Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1847 Page 1
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T H JL ? % ol. xm. ffo. ?0U_W hole Mo. MOO I7IHST DIVISION NKW YOKK STATE MIUTIA^X DIVISION OHDKH9 ' Nkw Yo?w, Hfptemb?rllt IW7The n"?nifbrmed Militii of the ('itv >?f New York, (which embraces <11 the able bodied white male cirixent between the ??'' ol It and i'j years. wlio have not commuted, and who nre not members of an uniform company, or exempt by law) will take notice ot the following regimental order* to aaeemble lor company jwrtde and martial ex-rrue, ou Motid-iv. Lbe 4th of October next, at the time and places therei" 'tared, m compliance w ih 11 act of he Legis'atnie of the State o<" New York, eutirled '\n actforthe o'^i\nixation of the Fint Diriaion of the New York State IVtil.tie," pasted May 6ih, 1847. and they are hereby notified < f their enrolment < ii'i-maud Ms of Brigade*, Renrttenta and Companies will direct all officer* and non-conuuiaai'Hied officer* of each uniformed cocnpiuv, to attend the parade in uniform or mires i. ^ub&ltern* and non-commiuiGued officer* will aid th>- c( mmandant* of companies in the exereises of the day. No pewou will be permitted to leave hif c impany without permiaaion of hi* commanding officer until ann rtowu. Pursuant to aaid let. earth commandant willeffix inch penal tie* for offence* nd liplmqaencie* n the sta'n'e reqairea, opposite the name of the crMOu to delinqnentor offending. A '-ourt of Appeal* for each regiment.hear exraae*. will be held at the time and place stated at the end of the^Rej^yioenja 1 ^rder*^ B^^order of Mjjor General Commanding. C. Wetmoke, Dir. Inspector. SECOND REGIMENT N Y. S. MILITIA. 4th and 6th wards. l'or u&nt to the above Divsioa Order* and tne act therein mentioned the ana lilbraied privates of the lereral compauie* of this legiment will assemble within their reapeeiiTe Company Districts on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 111 o'clock. A. M., for Company parade, inspection and martial exerciat* armed and equipped according to law, a' the placet deviated foi each District retpectieel y, aa follow*:? Coinpmy A District?Josepi. Craig, Commandant, within a line bounding Spruce, Cliff, Hague, I'earl and Chatham atrerta, known at the First F.lecti nDiArictol the 4th Wa-d, opuonie -ihak<paare Hotel, corner of Dunne and William tta. Com pa y I) Diafric?Alexander Cantle, <"omtaandaut, wiih n a line bounding Ferrv street, Perk Slip Sou'h, Roo*eT<-lt, Oak. Petri, H igue and Cliff streeu, known aa the Fourth h. action District ofihe 4lli Ward.attlie corner 01 uover auu Pevl streets. < ouip uy C District?'Thorn** W. McLrny. Commandant, with-u * line boumlingRooaevelt, Krone Catherine and Oak streets, known as the Third Election District of rhe Fourth Ward, w 11 assemble at the coruer of Oliveraud Oak streets. Company i) District?Alexander Eaglet^n, Commandant, wi'hiu a line bounding Chatham, Pearl, Oak and Catherine streets, k.uwu as the 8econd Election District of the 4th Ward opposite the Catholic Church, James street Cominny E Uiatrict?Robert McLeod. Commandant, within a I ue bounding the Park. Chatham stieet. Pearl tt'eet and Broadway, known '? the First Election District of the <th Ward, will *'?emble at ike corner of t entre and Duane streets. Company F Dis^ict?Wm. W. Parsells, Commandant within a hue bounding Pearl, < entre nritt anal streets and Broadway, knowu ss the Second Election District of the <th Ward, will assemble at corner of E'ra aud Fraukliu street*. I Company U District?Hmry Parsons, <-ommacdant, within a line oounding Centre Walker, Mulberry, Chatham and Pearl streets known as the Third Elect on District of the tith Wa d, wil assemble at the corner of White and I'entreats. Company H District?Alexander McKenzie, Commandant, wfc in a line bounding < hatham, Bowery, Walker and Matbery streets, known as the Fourth Election District of th? 6th W d. w i'l ??s*mMe at the corner of Bayard arid Mo't streets. The Regimental Court of Appeals to hearappeils from fines or penalties, imposed, will be hell at the Centie Market Drill Room. on Monday, October 18,1847. at II o'clock, A. M. Byorder of ALEX. MING, Jr. Colonel and Reg't. THIRD REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 1st and 2d Wards. In compliance with the abo?e Division order, and the law therein referred to, the naDniformed privates, members of the several companies of tnis regiment will assemble in their respective compiny districts, oil Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock A M , for company parade, inspection and drill, iirmrd and equipped, according to (aw, at the places designated fir the followiug districts, viz: 1st Company (A) commanded by Capt. John Jagels, and district bounded by Nassau, Wall Broadway, Rector, West, and Liberty streets, will meet in Libeit/ street at the corner of Greenwich. 2d Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Lab*u. districts bound d by .Nassau, Maiden Lane, South and Williain Itrerts. will meet in Cedar nttlie corner of Nassau st. 31C impany (C) comaiindnd by Lieut-commandint D. C, Vanghan, districts bounded, beginning at the Battery, by Whitehall, Maiketfield, Broad, Wall, Broadway, Hfector and West streets; 11 the p ace of beginning, will assemble ou the Battery opposite to Greenwich ?t. 4th Company (D) commanded by Capt. Henrv C. Mir*, district bound d by Wall, Broad, MarkeiQeld, Whitehall aud Pearl s's will assemble oil Hanover -quare. 5tn Compauv (E) commanded by Cnpt. 8. 3. Parker,district bounded by W ill, ( earl, Whitehall and 4outli streets, will as semb'e ou the Barters oppo?u* to Front st. 6'h Company ( F) :ded by C?pt William 8errill. dis trici bouuded by Broadway, Park Ho*. Spruce, William and Libcty streets, will assemble in the rark opposite Beekmau itreet 7 b Company (O) commanded by Capt. Richard Raynor, district b uuded by Maid-u uaue Liberty, William, Fulton an J South street*, will assemble in Piatt, at the corner of Gold itreet 8th Company (II) commanded by Capt. Joseph Louati, district bonuded by Fulton, Willum, Spruce, Kerry, Trek Slip, and South streets. will assemble iu Beekiuao street, the corner of vv illiam street. The Regimental Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from fines or penalties imposed, will be he;d at St'iDeall's. 31 Fulton street, ou Monday the 18th day of October, at four o'clock T. M. By order. 8. BROOKE POSTL.EY. Col. Commanding 3d Regiment N. V. 8. M. FOURTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. ItTM AND IjTH WlRUS. Pursuant to the abjre Divisinu Ord?rs. aud the act therein meutioned, tlie uuuniformed privutej of the several companies nf this >atrime,it will assemble within tnei respective < omJiau; 0 strict! ou .M^ndav.the fourth day of October next, at Hi o'c.ock V. M , fjr company paradr. inspection, and martial exercise, armed aud equipped according to law, at the places dc ig.ate ' forearh disl.ict respeetiTely as follows, vix: lit Company Di?uict (A. Troop I comm tnded by Capt. Edn>? d Chu't , J nn'. and b luudru by 11 u<tou, Woost-r. and Fourth st tets, Sixth Avenue Caimiue, Blrecker, and Hancock strtets. at the corner of Th mpsou and Kourt.'i streets, right on Kourth street. 2.1< .mil au,- Unmet (B. Troop) commanded by Capt. Utrret Luers?ei sod b undrd oy llous ou, Wioster, Amity, *ud Great Jo>i<m me ts an>l the Bowery,at the coruerof vlercer and .-Vuut, sticts, right ou ,linity sueet. 3d Cum,> ny 1) strict (Coinjiaiiv v.) commanded by Lhmtenaut Couiuinidaut John Howler, Junr., and b <auded by Oreit Joties, Unity, and Wooster streets, University Place, Fnur.eenth street, and the Bowe.y, at the corner of Wooster street and Waverfy Plae<-, right ou Waverley Place. 4th Company District (Company B) c .mm oided by Captain Peter Kerner, md boundr I by Fourtii street, University Place, Fourteenth street and Sixth Aveuae, at the iutersectiou ofthe ceutie walk, running North and South with the North walk of U7 n?.,. Slli Coinpauy District (Company C ) commanded by Li*nt. Commandant Jacob Sclunid mid bou-ided by Houston, Mulberri and Brooms street*, ?nd Bri.adwiy, at tiie corner of Crosby <-nd Piiuce s'rert, right ou Piioce street 6(ii Compmv D .tric (Compauy 1)) cominui'le I by Lient. Command int I'.itric* Muirac, and bounded by Houston, AIulberry mid Broime streets, aud the Bowery, at the corner of Mound frince streets. right on Prince ?treet. 7th Coin.a iy District (Company K) commanded by John H. tliller, and b undrd by Br laiway, Canal, Centre, Walker, Orange and Urixima streets, at tbe corner of Graud and Kim attcets rigntou Kim street. 8th Coinpiu? District (Company F) commanded by Captain Kdward Hiuukcn, and iMiuaded by Walker, Orange and Bi nxne s reels, and the BoWery, at the corner of Hester and Mulberry streets, riglit ou Mulberry street. The K-guneuul Court of Appeals to hear appeals from fio'S and penalties imposed, will be held at Constitution Hall. No. 6J0 Broadway, on Mouil y, Oct. lUlh, 1817, al 5 o'clock, P.M. iiy oitler ol' CH IKLKS V ATKS. Colonel 4tli litgt. N. Y. 8. M, FIFTH REGIMENT, N Y. 8. MILITIA. 