Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1847 Page 1
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r.f ^ JJ J Vol. XID. No. J8S_\Vhol? No. 48M. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fulton and Nassau sts. 1AMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCLXATION PORTV THOUSAND. DAILY HEAKALD?Every day, Price 2 eenu per copy? $7 ?} u-r him)am?payable iu aarauce. Wfcf.KLY Hk'KALD?Erery Saturday? Priee 6X ceott prr co y?tl ISK CeaU peraniiam?payableiu a^yanie. Hfc.ll AI U KOK EUROPE?E?ery Steam Packet day? Prii-e 6)4 ceuta per eot>y?$i par aunam, including poatage, ? -a.ihikviii wvkijic in iBTiucr, ouBicnp tlo'innd ?dT?rtiaement* will tie received by Mea*u Galifnani, 19 rue Vivieune Firii; P L. Simoad*, It Corahill, ?nd J "tin VMl^r, ih- b'M>kteller, Luid u. AVNUAL PICTOlllAL HERALD-fubli.h?d on the 111 ?I ' \!lu <17 " ' each year?*ingt* copy (ixpaace. ADVERT1SEME VT8 at the n?ual p-ice*? alway* cuh in advance. Advertisement* ihun'd be written in a plain, legible B tnnrr. The proprietor will not be reaponsible tor error* that may ofcar in them PlllNTIMO of all kind* executed beautifully and with daepatch. All letter* or communication* by nail. *ddrt>**ed to the proprietor of tea eitibluliment mmt be poit paid, orthe poat age will be deducted from the aubicription money lemitted FAtLK TH?.A l HE-BENEFIT OF MLLE. AUGU8TA?Wed end y Kveunig net 2ll, the performance will commence with LA SON IMBUL Thereae, Mile. August; (iertrule, Mia* Jeateylinr; Michaud, Mr. Dyott; Edinoirl, Mull*. Kre.icrick; Notary, Ander*on. After which, THfc HEChET? .*Jon?. Dapnii, MrHield; V*lnire ?. I'ennon; Cecil*, ,\lr*. Abbott; Angelica; Mi*a K? r Ho'd Til whole to eoncludn with 8HOCKINU KVENT8Or.flinhoof, Mr Rrji*; Captain Hpuff, McUouall; Dorothy, Mi** Ka<e Horu; Kittv, vir*. Knght. !> > ? open .u 6H o'clock Performance will commence at 7 o'c'n k U W?>K V THEATRE ?W JacK?0P(. Manager; Stage Manager. Ma Stktkn*.?Wene*day Evening, Oct. 80th. will b? pe'(?rm'd the grand patiiotic drama in 3 part*, entitled THE SIEOE OK MONTEREY?Geu Taylor. Mr W Mar hail; Capt Allen, Clarke; Jake Uuzeubury. Burke; Romono Fileum. Hteveu* ; Senora Adela, Mr* Phillip* s Beuita, Sutherland; Buda, Jordan _ , To be followed tw the performance* of the BEDOUIN ARABS, or. Wild Children if the Draert. To cjoclnde with B A VI HOOZLING.?Sir M'rtntduke 1 w. 11.11 -. i .j.. \ 1 1 u... o -? ji iTimuwn*, .in, ui i mui y , uiuj- mtnwni, tuia uiuouicy. Dl iri open tt#J< o'clock mill the curtain will rise at 7. I).i??? 25'ients; i* and Gallery, 11X Cents HATH AM THEATRE.?IJnderthe \iiuagemeni ol Mr. J FLE I CHER.?Stage Manager, Mr. Addis.?Wedues<!*' Eveii'iig Oct. ?0ih will be performed the BRIDGE OF KEHL?The Sieur Valeuce, MrC Tayior; Albeit, JVir Staffoil. 'label Mr? Madison. To which will he added the DAY A FT BR THE WEDDING?(J< 1 F eelrive. Mr Sutherland: Loril Rivers, Mr Stafford; Ladv E izibnli Freelove. Mr? McLean. To conclude with TlJttN OUT?Restive, Mr C Taylor; Roinerville, *11 Htaff >rd; Gregory Redtail, Mr Win&ns; Marian Ramsey, Mrs Herbeit. Admittance?B>xes 25 cents; I'itt I2>? edits. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE?Vlouday, October 18th, 1847?Third week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS, Mown. OERMON Messrs. PEI.L. 8TAWWOOD. WHITE, and HARRINGTON, HOWARD, whose inimitable Entertaiuments have been the universal theme and admiration of the world. Among their hat of patrons they have the honor of including the Preaident of the United States and fainilr, Secretaries of State, War, and Navy, Her Majesty Queen Virtona, H. R. H. Prince Albert, and Royal Family, the Nobility and Oeutry of Europe, and elite and fashion ( / merica Open every night. Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON. Admission 23 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert at 8 o'clock. N. B ? Seata ranSbe secured daily at the Box Office, from 11 A. M. till 5 P. M., and gentlemen are requested not to occui y seats to which tickets are affixed. ol7 7tm MECHANICS' HaLL, 472 Broadway, between Grand and Broome streets, i OPEN FVERY NIOHT. CONTINUED SUCCtSS. Thud Week of the Origiual CHRISTY'S MINSTREL 8. E.P.CHRISTY. E. PEIRCE, O.N.CHRISTY, C.ABBOTT. W. PORTER, T. VAUGHN, whose iuiinitabje entertainments are nightly honored with crowdrd and highly respectable audieuces, and universally admitted to excel every amoseiaent ol a similar character offered in this c ty. Admission25 cents. Children under 10 year*, accompanied W Clieir parents or guardians, half price. Doors open at 7; cn.cert commen -es at 8 o'clock. Seats may be secured on application nt the Hall, from 12 A. M. until 3 P. M. ol' 7t*rc 1f\ M A N O P ER A C OM P AN Y ? Messrs. 8 A N QU1 IlHTO and ,PATTI beg to announce that they will give a GRAND CONCERT, VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL, at the 1 &he.hnauli, On WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER JOtli. Oil which oer?i?? the t?w<y ?Tiifd vocal artiau and professors lit music, from Italy, will Make their Act appearance in America. mookammk. Part I. Overtq-e, La O17.M I.adra. by the whole Opera Orchestra. c?mp >sedoft>ew Professors, recently a. rived from Italy, and led by Signor Rapetti, . Rossini. Carat'iii. with eh >ru? acc>ni|ianiument, from the Opera of "Atti li.'Miv Verdi. .tfigno' ! r'ncesco Bailim, the new tmor Duett from Hicci'a " Cliiara di Rostmberg," by Sigunri BeneTeaiano and Saiquirico. Solo Cotiee-to, oa the clarionet, by Signor Macchi. (Ir?m the Italian Theatres, hit first appearance in America ) La Cariu.aieligioua hvmn, by Kouim, lecently composed for IciimI* cttorns anil >olo. by Siguoruia Amelia Patti. Part II. Sinfonla," William Tell" Kouini. Air, fioin Meyerbeer's " Robert le Diable," by Sign inn* Amelia Patti Terxelto, " Italiani in Algieri,'' by 8iguori Bailini, Bcneveutajo and Sa qnirico Kussini. Ctrv.uiui ol Kiiiaio, from Rossini's " Barber of Seville," by Signor Ben?ventano. Three hymns in honor rf P, pe Pius IX., (the two fir?t cornI rose J ny >lie?t?t> Maulueci, aud the Iul by the celebrated Rossini, ou the solemn or etion of the Pope's grunting a r?n, ?;! amnesty to all political prist lie ni.) to be performed by the uli >le Co" pan including <he principal a-tisU of tlie t 11 ib Opeta Company Tickets ft, f> b* purchased at the principal Music Stores. T? commence a' I o'clock. 1 ol9 2tic T\i)r.iT> ACLt, BIIOAD 'va v.-Mr. UilMPsTeR. o lipoaer of the " May Queeu " " Irish Em-grant," "Uliml Ho ."he., has the honor to announce that his first origiual BJitd KiiierUiiim-nt iu New York (.ince hit return from Europe) will be liven ut the tabernacle, on Friday Evening. Oct MJ, on whir h occasion he will sing his favorite comu siti iu*. " The India i'? C?mp aint. Oh! Why dne? <h' SVht e vtan follow my path?" ' when the night wind belethi" " Lo. ely Aul l Wile"' ' A Home in the Heart." . I . aa-ntol tlie lri?h Emigrant ' ' Tlie I) in/ C ild,""Death ?r Ju."