Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Eylül 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Eylül 1847 Page 1
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I Til % ol. xm. No. ?U7.WHoI? Mo. Wtti VIK8T DIVISION NEW YORK STATE MILITIA.? J: DIVISION ORDERS. New York, September SI, 1(MT. 1 lie uuitutl'ormpd Militia of the Citf of New York, (which embrace* ill the nblr bodied white male citixena betweeu the mt?? <> 18 iuid {5 yeart, who hare not commoted, and who are U'jt iiicnibei* of an uniform eompnny, or exempt hy law) will t.ikft notice ol the following regimental order*, to a?*embl? for company parade aud martial exercise, on Monday, die Hh of Ociobt-r next, at the lime and place* therein *Uted, m compliance w th-a net "f'he Legialature of the State of New Vork, entitled "An net for tt<e organization of the F"ir*t nivinou ot tlie New Yoilc Htate Militia," paaaed May ?lh, l?T, and they are hereby noiit'ed < (their enrolment. Co.r maud<nt? of Brigade*, Regiments and Companies will direct nil officer* and nou-coinimuioned officer* of en-i uniformed cocnpio v, to attend the parade in uniform or iJdren. Hubtlter** auB non-commissioned officer* will aid the c nn imi.ilauU of rurnpaiiie* in the exereiaeiof the d*y. No p'rson wii: he permitted to leave his cumpany without permis<jf hit commanding officer nntil sun down. Purtnant to 1 "i j?i' ,l,c tco",'"'uJ4r.t willaffix inch penalties for oHhimi ?iid delinquencies m tUe statute requires, oppo*ite the name of tile person w delinquent or o Heading. A Court of Appeals (or f'Cli regiment, to h?-H' cv-une' .will be held at the time aa<< place stated at ths cud of the Regimental Qrder*. Rv order of CH VRLE8 W. 8ANFORD. Major General Commanding. 11 C. Wetmom, Dir. In*p?ctor. SECOND REGIMENT N Y. 8. MILITIA. 4th and <th ward). rur aunt to the More Div aiou Orden and tne aet therein Mentioned ill: unu it'ormed private* of the several companies of I his regiment will assemble within their reipeetive Comt in/ Districts uu Monday, rhe 4th day of October next, at 10 ? clock, A. M., fur Compa.,v fmrade, inspection and martial exercises, armed and equipped according to law, ?' ihe places designated ibi each District respectively, as follow*:? Company A District?Joseph Craig, Commandant, within ft line bounding Mpcuce, Cliff, Hague, Pearl and Chatham stre-U, kunwn as the Kirst Electi n District ?,< the 4th Ward, opposite >l.ik.p-are Hotel, corner of Duane and William sts. 1 omiwiy 11 District?Alexander CHtle, Commandant, with ii u line bounding Kerry erect, Peck Slip. Sou li, Roosrvi It, Oik. Pearl, Hague and Clifl suret*, known as t'm Fourth i-.lection District ot'ilie 4th Ward, at the corner of Dover and t earl streets. Cpmpmy C District?Thomas W. McLeay. Commaudaut, wirhtn a line bouiiiiiigKoosevelt, Front Catherine and Oak streets, known as the Third Election District of file Kourtli Ward, will assemble at the corner of Oliver and Oak streets. Company i) District?Alexander Eagle son, Commandant, within a line bouudiug Chatham, Pearl, Oak and Catherine streets, known as the Second Election District of the 4di Waid opposite the Catholic Chnrch, James stteet Coinpnuy E District?Robert McLeod. Commandant, with>n a I ne bonuding the Park, Charham street. Pearl sfeet and roadway, known ?s the First Election District of the tjth Ward, wi'l n-semblc at ih? corner of t eutre and Dunne streets. . Company F District?Wm. W. Pariell*. Commandant within a line bounding Pearl,' eutre ai|d ( anal streets and Broadway, known ?s the Second Election District of the 8th Ward, wil l asietnb'e at coruer of Elm and Franklin streets. Company O District?H- nry Parsons, Commandant, within a line bonuding Centre Walker. Mulberry, Chatham and '""1 streets known as the Third Election District ot the 6th >va-d, wil. nssembe at the corner of White and Centre sts. Company H District?Alexander McKeuzie, Commandant, ?" nil a line bounding < hatliam. Bowery, Walker and Mal'' /y str eefj, known ss the Fourth E'ection District of thi 6th . w i'l ass?mh|e at the corner of Bayard and Motl streets. The Regimental Court of Appea's to hearappeila from fines or penalties, imposed, will be held at the Centre Market Drill it'iorn on Monday, October It, 1847. at II o'clock, A. M. Bj ordur of ALRX. MI.NO. Jr. Colonel 2nd Rvg'C THIRD REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 1st and 2i> Wards. la compliance with the above Division order, and the law therein referred to, the unuuiformed privates, members of the several companies ol tins regiment will assemble in their re npective corap my districts, on Monday, the 4th day i>f October nri', fit 10 o'clock A M . for company parade, inspection and drill, aimed and equipped. according to law, at the place* devguated fir the follow lug district*, viz: 1st Company C A) cimm-toded bv Capt. John Javel?, and district bounded by Nassau, Wall Broadway, Hector, West, nn'l Liberty streets, will meet ji Libeity street at the eorner of Greenwich. 2d Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Laban, diitricta bound >1 by Vussan, Maiden Lane, Sooth and William streets, will meet in CetUr ?t the corner of Nasiau st. 3d Company (C) couimuided by Lient-comma"dtnt D. C, Vaughau. districts bounded, begiuuing at the Battery, by Whitehall, Marketfield, Broad, wall, Broadway, Hector aud West atreeu; to the p ace of beginning, will assemble on the Battery opposite to Greenwich st. Company (L>) com.nanded by Capt. Henrv C.M*rx, district bound d by vVaLl, Broad, Marketfield, Whitehall aud Pearl s s will assemble on Hanover Square. 5tn Coinpaiy (E) coinmandrd by Capt. 8. 8. Parker,district bnu;ided by Wall, I'e.ul, Whitehall and South streets, will as semble on the Butter? opposite to Front it. ftth Company (K) c imrna ded by Capt. William Serrill, district bounded bv Broadway, Park How, Spruce, William and Libeity street*, will miserable in Ihe Park opposite Beekm.m street Tih Company (O) commanded by Capt. Kichard Rayuor, district!) undeil by Maidrn i.ane Libeity, William, Fulton and South street i, will assemble in Piatt, at the corner of Gold Ureet. 8th Company (II) commanded by Capt. Joseph Louati, district bounded by Kulton, William, Spruce, Ferry. Peck Slip, aud South streets, will assemble in Beekmaa street, the conier of " ill lain s'.reet. . The llegimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from line* or penalties impoied, will be he'd at Stmeail *. t31 Fnlton street, on Monday the 18th dav of October, at. lour o'clock P. M. By order, 8. BROOKE POST LEY, Col. Commanding 3d Hegiineut N.Y.8. M. FOURTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 14th and Uth Ward*. ( Pnrstiant tathe above Division Orders, aud the act therein mentioned, the ununiformed privates of the several companies of this Hegimeut will assemble within their respective Coinpaii / District* ou Monday, the fourth day of October uext, at 10 o'clock A. M , for company parade, inspection, and martial exercise, armed and equipped according to law, at the places d-siguated for each district resrectively as follows, viz: 1st Company District (A. Troop)commanded by Capt. Edmu'id Charle , Juur.. ana bounded by Houston, Woostnr, and Fourth streets. Sixth Aveune, Carmine, Bleecker, aud Hanco.-k slrt eu, at the corner of Thompson and Fourth street*, right ou Foattli street. 2.1 Company District (B. Troop) commanded by Capt. Garret Luerttru, and bounded by Houston, Wooster, Amity, ?nd Great Jones sue is mid the Bowery,at the corner of Mercer a'nl Amitv stieets, right on Amity street. Id Comp.ny D.strict (Comjiauy A.) commanded by Lieu tiimnt I.i,minimum jonu rowter, juur., aua Dounuru uy Oreat Jonea, Amity, and Wooater itrtfU, Uuireraity Place, rontli armct, and the Bowery, at the coruer of Wooater alrett md WiiTfrly Place, right on Waverley Place. 4th i Kinpsuy Uiatrict (Company B) commanded by Captain J-crher, uiJ bounded by Fourth atreet, Univeraity Place, Fourteenth itreet and f ixth Avenue, at the interaction of the centre walk, running North and South with the North walk of ffwMiilW iqiM, Sill i.'oiii.i jiy Uintrict (Comimuy C ) commanded by Lieut. Command >ui Jacob jchmid, aud bounded by Houaton, Mulberry and liroime atreet*, and Broadway, at the corner of Croabyend Prince s?reet right on Prince afreet 6tb Company Uiatrict (Company D ) commanded by Lieut. Comin4iidtut Patrick Murray. and bounded by Houaton, Mulberry aud Broome atreeu, and the Bowery, at the corner of Mo t and l'rince atreeu, right ou Prince itreet. 7th Company Dutrict (Company E) commanded by John H. .vuller, and b uuded by Broadway, Canal, Outre, Walker, Orange and Broome atreeu, at the corner ofOiand and Elm atreeta right on Kim atreet. Ur.h Company Uiatrict (Company K) commanded by Captain Edward liit.cktn, aud jMiiuded by Walker, Orange and Broome rreett, aii<T!he Bowery, ?t the comer of Heater and Mulberry ?tr*et?. right on Mulberry atreet. The Il-gimmcl Court of 4ppeala to hear appeal* from fine? and netialtiea impuaed, will be held at Conatitntion Hall, No. 650 Broadway,on Monday, Oct. 18th, 1847,at 5 o'clock,P.M. By order of CHARLES VATES. Colonel 4th Kegt. N. V. 8. M. FIFTH REOIJHENT. N Y. 8. MILITIA. 