Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1847 Page 1
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' THi Vol. BO. Ha. ?7Ji_Wbol? N*. MOV. THE NEW TORE HERALD , ESTABLISHMENT, JRortJi-wMt onrnar of Walton and Rmh? Ml. ' JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. J UOlCtrUATlON KTIIITY TIIODIARU. DAILY HERALD?Eyary day, Pr.ea 3 cmu par ao?y^4J 1 14 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD? Every Bttutday-Frice eereopr?$S ttkceuu per annum?payable hi advance. HK&ALD KOn EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day- J Pnee fiX crnu pear copy?$4 per aunaro, ?ucludin?_p<nt:)ge. , or S3 25, excluuve ofpu?tagp. ,'nyable in a<lvauc?. 8u??cr|p tiou* and advertisements will Ve received by Mwn, tJali* nam, 18 rue Vivienne, Pari* ; P. L. SiKuuds, II Comhill, and John Miller, the bookseller. Londoi. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Publiabed on th? , lit of January of each year?single copies sixpence each. i ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cub i? i lifnuot. Advertisementsshould be written ia a plain, leribls i manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible lot error* thai I Bay oecur in (hem. . . I PRINTING of all kin da executed beaotifallr and witfc ] dea patch. I All letters or communications by rnatL addreaaad to the ] proprietor of the eetahlishmaat, mast be post laid, or the pees atf* will ha dadurl**! tHa lakwriMirt* anMV T?????? ?? f? ? . NEW VOKK AND HARLEM Lda WM TjMbMHiiI 11 A'L ROAD?Fall Arrangement? KK'nE3KOii and after MONDAY, October 4th, IH7;, the Cars .?ill leave City Hnllt New York, for WilliatnuliridKR and White Plains and inter- Crotou Falls and Fordhtm mediate places. interm'te places. and 10 AM I and It A.M. A. M. S M. 4 30. It 6 P.M. ? 30, and 4 SO, P.M. S * P.M. 1 HrturmuK. will leave? Williainsl>ridge. White Plains. Croton Falls.i At7, 10. k 807, 7 30 A.M. 8 30 A.M. j and 10 OS VM 9 30 A.M. 1 P.M. 2 17. It 4 35 P.M. 2 P.M. j Yorkville, Harlem, and Morrisiaua Trains will leave City ; Hall at 7 30 A. M. hourly, until 11 30 AM, and 1 P M hourly, ! ' KeturniuK, will leave Morriaiana. Harlem, and Yorkville at ' 7 30, aud hourly until 12 30 PM, and at 2 PM, hourly, until 6 ' PM. ' I Fare Irom CUT Hill to Harlem ana Morrmana cenu. " 27th street, to Yorkville nod Harleoi 6% ceuts. 1 Passengers for the Reservoir, High Bridge, and Murrisiana, 1 will take the Harlem Trains. 1 The Trains to and fromCroton vails will not atop below White riauis, except at 1'nckahoe, Williamsbridge, and KordThe Trains to and from White Plains will not stop below | Fordham. ;; A Car will precede each Train from City Hall to take up J ; passengers in ihe City; the last Car will not stop except at { / Broome atreet and 32a street. ; } Fr igh' Trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and 42d street at! 1 " AM. Freight received i^pl 12 M. an<< i 30 IT""-! _ NOTICE.?STATION IsiLANUFKHttY, i* m~" and after FRIDAY, Ocuiber 1st, 1847. the JWaKSOHMfcasteamboat* SYLPH and 8T /TEN ISLANDER will ruu a* follow*, nutil further notice:? I.UIK STATION ISLAND. 1 f At 6,1, 9,10, 11 o'clock, A. M.?1, 2,4, 6 o'clock, P.M. 1 LEAVE HEW YORK. ! At7, 9. 18. 11 o'clock. A. M.?1. 2, 3)?, S, 6M o'clock, P M. New York, Sept 29 1847. ?30tf NOTICE.?For the better accommodation ] f* **"tLi n^^~f the public (as the days are becoming HESIBlBshorter), the Steamboat NEW PHILADEL- | PH1A will, on and after Monday next, leave New Brunswick j at 20 minutes before 7 o'clock, and New York at IS minutes , past 3 o'clock, ?toi>ning at the regular landings. The RARITAN will continue at heroldlioars,at7 o'clock from New Brunswick and before 3 o'clock from New York, ranuing through without stopping. . Both boats leave from the foot of Barclay stseet. ' Fare in the New Philadelphia, 6% cents; Raritan, 12X cenu. New Brunswick, Sept. 3. 1847 s8 30t*rc j ?TO WINli?The new and powerful steam" JACOB BELL, Capt. R. Yates, and HE 4tttfU9BBkRALD, Captain J. P. PARKS, will be in constant readiness for Towing Vessels to and from sea, and I about the Harbor, on the most reasonable terms All orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. ' Apply to the old established Steam Tew-Boat Office, No. 74 S nth street, corner of Maiden lane, upstairs. ' The Boats lay every night nt the foot of Grand street, E.R., auu afr ai?by? in mauiurna at a uiuuirui iiuucc. 4 N.B ? All persons are forbid trus'ing the above boat* on . acouQjt of the owneri. W.N IcT.M. DOUGHKRTY, t ?9 :)0t*rc No. 75 South sr. cor Maiden lane. <m. MORNING LINK" AT 7 O'CLOCK " I *ny7| ALBANY AND TROY, and inter mediate Landings. The Pre imer TROY is athiid larger than any other Day Boat; and in point of speed, safety, and commodiousnesi is actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired more nm- 4 versa I and enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfec- t tion those substantial excellencies which really deserve e public furor. ( Breakl'ist and Dinner on board the Boat. I The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, c will leave the stesmboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A.M. Return- a mff on the opposite days. , For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. sir. rc II 1 MORNING LINE Ar 7 O'CLOCK, | r^igE^lFOR ALBANY AND TROY, landing at WMMMBMCaldwells, Weupoint, Newburg, -Hampton, | Milton, Ponghkeepeie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upt>er Redhook, Barrytown, Bristol, Catskill. Hudson. Coxsackie, Kinderbooi and Bal'tmore. Landing at Hammond street. Leaves New York, Tue?dar, Thnrsdav and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, A. M, Breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leave tne Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesdaj s, Thundayi, ind Srturdays, at seven o'clock, A. M. -eturnin? on the opposite days. i For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at ? the office on the wharf. s!6 rc * jrmm^ PKOPI.E'S I INK STEAMBOATS FOR s p ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Eicep'ed ? 0 ThrnncrK Dir^rf? Af A nVlnrL P VT from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streeti. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Win H. Peck, will ( leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening!, at 6 v o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSOV, Capt. R. G. Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening! J at6avcIock ?j At Five O'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermediate place*? a from the foot of Baict&y street. 91 Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. H. Furry. will T leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N. Hnlse, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 '' o'clock. " The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample ? time for the Morning Cars for the East rr 'West. 6 Freight taken at moderate rates, and noue taken alter 4M o'clock, P. M. (C7" All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this I line, without a written order from the captains or agents. J For pw>ge or freight, apuJ" on board the boats, or to P. C. p 8CHULT/?, at the offict tne wb??r> rh _ FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail the fith dc" _ tober?The new new iron steamship SAllAH SANDS, Win C. Thomp?oa, master, I will sail as above For freight or passage, J having accommodations unsurpassed for eie- 3 gance and convenience, app'y to sJI Ifi'rc ROBT. KKHMIT.T6 South St. ai FOll LIVEHPOOL?The magnilicent * sYE&TSiVMw tew steamship SARAH S\N DS. 1800 tons . n-then. Captain W. C. THOM PSON.will 11 1 ?" >e of October. Her accmmodaT?