Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1847 Page 2
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W f a . t ? m?mmmrnrn i1^ I ?! NEW YORK HERALD. Wow T*rk, WiJmBhy, Oetobcr 90, 1MT. Anotlur Supplemental Rhael. The intelligence from Europe, the description of die celebration yesterday, and the proceedings of the Episcopal Convention, compel us to iasue another supplement this morning. It will contain the continuation of the caae of Mr. and Mr?. Lyndr ; an Interesting artiele relative to Dempster, the vocalist; the Scouting Expeditions of the Texas Rangers ; an account of a revolver for Major Polk ; a let*r from Boston ; Sporting Intelligence ; Law Intelligence ; Police Intelligence ; Brooklyn Intelligence ; miscellaneous items; and several columns of advertisements, which are well worth reading. The supplement is served free to city subscribers. 1 lM Vptacwpal Convention. We have in type a full report of the proceedings of this body yesterday; bur, notwithstanding that we issue * supplement to our regular edition of the Htra'd this morning, the great influx of foreign new#, the report ot the laying of the comer stone of the Washington Monum-m.Jtc . M ,Ma . precludes its insertion in our columns to-day. It will positively appear tomorrow. B??i from Rurope?Continuation of the Cool. mercUU (Umlllwu.Pr?|TM of the Panic. By the arrival of the steamship Cambria, at, Boston, from Liverpool, we have sixteen days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. The news is exceedingly important and interesting, and in a commercial point of view rather of an unfavorable character. So far as W" can judge from the telegraphic despatcnes received trom Boston, there has been no material alteration in the markets. Indian corn has slightly advanced, and an active demand existed just previous to the departure of the steamer. This, in the face of the embarrassments in the London money market, and the numerous failures in the principal markets of England, is indicative of a permanent improvement in prices, and an active demand. We hardly expected such a movement at this early day, after all that has been reported relative to the harvests of k'tipland. Accounts from this country, regarding supplies likely to go forward, have had a very material influence upon prices for breadstuffa in British markets, but the reports which have recently besn made here, relative to reduced receipts and advancing rates must have a favorable effect upon prices in Europe. It appears by advices received by the Cambria, that for some time previous to her departure, the receipts of breadstuff's from the United States had been exceedingly large; this wilPsoon cease; recent shipments from this side have been limited, and our next account from Europe, will tell a different story about this matter. Whatever anticipations have been formed in England, relative to full supplies of breadstuft's from the United States during the winter, they are doomed to disappointment. We shall want nearly every barrel of flour and bushel of grain for our own consumption, that we shall receive from this time to the opening of navigation in the spring. This country is full of produce; the Western States are literally running over; but we cannot get at it; the farmers are holding on to their crops for better prices, and in a few weeks the cold weather will put a veto upon all further transportation from the interior. In the event of the destruction of the potato crop iu Europe being more extensive than anticipated, the demand for Indian corn must be large. That there are many who fear such a result in England, is pretty clearly demonstrated by the improvement in quotations for corn, and the upward tendency of prices of breadstuff* generally at the latest hour on the 5th inst. The annexed quotations show the comparative position of nrirea on the riav nf diMiartnrp nf (lie lust two steamers from Liverpool:? Qcotatiojh roa B*e*DiTtrr? in LiviarooL. Srpt 10, Oct. 6, Per Hihrrnia. Prr C*mbrta. Wastern Flour 28 ? a 30 0 28 0 a 3? fl Awrlw WbMt 7tk 8 9 0 6 i 8 3 Indian Cora 26 0 a 31 6 30 0 a 35 0 Indian M sal 16 0*100 14 On 160 This shows an advance of four shilling* in Indian corn, and the markets closed tirm at the (quotations for other descriptions of breadstuff*, with an upw.rd tendency. This gives some hope for favorable accounts by the next steamer, and those interested will look for her arrival with the most intense anxiety. The Liverpool cotton market continued very much depressed, and very little hope was entertained of any immediate improvement. In view of the condition of the manufacturing classes in Great Britain, we could hardly have expected anythiug diff-rent. It is fortunate for the planters thai the last crop was short, and the one now coming to market is likely to be below an average. It would be well for holders of this staple on this side, to'abandon all hope of any immediate advance in Jprices, and make up their minds to hold on, if possible, for better times. We must encourage our own manufactures in every way, and make up, by our own industry, the deficiency caused by the embarassments and difficulties under which the manufacurers ol Great Britain are laboring. The number ol failures in Great Britain for the fortnight previous to the sailing of the Cambria was large, and the amount of liabilities greater than those of the same number of houses reported by any previous arrival. The annexed list comprises all we have been able to gather from our despatches Failubki in Great Britain. Alison. Cunberlege k Co Glasgow. Armstrong Alfred. Manchester. Athertoo, Wm Liverpool. Burt, Watson k Co Manchester. Broadhnrst. E. M " iMniu, M. L. k Co London. Cosksnll k Co " r.ooper, E. M. k Co Glasgow. Cockborn k Co London. Fry, Orlftth* k Co " Gwest, James k Co Manchester. Glover, r. H " Lyall, Brother* k Co London. Lake, Calrow k Co " Murray J k M Liverpool. McDonald, Alexander k Co London. Porter, Edward k Co Manchester. Phillip*, ftamnel kCo London. Parkin!, Behloeser k Mulllni Parry, E. k P Liverpool. Reader k M liner Manchester Raid, Robertson k Co Glasgow. Roogement k Brother! London. HhawaU, John k Co London. Stocks k Tart Manchester. Steal. H k Co Toaattason, W. k. J ~ W?t?on, Brother* V Co " Many of these house* are engaged 1a the Eaat India trade, and several in the West India trade, and if any, very few and to a limited extent, arc connected with this country. In this particular we are exceedingly fortunate, and can look upon the destruction going on so rapidly in Europe with much more indifference than we otherwise cou.d. With our usual enterprise we shall turn the ruin which has overtaken so many concerns in England, to a good account; step in and secure the trade they have been compelled to abandon, and make it a profitable