Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1847 Page 3
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I TocwUy, Oct. l!Ui P. M. Ther* wiu a reaction in the stock market to-day, and prices generally deelln.d Norwich and Worcester Ml off J per cent; Canton >?; Farmer*' Loan X; Heading Railroad 1; Pennsylvania ?>'s Long Inland improved H i and Harlem 1 per cent. The market waa very heavy, and the transaction* to a very limited extent. Is the absence of farther news from the seat of war, operator* do not know how to act, and price* remain, therefore, in a very unsettled state. It I* our Impression that we (ball not receive any important advioes from that section for noine time. All hope* of a peace have been abandoned, and the only account* we can expect are thoae relative to the progress of the army in taking possession of the city of Mexico and surrounding country; in opening the road to and from Vara Cruz?in placing garriaona in the , principal oitie* on the route, and in aetabliahing a complete military government. The fighting 1* about over; j the guerillas will aoon bo dispersed, when the principal points are properly protected, and tbe army will aoon become merely one of occupation. W* do not eipect ar>y intelligence rtUtlve to peace in any shape, and the public mind has become settled upon this point. We kball not tie kept In a continued state of anxiety and excitement, by rumors of peace, as we have been during the past *lx months, and in a short time every thlag will become quiet agalft, and so far as commerolal affair* are concerned, It will hardly be realized that we are at war. At the second board, the transactions were cf trifling Importance, and price* exhibit a further decline. The value of merchandise imported into thi* port for the month of September, in each of the past two years, was as annexed C'ojiiMr.acit or the PoaT or Niw Yoaa ? Imports Foa ^EFTKMHKR, 1816 A*D 1847. Sept. free G'di. Hubble Ods. Specie. Total. 1R Hi f6'''J,8?9 5,272,911 10 014 5 881 816 1817 9:6.119 B 111,811 91,546 9.122 5<>0 Increase, 1817.9315,MO 2,838923 14 502 3231681 i ? amount or duties reoeived in September, laid. was $1512, 455, and in September, 1847, $3,(90,604 ; showing an increase this year of $554,149, upon an Increased Importation of dutiable goods of $'2.838,9U'i. The average f!> per oent duty on Imports of dutiable goods, in September, A IS40, wns about thirty per cent, and in September, 1847 < twenty-five per cent. With a reduction of five per cent in the average duty, there has been an lncreasa of more than fifty pur cent in the amount of dutiable imports ? If this effect is the objeot of the new tariff, It is in a fair way of being accomplished. The following resolution relative to the olrculation of the incorporated banks of this State, was introduced into tho Senate a few days since :? llcsolved. That the Comptroller report to the Senate the correspondence had b> him with iuch banks as have asked for au Increased imue of bank bills beyond the amount authorised by the law of 1837 ; the amount of issue to wliich the incorporated banks are entitled under that law, and the amount to which they would be entitled under their charters. The Comptroller roports in reply, that the following table gives the names of the incorporated banks in the State, the capital of each, and the amount of circulating notes authorized to be issued by their respective charters, and tt>e amount of notes to which each bank 1? limited by the act. ohapter 450, of the laws of 1837, being the act which gave a legislative sanction to the suspenl on of specie payments by the banks for one year: ? Cireula'n Circula'n Names of Banks. Capital. tin tier by act charters. of 18J7. Alb my I ily Bauk 5TO.O 0 1.000 000 3VO.COO Atlantic D?..k 100.ouii l.Ui OOCO '50 000 Bn.k o1 AI bull y : 40,000 48ll,00<? 200 000 0h >' of America 2,001 200 4,002.400 1,200. 00 B> * of A ubuill 200,000 100 000 200,000 Bh ! of ChtBaagO 120 000 ?40.0t.0 160,000 Biiuk ol' Dfutltc 100,COO 200 000 150,000 fu.ik of Geneva 4<0,000 810,000 3?0,000 B'.ih ol' li'uci 200,000 400 010 200,000 ii;.nU of L lumnKbuifli 120 000 240,MM 1C0,000 cl' Vluuroe 300 000 000,000 250.000 Bank of Newburgb 140 000 280,000 168,000 Bauk of New York 1 000,000 2,000,(00 SOO.'OO Bauk of Oruuj{* Couuty ... 10) 660 211,320 150.000 Bauk of Orl'uui 200,000 400 100 200.000 iiauta of 200,000 400.0110 ?00,000 ! Bauk of Poaishkerpiie I11O.OOO 200,000 150,000 Bauk ft' Koine lUO.OOO 200,((JO 150,000 Bauk of Salina ljn.000 300,000 17},' 00 Jl.u.k of the Htate of N, York.2,000 000 4,(0,0(10 1,200.000 liauK of Troy 440.000 8SU.OOO 300,000 | Bank of U ira.. 600 000 1,200,100 475 1X10 JUauk of Whitehall 100 1,00 200.000 150,000 Brooklyn Bank 150,000 300,000 175,000 j Brooine I ounrv Bauk 100,(00 200,000 130,1(10 I Bulclidra' nod Drovera' Bank. 500 000 1,00(1,000 350,000 I CnuaI Bauk 300,000 600,(00 250,fOO j Cat?kill Bank. 150,000 300.000 175.000 Cayugn County Bank 250.000 500,001 225 000 ' Central bank 120 000 210.000 160.000 | Chaul (quo County Bank... 100,Odd 200 000 150,000 Cliitiuui k anal Bauk 2Mi,i 00 400,000 200 00# < City Bink 720 (00 1,440,>00 500 008 Ku'i Cruuty Bai k 100 OOfl 240.000 150.000 Farmers'Bauk 271,UOU 556.000 225 000 Faiui'ri ni.rf Maunf. Bank... 300.0(H) 600 |i00 250,000 <ir??iiwicli Bank <00,000 400,000 200 000 He kiner County Bank .... 200 000 40(1 0?0 200,040 lluh'uinl Bank 2oO,bOO 400 uOO 200 000 ? Hudson Hirer Bank 150 0(10 300.000 17 5000 Jetfr aou County Bank 200 000 400.OOO 200.000 Kingvou B-nk SOO.OOU 400 000 200,000 Laulirr Manufac'ra Bank... 600 00(1 1,200 000 450 000 Lewis Conuty Bank 100.000 2oo>oo 150.000;ni(jfuii Cnuntv Bink... 100,100 200 0(0 150 0(0 ]Vli-dis?? County Back 100 ooo 200 000 150,000 Mtcli t.ics' Bauk 1.410,001 2 800,000 SCO 000 Mrr'allies'and Fameri' Bk. 442.000 (81 OOO 300 /00 Mecli uim'and Traders'Bk. 200 00(1 400 1(10 200,000 Merchant*' Bank 1,49(1 000 2 980 000 1,000 00(1 Mereliai t?'Kachauge Bank.. 750 000 1.500,00.) 500,000 Merchanta ik Mechs'Bank... >0 ,000 6c0 000 250,000 Mohawk B<uk 165 000 Sf.liOO 175 0C0 MoutK?m-ry < ouuty Bank... 100 ooo 200 ooo 150 ooo National Bank 7 (i.ttO 1,500,('00 Sou uoo New York Dry Duck Co.... too 000 4 00,000 200,000 New V?rk Male Bank 369 6(0 7 39 200 250 000 Ol'de' shurg Bank 100.1 no 200 (.00 150 000 ()nnd< ttarlt 400,000 000 000 300.000 Onoud gi County I nk... . 150 (100 3(0.000 175 OOfl Ontario B .i k 200 000 4 00.0( 0 200,000 Onui.i Branch Bank 300,000 600,000 250 ( 00 Otseitn County Bank 10. ,(00 200 000 150'ooo Pbe.ix link 1,?00 01 0 2,100 000 ?00,'06 R"' h?*ter I ity Bink 400,000 800 (.00 MiO.OOO Hacked* Hxrhor Rank 2 >0 000 400,(>(.0 200 00) HirUoita Cc uniy Bank 100 OOO 2"0 000 I5| 009 behmectady Bat k 15?0(0 200.K00 175,000 genera ouutv Bink 200 0( 0 40?.(K;0 20!) 00* Sevriith Wa d Rink 5"fl OOfl 1 000,000 350 000 hteiibeu County Bauk 15(1000 300,< 00 175 000 Tan .era'Bank 100,000 200,000 150 000 Tomi.kins I nunty Bank.,. . 250.0(0 500,000 225,(00 1 >ad ? ..en's Bmk 400.000 800 000 30(1(00 PfOT ( it\ HhiiIc . lAA-ruin nut nnm nr.* Ul< e '' ooi'ty Bank 100.(00 2 'O.duO IM.OOII Union B ink 1 000.000 2.100.000 ftiO'iOO W??tciie u-rConnty Biuk . 200 000 4nn,0M iiiflOifl Yatc* Couuiy Bank 100 000 200,000 Itt.OCO $27,941,4(0 $? 881.920 $22 790.000 The aggregate capital of tha incorporated banks, as shown by the table,'is $'27,941,400. The charters of these banks oontain a provision for issuing circulating notes to dauble the amount of their oapitsl, which makes a total circulation of jiSS,88'J 930 By the restrictions oontalned in the act, chapter 460. of the laws of 1837, the same banks are permitted to iasue only the total sum of $2-2.790 000 Difference $33,t>f>-i,920 It will [.seen by the above that the charters of the several banks, If the restrictive act of 1837 is set aside, will permit them to add a little more than thirtythree millions of dollars to the paper circulation of the State. The Urge banks in the cities probably do aot delire to increase their circulation beyond the limits of the act of 1837, and many of them are now much below those limits But it Is obvious that the demand for ourrenoy which has prevailed for the last season, and which has not entirely subsided, would produce a great, if not a dangerous expansion of the currenoy, if the restrictions or the act of 1837 are to b? considered a dead letter. The decision referred to in the correspondence between the "omptroller and tha cashiers of several banks, declares, In effect, that ' the provision in the bank suspension act of 1837, raduolng and limiting the circulation oi thu banks, alters their several charters, and Is lnopuratlve and void, because the act was not passed by a constitutional majority." It is drslrable that IhA t.?o4?1?tn?? at?