Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1847 Page 2
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|| [ ? Vr/ . r- " ? * ? ,,,^W Jl* i,[ ?lmt tant* adm a wiX in taMr?t?K UJt of nrwt;? 1 f _ t~.n r*?l<!*d t*?pcrtrily How^tw, th* fanno* \l?st- , can Onoral did art after to defeat ? V.r. Cnu to* I r* tins" In wmoTinj mora at tba oostly and ralaable : farnltar* w*??b hi' *ilU oonUto*. than wa? aUolutahf | ftr tha personal c?nif )rt or himsulf and salt, to th~lr wn &t^.pi?< Itliti l.?on lcoiji'd Lhtb to >-ttabl1?h i d?pot at lh? National Bridge. and that can now h* acceinptlahad without muoh difficulty; far al thourh tba plaoo *i? inffitad and oramm with gnarllla? a short tim?pino#, jn such h?a bean thatarror *pra*d ttmooKKt them by tba /*? araall bandaof Auiirlo an troop* wtiioh hara ?hown th*m??lTM la th?ir midst, that now j thay ara rathar " aoaroa thnraabouti " It la to behopad now and from h?no?forrh. thara*br*. that iha dlffloultlM ofoomnjunlciting with the int?rlor will b? much laaaan- j ad ?tba (rraat danger to b* apprehended at all times ?ii?tins[ tut wean hat* and Pueuta Naoional. or aa It is otherwise called. the National liridge. i nn cuuuauhhuii ui in? r?3i>ori c>uBceriiiU|C n?na?r* j non. 2d LtouttQint of Ktirohild'i oomptny Louisiana | Rruora. and th* detachment uader him, haa been fully i sustained mo?t of th* party hitting rvtnriitil, together j with a ame.ll party of Baaancon'a men. They got to M jor L*lly. but the Major did not think the clrcum- : MtunoM required him t* allow them to go back to their i I original oomuiaud. and although he may hare had hia ; . owo (ood, and It may be aufflcleot. reaeoua fur thla line of j Widunt, yet many think that hi* not aeuding then baok (H the principal cause of Will's command having | been ao eigually routed. 1 An axpreaa waa received here thu morning; but what It oottina b-70nil tne ?lnj|>le fact?and it u a faot beV'tod all doubt that the arui'stlce had bfB broken up ny uotioe from C#* 11 Seolt, end. at the conclusion of the forty eight bourn' riotl < which was gl?en, operationa J Wat*- rene?> J. or r*th? r hoatllitle* w^re eommeuoed, and , continued ou both d 1<-d (rom an early hour in the mornnlng of the 0th. up u> the time the expraa* left for Vara Cri.g I shall posaibiy hare more to aay on this subject t A boftf iMTtffl Tb-re hare b<-en two death* this week at the camp at t VVra (tarda both oocurrmg in the first battalion of tbo f llliool) regiment E D Anderson, 1st Llout. Co A. di? 1 on th** 11th. acd JR Lynch. 3d Lieutenant aeme e ujpnuy, on the following morning. The bodies ( r lucrrr.i wan uiuuiiry uuuur?, uy u uvibouuivik of tlie l.ou iinnn battalion uuil-r command of Lieut f ii-K.d lu consequence ol the number of *t*k at camp t beluaulng 10 the lllinolslar.s, this duty devolved oo the bttral'On bT?. It we* performed with the characteristic promutitude and marked respect that even whan be Is lu ( death. I* shown by the gallant soldier to his deceased OuOrade HV huve had a tolerably good Idea of what a norther he'e since th? 10th, baring more or )?** of a blow," i off ??d on. tv?r sino There U on* good effect there : . suit of h norther, and that is. tbat it moat effectually , 1 dUpein fever if any ezlsta 'n tU? olty. when It set* In. j , I ?m ,Ud to say however, tbat llijre was but very little j at Vera Cru* fur the present norther to dispel. Vr.a* Cnu?. (Vlexlon.) Sept 19. 1847. j I Th.' lnfjest train tuat left here sinoe Oen Pierce, left | ceuip Berra < ii>rda t? day. for the inteilor It went un- j der ooiuinand o> Oen. Lane. and will be accompanied bv at?>ut utj-IWe wagons I be governor not haviug ( reue ?eii Kiiy i.ffluUl report of the strength of the command nnder Oen L , I learuod through <he politeness of I Hie q tartermasier. tbat it will amouot to about 1740 , m-'i.K id two piece* of >riill?ry; 60 of the Louisiana 1 ui u'ited rangers tbe Ooio and Indiana regiments, with about 2S'i regulars, chieBy composed the body Col. t Hugh-*. who is now stationed at the National B Idge, wltn a l?r<? force, will transfer 400 regulars to Oen I Line's command.and these will swell the latter'* to 3100 t or MO l I ? u sorry to Infirm you of the slcknses of actlnjAdj't. 1 Li>ut. Critteudeu; ki has bad a fever, but under the oure j ( ol Lr Mderl?ne, is now recovering ppetdlly. Adj't C. I Is >a o!d Vilest Pointer, ' end one who enjoy* the eat eiu ui his uffieers, and tho high respect of all who know him Adjutant Arthur met with a severe accident on Sun- r dty Ust. t y beio.- thrown from hi* horte. bui is now re- ; *ouvrriug. An express arrived here yesterday, bringing j |f nu xrjount ui una scon t entry into iu? t-iry 01 lUI i Alt. c( ; thu litws is from a Mexi *an source, but ia more I a gciier-iliy accredited than such new* usually Is The { c iist ti^ht between Scott and the enemy, it said to hare been a uii,at severs one,the latter not tmvlng surrendered c without a terrible struggle, terrible on b*th sides?while tl It Luted, a fearful slaughter was effected Santa Ann* Is r^piu ted to b*?e left the city and o"n? tn n-*dalupe, wlih the shattered remnant or Kl* defeated army. 0 V era Crux, 8#pt. 21,1847. n 8;nee 1 closed my let-*'of the 19ch, a vessel arrived , hei? Irom' -??uy with a requisition upon Com. 11 ? .orward one or two vessel* of war, to assist in re- c pelting and putting down the outrages still waging , agei>-st the wnlte population iu that neighborhood. I 1 h?ii no lime to Inquire into the particulars, but am in- { i formed tbai murders are committed by wholesale there, . and an immense destruction of property has taken plane [ " I UUU?K1?IIU it In bur IUWUUUU I>1 mo uuuioiuuuri* IDQ?- : n sp*tcb without (May two vessels and u large a force of I i marines as lie can (pare from thin place. 1 The h<-allh of the Louisiana battalion is better than C It ba* been for soma time. Morning and evening drills ' i re held every day. and under the superior military 1 kootr.B'ige of the gallant Col. Kiesoa, the battalion is last j ( improving lu tactic* and appearance The companies . of Cap:* vv&rrmgton, Keatberfcton, Snefeldt, and Milien. now compose that portion of the battalion at veraCrur. | ( White's company Hill remains at Taoipico. The whole j, numOei of tm-u in the companies now here is 380 ; of ! which only 114 are nt for uuty. i < t'l. >:ai.A, August 26, 1847. ' v This morning the Mexi-.-an inhabitants of this city 1 welt calibrating a viotory, which thry preteudtd their ' >' troop*.uuiler the pvr.%oual commando! Gen. Hanta Anna, ! p bad obtained over the whole of the Amerloan army, when fj?n Hcott iii.Hri.Ud tn lorn* Ilia Into ik> . u.. I O of Mexico, fhree or lour l'orged letttrn, which were i circulating in the nity. wi re tbe cause of thin feetivlty. At about 1 o'clock in the afteruoou the agitation took a . " enoufl character, which, however, we are Rlail to Bay, ! J Col Child* ha* perfectly quieted, by publishing a letter which hi received from your Mr. Kreaner. AtthLsino- ! 11 meat. 8 o'clock. 1' VI , we received an express from the > >1 capital: the *** it briars is : that the Mexican movernzucnt baa already uauied the commissioners lor the trea'.y of peace; the principle one of tmim is Mr. Fed- , ll data and the two others <Jeu. Moraj VUlamll and Lieut, i v Lacuufa. The small garrison of this city continuea to be in good " spirit*, aud if we may judge from what we hare aeen Ibis ,, Afternoon, when three companies were sent to ocoupy , the pataoe will defend itself bravely. If the Mexloans 1 shouid make an attempt to capture It. ; ] GOVRRNMKNT EXPRESSES AND MAJOR LALI.Y's ; e COMMAND [Faom the National Intelligencer, Oot. 4 J J 1 We were tavored. late last evening, with the following l extract of a letter from an offioer of rank at 1'uebla to his wife in Washington, dated the 10th of September, and received by last evening's mail. It seems to open a I t niw source of auxlety respecting the Issues of , this lova-ion of Mexloo. although we entertain a stri ng bope that the reinforcement of General Lane. 1 wbtci marched from Vera Cruz on the 19th, reached ' ,, b >tu Jalapa and Puebla in time to arrest any disaster from the commands of Msjor Lally aud l ot Child*. ? -uivii vwttimi ?i uiip mvirt. ?