8th Wiid. Turauant to the above Oiriaion order* and the act therein meutioi.ed, the unuuiformed privateaof the aereial companiea of tliia Kegimetit will aarenfble within their reapective Company diuriou on Monday, tB? 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., fnr Company parade, mapectiou and martial exa ciae, armed and equipped according to law, at the placet dt-aiifuated for each diatrict re'peetively aa follows:? The Ut ooinpiuy diatrict Company K, an-'er command of Capt, Keiuecke, aud hounded by Broadway, Canal, Oreen and llonptou at:., in Mercer at., right on Prince et. The 2>l Company diatrict. Company B, under command of Lieut Meyerholz. and bounded by Oreen, Canal, Laurent and Hoaatoo an , in Wooater at., right on Prince at The :id Corapanv diatrict. Company C, under commmd of Capt. llowald, aud bounded by Lanrena, Canal, Sullivan and Houaton ata., in Thompaon at., right on Prince at. The 4th Company diatrict. Company U. under command of Capt Swartxwa'der. and bouuded by Sullivun. Canal. WatU, V*nc* .iod Spring au ,,in Warta at., right on Su'livan at. The5th Company diatrict, Compmy E, under command of ('apt Uopport. an> Bounded by Sillivan, Spring, Varick aud Houaton at., in King at, rig it on McDougal at. T^t" 6th Company diatrict, Comi> ny K, under command of Li'-ui, Ehrman,and bounded by Varirk, WalU, Hudaon and Honatou aU,. in King at-, right on Varick at. The 7th Company diatrict, Compin? O, bounded by Hudaon, Cnunl, Orrenwich aud Houston ata.,in Kiug at, right on Hud Hin at., and be under the command of Lieut. Phirman, whoia hrrrby detailed for that pur]>oae. 'i'he Dth Company diatrict, Company H, bounded by Oreenwich, Canal, Weai md Houaton at., in King at right on Oraanw.en at . a id be nnder (he command of Lieut. Kuat, who ia hereby detailed fol that purpoae. in.- la : ?I I ?.... ..I t...... 1. ,? I..? .r.?_ e. or peuimpos'il, will be held at Centre m?ik?t drill roam on Monday. Jith Oet nut at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. By order ol ANDREW WARNER, Cul.ith Reg't. bixth heot. n. y. s. militia. Third asi> Fifth Warm. Pmsu'intt'itheab'in- L)meion orders, sod the Act therein mentioned, tlie ununifomieil Pri?*ie? o( the several Dom snies of this ret'Went wilt ,ie??moIe within their reipective cnn. piny districts on Mond?y, the 4th day or October urit. at 10 o clock, a.m..for comi'viy paiado, inspection, and martial e?etcise.-raed "ml eijumred according to law, at the placet deiignated f >r such uil'rlcrs respectively, ae follows:-l omi'Hv A?i apt.un W. l-ainrn, commandant, bounded by Ltboty atreet, Broadway, Falton street, West street, at Ful tun, opposite (.imrch at. . ? , Co. B?Lieut J. Adam, Milderberger, ' ommandant, bounded by Fulton. Bio.dway, Murray atreet, Greenwich street, at Fulton, corner of Church atreet Co L?Lidittn^ot W. O uunham, Commandant, and bonoded 9/ Fnlto.i utieet, G-eeowirh atreet, Heide street, West street, ?t (ibamheia: corner of Washington atreet. C?. D? Capttin J a mm W. Karr. Commandant, and bounded by Murray sirret, Broadway, Reade st, Greenwich atreet) at Murray atreet,corne.r of College Place. Co. E ?Lienrenaut W A Hinchman, Commandant, bounded by Iteade atrt-vt, Onwdway, KranM'n iireet, Hudion ft, at cast aide of Had son at, corner of Duane ?t (-o. K?Lieuteuant W. II. Walker, Commandant, bounded by Head.' %treet, Hudson atreet, Beach atreet, West street. At Weil side of Hndson atreet, comer of Dnane atreet. Co. O?Cap'ain William Chalmers, Commandaut, bounded hy Franklin street. Broadway, Canal and Liight itreeta, Hudion street, at Hudson atreet, at 8t John'a Park. < o. H?Captain John Gregorv, Commandaut, bounded by Beach atreet, Hodaon street, Laiyht atreet, Caual street,West street. at Hudson at, oppoiite tk John's Park. Appeals will be beard at Thomas Riley's home at the corner of Wart Broadway and Franklin itreet, Cor Companies A and B on Friday, Oct iJth, ai 0< P. M. For Companies C and D on Saturday, Oet 16th, at the same hoar. Fo. Couipuiei Eaml K onTueailsr, Oet. 19tb, t) the same honr. For Companies G and H on Wednesday. Oct. 20th, at the same honr. (W order of WILLIAM DOOGK. Colonel ?rh Hegt !S. V. B. M. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 7th a"?p 10th Wards. Pursuant to the above Division Oiders and the Act therein mentioned, the nn-uniformed r>ri valet of the several companiea of this Kegiment will aaaemble within their mrpawtire eom pauy ilutncts on Monday, the 4th day of October nevt, at i.'clock A. M , for company parade, inspection aad martial *. errise, armed and f<inipi?ed according: to law. at the place* designated for each district reapertiyely, as follows:-* fh* lit Com ran t Dittnct i? bounded by Cithumg, Madiaoa E NE NEW and Rntgrn treats and Eut rirer; will parade in Mourn* ?t, riilit on Pike it, tad ba commanded by Capt. Tnoe. Morton. The 2d Company Diatrtat i* bouudrd by Hntiter*. Madiaoa aud Onod atreeu and Kaat river: will b?' commanded by ("apt Wm. II. Williama, and will parade in Monroe at, the right on Jifforion it. 3d Company District,bounded by Catharine, Divi]j0LKutand Madison stree's; will be commanded fl^Lieut. omd't Edfar M. Crawford, and will parade la Henry at, liui right on Market at 4th Company Diatrict?Bounded by Rutrert, Diviaion, Gnuidaad Madiaoa atreeu; will b? commanded by Capt. Cha? W. Smith, and will parade is Henry at, the right on CUnton atreet. ith Company Diatricf?Bounded by Diviaion, Norfolk, Grand and Kldridge itreeta; will be commanded by Captain Jainea L. Wangh, and will paiade in Orchard at, the right on Heater ?t. Aiti rnmnanif ? u- .1? n vwrTU ^wwuwvh u > uic uowcrv, urSDO, Kidridtfe (Uid Divuioa itrerti. will be commanded by Captain CyruaH. Loutrel,aud will parade la Forsyth ?t, tha right oa Walker it. 7th Commar District?Bniimled by Norfolk, Hivingtnn, AUra and Grand streets : wil' be commanded by (Japraui William H I 'iiderlull, u,d will parade in Orchard street, tha right on Broouia street. tth Company Diatrict?Bounded by the Bowery. Uivia ton. Allen .uid Grand street* ; will be commanded by Captain Henry C JJhumway, and will parade in Broowe atreet, ihe right on f'liryatie street. 1 The Cuminaudant of ihia Regiment will attend at the Mer: car House, Jiinjmr of Mereeraud llroome itneli) on Monday, the JJth of October, 14i7. mi o'clock P. M., aiul will then ana there he*r all appeal* tliat rnav be in .de to him lor the remiaI tiou of any fine or peualty against any peraou or persona en i rolled a* nn-uniformed members of this regiment. By order of ANDREW A. BREMNER, Col. Tth Regiment. EIGHTH REGIMKNT N T. 8. MILITIA. IIthandUtu V/aud*. Pursuant to the above dMaion ordrra and the act lherei I mentioned the uvuiiifaruird private* of the aeveral coinpaniea of thi* regiment will **?emble witiun their re*pective company I district* on Monday the 4tii day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. >1 . for company parade. in*|?ctiou and martini eierciae. Mined and equipped according to law, at the places de*ignated for each district respectively, a* follow* Com pa ny A, Capt. Oeorge Lyous, cominandaut, at the corner of Clint?n and (irand street*. Dutrictbounded by Norfotk, Kiriuuton, Midge, and Division streets Com(i<uiy B, Captain James Price, commandant, at the comer ol Grand and Sheriff atreet*. This district i* bounded by Ridge, Riving'cn, Cannon, Grand and Division atreets. Company C, Captain M M Van Dtke. commandant, at the corner of Goerck and Grand streets. 'J his diatrict is hounded by Grand, Riving ion street*, and the Kaat Riv?r. Company D, Captain Jaines Little, commaadunt, at the corner of Pitt and Iiouxou atreet*. This diatrict i* bounded by Riviugloii. ('liuion, Houston and Sheriff streeu. Company K. Captaia George B. Bowue, commaodnut, at the corner of Camion and Houston streets ThU district is bounded by Riringtou, Sheriff and Houston streets, and the Eaat Hirer. Company K, Lieutenant Edmund H. Weynian. commandant, at the comer of Fifth street aud Avenue B. This district is bounded by Houston street. Avenue B, Filth street, and the Eaat River. Company G. Lieutenant Alvali T. Caufield, commandant, at the corner of Seventh atreet and Avenue B. Tin* district is bounded by Fifth street, Aveuue B, jNsuth atreet, and the East River. Company II. Lieutenant Jame* H Dyer, comnun lant, at the corner ol'Aveuue B and Ninth streets. Tliia diatrict is bounded by Ninth street, Avenue B, Fourteenth street, and the East River. A ...? I - ....It v.. I 1 - . .1? *a:l;. u-n ?r. i.<i ?in uv Mvmu ol me iuiumiv tiati, i?j oowcry, ou Friday the 15th October, 1047, as follow* Company A, at 8 o'clock, A, M.; Company B. at So'clock A. M ; Company O, at 10 ofclock. A. M : Company D, at II o'clock, A. Nt,; Compouy E. at 2 o'clock, P.M..Company l>, at 3 o'clock, P.NW Company O, at 4 o'clock. P. M.i Company ft, at 5 o'clock, P.M. By order of COL. J. W. STYLES. NINTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 17TH WilD. Parauant to the above Oiviaion Order* and the act therein mentioned, the antmiformed private* of the several com(>anie* of thi* regiuieut will assemble within thei> respective company district* on Vlouda/, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. VI., for coiqpaiiy parade, inspection and martial exercise, urined and equipped according to law, at the place designated for each district respectieely, a? follows 1. The district of Company A, commanded by Captain John (' Helme, and bounded by the Bowery, Rivington, Eldridge, First avenue and Second street, at the South East corner ot Houston aud Christie streets. 