8ih VVaHii. Pursuant to the abore Division (inters and the act therein mentioned, the uuuniformed privates of 'he sere.&l ciimnsnies .if tlua Hegiinent will as emfcle within rlifir renpective Compauy di?tiicts on Monday, il.e 4th day of Oetober uext, nt 10 o'clock, A M., f r Compauy parade, luapectioo and martial e?erci?e, armed aud equipped accordiug to law, at the pUcea designated for each district respectively as follows:? The 1st ompouy district Compauy A, nu er command of ( apt Reinecke, aud bounded by Bra'iway, Canal, Green and Houston in in Me-cer st., right on Prince st. The 3-1 Coinpauy district. Company B, under command of I,i* ut M*yeih ilx. and bounded by Green, Canal, Laarenaasd 11 uston sts . iu Woosterst., right on Piince st The Hd Companv district. Company C, under commtud of C'ipr. Rowald and bounded by Laurens, Canal, Sullivan and Houston sts., in Thompson st, right on Prince st. The 4th Company district, Company D under command of Cap; Swartnv* der. aud b mtided by Sullivan. Canal, WatU, Varic* and Spriugsts vin Watts St., right on Sullivan St. The3th Co npauy district, Compiny K, under command of Cape Bupport, au.i nouuded by Sullivan. Spring, Varick and II,unto i st K in K ing st, rig it ?u McDougal st. TJp 6ih <omi>aiiy district, Coinp ny F, under command of hieut, Khrmau,and bouuded by Varick, Walts, Hudson and onston sts. in Kiug st.. right ou Varica st. The 7tb Company district. Comptnv (J,branded by Hudson, Canal, Greenwich aud Houston sts., in King st, right on Hudson st., aud b- under the C'immand of Lieut. Phirman, who ia hereby detailed fur (hut pur|iose. The 8th Company district, Company H, bounded by Greenwich. Canal, West >nd Houston st., in Kmifst. right on O.eeuw.cli st. an I be under the command of Lieut. Hast, who is hereby detailed for that purpose. I tie iirK""'1'"1 ?i ?i'r '" i? ??? ni'i^hor penalties impost <1, will be lie Id at I : autre miikrt drill rouin on Moud.iy. 2ith Oct nest m 4 o'clock in the afternoon. By order ol ANDKfcW WAilNtR, Col. 5th SIXTH REUT. N. V S. MILITIA. Tiuhd ami Fifth Wanus. rnnimnt tt theabore Division orders, the Aet therein mentioned, the auumfortne.l Private*ol the seyeral Coinranies ofthisregimeui. will aueinole within their raipectiT* comv districts on Monday, the 4'h dav of October ntit. it 1# /clock, company pnade. inspection, aud martial ex<icise, Tin-d and equipped according fo law, at the places designated for audi nistrlrtt re?pe ctirely. a* follows:? Company A^OtMim W. f? r*ncu, commandant, b unucd hv Liberty street, 6-Tladwiiy, Fulton street, Wealstreet, at Fnl ton, opposite Chorch at. , . , Co. II?Lieut J. Adam, Milderherger, ''ommannant, bonnded 'ov Fatten, Broidw-iy, Murray atreet. Oreenwich street, at Fulton, corner ofChnrch street CO C? l.ieutecarit W. O. Unnham, Cooimandant. and bounded by Fulton atieet, Greenwich atreet, Meade stieet, West street, af Chambeii; corner of Wauhinffton street. Co. D?Captuu Jaines VV. Farr Cnmmiu<lnnt, and bounded by Murray street, Broadway. Ileade st, Oreenwich street, at Murray street, corner of t'alien* I'lace. Co K-Lieutenaiit W. A lliuchmin, Com nand.ant, bounded by Krade street, liro.-idway, KrauW n mreet, Hudson st, at e?t side of Hudson ?t, corner of Duane it C?. F ?Lieutenant W. H. Walker, Commandant, bounded by Head* street, Hudson street, Beach atreet, West Ureet, at West side of Hudson street, corner of Duane street. Co. li?Captain William Chalmers, Commandant. bounded by Franklin street. Broadway, Canal and [Might streets, Hnd on street, at Hndaon street, at ft John's Park. Co. H?Cai tain John Oregory, Commandant, bonnded by Besch s-ieet, llinlwn street, Lawht street, Canal street West I street, at Hudson st, opnosii* S? John's Park. Appeals will be heard at Tliomaa Kiley'. house at the corner of West Broadway aud Fianklin street, for Companies A and B on Friday, Oct. 14th, at 7* P. M. For (-ompenies C and D on Saturday, Oct l?th,at the same "Wr Companies E and F on Tuesday, Oct. lttli, at the nme H For Compuniee O and Hon Wednesday, Oct. 30th, at the ,tmBy<"derof WILLIAM DOt)OfC. Colonel 6th Kegt. N. Y. 8. if. SKVKNTH REOTMFNT N Y. ?. MILITIA. Tth **u 10m Waaos. Fn rsnaiit to the abo?e Dirioion O <ler? and the Act therein mentioned. the un uniformed privairt ol the leveral companies 0l thi? H'iri'ticr'i will aaaemble within iheir respective com luinv dutricia on Niouday, ihe 4th day of October next, at 10 o- lock A M? for company parade. inap*?tloa aud martial exereiae, aimed and equipped neeordimt t., law at the plaeaa deeiminted rir?n:I' district reaimfrely. as follows:? The lit Com inn r District la bounded by Catharine, Madiaoa || ???III mmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmmm E\r 1^1 JCi N and Rutgers attests snd East rirer; will parade in Monroe ?t, right on Pike it, and be commanded by Capt. Thoa. Morton. The 2d Company DisfViec is bounded by Rutgers. Madison tod Grand streets and East rirer: will be commanded bf Cam Wm H. Williams, and will parade in Monroe at, the right on Jefferson at. 3dComi>auy District, bounded by Cathariue. Division. Bulgers aad Miiliioii itnr'i; will be coinuimdrd by Lieut Co ud t Fd.-sr M. Crawford, and will parade in Henry at, the right on Mnrket ?t ... _ 4th Company District? Bounded by Ratgera, D>vi?ion, Grand and Madison streets; wHI be commanded by Capt Chan W. Smith, aad will parade in Hfnry at, the right on Clinton street. Sth Company; District?Bounded by Division, Norfolk. Grand and fildridge ttreets; will be commanded by Caot<iiu James L. Waugh, and will parade in Orchard at, the right oa Hes'er at. Cth Company District?Boun.led by th? Bowery, Grand, Eldridga and Division streets, will be commanded by Captain Cyrns U.Loatrel, aad will panda in Furtyth st, the right ou Walker at. Tth Company District?Bounded .by Norfolk, Rivlngtnn, \lleu and Grand streets ; will be commanded by Captaio William H Underhill. aad will parada in Orchard street, the right on Broome street. tth Company District?Bounded by the Bowery, Hivin ton. Allen and Grand streets ; will be commanded by Captain Henry C Miumway, and will parade in Broome street, ihe right on Chrysiie street. The Commandant of this Hegimeut will attend at the MarcerHouse, (<-or.<er of Mercerand Broome streets) on Monday, the 23th ol October, HI7 at 5o'clock P.M.,and will then and there hear al I appeals that ma? be m de to him for the remission of any fine or penalty against any persou or persons an rolladas nu-oniforined wrmt.ers of this regiment. By order of ANDREW A. BBKMNER, Col.Tih Regiment. EIGHTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 11 th and 1'Jtm Waaus. Pursuant to the above division ordeis and die act therai menuoued the iui-aniforuaed privates of the several companies of this regimeut will assemble within their lespective company districts oa Monday the 4th day of October ueit. at 10 o'cloak, A. M , for company parade, inspection n d martial exercise, armed aud eqnippea according to law, at the places designated for each distiict respectively, as follows :? Company A. Capl. Ueorge Lyons, commandant, at the cor ner of Cliuton and Grand streets. District bounded by Norfolk, Rivington, Ridge,and Division street*. Company B, Captain James Price, commandant, at the corner of Grand and Sheriff streets. This district is bounded by Ridge, Riviugruii, Cannon, Grand and Division streets. Company C, Captain M M Van Dyke, commandant, at th* corner of (ioerck and Grand streets. '1 his district is bouuded by < Jrand, Uanuou. ud Kivingiou streets, nod tlie East Kirrr Company I). Captain J it met Little, coinmnudaut, at the corner of Pitt ana Houston streets. Thi? district is bounded by Riviogton, TUutoa, Houston and Sheriff streets. Compauy E, Captain George B. Bowne, commandant, at the corner of Cannon and Houston streets This district i< bounded by Kivingtou, Sheriff and Houston strests, and the East Hirer. Company F, Lieute?*nt Edmund H. Weymin. commandant, at the corner of Fifth street and Avruue B. This district is bounded by Houston street, Arenue B, Filth street, and the East River. Company O, Lieutenant Alvah T. Canfield, commandant, at the corner of Seventh street and Avenue B. This district is bounded by Fifth street, Aveuue B, Ninth street, and the Eail River. Company H, Lientenant Jamei H Dyer, commandant, at the comer of Avenue B and Ninth streets. This district is bounded hy Ninth street, Avenue B, Fourteenth street, and the East River. Appeals will be heard at the Military Hall, No 193 Bowery, on ! riday the 13th October, 1817, as follows Company A, at 8 o'clock, A. M.; Company B, at 9 o'clock. A. M ; Company C, at 10 (Alock, A. M ; Company D, at 11 o'clock, A. .\L. Company E, at 2 o'clock, P.M.. Company t, at 3 o'clock, P.MP Company G, at 4 o'clock. P. M.; Company .H. at S o'clock, P. M. By orderof COL. J. W. STYLES. NINTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8 MILITIA. 17th Ward. Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the act thereiu mentioued, the ununiforaoed privates of the serenl companies of this regimeut will assemble within (heir respective company J districts on Vouda/, the 4th day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for company parade, inspection and martial exercise, ' armed and rqiipiied according t? law, at the p'ace designated foretell district respectively, a? follows :? 