/inlil ??!? ?vt matter at it* present session. If an Increase of circuit" tlon is allowed to any of the bank*, ample security ought to be exacted for It. as required by the new constitution Stock Kxctimige. f8'ifl0 Tresn notes.'fis. 50 *li? Morris Csn?l s99 II t tot 0 ?mtc '60 IAS 7 Utics fc Srhen'dy llO^ 5000 Pen ?Vi s33 76X 10 N Huron k'id 10V inoo Ohio 6"?, V>0 100 20 do l?lj? 50110 ilrt '50 98K 2JCsnt'>n Co 3i>? 15010 He<tdiiiK Bonds 7rW lot Nor k Wor RH 41 4000 do SS0 70>? 200 an 43 lOOshs Keailiivar KR b"W So* 75 do 43V J00 lin 190 AO.Sfc 10 do 4JV ]00 do blO i!? lf<0 do 4SS 51 do bSO 59 25 do Ojf 59 <|.i 30 Erie RR SI 5> do b 15 58* 40 Long island RR 28V * do 5"* J#.. &' F.irm?rs' Trasl 28 450 Harlem RR 48*4 Jf i do 27V 300 do 1.10 48V 50 do 27ft 200 <io M0 49 50 Morris Canal Hjl 50 do 48*f 00 do ll>4 Second Board. 50 >h> A nbnrn & Roc'f 100V 50 sbs Harlem RR 47V 50 ?1 > 10i>V 50 do 47 V I 31 Krie lift, old tit)? 25 Nor k Wor KR 42k 50 Krie scrip 80 25 do 42V ft?w Stork Bichsuiiis $1 j0" Ohio As blj 09V 50 ihs Harlem RR sSO 48 50 ?h. C .i,ton Co b3 31 150 do 48^ 2.1 do t7 31 50 to SM '8 ii do ] 31 50NorkWorRR 44 50 do c 3f V 50 do C 41 50 Hirlem RR sS 48s? 50 d> 41V ! 150 '<> s3 48 V 51) do 1.1 43 H 50 d> bJ 4>5j 10 Reeding RR to 4* HO d i c 48<* !0 do slO V X .50 da blO 48* 50 do ^20 4?V j \ CITY TRADE UK PORT. * New Voat, Trains? ArTnanoow, Oct.13. ! The market for breadstuffs was again Arm to-day, and considerable sales of flour were made at an advance on ycs'eru.^'s prlcea. Wheat ?m also firmer, with moderate ssles of Western, fce , at full prices Corn exhibited s further Improvement In prtoaa, and aalee were flroely made at an advance in all klnda. Ry# was also firm, while C*U ware'ibout," the mum. tela* of proviilooi 1 vera chiefly confined to r?Uil transactions, without j chang* in prloee. Grooariaa exhibited no change. In- " ferior sugars were rarj dull, while good qualities hold their awn, with moderate aalea. n Aihci.?Salea of about 50 bbla. pota ware made at * %b 61%. and abeut 60 do. pearla at $8. Burnt-No change. \ BNr.AixTurri.?Flour?The market wa* firm at $6 35 ' a >4 37X for new brands sf Oeueeee, including some lot* c< of Oswego do ; finally, eaten of prima new Uenesee were effected at $6 50. At these prices about 10 * 1200 bbls. I changed hand; 818 do. fancy new sold at $3 00; 10 a 1500 do. new Ganeeee sold at $0 43\' a $6 50 In separate lota, (j and 3000 do. do Oswego at $<> 13X a fli 35, and 300 do. li new Michigan aold at $6 37>?. A lot of Kdson's railroad c. extra aold at $7. Southern was also firin?r, and a tot of w Georgetown was disposed of at $fi 60; 64 0 bbls. of Ohio S( sold at $0 13X. and a lot ot Ashtabula do at a hUher figure; 100 bbla. A. Linooln's fancy brand Ohio sold at 1 $6 76. Wheat?Salea of 3000 bushels Western red were 1 made at $1 36, and a small lot of Southern new sold at the same price. A lot of good Oeneeee was on the mar- r< ket. and held firm at $1 40. Cam?Hales of 1000 bushels I New Orleans mixed were made at 6Ho, and abeut 15 a 10,000 hushelsWestern mixed.Including lota of high mix- {!! ed, were aold at 70c A lot of 3000 bushels prime yellow |J, was on the market, for which 73c was offered and refused. . The market closed firm Ural?Sales of 334 bbls good I New York sold at $3 94; 500 do. Ohio sold at $3 13){; l 500 do. New Jersey sold at $3 36; and auotker lot was di reported sold at $ I 37X. and about 300 bbls. Braudy >< wine were sold at $S 76. Rye?The market was ?ery firm, with au upward tendency; some holders demanded f a higher figure. No sales of moment transpired Oaf ' were steady, but without sales of moment. White f. Heam?Sales of 100 bbls. rather oommon were made, to go out of market, at $1 1?J?'. r( ; Receipti down the Hudson River, October 11th. Flour 18.375 barrels. Kye 1,600 bushels. I Corn 13,300 do. ' Cottoh?The aalea embraced 1000 bales for ' export at steady prices. There was no perceptible change tl j in rates for this week; If anything holders did not press it the market quite so much. Liverpool buyers were not >' In market. Livkiipooi. Classification. ? jyew >/ri?n/i?, Uptandi. Florida. Mob. 4' Ttx ll Inferior none. noue. noue o Or.lm.jry 9V a 10? #V a 10>* 10>4 a 10* a Middling., loft a l<lj2 10H * H ? >' ? 1,4 (Joi)il Middling... 10% a 1 \ 11 * 11V IIV a H Middling Fair... .lis * "J* II* a I'M lift * ''* I Fair HjJ a 1'X llJ?* ll* >'? 11 J Fully Fair 12$ a 122 1J,Q a 12? 12? a 13 ,, Ooou Fair 12\ a 13*4 none. 13'a a 13^? Fiur 13* a 13>; none 13ft a 14 j ? The market for sperm wu firm at 32o with an upward tendency Cokkkk?No rales of moment transpirtd, and prices 1 remained about the game. * Fun?Thore were no arrivals of any cod, nor of mack- * erel, and no galea reported. Sales of MO bbls. glbbed her- " rln>; were made at $3 25. 0 IIcmp?No galea reported. The market was Arm,without change in prices. Lkad?No change. The market was quiet. Molaisf.ii?The marret uontinued inactive,'with little | doing, exoept to the retail trade. I Naval Storki?Sales of 500 bbls North county roaln h were made at flAo Raw turpentine was firm at (3 AO o per 280 lbs; and spirits of do at 60c asked. Tar we quote '! at $2 37* a $2 AO. " Oil<?Linseed?There was no change in the prices of ,, F.ngllah or city pressed, while tair sales continued to be ra?de at previous rates. For seleoted whale 38o waa of- Z fered. Manufactured winter sperm, bleached and un- J bleached, was Arm at $1 20 a $1 25. Shipping whale i wns inactive at 35c. Crude sperm, at the East, was a< quoted at $1 00. I' Phovhioni?Sales of 200 a 300 bbU mess pork in pe- A veial lots, mostly in a retail w?y, were made at $ 14 60; f] and AO do a 100 do prime were made in the same way, at > H0 75. Beef?Country mess was selling in a retail way Cl at $12. Lard?No sales reported. (Jheese?Hales of " about 100<> boxes of Ohio were made at a 6%a, and , 200 do prime at 7c; about lOUOdo Herkimer prime dairies a] sold a' 7fto. Butter?No change, while a fair amount of sales were making. Kick?Sales of 100 tierces, new crop, were made at $4 1 60 and $4 t?2>W r. Skicd- Clover stood at about ~li cents. '? Si.'gar?Sales of 200 hhdx. Muscovado, part Inferior, 8 were made at 6% a 6 cts ; 70 do. New Orleans, sold by I auction at 4j? aud b% cts per lb , cash ; 1!) do. Cuba Muscovado sold at A,3,' a 6>f cts.; and 126 do. l'orto ' llloo, at A>^, 6'u a 6){ cents, cash. They were all lnfe- " rior to very ooumon grades, and for the quality, prices were considered quite satisfactory. Tallow?The market continued xnantilv minnllerl. and the article remains firm at 10 cents. K WHALr.BO.iK?No change. n WHi>KKy--SaleB of 250 barrels were made, including \i Ohio, at 30o.. and State prison, at 30)?c j drudge was held at 30 cents. I Wool?The market was not very active, and sales t within the previous two or three days nad been light. C We have only to report sales of 30,000 lbs of the various grades of ileeco at prioes varying from 30 to 45c. The ^ stock was not heavy. For. ign was dull and without sales. * Kkeiohts.?There was a better feeling, with none d offering. Ship owners had for some time manifested an k unwillingness to submit to the extreme low rates that " were offering ; and to Liverpool to-dayj they asked 7)?d for grain, and Us. for Hour, while bd for grain, und | Is. 6<1. for llour wjre the free offering rates It was said * lid. was offered for a vessel to proceed to Baltimore, and 1 load with grain for a direct pert in Ireland. To the , Continent there was no change. j l'KLKUll APillti J BrrraLo, Oct. 13? P. M. ] Flour?The market was Arm and sales of about 6000 " bbls were made, including now and fresh ground brands, at $5 44 a $5 iO. Wheat?Sales of 20,000 bushels were J iu?uc, auciuuiug ?r esivrn reu, otc., il UU, IDI1 good new Western and this State at 119c. Corn?uales of ci p 1(1.000 bushels were made, including Western mixed, at 60c, and do yellow, at 63c. Kye and Oats, on chaDge f Whiskey tirm. Receipts during the past ~21 hour*:? K Hour, 10,000 barrels; Wheat, 60 000 bushelsjCorn, 30,000 K do. freights, by caual to Albany: Klour, G3c; wheat la, and oorn 13c. | Albany, Oct. 13?P. M. JJ Flour?The market was firm, with an upward tenden- gi y in prioes. Hales of about 3G00 barrel* were made, in- jf', eluding chiefly new and fresh ground Oswego and Genesee, at $6 13X a $6 35, with some fancy lot? at a higher figure. Wheat?The market was Arm and sales of 3000 bushels of good new (ienesee were made at$l 36. Barley-The market continued steady, and sales of about u OOCO bushels were made at 73 a 75o. Whiskey Arm Ke- u> cetpts by Ca'ial during the preceding 34 hours: ?Klour, in 400 bills; Barley, 16,100 bushels; Corn, 16,700 do. No change in freights. Boston, October 13 ?P. M. I Klour?The market was firmer, and the tendency for * good brands, old and new, was upward. We note sales \\ of 6,000 barrels, consisting chiefly of fresh ground aud "j new Western. Genesee, and Southern,at $6 0a $6 75. V Wheat was firm, but no sales of moment were reported. Corn?The market was Arm, and sales of (j,0(K) bushels were made, Including souud mixed at 73c, and good yel- k low at 77o Oats -Stiles of 6 000 bushels were made at 64o Whiskey was linn. Heron ?All kinds were firm. J,1 We note sales of 100 bales of American dew rotted at ,j| $160 pur ton. There seemed to be a little better feeling ra in freight*. ? Marrltd tl! Oti the 13th Inst, at St. Patrick's Cathrdral. by the at Rt. Rev. Bishop Hughes, Ki.iai B. Mui.lait, to Ki.lan K . IHflnn'l riftllffhfliV nf Irtlin U Tlmml.