Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1847 Page 3
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rr Tike LatMt Financial Intelligence, H iMroUTtNT MuTKII or TMt BaNK Or ENiiLAKD. I ?A general eowrt of the proprietors of the Bank i H of Ktmland ?m held on the 18th uli. in the court room of the Corporation, pnrauant to the terms of the eharH t?r. to receivn the deeUratu n <>r the dir?etora as to thn I dlri li-ixl Owln< to the state of the money market, the Wrg? failures that have occurred. and the anticipation of tu-ther d hi titers -fnr it is fesred there will l?? more H >->t -the n'tendan<*.? i f proprietors wa? unusually large. At twelve o'clock precisely, the bujim as of the meeting H tommenccd ; -The t.overnor said. I h"?ve to acquaint tht court. th:it thia is one of our half-yearly eoart*, tor the purpose of declaring a dividend, and one of the <(uar teiiy courts eppointod by the oharter; and I have the pleMUre to inform you that th? Court of Director*. upon a r-vU* of the state of the atfiirs of the bank, have resolved to r? commend that a dividend of 4>? per cent Interest anil profits be paid for the half year, ending on tb t 10th of October next, (great cheering.) without de- | ductioa oi lho income tax; aud I' gives mo great satis- i &Ctinn to be able to state, that after the payment of the dr. Jeud, there will be a lum of X0(5,412 to be added to [ H the rest. (C beers) It in BMMMTf that I should inform you that thia is not e dividend ol 4>? per cent, but ? diH vldend of S!? per cent, and a bonus of 1 percent, that | H the proprietors, who have a life interest only, might par- j H tic! pate In the profits of the half year Although, tliurc- j H fore. I now call it a dividend of 4>? per cent, ttls_only : """ "? *"TI UCUV. Willi tt UUUU3 Ol 1 p?r C?Ul. I Uivn- | tiou this, l'-st you might suppore that we ut to go on | , permanently with a dividend of 4); per oent. We have no | buoh Intention, unices the affairs of the bank should be in such a prosperous position as to justify that dividend. The announcement seemed to give great satisfaction to the proprietors; but some apparently came prepared for eveu greater liberality l'rojj the oourt, for they asked to hsve a bonus an well ns increased dividend. Tbe proposal of ibe directors, however, was considered by the majority of the meeting as liberal as tbe state of the "rest*' justirled, und it '.va* accordingly sdopteJ. sulject to confirmation at a ballot, to take plaoe on the J-J Inst , which the governor considered desirable, in consequence | ef the importance of tbe alteration. After the subject of the dividend had been disposed of, a discussion en- ' sued on tbo motion of a proprietor, that the present method of electing tho governor and directors should be cbaDged. The rt nsous urged for tbe alteration were > of course tbe recent failures of tbe late governor and of 1 ouo <>f the directors; and the proprietor referred to wished to elect a governor ' from amongst ono of the great number of tbe mercantile men In tbo city to whom such a oulnralty as in?olveu?y could uever happen." Yhls remark occasioned much laughter, aud tbe discussion whs concluded by ->lr. Jours Loyd making some very Judi<'iou4 observation* on the Impolicy and folly of a propositi wlilch at th? present time would lead the public to tbink thai ibe directors did not possess the conlid<moe of the proprietors. Di<c( or ?nola*d.?An aocount, pursuant to the act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap 3'i. for the werk ending Bepk tembrr 11 If if*k DurtirMtiiT. Notes jsnsd i.Si,J07,140 Gov't debt ?11,016.100 Oilier securities... I.SCO Uoldroin kbulliou 7,214,110 Kilter bulliou 1,023.030 ^?22,307,110 ?22,307,140 Proprietor^ capl.. .?14.653,000 (>0**1 securities Hsit 4,9(1(1,101 (including dead Public deposits (ill- weiflitannuity).. ?11,G'JS,3(0 | cludiiiKr.xchequer, Other necuridei... 17.8(1 ','184 j Savings' iiaulu, Notes... . 4.4C6,'i75 Commissioner* ot? Uold md silver cuiu MI7.0J2 ' Natiounl Dent, aid DiriilndArcouuts) 8.16*?,7thl Other drpusiti . .. . C,9b0,##3 b. vtii day and other bills 814,452 ?31.514.211 ?34,314,331 Dated tl>e lGtli day of picmbf r, 181?. Parii Sept. 18-3 o'Clock?The opening prices of th>- Rente wore such as to excite gro- larm as to the probable arse of the day's buMne*<i The 3 per CHiit.-t Dclug i 66o, and the Ih. ut IKif iao, being 4.ic lower tli olonlncr pric ( i he diiy -tyre fir both, Every in fart tool ri , lingly black wb?u? cudden n -n wt i. rou.: tatters up to70fforth? 3 i ll3f tit" for the b h Vbout two o'clock prices i' .on w-y. to afterwards Improve, nil closed . Hi' ui. it. butter Minn the final quotation of th ' .i day The 3's el- ? d at 75f 1 So, and 5's at ll After the Bourse, (he 3's at 75f Hlo. iv, y thureH opened cuncideratly lowerj but followed ii io wuients of the ltente, rising and falling as the ntn did; they closed in geueral at about the t h aw tbe day lieforo. he Latut Commercial Ilcvlew. rrm the turopenn Time*, Sept. 19 1 vul since our publication of the 4th lost, has i wi'.h a series of commercial dimeters unlir< < The mischief has now spread from the corn ina.urt to other branches of trade. Mercantile confidence senus completely unhinged; and the rumors to wt.icn such an unfortunate state of things gives rise, Kgnrav.ue the existing emoarrasstnent*,by casting doubt upon the lability of houi-ea never before called in question. The difficulty attending tbe curtailing production by stopping the mills in the manufacturing districts, seems insuperable, and at present, the operatives. thi> manufacturers, the merchants, and the bankers, are quite perplexed respecting the measures which should be taken to relieve all classes of the community. The cotton trade has been in a very dull and gloomy position since tbe sailing of the Britannia on tbe 4th InstHnt, owing, partly, to the general stagnation of the trade, abiih has foroed upon tne spinners and manufacturers a further curtailment of the consumption, and partly to the more favorable accounts brought over by the Cambria, which gave nioie cheering prospects as regards ihe growing crops in the United Mtates. It should be fur*her observed that the lower qualities have dealined in a greater degree than the better descriptions; but the demand, however, has not been increased in consequence, and holders evinos much anxiety to realike. UuriDg tbe week ending September 17, it was a moat Difficult matter to cffect sales; and yesterday prices were nominal, or nearly so. The sales for the fortnight endin* (Sept 17 were only Sj.KOO bales, of which expnrUrs took 01 JO American, 600 Al&ranham, 160 Hurut, an 1 60 Pt-rnam The extent of speculators' opera tlons dui-lng the ratne period Is 4i0 American and 360 8urat. Tbe stock in this port is about 430,000 bales, against 600 000 at the same period last year. The stook of American Is estimated at 33i,(i00, being a decrease of 166 000 hales Tbe continued failuris In the corn market, alluded to Isewhere. sufficiently account for tbe further depression lu the prices of grain during the first week of the mouth. On the market d*y of the 6th inst. prices still pontiuued to recede, but towards the close of tbe week, both wheat and Hour were in active request. This improvement was further maintained on the market dav of the ISih Inst, when wheat advanced about five shillir bb p. r quarter on the quotations of the 6th inst, and flour, lor wb oh there wax *n immense demand, both In London ami Liverpool, advanced 3s to 4 per barrel. The top quotation for the best description ef wheat is tiis per quarter. whilst in Liverpool the beat Western canal flour, whioh on the 1st inst. was quoted at 2fts and barely fetched that price, now sells at from 28g to 30s per barr. I Indian corn elso, has been in more demand,and higher rates h'ive been paid for it, and the corn market fct this moment Appears firm; but as laige supplies sre Mil expected from abroad, and our own harvest is admits d at h'1 bunds to be an abundant one, it is very doubttul whether further fluctuations will not take place before prl.-e.H reach their natural level. Considerable pure bases h:ive bveu made in our market for Belgium bi d Holland. in coi sequence of the diseased appearance of the po' tto crops m those countries; and these purchase shave tended t" strengthen our markets. The stiteof commercial nflairs.and of the corn trade especially. readers it a matter of great difficulty to form a correct, judguunt of the future cour.-e of prices. At Mark L?ue, both on the loth and on the 17th, prices w-re a little higher. 'J'here was a limited supply of wheat, Ho .J the stocks cf the houses wbich have failed b. tug withheld Iroin the market, tended to produce a ili.'ner teuduacv The tenor of the advices from the Uulieu Hates, by which It Is ascertained that no great supplies curt come forward from that quarter, has cou! l imited to croate a better feeling In the corn trade at the present moment. Tiie demand tor rice, both in tho London and Liverpool market*, has been to a pretty fair extent during the fortnight ; but we cannot note any improvement in prlcew In the beginning of the month, when reports were in circulation respecting the potato rot. speculators entered the market and bought to a considerable extent; nut as the supplies were tolerably large no advance could be obtained iu the value of any description. The value of Gaioltna Is now quoted at 31a. 6d. to 23s. (id. Cured provisions of all descriptions are in steady regno-1. lilab butter is more sought after, and since the 1st Ip-tent prices have been gradually advancing. In the London maikut it appear* that the stock of this article \* now much greater than at the same period in 184 J; but niuln.