Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1847 Page 2
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New Yar*. IMdmj, Oatmbrnt I, 18?r. OUR ILL a 8TRATKD WEEKLY. azaiLT IMrO&TANT FROM TH1T SEAT OF WAR. The Wetkly Herald will be published at nine o'clock to-morrow morning. It will be illustrated with two splendid engravings, one ot the steamship Great Britain, hs she is rising from the Duadrum Sands, and j t'ie other of the Britannia, as she appeared un dergoiog repairs on the Sectional Dock. All the. n>-wa of th#? wrrli will h* found in this ' number of the Weekly Herald. It will contain the very important news from the city of Mexico, brought by the special overland express to the * New York Herald office. It will have a list of the deaths by yellow ?pver in New Orleans. Single copies, in wrapners, ?:xpeoo?. Important from Mcxlco. Oar special overltnd express from New Orleans has placed us in possession of some very important intelligence from the city of Mexico. It is unfavorable ; the peace negotiations have failed, hostilities rteonmenced, and more American blood shed. What is now to be done 1 There is only one correct course left for our government to pursue. They have treated the Mexicans with as much kindness as one nation c<>u'd possibly treat another ; end yet we have be?-n humbugged, and will continue to be humbugged and laughed at till we show the Mexicans what a war is really and emphatically meant to be. We must now destroy the city of Mexico ; lev?l it with the earth on which it now stands; serve Pnebla, Perots, Jal'pa, Saltillo and Monterey in the same way; and then increase our demands till we insist on the perpetual possession of the Castle of San Juan d'Ultia as a key to the commerce of the Gulf of Mexico. This course would save hundreds of lives. Occupy all the sea ports on the Gulf, and on the Pacific, i r r__ -l_ ? lor revenue fur me piyiiiem ??i me ejipciisrs ui the war. There will be no child's phy in this. 8uch a court* would compel the Mexcans to sue for peace. Nothing else will. All this may appear at first blush very severe, but is it not neccssary 1 We are in this war, and we must get out of it. No one wishes it to continue. We must therefore have a peace. We must conquer it; we must act promptly and energetically,! and thus prevent the waste of life that has marked the victorious progress of our arms through Mexico. No more armistices. The last one was properly granted; so was that at Monterey. But let us have no more. Tiik Departure of thk French Steamer Union.?This elegant and weK commanded steamer left her wharf yesterday afternoon, at ten minutes past one o'clock, and, without any ! accident, proceeded down the East River, having the American and French flags at the fore of each mast. Nothing particular happened during her trip to the (Quarantine, where we landed, in company with several gentlemen belonging to that line of ocean steamers, among whom was the Marquis de Raigecourt, the President of the board of administration. The T'uion ihen put on full steam, and soon disappeared below the horizon. There are twenty-five passengers on board the steamer; her mail is very large, and Mr. Maurin, the royal mail agent, has settled the business which Mr. Thomas, his colleague, had but sketched; and, insteud of himself receiving the letters and newspapers brought on board till the moment of ihe departure, he has obtained for this duty an agent of the American Post Cilice, who receives the postage. The Union has a cirgo consisting of oils, couou, drugs, Lc ; there are also >?250,000 in specie ou board. We wish l^ie gdllunt Capt. Hebcrt and his officers a prosperous and a quiet trip. Annual Fair op thk Amkiucan Institute.? \V*t refer, with great pleasure, to the return of tiis important exhibition of the genius and industry of this country. We have every reason to bcieve that thia fair, the twentieth, will excel those previously held. No public show in the United Slates excite* more solid and lasting pleasure than tins. It consequently always powerfully attracts our citizens. It is also exceedingly valuable to those who desire to bring quickly into notice their newly invented or improved articles of any description; and many who have this opportunity to bring their articles before the public, have realized a prosperous demand. Advertising is by no means such an inducement to buy, as seeing the articles themselves?and there io at C .stle Garden such an immense_number of visiters?probably over two hundred thousand? that any new or useful, or curious thing is more seen and examined in a day?than it would at the private place of its owner, be aeen and examined in yeaia. Castle Garden is an excellent place for the exhibition. Its locality is central and capital. Additional Particulars of the Wreck or rai Packet Ship Auburn.?We have obtained from Mr. Richard H. Fisby a few more particulars'of the loss of the Auburn. The names of thoae lost, not before published, art as follows:? Henry Johnson, seaman, of Hanover. Germany. William Melts, " " Henry . about 10 years of age, ot Bridgeport, Ct. . His fctner is said to b? a shoemaker m fl. The boy went to Havre; ttaenoe to New Orleans, where be joined 1 the Anburn. He bad a sold wateb on when lost William , an invalid soldier; belonged to Boston; be bad bis land sorip with blm; was about 19 years old. ?? , a Jew pedlar; called Moses on board the ship; said to bavs friends living in Chatham street. ?, steward, a bright mulatto, with large whiskers; sailed from Baltlnore for Havre; thence to New Orleans, where be Joined the Anburn; has a wife living in Baltimore. cook, black, and an aged man, said to belong to Boston. Mrs. Bason; has a husband living In Philadelphia; bad two obildren on board; both drowned; one was nearly devoured by the hogs on the beach; the other was buried near the Barni-gat Jtrcmkah Prwiftnii R?au? - .1? ?- *???? ? tnulcn for the army.' ^WUlUm ??, of N?w London; hM a wife there. Sergeant Higbee and Private Baker, who died on the passage, both had land scrip, which will be of value to their relatives and friends. Sergeant H. has a wife raiding in Newark, New Jersey. All those who are interested in any of the above unfortunates, can obtain a good deal of useful information of Mr. Fishy, at No. 31 Allen street. dlstikomshkd Arrivai.8 in Nuw York.? Among the distinguished strangers now in the city, we notice Monsieur Le Marquis de Raigeeourt, President of ihe Council of Administration of the French transatlantic steamers. This gentleman belongs to one of the oldest of the nobility of France. He is travelling with his son and nome other members of his family. We lenrn that M. de K. is going to settle all the matters which hu.1 caused ho much trouble to the administratiou of M. M. Heroult and de Ilandel. We feel assured that all the little difficulty will be soon obviated, and for the best advantage of that company and the public. Atiti-Rkvtism.?We learnihat Cov. Young has j removed the couditions from the |>ardon former- j ly granted to S. A. Houghton, M. Eurle, J. Van Bteenberg, and fcdw O'Connor, convicted of par- j t cipation in the Anti-Rent outrages in Columbia | uad peltwtre counties, two year* ago. i HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE fr8m thk CITY OP MEXICO, jby