1. The district of Company A, commanded by Captain John f Helme, and hounded by the Bowery. Rivingtou. Eldridge. First aveuue and Second street, at the South East corner ol Houston aud Christie streets. 2. The district of Company B, comminded hy Lieutenant Comm't Stephen H. Cornell,and h uidcd by Eldridge, Rivington, t-'?sex. Weuue A, Second street, and First avenue, ti the South West rorner of Hou>tou and Allen streets. 3. The district of Companv C, commanded by Lieut. Jacob L. Seuring, and bounded ny Essex, Riviiigton, Clinton, Aveuue B, Second street. nnd Av nue A, at the South East corue' of Houston and Norfolk streets 4. The district of Couipiny D, commanded by Capt. Charles T. Bulwu kle, and bounded by the Boweiy, Second street. First avenue, aud Sixth stieet. at the 8 utli East coruer of Second avenue a id Fourth ItfMt 5 The district of Company E, comma ided by Capt. Marvin | it. ritman, mm bounded by f irst avenue, Second afreet, Are un B, and Sixth street, at the South fcast corner of Avenue A and Fourth stieet. i . The district of Company F, commanded by Capt John N Hay ward, and bouuded by the Bowery, - ixth street. Avenue B. Seveuth street, Avenue A aud Kighth street, at the South Cost corner of *ecoud aveuue and Seveulh street. 7. The district of Company G.comraiuded by Copt. Richard 11. Thompson, and bouudad by the Bowery, Eighth atreet Aveuue A, and Tenth street, at the South Eut Corner of Second avenue and Ninth street t. The district of I .'oilmany H, commanded by Capt Henry B. Melville aud bonudrd by the Bowery, 'I'e th street. Avenue B. and Fourteenth street, at the South Kast corner of ? Cfudavenue airl Twelfth street The Regimental Court < f Appeals, to hear appeals from fines or penalties imposed, will be held at Military Hall 191 Bowery, cu Thursday, th-31st of October, IM7, at 11 o'clock iu die forenoon. By order of E. JESUP. JrCol. Comm'g 9th Rsjrt N. Y. S. Militia. TENTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8. M. 9TH Waiiiv Fursuint to the sbore Divisio., Orders and the Act therein mentioned, the unumformed privates of the s -vera! companies of this rrgimrat will assemble within their respective comp nv districts on Monday, t?e 4h day of October test at 1(> o'clock, A. M.. foi company piade, inspection aud martial ei reiae, armed and (quipped according to law. at the p'acea designate ' for each dutrict reipectivelv, aa follows 1st District, comp my A, bounded by the Hudson River, Hainmersl). Bedford anH Bsrro > streets, and commanded b> Thomaa Joues, captain, at the north east comer of Hudsou anil Lerov street*. 2d District, company B. bounded by Bedford, Haminersly Hanco.-k, Bleeckeraud Carmine streets. Sixth Avenue and Birrow street, and commanded b Henry L. Hoelxlr, c ptain at the north east c.truer of Bleecker and Cornelia streets 3d District,company C, bouuded by the Huds n River, Borrow, Hudson aud feiry streets,aud commauJed hv Hnary Brunor. captain, at the north east corner of Washiugtou and Amos streets. 4th District, company D, bounded by Hudson street, Barrow street, Suth tvenue and Amos at., commanded bv Co.uelius CUrk, captain, at the north east coruer of Fourth and Christopher st. eets. J.h District, company* E, bounded by the Hudson R'var, Perry, Hudsou and Troy st'eeta. and commanded bv James M'Orath, captain, at the north east coruer of Washington an Bank streets. 6th District, Company F, bound*'' by Hudson, Amos, Yac' lory, and Troy streets, and comm iiileil by James R. Dodse. Captain, at the North Eaat coiner nl Kourth and Perry st.cets 7th District, Com|<any O, bounded by the Hudson river. Trov street, Eighth avenue, #nd Foutteeuili st'eet, end commanded hv Cornel us Vanderveei. C.jpuin, at the North East wich und Itoraiio streets. 8th District, Company 11, bounded hy Eighth avenue, Troy, Factory aud Amos streets, Six h avenue aud Fourteenth st . >uiu cuuimnn'icu uy jacou ??") nor, <^auimn, lit tike itOHII IV I corner of Seven h avenue an* Eleventh street. The Uegimrntil Court of /\t>i lo hear appeals fiom fines and penalties imposed. w II he hrld at the Northern K?chmge. No 273 Bleecker sfeet. on Friday, the 22d day of October, 1W7, at 7 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of CH ARLE9 J. DODOE. Lt. Col. Comrn'g 10th Regt. N. V. d. M. ELEVENTH REGIMENT N. Y 8. MILITIA. 16th and ItTH Wards Pursuant to the above Division Orders and the act therein mention, d the uuuiiiformed piivates of the several Companies of this Regiment will Assemble within their respective rompanv dist'icts, on Monday, the Uh f ay of October ne*r, at 10 o clock A. M , for company parade, inspection and martial exercise. armed and c<iiiipped according to taw, at he places designated for each dutrict respectively, a* follows:? 1st. Company District of Company A, commanded by Ca|>tain Robert I*. Fraser. bonnded by the HnJsou River, tonrteeuth street, the Kifthth avenue and Nineteenth street, on the the cor< er of Fourteenth street and Eighth avenue. 2d. Company District of Comimu B, commanded by Captain John J. Siovan, bounded hy the Kighth avenue, Fourteenth street, Sixth sreiiue and Nineteenth sireet, ou the corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. 3d. Company District of Comnanv C, commanded by Cap tain John Seulert, bounded by the H'idson Kiver, Nineteenth stieet, the lughih aveuue and Twenty-eighth street, on the corner of Nineteenth street and the Eighth avenue. ?th Compa.iy District of Company D, commanded by Captain Frederick Pies?ieek?r, bounded by the Kiglith avenue, Nineteenth str*et. the .Sixth avenue, and Thirtieth street, on the corner of Thirtieth stre-t and Kigh'h avenue Jth Company District of Company E, commiuded by Captain John M' Mahon, brundrd by the Hudson Hiver, Twentreighih street, the Eighth aveuue, 'i hirtieth sireet, the Sixth aveune and Koifeth stieet, on the corner of Tweuty-eighth street and i he Eigh'h avenue. Cth. Company District of Company F, commanded by Captain A. Henderson, hounded fey Sixth avenue, Fourteenth street, East River and Nfueteeth street, on tne corner Fourteenth street and K xih avenue. 7th. Company Dfctriet of Company O, commanded hy Captain H. V. uuded by the Sixth avenue. Nineteenth street, the Knst River and Twentieth sLreet, on the corner ol Twenty-f ixih street and Sixth avenne. th. Company District of Company H, commanded br Csp tain John P. Ellis, and bonnded by Sixth avenae. Twentysixth street. East River and Fortieth street, on the corter ol Twenty-sixth street and Sixth aveuue. The Keaimei.tal Court of appeal, to hear appeils from lines and p*uaHiea imposed, will he held at the Madison Cottage, corner Fifth euue and Twenty-third street, on Monday, the llthofOcrnherat 3 o'cleck in the after noou. By order of ROBERT C. M JRRIS, Col. llth Re?t. N. V. 8. M. TWKLFT1I REGIMENT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 12th Ward. Pnraumt to (he above Diviaiotj Ordei Ad the Aet thrrein mmtioned the uii unuiformeu privateanfthe teveralCompamee ofthii Kripment will aaaembl* within their reapectiv* company <<i*trieu, on Monday, the 4th i)*y of October next, at 10 o'clock A.M., for company parade, inspection and maitial eierciae, armed and equipped according to law, at the placet designated foreach dutricf re<|*ctively. at fo luwc? Company A, Captain Vincent, commandant, bounded by 4th arenue. I'.jtii inert, 0?h mvenue and 86th atreet, at N W. come'of 4th avenue and Mth street. Compauy B, Cnptaiu Urtt?, commandant, bounded by 4th avenue, 71arleinR rer and Killi, Kaat Hirer, aud Mth street, at N. E. eorner of 4tli avenue and M b itreet. Compviy C, Cajit. Mnyher, command mt, bounded by a line running ime weit from the high bridge, the iludaon river, Spuylen Diyvel Creek and Harlem river, to the high bridge, ou Kintftiridie road, oppoaite the high nridge. Cotnpia/D.Oapt Prndhomma, comm-ndant. bonnd'd by the Bth avenne, 8fiih at, Hadson river. Mauhatun at, and 125th at at N W enr ol 8th avenue and SG'.h at Company E Capt. Avewana, eoo inandant, bounded by Ith avenue, 86th at the Hudaon river, and 40th at, it N. W. comer 8ih avenue and 40th at. , . . ... . , V ( mtit Wilmn. ^Ammindant hnnmlml hv 4th aveuue. 