-t tnia there is an increased consumption, the deliveries of this year, up to the same time last i? 'anon belni? 10 (100 firkins greater. Tho great failure of trie potato ctop la-t year having almost annihilated the supply of?wino In will be soma time, even under the mott favorable ci'oumstanoes. ere the supplies of bacon or pork from tbat uouutry will reach lu former < t'Xi- nt; consequently we must be prepared to submit to liigh rate* (or there articles for a time longer ; in fact. t*e rates now demanded cau?o buyers to act cautiously The drinand tor all sorts of American provisions is not so active as what, we bad occasion to report in previous publications i he better descriptions of beef would And it r<ady market at our quotations, but tb? Inferior qualities uii-vn i.fTsloaly. llaTlug but a limited supply of bicon. hmh here nud iu London, high prices are readily obtained American hum* are not easily sold, and lower prices have been takeu. The transactions In pork are Very trilll'ig. During ilie flrM week of the mouth, sugar was Inactive deniA.n l, bath for home consumption and for exportation. prices being lower here than in the continental Buckets Since ,.bat time the demand and consumption h??f gone on steadily, but whether th" present rate* are satlitactory to the planter is more than doubtful. The friends oi the Wear. India planter seem greatly appre- { hrDMT* f ihn new change of *y*tem in the ftUgar trade aprcially, whilst on the oth??r hand the advocate? of ' fren trade" potnt to the Increased consumption of au- | gar na one of the mo?t aucceaaful llluatratiODa of their theory rh? abolition of the reatrlotion of the u?e of 0:i{<<T In (lmtilletl- a and breweriea, bit* not reaiir;d the l xp-e ationa only 'i.ia-j totiH havnitf t>eeii us d oiure the n of the act to the 6th of July last. ho sm< ??ut perlectly insignificant The total supply of tropioal Hii|(Kr by the esllinatn In another column, Including PO.tiOo ion* atonk tu the ports of h 11 rope on 3iat ( f)?!cmmb?r. 18Jd, Ik suppo*>-d to hntKil.OOO toua The con- | eomp'tbo 111 Koropn fo? I*147. 707 000 torn, and the I'nl- | ted ntalea 190 000 ions, which deductedfrom the supply, will, it in calculated by the earn* authority, leave a aur- ' ;>lm stock la Kuropo on the 3lat Dec , 1H47, of 74,000 tOi>(, being 16 000 ton* lees than last year. Thn Dutch nles of 'Utfar of the Oth tnat. went off favorably at an adv*p<-? of two to three tlorina upon the aale In July lant. During th? preaent week the market In Mincing laae . hxi iot b<'i n ao active, and, with the exception of fine groo'ry deacrtptiona, which are scarce and In iireat de 1 mai. 1. tiaa been htnvy, owing chiefly to the groat dlaturti iiue now prevailing in the money market < ulf-i" Ii?h not preaented any remarkable fature aince ! our Ust 'l'h? home trade having a good aupply haa pur- j based with oution, and an it la anticipated tnat the 1 mnriiet will ahortly be better supplied, trom the large ' arrives at band, there are sellers upon rather easier , terin? The truuaactlona In Weat India are toa limited | 1 LXtaut., H v arising from the nnnll quantity offering. 1 In fLvei..;>i ooffee the buaineaa done baa been trifling, and , n the artu le generally baa experienced the effect* of the j j '^ssfssm^fs^smsfmssssBmmMssB^ convulsion In the moniy market, being this vwk doll of sale. and iltoncUur wbhiihIIhc no attention. The state of trade in the aaannfaatttHnf districts continue u doll, gloomy, and unaatiafkatory aa ever. According to the lateet accounts from Manaheater, the trade in the cotton Jiutricle (till remains in a etate of langor and depression. and not only la It depreaaed, bat we learn that the demand for the American market U much more limited than it has been, and la chiefly, if not wholly, conflnrd to clothe of the finer descriptions; that there is nothing doing in goods suitable tor the India ar China markets, and th?t fpr South America tho business is comparatively binall. From the hardware districts of Birmingham, Shiffleld, io , complaint in mud? of scanty orders, and muoh difficulty in the way procuring cash. That thin state of things must for a time longer be endured cannot be denied. The Manchester people are doing all they can to mitigate the evils slicing from the depresaion alluded to. by adopt ng the short time system, and a reduction of wuges At present there ia not any prospect of immediate relief, at lea*t until the money market Is easier, and confidence in commercial circles restored. The reports from the woollen districts of Yorkshire are more satisfactory; t-till the amount of business transacted la lkniteg, and manufacturers are obliged to curtail the stocks which they have on band. The money market since our last number hua not in the smallest degree improved We have recapitulated in nur iMriinir arHriw all Ihu nrlnnlnial rullnMi K??.. * iuoe occurred. The suspension of on* of the chief bill l'rokers lu London mu?<t necessarily curtail, at a most inopportune moment, those facilities, which ?Ton substantial houses mtuy require during luoh an emergenoy as the present. The absorption of oapital by the railroad companies is exciting attention, but as jet the movement to check its effeots lias net aseumed strength sufficient to acoomplish the purpose In the meantime, every day discloses some new mercantile disaster, giving rise to apprehensions of a roost painful and alarming character. The report so actively circulated, about ten dajwi ago. that the Bmk of France intended to reduce the rate of discount from & to 4 per cent, proved as we anticipated, quite unfounded. The intimate oonneotion between the London and I'aris exchanges renders It Impossible to maintain for a lung period a greatly different valne of ir.ooey in the two plaoes; and the emission of 20,000,000 Bens lloyaux In Paris at i}i per cent., whilst the rate on good bills is higher, ban equally failed with the Ute measures adopted by oar bank to relieve mercantile pressure. The French loan still pendingover the market operates to lower every description of securities, and the Frunch Finance Minister is supposed to be urgently distressed for funds The holders of railway share* in both countries, with the demands fur " calls" made upon them, are compelled to sacrifice their property, In some instances, at ruinously low rates. Whilst these oiuses are in active operation, it la- difficult to foresee a solution of the actusl difficulties. The funds have experienced the most violent fluctuations. Our quotations of consols on the 4th inst. were?for account 88*,', ami for money 8?V From these priaes, as each coiisiderable failure transpired, they fell, with occasional rraotion, as low as 86% for account, and for money, at which prices they closed heavily on the 17th list. Vesterday the last prices were?for the account t)8\, iind lor money 86K India stock his been sold at j41. Exchequer bills have gained mure firmness, the premiums on the different denomination* are as follows Oar the ?1000 ft to 8, the ?400 7 to 11, and the small 13 to 10. Nothing has occurred in bank] stock to-day. The transactions in foreign securities have been comparatively insignificant; Investments in these stocks being always avoided in times like the present. The closing prices of foreign funds were, yesterday, Brazilian bonds. 83 Mexican, 1B"?; % ; Spanish Ave per cents., -JO I!)?* ; and the Three per Cents., 89.VJ; Portuguese Three pi-r Cents, 25 ; the Fours, 24 ; and Russian, 106 The business done in foreign exchanges has been limited, a general disinclination prevailing against dealing in continental bill*. The rates remain nearly unaltered since our last. PiHi?, Sept 18.?The 'latest prices of the Five per Cents were 113f 76c., Three per Cents. 73f. lie Exchange on London, 3 months, 'J61'. 