#rciiwstions for passengers are unsurpassed for ele gince nnti convenience. A limited number of second cabin pasieugeis will be taken aud found. Her betweeu decks is J" w n well ventilated for the comfort of steerage ptssen- i ger , ch will be taken on m-<derste terms, by applying to P. W. BYRNES <k CO.,83 South st. 0 N.B ?Persons desirous of eng<guig passage for their friends in lie old country, to lenve Liverpool iu the above steamer, cm do so on reasonable terms s3fl(lr*r* t STE \M TO H A V A.NA.?To sail ^ nif about the 12th of October, (the positive day a xwiH he stated hereafter.) the new and pow- c 'ton Steamer GUADALQUIVER, tons measurement, built in Liverpool. Her cbins are now being fitted up, with every regard to comfort, ventilation, and elegance, and the table will be liberally supplied under the snperintenuenceof professed cooks. " Knres 5'0 in State Rowms on Saloon Deck?$60 in forward , and aft Mid upper deck cabins, including wine. V Kor further particulars apply to the consignee, a ?M 30t?m F. W. 8IMONDS, 4:1 New it. FOR (iLASOOW.? Regular Packet of the 15th October?The line new Br. packet ship ADAM b jBttftbs C ARU, Capt. Jno. Wright, will sail as above, her 1 rrpn <r il,,y. ? For freight or pi'sage, having splendid accommodations, ap- L ply on board, at he foot of Roose elt sfeet, E. R., or to 'l WOODHULL (k MIVTURN. 87 South street. The regn'ar picket bsrk HYNDEFORD, Capt. T. McAl- " pin, will succeed the Adam Carr, and sail oil her regular day, " the liih November. sM re . i*OR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular i>icT ' fJSiHrVet of 2t>t)i of October.?The uew and splendid fast- d iWML sailing parket ship tiARRICK, Cap ain B.J. H. Tiask, il' positively sail as above, her regular day. ci For freight or passage, liaviug handsome luruished accommodations, apply on boa'd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINH V> South st. I Tk, n..u, .k;. nnwiira A., fi*i.i.:.i.._ _m I (nccead th? Onrrirk, I oil on ch* M<h of Nov.. h?r ragtilar Si H.? ?'g (*??* hell NKW 0KL1CA.NS.?Louisiana ud New > janfwW Vork Line of Packets?Positively the firs and I i*IWU?B?>uly regular packet to Mil Monday, Ortoher 4th? *r The spleudiu fiwi sailing packet thin O^VVtUO, Thoa. Inger- |. moll, in n'rr, is now loading, ami will positively (all an above, t( her regul.n day. , i For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom p( modal .0111, apply on hoard at Orlniii wharf, foot of Wall u. irff firm K. K .''OLLIN8, M 8onth at jj Positively no freigh' W'll be received on board after thi* Si turd \y e vruing October id. ? The I>ark?t ship CLIKTON. J>u. B.lngersoll, maater, will snrceed (lie Oswego. and anil October llth, her regular day * Aiten' m New Oileana, Mr. William Caery, who wil p.'oinetl, forward a'l goods to His address _ PaueugTs 1 er shiptjsweno, for New Orleans, will please b- 011 hoard Monday, October 4th, at 12 o'clock, M-, precisely, 1 t wtorli liln> th? ?h'|i ?il| sail ot j fcftt CARLISLE Ik RIPPARD'S KMIORATION JgVW^ OFFICE, in connection with OKO. KIP- I MMrnSm PAH I) Ik HON, 134 Waterloo Koad, Liverpool. ' Peranua wishing to aend for their frienda in the old O Country. can aeenre passage in any of the following new line ** of packeu, sailing from Liverpool on the 8ih of every inouHi, *1 * ( (INSTITUTION, 1/iOfl tona,Capt. John Britton. f Ql'K.K.N OK THE WKtJT, 1,200 tona, Capt. P. Wood- J home. .j LIVKHTOOL I 150 ton.. Can* John Kldridge. HOTTINOUER, 1.000 tons,T.apt. |ra Bnrsley. ? tieo. Hippard V Hon are the only agents in Liverpool for the I above line of picket*, in addition to which they despatch a J first claia ship every week. I1 I'eraoua sending money to their frienda in large and amall tl mounts, can he accommodated with drafts on the Belfast ?? Bunking Company, *nd their numerona branches in Ireland; also on the principal banks in Kugland . Scotland, and Wales. >1 Applv to CARLISLE It HIPPAKl), nn2l ?ot*re it H nth street. ? r of Wall, b KoK LI V ERPOOL ?1 he New Miie?Kegu ar WrT4fV Packet of 21st of October?Th* superior new fast r Bl flV ' packet ship CONSTITUTION. 1500 tons, Captain John Brflton, will sail as above, her regular dav. n Kor freight 01 passage, having splendid large and comfortable V stateroom and cabin, apply to the capuun onboard, pier No. B 2. VV'estside of Burling slip, orto In WOODHULL It MINTURN, 17 South st. ai Price of passage 110?. E The packet ship HOTTINOUER, 1100 tom, Capt. Bursley, pi will smeeed ill* CouaUtatioa, and sail on har regular day, ?lst tl ?f November. ?W I 1 E NE N] ? MILITIA NOTICE.?Citlmm between the uu ol II ad 45, liable to Militia duty, are hereby aotilied that they are enrolled in their tevaral ward*, and tliat they are required to parade on Monday, October 4tb, at 10, VMyiu eeordauce with a notice published in the San end Herald.? Phoee desirous of coiainutiUK, nnv do to at the iSce of the leeeiver of Taleu. Alrai House buiMiat, hetwe.*u I A. M jid 2 P. M., daily, during thie week. Bv order of the Board of officers, 1st Division N, Y. Stat* Militia. WILLIAM DODOS!. Sept l?th, 1MT ??29 7t?n Secretary. tTO THOWK THAT ?VU?H I'O JOIN THfc lit REST. OF U. 8. ARTILLERY.-Wanted for the Ut Regiment of Artillery, 400 aMe bodied men. between the age* of II and 30 years, to ta4>ich food pay, ration*, and thin* will be given. Apart IA><u tbe above, a farm of 160 icrei, or I'reaaury Scrip, and Hz bounty. Apply at the endeiTou* room*, at No. I55>? Uaeenwich, No. 99H Washineon, and No 38 Chaiham itiervi; alio at tha Arsenal Vanl, orner of Whit* and Centre sts , New York. w6 I0r*re ?? _ KELLINOER'S LINFMENT wilfhid sorae iMia upon the horse's back or breaat, and make the collar f I * ? or saddle upon tliem in a few daya soundly, also, rata^bruises, scratches, thrash, and all manner of strains iparini ringbone, bnrbe and splenu (in their early stages.) It a used by all the best stable keepers, our most distinguished torse trainers, and the stage proprietors of New York city ; >y nil me urge lima water manufacturers, iitwwn, urinsDV, Dearbo n, kc., as the best and cheapest in market. It tan be tad always geuain* at our principal depot. 8. Ingersoll k Co., Ho. 230 Pearl street, of Messrs. Haruer, Hays Si Co. 313 Pearl, of John W. Fowt, No. 6 Old slip, of Wm KeMinger, Bushprick, L. 1., in any quantity,at ike following prices One dotan. >4. one gross, (48, 10 gross at the rate of $36 per gross, liagle bottle 30 cents The strength and quantity renders it en times cheaper than anv article erer off'red to the public. Uiie bottle witn care.wi'1 last in a stable two or three years, f uie l accordingly. The most astounding cures upou record :an be seen at our principsl depot. It can nl?o be had of drugtilts. saddlers, stores and taverns, throughout the city and soautrv generally, 'or farther particulars, see advertisement a the Spirit of the Tiiqea. ?14 30' 'C V _ HEAVES AND BROKEN WIND 'IN JjBCC^HORSKS, speedil y and permanently cared, by the f A n.? of Tatter?all'a Heave Powders. They have keen in conmnt use in the Tattersall Stables, London, and by loblemen throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain, for more than liftvyears. As a medicine for Heaves, Broken Wind, Bolts, Worms, tc , the proprietor offers them to the people of the United States, wi>h full confidence of their approbation. None genuine without the signature of J. KIllKBRIDE, Fleet street, London. Price 4 shillings sterling per package, ir$l, American currency. A. H. GOUGH (? Co., 149 Kul!ou street, New York, Ajreuts General for the United States. All orders, accompanied by the cash,and postpaid, punctually itteuded to. Persons desiriug the agency, by addressing as ibove, post paid, with good reference, will receive immediate ittention. s7 30t*m tTHE SUBSCRIBER wishes to sell his Storehouse snd Platform at the Oxford Depot. There is on raid lot a Storehouse 20 by 40 feet, and Platform 20 by TO feet. ?t is 141 feet front and <4 <eet rear; is now occupied as a itore and freighting business. It is situsted on the New York ind Erie Railroad. 