the SPECIAL AMD EXTRA0RDINAB7 OVERLAND EXPRESS from NEW ORLEANS TO BALTIMORE, and thence niBO&APBZO to the | NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE; FAILURE 07 TBS PEACE waaoTiiTioNi. THE RENEWAL OF HOSTILITIES .HE BATTLE OF GHAPOLTEPEG. THE AMERICAN TROOPS in the CITY OF MEXI_C 0. Terrible Street Fighting. GEN, WORTH BADLY WOUNDED. WAR TO TBB KNIFE. Ac. Ac. die. The special and extraordinary overland express from New Orleans for the New York Herald reached Baltimore last evening, with very late and important intelligence from the city of Mexico. Our special messenger immediately transmitted the news to this office, over the telegraphic wires, in order that the readers of the Herald might have it at once. The news is highly important, and unfavorable. If it all be true, the war it not yet over! But here is our telegraphic despatch i The Telegraphic Despatch. Baltimore, Thursday Evening, .Sept. 30. The Mobile Herald of the 25th inst.. iust re ceived by the overland express for the Neto York Herald, announces the arrival at Pensacola, on the evening of the 21st, of the brig Osceola, after a ppssnge of five days and a half from Vera Cruz. The Herald is indebted to a passenger from Pensacola lor the Vera Cruz Sun of Anahuac of the 16th inst., and also for a letter from its Pensacola correspondent. Verbally the Herald learns that there hud been a revolt at Puebla, and that the Americans at that place and at the city ol Mexico, [if we rightly understand the telegraphic despatch] had lost two thousand men. The Herald states that hostilities recommenced on the 8th inst., in the evening, and that there had been a brush between a fragment of the American army and the best of the Mexican troops. The following leller appears in the .Sun of Anahuac:? rufcBLA, Sept 11,1847. | Mr Dkab So.".: 1 promised jou before I left Vera Cruz, j two montha ago, that I would, from time to time, If 1 i was fortunate enough to get new*, to drop you a few I words. I hope that these few Hugs wl^l Tic'oriounly pass through the chaparral, mosquitoes, ice. Jto., and what 1b worse, the guerillas of Curro Gordo, I'uente National, and all the hiding place* of these desperate men. I hare now to tell you that letters arrived here from I Atllxoo, [probably Atllaoo, about tttleon miles from Puebla, aud on the road front Cholulu.?Hcrald ] stating that an express had arrived there on Its way to Oajaca, sent by General Leon, and that the said express bad brought Utters from the city of Mexloo, dated the 9lh Instant. Tiiete letter ?Ute thai the jrrojiositions made by Mr. Trill were rejected, or al Uast one portion of them, and thai hostilities had recommenced on the afternoon, and that battle had been fought on that evening by a few hundred men of Oen. Scott's army and four of the picked regiments of the Mexican army viz :?rhe 1UA regiment of the line, the 3d and ith regimen's of LigM Infantry and one regiment of the National Ouards. all ccmmanded by Otn Leon?that the enemy's forces had been badly used up, and that their loss exceeded ii 0. The letters say that Mr. Trist's propositions were these. TW.i At (al ? it - ? ii . ?. i - iuh mo muHm 01 me tmua sum woma not hti anything to cUlm from Mexico for damsget ocnasloned by this war; that the United States would ha the privilege of establishing two factories in Upper California; and that the Mexican Government could, after that time, [the time la not given in the despatch?Herald] If it choose, renew this article of the Treaty. ThU was not accepted. Then Mr. Trist, unclothing himself of his official power, remarked to the Mexican Commiitsloners. that he thought that it would be much better for Yexlooto cede the whole of Upper California to the Untied States for which 'hat government would certainly pay fifteen or twenty millions of dollars. 7 his would probably have been agreed u;>*n. if the following article hail met with the assent of the Mexicans, that the Texan Boundaty Line would run along from the mouth of the Rio Grande, from the left side to the right side of the Rio Gila. But this last proposition was rejected; the Mexicans would not yield ont inch of ground the other side of the Nueces. The commissioner, Mr. Trist, then asked for fortyeight days time to consider, as he said he was not authorised to aocept such a proposition, but the Mexicans replied that they would give but fire days and no more. On the fifth day of the conference, the 7th Inst, a letter was written by General Santa Anna to General Scott accusing him of breaking the armistice on some trifling pretext. General Scott replied, making similar charges against Santa Anna. On the Hth inst, in the afternoon, a body of a few hundred men of the American armv were sent to attack | Chapultepec; they th?re encountered a Urge foreo of the enemy's best troop*, and a t?rrihlo fight eusued, in whlah the Mexican* received a* usual a good thrashing. ( ienrral Leon, who ooinmanded tbu Mexleane, wsa woundi-d, and General llalderii of the National Guard, woe killed. The small number of the Americans, who, according to the Mexican report, fought like devil*, retired to Tacubaya, leaving 0v* wa*nn* behind them. Home of these ha'1 no wheel*, while othera no horse* ! The loss of the Americans is said tote comparatively umall. A proclamation or manifesto, aa they call It, was issued 1 by General llerrera, Governor of the city of Mexico, recommending the oitiiens, men, women, and children, to collect stones and carry them to the roof* of the houses, and thence throw them at the Amerloans If they entered fie city. The aonexed is from the correspondent of the Mobile Herald, stutloned at Pensacola : rcniictu, Sept, 33, 1847. The brig Osceola arrived at the Nary Yard last evening, after a passage of five and a half days from Vera ciui. Hhe has brought late and unfavorable news from the army of General Hcott. It seems that hostilities were renewed on the 8th Inst., Sunt* Anna and General Hcott mutually charging each other with a violation of the armistlae According to the last aooounts our troops hud posietslen of two streets, and had driwn the principal pari of the Htrican force in or towards the Plata. Our troops had suffered frently from the firt of the enemy, stationed in windows and on the ronfs of houses, and (Jen. Worth was badly hut not mortally wounded. Our loss since leaving Puebla I* estimated at three I thousand men. | The proposition of Mr. Triat for the cassion of por- < j tics* of Califtjreio fcr a mridert&ra cf twenty ? lioa* of dollar* bad bm agread to by the Mexican commUelonar*. but another propneition, fixing the Rii OrtnJt i' the boundary on tkit tide,wai peremptorily refuted It i* Mid that Oanerai Paredaa U on the road between j Vara Crw and the city of Mexico with a large foroe ol I guerilla* Ttaa Sun oj Jinuhua of the loth in*t ,saye, that troopa , have been arriving in great number* from the Brazos for the previous five or *lx dayi, and it doea not doubt but j that in the next five or ids day? there will be from two ! to three thouaand men ready to inarch Into the interior. ! Theae acoounta are derived from the Sun of .Inahuac of the 16th lnat, and brought by the Oaceola, and from arbal communications from Mr. Dlmond to the Capt. of the o. at the moment of leaving. i have no doubt of their