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Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1847 Page 1
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V [i : Wl J J, ' 1 1 I Tfl] Vol. XIII. No. 190_\Vhole No. 48?7. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THK WAR QUARTER. Complete and Graphic Descriptions OF rilK BATTLES BEFORE THE MEXICAN CAPITAL. INCIDENTS OF THE STRUGGLES. A FULL LIST OF THK KILLED AND WOUNDED. THE POSITION OF AFFAIRS OK THt ROAD FROM VERA CRUZ TO THE CITY OF MEXICO. &C. &C. &<\ [From the New Orlean* Ploayune, Oot. 16.] Again we devote almost the whole ot our space to the detail* of the news from Mexloo. We are not about to comment or speculate upon the news, bnt we must seize the opportunity again to give express on to our boundless admiration of wonderful achievements of our army under Oen Scott Tbe annals of war record nothing more gloriouf). We can recall no parallel to the closing scene* of the campaign, whloh has ended In the HUbmitslon of the city of Mexloo to the IrresUtible energy of our arm*. We long to see the ofHolal reports, that we may know on whom to lavish our praise*. At present we only see that all have nobly done their duty. Most firmly do we believe that no army ol ten thousand men ever surpassed our own in personal gallantry?that none ever equalled it in the skill, the devotion and the heroism of lta officer*. By a communication in tbe American Star we perceive that Oen Bravo and staff were taken prisoners by a portion of the New York regiment in Oen Quitman's division. Circumstances prevented their being delivered to Gen. Quitman, and they were taken to Chapultepec bv Capt Davis, aid to Gen. Q. On reaching there. ilading the General-in-Chief stilt at th? cantleT be reported to <>en Scott that he had Gen. Bravo and staff prisoners of war. The general ordered C'apt Davis to bring the priseners forward where hn was, when the General-in-Chief addressed Gen Bravo an follows: ? ' I deeply regret mef ting the valiant Gen. Bravo in misfortane. I have long and favorably known him by fame. I trust we majr soon be friends. I honor and respect him as an enemy Gen Bravo expressing his thanks for the courtesy oxtended towards him by the General-in-Chief, the latter directed that the former be taken Into the citadel, and furnished with as comfortable quarters as the conveniences of the building would admit of. The following general orders were issued by General Twiggi, congratulating his command upon their rueent victories:? oaosKj?No. 73. HkadhuAHTf.Hs 'in Diwhion of Hkuulaiii, ) City of Mexico, Sept. 10, 1847. ? Kor the rccent and glorious victories, in which the 2d Division so handsomely participated, the General presents his thanks to his officers and men. Although taken from under his immediate command. Jiii eye and heart followed them through all the strife, and enabled him to witness with pride and pleasure, the hi jh state of discipline and soldu rly bearing displayed at every point during the late brilliant operations. To lliley's brigade, for sustaining its advanoed position in front of tho garita of La l'iedad and Sail Antonio. keeping the enemy In check for ueveral dtys and finally driving in his pickets, and for supporting the battery which sileuoed his guns; and alto to Captain Steptoe, his officers and men, for the very handsome manner in whlohthey silenced the battery at the earita of San Antonio.;aud drove the enerav'g guns within the walls of the olty, the General would also return his warmest thank*. To Smith's brigade, for changing itself from a sup?ortiog to an attacking force, by wnioh it oaptured an mporiant battery at the base ot the Chapultepec, and for entering the capital of the enemy In advance of all other troops, and tnere planting the old fashioned stars and stripes first on the national palace of Mexico, is due more of commendation than the General has words to express. The General again offers his grateful thanks to the cfilcera of the medical oorps, for the zeal and ability displayed In alleviating the condition of the wounded and sick. The gallant deeds of the Immortal dead, fallen In their oountry;B oause. will ever be an incentive to the brave and good of the army. , . By order of Gen. Twiaoi : P. W. M( DONALD, A. D. C. Captalu Chirles Naylor, of tho second Pennsylvania regiment. has been appointed superintendent of the N?t tonal Pulaoe of Mexico. Captain Robert Allen, A. <| M., has been appointed postmaster for the city of Mexioo. The Fashion brought orer important despatches for the governrnent from Mr. Trist. They had been waiting at Vera Cruz since the 30th ult. The New Orleans arrived at Vera Cruz from Tampico on th? 4th Inst with mules Most of the propellers have been employed in the same manner. The New Orleans limy shortly be expected here. The Jluuricun Slar says that at the latest accounts the Mexican army was slowly wending its way towards Ij oeretaro. They number less than 3000 men, under the command of Gun. Ilerrera. Many in Mexico supposed Santa Anna was endeavoring to reach the sea coast to embark for a foreign countrv, but wo place little faith in tW?. We take pleasure in laying before our readers the annexed letter from Major J I' Gaines. addressed to his sou. through his brother in this city. It was manifestly not written for the public eve, but its publication oan do no harm, and will gratify all who have tympathlzed with the American prisoners in Mexico in their sufferings and wrongs:? Mexico, Sept. 28. ltM7. My dear son?I wrote you from I'uebla on the 8th ult, and from Taoubaya on the 27th, giving you a sketch of events to that time The armistice terminated without peace, anil hostilities recommenced on the 8th iuet The ba'tle of that day.ot doubt,you have heard an account, was fojght by tbe division oi Gen. Worth ngainst the whole Mexican force It lasted about three hours, and resulted In the capture of seven hundred prl doners, six pieces of artillery, and hilling ai.d wounding nut less than I 500, perhaps more. But as on the previous days, we mourn the loss of six to seven hundred killed uud wounded, amongst the former Cols Scott and Gra JIlftiLi, BIIU laruv niiunbtuu^, kHQ BUU UI ww . AIUiHlIUU^ UI Indiana. an urquaiutancM of mine. Me was a youDg <Hirer of great promise, and agenrral favorite. The lith we opened our batteries upou Chapnltepec, which wis continued throughout the day. and ou the morning of the 13th it wan xtoruied and carried after a conflict of near three hours, taking one thousand prisoners. uniougst them General Uravo, and killing and wouudlog a great number. From Chapultep*c there are tw > splendid aqueducts leading to the city, one on whit is called the ?*n Connie road, and the other that of Tacubaya. The gallant Worth pursued the flying ?aemy ou the former route, and the equally gallant Qiiiltuau on the latter Nightfall found each In possession of hi<4 gate, where they rested until the following morning On the 14th our army entered the wonderful city, which was abandoned by the dastard Santa Anna The national flag w?s unfurled upon the palace of the Moutezumas, " Hail Columbia" and " Yankee Doodle" were pUjcd round the public square, and now 1 feel at liberty U> return to my dear nature laud, ' home, Bweet home, ' so soon us I can conveniently do ?o Ic whs my highest gratification to chare in all the conflicts fr-MU the 8th to the 14th, and especially to be tbrowc into association with Oens Worth and (Quitman Two morn gallant men do not walk this earth I now feel amply compensated for all the Indignities and sufferings heaped upon me by Hanta Anna, Lombardini, n-id their contemptible tools, and shall return to my adored country perfectly satisfied I hope to be able to leave this place by the 10th of October, which with the luck that has attended me for the last two weeks, will enable me to reach " Old Kentuck" by the middle of November I received your letter of the 14th of August 1 tholi not attempt to descant upon my gratification at the honor done uie by the 4ih Congressional District In the late election I must wait patiently until 1 meet my countrymen fane to fac* The Congress of Mexico, it is said, will assemble nt Queretaro on the ,<th of Ootober, and high expectations are entertained that peace will shortly be made. I am one of those who doubt It They have been whipped in not less than twenty battles, their capital captured, one thousand pieces of artillery and uear fifteen thousand prisoners taken, how many killed and wounded, I know not; and yet, if there is any party here in favor of peaoe, I have lieur<l nothing of it. We also have to mourn onr losses .Since this gallant army entered this valley on the I4ihult,l very much fear that two thousand will not inner our killed