Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1847 Page 1
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r TH *? Ra, ITtuWMl MiWSy THE NEW YOKE HEBiLD! I8TABLI8HMINT, JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. cmcULATiOS-JTOHTV THO"IAIIO. DAILY HKRALD?Ererr hie# S tautM>j I* per tnaum?r>r.v*ble iu aiiyouca. WW'.KI.V (IKK VLD--Efc.'j SMvrfer-PrU* ?K Ntt "kBXI'TS ^ Prie* ?V< recti prr (ufpY?ti P*I nauara, mclndum or *3 2}, exclusive of pn?tag<. payable in adranye. Sabserip Cions iui! advertisement* will racei *ad W Meeari. G?llfc Jsr.i, 10 rne Virienae, Pari*; F. L Himonda, II Co.uKill, aad j oho Miller. the l-o?>it seller, Loodoa. ... . ANNUAL PICTORIAL HEUAI.D-Pailiihod o? tke 1st ol Jnnoan ufeach war?ainfle copies sixpence each. AO V KRTlSEMKNTM, M the usual pricee??l*iy?c?*h la advance. Advertisements should b? written in a vim, Iejibla , msn?r. Tha Proprietor will aol lit reapouaible lot error* UM PaipJTnvo at til kaii iimm4 buanAillr a' with ! MpWb. All termor comDiiii^ou by the proprietor of the etublUhmMt. mot t?e po?l mU, or lb* IV* will H? th? nWlplitn mnmm* rwiiH?4 rr> 1' O T M A V K L L ? K S OOINU ! bfc|SOUTH.-New and no*t agreeable VST line to Fredericksburg. Richmond ' Petersburg, v?., Stauuton, Va , and the Viitriaia Spring*, We' | don V. (f and Chirleatou, 8 C. The public *rf informed that the new and tplendid low pree?ure steamer POWHATTAN (connecting with the Ureal Mail Liue at Aipjuie Creek,) leaves Commerce street wluuf. Baltimore, every Tuesday and Friday Evening, at 6 f. M., (or the above point*. Through-tickets to Richmond $ 4 " Petersburg Weldon.N.C ? " Staunton, Va 11 i' Charleston, 8. C 16 Beinc at the same price, more direct and expeditious, and much more certain than the Chesepeake Bay and James River Hieainbo >t Line,?all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, betweeu the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by thia line. Travellers areadvised that the line hereby advertised ia part and parcel of the (ireat Mail Line through Virginia; and that it is the intention of the companies composing die Oreit Mail Line, that passengers thai I be conveyed by them, in couuection with the Powhattan, always as cheaply as by any other liue, and with more comfort, expedition and certainty, than by any otherliue, except the liue via Washmgtou. For further particular!, inquire at the Southern Railroad office. Pratt street, Baltimore; ol Stockton k Fall, or at the the Commerce street wharf; or, ou Tuesdays and Fridays, on boa?l the Powhattan, of G. VV. (iUNNKLL, Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above line will bear in mind that they have two hours more in Baltimore than pasaengers by the Chesapeake Bay and James lliver Boats, and yet reach any point south of Petersburg at the same time with these laat even when there is no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jy< 3meod?r - ?? - 4TE.VM TO HAVANA?To sail un the l?th instant, at noon fr?m ni?r No. 6, N l,ln ,""w powenui iron steamer OU AD ALQUI Vk,B , COO ton* measuremeut, built >n Liverpool. Her e bum lire now bring lifted up,with every "egard to comfort, ventilation, nnd elegance, and the table will be liberally applied under the siperinteuuenceof professed cook*. Fares $70 iu date Ro?ins on Saloon Deck?$60 in forward and aft and upper deck cabiui. including wine. No berths sr cored until paid for at the office of F W! Simonili, Consignee, 48 Newstreet. nd posspo'ts depoaited. aU 30c*m F. W. S1MONDS. 43 ^ew at. " - ?^ KOK NKW ORLEANS, via CH\HLE8X^^fWlTON AND KEY WEST-To sailThurs14th inst., at 10 A. M , the splendid steamship PALMETTO, built expressly * for an ocean steamer. having be?n thoroughly rrfaitened, and undergone various improvements, which render her commodious, safe and speedy, will leave for New Orleans, via Charleston and Key Wett, ?sabove, under the skilful command of Captain Jeremiah 8in>th. This ship has ample sUte room accommodations, and every co venience (o eusuie a plcisant trip for her pisseng'rs. For frrinht to ft e w Orleans, or paiaige to either of the above ports, apply* to the captain on b"a d. toot of 10th itreet. East River,or to T. F. SKCOR It Co., F ot of9th street, E.R. N. B ?This steamer carries coal sufficient for the whole trip. and is expacted to make the trip out iu seven days. t>6 lot* tc NOTICE.?8TATKN ISLAND FERRY*, * | AtjiymJion a-id after FRIDAY, October 1st. 1847. the " fciBSSISfcetesiDboaU SYI PH uud 8T .TEN ISLANDER will run as follows, until further notice:? LKAVK STATIC."! ISLAND. At 6,1, 9,10, U o'clock. A VI.?I, 2, 4, 6 o'clock. P. M. I.KAVK HBW YOKK AtT, 9 10. 11 o'clock, A. .*1.?4. 2.3*. 5, S\ o'clock, P M. Nf? Y'.rl?.STt89 1817. >30tf I urnk NOTICE.?For the better accommodation C th" public las the days a*e becoming l?aifiMV?shortrr). the Steamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA will, on sad after Monday next leave New Brunswick at20 minutes before 7 'clock, aud New York at 14 minutes l>*?t 3 o'clockistopping at the regular laudii<n. The RARlTIN will continue at her old hours, at T o'clock from New Brunswick and >4 before 3 o'clock from New Both boats leave from the foot o f Barclay street. Fare m ihe New Phikd-lphii. 6,'i cents; Raritan, 12X cents New Brunswick. Sept J. 1847 at 30t*re - m TO IV1 NO?The new and powerful eteamT WUi^en JACOB BELL, ( apt. B. Yatea, and HE tk-JH- iMWil It A L D, Captain J. P. PARKR, will bt I* constant readiness f..r Towing Ve?sHs to aud from sea, and abont the Harbor, on rhr mint reasonable terms All orders thank nl|y receired aud punctually attended to Apply to the old established Steatn T w-B >at Office, No 75 8 'nth atraet, corner of Maiden laue. op stairs. Tin- lioatu lay every night at the f .ot of Orand (treat, E.R, and i'c iilu aya m raadiueas ai a moment's notice. is'.IJ ? All oer.aous are fo'bitl trus iuu the ab ive boati on accounj of the owners. W.N it T7m. DOUGHERTY, ?9 3f>r* rr_ Nr. 73 Svuth a'. tor Maiilea lane. MORNING LINK AT 7 o'CLOCK r*>iK^>?F0R ALBANY AND TROlf, and inter i ilMMabmfdi?l' Landings. The Stc mer TROY ia arhi'd Ifreer than ?tit other Day Boat; and ia point of s|>eed, safety, an J eominiidionsneiui ii actually ou4iiri<a?<eil. No a tee mer e'er acquired ciore nnirrrial and euduring popoUrity, or'retained in greiter perfection thnae substantial excellencies which really deservs pnhlc furor. Breakfiat and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorharn, will leave tne steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Monday*, Wednesdays, and Friday*, at saveu o'clock A.M. KetnraIan on t ie or postte dava. ! *"orji ?? '.tje or freiyiit, ai plf ou board, or to F. B. Hall, it the office nn the wharf. mS ic ?r*s? ' morning- line a 7 o'clock, "wriC^frFOK ALBANY AND TROY, la-Mint at iJWa^isMMMbiCalriwella, Weitpoiut, Newburg, Hampton, Milton, I ouu-ikcepsie, Hyde P*ik, Kingston, Upper Hedliook, Jin n<riu, B istol, Catikill, Hudson. Coisackie, Kinderhnoa aud Bil'imore. 1. imlinn at Hammond street. Leivea New York, Tue?div Thursdav ami Ha'urday, &t 7 o'clock. A. M. B ex k fast and Diauer ou boar.1 the boat. The low pressure Kteaaihoat NIaOARA, Capt. H. L. Kellog*, ??ill un.e fe Steambout Pier foot of Barclay street. Tur?dns Thurtdaya, -nd ?<tnrdays, at seven o'clock, A M. -eurnn>? <>n rf-e ippoaife day*. For iiaisaRe or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the offic.* on the wharf. fibre PEOPLE'S I INE STEAMBOATS FOR ! ALBAN*. Uaily, Sundays fcicep ed ? ss2fiS(*BSfc? Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the 1'ier between Court'andtand Liberty streets. Steainbuit ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Win H. Peek, will leave 0.1 Monday. Wednesday, and Friday tTemnii, at 6 o'clock. Steiniboat HENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Crnttendeu, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at <i o'clock At fi r? O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermediate placet? front the foot of Barc'ty street Steamboat RO< HESTKR, Captain R H. Kurrr. will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Kriuay and Suudav alurnoons. at J o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, C^K T.N. Hnla?, will leave on Tuesday, Thuriday and Saiarilay afternoons. at 9 o'cloek The above boats will at all timet arrive ia Albany in ample time for the Morning Can for the East or Weit. