Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1847 Page 2
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i ,?ii? *agr NEW YORK HERALD. (tow Tark, iilwill, Oetobii 0, 1MT. I Ou UlaMnM Waekljr. The Weekly Herald will be issued at nine o'clock this morning. It will contain the*recent highly important news from England, including the Bpecial despatches to the New York Herald; the latest news from the aeat of war ; the Mexican documenta connected with Mr. Triat'a unsuccessful mission of peace; the detaila of the great race between Fashion and Passenger; Tand a general summary of every other description of inte- , resting newa. It will be illustrated with an engraving of the capture of the town of Panuco, in Mexico, and of a scene in the Fair of the American institute at Castle Garden. Singla copies, in wrappers ready for the mails, sixpence. __ Tlu Klectlou In The election takes place in this .State in three weeks from next Tuesday. All the candidates for the State officers are nominated, and many of those for the Legislature are named. We yesterday published a list of the candidates as tar as known; this we republish to-day, with additions and corrections, in order to give the public time and opportunity to canvass the merits of each office-seeker prior to the election:? STATK NOMINATIONS. frAig. Dtm. Mo. lieutenant u0vebn0b. Hamilton Fiah, Nathan Oaytoo, C. O. Shepherd. EClITtlT or STATE Chrii Mortal), k.d?ard 4*udford, William Jay. CONTTlUtU. Mi lacd Fillmore. Orvihe iiungerford, La wit Tappan. STATE TBEAtUBEB. AJvah Hunt, George W Cnyler, C. A. Wkeaton. ATTOBNET OINEAiL A. L. Jordan, L o. < h tflrld, Leonard Oibba. ?tat? emqinekb. C bar lea I. Stewart. O'VilleW Childa, Francia A. Utter. CANAL COMMiaaiONEB* Jacob Hiade, John C.Mather. L.M.Moore. A J. Beach. JlI ?ha B Stn ih, John Thoma*. CharUa Coolt, V ederic Follet, Noeduh Mooie. iMartCTOBa or btatc riiiom J A CowaUKk, John Fisher. ? Abij h Fitch. J BO^duey. G-org. C?ldwell, Calvin Cock. D. D. Speneer, Norman B Smith, Peter Roe. sknato&ial nominations. Oil. Counsel Whig. Dtm ft Datchee*. lie., Alev Coffin Dial D Akeu. ? Orauga, fcc., Sam'l J. Wilken. A. W Sherman. 1# Ulter, kc . A. Van Vechteu. PUtt Adama. 1ft KeoaaeUer, Albert F-*. ? 1? war-en. fcc., Jae. 8. Wbalan. II Herkimer, fco., Thomaa Bnrch. Joeenh Bl?ir. SI leffei-on. lie , ? j. W Teniblin. 15 I omiA ne lie., ? M. B. Weight, ft' Monroe. Jerome Keller. 31 Or mill, he., A H. Cole. ?? 31 Erie, John T. Baah. Cuihing Swift .vomimatio.ns rox thx assembly. County. Din. tThig Democrat. Aloany. J Edward >. (villeit. John N. lee. 3 Robert H Pruya. Con'd A Ten ?vck. * A. T. Dauhem. Broome. ? ?? Geo. Dmenbary. Cayuita I J J. Brmkerhoff. Cho.uuijoe. 1 John H Pray. ?? Chenaugo. 1 H E 8t -rr*. . 2 E. P. Church. W. D Pnrple. Clinton ? O. D Peabody. ?? Con land t. ? ?? D. C. Bnairea. Dutchess. 1 Edgar Vincent. A.J.Aiken. 3 D. Collioa jr. . . 3 Jamea Hammond. Silaa Harria. trie. 1 H. .Shamway. 3 Henry Hide. ?3 J E. Irish. .. 4 C.Severance. L.J Roberts. Luce. - Wm.H Bottnck. W.S. Merriam. Geueaee. 1 Tracy Pard?e. . 2 Alonio a Upham. ?? Jefferaon I Flearr KeithI1 D. D. t< Miner. Livingston. 1 ? Calvin F Vary. *? ? HT Uamael Swain. jr. Moarne. 3 Iliac Chase, jr. Oneida, I Lake Smith. ? Outario. 1 C.8. Brothey. John M. Fenall_ , J Hir>-m Ashley. Jamea P rmeley. Orleans. 1 Aaron -\?bb. W. W Ragglea. Orange 1 Stephen Bapibe. London* a ? ?- Diekioa. ? ?? ? Gardiner. ? 8- W. Oliver. Oewego. 1 M L. Lre. Wm Lewis,jr. 2 A. L Mcfartr. E. W. Cartiie. RenMclier. I A?o? H. Hadley. 3 Geo. T. Deuiioo. Steuben. 1 Jonah DioUpt A. Kendall. 3 Mart n Adiitt. R. Patteraon. _ _ 3 ? A. K. 8 epheni. Suffolk. ? Edwin Ro?e. ? C. Goodrich. Uliter. 1 Geo. A. Gay- Wm Riieler 2 J. B. Elmore Richard Gee. Warren. ? T. A. Lejjett. Waihinftou. I B. Cr eker, 2 E A Martin. ? Yatea. ? H. N. D *. O. Harrington. Independtnt. Kin?'i. 3 T homaa P. Teale. The present aspect of political affairs in this country makes the coming election in this State one of considerable importance, yet we do not believe that a very large vote will be thrown. According to appearances there are to be no split tickets?no division in the ranks of either the whigs or democrats, and hence there is not the usual amount of excitement. All the confusion, thus far, has been in the ranks of the democrats, but the probability is that these differences have been settled for the present. This will be the first opportunity the people have 1 i _? J: -l i - ~ ? nan ui uwcuy selecting meir own Slate officers. Previously, the Comptrollars, State Treasurers, Attorney Generals, fcc.,&c., have been appointed by the Governor and Legislature, and to them were these officers responsible for their acts. Hereafter they are to be responsible to the people. As every election will now have more or less influence on the greatPresidential contest of 1848, (he movements of the parties, and results at the polls, will be looked for with no little interest in all parts oI the country. Intelligence from Montevideo and Bijinos Ay&e??By way of Baltimore, we are in receipt of the Montevideo Comtrcio del Plata to the 17th August. The French admiral was enforcing the blockade as rigidly aB his forces would allow. The French steamer Chimer* had been sent to blockade el Buceo, and it was stated that other vessels would be sent to enforce the blockade of Buenos Ayres and the vicinity. When the news of Lord Howden's failure to negotiate peace reached Buenos Ayres, a great sensation was excited, and all hopes of any arrangement with Rosas were given up. Many wagon loads of clothing, and other articles, for Oribe's army, had been sent down to Ensenada, under the charge of Gen. Alegre. Late news had been received in Buenos Ayren from the capital of Corrientea, which was that that country had renewed the offensive and defensive alliance with Paraguay ; and that the latter government had already sent a force of 8000 men, and was about to bend more, to Corricntes ; and that all the Argentine officials who were in Corrientes, had gone over to the Paraguayan division. There were contradictory rumors about this, howeverGeneral Rosas'e message to the Legislature of the Province of Buenos Ayree is given in full It is on the subject of the late foreign intervention in the afiitirs of La Plata. We shall give a translation of this important document in tomorrow's Htrald. Nattjealizwg ?The season of naturalizing haa commenced in good earnest, and for the next two weeks the vestibules of the City Hall will be well blocked up. This business of naturalizing haa increased considerably of late in consequence of the settled legal decisions, that no person, either male or female, can hold real estate if born out of the United States, unless they procure naturalization. Many are declaring their intentions and filing affidavits of the same with the Secretary of the State, which enables them to hold property until thev can r'rfect their naturalization Ocean 3ttamies. ? The French steamship Mi??ouri left Cherbourg, France, on the 30th ult., for New York; the English mail steamer Cambria left Liverpool on the 5th inst. for Boaton i and the French ateamer Philadelphia will leave Cherbourg, France, to-morrow Stat* Elections.?There were elections in Georgia, Florida, and Arkansna, on the 4th inst. The election in South Carolina takes place on Mpnday, the 11th,and in Pennsylvania and "hio ?n Tuesday, tlio 13th in?? > _ _ ? . _ . . . Ohm mm lUrom.?If w* cannot have nil' road in lr**dway, and an entire removal of th* constantly increasing throne of omaitAiacj which moaopoltM