38 miles from Pierinout, and 60 miles from :his city, and ror location not suriiassc' by any on the line of he said railroad. JOHN H. TUTH1LL. s29 14t*nc HOUSE TO LET, with most of the modern improvements. situate on the 4th avenae, between 23th and 26th streets. It has been newly paintrd, and is in ext order; cm be reached by the rail cars in twenty milutes from the City Hall. Apply to D. Evans. 10 City Hall ?lace, oral his residence, 23ih street, 2d house east of the 4th ivenue. s29 0t*rc tFOR 8ALE LOW, OR LEASE ?The Public House aud Garden, situated at the corner of 32<1 street and 4th avenue, at the terminui of steam power ou the n and New Haveu Railroads The cars all stop to take iteam immediately in Iront of this house, aud it is destined to je one of the best locations for public business in New York. For futher information apply to Titus k Co., 337 South stieet, ir H. Jennings, Jr.. 133 Cherry st. s39 6t*rc finL PUBLIC HOUSE TO LET.?The large four story house No, 3 Mercer street, coruer of Howard street. UULThe basement is suitable for a refectory, the first floor r... . n.. r... b;ii;...i u?.. ? ti _ m .i. - itoriea above; two large vaults, one on Mercer street and the Hheron Howa.d street, belonging to the houie. For lurther particulars it quire at 425 Broa'wav. >21 141*m JML FOR SALE?A large number of valuable Lota situ]TmW ate in the village of Wuliamsburgh, fronting ou North OJL2d, Conselyea, Ski 11 man. Jarkson, Withers, Frost. Jlioii avenue, and Lorimer street*. These lots will be sold ipon favorable terms. Apply to JOHN SKILLMAN. Juu., it his house North 2d streei, near Union Avenue, on Momiay wd Friday. slO 30t*rc ut DUTCH Bljl.BS. --The subscribers offer l?r sale their usual assortment of Dutch Bulbous Hoots, con tJLm, sitting of chniee doable and single hyacinths, tulips, larcissus, jonquili, seris, gladiolus, crocus, Icc. Icc. Alto a large collection of green house plants and garden eeds. Bouquets of choice flowers at all seasons. sll 30t * re DUNLAP It THOMSOiN Mi Broadway. ^ WM.M. VOUNO FORMERLY 4 ANN STREET mhut now the Paris Boot EmiHiriifm, is manufacturing the JBbest quality of Freaeh Calf Boots for $4 SO, equal to the A best sold in other stores for $6 and t7, made to order for he same ; do fine Calf Sewed Boots, his own make for S3 SO. iqnal to any sold iu this city for S3. and warranted to give satis action..(ien. Taylor's hall Boots S2 75; patentCocg'ess Boots nade to order for $3 75. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Itc. constantly in hand. Also, Military and cork sole Boots made to order, with a fine issortment of all goods in hia line Corner of Fulton and Nasiau streets, opposite the Herald office. al 30t* re WM.M. YOUNG ?. ,f PiaMo KOKTKS.?JAMES flKHSON. 88 Mil Walker street, has now on! hand mid u daily *B A t f finishi'g, Tiano Fortes of every descrintiou, I I X I I "from hit very superior horizontal grands down o plain octave square. combining Ml the improvements of he day, with many 01 hers suygeited by his own experience n the business. All his instruments are manufactured for the :ity trade, and uo pains or expeuse is spared to render them at east equal to those of any other manufacturer in the country. slit Wit*re JrfWF fcOIl LIVERPOOL?To sail with despatch, the first c.ass, fast sailing regular Packet Ship WATKK BHkLOO, Capt. Allen, burthen 1100 tons, will sail as Dove, having very superior accommodations for cabin, seond cabin ana sreearge passengers. Persons about embarking, hould make early application ou hoard, f->ot of Maiden Lane, r to J. Mc MURRAY. coruer Pine and South streets. Person* desirous of sending for their frieuds >u the Old Country, can have ihem brought out by the above splendid easel, or any other of the regular line by applying. s8 rre !? ONLY Rl- OULAB LINK OF PACKETS FOR gjrjy.NKW ORLEANS The following well luiown, pMUbl'ist sailing and favorit* packet ships hare accommoatious unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasengers, and will 1 ositively sail as advertised, or passage free iz The OSWKGO. Capt. Ingersoll, October4th. The OALE> A, Capt. Dennis, October 11th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well ? secure passage by either the above packets, as they are all rst class ships, commanded hy men experienced in the trade, ...1 ... 11 ? .1..........11.. J TV. erths, apply on board, or to ?29 W hJT. TAPHI'OTT. M South st. FOR BARBADOS, October} fiom Philadelphia. jMwWThe regular packet hak KINGSTON, William IfaBowen, muter, will tail as above. For freight or aim*', having superior furoiiheil state rooms, apply to JOHN M. SMITH k CO., 122 Broad St., cor. Front. ?25 lBt* re HUH LI YEKPl'OL?Regular Packet 8th Oct ? JjgV The celebrated I'ncketShip HEmRY CLAt.Cant. I^lbnfs, will Mil M ibtTI, ami IV.. in Liverpool ou tlit 1st or , bring her regular days of sailing. 1 his splendid ahip lias state rooms for second cabin, and deirable accommodations for ste*rage passengers, having lofty nd well ventilated between deck*. For terms of passage, which will he mnderate, early applicaion should be made ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMUBRAY, Comer Pine and South streets. The well known racket Ship STEPHEN WHITNEY, rill succeed the above, and siil on the 11th Oct., and from Liverpool 26th Nov. Persons desirous of sending for their riends, ea'i have them brought out from Old < ountry in either f the above, or any of the regular line, hy applying as above. .27 rrr 41St TAPSCUlT't EMIGRATION OKFKf. g|f|\ South stteer.?Persons wisjin* to send for their llBKa friends in the old country can secure passage ii reasonable terms, by any of the maKoilicett shipe 0.lnJL,rj?"i!f n'w Line of Liverpool packets, via:? ,7S? toll,> Captain John fintton. OKTHE WEST, 1400 u>us, Caiit. P. Woodhouse '230 tons. Captain John Kldridge. HOTTINGUER, 1160 tone. Cant. Ira Buraley, kiling from Liverpool on the 6tn of every month. Passage an also be secured by the St. George's Line, or the Union .ine ol Liverpool packets, makiug in all ship every five aye from that port. For further particulars apply to W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, jy? M South street, NewlYork. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louttiaua and New drTRjV Y?rk Line of Packets?To sail Monday, October ihlgth?The new and splendid fast sailing p ieket ship Lrlf 1 w.V, Jas B. Ingersoll, master, is uow loading, and will ositively sail as above, her regular day. rurirvixniur |iwm|c, iihviuk i??uu?otnc inruisiiru iccuin* lodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall it., r to K K. COLLIN!