accuracy. The now* reached Vera Crua by the Orizaba route. The Lai'ncii of the Hermann.?At half past one yesterday, the large steamship Hermann was successfully launched from the yard of her builders, Messrs. Westervelt and McKay. The II., as we have stated, on several occaI sion?, belongs to the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, and is the second vessel, under the government mail contract, in the Bremen and Southampton line. Her model is said, by those havingtaste and experience, to be without a fault. Her appearance on the water, after the launch, was easy, light, and graceful. Nothing in the nautical line now extant can surpass the well drawn fine proportions of this noble vessel. She was immediately taken upon the Sectional Dock, where she will he coppered, preparatory to receiving her machinery. She measures, according to the carpenter's calculations, 2250 tons, 245 feet long, 41 feet beam, 31 feet deep The engines are equal in power to thoso now in the Washington. The interior arrangements of the ship are under the direction of Capt. Crabtree, who, as we have before stated, is to command her. Protestant Episcopal Convention.?It will be seeu by our report of the proceedings of the Protestant Episcopal Convention, that, contrary to the expectation of every one, as much as to that of the members, that it adjourned tint die last evening, after a short session of two days. Before the waters became troubled, or the passions or prejudices of the members got excited, a series of resolution* were introduced by the Rev. Mr. Forbes, virtually leaving to the general convention, which will shortly meet, the case of the suspended bishop, for final adjudication. Under all the circumstances, this was the best action they could have taken in the matter, and we congratulate the diocese on the happy turn which matters took. Naval.?The U. S. ship Ohio, Capt. Stringham, from this city, with the Hon. Mr. Ford, newly appointed Minister to Brazil, on board, arrived at Rio de Janeiro on the (ith of August. She would proceed in a short time on her course. She is destined for the Pacific. Sporting Intelligence. The Racki?The North against the South.?Ex* oepting the great race between Kclipie and Henry, in 183, and the oonteit between Boston and Fashion, in 1842, we never saw so much intereat manifest in the sporting world, as is at present shown respecting the ooming meeting between Fassenger and Fashion. Our city is rapidly filling up with the admirers of the turf, from all parts of the oountry, as it is the prevalent [ opinion that this raoe will be the most closely ooatested of any previous one, between the high-mettled coursers of these rival sections of the land In the attainment of speed. Should Fashion not be able, on the ooming oc! caslon, to beat russenger, and recover the laurels taken from her by I'ejtona, then, we f?ar, the North will have to yield the meed of viotory to the South, for its superiority in the improvement of the breed of the race horse. A gentleman, who witnessed an effort of Fassengcr, yesterday afternoon, in his exercise, represents bis speed as astonishing. The betting on the affair appears to be about two to ono on Fashion, but all that Is offered at that figure Is rapidly taken by tho friends of the Southerner. Mr. Laird's stables are expected on Long Island today. Ckntrkvillk Cot'rix, L. I.?Trottinii vs. Facing.? The unequalled Lady Suffolk, .being unable to find a competitor in her legitimate sphere of action, on equal terms, is compelled to enter the lists with nags of dilfareut gait. She contends, this afternoon, with the oelebrated pacing horse lloanoke, for a sum of $450? two mile heats, in harness. The speed of these nags is so nearly alike that the betting is even on the result. It in supposed, from the fine condition that eaoh Is In that the time will be brought down to the lowest notoh. Wt would advise all who can to witness the affair. See advertisement for the oars, ko ( Ity Intelligence. Daviunon i hk Fainter and uithourarhka, has sent u? a vrry handsome copy of one of bis lithographs. Il is the portrait of Signori Arditland Uotesinl, those won derful players of the Havana opera compauy, who madi such a sensation here when tbey performed on their re speoilve Instruments, the violin and contrabasso. The likeuesses are really striking ; tbe design very good, anc the execution admirable We advlss all tbe lovers o; music and of art, to purchase copies of this lithograph Fiars ?A fire occurred at 6 o'clock yesterday morn Ing, in the grocery store, corner of Grand and Crosbj a -i... a.i.t, i unut .... i. ll,. ,l?, intoxicated at the time The Are was extinguished bj Captain Klsaane and the police, with pail* of wat-r. An other Are broke out at No. 335 Spring street, at sever o'clock y?sterday morning, and a cbild belonging to i Ylr Oilman, was badly burnt. It soon died. The build tag wai slightly damaged Another fire occurred al No 233 Sixteenth street, yesterday morning It wai promptly extinguishd. Damage trifling. Supposed t< be the work of an incendiary. Fikk Comvanv.-?The Sixth Ward Volunteers, a flm and able bodied set of meo, passed our office yesterdxj evening sbout 6 o'clock, beaded by an excellent band Tbey had been on a target excursion at Hoboken, and their t?rg?t xhlblted strong proof of their pro wen.i and high capabilities as marksmen. Fortunate Reicve ?An exciting scene took place at the corner of Broadway and courtlandt streets, yester d?y noon, which bla fair, at one time, to be of very seri ous import A pair of horses and earriage were proceeding down Bromlway, with two female inmates, and when opposite th? Howaril Home tb* carriage came in collision with a coal cart proceeding in the opposite di rection The shock w?9 sufficiently severe to break the pole of the carrlago; the horses becoming alarmed, immediately started on a run, and the vehicle being unmanageable, in consequence of the accident, was pushed against a post at the corner of Courtlandt street, and broken to pieors The horses Immediately started up Broadway, on the sidewalk, dragging the wreck of the carriage, and it* alarmed inmates with them, who were only saved from a dreadful fate by the Intrepidity and daring of a city porter whose name we learned to b? Bornett, who has license No 0 Had it not been for hlx daring, wo cannot estimate the amount of damage that would have keen done from a pair of frantic anlmali passing up Broacway at that hour, and richly does h< deserve a reward. Death by beino Burned.?Coroner Walters wai called yesterday to hold an inquest at No. 23ft Spring street, on the body of a girl 0 years old, named Harab Maria GUmore, whose clothes accidentally took tire during the absenoe of her parents, and was thereby so severely Injured that she expired shortly a terwards. Vordlot accordingly. Accidental Drow-vino.?The Coroner held an inquest also upon the body of Evan Davis, aged AO years, whoon Wednesday last engaged a passage on board the ship Sher dan, for Liverpool, and about 9 o'clock that evening he fell from the bow of the vessel and was drowned. Verdict, death by accidental drowning. Tbera will bt> a free exhibition of dahlias to-day at Thorburn's Seed and Flour storo, No. 11 John street.? It will be well worth witnessing. Brooklyn City