Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. Xin. Kg, ?58_Wtlol? It, ?M. 1JIH8T DIVISION NKW VOKK STATE MILITIA.? 1 DIVISION OKDKKS N*w Yoai, 8?*>temb?r II, 1MTThe unnniformed Militii of the City of New York, twhieh embrace* ill the able bodied while mule citizen* between the Met ol li And |5 year*, who have not commuted, and who are not member* of an uuiform compauy, or exempt by law) wil' take notice ol the followioK re?ime.ital order*, to auamble lor company parade and martial ei?rci*e, on M?ud >y. die 4th of October next,at the time and place* therein *tated, m compliance wuh *u act of Jie Leui*l?iure of the Stale of New York, entitled "An art for the o'taiiizition of the Kir*t Division of the New York Srate Militia," (u*aed May 6lh, 1M7, aadthey are hereby notified <>f their enrolment I 'orpmatid ,nn of BrK*de.<, Regiment* and Corapanie* nm turret on ollicers auu nou-coiniuissiouau ulDcera ol each uui?irm?il ecnpur, to attend the parade iu nuiform or tiiidres*. Subalterns and non-commissioned officers will aid (lie commandants of companies in the exercises of the day. No person will be permitted to leave his company without permission of hi* commanding ollii er until sun down. Pursuant to and act. each coin maud iat willnlftx inch penalties for offences ami drlioquenrif j 11 |U<- atatute requires, opposite the uame of tlie person so deliniiueiitor otfvudiin;. A Court of Al<|>eala for etch legnueiit, to hear excuses. will he held at the time and place united at the eud of the Regimncnl Order*. By order of CHAKLES W.SINFOHD. Major Ueaerai Commanding. H. C. Wktmork, Div. Inspector. SECOND REGIMENT N Y. S. MILITIA. 4th akd 6th wards. fur II ant to the above Div aiou Order* and to* act therein t-ulioned, the u mini formed private! of the several companies of tliii regiment, will assemble withiu their respective Company Districts oil Monday, the 4th day of October next. at It o'clock, A. M., for Company parade, inspection and martial exercises. armed and equipped according to law, at the pla?es Ue.ii?iiated for each District respectively, u follows:? Company A District?Joseph Grain, Commandant, within a line boundiiiK Spruce, Cliff, Hagne, Pea!I and Chatham streets, known as the First Electi n District nl the 4th Wa?d, opposite shak?pfare Hotel, comer of Duane and William sis. Company B District?Alexander t.'aslla, Convnandent, with n a liue bouiiilinn Kerry street, Peck Slip 8ou h. Housev-lt. Oak, I'earl, Hague tuid Cliff streets,known as the Fourth K'ectiou District of ilie 4th Ward, at the corner o< Dover and I'e ir| streets. Company C District?Thomas W. McLeay. Commandant, withiu aline bounding Rooievelt, Front Catherine and Oak tieels, known as the Third Election District of the Fourth Ward, will assemble at the corner oT Oliver aud Oak streets. Company I) District?Alexander Eagleann, Cominuidant, w ithin a line bounding Chatham, Pu irl, Oak and Catherine streets, known as the Second Election District of the 4di Ward opposite the Catholic Cliutch, James street Company E District?Hubert .McLeod. Commandant, within a line liouudiui; the Park, Chatham street, Pearl stieet and Bxoadway, known as the First Election District of the 6(h Ward, will assemble at the corner of Centre aud Duauestreets. Coinpauy F District?Wm. W. Parse I Is, Commandant withiu a line linuiidniir Prarl. I'entre aitl < anal streets and Broad way, known ait the Second Election District of the Ith Ward, will asiemlile at corner of K'm and Kriukliu streets. Company U District?H-nrv I'n no in, Com*nai.dant, within a liae bounding Centre Walker, Mnlberrr, Chatham aud I carl streets known a* the Third Election District of the 6th Ward, will asserifble at the corner of White aud Centre sts. Company II District?Alexander McKenzie, Commandant, wlMunline bounding Chatham. Bowery, Walker and Maihery ?tr eets, known iu the Koarth Election District of the 8th W d, w i'l^Hemhle at the comer of Bayard and Mott arreeu. The KegrTHPulal Court of A|i[>eala to hearappeilt from Tinea or penalties. imposed. will be held at the Centre Market Drill Room, on Monday, October 18, 1847. at II o'clock, A. M. Uyordir of ? AL&X. MING, Jr. Colonel 2nd Hrg't. T1IIIID REGIMENT V. Y. 8. MILITIA. 1st and 2d Warm. In compliance with the abore Division order, and the law therein referred to, the uuuaiformed privat-s, members of the several companies o! tins regiment will assemble in their respective company districts, on Monday, the 4th day of October nest, at 10 o'clock A. M . for company parade, inspection mid drill, armed aud equipped, according to law, at the placet designated lor the following districts, viz: 1st Company (A) commanded by Capt. John Jagels, and district bounded by Nassau, Wall Broadway, Uector, West, and Liberty streets, will meet m Liberty street at the corner of Greenwich. 2d Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Labau. districts bounded by .Massan, Maiden Lane, South and William ttreets. will meet in Cedar at the corner of Nassau st. 3 J Company (C) coinmtjded by Lieut-command int D. C, Vaughaa. districts bounded, beginning at the Batterv, by Whitehall, Marketlield, Bftwd, Wall, Broadway, Hector and West streets; to the U'ace oPbeginuiug, will assemble on the Battery opposite to Greenwich st. 4tli Company (D) coinioanded by Capt. Henrv C. Miri, district bouud'd by wall. Broad, Marketfield, Whitehall and Fearl s's will assemble on Hanover fquare. ith Company IE) commanded by Capt. S. 8. Parker, district bounded by Wall, 1'earl, Whitehall and South streets, will as scmble ou the Battery opposite to Kront st. belt Coinixuiy ( K) cjinina .ded by Capt. William Serrill, district bounJed by Broad way, Turk Row, Spruce, William aud Liberty streets, will assemble in rfie I'ark opposite Beekmau street. 7ili Company ^(J) comiatuded by Capt. Hichard Rayuor, district bjuuded by Maiden Laue, Liberty, WilliaitH Fulton and Somli streets, will assemble iu Piatt, at the comer of Uold street. tttli Company (II) comininded by Capt. Joseph Lonati, district bouuaed by Fulton, William,Spruce, Kerry, Peek slip, and South streets, will auemble iu Beekman itreet, the coruer of vv illiam street. The Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from line* or ucnalties imposed, will be lietd at St'iueali s. 131 Fulton street, on Nlouday the 18th day of October, at four o'clock P. Al. By ordor, 8. BROOKE PusTLEY.Col. Commanding 3d ttegiinent N. Y. 8. M. * FOUllTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. Uth and 16th Wshdj. Piinuniit to the above Division Orders, aud the act therein mentioned, the nuumformed privates of the several companies of this ttegimeut will assemble within thei. respective Company Districts ou Monday, the fourth day of October next, at 10 o'clock A. M , for company parade, inspection, and martial esercise, armed and equipped according to law, at the placea designated for each district rcsi>ectively as follows, ?ii: 1st (.Company District (A. Troop! commanded by Capt. Edmund Cliarle, Janr., aud bounded by Huustou, Wooster. and Fourth streets, 8ixth Avenue. Carmine, Bleecker, and Hancock street*, at the coruer of Thompson aud Fourth streets, hglst ou Fourth street. 2d Company District (B. Troog) commanded by Capt. Oarret Luerssen, and bouuded by Hous:ou, Wooster, Amity, and Oreat Jones streets and the Bowery,at the coruer of Mercer aud Amity streets, right on Amity stieet. 3d Cotnp uy District (Company A.) commanded by Lieuteuaut (;ommaudant John ftowler, Janr., and bounded by (treat Joues, Ainity, and Wooster streets, University Place, Konrteeuth street, and the Bowery, at the corner of Wooster street and Waverly Place, right ou Waverley Place. ltli Com piny District (Company B) commanded by Captain Peter Ferher.aud bounded by Fonrth street, University Place, Fourteenth street and 8111I1 Avenue, at the iutersectiou of the ceutrc walk, luuuiug North aud South with the North walk of WiuluuKtou square. 5th Company District (Company C ) commanded by Lieut. Commandant Jacob 8climid, and bounded by Houston, Mulberry and Uroome streets, and Broadway, at the coruer of Crosby end Prince s'reet. right on Priuce street lith Company District (Company D ) commanded by Lieut. Commuud.iut Patrick Murray, aud bounded by Houston, Mulberry aud Broome streets, antl the Bowery, at the corner of Mottaud Prince streets, right on Prince street. 7th Company District (Company E) commanded by John II. Miller, aud bounded by Broadway, Canal, Ceutre, Walker, Orange and Broome streets, at the corner ofOrand and Elm stieets. right on Elm street. - - " I.j u.. Uttl UumiMliy UlUriCl V,l,OIII|WIV r ) cuillllinuucu ujf unimuu Edward liiucken, mid hounded by Walker, Orange and Brnouie streets, and the Bowery, at the corner of Hester anil Mulberry streets, right mi Mulberry street. The ltrgimeuul Court of Appeals to hear appeal* from fine* and penalties imposed, will be held at Constitution Hall, No. CM Broadway, 011 Monday, Oct. 18th, 1817, at 5 o'clock, P. M. By orderof CIIAKLE8 YATES, Colonel 4th Itegt. N. Y. S. M, FIFTH REGIMENT, N Y. 8. MILITIA. 