*, 56 Sou'h at Agenta in New Orleans, Mr. Win.Creery, *ho will primptr forward all goods to hi* addict*. Positively no freight will be received on boa'd after Saturay evening, Oct. I6tli The packet ahip LOUISVILLK, M. Hoot, master, will sncred tin- < lifton, and sail her regular day. fjg- NOTICK.?Passengers per pcket alnp OSWKfffvV OO, for New Orleant, will pirate be onboard, at fa Orleans wharf, foot Wall street. Tuesday, Octoner ji. at 12 o'clock. M , at which t'tne the snip wi'laail. o3 Mg- NK.w LINK OF PACKETS TO AND FROM JPtWWLIVKRI'OOL?Packet of the 21st Octob?r?1 lie jlMMfatplriidid new and fiat sailing thip ONSTIfll'ItiiN I6?0 tona burthen, Cap am Johu Britton. will positive aail from New York on the flit iaat., and from Liverpool le 6 h December. Prr-ons abont to proceed to Kurope, or lose to tend for their friends m the old cnantry can it aelect a finer conveyance. Those wislunK to secure eithi, shnnld made early application on board at the loot nf orliug Slip, or to W. It J. 1. TAPSM) fT ol *6 South at. *** PA' K-TH KlIM H *VKK?Second Liae.?The W^V-sbip BALTIMORE, J Johnstone, Jr., master, will BMCatail oil the fir't ol November. "J B'?yn?tHtV KKN. Ace.fs, No. ?? Wa'l-st. JLlk'' ''VKBKHTI, a consignee hv the K*Vy<h>p ONEIDA, from Havre, in Februiry last, is reMMfipl'iesteri to call on "i ftt BOVn It mPTHKEW. (1 Wall Street. j k.vioval ?UOULANOfcR haa the houor to inioHn the % public and her pupils, that she haa removed to No. 61 Greenwich street, and that her school will re-open the first rpteinber. Terms, the same aa formerly, payable in advance, therbythe -xithor quarter. Wanted a lady to teach >h? flish. naMMC*r? ami's ?i,amp? cleaned and repaned ?mb| lo new. also -A lias Fntu-es mide to orde% at 2i Howard atreer. Jobbing T all kinds done at the shortest notice, by t9f, Ut*m J. POOLB. YiLLIAHDS.?The m uiofactnrer's rooms, lor piayiug, nnd J the tale of tables, are 1^ Ann street, entrance from 119 ulton. Horn's 4 Ten Pin Alleys on the 1st floor, 7 Tables on ie 2nd. Moth, ball*, cue, wat, and French eae paints, for |U. Ma J. Horn, jun., aud Otis Jneld a-* connected with the lio\+ e?tabli?hineul?, and invite their fnenda and the public. N. B. 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' aim're EKOPOLDfc MAURICK H KLB RON N IClC Import era of F> ranch Faathara, Klowwa and Materials, No. IB Wil"*.T. *t?at, Naw Vork. Office in Paria.l w41 atraat of Cur?. Mil M(*rr? I IRS I ORNING, OCTOBER 4, 15 A IT*Irs In VtrftCrux.m [From the New Orlean* Picayune. of Sept. S4 J Capt. Schriever, of the schooner Mary Klien, which left Vera Crux on the 1.1th lout , euw up to the city yesterday afternoon, having left hU vessel at the mouth of the river. Notwithstanding that thin vessel left Vera Crui twelve days after the Mary Klngsland, not a word of d*ws from Gen. Scott's army has been received by har. We are Informed that the communication between the interior and Vera Crux still continues completely closed, the guerillas having possession of the road, and to this is to be attributed the entire absence of news from the city of Mexico, which has been looked for with so much anxiety We may infer, however, from tbe fact that no intelligence from the cfcpital hatt been received at Vera Crui. after the lapse of so many days, i that the negotiations had not been attended with immediate success, for If th?w Sul ?h- - ?~~i.? been despatched by Oen Scott or by some of the foreign embassies promptly, or an event ot no much importance would have travelled from mouth to mouth through the Mexioans with the rapidity almost of the electrlo telegraph. Were we not assured that no communications from the city of Mexico had been received, we should be In hop?s that the propellor MoKim, whloh left Veracruz on the IVth, and had the mall on board, might possibly have Intelligence of a satisfactory termination to the negotiation We are, however, preoluded by this assurrance from such a hope, and the letter to the liiario dr. I? Marina of Havana, from the city of Mexico, by the British mall steamer of the 1st inst.. a translation of whloh we published some time since, m fatly lessened the prospects of an Immediate peace. We will add that that although contradictory reports were circulating in Vera Crux as to the position of Gen. Scott, the opinion was universal among the Americans that he was perfectly safe. The McKim, as we have already stated, left on the lOt.i. She had been waiting several days, under orders from the military autherlties, in expectation that despatches might be received from lien. Soott. During the night and day after the McKim left a severe norther blew, and it is supposed she sought safety by running for the Campeachy Banks. She had several officers of the army and navy on board, and considerable anxiety is felt for lier safety. There was still some sloknest at Vera Crux, but It was not increasing. There were several large vessels dischargingoargo with great haste at Vera Crui, and as soon as they were uuladen tbey were to be despatched immediately to Brazos Santiago,te bring the troops from there ordered to Vera Crus. The city was filled with supplies reoently sent to the army, and with goeds Imported on private acoouot. This accumulation was owing to the long time that has tran spired since a train tin sent Into the Interior. A large number of troop* were in and about Vera Crui, and the garrison la now larger than It baa been since Uen. Scott left. The only papera we have reoeived are the Sun of Jlnahuac ot the ;i J and 12th Inst In the paper of the 3d it in stated that the train under the command at Maj. Lally had left Jalapa at the latest dates. The cltuens at that place, the Sun adds, were much pleased with the manner in which he treated them He sustained but very little loss in the engagements which he had with the enemy, by whom he had been much annoyed all the way through. Lieut. Twiggs waa the only offloer killed in his command. We find nothiug in these papera in relation to Capt. B?san^on and his company of Rangers, of Lieut. Henderaon with the detachment from Capt. Katrchlld'a company. AFFAIRS IN TAMPICO. The schooner Mary Churchman, Capt. Stites, from Tamplco. the 13th Inst, arrived last evening. We are indebted to Capt. Stites for a Tampi.-o Sentinel of the 4th Inst , the latest paper he brought we learn. There la soarcely anything of interest in it; nor, we learn verbally, was there any intelligence from the oity of Mexico, since the accounts of the battles of the 19th and 20th ult. were received. According to the hospital reports there had been eight deaths by yellow fever from the 1st to the 30th ult We append the list of deatbe at the General Hospital at Tampico during the mouth of August: ? August 8?Musici in Shidumantle, 3d Artillery, company D, intermittent fever; August 13?Corporal Cunningham, L. V . chronic disentery; August J1?Sergeant Green.yellow fever; August 28 -Corporal Livingston, 3d Artillery, ocmpany 1), intermittent fever?Also, the following persona, from yellow fever, in the (^uartermaater'a Department; August 13?Coudy; 15?Condon and Cullum; 22?Brown; 25?Cavanass. The following are the deathB in the detachment of 13th Infantry, stationed at Tamplco, during the month of August: ? August 7?Private James, company G, fever; 8? Private Corgrove, company B, oonjestive fever; 9 ? Private McCaffrey, company G, dropsy; 13?Private Wild, company G, pulmonary consumption; 18-Private Douglas, company B, fever; S5?Private Wli?'