*.*". '' liud Buy The Emera'd Isle," ' I'm alone, II * tie "*nd his opular Cantata; ' The May Queen," iu a i a n Meorria i 8 ng*? ' Joh i Anderson inv Joe." "Saw v" m' *r.' it,?*'" " " V'T *B,:J cl,mk *boul y " f ' rrj?- I , * ce?t?, with programmes. 'i h. k.<i .t h? "'ioim. "I Mr Dempster, at the New c Y. k Ho^.Vnd at'.hr ?>" , l"lh* ????-??. Uo.1 .tnuX befo'el .rt:lock; 10 commence at half past 7 * o'lluck. 019 4trc 0 MITCHELL'S OLVaJPlC THfcATHE ? Wednesday t m umnn.u Oct 2?t?? ih* DenorDMnce will commence with r 1 LIOHl' TKO >P OK ?T J VME8-Master Thoma. Hm l'h.., Mr. Holland; La>y Allamode Mrs. Henry; Miltrr?-Jnnr K Ixtrts M.ny 'I a> lor *1,1, which. MEW HI AN .T?The New Planet, Mary Tivior* t'nno .Mi?* nh*rt?; Venn!. MiAt hillipf. Aftrr'wh ch, our ON THE SLY?Mr. Piinlico Pippins, u, Hnll.ufc'; "is. its <Inier, Miss Mary Tavlor. i'\.. !!chi wth WHO Db TriEY TAKE ME FOR? r? T^ii.d.>tou. Mr Chsnfr?n. D 'I"- <?pe" ?t rtVlnck snrt the rartnlrt will rite at 7. avIEKII AIM .VHJMEUM ?EVERY DAY AND EViCNIN'O THIS WEEK, commencing Menday, Oct. 18. 1817 >rmaNCE8 EACH day! ! IN THR M'IKNJNO AT II O'CLOCK ! 1N TWO IN V*HE AFTERNOON ! . At *to 3 o'clock, and ??'? ?? 4 0 c'oc,ki "id tW0 W Uie ,.,.uiu*. nt 7 .id half.PMtJ o'clock. NO FK&E illBT KXCkPT THe. PRE88. Last week of OEMERAL TOM THUMB, who. to accommodate th* thousands of his friends who hare deferied ?e*.?g I. in t.ll the log mop"? Jll'i'JJ? v FIVE PERFORMANCES EVERY DAY. - 'SSW-iS aBSER" h" ??Wran'wONLV U Po'tNDS : which he has jo?f received as a l'1it"?1. M \N ENGLISH NOBLEMAN trrrelliuic in the Isl md of lava. , ? . ... Kvery nmruhw. at 11 o clock, the Oeneral appears, m addi tion t.t the ve, In VARI >US CHARACTERS AND COSTUMES, includi. g his Citisen's Dress, Court Suit, worn before Queen Vic torn, Highland Dress, Sic k"'?r the Riuilic tion of children SIO VI TO will also introduce 'lis lejiinful ITALIAN H'ANTOl 7:|Nl, or Dancing Median.;c?l Figures, rendering the Morning the heft time for fam lies in.'ttei d. , , At both th* Afternoon and hvening performance! the little General kivr? It.' eihihitiou* iu hisCitueu'snnd Scotch Dressm m . okJuiic jou with other interesting ?ud chute perform'" f'h'e little (Je.eral It nerfectly symmetrical in all hia proportion-., iowliirenr an.l g -nceful t*yond b JM.and RMALi.hK TH \N S. JV INMNT THAT EVfcR WALKED ALOVKS The magnificent Presents, Jewels, Itc , received from the Kioga Queens ai.d No .ility ol ?nro|ie will be eihibjtnd. Tn? u |H).itively the I ait time l?,*n Tom Thuuli will ever beaceninNew Vorli, aa he iirocee(K? immediately to New O'le na and Hivana. vin. < imlestou. Augusta, Savannah, Columbus Montgomery, Mobile and the principal Southern Towua and Cities. Hia beautiful MIVIATUKt EQUIPAGE! Will perambulate the atrret i daily, and be aeen in front of the Muieum at intervals. GREAT WESTEHN. the Vankee Comedian, PETE MORRIS Miaa BERNARD, lie., Admiasf?.-n to the who'* a.'i centi; children under tan years of age an I ot..' ?noniih to walk alone IIS cenfa. Al'?M.I,') l<~i> t.VJ*.?AIJA >1 AND KVK, its they appeared iii the Garden , of Kdcn. at the Apollo Rooms, 41 IroadwajiirfTT nlfiil this week. Dr. COLLYER'H peraouificatlons of Paintings and Sculp- ' ture by the c*lebrc.t>-a MODEL ARTISTES. Will continue for another week, with change ol programme every evemug?commencing on MONDAY EVENING, Oatober llth, When will be presented theanblime scenes Irom Paradise, The Maypole U ince, Neptune and Amphitrite, and other new groups o' infnae interest. Knr particulars see descriptive programme of each evening. Tickets of admission M cents Tickets admitting a lady and gentleman, 75 eenta, to he obtained at the door. i A 11mittr ?l number ol Snasou Tickets nan be had on appliention at the rooms. Doors o,eu at 7 o'clock. Personifications commence at 8 o'clock. i,|7 ft*M COLMAN* GALLERY OK OIL PAiNTlNGS, No. 1 203 Broadway,above his Book Store, consisting of ninety 1 c.hotri" Pirtuies by celebrated master*, ri* .?Titian's Venn*, 1 of life sue ; The Dying Glad>ator, by David ; The Miser*, by < M'tsvs. the blacksmith ; Helen Forman, by Rnbena ; The i Kngliih XoidaiHc. lie ke. lie.. I* esteemed by foreigner* as , *ui<eriortoany pnblic eihibition of pictures in thi* country. Mr. COLMAN import* all the New Popular Engraving* from London. Pari*, and Germany, which with hi* ettenaive collection of Book*, Painting*, Fancy Stationery, and Drawing Material*, he offers at the most reasonable prices, wholesale or "HERALDRY.?Coats of Arm* fnrnithed and emblazoned in the most sumptuous style, ot may k* had in pea drawing, iyV Mon, WtdMal tf re 3 N*V NEW THE GRAND CELEBRATION ON TUB OCCASION OK LAYING THE CORNER STONE OF THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT. Yesterday was the day selected by the committee of the Washington Monument Association for laying the isomer stone of the ediQce upon the ground in Hamilton Bquare, given by the city for the purpose, and of which formal possession was assumed by the President, in the ame of the association, on the last fourth of July. At the earliest dawn many looked out upon the sky, and were rejoiced to find that every indication promised a fair day for the celebration of the event which was to >ocupy so many Uothamltes and their neighbors. At a luarter before seven the sun showed his moderately red race behind a curtain of mint, which soon rolled away nost obediently, as if old Sol had said, " Now that l'tn ip, there's no oeoaslon for yon to wait any longer, so be >ff with your wet blanket and let me reanimate and jomfort nature's children onoe more, after the chilling and drenohlng which you have been administering to them for the past ten hours." A regular Indian cummer morning set in, and a beautiful one it was?joy-infusing, smile-oreating, spirit-elevating?just such a morning as the occasion seemed to iemand for this latitude and longitude, at this particular time. We have been remarkably fortunate for a year past in having fine days; for most ail, if not every (rand festal occasion which the publio have been sailed upon to celebrate and we to notioe ; but of them til, we have not had a pleasanter one than was yesterlay. The arrangement* having been previously made, he military companies and oivil societies sought tbelr -?speotive rendezvous, and were aotive in preparing for .he grand march. THE PARK* A report haviag circulated on Monday evening, that .he Oovernor of the State was to reviow the military in ;he Park, before the procession moved, a large oonlourse of people had assembled at about 10 o'clock, P. M. rhe fountain was playing in sparkling billlancy and mrity?reflecting back the rays of light which fell upon ts daneing waters?a fit emblem of the oharaoter of the mmortal hero, whose memory was about