|)(ip*rpu 10 De in great [ jwp.?rdjr :? Pceiila, Sept 10. t' "All tbe expresses sent by Gen Scott to Puebla hava ,, b?en cut off, but one hi* escaped. being the only official . lut> IHtfenow I La?e received since Gen. Scott left here. i " Ao eipre?* cam* to me yefteiday and reported that be ti leit iltilco tin be 8th, and was rubbed of hia despatches . J am. auJ hav- been, hemmed io by 4,000 Mexican* for trie la-t three week* The Mexican* represent Major W L<lly. with 1 0< 0 mec, a* (urrounded and hemmed in at JsUpa aud cauno' Ventura out. Major Lally ought to j h?va been here fifteen day* since The whole country 1) ewaicu* with guerilla*" _ MOVEMk.VTS Of PARKD'S, fcc. . [Translate d from lN O.) La Patrla, of dept. 36th.] I , 'i be Vera Crux correspondent of La PatrU, write* h them a* follow*, uuder date of the 30th ult : ? According to ail opinion* Gen Scott ha* been in the ! ' eapltal since the 10th Up to the present time, I have I >1 not bean able to ascertain certainly, how It wa* he effect- ! ed hi* entrance, but 1 have no Uoubt It U a* I* stated bare. It I* impos*ible. however, that in a eity like Mexico I 1 which ba* a population of 300,0j0 Inhabitant*, an army j of 7<>O0 or 8tX)0 men should hare madu such a triumphant I eutry Here l* material for the next hundred yeais for I ** lb* compoeltlon of a* fabulous accounts as those of b Blue B*ard" and ' Gulliver's Travel*," however,we canaot doubt tbe certaln'y of the present news, vie : Santa i Ana* ?nd bi* army overthrown?Scott with a handful ; of m-n oarrjiog before him with hutrlcaoe like fury, , atij ubaiaoie that opposes them?tbe Mexicans Rbsmed, ; dUuouorrd, vilified ; such i* the picture which the great Mexican Kepublic now present*. The (laughter In the l capital i* said to be as high as 4000 rnnong tne old men, women, and children, the result of the bombardment." 1 lu another letter of the same date, be Atv*, ' It is rumored hare to day that Oeneral Parede?, w ho had been stated as having been nominated Inspector of the National (Juard by the Governor of the State of Tuebla, is on tne road between Vera Cm* and Puebla, with General Ilea at the head of 0,000 man. awaiting the oonvoy which ought to have left here (Vera Crni) yesterday, and I which would carry up some 3.40O men, counting those who were to join it at Jalapa Paredes has refused to | take ooiun.and of the troopa, alleging that he came solely to serve his country, and he did not wish to offer Santa Anna any pretext for believing that be wished to Incite . a revolution It Is said that General Rea entered Puebla ' with h>( troopa and that the Americans that were there surrendered on a capitulation, without much fighting Private letters from the Intsilor say that tbe Mexicans are now more tban ever opposed to making peace, but that If General Hoott had 36 000 to 30.000 good men at bi* diapusal, he coula loon make It by force '' The latest new* we have Irom Vera Cms i* to the afternoon of the 31st, our correspondent then says, tbe following:?" I have Just learned that the steamer J. L. .Day is about te leave immediately, and take advantage of the last moment To-day two letters have been re- j neived by eipre** from Cordova, by a merchant intimately conne.-f.ed wittr that place, and they bring confirmation of the new*of Scott's entry into the capital, after two ii*y? bombardment, and driving the Msxlcan soldiery before him at the point of the bayonet. The courier who brought these letters nays, that he also heard It :rom a person whom he met. who wa* a bearer of ties- ; patches to the Uovernor of this State, who resides now ; in lluatusco There is no doubt that it I# true, if not entirely so, atle ?t the greater portion of the details, for . h?d It been the contrary, the Mexicans themselves i would have largely spread the news. NKWS KltOM CH.'ATRMAI .A. ^Translated from the N O La Patrla, Sept. M 1 flj the schooner Alruvldo. papera from < 'am pec he and j Isrida, up to the lwui and 1st September, have been ro0 i??d It appears that the K.ngliah are furnishing arms aud ammunition to the Indians in the Interior, who have lavohed tately and committed *uch excesses The private correspondent of I.n Patrin under date < amne he i Hept, 19, states tba, these Indian difficulties are contlnql lug though he had rot heard any details from the in- Pf tcrlor lately. Don J usto Sierra had left(; ampecha for Vera . Crux. on his way to Washington, where be waa bound as k'.aroy Extraordinary Nothing certain was knowu tl of the object of hi* mission, but It was sunposed that It wa* to treat regarding the po*ses?ion of l.aguna by tha fulled State* fores* and to endeavor to obtain the res- li tltntiun of that port to the State of Yucatan Other* 1, again aoppowd that hi* object vaa to obtain the Intervention of tbe Culled State* In Case peace wa* made, to 'l prevent Mexico from making war on this State, and to ? preserve, it In tha present neutrality It I* much feared here, that Santa Anna wishes to tale vengeance on Yu- ' Catsn a* soon a* be baa settled with the l/nitad States v 1 " mm NEW YORK HERALD. \ *?W York* IWIajr, OiWir ?, U*f. , To Our iUadcri. i In consequence ol the pressure on ?ur columns j by the receipt of lute and importaut intelligence ' , fro in Europe ancl from Mexico, we are constrain- , ^ ed to defer publishing a large quantity of inter- j t eating intelligence Irom all parts of ilte country, > 1 which w elmve in type. b We ahull make room for it a.-< soon as jtossible. a Several columns of advertise mints, which t ought to ap|>ear in this duy's paj>er are not iu- f erted, from the same cause, and we ask a little fa indulgence from our friends, with the assurance ? that we *h:i 11 make matter* all right a? noon as [ toseible. 3 While tlie news now pouring in u|K>n ua in im- j Iftrtwnt we wisli to ?iv? it in full to the nilblic. u i t The Herald for Europe. We shall publish an edition of the Hnald f<*r Europt, for the mails of the Sarah Sand?, which 8 ressel will leave this port to-morrow It will be ready at ten o'clock to-morrow norning, and will contain the latest news from he seat of war; accounts of the entry of our irmy into the city of Mexico ; the official lespatchea of the same, provided they be revived in the meantime ; the American markets, ind such other information as will be of interest o European readers. It will contain likewise an engraving of the apture of the town of Panucn in Mexico Important W? Documents. We invite the attention of our readers to the .mportant war intelligence and war documents published in this day's Herald. They consist of a copy of Mr. Trist'a letters to the Mexican government, and of the replies to them ; the treaty which that gentleman proposed on the part of the United States; a similar document offered by Mexico; and the correspondence between our negotiator and the Mexi- i "An commissioners. q We recommend our readers to be careful, or t hey will be thrown into convulsions while read* li ng the instructions of the ministerial council to s he Mexican commissioners. v r Uglily Important Financial ami Commercial Intelligence from Kurope?Inoreaae of Fall- ^ arcs. n By the arrival of the steamship Hibernia, at loston from Liverpool, we have fourteen days itter intelligence from all parts of Euror?