2>{o. Commercial Circular*. Livkki-ooi., 17th Sept., 1817. > 11 Kxchange Buildings. j Owing to the continued tightness cf money, and the want of confidence caused by the late numerous and ex tennive lauures, coniMneu wun tne account or mor? JV NKtll weathtr for the growing crop of the States, our market has become much depress J, and considerable anxiety has been shown to realize : buyers of American have been freely met at full J*d deolineon last Friday's rate, and in Surat ,Vd bos been conceded ; Egyptian and, though partaking of the general dullness, are without much change. Sptculators haTe taken 120 bales American, and export its 3,000 American and 60 Surat. To-day we hare more enquiry, but without chauge in the tone of tho market. The Halts are about 3000, Including 600 for export. Your obt. servts. W. CLAKE & SONS. L.vr.srooL, September 10,1847. > 11 Exchange iSolldinpn } The dullness aud inactivity noticed iu our last, still continue, and we now quote a further decline of L{<1 per lb on the middling and lower qualities of American, whilst for other grades we do not alter our quotations. Uracils, Egyptians and Surats are without change. Speculators have taken 3M) American, 110 Surate, and -JW) Madras ; and exporters 3120 American, AO remains, 000 Maranhams, 40 Surat. and 100 Madras The tales to-dny arc 2500 bales, and the market dull and heavy. Vour obedient tervant, W. CLARE & SONS. Liverpool, Sept. 18, 1847. Sfnoe our respeot* of 4th instant, the condition of trade and money has become worse, failures ot frightful magnitude have occurred in London shaking confidence to its very tasc, and giving rise, as usual under suoh circumstances, to mischievous rumors affecting the credit of other bouses Cotton after having so long withstood the pressure of the times, bas at length been subjected to its influence; the difficulty of obtaining advance* on produce, and the extreme rates demanded where accommodation is erranted, has Induced an earnest desire to realise, while the demand being ex.retneiy limited, a lower range of prloes Is the inevitable consequence. Trade in the manufacturing districts Is parallzed, and the working of short time and total closing of mills has become more general. We perform a painful duty in presenting so sad a picture of the state of trade, but it would be both deceitful and rairchievous in us to withhold It; known evils may be grappled with and their consequences averted, but to deoei*e oneself or others by ditguising the true condition of affairs is both weak and dishonorable. Looking through the gloom which now hangs over us we think there is reason to hone for Improvement; of chesp food we are assured; and the rise in exchange at N?w \ ork lead* to an expectation that specie will How back before long, euablirg the Bank of Kngland to enlarge the basis of circulation at a time when commercial transactions having become very restricted, less facilities will be required. The sales of cotton for the fortnight ending yesterday only amounted to 33,600 bales, of which the trade bought no more than 36.900, and the decline slnoe 4th Instaut, is not less than ,VJ per pound. TODD, JACKSON Si CO. Liverpool Corn Exchange. 10th Sept. 1S47. Although, during the period between Tuesday and today, the weather has been exceedingly One for gathering iu the remaining portion of the harvest, the trade, relative to most descriptions of Grain - roduce, resumed a tolerable degree of firmness here, and in Wheat, American Flour and Indian Corn, a good steady bunt ties* was transacted, the two former articles acquiring a slight improvement upon the current rates of Tuesday. Notwithstanding the appearanoe of settled weather yesterday, we have a recurrence of rain this moruing which has contributed to confirm the stability previously evinced; and having a further numerous attendance of iolacid and several Irish buyers at our market to-day, there was an active and extensive demand for mi?t kinds of foreign wheats, at an advance upon the general ruos of 3d a id, parcels of superior qu'illty and color, realising 6d per *0 lb over the above rates of Tuesday; and new. iu the almunoe of supply, would command u similar amendment. American Klour also, was In very lively request, and the shipments, so fur this week, exceeding the imports, sales were considerable at an improvement of In a Is tid per barrel Grinding Barley, being taken more freely by consumers. was the turn dearer; and Malt rather the reverie In Beans and Teas, no variation was peroeptibla. Oats, commanding somewhat more attention, were Id per 40 lb dearer; and Oatmeal supported late prices Indian Corn, continuing to meet a considerably increasing demand on both EnglMi and Irish account, and the operations thereiu to-day being much mora exten >.ir vii?< wi "uuw >im in |iuv. an an vance ol la per qr. * 16 readily obtained; Indian Meal atlll moving fret-ly on the terms laat noted. Tchdat, 14th Sept. IR47. Daring the week ending ye?t*r<Uy we have received little Grain or Flour, either coastwise or from Ireland; from abroad, however, though short of last week'a Importations, we have to note a lair supply of AVheat and Indian Corn, Including several arrivals of other Grain, and MJ.63ti hbls of Klour. InllntiuceU by the example of Mark Laue yesterday, ?nd the reappearance of many country buyera at our Corn Exehaige tbla morning, all the leading articles of the trade were held with increasing Irroness at Improving rates. For English. Irish, and foreign Wheat the Irtoaud whs considerable, as well for loeal as conntry isonsumptlon, aud an advance of la per 10 lb upon the surrency of Tuesday last was indiscriminately establish?d. American Flour, being still very largely disbursed In l arious directions throughout the United Kingdom, the flock heie la rapidly diminishing; and continuing to meet a lively and extensive aale, the beat, us well as Inferior brands, commanded 4a per barrel over the terms ot .his day sa'nniglit. Grinding Barley and Ueans, meeting an Improved injuiry. were Is a'Js per'(rhigher Malt doll and rather lepressed In value Uata, being In fair request, adranced 3d a 4d per 44 lb, and Oatmeal 3a per load. The demand for Indian Corn becoming more general, .he transaction*, on both Kngllsh and Irish account. ; vere extensive ?galn to-day, at an amendment of 3s a 3s j >er 4HO II,; and Indian Meal, being taken freely, was Is >er barrel dtarer. Yours. v?r* ROaRR^ MArKiN"t'HON8. Office, 10 Bruniwiek Ntrn?t, oppontta Torn Kirhangn >aier? Craaswr lit LirtufooL rro ImfrBial Htakdabo, Ti'MDat, ?kft. 14,1847. bVhett, per 7C lb., Canadian .red 7 3 7? <i " white. 7 9*3 United 8nt?? Ore... red. 7 'i * 3 " " " whit*. I 4 H <? lye ptrqnarter, Baltic, lie f.??. 13 u 10 o Jarley. prr 60 lb Jo. 4 II 4 3 i*ia par 41 lb do. 3 ft 4 I) Viae, per qr., Cnnadian white., do. 33 II 1R 0 udinn Com, per 440 lb... . do. 27 0 31 o Del. Mea', per barrel 1901b. d<i. 11 0 IK n 7|oor, per bbl., Canadian iwtet.. do. V 6 10 I Do. do. United Htete* . do. do. 21 ft 'III t 1)0 do. do. mid lanadinn.aour.. do. 21 U 24 0 iMrtmti. Arraao* Paler* or Orai*. tVAraf. Oaf Kyr. Wirkly Jh-rragrt. *. d. i. A. ?. if. for week! ending Jdly 31 77 1 31 I 67 I " " Aiiic'Kt 7 71 1 31 I it 2 " 11 Aiiuimt 14 ... . M Id W I 40 2 " Aii,nut 21 62 ft 2# 11 31 1 ? " Aiiitu.t 28 ... . 60 4 27 4 34 7 " " He pi * '* ? 21 1 33 ? Altgreiiftte of ll.e nil week* 6? 6 2? <l 42 2 [Circular of Mew* Baring Brother* k Co.] I.omdow. Sept 18.?Htnce the 3d Inn , we h?fe to rceport f urther and more extenilye failure*, and, uufjrtumtely, not eouflned to the corn trade alone, emitting treat dltlruat In the moony market, and materially Im>?)dlBg the regular current of budnaM, the fund* hay* <l?oJla?4 hi MMaqvance, and eonralo, which war* 81H a W ~i 3d ioat. cloned thla afternoon at a 86'^ per ot. No later acoounta from India or China. Aihaa-Lat* pri es maintained, but (took ao inaignlflcant that they mnat be ?on<ldered nominal. Brandy firm at Laat quotations, and older descriptions showing a tendency to advance. Cochineal extensive. 930 bags, at very full prleea for ail- j vera, aud from par to ad lower for black: ail Tors 4* Iftd a j Os, and black is lOd a 7a. Cocoa? Korean unadulterat- I ed, 36<i bble Trinidad yesterday. i?t auction mostly bought in from 13 a 49k for nrd to bright red. Code#? Of the 374.028 bags at the Co'a sal?s at Amatsrdam and Mlddleburgh, 61 uoo withdrawn, remainder selling at proportionate prioea to the Rotterdam auction. Demand >oth here and on tbe continent limited since, and altogether, the article may be filled flat. Our consumers,. al<o, have shown less disposition to operate, whioh we attribute to a disinclination to hold stock in thes? tim^s. Imports and stocks lat lust? 8 . 18?/? {Imjorti. > ? IMJ. /eat Britain 3l.40u.00ll 2T.fiOO.liOO lb*, tlier portsof Kurojic 2ll.40fl,r01 m,lW>.W)9 " Tutsi 2l3.8?e,000 354.300,000 1816Slocks. J--18I7 Oreat Britain. 11,300 000 lU.OOe Omi lbs. Other ports of Kuro|>e 119,300,000 125 600 000" Tottl 200.600,60 0 l67.iOO.bCO lbs Col ton dull at Llverphol and Am receded?*' a >?d ainoa 3d; demand very moderate, while tbe desire to realise increanea, and apart from the dlaturbed (tat* of tbe money market, tbe preaent position of tho manufacturers and splnnera la far fromonoouragtng. Imports, 1848? Oreat Britain. 1,044,160, other porta of Europe, 43d 381?1,409,611; in 1847, Great Britain,879.89i, other porta 373.718 ?1,263.418. Stocks, 1840?Oreat Britain 911.300. other ports 146,833?1,057,133; 1847, Great Britain, 607,400. other porta 106,333?812,833 bales. Copper .good demand, sheathing 1 Id pound cake ?98, tile 97 psr ton Corn? At length we hare to report a reaotion in our market, the natural result of ao immense a previous depression. On the 7th Inat wheat declined 3s a 4a, and Hoar proportionately, but the following market day a very good demand prevailed, aa baa been the oaae each auooeedlng one, from tbe loweat point prioea bare recovered to tbe extent of 7a per qr on wheat and 4*6a par bbl on flour. A. red wheat, lmp'i qr, 45a4ts, will to 4l>a62?; flour, bbl, haftt brands iSaidi, laf and Hour 24 lia-JOs; lnd Corn, 480 lb*. 