8th Ward. Pursuant to the above Division orders and the act therein mentioned, the umiiiifortned privates of the several companies of this Krgiinent will MMftto within (heir respective Company districts, on Monday, the 4th day of October neit, at 10 o'clock, A. M., fui Compiny parade, inspection and martial exercise, armed aud equipped according to law, at the places ileaicnaied for each district respectively as follows:? The 1st Company district. Company A, unoer command of I :apt, Ileinecke, and bounded by Droadwny, Canal, Green aud Houston st>., in Mercer st., right on Prince st. 'I'll*- 2d Compaay district. Company B, under command of I,leut Meyeiholi, and bounded by Ureen, Canal, Laureusand Houston sts , in Wooster St., right on Prince st. The 1(1 Company district. Company C, under commtnd of Capt. llowald, and bounded by Laurens, Canal, Sullivan ana llonston st> , in Thompson st, right on Prince st. The 4th Company district. Company L>. under command of C ipt Hwartzwalder. and hnunded by Sullivan, Canal. Watts, Vane* and Spring sts vin Watts st., nght on Sullivan st. The5th Company district, Comptny E, under command of Capt Bojiport, ami hounded by Hnllivan, Spring, Varick and Houston st., in King st.., rig it on McDougal st. The 6th Comiiany district, Comp ny F, under command o( Lieut, Ehrman,aud bounded l>y Varick, Walts, HuiLsou and Jioiiiiioii Sly. Ml nuiK si- riKin "III THII'K ?. Thc7(h Company district, Company G, bounded by Hudson, C.uial, Greenwich and Houston sts., in King st.nght on Hodton it., and tiff under the command of Lieut, rhirman, who i* hereby detailed In* Ihnt purpose. The Ith Company district, Company 11, hounded by Greenwich, Canal. Went mid Houston it., in King it. right on Greenwich st.. and he under the command ot' Lieut. Kust, who ii hereby detailed for that purpose. The Regimental Court of Appeals to heur appeals from lines or iiennlties imposed, will be held at Centre market drill roem oil Monday, 23th Oct. next at 4 o'clock in the afternoon By order of ANDBJCW WARNER, Col. ith Reg't. SIXTH it EOT. N. Y 8. MILITIA. Tmi and Fifth Wa*ds. Pursuant to then bore Division orders, and the Ae.t therein inentioued, tlie nnnniformeu Privates of the sereral Companies of this regiment, will useinnle within their respective company districts ou Monday, the 4th d.?v of October next, at II o'clock, a.m.,for company paiade, inspection, and martial eiercise, ?nned nnd equipped according to law, at the placea designated for such districts respectively. as follows:? Company A?Captain W. S rsficis.coininaiid.uit, hounded by Liberty street, Broadway, K niton street, West street, at Kui ton, opposite Church st. Co. D?Lieut J. Adam, Milderbergrr, Commandant, bounded hy Kultou, Br<naw%y, Murray street, Greenwich street, at button, comer of Church street Co. C?Lieutenant W O. Dunham, Commandant.and hounded by Kulton street, Greenwich street, Keade street, West street, at Chambers; corner of Washington street. ("a. Il?Captain James W. Karr, Commandant, and bounded by Murray street, Broadway, Itcade st, Greenwich street, at Mtfrray street, corner of College I'laee. Co. K?Lieutenant W. A II inch man, Comnandant, bound#|| hv IImu^ Itrnnflw IV VrmiUin tirf l>t. HllfldOIl It . at rial nil' of Had ion M, corner of Duaue >1. (;?. K?Lieutenant W. H. Walker, Commandant, bounded liv atrret, HuiUnii ?treet, Beach treet, West Mteet, at mde of Hudson troct, comer of Duaue street. Co. >?Captain William Chalmers, Commandant. bounded he Franklin street, Broadway, Canal and Lamlit street*, Had* ton street. "t Hudson strevt, at Ht John'* Park. Co. II?Captain Juliu Orejoitr, Commandant, bouuiled by Beach st/ret, Hudson atreet, Laicht atreet, Oiul atreet,West street. ?t Hudson *1, opposite *k John's Park. Appeals will be heard at Thomas Kiley's house at the corner of Wr at Broadway and Frauklin atreet, for Couipamea A and B on Friday, Oct. ISth, at 7X P. M. For Combines C and D on Saturday, Oct Itth, at the Mine hour. Kor Couipauiee E and F on Tueaday, Oct. Itth, at the mine Kor Companies Q and H on Wedneaday, Oct. 20th, at the Mine hoar. By order of WILLIAM DODOK, Colonel tth He*t. N. Y. 8. M. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. V. 8. MIUTIA. 7th ?hd 10th Warm. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the Act therein mentioned, the tin-uniformed privates ol the several companies of tins Kepiint'iit will assemble within their respective com I any districts on Monday, the ?th day of Octobef nett,at It .'clock A M . f?r emwpnny i*rade, ln?|*ctiiwi and martial cirri iae, armed Hnd equipped areotdin* to law. at the placee E NE NEV and Knim wvfti Raft n?w; will p?r?4* m M-mm* m. rickI oa Tike M, ??d I* cuauaaadad bt ? a?* TU M?m TlwM CiwMiyPWmiifcutoi fcr Ra?*??a, vum nd Onm* ?r*?ta aa.t tm? n?ar: w.ll W ???*-< by W?. H Williiuaa, ? A will pmfc la Maar<? m. Um ri?lM ?a Jtlltnoa ?t. IdComt-uiT Dtapm. baaad.d kr t nWiw.Di > ? Mm frrtuid Mid una w?ll ka t.-aaarfH b? Limi UnJlM.n *I.Ln?W,ti.J Will |ata<? ia llaan <. Ut* r'V(jl?Jomi*?*v Piltrwi-liwifi b? laiiiit, Grand and M?di*?a trM'H. w ill b? r.?awi?idrd by < ? < i lu< W. Haith, aad will na* ? ll?an M. Uw n?hi aa ?. hatoa idfft. 4th Connar D?a?fi???Raandad br Di*i?i<*. Norfolk Oraud aad rtdndg* will ba c?an?J(d h? < ,?*.a Janet L. W?a*li, aad will |<?f*4a ta Ore hud ?(. (Im ?(ti( aa llh Compaajr Diatnrt?Bnaadad br 'b? l"W?fT, <Irtad Eliindir xad Dit lama himi, will b* m->a? dad br *' ! ? ia llvrmH l.nulr?l aad will luait w i ,,- ji.? .. .L. ? Wtlktr at. , Tih Cmimt PwBin-lmili* bv NmMI. Kumi?. Allru au'l WriUMl iiitni . will be imiiwiiM fcr < ni?k . William II Uii4fihill.niJ nil ptiad* u Oiclaaid aoeei. the ' right oo Broome iiiffi tli Coiapaa/ l)iiuiM-lii*aM kr the lunrtr. Hum - I ( > . Allen *i"<i Grand atreeu . will he cuminuilril bt I !?>? i Henry C Mhaniway.and will par.ide m Be. one atrret ike | right on ('lit)iiii ilirM. The Commandant of tin* Kegtiaeni will um4 u the Vet ccr llonae, (comer of Mercer and Iiiniiw iirrru) urn SI ?m ! the 2.'Hh ol lictober, ll?7 at 1 o'clock T M , a?d ? ill ihee *a4 ' there hear *11 appeala that U*a* be -de to Ufl Ml the > ? ion of any fine tir penally uuuM ta> person or inriMiN I rolled1** un-auifurined mrm'*n of th.? regiment BV order of ANDHLW A TJHKMNKR. Col. Tth kiiMM. KIGHTH RKGIMRNT N Y MILlTIA. HlHANDliTM W*BD*. Partnnnt to the above diviooa orders and live art thrrei menlioued the no-amforwieil private* of ihe aevrral mim ihih of tin* rent meal will aaaemble withia their ie?(m Urt?iH*|.i*v diatricUon Monde y Ihe 4th day of October n?it.-al I* o'clock. A- M .for enrnptav l*?rade. impaction and murtnl etvreia*. armed and equipped according to law, at the place* deaigaated for each diurict respectively, a* follow* (?mt?ay A, Capt. Weorga I.yon*, commandant, al the cue- I nerolClintnn *nd < rrand atreeu. Diatriclboauded by Noifotk, JUvuctoa, Riilget ami pivUraa Mmk Company B, Captain June* I'nce. c unrnuid tal, al the cornet ol Grand aud Sheriff *treett. Thu di*tr>ct it hounded by Unite, I annon t (land aud l)n laiou afreet* Company C.Capuiu M M Vaa Dyke. iMwiaaudaat. al tha corner of (loerck aud Grand *tr<et* 'I hia diatrict i* hounded by Grand, Camion, aud Riviimion *treet*.ai,d ilie Kaat Ki??r Company D. Captaiu J.ime* Little, cotnnitudaal. al the corner of t'ltt aud Houitnu atreeu Thi* dialricl I* bouuded b) Kiviugton. Clinton, Hoimou and Sheriff afreet* Company K, Captaiu George B. Bowue, commandant. *1 the corner of Cauuou and Ilonatnu atreeli Thi* diatrict i* bounded by Rivington, Sheriff and llou*tna *traau, ana the i Ka?t Itiver. Company F, Lieuteuant Kdinnnd H. Wet m in commandant, at the corner of Fifth atreet *nd Arena* R Thu di*mri i* bounded by Hoaaton (tract, Arenue B, Ktlth (treat, and the Ka*t Kiver. Company G, Lien tenant Alvah T Canflcld, rummaa'laal, al the comer of Seventh (treet and Aveana B. Thi( <<i*trici ta bounded by Fifth atrett. Avenue B, Niuth dreet, and the JCaat Kivar. Company II, Lieutenant Jame* H Oyar, romman Jant, al me corner 01 Avenue u ana Ninth streets. I lili district is bounded by Ninth street. Arena* B, Fourteenth street, and the Knit River. Appeals will be heard at the Military Hall, No 193 Bowery, on Friday the lith October, HIT, a> follows:?Company 8 o'clock, A> M.; Company U, at t o'clock. A. VI ; Loinptay C, at 10 ofclock, A. M ; Company D, at II o'clock, A. >L, Company E, at 2 o'clock, P.M., Company t, at ) o'clock. PAD Company O, at 4 o'clock. P. M.; Compear n. at 4 o clock, P. M. By orderof COL. J. W. STYLES. NINTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8 MILITIA. 17tm Wars. Pursuant to the above Division Ordera and the act thereia mentioned, the unnniformed privates of the several companiea of this regiment will assemble within thei. res|>ective coim*ny districts on Monda/, the 4th day of October neat, at It o'clock, A. M., for cony.iiiy parade, inspection mid umtial ever cue. armed and equipped according to law, at Use place deatgnatea foreich district respectively, as follows 1. The district of Company A, commanded by CapU'u John (' Helme, and bounded by the Bowery. Kiviugtou, Kldridge, First avenue and 8econd street, at the South East corner ol Houston aud Christie streets. 2. The district of Company B. commanded by Lieutenant Comm't Stephen H. Cornell, and bounded by Kldridge, Kivington, Ksses, Avenue A, Second street, and First avenue, at the South West comer of Houiton and Allen streeta. 