Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1847 Page 1
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TH 1?tXULI? RTf.Wfealt ft* ?BT?. THE NEW YORK HERALD 28TABLI9HM8NT, ertb-waat corntr at Faltoo and lUMia Ml JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. OUICTLATIUN-ICUUTV THOVUIO. DAILY H Kit ALL)? Kntr day. Trie* I eeatspet eorr?T U par Ronum?payable ia adyaaea. _ WKKKLY HERALD?Krery Satarday?Price IX eeau Mr eouy-Hl 11K cent* per annum?payabla ia advance. _fit 11 ALL) KOR KIJROPK?Erery 8?*i? Paelwt dayPrice e cents par copy?$5 par arjram, mclndiai postage, or $1 J5, f ielusive of postage. payabla ia adyanej. Sobecnp tions and advertisements will be reoeivedby Meesri.Unlig_ nam, II rue Viricnne, Paris ; P. L. Simond*, II Cornhill, and John Miller, the bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Pubiuhud o* the 1st of Jnnuary of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the osnal prices?always csah i? advance. Advertisements should be written in a.plain, legible Manner. The Proprietor will not be responstble for rrorrtnai all kinds extern tad beantifttlly aad will aaapaien. All Utters or communication* by, addieued to tb? Propnetnr of tlir *iL?bh?hm?*t, tn??t be poit paid, or the ?o*? Ui will K? tail 'm? >!< aimf f?'?IZ'.m.iM i NKW VOHK AND HAHLKM Itta WET ^fa^E^lLttOAD-F?ll Arrangement? iHE.'g. -'W W*On and after MONDAY. October 4th, 1*47, the Car* will lewr City H ill, New York, for Wtllmmahridge an?l White Plain* and later- Croton Fallaand rTJtl Fordh-tm. mediate place*. interm'te place*. and 10 AM ? and 10 A.M. 1A.M. a 30, i so. it e r.M. i jo, and t jo, p.m. * jo f.m. Returning, will leave? Williamsbridge. White Plain*. - Croton FalU.J At 7, 10. 1c 807. 7 30 A.M. SO A.M. and 10 05 A.M 9 30 A.M. S P.M. 2 37.8H 35 P.M. 3 P.M. 4 P.M. Yitrkville, Harlem, and Morrisiana Trains will leave City Hall at 7 30 A. M. hourly, until 1130 AM, and 1PM honrly, until0 I'M. Returning, will leave Mnrrisiana, Harlem, and Yo'kville at 7 ?, aud hourly until 12 30 PM, and at 3 PM, hourly, nntil S Pvt. Kare trom < Jitv Hall to Harlem and Morrisiana 123* cent*. " 87th street, to Yorkville and Harlem 6% cent*. Passengers Tor the Reservoir, High Bridge, and M^rriaiaua, Will take the Harlem Traiua. The Traina to and from Croton Fall* will not itop below White Plata*, except at i'uckahoe, Willianubridge, and Fordham The Train* to and White Plain* will not *top below Fordham. A Car will precede each Train from City Hall to take op paasengera in the City; the lait Car will not atop except at Broome atreet and 32'I atreet. Fr i?tr Traina leave City Hall at 12 M. and 42d atreet at ( AM. Freight received untilJ2 M^and i 34 a?. MB TO T H AV It LLKHS UU1INO yttDOUTH.?New and mott avreeeble wHMMHHhlSSElina to Frederickaburg. Richmond, Petenburg, v?, Htaunton, Va., and the Virginia 8pringa, We dou. N. C., and Cbarleaton, B.C. The publie are informed that the new and iplendid low nreeaure Heamer POWHATTAN (connecting with the Great Mail Liu* at Aqquie Creek,) leave* Commerce itreet wharf Baltimore, every Tueaday and Friday .Evening, at 6 P. M-. iot the above point*. Through-ticket* to Richmond ...$ I Petersburg t M Weldon.N.C 9 " Staunton, Va II / Charleston, 8. C 16 Being at the same jirice, more direct and expeditious^ and mncn more certain [nan inr i^riesepeaae nay sou Jiinn nnw Stsamboit Line,?all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac ana Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by thii line. . Traveller* areadrised that the line hereby advertised is part ami parcel oftlie Great Mail Line through Virginia; and that it is the intention of the companies composing the Great Mai) Line, that pasteiigers shall be conveyed by them, iu connection with tV Powhattan. always as cheaply as by any other line, and with more comfort, expedition and certainty, than by any otherline, except the line via Washington. For further particulars, inquire at the Southern'Railroad office, Pratt street, Baltimore; ot Stockton li Fall, or at the the Commerce street wharf; or, ou Tuesdays and Fridays, on board the Powliattan, of G. W. GUNNELL, Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above line will bear in mind that they have two hours more in Baltimore tnan paseengera by the Chesapeake Bay and James River Boau, and yet reecb any point south of Petersburg at the some time with theee laat even when there is no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. j y4 3meod*r SUNDAY BOAT to KINGSTON, toucliA?sgravCjjSeing at Hammond street, each way, returning evening. The fast tailing steamer H ANTACLAUS, Capt"in Overbaugh, will leave the foot of Barclay street, north side, every Sunday 7 o'clock, landing at Caldwell's, Van Courtland, West Point, Cold Spring, Cornwall, Newburgh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Poiiglikeeiisie, Hyde Park, Elmore's, and Rhinebeca. For further information, apply on board, or at IIS West it, tip stairs. o# 3t*re FOK~Ni7w BRUNSWICK. PEH'J'H r^MEZlMAMBOY. HO88VILLE. WASHINGTON. HUHMftttO?WOoDBRlDGE. and TOTTEN8, at half past Two P. >1 ?"li anil aftrr Monday. Oct 11th, the steam bo>t \NTKLOTE, Capt. 8. Van Wickle, will leave the foot ofRobiuson street, next above Barclay, at half-past 2 P.M., daily, for New Brunswick, landing at the above places. Returning the Antelope will leave New Brunswick at 7 A.M., from and after Monday, 11th, receiving passengers at the several landings. Fare 12>4 cents?Preakfast on board. I'.S.?Passengers for Spotswood, Cross Roads, Cranbary, nad Homerville. take stage direct o5St*re ? NOTICE.?STATION INLAND KERRY, j "TMM^Inr and after FRIDAY, October 1st, 1847, the steamboat* SYLPH and ST iTKN ISLANDER will run na follows, until farther notice:? 1,1 AVC STATEN ISLAND. At?, ?, 9,10,11 o'clock, A. M ? 1, J, 4, o'clock, P. M. LEAVK rlKW TORK. At 7,9. 10,11 o clock. .VI.?l. X, 3*. a,o* ocioca, r m. New York. He| t 29 1847. ?30tf NOTICE.?For the better accommodation - > the public (as the days are becoming JMK3SHftiihorter), the Steamboat NKW PHILADELPHIA will, on uud afier Monday neit, leave New Brunswick at 20 minutes before 7 o'clock, and New York at 15 minatca p?il 3 o'clock, stopping at the regular landing!. The RARlTAN will contmne at her oldliours, at 7 o'clock from New Brm.swick and X before 3 o'clock from New York, running through without Mopping. Both boats leave from the foot of Barclay Mnet. Kare in the New Philadelphia, 6X cenu; Raritan, 1JK centa New Brunswick,Sept. 3. 1847. _ s? 30t*rc TOWINtP-The new and powerful steam* Sera JACOB BELL. CapT. R. Yatea, and HE M?>52MHkRALD, Captain J. P. PARKS, will be in constant reailmeM for Towing Vessels to and from sea, and about the Harbor, on the most reasonable terms All orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. Apply to the old established Steam Tow-Boat Office, No. 75 M urn street, corner of Maiden lane, up stairs. The Boats lay every night at the foot of Grand street, E.R., and a-e al? ays in readiness at a moment's notice. N.B ? All persons are forbid trusting the above boat* on account of the owners. W. N ?c T. M. DOUGHER TY, , ?9 307* re No. 75 South at. cor Ma idea lane. mm" MORNING LINK| AT 7 O'CLOCK r v.,^A,.?^KQR ALBANY AND TROY, and inur i1.ii> SHMwunediaf Landings. The Ste .met TROY is athiid larger than any other Day Boat: and in point of speed, safety, and commodiousness is actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired r.iore universal and enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfection those substantial excellencies which really deserve public favor. 1J reek fast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gotham, will leave the steembont pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A.M. Returniic on the opposite days. Vor nissige or freight, apply on board, or to F.B.Hall, at the office on the wharf. sJg^jc MORNING LINE Al 7 O'CLOCK, ALBANY AND TROY, landing ai aefiawMlH&WCald wells, Westpoint, Newburg, .Hampton, Milton, Pouehkeepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook, Barrvtowii, Bristol, Catskill. Hudson, Coxsackie, Kinderhooa turn uii iiniTC. biuunik si nnuuuuiiu biicci. Leaves New York, Tue*d*v,Thursdav audi Saturday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. Beak fast and Dinner on board the boat. The low presiure Steamboat NIAGARA. Capt. H. L. Kelloftt, will le^ve t .e Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, T)ie?4i>s, Tharsdayt, *nd Saturdays, at seren o'clock, A. JVJ. 