%- -I' 4k.I_ -U_ , b ? u. i..uciij. ( Ou the lith lost., at St Peter'* ohuroh. by the Rev. V. C. C. Fiae, D D , Air. James O'Haba. of New York, to ?> .Miss Mahia Lkah, daughter of Weorge M Orouard. of I" Washington city. 0(/- Washington papers will please 'r| o?py- b Died. tVt On Tuesday, tha 1-2 tli Inst, after a short but Mvere n illai'is, Mr William 8. Drrr.a.xa, late proprietor of th* ,r Chatham Theatre, ged 47 years. 11 The relatires and friends, the Masonic Order, the I. O. / of O. F , the theatrical profession, and the members of " the Independent Tompkins Dlues, are invited to attend h' his funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half past 'J 'JJ o'clock, from the residence of Mr. Thomas llowles, corner of Jefferson and Henry streets. (X/" Quebeo paper* f, please copy. On Tuesday, the 12th Inst , Elisa, Infant daughter of T Ellia and Alexander Oordon, aged 7 month*. The friends of the family are respuotfully Invited to uj attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 3 k)( o'clock, at the house of Mr. W. Kydd, No. 240 Sixth si avenue. On Tuesday. Oct. 12th, Mr*. Ma?oa*it C. Wat *> Boylic, wife of Lieu*. Krancl* O. Boyle, of the New York Regiment of Volunteers, now in Mexico, in the 33d year of her age. The friend* of the family and tho*e of her brother*. Capt Tho* P , Fredk II , and John J. Way, are reaped- H fully Invited to attend her funeral. on Tnurtday after J noon, at 4 o'clock, from the reaidene* of her brother, *" Thotna* P. Way, No. 08 Fifth lit., without further tnvitatlon On .Sunday evening, Oct. l"th, Loomai, In bin 48J year. in HI* friend*, and the friend* of hi* *l*tor, are reapeot- ? fully Invited to attend hi* funeral, thla day, (Wedne*- ,D day) at 12 o'olook, from hi* late reeluenoe, 69 Oreenwlch atreet. ne On Tueaday afternoon, 13th ln?t , Mtuniirr Mo- , Obath, daughter of Capt. Jamea McOrath. ai{ed 3 year* (o and 6 month* The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are re- lo *pectfully retjueateil to attend her funeral, thi* (Wedneaday) afternoon, at t o'olook, from her late residence, 1 No 1U Franklin atr*>et. without further Invitation I,, KICI1 KAM V AllTK'LKS-FUKDC UK K A. WOOD- I WOMTH, J2> Broadway, nppoaite the new Theatre? .i, Fain. Muaicai Boiea. Work Boi'a, Diea in( Caaea, Tnrtl- i , line Caaea, Wriiinn Ueaka, Portfolio*. and Papetenea: Hich- , Iv decorated Porcelain Vaae*. arafea Flacot.a, Boudoir Orn'meu'a Fin Bronzea Oroupa. St.atnetiea, Vnaea Ink- . ata-ida, < i* r l.amt>a. kc. ; Bohemian Olaaa Ware, Oi erx ,. (Jlnaaea, Rldl ? Wlnin, Walking i aura. Wo-k Ttiblea, Card . i IteceivrM, . ock?t Booka. I'lirara and Keucalea. Mechanical r L-im:-*, To. ee Mi'rora choice Perfntnrry and f.iucy Station- lh ery.Chii and Native Indian I nrioaittea, kc fcc,?hoi?- J , ,|V rtn oT *rt?eftd*re _. r?Vlh . I'l.K VIAN who left the aim OIP4KYnn t four \ JL |iiii|<i* in chirgiof Mi'liael Harringtn. 1 tat anmtner, then atav w? "t Jnlian'a Hotel, iI Waahinfton I'lace. la rvq rat- Tl ed to t ike i.ta di'ga immediately, otherwiae they will t> aold Hi to defray <n *naea. ________ ol? h * tc h' rpi|K F V"tllONS OF THE DAY?Human Togaa? I) eaa Jf[| X and Froca Coat*, alef jnt ^o?d flta, can be had at remnrk i- j,y blylow|>'ic from onr iaahionable neighbor*. SANFOHL) m, Broth'ra T.i i:ra, 127 Fulton afreet, nut dooi t., the llrrald ?r office Ot? Mf rh , CI ONI- ECTION Alt It ? Wanted immediately, a yoong lady tin J of centtel tddreaa, to attend wutowa a confectionary. A _c line adtlreaaed " Coiifectmiiarv." He. aid office atatin* where g~< and when an interview may be bad, will lead to farther ex planation. oil St*re , rvmmqmimm V ANTED-Botid foi a icauil?gua. hu %lfi? and until fir I I '? u servant, in ? <i?iet i<nrate family. A front room anJ J !d roo*i attached, on the flret or leeona floor. Terms mode- I! tc. Location not above lUh street, and near Broadway.? I ease tddress B K., at tin Herald office, stitlog terms. g o!3 3 ?rc ' ro PRINTERS? Wauled, aa Intelligent Lad. who ha* served pirt ofhia time to the printing bviiueu. A'plyetiih ?tory. Herald Buildings. o!3 3tm IT" ANTED?A situation by an eiperieuced cook; his uo "v objection! 10 a boardtug hoose. The beet city referenii given. Please enquire at No. 29 Couillaudt atreet. oil it* in XT ANTKD? Several ynuug, holiest intelligent a'd euler- ' prisiug men, each will a email ain tuat of m iney, nay <0 to locste themselves, oue in each of the large citi*s of the uited States, to tell ore of the most popular periodicals pubshed in thu country. Y?uuc men with the above requisites, ,u mike from Sixio to $2000 the first year, with au almost sure ospect ol unking from $30o0 to $XW0 yearly afterwords ? rveral are making at thii rate now. Apply 'o olMfl ISRAEL POST, HO Nassau it >U ANTED?By a respectable Protestan I girl, a situuon "v as ch. mberinaid or nurse iu a private family The best i f c tv* reference can be given. Iui|uue 4t8 Bowery, fiout I ioin,second tloor. 0l32t*rc DST ? Ve-leidiy morniug, lu Kuiug tlwuugii tfarrliy it -A to Broadway, up Broadway toiiaual street, a black velvet I irse. with gilt clasp, contain'ug a sum of mouav. The fiuder, , Y returning the same to Phelps dc Cuitis, M John street, will : liberally rewarded. oil If m US'l'-A gold Uraciiet, set with three white stoues, suppoied to be lost iu going from c <rner el' Broadway and eouard street, through i hauihera, Chatham and Peail to Ma- ' ( isoa street Any person leaving it at Oeorge 11. Stout's corer <<f Broadway and Maiden lane, will be suitably rewarded. ol3 It* in O of O- K.? I'lie meiubera of Knickerbocker Lodiie No. 22l.O. of O K.,are requested 'o meet at the Lodge Room, < 'ii. 71 Division st eel, this day, Wednesday. 13th instant, at i 1, o'clock, P. M , for the purpose of piying the last tribute of i rspect to our l?te brother William 8 Deverna. Members are requested l i be puuclaal in attendance By order of H. WATERMAN. N. G. Wm. A. Avkkv. Sec'y. _ o!3 It'm U. ()* U. K.?The ineiu 'ers of Knickerbocker Lodge, . No. 5. will meet ou Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock, at i iolhic Hall. I N. B. The attendance of every member is requested ou lis evening, as arrangements will be made for takiug part in te ceremonies of | tying the I' tuudation stoue of the inonuleut to the illustrious Washington. By order of oH?t?m (JKO ANDERSON, President. MT A SONIC NOTICE?-The Members of Mouut Moriali v l Lodge, (Vo. 27, and nil brethren in good stauding, are renested to tneetat Warren Hall, on WeJuisday, the 13th. at 1 'clock, for the piiriuse of paying the lut tribute of respect to ur deceased brother, Win S. Deverna. By order of WM. 11. M. KIMBEV, W. M. JoMPr O. Youno. Se retiry 013 lt*rc [TALIAN BENKVOLENV SOgIEPY.-ThT annual L me?tiiig of the members of the Italian Uuneroleit Society, ir the elrctiou of its otticeis for itie rnsuiug year, will take lace on huuday, the 17th inst. at 1 Barclay street, at 7 P.M. uiictuitl attendance is particularly requested. ol34t>s*rc CHARLES KERRERO, Pec'ry. \ SsticiATION OK EXEMPT KIR IS MEN.