Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 21, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 21, 1847 Page 1
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mm ? TH] Vol. XIH. No. U8S_Whole No. 4885. ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE RECEIVED BY THE CAMBRIA, AT BOSTON# The famous Rati I re of ContreriUi and C'huruhu-co, In an EnglUH point of view. (From th? I.ondom Tittle*, Sept. 30 ] H hail b??n anticipated that th<s acoounta from the United States end the seat of war in Mextoo, which hare Ju*t reanbed u? by the Caledonia steamer, would put an enl to th? l"n(t period of ruapenre and/perilous inaotlvity iu whlnh On. Scott'? army hu pasted several weeks, and would pr<>bnbly announce either the entry of that G-neral into th< Mexican capital, or the discomfiture of nis Fonnty forces. 'J be Intelligence, which will be found lti knottier column, bear* much more resemblance to the Utter tban to th? former of these alternatives Although the American Journils record another vietory, they acknowledge that the honors of the day were disputed with great resolution by the Mexican army. They publish a list of ofiloera killed and wounded, whloh shows the extreme severity of tho action; and above all, they announce an armistice proponed, not by the Mexioans, but by (.Sen Scott himself This last ol'cumstanoe demmstates that, although tho spirit and firmness of the little American army eventually prevailed over the numbers and the field fortifications of the en^my, they were not In a condition to take any political advnnt.iwe of the contest, though they remained masters of tho field. Indeed, considering tlielr feeble numbers, the immense difficulties of transport, and the iinperfeot organization of their suppll?s. whioh have prevailed throughout the war, it Is evident that C.000 mun Isolated In the heart of a hostile couutry. decimated by fatigue, fever, and actual fighting, and out off from reinforcements by the conditions ot t his arralatico. are muoh more likely to capitulate to the enemy they iiave Insulted and despised than to hoist th* Ameriian flag on the towers of the oity of Mextoo. Ths moral effect of a decisive action and a tremendous dM>st might, indeed, have paralyzed the Mexicans, and Induced thorn to accept the terms they had hitherto rejected; hut, if the prrticulars are to be believed which reach us through Amerlaan channels, the battles of Coo? treras and Cherubusco are more likely to raise the confidence of the Mexicans than to destroy all faith la their cause or their commanders. The Mexiuan Generals are siild to have taxen up a very strong position, on which they had concentrated a large amount of artillery, within sight of the capital. These batteries of 8t. Augustine and 8t Antonio ware served with great activity and effect, and their fire was especially directed against the position which was occupied by General Wortu and his corps. On the 10th of Augustan attack was made by the Americans on these points,which, as may he inferred trom our accounts, was altogether unsuccessful. The American field batteries ware goon silenced by the heavier guns of the enemy, and weobserved that the loss of officer* la the artillery corps was unusually great. Kor slxhoui-b this terrific cannonade lasted, and at the close of the day General Scott and General Twiggs retired, completely exhausted,not anticipating the great strength ui iu? wur&n ui cue uuwuiy. uio irwupa wvru uougaa u> bivuuao on a tempestuous night, whloh must ill have prepared them for a renewal of such a battle on the morrow. Oa the morrow, however, the itate of things seem* suddenly to hare changed. Karly la the morning of the 'iOth, the position of Valenola, at Contraras, had been attacked by General Smith with complete fuooess ; and upon the precipitate retreat ol the Mexioans irom this point, General Worth fell baok on San Antonio. A second most severe engagement took plwo, which lasted some hours, until the Mexican troops retired in disorder upon the oity, leaving their heavy guns and a large number of prisoners In the hands of the invading army. The foroes of the Mtxioans in these actions arc stated to have been at least three times as numerous as those of General Scott's army; and although defeated to a certain extent, it is probable that the Mexican generals have still a body of men under their command sufficient to repel any open attack on the city In fact, having arrived under the wall* of Mexloo by dint of extraordinary perseverance and hard lighting, it is by no means clear that General Scott is nearer the grand nbjeot ot his gallant efforts than when he started from Vera Cruz; whilst, on the other hand, it ia evident to the merest tyro in military affairs, that an army of <1.000 men, at such a distance from its base, and so Inadequately supportml from home, is in reality, in a position ot great peril. Conferences for the negotiation of peace have, it is s?id, been opened, the alternatfcvo being another batt.le of a still more perilous character than the last: for It must be bserved, that In Gen Scott's present position the least reverse must be annihilation. He has *hno!*tely no rntraat. We should, therefore, not be sur?>rlseii te learn that he is willing to oonolude a peaoe on rrmt by no means flattering to the vanity of the United States But the moment we arrive at this point we are met by various political considerations, peculiar to the Institutions of the United States, which reudsr the solution of the question extremely romplioated.? Mr Polk undertook this war on his own account, and it has proved to be the principal affair of his Presi uruoy i u? simoiiuaii ui miiiurT kafitniura ua lae SrHe of military success have Induo'ed the people of the sited tttatea to endorse bis bills and to recruit his armies; and we have accordingly seen the Cbief Maglstrine ut wntrt wae once tfie model of paclflo governments Indulging Uiuiself la tb? royal luxury of a bloody war All this may be ol soma temporary advantage to Mr Polk and hie adherents; but they must be well aware that advantages eo dearly bought by the nation will piove fatal to those who have speculated In them, unless the burdeus ot the war oan be terminated with this oampaWn, an.l unless this campaign can be dosed with sn amount of success sufficient to screen the enormous injuscioeof the invasion. In thepresent state of public opinion in ihe world, wr should have thought it ertraordinary 1/ the most absolute ?f European sovereigns had dar'd to embark in tuth a war; but that a man, temporanly invrttud with a limited power like that of the l'resi dtnt of the United States, should, by hit own will and jd'miure, have plunged hie country into sueh a series oj < mbm ran immti, is, without exception, the most extraordinary event which has ever occurred in the history of any modern republic The sequel will show whether the mere pres'igr of military achievements Is auflloient to overthrow all the prlnoiples on which the constitution of the United States is professed to be founded; and ven In this affair of the armistioe and the alleged > egmiation for peace wo shall be cnrious to learn bow far O n>ral Scott's oonduct will be approved and supported by his government, whioh no doubt anticipated a mora brilliant result from the march to Mexico. Miscellaneous The Spanish ministry is now settled. M. Qoyona, M in inter of Justice, Is President of the Counoil, and M. I Costntar. belonging to the radloal moderated party, has been el>ot*'l Minister of Foreign relations This cabinet Is. we think, hut a transitory affair; for we have already heard rumors of aDOther ministerial crisis. (Jen. MarT*?r. is vlwayB at Madrid. It is certain that the King of Naples is on the eve of making concessions. It is said that he will grant a general amnesty. The Pope has made an arrangement with the Austrian government, on the subjeot ol FVrrara. The Austrian Lruuyn wm art-p tueir garnnon, ana me post nouses in the oity will be occupied by the Pope's army. . Such U the warlike enthusiasm now exhibiting at Home, that in any lad leu of the highest rank employ their time in embroidering scarfs, which are given as prizes to the best markxinen in th? National Uuard. Mr Blunder* United St?tes representative at Madrid, has arrived at Bayonne. on his way to that oapltal. Mr MaoauUy. the American consul at Tripoli, h*s arrived at Malta by the French steamer Cerbers. The American Minister and Mrs. Bancroft returned to baton square on Tuesday evening from the Continent Letters irum Rome of the 30th nit. announce that Frlnce Luolen Bonrparte bad been arrested on his retarn to that capital. DErntciATio* ok Railway PRorEiiTV.? From a oal. ouUtioa of tifty ol the priucipal railway lines the oom parison shews the subjoined facts :? Value of fifty lints of railroad, at the.quoted price of their stock, on Jan :i 1847 ?59,667,000 Total oalls ou the above since January 13,639,000 ?73,086,000 Value of the same stock, including the above 0*110. computed at the share list prices of Saturday, September 11, 1847 67.88 ( 000 Depreciation ?16 30? 