th^t thoroughfare, we ehould at least Hi-re such salutary regulations For Their government, as our Common Council have seen fit to afford us from time to time, enforced. Tho omnibus proprietors'are great politicians,and their drivers and stablemen have votes that tell. If this were not so, we would b?; less annoyed by the mal-ndministration of these, in many respects, useful conveyances. When a plan for a railroad through Broadway and the west part of the town was agitated, and a bill actually introduced in the Common Council, the proportion of citizens in favor of it was, perhaps, one thousand to one; but the thousands merely approved, without exerting themselves, while the ones brought every engine to bear to prevent it. and succeeded in making it a question with the wire-pullers on which nominees must pledge themselves or lose the stags influence. They prevailed, of course, and will always do so, so long as "everybody's business continues to be nobody's business." A city paper, speaking of another victim crushed by one of these " cars of Juggernaut," says?" A boy was killed yesterday morning by being run over by a stage,in consequenc* of the careless practice of trying to cross the streets ahead of carriages." In this case, the boy may have been very careless; but careful men would be at a loss how to cross lower Broadway it present without doing so " ahead of carriages." The number of omnibuses is becoming so great that the crosser always sees at least half a dozen bearing down on him at full speed; and while he is threading his way amongat them with the greatest possible circumspection, let a passenger from the sidewalk in his vicinity but telegraph a driver, and ten to one that every omnibus driver in sight does not whip up his horses and bear down for the prize, regardless of the unfortunate crosser over, or his safety. He may come off safe in life and limb, but with remembrances of bis recent peril " of the earth earthy." To the knowing ones who are experimental pilots, the danger is proportionably less; but to ladies, aged prrsons, or strangers, it is fearfully great. The Mayor, we are glad to see, has taken this mxtter in hand. Let him but go a little further, and carry out an ordinance almost obsolete from disuse, that requires omnibuses to take up passengers on one side going up, and on the other coming down, and then we will know where to look for them, and avoid them as we would a rail car; and if accidents occurred, it would be through the carelessness of the sufferer, in most cases. This would do away with the animated labyrinth of stages, horses, drivers, carriages, equestrians and foot passengers blocking up every crossing, and madly rushing one upon the other, without system, or settled purpose. Lives are more valuable than votes, and the proprietors must Bee that public opinion is settling fast upon either doing away with, or reforming these evils, and will prevail. LuTbb f?om Havana.?By the packet Norma, Captain Ellis, we are in receipt of Havana papers to the 24th ult. The news is imimportant? sugar was scarce and high. Business very dull. Theatrical and Musical. Paa* Treatkc ?Mr riackett appeared last evening at the Park. In the character of 8lr John Falstaff, la " King Henry IV," the performance of whloh part baa long since gained him great reputation, and no wonder for he is the very Falstaff of Falstaff*, not overdoing it' nor oomlng short of the author's apparent intention The audienoe gave evidenoe of how wall they were pleased last evening, fur tbey were kept in oontinued good humor during the performance. Ex-President Tyler and lady were present to enjoy the treat whieh was afforded by the appearance of Mr Haakett. Tonight we are to have the eomedy of " The Man of the World," In whioh Mr. H. appears as Sir Pertinax Macsycophant. After whioh the " Hunters of the Alps ? will be performed. This faroe has bean well reoeived for several nights, and has become in faot quite a favorite. The friends or Mr. Hackett will remember that hla engagemeat U a very limited one, and that they will have but a few opportunities for the present of witnessing his performances. Bowery Theatric.?The nautical drama, " BlackEyed Susan,'' and the new national piece the " Siege of Monterey," oompoee the bill for this evening at the Bowfry Theatre. We have already spoken so favorably of the '' Siege of Monterey," that we really cannot add any more. The beet proof of its exoellenoe is the tremendous houses that have witnessed its repressntation every night sinoe it was first produced, and the vociferous rffplause with whioh each and every scene and every act is received. There oan be no question that it is the most successful, as it certainly is the most interesting pieoe that was ever produoed on the Bowery stage. It is, in fact, a condensed history ef the war, beautifully illustrated, without regard to cost?a psrfect panorama of the great events which have transpired since the commencement of the war with Mexico, and which have conferred imperishable honor on the American name. Chatham Thkatrk.-As Mr. Waloot and Miss Clarke will make their last appear an oe in this olty, previous to their departure for the South, this evening, as they appear in two celebrated pieces this evening, and as this evening is fixed for their last benefit in New York, at least for some time to oome, we expect to see the Chatham Theatre filled to the fullest extent on the occasion. The amusements for this great occasion are in keening with the character of those who wiU perform the principal part* in them, and creditable to the manager, who baa arranged them They oonalat of the two drat acta of "Vlotorine, or the Dream,'' the whole of "Aamodeua. or the Little Devil'*" (hare, and the drama of " Brian Borolhme, or the Maid of Erin." We are confident that the heuae will be filled. Circus, Bowkkt AMrxmiEATaE.?This evening thoae Inimitable performera. Slgnor Carlo and the Holland family take their benefit, and they will all appear in three principal acta Slgnor Carlo will, for the first time, produoe hia wonderful dialooation feats, and from what we have he rd of them, they will puzsle the medloal gentlemen, one and all?tbey are truly wonderful The Holland family perform their choicest feata, among othera the three leggrd 1'olka, and the eomlc pantomime of the "Toad In tne Hole " will alao be given, the principal charactera by the benelloiariea. Truly thia la enough for one night. There will alao be an afternoon perform aace, at 3 P. M.,-for the accommodation of the Jnvenllee Chkistt's Miiiarntu ?We need onle mention tlut thia band have bad great houses thla put week, ui will of oourse continue to have them, m when a family hu once visited them they are rare to go again. To night they hare an exoeUent bill. Eraiorun ScxcPAOEas ?Thla evening there will be an exoeUent bill performed by tbeee rery amuaing mi of banaoay. Their audienoss have been real " old tlmee" one* dnrisg the part week, and though they bare bam cat ef fight for tone time, It la evident they hare not been out of mind, by the way their old friend* erowd to hear them They are cwrtalnly inimitable. Til Hirm Italian Or*ka Titch are about to return to their home in Cuba, baring concluded their engagement at Beaton. They will sail from thla port in the Guadeloupe oa the 19th. Aa they will have about a week to remain to the city, the* will probably appear at the Park theatre for a few nights We are Informed that Signor Marti bM engaged the celebrated Rubin!, wbo will eiag at Havana durine the winter, and