Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1847 Page 3
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It FiiDj?rt tc aii the influence* umtsiiy brought to Laar . r upon ouch (eourltios. j 1 The Boston bank* h?Te declared tb? following semi- , aiiouftl dividend* for tba tlx months ending October lit, c 1847? 1 Boa toy Oc rOBtR Diviojwd, 1817. ' liankt. Capital. Ihvidtnd. Jimount. i filKl.lWO 3Kl>*rceut ?I7.400 StiO.CM Si] " 17 iOU | #00,000 3y3 " 31,500 ! b?yl?tuu 4 C.uco 1 City l.oto,uiw s " -jo ooo t;ulumbiao 500,000 j " 15,t'0o Kaule .">00, 00 3>? 17.500 K<rh.inite, (.new) 500.600 no dividend * Krermui'i *1)0,0MJ 4 percent 0.000 tliobe 1,000 000 3', ' 35 000 I O'auite 500,011 It 3? " 17,500 . J in mi I toll MlO.TKO 17.510 AUrliet 500,000 5 " 20.000 1 Maiuchuctti 800,001) 3 " 24,000 , Mt rluuici'(South boaton). 1 0 COO 4 " 4.J00 merciHturs- 1,000,000 3l?' " 105.500 < J fjew Kuulautl 4 " 10,000 ( Nitt'h 750,000 J " 22.500 i ghawuim 500,000 4 " 20,000 an >e aud Leather Dealer*... 500.11'3 4 " au.OOO W?tl IK'O.IIIO :i " 54,00 1 Huflolll 1,000, WW) 5 " .'<0,100 < T.eniout 500.000 3}? " 17 510 I Vetera 4C0.V00 3% " M.Whi i Luion 800,'(0 3* " 2UP00 j | Washington 500.(00 3)5 " 17 5'0 j ( $l?.9l0,000 #6'.8.H0 Amou t lut April 623,000 f'.icetn from lait April $35,300 , Tim CoatOD Bunk ban Increasod iti capital $300,000 since last April, and pnys on the whole amount. Thx Etchatige Bank went Into operation on 10th July, j ' on capital ($?00 000) half paid in. The average dividends of all the banks is over 3}? per | cent, rod the excess In amount over last April, is over , thirty-five thousand dollars. Notwithstanding the in- i crease ef capital and the Increase in the number of bmlu. the per cent generally is much larger than In any previous year. The banking capital of Boston u very Urge compared wlih that of this city; there are more , binki in that eltv thftn In tho e%f Vnrfcr nrl the pro<luctlven#?? of banking capital in Boston is equal to that of this city, notwithstanding the difference in our f.ivor in the rate of interest. This shows that the merchants of that oity trade more on borrowed capital Ihsu we do, that they depend more upon bank facilities than those of this city. In proportion to the size of Boston and the extent of it*commerce, compared with this city, we should have a banking capital of at least fifty millions of dollars. The annexed table sliows the quantity of fiour, wheat. j coin and barley left at tide-water during each week, from the 1st of May to the 33d of September; also, the j aggregate for each month during the same period:? Wrxklt Rf.ckipis of Breadstuff* at Tike Watf.r. | 1847. Flour, libit. Corn ha brly.bu. j May, 1st week. ... :?l. 171 4 665 >28,936 21 5W 2d do 94,7)1 15.210 282, Tj\) 43.71)1 3d do 161,783 49.444 214.194 211.937 4 ill do .... 321.127 219,221 386 5)5 40 1112 Total 6119 936 318,510 1,012,444 139,873 Juae, lit week.... 179 417 2.0 6.'.8 260,4 8 14 0c6 2d du .... 188,281 2-10 152 333,572 18.811 3d do 147 600 313,204 234 089 28,743 Ith do 234,831 438.004 452,464 11,265 Total 750,129 1,247,MB 1 280,54 ) 72,919 Jaijr, 1st week. .. .218 106 262 089 451,319 28 817 Iffl do .... 129,560 159.<>91 335,3111 13,3 1 3 1 do 146 132 95.123 304 518 21,612 4tll do .... 151.016 143.618 319 > 92 6.995 Total 614,814 660.821 1,460,377 70 765 Aug., 1st week. ... 104 201 1061,594 172,256 11.122 2d do .... 79 9*3 55.412 121.531 3.30" 3d do .... 99 271 69.821 2(6 612 11,287 4th do .... 104,2.'.0 83.517 245,497 1,010 Total 38) ,675 315,814 745,BUG 2G.709 Bept, 1st week.... 74 766 81,300 128.821 3,630 2J do .... 68 095 61,171 204,088 1.2-4 3d do 69,749 76,145 182 023 8.160 Total, up to 22d.212.601 218.616 611,932 13.014 It will be Been from the foregoing that the largest monthly receipt of brcadstuffs left at tide-water, during the present year, was in June, and, we may safely add that the smallest was in September; the difference between the two being as near as can be ostimated, about three hundred per cent. It will also be noticed that during the month of August there was a great falling off, but not so large as that of the present month. Stock Exchange. $100" Trean Notes6\t 101V 10 >h> K.ri* RK ii-ri,. an '.00 do 104 " 100 Canton Co ' 3i*4 liO i U 8 B.maty Loan 100V 100 do scrip 37k 1200 d i loojJ 100 Farmers'* Trust sfiO 31 7510 State Vs. '65 101 100 do bf.0 31 SOoo do lOflV 250 do b30 3l?i 5t00 Sta o 6's,'67 10j? 50 Morris Canal b3 13>? looj Kentucky G'j >3 ldiJi 50 do bliO 13!. lOllftii hcnn'n 5'a >10 TlOt 50 do 13?? 150HO do 7?M 50 Macon RR 46H liDii . bio G'?.'CO 10'?? 10 Hudson '<iver RR 76 2WJ0 Indian* Bonds 43 50 Nor tit Wor RK it% 5000 Reading Bonds 72V 20 do 41S do b30 72Js 2^0 L Island RR b30 3I?4 tuna Reading Mir Bds 70 "ii0 Harlem RR i',1 50 sits N A 'i'rnst i'i 100 Stoninitton RR Go 25 Re 'dint Rii 61 15 do GO,1* 250 do 03X Second Board. tli'OO Rtadiir.' Mts Bds 70 50 slis Morris Canal 13,' 300J lllmoisBds.l'und'ble 46 25 do 13'1 250 rfbs Hirlem RR S-H 25 Nor St Wor RR -ill?, I >0 do *10 Wt 100 do 4UH 51 Canton Co 31 ^ ltO do slO 40^ 100 L Island RR s60 3IH 50 Kast Bos'on Co 20>? 101 Farmers'Loan bJO 3 }, 20 Hndsou River KR 76 50 do 3i,?? C1TV TKAOK KKPOHT. New Yore, Thirsdav Aftkrwoon, Sept. SO Offing to its being packet clay for the Britannia, 'ohange was tbinly atteuded. Sales of flour were light, without material chauge in price*. It closed somewhat dollar than it did yesterday. Good Genesee whaat was wanted by miliars, but bald at prices above their views; sales of common light Western, with a small lot of Nouthern new, wera made. Corn opened Arm, and sales were made at a slight advanco in tha forenoon, which, however, was some lead stiff ut the close. Rye *old at a alight deolii.e, and oats at an tulvance. Men- p<>rk m fcnu. | find piiuitt gold at a figure above yesterday's quotations, but at the clone it wan offered at about the ua? rates Lard was tirin. with comid Table sales In both barrels and keg <. Sugar *m inactive. Rio coffee was held at firmer prices, without sales of moment. Amikii? Smull sales of pois were reported at f 5 60, but filou. <1 firm, while houi? holders demanded nn advance. Salt s of some 3 J bbU. pearls were made at $7. B as. ?- i'he market was nrm, and 36 a 36){ cents wt> a.-kej for yellow western and northern. Ukkad?ti ffs?Flour?Sales of 600 a fiOO bbls fre?h (troiiuil imJ uew (ienenee were iHported at $6 76 a >6 30(1 do new do. wi re reported Bold at $6 6/}?. Rales if 3 'U u I 0 barrels Ohio were made at $6 ft 76 a to 8;it ttiu Utter prlccs for good to.f*ncy tor?ud??and ti.Ouu western, musiy, sold at $4 09 Southern, new, r >.ittuued inactive ut $6. if'/iraf ? Sal?s of 3 000 bushels common western were made at $1 i 3; 1 600 do do. ?old at J>l Oil. and it a tinoO do at ft U0 a >1 06 A small sale < f .'i 0 bushels new S utherti wasroade at $1 10 tor good Ornexei millers w.tro willing to pay f.1 iu, but hold er* aSKed !j>l 33, and for good Western. $1 -JO, whltli was fC*ree. Com? Before Change, 3,600 bushels Hut yellow were made At 70 Cents During change-l 000 bil'llt.s ut mixed were made at 67}?, uiA h a IO,UOO do, including we mm mixed, at 07 cents, and yellpw at6? cents. At me close common m xed was worth 00c feud hi'b miX'd 6i cents Meal?The article wuh a shade i.rmer; gooi *i-plern New Ycrk wiu worth }>: 76 a $3 8i % ,.and New Jeney $3 a $3 13>?. Rye?Sules of 3000 busfeelf? wure madii at 81 cents, and 3,000 do, delivered, sold at. bo>? ceuLS Rye Hour we quota at a fi-l 13>?. Oujs? H.l*-scf one or two cargoes were inado at 64 cents. , Actet/>l? rfuaiTt the rtuilton timer, September 39. ^ Flour 0.390 barrel V ' .Meal 1,360 do. Corn. ih.400 bushels. Cami'tK??Sperm remained steady at 33o. i oifi.i:?The remaiuin^ stock ot Kio on hand, exclusive, uf a cargo arrived to day, was estimated at the rereduced quai.llty of 3000 bags Holders demanded 7o. a ")?u., but the prices wereoonsidered too high by purchafuus. and no sale* were reported. Good quality was worth i)?? Ootius?The demand to-day was chiefly from oontl lit*!] 1*1 ouyers, uuu auiuuuirii iu ttuuut '1 woo Dales ?i uie prices of yesterday; the disposition to Soil visibly lessened after chtnge, in cousetjuenoe of more unfavorable rtpori* fiow lue tfoutii respecting the growing crop. b if 11? i h. re were no arrivals to-day, aud u *alM re}0>ted, dry cod were tlriuat $3 60, while mackerel were tiull Hemp?No sale*,and uo cliauge in quotation*. The artlcle was rather dull. , Leaii?Holder* demanded $4 31,'4 a $4 37,'*. Sale* it will bo perceived were uiade in iioiton at the latter figure. Lkathkh?The sale was well attended, and considering the slock offered, wtiich was made from ordinary hues, iho prices were very sallsfactoiy, although nominally under the market rrfte* The nock on hand was v , r y light, aud dealer* generally felt sanguine about an I improvement in price* TUeskleeat auction and at private ?aln duru.g last and thi* week, exceeded 0i),i <K) *> lea oak and hetnlock The stock on hand is about lOU.tiOo* estimated 10 arrive before the close of the river, about SUO OiMi Tno Daltimore and Philadelphia market* were reported t.