-The Mem?. beis ol this Association are requested t? attend a Special let-ting at Kiremeu's Hill, on Friday Evening, trie 15th inst, t7Mo clock, for the purpose of innkinir ariauueinei.ts to at. iuci ilie laying the coturr stonu of the Washington Monument, I 11 the 19th instant. * j Exempt Kiremeu in general are invited to attend. By outer of SAMUEL, B. WARNER, President. J N. PHii.Lirs, Secretary. ol3 3f*rc "T A O. D?UKANI) BOAi(l) OK DlKE< Ttm.S OK J ihe United States?A spec al meeting of the Orand , 0 irdol Directors will be held thil evening, tor the purpose ( f liking iuto consideration the invitatiou given to Societies > joiu iu the (fraud Celebration of layiug the coruer atoue of le Mouuuient to Oeneral Washiugtou. Punctual attendance of representatives it particularly re- ? nested. By order, o!3 It*rc J. O. MASON, O. Secretary. J 'hm) W.VN 1'KU. $2,j00 11 iuvest in a business al&&) WUU ready established, and on a steady lucr'sse? lie .ulvertiser canuot offer real estate, but h"S good security, id doubts not that an arrangement may be made by which al ' ist 10 per cent per annum could ha realized by the leuder? ' .ridiets JONAn, nt the Herald office. o!3 3teod*m ' po AIKKI HaNT.S TRADING WITH KOUt.ltiN 1 L POUTS.?A young gentleman age 21. offers his servi- c II supercargo He possesses b usiness h tints, combined ith pushing aud ente'pnsii g qualities, and would I'lte his 'inuneratitiu to depend upon ttie result 01 his eommission? . mi produce unexcrptionaoie testimonials as to character aud < i.lity to promote tne infest of his emi 1 iyer. " \ildr-?? P P. O. tin . New Ymk Hera'd. o!3 fit*rc " 1 i Alt 1). ? Dr. S 1fc. Vr.Nn tikes this method of luvittng j *- mch members of the medical profeision as feel au iute- a -St in Natural History, to meet Professor Agas-is at the Col:?e of Physicians and Surgeons, on Wednesday evening, at t] o'clock. oil lt*rc PUK SALK.?The fixtures of a smill retail drug stoie, in- J - eluding two counters with marble tops, together with a I ue large snow case, aud soda and beer apparatus The fixtures ' re all new and will be sold low. Apply at 130 Kalton street. | oil It*rc a k/fUSlC AND KRENCH? Wanted by a young ladv, a v I. situ Won in some private family in one or the Sonthem ties, as a teacher of vocal and instrumental music, (piano, uitar, &c ,) aud of the Krench laucuage. Satisfactory relenice giveu. Applications addressed "Music," at this office, s ill 'eceive prompt attention. ol3 3t*rc ^VAIK OK XHK AMERICAN INSTITUTE?Now . Open.-The Cattle Show of the American Institute opens 'HIS DAY, and continue through To-morrow, at Madison l ortuge, corner of ith avenue and 23d at. ' The Anniversary Address at the abernacle on Thursday reiilng, Oct. 14, at 7>? o'clock, bv Fletcher Webster, Esq? lusicTiv the Sacred Music Society. The Ploughing and Spading matches (adjourned from laat ?ek on acr.ouut of the storm) will oe held at Hirletn, on Kriiy, Oct. 16th, at 12 o'clock, i he committee to be on the round at 10 o'clock. Railroad tickets gratis for oflicera, com- ? anil invif?ii !? ?' ** !! l.-.l - U- ? ' astle Uarden. "H It"* \KFICK OK THE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT COMJ PANY. Oct. 11 1847.?The Preaident and Director* have ill day deilared a dividend of four and one-half per cent ou ie capital stock of this Company. for the six monthi ending i'. August lift, payaoleto the atockholdera on and after Mouav. the 1st November next. The transfer book will be ctoaed from the ttth iuat to that ate. By order. C. L. EVERITT, Secretary. olJ Htm 3VMK UK SALISBURY, MD.-25 cent! on the dollar t will be paid for tht Notes of thii Bank, if pretested aoou t No 25 Lib-rly atreet, aecoud atory. ol3 IJtia exSuu2tiaW*m ?VK AiND KAK.?Dr. POWELL attenda exclusively to -i Diseases of the Lye and Ear, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at hi* 1 Hi e, 2fi 1 Broadway*, corner of Warren atreet. Dr- POWELL'S Treatise on the Eye, its diseases and their jre, ? ith engravings, rnlea for the election of spectacles, lie. rice SO centi. Can be hid at his office, and of all booksellers. a Just iinpoiU'd, Artificial Ei n of superior beauty and lini h. , 'lie public are requested to exauiiue Dr. Powell's Self Acting t re fountain, or.Jet or Douche Bath, for strengthening the yes, now exhibiting at the Fair of the American lnstitu:e. U 3t is eod"m mpoktan l'^disUovery in dentTstrv ?I)k A. C. CASTLE has much pleasure in introducing to the I >tic? of those inquiring Artificial Teeth, his recently disco- n lied method of obviating the deleterious galvanic actiou of Id plates, Ike, in causiug tenderness, exquisite pain, looseners, ;cay, and loss of the living contiguous teeth 'o which the plate ints in coutact. This discovery is the result of patient expe iii-ntal investigation. It consist* in the preparation *nd ado|i- ' u of electro-negative fold platrsas a basis for arificial teeth lie g iM employed i< ol the lineal quality, (20 carat ) and he g reuueteil electro-attiacti* e, tin1 acids i>l the mini I li are ill- , iteil from the living nitural trelli, which are thua effectually , cured against decay or disease. whilst lit (lie same U?e the sir and functions of the mouth are preserved in a healthy and . mil paired condition. The importance of thu discovery will , i ubvious to all who have heretofore sufl>rrd fVoin the evils , ;aiost which it provides a infallible security. A. C. CA8TLK, M. D., Hurgeoo Deutist, 11 oil Hmd*B J8I Broadway. JOril/lt-AIMMiI MefMC of the t,ordwaiueis ol ihe , * ' ity and Coontv ol New Vork a id its vicinite, of the 1 unlove'* and employed, of both branches, will ha held on ruliv F.veniug, October 15, at half past 7 o'clock, at the 14th 'aril Hotel, Corner of O.aud and blizibeth s'reels, to make ( raiiKements to joiu the procession for 1 lying thu comer atoue ' the inonuineut to be erected to the memory of ths iinmoital fashniftnu, oil the 19th inst'nt Bv order, MARCUS KIMBALL, Chairman. Wwdt. Secretary. o!3 It'm i J I'M. I \L. M<n< f- id liKNTLKMh.N-Nown the ' time in net vour frniik, dress, and overcoats either cleaned, " zed, ah f red, or repnired, with new velvet lacini(t, culTs, coirs, linings, but'ons, and everything that in.iy be rri|iurud to U* yon I-loth 1 tiK look am ill cost. No I Mur- I y street, cor .er Washington, is the only pl-ce in the city J fiere )ou can g< I all y?u want done at shirt ip ties, and I > disappointment or < torhitant charges. A 'rial will prove < it I clean and dye clothing suiierior to anything yet done in C e city, without coloring or aid ol steam. A nil or a line tended to immediately, by A. COULIH3, fi o!8 18t*rc >1 Mil eray it. b 1 B. CLMUUt,rU)HIOftABLB TAILOR, lit Wilf I inn street, opposite tin Washington Stoles. I am purling the only true policy, ?n: selling a good article at a low ice. If I see a customer once, I am sure lo see him again, i I KMNqtMM f dotoB hnn justice. My goods in a manner J irommeutl themselves Mv whole at'entiou is devoted to 1 nines*,whil- my skill in cutting is universally ickaowledged; | |v goo 'S are all hnnglit fiK cash, and I give no credit All lese inducements are presented to the public as reasons for || itrouisiug my estiHsshment. My legitimate business is ? taking clothes to ord'r, although I keep a handsome assoitlent of ready inxle clotbmg. ol31t*m ? ''LOiHINO.? Wholesale and retail?K. KVAP?8, re J moved from 147 Broadway to 70 Fulton street, where ho is ma oifictured a large sssoitment of Clothing, inadi up in i e latest style and best matner, which lie offers for sale for j ie fnllown g extraordinary low prices for cash: t. CLOAKS, of black and blue broadcloths, Beaver aud Pilots om $S 'o $25 s OVERCOATS and OVF.RSACKS, of every shade of J wee?J, ISrcudclothi, Beaver aud Pilots, from $5 to $W. Also, a large assortment *.f Business backs. Dress and Frock ^ats ing'e and deuule breasted, from 13 to $12. PANTALOONS. plain aud fancy I assimeres. French Doc- i ins and Lnglish black Cassimeres, fcc., of every style from ? SO to 16. VE?TS, an endless variety of black Satin, Velvet, Merinos I id Bombazines, $t SO to Is. ' Also, a large assortmeut of French. Fngliih, (Jerinan and 1 nie'ican Broadcloths, ( assimeres and Veatings, which will . > made up to order, to suit. 1 n!3 llteod'in B. KVANS, 70 Fulton street. J po SF.AMKN AND OTHERS-WAfTTFD IMMKL 1)1 ATF.LY?Kleven petty officers and M seaine >,to be uployed in a siiiveying vessel (of ISO tons) stationed on the r MSt, between Mobile ?nd New Orleans, to be shipped for e year, with tw.> in >inha wairea advau<-? .l me limuneit iumm?r. 9 To limited number of healthy, able-bodied, ordinary " en, auch aa rirermen or rnnateia, or landnmen with tradra. ' ch as painter, J"iner, caulk-r, hlackamith, gaii and locknili, Itc., aeamen'? wagei will be giveu. P/iiticnlir applicauoua, wiih good recommeudationa. are lilted f >r tlie following ratea, ?i?: Carpenter'* mate, gui;. I r'a in le, aulinaker'a mate, turgeon'a ateward, nnaler-atmi Ths nit will be ratrd from the aeamen ahipped, aa !' mid qualified. " No grog, but the commutation of 1 cent! a day inatead, al weif! V. Aa thia i? very deairable aeiviee, early application will be ' cimty. j* 'iply at tlis Naval Kendnvoui, C Cherry itrtet, near Chatin ?quare ol8>t*re ILOW THB TRU MPKT ?The advertisement muler thia 1 J head,of an Advent Meeting in Adama atreet, nor fed in r >r w Yo l< Mnn, to give proof of the coming of onr blaaaed ird on the !0tt? diy of the .New Moon of this moii'h, which di the 10th of the 7th month, when the great Trumiwl nl ihe ibilee will he blown.?Lev SJ 25, la held in a private, buck rellinK, 1 *tt door to Concord atieet. alao one door from nihil- M II. and not at Waahingron Kail ; aa many h v* mis- -r ken the pl?c? we giye thia i once. Where all are invited to I neat all Iviuia to talk about the Coming and .. e aalvation of their prern oa aonla. 