will, with other artUtti of acknowledged talent, accompany the tro-ypt to this country is March next. Ox* Tom Tacit* ie attracting so great orowda at tbe Muaeum, that he give* hla exhibitions at 11 o'clock in tbe morning, j In the afternoon, and two in the evening The General is a great card, and must continue to attract the attention of our citliena. aa wall M the thousands of strangers In our midst. smite* Bum.?To day, for the accommodation of tbe little folks, an atterncon, aa well as an evening performance, will be given. A 8ood idea, and on* that will be appreciated, doubtless Da Colltib's Lmwo Models ?The Late Player here is attracting crowds It is a beautiful thing, as indeed are all the groups presented. We understand some new tableaux are in preparation. Th* Miadcw'i Family.?X company, under this bead are giving comic delineations and Yankee stories in Pittsfleld, Mam.,and ether towns i the eastern States. Osoah PcareaMAnet ?On Tuesday evening next, Mr W A King, tbe celebrated organist, will give a grand miscellaneous performance of music, on a beautiful new Instrument, consisting of thirty-seven stops, at Krben's manufactory, 173 Centre, head of Canal street. Mr. H. C Tlmra has kindly consented to perform, with Mr King, a grand duet. For particulars, see small bills. Clocca and Morra havs oonoluded their engagement at the Howard Atheneum. Boston. Hsrr Alexander ha* Juat been astonishing the Hyraon tana, by bis necromanov I .. 1 "1 ' CAPTURE ( By the T Thia engraving wywmti th? capture of th? town of Panaeo, on th* Panuoo rirer, In Maxioo, by tb? UnlUd Stat** ?t?amer Spitfire, Commander Joilah Tatnall, and the schooner Petrel, T. D Bhaw.LUut. Commanding, on the loth of isovemser, imo. ranuoo, on we raouou river, U eighty milea Inland flrom Tamploo, sod contains population of four thousand five hundred loula. The object of the expedition vu to searob for and capture Tl?c Oeneral Convention of the Protestant Kptacopal Church of the United States. THIRD DAY or THE HOUSE OF DErUTIKi. Morning prayers were read by the Rev. Drs. Mead and Wainwright. After the roll waa oailed and other preliminary business transacted, the Secretary announced that a mengage from the Home of Biehopi waa received, to the effeot that they had oonourred In the resolution passed by the House of Deputlea, appointing a committee to | report on the beet mean* to be adopted for relieving the dioees* of New York, In pursuance of the resolutions adopted at the Diocesan Convention; said committee to consist of Bishops Brownell, (high ahurnb;) Hopkins, (high church;) Ives. (blgbahuro?:) Otey, (high church;) Po'ter, Cobbs, (high ohurch;) and Lee We understand that the House of Bishops bad mush trouble in making the selection of this oommittee. and that they did not effeot the appointment until they had ballottea twenty-two times?and that a proposition empowering the President to nominate sueh oommittee, was negatived The President then announced the following standing committee* Committer on the Stale of the Church.?The Rev Dr. Burroughs, Rev. Mr. Burgess, Rev Dr Clapp. Rev. Dr. Vinton. Rev Mr. Taft. Rev. Dr Burgers. Rev Dr Brown, Rev Dr. Van Ingnn, Rev. Dr. Barry. Rev. Dr Boll. Rev. Tbemaa Billepp, Rev James A MoKenny. Rev. Dr EmK" i, Rev Dr. Drane. Rev. Mr. Young. Rev Dr. NeuMlle, v Dr Rutledfe, Rhv F_R. Hanson. Rev A. Matthews, Rev Charles ueodrien. kdt. ur. wneat, Key. James Cralk, Rev. William A. Small wood. Rev Robert B Croes, Rev Samuel Chass, Bey. Charles C. Taylor, Rey. W. Oris wold. Committee on the Oenertl Theological Seminary.? Rsv Drs. Hanekel, Jarvis, Mead, Sherwood, Croker, Mwri I. F. Redteld, Wm. C. Rives, S. J. Donaldson, D. K Est*. Conmitt** on (/is Dnmettic and Foreign Mitsionary Society.?Rey Drs Croiwell, Forbes, Ogliby, Van Ingen, Crocker, Messrs. Edward A. Newton, R F. W. Alston, E S Wilkinson, H H. Huntington. Committee on the Jldmitrion mj New Dioenet.?Rev Drs. Berrian, Bull, Brooke, Hloks, Messrs. Gumming, Burnett, Bodiey, Cope, Dunoan. Committee on the Comecration of Bithovt.?Kvr. Dr?. Croswell, R 8. Mason,Edson.Rey Messrs Trapier. Griswold, Messrs Ogden, Collins, Memmlnger, Campbell. Ciimmittee on Conont ?Rey Drs. Jaryis, Mead. Hawks, Forbes, Rey. Mr. MoOuire, Messrs. Eyans, Chambers, Jones, J. R Ingersoll. Committee on Exvtntet.?Rey. Dr. Proal^Rev Messrs. Dnnn, Wiley, Walker, Meesrs. l odman, J. B. Parker, Conyngham, Russell. Lobdell Committee on Unfiniihed Bu tine it?Rey. Drs Brooke, Jonss, Rey Messrs. H. W. Lee, Pratt, Franklin, Messrs. Appleton, Oarnett. N Smith. Pierpont. Committee on Elertione - Rey. Dr. Bowman, Rey. Messrs. Baboook, Preston. Qiddlnge, F. M. Hubbard, Messrs. Conley, Reed, Glff?rd, Hudson Committee on Prayr book.?Rey. Drs. H. M. Mason, Oregory, jOgllby, Morton, Rey Messrs W. H. Moore. Carter, of Indiana., A. F. Freeman, Messrs. Colston, 8. Church. A resolution was offered by the Rey Dr Ogilby. referring it to the oommittse en oanons. to enquire into the expediency of excluding any assistant Bisbop from aotlng In any judicial tribunal In which his Bishop shall be a member. Carried. Rey. Mr Evans moved that it be referred to the committee on canons, to provide for the settlement of differences. arising between a Bishop, who is a rector, and his congregation. Passed. Rev Mr Lie, of Massachusetts, moved that the sx pcuieuuj ui iavuuiu| uauuu vi ?u ma iu uiani; proviilon for the summoning of a smaller oumbttr of presbyters to decide dlffarenoes between ministers and their congregations, be referred to the proper committee. Referred. Rev. Mr. Younu, of South Carolina, oalled up the resolutlon in referenoe to the new rule ot order, mentioned in the report of yesterday's proceedings It was agreed that the vote on taking it from the table should be a test to vote On a oount, the house refused to take up the resolution. Rev. Dr. Maion, of North Carolina, moved that the ; committee on oanons report on the expediency of repealing canon 1, of 1789, which la in the following words:? "In this chu'ch there shall always be three orders in the ministry. Tlx: Bishops, Priests and Deacons." The reason that induced the gentleman to introduce this resolution was, that the canon was uncessary in hi* ' opinion. It eannot mean that there shall be three ori ders of ministers in the convention, neither can It be ; presumed that the convention can by canonical enactment, take away the three orders or ministry. Those orders stand on higher ground than are canonical enact' ments. It appears to me, he said, that that oanon, if oanon it is, is not only nugatory, but actually injurieus. ! I cannot oonnider it as a oanon, tor a eanon is for the ' enforcement of some act or the forbldment of some act, : neither of which is done by this oanon. ! Rev. Dr. Van Inge* rose and said, the question was, was the canon pasted before the rubrics, or was it passed tor the purpose of enjoining any partioular aet There ! are three orders i>f ministers in the ohurch of Uod, and ! are onr Bishoos to sav, that in everv diocese there are ; to be parties representing thai* three order*. Theques, tlon vii the passage ot this canon, mere scaffolding for ; the erection of the oharcb, before the adopting of the I rubrics. A gentleman got up and said that although the oanon j wai originally pawed la 17W, yet it daUs also from 1 8S:. I when all the canons were adopted in general convention Mr. Van Irrorw continued The canon oontaini nothing, nor doe* It prevlde tor any thing. 