000 OaiTCiHT ?Died, on the 39th June, at Canton, the lion. A. E. Everett, Commissioner from the United Sta'ej to China The funeral solemnities took place at 8 o'clock I'. M the following ility. attended by nearly the entire foreign community The Rev. P. Parker officiated on the occasion. After the reading of an appropriate portion of scripture and prayer, the remains were conveyed to the placa of interment, Dane's Island, Whampoa. by the steamer Cortalr. accompanied by most of the Ainer.oin and several of the Kuglish community, and t>31cers belonging to II C steamer Pluto. Captain Alray hiTlnK. with kind consideration, provided seamen from that vessnl to convey the body to the grave. At Whampou the procession was joined by a detachment of armed men, sent by the French Commodore Laplerre, under the direction or commandant M Llviere (to esoort it, and render military honor* to the remain* of the deceased.) and by a tr?tn of boat* from the English, Amerlom, aud other vesH?l?. 'I'tau flags at half mut. and minute gun* Iron the French frigate La Olore. the flag ship of Commodore Lanlerre, conspired to mark the Interest and Ctolemnity of the occasion Died, on the 7th July, at Canton, the H? Samuel Cornelius Clopton. missionary frem the Foreign Board of the Southern Unpttst Convention, U. M. A , after an illness of fover of about ten day*, aged 31 yearn. Th? tiurni'i Rctchi rno>i Hcoti.aho.?Her Ma* Jeety has returned frem Scotland. and Is once agritn lo eated at Osborne House. Khe left Ardverekie Lodge on the 17th ultimo, aod on the night of the Iflth anchored In the harbor of Campbelton On the 10th her Majesty was bold enough to venture from Campbelton, but a lengthens! distance eould not be accomplished, and the royal squadron sought refuge In the small bay ot Galloway. where It remained during the night of the 19th.? The sea was exceedingly rough and unpleasant, not tnited to trie travelling endurances of some member* of the rrysl party On the UOth the squadron once more got under way, and taking the rjulekest and beat route, in weather not of the calmeet nature, arrived at Fleetwood at ik little after seven o'cloik, a tn , and there the vessels remained for the night Home members of the natte and others lsnded, but the royal party remained on hoard At this place the most extensive preparations were rnada .or the receptlou of the reyal party, so gr. at w*;i the anxiety of the people of the surrounding towns In Yorkshire end Lanehashlre to catch a gllmpst- of the ?overel?n whose presence In any part of her dominion* ever bailed with ?o mueh delight At an early hoor < n the aift the r'>ing to*n cf Fleetwood pi es?nted itat? if 9*mmctteo *bl?b It #?*? vifor? sanlblttd, ud tre E NE' NEV nine o'olook approached It waa completely filled ; all the tttdum leading to ths landing place particularly bo but order waa preserved by a large body of the county police, whom purpose, Indeed, every one seemed willing to second. Hhortly before ten o'clock the royal party landed, and at the latter hour precisely they entered the station, where an express train had been drawn up. No time having been lost, the train was soon in motion, and qulokiy on the route to the metropolia. At the places wuvic iu? cu^iur wm uu?u(jru, ?uu, loucru, bv ?ii vuti principal stations along the line, tbe accustomed loyal demonstrations were made. The train arrived at the Eusten (Jrove terminal at about half-paat five o'clock. The royal party arrived at Buckingham Palace at lis o'olock In the evening, esoorted by a party of lancers On the following morning they left Buckingham Palace, ad reached Osborne Houie in the early part of tbe afternoon of the same day. Foreign Theatrical*. The forthcoming season in London promise! to be quite a new era in theatricals. The managers are marshaling their forces, and a grand array of talent is already in the field. Shakspeare, driven'from his house at old Drury and Covent-garden, haa sought refuge at Sadlers's Wells and Marylebone, where he has been received with shonti of welcome. The production of " Macbeth" at the former place on the 37th alt., strictly in accordance with the original text, and without the musio, created quits a sensation. Bunn has taken up his quarters at the^Surrey, and opened on tbe 37th ult .with a prestige unequalled since the days of CUlston. Opera is the ohief attraction, but a new '' domestic drama" if in preparation. Webster opened tha Haymarket on the 3d inst., with the "School for Soandal;" he haa an excellent company, espeelaUy of ladles. The Leeleys join the band. Maoready, the Misses Cuibman, and Madame Thlllon are engaged at the Prlnoess'.whloh opened en the 4th Inst. Buoketone and Mrs Fitiwllliam have been starring at our Theatre Royal during the past week ? The 'KKwers of the Koreit" has been produced, with Buokstone as " Cheap John." His inimitable aoting as ' Jobn Duck," in the " Jacobite," haa elicited shouts of laughter nightly. The pair, with Miss Kathleen,Fitiwllliam, return to town immediately, to enlist under tbe banner of Madame Vestrla at the Lyceum, where a splendid company is forming. Jenny I.lnd, after a triumphant tour through the 'provinces, returns Immediately to her native land We must not omit to mention an act ef benevolence on the part of the Swedish Nightingale at Norwich. She returned ?300 to Hall and Smith, in consideration of their having been obliged to lower tbe prices from 10s 6d. to 6s , in consequence of the representations of some of ine patrons; in addition to whloh. she left a donation or the game sum with the bishop to distribute among the poor. Sh? also left a handsome donation to the Deaf and Dumb Institution, London, in which she took a particular interest. I.umley has gone to Milan to engage Madlle. Angri, who, in accordance with the name, will doubtless create a rase for Italian opera. Mrs. Butler has been performing at Glasgow with great suocess. Mrs Nlsbet has been doing the same at Brighton, previous to her appearance at the llay market on the opening night Poor Donizetti, the eomposer, still remains in u Ftate of mental derangement in the neighborhood of 1'aris, but hopcH are eutertalned of his (at least partial) reoovery J u 111 en, haying become the lessee of Drury Lane, opens on the efth with promenade concerts. He has been .mme months in Switzerland, and there composed a new nuadrilie, which he entities " The Swiss Quadrille.'' On Ait? that a new play, br Bulwer, will be produced shortly at the Princess's, and a new opera, founded on, and to be called "Picarro,'' the libretto by Charles Rosenberg, and the music by Loder, at the Surrey, under the management of Mr. Bunn. Mr. and Mrs. Kean appear at the Theatre Royal, Manchester, on the >th, in the " Gamester," beiag their first appearance in England since their return from America. Faaltlona for October. i The antamnal dresses are frequently ornamented with velvet of contrasting oolor, and deml-longe sleeve-polnt?d cuffs, fixed by a velvet nccud, and on the flounces iicor.l rnwa ?.I..,* Tk. r. , r .1- 1. but Utile; corsages are always tight, ornamented Id a variety of ways, revers brandenbourgs formed of chefs In guimpe, with button*; anew stylo of guimpe trimming forms a series of leaves, imitating oak, &o , placed contrariwise from the throat to the bottom of the skirt, increasing gradually in site. Among the newest materials for travelling dresses and robes de obambre is the chatoyante. A pretty novelty for walking dresses are those of oaohemire, with application of oachemire on the front of the corsage, aud ehatelaine in rloh rosaces, pines, iio lionnetH begin to assume an .autumnal appearanoe; capotes of crape are often ornamented with velours epingle Capotes of taffetas are made with pinked trimmings and uniuds of velvet inside, the deep oolor of which forms contrast to the light bonnet. Neglige bonnets of fancy straw are lined with gros de Naples, and ornamented inside by poppies and tulle of paille color, with double bavolet of taffetas, pinked and simple nutuds and brides of pinked taffetas. Cook's feathers will be again fashionable, one half black, the other green, blue, or any con trasting oolor. Another novelty are the marnbouts and toilettes glaoes, with the natural wings of insects, the various tints having much effect both by oandle-ligbt and in the sun. New mantelets are in preparation for the autumn; the prettiest are of casimer satin, and satin de Chine.?London and Pari* Laditu'' Magazine ?J Fashion. financial Airaira. [Circular of Messrs. Baring, Brothers & Co.] London,Oct. 4.?The tightness in the money market continues, and the Bank of England has oarried out the restrictive system still further, oy filing their minimum rate of discount at per cent for bills not