Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1847 Page 3
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[ .??'H UUHLUUIJBHHW??P I'm! (Uet.i ?va? tmk Union Cockik - frtfc-aiap' Indicate a weak of raueh lab-rest In the eportIok world The of our city in filled with itnn gcr? trnm ??rtous parU of the Union. whose principal to.ic ?if cuov^rnallon 1* th*.i cooilrg racer; and iii>? ex i ciu.ut In rtlatlon there'o liu bt-couie ** Intense thai n 'thing fhoit of its nrntittnution can allay It. Tbe b-tlini; rune very high. Three raoes comiueuco on Tuukd?y. ? hioh t? the three mile d?y, on which occasion a purse of $800 will be givan. For the sweepstakes then* are four eutries for tbrea year old* that never run mile | brat*, via ? I'aluietto, Fanny, Traveller, and Whisper. IVrdnesdsy is tbe four mile day, for a puree of 91500, in which will oontend that favorite of the North, the re- : nowoi-d Ka?bion, aud the celebrated Southern nag I'm- ' etiper. This race will be well eonteated. and we would ' g.TH it thousand to the prophetic genius who could tell ' ) the story. Crntrrtillic Coiati:, l 1.?The sportingcommunity will be alive on Monday to wltners the extraordinary ; trotting inatobes against tln?, of 100X mile* in ten hours tbe extraordinary feats ever undertaken by horseflesh We expect the ('raitravllle will be crowded throughout the day, to witness tae performano**! of the marr. Albany Olrl; and no rtoubt th re will he sreat exel'etnenr from h?ur to hour, und its thu result approach- t i It will he unbounded We have seen loun time nia'cU** vfor?. but thl* in the most extraordinary. - i Mouilny ?lll b? a long day with sporting men. and every one m> y have a ubauoe of " aaciut{ the elephant " The ?ne inile race, brat three In fire, at Lexington, on Thursday, il l ult . wad won by ired Kaye. Time, 1:4#? ' 1: 0 ? 2:(K> 3:13 Track heavy. The two mile race on Friday wax won by Bradley'* b f. Carlotta. by Trustee. Time. 4:04X?4il7. The second rase, one mile out. Tor two year olds whs won by Dradley'ich. f. Nans, by Trustee. Time, 3:03. City Intalligaiira. The WriTHii ?Decidedly the finest day of thq Macon w*fl yee'erday. We had a smack af Indian summer weather about noon, and It cooled off towards evening Tba thermometer, at 3 o'olock P. M., stood at sixty degrees. White*1The bustle and preparation that usually prevails *t thin season of the year, in cartlnr the necessaiy supply of ooal for the wfnt>r season, fitting up of stoves. tw-epiug ohimneys, whitewashing. S<o , was oariM on w|rh muoh aotivity, yesterday, by all hands required for the purpose. Many of our nartmen were in removing stoves; many coal carta ware al-o actively engaged iu removing coal from the yards, whilu the wee-wee.weep,'Ma ail directions, seemed to be in active requisition. All who desire to malm the winter con f rtable, and keep Jack Frost at bay, should look out f it his approach. We obserred many, also, in the upper part of the city, and at lb* otf-sid* of Grand street, buei-d in chaniciuK their quartern. The whole acene would remind ou? of a May di>y in New York Fire ?A fire broke out on Friday night in SfitU street, near loth avetue, in a small shinty occupied by a lah .rinir man man named Bruce. It was promptly extin*uish*d. Ktirrin Eiricss.?We are almost daily indebted to Muuio'a Express for Nantuoket and New Bedford papers. Oxti Extiaobdinaii v.?The lovers of beef will be able to set; a eon pie ot curious oxeuthls week at Vauxhall O -rden. One is curious for an exoess of fiesta, as he we-ghs th- respectable ainouut of 4200 pounds; his be g'>t, girth, length and breadth of breast, are all io proportion, h -w munb we are afraid to say. The other ox i< curious from his plurality of legs, having no less thm five of thrae appendages, and six leet?where the sixth is attached can bi seen by visiting Vauxhall Garden New Toaa Oas Light Co 's Wohks.?We have been presented with a very superb and beautiful litbrv gruph of tbfse works, wbioh has been executed In a very in^anttlcent elyie of art. in colors, by Joues & Newman, lithogrtphers, No 128 Fulton street. The works ?re> il 011 vslst and aid streets and avenue A, and were ereoied in 1847 The works are superbly executed. Accident to thk Steamboat Aliua.?The beautiful steamer Alida broke her walking beam just alter leaving Caldwell yesterday afternoon, whilo on her way dowu the river from Albnny. The accident is said to he owing to a deftot in the iron. The passengers were taken o by the Troy and brought to the city. No one injured. L)r*th Br Downing.?The Coroner held an inquest aleo on the bo iy ot .M \chael Sullivan, a native of Ireland, aged forty years, who was found floating in the slip at the toot of spring street. Vt rdlct, death by drowning. Melancholy Suicide.?Coroner Walters, was oalled yeuerdny to hold an inquest at No 80 Ureen street, on the b ><iy of.Vdolph Kurs.a native of Prussia,aged '24years, ah i, while laboring under a melauchely state of mind committed suicide on Friday evening by taking prussie aeid. From the testimony adduoed before the Coroner. It apDeuri'd tnat the deceased, who was a teaoher of mu-io. in consequence of losing some of bis pupils, became low spirited. Op Fr<day evening, his wife returned borne fun a visit to some friend*, found her husb?.ad delL.t nn i hu Km i wirh t*n nht^U i." *!>.. 1 1 -1 - - 1? - 1 ? f " ii- "J ?U5 WU HUB, ftUIV IV uoi? written by the deceased. stating that he had previously attempted to destroy hloiseif Dr Holmes on mating ? p 41 mortem examination. f.mnd the muscles of tbH body very rlg?d the coDjuection of the eyes eovered with buck spots, the sioaiaoh distended with unriigeted food walch emitted a strong smell of prusslc ad I. the stumuch ?u very much inflamed end the muc 'Un membrane softened. There were al#o, patches of ludamation. supposed to have been caused by some corroxive Mm , ibe liver and lungs were much cm ! geeted with blooa From the appearances of the body it w?e evident that the deceased came to his death by pru?<lo aold, and the jury rendered a verdict accor diugW A Victim ok Mili.kbum?The coroner was called to h -id an inquest at No 04 Bedford street, on the body of 11 O'-rl K. Dodge, a native ol Near York, aged jl ynr>i collie to bis death from exhaustion prodnced by a Wouuil on tbe tbroat inflicted by hiinseli while in a derailed siate of mind Theatceased was a printer by trade, end worked until iVI nday last, when he told bis fellow ?ui Uineii tbat they had lx tter leave f ff work, ar tbe d*y ot judgnieut w?s near at- band; tbat tba world was ab-.iut in l>? destroyed. Kor about rix we^ke past, he bad appeared to b iu a diranged stateof mine and | after be u<d couiinli ted tbe raih net. hn acknowledged i ibv he bid previous y to destri y bun-ait by t?kui|( Ixuilauum From a do u written, and lett by tue d. it i. ppesred that after cutting bis throat with i a r>s>ir. tie tin-k ? small knite unl e uclt it into tbe back I <lln* neck, ai.d thai he had deli iterated Upon i he idea ot 1 d"Mtr<iyii>g liini?>ll tor about an h> ur before be proceed eil io cur.y it. into exeumioa. For tbe last nix weeks tbe i 0'? -nl had evidently beeu iti ? deranged st*te of miml. and liom tbe manner ii which heexprcaatd himself un religloue subjects, it is believed tbat bo had associated with Miller!tee. Police Intelligence. Si fling wrunvg Jtfpurrl?OUlcn Smith and GlldeifttHeve, i.f tlie l^ih ward, arrenled yesterday a follow oxllt-il VVnli-tn LUdow, on a charge of entering the pri-ini-c? Nil 2->l 1 tun tun street, mid stoaliug lUerefroiu six oreeses. a rteel bead puree. $3 In money, one pearl handled knife. ? trol l ring, together with several other arucirr. valued in nII at %ib. tbti properly of but* lliugiu< I'hr pnpi rty w*s f >iind in the possession of tin; acuu?'d. and Justice nu locked biui up fur trial /'oit h of ihr. Fancy unikr. i'ainti?Quito mi excite rat-in. wa? created yesterday morning amongst the fancy on the Five Points, which cauie off in the ya d of Mr* Brown's mansion, located at No 3 Little Water street, between two fitir damsels of pugilistic notoriety, c lied < nr. line Brown and Catharine smith, in tbe oou- ' Hint i f whieh poor Kata came off second best It ap- ' pears a dispute had arisen between the parties respeotlns ' tbe h( mlii g miici reputation of Cat? arine'g male trieud. wliii-tt tion. high words resulted In a chHlirngn, in order l to neti In tin. ii. irtir in'in honorable Way Consequently mC'iudk were appoluted ou both side*. and the combat miU eager for tbe tray, when a bystauuer tearing that it m git end in a general eng-gement. proposed to leave the pan ii s to tight alone,and svuonds and others to retire Into the back room, lock the door, and witness tbe deHotou* mor e it through the window. To this proposition all parlies readily consented, and upon tbe word being given at it toey went, tooth and nail, when Caroline received a bang ou tbe left ey*. which drew tbe claret Kate i caught hi r mitagoniat on tbe lip. at tbe same time plant- , liig^auother blow on tbe nasal organ, wbioh caused Carte i Hue to sea "stars," when they both closed, desperately. and both went down. Caroline on top. A this moment tbe parlies at the window called out ' time" But tbe combatants being bent on mischief, heeded not time?commenced the seoond round wiihtbefuiy of two " Kilkenny cats.'' squared off ami Cl'ii-ed in witn but little scratching. Kate grabbing her ai.t - gonial hv tbe hair, and apparently bent on mischief, when Carolina observing her design, suddenly changed h?r position, whereby she got Kate completely in her p iwi r. Iiimu.t much the strongest. and was preparing to punish Inr severely I his, however, was sten by Ka e. who at i liar moment drew along Jack knife from her pocket. and li.fl cted an awful gaeh across the tleshy part ot Car. hue's left arm. peuetraliDg nearly to the bone Thm won id loosed the hold ot Uaroliue, who at once citl.