Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1847 Page 3
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I _ very affa'r when V? Ukft tote MMMMMMM the unlimited extent of our retourcea and our ability to U. V quldate any Indebtedness we inay create. Whatever I (Jpht the Uoiteil S'atet may Incur to carry on tbi( war or for liny other purpoee, will ultimati'ly be paid iu full, prluoipal and inter? st,without disturbing any of our financial or commurcial xyxti-mc, which U more than 0 m be said of uny other government in creation; and tha accumulation of a large debt dom not. therefore, add u fraction to the taxes of the people We have cooseqneutly nothing to fear from the continuance 01 the w?r, ao far an the orgt of it is concerned Whatev-r ?-k|)eiidilur? may be made ou thin account will b> ref iudi'd iu come shape ; whatever advauces may be re(,u ' 1 to 'ccampli-b the object aimed at, will be repaid wi.u interest and an equivalent for the sacrifice* made ou out pirt will bi exacted and enforoed. The policy 11? Kr'Verrm> nt in'end pursuing upon this question will a< ureilly Uad to that result, should it require the abe rpfou of the whole of Mexico to accomplish It It must be borue in mind, that the largeat portion of 1 he expenditures oo account of thi* war areinade within | 0 ir own .iiuitn, and that a portion of that part lent o it o tU? oountry, will Cad lu way back again through u variety of chunuels. The amount of money actually drawn from the country in comparatively small; and the anm-ijUfinca in, that the expenditures have by no means b <-u burdensome upon the government or the people. have been engaged In hostilities nearly eighteen month*, auil the total indebtedness of the general gov Mini nt.lncluiliuK all tbat existing previous to thecornuitnceisetit or thM war, does iiot exoeevT sixty million* of dollars, only abont forty millions of which have been oo"tr.icted > n account of the war. Tills has been the expeuves lot that period, within which nearly the whole Of lb- army now In Muxioo have been oarried there and tue ualuWnaiioe of au lmnense naval foroe in the Gulf r< quired. The naval foroe has been much reduoed ?n<l ti e expenses of the army, even with the increase in Its extent, bavo been materially reduced The expendl turenof the war department for the next eighteen months, should the war be vigorously prosecuted for that length of time, will not exceed those lor the past eighteen months while i bo sources of revenue will be materially inorrated More thau one million of dollars have already been e?lUctel at the Mexican Oulf ports In our possession, and we Lave no doubt but that as soon as Oen. 8cott has a force tuflleirntly large to take possession of the city of ' :exi o. ana to garrison all the principal points between that city and Vara Cruz, a system of repfisals, or a tariff oi taxes will be adopted for the purpose of raising funds to pay, at least, a portion of the expense. Mexico hss i ot to pay for this war in some shape, and we might as w<rli (rt-t It as go along, as to get it in a lump, or take it in a tract of useless, worthless territory. A hill has b?en Introduced la the Legislature of this Sta'.o for the purpose of levying a tax upon personal I property In the elly and oounty of New York. This is one of the most Important measures now under consideration. and we trust It will be speedily adopted, and go into operation at once The just complaints which Iittve lor so many years past been so loud, relative to the enormons rate of taxation, have called for soma reform, and the bill alluded to above, whioh we annex, strikes at the root of the evil, and will reduce the average rate of taxation very materially. The necessity of tuch a lav, has long been so palpable that it is very Ot range that it has not, been adopted before. The bill is tlli under en at 1 tsration; some trilling alterations! may be made, but not to an extext sufficient to change the principal features. fir.n Yosa Personal Taxation Law. ({1. All nat 4M(y person or persons, tlrm or linns, permanently doingTSsflivs^ in the city and county of New York, whether by agency or otherwise, shall be ossoRsed ? and taxed in the said city and county, for so muuli property as shall be employed In business in said olty and cuuty.ln the tame manner as residents thereof are assessed and taxed; but for all other personal property owned by th-m they shall be assesced and taxed in the county of which they may be residents. (j-2. If any ptr'on shall be assessed for the purpose of taxulou, in any county of thin Slate in which nereides, otlier lhao the oi'y and county of New Vork,inratiy per* >nal property, for which, or any part of which ' e has bem a s'->s-d and taxed, underline aot. Ii sh ill be U#iui for hujIi p*-rsou to rhow that fact, by kill lavit, b> for? ttie as-es4ots of the eity or town lu which he resides nnd is t-o Uxe I, aud it shall thereupon be the duty ol sum mr.L IIM-Il' i""- -* .n-rMcm 10 renulie I n* aOlOUDl Ot personal pr>'p-rt.y fir wliieh ihey have so assessed t.ini by the a iiouot thereof which ho hua been assessed for, and iax (I under thin act. (j 3 Wherever any person. cot a resident of suoh city arid o"UQty of New York, h it who shall. permanently. Oxtry on business l.y agency therein, Khali be assessed and lexed ih. rein tor ho much property us shall be employ d ny ii;in or on hi* behalf, in burners therein, it th il ue Uwtul lor such person to make the affidavit authi'i K-.l t y section Hi e?u uf articU two, t itle?i-erond, ?h*pt< r tt irteeoih ol ft.?t, part of the Revised Statutes biioiehi y c.iurt or "fll'er authorize I to take affidavit a t i b re id in |br ?U|itrU]e court and in the aam* man tie , pri Ttd< 0 nlwivii I |n,t the xni<i pe g n shall fllu*, in .ttidavit. Miffl.'ieu:. reason why su<h sffllavil 0*till n i ie by bun *n required by s?ot>on twenty fWof sirti'!<-t*o aforesaid, and provid-d further, that it Chat imt ha l.wfui for th? m.M person to reduce the loin ml of l i personal property assessed for purposes of t?i tii.'ii in a?y county ol this elate, by referenoe to or U'e .} nny indubt-doeee, by reference to or use ol which the Hiunuut ot Int. personal properly, assessed for purpo? - .it 'axi.t ion, in any other county of this Stale, insy l iv. b en r. duo d. or by ref-renoe to or ure of iu<lnbl< d dim- on properly cotisigbcd to him to Hell, and on which b- ' ..y i eve uiade a.lvances, and such facts thall be stated uu such ithilavit; unr s'.iull it be lawful tor any p i -<<i, c-r p. rg?tm, asm sued under this act to reduce tu? mil. utit ot ibe personal property Hwnwd to him or ibem by ref. i nice to or u < * ot any indebtedness other lhau such indebtedness as has accrued and arisen la the re xnhtr re: uiaL. lit business ol such Derson ornersons: >ml in ? ??h any pernon nm. hs-i1 under thin act. Hball tnakthe atB.inYit au'borii*d by bc tion fltteen aforementioned, tor the purpnue of thOucId^ tin- amount of personal proparty iiNhvi-fii tr> bim uucl.-r this act, sucli person Bb&ll atatw iu mch affidavit. b?Mdi-* what is now required to he contained therein, that his just debts, whwreby reduction ?.f ttie amount of personal property assessed uuUer 11 act. is sought, accrued In due course of his r. ^ carried on permanently in the city and county i f New Y ork, aud not othi-rwii-e. () 4 I tnodr'j war?*n or mernhaadise ot liny description wUal"(, j?or. livid <>n conni^nm ut, or to be sold on oouibilMinn. iind nut otherwise, shall not b? subject to assets<u< t atxi taxation under Ibis act. t) b. 1 hiH act shall take e ect immediately. Slock Kxcliange. SO U00 Tr<*?? Note* ii.'x 173 .nr. Nor St Wor It 42\ t'tit) do 10 >4 37'| Mt lOnig HK 38 J'.it/H O ii '60 1I0H 30 do b30 3H>? aii ?t. ? l>'araiei?' '?ru?f J7>4 loo Long Uland H bCin? 30 3d ilom? 1,-aual >90 III* IV do 28j? IliO do liJt 50 do 7.'i Noi and Wor K 4'i 273 Ilarleia K 48 tO do 42% 30 do 4UX Secoiul Board. tiOdO T'eM Notes, 6'?, 101 ^ 30 shs N"r l( War, l?60 44 SWI G Ohio 6V Ml ?uvt V.lV 73 do 43W Jiiio'i tM'hd Iloit i)d?, 66* 30 do ii}i 10 -h< U > lli .k. 3jf 3d Kirm-rs'Loan, blO 27\ I Hank of N Vork, Ui 23 Canton Co, M<W Stork iCsi-liang*. $i,00fl "" ?! notes, slO 10 50 ?lu H trlein blO 48 <t i >hs t'arintrj'j, b3 J7>2 30 do c 47J, 23 dj c V% 30 d> S43 ?7H 30 do >S0 56% 30 * do ?3 47J* 10 (In Ilnoi 2) \ 30 ro li 47.s 3? do b3 27W 30 do 4HW V I CsBtou Co, ?S0 30 30 do 43 4* Jj Jo c 31>4 30 do il 48k 3 it ted tig IIR, *30 37 H'O do >3 4> % 30 di >10 37* 30 Lont 1(1 RR. bU 39 OTI'V CttAOIG MtQHOttT. N*w IfoHK, Tni'iiiht Arntawootf, Oat. 14. The market for Hour continued steady at the Ute 1mpro?em>tt. aii'l under a regular <l?mand for the Kant, the market closed tolerably firm at yesterdry's quota Hens Theie was said to be some scarcity In Eaatero ousels, in o infeqtienee of which dale# were rather limited Th* sap;jli?? of new wheat continued light and the inafket flrni wi'h moderate sales at full priees Corn was firmer and stlee wore made at a slight adranoe on yestcrdsy's prioes Hye and oats remained about the lame Toere was (something more doing in pork, partieu'arx of which rill be found,nelow. Thera wag a fair amount of bulness doing in endue and sugar, without material change iu prioes. iiNn Hon wore ilrmer, and salt'* of aheut 500 bbls were reported ill fx}. Pearls were dull at $3. UacADtTvrn?Pt?Mr?During the fo'enoon, and the early part of '<change. sales of 4 000 a 6.000 bnrrels in ?? purate lot*, were uiade, consisting cbletly of new and fresh groiind'cienessMe at $9 ^/XafiH AO. During "i:han*e piasll saK* continued to b" made at th? smne figures, In eluding some 1,300 brli fanny brands at "ft a j)7; lOOil do Uxtri'go new were snld at 90 AO, and 300 do Akron. Ohio, extra fJ; Southern was firm, and pood now deorg"1' an ?nu Baltimore branjs were bind at >6 30; u lot Ol sour sold at ffl iO a $0 0'JX. Wheat?A email sale or SOU h" bil? western red was mvla at $1 30; 1 aOO lo O il" hi*?