to be lionired by ceremnonles, in whioh tens of thousands of lis oountrymen would join. He received upon his ;reat mind, rays of mental light, not to absorb or listort them, but to reflect them with renewed lucidity, .onir before II o'clock tha strn?t? Inn lini' tnwanin tha 'ark wero filled with orowds of peopia- m?n, women and hildren. Ttie tide let downward*, and it *u by no aoaDB a small task to make head agalnht it, but by dint if much perseverence and more elbowing, one might ob?in a tight of? BROADWAY. Not only when the recession wm moving through th* treat thoroughfare was it crowded, but for hour* before he right of the column left the Park gate*, did all up own seem to be moving down, and at the umn time it tu just an apparent that nearly all down town wm ending upward*. Decrepld old age and tottering inancy were both represented, and the various Interned tats grades of youth and manhood We paw a hubby little Dutch wife with her face in a glow, lugging .long through the crowd, a remarkably fat and and aptarently heavy miniature resemblance of herself; while re slackened our pace to observe this picture, a perfect imaann swept bv. oarrying in her arms a bri?t little crap of humanity, that winked and blinked as the trong light fell upon ita yet too tender optics On she itrode infant in arms, while a two or three years old ihlld clung to the skirt of her dress. and by diut of lard running and hard pulling at the skirt aforesaid uanaged to keep pace with its maternal parent The mionnles of houses and the house tops themselves, were ill occupied by the inmates of the dwellings and visi,ers. who availed themselves of their acquaintance with Iwellers on Broadway, to gain a favorable position froiu vhich to look upon the passing pageant. UNION SQUARE. Seldom is seen a fairer sight than was presented at Jnlon square. While the assemblage were waiting for the jrooession, and while it was passing, the entire space it the lower end and rasterly side of the siiuare. was fill id with one denie crowd, excepting only a small avenue for the passage of the railroad earn In addition to thin [ranJ scene a moat magnificent display wan made from .he balconies, windows, and stoopa of the buildlnK* 'rontlng on the save, al sides of thn square; perhaps, at 10 point waa thereto handsome a display a* here; Indeed, ?a feel confident in asaertlng that Union rquare ha* fair ;Uim< to the premium for beauty of tablenux. Of the .he Third Avenue, it U only necessary te nay, that the srowd of spectators was not less dense than it was in 3 road way. THr raocKMiori. " All things being ready, at a little past eleven o'clock he signal waa given, and the procession moved from the ['ark, obaarving the following order : Escort of Cavalry from Oeneral Storms' Brigade, conaiatlng of Light Horae Guards and German Cavalry. Major Oeneral Frederick Pants, Grand Marshal. Major Oan. O 8 Doughty, ) Col H Jones Mumford, | ? , , Col. Klorenoe Mahoney, f SP??W Alda. Col. D. 8. Turner, J n*?T nivisinn. Comprising the First Division N. Y. 8. Militia, under the command of MaJ Gen. C. \V. Sandford. 1st. Brig. Gen'l Storms. 2d. " " Morria, 3d. " Hall, 4th. M h twen In thil division we observed? The Washington Greys. General Handford and staff. General Storms and staff. h irst Regiment N. Y. 8 Artillery, attended by German Horae Guards. The Brooklyn Citv Guards. Captain Thistle's Mounted Artillery, consisting of guns )n the backs of horses. The guns appear to be of the sallbre of four pounders, and in the way in which they were arranged, bora evidenoe of biting capable of doing iffeetlve service in the defllas and passes of Mexico, and which they will no doubt do, for we understand that [Captain Thistle Is under orders to proceed to the seat of war with all possible haste Scotch Guards. Union Blues. Husaara. Brooklyn Light Guard. French company, numbering about forty muskets. Ualoa Rifles, mounted. IV YO YORK, WEDNESDAY M tientral Morris and HtulT New York HuMarn. lately commanded by Captain Duff who recently died to M?iico, In the service of tho United States |Col Warnern Artillery, two guns abreast Citizens. mounted, Soma two on a horse. and one comical rider, who had evidently been worahippinii at the shriue of Baechua, crying out, ' Whoa 1 Hold tb* horse by the haad. there, and |ie' him a quart of oata D?n fh? fipense." Pioneer*, followed bv an iriah Band. J?ffer*OD Guards German Rlflea Sixth Brigade?Col. Dodge. Governor s Guard*. WUUameMirgn Horoe Company Ninth Regt Lancers. Twenty-SeTenth Regi National Guard*, Col. Brenner Wa*hin?tnn Greyi. Stats Kenciblei. Washington Guardi. National Cadet* A large matronly looking bow. who became cooped In and could not could not get out. Wn think we ww Mm. Piggy afterward* in Hamilton Square. Montgomery Guards. Emmet Guard*. Union Riflemen, (foot.) City Guards, in long bine frock coat*. Light Guard Italian Guard. Independence Guard Independence Bine*. In the centre of thi? car was placed n bunt of Washington, resting on a pedestal lurrounded by thirteen young ladle* dressed In white. with liberty caps, eiich bearing a wand aurmounted by a star, represent! ng the thirteen original States. The oar was covered with a canopy of United States flaga, and on the apex was an American eagle. Tbia beautiful tribute to the memory of Waahlngton was designed and decorated by Mr. William II. Iloyt, and the horses were furnished by Klpp and Brown. Invited guests, in carriages. Offleera of the Army and Nary. Militia Officers, off duty. The t lergy. The Sheriff of the County, Under Sheriffs, and Deputies. Register. Assistant Register, County Clerk, and Coroner. Police Magistrates. Chief and Officers of Police. Marshals and Constabulary force. Judges of the Statu and County Courts. Members of the Bar Professors and Students of Columbia College, do of New York University. Faculty and Students of College of Physicians and Surgeons Faculty and Students of University Medloal College. Aoademy of Medlelne?College of Pharmacy and Students. Sovernorsof the New Vork Hospital. * ~ ^ - "J PnV.Ua Kahn.,1 1 UB Doiru OI r.Uugkuvu . ...... j . Chamber or Commerce? Board of Trade. Historical, Agricultural, Philosophical and Scientific Societies The Sacred Music Society. The American Musical Institute. W. G. Ktre Company, with musket*. St. John's Grand Lodge of Free Masons. B. L. G Fire Company, with guns. Carland Guards. St. John'* Grand Lodge of Free Masons. Order of United Americans. Order of United American Meohanics. Tammany Society, or Columbian Order, with thirteen banners, bearing th? < oats of Arms of the thirteen original States. Military Ksoort. Marine Society. Independent Order of Odd Fellows, of Brooklyn. Independent Order of Order of Odd Fellows, of New York?forty-four Lodges and Tents. * Columbus Italian Benevolent Society. Irish F.mlgrunt Society. , Hebrew Universal Benevolent Society. Hibernian Benevolent Society. Shamrock 11-n Society Emmet Vutu>.l B. and B. society Sons of Hermann German Hebrew Benevolent Sooiety. The Brothers of Liberty (German ) Wash ugton Society of Germans. 