Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1847 Page 2
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r / 1 -LJ.1 J 1 111 "Hi u:"i an, eT?r Ty-'f !n that's a%rter la which th?r? I* the s?o*t pwll The iapretne m ni?'.r ioy ?*>? ot hi 1 to th? ha* w1 <>f war. *ni It l? neo "sarv to loov-e It nnt4 popaUtion and wotlth In ord?r that tt ht not given n*?r to an*-chy. ?uil in prl?r th at It m*y Mine wltb jviwer Mid with glory For th'n raait'in h%? I unrren ter? 1 an authority to ai? o Ub >rioas uu I ? i blitor. mid ia whole rrcepiioo tod l?v'a< down 1 ti .?!< aneired to nothiu^ mm tiinu the W'lUrwof tuy b lov'-d cuutry I in-?v have committed lorn* error* la the ducharge of my civil uMigvioa*. but b< iti4ur?d that my deilraa and injr hopes haTw known no oilt?t than the nobis oue of u?tainin? th- rank f "<r naton In which t drat taw light, and which Uat IftcUn ins with hoonra aud with favor*. I have taid It before and h*r* repeat it. that I never deitpilrof the fate of my country If faction boeilent, n1 will ll?fan the sovereign voloe. If we he una almoin In our rteelrm and in our yearn'mir* there l? yet time to .w # i .-v. v. m- i pteianc* It i? known to you that I rejeoted a p<M?? j whlnb would rejuae the Republlo to nullity, the moat I absurd and oomplet* The nation baa deaire'd. aod (till detlre* war: let ua continue It then with the greatest latreoldity and my example ah ill be a mo<t ardent one Fiction# cannot now diipute with me concerning th* power, which with plevuir* I abanden. if they would dla put* with me. Ut th-m com* to the Held of battle; there th?y Will flat me *?r*n* and (irmly consecrated a? ever to the moat generotut and holy of call*-# V?*' ? w"' are fir alaf .rtuo -a' MM?rtnn? I* the eruolble of ottl ma end ne?er la the Mexican naton grander than W>i-n ah - a'r *e? to force from dea'ioy the viorory which O >d and J utioe promiae Meiloaoa thirty year* bar* pas<ed oreraiuSH you proclaim d your Independence ^mid D-rlU end priratloDi: ?u?taln it ior?ver ' A.vr ?NlO LOPEZ UK HANT V ANNA. City of Qua laloupe, Hidalgo Sept 18 1847 .?A.VTA aN.VA aCC'SBD or TRKASON. fjjH?Vental depreudon of an almoat overwhelming na'ur* caueed by 'he nuiner>ua diatreaie* of my country ba? pn'?oN me froui living the >ayluin of my hoii"* m I liiimitiu T'ie pirnuumtanoH of my being in thi-i dti during the occurr-aoe of some ot the pa?t *veoi* ha? v-r\ eueib'y revealed to me the cause of the entry of ihe Nrili Americana and of the loss of the bat ie? wh'Ph w-re ftiug t on the height of Oontrera* and Peuy* of thai at Churubusco, and after luatu e refl crii II upon eil the afepa, and expedient* takm and adoute I b.v O" n Santa Anna. I cannot rvalat the drni dm. ict.iou that the latter *>a* acted toward* hi' country mi * atrociously treacherous part. U eply oonviuc-d tli-n of his guilt, I would fail in my I duii'a, if to oay. (when I can present myself in thi* august piac-) l would not raise my voice in defence of the right- of my adored country, anil in consequence I prefer in all lortn*llry th'i foliowiug u>; which I solemnly dec'are I wli d-v-lip to