Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1847 Page 1
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' f I- Jtl . i ?i< zin. lid rtu.wboi* ?, WT3 TUB NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Worth wwt eornar offattM Mad Ium Mi. I AMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIKCrrLATIOIf?JTOKTY THOVIARr. DAILY HERALD?Rrery dnr. Trio* I enOH'?o?y>-#7 Bf'i -imu 'i?pnynhle in idrmee. WEEKLY HERALD?Erery 8ntar?Ur-We* ?M ??r cony?13 UWctnti p?w annum?payable ro Utum. HKRALD KOR EUROPE?Erery 8t??i? P??k? 4ajKriPi>nlt IMV pnnv?n*r uinnm n?lni)iM nnataM. or 13 24, exclusive of postage. payable in advance. Bubscop Hons and advertisements will M received by Mhki. Galig am, Hrue Vivienne, Paris ; P, L. Himonda, II Comhill, and John Miller, the bookseller, Lamina. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published oa tlx lit or J.muary of each year?single copies sixpence each. AD VEKTI8EME.NTS, at the usual prices?always cash ia ; advance. \dvertiseinenta should be written in a plain, lefible i manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for iron thai may oocur iu tliera. PRTNTfNO of all Uia-t? executed beauti folly tad with despatch. All lettan of commas cetioas by aaiL addteeeed to the ; proprieto' or the es: .blith qea(, mast he post paid, or the pot! ac? will K. J fruaa the nbaeristum asisr remitted rpw | | ^"flu YORK AND HARLKM LsfjaJBf i'ifSJjHHJnAILROAD?Kail Arrangement? W5BWt-*W?^;MSOnaud after MONDAY, October 4th. 181' , the f'ara *ill lewe City Hall, New York, for Williaiaibridge aud White Plains and inter- Crotun Falls and HB1 IT rilh?m. mediate places. interm'te place*. 1 and 10 V M I and 10 A.M. A. M. 2 JO, 4 39. U ? P.M. 2 30, aud 4 SO, P.M. J 30 P,M. Returning. will leave? Williamib'idge. White Plains. Crotoa Kail>4 AtT, 10. It H07, T 30 A.M. 0 30 A.M. aud I* 01 V.M 30 A.M. 3 P.M. 2 37, 1(4 35 P.M. 3 PM. 4 P.M. YorkvlUe, Harlem, and Morrisiana Trains will leave City Hall at 7 30 A. M. hmrly, until 1130 AM, and i P M hourly, nmilO I'M. Ke'itrni'ig. will leave M?rriiiana. Harlem, and Yo'kville at 7 3j, and hourly until 12 30 PM, anu at 3 PM, hourly, uatil 0 Fare Irom City Hall to Harlem aud Morrisiana I3M cents. " 27th Yorkville and Harlem 6V cents. Passengers for the Ileservoir, High Bridge, and M.rritiana, Th? Triins to and from Croton Fnlla will not itop below White Plaiai, except it t'nckahoe, Williamsbridge, and Fordham The Trains to and White Plains will not stop below Fnrrtksm A Car will precede each Train from City Hall to Uke op iwusengers in ihe City: the last Oaj will not atop except at Broom' street anil 32'l street. Fr ivh Traius leave City Hall at 12 M. and 42d atreet at 6 AM. Freight received until 12 M, and J 30 P.M. ?J0 IMC NOTICE.?H I'ATKN l*LAN L) FK*RKV , 1^?? and after FRIDAV, October lat, 1817. the v*-?i>?6ill5BBle.te-iml)')?u bYLPH and IJT iTEN I8LANDSU will run <<a follows, until further notice:? i.EAVK ITiTrN ISLAND. At 0, t, 9,10,11 o'clock. A M.?1,2, 4, ( o'clock, P. M. I.KAVK NKW TOO. At7. 9. 10. 11 o'clock. .Vl.?I. 2, 5,6J? o'clock, P M. New V rW. ?t. I t ?9 I&I7. .30if ,m?i. NOTICE.?For the better accommodation ..jAof the public (aa the dava are becoming i?*SSS5aeV,o-ter), the Steamboat NEW PHILADEC DMA will, on and after Monday uext leave New Brunswick at 2(1 minutei before 7 o'clock, and New York at 13 minutes pa?i 3 o'clock, stooping at the regular landings. The R A RlT X NT will continue at her old hours, at 7 o'clock from New Bru swick and before 3 o'clock from New York. ru?ni'iK through without stopping. Both boats leave from the foot of Barclay street. Fire hi 'he New Philadelphia. 6A? cents; Ran tan, 12)< cents. New Hrnnswick, *ept 3. 1M7 si 30t*rc TO rt I NO?The new and poweifnl steamJ ACOB BELL. ( apt. R. Yates, and HE ?" iMwIsttALD, Captain J. P. PARKS, will be in read..?e*s f,.r Towing Vessels to and from ara,and about the Harbor, on the most reasonable terms" Afl orders tliaiik-u'ly received snd punctually attended to. Apply to the old est .Misled Steam T w-Boat Office, No. 75 8 nth s'reet, Corner of Maiden lane, np stairs. Tlir Boats lay evurv night at the foot of Orand street, E.R., and a'e al" ays m readiness at a moment's notice. N.B ?All persons are fo-bid trns'ing the above boats on account of-he owners. W. N fc T. M. DOUGHERTY, *n i(lT*rc No. 75 South sr. cor Vfciiden lane. u-mMORNING LINF.I AT 7 O'CLOCK Juyft^/r-jfaFOll ALBANY AND TROY, and inter n5''V?K]WvJBk<ii<rdiat<' (landings. The Rtc tnerTROY is a third larger than any other Day Boat. and in point of speed, safety, and commodiouauesa is actually iMmni No steamer ever acquired raore universal and enduring popnlarity, or retained in greater perfeclim those substantial excellencies which really deserve puM c f-ivor. Bre.ikfist and Dinner on board the Boat. I'he low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, xvill leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A.M. Returniti? on the opposite days. i Forjmsige or freient, applf on board, or to F. B.Hall, at the office on the wharf. sl? rc MORNING LINE A I' 7 O'CLOCK, T-^ttCZfeFOR ALBANY AND TROY, landing at t*:l>2iJaMMHasC:<|ilwells, Writ point, Newburg, .Hampton, Miltoa, Pouutikenpsie, Hvde Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook, Barrytown, Bristol. Chtskill. Hudson. Coxsackie, Kinderhook and Bal'itnnre. Landing at Hammond street. Leives New York, Tue?dav,Thursdav and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. B eaWost aud Dinner O'l board the boat. The low preaiure Hreambiat N1AHARA, Capt. H. L. KellciU, will iene t e Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay atreet, Tuesdays, Thursdays, ind S?tnrdays, at seven o'clock, A. 41. -e'nrnioir on ?he opposite dava. For rustic* or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the whirf. aUrc ' rr-u?^ PEOPLE'S IINE STEAMBOATS FOR '* ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Eiceped ? n?ffifew?S8?s Through Direct?At 8 o'clocf, P. M., from the Pier between Cour'landt and Liberty itreeti. Stemnlioit ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at I o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Cape R. O. Crnttendrn, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at? o'clock At Five O'clock, P. M-?Landing at intermediate place*? from the foot of Bare1*? street. Steamboat ROC HESTER, Captiin R. H. Far nr. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday aud Snudav afUraoona. at i o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N. Hnlae, will leave mi Tuesdiy, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 9 o'clock. The above boats will at all time* arrive in Albany in ampl* tun* lur the Moruing Can for the Eait ct West. Freight tnkeu at moderate rates, and none taken altar 4M o'clock, P. M. ;l>'" All persons are forbid trusting any of th* boats of this line, without a written order Irom the captains or agents. For mipn or freight, ap J" on board the boat*, or to P. C. BCHULTZ, aithe iifliri tne wh-"^. sf> rh FOR LIVfctiPOOL? Mew Lin*? Regular packV TBaftk.?t nf Mtli of October.?The new and splendid fast -SferaEiisailing packet ship OARKICK, Captain B. J. H. Tia<k, ?!>' cositirely sail as above. h?r regular day. i'or freight or passage, having Handsome tarnished acconamodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of XVall st'-eet, or to K . COLLINS. M Rcmh *t. The i>aefc?t ship llOSCIUB, Captain Asa Eldridge, will *nc.c**n :''.* Oarrick, aid rail oa th* kith ol Nov., h?r regular o? > *'? j'ifcjfc? KiJlt NEW OKLt.ANS.?Louisiana and New York Line of Packets?Positively th* fir*; and Illy regular packet to sail Monday, October 4 th? The tpleadid fast sailing packet shin O + WtCUO, Thos. Inger ill, muter, is uow loading, and will positively sail as above, her regulm day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accomrnodai.ons, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, S# Sonth stPosiiively no freight will be received on board after this Stturdiy evening October id. The packet slnpCLIFTON, Jas. B.lnger*oll, master, will . sacne'd the Oiiwego, and sail October llui, h*r regular day Agent in New Orleans, Mr. William Cuery, who will promptly forward a'I goods to bis address i'anaeugcra per ship Oswego, for New Orleans, will please b ' oil board Monday, October 4th, at 12 o'clock, M., precisely, t which time the ship will sail. nt "iiSE C VKMSLK k RIPPARU'S EMIGRATION OFFICt, in connection with OEO. RIPPAKD 1* SON, 134 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool. l'er>ou> wisl.iug to aend for their friend* in th* old conntry, cm secure passajje in any of the following new lin* of packets, sailing from Liverpool on th* 6th of every month, ''(INSTITUTION, 1,500 ton*,Capt, John Brittoo. ur ifiL v* Mi, Muu ion?, Otpi. r. WOOflho*?e. LIVERrOOL, 1,150 tons, Capt John "Idridge. HOTTlNOUKIi, 1,090 tons, ' apt. lrnBursley. (Je<>. Rippard 4i Son are the only agents in Liverpool for the ahore In.e "f jackets, in addition to which they despatch a (int cla?s ?hip every week. _ Persons seuding money to their friend* m large and small Hrnomitd, ca'i be accommodated with drafts on the Belfast Hanking Compauy, mid their nunurous branches in Ireland; also O'l the p. mcipal hanks In Hlnglaud. Scotland, and Wales. Apply to CARLISLE k HIPPARlJ, mi JI Ht"m 59 8'inth street. cor, of Wall. i KOll LI VEitPOOL ?Th? New Line?H*?uiar I'a'-krt of 21st of October.?Th* superior new la?t fHllltMr ' - ptcket ihip CONSTITUTION. 