Intelligence. Ciiaiitfr Convention.?The member* of this Convention assembled ftt the usual hour last evonlng, and after disposing of several uaners of trifllnc imuortanre the propriety ef submitting to the voters at the next general election, or a spct'ltl one to lie celled for that purp iee, their approval or rejection of the proceedings of the convention. prevlov.s to sending the same tu the Legislature for the action of that body,was debated; after considerable discussion, a special committee of three, oonslstlngof Messrs. Cross, Humphrey and Dana, were appointed to report In relation to the same. The Convention then again went Into a committee of the whole, for the purpose of proceeding with their consideration of the report of the committee on Public Schools The flrst proposition as amended, vl?:?''That so much of the oity a? shall be placed under the control of the Board of Rducation, shall constitute as many school districts as there are or may be schools in the city, for the purpose of de doing the schools to which the children shall go," was a (looted. The committee rose, reported progress, asked leave to sit again, and then adjourned. Intkm.kjkxce from Guatemala.?We ltuve leti#TH and pa pern from th? city of GuatemtilH down to the I3tti of August, and are pleased to observe that peace and prosperity are being enjoyed there at present The most titfttldious cannot but in justice ad| mlt that President i arrera has pcoved himself a brave mtn and well qnallAed tor civil gover. ment At the outset of his career he was deemed to martial and severe, but the nature of the times required It, and by pursuing prompt and energetic measures, he effectually quelled all attempts at sedition and revolution. By pur| suing this system f?r the last seven years he has placed ! (Guatemala In a respected position, and out of anarchy 1 and confusion he baa produced peace, ord*r and aationI at prosperity. TbMlikti uid jfiadcoi. P-*ir T hut *r?This evening Mrs. Mo watt into take > a farewell benefit at the Park, on vhloh occasion will be ' presented her new and suooassful play of " Arjnand, or tbe Child of the People," and the comedy of the " Honey i Moon." Air? Mowatt'a play of " Armand''has received ' the stamp of excellence at the hand* of her audltora. (te performance hai been wltneaeed by orltloal audience*, i the muit censorlou* have failed to find anything in tho 1 play of whiolt to make capital, while the impartial and , the friend* of the authoress hare been charmed with the > delicate beauties of the composition, and the admirable dramatic effeot of tbe pieoe. It should not be fur. gotten that Mm. Mowatt ie an Amerioan ; tbat her play oow belong* to tbe literature of tbe country, and that fihe is now about to visit Kurcpe for the purpose of submitting it to the ordeal of criticism there It is therefore to be hoped that at least her compatriots will on tbe occasion of her takiDg leave of them come out, and by their countenance add to the encouragement which she has already received. But axide from these considerations, there is inducement enough in the play itself to draw a good house There are, Indued, but few dramas presented to the public which are ho unexceptionable, and so peculiarly adapted to tbe tastes nd cunt ments of the current age. The merit ex" ? ? ?? In nluuolnrv Innirn.iirA _ HltKll H'niUBIJ'll* ?r? f BVlo? In ?epr??ved in tonus which, while they offrud not, art* to the point And ?ven the highest morul eentl m?ct? are inculcated in bo attractive a form that even the SHcred desk might appropriately afford a theatre from whrnoe to promulgate them No parent but might with the utmost propriety plaoe his children In the way of reoeiviag the lemons whioh are here taught, and no patrioc bat might liften with sutiafaotion to the teachings of the political trutns which are contained in the language of The Child of the people. "No adiress Is made to the baaer feelings No glossing over ef reprehensible aots; no soft name* given to shameless maloonduot; but with the boldness of virtue la virtue advocated; and. with a whip of censure roundly applied is warn on wiokednes* ooademnsd. There la no fear for the future reputation of "Armand " It has the stamp of genius, and the mark of true merit. Let it not be said, then, that we tailed to give an unhesitating approval to oar countrywoman's work, even before it had been approved abroad. The fair benefloiary deserves a reward at our hands before she leaves these shores, and to-night, and the Park theatre is the appropriate time and place to award it. Bovtebt Thsatbe ?Tba "Siege of Monterey," with all its splendid ternary and Incidents, Is one of the most taking speotaoles that has ever yet been got up at the old Bowery. The immense stage of this house is peculiarly adapted for such exhibitions, and the splendid and accurate scenery with which it is filled, as well as the exoellent acting of the company?which by the bye I has been doubled ia number expressly to give full effect to the various combats and incidents of the Mexican war whioh are represented in this pibce. It will be repeated again this evening, and we have no doubt that Mr. Jackson will find difficulty In limiting Its run, as the audlenoes are nightly immense, and many have to turn away for lack of room. This can be avoided, however by purchasing tickets In the day time and early part of the evening. Chatham Theatrb.?The drama of the " I.onely Man of the Ocean,'' has proved highly attractive, both from its intrinsic merit, as well as from the exoellent manner in which it i' put on the stage and aoted by the company. The dances Incidental to the pieoe, under the direction of V/. A Barnes, are very picturesque and beautiful. Thli drama will be repeated to-night, and the operatic drama of " Rob Roy," will oonclude the entertainments. The Ratem at Palmo's ortra House.?This Is posl11?i - 11? i?i-1-i.i *<il. n 1_ _ 1 w. 1.? received the following not* announolng the fact To the Editor of tiiic Herald Sir?A report having been circulated that the lUv?l Family will appear on Saturday, I beg to contradict the rumor, and assure you and the publlo to-morrow night (Friday) 1b the last time I shall ever appear on any stage. Yours, respectfully, GABRIEL RAVEL, New Yerk, Sept. 30, 1847. These talented artists wishing to take leave with i clal, from the American public, have produoed a capital bill. The entertainments will begin with the English farce called "My Neighbor's Wife,'' acted by Miss Clarke, Messrs. Sefton, Placide and Waloott. Then Gabriel Havel will appear in the grand comic ballet called ''The Four Lovers, or Harvest Home," and will fill the character of Bibi ; next will be seen Mons. Maroettl's extraordinary performance, oalled the "Incomprehensible Gymnastic Exercises." The funny farce of "Oodenski'' is also to be played bv the Ravels, including Gabriel.? Madame Leon Javelliand Mr. H. Wells will danoe a Pas de Deux, enthusiastically applauded and enoored, the ball room polka. The wnole will oonclude with, for the lirst time, a, series of magnificent tableau vivant, oalled ''Cain and Abel, or the First Fratricide." This Iwautiful representation executed by the Ravels, and taken from the painting in the liallery of the Louvre, in Paris, has beeu considered, by thoso who have witnessed