Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1847 Page 1
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T-'l XI , no. No* MUWIwI* la. MM THE NEW YORK HEBALD I8TABL I8HMKNT, flortli -wnt eurnar of Kmlton udlaMBSli*. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIHOl'lknuH-KOHT* THOCMJ0. DAILY HKUALD?Kvery day, Price ? cents per eopy?#i Bl*r annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price tX ceati Mr couy?$3 1S>< cents per annum?payable In advance. HERALU FOR EUROPE?Every Mteam racket <UyPritr cer.u par copv?ti per annum, including postage or S3 25, exclusive of postage, onyable io advance Hubicrjp tioni nuil advertisements will I e received by Meaen. UaIik nani, III rae Viviewie, Porta ; P. L Siuonda, II Cvrnhill, an# John Miller, the bookseller. Lim-lne. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published o? ths 1st ot January of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTI8EMENT8, at the usual prices?alwajrs caah ia advance. Advertisement! should be written 1a a plain, legible menner. The Proprietor will aot be raapoaaibla lot arrorflhai may oecur in (hem. PRINTRSO of all kinds executed beautifully aid will' despatch. All letter* or commuaieacoas by mail, addressed to the proprietor of tlia establishment, nast he poet paid, or the poetare will he de,ln*?*4 fr?"? tW> Nk?*rislit? mox* 'eisittaJ fiig M ffffl" *" WHmSc*W WOn and after MONDAY, Octobei 4th, 1847., the Cars will leave City H ill, New York, for Williamsbridge and White Plains and inter- Croton Kalis and Fordham mediate places. interm'te places. Sand 10 A.M 8 mid 10 A.M. SAM. 2 30, 4 10, Si fi P.M. t 30, aud 4 3d. P.M. 2 SO P.M. Returning, will leaveWill laraih-idge. White Plains. Crnton Falls.] AtT, 10, k 807, 7 30 A.M. 8 30 A.M. and 10 OS A.M 9 30 A.M. 3 P.M. 2 37, &4 35 P.M. 2 P.M. 4 P.M. Yorkville, Harlem, and Morrisiaun Trains will leave City Hall at 7 30 A. M. hourly, until 11 30 AM. and i P M hourly, unfile PM. Returning, will leave Morrisiana. Harlem, and Yorkville at 7 3i), aud hourly until 13 30 PM, and at 2 PM, hourly, until 8 Fare Irom Citr Hall to Hirlem and Morrisiana 12% cent*. " 27th street, to Yorkville and Harlem S& cents. Passengers for the Reservoir, High Bridge, and Morrisiaua, will take the Harlem Trains. The Trains to and from Crotou Falls will not stop below White Ptaius, except at Tuckahoe, Williamsbridge, and Fordham The Trains to and from Whita Plains will not stop below Fordham. A Car will precede each Train from City Hall to take up pasteugers in the City; the last Car will uot stop excrpt at Broome street and 32o street. Friiirhi Trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and 42d street at 6 AM- k reiiyn u-ceiveu 011m n vi. ann p ,111 r ivi. ?ju utic ~ NOTICE-8TA.TKN IULAND FERRY, Qii'fks^oi and after FRIDAY, October lit. 1817, the MnUiMMi steamboats 8YLPH and bT lTKN ISLANDKR will ruu aa follows, until further notice:? lkavk st at kin island. At 6,1, 9,10,11 o'clock, A. M.?I. 2, 4, 6 o'clock, P. M. leave new york. At7,9.10,11 o'clock, A. M.?1. 3, 3*. 5,6X o'clock, P M. New York, Kept 29. 18J7. >30 tf imb. NOTICE.?For the better accommodation P the public (ai the days are becoming dMESHhshorter), the Steamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA will, oo and after Monday next, leave New Brnnawick at 20 minutea before 7 o'clock, and New York at 15 raiuute*; past 3 o'clock, stopping at the regular landing*. The RARlTAN will continue at her old houn, at 7 o'clock from New Brnuiwiek aud >4 before 3 o'clock from New York, ruuniiiK through witliout stopping. Both boats leave from the foot of Barclay aMeet. Fair in the New Philadelphia, bX cenU; Raritan, 12K cent*. New Brnnawick, Sept. 3. 1847. rt 30t*rc <mm TOVVINO?The new and powerful iteam\M'<Pi^ben JACOB BELL, Capt. R. Yates, and HE mraifiiHHfeRALD, Captain J. P. PARKS, will be ia constant readiness for Towing Vessels to and from sea, and about the Harbor, on the most reasonable terms All orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. Apply to the old established Steam Tow-Boat Office, No. 75 b nth street, corner of Maiden laue, np stairs. The Boats lay every night at the foot of Grand street, E.R., and are always iu readiness at a moment's notice. N.B.?All peraousare forbid trus'ing the above boats on account of the owners. W.N iT/M. DOUGHERTY, ?9 30t*rc No. 75 South st. cor Maiden lane. tr*w?^ MORNING LlNKt AT 7 O'CLOCI '^O-iia-nNFOR ALBANY AND TROV, and inter MBHhmediate Landings. The Ste merTROYis a third lirger than any other Day Boat; and iu point of speed, sifety, and commodiousness is actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired more universal aud enduring popularity, or retained iu grearer perfection those substantial excellencies whicu really deserve public favor. Breakf 1st and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesday*, and Friday*, at aaveu o'clock A. M. Returnice on the opposite days. For pisstge or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharl. ?I6 rc * ZHT bumN[vii 1 iMit< & i* 1 TiiiTTiTHT ALBANY AND TROY, landine at HIH^^MMMwells, Wcitpoint, Newburg, Hampton, Milt?i nuUNHH, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Rcdhook, Barnrtowa, SfMttl, CaUkill, Hudson, Coxsackie, Kiuderhoon MMWWHMSMIIII U Hammond street. Le >ve? New York, Tueidav.Thursdav and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. B.eakfast and Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Steamboat NIAUAKA, Capt. H. L>. KelI"**, will le?ve tie Steamboat Pier foot or Barclay atreet, Tuesdays, Thursday*, mil 8ftordayi, at seven o'clock. A. M. retnm<nRon t'-e ipposite day?. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. hull at the office ou the whan. alf rc mT PEOPt.E'8 1 INK STEAMBOATS FOR r i iN ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Excepted ? MUmU Tliroegh Direct?At C o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty atreeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSOV, Capt. R. G.Crottenden, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 6 o'clock At Five O'clock. P. M.?LandinR at intermediate places? from the foot of Barely street. Steamboat ROCHESTKK, Captain R. H. Knriv. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nlttnioous. at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N. Hulse, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, ut a o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany iu ample time for the Morning Cars for the East rr "West. Freiuht taken at moderate rates, and none taken alter 4H o'clock, P. M. !T7" All persons sre forbid trusting any of the boats ol this line, without a written order Iron the captains or agents. For passage or freight, a|. J" on board the boats, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ. ai the offict > tne wh--" s6 rh .ivfte.e-m F0R LIVERPOOL?Toaail the6th Oc tober?The new new iron steamship HA saw us, wm u. i homp?ou, master, wi!l sail as above For freight or passage, having accommodations unsurpassed Tor elegance and convenience, app'y to til l?-rr ROUT. Kk.H MIT.76 Sonih at. ^Nyf-fc?m VOU. LIVEKPOOL-The magnificent rew steamship SARAH SANDS. 1800 tons /^^^^jtiSiftba'then, Captain W. C.THOMPSON,will I Ml l l/Mi ''1 "" ''1' "* ' Heraccmmoda",,, ^?"?^""tioii? for passei'grrs are unsurpassed for ele gmce convenience. A limited number of second cabin pmengers will be tiken and fonnd. Her between decki is w h.well ventilated for the comfort of ste-erage passenger , 'cli Hill be taken on moderate term*, by applying to P. W. BYRNES & CO.183 8outhat. N.B ? Prraona desirous ol eng.igiug pisnge for their fnendi in: lie old country, to leave Liverpool in the above atramer, c II do M on reasonable terms. s25 lot * r? STEAM TO HAVANA?To tail , about the 12th of October, (the positive day S V.lfLfl' will be stated hereafter,) the new and liow^jl Lfi7Tm ,ron ?e*nier OU A 0 ALOIMVER, cra?B?^^^*^ 60o tona measurement, built in Liverpool. Her c bins are now beiug fitted up. with every regard to comfort, ventilation, and elegance, and (he table will be liberally supplied under the superintendence of professed coolu. rare* $70 in Mate Kiumi on Saloon Deck?tM in forward tnd aft -Mid apper deck cabins, including wiue. For further particulars apply to the consignee. ?M!!0t?m V. W. SIMONDS, 43 New ?t. 4*^- FOR OtAROOW.?Reralar Packet of tht ISth WFjjfaV October?The fiue new Br. packet ship ADAM SSmmm CAKlt, Capi. Jno. Wright, will sail as above, her reuular day. For fieightor jmsage, having splendid arcommodations, apply mi biard, at he foot nf Koose elr street, E. R , or to WOODHULL ?c MINTURN. 