-d out rnur ler. tln< tuconds and spectators fled, and inpopti-d < Ulcers Baker and O'Neil of the 6th ward police who o-'iuluaied both parlies before Justice Osii n lie wnere tliey were commuted to the Tombs for a lurtli-1' hecra-g, 1 bus ended one of tbe scum* that too ottwu ccur in the rtgion of the Five Points. ou ."itM/iiiiori ?A young man, a cartman. by the iiaiiie if 1 luddeus Howard was arrested on Friday night hy otlioer Crusett of tbe lower polioe, on suspicion of ?te Uiiig a carpel bag containing wearing apparel valued at near $00, tbe property of Dennis Shiue, residiug at No II tloiri* klreet. The otllner. after a good deal of pei si verooce, reco?ered tbe prop?rty, and the mailer wh iaken h.'fore Jnsi;e Osborne, who, after an investigation. diticuargad tbe accused from custody, tbe evidence not being sufficient to warrant his detention Httil L"icmy.?Officer iiulse, otthe 31 ward, arrested , on Friday uight a Uook loafer oalled Pride Barton, on a I chiiif of *t>aling n chain naMa worth $H, b.-.lon -log to the b. ;i( Maiy tuu Jaue, Ij inn at tin-foot of Wn.-y itrcot Locked up for triul by Juminu OnborDa. W tni on Sutpicni'i. ? OfflocM Cullen and Marvin, of the IJ h w?nl Hir-iUJ on hriduy night Oaorga Watt? and J"bu !ih-i td> n. oh Ruxptcb.n of ateaiing a f?t ot barm**", for which an o?n?T lit wanted. Apply to the ' ab h otflewrs ?&t ihe sluttou Iiouko p,i i I. in < ny - Offlc-r Diuiitt ot tha 4ih ward. ?r j re-int Ubc uigbi. a wm.n n*<l<"l Catherine Wilson, on \ aeh-enaof i-maliug $tUlrom .?tooiy Locknd up for trial it'i i f C?ir?.-Th<? lis oows that w?-r? utolen I (mi tt.bokeo, oil nond?y Usr.. wer? naiTtrod yeaterd<y by rlfloT 1'rembla. ot ibo 18th ward, auU di.iiTored cv r to lu-nc* Aiutga ot Jentvjr city. ng i |.?'*mg ?OHIn-r Browo, of tha third ward, , arr-rwl u?t nigma ui.h called Ucnrga -nock, on au*pl.MOD i'1 Stealing *11.tB Ot ul llhllig belonging to John i |,h? <)i I <>niuiitl?d lor a further haarlng by JuatlC" 1 (J* H'TIH t I; II ,1 l.-rcny Orflrars Krany and O'Brlan, of tha Ath ?-rd. arreata I on Kriday nlgbt a black t.-llow nailed Hen'y Nation, ?o old rttate priai.n convict, on a charge ' of*i?ain<g * o a' Tatned at Committed by Jiutica i O*boru? .or taainjinatlnn At New London. Ueorge Jackson. a negro, has Wean eonvlo e>? of ' uiurdar in tbe tlrnt degree," in killing i fcjward Nvltou, ? P*qao4 Inaian, la \ugu?t last. , Law liutiilgtiM. ! CiimmdV Pi tiii. Oat f fa Banco? Deii?i8*i~. .-1(1.1 .n VI. the Mayor, Aldrtmm, 4"C. mf tirr Y*rk? Vonfuli oo-i firmed Sr.inh M J-nnnf imflrrdfd, fr t)f S?e?A 0. I C * '< ? Juiifrmi nt f- r d't.ndut on demurrer; plalnIHT may rep.y oa payment of eogta ( I.m Chamkkk ? Before Judge Ingrabam?Htucit Con- , Put P. CNrk. a native of the **tate of iVnn-jlvanl?, wu diacUarged thin mnrniug from the United stati Army, "ii tliv ground of hi* being h minor, under the , age of IS yeare,?rheu he euilated. SrrnicMc CouaT - Upenlal Term?The Ootobcr 8p?nlnl Term will commenou on Monday next, at the City II?11, Mr Justice WUlard presiding Tb? Oetoher Term ot tbe Circuit Court ?UI alao cominunua on Mouday, Mr. Justice Moorebouae prodding. i'littn 8t*tci Circuit Coot?Before Judge Net. son ?The October Term of tbu Court begin* on Tueiday next. Mivoa'a Orricc, Oet. 3 ?Robert Connolly, driver of hack No. 174, wan fined $S for refualDg to take a paafenireruiilw he paid him more than he wan entitled to under the ordinance regulating hackney coatbea, bo. The case of Bray ?. Bray, a divoroe oaie from Vonmouth oounty. waa argued by Vroom and Vredenburg. Therourt then took up the vase of Mary Hendrick^on. Executrix of Benjamin Heudrickion. deo'd. oomplainnut. mid Joseph B Anderson, defendant. C. S Green and Peter D. Vroom for oompUiuant, S O. I'otU nud Win. Halated for defendunt ? Titnton State QettUr. The Great Fair of the American Institute opeiK on Tuesday. the 1th. and i m >ug riie iliinga lor td ilution, w Ui dertunJ there will lie .,ur ra.e <ilbix>-? eili nittJ bv Win M. V'i)U..K, of the Pi-ji Du t Krouorium 'lie I. .... I.... ...I.I ? ..I e - .L- i.. sells'he b(l Fr"cti calf boo (for $l V) n|a<l M iIiimc m)U in other (turn lor St or $7. r.iitii.| the K* r I see his (pleudid boots. all aud ?re for yourselves, corner of l'ult ju mi'I Nass mi, opposite our oilier. The Cheapest and Best Place In the City to get i our hoou. ?hi es or gaiters, i? at Jones's, 4 Ami street. next ihe Mosernn. You can get ihere as grod b <ort for $4 SO ? run be purchased elsewhere for $7. Quite a saving. He also sells fir-t rate uoot ar Si JO whrcn is uaMa'ly (old for $Y Don Mr r iled wairi-prnol boon at t4 JO, $5 00, and (C 00. Jooea lis* the t ue system ol doing buai.ieai?light expenses and amall P'Oiita. All good* |urcbaaed at 4 Ann at. aie warranted to gi?e entire satisfaction. Dally Herald In Boston?.Persona wishing the Herild latt at their Houses or Stores. immediately o the a rirat of the N?w York tiaw i-? ihe morning, or by he Nr? Haveu l.ue in the evening, eaq be regularly tup, lied, at II emu a week, by leaviug tneir uantm at ih".?I?ut'? i>Bc? No * wtate atreet. HKDUlXli ti CO. St sod lilt Paris Hats_Genln, '41f Broadway, has Jn?t r?< eived o .e oie of Te-y rnperitir I'aria H <u, Iroin th* most celebrated makers. Alao, l*nt? aatortmeni of flue French I'liihiclma, childre i'? M?ta. Caps, k,e. og Jt ? Hive me a Hat In Ihe Snape that I love."? "ncli is th-fe'vent xclama'i u of every gentleman who haa MMnmN*vFlll Kaahion of (Jeiitlrmen'a Hats. Th style la peculiar for bfauty, graceful appropriateness to all expressions of emmrenance. mid the eriinni e ex-ellence of tin; s'oi'K from wh<nh the Hara are mauuMCtu 'd F.vrry body . v. ho inspects ICuox'i Autumn Fashion lor IV47 will at outre perceive, by the peculiarity o'the uap a-d the genuine and ' Ustii.K gl ss of the entire oivsid* fab le. tint it is made of the I fines'material, i he shape is novel,nud re y p'essi' g to the eye. (30 61 Call on KNOX, 121 Fulton It. Ladle* and Gentlemen can obtain a fair edu| cifiou iii three ra-nilhs, without study or interference with hunt-ess. devoting half an h >ur Jul at their residence or place of bu(ineu. Addres( " Kducatinn," lower post ofliie. st(S ?t _ Kxrhange Hotel, Montgomery, Aln._It will be a nttier ol gratification to th* - it tens of Montgomery, as well aa t?e tr'Veilingcommunity through 'hat gieat c..miner rial ll.orous hfire, lr> learu th t Mr. Washington 'I illy, ao I long and f*vo" bly knowu aa 'he c urtenusand gentlemanly | proprietor of Montgomery Hall, will open, on the 1st of November, the above new ami admirably arranged hotel onder Mr J. J. Stewart the proprietor. In the accommodation for permanent hoarders and transient visi ers, no expense has b-eu sparert by tl e proprietor and 'he audarsiguril, aa manaaer to merit (hit patronage which their experience and popularity me'it'. .The b'lildiug and furui'ure are new and coatlv, ana I well nd.ipted losuir the t'ste of travellers?the furniture mo| drrn. The table* will t e well su"plied with eveiy article re| quisite for the -nost fastidious '((tea and the wines of superior brand. The first (essi >u of the Legislature will assemble in ! ,1.1. eir., ....1 ,k:. -i. 1. I n? well hs the i ubi c iu general, may expert no' diminution of I the atteution they have hitherto experienced from tin; underI aigned. WASHINGTON TILLV. I Rarl^miou of (In OtUo Hivtr. k'iacct. Time. State of Utter. i Louisville. . . Hrfpt 28 . .8 feet Bin. Cincinnati Sept. 2rt . G 'm'. 