2. The district of Company B. commanded by Lieutenant Comm't Stephen H. Coinell,aud bounded by Kldridge, Rivington, Kssrx, Avenue A, Second street, mid First avenue, a: the South West corner of Hou?ton and Allen streets. 3. The district of Company C, commanded by Lieut. Jacob L. Se'iriug, and bounded by Essex, Kivington, Clinton, Avenue B, Second strert and Av-nue A, at the South East corner of Houston and Norfolk streets. 4. The district of ComiMiiv O, commanded byCapt. Charles T. Bui winkle, and bounded by the Bowery, Second street, | First avenue, aud Sixth street, at the S -uth East comer of Se! coil J avenue aud Fourth s'reet ; 5 The district of Compauy E, comma ided by Capt Marvin K Pitman, aud bounded Ly First avenue, Second itreet, Ave ue B, and Sixth (treat, at the South Ea*t corner of Avenu* A and Fourth itreet. 6 The district of Company F. commanded by Capt John N. Haywurd, and bounded hy the Bowery, iath street. Avenue B, Seventh street. Avenue A and Kigfith street, at the South Kast corner of Second avenue aud Beventh street 7. 'J he district ot Company O, commanded by Capt Richard H. Thoiupaou. a>id bounded by tie Bowery, Eighth itreet Avenue A, and Tenth street, at the South East comer of Se- I cond uve-iiie and Ninth street. G. The district of Company H, commanded by Capt Henry B. Melville aiyl bounded by the Bowery, Tenth street, Aveuu? B. and Fourteenth street, at the South East coracr of Second aveuue and Twelfth street The Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from finesor penalties impoied, will be held at Military Hall 193 Bowery, on Thursday, the 21st of October, 1117, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. By order of E. JESUP. Jr., Col. Comm'g 9th Regt N. Y. S. Militia. TENTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. M. 9th Wiin. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the Aft therein mentioned, the nuuml'ormed privates of the several compauies of tlus legimeat will assemble within their respective comp< nv districts on Monday, the 4'h day of October next, at 10 o clock, A. M.. for company parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed an>! equipped according to law. at the p'ace* deI tignate-l for each district respectively, as follows 1st District, company A, bounded by the Hudaou River, Hainnier*lr, Bedford and B?uo* streets, and commanded by ' Thomas Jones, captain, at the north east comer of Hudson and Leroy streets. 2d District, company B, bounded by Bedford, Hsmmeraly. I Hancook, Bleeckerand Carmine streets, Sixth Aveuue aud Barrow itreet. and commanded bv Henry L. Hoelxle, c ?ptain, at the north east corner of Bleecker and Cornelia streets. 3d C. bounded bv the Huds n Hirer. Bar row, Uudson aud Perry streets,aud euro mauled by Henry Brunrr. cuptain, at the north east corner of Washington and Ainos 1 streets 4th Diitrict, company 1), bounded by Hudson street. Barrow itreef, Mitth Avenue ami Amw at., commanded bv Cornelius Clark, eaptaiu, at the north hi', comer of Founh and Christopher atieeta. J:h District, ?ompan>- E, bounded by the Hudson River. Perry, Hndaou and Tny atieeta. and commanded bv Jamas I M'Grath, captain, at the north east corner of Washington an Bank streets. 6th Distiict, Company F, bounded by Hudson, Amos, Factory, and Troy atreeia and coinm mded by James H. Dodge, Captain, ar tlie North Ea>t corner cl Fourth and Perry streets 7th District, Company (J, bounded by the Hudson river, Trov street, Eighth avenue, nnd Fourteenth stieet, and commanded by Corneliu? Viuulenreci. C'ptsin, at the North Eatt corner of Giee wich and Horatio streets. 8th District. Company H. bounded by Eighth avenue, Troy, Factory and Aim* streets,Six h avenue aud Fourteentii si , and commanded by Jarnb Rayoor, Captain, at the North East corner of Sefeti h avenue an t Elevruth street. The Regimentil Court of Api>ea|s. to hear appeals from fines aud penalties imp sed will he hrld at the Northern Kxchange. No 173 Bleecker it'Ml. on Friday, the 22U day of October, 1817, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of CH ARDEB J. DODGE, Ll Col. Comm'i lOtli Regt. N. V. 8. M. ELEVENTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 16th and 11th Wanui. Pursuant to the above Diviaion Orders and the act therein meutmurd the nuumformed privates of the several Companies of this Regiment will asuemble within their respective <ompnny districts, on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock A. M , for company parade, inspection and martial ei- | ercise, armed and equipped according to law, at he places designated for each district respectively, a> follows:? 1st. Company District of Company A, commanded byCaptaiu Robert l. > raser, bonudedby the Hu Json River,* onrleeuth street, the Eighth avenae aud ftiaeteenth street, on the the correr of Fourteenth street nod Eighth avenue. 2d. Company Diatrict of Compan' B. commanded by Captain John J. Hnnvan, bounded hy tlie Eighth avenne. Fourteenth street, Sixth r.venue and Nineteenth street, on the corner of Fourteenth street and 8nth avenue. 3d. ComtwiLy Dis rict of Company C, commanded by Cap tain John Hculert, bonnded by the H"dsoa Hirer, Nineteenth street, the Kighth avenue and Tw en'y-eighth street, on the comer of Nineteenth street and the Eighth avenue. 4th Company District of Company D. commanded hy Captain Frederick Piessneckrr, bounded by the Eighth avenue, Nineteenth str'et. the Sixth avenne. and Thirtieth street, on the coruer of Thirtieth atre. t and Kigti'h avenue &th. Company District of Company E. commanded byCaptain John MeMahon, bounded by the Hudanu Hiver, Twentv. eighth street, the Eighth avenue, Thirtieth street, the Sixth aveuue and Fortieth street, oa the corner of Twenty-eighth street and the Eiglrh avenue th. Company District of Company F, commanded by Captain A. Ileuderson, hounded by Huth avenue. Fourteenth street. East River ami Nioeteeth street, oa tne corner Fourteenth street and rt xth avenue. 7rh. Company Dfctrietof Company G, commanded by Captain H. V. Hardeuburg. b< unded by the Huth avenue. Nineteenth street, the Eaai River and Twentieth street, on the corner ol Twenty-Sixth stieet and Sixth avenue. th Company District of Company H. commanded hy Cap tain John r. Ellis, aud bounded by Sixth avenue, TwentyI sixth street. East River and Fortieth street, on the comer of Twenty-sixth atreet and Huth avenue. I The Regimental Conn of appeal, to hear appeils from lines and penalties imposed, will he held at the Madison Cottage, 1 corner Fifth a>euueand Twenty-third street, on Monday, tne 18th of Ocroberju I o'clock in uie afternoon. By order of ROBERT C. MORRIS, Col. 11th Reft. N. Y. 8. M. TWELFTH RECIMKNT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. IJth Ward. Puraaant to the shove Division Ordci and the Act therein mentioned.the un uninformed prhitesof the severaH'nrapanies of this Regiment will assemble within their respective company districts, on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at II o'clock A.M.. for company parade, inspection and maitial e?erciae, armed and equipped according to law, at the places designated for Cach district respectively, ai fo lows:? Company A, Captain Vincent, commandant, bounded by 4th avenue, lv9th street, *th avenne and 86th street, at N. W. corner of 4th avenne and (Cth street. Company B, Captain Betts, commandant, hounded by 4th avenue, HarlemR'ver and Kills, East River, aud Nth street, at N. E corue* of 4th avenue and t*6'h street. Company C.Capt. Mayh< r, commandant, bounded bv a line running die west t'rorn the high bridge, the Hudson river, Hpuylern Day vel Creek aud Harlem river, to the high bridge, on Kmgsbridgeroad, opposite the high r.ridge. Company D, t>Pt. rrudbomme, commandant, bounded by the 8th avenue,Mth st, Hudson river, Manhattan it, and 125th it. at N W cor ol 8th avenae and 8#th st. Companv E. Capt. Avexrana, commandant, bounded by Stb avenue, 80th st the Hadeon river, ead 40th M, at N. W. corner 8th avenue r.nd <0ih it Cimi-tiny F, I Wilioo, "jminindint, bounded by 4th avenue, 40rh it. (in avenue and Mth it, at 8. W. cor. of 4th avenue ud Mth it. Comp?nv O, ('apt. Eernoldi. r ommnndaut, botiuded by <0th ?t. Kant r'vfr. Mth it and 4t!i aveuue, at ij. K cor of Mth it and 4th avenu' C.iupnnyII, Lieut. Comdt. Ar'ft, Commandant. bounded by 4th avenue, Harlem River to High rritliie.lhe uce due wait to Hudjtou riter,and alcm u'd >ivi rto ,\U Julian ?treet, ititli street, Ith avenue and lttth ttreet, on lotli avenue, near Trinity Cemetery. ? . cftrtste its the I4th dayi of (.ktobtr neit, between the honrj of I? M. arid W YC YORK, WEDNESDAY IV 'Alhast, Sept. 27, 1847. The Free Banking Law?The Bill providing for the el'Ction of a Lieut. Governor?Democratic Stat* Convention ? Central Railroad Bill?Jlpproptiationt for the comphtion of the Canalt, 4re. Encroachments continue to be made upon the free | banking nyittm In thli 8Ute, and It may be doubted If it I will not poon be untlrcly suprraodcd by the safety fund 1 bunking system. 