87 South street. The regular packet bark H YNDEFORD. Capt. T. Mc Alpin, will huccerd the Ad tm Carr, and sail on her regular day, llie li'li November. s29 rc flEff- *'OR LIVERroOI#? New Line?Regular pnck? of Jtth nf October.?The new and splendid fastjj s tiling packet ship UARHICK, Cap ain B. J. H. Trask, will oositively sail as above, her regular day. For frrigiit or passtg?, having handsome luimshed accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or tn K OOLlJNP.M Hcilbit. The packet ship ROSCIl'S, Captain As* Kldridge, will tucctad the Uarrit k, sad sail on the 1Mb ol Nov, her regular da* s"6 KOR NEW OUL" A <H.?Louisiana and New EfcTTlV ^"r'1 ^ine Packets?Positively the lirs and AcCinLnnly regular packet to sail Monday, October 4th? Tittf splendiu fast.sailing packet ?hio O^WltOO, Thos. Ingersoil, route., is now loaJicg, and will positively sail as above, herregulai day. For freight or passage, having handsome (tarnished accoraiv.odil oris, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or in E. K ' 'OLLINS, 36 S.orlh st Positively no freigh'W'il he received on board afier th.s Saturday evening October <!d. The nacket ship CLIFTON. Jas. B.lngersol), muter, will succeed the Oswego, and sail Oct tier 18th, her regular day Agent hi New O'leaui, Mr. William Cuery, who wiB piomi tly forward all goods to his address Passengers per ship Oswego, for New Oileans. will | lea?? bt on h'mrd Monday, October 4th, at 12 o'clork, M., precisely, at wloeli lime the Ship will sail n* A*- AHLISLK at RIPPAHjis e MiuK vi io.n JMSfi OFFICE, in connection with GEO. RIPJKmMhi PARI) tt HON, 134 Waterloo Road, Liver|>ool Perxiiin wishing to send for their friends ill the old country, c in secure passage in any of ihe following new line nf packets, sailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month, ' < (INSTITUTION, 1,500 tons,Cat*. Johu Brittnn. Ml)KEN OF THE WEST. 1.200 tons. C.nt. P. Wood LIVERPOOL, 1.1 JO torn, Capt John H Idridge. HOTTINOUEH, 1.000 tons, ^ Biiraley. 0?n. Kippard V Son lire the only agent* in Liverpool for th? above line of pickets, in addition to which they despatch * limt rl??? ?hip every week. I'rrsona sfinling money to their friends in large and small amounta, can lie accommodated with draft* on the Belfast finikin* Company, and thair nnmerona branches in Ireland; U<i on the principal banka in England Srntlcnd. ind Wales. Anplv to CARLISLE fc RIPrARD, ?n?i ??,*m H Hodth Mr-et, eo? of Wall. KoH LIVEHTOOL?Th* New l.iu?? Hei?n ar >^WfW Picket of a 1st of October?The suuarior uaw laat MfflT I^ket ship ( ONKTITl'T ION. IV* tons. ( ptain John Button, will *4il aa above. her ragolar day. For fright 01 paaaage, having splendid large and comfortable stateroom and cabin, apply to the captain on boat d. pier No. 2 Westaide ofbnrlingslip, orto a, WOODHUlL k MINTURN, 17 South at. WdMltorri NQU E K . I1N toaa, Cant. Bnraley, will sarcaed the Constitution, and aail on her regular day, >lst of November E NE N] | MILITIA NOTICK.?Citlxena between the uei of II A aud 45, liable to MilitU duty, are hereby notified that tbey Iff axe enrolled ia tbair aeveral ward*, ana that they are rain, quired to jiarade on Monday, O u>l>?r 4th, at 10, a.m., iu accordance with a notice publiahed in the Suu and Herald Thoae deairooa of commuting, m w do ao at the office of the Keceiverof Tatea. Alma Hooae buildinc, between i A. M. and 2 P. M., daily, during this week. Bv order of the Board of officer!, lit Diviaion N. Y. State Militia. WILLIAM DODGE. Sept. 19>h, 1(47??M 7t?m Secretary. !TO THOIHC THAT WISH TO JOIN THfc lax K?GT. OF U. 8. ART1LLEKV.?Wanted for the lat Kerimentof Artillery, 400 iMt hodi'd men, between the isea of II and 30 yeara, towtiir-h good pay, ratioua, and rhliiK will be (iven. Apart froni the above, a farm of ItO acrea, or *100 Treaaury Scrip, and w2 bounty. Apply at the rendezvous ronini. at No. 25SK tjecen wich, No 99>? WaahiiiKton, ?nd No. 3* (Jlia'ham autrci; alao at the Araenal Yard. comer nf Whitr unit Ceulrr ?ra . New York it lOt're *ft KhLLI.NOKK'M LIN1MKNT will heal aorea JUST* upeu the horae'a back or breaat, and make the collar . or *?daie upou tiiem w i few days soundly, alio, cutn.Druiin. scratches, thrush, anil all manner of strains pavins rinpboue, burbe and splents (in their early itaiu.) It is uaed bjr ail ibr be?t stable keepers, our moat distinguished hone trainers, and the stage proprietors of New York city ; by all the large aoda water mauulscturers, Newton, Ormsbv, Dearbo n, kc., aa the beat and cheapest in market. It can be had always genuine at our principal rtejo', 8. Ingersoll k Co.. No 230 Feail street. ofMessrs. Harner, Hays It Co. 271 PearL of John W. Jowl, No.6 Old slip, of Wm Ke'linger, Bushwit k, L I., in any quantity, at the following pricea One dozen. $4, oneg'oss, $11, IV gross at the rate of $36 per gross, single bottle M cents The strength and quantity renders it ten times cheaper than anv article ever offered to the pnblie. One bottle, witn earr w i'l last in a stable two or three years, ifmed accordingly. The most nstonnding cures upon record can be seen at our principal depot. It can also be had of druggists. saddlers, stores and taverns, throughout the city and country peuerally. For further particulars, aee advertisement inj'.- S|,|;i^"fl'ie Timy sl4 30' re ?>1 . H K A V Itb AND BROKEN WIND IN liu^HOKSEil, speedil , and permanently cured, by the XXQ>*s* of Tattersall's Heave Powders. They nave beau in ovuitaut use iu the Tattersall Stables, London, and by noblemen throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain, lor more than liftv yeara. As a medicine for Heaves, Broken Wind. Bolts, Worms, kc , the proprietor offers them to the people ol the United States, with full confidence of their approbation. None genuine without the signature of J. KIIIKBKIDK, Fleet street, London. Price 4 shillings sterling rer package, or $1, American currency. A. H. GOUGH k Co., 149 Fulton atreet. New York, Acenta General for the United States. All orders, aeeompinied by the cash,and poat'paid, punctually attended to. Persons desiring the agency, by addressing as above, post paid, with good reference, will reeeive immediate attention. s7 30t*m <1 WANTED?A superior Saddle Horse, TfUli good 1*1"^action,long mane and tail?well lired,|i|ruty ul'bo'ie, ' ' s ? '? hands high and perfectly sound?bl?ck preferted. W. H. MILkS, Lifayette Place ol 3t*m Livery Stables. JtaA THE SUBSCRIBKH willies to sell his Storehouse ffTJw and Platform at the Oxford Depot. There iaon raid lot JlsUL* Storehouse 20 by 40 feet, and Platform 20 by 70 feet. The Lot is 148 feet front and 64 icet rear; is now ocrupied as a store and freighting buaineas. It is situated ou the New York and Erie Railroad. 38 miles Irom Piermont, and 60 miles from this city, mid <or location notsurpassed by any on the line of the said railroad. JOHN H. TUTH1LL. I KTIC _ JMl HOU8K TO LKT, wiih most of the modern iuiprovcmeuts. situste on the 4th avenue, bruveen V5th and XriiflL3Glh >tr<rt>. It hss been uewly |>aiuted, and ?in excellent order; can be reached by the rail cars in twenty minutet from the City IUII. Apply to D. Evans, 10 City Hall place, oral hia reiidence, 25th street, 2d house east of the 4th avenue. *29 fit* re FOK BALK LOW, OK LEASE?The Public |...g House and Ga-den, situated at the corner of 32d street JlaULaud 4th avenue, at the terminus of steam power ou the Huflem and New Haven Kailro.ids The ears nil stop to t.ike steam immediately in Iront of this house, and it is destined to be oae of the besi locations for public business in New York. Kor futher information apply to Titos it Co., 257 South stieet, or H. Jennings, Jr.. 133 Cherry st ?29fit*rc MTO LET FOK fHE~VVINTKK.?Two suiu ofhxnT nine apartments, consisting ol two parlors on first tloor with three bed rooms, with closets and pantries,aud <>ue parlor aud two bed rooms on secoud floor, with pai'.tnes and closeta, with private tables aud attendance to each. The house is replete with modern improvements, wi h hot, cold aud shower baths, and liuhted with pas throughout. The situation is pleasaut and respectable, being but the second block from Broadwar, east side. Dooms now ready for inspection. En quire at 537 Huston street. s28 fit* in ~ljjj? PUBLIC HOUSE TO LET.?The large lour .tory Jtjl house No. 2 Mercer street, corner of Howurd street. 