- "The F dvices are of startling importance, and have o rented a tremendous qenooiion in commercial c ircles on this side the Atlantic. What will be a 10 ultimate result, no one can tell. It appears by the accounts received, that many j fthe houses which have failed, have been for lany years on the very brink of bankruptcy; t| lat they have been mere shells, likely to be t rushed at any.moment, and have b^en able from ip nnHitinn some of the Manners hav occupied n the financial circles of London, to sustain r lemselves wonderfully, considering the rotten- o ess of their affairs. In the face of immense n osses, in the face of an actual state of bankrupt" y, many of these houses have enjoyed for a tj ong time a high credit, and have consequently j ailed for very large amounts. It is fortunate { mch houses liave gone out of existence; the ^ ommercial community at large will be benefit d by it, although many houses solvent under f ititer circumstances, will be carried down in the j whirlpool. The atmosphere of the commercial >'orld wiU be purified by the process, and a clearr current will flow through the channels of J oinmeree. o There are in every great commercial country * iany concerns,struggling along uuder heavy bur- t! ns of embarrassments, trusting to some fortu- v rite speculation in some ol the movements of the a ay, to extricate themselves from the difficulties ? 'ith which they are surrounded. They use up j, leir substance long hesfore they suspend, and I 'hen their bankruptcy becomes public, there is othing but a mere shell left, and the creditors t et comparatively nothing. A majority of the .lilures which have recently taken place in Great 1 Britain and on the Continent, will not pay ten < U.IIihm. " !?* ??..??J *n<l ntaMM nn* (linn f liiiliuga uii inv i'uuiiu, auu maii^y uwi tuviv ????? ^ wo or three shillings. The heavy losses re- | iulting from such rottenness in the leading fail- ' ires will, we fear, fall heavily nj>on houses on 1 liis side of the Atlantic. Our sa fety, to u great .\tent, lays in the fact that the losses have been 1 >retty well distributed on the ofcher aide, which 1 cts ub a very general distributor on this side, .nd in connection with this is the fact hat we are very strong, and are able o stand a pretty good drain upon our urses. Two to three years of good, sound, ealthy trade, have given us resources which, in imps like those, will prove our salvation. Many iilures may ultimately take place here, but it /ill not be until the last end of the race, not un >1 there is no hope left. We have no doubt in t lauy instances merely the skeleton of commer- i ial concperns will be left, but if they can keep < hat together, the ahock will not be fatal. We iave aa abiding faith in the indomitable energy 1 nd perseverance of our mercantile classes, and iope for the best. ( We annex a lift of failures in Europe in the nonths of Auirtist and September. It includes mines which few on this aide expected to see in ' tich a position. , AILURES Iff OllAT BKITAII* and ON THE 1'ONTIItr.N T. , Alexander k Co London. Allison, Cumberlidge k Co London. * A. IcACnsto Genoa. v A. A. Gower, Neahewa k Co London. j Bartblingth J H St. Petersburgb. Coventry k Sb?f>herd London. * Castallaln. Sona, k Co London. 1 Crop k Marohtnd Hamburg t < layton k Co Preston. Carpenter, William London. r I) irk son. (A ) k Co .. B.lf.nt, Douglas (Charles) k Co London. Denniaon k Co Limerick. a D. k A Denny Glasgow. I l.ude Dourdel Honfleur. t Kietla k Co Venice. Kraser k Co Antwerp. 1 Kraiier, Nellson k Co. London. Giles, Son k Co * London. I ( ray k Roxburgh Oreenoek. Gregg, H. kO Liverpool, ' Gemmell, Brothers Glasgow. illggina, Brother* . Liverpool. , Hastle k Hutchinson. . , London. . King k Melvllie ?. London ' Kirkpatrick J. k C Liverpool. . Keyed k Co Antwerp. ' K ingsford k Barnwell. 8 I.yon k Kvnney .Liverpool. M atthew Perston. . .. < Hasgow , Nevlns k Co f O'Neal (J. k K.) k C? Liverpool. | c Ooile k Co ?... .Venice. c Perrln k Co . . . .Liverpool Robinson, Kdward. ....London. . Robinaon (W. R.) fe Co, - ... .London. Roux. A .. . .... ...Paris. i Rowett (W.) k (jo ... ...Liverpool. t Held, Irving k C# ..London. Rinhard Harris k 8ons .....London. Sampson. Langtbale k Co . .. .Stockton. > Handera, Wettmlll k Co Stockton. I Sanderson k Co ... London I Thomas Boofcer, Hons k Co London. i Thomas Darnell k Co London. 1 Thomas L'aborue k Son London. I t'obeke k Co. Antwerp. Virtue kCo Woodley. VV. kJ .London. Weatlak* & Co." ? Southampton. t W. Pawcott k Co j llerc is a list of more "than fifty houses that , tve failed within the pant two months, in all ( irt<i of Europe, the liahijitien of which amount J > at least fifteen million* pound* sterling, and c ie unset* to perhaps not more than five millions 11 erling, leaving a deficiency of aliout ten milons sterling, equal to uhout fifty millions of dol- fl irs. to fall upon the commercial classes general- r /. Thin is an enormous sum, and will make inny rich men |>oor, if it dors not swamp I liem altogether. Injuries will be sustained vhicli will require m*ny years of labor to ob- * itenu. and hundreds will be irrevocably ruin d, and no record ofii maetlhe public eye. The most important question likely to grow >ut of, or we might My which haa alieady frown out of th<? position of financial and romn*rcial atf\irs in Europe generally, arid Great Jritain particularly, is the probable el led upon he financial systems of the world. The effect ipon the currency of this country, will be vary riflitf'tj, not of the nature, or to the extent the ending capitalist* of England anticipate and deire. We have a specie currency, and so long is we adhere to it, the current of the precious netals will be in instead of out, to instead of rom ue. The financiers of Great Britain will is exceedingly disappointed in the result of the noney crisis in their own country upon this, udividuals here maybe serious sufferers, but the ysteiu of finances which has in such a sh irt itne become so firmly established, cannot be haken by any of the revulsions which may bke place in Europe for all time. Tiik 1'jtikxch Ocean Stkameks.?We undertand ihat the French steamship Philadelphia eceived some damage on her voyage to Cheriourg, which must be repaired before she leaves hat port; and on that account she did not leave in the fifteenth ultimo, her regular day. The njuries were not of great consequence; but the !ornpany to which she belongs considered it irudent to thoroughly overhaul her before she iturted again. This circumstance having deranged the days >f departure, they have been altered, and are _ C II low as louowsi? Sl'mmkb l)tri>tl'll. From H?vre. From Nt\? York. Mlwourl Sept. 80 Oet. ma Philadelphia Oat. 10 Nor. 9 New Vork Oot. 34 Not. 94 Uulon Nor. 10 Deo. 9 MImoutI Not. 34 Deo 34 Winter dtpaitvie. From Havre. From New York. Philadelphia Deo S3 Jan. 33 New Vork Jan. 2 J Feb. 21 Union Feb 31 Mar 31 Miuouri Mar. 31 April 31 We are pleased at thin new arrangement, for :11 l .v. a-,.. -c i : c i win uuvc uie cuct'i ui iicrpiug up u niurc ireiuent communication between this country and he old world. Hitherto the French and Engish steamships .iave sailed from here on the ame days, and the consequence was that they could take the same news. By the new aringement this will be obviated. The Missouri sailed on the 30th ult., and may e expected here on or about the 15>h inst. The lew arrsdgemeirt begins on the 10th inst The Foreign Maii,s.?We are indebted t^> the 'ost Office Department for the early receipt of ur parcels received by the Hihernia. They ame through from Boston in a special train, nd reached this city yesterday morning. Fair op the American Institute.?The twenieth annual fair and cattle show of the Amerian Institute will open this day. We understand Iiat it will be the best exhibition that this Instiute has ever had. The Democratic Convention.?We have a unning report of the closing scenes in the Demcratic State Convention, which we will give tomorrow. It is crowded out to-day. Later from Brazil.?We are in receipt of tic Jornal do Comercio of Rio Janeiro to the 2th August. They contain no news, save of he affairs in Lu Plata, which has been an t ic iotted. The Philadelphia Ledger, however, gives the ollowing from a letter dated Rio Janeiro, Adjust 12th:? The U. 8. ship of the lino Ohio, Capt. Strlngham, had irriTed. after a passage of 41 day a. Mr. Tod, the American Minister, and family, art) well, >ut had not up to the above date landed, and it was bought he would not be presented at Court until ha re. eires further lnstruotions from our government, lie rill, in the