1 do not design to Intimate that a bet- i tf r banking system than any of thoae In existence could not be devised. or that the time will never oome when a | positive and real mutual protection banking system will ! exist in America. A bill pasted the House to-dsy sub* -m ?- ?- 1??w- i-? >? i taxation on the full amount of actual capital paid in ] or secured to be paid In, which in no oaae (it is provided) shall be lew than the amount tranafurrad to and held by the Comptroller an security for the redemption 1 of circulating notea at their actual value, aa estimated by the Comptroller, without any reduction for the debt* of any auch Individual banker or aasoclatlon. A bill baa passed the Legislature to pi o vide for the election of a Lieut. Governor at the enauing election, to be held in November nest; tb 1 officer so elected, will hold hia office until, and Including the 31st of December, IblS. The following la the vot? upon the kill as it pass d the Senate this morning: Ayes?Messrs. Backus.Beach, Beers, BunUiam, $mmoiis, Folaom, Uridley, Hall, Hard. Jones, Morris, Haggles, Hanford, Taloott, Townsend, Van Schoonhoven, Wheeler?17. Nays?Messrs. Barlow. Crook, Denniston, Lester, J. B. Smith, h Smith, Williams?8. 'l'be radicals (democrats.) avowed their opposition to the bill upon Constitutional grounds; they denied the Constitutional power of the Senate to provide for an emergency which it seems was not contemplated by the Constitutor; the Constitution of the United States says that " the Congress may by law provide for the case of j removal, death, resignation or inability, both of the > President ai.d Vice ('resident, declaring what officer , shall then act an President," &io ; but I belmre the Legis- i lature has not been entrusted with similar powers. ! Now that this bill has passed, it will be the duty of the , Secretary of State to notify the sheriff, clerk, or coun- j ty Judge, of each of the counties of this state, j that a Lieutenant Governor is to be chosen ; immediately after the reception of this notioe, the Sheriff Clenk, or County Judge, to whom it Is addressed, will oause it to be published in each of the newspapers published iu his county, once a week, until the time of holding the election. The democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor will be nominated at the State Convention, to be held at Syraouae on the 39th Instant. It is stated here that the delegation In that convention will be aa follows : ? Sixty-two delegates in ftivor of the re-nomlnatlon of Mr. Klagg ; fifty-six delegates in favor of " new men," the remaining ten seats will ba contested. This situation of the delegation waa declared to be aoourate by a prominent radical democrat; it may be oorrcot; in any case, I presume the opinion may be safely entertained that the proceedings ol the oonventlou will be particularly interesting to the people of this State. A very important general bill for the organization of companies to construct railroads, passed the Senate today?a^cs 17. noes S. This bill contains the ''Oriskany," or personal liability olauae, which %ill very greatly retard the employment of capital, but ingots should be suffered to rust, and every nublio interest sheuld suffer before capital should be legally authorised to treble itself In the publio service, with the public faith interposed to guard against the possibility of loss The democratic members of the Legislature will hold a caucus this evening to nominate a legal commissioner to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Nioholaa Hill, Jr. n. o i.?. <h. r ? ii? i- .v.. i ?i.i.i..? ?-?j m mbvw a v |/VI b V4 ?u? t/uiupuvu?i w iuc iiH|}IBWVUtV| it appears that daring the la8t fiscal year then has bmn a turplaw of revenue from the public works beyond that previously appropriated of $600,904 61. Several days since Mr.Cornwell proponed to devote the entire surplus, unappropriated, to the enlargement and completion of the Krie,the Genesee Valley, and the Black Hiveroanals. He accordingly introduoed a bill into the House appropriating $?dU,U04 Hj to the oarrylng forward the trie oanal enlargement, (00 000 to the Black Iliver, and $00,000 to the Genesee Valley canals, for their completion. This embraces the entire surplus as stated by ihe Comptroller. This bill has not b-mn acted upon, and remains in charge of the committee of the whole house Nathaniel Jones resigned his offloe of Canal Commissioner to-day. Dundkk, Yates Co., N. Y., Sept. i Jd. 1847. The Salt Workt?Interesting Intelligence. I drop you a line once in a while when I meet with any thing that I suppose will be of hiterest to your readers. On my return from the Sanlt de St. Marie, a few days since, I stopped at the pleasant village of Geneva to see some of my old friends from the city, and while there heard much said about the Dundee salt works?which, together with the frequent notioes concerning them that have of late appeared in the papers, induced me to visit this plaoe. A pleasant sail of a couple of hours on the Seneca, on board the steamboat Richard Stevens, brought me to the Dundee landing, whence a mail carriage plies to and from the village?three miles. Dundue is a busy, thriving little village, situated very pleasantly, contains about 800 or 1000 inhabitants, has 1 four churches, ton or twelve stores, two taverns, numerous mechanics' shop* and several saw mills, grist mills, fco. Big Stream, which runs .through the south-west part of the village, furnishes abundant water power for the numerous mills, and its banks from here to Seneca Lake, geologioally considered, are singular and inter. esting. I visited the salt work* yesterday. In a bend of the stream, at the west end of the village, I found a number oi laborers, some employed in sinking a shaft for salt water and others in erecting the necessary bnildiog, and masoning in blocks ot large oauldron kettles, such a> are used at Syracuse and Moutezumn., for boiling salt The shaft that is now being sunk is 10)? inches in circumfer ence, and has descended 14.1 foet. Several large sheets of salt water have already been struck, which, according to a comparative aualysis by an Albany chemist. Is remarkably free from ferrum and magnesia. The course from the bore to the it.reain, and the ground around tbe works where the water had overflowed from the bore aud evaporated, was quite white In mauy places, with ssline par ucies. me oena in tne stream wnrre ma boring m now going on, wm formerly a " deer lick," and the old salt spring where the Indiana used to boll their Halt, Is (till visible. Some four or five years ago the first efforts at obtaining salt water in any considerable quantity, were made, and a three Inch shaft was sunk 107 feet. Plenty of strong salt water?brine, 1 might almost call it?was obtained ; a small block of kettlcsset up and considerable salt manufactured for a while, until some repairs becoming necessary a disagreement took place among the several owners. and nothing more was done until a short time since. Some salt manufactured from the water was reoently analysed by neighbor Chilton, and. according to his cerQcate, is superior in strength to Turk's Island or Liverpool. That block of kettles was merely set as a matter of experiment, and the owners having found it successful, retused large offers for the premises ; of course. on so small a soale the works ceuld not be made profitable as they were, and a further outlay became necessary Kaeh owner was afraid if he advanced means to g* on.that the others would reap a proportionate benefit, and consequently the works remained unimproved until reoently, and the property, ahich was valued at $10,000, wae a lax burthen, Instead of a benefit to the owners By shrewd management for a long period, the present owners sucoeedei in enticing " the dogs from the manger" by a small slioe, and have concentrated the title. As the springs are on what is ealled the Oore, between the old and new pre-emption lines from the Pennsylvania boundary to Lake Ontario, the salt that may be manufactured will be free from 8taM duties.owing to the p. uharity of the original patent granted by the ?tate for the land aomprii-lng the gore?there being no reservations iu it The volume of salt water now is sufficient to supply six blocks of lorty kettles each, day and night. The gas forces the water to overflow,and at times ejects it to the height of ten or fifteen feet above the orifice. By properly constructed apparatus, as at the Kenhawa works, I doubt not the whole process of boiling can be performed by means of the gas alone. It seems to me that these works must soon become exceedingly valuable, and they I are already attracting the attention of numerous persons < well acquainted with the suit manufacture. SrKAMr.R St'l.TAKA, ) Lakk Khic, August "it?, 1847. ) Roadside Oeitip?Politic* -General Taylor and the. | Preiidenry ? The. Mohawk Valley?The Indian Story ; ?Buffalo?Hecruinng?Content between a Regular . V.,l?nlrer?H, of Ikr 9.,*. i Wright'I Death. We left Alb^y on the morning of the 21st, at halfpast 7 o'clock, and after the wheels of the train bud nude riuiue few reToluliuOfl and shot us beyond the gate, each pasaenger turned to examine whom ohanoe had made the i seat-fellow of hit journey. The ladies settled themselre" 'n their sllka uttd muslins, and tried to look as interesting as their faded cheeks and puffed eyed would permit and a thorough ovrrture of short oeughs and ahems proclaimed a general understanding that we were fairly off at laflt. For the space of aereral minutes alienee 1 r?lgned upon my seat, during which my companion and myself skilfully observed each other at brief Interval, with all the profound cautiousness of two veteran grl- ! malkins, Just -? they are meditating serious clrllities ' j " Fine n.orning, mt,v said my companion, with an intro- J ductory nod and suille, after this preliminary observation had ba?n carried to sufltelent length ' Yes, sir, a ] bea'itltul lnorning?boautlful morning," replied I, iu the same spiri,'. of condescension. - You're going through. I suppose ?" inquired he Vet, rouud tij the lakes You go to ?