisconsin, resulted in the success of the entire whig ticket. On the county ticket tb? majorities will t>? tlxiiit IrtU? ?m Ui? Asmiul>>.y about 2.j0 - on the Congressional about 3.10. O. H Hnzleton, the whig nomineo in the 6th Seuat') (lictrict, Michigan, declines. The whigs hare elected their county officers In Lincoln, &ennebeo and Somerset, Mb. Democrats are chosen In the other counties Members of Congress?Second District?Clapp, democrat, is chosen by 417 majority. Fourth ?Clark, democrat, by a plurality ot 00(1 or 70J. Fifth?Smart, democrat Sixth?Willey, democrat. Mr. Ileury Clay has been nominated for Hie l'.esidcncy by Uio whigu of Krie county. Pa. .J!imen A. Stewart, Eaq . (democrat,) who oamo out as an independent Taylor candidate for t ongresH. ill the Hixth district of Maryland, has withdrawn from the cootest. A "Thouia?and Reform ticket" has been brought out in Somerset co. Md? for tin) Legislature, consisting, of botli whigs and democrats, as follows :?John Reining Beth Wilkins, James C. Hyland, John W. Taylor. At the democratic convention in Livingston county in this State, held ou the JUih inst., resolutions for new men pasted unanimously Mr Samuel Swain, jr. of Nuada was nominated for the assembly ill this district, No. !i. The Greene county convention, held at Catskiil on the 2M lust., also made an unanimous expression in favor of new men So also did the Orange oounty convention. Livinmton coutitv convention tin The deinocratio convention. held at Martinsburgh on tliu ITtti iust, nominated for the Assembly, Thomas Baker, the present member. A resolution passed the Herkimer democratic county convention, on the did inut , instructing the delegates to vote for A < I'lsgg for comptroller, and N. 8. Kenton for Secretary of State, tdiould they deem it for the interest* of the party to do so. Tli* democratic candidates for the] Assembly iu two of the districts of Duchess county, are Albert I. Aiken, of l'awling, and Silas Harris, of Pine 1'laiun. Tin-: Hksui.t of tiib Lyuufhcld Klopement. ?Since thi' pablicbtiun ul the article in yesterday's Journal, beaded The course of true love never did run .smooth." we have ascertained the ' loving uwaiti' to be a shoemaker belonging to (..ynntield The , would-be bride in t.lie daughter of respectable parents, residing in the name town it appears that this couple, together with a sister of the enamored suitor, aecouipa ied by her lover, left I,ymiUrld iu a covered carriage, at an early hour in the morning, and upon their arrival in tliis city, stopped .it No. 9 Kim street. As we stated yesterday, the parties were puisiied and overtaken at the depot by ad uucle of the f*ir betrothed, who was obliged to accompany thuin to I'rovidenou. Upon their arrivul iu that city, the twa couples lest no time In procuring a carriage, giving orders to the driver to " drive until requested to stop." The uncle uf;ed all endeavors to prevent their departure, but without avail, and finally procured another carriage, with orders to the driver to follow the other iu advimce, wherever it went. The unhappy pair (lading ail hope of escape iu this manner entirely useless, ordered the coachman to turn and drive to the City llntol Hoth carriages uhortly arrived at that house, where all parties alighted Tffe next object of the uucle was to procure the services of an olliMr, and while in pursuit of one, the runaways, accompanied by a guide, left the hotel, and wen led their war towards the residence of the " nearest clergyman. ' Again they were doomed te disappointment, for they had proceeded but a few steps when they were met by the uncle iu company with constable < iould, who took the parties in charge, and with them arrived iu this city at noon yesterdty Here the assistance of offtcer Starkweather was piocurtd, n'id at half-past three o ciock in me urcernoon i nui omcer Haw m? uuciu una )il(i runaway niece xulely lu the car* at the Kaxtern depot, on their way home The dlxappointed Afionin hii J hi? aidx were left behind, with full liberty to wend their way hack to LynutlclJ at their leiture ?Botton Journal, Sr/it.'JS. Klopicmrnt Iv\tk.