and wounded, and still a peace Is n< t " conquered." Let us hope for the best?the worst can but come. Your affectionate lather. J NO. r. GAINES. Mr A. K <iaim s Jr , Covington, Ky, The accounts published by the American Star of the outrages of the guerrilleros iu Tuebla and other cities, and upon their own countrymen, are deplorable. The whole male population or MhxIco appear* to be ia*t relapsing into a state of brigandage. Tbu editor of the Gcniui says he ha* conversed with several Mexicans from Tlanostalpam, on the Alvarado river, who eompl nin that the American foroe there lit insufficient to protect them from the depredation* of the guerillas; that their depredation* are frequent, and that a short, time sinae the f'adre Jarauta bimielf exaeted from the inhabitant* a tribute of $000, and compelled them to furni*h himself and hi* aid* with bom*. On tlie 7th of September, Santa Anna issued a decree, In which, reciting the necessity ot their being a permanent head to the government, now that neither Congre** nor the ( ouncll of Government are in session, he ordered that In cute he *hould fall or be taken prisoner, the i'resiilsot of the Supreme Court of Justice should assume hi* tunctlous. aided by Wens. llerrara and Bravo. This substitution wis ordered to continue until Congress should assembU) and nance a President. or the States should elect one. Alter General Uravo had been taken prlaoner and Santa Anna had abandoned the capital, the latter issued another decree bearing date Sept. KHh In this be premise* that be design* to oootlnu? the campaign, E NE" new that to Jo ?o and retain executive authority are ijuite Incompatible, as the Executive Government should reold* In the centre of the Republic. Wishing to avoid thin evil, and to provide for the permanency of the Government, let what may betide, he resigns the Provislonai Presidency of the Hepubllo, and orders that the Executive authority shall be vested in the President of the Supreme Court. (Senor Pena y Pena) assisted by lien. Herrara and Gen Alcorta.?the latter in place of (Jen Bravo A second article of the decree flits upon (4ueretaro aa the seat ol government for the nation The above decree is hardly worth translating; the substance of it is given above Afterwards 9anta Anna made an address to his countrymen, written In his usual style, with his usual professions According to the Monitor Rrpuhlicano of the 27th ult, It was intimated by the oivic authorities to Gen Scott on the 25th. that the contribution of $160 000 levied upon the population was ready for him. The amount was raised by a loan, so as not rurther to distress the inhabitants. The stsges commenced running from Mexico for Queretaro the morning of the 27th ult We annex some letter* from our Vera Cruz correspondent. for which we had not room yesterday They oontaln several Items ot considerable interest Our correspondent expresses himself freely in regard to the guerillas upon the route to Mexico and the dangers to be apprehended from them. Our opinion Is that he is not far out of the way: ? Vkra Civs, September i7, i?l7 A gentleman arrived this erening from Puebla, and confirms the reports that were current, that Col. Childs had, upon finding the citizens disposed to be hostile, sent In about sixty Native Americans, (bomb shells) which had exploded with fine effect?smashing a few houses and bringing the citizens, as well as a pretty formidable force of guerillas who had entered the city, to their senses, the latter retiring out oUjfe reach of the American batteries to another part ot the town Tba gentleman left Puebla ou the 17th instant, and at that time Santa Anna was in that part of the oity occupied by the hostile portion of the Mexicans, and had given instructions that the Americans should not be annoyed in any way that might render it neoessary that Colonel Childs should again turn bis guns and mortars upon the city. The heighta occupied by the Americans, commanding the city, are well fortified, and have on hand a supply of provisions sufficient to last the command several weeks, and notwithstanding rumor has it that it is the intention of the enemy to capture them. I think that there is but little prospect of their making the attempt; and I would not fear for their safety if Hanta Anna should ttlltll'll IUI1U1 Willi bll? UCDb ai uty I(1UL 1113 (1TIT UrUU?HL LUgether, although it would be imprudent to leave bin fortification with so email a foroe to attack a large body of the t n i-ci y. Vkra Cbuz, Sept 30, 1847. The steamers New Orleans. Telegraph, and Ohio arrived this morning The tirst brought Gen. Patterson and staff, and the Telegraph, (Jen. Cushlng. We are looking every moment for the arrival of troops from the Brazos, and if the north winds oontlnut for a week, it will no doubt expedite the transportation of there troops, and the departure of General Patterson for the interior. At present tbu Vogara camp presents a rather desolate appearance from the small number of troops there, who, I take pleasure in saying, are under tbeoommand of your friend, the cx-lberville Adjutant, (Capt. C. M. Halle, of the 14th infantry ) A salute was fired this morning from the Castle and Fort Santiago upon the arrival of General Patterson.? This evening I will write you out the news from Mexico, if communications do not come direct from the city for you. Evening-That Santa Anna is in Puebla has been contained by , who saw and conversed with hia on the '28th. His quarters were then in a part of the city where he is safu from Colonel Child's long guns ; and, supposing that Colonel C. is Dearly out ot provisions, he Is lying off and atoppltag supplies intended for the Americans. A po/tlon cf the following letter we gave in our last Vjlha Cnu/., Sept U7,18'I7. As for opening this road to Jalapa or Mexico, so that it will be perfectly safe for travellers, is a thing that can never be accomplished except with a solid column of infantry from the gates of Vera Crux to those cities, and even then, men of enterprise, if the Mexicans have any suoh, oould annoy the best troops in the world. Nearly the whole road from Vegara to the National Bridge Is skirted by athioket on each side, which is - impenetrable by mounted men, but the Mexicans have their blind paths by which they oan reach to within a few yards of the road with perfect safetv. But still as long as tho posts at San Juan and the National Bridge are occupied, nothing very serious cau happen to a small command passing or repassing, unless the Mexlcuns should surprise tnem with a large force, and then as soon as they may accomplish the mischief, they bad better break tor pae*? unknown. I have a very different opinion from the generality of people about this line of communication being kept open. 1 do not think there is any other country on the face of the earth but what would, with the advantages the road uffords, havo annoyed our troops more tbau iue ffinicaun u?to iruiu lug uuuiuieaceincnt to me pr?sent day. 1 doubt very much If up t* thin day there has bri a a time when two companies of determined men could not have passed the Ud? in safety. Lieut. Henderson, with fourteen m?n, passed tbe bridge a few hours before Ca t. Wells' command abandoned their wugous after a logs of three men out of about two hundred. A portion of Lieut. II 'h detachment (about nine of the men) returned with tbe loss of but one inan, who was killed by a random xh it tired from a distance of from two to three hundred yards. Cel. Mcintosh's train was annoyed because he had not troops enough to cover bis long line of wagons, and with half the number of men, with only a baggage tr.iin, 1 have no doubt but that he could hare gone through iu perfect safety No matter how small our forces have been, on this road the Mexicans have never stood before the smallest detachment except it be a distance of from seveuty to two hundred yardB, and they are very c* refill to keep that distance from Americans. [Correspondence of the New Orleans l'icayune ] City ok Mexico, Sept. 14, 1S47. Another victory, glorious in its results, aud which has thrown additional lurtre upon the American arms, has been achieved to-day by the army under Oen. Scott? the proud capital of Mexico has lallen into the power of a mere handful of men compared with tbe immense odds arrayed against them; and Santa Anna, instead ot shedding his blond as he had promised, i* wandering with the remnant of his army no one knows whither Tne apparently impregnable works on Chapultnpec, after a desperate struggle, were triumphantly carried ? Generals Ursvoand .vioulerde, besides a host of ofllcers .litl-runr .