8t Joseph Benevolent Sooiety Erin Fraternal Benevolent Society. Benevolent Order of Berean*. Ancient Order of Good Fellows. Manchester Unity I. O of O ld Fellows. United Ancient Order of Druids. Independent Order of Good Fellows The U. S. Practical Stone (.'utters of New York, Brooklyn and Jersey. t>U. 1?? i,.) AunaUtlnn Society of Shipwright* and Caulkers. with a beautiful mods! of the *t?ainboat North America, on a oar. Sail Maker'* Aseociatlon. Benevolent Society of Operative Manon*. Cordwainer* of the County of N?iw York. Mechanics' Mutual Protection. Laborer*' Uuioo B-uevolent Society. General Taylor Society, (German.) with banner?portrait of Oeit. Taylor, which wa? received with eheers as It pasdeii alon-j Tbe Son* of Temperance The Cadet* ot Temperance Tbe Ain. Temperance Union The Independent 1? r of Rechabltes. The Indep Son* of Rtchab The Roman Ca Temperance Society. Delegation from i I. Snow Social Union, firemen ii her citie* New York Fire Department with banners. Kxempt Kireuieu, with bauner*. New York Klremen, Knuinen. Ho*? Companies, Hooks and Ladders?sixty-live companies in all Thi* grand proce**ion occupied two hours aod forty minutes in passing a given point, from which an idea of its length may be formed The line of march was up Broadway to fourteenth street, thrnugh Fourteenth street to Third Avenue, and up Third Avenue to Hamilton Square. TIIK (.ROUND On arriving on the ground we found it occupied by some thou*ands of per*ons. aud every indication that some grand and imposing ceremony whh about to t*ke place. The place designed for the monument I* on the summit of the elevated piece of ground called Hamilton S |uare, about four miles from the City Hull, and adjacent to the Third Avenue This ground was sel'cted becaune of its being the highest on the Itland It is calculated that the monument, when tlnlshed, oan be seen by mariners a distance tof tifry miles at *ea There was a platform erected for the accommodation nf tha He ? atwt invltnd iriiwat^ Imniy.llaUlw in front of the plao? whore the corner stone wan to he laid Waving ov?r the platform wan a tattered and torn fl??. full of runt*, and presenting an appearance of having seen long and hard service. It w,ui the trit (lag that wan directed to be hoisted la New Vork by Oeneral Washington It bore the following Inscription 0i30000c00?000000<>000000000000000?00000000000000000 ? mr iDKitTirat. ? | Kl.AH, I , rmiT iiontro in nr.* vork 9 ht ordkr or 8 i GENERAL WASHINGTON, f i fi novkmhth Ub, 17b3. 5 i uty riaii hah 5 AKDITII. L IT rtOVDir KtTtl, g { 00000000u0000000000000.)000000u0000000000?00003*000 Around the platform, and taking in an area of about 1 an acre. wan a rnp? placed for the purpcee of keeping the ! pace within clear of oil but those whose duty calli d them to participate In the eeremonlf* It wan protected by a posse of police, under the direction of Justice Mattel!, ' the Chief, whose well arranged eflorts to prevent any 1 occurrenoe to mar the occasion, are in the hightut de- ' gree deserving our prslse Within the ennlonure thus made, were stationed a detachment ot Seventy Mixers, with two piece* of artillery Outside were some thou- 1 sanda of spectators, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ! procession. There were also on the ground some four- ! teen or fifteen tent* erected by the Seventy Sixers, and in whlct they slept the whole of the night precedtr.g. 1 The corner stone was composed of a block of granite, weighing several hundred pounds. In the centre was a cavity for the reoeptlon of a leaden boi, and which was te be oovered with a marble slab bearing the following Inscription: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o Tkl? Corntr Stone of a Monument to the o o Memory of o o OEORUE WASHINGTON, o o tu laid with appropriate cer*moiil?i on the o > ? 19th Dav or Octormh, >847, o i o Tha annlvxruary of the mirrvnder of o ' ? Lord Carnwatli*, o o To General Washington at Yorktown, o o A. D, 1781, o < 0 Under the auepiee* of the o o Washington Monument Association of the o 0 City of NewYorK. o oqoooooooooooooooqoomwoooooooooooooooooooo RK t ORNING, OCTOBER 20. Tompkln'i Blues I New It ork Fencible* tiimROO Guard* National Guard Troop Mtnbili. lo the>order of procession a place wa* here to 0?r. Young, who rod* In a barouche, and other distinguished persons Officiating Clergyman, Orator, Poet of the day OoTernor of tti? SUte of New Vork. Trustees of the Washington Monument Association Distinguished Guest i Member* of the Society of the Cinolnnatl. The President and 'Vice President of the United Statei Heads of Department of the United State* Governors of the several State* Members of Congress and of the Legislator* Heads of Department of the Stat* of N*w Vork. Mayor* of New York, Brooklyn, and other ottie* Jacob Hay*, High Constable of th* City ot New York, accompanied by the Serg?ant-at- Arm* of the Board of A**i*tant Alderman Common Council cf New York. Brooklyn, and other Citlfll. Truiteea of Willlaraiburxh, and other village# Collector. Naval Officer. Surveyor, fc? .port of New York. United Statu Civil Offloer* F.ditorlal Kratenilty. t-oreign Consuls lompany of '76 Veterani. accompanied by U. 8 Band Magnificent Car. drawn by ?lx white horiea, repreieutlng the Temple ol' Liberty. of which the following in an exact representation Tftl'lTBKg. kdward K. Colllni, .)owph Hart. Ilenry Storm*. The Mayor of the City, KxJohn i'alne. officio. William Hall. Shepherd Knapp, < aivin Hollar J, John Leveredfle. KUa* (i. Drake, Wtlliam V. Pratt, Hamilton Klah Thompson I'rlec. W. C. H. WadJeii, Henry Storms, President; Klias O. Drake, Vice I'reaideut. Shepherd Knapp, Treasurer; Koliert I). Hart, Secretary. Calvin I'oilard. Arohitect; Kdwin Smith, Surveyor. This set-lion of the foundation wan laid By the Lcratui tou* contrihutionfl of materials and labor By the following perforin, viz.:? The masonry. by John T. Allen; the (tone, by Kllsha B. Mott. The oorner stone, by Ueals and Kras?r. Tablet, by Joseph II Barnes. The cement, by J. P. and S. Cummlngs, Jr. The laad box by Joseph Aken The land conveyed to the association by the Corporation of the City. Frederics I'eutz. Grand Marshall. At ten minute* past two thn veterans of '76 fired a national salute from gun* which were oaptured from the British by General Washington at Prinoeton and Monmouth, and in a few minutes afterward*, a oompany of cavalry, the foremost of the prooessinn , came In eight ot the monument grouud, other companies followed and made a circuit of the ground, the several bands playing Hail Columbia. Washington's March and other patriotio airs The appearance of the