\oki>inarv?It will be recollected I It ut some two inontliH hk<> we pu bl i Mlied an account uf a cane that wan tried before one of the juntioeil of the peiiee in New York city, betweeu purlieu who had formerly resided in thia city i'atrirk I urceli and hi* quondam wile, Kllaabeth Flood, It aeem* had reHided here ,or Rome yearn pa*t, til a atate of matrimony that only wanted the bl*-xxing of the parson to Hanctify ami make it 1-k*I Hy the evidence brought before Recorder Wenoi* yeaterday, It aeema that the major domo of thu extablisnuient, Patrick I'urcell, wan an excellent, hard working man although lie brought but few of Henntor Benton * " mint drop* " to the till. On the other hand, It wax proved that Minx Flood, hi* rhri ami*, wax a hard-working waxher-woman, who, bv her labor, made from fcli to $:20 per week It wax moreover proved that Mr. I'urcell gave her free acnes* to the money drawer, and he acknowledged " In a manner," that fie aiway* thought that the money wax nx much her * ax hi*. On the 'iid of June last, however. Mia* Flood eloped with one Mr. Thomai Perry. and took with hor *ome >000. Mr. I'urcell followed th-i paitlcxto New York, bad them arretted, and arter a rigid examination into the cafe, thit matter wax dixmUrod. On their arrival in thlx port, not hitig ago, the matter wax again brought up for litigation, and yenterday the examination took place. Mi*a Hood and Mr. Perry were discharged, much to the chagrin, we doubt not. of Mr. Patrick I'urcell,?A'ii? Orfiani Delia, Srpl. 10. Amwkust Colleuk.?Another donation of $12,000 Iihm recently been made to this College by David Hear*, of liniitou. It U to be put out at inter?rt till II hax accumulated to a certain xum, or hern Increased to a certain atnount by donation* from other?ource?, and if to be then appropriated for a Library Hall Mr. Hear* hax alx.) given the xaine xuui to llarvaid i ollego < on certain nimiur condition*. '1'he xame gentleman j gave $10,000 to A inherit (College xeverai year* xlnoe. but on xuch condition* that the College ha* not yet been able to draw on the fund. Our informant alio ?ayi that nearly *ixty *tudenti have entered the oliege *inee the commencement of the prexent year, ol whom forty-aeven Joined the ireahnian dim*, and the re*t?ou?of the upper claaaee.?Northampton Uut. IE R A 1847. 71i\ v . % r. ; jrrr - i are seen attached lo her sides, are the sand , under whose direction the leviathan was Mbieellaiieoiu. Mrs. Stead, aa Kngliah woman, wan instantly killed at Rochester, on the 'iJd, by being run over by a railroad nr, at the Rochester and Auburn depot. She was on her way to Wisconsin to join her husband. Vloo President Dallas arrived at Hollidaysburg on Tut-xduy afternoon, with his family, on his way to I'hiladtlphia. Capt. Francis Harrison, for many years United States Commercial Agent at 1'ort Matte, St. Domingo, died there on the 27th August. TV, T'I~>r.l o. I iLI.L. 11. I 41.1 4. 