5jtfL'l lie b sement is suitable for a refectory, the tint floor for a Bar or for Billiard Kooins. There are 10 rooms in the stories above; two large vaults, one on Mercer street and the other on Hnwa d streer. belonging to the house. Formrther particn'ar- it quire at 425 Br .i #? >211 I4t*m JML KOK SALE? A l-uge n urn be of valuable Lots mtnate in tl.e village of Williamsburgh, frontmg on North JiilLJd, Conselyea, hkillmnn. Ja-k?ou, Withers, Frost. U -ion aveuue, and Lorimer streets These lots will be sold upou favorable terms. Apply to JOHN HKILLMAN. Jan* at his house North 2d street, ntaar Union Avenue, on Mon 'ay and Friday. slO 3<>t*rc "j^T'UUTl.H BULBS. -The subscribers offer l?r sale I their usual assortment of Dutch Bnlhous Kocts. con sisting of choice double and single hvtcintha, tulips, narcissus, joi.quils, aeris, gladiolus, crocus, lite. lie. Also a large collection of inni house plants and garden seeds. Bouquets of choice flowers at all seasons. s21 30t?re DU.NLAP lit T11QV1HU n G35 Broadway. ^ WM.M. % OUNU F?>KMKHL* 4 ANN MTKK&'J |w but now the Paris Boot Emporium, is rnauufanturing the m best quality of French Calf Bouts for S4 50. equal to the belt sold iu other stores for $6 and (7. made to order for the same ; do fine Calf Hewed Boots, hi* own make for 13 50 eqnal to any sold in this city for $5, aud warranted to give satisfaction.*Oeu. Taylor's half Boot-j $2 75; patent Corg'ess Boots made to order for S3 75. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, fcc. constantly ou hand. Also, Military and cork sole Boots made to order, with a fine assortment of all goods in his line Corner of Fulton and Nas aa street*, opposite the Herald office. tl 10t* re WM. M. VOUNO atrnf *'0H "ALU, oa WILL Die HIRED |G?C32jgMwto a responsible persou. a handsome rosewood fTX 1 llc??. (II octave Piano Forte, made by James Hi X I Ptxston. in this city, it is > .beautiful toned instrument and in first rate condi ion. To a purchaarr. it will he sold a bargain, as the owutr has no use lor it. May be seen at 56 Liberty street. To tare trouble perhaps, it will be as well to say that $130 is the lowest price (hit will be acer-pt'd. ol 3t?m ?. -I'IYN d KORTKS.-i AMKH HI RwSON ~M Walker str^t, has now on', hand and is daily fV J}. * fTfinishi- g. Piano Fortes of every description, MX * ?* from his very superior horizontal grands i?owi> to plain 6)% octave square, combining >11 the improvement* of the day, with many oihers suyge'ted by his own eiperience in the business Mil his iuatrum'i^ts are manufactured for the city trade, and no pains or expense is spnred to render them at least equal to those of any other manuiactmer in the couutry. sIS Mr re iK KOR LJV ERPOOL?To sail with deamteh.jhe first c.ais, fast sailing regular Packet Ship W ATKRflBBbLOO, Capt. Allen, borthen IIH tons, will sail as souve, having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and sieearge passengers. Persons about embarking, should make early application on board, f?ot of Maiden Lane, or to J. McMUKHAY: corner Pine and Son ft) streets. Persons desirous of sending for their friends >n the Old Country, caa have litem brought out by the above splendid vessel, ?r an v otlirr of the regular line by applying, it r re ONLY HfcUULAK LINK, OK PACKETS If OH MJraVNKW ORLEANS. -The following well known, JMNifcftist sailing and favorite packet ships nave accommodations unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and ?'.eerage pajseugers, and will | oaitively sail as advertised, or pessage free, vi* :? The OSWEOO, Capt. Ingersoll, October Ith. The OALKN A, Capt. Deuuk, October Utli. rerious wisiung to proceeu id new urieans, will ao wen ,o secure pissageoy either the above packet*, as they are all i>r?t clan ships, coinBiniiled by men eiperienced in the trade, > od will >ail punctually ou their appointed day*. To secure h erths, apply no board, or to ?28 W ?c I T. T APKC.PTT. M! 3?n'h at ffl?' KOR BAKBADON, October) from Philadelphia. MftgyThe regular packet ha k Kl.NOSTON, William JMIilflEBBoweu, mister, will anil at above. Kor freight or passage, hay uBsuperior tarnished ataie rooms. apply to JOHN M. SMITH k CO., 122 Iiroad St., cor. Kroat. IS I(It" re ?J"*-"1 LJ VKKPuOL?Regular Packet Bill On ? MfW The celebrated Packet Ship JI?*vRY CLAi.Cant JMHK?N>e. will sail as above, and from Livarpool ou the 2l?t ^ov . being har regular days of sailing This splendid ship has stale rooms for second cabin, and desirable accommodations Cor str-raQe passeugers, having lofty and well ventilated between deck*. Kor terina of passage, which will be moderate, early application should be made ou board, foot of viaidrn Lane, or to JOSKPH Mc.MURRA^, Corner Pine and South streets. The well known Packet Ship 8TKPHKN WHITNKY, will succeed llie above, and sail on the llth Oc'., and from Liverpool 2Gth Nov. Persons desirous of sending for their friends, can have them brought out from Old Country in either of ihe above, or any of the regular line, by applying as above. JT rrc P \CKh-T BAltK~X7)AM CAKU, from Glasgow. ? Consignees will please send their permits on jfiUb board, foot of Roosevelt street, without delay. N. B ?AM goods not permittd in five divs tnn?t be sent to public sto e. WOODHULL k MlNTIIEN, B7 South stieet. ?28*"C Aflfr TAPSCU1T* K.vlKiH i I'lON OKKICfc. w Smith meet.? Peraon* wi*.iii>l W ?eqd Tor their jNMMb friend* iu the old c*>untry can aecure pamirc mi reasonable terms, by a?iy of the maguiiice&t ehua coinpritinir the new Line of Liverpool packet*, vi*:? CpNJTn j/TlON, 1750 ton*, Captain John briiton. QUEEN OK THK <VEST, 1400 tool. (im. P. WoodhooM LIVERPOOL* 1250 tons, Captain John Kldridtfe. HO I'TINCJU KR, 1150 tons, f/iut. Ira Uursley, iilnm from Liverpool oa the f?tli of evrrr rnonlh PtlM|t can alto be seen red by the 8t. George'* Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making iu all a ship every five day? from that port. For further particulars apply to W. k J T. TAfSCOTT. J vW 06 Sonth it^eet, N> wiYork AM PACKETS KOI! HA VRE-SecoidLin?it dgSH^thip ST. NICOLAS, Eveleijh, Muter, will Mil JflMHL >t> th? lit of October. BOYD k HINCKKN M iiioir * Willi atiee'REMOV A t. -BOlJLANOKIl liatthe honor to nil,.an the public Mud her pupil*, that ihe ha* removed to No. (t Ureen wich atre*t, and tkat lier irliool will re-opeu the first September. Term* the nine a* formerly, payable in advance, either by the ' "nther quarter. Wanted a lailv ro te.phthe Kneliah. an?0int*re LAMPS.-Umpj cleaned md repaired equal to new, alt* (J,11 Kitme* m 'd<- to orde-, at 2'. Howard *tree?. JobbiiiK of all k.nd* done at (he ahorteat notice, hy iH H'"*) J. POOLF.. BII.l.1 Am 1J.--Tli? in .mil irturei'i r.i..ini, lor pUyn u. md the ?ale of table*, aie lj< Ann (treet, entrance from 119 Fulton. Horn'* 4 Ten Pin Alley* on the lit floor, 7 Tnble* on the 2nd. Cloth; ball*, cue, wei, and French cne point*, for Mr. J. Horn, jun., and Otia Field a-e connected with the above e*Ubli*hiu?ut?, anil invite their friend* aud the public. N. B. The two eent* above named are very popular in their bmineu?the* *aloon* ere worthy of patronage ?Kd. *21 W*T0 To THE lauTks HE-1 DENT AND VII K.KH IN NEW YOHK ?Wm. Scott k Co., No. J77 Broadway, renpectfnlly invite attention to their atock of Lv:e Cape*, Veil*, reel end imitation trimmine L?ce*. Ma*lini T'inwnii.K*. Baud*, Infant*' Waiau. Robe, and K'.ek*, Needlework Collara, Chemi?ett*, Handkerchief*. Cuff* kc. Tarlitau, Swi.i and O/iraiidie Mn*lm*. embroidered Mu.lm f)r?**e*, Ijee Dieaae*. Berthe*. kc.. kc., which we offered at very low pricea, and will be fonnd ennal iu eitert and ?ari*ty to any in the c>ty. A lar?e atock ol Dree* Cap* at one dollar each. N. B.?No deviation in price*. all Wt*re NcThUMBUO?A new dinin# *aloon Jnat opened down town, at No. IT gmt rtreet, and lodmng llwi NM and jiiie for roarself. The room*we um1?