it, as tbe most perfect consummation of the artist's ideas. We should be quite astenlshed If. with suoh a great attraction, the theatre was not entirelly tilled. Ctnci.8, Bowery amfhitheatrk..?The entertainments at this establishment are peculiarly taking, combining, M they do, pantomime, equestrianism, feats of strength, gymnastic exercises, negro melodies, dancing, and a variety of other amusements. Mr. Tryon, by thus judiciously mingling all the moat popular performances and engaging the very best artists, such as Slgnor Carlo, Ibo Holland Acrobat family, John Gossin, and the best equestrian talent, takes the best plan of doing what is proverbially difficult, viz , pleasing everybody; and we look upon bis perfrot success in achieving this as not the least wonderful feat performed In his house But so it is?he does it. * Madame Biihof'i Concert.?The Tabernacle last night was filled completely by a fashionable and iutelUi gent audience who were attraoted thither by tbe prospect of Madame Bishop's concert, and from what we saw and heard, we are convinced that their expectations w?re fully realised, for what with the delightful tinging of the lady and tbe spleudld execution on the harp of I the veteran Bochsa, the most prolonged and enlbusl1 astic cheering and applause was givm freely. The bal ltd of tbo ' Banns of Gutdalquiver," was one of the ! swtetest things we have heard for some time, and the selections from Donizetti, Mercadante, aud Meyerbeer, i ltiswm flu* ffrmntfflt mrtikfaption hn th? fVfmiftit. Kiinnririou I tebtifted What ftbtll we *?y of M. Bochsa, that eloquent f performer ? The whole civilized world has board of bis lame, and the New Yorkers, by their applause, have deraoust^ated that tney, too. know how to appreciate his genius. Long may he lire to delight the wot Id with his music His execution of the Mosaique Musicale, In the first part of labt night's concert, completely enchained the auilieitce.and at its ciose.their enthusiasm seemed to kuow no bounds Mr Brou jh also c?ra? in for his share 01 applause for his songs. There were fully two thousand persons present, aud altogether we uiay My Madame Bishop's concert was a decided hit. Siuxoa Blitz at the Society Libhaiiv.?This entertaining professor of natural magic and ventriloquism, still holds his own at the Society Library, where he will to-night present an entirely new programme of feats, each one of which is worm the price of admission | There will be quite a gathering of bis admirers to-night I we have doubt, particularly u to-morrow will oe the Ui>l night of his performance. Dr CoLi.Y?:n's Living Statuary.?At the Apollo Rooms, is one of the most graceful exhibitions we have had in our city for some time. The manner in which 1 the original groupings are arrayd,evince great knowledge of the picturesque and beautiful. We are glud to see that the Doctor's exhibition is well patronized Mm Hasse:*.?There has lately arrived in this city a vocalist, said to be possessed of the most remarkable ability. We allude to Miss Isadora K. Hansen. This 1 young lady is an American, and has just returned to her | native country after an absence of several years, spent i abroad in the study of her profession. Those who have | had tbe pleasure ol Hearing Her sing, are coustiained to say, that In point of extent ami quality of voice, and i brilliancy of execution. they have uever listened to her equal. The compare of her voice in (aid to be astonlshi Ing? comprising four octaTea, which ?he reaches without i effort?anU *he executes the noet difficult variations for tbe violin with singular ea*e and accuracy, an waa proved by her quietly singing one of Oe Beriot's celebrated pity:?*. Our cttizena will, it ia said, aoon have an opportunity of heurlng Alias Hansen, woo appeara destined, according to all acoounta, to show to the world that we can furnish the very higheat talent in musio, as wall an in all other arta and aciencea. f>oj r.i?oit Hislf.v.?Our readers and tho publio have, no doubt, heard of the immenae success which has attended the performance of thia gentleman and hi* talented children in all parts of Europe. The Professor 1* one of our c untrymen, and has, probably, gained as much attention abroad as any American whoever crossed tbe ocean. He has lately returned with hia charming boys to this the land of hfs birth, and now, we believe, contemplates commencing hia exhibitiona here in our city. It may not be uninteresting to state a few facts regarding bis career In Europe, that Is the latter part of it, for from beginning to end it has been one aer'.us of triumphs. He entered Italy i in May, 1846, by way of Leghorn and Klorenoe, and left It in June of this year; during which time he and bin sons performed at all the principal town* aud cities folk* inttiUftncc. Arrttt cf a Burglar ?Oflloar Oraham, cf tba 16th ward, arrested yesterday a nun oalling himulf John Brown, on a oharge of burRlariomly entering tba carpenter's ?bop situattd on tba coraar of 7th arenue and 14th straets, stealing tbarafrom two coata, together with * quantity of tool#. part of wh!?h wars found In tba poaa?saion of the aooiued Juatlov Marritt lockad him up for trial. Churgt of I.tbrl?A campla'nr was made yesterday before Justice Oaboruti by .Mr tieorge Ormiaton. foreman at the Sun office, against George Mearaon, publisher of the United Stairi Batik Noie Reporter, No. 48 Gold atreet, charging him with publishing on the litbof September last, an article bo ded ' (lainflel 1 Bank,'' and another on the 16th of the same month, both of which contain libellous matter, setting forth that Mr. Ormiaton ia indebted to the Plainfield Bank aome $10G,00<). Likewise charging him with being a tool of Messrs Beach U Sons,together with many other hard remarks reflecting on the staudingand reputation of Mr. Ormiaton. A wiurant wit issued by tho -magistrate for the arrest of the acouaed and placed in the hands of constable Barber of the 6th Ward to execute. Stealing a Coit.?Ofllcor Daly, of the 1st ward, ar rented yesterday afternoon an old loafertsh looking man, cullinc himself Alexander Paul, who was detected by the olHoer in stealing a coat, worth $t>. from the store door of Bernard Connell, No. U5)tf Cedar street. Justice Osborne locked him up lof trial. Charge of Grand Lnrt eny ? Dflioer MoManUl, of the Ctb Ward, arrested, yeeterday. a woman o ailing herself Mary K. Washinetou, on a charged stealing a lot of clothing valued at $0<>, belongicg to Joseph Morrison, residing at No 90 Cross street The property was recovered by the officer, and tboaooused looked up for trial by Ju<tioe Osborne Selling Obtctte Bookt ? J?stice Merltt ordered into custody last evening, a boy by the namo of James Morris, oq a charge or selling obscene books in the public street. Officer Martin dale of the 3d ward police, conveyed him to the station house, and In th^ morning he waa taken before Justice Osborne and committed. Lsw Intelligence. Sun emc Coi'bt.?Sept. 30 ?General Term.?Present, Justices Cady, McCoun uod Hurlbut?Decisions. ? In re fnul Bruni.?Justice Hurlbut?This case It before us on the writs of certiorari, and we have arrived at the following conclusion In relation thereto:?Did the statute of the United States, under which Justice Drinker aoted. apply equally to officer* and