1640 tons, ?; i<t?in John Bntton, will as aboTe, her regnhrdav. KV f eiirht or paisnge, having splendid large and comfortable ta'r room and cabin, apply to the captain onboard, pier No. I. M,NTURN, 87 South at. The^cSeTThu)VlOTTINOUER, 1100 ton?, Cart. Bursley, will eerd the C oiia titn lion, and tail on her regular day, flat of Vovemher 'M MJR LIVKMOOL?To ?*il with l>?M|Wtijfc? first c a??, fut filing regular Pscket Ship W ATKR>1W> I "in Capt. Allen, bnrthen 1100 ion?, will sail aa ' a Dote, having very superior accommodations for cabin, se- j Cord rnbin nod s'eearge passengers. Persons about embarking, should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to J. McVURRAY. corner Pine and South afreets. Pe'soi.s daaii.tus of sending for tlieir frieniU >n the Old Country, ca i have th?m brought out by the above splendid vessel, or any other nfthe rewl ir line hy applying, si rrc "iSjjfc ONLY RfOULA* LINK OK PACKETS k'OH I wJ^NKW ORLEANS rhe following well known, ,7?UAsl>i<t sailing luid favorite pa..!iet ships nave accoinmoilations unsurpassed tor cibin. second cabin and steerage paateuger*, and will i nsitively aail aa advertised, or passage free, i'iw OSWEGO. (apt. Ingeraoll, October 4th. The GALENA,('apt. Dennis, October 11th. ;>r, on? wuhi.iu to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to ?*e?re pa?*.ige by either the above pickets, as they are all Out claw ships, commanded by men eiperieneed in the trade, .id w.ll sail punctnHlly on their appointed day*. To aecnre h e rths, appl y on board, or to 29 W % J. T. TArHCOTT. 99 Sonth St. '.vaaT Taphcoit* EMIGRATION OtVlciu. 99 J*001!' Stteet.?Persona wiajing to aend for their ,9mKb friHuds in the old couatiy can secure passage <> i reasonable terms, by any of the magnificent shipe cirniTtii' u the new Line of Liverpool packets, via:? ( < .NVriTUTIytV |7, it tou?, Captain John Braton. QL KhV OK THE WEST, U00 tons. Capt. P. Woodhoate. LI V KRPOOL. I2J0 bin*, Captain John Eldridge. HO 1' I'l.NGUER, MM tons, Capt. Ira Bursley, Bailing fi'>ra Liverpool on the Gtn of every month. Passage CN..-I.olie secured hy the St. George's Line, or the Union Line oi Liverpool packets, making iji all a ship every five * days from thrt port For further^articn J y? ? 91 South street. New Vort. E NE n: AAlti In tl?a War (Quarter. ? o THE RE1NKOECEMKNT OF OKN. SCOTT. ^ [From ths New OrUauH Delta, Sept. 29 1 We understand that the General commanding thU dtrillion of onr army hu under his oommand at leaat 7000 men, distributed in the towns alone the Misslssip- tl pi, between thU city and Memphis. They consist of n the new raiment* or volunteer* whloh hare been raised * in Ohio, Illinois, Kentuoky and Tennessee. We under- a stand that this large foroe will be ordered immediately 1 to join Gen. Boott, and with the foroe he now has, and ? whleb will join him from Oen Taylor's dlrision, will swell Oen. Scott's army to near 30.000 men. The steamer James L. Dev. Cant. fl'DmU ?.??.,i laat Telling for Vera Crus, with a large quantity of go- *< ernment (tore*. The Day will atop at the Braaoa. to take on board troop* deetlned to reinforce Oan. Soott. 0 Tha aohoooer* Loulalana, Capt. SowaMs, and tha Eufau i, la, Capt. Preble, laft laat trailing for Tamploo, with military atoraa. A CAPT. BKSANCON AND LIIUT. HENDERSON. U [From tha Naw Orleana Picayune, Sept. '29 ] o Nothing oould give ua more pleaaure than to aay that n we hare good reaaon to believe that our newa of thoee p two gentlemen publiahed yeetarday ia lnoorreot. Such a la our Impreaaion; though we had geod, If not the beat o authority for writing aa we did. Mr. Elol oould hare L had no poeeible reaaon to mialaad ua, and we fully be- A lieve that he thought every word he told ua waa correct 1 It la all bat certain, however, he muat have been mlataken. j, "We have aeen two private letter*, one dated the 19th and the other the 10th hut., written by a member of Captain Beaan?on'a oomnany from Vera Crna, the ona * to hia alater and the other to hla brother realding in 1 tbia eity. the aubatanoe of which we have bean politely * permitted to uaa. We will only add that the writer l? fully entitled to belief. I In the letter of th? 16th tbewrttor aaya:?" Sixteen of t our mon have oome from Jalspa. One man loat - Ralph u Oapaa*, of your city. He waa shot through the head < while making a charge on tha National Bridge. He waa II a brave and good eoldier. Mr. Wilklnaon, the Orderly, waa weunded in the leg. but not badly, and Lieutenant Watera waa graced on the fae? by a ball The captain t and two lleutenanta are atlll at Jalapa, and we do not t know when they will be here." o In the letter of the 19th the writer aaya:?" No further tl newa from the balanoe of the company than what 1 li atated In my laat " v A private letter addreaaed to ua from Vera Cruz, dated f< id inat , aaya:?1-1 am happy to be able to Inform you of 'I the aafe arrival at the headquartera of Maj Lallv (at d Jalapal of the detaohment of mounted men belonging to 11 Capt. Kairchild'acompany under Lieutenant Henderaon, ii aooompanled by Dr. Cooper, of the army, and three c mounted Ommw, all of whom were supposed to have a been oaptured at the National Bridge." a' AFFAIRS IN THE CITY OF MEXICO. J1 LiiBuoMwu itwiu ii. i/. lit rtbria, nojji 'i? J I Vera Caus, H?pt. 19, 1047. " After describing the new method of defence adopted ^ by the Mexicans in their capital, vis: taking up the pavement stone* from the streets and storing them on H the tops of the houses, purposing to drive back the Van- * kees with th?m, the correspondent goes on to say :? " Persons who ought to be well informed -on the sub- * ject assure me that the archbishop has issued a flaming * proclamation to his flock, in which he assures them that ** General Scott has determined to obtain possession of r the Image of our Lady of Guadalupe, in order that ha 1 may send it as a trophy to Washington. If. as 1 doubt * not to be the fact, it is oertaln that be has issued such a * proclamation, I assure you that it is the most eloquent ' language that can be used in Mexloo, under the present circumstances It is the most influential talisman that '' can be used for inspiriting the ardor of the numberless ? devotees of this miraoulous image; and I am persuaded 1 that the governor of the mitre will attain more by this r happy thought than by recalling to the Mexicans a " thousand times a daj their duty to their country, the 1 danger its liberty is In, or repeating to them the heroio L actions of Morelos, Allende, and all the most glorious recollections of their independence, which have been so muoh descanted on." He then goes on to make soma remarks regarding the acts of a body of 300 men, who a few days previously had been reeonnoitering the country around Vera Cruz. ' Kor the sake of doing" something," says he, " they burned three rancherlas belonging to very peaceful and inoffensive Mexioan*;" and he deprecates this wanton mischief and destroying indiscriminately the property of peaceful laborers and soulless robbers These latter, or guerillas, are robbing In every direction Amerioan as well as Mexican property, without paying any attention to passports. It was said that Padre Jarauta was again In the vlotnity of Vera Crns, at the head of 1700 men. The proclamation of the Governor of the oity of Me loo regarding the oourse to be observed by the citizens on the approach of the American army, is given In full in the above paper It does sot contain anything vary novel; the populaoe were all to hold themselves in readiness on the sounding of the alarm bell, and every one, save sick and clergy,were to assist with all the arms they oould lav their hands on, not exoeptlng stones ? The clergy, also, were to exhort them to flght. The city of Mexico was to furnish f*K>d for the army. The firearms belonging to the siok were to be handed over to tboee capable of nsing them. AFFAIRS IN rt/RDLA. The Delaware Gazette has seen a letter from Mr. Jefferson Nones, of the Quartermaster's Department, son of Captain H. B. Nones, of the Revenue cutter Forward, dated Puebla, Sept. 12th. He says, that at that date, they understood at Puebla, that Scott was still fighting at Mexico, and that the slaughter was immense. "Mr. Nodes was severely, at first supposed mortal]v, wounded by a lance, which passed through his chest, in an attack upon a party ef guerillas, who bad stolen some 750 mules from the Americans. Mr. Nones, with twentynine men, volunteered to pursue the robbers, and were surrounded and out to pieoes, but four or five escaping. " Mr. N. was left for dead. _ _ ? ivir. n. u? neut Hedges and Kraoa u they paaaed o through Puebla. The* were well. b The guerillas were tuen In neat force within aightU 8 PaebU, and an attack waa dally expected. 