- Mil Mi*a W YC EW YORK. SUNDAY MO Tt?e Democratic Stu(? Convention. Bikai c *. Sept 30, 1S47. My latter yesterday g?ve the procsedlnga of the convention for the fit at day, up to 3 o'clock P. M , at whiota time the convention adjourned till seven o'clock in the evening. The evening it-Mlon wa? devoted to the reception of report* of committee*. At aeven o'clock th? chairman called the meeting to order; there ware about viz hundred persons present. Mr. Strono, from the oommlttee to whom tu reierred the cue oonteited between Messra. Seymour and Milleri of Oaolda, reported, that the committee had had the matters connected with thla case under coralderatlon, : and that they had concluded, after all due and careful J rcaearch, that Mr. Horatio L. Seymour waa entitled to a | eat in this convention, as a regular delegate from the oounty of Oneida; and that Mr. Miller, the contestant, waa not entitled to a seat in thia convention. Mr. STaono, having read the credentials. Sec , of the oontestanU, and stated the reaaons which had ludaoed the committee to make ouch a report, the chairman put the question to the convention upon agreeing with the report of the committee, and it was unanimously agreed to. Mr. Seymour took his seat. I understand that Mr. Miller ooncurred lu the report of the committee. Mr. Shafkr. from the committee who wero appointed to select presiding officers for the convention, repotted that they bad hail the subject matter under consideration, anil recommended to the convention the appointment of one President, eight Yioe Presidents, uud four Secretaries. They recommended the folio wis g persons for these offices : ? For I'hkiidk.nt, ROBERT II. MORRIS. Kor Vick-Prksiokkts, Kmanvil B. Hart, William C. Cr.ii*, 13KKJ. DIlA.NDHfcTH, SrETHKN STIIONU, John Adams, Datio I*. Core. JoHK V. HuTCHERION, THOI. A. OtBORNE. KOH SirBI tarifi. Win. M. Harris, H B. WHirrLK, John T. Maitkri, K P. IIoii. The report having been unanimously adopted, Mr. Morris took hi* seat us President, amid the cheers of the Convention, and delivered the following addiess:? Gentlemen or thi: Convention,?1 tender you my thanks for the honor conferred. I promise with impartiality and justice to perform the duties of this post, and I trust that, by your kind assistance, we may ho terminate our labors as not only to suioetb over the rough excrescences that appear, but to satisfy our constituents and to insure the election of the ticket we present. (Cheers ) We can so arrange matters that the democracy of New York will be united upon their labors when we report to them; and I trust in Uod that tm spirit that actuates men to be democrats, will induce us, each and all, to that effort; and I can assure you, although I bare received many favors, there will be none i shall oberish as ardently as tkis?none that I shall look back to with such satisfaction, if our labors end, as ( I trust they will. Mr. Seymour then moved that a committee of fixteen be appointed to report to the convention an address and resolutions. The following gentlemen were i appointed such committee :?Messrs Seymour, Brady, i Broderink, Cambreling, Kgberts, Peokham, L Van Buren, King, Kdwards, Strong. Blrdsall. Oray, Chandler, Wheeler, Flanders Messrs Cambreleng, Rathbun, and King successively declined to serve upon the commit- { tee, ana Messrs. WgUen and Morrell were appointed to i fill their places Mr. Ossoriii:, from the committee to whern was referred the case contested between Messrs Moore anil Mitchell, of Ontario, reported in favor of Mr. Mitchell, a radical delegate ; the report was adepted Mr. Oudcn, from the committee to whom wan referred the case contested between Gen G. P Barker and Mr. L. O Smith, of Krie. reported in favor of Mr. Darker, a radical delegate ; the report was adopted. Mr. ?ui?k!?, from tnesame committee, to whom waa referred the esse contested between Messrs. Lock wood and Potter, of Krie, reported in favor of.Mr. Lockwood a conservative delegate. Mr .Small, from the saw* committee, submitted a minority report in f-ivor of the claims of Mr. Potter to the seat. The minority report of the committee was adopted, and Mr. Potter wiis declared to be entitled to his oeat The convention then adjourned till to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock. uohniku session* SarT. 30,1847. The convention assembled at half-past nine o'clock this morning, and was culled t? ordur by the President The chamber was well filled, there having been during the session yesterday about five hundred persons prase lit. The minutes of the preceding day wero read by the Secretary, and adopted by the convention. Mr. Bh&bv, from thecoinmittue to whuin waa inferred the contested case between Messrs. Spafford and Hunw uf Otsego, announced that the oramlttee were prepared to report the result of their dnliberaliuns to the convention. Mr. lirady read the report from the cimmittee, from wbiob it appeared that they were disposed to submit thequestiun entirely to the judgment of the convention. He concluded, however, with a motion that Mr. Snow (the conservative contestant) be admitted to a seat. Messrs. Br.nti.t.v and'Uaovkit (radicals) debated the question briefly in opposition to the report oi the committee. Home expositions and explanations were offered by Mr. Brady ia reply to the enquiries of several gen uemeu i ue uiracuuy us usual reiateu u> me organizelion of the nominating conventions and the inviolability of ancient democratic usages were pleaded. may b? with some show of duuod in behalf of the claims of Mr. Snow to the seat. Mr Hatmbl'n said it seemed to him that the proceedings of the convention which nominated Mr. Snow, showed a want of regularity ; that delegate bad come here to claim a (eat when his credentials (bowed that his claim was had. Mr A. with distinguished ability, and with a desire to conciliate the seotioas, which baa characterised his entire course iu the convention, reviewed the call and the proceedings of the nominating convention. Mr. Snow, he said, had received but a minority vote, and he was not, therefere, a delegate Mr. R. hoped that this convention would not reverse the judgment of the people of the district of Otsego 1 county in the question, so palpably and so clearly expressed. as it was, iu tnis case. The discussion was continued with great aourtesy on both sides; the matters afT'ctiug the east; were presented \ and carefully examined in all their bearings. Mr. Uahkkk, who is a bland and pleasing debater, and a ve-y noble looking man, apprehended that the points involved bad been succinctly and clearly detailed, and that a more protracted discussion would not probably enable the convention to act with more justice than it ould instantly act. He hoped the question would be taken without d<lsy. Messrs. SciiartKa of New Vork, and 1>hovi:r of Allegany, rejoined. Mr. K\thhi;.n desired to know hv what rlirht this convention, could exclude one of the delegates fruui Otsego without excluding theui nil ? the manner of the election of Mr. HpalTo d, (radical.) showed that hi? exclusion would be an invasion of the rights of the county of Otsego ; he feared that if the convention committed an act to high handed and no wrong, that that county would be constrained to withdraw h?r entire delegation, and to take no part in the proceedings of the convention. Mr. Uoomttlv. !aid that the only point Involved in this oontest, vx whether the notice issued to the elector* of the county of Otsego to asx-mble in convention, authorized them to nominate delegt eg to this Stale nonventlon ; this was the question wbioh should govern bis vote, and beheld that tbeir assembly district.,convention was not called to nominate delegates to the State convention, but that It was called to organize the district with view to the nomination of a member of the Assembly. The election of Mr. Snow, he believed, was therefore Irregular. Mr. Upham, of Ontario, also elaborately discussed the points of regularity Involved In this case. Mr. Uathbi * finally moved to strike ant the name of Mr. Snow, and Insert the names of Messrs. Temple, Morehouse, and KpaiTord, the remaining (radical) delegatus from Otsego. The President said the motion was not in order. Mr. Hatiiksn replied that the acouracy of the decision ef the President, depended upon the question whether this State convention could annul a part of the procoe.llngs of a district convention, and recognise the rrguuriij <>i me nrnuium-i. .iir it, nowerer, withdrew the motion, and moved that th? name of Mr. 8pafford (radical) be inserted in place of Mr. Snow (corniervative) In the resolution ef Mr. Brady, which declared that Mr. 8. wait entitled to a seat Before the motion of Mr II. wan put. Mr Pcckham, of Albany, expressed a wish to make a few remark* lie alluded to what be called a threat made by Mr KathIiud, that all the delegate* (radical*, with the exception of Know) from Otsego, would withdraw from thin convention, and r? fuf? to participate in ita proceeding*, if Mr. Hpaflord was excluded, and Mr. Snow admitted to a *eat. Mr. 1' sneermgly assumed without reason that tki* was#thfent Mr Katiibv* Immedlat'ly rose, and asked to be permitted to make an eiplauatlon. Ha denied that he inade any threat, or designed to make any thing *imilar to a threat; he had simply shown what had been, and what might be (gain the unhappy result* of outrageous and intamou* invasions of tbe sacred rights of minorities. He had never made any threat, nor would not; but he was perfectly prepared to defend minorities of hi* fellow elttieus, as well as