military was decidedly beautiful. The spectacle which the ground presented after the military had taken their positions was gorgeous and grand, and were it not that It might appear invidious wc would gladly notice in a favorable way several of the companies- As the French Guard* are, however. a newly formed corps and as they turned out on this occasion In full strength; and an they evidently Identified themselves with the proceeding*, we cannot let them pass without saying that the appearance they presented was alike honorable toth'-m, m? Frenchmen end Americans Their beautiful dress anil their gentlemanly and soldierlike demeanor. were favorably cumineuted upon by the innumerable spectators We can no'., either, pass over the ii"wly organised company; the ( ontinentalers dressed in the old-ft?hloned continental uniform; their buff breeches. cooked hats, and top boots, were conspiouous among the dr?ss of the other companies. After a great portion of the procession arrived, the platform was occupied by those for whose use It was designed. cud the exercises were commenced. We may be here| remark, that tfte corner stone of the monument was literally covered with dahlias and other beautiful flowers, placed there by the ladies of New York, who Seemed delighted at this opportunity of paying their tribute to tne memor* jf the great and good man whose deeds in the Held ?ud in the councils of the nation that he freed from a foreign yoke, were the Incentives to this imposing pageant. The time that elapsed from tb? entrance of the foremost part of the procession was characterised by many Incidents ?m# ludicrous.-some serious, and some partaking of both. Thus, a cavalry horse would get unruly and behave as no horse having any respect for Its character would behave, and of course his antics delighted the spectators, who ot course did not fail to evince their pleasure in a rather boisterous way. Again, an officer of me uay wouiu enueavor vo Keep me uue* clear una in doing so would ol course frightau the timid portion of th? spectators, and make '. ui run belter skelter in every direction Again, an incorrigible fellow would break the Hue* and run to a point that would, a* he thought, place him in a posltUn to nee and hear all that was going on A cavalry soldier would be despatched after him, the incorilglble would run, and the noidler would gallop his horse?the fpectators cheering and laughing But the most ludicrous Incident ofthft day was the following:?A fellow of the half alligator speoiei. dressed in a slouched white hat ami brown coat, and mounted on a nag whioh to ail appearances, was a rem nant of the last century, imagined himself to he < General Taylor, and took upon hlm??-lfto perform the duties pertaining to the office which old Hough and Iteady holds He would whip his hnr*e with a stick, put hla on a gallop. apply a glass to his eve. and insert each company and e*ch soriet), as if he had the whole business of the day under his special charge lie congratulated each company on Its appearance, as he passed along, and would, no doubt, have insisted upon laying the corner tone. It his horse did not fail him He was finally compelled to beat a retreat, which he did in good order, mtnui his slouched hat After all was arranged?the military In their appointed positions?the triumphal chariot, a description of whlah we have given above, entered the ground, drawn by six milk-white steeds, preceded by the Continental?rs? they, on account of their association with the past, tiavlng the post of honor on this occasion. It waa then tialf past three o'clock The martial alralns of a hunIred hands-the helmets and arms of the military reflecting tho rays of the sun?the beautiful banners of the several societies waving In the breeze? the unique and handsome regalis of the different benevolent orders?the assemblage of naval, military, inn civil '.Hirers OI Mux HIHl Oilier Htatas thn M> if head* around and ttfar the xtrram of humio lielogH flowing in, tn overwhelming numbers, all com billed to make the pageant before ns the mint splendid tnd gorgeous, m It oerUtlnly ?u the moat Interesting, that It ever was our fortune to witness A gun announced that the ceremonies were about to commence.although not much morn than half of the procession had arrived. Several shots were tired, and then the He* Dr Vermllye delivered a short and eloqnaot j prayer, Invoking the bleeding of Almighty Ood on the work wbloh was about to be performed I (>ov. Young, surrounded by uiany of America ? m?t | distinguished sons, then stepped forward and laid the | corner atone of the Washington Monument As soon , is this Imposing ceremeny was concluded, there wss a ( (eneral rush to the place by the <pe<'tators. eaoh of ( whom seemed desirous to offer his oblation to the ( memory of thn immortal Washington < olns of every llri'l?gold, ailver and oopper--were thrown Into the hole, ( ind when the slab which we have already referred to, ( fas lal 1 was covered.with bouquets and no?egaysof | '.he richest flowers that the auluroo season produces In ( this allmate So great was the anaiety of all Ui give an offering on tb? occasion, that thvy eudabgered their I ERA 1847. iltee and limbs tu Joint ??, auJ it tu niaaalitg to wita??? the air of aatlafactlon and gratification depicted on aacb one a countenanoe aa h? retired after doing (o, to make room for anothar to taka hi* place and do tha tame No higher tribute to freatneaa waa erer paid?It vaa a xpontaneoua outpouring of rererenoe and gratitude, dictated by a holy and rellgtoua feeling. A leaden bos, containing tbe Taricua coin* of the ountry. the act of Incorporation of the Waahington Monument Aaaociatinn, the namea of the olUnera of the i (?ueral and State government*, the mavor and corpo- i ration of New Vork. the newapapers of the day. and ?a- i rioua other documenta. were then depoelted in the cor- I aer (tone. I While thin <ru bring don*, the following ode, written for the occasion, by George P. Morrl*. t?i. wu sung by the Musical institute and the thousand* assembled, which, added to the booming of the gun* from the bran* Held-pieces. discharged by the veteran Seventy-Sixer*, added much to the lmpewivenee* of the proceeding* A monument to Washington ' A tablet graven with his name ' (ireen be the mound it it audi upon, And everlasting a* hi* fame Hi* glory fill* the land?the plain, The moor, the mountain, and the mart More Arm than column, urn, or fane, HI* monument?the human heart The c hristian -patriot?hero sage ' The chief that heaven in mercy sent: Ills deeds are written on the age Hi* country U his monument. " The sword of (itdeon and the I.ord." Was mighty in his mighty hand : The (iod who guided, he adored. Aud with 111* blessing, freed the land The first in w*r?the first in peaoe? The first in hearts that freemen own Unparalleled?till time