exoeedlug one month to run, charging 6 per oent from one to two months, refusing at the same time to lend upon Exchequer bills or government securities. We regret to have again to report numerous and extensive failures, Involving, since our last, liabilities little short of about j?3,000,UU0 sterling, including several large East India agency houses. These disasters have thrown a general gloom over the produce markets, and prices, with very few exceptions, have experienced a deoided depression Consols have declined and olose this afternoon at UV/i to per oent; Exchequer bills 'J7s dis.? The overland mail arrived UAth ult, with dates from Caloutta to 8th August, Bombay 6th Auc , and Canton 'Jith July. In India money market la improving, and exehange at Calcutta ruled at la a Is ll>{ for six months bills. Id China polltieal matter* wore quiet; Exchange at Canton 4s 4d to 4s 4>?. American Ktooks ?The present state of the money market has put a stop to all transactions. r 8 ? We just received letters bv the overland nail, which left Bombay 31st Aug. It brings dates from Calcutta to 14th Instant, but no news from China. Exchange at Calcutta was Is 11)4,6 months, and money easier. A continuation of wet weather had reduced their outside estimate of the indigo crop to 1I6.0UU maunds. A letter trom Coates k Co,, dated Liverpool, ath Oct says : Oar corn market to-day Is better?dtfs is asked for w C flour, but thus far we do not learn that more than 47s 6d has been paid. Litkri-ool, Oot. 6,1 P. M.?Matters look more gloomy here this morning than even belore. The whole commercial world mutt soon be brought to a stand still If a turn do not take place soon. Acceptances are now only provided for where the parties can bring cash only?even bankers' bills are refused for thot purpose. The failure in London yesterday of John Thomas, Son k Lefevre, large Russian merchants, is likely to cause great distress In Manohester, as their acceptances are given for yarns to a great amount. There is little demand for ootton this morning, and all Is distrust and dismay. Prices one-half-penny lower than on Friday last.?European Timet. Bana op Ewoland.?An aooount, pursuant to the aot 7th and 8th Vlotorla, cap 32, for the week ending September as Issua Dr.rAMTHr.nt. Notes issued ?22,100.175 Gov't debt ?11,015,100 Other aecQrities... 2.984.900 Ooldcoinkbullion 7,185,845 Silver bullion 1,005,030 ?23,190,175 ?23,190,875 BAKtmo Dr.rARTMfrnT. Proprietors'cspl.. .?14,553,000 Oov*t securities Rett 4,043,012 (including (lend Public deposits (in- wei(hlannuity)..?11,636,140 cludinge.xche<iuer, Other securities... 20,007,231 Saving*' banks. Notes..., 4,113,290 Commissioners of Uold and silver coin 591,8:1 National Debt,and DividndAccouuta) 9,447,851 Other de|HMits.... 7,481,042 Seven day and other bills 119.785 ?36.347 690 ?36,147,690 Dated the 30th day of September. 1147. The above accounts, compared with those of last week, ax* hibit:? mi increase of Circulation of ?119,184 An increiise of Public Deposits of... 698 ti71 An increase of other Deposits of 298.%9 An increase of Securities of 1,266.746 A decrease of Bullion of 97,787 An increase of rrst of. 22.131 A decrease ol reserve of 213,9*7 Thic Bans or Fsas??,?The statement of the accounts of the Bank of Franoe for tbe third quarter of ldi7, made up to September 36, shows tbe following results:?Active?The bank had then in band, casb, 94,680.303f. ; In discounts and losns, 311 H16,'26ftf. ; biauch bank aooounts. 97.lM.7isr : i?i<i ?.,kh. ..... ritten, and reserve fund, 28.722 394f.; credit* and various items, 18i,840f. raustve?The imoant of bank note* circulated waa 230,148 817f; aocnunts current, 117,217,2JHf; capital and reserve, 8l,900,000,000f; different iteina. 6.148,409', The discounts, adiueec, and loam made during; the quarter amounted to 493,888 700f. Movement of acconuts currant (private), u,(i04,2!?4.700f , ditto (public). J2J1 719,flOOf. General movement of the oaisses, 3.406,814,400f. Paris Bouesk Saturday, Oot. 2.?Tba market has bison in a very gloomy and depressed state to-day, In consequence of tba alarming accounts received from Knglaud of tba state of the commercial world, and from the beginning showed a tendency to a fall. At the close the 3 per cent* were oalled at 76f 2So, and the b's at 114f 34e. Tba market olosad aa follows:?Tbe 3 par cents for cash, 76f 20o; for account. 7:>f :Jbo; h per cants, lor caab, 114f 16c; for aooount, U4f 3Ae; Bank of France shares, 3,200. Spanish not quoted. The railway share market has been equally affected, l ittle business has been done; bat where sales hare been effected It baa been at a rather heavy reduotion. Kor cash ? Taris and Orleans closed at 1,16^260; Paris and Rouen, 890f; Rouen and Havre, S24f; Strasburgh and Bala, 167f; Nantes, 354f; Northern, ftlOf; Bordeaux 445f; Paris and Strasburgh, 382f b0c| Paris and Lyons, 373f 7fto. The Corn Trade or Europe. | Krom the Mark Lane Kxpreas, Oct. 4 ] The weather having been highly ausplolous for preparing the soil for the reception of the autumn orops, farmers have been busily engaged with outdoor work; and the supplies of greln brought forward at the leading markets In the agricultural districts hare, ooneequaatly. b??n small. Lew tflact has. '.hsrafort, b?cn pfc?u??4 on pritM ty th? duU teat of tbt iterate j 1 mmr*?*** vv y o r YORK, THURSDAY Ml from Mark Lane and other large continuing market* than might have been expected; atill the value of wheat ha* declined In all parts of the kingdom. Whether the downward movement will oontinue much longer may, however, be <jue*tioned, for we have now arrived at a period of the year when supplies usually fall off; and as the miller* and dealer* will *hortly be obliged to buy? their recent purchase* having been nearly consumed? we should hot be surprised to tee a rally; at the *ame time we do not calculate on any permanent improvement in the tone of the trade ao long a* the existing difficulties in monetary affair* oontinue. The absolute want of confidence, and the total Impossibility to obtain the ordinary taoilltiaa, must inevitably have the effect of checking business. No one has juitnow either ^the power or the inollnation to hold stook; the operation* are likely, therefore, to be on a scale in accordance with the Immediete requirement* of the parties buying We may, and probably *hall, have a period of comparative activity; but ?o soon a* purchaser* have secured sufficient to enable them to go on for a week or two, the demand will, in all probability, again sub*ide. At some of the principal provin rial markets, held toward the close or the week, u>ere were symptoms of an improvement in the demand, but previous to Wednesday rnuoh anxiety waa manifested to realise. At Liverpool, on Tuesday, wheat was pressingly offered; and the attendance of distant buyers being less numerous than on previous occasions, old foreign wheat was sold 6d to Ud. and new Irish 9d to Is per 70 lbs, cheaper than on that day ee'nnlght American flour was also obtainable at materially reduced rates, it being then difficult to exceed J (is Od per bbl. for the the best brandy of Western Canal. L.ter In the week rather more firmness was shown by holders, and the best qualities of old wheat, as well as prime sweet flour, maintained Tuesday's rates on Friday: New Irish wheat was. however, again cheaper. The advloes from the chief towns of Yorkshire state that the miller* had shown a decided unwilllngnrst te purchase wheat even at reduced terms, and neither at Hull nor at Leeds, was much business done on Tuesday At the former place a decline of 3s to 4s., and the latter full As. per qr. was submitted to without ftimnlatlng the demand. At some of the markets west and north-west of the metropolis, where the fall has been very rapid during the past fortnight, there has been something like a return of confidence, and the business done at liristei and Birmingham, on Thursday, was at prises not more than is to 2s per qr below those current on that day week The letters from Scotland and Ireland speak favorably of the weather, and inform ns that the little corn not previously secured had been mostly got in. With respect to the late crop of potatoes the reports are still conflicting; but as the yield of all kinds of grain has unquestionably been large this year all over the I'ntted Kingdera. a partial failure of the potatoes is not likely to be attended with the same hardships as last season Prices of corn. were, according to the latest accounts receding as wall In the Scotch km In the Irish market The arrivals of wheat coastwise into London have ( lightly increased, but tile quantity received during the week hail, nevertheless, been moderate, and since Monday last rery little has t> en shown at Mark lane by land carriage samples from the neighboring counties. Small, however, naa been the supply, it has provod amply Kuffloient to satisfy the demand ; and prices have