40th ?, lib ayenue Mil Mih it, at 8. W. cor. of 4th avcnoe ud 86fh ?t. , , t , ,, Company O, Capt. R?fn?Ma, eotmnandunt. bonudrd by 40th at. Enat tirer, MthtL aafl 4th avenue, at 8. E. cur. of Wth at , and 4th avenne. Comrany H, Lieut Comdt Ayrea, Commamt?nL hounded by 4th avenue, Harlem River to High Bridiie.tlieuce due weat to Hndaon rivrr.and along raid nv* r to Mai lt <Man rti*?t. Ill'li 1 I'ratt, Bth avenue and 129th atiect, on 10th avrnue, near Trinity Cemetery. _ ? . Appeala will he hmrit at No 149 Fulton itreat, New York City, on Tucarfay, the llth. WediieaUar, ISth, and Thunder, the 14th dara of October nait. between the hoara of II M- and t r. M., of each day aamed m mm' 0 benjamin w. benbon^ f W Yt EW YORK, FRIDAY MC The Protectant Kplacopal Convention. SECOND DAY. Morning pr?yer< were read by Ket. Mr. Rlorrii, of Trinity School, and the lessoua by the Her. Alexander 8 Leonard. The iniuutea of yeiterday'a aeaaion were read and approved, and a number of lay dalegataa were presented who did not attend the flrit dar. The report of the committee who wcr* Appoints by the convention of 1846. and continue J by the convention of last year, " to take into consideration all existing oanons regulating and prescribing the qualifications required In order to beoome member* of tbia convention, with Instructions to prepare new cstnon governing the whole matter, it auch ahould be deemed necessary," waa announced by tbe 3e<r?tary to be ready, and printed oopiea thereof were distributed to the members. It reoommeads that aa the flrst step to be taken in the matter before the convention, that. Article Hi, of tha constitution, be so amended aa to read thus :? " 1'he convention shall be composed of the officiating Presbyters, who are regularly admitted and settled in some church which shall have been In anion with this oonventlon for at least three years; or, who are employed m mlw>ionari(s under tbe dlrwrtion of thlscooveotion; or. who areengtged aa professors, or instructors of youth in some college, academy, or general seminary of learning, duly incorporated and situate within this diocese ; and of lay delegates, not exoeedlng threa Irom every suo|> church, to be chosen by tbe vestry, or by the congregation. No person wb? is a candidate for holy order:* nball b? ellglblo as a lay delngate to the convention. But no niinlater, who, at the adoption of this article, is entitled to a seat in the convention, shall be excluded therefrom, by reason of the alteration of the ! former 3d article of the constitution, provided he contiI nues in the same parish with which he was connected at the adoption of this article." The committee also recommend the following resolution Kepolved. That section 2 of canon I, bn amended by iuFerung aiier me woruo o onvenuon ltaeil me worn* " upon evidence in accordance with th? requirements of canon II. " And alio that In lieu of canon li, ono be aubstltuted, the firat section of which makes it the duty of the BUhop, or, in oaf# of his inability or disability, of the standing committee, to aubmit to the next contention a Hat of all the qualified prenbytera of the church?the namea of their churchei?auch records to be taken as preaumptWe evidence, in favor of those therein mentioned, in diaputea about seats. Sec. 4. Secretary of convention to include In auch record ail certificates presented to him in acsordance with aeo. 2 of canon XXX, of the convention of 1H34. Kvidence of settlement in care of dispute to oonslst in said record Sec. 3. Every minister received into the dlooeao to procure a certificate of his admission. Sec. 4. A clergyman claiming a right to ait, aa a misslonary, to certify bis right by a certificate from the i biahop. as in case, Stc , by a certificate from the chairman of the missionary committee. Sec. ft. A clergyman claiming the same right, by virtue i of hia being a professor in a college, must produoe a eer| tificate from the president or secretary of auch college. Seo G. Lay delegate* shall be chosen by veatrtea, or by j the congregation, by holding the eleotion for that purpose, according to law The evidence of iuch election to consist of a certificate by the rector ef the church. In one case. and in the other, of a certificate aigned by the persons who are required to certify the election of wardena and veatrymeu. Sec. VII. No lay delegate ahall be entitled to a Mat in the convention, unleaa he be entitled to vote for wardene and vestrymon of the ohurch which he ii appointed to represent. At the bottom of the report ia a certificate signed by J. M. Forbes,staling that ho acoede* generally to the report, but would recommend that the 3d article of the constitution be made to r>-ad so r a to give to all preabytors and deacons of the dloceae in good atauding, a aeat in the convention There was another certificate attached, aigned by C. M Mead, in which he a late* that he sgreea to that part of the report regardiug the alterations in the canons, but diiagreea to the proposed alteration of the constitution, not only for the priuciplea involved lu the proposed change, but beoauae other important point* have not been considered in the said amendment. Mr Harrison moved that the rules of order be ?uapended, ao that he might offer a resolution, that the present trustees of the Theologlcul Seminary, representing this diocese and resident therein, be continued in office, and that the standing committee report the names of other suitable persons to fill yacsnclea to be elected lor nomination to the approaching General Convention. An amendment was offered to it by Mr. Betta,ot Newburgh, but after a little debate, both were laid upon the taMe The committee on the incorporation of churches read their report, from which we learned that the following named ohurches were incorporated since the last convention, via Church of the Holy Martyrs. an4 tha Church of the Advent, New York; Church of St Savior, Newtown ; Trinity Ckuich, Haverstraw ; Church of the Holy Martyrs, fcjisex county ; Church of th? Reformation, King's oounty ; Church ot the Aaeeualon, King's countv Tbti oamra of the olerlcal and lay delegates of those ni-wly Incorperaied churches were then culled over, and Ibe drlugatrstook their seats. l'he oidt-r of business wan suspend d, and the report of the ftimlinjf of the dlocse for the year 1040 and 1S 4 7, wan read by tbe Ilev. J M. Walnrigbt.? itisbop I vt-H report, and Bi?hop Deluncy's, of their duties for the put year were read. Tbe convention then proceeded to the election of the xtanUing committee, of one lay provisional deputy to tbe general convention, and of the missionary committee, with the following result:-* The teller* having retired, It tu on motion resolved, tbat the trustees of tbe fUnd for aged and lutlrm clergy men. be appointed viva voce? When Mensrs. William Bard, Oarret O. Van Wagenen and f'yrus Curtis*, were nomluated and eleoted. The next thing in order wan the report of the missionary committee, which waj accordingly read, and wnlch ntat> s a deficiency In the treasury of upwards of Oteen bundred dollars, The committi'o to whom was referred at the last conTentlou, Ike application of St George's church, to havu two votes, tu consequence *f its havipg a chapel connected with it; reported adversely to thn applicants. Thenmjorlty and miuority repoils of tbu committee cn the adinn-fion of St. Phillip's church, ana otlu r colored congregation*, to a representation in the convention of this diocese. which was laid over at lest convention, were th"n ta'i-n upon motion of Mr J lin A King. Coptes ol the report of the majority of the committee ware dlsiribuled and enquiry was imoli hy several ui mhers about Ibe minority report, whether that had uot been printed too. Mr. J*v,apparently surprised, roso for information on the subject, ami. In reply to h'.s questions, was informed by Mr. Haight, the secretary, that, no appropriation was ma le at th* last session for the publication of either, but tbat the gentleman would And the minority report in last year's journal. Mr. Wu 11. IUriikoi then informed Mr. Jay. tbat the majority of the committee had print*d their own report. Mr. Jay?'Then, Mr. Harrison has stolen a maroh on u?? that'* all. (Laughter ) Ou motion, the report of tho majority of the committee was being read, wlvn Mr. Jay moved that the reading be suspended and tbe whole subject laid on the table, In order to allow the minority opportunity to print their report, which wan carried. The following is a copy of the majority report: ? Report to Iht Convention of 1816, laid on the tablt until the next Convention. The committee to which was referred tbe subject of tho admission of St. Philip's, and other oolored congregations, to a representation in the convention of this diocese, report,. That, in their view, the question referred to them Is one exclusively relating to the temporal government of the diocese, and is wholly unoonneoted with the religious rights or duties of the applicants The convention Is but a part of what may 1>? called theoivil machinery, instituted by human wisdom, lor the purpose of regulating, tbe society, by which, and for whose benefit, it was established. It is no more a part of our church in this country, In a religious vl*w, than ar? the eivil establishments aDd the connection with the government In Kngland, part ol the church there. In both countries the arrangements for the administration of the Binmnimt ?i ih church are the result of experftnoe and adaptation to circumstance*. Among the consideration* of expediency, which any body of uieu uniting together for a common purpo.