-r,. ,l..o t->l ? imm 1V..V ijuu-tum- I missioned officers anil privates, all their cannon and ammunition, are iu our hands; the fugitives were soon in full flight towards the dillereut works which command the entrances to the city, and our men at once were in hot pursuit General Quitman. supported by Gen Smith's brigade, took tho ro*d by the Chapultepec HijueJuct towards the Helen gate aod the Cludadela ; Geu vVorth, supported by General Ladwalader's brigade, advanced by the 8an Cosme aqueduct towards the garita of that name Both routes wore cut up by ditches and defended by breastworks, barricades, and strong works of every description known to military soienoe; yet the daring and impetuosity of our men overcame oue defence alter another, and by nightfall every work to the city's edge was carried. Gen Quitman's command, after the rout at Chapultepec, was the first to encounter thtieuemy in force. Midway between the former and the llelen g tte, Santa Anna had constructed a siroug work; but this was at once vigorously assaulted by Gen. Uuitman. and aided by a flank fire from two of Duacan's guus, which Gen Worth hud ordered to approach as mar as possible from the San Cosme road, the enemy was aguln routed, and in full (light They ax*it> made a stand from their strong fortifications at und near the Helen garita, opeuing a tremendous fire not only of round hhot, grape and shell, but of musketry; ye.t boldly Gen. Unumiu advanced, stormed and carried the works, although at great loss; and then every point on this side of the city was in our possession. In this onslaught two of our bravest officers were killed?Capt. Drum and Lieut, ttmijamin. Meanwhile Gen Worth was rapidly advancing upon Sau ( osme. At the hnglish burying ground the enemy had constructed astrong work It was defended by infantry for a short time, but could not resist the assault of our men?the affrighted Mexicans soon lied to another Hue of works nearer lha city, and thus Uen Worth wai in possession of the entrance to San Ursine As his men advanced towards the garita, the enemy opened a heavy Urn of musketry from the bouse tops, as w II as of grape, canister and shell from their batteries, thus sweeping the street completely. At this juncture the old Monterey game, of burrowing and digging through the bouses, was adopted. On the right, as our men faced the enemy, the aquedact afforded a partial shelter; ou the left, the bouses gave some protection, but many were still killed or wounded by the grape which swept every part, as well as by the shells, which were contluually bursting in every direction About three o'clock the work of the pickaxe and the crowbar, under the direction of I.iuut G. W Smith, of the Sappers and miners, bad fairly coinmenoed, audevery minute brouubt our men nearei the enemy a last atrongboid. Iri the ui?n?tlme two mountain howitzer* were f*irly lifted to tlie top of one of the hou<ten and Into the cupola of the ohurch, from which they opened a plunging and most efT'Otlve Are, while one of Duncan'* gunn, In charge of Lieut Hunt, wan run up under a galling tire to a deserted breastwork, and at once opeui-U upon the garita In thin latter daring feat, four men out of eight were either killed or wounded, but mill the piece wae most effective ly nerved. The work of the miuern wan atill goin* on. in one houne which they had entered, by the plokaxe, a favorite aid of rtanta Anna'* wait found The great man had juat lied, but had left hla friend and bin nuppur! ? Both were well cared foi?the latter wan devoured by our hungry ofltcera; the former, after doing the honorit of the table, wan made a clone priaoner. Junt an dark waa netting in, our men had dug and mined their way alinont up to the very guna of the enemy, and now, after abort ntruggle,they were completely routed and driven, with the lot* or everything The command of the city by the Han < route waa attained. During the night, (ien. (Quitman oommenced the work of throwing up the breaat work* and erecting batteries, with the intention of opening a heavy cannonade upon the Cuidadela with the Hrat light thia morning At 10 o'clock at night tieB. Worth ordered (Japt. tluger to bring up a 24-pounder and a 10-inah mortar to the garlta or gate of Han Conine, and having aacertalned the bear lug* and dictance of the grand pla/.? and palace, at onoe opened upon thoan polnta. The heavy nhella were heard to explode in the very heart ol the city At a Utile after midnight Major t'aiacioa, accompanied by two or three membera of the rauniolpal council of the oity, arrived at Uen. Worth'a hrkdquartera, and in great trepidation informed him that Haata Anna and hit grand army had fled, and that they wished at onoe to aurren W Y <J ' YORK, SATURDAY MO Jar the capital ' They were referred to the commanderln chief, and immediately itartej for Tacubaya, but in the moan time tbe f.rlrk upon the to u ceaoej At 7 o'clock tbi* morning, (i?-n Scott, with hli staff rode in and took quarter* in the uatlonal palace. no the top of which the regimental Hag of the gallant rifles and the Itara and fctrlpes were already flying An Immense crowd of blanketed leperon tbe arum of the capital were congregated in the plaza a? the commander In chief entered it They pregned upon our soldiers and yed them at though they were btirigs of another world So muoh were they in the way. and with auch eagernaaa did they preM around, that (Jen Scott wax oompelled to ordVr out dragoona to clear the olaza. They were told. however not to Injure or barm a man in the mob?th?y wrrc all our friend*' About five mlnut.* after this, and wbll? Dan Worth | was returning to hi* division near the Alameda, he ?? fired npon from a houi-o near the convent of San Francisco. Some of the cowardly I'olkas. who had fled the day previous without discharging their gun*, now oom uienced the assassin gam* or nhooting at every on* of I our men they caw. from window*, aa well a* from behind the parapets on the azoteea or top* of the home*. In | half an hour's time our good friend*, the iepero*. In the neighborhood of the hospital of San Andrei aud the church of Santa Clara. al-o commenced discharging iuuhk-trt and throwing bottleri and rock* from the as Heas 1 have neglected to mention that ju?t previous to thl?, Col Garland had been severely wounded by a musket, fired by ?ome miscreant from a window b'or several hours thin cowardly war upon our men oontinued, and during this time many were killed or , wounded. It war In this species ot fighting that Lieut | Slduey Smith received his death wound 1'he division ' of lien Twiggs in one part of the city, and (Jen. Worth ' in another, were goon actively unpaged in pu'ting down the insurreotion. Order* weru given to shoot every man in all the house* from which the tiring came, while | the guu* of the different light batteries swept the streets ' in all directions As the assassin* were driven from one house tiny would take refuge on another; but by the middle of the afternoon they were all forced back to the barrier* and suburbs. Many innocent persons hare doubtless been killed during the day, but this oould not | be avoiJed Had ordrra been given at the outset to blow up and demolish every house or church frcrn which ' one man was fired upon, the disturbances would have been at once quelled. As it is, I trust that the lesson the rabble and their mischievous leaders have receired to-day may deter them from future outrsgrs On entering the palace (ien. Scott at once named tifn Quitman governor of Mexico?a most exoell^ut appointment. Some wag immediately proclaimed aloud in the plaza as follows " Oeu. John A. Quitman, of Mi'slssippi, has been appointed governor of Mexico, vice (ien . est- Maria Tornel, resigned?very suddenly !" It ie?ms that the valliant Tornel ran off at an early hour, and his mngniflcent housH has been converted into a hospital lor our wounded officers. Mexico, Sept 17, 1H47. Thft Mexican loss it is impossible to ascertain, but it has b<;en immense. Au;oog the killed at t'hapultepec . were General J uan Nepomecuno Perez, Colonel Juan Cano, a distinguished officer of engineers, aud Ideu- ! tenant l,ucian Calve, one of General Itravo's aid*. Gen Saldana wss badly wounded, as were many other i distinguished officers, kive genersli, three colonel*, seven lieutenant colonels, and near one hundred majors, ' captains, aud lieutenants, were taken prisoners, together with eight hundred or more rank and file. At the gari- | tasof Belen and San Cosme many officers were killed and wounded, but their names are not known. The total number of deserters hung at San Angel and Mixc.oac was fifty, and well did they deserve tneir fate. Thirty of them were hung at Mixcoac, on the morning of the 13;h. They were compelled to stand upon the gallows until the llsg they had deserted was ftyiu^ from Chapultapeo. and were then all swung off at the same time. Not one of