not varied, 'lhe operations on Wednesday were on so restricted a scale as scarcely to warrant any alteration being made in quotations, but there can be no doubt that purchases might have been made oa somewhat easier terms than in the beginning of the week. Subsequently the demand rather increased, and on Friday the few runt fiesh up from Essex were taken off at rates precisely the same as those current on Monday The country demand fcr foreign wheat has greatly fallen off, and the inquiry on Dutoh and French account has wholly suV sided. Our own millers have meanwhile beceme more ar more oautioua in their operations, and the transactlo n have been on a comparatively retail scale sinoe Mond last. Holders have,however, been less pressing th? might under the circumstances ha?e been expecteu a renewed oountry demand being confidently relied on The trilling business done on Wednesday was on much the same terms as those at which sales had bean previously made, and even on Friday no quotable reduction was submitted to. We continue still to receive supplies from the eastward of (Jlbraltar, but the arrivals from the Baltic are fast decreasing, and what has oome to hand lately has been principally from St. Petersburg. The total quantity of foreign wheat received during the week ending this (Saturday) evening, has amount* ed to 33,433 quarters The sale for tlour has been excessively slow, and the uiillers have had to accept less money for secondary BOrta. Thfl Vm.lua nf AmHriran flour hiui * farther reduotion, and on Friday good brand* of western < *11*1 won- sold at Utta to *27r pur barrel. Th? finer kinds of Amwrloan flour are golug into consumption very rapid1); and as It Is not likely that any fresh arrivals of oonsequence will come to hand for some time, we oan hardly expect prioes to go much lower. The supply of English barley has been l?s* than the malster* bad calculated on; and as they hare generally oommenced working, what ha* ooin* forward has met a pretty ready *ale at full previous price* The whole of the fureign barley on the market i* of inferior quality, nn(7 nw fIbi ffliltA S4 haa h?u l?aen to a moderate extent at about former term). The arrival* of oatr, coastwise, have been very scanty, only 1,46!) qr*., (Including 93(1 qr*. from Scotland.) and 70 qrs of Irish have been rrceived. The smallnes* of the home supply has, howefur, been more than compensated by an arrival of 47,6'J9 qrs. from abroad; and the I upward tendency which prioes manifested last week ha* been cheoked. The dealers have throughout acted on the reserve, and the trade has been a* dull a* oan well be conoelved. There 1* at present a large quantity of Russian oats afloat in this port the Importer* of which are naturally anxious to sell, without Incurring landing expense*; and it is not Improbable that leiler* will have to |(tve way before they aucoeed in accomplishing this object. The tall sinoe Monday has not exceeded 6d to la per qr ; but, as before remarked, the dealer* have been extremely shy, under the Impression that they have only to hold off, to obtain a farther concession. Trices of Indian oorn, Indian corn meal, and rye flour, have been tolerably well supported The tone of the advices from the Battle has undergone no particular change; little or no business appear* to have been done in that quarter, the reports from all the prinoipal port* describing business a* having continued in an extremely languid atate. Our Dantlg letters are of the '24th of September; so very few transactions bad taken place In wheat, that quotations had become perfectly nominal. Holders had. nevertheless, remained very Arm. and it was not expected that the value of the article would give way much, uutll Increased supplies should have come forward. Tile potatoe crop had, we are informed, failed In that neighborhood, and the quality of the new wheat was not well spoken of, few of the iiumnlua Kmuifhr tiasUi*' ???r.O lV>- ?? bushel in weight. In spring oorn and pulse nothing of the (lighten interest had transpired, owing to want of supplier Advice* from Konigsberg, of the 24th ultimo, give a Had account of the potato crop; and, in ancicipation of a scarcity of that article of feod, pea* had been In threat request. The operation* in wheat had been on quite a retail scale, the prices asked (saj 61s per qr. for tolerably good quality) having completely checked the demand. From Stettin we have letters of the 27th September, from which we learn that the supplies of wheat from the growers had barely sufficed for the local demand, and ihat equal to 48s per quarter hud been paid for good qualities, l'eas bad been In great request, and had sold readily at about 3tls per quarter. An export demand lor this article waa calculated on, and an extra consumption, would, it was thought, be caused by the scarcity of potatoes. The reports from Hamburg of Tuesday are not of so lively a character as those of the preceding poet day, the demand tor wheat on Krenoh account having in the mean time fallen o.i. It will be remembered that equal to flits per quarter was paid for the best red upland on the 24th ult. at Hamburg, for shipment to Krance; but siuce the export inquiry had subsided, the same quality bad been sold at 66s per quarter free on board. For future shipment, very few bargains appear to have been clotted; the prioe* asked at outports had ranged from 47s to 60s per quarter, aooording to quality, time ol shipment. &c. Krum the Mediterranean ports the accounts are totally devoid of Interest, and many of our correspondents have ceased to write In con?cqnenoe of there being at present no probability of profitable business being dona with (ireat Britain. Importation or Wheat and othkr Brkai?ti'?'ki.? The following are the quantities of wheat and other breadstutfs imported Into the United Kingdom from the 6th January to the 6th August, during the three years, IH47, 1846. and 1846, as given in the official accounts of the Board of Trade: ? 1347. 18(6. 1845. Wheat, i|r? 1,133,36 1 999,87} 202,659 Barley 497,091 99.R9I VG4, IH2 Oats (37,916 310,341 214,J3J Rye 27 30!! 192 3UJ luriimi corn 2.612 866 318,479 <1,717 Buckwheat 22.713 931 l,7t>9 Wiieitt flour, cwt 3,166,087 1,900.239 190 902 Oa<meal 22 *14 1318 1,677 1 uduu meal 970 3i< 9>,06? ? Itye intal 21)0,4IU 1 ? BtrUy meal 8.3M7 ? ? B un, i]i-| Ill 18) 1(6623 W'.97 I I'eai Ho MB 19 419 31.736 Tim abore returns show that a larger quantity of oorn and flour hafe been Imported Into dml Britain during Urn present year, an far art It h<u yet expired. than In any previous entire y?ar of which the official returns ot Imports and exports ua?? been preserved. Amcnauc I'aiu: ok Kholihh Whkat ton 1H17. lb 10, auk IM15.?Tim following table oontains the average price of wheat, as published In the London Gazette, tor the six weeks ending at the date* under-mentioned during the present year, and for the corresponding periods of 1*40 and 1M45. The prlnes are given for the first week in each month of the half rears, ending In June, and weekly from that time to the date of toe l\st return:? I *47. l?4fi H4A January 'I f>7* Srf lit (rf Kabmary 6 711 7 U I 45 7 March# 73 fi 44 8 45 .? April 3 75 ?> .1 II 4'j 5 May I 7S 4 X) m ?f> I June J no 7 55 3 4t> 2 Juue ?6 >o -at 2 (7 10 J" y J 93 ? 52 5 47 7 July l? 90 2 62 3 48 I July IT 8} 10 51 II 41 5 July 24 *3 h 51 7 49 0 J?ly31 3 50 II 40 II August 7 78 7 49 9 51 2 Augntt 14 75 2 48 0 41 An?u?t XI 71 II 47 S 54 0 Attgiut tt r,9 r 4*i 11 J J I p?j'lemb?r 4 in f ?r. V M Ifi Meptsmber 11 12 > o > ?J 11 at !i I II LI J J H 1II . !l P?B?SMI >RK I 3RNING, OCTOBER 21. 1 Tb? Markets. Liuirooi. Cotton Market, Sept. 34?Tlie anxiety on the pert of the holders to soil, consequent upon the undiminished pressure for money and the general want of confidence, has caused a further decline in price of ! *Hd. per lb. on American, and !,d to '4d. on all other descripiioas .Speculator* have taken '.! 000 American, and exporters :t 000 American and J 00 Hurat. The sales for the week amount to 44,700 bales ? United Broken. Koa thk Wkkk bndinu Oct. 1?The same circumstances. greatly egnrarated, which have bean pressing down our market for a long time paat, have brought about a ?.ill further decline in prloes during the present week. In the extreme depression existing this morning, Amerioan, of all dualities, mav h? u >.'<l lower, making a reduction In these kinds of 1 '?d to l?d. during the mouth of September. Manchester shares tn thin depression as much a* ourselves, the doubt* and suspicions attending every transaction of business oonnectod with the manufactured article, existing there ax much as with ua in our dealings with the raw produce In this state of things, It avail* but little to be advised from Amerlaa that they will have only a short orop of ootton to aend ua nest year Such statements are totally unavailing to give support to a market overlaid as ours is with money difficulties Nay. If these reports of short nrop should unfortunately be confirmed, whloh 1s greatly to be feared, It would ill the long run only add to the evil attending the trade and manufacture of our staple article We hardly need say. that all parties are doing as little, and keeping as much within compass as possible, until this terrible storm has blown over. A public sale of Sea Islands brought forward to-day. shows the prices of that kind as Id to'id. lower than the previous quotations. 