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken titer (X o'clock, P. M. '?7" .All per?oiiK are forbid trailing any of the boati ol this line, without a written order Irom the captains or agent*. Kor P"'"ge or freight, apui" oil board the boati, or to P. C. B<'HI LTZ 'ii 'I? nmct ? tin wfr ? sO rh JfaP h'OR LIVERPOOL?To tail with despatch, the first c *?, fastsiiling regular Picket Ship WATKR*JC"^fc.LOO, Capt. Allen, burthen 1100 tona, will aail at Dove, having very superior accoinmodatio- a for cabin, seteond rahin and sieearge passenger*. Persons about embaikii:g, should make early application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to J. McVURRAY. comer Pine and South streets. Persons desirons of sending for their friends n the Old Com try, c*n have them brought ont by the above splendid Teasel, or any other of the regular line by applying, si rrc ONLY R*t OULAH LINK OK PACKETS FOR NEW ORLEANS foe following well known, wiiiik and favorite |i^jn ahipa hare accomioodati ma nniiurpiinfd for cabin, aecond cabin mid ateerage paaae-i(era, anil will i oaitively aail u advertised, or passage free. The Q9WKGO. Capt. ln?rnoll, October 4th. The GALK "? A, Capt. Dennia, Oetober llth. Par?oti? wishing to proceed to New Orieana, will do well ioveeura passageby either the above iiackeu, aa thev are all f>r*t cla-i ships, rooiinauded Sy men experienced io the trade, bd will as.I pnncrnally on their appointed day*. To secure hdfcha, app!v on board, or to a? fr fc. 1 T.TArWf OTT.WBonthat. I'/il K T* KOR H V Vn K?Second Line.?Tha Whip BALTIMORE, J J>>hnat?ne, Jr., matter, will HMMU'mI i>ii the fi.-?t >! Noveiiib-r. DoYOklllN KBN. Agents. No. H UVI-rt. ' T Vl'Sl tu 'I rH KMIUhA'l ION M fTiw> Hon Hi atreet ? Teraoa? witjiuf to aeud for their iflMMEa friends in the uid country ran aecare passage on r?w.nahla turmi, by any of the tnagaibceLt ahipe comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, vis:? CONSTITUTION. I7M, Captain Joha britton. OUKKN OK THK WEST. u 00 tons. Capt. P Woodhousa LlVKKPOOL. I2M tuna, Captain John Kldiidge. HOn'INUUKR, 1130 torn,Capt. IraBursley, ailing from Liverpool on the Sili of every month. Passaga can alao br aecureil by the At. Oeorge'a Line, or the Union | Line of Liverpool packets, making in all a ahip every Ave j daTi from that port. Vot further particular* apply to W. * J T. TArSCOTT, |tM ** "oofh "l-aer. VArh aitA- r.AHJLISLK ?t RIPFARU'8 km {oration wt?) OFFICF in Connection with OK0. HIP- | jZjMfai PARD It SON, 131 Watetloo Koad, Liverpool. Per?uua wishinR to ?end for ihrir frienda in the old roontry, can leewe paasage in any of the followm| new lirva , of packets, sailing from Liverpool on the ?th of every month, ? ONSTITUTION, 1,500 tons, Cant. John Brittoa. v<UKK.N OK THK VVKST. '.?J tout. Capt P. Woodhoaae. LI VKB POOL, l,IM 'ona, Capt John e ldridge II' lTT(N<*UK.K, I iKKl tort, "ift Ira RnH?y Geo itipprd it Son are the only agents in L'Verpool forth* j above line of paeketa, in addition to w hich they despauh : Aral clan ihip every week Persons at niting .noney to their friends m large and mall amotinu, can be accommodated with drafts on iht Belfast Baukiut <,.ninny, and their numerona branches in Ireland; alaoonh* principal bankv in knaland Scotland, and WaWa. AppIv to CARLISLE k KTPPAKb, anil Mr'm M Month atreet. rnr of WMI. K AOS.?60 bales No. 1 Leghorns, l:>0 bales Sicilr R-igs, S. P. K ,1 or aalo by fZfcfwK at BROOKS, ill n No MudfT Naaaaa street, E NE N] HEAVtS AND BROKKN WIND 'IN -U?OH0R8K8, speedily ud permanently cured, by the nTv_?M of iv?V?.ir. Htm Powde?. They U been in oomumt use in the TstterseJI HiahUt, Loudon. ud by noblemen throughout the Kingdom of Greet Britain, for more than fifty years. As a medicine lor Henifi, Broken Wind. Botts, Wurmt, lie , tike proprietor offers them to the people of the United State*, wi'b lull confidence ol their spnroGation. Rone genuine without the siiniature of J. KlIlKBIUllE, eet street, London. Price 4 nliilii"Ki su-rlnig per packnge, orfl. American currency. A. H OOUOH k Co., 149 Kultonftreet. New York, Axeutt General Tor the Unicfed States. All orders. acconn- iu'ed by the cash,and P'XibuiiL, bun<-tu*lly attended to. Persona detiruig the ageneV, by addrei?uiK aj abore, post paid, with good reference, will receive immediate attention. ?7 30t*in ft TO THO&f TH IT VVI8H TO ;Oi:4 THr. i.t a RCOT OK IT. n. ARTILLKK/-Wanted for the Ut ( Kegimeat of Artillery, 4MI able bodied men, between the J&afies of l( and M years, to which good p?y, rations, and eloihing will be given. Apart I/out 'lie above, a farm ol lkt acre*, or SIM Treaaunr Scrip, ruid fi: bounty. Apply at the rendezvous rooms, at No. tS6H fiieenwich, No. 99S Waahington, and No. M Chatham suteu: also at the Arsenal Yard, eorner of White and <>ntre in New Ynth *< ?t?re TMWi HUBSCKIBKit wiahas to sell his Storehouse ! and t"atform a' the OilaM Depot. There it on ?aid lot Htorehouie M by 40 'eet. and Platform JU by 7# feet. TrieLot is 14k feet Trout and ?|M*et tear; it now occupied as a store and freightiug business, li ia situated on the Naw Yo>k and Krie Hailroad. is miles Irow henmut, and CO milti from this city, aud for location not aurpaate-' by any on the l>ne of tlie taid railroad JOHN H. TUTHILL. s23 I4l*rrc aal FOK 3 A Lb.?A large auuibei of valuable Lois tituate in the village of Williamsbiirgh, fronting ou North JMlJLtd, Couselyea, SkUlman. Jaejuou, Withers, Frost. U ion avenue, and Lorimer itiiiu. These lou will be sold upon favorable terms. Apptyte JOHN ftKILLMAN Jun., at his housa North Id street, near Uuiou A*suae, on Monday ami Krid*v. .10 3i>t*rc m*m DI'TThTWOS: --T he nuh^rMbrrt offer f?r t^le their usuxl >u?orMneni of Dutch Bul'?ou? Koou, con sMMamm. iiiuuK ui caoirn uouwie iuju biiikio iijr^ciHiiu, iuii|ia, usrcmgi, jonquil', a ens, fUilolu., crocus, lie. lie. Alto a luxe collection of gr?en house plants aud garden seedi. Bouquet* of choice flow* at all seaa>>na. i2l 30t*rc DUNLAP fc TfI0W80lV#35 Brnadwav. m WM.M. V OUNO VoHMKHLV 4 ANN 8'I KKET iwbutnowthe Paris Boot Kmporium, is mauafacturiug the beat qnality of Kreueh Calf Boots for $4 50, eqaal to tl>e best sold iu other stores for $C and ST, made to order for the same ; do Ane Calf 8ewed Boots, hia owu make for |] 50, equal to any sold in tins city for $i, and warranted to Kite satis faclion-iOeu. Taylor's half Boots S2T};pateut Cocfesa Boots made to order for $1 75. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, fcc. constantly on hand. Also, Military and cork sole Boots made to order, with a fine assortment of all (roods in hia line Corner of Kulton and Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office al J0t? rc WM M. YOTTNO. KOK LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the l lth NEHWOrt.?The first class fait sailingpackct ship HTK flUfaPHEN WH1TNKY, Captain f>ophani, burthen 1,100 tons, will sail as above her regular dav. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, nud steerage passengers, reraous intending to embark should make immediate application on hoard, toot of Maiden laue, or to JOSKPH McMUHRAY, con w of Pine aud South streets P.8.?Persons dertroui of seudiuir for their friends iu th? old country, cnu hare theni brought out in the above very favorite packet, or any other of'.he line, by applying as above. i>7 JJfjfc- *O.K~LIVJCHPOOC^ ? owe?Ueuui . 7 ^nF^et of 36th of October ? nrw ntid splrudid -1.*VQMfaa sailing packet ship < ICK, Cip ain I! J. 11 I nwk, ?nll positively sail as ab< ier reirul-.r ) Kor freight or iwssage, liavin idsome I , dace. raodations, apply on board, at u? wharf, loot of \v itreet, or to i COLLINH .Mi Scuth st The packet ship ROSCIUS, .iptain Asa Kldridge, will tucceed the Irarnck, aad tail on rii* 2bth *?l Nov., her rtitular Ur i>6 EW OIILKAN4?Louisiana and New * Lme of Packeta?-To sail Monday, October JIMkllk ? 1 he new aud splendid fast sailinir pseket ship <. L.II" t II 1 ngersoll, mister, is now loading, and will positive \ e. her regular day. For tr' ige, having handsome furnished accotnmoduli *rd, at Orleans whsrf. foot of Wall St., or to K K. COLUNlt. M Mnn'hit. Agent* Mr. Wm. Creery, who will promptly forwaru address. Positively i. 11 be received ou board after Saturday eveniiiK, U> The packet ship LOblSV ILLE, M. Hunt, matter, will succeed the Clifton, aud tail her regular day._ _ oJ__ I?- NEW LINE OK PACKETS TO ANFKKOM ImCTVl'lVERHOOL? Packet of the 21at Octob?r?'llie JMMHLsplrndid u* w and ftst sailiug ship <ONSTI I I/'16 K) tons burthen, Captain Julio Britton, will positively sail from New York on the 21st mst., and from Liverpool on the 6 h December. !' rsons about to proceed 10 Kuroixt, ui those wuniug to tend for their friends in the o'd c?ui.try ran 1!<h ?elect a fiuer conveyance. Tho?e wishing to seeure berth*, shouId made early appliratioq on board at the loot of Burling Blip, or to W.fcJ. 1. TAPSCOTT ol 86 South at. ttSWfc k"k LIVERPOOL-The New i.iUe-iteku.M Mf*F|^racket of 21?t of October?Tb? super,or new lust jBMPtoaailiiig picket ship I ON ST 1 iL"J IO N, iOoe tons 0.1pMtu Jjihu Brittou, will aiil aa above, her regular dav. Kor f eight o. passuge. having spleudid large and comfortable tale room and rabia. apply to the captniu ou board, pier No 1, Westside oftfurling >lip orto WOODHULL k MINTUHN, ?T South at. Price of passage $IU0. The packet >11111 HOTTINGUER, 1100 toot, Cast. Bnrslev, will au< ceed tlx Constitution, and sail on her regular day, f ls> nf November. *23 f* ALL AND WINTEll CLOTH1NU, at the City Cloth ing Warehouse, No iIOl Kultou sareet, directly oppoeite the Old North Dutch (.hurdi, where every style of 1*11 and winter Clothing cau be hid to suit the pocket and taste of all. CLOAKS?Oi Slack and blue broadcloths, beaver and pilots from $5 OS to 2a 00 OVER CO A T8 and OVfcK SACKS, every shade of (weed, broadcloths, beaver and pilots, Irom . ........ 