judges of tbla State, or to those of the United States solely, and did It give Justice Drinker the power to issue his warrant for the arrest of Urutii' In our opinion, unless the statute gave the authority in express terms to the courts and officers of this State, it oannot be said to exist, and on reading the wordd of the act, we hold that It applies solely to tUe court a and offioers of the United States. It it was not intended .0 devolve the power upon any others than the officers of tli* United State*, then no officer of this ouurt oitn presume to Hot under that statute. In order to arrive at a conclusion on this point, we must look at the words used. If Congress n*d intended to arm State offioers with this power,, the same word* would have been used as in the act, but from the difference of the wording in both act , we hold, therefore, that the power oan only be exercised by the United States officers, and as there are suoh officers in every plase where the exigonoy could arise, it follows that there would be no necessity to resort to State offioers If this court had any doubt that Mr. Drln ker was an officer under this act, or had jurisdiction, in looking into tbe papers, we find another fatal error. It Is nowhero aleged that, Brunl deserted In any port of the United 8tates, and if It nowhere appears that Rruni dose.rted in the United States, that fact above would be sufficient to nullify his arrest. The order then must be that in the case of the certiorari, directed to Justice L/nu&tT. uib \jluuoouiu^g uiubi* uc bvi? uiun, buu iu iuo case of the cntlorari, direuted by Judge Edwards, his decision roust ba reversed, and Paul Bruni discharged Zebulon 8 Ely als. Silas Brown, et al.?New trial granted ; costs to abide the event. Monmouth B. Hart, sheriff, ads. Julian Chartehan.? New trial denied Francis B. Striker ads. John C. Mlntuin.?New trial denied. Chas Burrell, jr. vs. Edward H. Jacot et al.?The order of circuit judge, setting aside nonsuit, reversed. Anthony W. Hofiuian vs. Kobt. Dunlap et al.?Judgment for the defendants on demurrer, with leave to the plnintiff to reply, on the payment of costs. Doctor Smith vs. John Kerr.?New trial denied. Geo. W. Thurbur et al. vs. Daniel Flack.?Judgment affirmed. Wm. J Burrett ads. Lewis S. Comstock.?Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with leave to the defendant to plead, on payment of costs Andrew Winter ads. llandolph V. Kenney.?New trial. Wm. Wall et al. ve 'ho Howard Insurance Co. of N. Y.?New trial grantod, costs to abide the event. Henry Stevens ot al ads Abm. L Thompson.?Judgment for defendant on demurrer, with leave to plaintiffs to amend, on payment of costs. Solomon M. Pike vs. Aobert Derreef.?Judgment affirmed. Hubert Gllmore etal. vs. Adam Splcar.?Judgment reversed. James Ainsllc and Mary, his wife, vs. the Mayor of the City of New York?New trial granted, costs to abide the event. Anthony N. Hoffman et al. ads. Sandford 8. Brad? ?N?w trinl grunted, costs to abide the event. ltobert H. Fox ads Nelson Merrill?New trial granted, costs to abide the event. Henry M. Western vs. l'atrick Kaffarty?Judgment affirmed. Wm. II. Hisk vs. Governeur Morry etal, Commissioners of Highways?Motion to set aside nonsuit denied. Theodore Stone, late Sheriff, ads. Samuel Grayden? New trial denied. Joseph Wood vs David B. Iteeny?Jgdgment affirmed, .lured W Spencer et al. vs. I'liny Allen?Decision of Circuit Judge granting a new trial reversed. The Major of the City of New York vs. Edwurd Sherman?Judgment reversed and venire de novo awardud. Calvin E. Hull ot al. vs. Mortimer A. F. Harrison? Judgment affirmed Glodl Ilequa et al. vs. Nathaniel Ii. Holmes?New trial denied Ebenezer Scales et al vs. Elisha lluckman et al.?Inquisition set aside, and a writ of Inquiry de novo awarded. costs to abide the event. lleury < anilivre vs Francis Rider?Nonsuit set aside, and new triil granted. Coots to abide the event. Matbew lUrrou ads. the People?New trial denied EJward C. Hallway vs. John Noble, et al ?Judgment reversed. i n ? a a i v 1 ?,~..i i.. ,i ? i/ann um ukju vn. auihumui t buuci pci.?J uu^tucui affirmed. Charles Del Vecchlo vs Win. Howard, et si. ?Motion tor new trim denied. 8t*oey Pitcher ad* Klrnha Huckmau.?New trial granted ; cost A to abide the evtnt. Krederirk Mar<(uand et al iidn The Lorn 1'land Rail R?al Co ? luilumi ni lor the defendant. Kdwanl Bud^o ads Joneph Sproul.?Motion ta Ret aside report denied Charles Waldo et al ads James D. Danforth.?Judgment tor plaintiff on dutnurrer. Henry Yates et al ads. Daniel K.Yjlee.?Julgment affirmed. Henry White ts. Richard W. Thorn et al.?Motionfor new trial dented Samuel Brown ts John M Secor.?Motion for new I triuldenUd Dsryer Admor ads Solomon M. Pike.?Judgment af| firmed. l.urian B. Murks vs. Richard J. Richirda et al ?New trial denied Richard Luther impleaded, kc ads Edward J. S tough ten burgh.?Motion 10 set aside report 01 referees, denied Henry Yelrerton et al. ts. James Brown.?Judgment for piaiutiff Jcliu lleder ?t al ads. Geo Trull ?New trial denied William A Forteretal ts J> hn Suilila impleaded,ho ?Judgment tor plaintiff on demurrer. David Wesson et al. tn. George shannon et al.? Judg meut lor pUiu nff< on demurrer Theodoius Van Tine vs. Hiram Petibone et al.?Judgment for plf on d-wurrer. Samuel schaffer vs. Ludwick Gtbhard?Judgment for I plf on deiunrrer. ? William Lawson ts. Wm. H. Parsons, impleaded, ite Judgment for plf. on demuirer. Freeman ltawson ts Fry, Lane, sto?Judgment on demurrer. Nehomiah Finch et al ts. Charles Squires.?Judgment for plf. on demurrer. nuiuuynt wur uuiuurr ware ivuuifj, riuiouuo, horn, Bologna, l'arraa, Vrnioe,Trleste, Uenoa, and others of leu note; and, in addition, to many pilvate representations, he gave more than two hundred publlo ones in the largest and bast oondaeted theatres in the world; the most Impartially rigid and critical audiences, and each and every one of these representation* was signally successful. At Parma he and bis sons were honored by the especial attention of the ex-Empress Maria Loulsn, who attended all their performances; and on the night of his son's bent-fir, sent them 80 Napoleons In gold. Many more such incidents might be related of his career. It lufl been one of the most suoch*s!u! on record, and we have no donbt that on hli and bis sons' appearance here In our city shortly, he will give good evidence of it* having been merited. CiiRMTv'i MitvsTRKi.i.?This celebrated troupe of Ethiopian Mi-lodists arrived In this city last evening, and are to commence a series of their popular concerts on Monday evening next, at their former place of exbib.* tion. Mechanic*' Hall, Broadway. This announcement will afford much pleasure to tl^tr numerous admirers. Herz and Kivorl's concert, at Philadelphia, on Wednesday evening, was the opening scene of tne musical season In that city. There is said to have been present a very large and brilliant audlenoe. Blangy Is engaged to dance at IMttsburg, i'a Mr*. Hunt was to appear at the St. I.oui* theatre on the evening of the 38d instant, In the charaoter of Fortuaio. 