source of publie and private revenue. The commercial classes of Great Britain must be in a horrible condition. It is astounding what a number of concerns, which have for years been doing an immense business, have been able to sustain their credit and keep above board, when they have been complete shells ; their substance all gone, and even worse?bankrupt for immense amounts. The crisis recently realized in the money markets of Europe, has developed facts ; that may well startle the commercial world. We cannot conceive of a more rotten system of credits, than that which existed f , I in Fogiand lor ? i?ag prerictu to tbe r< cent explofion. The failure of Harmon It Co., some six months since, alarmed many ; but that house wsa not alone; at that time there were hundreds of other houses,standing equally high, resting upon a volcano ot equal magnitude, which baa ' eince burst upon the world with equal effect. , There is, without much doubt, many more left of the some sort, but they cannot stand long the | difficulties which must be pressing so heavily upon them; there must be a clean sweep of theae i insolvent concerns from existence, and the commercial world will be vastly benefitted by it; trade will hereafter be more healthy; credits eatablished upon a sounder basis, aud a more legitimate course be pursued by all engaged in j commercial pursuits. I It is fortunate for this country that these fail, ures occurred at this time; they could not have | taken place at a period when we should have been in a more favorable position. It enables us to j guard against those difficulties which would have been experienced, had our principal exporting season been further advanced, and gives us the power of establishing a system of credits of our own, that will save us against future losses, and place us more independent of Great Britain, and Europe generally, than we have ever yet beer. Brother Jonathan and John Bull will soon change places. Jonathan has been a very dutiful boy, but he cannot be kept in leading strings any longer. We shall see sights, in a few years, that will make the whole of Europe tremble. Akkival of tvk Soutmrnxr?-This fin* steamer arrived this morning from Charleston. She left that port on Saturday last. She is very punctual and regular in her movements. The Fscnch Stc*mer Mis?ouai.?'This fine F rench steamer arrived about 9 o'ol 'Ck yesterday morning, at bar wharf, having laid tha previous night off Sandy Hook, where she was detained on Monday evening by a fag The Missouri left Cherbourg on the 1st Instant at two o'olock, A. M. The Ave first days of her passage were quite farorable.but on the Oth inst. at ion rise, a westerly breeze set In very strong, and la two hours after, the gale beeame so severe that from that moment till the Oth after sun set, she was scarcely able to make more than two hundred miles. The Missouri passed through the gale nobly, reoelvlng no damage save some injuries to her wheal house, and soma ludicrous acoldents, suoh as the cow being snm' marily ejected] from her stall; but little work, however, was made for the carpenter. The oargo brought by the Missouri Is very large. Beside this, Hie bad 101 passengers?90 first cabin, and 71 steerage. The mail bags were also very well filled with tatters and nuwapapers. ins lormar royai mail agent of the Missouri, M. Banste. ha* been changed, and M. De Rouville haa taken bis place. M. de Soais, the chief ateward, haa also left, and his place ia filled by M. Lefobre, to whom we are indebted for our newspapers and the new* from France. The Miaaoori will have bat a few days to remain in New York; she Balls again on the 34th for Havre dlreot; the dork* having been entirely flnlahed, and ready in tutnre toreoelve the transatlantic steamera of Mesar?. Ueroult ft de Handel. We have already mentioned that several arrests took plaee in France, in consequence of the dlaoovery of Irands oommitted in the furnishing of the steamers witn coal. Some custom house officers, who had aided ih .them, were also arrested. Tbls explains the defiolency in coal whloh haa occurred two voyages, and on the present voyage the engineer declares he bad only 800 Instead ef 1000 tons In bis bunkers, and on this account I he did not use as much as be wished, and to this faot attributes their 18 days passage. We annex a oompllmenUrv letter, written by the passengers to Capt. Morln, of th* Missouri, which shows the estimation they bold him in. Steam Shit Mimouh,) October 18, 1947. <, To Captain Morin ; ? Sin: The passengers on the steam ship Missouri, cannot leave the noble vessel you so worthily oommand, without expressing the profound sense they entertain of the merit ol yonr conduct as an offloer and a gentleman. durlnt the nuuie now about to terminate. Voor manly and seamanllke deportment hu Inspired t hum with the most implicit confidence in your capacity m commander, whilst tha courtesy and urbanity of your demeanor baa won their regard for you as a man. In bidding jou farewell, we bog you to aooept this, our heartfelt expression of oar wleh?e for your long and prosperous oarer in the profaaalon yon adorn. We are, with great respect, Your obd't serr'ts, Jamea V. Parker, Mad. C. Parker. J .Maoe, J. B. Wilber, Jr., VVm Poole, Kerd. Lula, Louisa Mace, V. Telesne, J. P. Banjamln, T. Nabonnen, K. Marohalk, J. Besquier, A. Bidaoiy C. Rohmer, A. Koilain. L. Blnoaha, Wm. laelin, 9. M. Bowman, | N. C. Munroe, T. E. M. O'LombaU, J. Swift, E. Lentilhon, W. T. Lewis, T. Prody, B. Rodriguei. Alex Johnston, C. H. Oalioe, E. T. Napier, R. Cabuiac, J. T. Napier, A. Delaporee, J V. Bodlnier, Herman Boker, V. Barsalen, Emilio Rossi, E. Dana, W. 8. Livingston, R Thian, Aug Kreti, 8. Wecer, Mad. E. Parker, M. C Bonnissante. A. C. Perpignan, J. Roras, and others. Pakk Theatrc.?Mile. AuguaU UkM a benefit ftt the Park this evening, on wbiob occasion will be presented the grand bailet of action, in tbree acts, entitled ' Lft Sonnambula,'' in which Mile. Augusta will appear u Theresa Miss Jesseyllne u Gertrude, and Mons. Kred-jriok a? Edward, in whloh will be given the pat de trtii, the pat de dtux, and other dancea. The Augusta Comic Polka and the Spanish Manola will aUo be given. The farce of'1 The Secret," and the oomedy of "Shocking Event*,'' will be played by the company. On Thursday evening Mm*. Anna Bishop ftnd her operfttio and dramatic troupe will appear. Here is entertainment for the i lite, and the patrons of the Park will vndoubt edly come out on the oocaaion of such a bill a* will be presented. Bowaav Theatre.-The new piece, " Yomterey," will be repeated this evening. It will be followed by the performance, of the "Bedouin Arabs," and the comedy of " Bamboozling." If it were neoeasary to fill the largest ' bouse in the city, no better bill ooulil be furnished for the purpose. Chatham thkatrk.