155 Adinn atree- Brook- \\ ? I, I n'Ufra JJ /I <MV|OTJI OX TO UK KAFKI> U KOH VT BULL'H , l.HK\l), c. n ?t of I bird Ave ? and JVh .a'reef. on P' in.ailay evening October II, ID'} ? I o lie rallied lor at Biail's "! tad. on Thn ?dav evening neit al t o'clock, the largeat and n avieal O* in the l/ulled Siatei He ia an yeara r id. wei?ha ^ wards of 4JM Iba , C feel 8 mch?a huh. 10 leet girth, I# feet Vl nchea in length nod 11 feet aronnil the brenat lie waa raiaed g DmielC. Ma?m, of New Hartford, Oneida county, and V ly be aeen till Thnrsdiy evening at Yadiani Cottage, corner lt 5th Avenue ar.d 23<t stieet. aj Jhaneci taken nl Madisnu Cottage, any time pieviona to ( Raffle. There are 150 ciiaucea at $5e*rh = >j??t*rc HIDNKV WII.L* J <HA*0?8 KABKH?All kinda, jn?t leceiveil, and for oi ' wile, by O. OKKHON Ik Co., e? ill Ht*ih M Maiden Lao*. | D. ft Amv/tf i?tordty ?t 11 oVlo?t. *t i\t rH mouth Mill, in liititutt, n?ar ?th Avenue, on tccoaat or former purchaser, 1 steam ? ine, nearly new, boiler aud fixtures complew. Alao, partiioo.lot of yam. It. oH?" A UCTION NOTICE?Pa wubroker's S.I. of Unredrcui V f J Pledges?Tin. Day, at 10 o'clock, at No ii Ann street, ousistmg of (old aud ?il?er |?tiu( leeer aud other Watches, 'ewelrv of nil kind., Musical Instruineii s, PUted Wire. Juu?, Pi .tula, 8words, Ike.; together with an exteuaire and tluiblr aaaortment of Wearing Apparel <.f all desciip'-lona. >ll lt?m JNO. kNIFFCN, Auriioneer. BV I.KWIH ANI) MOETIMoKK. 8Mre 1?7 I hatha* street?Pawnbroker's Sain, Tins Day, (Wednesday) Ocober 13th. at 10 o'clock?A large collection of uuivdeeined >ledges, consisting of gown* sin* 1?, scirfa. remnants liueu, mi.1 in and calico, blanket*. ahects, tkc. By order of Abrahtin Ooodiaan, licensed 'nitre atiert. oil !(* IV" ANTED?A itrmii Kugiue, from V to 1J horae-power. " Addie.. H. DILL, Herald office. oU 3t*rc WAN I U)?A LADY, who write, a rapid and elegant hand, wialia. emplo>meut as Copyist or Amtuuenais. A iue audiesied to O. P. L , Herald Office, will receive uriinth^lr xUrn'ion. ol2 3t*rrc WAMTKU-A aituntion, either as dry uurae aud seinpatreaa or chambermaid and sempstress. The best of city refeences. Has uo objection to travel. Can ba saen for tlirae lays. Kmiuire for Margaret, 189 Bowery, iu the basement. ol2 2t?rc WANTED?A Salesman iu our Curtain mateiiai department; none but those who hare had experience and uuleratiud the btuiness, need apply. A. T STEWART fc CO. _ol2Jt*r<^ corner Broadwar and Heade street. WANTED TO I'I'iuHASp.? All assorted itock ul Llry Moods,from 10 to 2i 000 dollars, pavmeut to be made oneluarter cash, and the les.due in the best lands, in a healthy cliwve. uear unriglble waters aud railroad to the best markets, it ill oeutu the acre. Address C. M. H., at this otfice. "12 1t"rh WA n rtD^WUiL FQEMKP MAN AM MODIClai for the Lite School ol the National Academy of Uesigu, ihose accustomed to the seirice preferied Application to be MM to Mr rrnd'hiimme, at the rooms ol the Academy, corner of Leonard street aud Broadway, from 9 to < o'cleck, or to llie Council, ou Mondays at 7 P- M. <># 3t i-oj.?| JOHN (i. CHAPMAN. Sec. N. A. EDO OH I A I. ?A gentleman of considerable experience at the British f'rest, would be glad to meet an eugageueut in I respectable newspaper estalilishment iu this or luiy other large Amerirau city as SutEdilor or Pirsgrstihist. Advertiser will require no remuneration 'fill hi. i..... i kuown >inl > icknowledged Address P.L , at the Herald utfice. ol2(t*rrc A Till EAT CHAM K I OK HOTEL KEf-PERS"AlvD OTHERS.?Korsale, the stock, fixtures.lie of the old established Maud kuown ai the Hobokeu Houit, comer of ] Canal and Washington its. For further particulars enquire ou the premises. ol2 6t*rc FLUSHINO HOTEL., HOVER It CoKNELL, Propriatori, K'ltelmiK, Long Island.?-This establishment, long mil favorably kuown to the tri veiling public, having hern destroyed by Are in May laat, haa aiuce breu entirely rebuilt, up >u an enlirgvd acale, aud refurnished iu a most approved it) le, and will be re< pened on Monduv, October IBlti, for the reception of >heir friends aud guests. i'he house ia furnished with all the modem conveniences, has an eitenaive piazza in root, an extrusive ball-room, and bathing-rooms, kc , Stc. Par iculnr atte'iiion has been paid to the accommodations jr families and buardera. and military parties. HENRY & HOVER, ipmnri.,or. JOHN H. CORNELL. J Proprietor* Flashing. L I.. Oct 11. 1817. oil 3tis ?rc a A RaHE CHANCE.?For sale the stock and fixtures nl the house No. 1 Jacksou st err, BrooklynThere are two Ten Pin Alleys aud Shuffle Boards on i emises Price. $210 Imiuire on the premises. ol3 3t?rc a TO LEI'?Two dwelling houses at (Jreeupoint, suitable for small genteel families, one mile from the Williamsbuigh l'erries,? on the Raveuswood aud Astoria urupikn 'oad. Kent in de-ate. Apply to Charles Taget, 71 tud 77 Nassau street, or, Watt Ik Provost's grocerv store, near be premises. 013 lit* m jo* TO LET. IN WILLI AMSDURtiH?A uew brick Cil house qnd store, Ootic style, containing six rroms aud CaAL^ellar, aud good sized store, near the Peek Blip Kerry, idl of the street, next to (lie corner of Secoud street; eut from 1st of November to the 1st of May next, one hunIred dollars. Also the stoie of the adjoining house; reutfrom st of November to the 1st of May next forty dollars. Enquire if J U. \V EST, No. 2 Little Oreen street. New York, or 13 louth l<lth. corner of 2udstr*et. Williamahurirh. ol3 3t*m 'mum ill r. T> KEATS -\LE~OK URKENHOUSE AND Kn|0 AllDEN PLANTH?RUSSELL'S stock and nuns4k^valled collection of Hhododeodrous, Azaliu, Pelargnimns Cinerarias, Hardy Pillar, Multiflora Roses and other r>i -:n ?? ' vwMtg ue ...... *1 nuri cjM ov josepn tieKerman, Auctioneer, on WedueadnKaud Thnriday, Oct. 20th and 2lit. t the U^rdeu, Henry atreet. Houth Brooklyn, L I. Male to commeuce at lv o'clock precisely. Cttilognea at he Oarden. o!3lt*m hAiiiiflHI ?AI<E, a new and elegant grand Piano Forte, of powerful and brilliant ? ? ? ff! !""* w,til ?" t,ie m?d"n irnpriv. meuts, mnde * ~ ? * t'V one ol the be?t city maker,, and (old at the weat manufacturer, price. A note addreaied to "Piano." nd IcHiit thi, office, will he attended to. o!3 6t#rc a* .IT CENTKWjlLlC COUKSIliX. ^M^iin I-TROTT'NO AND fACllilO. ^9EK4lfl?S??j Wedneaday, Oct. 13, at 3 o'clock P. ' '* M. Pur?e $250, $71 to the secoud beit 2 mile heata. A. Conkl.n, cuter, ch. g. Jame, K. Polk, to go to a wagon. D.Bryan, " g. in Lady Suffolk, under the laddie. Alto?Iurae $34?Mile heaU, beat 3 in 4, in harntai, for trotmg hone, l hat neyer won a puiae; three or mora entile,, and wo or more to start to make a race. E.Soper, enter, g. Maringo. V'JP"""*'??. ' h. American Star. J. Conklm, b. m Miaa McCarty. A.'lonkhn, blk.h. Blark Hawk. W. King, ................b. m. Kate Conner. The car, will leave Houth rerry, Brooklyn, for the Course, it half-|>ut 1 o'clock, and return after the sports are oyer. inn rniuifi iw u Centreville. Oct. IS. 18<T. ol3 ltje ?- ~ UNION COURSC, L. I ?MONm Ti Ml1# ? DAY, Oct. llth, at 1 o'clock, P. M ? Purse $15(1, $50 to go to the seceud wjJJPJJgCCJgjr^^bfst, mile heat*, be?t a in 4, in harness John Cue enters b. m. Lady Moscow. W. 8. Heed " UreyHflw. W King " b. m Philadelphia Sal. Jaa. Whelpley enters b. in. Lady Sut'on. Immediately alter, Pane $50, mile hrMa, beat lin 5. under I ha saddle, for pacers. Isaac Woodruff eutera R. O Roauoke. C. 8. Bertiue " ... ch. g. Peacock, alias Cape. Wangle I K. J. Nodiur " r. g. Village Boy. Tliecar? will leare the South Kerry for the Coarse at half last two o'clock, and return after the sports are over. oil Gfrrc __ FOH 8Al.t?A sorrel Horse, sound and kind iujUuVitkudouble or single harness?can trot his mile in ' ' ' minutes, 10seconds, and is so d from waut ol use. iuly. Price $200. May be seen at James (Quarry's Lirery itanle, Not. 20 and 22 Amity street, from S A..V1. till 3X P.M. | ol3 2t*m n _ PAIR OK 110RbEs"WA N T E D? A i.air o"f well matched horses, not over 7 years old, that can ' ' ' j i n.v?1 about 10 m<les the hour, good size and actiou. oug tail* would be preferred?they must be aouua jidgeutle. Apply at 71 Water at. oil lt*n? ft ~ "YOUR POWDERS are the greatest ihinci out, JJETVo atop the heares," exclaimed a celebrated horse Lx^J^ownrr to us, the other day; " that package 1 bought if you Inst Thursday, tuied my horse's cough in a day, and he ssgow worth $<00 inure than he waa two weeks ago." This is 10 fiction, but the eiact expression of a well known patron of Of lurf, whose name we will give to all those who require a estimouinl of the value of the Tattersall's Heave Powuers i I hey a e warranted to cure the worst rough iu from two days I 11 a week, and will peruiauently eradicate Heaves. We refer 1 ii Messrs J. Gale aud T. R. Rapelvea.of Brooklyn, and Isaac : Jilbert, of this city, who have used them, and will vouch for lieir efficacy. Kor i.tle be A. O. UOlMill St CO., wholesale ! nd iet.ui Druggists, 119 Kulton St.. N. V. oll3tis*rc | *1 - NEW iO?K H(?KSE~BaZAAR, 31 Crosby JSl^itrret.