1( FROM TAMPICO. t! La Patri? of the 29th ult. mentions that there waa a tl projeot In Tampleo to declare the State of Tamaullpaa * independent, and afterwards annex It ta the United t States. Col. De Hussy waa aald to be at the head of e thla movement, but the Mexicans did not at all reilah d the propoaltion. d AFFAIRS IN TAMPICO. t The following deatha occurred In tha General Ilospl- * tal, from the 6th to the 10th ult: Lyoaa Prook, marine >' oorpa, Sept. 6, of Yellow fever; Brown, quarter-maater'a ' department, on the 7th, of yellow fever; Waloh, seaman, * U. 8. Navy, on the 0th, of yellow fever. 1 First Lieut. B as tardea waa elected Captain of Company B, La. Regt; J. Singleton, Ord. Sergt. waa elected Second Lieut. Company I; Chlvaleer, Ord Sergt. waa elected Klrat Lieut. Company A.?Tampico Sent., Sept. 11. HEALTH OF VERA CRUZ. C By a table, abowlng the number of deaths in Vera ? Crux during the month of Auguat, from varloua causes, t kindly furnlahed by a friend, we make out the following statement There were total deatha from yellow fever H 68; total deatha from other dlaeaaea, wounds, &e , 13&; li making altogether a grand total of 193. Of the deatha by yellow fever, 'J8 were American soldiers, '21 quarter- * master'a men, 6 Mexlcana, 1 American camp-woman, n and 1 foreigner. Of the deatha by other dlaeaaea, t wounda, ho., 37 were Amerloan eoldiera, 13 quartermaater'a men. 3 J Mexican malea, IS Mexloan lemalea, ^ 39 Mexloan ohlldren. 6 forelgnera, and 1 aoldier'a child, tl Average deatha In the month of Augaat were as fol- ? Iowa Klrat week, per day, 4 66-100; second week, per a day, 7; third week, per day, 6 16-00; fourth week, per & day, 6 85-100. Laat three daya in Auguat, 4 66-100. 1 INCIDENTS OF THE WAR. H In the aceounta of the late battlea in Mexloo it waa y slated that Santa Anna had been wounded in the arm. y One account, which we noticed, speaka of the proba- c blllty of amputation in conaequenoe. The old tyrant ) haa already been deprived of one of hi* lega; what a h figure he muat out, then, with the additional loaa of an h arm We bar# frequently referred to the very great success of o thin gallant and skilful offloer (Geo. Wool) In disciplining a the raw troop* under hid command, and rendering ibem an efficient aa regular soldiers Of eourie, the severity h requisite to produce this dUcipline is often highly often- h lve to the pride and feelings of our volunteer*. But Ita |i good effeet* were no gloriously displayed on the bloody tlelda of lluena VUta that, we think, our soldier* under |, this energetic and attentive General will luppreu all V complaint* in future agalnat the *trictne*a of hia disci- A pllna. We heard a rather amusing and charaoterietto ti story, illustrative of the praotlcai mtater-of faet severity of General Wool, and of the liberal and popular man- t! nertf and judgment of old Rough and Heady. The lat- c ter, though firm In the enforcement of all easential mill- c tary regulation*, la di^poaed In hia relation* with the offl- (, n?ra and soldiera under him to be courteous, mild, and '1 hospitable He aaema to take a delight at proper time* in slaking the oommandrr and soldier in the gentleman (j and farm, r, and wlU crack a joke or debate a point with n a brevet aecond lieutenant, aa pleasantly aa If he were A conversing with a neighboring farmer, sitting on the t fenoe. which bound* their re*p?ctlve plantation*, and all tl the wnile whittling fence bark Into rough reaemblanrea n of steamboata or other craft Well, to onr atory. During the time our army was encamped at Agua h Nueva, and was dallv expecting the advance of the t Mexican*, Oeneral Woel, who waa thi chief exeno- v tlve offloer of the army, waa ao aevere and vigl- p last In enforcing every regulation of the eervloe, that b really the offlcera and men had no peace of their Uvea.? j, The slightest departurea from mllitarv order and tint* warn d?t?cted and severely punished by him. It hap' p pened OD0 night that tone of the officer*, who had form- || e<l themselves Into a musical band, resolved to relax their minds and please their commander* by the com- t< pllment of a nocturnal serenade. According! j they pro- f, reeded with their musical lniitrumenU and note* to the 0 plain tent of old Rough and Ready, and entertained him a with several popular air* The old hero oama out to the B front of hla tent and thanked the young gentlemen for a their compliment, and would Insist upon their wetting fi their whistles with a taste of hia old Madeira or Monongahela. The offlcera were delighted with their reoep- |( tion, and after playing " Hall Columbia," and " Tsylor'a e< March," took their leave of the old general, and pro- k oeeded ta favor General Wool, the second In command, with a aimllar oomplimvnt. They played lor some time < before the general'* tent without having the (llghteat ri Intimation that the general wan within hearing. They * were not, however, loft long In Ignorance of hi* preaence, fl for to their very great alarm and mortification, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by tha guard, who g had received order* from General Wool to torn out and arreat tha violator* of the 671st rule of tha service ft against playing mosteal instruments la oamp, After a ri W Y C EW YORK. FRIDAY M< KTere reprimand, and ihort detention under arrest, the (Hours were discharged. We believe that thl? in the tst serenade in General Wool'i oamp? N. O. Delta, Irpt. 39. We understand that Sen. Kearny haa been ordered bv be War Department to take oommand of the new regf lents from Ohio and Kentucky, and join Oen. Scott rlthout delay. He If expeeted to reach 8t. Louif to-day, ndto be ready with hti brigade in about a fortnight, 'he Ohio regiment la already on tta way to the Ballse, nd the Kentuoky regimenta will be ready in a few daya. -St. Louif Union, 30th ult. The Savannah Republican of Saturday Bays:?"We tarn from a paaaeager who oame down the railroad laat renlng, that a bearer of daapatchea paaaed through Attnta from Oen 8oott'a artny. who atated that the report f the deatha of Oeneraia Worth, Smith, and PiUow,wsa aoorract. The energetlo exertlona of Capt. Wm. A. Scott, of Ltnella. to raiae the aeoond company of volunteers, nder the laat requlaitlon upon Virginia, for the Mexlan war. haa been crowned with aucoess. The oompay, which la composed of the finest materials, toft this lace on Monday last for Old Point, and will, we learn, mbark at that piaoe for the Brasos on the 18th. Its (Beers are?William A. Scott, of Amelia, Captain ; S. .. Lambert, of Lunenburg, 1st Lieutenant; Robert F. istrop, of Brunswick, 1st 2d do.; Nathaniel F. Wilson, d 3d do.?Kiclimond IVh ig, Oth imt. Capt Rowley's oompany, at Pittsburgh, will be shortf mustered into service. Gen. Marahall reached Vera Crui, from Brazos 8anlago, about the 30th Instaut, and entered upon the dules ef Governor of the city. Col. Wllaon, the late goernor, had proceeded to the army to join his regiment. -N. O. I'icnyunt, Sept. 29. An official letter of the 21st from Vera Cruz, aays nohing about lien. Marshall, but says: "Just at tbo laat aomeni, i navo ic? uonor to report, with regret, that :ol Wilson 1* very siok, attacked with the bilious ohoio.-' . Kidnappers in Michigan and Indiana.?On rrid*y morning lust, a of Kentuckians, to lie iiumberof sixteen, (wh oh, we are Informed la a part fa company of sixty, who left Kentuoky together for be Northern hunting ground,) commenced their diabocal work [kidnapping] just before the break of day, afer having divided themselves into companies of three or >ur each; being armed with carbine*, pistols, dirka, fco. 