muautime, take a houue aud remain a priat? citizen. until his instructions arrive. Mr. Walah, lie present Secretary of Legation to the embassy of Vr. Vise, will remain as Charge tie Affaires. Mr. Wise will bo ready to sail for tbe United States bout tbe 1st of September. The Brazilians are doing 11 kinds of things to bring themselves in trouble. The United States ship Columbia, Capt Ritchie,bearng the broad pennant of Commodore Rousseau, was at tfo. All well. _ _ Too Late.?The Liverpool Mercury gives lie following paragraph The further talk was, that a New York merohant *ho oaine by the Yorkshire, brought, nicely folded a his pooket-book, a bill of exchange on (iower St Jo for ?10,001); that ho oalled this bill nis " old guard,-' rod that having: delayed here to admire the beauties of .he Mersey, he discovered on Monday night that Uower it Co. were -'gone," and that bis " old guard" oontinued :o do duty In the secret recesses of his Russian-covered note envelope The Weather.?The thermometer, yesterday, ranged no higher than 60 degrees. The day was agreeably fine, rod the air was cool and bracing towards evening. Theatrical and Musical. Park Theatre.?" The Favorite" was last night proluoed at the Park, and the performers were received in i manner oalonlated to enoonr .ge them in their future ifforts. Miss Brlenti evidently felt the novelty of her position at first, but gradually gained confldenoe until .he conclusion of tbe piece,when she wai called out, and :?Cfuyeu voe appiauM 01 iuh nuuieuon. i??r tvivv w ileaslna, and she will, we have no doubt, become a favorite with the musical publio. Slgnor Qlubllel Rings in ; tod taste, and gave great satisfaction by his perform* inoe last evening. Mr. Manvers Is well known to the >pera going publio. The ehorusses are well sustained rtie pleoe is beautifully put upon the stagu, and does great credit to the management. We are compelled, for rant of room, to forego making any extended remarks upon the details of the opera or its performance last Evening. It is to be repeated to-night. Bowrar TiiKATar..?So great was the crowd at the Bowery theatre last evening that it was with some diffliuity we were enabled to procure a sight even of the tag*, having bsen delayed after the time we intended to risit it. The new national drama Monterey, is as much ought after now as it was when first produoed, and no rontler, for it is a perfect representation of the great Irama which the United States and Mexico have been naotiog for fifteen months past. The applause with rhich it is received is unbounded. H will be repeated o-night, with the comedy of the Rent Day, and to-morow evening the talented author will take a bentfit. Chatham theatar..?Mr. Anderson, the stage manager, will take a benefit at the Chatham this evening, ind tliere appears to be a determination on the part of .he manager and all eonneoted with tb t theatre, to nake the receipts as large as any of the season, for we perceive the best and most attractive bill that has yet >een performed there is put forth for the occasion. It lonslsta of five excellent pieces, viz : the second sot of be new nautical drama the Lonely Man of the Ocean, be Tompkins Blues, a comic dauoe by Mr. Yates, the mrletta the Savage and the Maiden, the comedy of the Jumb Belie, and the Irish drama Brian Boroibme, or he Maid of Erin. It is unnecessary to say a word more Ve are satisfied that .Mr. Anderson's benefit will be a ;ood one. Ciacci?Bo^rav AMrimhkatkc.?This evening the lecocd representation of "Santa Anna's retreat," wll te'glven,along with the various comicalities of the crowd if merry makers now coilocted at this place. Chrmtv's Minstrels,?There Is great amusement lo >e obtained by visiting these gentry, as their songs, chouses, dapcea, bo , are all new and fresh. They perform his evening as usual. Ethiopia* fli:Rr.r?AORR*.?Major Dumbolton's troupe "ully sustain thnir high standing In negro minstrelsy, and rom the great popularity they have obtained all over .he Union, we have no doubt their present visit will be vril patronised. Tslmo's was crowded to overflowing ast night to see them. Every member of the company s a finished musician. Miss Isihora E. Hawk*'* Cojirr.Rt at thk Tab*r< (aci.r.?ThlR young lady's first concert will ta\e place ,his evening, when she will be assisted by Mr. Tlmm and rtr. J. A. Kyle, on the piano and flute. Thla young lady, torn all accounts. Is destined to take a high stand In the nualcal world, and we trust this her first concert will trove as succesatul as she could wish. In addition to >ir. Tlmm and Mr. Kyle, she has engaged a full orihestra, under the leadership of Slgnor Kapettl. She las certainly not kpared the details so necessary to make , concert go off well. and Savobi will give their second Orand Conart In New York to-morrow evening at the Taberiacla. SintoR Bi.its.?The Slgnor will exhibit this eveninglis tricks are really surprising and Incomprehensible. The Liriifii STATiiAav ?This classic exhibition will te open thia evening, with some naw combinations. ft porting Intelligence. Tm* &ack>? Tut Tfirwii'i Cabj?iv*i Th? rnoa j (tmiuMiM to-day at Ike Union Course, L. I , m4 wll > Mntlnm three days. Aglanee at the entries for th i ip?rti will lufflee te convince ell lover* of racing of th i exeellenoeof thd entertainment provided. The sweuf ; itakci, beyond a doubt, will be well oontaated by th three year old*; and for the hotel puree, three will eon tend, who have no superior* In the land. See the ad Tertleement in another column for particular* abeut th | nag*. The railroad oar* will leave the South Kerr] every half hour from nine o'clock until noon. Kxoit< muut la on stilt*?nothing is talked of in the prinuipi hotel* In the eity but the race* ; and we expect to see orowdat.tlie courts to-day. Onoe more, look at the ad vertisement. I Ck.itukville Covbik, L. I.?There will be a contee for a pacing purse of $200. this afternoon, at the abov track, between Jag. K. Polk, Roanoke, and Oregon Maid Aj tUU affair will oome off after the raoes at the Union there U no doubt but that a great number will aval ; themselves of a sight of the fastest pacers .In the world Tbottino aoaimt Time.?The extraordinary pet . fonuance of 100 miles in 10 conseoutire hours, wasyei terday attempted by the trotting mare Albany Girl, a the Centrevllle Course; but was not aeoomplished oi aooouot of bad management on the part of her owner H?r driver, had he been allowed his own way, wouli have won to a certainty; hut his better Judgment wa overruled, and defeat followed. There were three sepa ; rata matches pending on the result, vis 1st, that th 100 miles would be done in 10 bnurs ; 2dly, that the dis tur.ce would be performed in S>X ; and another that i would be accomplished, in 9% Tha man went the firs fifty miles in four hours and thirty-seven minutes; am appeared as lreeh as at the start, and It was dollars tn cent that she would win. She was then taken ont and fed and twelve minutes given to hor for rest. At the tJ3< mils she was going no easily that her owner insisted upra the driver making the hundred miles In nine hours, an she was drlvwn the subsequent seven miles In less thai half an hour. This speed seemed to be too mush fa | her powers, and she gradually thereafter failed. Th , mut, however, continued on until she had aacompltft e l ninety seven miles and about a third, when she oaxn to a stand still, she having at that time half an hot left to win the ten hour match, the other two maiohe of course, having been lost previously. 