--The bill whloh was performed 1 at this theatre last evening, and whloh was reoeived with so muoh applause, will be repeated this evening. It con1 slsts of opera, melo drama, and farce; via. the " Bridge I of Kehl,'' the" Day after the Wedding," and the faroe of ' Torn Out." It will be witnessed by a large hoot*, no doubt. Ch?htt'? have ao frequently culled attention to thin excellent band that we really oen do no more than advise all who are lover* of harmony (and who are not ?) to reeort to Meohanlo's Hall, and listen to ! them. Thli la their third week, and atlll they are orowdi ed nightly. Ethiopian stmnidiii.-The lame story here every 1 evening?foil honaea and great applause. The fast la the way Major Dunbolton regulates his affairs he is certain to sucoeed. The programme Is nightly .varied and so arranged that the beauties of the Ethiopian songs are I presented every evening, To night the celebrated railroad overture will form the finale of the entertainment. Bowxav Ciacus?Am?hith?at*ic.?^To-night will be presented, for the first time, a most raoy and laoghable pleoe, founded on the adventures of Don Quixote and hia SquireSanebo Pania ; all those who have read this Inlmltablework will know how admirably some of the seene> described in it oan bo portrayed. In addition to this. D W. Carroll, the great two bora* rider, and the whole strength of the company, will appear in the feats of the ring. linn, Lent Cc Co.'i Cmous.?TbU ezoeUent company will exhibit at Patenon, Friday and Saturday, j Oct. Wd and 33d ; at Newark, 34th,3Sth, and 37th, and In Jersey City, on the 38th. With Mr. Bands and his talented children, who were so muoh admired In this elty, and the re?t of the equestrian troupe, together with tbe astonishing performances of Cinderella, and the twin and fighting ponies, at, also, the extraordinary novelty, the little steed, Tom Thnmb, 32K inches high, and weighing only 43 pounds, the eitlsens of the above plaoes, will be sure to patronise the proprietors, for the < rich equestrian treat presented for their amusement. Da. CetLrr.a'i Mouci. Aitiiti.-These exhibitor*are decidedly tbe most graceful and Interesting iroupt that we have had among us for some time. The scenes from ] I Taradlse are admirably delineated. Smioe Blitz's time among us Is growing stort. The present Is bis last week, and wo would advise all those who have not as yet witnessed his feat* to do so at onoa. Oknesal Tom Tiilm* continues at the Amerioan Museum a few days longer. His frequent and multiplied exhibitions afford ample opportunity for the legions of his friends to see him before he takes his final leave of New York, and starts South, which he does in a few Jays City Intelligence. Cam op Madame Keitei.l.? The trial of Madame Keetell, alias Caroline Lehman, will bo commenced this morning in the Court af Sessions; and from the Interest manifested by the community at large in whatever appertains to this Individual, tne Court room will doubt, jess be erowded during the progress of tke proceedings IPW I .[III. uummmmmmmmi ' ilLIORAPIIK}, ARRRIVAL OF THX STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA AT ONE WEEK LATER FROM ENGLAND. ADVANCE IN BREAD8TUFF& DECLINE IN OOTTON. rZNAlfOZAL AFFAZ1I. EXTENSIVE FAILURES. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. Ac., dfc., dus. The steamship Cambria, Captain Judkins, ar rived at Boston ai eight o'clock yesterday morning. Sne left Liverpool on the 5th inst. The news from England is one week later than received by the Missouri. It will be seen that the commercial intelli- ' gence is of considerable importance. James Gordon Bennett, Esq., and family are passengers in the C. The following despatch, received by telegraph, was prepared in Liverpool, at the latest moment Tlx* Dctpateb. Liverpool, Oct. 5, 1847, 12 M. j tu corn market. Best Western canal flour from 26s. to 26s. 6d. j per barrel; Richmond and Alexandria, 25s. to 25s. 6d.; Philadelphia and Baltimore, 25s. to 25s. 6d.; New Orleans and Ohio, 22s. to 24s.; j Canadian, 25s. to 26s.; sour,19s. to 21s.; white and mixed wheal, 7s. to 8s. per 70 lbs.; red, 6s. 3d. to 7s. 6d. Oats, per 45 lbs., 2a. 3d. to 2s. 8d.; oatmeal, per 240 lbs., 24s. to 26s.; Indian corn, per quarter, 30s. to 35s-; Indian meal, 14*. to 15s. per bbl; Barley, per 60 lbs., 3s. to 4s; Rye not quoted. The belief entertained at the departure of the . | Idst steamer that the upward tendency then indi- I , cated in this market would be maintained, haa, ' j by the terrific occurrence* of the past fortnight, been wholly dispelled, from a number of causes; i 1 the most startling of which is the unparalleled , derangement of the money market. The price j of breadstutfs has gradually, but steadily, re- 1 trograded?the only article which has preserv- i 1 ed its firmness being Indian corn. A slackened demand has, of course, materially contributed to I this result, but this cause must be regarded as merely temporary. At the London Corn Exchange yesterday, the arrivals of English grain were small, owing to which, and the unusually lar*e attendanoe of purchasers, the demand was ssinewhat active at an advance of from two shillings per quarter upon the previous Monday's quotations. Notwithstanding the large supplies again ^brought forward, an average amouut of business was done, and the market closed firmly. 1 THK COTTON MARKET. New Orleans ordinary to middling 5d a 5jd , per lb.; fair to good fair 6jj a 6.j; good to fine 7j < to 8^; Mobile ordinary to middling 5 to 54; fair , to good fair 6|d; bowed Georgia ordinary to middling 5 to 5jd; fair to good fair 6} to 64, and j fair 6J to 6|; Sea Island ordinary to middling 9d J to 10J; iair to-good fair llfc to 14; good to fair 15 to 18; stained ranges from 6 to 84. The prices of cotton since our last advices have, it will be | 1 observed, seriously receded; a circumstance iudisputably resulting from the aggravated condi- I tion of the money market, and the consequent improbability, save in the rarest instances, of : obtaining accommodation. The universal panic which has seized upon ! 