Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1847 Page 3
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F 1+ ~ I Htotieliea OUnMHd Patntcd Gold P?nt?. I,e ><l ;h'(M ?hi> irr iudaced on the rreommen'latiou of their Irieuda. to try the ' HiehelieHa," bceuretocoto H K Wat > *' 0 44 iVillii?etre.t,ooe door below Wall *freel, or J. V H r 91 Kultoo ttreet, they lure lie no In ire tile of thr teuu.u" |m?hi They are the beat and at SI the cteapeat l<eu in f e world ' oumry dealer* aud all ochera would da w llioe*?i?i?? their at <ck bef.ire purchasing ?lae?here, at thei have all kioda of peu? f om 75 ee u, SI. SI ti. <l W til hrr whnleaale or retail. Don't miatale the uunbers. Gold I'eiis repaiied. LndlM and Gentlemen can obtain a fUr education i? three luuntfcj, without aludf oi i itsrference with liu<i t? devoting half au h m dailv at their residei ce or pi icr i.f busiueai. Addreaa ' Education." lower poatoflne. at ?t monky* nakkkt. Wednesday, Sept H0-jS P. M. There wan a Might Improvement to-day In the stock market 'I he sales at the first board were to a moderate eilent, ai d price* (or most of the taucles adeanoed a j fra lioD Treasury .? tea went up % per centj Farmers Loan H. ilorris Canal\; Canton K; Long Island K; Har nui 7j nriuiu| i. inurwion null ?urowuir CIUWU Bl> current yesterday At tha second board the improvement of th morning w i? lort. and the market closed heavy Treasury Note* doclln. d >; pi-r ci-iit; Reading S; Hailem J{; Canton X; Kurmt-rh1 Loan X; Long Island % Reading Mortgage Biu'la adTMboed per cent Norwich and Reading Bond* clotted at price* current in the morning Tb-rti * tt? Hn active demand for foreign exchange, partic ulur y for "itcrliog bills We quote prima bills on London ut Sl4 a -H per cent premium, on Pari* 6f 35 a 6f 2All n'erJam 5<?X a 39X; Hamburg 36X a36 ; BreInou a 79. The tt-utrnl Railroad Company have made their flnaj payment to the Treasurer of the 8tate of Michigan, of the bulanoe due to the State for the sale of the road. The payment amounted to about $426,000, and included some $ 174 000 of the unacknowledged bond* of the State at the rate of $301 73 on a thousand; also, about $6,000 of the Internal improvement warrant. The annual report of the Stonlngton Railroad Company bag bjen made, and it presents a very satisfactory exhibit of the business of the past year and the present position of the company New Yonit, FtoviDincc and Boston IUilioid Co. Tbo business of the Company for the year ending August 31st, 1847. has been as follows Ca<>h on hand August 31st, 1846, $2,484 13 Receipts in cash during the year, 198,707 98 $201^192 10 Kxpendltures for the year, 173,778 98 Leaving cash on hand August 31at, 1847,.. $37,416 12 The following is a statement of the receipts and ex .Wall _ Receipt $. raFinogera, $129,138 51 Freight 67,056 09 K<<uta and Mail Service, 11,309 00 Interest oa deposits, 1,314 38 Total, $ 198,707 98 Showing an increase of $69,866 67 over the foregaing ear. Expendituret. General expenses?salaries, fuel, oil, ferry, bo $44,063 45 Repairs of roads, bridges, engines. curs. &o , including wages ana materials 37,706 63 $72 368 08 New oars 3,372 08 Land damages 2,193 16 Flouting debt due and unpaid Aug. 31, 1846 18,792 86 luterem on bonds unclaimed Aug. 31, 1846 1,616 60 Still unclaimed 36 60 1,491 00 Intercut on bonds the past year.. 36,128 40 Unclaimed 799 60 36,328 90 Faid into Sinking Fund for redemption of bonds 7,840 00 Dividend, $3 60 per share 32,500 00 Total $173,776 98 Showing a deorease of $4,367 46 in running expenses from the previous year. The company has fuel and materials on hand paid for to the amount of $10,410 51, appUoable to the service of the coming year. The number of through passengers carried over the road during the put year, was 91,974 Ditto the year ending Slat Aug , 1848 91 0J6 Increase 948 Local rassengers, 1847 43,771 d" do. 1B4S 37,009 Inoreaae 0,703 Through Freight, 1847 lhg 36,860 -ion do. do. 1840 lbs 23,400,700 lnor?as? lb* 13.443.600 Local Freight. . .1847 loa. 9 037 739 do. do. ...1816 lbs. eemutj Increase lbi. 1,000 864 From the foregoing statements it will be seen that the buniucBS for the year, both through and local, abowa a v?*ry al'aotory inoreaae, notwithstanding the opening In May l>st and suoorssful maintenance of a rival route to JJofltti by Fall River ; and that the company earned an auicuut crt-r and above all ordinary ezpenaea and Intt-reat on ita debt, < qual to within a fraotion of 7 per cent ou it* capital ut $1.300000. Th? road is la good working order, and the work of ri-Uyliiy the entire track with new oheanut sleepers and niud hI.In la et<-adily advancing, 10.803 of the former ai?l 37 400 fret of the latter having been laid down during the past year. Th rureijiuand expenditures of thia company In each of the past two years compare aa annexed New Yoac. PaovinaNcc and Boston Railroad JW tuiit,g J Jug. 3,11. 1846. 1347. Incr. 1*47. ittC ipit. W AiA 44 lOft 140 M it MO 9Q Fie nlU ' 41.79 00 47,056 19 15,60 19 I... t ?. d mills 10 997 (19 11.209 00 201 91 IjUVittt < II d> ixuiti... ? 1,3 4 38 1,314 38 Tcral $134,844 31 198,707 91 59.865 ?7 Exprvdi'ures Grnr.i, uuc< lhoenas eX|i*.?-t viz : imini |f miuig, le.ry . kc ...... . . ... $7S.6"? 44 72,358 98 4 867 46 Eicpm of earnings ovt r ??? >? $82,215 (7 126,349 00 64.133 13 Ttiii hbowi an increase of mora than one hundred per eent in the net receipts, which present* a result highly satisfactory to all Interested. It muit be borne in mind that this extraordinary increase has been produced, with an inorease of only 940 in the number of through pas?f agers compared with the previous year. When the f>rry at Providence is abolished, and the oonnteiion with the Providenoe road completed, the running expenses, repairs, 4to., of the Stonington road will m>t be over twenty-five per oent. of the gross receipts ; it will be the cheapest running road in the oountry, the average being about fifty per oent. It will be seen by reference to the items of expenditure, that the Increased business of the road required an uumual eutlay for oars and locomotive power, during the past year. These form a permanent addition to the property of the oompany. A still greater increase in the business of the road is expected during the coming year, in consequsnoe of the contemplated junetion with the Boston and Providence Railroad, over a portion of the Providence and Worcester Railroad This arrangement will increase the comfort of the passengers between New York and Boston, by dispensing with the ferry at Providenoe, while the oompany will thus save a heavy expense, and at least half ao hour of time will be gained. When this junetion is completed, the dlreotors, having secured the oo-operatlon of the fastest and most splendid steamers on the Hound, can safely promise to oarry passengers between New York anj Boston In a shorter time than by any Ciurr rouic, mu nuu hudui|iwot? vuiuivi? ?uu avvvuimodation A further inorease of baslnees will necessarily take piaoe from the Providenoe and Woroester Railroad, which hu bean nearly completed, and is expected to be in full operation in a week or two. The Stonlngton road ii the natural outlet for the freight and travel 01 a large part of the rich and populous country through which the Providenoe and Worcester road passes. In the it?ms of expenditure It will be observed that $7,940 of the funded debt has been paid, leaving a balanoe of $394,800 due. as follows August 1st, 1848.. . .$7,800 August 1st, 1868.. .$49,000 August 1st. liMU 7.600 August 1st, 1803... 630,000 Total $694,300 On the SI st August. 