8he was the taken charge of br Hiram Weodruff. under whose msu | terly care she will be all right In a day or two. City Int*lilgeii>-?. New Militia Law.?We observed several of our mil j tary companies, many of them dressed In full uniform ; and the great portion in oltlsens dress, with their oroi I belts, side arms, be. on parade, in various* sections < I the oity, yesterday. We have in former years seen on ! militia turn out in the same manner, but it would appei I from the small number who turned out vesterda' that many of our oitlsens lure pain the com mutation tux, and declined the honor of attondiu on parade. Those who hare done to, have done wetland hare relieved themselves from a very onerous soi of duty. We look with some anxiety as to the mannt In wbleh this new law shall work this season?and thoc who hare not appeared on parade, or paid the sum of 7 ' oents for non -appearance thereat, aooordlng to the pr? visions prescribed by law, should look out for squalls, ai< the law will be rigidly enforced by those authorized t do ho The Highlander (Scotch) companies looked w? In their full uniform, and mastered In the early part c the day at the oorner of Chambers and Ceritre streets. Fire CoMranr.?The fire company No. 3 passed yei terday afternoon, at 0 o'olock, down Fulton street, an went through their different evolutions in front of ou office. They were headed by a splendid band, wh played several enlivening airs on passing through ou streets. They passed through Fulton street towards th Brooklyn ferry, and wheeled thence to their quarters. Tardet KrcraMo*.?The Ringgold Association c this city, went on their second annual target exoursio yesterday, to Tilleteudlem, and made a fine display 1 passing through our streets. They are a fine, noblest of fellows, and Capt. Alexander Forbes doserves grea credit for the manner in which his company wen turough their military exercises. The prizes were tw beautiful silver cups. The first prize was awarded t Mr. Randolph Hopper, and the second to John Claugt l>-y. Tney returned at 6 o'clook last evening, highl delighted and invigorated with the excursion. Common Council. Board or- Aldfhmkn, Oet 4.?Morris Franklin, Esq ['resident, in the chair. Old Slip.?Petition of sundry merchants to have 01 flip excavated. Heferred. Fig P> nt and ll'ti Caopi.?A remonstrance signed b : aoventy-flve merchants against the existence of a nui muc?, in the vicinity of Old Slip, consisting of ashant used for keeping poultry and pigs. Referred. I Srwr ?n HOH tfircet.? Petition to have a sewer bull f hi 30th street, between the 8th and !>th avenues. Gas in llfA Sirrtl.?Petition of sundry persons t have UtU street,between 3d and 3d avenues,lighted wit ilaunini; remonstrance 01 ouicners agami i persons being allowed to hawk and peddle fresh meats i ; the public strcetr. Referred. Wmtmmt - MMn of sundry persons to liar tbe name of Walnut street changed to Jacknon stree Referred. Salary of Judge Lynch ?A communication was ri | of iveil trom the comptroller, in relation to the expeni i incurred in the suit brought by Isaac K. Adrlance againi I the corporation, to restrain the city from paying the pel ' alty incurred by the supervisors, who refused to pa i J udge Lynch. Adopted. Pearl Strer.t.?Report in favor of repaying I'earl stree | between Whitehall and Broad sts ; also resetting tb curb and gutter stones therein. Adopted. H'atf.inglon Monument.?An Invitation was reooivo from the Washington Monument Association, to atten ! tbe oeremony of laylog the corner stone, on the 19th < ; October. Deaf and Dumb Jlsylum.?Report of Kinanoe Con inittee and opinion of counsel to the corporation on tb , Hubjeut of granting lots No. 54 and 69 to the Deaf an Dumb Asylum. Laid on tin table, and ordered to t I printed. More Oat ?Tbe special commlttoe, to whom was r< ferred the expediency of lighting the upper part of th city with gas. reported in favor of oontraetlug with tb .Manhattan Gas Company to curry out that objucl Laid on the tabled to be printed. Looking after the Skinnert.?Resolution in favor o requesting tLe Committee on Police, Watch, and Prison! to inquire into anlreporton the alleged existence of copartnership arrangement between certain lawyers an I deputy keepers in the city prison, whereby the latt< ; receive a per centsge upon all fees obtained by tl I former for their professional services to prlsoneri I Adopted. I VltVattrini; the ttreete ?Resolution In favor of pr< ; muiiing inn Bprinanng 01 Biroeis wuu -water, ujtwee ; curtain hours ot the (lay Adopted. Pier at Harlem Bridge.?Resolution In favor of ojukIi ' the pier at llarlum Bridge to be repaired,and appropri. ling $7.10 to defray the expenses thereof. *1*f$ttnenf.? Heport in favor of altering thu tiinu ( making assessments. Adopted. Grade of Four h and Mudiion %/lctnuet.?Report I Imi of amending thu grade of Niadixon and l'ourl Avenues, also 3id, 33a, 34tb, 33th, 3Stn, 37th, 3Hth, 3 !>t Hud 4lith struet*. Adopted. Mi dicnl Staff? Report of committee on charity an alms of this hoard in lavor of establishing a medic beard in the alms house department, and since amend* bv th? lioard of AssUtants. w?a brought up, and add tional itiueadmanu made, and then returned to tL i Hoard of Assistants for concurrence After deposing of some other papers of minor to I portanoo, the Board adjourned until Monday evenii j next. I Boakr or Aiiistiit Aldihmim, Oot.4.?This boai j met this ev<tniuy; but very little wan done, however, wit i Uie exception 01 concurring lu gome papers previous | acted upon in the Board of Aldermen. Police Intelligence. Threat* with Intent In Kill.?A man calling bimsi Phillip Augustus Ayiett, was arrested yesterday an taken before Justice Koouie, on a charge of violently a saultlng and threatening to shoot with a pistol, a ma by the name of Augustlue Pessengur, and likewise bis so at. their residence, 16 Thompson street. It appears tb? tbe accused seduced the daughter of Mr. Pes.seng?r, at was persuaded to marry her, upon the condition that t so doing he would save the reputatoin of tbe family, an then iu a few months a dlvoroe could be obtained, an the whole affair settled up. But, however, after h marriage he found himself fast, and as regards tt divoroe that appeared to be a loog way In perspectlvi Consequently, he became enraged at finding hlmse trapped, resorted to this mode of treatment in order I intimidate the father into terms. After his arrest an committal to prison, tbe following letter was penned b tbe prisoner, who oalls himself an A. M. M. D., and set id bis father-in-law We give it net 6?(tm. Mr. Pk*sc:?)er?Dear Sir?it Is unuesseary at this lal hour to enter Into ay detail explanation or my feellof towardi your Daughter, suflloed to say that I oncelov< tier It is human to erre and Pivine to forgive. It is no in your Power to Render your daughter and mjse cither useful members of sooiety or meserable Being ;ut for myself I dont care a Damn How the affair term nates for I feel Perfectly Desperate. Either you or joi son answer this witbout a moments delay I consider obligatory on the part of yourself or son to do so. PHILIP A. AYLETT, A M , M. D. Justice Roome held him to bail, In delfcult of whloh 1 i till remains in prison. Faht Pretencei ? Officer William H. Stevens, of tl Lower Tollec, arrested on frldsylastat Elmvra, Ch mung county, this State, a man by tbe nam* of Thom / Otis, on a charge of obtaining by false and fraudulei representations, a lot of boots and shoes, valned at $10f from the firm of Sears it Co. This offioer conveyed hi before Judge Wlsnor, of Chemung county, when he ga ball in the sum of $1000, for his appearance to answ the charge at ths Court of Sessions In thlsolty. Stealing Spoon$ ?Officer Oaugham, of the tith war arrested last night a woman by the name of Mary An flsggerty, on a charge of stealing from the premises N 24* William street, two sliver table spoons, valued at | hflonglug to E. Mandus. Looked up for trial. fockit Hook Found ?Officer Menoho, of the 6th wai police. found last night lying on the sidewalk in tl Bowery, near Walker street, a leather wallet, contalnli two pawn tlekets, together with several valuable pape and receipts, and from the name on some of them. It supposed that the owner's name Is William llato Apply to the officer at the station house. Brooklyn Affairs. Imforta!