Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1847 Page 3
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r II ? " ? I *u In * fc?blo?)1<? w<th h??; r? ' ir ul?4f rfoing In th? fprloj of 1*41 Ot imfl, to t> julop'i, Mid from that to NiOlo a tn *^?rdi of fto*er? 4 ?llo* did you w??ar your wblikera in 1844 or H46* I A They were mu'ti larger thau they are no*; I wore ttn ui out very full. Under my chin. q.?Did you ever walk in the arbor with Mm Lynde, With your arm round her walut A.?1 never took ?uch liberties with Mm. Lynde. H?What did Mr. LynJe any to you after he came from New Bedford, with Mix. Lynde? A ?He gave me his hand and then pasted on to Mr*. Lynde; acked ht-r what the had be?n spying to me, and chook his hand at her. H? Did you ever receive a note from her when the uieraeDKer waited for au annwt r. A.? l don't renumber U - lltut Mr I.ynde commenced a suit agaiiut you. A ?I don't kuow that be baa. Direct examination.? <4 ?Have you auy sort of reool- I lection of a xecoud note from Mm. Lynde to you while lathis city' A.?l am under the impressiou that uhe did write me 1 another note, but it la lost. 14 ? What was it about? A ?1 had a cheaa problem in thla city, and ahe sent me j uv?? w? uiiug bui uui) whu me. U ?When your leg was dressed by Mr* Lynde. the tiuiu you wore injured. where did you place your foot' A. ? i cannot remember whether It wan on the chair or not. <4 ?Was Mrs. I.ynde's mother present on any of these occasions' A ? She wai) huWAKD Cisco,(colored) examined for the prosecution i Liv?il ?iih Mra. Carroll last spring a year; knows Mr* 1 LjD.le; carried a note froin Mm. Lynde^ to Mr Shaffer; i she d -firt-d uin to give it to blui and to no one else. Alter tbe examination of the witness was tinlshed, tbe court adjourned until to morrow (this) morning Cocbt of Gknkmal Ss??io??, Oct IS - Bi-foro Recorder Scott, bnd Aldermen ! eeks and Tappan?John McKeon, Kkj . District Attorney. M;dume hcttrii't Cast.?At tho opening of the oourt this morning, the case of Madame Restell was called up fur trial, but on mation of James T. Brady, Lsij , ooun sel for the acou*ed,tbe cause was postponed until Wednesday. IVial for Robbery.?Henry Johnson (colored) was then placed at the bar for trial on an Indictment lor rnbbtry lu the 1st degree, in having on the night of the JJ instant, knocked dowu and robbed Kruncis Hois, of a w?t ob. hat. and handkerchief. Kaanuis lints, sworn - On the night of the 3d instant. 1 met he piisoner in Antliouy street; he aske me if 1 wanted a job, and said if I would go with him he would get ui>- one; I went with bin, aud when we got to a place oall-d " cow buy.'' he knocked me down with a brick, and took my watch, hat, and handkerchief; the watch now shown is the same; I never saw bim before that day Mtkk Lashi:nth*ll, sworn.?On the night of the ad of October, the prlsouer offered to Sdll me tho watch now shown; liesaid be had given (6 for it. Tbe case was ibeu submitted under the charge of the court to tbe jury, who found a vereict of guilty, and tbe oourt sentenced him to tho State prison for a term of ten years. riraatu i*miry.? r.uwaru iiuiiy, on oeing arraigneu on an indictment for a violunt (assault and battery on Theodore C. Hhadbult, on the :29th of July lout, pleaded 1 guilty, aiid remanded f?r sentence. Trial far Burglaiy.?Thomas Jones waa next placed at the bar for trial ou an indictment for burglary in the ! third degree, in having on the night of the ltith of Sep- 1 temper, burglariously entered the more of Jamea K. | Hobby. Orand street. by means of false keys James K. Hottv sworn ?On the ltiih of September, 1 I kept a jeweller's store at -J6'2 Grand street; my store waa entered on the night of that duy. John d. Curnwki-l sworn.?I live next door to the store of Mr. Hobby ; on the night of the ltith of September, I mw Mr Murphy, Mr. H's clerk, lock up the store; some time later 1 heard a noise in Mr. H ?s store and went out. when 1 saw Mr Murphy in the act of arresting prisoner in the store; I assisted in arresting biui; ther-i was another man with Jones,who ran off; 1 did not kui'? liiui tglViLi.iAM J*ci{t;>:> sworn.?lam a policeman of the luth ward ; ou tue night of the lUih of September, 1 was pasHiug ihiougH Grand street, whun 1 heard some one MT, ' stop thief;" I then fouud Mr. .Murphy on the sidewalk with the prisoner ; 1 took him to the station bouts The ease waa submitted to the Jury, who found a verdict of guilty. lie was remandedior sentence. 1'itul fur Grand Larcmy and Heceiving Stalrn Gu?</?.-Joseph Casklll, alias Caseo, ws then placed at the f r trial, *vn an indictment, the first count of wfiieh charges him with stealing from Francis Gallagher, on the 2d ox July, gold cain, clotbiDg, (Sto., to the value of $161; the second count of which charges him with reoi-iving stolen goods, knowing them to be stolen, i. F'samcis (j\;itkr sworn ?Un the 2d day of July, my vtlise was stolen from the railroad depot, foot of ijiuutty M-ru*'!., containing fi i.? in kuij ouio, seven gold Hturts, ?ix shirts, and two pair of pants. worth in all $161 i 1 hav.- hiticu recovered the principal part of my property ?t llit) police; 1 received $.'>0 from a young man named Brocli, at tbe bouMi of Mr. Levy, and (-J5 in the cam at Jersey City; tbe money wan paid to me in tbe presence of Mr. Levy; be took the money from Brook, counted it, then pUced on Broek'a knee; Brock then banded it to me; Levy agreed that 1 should bave more afterwards; 1 jumped oil tbe cars at Bergen Turnpike and returned to the city The prosecution having rtsted, the case was opened on tlie part of the defence, and the following witneis called Julius Boich examined?I am a tailor, and live with Mr. Caskiil; I resided with him in July last; when 1 saw the vriii* now showu me brought to the store by a nice looking uentl-nian, hu wanted the loan of $3 upon it; Mr*. (. ankili asked bim for the key; tbe gentleman said 14 ?u? unlocked; Mm. CaskUl then opened it, and exasiintd the things tbat were in it; be said that be had bad bin pocket picked; that be had ?ome particular bu sinem to attend to in Boston, and wanted tbe money to go wlib; said tnat bo should return in a few days, ?nd would th*ii buy eouie clothes of Mra. Caskiil, who let hi Hi have *:i Mid place i the Velise lu the stor?, where it could lie reeu by all wbo entered; I reculieot Mr. Peyser coming to t te store shortly alterwardf, and told Mr CaHkili that the veiise had been stolen; that it waa ad' vertiicd; tnai Mr. I aakill then took it to the police otflOH At th i stage of the trial the court adjourned until tu-uiuiiow morning. SurrnioH Coiist, Oct. 18. ? Before Chief Justice Oakley ?.itiUiaid' Dacloit t'? Cliarlet H. ?Thi? Was an action of HSiiUIUDait. Thu deaUraLinn t in. eournou count lor money had and received. The facts of tbe casu arc briefly these The plaintiff and defendant happened in the spring of 1044 to meet in Baltimore. but under what circumstances did not appear. At the meeting, it ooeurred to tile defendant that he want< d a housekeeper, and be asked the plaintiff if he Would rent a house in New York, would she come to him as hou-ekeeper, and attend to bin household affair*? hbe consented. The defendant vet out immediately for this city, lured a house in Hudson street, from a Mr rbillip* tor bine months. for ^|-2?, and wrote to the plaintiff to coine on, without delay. She came, and La'T.tV kept, house in this city, before she went to Baltlluore. h?il her furniture stored in the Bowery, and cauted It to b? removed to the bouse in Hudson Htreet, where tb. y coutiuuud to reside from about the 1st ol June, lc.44. to the middle of November following, when Air Swill thought he had hept house lout; enough, and gave the plaintiff to understaud that he ha<4 no further ocoteiou tor her services. A negotiation was then entered it to between the parlies through the medium ot some friends, which terminated in au agieement that deien.i-.nt eh' uld give plaiutilf J160, pay rent to the tune soe th-ululeave the house, and give up the key to the lendiord, ?inch was to be twenty day* lroin the date ol ilie agreement, and that she should release the duteudmt from all demands sue then had against him. and give bun a mrfyt in full The plaintiff, however, dii lift leave the house at the end of the twei ty days, but kept possession up to the 1st of iVlay, 1343. in Marco lS4j, ?ir. Phillips, the landlord, issued a distress warrant for the quarter's rent due in vlay, the rent being pa) ante in advance, and ttiH balance of a former (juarier, amounting. In all, to about and levied dii lier furniture, which amount she had to pay, aud to recover which, with interest, ahu now brings her action The ilrfeLdint pleaded accord and satisfaction, under which plea he gave in evidence the receipt in full, anil the release; the first dated the 21st aid the other the -'2' 1 of November. The fmIumum whb drawu up In the form of a>. afiHavit. anil was sworn to by Mr* Dueloss It stated that she released him from allcUirat and demands, wh'oh she then, or b-fore, ever 1 & I KKaiiiKt him; that she Dever would thereafter make ?ny claim sgainst hlui.orgtve him any annoyance, or tV'-i recognise him morn tbau a stranger; and that she guve hiui up ail his clothe*. Ike The plaintiff'* counsel o! justed to the releare, on the ground that It wan drawn uji hh an uRtdavit; no consideration being expressed,and Ic not being under s-al, he contended that it was void Tli d?tVnd*ut's couniel then insisted that the receipt in f>ill nan sulBoient to bar the pin 1m iff h right of action; at all eveuta. both instruments w-re executed at the fame lime, and were one and the came transaction; and. in that view, the $|.'