?ler. company B. and private Holllsger, compauy O, diarrbiea; 25-Private Chancy, company G, typhus fever: 27?Hardmen, company U, 30?(juolan?company G, Internal fever. The following deaths occurred in the LouUiana Regiment, at their hoepitnl in Tampioo, during the month of August: ? Private Hugh McAvoy. company H, private James Dawsey, company K, and private Peter Kooning, company B, chronic diarrha-a; private James Brauou, company G, debilitas; sergeant Robinson, company I, blllii.uh fever; Robert Brown, company A, yellow fever; pri vate John Jones, company i). chronic diarrhira. We also find the following obituary notioes in the Sentinel :? Gn the 4th inst. Kdward A. Trent, 2d lieutenant of company I, Louisiana volunteers,of Cumberland county, Va., died of yellow fever : an offloer who was endowed with muon merit both military and oivil. On the morning of 4th in?t, Corporal 11. F. Talbot, or company U, 1st Regiment Louisiana volunteers, died of yellow fever. He was much esteemed by his officers and fellow soldiers. The subjoined paragraphs are from the Srntinrl:? Our city is at present quiet and peaceable, owing to the well and efficiently organiiedjforce under ourUovernor. K very night our city is patrolled by the Tampico Mounted Rangers, a company entirely composed of a respectable portiwn of our oitlsena. This company is divided into seven squids, each s<iuad patrolling the city every night We understand that a few nights ago, two soldiers who had been In the habit of robbing Mexicans of provisions while bringing them to market, were by the vigilance of an officer caught, and Immediately put in the guard house for safe keeping. MILITARY MOVEMENTS. |Krom the New Orleans Ploayune. Sept. 3A ] The splendid steamnhip New Orleans (apt Auld, is to leave this port this evening, at i o'oloek, for Tampioo and Vera Cruz. The New Orleans will take down a portion of Capt. Htapp's company of Illinois mounted men and their horses, and the remainder of Capt I.awlem'sci mpany of cavalry. Msjor I'iollet, paymaster to the United Htates Army, will also go down in the New Orleans, in charge of $300,000 for the paymaster's department at Vera Cruz Mlacellaneons. On tho 4th of Auguat Henry Kuuyon, of IliU.sboro, N. J., wan bitten by a rabid (log, anil died of hydrophobia on Wedneaday, the JJdult. Jacob Kreba died at Orwigaburg, Schuylkill co , Pa., on Sunday, aged tl?i. He wan several time* commissioned aa a justice of tbe peace? he represented the diatrlot In Congreaa, and aeveral terms In the Senate and Houae of Hepreaentatlvea of his Statu The oloalug ecerclaea of the first academic year of Burlington College, N J , were held during the past week The membera of the highest form were admitted to the junior class of the collegiate department by Bishop Dotne, president of the < ollege. The examinations were highly satisfactory Addreaaea were delivered by Biahop Doane and other*. l)r. Lyman, Jr., of Ohio, ban been appointed profeMor of Greek in tha Kaat Tennessee I'nlrenitty at KnoxTllle. The post-office at Middle town, Ct., waa broken Into on Tueaday night, and robbed of lettera and money to ?he amount of ab?ut 930. The lettera were taken to the bank of the river, and there opened. Two men hare been arreated on auapicion. It la aald that the poatmaater of Dalhouile ha* been ay*tematiaally robbingthe Canada mail for noma time paat. TkaaAkka. u1a.M..l ?* *1- 4- 1-I J- -a aoDdedto the States, but wa? overtaken and arrested at Bangor, and brought back to 8t. John for trial. ? Montreal Courier. Mr. Beach, of Worcester, Mu? , who wan auppoMi te have bad hia pocket picked of $1000 In the oar* laot week, has found hla money. Ha left It tn the Albany Mr*. Boftint-m Ik very llvelyat Pittsburgh, Pa. 8ixty-nlne vkmwIr panned the Wetland canal from the litth to the -Jlit Sept. inclusive, of which 40 were to and from Oswego. The Vlckaburg Sentinel think* that there I* no convincing evidence that there haa been a single oaae of yellow fever In that city during the preaent (eaaon Col. Benton baa advertised hia farm in Woodford conn /? "/ i *v? dmu?kv curuv wuiuii, on wui remiiQ intro for a few week*. A hihii named Jame* I. Andrew*, wbo prnfera** to be from Ohio, wan tried In Berryvllle. Va , on Monday laat, before an examining court, tor entioing elave* away from their owner* The evidence againnt him i? *aid to be of a pretty positive character, and he wm remanded to the Clarke county jail, to await hi* trial before the Hupreine Court, which will not be in evasion until March nest. At Cincinnati, on the 'J7th ult? Wm Key Bond, an eminent lawyer of that city, and formerly member of Cornice** from Cbillioothe Dtatrict. van Handing on the foreca?tle of the *tearaer Robert Morri*. when a derrick fell upon him. llotli of hi* lea* were broken, and hi* head and body much Injured, and It waa feared that he would not reoover. Albert J. Tirrell lately made an attempt to e*cape from the Ma*i>nchu*?tt* State prison Feigning *lckne**, he wa* *enl to the hoapital, from whence he endeavored to gain hi* liberty by digging a pannage out lie wa* detented, and remanded to hi* call. (Jeneral Klore*, formerly President of the Republic of the K.ijuator, U in Washington city. Ur. Dan Koote, indicted for the murder of hi* w!fc, ha* been convicted of manslaughter In the flrnt degree, at the Chenango county Oyer and Terminer. The Yellow Fever In Nave Orlttana. INTERMENTS IN TUB IilFKKItRNT CKM KTUBIKS. For Ike twenty-four ho art ending ot !' M., 8>jit Name. Nativity Name. Nativity Henry A. Kendall, New York John Oah??. Unknown Ann McKeil, l>eland Henry Wolf. New Or lean. Alphome Clmrtier, Kraare K Kerber, Oerinany Catherine Hider, Ireland Hoah Dag?n> Ireland Michael Warbatz, Uermaur Kreil Boodirfiilfe, Oermany Timothy Uriakell, Kngland ChiitianiHiwt ' Kred'k Letter, Utrmany Koiina KetwwK, rr??ce Mr? Uravt>, Ohio IE R A 347. Herald Foreign Correspondence* Uhakknieio, if Siliiu, Ann i#, 1847. bttt'.ui Operandi of lKe Waler-Cur*?SkettA ?f theJlutKor of it?funny Scene. ~It Is certainly a true saying that every Jack bat Ui Gill, and that the extremes always Anally meet, no mattar how far apart might have been their starting place; although it is rather doubtful whether the genius of the "genial Tom Moore," while revelling with the story of the " Flre-worshlpeers of the Kaat," had the least presentiment that it was to be reserved for later bards to sing the glories of tbe "Water-worshippers of the West." True it is, that water is now woishipped in Silesia as was onoe upon a time fire in Persia; and, although it Ife quite probable that the cooling properties of the liquid element are less calculated to produoe mania than tbe irritation of the flames, it Ik nevertheless solemnly true, that either oold water or some of the seven devils that oold water has not succeeded in casting out, make some portion of the patients in Orafenberg partially orazy. As it is hardly probable that many of your readers In the United States are familiar with the mudus operandi of the oelebrated water-cure, it may not be amiss to give a general outline of the treatment that is here termed " taking the cure." We will first devote