1 a IJT7 j M.nruuiu ornn?r( imuivn uirn' in UUVlllU^ vu uo appreh. nde4 from the yellow fever in that oity. Captain White, from Cbarlestown. Cecil county, Md., w?h killed ut Perrymansville last week, by being caught by the cow-catcher attached to the locomotive. The yellow fever has appeared in I'laquemine, Iberville, La. His cases had occurred at the last accounts, two of which proved fatal. The direotors of the Georgetown and Ohio Canal Co., held a meeting ut (ieorgetown oil Wednesday last, at which the subject of raising money for the Completion of the work. The basis of the agreement for obtaining the money has been settled, but another meeting will be necessary to clone the matter. At It- of tto fcoHaga, r.?too, l'a , on the 14th Instant, there were fourteen graduates. The honorary decree of A. M. wan conferred upon the Key. KranciH C. Woodworth, of New York, the Rev. Samuel K. Colt, of Pennsylvania, U. K. .Scott, of Philadelphia, and Ira B. Newman, of Deukertown. N. J. The degree of D. D. upon the Ilev. James Begg.of Kdinburgh, Scotland, upon the llev Willis Lord, of Philadelphia, and the Rev. Walter McCJIlvray, of Glasgow, Scotland. The bridge across the Hus<|uehauna. at Harrisburgh. which was swept away by the great freshet last year, has been rebuilt, and opened for travel. (ien. I" lores, President of the Republic of Kcuador, accompanied by I ol. Wright, Charge d'J]JJaire$ of the Republic of Kcuador, at the Court of St. James, arrived in this city yesterday, and put up at the Kutaw House.? Baltimore Jlmerican, Friday. The Boston papers announce the death of Josiah Barker, of Charlestown, well known a? an eminently successful shipbuilder, and for many years past has beeu in the employment of government as naval constructor. n rtiikrn Mississippi Coin try?territory of minnesota.? we mnvt* been much interested in listening to Gun Verplanck's?the Commissioner up pointed Iiy tbe President, to negotiate a treaty with tbt ( 'hippewas ? description of the Upper Mississippi country which will be TBuiprised in the new Territory of Mln nesota. He has been for weeks literally in tho wilderness where the foot of tbo wbite man does not often tread, ile in the fourth white man. in an official character, who ban visited Leech Lake. His predecessors were (ten. (then Capt.) Pike, ax far back an mo.i, (lov. Cass and Mr Kchoolcralt The Pillager Indiana, a section of the Chippewa tribe ?so culled from having pillaged thegoods of a wbite trader who was taken Hick while settled among them ?reside In that Tioinity. and it was necessary for the success of bis mission, that tin should visit tliem in their own fastnesses. Krom tho mouth of Crow Wing river, be travelled lor one hundred and thirty miles through a series of small lakes, but in making the pottages they found themselves in swamps sometimes two feet deep. This was not the most agreeable travelling particularly as some days they bad nothing to eat, while at night they were drenched with rain. Hut by wrapping up closely in theVI ackinaw blanket, they could rest, even wlien steaming with the rain After camping out one or two nights, the exposure is not felt at all ?for ist times, they would rise in the morning literally reeking with rain, and yet take no cold, or suffer any serious effects therefrom. Leecb Lake, so called by the Indians from the number and sixo of the leeches in it, is most beautiful (ien V. does not hesitate to pronounoe it tho finest sheet of water in this country It iR about ai? miles long, and in places, from 8 to I i miles broad, but at points it uarrows almost to a river. Then again au islaud or a bold headland strikes the eye, covered with maples or pines, or shrubbery the most inviting?while the water, of great depth, is literally as clear and pellucid as crystal < Jem V. adds tliat no description can convey even a faint idea of its buauty. Krom Leech Lake he proceeded to < ass Lake and YV Inneblgethlsh Lake, to tbe Oberlin mission station, where they obtained wild rice and sugar Ily the way, the wild rioe of this couutry he deems butter thau the southern rice. The berries are larger and its flavor is better?for when boiled and allowed to coal, it forms a consistent mass like good wheat bread, and more nutritious. Any quantity of it grows on all the