800 Amerioan have been taken on speculation, and 3,020 Amerioan for export. Sales for the week21,1 BO bales ? Oto Hull Co. A.>0THkH Hnr#ar.?The difficulties In the money market, whloh still oon'lnue, have again had a very material effect, and towards the close of the week brought down prices of Amerioan to per lb, the lower qualities being much pressed; Brazil and Kgyptlan axe lu very moderate request, and prices are almost nominal; Kurat is fully S'd lower. 3PJ6 Sea Inland and 203 Stained were offered by auction to-day; 906 ot the former, and AO of the latter found buyers at a decline of Id on common, and 3d to 3d per lb on the fine qualities. Speculators have taken 800 American anil Kxporters 2020 American. There have been forwarded into the aountry unsold during the past month ftao American. The sale* for the week amount to 32,210 bales ? Unitrd Broken. Oct 2 and 4?The demand continues very limited, and the market haa still a declining tendency. The sales of the day* noted above, are about 8000 bales, almost all to the trade, the middling and ordinary descriptions of American being at a decline uf '?d to 'id per lb on the currsnoy of the 1st instant. Lo.idom MiHHtti, October 4.?Cotton?This market baa bean in a dull and rather depressed position during tliw fortnight, the extensive failures and the tightness of t he money market, causing several holder* to be more willing seller*; the business of the fortnight haa therelore been only of a retail character; prices have also receded fully l'^d per lb during that time. During the week euding Out. !i, the transactions reported were 1H<)0 bales of Sural at 4d to 4%d, *00 Madras Ad to and 40 bales Bengal at 4l? per lb. Hemp?The market la dull; ueveitbeless p' ''s are sustained, the supply being I ihert, and the 0<v ptlon fair Manilla la dearer.? Of American th none in the market. Metals? Our market for in ;. sciirt < been in a very dull | state, and to sell I' rr ratis muxt beaccejii'd F.nglish manufactured however, coutinuen in gooj demand, and v til raten are paid. A lair business has been done iu rails and bars. Hcetoh pigs have glren wh' In price, aud there has been but a small business i->le?l and lead are without change, but the transLiuns are very limited. Copper haa been dull of sale, mid lower prices are now aooepted. Naval Stores?We <ve had a fair amount of busineas doing during the lit at 4rts tid for Knglihb drawn turpentine and 46s uerloan. casks included. Among the late sales of re rjtiO caxkn of fine i|uality at 12s, and there are rs of ciimmon quality at 1 Is; 700 barrels have iug the course of the laat week. We cannot hang* in the demand of prices paid for Rosin; tb' arrivals amount to -J79S Darrein With respect lu ur the market Is in muoh the same state as last reported, the limited arrivals oaualng holders to demand Arm prices. Oils?There has been a dull market slnoe the lfHh ultimo, the trade having kept out of the market; few transactions have therefore taken plaee. Among the sales are 99 tons southern at reduced prices, low to tine ?-.24 6s to Xil 5s, and a few ton* sperm aad head matter, the former at X?3 10s to ?44, the latter ?86 per ton. Large arrivals of seal have taken plaoe, but the business done Is limited; some holder* of linseed having evinced a desire to realise; ? decline baa taken place In tbe value, 'iti* 3d to 20* Oil being now aooepted; palm oil oontinues quiet, and haa been sold at 3As ti J pr o wt for fine Provisions -The demand for Irish butter baa rather abated. although prices have lately had a declining tendency; the sales ou board or landed are, therefore, comparatively trifling. Nevertheless, there is vwy little pressing although the market has a dull appearance - prices ai e from Us to .is per owt lower. The rates now accepted are Carlow and Clonmel lauded 94s to 90s, Cork 92s to 94s, Limerick 90.< to lUs, Waterford and Sligo V8* to 90s The deliveries are far greater than they were during the vr'Mpaiidio* period Uat v??r, and the atnnk is JMiO *kins loss than it was at that time We hare large arrivals of Dutch, so that prices are lower, but the demand keeps steady, and to a fair extent. Knglish is in fair de uand. and holders are desirous to sell. Baaon Is still In limited demand, and sales are made at a lower figure. NVaterford landed Is worth 70s to Sis, and l.iueriok 70s to 80s. Further parouls of bacon have been received from Hamburg, but are indifferent in quality and cure. American meets with a slow sale at 60* to <" .*??; American bale middles are also in limited request at 60* to 53s. Irish bale and tierce middles are again Is to 2s cheapvr, and in limited demand. The stock is light, and consists ohiefly of middling qualities Biles 62s to (Ms, tierce bH? to ti4s Tho demand for hams is unimproved, scarcely any business having been done, although there would be sellers at much lower prices. Irish 60s to 7fls; Westphalia, good and fine, 68s to 72s, Inferior and middling 68s to 66g; American smoked AOs to 60s, and in pickle 30s to 40s. American lard has met with a good sale at full prices, kegs selling at 60a to 36s, and barrels at 48s to Ms. For prime bladdered Irish lard there it a fair enquiry at rather lower prices, but all other descriptions continue inaotive. Waterford86s to 90s, Belfast 80s to 84s, aud kegs and firkins t>0? to 70s. In Irish barrelled provisions a moderate business has b?en done at steady prices. American beet and pork having arrived freely during the fortnight, the demand is not so active, and the prices for beef are rather lower. In bond for ships' use, prices are as follows: India beef, 120s to l ias per tierce of 336 lbs; mess, 108.4 to 110s; prime iness, 9os to 100s; India pork, 116s to 166s per tierce of 304 lbs; prime mess, 70s to 80s per bbl. American cheese oontluues in good demand at very full prices; good and fine 60s to 60s,aud inferior and middling 30s to 10s; arrivals are still smiill. The bust qualities of Knglish cheese are in uttuifinu, nan inn prices arenutainou, nut inferior Umsoriptions have uiet a dull nal?; supplies and stock* aie both increasing Rloe ? Buyers of hast India bar* been acting with much caution, although holders would willingly accept lower prioes. The market la still plentifully supplied, and the stock has been further Increased, and exceed* that of lait year by 68 'M>0 bags. Patna continues to find ready purchasers at 17* to Jin, but Carolina in little required, and there are ready sellers at 'i8s to 3is for town dressed. and 'itls to '21* for that imported fallow?The chandler* have been more anxious to purchase of late, so that the market has a firmer tone P. V. C. on the spot is dealt in to a fair extent at 13s Cd to 4il?9d, but for delivery there are sellers at 46s .Id to Aba lid tor the last three months ; but the transactions are limited. Town made is still scarce, and finds a ready market at 48s to 43s .11 for small parcels of prime melted, which are stiff rates. Tea?The markut has a dull appearance, and there is no disposition shown to purchase, . vcn at reduoed prices. Kor common sound Congou not more than 9d per lb can be obtained Whalebone? A moderate demand exists and prices are steadily maintained Anieng the transactions recorded are tons Houthern at ?168 to ?|68 for sound, and ?161 for damaged; 2>i tons northwest fishing sold?sound at ?150 to ?163, damaged ?146 per ton. Lonuo* Tobacco .VUnkkt. Oct. 1 ?We have had no change in the market last month deserving particular comment, and with the exception ot one or two trifling instances, we have resumed our previous quotations; buyers in most instances have supplied themselves as in need, and have shown no disposition to inorease their stocks much beyond Immediate consumption, prices rosy be considered firm, and with a slight tendency upwardi; but there has been no disposition directed to speculative purchases, aud buyers have not appeared to entertain any fears relative to prospective prices; holders, nevertheless,may be oonsidered firm, and apparently oonfldent that hl;her prices will be obtained as the season advancs, the forthcoming import aaoertaiued, and the present orop estimated. Keoent advices from the United States have brought higher quotations, more especially for One qualities, with an improving demand. Males during the last month have been 800 hhds. Imports 476 hhds. Deliveries801 hhds, against 1146 hhds In the corresponding month of IM46. 