11 id inopera! tire? a mere declaration that there hall bn three order*, Biahope, Trleet* and Deacon*, and m-ane r.n more than any other nb? tract proposition. Neither could the j Bishop* enforce it, if no disposed, beoause in some dioceses all of the ministry might be deacons Rev. Mr Feasts rose and asked what was the use of debating the question at this stage. The motion is only one of reference to a committee and to debate the merits , of the subjeot would, in hi* opinion, be forestalling the 1 He hoped the rwaolution weuld pua without further de>?(*. Rev. Mr. Necfvillc, of Georgia, moved aa an tntod ment, that the torty-flrat eanon be Included in the reaclution. Thia canon readaaa folio wa ? " AU peraoo* within thia Church nha.ll celebrate and keep the Lord'a day, commonly called Sunday, in hoarlog the word of God mad and taught, Id private end pubilo prayer, In othar exerolaea of devotion. and in ecu of | charity, ruing all godly and aoker oonvwraatlon " Judge Chamber* roae and dani?d tha propriaty af Including thli lattar oanon in the reaelution In ona rase no punlahment oan be Inflicted, but In tha othar It can. Ha who violate* thn forty-first oanon, commits an offence for whioh bo aould be punished, but nothing of tho kind oan be doae undar tha flrat oanon. lUv. Mr. Ncvfwill aald, that although hn did not pratand to ba aa deeply laarnad in tha law aa hla iriand who laat poke,he always thought that altw to ba operative, ahonld oarry with It tha puaishment whloh a dt?obedienee of it wonld entail on him who tremgreMe* It Mr MiMinaea ipoka short time againat tha amendment being Included, and hoped that it would be with drawn by the mover. It waa withdrawn, and the debate turned on the flrit eanon. Rev. Dr CaeawiLL waa of opinion that the eanon ahould stand aa it la There ia, ,be alwaya thought, aueh a thing aa dlaclpllne In the chureh. whloh affected not only laymen, but clergymen. There la a provialon for trying clergymen for vloWtlona of dlaelpllne, and if there waa no eanon on the auhjeot h? would like to know how proeeedlnga could be inatltuted. If there were no oanoa*, clergyman might diaaemlnate hereay among hi* flock. He nad no objection, however, to referriag it to tha committee. Mr. Ci'MMiko hoped the reaolatlon wonld not paaa. Rev. Mr. Eva** aaid the oanon now uDder consideration waa paaaed in 1780, at whioh time the ordinal waa * not adopted, and that eanon waa intended aa a declaration that there aheuld be three ordera in the mlnlatry?it waa in fact, aa hla reverend friend had aaid, a aeaffold on whloh the ordinal waa to be ereoted. It haa been re-enacted, for the ordinal aaya there ahall be three order* In the mlnlatry Aa for olergymen preaching hereay. aa haa been clergyman could deao. for repeal the canon or not be could not pretoh eongr#g?tlonall*m In thia churoh, The ordinal ia our f ulda. and it aaya dlatinotlv thora muat U three nUtt- It area goea further U*n the * .-^ 1 - 7 i ii i ii i )F THE TOWN OF P^NUOO, 1 * " " ** - .-tr=~ i "-? : - ,... . "??~ - T. S. Steamer Spitfire and Schooner the goaa which war* some time previous taken from the forts at TampUo, and carried to that town, la order to prevent our force* from getting poeseealon of then; and It was suacessfMly accomplished. On arriving before the town, Commander Tatnail landed all the men he oould, one hundred, and demanded its surrender, whloh was oomplied with, and possession giTen without a shot being fired. From a correspondent who was preient, we non?it eats there must be three orders, not because it is our opinion tnat such should be the oase, but because there are three orders in the Church of Ood. A Member remarked that the qu-stlon before the Houno was merely on? of referenoe, and hoped the debate on the merits of the question would oease. The vot? was then taken,and the resolution was referred by a vote of sixty four to fifty nine. The President then announced the following gentlemen as committee,to take Into consideration the propriety of establishing an Ecclesiastical Gaz?tte, to be under the direction of the general oonvention, viz: Messrs. Hawks, Sherwood, Croes, Stevens, and Tuoker The Convention then adjourned to half past nine e'clook, this morn ng. City Intelligence. The Weather?We were visited yesterday abont ? o'olock A. M , with a heavy rain storm, whloh lasted up to 13X o'oloek M The rain at Intervals, before the -torm orased, came down In torrents. and business wag impeded a good deal. The omnlbuaaea ware well tiled by pasaengera In all directions We have aeldom witnessed ao severe and heavy a fall of rain during the brief interval in whloh it oama down heavieat, nbout 11 o'clock. It had tbe effect to 'leanse the atraata pretty wall. We had a alight cessation about 3 o'clock, whan tha rain again oama down heavily, and oontlnuad at Interval*

during tha night. Qumoa's Painting# of Christ Healing the Slok; Chriat r&UJfeg Lazarus from the Dead, and D?ath on the Pale Horae. exhibiting at tha National Aoademy of Design, will oloae on the 3 lit Inat. Died from his Injuaici.?Coronar Walters waa called yeatarday to hold an inquest at the City Hosplpital, upon the body of Archibald A Ball, a tinsmith, who on the 1st Instant, while engaged in covering a dome on the premises No. 106 Broadway, fell through theneok of the dome, a distance of 33 feet, and was so severely injured that he died yesterday morning from the effects thereof. Verdlct accordingly. PnllfM* IntAllltfinfiAa Committed for contempt of (ftiurt.?Justloe Drinker committed to prison yesterday morning John MoManux. one ot the policemen of tbe 6th ward, on a charge of contemptuous conduct toward! him, while in the discharge ot hii duties as a magistrate on the benoh. It appears that Justloe Drinker, for some eause, had appended MoManus on Thursday, and at the wateh returns yesterday morning, the offloe being full of prisoners and policemen, MoManus appeared In court, having in custody a prisoner, In oompaoy with ofloer Owens. Justloe Drinker, on seeing MoManus, remarked that be did not recognise him as an offloer, he being now under suspension; to whloh remark Mr. McManus answered, that he did not consider himself suspended, only when ordered so by the Mayor, Chief of Polloe, or by his Captain. At these remarks Justice Drinker ordered him to leave the offloe, to whloh order MeYlanus demurred, and the magistrate then directed offloer Stephens to remove him He was persuaded by Mr. Stephens to leave the office, but soon after returned again, thereby disobeying tbe order of the magistrate, who, seeing his return, filled out a commitment, and directed an officer to take MoManus Into oustody and look him up. This was done forthwith, and MoManus was detained In the Tombs A record of oonvlotlon for eontempt of oourt was then placed in the hands of tbe keeper of the city prison, wherein MoManus was sentenced to five days imprisonment in the olty prison, and to pay a fine of $2ft. MoManus finding himself thus detained employed oounsel, and in the course of the afternoon was brought before Judge Edmonds on a writ of Kabeat corpus, who after investigating the oase, endorsed on the backet the commitment as follows " No cause being shewn for the prisoner's discharge, he is remanded. Oot. 8, 1817. J. W EDMONDS." " Without prejudice to the application being renewed before me " Thus the case stands at present, and MoManus remains in the oustody of Mr Edmonds, the keeper of the city prison. We understand that to-day a writ will be issued, and the oase reviewed, when in all probability MoManus may obtain his discharge. Jittempt to iteal?Offloer Caverly of the 3rd ward ar, ?