> be v?ry bare of leather, add price* of Okk isuneil had advanced I and'J per cent. The stock i cf 0.1k in this martet Is also very sinuil. MoLiisr.i?Tlio market continued Inactive; sales of ISO OKireis inolaasa* wure made by autlon at 30a. Naval. Stores?Sale* were limited, and price*remain- 1 ml a -ou. the same. A *ale ol 60 barrel* splitt of turpei.J t ine w*s ni?de on the wharl at 60c.; North county rosiu i w?s tt'iTtli 13c. a Bie. O.M - Llu^eed -hales of 1600 a 2000 gallons city pre**etl were i?i-?de at 61 a tl^c, cash, iiud uOlHI a 3ooo do Knu- I li-ti k al'c, ea*h Th?r? wai no ohantfn In nrude or mitiiufiOl nr*d Hpftm or whale, which continued (Irm. Pwnnom-nalee or lot) bbla ui en %?<>r? nia<l? at. f 14 > /VO, aud aoout 4lit? do priuiH at $ 11; it cioRtd, huwuver, at ! nbOUi >1'/ 7ft a 10 Hj* l.nrii?S.tlet of .">0 bbla w?rt I D; i(l? .It l?'*o; 17'i do do, fair <|uatitj, Hold at aud : M>V k* k* i*ota at ll^o huttrr?No ohange. llhttie? j Hair*ut .buut ^00 boxed were mada, of good dairi?n, at ; 7>?o. Ohio wax worth ttX a 7o. itn:>?Noe?U? w?*ie reported. StiU?.iaiM of 100 bbli (lover were mado at 7\'o. Sru?a--oal?a ! >? hhd? Muauovado were made at A'* a fie; H.m boxen Havana brown warn made at 6}i a 7><oj j;,,i bhd* No" OrlMii w?r? gold by auction at?? a 7\o. 1'Ai.i.vW oontisued llrm at lOo. WtiALKauriK?N. W. *? held at 34 a 8Sc. Wiinkn-No nalei of momt-nt were reported, and U8X ? 'JSc covered tbe offering and naktng pricefl. K?biomti?To London heavy good* continued to be taken at to*. To LiTerpool, rates continued the Mae. rh? Sarah Sand?tu taking Hoar at U? a us tid. To iarra, cotton continued to So taken at \ cent per lb. Auction Sai.k ui Ro>?.?oot> tun Suata, at rova tfo.n m. Kept :mi.? 0 log* H to. Janeiro Roaewood, ($7u0) ir *140 per log; 20 do do. $46* $64 do; 76 do do, $'Ji a >3460 do; 40 do do. JI2 60 a $19 60 do "JO boxes white -iavaaa sugar, damaged. a 7%o; brown do, ti a <>Y*. TKLEURAPHK-. Markets Nrw Oai.K,iN?, September J3. j Cotton?The market oontinued firm, and holder* were ! itanding out for some advance. Sales of 600 bales were . nade at full prices. Hour continued dull, and <iuota- I :ions almoat nominal. Small sales Ohio and Illinois were asking at 94 '16, and of ordinary St Louis city mills at I M ti'-'}* a $4 75. No wheat was offering Corn?Sales | Ji m luub I'VW MCM wcic uisur my iwi iuiaou, ?uu at , iO 660. for ordinary to prime yellow. Provisions were 1 inactive. Mess pork we quote at $14, and prime at $13 iO. Lard, no change. Whitky, reotifled, wan selliug In 1 (mall way at 20c. per gallon. Sugar?The market was lull, with a downward tendency Small Balm New Orleans at 7c , and Muscovado at 5J,o. Freight*?Vessel* ratber source Cotton waa taken for Liverpool at &o sterling bills a 8 per cent premium; New York slrfht io. par din ; Treasury notes par a 1 per cent prem. Cincinnati, Sept 30?P. M. Flour?The market was firm, and salts of 1000 bbis were made at $4 l'2}{ a $4 it. Wheat continued to arrive freely by oanal. but no sales of moment were reported. Corn?Sales of 1000 bushels were made on terms not understood. Provisions were firmer, ftt-d pork wai held at some advance, but no dales of consequence transpired Whiskey- Sales f>00 bbls. reotifled, were made at IT a 18 eta. Ualtimobk, Sept. 30. Flour?The market was steady, and sales of 4000 bbls Howard street, including some parcels of City Mills, were made at $2 60 a $3 Q1X- Wheat was in fair demand, and sales of 6000 bushels were made, including Maryland red, at' $1 07, and good white do ?t $ I 20. Corn?The mftrket was steady, and sales of 6000 bushels were made, Including Maryland white mixed, at 680, and good yellow do at Sic. Whiskey stood a&out the same. Pork was held a shade Itriuer. Freights continued dull. Albany, Sept 30?P.M. Flour?The market was firm at $5 46a$6 B2)i. Wheat - Kales of 20GO bushels good Genesee were made,(new)at l'J5 centn. t orn? sales of 6000 bushels were made chiefly Western mijc-J at 64 a 65 cents, iiarley continued firm. Rye wag inactive, no sales were reported. Whiskey steady. Receipts by canal during the pai-t twenty-four hours?FlourOOOO bbls; Wheat 6000 bush Ini-nAII(If) .In. RhkIuo Tlkflfl .In I.VU; ,.h t. nn ..I,..,,,,.. Boston, September 30th.?P. M. Flour?The market for good brand* continued steady, and salt s of about 6 000 barrel* were made, Including good brands Western, old and fresh' ground, at tfl 97)<; and new Genesee and Southern, at $6 1 -i)i. Wheat?No sales. Corn ?Hales of 10,000 bushels were made at 7 jo for Western mixed, to74o. for good yellow. Oats?Sales of 3.000 bushels were made at ha a 8uc. Rye?was inao tivo Lead?Sales of 4 000 pigs were made at $4 37>? Provisions?Pork was held at firmer prices No chunge in beef. Whiskey was firmer. Freights continued inactive. [Telegraphic cor. of the Phila Bulletin ] PiT'raui'Bun, Sept. 30, 1 P.M.?The'e are near seven and a half feet water in the channel to-dav. This tine stage hus brought considerable receipts of flour, which has tended still further to depress the market, and sales are making at $4 00 to $4 78. Grain is without material change; nothing doing in cotton, and provisions are without change. We had some rain last night, but it is clear again this morning. Slurried, On the 19th August, by the ltev. Dr. Wain wright, Mr John K. Cossart, to Miss Georuiana E. A. Gildersleve, all of this oity. On Wednesday, Supt. 29th, at Bloomlngdale, by the Rev. Dr. Hutton, Dr. Geomue Peck, to Eliza A , daughter of the late Stephen C. Brewster, M. D., all of this city. On Thursday, Sept. 30th, in the Ninth street church, by the Rev. Dr. DeWitt, Mr. Georuk Cook, to Miss Mart Jake, daughter of E. Bloomer, Esq., all of this city. NOTICE.?The co-partnership heretofore existing under the tirrn of PlCAUiAlcS'l EiyART, is (his day dis suived by mutual cousrut. i he outstanding business of the concern will be liquidated by b. M. Picabis, who will continue business o ' his own account. B M.PICVBIA, W. G. STEWART. W. G.Stewart will continue business on his owu account. New y-irk, Oooberlnt IBI7. ol'Jt*rr LAW.-A gentle mail reoently arrived Iruin and who is a member of the profession in England, as will be seen by in* aduii*sion documeuls and ceitilicates, is desirous oi ol> taming a situation in the ollice ol' a respectable Attorney or solicitor iu New York. Address G. D. at this office. ol H*ic WEDDING AN U BALL DREtUJE*?W SCUTf Ik Co. No- 377 Broadway, offer a new and elegant stock oi embrnideied .MiiiI.ii and Lace tfobes; Malines Lice Ci.pes, Berthes, "cars, St'- ; embroidered Lawn H uidUfs; Chimis*tte?; '/Q lnv?; Lace umler handkfs, 8tc.. Ike. ol Ui'rc 'P(J THE UtN'I'AL PitOFEs&lON.?A gentleman 1- having a thorough knowledge of Mr and Operative Dentistry, is de?nous oi associating himsc f as a junior partuer, or as au assistant in a respect.ble establishment iu New York or its vicinity Havi g had five vears pra.-tic*l eiperience in ihe profession, he leelshimielf competent to i.ike chirge of either the mechauicuj or operative departments. For further particulars, address to J. H. Richardson, No 90 Fulton streei. New Vork. The best of references given and rmn i rr-i. ' iB it * m NO'i'ltl. TO MARINEhS.-The recent survey <i| the entrance to Mooile Bay by Lieut Com C. P Patterso., U S.N.. Assistant in the Coast Survev, shows that the nesl *uer m cro-aittg the bur it now to be louud by briwring ^.md It.uid Light Houae t? bear N 19 dtgrera \V ( imr) N 26drgreea W (ay cooipao) about a thip'a length to the Meatwarn of the east end of Dauphin Island VVooda. andiaiiuinK (?.r it. Thw C(iur>e cairiea 21fret over the bar at mraii low water, the bar deep-nt gradually ou the luiide, and rapidl> to I fathi m> ou the tide towania the tea. *2'Jt>t fh A I). BA' Hi! Mii't U s Cmat8nrrey. '|>6 InrT L, L)lt.S.? lUibiO ? WO U p.B?iSoU ? K UA TKS? P. GODe-MlOV jnat uriived from Puns, v ill open on Tuenday uexl. the 28th intt., a splendid ataoitoient I Hilkt. Ores* Maleriala, Silk and Vrl' ei Cli aki. nrw mid rici Kintfioi efiei, Krenrh Bounrts, and Fancy a ticlea in general. 24 rrr 11*1 Bfnlwr, on mil? n.r Irlr. n [I e ' |^0 iVi hjn-HAM.1, Btc.? \ IHaUMHI v% no life* JO# nit rl> X been engaged in extrusive mercauiile and uia ufactuii.g WHMWt in thi* city a- -I Bo'atou,pour tail geneigy in eg It), extensive and reapeC'tible connex on. with $!(l(lu or S 'iuu, capital, (Which can soon be inci wed )? id.ea to tMtBariN It nnr life ..nil lucrative butiutss, wl.lirh will \ irld a lair r mu neratio.i for hi? udvant igta. Addresi ' Metch uit" at he Herald offie?. i'9 3i*rc ttl 11| h K vV aKi.-?llirah vr amount n .iiir i il i i V? 1 jV/l/U the recipe of a medicine th t will cure rheumatism, headache, cut* bunii pain* in ihe, t ?oth*ehe, Sic , in a sinner time than l)r TOBIAS' Vei enan Liniient wi tch has ntver failed to cure iu o>f h ill the tune ot am Oilier kuowu lemedv. It it for tale by the di u/|[i?(* nnd en* ce.s in th t city, and through the country. Pricet 25 anil 'jO cents per bot'le; depot. 