a few lliues to its great originator , or.ttH he is here termed on the monuments already ereoted to his memory, "the immortal Priesnitl." He was born a humble peasant, and tbe real condition of this oppressed class in Silesia, can (cartel} be conveyed to an Amerloan ear by any other term than that of serf. In early life he gave no proof of remarkable talent, but lived as those of his class usually do, until about bis twentieth year. At this peiiod, a serious acoideut happened to him in the plough-fluid, by whloh he had several limbs broken, and was otherwise muoh injured. Th? physicians who were called in declared him past assist ?uce, auu ton aim to ale ne, it appears, bad several timed cured wounds on himself and animals, by tbe situ pie application of bandages saturated with cold water and he now determined to hare them applied on a larg< scale, as death was bis doom, and more he could no fear. Having succeeded in replacing his ribs, by power ful efforts of inhalation into tbe lungs, ho continued th< bandages with the most gratifying results, and a fen weeks iound him perfeotly restored This miracle wai noised about the neighborhood, and many of the peasant* applied to him for advioe iu sickness, and invariably succeeded in all be undertook This success led bim t< further investigations and extensive experiments, and he finally resolved to devote his life to the development of a system, the ground-work of which seemed to be given to him by instinct. To leap from the pust to the preseut -the result of all tbis has beeu, that tbe furtn on which he formerly labored, is now the site of the village of Orafvnberg, exclusively inhabited by his patients, subjected to his will, as their earthly prince. His patients number, at the prenent moment, about eight hundred, and the lists of the cure-guests, kept since the commencement of his career, swells into many thousands? and his table d'kute is said to number more guests than that of any hotel In Kurope. In tbe midst of all this, Prlesniti remains himself, ''the SSiiesian peasant." Ills manners are so rough, that, at times, thev mav be almost oalled uncouth, and hi* appearance must disappoint every one wbo, for the tlrst tim*, oompares his person with his fume. i'rlesniU does not use a particle of medicine, and his only application, internal or external, la celd water. On applying for advloe, he liatena, without making a single remark an to the diaeaae, and refers his patient to the inapaotor, whe supplies a room, and givea orders as to tuba, blanket*, sheeta, ho. All thinga being in order for the first bath, he is sent for, and the bath, or rubbing with wet sheet, Is given in his presence. During this operation he w tchea the patient attentively, and givea hla orders to the bath servant, aa to the mauner in which he ia to apply t he cure, lie never feels a pulae, aud aeem* tojudge from the appearance of the eye and temperature oi the akin. The geueral cure may be given aa followa -.?The patient rises at 4 or 6 o'clock, aud the bed clothes are ta< ken from the bed; a large, thUk woolen blanket is thee laid upon It?on this blanket la spread a large sheet perfectly saturated with cold water?the patient llei down ou the sheet, and It ia wrapped olosely around bin by the bath-servant, aud the arms being bound close t< the body, the whole appearance la very like that of i mummy; the blanket ia now wrapped around him a tightly aa poaalble. aud on aaid mummy are piled feathe beds, blankets and other non-conducting heal inven tions, until the poor patient ia nearly burled alive, th head alone belug lelt free. Lying in this conditio] about a half an hour causes a great degree of heat to ?e In, aud the feet of the patient being tin 11 unwrapped, b Is led to an ice-cold bath, and tne blanket and Jbee beiug taken off, he plunges in for a longer or shorter pe riod, uccurding to ordeis. This bt ing over, he is rubbet dry, and a abeet ia thrown over his sbouldera, with whlcl he fans himself as.with wings, for several minutes this Is called taking the air-bath. The next thing in tilt order of the cure, la to atart off for a long walk over tb? mountains back of (jralenberg, these are beautiful!) laid out with paths, extending in many instances loi several miles through wooda of tine trees ornamented with bowers, retreats, and the most delightful fountains tastefully constructed and provided with seats. Tbt springs are, on an average,one fourth of a mile apart,and at eat i one the patieut usually drinks a large glass el watei, and moat certainly no purer or morn dellcloui water Is found in nature than that which (lows from tht springs of (Jrafenberg. The morning walk being ended ail repair with excessive appetitea to the eating saloon where the breakfast table remains spread for two hours to give all indulgence to stragglers and encouragement to long walka. The breakfast consists of stale, uupala table rye bread, good butter and good milk; aud it is re markable to observe what enormous quantities of fooi are eaten, which, at the homes of most of the patient would be rejected as unfit to be eaten A little repos after breakfast is generally followed by a "Douche-bath. 1'he douches are all situated in a handsome valley, abou a half mile from the village, and arranged in small ou story houses; they consist of extremely atroug jeta i water falling from the height of 1U or IS feet; the dl ameter of thu falling stream varies from on? to tw< inches, which, with the foroe accumulated by the fall strikes with wonderful force on ihe body, so that all pa tlenta cannot bear it, and few begin the douche unti they bare taken tlia euro for some weeks Tbi douche la frequently applied to the breast, the arm, o the leg for local affections, hut mott generally the wholi Jjody is douched for iome minutes, according to the oa pability of bearing the operation A walk alter thi douche bring* the hour of dinner, whioh is composed oi the same uninviting, and one would suppose, undigesti ble rye bread, one dish of miserable meat most miserable oooked, no potatoes or vegetables, and with good luck an extremely coarse, light pudding, with torreut* ol water to wash It down. The most surprising circumstance of the whole, is the aridity with which the trash served up on the tables ot Orafenberg is devoured by persons who are all sick, or who at leant imagine themselves so?the cure certainly produces the most boundless appetites, whether for weal or for woe, It Is difficult to judge in all cases. About Ove o'clock In the afternoon operations begin again; very frequently a rubbing which oonsists of a wet sheet beiflg thrown ovei the patieut in a standing position and while eo veioped in the sheet, the Dath-servant rubs all parti of the body to the best of his abilities for severa minutes. After this the sitting bath is not unfre quently applied?a Urge tub containing several galloni of oold spring water, is brought Into the patient's room in this he siis for fifteen minutes, so that all the lowe parts of his body, which have been covered by the water become so perleotly benumbed as to lose all feeling; tU< natural heat of the body is then restored by active walk lng, and most of the patients In Orafeuberg seem to b running foot races against time. During this exercise large quantities of water are taken?twenty to thirtj tumblers a day are not unfruquent?and an