'bey entered limultaneouslv a number of dwellings, ragging the sleeping inmates from their beds, and couuing them in iron*. In one of them, a man in attempt lg to esoape was knocked down, and after being rnuoh ut and mangled was secured. In another they oaught little Infant, the mother making her esoape. They uoceeded in securing nine individuals, when the n?lghors, being alarmed, came to the spot, and demanded bat the parties should proceed to the village of Cassop lis, and present their claims to their property before be proper authority. To this the Kentuokians, after lany threats to use their tire arms, were compelled to ubmlt, they being by this time far outnumbered. On rrlvlng at Cassopolls, a warrant was obtained against be Kentuokians, on a charge of assault and battery; nd the persons In irons were subpienaed as witnesses in be case, and in default of ball were committed to jail, o appear ?t the trial, whloh, at the request of the Kenuokiaus, was deferred four days, to enable them to send o Kalamasoo for counsel?they being held to ball in the um of 93.000, which they obtained by depositing $900 nd their horses in the; hands of some of the cl'lzena It this stag* of the proceedings two of their friends in ;as*opolis came to Nile* to obtain a writ of habtat corui from E. Mellvalue, Esq The writ, some additional ounsel, and rome friends being obtained, we repaired to Cassopolls The writ being served, the claimants were equated to prove property. They firs', asked for an .djournment, to enable them to send to Indiana for wltiee?es The motion, after being atgued by counsel, was iverruled They then oalled one of their number as a ritneis, wtose name, by mistake,had been omitted in the rrit; but before he had proceeded far, the question of if the existence of Slavery In Kentucky being raised, the ourt decided that it could not be proved by parole tesImony. The witness then took bis seat. The counsel or the defence now examined sundry papers ot his Hents, alien he Informed the Court that he had no fartier testimony to offer ; whereupon-his honor, E. Mollaine, discharged the prisoners?giving his decision ,t the same time that be, being a State officer, had no urisdlction in the oase?that no on* but a United States Acer could give a eertifloate of ownership This deoiion, to the honor of the larg* assembly convened, was ecelvd with almost universal applause. The counsel in jehalf of the defenoe were Messrs. -mith and Sullivan of >aaaapoli*,and James Browa, Esq , of Niles. - Corrttponlent of Signal of Liberty. Baily, the Assassin.?This desperate characer, who hdB been sentenced to the State's prison or life for an attampt to assasinat* Mr*, llotohkiaa, was, tt the ag* of sixteen years, sentenced to tranaportatlon or lif* in an English oourt for burglary, lie remained it Van Dieman'* land for several years, and leoreted llmself on board a whaling vessel, for the purpose of naking his esoape. Ills abeenoe was discovered before he vessel aalled, and as it was suapeoted he was on board be whaler, the authorities bad lanoes thrust among toe 'II barrel* in order to asoertaln whether Bally was en loard or not. lie wan secreted near the kelson, perfectly afe, ai he thought; having a friend In one of the sailors o furnish him with food. The searchers in thrusting [own the lance passed it through his leg. Baity knowing hat if blood was round on the Instrument he would be llseoTered, took a handkerohief from his poeket, and rlped the blade as it was withdrawn from the wound, hereby escaping discovery. The vessel was afterwards mokeu with brimstone, but he succeeded in keeping his lace, and remained la it for thirty days after the vessel sft port, living on what his friend, the sailor, secretly furished him Baiiy has written out his own history, whioh as been premised us for publication. In crime it almost quals that of Jack Shepard. ile left his parents at thesge f seven years, and subsisted by petty thefts until twelve, efore being detected. He was then tried and imprisond. He was twloe tried In Kngland and transported for fe, and eaih time made his etoape; the second time to bis country. He here entered the naval servioe, robbed he vessel in which he was of a large amount of money, rhleh he thrust intooneof the guns, was caught?Bogged hrough the tluet.then in the Mediterranean?again reachd America, and was sent to the State I'risonfor knocking town and robbing a boy of a large amouat of gold in Celar street, lu broad day light. Having served oat his ime, about six months since, he was turned adrift; siuce rhen he has committed numerous robberies. The last a whioh be was concerned was that of Mr. Bennet at Villiamsburgh, whioh wax committed some three days iter he and nls comrades attempted to assassinate Mr. iotchkiss, in; this .city on the, 3d of May last.? Brookyn Jldvocatt. 01 tscellaneo as. The packet ship Washington, which was to have sailed esterday from Boston for Liverpool, had engaged 111 abin and 60 steerage passengers, and a cargo valued at ver (60,000. Among the passengers was R. W. Kmerson, he transcendentallst The number of deaths in Boston for the week ending aturday last was HI. The number of deaths at Deer land Hospital during the week was 14. Mr. Matthews, of Maine, whose murder at Watervllet ras announoed in the Boston papers of Saturday, it is iow supposed uad over $ 1000 about his person at the ime of his assassination. Kariy Monday morning the steam planing mill of Kra er & Glover, In Dorchester, ?u totally destroyed by Ire, with a Urge quantity of stock and machinery. Loss it (mated at $6000 or $0000 No insurance, except upon, , rery small portion of the .machinery.?Bo Hon Journal th init. Mr* Susan Appieton recently died at Portsmouth, N. I. Mrs. A is represented as having been a very Inteligent lady, taking great pleasure in conversing upon reolutionary Incidents, and her home being tor many ears the first hotel in Portsmouth, she was brought in outlet with toe moat distinguished heroes. Governor Uncock used to put up there. Washington visited her oum; so did Lafayette. Louts Philippe has also visited sr. The export* of St. Louis In 1846 war* valued at 940, 00,000. This year they will probably amount to #60,D0,o0?. ' 1 he company which supplies Toronto, U. C., with gas aye for some time past furnished an Inferior artloleata Igh price The ooose<|uence ha* been a call for ameetig of citizens to form a new company of their own. It la said that Mr. John Randolph Clay, obarge to Ima, and Mr. Seth Barton, obarge t? Chill, who left Vaahington on Saturday morning, will embark in the ilbany at thli port, In a few days, bound for Chagrea rom whence they will go to their respective destinations It Is aald that the Mormons have most flourishing ssttemsnts above Council Bluffs, on the Tottawatamie purhase. It la estimated that they havs 30,000 acres of orn, bealdrs other grain. Their town, called Winter tuartrrs, already has a population of seven thousand, 'hey are but little molested by the Indians. P B. (iroat, of Chatham, conductor on the Troy and Ireenouth railroad, was very severely injured on Friday fternoon last, in front of the National Hotel in Troy. l* the up train was passing the down train be attempted d step trcm one to the other, but was caught between ae cars, and whirled several times around. He bad isny bones broken. Tbe murder of Mr. Msttbews at Waterville, Mains, as caused a great cxrltement In that vlolnitv. The oroner's Jury were engaged several days In making lnestlgatinns Suspicions have rested on one or more ersona in the neighborhood, but at last accounts they ad not been arrested. Signs of poison were discovered a the stomach of the murdered man. A report of the President's d?ath was current at llohmond, on the Mh Inst. Mr. Polk is in fact reeoverng, and is able to attend to business. The Orange eounty Fair has been unusually well atnnded. Their ploughing match was a very spirited afilr, and well contested. We find that Capt Robinson, f Newburgh, took the first premium Now we are ware that our friend, the captain, has been famous for taking many a furrow on the vasty deep, but we bad 0 idea that na would become celebrated for turning a irrow on land. On Sunday night, a young girl, about 19 years of age, 1 North Whitehall, Pennsylvania, named Kritsinger, ommitted suicide by stabbing herself with a butcher nife, whieh struck her heart, causing instant desth It Is said that large quantities of uninspected salt Is cnt to this oity from hyraouse, In sacks,which are gene Miy nuppnifu 10 contain twenty-aigm pounae, Dili hleh in fKit contain only from twenty one to twenty* pounds. Thar* li a great call for boat* on the Sohuylkill natation. The demand for ooal by oanal la increa*lng. Thema* Martin, only son of a highly re?pec table irmer In Cheater sooaty, tu killed on the SlWex Creak tilroed, dmt PotUTlUa, on Friday laat. " )RK I ORNING, OCTOBER 8. 184 The General Convention of tike PnKeatant pc Episcopal Church or tile United State*. 