>0 mentioned in ilie rec?ipt. was the consideration for the release. Toe plain" itf's counrel again objected that It appeared co the tai- of the papers, that th 'y were separate tranp icti >rs, tb"j> having i>eeu dated on different day*, and therefore that Hie $1.">0 meiit'otied in the receipt could no: be deemed the oou?id?rati'>n for the rel -tae; and in regard to the receipt Itself, the cause of action having mm-rued subsequently to the Mm* It bore date, it eouli not bar the | laint.lf s claim An altercation then tock place beiwt-on the couueel on both sides in regard to the testimony of the witness, (he having left court.) who provid the ex?cutlon ot the release aud receipt, the plalu'tffs counsel insisting that he swore they were not executed at the same time, aud tbe defendant's counsel lulls'lug taat he swore they were. The question was alter a !ong diaou-sion. left to the recollection of the jury The t nief Justice, in charging the juVy, said th re were two defences set up; the fli>t was a release, and the second that the contract hetween the parties whs immoral troai the beginning.? I i regard to the first defence he said, that if they believe I tile .ml r.len.a ?r. ?.n.r.l. t nlgtivd lit different time*, the defeudaut could not, upon tK.iit br.mch of Inn defence. deleat the pl?iiitirt'? claim beuHiiae the ?utn mentioned In the woelpt would not be | a legkl p..ii?id'iri?ti n tor th* release; and the re|e?*? it- ( Heif wa* void, no consideration being exprea?ed therein; nor wuitld th r.aelpt bar U<t riijht if action, because her ri*ht I vl accrued afW the receipt ??? Riven; but if they helievt d bo> )> paper* were e*ecuted tog?thrr. they to; uk d one autl th ?arae transaction, and the $ I AO wan n good con (deration for the rel?aa? and iu that anpect the defendant would be entitled to their verdict. In regird tn ib? oth?-r def-nce, if they believed the contract w ii entered into in Baltimore for an laiinurnl purpose, it w?* tlli g*l?neither pnrty to an immoral contract can co ?> in to a court of jubtice and recover under aurh a contraci ?r< in the othi r pnrty, the law not rroognizinx ?uch ooutracta?hut on thin point there wan no direct evi- I d-'io" r*ie .inly e?ld'>n(i(i they had wan what traim- ' ptred on the negotiation for the release, and If they were s.ti.fled fr ra (hot teatlniony that the oontract w*? inclpl-ntly imuorHl and entered Into for th* pur pone o| Oari j ing on nu illicit intercourse, then they ought to Hud for tile i f. n i iut upon thin branchof the defence, Tbejury fouud a verdict lor tbe defendant. Vor I'laiutlT. Mr I). Kvana, for defendant, M?Mrn. S> ori ev.nit and llarfh. Tb"i ? w?? only ooe other small case tried, In which the pla.nnfl was nou nuili d. Ii? i himhi h?.? l)?fore Judge Daly?Madame Weill? Madame YV>laa wa* arrested ou (Saturday On an attachment a uou-resideut debtor, at the suit of Mr. K. _?r- I ? WooJwtrd, of Albany fib# appealed Immediate!* a fur ' tb&Mfwt, before lb? judge nave ball, and than prooaad d to Join tb? VlranolM children. Alt the eourta, with exception of Judge Moorehouaa's court, are adjourned to Wednesday. Court 'alkndaii.?Wednesday, Oetober 'JO. 1847.? j Cumrnnn Pitmt.?fart 1?Noe 1, 6, IS, M, 97,99, SI, SS, 36, *7. Part3?No* 4, 03,24. 28, 30, 39, 34, 341, 3a, 40 Cibcuit Cor*t.?Before Justice Moorehouae ? Same as before published. Before Justloe Edwards.? Nos. 87. 103,88, 165, 167, 168, 160, 100,161, 192,1,103,164,139, 119. 127. Si-rKHioH Coi'BT, two branches.?No*. 112, 40, 66, 60, 128, 68, 10. 60. 126 S3, 84. 85, 86, 23, 142. 16, 13, 18, 19, 102.41, 46.47,139,123.1110. 101. 115.66 135,14,42,141. Ill, 109.8, 37, 38, 34,78,79, 72, 17, 36, 77, 134. Mlacellaiieoua. The Matatnorat Fluty of Kept. 22, notices the death ol' Major Charles C. McRae, aged about 70 years, a native , of East Feliciana, La , but for the lust twenty-live ! year* a resident of Mexico. At Charleaton the report of the superintendent of the publio cemetery made to council on the 13th, shows tbat the Interments for the past year hare been less by 15 per cent, than for any of the previous twelve years. At Pittsburg six hundred and nine buildings have been erected on the ground which waa burnt over in April. 1845. Morn than a million of dollar* bad been received at Buffalo during the present season (up to the Kith tnnt ) The steamer Iowa sunk junt abort* fiiyo Sara, a lewdays since, by coming into collision with the steamer De claration. The Iowa went d wn immediately after the collision, and will probably be a total wreck ?l.tuiiviltr Cor. Fhilad' Iphia En q, 1 Stkinil. Slug! SlngS?Mew Analytical Class?No. 413 Broadway?lu conaeiiuenc! of the mere ting interest in the subscriber* net* Tue?day and Friday evening claaa for begin neia in inuaic, aud the rotiaiant at plicttioti of new membera lor adniiaiinn, he will repca'hia liral leaaou thia (1 ueaday) > evening at 8 o'clock. The new aaalylical inetbud proveanceedij^ly interesting. J AS. F. VVAitNEK, Tranalitor of Weber, etc., ect. The Daguerreotypes taken by Walsh, 141 Bowery, in our opinion, ar?a a much entitled to a gold meda' ] (if given thia year) ai any that we>e " entered and delivered" i iu atnct accordance with the"ruleaof the Americau luatitute." Olcourae no others hive a claim. " Beneath the rule ol men entirely g'ent, The neu ia m'ghtier than the sword HicHKLIICt*. The Hlchelleu Diamond Pointed Gold Pen* are the beat and r.heapesc in the world. Thoae who want the genuiue should be ?ure io go either t > B. E. Wataou tk Co., ?J William at.eet, one door below Wall at, orJ.Y. Savage. D2 Kuliou a'reet. aa they hare tlie excluaive aale of th?m Other IV,i* wholeaile or retail at reduced prices. <J>ld Pena at $1. Slit, with silver pencils Hold I'ena carefully repaired. Knox's llata Kail and 'Winter B??i??T>s?? rase of Hats and Can now exhibiting in (lie K<ir at Castle tiardeu, (rum the ettabliahraeut of l\NOX. has attracted'gieat attention, and caused so many iuiiuiries. the aubacriber (i >da it ueceasary t? inform the public at lafge, and hi* customers in particular, that he ha? a few more left of the aaine kiml and supplies orders at a very biirl notice. Hi> 11 n are fi ,iahed in the most workmanlike inauner, and will i and the test of a very hird biow without any danger of "jeU flotanta," yet they will alwayi remain jet black. KNOX, 128 Fulton itieet. The Cheapest and Best place In the City to get vour boot*, ahoei, or gaiters, is at Junea's 4 Ann street, near the Muieum. Von can vet there at good baota for ti 50 ai can be rurchaied elarwhere for (7. H'U'e a awing. He alio aella a first rate boot at S3 SO, which ia usually aflld (or fi. Double soled wat'r-proof boots at Si 50, %'t 00. and (S 00. Jonei has the true ayatem of doing buainesi?light expenses and small profits. All gooda purchased at 4 Ann street aie warranted to gite entire satisfaction. Boots which are Boota?Krenclt Roots can 1 he fuuud at Young's Paris Bo?t Kmporium. for (4 SO equal to ' any sold in this ci'y for (7 and $il Also, Kiue Calf Pouts, lor ' S3S\ usually sold for $i. We recommend nil our f>iends to gut their boots, shoes, waiters. Her., at the Paris Kmporium, opposite the Herald office. All his work is warranted to give aatiafaction Water nr of Boots retailed at from Si SO to 15 | f.tmples of his Bonu can be seen at the Fair. (Competition de- > fled. Boots made to Older on shortest notice. Navigation or Una Ohio lllvsi. riaci. Time. State of River. | Louisville ?. Oct. 11.. .6 feet 4 In. Cinclnnstl. Oct. 12.. ,.r> feet (5 In. ris. Wheeling . Sept. 30. . -.9 feet. PittMhnrc. Oct. 13, ...9 feat 6 in. mOVEY MARKET. Monday, October 1S_H p. M. There ?u a little better feeling In the stock market to-day, and prioea improved a fraction. At the first board Long Inland went up >? per oent; Farmers' Loan X j Harlem ; Norwich and Worcester ; Indiana 5's ; Illinois 6's U ; Treasury Notes and Canton cloned at prices current on Saturday ; Penna. 