them complained that his fate was un- . tiulMrVHfl It Is no time now to moution the hundreds of i:uo? of individual gallantry noticed at the diQerunt battles, but I cannot help paying a passiug compliment to the uoted chaplain, Parson McCartey, as ho is called by all. The worthy man was seen in all parts, and where the dauger was the greatest, comforting the wounded and exhorting the wavering to press forward, aud all the time regardless of his own safety. No man exerted hiuuelf more to insure a victory, no man is more entitled to commendation. City of Mexico, Sept. 20, 1847. All our wounded have been brought in from Mixcoac and other places, and have been made as comfortable as circumstances wuuld admit < bapultepec is still held by j our troops, but all the other points have been deserted, ' and the main br>dy of the men are quartered within the limits of the city. Uenerul liravo's official report of the loss of Cbapultupec has been published in a Toluca paper, lie blames Santa Anua tor not sending him reinforcements as he requested, materially underrates his own foroe. aud ac- ! cm?is one of his engineer officers, Aleman, who had charge of the diifereut mines on the hill rides, with being absent at the critioal moment when, by springing them, the fate of the day might have been changed. If possible, I will send ou his report. In the same paper, we see it stated that Santa Anna has renounced the I'rtnidenoy ot the republic, and in this juncture names Don Abiaouel IVna y I'ena. Chief J ustice of the Supreme Court of Mexico, us his constitutional successor. I'ena y Pena is at a hacienda of his close by, is a lawyer of great standing, aud in?y possibly assume i (hi reins of power in the present crisis It is hardly probable that he will retain them, however. In the pre- i seut distracted state of tbe country, no one can expect U) hold them long We hear but little, one way or the other, as to what j the Muxioans intend to do In future - whether they ar?> : for peace or a oontinuatiou of the war lu fact. It lit ' hardly time for them, after their recent disastrous din- < cointitures, to think of any thing K.very thing will now depeud upou our own government. If the nonsensical i soothing system la continued ?If another dose of magnanimity is to follow the bard blown which have us so , many Uvea?the war will be spun out till doomsday On the contrary, If a rigorous system is at once adopted if men and means are poured into the country, and the rulera ot Mexico are tor once made t> believe that we are in earnest, sis months will suffice to make them sue for peace Heretofore, the propositions, with a stretoh of i magnanimity positively ridiculous, have all couij from our side, and we ail know with what contumely and In- ' suit they tiav.i been treated Sneaking of seuding men and mean* to Mexico, do the people of tile United States know the real force which j has achieved the recent glorious triumphs here iu the valley of this proud republic ? 1 have not seen the paper, j but I have been told that a recent number of the Union males that when General Scott would reaeh the vicinity I of Mexico, hi* army would number 000 effective men | If such a statement haa been made, one more false or uu j gerous could not have been promulgated lien Soott arrived on thin side the mountains with a fraction over 10,i>00 men, o wnich number at least 1,000 were new re- j cruits Of this force, so insignificant when compared ; with the magnitude of the enterprise, at least 1,000 were 1 on the nick list belore a blow was struck With a die posabie army, then, of !l 000 -not a man moru ? the bold attempt was made to reduceja populous at.d well fortified city; aud alter a succession of hard fought battles flt'i result ia known Thu li,0u0 paper in>-n, then, manufactured at Washington, by Generals Marcy, Jones it Co , ... ust remain where they have been during the recent struggles -either unenlisted, iu hospitals, iu camp, or in transitu?aud not detract from auch merit as haa been gained by the 10,000 true men, who have borne the battle's blunt and won such laurels for their couutry. To them all hocor and credit ia dui, aud I will prorura the muster roll of every regimeut that passed the Vente de Cordiva, if it should be necessary, to prove my statement as to heir actual number. Oen. Terras, who commanded at the Helen nate. has come out with a re port of the part taken by himself and command on the 13lh It is pretty much the Damn old story. lie complain* that he had not men enough: s?yn that thoHM he did have fought with determination hrnvery and enthusiasm; Intimates that he Bent for reinforcements, at a juncture when the tide of the battle might have been turned against (Jen. (Quitman, whicu were refused; aud dually openly accuses (Jen. I'edrigon (inr^y, who commanded hi* reserve, with running off withuut tiring a guu or rendering him the leant a?si?tauoe He hlmst-lf spraks of the gross insult beitowed upon htm by rtauta Anna after the battle -an insult he j.iys, that he oould not resent We now have the reports ol' Bravo, who commanded at Chapultepno, and of Terrm, who commanded at the Helen gate; Santa Anna and (len Kangal were both of them at the Shu Cosine gate, aud it remains to be seen what trivolous excuse they will' make for their disgraceful defeat Of course the blame will not rent on their illustrious shou'ders The Jhn-rican HI r, published by Peoples it. Barnard, made its appearance to-day In neat form, and the talk Is that another new paper, the JVowA Jimeriran, Is to c >me out in the course of the w ek Meanwhile, t..e city Is rapidly becoming Americanized Hrom every quarter, Staling in the largest capitals, we si e such all nouncements as " I'nion Hotel"' ' Mush and Milk at all Hours,1'''American Dry Woods," "I nlted States llestaurat,''" Ht Charles Kxchange," ' Nog and Mince PieaforHale Here," and other kindred notices to the p.isser by, as to where he can be served on home principles Nor is there to be any lack of amusements, for already th? posters announce a bull tight, a circus, a theatre, and even an Italian opera is chortly to be produced. We are a great people. Citv or Mkiico. Sept J4, 1947. Among] other rumors, we hear to-day that there has been a coalition of some of the States north of this that Senor Coslo has b?en appointed President, that I i 000 men lire immediately to be raised and organised to carry on the w*r with vigor, and to make them effective (1,000,000 is to be levied. Bustamente and Paredes are to command the army, as the story goes, while Kant* \nna has leave to retire Irom publio service and from the oountry, if he sees lit Another report current would make us believe that the Mexican Congress Is shortly to assemble at (^ueretaro, and that the peace question is to be talkedover with Sir. Trlst in real earneat. These are all but mere rumors. Speaking of Mr. Trist reminds me of a Story current on the 13th. it Is raid that, shortly after r.hapultepec wn carried, that gentleman rode up the height. ami on being recognised by a gallant Irlah aoldier, the latt?r ao ooated him with, ' I say, air,It'** beautiful tbraty we're made wld Vm to-day, tlr.'' The story la worth relating, at all erenta. Although all appear* quiet on the face of the oily, asaaaainatioca are atill frequent. Our nieu ere led off to drinking-housea In the hy-atreeta and In the auburtia, re piled with liquor until they become intoxicated, and are then (tabbed Nor will this cowardly ayatem be pnt ! down until eaoh houae where a murder la committed la l rased, and exemplary juatioe dealt out to all Ita inmates I It haa Dome to the knowledge of the aulhoritiea that knives and dirks hare been ^recently distributed to the c horde of thierea and murderera liberated by Santa Anna I on the night he fled from the capital, and with no other Intention than that they might do the work In the dark he h >d not the courage to perforin In open day. By an ! JC UK 1: HNlN<i, OCTOBEI ML 18 orilar tiMifr I l y >*?<*! It wnwIJ that artlva r OUMITM bat- -Ml tak'tl t. Vtr.' " lit 1L. ??... . a md KotkfBii 1 .1. ?l. !,a?? ! h?m li t uur JiT Among tha tiapm < apturvi at tha p*ia/-? <>* n h i t hact? to r?u "ianta Anna l?ft e??rf thin* war? ? many rich auJ at lb* ( ? ai*t raluatito J?x-? I mrnt* \noag tb*m ar* two tattara ,n- arlttra by H. ? jnn to Kanta Anna and ilaUj at l{it*r?t*ru <>a tha IHli ?URu?t, with lh? iM?rr of lh? latWr. Jat?l h*r? In 1 Mallno on tha il#t I* brW K>/.a inf'.r?a bi? fri?aJ th?: h? haaWrna-l wlili pain that m??->ttat>"wafb? ??r? t h?T? b?an rntaraj Into an ar' oflaiiaiaa l<' tha art?T aa4 t humiliating to tha rrvubtl ?ia f?at?-n l? that th? - ar ought to b? >roM-cu.?l aaJ that If th* oapitai i-aatst ba t mtviI. Iika ruabla tt moat h.