shall ceaselie live*?immortal and alone ' Vet let the rock-hewn tower arise. High to the uathway of the sun. And speak to tne approving skies Our gratitude to Washington. The Hon. Sami kl James then delivered a short ad dress, which was very appropriate. The in>men*e concourse of people In our vicinity, and the anxiety that was manifested by all to be near to and hear the speaker, prevented us from takiug notes of it. An original i^uartette, dedicated to the Washington Monument Association, waa sunir bv the Anolln Hrnthers The following are the words of It THE I'lTKKH OF Hli LAND. Immortal Washington! to thee wb rains This tribute of a grateful nation's love ; Id harmony we chant thy hallowed praise, Which meet* an echo in the realm* above. When Tituu has wrought the spoiler'n part. And crushed this pile with ruthless hand. Thy name shall live in every heart. The " Father of his Land." No record of the past so fair as thine, Though valiant deeds on history's pngo wo see, Of tyrants' conquests. wrung from freedom's shriuu, Dut vict'ries lar more glorious won by thuo. Who fought but for thy country's good, And drow for Liberty thy brand. Who formost in the battle stood, The " Father of his Land." How proudly lurm'ry dwells upon thy fawu? Foe to oppression, freedom's favorite sou! From sire to child shall pass without a stain, The charter which thy arm and wisdom won. For Liberty upon that scroll Was written by thy master hand, Whose spirit spurned unjust control, The " Father of his Laud! " Col. Joskph C. Hart, one of the Directors of the Aslociation, then came forward aud addressed the assembled multitude as follows:? My fellow-cltUens?I will not now attempt a repetition )f the historical details which have been 10 ably dla:ussed by my venerable and respected friend, who has ust preceded lue It in known to many of my hearers :hat a charter waa obtained in the year ln;l:l, by an aslooiatton of gentlemen, uudnr the tithi of "The New York Washington Monument Association," at the head if whom was the late Governor Morgan Lewis, who. together with some eighty other highly resectable oitly.ens, were named in the act of incorporation as directors It was proposed that a monument should be erected in this city, under the auspices of that association. "In commemoration of tUe services and In honor of the memory of (icorga Washington.'1 Nothing, however, wm done by that association beyond organizing. It is to be regretted that such was the fact, because it was composed of men of great wealth and Influence; and It is believed, that had thpy exerted themselves at all the monument could easily have been ereoted many year* ago. A second Association was formed for (he same purposes, and under the same title, In the year ISM; and Morgan Lewis. Stephen Allen. Moses II. (irinnell. William W. Fox, and others, men of influence and possessing great wealth, were the managers nameil In the act of incorporation. I'nder this aet I am sorry to say, very little was done; and It was suffered to expire by its own limitation In the month of March, of tha present year, an art was obtained from the Legislature, reviving the act of 1843, and j modifying and amending It In some particulars; and the gentlemen composing the present board of trustees were named therein. I'nder this act tho trustees Immediately organised and adopted measures for future I- . I 1. I. I 4 * - " vw liirui, It is uui riJJUl to gay that they have ever siuoe been active in the good work; and that either an a body or by ooinmittaes, they have been in session almost every day, and have devoted unwearied attention to the subjeet committed to their charge by the ultizens aud the Legislature. They have to far succeeded that a (allure to uarry through the design of building a monument of vast size and magnlflcenoe, and of unexceptionable architectural beauty, in now considered out of the question, so thoroughly and successfully have they taken their measures. A design has been adopted by the trustees, which, without having been seen by the publio, has been criticised and condemned in advance by writers and editors of ability. It is not too much, 1 trust, to ask them to forbear awhile, until they can have an opportunity of seeing it themselves, when they can canvass Its merits or demerits understanding^. llut, while the trustees feel satisfied with the design of their adoption, and it was adopted after months of deliberation, I believe that they as well as the architect himself, are Killing to lay It aside, and adopt a more acoeptable design, if It shall be produced at any time while the progress 01 the building will warrant It. The trustees now find it necersary, under the restrictions of the charter, to raise a certain sum of money before proceeding with the building That sum lacks but a few thousand dollars of being made up, aud they confidently appeal to the cltlxens of New York for aid in the great undertaking i t ereotiug this monument. It Is to the people at large they appeal, and subscriptions will be received even here upon the ground in aid of the undertaking No matter how small or bow large the ?um. It will be most acceptable, and will be at once appropriated towards the intended olgect. We are gathered together upon a great and Interesting occasion, and I think, you will all agree with me, that no time is more appropriate than the present for raising the funds necessary to proceed wil li the monument. You have laid Its corner stone, and it depends upou you. my fellow-citizens, as to whether the superstructure shall arise speedily. It Is hardly necesaary, but It Is nevertheless appropriate, again to refer to the object of raising ihis monument In memory of the Father of his Country, of whom it is justly said, he win' Hist In war, first lu peace, and first in" the hearts of his oountrymen " These are Impressive word*, aud they are true That war, In whioh Washington was first, Is a thrilling tale; a tale whose pages are filled with anything but pomp and pageant It w?*. Indeed, a suooesiion of privations and calamity to almost every family in the broadiaod. The chief sovne* of the greatest struggle* and the greatest disasters were In the State of New York, which was traoked with blood, and sered with fire from one end to the other kven the ground on which we stand, was baptised In blood. Here rested the wounded and the dying pausing In that most sklltul retreat. after the battle upon Long Island, which was conducted In person by Washington. Our monumental nil a will nv*?rlrxife th? of thut. huttl?