majorities. While Mr. H. was making the explanation which he had been authorised to make. he was frequently interrupted by Mr. Teckbam. and the debate became rather desultory and warm between th* so gentlemen Nothing serious, however, resulted, though the uncourteoua allusions of Mr. P. were very success! ully repelled. Mr. Van Bimcn rose, to glee the convention some Information In regard to the manner of nailing nominating conventions. Ike .in tbe county of Albany Mr. Pkcihan. of Albany.interrupted Mr Van Buren Mr. P. did not wish to say any thing Invidious, but ho desired t? know if Mr. Van Buren was a delegate totbat > convention, or if he had a right to speak in that conyi nrionf (Hissed) The Par.MDRnr (Mr. Morris) said, very properly, that Mr Van Buren wis a delegate, until evidence was produced to the convention that ke was not. Mr. Morris requested Mr Van Buren to proceed. Mr. Vaw Bi sek agal i proceeded?Ills oVject was to show that there was no analopv between the contested case in Otaego, now pending Wore the convention, and certain contested naaea In Albany, which to his (Teat surprise had been cited aa precedents which ought to govern UUi State Convention la th? settlement of the MMMHMMi IRK 1 RNING, OCTOBER 3, 1& pending Otsego cm. Mr. Van Buren alluded In ft bmiUful aud ulni|uvDt way. to that great man, whom h? retarded a* the uioiltl i f true democrat*, Silas Wright. Hit speech was pathetic. and profound, and Interesting. He wan listened to with marked attention. The question upon the resolution was than demanded It was Btated to the convention by the President, and taken by the ayes and noes. The question was, in fact, whether Mr. Snow (conservative.) or Mr. Hpaffnrd, (radical) shvuld be admitted to a seat. The result was, that the convention, by a vote of ttl to 6i tied the question. The utmnit confusion ensued?the count was challenged?aeviral delegates rose with counts kept by themselves Calls were made for a second vote, the President stating that he wis unable to decide which w?s the correct count Several gentlemen having been excused from voting at the firm trial, now requested to be allowed to vote ; object ions were made, and extraordinary ooufuslon ensued The vote was i-bout to be taken again, when Mr. Van Buren rose and said that the host below stairs had just advised him that dinner was readv. Ha moved that tho convention do now adjourn Then the convention summarily adjourned till S o'clock, P. M. AKTER.ioetv SiLiiion The convention met at three o'clock, P. M , and was ailed to order by the I'mldent. Mr Caaix, of Herkimer, roan and said, that he respectfully declined the oillce of Vice ('resident of this convention. to which he had been elected yesterday; he was constraint-ii to decline on account of some circumstances which transpired yesterday. The declination of Mr Craln wan accepted by the convention, and Judge Carter, of Oswego was appointed Vice 1'rMldent to fill the vacancy. The President then stated the question pending before the convention pievlous to the adjournment at one o'clock. The question, he said, was upon the motion of Mr. ltathbun, of Cayuga, to strike out tho name of Mr. 8now (conservative) from the resolution of Mr. Brady, (which declared that Mr. bnow wa* entitled to a seat ax delegate.) and insert the name of Mr. Spsfford. Some discussion ocourredupon the question raised In the morning, whether the delegates who asked to be excused when the tirst vote was taken, on account of ignorance of the merits of the question, should now be allowed to vote. The President declared that he had no nower to prevent their votlDg. The roll wss then called a second time by the Secretary, and the result was that the President announced the singular fact that the vote was again tied. Ayee 64 noes 64. An extraordinary tumult occurred when the President announced that the motion of Mr llathbun to strike out the name of Mr Snow, and insert the name of Mr. Spafford. (radical.) was lost. The question then recurred upon the original resolution of Mr. Brady. that Mr Snow, of Otsego, (conservative.) be admitted to a seat In this convention. The ayes and noes were demanded upon the motion, and the Secretary again called the roll, and there was again a tie. Ayes 64, noes 64. i uu it ihiiuiiuii w buiun .ur 3quw io a deal wu ueolarod to bo lost. Mr Kiklij rose and said that Mr. Snr w being rejected, ho presumed Mr. Spatford waH the sittiug member. (Uutterni groans ) Mr Morkhousk, of Otsego, rose and asked if Messrs. Morehouse and Temple were entitled to a seat In the onventioa. Tho President replied affirmatively. Mr. Morehouse then observed, that in conformity with powers conferred by a resolution passed at the district convention, in Otsego county, he would now appoint Mr. Spafford a substitute delegate in place of Mr. Temple, who waa ill and unable to attend the convention. This appointment was concurred in by tho convention, and Mr. Spafford wan admitted to a seat. The result is, that Messrs Snow and Temple are excluded; the delegation from Otsego is therefore one less than that to which she is entitled. Mr Bikdiall, from the committee, to whom was referred tho contested cases from the city of New York, reported In relation to the contest between Messrs. Carrigan and Towle, of the 1 Jth ward in that city; they reported that the committee were unanimously of tho opinion that Mr. Towle (conservative) was entitled to a sea and that Mr. Carrigan should be eicluded. The convention ure now considering this case; it is five 1*. M ; tho mail closes in a few moments, and 1 must close my despatch. SvniL'i'it, Oct. 1. 1&47 My second despatch to the Nrw York tlrrald office, gave the proceedingsof the second day of thu Democratic State Convention down to 6 o'clock, P. M At that hour the convention was considering the! report of tbe committee in the case of Towle against Carrlgan from New York. The committee had recommended that Mr Towle be admitted to a seat as the regular delegate Upon this report of the oomiblttee. a continuous discussion of some seven hours ooourTed: in that disousslon there were warmly engaged some of the very beet orators and declaimers otfeach of the sections; it wail often impossible to hear a syllable at a distance of three feet, and the cries of the ('resident toordur, w?re lost and swallowed up in the tumult. This singular and unpa >11' led debate wan witnessed by a crowd of oltizons, and waa protracted until dart:; at that hour there was a motion to adjourn, Tbough'there era * a'oiinmcnse majority oppo-ad tlx- motion, the ("resident. tl i i of an opportunity to adjourn, proDouuced the motion oarried, and adjourned the convention until 7X o'clock, P. M. !>'.vir*<j 8?:S<iol<r?SrfT 30. The convention as?i mbled at half past 7 o'clock, and was called to order br the President. Mr B irker, of Krie, rose and said, that inconsequence of a contingency which had suddenly presented itself, he was construined to respectfully request the convention to permit him to resigu his seat, and appoint a substitute to fill his place; he would nominate to the convention, a* a substitute, Mr. Oliver Patch, of trie On motion of Mr Cramkb, the resignation of General Barker was accepted by th? convention, and the nomination ot Mr. Oliver Patch was confirmed. Mr Mohehoi.'sk, of Otsego, said that Messrs. Spafford and Snow having been excluded from the convention, old Otaego was deprived of the full delegation (three) to which she was eutitled Mr. M. moved, therefore, that he be authorised to appoint Lymwn J. Walworth to fill the vaoancy oaused by the exclusion of both the contestants for seats from that county, Messrs. Snow and Spafford. The Pkkridk*t decided that the motion was not in order. Mr. Jon* Vin Bunt* appealed from the decision of the President. Mr. CAMHRBLctfo, of Suffolk, Insisted that this was a privileged question, and entitled to precedence over all Dthers. The riittjuKKT insisted that It was not a privileged question. A most tumultuous aud passionate discussion ensuod; tome twenty d"legates were speaking at onoe, and it was impossible to trace any single tongue among such acrash of tongues. At the Fuggeption of Mr. Cambreleng, Mr. Morehouse finally withdrew his motion, aud the convention resumed the consideration of the contested cas<) between Messrs. Towle and Carrlgan, from thu 11th ward of the city of New York, Mr. Doolittl*:, of Wyoming, a very able radical delegate, was opposed to the recommendation of the committee, that Mr. Towle (conservative) be admitted to a seat; be sailed It an attempt of the responsible majority of this convention, to force into It a man who was plainly no more eutitled to a seat than if he was never a candidate for a delegate. Mr. Bhaov, of New York, replied on behalf of the opposition. Mr. Orovkh rejoined; his speech was an anomaly In oratory; his voice Is partly llandolphian, and his delivery is like David Crockett's. Mr Orover was a radical member of the last Congress from Allegany county; he Is really a screamer. Kach sentence he uttered was received with peals of Immoderate laughter. He gave the President oi the convention a stern aud dangerous hit, when he said with a mock gravity, which was irresistl uij, imu'u?