1KC0*D DAT OF THE HOl St Or DEPUTIES. . The Houm met pursuant to adjournment at 10 o'olook. wl Morning prayer <u read by the Rer. Dr. Wyatt, a*- f* niited by Rot. Dr. Broal. m After the llat o* delegates was oalled OTer. the minutes v? of the proceeding ol the preceding day were read and Wl approved. The Secretary, in accordance with the resolution ot hi yesterday, reported that he applied to the rector of Trin- lr lty, and Lad lucceeded In obtaining the use of St. John'* ?i Chapel for the House of Deputies, on the aame terms as tt those on whioh the last Diocesan Convention used it. t< A oommittee was appointed to make arrangements to ol preserve order. w The House then took a recess of an hour to arrange tt seats for the delegates After the recess the President announoed the stand- I" ing committees, the names of whom we shall publish to- it morrow. P< The triennial report of the trustees of the Theologtoal d Seminary, was received and referred to the proper oom- K' mlttee. 11 A copy of the constitution of the Episcopal Church in tl Wisconsin, and a memorial, praying to be admitted into ti I union with the ohurch, were reoeived and referred. ci M. ?? ?J - ?J?1 ? 4??|. > >1 Vt -i-av, vuniou kU? UmUBUUftU OI IDS It election of Rer. Dr. Bargees, Biihop of Maine. Referred. On motion, Ordered. That the d?putle? from eaoh <11ooese represented in thU convention be oailed on to-mor e row to state to this House what documents they have to e present to the House, agreeably to Canon 8, of 1041, and to lay Che same on the secretary's table, and also to pay to the treasurer the quota required by canon 10, of IBM, towards the exoenses of this convention. On motion, Ordered, That the deputies from each dl ooeee be requested to present, at the opening of the convention to-morrow, the certiSoate required by canon 66, of 183 J, in relation to the trustees and funds of the General Theological Seminary. Rev Mr. Dhciirb, of IUImIs, stated that the churoh of that State had elected an assistant Bisho p Ha presented the proper proof of the fact, which was referred to the appropriate oommlttee. On motion, Resolved, That clergymen of,the Protestant Kpiscopal churoh,trustees, professors and students of the (ieneral Theological Seminary, other students of theo- t logy who are candidates for holy orders in this churoh and former members of the house of olerloal and lay deputies, and the vestry of Trinity churoh, who may be In this oity during the meeting of this convention, be admitted to the sittings of this house. A memorial from the diocese of Georgia was presented by the Rev. Mr. NewvlUe. requesting the general convention to establish an eocleaiastlcal gasette, to be under their control. Referred to a joint speolal oommlttee t of both houses. The Rev. Mr. Koriim th?n r?se, and said that he knew he would have the sympathy of every delegate In the convention, In introducing to that body a subject of deep and vital Importance to the diocese of New York? tha saojeot of the resolutions lately offered In the diocesan oonvention; and when I say 1 know not bow to introduce the sutOect, I mean with suoh remarks as will be responded to by this Douse, and tha houie of bishops, remarks that may be unexceptionable in tone and temper, and at the same time affeet tha n deepest feelings of the delegat?e,aa men oonsclous of hav- (] Ing entrusted to them Interests of great importance ta 0i the oburoh, and which oannot be ?aorlfloed or trilled fc with, without terrible and much to be lamented results, h It is known to this convention and to the world that for . thn lut thru. ...r. tk. of M? V?k K.. K? suffering under perils, trial* and tribulation*. We j, hare presented the anomaly of a ohurch without a head (l ?ota body with It* head banging by lta side Meanwhile evils are growing up and aoattering wide their per- ni niclou* fruit*, the ultimate oon*equenoM of which are fl in the future. We feel that the time ha* oome when p something should be done, and we look to thla body for f relief from the anomalous position In whloh we are e placed. We look to have justice satisfied and done in e accordance with the constitution of the church to whloh f( we belong Such, sir, is the purport of the resolution*, u and 1 desire that they be referred to a joint committee 0, of both houses, to report what measures are beat to be 0 taken In tty premises. 1 will add that we look to every n delegate in this house for calm and unprejudiced dellbe- e ration on t is important case, and hope that every dlooese will make our oaae Its own, and aocord to ua the i measure of justloe, whloh thli diooese ever haa, and ever will acoord in a similar calamity I lie then read the resolutions, whloh ara In the following words: ? Resolved , As the solemn eonviotlon of this oonvention, that justice to the ohuroh In the dloceseof New Yerk.aa ' well aa its best Interests, demand that It be relieved from ' Its present anomalous position. Resolved, That the general oonvention be, and la here- < by requested, to give to the churoh In this diooese such I relief as may be consistent with its powers. J Resolved, That a oopy of the foregoing resolutions b? J transmitted to the nest general convention. a Resolved, That when this oonvention adjourn, it ad- e journ to meet at such time and plaoe as may be designs- I ted by the standing committee of the diooese, provided t that at least thirty days notloe be given of the same. 1 He moved that the resolutions be referred to a joint t special committee of both houses, to consider and report p what measures are proper to be taken in the premises. A Rev. Mr. Mkmmimocr rose to respond to the remarks i made by the Rev. Mr. Forbes, and said he trustsd that t the resolutions just read would meet tbe unanimous r consent of tbe house. The peculiar position of the dlo- t oese of New York Is entitled to the deepest and calmest i consideration; and It Is a happy thing for the church that there are assembled In this house gentlemen clerl- I cal and lay from portions of the Union who take no 1 part la the excitement that bu prevailed in tbla diocese, and who are ready to meat the gentleman's demand with the oalmnew whloh the oaaa before them demands And an I,know (ha oontlnued) that there are gentlemen dealrous of contributing all In their power to the Mttlement of the queitlon, 1 will before the rote i? taken, throw out a tew considerations, by which gentlemen can direct their minds to the consideration of the subjeot?to act as a pioneer for them, by cutting away the brushwood and other obstacles that prevent them from seeing clearly, ao that when the committee make their report thry may deliberate on the course they will take. For myself 1 nave formed no opinion, but 1 will throw out a few suggestions which I think will tend to promote harmony and good feeling. In doing so, I do not undertake to dlacusa the question, but merely to state a few propositions. We do not meet here as a court or as a legislative body, to pass sen knuuv vu VI w iv^hwiv wh muj npruiBl OBI?. u There are three partial interested in this (am -tha dlo- u cese of New York, the (depended bishop, and the ehurch p at large. All these interests have to be oonsidered, and, * In inv opinion, It la necessary that a law should be paaa- \ ed which should declare In what position sentence of 1 indefinite suspension places a suspended bishop. Again: p Suspension and degradation are dlfferent,and we should tl say by law on what terms a party Indefinitely suspend- o ed should be restored. That is a matter for the oon- 1< sideratlon of the convention. It ocours to me, that at t the least he ought not to be restored on better terms o thanon those on which be was originally inducted Into s offlce(; be should present to the church the same a claims which he originally presented, and it was s therefore an act ot justiee to all parties, the bishop a himself?the diocese and the ohurch, that a suspended o bishop, in order to be restored, should pass * through the same ordeal that he passed through s at his original Induction. If there should be a canon n of this kind made, the convention will have done o its duty. It will have provided for the restoration of suspended bishops on one hand, and on the other will p give the diocese authority to terminate suspensions. It I is Important that gentlemen should have something be- fi fore them on whloh they might meditate; and although n he, the speaker, has thrown out these views, he feels him- h self free to adopt any course that may be In his view a beneficial to the church. He concluded by saying that I he trusted the committee would be appointed by the ? chair, of gentlemen from such quarters of the eountry, h that they oan deliberate on tbe subject with calmness, a and present suoh a report as will lead to almost a unanimous conclusion. t The resolutions were referred, unanimously, and the following named gentlemen were nominated by the chair t as the committee:? 