>Ud yesterday moruiug, on board the steamboat Norfolk, lying at the foot of Robinson (treat, a boy about eighteen years of age. calling himself Thomas Byrons, he haying been found In the state room of Mr. Asa 8. Wygant, olerk of the boat, locked In, having farced open a valise, and removed a coat, 1 pair of pantaloons, and 2 shirts, valued In all at $3-2. Upon being brought bpfore Justloe Drinker, the boy stated that he was born In London, and had arrived in this town on Wednesday last, and waa much deceived in the looks of the place ; the people he thought were rather oivil?but still the town did not look like London; he said he oouldn't see any houses worth looking at; In fact, he was much disappointed in the general appearance of the olty. and wished to return back to London, and in order to do so he had secreted himself on board of this boat, supposing (aa he pretended to say) she waa bound for Liverpool, and took this mathod to prooure a passage without paying. Justice Drinker waa unwilling to believe the story; consequently he was oommitted for trial Jtttunpt to Shoot ?Offloers Case and Kuiiard, of the 16th ward, arrested on Thursday night, a man by the name of George Taylor, whom they found in a house in Houston street, engaged in a quarrel with Marv McKay, and threatening to shoot her with a pistol. He waa de( u further hiurinr iV kpackrt! at Work again ?A* Gen Dwight Jarvil, of Masiillon. Stark county, Ohio, ?u landing from the steamboat Traveller, from N?tw Haven, at Paok dip. on Thursday evening, noma expert 'knack" managed to extract from the tall ooat pocket of the General, a wallet ooatalolng $100 In bank bilK together with a check drawn by the cashier of the Boston bankoo the Phenlx of this city, for $1,700, and several other papers of value. No arreat Stealing a WafcA.?Offloer Gangham of theOtb ward, arretted last night a man called John Hill, having In hi* possession a ellver watch, supposed to be stolen, tor wbioh an owner 1* wanted Apply to the above offloer. Taki n Jrvm a Tki'f ? Offloer CoiUlla, of the flth ward, rreeted laat night an old thief, a ring In hi* po?a?e?lon a light leather trunk. filled with female wearing apparel, for wbioh as owner la wanted Apply to the above named offloer Jt Bold Rnhhrry ?Rome bold tblef entered thewatoh maker'* (tore ocoupled bv Meyer* H-reh. No 940 9rand (treat, yesterday afternoon, in tha aheai oa of the elark. teiling therefrom 4 geld lever watebe* and on* lepine, valued in all at $125 No arreat Cait Di ?? ?! 4. ? Tb"? aha'ge of emWiilement made agalnit VVm H Lewi*, by vir. Williamson. of tba Monday Uiip'itck, wx diimlaaad yeiterday by Justice Drinker, the evidence not being anfflolent to *a*tain the charge. Lot! or St'>l-n ? A widow lady by the name of Mr*. Anderson, residint at Albany. while In thl* el'y yeat-rrtay passing from a *ho (tore in Greenwich atrert to Fulton itreet. either loat from h?r arm or some one oat It therefrom, a reticule containing $170 In bank bill*, balng all the money the poor woman po?ae**ed Any Information reapeatlng the money will b? thankfully received by Mr* A , at No 31 Oreenwlob at An Old Trick Revived?Rather a genteel looking man, apparently a mechanic, called upon a lady in Jay street, yesterday, and repreaented that be bad been sent bv her husband for a p?lr of bx>ts to repair; supposing all to be oorreot. handed him down half a doseu pair, so that be might take tha ones that required fixing Why aid the man. Madam* they all want touohlng up a little, consequently 1*11 take them all along Mr B on coming home in tha evening somewhat fatigued, and wishing to raae hi* feet, aakea hi* wife for another pair of hoata. Why, my dear, *ald hi* wife, dld'nt yon aand for all your boota to be repaired ? Why no said Mr B?- with surprise. I did net The mystery was now solved and Mr* B found she had been Im posed upon by tbi* rogne. aad we hope that all who read thl* aoenuat will kaap a look out for thl* raaaal in order to proewe hi* arreat, a* no doubt b* will andeavomr to come tba same game on aoraa other*. flow to 8?tU? the Naxloan War. Nkw Yokk, Ootober 9, IM7 Ta thr EniTea er the N. T. Hbralo? Sir The ineffleiency of the olive branob made of warfare ha* bean amply tested In Mexioo. and It U now evident tba( aoise other ilme of operations mast be sought frr, and resorted to by tha government of the United RtRte* of Amertaa " to oosquet a p**n?.? Allow M* tu iitgaest tba shortest raate, and tba most acouoml COLONIEAT1UN. 11 w 1.1; r g(i 11 it irtiii N MEXICO, \ v- . *"* "k,\ - Lr Petrel. learn that the Inhabitants were remarkably civil, and In formed the commander where all the military stores were placed. The result of the expedition waa the oap- { tare of eleven (una, which were on their way to >an i Luis Potoil, for the use of the Mexican foroei, and 1 tbe deatruotlon, by burning and linking In the river, of I army equipment? to the amount of thirty thousand dol- ] lars. The monumental Process! 3ii. 1 New York, Oot. 8th. 1S47. j To the Editor er the Herald:? Dear Sir I will undertake to reply to a "Down Town i Fireman's" enquiry in your paper of this morning. I It is not that the Fire and Water Committee have any 1 Herlous objections to tbe Fire Department turning out 1 with their apparatus, but it is a m?re disposition, invail- ' ably shown by them, to thwart tbe fireman in every un- , dertakiog, of whioh they, (tbe oommlttee,) are not the i originators; and a desire to ezeroise to the fullest extent i i he brief power with which they are clothed. I 1 verily believe that had the firemen expressed a d?termination to turn out without their apparatus, the oommlttee. If they possessed the power, would have In- , sifted on tndr taking them AN UP TOWN FIREMAN. CamlUo Slvort and tbe Courier dt Enquirer. Eve- nice Mr. *iv riap area in thi* country the ? ourier I St ( has imoliihed tne noil derogatory uotices ouihn I art'tt, nor c?n the public have fo poteen the aaiverial indicp.itiou aud de t.iou which ihey nave called forth If inere i wduI'I h re been the ilighteat rettoi to tnppote tm Mr. ( White, (the reporter of th*t piper ) hid written them from ig no'auce or convict;ou. Mr 8. never would hut. taken any notlfifl nf them^hut h? hKi lint tha alitliraar dnnht thttthc conns pnnud ay tint* mm, h?l been dictated from (he most m tlioious motives?to injaie him in the eyes of the public, out of personal spite Th= general svmpathy which those infamous attack* hare called forth in fivor of this aitist. fully justify me in laying ' before the public a lull statement of the tniuifuld nersecuti 'us, slander* and libels to which Mr. Siveri lias been ei- ! poeed three weeks before his arrival in 4meric i till the preseut j day, and-of which there does uot reat the slightest d^ubt that they will be continued for ever and ever. Before I proceed I wish to observe, that I shall never ideni- ' fy the reapeced editors of the C. with Mr White. Fro in my 1 first interview till the laat, they have treated me personally ' with tb- utmos' politeness,and thatgenilemaoly beariug which 1 it so well known Abont three weeks before Mr. Sivori't arrival in New York, , I h?ppe> ed to be m company with four of our moat distinguishes merchants The conversion turning on Mr. Sivori, ' o ie of these geniiemau alluded to the immense sensation ere- ' ated by him in Germany, France, England aud Italy. I repli- . ed. that his career in this country will not be less tiiumphant, ' but that the C 8I ?. will u*a all its efforts to write him down, , and offered to lay a wage' of ttn to one, hut which was declined at that time. Itia