5 VO to 20 00 Also, a Urge utortmei.t of Busiueaa Sacks, Krock C'otU single and double treaned. The new style of SHAD COA TS, from J OS to 10 on PANTALOONS, plum and fancy t'atsimeres, French Doc kins lu,d Euglish blxck Cassimeres. Satinets, hn , of every style, from 1 SO to H 0" VKHl'S. u ?ill? -!? merino,, anil boinbaxiuc from 1 JO to 5 00 Alio, a Urie mjoituieut of Kreurh, t'Dglxh, Go mail and American broadc ot t. C(j?itn>-rra Venting*, winch will be m&ile up to order to mit the uioit faatidtouv DANIEL, P. SMITH, lli 3tt*m 107 Fulton *t.. oppmite the Old Dutch ChnreH. TO TAILORM.?The Kail and Winter Ka?lnou lor 1U<7 and IJ1R it ready fur rile at the office of " l.\ i'aritiou," No. 4 Coartlandt itreet, three di>oni we?t of Broadway. AI?o, a very rhoii e ajjoitmeut of Heiuiich** Shear*, Point*, aud Tmlora'Crayon*, aquare Tape Maaaur'-f. Ike. Uc. Order* addresned to A. WHfcfcLKR, ruliliaher of Ka<hiou* and Teacher of Cutting \o. 4 Cnnrtlnnrft ?t *H ll r rr Txah COMMI&ACIAL, .lUfc.VcY' AT UAl^Vk.^ VESTON ?The undersigned wilt attend to the Cnllectioo of Notea aud Account* lu the Stite of Tim, effecULg 9ale? of Real ICatalr, the Purcha*' of Produce, Receiving ana Forwu iag of Merchandize, and of a General i onimisaion Buaiueaa. UEOIUJK BUTL.bR. RircaKNtE* i?c Nicw Ynnn. Moaea Taylor, E?n., J, (> Dudley It Co* Edward K. t'olkina, Eai]., luriaut Piituum, JCaq., Allen 8c Pmaon, June* Letfcrta St Co., Robert C. Welinora It Co., Wiauen (t (Kle, Haydoi.k. Corlie* at Co., Edward O. KaileltCo., WIII. C Lnngley St Co., J St ). K. Trippe, K 8. (It D. Lathrop, White (t Urintull, Hon. John W. K.dmoudi Walter ?1. Town*end Ic Co. Ad'lic* No. II Piue utreet. New Votk. ?J4ltit*ni THE NATIONAL KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY, No <2 Wall street.?luturance aganiat Kire and Inland Navigation Ritka.?This Company i* p.epared to mtku inaurante Igtiwl low or damage by fire Oadwelling liuuaei, waifhonaea, building* in geneial, uouda, warea and iiicrehaudne ol every deajeiiftiou, and peraoual pioperty, and on riilu of txauiportation aud inland navigation. DtRKCTOM Thomas W. Thorne, William Van Wyck, rmu DiMKcniN W.U. lUdneid, Kufeue Bocart. Mnrtiu Hoffman, Heury H. War?i. Kobert L. Ci?et Johu J. Hrrrick, John D.Wat d, Henry D. Bench, Ste|>)ieu Holt, W H. Jacob*. THOMAS W THORNE, Preaident. W. C. Kkllooo, secretary. N. B ? The capiul afthia iiutitution ia now fall, and with a aerplua. Motiey (o loan on bond and mortgage. ?2i rrc BILuIAaUA.?The inuiuf.tcturer'a, for plavit>K,and (he aale of ublea. are Auu atreet, entrance froin M9 Kultnn. Horn'a 4 Ten riu Alleya on the lit floor, 7 Tablea on the 2nd. Cloth, bulla, cue, wax, and Kreuch cue pviuta, fur aale. Mr. J. Horn, juu., and Otia Field are connected with the above ettAblithiiieutt, and invite their fnenda and the publie. N. B. The two genu above named are very popular iu their bnaiueaa? the* talooua are worthy of patronage ? ho. _a2?3#t*rc TO THE LADIES HKIDKNT AMD VISITERS IN NEW YORK.?Wm. Scott it Co., No. J77 Broadway, reapectlolly invite attention to their itoek of L*ee Capea, VeiU, real aud imitition trimming l.icra. Mualiu Truiiniu ;ga, Bai.da, Infanta' Waiata, Robea and Ki >cka, Needlework Coll.'.ra. (. hrlniaerta. Hjt&dherrhi?f? t'.iiffi ki i* 'I'iiLimm and Oigaudie Mualin*, kuibroideied .Mualin Drtasea, Lace D>e**e*. Berthe*. he., lie . wlncli are offered nt *ery low prictrt, and will tie lound eiiual in extent nud variety to any in tliecty. A Urge itock ol Urea* Cap* ?t one dollar rach. N B ?N-. deviation in price* *11 Wf*rr WJtUUI.NU A?L? UajLl. UKfcsaK"*??V m^uTi fc Co.. No- 377 Broadway, offer a uew aii'i elefaut *tock ol embroide ed Vfutlm aud Lace Mob??; Valine* l.<ce C*|<e*. Berthe*. Kcare, h?- ; embroidered Lawn Handkl't; Lhimi*ette?: Co Inn. |,are umlpr hmidkf* olljt'rr FANCY WOODS?K. A. ART AULfri'ropiielor of the Lafayette Bataar, 14H aud 1M Broadway, up etai'*, baa jnat irap<ifted a auitable atock for fall trade, wnirh he offera to eoautry merchant* on encouraging term*, consisting of fancy iulaid work boxes, due fana, cnt glass, Parie porcelain ware, Snraea, ladiea bag*, perfumery, jewelry, steel goods, he.; in ue the moat iplendid and varied atock of fancy and naeful goods to be foaud in tli* city. Country merchant* are invited to call. aa 17 Mr* re C^HARLK.S AHRENFRLDT, New York. M Maiden lane, > up stairs,and U Liberty meet; Philadelphia, It Nort'.i Foarth at/ret. up ataira; Boston, M Kilby street, corner of Duane al'tet, Importer of all kiuda or toy* and fancy a.tirlea, perfumery, *oap?, muncal instrument*, French china, Gcrman plain aid cot glaaa wan, oinameut* for mantelpiece*, li qBorcnie*. ? *. , anu Wfw PARIS Alt j'lr'll IAL M.<>\VEKH, lir.?IN. K MIN, Importer, 53 Na***u atreer, np *taira, ht. received by late arrival* a very evtenaive and well (elected arock of French Artificial Flower* and Klower Materiala. together with a moil plendid assortment ol Feather*, Coidnres, he. lie lie., r hich ha offer* tO tllflItnill# At l?W iirii-ri |||| 'fOf m POWiH LOOMN*-|Tur mIc, Si Narrow Uhiiiii, of ?n penor make of iron, to *rnire twilled work, either cotton or woolen Mtiuru, Kentucky jeani, tweeJi, o? drillt, with chance earns. The? will ht aoN at a btrgain ln.|*??fe *t it irn^d ttreef. *11 K? r? KlrtHf Pfll^Cli' alwar* eumred unrivalled aue eeaa at HANFOHD BROTHERS. Merchant T-ilorp, If! Faltnn afreet ? lat. Aiwa- a (ivea good fitting Coat*. Pant*, aad^eej?keep* the heat of Clotha, C*?*imere and VeMing* lad. Term* eaah; coiiaeijneutlv. caa aell 15 per cent cheaper thaa ihoae mat aell on time. Id. Garment* art made at t!i?y aught to be, and done at tha timepromised A full suite made in twenry-foar hno't.^3 every variety uf CJentlrmcn'* narfirting coaauntly on hand, aadaokd at vary low pricea for caal. only SANFOKD BROI HER 117 Falton *treet, aS Mtrve nit te the IXfre. WINDOW HHAUICS ol r?rry .leacnptimi *a<l .|iiniii?. eheaper than at any other e*tabli*hu>?at ia the United State*, for tale wholeaale and retail, at JOHN k DONCKtRt, M Chatham. teraer olCambsr atreet, utt Mt*r? New York. W YC EW YORK. MONDAY M Interesting War Intelligence, LKTTKU FROM MAJOR (.AIXY. IKrom the Washington l/nlon. Oct. 7 1 The following letter from Major Lilly ?u addreeeed to ('ol. Wilsou at Vera Crux, and by him forwarded to Adjutant General K Jonef, at Waabington:? iiuri, Aug. 30, 1847. Tn Gov. Wi/ion, ftrit Cruz: My r.)nm?tnl mehrd thl* pica on the morning of the J0th instant. Wri hare fought our way triumphantly er<*ry Inch of ti e routa, but have bad ??i??re contests nsr. battlvs?with the gut-rllUs; on the lflth, at Pasc (?' before repotted.) on the lath August at the National BrUge. on the l&*h of AivuaU at Cerrn Oardo. and on the Ittth. at Laa Anlman, only a mile and a half from thl* city. Not a wagon ha* fa'li n into the hand* of the enemy. W, hare been opposed by at lvait l.'OOor 1500 guerilla* on these orossiona -pc-b?ps Imp at the last, for they ware uadly whipped at Cerro (iordo. where their )om was ?o lurj-e that they could not reorganlxv Father Jarauta oom mended them Our lm>? i? great. During the antlra march?7 officers wounded; I'i of rank and file killed; fl'mortally wounded; 00 wounded Of thla, 4 killed and 1 wounded were at p la sea elsewhere than the lour notion* named libera 1 mgrat to say. that at the National Bridge Mr. George 0. Twiggs (axpaotlng a oommleelon and to be A. D. 0. to Gen T.) was killed while gallantly serving In my staff ; Capt J H Calwoll, of roltlgeura, ?ul Captain A. r I Iimmlnn I I 111 InfinlMi nund.4 no lli> IIHh (a* before reportnl) but am doing well now At Nation al Bridge Lieut. James A. Winder, of voltlgeuri, and Lt Geo A. Adam*, of marine oorpx, were dangerously wounded; al*o on the taron day. ( apt \V J. Clark, litn Infantry,in the thigh; M l.ieut Charle* M. (rearorl.'th infantry, not severely, in the leg. At Lao Animas, on the 19*h Major K T Laliy,Dtli infantry, commending officer, waa wounded in the ueok, not severely. but ha*, for a tew day*, been disabled from command A largo number of *lok have accumulated, beside* our woun led ; and we Hhall be compelled to remain here many day* to recruit I cannot too mtTch praine the gallantry of the officer* ? the men, raw and unlnstrucled, have gradually acquired conlldence. Col Wynktop arrived from I'erote on the 24th. having beard we were in danger at Orro G Jrilo We waited three day* for your reinforcement, ami hearing of It at Dan del Klo, e?ut back a body of dragoon* to National Bridge, who tlndlng it In possu* iou of the enemy, we ooucluded it was repulsed. I am pained at the rumor we heard ot the lo?