<? w r.> mad* at. the same prlcu, uiid 1,400 s S0MJ unit* If w. f'erii dsmiwed orniusiyrid at $i 10 Corn?S?l"? <>f lUOM) a 16.04X1 bushel* were msdi lu lb e lurse of 'he forenoon mid during 'Chiiniie at 7io. for western m'Xed, and 7fto for good yellow; j,0 0 do N'ee Orlean* sllgbl'y damaged sold al 70)j;c 1 he market el ,<eJ Ann M- rtaie? of 300 brls good New Vork were mode at $3 l iK Hy? continue! Arm at a W)C . the selling prlcts i f yesterday. Out# exhibited some increased degree of flrmness, und good oanal were held at 6iio. C*"*Dur??Thf market for snerm continued stea ly at pr ?lou? prices Con i Tt ? arrlral of the new crop of Rio haj been partly di tosid <f on t?rins not understood, leafing a bi.e* in iir-'l Imtids 'NtiuiatHil at abont 3 000 bags; sale* Cf a'< u*. i'.'O bi.'.s Hio damaged were made by auotlon at fl * fi.H- oa-h Cor in.t? I'ne sales to-day amounted to 1,000 btles; prlo e a^c snijy and the market in well supplied by 6ol |-rr Khm?Hsles < f '>00 quintals dry oo I at %? to arrir . Mackerel - 4aies JftO tvils H ilifax No. 3s were ful i ii' i i IJ>, slid a -oimII lot of 60 obis. No. !i sold at f7. No H-i l?H -ft. rring w. re reported. II ii" in i 'loi w?s laaCi.iT?, while prloes rirayin- I trt ?li .it f e S'to.ii l ,i - \ |. <i blio sal'i took p'ao i to-day No change ! | ii:iv>? from las: week's sale, worth noticing, except mi?.. ? ' _1 y " ' *o apparent difference In IhTjT of iMt week'* eale Of a quarter oent p?r Ih . whioti wai partly ou aououut of th? iiff-renrw in oreditt Lkad w** bi-td at Molaiiii?Sale* o( 100 bhd* St Croix were made k 37 cent* Natal Stobk*?Sale* of 600 barrel* raw turpentinwere made at $3 50; 100 do xpirita do were made at ?'2,\ oent*, 4 mouth* lu roaio there wuh do ohaugo Oils?Liureed- Sale* of English oontiuuud to tic madx at 69 cent*. and of American city prc**ed at HI * b2cent*.ca*h Sale* of bOO bbl* (elected whale 3do ? OU Meal- 8000 lb*, (told at 91 18>* per 100 lb* I'aovi*! ? ?? There were *aid to b>- Home order* in tin 'Uxrkel fur Canada. Sale* of 4 a 000 bbl* me** an : priin? pork were reported, the fnriuer at f14 ii a 14 37)* 1 14 50. end the Utt?r at *10 62^ a 10 75 Sale* of ji' lihl* me** were made at $14 37>i a 14 AO; HO do do al $14 25;'200 do prime lit 410 tii)? h 10 7ft; 200 do ru?tj and sour prime were gold nt $9 >0 a 9 62>?, and 7ft bbl good prime were r?uorlt d *''ld at *10 50 Beef?Then wa* uo ohange lb city or country men* or prime; 27 bbl new b>'?fham* were reported *old at $14 . 0 Lard Sale* of 44 bbl* were made at U%o. anil 2-jO do, pait -omuion or ordinary, wer? made at 93? a 10'4o Cbrr? exhibited do change. Batter was steady, with a fur amount ol bn*ine** doing Hire?A small twile ?d 30 tierce* prime new eold at *4 b-2>4 The receipt* of the new orop continued to hi light, but gradually on 'tie I ioreuie; 78 tierce* dainugrd were eold by suction at $2 ca*h. Simiau -Sale* of 150 hhd* Mut>o?v%do were made at r>U <% cU; *alen of 20 bbd* New Orleau*, were made by auction Ht. 5 a b*; a b.ftl ct?, and '29 boxe* Havana *olii at b% a ii'i a C.55 ci?> and '225 bags Brazil. damaged, at GJi cash. Tallow continued Arm at I0?t?, with light receipt*. Wiialkuonk dull at 34 a 8ft ct* Wmiiiit-Small *ale* State Pil*un were reported at ii cts , wnue ai uuge wan held at 30 cts Fbciuht*?'The rates to British and to continental port*, remained about the hame, with rather iuoro offerto the former. Sraveslwere.takeu for Liverpool to fill up, at Ji'i Kor grain, to Ireland. S,Sd was said to have oven offered. was taken for (Jlargow, at 23s. ***** * ~ 'jri?Ll?UHAPatU. Albany, Oot. 14?P. M. Flour?The market wo* firm, (0 37H a $0 43\ a $tl 60 aikrd?sales war* light. WJieat?No sales of moment were reported, while the market continued firm Corn? Sdesof 6,000 bushels were made, consisting of mixed at 73 eta , and of good Hound yellow at 74 ots Barley? of about 6.000 buxhel* were made at 7! a 74 otd Whlt-key coutiuued firm. Receipts by canal during the preceding 24 hour* were aft follow :? Hour 12.100 bbls ; coru, 14 600 bushels; barley, 10,600 do. Freights?No alteration. Boston, Oot. 14?P. M. Flour?The market continued firm, and pale* of 3000 barrels were made, consisting of good W<-stern, Genesee and Southern new and fresh ground brands at $6 7ft a $0 87K. Corn ?The intrkst continued firm, and salen of about 10,000 bushels were made, consisting of mixed end 74c, and of good yellow at 78c. Oats?Sales of 3000 busbtls a era made at 64o Rye was firm. Provision* exhibited little change, and sales of pork were light. We not.*/Ties of about 600 bbls old mess beef at $12 Gooil lard was held at l2)?o, In kegs. Lead was held at $4 02}*. In freights rates were about the same married. On Thursday morning, Nth inst, at St. Bartholo mew's church, by the Rev. Dr. YVhitehouse, Alfred L. UowK,toM*Hv S ,daughter of Owen Monaghan, Lsq , all of this city On the 23d of Sept., by the Rev. Mr. Thompson, Mr Thomas J Woods,to Mis* Joikpiiirk Sarah Coles, both of this city In New York, Sept 29lh, by the Rev. Mr Haynes. Mr. P. Milton stii.ks.of Boston, Arm of Stiles It < hap n, to Miss Clkmkrtink M , daughter of John F. Stafford. ' Died. ?On the 14th inst, Sarah, widow of tha late Wm. McComb. in the 68th year of her age. The friends of the family, and those of her innWm MoCoinV are invited to attend her funeral this (Friday) at 1 o'clock, from No 10A Leonard st. Suddenly, on Wednesday evening. 13tli lust , Maby. widow of the late Samuel Coulter, in the 71st year of her ago Her friends and acquaintances, and those of her son, Samuel Coulter, and of her sons-in-law, l-.mep J. Timpfou aud Joseph C Appleby, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on Friday, iftth inst, at 10 o'clock Id and 3d Avt'nii"H Her romalna wfll be taken to Jami?l?v L I for interment On Thureday, Oct. 14, after a nhort illnesa, John t Kikchlek, aged 43 y^arn The friemls and acquaintance* of the family are rcqu<** atu-nd hi* uneral, from hli late realdenoe 173 korkatreei, Brooklyn, this ^Friday) afternoon at halfpaat 3 o'clock. AviKRH AN INS I'lTUTK.?The 1'lounhint and Spading dutches takes plane f>-<i iy at H'rlrtn, at noon The pioa l<* ? d >| ?>lr?, and ihose who are to o?e them, mint'at# t ? rail cirt nrpos-te t ie Ciiy H ill at 10 o'clock thu morninr, the rommi tee alio Rail oad ii'ke? for th? roniiiiliee lulled gueita, inay be had at the M.inaneia' room, CnitleCJard>n. olS lim rTV) MR. ANDKKWi-Y< ur i.eiihrw Ln rles K. Fa iiI ham, of S Louis, vlitiunri. wishes t < in y i. Please .cud \ < ii' vldrtss ur cull at No. 39 Ann at. in t>ir mar. oil T?m 'I^U -> "? I 6Mb ? KMi^U. tIK ? u.Li.. .vieu.iaiitj.iiII lor, JIB Pear street, b*i<* >o call the atiunuoii ol Bporrsineu ?nd others rip >?ed to tha we<ther to hn arockofAmeri c m Sheep's Oray 1'ilot Clothi, tendared leifecil waterproof ' v th- < mn ic- n Paten1 Waterproof I ompany. Thene cloth rc idmirxlily nilapied for $h'Otint nud Fishing Jarke'H, rcellina th-h'hTirat raina, a d vat i.oi ob.Uniting tile lenpira'i > i. keeping iliu water v.arm mid dry. SeafariuK vieuiud Firemen will bud an assortraeut of riotha tnui pi*p?reit well tinted totheii v. cation. nhx tinv Jacket*. Fi em?n's Co<its, vtuukeyand Pra lack* et i in '*? o'i ii th- b?-t mairer. ol5 lafic 'P ~B " ' \V isTONK 8KAL KNOK/lVKK aN 1) 1- HKItXLD filNTKR, 233 Broadway, opposite lie I'.irk.?Co<U of Armt, Creata, Cyphm. Ike engraved m tone r br*??; ilrim iud > am-'hyiiv Upaxet. ke., hough! i?. ihr rough or cut to auy lorm; 'ailifs imln, ugneL nuga. pe .n cuea. k eiwiaved with mm . or any device I'oauui am torn a ?n<l paint-d iu any ?tyle, from *2 and upward*. ftn<l li" war.ed tj my put of the United State?. Book of Heraldry Uep , will', ujwi.da o! 200,000 namea. Vny information giv< u in hctaldry ol5 H?mVI AU"v"h. \ . |) KIXK lN?Utt\sCfc;?u.NlO 1 Ml 1?1 TUAL [NflL'HANCK < OvlfANV. No ?# W-.ll ? O \SH CAPI f V. HOD,000, with a large amount of Premi"ui fuau ret 00 Itho Mutual Principle, with' ut petaonal lialiili llie lottr?t iMhliahed intra, aud will divide the pioliia betivemtlie Morkholden and the insured. Limben Sin dun, Paul Kpofford, i din S Tai'Pnu, Joh 1 D. Van B u ran, Hheplierl Knapp, Albert Woodhull, klbert J VnUenon, H. M. Lawrence, Hiclimd P. iiuck, Joae li i*?ucluud, N. W. Merrnl. A Sriguette, John D Ilu I but, btei h?