3. The district of Company C, commanded by Lieut. Jacob L. Se'oriug, and bounded by Esses, Hiviugtou, Clinton, Avenue B, Second street, and Avruue A, at the South East corner of Houston and Norfolk streets. 4. The district of Company D, commanded by-Capt. Charles T. Bulwinkle, and bounded by the Bowery, St-coud street, First avenue, and Sixth street, at the 8 -uth East earner of Second avenue and Kourth slieet 5 The district of Comiwuy E, comma ided by Capt. Marvin H. Pitman, and bomded by Firstavenue, Second street, Ave ue B, and Siith street, at the South East corner of Avenue A and Kourth street. S . The district of Company F, commanded by Capt John N. Hay ward, and bounded by the Bowery, Math street. Avenue B, Seventh street, Avenue A and Eighth street, at the South East corner of Second avenue and Seventh street. 7 'im._ .4... 1? tl >*.. * u .-1 A 11. Thompson, aud bounded by the Bowery, Eighth street Avenue A, aud Tenth street, at the South East corner of Second avenue and Ninth street. 8. The district of Company H, commanded by Capt. Henry B. Melville, and bounded by lite Bowery, Teeth street, Avenue B. and Fourteenth street, at the South East corner of He cond avenue and Twelfth street The liegimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from flues or penalties imposed, will be held at Military Hall 191 Bowery, on Thursday, the 21st of October, 1147, at 11 o'clock iu the forenoon. By order of E. JEHUr, Jr., Col. Gomm'g 9th Regt. N. Y. S. Militia. TENTH REGIMENT N. Y. S. M. 9th W*?n. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the Act therein mentioned, the ununiformed privates of the several companies of this regimeat will assemble within their respective compt nv districts on Monday, the 4ch day of October neit, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for company parade, ins|>ectiou and martial exercise, armed and equipped accordiut to law, at the peaces designate! for each district respectively, as follows 1st District, company A, bounded by the Hudson River, Hammersly, Bedford aud Burro * streets, and commanded by Thomas Jones, captain, at the north east corner of Hudson and Leroy streets. 2d District, company B. bounded by Bedford, Hammersly, Hancock, Bleeckerand Carmine streets, Sixtli Avenue and Barrow street, and commanded br Henry L. Hoelzle, c iptain, at the north east corner of Bleecker aud Cornelia streets. 3d District,company C, bounded by the Hudson Itiver, Barrow, Hudson and Ferry streets,aud cntasanded by Henry limner. enptain, at the north east corner of Waslaugtou aud Amos streets. 4th Diurict. company D, bounded by Hudson street, Barrow street. Sixth Avenue and Amos at., commanded bv Cornelia* Clark, ceptain, at the north east coruer of Kourth aud Christopher streets. Siti uistnct, eompuny t., Douuuea by (he Hudson Hirer, Perry, Hudson and Troy streets, and commanued by Jamet M'Orath, captain, at the north eait corner of Washington an Bank atreeti. 6th Dutiict. Company F, bounded by Hudson, Amos, Factory, and Troy itreeta, and eorniri inded by Jamrs H. Undue, Captain, at the North East corner ol Fourth and Perry strrets 7th District, Company G, bounded by the Hudson rirer, Troy street, Eighth avenue, and Fourteenth street, and commanded by Cornelini Vanderveei. Captain, at the North hut corner of Oree <wich and Horatio streets. 8th District. Company H, bounded by Eighth avenue, Troy, Factory and Amos streets, Sixth avenue and Fourteenth St., and commanded by Jacob Kaynor, Captain, at the North East corner of Seyen.h avenue and Eleventh street. 'l'he Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from flues and penalties imposed, will be held at the Northern F.iclnnge. No 273 Bleecker street, on Fridsy, the 2?d day of October, 1S47, at 7 o'clock in the aftemoou. By order CHARLES J. DODGE. Lt Col. Comin'g 10th Rcgt. N. V. 8. M. ELEVENTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 16th and IIth Wards Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the act therein mentioned the ununiformed privates of the several Companies of this Regiment will assemble within their respective r umpanv districts, on Monday, tfie 4th <<ay of October next, at 10 o clock A. M.| for company parade, inspection and martial exercise. armed and equipped according to law, at the places designated* for each district respectively,as follows:? 1st. Company District of Company A. commanded by Capuin Robert . Fraser, bounded by the Hudson River, Fourteenth street, the Eighth avenue and Nineteenth street, on the the corner of Fourteenth street and Eighth aveuue. 2<l. (jOmi)MV Dofrirlnfrnniiiant R onmma?i4?l John J. 3mvail, bounded by tV>e Eighth avenue, Fourteenth street, Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, on the corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. 3d. Company District of Company C, commanded by Cap tun John seulert, bounded by the Hudson River, Nineteenth street, the Eighth venue and Twenty-eighth street, on the Corner of Nineteenth s'reet and th? Eighth avenue. 4th. Company District of Company D, commanded by Captain Fiederick 1'iessiiecker, bounded by the Eighth avenue. Nineteenth str'et, the Sixth avenue, and Thirtieth street, on the comer of Thirtieth stre< t and Eigh'h avenue. Jth. Company District of Company K, comtmuded by Captain John MrMnhon, hounded by the Hudson River, Twentyeighth street, the Eighth avenue, Thirtieth street, the Sixth atruue and Fortieth street, on the corner of Tweuty-eighth street and the Eighth avenue. 6th. Company District of Company F, commanded by Captain A. Henderson, bounded by Sixth avenue, Fourteenth street, East Iliver and Niueteeth stteet, on the corner Fourteenth street and H ith avenue. 7th. Company Dtyrict of Company O, commanded by Captain 11. V. Harileuburg. bt unded by the Sixth avenne, Nineteenth street, the East River and Twentieth street, on the corner ol Twenty-Sixth street and Sixth avenne. th. Conuiany District of Company II, commanded by Cap tain John r. Ellis, and bounded by Huth avenue, Twentysiith street. East River and Fortieth street, on the corner of Twenty-sixth street and Sixth avenne. The Regitaeutal Court of appeal, to hearappe <ls from fines and penalties imposed, will be held at the Madison Cottage, corner Fifth arenueand Twenty-third street, on Monday. <iie llth of Octoberat 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Byorderoi' ROBERT C. MORRIS, Col. llth H?gt. N. Y. 8 M. TWELFTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. IJTH Wa??. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the Act therein mentioned the an uninformed privatesofthe severalComianies of this Regiment will assemble within their respective compnny <<istncts, on Monday, the 4th day of October neat, at II o'clock A.M.. for company parade, inspection and inaitial e?ereise, armed and equipped according to law, at the places designated foraaeh district respectively, at fo lows: ? Company A, Captain Vincent, eominaadant, bonnded by 4th avenue. lV9th street, 8th avenue and 86th street, at N. W corner of 4th avenue and 86th street. Company B, Captain Rett*, commandant, bounded by 4lh avenur, HarlemRiver and Kills. East River, and 80th street, at N. E. corner of 4th avenue and 86'h street. Company C, Cant. Mayher, command int. bounded by a line running iBe west from the high bridge, the Hudson river, Spuyten Duyvel Creek and Hatlrm liver, to the high bridge, on Kiugsbridgeroad, opposite the high bridge. Company D, Qnpt. Prndhomme, rnmm 'ndant, hounded by the Stli avenne, Win st, Hudson river, M inhattau st, and 125th st, at N W cor. ol tth avenue and Wth st. Company E. Capt. Avezzana,, bounded by 8th avenue, 8mh st. the Hudson river, and 40th si, at N. W. comer ?th avenue and 4#lh st. ... Company F, Capt. Wilson, commandant, bonudad by 4th aveaue,40th st, Sib avenue and 86th st, at 8. W. cor. of 4th avenue and Mth st. ... . .. ... Company O, Capt. Reynold*, commandant, bounded by 40th it, F.aat river, 86th st. and 4th avenue, at 8. E. cor. of 86th st and 4th avenne. _ . ? . . . . . Company H, Limt f .omdL Avres, Commandant. bounded by 4th avenne, Harlem Rivar to High Bridge,thence due west to Hudson river,and along said rivi fto Manhattan street, 136th iraet, tth avanne and 13*h itreet, on l?th avenue, near Tnaity f'emetery. ? . _ , ? _ . Appeals will be heard at No 143 Faltoa ipeat. New York f 'lty, on Taeeday, tha 13th, Wedaesdav. Mth, and Iharsday. thr llth #1ayi of Octohtr ntil. bttwtta th? ho?rt of 12 M. mi * h *" ""'ilNJAMIN W. ItWIgg . I? 19M W YC V YORK. THURSDAY M< The War. wriu-A* affairs. |r?,?tb. \Va?blo?V.a I'aloa, 9a?t J?.1 i? th? \?w mall ha? failed tbU a?anlnR- protaMy la eoaar <ia?ao* of tb? haary rata* and high wa r% whi-h Bit* ( >. roa,t< to Alabama almost Impaaaa?t? < atiall dra* upca lb* other fuada which are with oar r?aeb Wa b*f? aeeu a l-ttar from a* ofllear at Vara Crui of b? *ih laat, vfciafc atata* that IW; vara " without aojr hint mor? from W?a Hcott," but that tt wan tha opln >a af l He n<*t iau>iltcent wrltera from Mexico, that *?*n .ill n.l_ ? iw..