5's fell off X per ot. At the second board Harlem advanced per ct. ; Nor wlch and Worcester with moderate sales. The board of brokers adjourned over to Wednesday on aocount of the Washington Monument oelubration The New York and Erie Railroad Company have called fora farther*instalment of ten dollars per share,payable on the 17th of November. The Union Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of five per ct. payable on the 1st of November. We have important and favorable news from Mexico. It U just what we expected. (Jen. Soott is in full possesion of the capital, and has issued a circular to the different Slates of the confederacy to send delegates to the oity to negotiate or arrange a peace. This was the wisest oourse he could pursue. Whatever States choose to com A Into anv Hmngamant of tliia kiuil, L'HU do HO 1 independent of others. These accounts come by way of Havana, and were reoeived at that port by the Kngllsh steamer from Vera Cruz, at which place they arrived by theftnglish courier from Mexico. They are, therefore, English accounts, and can lie relied upon. The mtmage of Governor Brown of Tennessee, to t e j Legislature of that State, is along winded document, and is filled with the drv details of local affair* Th? most Important points in it are those relative to internal improvements, and the public finances. The construction of a railroad from Mobile, through Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky, to the Mississippi, near the junction of the Ohio river, is strongly advocated by the Governor, and mauy arguments are presented in favor of the adoption of such measures as will secure the immediate commencement and rapid completion of the line, lie goes deeply into the details of the rout*, showing its feasibility and immense importance to the sec- 1 tions of country through which it is contemplated, and ] concludes by calling upon the people to come forward ' and build the road at once. The bank question occu- ! pies an important part of the message. The Governor is not in favor of winding up the State Bank, although he ' is no bank man. He admits that it has been very use- j ful in developing the resources of the State ; that it has furnished a sound and safe circulating medium, and that it has on the whole been a very powerful agent in mitigating tbe pressure of pecuniary embarrassments, which have prevailed during several years of its existence. The Governor not only recommends tbe continuance of the bunk, although under additional restrictions, but suggests the propriety of restoring the three branches | now in the process cf liquidation It is admitted by the ' executive that the ba king capital of the State in not | Urge enough, and points out the city of Memphis as the 1 placc where the increase Is required. The return* of the bankaof New Orleans, made to the Board of Currenoy.on the 2.5th of September, compared with thono of August U8th, present the annexed statement :? Banki or New Oblkans. Li bi lit it i. 18-17. 22 Stpt. 25 Circulation #J,7u2,MlO U.536 050 Depoti's 6,455,19} 6,898,l>90 UMtrr caah liabi.ltiti 1 240 a IJ 271,177 ToUl 9ll.398.S9S 10,7*5,317 Cmh JinietM. Specie $5,696,370 6,828.f.03 Northern and European exchangei. . 4,043 991 2,145.289 Other Cash Aueli 3813(5 388 32i Total $10,128.01)7 9.061,817 There appears to have been a falling otf in the aggre gate movement of this department, for the month ending September 25,1947, aud the position of the banks ha* been materially strengthened ; the circulation having decreased, while the amount of rpecie on hand has in- j creased. According to the above, the liabilities have fallen off (693 :281, while the assets have deoreased only $67,070 In the same period. Besldei the above, the banks have loans and discounts amounting to $8 011,440, and real estate valued at $1,803,830. The movement of each bank In Hew Orleans, at the close of September, was aa annexed Nrw Oai.r.**? Bank. Cath J.iabilitit?, Other | Circu- JJtpoi- rath Hank ?. lalion in. Habit. Total. Lou m mi a Bank... .893 015 1,760.7(8 23,375 2 9)1402 Canal it Bank's Co. 016 545 2,241 381 ? 3.2'5 850 City It ink 595 9'jO 626 910 20,627 1,*97 741 LouiMAiM State B'k.42i,68j 1,1)7,8.3 10,465 1,570,9)4 iVlech'a and Tradera' Uaiik 680,6)5 1,103,284 15.957 2 222,311 Unui. Balk 2o.2li0 18 970 202,<00 2.8,812 3,535,050 6,898,089 272,426 11,887,075 Cat A Jitum. Other catA l-oant .oitrf* Total. Louisiana Bank... .1,522 9 '6 !, 100,510 ? 4,25<tf43 I anal Ik Biuit'xCo 1,760,710 2.19.356 155 831 4,475 4 2) C<ty Bank 694,135 1 535 19 1 231,100 2,5 6 955 Louisiana State B'k 500 936 1,729 172 ? 2,379 712 Mecli'a and Tradrra' . . 978 311 I l'.fl '01 > in ? "> Uuiou Bank IDJUli 46KI0 '? 5|7!4S4 SS,028 1102 til,011,440 fMH W tl7.l03.0A? The amount of epeoto ?n hand ?u ti,4!W,l>53 more than the aggregate circulation, ehowing a value In the curruncy greater than In any flection of the country, ex. cept the city of New Vork. During the month of September, there was coined in the U S, Branch Mint in New Orleani about tl,700.000, nearly the whole ol which wa? in gold. Krom the Brut of the year up to the pr?nent time, $0 0110,000 have been coined, of which $ft,0l?i),00# was in gold It In estimated that the collide at that point for the year will be over eight million! of dollar*. The average throughout the % nouatry for tl>? jfttf 1K47 vill b> immeoe*, ?u-.b Uff^r' than tfw before and the currency of Uw wuntfy baa | been improved to a greater extent,during th? paat twelve 1 months, by the |int iaflux of foreign gold and itlwf end the re-coinage of thii metal i*to American ooiae. than In anj previous five. The annexed itatement exhibit** the extant of the commerce of New Orleanf. for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 1?47. Couhkrck oi- Nrw Ohi ka>??Tonnaok Rntkhed Ann Cl.IAEIO. Jimtnran and Foreign Tonnage Entered ? eiteli Tonnage. Seamrn. 108 American 32,? 14 1,293 24 kiTeigu J.495 280 361 re>*eli ie the coe?'.m|f trade.... 79 366 3,134 493 Total 117 475 4,712 Jlmrrican and foreign Tonnage Cleared. Vetieli. Tonnage. Seamen. )89 American 77,He J.691 39 Foreign 11 892 502 405 American resaeU coaatwue 74,466 3.939 633 Total 161,464 6,134 The <iuantity of American tonnage employed in the trade of New Orleanf, in proportion to the foreign in very great; and the ooaating trad* compriea* more than one half of the total tonnage of the port. The amount of produo* received at New Orleans in each of the past three year*, and the number of iteamboata, llatboate, ehipe, brig*, kc., which arrived each year, were as annexed Impo*t> into New Oautni. Value of Steamboat Flatboat Shipt. Produce. Jirrivals. Arrival*. Brigi ic. 1811-i $57 199 1(2 2.530 ? 1,082 1815-$ 77.I9J 46t 2.770 ? 3.K86 1846-7 90.U3J.J56 4,024 2.393 2 911 | ?*v ,..w? VI |/*vuuvo tavfiTiu IU loiu, CUUi|IWV? Willi I 1645, ibows a greater pur oent Increase than In 1847 over lilt) Uhould the Increase for the future continue In the Mm* proportion as haa been realised for the past fire years, the imports into New Orleans Irom the interior will exoeed the aggregate foreign Importations ef the country. The number of arrivals of vessels and boats engaged in the Internal and external trade of that port* in 1MB and 1947, compared with that of 1845 and 1946, exhibits an increase of about fifty per oent. The annexed statement exhibits the receipts of the Oeorgia Railroad company for the month ef September, ls-Jti-and 1847 Okobiiia Railroad. Sept. I8<6 1817. Incrrasr. Passengers 10.K48 ?G 14.774 19 1,121 OS Fieight mail U,'91 19 24,471 51 10.278 36 $24,811 45 >39.245 84 <14,404 29 The largest percent inorease was in the receipts from freight. This is not so favorable as though It bad been a* large in the passenger reoelpts, aa that source of income is the most profitable of the two. The reoelpts and expenditures of the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, from Deoember 1, 1846, to October 1,1847, were as follows : ? Dklawark Division ? Pennsylvania Canal. Receipts from Deo. 1, 1846, to Oct 1, 1847. ..$13:1,790 00 Expenditures for supervisor and repairs, (same period,) 1:2,700 00 Profit $131,090 60 Annual Interest on oost of cana.1 ?u iih7 do Surplus fund $63,003 41 Tbli surplus will be largely Increased by the receipts for the remaining two months of narigation this year, before the fiscal year is closed. Stock Exchange. $20,000 Treai Note*, 8's llll'V (1000 Indian* Bonds 41 SI500 State7'a. 'I'J 10J,1, 1000 do 41V 1000 \laoama5's CI 100 shs Farmers' Tit, s60 27V. S'iDCO Peuuiylvaoia Va !