their proper extent and I will <u*taiu them it' all hazard 1 accordingly then ac'-u-ie liuneral 3-.nU Anna of treason in the following instanoee: ? In the bailies of Angostura and Cerro Gordo In aban doning I'uebla and leaving undefended the road from Pueila to Ordova In p>-rmitllng)the road from Axoolngo to Tlampam to remain absolutely open to the enemy although I warned h'm through thu medium of 8r Deputy Bernardino. Alcalde, and through a letter wqicd i wyprii pUL IOIU ton IIHUUK OX IU? i?urr iu oi Crui do Us t'.scoba*. on the 17th of the present month la not having chucked the first division of the enemy, In the areuai d? Tlauipam. and eitv of Tepipl In not having relufwrced General Valencia In the battl? of the 19th In abandoning the fort of St. Anthony, allowing It to be flanked la also permitting ihe flunkiug of the bridge of Churu bunco, not giving it even tbn slightest assistance. In ratifying an infamous armistice whitii he should know that the enemy has no more than 7<;00 effeciive men who are In want of the moat neces-iary articles; that bla train i* large ami full of Impedimenta, and that he exprota assistance by way of Vera Cruz, and even St Louis, anil when on the other hand, that there are more than 16,000 men in the capital, and is >o well known the ardor for vengeance which reigns among Mexicans ? Through his obstinate wickedness, not content with betrayluK his oountry. he has been pleased to impoverish and ruiu it with contributions, taxes, and Imposts, of different names, under the pretext of levying troops whioh were to be handed over to death, and of raising fori Ideations whioh were to be of not a single use Finally. I accuse him of having destroyod the nationality of Mexico, tha honor and glory of this unfortunate city, and of having compromised in the calamity ull clauses of sooiety On this subj-et I will dilate no longer, for the present, bnt 1 shall dircuiw it more amply and succinctly, at another time, when peace and mental tranquillity shall be restored to me Supposing that there has been no Congress, I deliver this accusation to the $r President of that body itself, to lay it before them on the first day upon which a quorum shall be assembled. Equally ought I tell your highness that it is very probable that I cannot return to Mexloo, beoause the place appointed for assembling Is Queretaro, and already I apprehend ireah treason on the part of Santa Anna against the sovereign body itself UAIHDUA. 1 Mexico, August 37, 1847. 1 Tb? Fall LUtof the Killed, Wounded, and Aliasing [From th? Now Orleans Delta, Oct. 16.J Th? following mournful record exhibits the severest Iom we have sustained in any of tbe engagements of this war. Whilst it ia indued distressing to road the nam?? of so many gallant men who have fallen in defence of their country's honor, it id a soothing and proud reflection that they fell at their pest* and in discharge of a high and proud trust ?that of rustalnln; the honor and flag of our It-public They deserve a lasting record in the annals of our oouutry Their names should be preserved for futura reference We are proud to give them a place in the column* of our paper, tnough it grieves us deeply to think what anguish and sorrow this record will diffuse throughout our oouutry. FIRST DIVISION?MAJOR OKN. WORTH. The KiLlti. WvundrH and Mining in the atlion of Molino dtl Rry, Stjit. 