'einrnmg on the opposite days. For in?s.ifie or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office ou t!:e wharf. ___ s!6 rc Ifl-iiT PEOFLkS I INfci STEAMBOATS KOR '* i * ? " * M v Daily, Sundays Eicep ed ? rAZXmBmMlm Thronnh Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between <'ourflandt and Liberty street*. Steamboat ISA \C NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave oa Monday. Wednesday, and k riday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crnrtenden, will leave ou Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday evening, at. i atlocU At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermediate placet? from the foot of Barclay street. Htrambont KO( .llESTf.R, Captain R. H. Furrr. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. otio'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt T.N. Hnlee, will leivenn Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. The above bunts will at all times arrive in Albany in ample lime fur the Miimin. T.n fnr the k'ailfr W??, " Freight tak'au at modern* ratej, and uone "taken alter 4H o'clock, P. M. .. , . . ... "CJ- All penonaare forbid tnutmg any of the boat* of thi? line, without a written order from the captain* or agenta. Kor irias. ue or freight, anJ"'On board the boata, or to P. C. SCHULTZ. at the olfirt tn? wh?v. tt rt> k()H LI VERPOOL?To Mil with deapatch, the ISO'^firat ciaaa, fiut tilling regnlar Packet Ship WATER<*nKXh?L<V>, Capt. Allen, burthen 1100 tona, will tail a* anove, having eery auperior accommodation* for cabin, aenoud rabiti and I'eearg* i>?aa"ugera. Peraoua about embarking, UinuH nvtUe early application on board, foot of Maiden LaM, or to J. McMURRAi. corner Tine and Soafli aneet*. Terioiia detiroa* of (ending for their friend* in the Old Country, c*n hare them brought out by the above iplendid vcitel, rir in ..ilirr .,1 tl.r r?-a? Imr l.y applying^ ?0 rrc_ ONLY KMJULAR LINE OK PACKETS KOR WjjMfVNEW ORLEANS. -ITie following well known, MMMMafaat (ailing and favorit* packet ihip* hare accommodati.iu* uniurpataed for cabin, lecond cabin and tteerage pa*?en?er?. ami will | oaitirely tail a* advertued, or pa**age fr*?, The OSWKOO, Tapt. Ingeranll, October 4th. The OALE N A, Capt. Dcnni*, October I Ith. Penoni wishing to proceed to New Orleana, will do well loaei'.nre paaaage by other the above packet*, a* thev are all 0 r?t ahiix, commanded by man eiperienced in the trade, , and Will tail punctually on their appoiutad day*. To **cur* bertha, apply on hoard, or to i39 W h I T. TAPHI'OTT. MHonthtt. adriK I'A' K TH KOR HAVKE?Bccond Lme.-Th? V'CJraV ?">!P BALTIMORE, J. Johuitoot, Jr., maater, will I'illb^il ?u the fir?t ol November. ..i BDVI) V HI NCR EN. Agent*, No. 8? Wall-*t. L**: TAPSCOXTji KMK.H/uiON OKKICE, H VJxfV "oiith afieet ?Per*'in* wiajing to lend for their .Jtrnmm Irieuda in die old onuntry can aeeur* paaaagc on irimnable terma, by any of th* magnificent *hip* Comprianiv t*<* ii'w Line of Liverpool packet*, vii:? < (INSTITUTION. I7M ton*, Ca[*:iin John britloa. Ol'EKN OK TH K WEST, MOO ton*. Caet. P. Woodhoni*. I.I VK.RPOOL. I2}0 ton*, Captain John Eldridge. HO 1 TINOI'KR, IIJO ton*, Capt. Ira Burtley, *r ling from Liverpool on the 6'h of every month. Pitaaga can ulao be terered by the flt. Oeorge'a Line, or th* Union lane of Liverpool pncgeti. making in all a ahip every Or* A >. >h'i r-f ft?..r MttTulfw. Wjjljr ? J**? H ?o?'.h iir??t, yim lot*, E NE' NEA n ? HEAVES AND BROKEN WIND UN AiaE^HORSES, fpeedil t and liermaiiently eared, by the r 1 of Tattersall's Heave Powders. TKey hare been in constant use in the Tattersall Stables, London, and by noblemen throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain, lor more than fifty years. Aa a medicine for Heaves, Broken Wind, Botrs. Worms, he , the proprietor offers them to the |>eople of the United States, wiih fall confidence of their annmbetioa. None genuine without the signature of J* KlRKBHIDE, Fleet street, London. Price 4i shillings sterling rer package, of or fl, American currency. A. H. OOUOH ? Co., 149t>ul- . ton street. New York, Agents Oeuehal for the United States. All orders, accompanied by the caah,and post'naid, pouctnally attended to. Fereous desiring the agency, by addressing as at shore, poet pud, with good reference, will receive immediate t* attention. s7 30t*m j,| ?vi FOR SALE? At Barbaok's Subles, No. 46 Cliff Wl irll ^*'?* one pair of Orey Horses, one pair of Sorrel T>' C3-2Z1?Horses one splendid Bay Horse, oue second-baud oil four-wheel Cab, one Rockaway Carriage; also a lot of good co seronrf-hmd harness. o7 1t*rc 0p i ro THUSE THAT W1MH i'O JOIN THf. 1st It] REOT. OF U. .8. ARTILLERY.?Wanted for the Ut tb Regiment of Artillery, 400 iMt bodied men, between the ages of II and 30 years, to which good pay, rations, and thing will be given. Apart the above, a farm of ISO acres, or tlOt Treasury Scrip, aud 02 bounty. Apply at the rendezvous rooms, at No. 233K (ieeenwich, No. 9iit Washing- Jc tan, and No. Jl ('natiiam street*; alto at the Arsenal Yard, CI corner of White and (^futre its , New York. > Wrc m M CLIFTON PROPERT Y|FOR SALE-Two Cottage residences on Staten Island replete with every con- ai venience, well sitaated, grounds handsomely laid out, se etc , will be sold on favorable terms, payments easy and oc- oc cupatioa given this fall or next spring. The property ofcred Wl is worthv the attention of those seeking a country residence, sufficiently near the city to make a home the year rouod. the . communication being regular and in point of distance- as 'J couvenieut to Wall street as Uuion Square. A Alsn for sale, several eligible sites lor villas and rotti#es ai J ft.. fk. v.nta nC urkii*)) will taCTird auu iiruycujr iui iiitc?ui?hv, ? ?? '" . >t Z. ^ ample rMurni for the nmounf. of purr hate money, fvhile the p, property ;econaUntly increaain ? *>!? > o>?3 9 3t?rc THE SUBSCRIBER wishes to sell his btorehouse n, fflft and Platform at the Oxford Depot. There is on said lot ?i XiULa Storehouse 20 by 40 feet. and Platform JO by 70 feet. V TheTot is 141 feet front and<4 leet rear; is now occupied as a "! store and freighting business. It is situated ou the New Yoik d and Erie Railroad. 3t miles from Piermout, and 60 miles from t? this city, aud for location not surpastc1 bv any on the line of tc the said railroad. JOHN H. TUTHILL. ,, s? I4t*rrc c< JML FOR BALE?A large number of valuable Lots situ- * ffSw ate in the village of Williamsburgli, fronting on North |e XJUtd, Conselyea, Hkillinan. Jackson, Withers, Frost, . Uuion arenue, and Lorimer streets. These lots will be sold / upon favorable terms. Apply to JOHN 8KILLMAN, Jnn.. 1 at his house North 3d street, new Union Avenue, on Monday and Friday. slO 30t*rc U Kg DUTCH BULBS. -The subscribers offer l?r sale fiBvk their usual assortment of Dutch Bulbous Roots, con sistiug of choice double and single hyacinths, tulips, ai narcissus, jonquils, aeria, gladiolus, crocus, he. lie. rj Also a large collection of Kr?eu house plants and garden at seeds. Bouquets of choice flowers at all seasons. )ti sll 3>t?re DUNLAP ?t THOM8QN.t35 Broadway. _ WM.M. VOUNO FORMERLY 4 ANN STREET but now the Paris Boot Emporium, is manufacturing the best quality of French Calf Boots for $4 SO, equal to the J'*' best sold in other stores for $6 aud IT, made to order for 'J the same ; do fine Calf Hewed Boots, his own make for S3 50, tr equal to any sold in this city for $5, aud warranted to give satis- E 1'action.iGen. Taylor's half Boots S3 74; patent Congress Boots gt made to order for S3 75. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, tc. constantly 0| on hand. Also, Militaryand cork sole Boots made to order, with a f'sie " assortment of ad foods in his line. Corner of Fultou and Nas- 1 sau streets, opposite the Herald office. of si 30i* rc WM.M.YOUNO. ct - ? FOR NEW ORLEANS, viaCHAKkE-and HAVANA.?The steamship le M. wnaon, mnitrr, '^MjuUst^BLaji will leave for the above poru on Monday, | October 11th, at 4 P. M? n Th ? veuel, well known on Look laland Sound at a superior ea boat, haa recently had her guardi removed, acd been strengthened throughout; fitted with mat's and full anitofaaila. 81 She haa two boilera below deck, with horizontal marine en- tf gine; aid, being of large power; la expected to make a ahorttr al naaaage than haa been recorded between thia city and NewOr- tt leans. For freight or paaaage. having superior accommodations, apply to the captain on Novelty worka yard, 13th ttaeal, E. R., or to 11 o8 3t*rc B. J. VANDEWATER, 30 Coentiea alip. oi _ ITEAM TO HAVANA?To aaiI on f1 the 19th mttant, at noon from pier No.?, N 'c /A)H . the new and powerful Iron Steamer ? QUAD ALQUIVEH, <00 tona meaaure- jc meut, bulit 'ii Liverpool. Her cabina are now being fitted up,with every regard to com- u fort, ventilation, and elegance, and the table will be liberally (applied under the anperinteiiuenceof profeaied eooka. Karea (70 in tftate Roams on Saloon Deck?$40 in forwerd " and aft and upjier deck cabina, including wine. o: No bertha secured nntil paid for at the office of F. W* Si- p monda, Consignee, 41 N#w street,''nd passports deposited. t ?14 30t*m F. W. SIMONDS. 