1 He manufacturers, and the total extinction of j every thing like speculative effort in the lower iiualities, particularly the decline, is more se- i vcrely felt, and operations, since the arrival of | the Caledonia, have been of the most limited 1 character. The salea for the week, ending the , 1st instant, were about 21,000 bales; of which 800 only were on speculation, and 2000 for ex- < port. On Saturday, the 2d instant, the Bales were about 3000, and yesterday 4000 were disposed of, all the consumers' speculation being entirely suspended', and the demand being disproportioned to the supply. THE PROVISION MARKET. Beef, prime mess, per tierce of 304 lbs., new, S6s to 92s 6d; ordinary, 75s to 83s; mesa, per barrel of 200 lbs., 46 to 62; ordinary, 40 to 4o; prime, 32 to 36; extra India, family, &c., per tierce of 336 lbs., 100 to 105; per half barrel of 100 lbs., 35 to 40. Pork, prime mess, new, per barrel of 200 lbs., 60 to 67; old, 40 to 50 ; mess, 65 to 70 ; prime, 45 to 50. Bacon, duty free, dried and smoked, old, 30 to 40 per cwt; long middles,free from bone, in salt, 32 to 57s.; rib in 32 to 57; Bhort, free from bone, and rib in do. do. shoulders 25s. to 37s. 6d.; Hams, wmoked, or dried, in canvas, per 100, 40s. to 50s.; in caskn, salt, 25 to 30. oagues, oxen, duty paid per doz., 12 to 18s.; pigs, per 100 wt., 26 to 30s.; cheese, fine, duty paid, per 100 lbs., 52 to 58s.; middling, 42 to 49s.; ordinary, 20 to 40s.; butter, United States fiae, none; lard, fine leaf in kega, per 100, 68 to 60s.; do. in barrels, 55 to 58s.; ordinary to middling, 53s.; interior and grease, 29 to 33s. MISCELLANEOUS MA1KETS. Tallow, duty paid, 45s. to 48s. 6d; Tar, duty free, per bbl , 14s. a 16s ; turpentine, rough, duty j free, per 100, 7s. to 9s. 3d.; rosin, amber and yel- ' low, per 100, 2s. lOd. to Is. 6d.; American not exceeding 3s.; linseed cake, duty free, per ton, ?8 10s. to ?10. Oils?Sperm, duty paid, ?85 to ?87; whale, duty free, per ton, ?26 to ?28 Ashes, U. S. pot, per cwt , *29s. to 30s.; pearls, 34s. to 36s. Rice, Carolina dressed, first quality, 19s. to 22i.; second quality, 18s. to 19s. 6d.; hemp, dew rotted, per ton, ?28 to ?31; hackled ?30 to ?34, Hops in bond, percwt, 40 to 50s; Bark quercitron, New York and Penn'a, per cwt, 9s to 12s. Potash, duty free, per 100 cWt, 2s 9d a 3s 6d; Hides, per cwt., silted dry, 24 to 4^d.; kips, 3J to 4d; tanned oak bark, fifc to 14fed; hemlock, 5d to lid. Tobacco, Virginia leaf faded to stemmed, sound, 2d to 6d per lb ; Kentucky leaf to stemmed, 2j to 5d; manufactured, Id to 9d. Metals?Lead in bond, ?16 10 to ?17 10; Iron, British bar, per ton, ?9 7 6 to ?9 10; rods, ?10 5; hoops, ?11 10; iiheats, ?11 10 to ?11 16; cargo in-Wales bars, ?8 10 to ?8 15; Welsh, pig, ?5 to ?5 5;| Scotch, do, ?3 17 6; tin plates, 30s to 36s per box. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS. The fearful condition of mercantile and monetary affairs recorded in our last summary, and then ^rapidly culminating to a point of distress and derangement rarely reached by the organs of commercial vision, has within the last fortnight become vividly developed in all its disastrous reality. One after another, has failure followed npon failure, each one vibrating i throughout every avenue of trade and industry | in its gloomy consequences, affecting those who I but for their unfortunate connexion with the ' defaulter could have withstood the shock of the commercial storm. Of the numerous causes to which this dreary ! statu of things is assignable, the most palpable appears to be the misregulation of the money j power, a system originating with the Bank of England, and eagerly imitated by all other money , lenders, whereby gold has become too dear to ; buy, and accommodation a phantom. The reflex 1 of a system so fatal to the prosperity of trade has been deeply felt, alike by the merchant and manufacturer, and the attestations of its conse- j quences can be found in harrowing abundance I iu ih' crippled equating* house ?u>i the <i?b<-.n*d factory. The failures during thr past fortnight may be enumerated as follows :? Cockerell k Co., London, ?60,000. Perkins, Schleisserfe Mullens,|?260,000. Fry, Griffiths k Co.; amount oi liabilities not ascertained. Lyall Brothers k Co., ?400,000. Samuel Phillips k Co., ?160,000. Cockburn k Co., M. L. BensusanSc Co., Alex. McDonald & Co., and Jno. Shewell k Co., all of London, whose liabilities also have not been ascertained accurately. In Manchester the failures and stoppages are, Burts, Watson k Co., Alfred Armstrong, James Guest k Co., Stocks k Tait, Edward Potter k Co., Render k Milner, and K. M. Broadhurst. In Liverpool we have to notice the suspension of W- Steel k Co., Lake, Calron k Co., J. k M. Miiovotr W rn Ath*rtnn W a farm 1trnth#?ru Ar Co , W. & J. Tomlinson, and E. & P. Parry, whose liabilities are estimated at upwards of a million sterling. Six or seven houses in Glasgow, including the firm ot Reid, Robertson k Co., have yielded to the pressure, the last named of which chiefly falls on Manchester. An earlier failure, omitted to be noticed, is that of Allison, Comberlege & Co., whose liabilities reach ?600,000 ; and we have also to add the suspension of E. M. Ceoper & Co., and H. H. Glover. During the whole of the past week the Engliah funda underwent a remarkable fluctuation. Thursday waa one of the heaviest days that had been experienced. On Friday it was announced that the Bank of England would, for the present, discontinue altogether its advances on stock and exchequer bills, the rate of which had the day before been raised from 5 to per cent. An intimation was also given, that the rate of discount for first class paper would henceforth be 6i per cent, for bills not having more than fifteen days to run; 6 per cent for bills not over two months date, and 6| for all beyond that period. A decline was the immediate consequence, and the market closed heavily. On Saturday, considerable anxiety was manifested, which gradually wore away towards the close; no failure of any importance being announced. To 2 'clock yesterday matters had been in a very uneasy state. For money, censols commenced at 84(, after which sales were effected at 834 for account; the highest price after opening was 85J, and subsequently 84j. Foreign securities had diminished in value, and a very small amount of business had been transacted. GENERAL INTRLLIQKNCK.

Parliament will be convened on the 14th inst., but not for the despatch of business. The Macedonian frigate, Com. De Kay, was very near being lost off the coast of Scotland on the 14th September. She escaped with loss of ib, fore-topmast, staysail, fore-topsail, and other sails, and with great difficulty reached an anchorage under Arran Island. Subsequent accounts announce her perfect safety. Doctor Wiseman nas arrived from Rome, charged with private despatches for Lord John liussell. The doctor has been permitted to assume the title of Archbishop of Westminster, which is regarded a* the prelude to the establishment of Roman Catholic hierarchy in Kngland. A desperate conflict has taken place in the Malay seas, between H. M. ship Nemises, and ;leven piratical, prahns, in which the latter were defeated with the loss of 300 in killed and wounded. The loss on the part of the British was three men killed, and five wounded. The news by the overland mail from India, ust received, is generally unimportant. Trade was firm at Calcutta, but Hong Kong was altogether at a stand still. Ihere had been some