{,}?, 250 do 27J, * 000 111 lntr Imp'iit '47 37 200 do b&0 28 *1000 lll>uoia Interest. '47 20 75 Canton Company 30>? IjOuO lllinoiafundanle 43 60 do bill 31 $UOO Headline Mge Buds B6>? 50 Huron tkSt Mary atk 5 *1000 Oliio6's,(i0 IMiC 100 Harlem It bIS 48W S'.OO# do . 100J, 51) do 4S'? S'jOOO do itw 100'i 50 do 4IS Secjiid Board. 27 sha Pheuix Bank 15 50 iba Harlem R bl 4tV 150 Harlem K b3 4875 Nor and Wor H 43>J 150 do b5 48s 25 do 43 100 do blO 48V 25 do i30 43>?' 50 du bS 4H? New Stock Exchange. 150 shiHarlem R c 41 100 aha Hraduig R sl5 47)i 50 do s3 47?g 25 Nor and Wor R c 43 100 do 48 25 Canton Company c 30W 50 do b7 181,- 25 do i3 3?K 50 do _ ? ? 50 Farmers^ Tat, a60 27Jk CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Monday ArTEanoon, Oct. IS. The flour market remained ateady at the doting ratea of Saturday, with a fair amount of aalea?chiefly for shipment to the Eastward Wheat continned firm, and in the face of light receipts prices were very stiff, hales of corn were made to a considerable extent, at full prices. Uood high mixed closed at u ( iknuiiuito uii o?(uruay i j>ncei. nye wai tirm, at the closing price* of Suurtlay. Oats were tome firmer, though w ithout sales of m oment. Considerable sales of men* and prime Pork were made at high prices. Oroceriei were steady, and mles were makicg at about the current ratei of lait week. Asiiks?Small >ale> of pots were reported at $6 44, and of pearls at fS. lltHWii-Th? market was quiet, without charge in prices UHKADSTurrs?h' reached abnut 7000 or MOI) libla, new Oswego and Ounesee, at $? 56){aS6 62X. wnh small lots of the latter at |6 75 , 2000 d?. consisting ol Ueuesee, Oswego, and Michigan, sold at Sti 50 a $t~> . and ? lot of I MM) do Uenesre sold at $6 i'iSk, and 500 do uninspected d , sold at $6 25; 400 do Rochester solJ at $6 62>?; small lots | Ohio fancy biamls sold at (7. For some 500 jbls h.wing's Mills, $7 was offered, ami declined. Southern continued in very light supply, and priccs lirtn; Kichmond (Jity Mills was held at $7 50. aud Br.tudywiue as S6 75, aud Howard street at So C2>? wheat? Ooou Oeuesre was scarce, aud held at an advauce; Western was also film; we hsve only to note a sale ?l 'too bushels Liorth Carolina, at SI It^, Corn?Sales of 700 a ilOO biuhela were made in separate lots, at 72 a 75c; towards the ciose, gond mixed became firmer, aud sales ol *>000 a 70i (I bushels, chietly h gh mixed, were made at 75c. including a lot of 2C00 at 7 c. Meal?Hales of 1100 a 10< (J huls Western New York were made at S3 25; a small lot of New Jersey was re|.o ted sold at S3 37){ a S3 50. Hyr?The sales footed up abnut60C0a 7iH)0 bushels, it Mc, delivered. Hye flour was orld at au advance (tail, by thf cargo, were worth 48i\ llarley?\ sale w<srep,.rted on terms uot understood. Ricripti down the lfudton Hiver, Ocr. 10. Flour 6 200 buret*. Wheat 1,2110 bushels. Corn 11,'J HI do Kye 4,000 do Ca^iulks ? 1 he matkal was lirm at 33 cts. Cui-fkk ?The market was steady. We have only to uot* a sale of StMi bigs of Kio at 7^c. Cotton?Sales to-day boo bales. Oeueral'y there is but lime uiapoamoa to oo Dimness una prices cnnae.iuently continue heavy. Middling upl mda cauuot be .|uoted at over 10 eta, eicrp' lor a stru t classifieation. Kiaii.?Sales of 1700 qninta a of dry cod were msde at $3 66*4 it I <50. Thero were about 2000 do, alloat, unaold held at $3 7). I \lack?'el?Hal a of U0 libTi were made, including No. I'a at $'j. aud No. J's at $'ai |2){. Herring were nuie;. Kiu'it.?There waa au arrival of another cargo to-Jay, but no ?alr? were reportej. H Mr -Dew rotted remained firm. Sales of CO balea dressed weie made on private terms Le*u.? t he market was quiet, at $1 '?2>i asked, while pur- , chairii refined t go above $1 50. MoLisiii?The insiket was Heady; but without aales of moment. Navai. Storks.?The market waa >iniet, and dealer* generally w?re waning for ateainer't newa. There waa no change noticed in price*. Oil.*.?Linaerd?Moderate sales of Kogliah were making at | ,'i9. and oT A inrricnu ciiy preaaed at (>la62c. Sperm and whale wi re inac'ive, while pricca rem lined nominally the aame. Provisions?There waa inore doing lu Pork, and sties of i COO and WOO barrels mets were repored at f 14 i'ia$:t ?7>, and 4< 0 a '.00 do prime at 110 21 a $10 13\', and 100 a 200 do at (10 7} 1'iom store. La'd iemaiue'1 steady at Saturday's iiuotationa; berf no change; butter continued rather heavy, while cheeae remained unchanged. Kick.?No salea Here reported; we coutinue to uuote new at $t 37>4 a $1 62>4. The atock at nreaent in first hands, was eatima'edto be only about 401' - #00 tierces; of the new crop, 400 a 600 tierces had been received, but sales have so lar prevented any material accumulation of slock, buyers appeared >o be waiting fur her receipts belbre enteriug the marset fieel-v. rti.r.o.?There waa no change in clover; the laat aale of Max- | seed waa made at $1 JO. ?Sales of nbout 330 hhda. fair <iuality Muscovado were made at a 6X cents. There waa uo change in boi ! sugars. Tallow.?'The receipts coutiuned light, and the narket was Finn at 10 ceuts. wii tlehonk ?The market for N. W. waa dull at 33 cents WH11ntjr ? Sales of IM bbls. were, incladiug Stste !' i?'"| """ " cent*: drudge waaheld ( the umi price. p?tinHTi ? flit rate* current last week continued about the ume. It wai atatetl that 16,000 haahels eo'n had been en guged to Liverpool, on teima not u,ade public, but aoppoeed to lie a: about 7J per bu?hel. Sugar waa engaged for Antwerp at M?., and cotton at \ cent*. TUIiKflitAl'llIC, BautiMo*!!, Oct. 18th?rM?Flour?The market waa firm, | and *sle* Tooted up about 2300 ba'rela, including Howard at at 16 <0, with City Milla at a hglier hgure. Wheat?Tl.a market wai firm and receipta light. We note aalea of juno bushels. c >na atirg of Maryland redi at 131 cent*, and white dn at Mi cenia. Com ?Bale* of 2000 bushel* were made, including Maryland white and mixed at 61 cent*, and yellow at 16 eeuta R\e was held at an ad ranee. Oat* were steady, Whiakey was firm, while proviaio'js were steady at laat week'a quotation*. Freights?nochtnge. Ci!?ci!Vi?*Ti, October IS, P. M.?Floor.?Tha receipt* * 1 well a* stock continued to be light, aad the market wu firm at SI '0. Grain, (e*|?cially wheat.) wa* in light receipt, and , maiket firm. Trorisiona were firm, with moderate aalea. Hog* , were arriving rretty freely, and dealers entering the market < Miller cautiously, under the supposition that the mi'kM might norbe sustained. 8.les of about MOO package* lard were repnrtel.ou tetms not understood. There waa no change in I (Jrocenes. Whiskey was Aimer The river wsa falling; but continued ie good boating order. Freight* were acarce. Ai.bskv, Oct 18th, 16?7?Flour?The market continued firm at Saturday'* quotation*. Wheat?The market wa* ?tiff, and sales of 2000 bnsheli were made, con*i*ting of fair Wilteru at f I 2V Corn?Hale* of MOO bushels were made, consisting of Western rniied, at 7lc. Barley?Sale* of 2t?,f>00 hu*hel* were made, to arrive neit week, at 75c Rye was firm Oat* no chauve. Whukey held at a *light advance. Frovmon* steady. Heceii t? hv the canal during the preceding 18 hnnrs, were a* follows:?Floor, 200 barrel*; corn, 22,100 bushels; barley, 18,100 do. Marrtrd, On the 17th Inatant, by the Rev Mr I ummlnga, Mr John On ?v, jr , to Mian* Hrr*Ti?, all of thl? city. On Hun lay evening, 17th Instant, by the Rev O A. Skinner, Cai.cb 8 Mkrbitt to Kmm? C. Wittcw?**(>, all of thla city. Washington City paper* will pleaaa copy. On th? 0th the Rev Gardner Spring. I). I) . Mr A. W. KEivoairg to Mrf. Jaftr. Ann Waangi.i., all of thla city. On the 13th Instant, by the Rev Mr Cahoon. Daniki. Ttia to Miga St*** A*n Bt ??ir??, of Yonhert, We?tohe?ter oounty. piMMMMMMMpMM IMirf, ~~ Afuf & short Mrt. A";* Wnu, tlio# of li<n? Jamin Wetis,??r'l 74 y?ar?. liar remains will be tak?u to Hmitinffton, L. I.,for Interment, this day, at 1 o'clock, from 09 Kut Broadway On Monday, the 18th, of conaniaptlon, Pit** Wyc*on , In th? 30th year of bin age. Th* relative* and friend* of the family are reapectfully Invited to attend hi* funeral. thU afternoon, at two o'olock, from hii late reiidenoe, SI Jackeon street. Brooklyn. Hi* reinkln* will be taken to the Ureenwood Cemetery On Monday morning, the 18th, Emm*, daughter of KraDooia X. r and Kranooia Ureget. aged 5 year*, eight mo-ithi and 17 day*. The relative)) and friend* in general, are' Invited to attend the funeral from her father'* recldenc*. No. 170 William street on Tuesday, the 19th, at half-paat three o'clock, afternoon. On Sundey eveuing. 17th in*t . after a lingering illness Eliiabkth, wife of George Stoutenburgh, In the 47th year of her age The relative* and friend* of th* family are re<|ueeted to attend her funeral, from her late residence, No. 307 Sixth street, this afternoon, at J o'oloek P M. Her remain* will be taken to Ureenwood Cemetery for interment. Weekly He port or Death*. In the ICity sud Couuty of New York, from the 9tli day of Urtoher to the ICtli dsv of October. 