13 New tt. ^ - - KOH N E WORL K A N S, viaC HAK L K 8- oi TON AND KKY WKsf-To aail Thuis- h k?<^?day Mth inat., at 1# A. M., the splendid ? treamthip PALMETTO, bnilt eipreaaly ;* r for an ocean ateamer. having been tho- 11 roughly refaateued, and undergone varioua improvements, * which render her commodioui, aafe and speedy, will leave for New Orleans, via Charleston and Key Weat, "a above, b under the akilful command of Captain Jeremiah Smith. Thit thip haa ample atate room accommodations, and every , convenience to ensure a pleaaant trip for her paaaengrrs. for iremnt to mew urleana, or pumice to either ol the above porta, apply to the captain on hnaid, toot of 10th atreet. Kaat River, or to T. K. SECoR k Co., t F' Pt of 9th atreet, E.R. h N. B ?Thia areamer carriea coal aufficieut for the whole g trip, and ia expected to make the trip out in aeven day?. g o5 10t*rc ^ OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION b COMPANY?The aplendid new ateam-- .. SZmMQLirf**?hiP WASHINGTON, 1740 tona burthen ?, Frederick Hewitt, commander, will leave * New York ou the 21d of November, carry- P ing the United Stntra Mail. She will touch at Cowea and a Southampton to land paaaengera and freight, aud deliver the h maila for England. Kratce and Belgium, and then proceed to a Bremerhaven. The paaaage from New Turk to Southampton D or Bremen. $12C; from Bremen or Southampton to New York f $150. Koijiuaage or freight, apply [at the office of the Com l! pany, 45 William atreet corner of Wall. ? E. Milla, Qen'ral Agent. New York; Day. Croakey It Hoaa, 1 Agenta at Southampton; C. A. Heinekeu It Co., Bremeu; Wil t! Iiam laelin, Havre. t, Iheaecond ateamer of the line, the HERMANN, will be r, in readineaa in two or three montha. o2 14 moil fh J i/tjgr FOR SALE.?The aloop MARY K&MULE, ft MgJV eight yeara old, built of the beat material, and ia in 8( hKi good order, forty toni^e?j?ter.^j^ j>|)l J^tji ^ y ol 3t*rc Weit itnd Hammond arreeta. * rfg- FOlf LIVERPOOL? Kegular |>a<-ket of the 14th nfVyOrt.?The lira' claaa fart aailingfiacktt ahip HTE * jBIAEbPHKN WHITNEY, Captain Popham, burthen 1,11)0 toua, will aail aa above her regulardav. b Having very aupenor accommodationa for cabin, aecond o cabin, and ateerage paaaengera, peraona intending to embark g hould make immediate application on hoard foot oi Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY. corner of Piue and South atreeta *' " S.?Peraona derftoua of aending for their frienda in the old ? i country, can have them brought out in the above very favorite ti packet, or any other ofthe line, by applying aa above. o7 fc PHILADELPHIA AND HAVANA LINE OF a txCVV PACKETS? Packet ol the 10th mutant?The A I, d MKKafaet aailing packet' bark ELIZABETH I. John ? Gallagher, maater, will aail poaitively on the 10th inatant. No freight will be received alter Saturday m >rning, 9th inat. , * or balance of freight or paaaage, having auperior furniahed occummodariona, apply on board, at Lombard atreet wharf, or JOHN F. OHL It SON, o 4t re 101 South wharvea, Philadelphia. FOR LIVERPOOL?.New Lia*-Regnlar pock aD^lt of 36th of October.?The new and ailendid faatWHKtaailinp paeket ahip GARKICK, Captain B. J. H Traak, will poaitively aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having handaome intDialled acrom modntions, apply oa board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to R. K. COLLINS. to South at. The packet ahip ROSCIUS, Captaia Aaa Eldridge, will racccea the Garrick, aad aail oa the Kth ol Nov, her regular a?6 FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New York Line of Packet*?Poaitively the fira1. and HHHfkonly regular packet to aail Monday, October 4th? The aplendid faat aailing paeket ahip OHWJCOO, Thoa. Inferaoll, maater, ia now loading, and will poaitively aail aa above, her regulai day. For Treight or paaaage, having handaome farniahed aeeoianodal iona, apply on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to E.K. COLLINS, M South at. Poaitively no freight will be received on board after thia Saturday evening October Id. The riacket atiip CLIFTON, Jaa. B.lngeraoll, maater, will aucceea the Oawego, and aail Oetoher l tin, her regular day. Agent in New Orleana, Mr. William Cuery, who will piotnptly forward a'l gooda to hia addreaa Paaaengera per ahip Oawego, for New Orleana, will pleaae b? on board Monday, October 4th, at 12 o'clock, M., pre-ciaely, t which time rheanip will aail. ol CARLISLE It RIPPAKD'S EMIGRATION ?9NP^ OFFICE, in connection with GEO. RIPJUBfa PARD It 80N, 134 Waterloo Koad, Liverpool. Peraona wiahing to aend for their frienda in the old country, can aecure paaaage in any of the following new Hue of packet*, aailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month, vi? :? CONSTITUTION, 1.500 tona, Capt, John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WKST. 1.200 tona. Capt. P. Wood hoaae. .. ir LIVERPOOL, 1,130 ton?, Capt. John Hdridga. ,i HOTTINOUER, 1,000 tons,'apt. Ira Buraley. * Oeo. Rippard h Son are the only agenta in Liverpool for the 11 ibove tin* of paolteta, in addition to which they deapatch a ftrat data thipefery week. I Peraona tending money to their friendt in large and amall amounta, can be accommodated with draft* on the Belfaat Bunking Company, and their numeroua braaehna in Ireland; %la<> on the principal banka in England. Scotland, and Walea. apply to carliblk it rippard, an2l Wt*m 51 South ttreet, cor. of Wall. a KOR NEW ORLEANS?Lomtiana and New rt rfjHVVork Line of Packeta?To aail Monday, October 1 jHHpbllth?The new and aplendid faat tailing packet thtp T bLIi'loN, Jaa B. Ingeraoll, matter, ii now loading, and wifl ?i potilively aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having handaome, modatioiia, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall at., * or to E. K. COLLINS, M South at. Agenta in New Orleana, Mr. Wm.Craery, who will prompt- n |y forward all gooda to hii addreta. t Poaitively no freight will be received on boa'd after Satur- . day evening, Oct. 16th The packet ahip LOUISVILLE, M. Hunt, matter, will aac- " credthe Clifton, and aail her regular day. nl n nkw LINE OK PACKETS TO AND KHOM 1 aHn^.LIVERPOOL? Packet of the 21tt October?'The * jjUMKaaplendid new and fiat tailing tliip CONSTI I D- f< TUTNiMO tout burthen, Captain John Britton, will pnaitive- ti ly tail from New York on the Hit init., and from Liverpool on o I thr 6 h December. PcMoni about to proceed to Europe, or 0 ihote wuhing to tend for their friendt in the old country can i. 1 not telect a finer conveyance. Thoie wialung to aecure . , heitht, thould made early application on board at the foot of . Burling Slip, or to W< Ic J. l. TAPSCOTT ol M South at, ( ~x?3? TOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line? * nMPjIW Packet of Jlat of October.?Th? tuparior new faat * XBiftflZatailing packet thip CONSTITUTION, 1500 tout, 11 Captain John Britton, will tail u above, her regular da*. L For fieight or paaaage, having tplendid large aud eomfoitable Mate room and cabin, apply to the captain onboard, pier No g J, Weattide ?f ^vooVhfc MINTURN, r South tt. ? The* mcCeoffJp Vl OTTINGU E R. 1100 tons, Capt. Bnrtley, _ will tn> ceed the Contention, and tail on her regular <Uy. JIM ol' "Vflf?mh?r gW . UOt MIbJ'W' OV8BKRT1. a. contlrnee bv The M^^^thlp ONRiuA.frvm Havre, In Fabrnary fait, It r?i 10 5<3y06 * mijfomf, n Wall mm, o W YO N YORK. SATURDAY M Interesting War Intelligence. ? n MEXICAN OFFICIAL REPORT OK THE BATTLE OF ll CHl'KUBL'SCO. 9 [From the New Orleans Picayune, Sepo. 30 1 0 Below we (fire translations of the report of <?en. Rinn of the battle of Churubusco, which we And in the file * the Diario it I Qobicrno, forwarded to us by Mr. Ken >11 B The Mexicans are fertile in excuses for their reveries, B id we veldom have better evidence of this than la con- r Ined in the despatch of Gen. Rinoon, who acoounta for * a defeat at Churubuaoo by saying that his amunltion c ka exhausted and hla artillery rendered unfit for ser- t oe. The reader will unlle at hla eipectation that our t leers will laud the valor of hla command, when it is naidered that he had at least 30,000 to 35.000 men to ipose i o more than 6000 or 8000 With such a dlspar- ' f of force he ought to have been able to drive us from I le field with bayonet alone. 