-abaadoa*J abi>tha*<lb 1 drawn troopa mutt eont?mi altb tha *??iav a? L-at th?y 1 oan Raaoor<??? b? ?aya will sat ba waatiag ei tha j statu, with tha illcliiaat aweourag<-a<-at will ?up?iy i lUein 11a c nvnat that p*ac* will <J**tr>i *ant? 4nu* I whlla war will *??r crown htm with h<<?- r and (tor* it I he but earri** It OB without true* tn l with .ti.rrj la t4u*r*t*rt> R?j?n r ntlnuaa th* Jia*u?t waa ???ral I wh*n thay frat h*arl of th* ?i d>(< i imi. a ..< ?< and "a th- n>< tuin( pr*?t<>u* tc th* Jat* I of his l*tt?r a courier j>a/--d thr a?b Tr. m T.4u a anh i ooinmunlcatloo* truiuiti tb* "Mat- aooat uf atb*r I It* that ahoull inak.- p**u> at th* aapital H* a *.a.?b*? | hit Irttar fell"*' With th* franknaaa at a (rUaJ I I Inform you that I am <>mniltuj to tbi* >-<>ura* < i>nt? j nua th* war and I *111 p<rlth l j your In an*wer to all thl* *?n*.a \ntia*aya tl>%* b* Warn* I villi bitter ri'Hf t tl.* . bar*-* ? hlc'i hat* b**u mad* agalnat tha rt?*?riiiu^ut for th* ocur** It ha< i>ar*u< I < li? uffa* th?t (J*n *cott ?i>'lr,t*J an artn atir* h* d *a I not *?y what Mackint< ?h ram> out for ?a?r tb* battte i of Ohurnhoaro | In order that Mr Trlat ral*ht h*h*ar<l which solicitation h* granted "banana* th* ?u?ji*??i'>n t of hoittilitl** would gl?* hi* tro. i>* r**t r*?-tabll-h their moral*, and gl?? him an opportunl'y to coll??t th* lla per**d. and ?nabl?t lit in to adopt thr ui?a-<ir*a to tn *nre a reaction Tti-ae ?r* >?uta Anna * owa word* I hare Dot tim* or *pao* at preaentto (lv* y>u tha whol* of hi* aimwar to Kejon. hut will prntur* It for - ???- fu ture period. I hara thought all aloutf tha w*ll ?a?t t ed" ot' hi* country really dnlntd pmm reaa -nlng tb* whlla that ha wan to h? paid for It. and that ha knew l>* muHt bn delaate.l attain. in the ereut of another baltia. but I now l>?Kia to h%r? xoinc un?*l?lu<? that b- waa hunibuicglnii ua all th* tint* If hi- really had Mr >u chanan'* ultimatum to Mr Trlit in hi* p ? k*t aa baa bean Mated h* well knew that thare waa uo earthly chauce for an amicable reault to th* negotiation* Lai hi* real Intention*, howarer. bare In en what they may *elf wm at the bottom, and hi* pool country untlriufbl | of. To *how the mail * avarice. 1 bare b*eii told by > thoan who know Mexican attair* Well, that fioca Mr I rolk allowed hiui to return from llavaua he haa contri ed to pick and ateal nearly a million of dollar*, which i? all **f*ly placed in the h.tud- of hi* foreign amenta or friend*. I Cit* or Mr*i. o, Kept Ji, l*?7 Not a little joy h-i* been matil!**ted by all at th* arrival li-rx of tlii American prmouer* -I'apta I lay Heady aud Smith, Lieut* Churchill. l>aTid*on amd Harbour and *ixt??n prlratea-who havo ..cently c >nMn* l at Toluea It aeema that tliey were r< :-i?*d by th* < t-rnor. Olunuibel. on hi* own reapon <ibillty, on prniui*iti? that the tinrae num er of Mexloau piiM>ner* anJofr juil ran*. Hnouiii o<' ileiivert >1 up l<> him Tho*e ? ?l?i refused to rIv? their parole when nil were ordered to I'o I luca and who afterward* escaped hive performed a. tivr Hi rvice hnr? in the diflireut battles Major < >ainee hit 1 bven serving on tint ?t ilf of (i. u Hoolt Midshipman H"? | crs on that of (Jen. I'lllow, Major Borland <> that of i (itincral Worth, and Captain Darnley on that ?l (ion (Quitman, The latter wm ?*v?r*ly wounded on the 13(b, but will Mooter. C'ii vol .?!?.?ii o, Sept. M Irtf? : We liavo rumor* without number from I'jebla today Ooj is that Santa Auua haa been killed In an eucounter with Col < lilldK in tho vicinity ol that city; another story would make u<4 believe that he hasbsen taken prleooor, alter defending hiuisel j for tome time at the paper mill uullud ha ( oustaucia, In the in ijihttorhund of l'ue bU. The accouutn nay that Col < hild* waa reinforced by M.j, and that he Immediately entered the city, drove out l lie guerillan and surrounded the mill above named. What credit to place in teuse rumor* I know not; but if Santa Auuu In really a has been inteutlonal?he has given himtrlf up. If In has been killed, It has been what the Mexicans would term one c uiu?Mm4, a sheer accident, for no such intention IW en tered bin Ah a^prisoner, Santa Ann* knowi perfectly wall that he call humbug Mr. 1 oik with e?H*. aud all hi* friend* beaides. Wo shall know the whole truth of the matter in the course ?f a day or two. It In Haiti Diat the Mexican t'.ougres* 1* to assemble at <4ueretaro, on tho 5th of October?next week?anil that i 1'ena y Pena lmn ?'one out to be installed hh the actinic I President I hare board Mexicans My that the body lias ninny members who will delibera^ manfully and I seriously in favor of peace, but my hjtoIoii In, that h inujority of them will talk of little gave honor and ditchea and glory, and last extremities and ruina, and of beiug bariud under them, and kiudred unnaense. gome of tliein uiay be bribed, or hired, to espouse the peace side We shall sen. Kejon, iu hi* lettera to SauU Anna, told hiui that if he would continue the war, he would perish by his Hide but they say.that when the armistice wan broken, be remained at Queretaro aud forgot all about flighting Valiant man is Manuel Creaceueis Itejon! but he has a prudent ?ay ot manifesting it in the hour of peril. I'aredas was here in the city a lew day* since, without followers, and ban gone north, perhaps toward* Guadalajara bin old aud lavorite ground, to stir and inliuence the mind* of the people againat the Yankee*, and try hie hand against tlieni lie is, no doubt, one of the bravcat and the boat generals Mexico has ever produced. < Jjinez Karia* ia at Queretaro, but we do not hear what ho la doing. Oeu liorrera is also there, and if any leading man in Mexico is in favor of peace, he ia the one Ilia influence. bower, ia confined almost entirely to the modtratloi. ( apt I'eiuberton Waddell, of one of the uew reglmenta ui luiauiry. 11 amo ueuu. J lie Wouutj ot (irn Shield* Uthough painful. Is improving. A muuket ball struck him iu (lid left nriii ut the storming of Chapultepec, but bludiuic h hauderchief round it he oontluUHi] with Ills meu until every tiling wm culranil. lieu Pillow has 1 ului<:nt entirely recovered. Since commencing thin I 1 have heard another rumor to the etl<-ct tnat Alvarez anil the Congress ot I'lieblit have risen upon Santa Anna ami put liiui lo death This can harilly t><* credited. Alvarez in doubtless iu that direction, lie took especial good care to keep himself and his pintCH out of harm's way during the recent struggle* iu this viclaily. 1MTKRKST1.NO JJESi ltll'TION Oi-' TI1K TREMENDOUS HaTTLICS llKFoIlK THE l^l'Y OF MEXICO ? TIIK E.NTltA.NC'E l.NTO TUB CAPITAL. [Correspondence of the New Orleans Delta ] Citv ok Mtuco. Sept. '26, 1-47. Having sent you l>y two couriers a detailedaccouut of the operations o< our army since the conclusion of the armistice, but fearing that iny first accounts have not reached JfSO. I send vou a short synopsis, together with a list ol the killed and wouudei I also enclose to you the propositions of Mr. Trut to the Mexican government. and the oounter proposition presented by theni. together with the correspondence connected theiewith The Mexicans haviug repeatedly violated the armistice agreed upon between our armv and themselves, Oen Scott, on the tkh, notified the Mexican authorities that uuless they made explanation, satisfaction and reparation f<>r the Injuries we had sustained, they should consider the armistice at an eud on the 7th, at l?J o'clock Tney not oomplylng with the demands of lien Scott, we commenced preparations for the attack. The (teneral-ln-Cbief received Information that at Molino del Hey, where stood several buildings, the Mexicans were at work casting cauuon, shells, shot, kc Desiring to stop their military operations, he directed (Jen Worth, with hla division, nupported by (Jen Oadwalla der'l Brigade, to attack and destroy the place, on the morning of the Mth. and then retire '1 he buildings, which the Mexicans call Casa Mata, is situated on the West tide ot ( hapultepeo, and wlthiu six pound range of the fort On tn? West side of the build ings, end the breast-works around thom, is a large open plain, gradually descending to the position oo cupied by the Mexican* ?a ueep ravine lualloe* < round t)il? plain, or open space, until it arrive* 1 within about two hundred ysrd* ot the building upon i which rented the enemy'* ri?ht llafik ?two 24 pounier* 1 belonging to Capt Huger's siege train, were placed In poaltiou to batter down thn breast-work* and building*, if they were found to be occupied by a beary force but th*y did not Ore but a very few shot*, before (general Worth advanced hi* infantry down the plain, and at tacked the enemy'* work* in the front and centre.? 1 Thn Mexican* opened upou .them a molt murd< rou* 1 fire from the point attacked, and both their flunk*. 