(.iugt iuh inn ouuniituenw u?m biiuwou wieir postmasters to Interfere with their election* or convention*; the ('resident ?tagger?d under the blow, and the convention received It on aocount of the peculiar manner of the speaker, with screams of laughter. In regard to the nominations of this convention, Mr. (irover said to tho convention, " You may nominate the man (conservative) that had hi* dagger the deepest in Hilas Wright'* heart, and my constituents will support him, if in hi* nomination you do not violate democratic principle*; to thoie prinolple* my constituent* will stick till the trumpet of the archangel Gabriel Bound*." Mr. O. wa* followed by Messr*. Pu*sr.ft of New York and MoHnrxL of <Jhemin*o; tin- latter earnestly appealed to the convention to forbear farther dlsoussion, aud to ant without delay. The c|u??tion wa* then taken upon the re*olution of the committee, which declared that Mr. Towle (conservative) wa* entitled to*Heat, and It was carried?aye* *J7: noe* HI; thu* giving the conservative* the control of the convention The case of Me**rs. Towle and Carrigaa having been disposed of, Mr. Blrdsall from the commltte to whom wan referred the contested case between Me**r*. Vache and Casserly of the sllth wrrd of the city of New York, appeared upon the stand with an immense bundle of voluminous papers, 4tc., prepared to report to the convention. Air. Hatmsupi. of Cayuga, observed that the committee ouiiht to make their report In a condensed form : it itu utterly impossible for the convention to okaminu no many papers within * reasonable time Mr It moved that the papers be recommitted to thn committee, with instruction* to make a more condensed report. The President Raid the motion *u n<>t In order Mr. Bimoiai.i. proceeded to announce that the committee had deemed It their duty to report favorably upon the claim of Dr. Vaehe (conservative) to a neat at dele gate. The gentleman was reading the report, when he wan interrupted by .Mr Monell, of Orange county, wbo clitlai?d the right to interrogate Mr Dirdeall, which Mr M. ?ald would enable the contention to understand the naee more speedily than In the ordinary Why Mr. M waa proceeding la hie captcily of Interrogator, when he wan Interrupted by Mr. Rauibuo, of Cayuga, whe raited him to order Mr II objected to ttny Ruch proceeding as that coutemplated by the gentleman from Orange He pronounced it unparliamentary, and decidedly out of oriler. The PRrtinrMT decided that the point of order raised w? not well taken Tli* Interrogator again commenced, when he was aHa1n Interrupted by Mr Johu t an Duren, who roae to a point of order; he balleved that this duet (which wax p.-aclaelv ftmllart >the examination of a wiiats* In,court) era* uiOHt rldlouloni. and clearly not 'u order. '1 he interrogator then, with the concurrence of the PreMdent, euspended hlR singular proceeding, an * the l hair man of the Committee proceeded to read the report. The reading of tbl? report, wltb th# ?**?lnatton of the accompanying voluminous paper*, waaci.ntlniied un til about II o'clock P M., when tha examination was wspended, and the convention adjourned without taking Uw nuwUon UU bum o'clock to-mono* morning, l t- i ?* I LJL JOj M\ ii 17. may oU'rw here, 1 think with propriety that it ia acknowledged by everybody that in thu conrentlon there I* an aggregate of talent and ability vaatly greater than that in auy prevlaue state oonrention. and greater even than that in the Constitutional convention. Among the ableet men. and the most distinguished debaters, are John Van Baren. George Kathbun, J. K Ueolittle. C. C. Cambrellog li W Fuckham, Martiu Urorer, K. G. Laphaui. Preston King, J. T. Brady, George P. Barker (reeigned), ke ho. MORNING (BlilON. Uvea t mia* i I The convention assembled at nine o'clock this morning and was called to order by the president. (> motion of Mr. 8 ravaaa the reading of the minute* of j> sterday was omitted. Thau tbe convention resumed thn consideration of the i cane contested between Messrs Vich? (conservative) and L'asserly (radical), from the Oth ward in tha city of Naw York. The floor having been conceded to Mr Casserly, the radical contestant for the seat, that gentleman proceeded to address tha convention, lie reviewed tha evidence on both sides. A. recapitulation ot tha facta connacted with tha proceedings of the nominating conventions when they are not Invested with interest would be, in the opinion of your reporter, verbiage ; therefore I have refrained from a very extended account of tha evldenoe adduoed by tha contestants. During the remarks of Mr. Casserlr be gave way at the request of Mr. Doo> little, who desired to ask Mr. C. a question. The PacsiDBNT said that Mr. Doolittle was not in erder Suoh interruptions, the President observed, had caused confusion in the convention, snd could not be tolerated. Mr. Van Bi-ikn enquired of the President if he olaimed any peculiar privilege! in that convention for himself or hiB friends? The I'Hr.sincNT replied negatively. Mr. Brad* suggested that, if it were not inconsistent with the views of the chair, he hoped the question would be put. He presumed the chair wan Influenced by the Interruptions of gentlemen which occurred lsnt evening, and wbloh the gentleman from Albany (J. Van Buren) otueoted to ax an unauthorised duet. Mr. J. Van Bi bkr called Mr Brady to order. Mr. Van Buren said the gentleman was not speaking to the question. Mr. Hatiibin said that if the gentleman who had the floor were willing to reply to question*, the chair could not interfere. It was at the option of the gentleman speaking to reply or not. The Phkihiknt persisted in declaring Mr. Doolittle to have bmn nut of nnlee Mr. Hi-ntkr, of Weatoheater, appealed from the decision of the cliair. Mr. J. Van Burin demanded the ayas and noes. Mr. Pccbham hoped Mr Doolittle would be allowed to question the gentleman, with hid anient. Mr. J. Van Blhkn called Mr. Peokhain to order. The President sustained Mr. Vau Daren's laat point f order. Mr. Cambrklcno protested that the conduot of the President waa in violation of parliamentary ruins, as recognized all over the world. The President adhered to his decision; the nutation wan about to be taken by ayeg and noos, when Mr Doomttlk disclaimed, and waved hla right to question the apeaker (Mr. JCasserly.) At this point Mr. J. Van lluren was observed to approach Mr. Doolittle and whisper in hi* ear, when Mr. Uoolittle aaked Mr. Caaaerly if be would permit him (Mr. D.) to aak him (Mr. C.) a question. i |Mr. Cameklv replied yea. Mr. Doolitti.k was about to put a question, when he waa interrupted by the President, and declared to be eut of order. Several gentlemen rose, and asserted In terms that the decision of the President was a grass violation of right and of parliamentary law. The President then appealed to the experienced men in the convention for advioe as to the course he should adopt. He observed that he was unacquainted with parliamentary rules. MrJ Ratiibun. of Cayuga, observsd to the President, in reply, that It was cuatomary in legislative bodies, when a gentleman dealred to interrupt the person occupying tt.e tloor, to address himself tlrst to the ('hair ; t ben it was the duty of the Chair to ask the person occupying the floor it he was williug to wuive hla right to the tloor, to allow the proposed question, explanation, ko. to be made ; if hu waa willing to waive bis rlidit, then thu President had no power to prevent the explanation, question, dec. Messrs. Craln and Hoymour, formerly Speakers of thu a.uomm.. ? l? -i A a i -a al lUdvwuij' nv>u iwi uj IUD I IcfllUiUk, UUl bUVBt gnutlemuu wer? abseut. Messrs Camiihelkho and Cramkh concurred in Mr. Kathhuu's exposition of parliamentary U? applicable tc this uane. '1 he President then observed, that it being evidently the judgment of the conveution that he waif in error, he would abaudon the position ha had afsuiued, and allow gentlemen to put questions to