1 Army or thk Vanouabd, ) P San Ansel, Aug. 90, 1847. y ? Eiccllekt Bib:?In compliance with the orders of ? mr excellency, I took the command of the troops at * hurubuseo on the evening of the IBth Inst, and im- 1 rdiately set about completing the fortifications with itivity, aa the poaltion at the points being the west J id the south waa entirely defenceleaa, and availed my- ' If of the services of Capt. Don Franclaoo Palafox, to > matruct the meat Important and urgently required I arks. 1 On the evening of the 19th. I received instructions J om your Excellency to send to the hacienda of San < ntonlo the battalions ?r tne national uuara. iiiaaigo id Victoria, which I did without d*l*y, and which left ' i gtrrlaon Churubuaco the national battalions of Indemdencka and Bravo. On the morning of the 30th a four pounder, with the i sceasary appurtenance*, arrived, and I ordered it to be 1 acedln the " redienle"? [we are ignorant of the algal- ? aation of thin word, and cannot find it in any of our ietionariesl whioh wan on the road to Cnyoaoan, detching at the aunt time 160 men of the Independencia, i occupy tbo church of that village, and watch tl)e enny A ahort time after this I received an order to proted to thia place (to San Angel, where the deapatch . aa written.) with all the force* under my oommand, : aving at Cnurubusco a small garrison; but immedlateaftrrwarda 1 received a counter order (no doubt owing . I the unexpected events whioh had occurred at the ' tights of the Pedregal,) on at count of which I deemed ( prudent to keep at Churubusco, under arms, all my . roes. j But a ahort time elapsed when the commander ol the -tillery. Don Martin Carrera, with six pieces of artiller of various calibre arrived, whioh I ordered lmmedlelv to be placed in battery on the road to Coyoaoan, ' > the embrasures of the centre and rtditntt which j >mmanda the road to San Antonio. ' At thia moment Oeneral Don Francisco Teres paiaed trough Churubusco at the head of hla brigade, follow- 1 ig the road to the hacinnda of Portalls. according to le ordera of your Excellency; and shortly after your xcellency separated from ms, the rear guard #f that briide passed ua In disorder, resulting from the proximity ' the enemy, who, sheltering himself behind the mud auses, farms and nrujttrees, was advancing on eur line. 1 he battalion of Independencia, which, under command 1 f first Adjutant Don Francisoo Penunuri, was at Coyoain, suffered much from the valor with which it covered s retreat, and succeeded in joining our foroos, although ' aving on the field of battle some dead and prisoners. < As I was convinced that we were going to be attacked, immediately communieated with his Excellency (Jen. on Pedro Maria Anaya, my second in oommand, and 1 >mmander of the National Guard, to take proper mea- < ires for defence. At the same time 1 oommunioated , > your Exoellency that the enemy was charging with II his foroes on this point [Churubuseo.J and my adjoint,Captain Jose Martines. reported that in reply your . ,xcellency ordered us to defend ourselves. In obedience to this order, and in compliance with ly duty, I ordered the battalion of Independencia to Dver, which it did, the heights of tha Convent.; the Ight towards the bridge? (all whioh part was i4|bout >rtifioati?ns) ?and two.small mud houses which were in dvanoe, and in which embrasures were made The ob set of thin wan to prevent our being outfUukud by the nemy. The battalion of Bravo'a, and tbe companies of t Patrick, ocoupied the redienlei and the curtain in ie front and left, fortified by Barbet-batteriea. In thla tuation we were vigorously attacked by two divisions r the enemy, exceeding nix thousand men, with some iecea of artillery, commanded by Ciena Smith and 'wigga. Gen. Anaya,, from the esplanade of the reimtr of the left, obaerved that the enemy charged with oe coluimi on that point, and anooeeded in repulsing im, although we had the mlafortune to have (Jen >naya severely burned, and an Engllah captain and hM? artillery men dlaabled by the explosion of aome rtillery ammunition. The enemy redoubled hia efforts to take thia point, ut he alwaya met with auoh admirable valor and reistance that he waa repulaed aa olten aa he charged, rhich oauaed him to direct hia fire on the front and ight. The redoubt of the bridge on the road to San Antonio, he defence of which waa not in my charge, waa attacked >y the enemy and carried, by whioh he waa enabled to urround our position with e?*e, on the aide facing the riuth, but tthe troopa under my command did not falter, ut oontinued to fight courageously. Shortly before the ridge waa taken poaaeaaion of by the enemy we renin) d a reinforcement of the picketa of Tlapa, Cbipalingo and Galeana, who aaaiated in defending the exoaed part of our position at the west, and whoae chief* nd offlcera fought valiantly. Kor morn than three oura a Tery brisk fire waa maintained, by which our rmament [armamrnln] auffered severely, the greater art being rendered useless, and particularly that of batilion of Independence. The cartridgea of fiteen half rachma, (the calibre of our musketa) were all exploded 'here were no flinta, except thoae on tke guna ; and here only remained a few boxea of cartridgea of ninesen half drachma, which were uaeleaa.aa there were but iw musketa of tnat calibre. Two pieces of artillery urst, one waa diamounted, and for the remainder only a iw chargea were left, aa the ammunition waa exhaust il, and u many M we wot for * supply ef ammunl,on did not return or told us to wait, and none rrived The blood of ourcompatriotshadt^een abed in torrent* t thin point, a* I* proved by the dm*? h of 196 and the ounding of 99 A lint of both Is annexed. Our force aving bfcn weakened by three losses, and the bast of ur artillerymen being either killed or wounded, our res slackened considerably. Upon perceiving this the nemy charged on the point, where he still met with usistance in the bayonet of our brave troops, and at ?ngth it waa lound neceMary to fail back into the insrior of the convent, which our iorcea did with admirals order and ooolness, the chiefa and ofHcere remaining t their poeta, and (Jen. Anaya and myaelf aa well as all, etermining to meet our fate rather than enter Into any apltulatlon whatever The defenoe,your Kxcellenay, was vigorous, and would ave been prolonged had it not been for the causes speifled;but 335 of our eltiiens have shed their blood In the auae of their country. The enemy's camp was strewed 'ith the dead, among whom are ohiefsof great valor and f rank, whose losa will be eeverely felt, and no doubt on his account the enemy will pralao and admire our relatance. The Republio has to deplore the lora of the valiant rst adjutant ef the battalion of Independenola, Don 'ranclsco Penunuri, and the others, who have died denuding the sacred righta of their oountry, whose famillea aerlt the high consideration of Government. The Ulant captain of Caiadorea of the battalion of Indelendencia. Don Lnis Martine* de Castro, who waa morally wounded, alao deaerves consideration. Finally, I believe a1! who fought under my orders at >hurubuaco, are worthy of the conaideratlon of the lupreme Government for their brilliant conduct, and or this reason I do not dare to make any rerommenlation, aa the glory gained is far all and belongs to all. .nd speaking particularly of any one would be an inustioe to the others. But if it is possible to make any llstinoyon, may it be permitted to me to make one in ivorofUen. Anaya. who, though burned in the face nd hands and wounded by a splinter, visited all the ?>its, exposing himaelf to the greateat dangers and inplrlng ua by his example I also recommend to your .xoellenay Don Eleuterlo Mendez, who showed hi* \alor nd coolness in the face of danger. Repeating that I do ot make any other recommendations, because it would e impossible for me to distinguish when all performed unr uuiy witu VDlDUftlAfim. To conclude, I transmit to your Kxoellency the desatoh of the commander of tha artillery, and also a Hat r the chief* aid officers who war* engaged In this glorius dofenee. and who are all now prisoners of war, In rder that their names may be published in the official >nraal, if your Excellency should approve or it, and hat they may receive from the Supreme Government l') thaaks to whioh they may be considsred entitled. MANUEL RINCON 'o his Excellency General of Division, deserving of his country Don Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President of the Republic and General-in-Chief of the Mexican Army. Tha report of the chief of artillery, referred to In the bova, contains nothing that would be of Interest ta tha pader, that is not mentioned in Gan Rincon's despatch, 'he list of killed, wounded aod missing, officers and priates, which accompanies Gan. Rincon's report, shows hat of tha one hundred and thlrty-slx killed, three 'ere commissioned officers (including 1st Adj. Penunurl) nd the remainder non-commissioned officers and priatas; that of the number wounded, three were comlissloned officers, none of whom were of a rank above hat ot captain, and seventy-six private*; that three aptalns, eleven lieutenants and three hundred and Inetean non-commissioned officers and privates were lissing, and that three generals, six oolonels, seven lieurnant colonels, three commanders of battalions, four djutants, twenty-live captains, twenty first lieutenants, Drty-two seoond lieutenants, and one chaplain were skon prisoners. Tha generals taken were Manuel Rlnon, general commanding; I'edro Maria Anaya, general f brigade; and Gen Lieut Col. Domingo Ramirn Arelina; tha Cols. Eleuterlo Mendes. Manuul E Gorostlza, uan Duran, Florencio VilUreal, Francisco Vargas and ranoisco Morlno; the Lieut Cols. Antonio Rodrigues, woundad), Francisco Romanos, Ignacio Alvarcs, Cirlllo Uordny, Marolai Camano, Miguel Buenrostro, (woundd), Francisco Moreno; and the commanders of battaons, Joaquin G Granados. Juan Argualles, and Miguel lOaaito. In a not* to this list it is added that in the Legion of t. Patrick there were killed two second lieutenants, four rgaants, six corporals and twenty-tfcre# privates, and be balance are prisoners or are missing. 