29*34*; barley. Imp qr, 2 tu.2tis. Drugs - Recent auctions gone off heavily and little prc?res* intdu in sales; rhubarb, fine uuallty only saleable; Turkey opium held at 13s; quicksilver 4s Od; camphor o&ailOs. ilvmp?8t I'etersburgh dean H8 i?3U 10. outahot aia35. half clean 30a3i; Mauilla ab*ut ?3iJ :iuJ Dtcok small. IndigoWry few Hale* and no change in priow Furssleaof 14th (Jot. upwards of 16.0Meh declared, nnu befure they close we sball doubUem rweive dates u good (loal later from Calcutta. Iron market tlrm for bar and rail, which may be quoted 8 15, and 8 lOaX'U; Scotch pig rather lower, say .1 6s?3 9, free on board at Glasgow; Swodlsh 11 fta II 10. Lead worth 18 for Am and 8p., Kng ?18 10. I.inseed cake In good demand and stock low: prime thin oblong 11, thin round !< 10 ?ng ?13 10 pur 3000 lbs. No sale of sperm, holders IIrm and do not oiler; 85 for Am. and ?87 per tun tor Eng. are nearest prices; Southern in demand at2Sa27. Linseed dull at 26s 9d for present deli rery and 26 for end of year. Rios sold readily of lit* and Kast India dearer, cargo 13al4, white 15alHs (id; < ar. would bring 32 a *25 and L'.ug dressed 38 a 32s per cwt. Bengal saltpetre steady at 29 a 31 cwt; Keg. re lined 32 6 a 33s. Raw silk depressed, and sales only practicable at some slight reduction. Spelter declined to ?18 16, at whloh one or two sales. Spiers ? rimento, In absence of arrivals, brings *>>? a ?>*? in retail. Sales pepper coullned to 2000 bags Malabar at 2??d. a 3d for good half heavy to heavy. Cassia Hgnca scarce, 58s a 67s, no buda here at present, (linger, African, 20s a 3ls; E. I. 96s a 30s. Nutmegs, 2s 9d a 4s , and maue 2s Od a4s per lb. Sugar?The Dutch sale of 27,257 bosket* at Rotterdam, 6th Inst., went off well, at 28f to 39>4'f for Xos. 6 to 18. being from I>?f to 3f above rates oi "-. li July. Other markets firmer in consequence, at an advance of fully 6 per coat. At St. Petersburg buyers of good white llavr j at Ro. 26. A good home demand has prevailed with us, at very lull prloes, and the deliveries continue large. Tin, ot all sorts, very Arm at last quotations. No change in t< i, dealers, in tb? absence of account* from China, coniinlug their purchases to actual wants. We aio ugoln iid. Ii.wer In our tallow market, say 46s. 6d. on the spot: deliveries, however, continue good. Our stork nr 'obie^o offers a poor assortment, ami the firHt an 1' . j likely to meet a good demand; indeed there are .uvtiial inquiries for cargoes afloat. Turpuutlue, rough, 4C00 barrels haTe arrived; some selected, and very tine sold at lis., other lots, not so good, 10s 6d to 10s 7>id. For American opirlts, oaska included I'is. paid, at which prices further parcels are o.lcred, but the bulk here is held ut 60s Whalabone--Some N .\V. *old for export at ?137 to ?147 per ion. Southern held at ?100. American Stocks?Transaction* extr?m*ly *>.r nil. anil auoLation* nnmlnnl TIm Corn Trade of Europe. IKiom the Muk Lane Express, Bept. 13 J Thougn a good deal of ralu appears to hare J'allou In the early part of the week In the north, the advlers from Scotland generally speak in favorable term* of the progreM made with the bar rent, and there In now comparatively little eorn abroad, except in the backward and mountainous districts. The trifling quantity y<t out will probably be sucure before another week lapsos, as the weather, after having been wet and cold for a few day*, kus again become very flue; Indeed, from the commencement of reaping up to the present period, harvest operations have met with very little interruption, and, exoeptlng in some instance* where farmers have been too eager to carry the corn, has been mostly carted in exoelleut order. There has certainly been much lees wasteland damage than in ordinary seasons ; aud u" though the quality of the wheat and barley may perhaps uot be quite so fine as in some former years, we think there will belittle to oomplaln of in that respect; whilst all we have yet heard ot the yield loads us to believe that the quantity grown, takiD^ the white crops gunorally, will prove considerably ovor an average. Ou the other hand, a much less breadth if potatoes has been grown than usual, and some doubt is still entertained whether the late erop may not prove a partial failure? lieu lis, peas, and turnips, which were in many localities planted as a substitute lor potatoes, have suffered extendi rely in consequence of the dry weather experienced in Juueand July; and it may, therefore, be questioned whether the total amount of food producod in the United Kingdom for man and beast is so abundant as to warrant m in expecting such extremely low prior* as some parties calculated on. The present panio has been as mueh caused by the difficulties in the money market as by superabundance; indeed lfthe harvest had not been brought forward by extraordinarily fine weather fully a fortnight earlier than appeared at one time probable, stocks of oil .(rain of home growth would have been completely exhausted before the new oould have been ready for consumption; and the fact that the ports where foreign corn is to be obtained (such as Liverpool, London, &.o ) are daily visited by buyers from all parts of the kingdom, tends to confirm our opinion that old grain of home growth is unususily scarce. At such a time as the present. ?*hen confidence is completely shaken, and every one i..?b. - ki. _nh ,11.. . i - ivvno ? uio ucibuvvi "??? uujerD BIH DUV 11R Hi J to purchase more of a commodity than they Actually want for Immediate uie; mill low prlcea may tempt those who are la a position to And cash to lay in * low weeks' stock, and we are disposed to think that the value of wheat and Hour has (it least for a time.) been at the lowest. At several of the leading provincial markets prices have already shown a tendency to adranee; and unless the farmers supply the markets much more freely than they have hither to done, a moderate rise on present rates liny be expected. At Liverpool, on Tuewiay, an extensive business was transacted in foreign wheat and flour, both articles being taken freely by buyers from distant parts of the country .V rim- of ltd to 3J. per 70 lbs , was established on wheat, and western canal flour was placed without difficulty ! at 'Ji-t. 6d. to 2-i* til. per bbl , according to quality. L iter in the week the demand Increased, and on Friday wheat realized <>d. to (Id per 7<> lbs more than the previous market d?y; whilst the best brands oMlour brought J7s per bbl. The tone of the advices from the leading towns in Yorkshire is decidedly firm ; and though wheat was not 4U noil uigtur eitner al t.eous or lluil ou Tuesday, the luru wan against |)m purchaser. At several of the in ark els in the agricultural districts, depending wholly ou the growers fpr supplier wheat has advanced -Jt. per qr ; and at Birminghnin Oloucster, Bristol, and other place* la that part of the kiagdom, the rlsj has hion lully as great. The Improvement which has taken place In the trade has. In our opinion, been caused simply by the urgent wants of the millers and dealers; till now they have done all thi y could to depress prices, waiting for a favorable opportunity to replenish their stocks. The time lor doing so appears at length to have arrived; and as the consumption of bread invariably increases in proportion to its cheapness, a continued large sale fjr wheat mav b? calculated oil A. slight increase has taken place in the arrivals of English wheat into London, 3,!t44 qrs. having baen received up to this (Saturday) evening ; the greater part of this supply was, however, sold before it oaine to hand, and tho quantity brought forward by land-carriage samples from the home counties having beon very small xince Monday, whilst the demand has rather Improved, the trade has assumed a firmer tone. The few parcels exhibited on Wednesday on tha Kssex and Kent stands, were placed without difficulty at prices fully equal to those current in the beginning of the week, and on Kriiay ?ood qualities wer>. Ukeu ut an idrauue of fully Is per i|r W e hav,- again to report n large supply of wheat irom abroad, .tO ii.M ijrs having eorau to naud. Notwithstanding the exl- nt r.f th fresh importation and the magnitude i.l the quaii ity previously ou the markets, holders have remained tolerably tirm On Wednesday we lisd a more numerous attendance of country buyers . then Is usual in the roiijdle of the week, and a largo { imonnt of bnsiuess 'one at full rates, moderately good Dsnnlg brln^. .o o0?, and Odessa 40s to 41s l per <]r . uncording , -*iity, condition, and weight. On j Kriday there was again an active country demand, and j laree niles were maJe at prices Is to 'Js per qr. higher thsu those arcepted on Mouday. 'I he reduction which took place in the commencement > of the week in the price of town-made Hour has not had 1 ih ? effect of Inducing the bakers to buy much more 'teely than before, the demaud having again h -en dl- I reeled to Anvrican. The nrrivais from the other side of i h<* Atlantic, barn hwn r?tb<-r liberal, but tha quantity >><>1(1 bM exceeded that received, a*, in addition to what Uaa born tik' Q tor local oonanmptlon, ioiur important I>11 re liaf><'H have bean made by country buyer*. The beat nrand* have commanded J4* fid, and In aomaoaaea even t; 1 pt>r bbl inoru; really aweat, fraah aatnplca being comparatively acarca. Inferior and r-oondary lorta bare aold at from J J a to 9Ua per bbl. The matting aeaaou baa scarcely aommenced yet; and bough the aupply of Kngllah Uarley baa not been by any mean* large, the quantity brought forward haa proved amply sufficient for the demand, and the turn haa been in favor of the buyer. Foreign Barley haa met a moderate bliare of attention, but tha low price of Indian Corn and other artiolea auitable for feeding haa Interfered a good deal with tlrn g.