130 Kul'on atreer. Dr. ob;m' office it a tl'rre Uth it.eet, two doma below the Botvery |2!> I it'ic TP HE.VI KlVf. bOLLAll SUI is?t MIHM u( lm t cloth fiock or dres? rnatt. castirrieie p <nt* miiI I . cv ves : overcoot .nd clunk", w ilh Irgiiit rich lining-, (2 to i (loach butineat nuati $! to S I vt tsMJc-uts to S2; caili i a d f.>r?gei t< rloihiug; clrauing, dying, repiiuug, and a te-ii.g cheapand f u hioii.-lili., co iter ol IWaau and Beekmaii street* af9M*m RAUIoAl. i I K", lie' i Oii wirnout cutting, or ili? leant pai'i ?l)r. 8. fehiriaroff, from -S-., Pe.tniburg, of Una it. ha* iV lioimr to a< nniince to the ladies and gentlemen i f New York, i"ild 'he public in general that he iiuuertaUes to completely extirpate soft or hard Corns. Buuioun, Nni't. and very other hard substa>.ce on or between the tuea, without cnttirg, hv means of an Klilir of hit own invention. The ope t?tion in performed iu l lie ?pnce of a few ininuiea, without the len.,t pain, and the jutient may resume bit drest and occupation with the aatitl iction of cairyiiiff the corn or root in his hand. Dr. 8. Clnropediat, will give hit attendance at hia office, 61 I hsmhers s'.ret, npposile I he I'.irk. ??!? Mt?rc Tr.V\? COMMERCIAL AOENCV AT OAl.VKS. VE8TON?Tlie iiujeraigrird ?ill attend to the Collection of Notea and Account* In the 8(<te of Trx it, elfeciiug Sale* of Ileal Estate, the Purchase of Produce, Receiving and Korwar intf of Merchandize, and of a Oeueral I 'ommitaiou 12u:tueu. (JKOUOE BUTLl^K. Refcrkkcki Nf.w Yoiik. Moset Tavlor, Etq., ^ J, (i Dudley Si Co., Kdward K.Colliut, 1 -a<|., Tarrant Pntuam, Et(|., Allen k Paiton, Jmnet LefTerts Ik Co., Rohei11 . VVetinnre Hi (.'o.. Wisuem Hi <l,le. 111 > (lock. Corliei Si. Co., Edwvd (4. Faile 4i Co., Ww.C Lnni(ley tk Co , J h i F.Trippe, K. 8 h D. Cathrop, Wliitc tk Brinuil, Ho'i.Juliu W. K.dmondi Waller C. Townsend & ()o. Add-e?a N". II Pine>tr?et. Nm Vork iM Wt*m r|^H K, fl aTIuTnTvlTf I itK l.NbUKAiNCf. CO.VI l'AN~7. X No 63 Wall street.?luturnnce ?K tnut Fire mid Inland .Nnviuition Hi-li.i.?Thia Company i? p'opared to make iiwurauce h|;iiii.-l Ion or lUmagr by lire on dwelling Iwuwi, winIiouif?. bnild.i gj in general, Koodi, ware* and merchandise of tveiy dr*ii.'tn>?, mid i<ui>i>al piojierty, und ou ri-ka of transportation aud Inland uavijmiou. UIBKCT0R9 Tliom*. W Tl.ornr, William Van Wick, John Van Un'ktrtk W. C. Kriiti'ld, Kutrenv Bosart. Martin llofT ran, Henry H. Ward, ltobe-t L. Caae, Jnh'iJ Herrick, John D. Ward, Henry D. Befell, Htephcu Holt, W H. Jacobs. THOMAS W THORNE, President. W.C. Rcliono, Secretary. N. U ?The capital of this institution i.< uow full, imd with a surplus. Money to loan on bond and mortirafe. ?H rrp PF.RFr.M Kll V, TOILfcT BOAtf, FMwt MWMm Fancy article!. very low. su'table for the country t-ade, choice Col"?u?s, Fdiacts. aud other Peifumerv. for retul ? lloomk Fowler's rr-leb>.t'ed walnut oil military ih.iring ?oap, the only iroe a ticlc. Ur. Foord't Pectoral Mymp. for?lhe units. Tou? Cordial for dvientery and drraugr moot of the boweli and his universal pills for cleansing the n stem. For s ,le at No. 1 Conitlandtit eet, firit atore from Broadway. UEO B HMOSK.K, ?M JOfrc late Vr iom It Fnw nr. til N'.i J. '|'..A V iOLINO THONKS. fcc.-JOIl s cAI'TNhY h, m. "i iiiik Manafac Hirer. No. I Wall a<reet, comfr ol now ou hand and ( oufttanfly making a good anno* tmentof Trunks, VnlUc*, Carpet liaga aud HitcM*, wholenale aud retail. , , ? . - , , AU??. i *?i??ri?>r i|rtw<e of S .]e TiunW*. suitable for American or Kuropean travel, and !'?rtmiute<?iiB for Jie Frtoch Val'e Po*t. .i,.,. f.r t hf iVf.t Imli' *. S nth \ mrrii* 1. & r . filial with detpa'ch _ a?< <Oi*m L h( ohK vv wtUHOBK A.N L) FI7hSTTj7?I WANTED?Ladie* an-l Kentlemen hanna ?np?- tluoua ellrcta tx il ?no<e of. inch VVfiriu* Apparel Kuriitturn Sec, e in obtain a fair ea?h priC* for ihe ?nnie. by aeudi.ig for the uliacriber tlir-itigh !>? Pint Office, oiotlierwiae. who will attend ?C tlieir rtaiilencea. J. LKVK^HTVN, 40# Brondnay, tip atairf. Lad ?r can be attended to by Mr?. J. Leveuatyn. 16 Iflr* rrr _ MONEY I'O LOAN?Abraham J JmIum. PiWiktnlli, it Re.ide itreet, near Broadway, loam money in laroe or amall om?1 aa may be required, on watehea, jewelry, |>|at?, | wearin* apparel, dry ir>od?, and peraooal property of every : deae'-iptioo. an!4 Wm NO HUMBt/'U?A uew dioinK aalooa JIM r.pened I'.wb ' town, at No. IT Kront meet, and Ii?1kid? alio: oom# and I iidgo for yoaroolf. Tho room ?r? Maflo. i.i wmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmrnmmmm DOARD?a.lew gentlemen can be a-commoa?ted wtib I MJ near and airy rnorai, and rood board, by applying at 94 Leonard mreet tfooud di-or from Broadway. ol llt'm B\ARD ?Two orttifM pleaaaut rooau tolet, witli board; lao, a tar*e room oil th? llr? tloor, mi liable for au office, with two clnaeu attached. Apply at iM Broadway, aecond hogs'* fr m Hp-inn street. ol Ct?rc A C.\RO.?The uffltrri nail meioteri of K:itl< tinirda.of Will diiibjr*. L. I , be/ leave to tender their jiticere tnaukt 10 Mr. r . W. Thomson, of Key Port, N. J , for the ho'iJp b'e and geutl. u??i ly trunue. ij whith be entertained | the m, mpauy, wlien on tbiir Target Eacuriion, ou tiie 2Jth ok Jf!v lecuinui-ud compaiiira ou aiinilar occa?iou?. who | <mi?#fi>reciete a diner coupe, to give thia eacabliahmenl the nA-rrnce. On behalf tf the Crmpaiiv, Wl If ic A ARON UOOKRT. Captain ! F.'VK DOLLAR** RKWA I) ? LOST?A gold chain and key: the clnin If a rery Inrte -.inule rnrb The lioder j will receive the above teward by leaving it a' 2*0 P f?rl ft D *NIKL BKBKIK.N. Jr. , TUHOWN/STUNK 8KAL UNOKAVJ&R AND ' IIKHALI) PaI.nT?R, 233 Broadway, oppoiita the | Park?('oat* of Arm?. Cre*tT. Cypher*, kc.. uffruved on . ft bran*; diamond*, iraethysta, t ipazea. (ke., bought in the rough or cut to any (cm; ladirs'seala, signet rings, jmiuCII j ci?vIte.. engraved with arm . or nnv device. Coatsof arms | found and painted in an> style. from $1 and upward*, aud lor- : war Jed to any pirt of the Lured hutei. Book? of Heraldry kep', with upward* of 2UU.JOO names. Any information given m heraldry. ol lfrc HL 1MKW WultLD->KW Sfc.KIKH?Paik Benjamin. W. H He'bert aud J J. Hyde, Editrr?Thi* eld t&vmite in Baltimore. Md ,aud .Washington. D. u received by Win. Adam. Pennsylvania Avenue, Washiugtou; Brook. Shelli t ton, Si Co, do, aud by William Taylor, Jarvia Building*. Baltimore, Md. Weekly Newapapers Regularly for Sale ?The Enterprise and KitM, London pape-s, per th* strainer; Flag < f our Union: F'tgof tne Free. Va kee, I'ucls Sam, Yankee B'*de, Dollar Ntw?pa,er. Old Couutr)men, Hough and Ready, Herald, : Tribute, Brot .er Jon* han. Spirit of the Times. Alb'oii, On- | i-tteofour U"iou, Sub trr?m au, Literary World, Thiladel- | phi Courier Post, Neal's Oaze te, (ileanor. Hone Journal, I c mporium. Ta'ifcee Doodle, Wi?teru Continent, Police Gazette. Hojtou Pil..t, Krermau'* Journal. Anglo Ainerieui, | Farmer and Mechanica' Morning Stir, N V. Mirror, (ke ? Weatero Contiueut. lor Sept. ZJ. wi h the lath part of Domby Si. i??ii. complete. 6>4 ce i a; and the principal Newspaper*, Magazine*. mid cheap pu'l'cxtioua, for *ale, wlioleaalc or retail, at WM. TAYLOR'S, No*. 4 and i Jarvii Biiildiuca, I ol it rc North atreet. Baltimore. , LAMPd AND lililANDOi US, e.ompruiug aular. hall, oil, doiic, oiiental and carnphene lamp*, suitab'c for pat- , or?, hull*, church#', hotel*, billia J saloons, or any eatabliah- 1 meut where a brilli into, economical lixhl i* lequired, together i with an aaaortm^ut ofilobea. ulaiaea, wicba, camphene, chemical oil,burning fluid wholesale aud retail. A?i'al lamp* alter- | ed to aolai; all kmdi of repairing done. P. *. S UK ILLY. | ol 12t?rc 13 J Canal *rrc at, <orner of Laiglit. j TO HOKSK SHOIiRH ? Ifor Male?A leaae with tools, i r , of a amith-ahop, situated in wha' it considered a superior neighborhood in uiia city, will be disposed of at fuir valuation The pres-nt prrprieio.- u unable to aUcud to the huso r?i, hut willgaa-antee success to any attentive fiiktnue workman. Inquire of Mr. CHARLES P1TK1&LD, corner of Me-ceraad -\mity streeu. N. Y. nl lt?rc Information wanted?of mary hend&kSON. who sailed from Londonderry on the I9>h of April I.,At. hound for Quebec : was returned iu Ireland the shiiwind passei gers Arrived safe in Quebec m'July. She Imd live chililriui with her?John, William aiitl Andrew IL'uJerson. Mary and Mirgaret Henderson. Any account that C^nlciiu'ii uf lit-ni, dead or nlive, wi'l I c thankfully received at t>8 Carmine sin et, N. V., !>)' Iter daughter ANN HENDERSON. Moiitrea1 ami Quebec pipers copy. ol 2r?m MtCHliMaTd VV AN 1'ED?Three or i'oiu goo>i workmen nu.y lind immediate employment at 40 Lldriduv , second ?tory. ol li*r? WAN'iKI' 1M \1 l-.i'l ATKLV?Several young and enlfrnisiug tneu, to solicitsuoscribers and collei t mouey for one ol' the moat poi ' i periodical* published in the country. Men wlio caueor..