1H7. Mm 70. Women 71; Boys47; Utfli 4U. Total 236 diic1scs. Apoplexy, 7 ; Aatluns, I; Bleeding from Womb. 1; Bronchitis, 1; Caauslties, 3; Cholera Infantum, 1; Consumption. 33; Couvulaions, 19; Croup, 0; Com uitioa of brain, 1. Debility, II; Delirium Tremens, 3?, Uisrrliuss, II; Dropsy 4; Drnj>s> iu the head. S; Dropay in the cheat. 1: Dysentery. 19; Epilepsy. 1; Erysipelas 4; Kever.l; do bilious,3; dopneri eral.3; d>? remittent,2; do t?phoid,4; do typhus 19; docongentit e,l: lleaii mvue 01, i\ tin eutsgh. 3: luflxinuutiou of brain, i: I11H immniimi of bowels, 6, [nlliminnti'iu of cheit, 1: Iiiflain in.muu of hrart. J; lull imnution, I: lufUmtnaliou of lungs. 7; Inflammation of stomach. 2; Inflammation of throat. 1; lutein perance, <; Jaundice. I; Malformation, I; Marasmus, Ut Old An*. 5; Palsy, 3; IMieumatiim, 1; Small Pox, 1; Schirrus Uteri, I; Teething.3 Age-Under oue year, J7; 1 to 2 years, 21; 2 to J, 21; 5 to in, 10; It to 20,6; 20 to 30,27 ; 30 to 40,36; 40 to SO, 2? : 'M to 00, 12; SO to' 7?, 10; 70 to SO, 9; SO to 9 I, 6: iS 100. 3; unknown 3. A. W. WHITE, City Inspector. City Inspector Office, Oct. IS, IS47. A MARK CHANCE?Aaroa Levy, Auctioneer, will sell on Thursday, October 2ist, ISI7, at the Magaain J panels, 300 Broadway, to close several invsices, asupeib collection ot Antiquities, consisting of Japau porcelain ornamentsol great lieau'y, ./Id Dresden lioicelam in gie?t variety, porceltin dr Sevres, antique carved furniture?as cabinets. chairs, attigetes and more articles of ancieut times. The sale will positively coinmcucn at 10 o'clock and uow ready for eiauuuatiou, witli dialogues. N. U. Ladies and gentlemen wishing to adorn their parlors, will find it to their interest to attend this sale.? Also a beautiful collection of oil paintings of firat ra e class, of the Ou-ch and Klemish schools, at private sale, all imported from Holland and the very beat ever offered to the public, (jo and see lh' ui and judge for yourselves. ol'J 3t*nrii BKMWN. STONE SEAL ENORAVER ANl) X HERALD PAINTER, 233 Broadway, opposite the Park.?Couts of Arms. Crests, Cyphers, Sec., engraved on st iue or brass; diamonds, amethysts, tofwzej, Ike., bought in the rough or cut to any form; ladiea'seals, siguet rings. Pencil , engraved with arms, or any device. Coats of arms fouod and painted in ally style, from $2 and upwards, and forwarded to any part of the United States. Books of* Heraldry kept, with upwards of 200,000 names. Any information given in lieraldry. o!9 It'rc REKKMAN HOUSE DINING AND COFFEE SA I uw7ii, tiu. jo urcKumu uteri?a iic |#rv|*riciurf urineI Iul for the very liberal iwtronage lie has received since hia cotnmeucetneut in llie (bore buamess, beg* leave to (late tliat be will nut be foauil wnntiug ia hia efforts to NNN,and render hi* establishment atill more popular with ihoae who with to combine comfort with economy* Oysters ol the beat quality served up at all hoars of the day and night Lodgings, he o!9 3t?rc JOSEPH WILSON. TAINN Kits' MAP UK MEXICO,ace.?The last edition or this Standard Mali, exhibiting llie routes ol* the army, with a supplementary Map of the present seat of war, may be had at the Map Store. IS'o ' > 17 Uroadway, where may be had large in?ps of the world, Europe, Asia, Africa aud America, on rollers; Pocket Maps, (Juidea, Ike. Also, a full assortment of Keriett'a cheap and elegant music, atthe usnal prices. ol9 1 r ni UMOKKK8' HEAD QU AKEks.lOttliroadway?It is often 1 ' ihs case, ill-st when tpwton hu estib'.islied a reputation, he becomes careless of subsequent opinion, aud turus his attention exclusively to money-making. Such is uot the case of the subscriber, who assures the smokers in general, that he will still use iiia most strenuous efforts to supplv them with the best quality of imported segars His ageut m Havana will constantly forward new invoices of the must superior indigenous to tie island, aud his long ex:>erience qualifies for the task. H. HKNHltll'KS, IOC Broadway, cor. Pine. The trndr, country customers and steamboat Captains supplied oi, the most liberal terms; and exporters can be furaisiied from the United Stales Bonded Warehouse. nl9 M'*m GUNTKR'S DIN I Mi SALOON, No. i?7 Vuiion sfeetTlis astonishing success which has attended the efforts of the proprietor of thi < celebrated establishment the last year, is a siiie guaranty of its superiority over similar establisnmeuts, and stripping all com|>etitiou. encourages him to make increased exertions to merit the coutinuauce of the patronage the public has so kindly awarded him. Keeling grateful for this support, he offers lor their palate a choice of 120 dishes, st prices too long established by mm to need repetition. ol9Wt?rc H. H.OUNTKR. NEW KISH AND SALT STOKE.?The subscriber has I commenced business in the above line, at No. 219 front street, where will be found constamly on haud, dry aud pickled fish of every ileai-rinrinn *it-?Marker*! ulmnn init *k??l P'ckled and dry codli.h always on liiuid. Nova Scotia mackerel, salmon. and codfish, alewives, smoked herring, lie Ail kinds of liue aud coaise salt, including Liverpool, Turk's Island, and Saluia, in lolito auit purchases. T. TRANDY, 210 Front street. P. A. Business transacted between this cily and the British Provinces on reasonable terms. T. P. Nova Scotia mackerel and salmon landing from schooner Joseph Howe, Halilax. For sale by T. PKANDY, 019 Mt*rc 219 Front St. S~>UKF AMU TOBACCO AX KfcUUCtU PH1CLS ? Kose s'ented Maccaboy Snuff, sutern cents |>er lb bottles; lo flM|?r dor.en; i hilaaelphia Scotch Snuff in bottles $1 JO per dor : dladdeis, assorted, H cents per lb , American OenIll-man Snuff, 20 cts per lb.; French Rappee, I2S crs per lb , Kuperior Smoking Tobacco, 7 cts per lb., a< tual weight; Small papers Chewiug, ti oergr -ss. All warranted to be e<|ual to any manufactured ,u trie city. MKNHV HIKI.L, 7T Front street, cor. Old Slip, FOR MALfc?A Tobacco fcngine, in complete order. >19 I2f re DkLo STOKfc FOR SALIC?A compact retail drag store, with n pleasaut private bark olliee attached, a desirable location for a physic an or druggist, or both, amounting to about (MO. Possession immediately. Appiy, hy letier. dnrrred to ,M Kl)l< IIS. ti rough th post office ol?lt*rc Radical curp. oh cuk^s, without cutting, orth? least | ?in.?l>r. 8. bhiriacoff, from St. Petersburg, of Russia, hss the honor to announce to the ladies and gentlemen of New York, aud the public in general, that he undertakes to completely extirpate soft or hard Corns. Bunions, Nails, and 'very other hard substance ou or betweeu the toes, withuu' cutting, by means of an Klixir of his own invention. Dr. S, C'hiropedist, will give his attendance at his office, 63 Chambers | opposite the Park. o!9 i2t?rc BOAHL) WANTKD? By two young Ueutlemen; in a private family. Lower part of the citjrlpreferred. Address hoi 639 post offlf. ol9 3t*m CjOVKKMKtS? WAiM'l Kb, l>y a yi.uug lady lately sriiv ed Irorn Europe, a situatiou ks governess in some res pec table faintly, where a quiet home will b# uiore of a consideration thau emolument; folly qualified to teach French, muiic the pianoforte and Kng'ish. Address L. M. N . at this office. _ oil It're AkKKMCH LAD V. of good educsti, n. wishes a situation ax Governess, or lidy's companion; no objection to trarrl atlllt at all hours at 131 Washington ttreet, lor Mine. Laura, oift Jr*re WANTKD?by I wo respectable girls, a situation, ihe OH a Cook, wuli and iron, the other lor drum the housework of a ninall f .tmly. They can produce the beat ol' reference Apply uinW*iiwt 019 it*ic WAN I* Id)?A ?itu it on by a sober, steady young man. aa coachman aud groom, who understands Ins business in every respect; has uo objection to town or country, or to travel with a gentleman, and is a rneinbei of the I'loteaUnt Church Add ess D. ?Coachman, at the Hpirit of the Tim s Office, Barclay street. o!9 2t*rc WAM'fcU-By a youug woman a situation aa p|.uu<ook and walher or chainoerwork, aud waiting Good city references can be gtreu. I'lease apply at No. 91 tk aveno#. oil 2c re W.\NTKD-A UTUaTION?A middle aged Scotch woman for Cook or housekeeping, in a private family.? Apply at 161 Ureen St. o!9 lt'rrc WANTKI) ? By a respectable young woman, a situahou a* wetnnrse. Apply at I4G Heade street. oUi!.*in WANTKD?By a I'lOtestHiit ? iirl, a situation to do general lioustwo'k, washing and ironing, iplaiu cooking, chamber maid or wsit'ng' Good references givea. Please ap ply at No 13 Chesnnt street. near Mndiion street. ol!l2t*tu rpo I VKKM'S AND GUARDIANS?Music taught on X moderate terms by a lady who has had considerable eipe. nence iu teaching the piano;she tuugiveu general satisfaction, aud cau refer to famine* whom she has been lb the habit of teaching Terms three dollars per month. A line addressed to Music, to the Herald office, shall be attended to . 