1346. the debt of the company was $619,740 On the 1st of August, I84S, the debt of the company was 002,140 Ou tbeSlst of August, 4847,the debt of the company was. 694,300 ?showing a decrease in two years of $36,440. There is a movement going on in relation to this funded deM which will, when oarrled out, make some parties eh?k? a little. It appears that the original bonds of this company were given for loans contracted at highly usurinu* rates of interest, aad were by the laws of this Htate (Now York) wher? the loans were negotiated, declsred void. A compromise was made and the <l*bt reduced fifty per cent, since which the bondholders have contrived to retain the management of the ooiupauy, and the Interest on the bonds has been ]ironi| ly paid. The recent election has changad the dlreotl<n. nnd the stockholders of the road have now the control at it an J its financial affairs. A transaction, tainted *!ih o?tiry wh?n first made, san n?;ar get rid of It A fwiaprcmi'ti wouiJ not r?tnw it, I ti?r? u <> fMMM nkf MM in Mis fvmp ?? I ???? ??H I should b? governed by the seta of former board*. By 1 the idfire of abla eounael, the preeent Board h?Tt da- ! tarmlnad to proaecute tba partiaa la Intareet. and with that view a bill In ohanoary la being pro pared, and will abortly be aerved, compelling than to aooount to thla oompany for tba proflta tbaraby made. Tbay are ad- I riaad, and believe, that tba olaim la a J oat and good ona, < and tbat if proaaeuted, it muat reault favorably to tba 1 company, in which oaaa tba debt will ba materially re- , duced, if not entirely estingulabed. A dividend of two dellara and a half per ahare waa paid | on the lat July laat, and aalmilar dividend will be paid on tbe lat of November, and at leaat that amount regularly every aixmontha after. Corneliua Vandeibllt, Kaq baa bean elected Prealdent for the enauing year, and tba road naverwaa under better management or in a mora proa* perona oondition. It now pay a better dividend* upon tbe market value of tbe atock than any other railroad in New England, and ahould tbe next year'a bualneaa show an lnoreaae on laat, equal to that exhibited in tbe above statement, a dividend upon the car value will bo n.M qui! to that of any other railroad in the oountry. i itock Bxduuig?> t56,00eTreas Notes 6's 104X JO Nor k War 60.U 4?S ?MP? nl'? 7?H IW do slO 411U IU U Indiana Bds 41 23 do bio <(k J ?h. >?w y.irk Dk 115 JO Raiding RR giJJ 32 Mauhittan Bk 93 100 do b'0 64)2 Go Vechi.iica' Bk li 93^ 250 Long island 3 2 18 Uui u Bk 131 I0O do ,|j 'jiV 1 Mi K.irui< ra' Trust MO 3oV 100 do b60 32 10 dj b60 31V 10.1 Harlrm RR 33V 100 di> 31V 2U0 do 53>i 50 Morria C iiial i;i>? no do 53 V 50 <1% sCO I3H 50 do 43 1 40 .. J0 do alO J3 15 V H k Harrlord 10 >} +, 200 do a30 33 5 H"uviu>uic ur w 103 50 do blO 53 V 100 Canioo 34 V 25 Stoniugton 5?X 275 Nor li Wor 4?H Second Board. $5000 Trtaa Nctea t'a 104 100 aha Ilirlem RR 52V 5000 do 104 250 do b3 52* 5000 Reading BouHa 73 12 Erie RR. eld 61 2000 Rading Mlg Bda b3 70 V 50 Canton Co 34 V 50aha Reading RR 63V 25 do 34H 50 Nor It Wor HR b30 4?H 50 Morris Canal sSO 13)4 50 do alO 48,i 500 Farmera' Loan blO 31 100 do a4moe 41 150 do a3 31 150 Harlem RR 52V 50 Long Island RR 31V 700 do 52V 50 do 3l?i 100 do el3 5l>? New Stock Exchange. 50ahsHirlem 53,'< ?0 Karmera' Trust bS 31>tf 50 do s3 53k 50 do bCO 3'|? 50 do e 5JH 50 Long laiand slO 31*2 50 do b3 50 do s3 31,!? 50 do S3 33 50 do b?0 32 150 do b3 53 25 Canton btw 34V 200 ' do 33 50 Nor <c Wor c 48)2 100 do e 53 50 do alO 48V 30 Farmers'Truat s30 31 50 do blO 48)4 CITY TRARK REPORT. Nkw York, Wkdkk.sdat ArTamrtoon, Sept. 39. Owing to a reported break in the canal, floor, in the forenoon, was some firmer, but the injury having turned out to be trifling, the article closed without animation In the afternoon. Sales of all kinds were light. In wheat no sales of moment occurred. Meal sold at full prioes. In rye no ohange. Oats closed firm. Prorl Biuus viubhu at yesieruaj a quotations, urooeries remained about the same. The ooffee sale wm well attended, and the artlole brought fair prioea. A?hk??Sales of 30 to 40 barrels pearls were reported at $7, and AO to 100 pots at $6 63X. Beeswax?Sales of 8000 pounds northern yellow, were made at 34>ie. a 36c. UHCABiTi ris?flour?Sales of 6 a 000 bbls. fresh ground and new Genesee, In separate parcels, were made at $6 76 a 6 87X ; small salee old were made at about $6 ; and of fresh ground from old wheat, in the afternoon, at $6 t)3)?. A few hundred barrels old Michigan sold at $6 37X a $6 60. 600 bbls fanoy brands Ohio sold at >6 87 V 600 do. Western uninspected sold at $6. Small sales oemmon Ohio were made at $6 60, and 680 do B. bad sold at $4 36. Southern was worth about $6 for good quality new. A considerable lot Richmond, it was rumored, sold at $6 26, it being a brand wanted to fill an immediate order Wktat?Holders for good parcels ot Oenesee and Western demanded some slight advanoe oyer the ourrent prioes of last week, which being above the views of millers and exporters, no sales bf moment transpired. Corn?In the forenoon, was quite firm, with sales at an advanoe over yesterday's prices, but in the afternoon the market closed rather quietly at the lnoreased rates. Sales of 6 a 7000 bushels were made, consisting of high mixed, at 07 a 68 a 09 ot?. Af.erwards, 1600 flat yellow sold at 69 otints ; 3000 do. high mixed at 67 cents; 3u00do round yellow sold at 69 oenta; 2ISOO do. New Orleans, weavely, sold at 67 cents ; and -.000 do. inferior mixed, or slightly damaged, Hold lor distilling at 06 oenta. Mt*l?Sales of 600 bbls. good Western New York sold at $3 76. 3 a 300 bushels old Barlty sold at 60 oenta. Aye?1300 bushels sold at 86 cen's. Oat#?Receipts were light, ?nd the arilcle Arm at 63 cents in a large way, and at 64 oents by retail. The following table gives a comparative statement of the prioea ot breadstuffs on the 33d inat., the day before the Bailing of the steamship Washington, and on the 39th September, the paoket day of the Britannia:? Sept.23. Sept 39 Floor, Oeaeeee $3 6J& ? 5 MX L)o, fre?h ground ? 5 76 6 75 D.i, new ? 5 75 5 81^*5 I1J4 Michigan ?tr?i(ht brands and freth ground ? 5 75 5 75 ? Ohi flat hoop. ,j 5 37**5 50 5 S7X*5 50, imioruuuu noop du U oiyi 3 do u 6ZJ4 Kancv do 5 75 ?5 ?7>2 5 87 W ? Southern new 1 76 tib 00 5 87), iS 00 ' Wheat, Genesee, good white.. 1 II il U I 22 al 15 Wenern white 1 13 ? 1 II al 20 Do red 1 12 ? 1 10 *1 15 Corn, western mixed 82 a 63 67 a 69 Coru. flu yellow 63 a 65 69 ? C iru, oo tlier round do 67 ? 61 a 69 Corn meal, weate n New York. 2 62%a2 75 2 t!X&2 75 Oo i?ew Jer*ey 3 25 none. 3 00 a ? 1 ye . 76 a 80 ? a 15 Rve Floor 4 00 M l?3? 4 00 a4 12* <Mti 46 a 41 ? a 52 Barley uucrtaiu. 60 fir old Rtrripti down the Hud ton Jiiixr, September 28 Hour 4.600 barrel* Wheat 9 300 bushel*. Hje. 1.200 bushel*. Cora 3 000 buahel*. Camdlk* ?Sperm were held at 32 ote. Corrtc.?A axle of about 3000 bag? Rio were made by 1 auction, at 6X, 7, and 7K oenta, on time. CoTr?'n? A good inquiry existed to-day, wbioh baa been treely met by bolder*, and the sale* amount to 2U00 baled. at steady price*. Fish.?Sale* of 6iK) quintal* dry ood ware made at $3 60; mackerel were dull, and no sale* of moment traoaptred; 84 bbl* salmon aold by auction at 11 a 11% cent*, oaab H?mf ?The market for dew rotted continue* Arm at $1 40 aa (1 SO per ton Hides ? The sale* of Bueno* Ay re* noticed yesterday, were made at 12 cent*, at whioh more were offered today. Lkad ?Sale* of 3000 pig* were made at $4 87X; larger mIhh vmm r?*uortM?i at th? naitia nrintt in All riimnrofl tn amount to some 8 000 or 10.000 pigs. Molasiei - W*rn inactive # Naval Stobks ?No sales of moment were reported; spirits turpentine *H held at 51 a 62 oents; raw wai ! held at $3 60; rosin ateod at 85 cts , for North county | and Wilmington, 70 a 75 cent*. Oili.?Linseed, sales of 1600 gallons American city preMed were made at 61 oents. and 6000 do English. In lots, at 58 a 50 cents cash; sales of other lots were made on terms not understood; crude sperm oil oontlnued firm; selected whale was held at 40 oents, and whale for export we quote at 35 a 38 eta ; bleached winter sperm was held at 91 25, and unbleached do , at $1 '20 raonsions?Sales of 60 bbls. mess pork were made at ^14 60, and it wa# rumored that some 300 bbls. were nold at the same price, but near the close there were sellers at $14 '26 : 150 bbls old mess sold at $14, and 600 mess, new, deliverable In all the month of next January at sellers option, at $13. About 700 bbls prime do said a $10 75. Lard?Sales of 60 bbls were made at 10Xo and 250 kegs at 1 i\c. Beef?There was nothing new* In butter and cheese there was no change. Ricr.?The market was quiet, add no sales of moment reported. There were some tieroes of the new crop on the market, held at $5 25 a $5 50. last sales of flaxseed were made at $1 36 ; -100 bbls clover were sold at 7>{c> fcwx Si'oaii? Hales of 200 htids New Orleans were made at 6Xo, and 70 boxea brown Havana at 7c a 7>fo. Tallow?The market continued steady at 10c. Tobacco?Sales of 80 hhds Virginia Leaf were made at ? a 7Xa. Whalkbome?N. W. was inactive at 31c a 36c Wmtxr.v? State Prison wai held at 29o, and drudge at 28>{e, but we heard of no sales of moment. IT * n uT ? lOOO m. unn hhl? flnur w?r* runnrtatl ?n. pnged to Liverpool at Is ftd., and cotton at 3-lftd. To Havre cotton oontinued to ba taken at Xd. To London no change. Sali.i or Tr.At at Auction Tim Dav.?Tew?Importation* per Candace and Alpha?Terms, note* at ?lx month*. Hy*on?100 13 lb bx* at 63 eta par lb, 20X cheat* 37X? '23 do 37, 34 do 31, 'JO do 30 Young llyson ? Ifi half che*t* 66. '23 do 64, 32 da AO, 4 do 48, 3ft do 43X. 1ft do 40. 