^ wrll rtcommeuded for honesty, inlelli geuce,?nd enterprise, ran m tke froiu %i tu $8 a day, the year round. S me arc milium at these rates now. Apply to ISRAEL POST, U? Nassau siifjt. _2LS2i2. WANTED? Inform itiou of Andrew H"ott, sou ol Willi,lm aud Iirlirle Scott. Emigrated tj Scotland from Emuerue. county Kcimausul. Ireland. If he or any of his family will write to his hrolhci Thomas, No. 12 Water street, New York, he wVI hear of something to his ailvautage; or ailarecs to James Scott. K -tisiugton, Philadelphia; or Aieiauder Scott, 2d street, near Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio. ol lt*rrc WAN i ED?A situation by two icspectable TOOM women, sisters; one is a good cook aud excellent lauudress, and the other ns nurse or do plain sewing; she is raptlile of doing auv kii.d of house work, and they would be willing to go nuo the couutry. Please call at 220 Centre st, one door fromUrsml. They are Protestant girU and have go d refrrruces Irom their last places. If convenient they would prefer living in one ii u<r. ol lt*m WAN i ED?A lai hl'ul and hone?t girl would like to tiud a situation to do general house work in a respectable private family. She can produce good city references, bv apply, ing at 18'! I anal st. ol 2t?m WAN 1'Kb?Two gentlemen lodgers. Tlie ruoins arc hant'soine aud well carpeted, bu; unfurnished Tiie simation is most eligible. Address H. A. ol :ttrod?m WANTKl)?A smart active lad in a counting room. Enquire 41 New street, first office on the grnu?d floor ou lie rifclit hand on euteriug, between 11 aud 12 o'clock. ?l lt?rc WAfTi'SD?A situation as cook, washer aud ironer, cliainbermlid or nurse Please call at 177 Klizibeth street, in the rear, second floor, for two dayi. (iood reference given. ol If m WANTED?A young lady to attend a highly respectable Saloon in B'oadway, and by addressing a not* to T. D., Her Id Office, will be stric'ly intended to. >30 St*je WANTED?A situation as cook and general housework by a respectable young woman. Apply at 212 Siith Avenue. between liih and 16th streets. s3U 2t*rc WANTED A SITUATION BVA MAN AND HIS wife, without children; the mm is a good farmer, he can also fi 1 the place of acoachmau; and willing to work at ou> thing that is respectable The worn in is n good plain cook and understands all kinds ol house work. They can come well tecommeuded from their last place. Inquire at 128 Ileade a'reet. s30 2t*in w .aNTED?By two respectable Young U.rls, situations. oilier at chambermaid and waking ami nssiii tunc in washing and ironing. Beit of city references given. No otjcctioi a to go a short distance in the counry. i'lease call at 231 Thirteenth steeet, lirac Hour, front loom. Can be seea for two davs. ?30 ?t? in WANTKD?A large and sfong Iror. Sale. Any person having the above to dispose of will hear of a purchaser it No. 7 I' Buildings, Hanover street. s30 3t*_ KiCH'D BELL. WANTKD-'J'wo j oung tneu, one at least 15 or '0 >ear? of age, to rend uihjii a billiard romn in Philadelphia. Those who apj'ly must be well iecon mei.ded, and aciiuaiuted wilh the busiuess. Apply to J. A. H., Aicade, Philadelphia Letters po?t l aid ?8!) 3t rc WAN I'i'.lJ ?A lew active young men to g.? sou'li or neat, to act aa agentsfor the sale of new and popular publications?tiiOO over aud above their expenses, will be iusurcd to them iu writing, with aa opportunity of clearing $1000 per year. Some ineu now in our employ will no doubt mike over $ 0'0 per year, clear of all?xpeuses. Kuch m>m will have Ina iliatr ct It will be . ecrssary f./r thent to have atleaat from 125 to (60 to . btarn a good fifing out. Apply at FMfc,NCH'S. Publishing Hall, 293 Bmal way, np ataira, ollice of the Flair of our U"i"ii All Icters mn<t be poat paid. s>8 Mi* in A i'AM ' MI'I, WANTe.1TiS A FlUfi M~*inIJ FA< iifi g establishment, now in ancceaalul operation. Connected the ewith n an engine of 30 horse power, cut and shear ?iet-l Ia n .cei. filt hammer. Sic. The location ia very I'.vor ble for the supply ol?, iron, and provisions. House ! reitl 'W. The entire concent may b? purchased il de<ireil Kile cutters. anil a rale metier wanted. Address (letter poat paid) Di.x 3H Pimhumh l^i't ffice ?M 30i*rc 1 1 WW) ^ I hi >. ? < *ue Thousand '.gent* a:e v. in led to 1 vuU li.c t? in different counties for the aale of anew P a tide ihal ?i>l coinc i'it < universal use, aud is needrd by every man, woman a d chihl for general use ; the business s pleasant aad neat. Good business men can make S500 to $800 per year over all expenses. Those desirous of tnakir g money are iuvited to call; letiera pis'panl will receiva atteu- I tion. I. HAUL Kg FULLKR. ' sl4 272 (J-eenwich atreet. UO LI.Il \V \ < 1 fci).?A iirat ra'e Muler mav obtain a permai.eut situatriu and good warn, by applying immcdiat*'v to H. C. HOOT * ANTHONV, ?3!1 3 *rn __ 22 Wil'iam st'eet. I P\ltlNKH WANTED?With from Am l.nm!rt-<l H thousand dollars III e all, to open a public linn e The ! -ia il is one> f tne verv best in thia city fur a genteel and well conducted house, there being room lor bowl'iig alleys, hilliird tables and t*o fi e bir rooms, nnd a number of private ro in -. Thia is an opportunity which is seldom to be met with. mil. well worth the a leuli m i f any oue having the amount 10 invest, aii'l wishing to rugate iu the business. II communications strictly confidential. Address Hi Louis, Herald i Hire ___________________ 3'*m \lOUNU VI.\N pstftstly MflMltll to lade f inite i.l, or assist in a first class hotel, an i who can rfiuke himself ?xreedintrly tuefnl it that buiinesi, or with a merchant, wishes a situation to go Woufh. His expectations are iiwvle rate, and rel'ereuces undeniable. Address J. M., at the office of this p it. s?2 6teod rc HAU.MIKM'S I.'. ItKMS. KOK BOSTO.N, NhW V'OHK, Povidrnce, Philadelphia, and the South end West. 11LAKIC, COOLlDOE 8c WHKF.LKK. l'RC PRIKTOIIS. D. BKIOHAM, JR., B. W. WHKELd'.R Union J. H. BLAKK, Buildings, Piovideuce. U Couit stiter, BmiU-.ii, F. W. COOLIDOK, (i Wall street, New Yo k OIm II Pl.iUdel hi.-, . I South Thiid street. s'JO lltlh Mil. CLARKtJA1 !) would invite ttic MttatiOB III iht Manage < of the different Society Bal's, that his esttblishineut 'iu Wlii'r .> n et, is undergoing thoiough repairs and emli llishments .lie wou'd be pleased to dispose of tli- follow nig uigh me respe ctable aud genteel Balls aud piriies. vis: Monday, Wcdriosdiy, (Thii'sday every fortn it lit.) and eriday, of each week, during lie season. For ;.trtii;nlars please call on Mr c? 21 White street. s3H4tis?rrc HAUHVVARK FpR CITV LOT8? A smill but well e Iccietl st?clt of hardware (ehout tiiOtHI) will be ricliange?l lor eitv lou soutli oM2.l streM; address ICrlward h . Nurae. I.irniwh the post orTice. statimi on ?i.??r. >ir .......... ia>?w 'invo' BILUAM) TABIDS KO'n MALKThkaI'.i Tlieae tihletare in ver? jjocd order, ami k|| the fi*ure? omp'ote. Kixpiire at Smu'? II ,th?, corner o" IIu !?un and Caual atieet* or ?? No. 181 Canal utreet, a'ove aiore of VV. II. Sweet ?nd 3. V. Mnoie. No. 106 Killtoii atrect. ?2*J Jt" ic B" 6 VhuT.N aTmIVatE KA.mVi7V.~A vnutieman unit h i wile, or two persona, who could room together. rxn liiid pleaaant epcommoditious, furniahed or Mufiirninhtd, by sr>i>lyKite at 21 beyond itrtet. One l.irjrc and two mnnllrr roomi if denrerf. _____ ll2? 3t*rc WHiH";<v-"iiiisrrX\r> SrnnTi M \i."r-io fv eour, 1(1 h?lf do. vpry choice, hijli flavored Whiaky. of Il>rjnv'?. Ardbetf. H'gliUiid, < a-r<ek, anil other favorite t>rnid> for ?ale, from under Cud'on llouae Lock, bv j:mjci?*rc I>AVIS & HF.NKiqj'KS. W W. ll ,t (/IRK. AND MAKING INRIJKANCK.-UNION >1tJL4 TUAL INSURANCE I O.. CJ WALL STttKKTin-inrea on thfl mutual principle, without perianal liability. II itintc a Caah < apifalot 100.M0 dolUra paid in ?ud aifiIy invented, alio a la'iie amount of 1'renuttm Notca. |iiiiirur.cea made aKa'nUloaa and damage by Fi'f and Marine , Ki ti<. ai.d liaka <if inland triuaportation and navigation, at the : lowi'it eaiablitlied ratal. H/"* The profit* ofthe brcaineaa will b? divided between the Stockholder!and the iuanred. THI'ITEM. Lambert 8u\dam, Klbert J. Anderiou, John 8 Tappan, K. K Collina, Shepherd Knapp, P. M Wetmute, John li. Hnrlhut, Setli Oroivenor, I'anl Spolford, L. II Brigham, David Anita''. Ale*. Heinnette, J I). V?n Bu*en, Alb-rt Woodhall,' V \i; \u. .11 L" .1 1. i Fr?|>l.?n Allni, J T. Jolintton, A'lieit VV, VVriitht, (Jeorg- KitpHye, (Imilea M L,en|i;i, ilieli ird Bt-ll, (?e.K?e V I)..r|,v N. H. W. W*. Joseph RunrlinuJ, Hniry Holt, Jr.triih RVwIer, A. Itolirr'nnn, K. 1. H. Oibsmi, J. KliK?fui(l, .lojin Mi stun, A d ThoiriU'.n, John V>n Ne>t, <4 L. Knaup, J- K. ''ool?y, )l. ).. H> uili, Jl P. Buck H M Lawrence, | J ''".v y Ma&aell, Joiiu P. Neamich, Mwiu Hoyt, LAMBF.RT SUV DAM. Preset. Ho. ?. Tor**, Vice Pre?i fnt hknr)i?*r?n Staoo i?m>m Thk old hidi no a< adkviy. in<? in utd im si** i n*r street, will I e iew.|>ened on Monilty, Hep . 