1478 hhdaln ihia ?l7hbda la 1843, and OMhhdaln I Mi Stock'i&.MW hhd* a<iilnnCi8 3^4 hhd* in 1646; 'JSOtMShbds In IMA; nil .in in 1414; 27,180 hhdsin 1M3 and 19.9'iii hhda In 1844. In Virginia nales have not exoeeded 200 bhdi, and have chiefly cou*l*ted of aelecttona of good and Una qualltlea for apinning; leaf at 414l?to 6d, and ?tripa at 6Hd to ttd; in description* suitable for cutting purpose* there has scarcely been any thing done. The Ly dlafrom Virginia, baa arrived with 463 hhda, particular* of whlob are annexed Kentucky Leaf and Mtrlpa - Although the Market baa been comparatively quiet, tale* may be estimated at BOO hhd*, nearly aqutl quantities of leal and atrip*; In Home Instance* a trilling advanoe baa been lubmltted to tor aelectiona of tbe latter, but the general character of lb* market aaa presented no particular feature deserving remark. Maryland?A lew hhda have been taken at 6%<1 to t>Hd. Stock almoat bare. Havana leaf of fine quality baa been in good demand, but the limited atock of thin description ha* prevented any business being done, except of a retail character ; the quality of tbe new i urup which has hitherto arrived, Is oonsidered by the trad" very ordinary, and consequently sale* have been difficult to effect Havana Segar*?The de! mand ha* been very limited for all deaerip 'Ion*, and the trade have purchased almost a* in need, a few oases of middling and ordinary have been taken for exportation at low rates Manilla ' heroot* have been In moderate request at previous ratea, inquiries have been made for exportation, but holder* bare shown no Inclination to meet the view* of buyer*, price* may be considered Ann Cuba of good and fine quality have been sold at Improved price* In Colombian leaf, buaineas ha* been limited, and the trade bnvu supplied th'in?elvi* as In need. There has been an arrival of 164m serons, ex "Matilda." 4?0 seron* will be offered at our public sale on the flch Inat flt Domingo, nothing done-a small parcel is on the m?'k*t at lo? Havana Seed Leaf; atoek almoft bare of fine tuallty I Braall haa beta neglected, although thai , na?h laprcvri la "bartotn *7 rwea* layortall Wi Bt* ! IERA 847. rarcels generally are of middling aud good quality orto Rloo Leaf, of middling quality f*r filler*, bas been in d?mand and takuu at low price*. (Jerman Leaf of good and floe descriptions. ha* been in fair rrqueat at steady prion, paroeli of ordinary, badly assorted. and oft in condition, difficult of sale at low rate*. Amerafoort, nothioK done In Negro Head and Cavendish vale* ham been very limited, and almost confined to small parcels for stores; for export very little done Prior* aru rather firmer for good and fine sorts. Common Stalks In fair demand Virginia and Kentucky scarce Smalls nominal.? Qrant 4- Hodg?9n. Livi-.m-ooi. Markets, Oot. 4.?Ashes?The sales of Montreal Pot and Pearl are on a very limited scale; and for small parcels our quotations are obtained, but to effect any sales in quantity lower prloes would be aooeptuA dark tka .ka..? AJi hhds quercitron at 11* per cwt. Coal?The market ; partaken of the general gloom. aud prloes are something lower. The demand for export lit mall.? Hemp?The transactions are to a moderate extent; we | note 35 ton* St. Petersburg clean, and 80 bale* A marlcan. at priceit a little below our quotation*; a few bale* of | Sunn Hemp are reported at ?30, together with 900 bale* ] of Jute, at ?-Jl 13* Od to ?'23 lit per ton. Horn*? The transactions ar? limited, and comprise New Orleans. I3'? ox. at las per 199 In other descriptions nothing is reported Linseed Cake?An active demand for cattle ; feeding stuffs has supported the value of this article in the absence of heavy supplies, and a Urge paroel of New Orleans has met a market at ?9 to ?9 6s An Import of ery thin oblong, pressed in the manner of English, ex '' Juniati," from Baltimore, in barrels, would have found buyers at ?10 per tou, but was withdrawn by the holders at ?11. Naval Stores?There is very little to notice in turpentine; spirits continue at about 44s to 47s; American roalu is in fair demand; 7000 brls also at is lOd to 'it lid 'or common quality from the quay, and at 1 3s in store; for the finer description 3st>d toss wan attained Provisions?We have a fair moderate demand for the , finer qualities of beef, but ordinary qualities are almost unsaleable, although muoh lower prices would be accept- > ed. Pork has been in limited request, and some forced sales have been made at a decline of several shillings In j the barrel; at the same time purchasers would only bay for the present wants, in oonsequence of the entire absence of confidence in commercial circle*. The late go vernment contract comprised the following: MOO tierces beef at ?5 19s; '.'000 tieroes Irish pork at ?n 1 Is 4d; 1000 Hamburgh at ?h 10i; and 300 Danzig at ?7 17s (id per tierce. The Ktock here is very large, but the advanced rate at which the government contract is taken would lead us to infer that we cannot at present have very low prices. Business in bacon Is limited, and we now quote prices 3s to tts per ewt lower, the greatest redaction being on the inferior sorts We may just observe that the | stock on hand is new in small oompass. We have a ready sale for cheese, and for the interior sorts there has bean an Improved demand. We are now bare of stock. I.ard has again advanced in value; the demand continues active, and the import limited, Klee?The demand is very dull, and lower ratea are aooepted. 7U00 l>ag? l)?ngal have been sold at 12* Od for broken, and 13a Od to 16s per cut for middling to very tine 0000 bushels llrazil have also been taken at 3a per bushel. Of Amerloan the value In now Ha to 22a per cwt. acordlng to quality. Salt?There ban been a good demand for all deacriptions, and prices are steady. The fallowing are the present quotations Bust fine atnved for baga 14a to 16a; ditto handed pquarex 13a to 13a 01; do shuts lumps I2h to 12a Od; marine and butter 10a Ad; common Mj river freight 3s; dock and town duea 7d per ton. Tallow has been in active demand, and extensive transaotioua In all deacrlptlona. at full pricea, are reported. The beat branda of New York sell freely at l?a 8d. Tea ?Common congou haa been In good demand up to the 9Mh ult.. both by the trade and for apeoulatlon; but since the arrival of the overland mail leas bualnesa haa been transacted, and the speculative disposition which previously prevailed haa aubaided; pricea, however, remain unchanged. Tobacco?The sales this month are 100? hhds, viz., 103 Virginia leaf, 189 stemmed. 92 Ken tucky leaf, 091 stemmed, and3 Marylands. Of these, 37 Virginia leaf, 38stemmed, and 14 Kentucky leaf were i taken for Ireland; 13 Virginia leaf, 134 stemmed, and 3t> Kentucky stemmed for Scotland; 1ft Virginia, and j Kentucky leaf for exportation; and 38 Virginia leaf. 29 I Htemmed, '20 Kentucky leaf, 6i5 stemmed, and 2 MaryInn Jm by the trade. The imports are 1*2 hbda. from N. Orleans, and H from Dublin. The exporta delivered are M hhda for Africa, 00 Uremen,33 Christiana, 30 Smyrna, 25 Guernsey, and 2 St. Lucia. The enquiry for the Heaaon la only moderate; at same time holders continue firm with all deacriptlona, and we make our quotations aa before. The first cargo of new (western) sampled, proving good in every way, dry, free, fair color and flavor, and great substance; in fact, of a moat useful and satisfactory character for home trade purposes. Whalebone?Nothing haa been reported alnoe tho sailing of the last steamer. Wool?THh business done during thu mouth hu been on a very limited scald, which lit not to be wondered at considering the great gloom that overhangs the eomuierciai world, aud the utter want of confidence thereby occasioned. Notwithstanding these unfavorable oircumstances, we bare no alteration to report in prioes Iti general, nor are we at all overburdened with stocks, which speaks favorably for the soundness of the trade. The greatest caution has been observed for some time past, and consumers have been restricting their , ?p?*uon? within the narrowest possible Hunts The description!) in more immediate request have been bast India and Kgyptlan; stocks of both kinds were quite exhausted. but som* fresh parcels are in course of landing. A little hat been done In Russia Donskoi fleece. Alp* I ca has been more Inquired for, but no sales have been | made. Turkey of the several qualities have been less sought after Smyrna is in limited request, exoept the finest parcels liuenos Ayres is still neglected. Rather more hat been done in Irish fleeces There have been very few sales of Scotch; a little has been done In Uallowav at ab?ut former rates. We have a little Inquiry for United States; the market Is quite bare of this description.?Hughtt <f- Ronald. Frsiuhti at Lukri ooi., Oct. 4 ?We have to report a dull state of the freight market, the shipments of dry f;oods being still very limited, and rates consequently ow. We quote, for New Vork?dead weight, 7s. to 10s. per ton; fine goods, lAs. to 30a.; hardware, 15s ; earthenware, 5s. Boston?dead weight, lis. fid. to I As.; fine goods, 30s., hardware,'.'0s.; earthenware, 6s. to 6s. I'hlladelphla?dead weight, 10s ; One goods, 70s ; hardware, 30s ; earthenware, 7s. to Hs. New Orleans?dead weight (except salt), 7s. to 10t.; One goods, I At. to 30a.; hardware, I3t. fid to 15s.; earthenware. 