01.. IItJGIIKR' CAPTURE OF THE NATIOMAt. HRlDflK. Extract of a latter from one af tbe Baltimore UatMlon:? Pt'itNT* N*wtofnt, lath Beptrmber, 1847. " On tha ?tb wa left Vera Crus, with five otupanin of w battallen, ?*? sonpany of th? 11th and m ef Sh* IRK 1 ORNING, OCTOBER 9. 2th Infantry; two ef artillery and about one andred mounted man, under < olonel Hughe*. with othlng but four days a ration*. We reached Hanta Ke i the middle of the flnt day, andreaohed the bridge of an Juan that night, where we bivouacked in a torrent f rain, without a tent to cover us ' About 6 P. M .the next day, we reached the oelebratd Paw, called ' The Robber'* Den.' upon the height* round which the enemy wa* seen In large number*, lut we croesed tho bridge and entered the town without loleatation. A* we started next morning, ju*t as the ear guard left the town, several shot* were fired at ua, rithout effect, and a few shot* we returned made them ease On thl* day'* march the heat waa so Interne, hat many of the men gave out, and we had determined o halt, when we perceived the height* covered with the nemy, who commenced firing We advanced upon tbem and they fled, and we then ncamped upon tne height* about two mile* from this ilaea. The next day, the Oth, we started, and soon saw he fbrt* and the men'* heads above the rampart*. We ilanted our gun* within fix hundred yard* of the fort. >ut soon found them too high for our artillery. So we letermined to carry the fort by the bayonet. Colonel taghea then ordered Major Kenley to turn the left of be bill and take tb? >-nemy in reverse. He took Barry's, Dolan* and Brown*'* oompanle*, with >0 dismounted dragoons; and having thrown off jacket*. Lnapaack*, and all but cartridge boxn* and oanteen*, we itarted to climb the hiU Alter three hour* of great >hy*loal effort, climbing up precipices bv holdlnc on to he root* of trees ?nd hanging vines, we reached the sreet. Hare we breathed little, and dashed into the ort. Bat the enemy, who had perceived us, had fled, ind three cheers announced to those below our possession >f the place. ARMY INTEI-I-MORNCE. General Kearny has probably gone to St. Louis, but not for the purpose of taking command of any dragoons lie is compelled to attend the oourt martial which is to lit at Norfolk, aocordiog to the order of the Seoretary ol War.? Union. Oth initant. i- A large amount of war munitions passed this eity on Friday, for the army in Mexico, such as balls, shells, to. ? Cincinnati Commercial 4th imt. On Friday evening, two oompanies of Kentucky volunt urs arrived at our landing on board the Daniel Boon. Jne company was from Nicholas county, and commandid by Captain Lnonldas Metcalfe, son of Ex-Governoi Metcalfe; the other from Fleming county, and oomnanded by Leander M. Cox, late whig candidate for Congress. They left on Saturday on the Swiflsure No. I. for the camp at Louisville.?Cincinnati Commercial, M imt. NAVAL MATTERS. U. 8. Frigate Ilarltan, recently disinfected by I'rofeslor Grant, is now being cleared out, her cargo of stores, ko. being removed to lighters, which are towed to and 'rom the Navy Yard by the steamer Knglneer. The lajorern on board of her do not feel the least inconvelienoe.?Norfolk Beacon, Oct. 8. Hartford, Oct. 'J, 1847. Great Parade of Firemen. This afternoon, the annual muster of our Fire Department took plaoe. The weather was beautiful, and a arge concourse of our cltisens assembled to witness the lisplay. Engine Company No. 3, of New Haven, with their maohine. of Hunneman's make, Boston; and the Dollinville Company, with their now Waterman's machine. were nresent. noon invitation. The narmde nnm. enned at 3 o'clock, by an inspection by the Mayor, Allermen, and Common CounoU. The companies than broke into line, and marched through our principal itreets in the following orderHook and Ladder Company, thirty man?Uniform, ihlrts blue, pants white. Musie. Bngioe Company No. 1, fifty men?Blue striped ahlrts white pants, with Smith's New York machine ttew Haven Engine Company, No. 3, (guests of No. 1.) thirty-seven men?lied shirts, blaok pants, with Hunne man's Boston machine. Engine Company, No. 3, forty man?White Shirts and white pants, with Smith's machine. Engine Company, No. 3, forty man?Striped sack coats, and blask pants, with Waterman's machine. Hartford Brass Band. Engine Company, No. 4, forty-one men?Red shirts white pants, with Waterman's machine. coUinsville Engine Company, forty-two men?Rei shirts, white pants, with Waterman's machine. Kire Wardens, Mayor, Aldermen, (to. Engine Company, No. 6, thirty-one men?Pink rtrlp shirts, pants white, Smith's machine. Engine Company. No. 7, thirty-seven men-Shirt white, pants blaok, Smith's machine. Hose Company, No. 1, eighteen men?Black coal white pants. Hose Company, No. 3, eighteen men?Shirts blu stripe, white pants. Waterbury Brass Band. Sack and Bucket Company with their Hylas cai rlage, most beautifully ernamonted with flowers, forty three men?Bed shirts, white pants. J ue st-verm companies wore aifTurent stylus glazei pa All the machines w?re handsomely ornament ed with flowers. The uniform i of the several com panies showed off the fbrms of the members u great advantage The trial of skill oame off on tb< South Green. The New Haven company were assignee the poet of honor at the fountaln,but.were very soon suek ed by the remainder of the line; thus the New Havener formed an "air line," right in the very city o Hartferd, Instead of through Mlddletown, over the Con neetleut river! The several maohines worked to i oharm, but the tlunneman machine was evidently infe rlor to the others,because the New Haven boys did thel best, and they showed themselves worthy of a bette machine. At dusk thev were dismissed with a shor and pithy speech from his boner Mayor Ripley. Th evening they of eourse spent In enjoying themselvei but not In any manner offensive to the inhabitants.The arrangements of Chief Engineer K. O. Drake, wer perfect, and with the assistance of his accomplished ai sistant engineers were oarrled out like ol ok work. Ou department Is an honor to the city, and one whose effl clency has no ?<|ual. This 1 say upon evidenoe of whs they nave heretofore done ; for at any alarm we alwayi nil them on hand.' Ifthereisa Are, never are the; fifteen minutes after the alarm before some of them ar' at work on it. The utmost harmony prevails In theli ranks. But we missed old No. A, with their penderou machine, made In 1819. This Is the flrst time thai 'Auld MM Syne" has been among the missing on thi annual muster; but there is a fuss between the company and the Council, because the latter will not allow then a new machine. The Council are In error la not glv ing them a new ene, and I admire the company's spunk for their labors are gratuitous and severe, and the Conn ell leather-hnads are not sustained by the opinion ol property holders in this ' penny-wise and $*00 foolish ness"' for their present maohine Is now a disgrace t< the city fathers. Boston, Ootober 5, 1M7. Jlipect of Politici in Maiiackuietti. The nomination of General Cashing as th > domocra tic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, contrar to the general expectation, " takes well," to u?e a can political phraae. All the bettn- papers of the party glv to it their hearty support. The Timet and the Pott, c Boston, Worcester Palladium, tbtLomto rfdvertiier, th Salem Advertiser, Barnstable Patriot, the Dedbam Dt mocrat, the Springfield I'ott, and the Newburyport Jla verifier, all of whloh are ablo journals, and In exoellen standing with their party, have responded to the nomi nation in the warmest terms. The Briitol County Dt mocrat, which M printed at Taunton, where Governo Morton resides, is very cold on the subjeot; and th Cabotville