8. killed Privates Hugh Donahue, Jacobus, L'llenbrook, Brown, Lane, Tanneri. Lanring. John Uracil*. Samuel (jrove, Timothy Sullivan. A L Orenier, John Connor, Wm Hanson. Jacob Frank David Campbell. Jacob Dyas; lit Lt Wm Armctrong; Sern't A B Howe; Privates WnJ Barnbard. John C Llloes, Herman Levy; Bvt Capt U W Ayres; Privates J K Farry, John Walsh, ttiinon Yargarum, Ben] M Harris; Serg't B Henry; Corp'l John Cameron; Privates Stillman Coburn. Patrick Ronnan. John McLoskey. Fred-riok vVorkmao; '2d Lt W 8 Burweil; Bvt Lt Col Martin Scott; Capt M E Merrill; 'id LtK B Strong, Serg'ti John O-ttener, Augustus Onltman, Staninias Minal; < orp'l hamuel t:arr; i'rivates rimothy Howby. Thomas Weidman. Frederick ilobbnr. Henry Mum ark, Franois McKay, Thomas S Pole, John T Ronner. Chas Steward. Samuel Calhoun. K >bt Crawford, Griffith Owens, David Sharp*. Tboiaat Gooding Peter lleul Owen Marry. John B Honer. John Koarstoupfad*. Peter G Moore. William MoCloskey; Serg't Jamus McGlynn. Privates Bernird Althor. Martin vlunneman, Miobael dheehan Matthe Viurphy.Victor Durand.Jno B Hond, Nicholas Kain-ey. John smith Win tgol Wm Fahee. Joint H PUnt < hrirttian Scbuman. Wiu Loeey, Michael Murphy. John Brodaick. Peter K-ilte. Ixhain (.anal r ?, Sergesnts Kdwirn Hcrirtni ana .mciim >* I urn; torporaiii j*nies < rog?n, John Hughes Win Sandys. Joon C'ltik, Serg't K uti"D Brown. Patrick VlcOrnnh. musician; Private* Thomas l.aosoi.. Geo McOraff Gabriel Wili-on, Patrick Green. Alexander I'rentice. Peter Callery Berusrd Mch'arliti. Jaojb .Neieli. < h*n Schwarykoryl, Win Irvlu. Jno A JxcKhOu. G o >1 LubUell b<rihi-l vialion Henry Castor Le*i? H-iim-. I'lio* h lea. Saui'l Clark. Kobt Simpson. Sidn.y W Ounroyer; Oorp >ral Henry W ?rwin; Lt < i.l Win MGrabain; 1st Lt ft II L Johnson; Sergernt Geo JoUn'on, < orporals < ban Keuu-r, John Mc.Vlabon; Privat-s John John Buchanan. John Manning, James Simpson Daniel Kippv WOUKDtD. Captain J L Mason hugioeers. severely"; 2(1 Lieut J B Kosier. severely, Private John Dougherty, slightly; Capi C Kerr, severely; 3d Lt smith 'id Lt Tree,-Jd Lt Walker, severely, Aerg't McGaita. C-orp'l Slade, Serg't Voung hligh'ly; tor pi Buxton, dangerously; Corp'l Buckley, .-erg'u Muiphy, Brook*, slightly, Privates I'dher. daugeiously; Doling. slighily; Klaws, severe; Zink. dangerously. Sweeney slightly, KuSBell, Severely; Kerr, slightly Wtilers, Thos Murphy, severely; Tollhouse, shgh'iy. Zalikiwick. severely, White, slightly; Klelding, severely, freeman, slightly: Kohle, Mundeig Wvsterdelot. severely; Drawn bugler, slightly; Privates WjKtt Gardener. Krilshe. Hamilton. Paul, < ottrell. ( ar- I ter. Harris slightly; Seig't Jaccb Price, severely; Privates Rteiiards Booue. slightly, J M <4uick. slightly; 1st Lis H J Hunt, W Hays. 