*. thit hti n?unt KHMtloa iMMtt urfw blin to *ach * meaaur*," m hi* utlt tllnaatlii a(ilul ut tUanitl to put htm down ? lb* put of PiiatNN YaUaola-"both of whom ha ltd declared natlawe 1". that lher? were on tha beach U V-n t rui a<>in* I WO troopa. with which tt la underrtood '< ol<-a*l lluger will <o toward* Jal?l> t with hU MWM'I. anil Major had not left there when aat heard tr<>m (Tha Xun ?f <4h*Am?c aay* that the Major lari th? ra ) Tha health ot the ctly la ImpiUTiu| Bjr th? t <th of thia month a heavy blow from.tha Hirlk ta atway* ri|wt?l, but the northern do not rrguarly "iuu?ni'> until the lat of October " We have il?o rn iiif 1 tha Vara < ru* J*un ?f Jln.ihutr of tha W I aat from which ?? make a few fitncti a* follow* I1" aiHki Imiiuuim k -Wa liaf* received a lattar rri'iu ooa af tha moat reepectabla inhabitant* of tha city >f Maliaa, wbo write* on tha i#th Wegiva tha lattar al a ha>? reeelved It. aa tha tource from which it conn nee 1* no teaaniti: ? Mnuo, Auguat ifl. 1847 Hnari Kiitor* Tha Xun of Anabuac haa touud IU My to tlii* illy of Mexico and I have now a copy of it. ibaflrst I h?ve had tha pieaaure of aeeint I wilt uot aay a word of tha In tarsal I taka In tba lucre** of your papar became thar* la no lima laft ina for compliment*. .Not being nijialf an \marioan. 1 cannot, like theia, re)a4aa la Ua iiaUirlw thay hove gained over our unl<>rtunata country All hope* of ittr Mopping that atreamof victor.** ta luat.aud unfortunate Mrtico will hare once more to give way to powrr and atrrngtb ' A law mnmeuta are laft to me to write, and for that rawaon I will make my lattar aa abort aa poaaibla ? not formatting, however, any item which may b? ol Interest to you On lha lath, lien Worth, in command of lien Soott'a advance encountered lha advance el the Mexican armyKroto that moment conaldarabla aklruiiahlng enaued until the f' I: o'clock, M , whan tha Americana came In tight of oar work* near I oalrtra* They than aa uulted our work* and after *lx houra hard fighting, lliey lefi our troopa Mill In full poaa<-a*l<>n of their poallion The Americana then withdrew and bivouacked la sight of our army. aa night kid e?m? on. K.arly In the morning of the mh. after night of hmry rain. the operations were again resumed uaTxith sidaa Our main batterlea at Contrcras were stormed tnd taken by the Mneiirans afler a short but terrible struggle; and, I am sorry to be In the neceeeit* of nay tog it. Valencia'* army waa obliged to fly toward* tba city, baring left behind btm about I ,J00 priMioirt, and no lesa than IA pieces of artillery Among tba prisoner* war* liens lllanco, (tarda. Salas, and Mead< ia I waa among the last wbo laft that *pot, and therefore I have had a good opportunity to see all 1 now relate. The road along which our troop* tied waa covered with our unfortunata dead and wounded. among whom a large number of offloers are to be counted; and I do not hesitate to aay, that I aaw at leant 700 of my countrymen dead, and double that number wounded. In the field! All our ammunition and camp equipage waa taken by the American*, and a great quantity of uur musket* waa abandoned on the road ' We arrived at Man Antonio, where *trong work* had been omisfe'iioted. and were again attacked by the Americana. W?t however, aoon abandoned that poaition, with the loaa of two piece* of artillery. General Valencia then ordered ua to tall back upon tha main work* at Churuliuaco, where the conteat waa ag?in fiercely renewed ; and, after aome hour* fighting, the whole were taken by the Americana, and our force* retreated la aome dinorder to the city. Our foroea amounted in all to from lit 000 to JO,000, and It la reported that the Amerloan force* which engaged ua were only six or ceven thousand I cannot tall you the oorract loan which our troop* *u*tained. Many of our general* have be?rf lout; a Loo 4A pleoea of artillery, and an iinuiesit quantity of amumtion. The loss of the Americana cannot fall ahort of 1,100. An armistice waa agreed upon on the J.tJ. aud corninUslonera appointed on both side* to negotiate. The following are the prisoner* made at Churubureo : ?General* Anaya. Klncon, and Ooro*tiia. Oen. Krontera wa* killed at Contrera* We are Indebted to our oanaulate at Havana for manuscript copies of some of the Mexican document* Hut the following 1* the only one which we have not already publi*hed. It la Ueneral Balaa'* account of the great battle: ? Department of I far and Navy ? Section of Ojitralioni? Jlrmy of Me North ?Second (Jen*ral-in-Chief. Most;ii i 8m?On the lUth instant, about IJ or 1 o'clock, I'. M., tha enemy appeared, a* if with the intention of attacking the poaition occupied by this army on the heights of t'ontreraa In the moment we began a Very *teady fire of artillery aud musketry, successively, as the enemy preeented himself in Uurvarioua point* sustained by uur troops, and we succeeded In (topping blm in *areral plaoea, until night put an end to the fighting, in which all the claaaea of this army gave proof* of their gsllantry and the decision with which they sacriflocd their lirea in the defence of our nationality; but on the morning of the ioth thank* to the bad position we occupied, and the careleMaeu Mid to the movements of the enemy to surround us, we were routed in all directions l?y more than ? <><? men ?the 3.000 infantry that were placed in *ne point, which waa surrounded. When I obaerved the dispersion of our foroea, 1 tried all I onuld to (top It, and crying ' Victory for Mexico," at time that the bugle founded for slaughter, I suoceeded In stopping It for a moment, and ordered (ten. L)on Anaat?alo Torrejon to charge with hi* command; but this chief, Instead of obeying my order, fled cowardly, and the cajralry following hi* example, trampled on the Infantry, and contributed to the complete rout of it. It would appear ridiculous to make any recommendations of those who have been present In an unfortunate battle; however, I oannot help mentioning to your excellency that I am nerlei'tl v natistied of the ir&> ml tenacity with which the chiefs an J officer* of the several corps tried, even iu themidst of disorder, to reunite their force* to reiist the enemy, who wera hotly pursuing us. This conduct,ot served by them, preferring to be mad* prisoners before abandoning their soldier*, will always do them honor; and for this, I think, they axe entitled to the consideration of the supreme government, and the gratitude of their fellow citiiens Hi* excellency the commander-in-chief. Don (labriel Yalencla disappeared from amongftt us at the commence) ment of the action of the i#th; and I. not knowing bU whereabouts, have thought it my duty to address your excellency, accompanying a list of the chiefs and officers who are prisoners in this city; another of those who were wounded in San Angel, and of those known to have been killed; another list of those made prisoner* in the action of Churubusco;? all of which I have the honor of manifesting to your exoellenoy for your intelllgi-nce, praying that,on communicating the above to his excellency the President, you will please manifest to him the total indigence in which the prisoner* And themselves an having lost everything, and the American Oeneril having given orders that they be maintained by the inhabitants of this city, which it destroyed, they must perish In misery, if their government does not supply then with what they are entitled to, and which their actual *lt nation and the well-deserving oonductthat ha* distinguish ad them, energetically claim. I reiterate to your exeellenoy my roapecta and particular esteem (iod anil LitNBftV. JOSK MARIANO SALAS Tulpam, August M, in 17. To his excellency the Miaiitii or War. It if a copy.?Mk.ih o, 'J4th Aug 1h17 MAN'L MARIA DK SANDOVAL [From the New Orleans Delta, Sept. ai J We learn that one of the Mexican prisoners now In euroit7.received, vlaTanipico, by the last arrival a Utter torn a friend in the city of Mexico, dated on ill* after noon of the 98th, In which it l? elated that Urn lapedrs had entered the city or Mexico with a large force, and arrested Santa Anna and Imprisoned him In th? rarer! San J ago. We give the report for what it Is worth, neither denying or endorsing Its truth It is by nomrans Improbable, as I'aredvs at the last accounts was at (he town of Toluca, near the capital, ready to take advantage of any mis-step ol his old enemy r>r any ronfneton in the capital, to regain his former position and lndurnM In Mexico. The temper of the mob is admirably salted to such a movement. At our last accounts they were uiuoh Incensed against the Americans and Mania Anna, and were ripe fer a revolutionary demonstration I'arrdes is ju*t the man to snatch the golden opportunity and profit by It. He would no doiiDt rally all parties around him, and arouse a warmth of i?*l and enthusiasm which it Is vain for Mania Anna to endaavor to excite, lie I* a man of gallant, dashing and com manding address, and will no doubt attract the general confidence of the multitude. II* comes, too, undrr circumstances which demonstrate his sincerity and patriot lain. At the darke*t hour of bio couutry a hiatory. when her powerful enemy ha* *ra?p?*d her bojj In bla rni/Jiiy talon*, and t* pre**lng them home to ht*r very h?rt