-u Allen, Joaeph Fowler, J. Joh' amu, KdwardK 0 IIins, Hichird Bell, Joh 1 P. Nc?ini'h, David Vunteu, Albeit W Wright, John I. Kmgilbrd, (Jhaa M. Leupp, A. CJ.Thompson, Kdwin Hoyt, Oeorge F Darby, f. T. H Oi'aon, Jamei K. Coolry, N H Woll'e. K?ih Oro?veii' r. H'red. L Talrott, Ferd. ""nydim.jr., H. X. Munarll, Otorre .< aurl. ,, G L. Knapp, Joho Van Nut. Hen'V Holt. L. H. Hriginun, H. L. Horth, H A. Kobe;tion, J. Buorinui John-ton, P. M. Wetinoie. Uoic? T?> lor, LAMB KPT 8UVD4M, Pretident. JOHN bTt \PPrtN, Vice Pre.'t Ferdihano Staoo, Hecr-tary. WONKY I O LO > o*i Bond and Vl'i'tuage ot\ Vi? re rii^j~fa nIUK*.? iO^HUlNM-HUUetU I. and < th>-ri, wishing to lav in their winter ?toek nt grnc? rim, ?urh us butter, cheese, l.ird leu, sugar, coffee, mid a'l o Iter rticles in the grocery line will make a saving <>' tvventV-tii* |>er cent , and get a warranted article, bv call lug a' Mi Peirl a're't one block from Kraiik in 8i|ua<e. All order* from th? c untrywill be strictly attended ti>, mid nent to any put ' I the city for ihipinent, free of eipense. Piime butfr, in l?'ge or imall packa?<esvto suit the purchaser oil Ml* rr _ W. STORY, Agent. SON. V-KV'H C \L~ULATl -NO MACHINr..-1 Ii7^ extraordinary and wonderful machines hiving been just cumi 'eta , and the pateul in Knglaud and the United Ntates having been lecnr.d, they are now offered to the public for ?i|e I'hty are the moit l' genioui invention of the age, and most pn?\e invaluable to those eugaged in making up large >um?, iu h a> astronomer!. as their accuracv is oemnd a do. h; Foa .ale by 8. J. NEU8TADT It BARNKTT, o i I4t* c Patent???, ii Maid'n I,an'. on 7\ArTU0UK'8 IEOARS?Kor tale by H. HkN AV/jUV/U HIQUES IW Bmi-dwav. r>l5 3t*rc OILLOTT'8 sTttKi, PEN WaHKHOUBK, Ol J?-1 a street, < omer of Gold. Th. k? a.i- a . /u. .u LTnit? l M.trt and Canada, beta to acquaint the traJe lha* here ft" the hnngrii will fe o mduct-d aa a branch of the manufacturer'! h"Ua?, where a complete aa>oilment of e\ery dei -'iptiou of theae popular I eua will he emit mitl V kept for ?ale HENRY" OWEN, i. H >i uw l* m Auenr fir J >ei< i O'll' tt. VI Al IN '. aO lETlf.?The memb*?a of t e vi.uiue SoIfl atty. out and a I are nait.ctllarly requeued to meet, on Turadny, th' 19th iuitant, at t A M., at tne co'nar of Mur'a} meet .uid Broadway. I >r the porpme of liking ptrt in larit.ii ili? ?tof a Monument 10 be errcted 111 honor of the Iminort I Waahirg'ou. General Waahiiigrnn wis a member of the Marine No. eietv, t ia therefore h' p?d that every memoer will deem it hi< di y to attend on ?o IntereatinK an ocoaio H idi'? f r the oecaaion c*n heo- t lined al ValenMue'a 9? Naaaau atieet. H order of Cha.lee 11 Marshall, 1'reaiden ol5 4J?*ie IIENkV RUflSFLl,. ftee'y {Mlfc rOLY TK< HMi: INSTITUTE, at ,Nr? Amnion. 1 Staren IlUud mid * r the direction of Pr feaaor B. Ji'uer. ?.ll r t'ie l?t (It November net' Cire-lar* fmuiahrd and'III rriutio given hy Mr K. J. liiontn, Bookseller. K4 3 " o.'dway, 'a. \. Letters addressed t Profeaaor U. Jnrgfr, .New Briiihloii. Staten Island, N. V., will receive primpt a' enf on. "li 3tis*rc ("* A I'? iH. R. (J. PAlOlfi hi?two va t .ciot in Ini ie tct J c ata of young ve lit men in vocal ninaic. nplicationt 'nay ha ma 'e at " t'hickei ina's," 3*1 K Broad wu.oiai M-. Paige's residence, No 40 Beach ttreet StJohne Sotia e. N B ?Mr. Paiff* re-eives private pnpila aa usual, in llaliaa i 4 Ragltajj a ?gi>g WW tfc? pi ino-forte. ol}2na*rrc JUSi' I I tOSU-Wauu titu tiou ?a coachman or gru in?A Pmiettaiit youn< min. of good aoilitiea. who iud? araada h a bull ea? in all ita departments and aatochaiafter wll hair tti itrict at invest ga'inn; wonlu wiahto make h ix ell generally a-eful; no o'jectiona lo town or couutrv.or 10 goii<ia<h i' neceteary Anl eomnaanda for D Y. ih 'II be ininrtn illy attended to, at No. I Barclay street Spirit of the Timet office. olt ft* re LOST?A I'-tlerd ira 'ed to Meaart Hicar'U at Huffman Ba iid orr, d trd Oct .ber 4 h a d mailed tame day in the New York Post Office. Said letter a o v1e?,r?. Ricarda St llollman for $178 due Maich 33d, ID)*, n hx-.b cin ha ol n > use to any p'raon, aa p i) men waa acki ow Mlged on the hack "f the same. ...... Any inf" initi?n?f the above letter or nnie will be thankfiillv reciv d by vlett'a. Kicuda k Hoffman, Baltimore or He| er k Vlnile. New Vorlc pi* 3>*m LOi I?t>n the ijtli inttaiir, a 6 ild Pencil* and P<n, w ih K Bu-k B.i???eil on it The fiod-r will be reid d liy leaving it at the o.'ficc ef the Howard Hotel. nil >i rc f (>^ I _ "aatrvtTiiiiK Ttti ecorn. rol Uioadw?ya.,d Maiden 11 La ir, or in < oui:la-dt atrect. a |nck??e conlaiiiiiu papera nl it" n?e or talne eicenf to ihe ow er. If left at No 6 Mai* dm L?-e. a rerv liberal reward wil' b* p?id oU ttia* 1 II ! K (illnNii 0< FHK DAY?Momau To?at?D eat id K-'?C? l>i?te, e rf nt vnoil lira, ciin he had at ri' > -1?a. lnyl'Wpric- from nor laahn.'ahlc naighhort, MANKOKU H h*ri t* VP Kultoit arreet, next duorUthe !l i >ld oftice. oil Ml*ih I ' .'J. . /"1R\.VD T.HBSATIIiN, in c iTiem.iratlnn of Lay' <BJ the C'<ruer Htoue uf t e W<i >iuu( >tt Vlimum'iit. oi. 19 h i st Toe Mnitxry Ki rmrg. Civic .i d Temperance tocietiee Odd Krllont Public Sthoola and Cit'I-na that mm.l j <iun ( iu the proceaai n. can be aipplied wu* a apleidi i <aK?. got ui> rtt r<-t?iv fn'iho o'C-i.iu The Likeu-aeul 'V'ulili g 'iiioutln u-dg# i? elegantly engraved I'om * paiai' If Uy Me-?*it and is p ono'tneed by judges to be a correct ur The Uadg- l> pilule I uu (very nri'iy if culorrd Him i ilib <11 ai.d rvh c nn|>nv ur aoriety ran h >jre their mmn " luted .in the badge if requite i Time ?ri>hi gHadgeiwI ole i?e hind iu their orders ?i? e.irly as poaaible. A ti'inal di?ou t if o de ed by ihe quintity Mi g? Bad^s 6d. The Hadgei *ie now ready for riainination, tntl for ?<le at V \L i N l'l N K*8 K.iii'hvi g and I'rtiituig Kstjblislmenf, 9J Nassau I reel, near Fulton, OTer trong Wood Engraver. nH |'?w UNION ul VISION N?r I xi. ol l?UituIum >?* iiu unanimous y accp.-d he inv-tniiou to |utrtiei|iai> u th? i.cruiou ul laying the corner atone of thu nioi'Uinei t .i br nu-iii iry <>f the .iiiivnntal VV ushi igtou, the Mem e hi* Divisi ii are e.rne<tlv rn|ur.t?.' to inert eu ma?>e i>u I" f Jn iii ruing neit. ?t B .*cI k at 'lie L).> iai n, I', i r dwav. It la earueatlv ho|w.H Hint every mnnber feel t liia duty b* pirsrut; . hnaa h vin^ regnli i a.e ?i|ur t-d to !i ive them i.i .e dineas Uy order ot the u.iision, . > iH-.Hgt.|?r- 11111 N MJuU'W H S. U\ 0 D-'i'l.tM) iO UlO > Dill v ro??? U NI i h D ST VTE* ? Ai a tperiil meeting uf tlsa O J ' 0 U 8 , convened 1.11 the 13 h i at . 'or the purpose of aii.g into c u?ide'^ti u th?- luvitntimi offered by the Washu ?toii Monument Association, to jnin wuh them loeelebr-t i i: the laying of the coma' ato e ol ilia Monument of the f t:ierof ..ur i' u tiv ? the fjilowiug resolutions were uusninionaiy ud.pti-d, viz: e o'veil 11ml ihe'" riuil Boirdof Direc'ors of tha U H. t-commaud tha subordii ate Lodgra of the U. A 0 D to unite vi'h ttiia lirind Bo.r inj Hinng tne jir.ces^nu in f ill regilia s > celebnra Jie la* nig ol i he rorue. atone of the Monument b .at to be erected to tha memory of the immortal Waihinq Itesolvd, That a committee be appointed wilii full power to nuke the neceitarv aiiongements fur carrying out the above ,ri?|ntiou> ell'ectively. I't accordance Willi stud resolutions tlie committee of arraiiKcmenti of the Grand Board hereby lespectfully invite a c-'intuiltue fioni eich Lodge, or the N. A. to meet siid commit ee at the Board Koom, No 4S Centre street, on Saturday iveninc. ii* fl o'clock to make filial arrangements. T P. Tinslav.r. M. N. G.A ; C.Mayr. P.A.; W.P.Kehby, P A.; B. Culm. P. A.; O. Ward, P. A.; T. W. Itowden, P. V: ' O Masou, P. A., Committee of Arrangements. ol5 2iis*m a. O. D.?COLUMBIA LUU(IK,'n?. 16. The members of Columbia Lodge are hereby notified to atlund a "|>er.ial meeting to t-e held at No.7 Catharine stieet, this (Friday) evei nig, at half past 7 o'cloek for the purpose of making arrangements for >n the celebration of la> iug llie corner atone of the Washington Monument, in accordance with the invitation tendered by the grand board ol directors of the 11. S. E. E. JO.NKS, N. A. Iohi WiTHr.itf.i-t., Secretary. oH lt*rc IO Ok' O F.?The memb jrs of Mount Sinai Ene\iin( Mtt, No. 3. arr r- qKUM 11 attend the meeting on Frida\ -> -nmg Oct. 11th, 1047, as bnsliess nl importance will he laid before them. . NATHANIEL FINCH. C. P. Orn iV |i'or<<ham. Scribe. nl4a?rc AINULK 0?NTL?MAN wains. np tO"D. not farther tl an I2lh tree', a Bedroom and a I ailor, furnished or anfur ii<lie<l, w ih or without breakfast end tee. Stating price, &! <i. W . No.7 New street ol'.2i*rc W.i?nTKij?A ntuaiion by a young woman to do general housework, who can give good city reference. Please apply m 117 Marion street. oH 2t*rc WANTED?By a respectable youug girl, a situation as chamberinaid w ishing and irouiiic, or take case of children, or waiting, if reriuired. Best of city lefercuce given Appfv at No Ml Hnmiiio'd st. nli't'in WANTe.1).?By a respectable youni, woman, a situation as h imbermiid, flue washing and itouing, or pl?in *e win . The best city references can be given from lirr l.vt place, where she hat resided* for u wauls of the l ift three It'll Plra?e to nil IU Warren street oli 1t*m WANTED?A situation, Uy a rcspuctable young (ill,tl seamnrrss in a private family. Would have uo obiection to a lioiel or boardiu* boose. She understands il'ess in ikiug aud shirt inakiug A steady place is more her object than high wages O od rel?rente from her last pi ice. Tl ase ill at 17 Eli/alietli -trei-r, n the rear olj It* c WANTED?Sneral young, honest int'lligent and ruler prisinn men. each win a small amount of money, say *'>') to locat- themieltes, one in each of the large citi-s of th> United States, to sell o e of the most popular periodicals published in this c mntry. Y sung men with the above requisites, c n make fiom SI'OO to S200fl the fir?? vear, with an almost sure prospect ol making from $30 0 to $'>000 yearly afterwards ? -Milne are makiug at these rates now. Apply io oIS It*m ISRAEL. POST. IIONassan st. WANTED?A itnation as wet rnrse bv a respectable tnd healthy woman- Address B. O. A. through t1 e post office. oi5 3t*in 11 r a ntfc'.n_a r,.n?. ~.k. u -..?i.