17, lor tbe | reception <f arhoNta, bating been, during ihe tnmmer. nHWlDl'd ind re-ili-i-orvrrt m fli - moit compXe manner? I ne inbtcrber fl it'eis bim?elf tint Iiij e?tabli?h*ieiit, if not *u-erior, w ill compare wiib fuii-auniliir one in this country? ' 1 he public trc reipectfnlly invited to rail ami jail^e for j H. F. J ONES,Proprietor. JA'IOB fl. PL. ATT, Auctioneer.?Thia dar.Oelober l?t, il 10 o'clock, lit the Auction Kunm. II atieet? OiKiji-Hoek of n dealer, by oriWi of trvate?s. eonlimn; of * m-uenl Maortinent. vix: brathea. looking j.'laa?e?, lewiharpa. l?die?' HnJ geutlceieu'a dreising caeet, toilet fuiuiiure; euitara violisa fluiri, etc. Al<o. Jewelry and Wtiehet, fit: i rich astonment of fine i ill I ?rtni gold jewelry. and Veiliu fmcy jewelry and jel good?, Watchee? Also, gold and silver watcnea. Alto. MU raaei uioft'd Lur p ,cUe? cutlery. Alio, a variety f Sheffield p* tern carda of cutlery, being pattern carda, ma Slittfield house. Alio.laucv Hsiliu wnre. AUo, a valuable invoice of Pearl tablet!, boolu, paper, kuivea, fuldera, rtadiug hooka, Sir. All"', 10(1 dole i Herman mlvrr fin* roiuSa. Al?n, an invoice f fine imported filagree jewelry, and jet do, a general uuortm nt. Alto, fine aleel good*, vi*; ?afcli rliaiua, purse claipa, riuga, guard aud Vf >t rhaina, puree*, baga. tic. Also, an ol India man <f?ciure, vi*: mocratiu bag*, cap1, lie;. nc'ily worked A lao, SO dozen ,jold prm aud ajve' pencil caae. Alao, A large assortment of Hhellield card cutlery, tit; raxors. aciasora. knit ea. &!. ol lt*rc | Jw. BM.JJ WN. El FUMNU Uitft . AND HOUSE Fl'RNISHINO a KTICL.K8.-j. w. B own will .ell rt auction '1 Ins Day, Friday, October I, it 10M o cl?ir*i ** No. 142 Broadw?y, a large stock of Kuruiture, oinprising dressing and plaiu bureau*, Solas, Chairs, Book Ca'es, Ma bio Cr;i re Tablet, Otromans, Divan* Caril, Woik, Roll and Quartette Tablet, French bed leads. Hair Mattresses, ike AUo?Hich O ntndoles 8oUr Lamps, p'ated cut glata Dectntere. Tumbl*raj1Wiaes Fruit Bowls, Salu, Ike. Alto? P. rtable Wntiug Desks, Work Boxes end Dressiug Cases. ol If m ACTION notice.?John'"5. BKTTS, Auctioneer? I tS)|Gerard, Bettaftt<;oM Store N*. 106 Wall street, coruer ol Front ?Thit d.iv at 11 o'clock, in fiout of the store : Wine., See ?JO doz Pule Slurry, incited in 50 do old . Madeira Wine, lit do- io do pure juice Port Wuie-40 dii Roriz aup.-r.or Tort: 2P ?lo Feitana <!? Madeira; 75 caae. superior old ilo, io caietcf one do/eu racli, 30 doz old Scotch Whiskey; 30 doz old Iriah Mull do; 20 do7. Silltry ChamiMgne Wine; 30 qreaak. Lisbon Madeira; 3) eigLth do do do; 26 Midi Claret wine, ol lt?rc RUVAL. UUKI.KY Hi CO?To Architect, Artizau., 4ic,?The urclntectnral p.mion of Mr. Town'. L'brary will be (old thin evening, and contiuurd on Monday, at No.3ol Broadway. Mrniy valuable worlu, u.r.'ul to practical men, will b? round among them. ,,i u*rc CfoLK l.r.A IIIKK AT AUCTION?.IA*.~M MILleR 3 will wild' the ?ioie of Wli.LIAM MILKS, No. 306 Pearl itreet on Thursday. Oeti her 7th,on acr-citof 4 and ii months,iflOO tideuoak and hemlock tinned Sole Lea'her, of the following well known Tunnrrivs, viz: Firmer'*, Empire, Eaton, Htndburgh, Lee, Middlebargh, and'kill, wi<l? oiIit article. ?30 (lire BY H. Ii LEEDS U CO, Aucihoiii'er -Hiifiima rulei oflflch French China, tint ula>>, Plated Ware, Solar Lamp*. Qiraadote., (<n Chandelier., lie., by catalogue? Ob Friday uinming. Oct. I?t, at 10 o'clock, in tin ipmoui roonu over No. 257 Broadway, will be ."Id by catalogue, over 2D very elegant, highly decorated Kreuch I tuna Uiur g Set.; al.o, very elegant aud coatly French China Desert Hct?; al.o, French China Tea Sets in great variety; Toilet Sen with Foot Tub, and Slop Jar., soul" of these vury elegant; about 20 plain whi>e French China Dining Sets; al.o. a coin Jlet* a.toitineut ol rioli '.ut < ilass, consiitingofTumble'.. Wiue, Cliainpagim, he , in complete seta: a'so, a splendid a?sortmrnt of Gas Chandeliers, Pendant,, Chimney Piecei, and. Una O'nunent*. PliATKl) WARE, Sic ? Also. the be?t Sheffield Plate, coii.i.ting of Oaakela, Waiter.. Dish Cover., Ca.tor. with rich Cut Botde., Candlesticks, Sic.. tog"her with a number of Solar Lamps with l)rop?, Gi'andole., k;:., allot which will be positively sold to the highest bidd'^r N.B. Cat ilogue. will be ready on Thursday morni-g. wh?n the g'lods can he eiam lied. ?M 31 *rc 0~BELL IIANUEUM, LOCKSMITHS,vc.?An old established .taud ma.t be diip ued of or given away thi. week to .one worthy person. .Vote) i< uo object. Oily good reference, will be required Call on .VI. Alki.on, 52 Wnt .tie'f <>r *. H?ni?o'?. 4 I'l Pearl street. ol3'*m HAKDWAKr. 11AIK I LOl H~W A I'< H ES, hcJOHN A NEWBOULD offer, to wholesale dealers ot U| Stairs i*i ice., 1000 gross low priced Knivei cud Fork.. 200 do line rouud .tag do do !) ,')0(J P'vir do do gu Til cvvro, J7>? eta. ( caaes twiat aud patent breeeh double barrelled Onus. A complete a<aortmeut of best C. S Kilea, Chits'Is, fcc. All sues of "LaycockV celebrated Hair ('loth. English Lever Watches, $13. Fine Lever Movement!. toyi, dcc With a general assortment of itnple Birminirhnin and Sheffield nt luvv price*. sl!l I2r end ia*rc 'IMIK XTRAORDINaR Y feat ol' walking 100 miles in i 500 eousecvtive hnu-a at llie h iu-e of Ed McOovtnn. No. 170 Cherry street, bids fair Jo be accomplished, the pedes* Irian Imiiiic completed over 330 miles, a u looks a? freth as when lie first came to the mark. J he difficulty of this feat consists in its being performed on a platform ouiy III feet in length by 2 feet 6 inches in width. The public are invited to cull ,'iee |>I'expo se. aJ<i 3t r - _ CENTREVILLK UtJURilK? ^A>^-^TnoTTINU AND PACING, Kri^5WBMBHgSQC"diiv, Oct. lat, at 3 o'clock P. M.?Forte ^a^ESES^nud match for $450 will be contended for between Lady Suffolk aud Roaueke, two niile heata in harness. I). Bryant naiuea gr. m. Lady Suffolk. J. VV ooiliulf naun'i ro.g. Koauoke. The enra will leave the South Kerry for the track at 1J^ o'clock, anil at 2H o'clock, reiu'uiug whin the >|>orU of the day have terminated. 3t*je JOKL ('.ONKLIN. Proprietor. * rtc'*'"? " RACES.?-UNION COi.HSK, LOV(i ISLAND?$3 000, in purses. | lf~ THE NOKTH AGAl&ST THE FASIlION^and the itreat Southern horae PASSENGER, will contend for the four inile parse, and probably oue or two more. The Races over lie above Course will take place ou the first Tuesday, itli Oct< btr, 18(7, and continue tliren days. KIllS 1' D IY?Hotel Purse $800. three mile heata. Same day?SweepnU'-ea for 3 yr olds that sever run, mile heats; entrance $200, forfeit $M; which hai cloaed with four aubscribt-ra... (J. P. Hare's eh. f. B&linetlo, by imp. Leviathan, out of imp. Auna Muria. W. W Barber'* br. f. llarnblower, out ot Stanley Eelip?e'? uam. H A. Conover'ajb. c. Traveller, by Mercer, dam by Mourn 'Uth'a Eclipse. Samuel Laird's (William Gibbons') b. f. Whiaper, by Mariner. dnm by Henry. SBCON'D DAY.?JOCKEY CLUB PURSK,$1500-4 mile heats. Same day?Scrub Purie, $10, mile heata entrance added. THIRD DAY?PROPRIETORS'PURSK $5H0, two mile heats, Samu day?Oeutlemen'a Post Stake, $210, two milea o it, rutnnce $21. added. Six subscribers and closed, (ientlemen to ride in jockey costume, and n-me their horses at the post. The following are the eutries W. T Porter, J. How, L. Purdy. H W. Herbert, O. P. Har?. O. O. Young. The rules of the' nurse to govern the above races, ricept the Kent emeu's at ke. Kor particulars, see " Spirit of the Times." The I ?i> v, II tie in readiness to take passeugeri to aiid from the races, almi at every hour in the day. N. 11.?Two or more M make a race iu each of the above, except lie gentlemen's, which will require three to start. s28 8trrc O P. HA Re, Proprietor. __ U M ION _COU K oE, L. 1.?Trot *T1i \nfiTh tiug ?Monday, Oct 11th, Purse o( $150, $10 to go to the aecond best horse; mile heata, beat 3 in 5, to tUEMadhnsa aagous, wagon aud driver to weigh 300 lbs A. Conklin enters bl. h. Stranger. John Case '* b. m. Lady Moscow. J hn Cudury " eh m. Gipaey. W, King " b m. Philadelphia Sal. Oct. 18?Purse $ 150, $10 to go to the aecond best, 3 iu 5, to llR'UCM Jc.lin Caae enters b. m. Lady Moscow. W. 8. Keed " ,|t. I Orey Harry. V/ King " b. m. I'liiladr Ijihin Hal. J. Whelpley " b. m Laily Hutton. 'JO t*je ""y " " Tlffc 'i'vri KMSAl.l.S llV.AVH. I'OWDKKH >lj*l i#ri' Hcroiiii liklniiif daily wlnt baa for a Ionic rune ' \ I... ^.ir,11 .?iiil? |.fu tmiict. They are curing the graves in hor?r?, ard i>< audi a inild, gentle and ale lUMiLrr that the aniniil i? not at all inconvenienced by the treatment. They cure the W"i?t couth in from twodays to a week, aiid tlie liorae m generally fully restored to souudness by the lite of one pnckage, in two weeks Ample duectious on rhepickaKe. I'rice $1 A H. OOt'OH k Co. 119 Kulton at. al03ti?*tn UimwI *iewt for the U. 8. WANTK1)?A superior Saddle HwN, wiilicood Jetf^a-tii n.lonif maue and uil? well bred.tib uty ofhone, ' A y\.. if. hand* high and par ferity atiunil?black prefer.ed. \V. 11. MILr.d,L< fayetie Place ol3t?m L.very Sublet. <r\_ HOK HALE ? A|<ond lloiat, browt , IJS twiida high, ti j i-ira old, kind and aou.ul.>' at Mr. ' ' , Oray's Livery stable, 2.'