8 Rev. Dr. .1 arris, of Conneotiout, (high ohurch ) i " " Burrows, of New Hampshire, (high church ) " " McUuire, of Virginia, (low churon) '' " Van ingen, Western N. York, (bignehuroh ) Judge Jones, of New York, (high ehuroh ) j Jndgc Chambers, of Maryland, (high church ) , Mr. ft F. W. Alston, of South Carolina. 1 Rev. Mr. Cumip?i, of (Georgia, offered a substitute for oanen I, of 1844, in regard to the expenses of the oon- j ventlon. Referred, The hour of meeting was then fixed at 0K A. M , and ? that of adjournment at 3 P. M. I Rev. Mr. Younns, of South Carolina, offered a resolution In effect, to limit by vote without debate, the admission of everv subjeet offered for the consideration of the House. After a brief debate, during which one or i two verbal amendments were proposed. ? Rev. Mr. Ncwtoiv, of Springfield, Mass., moved that 4 In order to five time for reflection, the subjeot lie on tbe f taoie; wmcn motion prevailed. I Them being no further buslneae before the House, on t moMon, the convention than adjourned, to thla morning t at half-pact 0 o'clock. j Law Intelligence. , Hrriatoa Before Chief Juatlce Oakley?Thura day, October 7?Frederick Sherwood and another, v. 1 llenri/ Rugglei ?Thla waa an action to recover contrl- I button for certains losses, he. The plaintiffs owned ' the achoonar Cornelia, of thla port, and ohartered bar to 1 defendant In September, 1A4&, to tranaport a cargo of 1 turpentine from the port of Hwanaboro, in North Caro- i Una, to thia city, the reaael waa asoordingly loaded with ? 11M) barrels; pert of it waa stowed below, and another 1 Krt on deck The vessel sailed noma time in Novem- c r, and waa overtaken by ver* bad waather, and Anally * bad to put back in a iaaky condition, and make for tba c nrit port, which waa that of Beaufort, in North < aroll- h na After the Taaael had got Id, the Captain draw up a protest and bad a aurrey made; the surveyors ordered b the Taaael Into doek, and that the cargo ahould be a taken out and certain repairs made The cargo waa ? accordingly taken oat, ana the repairs ordertd by tba >< surveyors made; after thla, (ha waa launched, and In *< towing her to her anchorage ground, she run on a sunk- P en wharf, and waa again considerably damaged. The J captain then wrote to the owners In this city for advice. c< and they aent ont an agent, who on his arrival, ordered c a second survey, and farther repairs were directed by n the surveyors. The vessel waa again taken into dock, t and the repalra ordered by the sui vfyors put on, after tl which aha waa reloaded, and on th? ffth of Dace saber, a 184?, proceeded a aeoond time on bar voyaga to thla IERA 7. irt; after being out for mm time, ah* again anoounr?J boisterous weather, was (truck by two or three >avy mm, and ultimately had to put Mok to Baanrt, the weather atill continuing very bad. and bile oroaalng the bar, going Into Beautort harbor, aba ruck, and a part ol the cargo had to be thrown orer>ard to lighten her. Aft?r (be got in, lha captain adebli second protest called a survey, and the anrtyors were ol opinion that it waa likely tbe owner* Duld not g* to the expense of repairing he r. The car>, or wnat remained, waa then taken out by defendant, id sent to thia city by another vvaael, tbe defendant iTln: aa waa *Ut?d liy pUintlO's counaei, received om th<> a i lotuv with whom be had loaored, the nount r . -in loaa. Tue plaintiff having to pay all le expenae* Incurred by the dlaaatera with which the Mael met on tha voyage, put the matter into the handa ' adjusting brokera, who atruok a general average, hioh in tbla Instance waa oompoeed of the wagea of le crew, tha expenae for their support, port cbarsa, pilotage, wharfage, and some othur amall ltema.? ha defendant waa oalled upon to pay his proportion of . which ha rofuaed. and the action U brousbt to com il him to mahe good hit contribution. The action ?u fended on several grounds, but the three principal round* war*, first, that the person sought to b? mada able muit ba put In posseeaion of hU goods; secondly, tat tbara was unneeeseary delay on the part of the Capita; that he was not juatlflad in writing or communiitlng with the owners, but should hare pat to lea lmledlateiy : and thirdly, that the vessel was not sea or thy. Upon the first point the Chief Justice charged le jury that even supposing the law was as defendant's >un*el stated, that according to his own evidence his lient got possession of the cargo, for ha had it tranl>lped and brought to this port, so that that da inoa must fall to the ground. In regard to the est ground of defenoe, whioh was unreasonable elay, he thought the defendant must also fall; If by lis evidence he showed that there was unreasonble delay on the part of the owners or their eaptaln, t would be a good ground of defenoe; but here there ras no proof of unreasonable or unnecessary delay, and le thought, that under the oircumstancaa, it waa prulent and proper of the oaptaln to oommunicata with his wners. The third ground of defenoe, that the vessel ras unseaworthy at the time she commenced her voyage, ras the most serious ground; and no doubt, If she was, t would be a complete defence to the aotion, and they be jury would tUnftn have to determine whether tie was or was not s?a worthy, from the avidenoe before Sent. It waa proved on the part of the defendant that lie was 18 years old The defendant's oounsel also reed upon some entries in the log booh, to show that le was not seaworthy at the time of commencing the nyaga; but against this they had the testimony or the ptain, the plaintiffs' agents, and a ship builder, one of hom swears that she was thoroughly repaired in 1846, ad well qualified to perform tha vayage. The ship ullder says he examined her, and that he found her loroughly repaired, exovpt some small repairs aliout her ;ern post, which he would have done for $160. Howe *r. the only <iuestion Is, was she or not seaworthy at the meshe coinmeuced the voyageIf from the evidence le jurr couid come to that conclusion, than they ought > find for the plaintiffs If they thought she was not, len they ought to find for the defendant Veidlot for lalntiff* for $795 97. Kor plaintiff* Mr. Cutting; for demdant Mr. II. Ketohum. Uritku Stitk? Distkict Court, Oot. 7?Before udge Betts.? Charge of Jiigauit with a Dangeroui Weapon ?Jamen H Leedi, mate of the Amerloan ship ilbert llattield, Indioted for striking Oscar Wlnaerland, ae of the orew. with a dangerous weapon, waa put on la trial. It appeared from the evidence that ha (truck lm with a heaver twioe on. the head, and onee on his rm. The Jury acquitted the prisoner Charge of Cruel and Uniaxial Puniihment-?Ellphlit, Kingsley, Captain of the Gilbert Hatfield, and the tld James H. Leeds, were then put on their trial for lfliotlng oruel and unusual punishment on the aald Oaar Wlnnerland, by tying him up in the rigging, ogging him, and compelling him to work at the ump? while laboring uoder a severe lit of sickness 'he jury remained out for some time, but at length ami in, and upon being asked if they found the prisonrs guilty or not guilty, the foreman answered that they >und them not guilty, but that It waa very cruel and nnsual punishment. Another juror aaked If that | ould be added to their verdiot. The judge replied it ould not?they muat find a general verdiot of guilty or ,ot guilty?upon which a verdict of not guilty was reorded. The Grand Jury returned true bills against Berohel .opex, Joseph H Parks, Thomas Boxall, Henry Grayon, and five others, charged with an endeavor to make l revolt. Common Pleai, Oot. 7.?Before Judge Ulshoeffer ? Milchtll tf Cam % an vs. Truit Fire Inaurance Company. ?The Jury rendered a verdiot in this cause for the >lalntlff, for $i,OO0 44. v/vum ur ui..itN*b onuiuni, uoi. /. ? owiure m*corler Soott and Aldermen Keeks and Tappan. John tlcKeon, Eaq , District Attorney ?Cate of Madome 'if tell.?At the opening of the oourt this morning amea T. Brady, Kaq., counael for Madame Keatell, made application to the oourt to grant commis-ions for the lamination of certain witnesses for the defence.residing n MaaaacbuaettH and New Orleana. The District Atorney, on tne part of the people, otyeoted to the grantngot the commissions, on the ground that the applicaion of the defendant waa made for the purpose of postiouing the trial of the oause, which waa aet down for 1 outlay next. Mr. Brady replied at length to the arguaent of the District Attorney, and quoted authorities o auatain the legality of the application. The Court efused the application, when Mr. Brady gave notice bat he would produce additional