5t ; salt 3i. to 4s per ton Charleston?dead weight, 15?.; fine goods. '25s ; hardware, 30s.; earthenware, ! ?.?Facke and Houll. Havre, Oct. 3 ?The advices brought by the Caledonia 15th ult, reached us yesterdy, aud gave some impulse to the transactions. About ISOO bales U. States cottous changed hands; but to-day the market has again relapsed in a very dull state, the Intelligence from Kngland being of a gloouiy character. Only a few hundred bairn have been sold. Prices are f. 1 a 3 below our quotations. w neat anu nour are declining; hmiu ddih .'New Orleans flour realized f 30 M a 00. Our present stock id reduced to 3A00 bbla. (lour and 10,CK)0 beet, wheat. During the past month the deoiine In our French market wan f .'I 0.1 per hectolitre, the average price of wheat being f. il 03 agalnat f Xl> U2 last year, and f 19 H4 in 144). Whalebone ban an upward tendency, but all other articled remain dull, and the aspect of affair*, generally h| eaklng, notwithstanding the continuance of fair weather, i* of a bad character. Antwrrt, Sept. *!.?'The sugar market continue* very firm, and pricua are well su*talned. During the week ending Sept. IS, the reported sale* were 1400 boxes yellow Havan'i, at ISA; and the cargo per Mary Kllen, afloat, conaiating|of 1600 boxen yellow Havana, at lti,',ll, and 300 boxen white, at 19,J|tl We have to mention the arrival of three cargoei from Havana and Matanias, bringing In all about 6000 boxen; It la expected that they will shortly be brought forward for eale, Our preaeut etock constats of 18,500 boxes yellow Havana, against JO,000 boxes in 1846 Cotton in dull, and the business transacted very trifling, buyers acting with muoh caution. No aalei have taken plaoe In American aorta; 100 bale* Madras have found buyers at a price which has not transpired. The present atock la estimated at 7,600 bales American, and 300 hales f.ast India?In consequence of extensive arrivals of East India lUos, the m?rket is .'4(1 to )ffl lower. 1000 bag* Oengal sold at 10\fl to 11H" The prices of Carolina are well supported, and we note the following sales : ? I HO cask* Carolina at I7>|fl to IB>^fl; JIM) bag* cargo at U\fl and 100 baga Madras at lOtl to lifl?The value of tobacco i* writ supported, and there ia very little offering Rosin continue* in demand, and about UH0 barrels were done at 17for consumption. Hambi roh, Sept. J4.?< otton Is again in limited demand, and only amall parcels now meet with buyers In the course of the week ending September 17.400 bale* American changed handa at 7>?s to 7>?'s ?Rice, whloli was without animation, haa met with an improved demand; and we note the following aale* In the oourae of the fortnight000 bbls Curollua, l.i\m to l7ui,4W>0 beg* l ast India, part at 10m to IJ^m per 10*) lb* The transaction* in sploea continue limited '1 be better aort of bides are iu request, but inferior qualities are quite neglected. Amsterdam, Sept. 11?At a public sale of tobacco, about 470 hhda. Kentucky, 390 bhds were taken at No toU2>io., averaging lft*<o ; the remainder was beu?ht In The ahip Maria arrived from Baltimore, brought 7 SO hhds Maryland and Ml hhda Virginia The atock ot cotton I* limited, but the valusof most descriptions is well malntaiaed 100 bales American have changed handa at 40a to 4Wo pertf-kllo. Hides are not much aought after At ttie public aale held c urlng the week 17 thai nart of 17.000. which war* offcred were withdrawn, there being too mueh differwnoe between the partlen, only * few lot* of eaitert Bueno* Ayre? and North Am?rtcan were taken for home u*e Hub**<iiii?ntly, Bueao* Ayrean and Montevideo deecrip tion* hare declined Oil* are *teady .100 bbl*. Mouth S?s whale oil *?ld afloat, and 'iPfl. In bond 1* offered for a parcel of'iftO bbl*. Stale of Trad*. | h rom tho Liverpool Albion, Oct. 4.J M*B' M?.?Tra,?Tran*aetton? are exceedingly limited, and prion* only nominal. Notwithstanding the deprea* nd *tat? of thing*, producer* ahow no di?po*itinn to give way In price*, end under that* alroumetaoce* l>iiT?r?. eilnee no d!*po*itlon to operate f'rtminrr IUi t'ai With the exception of a littl* bettor d? mand for yarn unaccompanied by any amendment in price, t? have no alteration to notice einre our laat report. In our piece-ball there I* tcaroely anything doing. IIui>i>k?? i> ..I . ? The market ha* boeu dull, and there ha* been ooD'iderablo depre**ion throughout the week B*ADroar> -Yarn* are shipped rather more freely }u*t now, but the atM at which tli?y are told are uot retnuii.-r.ilM - Iti many can** little mor I than thetaiueof the top I* r-ill/a.1 Place* - I he I market lia* be?n tu rather an tine-UInd *tate, aad a general deprntelon ha* pervaded DiMt hranchr* of eur trade; upon tb? ?ho|? tooke increaaa Likci ? \V? eannc. not* a?y ?%Uiiai cbaagt la the ittta e* tk* ercrUn tr?4? tfeli *Mk. If * Dtthing there LD. PMM Two C?nu. has beeu morn busintss done, both at the warehouse* and in tli? public rnuknta, than for the lut three of tow week* The finer winter good* ha** b??n Id ohiaf * quest. and that for the home trade F orelgn *1-111111 are rather slack Price* remain ai for tome time put ? Inlilligenctr. * Lbicbstbr?There ha* been a fair demand thl* week froio the wholesale London and Manchester house*, and the news of the American fall trade by thu last steamer i? satisfactory. The letter* by this iteamer raoort ' Sale* continue as brisk a* ever, and at good price* so far as tha hosiery manufactures are concerned " Th* yarn trada is dull, but yarns and wool* are without alt* ration. ? l.eicrttfr Mrrcury. Ouiuow-C otton Yarn?The busiuees done has been very limited, at about former rata*. The small quantity producing is making price* firmer than they would other wise bt Cotton (Joods-In some description* for the oouutry trade ?e hare had a continued good budne**, but trade in general has been uncommonly flat ironBars ?l> 10s per ton: plates ?19 10*; sheets A la 10s: naU roads and oasements ?10 10s; rail* X10 10?; pig* 43 14* ttd ? Glilftow Examiner. Nottimoham.?Tli'To la an^lniost entire stagnation of the horn* tra<l*. The purchases are mad* only for Immediate wauta The foreign housed are better off, though we know that only a few of them are busy. Tbare U hardly time to get positive new* from the great an tumn fair* at Lsipalc. but letter! writton at the begin uiu;< of the fair do not glva a very encouraging prospaot Hosiery?Buyer* act with great oaution. and only to make purchased for lmmu^a'e want*. The manufaotur erg generally are adopting the saute principle, aad give out as little work as possible ?a?a??? Auction notick?c **ikllus japonica at AUCTION.?J. M. THOKBUttN k CO will s?II at Auctiou ou Kr day. 22d imi , at 13 o'clock, at their Saloon, 16 lohu atr'et, .16 t.umelliis J?|>onlca. of varuua sons, araoni wlurli are tine large Plants of Roai Summit, Human. Owii laa Red kr k*. The iilanta are iu nood health. free from scale, red snider, or sun buruiaii, and well act for llowers. Can |a wii at the Mo Thundiv min. o>i nia*m JW HItO W IN.Auctioneer.?<. ABIN KT KrK\7TUSf AND HOU8K KUKNlblUNti AllTIt LKS.?J. W Brown will aril at auction. ou Thur<dv , October ?lat. It47. at lt)t o'clock, at No. 142 Broadway, alurae aasotment of sa perior Kuruuure, compriauiK mahogany Snfaa aud Chain, of varioua patterns; Ottoman*. Divaua, Secretaries and BookI casea; marfcle lop, mahogauy and iron frainr Centre Tables, dining, tea, nofa, quartette. hall and other Tallica; card and aide do; marble top and inahnsany Waihaunda aud Dressink Bureau*; mahognuy French Bedtieads; Hair Matusuea, Pal I uaaea, he. kr. Also, rich aoiar Lumps, (iirsudoles, < auilelabraa, Silverplated Wore, rich cut aud plain Ulaaaware; with a treat va rictv of housekeeping articles ii2i)ifi?