1 In. tilling I Wheeling..... Sept SO.. 0 feet. ' fittfllxir* K?pt 29 I] 'eet. MO??YMTH KB T. Saturday, Oct. %?A P. M. The (took market opened heavy to-day At the first board Treasury notes fell off % p?r cent; Reading Mortgage Bonds, 1; Norwich and Worcester, ) ; Harlem. 1% j Long Island. ??'; Farmers' Loan. X; Canton, * ; Morris Canal, X : Kentucky A's advanoed X I Reading Railroad Bonds olosed firm at yesterday's prions. The sale* were not very large, and the market olosed heavy. At the second board Morris Canal fell off ,V( per cant; Reading Railroad, U i Farmers' Loan, H'; Long Island advanced >?', and Norwich closed at prioes current In the morning The amount ot specie Imported Into Boston during the month of September waa $3ii,712, aud the amount exported $11,684, showing an excess of Import fur the month of $311.137. T'le quotations for foreign and domestic exchanges, for spec iit and uaourrant nicney la tklit market, rule as : ? Koacinrt ticHtnon. 0.4 Loudon 103 *4 a lOflW On Hamburg IV** a 33?? Puis if 'Jj *Af23fi Bremen 71^ T9 Amsterdam 39 a 'iiii UoMKITIl. KtCHtKOII. u?ton..., para % ?lt? Mobile Sp.checka ? a \ du 'hiladelphia... .par a W dii New Orleans.,. par a y, poi i'litiinore para j?pra North Caroiiua. .1 a 1M du iticnmoud 1 a l>? dia Cincinnati I a l'?di> C'tarlratou Mai di* Louiaville 1 a I.S di> 4*ivaniiah >? a I ilia Naahville IS a U di> Augusta 1 a dis St Louis >2 a 1 di> ijoluinbua I a \}L dis Uet'oit Dial <li> O'-ttlo IV a - dia Pittsburg... ... . X a ? du v<uuale(bk notes) X a 1 dia * Qitotationi roil SricciK. 1'rr Cent Valut Vmer. fold, old..106 a ino.u (Groins dolls. .1,01 a 1,06 do do new..100 a 100}* fir* (runes... 93*% a 94 flulf dollars.. . par a I0>^ DouMooiia... 15, 0 a 16.SO I Portuguese told. 100 a lno.v.4 do patriot. 1 j,'.0 a 11.71 4|?uii*li dollar*. .101 a HO Sovereign... i Bi a 4,87 ' do quarter*. 99>tf a 100 do light.. 1.82 a 1,3j \!r?ic?n dollars.I00.1* a 100)^ Heavy guuiva*5,00 a ? do quarters. 99 a loo Napoleom... 3,83 a ? Treasury Note*. a Ii m Uncukrint Mnitr. Bn't at. S Id at flo't at. Slit ui New Eupl oid... >4 iln par. Mobile, sp pay'g I di* di? Albany .Tror, Itc >a dia J*' dia New Orleans... I dia K diN. York country 7* di*)* di* Ohio IK di* I <ii Sew Jersey.... & dial* dia Indiana I>? dia I do Philadelphia.... >adiaiiar Keiilu ky I)*dia I di: Baltimore \ dis di* Tennessee 2}? dis 2 do Virginia....... I (lis X .lis Missouri IH di? I do North Oaroliua. ,1V* di* I di* Michigan 2 dii I di? South Carolina. .I,** dis dia Canada 3 dia 2>? do Oeoncn I.'a dis ?.i dis Wheeling Banks aie Iper cent discount. There Iqpo little doing Id ?uy of these thlngi. that quotations cannot be considered otherwise than norul ual. Since the nailing of the packeta of the first, i>ter. ling exchange baa been rtry quint, and the tendency at the close ou packet day ??r d iwnward. < no iuiiuwii'k siuieuiem IDOWB tne value of the elport* from the port of Boston to foreign ports during the mouth r.f September : ? Commf iick or Boito*?V*ixc ok EirniiT*. To Knst I uillr >IVI Ki4 82 To Attic* II 13ft 3ti To Kurop* 1UI.74.") 63 To Call'ornla 13.-260 b4 To South America l*i.lift 3a To Central America 41 To West Indie* 176.731 3tt To not* Soutia lt)2,<>m 72 Total $900,374 16 The r*lue of the exports ot domestics during the month wa? $141,982 43. The value of the furniture exported wa*$0.4t< M. The value of the book* exported was $606 37. The receipt* on the Western Kailroad fer the week eudlng Saturday, September 36th, were $33,000, against $20,000 lar.t year. Gain for the week, $13 000, Gain In the lost four weeks, $44,000. Whole gain since 1st Dee mber, 43 w eks. $37.">.000 ; equal to $336 000, for the 62 week* ending 30th November; which would make the wbolo income this year, nearly $1.300 000. After deducting interest and expenses, the net earning* will be equal to 13 par eent upon the share capital. Tbls .tmount, however, will not be divided, as tbree or four per cent of it will be carried to the reserved fund, and the policy of the directors is not to pay larger dividends now than they can oontlnue to pay hereafter, upon the luereated capital required for the second track the oonntructlou of whloh btttween Worceater and Springfield, to meet the New YorK Inland line, h?a been com inenced, and will be proaecutad with vigor till completed Stock Excbang*. ro<>!> Treaay not?a?t lov'i S3 aha Macon Bft 4S j .. 4* Canton Co 34U j?oO do llO i#<\| 75 do ilO tl'4 lOOUB do 10, S 23 do W 3fl0? V Sure. ? , ? lot no Nor li Wore IIK 4; >. I0C0 Kentucky G? ldiT< 175 d ? jV* ISWO Rtl( imaMa Ct jo do >]a jii JI00 do jboud. 7tii IOMH.rl.mBR <?,? |7 Metch^n . Bk !&?>>>. ina d> ,10 k,.<J Hi Manhattan Bk ?3X 400 do J'li. Faruieri' !,n |M 30 J00 do *10 l"n "jo M SO Reading RR f,2\ ill do MV SO do e, ?? ?<? _ _ ||>0 d> b40 A3W 21 Vl.rcli t* Ct Co f. SO 1I0 hm ?? SO .Vlom? \2)i V) do btO 63 ii) Urf blfi l4>? 100 do ?t? G/!? M do 12* do " fiCg SO do t4rn I'OI. Ul.mlHR b30 3. ?.* 5lM*nh(??a I'M 760 do 31,i* II Mica scrip 116 >00 do nw 3(i'? Stc <li(l llonril $1000 T-?a? MOtra 6i lo^S ISO ?h HartiinR" 31 SO alia K in?r?' La 2S N01 it Wore Mil 47H 5> di 9I?4 too do a 10 ?7U SO do sW 2S do 47*, 2i'0 <lo blS 3104 25 Canton Co 33U 44>0 Ij t I d R 3'^ 2> Moir<> Canal 12,t4 m 0 .Uflrin 11 R ?1 51'. 350 Heading RR f,J\ 2?0 do >30 SI 51 do at t,/\ Nru Htnck K*< hange. SO nlia K.'mera'1'r hnw 30 So ai>? lla lrin RR ?90 S0?( SO d? ?) 30 SO L laUi.d RR a 15 30^ SO do e 3"Vt SO do bO 3?H Hi H.irlem RR ?ty So SO d > c 3<>H SO do 'j>\ SO do nw 3 SO do ?1 SOS SO Nor k Wore RR ?3 47H SO do ?90 SO do a3 47fi ISO do e 31 50 do c 47)j 100 do 31 lll.Ul.Jj JUL oa t riuai. aseoai. . | N?w Votl, 8ati KCir Arft*(*poi?, Oct. 2. u The markets. as u?ual on the tit of expected foreign * Bawl. |,er Atlantic lUtaui, were rather inactive. r There were tales of aeir and fresh ground Genesee and ? Oiwt'jo Klour at pr?rions priors. Old brands stood as . before, with limited sales The demand for good Wheat ' waa steady. \ small lot of handsejie Oeneaee sold at *q ?'lvuc j. Bales of llllnoU red were made at full * prices. Corn-The rate* varied very little from the r' > losing pricea of yesterday, but in the main the market ^ was inclined to droop, and quotations wore lightly in j I'aror of buyers. Rye experienced no change. Oata 1 were firmer. Meal sold at full pries. Sales of Mr** i P.?rk were made early, at 12X cents higher than whs n offered yesterday ; but before the clone tales wore made at a decline. I'rluie do. stood as before. In Groceries. a transactions were light, and without ehange in prices. A?ii?:i? Sale* of !>0 a ttt) bbU. Tots were made at 00, t knd *io do FearU at >7 l-Jtf They were afterwards t held at (7 24. i Bkliwm?The market was Arm at HXc a U5o. i lUkiimi in?Flour?Sales of 400 a 600 bbls. nsw Geaesee were made at 8l>f; 100 do. Genera Btesm ! ,il it i* ?t-r? in mix at irt; noo do Oswego new were maue at > *? 76, aud v>0 do frorh rid and do at % > filH; >" bUs. | U-n->ee fresh ground were taken for export at %!> 76; , :m) do. Michigan were sold at >6 W?; M'J a 3 <0 do t Ohio, chiefly fiucy htands sold at $6 76 a H7J?. and 4i"0 do mixed Michigan sold it tl u<; -Hale* 1 ,.f u o bushels primu white Genesee, old and new, were | Mtaltll ' 2". and about 1600 do Illinois red at $1 id Corn?During the forenoon and eaiiy part of 'chang*. kales ol 8,"00 ? 10,*'00 Uushels were Hold, embrtoln* mixed, at U3o a #4 t. aud yeliow ?t tiOj a 07c; afterward* MOO do. mixed Hold at 04c; -.'Oim yellow at 06a; I ..00 do 66o; and 7000 do. mixed on private terms. Mral? Sales Of 100 bbl?. yellow New \ ork ground were made at *3 76, aud 100 do good quality at $2 87>i. Rye?Sales vf 900 bushel afloat, were made at 80c, and 800 a 1000 do. at 8IXo delivered. Oati?A sale of a oargo was m*de at tdo. liatlry?No sales transpired. Ilrceipti dmeti the Hudton Kiver, October 1. Flour .>,900 barrels. Meal 460 do. Corn 14.700 bushels. **" Rve. '2 300 do, Cakui.k*?Sperm were steady at 32o. Cvrrca?A sale of 260 bags of Rio slightly damaged, was made by auction at 4J?o a 6><c, 6Ji a He. cash; sound Kio was worth ti>io u 7\,c; Sumatra we quote at t>%o; St. Domingo at ti aO.^o; Java at 8>? ? 