when foreign armiea environ her .Htatea. an I foreign fleet* blockade all her port*?than It la the gallant O * UxMdalnjar* leave* the courtly eirciea ?f l'arl* and Madrid, and forgetting the recent ingratitude and harahneaa of bia oountrymen, ruehe* to iter aid la the hour of advrralty and peril There la certainly in thia aome of that aplrlt, lor example* of which w? ara not wont to look to the Mexirana May Dot thia aplrlt prove contagion* and infuae a little more vigor and flrmnora Into tha Mexican realatance to ?ur anna' | ft-li very oertain that, even if the movement referred to | by u* ha* not been made, that I'aradea will not delay ' long In raialng hi* red banner and rallying an inauirec. tionary force around It If he do,,a *<>, we con*lder the seriou* difflcultie* of till* war conirtnii-f then If we were to aueceed in making a peace with K?nt? Anna. Taredea would immediately overthrow that chlefUio and organ!** a party which would war again-t u* a* long a* aaingle American eltitea could be found >< ??' -f tkf Sahme. It would ba the " wa- of Texa*," aa tbi* war waa atylrd at it* commencement How long It woul 1 laat, and how mnch annoyance, loa*. and Injury aurh a prolonged and lndecialve border war w.iul j produce to ! our country, may be Imagined by thoae who are furniliar with the obstinacy of the Mexican*, and the pariflo cba- ! racter of our policy and Inatltutlon* tV a fee tut one mode of avoiding tneae aerlou* ovlla and ending thl* war It la by occupving the country, and organising a government, which, from lta central poMtlon, and our other advantage*, can red nee the Mexican* to on* or the other of tlie*e alternative* -ft fatlifactory and eouolualve peace, or tha continued occupation and poaaeiaion ol I be aountry IRK I ORNING, SEPTEMBER 3 THE I.ATB MKXICAN liATTLKN. C The following account of tlie late battles of Contreraa tf and ? hurubuaco is taken from a letter from an officer of ,\ the U 8. Army, a Virginian, who participated In the ?, deadly oootliot The letter U addreaaed to a friend at g home. It li dated:? a Mrticoac, Three mile* from the ) it City of Mexico, Auguat 36,1847 $ e My Dear , We have met the enemy, and he la f, ours Santa Anna haa been completely outgeneraled, it nd though hia men fought like devila, oura fought like ti angela. vVlth an army of leaa than 10,000 men and o 27 plecea of artillery, we have beaten Santa Anna with i about 36,000 men and 100 pleoea of artillery, behind well- I conatructed fortification* Kach knowing that victory e or death would be hia fate, the flaming cannon'a mouth n had no terrora for any. Our men oharged batteriea, ahot r down the caunonlera. routed infantrv nn<l turnwil thu enemy's own cannon upon thy in with n rapidity and itn- } petuosity that nothiDg could resist; in all cases led j by their officers. Of llfteen officers in our regiment, < rlitht bavx fallen; five killed and three severely wounded, j We have lout at leant l.(MK) men. but we havetakeu near h Ml pieces of artillery, wbioh irntkes us strongur than be- c lore our low. The city in at eur feet suing for meicy; j but what the solilerhas no well done, the diplomatist j may ipoil. < An armistice has been concluded, the terms of whioh | are, In substance, that hostilities shall cease, to be re- ' newrd at the option of either party at 48 hours notice ; j that free trade shall be allowed with the olty to supply i the army with necessaries; that no officer or soldier other ( than those connected with the i|uartermaster's or com- | missary department Is to enter the city with or without i arms; that our expresses can pass through the city with a safe guard to the coast, that no new fortifications are to be erected by either party, and no reinforcement to be received by either; that tbis armistice is agreed to, to fire the United States an opportunity of proposing terms of tieaus! 1 am a soldier, and make no oomment^ It li but just"o state, however, that the rea.sons given for this armistice are " that if Santa Anna and his army are entirely destroyed or dispersed, there will be no body to make peace with, that we shall be compelled to assume the government aud become entangled in Mexioan polities, and that such a state of things would be the worst that could happen to onr countryWe are therefore to treat with Santa Anna, and strengthen him as far as it is proper, to enable him to make peace; but wben we go, he must fall, as he knows, ilence, when he is sufficiently strengthened, he may turn upon us again, and fortunecannet always be with us. He is treacherous and unprincipled in the extreme, with great talents both as a general and an intriguer; and though be is said to lie without personal courage, bis firmness of purpose and confidence in himself are absolutely marvellous. Whilst all this is going on, much ot course to the dissatisfaction of the army, our troops are quartered in the little villages around the city, and are auy thing but comfortable. 1 myself, however, with my company, occupy a beautiful country church?the good padre haviug kindly given up bis library to me as a sleeping appartment. At the head of my bed stands a waxen image ef the Virgin Mary, and opposite its foot two figures as large as life, each holding a hand of the iufant Saviour, all covered with glass cases. The books are all theological; and on every side there are images of saints, leavit g, in fact, nothing earthly in the room except your bumble servant and a daguerreotype of Bocanegra, who Is. I believe, a relative of the nadre My battery ha< been much injured In this light. 1 wm ordered to attack,with six lightT>ieces, a fort furnished with twenty-three guns, among them Impounder* hqd three eight inch howitzers, the latter being of the same calibre as bH-lb. paixhan guns. I was obliged to go within reach of their grape to bo felt by them with my light guns, and to open on them ftom the road without any cover for my battery. However, it was necessary to hold the position at all hazards, in order to give tiuie to the storming parties to turn uninterruptedly the enemy'* left. I held my position from two o'olock,?. M , until I was relieved by a brigade ef Infantry, at ten 'clock at night; having in the meantime been repeatedly urged by the engineers and ordered by others to retire, whiali I did not think myself justifed in doing, being better ao>|Uainted with the state of affairs In that part of the Held than others whose orders 1 received, but who were engaged elsewhere. I have the satisfaction of knowing that my conduot met with the entire approbation of my commanding officers. I had three pieces dismounted; the first lieutenant of my batUry, J. P. Johnston, 1st Artillery, of Virginia, killed by my sidetone of the brightest and moet valuable officers in the army;) several privates killed and wounded; and I lost ten horse*, killed or so badly wounded as to be unlit for service. Poor Irons is dreadfully wounded by a grape hot through his neek. lie may recover, tiod grant he msy ! Martin, of the 1st, I deeply regret to say, has lost his arm. I hope be is doing well. In the Fort of Han Angel, we captured the pieces lost at Huena Vista. 'Tis said they were captured by the 4th Artillery, the same Hegiment which lost them. I bo|?e we shall have a peace, but I distrust diplomacy. The Mexicans ought, In my opinion, to have been made to treat, duriDg a light Nothing makes them so much disposed to peace as the roar of our artillery aod the cheer* of our men They will beat us to death at diplo- I macy, carried on in tranquility. 1 hope for th? b?st, however, and am not disposed to condeinu what I may not fully understand one thing la cm tain, tliat the army lute tbe moat unbounded confidence la (Jen. Soolt Ha baa proved himself great In all things Mr. Triat la the negotiator on tbe part of our government, I am told with Ilia fullest powers (Quitman, I'ersifer Smith. and I'ieroa (Uenerals) warn tba commissioners to arrange the term* or tba aruiietlce on our aide?all flgbting men and admlnlatration men I am naturally moat anxloua to return home, and am glad tbere la a proapect of peace. Having participated In Are great battlea, tba luv tba greateat In number*, and perbapa in consequences, yet fougbt during tbl* war, and been engaged in several skirmishes, I am notao ferooloualy atnbiliou* aa to deaire a continuance of the war, when I cannot see that any good la to be attained, otbar tban tba advancement of our own profeaalon. I cannot give you an Intelligible account of the battlea without daecrlbiug our operatiooa in detail, wblcb would till a atuall volume K rum the report* wbich will soon be published, you will gain a tolerably good idea of this short cainpalu. It is sufficient at this moment to say that the city ot Mexico was not so ml fortified in rear as iu front, though strong on both aides, that Gen. Soott amused Santa Anna In front whilst he turned the city . by the left, taking a road some thirty miles in length, supposed by the Mexicans to be totally impracticable for artillery and wagon* We were thu* enabled to flght him with better chance of suocaas A* Santa Anna himself said, ' the enormous rocka we rolled Into the road to atop