slight disturbances at U&nton, but they were suppressed by the English authorities. Asiatic chplera is making fearful ravages in Uussia, and in consequence of its appearanceiat Warsaw, the Emperor had deterred run visit to Poland?a circumstance not to be regretted by the people of that country. Active preparations are I making in Switzerland ior suppressing the Sunderbon by force of arms. A sanguinary civil war is apprehended from the resolution ?f the latter to resist the Diet. Two cantons alone are prepared with forty thousand men to take the field. Tne news from Italy presents no new feature. The Pope is firm, and the Austrians do not deem inclined to provoke hostilities. The ati'aira of Spain are atill very unsettled. Catalonia continued to be disturbed by the Carlist baads, and the entire line ot the Pyrenees is in a state of blockade. The abstractjof a commercial treaty between Spain and England has been published, but the terms are rejected by th? British government. France is not yet tranquil. Considerable clamor has been raised by the appointment of the Due d'Aumale to the Governor-Generalship ot Algeria. fn Ireland, a strong opposition is made to the p-iymentiof rent andpoor rates, and there appears to be a general movement in favor of the tenantright measure. Father Matthew has declared his intention of visiting the United States early in the ent>uing spring. The reported marriage of the Duke of Wellington and Miss Coutts is contradicted. Miss ('outts, it is stated, amongst her other acts ot munificence and somewhat eccentric benevolence, is founding an asylum tor convicted and punished lelons, who have been thro>vn outcasts un the world. It is announced by the Belfast Northern Whig tnat the Amacos, Capt. Owen, has arrived there, I ...Ian until OfiArt Ko rrpl a r%f flniir ch i nn#?H hv th#? Society of Friends at Philadelphia, tor the use of the destitute Irish. Oct. 5, 2 o'clock, P. M. The corn market displayed considerable, though unlooked lor, activity; and prices, upjto this moment, have a decided tendency to asceud. Some purchases of Western Hour have already been made at 2Hs. per barrel. Wheat is also linn, and Indian com was in demand at an advance. The cotton transactions of this morning are of the most languid character?in short, witnout the slightest disposition to a reaction. The respectable house ol Wm. Maury, which is announced in the Time* to huve suspended payment, did not come to a stand-still. There was merely a suspension of some hours' existence, which has ceased, Mr. MdU'y being now actively engaged in ordiuary operations. Telegraphic Despatch, No. S. Boston, Oet. 19?Night. The following la taken from the London Timet of the Ath Inst. This he* been one of the most extraordinary days ever witnessed in the Stock Exchange, owing to the way In whloh they have been taken by surprise The parties oalled upon to repay loans to the bank npon a a possible renewal of whleb they had calculated up to the 14th Oot. have been compelled to part with stoek and exehsquer bill* at any prioM, ana tbe dealera aeelng their portion, and participating moreover, to con* extant la the panto, bars made their own term*. Henoe at one time,while the qaoutlon of eoniuU for money waa ?3H, the prloe for the aooount waa MJf. the difference being equivalent to the rata of lnteieet of SS per oent. per annum. At the commencement of bunlnoM, the market wore an appearanoe of comparative firmneaa, ConsuU having opened at an advance of a half per cent on the oloelng prloe ot 7 eater day. Bat from 6*%, they dropped almoet Immediately to M)f, whenue they rallied to MX. From thle point, a general demand for money set In, and the preuure gradually increased until the prloe went to 83X Toward* the oloce of the day, however, another rally took place, and they left off at 84 to For the aooount, conaola began at M^ to ?? >?', whence they declined to M)f, the Anal quotation being 84 V, Bnyera. Exchequer Bllla during one portion of the morning were almoet unaaleable. The flrat quotation waa 30a to 10a dlaoount. and they were afterwarda eold at 37a dlaoount In theae, however, aa well aa In ooneola, aome reaction took plaoe, and the laat price waa 30a to 30a dlaoAunt. Bank atoek left off at 190 to 193 ; India atock. 333 to 337, and India bonda SO* to 30a dlaoount At the bank the preaaure for dlaoounta waa extremely heavy. in the oorn market to-day, there waa conalderable firm nee*, and In Kngllah wheat aa advanae of from 3a to la waa obtained The exoltement oauaed bv the urgent demand for money haa been inoreaa?d by two additional failure*, the ttret being thatof Kongemeat, Brotbera, an old eatab llahed houae, whoee llabllltlea ?re auppoeed to be of moderate extent, while the eecond la thatof John Thorn aa, Son k I.a Fever, which will prove extremely aerloua The liabilitle* of thla firm upon aooeptanoeH amount to ?860 000, of which ?160.000 fall due during the preaent month, ?130.000 in November, and ?100,000 in December: and the immediate cauae of the atoppagn la uoderatood to have been the non receipt of expected rem ttaneea from tbelr.houae at St. Peteraburgh By many peraona, however, the bualneM of the houae naa long been n up pored to have been extended beyond the amount warranted by Ita capital. And It li, therefore, feared that the reault will not prove ao favorable aa might have been expectad; It fella moat heavily at Mancheeter.whence the Arm In connexion with Meaara De Jeraey at Co, have been large exportera of cotton twlat to Ht Pateraburgh and Moeoew. Within a recent period they had i errvrted a cotton apinning eetabllahment at 8t Paterabargb, whloh la atated to have oo?t ?00,000, and Uui branch or buiiOMt toinj known to t* om of Uu oatt profitable 1b that city, added considerably to the ooafldeuce of tbaM who regarded the position of the house M a sound om. John Thomas k Co ii the title of th? arm at St. r?tersburgh. Mid It bu two pwtaora. Msasm Maingy ad Korremu, who are unconnected with the house In London. Bat w it Is not expeotad that they bare independent capital to any extent, and : at the present suspension baa been caused by their want 1 of punctuality, there Is little room to hope that the event I may be mitigated by any tbinir that may transpire from that tide, it may be added that notwithstanding the distrust which has been felt In some quarters tba firm hare generally been held in much esteem; : i sinoe. sitting aside tha undue extension of business, to , i whlob wa bar* alluded, they are believed never to have i ' mixed In speculations or any kind. This, however, , rather adds to the apprehensions that may be enter; talned, as to the ultimate liquidation; since there oanbe little doudt that, from the lealing entertained for Mr Le Kever, any reasonable assistance would have been at his