* of some of lta wagon*. Dr. Cooper and IS dragoon* reached us I cannot too earne*tly recommend tnat you agaumo the authority to order the reocaupatlon of thi* oLy. Kven if lien. Pc'itt wm not before the city of Mexico, and beyond the reach of reiuforoement*, you perceive that train* are constantly endangered by guerilla*, and I am *atl*tled that thi* city ha* been their headquarter* and that their chief auppl'e* have been forwarded from here. Their ipirits have been railed by absenoe of the troop*. I am certain that (Jen Scott, on the spot. would order it* reoccupation. Col. Wynknop concurs in it* Importance. Very truly your*. V. T. LALLY, Major 9th infantry, commanding. [ We understand that Major Lally'a suggestion na* but anticipated, and that order* were litsued ou the l-'th ot August, from the office of the Adjutant General, directing the re-occupatiou of Jalapa. We presume that bef.>re thi* time a military post ha* been established In tliat city. We cannot doubt that Major Lally'a torce, joined with < olonel Wynkoop'* and General Lane's force, at leaat -J.000. ha* advanced to form a junction with General Scott ]? Union. MA.IOR LAJ.LY'S COMMAND. [From the New Orleans 1'lcsyuue, Oct il.J The following letter, from an intelligent and most reliable correspondent, with the aeco apanying list of killed, wounded and missing of Major Lally'* command, will be read with lutereat by all It will be teeu that the gallant pa~ty encountered con*tant danger. hard*hlp and toil. But tho unyielding and indomitable spirit of American* bore down all opposition, and in the face of death Itself, they foroed their way onward toward* their destination. Jalapa, Sept. 8, 1H47. Accompanying 1 send you u list of the killed, wounded and missing in tue ooiuiuaud which left Vera Crux on I lift *i?th lilf /.f U.I/.. I -II- n.l. ........ vwu.u._uu x. "i iuo i'vu Infantry. The train arrived without tbe lorn of a wagon, on the ioth ult ; but a* you will mho, from tbu aocompanyiug lUt, we have had hard work Slnoe leaving the San Juan river, wehave been attacked from behlndevery bush, and from every hill-side de?th has been dent among us. We have fought four hard battle* meantime?at P?h del Ovijas, the lUcb; the National Uridge, the lith, from one till half-past kls ; at Cerro Uorda, the lfttb; at none of the** places, nothing leu* tuan I M?0 to 3600 men, according to their owu scuouuts Tbeir Ion? hag been very great. At l.aaanlmM the last dying attempt to arize ua waa made, but, is before, without success It wan foolishly reported in Vera Cru* that our train wan to take up a million in specie. The hopes of booty, and the promiaa of fifty dollars to each man in the event ot Hucceaa, from Kl Cadre Jarania, brought out lot gurrrilIrrot In vast numbers. Everything remains quiet here?no alarms of any kind. 1 have never seen a more orderly Mexican city The health of the command is Improving fast. The wounded officer* are doing very well, and will soon be able to be moved. Lieut. Winder, of the Voltigeurs, oerviug In Forao's battery, who wax wounded at the National Bridge, was buried yesterday with the honors of war. He was shot on the bridge, almost at the first ftre-sn eeoopeta ball parsing through his body, carrying away his left lung. He wa? a gallant and gentlemanly offloer, whnne lo?s will be severely felt. Lieut. George D Twi*ga, strviug iu the sums b+ttery, after tbe f^ 11 ot Lieut Wimler. was shot dead on the hill, while engaged In charging th" po?itl?'n of a piece of artillery He was on his way to join General Twipg* a* Aid-de-< a?np A more hiirh-aouled or nhl valrir fellow never lived Capt. Clarice. ?f the I jib, won also wnurded while asxiating to bring Hnimtinition to Lieut. Sears on the i.rid*e--h* having but six men left nt the two gun? Li*ul. Adams, 01 the marines, wan al>o wounded while a^sisiing with a detachment of his company lu taking it ku? up a hill Lieut Creamer win wounded in the ilrst (ire ou the bridge Their* three latter gentlemen were wounded iu the leg?Limit. Adam* very severely. Alujor i.aily. commanding. was woun led in the neck at La**niiu?a; lie has, however, aFnuwed command attain. No news from alov* that comts in an authentic form--1 give no ruionrn therefore. K?r the information of friends, please publish the accompanying list of killed and woundHd. Your*. respectfvlly. List or Kn.i.rn amd Wocmin ok Maj. Lai i.v'a Commaid prom Vr.aA l/ivt to JAi.Art. -'It Pu?? Ouijav, II). Mortally Wounded?Private John 8 Lynch, company K. Wounded?Capt. lac. II. Calwell, Voltigeurs; Capt. Arthur C Gumming*. 11th infantry; Sergeaat Aliia A Selover, company ?, 31 dragoons, (actiug Sergt Mmj ol this command); Corporal Cornelius Neighbours, voitiguers, Corporal li J. i'errill, < .ergia mouuted wen; Private John Ca-tley, do do: Corporal A W. W'arein. ?ompany K, 4th lnfautry; Privates John Hublia and William P. Campbell, company K, I ltli iufautry; Musician Peters, company L), voltiguers .'ttlhr National bridge, Jlufuit 13. Killed?Mr George D. Twiggs, acting in the staff of the commanding bllicer; Private rasper Hickman, company K, 4th Intaulry; Private William Tomison; Private Henry Hturgey, Light Artillery Battery; Private John A. (iriflln,company <1. Uth Infantry; Sergt. R H. Rogers, company I, l-Jth Infantry; Privates A N. Crandleand A. Mir*u, company (1, 1-lch infautry; Private J. 3 (iove, company I, 1'Jth Infantry; Private Charlu* U. Powell, company I, 11th Infantry. Wounded?Capt J.W.Clark, llt'u Infantry; Lieut. J as A Winder, Voltigeurs ; Lieut. Charles Vv dreamer, l.'lth Infantry, (acting assistant l^uartermitster) ; Lieut George Adam*. Marine Corp*; Sergsants Kbenea?r Lego and William Ingle*, compiny U, i.>th Infantry; Corporal II. J. Lorenx, company U, l.'ith I u fan try ; Private* J. llice, L Knuht, C? I' Ainidon, K. Jackson. .1. nvuumii, ii. iiuiter.ana l>. Stone, company O, l&th Infantry ; Private* Cruler, HarrlftandMolutosh.comBany C. 6th Infantry ; Private* Goo Heeail and Samuel >anyte*t?n, com puny K, Voltlgeura ; rrivate I.ttinpt?n Moon, oompany K, 4IU Infantry; Sergeant T. O. Wilkin*, company A, LouUiana Mounted Men; Private Haury, do. do. ; Private* Jurats M. Laugh ten and Win H. Wood, company K, llth infantry ; privatu John Mabury, Georgia mounted men ; private Kick Kord, company (J lith infantry; private* UenJ Juntice, Wm Kirkiry.KI'j'h Klrk*ev. and Hard) Shaudwlck,company 1, lith infantry ; private* llinick and Alpkun, company D, Voltlg?ur* , private* KHiah M Galea, Kdward McYllllen, Jaa H Hugina, Jan W UlaiMingham. Thomaa Wli on, John T. Ko*ter and Thomaa Moore, Light Artillery Battery Jit Cerrn Oar do, Jluguit 1}. Killed-Private* Frederick Notter, company D. &tli infantry, and Samuel B. Andrew*, company K, Voltlgeuri Mortally Wounded?Trlvat# George A Gentb, company 1, l ilta infautry. Wounded?Private* Daniel Jar*ell, company 1, Uth Infantry; tieerge W Palmer, company H. 4th Infantry; Wm. Kranrls, Wilralnlab, Joeeph Teater and John At*, company I>. .'>th inhntry, OainUly Kittgnrald, company II, 4th Infantry; gersMoU Talbot H. Law. company K, 4th Infantry; Kuigler. company K. 3d infantry; private Jon?tt, company C, oth Intautry. Jit iMtammat Killed-rrivatc* Jamci Londuln and William Bell, company K, 4th infantry. Wounded?M?jor K. 1'. Lally.Uth iufantiy, commanding; private* John 81m* and Bernard Cowln, company H, 4th infantry; Jumen C. Reyle, company K.VoltlRniira, Joneph Shunalt end John Baldwin, light artillery battery. Elirwktre on Ihf. Roml?^n?uif 0 and 14 Killed?Private* hdward 8. Devi*, company H, -4th Infautry; Antonio kritwnhock, compauy K. lilh infantry; J* men Darin, Georgia mounted uieu; .Michael Hamlin, flan del Kin; bugler Kranci* Laweraut, otinpany A, Louiiiana mounted men Wounded ?Lieut David Orlffln. company II. 4th infantry; Merfaant Henry Buokly, compaoy K, I'Jth infantry , private* Stephen Kotundo, company C, Ath infantry; Samuel Huny . Total?Visaing, 13, making a total Iom of 106. Our Veea Cru? correspondent, writing on the 17th ult. *ay*? t (uppoee we will have to wait again until the Log lirn courier arrive* before we receive authentic new* from viextco, and It I* even doubtful if h? will bring anything that can be made public, under eliding clrcnmetauce*. m Cien. Hentt will no doubt he In viesico at that time, and the permission which wa* extended to the oourler during the armistice to bring letter* for the American*, will of course, have been discontinued Even If the road l? opened by the American*, it will be very ua*afe, If not entirely ImpoMlble. for cornier* to oome through, unlee* under protection cf strong ?scort?, and theae escort* will of couraa only be furnished to the bearer* of government despatches which will be sent but Nldom. )RK I ORNING, OCTOBER U, IS [From the Washington Union. Oct 7.) I i W* *r? intimately acquainted with Major and I from bia hearing. character. gallantry. and Intellect, we expected him t" distinguish himself on the flrat opportunity which presented itself That opportunity has for- J tun^My fallen to his lot in leading up the weakest train. ( under the moat trylrg circumssances, which hai gone up j from Vera Crui to the army t The Lynchbnrg Virginian refers to a letter In its pos- t session from an officer in the United St-ttes array. dated Jalapa. Augns'. 