1 which mowed down our troop*, like gram before the *cythe Many of the best officers of the dlvi*ion were I cut down, and the heavy loss in the rank* caused the * advance to waver for a moment, until the supporting 1 force came up, which aI*o sustained a Revere Ion*.? < A column of lanoers, numbering four thousand to < fOiiO, which were stationed on the enemy'i right.peroelv- I ing the < fleet ot this deadly fire on our infantry, came < charging down, in the hope of being able to take advan- < tage of circumstance*. and put our troop* to rout? but < they wern soon checked In their onward career Col < Duncan brought two piece? ot hi* battery to bear upon I them, and Capt Drum, wltli the two recaptured Buvna i Vista piece*, Minn opened hill fire on them while at the < same moment, Major Sumner, with two squadrona Of I dragoon*, aud Capt. Hull'* company of mounted rifle*, I which, until then, hail been held In reserve, paMed down t under the fire from the enemy'* work*, and charged the t bead of their column, which they could not Rtand for a I moment, and commenced a confused and precipitous re- c treat. After that they rallied twice, and attempted to t return, but at each time onr little handful of dragoon* * made them leave without exchanging card*. While the f cavalry and thn Infantry, rallying, succeeded In carrying ' ' the building* and breast-work* which the enemy heid, ' and oompelied them to retreat, capturing 7 piece* of artil- 1 " lery, a large quantify of ammunition. *mall arm*. Ike ,and ri about BOO prisoner* A* noun an they were driven tri m a the building*, ( apt Drum and Col. Duncan advanced p their light batterle*, and Lieut. Stone brought forward b one of the U4-pounder*, the whole of which opened a most *< destructive Ore upon them, a* they retreated acros* a ulow plain to the rear of the poeitlon they at flr?t occupied ol Our lot* wa* very heavy, and I regret t? *ay that some ol w the very|be*t officers of ouraimy fell killed and wounded, tt while the Mexican lot* was Veiy slight, until they com- w meaced their retreat While the cavalry were ) assing In cl front of the enemy, In order to charge the column of c< lancer*, they were not under the fire more then ten *? It i-otids, and during that time they sustained a lo*? of 6 pi adtcer* wounded, 3'i private* kilbd and wounded, and a . re loa* of I'Pft horse* 'l here were bin two officer* that did if not have their horse* shot under them but there I* one ai thing very remarkable, that the horse* from which the tl rider* bad been (hot, whetled and moved with the same tl I EHa 47. gularttT m though tha? had b?en mounted until tbay ate t" bait from the rliirfi. *b?u they All k?pt on In i Ik ly la direction of the ?a?mr NTe w?r? in rM?r?*o.*? to the character of be t>?.i ling* there *u no foundry. or aren a *einitanre of r>ne ?o l after Mowing up *ome of the buildup an I t>rtn?r?nac off our killed idd wounded w* armuatad the rlace a? the occupation of It would jlva in m ?i*tHkf? OalM ?* *!? ki.ud vnadHi Mi lixitt! r> - rwviU of thi* taurht u? one leaaon whii-h wait.that fc* Mwtraa? u?? their trni Mtt, and tight wall, whan ! ' r Ma < |MMn and although thaiupariorlty cf our tra? au I tha Talor of tba troop* will ereutually rl>>nph ?et attll wa auit rail Into requisition all our . <. arid akill or wa purobaaa our Victoria* it too 1tar a price A lut of tba killed t.nd wounded, rou will And in tha general recapitulation wblab 1 Mnd | pou Man* a tear will b? *h??l on Ita p>-ru?al. and many t heart via bUe.l for tb* U'?Ue aoula and tba old and 1 Irm akink f-li I- Ik. 1. ? >loaal Kilay Dow adrancad from -lan Antfal tbU >r??r rasp) lo I I Plnltil In or Jar to uiaka a diversion. >||<1 hold ih? antraoM to tha I'ladaJ til l Mao Antonio 1 Oanaral I'lllcw a dltiatou mo Tad up to within lupportlao ltatau'a and tbiia raala I tb<- army until tb? lib without any thing of u?>ui>nl occurring Tba tol o-'f fwpi wara busily am?l<7*4 m*bt aud Jay in hair r?"(.ii?oi?MM? aaflartoolnn anJ aiamlnin* tha poaltioa* of th? anain? and tba Jittarant antranraa to "?a city I ha I nflo-ar* throughout all our oparatlom, i?t* p>-rfb>ria?4 a u> >at ?nd laborious duty ? rbay haaa p-o?ad th?iu??l*< ? to ba Ulan ol MarliUtf flfll- of maatarlr ability. and bright ornament* cf MltfMflMlM I b?ra ?? a htt a incident wbleh00 f?rf?l t>- i plain Maaon la -na of bit reoounuiaaai cm win h it worthy of rar .rl It Im>chid? naoa*?ary far hlui ?n Mia <?e*atnn to go ??? ctoaa to tba enemy a brsaitw<>rk ia order lo aaaartaia Mo trua poaition At. ha ap ppMirhad a \la?lran o?rer roda out with two of hla aaeort aad aia? up wilhta a rery abort diatam-e. wban < aptaia Ma*?a draw bta reaolver Yba Mailcaa than la *pwniah aalutad IhkmI aurami " Tba captain ranpoadej Tba Maiirau then *ald. \ou aaaui to ba rely eurioua auppoaa you coma a UtUa cloatr." "No I tiiai.k you air I can aaa ?ery wall from wbara I au " Walk iaalda. air. wa will and> aror lo iraal you aa wall a* tb? a^r. mmojali iiant tba oauip will aoabla u? I aui much E>t?li{?*'J to you air. for your km lueaa. but prafar partaking of your hoapltallllMoa a<un (mure ix cwinn . and boldlnic 111- '[ > (la? l" ha rya ba i-outinuaJ, I only want at Ilia pt-aaui toaaa how you ara niuatad I c.n aaa two gun* a euibraaura oaa la barbat an J I Ibiak you hare ooa 10 ubraaura a liltla luri bar Ui tba lafl That gun I ?ea your ?aa loading. I do sot Iblak you wiU ba abla lu bring to taar oa ma aa I wtU kwp you between It and myaall ." uid moving a lull" to tba nub* ba oontlnuad nil ob M-rv?ti>'u? on* or tba meort tbn ?|H>ka la Kngllah, tnd ?ald \ ?u .1 Iriwil youkuow better than to ?>in? in b?r? If I im to get bold uf you. I'd cut your i 4 throat " I t^Ull Muon thru a! I to tb? offlwr, That Mluw of youra i^>l< rmry jiu ?1 Ko^luti but be nakea *?ry t)?l uw of It, and hi. ?u anility U Id atrlkof nontraat with your own r?*p*< llui Uufiuma If w? kail turn In our ramp we would Iraflh Utm to Iw uoi? >n|x-<Mful I be Megicnn officer th*n rod* off to oue iido < 'lit Mwoo who bod i>eeu making hla obaertaJ<?i during the ilinl* tun- of the oounreatloa Mid to .ha ofhrvr," I b??H no down it prrwul to be brought ithin th- range ol your gun* ml baling learned all I aantlnkuow about jrour poajtion I will bid you good nornlng air, ' and then leti^ui- d to where be bad lalt lia eacort, which until then Tial boon unaet-n by tba t|eil<-an. who toda back to tfc# lort apparently muoh oortlbrd and disappointed thai h- ha I not l>?-i n able to leeoy the captain Into the trap thai had b. > 0 aat lor t>!m < in tb? I lib. 11 slum a ol earalry aallied nut from tba fort on lb* *m Antonio roa-1 ?nbar for tha purpoaa of lbroat> mug "ur post Hon. or takiu,; < apt Magrudar tiattery, which wan Hallooed with th<- picket within tbout -"ti yard? of ih? ir lort, though in a ,;r?al uruura goirrt'l Itom Ilia range ol their (una Aa aoou a? tbey (Ol their < Oluoii uiotrd out Into a pla r IfM IroCD all jbatruclton*. i apt Magrudi r open?<i two piecaa upou Lh'-rn with ?hot aud abrll. which paw* I lbrow<b th-iu with great destruction, and they took lolheir li??la. and (01 back to tb? lort aa i|Ulok a* poeeible 'I ha fort op. n ?d two kuqi on the battery, but without lurlhrr .0 t Lhan killing one man of tlie U>tb Infautry An officer ?bortly alter rode up. aud eu (ulred ol I apt Magru<4*r II tin- l<>rb had llr*d <>u Inn II..MIU* a IJ pound ?bot, he replied that lie hwl lb* |Mill?iiikii ? card tnj li? rt pected tb* cavalry ?ouid carry back In* rompliiaeuU to tb* fort. About aundown lien Twigg*. vilb the LaUijc* >.l hi? diriaion tminl I'lfdtd. *1111 (?o I'iUow nufnl with MtttfMn to the enulb of iacultaya. and looks position on the vr?t ?iJ* ul < bi|Hillr|iw. and < ? ? yuiiiiud, witli bli division. <N'i u)iiail in* rutil from I iru l.?y? I" the rlljr of Mclico Wen Worth ? diftnloo re maining la Tacubaya la tbe cour?* of llii ni|(bt three Iii^t; battrrie* w-r? piauted iu front of the ( wtlaof t hapulle|.?c No I roAi inarided by < a(>t Uruui, No J by l.lailt lltfMr, No 1 by Limit Stoua ? ail under the K*u?ral roaiuail ani *up*ruit*Bd?uc? of < apt A uger, ( bMrf of lb* <>rdn?n?? Alao, during UM night <?