'Jd Lt II 1- Claik slightly, ( orp'l Hugh ,\lo< uy severely. Privates Itichard Gilmore Jas Wilier. Grotge Wagner. Abram Hart. Win Smith. Lawrence Dunlvan. John fr'orgy. Samuel Stanley. David Wheeler John Murphy slightly Klchard Harper, Joshua H Corwin. James Devlne I hristoph \ eager, severely; Capt K K Smith, mortally?since dead, 'id Lt K 8 Dent, Serf t Jew I'pdigraff. severely. Serg't* Thomas Johnson, Samuel .Meeker, slightly, i orp'is Gilbert G Kraneher. Jacob Nichols, hdw Ureea. severely; Darius I Ballard, slightly, Thomas Low severely, Patrick Kellly, James Alexander, musician, slightly. Privates Georg* uarr, Win ' ordes, Herman Knickerbocker. Anthony Rounder. Thomas Sullivan, Andrew < asey. severely. Aiphonao Hehalffer s?v?relv ? died on the 13th. Daniel Boduer* Charles Linder. Jas H Brooke, i.eo KrafTen banar, Augustus Baa?ar sa?arely: Wot Bell. Jov MoOir. Via. Patriok O'Ruurka, Ihos L Slaok. Uao \V K Pher* man. iligbtly, F.dw Klnnaford. Klljab J Cain. t<e?l Milaa, ssteraly, John kassasgh. I lux ihjr < ollins, h?ra Hlggins, Miahsel Leonard. William l.nli. Thomas Tardou: Thomas Joyo*. >111(6111, Nicholas HemioolT, William Wright and John Flamming slightly, Jd Lt and atd-d? canp H Thorn slightly, I11LI.M L Ubaeklffurd. s??ar*ly, 1st Lt 1 B Daniels severely, Sergeant l liaorge Oordon James M?< ormick slightly , Cor poral Henry Bailsman mortally- si .os deed , < orp'l Hugh MnDonald. severely, I bomaa < lark, mualrlan, ligbUj, Pnvates Wm Hl.oppe, mortally since .lead, Cbrlati Bownr. mortally since dead; Ismas Roebi'ord, Charles Hooser. Henry Iieriin. Martin *bar buck. Wm Moore. se?sr?ly, Patrick kean John < onw?y JohnOarrey, John Hill, sligbtlir, Vrad Blunt. Then Furian, Francis Wabh, severely, Wm I rook. !taml K Diokinan. (lightly; Arch d Vlo^aydea severely dl?d oa 11tb, Kobt Alexander. James Montgomery. Tlinou O'Briao. Tbomaa Starr. Robert Mlrhan. severely, John Wllay, slightly; J D Reynolds. allgbtly ? died l!?th WlUlam Slurp Edwin Mlawortb las Bobanan Jam** Jlaaoy. John MoNall, Joha R Smith. William ' 00k, < apt R Anderson. severely, Jd Lieut (J P Andrews allgbtly; Sergeant Anton Aebanback. sevarely simc daad. Corporal Jobn Matthews. severely- sine* daad, Corp'l Jno Hynee slightly, Privates James Waieh. Mao Wilcox. William F Taylor, and I'hlUlp Rous* allgbtly, ; lallu > Martial, savsrely, John < oogan mortally ? since , dead: Thomaa luit. < bar I as B?lalrenger and Thomas 1 lirady. iligbtly. William Bloom Mamuai Brown. Jobn Conner Peur Derlt. Robert Mc<iee and Oatlrlek Deer sevarely, William I'arkarand - Watchman. severely. , ainoedead. Joseph Fmoh and Jobn Torais severely, Marshall Kimball, mortally -sinoe dead Philip Barber. Wot W Walker and Mlchaal Lay slightly; Jobn Sullivan, severely, Ass Serg J Seniors, slightly, Adj II I'rinoa. severely, id Lieut A B Lincoln. severely, 1st Lieut S Smyth slightly , Sergeants (J U Andris1>u and Wm <4uma Severely, ./<?# ilolybee, severely slues daad; Jobn B . Weeden and I has Mats, severely; 4 ?