? Warren at. WAM'KD?A very handsome and unil Hx'dle Horse, a trotter, of govd size. Need ir>t apply unlet* the horae i? tirat rate. A pplv at Mr. Oriy'a Livery Stable, 21 Werreu street. i?!l Vend em '1 H hirst qiMflMTtf tnrttiiigol II.r hew IjHe Yotk Canary Rird Kanoers' Association, W'll in held n' Lafayette Hall, oppoaite's old Harden, ou TSK Monday evt ning, October till, at H# o'ctoi k Punctual attendance it rei|iie?ted, ai biuiiieria if great importance will come before th eclub. All ilie Canary bird fanciers are invited to attMd. ol lt*i? W>M l ull HALK, Oil WILL BK HIIlKD > a responsible prraon, a hr.ndsoine rosewood fc"TT]m J flcase-si* octave Piano Korta. made by Jamri 1X2; S I * Pirtson, m this city, it is a ,beautiful looed inalrumeiit and in first rule condition. To a parclmser. it will lie sold a 1 iiru11ii , as the owner baa lio use l? r it. Mav be seen at Wi Liberty street. 'l'o save tmablu. perhaps, it will b< i* well to ?ay that S130 it the lowest prien flnt will he accepted. ol It' in 1 jA A VALUABLE I'llOPKRTY O.N THE iTH A^fciKji&NljK?Kor Hale?f \ ISirgai !) ?Between B!)th and !)3 I aJfat.strreiN, tlio OIDEON LEE PLACK., containing 12 a^res, or 160 li.U, the large dwelling, b'rn and two ont-hou>ti. Tlir land lira high, and has acoininanditiK position tor couutrv seats; their t? a variety of fruit ou It. $11000 of the putchaie money can lav for lour >ears from May uevt, ?ti. per rcut? T|i? balance on t?y terms. This is a <banre for speculator* to lay it off ill lott. Call on A. HRHUEANT k 80^, li Well (net ol 2t ia*rr wj Htm MAlU(C.?A VALUABLE KAlIM on Mtaien MSq| lalaud, formerly known ai the Hulfway proj?erty, i-od*JI^. ni'.iing ot ah'm aiitv-live acrea of land in n high atate ol 'TUltn aiimi and well frucrd. The turupiUe road rum through the, which ia hounded oa one side by a rreek, from which the heat manure may alwaya be obtained. A large part .if the laud la well adapted for building lota. There are two ;oiiaea, good outbinldinga, eirrlleut water uud nliimdajice of Imituii I lie far iii, which liea wirlilu halfa mile of the !aiiding atChelaea, nherr ilic >t(ainboat llaritau calla daily, and four miles froui I'rrt liiehmond. Kor ternia aud further purticulaxa, apply lo Mrs. MaeOregor (III tile uremia?. ato I'ltWIkh ?rrr Jggk^ TO LKT?'J'he lirat and second atories, with the pTD baaeineut mid auli cellar of store No. ITU f*'tiiton ?t"eet, i'iVMi l"it liniahed 7 h? stories are each 70 by 21 feet. Eu'imie Hi the olliccot Kip .V Youug, No. 191 Bioadwuv. cor* u?rof John street. N. B. The above will be rented together or H*p*rnte|y <t _ ol it'tc a~KOIl MACK OK TO LKT?(Immediate possession given ) Tin modern three story brick dwelling House, .No H'.l Clinton Dace, between the 1th and 6th Avenuea. I hi* home iJ now being put lu complete repair, and rontaini ill th* modern improvements Knoiire of s?.lti*'.c WM U LAWIIKXI K. Ii.. Id Wall ?t. 'to iioti&L kfckpuh* aNd oth^ kh.?kok BALK?Thai valuable house and lot, situate south corner ol' Wetland llaminond streets, in thia city, aud now mteupied hs a steamboat hotel. Twelve or more steamboats land daily at the pier in front of said premises, rendering it a very (lesirnhle location for thoae interested iii the hotel business. Kor panirulari inquire of Mr <T. Hmidt, 20 Nassm street, N. Y.; K. 11 Lndlowk Co., V Wall street; or of J. K. Tallman. on the pteailaa*. >9 ioteod?in KINK DOM) AND HILVKR WATCH RS T?e eyi>Subscriber is selling all drscriptiom of line (void arid gudB Sliver Watches ami Jewelry, at retail, lower than any oilier home in the city. All Watches warranto! to l*eep good time, or the tiiouay returned. Watches aud Jewelry eiohanired. Holil Watches a;, low ?s $20 to |2A each. Watcbei and Jewelry repaired id the but manner at mnch less than the usual prices. (JM). C. Al.LKN, Imiiorter of Watches and lewelry, Wholesale asi-l lietail, I IMisend^rh 41 Wall street, corner Will'sr**. tip ttairi .nkw oftlf.anm.?Louisiana imw We* JHW V< rk Cine of Packet*? Positively the firs rnd " tiBfcsonly icgnlar pnehet to tail Monday, O? tol?er 4th? The splendid faat sailing packet ship 0*WM?0, Tho?. Ingersoil, nutter, is now loaning, and will poaitively aail as above. Iter regnlai day. Kor freight <? prmage, having hnndaome Airnished modal out, apply on board at Orlennt wharf, foot of Wall ttr?et. oTto fc. K rocLlNf, jeHouthat. Positively no freight will he received on board ifter to-mor* row. 8 iturday evening October 2d. . ? Agent in New O leant, Mr. Willinm ('n*T, who will piomptly forwar.l all goodt to hi i add'est. ... The nieket ship CLIFTON. Jat. B. Ingertoll, master, will incceed the Oswego, and tail October I2tn, her regular day. 1 I PARK THKATRE ?MRS. MOWATT S BtNtFITGo VuOay t-vtuuig, UctutMi I, will ?. k?iaiUM. (or the fifth tiiM oa aur , * Play iu J uu.rtlM ARM ANP nr l h? Child of the. Peoul*.?Armand, Mr. Davenport; King l.ouia IVJi. Mr. HmM;Bliudw, Mr* Muiuii; Bahdu. To coneode with the cn?a<iy ol TH" HO\EY MOOY? Duke Ar.tuZi, Mr i)ivebl>ort; Jul in.*, Mr*. Mow*rt. Ooon oi'eu [ a quirter before 7 oVlock. Performance will c .i.i.n...... I).ffnny a qnn'ter PftatlV. < OiVKiiV I'll t. A I'ltr..? W Jackion. X'U.iier. sun* M.?nii(er. Mr. ?Thu fcvruiuic, Oct lat, will , be perlormrd a i:taii-l patriotic dr.iuM m 3 inrtv entitled THE 8ii.UK OK MONTERfcif. , oh the TRIUMPHS OV ROUMH AND READY. Orneral Taylor. Mr. W. M trthall; Jake Duiei.bory, (Yankee l*rt|jr, Mr. C. Borke; (Jeuinaof Aine'ica; Mr*. Jordan eaOllRAMMK ok *C*1K?V AID IMriUK.1T*: Hceue lit.?Kurt Browu by Moonlight?C'horu* of Soldier*.? j Our |I?K lloau I'roudly?T*ylor maiiects the (Dtreachmenl* 1 lieueral Taylor'a Dieam: lit mini)?The Full of Matauioro*. 2i.d ?uiou?The Capture ol Monterey. 3d viaion?Bombardment of VeraC'ruf. 4th vision?The Battle of Bueua Vutt. The nuat diaperae* and diicorer Kort Browu at break ol d.iy? | The O.illiuit Soldier arnnaed by the Reveille?Hiadeparture for P.tint laahel?Hoinbardmenr nt' thai t'nrt. and of , Major Brown. ? I The'Plain* near Palo Alto, it the termination of the firit day'* Victory.?The Buttle of the Kesaca d? la Palm*; the Anieric ui arina triumphant id the second contest?WaloutSpruifi; Rough aud Heady Encampment. The eutire of the rut Stage will he thrown o| en to aid in the bcenic Effect Termination of the never to be lotgoiten Three Daya' Fight (tornaoua Tableau. Pr'viutu to the Piece, the Comedy of the COCKNEY I IN OH1NA? Bowbell, Sir C. Bailie; Prince Azia, J.C Ditan. Doora will be open at (iS o'clock, and the curtain will riae at 7. Bum 2SCer,ts; fn and Oailerv, 12X Cents. 1 CHATHAM THEATRIC.?Under the Management ot Mr. FLETCHER.? Friday Evening, October lit, and all the week. Will be presented the original drama eutitled <he LONELY MAN OF THK OCEAN, or the Night before ili?* Bridal?Lieut. Adam Bashford, Mr. Neatie; Windham Mr. Sullivan; Jack Jolly, Mr. Brandon; t.yrus Bloom. Mr. Winaus; Eve llilliugton, Mr*. Nichola; Helena Staunton, Mil* tlildreth; Oerkv Bow lea, Mr*. Herbert' Afler which, HOB ROY McOKEGOH will be performed. Pkices?Uoie*, 23 cent*; I'll, UK ceuu. l>oor? open at 7?|>erformance commence* at half-pa*t7. LAM I NIUHT OF THE RAVEL FAMILY. PALMO'S ? Friday, October lit, 1147?The prrfctiranre to roinmence with ihe one ret l itre of MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE. Mm* Hoinertoa, Miaa Clarke; Mr. Somenou. Mr. Walcott: Mrs. brown. Mil Madisnn; Timothy Brown. T. I'lacide; Mr* Smith, Miss Ktnuedy; Jonalli\u Smith, Joliu Srfton. To be I" 'Mowed by the Comic B illet Pantomime of tin KOI R LOVERS, OR HARVEST HOME. Ribi, U&briel R>vel, U'il last ippeaiaure on any itage in any character) ; Uliiae, Hejri Well* ; Menoier, Francois Ravel ; M. >.otl'lou, Autoiue Havel; Krockauolt', Leu Javelli ; Bibet, Mad. Leon Javelli ; Mud. Oebou, Mom*. Jerome Ravel. KaideDeux VilliKeoii, by Mad. Leon Javelli and Mom. Henri. By desire Mons. Marcetti'sevtraordiuary performance. call. ed the INCOMPREHENSIBLE GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. To conclude with the celebrated Comic Pantomime of UODENSKI, OR THE SKATERS. To be followed by the grand Pa* de Deux, and the Bill Room Polka. The whole to conclude w'th a *rrie* of Tableau Vivaut, called CAIN AND -vBEL. Door* open at 7, performance to commence at 7K o'clock? Ticket* .'ill cent*, to all parts of tile ho *?. PALMO'S.?Monday, Octobei 4:h, 1847 ? Ojien every night. Fir*t week of the celebiated ETHIOPIAN SEHENADEKS. German, Stan wood. Hnrring'ou, Cell, White and Howard, ince thrir return from Europe, where they had the distinguished honor of api earii.g before lier Majesty the (jueeu 11. li. 11 Prince Albert, the Royal Family, and Nobility aud Gentry of England. The Serenade reM ectfnlly announce to the lad'e* and ceutlenieu of New Vork that they will commence a series of entertainments at the above house on vloud y, Oct. 4tli, which were received with enthusiasti - atnilaii*e hv rhmiamioU wh., I uniti-il their yerfoimaoces at the St. laines'i 'fheatre, Loniioii, duriug n peiiud of 14 muniha, consisting of songs. glees, choruses, Stc , nccumi) nied with ihrir unique iiuttuinenU. Kor particular* see small bills. Under the direction of Mr J A. DUMBOLTON. Admission 25 cents. Uoori i pen at 7>4 o'clock. Concert at 8 o'clock. ?2H 12 re CIRCUS? UOwThV AiVlPHUHKATHi!.?John Tk7o?, Mani g?r?JOHN GOSSIN and br. CARLO, the two Urvat Clowns. thia evening ln ihe courae ul" the evening will be given a new tn'xlt heroic, entitled SaNTA A N VS ESCAPE?Geu. Taylor, Mr OoMUI{ Santa Anna, Mr. Don-ildson. Horsemanship by all the troupe, embracing all the principal riders. Boxes, 25 centa; Pit. 12}{ ceuta; Children half price. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?Kriday byeniiiu, Oct. 1*1, the i>erfonnauce will commence with the LIGHT TROOP OK 8t. JAMES'.-Muter 'il.oinu Small bouts, Mr. Holland; Jane Roberts, Miss Mary Tnylor.. After which, a uaw Farce. KISSING GOES BY KAY OR. Jean Gril'on. Mr. Holland; Marrhioneaa Ue Louney, Mia H Ulierwood; Peri >ue, Mra. Timm. After which, the JACOBITE?John Duck, Mr. Hollvid. To conclude w.tli HOW TO SETTLE ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR WASHER WO MAN- Wellington WiJgetta,Mr Holland; Mary White, Miaa Mary Taylor. Dresacircle, 50 centa ; Upper Boiea, '25 ceuu ; Pil, one shilling : Private Boiea,$5 ; Orchestra Boies. >2. BROADWAY THEATRE?Kridiy evening, October 1. The euteit&mrvi<mila will commence with the play of tHe L .DY OK LYONS?Claude Melnotte, Mr. O Vaudeuh'IT; Cel. Dumas, Mr. O. Barrett; Beauxunnt, Mr Kredericks; Glavis, Mr. S'-aw; Pauline, Miaa Kiuinv Wa'lackTo couclude viith the new Comedietta of LADIKS BEWARE?Col. Vavasour, Vache; Sir Clmries Vavasour, Dawsou; Matilds, Miss Telbin; Lady Beanchauip, Mrs. Wiustanlev; Grace Peabody, Walts. Dress circle nuo pnniuette, $1', family circle aud upper boxes, 50 cents; gallery, 25 cents. Doors Dpn ?i7; perlo,inanre to commencr at halfpa<l7. rpABEHNACLE,MONDAY 'EVENING iNEXi', litX loberith. Madame ANNA BIH1IOP, Siguor DE BEGNIS, Mr. BOC-SA, Mr BROUGH, Being Mad. A. Bishop's second concert. Kor full particulars sre bills. lo It rc nKKZ AND SIVbfiT'ii "SECOND CON(,ERT.CAVH LOSIVORI AND HENKI lit. RZ will give another Giaud Joiut Couci-rt 011 Wed rsday next, October 6th, I at the Taberuucle Kull particulars of the eminent tileut en- ! g iged to a?ai?t ihem on that occasion will be given in future < advertising. HENRfHERZ will play the Seroud Coucerto with the Swiss Rondo. CAMIlLO S1VORI will play the Campanello (the silver bell) and the ( aruival ol Venice. An especial feature in this Concert will be thtt all the solos (instrumental and vneal) will he accompanied by the GRAND ORCHESTRA. under the direction of Siguor Rapetii. s:t0 tf rc BARMJvi'S AVlKRlCAN MUSEUM?aplenaid 1'erlormances, This Afternoon snit Evenmv LAST WE(.K OK ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS. LAST WEEK OK ORPHEAN KAM1LY. GREAT WESTERN, the Yauke* (Jomediaa. Pete Morris, Miss Bernard, Miss Julien. Wax figures of Atnisud Slavei. LIVING OrtANU GUTANG?or, Chimpansee. Mia. llOt- WELL, the famous Fortune teller. Attractions un uquallkE i?Houaea Overflowing !?An.iiencei delighted ' S|U.\OK BLITZ At the Society Librnry, cor. Leonard afreet mid Broadway, EVERY J^VKNINO, comtneocins Mouday, Sept. */ih. Change of programme nightly. MAGIC AND VKNTR1L0(*IM8M. Admiaaion 21 cent*, cluldieu half price. Doora open at 7, c mmeure aii>?. i;/" Alteruoou performance on Wedneaday ami Sato day at J o'clock. _ i? 4tin?rc ]VT Kl'HAINlL'n1 HaLL, <71 Broadway, between Uraud It I. and Broom atre?t?, > omineiiciiig MOlS DA y, Oc ober 4, and every High until fmther notice. The Cliruly'a MinatreU, K. P. < Tiriity, (J. N. Chriaty, L. Pierce, VV. Porter, T. Vaughn and K. Abbott have the honor ol anuouuclu* to the ladie? and gentlrmeu of New York, lint they will git en aeriea of their original and popular Concert*, which | ??ere received with inch diatugui.hed f^vor du mg ilieir Me 1 vioua tia.t to thia city, having been for a aucceaaion of lour j mouth* u gr tlv crowded by highly retable und faahiona- | ble and'encea. Aom t a M cent*: to commence at II o'clock. oltfre ] ALMi I 8 t RKET TMKAT'kK, PHIEA DhLI ? IALrmec E. A Mirihall; v anagt r, V\ . II. lllake?llh.NK.KIT UK MK ( OLLINS.-Frid-y Kvenng, Oct. I.t, will be iierfoimed the original American piece entitled THK WllOMU P ASsKNOMt?Demi* Mn< ?r.hy, Mr Collin.. which 1118 LA8T LMJ8?O'Call&gbau, Sir. Collma. I The 11A ' OK ill *C \ Y in chaiai-ler, h, Mr-Colliua. uTn conclude with the HAPPY MAN?faddy Murphy,Mr, ] Colliua; w ith tbe aouga of the Bould Sailor Boy, aud Birth ol St. I'airit k. Box aud rarqnette. SO cent*: Second and Third Circlia, Si ceuti: Orcheatia and Private Boxen, 75 cent* BALTIMOHK. (HOLLIUAY KT ) AND RICHMOND VA? Til K.\ 1 Kr.M, imw undergoing inipr.veucnta, re decoration, aic , Ike., will ahoitly open iu conjtiuctio . Ladie* and gentlemen of ealahliahed profeaaioual ability, deairoaa of eugagemeuta, will pleiiae apply hy letter (pre paid) to tl't Ut W. H. BLAKK, 1*1 8outn r?inih at., Philadelphia. BEAUTIES OK TIIR OI'KRA.?Content* of No. 4, for October.?' Doniani ! Doinani ! oh. me felice"?*?Ali aurr he'll ne'er deceive me." aa anng by Heuior Pico; " I would be a aoldier atill," by B?lfe, and aung by Mr. Brongh; " I atrive to forget thee," hy Maynard: " Le Roitelct," {the Wren,) by AllyreBureau. Melange a laValae Iroin the opera of "Unfile,' rtr the Night D nicer*, by Kdward Loder. !. / ' 20 pagra of engraved Muaic, and embelliahed with corrcct portrait ol Signorina Koaina Pico. Noa. 1, l and 1, of the " Btautiea of the Opera." h?ve the poitraitaof Jenuy Liud, Tedeaco, aril Madam Bianop Each nuinb-r contaiua twenty |>age?ol %Juable aonga and ae'eetiun* from tt'ei moat popular Opera*. forming a deniable library ol claaaical tnuaie. At the end of th? vaar, a aplendid title page aud copiou* index, will be forwarded to tubtcribera gratia Subscription i$i|>er year, payable in adranee, or SO cent* monthly, payable nu delivery of each number No 1 for'November, will be devoted en Inanely tr . Jenny Lind Mn*ic, with au elegant illuminated vigurtte of j that diatinginat eil ATWILL'S MUSIC SALOON, 201 Broadway. Ol M 11 y ,8at M W s American inhi mii-k-??i. ' a S ncAt V ?ii' vr CASTLE GARDKN.-To Exhibiioraatthe Kair, which open* 'o the public on Tueaday, ti c ith ol October, at uoon? eoiupetitora in MuiufVctore* aud the Arta. M ichiniata Itc., mnat Inve their articlea at Cattle (Janle j on the l?t or 2d of October; Kruit, Kloweri, lie., early on Monday, the Ith f October; Ploughing and Spaning Matcne* at Hemp. Head, Long laland in conjunction with the yneena i ounty Agricultural Society, on Friday, 8th of October; riunicha leu i lor Kxlubitioii (It Cottle (Jatdcn. will be forwarded by the j M ringer*. Auimali mint be on the Cuttle Show Brcoud, 1 Tweuly-third atreet and Kiftli Areuiir, b? 0 o clock A. .M. , The entnea, pedi^reea, he , honlil be forwarded ?u or beloie | the Monday pr?*u tia; to wit, the I lib of October. , Tliei* ia every mdicntioii of an iinmrnie aliow. r.shibitora . ahculd impiore tlie tune in preparation, and not be a day | after the ! air !" f ircnlara olparticulara ro*y lie had at the In- | utitnle lli i,m< in tiie I'hiU | CONCI'.HT ?MISM ISIOOHA ! : IIANMKN S < ON CERT.?Miaa llauaen bei a leate ie?peetlolly to unoiinee, that Iter lint <'onci rt in 'hut ri*v will lie given ?t [he Tabernaele, on TUKHDAV f VKNJM*. Oct. 4, at which the will introduce I'aliai, Hpaniali aid Engl-ah 8h? tma tt e plea'nie to Mate tit t the valuable ierr,rn ol Signor Ha pail! tosether w>th no efficient orehcatri have b*?n teemed for the occaaion. Partirulara iu fnture adrertiaeineuu. ol ftla* W r *-* || K Q| IIKH! I Ol.l.h.i TIIIN - I lie n <i irnri ,,i ti, JL magnificent colleciit.n. miniating of three gigantic Scriptural PamlibC*- ri*!?Ckriat Healing the Sick m the Tern I. Cliriat KiiauiC LeiArne rrom the Dead, and Death oh the P?te florae, flmahed lo thr higheM ?ty le of the ?rt, la now open for fihihiliou froir 0 V M to 10 P. M at the ^>*tiooal Acvlftny of lleiigii. Adwiaiion 25 eenta; Seaaoi Ticket* to ccn'a. N. U?They are admitted by aome of the tirat artiata to be ( iperiorto Wear a Pai,,tinga on the an me auhjerta. and the beat collection cf hiatorieal anbjeeta ever offered to the pnblie. at) Mi'l' ?'J'HOHI1I;r,VS EXHIBITION OK DAHLIAS -It it the lute* lion of the ?nh?cr;bera fo hare a ptihltc **id Krvnitoua exhibition ol their Dahlias frown af Aatorin, ! I on KriflJiy tod haturdav nett (1st and 2nd Oft ) in their pictnie i ' nailery, H John at., *etr Broadway j A Mffi rfoportioo will be new aorta, manr of which are i? no other eollection, an* levenl of *ery rnre Icinda imported j from fcntland the preaent *enaoii in pote. and treat coat, and ?r? nmnig thr fuea* that ?re to he proenred m Knrope, maity rnnonaly variegated. The Uoowa will he arranged uuo?r nainen. for the convenience of rho?e who may want to note thero down, nod will be delivered either in planta or roota, guaranteed m ordered. olltifm J. M. THORBUKN fc CO. - T TO .THIS. LATEST MOMENT. TELEUIt A PH1C. ll?e New York Democrr.llr Stale Convention, Sru*ctie, ttept 30? . M. The convention his been engaged all day to-Jay in irttlioR ooiit?.t?a Matt, of winch there were fie Ten. 1 be two uhi from Erie, and one frota Ontario, were decided in favor of radicals; one from Oneida, In fbTor of coneervativt?. The two ccntmiauU from Monro* paired oil and left the eenvratlon; tlie two from OU'go wera both rejected by tie vote* The delegations from Monroe and Otsego, therefore, lack one of being full The caaes unsettled are Towle against < nrrlgm; Dunn against Livingston; Vachu against Casaerly, all from N?w Vo*k; ?nd Litchfield against Van Huren and Cagger against Rector, from Albany. The case of Towle against Carrigan, from the l'itb ward. New York, was reported bv the committee in favor of Towle. mil u pending before the convention. Adjournment will mot probably oeeur till Saturday. 