neeessary to state that I h d then not the slightest acquaintance either with Mr Sivori, <tr any other person attached to him. Mr 8ivor> g ve hit first concert on the 12rh of October, i . whioh ke excited the greatest enthusiasm. Chance brought it about that I met these same geutle ! m-n at supper, after the concert, and one of them <>bierved to me that I ought to be glad that my bet had not been accepted, as nobody can write against such a man. I insisted, howerer, ' on my former statement, and offered to double the bet, (tweaty to one;) this was again declined, bat was altimately fiied at one 'hiHiiif. The next morning (here appeared * still more infamous article than 1 h id anticipated, and that gentleman of course raid me the (billing. tiThe readers of ibU article will most likely be desirous of ' Bowing the reasons which induced me to foretell tlaia. Tliey 1 will, however, easily understand why I cannot comply with this cariosity, quite natural on their part. It is >nousb for them to know tint I gave to the editors of the C. It E. Jite ' names of those gentlemen, and the reasons which mademe 1 fo-eiell so accurately what his happened; they offered, nnso- ; licited by me, to publish my statement, but afterwards de- ! c lined . On the appearance of the Hrst attack, a great number of the best and oldett professors. (American ana European,) all the ' critics (American and HINM) protested against the Cou- ' rier; but Sivo'i declined maki g use of it. out ofsell'respec*. The reporter of the <: , thus b rd poshed, thought to nuke up, in impudence aud efTontery, for the total absence ofjus 1 tice ud fairness: aud knowing that a large part of the panlie could not be lamiliar with all particulars, began to throw dust into their eyes, ny publishing things which he knew to be false, committing, a the same nms.the grossest blunders, thus clearly showing Ins malice and ignorance, even if that wonld not hare been established befjre. I. He denied Mr. Sivori being Paganini's pupil, although it is stated iu Paganini's biography, and was universally aumitted to be correct by the European presa without any exceptionSirori saw himself compelled to exhibit the lestous composed by Paganini for him ouly, in his owu h ind-writing, and yet the C. did not retract. ''Critical parity aud fidelity !,r II. He denied that Sirori could play classical music, ud immediately Mr. I invited White, in connection wi hall the editors, critics aod p ofessors, -to assist at the performance of Beethoren and Mozart's most difficult pieces. He did not come, and stated in his paper, that he nerer attends the prirate soirees of artists. Infamous lie! I aud fifty other professors have seen him|at two soirees of Leopold de Meyer, aud a din- ? uer party giren by another artisr. "Critical purity, ' lie III. Mr. White, seeing h'maelf entTely isolated, took op an old frticle, written fire years ago, from the Journal des Debat*. This artcle is one of the ino?t complimentary rrer written on Mr. nirori. flue?-quarters of this article s|>eak of Siro ri in the highest terms aud as a pare and faithful a critic?jast like Mr. w bite?alludes to some ! > perfections, which really existed fire years ago. No artist is perfect, nor can hebe;anil Bivori knows it to be a fact, for he still studies Are er six hours everyday. Mr. White published th- strictures, without allading to the farora?le passives. "Critical parity/' lie. IV. Mr. White repeatedly said, thit the effect whie'i 8ivori produce are to be ascribed to the beauty uf the lustra- , incut Now, a thing can be cleaier that as a piani t produces j more effect on iix'd piano than on a bad one. so a rioliuist 1 produces more effect on a good violin than a bad one; Mr. Ctirori, to prove this mistake.100 played in ne of his coueerts , on a different instrument, and care was taken to inform Mr. | Whit* of it. Mr Hirori nlayed in his usual style, bat no notice was taken by the reporter. ''Critical parity, lie." V Mr White gare as one of the reasons of his coudact towards Sirori, that he was puffed too much in adrance. It n now an establisned fact, that the Americn public are folly competent to judre an artist by his own merits; bat in Europe j the impression baa been different, and it camml be denied that | it is to be excused. Kneop, Bohrer, Vienitemi*, vVallace, i Phillips, Artot, Damoresu, h id not been puffed in adrance. aud | yet failed ia America, although the j hid been extremely sac- I cessful in Europe. Ola Bullaud one or two others adopted a 1 diff rent course, and succeeded here, although they had com- 1 paritirely failed iu Euro e. Now, this has been altered. Siroii not kn >wiug the rountrv. entrusted the management of his aA fairs t? an ageut, who . houghi it pioper to adopt the system of tSe successful artists H? personally, therefore, cauuot >e blamed But why | onnced ?h? Couri r upon Sirori, aud supported with all his muh another artist, who gave a soiree d' ar isles, before his public which, bje the bje. I had he pleasure of seeing Mr. v* hite as rabid ou the h mi>*goe as ne ii on Sivori?iu contraaietiun to me no ror ny ihn pun and faithful critic at ? couple of ballida au g by adaaa ttiahopl? her ptrlor. likawis aangued aa a reaaon lor hitacan 'alone -ntacka ou that admirable vocaliat. Why did tha Courier inpport that artiff, who kid not on* portrii of himielfe"frive<i. but aiaeoverwi h (no portrait!, thrre c?ricuu ea, a biography with a x woudcuta. re reaentiug h'e i?ei forma'>ea ref re iwtiTa Chriatian aud ufidel Putei.tat ? ' I g?ve the editora th? key to thi? euigmaof the "critical pu rii^ ,w kc VI Itoauno be denied, that the Cnuri-r iaju ?d Mr <tiwi ' tli oncn t< attache ; hey were pnbl abed in every iiy, and lit'i ibeettee> ?f Uaeeuuig the eurioaity of the public. W While moat' bli|i"|ly iee<>rded in the Courier every thin room aa a pro'.f probabiy, of the taja y he did hia,elf I ri(* ical purity ,"fcc The nou'emijt a?d iadiguati?" brought ?b ut bv the pure am. faithful rpnaiki, deier "laed ih- diiora t-> diaituaa Mr. fVhite and, aa they at? ed to m - and a g-ut'einau, *h >ae name need not appear atheu en pirty to ih- q'tarrel. bee in?e Ihev d n n to t .n heir I'tt'ea per on li <bl M?"outdoor ir.flueuoe ' !!! Tli te the a fldeuce in lb' puity and fidelity of iher criiii . aa th?? aay i i yeate day'. iape Mef re it wa m de public that Mr Whie wia diaai aaed he had the inp -deuce toe* I oa * r 8iv<>rt The i ulilie t> 1 tbert. ut K-ea it the xotivei Mr 8, 'hoiige 'e. n( White eaye. o >rei..g h I i grei hid no the bra i to ihow him tli do r but u-?"rtnriee. rproiehrd h m with thngrot inju ? lieem the p earuee ol uieeofkia friri da wh we e there aud am n,g th-r ik'ng. told him. that Virnitemiu pi iyeJ >ecft'-d violio'O hia, aa n* pi i *d aec >"d o V.euaiemp. Vhie alludea 10 tMe by aayiug *' 8tv>ri Telia ua.'' kc wi?hi< g id ma'-e ihe public bel ere aa if *iyori would ' air done him thr hon. r t >|>eak aa late aa luat week Witbrejiidt' 'he recent att?ek Mr. S|yor> received a let. term June th?i White ha? been received again mtheCou iei offlce, and boaata of acack n? him itill more yi lently Thia tu/na ' ut io be true. The letter ia atill in our poa?e*aion. rhu only le halt the rvidenee of tba maljoe of thai peraon. The reetwill be give.i on Monday. I. HlLMaNN. Peaje'i Hearhound Candy _lTaw Tor la CnlTeraity, Mari h * lilt.?Gent: Having la>t lummer aiperienc ed tlie happy < fflcacy of vnur candy in the cu>mg of a ieve>e cold, w II yo be p eaa-d to aec p> ihiateat monial fr>m ? amcere t-ut'ile advocate ol y?.u eice I nt me icate i cand). Ha