the Americans, they kicked out of tbe way with their feet, and the deep dltrhes we cut, to impede their progresa, they Dll up in a moment, without* halt in their inarch." AURIVAf, OK <IKN I'BH K AT FOIST I.KAVKN WORTH. | Krora tbe Mt Louis Kepubllaan. September M | We learn from hort Leavenworth, that lien. I'rire, Dr. Lie ( amp, I'nlted State* Army, and others in ad vance of the volunteer* whofe term or service in New Mexico had expired. arrived at that port on tha 17th from Santa Ke They Ml Santa Ka on thn llth of August. proceeding by "any raarthe* to Moro. When they took their departure, all wax ijuiet in New Mexico, tlieu held by three companies ot I nited Mate* dragoon* and threa companies of volunteer* who bad ra-eull*ted. undar Major Walker On the mh of August, they met Lieut. Alien, with ( apt. McNair * company al mounted man, and they anramped together on the Moro Next <uy,c ot Kaaton, with hU battalion of Infantry, reached the ?ame point ; he had with him a large train of gov iment wagons aaV large a drore of beef rattle On tbu I7tb, two companies commanded by ('apt* Shepard and Joues, parsed the camp at tha Moro. where Dr l)e t amp and other* ware waiting for the arrival of Col. I'rice and Mr. Klcb, sutler to 1'rlce's regiment. They did noma up on thl* day Mr Rich had hi* team, wagon, and con tent* swept away, and every thing destroyed, by a sudden and terrible mountain storm, while on his way from Santa Ke lie was *o fortunate, however, as to recover his trunk, which contained a large amount of gold dust, four miles down the mountain canon On the lith, the company moved the ramp three miles still waiting for the volunteers to arrive aod at nt*hl they wera robbed of three animal* Ntxt day. the volunteer* having arrived, they all took up their march for tha I nited States On the joih?we copy from memoranda kept by on* tha company -we encountered ona of tbuaa terrible *torm* which occasionally vlait the plain*, and had to bait and hold our Uain*. to keep then from running away Aug Jl It rained all night, and wa awoka wat and comfortieaa. with such bleating braying, and swearing around us. as Is seldom beard here or any whsre else. Aug ti ?Met ' apt Murphy and Wm Mcknight, traders, with a train of thirty wagons Aug 'J3 Mat < apt. Korpony, with hla company of mounted men, and forty government wagons Aug $4- Met, this morning, two companies Missouri mounted men, and nt one. T' M , encamped with another on Itabblt ear crvek Aug Jt It rainvd hard *11 aa Wht iKa MAfn inw ia aaI.I .n.i rainy, and duplicala oraraoala are absolutely nacaaaary, lurl on CHM^M7 Of Bnuitxl DM villi lilt; t tavern ni*nt tiioni A?| if( lloofc'* MBfUf of liltnnu Voluntaer Inlanlry. Willi a large wagon train YVaalao Met ? '<l Nawfcy ao-l I.tout < ?1 Boyakin Al| ;h Mrt apt kinney wpaty of llitnota Vet , at lha uppar rroaalag withe < inaroaa a lane* (lofiramit tr?h> train with tb?? Aug in- Mrt four root pan to* of I III n?ia VdNlMn under roMiaand of Major Doaaidam. with a t.urernMaal train of vagon*. and four hundred ' .in?w>t rattle *?(.l?nli?r .1 Haarhad lha craving of the Arkanaa* altar *pandtag a com f rtlra* night in lha rain Wa M Tol?ila*r today, while puraulng a buffalo h? wa* froM Mail<>n r?uit; ' aplain korponay Wat two of hi* Man In lha m ma way Sept >lh-i at U'llluak. l>?. Hereford and Mr l?aa. toft u* laat night, with a *Mall aac.urt hoping to r"ach MI??ourt haB>ra Meat nth- Mat Mr < Idatalw, a trader with hi* wt|i*i lie informad u* that ulonrl Hall*, with two companies of Mowntod volunteer* an-l a large <io*erani> nt train waa on the lower * ooa < reek r?ad, a faw Mitoa dutaat Hawt 7th-? otowal frtoa. Major Walkar and Mr Utah, with ? eMail ewaart. turn ed to lha light to lalarrept i 'towel HalU far the pur p<aa of g riling lha Mall The day proved rainy and I her reached our raMp lata Muah fatigued Mept. I Ith -? ol>>nal Inca retired a aowunlaei'o a< brigadier <>an>ral la lha aray. It waa brought by a wagon train and aawl after hiM Una I'llaa, Mr kirh and I'r Da i amp, and a aaall aaeart toft thia day with nrnaiatoM and hiaaketa only, for Karl 1. an* en worth where thay arrivad oa lha 17th, having Mnr?h?d Mora than f ft r Mila? a day for Mora than aaeau day* aad that with llra4 animal*. aad at lha aad of an atghl han lrad niM journey THB I.ATB cm.. riBBCB NOORB WttJIl. (Kroa lha Waafciaftna In ton af *Wpt tl J Tha ritUen* of Boath < amltaa are pa flag aaacy reapaet to tha mnwy of lha faltonl A a liar who fell at tha baUla of t hu.ubuaao f h- ?ary iM.r-etiag | ' Scial iattar* <4 Oaa hhlald* and l.l*ul Utrklaawa . whtoh wa thia Bay lay Mm *wr raaBan t*>m lha | IERA 0, 1847. harleaton paper*, will ?how with what chivalry h? ??t le enemy, and how nobly he died on the hattle-8?ld < lo offlter In thli heroic war, where ao many distinguish * 1 men have appeared upon the field, baa acted re mt loriously than he has done We hava conversed with thi gentlemen who waa a junior achoolmate with t'ol Hut- : eh it, and from him we are enabled to correct mbi of the 1 mi rrora which have prevailed In regard to tha particular cat imlly of hla name to which he belong* Home have ael lentifled him with the family of H K Butler late At- thi orney General of tha United Statea ; other* with that of f (Jen. W. O Butler, of Kentucky; and other*, again. ar< rlth that of K. O. W Bulter. of the :id dragoon* ( ol tin lutler, so far aa is known, i? nowlae connected wifh tin ith?r of the*e families Jamei Butler, the grandfather Hii f Col Butler, removed from Virg*nla (Ksmjuifr or < ul- Or leper.) to ?4gefleld, 8. C , prevloua to the revolutionary eti rar, and aettled on the waters of the Maluda river noi >Vhen tha revolution commenced, he became ?n active loo larusan oil thu whig side In fact. he controlled ami ha lommanded all the whlgs in bin region. and to him ti no ustly and ireatly due the credit of keeping alive the On pirit which finally drove Cornwall!*. Rowd*n, and eoi >Lliers from that part of th? State Capt lames oil iutler (grandfather of the Colonel.) and hi( ion 001 lame* (eider brother of William, the father of the Tl Jolonel,) were, with a number ot other*, finally oauf(ht w> jy the notorious Hill (Cunningham, and *hot. wl William Butler, then a stripling, applied to Col. Ham- w? mond for a commission to ralae a troop to operate wl igalnat the torlvs with which hla neighborhood was pe- in sullarly Infested. His troop was raised, and well did he nc serve his State and country. Oen. William Dutler was lei afterwards repeatedly elected to Congress, and. If we tb mistake not, retired In 1810. In 1818, Mr Calhous. then ec Secretary of War, appointed P. M. Butler a second lieu- to tenant In the army. He waa attached to tbe 7th regi. tl m< ut under Col Arbuckle, and for many years was sta- M tioned at Fort Gibson, where he formed that acquaint- at anoe with the Western Indians which, in later years, tb made him useful to the government In his capacity of ci agent, commissioner, Sic. In 1828 he resigned his com- re mission in the army, and entered the service of his na- w tire State In a few years after, he was elected governor, dl and served out his term with honor to hla State. The tl last scene of hlse ventful life was exhibit* d on the battle w Held ofChurubuflco, where he sealed his devotion to his h oountry with bis blood. Twice wounded in tbe action, d he persevered, until the last fatal ball struck him down f< on the field of his fame, leaving a proud name to his fa t mlly, to hia native State and to his tountry. ARMY. d Lieut. Col. Calhoun')* battalion of mounted men, MM) > strong, and beaded by its gallant commander, unoamped in our vioinity evening before lout, and resumes it* * march toward* Mexico to day Sturdy boy*, these, and t our good luck to them ia wanu and sinoere.?Montgom- < cry (.Ala) Journal, 1 bth init. si Lieut. Wm Hogan, remains at Cincinnati, Ohio, as a a recruiting officer for the 8econd llegiment, and to pick & up stragglers, of which there were about forty?many of p whom have been found. tl t n a v a t. intki.uuence. n Died on board the United Statea ship Supply, on the i'< night of the -J.Hh lnstaut, of consumption. off Sandy *' tiook, Lieut. Hohkkt Kmkktt H?ok, 9- S. Navy, a ci native ef Virginia, aged about 37. This Had event, ft although anticipated, for Mr. 11. had long been suffering * under the disease which terminated his oareer in the *1 prime of lite, will be keenly felt by his family and the tl many friends, to whom he was endoartd by hfs brilliant o intellect, gallantry, kindness of heart, and other gene- P rou* qualities. His writings, though generally anonymous displayed a talent rarely found in one of his profession, 1? while hi* conversational power* will long be remembered a by ail who enjoyed his society. The following line* k written several year* since are characteristic of the man f< and his feelings, and at this period are applicable to his * fate:? d My life 1* like the scattered wreak, ' Cast by the waves upon the shore ; H The broken masts, the rifted deck, " Tell of the shipwreck that is o'er : " Yet from these relics of the storm, " The mariner hii raft will form, , Again to tempt the fkithless sea? j Hut hope rebuilds no bark