lakes in this northern country. The outlets and bays are filled with it. It ripens in th? month of August, and is the main reliauce of the Indians, during the winter months, for their sustenance. The sugar is of course tbe maple, winch is made In considerable quantities, by the Indiansof this country The Pillager Indians,though they have a graceless name for one bad act. are repre kudihu im II une race?true son* 01 lue loresi, in lorm mid character. Klatinouth, one of tholr most celebrated chiefs, told Gun. V , that out of 4(K>0 souls in their whole tribe, scattered an they nr?, there w*n not mora than a dozen bad inen nmouK them ' Thin wan a strong remark but from what <?eu. V . mw of the tribe, he wu inclined to think that they are, in every respect, a superior class of Indians. It id gratifying to know that they fuel very friendly toward* our country, and exhibit no such British predilections, ax soma have imagined, influence the Indiana no nrnr tbn Uritish line. The country on the Mississippi from the Ht. I'etersto the Crow-Wing river, is mostly oak-openings, with some small prairies, and in evidently a One agricultural regit n, capable of supporting a dense population Above the Crow-Wing, to the head water* ol the Mississippi, and around ( himi, Leech and Wluneblgoshish Lakes, It may be called a plnv-openiog country 'I'he species in mostly of the yel'ow pine, and I* excelled lor ship tlm b*r hxtensive mills are now lielng erected at the fall* of St. Anthony, by a Boston company, to saw this pine tlm Iter very largely, for the noutbern .Mississippi Valley. There in o.imparatively little white pine in tliat seotlou, but the yellow pine is just the article for StoaiDboat timber. Though this country i* not valuable for agricultural purposes, yet in it* va*t ffiiantitlesof the bent of lum her, it form* that perfect whole, no necessary to constitute every element to establish the commercial, agricultural and manufacturing pronperlty of the Ureat Western Valley. We yesterday stated that (Jen. Verplaock was successful in the object of his mission Wisconsin was particularly Interested in It?as a part of the cession (of 800,<HH) sores) Is to be the future home of the Winnebago***. who will leave our Territory assoan ui the treaty ho ha* formed, is ratified by the Senate. We have extended this artlole farther than we intended to, but the subject I* one that widens, the more it is examined-for as yet comparatively little Is known of that section of the United States, west of tlm Mississippi and Lake Superior, and northor the 4.'ith parallel of latitude.? Milwaukii Wisconsin, Sept. 10. H. it K. News Kmsoihoi, i Utica, Sept J.'l, 1847. J Tht Scnttnct vf Mn. /tunkit. Mra. Runkle was brought into Court to-day; the crowd was immense, of both ladles and gentlemen, to hear the Midge pronounce sentence upon the unfortunate being Hhe was sentenced by Judge (Jrldley to be haogeil on Tuesday, October 0,between the hours of I i and J o'clock It did not appear to work upon her feelings In the least. It Is rumored that there will be a strong effort made to obtain her a new trial, should It be oarrled into effect, you shall hoar of It. x mmmmmmmMNMI LD. Prlt? Two CmU. -r r~tlMi? ? A ' AIU).?Ttm Briinb Norili American 11 MV' BHITANNIA. ou. ? '"'""I*' dock.) will 1m*? IBotlou for l,nrri?>.,| ?u her regular dar. ?