>> "Chloawgo," answered the stranger, which takei me the s.?me way: ' ( hiMWgo is a tlue place, sir." ' Van, I uuderstaud ;t Is the brst city ou the lakes west of Buffalo. What is Its population?" j We Uaim eighteen thousand." " What is its politic"! "Democratic by aix or seren hundred rotes," replied the ( hleagonlan promptly, and with an expression cf prld? whioh wade a double answer to my question "Ah, wall, that's good, but wbo do you oount on for the >RK 1 IORNING, SEPTEMBER n?xt President'" "Well, ?lr. to nay the truth, it's pretty hard to tell; but my mau ia Silo* Wright. Thare are other* I fancy bettur. but 1 un determined to stand on the Wilmot proviso" "That's th? talk," said a huge Buffalonian. who Hat on th? seat In front of ui, and who had bean attentively listening to oar conversation ? "Ever* northern and weBtern mnn that understands hlmH?lf. Is bound to stand by It; and that's what's going to eleot 811as Wright, sure." '-But what's to become of General Taylor's claims"' said a fat, drowsy-looking panseoger on the same seat with the Buffalonian. "General Taylor's claims'" said the Chicago man, with something very like a sneer, u 1 should Just like to know what they are ! He has been made oominander-ln-ohiaf of the f<>r<res of the republic for fighting four battles, whleh with the mm he had, could not have been lost; and it strikes me, that is pretty handsome compensation for what every man in his army would have given ten years of hU life for. Weil. I dont know about lhat coulil lit have been lost' part of the business," said the Buffalonian. shakinghls head doubtfully, "General Taylor is a Sood man." "No 6tan disputes it," said the Chicago emoorat, "but that Is uo guaranty Ue would be a good ppuelitunt Vnr m? n?rt If wftn ? . subjeot. I think that a man, whose patriotism is so tanrn as not to permit him to deoide in favor of the jmtloe of a war. in tie cause of which he will take any number of lives for a salary. whose Interest in the institutions ofhtn country has been so faint, as not to Indue* him to oast a vote for thirty years, anil who trvely acknowledges himself ignorant of the great ques tions aud priuoipTes which have agitated the uation during that period, Is, of all men, peculiarly uuttt to conduct the intricate foreigu and domentic policy of a government, whose slightest movement is now felt throughout the world. 1 tell you. gentlemen," continued the Chicago man. in increasing earnestness, " I tell you, that though 1 respect General Taylor, ana would be glad to do nlui honor in all proper ways, that it would he a hhauie and a reproach if a people who take a vital interest iu all publio matters,and become familiar with the great questions ol the time from their youth up, should confide their destiny to the hands of a tuau wno. at liut age of ttlty-five, Has not leurued the first rudiments of political eoonomy. aud knows nothing of the merits of the principles which divide the wishes of the .naiion. it will not do, gentlemen ! it will nut do !" Ti.e 'gentleman who bad drawn out this address appeared to be considerably puaaled lor a reply, but scratching his head for a moment, he contented himself with saying, determinated, ' Well, 1 dout care forallthat; thatdout make any difforencej Old Kough and Tough is the man for me any how 1" In conversation of this description we whiled away the interim between the stopping places, at eaoh of which those of us who talked p<4itics the strongest, made it a rule to stop and " licker." The line of country through which we passed this afternoon, was of the uiost beautiful description. It waa the lovely valley of the Mohawk, the features of which have times innumerable been glowingly described. 1 will not attempt to elaborately perform the same task, but will de it briefly in an anecdote that was gravely related for fact, by the huge Buffalonian. An Indian presented himself at the gate of heaven for admittance. "Where do jou come Irom ?" inquired the gate-keeper; " Krom the valley of the .Mohawk,7'replied the savage?" Then go back, you d?d foot," answered the gate-keeper: " there's no belter place than that here!'' saying which ha slaininea the door in his faoe. The valley of tbe Mohawk has slightly altered, however, sinoe tbe time of the tradition; and Ik the buffalo, aud the reil deer, tt presents a chart of vexed aud waving Add*, with whistling railroads, a crammed oanal, aud a coach road all runuiug parallel, with the sparkling river in their midst, aud all within the longitude or less than half a mile. Of these tour method* of conveyance, 1 have the least to day in favor of the railroad, wiuch, though charging the exorbitant rate of four cents the mile, twice tbu rale of our city omnibuses, drags you over a rotten, shankly and dllapi dated track, tuat momentarily endangers your life or your bone*. It in disgraceful to all the companies concerned in it. aud the only thing that renders it* outrageous condition tolerable for a moment, is the hope that its extortions and the rude Insolence of its pampered cMj><?yii?, will precipitate a rival route, or iuotuer words accelerate the progress of the Krle Railroad. Tins will al once reduce the fare to a reasonable standard,and enforce upon the altach*t of the present monopoly, the lessou that respect aud attention arc due to a liberal patronage. We dined atUtica and supped at Syracuse; shortly afier stopping at which latter place, we bound up our beads like luuian saoriliees, and disposed ourselves to sleep, wakitig up the next morning in Buffalo. Alter breakfast, 1 paid a visit to the wharf, to inquire after a steamer to convey me up the lakes. As a preliminary to this inquiry, aud that I might proceed correctly in the business, I called first at the house of Messrs. Tiffany und Lock wood, extensive forwarding and commission merchants, No. 'J Sideway Uluck, who act as agents for several of the best boats on the lakes, aud there was gratified to learn that the splendid new steamer Sultana, Captain Appleby, was up for Chicago, via the Mai-kiuaw Straits, tbat very afternoon, and that, if I were disposed to go, 1 could never tlnd a better opportunity. A brief examination of the boat proved all that had been said 111 her favor, and I booked myself for the trip iu as neat and elegant a state room as can be found atloat, either upon salt water or upon fresh. 1 then devoted myself to such brief examination of the city as my t!iuo allot tied; b it 1 am free to oontess that 1 cannot lurnlah an *<U'<iuaU i4?a of Its character and ita resources, fcverything looked like business, and every place waa alivo with industry. Th? canal was crammed with heavily laden baats, crowding in aud out; men rushed up and down the streets, and shot across the bridges with bandies in their arms and on their shoulders; negro* were tumbling huge packing boxes into and out of the store*. The " Vo, heave O !" of the lane sailors marked the localities where were discharging stuffed sloops and schooners of pork, and Hour and Indian corn, or taking in merchandise brought by (lie canal; while Intermixing through the whole of the various throngs were seen little squads of Uerman emigrants, trotting about the streets, or winding between the piled up merohau'li/.M upou the dock, to search out boats to convey them t? the different points of the Ureal West. Indus| try seemed to be enjoying a special jubilee, and every Idler looked as if he were au outcast from the holiday. " This place looks more like New York than any city 1 wuh ever in, saiu i, in a sun 01 complimentary extacy to a buffalo friuuii, when 1 returned irom my ramble. " Yes," said be, ' it does; but after a white. New Vork will look like this place. > Good bo, ' will i, " You have a right to be proud." I met at th? Mansion House Lieutenant. Gaines, of Colonel Burnett'* New Vork regiment. He whs Dent to this place just previous to the battle of Cerro Gordo, to recruit tile deUcieuceh in the regiment. ' do uo1 k?ow wbat to nay ot this. New York city sent but a single regiment to the beat of war, and nh? should bavu kept it lull The cause may be explained, perhaps, by the