26th. which gi?e* nrnie particulars of the adventures of the trail) commanded by M?jor Laily * ou it" r^ute up thr.n we htm yet seen ? "Tho train *i? more harrs-ixcdthan anyother,ln con- . "tjuenoe of the h-llef that It tia>] a Wrg-' Amount of spe ele It met tile en- my on the 10th. l-'th 1 >' h an I 1'ith of August. and out its way through in every iuatance. ' with a low. in ihe ng/ree>ite. of more than eighty men , Twelve were klHei'. >tnd several of the wounded wards uled. Major Lilly r?o?lveda ball on the Iftth,when I near Jmlapa. through hie aeck. < apt. t alwell.of the rolti- I j geurs. and Capt i iimmlnux ot the 11th Infantry, both ' fro lb Virginia, and (apt. CUrk. of North ( arolin*, were lerercly wounded?the first In the head, and the eeeond ! In the le?. Lieuteuants Adam*, of the marine eorps. Winder and Cramer, of the new regiment*, were also ' very b*dly wounded. Little hope* were entertained of the recovery ofMeuteuanta Adaraa and Winder With 1 these exception*), all the wounded were doing wall, and , oonaldered out of dargnr. Captain O. C Hunter, who, ma we mentioned some time ago.on the strength of an article In the Vnion. highly distinguished himself, was In command of all the troops?about I JOO -ut JaUpa."' ItATTt.K OF T11K MILL OF Kt. RKV ?ITS EFFECTS. Ph. nr.r... (t.? ll... J.I ?_1_. I .... , -|.J ... t.iv I'l'uriHtf, oumsiltinK A brief account of the battle of Kl Key. fought on the *^tb lUnt in ?hioh it wag represented tliut our troop* were ultimately forced to rtlir to Tacubaya. alter suffering a Ium in killed and wounded of I 0(H), ha* beeu reoeived by l.'rrea and the Governor of TaniaullpaH. and we And in tha Matmnoraa Flag tbe following letter froui tha former aud proclamation from the latter. They are beautiful specimens of Mexican bombast. ? Ti l*. Sept 14, 1847. To iii? EiciLLtltcr tiik Oon.mioa or Tawai-lipac ? The Supreme National Government haviug declined the propositions of the American Mlninter, m being exorbitant. hostilities were renewed, and on the Hth inat. our troops gave a severe lesson to the hateful invader*, heroically repulsing their assaults, ao<l driving them to their portion* I enclose for your Information a copy of an editorial in the Dimio of the same date. Thin event has produced an extraordinary enthusiasm in the capital of the Republic, the defence of which, I have no doubt, will be heroic end grand, although the American army may besiege it on ail sides Providence Is satisfied with our tulTerlngs.and the days of glory and connotation commence to dawn upon the : Republic. 1 congratulate this Government on so brilliant an event and supplicate you to announce this to the people of Taiuaulipas in a proper manner Accept my attentive consideration. Gnd and Liberty. JOU UKKKA. Francisco Vital Fernandez, Cons'itutional Governor of thr frer and sorereigu State of Tanaulipui, to its inhabitants hollow-citizens ! ?The thunder of the cannoa has again resounded in our beautiful capital, and has announced to the world that the Mexican knows how to die for bis o uutry and his liberty, rather than to sue umb to the tyranny of the treacherous stranger* Men of T&iuaulipas !? We have to deplore the low of some brave men ?but this time It is not sorrow and wailing alone which follow on the tumult of battle! Kteruul glory to tbe defenders of our native land ! Three times have we driven the enemy back aud taken vengeance for the blood of cur patriots, leaving one thousand of the corpses ol the enemy ou tbe field. Fellow patriots ' ?A few more battles await us and our independence will be achieved?the iuvader will bo crushed, aud we rhall be tree and happy. We have per| haps at this very moment solved tbe problem,amd doubt ifK.i now nit! lug 01 independence warns unstained. ex- I tin^uishlog the stars of the degenerated sons of Washington. Uulon, falor and firmness ! The people who defend their liberties must triumph, and we now do battle for , our couutry, honor, independence and religion. All these the conqueror would tear irom un Fortune has smiled upon him, but it has only engulpked him in a career of orimrn 'l'be Lord has wen the enormity of his transgressions and liis hand is now uplifted In wrath to suiit* him. The world shall witness and posterity shall learn, In the triumphs we are to i?ain, that we know how to preserve the immortal inheritance bequeathed to us by the father*of our coun- | try, Hidalgo. Mori lop and Iturbide Tiie infamous usur- I p> r shall curry with him an eternal cur*e. My trientls ?Know that this is not an empty promise, when I nr??r. by the name of our sacrificed brothers, i that 1 will ultfuys be at your side In the holy undertaking. Your ftilliful fellow citizen and friend FRANCIS* O VI l'*L FERNANDEZ. The probability is chat tola intelligence, and the difficulty which there is reason to suppose (ran. Scott found in taking the capital, will inspire the Mexicans with new hopes We have recently bad an account of a bold attack upon Mler by a guerilla party, and it will not astonish us soon to hear that the Talley of the Kio Grande again swarms with guerrillas, especially slnoe the enemy must know how weak we are ou that line. The Matamoran Flag of the 'JJd ult , speaking of thu reported victory at K1 Rey. says ? The latest rumor which has reached ur is, that the Mexicans, inspired by the news of Gen Scott's rtpulsu at the capital, are flyiuK to arms throughout the country at,d determined to bo in at the rxtermination Three iuuu,?auu are reported in u? already embodied between I hern ami Victoria. <Ju?es there in upwar is of considera- I bin exaggeration in this report, but mischief may be prevented if the uioveiu?uts of the Mexican* are closely watched about this time prom tiik nna/.os. j Kroui llie New Orlcim I'leayUQe, O :t. 1 ] By the schoouer Wo. Bryan, Hap' Myers. whiclt failed from Urn/on Santiago on the lath jit,' we have reI r?ived sundry letters from our correspondents on 11 r I 111.' <irand?. Our letters contain hut little of Impor i taure; Indeed, ther-- w;n nothing new or Interesting ?th'ringwhen the H\ li. ?.,lled. I By the I'. H. transport *ch'>nner Arisjtv, Cap!.. Free- | j bom. which arrivrd y< sturday from Brazos Santiago. vi? ! I Onlvestoo, the follouing parsons came passenger*: MsJ. I Croosinau, quartermaster I,8. A ; (,'apt Thompson, 1 Ht . Drsgoons; Lieut. Kilhurii, :ij Artillery; Captain Scott, , \ irginia Volunteers.ou sick leave: Messrs Niogeltary. t late of the North Carolina volunteers; Norman. late of | the ill Dragoon*: I'oolu, Branch, llansieker, Jackson I and Tervln, aotl forty-MX quartermaster's men and discharged soldiers. Mr. Bouligny, of New Orleans, came p isseng'jr on the j Arispe from Braros Santiago as far as Galveston Thn Arlspe put Into Oalveston on account of head I winds and heavy weather. by direction of Maj. Cross- ' maa.ou the Jlst ult, aud sailed s^ain on the -i4th for ' this port. The passengers sp'iak in the highest twins of | ( apt. Freeborn s attention and kindness to them during i the entire voyage. I'ROM THE UIO (rRANUB. '| From tho N O. Picayune, Oot. C.J By the arrival of the U. H. transport schooner Herolnri v?>af**riluv frnm flra-sna Cantiuirn *hi?h I the'J3d ult., we have lb* Matainoraa Hag of thw 23d ult. from which ?# obtain the following intelligence. Mine* Col. llay* arrived. nays the Flog, he ha* learned that the portion of hit regiment conniituting the late command of Major * hevalie, and now at Saltllbo, 1* not to join him, but remain with Ceo. Wool. It ia !