- ;.i i f il in a retail cstibluliment. Apply to o i lt*m OKMN, Ha'te r 211 Broadway. WANTKO IMMMJl M'KLlf? An American, Scotch, or Kuuliah nurse. Ap )y without delay at 20 Conoid a , Brooklyn iH ItHl WA vTHD.?10 MnifwmtMi I wpiiten. v.niuiiid othns?The subscriber, an experienced teacher, a p-actic?l hooli-keei er, and mi exie't penman, wi?he? t > d?to e a few hoars of ihe d?y (ir evening, in po'tiilK acconnt*. opyn'K or in private teaching Af respectable city reference i i\u he sivu for qualification, coufide'-c and utrct integitv, this is a rare offer in* to any whose limited hutineis ui?y .ioi mpiiort a unlet bookkeeper; but who inay require the occaiional services of a < accouniant. N B.?Ladies and gentlemen can 'eeeive private instructiop a 'he r own residence* if >h>*y desire. Address pout paid, eONHDKVn Herald Office oH?i?re WtMTl.1)?A Mluetiou hy a re-pn utile \ i.uutf wumn a. chainbnmtd or to do general hous'wnr: in a priva ?. family ; good wuhir and iroue' On come well Tec innended fn.m her last pUce. I'leue n.qui e at 81 Ludiow ?tre?t Cl i- ten fur two itayi ol5 It re WA NTf.D? Four smtrt, active boy*, wliu lesnlo with their parens Apply o <-ia II* SEAM yN it Mi m, v?l Roadway. WA nTKD?Two espectib'e eirls < > oiain sit ih. ti?ns, one to c -ok, wash ?nd iron, th- other to do tenf 11 1> nsew irk?has been two yea s ii her l?<t plice. and cat I'KO'il titi r'lfieei A p lv af ' # V'ot >t alt2i*m W .liN I r.l)?A situat on, by a respectable yuuog huh an as chambeim.nd o wait-^r in "private family; is. also, a ,imt rate ek w uher and iron?r. The he<io'. ciiy r. f?r?m e tu bf git?". Flenie 0*11 at 124 N n^teeuth atreet, near Set en h ireiiae Tint floor ('all* received for fivr Hi a n?4 2t*rc W' AN i )* I) -Lii.inl I n i ^ u l-iiit hi* witr 111 J .in ill Kir I as tervanMn a quiet private ftnnlv- A front room hi) lied roosn Httached.o ? ihe firs* or ?ec.ond llo >r. Term* modei-ute. Location ont ab >ve 14th atre#t, and near Broadway.? ?dilrt**8 F) K., ut (h-Herald office at ttiug terms o!33 *rc I.M I OKI * L ? A gentlrma'i of e"n-?ide abtr ?n># ifi,Cf at J the Uii'ish Prrs-, would be *ia<l C in*-et a euuairemt-nt u i * pec^ble nev*eafahlithmrnr in thi* or any r u-gf Americv'i citv m Su-Kdit'i or P ragrntiisf. dv--r w ll require no r?*m'ii en ion 'till his rap btliCcs bee m 'OwiiniiiI , c uowledged Addrr-a? P L it riie Herald o0cr 2 Kl rrc I"V) P:(I x 1kRS? Wa .trd, a lntr<liK'ii( Lad. win) naa a-rvr l p rt of hia r rn- to tb? pnuit ? buaiuraa A ply at <>h a^orv. Hern d B" ldm*?. ?,I1 3ttn \M I 81' AND KKV?.>< H ?> * a tr 1 by a vouug UU\, a vTl -4iiu ?tion ill some private fituil v in one or the Southern ct t a ia a tei? her of vocit an 1 inatrnmental mu*ia, (pinro, in1 r Ate .) and f the French lanxu-tge. ^Atiafac ory reference given. Applications ad ie?aed ">lu?ic," at thia rfli e, will receive i rom.'t ittfutmo oil 3?*re r t aiLVr KrVli I lis - Waut'd.iwo (date worker*; tir*t 1- rate workmen can obtain atnad/ employincut and good wore*. Appl v at No. 217 Spring atreet. o!4 3t?rc WM FORBES. 'i^.) JKWKLI.K:(8 ?Tin* propnr or I ui old eit ?h|ia!?#d l Jewelry Store, about rctning from the basinets, offers It is r tire Block in tiade, on the moat libeial terma, to auy perton v\ li may wiah to avail himself of a tare opportunity. The atock ??ns been carefully selected, ut the lowest market prieca. aiid adarttrd to the nreifiit faibioiit I>Ir? i?r?? in. Vited to call, tia'lhe gooda are aelling below coat. Awilv to ..I I 3t?rc A. V UlfKK, 80 Bowery. AKCHmXTH?w.oted n? an aitiatant or partner ? JL Aild'eia U., Brooklyn Post Office, will receive immediate atte> ti>'n oH 3t*re AV'OUN<4 MAN want* a aituatioua id a lJiy UnS Hardware, or Crock?rv htoie Hilary i? uot to much in object a< permanent employment, and an opportunity to be"ine acqiiiinteil with buvuess. (iood refcience can lie giveu. Pl???e t ndifieaa a' ti'ii o^ce, " J. T. P." on 3t*rc CJ RAIN DiHTll-L'.K WANThU.-A Omiii Ui.tiller X who Imt been accuatomed to inmngean eirentitre who can make the greateat quality of >pirit frmn a ivcnqnanty of grain. Huchaperaon may h*ar of deniable it ation, and ontain the higheat applying at 21 Old Hip oU Jtia*rc "I| || | VV.\N I'Kl>, $2.i01 t I i.ivcii III II I|||.|I.?.? already eatabliahed. aud on a atrady increaie.? a lie idvertmer cannot offer real eaiate, bat h a good ?ecnrity, i <1 don hta not I hat an arrangement miv be imde by which at leant 10 per cenf per ainum cou'd he realized by ih? lei'er ? Ad 'I ei s I (> S AH. | i he Hrrnlil < IP It 1 : Si I ' M YES DT V fcVi'KH'H t-H-.MII '.H III, I'Ai I h i I. t hJNO, manufactured at 87 Bur.lay atreel, New Voik ? l autum?I'ne public are cautioned aga<uit buying of perioni pretending to h.i e been in our employmen:. and know ng how w? make OK BlaeMag. NeTeral auch, we MlllltlMt are going about the country. Home purport to manufacture in Vlaaiachtiaetu, and othera in the upper pa>t of this city. Mo prraou engaged in aelling or mining Blacking laicijuaint*d wiih our manner of mtnuficiuring it, aa our Mr. V. D. atten'lato it himaelf. oK I2t?re VAN Df.VNTKW It TAL 1A(JV? nAUU fcKKKO T V PB I'L VI'H?Selling iff at coat, to clnae an invoice, a lot of auperior pldtta, H B and Double Onaet Apply aonu, to VICTOR BISHOP, ? ?15 ? _ 12 Maiden Inn*, up aiaira. B vTtVKY hotkl, new vokk-ih. aub.cTibeTa taka thia opportunity of returning thankato their frieoda an I the publie in general, for their kind support. ilnnng the laat aeamn, and beg to inform them they .ire now prefwred to make at raugemeota with fa.iliea it single gentlemen for the winter, on the moat reasonable terms I'. S ?The bote' his ju t been t' fitted and repaired, and peron<d>airotia of fiiiilinir a comfortable home fur the winter, u ,11 iln .??ll f? o.ll ? il? u. II....I "o'Y V?,n M i'l'Tr"1' ic BlToVlft-'R, Proprietor., GKS 1 Ltvvlr.Tl .1 I.A.11 i~Tr I.III III *li vv'/< H i K.O. ?Oentlemen or fxmtliea hiring nny clothing. firearma, jt.welr?, fcc., which they would convert info ttiK, will obtain '0 | er cent more than from any other dealer, hv s^ncjinn torthe mhaeriber, who will attend them at tlieir leaidencet by appointment H. LKVETT, Ofiicr No. 2 W?ll atreet, corner of Broadway. A line through the part office or otherwise, will receive p ompt fceotion. ol< Jt*rc NOTTCfc?A itenertl meeting of the Cordwuiiiett of the City and Count/ "I N?w Vork and its vieinite, of the employe'* and employed f both brnneliaa, will b? held "ti Friday F.rening, Uetobei Vat half paa? ? \ ' it. at the Mth iVnrd Hotel, c.iner of O.. i I ?uu iLlif \i??h a'ree'a. to mil ir.ingtmeuta to join the proeeaai''i for I iving tl a c irner atone if the nv I'ume'it to be erected to thn larmory of the imm u tal VVuhiugton, on the 19th inat ut Hv order, MAKCU8 KIMBALL, Chairman. "itHtiT. Secremrv oil M'W f LO I HINO ?Whole.ile and retail?E. re ^ ^ moved fruna 147 Bnadwiy to 70 Fulton a'reel, where I e a< tna nfictured a large Maoitmeut ot l/|ii'lmi|. made np >n the I iteat ?tyle and beet inv n'r, wh e'> ha offera fur aale for ih? f 'llnwii'f eitrao'dir.arv low pncea for cnah: CLOAK n of black and blue broadt'otha, Braeer and Pilot* from %5 <>tii , . OVKRCOAT8 and OVERS \CKS, of every ahade of Tweed Br adclotha Reavai and IVoti. fr in t t'l" A'ao, a large aeanrimrnt f Bu?ineea nacka I).eat and Frock ata jog'e add aula breasted, from I) io 112 PANTALOON'S ptam md fam.y I'aaatmetea French Doe. koii and Eugliah black Caanmerea, fcc., of every ityle from (I Vi to tr, VKSTS an endleai variety of bl->ck Satin, Velvet, Merinoe and Bomb cii.aa. S iOiofJ \lan, a Urge ae<ortment of French. Fngliah. Herman and \me ic^n Bioadclotha, < aaaiinerea and Veatingi, which wi.l he made ap to order, to suit. oil I tteod'm K. K V \ VS. 71 F'll'Oi ?? eet. IMPORTANT DI8UOVF.HY IN DF.