<le uf grinding IHrloy. and to make ?ales of tha lattar it hta been necessary to accept rates a trifle below thoaa of Monday l.ial. Thi tranaaction* In Malt have been on unite ? retail aoale; and, In tha abaenca of bnatneaj of importance, quotation* have remained nominally unaltered The arrivals of oata ccastwiaa and from Ireland hare 1 been ?mall, only 34 qra. having cojn.t to hand from our ' own ooast, 394 qri. from Scotland, and 181 qra from Ireland; having, however, received AlfiM) <|ri from I abroad, the total aupply for the week haa exceeded i iXMI qra. There baa been leas pressure In the oat market than of lute, ?nd an opinion nppeara to be gaining 1 ground that prieea will not be much lower; the dealara nave, consequently, shown rather more diapoeltlon to add to their atorka. and though they havo not bought fraaly, the demand haa baan sufficiently active to snabla faetora to obtain a alight admnee on ltat Monday's ourrenoy. On Friday, really well nondltlouail Riga oat* I vara held at Ula, and the Inferior aorta of KumUb at 17s to 18a par qr. Wry few baani have been brought forward ainee tha commencement of thewaek; still thi* artiola has hung heavily on hand, and the tendency of prices baa eon tin- J lied downward*, kgyptlan beau* have been offered at , very moderate rata*, J7a p?r qr, and in ona inatanca a ! (till lower rriee wan, we hellere, taken for a cargo In peas there lia? been little pausing. but the i>careity | of nrw haa enabled vellera to obtain fuller terms ludiau corn, h'iKhtly damaged, and meal,bare found a I ready sale for pig feeding, at former prirr*. Itye meal appear* to have riaen In estimation aa an ar| tiole for fe^diox cattle, and in no longer obtainable on ( ' auch low terms an previously In the present position of affaira in thia country, there I 4s little prospect of adrantageoua busmen being dona in ?raln with any of the continental puftn: aa I the adylct-a rum abroad hate, in a great measure, lout their Intartat. I Th? moat Important nawa reoelved during the week is In 1 respeot to the potato crop, whioh root h?a, it would ap, near, been attacked by tha disease of laat season In Holland. liolgium. and part of Germany, rendering it probable that the yield will turn out rery bad. Tha grain crop* are, un tbe other band, highly spoken of not only in the oouutrie* named, but all oyer Kurope. In the Baltlo no busineitg set-mi to hare bean done in oorn. except for Iccal cos sumption; and quotatlona bail, we are Informed, become quite nominal at tbe prlnoipnl porta Lttttttrd from Dtnilv. nf f.h? nf A?itra??* it wa* alumni impossible to give an Idem of the real value , of wheat, there being hardly any atoolu on the (pot, and absolutely no demand Nominally, wbeot wa* quoted 48a to ">ii>, rye 'JH? to 30g, and peaa 80s per quar- ' tcr. free on board. The advices from Konlnssberh are of a similar character; and beyond a trilling purchase or two of falrh'^hmlxed wheat by local speculator*, at prloea equal to Us Sd to 40s !*d par quarter, nothing had been doue. Potatoes had exhibited symptoms of the disua .o both in tha neighborhood of that place and Darzig Letters from Hamburg, of Tuesday, 'are silent aj to the potato orop, from which we conclude thara was not much to complain of There had beon offers troin outporta to ship uew wLcat of average quality io the month of October at 48 <. per qr.. lree on board, without meeting attention. For line parcels of AVahreu on the spot, weighing fl'J lbs per bushel, equal to 60s per qr. nad bean paid for local consumption. In some of tha Dutch markets the prion of wheat is sufficiently high to leave a margin for profit on consignments from thisoouutry. At Rotterdam, on the Och iuHtant. Dan tig, weighing from 60 lbs. to til lbs . waa quoted from 60s. to G4s. 3d., and Poll .h Odessa 67* per qr ; at these rat*H, however, the sale had ijot been free,and it U probable tliut the arrival of a few oargoee would occasion a decline. From Antwerp we learn that a very largo demand had beeD experienced from the interior, caused, it was suppooed liy the conviotion that potatoes would prove a failure, liood Polish Odessa had bean paid with 6!i* 0d. to 64s. per qr., and other qualities had brought corresponding rates. In the Mediterranean less effect appears to have been Kro'luced by the dull accounts from henoe than might ave been expeoted ; and by the latest advioea from Leghorn, Genoa, &c , we learn that Polish was then still held at 4'Js. 8d to 43a. til per qr free on board. Liverpool Corn Eichamcii:. Friday, Sept. 17.? There is a large arrival of American flour, wheat, and Indian oorn Mno? Tuesday. The country demand for the principal articles of trade has continued without abatement. At to-day's market a large business was transacted in barrelled flour, at an improvement of ti l. to Is. per barrel on Tuesday's prioes. Wheat was held for an advance of Id. to 'id. per bushel, and a moderate quantity found buyer*. Indian oorn, bean*, and peas, brought fully lata rates. Oats were 3d., and grinding barley 3d. per bushel higher. There was very little Irish new prodnceat market. Foreign Market*. Livfcurooi. Markets, Sept. 18.?Aihei There has not been any mntwrlal alteration Mince our last report; at iun iwiun uuiv j>riucn remain very nieauy at inn quotaj lions. Tim Bale* are only to a limited extent. Bark Bark has declined in Talue, and sales cannot be effected freely. We quote (Quercitron, New York and Philadelphia, duty True, at 10* to 19a. Cheese ?Of Tery good 'lu.ility, la still much wanted, iu proof of which one dairy, of a recent Importation, brought 5~a per owt ; but tiiu weight of the arrivals continues to b? moat inferior, and saleable only at losing prices. Hides?The transactions xinue the 1st inst. comprise about H0m> salted BuenoM Ayres and Ilio Orande at 8Kd for ox aud 3d to 3'.td for cow. Iron- There continues a ttUady demand for all description*. and prices remain much n? quoted for 6<versl month* back. The home dumaui for railway purI pores, moJ I he exp rts to North America and the Modi! terrannaii .States hate been very considerable. The stock cl? pi.; is considered to be further diminished, but the reccut extensive failures, and the demand for money, has entirely checked every disposition to specu- , j Ute, ho Uiat the present demand may be considered as j | almost eiitin ly resulting Irom direct orders for nccuasary ; i cooeutniitinn. 1'ioaent prices in Liverpool; Merchant bar, | XU 1 Uii; beat rolled X 1" lAs; sheet, X11 16s; best plates, I ; XU 0*; Scotch pig, X4; II oharcokl tinned plates, X'.'5. ' Naval Stores -Turpentine has experienced a further advance, a parcel of J")00 bbta. fine having realised 3s to !?s :d per cwt OH o! turpentine also improves In price, a small parcel of Amerioau hating beeu sold at 46s, and distillers aru asking 1'is. home further sales have taken place iu Amerloan roMn at '2s lOd to 3a per owt. About 400 bbls. American tar have been sold at 16s (id to I tin 0d per owt l'rovlsions?American?There Is no new feature to report in the state of ti# market for beefj the trado only purchase for immediate wants, hence the sales continue limited; ut the same time the quantity of really One quality Is limited. I'ork having beeu in more extensive supply, the demand is tin return not ao active; prices are nearly the same as Iatt quoted, but large buyers could operate at lower rates. The stock of bacon is much reduced, the littlo left being of middling and inferior qualities, and for such the sale la net active. Ham* continue almost unsaleable, even at further reduced prices. From the continued scarcity of cheese of One quality, prices art; again higher; of auch thu market is completely cleared, and inferior meets only a very slow sale. Lard is still in good demand at gradually advancing prices, which are now 4a higher than on the 4th Inst, ltlce?The demand for all descriptions continues rather dull. Of the dllferent -parcels brought to auotion, the chief part has been withdrawn; salea, however, to a moderate extent have been made In Carolina at 'JOs (Id to i\is 3d, and Bengal at lis to 16s 3d per cwt, according to quality. Salt?There is no alteration to note In the price of this article ; owing to the stoppage iu the canal for repairs, the shipments lately have been light We continue previous quotations. Tallow is a rhade llrmer, and the supplies ol'North American descriptions have become short, whilst the deliveries coutlnuo good. Tea?The market has assumed a very q'llet aspect and what few transactions have taken place recently, are in favor of the buyers. Tobacco? (teles to present date about 000 hhds. 100 Virginia strips taken for Hcotland; a few lots Western leaf for exportation; remainder, Western strips, by tho home Irnda In nrlnm u1'??? u-- * less dona in foreign thin month than for some time past. Klrst, the extensive failure* in the corn trad*, followed up M It has been by old established mercantile firms, lian completely paralysed the trade, and few if thoy could . Mil, would deliver without the money. Stocks generally are not heavy. and when this panic la oyer there will no doubt be a good trade for those who are left solTent. We have no American now in the market, and until the price falls materially on the other side, there is no chance of th?m paying the Importer. Havri-, Sept U ?Cotton?Since 1st Instant, transactions hardly deserving of particular notice, although prl- , cea have undergone no depreciation, and maintain their , ground at the advance (1 t.) realised. The discouraging i intelligence from hngland, added to the unsatisfactory i state o! trade lu our manufacturing departments, check ' extensive oprra'.lons, and notwithstanding the daily d?