*t Asasir.?Officer Stlllwell yesterday a rested a man by the name of William Mills, on a ohari ot having been eonoerned with Edwin BaiUy and Josej Buchanan, In breaking Into the house of Win. Kirk, ai robbing the same, in April last. Mills and Bailey can out of State prison together, and shortly afterwards o talned work In this city. Mills, while following his dal avocations, beoame acquainted with Mr. Hetehklss, at as Bally his admitted, pointed Mr. H out to him ai Buchanan, and stood near them at the time ttey coo mltted the murderous assault upon, and robbed thi gentleman. Had Mills been arrested at an earlier di and tried with Bailey and Buchanan upon the san evidence, he wonld probably have been disposed of I like manner. Hs was committed by Juatloe OarrtUon -r- ^ ? . | - rn L ? 'M II I J AFFAIRS IN EUROPE.," , the DBTAZLI Or IBS NBWS h1 ? brought by th? STEAMSHIP H I BERN I A. SPECIAL DESPATCHES '* i l-rom MADRID, PARIS, ROME, NAPLES, JULAS, TI'RIN, ATHENS, dif. ?r. to the ! NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. M -^r. i i r*ais, 15th Sept , 184T. KDITOB N*H Yoax Hlkalp? The Havre steamer hu tailed u* this time owing tc | accidental causes. They tail us, however, that we maj i depend on regularity lu future, and what ia mueh better ; they have, aa you will aee. adopted the suggestion of youi Parle correspondent, and changed the daya of sailing After the preaent month they will sail on the 10th an<! 34th. Then you will have letters from your European cor' respondents four times a month, except during the foui winter months. We shftll, until December, write fron here on the 9th and 33d per Havre, and on the lat ant 15th per Liverpool Daring December, January, February and Ma*ch. the flavre steamers will go only onci a month, on the 31st or 33d. Still you will hare, even it winter, frequent Intelligence frcm Europe. 1 continui to receive regularly from all your ogents in the Soutl and Kait, the despatched, whloh 1 am gUd to find arriv< with you very regularly. Since my last there is wry little n?w? strictly French The Chambers adjourn* J the sslons of Paris rinsed fiishlon everywhere except here, the ministers at theii chateaux and oountry villas, the court, at F.u and homi politics stagnant, wh*t o?.n we have to communicate? " It. .11 t 4* ?k? .ir.Ufl rxt Ui.aU Ttnlv j buaii uvv r?i?r tu iu? ivvititug uuuo ui . um; . : Africa, or Turkey and G) ?m?, as ynu will re-eivt) report ' 1 of these from your loosl anentp. Vet theco are the onl; . toptcH which engage attel itioti here at present 1 The Duchess d'Aumtle. daughter-in-law of Loui Philippe, lias just given: birth to a son. who is createi Duke da Gulsa and herjfcusband the Di)ke,is appoints , governor-general of Algeria whither ho is abont to pro " ceed u soon as the Ducl??8> is in a lit state to travel ' The opposition, ot ev?ry shade, is availing itself of th . vacation and the flue weuther to get up monster meet ings in favor of electoral and parliamentary reform Banquets and dinnors are held at the chief places in th departments, and the couoatls general and local bodiei so far aa they are not connected with and dependent o ' the government, are Voting petitions. The question e _ the grounds of reform msy be verj briefly stated. rt It la estimated that the population of Franoe amount r to tbhrty-two mlllons Of thes*. lets than three bundre thousand are qualified to vote for* a deputy. In the re A presentative chamber th<*re were 45G mcmoers. Govern ment baa in its hands the patronise of 4U0 000 placet ,, that is,one-third more than the tot?il number of eleetori 0 In the chamber there are 193 ptaoe-iuen, dependent upo jl the government for their means of subsistence. It wl )f be seen at a glance what a collossal m acbinery of corruj tlon, both as regards the eleotors ant t the deputies?li the ooostituenoy andin the chamber; .there is at the dii posal of the government. But this is not all. A larg ll sum is annually plaoed at the disposal of the governmec lr for what is oalled secret servioe. NeaiVv the whole ? 0 this is expended in corruption. Journals are estab lr lished and subsidised, deputies aie salaried, and the moi 8 flagrant corruption practised in every department ofth State wi*h this fund. It is against all this that the el >f forts of the opposition are now directed. n The retirement of Marshal Soult front the Presidenc n of the council, is now dally expeoted. When it dot >t take place. M. Guisot will be appointed, to that oflici it which he will hold in oonjunotlon with the .Ministry f it foreign Affairs. o A rumor is now prevalent, that the Dutch?i<s of Mont nftfllliMr fa #fl/?t'?n/^ Tha ovunf < InAlrn.l f. \r >IV KAIIt i- I with much solicitude, connected as It neoessarily fa wit y 1 the succession to the Spanish throne. The new loan of three hundred and fifty mAlion* c franca, equal to seventy mllliona of dollars, haa not yc b- en negotiated, nor will be, it U mild, unttl Nov? vnber | Vou will hare seen how much railway abarea hw J' cllocd, and oan easily imagine the disastrous loc^ea' tUn d I tome speculators in them have sustained. Italy. ^ Pabu, September 18, 1947y F.iuron N. Y. Herald? Since despatching my letter of yesterday, I have re celred the detail* of various events oonneotod with tin o alfalrs of Itaiy, which 1 enclose, although it is som<nrha h doubtful vrhether they will reash Livorpor.1 in ti?f?e fo ^ the steamer. n | Letters continue to arrive from various part* off Italj | which, though not more recent in date than thosp wblcl ? { we lwve already given, mipply n<>ino further particular ' of interest, relating to the vast social revolution, ofwhlcl ' (he Ccninsula Is at present the theatre. Wo Und n j* "round for the rumor which prevailed in Pari* fa Wei i- nt-sdav afternoon, that a revolution hacf taken, nlace i y Naples, and that the King bad taken refuge on T>oaid tfa [ trench vessels then lying at anchor iu that It arbor. 1 ? Id, however, certain that the insurreotion in tl# > souther d j part ot the Neapolitan territory, and in Sicilj, I* wui d I inn every day more forniidablo proportion** -that cot >f I xiderable reinforcements have been rent to fthose poini I from Naples?tbat the garrison of the capita i has ther< by boen reduced to a lower state of force than could ha* d been allowed, savo under the presence of overruling m ie rouity?that the agitation in Naples is exti>im?, and tb fear of a popular movement there so serioutt, tbat the gi s- >ernm*nt have been compelled to resort fen extraord e nary measur* of precaution; ami, iu fine, {that sever e arrests have been made of persons charge# with or hu l\ pected of disaffection, and numerous others, equally ol noxious to the authorities, have taken refuge ou boot > f the French squadron. Tbe steamer Pingomin, which sai i, ed from Naples on the ftth. has arrived at Toulon, an a bring* advices confirming all these statements, and hi d on board the citiaens of Naples who escape*', from tb -T agents of the government. ie Letters from Florence bring further details <V tbe p< i. pular ovations which took piece there on the pubUcatio of the decree for establishing the National Guard > when the people collected in thousand*, in the squat n iu front of the Palace, uttering in favor of Leonid I Pius IX. and the Ilaliun Lesguo. Tbe window* of th ig bouses surrounding the quare were deoorated with bri a- liant draperies, and filled with ladies, who waved the Tui can flag, (white and red.) The (irand Duke, leading hi }f two sous, presented himself in the balcony in front < the Palace, to make bis acknowledgements to hi* pcoph in Seeing the national cockade on every body, and the nn h tionui dig waving every where around, and not havin n one at baud be ordered two silk inantl-s to be taken fro! the shoulders of the members of his fimily, a white an iu | n rcu.umuiiK wuitiu uk iiu|t[uiuru ukiiiuum uftK^wuii:! b! | he waved from the balcony. id A deputation was after ward* admitted to tba palac t- to present to the Grand Duke from hia people a flag c le the Tuaoan oolere. In hie answer to the address of th deputation, the Grand Duke ronoluded with these inn l- morable wnrda : " Be assured. gentlem-n, that above al ig other qualities, I