facta, and renew the notion to-morrow morning. Trial for Conspiracy ?Returned.?'The trial of Alfred tershaw and John K. Townseud, for a oonaplraey to deraud, waa then resumed, and the testimony for the proiccution continued. John SuTmrn sworn.?A gentleman by the name of Wood ojme to the office where 1 waa engaged, and asked ne to go to the office of Mr. Kershaw; I went with him; fhlle there, Mr. Wood asked Mr. Kershaw to return a iremium on a polioy which he had paid him; Mr. Kerihaw refused to do so; M. Kershaw told me that they rere doing business under an association; 1 asked him rho were the directors; he said that their names were n the paper; I asked him where they lived; he told me hat Mr. Jones, one of the directors, Jived on Long laand, and that others of them lived in Philadelphia; he equeated me to become an agent, whloh I declined; he hen aald he hoped I would not do them any harm. Hrirt K. Marks sworn ?In the latter part of April, 846, I went into the office of the company in question, s clerk ; I left the office on the 'J7tb day of May ftllowii*. whioh waa accepted on the 3d day of June : I saw no nard of direotors while there , Mr. Kershaw iu the ioit active man ; there was no president to the comany when I want there ; t waa shown a revolution by rhlch I waa appointed aacretary, on the ttth day of lay; I waa then told by Mr. Kershaw, that John K. 'ownsend had bean appointed president ; Mr. Kershaw aid me for my service* while 1 was in the employ of lie conoern ; my principal buaineM waa to write letters I correspondence, and fill 'up policies ; I have no knowidge of any book having been kept in the office except he policy book! Mr. Kershaw told me that the napital onslated of bonds and mortgages, real estate, and State tuck ; I atone time saw upwards of $100,000 in bonds nd mortgages ; 1 never saw any certificates of State tock ; I left the office because I did not know anything QUUb liUQ UllCUbUIO , U1J u?uin U?TUt U|n>M?U III aujr f the elty paper* until after 1 left the office, and then rlthout my approbation or wish ; I never saw Mr. Townend tn the offico before he came in aa president ; I do lOtknowofMr. Townsand haying ever signed a policy r other paper In the office. KrHB.tiM Howe sworn ?I am a manufacturer of camhen* ; I had in 1H46 a factory in Canal street, near I road way ; I had a policy of Insurance on my stock rom the offloe, No 30 Wall street; 1 requested to have ly policy cancelled ; Mr. Kershaw told me he should ? ? to see the directors about It, and would call on me, nd let me know about it; he did not oall on me , went to the office again, and Mr. Kershaw paid me $10 f the money I paid him, and gave me his due bill for the alance, $41 j 1 have since reoelved the whole of the .mount. The testimony for the proseontlon was here closed and he oaae adjourned until to-morrow morning. flea of OaiUy.?Joseph smith, on being arralngned on wo indictments for petit larceny, pleaded guilty to both, ind was sentenced to the Penitentiary for the term of six nontbs on each charge. The court then adjourned until to-morrow morning. Coi;bt Calendars^ Oot. 8 ?Circuit Court? Before ludge Morehouse -Nos. so, 31,36 m,67, 60,77, 8ft, *?, 17, 90, 91, 94, 90, 97. IN), 100, 101, 10j. Before Judge Kd ?ards-Nos 113, 134, 13a, 13m, 139, 140, 141, 14<,149, [44, 141, 140, 147, 14<4, i ao. Common Pleat?Part 1st?Nos. 88, 80,38. 06, 40. Part Id?Nor 93, 91,97,99, J01, 107, 109,111, 113, 33. Sunerior Court?Two Branches?Nos V9. ftfi. 70,80, 19, ?4, 9ft, 97,99,108, 104, I Oft, 107, 108, 113. 11 A, 119,117; 18, 119, l'JO, 19, 40 Polio* Intelligence. Rabbtry of WatcA*# and J> u>rlry.~Reapectlng the r?tckM and jewelry atolen from the itore of f.add fc Rigilow, corner of Kulion ?treet end Broadway, on laat funlay moraine, a rumor haa been in circulation the laat ew daya, reflecting ?n the magiatrate and offlrcre conleoted with the arreat and dlapoaitlon of the guilty par.y; therefore we deem It an act of duty toward* the offlseri to aUte the facte It appear* that a boy about 19 reara of age, by the name of Daniel l\ ? hatterton waa imployed a* clerk, or errand boy, by I.add V Blgelow, rod on laat Sunday morning waa left In charge of the tore by hi* brother, who waa llkewlae employed by that lrro; and during hi* abaence the boy extracted eleven [Old watch**, twenty diamond linger rlnga, together rith valuable bracelet* *c. valued In all at near $4 000 [ h*?e article* he put In lilf pocketa. and left the *tore tofore the return of hii brother. 1'pon the robbery beng dlaoovered, *u*piclon at onoa reated upon the boy, rod learch -rat inatltuted in order to procure hi* arre*t The aid of offleera Welah, Smith, and ( roeett. wer? protired, and acting under their advice, the ateamhoat* rere watched, and offloer Weleh and Mr Blgelow proeoded to Jeraey city in order to atop hia flight ihould e attempt to etart by the Philadelphia train. anJ pure nough, Juat aa the cars were about leaving. ih? oy waa aeen by Mr Blgelow and W?Ub. at tb* depot Ith hia ticket already purchaaed for Philadelphia Offloer Velah at ?rooe took him tntocuatody. and in hi* pocket* >und all the atolan watchee and Jewelry, together with una $M) In money, taken evidently to drfray hi* ?.*enaea. The neit morning the bjy waa btougbt b?fme uatlce Drinker, and that maglatrate very juatly and orrectly remarked that no compromiae or huahlug up ould be effected, aa the caae waa a clear larceny and mat be proceeded with Ilka all other charge* of lelony onaequently, the affidavit of Mr. Ladd waa taken, and he diahoneat boy held to bail In the earn of $900, to nawar the charge at court for trial. CattgAi en IA? " tfvaA man calling hlmaalf Haa L D. Frlee Two Cnu. n Burnf-*nt^-1 theofloeNo ?s Wall Itrnt, ins some /nriiah^rilw t:ol?n??.n, un l.r mUim of buyKngtlih ill Tar, whan, to ordar to aupply him with the DMtwrr amount, a bag containing ?9 W, *u placed on the counter, whan Bum* '(rtkM" tha bee of allrer, and ran oat of the oflloa, but wu toon no? aued, and arraated. the money racoferad, and tha rum taken before Justice Drinker, who lock*! him up for trial. Robitry of Monty ?Horn* expert thief managed on Wedneaday night to extract a pocket book, oonUlniu >13* in bank bliif, together with aereral valuable promlieory note* and other papera. from uodar tha pillow of Lavl Rowley, while be wu aaieep in hi* berth on board the ateamboat Kairficld, on her paaaage from Hadaon to this city No arreat. Charge of Burglmry ?Officer* Wllaon, Of tha Ittk ward, and Madden, ef the 17th. arretted reaUrday three thieving looking chapa. ealled (Jeorjre Lewis. alia* Gilbert Crummell, Jama* Hadden allaa "Slippery" Jim. and John Sheridan, on a charge of borgUrloualy enteriag tha dwelling houae of Bryant Carnlr. situated on tha corner of Oth atreet and to* Bowery, in Julr laat, and ateallng therefrom $40 in money, and a all Tar wateh worth $ J6 They bar*. slnoe that, evaded th* eye of til* police until yeaterday. whan they war* pl*k*d op by th* a bora oflloers Id a '-crib" on tha FIt* Point*. Justlo* Drinker locked I ham up for a further hearing. Ckargt of Larceny ?A man by th* nam* of John Huddleton, waa arretted yea tar day on a chary* of stealing a prouikitaory not* drawn by himself, da tad 1Mb July, 1847, at sixty days. for tha rum of tlOO. Thla not* wa* given to George Hunt, who subsequently **14 th* aM to Uaorga Defendorf, on tha 17 th or 1*01 Month, who preaantad tha same for paym*ag. 1W aoea?d took tha not* and placed It in his postal, nSmtaq *lth*r to pay the $luO or raturn back the note. Z?rlmk*r detained him for a further hearing. .Irmt of Slat* Dnutri ? OlMI TWlWtlll and May, or the 17th ward. arrested iMillt.;, ?>? * Hllay, driver of stage No U9?, Murphy** 11a*jirij Busit*! Searles, driver of slag* No. 237, WfettMO'* La**, oo a charge of furious driving, and racing 6rWfe tfc*i Stwary, at the imminent danger of Ufa aod Itak. *????? both taken before his honor tha Mayo*, aaft, altar a * * vera reprimand, his honor lined them $M a*A tK th* ffence From Hio dk Janeiro.?Letter* ffMi Rio Janeiro to the 12ih o( Ausjuwt, received in this city to-day, say that the United States frigate Catambla, Commodore Kousse\u. would leave that port oa tha 1st of September for Norfolk, having on board tha Hon. Henry A. Wise, our late Minister to Itraiil. Tha Columbia, being now more than thirty days on her way homeward, (supposing that she sailed as abov*,) may ?? looked for very soon. Capt. Htrlngham, of th* Ohio 74, would r*maln In command of the Braiil station until th* arrival of th* Brandy wine, now on her way from this port to Rio, when the Ohio would leave for the Paolflo. The Bainbridge a a* expected at Rio Janeiro, from a oruise on th* Southern coast, and would sail shortly after her arrival there for the United States Lord llowden had arrlvad out on his way to Kaglaad. ?Norfolk cor. Halt. Patriot, fl'A inil, ?n Hf-AVW ANU UHUKKN WIND IN speedil , tnd permanently cured, br the l s \ ...? of Tatteraall'* Heave Powder*. They nave been in conatant use in the Tatrers?ll Stable*, London, end by uoblemeu throughout the l<:>t . >n'< f (< > it Britain, for more than fifty year* A* a nioOicmt' l.i Mi nee. Broken Wind, Botu, worm*, Itc , the proprictr oift.