other gentlemen occupylug the lloor with their assent. Mr Doolittle then put his question to Mr. t'asserly The last aaiued gentleman continued at great length when, having made soineallusious fo this conven'ton. he was interrupted by Mr Brady, of New York wlu called hitn to order, as aastiug imputations upon the previous d>oisions of this convention, which could not be tolerated The I'rkiidkit sustained the point of order raised by Mr. Bra'ly. Mr. J Va* Bi/ren appealed from the decision of the P reside nt. Mr. i mserlv made an explanation. Mr. Bhauy withdrew his point of order. Mr. Van Birkn withdrew bis appeal. Then the President requested Mr. Cassorly to proceed in order. Tn ' examination of thin oasu was exceedingly protraded; in the discussion which occurred Me iars Ogden, Mitchell and Urady severally participated. It related exclnslvely to the evidence concerning the organisation of the ward meetings, and the election ol~ these con testants. Mr. Brady during his remarks upon tb'is case, com pllmented the news boys of the " bloody sixth," verj uauunuuieiy ; ne uau Men mene mile ler.ows all*nuinj the ward meetings with the Krench (lug sticking out a half mast, in consequence of their deceased pantaloons he anplauded their patriotic interest in the priiuarj meetings. Mr. Johw Van Bisk* regretted the liias of the majo rity which had indioated liself in fhvur of the claims o: their friends to seats in every ease -whioh been present' i'J, he knew the infirmity of humsjt nature, but he humbly hoped that thesu canes would be decided with ?om? degreeof impaitiaiity. The convention wan as well aware as be was, that considerable excitement pre railed in th? public mind; and they were r* well aware as he, that some of the cases which had '.wen paused upon had not given entire satisfaction. It was not time, by settling these contested cases in * way to secure a preponderance for the conservatives in this convention, to force nominations before the peaplu of this Statu which would be repugnant to their wishes and to the interests of the democratic partr. tie believed, therefore, that the conservatives would act wtaily if tbey voted in these contested cases according to the evidence produced by the several claimants. Mr. Van liuren then proceeded to read the^ affidavits, ke , relating to the case, upon each of which he cominenteu at length. Mr. Van Burki* was occasionally interrupted by one of the Vioe Presidents, (Harris', Mr. Van Buren at length remarked to the Vine President that he hoped he did not wish him (Van liuren) to supply his (Harris's) want of understanding. The Vice President disclaimed any intention to draw larguly upon the meutat resources of Mr Van Buren. Mr. Van Beaten continued to dissect and skeleteuizu the evidence He said it appeared th?t one of the wit nesses. (Layden, a police officer,) upon the part of tb< conservatives, was "extremely drunk" when he made an affidavit connected with the case. Mr. Van Buren confessed that he was not free from bias in this cenvention bat he avowed that in his honest judgment the evldtnci in this oaseof CasseTly against Vacbe demonstrated thai the election of the latter gentleman aa a delegate wai voidable: it was null, and it remained for this convon tion, with a full knowledge of the fatal con*e<|uencei which would follow any unfair dealing, to say whethei he should be admitted to a seat. A suarly and complicated and incomprehensible de bate succeeded; several delegates were engaged at om and the same time, and the chances of sketching it ii any way, were extremely dlffloult. The question upon the resolution of the committee t admit .Air. Vache, (the conservative contestant) to seat, was Anally taken by ayes and noes. The roll bein called, Messrs. l'ursrr and Thomas, of New York, declin ed to vote, because there wore conflicting affidarlta fron their friend* and neighbors, and they could not. by rot lag either war. tacitly avow that they believed any o the witneanea had perjured themaelvea. The reault of the rote wan then annouooed by tb? I'reaident, when It appeared that tb<> resolution of th? committee to admit Mr. Vaehe wu* carried by a rote ol yea* to ooly 4'l nay* ; Ihua the power of the conaervatlrea ia tlrmly eatabllabed. Thin luiportaot re*ult baring been attained, the nonreiitlon adjourned till J o'clock, P. M.,ln order to glre the delegate* an opportunity to dine. In regard to the nomination* I Item are rariou* rumori, one of which Id that the radical* intend to drop Mr KUgg, and praaeut tone other n*me for the office of Comptroller. Mr Hungerford ol Jffrwon ia without doubt the nominee of the cori*erratlrr*. The convention had been In aeaalon three day* and ha* not yet coin pleted it* organisation The conteated ca*e* from New York, with the exception of one, hare all been decided One of the caaea from Albauy ha* been decided, the other la now pending. I am apprebennire that If the case now pending ia daelded againnt the radical*, they will withdraw from the conr.-ntion, and go Into convention by tbemaelrea , In view of the*e taut*, I have to any that It ta Impossible to determine when the tlnal adjournment of thi* convention will take place I think, however, that aereral day* will el?p?e before it* labor* are brought to a eloae. I'he convention re-?a*enjbled at 4 o'clock, P. M . and waa called to order by the I'reaident. Mr. Handera, troin the committee, to whom waa referred th*ca*e con tested betweeu Mr. I'eter ' agger and Mr Henry Rector, of the third Aaaembly diatrict of the county of Albany, appeared in front of the chair, and expreaaed hia readl na?* to make a report to the convention Mr f*cM.?i ik?. of New York, enquired If it would be well to go through with the contested caaea from Naw Vork before the naaea from Albany were acted upon Mr Kuiimh .replied that the chairman oft ha committee to whom the Naw York oaaea were referred, had joat lulormed bun that h? waa not yet pr-pared to make ? report Mr. K aaid ha tiad therefore concluded to aubmit the report Id relation to the Albany eaaea. Mr. Handera waa then iuatructed by the I'reaident to proceed lie accordingly aaked leave to off. r a reaoiution which he aald had reeslved the unaninmn* aearnt of tha committee.that Mr Pater < ngger ia the regular delegate from th< third district of Albany, and that ha he, therefore, admitted to a aeat In thla convention Mr. KtAnntaiUirn read tb? ?rld?no? prvUuc?4 btfol* % & JELi D Mm Vwb Own. trie commttte*. Mr. ChutilUr, one of the commlttae, alio appeared ana expreeeed hit concurrence 1b the resolution offered by Mr. Klanders, noticed before. Mr lui'TOi, one of the ooitnutli, then iddrMtd the convention. strictly with reference to the clMS> utancrH that occurred at the ward meetings when the delegates were elected It may be proper to obeerve here, that *11 the contestants have been admitted to all the pririlegwa of voting and peaking enjoyed by tbe dalegate* whoee seats were not oonteated This caae of Rector and Cagger wan completed with extraordinary and unusual speed in tweaty inlnutea from the time tbe report waa announced, the resolution of the committee, that Cagger (rudioalj should be admitted te a seat, wu paaeed without oppoaitiou I an disposed to regard this reeolt as n conceealon of the oooservatiTi's for expedience s Sake Wm. M. Sm/kuva. ofOensass, having ezpresaed a wish to beabsent. Wm. O. Bryan waa nominated, and eon tinned by the oonvantion as his sabstitute. Mr. Muxcll, of Orange,from the oommltteo to whom was referred the caae oontaated between Mr. John Van BurenandMr tdwln C. I.itohfleld, of the fourth Aasonbly District of Albany, appeared in tho oonventlon, and annanneed, that in conformity with tho inatrnetlons of the committoe. he was prepared to aubalt a report Mr. M. is now reading the evidence in this anaa. I am compelled to oloee my letter. 