am au Italian Prlnoe ! Am I not a no tive oi Pisa ? and have I not ever been your brother ?' rd tie then presented himself again on the balcony to th Lb multitude with hia two aotu, having in lil* hand the us iy tionai flag which had just been presented to hiia. It I luipomlble to describe the burnt of enthusiasm whiei followed this. The people shouted, wept and embracm eaoh other. Priests, innnki, women aud children. )lf equally tranaported with the general delirium, pUoed 01 id their brenats the national oockade. and ran in all diree a- lions in tbe wildest joy, shouting?' ViV" Leopold ! Vivi ,n rio nono ! Tive la guarde clvica: tire la macbia Iiallam u, I fratelli dell' Italia, 11 popolo Italiano 1 Tire gli amiol d? it popolo!" id Some of the scenes we hare already described at Leg iy horn, were reproduced At four in the afternoon 34,00 id persons were coll. c ted in the church of the Duodk id where thia multitude united their voicea in a T is Deuni, the effeot ot which it would be utterly ii le rain to attempt to describe. The arohbiahnp, over i. come by the acene sobbed aloud After the ceremonj If be waa conducted to hia palace by the newly createi ,o National Ouard. On arriving there he preaente< id himself to the multitude in the balcony, in hia full cos iy tume aa cardinal, with the national fl?g in his hand it whloh he waved in aalntation of the people. At thi moment a ahont of " Viva Varcivneava P resnundei le from the palaoe and from all the windows of the sur [a rounding palaces. In the evening the city wan illu >d tuinated, and procesaiona, composed of the students e w the schools and oolleges, paraded it. ilf What was moat admirable about these demonstration a. was, that without the preaenoe of any oflloial agents o 1- the public force, there was not a single instance of i ir hreaoh of public order; no drunkeeness, no robbery, ni it quarrels. The palaces of obnoxleua Individuals knuwi to favor the Jesuits and Austria, and whloh were no illuminated, were pasted in profound silence, the peopl ie keeping at a distance from their very wall.*, aa tbougl their touch were contaminating The An*trian consu lie was aeen during the day and evening walking among th e- crowd, unoffended and unmolested. aa By lettera from Rome we learn that the French go nt vernment ateamer Antelope anchored at Clvita Veccbi 10, <>n the Sth, being plaoed at the dlspositisn of the Frencl m ?mba?sador. " The same day,'' say these letters, ' o ?e the dsy before, three British ships of War cist anchor V er the port of Ancona. The appearance of the British fla j in the Papal harbors, and especially in the waters of th d, | Adriatic produoed a profound sensation." in i The Prince of Casino waa on the point of ieavin o i Rome for thesolentiflc congreas at Venice, where, It wa >6, | said, he would appear in the coatume of the Nationi ; Guard. rd i The celebrated tribune, Angelo Brunetti. better know le as Clnsronacchlo, waa appointed Standard-bearer of tb ig : Civic Ouard of Rome. ra Letters from Bologna, of the 9th. say that the Duke < ? Modena was obliged to leave hia States and take refuu h. at Parma, wbere an Austrian force is collected The Agricultural Congress, assembled at Casale. I whloh It will be remembered that aremarl uble letter of King Charles' Abbe was read, from whlc I we quoted on a former day, sent Jto the king an addres I signed by four hundred members of the congress, lr 'v i eluding a large number af the moat wealthy and er '2 lightened of the nobWut. "1 Romr, Sept. ?, 1847. ?e | KniToa N. Y. Ilrau.ii : ? |y Since the date of my last, the work of progrei s goes o id most prosperously, thanks to the moat enlightened an liberal prince on whom the sov*ceignty of these stati it has Mien. The elements of constitutional and pnpi ij ! lar government have been created without revolution c ? I bloodshed Prince and people have co-operated in th n I ble work. Citisens have fraternised with soldier =?=??n ' i - i mm?rti | and the aggreaaion of Austria, At Ferma, ha* opmu-l j aa a stimulus instead of a warning. The national <uarl ! has bMD organised here, ul 1? la prweM of or^anUs I Hon throughout all the Statea of the church. W? h?T? j, aea-ipapen Id all oar prlnolpal tovns We hare man! elpal corporation* to regulate the local attslrs; and, finally, we are to have a representative body at Rome, in which tb?lnt?rMi< of tha proTlncea will be aonenlted To manifest our determined opposition to foreign ag ^rn?8lou wo at* now forming an army of obeerration at Korll, near the MiUnes* frontier, which In Immediately to consist of 16.000 mas. and. ultimately, to M raised to 54.000. of which Jl.OdO will be regular troop*, and the remainder thn national ji.?/d. or, aj you would call them, militia. We have had here, to-day, a grand aolemuity on the : occasion of the celebration of the amnesty granted by Plus IX , and the inauguration of hla statue on the ' l iana del I'epoio. Two thousand national guards w-ru drawn out en t>'nid' truur, on the ocoaaion Ten ! thousand cltisens, led by the Prince of (asslno, (a Bonaparte,) paraded the city l>v torch light Patriotic j 'peaches were made-the national hymn of Pin* IX , composed by llosslni, was played and sung?the Sardi 1 n!an and Tuscan ambassador* addreaaed tha people from the balconies of their palaces, which were brilliantly Illuminated, assuring them of the lively sympathy of , their reKpt ctivo sovereigns for his Holiness A general league of the Italian State* Is now. it is said, under ne' go tut ion. Milax, Sept. 10,1847. | Kouoa N. Y. Hsbalo We are here In high insurrection The contagion of [ i th? increment going on around has oaught us. On the , | ooosfion of tha festivities, the day before yeatarday. got p i up to welcome the naw arohbishop, the populace broke i i cut with cries of " Fir a Pio IX," and the hymn com' posed for. and dedicated to, the Pope, by Rossini, was j pang by the multitude !n front of tb? arohbUhop'* pal i aoe. The polic* and'got rf'armert'c immediately preeented | themaelvea to diapers* tbe people, when ft forlou* oon, tllct eruued, in which the troop* were beaten, end 1* muny eaaea dlaarined, trampled and ?pat upon, with furiou* crfea of "down with tbe Auatrlani." '"Itely forJ ever.'* The patrol* whloh paraded tbe town, were t everywhere beaten, and forced co retreat to their bar' rack*. However, itrong relnforoementa wero afterward* * brought agalust the populaoe, and tbe movement fur 1 the prevent haa been quelled. It I*. however, only tern f porarily overcome. Tho eeod* of revolt are sown. I; I* ! i.ot p>;s*lble that tba Milanese can mo reform and en ? i llghteum?nt on every aide ot m aud be oontent to atsnd ' 1 alone the brxndod aUve* of thu dnppotlam of Vienna 1 1 At the muinunt I write all i* excitement, and It I* dlffl " | cult to s*y anything of tbe future Indeed, there are I many chanoe* that thin letter will not reach you It " will probably be opened and examined by the post office " myrmidon* I will, however, write a duplicate. *nd ' have a double chanoe of uccape. " Train, Sept. 10, 1U47. kditor n. v. iliano,>f Italy 1* on the eve of regeneration AVe bare here tbe most (anguine hope*, from th? liberal tendency of King j < barlt-tf Albert. M. Corboli, tbe envoy of the Pope, ban just arrived here, and baa already had wveral ootifer ' enoea with t'.e King ou the subject or tne Italian league against Austrlan despotism It If proposed to form au n ulllance offensive and defensive, first, between the Roman, Sardinian, and Tuscan States, to which afterwards rj the other Italian States may be admitted, to defend i- Italy from all foreign aggression, and that without any e foreign Intervention. This is the great aim ef Piuj IX , it that Italy should be suittfllent for Italy. The King ha* >f lutwly addressed an autograph letter to his private Secretary, which was read on the 8lh at Casale, where an it agricultural meeting was held, in which he pledgee ,o himself that If Austria do not give satisfaction to the f- Pope, that ho will proclaim a war of Independence. The British minister seconds tho Government in these libey i al dispositions, bat strange to say, the French minister throws every conceivable obstruction in their way. You x. uisy now expect important new* from our quarter of >f Europe by every mail that shall arrive. Naples, flth September, 1817 Kditor N. V. Hesald [j Like all the rest of Italykw<) are here surrounded with the elements of Insurrection. A rising has jest taken place *5 i at Messina, in Sioily, in which many have been killed and wounded on both Bides. Owing to the government not. !