*<> intimated that Lieut. Col. Bell'* preaent coinnumd, two companle*, left at Man Antonio, will not be withdrawn from Texan. If *o, Col. Hay* will only hate tire companle* of bin regiment under hi* immediate uommaud. | Major Cb*valie. who It wa* *uppo*ed had iwaigHHd in order toj'iiu CtLHlfMi the preemption wa* that there wonld be more active service on (ien Scott'* tino, It will be perceived l? a paneengeron the Heroine. Thuwholeof (ien. Cu*hing'* brigade, alao ordered to (ien Scott ^ line, had arrived from above, ajnd wan encamped at Palo Alto, 'l'he brigade was reported to be In good health. Transport* were looked for daily at the fir**o?, and ait aoou im they arrived, the brigade would move down am: embark. The battalion of the :id dragoon*, under command of Col. Butler,of thin State, had left for above The h'lug hai the following handaoine notice of tha brigade : ? The 3d dragoon* art* winding their way to Monterey. The battalion, about four hundred and fifty strong. left here on Wednerday evening last. An the eeveral companion Died through our street*, the noble and gallant bearing of oflloeri and men, and tine appearance of the (teed*, attracted universal admiration -tha whole population of the city, Mexican aud Americau, were drawn out to view them, and every voice spoka in pralae Murat at the head of hla choicest troop*, never looked or felt prouder of hia follower* than did Col I) utter. In front of hi* gallant command The bearing of every ofBoer wan unexceptionable? that of several, peculiarly striking, but we will not particularix* ( ol. fatter ha* given hi* whole attention, tor several month*, to the drill and dlcclplme of hi* command, and having been ably seconded by hi* officer*, hU ellnrt* liave bean crowned with complete Hucces*. Foraona fully competent to judge, who have wltueMad theexerciae* of the battalion wittiaword, carbine and piatol, aay they e<|Ual, If not eioel, tha dilll of any troop* in our rervlcc Mr* Kargtuon. who It wa* flrat reprrtnd wa* not dangerou*ly injured by the exploaion of the ateamer I.ama, died on the 17th Inat. of Internal injuria*, oauaed by Inhaling the acalding rtenm at the time of the exploaion Wo copy the subjoined paragraph from the Flag of the Jid ult?On Monday la*t two Moxlean* were *hot In the public street by a cowardly ruflt*n named Tlioma* McLaughlin, of the Texaa cavalry. We have not heard the fall particular*, hut It I* aald to have b-<en a moat wanton act, and wilhoi't the slightest provocation It caused the greatart Indignation in the regiment to which he wa* attached, aud wa are gratified to hear that they rendered prompt aid in havlug the murderer arre*ted He la now in cu*tody and we hope that hi* punishment may ba such a* tha nature ef hi* crime call* for. It la tuna for tha *trong arm ot tha law to be put forth?punishment must follow crime. It tiokeu* u* to racord xuch act*, and we tnut that the authorities will tbow that they cannot ba committed with impunity. Lat It not be urged in palliation that ihe m.n wa* drunk. Drunkenness i? no iiciiit for crime; it *honld rather make the offence greater Wa attended la*t evening the funeral of Major ("ha* C MoRae, ng.-d about (evenly, a native of the pari-h of ' t.??t Keilciana, La., but for I hala*t tweuty Ave year* a j reaident of Mexico. The dec?a*ed eam>* io thl* city in June last. from t hihuahua. wlit-re he li4* resided for many year* In hlililneiia he wa* watched r>y kind and j ayinpathimng friend*, and although cut off by death In a city whera he wa* an apparent stranger, a large proMMlon of our cltlsen* followed him to the grave He ha* aevertl children raiding In bla native pariah In LoolaUuta, and om son raiding In memphis, t?nuto IE R A 147. ihom the Intelligence of hi* death will be sorrowful tidnn MILITARY AFHAIKS. It is said that Major General Butler ha* been charged >y the war department with the organization of the r?* riments recently called Into the eervice of the l'nit?d ttatei, from the Htate* of Tennessee. lodiana ?u I iienurky, and directed to tike command of them when or(mixed Volunteers Ahiivid -The steamboat Trenton, arrived vestorday from Clnoinnstl. brought down tbree ouii aniea 6t (he '2d regiment nf Ohio Volunteers under oi Irwin, bound forthwith for the Ualize, on their way ; Mexico. Suco-ss attend them in sddlHon to these,the Belle of the West arrived lest ^venin* from Cincinnati, bringing thre- mo?e co-npa?i< ? ?B, F and li?alio of the 'id regiment Ohio VoluneiT*. 2 teamsters and seventy uiul"S -the whol? under i -ba command of T.iwut. Col Lathan, The foliowlux are the of these respective companies, vli company B?1st Lietit. Spencer, 3d Lt?ut. Moreh?*ad, 'Jd Lieut Bently?non couimi-sloned officers and privates jO tueu ; o un.'tny V Tapt llsr?, 1st Umt. MitaheU, Jd Lieut I'llrift. -id Lieut Antrim? non-commissioned officers ir'd privates 78 men ; company O?Capt Ker;;nsou 1st Lieut. Kloe, .1 Lieut. I'erry, 3d Lieut tttinman- nonBOtainWaioned officers and private* d& men. The la?t de'achraent w?ut on board tbe ship Palestine, j lying all ready to gall for Vera ("rat The steamboat Declaration if hourly expected with the remainder (four ccmpaniuf) of the regiment. under Mnjor Link ?AT, O Picuyunr. Oil. 1. NAVAI. INTEI.IS I.ENCK. by thu following l?tt?r, it will he mho that the sick- ; ness ou hoard tbn U. S steamship AUirxany baa Increase 1 since our accounts l>om her at key Wmt, on the 9th uit. In our paper of thu 2let we gave u short litter from an oflleer on board, in whioh hopes with m- | pr*sged that the disease would soon disappear. Yenter- ' day we received thu following; . UtlTKn Statki Hrr.AMrn AututHr, > hity Wr$t, S'p'rmhtr -JU, IH47. $ Obntlemkn Prior to our arrival bore wu had twensix cases of yellow ItTVM board an 1 three deaths.? Since our arrival forty additional cages have oocarred. nd wo have bad one more death. Many of the oases are of a aevere type, but the majority art* mild The aick are at the Marine Hoapital. u .der the charge of Surgeon VVoodworth. Amongst the aick were fifteen o(Boers, all of whom hare recovered. The diseaae haa beguu to abate, and from present appearances wa indulge the hope that we ahall be enabled to sail for Norfolk in the courae of tendaya.?AT. O. tic.. Oct. 2. We have been Informed that Lieut. Wm. 1). Porter has been ordered to the Oulf of Meiioo, to coutuand one of the steamers uow there; he will proceed hence in the frigate Cumberland, and report to Com. Perry ?S?rfotk I In tl'l. Oct. h. Police Intelligence. Cau*ht on th' ' Lift."?Quite a decent looking woman.oalling heraelf Margaret Murphy,aliaa Russell, alia* Catharine Cumings, was arreated on Saturday evening, by officers Martin and Smith, of the 6th ward, ou a charge of stealing from the dry goods store of Seaman St Muir, next to tbe hoapital in Broadway, u handsome lace cape, valued at six dollars. It appear* this wooian entered the >tore uod?r the pretence of purchasing rome article, and while tho clerk'a attention waa directed to another part of the atore, she managed to u lift" from the counter the cape, and almost Immediately left the atore. However, the elerk missed the article, soon after went in pursuit and overtook tbe woman in Church street, where he caused her to bu taken into custody by the officers, and conveyed before Captain Perry at tbe station house, where, on ber peraou, tbe identical case was found, toget ter with a large brocha shawl, 10 pair,of ladles kid gloves. I pair of gxiter boots, I pair of buskins. 1 bracelet. " rings, and $1 Sj in oash. In the courae of the night Captain Perry and hit officers discovered where she boarded. No 101 Spring street, and on searching ber trunks, the following goods were fouud, evidently atolnn from different xtnrea visited by ber wader the pretence of buying : I large white crape embroidered shawl, * handkerohiofs, I pair silk hose, 3 pair merino do, U do. uottou, 2 yards lace. I merino scarf. 1 a lk net can. 1 laoe 10 nieces ribbon, 3 reticules, 1 spool slate colored silk, I India fan, I 1 silver comb, 1 la ly 's cravat, 1 India purse, 1 steel do , 3 small nock Hcarf*. 3 neck ribbons. U pair ladies' gUvrs. I velvet wristbands, I gold lepinc watch, 1 gold locket and heart attached to silk chain. 1 Bteel bead purse. I India banket. 4 Anger ring*. I cluster pin. 3 scarf pin*. 'J bracelets, I pair ear-ring*. 1 hroouh, 1 Rob Roy shawl, I earring and gold stud,'2 iu?- oollar*. I broken fan. 1 handkerchief marked llelen Detuary, 1 black lace veil, I Rob Roy Hoarl, I lady's cravat, 14 book*, gilt bound*; for all of which owners are wanted Apply to thu Captain, at tho st&tiou hou*e, No. 48 Leouaul elieet Char/fr of Hurftary. ? Oflloer Mode*, of the Kighth Ward, arretted yesterday two young men called Robert Oreen. alias Reed, and The.