1,1 TO MBHCIUlNT TAILOK8 ? Just received, a fine assortment of Buckskins, in rich and new patterns ; also, a few cases ol fine black Cloth. Kor sale cheap, at 172 Water atrMt upstairs. oil 6t#m 'IMIf. HALLH OK file; MONTK/UMAS? Dining and 1. Oyster Haloon, corner of Battery l'lace and Washington street. (The nearest tioint to Castle Garden.) 1 he subscriber his recently opened the above establishment, where he | pledges himself to supply the pnblic with everything good to Me.lmt nil honrs, nerved op in the neatest maimer. Alea. Wine* Lienors, and Began, of the best quality. lu the Heading Room attached 10 the establishment, will be found (he Nrwspspers of the day, American and English. N. 11 ? A boy w-uited as waiter. Apply as above. | nil JllHUril I.INKSS A Km,,- I'KU'l ,vbL*, middle nged woman want* a situation as nurse and plain sewer, in a icspectable Uimlv. I'leas* apply ?t - n. ii < entre stu rt oil it'rh KILk (.n'lKHS-An eiperienced file Cotter, and a quick worker, will find constant employment and liberal wages, at Norris' Locomotive Works, in Philadelphia, Srhn> ikiil, S111I1 stieer, >bove Kailrnad ol* ei ilSt 11 WANTED?A In,> hi a lawyer's office Apply at VI Wall street, Id story, b?"k room. oil lt*w WANTED?Situations by two respectable young women, the one as nurse and sempstress, the other as rhambeiin ud aud waiter. The nest ol references will lie given.? IV\<r apply it No Vi Molt street for two days. oll2i?rc w ANTKD-A situation by a respectable youujf woman, in to do the work'of amall family- Inquire at Sfo. Ill Orecuwich itrret Oond cily reference |nrn. olB !i?rr Pa NTAI.OON AND VEST MAKKHB-Wauted. by K. W. Til YON h CO., 2X7 Broadway, lo whom the lis^lirit ttrici-a will be paid. ol7 4l*rc ALAOV whohaa hadconaitlerableeiperienre 10 Teaching, mid who la qualified to inatruet in Maaic and Drawing, aa wrll aa the uaual hngliali braochea, wiahea to obtain a aitnation in a private family at thr aoiith. The beat of referencea given. Addieaa" leacher," care 8. L. II. Ward, Kaq., OS t.edar atieet, New York. ft HaTuTh I2t*rc A HAKE CHANCE.-TO JEWELERS.?The" proprietor of an old-eatabliahed j? welry etore, who la about return* from the buaiueaa, offer a lor aale hia entire atock and fix urea, with a good run ol cuitomera, at a fair appraiaal, for caali a, d approved piper. Kent moderate. Apply o* the premiaea. of AAHON (I. BI/KK, 80 Bowery. ol< 7t*rc B\NK OK HALiHBlfHY, MD.?2S centa on the doll?r will be paid for the Notea of thia Bank, if pieieoted aoun at No. 24 Liberty atreet, aecond atory. oil Itlia ci*4nnJtiaW*m I Ai)|l Kt.VVAKU will he paid to the eirrnau who took from the comer of Wall nnd Front ati , ?a the llat Mepieinher, 2 boiea and 4 trunk*, marked B LEV Y. Mobile, if he will giye information where l.r left them The aboie trnuka ud boiea were left on the wharf, to be ahip|>ed on l?-'iird ol the brig Har,h Brown, for Mobile, and were 'a*en fn m there Any information reaped lug the above to be left at 74 I William at in the baacnent. ol*Jtn*m QAIMI CriALLENOfc? Notice to gentlemen who Wai, I flM.'V/v/ their old elothea to look like i ew, callat the I a? loring,, Cleaning, and Repairing Katabliahineut, Wo M.Oolu atieet, where ordara will be paiictnally attended lo at the ahorteat notice, and on the moai reaaouable term a. by J B.NOAH, MO.ild atreet. N B ?The higheat price gieea for geetlemeo'e left oB Mnigippml. *?? ? Q^'tn or tammxvv. or r.n lr m i f a t! p ORDJttt. ^L' ttaeil Cluptef, p?t, ||.fi. iM. r< , i,,^ l?wid| rtaoliuions wtit modify ?<t ipted ReiolTCd. Thai .he Society tnrtt at Tammany Hall, at t O'clock, Tomorrow, (Tuesday, Oct. l'JUO for the puruoit ol uniting is the cereraouies of th? <lay. Resoleed. That tha republic us ol tS? city a?d conaty of I New York and minify be and they are hereby ,u,,ted to unite with them on thl> occasion. The Society will be escorted by the Brooklyn Light Uuiud Captain Dillon, and (Julick lioard,Capt?lu Carlasd ' By order of ELIJAH K. PI MD Y, Oraud ?achria Jamks Ki'sict, Becietiry pro tern. olt u*re Jt A. O. I) ?The Membera of tlir Lulled Bntlirrs I. ,.l*r C No. J., arc rntueated to punctually attend at the Lodgr Room, No. 46 Centra ?treet, on Tuesday morning, 19th imt at htlf-piut (o'clock, to join iu tlie proceaiiou for layiug lie cm uer stout of Wathuigton Monument. JAMES CUNNINGHAM, N. A. JnMph I. Griffith, 8oc'y. >11 U*rc O. or O. f. THE mEmIEmS OK MANHATTAN LODliel.Nn. 2U, are requested to be nunotual iu their atteudauce, at tneir Lodge Kootn. corner nl < lin'ou and Orand, this morumg, (Tuesday,) at 9o'clo:k, for the purpose of uuiiiou iu ihe ceieuiouiei of I iymg the jporner atone of the Washington M 'iiumeot. Members of other Lodges, aud brethreu from abroad, are cordially invited to unit* with this Lodge on this truly patriotic occasion. WM Dl.N8CO.MBE, N. (J. lti< man Mitchki.som, Rer'y ol9 lt*rc BEAC ON LODGE No. 228, I. O. O. K ? The members of this Lodge are requested to meet at the Lodge Room, ludepeudeuce Hall, No. 112 Bowery,on Tuesday, 19th instant, at 9 o'clock. A- M.. preciiely, to aid iu the celebration of layiug the co'uemtoue of the Washiugtou .Monument Stranger* and Bro!liers of rtlier lodges uot turning out is lodges, lie respectfully invited to join us. By order, n. j. drummond, n.g. jo?em Fallow, laewur olt 2t n* m A iMtOCI ition Or exempt KIKc.MEN -At a meet* m >. lug 01 inr inemuers ol lim a?s?cnitiou, held ou Kridiy erruiuc (lie 15th mat. it wasauanimoualy reaolved lo acrept the invitation uf the committee to juiu iu the ceremony of laying the Corner Stone of the Washington Monument. I.Mfuri Junes Oulick and Philip W. Kuki were appointed to act as Marshals lor the day. The member* of tliis uaoeiation. and exempt Kireuieu in general, are invited to meet at Kireineu?s H ill, Mercer street, on Tuesday mornius, 19 h iust , at 9 o'clock. Punctual attendance ia requested. By order of Committee of Arrangements. J. N. PHILLIPS, Secretary. BADUK8 will be furnished at llie Hall. olt it* rh UA. O. 1).?The memberi of National Lodge No. It, I'. A. O. D , are respectfully notified to assemble at the Lodge Rooms, No. 3J (.anal street on Tuesday, 19th lust, at 8 o'clock, A.M. for the purpose of joining in 'he procession ou that day. By order. KOBfcKT STILES, J K. W. BHI'.NSKN, J Committee [ oimt?r? WM. T HALL. S ITALIAN UKNKVOLtCNT HOCIIlTY.?The inembe.s of the Italian Beueroleut Society, and (lie Italians iu general, a e respectfully invited to attrnd the celebradon of the laving of the corner atone of the Washington Monti mem. winch will take place on Tuesday, the 19th uistaut. at IU A M l lie luliaus will meet on Tuesday, the I9tli instant, st the Shakspe.ire Hotel, corner Duane and William street, all A. M , precisely. olSUtis'rrc ^|Orl(-K.?At a uieetiug of the Cordwaiuers ol (he city of 1.^ New York, held on (lie lim inst., Marrus T C. k mil ill was called to the chair, and P. A. Gerdy w is appoiuted Secretary. llie follow ing icsolutions hare been uuaniinously adopted Resolved, That we will assemble at the 14th Ward Hotel corner of Urand anil Eli/.ibeth streets, on Tuesday the 19th lost., at 9 o'clock, A. M., to atieuil to the laying of th* corner stone of the monument to be erected to the memory of the Father of our liberty, the immortal Washington. Resolved, Tint we invite all the Cotdwaineri of the city of New York and its vicinity, to join with us in the proceisiou. M. T. C. KIMBALL, President. P. A. Okrdy, Secretary. N. B.?Appropriate badges will be found at the hotel. The officers of the preceding meeting are requested to assemble on .Vnii'Jiiy evening. at lull past 7. at the umt place. oil 2t*re NuTICF. ?The member* of Washington Assembly. No 2, B. O-of Bereaui. are requested to Be punctnal m their attendance, at their Lodge Room,|No. 187 Bowery, ou Turiilay Morning, the 19th instant, at I o'clock, preparatory to joining the procession. at the laying of the Foundation Hume of the i Washington Mouumeut. By order ol JOHN DOUGLASS, Patriarch. William Ohat 8cribe. oli>4t*m EXHIBITION?The Model of the K.levated Railways i'romruadr*. and Cross Walk*, with can tad tender lu I full operation, intended to jmi above the oinm buses aud other carriage* in Bruasdwav, invented by John Knidel, Jr.. Civil Kuginrer, aud the plan uuanunoualy approved of bv the Honorable the Corporation, it now open for exhibition for a short time, at the comer of i.ispeuard street and Broadway. N. B ?The cars do not stop to take in or let out passenger*; tins is done by means ol another car, called a tender. ol9 2tis*rrc Thiku wk.