-L K. IIOUGH, Auctioneer?The neit ' Auction Sales will take place on Weduesay, October 13, at II o'clock, with Carringes and Harness, nd at li o'clock, with " catalogue of horaes. O utlemeu hav- | ig horses to offer lor ilua sale will please register before 5 'clock ou Tuesday, or they cinnot he offered by catalogue J H. OATKIELD. Proprietor, WM. CO WAN, Manager. 1 010 ftis* c I M~ KOK SALE AT 205 WAl EH ST.- \ iingnTiT Ml NlVlbM4lll4 Dog, p rfeetle docile and well bell It'ed. and weighs over a hundred |?iiliid??bl ick, home Hpr, and very fond of children. oi3 3t*m > BLACK BALL OR OLI) LINK OK LIVER|?*JyPOuL PACKKTS K)R LI VEHPuOL.?iiuly MMibKegiilar Packet if tbe tfilli Oci.?The magnificent ut Miinig Packet Ship CAMBRIDGE, burthen KMio tons, ^apt. H. 8 Peabody, will sail positively on Saturday, 16th of Jetobar. Kor terms of cabin, second cabin or steerage passage, in this ne aud splendid picket, early application should be made on oard, foot of Beeatnan St., or to the subscribers ROCHE, BHOTHKH8 k < O . 011 Itrc 35 Kulton St., next door to tbe kulton Bank. NEW LINE OK PACKETS TO AND KROM ETjufy.LI VERPOOL?Packet ol the 21st October?'1 he PBMb'I'lendid new aud fist sailing ship CONSTITUTION iti'Kl tons burthen. Captain John Button, will positiver sail fmm New York on the 21st nist., aud from Liverpool ou lieti.h December. Penous about to proceed to Europe, or liose wisniiig to send for their friends in the oM country, canol select a finer conveyance. Those wishing to secure t eithi, should made early application on board at the loot of lurling Slip, or to W. It J. 1. TArSCOTT. ol MS South st. KuK LI VERI'OOL ?''1 he .New Line?Regular nfySV Packet of 31st of October?The superior new last HljUlbwiling packet ship CONSTITUTION. 1500 tons, 'aptaiii John Bntton, will sail aa above, her regular day. 1 Kor f. eight or paaa-^e, having spleudid large and comfortable late mi.m aud cabin, atmlv to rha r>nu>? n? kn.J m !, Wfat ?ide ofBnrliug'alip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, 17 Sonth ?t. Price of nuiiKf $100. The packet ahip HOTT1 NGUKtl, 1100 tons, Capt. Buraley, till am ceed the Conatitution, and aail ou her ragular day, lift f November aM ARN DkN'H EXPHEM. FORTdifcJSNEW YORK, Providence, Philadelphia, and lh? South and iVe*t. BLAKE, COOUDGE h WHEELER. PnurairTnm. ). BRIUH AM, JR., B.W.WHEELER Union . H. 1)I.AK E, Bnildmsa, Providence. . S Court atreet, Boaton, F. VV. COOLIDGE, t Wall (treet, New York. | Office in Philadelphia, 43 Houth Third ?tre?t. >10 14t fh j rIN HOOKS MADE TIGHT, for 2H cent* per foot, and warranted?Good in'a Patent Htaropneumatie Celent Sheat uug laid over an old tin roof will render it perfectly ! flht, fire pnmf, and permanent to walk over. New roof* ol ink boarda covered for cent* per foot and I AM GOODWIN, ll VVeat Broadway, near Chamber* it. ??? l?l rn EADS OF HAIR?Heada of Hair ?Thoee article* lor- ' .1. merly known a> Wig* and Heal pa, prior to the late im , roveineuta of Hidgway.are now known only hy the abova tie, owing to their atnctly natural appearance and artiatical i >ut enaemble, rauaing them to be the moat desirable article rat to a natural head <>r hair. To be bad only of CH ARIAS I l)G W AY, practical Hair cotter and Wig maker, 17# Briwl ay, cor. of Maiden-lane, up atair*. Call and ?ee them N B ? Private rooma for ntting and trvwg on Witt, hx 3 Mi *rc Kill BARRELS I'iTRK 8PIRI1H? Ll/V ipo do Superior ALCOHOL. WHITE BRANDY. An ncelleut aiticle of Native Grape* for Preaer ve* ("or | li, fcr... at a mnck lower price than the imported For ante by JOHN D'HOMEROUK, 201 Front *treet, between Beekman and Fulton *M. It TOt?rc JKM/IIi.AL ttuOK-'KEEPlNG. No ?"?"UeUar wtreet ? VIr C. C. *1ar*h. Accountant Author of the 'Sirence of oublv Kutry Hook-Keeping Simplified," and the 'Art of Binle (Cutty Book-keeping Improved," coutiuuea to teach aa ove. 'I he pupil becotnea fmniliar from actual me wifh all the ?oka conatttotiig a aet, and a |?era< n of good capacity will, i tlua courae, become a com|?eteiit boofc-keepei 10 about a outh. and will teceive a certificate to that effect Proapectuaea, with tenna. obtained at the rooma, from 9 I, a0ie*m MiLORkT) PAPERS AND PA PER BOXE?-Manu J firtured by O. BACH, <? Knlton .treet, N V < on antly on hand, alio. a fine aaaort meil of imported rrench id Merman Colored Papera. All ordara promptly MJJJtw, Iff frn fh# rn???f ' *' m _ JtJWe.H LOOMS?lor ?ale, JO Marrow Loom*, ol an perior make of iroe, to *eare twilted work, flthet cotton P woolen aatiueta, Kentecky jeaoa, tweeda, or drilla, with tang* cam*. They Will be .old at bargain. Inquire at n road itreet. ?lW"t? DARK THKATftif.?tWurm of Wr4n'<i4*y J S?myiW? i? &?? Haektit; r<ji4, Mr. Drott. Mr? Pant. Mr?. Abbott. At the close ol Uie Id act of the romedy, *4 i Vi^oia-. will ai>pear .a the Orand D:?.,lament, PAH DE ' HI i After the comedy. aSecend Orand DiTertiaemeat by twemtyfoor Dana*uaea Viennoiae, the celebrated PAH ROCOCO After which,the peti.e comedr.of A KIHH IN THk'. DARK The whole to conclude with LK PA8 Uh-S M0I380NEUH8?Byjl Djaaeuaea . Vieiiamaea. Bowery theatre-w. j?cki?i, muunihuu Manager. Ma. 8tet?b?.?Wedneaduy Eveuing, Oct. llih will b? per?nrwi-d the itrand patriotic drama in 1 nana entitled hTHKHIKOE OK MONTEREY?Oen Taylor Mr W Mar- J ahall; Capt Allen, Clarke; Jake Umeiibury. Burke. R..mra,o I 1 Kalcom, Hterena ; Hruora Adela, Mra Phillip# ; Uemtt, hu | therland; Buda. Jordan. , . . To conclude with the grand drama of JAC K MIILPPARD m ?Joe Blueakio. MrC Barke. Jack Shtjmrd. Mr* Phillip.. . Owen Wood. Mr Keene, Sir Rowlaud Trencher*. TiIi hi ' Door* open at 6X o'clock and the carta in will .i*e a; T. 0| Boaea.ito CenU; ru and Gallery. 1?X ? ??u _____ | fCHATHAM THEA JRE.?Caderthe tilI ? Mt vy KLETCHER-Wedneadar Erenmg. Oct Jllh, the per- tl (ormuicc will commeuce wifb t the pur of HICHJlLILL , tl ?Cardinal Richelieu, Mr. E. 8. Connor; De Mauprat, NeaAe, ! Fraucoia, Miaa llildretli. _ u To conclude with the pantomime of DON JUAN?Don i Junn, Mr Taylor; Hcarainouch, Mr. Barnea; Douna Anna, Miaa j D? Loriane W Admittnnre?Boiea U centa; Pitt 12)t cent*. I PALMO'H OPERA HOUSE-Monday, October J lib, KIT?Secoud weekfof the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADEH8, at Meeara. UEKMON. . STAN WOOD. b3 HARRINGTON, ? PELL. 1 WHITE, and HOWARD, ?f whoae inimitable Entertainmenta hare been the univeraal theme and admiration nf the world. Among their lilt of patrona, they have the honor of including the Preaideut of the United Hlatea and family, Hecretariea of Bute, War, and Nary, Her Majeaty Oueett Victoria, 1{. K. H. Prince Al- at brrt, aud Royal Family, the Nobility and Gentry of Europe, aud elite and faaliiou ol > mcrica wpeu every Ulglit he Under the directum of Mr. J. A. DUMDOLTON. . Admiuiou 21 cent*. Duori open at T o'clock. Concert at o'clock. N. B?Seata eau|l>e aerured daily at the Box Office, from 11 A. M. till 5 P. M., and gentlemen ara rr<|ueated not to orcui y tu arata to which ticketa are affiled. olO 7tre ?jj Mf.l 11.V.Nil ?' II >1.1. 17J Broadway, between Oraud aud Broomf atreeta. OPEN KVERY NIGHT. M ISb'.t ON U WKK.K of the original C H HIST Y'# MIN8TREL8. of E.l?. CHRISTY. . e. pTerce, h? O.N. CHRISTY. ? T. VAUGHN. C. ABBOTT and W. PORTER, b? wl?o?e inimitable concerta are nightly received with approba* tion by crowded aud highly teapectable audiencea. on Admiaaion25cent*. Children under 10 yeara, accompanied .i, with their pareuta or guardiaua, half price. Concert comm*ncea m | o'clock. olO Tt* rc SCENES KHOM PARADISE.?EVERY EVENING ti THIS WtEK.bvthe .. MODKL ARTISTES, ? at the APOLLO ROOMS, 410Broadway. pi The Model Artiitea will give an enleitaiiimeut every night thia week, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, October llth. C with an entire change of programme, including the mblime peraouiAcatioai of the arruea from the Garden oT Eden, viz 11 Adam'* lirat aight of Kve." " The Angel diacouraing with u Adam." " The Temptation," " The Eipulaion," " Death of Abel," Itc., he., with other intereating groupa. n Change ofaubjets every eveniigduriug the week. Ticketa of admiaaion '.u ceuta Ticketa admitting a lady and gentleman, 7i centa, to be obtained at the door. tr A liinitted number ol Seaaon Ticketa may be had ou applica- . tion at the rooma. Doora <> en at 7 o'clock. Peraonificationa commence at pre- co ciielv 8 o'clock. oil Si * m . UBLIC KXrlIUITION OF BKOWN'S PAINTINGS. * C ?Iteroea of Palo Alto, Reaaca, Monterey and Bueut Viata, will he exhibited for a ahort tune only, at 1IS7 B oadway, Qt Stewart'a old ataud, oppoaite the Park, Browu'a celebrated Poitraita of General Taylor, General Wool, Colouels Mowoe. Helkuap. Maxalield. aud Whiting. Majora Bliat, Br?g<, aud na| Eatou; Captama Ramaay, Ga'uett aud Liunard; Surg'on Craig, Medical Director; Orderly Buuhaw. (who waa cap- . tureuat Buena Viata; .aud " Old whitey," the far-famed war- . horae of General Tav lor. Alan, Head<iuartera Army ol Occu ............ ?? IIIIU1 OH. II'*". .T1BI1CO. l'rt Price of admiaiion 25 cent*. Door* open day and night. . ol2 Mt*rre ua PH1LHARMON I<' SOC1ETY?S'xth Sruon?The Com- *U mittee of Management wonld re*i>ertlully inform the public mid the patron* of thi* Society, that the aubtcription book* fur the four Concert* are new open, and that uo Ml will be *(>ared to reuder the performance* of thi* sea*on of lite Inchest order. Perann* wishing to become a*tociate member*?who hare the privilege of attending the rehearaal* and concert* of the Society?cau *end in their name* atany time. N Term* $5 per annum, in advanoe. Subscriptions $10, payable on the delivery <f the ticket* for the firit Concert entitlingtthe *ub?criber to three admi**ion* to each of the four TO: Concert*, wi'h the privilege of purchaaiug two eitra admit- , tion* to each Concert, at f 1 50 per ticket, received at the mu*ic *tore of Scharfcnberg Si Luia, by the Secretary, or any of wl the member* of the Society. J. L.ENSIGN, See'y. . ol2 8ti*rc 11 Le Hoy Place. " BAKNUM'8 AMERIC AN MUSEUM.?E V ERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, commencing Monday, Oct. 11,1817. FIVE PERFORMANCES A DAY!'. r? IN THE MORNING AT 11 O'CLOCK '. TWO IN THE AFTERNOON ! ct At V to 3 o'clock, and again at 4 o'clock, and oi TWO IN THE EVENING! At 7 and H Past I o'clock. NO FREE LIST EXCEPT THE PRESS. to Tlie crowd ha* been *n irrent tn /? generaltomHthumb, wl the past week, that ihe manager hu engaged him Tor ONE ffBl LONWfcR, find to ujcui'xnod tie In* uuinerous friends, he gives hu |>ei- W1 forinnaW each (lay aa above. BQ In the morning tho Ueuernl appears in VAKJOUS CHARACTERS AND COSTUMES, tU including hia Citizen's Dreai, Court Hint, wuru brfore Uueen nn Victoria, Highland Dress, (kc. kor the gratification of cluldun 8IG VITO will &lao intro- * dace hia beautiful ITALIAN FANTOCCINI, or Dancing #>. Mechanical Figures, rendering the Morning the beat time for fainiIlea to attend. B?i At both the Afternoon aud Evening performance the little General gives lua exhibitions in hia Citizen'a and Scotch Dress* ea in roujuuclion with other interesting and chaste perform- tie ances. , The little Geueral is perfectly symmetrical in all hia propor ' tious. intelligent and graceful beyond belief, and SMALLER THAN ANY INFANT THAT EVER ? WALKED ALONE! s? The magnificent I'reaenta, Jewtls, lie., received from the m, Kings, Q.JPSiis, and Nouility of Europe, will be exhibited. Tins is positively the last time Gen. Tom Thuinh will ever be seen in New York, aa he proceeds immediately to New Orleans aud Havana, via, Ciiarleaton. Augusta, 8avannah, Columbus. Montgomery, Mobile aud tlie pnucipal Southern pi Towua and Citiea. pi Hia beautiful MINIATURE EQUIPAGE! 8,1 Will perambulate the atreets daily, and be seen in front of the Museum at intervals. GREAT WESTEUN, the Yauhee Comedian, PETE MORRIS, Miss BERNARD, Ike., Admijgiou lo tbe whole. 25 cents; children under ten year* of age 10W old enough to walk alone, 12% cents. QltiNOI BLITZ?MAGIC AND VCNTHILOQUUII r( > ' 1 the Society Library, corner of Leonard street aud 11 Mroadway, every evenug during the week, commencing Monday, Oct 11th. Change of programme nightly. Doors open at 7 o'clock?commence at 7)f. Admission 2i eta. children under 10 vMr? of ?? (T7- Afternoon performance on Saturday, at 3 o'clock. 1 ol3 4t*?e te MlTCHELl.'H OLYMPIC THfcATRK-Wednesday It hveiug, October 1 Jtli. tlie performance will commeuce with JACOBITE?John Duck, Mr Holland. '' To be followed by, 7tli time in America, an operatic drami in ol the NIGHT DANCERS? Kridoliu, Mr. Holland, Albert, Mrs Timm; Giselle, Mm Mary Taylor; Mary, Miu Phillips; Bertha, Mi? Koberti. To conclude with an original farce entitled HOW TO 8ETTLK ACCOUNTS WITH YOUR WA8HERWO* K? MAN?Whillinfton WidgttU, Mr Holland; Mary White, Mix Mary Tat lor. Dress circle, SO cents ; Upper Boies, 24 cents ; Fit, oatshil linr : Private Bmei.l'i -.Orchestra Bases. (] 'IMlh nt iimik < ULLKl /i'lU V?I he lust aeneaol ttna J. M|ujKWtcolltctiofl, COIUUtilCOl three prinntic Scrip- ? . taral*, vis:?Chriat Healing the Hick in the Teuule, Christ ILusiur Lazarus Irom the L)ead,aud Death on tke Pale oj Horae, linished in the highest style of the art, i> now open for . eihibition from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. at the National Academy of Drsign. Admission 24 ceul?; Season Tickets 40 cents. N. B.? Will fl'ite on The 21st lust. sJ3 30tis*n ANCINO AND WALTZING AC ADKM Y?Mr.J 5 P \ UKKR h is the honor to annnmice to his friends aud the public that his school in Bayard street, attached to the North American llo'el, is now open for the season School Days?Tuedays and Fridays. The Arst public will take place on Monday, the 1st of November, aud be continued every other Monday during the aeasou. Mr. P's up-town school will o|>eu ou Wednesday, the 13th, at No. 90 Perry street, betweeu lSlrecker and Hudson streets. tE School Days?-Wednesdays and Saturdays. o!2 3l*rc National academy ok design?the SShm ct School will be opened forthe season on Tuesday neit, the all Iztli instant, daily, from *) A. M. until dusk?on Tuesdays and paiuraays exclusively lor ladies. * Au original drawing frsm the rnand will be requited of *i>- hi plican's for admission, to be approved by the Council. .-9 ntiaepd'm JNO. Q. CH AI'MAN . Secy. N. A. " 'I^HK ANATOMICAL MUSKL'M ia no* opeu at Crnton ? -I- llall, corner of the Bowery aud Division, having been re- ?i novated, decorated anil fitted up in a superior atyle. a con iderable number of beautiftil models, juat arrived IromPans, have beeu added, which render this at once the moat attrae| tive, enteitiiniag, and instinctive exhibition ever tn< dm ed in [ tliia country- oil (St insure C~ OLMAN'S UALLKKY OK OIL PAINT1NOH, No . 203 Broadway, above hia Book Store, consisting of ninety ! choice rictnres by eelebrated masters, viz .?Titian's Venus, ft, ; of lifeuxe ; The Dying (iladiator, by David ; The Misers, by Matsys, the blacksmith ; Helen Korman, by Ruhep* ; The ?i Knglish Roadside, kc he. fcc.. I* esteemed by foreigners as q| superior to any public exhibition of picture* iu this country. Mr. COLMAN import* all the New Popular Engraving* w? from London, Paris, and Oermauy, which with his extensive collection of Books, Paintings, Kancy Stationery, and Drawing | Material*, ha offer* at tit* moat reasonable prices, wholesale or | th rttti], . _ I i HERALDRY.?Coat* of Arms famished and amblaxoaed in the moat sumptunn* style, or may be had ia pea drawiac, toi Jy*T Mnn. WedfcKat tf_rc , WALNUT it I MfcKT THKATRK, PHTlADIlLPHIA Leaaee'?; A. Marshall M snags r W K Blake-M ?t night of the fccginn Operatic Troape. Wednesday Mening, Oat 11 will be presented the opera of sonnambitla? Count Rodolpho, Mr Beguin; Elyiao, Artliurson; Al'ssio, 80 Chapman; Ainina, Mrs Seguia; Teres*, Mis Blake ; l.lisa. A PLEASANT nkkjhbor?Christo- F.l pher Strap. Mi Chspmaa; Nancy Mrs Th*yer. n~7~ 'I he Opera, every night I is week. Uns and Pari|B*tte, Ml cents; Second and Third Circles, JJ , lo remi. f?rchearra and Private Boxea, 7J cent*. j ITALIAN (JPK.RA<(MPANY?Meaars~"HANQi;ni7- ' 1 t O an'l PATH re?|iecifully announce the appointmen' of ? Grind Oouwrt ( the Ttberoac.?( on W?dnttdiy |r?uiQ|, P' October Mill, on whieh occasion will he give* (first time in Amene*) by th* whele Italian Opera Company, the famous Hymn recently composed by Hossini, to celebrate the birth- ' day of the Pope Pioa IX . .. Particular* in future announcements. I " Tickets One Dal 'at. o!3 ftw N? - Kilt CHARLESTON. 