>doro Hegroot, on a charge of entering the store occupied by Joseph .Marcu* in Varick street, nu the 1st instaut, with a false key. stealing therefrom a lot of ee;;ars wur.h J-6. Justice Merrlt looked them up for trial K'tvinn a itinoi d>rly houne?dtllcrr l.nngdon. of the Kourih Ward, arrested on Saturday night Jolin Montgomery, on a bench warrant. Issued by the Court of Sessions, he having been lndioted by tne Orsn.l Jury for keepiug a i.laord-rly house and couimou rt-snrl for prostltutlon at No 337K Water street The court held him to bail in $400 to auswerthe charge. C/iurgro/ tiabhinn u Countryman.?Officer Ralfer'.y of the tiih ward, arrested yesterday morning, m woina'u ailed Ann Maria Terry, on a charge of robbing a Jerseyman. by the name of Johu Williaius, of while iu a "crib'' at No 161 Leonard utriMit. Justice Osborne locked up for trial. Charg' of Stealing ?Oflloer Mincho. of the 6th ward, arreiUid on Saturday night, a woman called Knrah Austin, keeper of a house of prostitution at No 30 Kim street, on a charge of robbing John Dulan of $I>, while > in that den of infamy. Justiot Osburne locked her lip for examination. Carelnt Driving ?A man by the nauie of Samuel llorusey, in a state of Intoxication, wax nrrested yesterday tnorolnir in Broadway, near Murray stiret, on horseback, Jriviag upan the sidewalk, iu j. u to the annoyance of Broadway proiuenadera. Hewn-" taken be. lore Justice Osborne, who flued him > l?r b?ii.g drunk, and locked him up beside*, until sober. ?1 Pit hunt ft Servant.?Officer Ostrom, of the Seventh ward, arrested yesterday, a Dutch woman culled I redfrlru Ksmning, a servunt in the employ of Mr Kdward K. Shod, No ^4 Henry street, on a charge of stealing fioui her employer, a lot of children's dresses, together with some o'.hm articba valued at f>J > A portion of the Sroperty was recovered, and Justice K etc haul looked r up for trial. Lhw IntelllKsnec. fli rr.aioR CO' rt, Oct. 9 ?Before <hi*f^. Justice Oakley?Jn/in Marfield rt Ororg* l)ou?latt.?This was an antlou on the c.ise, on promises, and rose as f >ll'iw* the plaintiff is a provision merchant residing at < hilltoothe. in the Slat* of Ohio, snd the defendant is a produce commission merr-hant residiug in this city. In the summer ef Mitt, iJim pUintiff tent from Chllllcothe to the defendant, larve ((uantity of produce, chiefly pork and haras, to ba sold for him ou commission, l'reviou* to or at the time o' sending the produce, there was no agreement cither as to tba mode or time of sale, or of making advances; considerable advances, however, were afterwards made. In the course of the fall and in the two tirst winter months, the provision market was very dull, prices low and fluctuated according to the news Drought by each suooessive stes.raer; the plainiilT was regularly advised of th? state of the market and on Lh? 14th of I December be wrotn a letter to the defendant, in which, after stating hi* opinion of the prospect* of the trade, ho directed him to withdraw hi* property from the market. The following in an fx tract from the letter, and in perhaps the turning point iu the oase: "Thirty days will tell pretty much what the (took will lie, and with those facts before me," (referring to the former part of the letter,) "I have thought best for you to take my pork out of the market for the present, an it uanuot be wold ?and thirty day* will make a vary importaut change In the value ot the article." Soou after, in another tetter, he reiterated hi* instruction* not to sell; the defendant, notwithstanding, sold a portion of the pork before the thirty days had expired, and on the 14th or 16th of Jauuaryfoilowlng, sold a targe i|uantity, aud continued to sell on until he had sold the whole slock, consisting of 1001 barrels, and advised the plaintiff of It/ urnifhing him at the same time with an account of sales. In the beginning of February. pork rose from >8 and $!> to $>|-J and |> 13, and on the Htu or 9th of that month, the plaintiff wrote to defendant acknowledging the receipt of the accouut sales, but refusing to be bound by them, end calling upon the defendant to put the pork into the market aud sell It for the then market price, or that he would hold him accountable for the difference between what he had sold it for aud the price at which it would sail on the H.h or 'Jib of February The defendant having. as before slated, sold the pork, could not, of course, comply with plaintiff's requisition The latter now seeks t/> r,.i,i.vmp IK. ,1 ffjraiin. I...t.......r, Iri .ml i'l a harrel. fur which h *old, and flu mid >1.1, which U would bring on the nth Kehruary, initiating thai, notwithstanding thu advance* made by defendant. ho could not *?li without first giving plaintiff notice, nod calling upon him to i refund the advauces Mr. Cumin, one of tbo defendant'* couoftrl, TO'iVflJ for a uuiMult on the three following grounds- flr?t, conceding the letter of the I Uh Deaember to havu been an explicit order from plaintiff to defendant, to withdraw bis pork troui market and not to mill until further order, defendant wa* not bouud to have obeyed auch inductions. because the property bad been consigned to him without restriction upon tlie right of sale; moreover, defendant having madeadraure* upon the faith of thecon*igniuent conformable witli such power fsnle. Secondly, thai plaintiff had no right or power to control II.a *ai? without H rut tendering to defendant th* amount of bin advance* Thirdly, that upon asouud construction of ihe letter of the order glv.-n to withdraw the pork 14th Deem bar out of the market, waa not peremptory, but left a d excretion in defimlant to withdraw itie property from market or not, a? It should seem judicious to biui and tbet if there wns auy amoigui y iu the loiter by which defendant intgbt reasonably be misled. tha consequence* must fall upon pi intlff Alter counsel had couolud?d their argument* tor and against the motion for a nonsuit, tha Chief Justice laid be wss equally balanced between the argument* oo both index, hi* practioe waa la xucb oa? ? to let the causa go to the jurj, reserving the legal question* for the oonsldvratlou of rbe full court; that being hi* practice ha would let tin* ' **?, go to iba jury. reserving. bowaVer, the questions rained oy defsudaut'i counsel for tne aou*ideration of himself and hi* associate* thereafter The defence wa* than Ki'ii* 1 ito, which con*iated of the correspondence > - the defendant'* counsel contending that, under I the law In relation to principal and factor the Instruction* contained in the letter of th? 14th if December were not binding on tha defendant, where be had made advance* ; of, at moot. It waa only binding on hiia lor thirty day*, which expired on the MUi ul J a * LD. I'rlfi Two Onf?, juary, 1S17 ; tbnt foi *ny nl?< mil* after that day ha ?m not (h h?Ttnn b?.,o oontaaded by the plaintiff * ronaart that. fr,B1 the tnatruotloM la that elter. coupled with the inatruotiooa in the aahtequeat etter* he recelred.) he Ixiuml to hold o??r until he ecired a positive order to aall An o<T*r ?u m*da to >rove that it wa? the euit >:u *>u'i i^r. th? trad*. ?tiara id vanrea were made, to ?-ll, 'houg>i ioitrue tloaa rere gi?HU not to do ao anil *ilh .ut noun* ti th>i principal Thii offer wa? rjeete I hy the *uhj.nt to 'xcaptlon. and wilf be one of the <ju'?tt .n? t, be ifti-r arpued Tbe ou? waft th in Kulxultted t > tt?e jury, in the (jueatiou of dam*#"" ""'7 "lt *? "ln{ b ?n >rrM j hat if upon argument, the full oourt w-r* of opinion hat the proposition* of defendants counsel wore aound, he verdict should b? turned into a uonsuit The Chief Justice then chared thejury Ha aaid that m tar a* they had anything to do with the oaae, thoy nust aseurae that plaintiff gave tha inatruotiooa not to lell; that the <|uestlons raised in tha prograaa of tha rial would be a matter for tha consideration of tha ooart hereafter; what they bad to oonaidar waia tha iaaiM :he plaintiff had sustained, assuming dependant viola ed Lie instruction*, and In thi* aapeot of tha oatt tha rule or damagex by which they wara to ba goraraad, waa the price of the artiola in tha markat on tb? day on irhieh tba defendant reoeivad inatruotiooa not to aail. rha jury found a verdict for tba plaintiff for $SMT XT for plaintiff, Nlaaari Wood and Koyaa; for dafandaat, Mmrii. Lord and Cutting. Unitcd 8tati? Dhtbict Cor it, Oct. t-lafcw . Judge Betts Tba Orand Jury, on Saturday, found two true billi against Leonard klnswortb, for pimtag counterfeit money, and alko a trua bill against fhomaa Caxey, for an asaauit with a dangerous waapon. Cot.-KT C'tuimii-THK r>*v.?Before Justice Morehouse? Circuit Court?Not 100, 7SJ, i). 38, 41/ Oi, 7 "J, ?<> 38, lOii. lot Uet'ore Just Ion F.dwarda?Not 1*4, 140, 141. 144. 140. 147. 148, 140, 1*1, 164, 88, 117, 119, 119, 160. Suptriir Court ? Itefore Judges Oakley ud Handfnrd. (two branches )?No*. 39, 6ft. 70, SO, 95, 99, 103. 107, I W, 11 >, 110, 117, 118, 119, 130. 10. 40, *76. M, 9, 7. 01, 61. 93. Common i'lrat-l'art lst-No* 8i. 30, 39, OA, 94, 96. 9S, 4. 6, HI. I'art 3d? No*. 110,119,131,133, 145, 1*27, 139, 131,133, 13."?, 5, 7, 77. IndUn Movement*. | From the Ht Louis Union, Oct. 3.