Chronicle, which is said to have been ests blished by Mr. Isaao Davis, who was the candidate li 1845 and 1846, is not so warm as it might be. Many of those who at first thought General Gushing1 nomination a most remarkable movement, have no' eome to the conclusion to support him to the utmost < their power. Some of the United States officials In th! city are said to be very bitter in their opposition to tb (Jeneralj but as Mr. Folk has written a letter to a leac log demoorat in these parts, expressing his unquallfie approval of the nomination, the custom house gentry, i the event of their making war against It, and thus givli "aid and comfort" to the whigs, will be qualified by tt middle of November to answer that pertinent quentio, " Who Is James K PoU ?" It is not believed that tt President has any drslre to improperly Interfere in ox elections; but I know of no moral or political cods undc whloh he would be jastly condemned for refusing to a low the infiuence of the general government to be use sgainst the regular nominations of the party in the sevi rai States. The democracy of Massachusetts, heave knows, have enoogh to contend against without bsin stung by vipers warmed Into litis In their own bosom It has been reeommended that, In case governm e officials be found working or voting against the Wot cester nominations, the fact be communicated, threug a memorial signed by all th* democrats cognisant i the act, to the President, and asking for th* offender removal; such memorial to b* neither accompanie nor followed by any recommendation of a person to fl the vacancy, in order that the whole business may I of a most disinterested character on the part of all tt actors in it. I do not. however, antioipate that goveri mint officials will be found working against the nomini tions made at Worcester, though the will to do so is r? markably good. When men holding high ofiloes unde government are heard to regret the progress of our a. n In Mexico, and to express the wish that the Amerioa army might be driven back to the (iulf shore, and to th ttabfne, it is time at least to suspeot that " the great d< mocratlc family" not so harmonious as it should b< and for the better msn to look out keanly to prevent th machinations of traitors. Governor Brlggs' nomination has been civilly, but no enthusiastically, received by the whigs Hehiaiself to presses a confident belief that he; shall bere-electe by the people, in whloh hhi opinion differs from that c many of bis supportars In this r^lon Ha Is sure c being Governor again, bnt th* probkbility is that th Legislature will ohoose him, and not the people Ou Legislature is certain of being whig, under almost an condition of public opinion that can arise By one n those ridiculous reforms into which parties are som? times betrayed throngt false notions of economy, ou demooraoy substantially dlsflranchiied many of th small towns some years ago; and as those towns ar the seats of their power, it must take at |e*st ten thou sand democratic majority In the Sf?te, to ?nable th? party to "btaln a working mejorlty lo the Lrg's'atur? Thereto* th* Mat* Government must be whig, showli that party ntui m tog, until ae***s4*y IERA 1847. Law InUUteMin. Si'miioi Covit?Before Chm JwtlM Oaklay?Mday. October B?Tht M'rchantt' Mutual Insurant* C?. va. John Baptiite Ray.?This wu an action on a promissory note for (600. payable to the company twelve months after date The note was put la suit on the ground tbat Mr. Itay waa a subscriber to the company, and passed the note aa a security for the persons who dealt with them. The defence waa a failure of oonsideratlon. On the part of the defendant It waa stated that an agent of tne company called upon him to Inquire whether he wished to insure his premises in Burling Slip, and also If he had any marine risks, representing to him the advantages ot dealing with the company. The plaintiff replied, that he would insure hfs premises, but that he very seldom bad marine risks Accordingly, under these representations he gave the note in suit in advanoe for premiums. Hhortly after, he took out a pftllcy on goods which he shipped to New Orleans, amounting to and aoon after, another polloy on a marine risk, amounting to $43, whleh were the only consideration he obtained for his note. Afterwards, he applied to the company for a Are policy on bis premises In Burling slip; but they refused He then sent them $51, the amount or the two premiums which he had obtained, and requested them to give him back his note: bat they declined. The Jadge oharged the jury that if they believed Mr. Ray, at the time he gave the note, understood that he gave It as a security to the persons who dealt with the oompany, and that he was to share all the profits and advantages of the subscribers, the* nuiaht to And the full fnn? nf the ! not* for tha plaintiffs; butTf they believed the note ?u given In advance, for policies to be afterwards taken out, and without ray other object, then they ought to Ond a verdict for him. Verdict for plaintiffs, |A3. This verdict ww in effect for defendant, being only for the amount which the defendant had before offered them, for plaintiff, Mr. Lord; for defendant*, Gen (landlord and Mr O'Conor ' U. 8. District Coubt, Oct. 8.?Before Judge Bett*.? Charge of Rtuolt.?Edward Keith, Wo. Kliher, Thomas Spelman, and five others, eight of the orew of the packet ship Queen of the West, Indicted for an attempt to make a revolt, were put on their trial After a patient investigation, they were found guilty, except Thomas Spelman, who waa discharged. Sentence deferred. ~ln the course of the day, the grand jury name Into Court with two true bills agalnat Leonard K.nseworth for passing counterfeit money ; and one against Thomatt Carey for an assault with a dangerous weapon. Common Pleii, Oct. 0?In Chambers?Beforo Judge Daly.?Habtat Corput ?A writ of habeas corpus was granted by Judge Daly, on the application of John Canning, requiring Thomas C. Kitehy, and Sarah his wife, to bring the infant son of the relator Into court, and show cause why they would not allow him to visit his child. Upon investigating the case, the Judge ordered that Mr. Canning should be allowed to see the child on every Sunday aad Wednesday. Coubt ok General Sessions, Oct. 8th.?Before Recorder Soott, and Aldermen Keeka and Tappan ?John McKeon, Ks<i , District Attorney. Case of Caroline I.ohman, alms Madame Reitell.?At the opening of the court this morning, James T. Brady, Ksq , renewed his application for a commission to take the testimony of Luther G. Milliard, and wife, now residing in Massachusetts, and Horaoe Armstrong, In New Orleans, as being important in the defense of the accused. Mr. B , before proceeding to state on what grounds he asked for the commission to be granted, remarked that he felt it to be his duty to inquire of the District Attorney whether he had conversed with any members ef the court In relation to the oase. On the Dlstriflt Attorney renlvlnir that he had merely observed to a member of the oourt, that the defence had refused to disclose what they Intended to prove in evidence obtained by the propaeed oommliKlon; Mr. Brady said that ha protested against such a course as this, as being illegal ? He was also aware of the faot that a member of the oourt was present at the lime of the arrest of Madame Restell, aad when the matter waa brought before Judge Edmonds, on a writ of habeas corpus, on which oooaslon ' he manifested the deepest interest, and some degree of prejudice against the accused. That under suohcircumstances he would respeotfully ask the gentleman to whom he alluded, whether he could sit on the bench as anjmpartial judge, in disposing of the oase Nevertheless, If this member of the court, to whom he addressed his remarks (Alderman Keeks), should state that he had ' formed no opinio* prejudicial to the accused and her rights, he, Mr. B , waa perfectly satisfied that such was the case, and would oheerfully proceeed < in stating the ground* upon which he applied for the commission desired. Alderman Feeks, In re1 ply to the remarlan of Mr. B , observed that while he denied the right of the counsel for the accuied to oall upon him to withdraw as a member of the oourt, he 8 would take occasion to nay that he had ft>rmed no opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the acoused. Mr, '* Brady then proceeded to stato that it waa sought by the pro?eoutlon to convict his client upon the testimony of "? one Maria Bodine. who had incurred a greater punishment than Madame Restell: that she was in a far 6 worse position than the defendant in thin case; and that she would stand before this court selfconvicted; that the defence were entitled to have her placed on the stand unprepared for what they should bring forward to rebut her testimony Mr. B. next alluded to the hurried manner in which the 1 prosecution had proceeded against the accused, the District Attorney having movad on her trial the fourth day after she obtained her disoharge on bail, only fourteen ' days after her arrest?being thus summarily called upon 9 to meet her unknown accusar. The detence, he observ1 hi! now ilaiiirMil in nhtiin thu t.