10 o'Clcek P. M The convention haa ja*t decided the oonteet between Towte and Carrlgan, of New Vork, In favor of Towle, conservative, by a rote of 61 to 67. Thia five a the bunkera control of the convention. The oonteet between Vacbe and Caaaerly la now under ooaalderation. 10X o'clock P M. Convention not yet organised. The day haa been oonaumed with the conteated aeat of Olaago county.? The vote a toad 04 for Bnow, hunker, to 64 for Spofford barnburner. Neither admitted. The oonteatad aeata of thedelegatea from New York are now under ooneidetlou. The Tote upon one dlatrict haa Just been taken, and reaulted in favor of. Towle. For < arrigan 01, for Towle 67. Thla plaaaa the convention in control of the hunker*. The uperlty of feeling iiicreaaee as th? debate prcgrufcaea F.?ery point li> eouteated. The aea ion will continue to a lau hour, but It Ij doubtfu whether another vote will be taken to night. 'Hie Legislative i'roceaUliigj, Albany, Kept. 30, 1947. Hknatk. The bill for the abolition of the office of County Ruperintendont of Common Schoola, waa reported favorably . The bill relating to unary U now under debate In eotn mitte of the whole. The debute on the usury bill iu not disposed of. It wu mads the special order for Tuesday next.! Aisemiilv The free bank tax bill whs returned by th* senate, with a message. that thry non-concurred ??itb the Houn in the amendment sinning out. ttia pnrt of the fiict section. that the U S stocks ehali b.< recifed as a cecurity for circulation notes. and that. they oourur with the amendments of the House to the a.ioufiJ *eoii<B, taxing the capital of the''r?e huuks. wiUi an aiueultueat, taiiug In addition the rurplus capital ot auy bauk nr lu dividual banker, as actual capital Tue iu>.?*<ig<? is uvw under debate. The free bank tax bill, with the am.-nduv.-uU of ih* Senate, wan referred to the bank cutumuti e. The resolution, appointing 1) 1). Meld one of the commissioners on pleadings aud practice, wua concurred leu The House concurred with the Seuate iu tb<- appoiut* ment of a uew committee ot oouferonoe on tU? mauufaoturlng bill. Messrs llloss. Baacom, MuKarlau, Dean and Uourie, are such committee. Canal appropriations bill was ordered to a Jtiixd read* ing. The lSrltmiikla. Boston, Sept. 30th, 1847. The steamship Britannia arrived at 13 oulock la?t night. She will sail to-morrow at the usual "hour. N'ewn from the tioatb. I'mi.apki.rHU, Sept SO. 1S17. No Southern despatches yet reoeWed. A prlrate BN Rage state* that the steamer Ana Chase, which left Pensaoola on the SOtb, for Vera Cruz with General Patterson, Col. Abercrombie, Msjor Polk and a detachment of Florida volunteers, encountered n gale and pnt into the Ballze in distress, with sails split, aud l?*Ung. Yellow Fewer In New Orleuiw. PlIILADCLrillA, Sept. 30, 1U47. The New Orleans papers to J3d are received Inter* ments from fever on 23d, fifteen. BY TIUS NUliH. Washington, Sept 30, 1S47. Sale of the South? -1 Democratic Comm.uiontv abroad in the Soi th?How is (All? lu the outset of this administration Messrs. Harris and Heartt published n Calhoun deinncratlo paper In this city, while Flak and Dow published an antl-Rltohie farther up town. Failing of thn public printing ot' either branch of l engreaa, the Flak and Dow paper went down, and Fiak went oil and turned preacher fur the Culversallsts; and Do., having been more tractable, got at last a clerkship In one of the departments . Th* Constitution, however, was not only a more formidable paper than the other, but it carried npon it* face more visibly and distinctly the germ of a mutiny in the oamp. It was particularly necessary to silence the insidious Calhoun organ, as It was hoped that In doing so, the rupture which was threatened might be averted, and the breach caused by the dismissal of Mr. Calhoun from the State Department would he closed up. With this laudable end in view, negotiations tcok place. What followed 1* a matter of history Mr. Hsr rla wan sent down to urazil, whim tax baa ho recently distinguished himself a* the IJ. H charge dea aifairea. Mr. Heartt wasgiven a clerkship in the poat oflice department, at some fourteen hundred a year, or morn or If*** But. notwithstanding the CuntHtution waa tbua happily gotten out of the way. the breach In the camp widened, and the inevitable divlaion ao long threatened between the Adminiatration and Mr. t 'albonn waa not long delayed. Mr. i'ulboun waa aoeuaed by Hop. Turuey of heresy, and formally read out of church a few daya after by Col. Benton, in hia white waiateoat and tortolae-abell framrd cye-glata. With the brleleat outline. tbe hlatory of (tie ctae w? hare here laid down to tbia We auppnae that Mr 'i'urney waa required to exhibit some new bcrn teal for the faith, because of the suspicions attached to liiiz> (fastened like burrs upon hi* coat tail) on account of hia being returned to the Senate by the Whigs in oppohition to tbe regular Democratic nominee; ana we doubt not Col. Denton waa equally de?lrous to atone for hia laux iia? in the mutter ot the Texan annexation Do the one turned accuaer against .Mr < alhoun, and the other volunteered aa the judge to condemu the offender. Hut the battle la not yet over, and we ahull sea who will coma off the victor in tbe end. liat upon the main question we hare yet a word to aay. Mr. lleartt left bii^c.lerkihlp and want to South Carolina to take charge of a ceitalu democratic paper, and now,sir, a good alhoun man Inform* us, that this same Mr. lleartt baa gone off into Pennsylvania to *?11 the State of South < arollna to tbe highest ('residential bidder; and that he ia doing this missionary job, not by and with the advice and consent ol Mr. Calhoun, but by and with the advioe and consent of the administration. (Jan it be possible that Mr lleartt baa no more heart than tbia' Is it really a (act that a petty clerkahip has made him turn hia heel upon his old friends' We pause for information. HAYNK. WiiHl.iuTOn, Sept. 19, 1817. The Spral.trilup?Jl S> w Move. We hear of a new mere on foot in reference to the Speakership. If the whlgs shall bees but a bare majority in the llotuie. it will be somewhat difficult to effect a cohesion upon any man, or any measure. In this dilemma we are advised that it is proposed, on the part of certain sagaoioua democrat*, to fall ujiuu Henry W Milliard, of .Alabama, for Hpeaker, and .f h? only, in this Issue, should get half a d< sen whig votea. h- will be chnsen Though a whig. It is presumed that hia ?|eotion as Speaker would arrest any project against the new tar ill In the appointment 01 a committee Cf wjjs and meant, of a free trade oomplrxion The Southern lieinoarats, -1... I?.W hi. . A. I W- IL'II nWV| IWV? WU VMV M I1IIIVI |)PIT IPI1 <|Ur IV1 "T1 It will ba reumuib?r?d that Mr Milliard votea for th<tariir of '-Hi. aud * an ludlguant at th? Wiluiot ptortav Mm wan one of tbf aMmt ipeaker* of the lion*", aud, be idxa that, lia flue inholar and a. Mrthndtat pr**ach?*r. W Waiiiihijrow, Sept. UK, HI.'. ftrmt The ?urvl?lng uhlpinati 'i of tbe I' S mi ?'jriufc Im i*r WaRhlngU n, hare erected a niouiiraent t" Tapl Bach* and hlx ronrndM, loot In the late wreck of mid ihip The monument In the Congre*?inn*l burying ground U a beautiful pedenthl, mirmoutitei! >-r a broken u.a?i of u ithlp, all In marble, with an tnnerlptlon to thone lo?t iu tha aterm, from " thalr fhlpmAlev who ahtrad their peril! but aurrirad thalr fU( " In avery r, n*e. it 1* it moat Incoming and appropriate testimonial from tha IWIng in th? dead Waara Informed that aereral of tha l ablm t Ti?it?"l Brown'* paintinga of <?en T?)lor u>-<lav Sitiw of lh? Id aljrla ?hit'? don't think ?> <? Zmrk h?a lii? FmMhM r?at of oountenanca nereaaary for Urn Kbl* rat.dlJalH. ?rrrr?a? They ray too. that, like old Harry ha bit* writtan too many latter* Ho we think Letter writing ouitbt to ba rm-rrnl to tha letter wtiter*. <??n Arm-trim?, lata from Liverpool. Mill ?oullnui<* with u* at * olrnui i It la Mid that (Jen Cuahlng will ha *ant to Naplra, to Hot htra out of tha way of tti? Y)?*iiitchu*?tta <1? in N V. W*?iiih?toi, Sept. 19, 1?I7. What i IK* Xtvt ? "What'a tha nawa"1 "Any new* from 8eoif, Ihli morning f" "No, alt." ''Well, how In (Joa's na?aU It wa don't he*r from him ?" "Waiting for the treaty n Mr. Triat. All right, thay ar? only waiting for tha i

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