} We have linen favored by Col. Kobert Campbell, with the following extraot from a letter received by yesterday, dated at Fort Kearny, TabU Creek, dept. 19,1847:? I reached this place on the Kith, (company A, Sublette's Hangers ) We were Rent ahead with on* other company The oolonel reached here yesterday?the other companies will be here to-day or to-morrow, and will oominence cutting hay and building winter quarters, with the calculation of leaving here early In th? spring A party of Otto Indians came to this place on tne 17th. A large party of Sioux had attacked their village, killed SO or thi'lr tribe, burned the vilatre, and d*?troyed the oorn Some of the children were drownad whilst crossing the river. The I'awnee farmer earn* to our uamp ou the 17th. and reported some 7 or 800 Sioux at the I'awnee village destroying the eorn. The Pawnees were all out on a hunt, ana the Sioux intend remaining there until they returu. The Sioux wast to the farmer's house, destroyed the blaokimlth'* ihep, with all the tools, and snch property as they w*r* able. The farmer and seven men with Uim came In to u*. Company A will leave here on the 3d for Onad island, Platte river. The engineer will accompany na, to select a plaott for UuilUiug a fort uezt spring We will return to this plane In thirty day*. Aa company A has the udvance it possesses some advantage*. It will be remembered that the Oregon battalion 1* to winlur nt Tallin I'.rAukr Th? knallla A..untlnn. a? >1.. Hloux against the Pawnees and Ottoes, also the moremen, i ?i tV Omahas a^ainm the Mormon encampment, will makd it utircnATj to sand an additional loroe Ot mounted mtiD to the Plain*. Correspondent of the St. Loula Republican. horn Kr.tanv, Kept 33, 1847. The Oregon Battalion arrived here on the 18th last. An exprehn that arrived bare from the Pawnee villas*, gives the information that tha Sioux had taken poaaeanion of that village, in the absence of the Pawnee brave*, who were hunting buffalo. The Pawnees were expected la dally, and it la expected that a tierce battle baa takaa pUcc. The 8ioux have, if joined by the war party who -aflbuk?d the Otoes, a* in generally auppoaed, over two thousand warriors. Mr. McMroy, who la just in from the Pawnee village, (talon that the Sioux destroyed a blacluuiith uhop and tool*, aud alto injured hi* property, and told him, with the ether whiten there, to remain quiet, and tbey would uot be n> l?oted. (.apt. Nublette, with three lieutenant* and sixty-lour private* and nonroinminidoued ofti??rh. l -at.-n for Grand Inland tomorrow to aoooujj.ajjy Lieut. Woodbury in seicoting a suitable situ for a tort It i..*y be that the Bubietta Rangrit will haw a brunl:, If ?> , you will b,? duly advise'l of it. Another letter from the 'tine pont il .ted on the iUt Hayn that about live htielr?<4 Otto Indiana arrived there on the I'.'thutt ,tho hmui I oc'Min having made a de?oent upon their villaf" n-nr K rt Kearuy, and killed noma twenty persons They t urned t ieir village, destroyed the core, and put tbr whole population ta (light. Advknt"Rks of a Crlkm Moiwtain IJo-! ?The town of S'fWt'niM* in tii"im cmimy, wttNniaoy year* ninie th" birtn pltoe ot an intint who w?> christened Paul liollan ' K . An h? nr. w up to manhood, the spirit of Yankee en'orprlse earrl< d liirn to f anada. aed " * *' - " -v.-* ? > V,TW*J tlce of l?w Ilia iudu-t i y *uu pt-T^rver . uce were rewnrd* d wi:h Minces* aud after ?tiu.? ! remove^ for >\ore lu-rallv# practice. to ill- city of Montreal Prosperity and good lortuuo ptillatten led ti.m mi l b" co u O-caine ? caudid*t? and was elecu-d <u the 1/h..kJhii P?rlinmnnt. where his ability and go..d judgment .mured to hiin a respectable postiiou and intlueboe While member of Parliament. bo received a luttcr put t> rtiug to be written by an eld lady in K.ngland, alao of tnc tunic ofK , stating in sulistauce, that aha bad nut u single relative, and was ainii" In the world, that seeing bit in the papers, aa a member of the < aaadlan itarliainent, and it being tba naine aa barn, she thought perhaps ba might be of tha same family. she lurther stated that she wan possessed of considerable property, and knew of no kladred to whom to leave it, and that If ha would come to m? bar ?h? would pay all hla expenses and inak* him hair to bar property .Mr. K.. supposing this to be a hoax, made no anawar, and paid no atteutlnn to it. Two or three months after he received another letter from the lama peraon. urging in still stronger terms his visit to her, and with so much apparent sincerity and earoeitneM, that lis resolvwd to go to Kogland, and suo what truth there was in it. II" did go. aud tound tha lady aa sh? bad described herself. Hhc waa living In an elegant mansion and in handsome style hhe waa delighted with tba visit of Mr. k , and spared no pains to make it agreeable to hla After having spent some time there ha prepared to return home The old lady defrayed all hla expeOMa, and made him inaoy present", and before his departure aba renewed to him her promise to leave him all bar property, and related the incident which led to the correspondent! She iulnrined him that in early llt'? she waa tba betrothed of a young man of the nam'* ef Paul Holland, who was un cflicer in the llritlsh army. That be bad fallen in battle before the consummation of their nuptials, and she had since remained unmarried and true to his memory That seeing bis name, uniting the nana ol her lover and her own, she waa struck with the alogular coincidence, and thought she c< uld not better show her duvotlon to the memory ol her betrothed, tban to bestow her property upon him who seemed by bU name to be thn representative of both. lie left ber and returned to Montreal, aud within a year afterwards received intelligence of her death, and that by her will be waa made solu heir to her estate, lie set out Immediately for Kugland, aud on his arrival found all things prepared lor him. ills claim was recognUed and he entered at once into the posi-esalon of a large fortune, lie la now in int* enjoyuivni ui inn gooa loriuon ? .uvniriu, idu is dow or recently bait be?u a member of the Canadian Parliament. Thin in a true ketch ot the history ot one Vermont boy. and there are doubtleaa many ouch. The reglouH of Uctloa. and the highest flights of the imagln*tlou, do not furnish a morn romantic adventure.? I'?rmunf I'ojitr. STAHTI.INU UlSCLMMTKhlg-THK tiAZKTTE Of THK UNION is publishing a dcvelopeaienf of most thr ijIiiik Isr's which rrsuvpirsd in (hi* rity, prrseuted in talc entitled THK WNM DAl/fJHTKK, l?y (Juries Burden, Ks<|. (inoil agent* wanted as -ilmre. al ill Niimii it. of ISt*rc ArHIONAOLK UANCIiNO, No. 1 Washington Place, Mr mid 71 Leo'i-rd utrect M'lle I'*1 LINK DKWARDIN8, of the Royal Academy ol i'eiu, iiixh re>|?ctlully announces to bar pupils, I id leu and gentlemen residing "P town.that she will commence herelaues for the Tnition ol Dancing in all its fashiouable brsoclies, nt her residence, 74 Leonard street, on Monday September 20, snd st .No. tVuhmgtou- Place, on Maturday, Octoliar V, wliea ?lie will have the pleasure of introducing aeTeral Imncet entirely new, wliieh she hsa last received from Pan a. Heaides die usual D.ncei tnoght in the classes. M lie D will tejch tlie Polk* V1"iurkn, the Mar.nrka and Polka (|padnllea; virions Polkas. new waits a rim/ temp*, the Vieunoise or Milir. a fffftil IriHVM mid III# urw Hud urar?iul mall* Ue^nma M'lle D. label tfii? method f returniLg thank* lu her Domrrnua patrona, .mil bega alao to aUite, that tlioae Indira ajid firilrinru who nny honor her with their patronage, m*v rati teamed th'it ahe will ulif ririv mriui to impart that graea and elegance of ?ty|e >o eaieiitial to the ui'idem hall raua.Hrlioola and private lamiliea attended. Public claaMi aad pn?ate leaaonaat her rendence, 74 Leonard atrrei, Wed aid* of Biuulway, and No. I Wathiagtou Place, where terma and hour* of ai?ea?d*nee nuv he known ?I5 Wt*re Ma II! I T * l<??U e. |< r. II Liberty treat,hive lately t? crur.l and r.H'er for ??le arvenl tirrt of Jewelrjr, f'otn the moat celebrated manufacturers m Ueneva, rompnaing a L'lieril aaaortineut, amoniiat which aie Bracelet*, with Wn'chri and other rich articlea. ( on stent I y oa hand, rich Uene?? Watchea, inch aa Duplex, Anchor luaci|iein*nta, and (Jyliadera, from the lint m uiiifnrtarera. AUo, a coinolete and geneinl assortment of the cnmmou kind of Watehei. fiom manufactories of Locle,' haul de Fonda, and tk. lmiar 10 :?t?m rpo A PRACTICAL* IIKMINT-W^.ted to employ X practical thermal, as n manager in a whit* lead manuneivrr 11 the Writ, lie mn< have hi ?.,ioe year a of experience in ihr hair mode ol 11:41 nfactimut white lead, red lead and I 11ier ke , and prodd< e Hie 'iea> of trstimoiiiala for hit moral character, rapac.ty and hatiin ol wlialfr. Nuat other* need To audi a on*, a pei man sitna'iov and a liberal >al-ry will he given. A"plvt" IM I2r re I * V K - nnHaAWni'W. 41! r.ld dge.t I'AI K.N r I'M7] mi . A' It.* .lio.N wlNltSW T ABI.C.S, with rne .l lUted alidea, U r pi vata pailora ind dining', hntial? ai b t< kc nuiarp >>.*?d for ete nnea, durhiliiy and ro>\ run ,i v m.-teil never to ?'t > < .>1 order. A large uini'mtT. heUncttr m Un nty.aadaa "quailed tor variety . to*e.h? <-nh meral aia.,r!meat of ale(ant and t ishionabfe Cahu ! I'D'rii.e constantly to be fn??d II 'he warer'H ma. No. ?41 hi,)adwe? . where the pnMie ari re>pe?tfnlly invited to < !! ni. ev ">i> e irH W'ii F vav W I ' l Ai-tr. >i.r ' "'L t ? *v'v/ their old e|d?hr? to ""k like ew, call*! fh* Tai loiinM, Oyeinc, ( leaui i?. and Hepairing Kitabluhmei t, !>o. MiO"Id tt-eet, where o.-'l?ri will he pnneteallr attended to 11 the alioi teat aotice, ?.< " M N B-Tlie higbeit | rie* i(iv*. for ger tlawen^t left ?1? weaitug apparel. ' ' . ' -Jk

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