134 do .17, '204 do 36*, 46 do 34*, 93 do 34, 373 do 33, 329 do 32X, 10ft do 32, 71 do 3IX 37 do 31, 7ft do J0X, us do-2'2X- 106 do 8th, 467 do withdrawn. HyROn Skin?20 chest* 36,31 do 24XGunpowder?14 half cheat* 47X, 70 do 44, 18 do 40, 32 do and 100 ft lb bx* 89, #9 half cheat* and 100 ISlbbx* 38, 33 half cbeata 36K, 13 do 36, 130 do 3?X. >8 bx* 36 Imperlal-6 half cheat* 46, 6 do 44, ft4 do 43X, 37 do 43 i 8 do 41, 1ft do 40, S4 do 38, 101 do 3ft Houobong?78 half che*ta 30)%, 70 ohaata 19. 77 do 17X, 10 do Ifttf. 86 da and 30? half do lti Oolong Pouchong?32 half cheata 46. Bio and Java Caffee?'Term*, notea at four month* Java -30 bag* at 378 do 8*. Rio?60 bag* 7S, 8-2 do 7*. ?3 do 7JK, Ml do IK, 163 do 7X. 839 do 7. #63 do 6?ft do fljf, 267 do 0V9I4 do 6X, 70 do ft*f, 19 do 6l{, 83 do 6X, 103 do 138 do 6HKent F.ntatt at Auction.?Brooklyn property, balng In the vicinity known * Parmentier'* (iarden : 8 lota on Je!Ter*on it bat. Clinton av. and Eagla *t., 9400; IS do on Clinton avenue, near Kagle at., 9900; 9 do. on Cavart and DebevolM *t* . 9400; 33 do. on Flatbush turnpike, 11,160; do , $800 ; 36do. do. do., |1,760; is Jo. do. do , $800. TEUBOHAFH1C. Market*. Nkw Obleani, September 23. Cotton?The market contlnnad steady, and sale* of 1000 balea were made at previou* price*. Flour continued dull, and no tale* of moment were making; Ohio and illlnol* we quote at 94 26 and 94 76, and 8t. Loula elty mill* at 96 M. There *u nothing of moment doing In Oraln. ("orn stood *t 66c. for mixed, to 66o. far prime yellow. Tobacco -Sale* < ( 600 lihds leaf ware mada at 3Xo. and 0Xo. Sligar - Sale* of :I00 hhd*. New Orlaan* were made at 6*fo. anil 7I'ork Sale* of both kind* fboteil up nbnut 9000 hi l? st f 11 to f 14 ftO for m*M ?nd ?t *bout fiv M for prim* J k<1 -? omwn IIM* to i DfliM ilo , 140. to lirO \Vhlf*V-l-?U (tale* at \ ?' to 91?i Oatflit* 1> klvtrr^l, W-I-4. t* Havre, do, I. Die to lXo Hterlln* bills 7c to 7*: do Mow York Bigot do, par and Ho dlaoount. Treasury Notes par. Albany, Sept ?r. M. Klour ?The market ?u firm at $fl 7ft for flraah [round. Wheat?No sales war# reported Cora-Sale* af 10.000 bathel* were made. Including We)tern mixed it 03c , and yellow ?Uo Barley?Sale* of 10 000 bushels were made at about 7Sc , (two rowed ) Rye continued inaotlve Whisky oontinued firm Receipt* by canal uurin^ the paat 34 hours were aa follow! Klour, 6000 bbla. Wheat. oooo buahelx Corn. 36 000 do; Barley, WOO do; Oats 3000 do Krelghta remained the same. [Telegraphic Cor of Philadelphia Bulletin ] Baltimokk, Sept 39-1 P M ?The light stock of 1 fl >ur induce* continued firmness on the pan Of boldere. 1 There are sellers of Howard etreet bonds at $6 63, but no buyer*. City mill* ha* slightly improved with small cales at no tUla* ?f oornmeal at $t. and rye fl 'Ur $4 to 4H Wheat has risen In oonsequenoe of low rtock aud supposed short crop In our State ' Prime white hat sold at 133 to 13S cent*, and red at 116 to 119 oenta, to the extent of 3000 bushels this morning Sales of White Corn at 60 cents, and yellow at 63 | wbinkey lo bbU 17 oent* Provision* ar? dull Pork I ?*lliog at declina. 910 to (13 for prima and men. Beef entirely nominal Lard quiet. The run on Bacon aide* hnvlng diminished. th.y do not rula no bigh.aad all I ^u.ilitlc* ar? dull Cattle worth %i 37 on an average. and Hog* 76 Rye 74 to ?& cant*. Oat* 40 to 47 cent*. as per quality pittiaukoii Sept 39 13 M.?Klour felling at $4 G1X to >4 76. in very limited quantities Wbaat. of prime ijUnlity, 90 to 94 ota Corn. 38 to 41 Whiskey dull 19 ute generally Mked. wiih sal?* however, at 18 to 18H Provisions dull and without Change. Wool rather active at steady ratea Nuthlu* doing in ootton. Married, On Wadnaaday, J9th in*t , by tha Rev. luaao Karri*, Auoustui N. Smith, ta Eliza C., daughter of John Burn*, t>q , all of thi* city On tha 18th instant, by tha Rev. Dr. Walnwrlgbt, Mr. John K Comart, to Mil* Georqiana E. A. Oildkhslcve. all of thi* olty. At Wllllamaburgh, on tha 3tth inatant, by tha Rav. 8. Maloan, Mr. Jamki L. Down, to Mr*. Mart Francei Walih. Died. On Tuesday, Sept. 38th, Conitantink Donoho, aged 43 year*, a native ot tha County Leitritn, Ireland, formerly Street In*peotor of tha tth Ward, and highly eatemned by all who knew him. Tha friend* and relative* are reipeotfully invited to attend hi* funeral, thi* afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hi* late residence, No. 80 Centre atreet. On the 38th Inst., of oonaumption, in the 47th year of her age, Mary J Tallmadoe, daughter of Thomas Jenkins, Esq , of Brooklyn, and relict of the lata Daniel B, Tallmadge. The friends of tha family are reepeotfully Invited to attend her funeral from her lata residence, No. 134 Waverly place, to-day (Thursday) at half-past four, P. M., without further notloe. On Wednesday morning, 39th ln*t, of dropsy, in tha 3.1d year of her age, Ann Romaine, wife of Mr. M. A. Hinchman, of this oity. On Wednesday, the 39th instant, John T., son of Thoma*and Ann Wheelan, aged 7 months and 13 days. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from the residence of tha parent*, No. 9 Prince street, this day,at 4 o'clock, P. If., without further notice. ? ????? Hahnden's express, for boston. new ! york, Providence, Philadelphia, and the South and , West. blake. cooudge fc wheelek, Prorrietors. D. BRIOH AM, JR., B. W. WHEELKR Union J. H. BLAKE, Buildiugs, Providence. 8 Court street, Boston, F. W. COOL1DOE, 6 Wall street, New York. Office in Philadelphia, 43 South Third ?tre?t. ?30 2w fh LKTTERSPEH STEAMER BRITAN * I A, from Bostou to Liverpool?Letter-hags of the above steamer will cloae ar KEN VON'S Foreign Letter Office, No. 91 Wall at.. Journal of Commerce Building, tliia day, Mtli iuat.,at ten miuutes to 5 o'clock. N. B.?Pre paid lettera received to any part of the world. Letters aeut by thia Office, " never fail. a30 lt*m CHAMPION ORDER OFCLKVER KELLOWH?ATTENTION?Brothara, yon are requ sted to attend a meeting of the above ord?r on thia evening, 38th Sept., at I o'clock, as buiineaa of importance will be hrougli'* the meeting Byor?erof O. B. WOOLDHIDOE, Orand Consul. Domiwick Ckahous. Recorder s30 lt*rc PREMIUM FRUIT FROM THE PELHAM FARM. ULSTER COUNTY, NEW YORK.