8. t": ? Tha D|, Pteamship SOUTH KRNKR. < apt Thos Budd. will leave ihe pier foot of I lint,>n * ' atreei. Tobacco liiapecn >n. Kaal River, oil y0 Saturday, ihe Hih inat , at 4 o'clock P M. No beith tern red until paid for. All bills of lading aign*u frl by ihe rl? rk on board Specie will be received utitiftwelvc < O clock M. on the d*y of departure. For freight ar p stage apply to Kl SPOKKOHD TILK.STON k Co .?? South it. Passengers hy |hi* tea.el are requested to send the r b<ggage on board previous lo |2 o'clock i n ihe d*y of departure w? OoimIs consigned to i he csre of the agent of the South Carolina Rail rMtd t'ompary, intended for the interior of South ' f aniline, Oeorgia. Alabama and Tecuessee,will be forwarded wi w ith Despatch, Irt e of commission oil tire FIRST PACKET "HIP for NKW ORLEANS jaawy?'The last sailitg ship Harlmgfn, Capt. Cook, wili R< JHBHfabc despatched on Thuraday, the 14th mat. Kor pas Hgr, i,airing unaurpasaed accommodations in Id cabin and steeiage, apply on board:, foot of Roosevelt street, or to St M.P.O'HEKN k CO. v< 1M South St., corner of Dover, and K W*? st , corner of Recw' oim*N ' th A * V ~ / llll INTELLIGENCE TO TWI^ LAYSIT KOMlVt TELEORAPHIC, Important from Wwlw. pHII.*D*LPHIA.O0t. 13, 1847. The remainder of yesterday's despatch *ll rtMlrti ' the Baltimore boat Ust night. The alcalde'* circular states that heroic resistance had >en made for tlx day*, bat the enemy (Scott) at length tabllihed himself in plaoes and positions from which is missile* could reach the peaceful thousand* In the ty. Their Suproma (iovernment teeing that the stata of ling* warranted a departure, changed their abode, and le eeat of government would be very soon announoed, lough the site had not jet been *gi eeil upon. The American army charged on the 13th at daybreak 1th all their force, upon ( hapultepec. which yielded afira spirited defenoe of six hour*. The American* immediately marched upon another rong fortification, but their lint advanoe waa checked r the Mexioan troop* led by Santa Anna, disputing Us* ound inch by inch. The Mexican* were finally routed from the oapiUl ter nine hour* bard fighting. The capital being In tbis situation, and Santa Anna ixiou* to avoid it* bombardment, determined to *vaeu It. The verbal report* received at Vera Crux, state that retired to Oaudaloupe with tan thousand troop* and snty-five pieces of artillery. No mention is mad* of the reported bombardment on e 14th and lath. A letter received at Vara Crus, says at after the Americans *arri*d the oltadel, they turntlie gun* of that fortiiloation on tb* city, when tb e exlcan army retreated to Guadeloupe. The Minister of I'orslrril A ffaira th* the capital, directing blm to arrange affair* as wall aa i could until be reoeived official information where tbe at of goverumunt was established. No confirmation of the report that Santa Ann* had en wounded. It lit reported that (i?n. Quitman waa i his way down to Vera Crui with despatches and four iousand men. Col. Wllsoa vu terioiuly ill. Uen. Patterson would ,k? command of the foroea in tbe city and State of Vera rux. or proceed to join (Jen. Scott, an ha ahould think roper on hla arrival there. General Lane had been oompelledto send back to Vara rua for a supply of ammunition. He had arrived at le National Bridge without serious opposition, though le guerillas made their appearance on several oaca oaa. His requisition for ten thousand rounds of ball oaridges was oomplled with. It la reported that tbe ycl w fever has made its appearance In Oeneral Lane's mmand, and that there was some scarolty of proviins. Another rumor is that the guerillas had fortified Cerro irdo. A letter from Major Lally, dated Jalaps, itd, |ra that all was quiet there. His wound In the neck me near killing him, but he was then doing well. \ letter from Vera Crux says a proclamation had been ued by Santa Anna, announcing his resignation a* ssldent, and that Senor Pens y Pena had been Initlatin hla plaoe. The Picayunc doubts the truth of this itement. Another Despatch. Additional Intelligence from Mexico. Philadelphia, Oet. 13, 1847. The following waa received by mall from Baltimore o Now Orleans papera. The newspaper mail has failed ith of Charleston, and I am Indebted to CJeo. Vanstaren, a passenger In the Alabama, from Tamploo, for ditlonal particulars. Vanstavoren came in oompan th Major Caperi, the Government Butler at Tamploo, arer of deepatohee to tba United Btatee from Col tUi. Caper* haa copies of letter* to merchants In Tamploo, oelved by Britlah expreaaes, giving semi-official aciuntc of the taking of the capital. Santa Anna marohed it on the 13th, with ten thooaand men and twenty oanin, for Ouadaloupe, and waa expected aoon to retreat > OajarH No farther Immediate molestation from him u anticipated. Our entire loss from the ?th to the 13th of September w J6 oflloers killed and 47 wounded, and 4yo men killed' d wounded in the laat battle. At Chapultepeo on e 13th, Oen. Scott brought 40 plecea of oannon to bear the heighta, aoou rendering them untenable. !)n the afternoon of the 14th, he lent 1600 men Into u city, who took poaaeaaaion of the citadel after some loua opposition from the rabble who attacked Ma ar, wounding a number. On the 13th the woman bad manded muskets of Santa Anna, whleh he waa unable i furninb. The letters conUin no mention of the resignation of uta'Anua, and Vanstavoren discredited the stalest. Worth, Pillow and Smith are safe. Worth had on appointed by Scott, governor of the oity of Mexico The Hteamer Faahion ?u entering the harbor of Tarn err a* the Albama oame out. -oceeding nuletly, with rtry little excitement, and a nail vote polled. Pennsylvania Election. PHILADELPHIA, Oot 19, 1H47. Irvin, whlg,haa beaten Sbunk, democrat, in the bo>ugh of Harriaburg, by 48 rote*. It baa usually given 10 democratic majority. Philadelphia, Oet. 12, 1847. Carlialu diatrict, including live townships, give* Bhunk IB majority, a gain oyer Towers UM year, of 173; two iwnahipa in I'erry county give Shuuk over 800 major y. Kt-adlng. tthunk'a majority 470? democratic gain ; rote largely Increaaed . I.anoaater, Inoluding (even wuabipe.glvea Irvln 704 majority. Philadelphia, Oot. I'J?Midnight. Irvin's majority in Pottavllle 220; in Port Carbon 192 ; In over Markle 09. Georgia Election. Philadelphia, Oet. 12, 1847. A slip from the Milltttvillt Union, give* further, rerot, showing a democratic gain for governor, of 3076 in pared with lK4ft, when < rawford, whig, wu eleoteJ 1761. In the Henate the whig* hare a majority ; the Houie probably democratic. Frigate Rarltan 011 Fire. PHILADELPHIA, Oot. 13 -P. M We loam by paneengere in the steamer Jewess, arrived Baltimore from Norfolk, that on Monday afternoon ie frigate Haritan, lying in Hampton Road*, wa* dis ivered to be on fire. In nonanquenoe of the reoent "knees no one was on board. The steamer pat back, id after *ome uunecesaary delay, boats were manned, id two men drowned in attempting to board the burnig vessel. The frigate was badly damaged before the re was extinguished. It was (apposed that the fire riglnated from a spark from the Curtis reck. Legislative Proceeding* Alaakt, Get. 1 J' 1847. ttgfUTB. 1'be petition of if. O'Reilly, for a general telegraph law, id the bill authorising the New York and Erie Rail ir < ompany, to chance the route of their m>.i At laaahouae roeka, wbere they eroM the DtUmn river, ire ordered to a third reading. Mr Dewwuto* brought In a bill to limit the iaaue of a circulation notaa of incorporated bank* rha Senate declined tha Invitation of tba Waahlng a Monument Aaeoclatlon. Tha hill to eatabllah an A(71 urn for idlota, waa told orar tha re.jueet of Mr. Foliom, Tha bill to authorlae tba formation of eompanlea to natruet canal*, waa paaeed Alao, a bill relative to tba root* of tha Naw York u4 rla Railroad. Thaganaral loaurance Companlaa bill waa takan up ( ommittee of tha Whole; It waa amandad by extend I Ita proTlnlon to any Incorporated ottj la tha State A dabata waa bad upon tha paraonal liability olauaa , nding which tha oommlttaa roaa. AMKMaLY. Tha Honir. ia now In Commlttaa of tha Whola, on tha I iu relation to the taxation of paraonal property In iw York. Tha bill waa amandad to laalnda all eompa * Incorporated in other States, and undar foreign gornmenta, who ahall hate a plaoe of bualnaM in New rk Tba opponenta of tha bill are content to let Ita i-nda amend It aa thay pleaaa. The bill making an appraprlatlon to carry forward tha la Canal enlargement, waa re-eommltted. Tha bill for tha payment of wltneaiaa la criminal eaaee * rejected by a large Tote. In tha afternoon, the debate on tbe New York tax bill ui reeumed, but not dlapoeed of. [The jtllai aaya; It haa tba authorify of Meaar* King ddlngton and fclderkin. of St l.awrenoe; Hathbun. of lyuga; I 0 Till*, of 1 hantau^ne, M egee and Smith. of enben ; Baker, Holme* Totter and Kaaaom, of trie , in Buren and ( agg> r, of Albany, to fix their namea t0 eaU for the Herkimer meeting ]

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