1 have only to any that 1 believe the conaervativea have determined to eiaiada Mr. Van Buran from the convention. Suoh a remit will be serious. Movement* In Politics. The Liberty Party sut? Convention met at Syracuse on Wednesday the -,10th. C. O. Shepherd, of Wyoming Co . President; Martin MltebeU, of St. Lawrenoe: Joe. Beck, of Yates; S. K. Ward, of Courtland, Vloe nraaldents; Secretary, F.'A. Utter, of Oswego. C. O. Sheppherd, ot Wyoming, was Dominated as a candidate (or Lieutenant Governor. For Secretary of State, William Jay, of Westchester county. For Comptroller, Lewia Tappen, of New York. kor State Treaamrer, Char lea A. wheaton, of Onondaga County. Kor Attorney General, Leonard Oibbs, of Washington County. For State Engineer and Surveyor, Francis A. Utter, of Otsego Countv Kor Canal Commiisionera, Llndley M. Moore, of Monroe, John Thomas, ot Courtland, Noadlah Moore, of Clinton. Kor Inspectors of State Prison*, AMjab Fitch, ef Cayuga, Calvin Cook, of Clinton. Peter Hoe, of Orange. I'll* Convention then proceeded to nominate and elect two delegates to the National Convention. to meet In Buffalo on the -JUth of October next. Uerrit Smith and Alvan Stewart, were appointed aa such delegates, and Lewi* Tappen and Henry Bradley were appointed as alternate delegate*. John H. Pray is the whig candidate for Assembly frem the Qrst district of Chaute<tue County. In Dutobess County the wbigi nominated?1st district, K cigar Vinoent, of Dover; 3d, David Collins, Jr., of Hyde Park, and 3d, James Hammond, of Northeast. In Steuben? lat distrlot, Joslah Dunlap, of Parma; 3d do, Martin Adnlt, of Hornellsville. A county meeting called without distinction of party, was held at Georgetown, Ky , on Monday ef last week, and nominated Gen. Taylor as the candidate for tha Presidency. The untl-renterg of liens alear county, hald a mas* meeting at the Presby t' rl.i < liurch, in Stephentown,on the if>tb ult., and ufc.iullu. u !y Kexolved, That we acuedo lo the propositions for an amicable arrangement of the anti-rent dtflcultlaa, so called, made on the 24th Inst, by the Hon. John C. Spenoer, on tbe part of Wm. P. Van Kensialaar. to Calvin Pepper. Jr., Charlei F Bouton and Henry Batta, on tbe part of the people ; which praposltlon Is In substance. as we undemtand it, that all matters in dieput" ?bell be left for arbitration to the honorable George N Brigg*. of Massachusetts, the honorable William Kent and the honorable Judge iJenio, ol this State. i nere n a emu ior a meeting 01 ine citizens 01 r urfield district, ?. ?... to be held at the Court liotue, at YVinnsboro'. tomorrow, the 4th inst, to take Into consideration the subject oi the Wiimct Proviso. RtllKtout liiUltl^nce. C4MnMt run Octobi u - U, etgnteeuth Sunday after Trinity; 10. nineteenth Sunday alter Trinity; 17, twentieth Sunday alter Trinity, 18 St l.uke the K.vaugelUt; it; Twenty -first Sunday att-r Trinity; 'JM, bt Simeon and St Ju<le the Ai>ealles; 31, twenty-second Monday alter Trinity. i Thellev Dr. rise will c> inmence this day, in St. reter'a Church, at Vespers, u ecriee <>f familiar lectures on the doctrine of the Chuicb. which will be continued every > Sunday. The cullection fur tin- l>. uelit of the I'rotestaot fcpiseo' pat Tract Society, will oe made to-day in St. I'aul's i Chapel. Hixhop Smith will preach th? n ^ular quarterly sermon in the Kree < hurch ot St. .Matthew, Christopher street, this evening. The new church of the Annunciation will be open for Divine service ou Sunday, the 17tii October inst. Hixhop Hopkins will preach thlx evening at thoLyoeum building. iu Broadway n. *r frinc* street. iu ttieapacluui room occupied by the Church of the ( rucitixion. Uisiiop Hawks, of Miiwouri, will preach at the Float iu? \ liuicu, ms, mr juuv ui i/tjf lurvi, iuu wmcuwb naif pant thre* o'clock; Bikhop Ktmp*r, uiiniionary liiHbop lor Wucoimlu ami low*, at Kuuutl Cbureh, Urooklyu, in the event. g, Ui*bop Mcllvaine, oi Oliio. at nt Mark'* In th? morning and at tb<- A?eeu*lon In th* evening ; Bishop Hopkins, of Vermont, at St Bartholomew's ill the morning. St. Ann'* in the altarnooa and the Crucitixlou in ti>? evening. Biihop* lhaM and Whlttiugham are In town. Wo understand that the Chapel of the New York University. fronting Wai-hmgton Park, hai been engaged for the use of the approaching General Convention of til* Protestant Kpiscopal ( 'huroh. Thorn hare boon twenty two session* of the General Convention since tba ohurcn was Owt organized In thin country in 1709 and 1U01, ' their meeting* were held In the State House in Philadai5 phia aud Trenton, and in 1S04 the deputies met in tit* ' Kpiscopal Charity .Hohool In New York. Thlrtoon mi< *ion* have keen held in the Philadelphia church**, flva ' in the New York, on* In Baltimore, and cne in New Haven The thirtieth nnnual Convention of the DIoomh r of Ohio met la /anoavlll* on Thuroday, on the tftb of lafit month. At an early *tage of the proceeding*. Dr. Brooke introduced a preamble and two resolution*.which i led to an exciting debate, and oocupied the whole of Frl I mn wen appiit ui A liutpuatj ?uu oatuiuaj, ?u?? ???/ i were Anally carried almost unanimously, a* the only question in reference to them wu tb? expediency ofapy lurtiier agitation of our legislative assemblies on the subject of Tractarianlsm All the speaker* fully admitted that there were dangurou* error* held by tome In th* Church, and especially is tome quarters tendency to the superstitions of Home, both In faith and in practice ; but thoie who opposed the resolution* for aglta- * ting the General Convention further on the subject, did an on the ground* that the legislation of the Church could not reach the evil, and that a* there are and always would be dilferenoe* about the teachings of thsona rule of Ulth, so there would be difference also In reference to the teachings of the l.lturgy. Article* and Horn* ilies of the Church, and therefore only a* heresy or immorality could we reaoh particular case*, and than only through our judicial tribunals. The majority of tM Convention, however, thought otherwise, and tnecholo* of delegates to the (ienrral Convention was mad* to turn mainly on that point. The corner-stone of the new Church of St. John th* Kvangelist, on the curuer of Chestnut and Sixteenth st* , St. Louis, waa laid on Sunday the a!*th ult , by th* Rev. ' Mr. Tiiuon 1 Mr. J Kdward Kord was ordained to the work of th* (iospel ministry by the Fourth I're*byt*ry of New York, > in the Klwurth Presbyterian Church in thin city, Sept. * iOth ' Installed at South II rook field, Ma**., Sept It. tha * llev. S. Hutching*, recently a missionary of tn* A. B C. K. M. in India Introductory prayer by Rev. Br. Haell, 1 of North Urookiield. r The Synod of Virginia, (New School.) of the I'reabyterlnn < liurch, will meet In Shepherdstown, on Friday, B the lftth of (lotober. It I* expected that dome able dl, vlnea will be In attendance The Winchester I'reabvtery, (New School.) will meet at Kilt llranch, on 8atur0 day, tho f?th of October. a A Parliamentary paper ha* ju*t been printed, contalng Inn return* of the uuuihar of mlnl*ter? participating in I- tho Parliamentary grant of for non-oonformlag it minlHtem in lr> land. Sixty-two receive A'100 Irish each per annum, and 4JH rcceive ?!' > per annum. r A correspondent of lhe.7i<*?Aur<A (iazrttr, at Horn*, mention* au official cen*u*. juat published at Home,from ' which it appear* that f here are now In the M parishes of ' Rome 37,631 families, .If* bishops,IM4 priests, 3471 monk* ' 17.11 nuu*, 031 seminaries; together, 17'>,wh3 seula. The Jew* are estimated at 80U0 souls. IniB46. the population was leia by A0-<4. A letter of Aug. 17th from Constantinople, *tate* that Or King. American \ii*aloni>ry at Athena, haa been virtually expelled from the kingdom 11a wan requested by the government to leave the country, and haa arrived In <?en?va, Switzerland. The Yellow ! iver In Neir Orleans. Thi? editor of the Now V-irk UtrtH will peroolfa, by reference to tho column* ol tin- Itt'ia, thai wt? haro anticipated bin wloli W? ?ond our own reportoro to tha fever*! burial-ground* i>> ?r>.1 about tha city, and obtain correct list* of th? dnatho, tho fiauio* of th? 'looaMod, Sic., uj> to aix o'clock tfr (veiling preceding ptiblioa 11on J Up disparity I. two tbeeo report? and tboaa furnished to the Hoard of ll-alth. ohown the neceaoity of their publication. In arr.iinir ?t a correct knowledge of tha mortality of the epidemic INTKKMKNT" 1.1 TICK 1HKPKRKNT f KMKTKRIKP. y,>r Ihr twmly-fow A?u?? at li o'clock I'. M, R'plr mhr i 23d Natnr Sutut u tfiim* Nativity. I. WIOBCO Oiawley. I ri?o?l. W. Wark, Ire'iad. Vt ry Ann Hug) e>. ii . I li i *> Kotif rd, d> Wm. V Kelt', Now York. Peter Mathews, i!o. /f?r, h Scliul'r., Orrm ny. Vlall Kaliui m. On the 2Pth ult, tb" tjrai'uM Journal, received >B Ihe ?ain? mall. Now York. Troy, 0???|o aud Bnflalo piipora of the SOtb of August Letter* aro aatd to b? frequently drtainad >lx or ?nn d*y* between Raleigh auu W.iinuirftou, N. C. They hould go through In oua day. I He Crops. The lata (toim Ik Mid to have greatly Injured tlio corn crop In Monmouth county, Now Jersey Tha rice harveat In nearly over Tbo districts la whtoh It I* grown have b. en blessed with beftuttfUl | woathvr during the gathering ol thoir crop.

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