-Theundersigued la now prepared to contract for the celebrated Newtown Pippin Apples, and Lady Apples, from the Pelham Farm, Ulster County. New York. This fruit is carefully hand-picked, thoroughly sweated and packed by hand in new flat hoop bright barrels, eipressly for shipment The orchards lying directly upon the Hudsen River, the fruit is brought down by water, and not subject to bruuc by cart ge or rolling. The yield thia season is unusually superior in quality, pnd will coma to market by ith October. Alao, 500 bbls. Pippin Cider, treble refined, made of same fruit. The fruit and grains from the Pelham Farm have taken the highest pr?miums and inedala at the several State Mid United Siatea Agricultural Fairs and Shows, for five years consecutively past. For sale in quantities to s?it purchasers, delivered on board by JOHN B. murray, 13 Old Slip. a30 6t ThSaM WFM*m MM. CUARHIIAUD would invite the attention of the Managers of the different Society Balls, that his establishment 20 White street, is undergoing thotough repairs and'mb lliihments, and he wou'd be pleased to Hispose of th* follewing nights for respe table and geuteel Bails and parties, Tits Mouday, Wednesdiy. (Thu-sday every fortnight,) and Friday, of each week, during the seaaon. For ixvticulars plea?e call on Mr c., U White street. ?30 4tie?rrc AKEHPKi.TABLK vi.iirig Woman wanu a situation ?s a ' li tmberm iid; un'le.stands waahing and ironing. nd has no objection 10 make herself generally ute'ul. Pleair call il i-*o m i r1111 v i icf, in in *rar *.w n-rn RULr.rt W \ N i t.D.?A first rale Ruler mav obtain a jermuieutiitua'ion and food vn ?i, hy ai>[>lviuK immedi*11 v t. R C ROOT L ANTHONY, >30 3i?m _ _ M WHiiam at ret. P\HlNEK '.VANTKD?With from fire huudred to a thousand dollars in c sh, to onen a public li?u e The mm d ii one nf toe ?erv beat in thu city for a genteel -ml well c?uducted home there being room lor bowl ng alios billiard table* and two fine btr rooms. and a number of private >o m . Thia i? an opportunity which ia seldom to br met with, ind i< well worth th? attention of any nut liari g ihe above Hinount to invrst. and wiahing to engage in the bnsiurss. II communication! atnetly confidential. Address 8i Louis, Heral'l office _ ?I0 3rm WtNTS A SITUATION AS WAITER- B a whi'e in in. in a private family, or private boaidiug house; h ia n -o'j clion III g iug ts the count y Haa he brat of city relerrife Will wait calla two daya. Please apply or address for W B , at the Tailo.'s store, corner C' aiham and Jamea street. sj? lt*m WiN 1'fcU?A g od cook, to whom good wage> wnl be given *he must alio attend to wa hing and ironing ? l(ef"encra required. Apply between II and 12 o'cloik to the Aodrmy of Langnag-s. IDiBroadway. s3<Ht*rc W a nTKD?a young laily o afeud a highlv respect bit Saloon in B'oadway, and by addreaaiug a note i o T. D., H<r Id Office, will be strictly iittendrd to s30 3t*je WANTKD-A situation aa cook anil general houirvtork by a reapertible >oun< w-man. Apply at 242 Huth Avenue between 15th aud I6fhatrret?. s30 2t*rc WANTED ASlllJAlION BY A MAN AND HIS wife, without children; the rain ia a good larmer, lie can ala.i fi I the place of a coachman; and willing to work at any tluug that ia re*pec table The worn <n is a good plain cook aud underatanda all kinda ol bouse work. They can come well recommended from their laat place. Inquire at 12S Reade arret. s30 2t*m WAN 1'KU A SITUATION?By Mra. jVlaTy Uourdau, in do washing and ironing in a hotel or a boarding house, r. nt to rail ?l !)6 Vandain street, baaement. a JO Ii re W> IX I (.u-bv two .reapectable Young Uirla, aituationa, one u cook, and ia a llrat rate waaher and ironrr; the other aa chambermaid aud waiting and aaaiiiting inwathmg and iioniug. Beat of city leferencea given. No ohjrctinna to go a ahort diatauce in the couuiry. Flenae call at 231 Thirteenth ateeet, tirat floor, frout room. Can be aeen for two day*- a30 2t*m WAiViVU?A reapectable young weman Iwanta a aituatiou at chambermaid, or waiter, or to aaaiat in the wnaliing and mining, or will do the general houaework uf a small private family. Apply at 411 Pearl atreet, back room, aecoad llnor. ?30lt*m T AiVl'ED TO 8KL.1/?One half of an lutereat in a large WW Bowling Saloon. ailMated in Broadway, and n?w doing a gnod buameaa. Apply in the Saloon at 112 Broadway. a30_U*rc _ _ WANTED?A large and atrong Iror. Bale. Any peraon having the above to diapoae of will hear of a pnrchaaer at No. 7 Poat Buildinga, Hanover atreet. a30 3t? RICH'D BKLI.. WANTKD.-A Young Womau wiahea to ohtaiu a aitnauon to do Chamber work or geueral houaework, or ? tend children Apply at 42* Bowery, up ataira, frout room. Beat of city reference given. a29 2t* m XXT ANTED?Two young men, one at leaat 1} or 16 yeara of "" age, to tend upon a billiard room in Philadelphia. Thoaa who apply mnat be well recommended, and acquainted with the buaineaa. Apply to J. A. H-. Arcade, Philadelphia Letlera poat paid. a28 3t rc WANTED, by a gentleman, a teacher of the Pmuo and Onitar, a fiirnialied room, where teaching will be eonaidered aa an equivalent for the room. Addreaa "Piano Teacher," New York He-aid Office. all 3t*rc WANTED.?A Pile ol the baily Herald from the lat of January. 1147. Addreaa M at thia office. a28 3'*rc WANTED?A lew active young men to go aou'h or weal] to act aa agent* for the aale of new and popular publication!? 300 over andabove their eipenaei, will be inaured to them in writing, with an opi>ortunity of clearing (1000 per year. Some men now in our employ will no doubt makeover tiooo per year, clear of all atpeuaea. Each man will have hia district It will he neceaaary for them to have at laaai from $21 to $i0 to obtain a good tilting out. Apply at KKENCH'8, Publishing Hall, 29J Broadway, up ataira, office of the Klag of our Union. All leteia muat be po>t paid. a2! I4t*m a PiDTM-R wavrrn im a rn r uiNiirir. A tnrn | establishment, now in luccesslul operation. Con- I nrcted therewith i* in engine of 30 horse rower, cut and shear atari fu-nices. Alt hammer, kc. The loeation la very favor* hie for the supply of coal, iron, and proviaiona. Honae rent low. The entire concern may be purchased if deaired Kile cutters, and a first rate maiter wanted. Addreaa (letter poet peid) Boi 314 Pittsburgh po?t nftei ?X ?t?rB 1/Uk/t VVANTED.?Une Thouaand Agentsare wanted to AUUU Ineata in different conntiea for the sale of anew Patent aiticle that will come inte universal uae, and u needed by every man, wouiau v d child for general nae ; the buaineaa la pleaaant and neat. Oood buaineaa men caii make $3M to IflOO per year over all expenses. Thoae desueus of making money are invited to call; letters poetpaid will receive attention. CHARLKS FULLER, 14 J0t?m JTt Greenwich street. rPU (iKNTLhMk.N?A small Kruterl [.rival* familv h?vi?g 1 more ro..m than they wiah to occupy, would be willing to let a suite of ronma on the second floor to one or two single geutlemeu?meala to be served in their rooms. if required.? None but gentlemen of the firat respectability need apply ? Ad lreaeC I'.. Ilerald office. i2> Jt*ic I'O BO*S IHTfJOl!?EKS.-A young mail lately returned IVom abroad, and has previously served his tiire at the cabinet making, and haa worked at the shipjoinmg, wishes to go unrtor instructions for ne year. A letter addressed to W. M 1W Uroadwav, will meet prompt attendance. ?29Jt*m ?AHD VVAKK KoH CITY LOTS?A small but well se lerted st?ck of hardware (about $2000) will be eichangeij lor city lots aouth of 42d street; aodressEdward C Nnrse, through the post office, stating on what streets or avenues s>9 ?f rc PKKNI H BKNKVOUKNT iOCfeTV -The ?:h ?i October being the day of the Anniveraary Dinner of the Society, lists of aubacription will be opened until the lit of October by the following member* of the committee:? Meisn, V DT/KAM), Vic? President. S KoftT. Tieasnrer. "OyMAVfB > ContwiisWot'). _ , W'BKSiKAlS a, t'-SCNMNMltrf. . 94 wikhit\U*m H Mtfnt,vfi,lhf r ' HENRY n. LK.EDS. A?ction?er.-Very *pl?ndid Ip*|MU 1 mirbl* tudilib'i^r 8?tiiary, Vuti.?8IONOR VITO * V1 PI li'ijul returned from Italy ?i>h * *pirndid hIicuoi of m trble * d alabaitrr at *tu try, vaaea. lie , such u hi e never & Been imported luto ihu couutry T)iev are now landing tad ft Will be Mid at aurtiou by Vlcuri. II. H. Leed* fci o . about he 'if of Oft. Full particular* b-fatter *10 lt*m \ SOLfc LUTIibH Af AU< TION?JA*. M MILi/hH w II msTi a* the (Ore of Wl LI AM MILES. No 3M Pearl *tiaet on Thursday. Oct- ber Till. ou a cr-iit of 4 and 6 c Booth*, 500H tide* oik mil hemlocu t*nued Sole Leather, of 1 h<* follow.iik wa'l kuowu T nnarin, vit : Farmer'*, Em- ] [>ire, Eatou. S ndburgh, Lee, Mlddleburgh, aud Che*nu kill, | wiih oih-r article* *'in litre d D i H H LKtKH k 1,0. Aucitioneer ?Kiiriuive 'ale* '' D f Mich Freucli China, Cut ?*la?