for me. 1 My life is like the blighted oak, t That lifts its sear and withered form ; <1 Soath'd by the lightning's hidden stroke, Sternly to meet the coming storm : ' Yet round that sapless trunk will twine, < The curling tendrils ef the vine, < And life and freshness there impart, Not to the passien-bllghted heart. My life is like a desert rook, I In the mid ocean lone and drear , I Worn by the wild waves' ceaxeless shock, I That round its base their sarges rear ; I Yet, there the sea moss still will cling? I Some flower will find a cleft to spring, I And breathe e'en there a sweet perfume? I For me life's flowers no more will bloom. [ IVace to your manes, Kmmett Hooe. thy cruise is over. . u Your flashes of merriment that were won't to set the table In a roar," are hushed?thy spirit has wing'd its flight to another world. Oh, may the great commauder at the final u mustering*' day extend his mercy to you, and whatever thy errors were in this life, may he there v proclaim," thy sins are forgiven thee." a New York, Sept. W, 1847. BLUEJACKET. r g The following is a list of the offlcers of the U. 8. ship t ijnrujkuvuwu, unsiiu^ w? wivau (rauuBiit ui <-uul. At. I/, Perry, lying off the Castle of St. Juan de Ulua, Vera Crux, Sept. 4,1B47?all well :-Franklin Buchanan,Commander; Thornton A. Jenkins, First Lieutenant; William Leigh, Second Lieutenant; Henry Rolando, Master; Win F. MotUenahao, Surgeon; Quertln Bus bee, Purser; M. R Kirtzlng, Lieutenant of Marines; William L. Powell, D. B. McCorcle, J. S. Fillebrown, Felix Grundy, Joseph L Breese, Thomas 11. Larkln, Midshipmen; D. U K Gardner, Master's Mate; William Blaok, Boatswain; Wm C. Thompson, Gunner; John (). Butler,Carpenter; George Parker, SaUmaker; George W. Spaokman, Turner's Steward. A letter dated Vera Crus, Sept. 4, states there was very little fever in the hospital at Anton Lizardo,and that the few remaining cases were of a very mild character. Dr. Charles J. Bates, Passed Assistant Surgeon of the steamer Vixen, died on the 'Jfith ult. of ferer. The L'nlted States sleop of war Treble, Com. Shields, was at Callao, August 7th, from California, and would probably return there. The Pensaoola Gasette of the lHth instant says : -The schooner Albert Jlogers, Capt. Smith, six days from Key West, arrived hereon Thursday last, reports U. 8. steamer Alleghany as baring arrived there on the 8th Instant, from .New Orleans, with most of her crew sick with th# yellow ferer. The U. S. schooner On-ka-hy-e, Captain Berryman, had sailed for New Vork. The U. S. revenue cuttcr Wolcott had sailed for the Mlame river. The Norfolk Herald of Friday last lias the following paragraph Professor Robert Grant, who has been for some] days past experimenting on board this infected ship* the Raritan, has, we are glad to say, succeeded In purifying her. She Is now in a condition so healthy, that any one may visit her with safety. A committee of med- i lnl in#*n. fetinninti'il hv irovHrnmitnt. hnv?? inin?rtM.I uvurw part of her, and will report forthwith. Mr. Grant do- | MrfM much credit for hi* fearlessness and Ingenuity Sloop-of-war Albany, for New York, galled from below 1 Boston on Tuesday morning. Mlaccllaiieoua. Judge (iarnier, of PonMcola, committed suicide at , that place on the Kith innt., by drowning himself He , left letters in which he stated that poverty was the cause , which Induced him to commit the rash act lie laid his clothes. In which to be burled, on the bed, directed where every thing might be found, sewed two large bricks , in a towel, and tied to his hack, pinned a towel over his | breast and back, and walked down to the end of the wharf with his cloak around him, and a cap on, and tyln| one end of a rope to the end of the wharf, and the other end around his waist, threw himself into the water, where he wai found the next morning. Jatnei Doty, ex-Uovernor of Wisconsin, has removed to Milwaukle and commenced the practice of law. It i? said that as soon as the fact of the robbery of >1 U00 from Adams fc Co '? Kxpress, came to the knowledge of these gentlemen, they sent a check to the owner of the lost money for the amount, thus taking the loss upon themselves -Halt Sun, Srjtt '28 1 The work on the Houtbport Harbor, (Mich ) is re-com- t menred, on the strength of the loan effected by the clii- , tens, for that purpose The papers say there Is no truth in the rumors re- ? speetlng the sickness of .Matches They represent the olty as perfectly healthy, and business <iulte active. f. Vice {'resident Dalits returned to Philadelphia from '' hla trip to Pennsylvania, on Monday last ' Mr Hwain. of the Philadelphia f.'iifr, has started for , I nglaod on a visit of business and relaxation * It is said that a vouna geatle?M residing in < arrofl * eouuty, Maryland, I* competitor for Koraat'a prize. M An affray ocmrr.-il at l.acnnia. Indiana. on Saturday f< morning iMt, batwaan II ' Mct'lura >od Hqulre Wll- * llama Im?Ui of (hat town, wliioli frullr l in the death of ll thr latter At Nauroo. Ill . on tha night of tha l?th lint , a Mr Talloy ?h?)t hi? wifa by miataka *ha had <|Ui?tlv gona c out and he being nuddaoly wakened hy tha unlaw ?h? P mad* In coming In Bred at and killed her an rh? entered I tha door 1 a Avkmh AH Akfaiks im Knitoi-K.? (5en. Arm iront;, ourconsul ?? Liverpool, who arrived in < tin l?,t?t.aiii.r w now In tbn city, t lr ex pacta toreturn U> Liverpool in a few davit A ?ati?factory arrange Biagl will probably be inula by Major llolibia. about tha v ralaa ou Irttarn arrled out by our iitaaiuar*. Our nun .1 later In l.~nd<>u baa doua everything in hi? power to l>r*n."t' it W* hope to have tba ploaaure, In a few c Uya of laymg bafur" our roadera tha raaulta of tha In- " f roiatKii which will ha collacted by tha two agenta wh m lh< Secretary of tha Treaaury his d'ipatcbed to r f n.-lanj for tba purpoM of iiivaatigatlug tha Kngllatl 'Ti'aM of war>h<>\iaing Wa are happy to laain that 1 j, 1 liat government baa thrown open ita warehouse*, In all r tbalr Tari'ty of detail, afid ({Iran our agent* every fi faaliity in tha progreaa of tbair reaearehea which la oal ulated U? ealighUn ita maohlnary and rparatlon Wo f have no doubt that thaw will bring baek a maaa of Im rx rtant and uaaful information Thay may alao vlatt 11 ?'el*l?im and faria for tha aama purpoee ana arc ?xp?e- ' ted to return to the I nltad ntatea in tha month of Oc- | tokar ? tfai^infitn Vmtn, Stfi M 1 LD. ??- ~~* rrIra *w? UwM. u? Ci?mt CarBff **?i r> n*f,r* Iu<lc* Mward* * .Iw'tnri J ?.'? * 4- c. ? ThU c MM. MklUKf' ' ) -UM.). I/ ..U III r<4IIB><l I, Bfr.iv \f*-r 1'nm.l U|> th- Judp trgt-4 tb- jar* b* * I t b. Mixm u> r*cit ?r d* f' r > < ?' o '.mi . ,, w;nn *. ,-?inB?on rrlri. I'll' ! ? In t.. |?r.. u. h<.l4lBn th*mId out to th* p"Wl? r?M <-?rri*ra. r.njm in lUbl* U> all i?oi*<*# U.?t urn>i>t by th* act public pnrmlM nrl?*?1UbU arrtUnt both of whtrh i bryoo<i th* ec?truJ of mm Th* ,u**t\.?o th*n ft>r l jury to eouMii*r t- ?b*tb?r t tin law*** c?oc urx*d by I tci <>I ITttq vr OJ \UI- ?<" I t?? I n? parilra lD>IU>lTn honor rei ?|-?i mat- I the * t i t Mr Wiuumn. < bitten, aa l the lb* N?? lork.uil fromtbeir Idence lb* IgrtlUhU rwnrlaaion In. that acid" vara Ithei-au.aof the Jimtd' anil that tha jur* mutt k aomrwere rUa fi r it I 'orlor l btiloo thin ka U muA ve twao produced by taUr although btiaji h? illd I think It occurred from ?aJt water barauaa ba dial not il a pufllrlrut 'iUanlit j >( Mil water Ut warrant bin to ma thai r"ii-li??i"U tin ara thru Jrh^u tu conaider t??-r partu "t tha teatiiuony t" ?aa how tha damage vll<1 ur, whether by Ireab water. or by olbar cauaa lara doca not a||H?r to ba an* ??i lance lb at they to damaged by fraah water Tha wate at a tea tbat lan thay wara hit ou tba docka In LI?rpo?l, thay >re placed III a nhaii where no wet could raarh them, aud lan put on board thay wara alowed In place perfectly iperviou* t<> water. from wblcb It mil lb ay OOOfd it by any pool bllllv become wat, from tha ti ma thay rt Liverpool until thay arrived at thla port Thar* W an only ona way laft to aaanut for how thay could torn* wat. Mr Marry, lha port warden. and thraa or ur othar wltneeae# all e*a faring man. bar* teatlfled ut in rough heavy weather whan tba ?hlp la thrown i bar rld? lha watar wlU ha thrown up Ave or ail feat, id by tba preaaure of tha atuioapbere it will ba forced trough tba ceiling of tha abip wblcb U Ilia only way we in account for the watting of tlieae go< Jr and you will member that ona of tba witneaan* u;< that lha bilgo alar will ba thrown out in tbat way but not to auob a iatanee 'I'll* next |Ui atlon yuu ara to conaider, ware ?a goods damaged in thia way. aud if *o, doa? It coma itliln tha exception, that in, did it occur by inevitable ocident. or wu it occaaionad by tha intervention of tha cfendanla and their agunla, if by tba former. lha dajndanta would ba antillad to your verdict. If by tba later, tha plaintiff* ought to recover The jury retired, and after bring out lor a conaideralie time, It wan found thay oould not agree, and wara i.scharged Kor plaintiff, Mr. < baiter; for defendant, >lr. Philip Hamilton David H Niln and othrrt i l Urn II' fruian ?'Thla ran an action for gooda aold aud delivered The plaiuIffa are manufacturer*, raiding at Kaat Hampetnad, onnacticut, and, among otbar thing*. manufacture Leigh bell* On the Mh or November, l*4.