eommand, if tba difficulties of bis boos* could bav* been ole*rly shown to be snob, as, by time and good management, might hav* been overcome. Ft'kTHKs Extensive Failure*.?John Alfred Arm- | strong, cotton merchant, Manchester; W Atberton, Merobant. Liverpool; Bensusan merchant, London; I Boyd tc Thomas, London; K. M. Broadhnrst, corn merchant, .Manchester; Burts, Watson tx Co, merchants, Manchester and Leeds ; Cockburn Si Co, army agents \ and bankers, London; Cookburn & Co, wine merchants, London and Oporto; Cookereil k Co ,merchants, London; E M. Cooper It Co., commission merchants, Manchester ; Dalgleish k Co, merchants, Liverpool and Ulasgow; Kry, Urlffltb k Co., indigo and nolenial j broker*. London ; F. H. Glover, foreign merchant, Manchester; James Oueat, ootton spinner. Manches- < ter; Hlftglns, Vincent k Sons,Iron merchants, Liverpool; Lake, Cairo* fc Co., Calentt*, merchants, Liverpool; I Lyall Bros fc Co , East India merchant*, London; A. Mo- ! Donald 8c Co., saltpetre manufacturers, London; MeGrcgor, Brownrlgg fc Co., merobants. Glasgow ; Wm. Maury, American merchant, Liverpool, resumed payment again yesterday ; Mllloway k Margin, eattle dealers, Dublin; T. fc H. Murrray, West and East India, Liverpool; E. P. Parry, wholesale grooer, Liverpool; Perkins. Schlusser fc Mullens, merobants, London; Edward Potter fc Co , agents and yarn dealers, Manchester ; Iteld, Robinson fc Co, merobants, Glasgow; Ridehalgh k Co . worsted spinners, Halifax ; Render fc MUner, agents and yarn dealers, Manchester ; Rouqemont Brothers, merobants, London; Samuel fc Phillips, East India agents, London ; John Sherrall fc Son, money dealers, London ; W Steel fc Co . merobants, Liverpool: Stocks fc Tait, bleachers, Manchester ; W. Jt T. Tomilnson, corn merobants. Liverpool; Watson, Brothers fc Co , merchants, Liverpool; Watson, Eller fc Co , merchant*, Manchester ; Watson, MoKnlght fc Co , merchants, Edinburgh ; Wilson, Nash fc Co., morchants, Liverpool; Wilson fc Ebor, Manchester. Conn Exchange. Monday, Oct A?The arrivals during last week continued Urge, of wbeat and oats from abroad, but the supplies of flonr fell off considerably There was a fair business done on the several market days, although no improvement on Monday's decline This morning the supply fresh up was good, of English wheat, and short of other grain, if we exeept beans. The millers purchased freely, both the Essex and Kentish samples, at an improvement of fully % to 3s. per quarter, over the rates of this day week. Telegraphic Despatch, No. 3. Shipping Intelligence. Pssssngsrs Arrlvsd. Littarooi.?Steam.hip Cambria, at Boston?Mr and Mrs Blake andseivant: Mr Hicks, lad/ and servant; Mr K'jgers, lady and servant; Mr Chai wick and ladv; Mr J G Bennett, lady, child and nurse: Mr Leacrotc. lady anil family; Mr Billings aud lady; Mr Glenuv and lady; Mrs ganstcad; Misses jitii1. iibmiii), i inuc, a uuuipauu, urreu iqu mtiu; ncT ur Scoready: Rer Dr Theodore Clapp; Her Mr Atkiuson; tter Mr Campbell; Professor Gibson; Major Kgerton; Surgeou Anderson; Captain Itatnsay: Meun Bauersby, Council, McDowali, Graham. Howard, Waldeu, Thierinan. Hoffman, ? K Bill, J C Burnhain and lerrtut. Blanchard, Lrapman, Wheelwright, C K liieen. Wilmot. Johnion, Hopley, Durkiu, Brgorren, A P Haulord. Alex Walker, H H Williams, Auibroae, Lin ear, Hchermerhoru, Paul Chandrow, Thoma* LMion, Uueat, Kouch, Constable, J Drummoud, Brad.ord, K L Loyd, Louis Valz, C T Moray, Robt Mare. Caleb Barstjw. Herkeuraih and'riend, Chadwick and friend, Sigourney, W H Btoddart. R W Hamilton, Alex Gordon Win Gordon. KerKuaon. Prehn, J L Green. Abbott, Jaa Edwarda, A declare, A Hollmd, W Btyliea, D P Barhydt. J M Eason, Forbes. Dixon, Theo Metcalr, ? Coatea, A Coatee, W Laird, J G Ravenal, J H Simpson, C C Thompson, La Brnere, J H Hower, Hiuiliall, E Cachard, James Broom, Andrewa, Koaa, McHenry, W Quirk, A Kingatou, it, vans. Da Blaynife, Palmer, Riare ?118. Krom Halifax to Boston?Maura Gliddon, Barbonr, Cunningham, Halibartou, O Frazee, Doct King, Wm Claers, McAuliffe?I. Npokan. July 2, lat 7 62 8, isu 10} 37 E, chip Concordia, Stepheunsu, i Liverpool for Manilla. Aug JO, lat 27 30. Ion 36 37, ship Sea Witch, Waterman, New 1 York for Cantou, (Aug 14.) Foreign Importations. Lofinua, Oct 4? Entered inwarda, Westminster, Hovey, N York; 2, Herfordshire, iwtlmrds-n. do; Sept 28, Uladiator, Banting, do;<3, Lady Peel, Pickering, do; Diana, Pugh, do; 22, Friendship. Loriiner, Enimanidaa, Limbert, and Hrederica Front, Cordes, do; 21. Alabama, ?, N Orleans;-20, American Eagle, Chadwick; Victoria, Wellington; Sir Kobt Peel, Chadwick, and Isabella, Giveen, do; "Hermanit," do; Junior, Harrington, do Lircarooi., Oct 5?Arr, St Petersburg, Howard, N Orleans; 3d, ship Mariana. Roblnaou. New Orleans; Westphalia, do; lac. Murcia, rrmce, do; 90th September, Tarqaiu. Kexrdou. : New York; 19 h. Pandora, Bi?aon, New Orleana; Qureu of the lalea, New York; Milton, Gotham, Boaton: 2>th, Caiedo- i uia, Savannah; ?7ih. Amelia a d Mary, Lang, New Yark, via Cork; 26th, Liverpool, Eldridge do; 25th, Columbia, Kurber, do; Henry Lee Yerrv, New Orleans; Rainbow, Lambert, Virgiuia; 23d, Buiquehann h.Turley, Philadelphia:Libe.ty, Norton, New York; Middona. Cobb do; Adilaud. Hubbard, Savannah, via New York; 19th. Volaut, do; aid, Oct 3d, Lapland, Simpaon, New Ur'eana 2nd, Leomdaa, Cou ce, do; CMneral Washington, Lvwe' Baltimore; Verona, Boaa, i^ew York: Jane. Olassin, do; AMitv, Bray, Boston. lat, Trenton, Mauaon, N Orleaoa; Yorluhire, Bailey, N Y' rk: Jumatta, Blanchard, Boaton. 30th, Hebron, B-ker, do; Pharsalia, Alleu, N Orleana; France, Pace*, do. 29th, J. Q. L'oatar, Leroy, do; Prince de Joinvelle, Lawrence, Coatou; Weac Point, Allen, Boaton 21th Harkaway, Percivalf Mon month, Torry. ana Claiborne, Burgeaa, NOrleana ; Scot'and, Mills, Mobile; Kob Boy, D'ummond, (Norfolk ; 27th. Del woe. Patten, and Cairo, Childs, Nurlmua ; Bepuhlir. Blevins, N York: Alliance, Rob'nson, Charleston; 26th, Tallyrand, Welb; Parthrn n, Woodbu'V. and Kemilttnce. Marshall, NOrleans; iviagnolia. Grey, Mobile; fe.dwin, Hayden, (Savannah; Oen Taylor, Kedman. Philadelphia; Thomas Dickerann, Latham, New York: Metoka McOinre, do: 24th, Ashburt >n. Howland. and Manchester, Tyler, do ; 23-i, Charles. Wedge. Baltimore; Clinton, Hmith, Mobile; Kloridian, NYork: 22d, Atlantic, K'; Mary Ann, Boaton; 2lat, Kate, lluut'r, 1'trsoua. NYork: Condor, Whiting, aud Ann Hood, Whiting, Rio Janeiro; Atlantic, NO; Martha Charleston; Manchester, B-<lt; Louisa Bliss, Creighton,and North Star, Wvlie, Philadelphia; Hannah Thornton, Choate; Mortimer Livingston, B rstow; Isaac Wright, Marshall, and Nicholas Biddle, Knight, New Yoik; Brew.ter, Luicolu; c'unbeim, Winsor, and Strah and Loniaa, miow, Boaton; 19. Columbian*, Mallet; Rotrios, Kid ridge,and Far West, Braird, New York; Arabella, Kice, Boston; Oct 3, Th acian, Rocm, do. >kal, Oct 3?in Jefferson, Morgan, London, for New York; "l Bambler, Baxter, London, aud aid for culn; 1 Pev louia. Brown. New Y??k; sept 28. Loniae, Getts, do aid for U.mkn^h. U H.liimr.? .