*in AHAIIK i IIANCK ? Aaio. Lei y, Auc'ioacer, will aell on Thnrsday, October 2 at. IBIT, at the Magasin J .paneis, JIM Broadway, to close several invoices, a superb collection oi Antiquities, conaiatiug of Japan |>orcelaiii ornament! of freat beauty, t.ld Dreaden norcelaiu in gie't variety, porcelun de Mevrea, ?nti<|ae carved laruiture?aa c.abineta chaira and more articlea of anneut times. The sale will posioveiv commcnce at 10 o'clock and now resdy lor etaminatiou, with catalogues. N. B. Ladle' aud geutlemeu wtailing to adorn thoir parlors, will find it tolh?i' intereat ro attend tfiii asls^? Alao a beautiful collection of oil paiutuigs ol' first ra s class, of the Duchaud Flemish schools, st private asle all imported from Holland and the eery heat ever offered to the public. Oo aud see ih m ai'd judge for your*el? ea ol# It*IC A. CHILTON. uci - -ELEGANT BO EE WOOD AND M.UIOUAM F1TRNIIURK, French Plate, Mirrora, Me.??. H. Ll'DLOW Ic Co. well aall nt auction on Thuraday, Oct. 3CI, Jmt JOSJ o'clock. atNo. 133 Weat Broadway, between White uud Walker atresia, an as divitm, chain, covered with jrnrple velvet, ro?w?"d and maliogany centre table*, Egyptian run hie top*, mihoiuy aofaa, ilivana, taboo reitea, chnira covered with hair cloth, card tt' bleu, large aire Wrench plate mantel aud pier mirror*. tapaetry Oiew at le), Brti-aele and ingraiu carpet*, embroidered and other window curiaina, mahouany Krench bedaieida, ward robea, aecretary book-eaae, waakatanda, marble top elegant roiewood wardrobe, mirror door roaewood drea*ing tobies, marble top mantel cloeka, candelabra*, lamps and oil clotk, flat roda, mahogany hat atanda, hall lump, &c fcc ; chine nod glasa ware, ke. Catalogues will be ready two dava previous to the svle, at the office of the auctioneer. 27 Wall street. The t'arni'ure can be eiammed the day previous to t'-e aale, from one to four o'clock^ olti 4naS?Ho WTh*rc NOTICE?The pcraou that left the Wagon at No. 19 Front t ,will do well to call ao;uorit will be aeld t? p?y chagea. Prove property. lflAAC HALL. <>21 at rr 19 Front atr??C_ BOAHDINtJ.?Several Single t>*iitlemen, or Gentlemen and tlieir wive?,cau ba ac coin mod ited with pleasant rooms, furnished, on application at 1i Mercer street. References etchaneed _ oil 3f rrt BO Alii) IN A KRENCH KAMILY.?Furnished apartments with Boaid. down town, lu a Kreuch houae, verv coureiiieiit for a family or gentlemen, and where they wilt have much facili'y to learn aud apeak the French language ? The heat of reference given nud required. Fer particulars apply at 61 Ureeuwirti it. r>2l 4tiaroD OARD AND I ODUINO WaM'K.II, by a gentleman and hia wife, in a quiet, reaper able family. Terms mo derate Address No. U Herald office oil ASlTL'Al'ION AN'J'ED?By a young woman ofgood character and ability,a aituatiuu ascook, waahing woman .n.d ironer, or chambermaid,iu a amall funnjv. 8he can prodaee the beat of city relerencea. Apply at 110 Chryatie sfeet. front, haaernent. ojl l,#rc WaN I'ED?A auu itiou by ti>" it--pec table gula. uueu a good rook, washer and irouer, the other aa chambermaid or in mind riiildrru, and can do pliin ??wiug who c*n r-uue w-l> reeommen4?d from (heir lax |.l?.-c . n.<?? <a*H I H5 f'lmrUa iirwr, u(i *r*ir*. otl It*m WANTED?By it reapectable young woman, a aituatjan aa eamrtreaa unci chamsermaid, or to take rare of children; have ho objection* te make heraelf useful: good city reference can be given. I'leaae inquire at 157 3d street. in the atore. oil lt*m WANTED?A aituatiou la wanted aa wet nurse,by BK' apertnble youug woman. Apply at MS Keiule sfeet. o2l It*in WANTED?By a reapectable young woman, a sita*tion aa chambermaid, and to aaaiat in waahing and ironing, or waiting. Apnly at 138 Third Avenue, in 'he rear o2l If WANTED?By n youug man, a aituatiou aa lignt porter, can r?*i( writa mrf k*?n i.i.niinti unnIII fulia i harvf oi 1 h'irses, or a coachm.iu's situation. ? lie perfectly understand 1 the care of hone v. anil wonld make himself icnnerally useful I t? any one repairing Ins services. Cu he wall recommended by the gentleman lie lut lived with. Apply at 100)^ Warren street, upstairs, -?d tloor, for n few days, or direct" Box No 10," at this office. <tl >1 WANTED?A respectable young womau wauls a situs tiou to cook, wash aud iron, or lo do chamber fork, uil nMist in washing and ironing, beat of reference giran trim last place. Waiting calls till suited. Apply at 191 Mett street, fourth etory, keck room. oil If WANTEli?A comiietent Drug Clerk, one who thoroughly understands the retail business Inquire immediately at the omer "f Mth street and lih ate ue. ,21 I r re WA.NTKU IMMIlDIATELY?Several youug aud oilier prising men to aolicit subscribers and codec: money for one of the most popular periodicals pablished in the country Men who can cnine well recommended for honesty, infill genes aud enterprise, can make from ft} to f I a-day, tba year round. Morae are inakuiK at these rstas uow. Applv o It* re I8HAM, POHT, MO Vasssu st. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A smart, Boy . Apply at tins office. all Itre WA.NTKU?A situation, by two respectable girls, one aa protested cook, the otlier as chninbcrmaia or waiter. 'I'he best of references given Irotn their last places Call at No. 40 Prince street I su be teen for two da vs oil It* m WA NTED?By a respectable young woman, a situation aa chambermaid in a nice private family. Hire is a first rate washer aud irouer hlie is iu her former situation as yat, and will be until she is suited The he?t of city references can be giren. Khr can be seen lor t wo days, Please to eu^o ire aril St. Mark'a Place, Kigth street ojo 2t*re WANTKD?By a respectable young woman, a situation us cri' k, uasiier, mil ironer. The heat city reference given Please apply at 2'W. firat floor, between Fifteenth and Huteenth streets, Siith Avenue. nto |i * WAN 1 KD?A lady who has had several years experience, wishes to eugsgs as housekeeper in a hotel, boarding house, or iu the family o< a private gentleman. Letters addressed to E. L. K., at the lleiald office, will ba answered in Ine.lmtelv r20 1t*rc WANTKU?A lady acciiatomed t<i the bMiMWt VMto ilnation aa aale?w?inan iu n millinery, dry gooda, or I mry itore. A line nddretaed to L. M. (i., at the Herald oflic*, will rrcrive iinmedii'e attention. uW tt*rg WAN I KU-By >i leapactablt * wnau, * aitnation at child'a uuiip mid aeainatreaa, or chambermaid to ? mill private f-rally. Bt? o'cty refereucea given from her laat plaeea. I'leaae No. 74 Third atreat, between Firat ud secund irtMM. ofO li'm Tl> VlLK l l/'TTKKS ? \u eipeneQcrd Kile Catifr ud n <nii< h worker, will Had conatmt emflnyiueat and liba rnl wait**, a? Norrm' Lo? oinotivr Works, in Phila^alj hit, rtrhny ik?11. Mtt'h ?treetf nbnre K*ilro*#l nf0 r J6i re A ILAOt whohaa hail considerable eiperieuce in T'achlBg, and who la qualified to inatructiu Muaic and Drawing, aa well aa the naual Kugliah bmcchra. ? i?ljr? to obtain a aitnation III a private family at the JOUth. The brat ol refereneee giveu Addreaa ' i eacher,"rere .1 L. H. Ward., 9J i edar at e?t, ,\r? Vork. ^ J iTh^Jt*ft rpo MKM.I1ANT TAILOMH.?Joat received, a flue aa 1. anrtinent of Buckakiiia, in rieb and new patterna : alio, a l-w raaea ot line Mark loth Kor aale chegp, at 174 Water atreet. rip ataira. _ oil <! > BOAHU WA.NH.U-iv two yottug Uentlemeu, iu a |>rl v.te family-. Lowrr part of tfi? city. preferted. Addrea | !io? 6W roll office n'? Jf*nn AKKtVHLAUy. ol good aducatiwti. wnbai a ?ii?aiian *? (Jovrrnet*, or lidy't companion; no otLjkctioo to travel. Inquire at all hour* at 151 Washington n'reet, for Mme L*ar? o?f 3t*rc ft J. AAA w vv|K" on boii'l uiin tnortg ?ge of Trinity V *)v/VrVr Church leaae property, ffrea of grou'drent j for w Inch i'1'u per cent lutercat aiH be paid. Adtraaa H W t . at thia office. oMJtia'rc Of i. ON NULL OBSR^Ulr.S-An arfjrmraed gMeilnTot he Committee of Arrangemeutf will be held at tureen1! Vlontgotnery Hall, No 79 Prince atreet. on Tbnradav evening neat. Hat imt , at 7^ o'c) >ck, to conclude the buaiuaaa of tha Coinmiitee. FSinctaal attendance ia requeue By order. CHA? K. HHCA, nM lt?jn Secretary. PKOrOMALH KOB UATIONH ? Headquarter* of th? Marine I or|>*. Quartermiater'a Office. VVaalnngton, 0? II, 1?I7?Separate pfopoeala will be reoerrel at th'a ofiee until 10 o'clo It. a si . oil Monday, the I Jih day of Nortnibtt neat, for furmahini ration* to the United Htatea mrvruea at lh? following for the year 1141, ?i? : ? ' harleatown, Maaaarhaaettt; lirooklyn. Long lalaud, New Yoik . f'lnladeIphia, I'eunaylrania; tImport, (rear Noifolk) Virginia, F'etiaacola, Honda, and Wa .hin*ion, Diatrictot Columbia K.aeh ration to crmaiat of one ponad and a qoarter of freah be?f, or three 'luatteia of n pound of nieaa pork . eighteen oimcea of bit ad or Mipeiline flout, at the opuon of the goreio ni. ot, and at die rate of an potinda of good coffee, twelr* p unda of the b' it New t'tleana atrgar. eight inarta -if the :>ea> w inte beam, four qnnrti ol vinegar, two r]0?rta of ai)t,foar r iindt of good hard brown *o?p, u d one and a hall ponndt ot g"od h >ra dipped tallow candlea, to Mch hundred rati 'na Tha beet required thall be deliTtiad ou thecrdet of the c <uim Hiding officer of each atatiou, ei'her iu bulk or hr the aingle ration, and thall cona at of the heal and moat chmce po Hon of tha careaae , the pork 11 he N 1 prime meaa pork , i-id 'Jie groceriea ot the heat qilaliry ot I le k'n'la named, tub Ni> hid * ill be ruterumed nul?>* *< l?r I i* Ttwo ?nr*ti*? (<>( kaown rtai'OiiMbil' >) l?r u*r lau"'"1 l'*r foimancr of?h? contract To b* r??lon?a ' Prni^U^wftJMfer.l^ m,,y. olll?wlI'tc tJ ' .ii"'' ?' RmnriW' L^nM{T*tis<

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