9>4o; and Maraoaibo at 8J? a 7Xc. Cotton?The sales to-day were quite moderate, but at prioi j showing more steadiness on thu part of holders, who were by no means as rnuoh disposed to press nalrs es they were In the early part of the week, Khh?There were no arrivals and no sales; Dry Cod was flrin at $3 60 a $3 f.O1*; Mackerel remained unchanged. riEiir -no naies r?porifu IIiiikj ? Ndlfrt for ibe wnk were iight, the dealim being tolerably well pupplltid tor the present. Abont oOOO Montevideo aid Hut no# Ayr h were sold during the week in pared*; part to go to Canada, at 13o. 3>?c off Thn stock in first hande unsold wm about 90,000, princi- | jriliy La Plats*. Lkai> ?Tho mark t i <ntiniKd firm, and sales of J.jW) ( pigs were made at $4 00. Lkathsii?The -uI-h (or the week were large, and, i with the exception of the auction Bale, whloh declined a little, on accountci quality,were made at lull rate* TnMouk on handwas light,being about JiO 006 sides less than this time last year. The next public sale will take place at the store of William Miles, No. .i0tj Tearl street, ou Thursday next. MoLAiici ?Nothing new. Naval 8tori.ii?Dealers were waiting for news per Atlantic steamers, and no transactions of moment were reported. Oils ?Linseed, city pressed, continued in fair demand attilo; and salen ot 3(>00 gallons Kuglisk were made at &4o. cash: iiOObbls Ohio, deliverable in all Ootober,were offered at 67o. At iNew Uedford crude 8p?rm was held at 107o a HOo; selected Whale,In this market, we quote at 33 a 40c. The last sales shipping do, were made at 36o. No change In manufactured. I'HOTmons?Sales of 100 bbls. mess were madu at $14 37JaI &&0 do rfterwards sold at $14 I'JK, aud 500 do at 14. I'riuie stood at about >10 76 a 11 b7>f, and 11 asked. litrf?Nothing done. Lard ? No change. Butter? J hales ot 100 paokagei of Ohio were made at 12 a 14 cent*. Cheat?Sales of 3i0 boxes Ohio were lua-'.e at 6>4 ots Some lots tine Herkimer were sold at 6)?o. The demand for export oontinued fair. Kick?Hales of about 4S0 tierces were made, including common at $4 36. and very ehoico at $6. The market was inclined to droop. 8uuar?Fine qualities Muscovadoes and Havana browns were in fair demand, but no sales of moment reported. Inferior of all kinds was Inactive. Tai.low?Bales of 6,000 lbs. country rendered, were made at lOo. Tobacco ?We submit the usual statement, exhibiting the prioes, sales, reoeipts and stook on hand, lor the week ending this afternoon:? Sold Hec'd thii 8toek i'rieet. thii week. week, on hand {entuck)'. Virginia *ud N. Carolina,. 3*<to "K 400 lids. 731 hlidi 3793 hdt 3 Hi Mji.' V laud and Ohio. ?* ? ? ' kit I Connecticut seed,.. 6 to 15 ? ? 41 ca fraiuvlmil seed, 7 to II ? ? 1IJ ca Klorula,.. J to 60 ? ? 120 ci Havana 24 to 87X ? ? :I14 bla 'Jut)* li to JO ? 304 bit IKK hit Vara 35 U> 40 30 bU ? 69 bU *t. Domingo ? ? ltibn lUbn Sales of Kentucky and Virginia tobacco, to aime exeunt wire effected. Prloes were Arm, and steadily advancing. In foreign, nothing transpired worth reporting. Whalkbonil.?No ohange was noticed, nor talea reported WmiKcr?Sales of 3b barrels State prison were made ?t 'iUHe . aud about 00 hhde drudge were made at OOe , which was an advance. Krekihti?To Liverpool continued nominal Heavy frvl<ht to Loudoo. was reported at 3M. a 3H?. Hour was Kgngiti to Glasgow, at Is. 6J.; to Havre. '*c coutiuued to Da the rate lor eotton. TKLEOIIAPIIIC. Maritcla. Cincinnati, October 2?P. M. Flour?The market was Arm, and sale* of A to bbls. were made at $4 a $1 Clif Nothing of moment do'ng la groin Provisions with firmer, though no hales of Perk were made worth reporting. The porklng Hess n has not eotnmenc-jd; dealers making extensive preparations The last sales Dacon sides were made at 8 rents They have since been offered under that figure without imyers. Whiskey ?The article was dull at 17 a is ots. Clover Heed is In good supply, and market Inactive l.lafie?-d Oil. City pressed continued to sell at Mat! ci*. Krom wagons, it was worth only 49 a AO cents fur ?< od quality. The river in f? ir boating order, and shipments good for the reason of the year. Baltimosr, Oct 3. Flour?Tha market w?s steady, and sales of 000 bbls. (Inward street good new * era mad* at $5 76. Wheat? The demand for milling continual good, and sales of Meryland rt.-ds were made at 105o, and of white do at UJv There was no change Jn oorn. and no sales of imp r'ance were reported. Hye we quote at 75o; no sales. Oats were worth 3fto a 43o (new). Meal was held at 13 3-5 Pork was Arm; mess at $13 a $13 3.">, and prime at $10 35, tan deary upward. Barrel lard was worth IOj. Whiskey nrm, with an upward tendency; Ixat sales at 37c a 38c; now held higher. Ai.iiakt, Oct. 'J?P. M, Klour?No change In ({notations, and no sales making worth reporting. Wheat?The demand for middling was fair, and 3000 bushels goad < Jenesen was on the market, for which 133c was ssked. Corn?No sal"s were reported. while prices remained unchanged. Oats ?Pales <ii dvvi uutuviB nvru iiimv.ii in tv b v emus, utnry was | j linn?73c wan bid PiovMciis??^o change. Keoeipta 1 l>y canal dur'm: the preced'tig twenty-four hour- ? j I-lour, 8'HIO barrels; whest. 4000 bushels; corn. 4U00 do; > barley, 10,000 do. Noising new In freight*. BrrFALO, October 2?T.M. Flour?The market cobtiuued dull. Malta of 1,000 bbls. were made, including lota of feesh ground and new at >6. VVh?!?t? Hales uf 6,000 bushels were made, including lota of Western at flOc , and good new at (1. j ( orn?Bales of 6.000 bushels were made, including vettern mixed, at 48c., and yellow at Me. Provision*, u<> change. Whl?key waa dull at M4o. Receipts during the preoedlng twenty-four hour*; ? Flour, 600 bbla ; wheat, 30.000 bushels; corn, -10 000 do Freights by canal to Albany:?Kiour, 68c ; oorn, IJc, and wheat, lit cents. Boiro,*, October 3?P.M. Klour?The market fur fresb ground and new weatern Genesee and Southern, contluued steady. Males of 3,'loo barrels were made at $6 87>? to fit Wheat?Nothing reported. Corn-Hales ot 10.000 bushels were made, including mixed, at 6!) aenta, ana yellow at 73 cents. Oata Males of 6,000 bunhels were made at 60 cent*, rrovlsions? No alteration. Lead? Hales of .'100 pigs were made at $1 60. Krelghts dull. [Telegraphic Cor of Philadelphia Bulletin ] PlTTtiivan, Oct 3, P. M.?The water is at a stand at 6>j feet, with the prospect of a rise as there is more rain thn-Alening. Flour a* yesterday?demand better. Oralu , unchanged. Tobacco active. Whiskey In bbls. 17 to 17^0. Wool lu fair demand at steady prices. Died. . Buil?uly, Oct 3d, 1(117. l)??in Fos?h?t, son of John and Margaret Ann Brittan, aged 4 years and 13 days 1 Tfie friends snd acquaintance* < f the family, also the , members of Oetty* Lodge, No. 11,1 O. of O F , are re- i xpectfully lnvit'd to attend the funera'., from No. 6 Ho i jknu street, on Kuuday afti-rnoori. at 4% o'clock, with- ' our. further invitation At Mnblln, on the 30th Kept, of the prevailing epide- 1 mid. Wm Hi'ciu ?**,of (llaagow. Scotland. , I A MTU AND HI \ N IM enmpriiieK aolar, hall, d oil, dotic, orieuial and C ini|iheoe lamps, auitalite for i>?r in, rv.i.a. chnrcl.e*. hotel*, billiaul saloon*, or any eatabliah- 1 irnt w he-e * hr'llt .utorreoi">mt('al liiiht it reqnired. together with an amiorftn-nr ofglobea glnsaea. wiclia, Cinipheoe, clietnttra< otl.lntrni g fluid, wholraa'e r>inl ret.,il .Vic al hint ? alter* d in so'ar; ail kimla i>l repairing done. P. N. S KMI.LV. , o I lit* re ilii aa* I afreet, nnni Ullkt BO \ u u A lew Krmlrinrii c^ii h.- accommodated ?iii I "fat auil airy rnrimi, rind pood boaid try a|>pl*> ing at 95 1 rn ntrdn'rtet IWinri door from tirredway. Ill li*m 1 D 'AHD ? Two or tltf-e I leiai.t morn? t.i If . Willi bm'd; a-# l?o, a I t'gi* mum on the hra floor, (tillable for an "lfice j .> nli two tloaeia r.tra* h?d. Ap.dy at ill Broadway. ??c<nvd Wmf fri-m M|i ,i.? ?lreet. ol ?'?re VI W- ' l.AHnl' .1 II v. i?u tl lu .iti- me attention til the of the tlilTeieiit 8?eiey Bal'a, that hi? ea tatiliahrneur 20 White aireet, ia nndergomg thoiongh re|iei.a tnd?mb I'lahmenla. and he wnu'd be pleaaed to ejapoae ?t 'Iv f.illewnig nighra lur reare table and genteel Balla and (tartlet, vii: Monday Weduead > y (Thur?day every fort- I I.iirhi,) and f'ndty, of each week, daring t?>e aeaann. Kor i particular! pleete call on Mf. C-, U White ilreet. ?W ItU'rre Li. }!onv*Vftn 'Mm^lWoirt J ?l- *t tl 0^-lQc.k itSf'J Urt'lfif. *onier ol 19th ?t **t. (lit ?ili'? Furniture on the pr*mi?*i, b*r nd tii'urrn U'blr t minora, ?iki IU|?inn u?! ?ef?rt, 1 hai.j. pr? ,n hc.% to. ettof w? h ?h? l??r i"?r* .f?? buie?*? < nth * uf tab!**, chau l> da'eaus beds, Icdlm*.rjrp-1* <>tl i lolll lonthimi -.m & . 4 2'*m H H \ I !.< iltsk (IX AND "w|> TKll"WUK- ' L* VV \'i '1'. Jt. \ NINtiS it ;tt? Dri,.rr? Hit! Tutors. irn- | "'ttt'iufl ln<>u, C i-.?iau-r??, V'stinj, Kuci Dff<? rfiHea, J ic *31 Brn-.ilAi American II ill offer fur intjiT'ion ui I iteusive uau.lmeat ol urw :4u 11 - >luoui Ae if <?!< I?>r Kill *pd A'jnler <* ', aelected with'a view to rendering tutu atock as irh in quality and variety * cm tie found in tlic city. K?r Overcoats ?Blue, black, brnwo, "live aud green rnille I < :loth?; various sliAd** Beaver do ; drab and blue Devonshire 1 irracy; Canada airy do.; drab. b'.ue aud black Flint Cloth; >ri><w>i. blacU. blue ui I drub Mubair (joatiuga i Winter Kr?ck?, 8wks. tic.?Braver and Milled flotha, bi- j ;n\ ia's, a new article; extra Tweed* hr. Diesa niid frock ( oats?Dlue.tblack nliv?, b'own. ^reeu j ) rod Adelaide ?of Biollv'a, HinnoniV ud oth*; fabrics. . llnsiqeas and Travelling Coat*?I'Uid Ca.simere, Twretla lUil other bo< <1s. Iluiiiiiiic i..oau? Olive, brown and drab Moleskin, tic Isiiulonna ?Prench, Knglish, Ueiui m and American black, jlue, m n d .'