* tnd intatiw another kindred scene in our immediate neighborhood It will be in memory of these things an well as of the great loader of our armies of the Revolution. On the height just beyond ui. occurred the dreadful massacre of Kort Washington , which fllle all heart* with sorrow; and it wax the flnal act of that deepent tragedy of the war undertaken for freedom. Our monument will look upon the graven of the breve men who perished Id those metnoiabie fights of I. Inland and Kort Washington, while contending against thrice their number of the beet disciplined, the best appointed and the beet officered troops of Kuglend. sent over here to reconstruct and refaeteu our chain' It will look upon the remains of thoe- brave but unfortunate men, wfio were taken Infbattle.Immured In prison ships, and suffered to die under clrcuiii>taiiees of cruelty passing belief Vet tome of those brave hearts wh" escaped, had their recompense if not their reveng* That lost day on Long , Island *h regained by them at Saratoga and at York- i tow?; the one on 17th of October, the day before yeeter- ' day, aalt were, in the year 1777. and the other on the 19th of October, 1781. the day we are oomiuemorating (Jlortous October! Though our armies bled at every pore unild disaster and defeat in every other month of 1 was in Oetotier tbnt the American people J saw the day-star of freedom shining gloriously , above the hornon at Saratoga, when Burgoynn i bowed before tbefe itnc defeated trocps of our* < that bound up their wour.ds on the ground upon which we are standing and that star rame to lu meridian, and the day s work was done, and the reckoning summed up on the Itfth of October, 1781, at Yorktown, where ( ornwallis, the foremrst In the fight on l,ong Island, laid down hie arms to these same bruised and nattered men of onrs. This was the decisive action o* all?the crowning glory of our lung war In the cause of freedom. Here,then, on thi* spot, where our people stopped to bewail their greateat dints ?r, but where they learned wisdom and prudence, and gained experience From defeat, let us raise this monument It wa* here, amidst the greatest despondency, that Washington Infused that mighty spirit In his men. which afterwards ed to vletory In to many battles Here let the tall monumental pyramid of stone go up towards the hearens In memory of that " pyramid of mind and action,'' levoted to his country's service Though the land tround ns tells a sad tale of blood and violence, whose letails sicken the sonl and make the heart staad still, fet our monument will also awaken the memory >f vlotory, of undying freedom, and of a nation's progress from Infancy to manhood. It will ook proudly tver a eity small indeed, and pillaged and crushed In the war of the Revolution, jet now the moet flourishing and magnlOeent city In' Amvrioa. It will overlook a city whose rivers and harbor LJ). Prtaa Two Vnto, ar* unequalled; a olty with a rlfar in IU boaom. Nd with a mnui to Urj- that th? nation la indebted to U for nearly three quarter* of Ita reaaureaa ; a city whoaa hip* w* ?ry iu punulf of nt mm trot; ft city thit enjoy* the full uieaaure of llWty and happinaaa whloh thoaa bra*e m. n of the Revolution fought for a aity whoae patriotic (yople will oat r.fut* a general ontrl button to ornament it withal, by tha ereotion of on of the proudest monumnnti of mndarn time*. that ??>?" alike tell the tale of thoaa ?C>- ? - - men a labor* In war, anil of the man of all man their mat loader, who saoured for us and perpetuated tha bleeeings we an joy. and sealed tha great charter of our lberties with their blood, in tha execution of tfcu treat work, we oall upon the people and th* praaa to sheer us on, and to encourage us in tha undertakiag. to rhich we are willing to sacrifice our tlma, and our tMet mercies. And now, fellow-el ti ten*. w* bid you tar*w*U ind Qod *p?ed. until the top (tone ofthii monument shall >e laid in Its place, when tha call will again go forth to nrite you to assemble odcc more upon tha (potto r*olc* with us that the rr*at work la completed. At the conclusion of Mr. Hart*a addraa*, whioh wu iatened to with great attention, tha rait auditory broke 'orth into loud cheering The number of pertons on tha ground during these >rooe*ding* l? variously estimated By eome la wae set lown at fifty thousand, and by other* at thirty tkoaland, for oureelvea we ahould aay that the aggregate imouoted to at least thirty thousand. A pair of artUla y horses with the ammunition oart behind than, beiame unruly and ran in the wildcat manner through the irowd. making a circuit of nearly the whole field. They iroke through a column composed of the pupU* of the 'mititution for the Deaf and Dumb, who were Just le?Tng the ground, hilling one of them named Morgna lone*, son of Mr David Jones of No. 7 Monroe it., .his city. No oilier pupils were seriously injured. 1U> sun the only accident tuat liu oome to our knowledge. K.veryroad bujlog to the city, including even tne lUrlern railroad track, was crowded by the multitude oa ihelr return Kvery omnibus, carriage, hack, eal>. railroad cur, former's wagon, in fast ereiy thing in tlin shape of u wheeled vehicle, waa filled to its UtUlOHt caoacltv. aud LhltUHHmlri ?hn * ? exhausted with the march, were obliged to walk to their rpnp*>r>tiTH home*, a distance varying from three to four und a half milm. We m st not omit mentioning an incident that occurred on the road, which caused much amusement. In the line of procession; wan a wngon containing liilllir the daughter* of temperanoe, we believe, and at tbo Invitation of gome friend*, they ?t?|>i>?d for a few mlnutM. While they waiUd. a meeting was organised on the spvr ot the moment, and Captain Hyndera addressed the ladie*. complimenting them in a handsome manor on their patriotism und veneration for Washington ])y mven o'clock tho ground win deserted, and the greater part of the Taut assemblage had reaohed homo; and by half past that hour, the last drum had ceased to beat, and our good old city resumed It* accustomed quietude. Thus ended the ceremony of laying the corner (ton* of a monument to ooinineiuorate, for ages to com*, tho virtue* of him who wa* " first In peace, first in war, and tirst in the hearts of his countrymen " The following is the ground plan of the Monument ft UANUS. LKNTkCO.'S AMERICAN CIRCUS.?T^u O elegantly rajuitroupe of Kqucitriaua, the largeat aud nnHit popular in the United !Smti-?, will make their firat appearauce iu Una vicimt>' nu the 22d in?'. The Company compriaca the following among the priacipal featurea of lliia exhibition : MAVKLV.tlie celebrated Kngliah thorough br?4 dancing Horae. 1 win rooiet. DAM&N and PYTHIAS, in their arnica aid eiert'iaea. Kmht.iin Poo..., DKAK BUKK and TOM SPRINGS. Fairy Steed CINDKRKLLA. The high hred and beautiful thorough Arabian Polka Hone. BUCEPHALUS. And rhe moat beaut.fully narked. highly trained, docile and aagacioua Lillipuuiu Tioii|>eof 2n PONI&S, all of whieh are for the feat time, preientrdio >hu publ c, Proaiioeut, Hud la bold relieflo any miliar eilublll*a prrteoled to the public, aland the creat performaneea of MR R.SAN OS. and hit beautiful aud talented rhildreu, Maurice and Jim, forming a new rhuol of Oymnaadea, combined with aeries of Claaau- Paaae*, Krolutiuna. Oroupiugi, Tab eaaa, and Aglite of . 