-s iliero to the people of the United Slate*, wrh fall t'lulidcnce ot their anprobetioaNone genuine without the signature of J. KIKKBRIDE. Fleet atrert, London. Price 4 (hilling* *terliug per package, or$l, American currency. A. H OOUOH k Co., U? F*ltoa *treet. New York, Agent* General for the United State*. All order*, accompmied by the cash,and poet paid, punctually attended to Peraon* desiring the agency, by aoareeatna aa above, i>o*t paid, with good reference, will receive immediate attention. *T JOt*m MTHK nUBSCRIBKR wisiiaa to aell hi* BtoiehoM* and r'atform at the Oxford Depot. There ia on taid lot a Storehouse 20 by 4# feet, aod Platform 20 by 70 feat1 lie L,(>t i* 148 feet front an J 81 ret rear; i* now occupied a* a tore and freighting bnainei*. It ia aituated on the New York and Erie Railroad. 31 milea Irom 1'iermont, and 60 mile* from this city, and ror location uot *urpa**e>< by any on the lmaof the *aid railroad. JOHN H. TUTH1LL. *29 I4frrc _ MgL FOR 8ALK? A Urge number of valuable Lot* iita|"tV ?te in the village of williamsburgh, fronting on North XaM?2d, Conaelyea, Skillmau, Jarkaon, Wither*, Froet, Uuiou avenue, ana Lorimer atreeu. Theaa lot* will be aole upon favorable term*. Apply to JOHN HKILLMAN, Jan, at hi* houae North 2d itreet.uear Union Avenue, on Monday and Kndav. *10 *t*rc U DUTCH BULBS.-The subscriber* offer tar aale MQk their u*ual assortment of Dutch Balbou* Moots, eon ttmm. *i*tmg of choice double and aingle hyacinth*, tulips, narcissus, jonquils, aem, gladiolu*, crocu*, Itc. kr. Alio a large collection of jrreeu houae plant* and garden seed*. Bouquet* of choice flower* at all *ea*on*. *21 30t*rc DUNLAP ?t TflOMHO.VMJ Broadway. A WM.M. iUUNO FORMERLY * ANN MTRKUT ixlnit now the Pari* Boot (emporium, i* manufacturing the Ubest quality of French Calf Bout* for $4 SO, eqaal to the be*t *oldin other store* for to and f 7, made to order for the aame ; do fine Calf Hewed Boota, hi* own make for $) JO, e<|ual to any *old in (his city for $5, and warranted to giva Nil*) faction.jOen. Taylor'* half Boota $27J; patentCocgraa* Boota made to order for $3 75. Boota, Shoe*, Oaiter*, he. conitantly on hand. Al*o, Military and cork tole Boot* made to order, with ibe assortment of all foods lu hi* line Corner of Fulton and Naa au atreeu, opponte the Herald office. *1 30t* re WM.M.VOUNO. MRP- FOR NEW ORLEANS-Louisiana and New WK**VY'ork Line of Packeta?To aail Monday. October JlMHibiltth?The new aud splendid fast sailing packet thin iiiN.Ju B. Ingr.rioll, master. i* now loadint, and will l>o?itivrIy tail ns above, tier regular day. For Ireiglit or punit, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board, ai Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall at, or to E. K. COLLINS, 'j6 South at. Ageuts in New Orleans, Mr. Wm.Creery, who will promptly forward all goods to hi> addreaa. Positively no freight will be received on board after Saturday evening, Oct. ISih The packet ?hip LOUISVILLE, M. Hunt, master, will succeed the < JI iftou, and aail her re|ular day. ol NKW LINK OK PACKEISTO AND H ROM VKRPOOL? Packet of the Slat Octob?r?'The JBaiBbaplendid new and faat sailing ship CONSTITUTION 1600 toua burthen. Captain John Britton, will positiveIy aail from New York on the 21st <uat., and from Liverpool oa tlietiih December. Perioua about to proceed to Europe, or those wishing to send for their frienda in the oM country can not select a fiuer conveyance. Those wishing to secure berths, should made early application on board, at the loot of Burlmc Slip, or to W. It J. i. TAP8COTT, ol _ M South at. iatf- fACIfKTS KOR" H AVHE?Second Line.?l>e WJg?anip Bali i.viiJif r., J. Jonnaton*. Jr.. murer, will od Che Aral ol November. n1 no YD It HIN? KEN. Arenta, No. M Wall-at. ACT- MK. P ?UL (iYsBERTI, ConilfDM "bTtKi I W3EIV?>"I' ONEIDA,from Harre, in February laat, u itjAJMbviu rated to call on BOVD h. HINCKEN. H Wall atreet. ?*A(JER?~ LINE* Ok NEW YOKE AND iMKnew ohi.e.ans packets ^BHMbBnrk CERE*. Capt. llod?e Kin 11 MAY FLOWER. Capt.Cr>btrc?. Bark HANNAH THOkNTON. Capt.Choatt*. Bark TEOUMSEH. Capt. Ripley. Bark SOUTHERNER. Capt Mayo. Brig EHMKX, Capt. Hayn?a hhin OARDlNER. Capt Haaty. Tlioabnve vraacla, or othera in theirplace, will cnmroaatkia Li?e f ir the rui'imi aeaaou, and aiiljmuctimjly aa H-Tttln< Prmnpt aid atriet attention pnid to rorw.iraing Oooda. Orrirra lor the purchaae of produce punctually nrratad, and liberal ad> anrea made on couaignmenta of ataple articlea. B../" All the above veaaela hare food aecomtnodltioaa for cabin and ateeraiie paaaenaera, Aventa, J. B. GAOER, 120 Wall atreet, New York. ANDRKW8 It DEWEY. o3 6ti?(klloe*rc 91 Common atreet. New Orlaaaa. l O.MMERCIAL LINE OK PHILADELPHIA wMVANI) NEW ORLF.AN8 PACKETS . mtmL Whip ROBERT O SHAW, Capt Matthew*; Bark YARMOUTH, < apt Marka; Bark J. 8. WALN, Capt. ? ole. Hark JAMKH ANDREWS. I apt. K ranch. H irk ADKLlNfc AND K.LIZA. (apt Baker. Tin above yeaaeli, or others in their placet, W'H compeaa (his l.iue for the euiauig uuoo, and sail punctually aa advertised. Liberal advances will be made oo cnminowDtt to the aemtt iu Thil idelphia, and orders for the parenase of prodaee in New Or Irani, promptly eiecnted. Htnct attention paid to forwarding good* Agents: V'.. r.lNCOLNk CO.. S3 South wharves, Philadelphia. ANDKKWM k DKWKY, 91 Commoo it., N Orleani. ?<5 Gti?k*toa*re FOH NEW OHLKANS-Fint racktt. or paswHWiiirii firr-Tnuil on Thursday,7ih Oct?l'he wall AMBNaakiiowu favorite packet sbip NIAUAHA, ('apt. Nya, ?ill jfositively aail aa above, weither permitting. oa Than liv 7th October, her regalar day. For passage, Iiiviiik ?nprrior accommodations for cabin, M cibin, ?nd ateerag" . asscugers, which will be lower than by an otlirr ihip. plrne ait-lv ?n hoard, foot of Dover street, or to C^A TEN EYCK. 17 Month street. o5 k?m MONEY I'D LOAN ?Abraham J. Jackson, Pawnbroker. )l fteade itrcet. near Broadway, loans money ia Ursa or small snms, as may he reqmred, on watchea, jewelry. plate, weiring apparel, dry gooda, and personal property ni ayary description. aWM ttr'm LKfT OK'K VVAKUKOIIK AN U FU UN ITU RE WANTKD ? Ladies and gentlemen having sapetflaoaa effects te dispose of. sach as^Wearing Apparel. Fnraitare, it, i.HHi'uwiHHiaii >"?II I'l IV- HIW. uj irnuinf IOT IIH subscriber, thronih the Port Ofke, or otherwiae. ?rho will at lead *t their residence!. J. LK. V'KNBTYN. I 4S6 Broadway, op itairs. I Ladiei can he attended to by Mr*. J. l,Mtutvn. II Nt'm I GKfcAT OUHfc Oh H< Rt>KULA. VIKHt t Kl \ i. OL I CKRH, Paina in the Bones and Jninta. performed br Dr I J HKINh, 20 Dtiane itreet. I, Ueorjce VV Oiboona, da here- I br certify that I ?ai mirarnlnasly etired by Dr. Joseph Heme H of a moat troablesome scrof'ilona complaint, from which I suffered for ahont fire years, and from which all the moat so called skillfal physicians Mlli not rare me I M large and H qnmeroni "leers. pain and ?wellin? in all my biinea and joiats. I I waa perlectly disable ; Hvaaj'an'la Hyrnpa and other ami- I lar compounds did in- n? few; when I waa recommended I to Dr. Joseph Hciae. No M Dtiane afreet, under wlioae care I aoon begin to mend, a"d am now entirely eared Hnch ot my acquaintances who wiah to conanlt Dr lleiae, who oared I me, mint recollect that hia oiilt office i? at No M Unane I Street. OKOROK W OIBBONH. | ' lerk of F.i I too Market I We. the ooderaimed, know the aSo?a statement to b? cot I JAMES D. KIHH. II*J flonth street I {: mh WaH I N I) -Br Heine has hundreds of similar ccrtific-tea. which I c .n h? aeer at hn office. s2IMt*m I rill'l'f. WINKS. TK AH, kc.- N bLdofxid.TD. I No. 4 Pine rt'eet, olfera for aala on reasonable terms? HiOft baskets (N. B ) Via d'ay Champagne, pints and quirt* al do. Ay Cremant, do qvuta H VI aaarter casks MantunilU k AmoutiUado., rale Sherries, 11 damijohua inperinr table Madeira. 7.1 do Pale Otnrii Brandy. H M do Old Pale Henneaavdo. I 2 doten eery old Jamaica Rim. 4 do do Antigoa do. H 71 half cheata Ana Ooloong Tea, eery low. I Alto, other fine Black and Orera Teas, in chests, halfebc?re nd email boroa. sit NO HUMBUU?A new dintn* ealooa Jnat spaaed dmo I town, at No. 17 Freat street, aad lodgiac alio; eoao aa< I tadce for yoorsalf Tha roomi are sHiele ?>! '"'P}

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