competition of tbe recruiting officers for me regnlar >ervice, who oiler a bounty of or $30. cash uowu, au advantage of wbicb volunteers are deprived. Lieutenant Gaines complains that ou tbis acoouiiL he cannot enlist a single man; and wbat renders bis situation the mora discouraging, a regular reoruiting officer haa eet down almost next door to lilm, and covered bis window shutters witb placards proclaiming cash down for volunteers." liaines complains that the regular baa no rlgbt to use tho word ' volunteers'' in this war, und threatens to report him to the war department. How tbe feud will end, I oaunot venture to say. Just as we were embarking thla evening at 7 o'clock, the startling news arrived or the death of Hilas Wright It bad a stunning effect upon all who heard it, and partloularly upon those of ux who had built hopes upon his life. We were prepared to start, but Captain Appleby detalued his boat uutii the news could be con tinned. Exchanges were at once made with tbe telegraph, and at halt-past nine, the calamity being placed beyond doubt, we call off, and set out to distr bute the awful tidings throughout a region which was fust adopting the dead man's name as their watenword of liberty for the great crisis of IH48. " This Is mournful news,'' said i to my Chicago friend, who sat doli-fully by the table, with his chiu resting ou hi* hands. " .Mournful, indeed," said be. " Three hours ago, and the prospects of the democratic party never were more promisiug; but now all our calculations are sea, aud ' chaon is come again.' " WISC AMSLT. BurriLO, Hapt. 25, 1847. The Cait of Mid%hipmiin Pollock. Tbe case of Midshipman roll ick, indicted for an assault on Jewett, with Intent to kill, came on to be triad on Friday laat, before the Court of Oyer and Terminer, now In session la this city. Tbis case ha* created a great exoltementln this city, and a large auditory testifled the lnt?re?t which waa taken In tbe trial. Pollock i* attached to the U. 8. Steamer Miohigan, Commander < bamplaiu, and waa, 1 believe, the sailing master of that vesael. You will recollect the particular* of the assault for which be waa put upon trial; the ooeurrenc* I* so recent, that It must be fraah In your memory. The Drts. oner la a ?ll|{lit but well mad# man, with a face of considerable intelligence. and hi* bearing is gentlemanly, though cool and reaolute III* eye Indicate* apaMionate disposition, and hit habit of command an an officer, ha* glran him a aomewhat arrogant manner. As a stranger in the city, 1 waa attracted with the crowd to the trial, and tha raanlt hu b??u ao different from tlie expectation! of the public, thst if you please, I will trouble you with the particulars Th? trial waa had before Justice Marvin, of the Supreme Court The caee on the part of the people waa managed by ex-Attorney (Jeneral Barker, and the prisoner'a counsel were the lion Mr Kill more and Mr. Taloott, who, I understand, to be the sou of the late 8. A. Taloott, and an eminent lawyer of the Lrie bar. The caee made ont on the people s part wax clear and coooiualve. The teetlmony showed that this voung man undertook to revenge himself for a fancied inau't offered to htm in the column* of the Mcrtiitr, through an article describing seme action of hit at tL? Amerlcau Hotel in Buffalo Mr. Jewett swore Uiat tha man came into the office and calling him one side, asked him if he held himself reenoaaible for the article to .which allusion waa made. Jewett replied I do. Hillock replied, " then I hold you responsible."' and ihrowingoS his cloak, pieseuted a pistol aud fired. Tbe contents lodged In a poeket book whioh the witness had in hts left pocket, aud tbe prisoner wheeled aruiiud and walked slowly froai the offiee He wss soon after arrested by an officer, and the pistol taken trum hlin, whinh was produced in o?urt. Serrrai witnesses were called, who oarrnborated Mr. Jswett's statement, aud after showing by a surge'.u that if the kalis (three In number) had not been arrested by the poeket book, they must Inevitably hate [.nr.etrated tne groin and severed an artery, productive 01 almost an | immediate death, tba District Attorney rerted his 3ERA 29, 1847. euae. The defruue introduced witnesses to show good character. composed principally of th* o fleers of the Michigan, and made no attempt to deny the om? on th* part of the people. The prisoner. It appears from their tl testimony, I* the eon of rer# reapeotabU parent*, and p< ha* served on various utotioni In different parts of tbs u "orid He bad maintained a very fair character, and g> wm a good officer This was all tbey bad to say for him, gi though Mr. Klllmore tried bard and ingeniously to make ci out a otu of aiuuiult with Intent merely to wound. Tbe ol oasa was argued to tbe jury by Messra. Barker and F ill- r? mora, >nd submitted, after 'a charge from the oourt rt No human befog imagined that th* jury would haeltat*. j hi but up to the time of this writing. (7>< o'clock, P. M.,) tbey ar* shut up In their room. They bare now been I a out six or sev*n hours, and tbe reault will probaMy be a , bi disagreement i oc It is understood that they hare gome diffloulty in de- . fr termiuing whether Mr. Tollock intended to kill Mr Jew- , m elt or merely to wound him. A gnntlemeu learned In gi tbe law. tells me that the indictment was for an aeaault | ci with intent to kill, and that under this the jury cannot j tv find bim guilty of the int*nt to wound or loalm, there Hi being no such obarire in the oacer I tt Army lnUlll|?iiM. I>ieut. Wright urn veil at Detroit from Milwaukle, on ' tbe 'i'id lnat, having Id charge a company of U 8 recrulta. whom he waa to conduct to Newport, Ky., and then return himself to Milwaukee to resume hi* reerult- i ing rervlcea. t John W. Kau If man. reported aa wounded at Mexico, waa formerly of Danville, Pa., and a aon of Goorge Kauffman, Esq , of Montour, Columbia oounty. Kight line looking men, enlisted by Lie?t. Thumaa Duncan, of the mounted rifleman, at Springfield, 111., arrived at St. Louis on the JOth lnat. They will prooeod at once to the Barraoks. Col Riley, who so bravely distinguished himself In the late battles, was severely wounded in Florida during the Seminole war. and was afterwards promoted for his bravery and good conduct. Gen. Scott is over six feet four inches high. G?nB. Worth and Twiggs. Cola itarney and May. and Major Lally. are ull six feet or upwards, and like Krank Granger, " well proportioned Colonel Doniphan atands six feet two, and so f ir as altitude is concerned, the poet, Captain Pike, might pass for a twin brother. Pretty fair specimens of the " perfidious Yankees " Major Wade, of the Taylor Guards, second regiment, remains bare to reerult for the regiment, having authority for the same.? Cincinnati Commercial, 'Hth in*I. \avnl. The sloop-of-war Albany baa dropped below at Boston, ready for sea, bound to the Gulf of Mexico. Miscellaneous. Mr. Clay returned to Ashland from his late visit to the Virginia Springs and Cape May, on Saturday last, lie is in the enjoyment of exoellent health. W.W. Irwin, late ( barge de 'Affaires to Denmark, arrived at Pittsburgh on Thursday night last. Mr. George Hubbard, Jr., aged 2'J years, of West Springfield, Mass , committed suicide, on Thursday, by banging himself in his father's barn. He was Insane. The trial of if arris, for poisoning his wife, was assigned for the present term of the court sitting at Keene, N. 11. The indiotment, with other papers, was stolen tlrom the Clerk's office, the night before the oourt met, but at the request of tbe prisoner's counsel, the trial proceeded. A fire occurred at Jamestown on Friday la>t. It originated lu Messrs. Kenton k barker's Tannery, and immediately communicated to the cabinet shop of the Messrs Breed. The total loss is probably near $<1,000. Messrs. Kenton tk Darker ase partially injured?Messrs. Breed not at all. Greatly to the disappointment of Richmond, the stockholders of the Louisa Railroad Company have, by the overwhelming vote of 1,048 to 78, adopted the southern route via. ChartottsviUe and Rockfish Gap, aa tbe line of I extension of the Louisa Railroad to the west ?Rich.En| quirtr, Srpt. 27. There Is a projeot on foot for untlng Middlsbury and Burlington Colleges, andoalilng tbe institution the University of V ermont. The State of Arkansas Invites emigrants to oomn and take lands whleb have been forfaited for taxes, and no payment will be required for them The auditor, upon uroof of settlement, will make a valid deed to the seLtler Communication *u opened between Cincinnati and : JefTersonville, through House's Telegraph, on the 'iJ(l t Instant. The Southorn telegraphic wires continue to b? useleni to the preen and business community, owing to a break, supposed to be somewhere in the vloinlty of Bush river. The western line resumed operations last evening.? Philadelphia ledger, Utth inn. A mob congregated in Cincinnati, on Tuesday night of last week, and attacked a house, driving the inmates out, and breaking the furniture to pleoes. The Providence and Woroester railroad was opened on Monday to Milville. On the 'J4th inst., the cars from Zenia, Ohio, were detained by running off the track, and