>TIS I It V ?Dl? A. C. CA8TLK haa much pleasure in intf>ducinK to the notice of thoae ieijmr t>g Aitifieial Teeth, hi? recoi.tly diacovered method of obviating the delet-rmu1 gilvante action of gold plate*'4te, in 'ai' mg teuderneaa.) tqu aite p?in, lomlttn, drcay and l* aa of the livinr contigioma teeth o which the plate c omea in contact. Thia d acovery ia the reaolt of patient riperimental itive ligation. It ronaiata in the preparation and adoption of electm-negatiee goldidateaaaa haaia for?r iflcia' taeth The g il-' employed ia of rK?* tin*at quality, (21 carat ) and bei*g rende ed elrctro-attractive the acuta ol the "?otuh are dir ated from 'he living natnral teeih, wii ch ?te 'hua effecrn lly aecitred gn<iat decay ot di.eiae whilat ?t ihe aaine time the t* >'e -mil fo .ctiona of the mouth are preaerved tn * t.e ilthy ird nri'in t red condition. The importune* - f th*a diff oVf*1 **ill h?ii'viii<t - II who hare iMretnf re anff-r'd f n tli*".ila 'I'' 1 'v'i pf'>|deia i fi.linle tecur t. A. C> CAHTLK, M. P , Surgeon Dei t at, tfU UMoU*M Ml Broadway. J\COB JS. FUTT, AnetiouMr?HAWDWARi:, 1 I Heary and Hh If tl.ioda, t'utleiv. Ktucv Ootids, Oold a )e*eln fcc-IA'OBs PL A | r wil aell thi? day bv i - V t d igue lull litU >s-?r<ed >? at) >ve. consisting "f vices anvila, K I?l|l H*l. Wind screws, pit >1*1 h >U?- d IKB'f I lorkt hirges bru.hes. fir* ia?i'* hr.ce t>io bit* \ '1 h-lf goo n geuentllv Alio ihtee u?c ages tine 'belfie d CU'la y. con wing of ivury, atig ur 11 tip, bi ic , v*h l?boue, ct.ctw ?? ' > htm huck t u ?fs itnd folks aid c.irver,;;,00 ct d> li e inn htm md western pocket and huiuing kuivea, | enkuivet and acis- * ora she r?. rnzoi*. Sic *!?< Imev gooCs. a^ener luasoit- > ineut Alao. after the sale i f tvirdwme 100 It- ? i' y in tit J Hol t jewelry, ? getter j asioitinent; and to close'he sain, the j( e itire stock of tools t f a jeweller an I watchmaker, v z , bel- ? I wa. anvtla hammers, vices, lithe*, 4ic. Sic, tn which tin atie itio of I'Utfh !?tn .? diected nl5 It^r |, JACOB S. PL ATT, A?ciio<M?r^?TWENTV ToNs S BTe-?L will be sold thr morning. at half past i# o'cl c t uuct'ou by J.ic b s. I'U t it'ha Auction Koom S3 I'l ti i ert consisting f f tirtee.i tons r iik11 h blistered, Hvseilt | il l men. i ul ?tfi. '. alao t quantity of ge u lie J)ke'? II L .t. ei, iliimiie bul ti ni-tik. a.,d warranted ge uirie: als . j '.?u 'ii?kei? sinttha v cn tml ther lieai y goods I'enni S tn > i r'tie sum .f tiM auu upwa da. I'h- attention of d il i i .In -I- i tl ihr ? me. oH It*ic t I 1 I'll. \<>' ? 3 me >n |jy f'uituu a'rrr 1J.8HKHI K'SSALK UK STKAM E^OINK. 4ic. itind ty ai 11 o'clock, at the Ph m nth Mill, hi 3lat street, neat li li lTMM,M acc mm of ilttrmi r purchaser, 1 sfeim eniflue. nearly lie", mill tixuies complete. Also, pasti tm i,lot of y trit Ike. <>13 3i in . FH VIED \Nl) ITNFIiAMKO PAINT1N08 AT AlfC- ' TH>> ?A. L V'V will iell on Saturday Kvenuig, lit 7 o'clock, at 293 Broadway, a splendid collection of Kichly Krained Oil Paintings Also, no entile invoice of Old Paiutings, ill tlie>r original s'ate. ..ud not befjre aeon iu tliia country. 1'leaau call and view, them. At pri?'te aale, a c .bniet of rare anil splendid Shells. jlUi'm CAUhl AOK<?I AMK't BKKWSTh.K. haviiw opened n new Carriage Repository at 396 Broadway, would reapectially invito liia old patrona mid friends to call aud exanine a complete n? trtmenl of carriagea. oil Ht'ic FHOM THE BOSTON CHllONOTYPE.Oct.l, 1817.? I'tiuiuinptinu ii the great cnrae of our northern latitudes. It ia the blight of domestic felicity and the despoiler of benuty. It roba the cheek of ita liealthtul bloom, the mind ..I iva >< *> * > r I " u.iniaucf. II w BSICS IMC lorm, dims the intellect, and plunges in victim into an early grave. 'I lie young aud tUe old, the serious and the gay, the city hell*, the country lass, ire tip e its prey and it* vict nu. Blessings ou the Bin, then, whose genius and research lurniihed ua with weapons to bid defiance to this" Dweller of the Threahold !" He merits ilia applause aud gratitude of ages ; h* shall have ours, at least. On* of the most important discoveries of modern science, forth* cure of pulmonary affection, is the Balaamof Wild Cherry and tha credit of its discovery is doe to the celebratrd Dr. Wistar. I hf? valuable compound has restored thousands >f sufferers to health. It is expectorant, tonic aud d*mulcerit, 111(1 IH said to be a purely vegetable preparation. Under ita magic nllueure tha most obstinate coughs, colds, and brouchial irritations disappear. We have used it, and can recommend it, particularly at this season, when the great caus* of duels', east winds, ar? f> prevalent. F?.r sale wholesale ai>d retail by A. B. It D. SANDS, ICO Fu'ton street, corner of William, und by druggists generally. oli U?m ITALIAN BEVEVOLKNV' SOCIE I'Y.-The annual in---r i k of the Mflkbart of the Italian Bene /olei t Society, for ilia election of ill otficeia for the ensuing year, wi'l take olace ou Sunday, 'he 17lh mat. nt 5 Bird ay street, at 7 P. M. ruuc ual attendance is p.titicularl y requested r>rj4t's*rc OHAHi.K.8 KKKIIKHO. Sec'rv. EVE A.ND KAHL? Dr. fOWl LX attends exclusively to Diseases of the Kye and Kar, fr,,m 9 to 4 o'clock, at Ins ofl'i r, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren streer. Dr- POWELL'S 'I restise on the Kye, its di?eai?s and their cute, with *tigriiving?. rules for the selection of spectscles, Itc. Price 50 cents. Can be had at bis office, and of all booksellers. Jint impoited, Artificial Kvei of superior beauty and finish. The public are requested to examine Dr. Powell's Self Acting fce fountain, or .let or Douche Bath, for strengthening the, now exhibiting at the Fair of the American Institute. o'3 3t is eoil'm STOCIATION OK EXEMPT FIKKMEN-Tii* mTuTb?rsofthis a ssocation are requested t*nttecd a Hpecisl vlret'iigar IWINi II ill, on Friday CflsiBg, tr.r ljth nut , at 7H o'clock, for the pu'pose of making arrangements to attend ilie laying the coruer stoue ol the Washingtou.Monument, ou the I<)th instant. Exempt Firemen in general are invited to atteud. By order of SAMUEL B. WARNER, President. J. N. Phillips. Secretary. ol3 3t?rc ~~ CENTHEVILLE OOUHvjL E Vtflk - I.-TROTI1NO AND PAOINO. ?Will positively come off this day, 15. if the weather is at all favoiTha greatcontest between the two celebrated horses James K.Polk and Lady Suffolk, for Ijtnse of S250. Also?Purse in harness; for particular see advertisement. The horses for the second pu <e wilinotsiuii u.itil d.c fint is decided JOK.L CONKLIN, Proprietor. J .en.reville, (let. 15, 1847. o!5 llje ml' ?. a? CENTHEV"LLK UOUtt51717. _ r-TROTTING AND PACING. ] ''~ J hetwo parses advertised lo come off on Weduesdav. Oct. 13. wns nost?""p ned iu consequence of the bad stale ji the *i aiher, until Friday, Oct. 15. nt 2 o'clock P. M. Purse 825(1, $75 o ihe seron I best?2 mile lieats. V ( i.nkliii. enters ch. u. James K Polk, to sro in ? vcn'.nn. D.Br, an, " mi Lady Ruffolk uuder the "addle. IMMEDIATELY AKTER-Purae ?16-Mile heats, best ) iu 4, iu h*rn-is. K. 8<>per, enters ? s. g. Maringo. C Duboyce, " h. American Star. J.C"iikl'n, " b m Miu Mel'arty*. A. on Win, " blk. h B?'k Huwk. W King, " b. m Kite Cornier. Same day. match for $5M> a side, mile heats, best 3 iu S, to ktleton waugnns. C.l timvi.utm'i gf. g. Emperor J.J Beeioa name* b m Lady Clay The cars will leave South Ferry Brooklyn, f >r the Course, at half-pist I o'clock,and ic'urn *fter ihe aportsare over JOEL CONKLlN, Propr etor. C'enferille Oct. 14 UI7. _ ol< atje i UTMUN LOUHSK. L. I _ DAV, Oct ISih, i>t ?o'clock. P \t.TROI'TINU AND PACINUl'ur?c SIM, $50 to go to the " no ?^^""""beat, mile bean, beti 3 in J. rn liarneo John < air enter* b. m. Lady Moscow. W H iteed " ( Grey Harry. W K'liu " b. m Pmladeiphis Sal. Jut. Whelplev enters., h. in. Lady Sut on. lrnmrdiateli after, Purse 930, mile heal?, beat 3 iu i. under the soldte for peaeis Isiae Woodruff enters R. H Koa'oke. i ... ch. g. I'eacock, alias I apt. VVauglr K J Nodine " r s Villaxe Boy. Til'Can w ill !eate the Bou'h Kerrr for the Course at half pant too o'c.o k mil retur i after the rports are over. IK rrc <n MAKY BLANK FOH AALK?Applyat etaHle am Lib? rt> blrvet, op "site 8pr*gue's Alley , Brooklyn on if*n. ; N ? YtlhK TATri4UAtL9,44l B&OAD* VV A Y ? \t private sale. a pair of gentle bay 1 > 4? H?.r en; have been in daily use for tluee year*, vith u Intilr, ?ii v>4jrr4urrd. t rice, $276. May bu seru at lit* vrw ork T ilters'ills, 44ti Broadway. Also a span long '<*?! bro HorssO. IG^ funds Mull. oft i' rr DKO. VV- ?ilLLKfl, Proprietor, jI KllM SiALh? x brgli' bay. hiroy liorie. betweeu f? Mid 7 year* old; is I5)? hands high, good nisposi] f Ti " '" kind and gentle in single or double harness, or iDdwthe idllciisn fast ti >\!i?