-n would deem the most important, nuat be that of determining with whom they would associate, and who should be permitted to participate In the government of the faciety. Thui, for reason* of expediency, female*, however worthy, are by our cannn* excluded from being repre?entaiive* In cur convention*, and are by law, Incapable of being incorporated a? member* oi cburche* Candidate* lor orders, are, by a i canon ot the general convention, prohibited from b?ing member* of that body. These Instance* are sufficient to Illustrate the principle* on which our I church organization* are founded, and to ehow I they are entirely distinct from the religion* right* and *piritual privilege* of thoee who, lu a spiritual view, ara | member* of our churche*. If it be an incident to church i mcmb'-rxhlp to be represented in the oouncti* of the church, then have we, in common with all Christian denomination*, from the time of the apostle*. unjustly and tyrannically deprived female member* of * right*. When society i* unfortunately divided Into cl?**e?? when aome are Intelligent, refined, and elevated, in tone and character, and other* are ignorant, coarte, and debased, however unjustly, and when such piejudioe* exist between them, a* to prevent social Intercourse on equal term*,it would seein inexpedient to encounter such prejudice*. unnecexsarllv. and to endeavor to comDel the one class to associate oo equal term* la consultations on tbfl affairs of the dioewe, with those wbom they would not admit to their table*, or Into their family circles-nay, wbom they would not admit into their pews, during riubllo worship. If Christian duty require that wo should n all respect* treat equally, all persons without reference to thftlt social condition, should we not commence the discharge of that duty In our Individual and social relations? And Is not the tact that ws have never so regarded our duty?or have wlfully violated it, su indent evidence of the existence of a state of sooiety among ua that renders an amalgamation oUunh discordant materials impracticable, if not haserdous to our unity aud harmony? We deeply sympathise with the colored race in our country, we feel acutely their wrongs ?and not the least among them, their social degrade-^ tlon. But this cannot prevent oar seeing the tact, that* they are eoeiallj degraded.and are notr? garded a* proper I aaeoclatee for the claaeoi persona who attend our convention!. We object not to Um color of their skins, but we 1 - IRE 1 IRNING, OCTOBER 1, 184' question their pOFsestion of those qualities which would a render their Intercourse with the members of a chnrch I convention useful. or agreeable even to themeelves. We I should make the game objection! to persons nf the same octal claaa, however pure may be their blood, or how- i ever transparent their skin. It la impossible. In the na- < tare of things, that such opposite* should oommtnfls ? with any pleasure or satisfaction to either The colored I people nave themselves shown their oenvlstlon of thla 1 trath, by separating themselves from the whites, and I forming distinct congregations, where they are not onn- I tlnually humbled by b?lng treated a* inferior* Why I should not the principle on which thejy have separated I themselves be carried out in the other branch** of our ahnroh orraniiatton' 1 Striking Instances arc furnished In th* early, and 1j- i deed, every perlo I or th* history ot the Christian 1 church, of onformlty in outward thiags, and in matter* not etMntlal, to til* customs. usages, and even prej udioa* of the age W* have in our own oountry inveterate cu*tomi and prejudice* on the subject under consideration, which aannot b* overcome Is it nat tba part of wisdom to submit to them until, by change of circumstanoes, the occasion of tbem shall cense to exist * Would not our present duty to this unfortunate race be fully performed, by extended and liberal efforts to improve tnuir minds aud their condition, by intelleatuM culture, by religious InstrucUM, a?d as they advaar* ia intelligence and refi'i iment, by relaxing the severttUi of caste, which now *?|>ari>t<i us, uoM by J ureei they Worn* Hit .-a for the dutle* unU enjoymeate of a higher social conation ; tmd then admit them In our public and private iulerooursu. to a free and equal communion ? The efforts of sealou* phUauthroplkt* to break down the barriers which ou^tom has interposed, and which have so loug existed between the colored and other raves; and against the laws of society, aud the sentiments aud feeling* of the community, to compel an unuatural and forced equality, have hitherto been attended with results quully unfortunate to the peculiar object* of their solioitu<Je,and to the great interests and beneficent institution*, in connection with which such effort* have been made. They hare been dlieoted to our common school*, and not satisfied with tha abundant provision which has in many place* been made for the eduoation of colored children, their special friends and advocate* have Indited that they should be admitted to the schools of the white children, and have thus chused dissension and oonfliot. to the great injury of those institutions; while feelings of sympathy and oommioaeration have been too frequently converted into disgust and anger ? F.ffort* of a similar character, and (or the same purpose, have been made to give position In our churches to oolored people, which would compel association and intercourse with them. It i* obvious that inch movement* are but incipient ateps to ulterior object* in relation to the vexed and Irritating sul^ect of slavery. Beginning nuu nuu a|/p?>cuhi/ juib |'i UjiWBtiluun 1 l/H }>QC LI LJ ? the abstract rights of thin portiou of our population, their profeesed friends aud advocates hare advanced, step by step, uutil they bave prepared the way to agitate the bold question of the Christian oharactor of those whose sentiments do not accord with their own. The rending aaun&er of churches-the disruption of aocletiu* ?bitter animosities, and ail manner of uncharltablenru have been the invariable results By the wile and prudent counsels of the father* of our church, aur denomination baa neon hitherto happily free from the agitation of the?e and kindred questiona? luch a* temperance, or abatinence from liquor* and wine ?Md the oomequencea bare been peace and quiet among ouraelvea, and the reapect of othera. An lnatanoe of thia caution la foroijhed In the caae of St. Philip'* Church, whoee application to bo represented In the con entlon la now under conalderation. It appear* from the minutr* of the atanding committee of thla diocese, that In March, 1810, on the application of the lamented Biahop Hobart to that oommittee for advice in relation to the admUalon of a colored person a? a candidate for holy order*, they unanimously advised hi* admission, upon the distinct understanding, that In the event of his being admitted to orders, be should not " be entitled to a aeat in the convention, nor ahould the congregation of whloh he may have the charge, be repreaented therein " It U underatood that these condition* were approved by til') Bishop, and were assented to by the applicant and the congregation. And although that churoh baa been organised, and In exlatence for more than a quarter of a century, It has until now abided by the terms thua settled The preaent appUcauta, it la presumed, were not aware of thvse arrangements, aa It la not to be auppoaed that they would intentionally be guilty of a violation of good faith. Thus, for this long period has this queatiou been actually and peaceably aettled, I and remained undisturbed. | The legal, moral and equitable right of the convention to determine what churches It will admit into union, so aa to entitle them to a representation in this body,seems to j our committee unquestionable. The fourth aanon provide* certain indispensable conditions to entitle any church to admission?but no where is It declared that these are the only conditlona? and the invariable practice of the conventirn In taking the vote upon the admission of any church, abows that it has Deserved to Itself the right of judging of the expediency of the measure, after all the former requisites are compiled with ? Otherwise the report of the committee, certifying to the faot of such compliance, would be in itself conclusive The provision in the tame canon, requiring the preliminary approbation of the bishop, or of the standing committee "of the incorporation of auoh church," relatea only to the anparate and Independent existence of the eofegT?xati*n aa a corporate body, and not to 1U union with, or representation In. this convention. Besides, the Very requirements of the canon?that churched shall be politically incorporated, before admission into union with th* couvuntion, shows conclusively that the right Of adiniavion ii subject to regulation nod therefore (hat such question in one purely of expediency, Md not one of Christian privilege or right. Ciifi may easily be conceived, and such hare actually oocurred, where it would not anly be highly Inexpedient, but grossly unjust to existing churches, to admit into union new applicant*. Various circumstances, more or less important, will necessarily enter into the consideration of the convention iu determining auoh a question. In the short time allowed the committee to oonsider the subject, and to express their views, they have been unable to give such a full exhibition of all the consideration* which present themselves as they would have desired. Tney think, however, that