.id f.utcy Caaiunerei, selected Willi adtlerenee j u the various taste* of nor numeroai patron* iu thia line, tu which aucli a'tentiou has beta directed aa to enable ua to eo u c a fit combining ease and e'egnuce. V?-?U.?B ack Silks and Natms, lajicy do ; wool'eu and veliret I'laid*; lignred Meiimn; wh.r nnd butf Caasiinerea i.nd I tfuaeilles;' ch Silk* and Hntina tor Balls, Parties ke. Ariiy anil Na? r ? Etpaijenec ei.ibl>a in to furuivh 17ni* rornii< <n trirt coiM iruiity to r>iulitiona a d we ba\e alwa^^ jati ' J lh? tn.-u iialu ueceaxary to the differeut gr^dei of ll>e mii vice. Kiiat i^ajliiv lUady mide Oarmeatt, equal to the leit cm* torn wo k. Overcoata ?Brnwn, olive grtan, bUck. ?rd blue heaver, o l milled cloth SuKontvi * laiar iuiiK ent improved atyle< k.eka ine 1.1... l.i ? l. t -- ' J-?- > ' uruwu (iiiu urau mon tir; ura o Mjtl blue I dot; oil r Riid h'Own T?c da, lie Vonth*a and IJ iya'Ovrrcoa'a. Winter Krocka, Hack', kc. Buaiuras and Travelling Ijoat*.?Olive, brown, irreen iud bin? Cloth;, i laij f'a-?aiinere?( Twred*, kc. I>rea< and b'.utk t'oau?A la BS\4irtn>rnC in variout colon aud fabric*. Clouka?B>ue and Hack I'IdUii. lull three-quarter tir lea. Pautalooni? (Hack. blur, m n-d aud f.uiry CmimrN; pliin and ribbed Vetvelren lor ri.liug. travelling. kc Veatiuga?Black Silk, Sat'it. BoU?bv*ine, and Caaitmere', fuicy Hi 111, Matin ?ud Vnl?ncia: floored and plain wool Veivc, black and ligured Milk do. |l.e?ai'.K <Jow_ ?lir laiiiii'a. Merino, and Agured Mualia, in licit varirty. Hun-ing I'oa a in variout atylea Kai cyi Okm Art clia?Tajjlioni, Jenny' L>ud, M-zurka, and otlirr ?tylea fancy t.ravau; fc'ngl'ah, rreuch and Italian black ailk Cravara: entra and medium >|>iali>y b nek latin Crav*t<; anj*ri?>r bl >ck ailk "ndaatin t?cuf?; neweal uyje faucv d >: merino Scarf* or Mulllea, for travelling. itc ; twilled and plain, K<e?<-h ar.d Indi Pocket II o'dkrrcbit f., v> lute, colored and bo dered liuen llindkerchiefa G ovea-Chaa m'a and Bajoo'n black, white and rnlored k'd: alio, Merino ii'ikakin, lined B-rlin, l.nien, C -'ton kc buapeiide a? All the variom afylea and qualities I 'ndura eat i and Urawe'i ? l'e/in", Si k Bnckakin, Wool, nu' Cotton Klaunel. Half l|i?i>?White aud ro xrd Merino. and Cotton, v irinua gradea Shi t?. Uoaoinaand Collara. l,'inb r|!a?, Biik aud Coltou. fr-Piece l?oo''a?Clo!li?, Ca??irneres Vemiuki, kc.. iia ej'enaiTu an aaaortuient a* can be f >und in the opu'.tiy, whiaii will ">e aold by the Pi'Ce or yard aiiaiow pricea at tliry can he bought, with tin- ohvioua adc.Ullage of a re't c'ion fri ni what |M be relied upon a? the nvaf f.ian'onable gnoda. a3 1r*m NOTICE.?The contention i.l ihe Irienda oi Pruou Diaup'inH, will ineet in the Chamber of the Board of Aldermen on Monday the Itli nut , at oue o'clocn, P. M. W.T. MVnui., John lJuer, Beni, K. Butler, John W Kdmoiida, Juhn U. Knii, Pro*per M. wetioore, l??ae T. Uoi.ier, WjiliiH 'II, Theodore T'llkainffi 1,3 2 *in I < in it' " "t \rr*n -nneii'n p ALU l< v tM'8 MKSSC.M-Ki-. LOMIUN AND fAUT illS O^SKUVKK.-Hubacriptiom pv ilieae celebrated N'e wapnpera are leceited at No. 'U vVall ?, by the uniiertimed, fir Y,eairi. (ialigiiani. Kor the Meatenger da'l>, I rimed in Knxliih. 'he price in JS franca for t'i ee month* Kor llie Onaen er, weeklv. 5 fra~ca n? r i;i ncli pt\n'ne ma lvauce, 7tm _ LlVINOBTON. WKLLW k ? Q.. 10 Wa|i.?t. WANTKll-By i\ iniddlr iuril in. ii * situation aa Co I'll, man iu a private fatnily, or errant to * aincle gentlemm. He c?n obtaiu the b?at r?f recMium nditiona from partea with whom he haa lived. Addiea* J.nnet M . at ih i pjBee, in J *rc WAN 1 KU?Segar Hai'da : imply it .No il Bonerv ? hteady work end a good job. None but good hiuda nerd apply. o3 If rc WAN I KU ? A lew actne young uiru togoa U'lior wrat, to ai" aa agentafor the aale of ew and popular p'-blicationa?Uno over and above their exiveniea. will be iuaured to mem hi writing, Willi HU opportunity or clearing SI000 per year. 8oine men uow iu oar employ will no doubi mike over (iOi O per rear, clear ol all . xi>euse*. Kno'i man will have hit ilii'r ct It will be i ccesiary them to bavo *r least from 12.) to tiO 10 -limin a good fit'inn out AjipJv j;r STENCH'S, I un'Mhing Hall. 24) l)rond?ay. qp'stairi.'olftce of thc Klag of oar U*i"n. All leMeia TOH'l he p?m paid s2H I4i*m A(p7*fS WA.NTKL) l.X A KILE M VNLIFACrnrn g eittblitliinuut. now in ?uoce?lal operation. Conuectcd therewith in *11 engiue of 30 hor*e uower, cast uud heartier I (u nn-n.NU hammer,Icc. The location ii very ftvor ible t"?r the supply of coal, irou. autl provisions. Houw rent low. The enure coucrtn maybe purchased il desired Kile cot'era, and a first rate melter wanted. Address (letter pint paid) Bo* 314 Pi'tsburgh po?t < tfice i>2li30'*rr lYlOO w aN I ED.?t ?ne Thousand igeula are wauled to Ivvv I. c t< in different conntiea for the rale of anew Patent a. tide ilial will come mt< uuiverial use, and it ueed'd by every man, wuiu >n a d child for geueial uae ; the busines' a plea* uit and neat Hood business wen can make $M0 to tHOO per year over all expense*. Thoae desiraa* of mabieg inoaey arc invited to call; letter* postpaid will receive attention CHARLMJ FULLER, M30t*in 272 (ireenwi^h street. MaCIIIMS'J'8 WANTED?'Three or four good woik* men may lind immediate employment at 40 Eldridge at, second ?tor' . ol |i*rc rpo EUI I'uKS aNDHpUBUHH* Kb ? \ rfi^^ntVnnM. ter isdesiruiuof obtaiuiug a situvion either iu thii or ir> some s utheru city as foreman or_ compositor. Would pirfer guii'U si>uji. C.ui gi?c mosis*li*fuctoiv relerenue* ? to capability, Ike. A line B'idieiisrd to A. Si. M. at the offic- ol this naper, will meet with inimed ate atteutioo. _JI? Bfisre FIVE DOLLA?#K11VV AKD.-L?*i ou Tuesday erenini last, ou ihe East side ol Bioadway, hetweeu Union I'Uce a'.d 8prin< street a Chased (Silver Mead, belonging to a cane Whoever will return the same to 222 Ninth street, will receive the ab<>ve reward. n2 3t*m SOLE LEATHER AT Alii 'TION?JAx. M M I l.i.h.K will sell a' the store of Wl. LI A VI MIl>E8, No. 306 I'earl street on Thursday. October 7th, on acr?iitof 4 and G month*, si Jen oik ana hemlock tinned 8ole Leu I her, of die following we1! known T?nneries, viz: farmer's, Empire, Elton, H.mlburgh, Lee, Middlebnrgh, aud Chesnu kill, wiili orh?r artie|??. s30 6trc ('Oi' iMiAbKnllll1 iNO'l'ICB..?The ubscribei batiug J associ-i.>d him-e|f with L Jacobs, of the Original Chatham jirret U m tai Jj Ch uliain str-et, as th? lirm of L. Jacobs St < n . tliey will be happy to supply their friends a<id the public with Watch**. Jewelry, Musical Ii strnmeuts, Accordions, and other articles, wholesale a< d retail. r.un Ani' l.. I3AV O. L. JACOHS. 1/ 11 ?ALr. ? A anil bout (iliout twemy feet Iodk, well r found a.-i'l iu guod conntion. Applv to Otd*N H h'ISH Bmt Bnil'Ur 40.) Water u. EW. I lltOv &t (.().. No i?37 BUU VI) VV A V -K. W. Tryo'i hivini; ju>t rrmr.ird f.oin Loud.hi null Paria wiih t larue and splendit fortRieut of ('loth*, Cnaaimerei mid H'antroatini;*, i<No die iHtrat and tnnit fuluonal'le at)lea for Kali ami Wiute- 'J.rmrnta, reaped fully aolirii a call from ihrir f-ienil-i .mil . 1'lll'llC ol3t*>C m, - j(r (-KNTHKVILLK OOUK&K? ^TKOTTIMi.?I'une $10; two utile in liariicn, fire all tiofiuu ^JJjgJJJgJ^U^Jhoraea ilia' never won ? purae nvertiO, to clou at Oreen .V Ueveni, on Monday, 1ft the 4th, bv 9 o'clock. P. M., thicfl or more eutriea mid two or more to utart to make n rare?to come off October the Till. JOKL < ' o.NKLIN, Proprietor. Cwlin lie. Oct. x i??;. o3?r J? * - ^ KX lltAUKUl>,iK? JKUTVJt _ TINU MATCHES fit the CKNTttKVILLK COI/KSK, L. I? Ou Monday, 4th of October tli? Diy mare A Iran y Oirl, will trot airain-t time, fwo imtehea, vix lie, 100 ini e* in en t'0U'?, for the mi in t>f 12 0; aoH, srcoudlr, per'orm 109^ in le* fir (ZM morr?bo'h mitche* crnne off toce her. 8lir will ?tart at 7 A M. The in ire li*< the prtvilea* ol' coing a* ?lie pleaxe* iron trot. Sue w II he inmiaged by II Jonct. Tint will pnainvely t?k-pl'ce. fh mid thewwtlitrpermit* "J "r ? ?- r.rt.?ln111n lo. tliUL JftlMtOL LOM) IMLANO-SI000. ill par>e*. HftJffcgjSgVi p THK NORTH MMINSfTHK m KA8HION nuil the ureal Soutlie-n l.urtc I'AinKINiih.K, will coiilen I for th? four mile pane, nuil prnhnblv one nr two morr. 'I (!< U*re? n??r lienhove Conrte will lake place on the fir?t Tueadav*. itli Orti tier, 18(7, unci riiuiinur lhre? day*. KIlHi' OAV?Hotel Pune tdOO, three mile he*'*. 