-r and pcrraetl} aoimd, mm i? offered lor sale soUly on account of (he owner Imving no u?e for Imn. To be teen af McGnire'a stable, in Macdougtl, tm 1 '1 ore below Amity street. ol6 3t#?c KINKBHIDE^ (TAfTERSALL'S) ukavk ro W |)h.H S ? On r ii'K till* Chandra I) I ? -in d niurnul (- ' S j- w'tli'T which heralds the approach of w inter, take care i f ycmr noma *? wall M yourselves. If, day iImv antfairi*f|OV aipoeare to MoliB^it WMtlMfi yow horse exhibits a t* idency te wheeze or cough. st tnda in a contracted piiitisn, v\ itli dfoopipt head, sf retches himself imm'dcrately or Mofctetimy do not naeitaia to adalaiatar, immediately, * few d isrs of the Tattersall's Heave Powders, and you will save yourself and animal a food deal of trouble. The powders will cure the wor*t con^h or cold pr? ir?| 11 v, will perinainmen11 y eradicate heaves, and are, also from their alterative nil detergent properties, as potent in cattle as sarsaparilla is in thr hum in race, 10 remove impurities of the blood and predis* positions to disease. A II GOUGH Ik, CO., Wholesale and Mi tail l)ruurKi-t*. M9 Ku'ton street, proprietor* for U, S ; also tor si|r by G. VV. tYjlLLKK, 416 Broadway. I'rcefl. oil 6'is*m MFOH 8ALK AT 203 WAl KK ST - \ ungmfi? ent New'onudlaiid Dog, p rfeetlv d >ciie and well behited. arid weighsov?r a hundred pounds?bl?ck, Kno-i i?<nise do/, and very foil 1 ofchildren. Qtl tt* m BIRDS BIRDS ?J*et arrived fron Baltiiaore, a xSt large and fine col'ecto o of Mocking Birds, to be sold ife^low at Lovejnya'Hotel by THOMAS HAY8. ' 16lt#rc ' > /> >A i l ?M AL MUHK'JM ?Major lorn Thumb not a < ft* aircnmetaaeato Archy % Joha tri-rer, where thr little > /Kftwarbifrs can be seen and heard in their original purity. TO4 Archy's Museum now comprises the moit rare and varied selertio i of fuiey and sirring Birds he has ever heeu en* nhled to ulfer. Also, fancy and rare bieed King ( harles Span %uun (1?<| riiiK'taii riririE, ilflllin *.?rey rinurUll, ailU every variety ef Ne wloondlaud hi d burning dog* Pheninn'a, laucy pidgroi t rare ai.d ra ued Imrn door fowl*. tt". , fco., ke N. B.?Bird cage*. need*. nnd hi* treatiie ofthe feed iik tmd (noiacrment of i irrt* eonMiuitly on liand. An ban the only PtpoitWOf Shetland Ponin, M h<i* the mIt variety that can be obtained of pure Mood. Letter* P' ?ti'aid will at all timet 'reef with prompt mention Irmn A. Oreive, }Johii*treet Hi? fireiKu corremondent* will please to obierve thu lit will almily rer.i|>rocute any favor* they may be plen'cd to Krant, ind e.-ish will at all liinea be paid for all rare or dead bird* or an'mal*. at 5 John ?lreet. New Vork oU Hire "ST FUKNI8HM) Hi?nvih TO KENT? I*n ,r and ffSw 2 brdrooin* on the 2d floor. Inquire at N . 27 Warren Ur'tt. i>U tt'w I MA KaHK CIIaNlP',.?Kor aile the ? ck ?ud fit- | lure* oI the home No, l Jackaon it *e>, Brooklyn. There are i?o Ten Pin Alley* iiad Hhuli'e B< aril* ou ii ?ini?e* Price Inquire on the premnet. .HH*re Pfc AMID N'8 IIAT?? (ieutlemen abont chvtgthe*r Beaver*, are invited to examine the aplmdid article now ofTered by A.MIDON, 177 Broadway. o'S 2ti?*ic f.x II .N k~< HtlAi anIT ?i i;vT;ii \VA rfiie.s. Tne ^/V}*?lt?criber i* telling all description* of fine Wold and rTrrtif; Kilter Wntche* and Jewelry, at retail, lower than any .ilher houae in the city. All Watche* warranted tokeepfood time, or the money retorued. Watche* md Jewelry eir.liAiiaed. <iold Watche* ai low a* S20 to S?}eti'li. Wnchea and Jrwelry repaired in the belt manner at mnch te?* than the maal price*. GRO. C. A LI.f'.N, Im ;ier of Wirche*and Jewelry, Who!e*ale nnd Retail, *17 r.tiaeod rb M Wall ?tr?er. corner William. n|iitnir Look ? r r. imuch Hkju nnd Hhoei Urn- , W m flfmeii. in thiaitn^ voii will rtnH !??.? ?4 Hn> qit ility end cheap ; I.mlica will alao find her* all kind of boot* nnu ihoeathey may want; the atock ia ?>' ,rv- nd the manrrTner.t <? great you cannot fail Indi.i rn '! the liifUtert kind* of my own m nofacrnre. for ! Iadi?t, genta, boy* miaa?a ?nd children and will aell them I eheaper thkn any other * iiMulinipnr in tliia city, at 1C7 Br??&- I wi , i>r ilf iw .ibove Ki?nklin at'ect. 06 Hteoifrrc M. P.AHII.I,. 1 OLIDAY OOOD8 from Kngt nil and I V hi .'WW Franco nny b- ahipieu hoard the ateainTftJP*3[5>ie' WASlllNOTON, wlurh la to le*ve 'WHM. *ouihamptou fur New York on ihe7thof ; December. Arrangemqnu are made for the | Immediate diacharge of Mich goodn.n the arrival of ihe ahip. Apply 10 Ocean 8'e*"?> Navigation Company. <J Willi..m it. ! DAY. CRm?K?Y?i R03*, soutluunpton. , WILI.IAM ISLI.IN, II.vie. olj 'fdfclf H for K fh |A FIRST PA?.;KKT~SWIP koK N pltLEA jm i hee|.g,?t tir>trla.. .I,,,, HUH U NUTON. (Japt. 1 4UNBb''ook, h IVIIIK been iHMHoidab'y detained will p aiPv?ly cl<-ar on Matu <tav. an' avl o . Hu d av morning. tl e l*th I mat. A fe w mire leeoni! tahin and ateeeage iiaaaei.grra can vet be eomfortaMy accomfnodat" . if early application u made on board,at the foot of Rooi'veltat , m t" M P O'HERN k CO., ICO Hoirh ?t. coiner f Dover ?n of.'j?'*m Mi West at cr er of R*cfor. (TOR NRW OHL' AV*-I ouuiai.a and New MFTYmYork Line of P?ck*tt?P> aiti?ely the Brat *nd rjnlv JMUBfiare^nl r packet to anil Monday. October l?tli?I he . a ? auu aplendid faa' aai"og p-'ket ah>P f.'LIK'I'f'N. Jaa B 1 'ngeraoll, maater, la no* londii.g, aud will poaitnely anil aa | ah iy?. her regular d?y. For freight or paaaage havuii anpenor furniali'd accom| modationa, apply on at Or'fana wharf foot of w*ll at, 1 or to F. K f 'Ol.LIN^. *->n'h at ! I'oaitively no freight will he receive! on braid after tlna HelD'rtay evening. Oct 16th vhi|i( -r? may rely opon t*na vea el aail'iig punctually aa a Ivertia*-d ?gfi.r? in Vew Orle-. a M?. v'm.f 1 . who wll p. tIj (' *?! . .11,, t, I.I . 1 . 1 'i lull 8 V' lf> L H.f. K- < ai't (> doue ill 1 iiiccetd t < ( lilum, uid Mil 'i'iiara im> , Oct St, li?r rtgii at 1 I <Uv. olj ' ?AHK THUA l will *1 performed t''e emrtli o th? MERRY WlvhH OF I ^itsu'ior?8ir lohu Kii.ull, Hi H*ck?'t; Mi* Kord, r* .or hi; Mr? Page, Mr* ib?x>;t Alter the e..m-ilv, ? cond UBil U?tiUi'*?a, (ha cele- ] rm-d I' V* h? "COCO. To -In h will b aided THE SECRET? ??ii Dupui*. lr fiiel.1; Vrtlm e, 8 Person: Aux-lica, Miw[Kate H_ T e V?hil- In < ndide Willi LE rAS Dfci M018S0- > KUR> by 48 Dau?e"-e* V ie.nioiae* a \"hk 7.TeTTrk-karewell be** ki~i ok ljc* r [)aN8EU*E8 V'IM \ olnE* ? Th' publie is re.peetully in for med thi' ih?* I* are we 11 11 en' fit sud l-i?t I'd I 1 mance 1 the Ces iJtuieuseit ViliiDoiiM, will uke place on Na'iirday, ictobcr l*ilh, uu which occasion they will appear lu * new allrt and othrr en trUibDiciili. Mr. H<clt(U M? r(.liiiile'r*u I .erticea, aud wili represent iwo ol hi* popular characters. oli ilr c ________ DOWKH) I'HEATME.?W ItvxiiM Uiiuwi bcm? I' M iuiiei, Ma Si KVk.Ni ? Kridav Evening, Oct. Ulh, 11 l>? i .mi d the urnnl patriotic dnma iu 3 p <ts. entitled ["Hf.-MEOE Oh MONTXKKV-Ocu Taylor, Mr W Marhall; Cat t \lien, Clarke; Jake Uuxenbury. Burke; Rouiono ' Icmn Si-?en? ; Seuora Adela, Mr* Ptiillips i Beiiita. 8uiierUu'l; Uuda. JorCan l o com lud wrli Hi* dram* ol" the KLYINO DUTCH IA!t?Vniiuerdrckeii, Mr. Stevous, Peter Vou Bummell, Ar.C. UurkevLucv, Mm. Sutherland. Doors oi>eu ai 6>? o'clock nun the enri.nn will rue at 7. B'iim 23 euts; ' and iMllcm I>X < ant*. f M1ATMAM THKA i'HlC.-Uiid.r tiiV Mauag'e.n.. oiTviT KLETCHER ?Mirtay Evening, Oct. li h will he |*r'irmed the drama of W ALI. 'E?*>jr W 11 m ru WalUce Mr ?. 8- Coi.uer; Allan Ilaiuaey, Mr. Wiuau*; lleleu Mar Mr>. Vlad iaoo. Alter which. BL\rK EYED 8U8an-Will-am Mr E j. Cornier; Admiral, Mr. 8tall'ord; 8u?an, Mrs Nichol?; Dull',, vlrs Herorrt. To conclude with ths farce cf TURN OUT? tleetiie, Mr. U.Taylor; Peggy, Vli?* Wheeler. Admittance?Boxes 25 cents; Pitt UX cents. CIRCU!-. BOVVr.RY AMI'lll111K vTHE-Johu fryoa, Malinger.? Boxes ij cents; 1'it !2l, cent* Children half* liriee. Doors open atC; Performance to comtneiica at 7 precisely. Elrgiuit \orrlty'. for Kriday and Saturda/ Evenings, Octo- I lier bill aud ISth, 1117. Horsemanship the leading fu.ilurr. Kirsl performance this season of th' elegant Mytholouical Kquestrian Ballet, antitled (lie SPRITE OK THE SILVER SHOWER ! l o i ic scene on Hoisebuck. h' Mr. O. Smith, called the RECRUIT UPON DIMM,! ?. Beautiful Serio-I-oinico 8ceua, by Mr. H. Madigan, csllrd the TRUE YANK'.K. TAR,or Jack Aboard andon Shore Mias Vladigau, ihe lufaut I'heuouieiion, sged only fi?a year*. will exiuDit lier exiri'Oruiuary net lorinancei ou a single riotse: a Ethiopian Melodies by the Miles Band i>l Minstrel. The whole to conclude with SANTA ANNA'S HEEAT? General Tuylor, Mr. Uonatdsou; 8-inu Auut, Mr Conovtr. On Satarday Afternoon an extra performance, at 3 o'clock, for the accommodation of the Juveniles olVitrc P ALMO'S UTERA HOI 8b.-MoniUy, OcuTber "uih, 1847 ?Second week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8ERK.NADKK8, Mtun. OK KM ON Messrs. PELL. STAN WOOD. WHITE, and HARRINGTON, HOWARD. whose inimitable Entertainments have been the universal theme and aduur irion of the world. Amoug tlieir lilt of patrons, they have the honor of including the President of the l/uited Mutes and family, Secretaries of Hta'e, War, and Nary, Her Majeaty Uuren Victoria, H. K. H. Prince Albert, mid Royal Family, the Nobility and Gentry of Europe, aud elite and fashion of inenca Open every night. Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON. Admissiou 24 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert it I o'clock. N. B ?Seats ranjbe secured daily at the Box Office, from 11 A. M- till 5 P. M , and gentlemen are requested uottooccuiy sear* to wl.icli iN-keti aie ullueil < ill 7tic Mt.< llA.Mi b' 11 vLL, 472 Broadway, between Graud and Broome streets, OPEN F VERY NIGHT. 8ECO.>D WEEK of the original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. E. P.CHRISTY, T. VAUGHN, E. PIERCE, C. J* B BOTT and G. N. CHRISTY, W. PORTER, whose inimitable concerts arc uightlv received with approbiliou by cr 'W'led and highly ie>pectaule audiences. Adinitsiou25 cents. Children under 10 years, accompanied with their parents or gnardiaus, half price. Coucert commeneesat 8 o'clock. olO 7t?ic TABERNACLE.?Grand Farewell nnd un parallel Id Conerrt, at (the Tabernacle, ou Friday Evening ueit by ihe Havana Italian Opeia Company.?The Manager, Mr. V lllarino, grateful for the distinguished p itronige received from 'lie citizem of New York, respectfully informs them thai this, tiieir adieu, will take place ou Friday Evening next, when the entire compiuy will sing all the gems of the respective oferas which they peiformei in th s eity. Signors Ootesini mil Ar djti will also execute solos, accompauie'l with full orche.tra. For particulars see programmes. oi4 2trc KNES I-..OM I'AKADI* h.-E V ER Y EVENING *3 THIS Wt.EK, by the MODEL ARTISTES, at the AI'OLLO ROOMS, 4III Broadway. The Model Artiste* ?ill give an entertainment every night thia week, comme'icinc on JVIUINDAK r.VfciNINU, October Uth, with an entire change of pioiiraininc, including the anblim* peranuiGcntioni of the irtnti from th? Garden oT Eiien ri* " >\(irst smhlof Eve " " The Angel diacourainc with Adam " " The Teinntation,'' " The Expulsion," " Drtith of Abel,'' Uc . tk.c .Willi other interealiiiK rr m, ( hung* of Mihjrtt e??rv eveni g duriug the week Tickets of adimation Ml canta Pickets "dmitung a lady and gentleman, 71 cents, 10 h* obtained nt the door. A lnnitted number ol Season Tickcu may be had on applic* tinn at the rooma. Door* o e>i at 7 o'clock. Personifications commence at pre* ciselv 8 o'clock. nil St^m ITCH ELL'S OLYMPH THEATRE?Kiinay neniujc, October lith, the performance will commence with TI1E / At. O" I I E?J lui Duck, Mr Holland; Mir Ricnard Wrong1 ton, Mr Chanfrau fatty Pottle. Mrs. Tirnm. Tobef llowrd by, nth nine in America, on operatic dnma, of Me NtQH I' DANCER-*?FriJollu, Mr. HolUnd: Alhett, v'r? Timm; Giselle Mill Mary Taylor; Alary, Mia* Phillips; Ocrtln.Miss Moberts. J o conclude the WIDOW'S VICTIM?Mr Podge, Mr. Holland; Mra. Twitter, Miss Kobe. m. Dretscircle, SO cents; Upper Uoies, as centa ; Pit, one thil I I ' Mv tr B> xi ft it )rrhritr* Hore?, ( I x RN I'M ~n~A Mh.HI4 A IN ~l U ?hU,<l ? h? KKk WAY AND EVENINO THIS VV EEK, commencing Monday, Uot II, IH17. FIVE PERFORMANCES A DAY ' ! IN THK MORNING AT II U ' LOCK ! TWO IN THE AFTERNOON ! At M to 'I o'clock, ami again nt i o'clock, and TWO IN THE EVENING! At 7 mid H ! ? I o'clock. NCI I'll ! V. I 1ST IvVt" h PT Till' P1IVAH The ciowd h i? been ?<> ureal to ?er OKNKttAL lOVl THUMB, iho p**t week, that the uwiw|fr Imi envmed li.m for ONh WtKK L0NULR, ;nd to acci'Dimod He In* i:uiunuui fiiead*,lie nive* hi-> peilorinaiicea ench dm ?> ib vr. in the motiiinu the < ir.irr I appear* in VAKI0U8 i.M illACTfcHS AND C0BTUME8, nrIudii k hit t niien'* l)re?*, Louit Suit, worn before Queen Victoria, Highland Urcs*. Stc Korlhe irrntific-tiiiii of chilrfien SHJ VITO will nl*n introdue? hi* beautiful ITALIAN KANTOt.CINI, or Dauciitg Mechanical K'lifurn, rendering the Morning the L>e*t time foi faimlic* r? attend. At both the Afternoon and ICveiiing performance the little (Jeneral give* In* exhibition* in In* Citizen'* and Scotch Dre**ea in i (injunction will* other interesting nnd cha*te performance*. The little General i* perfectly *ymmetrical in all hi* proportion!. intelligent and graceful beymid b'lief, and SMALLER THAN ANV INKANT THAT EVKR WALKED ALONE! The magnificent Present*, Jewel*, tic., received from the King*, Queen*, and Nouility of Kurope. will be exhibited. Thi* 11 |??itively the last time (Jen. Tom Thumb will ever be ? en ill New Vork, a* he Procudb immediately lo New Orleans nnd Havana, via, Charleston, Augusta, Savannah, lolumnna. Montgomery, mobile anil [lie pnncipal Southern Towui and Cities. I Ik beantifal MINIATURE KQUIPAOE! Will iierambo late the atreeta >laily, and be aeen iu front of (he Mmrnm at intrrTnls. ORKAT WE8TEKN, ilie Vanhee Comedian, PETE MORRIS Mm BERNARD, fcc , Admiaaion to the whole 35 cent*; children under trn yeart i.l' hge mill old Ii in w i k alone 1'C1* centa. CIliMmll.! 1 /. ? .1 V !< AM) V N I llll,. >1/1 |*M ..( tile Society Library, corner 'f Leonard atreet and Broadway, rvrry evenn g during the week. commencing Monday, (Ji t I lth. < haime of programme nightly. Doors open at 7 o'clock?commence at 7>4 Admission 25 cu, children under 10 years of nge, half price /*" Alternoon perloriaance on Saturday, at 3 o'clock. ol3 4t"rc EXHIBITION ? rim Model ofiiie Kiavated Rmiw*y? rromrnadrs, and Cross Walks, with cars and lender, in full operation, iuteudrd to pass above the omnibuses and othc r carriages in Bronilwav, invented liy John handel jr, ( iril Engiueer, and lie i>!.in imamiiiiiiisly approved of by (he Hum i ble, the Cor|iora(ion, is now open for exhibition for a abort time, at the corner of Liipenard street and Broadway. N. B. The Cars do not *to|i|(o dke in or let out paaaeugcra; thia ii done by means of another car, called a tender. | ol5 2tii*rc npiTE UIJIDOK UOLLKI TION ?TSSTStJC sene??i tun X mngmliceot collection, consisting of three gigantic Hrript u ra I faulting*, vif.:?I.Iirist Healing (he Sick iu th' Tr ini.le, Ciriit Railing Lazarus from ilie Dead, and Death on t>e Pale Hone, lintshed in ilie highest style of the art, la now o|?n foi rxnibition fiom 9 A. M. to 10 I'. M. at the National Academy ol Design. Adrmsiion 25 cents: Season Tickets Ml cents. N B ? Will o|,,?e mi ilie Jut inst. a23 lilt >? - in JUIIUMy r.A'll Ul X IVIII U C U{IU *T il a I AI 1 1 1,111' * ? Her<x? of Palo Alio, Keaaca, Monterey nnd Buen* Vii la, will be eihihited for a short time only, at XV7 H'oadwtv Stewart's old stand, oprflnite the Purk, Brown's rr ebrsm Portraits of Ueicral Taylor. General Wool, Colonel* Monroe lie I knap Mi1 sfield, and Whiting. M?Jot? Bin*. i)r |.', an< F.ator; Cipttim nanny Utnttt aud Liunard; hnrgeni ( raig, Medical Director; Otderly Bin ham (who wai raf ' tared at Burin Vi?ta;. aud " O.d whirey," the far-famed war ltorie of General Tiiv lor. Also, Headquarters Army of Occu I pntion, ? Waloot Springs, Meiico. Price ofailiaimou 24 cent*. Door* opeu day aud uifiht 012 Mi * rrc PI 111.IIA R.MO.N 11 MO( IKTV-H-ith Newon?The ? "in mltee of Management wonld re*pe< ifullv inform ihe pnblie and the patrons of thia Society, that tfi? *iih*cription book* for the foor Concerts are now open, and that no pain will be ?l>*red to lender the pe/forrninre* of tli? i' jiai of ihe highest order. I'enona within* to become *s*o, i*te member*?who hare the privilege of attending the rehear*.il* ?id concert* of the Society?can send in theirnsinc* utanv nine. l'ertn* $'i per annum, in atl? n' e Hu Inscriptions el?. payah|e on the delivery if thencket*' iheni?l * nncrrt rutithug 'he riib?criber to tluec ,*iori* to earh of the four I'Oi Ctrtl, with the privilege of purchasing two eitra "lmi?aiom to each C'on'-err, at (I V> per ticket, rereireu at the entitle store of Schat lenlirtg At Lnn, bv the 'r, * lT the m mher* of the Hocict?. J r shl(>.? nee*y o!2 fitis'c 11 l.c Hoy Place. Tilt- UNATOvil I. .i I '.M.I v| ia now open ?t Ctoton Hall, corner of the Bowery ind Divuine, hav.tig be ? i< II rated, dte >rat?d 'nd fitted up in a ? > i ?nor ?fv le A roi.sulerahle i umher of I e'u'iful ui"dfl?, jtut arrived Irnm l a i*. hive breo rdded, whichrrntler thi* *t once the morn aur?clive, entertoniag. end instructive exhibition ever prcda ed in th(* eon. >rv "IHl in>*rc It A 1,1 A.N OI'r.KA COVJPA.N V? nfeasrs. HAN Ql'l l(TCO and P.\1 II reipeciftally Stinonnce the gppoiDtn 'n' of ? Grand t oncert at the f'abernan.e. on Wnlneaday F.veuing, October JO'h. on which occanon will be given (first time in 4 inrncs) by the whole Italian Opto* Company, the famom H) mu recently r.ompoaed by Rossini, to cetehrate the birthdiy of the Pone Pms IX. I articular* in fntnrc announcement*. Tiekerg Owe Pal'w ' otj #trc W M.M I i KEK I THEATRIC, PHIL < DTKI I HIAl,e??r? K A .Marshall; aoager W H lll*l<- ?Be nrlit I Mr SKOUIN.?I*rid*y Evening Oct |j will b-performed ihe id tn lied Opera of the It AH HF.H Ov HEVlCCE? Count Almavita. Mr nh'ivgl; Doc'or Baitolo, Mr H.gnm; Kilt* o, Mr Meyer; Baril, nBeclretr; Roiiiis, Mil H-gnin. Ta* de Zant ta, Mua Arna Walter*. To nnrlude With a grand V(> Al. < ONCK.'l' which M''?*r? Ar hnr*on, Muival, Negniti, and.Mever. .Mrs Sequin ai d Vl'gs L chte?s'ein wil' at pear.' Ki< II t"AiN< V \KTIt LK8 FRF Dh Rl< K ' >DWOMTH, JJ> Broadway. op|.<.*ne ihe new Thea're ? K?u*. Musiea Hose*. Work Bo?