- ' cliue in wheataud flour, which It may be presumed have now u ally reached their lowest point, the consumption of cotton ha* been far from realizing the anticipations ; that had b>'en formed This morning businusa Is alto- j gether quiet. Ash?-" Some demand, aud prices advanced, -ales Wt barn Is I'nt, ttrst brands, at 111 10 U aud tt ' Pearl at Pj"> per .>0 kll, duly (t>i lo) paid. IlidM?Demand ; veryliml'.ed. fllw? Car. stiller, sales -J:?0 ilerees, at fJ'J .>(1 per All kll, lor consumption , prevent quotations ti'J to S3. Sugar?A moderate demand in West Indies, and prices pretty well supported. Whalebone in little request, only about 'J ton* N W found buymat 'if lijsc, and 'i tons southern, damaged, at lf#j? to 'if per half kll, duty paid. Stock lift, against 11?'? tons la?t year. Wheut and Klour?A further decliue In piicR, ana noiaers Having manltestfld % detiro of realising promptly, this unit1* have in some instance* been to ] fair amount. In Am,MOO bbl* at 'tit 74o to -Jt>f pir bbl lor N O, according to <(uallty, and lien ami Rochester at , .'llfto 33f per bbl. Wheat Half* -J3 (KM) bags tJ 8 at Udf | to 48f f.rr S' O and for N \ .'>0f to 61f. According to the i otllcisl iHturn*. cud of Uht month, the average prir.t ol > growth throughout I ranee was Hi making adecltne of .'>fH(i}je per hectolitre on thatfor July. I.ast jcar it stood at ilf 10c againet I Of '>3c in 1St.?. Nothing doue in Diewood* , < amp. Logwood,H|ianli<h cut, 101 (>0c to 11 f per ItU, for consumption. Antstir, Sept. 1'J?Coffee inactive; talc 1 ,"00 hags Brail!: flock *0.000 bag* agaiuot 84.000 bag* In 1*14 ^ugar still in brisk demand, and during the past week prlue* have advanced Iully >?fl. Kales of the fortnight 12,100 boxes Havana 15 t? I0'?fl; #.600 b>v'* ytllow 11 a ?ana sold at IT1,, a 17'{0. and lito while 10',11 p< r 40 kilos, f otton in improved deu,and ; 700 half* sold at Vs to A per lb. Itlc? lu good rei(<ie*t; I '>o hhd*. Carolina sold at I?,'? to 17'tifl per ^ alio*, Pimento held at very llrin prices ; rerj little offering f?r s ile. Tapper Prtoc* nominal , n? demand for exportation. A.msti.soah. 8ept. 10. ? At the Hatch Co '? sales, coffee recMii d to Ic; except about HO.OOO bags, the whole >l<iautlty ?M placed. Mince the soles, inaiket little altered. and the Trading Co. have made known that of the oi 000 baj* which were b ?ught in, none will be sold except at an advance of Ic fipon the ratna paid In the j sale, llcsuit of the public sale of snjar 8th inst, very i favorable; prices paid J),fl to Jfl htnh?r than thou* ?f I . last July. Nn fresh auppllea ol cotton, and uo sales, Am. toOaoc > Hrm, Sept. 10.? CoffM? Supplhn rather Urge ?f lato, mi'i pi-icea declined; 7DU0 baga Hraall sold at J U :?%a; .?60 bag" St Domingo. I JOo bags Java. 3,v,a; jwi do Laguayra, to ft SU|<ar In active demand; sales week 1 t-nilliin Kept .1 Mix) bag* brown and yullow>>* J to -jOfcm p-r 100 lb*; MM) ch Buhl* br. I in to 16>?; ?h. ' abjtui; 1.S00 cb 1'iirnam br, lft'i,ui to from the irt to < |0tb,.'?000 bote* Havana, brown 10'.ai to |7>; per ino ib; thn yrllowi IHin to K?'.,ni; flan yeliow H?Km to 20'*; < MOO b:?nn Manilla, I7>im to ]9M) 1340 bketa Java, 10*.ni J to 20'a. A !T"od demand lor cotton, but aupplha small; , aalea are limited; aale* of 7H0 bale* New (Jrleaiia and | Mobile, 7'i* to 7>f. Iltflo In better demand: < arollna la 4s to 8a higher. We f|uot? Carolina lftui to in. Large luantltles of hldea being expected from Mueno* Ayrea, n 'he market ha* beoome very ?|ui*t. Tobm co maintain* < ltd prioa; I >0 hbd*. Maryland sold at lull prlrea Two ?' cargoes of Laguayra dyewoida aold at .'> , m per 100 lb. * Slate of Tmili'. La -<1 aainaK, Thursday Hept Irt?The broad iillk trade |. at Mldileton, Kailswarth. Leigh, Manchester, ttc , I* jmuch worse tlila week; the silk dyera at many pla<". a hate not more than lour day* work per week, 'i n* weave ra are only partially employed, and the hnn<l< employed in other branchea of silk manufacture bare not j ao muoli work aa they bad ten day* atcn The ailk small , y ware buaineaaka not ao brisk. TJi? c.ittoii trade through- | outthla district gala wo - every 'lay, and many of the 4 factory ownera have thla waek informed the operatives I' that they will be obliged either to r.duca wageaor H<>? : r> their mil la; aeveral eoncerna have thti week been cloaad | ^ I or a few d?T?. The trade generally. la almoat as bad a* t Wll is IMS. Mucmitu, Tnaaday, Sept U.?The market to-Oar maaBU<d bo feature* of noeelty. The demand for all la wriptlon* of yarn and manufactured good* wa* on the ?* ery low eat ioale. and, in aoma caaes, especially In (alee tie 4 ram, ratfter lower prioea ware ?ul>mltUd tu li* the I pinner*. Still, we are happy to *ay. that, conildering ne unfarorable ftnte of trad", the failure* hern are <{Ulte 1 n.?lgnlilcabt In number and amount.? Cruardicn th Of 17A mill*, *.o . In the borough of Maocheater, on C| ["Bifday laet. 13* were working full time, 10 ahort tlm?. n i <1 were stopped. Of 41.0O!' work-peopl.-, 'J? HM were 41 rvrking full time. ITdJ abort time, and 7930 were unem , ti iloyed L Laaoa, Tuesday, September 14?The imprarod state n >f our market bold* good, and we had, both last Maturlay and to day, a good a'.tendanoe at our cloth hall*, ' Ad a rery fair amount of buglnea* ha* been doing. chief- ti y in initabie winter article*, for home conaumptiou.? ], The disastrous new* fn m London appear* little to af- , <ict directly, our commercial community; but,of ooune. t* tendency toward* circumscribing general credit, will >e more or laa* felt. j fl, 1 ueaday, Sept. 14.?Tiler* U an infill- o nation to do busimn* In alt kind* of good* that have ( ;h? character of nevoeu of ntyl^and good quality. <'nndderably more bucint Ik doin? Id wool than for nomi? < Limit paat. The warehouses hare not had many visiter* o during the week. ()| The Tea Trai>>'. Sept 13?The dallverlea of taa last . reek were 61'i,440 lb*. Ming a fair average |uantity. Olahoow Pin Iron Market, Sept 14.?'Tha market U exceedingly i)ulet. but tiriu this week Price nominally ti 87*. to 07*. 7d. for 3-Sth* No. I. and 'l-ith* N?.3. fur caah. 7 Trade with America?We extract rom the Liverpool . itfr'cury the following comparative atatement of the ?x- j , t porti from Liverpool to the United Htate* during the five month* ending with Augu*t, Inclusive, during the la*t LI two year*:? Jirticlf. 1S4C. 1817. Inc. Dec ; Mauul'actuied good*, pkgi.. 37,104 7U,i?< 41.170 ? w Hardware do.. 16,576 27,099 10,124 ? 0 fi&ftx do.. 51 1,830 2,779 ? KarlUeuware rr.iten. 111,'B.l 17.00 ? l)j. ...hall' urate*, .i.'ii 7,310 Vi't ? |' Do. ciuki. 1,121 1,390 272 ? 1' Coal t- us- 0,110 9 <07 1,307 ? , . Ti l Plata* boxen. 1C6.4BI 77,214 ? 29.250 *i Irou .' lout. ic.7'juli 3.'i 86R'? 19.071 ? ?*it dii. 16.79J 29,3?3 "1?,569 ? ?? ?.?? - h Bonk* and Stationery 8" I 430 llfi ? r Law intelligence). o Cocar o?' General Hiiiiom, Oct. 4.? Ueiore Recorder Soo t, and Aldermen Keek* and Tappan.?John M#K?on, K*q , District Attorney.?The Calendar for the * term la a* follow*, viz. :? indicted for burglary,3; grand \ larceny, 8; petit larceny. 1; 1'alM pretence*, -J; prevl- . ouily ludloted, 18; fugitive, 1; bastardy, 1. Total of old and new case*, 33. Grand Inquctt ? Only 13 grand-juror* appeared to < serve; they were dieintaied until to-morrow inorninir. previous to wliich au additional number will be iummoned to attand. ' Tiiul for Orand Larceny ?Ayoung Irish girl named < Jane Snow wax th?n placed at the bar for trial j on an InJiotiuxnt for grand larrency, iu having, on the 7th of September tact, stolen from the house 1 of John C. Lloyd, No. A3 (ireenwloh street, sundry < article* of ladle*' wearing apparel, worth $62. On the part ot the prosecution it waa shown, that the pro- > party in qaestion waa found in poaaeaiion of the ao- f cused, who, in her own behalf, stated that abe had reeid- c od in thia country for some tlme,aud had never commit- ^ ted an ofhuce before. The jury without leaving their seats, rendered a verdict of guilty, at the same time, re- ? commended the prisoner to the uieroy of the court. She was sentenced to tw? yeara imprisonment in the State prison. Pleaded Guilty.? David Ilardenbrook and Kdward K McClusky. jointly indicted for a grand and petit lures- v uy, withdrew pleas of not guilty and pleaded guilty, and J. were eaoh sent to the penitentiary for the term of tlx ,j months. Trial for Burglary ?Kunioe Warren, jointly indioted A with Joseph, ber son, for burglary, in having broken Into K the store of Mr. II. Abrautx, 'il l Stanton street, on the , I Mill of August last, and Htoleu therefrom watches, ' pencil cases, breast pins, gold rings, watoh keya, fco., | worth $41-2, was then called to trial. K. A. Tallmud^e, Kaii., appeared as her counsel. On the part of the prosecution it was-ahown that a portion of tha stolen pro- ? perty waa found in her possession, and that she had sold some articles, which were also identified by Mr. Abratns as having been stolen Irom hint. Uu the part of the ac- a cused. it was ahowu that a boy called at the realdenou of _ the aroused,and left a box for her son, containing the I property found In hur possession, and that ber aon pre. 1 anted the articles to her. A number of witnesses also t teatiOed to her good character. The jury without tear- , ^ lag their seats rendered a verdict ot sot guilty. Hie Court then adjourned until to-morrow morning. ' Curat CiLeiMn, Dot. ft.? Circuit Court for the 1 trial of Irrues of fact?Before Judge E. U. Morehouse, I (Board of Aldermen ( bomber )?Nt*. rt, 7, 8. 