turning completely over, fall of passengers, all of whom were Injured more or less, some very severely. A blast was made on the llth inst., at the Gneiss quarry, of Hon. Oeorge O. Leiper. Ridley township Delaware county, Pennsylvania, which cut out a block of the following dimensions:?Depth, 13 feet U iBcbes; width, ftO feet at one end, and 24 at the other; length, I exteriorly, 14ti feet; interiorly 110 feet liy a rough estimate, the solid contents may be set d iwn at 7.i 000 1 oubio feet, with a weight of 3,770 ton* The bore was thirteen teet deep, two inches in diameter at the bottom, and two kegs of powder were employed At last accounts Mr. llunhanan, the emigrant agent nt Quebec, was very ill with the prevailing epidemic, (ship j fever.) There was very little hope of his recovery. Mr D. In the son of the ex-consul in this olty, and is a gentleman much esteemed. i On the 11th inst., there had been a rise in the Arkan) sas river of I'2 feet Russell Cady has been convicted of the inurder of George Man waring, jr., in Chenango county. The wharves are preparing and coal is being received 1 at the depot for the Cunard line of steamers at lersey I City. Soma $100,000 are to be expended on the works. | All the tribea on the frontier, so far as we hear, are I living iu great peace and quietness. The new Cohasset Light House, which will so much benefit vessels bound to this port, has been commenced by the contractors, Messrs. lavage and others The drilling of holes in the rocks for the posts which will support the superstructure is a tedious operation, and Is rendered more difficult from the fact that every storm sweeps away the derricks and other machinery Muoh of the work has been underlet by the chief con traotors, and it Is hoped that era many seasons have passed, its beaoon will rise to warn the storui tossed mar- i iner of the dangers near. It will be a wild and dreary spot upon the stormy nights of winter, and one would think it would be difficult to find an occupant for the bouse when completed. And yet It Is stated that there are already Qfty applications for the berth.? Boiton Journal. ( trosh Imposition.?An individual named Chase, has recently made u tour through tinnorthern part of the Htate of New York, representing himself as employed by the agent of of the fitctorie* at Lowell, lor the purpose of engaging thirty yonnj women to proceed to that city, there to he employed in said factory. Several of these persons so eugar{ud arrived In this olty. within a few days, and have gone to Lowell, but upon application to the aforesaid agent, have been told that he knew nothing about the matter ?they must go to Mr. Cha?e Last Thursday evening, three young touiales, arrived by the Western road at the depot of the Worcester Railroad, In company with < base, who procured a carriage and went In company with then toa hotel. These went entire strangers in tul* part of the oountry. and also to each other, and had entrusted theircheoks for their baggage to the earn of Chase ? They last saw their trunks at the depot, and the last that two of their number saw of Chase was at the above mentioned hotel. The trunks belonging to them con talned their clothing, and also nearly all their inouwy. Hearing nothing from < ham*, they came to the sad conclusion that they had been imposed noon, and two of them, fortunately having sufficient money to defray their necessary expenses back, concluded to return home, whioh they did on Saturday. The other, not being no well provided for, went to Lowell on Krldsy, and upon callllng at the Agent'* office, received the name answer that had been given to other*. Madly dinappointed she took the ear* on Saturday morning for thl* city, and among the passenger*. discovered the men who had *0 deceived her. On arriving at the depot, and . making enquiries of Chase a* to her baggage, (among 1 which was I > in money,) and In relation to her pro- j mlsed employment In Lewell, he told her to wait where she was for half an hour, when he would return, and | " make all matter* right.'' Thl* wa* In the morning j and the poor girl waltad at the depot until half past .1 1 o'clock in the afternoon, wuen she was oonvinced that j he had indeed been the dupe of a base hearted Impostor. The money which she had by her was all expended, with | the exception of solitary tw?irty-flvr ceut pieoe. and I feeling that *he mu*t do something, she knew not what > she found her way to an Intelligence Ofllce, the keeper of which took her all. and promised her "a situation She left this place, and by some mean* found her way to the office of the City Marshal, when >he related her " plain unvarnished tale." In tone*, the truth of which, could not for a moment De donbted; and she wa* kindly ( provided with a temporary home under the chargw of benevolent p> rsons. The trunk* of the two who return* | d in bitter disappointment to their home*, also contained small sums of money ?Button Journal, ~iTth iflit, Yankkk ENTKRrHiHB.?Among the fir*t Ameri- j cans who entrrcd Vrra Cruz, on ihe crsauuon of hoftllHIaa, *h tba owner of h *mali achooner from ' down ant.'' than anchored off th? harbor II* might be km-ii making bit way witb breathloM boat* to oua of th? baat hotel* in the city upon entering which ha vociferated for the' Inr'ilnrd That important persona^* obeyed the call on the loatant, but in evident trepidation, a* a u>atter of oouree; when the Yankee, in a aharp accent, 1 whiob conveyed the idea to th? uninitiated Mexican ' that hi* eafety w*? in implicit aojuleecenca, tbua aocont ed him "(want tbi* eatabiiabment. house, lot, furniture, and every thing aa It atandj. What 11 ya take for it ?" The Mexican, nappy to be permitted the privilege of naming a price at all for property which be luppoaed to be at tiie mercv of tb? eneuiy, named ?o inuoh a* ha judged he wanted to put a r?*p?ctahl? dlalance between hiai and " In* Yankee*." ' It * * bargain !" *hou>d the down *a*t?r, aa he commenced nhi liing out tiie money " And now. my friend, (ha added,) what in the leant p"* ible time It will take you to clear out." lie wa* told Ibal half an hour would anAcn And In half an hour, accordingly, oar fnend, the Yankea. waa mixing Julepa ana ntlieiwlM mini(t*r)ngto the comfort and accoiuai'*dation of bia countrymen In particular and the public in general .?Ntrftlk Htrald. ii n i . 3 LD. PrlM Two Utnti. The Klfrtlim lit tH-. IT nit ml iutM. IKt i-n th? (,onl>a Dkilr Vt?i | One of tW MrioiktUr .?u\. o u ,,f ,?> ,ur H4<a * la le LnttH.1 d by wnmh (.it ivr.v.ui itc >f p ulUu it jwer i* b iQiiio i fr icn oo? to lb* o;ti ir ->'t?i, t - nt l-i iiHt partle*, appeiri ti h? i.t p-., p, ueml opinion tbrjut iout t'n (Jata-t *, th? 0 mr??ion?.l el?ctloo4 ??. !n p-n->u * | ,.7. A j,. ile<l majority to the *li< or f?d?r*i pir-.y ii ;a, rAHHinbl/ Ifthielf l )r.ilbjlyt>?r )u{a ?i>i iiutint iu thii m'>ol ti l the approtihiu { ,!? j.di ; > a n >und, another *tep in the trvufer of ftn it > other m i* will probibly tie then in i le In the Sonet-*, however, the leu >cr4*U j>i".y retain! powerful m\J<>'l{7 Thle et?ti ?f iff ilrt r^ nln lj on ? # j.v little th? actual working of p.Vl'.oil oviuuutkon* >rreepon'lt with the theoretiatl ?u?t of tbui whi atne I hold The founder* of the U jitei dtxi-n ^itnrarot looked upon the *?D*t?? or upjer h iuiei of tU t ie Ut.urrH ae a meaue of itapoit-tf a ohec* up n thi pr-pituuoy of popular legleUtiou They Wjr-? to be the impi-ri"! arl#tooratl?, or conaerratire ?le.a?nt of the late aud Cnogreeeional LeKi?latur<M How it nay be la >? Stave ^overnaieote we are not Dreptrod to say, bat i in.. I .K.. a ?- i * -? ? 1 ? ratio, *? the House of \s?mibly appears to bo In ft Mr *y i>f tMOomiug the ya-m-oonsarvative bo J/ Ameriiii conserve' iiui it so tu*rif akin to ?uropo.aa radio*! i<a. iLa*. many of our readers aught so?rd?ly reeogniaa le cU.m of ;he whi* or federal party to th< former apljet, but in the l'nited States It U considered, and ?onier* ittalf. M InM lntens< ly popular than iU rival It i not (lilH'iult to dinoover how tha ultra-radioal ptrty im?s to preponderate In the Senate, an t the leas axreme parly in the Houn of Assembly Tho States Mod lombers lo tho latter in proportion to their population, u the former ovary State hus an '<|ual nurnlm of repr*>entatires Consequently the opinion" wbloh prepondeate in the densely peopled Slates of New KngUnd. NaW fork, and I'hiladelpbU, (in the settled parts of tha two iit-s,) with their largo capitalists and highly-aduoated l.isses, ure represented iu tha House of A*??cnhly, tha ipiuionN which are most favored by the h*rdy backwoodsuen, amoug whom Keif reliance und equality are the or ler of tile day. are entertained or professed. by tha maority of the Senator* As a conservative body tha 8?nite hue been a failure lti< real use in the constitution j[ tho I'nlon in to m&iutain tha equality and ludepanience of the (mailer States against the greater. Iu so far an the general policy of the L'nited State* la itoucerned, the periodical transfers of power from the deraorratia to whig party produce little effect Both aru In reality democratic republicans in priuolpla; both are loyal tu the I'nion. und lake for their motto? Our uountry, right