>rp s Wm ( ^tigan. Mlghtly. t.pbraim < aln. severely 1 ri vatas James < arrol. Oswald I'rury, Wm Khreuheiiu. <averaly; Jamae keenau and Christian Small hark, slightly liavld < oiaiqan. Jobn P Smith, lit st-nobatu inn laa e.ey, John Montgomery, Marun Hush and Wm Allan, severely, John Oailagber, l.awis Meransaud Jos I Moo dy, slightly. Philip llady, sararaly ? sinra daad, Itiahard Abeierom'ila. Hamual ( vlliar Rubt KunU. Mlsharl go pat. Kdw McKson and Pstar W tyms sa?*ral) , Wm 1 '''"' n ??'. F McXe*, Meredith QoaT? #?4 lary Laitj. aligbtly Joco Ooyla, Joba Hili.Ju?tio CBrien.W La*r?oca Martin Mayor*, anil fc MoCraadr, a?mely; Uilburt (Joodrlib, mortally ?ainoe daad; Lll? Btrtnn; AUxtndar Millar. and Johu T Dehart, niiKhrly; Julal ?t*Tvrc)y-ainna d?*a<l; Ijhn Hou?in?r Lairraucu Kactny. A lam B?rok'r. Th?o Cram. altgbtly. Wllllain I Wtamaat, awrfruly; Michael MciJuIr*. fliiiitly; .Uom | Steel. mortally-ainoa d* d; Join P H'irrlck. ??Ti>rely; , Cha* Skolinakl EJward Kire?in, (.lightly; Philip K*lby, I ?a*aral?. ainoa daad; Martin Louflhrst. miT?r*ly:B?t Cut J S Molntoah. aaTer?iy alnca dend; A.-w Surg Win Ho- I Wt? aeraraly; Ji Lt C S Hamilton. badly: Serg'w Al- I fred L?odra.'? aa?erely; Elleha Burl, Rlluhtlv; liaory I Kanuer allub'lj. Jaa O'Brien. alUhtly. Ale* MoClallao, J aarnraly; D??id 1 bompson ?li?htlf; Jaa Everataina. ?vervly??>nea dead Corp'l* Wm Oodfrey, aligbtly; H J I Haakell. aararely. KraneU .Smith, tliyutly; John Doyla. i wTarolf, Oao f.manck. <jao Mnrely. slightly; Nicholas I rt?id J' hn c'larlt aligk'.ly Win Babb musician. slight- | ly, Ovbiab Malr. aavaraly: PriTatee Morris Sayers. mor * '1' ^ Urm fjnrkjlwln I tally sloce aaau, ?? m " _ itutffi Frai-r. Jeremiah Delong, severely; 8 Tlffana, .1 Weight. slightly; Oeorgn Kingsmvn. severely?dead; li*?o Biker, severely-sines dead; Ihh?o Christmon. John Lyons. nll|ibtly Aduin Ki<*.h-t?in. John Irwlng, Ju l.o'len. severely. J<>hu S Beurh. Win A Place, severrIv-rilnoe dead; Aboer Dikson. slightly; John CI irk. Win Wheeler Henry Wilkin. Moses Papiner Thorn*# McDermou K Iward Annieon. John Co?lin, J?sUh Kttlnger WilM?m ('tin B~rnard Riley. James Sheuherd. Pttriok M"Cir?y. William O Macht. severely; Thoma* M tg. Joslah Carl wright. l?v?ily - since d?<d: Kdward il Brown. John Lisdar. r.itriuH McCue Patrick SoitiiUu Peter iorick. l.*on?rd Johnsoo s?vt-relv; Ch-trles Hdtte'ling. Imi Burnt. ( h Kvan*. John Hunter. John Vriok slightly. John H 1111. Matthew Swiier, Wn> H j Morrl". Wm Sahaelfer. Michael Coll. J M Montgomery, )'hu Sanders. saterely; Kdw B ' oncer Brsgine, Oeo McElrle, Jos W Brush, Jim Wolt, slightly; Thomas Foster mortally, since dead; John Harv.-y, severely, since dead; Wm Chapman, Wm Curtis, John Oorlan, John Moi ameron. Cornelius O' Neil, rtarol Tucker. Ches ter R Tally. Thoe H Wood. Jacob Watson. severely; Penj Slater. Tbos o'ovaeu. slightly; Augustus Da Loum ()wen Melvin slightly; Captain A Cady. slightly; Capt W H T Walker, severely; saoond Lieutenant R F Krnst. severely; Serg'ts RFJ?ckson, slightly; Oeo Williams. John Mclntyre. sever.