*. Pitted VVaie. Solar " Limp* liiraadole*. (if* Chnudeliers, kc.. by dialogue? I O i Frid.y mirmn*. Oct. l*t, at 10 o'clock, in th* apaciouf I r-'oim over No 257 Broadway, will be * Id by c*talogue. over b Id very elegant, highly decorated French China Diuu g Set*; ill '. very elegant and eo*tly French China Deaert fletii al*0. rrendi i hnia Tea Set* in great variety; Toilet Seta with Fo?t Tubi and Slop /era, * n?* of the** very eletant; abou; 28 < plain win e French ''hina Diunig S???i als , a toniiilet- ?*i it* i ineut o( r eh ui Ol * cuniati g fTuinble'* Wine (ila**ea. 'hunpagnr OUiu-l he , in c mpi etc *eta; a'ai, a pleurtld ?* 8 lortnteut of Oat Chiudalier* I'endtnt* i h mney Piece*, aud nm 11 ii - mm;* PL\TED WARE kc ? Alio tha beat Sheffield Plate | cou*i*t II* of B jake'a Walter* l)i*h < ovlf, Ca,*tor* wi'h rich Cut Bott'ea, Candletticlu, kc. together wrn a namber of Solar Lamp* with Dr>p*. (Ji'i dole*, ke., all of which will be p >aitiv*ly ?ol I to the highest bidder N.B. Catalogue* will be readv ou Thursday moral' g when ih? g'"><l* Call be ei-<m neil. *W 1i*'C WnlSKV-lMl^H AN1) *1 UlLH~M4Ll'~Pu ch- . mini. 10 half .In .. > -I.. L.-L .1 1 ?? ..k of R*nt*v'e., Ardbeg. Highland, Cinrtek, mid Ather favorite branria for aaie, ?rom under Cuimm House Lock, bv . . *303ria?rc PAVIft k HKNB1QUK8, 99 Wall ,t. ! FKIlNCH LAN'GlfcAOK.?-i lane* )B'i Bruad?ny. Thl intercoofw wuh Fiance it it crets'iiit (he desire of the people t.f this c?untrv toarquire the French language. A new and auc^eaifa' s\ ?te tsuow taurht bv Mr Richard, ei-profe>.n ?rof t^e University of Paris, oy which pupils are enabled to iiCRl any language in three uio? ths His lessonsare,printed I in large characters, in auch a muuuer that one hundred pupils can be instructed at uuce by meana of a aiuglep atfc ftiecf on i ihe wall. The Frenchmen juat arrived from Pana, recei+ea from th* mouths ol the Kugliah pupils the bear English pronunciation. auJ, vice versa, the Kngliati scholars receives from the Frenchmen the Purest Parisian aceut; ao that there ia a mutual interchange of iuatruction, which leada to complete anceeas, aa any body can ae?, by calling at the Academy of Languagea No. 183 Broadway. Kveuing claaaea between 3 and 10 o'clock. a30 3teod?rrc GB. cLaKKK. Fashionable Tailor. 116 William atreet, opposite true New Stores?1 have received a full assortment of 1 lotha, Caasimerea and Veatinga.whieh being bou ght for cash, I will make to order at very low prices I have alto aii assortment of ready made Coat*, Vests aud Pauls, very neatly made aud trimmed. For cat, quality, workmanship, and price, I am favorably known to the public. It (hall be my eudeavor to retain their good opinion, by selling a food article at a low price. Sick CoaU frem $5 to $11; Dreas Coats made of fine French Cloth, to order, from SU to SW; every other garment in proportion. s87 MTuThScH* IS* re IKK AND MARINE INSURANCE.?UNION MUTUAL IN8URANCE CO.. M WALL STREETInsnres on the mutual principle, without persooal liability. Having a Cuh < apital of 100.000 uollara paid in and safely invested, also a large amount of Premium Notes. Insurances made against loss and damage by Fire and Marine Risks, aud risks of iuland transportation and navigation, at the lowest established rates. O" The profits of the business will be divided between the Stockholders and the insured. TIVHIH. Lambert 8uydam, Elbert J. Anderson, John 8 Tnppnn, E. K Collins, Shepherd Kuapp, P. M. Wetmore, John 1). Hurlbut, Beth Urosvenor, Paul Spofford, L. H. Brigham, David Austen, Alei. Beigoette. J. D. Van Boren, Albert Woodhull, M W Vt Trill V'.r.l i. Stephen Allen, J. T. Johnaton, Albert W. Wright, George Hapelye, Charles M. Lenpp, Richard Bell, George h. Darby. N. H. Wolfe, Joseph Bouchaud, Henry Holt, Joseph Fowler, M. A. Robertson, K. T. H. Gibson, J. J. Kiugsford, John Johnston, A O. Thompson, John Van Nest, ti. L. Knapp, J. K. Cooley, H. L. Routh, R. P. Buck. R. M. Lawrence, Henry H. Muusell, John P. Nesmith, Kdwin Hoyt, LAMBERT 8UVDAM, President. Jno. 8. TArrAN, Vice Tresirieut. Fkiii>i''a*d 8tam<i, flee aJ6 7liim RADICAL CURB OK CORxS. without cutting, or the least pain.?Dr. 8. Shiriacoff, from St. Petersburg, of Rus sin, has tne honor to aunouuee to the ladies and geutlemen of New York, and the public in general, that he undertakes to completely extirpate soft or hard Corns, Bunions, Nails, and tvtry other hard substance ou or between the toes, without cutting, by means of an Elixir of his own invention. The operation is performed iu the space of a few minutes, without the least pain, and the puieut may resume his dress and occupation with the satiafictiou of carrying the corn or root in nis hand. Dr. 8. Chiropedist, will give his attendance at his office, 63 Chambers street, opposite the Park. s29 Ut*rc NO HU.VIBUU?A new dining saloon just opened down town, at No. IT h root street, and lodving also: eons and inita* fnr vnnrtflf Th# riwint, linrU *ntl Wt n* r*Y HARLfcM PARK CuUR8K,? Trotting and Pacinc-?Sweepstakes, tSO eutrance, mile heats, best in five, between three horses unknown to ""fame, two trotters and a pacer. They haveth* privileue of going as the please, and the affair will eome off this afternoon, at 3 o'clock. 30 lt*Je H. WOODRUFF, Proprietor. ~ m. K~ CENTTTE VILLK COURSE? TROTTING AND PACING, Fri^fllnilUJiiav, Oct lat, at 3 o'clock P. M.?Purse mutch for $450 will be contended "^^^^^for between Lady Suffolk and Roauoke, two mile beali in haraea*. D. Bryant namei gr. m. Lady Suffolk. J. Woodruff uamei ro g. Hoanoke. The cart will leave the South Kerry for the track at 1 % o'clock, and at 2% o'clock, returning when the (porta of the day have terminated. 79 lr?je JOKL CONKLLV. Proprietor. gm ? Mr CENTHEVILLE COUHSK, L. ^ - I.?TROTTINU.?Pura* ?100, mile heata. beat three in five, tiarueaa, ( me for all trotting horaei, except Lad v Suffolk, to come off on the 7th of October ; three or more eutriea ami two or more to atart to mnkei nee. To cloae on Friday evening. October lat, at Ureru It Bevina JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Crntreville, Sept. 28, I8I7._ .29 2'je ? " ~ " HA*-KM. UNll'N CO. KSE, '*1 LONO IMLAN1)?$3 000, iu iiuriea. THE NORTH AQAINSTTHE f \SHION^nnd the great Southern hoi?e P *- f.INO- H, will contend for the four mile purae, and probably our or t?o more. Tlie Kacrt nvr he above (Joorae will uke place on the firat Turndav, 5th Oct. ber, 1847, and continue tlire? daya KIHSI 0 i V ?Hotel Purie $100. three mile heata. Same dav?Swrepnu'-ea lor J yr olda that i ever run, mile heata; rnt'am e $200 lorleit $50; wl>ich bat eloaed with four ?bacribera.... ? . O. P. Hnre'ach.f. Palmetto, by imp. Leviathan, out of imp. Am.a Vowia. , _ VV. W B:irber'? br. f. K' Hornblower, out ol Stanley Kfllip e'a dam. II * Co-.over'a b. c. Traveller, by Mercer,dam by Moumouth'a Kcliiae ... .... . . .. >amuel Laird'* (William Oibbona ) b. f. Whiaper, by Manner. i'am by Henry. uvi-nvn n > v _ trw-it ! 'v i i.iir PI mat' ti',nn?4 mil* henta. Same day?Scrub Purse, $10, mile heat* entrance added. THIRD DAY ?PROPRIETORS' PURSE $3*0, two mile heat*. t*ame dav?(leutle men'a Pan Stake, $?10, two mile* i> it, entrance $23, added. >n aubscribers and closed. Gentlemen to ride in jockey coatumr, and u me (heir horses at the post The following <re the eutrie* :?W. T Porter, J. How, L. Purdy. H W.Herbert, O P. Hare.O. O Young The rules of the '-ourse to govern the above racei, except the ami em'u'sat ke. For particulate, aee " Spirit of the Time*." The < ara w.ll tie in readme** to take pauengera to and from the r?re? almnat every hour in (he day. N B ?Two or more t'? make a race in each of the above, except the gentlemen'*, which will require three toatart. *28 Gtrrc O P. HARH , Proprietor. ~~ I'.MON l OI'RlK, L. I ?i'mtP. *. ting?Monday. Oct. ltth, Purae o( SIM, $10 to go to the aecond beat < m,'p heats, belt 3 in 5, to ?ZMEk?naai|on>, wagon and driver to weigh :iou Ibi A. Conklin enter* bl. h. Stranger. John ('aae b. m. Lady Moicow. John Cudiiey " ch. tn. Gipsey. VV. King " b. m Philadelphia Sal. Oct. II?riirie $160, $10 to go to the lecoud best, 3 in 3, to harneaa John Case enter* b. m. Lady Moicow. VV. S. Reed " gr. g. Orey Harry. W King " b. in. Philadelphia Sal. J. Whelpley " b in. Lady Sutton. a30 Ijt'je _ ?fl THE TATTEH8AL.LS HEAVE POWDERS /XSE^>are accomplishing daily what haa Tor a loug tune ' ' f ? >.?? . covaidered an impossible They arr cnriug the Heaves in horses, and in inch a mild, geutle and safe manner that the annnsl ia not at all inconvenienced by the treatment. They care the worst couth in from two days to a week, and the horse is generally fully restored to soundness by the use of one package, in two weeks Ample directions on the package. Price $1 A H. OOUOH fc Co.. 141 Fulton at. JO 3tis*m General Agent for the U. 8. M l KNDOLLAR8 It E WARD.?Lo*t"tn_Browt way, near Florence'* Hotel, a hrindle Bnll Terrier, with a white ring roand hia neck; hi* near hind leg a irt. The tinder will receive the above reward by returning him to 161 Crosby at. H. L. JEWEL. *30 If rc FOR SALE OR TO LET?