8nme U*y?8weei>?t*'e*. for 3 vr oldi ihnt i,ever run, mile hear*; riilmnre $204, forfeit (Ml; which In* cloned Huh four Mib?"? (). I*. Ilare'* ch. f. Palmetto, by imp. Leviathan, out of imp. Annn Marin. V/. W Rfirher'* br. f. Fancy,by Hornblower, out ol Stinley Kclipie'* dum. 11 A. Cimover'* h. c. Traveller, by Mercer, ?lam by Monmouth'* Kr.llJ r. 8unu?l Laird'* (William Uibbon*') l?. f. Whiaper, by Mariner, by Henry. SKCONU I) \V.-J0C:KKY ULl'B PUR8I?,|I5W?I mile hect*. (Same da> ? 8i:rub Purac, JiO, mile heat* eiilriiuce tdded. Till It 11 !) A V _ PMliriin'TmiH' I I 1't.l- <t.nn t- .1. Iienti ttntne dav?Uriitl* roe.i's Posi h> >k?, S2i0, two inile* nil,>?U? < HiNM tin ?ir .l dial tlmi ()'? Llemrn to rule in jockey costume. and u me their horses it the l >M. Tlit follow ing arc the entries VV. T. Porter, J. How, I,. Curtly, II. W. Herbert, O. P. Hare. O. O Young. The rules pf the course to govern iti* above n<u, cieept tli* gent rmfu'i it*ke. Kor parliculsrs, see " Hiiirit of tlie Tim?s." The Cum w. 11 tor in renames* '<> take passengers to and from the race*, almost e?ery hoar in the dag. N U.?Two or more to nnke a race in each of the above, egcep' 'he gentlemen's, which will require ihrre to start. s2Bfitrrc O P. IIAlt*'. Proprietor. ~0\ >6Rk HOH8?.~BAZ\AB..~ M? 31 street?L- K ltOLMJH, Auctioneer.?The L-i s ? regular auction sales will take place on Wedi.csdtv, Oct 6. at 11 o'clock, with Carriage! aid Hameai, and at 11 o'clock with a catalogue of Hone*. Oeutlemen having hones to olfrr for this sale will pleas* rexutei before lire o'clock on Tuesday, or they cannot be offeied by catalogue JINO. H (i<TKI? LD, Proprietor o1 jhm?rc WM COWAv, Manager. If IMili .LL? AfBOClA I ION. ? The nmi.b'rs are hereby m tilipd to meet on >! nday Morning. 4rli inrt, at 7 o'clock, at t entrnl ll.ill, in full uniform, lor the purpose of proceeding on tlisir an-oial eicur?iou. Ily order ALK.V ?. KORBF.H, fir'on. It Hit i, OnUrtv ! " rr jms ? rAtli Mt.H i A i o l.fcT ? ?uni.(hr.i ?i n^lur I"!w nnht d, at No. II North Moore street, suitable fo* ?eni"'B *' ol rc CM ASM I OOi> 'it h'ALL, 11AT8 ?Oemieinen hont changing their benvera areiuviteri loeismineihe apleu1 id article now offered by A.MIDON, IT7 Broadwsy, ol (tin'.t opposite Hnwarn Hotel. K??i? Nr.W Ottl.g.ANJ??Louisiana and (New Vork Line of Pickets?To sail Mondty, October MMUUiii'il') ? Ti e i ew and splendid f.ut sailing po-krt ship , lei.'N, Jas B Ingersoll, rainier, is now loauuig, and will [lOsiiirely t ill as all' it, lier regular day. Korlrrightor pasnge, having handsome furnished iteeoinnodationa, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall st, lr to K K. COL.I.I.N?, 1C Hon'h st Agent? in Ntw Orleans, Mr. Wm.Creery, who will promptV f irward all goods to his address. Koioiively no f,eight will be received on board after Hnin'. I I?v rvfiijnii. Oct. Tli? picket ?hip I OtJIRVILI.F, M. Hoot, muier, will nciMnlthe < liwoa,mil mil her wgjj'w to. m iAi1- NOTH^.-l'?Mi|t(i |>er fcket ilup OSWKvffWy OO.for Nrw Orle?iii, will 1|m?e be on boipl xl MKi Orlen* mtin I, In.'it Wall tlreet, Tuc?dy, Ocloner kh -n 2 o'<lofh V. wh.c. t in* 'h? ?Mp w Wail oJ lAg- Nk'LINK OF PACKETS TO AM> FHOM Mfy,I.IVRRITlnL-Piclnt of the 2l4t Ocfnbv? Ml MaUPta>*i>l' ndiil new hi.'I f.>t tAitii.K ?h]> < tiNSII I VI" > iH'ift t<ii ? hunhen, IJipn.n John Pri"?n w<il rv??111? 'V ??i' f-'im N? w Vi rk . n the tl?t *nd finm Lirrri ool on 6 H December. 1' r <>m ktxmt to proceed to Knr. pe, <>r how <* i n i.m to rnd Tor tlieir Irientla in tl>? ndc n tiy ' ? 01 nelect * finer ennveyaqcv. Thoee W'bliiK to recur* tAilhi, hnulil made early appVafiiiti ou hoaid at the loot ?f ilnrliiiK Slip, or to IV. He J. i. TAW'O'lT o< W ""onil! ? Cai K TH Full || > V II in.II I.nil- - I he JJJW^h.p BAI/liMOHK.J J ihueloiie. Jr., in .iter, will M&w'.iil on ihe lift nl N??rn.l>?r .. , I.n noVI) It lliv K K.N *c?n?? Vn. S* <? a I .'. ; 4A?; M >. I' I L, ut.jrjlil. ?*uee i.v ihe , , (JMW>liip()\F.I|)\.lfi,m II .tie. in Knin.iry l?M? >* n jjJfrj k ?WCICN.. WJ, ??.u | mmmmmmmm i' P Iht K II:I1 HlM W??? Bn??ti; Jerdiuud, Air Mui*a Alfoug. lllh. *igudt A.Oi* ? ' T.. c. nelu la with rt?? F?r?- of HHO< KI NO tfVVJf'i > illltili vif Mr Baa?; CnjKHu 8t>o!f, Mi McOuu 11; DorOli \ i tlx* K<W Horn- , . Uoora uinui Ji a Hauler f.eP>re ' n'el.wk. r?iforui*r'-? wtt* ; ...' |U.CIKl\ ? tM i?er 7. BOWKIU THKAl'Kfc. ? W MiW?V, SL4g", , Manager, Mil. 8TKva.?? ? Uonday r.reoin*. Oct ?ih, til' be i>e?lnriii?d ? wuiJ inti i .tic J. h.:j iu Jdu'i, culitlti THE SIKOB OK MONTKKtV. OH 1 H( TKlUMPHd OF KOIJUH AND RKADY I imfril Taylor, Mr. W. M r.tuill: Jake Duieubnry, (Yankee edla, Mr- V. BtnUe; Ufiuu. of Awe ire: Mm. Ji.rdan. | ' 'UTOl.KAMXi: OK tCKKCftT AI?U IJICIOKMT?: iceue l*r? hua Blown l?y Moonlight ?Chunu of Holdiera ? | Our Hag float* Tiiylor iu?|?et? ihr entrenchment^ i (jr.eialr Taylor* L>ieam: r ruion?Tha I all of M.'itaanurca. 2uil riaipn?The Capture of Moatarey 3d viuou?Bombardment of Vara I'm*. 4tti viMou?The Battle of Bnaua V lati. Tha Dual diaperaea aud diarover Kort Brcwu at breek of day? 'i'he (1 ilium rfoldiar ar uaed by the Hareille?Hisdeparture ' for Point Isabel?Bombardment of tlie Kort, and Deetb of | Major ilrowu. ["he 1'laiui near Mo Alto. a( the termination of the firat day'? Victory-?The Battle of the Krnrt da la Palina: the Amen- | em arms triumphtut in the second coined?WalnutHpriugs; | llo'.gli anil KiMdy hucampiurut The entire of the vast btunr will be thrown open to aid in the i Nero'C Ml-ct Termination of the neve< to I a hir^otten Three Days' Vi(ht (i'ir<eou? Txhlenu Fieviuua |> which w.ll ha perform-d PHK RENT DAT viaruu Meywood, >.r W. Marahali; Bullfiog, C. Butke; lUchuel Hey w?wtl Nlra Phillips. L)o .r* will be open m(i>i o'clock and ihe enrtain will h?e atT. ^B?ih B <'wt?; P. and- Oallerr. 11^ (.'ent?. _ GHA 1'HA.>1 THKATHfc.?Under the Management ol Ml. KLKTCHKH..?Monday Kveuinic. October ItK ihe iwr(ormuirv will commence with WHO'4 THE DOMrO- 1 HEtl /-Kil'po, Mr. Valcot; (-ariiin, Mist < lathe. To bf followed In- tlx- MAVAUE ANU THK MAID K.N ?Mr. (vituiimlri, Mr. Wilcot; Mist Niuetta Crummies, Miw CI ukc. To couolude with THE LONELY MAN OK THK OCEAN, or the Perila of the Battle and the Breeae?Lieut. Adam Baahford. Mr. Neafie; Wuidham Bowyer, Mr. Hullirau; Jack Jolly, Mr. Brandon Phicks?Boies, JS cents; fit, UK cent*. Uo.ira opeu at 7?performance enmineuces at haK-pau?. P .\ I. VIO'S?Monday, Ortohei uh, III4T ?Open every night. Kirst week of the celebrate.-} ETHIOPIAN KEHKNADKRH. Oeiiniu, St?nv;oo<l, Harrington, Pell, While and Howard, nice thrir irtiim liolu Kur.'pe, where they had the diatinKunhi J honor of apt raimii before Her Majesty the Queen II. It. H. Prince Alb rt, the Kuyal Family, and Nobility nud I (MM <il 1 .m.Ui:d. The Mereuitdera l*a| I'ltully iu.OmUDCU to the lad ea tud krr tlemeu of New Yoik that i> ty will commence a aerie* of e?- I lertaiumeata at t^e above limit* on vloud -y, Oct. 4tli, which I Were wuei>x'd with enthiui.'<Mi ? applauift by ttiouaandi who I Willi d their perfo. maiicea i>t the Si. Jauiru'i Theatre, Lnndou, diiriug a period of 14 tnonlha, consimmit of souita, glees, choruses. &c.vaccoinp med with thnr unique instruments. Kur particulars see small bills. I'uder the direction of Mr J. A. 1HJ.MBOLTON. Adimaaiou 26 cents- DuOra opeu at 7)4 o'clock. Coucert at It'elitft ?W It rc MiTCHELu's llLtM PIC 'I'HfcA'i'Hi..?.Vlouilay *.?? mutt, Oct. 4th, the iierformxuce will commence with LUi'K'4 ALL?Pieuo UoUeiuouche, Mr. Holland; Camill , Miik Phillip* Alter winch. THE I'AKSO Vi NOSi.-Mr. Bubb, Mr. Mi chnil; Midehnr, Mra T'inni T<> b?< I Mowed by BKL'LAH SPA?Hector Templeto , Mr. Holland; Caroline O.a.ny, Mias Msrv Taylor To eouclii le w itli KlbHIMI UOLH BY KAVOR?Jean OriM.iu Mr Holland;, Marchioness de Louney, Mis. 11. laherwood, Pei iue, iSiis. Tiuim. Drcaacircle, '># ceuta , Upper Boies, ti cent* ; Pit. oue ahil 11 in; : Private li"ie..S'> ;Oicheatra B-'ie*. *3 BttOAUlVAV THEAi'KK?Monday eveuiUK. Oitobei 4, The eLiejtan inr.ts will commence .with I he i>l*y . I I..1UI v?r uiwiio?' i.une .Meiuime, iWr U. VauiienImlf; < old e| Duim, Mr. O Barelt. he<uifaul, Vir Freile. neks; Pauline, ,\lu> Kainy Wall.ick; Widow Mulnotte, Mit tVi.tta, Ma inn. V ri h i name*. After hIi cli Pr.ile??or Hi lev and Ins Sous will go throngn thei' p > uWi eje cise? To conclude with the farcr of the CAPTAIN OF THr WaI'CH-Vkc u.i de Liguy .Mr. Lester; Hron Venderpotter. Mr. Vailie, Kristtuft, Miu llelm Maithewe; Kairyn. vlr?. Wait*, D.-?<* vicclf 1-anjueue. (1; family circle mid upp?i bofet, ill cent*. icalltry, licci b. In) r? ?.pe i.l .: p-rio mxucr to roitiin?nce if hull l?a t7 Vl " iv/. AiS O sFvUIlt Oi ?V rU.iollay, uU S'll Kl ill' I J. I'abe riwcle.