they have said enough to cause reflection, and to show how full of difficulty would be the adoption of the principle in relation to St i'hiiip's church, or any other colored congregation of admitting their representatives to seats in this convention It once here, th?v would be entitled to all the consideration, and to raruoipate in all the duties and stations t<> which members may be a??igue<l, or we shall p. * uoally repudiate the principle which adniitted lUeui It I* uot believed tha. this convention, tor Instance, woui.t send one oi them us u depu.y to the general oon>< ution on aocoui.t of th>! otfunc it would occasion to our breturen of other uioceses. Thus, tLtir conuition would be practically und continually one of Inferiority I and humiliation uiore pulntully aggravated by the ex pectatb'ii Induct d by un act, which apparently pruuiiseu Lhelr perfect equality Your committee do not beln ve that such an equality can be produced, or that in the nature of things it can exist, in this community. Or -at and palpable Inequality must prevail to the extent of preventing the colored race from any active participation in our ohnruh government; and we believe that an attempt to correct it, ooutrary to the feelings and customs of our country, wiubl not only be abortive, bnt would be attended with the worst consequences to oar unity, our harmony, and our efficiency They, therefore, recommend that neither St. Philip's, nor any other colored congregation, be admitted into union with this convention, so as to entitle them to a representation therein. The consequences of snsh a determination probably will l>?, that such churches and congregations will not be responsible to, or under the government or oontrol of this convention, but will remain subject to the ordinary jurisdiction of their bishop; and when their members become adequate. luav have church oounclls of their own for their own peculiar government. Ail which is respectfully submitted, WM II HAR190N, RttUBEN HIIKRWOOD, J. C. 8PENCKR. Extinct from Minutet ?f the Standing Committee of tkt Diocrtt nf N- iv York, M'irc.n ft, 1819. The right reverend the bishop of thfs diocese met tha committee to consult with them, as his oouneil of advice upon the expediency of admitting to order* a colored man of suitable qualifications and character, with a view of his taking ctiarg* of u congregation of colored people In the city of New York: and after due deliberation, It wa* the unanimous opinion of the committee, that under nreaent clrnuuistanRes it wan aiiuitlint tn admit, m a candidate for holy order*. such a person as aforesaid. But the aommlttoe thought that It ought to I be distinctly understood, that neither the person so admitted as a candidate for hoi v orders, in the event of hi* being admitted to orders, be entitled to a seat In the convention. nor tha congregation of which ha may have charge, to a repreeentation therein. And further, that it be undemtood that the ?aid congregation pledge themselves to recolve the said person, in the event of hla being admitted to order*, aa their minister, and to provide for his support. Whereupon, It waa unanimously resolved to advise the bUhop to admit, as a candidate 'or holy orders, such a person an above described, with the understanding, and under the restriction above mentioned. At the nrxt meeting. April 7th, IBI0, IVjer Williams, jr., waa admitted a oandidate fur Holy Orders. Extract from Hishnp lloharl't .hidmt to the ConrrnMen of 1819, " On the .Id July last, I consecrated the new church ol St. Philip's. In Collect street, New York, designed for the use of the colored people of our church in that city. They statedly assemble there, aud their de votlons, except when tho clergy occasionally officiate, are oonducted by I'eter Wllllaos, jun . a colored man, who, for some years, under my direction, has acted , as Isy leader and catechlst among tbetn , and who, on the recommendation of the standing committee, has been recently adciitt?d by me as a oandidate for orders Kvtry measure relative to provision for acommodatlng the colored people with publio worship and religious Instruction, has Item pursued, and will continue to be pursued, with great caution and deliberation.'' The following la the report of the minority on the same subjrot 1 he undersigned, a minorltv of t'<e committee appointed by thla Convention of the ProUstant Episcopal church, in the diocese of New Vork, to consider the | application 01 nt. inilip'i oburch in thla city, to bead initted Into oonimunion with thin convention, jo hrretiy report:? That they regret exceedingly to be obliged to differ from the majority of aald committee, They do not raaka thin report with a view of exciting or encouraging any dlaeuaalon In thla convention, or topic* In no way couaotad with the autyeot of thla application. About thirty yeara ago. a congregation of colored people wai organiaed la UlU city aa an JCpUcopal Church, with the IERA 7. ipprobation of the Episcopal authority of thli dioce?e < baa continued since to oonform to the doctrines, worhip. and usages of tbU church moat uniformly ana conitantly It now a?ks to b? admitted to enjoy what Ita nembern consider to b? the privileges which other ihurcbe* have, of being received into the fall fellowship >f their Christian brethren, by adiiiisaion to this nonven;ion. The minority of your coinmittM do not hesitate | !o nay, that, although at tha time of tha organizing of Lhis congregation, it waa thought to be a wiaa and aalu :ary m?uun, vet in their opinion. subsequent events thould lead ui to doubt tb? propriety or expediency of lucb organization. It li now too lata to undo, In thl* particular, what baa been done. The minority of your committee oan see no reason why thi? application should not b? (ranted) and think there are ipeoial reason* why it should It is said that it was stipulated on the part of individuals of that oongregatlon at the time of It* orfaui cation, or before the ordination at the lati pious nu t reverend Mr. Williams, that they would not apply t'?r admission into this convention. This we believe tliey did not do; but wa oannot conceive how the present Ceneratien, belonging to that church, oan be bouud y any stipulation of that kind, made by those who we trust have long since departed hence In the Lord, and been received into communion with the sainta in Paradise The present members of that church do not thluk as their fatnars did on this ?uhject It may be said, that if this church be admitted, others will be organized and apply for admission. However mu ti this is to he regretted, yet wo suppose such will be the fact, aud on this very n< count, this sutjact merits the very aerlons consideration of this convention. Suppose churches, now to be composed of colored people exclusively, are organised in our principal oltlee?suppose they are refused equal Christian privileges, Willi other episcopal churohes?that the couveutions of our dioceses refuse to take them under their charge, and into their fellowship?will not these churches unite ai d form a convention of their own! Will they not choose a Bishop or bishops of their own 1 And undarsuch circumstances, would they Und any difficulty In obtaining Apostolical succession ? We fear the r*fusal of our convention to admit Into their fellowship this portion af their Christian brethren, will inevitably lead to a schism in the ohuroh, by the establishment of another Kpisoopal ehurch in these United tttatea. All must admit this would be a sore evil. The minority of your committee beg the convention to pause before they take a step which may lead to such a disastrous result. It may well be asked, can It be that baoause those who seek admbsion here are of a different,race and oomplexion from ourselves, that doubts are entertained of the expediency of admitting them to union with this convention? Hhvh the* not the Bible for their irnlilu? I)n (h?. ? /) In it that 1U divine precepts, it* universal charfty, its promised reward* are limited to any race or nation ? Was not the gospel vouchsafed to all men, to b? proclaimed to all nations ? The minority of your oommittee expressly disavow any other motive in thus recommending the admission of this church, than that of promoting peace and harmony, and carrying out into practioe the great Catholic doctrine of intercommunion of saint*, as taught in this Bible, the word of trod. These persons who apply for this fellowship. have been mad* in holy baptism, ' members of Christ, ohildren of Ood. and inheritor* of the kingdom of heaven"?they " eat nis flesh and drink his blood,'' and thus are Incorporated into Him; with us, they are one with him, and IU Is one with them. However just and proper distinction* in society may be In other respects, yet aa a member of one lloly Catholic Church, there ought to b? no other distinction than that made by superior self-denial, holines*, and virtue. The minority of your committee wonld deprecate moxt earnestly auy prolonged or excited discussion of thl* subject, or the introduction of <iu**tion* not neot.ssarlly connected with it, and recommend that this church be admitted into union