*a?imnnv of l.ntliwr I * Maillard and wife. whose residenoe ha*, bat a few days ago, been ascertained to be lu Massachusetts The accused also wished to procure the testimony of Horace Armstrong. now a resident of New Orleans, who formerly lived near the complainant, and is well acquainted with her character. The District Attorney, in reply, contended, that the application for a commission was made with a view of causing delay In having the caase tried, while, in the course of a few months, the rWir would be closed up, and thereby render it extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible, to secure the attendance of witnesses from Orange County, whose evidence was essential in sustaining the character and statements of the complainant. The deoislon of the Court was deferred until ^-morrow morning. Convictiony for Conijiiracy to'Drfraud.?This cause was tben resumed, and several witnesses were called by the defence, with a view of showing that Mr. Towmend bad bren esteemed as a highly respectable and honorable man. Win. Dodge and A. Tallmadge, Ksqs , then addressed the jury on the part of the accused, aud the District Attorney for the people The jury, after a brief consultation, found the acoused guilty; at the same time earnestly reoommending Mr. Townsend to the mrrcy of the (,'ourt. On motion of the District Attorney. Mr. Kershaw was committed to await the sentence of the Court to morrow. Mr. Townsend was disoharged on his reoognlianoe. The Court then adjourned until to-morrow morning. Court Calendar?This Day?Circuit Court, before Judge Kd wards?Nos (to, 134, 188, 140, 141, 14'J, 141, 146, 147, 148, 14!), 161, 163, 134. Before Judge Morehouse? Nos. 5#, 67, 68, .'>0, 09, 76, 77, 88, 90, 91, 94, 96, 98, 101. 103. Common Plkas?Monday?Part 1st?Nos. 08. 36,38, 06,94.96,98,4,6.84. Part Jd?Nos 116, 119,131, 133, - lift, 137, 139, 131, 133,136,6,7,77. ' flumuu. Ala . Rant 30th. 1817 t , ? , , The C/tfn Crop. tf Your paper of th? 17th only reached me yesterday* # and your article on the ootton trade of the United State, deserve* the thanka of the whole commeroial oommuj nity of the country, but of the ootton planter* In part tloular. Those cameleon" loDg crop" and 4 short crop" . speculators are taken off to the life, and the editor of the C'ouritr and Eni/uirtr ought to blush at hli shameful Ignorance or (what is worse) perversion ol facts contained in the article quoted. Having resided in this part of the country for twenty-lour years, and q been engaged all of the time in planting, and having foi most cf that time chronioled all the peculiarities of the i seasons, it is reasonably to be presumed that I can speak m as advisedly about them as the ' agent of a large Kngiish ,f house in the vicinity of Wall street.1' la the paragrapt l8 quoted ( afttr admitting that a great quantity of rain re I ? in July), he says, " However, we have now the satisfac |_ tlon ol stating that there has been no rain of any mo 4 ment in the south sinoe the 31st of J uly, and, as we be d lieve, no rain at all in Alabama and the south westeri ig States," to. Now, for your special information, I wil le K'T" you, verbatim rt literatim, my recorded remarks oi n> the weather in August, and up to the nth Inst, wrlttei for my own reference, and not with the expectation o ,r ever having to oompare It with such a false and pervertir ed artlele, In theK-iyuir*r. j_ August 0.?Very little ootton ?tn yet be seen open, a< l(| there were but very few clear days in July The sum ?_ mer on the whole ha* been cool August 31.?If the n month of July was wet August was inueh wetter, as very r... a : . IK..a?v g ? /" WIVIIOUt TBIII, ?UU l? r-jMcmi; a. rains. All the creek* wrre higher tb?u ?rrr before it kDown,and moot of the cotton in tbe slough* and low r- greunda wa* perfectly Inundated The rain frll in sucla h torrenta aa to *waep fenoe* and everything before It, in )f all tha neighborhood around, where It had nerer been i> tba ca*e before No cotton opened, nor w any picked id In my neighbourhood. Many of the cotton boll* rotted, II and fall off Ilk* rotten apples, without ever opening Mt The river (the Warrior or Tuscaloosa) ha* bran naviga ie ble all the month, and mostly for boat* of every size I. Very little lata fodder waa aared, and a great deal wan i. ruined aflrr having been stacked, from the torrent* of i. rain. r September 10 ?l/p to the tenth of thla month the M ralna were nttll hoarier than they had previously been n and within the eighteen day* pravloua to thla time, tha n unprecedented iju.otlty of ilxteen lnehaa of water fell, I. aa measured by a rain ga*(e In Oraenaboro Of courne, ,. every water courne waa awollen, and the river at Mil,s wood waa high enough to entitle the ferry to double ferriage Llmeetone and Parkin'? areek (tributaries of the ,t tV*rrlor Kiver) were both higher In the early part of t. thla month than they had aver bean known since tbe d earliest settlement of the oountry * (Here ,f ere noma looal refereuoea to bridge* carried away, and tf tbe damage done to my crop in tha low ground* ) Hept R Uth?The cotton la, aa a matter of course, very mater rially Injured, and veryllttla y*t picked out, and what j has been picked la too wat to be ginned, there having ,( been no aun to Wj It, either in the boll or in tbe scarfold. The wnft hare lino Injured it very materially, r hut aot ao bad a* la?t year, and no catarpillara aa yat, , Ito.fce ' ? Now do keep thla statement until tha ''agent for tha large K.ngllih houae " haa filled hia order*, and It will t *n't him iiKitly when he come* to the " short crop " i part of tbe stoty, and If he want* an of*;lal capy. I will 1 eeodltwltbtba oounty seal ?pp?odad, and New Yorl tafereneaa a* to Ike writer I W W Li D %IM Two Cea?h Brooklyn intelligence. Tmk Biiich trial la the County tourt, in the case of Mia* Ann Cole ri. Timothy T. CTS?y0U. WV. re,ua"<f y"?terd?y morning, and some additional 6?id?iUo? ad<luo*l on tbt part of tb? oo in plainant, a brother of whom laatlHad that the parties had kept oorapany for some time; b? ?n<|uired of the defendant If he Intended to marry hi* (witness's) (later, when defendant stated that be iu not than prepared' to do so During a receaa of the oourt. a compromlae was brought about; the defendant agreeing, an w* andsrstood. to pay $600. The oourt flndln* the affair aettled, without further oonsldsratloa on their part, adjourned tint die. Cliiicil Chikuii.?The Rev H W Beeohet, Is expected to arrive In the olty to day and oomtnenee his labors on Hun day morning next, as the pastor of the Plymouth Churoh in Cranberry street, to whleh he was invited some time ago The Yeilovr Kever in New Orleans. INTERMENTS IN THE DIFFERENT CEMETERIES, For tke twenty four Knurt ending at 6 P . St, Sept. 49. Poerrier, Unknown Joliannea Keaer, Germany Thoa. Cnnniogham, Ireltud Mra Jaa McDonnell, Ireland Mtrgaret Carroll, do Andrew Magsnn, rreaaia Patrick Golden, do John Lucas, Naw York Mary Klma. do Jamea McMahoa, he land Peter Heoza:, I'aknown MovtinenU In Politic*. Governor Dodge, of Wisconsin, has issued a proclamation appointing a special session of ths legislative Assembly of that territory, to be held at Madison, on the lUth instant, to take action upon the subjsot of obtainlog an early admission Into the Union as an independent OHIVQ. M porting liiUlllfltMC Gildersleeve, the groat runner, In aboatgtfllB*' up ft ten-mili) r?o? la Canada. UliMllaiiwraili The ohip M'Lellau, ('apt. Perkins, wfclefc mM?J from New London on the 6tn of Maroli last,' l?c Davit's Htralta, on a whaling voyage, returned on T?day last. with eleven hundred barrels of oil and sight hundred and iorty-Uve aeal skins. The fiihlng ground visited by the M'Kalian 1* that usually frsquented by the English whaleman. The Musquehanna Is in good rafting order, and a large quantity of lumber Is taken to market upon it We learn that sis msn had been arrested In Water vllle.for the horrible murder of poor Matthews. It is said that arrangements have been made for the Immediate oompletion of the Chesapeake and Ohio oanal to Cumberland. / On Sunday night, the ihanty of Patrlak Lottos, om the railroad section of Mr. Morse, at Cellabsrg. waa forcibly entered by ilve or ?U Irishman, armed with muskets, one of whom, after demanding of him to know whether he was a Connaught man, and whether ha had arms in his house, shot him through the body, the