- ?OA I LO 8IV0KI AND HEN* I It - HZ will iii>e a Grand Joint Couceit uu We.i esday fcv?uing, October 6lh. uautrd by the celeUiatad >*iuger MADAME FLEURY JOLLY. Prion Do?u? from the Or ml The urei ot Paris ard New Orleans, (whohisrc vered from lier inuispositiou,) MON8. DUBKEUlL, Fir?t Barrylont from the Opera* o' Fran e ?ud New Orleans. A UK .NO ORCHESTRA. carefully selected Iro-i. ain<>ug the he?t Professors by JRl-.. MUaOh BAl'tTil, Leader of the litliau Upera. Tliey have, moreover, the suttif*cii..n to nnaoance that the LlEDEtiKRA^Z. consisting of ONE HCNDnEU MALE VOICES. L'uder the d rrctia.i of MON*. He.i HT, l.aa kindly consented to assist them on this oceuinn only. 1'lfc.CES TO BE PI- HFORMED. HENlU HERZ. Lncrexia Borgia and the Second Concerto, with the SWISH HONDO, uyicqunt mai). KLEUBY JOLLY. Gmnd Arias from II Uaibicre 01 Sevig i> ana LaOaxza Ladra. CAM1LLO SIVOul, II CanipaneMo (The Silver-Bel ) aid the CARNIVAL OF VENICE. lly the L1EUEKK UAN /. Two Choruses bv Menuelsohn a d ?, uujibeiisg upwardaof Oi.eHu dred Mule Voicci. l'ra Diarolo?Grand Duet, first ti ..e by HEM/, 81VORI. All the arcompacimruts and two Overtures, by the On c'i. atra Tickets Oat- Dollar each, to be had at the music store* and the door. To avoid a crowd at the D< i Office, the public are urgently requested to lake their nrkets, in preference, at the music aiorea i oneert to eoRimence at 8. oi 4tn ,' MaLL, 472 Bro.ilw.',, t?ei*een timid and Krnoin - streets, . ommeucing MON DA K, October | 4, aud every nigh until lurther uotir* The original D . L,.HIJ.nL8Ti",t MIN?TRELB, | ?i. N.CHKIHTY, ?. PIKRCB, W. PORTER. T. VAUGHN aul E. ABBOTT, hate the honor ol annonn< inr to the Ld,e? aiH genllemrn of New Vork ihtt they williltrit teriea of their original aim popular l.uuceila, wi.ich %> e e received with tuch diatiiiguith eill, vordu in< their ureviout Tin t to tin* city, hariug beeu for a lucceuion of four oiunthi n fitly crowded by highly leapei table aud fashionable *ude..cel. A. inn ancr V.5 centi; to commence ?| U o'clock. nl tf rc A i J H h TAMMUHACU, MONDAY KVICNIMU NKXT, October 4th, HIT. Mt'lime ANNA BIHHOP, Hignor UK UKOMS, Mr. nOt at ?, Mr BRUlTOH, H< ine Vad A. Eiahup'a aecoud concert. In addition 10 the programme alretdy iajtied in una.I IhIIj, wi I bu preaea'ed a Bird c tf.ision or tloina** to Aineiict fo- Si.V H\HP<! |?eilorinetl hy Mr Borhai and live talented perloimen; Uie only time thu piece ran I* informed in 'meric*. Ticketa SI etch, at the Mtuic 8tore?, he. Concert 1.1 beicin at 8 o'clock. oj It CU.Nt-KHl' ? MIMS IHIDjllA K. HAN.IKmi I l?> i-k.K I.?Miaa tlanaen t>e leave reaper tfully '? turnonn' e, tIn.C her firat < i.ncert m hi* ci y will he guru at ihe Tabernacle, on Tl.'fcHDAl' r VKNINCJ, Oct. i, at which ahe Will III r.'duce lailM| Hpanuh and Kngl'ili ?oug* Hli? hn? t* e I'lenn.e tu alale th I [lie valltalilii trriiret III Siirimr lift !>? ( . tofttlirr Willi an flic i nit orchealr*. lure been aectued lor the occ.i?mn. Pirticnlari iu future adrertiaemenu. f4. 3tu*m SI UN "'II lil,l I'Z?I ontimn? hi* AYIl'MINO, KNJ'B-KT .iNlNu HiJMOMOl s? *n.l DlVKRTl.NO PER Ommancks, M the Society Library. corner ?,f Leonard tiect and broad way, e?eiy event* g dnti'g the week, commeuciDK Mojday, O t Uh. (Jimme of programma nightly. Door* oim hi 7 o'clock?commence ai 7>4. A'lmn?i.(ii <i et?, chi'dreu under lil\e-iraof age, half price. " Altoruuim |>cr ormanrr* un Weduetday ana Saturday. at . ?> o I ck. ol 7t*rc B.1 l: M.' M'S A ViKKH./\.\ MUntl.M?splendid Per fornc'uea*. 'I ins Afternoon and Kvaniau LAST WK?.k OK ETHIOPIAN SEUKNADKR8. L'.ST WEltK OK ORPHEAN KAMU.V. GREAT WESTERN. the Yankee Comedian. fete \torri?, .Mna Bernard, Mi?* Jolien. Wat figures of Arri*tad hlavea. LlVINli O&aSu OUTAN<J?or, Chimpnniee. Mail. RIM WELL. the lantoja Kortun# f'allar. Atlraiuion IS ? i ? ?' 1> Iflrvn under tan. on# *h.||iaf. *2fi 'I'HK <il ILiOll COLLECTION.?I he first fcrieaol thia X iiiHXiiilieeiit collrcti. ii. eonnntiug of three gigantic 8cnj>ttiral Painting*, vil>?Christ Healing ill? Sick m the Temple, Christ Kuniiu Lm.iru* from the Dead, nud Death on the Pale Ilurae. IliiijilirJ in Lhe hiirheit *tvle of the art. in now olicu for exhibition from 9 A. M to 10 I'. M. at the ^atioual Academy ul? Dcaiga. Admiatiou 2b cinli; Seaa.m Ticket* Mciols. N U?They are admitted by aouie of the liralailieia to I* aunenorto Weat> Paintmga on the aatne aubjecti. and the beat collection cf luaturical nubjecta lift offered lo tiie public. 2J lotia'a W aLNiUT 8 .BEET tHEA'fRE, PIIILAuELKhIa? Leasee, E A. M?r?hall; Manager, *V. R. BUke?&? engagement of MR t.OLLlNH.?Moua?y Kvuiuc, Oct 1. will be |*rloruied THE NKRVOUS M AN?McSlinae, with tlie ion* of " Sprig of Shelulah," Mr Colluu. After which the aong ' i he Star Spanultd Burner," hy Mr l?olliua To be billowed by Til K WRONG P *8SEN(JkK?Deuuu Mc<aiihy. with eonge. Mr Co'lina. Song ot "The Bav of B>icav.' in character, by Mr. Collina. Toe"nc'ude with HOW To SETTLE WITHVOi R WA-HER WO * <*N. Bot and Parquetia. .10 ceuta. Second anu Third Circlet, Si centa: Orcheatra and Private Bniea. 74 enn |JAL1 t.v|l?hK, uiUI.UUAV fil1,) A>D IllCll.vjl/ftU *J VA? THEATRhB, bow andargoing improvement*, re decoration, kc , fcc.. will ahoitly open in coOjouctio . Ladiea and geutitmeu of eatabliahrd prufeaa ouHl ability, drairona of engagements, will i<leaae ap|i|y bv latter (|>ra paid) to m W H. *<f...\KE. 1(4 South rain n at. Philadelphia N *Tio\Ai/>\Firi5F TTTTT/iAlKHF aN INfl'i lTTTK, Ci?t|f Hardnu in th? c fv rf Nt* Vo*k, npe?a to the public on I tiead 'V neit the Mh of October I llnbitera and >iait >M come and joiii thia va-t m aa an ! carry out the great American Jubilee of patnotiain aud tlie arta. ?J It rc f|^HK (.ilraoidinary R"e?t ol walkirg MU mile* in Mil conaecutive honra. at the home ol Kdward HcOoveru, |7D Cherry mm, bida fair to be accomplished?the pedeat?'an having completed over 4*0 mi'ea, auH loola aa freah aa wli?n ha firat came to tha mult The difficulty of thit leat onaiata la Ita baing performed o? a platform II leet in lentth, by J feet? mchea in width Hiahwn will etpue on Wedi.e-. j rt y, Oct Gth v II oVIock A M. The pa l.c are inv red to ca'l, f re of eapenie "'I 7'*'C fHK OPEN I NO 0 \Ll? OK THE BE A"ON, ?t t 1 Hhakapeerr Jlotel. corner ?.fl>naiie and William a iNf), will be given oa Monday evening, the Iltli of Octobei. It la in* teuited to ofTeraienea of Rallaal fhi? well known establishnient, at regular ii?fe?vala during th* amirovchiag leuoo whi'h ahall not be anrpaaaed for elegance of atyle ; and aa no p iu? will ie ?pa ?d to m ike thrie < n'ertaiumeuta, la e?er\ iea ecr, highly agieeaMg, it i? b?l>ev?d thit thee ailln.erit <i.d receive their fill ahare of public atteutiou Ticket* lor ihe OPf.\f ? O B \ LI. may lie burned at il e bar o( the II. ml in fo'M p% I 'lid Crr !>'? win ol it JiM/TKhri. Oi.IF". V ?4? II M('4-ON -{l?at(ri J irp u titi*<l tli.t lh?a-a?.>u w.ll r nrniuri.?e on TiiraiU vfTiu'. 'Hh I r Howard H<>u?r,t.t ha f put 7 o'clock r> m rlv By order, oil |.'ff T W HCF.VK. HrriMln-. '|i'<7vv"iTLU l~> T HUiNHS, fce -7u II ? LaI I > ? ,7 1 Trunk Moii'iPUfn. No I Will ?;rc?i, <on*r .>1 Hroarf ?tr, hi? no* on ind i niiOMi'ly mnkinit a *.>od ???oif n ?'it ol Tr'tnki, V*li?n. ('trp?t Bigi ui Hattlirli, whnlr' ,'le and rttnil AN >, a mi|i?riftr aftirtu of Sol? [,ntli?r Trunk* ??i'?hlr f f mrrir> or K.nrotx.q travel, and P irtra?ute.iti? I'or .lir Krrurli V1?|ie Poat. < rder?fiirthe VVett Indir a, South Amrnra, ke . fiPa'twith dwpw'rh Mt*w IKK I of? WAKUHolit AMU nnMilhK. J W ? NTKD ?I.?dic? Anil (piitlrmrn liav nit tafw (la. ni rrtrcta to d'?iio?* of, aui li a? Wrarinf Al'l?r?l, Kurtittari, fcc, enn > brain a fair raah I""'* for lh? aamf hy rudmi! for ? uh?rrih?r. throoch ?hr Poat OlAre. or otlin?! ? , who will at. rrnd at their rni'feiirti. J. LKVKMITTN, 4M Broadway, npatain. Lad et ran b? (tt?u<I*d to by Mr?. J. Ltvtnatyn. Ktft'rrc ujiii 'jv m ?* i s LATEST MOMENT. TKLJCuB \ PIIIC, Tl?e Mew Ymb iteuuM r?i4e ji*( : Convention H> licvtu. O.itolifcr 1 P M. The Cnufentlua h:.a vJrutttud Llu>L&eid. The TOte to 4 lor LitehOold ol, Van Uurtu 63 Th? earns of I.lringtton ani Duun, of New York olty, u now pe&dlug. Thla is the laet contented cum loal reinaiua to be dteidod 1 he < invention will but t-o remain here until next week. Initiative A.lmi t, October a. 1817. k?N?i i. The Senate ?t? net in fes.'lon corer ten minute*. No buf ineaf wm tranaaoted. Home. The bill rapt-iiling the act exempting the property of minlatera of the go?p?l from taxation, waa r?)