(Immediate poaaeaaion given ) The modern three story brick dwelling riouae, JiaUL^o 113 C lie ton Place, between the 4th and 8tn Avenues, i his house is now being put in complete repair, and contains all ill* modem improvements. Enquire of s29 3tis*rc WM B LAWRENCE. Jr.. 10 Wall st. __NEW YORK AND HAICLI^ -^gKMHRAILHOAD-Fall Arrangemen'1 1 -r.? MAWhiV Irh, 18(7, tli* On Mill leave City H ill, New York, for Williamibridge and White Plaina and Inter- Crotoa Fallt and Fordham mediate place*. iutcrm'te placea. 0 and 10 A.M t and It A.M. HAM 2 30, I 30. It 6 P.M. 1 30, and 4 39, P.M. 3 30 P.M. Returning. will leave? Williamnlvidge. White Tlaiua. Crown Fall?. AtT, 18. k?#7, 7 30 A.M. * JO A.M. and 10 0} A.M 0 30 A.M. 3 T M. 2 37, It 4 35 P.M. 2 P M. 4 P.M. Ynrkville. Harlem, and Morrmana Traina will leave City Hall at 7 30 A. M.hourly, until 11 30 AM, and I P M hourly, until A P.M. Returning, will leave Morrmana. Harlem, and Yorkville at 7 30, and hourly until II 30 PM, and at 2 PM, hourly, unlil PM. Fare Irom CitT Hall to Harlem and Morriaiana 12'. cent*. " 27th Vorkville and Harlem h,y[ cent., ranengrri lor the Reatrvoir, High Bridge, and Murmiana, will take the Harlem Tra.n?. The Traina to and from Croton Falle will not (top below White Plaina, eicept at i'uekahoe, Wnliamabridge, aud FordThe Tmini to tiud from White Plaint will not atop below Ford ham. A Car will precede each Train from City Hall to take up nauengera in the City;the laat Car will not atop except at Bmome atrectand 32a atreet. Fri i.luTraina leave City Hall at 12 M. and I2d atrerl at * AM- Ffight received uutil U M. and i M P M. ?io llur " ZUmi NOTl( JE.-8TATKN ULANU FKKKV, ejMa^on and after FRIDAY, October lit. 1147, the JBNflHfcateamhoata hYl.PH and 8T tT>.N ISLAND K. R will run a* fnllowa, until lurther notice I.E?VK ITtTIK IILADD At S, I, #, 10, 11 o'clork, A. M.?I, 2, 4, 6 o'clock, P. M. % NKW Y0?a. *t7,9. 10. II o'clock V M.?I. 2, 3V, 5, r,V o'clock, P MNew York. He|.t H> IH4T. a<0lf rott NKW ORLEANS.?Cniimana ami Vnrk Line of Packet*? Pueitively the lira ?ne JMBHhonly regular packet to tail Monday, October 1th? The aplendid faat tailing packet ahit> ()"* Wc.UO, Tho?. Ingertoll, muter, ii now loeaicg, and will poaitirely aail aa above, her regulai day. For freight or peaaage, having handaome fanmhed modaltona, apply oa board at Orleaiu wharf, wtof W?U itreet, or to ?. K. COLUNI, Poaitively go freight will be rereived on board after H?iurday evening October 3d. . ,, Agent >n New O |c*n?, Mr. William < a?y, wbo will ?- ?,. ii lirrQiU |1#f mid ' lltfci WlW fK> P AKKTHCATRfc ?Tharaday Knaui, flap,. JO ?ill r <? P*rfnr??.. for theld time ou uy IU>,. |?u_ |n j ntitl-d ARMAND, or The Child of thePeoole Aimaad' Ir D-trenpert; Kmc Louia lVh, Mr. Hield; Blanch* Mr? f?walt; Bahette Mil V'r ou. T?? co- clud*> wiib ih# V*?deeil!e of the LOAN OV A LOffelR?Cape Aa?n4bft. Mr 8urkj Peter H|?vk. W B chip, sau; IJertiude. >tr?Frarv; Kroe?ULe, Mim Kale Horn. Doors opcu ai a qu rwr Wfon ' o'elork Ctrtoruuaca will ?nr c??eiy qua ter half Mat 7 0 aKK i He. \ IH*.?*ll?8 MOW ?TT'8 FAHfcW - LL 1 BENEFIT ? M?. MowiB anuouucea m h?r riru<l? *ud the public. tint her firewall benefit, prior to h?r rimrtu e for Europe. will takeplace ou, ueii Oct. Ut, d winch occaaiou ilie will appear lu a play, aud other eoterliumenu. at*fc BOWEKY THEATKE-W J*ck?ow. MMW". ?U?* Mlonger, Ma. Btk*kw? ?Thu Erruiug, Sept JCth will ie performed a grau'l patnutic drains lu 3 parte, entilled XHfc 81EOE OF MONTEREY, TRIUMPH* OF ftoJ&H, AND READY ieueral Taylor. Mr. W. Mrahall. Jake Duxanbury. (Yankee iedl r. Mr Bnrkr: Oemm of Ame ica: mi ) rdau. raouKaMMc or iciiint anu i!?cidki?t?: fcen* 1st.? Kort B.owu I.y Mooallfhi ?< h rua < f ftoldian ? Oar fl?n lloMti Proudly?Taylor mepect* ihe cutreochneuta lit.e'il T?yl'>r'? Uieaiti: ?t?i?ioo?The Fall of Mala orai I .d vuiou?The t a|>tui? of Monterey. Id viiiou?Bombaidineut of Vera Irux. 4tl> Tiaiou?The Battle of Buana Vi?M. I'iir m>t'<IU|>er?et and uiscovr ruiiorowiiciitni m u| ? The (itliau: Soldier ir gud bv lh# R-veille?Hisdeparture fur Poiul Uibr|"&unb<ttlmrut of the Foit, and Death of Vlaj it Browu. The Plaina new Palo Alio *( the termit.atiou oftb* lint day's Victory?The Battleol the MMd? U Palate; lir xuieric 'U Crras triumph?iit iu the secoud Contest?WaluiilMpriugs; and Meetly Eui'.aini>iD'iil Die entire uf the vaat Blanc will he thrown o|>eu to aid in the hceu-c h f?rt Termination of the never to l-e furgotten Three Days' Fight )or*eous T'hIeMU Pr*vi?r3s t" the Piece, the Dr ma of the SPECTRE BRlDEUROOM? Oickori i Air Burke; Laviua Mr?. I'hilt'l'a Doors will be open &t6)fc o'clock and the curtain will rue it 7. B<i?ea 25 ( cuts; P> and Gallery. \t% Centa. C~ HATH AM THEATRE.?Under the Mui|eniut ol Mr. J FLETCHER.? Thursday Evening, Sept. 30lti, and all the week, will be presented the origiual drama eutttled the LONELY MAN OK THK OCEAN, or the Night before the Bridal?Lieut Adam Baahford, Mr. Nrafiei Windham Rowyvr. Mr. Sullivan; Jack Jolly, Mr. Brandon; Cyrus Bloom-Mr. Wiinuii; Kve Hilliiigtou, Mr*. Nichols; Helena Stauutou, Miss Ilildrrth; Brcky Bowles, Mrs. Herbert' After which, HOB HOY McOREOOK will be performed. Prices?Boxes, 22 cents; Pit, 13K cents. Doors open at 7?performance comtnencea at half-past 7. PALMO'h OPKliA HOUSk..? 1 liursiiay Eveuiug September 10th?The performance to commence ?tih KILL OR CURK-.vtr. Brown, Mr. Walcot; John, Mr. J. Sefton; Mrs. Brown, Mm < lark;. Alter which pantomime of PUNCH IN OOOD HUMOR ?Pasha, Mr. J oefton; Ambassador, Mout. Antoine Ravel; Punch, M. Mazetti; Elinor, Madame Jerome Havel. Toconclude with the comic Pantomime of ROBERT MAC AlRK?TKe characters, by the whole Ravel Family. Doors opeu at 7, perormauce to coomeaet at 7>4 o'clock.? Tickets SO cents, to all pnrta of the ho?. PALMO'S.?Monday, October 4th, 1?7 ? 0|>en every night. Kirst week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADER8. German, Stan wood, Harrington, Pell, White and Howard, since their return from Europe, where they had the distinguished honor of am earing .wore Her Majesty the (jueen, H. H. H. Prince Albtrt, the Royal Family, and Nobility and lieutry of Eugland. The Sereuaders res| ectfully announce to the ladies and gentlemen of New York that they will commence a series of entertainments at the above house ou Mondsy, Oct. 4th, which were received with enthusiastic applause by thousands who visited their performances at the St. James's Theatre, Londou, during a period of 14 months, consisting of songs, glees, cho ruses, lie., accompanied with their unique instruments. Fur particular*<ec small bill*. Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON. Admission Zi cents. Doors open at 7H o'clock. Concert it 8 o'clock. stt 12'rc CIRCUS?BO WEKY AMPHITHEATRE?Johk T?To?t, Manager?JOHN OOSS1N aud Sr. CAHLO, tbe two Clowns, this evening In llie course of the evening will be given a new mock heroic, entitled SANTA A?NA'B ESCAPE?lieu. Taylor, Mr. llossin; Santa Ansa, Mr. Donaldson. Horseinaushipby all the trouiie, embraciug all the principal ridrri. [f /""Boxes, 25 cents; Tit, 12,41 oeuts; Children, hair price. _ s30 3t#rrc MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?Thursday Evening, Sept. 30ih, the performance will commence with the JACOBITE?John Dock, Mr. Holland; Patty Potttle, Mrs. Timins. After which, the PAPHIAN BOWER?Adonis, Mrs. Timin; Venus, Miss Mary Taylor. After which. HOW TO SEATTLE ACCOUNTS WITH YOUll WASHEKWOV1AN?Whlttiugtou Widgetta, Mr. Holland; Mary White, Miss M Taylor. To conclude with A DAY WELL SPENT?Mizzle, Mr. Holland; Harriet Cotton, Mrs. 11. laherwood. Dresscircle, Ml cents ; Upper Boxes, 21 cents ; Pit, one (hilling : Private Boxes.