* ? Kncl?v, ()> t. 1st, ttMT. U. BRIUIIAM. Juu, ? Wall .traer N. 11.?No freight or baggiCf will be ukeu us board at New Voik. . ?2iSt rre - ~ < O.NSUiNKKS BY THfc STWAMMMPHir 8ARAH 8AND8, from Liverpool, y>W fryr^fic''-*lire hereby untitled. th?i iu order to effect a quick delivery of hercano, in r.omi>litnee Willi the BUM ol Lading, it will be'uvcaaury to commence unloading uuderKeneral order, on ttitnrday. thr 25th iait Please aend permit. on board. alUva foot oi Clinton atreet, Kaat rirer, or to H. K hit Mil, ,2i jt to 76 goutnatreetJ KOK L1V KHPOOL?To >aiI theeth 6a * tober?'Mir new new iron ateamahip 8AyvJ1 Jf ^ZSl II -VK B AN 1)3, Wn? C. Thompson, muter, IU-iV.iIY wi!l aail ni abore Kor freight or raaaace, -M^juBHKSBaai l<i u.k areommodatioua uu.urpaaaed for tie mice and eonveuieitea. app'y to .21 16nr ROBT KKP MIT.78 Booth at. KHENCH > JUMD-4tlawtld STKAMhHIP COMPANY.?'The ahipa T thu Coin rally are a|>t>oiut??J toaail aa "HbT'vL' T1W follow*: ? AV?m AW? WmbiSaba New York. Cherbourg. UNION. : rapt Herbert. ..";ept. ^0 Oet 31 Pill 1. AD>> WHIA. .Caw. Beaaou,...l'Ct 15 Sept. 15 MIS* oriel < apt Viiaiu,... Oct 31 Sept. 311 NKW \otlK (' p,. K?rr.i'd,..N?T. 15 Oct. 11 I' i te I (win .New \ i.ik to I vra, $u0, wiiifi not iu eluded. Mentha i <K aeeurrd until i I for An i *; ? rii??;cr?l surgeon ta ; turh?d to ra*h ship. Theae ahipa hiving b?eu com true ted forth*; Ktench Royal N v>, air inferior to u<? \r*-r! urt iat in *11 >ri worthy qualities tiifir cabins i?tr I try r. w rll furuuhrd, j mi u.iuguall y we II Vr' <1, vu ' 11;a, t \)>{r i unan rpa^ed. W iiira ? I all kuida. ind of in- bc#t ?pi?.litv\ <* e furt.ial.ed at vrrv low ru'ei. Kor 1 euilit or pa?%tKe. ai'l-1 V at thr Company'.* Agency, 14 ' BroadW .y ?24ic BlllTISH ANU MOUTH AMERICAN */^HuyAL .MAIL 8TK.AM SHI?. 1'iOO tons . Ji and 4Mi horae i>owrr each, under contract with the Lorda of the Admirals* Hibkiinm, Ct\pt. A. Ilyrit. Ui i riNM a, Cant. J. Hewitt. CAi.i:DjNiA,t apt K.U. Lott ( am hui.%,Capt.C. H K.Judi ma. a< a in a i Cupt'iin w iHi tin Uarriaon. Xhe four atmmahip* now build uii :*re THK AMKRICA. THK NIAGARA. THE CANADA. THK KITROPA. The v*aael aoi?oiuted to aail from Un?mn i? Britannia October 1, 1847 1 But nicer*' luggage must be "b board the day previous 10 Milling. sage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $110, do do to Hh .fax, ?20. No berths secured until paid for. Iftiese ships curry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. >'or freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jr., Agent At HARNDKN fc CO.'8,6 V?ll O In addition to the above hue between Liverpool ii* Halifax, and Boston, a contract hoi beeu entered into with Her Miyesty's government, to establish a liue between Liverpool ana New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and earli next year due notice will be (iron of the time when they will start. Uuderthenew contract tho steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other mouths in the year. Going alternately between Liverpool nnd Halifax and Boston, and bo tween Liverpool and New York. nfl t KOK LI Y MUI'DOL?The magnificent sy&2r4teew steamship SARAH SANDS. 1804 tons burthen. Captain W. C. THOMPSON,will sail on the 6th of October. Her accnmmodafor passengers are unsurpassed for elo gauce and couveuieuce. A limited uumber of second cabin passengers will he taken ?nd found. Her between deck* is large and well ventilated for the comfort of steerage passenger, which will be taken on moderate terms, by applying to I'. W. li VRNK8 U CO., 83 South St. N.B.?I'ersoni desirous of engaging p usage for their friends iu the old country, to leave Liverpool in the above steamofa c >n do so o.i reasonable terms. sB 10t*rs 8TEAM TO 11A V A N A.?To "sail r.W about the 12th of October, (the positive day X'.W, ff' will be stated hereafter.) the new and powitI..I iron Steamer OUA DALQL'IVTCK. COO tons ineasnrement, built in Liverpool. Her C'bina are now beimt fitted up, Willi every regard to comfort, ventilation, nnil eleg-mce, mid the table will be liberally supplied under the snperiulenuence of processed cooks. Hares $70 in Mate Roxms ou Saloon Deck?$60 in forward and aft and upper deck cabins, lucludiug wine. * Kor further particulars apply to the cou?igu*e, sl4?0t?m K. W SIMONDS. 