>, the defendnt Rent down an order directed to the tlrm of Wililania in ilea, lor a quantity of sleigh bells A short time reviously thn firm of William* St Nile* dissolved, and le firm of 0. B Nile* U Hons *u formed the ?enior artner in the lata firm going out, and tb? junior part r becoming the head of the new firm The order tat tcelved by the new tlrm. and on the H?th day of Noumber they wrote to defendant that the order wa* reeived. would be fulfilled by the new llrm. and the gooda irwarded in due course On the l.ith. the defendant rote to plaiutills, stating that they were not to send the eigh brllN unless they took hurdwaru in payment, and if bey would not consent, then they were to hand over the rder to Mr. William*, the partuer of the late firm. The lalntilTs, It appeared, sliiiioed the gooda on the li>th iovemb-r, the (lay on which the defendant wrote the itter countermanding the order, but the plaintiff* neve? lowered It. The gooda arrived, and were received and ept by the defendant, but he afterward* refused to p?T >r them ezoept by hardware. The delivery of tha gooda rax admitted, 'l'he defendant* counsel opened for the efence, aud called three witnesses In prove that a cus um. or system of barter, existed between tha defendant nd the old firm?that is, that defendant purchased their oods, and wee in the habit of paying for them by hardrare, but they could not say they ever knew more than ne Instance of it. The oounsel for the defence contended hutitan'l B. Nile*, one of the plaintiffs, and a partner In lie olJ firm, was aware of the nylitem of barter, and that iii( knowledge of the faot, coupled with the letter of the 6th of November, bound the new Arm, inasmuch aa hoy might have shipped the goods in traniitu if they lid not agree to the term* of plaintiff'* letter. Mk. Williams, the partner in the old Qrm wan called >u the part of the plaintiff*, and he proved that no such :ustoui existed) that he remembered upon one occasion >uly that deft, purchased a lot of sleigh bell*, and they were paid for, in part cash and iu part hardware. The fudge charged the jury that before they oould flud a verdict for the deft, he should prove to their satisfaction Lliat the custom contended for by his counsel existed between the del't. and the old firm, and that the new Aral >y either au express or au implied agreement, consented adopt the custom. II the evidence did not warrant .heui in coming U> that conclusion they ought to ttnd 'or the plaintiffs. Verdict for plaintiifs, $!>7 64. Kor ilaintiffs, Mr. Win. U. Leonard; lor defendant, Mr. I'owuitend. Count Calkhiia* -This Uav ? Circuit Court?Before udge Kdwards-Nos 41. (il, IIJ, Ida, 10#. 107, 1U0.IIS, 14, ft'.t, H7, H i. ld.t Common I'trui Before Judge Jlslioeffer?Nos. 4, 3, J5, AO, 61, Si, !H>. 76, Hi. ttt, M, <4. Court or Arr>:*i.s?H?:pt. 37.? l.oomis, pl'ff in error, s Monroe, def't in error. Judgment of Supreme Court .(tinned. |Whlt?, pl'ff In error, vs. Sherman, def't In eror. Judgment of Supreme Court affirmed. No. M, Itief, pl'ff in error, vs. Hart, d?rt in error The default aken in this cause on the 8 th inst having been opened, dr. A. Taber opened the argument for pl'ff In rror Mr 8 Stevens was heart! fiir deft In erroe and ?lr. Taber cloaed for pi'fT in error. No. 7. Hoea et. al. ippellAnta. v* Van lloeaen. respondent*. The default jiKhii in thin cauae on the Htb lnat. having been opened. Mr. H Hogeboom opened the argument tor appellant!. M e understand that i). 1). Field. Kaq . of New York, an nominated laat evening by a Legislative lautun of bis political friend*, aw a (. ommlaaioner on Practice and Heading*- to supply the plaoe vacated by Mr Hill. Mr. Field in a pioneer on the ijueation of Legal Reform, and If appointed will co-operate with Meaara. Loo a* la and (t/aiiam. in carrying out the prinoipleaof their Report.? Albany Ere. Jtur , Srpt. l%th. Thk LatkAtokm?Steamboat Travkmjcr.? Ii Ikih alreudy unnnuncrci, sayn the New Haven Journal of the 'JHth lnat.. that the ateamboat Traveller, on attempting the paaaage trom New York, luring the revere atorui on Maturday laat, at the In itance of the pnaaengera, gave up the attempt, and put )aokfor New York But the ( aptaln hoping for a farorable change in the weather, with the advantage of be tide, propoaed to hold on, and made a harbor under .he lee of Harper'a Kerry, near the confluence of the V arrow* with the Sound Here he awaited awhile, for he contingencies that might etiaue In the meantime ime "acrupuloua good men," who alway* know what la >e*t, in auch emergenciea, determined tnat "aelfpreeerration ia the flr*t law ef nature,1' and aa the boat fli 'dating olf to return to New York, Incontinently jumped mt, into the water about up to their kneea, with the derfgn of wending their way. through the atorm, to the larlem railroad, which la about eight mile* dlatant. iV'hat ha* become of them we have not yet heard. The 'eat of the atory 1* told in the following account by a utaaenger who waa on board Ala meeting held on| board the atearaer Traveller, when oil Manila I'oint. on Haturdwy morning laat, it waa Resolved, 'l'hat in the opinion of thl* meeting there a quite a atorm. Keaolved, l'hat a committee of three be appointed to rait on the captain and re<|ueat him to leave Harper'a Vrry dock, our preaont " tie up to,'1 and take the l>oet mmediately to New York. Said committee tvaa appointed, and after waiting upon :hn captain, reported : That he deemed it inexpedient to leave the dock till a change of tide, which would oesur between 11 and 14 o'clock, after which he would proved to New Haven or New York, aa clroumatance* dictate?whereupon, It waa Iirrwuru, I UAt fcMII* UjrrilU^ Mljuurn Ml I 4 O CIUCR. At th? appointed hour th? meeting aaaembled ?The -liairmau not twing found, the necretary took bin pltnu. Upon the statement of a fellow iiumnffur. that th?chairman and hi* Irienda had left the boat for the Harbin Railroad, it wti Iteaolved, That the itnrm in unabated Unsolved, That an the Harlem Itallroail h juat h mil** iliatarit, the chairman and hi* friend* will undoubtedly K"t weary and wet before finding It Ke*olved, That th?*e geutlenien who leaped aehore In two feet water, undoubtedly got th?ir feet wet. Ile*olTed. That a* the *teamer I* now under way to New York, tbl* meeting adjourn Jack Nlt, < lerk. rpO THK DENTAL PROKEMION.?A gentleman JL bavin* a iliorouicli knowledge of Mfrhaun al and Operaive Urutiatrv, u daairona of aaaociating binuelf aa a junior Mrtuer; or a* nil nsamtaiit ill a reiprci .lile eatabliahment in Vew York or na vicinity. Havue bad live veara practical Iixrieace in ibc profeasion, be feels Inmat lf t'oiniwtent to ike charge of either the mechanical or oj-eralite dc|>arlmeula Kor further particulars, addrcaa to J. fi. Riclutrdaoo, No. M niton street, New Yoik. Tha beat of refcreucra given and "1'i'recl. .? Ifm NOTIi. K Tt) .MAKINKHS.?The receut survey of iliu rutranre to Mobile Bay by (.lent. Coin C. P. r*U?r(<>a, 8.N., Assistant in the Coaat Horvev, shows thatihe beat rater in cimsuig the liar is now to be fomid by bringing ami Ui.uid Lmbt House to bear N I!) degrees VV (time) N Sdegrees VV (by cum|Ma>) about a sin i> a length to ihe west rard of the ca*t end of Dauplioi Island Wooda, anil ruuniuK :>r it. Tkia conrte carnea Mi 't (recover tiie bar at mean low rater. 'Ilia bar dee|>eua gradually i>u trie luaide,and rapidly I) 8 lathillls on the aide |<>warila (lie ara. aWdt fli A It. HA'IIK.. Hiipt I'. H. Coast Harvey. JL been er gayed in NUiHKf inrrmalil* and mar nfacta ring oiicerna, in thin city and Boito", I'nateaaing energy .integrity, itennre and reapecrable rnnnnion, with $l?0(i nr tIMMi, caiwl, (?luch rin <mn be nicrcaaed.)* iah?-? to recommence in ibm> tale mhI Incratire hiitiueaa, which will yield a fair rtnin e ration lur hit adrant igea. Addreaa" Merchut" at the lleiId oMrf. i?tl Jt*rc r* 1 ||||/| KKWARU-'lSf ?hm? ainogit it offered for ^ I lilt <i| i medicine lh?t will cure then imtiain, headache, cuta burnt | niaa in llie limba, toothache, ic., in g shorter time thiui i)r TOBIAH' Vnrtimi Liniment, rlm li hat nun (Ailed to cure in our halfth* time ul any tb?r known remedy. 11 is lor tale by the druggitta mid groert hi th a city, and through die country, I'ricea & ainf K> fnta per bottle; depot, 130 Kiillon atreet. Dr. lobias'office i a' three llihttieul, two doors below thr Bowery *39 Mt*ri! IMIKM HVi-. DOLLAR 8U ITS.?OntittiM ol Gi cloth fiock or drcat coata, caetimer* pants and f ??ey t eat; vrtcoats and clunk", with elegant rich linings, (2 to fit each, iiaineta rnata $ 1 to $1; vests ttcents to t>;culi l aid for| gee's lotlinig, rleamiiK, dying, repairing, and altering cheap and uluooable, comer of Nassau and Drekmaii atreeta. at9M*m riv IIOHKH MiDK TlUHT, for 2^ tenia i?r foot, and warranted?Uond Ain't Patent Hydropurnmelic l nent Mhaatning laid o?er an old tin foof will render it perfectly ighi, Are lienor, and perm "-en1 to w ?'k o?ei New 'lank board* corercd for lH cents l er loot arid warranted. Pf 1AM. UOOUW IN, N West Bmadway. nrar Chambarasv t!7