with thl* convention. All which is respectfully (Uhmitted. IIVAN M. JOHNSON. JOHN A. KINO. Mr. Harriaon'* resolution in referenoe to th* Theological Seminary was then taken up. Mr. Bills offered an amendment, and In support of It aid it had two ol\jecU?1st, to bring up the names of per' sons submitted for nomination ; and, ' ascertain whether those proposed shall be nominated by this convention. Th* course pursued for years, was to recommend the old member*, and the standing committee re' commend f uch new members as the diocese may be en titled to. The old members are members, and cannot b< pushed out. The appointment of these trustees is thi most Important action thl*convention could take. The] have an Immense amount of money under their control and likewise the oontrol of the Institution for the education of their clergymen. Looking at it in this light, h< conceived It liscehnary that the diinorlty should be rep. resented in that board, and their views consulted. Hi would like that the member* be balloted lor, so that the minority could express their views. Beside*. there art members of this board of trustees who have never shown their laces in that institution, and he, for one, wished for the opportunity of depositing his ballot, and turning them out of office. A vote by ballot Is what ho desires, nd he hopes it will be granted by the convention. The Kev. Cms Junks was opposed to the ouurie recommended by (lielast gentleman, because he ha* beard no reason adduoed which would justify the convention In adopting It. In the present divided feeling of th* dioo?su It is not unlikely that tbe nominee* ot the minority would b? acratcuid by the majority of the convention.? In regard to tbe charge tbat the members of tbe Board have been remiss In attending the Seminary, what guarantee have the ?onveution tnat the new member* would uot do the same .' Mr. Hakhuok, In reply to Mr BetU, said he would deprecate a change In any of the trustees. If the gentlemen . are doing their duty. He wouldask th* gentleman, to what name of the trustees is there any objeollon urged ! There has been no nomination by this body since 1841 H* here read the name* of the member* of 1841,and ask' ed to which of them the gentleman referred in his r* marks. Ha then read the name* of th* member* elected since 1841, and mad* the same inquiry ; insisting at th< same time that the minority Were represented propor tionably. He denied what the gentlemin seems to im ply that on an eleotion by ballot the minority would ob miu ? ui^juruj ui uiviuwiri -iuvqodfcrbrjwwiaeii in aim mon> likeiy to be the cue. If the property I* so enormously great m the gentleman represents, lie would a?k him is it not iu safe hands .' It might be that two or ibrve of the members were not regulsr in their a'.teud anon on aoeount of old age, Infirmity, or seine oilier cau?e, but that la not the case with all of them. >lr. 0CTTI. in reply, said that thu appeal made to hiui to point out tiie person to whom he alluded an dtUcieut in attending to his duties, he considered very iod< licate and improper. He admitted that a majority of the Hoard were good men, whom be weuld vote for at hii) time, but there are one or two whom bo would certainly vote against. Mr John C. Hr^icKa moved as an amendment to the ctnunlmeut. that the words " or otherwise'' be inserted after the words ' by ballot." which was passed. l'tie ttniaodiuvul to the resoluiiou was withdrawn, and Mr. Harrison's resolution was curried. Adjourned to 7 I'. M. KVKNINt. SESSION. The Convention reassembled at seven, P. M , and proceeded to business. The attendance of delegates was much larger than it was on the day previous The galleries we observed were crowded with spectators, many of whom were lad its The Secretary announced the reault of the eleotion, which was as follows : ? Sta-ioiwo Committee ?Rev. William Derrlan. D. D , Kev. Thomas LyeU, U I) , Iter. John McVickar, U. D , Kev. Jonathan M. Wainright, U. D., Hon Murrav Hoffman, Hon. < iLilian C. Verplanck, Hon. Samuel Jones, Mr. Kloyd Smith. Mihionabv Committec.? Kev. Joseph II. Price, Rev. Edward N. Mead, ltev. Caleb Clftpp, Rev Wni Morris, Rev. Klohard Cox, Messrs C. N. a. Rowland, John II. Swift, Cornelius Oakley, Kloyd bmlth, Alexander McDonald. UrruTic* to OBiiKnaLCoirvnitTiQw.?Rev Jno. Brown, D. 1)., ltev Reuben Hherwood, I). L) , Kev. John M Knrbes, I). D , Mr. David b. Ogden, Mr (Julian C. Verplauok, Mr. Hamuel Jones, Mr Jonathan Burnett. Kon I'kovibionai. Dkvutiks ?Kev. William ( reighton D. D., Rev Joseph 11. I'rice, D. D , Rev. John McVickar D. D , Rev. Wm. L. Johnson, D. 1) . Mr. Kloyd Smith Mr. William Johnson, Mr. Wm. II. Harrison, Mr. Cyrui Curtis. In consequence of ft disagreement between the lay and clerioal votes for one of the candidates for deputies U idh geaorai convention, it wan moved anl curried that the vote by ballot bo dispensed with, and tbat the convention eleot a deputy tiiva voct. Tim He v. Mr. Berrian wu nominated by Itav. Or. Wninwrigbt, and elected. The Rer. Mr. Poanea then roaa holding in hi* hand a paper, which h? aald contained a sei-ma oi resolutions, on a subject deeply and vitally affecting the peace and prosperity of the diocese of New Vork Thu resolutions he aald war* drawn with muoh oar*, and he might add, after much consultation, and he hoped they would neat the unanimous concurrence of the convention The moat profound alienee prevailed while Mr. Korbea wan speaking, all eyes were direjted to hiin. and every member waa eager to eatoh every word that fell from hi* Up*. 1 ha church, ha oontlnneil, la in an annmaloua condition?It M In a atrioua difficulty. and the resolutions, which ha waf about lo propose, were drawn lor the purpose of relieving tbat difficulty. He then readt'ie following 'i-solutionr ? lteaolved. At tbn eolemn conviction of this c.onvenI tlon, that justice to the church in the diocese of New Vers as well aa it* brat Interests demand, that It be relieved from it* pr?n? iit anomalous position Resolved, That the general convention be, and la hereby r quested, to give to the chureh in thla diocaaa such relief aa may be consistent with ita powers lteaolved. That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be transmitted to the next general convention Resolved, 'J bat when this convention adjourn, it adjourn to meet at such time and place as may b? designated by the standing committee of tha diocese, provided tbat at least thirty daya notice he given of the same Ji n<;?: OaaLrv agreed with the spirit of the resolu tlonx. mill bop?<l tli?y would paw unanimously. The resolution* wvre th?n ubmitted, and were panned unanlrnr u?ly Km Da. Trnn laid, 1 luppoee there can be but on* feelluff. and that one of cordial satisfaction at this proceeding. and in order to allow evary person to Indulge ! thai feeling, I move that the eonrentlon.adjourn tint dir. On being informed that there win tome necessary business before the convention, the motion wu withdrawn. Th? motion to adjourn wan renewed, and prevailed, and the convention adj - tuned ???? die. It wm rumored in (ieonretown, on Monday evening, that the money necessary for tbe completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal bad bean obtained. LD. Mm two Owth Th? War .J NKWS EX I'EC i'kD FRO VI MX* ICO. [From the New OrUao-t Picayune. S?pt. W) Oar cltUene cen?r?lly, but mort p*i iouKriy the prow Of th? cltjr, ?re anxtouKljr anticipating nevitrom Mexico. We b*lie?e there arc arrrrftl TeiweU uow dm - aaeordlag to th- time the/ hare twnn ab?ent-from Vert Cros; but when any one of them will arrive no person oan tell. For tome four or J?y? p*?t we have eom.Uutly n |l<ig?u lUdKcifkvi uunr'iiwg?"usi iruiu Ui? UmjOl (ten Soott J.L l?st account* lying almoat under th? ?aUa of the W**loan capital y- Why that rorreapondruce baa not oome to Land wa ocrit uot Bay is owing to the non-arrival of any fata l from Vera Crui. It ie now fourteen day* alnoe ? kan b?d *n arrival Whan thtre if another we eonfldeaUy look fur full and authentic,detaila from Mr. Kendall, of the 'unst iuipnrtant and intereeting natura Bat the puUio must not forgat that there i? a large aumber aC troops and provisions to ba trauaportad front Bracoa Saatiaqo to Vera ( rue. and aa theaa troop* and prorlitiai aru urgently required by Oaa Soott. or ooiM tba at aa m er* McKim, Telegraph, and othar government transports ar* liually occupied in that service. [We aaoartainad by tba Massachusetts, that tba McKlm was at Vara Crui on tha Mb Inst , " Bred up," ready to atart for Naw Orlaana at a moment'* aatiae ? HtllLD.] There la another consideration rendering it sMU doubtful when wa aball bare an arrival from vara Crua : wa mean the usual itormy weather in the gulf at tbla peeuliar anaaon of the year?the equinoctial galea. If tk(N it no veeael now on the way from noma of tba Mexican porta for tbla oity. the great probability la that for many daya at ill to rome wa aball have no new*, aa mariaara ara very properly oautlous about going ta *ea wben bad weather may almoat certainly be expected. Notwithstanding, we hope aoon to bear from the array; bat oar friend* and readera muat curb their anxiety