1 imoiby P. Caril vs. Seliah Cull.?Judgment for plf. on demurrer. The Major of the City of Brooklyn ads. Kliza H. KadclilT et al.?Judgment tordfta. on demurrer, with leave for plaintiff to amend on paymeut of coot*. After the decisis were given. Mr Justice MeCoun said the Court had passed upon all canes which had been argued before them during the term, except one, (the cause of Geo. T. Green vs. Margaret McUowan.) It is an ejectment suit, brought to recover possesion of premlsis sold by the Corporation of New York, for aonpayraent of assessments, it is a oase involving important principles on whinh other causes depended, and they had determined to hold it over for further consideration until the November term, with the hope that the Court cf Appeals, before whioh there was a similar riuse, Involving some of the principles involved iu tbl* cause, would, by that time, give a decision, so that the Court might have further grounds upon which to base their decision. The Court then adjourned. Superior Court in Chamber*.? Before Chief Justice Oakley. In rr Robert Stermi ?In this case Stevens enlisted la the L'niled States army, under the age of 18 years A writ of habrai cot put was granted, 011 the application of his parents, to havo him discharged, on the ground of infancy. When the parties appeared before the Judge, young Stevens insisted upon remaitdng with his regiment Old Mr. Httvons finding that his son was determined to serve out his term of enlistment, consented. and he was aceoidingly sunt back to Governor's Island In some time after he changed his mind, and a second writ was graiMed by Judge Vandnrpoei. The parties appeared before the Judge, and the officers of the United States opposed his discharge, and insisted that the consent of the eider Mr. Stent** confirmed the enlistment. Judge Vaudorpoel adjourned the proceedings to Wednesday last, when the matter came before Chiet Jo-the Oakley. who held that, the father, although he mlffllt Aorinrvnt f n hia urn lldinir h/tt 1*1*1 u a m ?. IAA he could not consent to place htm in iiuch h ailiiHtlou &* would endanger hi* lir? The connent wan therefore Toid, and the boy waa diMchaigtd. Cou*t CAi.r.!?D*m?1 hi* day ? Circuit Cmc f.?Nos. 01, 11J lOfl.lOU. 107,109 IU.M. 87, 67. If* 63,71. Common Pleat ?Nob 85 ?.0, 51, 63 7fi. 81. sj. 83. SiNfjt i.AR SnciDB.? Ar _ ill** mennier Santa Clans was on lift u(>wnrd t-ip on Tuesday, whun P*?*lnj[ Cram Klbow. i? p*Meng.r *tripped himself of hi* clothing, (tot on the rail of the after gang-way, and <leliberately jumped oTeri?>ar?l and waa drowned < apt 0?erb*ifh. oil learning the f?ct, had the boat Mopped Immediately, anil made all diligent aearcli, hut without i IT-el Krom paper* found in hi* pocket*, hia name 1* auppoaed to be Thomn* \Val*h. and to hare heloogeu to the olty of Dublin lie bore the appearance of being a very re*p?otable man Hiai.TI! ok Mohii.k.?Tin-re were twentythree death* in Mobile during the paat weak, ten of which were of yellow f?rer. Thi* *howa a Tary oonalde rible Increase orer the death* ot any preceding WNk of Ummmou. . * Xall FiUbm The public have been erying RxptrnUctrt dumine, until Cava Johnaon tin endure it no longer He hu ' sent a (pedal agent of the Poet Offline Department, J. Owner, Esq., to that celebrated tract of nountry, be tmn Montgomery and Mobile,- for the express purpose of getting a .little light on the subject of mail failure*, and of finding out. ir possible. some of the mysterlea ol the fraternity nf Express Mailers, In that region. We are truly glad, more ao than our typ?g can tell, that Caye has ut last taken the field; for if any mail route in this world needs watching it Is that between Mobile and Wll rnington ?A'. O. Mercury, 'iid in it. Movement* tn Politics. At Albany, on the morning of the '29th, a meeting of the whig delegates from the several wards constituting the eity Assembly district, met In convention. Friend Humphrey in the chair, and unanimoutly nomin*??ii nuuerc ii. rruyn. h? member of Assembly. The recent democratic State convention in Michigan pansed the following among other resolutions : ? Resolved, That we are of opinion that appropriations for lake harbor and river improvement*, are m much within the purview of the constitutional powers of the general government, as those of the Atlantic seaboard. The Deputy Secretary of State. The Albany correspondent of the Utrald says he be. li(iven Mr. (ara(Jt>?ll h-u held the offloe of Deputy Secretary about twelve years. Mr. Camp hell has been in that ofllca sinoe'J -thirty-live years. A most worthy and faithful officer. M. Plnmbe's National Uagucrrlun Gallery, itOi Brnadtvar. c'Ufiunet e > baih>a"ircd wi'h vis icrs of all *14. * aud sex's. aud the ?itting room* countctrd with the eiubli-h m*nt sre at all limes occupied hy "iiters who never fail of obtninitig. in an iuciedibly shoit space 'f time, ai exsct and beautiful picture. The portmti ofl'lumbe <re perfect Genuine Diamond Pointed Gold Pens._Du not be deceived into purchasing the trash (hat is oif-red about the city at very low prices, a* most of it is not wor h astraw; but go where you are sure to net the best srtioles it fair prices. You will find thetn tiie chesiicst in the end. The New York Uold Pen C rniwuv, No. 33 Joan street, corner N?s??o, is the place to gtt the beu, aud th-refcre the mist economical pun. t'ou try merchants would do well to call, before purchasing elsewhere, ss sn oitensire assortment it al wavs to be found at rhis estshl shm-tit, together wiih s area: variety of Uold and Silver Pen aud Pencil Cases. Gold yens repaired. Richelieu Diamond Pointed Gold Pens? We wish ro cOI the attention of our readers to'he Kieheli-tt Peru sold exclusively by B. K Watson & Co., 45 William street, onedunr below Wall street, and J. Y. S<vige,9l f'ul101 stree'. Price $2 only. Th?yare certainly the htst and chaai est go'd pens in use. fc-vcry detcrip'ion of G.dd Pens, <?hi'lessl? or retail, st either of th? ab"Ve p'aces. Country dea'ers will find it to their interest to exsmine their stocks and i> ices before putclia<i..g elsewhere. Gold Pens, 75c. $1, $1 25, $1 SO, with silver pencil*. Pens carefully rep ired Dr. Christie's Galvanic Rings, Belts, BraceUti.Stc ?These artie'es. s? celebrated lor th' ir woudrous efficacy in the cure of all Nervous Diiorders, such as Uh<*umatism, Bronchitis Tic L>olorenx,Dvspe|i?ia'Asthma, Nusralgia. Paralysis. Kpi'eptic Fits, deficiency of Nervous and Phvsicsl Knergy,' tcc . Itc , nre only tu heobtaiued geuuine ?t I81 Broadway, between John st and Maiden Laue. No Druggist or Drug store has the genuine Dr. Christie's articles. Pamphlets aud testimonial to be had gratis. Fine Cutlery.?The underataned call the attention of those in want of the above, to th>ir.a?*>rtmri't. Amont; which will be found some of the nut beautiful pattern! of pocket and pen Knives erer imported to this country. Alio, Choice Raxori. (warranted ) fur sale ?t O. SAUNDF.RS U SON, 177 Broadway. a few days ibove Courtlandt street. Travelling Dreitilng Cases _The Hutiscrlbers respectfully call the attention of the public to their assortment of the above, each pattern containing articles of the most convenient siie, of real atility.aud warranted to perform the duties for which they were severally designed O 8/vUNDERS k 80\. 