enormoui appetite for supper Is created, which consists of th< same material as the breakfast. This may be oonsldere< a pretty fair sample of a day at Orafenberg, althougl the treatment, of course, varies a great deal with dilTei ent diseases. So far asolothing Is concerned, it may be considered pretty near app oach to mother nature; flannel shlrl and drawers are taken off Immediately; stocks, cravat and hats share the same fate, and moat ot the gentli men in Orafenberg appear in shirts with the bosoi tying open, a pair of linen pants and a linen coat, wit an uinbrellato take the place of a hat against the su i or rain. He far as the ladies are concerued, it must be acknos ledged by impartial observers, that there is a (rest dm of Indecent exposure, and that many of theui banisi the blush of modesty during their stay in Orafenberg Prlesnlis makes nearly all the ladies take oil tbei stockings, and the grass and the mountainous pathi which they climb, obliges them to wear short dreseesthe consequence is, that low shoes merely form a darl border to bare legs and feet. In bad weatlier it Is ual uncommon for the fair sex toappear in Wellington booti reaching to their knees, and many a comical sc. ne Is th? result. Among other things, many of the ladl-s ?r? ordeittd to walk barefoot In the grs.-s. early In the morning, while eovered with dew - and it is remly a charming sight to see the Dianas tripping over the dewdrops ol the inorniiiff. as Ilirlitlv as fmries. *nd almost as niHch in I dithabillt. It uiuaf be acknowledged, however, that all tbla teachea UK the extreme faliity of our general idea# In relation to the prerervatlon of health I ham aeen many of the patient* coin.' here ao ilokly and debilitated, that common practice would con tine them foi month* in a aick chamber, oarelully protected fro? every expoauro, however alight. I'rleanitx waahea theni In cold water, takea off ?II w*rm clothing, thaowa th?m out into the open air and tell* them to enjoy It aa thej will , aud we aee ladieii delicate as bot-hoaae plant! mil demy exposing themaelvea to every wind that blow* and every ram that fall , and travetamg all the mountain* , and paths lor mile* around ; and trance to nay. the resuit* are not cold*, intlueusae, cough*, conauinptli na rheumatism and death ; but ruddy cheek* Invlgor ted i bod leu and Improved health. Odd moat remarkable aircuuiclance la the lac., that no practitioner In Kurope ban bad M> many patleota with *o tew deallia Indeed, a death la a rare thing lu Orafenberg On Drat *reing the entao meiit. ohaeiving tbu a, parent nouaense of ttie cure Iti hazardous boidnea*. it* expo-uru and every thing aonnaotedl with "it, aa diametrically oppoalte to all tnat I had ever been laa^lit, on observioK ita WK> patient* of all soiti, aixea and diaeaae*, I Involuntarily r?qun*t?d la aee the grave-yard aa the uloaing aeene In the flirca I wan told that none belonged to the eatabliahment, aa none la needad. Unfortunately for *>rafenberg, itia the , retreat of mrny cra/y ?nthu*ia?t*lwhu prete -d to have fo.ind in ooid water the true pbiloaopher'a (tore,and the antlnqaof thli olaa , diaguat many of the mora aober i mind' a. A ploture of aouie of the* eoU water philoaopt err, wa will rarnrra for anothtr and tally communlca0. f. H. at, ^ "v _ _ .v, XD. fitli Two Cm Mi i i 11 City Intelligence. 21"'wi u*TI.'1 *;TW lltTB mMod ?nj?y?d * MN agreeable ?una?, than y.Urrday, ud mo?{ of eur rttllens aralled themselvee of It Hoboken, Willi.m.Wne?-fc Jersey, Htaten Island. md rarlou* other -r V'- retreat* In our immediate vicinity and .uburbe, ?m crowded with citlsens. The Chineie at Chubch ?The crew of the ChlneM Junk attended divine worship yesterday at the Mariner*' Methodist Kpi*oopal church In Cherry oorner of Clinton street. The Rev. H L. King, pajtor. preached on the occasion. The church wm crowded to vzceea The Celeitlsl* were assigned a very prominent plaoe in front of the polpit during divine *ervioe, and their demeanor throughout van extremely dignified. Thia Is a new en in the history of the church. Common Cornell..?Both Boards hold forth in their respective chambers, this evening. Court ok Uknebal Semion*.?This Court opens this morning for the October term, during which quite a number of cases of interest are expected to be tried. Citt Paiso* Ketubni.?The keeper fthtCltjr Prison has pelltely turnished us with the following list of prisoner* under hi* charge awaiting trial, vis; aor murder, 2; assault with intent to kill, 'J; bigamy. 1; burglary, 6; forgery and embcsslement. 1; forgery, 1; gratad Laroeny, 17; ialie pretenoes, 3; petit larceny, 2; attempt to steal, 1; bastardy, 1. Total, 35. Fatal Accident?Coroner Walters was called jesterday to hold an Inquest at the Cltv Hospital, on the body r.1 l>.?vl?W U..I1I ? 1 . . . r . . - I ? - ??- wuui.bu, a utuTH oi Ireland. *|M IWMtJ-WC year*, who came to hiii death under the following circumstances?On Friday laiit the deceased waf at work on the pier at the loot of Rutgers' street, 1b discharging a brig laden with mahogany, when a block to whiolt the rope uied in hoisting the mahogany from the vessel, gave way, In consequence of which the rope oaoght tha deceased, and threw him about twenty feet Into tha air, and was so severely injured by the fall on tha pier, that he died yesterday. Verdict accordingly. Accidental I)ao?mnfi ?The Coroner wae sallsd to hold an inqueat, also, on tha body of John WlUagher, 1 a native of New York, aged 'J2 years, who was a band on board tha sloop John Jay, and on endeavoring to return *?"?1 then lying at the slip at tha foot of Pike street, about a week ago, ha accidentally fall ini to the water and waa drowned. Verdict accordingly. [ Cokocstio* ok the Qkai*.?Coroner Walters haid an inquest yesterday in 38th street, near the Kighth Avenue, # upon the body of a boy named Win. A Cohan, aged six years, who died of congestion ot the brain, produced by f drinking gin, which had been carelessly left on a table la t the room By his mother, who la represented to be a vary r intemperate woman, lie lingered until yeaterday morn, ing when he died. The jury rendered a verdict lma?> I cordance with the foregoing facta. Police Intelligence. On the " Sneak.?8ome sneaking thief entered the dwelling house 307>* Grand street, on Saturday afternoon, stealing therelrom one silk dress and one gingham dress, valued at $10, and enoaped without deteotion. Jlnrst of a Convict.