aa beat tba* can, and wait patiently for an arrival When there u one we ihall not keep the new* from them a long while. ARMY. According to an offlcial announcement of tha Adjutant General, thetwo Kantueky regiment* lately raieed, are to be o IB oared aa folio wa:? Third regiment of Kentuoky volunteer iafkatry, to ba commanded by Col. Thomaon; Capt A. K. Caldwell'e company, of Laurel oounty; Capt. William P. Chile*'a company, of Katlll county; Cant. Thomas Todd'a company. of Shelby oounty; Capt. wm. K. Bimma'i company, of Bourbon oounty; Capt. John H. Smith'* oompai,. nf 1-- L'_i - * Batb county; Capt. Leander M. Coi'i company, of Fleming oouaty; Capt. I.eonidas Metcalfe's company, of Nioholaa county; Capt James A. Pritchard's company, of Boona county; Capt. I.awrsnce B. Robinson'a company. of Fayette county. Tba companies which hare baan accepted and oosamissioned by the Governor for tha mum service, which are to constitute the Fourth regiment Kentucky volunteer infantry to ba commanded by Col. Williams, ara aa follow! Capt. Joseph 8. Coon'a company, of Caldwell oouatjr; Capt. Oeorge B. Cook's company, of Livingston eounty; Capt. Decius McCreery's company, of Davleae county; Capt. P. II. Gardner's company, of Hart county; Capt. Timothy Keating'a!company, jof Louisville eity; Capt. John C. Suuires'a company, of Adair oouaty; Capt. John O. Lalr'a company, of Pulaakl oounty; Capt. Mark R. Uardin's onpaoy, of Waahington eounty; Capt. B. Rowan llardln'f company, of Nelaoa oouaty; Capt. A. W. Burtlett's company, or Henry oounty. Tlie Adjutant General further atatea that orders ban been directed by the Governor to tha Said officers and oompaniea which have been accepted and oommiaaionad to rcndeivoua at Louisville on Monday, tha 4th of October next, to be inapeoted and muatarad Into tha aervtoe of the United States. The destination of tha Kentucky troops la announced to be tha head-quarter* of Major Gen. Boott, now at tha city of Mexico.- National Inltlligtnctr, Wik tart. The C. 8 steamship Fashion, Capt. Ivy, whioh want up the river to Baton Rouge soma days since, want down past tha olty at an early hoar yesterday morning with aixty men and horses, a part of Capt. M. K Lawless s company of Illinois mounted volunteer*, en route for Tampieo. Hhe did not touoh at the city, but seat a boat ashore with her pilots and Mr. Flshar, elark la tha Paymaster's Department, after which aha continued on her course The propeller MaJ. Tompkins waa to leave Baton Roage on Tuesday, (yesterday,) with thirty more of tha aame company. The remaining twenty-four more (for tba > company numbers oue hundred and ftftean men In all.) 9 will come down to this olty on the Msjeetlo to find transf portation.?-V. O Picayune. H'ld ult. Maj. Kdward Webster leaves thla city this afternoon ' for New l urk, m roulr for Mexico, where he la to rejoin 1 his rugimnut of Massachusetts Volunteers. Capt. Crown' inshield leaves this city|on Saturday next, for the Sanaa ' I destination. ? Button Daily Jidverlittr, U9tk ult. i We understand that the Mississippi has bean ordered here for repairs. Purser Leeker haa been ordered to tba United States store sbip Relief. Mr. Whipple, Engineer United States Navy, is to relieve M. M. Thoopeon, of the United States steamer Mississippi. The Mississippi tn taking In coal at I'unsacola on the ISth Inst ? Norfolk Foptr. Capt. Chaytor'a company, which left Wilmington, Dal., in May last, was in the late bat'los near the eitv af Mexico. One of the men waa killed and two otoara woundud. NAVAI. MATTERS. The United States ship Decatur arrived at l'enaaoola on the -Jttli of September, leU7. She Ih last from Taapiui, blockading the pert, hut was obliged to leave oa account *f tlie yellow fever increasing to a seri ut extent. Dunn* a little more thau the two wee^a she waa at Tutpan. site had ?i6 new case* and f' ur destba. On tLe parage to Peusacola, one man died with the rllneaee. From the commencement of the epidemlo, to the day of her arrival in Peusacula, one hundred and fifteen cases of yellow fever lie re b?'en treated on board. 01 ' whom cue olllc t nnd five of the crew have diri. 8b? 1 ha? now twenty-four porxonit on the sick list n**r1y all 1 of w.ioni arn convalrioent. however. Kvery effioer on hoard, < xcrpt the rommander. commander's clerk and boatxwnin. has been sick, and at onetime but one ofll Mr, lichi Ji tbe I'limnwilw ainl Mirgwou. vu od IuIt Tim following is a Hit of the oflleer* ou board tbe I'. S. fhlp Decatur. at r*nsacola, Sept. 'JOth. 1847:? Richard S I'inrkaey, commander; 'William II Ball, lieutenant; Kdw < arrtiutou Bowers, do; Napoleon Collies. do; John K Steele -pilfer; Kdward J Rutter, surgeon; < harles W. Place, master; J. Malachl Kord, midshipman; IVa. (J. Hoffman, do; J. 11 Hochelle, do; Alfred lliuRerty, boatswain; Hioinaa Dewey, gunner; J. C. Bradford sail ranker, K H Barnlcoat. carpenter; William S Cochrane, captain * clerk; Tbomaa Oaultney, purner's steward. Li?r or Ur.*TH? ? Kdward T. Carmlcbael, mid , voml to. Au?. 7. IH47; Andrew ?>ardner, landsman, Tomito, Auk 10, 1H47; < apar titodow, mar , vomito. August Ik, H17; John Wilson, boy. vomito. Aug 'it. 1H47; labin Hchank, surgeon's steward, vomito, Aug 37; Henry Mansfield, <jr. master, vomlto, Sept. 8,1847. ?Cer. Hall. 1'atrtot, 2uIt The Yellow Fever In New Orleans. INTKRMEMT* I* TIIK DIPPKRC.TT CKMKTKItlKS, For thr twrnty-four Auurs ending at t> P. M , Hbpt. 91. Namr. Nativity. Name. Nativity. Manuel kranria, Pntagil Margaret Aim*, Ireland Mich ip I Welch, Ireland Jnhanua Haads, do Jotri>li Bohnnne, Km land Ilia* KmU, (lermaay J inn Mraile, (leruiauy Kinilin' Kanmbagel, Prussia I herlroa, Unknown Henry Quilii, N Carolina A Dutchman, (lurniaoy Robert Jones, Ireland thm'l Allintu, do Margaret 11 Wills, N Jersey Barbara udele, do Mr Hermann, Oe>etaay J B Lunmim, France John Kail/, Unknown Thoa H Kowles, Virginia. Mlarel laneoua The storm last week produced a heavy freshet la the lUritan at New Brunswick. considerable Injnry M>| done by the overflow of tbe docks, from which large lots of lumber were oarrled off. Recorder Baldwin, of New Orlean. acknowledge* tbe receipt, on the Hit Inst., of $100, a donation from Mr. Howard Henderson, of this city, which amount wa? sent on for tbe relief of the poor and dtntreesed daring tbe prevalence of tbe epidemic In New Orleans. , It li rumored that a movement is on foot to endeavor , to procure a par den for Albert J TlrralJ lor the ramalnl der of hU term In llie State prison. A at AmniKns ll?a Kae Kami mtmrtmA In Rnffnln Mmmns pasaengrts for three cents ?tch. ' The cattle "how of the Berkshire Agrionttural Society takes plaoe at PitUfleld, Mass., Dot. 6 ud 7. Joshua H. l-awton, Eaq., of 'irwt Barrlngton jtha fmt(Irnt of the society, l? to deliver the address Messrs. Bullsr and Hunt have nearly completed tka establishment of a new paper mill at St. Charles, Kaaa county, Illinois M<>rk or nir Ijatk Storm.?The torm of rain list wr?-k cauatd a great rise in tne Schuylkill, swelling tha various streams Id tha neighborhood of Itienliville, particularly French creek Tha naw bridge over tha lattar ?u swept away on Saturday. and tears were entertained tha bridge and railway of Reeve's k Company'? worka would he deetroyed. A number of man were employed In placing tha Iron rail* from tha mHl upon this traak. and while thu.s engaged, Michael Ho. gan, a respectable laborer In the employ or tha ( ompaay. slipped Into the water?grasping i?nr>nl?lvely at tha Sm object within hie reach. b? caught bold of tka rail* of the track upen which bis fallow-laborer* ware running car* laden with the Iron rail*, a car p?**ed over both his banda, entirely severing all hi* Angers. A breach of ai>out? 3uo ya-ds w?i msde in the Hchuylklil esatal, jaat above Hpringvlile, *ome six miles from oar Till ay, and another of 100 yard* a short di*Unee below tha former, and also a large one at I.umbervlUe. Large <|?aatltlaa of tha crop*, oora, ko. ware washad away. Mr. Mr. Voit i place. Is represented to have lost severalhundrad bushels, and others have suffered materially. The Pnn.trr uvi several weeks' labor will be raqotalta to repelr the damages dona the ranal. Tiie CA?r or Prims, Waid and C?.?We have learnt with unsigned natiafaction that some two or three parties in New York have stepped forward to intervene in behalf? f soma bill* of exchange amounting, as i* variously aiaUd, from *80 WW to ?110.000, running on J'rlme, Ward li Co., and drawn by an emlnaat and wall known bouee in this city. About f30.0?0 r.ii ?. * - ?? ? "" auaiavit, u? were HIUM17 win up, w? are Informed, for th* honor of th* draw*r* w? ha?* thought It proy?r to ?tata this publicly, m la tlm? Ilk* th* pr?*>nt, th* credit of th* itronf**t hon**a If llabi* to ha tainted by lojurinu* r?p*rt? WWW thla *aVj??t,w* may way likawln* add, that thu? far n*lth*r our pramlnrnt bill drawer*, uor th* bank*, bay* ukrwi by th* rotors of My bill* from Kurop* A* y*t non* bar* 00m* back, and au intimat* kaowiadm of th* whol* *ubj*nt enablM a? to itat* that only a raw small amount* bar* b*an noUd abroad for nvn-aeceyleeee. ? N. Q. 23.

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