iag t een man* yeara eniarrd in puh'ic ap knij and narlog 'ried viri 'Ui e<>mi>nunda for tlie clearing of ih- voice. I teeat a lain | <1 e< laie thtyour pr-pa-iliou anr a?a a them all. and I weu d adyiae rl gvinen. lawyera. and public ai>e<k era venera ly. |o n?e it bfore and i.fter ram ? the voice whieh will waM off ho*e raw and atra 'go die ?e?. bron. chitia kc.. i H ?RL 8 WHITNKV To Meaari. J. fe?e k Snng. ?J Diviaion afreet. Sold at ftaad'e. 100 -utton ?re?t. ? <* iVt ,r Honae Agen'a.? Ze ber, ) Ledge- Build,nua, Phila, ra: He <*lns. ? Stite at eet B atou. >'a at J Hob n?'B. laltim re. Md; Datt.r, #7 Htate atreet, Albanv. N. J i M ,]St V Itoi itieet.Broi klvu. L. I;'. C. Morgan. New Orleana. U; Tewi tk So n,Paughke-paie. Always Kaa ly bat never R?ro?b?Knoi, 1M Fulton at reel. Man Building The aubeenb-r having auirplifd iba firit ruih of hii regular cuit ?e? with hla inimitable_ rail Hala, it now prepared toiupply tn? public at lyge with the mo?t aligaot atvuio f hvi that h" i?lU'd thli a -a ? Ha'iuf inareaie'l '?ti u>annfafiutl"< ?'" ' 'i** ' i it create of the fall truda.gentleni'ii my ha ? uf I. ? , aer>fd woo^tir Md m Ikut eaiatwuou, uy Mm oT* *! urn i i . "X1"" <t lUtfUfM* NttlMi ' [From tho Cincinnati Hjjqu.rer.l ' Psail 8t??T BOOMI 1 Cincinnati. Sept 21, 1M7.) ro the Editor* of the Cincinnati Oaxette : ttlitTLMtii?I obseiv* iu year paper of thi* morning, tn?t roo derive from Raitrrn paper* information that the new r ork au1 Boeton Line of Telegraph hare refund to connect ?itb the Telegraph Line that haateeu conatructed frna rniliilelph a hither, under Mr. O'Reilly, aad indulge tarn* comneot thereon. . That there mav be no apprehension in the pablie mind ofthe Weit on thi* fubieet, to the prejudice of the Boatoii Lin*, nor o that of the New York auu Buffalo Liae, which h<a also tnaniammly adopted aaiBilar resolution, 1 subjoin a copy ol ^ .lie Boston Company'* resolution, to wit: "Wheroas.Th* proprietor* of Right* to construe t and use he Klectro-Maguetie Telegraphs under the Letter* Patent of frofessor Moras, hare incurred great haxard* and expense in sstablishing the same: and whereaa, the line* ef Telegraph lot authorixed under said Morse's Patent, are being construct- I id under the the pretence of using House's Patent, and undrr 1 pretensions of other patents, such a* hare never existed, and ill of which are believed to be grou infringements upon Vlorae'* patent* and hi* asaiga*; aad to reognixe aach pro:eeding*, for the eake of the buainea* which auch spn nous linea may temporarily afford the duly authorised and legitinate lines, would beiuicidal in the extreme, and endanger tiie lUbility of the Telegra|di ayatem every where? "Reaolaed, therefor. That the New York and Boiton Tele [raph Aaaoeiation will not hereafter receive meaaagea Iron, ind none for, anv line of telegraph not eatabliahed under the rtter* patent of Samuel K. B Morae, and the Preeident of tha Vasocistiou ia Hereby *pecially instructed to carry this reioluion into immediate effect." Purauant to this direction of the itockholder* of tha Boiton Company, a* Pre* den' thereof, I gave order* nf non-iutei:nurae with the O'Riellv line we*t of Philadelphia, to take effect af er a short interval, so a* not to intercept any meaaage* hen on the way?regarding those liueiaa having bean built and teing now managed iu iccklei* defiance of Professor Worse and lisaaaigns, without any responsible organisation yet within 'each, and with none at all on this side of Pittsburgh, except vtr. w ueiiiv < latimuuai airection. a: one uat nt i-uibi i 'ight tinder the M rse patent, but unwilling to avoid 'lie pro- I izity of auita at law. refuiei to stop fur'her encrnachmcnts 1 ind submit hii right* to arbitration; at ano'her time he offers a 1 ward for the beat uuy that shall moat effectively hre?k 1 lown th? Morse patent. in seeiniugly wanton sacrifice of the issurances held out to subscribers of his stock, that they were I lo have a telegraph under Morse's svslem?at another 'ime he rauots a reliance unou House's Printing Telegraph, which leretofore he has ridiculed in uOth public nrd private corres ondence, aa impotent and a "humbug." ret now would grave- | y impose it upon the credulity of western capitalists as a vsl iible reality. A meeting of his pretended stockholders having been adverised heretnTore for organixstion, but for some reason ol hi? own inly?it having been deferred from time to fime?the prnprieors of the Morse Pnteat have beeu waiting ia the hope of >uch in organization, that if the use of the Morse Pa'ent be persistsd in, a substantial responsibility may be fouud to proceed lgainst, ro test all disputed points. To-morrow (the '(9'h) heiag the day last designated for ancli an organization, itia hoped hat the O'Rielly empanv, if there reallv be one of the restlents in this region, may 'lien be organized, and a tangible respossibility m-ne known ' ere. I may add that, ao utterly worthless all the o'her invasions ror telegraphing, besides Professor Morse's, "hich Mr. O'HielI v has vauntinglv displayed in his publications to th? people of the West, are Itnown to be by the proprietors of Mors''a Patents that I am authorized to siy, and now ?ay, to the builders af the line fum Philadelphia to Louiaville. whoever they may be, that, if they will abandon the use of Morse's invention, aa tecured by letters patent and confii e themselves to their other l>oa?trd inventions, the proprietors of the M"r?e'? Patent* will in turn, abandon all claim upon, right in. or interference wiib, [he line now at work between Philadelphia and Louisville? This, is a single dav. will settle all disputes. Let t><e public, i'd the psyinv s ockholders, whom he has deluded with the idea of other inventions, note well the anawer to the proposiAs yet no conveyance has ever been made ta Mr. O'RVelly, or his ssocstes, of the righ's to me the Morse Patent over ui inch of the wires put up west ol' Philadelphia The whole is a wanton violation of the Morse Pa'ent; and hiving hereto- ^B rore warned all part es against participating in it. the last rMort of the Morse Pa'entees is to proceedings, that will lest the responsibi'ity wh ch such violation involves, and to this end every possible dispatch will he ande H In the mesnrime. il the western and eastern commercial cities ire not aa well accommodated with telegraphic intercourse, H i< the proprietors of Mor.e's invention desire them to be Birder H [hat system, they will see that ii arise* fr> m no wish < n the H part of thai* patenters ro ii?ade the inventions or pr- perty of others, but only a measure of necessity for the proper defence H I will thank yon to plae? thia subject befo-e your readers iu the li 'ht here presented, and correct Whatever impre*ai?B* yoar form" article may have "oeanioned With treat respect, yoa obedi?nt servY FRANKS O. J. SMITH. Original Et Hoplau 8*rwiwl?n^P?lm 1*1 Opera House.?It >* al n it snperflu u? a w aftnr Are bnlliiut and successful exhibition* ?f thia splendid Cum pan- of Artiata. to repeat the cknowledgement* we have paid to their matehlea* merit* The? hare notonlv Mled ever- inch of accommodation that the theatre admira, but have unwilliairly been compelled to refasa many who, t' it evenfg. will crowd to the moat attractive seen* of amusement in the ci'V } The bill fur the necaaien, includes the celebrated " R i I road Overture," and the equsllr amusing" Burlesqne Lecture." The Cheapeat Mid Beat place In tUe elty to [tt yo"r koou and shoes or pa'ent leather ( o gre?* boota, is it J nee\ N-. 