-.I -U f.~. / - tad; Sliakrspenre, Pinter, KIimIiidb, and sld for New Yora; Lrvaut, Turey, Lindon. for Philadelphia; Richard (Jobdeu, Barrel, do for New York: 23 Montreal, Dixey, litemen for N York; 20 Oiaoa, 'uijh New York, (or Londou; 19th, York, Milton, New Orleana for London Portsmouth, Bept 27-?'rirce Albert, Meye', London for NYork; 23d, Mavaretr, Kvans, Tinker, do, aid fordo. Dunuannei, 8ept 26?Off ship Hudaon, Hohorat, NYork for Bremen'tii, Sept 21?Arr Flitaheth, Burna, NYork for Amsterdam. Iraky ami wilh loss of boauand wa'er cask*. Bhiitoi., Sept 29?Sid A Cooper, Cutta, NYork. Glostkr, Sept 23?Arr Swan, Kobertaon, New York for Cork, Clydi:, Sept2i?Arr Queen, Gibbons, NYork: 2lth,Brookaly McKwen. do; 20tb, Sail r, Grouen, do. Sid llih, Hudeon, Doane, do; 17th, Acio-, Hagictt, do. Aldhoro, 1?pt Zt? Off, Raritau, Bremen, for NYork. Cork. Sept 27?Arr Oeeamoa. Strppiua. New York; 27d, "Ledi,"do; Nautilus, ?lrxn>dtia from Liverpool for Portlaud, leaky; Shamrock, NYo.k; 19<h, Satisfaction, Scott, do; Apthorp, Blake, do aud aid for the Clyde. Bid 2Bth, Bach, Me11 ?ans, N York. Belfast. Sept 20?Arr Caroline F.llis, NYork. Dt'OLin, Sept 17?Arr Vlary Phillips, Pratt, NYork.' vJalway. Sent 2'?S'd Commerce, Halliday, Nkork; l?th, Ialam Shanklaml, Phi adelphia. .. Blioo. Sent 27?aid Auiole.m, Martin, NYork; 34th, arr Sussex, Alhee. N I ork Kibiii'ik, "ept 21?An Albion, Broche NYoik ria Belfait; Oce mui. Weston, Hichmoi d rm < ork. F.lsinore, Sept 26? Arr "Bar," Boston fo' CroniU'l; 22d fcmira, The>?pe, Stockholm for NV? k; 17th. Ked,-i>u, Howe*, ''haileaton for Crouatid; Creole, Bayaen, NYork forSlettn; IVh, W?ban, Barilett, Croustad for Bordeaux; 11th. Lion Henry, do for do; 10th. Arkansas, Larrbee. do for do; 8rboois, Thoinpaon, StC-o,x (or Copenhagen; Marion, Cionatad for fr York Sauoor, June 19? Sid ba'k Talisman, Fomera, NYork. Cape Good Hope. Jn'v 2V?Sld Roanoke ?, Boaton Sydney. 8 VV, July 26?Sid May Flower, United States, (since repor'ed sld from Kio Janeiro for home ) HaMiRT Tnwm. Anril 22? SM Richmond. Kills ftnntli H#? fiihcy. Calcutta, July 31?In port ship Thnmae B Wale?,Thoma?; Delhi, b-rry; Leonore, Dale, loading for Boiinn. Homo Koto, Jane #? Arr ?hip Chieora, Baker, Boiton, (Jan 30th.) 2Ut, ahip Halcna, kyte. London; 2?th. aehr Augloia, Amory: July 7th. Montreal, Lovett, Oahu. SI; 13th, Satan Drew, Putnam, Manilla; Montauk, McMiehael, New York, > March 2? ) Bid June Id, Bombay, Carter, Manilla; 7-h, bark Coquette. ??, Shanghai Jahip Helena, Eyre, Maliilli: 26th, ach D n Joan.?. Wootong. In port, July 2ltli, Drew, Putuam; Montreal, Lovett; Monuuk, Mccbael, une Cumsiwomoon, Jnly 7?Sid aehr Auglono, ??, Wooiung. In "on atoie ship B-ie*. Wooiuro. Jnly 6? Sid irh Angloti", Hoof K>ng. May 20th; D'rt , do. la po't. store ahip tireat B"t?in Macao, Jaly 4? arr Franc W hitney. Fiik, Bombay; ltih, Cla end >n, Eaalerbrook, Liverpool. Hid May XVh. ahip An5ello. Maatinga. Anorv; Jnn? 17th. Franeii Whitney, Fi-li o In ror irh Anglona, and Don Juan. WHiMrOA, Jul" II?ArrClarendon, fctaterb-ook Liverpool. June 22d, *nel K'ng, Liverpool. Sid Inly 6 h, ship Ariel, King, N*?'k In poit July M h, Angello, Haatmg<; Fiancn Whitney, Fiak, one. Mai'ritci, Jane 20?Arr bark Brifhton, Whitney, New York. ('rohitadt. Bert 24?Arr Saliibury, Colby. Havana; 23. Kedvoo, Howei, Ch\r|eaton; 17, Ovaodo, Hardiug. Trinidad. 8winiMtri?D* Sept 21?Arr Creole. Bayea?u. N York. TriKL, Bert 3?Arr Fmil, Papeutum, N Yoik, yia Cowea; 3# "Tea. Land, d?, via Coik Havrr?Bee under (eueral ihip newa head Cadi*. Sept 16?Arr Levere ti. Green, Machine, via Madei'a; 13. Chirlotte Reed, Orav, New Orleans and Vigo; South Caroms, Owen, do do. Gibraltar, Sept 16?Arr Klicabeth, Jonei, Baltimore; li. Henry, Dawei. Malaga, and aid 15 for Philadelphia (p-evionaIv reported for New VoikJ.i. Ba'timore. (J,II. Boiton, and Id' for Malaga; J, Albert Fearing Backinan. Philadelphia Manilla, June g? Arr brig Samoa Keiree ntanda; 12, ihip Bombay, Carter, Hong Knng; May 2r Hubert Pulaford, CaldJ, . ? "nd aalled June 23 for N Yoik. Sid Ma> 26 Roht Fnlrnn, I)ivia N York. Bo 'i hay, June 21?Sid, brm K -gle, , China Bkniial. \u. in? Slit b.rk Taliaman S me?. y Yoik. Mai.aria, Seiit l.t? Arr Onlnare, Di dge N York via Madeira 12. Vlnrri.i W Urett T unHy N t ork Trikith, S?rt 9?Arr Quinnehang, Matanzai; 7, Stambou , Kenriek, Boiton. ORffOA.Hepc 16?Are Edward Everett, Knnwle*, N Orleana 10. Sahbataa. Steveua. do Madki*a, Sept 4?Arr ""ornaf, Leeda, N York. 27, aid, Kathleen Urebert Rio Janeir i. Punarta May 2*?Arr ahip J N Ooeiler, Fairfowl. London In iiort, July 31, Aldeharou Viacom Amov, June 21 Arr Angello, Hastings, Hong Kong; July 2J,in port ClaiMtdnn, Kasierhrooke SinnapoRR J?"e 4?Arr brig Antelope. Waiki'ia, Mac jo, and aid lame day for Cakut a; 21 at, CI <rendon., Liverpool. A?g26, aid, < aroliue Penng; Jane 4. p ancu Whitney, Fnk. ?moy In port, Aug 5, ahip J N Ootalet, Faiifonl; ahip Clarendon, F.aaterbrouR. 8mf Herrt Pratt, for Mobile, returned to Liverpool on the 2!d. having been in ei ntaet with L.e Monterey, from New York, with bowaprit iprung. Bare Nautilus Alevande', f'om Liverpool lor Portland, Main*, pat into Cork na the >Sd leaky. Tut EAraL?. Wataoo; f<om Charleaton far Cronatad', pnt into Montrose eu the 24th laps leaky in ilium m iihjiiijwii WH ARRIVAL or THE STEAMSHIP MISSOURI, FROM CHERBOURG, FRANCE. ELEVEN DATS LATER PROM EUROPE. MORE FAILURES IN ENGLAND. STATE OF THE MARKETS. TIIE CONDITION OP THE POTATO CROP. rne ueportea weam or the Hon. Alexairier H. Everett, the American Minister to China* SPECIAL DESPATCHES FROM PARIS, HAL)KID, ATHENS. BERNG, ROME, AND CONSTANTINOPLE, TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. 