29, 31, ?'2 i , IS, 34, :t;>, 3d. before Judge 11.1'. Kdwards, (Oyer mul Terminer room.--Nos. 117,119, 119, 12a, 66. 94, 10'J, i 1 71,1*22, ft8, 108,111. Superior Court, two benches, by Judges Oakley and Saudford.-N'oa -21 to '26,27 to 32, j 3ft, 375, 36. 39, 41, 43, 46, 48, 49, 50, 61, 42, 63, M, 56, ..7, ; Alt. 60, 61, 62,64, 65, 66, 07, 69. 70, 71, 72. Common Pita, ' 1 ?(Common Pleas room.) ? Before Judge Olshoeffer?Tart ' I 1st ?Nos. 12, '20, 48, 68, 78, 84, 86,8s, 90, 92,. Tart 2d.? j (Assistant Aldermen's Chamber)?IJetore Judge lugru- 1 ham ? Nm. 61, 43, 47, 59, 16, 19, 65, 87, 89,91. 1 flit Yellow Fever In Near Orleans. i l.NT*ltMKNTS IN TIIK DIFFKItENT CJCUETKHIKS For the twenty-four hour* ending at 6 P. N., Sept. 25. 1 Stmt. Nativity. Name. Nativity Itobt B. Dameron, Virgi'a Luke Welsh, Ireland , a Sam. C. Mygatt, N. Kngl'd Alfred Houston, Unknown Thomas Narey, Ireland John (Jeiger, Oeruiany Dan'l. D James, Unknown John P. lieismau, Hanover [ * James Thompson, Unkno'n Joseph Kogllah, Ireland Elliott, I'nknown John L. 81ms, Virginia , Malt Failures. The Augusta Stntinel says the Charleston papara failed to reach that city on Wednesday. Original Ethiopian Se. cuadcrs?r-Palmo'i J Opera nou?e.?We ne?er witnra?e<l a more tapuiroui or en- 1 ' thumaitic receitiou of any commnvnl' ?ni?u >. il>? ? liar mid exclusive line, than that winch laat uight rtvetberated I from the wajla ot' Palmo's, upon the appearance, altar 1 moil 1 triumphant c r?er inKurrp-, ol (leriooii, Htanwm d. White, , i Pell, kc., namci identified wuh the originalities ol' the negro [ chancier. The spiritof genuine imitation serined increased . | by Kuroiwau travel, nnd il wan delightful to many tin aideut ; , aomner, to listen, nnr.e moie, t> the echo of those melodies . that crowded Palmo'j in former day*, ami were since resound- 1 ed iu th^ Halls of the great and influential in Kurope, with 1 undiminished applause. The)' will re|>eat to night, and with ; < eijiial fervor, the programme which so rapturously re- { ! ceired last night, and we congratulate the frienils and aumir- , , L'.i. :?u J-? -l ... - - ' imc nwixi'iiu mnwiKti, inn incy continue in retain. , undiminished, the undivided interest of ilie citizens of New i . York. Tlw Great Pair of the American Inntltute open this day, Oct. 5, and amoi g the things for eihib.twu, c we understand ihere will be one cue of boot* eibibiled by Win. M. Y< urg, ?f the Fans Boot t mro-ium. The style and , (hush we have seldom seen, uud for the priee; he sells the best ' F'.encb c?lf boot! for, St 59, ei|ual to iho?e ?old in oilier slo es It f"->r S7 Htrtugers visiting the Fair should see hia splen- i ilidb'ioti. ('allanasee f >r yoursches, corner 01 Fulton mid I " Nuuy, opposite our office. II Ureal Attraction?Two ?f the greatest cnrl- ' " jsities iu the Uuited Hutes are now to be seen m the Atlantic r. liardrn. Il'oad *ay, near the Buttery. Th? Chinese Li'y iliessed iu her nitive Cuitum*, and a natural bom Hke'eton in ^ the eiijoynifi t i.f rood health Ihlitf-umr jc*rs ul'ace, and j '< July ?n;l a thirty -three |Hiimd* ; ain|(a. d?n?ii,ltc, Adm ? ' ' Hon l!)jc iit.<?open through the day and evening. f'lne CiiU?ry._Tlie mi<l?-rslKiieil eall the at- i ? Icution of those hi w*nt of the above, to their assortment. Among n liich will lie found some of the uioat beautilul i >Lterns of |<ocktt and pen Kmves ft i:r unfurled to tlna Cottoiii Also, t huice Hn/irs (vi.irratitcd.) lor sale al . O. fe\I.INDKllM k HlK>, 17! Broadway, " a few doors above Conrllaudl sti?? t. a Travelling l>rtH?lnn t'ltttfi ?The HnlMM-rllter* ! respectfully call the attention ??l tlie public to llieir assortment ? of the above, each pattern containing article* <>I 'lie loin] convenient sine,of re?l utility,aud w*rMiit?d lo ptilniinlheiliiui s l< Tor which they were seierall) desagM d. 1 /?. SAUMJtllK It SOS. ' 177 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel. < IMuraoml Pointed Gold I'etiN - YVIiolenalc and 1 retail?John W. Oieatou k Co., 71 Cadar sl eet?tin stans. n lave Uir largest ami best usoituieut of Uold [>ni (u lie luiind ti hi the cit y, mil their price< *re much lower iImii Uinae of auy illier liun?e. The uttruipt made lir otliera to monopolize the r I'en trade. ?o aa to make the purchaser inv (i high pme lor no _ inferior article, hu failed, mid thoie who wuh n good aitide it a low price, can find it at Urrnlou kc Co., who art selliiij 1 1 I'eua and Cases at (lom 71 ceuu upward. Tlie IV sioldeUiwliere at $1 for tl iO, llie ganuoie "Albert O Bngle \" Prn. (io " (*ioix-d) $1 7i i.uly, silver pencil case luAuded. (told l'n? t icpaired lOchelleM Olamoiid Pointed (<?lil l>ena._ , We wuh U> call the attention of c,nr tender* to tbe Mieheh'ti fens. told eiclusnely by B. K Watson b Cn.ji Willum street, one dour below Wall ?tTeel,aiid J. V. Sar.ije, 91 >'al- ? t<>u street. fflcc $2 only. They are ceiwiulv the best ami cheti til gold | ens in n?e. Kicry description of I Mid Ten. " wholesale or retail, at either ol the abore plates. t umiliy i; dea'ers will find it to their inteiest to eiamiue their ilo<*k< ai d P'ices helore purchasing elsewhere. (iold Tem, 7 V tl. f I *' , '? VI jK, wilhsilver pencils. r?u? carefully repaired Citizen* tnd Ulruiicrt tIiIIIii| III* ell/, fir* (tueriiHy auiioua to ha\e their hair rat and dre*?ed so a, to 51 conform to the latest f.shimi?Oiibert fa. Kleteber bring lot* ? enp< rienced in the above ait rut Imr. manufacture wigs, fcr , in the latest and moat approved style. ft i?e them a call. No. j 170 Broadway, o| positc Howard Hotel, up atairs The Cheapest anil Beat llaea In I he Clljr to fet your Boots, Hhoes or Outers. is JONKN'N, 4 Ann street. II near the Museum Voa can get tlierr aa good boots fur |t 'iO j is ran be purchased elsewhere for 17. Qaite a saving Ha ji ilso selli a first rule k-v tat $.1 which la usually told for IS ] | Double soled waterproof boots at tl M, t"> audtti. Jones has i i| [he rrur s< stem?light eipenses suil small proHu. All goo<*a ; pure lined at I Aun street are warrrutcd to gi*e entire sans- | Taction. |i llrang'i Patent Lamp*.?These Lamps cast no |j ihada; are free from inioke or smell ; will Imru (be ch?si>i-st oil and give a greater light at leas eipense thiu ant lamp low In use; are mora brilliant than camphene or spirit ga?, , ivifhoni the same risk to life or p op'ity; are not liable to get j mt nl older, ate eaaily r ea.ied .iod w*"anted for or c ya*r ? n rhe Haud Lamps will not spill oil with the most careless isafe. M oinfacturcd solely by H. I). V ANOHHIIKY OKN, ) i. It >o Ut Pearl Street, New Vork; ware town. 101 Broadway. Iiandeliris, bracket, huging, parlor aittl mantel lain;*, in ri ry rtriety Hej|*rs snpplied ou liberal terms N. B Ho , ir aml| Astral lampsaltere i. ol Ut j pi ? Give me a Hat In Ike fthape that I lova."? ; "v ?och is the ferveut etclamstion of erary gentleman ? ho has sen Knot's New Kill Fashion of Gentlemen's Mats. Ths W Lyla is peculiar for beauty, Kraeefnl appropriatenisa to all it' spreasions of eouritenanee. and the eninisi ? esrelleiire of le slock from whioli the Hats are manuractarrd Kvery Imdy tj ho Knot's Antiiwn Kaihioi lor 1*17, will ai onee I * rceive, hy the peculianty o< the nap a> d the t'onine and '* istinu ?lo?s of the entire oii'sidr fab'ir. th't It is made of the ; '>< nest material. 1 he aba|>e ia novel, ami ?e > p'eaaii * to the ey# I'l sJtt 6t Call on KNOX, l}< Kultouat. V l)r. Kelli ( nurnua'a Pnnslra BniHlle Iter Kra- f, icatiuf Iti|ierflnnns hair, i* giadnallv becomiua as (rni a h- ' 0 orite wuh the |enlleinan, aa il is with the ladies Notbi a I ft oks so well rs a eominanilirit fotehesd: and in a>any inditr i i uals litis cauuot be attained, eatej t by the nse of ttouraml ? iO oudie Muhtile?tes-ed if rei|iiirer. (?oalsud's Italian M il - ? ited Hoap, is the only compouad for tha positive care of pim- , t Irs. Irecklea. sud other skin blemishes. Found anly at 47 n Valkar ?t eat, firat store from.Broadway j ,o # ? MOBTUV MA1U&KT. HUHdaft Oct. 4?A P. M. There ?u nulU a panic In Wall *tre?t to-dey. Tb? vi from tb* iint of wir reporting the hllni* o( negc .tlonj, tad the new* from Kurof? reporting thf fa)lur? rnnny o'.d and extewrtve rotcmerHal bouiM, haa b?