177 Broadway, opposite Howaid's Hotel. Tbe Cheapest and Bent Place In the City to Set your boots, shoes or gaiters, is at Jones's, 4 Ann street, near e Museum. You can get there as if >od b nts for $4 JO as can be purchased elsewhere for $7. Quite a saving. He also sells a first rate iioot at S3 60 which is usually sold for LinuMe soled water-proof boots at $4 60, $6 00, nnd S6 00. Jones lias the true system of doing business?light exprntes and am .II profits. All goods purchased at 4 Ana st. u.e warranted to give cutire satisfaction. u No cliarge until the Hair la restored. Beal's Hair Hestorative is applied 011 the above terms. Office 108 Nassau at. N. B.?For those who apply it themselves, it is forsn'e. RliAD.?I, Aaron Clark, Mayor of the city of New York, do he-eby certify, that I have seen a general certificate anfl am personally acquainted with many of the parties who have signed it, an<( know them to be meu of the highest stuiding in Die community. AARoN CLARK. New York, March, 1839. Boston Depots ; 129 Washington st; Philadelphia?21 North 8ixth street. ol It Dr. Felix Gouraro'a Medicated Soap la the oulv articN that will purify the skin fr m u-i, pimples sunburn, sallow ess, ronghne?s. &c. Hit Ha<r Dye is wari. raulcd to color hiir ? rich biowu or black. His Pond re Subtile completely eradicates superfluous hair. His Liquid Vegetable Rouge is designed to give pale cheeks the rose like hue tf health. HisLillv White (75 cents a box) makes the skin?plendidly soft, beautiful and white. Buy only atOT WaUerstreet, first door from Broadway. Dally Herald In Doaton_Pereong wishing the Herald left at their Houses 01- Hto-es. immediately on the a rival of the New York train ii the miming, or by ine NewHaven line in the evening, can be regularly supplied, at II cents a week, by leaving tnsir names at the "gent's office, Wo. State street. REDDING li CO. s24 todlOt u Give me altat In the Shape that X lore."? ?uchis thi frrvent reclamation of every gentleman who has seen Kuox's New Kail Kashion of Gentlemen's liars. Tin style is peculiar for beauty, graceful appropriateness to all expressions of couiiteuance. and the exqtiisi e excellence of the nock from which the Hats are maunlactn i-d Every body who inspects Knox's Autumn K&ahiou lor t8l7. will lit once perceive, by the peculiarity of the uap a-<l the genuine ?na lasting gluts of the Sutiie ou'sid- fab'ic. tint it is msde of the finest material. The ihape is novel,nndve^|>Jea*i' |tn lheeyc. Ladle* and Gentlemen can obtain a fair education in three months, without study or i iterfareiice with devoting hull an h >ur diil. at their residence or place of busiuei*. Address Educatiou," lower postoltne. 28 St NavigaUou ul U>? UlUu ill vat. Placet. Ti .ie State of River, Louisville. , Sept 21.. .8 feet 8 In 'Jinninnati Sept '22. . .6 tee' 0 In. falling. Wheeling. ........... Sept. 31. . 3 feet. Ptttsbnrv. . Kept 33. . .2 fee' 10'n. MOMMY MARKET. Tim t?y, Sept. G P. V. The money market continues in a very quiet state. The bank* discount freely all the good short business paper offering, and loans are made in the street Ht flr? and six per cent Good stocks are firmly held, while the fancies fluctuate a fraction from day to day, just sufficient to keep the brokers In salt. We do not anticipate any change one way or the other, until we hare later adTioes from the seat of war or from Europe Everything is shaking in t he wind, and nothing short of a favorable breeze fr?m some quarter will stiffen them. Quotations for stocks were very much unsettled at tl first board, Pennsylvania .Vs advanced >4 per cout; Stoningtou Farmers Loan .*?; Reading^, Reading Bonds Ml off >4 p?T cent; Mortgage Bonds % Indiana Bonds, Canton,Norwich and Harlem closed at yesterday'a prices. The transactions w> re to a limited extent, and there appears to b? a growii.g disposition amongoperatois to bold tor something leflnlte relative to Mexican matters. A f. w days at the farthest must settle all doubts We are hourly looking for one of our pony expresses. The French steamship I uion for Cherbourg has taken out al out $22a 0 0 In five franc pieces. We annex our usnal table of quotations for the principal State and other stocks uied for investment: ? Tricks of Stocks ii* thf. Nrw York Market Hrdeein- 1(47.. 1847. 1847. Rate. able. June 14. July 38. Srvt. 30 United State* 6 1867 ? a ? ? a ? 10', Ui ? (i 1863 107 *107X 10.V^?105W ? ?I05 " 6 IB.VJ 105 al06 105 al05^ 104 a ? " 5 1833 99 alOO 9* a ? 11>4? 97 Trea'y Nocei S ? a? ? a? loi al04^ Mew V'ork, 7 ' 1848-49 101 al02 103 al03j{ 102J??I03>2 " 6 iav>-M-60 l(i6 al(W)i 106,VI06>. ? a ? " 6 1861-62-67 100 al07 ? a 107 10? alOtiW " 5>f 1W0-6I-65 103 al04 lO'^alOl 10] al04 " 5 1816-7-8-9 IIIO alOOV 100 alO(i? 109 alOOK " 5 1850?1?3 100 aioox 100 alO >, ? alOOX " 5 tt.55-1 100 alOflV 100 alOl lOtKa ? " 5 1859-60-1 100 alOOV >00 alOl 101 aloiK " 4X 1849-58 97 a 98 ? a ? 97 a 9"K Ohio, 6 ItM 101 HOIK 99 a 99'i 99 a 99 >2 " 6 1856-60 103J*al02>? 100 a? IOoXiIUiV 5 1850-56 ? ? ? ? a? 91 i 0! " 7 1856 101 al03tf I03<<*103X 10-& 104 {eutu^ky, 6 ? 104>tal05 101 a ? 100%* i0?)< * 5 90 a 82 a 81 DO a 83 llinoii, 6 1870 4 8S?h 49 47 a 17K 46 a <6*< Indiana, 5 25 year* 47>ia ? 45 a 45>? 43 a 43S? Vrkauxi. 6 ? ? a ? 38 a 39 35 a 38 Alabama, 5 ? Ii2 a G2X CD a 61 60 ail Peniuylvuii.i.i ? 83 a 83H 79^/f 80 7H a 78^ reun?Mr?. 6 ?- 100 a ? 100 alOO'j 98 alOO V. York Clty7 1857 107 al08 I08><*109 1(18 a 09 " 7 1153 106 atOGX lOi a ? 106 alUU " 5 1850 96 a 98 96 a 97 91 a 94 S 1858-70 96 a 98 95 a 95* 91ft* 91 SkCoin'e N. Y full 95 a 95X 99 a 99)5 94Xt95 .crjp 97>fa 98 99*a 99>< 9i*a 9i? V. Y. Life In? It Trii.t Co. 105 al06 ? a- 108 >110 Parmer* Loan Si Trust Go. 36 a 36)i 35 a 35). 3 \* 31 Oliio Life Int. tit Truat Co. 103 al05 101 alOlJi 100 alOOK ii?nk of U. S in Feuiik>Ta. 5 a ? 4X* 4* V Jerney R. R. Si Trail*. Co 10* alOl 107 a? 103 alOl vTohawk*t Hud'n Railroad. 69 a ? ? a 75 75 a ">i Utiea kSclirneelady Rail'd 125 al!7 123 al25 116 all6M ^yracuif St Utiti lUilroad. 120 al22 124 al25 123 a 12 Vuliarn fc Syr.tniif R.nlr'd 105 >106 108 alio 102 aim) Viliuru it Rochester R, R. 102 a!03 101 al04'{ 101 al02 ItradinK flnilroad, 61\a 64 67 a 673% 63^*01 Delaware ft Hudao'i Canal, 190 a ? ? a ? 190 a ? [trading Railroad B?nd?: 74 a 79 77V* 77j{ 73 a 73U Heading Railrond Mtg Hill, 76 a 77 733i* 7i>{ 70 a 7?X Thl* eomparatlT# tabla flihtbit* a Rreat falling oft In quotation*, but present prides are not as low aa they hare b*en. A .Might. lmprovem?nt ha* been experienced within the VHJ"; there appear* to be a better feeling ammiK oapatall?ts, and m<irn disposition to in wit at mlinj rah-H Quotation* for all kinds of stock*. good, had. and Indifferent, with one or two exception*. have not been so much depressed for many month*, n> within the pudttwoor thron weeks,and the cause of the depression ic difficult to fathom. Wo cannot account for the heary state of the market, with the abundance of money afl 'at seeking investment, a* It 1* btyond anything we have heretofore experli nc< d. when tho money market haa been very tight and all the element* < f speculation eom| pletely run out. There are *o few stock* In the market but what are mere or lew of a fancy character, that It in J almost Impossible to dlitlnguiidi the real effect of any movement upon really sound stock* When any itock, no matter bow good or nifeit may In reality be become* the foot-ball of speculators and t* kicked about Wall tmt, U booonu#, (o oertaio stent, Jnqcy, u4 U

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