43 New st. CARLISLE fc RIPPARU a KMIORAJScT^TION OFFICE, in connection with MUKst'KO. RII'I'ARU k SON, 134 Waterloo H1C Road, Liverpool. Persons wishing to seud for their friends in the old country, can secure passage iu any of the following new liue of packets, sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month, vi /. !? ( ONSTITl TION, 1.500 tons,Capt. John Britton. UUtKN OK THK VVKST, 1,200 tons, Capt. P. Woodhoase. JJ.ViJ?r(Wl. io?s Capt JuiusiJdMdga HOTTINOT'V.if, 1,000 tous, Cspt. IraBnraTry. Geo. Itippard St Son are the only agents in Liverpool for tho above line of packru, in addition to which they despatch a first class ship every week. Persons sending money to their friends in larare and small amounts, can be accommodated with drafts ou the Belfast Haniiiuir Comp.itiv. and their imiiinrous hraneriea in Ireland - alio on the principal bnnlrs 111 knuTand. Scotland, and Wale*. Apply to CAKLISLB Di KIPPARD, ?u2l Mt'm .'>8 K mtli street, cor. of Wall, Mil KMIUHATipS "3FjB nnfflt FIC 10, Hi> South it.?I'rrtoui writing u>|b9^W iUUte"'U'l for their frienii> in the old country ApE nrrttre. pnMnifr on reasonable terms, by any of th? miiKniUct-t.t imps comprising the urw Line of Liverpool packet*, viz:? CON8TITUTION. I7i0 ton?, Captain John Britton. UUKKN OK 'I'll K. WEST, MOO tout. Ca?t. P. WoodhouM. LI V KRPOl > 1/, 1210 tool, Captain John Kldridge. HOTTINUURK, llK)iou?, Lapt. IraBuriley, (ailing from Liverpool on the Ctfi of every month. Paul** cau alio he secured by the St. Oeorge's Line, or the Union Line ol Liverpool packets, making in .til a slup every fiva days from that port. For further particulars apply to W. k J. T. TAPftCOTT. jyJ9 Bti South street, NewfYork. i*f- KO< lit;, UKOI Hhllis tt < iv?PASSAOILTO JnVWanil from Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, jMBaflbind Kcmitbtnres to Ireland kc I Tilt' well known favorite packet ship OXFORD will null for Liverpool on Kriday, the 1st of October, her regular day. For terms of cabin, sc ootid cabin and steerage passage, applv to ('apt. Uoudinausou, on board at foot of Bovkinan it., ' or .n the subscribers The NEW YORK will aail from Liverpool 011 lit of No1 veinber; passage can ha engaged to come from the old eooniry by thin aplemlid ship, or ny any of the pack eta of the Old IIlark Hall Line, to mil from it on the lit and 10#i of avary month, by npplying to aa. Those remitting money to Ireland, can have drafts oa THK HOYAL HANK OF IRELAND, and on PRESCOTT. OROTK k CO.. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid at the varioui branches throughout Ureal Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS Ic CO.. No. 3) Killtou atreet. New York, uen door to the Fulton .Bank, Only authorised passenger agents lor the Old or Black Ball Line ol' Liverpool p*ruet?, and have no connection with any other honae in thii city. Mill LI VCRPOOL?To sail with desiMitch,rha "aJraPftklirst ciaaa, faat sxtliug regular Packet Ship WATERawaaLOO, < apt. Alien, burthen 1100 tona, will tail aa aoove, hiving very superior accommodations for cabin, aecoml cabin and ateearne passengers. Persons about embarking, hould make early application oil board, font of Maiden Lane, or to J. McMURRAY. corner Pine and Monrti atreeta. Persona deairons of sendiug for their friends in the Old Country, can have them brought out by the above splendid vessel, or auy other of the regular line by applying. sS rre PACKETS Mill H A VHE?Second Line?Tha ICWjPy ship ST. NICOLAS, F.veleigh, Master, will sail 2l?A?s(?i the 1st of October. BOYD k HINCKEN, utnnlr U Wall srrMlFOR LIVERPOOL-The New Line? JUciUar WTttV Packet of Jlst of October ?The superior new laal mt'lr I III packet ship CONSTITUTION. I MO tona. Captain John Button, will sail as above, her regular dar. For fieight or patsnge, having spleudid large and comfortable tare room ami rxhin, apply to the captain ou board, pier No. 2, Weatude of Burlinii alio, nrlo WOODHULL 4c M1NTUKN, r South K. Price of paiiug.