$i ; Orchestra Boies. >3. BROADWAY THEATRE?Thursday evening, Sept. JO The entoitainmeiits will commence with the play of LOVE'S SACRIFICE?Matthew Elmore, Mr. <i. VandeuhifT; Paul Lafout. Mr. Lynne; Eugene De Lor me, Mr. Fleming; Margaiet Elmore, Miss Fanny Wallack; Hermise, Miss Rose Telbin. ... To conclude vith the new Comedetta of LADIES BEWARE?Col. Vavss.tin, Vache; Sir Charles Vavaaom, Daw sou; Matilda, Miss Telbin; Lady Beauchamp. Mrs. Winstaaley; Orace I'eabody, Watts. ... . . Dress circle ana parquette, $1; family circle and upper boxes, V> cents; gallery. 24 cents. Doors opeu at7; performance to commence at hall-past T. rpABEnNACLE.?FIRST CONCeRt'OF MaDAjjE X ANNA BISHOP, winch will take place This Evening, Thursday, September 30th (regardless of weather,) on which occaaiou she will sing 1." ah quando in Regio Tallamo." Composfd1 and arrau^d for her by Donizetti. 2 Baila.i (by desire)?" The Banks of the Ciuadaliiuiver." J. Cavatiim?" Ah ! osme rspido"?Meyerbeer. 4. Irish Melody. J. Bolero?" Ksulta. Esulta"?Mercadante's last opera, "Vas > - m-.i?. a u..> SCIIU ?CDIHCUICU Ilfl lUHinuiQ mini v>??vr ? . ?, ti French CiMuiaiuinette? Jriun It Bm adere " Madame Anna Biahop i< happy I" announce that *he b prevailed mi her Muaical Director, (he celebrated Harput and I 'otnpoarr, Mr. BOCtiMA, to perform on the Harj?? 1. Moaaique 2. Extenvornneuua Kairasia on poinlar aubjecri. given at the in luent by the audience. (Hit brat nppearauce in New Yoik ) Mr. BROUUH willaingtwe long*. Concert to b^KM v 8 o c ock. Ticketa f each, to br Imd at the muaic alorea. Tickrta la-U'd for K'idty will be adinweU. >30 Itre H?HZ ANu ?IVORI'???KCOMD CON' ERT.? CA*I LO MlVOKI AND HENM U h/ will gne xifi her Grand Joiut < ouceit ou v\ eJ eiday next, October 6th, nt the Tabernacle h ull particular* of the einiurut talent eng *rd to a.aiat them ou that occaiiou will br given in lutuie idverliaing rtENRI HKltZ will play the Second Concerto with (he Swiaa Hondo. CA.V1Il.LO 8IVOUI will play the Campauel.o (theailver bell) and the Ca nival ol Venice. Au eaprc al feaiuie in thia Coucert will be that all the aoloa and vocal) will t>e accompanied by the GRAND "KCllfciThA, ui der 'he directiou of Mignor Hapetti aJO tf r?c BvR.NUw'S A HtltlC.\N MUSEUM?spleuuiU J*erloiuinncea. Thia Aftarnoon and bvemnv LAST wfcc.K OK ETHIOPIAN SERENADER8. LAST WEhK OK ORPHEAN FAMILY. GREAT WfcsTKHN, the Yankee Comedian. I'ete Morria, Miaa Bernard, Mm Julien. Wax Kigurea of Amiaud Slavea. LIVING OrtA.Nti OUTA.xii?or, Chiinpnnaee. Mia HOC' WELL, the lainnne Kortuia liar Admiaaion JJ centa? ( hildrra under lea, una alnlliaa. a28 ATTRACTIONS UNt.QUALl.ED 7?Houaea Overflowing !?Ati nencea delighted ' SjU.NOK BLITZ At the Society Library, cor. Leonard atreet and Broadway, EVERY EVENING, commenr icg Monday, Sept. 37th. Change of programme nightly. MAGIC AND VENTRILOQUISM. Admiaaion 2i centa, children half price. Doora open at 7, c mmence at 7)f. ITT" Afternoon performance on Wedneiday and Saturday at J o'clock. a29 ?tn*rc \IT ALNUT S i UEKT THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA W Lessee, E. A. Marshall: Mauser, w. tl. Diaae?i nurail?y Eveuiug, Seta. 30 will be performed the comedy of the SOLDIER OK FOMTUNK.?Captain O'Hourke, Mr. ColIina; with the snug of the " Boulil Soldier Buy." After which the Comediatta entitled the WIKE HUNTERS? Kalis O'Brien, Vlr. Collins. To conclude with the Kuce of My WIKE'8 SECOND KLOOR.?Captain Topheavy, Mr. Leinan; Mr. Kelii Toddle, Cr icker; Jacob Cloae, Mr. Chapman; 1 im, Mr. Eberle, Box and Pargaetta, '<0 centa; Second and Third Circles, 23 centa: Orcheatra auu Private Bgies, 75 centa. THE EXTRAORDINARY feat of walking 500 milea in 500 consecvtive hnura at the houie of Ed. McOovern. No. 170 Cherry atreet, bida lair to be ?ccomplislied, the pedestrian hiving completed over J3?? milea, auu looka aa freali a? when he firat came to the mark. J he difficulty of this feat couaiata in ita beme performed on a platform only II feet in length by 2 feet G niches in width. The public are united to call tree of ripei ae. ajll Jt#r TO SI'OETUMKN ?A well broke Metier Dog will be ahot for at obokeu, foot of the hill, on Kriday, October lat. . Shooting to-morrow to commence at 1 o'clock preciaely. ? a TO lt*tn R^heoulationb ok the social card club.? The object nf the promietor in establishing thia Cl<\h was, to secure agreeable and creditable associates at a mode rate charge, for peraoni who are fond of amusement with eardi durmgtheir leiaute evenings, and prevent the mem be ra fron beiug defrauded. 1 he rooms are pleasantly and privately ait uated, uear the centre of the city, and will tie strictly a'tendei to by the proprietor, who haa a thorough knowledge of all th< the varioua wayaof fraud with carda, and tskea no interest ii any gamea. Any member detected in fraud will be immedi ately expelled. No profeaaional gambler, nor any bat credit able persons, that will be bound to the moat profound secresy will be aditvt'ed. Any creditable peraou wiahing tojoin thia Club, will be adm tted free, aud may learn firmer particulars by addreaairg i letter to John Peril, New York pott office, postage paid, aut ing their name aud where the proprietor caa hive an interview with them. sftlt're alti.viohe, (hollidaVst ,) and r"iChmon6 VA., THEATRES, now undergoing improvements, re decoration, he , kc., will shortly open in conjunctio . Ladies and gentlemen of established professional ability, desirous of engagementa, will please apply by letter (pre paid) to s$5 IU W. K. BL AKE, ihi South .iinih at . Philadelphia. THE QUI DOR ( OLLECTION-I'he first series ..I this magnificent collection, consisting of three gigantre "C'jP" tural I'aintinga, vixs?Christ Mealing the Sick in the Temple, Chriat liaising Laxarus from the Dead, and Death on the I ale Hone, finished in the higheat atyle of th'srt, ia now o|*n Tor exhibition fron 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. at the National Academy of Design. Admission 23 cents; H*?a"ii Ticketa 5? centa. N. B.?They are admitted by some of the first artists 'o be superior to Wet!'* Pamtiuga on the aaine subject*. and the beat collection cf hiatorieal aubjeets ever offered to the public. aMMtia*m Till". OLb HIIUN'I 1< IDKM~Y,No. in andIUi Marrerstreet, will be le-opeued on Monday, Sep . 27. for the reeeptiou of scholars, baring been, dunog the anmmer, re painted and redecorated in the most complete manner ? I'he sobscrber flatlets himielf that his establishment, if not anterior, will compare wi.hany similar one ia this country ? The public are respectfully larited to call and judge for themae.ves. ?' JONES, Proprietor n 71 *m Bal.T a7 VaUXHaLU-TH. nait Heicqlar liall at Vaaihall Saloon, will take place on Thursday Kvenin(. Hetit. .will. Ticfceia Kilty ( ruti, admitting a gentleman ua |<-? alMJtir riiwu sTlLIAUD TABLES KOK BALK. CHEAP-? 1 Tlieae ulilea are in tcry gorid order. and *11 the fiitnret complete. Kn<|oireat Mweet'a Bitlia, corner of llurfaon and l mini atreeta or at No. 114 Canal atreet, a'OTe atore of W M K?mi <imI ** V Moore. No |M Fulton atreet. a?Ji*ir OaKU i.N A PHIVATK kamii.V?a gentleman and h a wife, or I wo peraoua, who eould room together. nan ( id pleaaaiit areommodationi, larmahed or nofiirmahra, hy eppb in* at 24 Second atraet On* large and twoanialler loomi if de?ired. alt It'rc Nk.w york. iiavkp". AND PARI* fcxphksh AllKNlif ?O dera. aamplea, ci>mm iii"n>, leite'a he. lor ihe Kii nch iieamar ? anil on the 10th, rrceiyed at No. I* W all street, until ?o'cloefc A. M. of that day. a? 2t in UVINWttTON, WELL." * CO, rpQTHK I. ,U IEH.-H08Ki?-M0Dfc.??NOUVEALA TKg~W. IIODu'RO* j??< arrived from Tana, will open o? Tuesday '"H. 'Ne 2*1 li i??t a ?|ilfi|Jid aaw-nmen: "I Silki, l>rrta M?;? n,'a 8 k ? <i V?l>ei Llfc?k?. < d i > u Kr. u li Bot.ufu, aiul > ?ncy auiclet lit I Hn'rrc )< Vrwwtv, oipottn tM CwHta Hoim % TO TSB LATEST MOMENT. - ? ? TKLKUH APH1C. The Mew York Democratic Mat* ConrwItM Hept 'Jt, 1947? 