-k oktiik h aik ok thk amkIik an IN8T1TUTK?Moving Machinery will be in operation bv Steam till the close of the Fair. '1 he Klectro Magnetic Telegraph will be explained every day by accomplialied Professor*, between II and !2 o'clock, and tlirough the evening. National Convention meet by adjournment at the Ki-pos'tory in the Park on Tuesday the I9tb lust, at II o'clock. Music by the Choir of the Sacred Music Society on Tuesday evening. The Band from Governor's Island will attend as usual. PuihIh of the Institutions for the Deaf and Dumb, and Blind, will be at the Fair; llegettas, and other nautical exercise* m the courae of the week. Fireworks evenings as usual, and on the la*t evening of the Fair, a grand exhibition in competition for premium. Mr. Leon Luwenbergh's praud.Telescope, the largest in America, will be on exhibition every clear evening. Tbis ICveniDg their i* to be in the Uarden sue ml ode* by the Sacred Miuic Society, commencing at D o'clock,|as follows :? " Their sound has gone oat " " The Ode"?by desire. ' Orand llalleinuh " Aud two oilier enorusse*. oII2tis re. fA RICKFT.?A grand match will be played on Friday, Oo tober JZiid, on the nt. tJeorge a Uround, Ked Home, near Harlem, for the benefit of James Sam*. Tickets lor admission to the ground, 50 cents each, to he had atjtha Red House, Harlem, or Spirit of the Times' Office. ol7 6t*rc mm ^ CEMTREVILLK COURSE, L WA _ 1 ?TROTTING?Wednesday. Oct 20 half-pa?t 2 o'clock, F. 11March. mile heals, in banians. f.,r " " ??$200, half forfeit. J. Wheltiley entrra d t Buckskin. A. Conkliu enters bl. g. Black Priuce. Also, same dav. sweep stakes, mile heats, best J in J, to 2S0 PHI nil wagons, fur weight. The proprietor will add a purse ree for li jrses that never won a purse; three or more to make a race; two or more to start. To close at the coarse by J o'clock, P. M. JOEL CONK LIN. tW tt Je Proprietor. ?tl NKW YORK BAZAAR, No 31 Crosby street laalV?L. K Hough, Auctioneer.?The ntit regular auc' ? salea will take place on Wednesday, Oct. t#lh. at II o'clock, with carriages and harneaa, and at 12 o'clock with horses. Oentlemeu having horses jo offer fortius sale, will please register before 5 o'clock on Tuesday, or they cau not be offered by catalogue. JOHN H. OATKIKLD, Proprietor.! ol7?tis*re WM. COW N, Manager. <1 _ KIHKBRIDK'S (TATTKRKALL'S) HhAVK PO WUc.HS ? During this changeable and uugenial ' ' ' ? which heralds the approach of winter, take care of your horses as well as yourselves. If, a day after a hird dn?e, or eiposure to mcleinrnt weather, your ho se eihibits a tendeocy te wheeze or cough. stands iu a contracted pjsitieu, with drooping head, stretches Inmself imm"derately or moveastiffly, do not liesitate to administer, immediately, a few dasea of the Tattersall's Heave Powders, and you will save yourself and animal a good deal of trouble. 1 he powders will cure the worst cough or cold promptly, will perinarnaneiitly eradicate heaves, and are, also, from their alterative nnd detergent pro|>ertiea, as jiotect in cattle as sarsaparilla is in the liuinui rare, to remove impurities of the blood and predispositions to disease. A H OOUOH k CO., Wholesale and Retail Druggists, 149 Kultnn street, proprietors for U, M ; also for sale by (i., 446 Broad way. Price $i. 014 tfis'm Mf ID 1<K WAItU? Lost, in thejvictmty ol Bleecker si d Mr Dougnll streets, on Saturda> evening, a small King Charles Spaniel, ytllow or tan color, while [ breast. Auy one returning the d<g t > Mr. J. Bounard, eornrr of Pine sua Nasaau streets, will receive the above reward, and the lhanks of the owner, and no ijuest'ons aaked, i, IQ KlSrr Mi.ovr.?-a Dof, friacitbiriti1 >nwl mm ww? m the name of f-AKLO. By returning turn lo No. J3 Wnl itrrtl, 11 reward of %3 will b? raid oltlfa If*. ilSxu Hf. VV AM U?Stolen Irom the aubacriber. on the P/a\ 17th lustan'. one (old watch, gold cap and dial. rtIdt Mn r.'M The above reward will be i>aid to whoever kh.iii icluru it to C. DUCKUX, nl9 If "re M2 Pearl atreet. fit THK I.AWKS t(H NK W Y< I HtT-Mra. MAKI (JHirON, who learnt the Millinery trade with M. Mile. Victorine d'Alexand>ine et dr Klore, having ,mst ati ired from l'aria, baa the honor to infoim the ladiea that ahe offwrs to aelI the fashionable Parisian bonneta at ti, and npwaHs. tier eauhliahinent will be evened on the 21*t instant, where will be found an assortment of fancy article* for the winter s*aaon. The fiueat atyle of ilreaaea for eveuiur Jiartiea, balls, be., with greatest accuracy. Terma caih. White atreet, No. 67, eoruer of Broadway. ol? ??rc MTO LET IN HOBOBEN ?Kour brick hooaea, two of thrin within two tiundred yarda of the ferry; the houae are new nnd well built, and finished. Immediate y. ssession liven of thoae nearest the ferry. Enquire at the ferry landing, Hoboken, of W. W.8HIPPEN, Agent. Alao, some small hoasea to let. Euqmre as above. ? t ?* MTOLKt'KOtt THK WIN TEH..?A auit of handaome apartments. consisting of two parlors on first flour, wnh three bedrnoma with closets and pantriea, and private tables and attendance. The house la replete with modern imurovementa. with hot, cold, and ahower baths, and lighted n illi gas throughout The situation la pleasant and reapectable, being but the second block from Broadway, eaat side. Booms uow ready for inspection. Enquire at i37 Houston street. ol9 6t?rc MKUK HAl.K?The litmrea and lease ol that well known Public House, 470 Pearl street, formerly kept by Wm 8. Deverna, batter kuowu a* Ilockenhnrgh's old piaie. The fixtures and le?e, which has 3% lean to run, will be sold ou reasonable lerms. aa the owner has other businesa to attend to. Kor further particulars, inquire on the pranisM. ol# 2t rc S WASHINGTON M0NI;MKN'J .-Hamilton h.|ii.M ?Tuesdij, October IStli, 1847.?The Harlem Itmlroail Cars* ill leave City Hall, for Hamilton Square, at 7X, "H. ?>'clock, and every half hour after during the dty. Fare, 12% cealt. Additional Cnnim will be run from the Depot at 27th freet to and Irom Hamilton Square every lull liour IC , o'clock. Ft* (i'4 cent! oil ttiarc. i PKOPLK'H LINK KOH INKW IIHI Vx Ca'IGNwick, pkinckton and tmknton. MBrfllHkat S I1**' ' I'' M , Toot of Robinaon atreet, nnt above Barclay Kara to New Brunawick, 131 ccnta; Princeton, G2X ceuta, Treutou, $1 13K The (teatnboat ANTELOTK, Capt. 8. Van Wi.-kle, leave, the loot of Kohiiiaon itrret daily )8?inday? evcepfed) at}, paat 2 P. M .for Naw Brunawick, lauding at Ko'tville. Woodbinlge, Perth Amboy, Totheu'aand Kreuch'a Landing, fare IW re"" I'aatengera take the railroad cur* direct for Princeton aud I ren* '"Hemming, the ANTELOPK leavea New Bruuiwick at 7 A M. Breakfait on board. Stagea for Boinemlle, Spotawood and I 'raaharrv tlirfrr KOK ( IMHI.KVrtl.N, S < ? I lie ife?m?hi|> SOUTHKKNKH, Cantun M. Et Berry, will leave the Pier foot of Mintna arrerr. oppotife (he 1 obacro Inspection, MHBkKaat K ivcr.oa Saturday, the 2}d mat., at 4 o'clock, P, M. ,, ... No berth aeciired until paid for. All biiu of lading aigned by the clerk on board Specie will be received until II o'elock, M., on theday ol ?lep*rttire. Korffieiglit or paaaage. iptlv to SPOKKORD, TILESTON li (O. October IT 1817 No. 41 South atreet 1'aaaengrri by tlua veaael are requeued to tend dowu their baggage before I] o'clock on Saturday, the day of df j aiture All gooda(hipped by thia veaael, conaigued to the rare of the Ageut of the South ( arolina Hailroad Company, intended for the interior of Oeoraia, Alabama, South Cnrolina md Tenneaae, will be forwarded with d?