*n I *ii(i|< dmnion lltaM 1 apt stepto* in front of lb* fotuflcaiio** on the -?n Auloulo roai', it beiug intended ih.t Um 1 *i({( iliould make a feiut for the purpo** of dra?nu>{ out (h eu?uiy in that dlmollon At daylight 00 lb" utoruiug of 111* I .'tli all the batter leu opened Hi* brat made ! jr <>i-D i ?lfg? division HiircrrM adlullkbiy. An aoou a* < apt Meptoe operiej htn K'Iiih Ibe enemy iu*rch? ! out a*t*ral heav > culuiiiu> aud iu reacbiug lb* l-?rt pa*?d within rang* of htep U>? ? KJUK, ?rh*n lie turned a Heavy anil dentrueuve (ir* upon tbviu A* loou u they n-atlinl the work lie turned bit attention to the loft, an,I iu tlia couiwe of au hour ? cannonading drove tb*ni out of it aud lilriiwil all lb* guua I apt. step toe lira throughout w an oue ot lb* uio*t effective and well directed thai baa been wituce-cd duriug tbn war, while bu ponliou ? ?ucb lhat the uriny'i nbot bad litlla or no elf*ct upou blui The nieg? baltarie* continued au uninterrupted fir* U|X'U "I 1UIUU,(UI'II1 me day. blob win ui?cri'i bj rlnca j(uu> iu the work our guua proved to be very (Nlruruit i< we luuuii alter the work waa takeu 00 dead uieu, uubuned. but throwu lu ditrln n 'I'll* building alao wan completely riddle I ll wait determined on the uiorulug of tin- l:tth to itorui the I aelle of < hapulU |'ec aud I lie work* rouurrt?<l with It. Tb* (irUH*l ID-I till f. knowing til*4Uength lir ihe fortification* aud the mrong fore* with which It ira* garrlaoned, cunc.uded to M?ult It with old aud well irit'ii troop* not that he dii nut |k?k-?ii i:oab<lrum m the divieion* of tienerala l'illow and Wuituian bu. id jarrylng h point which wu the key to all our future op sratiou*. it w< nld n?t do to make a mutake or ouilt to ,ak? every advantage Tburnlorr. the ?u>rmiug p*rtie* horn the divlrlon* of lieu Worth aud Ueueral I'wijr^* ?bioh hail iki fre (utiilly b-eu under revi re fir- were > rcted. The heavy bmteru* continued their tire upon he fort,and about 7 o'clock. ?ht p the brigade of iten Smith arrived ax a iipporting forte to the dltin'ii of ieu tjuitiuin a* *oon a*lien *mltb k brigade reached ts position- the dtflnionof lieu 1'illow p* *ed tlolluo lvl Key and anoended the hill on the went aid' lii> \ ol.Igeur Itegiuient, which had been advanced lulo the .tuiber to clear it of the euetuy '* rklruiinbero h.'i auir the u>*aulting force, supported by the balance of the dltl ilon. tion Worth was *itu?t< d to the ninth and >>n the oil of lion. I'lllow. A part of lien (Jmtuiau * force aa -ended the hill ou the eouth and to the right of < >eo I'lllow. Aa the dlvUlon of (>en 1'iliow, and a portion ol ieu Quitman* ascended aud carried the I aatl* lu n?f>*l (allant Bty.e. the balance of (ieu^ultman* tore* and .he brigade of lien Smith swept the worm on the road .be whole of the commands moving harmoniously and iloiultaneounly together, much to th* honor and ? r?dlt >f their respective commander*, struck lb* eneuiy in .heir dllforeiit position* at one aud the nami tune a fa ,al Mow. The hill, where lieu IMIow n ci mioand an tended, had been mined tor the purpooe of blowing up iur troops when thejr arrived at tbl< point,(but the rapid noreinentii of the V oltlgeiir Kegimmt and the di adiy Sect of the tire of their title*, an they followed up the mumy from the tlriit pototlon, prevented their i ariylng tut their view* aud intention* I u?t w'lir command of ten I'lllow roue the hill, and while iu tb* artot aoaault ng the work, he fell wouuded, and ol Hansom wu lilted, but no lucidly had lien. I'lllow explainer bin oboe tR and Intenllou* iu carrying the work, and aided by in active aud tftlmenl staff, that bis > omnian i move ! on ind carried the work without even l>elug brought to a ttand. A* lien l^ui'man'* dlviMon wt> charging on Ihe work lu the road. Urig lien Ht>l?M* received a ?e. vere wouud In the arm. aud a* noon at the work* were cairiedbe returned aud had It dre??ed. ai d again oi. oiil nd bin horse, which waa ahorily alierwards kill. J under turn but he continued to couiuiaud hit brigade, which wan actively engaged throughout the day *u I the nauie uf Shield* will long b* r*m*mt>'r*d In m Ulrrlln with .he laursls won by tilt I'alm*tlo of ibe Sou'.b aad th* K.mplr* of the North lien. I'lllow being disabled by hi* wound U*? Worth *en IMIoW, and advanced along th" ?'ju~Jurl lea ling o the ^itcn ol San i omb?* <> ? qultman with bi? "Wu ooiinaud nmt lieu Smith * bllKail' ?l*" aJveorel vardfl the city by the nqiMXluflt lealiug Into the ri.y ?t .he gate of I'lnled. which m commanded by ll? citadel Jn each of the route* the two column* met with a d?<i iud and Mtubborn rc*i?tance. aud alter the advance ?t i*ll. Worth'* command b?d reached the gate nl -?u onn* the tire w?* *o hot that they were oouiprilei un >orarily to ahandou It, and did not iuak? a permanent odginent uutll toward* evening, wlmn a portion ol the liege train battery waa I r- urfht Into aolloa aa a?. a ,inoM or two of <a? mountain howltaer*. which hurled he *hot and *h?ll about the earn of tb? ear my * little lotter than they demred < ' " Whitman ? no. uum with he rltlc* at their head continued *U*dily and nautt' :* y on, taking po.itlou and breaatwork aa they earn- in ntact with Ihrtu uiit.i they arrived Dear (be get* of he city. Ilern the llring wa* ?o heavy, ho.h from email ,rui? aud aitlllery, that it ?aa deeuied prudent to c?rully reconnoitre It before attacking Accordii niy .ieut* beaiireganl. of the engineer* ; t.ovell of I ??i, . *1 tuituiao * mull, and Van lioren. of i?eo smith* ei*ff rent for ward to ascertain Hie poaltlon of affair- ' hrjr ( turned, and upon their raport the rM?e *upp<>rl? I liy umall force of Infantry, *ai advanced forward for Ihe urpoee of picking off the artlllerlfl*. which Ibey did i-ing |iertlal!y covered by the aqueduct with the hui jccer* and accuracy m on* of ?.ur ooulhern or weetern en would *hoot pqulrrela Tl? ? rendered the ?ltuatl< n ' the Mexican artillerist* *o uncoiufi rtal.le that they ere unable to (tend to thilr gun* long euougb to l??d lem. aud they commenced moving their gun*, wbieb aa pcroelved by (ieneral i^uituian and he ordered a large, which wan carried int execution a* mnn a* iminanded?Lieutenant Stuart of the rlflea. lead ig the way. It captured the main work with two ect-H of artillery, which < aptain Dunn turned oa the treating enemy Uan Quitman wae hiinerlt aa>' ng le Brat to mount the bre.ntwork and plaut the Han i d thereon, at I o'clock; the enemy then forme-t aud ir*? Hue* attempted to charge ua and retake the poet on, but the unerring and deadly 0r? ol the rtflea, to- | ^ li jl> . Prtea Vwt Own, | w,th T0"*T of p*P* from Captain Dunn, ao rat I them to pi-cea that tfcey wouU not approach BMttr than rid? shot rh* th*rd tim* thuy triad to idfftBM i uudrr the cover of th.> arrhee of the aciueduet but If ever a Mexican poked hU head out for the purpoaa of | (lipping from one arch to the other jome rifleman would ' h? Dure to put h ball through It. liurlng the whole of [ the afternoou the citadel and a fort on our right ooatluued a concentrated Are upon tha gate, where oar troopa were In tha hope* of driving them out, bat In this they war# much mistaken, although wa had hat little cover Hera It *M that tha lamented ( aptaln Dunn fell mortally wounded; tho death of no )b our army baa been mora slneerelv regretted than hia? throughout the bombardment of Cbapaltapee ha staod by hia gun*, and whao tha work* of tha enemy ware stormed, ba co tlnued to advance hia battery andar tha heaviest flre, himself possessing and Infusing Into hia man a cool and deliberate bravery and self-possession urpaaaad by noue. Vou will raoollaot It waa hia who recaptured the Buena VlaU guns atUI covered with tha blood of those who fell over tham at tha tin* they Ware lost and afterward* uaad tham with such decisive alaat at the battle of Molioo (1*1 Rey OB th? Vtti laft. Under , o?T?*r of the night Gen vtultman'* column ereoted I breastwork. *"J put Into potltion a btttsrr of two 14a, on<i 08 pound howitzsr an J one J4. pound nowlt***; intruding to warm up the citadel In to* morning. OM. Worth'* oolumn got bin gun* In a position to rau e?ery I thing mlit vicinity. anil after nignt Lieutenant Hiptr threw a fuw ihot and shell Into the city, which D9 doubt Intimidated the enemy very much, ai they had a taete ) of thl* at Vera < ruz After th* result* and muccm*m? of tha day, Gen Scott ' intended on the inorulu? of the 14tb. to make a lodtfaeur on tin-1 New I'uhuo." (entering by tha San Coemo itate * and bombard the city, and for thi* purpose tha l .alanre of (ieu TwiggH' divimon w*? ordured from ?1 1 ftedasl to the tiupport ol' Gen Worth. I On the nijjht of the nth, Santa Anna evacuated all I ul* position* aud retreated from the city, having had .i?re than one-hall of hi* army killed and wounded or taken primmer*?among the latter, Gen Brnto, with hi* , ntall, at < hapultepec Kanta Anna found that If h* I Might u* on the 14th, he would hardly have a bodyi gitk rd lrl't to cover hi* retreat. K.arly in the morning, the two column* took up their march lien*, Quitman and Smith, at the head of their command*, entered the Grand National Plata at 7 o'olook. The column waa formed in the Pltza. and. by order of Gen Wuiunan. the National Standard of th* Oerro Gordo Division, while the command came to n present, wan flung to the breex* oyer the National Palace, and it uew triumphantly wave* oyer the Hall* of tha Montezuma* and with one of our national poet*, we may *ay? "Oar flag i* there, our flag i* there? Behold it* glorioas stripe* nud atAs ' Our tl k < their, our fl<g i* there? We hall il with thr.e loud huzza* Gen Worth'* command halted four or Ave square* I from the Plaza, where i ol Garland wan wounded. I About M o'clock. Gen. hoott and itaif. In full fentbor, escorted hy the oavalry. entered tho city, amidst th* htisxa< ol the *ol>Uery on all side* A* he entered, th* band of the JJ dragoon*, mounted, interested til* atar inrf crowds with "Hail <-olumbia." As the Moort entered the urmod I'lssa, the l and moved the patriotism ot tha wtK>la of ua to a little higher pitch, by tha good, oldfa?hlon?d national air of "Yankee Doodle!" One ot the fWrt acts ol Wen Scott. was to appoint ?