4e. die. die The French mail steam ship Missouri, Capt Morin, arrived early yesterday morning from Cherbourg, France, whence she sailed on the 1st instant. Tne intelligence by her ia eleven days later than that previously received. It is very interesting to the commercial community. There have b?en several more extensive failures in England. Among the number we notice the name of Cockerell k Co. for a very large sum. The most painful intelligence by this steamer is the death of the Hon. Alexander H. Everett, the American Commissioner to Chin a. He died in Canton on the 29th of June. He had only arrived in that city a few days, with his family 1'h.iiuud, iu mivc |>ua?cBBiuu ui a new nouae. There i9 little or no news from Portugal. Our last arrivals from Italy bring no news ot importance, though they make known the cause of the riot which recently took place at Bologna. The commotion, it appears, arose out of the nomination of the officers of the National Guard. Marshal Soult has been nominated MarshalGeneral of France. The Fomtnto of Barcelona, of the 19th, pretends that negotiations for a commercial treaty between Spain and England are so far advanced that the draft of a treaty has been drawn up. It has been aanounced that many of the Russian foreign diplomatists have been called to St. Petersburg. We now learn that the Prince of Prussia will also proceed to that capital immediately on his return from the Rhine. This warrant! a belief that some affairs of importance are about to be diecuused at St. Petersburg. Almost whatever interest attaches to the contents of the Overland Mail just arrived, with dates from China to the 29th of July, belongs to the intelligence from beyond the Straits of Malacca. In China everything appearB to be assuming an unsatisfactory aspect. Sir John Davis obviously understands neither whit is due to Great Britain nor to China, but persists in a course which we know not how to designate with courtesy. The Madrid journals of the 23d, are received. The semi-official journal the Correo, referring to some observations made by the progreti$ta journals on the stay of General Narvaez at Madrid, says that his non-return to Paris must in nowise be considered as showing a want of loyalty and obedience to her Majesty. Madame Albert&zzi, the favorite vocalist, died at her residence in St. John's Wood, aged 85. tier health, which had been declining for a long lime, ended in a rapid consumption. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. Prance. Paait, Sept. 39, 1M7. Kditoh or the N. Y. HrRAi.n:? The ?UU of thi* capital, and the polltleal attitude of the Cabinet of tha TulLlerles, remain, absolutely what they were at tha data of our last despatches M. Gul zoi, woo dm ao long n?ia tne office or minister of foreign affair*, now take*, in addition, the title of president of the oonnell, which U the chief of the ministry, or premier, as it is calKd This event has created little interest and no surprise Marshal Soult, who has, for so many years held the offlec of President, rendered it a sinecure. He scarcely ever attended a meeting of the Cabinet, and mingled little in polities of late years. Ha was, therefore, only the nominal ohief of the ministry, its real head being If. Onicot. Now, M. Ouisot is, as Indeed he ought to be, both nominal and real head of the cabinet. Marshal Soult, who la In his 80th year, retire* to pass his latter days in repose, having acquired a considerable fortune, wbloh, with his title, he leaves to his eldest son, the Marquis of Oalmatla, who has figured In diplomacy. Another of the Marshals of the Empire 1* dead within the last two weeks Marshal Oudlno'. Duke of lteggio. held an illustrious plaoe in the war>[,ii? annals of the RwpubUo, the oonsulate and the e7,p|ra He held the offloe,during his latter days, of Govrrnor of the Hotel des Invaltdes, where he died. His funeral Is about to be solemnized with the greatest pom', His remains will be deposited beside those of h) a illustrious master, Napoleon. In the vaults of the Cha'pd of the Invalides, ana bis statue Is ordered to b? placed in the historic gallery of Versailles. Sic tranr ,t gloria mundi. A considerable sensation and a sb?Vp polemic a'aong tbr journals have been produoed bv the nomination of the Duke D'Aumale, the third t'urviving son of Louis Philippe, to the post Of Governor General of the French colony In AMoa. The opposition, of every shade, is up ,u viii? bun ?|i|iuiui*luvui, u Deing moat iinpohi tic nod unconstitutional Impolitic It U, because It deprivta the army of one of the prises to wbioh it* distinguished offlnatB would naturally look, and oontera on a boy of Ave and twenty, what should be the reward of yeara of meritorloua eervioe and hard fought oampalgoB. Unconstitutional it ) held to be, becauiie one ao uear the throne aa a aon of the sovereign, oan never be made practically responsible to the State for bia admlolatration of tne oniony. The practice of England la appealed to, where the princes of the blood are not advauoed to high and reeponalble atatlona It is true the case of the Duke of York may be mentioned, but it la exceptional, and net at <Ul likely to be tolerated again. The reform movement goes on In the departments*, Banquets are given In all the ohief plaoes, where the lo telligence and respectability of the oountry collect in | large numbers. Speeches are apoken and toastq <rank, and all the uaual popular manlfeatations mad*, it u a atrong mark of the great unpopularity ol Lo'^jg Philippe that his health has not been drank at any 0f these meetings, nor, indeed, has his name, or 0t hi* ramiij been ia any maaiier referred to. Tb'j satreugmeat be twsin Krance and England, cou*?^4?nt on th? intrigue wbtoh brought about the .lleiHptnsirr marriage, atlll comlnuts; uor la It likely to ov'u. ao longaa the present I cabinet continues In offloe. Anything which would force out M. Uuisot wt^ald neersaarily bring in M. Thien and hla frlenda^ and then better and more cordial undemanding >',?twe*n the two governmenta would necessarily ensue But at the present moment there is no indication of any such change, nor does it all seem likely, until something shall arise In the dUcuaelona which must loUow the opening of the chambers In January. The dnanclal ditloultlea are aerious, and rendered more ao by the recent commercial disasters in England Heourltiee of every description have been declining ou the Bourse, and according aa the approaohiog loan of ' 3a0.0U0.0lH) of Irenes shall be nenotiai.?d anrt th- -??-> thereby created throwu from weak to week upon tlra market, the date of thiiga muit neceaaarlly be wore*. Kt iy expedient 1* reported to to mitigate the rffioti rf thin; but alt will be ?alu Turn it M you will 70 iri><i,000 of doluiV worth of atock brought upou the market, uiUHt Huh * srrloun decline, and. perhaps, even a panic The uuMttli d (tale of the political atUlr* of Spain. and lb* geueral ffferTeSoence of the Italian pentuaula. aggravate theM effect*. lUlf. Romk, Sept tJOlb, 1*47 Coitok or the N. Y. Hmald? The entire Italian peninsular from the ridge of the Alpa to the lowest capa of Calabria aud Sicily, la la a atate of efferveaoence. The tide of political progress haa aet la. and human power cannot atop it. It haa cftm menced with the head of the large majority of the Christian church Its flnt mover, therefore, wields the thunder* of heaven aa well aa the power* of earth. Ha reigna over the material power* of his own State*, and orer the aplrltal power*ot almoat all others The popular principle I* Incorporated with the religious, and men1* wills go band In hand with their conaeleneer A more formidable combination of power cannot well be lmagin I