|?trh, free of commiiamn olt lire JMC KOK L^ EH POOL?Star Line Packet *1 tl e Mth wi-il known faat tailing f.voriie jHHflfcPacket mhi(i SC\ H 1)1 N I A, burthen loot tona, Cape* n Charlta K. Crocker, will positively aail a* above, her tegular day. The accoinmodationa for eahin, aecond cabin and ateeragr paaaengeia are au|>erior to any other veaa?l in port '1 h? e about to embark thould make early application, on board, loot ol Dover (treat, or to tha aubacribcta, COBlfllN k DOHKHTY, It Fulton atieet, uear Month i B - F eraoot wuhing to lia?e their fnenda brought out Irom the old country in tTie above ahip, or auy of the line, can doao on moat reasonable terraa, by applying aa above. olt l#t*rc IfJTSfitlOB 1?CE. TO THIS LATBIT MOMBVt. TKLEOK APHIC. lutportami from Mexico. l'MILADKLrMIA, Oct. 16, P. M. The following >u received at Baltimore at 8 o'clock this morning The ulegr*pb not then being in worktag order it waa mailt d By an arrival at t harle.tton. It aeema the British steamer Nledway. from Vera * rui, bad arrived at Havana, i uba, with private letter* from Mexioo of the '/Till ^ September. etatlng that General Scott bad addreseed a I circular to the Mexican States, Inviting them to senil deputies to the capital to conolude a peace It wm alao aaid, that hcott had tent 1.600 men to tak Toluca. a place near the capital FHIL4DKLrHU, Oot. 18, 1847. The schooner Hummer* arrived at Charleston from Havana in Ave day* The Kngliih ateamer Medway arrived at Havana on the seventh from Vera Cmt The itavana papers are filled with extracta from Vera < ru* papers, but contain few additional particulars. The only article worth telrgraDhiug la furnished by a correspondent at Vera Crus, dated September 'il. Q?n Scott had addreaaed a circular to aeveral Mexican States, inviting them to send their deputies to the capl ' tal with full powers to conclude a treaty of peace, and , >uo mairu mm a amnion or i .nvu mm bed been Mint by 1 Gen Scott to take Toluca. place n?ar the oltjr. The New Orleani papers hare (Wiled to arrive at Petersburg. miavcllamous News. BtLTiMoii, October 18?9 P. M. No mail bu arrived from Waehingtuu up to this hour. ! Pomeroy, who recently broke jail at Providence, R. I., wa* arrested In Baltimore to-day I _ _ _L liCKlilailve Proceeding!. skratb. Amur, Oct. H, H47. The further consideration of the reeolution to adjourn j waa postponed to the 'Jttth init. The ( anal bill* reportI ed by Mr. Peniston, on Saturday, went through the i committee of the whole, and were ordered to a third i reading. AMCHILT. 1 The debate on the bill relative to the righta of property of married women, waa taken up and dibated upon until near the adjournment, but the bill waa not diepoaed I of. iMr. Sic elks moved the adjournment of the House to Wednesday, to attend the laying of .the corner stone o( the Washington Monument, but the motion waa out off fey one <T the adjournment of the House to to-morrow, which prevailed, It i* probable there will not be * quorum to-morrow [The call for the.Herklmer Convention appear* in the Alias thU evening J BY T II R MAILS. Waiiiinuton, Oct. IS, 1847. Silai Wright and the Wilmot Proviio. Mr. Wright's sanction of the Wllmot proviso wu evidently indicted under an erroneou* impression of the character of that measure. Ills good nature was imposed upon by the factionista of the old Van Buren party, for the purpose of procuring his endorsement of a principle, of which, during his whole publio career, he had been a unilorm opponent. Mr. Wright never was an abolitionist, and some of his truest and most Intimate friends still believe him to have been opposed to the dootrines of the Wilmot proviso. There U a most essential difference between that doctrine aa it really is, and Mr. Wright's understanding of it, as set forth In hi* letter of April lb, 1847. in that letter he say* : " If the question bad been propounded to me at any period of my public life, shall the arms of the Union be employed te conquer, or the money of the Union be uaed to purchase territory now constitutionally fr?e, for the purpeM of planting slavery upon it, 1 should have answered No ! And this answer to this question la the Wllmot proviso, aa I underttand it." But this is not the Wllmot proviso at all. If Mr. Wright had been asked, in a peaoe appropriation, shall a clause be inserted, nnfc Anlv *?4 J ?..? MI. i/uiinw VI UJts act, out which ties the band* of tba government aud renders nugatory all their effort* for the restoration of peace, ha would, without doubt, have ai strenuously answered no, and this aniwer to thia question would have embodied the opposition to tbe Wlimot prurigo na it waa. That a.iob was tbe real import and tendency of tbe Witaot proviso I hare frequently demonstrated. No Northers man waa more steadfast In his opposition to abolitionism than Mr. Wright, in January, ISM, a petition was presented in the Sanate of tba United States from the quarterly meeting of tbe Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, praying Congress to aboil*), slavery in the Dlatrict of Columbia. On the 11th o March a vote waa taken on a mr tlon by Mr. Buchanan that tbe prayer of the petition be rejected, and among the namea in the affirmative is that of Mr Wright. During the aame sesaion a bill waa introduced to prohibit the oarrying of abolition tracts, paper*, or document* in the malla, a moat extreme measure, aa the fallowing first aeotlon of the bill will ahow : ? Be It etacted, kc , That It ahall not be lawful for any deputy po*tmaatcr In any Mate, territory, or dlatrlot of thei'nlted States, knowingly to deliver to any per*on whatever any pamphlet, neartpapar, handbill, or other printed paper, or pictorial representation, touching tba subject of slavery, where, by tbe laws of tbe laid State, territory. or dUtrict their circulation I* prohibited, and ?ny deputy poatmaeter who ahall be guilty thereof ahall be forthwith removed from oflloe. On the tith of June, IBM, the bill waa disposed of by the following vote : ? \ k a *?Messrs. Black, Brown, Buohanau, Calhoun Cutbbert. (irundy. King of Alabama, King of Ueorgia, Mangum, Moore, Nicholas, Porter, Preston, Kives llo. binson. Talluiadge, Walker, White, and Wright-19. Navi?jteaara. Benton, Clay. Crittenden, Davia, Ir.wlng of Illinois, Kwlng of Ohio. <.olJ?b<.rough, llendricka, Hubbard. K*nt. kulitbt. Lei(h. Mckean. Morriu N?u (lain, Nilea, I'renliaa. Kuggles, Hbnpley, Southard. Swift, Tipton, Tomlinsou, Wall huh Webster?26. In varloua oilier instances Mr. Wright recorded hi* rote against abolitionism To believe that be could hare sanctioned the doctrine of the Wllmot proviso, IT the question had been fairly lubmitted to him, would be to doubt his consistency, which cannot bo doubted. OALVIENSIS. WiiHifiuTo.i, Oct. I A, 1847. The .'Inntxahon of Mtxico. This la becoming the question of the day, but aa yet i, hu secured no reaponstble godfather before the pee pie. Mr. Walker of the Trewury. we underatand, prl] vately advcates it, because of the hard money and free j trade <|ueatlona. Mexico will furniah us with specie, 1 (saying nothing at all of the negro 'iueation ) whioh will 1 enable ua to hare the Tariff reduced to the loweat minimum, and yet render ua independent of European ex rhaages It will alao obviate the neceaaity of a direct tax on the people to pay the debt of the war, which can be liquidated by the produota ef the Mexican minea There la one small Impediment In the way. Mexico owea 11 re at Britain $60,000,000. British capitalists bold some of the best mines of Mexico, and we believe the produce of the reat la pledged to tbe payment of tbe aald debt. Ilera, at all eventa, would be sixty miilinua to add to th? expenses of tbe war. Hollowing our example. John Bull might tradeoff bia | due bill of f?40000,000 to old Spain, tor tbe laland of I ' uba That bargain it would bn !m oaalble for the 1 I nlted States to sanction, and yet It would eoat, perhaps, i forty millions to reverse It, If agreed upon. But we will suppose that Mexico oan be annexed with an additional expense to the expensea of the war of sixty millions, and that < aba can be acquired for forty I or even a hundred millions, we should have a magnifl I cent bargain a glorious expansion to the I'nion ? a re pieuueni npreaamit oui 01 m? wiugi ox me great eagln of the North. r*iMr. Coir. | hxpen*<'* nf the war nace**ary to th? reduction and an nrxation of all of Mexico, nay >300.000,000 ! Annexation of debt* of all nortn, nay IMC.OOt.OOO I Annexation of Cuba by the nword, nay >lfto, I 000,000, by purchaae. perhap* at <10,000,000 >300,000,OW) Prime coat of the annexation of all Mexico, and of < uba indinprnnabl* to un aa'a rolfee plantation and being tin- key of the Uulf, *3H0.900 000. 1 Tbli we eat down a* the very lowent estimate; and tbn Maid territorien would be aheap at twloe the coat, were It not for that thing denominated the Wllmot pro vino i Can you make Mexico a nlave territory with the aaaent ; of the North' < an you make K a frea territory with the annent of the Mouth ' Cau you admit it at all without the annent of the North and the Mouth ? Ha* ' Wist , can you do? KL FADRK. WxaHiioTOw, Oct. 17, 1*47. Malttri and TMn^t. The mail for tha North leaven thU afternoon at A)* a clock, ?< beforajthe storm , the breachea In the Ualti mora railroad, excepting that at tha Knatern Brand f hiving liaen cloned up. A locomotive will wait on the uppoelt* ride, at Bladennburgu, whera a transhipment hi" necaeaarlly to be made No new* from the aimy to day We und?r*tand that tha Administration. through the r/.in n, will shortly break ground on the defensive lloe Wa ah?U nee Ho Mr Yulae ha* arrived, and in at ( oletn?n'n He laave* for the South in a few day* Hii oolleague In the henaUt, Mr Weatcott ntaya here ail the time ou tha buatneaa of hla conatitueutn Father Ritchie la of tha opinion that the oonitltution ! hM h??u (adeemed by SHL'NK k CO.

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