<I rery dtprewlng Infli'encp npen iha stock market. At i? first board to-day Long Inland fell off 3 J* per eent , in ton, hiring' I.oan, 3>?: Harlem, !!>(, Nor? loh id \Vorec?ter, i; Reading. #li: Mjrrl* Canal, 1; Ke?icky <i*, >4i Yreaaury Note*, IV: IVaM) Iraaia li lilted State* Bank, There were t(t?aiiia traueeo ion* at the decline, aud tiie market at the adjounuaoni r ;li? bourd war htary The ttrrt effect of nuek IB pot mt intt-Ulgf ncr ii usually the m> ^it naiirorkblt; after a ttle while the public mind get* again, and a gra ual recovery in realized. At the aecond board there vera i>ale* or the leading tnciea to aorne extcut at a further .leellna 11 ariam fall B X per cant ; Island, V?, Heading Hailroad * antou advanced >? par eeat.; l aruier*' l.nan. V The amouut of Tr*a<u(y Note* outataudlng thu Ud ot otober wuh'M.i,.')S3,lw> 31. of which $M,73aMu wei* r the iifua January id. 11*47 ; $2 210 089 of July 11, Hi. 0 The uuautity of dour, wheat, oorn and barley Uft at de water during the 4th week In tteptuaber, la the ?ar? 1H46 aud 1X47, la a* follow* h'lour.bhlt. Wheat, bu. Corn, tu timltu.Ou 147 90 628 69.33.5 I*,274 5MM 14 6 1I5.6JU 144,990 6S443 71 W? MMUr.. 24.091 80.744 luc. .I3.7M Uee. 19 590 The aggregate quantity of tit* Mote article* Uft at tide ater from the commencement of naTlgation to Um Wth r September Inclusive, U u follow* Flour, bill. Wl.rut, k*k. Ctm. 4?A. Barlry, fi?K 14 7 2,09..,783 X 1*25.671 4,170.131 574.11? <40 l.*i'?4,fgH 1,100,489 1,146.154 3I7.79S serfoBC. . 811.C01 1.44),IIS 4,*11,717 16,1*0 By reducing th.i wheat to Hour, the quantity of the titer loft at tide water thU year, ooiupared with the oor .-pouJIni; |>?rlod of last yoar, shows an exoe** equal to .130,731 barrel* of Ltur, and a dearea** of *xee** ?lnr? ur statemout of l*st w?ak of 41,343 barrel* of Hour The receipt* of flour and wheat during the month of leptember, compared with th* corresponding month Uat 'ear. ithow a decrease of 11 304 barrel* of Hour, and -44,I.VJ but-hels of wheat. , The reoelpt* cf corn Uiu* fur exceed by 3,0o0,04J bunhiU the entire receipt*of 1846. The receipt* of bailey up to the clo**of the fourth week u September during the present year, compared with th* ?rr*?poudlng period in 1814. show an excea* of M SM iiubrls; whilst the receipt* from th* Uttothe 30th of September, oompared with the same period In 1840, show i decreaa* of.104,730 bushel*. The following table show* th* quantity of some of the irinclpal article* of produce left at tide water, from the ommencement of navigation to the 30th of September uclusive, during the year* 1840,(109 days.) 1844, (lo* ayi<.) and 1847, (143 day* :) ? ItrcKirrs or Pbodlce at Tide Witcii. 1*46. 1(4*. 1*47. Canal open. Jipril 15 .h>ril 16. May 1 lour hbU. I,:itJ SHI 1 .*->? CL'S 2,b<)5 7?.' Vlirlt liuiii. I1.3W.4S1 3 825,17 i urn busli. 211 UK 1,156.4)1 4,170 191 lirlry busli. 241,194 347,793 371,112 eef bbls. 2) 353 35 504 28.68* >rk bbU. 35,255 74.45I 70.402 Lshes bbU. 56 143 41,119 17.146 Imrrr lbs. 6.409.050 C.?2St,0;J 7,735 UKi ..iid lbs. 2.133,?7 4,176,6 0 4 974,440 lieese lb*. 3.049,7 II 7,584,700 10,#'0,035 Vool lln ClIIHi. SMS win a *M al? iu.on.,.". . ."iiti'.m T,#oi,'7flj Mai.'siJ The ttatement of reooipU for Septembar shows ju?t that wit predicted, that the supply of breadstuff* In flret and* at the clot* of navigatlou, is likely to bo nueb mailer than laH year. There appear! to be* dsterinllatlon on the part of the producer* gem-rally, to Uoll heir supplies of flour and wheat for better pricaa thao hoce uow ruling, to which Is to be attributed the re luced receipts for the past month. fihouid the noeipti. or the remainder of Urn at-ason fall off In the proportion ?portcd above for September, prices mutt rule hl^li .hroughout the approaching winter for breadstuff* iu ail the Atlantic markets. We repeat, what wo bare pre* 1. junly stated, that the farmers will make a great mistake in holding on until spring. Tntre will be such a iu?b nt produce to the seaboard, upon the openiug of navigation In the spring, that prioe* must sink lower laau they iavo been for years. There is au immense juantitr ol iroUuce in the country, he'i it mu?t come out. Evsry nrrel of tiour and every buthel of wheat, got into thlr >r any of the seaboard market* before the oloae of oavt ;atlon, will pay a profit, aud we fear ali got In after th> pening iu the spring, will pay a lues. The Legislature of this State have under consideration bill authorising a tax to be levied upon the capital "I very banking institution in the State, actually paid In Ve annex a copy of the bill, aa amended by the Adnata view roaa bars tai hili . In At t concerning iht iuiintu of Banking u.til IuiuC.hh of Bank*. The people of the State of New York, represented tu Senate and Assembly, do enect an follows I. The first section of the art entitled An Act to mend the act entltM An Act to unthorite the basli.est if banking, passed Ksy 14, 1H10,*' Is hereby amended so J to read as follow*: The second section <>f the act entitled " An Act t* nithorise the business of banking, passed April Irt, leai ? hereby amended so as to read as fallows Whenever any person or association of p?rsoni, formed for the purposo of banking under the provisions of this kot, shall lawfully transfer to the Comptroller any portion of the public stock issued or to be lesaed by this date, or by the I'nited states, such person or association if persona shall be entitled to receive from the t 'oiDptrol >r an equal amount of such circulating notes of different lenominations, registered and countersigned as afore iald; but such public stock shall In all case* he equal to i stock^ this state producing Ore per cent per annum. ind It aBll not be lawful for the < ouiptroller to take ao v uch stock at a rate above its ptr valve, nor above Its urrent market value. -J. All indlvldnal banks, and all banking associations rhi?b are now, or shall hereafter be engaged la tha bust itss or bauklng under the provisions of the act entitled An Act to authorise the business of banking," shall be uhJeot to taxation on the full am' unt of the actual rap al paid in, or secured to be paid In, by them severally, bleb In no case iball be les* than tha amount traox irt-d to and held by tae ( omptroller as security for the ilemptlon of circulating not"* at their actual value, aa tiumt. d by ihe ( omptroller. without any reduction irtbe <l?*bt? of any *urh Individual banker or banking *oci*tlon, ' and nil tbe surplus fund* accumulated by i.y incorporated bank, or by any banking aseociatlou r Individual bunker nhall be aulject to taxation In the line manner ax actual ??[>it?l 3. Thlsant rh ill teko ? fleet Immediately. Now Ibis i' on many accounts. and in many r ,i|-u> ira a very good Uw, but It in very detective, inasmuch * It does not apply fairly to all elaasas of banks. The afety K und Banks would be taxed -upon their onpital, 'bile the Tree Hank* would be taxed upon their clrcuition. The Kree Uanks have no capital, their securities oposited with the Comptroller, comprise their capital nd as their paper issues never can exceed tha amount of Uesc securities, the tax would io fact ba upon thair clr ulation. The Safety Kund Banks have a nominal capl>1, and their circulation fluctuate* from tim- to time, a* ircumstances require. In tha event of tha amount 01 iten in circulation being larger than tha capital the tsx \ not increased as it applies merely to the capital,where,* a Kree Banker ha* no relief; he may have a hundred V>ut%nd dollar* worth of stocks iu the hands of the .( niptroller, as security fnr bis circulation, and may not a fact have more Ihau two thirds of, that amount, rtually out, but he has no relief from tha tax on tha I bole amount of his deposit There should oartalnljr bo me distinction betw-en the Mafety Kund and the Kree ?nk* on tbl* point, so as to place the tax that It may ,11 r (iisilj upon b?th As tha bill standa above. It will rove verr onerous to the Kree Banker .Stock Kxchange. "e Tree* ao'?? *i ioi M *it* Ceaton UH koeo do i?is m An v i.*o ohioiM, m lea im do un a Ml (>Mo7? lot 12) do IIV inti# Kentucky ft* luu If) 17 M Bull i ilXH) Penna ja itw Tl\ ttClleadiacRH *r% 10*0 hdg mru I ond* ft*Si IV) do cI Ioon Itdgdollar b#a 7l?J :,u do m ^ "00 do 70 3) Krie Merip 'M lotfl do 70Hi 1110 Ka>( Boe'on <?| ? *?0 do 140 71^ * l.oaf I*I,il.I.H H lv 17 >n* Muihattui Uk oi^a !"?i do iQ Kaimers' I, jan 71% JO do ble UW M do b? /?5i 7<*0 do 21 s, ? do III* ro d I?S Ml do 2i to Sot k War HH bl? H Ml do n do pi do r\ in do r,\ in Ohio I.if* kTr "? ? do (t; *J itu 'Jt I Ijt Iftrlrm HH <&'? ttfl do '^l4 IM <io ;j,V MMorrit'iul !' ? wo u<> I'M ??nii 1\ Htn Mo itu <jw Vi <,?nton 1.1. M IMi .l.i hM 40 >'? *- b? ? \Viln..uri-M KH .??, H?ron?l Hoortl. MiO Tt'r Nom>'? lotV)?h' Lini* lultail KM ?>> Jo l?wi If PMHwIrmRH <s Ilttu <?hio? ?. It* Ml <tn un. .. <>? , , MS? V'.'l J., In HrmtrV Low tf\ .',0 a?, {-. ,l? M '0 Ul ix Ctsion I <i 3: ',0 do do "tt '.0 do 1.1 US . Jl IM K?*dinf UK mi', t*? ?',i : * Jo ?j>, < ' '<# do f'% if u?m iiiu nn 41 M'M iln ) .In r 10.1 <i. *>' ) do in* iFrif UK n, IH(W Hum k IftPhnngf. I MIVi No Ma cmIi ioi', M?h Jfor* Wi H ?h? Htr'roi HK 1.1 ?\ *j J' , 5 .1.. 1,11 I'", v. *" M ,?! I, H j? h' ??>? >, t J* "1 H j( 4 if vi da I i i- a 3 at:. " -M

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