- >lixi The packet ahip HOTTINOl'KR, 1100 ton*, Cant. Burtley, will aurcenl the Con*:itutiou, and Mil ou her regular day, flat of November n2J x-frt ONl.Y KiTJuT.Ml UNK,OK PACKETS fOK |4C*SVNKVV ORLKANS The following well knowa. HUfalatt (ailing nml favorite paiSrt ihipeliare eccoBunodatioiin unanrpaaaea for cabin, aecoud cabin and ?reerage |?a> wuceri, aud will | oiitivrly aail u advertised, or paaeage free. ' Til i 'i'lie UNION. <Mpt. Koater, September I7tli. The OSVVMJO. Cnpt. lug<moll, October4th. The (iALKM A, Capt. Denub, October llth. I'ernoii* wiibiag to proceed to New Orleana, will do well ' tO ircurr [niiitxKf liy fithfr flif iboTf (MMWti, u thff lit %11 I |V rat clau ahipe, email!milled by men eu>erieuced iu the trade, i noil w?ll aail pnnetuflly on their appoiated dayi. To secure berths. uiiuiy ou board, or to 2J VV l< I T. TAPSCOTT. MHonrhet. UDKN at MOMBY. Wholesale Dealer* ia Dry <ioo4g, Ororeries, and Mencan Onids, Kur warding and Coal iioi Merchant', month llio Oraude Consignments ot freight received and forwarded to all point! ou the Kio (irande or Metieo. Agents jn New Orleans?-Me*?r*. Ln.t.aliti, Momr IcCo., 2d ana New l.evee. _________ at lit're tlllOK K WINKS, TKAS, ke.-N. BI.OODOOOD, / No 4 Tine street, offer* for aale on reasonable termt? 1000 basketa (N B ) V in d'ay Champagne, pint* and quarts. 21 do. Ay C reman t, do qnarta M iinarier caalca Mauxaimlla k Amontillado., iwle Sherrie#, 2'> demijohna >n|>erior table Madeira. 21 do Pale Otarrf Brandy, SO do Old P;ile Henneaiy do. 2 dozen very old Jamaica Hum. 4 do do Antigua do. T>> h.lf. i-,?. 11.1 'r... i ? Alao, other hue Black aud Often Tea*, iu cliesU, halfckeata * ?4null tioiw, all Mt*ia WIUmT WIOH :"-MTRAN0KHS and <:iticent wishing a fimt quality Wi( or Toupee, are invited to inspect the eitnusive assortment ol Win Batchelor, where (hey ran aelect from tin* largest atock in the United Htare*. There it alwava a belt place la procure an article in erary business, and the he?t place to bin a Wic or Toupee, u at Batchelor'a manufactory, No. 2 Wall afreet, near Broadway. Private roooa for ftirine Wiir?. r.ipy the addreaa. au1?Mr*rre /1IIKVI' I UHK OK M KUKl l.A. MKKCUMAL UL vl i KKM. Pima in the Itonea mid Joint*, performed br Or. J HMNK, *> Duane at rent. I, (Jeorite W. Oibbons, de hereby certify that I waa miraculously cured by Dr. Joseph Heme of a moat troublfaome acrnlulona complaint, from which 1 suffered for about five years, and from which all the moat local lid akillfnl phyairiaua could not cure me. 1 had lane and numerous tilrera, pain and swelling in all my bonea and joints. I waa perleclly disable i; Marsaptrilla Syrupa and other aimilar romiKiunda did me no good; when I waa tecommeuded to Dr. Joseph Heiue, No. 20 Duane arreet, under whoae eara I soon began to mend, ar.d am now entirely cured. Bach ot my acquaintances who wiah to eontult Dr. Heine, who cured mr, muat recollect tliat hit only office is at No to Duane street. OKOROK W GIBBONS. tlerk of Kiilton Market We, the undetaiimed, know the above statement to be cor rect. JAMKH D. KI8H. IM Booth street. K H LEE. cvAldermau I7ih Waid. J. WA1.HII do. _ . . N.B.?Dr. Heine lia? hundreds of similar certificates, which can be aeen at his office. sii jot m DAOUfcHUOTYPK PLATIt8,' *>M?. ? HK.V1I0AI?8> Apparatus, k' . of is|<rior gnality, al lowest marBM prices, at ANTlJoN V# National D^err'an UePot, 247 Broadway, N*W I org. | Kverv thine * the line constantly en hand. toll Mt*m

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