'Final (Jrirc, that will command (he admiration of the achol tr aud port, tlie pnii'ter and the teulplor. In th a net Mr. liiuda mid hia ch Idreu have no eiiaala.aad confidently defy competition MAHl'KR HKR.VANDK/, the bold, daahing and elegant iurtnile eqneatri in, who ii juatl v atyled the Dacrow of America. Matter WALTER AVMAR, aecond to none ia horaeman hip for one o' hia yeara. Mr MOBELKY. the famoua Kngliah accne ridtr, in a yaritly of graphic akttebe* nn liortrhtck. Mr. ItU'iULKS, in hu difficult and daring feata upon the (lying cord. CLOWNS?Meaart. Pentlaud and Latham, the origiaal merry men, whoa* jokea and witticiama have been adopud by " HiNu"mYsV EK-Mr"De Camp. TOM TIIIJMB?far surti siing in novelty every thins in ilir shape ( I hone flesh, is the pi*my ateed Tom Thumb. A <|U idiuiied ot the most perfect proportions, measuring only U's luclies lu loughl. sii'l weighing but 41 pounds. This is ackuow ledged by nil the sinulest pattern of a horM ever heard of. The above will be eihihited am followt . ? Patterson, Kriday and Saturday, Oct. 224 and 2ld; Newark 35th, 36th and I7lh, Jersey City 2*th.1 Admiaaion B cent*. 0I8 Ht rc LAST WEEK OK HKS.NOH BLITZ, at tlx Society Library. Change of programme nightly. Admiaaion 25 cts, children under 10 yean of age, half price. Doors open at 7 o'clock?commence ar 7X [TV Alteruoou performance ou Saturday, at J o'clock. ol7 6t*re \| Its I'ELB Y 8 CELEBRATED COLLECTION W .V| Scriptural Statuary, consisting of the following groape, representing inpoitant and interesting ulje.'t*. the site of life Tbe Tr>al of our Saviour, The Last Supper. he Biith of Christ, The moral scene of the Intemperate Kamily, Is now oocn at 411 Broadway, late Walker's Masie Rooms, opposite the Apollo, every day. froin U A M. to 10 P. ,\l Admittance 21 cents; < hildren halfprice. olt(t*m '1MIE Ql'IDOH COLLECTION?The tlrat senea of una M. ruaguificeut collection, consisting of three gigantic Scriptiiml Paintings, vii:?Christ Healing the Siek in the Temple, Christ liaising Laxarus Irom the Uead, and Death on tka rale Horse, hiio-hed in thr higneat style of the art, is uow opesi for eshibitieu from 8 A. M to It P. M at the National Acaiemy of Desigu. Admission 25 ceuta; keaaon Ticketa 50 centa. N. B ? Will rlose on ihe 21st inst. s21 Wis'aa Puiui ex>nmition or 1*0w'a raiinTinu*. ? Heroes of Palo Alto, Ilesaca, Monterey and Buena Vieta, will t-e riliibited for a short tune only, at 157 Broadway. Stewart's old stand. op.osite the Pa' U, Brown'a celebrated Portraiisof < icnf ril 'lV, I t, Oeueral Wool, Colonels Monro*. Belknap Mansfield, and Whiting. Majora Bins, Bragg, ana Eaton; Captains Ilamsay. Oa>uett aud Liuuard; Sorgsoo Ciaig, Medical Director; Orderly Bin ham, (who waa cap turedat Bueua Vi-ta, ai.d " O.d whitev," the far-famed wafhorse ol General Ta.'.or. Also, Headquarters A/my ol Occupation, ai Walnut Springs, Metico I'ricr of adinusiou 25 tints. Doors open day and light. ol2 I4t*rrc _ EXHIBITION?Ihe Model of the Elevated Railways. 1'roinenadci. aud Cross Walks, with cars and tender in full operation, intended to pus above the oinni bases and other carriages in Btoaariwav. invented by John K?ndel, Jr., Civil Kngiucer. and the plan unanimously approved of by the Hvuorable the Corporation, is now open for nlnb tion for a short tune, at the corner of ispeoard street and Bioadway. N. B ?Tbe can do not stop to Utke in or let ont paisengera; this is done by means ol another car, called a tender. iilt 2tia*rrc WALNUT M i HKr.T TIIfcATRK. nilLAUKLPHlAI,r**rr, K A. Marahall ; Manager, W R. Blaka.? I.Mt Night but ihrrr of tha Oi>ere?Wedaeaday eT?jin|. Oft. 20. 1817, M ill be performed Bellini' opera of LA sONNAMDULA?Count Itodulpho, Mr Hrgrnn. Klaiao, Mr A/tbareon; Lita, Miaa l.icbifanteiu; Amma, Mr. JJ'guin To conclude with the In act of ihe POSTILION of LON JI. VIK AU ? * hapelon, Vlr Shiiral ; Bijou, Mr JegUla i Mnr'|<-ia.; Mad-liae, Mra. Hegmn. ) J hr opin ??i) oirbl 'hia ?Hk, ____ MtiSlc' Al..?J. K MOLTvik, IG John aireet, importer of .Ylnairal Inatramanta ami Italian Stringe, olTere lor aalg'a lii|r aaaorimerit of Vinliua, Buwa, Aeeordtnna. Bum Tall 1,1 j vi,<1 i aalvee, Corae a. Trnot Horna. Tram pete, Kreneh Morn a T?mh riua Kifaa Ouitara, he. he A Ian a pair of IVdel Kattla Urotna. Orrhealm Mu-ie for Theatree and Conrerta, Irom Kreutzer,, l.nmherg. kc., wholaaale and retail. altll*N LVaIRUK TriK AMKKIi'AN |N?T ITUTfc ?The Man JT ageia liaae had eyar line* the commencement of iha Fair, mauf Strong'a Patent Lampa. burning day and night ia their orm atthe entrance ef (Via Warden. ft haa giren gteal aatifaclion and comfort to all wbi hire baan engaged reading or writing, b? ita ihadoalwia light. *tt l>*w RADK A I. I I 'UK OK l I )'< ?. ?, without i iittnig, or tha leaat 8. ShiriarofT from Ht Peierabtwg, of Raa >ia, baa toe honor ro ana<<unce to thr ladiea and intltMa >( Ntw York, aud the public m general tliat ha uaaariaMa to "ompletely eitirnate aoft or hard Crime. nnnioaa, Naile. ead 'aery other herJ aubetence oa m b?t??n iha toaa, withnnt :ultirg, hv manna of an Klitir of hia opto inanition Dr. H. Miiropediar, will giee hia attendance at bta oA??,?J Cbaabeia at.-an oppoaitr the Park. ol9 ill*w B\.NK IlK SALISBURY, Ml) -r> ceuta oa will be paid for Iha Motaa of rbia Bank, if pMMglrf MM >1 No. 21 Liberty atreet, aceond etoty. nit tffria ?tHn> ?riaW*ni a>i)i I HKWAKI. will tie i-ai<l lo tiia tuiaaa wtao took fflAU from ilia corner of Wall aad Crnut ata., oa tha lar September, 1 hoiaa and I trnnka, milked B I.k'.V Y. Mobil*, if le will gira information where ha laft thaw Tha above rnnki nd boiaa wara laft on tha whatf. lo ba ahippad oa board >ftha brig !*?r?h Browa, for Mobila, and wara tabaa fraai ha'a Auy inlotmatioa raa pact tag tha abora ta ba laft at 7} tViMiam at. in tha haaama?t. ollltia*m MKDII Al.OKKK K -DR. JOHNHON, .7 Uu.naatraai, naar Chatham atraat, ao wall knowa aa tha moat aaci-aafnl praatinnnar in Naw Yo?k ia Iba rraatmant of aanarval liiaaaaa. Tha'a rat'utation for akill in th.>aa old liajf i'ad < taaa 'hit h??a anatad for yaart. ia pra-amiuant. Olaat. trielara, aleara upon tha had>. or in tba throat or aoaa, paiaa u tha haad and bonea .] iha laga, affa.'taally rnrad ('nnaritnti^oal waakaaaa, bronglil oa by a aaaral habi! lalulgad in by yoang maj, tionoi draama nod BiahlV amiaaiona, poaitit aly praaanrad. I'arant raaaa aurad in foar laya. withoat merciry. No altaration ia dial, or praaaatio# mmbuatnaaa. uH ll*ra DAGUI RUK.OTYMC PLATK.H-Mlmg off at aoav to eloaa an tuaoica. a lot of anparior i'reach plaiaa, H and Doable Or.Mt, Apply ^>oa. to y OB B,H||<)r, 014 Hi*re U Maidaa Una, up ataira. J

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