- Officer Davin, of the 14th ward, arrested on Haturday night Geo N. Howard alias"Towhead,'' an escaped convict from Blackwell'a Island. He was conveyed before Justice Timpson.who aent him beck to his old quarters in order to finish his term of service with a chain and ball attached to one leg, a punishment awarded all rurmwxy convicts upon their return. Stealing a Bracelet.? uinct-r B tker, of tha Oth ward, arrested yesterday, a man called iSamuel Thompson, on suspicion of stealing a gold braoelet, valued at $A, belonging to Jane Taylor. Justice Drinker locked him up for examination. Petit Larceny.?Officer Armstrong, ot the 3d ward, arrested yesterday, a man ealled John Mutholland, having in his possession two planes, worth about $3, for which an owner Is wanted. Locked up for examination by Justice Drinker. Law Intelligence. CeuKT Calendar?This Day.? Superior Court?Both Branched ?Nos. 1.3, 3,4, 6, ?, 7,8,0, 11, 14, 18, 14, 16, 1?, 18, It), 'J*>. The other caleudars as published yesterday. Two brandies of the Circuit Court will open this day, one for the trial of issue* joined prior to the first of July laat, under tha old judiciary, aud the other for new j issues. i New Hatk.i, Hept '25th, 1847. | Bridal Compliments?Peetivt Scene, 4'C. i One of those festive and joyoua scenes, which occasion% ally checker life, whilst peregriuating through this mun* dane existence, came off last evening at tha Tontine i- Hotel. Lieut. , of the New Haven Gray*, B having placed reason on her cold throne, and having ' bowed and xacrifleed upon her altar, beoame dlscomforte ed at the loneliness and barrenuess of the prospect for 1 the future. It was observed, with sadness by his friends, 1 that melanoholy brooded over him, that pensive was his i brow,pain was hischeek, and that thesmile wbloh spark' led in th* light of happiness, as the ripples o'er the sen , sparkle in the sunshine, wan no longer seen te diffusa 1 Itself over his countenance at the approach of hla Meads. But ere leng the overhanging gloem was destined to be dispelled?hope beamed from hia face like a bright , star beaming from the bosom of a black cloud; Lieut. [ was himself again. It seems the dove was sighing r and cuoing for a mate. Lieut. obtained a lovely , and bloomiug bride, distinguished for her superior ex, cellence, the sweetness of her disposition, and Ihe general loveliness of her character, lie found her in the ' inidst o society, like a dove in the midst of a flock of ' blackbirds; aud now they are two matel doves ' Having occupied a vortlon of bis boneymeon In a bri1 dal tour through different parts ot the Union; visited the Kalis, that acme of the world,that chrf-d'<tuvre of all I creation?and then returning home to the bosom of hia ? friends, has been receiving their warmest congratula? Hons. ii Last evening the Grays assembled at their armory for t the purpose of marabing out and giving their Lieut a ? complimentary salute in honor of his late marriage. A* ,f they emerged from tnelr armory the fair and joyous moon beamed her smilea of fltvor down upon them. Not a q noise agitated the smooth air, save the sighing of the wiud as it blew through the foliage of the stately elms, strikiag upon tie ear like the faint musieal babbling oi I babes at a distance. Quietly and silently they maroned B until they came in front or the Tontine, when, at the r word of command, suddenly the air rererbrated with B the discharge af musketry. The salute was given, and ere east and west rocks could give back the echo, a spien* did band ravished the soul with the sweetest music. C The Lieut came out, aud in an elegant and oourteous manner, extended to the Grays, and also to a few of bia ardent friends who had Joined the party, an invitation . to enter the dining aaloon of the hotel and partake of a r collation. They entered, and were introduced to a table adorned with wtnes of hue, and cordial* of every flavor. Viands the raflF, suited to the oecaaian, were spread over it in rich prolusion As the wine sparkled, foamed, and murmured round the board, wit, sentiment, and aoDg abounded. During the interregnum. between sen.linent and sentiment, the baud, headed by the gifted composer K., loosea' ed from the chords, the sweetest notee in divine shower* through the room The dissolving strains pasaed in melodious nadenoes, through every vein, and into the sool, , filling it with ecstacy, ' Sweet as stops Of plavltary inusie heard in trance.*' , and as the musical intonations killing the sense with passiou, circled into the air, even the faint wind seemed ' satiated by their very sweetness This Is the celebrated nereaading band of this city Often on some mootfliteva, ' when the soul of tr nquility is abroad, may be seen under the window of some tair Inamorata, giving forth vocal " notes, so exquisitely .ttollan In their modulationa, that one would thiuk they had been chewing the lcavea ' of that enchanted tree, which grows over tbe tomb of tha B musician Tan-Heln ? There sat that brilliant assemblage around the festive j baard, lorming a constellation here below, as the bright a stars form a constellation far up in the asure above. We will not attempt a description of each particular star, bnt win pmat juu in miniature me giorie* 01 tne planets. Klrst there came th* bout, but wo have spoken of bint; next th? gallant and cbtvalrie Capt. T , ei-Capt of th* ' Grave, a soldier and a gentleman tn everv sense of thos* terms, than whoin society cannot ' boaat a W"** ornament, nor hi* frleuds a truer friend. Then f th* difnltled and tiago H , of the Co rur ; never throbbed a warmer heart In man a bono*, society n*vet n boasted a prouder ornament. Then the versatile, witty, and brilliant T .alio of the Countr, whose fancy glowa ' in the social circle, as glows the we Urn horizon, when |* the god of day Is retiring to rest in hia tlery curtained bed 1'hea Haul A , a young lawyer of rare promt**; his friends entertain high hopes for hi* future aueo*aa. r lie has already to some extent acquired a literary repu* tation Owing to hi* liieraryTame.h? now bang* Ilk* an icicle, pendant from tha tempi* of fame, sparkling in } the brilliant relection of the sun of ganloa. Then < harle* A., a heavy drygooda merchant tn Chapel street, the handsomest man In the city, and on* who unite* a warm heart with the fuaviitr in mode more perfectly than any man w* ever saw. And a number *f others whowi we have not time or space to mention, at my *be*t la neatly full; lufltoe it to say that the whol* aff.tir went off with line trio I. After sum* two hours spent In tba utmost hilarity and vlvaoity. the company took th*tr d*| pariure. wishing th* Lieui and his bride a long and happy life, and a'f tr death an admission into th* bright chamber* of bliss beyond the lofty empyrean Then. again, stilluess reigned abroad, until Aurora blushed bar hppraranre th.oiigh the golden portal* of the en. t and I'hirbiu,with his I .riel steeds and tiery oar oame daahtng along Then a? usual, the huatle \nd ac| tivity of life comment-id Thus goea the world?bat thos.' who participated In the joy* of the soene reftrr*4 | to above, ran never outlive them, for they will vibrate In their souls to etein.ty and in ger in their memories, "I.Ike the faint ex>|' inusi of a dream.'1 j Kxpi.omoN A'f rnit Powukii Mills.?After had gone to prese, (twt ut) muiutt s past tteven,) I one of the dry houses belonging to the powder mill* of \ir K K. Hail bold, at M< rtugville. (lUrt'a Corners) two mile* aouth of the Whit* I'lalna .a Iroad depot, exploded with a terrible conrufeion We are happy to l?arn that ? J I'jmnu i UK COUCUMIOIl irom Mi* r&ploaton win strongly lelt at thin pUc- The bf>u??a lairly trembled frum their foundation* and lh? windoaa I rattled aa from the ith iek ot ?u earthquake l'ta>wr who ware out of door* wbau the eapioaloo took plaoe, ??J that It prevented a apkendid ?p?ctacie. There ??* but littl* air stirring, ao that a large column of flame fhot fl up In tha bM?mu lateral hundred feat, Ilka the trail of tremendous flra rocket, which spread off, and rolled back, aa tha report of tha explosion reached them, when all waa nnTeloped In a large cloud of blaok 'moke Tula ta the aecond eiploalon at th?i* mill* within a few H | ?OaUu.?PTAi(? Plaint J'urnai, Sffl- 30. J

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