?eird.? There ware only 68 vote# on the bill?eye* 50, nay* 11. A motion to reooneldar (U made, auJ laid on the table The bill to abollah capital punlahment la now under conalderation. Steamer Niiaggatl and Utm VmU Cincinnati, Oft 2,1947. The iteamer Mlwalaalppl vu wagged laat Saturday at Turkey Inland, und sunk to her hurricane deck. Seven man, return" t tuinoia volunteer*, and twenty borne, were drowned. The boat la a total lo*g. BY THB HAILS. WtiHIMTOK, Oek. 1, 1817. TKt \tui?Tht Import and Purport of tht Rrptrt. To the pony newt of yesterday, we have superadded to-day that abaurd report that (Jen Heott la among?not th < killed and wounded, but the mlaalng. Thla eery report haa led to a sifting and eearehlng croea-examinatlon of the pony new* of laat night, and t ie result la, that about half the peraona we meet donbt tie validity of the pony iutelll*ence of the rupture o." tha armlatloe?the occupation of thn olty of Mexico? (he offer of twenty mlllinna for California?hut particularly the Tr<tueet attributed to Mr. Triat, fur the exten ion of tha truce to fortv-tlve daya longer. We underetand that Capt. Sbuttlewnrth, who brought deapatchea laat night from PenaacoU to Secretary Maa >u dcubta the pony nawa; that lie bad not heard of the brig Oareola at tl.e afurtaaiil port on tba Ulat, or up to the 43d. and that he bellevea ahe wan not In Penaaeola on the Slat, aa reported If thla be true, the newa wae i-oneoc'ed at Peneaoi l? or at mine tr>t< i in* diate point It U churned, e^tiii, thai the Intelliufiice la a iLeer Invention of |<eeulatl<>rn in government ali-elia We lurllnn. tiotwiibrt.tiiiiii k to b?lle<? that thua riiinh of lb* uewa will l?- vmti>-<t. to wit: that 'he arriictlre la brokeu; ihat Vleiti-o la occupied; Htid that war ia the w.irn fur the Inter m It w pirteoily ua-l< aa to gn Into an aigun.ent to ruetain tins <>i>iulon w lieu It mayor may tut lwr?'ut. d tomorrow morning. but tlie ponlte Iih?* n> t. \ tmli d to ri-port the truth. ?i.<l always a iUy or two, or more, in ?d*?i ce of our frti-iid t nv> Ji bun i The Preeldr lit ami J-errrtMi V if -t?'- have their Uiilllita and thi IT hi pi a; l<U* tt.y ure . eiloualj alarm -it Well ma) ih<*y li?? tiuil ' lily ku I?> * l\ I? b a ?ar limy end, If it aball not have lie . rn.ii.ui it tbe o tj ef Mexico l h- New Orleana papera ?re all In the rturlt on the -ubject; t ut atlll tb? n?we may be rn cl to a letter. I omoirow may bring ue utbeiitlo arteli ?-a It We eet do nuwa ki inoln.a ?? !'?? ' ? " " " . - w . r / ? v.i?(r laron 'tin Wllmot pruvtao It would ? um cm to dl?cum that queatloD to-night Wa?hi>otoi?, Ootobcr 1, 1847. T)it A'? ui Tho Fenaaoola pony r??a U doiihud Wy ninny; bat good judges believe It li at leu* Um supie nt t ha truth A Our owu lmpr?M?lon It. that tho full r?port. wheu It ooniM, will preient a uiora dUaatrou* ?ua unw-lo- m* Btate of thing* tbnn we aro yet apprited of Y?V we hope for the 1>ei<t. Thcr* uty )?l b? ft oh?iir?? a vny Itui cbtDM, for ft plm lor p??u? fruiu Mrkieo. nur Um oocupation of the city The n?w8 of lut nlgbt w?b Oft mad* known to tho President till this morning. owing to hu nuikpuaith.n. Hi in eomewbat better, to d?y. though tadiy uioepp'lntel In the intelligence. W. Baltimobi, Oct 3,1647. Tkt War Siv>? partially confirmd? O- n-ral Taylor and Brown'i Pointing*?Col. M.iy - Jl Si'am Engine of Baltimore munufaclvre and intention far Utio York ? Commrrcc, fc, Tbu news received thin morning from tie *eat of war, mfty be considered as confirmatory to mine extent of the intelligence received by the < xprew. and It may o? b<-regarded n? u "tixid f??*t " that much hard flgb'lnf i? yet to be done before General Scott will be a bin to : conquer a peace. They had better tend old Z*ck orer i >u bum uuerbiuu. M>? lot mm iry nia liana wttn Santa ! Anna agaJn. I believe that tbe very nam* of Taylor would now mike them tlirowjdown tbrir arms and aue fur peaoa Speaking of Taylor, remind* me of F.rown'a painting*, which will be In New York In a few duya. 1 wu In tbe room yeaterday when Col May entered. and it ?a* moet gratifying to ?ee him viewing them lie *aj* th?' more perfect llkeneraee were never transmitted to cenvee*, .tnd he appeared to feel aiuioat lb?t he wan among hla old aaaoctalea. The tent Krne he fairly Idollied and be* it m> perfect in the llkenerae*. potliora of the officer and the scenery,that there In not a leafo: tbe tree* under which the tent* were pitched, missing I was pretent yesterday at tbe trial of an engine built upon the new prinelp ? recently patented by Mr B 8. demon, of tbia city, under whose immediate inspection It ha* been built by Meaar* A tk W. l>enmead. at tbe Monument Works, for Mewn Bebe & Co , 01 New York city. It la of thirty horse power, aud completely porta hie, independent of other aupporta than Ita own fram?. which la of Iron, caat In one piece. The whole engine, in complvte running order, may be packed In a hi i Ave feet r<|tiare. by nine feet in length. The ateam cyclic tiers arn four in number. caatin one'puce, and revolve around an alia at an angle of 60 degrees from I he line of 'he main shaft, with which they are connected by h*?al Rear. Tbe ateam la received tinder tbe four platona ear caeaively, which act upon a diak on the main ehatt, with which they are connected by meaaa t f ball ami eocktt joint* The angle with the abaft at whlrb the cjMndefa revolve enable* the platon*to actjupon tbe aforeaaid diak hi succeaaion, aa if lour cranka were placed at rlgta'. ingle* upon the aame abaft. The ateam valve la of a pe rullar construction, beluga circular dlak with conical -urfacee. ao arranged that the wear will lie uniform. The openings being brought Into ooincidence and rtaa rcraa i>jr lli? motion of tba ejclindi'tit themaelvea; between the nrfacea la auotliir perforated dlak which operaiaa to eut < H thi> iLntm at any required portion of tbu atroke, and * liich in connected with a governor ao aa to cut off or ?dmit ateam as th? labor thrown upon tbi> engine may | require This engine I* intended to drive th? machine j -hi p of Mi-scrs Hebe is. l o . of New York city. It will b? . >hipp?d on thift <lay for New York, where it will bit ?*I hil'itvd at tin-Kalr of the American Institute. prevUna to being placed lu ihc manufactory which it In Intended to drive. There hare bei n 13-i arrival* In onr port daring the l>**t montb. 80 of which were coaatwise, and 46 from I' r <i/n port*. Of the whole nnmber there ware iour llrulah, flvii Bremen, and ouh Ituralan. The arrival" wcie of thu followlug claaa**. viz: 14 nhipa, 16 barka. 31 brign, and 7'i Hchouoerr The clearances for foreign porta during the name period ware 4W, via: 0 chips, 7 bark*. 'JO brigs. and 13 achoonera, of which 7 war* British and f> Bra men. Btocb inn Monbv MiaatT 'The Baltimore (lock mat ket la very <|oiet. Trasnaciion* at the bourd during the week bave been aau<aall> limited. The ratea of Un'trd .-tarn ae' u idea have.declined, witlioti ??'??. City fo.ud* are Arm at il<e laotationa. I'Mii-AorLriiu, Oct 3. Tha unfavorable Intelllgeooe from Mexico ?ai disbelieved lu certain olrrlea yafterday, but prlrata latter! bava tbl* morning bean reoeived by mall confirmatory <>f It* general oorrectneae A break In tb' telegraph between Daltlmore and Washington dil*y> J the receipt of [ despatches from rett-rnburg lliM moruiuK but tb? *loI rloua capture of the city of Meiioo had jmt cctna o?i-r I the wire*. N*thtn F.vnn*. a conductor on the lUadu g railroad, j wan dreadfully eruahed yeeterday near the Vall? of "Abuylklll by the car* patftlrg over both thigh* Ha Jlcil at the Hoapital about ti n o'clock U?l *?!?> t (JaoriiB Frlok and William Walker warn yesterday onrlcted of participating In iha riot of thr 4th of July a?t. when th<* Herman* r?turuio4 from their *!? brstluu lu I.lppinoott'a work* were attacked au-i b?a?en Tha benefit of Mr. Col'lnaai tha Wal nut I ?' ?r?nfm, packed tha houaa to overflow with a dr!'?M- l auiilenc#, who appeared carried away by thair fxallnirt. * < l?u I and repeated were their applaiiMi C-oll in m->t fiurly lie conMdered aa having arrived at that emlnetioe In hla i articular line of character* m> worthily filled la yari by tha lamented Tower. NmI*a of fttocki at Hlilloilt'phln. ' 'iiut Bo4i>p, Oct I.? OOoSN'a J?, 7?H. IJ fii.aid B?. k ia. Arm* Halm ? It? ?lnire? OiT'1 Umk, 'J. 1^0 it ?, \\\ P /*. a. .. ? MAn lt?a?* (a if. IfiV Iftn IT U U i. , A>th >tm ?*"**? **'< ? ^ 7?lji. < i1** 71). Tn* Kfront or bnr 1h.a>d liwrirM., for the rnillnir 30, 1*47 tlm N iitnbi r rr-uikltiloj, m r lui t w. t U'.< rrprrt. . :i tl j4 Total 4i>o Dl?ih?rg*d I'lid IiRcm?!nir* i Wbol* IIIIDltM-r 'llWltll t< f*'*. . . .1 oA Ar Tllr. (.KIOIIDT liMriTik, MdKtdKU. &??t W l)i*d t** ir j* tn-i lu n'y? Numhtr of Hiek. laurkov M'H not Mi * W'jin?*n .Vf> Uidikii fl i hlldrt-n MJ I hudr.ii 2 Tot*1 H.-.', ToUl.... I' On Ita* 'ilod alt. th? tjmboo hi*; tUi ? '*? M?? <?? Woman Chlldr*?. 'J""J

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