or wrong " A whig President, even were tie backed by whig mijorlties in tho Senate and House of Assembly at Washington, w >uld find an exouse for parlevering iu the polioy of the present government towards Mexico. Indeed, even if the next Preaidant is to )e cboson from the leaders of the present opposition pary, be will have to deal, in all likelihood, not with tha Mexican ((ueatiou, but with its results upon the internal irganizatieu ot his own uountry. There can soarcely be h doubt of (ieneral Scott's reaching the city of Mexioo J most unopposed, aud there dictating a peace Tho inited States will obtain a ceaaion of California and <ew Mexico, whioh tho arms of L'nited States emigrant* rill make good The arrangement which will be adopted espectlug the coast towns on the Oulf of Mexioo, at irusont occupied by Americaif troops, Is moraproblemaical. But thii dlHirult questions for the next presidential government will be those which rtiate to the organisation of the new territory. The peculiar views of thn Southern States on the one hund, ami of New England >u the other, will here Interfere to complicate party raatlons, if not, indeed, lo break up and entirely change .hose which at present exist. These aro matters which oonoarn tha United Statsa ilone If any other nation could bo conceived to have my interest affected by tho Mexioau war, all of Ihum lave tacitly waived its consideration. And aa for tha iftor-cousequeuces of that war iu the domestio politioa >1 the Union, they are no couoeru of foreigners. With all these doubts aud objections, we are not boa.lie lo the principle whirb tho laud company professes, t would be well if a larger number ?f persons had an in.uresl in the laud, for many reasons, economical aa well is social. But wa do not think that artuana in the larga .owns would form tha most successful of eottage yeomen, >r thai, a lottery Is the host method of pr^wuriug tha ineaus of settling aa a freeholder. On a future occasion We mav take an oonortunitw t.n vn/miM wk-thu* th- <>l? mot ol the various schemes to which we have referred may not, as far an it ks practicable and desirable, be carried out by simpler aud more eftlcaoloux meanu than thole ul political associations. I.NCKKA8K OF SlIKKI* IIl.'SBA M?KY I.N THK OHIO Vallkv.? We hnve rend u serfcti uf very iniereBflog communications published iu the National Inltlligtnctr, Hud also mum interesting articles iu that valuable agricultural work of Mr Skinner, the' farmer's Library? each let devoted to the subject of sheep husbandry iu the southern portions of our country. Tliesu artlrles are indicative of more attention being given to this branch of business than hitherto; and demonstrate. too, that larger profits are to br realised from this business Earther south, than those of mors northern latitudes of >ur couutry, where, hitherto, the most attention ha* w?n iH-stuwed on the subject by our farmers. h?v?ral pears past, attention was first attracted to this subject, ?nd it appears uow that, as the experiment has been triad Further south, it has proved successful and probtabl*? l>rotltu.ble, not only because as we proceed south lh? waricth ot climate leu*, m the attention which is required to be given to the sheep In the severe winters of the North, and where the expense of feeding is a great draft uti the profits, but also because lands are found ' wlnently adapted to the business, at one-twentieth the COet at which ihey can be purchsied in Verra?nt. Massacbu-etta, Stc. We are informed urn some few oears pu*i. attention was directed to the hilla and valleys of the Ohio, In Kentucky, and, on curefm examination, large bodies of land were found which *ere but little used, of vary low price, and were deemed much better suited to the business of sheep husbandry than thuae lauda where it ty most exclusively carried on, farther north The ollmat* wilt Sound so comparatively mild,that the sheep would require but little or no rare in winter; the soil was covered with a luiurlant growth of grass and vines nearly all the year, and protected from the winds aud weather ny trees, t lie experiment was tried, aud proved successful. a niiiiioei of extensive sheep huibau.linen drove out their Hoc (* of sheep from V ermout, and have Iteen fully satisfied As thes? facts have btcome known in Yankow Land, and among oar own people, large holi?aot land have been bought up, with a view ot belug converted into sheep farms; and quite a number ot persona an arranging to drive their flocks to the Ken. tj hills, on or near tne \ alley of the Ohio. We are Informed that lands have been louud peculiarly suited ta the business, and having Ul tin* advantages above hin'.rd at, for which the farmers have paid not over f .' an acre, and Hold their land in the north at %Ut to jh -thua, beyond the advantage of position, deriving, iu the difference i > price, a sum large enough to greatly Increase their Hocks Some sheep farms, we learu, are now in sucoeisrul progress, and slocked with sheej of a class equal !q jnality to any In the world. indeed, we learn that ib a Kfock is sought after every where. The farmers n(tged have, in the product of wool incraase of Soots? avlngs of expense?had their moat sanguine exportation* realised The consequence has been, that as th? above l>erainn known more farmers of the North have directed their attention hitherward, and are preparing to drive their sheep to thia valley ?Our city, under this influence, is likely to have a large increase of the wool business from the Ohio. What Is rather lingular is, that lauds should be fonnd at such a low price, mi or contiguous to the Ohio, and with* In a day's run of a steamboat from Cincinnati. Without other knowledge. It would lie suppoaed that for timber alone, lauds ou this river, for present or prospsatir* use. would command a much higher price. The incraaa* of steamboats is steady ?their number will never be i?aa than now. Tbe deiuauda tor fuel for theae ateamera ot the Weat, Hrq making aad havoc with the forests along the rivers. A careful calculation ota skilful engineer baa inmlf this demand <-<|ual to Id.iiO.OUU corda per annum, a demand which, if near correct, will yearly iwm|i oil large loresta. lessen the supply, anil Increase very much the value prospectively, ol the timber lauds near any of the atreauia We are pleased to learn that many of tba sheep farms now In operation, or preparing for toe asms, are no near our city. Thia being ibe beat market for wool, anil ao accessible, will reap advantages largely from tbia Increase of busin?aain thin vallny; wbilat the fact of ita being ao good a market and so accessible, will prob?bly Increase attention to this valley for this purpoae ? Cincinnati Gatr'tr. Tuk Stoujc.?The line storm, as it is termed, which had ttrrn brewing for ?onie days, commenced on Maturday In earnest, with a rtrong north Mat wind It rained In the afternoon.continuing all night, and the weather was not at all Improved yeatarday, wbeu the rain aubeidrd into a cold dritcle. Higna, awninga, and window bltuda, yesterday moroing, l>ore testimony to the severity of th<i storm We hava had no ntua from the routh aioce Haturday morning 1 be day train by the way of .New Haven, due on Haturday evening. au4 two of the three uigbt Unas from New York due yesterday morning are behind band. Some paaaengera arrival in tbe city yesterday afternoon, from Hartford and SpriugOold, by a special train i be atorm was severe at Hartford on Haturday, tbe rain fell in torrents, and alter twelve o'clock the wind was very high Home of lha bound vital l?Tt thai oitjr iu a /r-irfbc train [or S|>ringtl?M i>n Saturday afternoon, u.? i?maind?r t>y ? ipeclal train In the eveulug.^nd nil remaiuvd la Mpriogfleld ov?r night 1 he uobl? ?uaiu-r Buy Mate loft New I ork at her unual I.our ou Saturday tluruvon, kbelioou about lift* 11 milea out, and R-fl it*atn at haifpul two yeaterday morning she lauded h?r iweogrra at hall litrur abwut nail paat two, sua Ibey arrltod her* about *ix o'clo''? l?nt mr-Dlog Button Couriir, 'ITtb MM ( The aehr. Sarplu?, of Bristol, Ma , Capt. Newbert, frooi Waldohoro', ifttb lont, fur Boaton. with a oargo ot HO oord? of wood and bark, and BU<.' dcien of egg*, auohored off Strawberry Hill, Nautaaket, yesterday morning At II \1 , tli? gale Increaied to nuub au e&lMbt tuat ?U? dragl-l anhore on Long Beach, and aoon after became a ooui plete wrick. The <-Uic?r*, craw, aud lour paaavngrra, were taken off by the lite boat from Hull The British MBr l-oaUa Wniard, ? apt CaMle. frem John N. B . for Moatou, with wood, want on tbore an I A. M , on Hunday morning, jurt below fcaeWrn Lignt, Ipuwlcb Tha crew were aared, and the *eMe| win probably be got off. On Hunday forenoon, a large whip waa Men In fearful proximity to thi* rock* off t'ohaeoet Hbe managed h ?eter, to put about aud get to (ea ?Hoiton Krrn?ni; iniI'lltrr, S- pi, $1. A oolony of Hollander*. amounting to about 1,000, hare puT baaed two entire townahlpe in Marlon county, Iowa They bring their own mei-nanlca ?n<1 arti?aitf with them, and ha?e ? 'leclad tbe ?lte for a town tti '0| 3,000 mora ar? eipecteU to Join them by neit ?prlB?

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