- allowing any newspaper, except its own gazette, to be lt printed.and practising an Infamous scrutiny of letters in its post otSoos, it is very diffloult to get at th? trv.o state of the country at any distance from hem. But it is ocruin bv tho reinforcements which are daily expected, 1 that Reggio, etc , are in the hands of the insur. | junta, and that ail Calabria is up in arms. The foroe of the insurgents is, according to some ecoounts whioh ap" /iear worthy of credit, 2000 infantry, 700 carairy, and 17 t |< :eccs of artillery, and that every day augments it. The r ?ti>v*rnnient has just issued a furlouj manifesto whioh V?*ms to destroy ail the hopes whioh bad bean enter*.... iiiaed that the King would voluntarily adopt a policy ot r, ' rt for m.and ?liy himself with the sovereigns of the northl ern ttai>an States, who (except Austria) are all frateruislpff with the people. 8 Ydu may expeot intelligence of interest from here by h the nut steamer. _ . Athene Aug. 31, 1847. KOITOB N. Y. IIcrali) :? We re Main here in statu quo. Tha difference with Q Turkey renwins unadjusted, notwithstanding the friendly ly intervention of I'rince Mettcrnich. Oar oablnet refuses to send the apology for the Insult offered to the Turkish euvoy by King Otbo, and without that apology the Divan menaces extrame measures. A steamer has Just arrived here with orders to all the Turkish oonsnls in the Qreek ports to demand their passports, and to embark for Cnn* rtantinoplo. The exequators have been some time alnoe H withdrawn from all the dreek consuls In Turkey. We are told thst a Turkish (left has sailed or la to sail im10 mediately, for the l'irleus, to reconnoitre os. We have }' against jis almost all the diplomacy of Europe, excetit , /ranee, Even Russia looks coldly on ns. Meanwhile 91 the half yvar'rf Interest on our debt la due to Englaud, who will e.'taot it at the oannon's mouth, and our govern5: ment is notr prepared to pay it. M. Eyaard has with , drawn his offer, on the ground that lt would be of no re*l : service to us at present Under all these circumstanoes. '' nothing cati save us from being crushed on the one hand 18 by Turkey, and on the other by England, except a '* change of cabinet. That is accordingly sxpeeted. a Madrid, September 10. 1, Kditdk N. Y. Herat, d ? Great eTents?great at lea?"t to people who u? ntit id them?hare occurred bare alnoe i*?e date of my iMt lait 1- lutterg. Vour render* will reoollec* (but we left tha ^ young queen at tbe unmrner palace of Li Praaga, en>f joying the sports of the fi?ld, riding out, a /" - ?*??, f. daily, on an Andalucian pony , and taking do ,*0 more ^ hoadof deer with her own gun than tbe moat ijptft u ppori'inun amuDK ui-r euunisrs. in? tiug c'jasori,ni!tu' J while, was shut up ia on hunting lodgo near Madrid, 11 called the fcrde, wheru he passed his time ohlefly with ? priests, and in other ways which need not be partlouf Urised. The ministers during this time, were laboring * to bring about a royal reconciliation, but they labo-fd I" to vain At last the queen and oourt returned to Ma" (lrld, where it is said the queeu became prising in her Ji-mand# for a divorce, and other Bs?xsur?s which the ministers could nut or would i.ot lend themselves to. In * the midst of these difficulties, a telegraphic message was * neat to Tans, professing to be sent by orders of the queen, directing General Narvaes then Ambassador at Paris, to * repair immediately to Madrid The General, after va0 rions conferences with his msjssty Louis Philippe, and > her majesty the queen dowager Christine, took post ' tinrseit tor Bayonne, and soon arrived at this capital. On his arrival, he seut to signify his presence to her * majesty, who. greatly to |>ls amasement, showed no alao* rity at all to receive him, and let an entire day elapse * oefore she gave him an audienoe. 8be did so, however, it iHDgtb, aud in a manner whloh proved not very palatable to his excellency the ambassador. However, a sort 11 ' oi authorisation was given him to proceed te form a cabinet He aooordingly, after two day! delay, made up " a double list, putting two name* opposite to each mln11 i istry, and w?ited ou Iter majesty at 7 o'clock in ihe evening, to submit the same to her, and beg her to select ' from among t he number those who might be most agreea? hie to her. The queen replied that she was going to th' 1 opera, and had not time then to read the list, but would I" give General Narvaes an answer between midnight and '< oue in the morulng. when she should return from * the opera. At this hour Narva*! presented himself, -* ;?uJ the queeu reoeived him in ber cabinet, with [tie doublu list before her. Her majesty observed ' that the names did not please her, and that she I <vould endeavor to go on as well as she could with the ministers that she had. Narvaes was thundersuuolc. * lieaiked whether his commission was at an end Her ' ) majesty replied that it whs, and that bo might go ' The II embassador withdrew, boiling ovar with indlgaatlon at ^ j tUe hoax which had been played upon him. It was evl11 'lent that his own over sanguine friends had oalled him ' from Paris rather inconsiderately, and without any suffl" dent authority, and that the Queen wanted to be rid of 11 him. What was worse than all, It soon became appa' lent that ho would probably lose his embassy. ** On the next day M Salamanca,theministerof finance, was authorised to form a cabinet. ThW miniate/ was all this time In close communication with Mr H Bui* | wer, the English ambassador, by whose advice he was l? understood to be very much Influenced. Mr. Bulwer * was also in trequent communication aith Queen Isabella, n at her palace. Besides these patsonagus, who hold reK cognised characters on the stage of politics, there was " Oenersl Serrano, who holds no such character, but who exercises more influence with ber majesty than all the K others put together, and who la, moreover, the intimato " friend of Mr Uulwer. This Oeneral is a handsome fel low, of two and thirty, and Is known hera generally, by the title of the ''favorite " He live* in the palace <* and n groat many silly gossiping stories are told respect- j *" ing the friendship which exists between him and the Queen. However, be this as It may, a ministry haa been form d by M Salamanca under these Influences, and Its first eat nas been one of the greatest Importance whieh haa * been done in Spain for several years It is nothing l?s? ^ than a proclamation of a general amnesty to ail politiosl offender*. Mid an Invitation toailesiles to return to their "* | country Even the Carlisle and Moulemolinitts are not ' j e<clu<j?d from this, provided they will tska the usual '* nathrt of fidelity to ttie rrown and obedienoe to the laws Orfn'iral i-.spanero, Duke"?)f Villorla, formerly Regent of I -puln, but several years ago exiled, is recalled aud re i stored to all his rsnk. i-nif luiuents. property and honors, n named a Senator und C.Hptaln-General in tbe army 1]? ,j . is now expected here daily fro-n and it is sv?n -aid that ne Is to be placed at the head of the cabinet Still then- are many who affirm that all this will ? t- that General Narvaes will raise a revolt, will be supportir ed by the inftiianoeof Franoe, and by the gold of Queen ! Christine, and that the ultimate object will be to oompei I* 4 Queen Isabella, to abicate In favor of tfae Duchess of ( ! Montpanaier Ws shall use. I I

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