4 Ann atre-t, near the Muieua; yoa . an get there as food boot* at '4 30 at are sold in the citv r?r IT, ouite 1 saving certa nly; heals> seils'iirat ratebouat $3 5 ,whiMi ire naually s-IH at S3; double soled water pro-f boota *4 30,IS, ind $6 Jones has the true ayatam of doing ba inesa; light expenses aa ' amall profitt. H-alao liaaa aew style of trench patent elastic rubber, whi h excel* any th ng wa hare seen ? Aii KO"d* purchased of Jones, at 4 Aon street,are warranted to live entire satisfaction o9lt Clark, Brother ? Oo.'i Gold Peiu?.TlM high repotatian the pena have acquired in a verv aho't period, is a snmcieni guarantee of rhair auperiority The rabacribers ire now ready to aupply orders fo> any quantity; toge-her with luperior Gold and Si1 ver Pen ai.d Pencil Ca?es, of which they lave alwayaon hand an extenaive aaaortment. Pu chaser* ?t wliole>a'e or retail should by all mean* five them a call before purchasing elsewhere CLARK, BROTHER It CO.. No 33 John street corner I^aiaaa. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens-Wboteeale and retail?John W. Oreatou It Co., 71 Cedar at eet?up stairs, Iiav the largest and beat aaaortment of Oold Peoa to be f >und in the citv, and their price* are mnch lnwer than thoae of <ny other home. The attempt made by others to monopolize the fen trade, so as to make trie purchaser pay a high p ice fo;- an inferior article, his failed, and those wno wish a good article it a low price, can find it at Greaton ll Co., who are selling Pen* and ' uses at from 73 cents upward. The Pa a aold eljawhere at $1 for SI 30. the genuine "Albert O Bailey" Pen. (ao tamped) S> 73 onlv. silver pencil case iaetudad. Oold Pan* repaired aud repointed. Diamond Pointed Gold Pone, at a great re? taction ?We wiah the pabiic to beer iu mind, notwithstanding the clamor of rivals, that B. K. Watsou It Co., 43 William itraet, one door below Wall atreet. and J V. Savage. 92 Knl:on street, have the exclusive sale of tha "Richelieu'' Pens ? The publie mavrely upon the merits of this pen being eqnal to ita popularity which has continued increasing, deipite o| all the little triclcs made uae otto injure it. In faat, it i* no longi r 1 doubt, that it ia tlie cheapest and best pan in the city: although fI only, itia eqnal to thoae sold for S3 30. Other pena,73 ct*., I, SI SO, sold ai Si <3, Si 30 and il elsewhere. G,?ld pena carefully repaired "Dr. Felix Oouraud'a Medicated Soap re vives b*au y, prolongs th-appearance of youth, and add* to those charms which hive held m?n in bondage ever since Mill Kve.el Eden, smiled upon Mr. Adsm of the same place.? [ Boston Host. J he editor of the Boston Post is proverbi*' for his fine taste and correct judgment 10 every thing hat appertains to the improvement of personal beautr Moreover. Dr. (Jouraud rrfe a to the whole of New York for the ev dence f the efficacy ?f his remarkable soap in the cure of pimples, tau, redneaa, sallowness, and all skin blemishes Found only at (7 Walker street, 1st store from Broadway. "Reward la certainly due to him, who, by Inressin toil and faithful attentiou to business, h is saceeedrd in hi< endeavor to produce a hat for three dollars, equal in texture and fin sh to anv ever ma ufactured. nod s rptss ng fivesix h> of those sold in this city for four, four ai.u a half or five dolors. Theabo'e are the attributes of Devoe, wh'ch add-d 10 his urbanity, and correct.and ob'iging dep i, ttn-n' have sescured to him the ea eem gratitude ano respect of all those with whom he coats iu contact, aid he is now repiogajust and proper remnnerati o u is evident from the num er of customers daily thronging hit sale rooms, at 103 Fulton street. Boots which are Boota? French Do? ran be ftrand at Young's Paris Bi?>t T mporium, for $4 50 equal to any sold io this ci y for #7 and $8 Also. Fi' e Calf Bmts, for S3 10. usually sold for %i We recommend all car friends to get iheir boots, sho-s gaiters, tie., at the Paris Emporium, opposite the Herald offi e All his work is Warr ntrdtorive s-tis'action Water proof Boots retailed at rrom t< M t<i ftV Samples of his Boors can be seen at the F*ir. Competition defied. Boots m.<de to order on hort notice. Strong's Patent Ltmpc.? i'heia Lampi cast no 11 ahade ; Kr? free from <mok* or nm'll ; "il1 born the ch-ape?t oil aud five a greater light at leaa expense thtn anv lamp now in use ; are more brilliant than camcheue or spirit <?a. without rhe ume risk lo life or pronrty; are not liable to get ont of order, ar* easily e'eajrd. and wa 'ant?d for one ye?r ? The Hand Lamp) will not apill oil with the moat careleaa usage. Manufactured aolely by 8. f>. V *NDKH HICVDKN, at No 548 Pearl atreet, New York; ware'ootn 104 Broadway. Chandeliaia, bracket, h ukiuk. parlor and mantel lamns in every variety Dealers supplied on liberal terma. N B So lar aiid.^atml lamps altered. o4 St McCloskey's Pills-For the prevention and cure ol the following <1 a?aaea, vix : He?dach , indigestion. Perverted 1 ppeti'ea, Flam'ence, or wi d in the atotnacli and bowela. Costivness. D\ aentarv, Diaerthoea. Congh? < oMa and A'thmaa, Inte'mittent. Hemirteut Bi ioui nd liiflammato v Kevrra. Hick Headache Jau dice, Ailious Ch lie. Worm*, P'enriav, Rheumatism Bilioua Vomting, Fool 4t marl). Ike. lie pr~pared and ?old by D W. C. Mc' L' '8KE V. Ct? miat and Ai>othec "y, J i Broome atreet, cor. Th mp-on. New York, price ?} centa per box attBt M.gath-V MOm MARKET. Friday, Oct. 8?8 P. M. There wu a flight re action In the (took market today after the board opened Quotation* at the first board, at the first oall, ranged a fraotlon below tlios* nurrencat the olose yesterday j bat upon th* **oond oall an advene* wa* realised Long Island went up K per cent. Canton >4. vlorrl* Canal X. Norwich and Wor neater K- Treasury Note* \i Illinois. HarUm, and farmer*' Loan, clowed at prices current ysterday Reading Railroad fell off t per oent. Reading Bond-. rhe *ale* were not very extenaiT* at the improvement, **- ti-.,- is , vera unsettled state ua ? nf nmrMt II*IU ovumu???* ? ? ?* Tbi-r* h?? been with!* th- p?.t tw week* a tr-roendou* revolution Id prion for tanoy etoch* and th*r?* ha* b**#u >1 <r?at ohange la tbe oharecter and etr-iigth of b Idvr* Th? faocle- are now In strong hand*, who *re abln to bold ft.r a rl*? The market bat, therefore. b?eu reIWved of a fift quantity of stock, and the chanown for aa advanoe are Increased Holder* of any (took In the list, at preaent prloes, cannot fell making a handsome profit, If they do not foroa them upon the market, but patiently wait the turn of the tide, tad take It at the flood. At tbe Moond board Treasury Not.* advanced V, Farmers' Loan IK. Harlem IX. Long Island 1, Reading R R % Tbe sales of Harlem were lurge, at tbe Improvement, principally for ossh Foreign Kzehtngt) continues Inactive. and (be rate* without alteration Bill* on London we quote at 0X a 9H per cent premium ; on Tarta, fif ; Amsterdam 40 a 40* ; Hamburgh. S6 a mi ; Bremen. 7D a 70* It is not packet diy for tbe Bolton steam ?r until Friday next, and there will not be aoy active enquiry fur bill* until the middle of next week In tba meantime, w* look for a decline in quotation! There In a large amount of bill* on the market, and M loon aa confidence become* reinstated, there will be, without doubt, a considerable decline In rate* The oommeroial panic 1* rapidly wearing away, and fevorabl* advice* from any qnar'rr would Immediately bring thing* bao to th*ir i p -tlilin Any ehaug* mmt b? fnt th? hett*?, mm! w* >.an baldly anticipate aitvloee from My qWt?f

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