ball entering his right side, and producing death In a short time. The murderers Inmediately fled, and hava not been pursued, as we have heard Tha wife of Loftus was present, and thinks she will be able to reoognlae tha wretch who killed her husband.? WettcKttler Herald. Robert Anderson, a farmer of Anderson township, Ohio, was killed by lightning on Saturday last. At Dresden Neok. on We lnn?.lny *-nsk, an awful hal stoim w*8 experienced V. li*u the < ! rm was ovar, hall completely covered the ground un J iocs of tha build logs. In one dwelling house it destroyed 90 pane* ot glass, In another upward* of 60. Neu the Kennebeo river is ?u quite light, and In Richmond It wm not felt.?Jlugusla (Mr ) Fa'mcr Horrid IIevelatjo.n.?Melancthon McKnight, who -uililenly disappeared from near St. Louis, a hort time aince, and who it wae supposed wai murdered. has been found alive and well, having enlisted in the army. Two men had been arreitad on suipioion of having murdered him. One of them (named Walworth) *u the partner of the missing miu. in the proprietorship of a wharf boat, and thn other a barkeeper of the firm (Jo the night of thn disappearance of .YloKnight, criea were heard on the boat, and shortly after, a plash in Iha water, as though a heavy body had fallen overboard. N ext morning blood was found about the boat,and the hat of the missing man out through, aa though by a blow from a hatohet?which instrument also was found, bloody, and having abont it human hair. Husptoton immediately attached to the two persons, who were subsequently arrested. The oltixens held a mob meeting,and were on the eve of haoglng one or both of the accused, when a rumor gained ourrency that MaKnight bad been see* floating down the river in a canoe l'his rumor served to save the Ives of the men, and a committee was despatched to ascertain its truth, lo due time the deputation returned, having been unsuccessful in ita search.and the rumor was pronounced a trick of the friends ot the accused to gain time. The Airy of the I mob, however, bnoome somewhat abated, and the man were ordered to prison to await a judloial investigation. A day or or two sinoe, J. B. McKuight. brother to the mUsing man, visited Jefferson barracks, where he discovered, not the murderer, but bis own brother, aliva and well. He had enlisted, and wu lound a soldier in tha regular service. "He stated to his brother that he had become involved, and that one of the persona accused of his murder had threatened to take bis life. It was to nornan himself, and puuish this mau. that na pumurd th? course ha had. That while writing the latter, in tha room where it wu found, hi* note commenced bleeding, he smeared the blood upon the letter, took the hatchet whieh which waa found, out hi* hat with it, atainad its blade with btood, cut from hln head some hair, attached it to the blood upon the hatchet, collected blood in hie hand and rubbed it upon the door jam, went to tha rlyer, * got into a oanoe and floated down under the guards of the boats to prevent bein^ seen, arrived at HannUal and enlisted in Ihe army." HALL AMI WlNTKIl < l.O I illNU, at the City Cloth | f iok Warehouse, No. il02 Kulton ssreet, directly opposite the Old North Dutch Church, where every style of nil sod i winter Clothing can be had to suit the pocket and tssta vf all. i CLOAKS?Ol black and blae broadcloths, beaver uid Pilot*, from $1 00 to KM OVER COATS sod OVER SACKS, every hade of tweed, brosdcloths, bearer and pilots, horn i H to H N Alio, a lance assortment of Butuieu Sacks, Krock Costs, aiucle and doable breasted. The new stvle of SUA U COATS, from ) H to II N PANTALOONS, plain and fancy Caiaimsres, French Doeskins. and English black Csssiinerea. Satinets, lie , of everv style, from lHlolM VESTS, an endless variety of black sarin, velvet, merinos, and bombasine, from I 50 to 5 00 Also, a larce assortment el nisih, fr'ngluh, Uermsn and American Brosdciot s. Caasimeres and Vestings, wmch will be made up to order to suit the most fastidious. DANIEL T. SMITH. 15 :nr*m 102 Kulton *(., opposite the (IM Dutch ('hiirrh. MM) TAILORS-The Fall and Winter Fashion for IM7 and X ISIS ii ready for sale at the office of " La Parition," No. 4 Coartlandt itreet, lliree doors weat of Broad war- Alao, a vary choice nasoitment of Heiuiseh's Shears, Points, and Tailora' Crayons, aquare Tape Measures. kr kc. Ordera addreaaed to A. YVHKICLIlK, Publisher of Fashions and Teacher of Cutting No. 4 Coartlandt at. all 14t*rc Auiiicultiihal hoomh, l,yi hr:mblhlding %l Broadway, New York. HORTICULTURAL KXHIBITION-At the safgeatioa of the Htate Agricultural Mociety, whose Kair will be held at Saratoga Springs. on the Dili of Sept., the America* Agricultural Association hare changed the time of holding their Kihibition to the Ith and 9th of Sept. All persona d?sirons of aiding the eanse of Horticulture, are earnestly invited to tihibil specimen of Flowers, Kruita, or Vegetablea. nn<l to compete for premiums. Programmes may be obtained of Mr. James Hogg. Heed a man, ><>2< Broadway, opposite the Rooms?of any of the principal seedsmen ia New York, er o the following Executive Committee :? Luther Bradish, Wm. Coventry II . WaddeH, Jumes Lenox, Shepherd Knapn, Theo. Krelinghuysea, Hufus King Uelafield, Archibald Russell, 11. L. Pell, Edward Clark. 1 1 yll tot*re t>. P ti AHHNKR. Wee'y. T' " fXAM commekcial aoency at oalvksVEHTON?The undersigned will attend to the Collection of Notes and Acconnta In the Mute of Tciaa, effecting 1 Males of Real Estate. the Purchase of Produce, Receiving and Forwarding of Merchandize, and of a General < omnsission Business. OEOROE BUTLfcR. i RcrcngncK it? Nv.w York. Mole* 1 avlor, l-.sq., J.<? Uudky m o, Kd ward K. Collins. K*<|., '1 arrant Pntiiam, Kuk Allen k I'aison, J mri Leffcrts k Co, Hubert C. Wettnore li Co., Wisnen k On!*, Htydock. Corliea h Co., Kdwaid <i. Kaile k Co., Wm.C Langley k Co , J k I K-Tripp#, K. H k D. Lathrop, White k Briuiall, Hon. John W. Kdmonds Wslter U. Townsend k < o. Address No. II I'ltie itreef. N'rw Fork. iMWt'ni ? r'rilK NATIONAL I IUK I.VNI II \M K < UMI'ANV. X No. CJ W?ll street.?Insurance against r ire mid Inland Navigation Hitks?'This Company i? prepared to make insurl snce agnii?t loss or damage by lire on dwelling houses, ware' houses, buildings in general. goods, wares md merchandise of every de?rintiou, and personal property, and on riaka of tnaa|H>rtntiou and inland navigation. , iiinKTiim Thomaa W. Thorn*, William Van Wyek, Johii Van Bosktrck. W. C. Iledfield, 1 Kugene Bogart, Martin Huffman, Heury il. Ward, UnbertL. Caaa, Johit J. Herrirk, .John D. Ward, Henry D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W. H. Jacob*. THOMAS W THOKNE, President. W. C. K klloik), MerreUry. N. B?The capital of Ihi* institution it now fall, and with a iarplaa. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. *24 rrc NOTICK TO MA It IN ? K S.?The leeent survey of the entrance to Mobile Bay by Lieut < ran C. P Patterson, U S.N.. Assistant in the Coast Horrev, shows that the hast water in crossing the bar is uow to he found by bringing Hand laland Light House to bear N 19 degrees VV (time) N 16degrees W (by campus) about a ship's length to the westward of the east end of Dauphin Island Woods, and running for it. This course carries M'4 feet over the bar at ineau low water. The tar deei-ens gradually on the uiaide, and rapidly to t fat1, ms on tlie side towarda the sea. aMftt fh A I). BA< IIK. Ism II S Coast Jtnrvev Bl I.LI AMliH.?The m inufacturer's ro'.ms, lor | lavlug. an<l the sale < f tablea, a.-e IV Ann atreet, entrance from HO Kulton. Horn's 4 Ten Pin Alleys on the 1st floor, 7 Table* on lha 2ud. Cloth, balls, cue, wn, and French cut peiuta, Mr ile. Mr. J. Horn, jun , and Otis Kield are connected with the above establi,lunniit>. and invite their fi tends and the public. N B. The two rents aho?e i ained ara very popalv in their liusmess?the* saloon* ara warthy pi patronage ? En. tii Mt*rc I^o tnE LXTTi^ff KFT-IU7,NT \SlT vli^ri tRB IR . NKW VOIIK.?Wm. Scott It Co., No. Broedway, respectfully invite a'teniion to their stock of Lace Capes. Veil*, real and l imitation trimming L?cea. Muilln Trimmings, Band*, IInfants Wauta. Kobe* and Krocka, Needlework Collars, < hemiaett*, Handkerchief*, Cnffs, kc. Tail nan, Bwi.s and Oigandia Muslim, Kmbroidercd Muslin Dresaes, Lara I) esse*. Berthe*, kc., kc.. which age offered at very low price*, and will be fonnd eonal in eaten and variety to any the einr. A large stock ol l)re*s Cap* at one dollar each N. R ?No deviation in price* U11?'*rr W KUDINO ANT> TALI, DHK^KH-W icofrr k Co., No' VT Broad wav, offer a new ant elegant "Ock irf t I cnibroideied Muslin and Lace Kobe*; Malmcs Lace (-?pee, 18a? ta^aro fsir"?1

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