10 P M. The I>emocratlo Convention met at 10 o'clock thla morning. ell the mrmbera brlni pnefnt but one. The body commenced bunuen by the appointment of Mr Crain, of H?rklm?r, end Mr BlrdaaU. of Broome county to mot ea t?U?r?, cell the roll, end receive the credentiala of membvri Eleven eeata vera oontnted Mr Brady moved to appoint Mr Monell, of Chenango oounty. President pro I- m After a diacuaaion of thro- houri a proposition to lay on the table ?u loct?ayee 83 n<w? 73 The great point of contention appeared to be an to whether the disputed aeeta ihouid not be aettled prior to the appointment of a temporary ohairman, or whether the ohairman ahould flr?t be appointed a* u*ual The remit waa that the temporary chairman, Mr. Monell. an old hunker of Chenango county, waa duly eieot 1 "?1 a. m a <V. ante Ait knth al<4o? WAtlnw ?JU, I o IU Ul kU? UVUbWIiaUM WU WVIU ?iu*o V wmy| Tbii is considered so old hunker triumph. Committer were then appointed; one from each Senate district. for the purpose of Investigating the credentials of thoM contesting mtl in thla convention, on* committee for each county in which seats are oontestrd. Committees were then appointed to nominate presiding offloers for tha convention, and the body took receaa. In the evening tha oonvention waa organised, by the appointment of the following offlcera:?Robert H. Morris, of New Vork, President; E. B. Hart, B. Brandreth, John Adams, John F. Hnobinaon, W. E. Grain, Stephen Strong, D. P. Cope, Thomaa D. Osborn. Vloa Presidents. Ex-Mayor Mickle, Junes S. Wadaworth, John D. Coo, I and other barnburnera, deolined ofloe. Three oommltteea were oonteated, and a new aieetlon will be had to-morrow. Horatio Seymour got the oonteated aeat from Oneida county; Jam?a Moore, the one from Ontario, and O. P. Barker and laaao Potter, thoee from Erie. Adjourned till nine o'olook to-morrow. The nauackuetU Whig State Convention. SPEECH OFTHK HON. DANIEL WEBSTEH, 4-f ., ijre. SramuriKLu, Mass , Sept. UB, night. The Whig State Convention met here to-day. There were about 700 dalegatea preaent; the Hob. George Aahmun President* Got. Brlggs and Lieut. Oor. Reed were unanlmouily nominated for re-eieotion. The Hon. Daniel Webster made a speech one hoar and a half long, and defined his position stronger than ever on the Mexican war and slavery questions. He waa in favor of the Wllmot proviso, and of Congress not voting aaainst Bundles to the armv and for the war. The resolution! of thecontention, which were adopted unanimously, were strong against the Mexican war and slavery. The last two related to Mr. Webster ; the first speaking In his praise, and the seoond recommending him to the Whig National Convention, as the first choice of Massachusetts for President of the United States. The Hon. John U. Palfrey offered the following as an additional resolution:? Resolved, That the whig* of Massachusetts will support no men for the offloes of President and Vice President of the United States, but such as are known by their acts or declared opinions, opposed to the extension of slavery. This was discussed in a spirited and able manner by Messrs. Palfrey, Winthrop, C. K. Adams, Wm. Dwight' S. C. rhtUps, and others. Mr. Winthrop was the only one who spoke against tbe resolution. It was finally rejected The Hon. Rufus Choat and Wm. O. Bates war* appointed delegates at large to the Whig National Convention. The convention dissolved at half past 7 o'olook, T. M. Legislative Proceedings., Sept. 30,1M8. ( Senats. Mr. Barlow reported that the Committee of Conifer ciiuo uu buv |vuriw uimjuimviui lug uui, un dmb QUAOit to agree The Senate voted to appoint a new committee. A resolution wu adopted, appointing D. D. Plaid ou of the commissioners on praotlo?,ln plaoe of N. Hill, resigned. The amendment to tha fraa bask bill waa oonaurred In. Tbe Senate then adjourned. AllCMBLV. Tha Railway Committee reported agalnat Mr. Baa com'i bill to reduce tba fare an railway* from tha HudHon river. Among the messages reoelved from tha Hetjate, waa ft bill for tbe formation of literary, religious and benevolent aaaoclatlons. A new bill In lieu ot tha Hnuae bill. The Canal appropriation was paaaed in Commlttaa Of the Whole. Before agreeing to tha report of tha commlttaa, tha House adjourned The Break In the Canal. Albany, Sept 20,1M7. There la every reaaon to auppoaa that tha report of tha canal look break Is without foundation. There waa a delay for about ten bouts, om Sunday, at | itankin's lock, but up to a. m., yesterday, au ra right. From Um Sooth. Philadelphia, Sept. 29, IM7. Now Orleans papers of tho 33d Instant have boon received. Thera wara no arrivals from tha aaat of war, yat It was rumored that Paredes had arrived at the oapital and arrested Hanta Anna. Major (ieneral Patterson, upon arriving at Von Crni, take* command of the troops there. There were fourteen interment* from yellow at Now Orleans on the 31st Inst. BY THE HAILS Waihihoton, Sept M, 1M7. The European Intervention on tkii Con0BW?Tht Union, 4*r., <J-c. The course of Mr. Harris, our ebarg* to'Buenos Ayras, hi hii correspondence with the special envoys of Eagland and warmly approved by his government, lie has effected a very desirable object in eliciting from the representatives of both governments a formal dis clalmer on tha part of their respected sovereigns, of any ulterior views in the armed Intervention in the affalri of the La Plata Tha doctrine promulgated by Mr. Harris in his note to Lord Howden and Count Walewskl, Is in [ exact conformity with the spirit of his instructions, aad with the views of hi* government in regard to European Interference In the affair* of this eoatlnent. uur repre1 svntatlve dtMrrn credit for selling thla opportunity for J making a diatlnot declaration of the policy our governh nient meant to pnraue. The candor of Lord Howden ia worthy of all praise? the more that be was under bo obligation to five the charge* mentioned In the not* of Mr. i Harris under the ibape of a mere rumor, eo formal and ; c itlnfaotorj a contradiction. The declaration of dount Walewski, on the part of bis lorereign, ia equally foroiI ble and aatiafaotory, and la no lea* Important than that of tbe British fcnvoy. The disclaimer put forth by both gentlemen. If not disavowed by their respective I goTernmenta. will prove an estoppel to any future at| tnmpt at Interference on the p*rt of either, In the form I of government of the States of th? La Plata Theae disclaimers will have the more foroe that they were Talos. ; Ury It was time that Kurope should have some tangible in' tl mat ion of the purposes of oar government In relation lo Ibis continent emissaries 01 several r.uropean powers have been for several years past tampering with many of thr naw States of South America, landing money hara, buying stock* there, and every where Making to wind coil after ooil of diplomatic chloanery around thoaa anfledged repubUca. In aim oat every raae these emissaries h%ve been the merest pettifogger*. Into freedom's tempi*, wherevi r erected, they have brought their bill* and bond*, and by their usurious and knavish practice* they have made It a den of thIsves Our government looked n with chagrin at thoee nalOsh and Intereatad movement*, but It was powerless to Interfere, a* there was no t> vert act to justify our Interposition. At length an ooca slon has occurred and of thla Mr. Ilarrl* has with com mendable seal and fidelity availed himself. Profiting by th* rumor* th* aonduet of the Krenoh and K.ngllah governments was calculated to giva birth to, he has drawn I rout tha representative* of thoaa power* a formal aad complete disclaimer of any ulterior views on the part of those whom they reprasant, In their meddlesome and I moat Ill-advised Intervention In the affairs of tha La I'lata. I To what eitraine* of antl republican court bnffooesry ! ?? Quialug Tb? * of Iwt tjTsnlDfi. In ? notlc* I ( ? an cKhiT itli n r? i*ti?:'iit? '?***? fniportMil lit

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