< u i{uitiunn civil and Military Oovernor of Mazloo, and * ol K s llalton. I iaat. Oovernor. Oen. Quitman** department rmbr^i* the following officers : Capt. V. N. Page. taaiatant Adjutant leuural, and l.ieuts. M. Lovell, M Wiloos aud II I' Hammond Aid-de-Camps. Capt T M. llaTit, Secretary. aod Mr. Levi, Interpreter. Throughout the 1Ub. and on the morning of Um 1Mb. tha Meiiuan* continued to fire from tha eornara ana top* of the houaea, killing some and wounding many. 1 ha Artillery wa> at first tried on them, but owing to their ooncaaled position it wan uot offeotlve The Hlfla regiment aud aowa of tha Infantry, wara than Mt ia pursuit. which foroaa mlenoed them wherever they wenl. Tha Mexicans waia vary much mistaken whan they etna to i-nxa^e tha Rifles on the houaa to pa; daring their revolutiou? they would fight in thia way for sevaral days. without domn each othar much injury; but the deadly bra of the Itiflea pinked thorn out from thalr biding place* where they leait expected it, and made them very willing to ceaae eo unequal a combat Tha officers ct our army have aufferad aeverely, the* were (oremoat in the light, and of coursa tha flrat to fall l.ouielaua atid Mississippi, twin-sinters of tha South, have been mo?t ably and nobly represented. Uanaraia vjuitiuau aud Smith, who bore conspicuous parts In tha battle of Monterey, have been no leas prominent la tha op*raflon? which resulted ia the surrender of thlsoity Mia-ir-ippl. whir!, has sent heroes to this war by raglwut may well b? proud of her representative?and ahe has the honor of having one of her rltiisns tha first American oovernor ia the Halls of tha Montesuaiaa. What will l.ouisisaa aay. when she baars of tha suo ceases anJ masterly ability displayad hr bar own soa, ( ti Teraifor K Smith' If it were possible for any o?a mau to wear auy more laurels than ha acquired at tha tiattlea i t I olitr*raa and ( hurubuaon eimliiit ?^ his rixiduel In the movements on the city fl? hti proven Iniiiwif to lie. not only a good general, but one of tbe bnt cl the army of the age Lieut lteaursgard. of the Engineers aleo one of Louisiana's sons, bu highly dlslibgutahrd blm**lf I ww Inm complete bla rwtooi>. ieaem * of the Oarlta, (.?lc of the city.) after he hi J . received two w??rt contusion* One .act has b?t-o clearly demonstrated, both bafora sol ?lnce tb* eutran?*e of lb* army into the Valley of Mexico that cur cavalry fort'* U entirely too small. I b'' ?t-i?ice of Hi in corps ha# been ao severe, owing to th* tnalinea* of ltd oumWrt that after tba battla nearly all th? tiimo an<l horse* war*. In a manner, unlit for service This was raleulated to destroy the eSelency of ??en tbuea wa have b?re, and even at tbe present time, one half of tbe command la on extra duty every day Mr < U Uaruaa of i leorgia and Mr. I.ewta Dickinson I of Alabama at the r?-?aation of tb* armistice, organized mouuted. equipped and aupported a company of about twenty tut u at thair own expense, to nerve during the flgbt. and by order of l ol Itamey. ware attached to tba squadron of I apt. lUrdie They had aeveral skirmishes with the enennr. both before and after entering tba city Mr Harlow, of the company, wan killed, and Mr. Dick mann and Mr J Pierre were hadly wonnded 'l'be fallowing memoranda will ah >w you tbe numbar of i hot and fli-ll llred by tbe siege batteries The amail number tired at < hapultepec, aud the manner In which the castle and fort wrre completely torn to piacea. la ona of the beat evidence* of the power of that arm of our nervier and the superior abilltii? of tbe offloara commanding It ? Hutin y X? I?On the Taculiaya Hoal ? Served b? < aptaln Drum < oinpany O 4th Artillery -a 10-pound r*'and I --iu<-b howlUert Kirad 100 round abot, 100 ahella and 40 rounds of cauister /tj'fny ,V.. -< >n the ridi(e south of Molino del R?y Harred by l.ieut Haguer and i.oinpany of Ordnnae* I : I pound-rairl 1 H-ln U bowltier-l-'lred I Ui round hot and 7 I "bells Sn .1 Ou *?me rllge nearer tba Molino del Key wi??l at first by < aptain II Rrooka, 'id artillery, *nd aft? rwa'd by I.lenteneut H S Anderson, 3d artillery, on I .lb Of September I Impounder* and I A-lnch howitzer (Tba carriage of the Im pounder broke, and on the M'.h Hapt. nibrr waa replai -d by a Jt-pounder tun ) tired 7o rouuda III pound hot, 37 -.14-pound do, and SO *b< lis Huttrty St I -10 inch mortar - Served by l ieutenant Mone and < ntupany of Ordnance hired 04 sheila? Horn the Oarlta Han < <>am* a law i4-p?uud ahot and b 1 tnrh m' rtar shell* were thrown into tbe city after I !> > Iiu VII- i nn ami a law 1 lorn aiirlM Into UUMt ' from which th? firing rawa. no tba I Ith hid< ? cur army nrrtvad tn tba rallay, * hara loft ?h?ut .tn()0 uj-u In blllad kiii woundad \V? btTi <1* trnyrd ibn Mnii'an army, of or*r lo (MM iu?u upnrdi nf WKM t.f which ha?* laati takan prlaouir* Wa liar a ri|itur*J 70 piati ^ hi wtilltr; i7 at u>? batUo of Codiraraa, III in tha furl al ? hurubuaco and >1 oa tha 1.2 th. I lib aud 14th MUSTANG. l*<i?undara traar i, r^atl to aar I?i*j?a4ai. I Cbi'taifd (idol. AWT* anna'* LA?T MANJri??r" T*" /'fii Jmt ?/ Ikt inlrftal K'/ntliie / Vmc* It Mi filloo c??n|iya?i '? Wit?i lb* nio?t poignant and profnuod grlaf, it I Mnounea to you (bat it *a? nftn r-|.?*t*'l and agtraardlaary tlnrbi. an<l a(l?r Bflaw li uri la 'MMant fighting I mv uijr>?lf tiodar tba j of aband^nl^ tbi raplial with my rank* raiaarkably tbmnad by tba l?r";??"til??' of lb* ?-a??iy "bo p?a*trat*d our anrn> iia* a ?lr*?lag Iba way ?itb lb?lr bodlaa. aad (Ilk tboa* of tb* n<> Vailrao* who an glorloualy da f?ndad IB' ) by Inrb tba rlgbta and hoaor of (Ml nouatry >? bar* Iwaa wunaaaaa thai I hara craal ad rawiwa at a iib* aba* thara war* aoaa : that I laborad day aad ulgbt tnat I arwrtad fortlloaUon* ar> und Vtrilao thai i orranlaad and Maaablad a po? arful amy la urdar i bat l ought wraat mom* faar.r from mrtana, which baa baan ao a*-raa to aa Tha laaubor lt>*ti<n or oaa gaurrai aabrartad ay ant Ira ptaa of op* ralli-a* a tblag ahlrh yon alr*ady kao? la tha ram aaal aad bridg* of t burubuarr. tha aaaay raaalrad vary a*??ra Iiaanr>a ?M<-h v#ra thrW r*paat*d af tar warda la tha fort af I bapwllapa* tba aaburl.a af ! > laa aad M < art**, aad lluily la tha dl?4rl Bal tha valor <4 laaay of aar Mtkra of tha ga*rd aad af tha ariay *aa aMalaaya aapportad y*t ?aa it >aly by Ara aad awnrd tiaat tha >???) la day anl fatal U> tha aatloa mada biaaatf n??at?r at tba rapltal I hat* aini' uaiy aought d*at h ta all parta b**aaaa a Uaaa aa ?r*at baa ar?aai?aad taa tha ainat |?u*xaad 11 apalr la bapultap*. I rtralaad analWM* la Balaa My aiothaa ara pian ad by tba baiia nf tha oaaaiy aad around Ma dia ?pt-~ar*4 tb* l<aat aoidi- ra af tha r*p?Mia What r? u? ? n>'? >? ?* arttot of U*a Ml hub awaii <N? un|??"?tab!? ??etoa??.? ||t| i ha*a t?f?aaliv tk. ??! to IW ? ?? Uat MIMMit ?*4 tbai I k??a aafcl toarty to Ik* i? j kto a?<ofi.ta? atototy ?U Im wi n. la tka fiMl to * ??< ? 1 ?? in*?? I kw?k?w?, ( ku?IUfM H im m I OMM' ??4 ??? nt*4?i aa>4 k? aktol kaJ at* I MMt to ?to??ti it itoV to awftl i*4 |tot*?< | r , u I in|hl l>' to fm tkM I k*M ^Mto -mtatjr r*.t(i>?4 Uto ri???4?ly of lh? MapaMto aaiila* In Kiiiiof it Mf<f4lt| tolkt (XKItiUM tk> 4?at to ib? *upr??a i Mrt uf Jaattro mttk tto *aaamatoa. ?h" will to Uw tofaalt?im ?f m>?*t nU ito Nati-oai wp? mi toaMa * to b to to (to. |uiluc? ?baU to >*UMUf lia ' Wtur* totolawa r>??r *M wtoMM U mm atto tto Ml Uftog r|?. IKiMfM I II to Mto ttoi I M|W ? biitf tha ?Umu M itolMw la Ito r ?Irj aa4 op-a ui) >ma) i ifiwm i*?w4i to* i to umto annlar; wwnl tbat I a>i?h( . pf m to ktoi lore* of oo?st<tormki* xtrutk uJ wi'to " rmiNN to* tto Mim lto aftor to. tou rf ito ? *! tot cirrua*to*??a ka?? Wm mmM ?4 wmm of lb* tN.MM.ato to restart* to >n?Hi tto* mm* to Jaato totouwkltoawey le li?lw^ ***WiwAwe troa V?r? rui to tto a^MaJ m ?ri?toi ?r*i aa-i I ikw *tot toto mt l**4 i ?<pniH?wj touMto

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