-?. Ute* mg <.?s??, Tiavelling ( s*es, Writme l)e*k*. I'ortMio*, a <1 I'apeterieg ; Uiclily decoiated Torct'laiii Vase., ' s ifei KliCors, a d Bondoir O i: men's, Km (ironp* Stntoet'es. Vn*e? Ink. at* d*, I if?r l.amii. Itr IUI cm. tpi 'I'as* Wire. Oi etr ?? *, Ruli g Whip* Walking Cene*. Wo k Tables, Card Receivers. I ocket Hooks, Purse* and Reticnle* MecbuiiiC" Lam"*, Toilet Vl'rors dioicf Pufnaitry ud fineySutioi ' ' in ?'id V. Ive Inlian nno?irtes fc.- he . ? 'c .. ... . * ',,?,nd?i. I> * ?' ?< Y. IJ .10 1 i 1' i. . 1* 1.. . t?i. g. a,tl|i. ' t il N < it I.1.1 a< ueel, >coiid story. oU UtneiHi<b>ti*W*Hi - - rIWTELLIGENOS TO THE LATHST MOMBVT. TELKUHAPHIC, Tit* PtiuiayiiruiU Rlc?tlo?i. Auaeiiil are a few mora return* : ? t, .. 1847 1IM tounlij-i. WKtf. uem W\tg Dem Northumberland ?- g,l(, _ t?; Centra (Irwm's home). ? 7)9 ? y%i L e Diuig ? ,00 _ ?>-, Hull i van ? jjO NewCoapiy. Union 6(io _ gu _ York ? 7M - m M*juriti?i CM J.IJO M I.'.4 UM ?4 Democratic m?J t.tttt t,M4 I044 Democratic Klin ?44 SECOND DESPATCH. PHILADELPHIA, Oot. 14?S M t. M Carina 807 majority for Bhunk ; Junlatf* 70 majority for Sbunk ; Mlfllin 4AU majority for Staaak Till KD DESPATCH I'HiMDii rHit, Oot. 14? ? P. M. Democratic maJoritieH ? Buoka, Ml; Bedford, 'J30; ( umberland, 478; Perry, 43J; Y?rk, W'iO, WMtBONliad . J1SS; Oraen, y?U; Butler, *0; Kayetta, 000; BwTH, whig, two kundred and fifty. KCIUHTU DESPATCH. PHILADELPHIA, Oot. 14 ? 3 M P. M. Alleghany gWea 1364 and Hearer 460 majority Ikr Irwin -).W Tbtt following are majorltlm for tthunk, demoorat :? Westmoreland, 3,U3; Oreen, INTO; Butter, BO; Waahioftoo, 174; Fayette, 800. The Ohio Klectlon. Pnilaoklfhia, Oet 14, l#4T. The following returns have been reeeWed Majorities. 1MT. 1M4. Counrtci Whig. Dim Whig. Dtm Montfomety 3ti0 ? r. t ? FriukUu 3JQ ? jg) ? Muakitigun 710 ? 1,114 ? Whif majority I,MO l,i?T l?44l A|>i?icul wiiii lou 117 SECOND DESPATCH. Philadelphia, Oot. 14?A. M. Hamilton county giT?a ft democratic majority of 1700 one demeoratlo senator and four reprea?ntatjT?a. There U a democratic majority of lift la Ciaeinnati Baltimore City Klectlon. PHILADELPHIA, OOt. 14. ? P. M. Th? Baltimoro City Counoil election yaatarday, rasulted In fifteen democrats, and Ave whiles baing elected The total rote waa eight thouaand ; laaa than at tha Governor's election The Southern flail. Philadelphia, Oct. 14?P. M. New Orleans papers to the 7th inst have reaohed Petersburg; they oontain no news from the seat of war. The Yellow Fever In New Orleans. Philadelphia, Oct. 14?P. M. Thy population wuu luoreimiuK, imd the deaths art principally among the unaocltinnlril Anti-Rent Nomination*. Atiinr, Out. 14 * The Antl-Ronteri hiiTe made tb < I *U? ? h rc n?tioai:? For Secretary of fttate Kdward Aindfurd. Comptroller. . .Millard Fillmore. State V.nttlnerr. C. B 9?ewart. State Trnamirvr George W Cuyler. Attorney General A L Jordan Lieutenant Governor. ..... C O Hhephard. Canal CommlMioner*. . ... . . A J B.-ach, Janeb Hindu, JoUd C Mather. State Priaon Inspector* John Flutter, Q?oru? Celuwell, John B Gedney. Lcglllatlv* Proceeding*. Ai.bakt, Oot. 14, 1847. SCKATI. The bill to limit the circulation of incorporated bask* wan r?port?d to the Senate. The bill to enUblifili an aaylum for Idleta >u referred to a seleot committee to report oomplete. The debate on the general iniuranoe Dill waa returned, the nuuHtlon bcltiir on the oereonal llabiltt* clause- * i ??otion was agreed to maklug uch stockholder liable to the amount of hi* stock, and an equal amount o*er and above the fame, to apply tn cases < f risks taken iftOT 'wbu corapauy is insolvent Agreed to. AlSKMBLT. Petitions worn received Tor change of road on tbe rout* of the Lake Champlaln and Ogdenshurg Railroad The committee on tb* New York tax bill baa not J* been uamul The dibat? wan resumed on tb* bill to ?bnli?h capital, jftinirhment?tbe question helDg on Mr. Piaimi' proposition "declaring hitting with design to effect d??th while in commission of a felony, to he murder In tha flrat l.-gree, and canes other thau these wore murder la tb* ( cond degree. Mr Baicom moved to amend thl* ao an to require the punishment to be Imprisonment for life?loat. SB 10 IS Mr Atwatch proposed that death penalty apply only lo murders of tbe flrnt degree, committed with premeditation In the afternoon a debate was resumed on tbe bill to tbnlish capital punishment. All amendment* to tha ' ill were rejected, and it waa reported to the house subntuntially aa It was Introduced. The qneatlon on agreeing to tbe report la to b? taken on Friday, the 2'Jd instant. BY THK VftiHiKuros, Oot. II, 1847. ' Dtitituiion of iKt Mot mum JUoiemmt for thrir HtUtf in Wn?Kington; it U known to the public that tbe Mormon* war* nI pelied from their city of N'anvoo In Illinois, In 1814-7, | and driven out in the wilderness. where they are bow I scattered from DiMmolnM river, In lows, to the Ftell* : hor-? Some of them are In tbe United Mtatea nervlca on the prairies, a colony have located th*m*elves on tha s?n Joaquin, one of tha tributaries to tha bay of San Kranciico Another detaahinent, far out on tb* Missouri frontiers have sattlad themselves for tha *eaaon, mi'l raised a good crop of earn Another detachment, composed chiefly of tba old men. woman and ahlldrea, the feeble ami the deorapld, remain behind on Dat Moinea river. In a starving situation exceeding a thousand In number. The object of Mr. Dana ona of tha community, la visiting Washington, la to procure contributions lot tlm relief of bin starving brethren in the wildernera. Pursuant to a rail signed by tha respective pastor* Ot tin' principal churches of the city ot all denominations, tiueling was held Last night at Odd Keliows' Hall, In reit-rence to gome means of relief to the destitute Mormon*. ( ol He*ton tha Mayor, tu called to tha ebatr, and hrielly. but f? lingly, set forth the object of tb* meeting. Mr Dana then wee Introduced by <;oI Heat on, and l the represent: tlve of hi* suffering people accordingly nl*d a Ht '.ement of their expulsion from ,N*uvoo? 1 ' f the lnonndl ry proceedings of the lawlee* vagabond* . | whioh led to this expulsion and ot the suffering* and , privation*, and destitution of tbe wandering Mmuoi*, j ' ihu* driven from theii homes Into the uninhabited wild* 1 1 r.r the far West. Me made this statement In a spirit of j | torbearanoe, which oould hardly have h?*n expected 1 after the barbarous outrage* which have been luflioted - ! upon his brethren lie used no hard word*, but tpek* grutefully of the oharlly ol the peopla of (julney. I ( ol Seaton th? n submitted a few remark*, and pro' posed that, a* from the lowering state of the weather, the meeting was very thinly attended, another maetlng i k- on Thursday ninht next, to devise aava I kq(I mean* for the reliet or these our destitute lellowcrenture*. fter. Dr Laurie next followed In a brief appeal In behalf of the Buffering Mormon* We bad hoard and j obeyed the Toten of a famnhed people aero** the ocean ; and now, a community of our fellow being*, driven from the pal* of elrllltatlon Into the wllderneaa. Implored our ! ( hrUtlan a**l*tanoe. With a new of doing imraethlug to their relief, be seconded Ibe *ugge?tlnn of the chairman of the meetteg. Arid hoped tbat mean* would be takee , m a* ' oL . b ?pm on Tliur*d?y evening. (ten Duff Oreen concurred in the tu^eenuM of tbo / ntleinan preoedlng him, and went somewhat Into a ri rltal of the hi*tor; of the Mormon*, and of the oauaea "th> lr nummary expulsion ir*t lr in Missouri and tbrn I from llliuoli III the letter Mtate. thej j??r? compelled to take *id<* In the politic* of the da*, and In doing *o, they excited ibe pr'Judice* of orrtaln person* again*! 1 them, which led to outtneak* nonffagration*, and all ' fho*e ?oene* of dl*order wbioh resulted in'.be Mormon* being forcibly driven from their comfortable home* Into ' tue wilderner* I'he motion for another meelin( on Thursday night w?t agreed upon, and the jr iceedlug* of thi* meeting were. In tb*' meantime, ordered to be publlibed The HUte of llltnol* ought to come out to the relief of Iheee Mermons It I* due te the State -It 1* due to the body of the citizen* of the Htate? a law abiding, an4 law respecting people, tint utder the authority < t the i state, something should be done tbat would sttbd out In redeeming and beautiful contrast to the bloody and law1*?* ccene* at Naueoo, \v WiiHtiuTon, Oct. IS, 1047. Nivt nf lAt J 'ay We have no newatlo-day None from tile Mouth. None from the North Telegraph *alrl V> lie broken between Philadelphia and i iltimore No new* of the election* ''resident and lady something better to-dav We understand that at the National Ohs?r?story tha ! r n gauge exhibited the tremeuduu> f*ll ol (a >r Ine tea ot enter i n Thursday night l?*t Thi* quai tity, o>er a I *ur'ao<< of JOt) lulle* *<|nare would be equal to ? lase -'ft I roll'* long, f ur mile* wide, en I one hundred feet <>**Pi or a harborrutll' li i f fnr > li tb? i-ivh-'f II ib> world to I ,l i? f mi lo'i re-'* i ?'.<r?n fti n ** flrem i ?> #r ay tj? ku(, , ?u, VM.KA CKt* w." " ? i

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