-ly; James K Dresser, slightly; Jno ummlngs. severely; Jobn Webb, severely. since dead; Torp'ls John Furguson. severely; 8ylv.?ster Jones, slightly; i has Rafferty. mortally. siuue dead; Mlchl Lannes, severely; Privates Francis Kline, mortally sluce dead, Stm'l Morgan, B?nnet K*ere. Jehu Fin' erghty Jacob Kennard. Riohaid Wilkinson James Bradley. J B Johnson slightly; Win Mpeais si-v-rely; ( alvin Welle, Henry Cr pp John Marvm. slightly; John Klug. severely; D Louudenshomugh. siigh'iy; viicha?l MoAutey.rely, since dead. BW D?xter, Unreny Flood. Johu M?Ouire, siigh'iy: Jem-s Vlctoty Wm P Moore Jefferson Wells, Vbrabam Riher, Harry Bertoied. Ueorge Smith, severe!v; Joseph K* land severely, sioc- dead; David Bruney. Ptniel Km arson. Daniel Hmighaiisu slightly, Richard ' nerry si'Verely; Brian ? urry Thomas Down. William C Howe slightly: D-ufoald Alfred I ailisle. John A Reading J?r-iniab Ryan. Kbenejer <1111, Ore gory Kepler. 8 P Aran, severely; Jobn lleon slightly; Mil'hew Kols. Severely; William Jones, severely since dead; Vie jar U A Waite. Brevet Major Oeorge Wright, I .. . .. . t knlaln I. Hmltll Miijnciy; Dr???iv mj... - ?, n.-v.rely; I't Lieutenant J B?rbank. mortally atnea i)?tml; in Lieut J B?ard?ley. severely, let Lleat < Morrli. ujorfHlly. elnce deed; let I.lent J U < ttrk Hfrrilj. J 1 Lieut ti Waluwrlght, bidly; Lieut JUS Hn*lltu<. severely; Sergeants John Kink. aerertly; Thoa Molr, David Pink. slightly; Thou MowMl. Jo'>n Knbioaon, Jm II Kearny. John Hnuth. Krederirk lUckbans Uno Sim ni?ns. soverely; Cnrpo'ale A 'J' ()>bourne. A Kdton. i<llghlly; Wiu Kalrnlillds. aever-ly; Dtvid Lawyer Jo* Sransou. Caleb Smlih slightly; David Mprlngham. mortally. since d?*'t; Privates U'oj Sli.ppard I. B llauley. Abm Kltzpatr<ok, P K Malowd J A Uurtytuan. severely; S Viedeuberg, Melon Miller. Lyman II Koyoe, Josepti Sohwager, Henry Stevens. sllgtitly; IIenry Jordan. ? I verely. sinoe dtiad: K llmn-r. Anthony Brook*. Robert | II iwkioM, James Wll*on, L Kinney. John Orav??, James : KdtnuntU. severely; Cbas Kvanson. allghtly; Wm Angel, W T Bishop. Geo Coffee. CbarUa lien, Mlebtel McCwrU. Michael Pickett. Wm Smith. Th >mas A WtU?n, Mftrtly; Lawrence Kngin, Wm Uippard. Jaoies Hannlgan. slightly; Jaa B Hill. Jaa B Kelly, mortally, sinoe detwl; i'ban Brown, Patrick Cusio. flavld Doane, Chester C Kennedy. Peter King. Patrick Mo< arty. Henry I. Snelluri. Nat Horn, Joseph Arnold. Patrick Keany. severely; lienj Burrltt, Jaa Carroll, James Camble and Olivur w H Kellogg, allghtly; Patrick (ireen, mortally, since dead; Aug Bliss. mortally, alnctt dead. H BuckUnd, Wm Collaa, John Chari. sev rely; John K Knock, Tbao shinard. slightly; Jaoob MImII, severely-sinoe daad; Luther Sobouta, 8 W rumri.y?r, mortally?since dead ; Wm ."h.i'l. Wm LooDtty, severely; Michael Walsh mortally?since dead; John Young, severely; Th Brt-nnan, 1'U Burke, John Cosgrove, I'h Cook, severely; n K.ubauk Jobu ("Jordan, allghtly; Nicholas Hoyt, Wm McDonald, DeWItt McUaniel, John MoCarthy, Bernard Mal?ne, Jan Mooney, John Paul, severely; John M Hentor Henry uurailttrs, mormiiy?r ow?m. ninnj, I S Pooler, mortally?since dead; P McMillan, slightly; Job II Mugulre, severely; John linrmlnghkn, mortally, sinee dead; 6 T Templrman, John Welth, severely; 8 A WelIcr. slightly; W Wilson, morta ly? since dead: John T UUlr. slightly; Win Hourly, Ju Raby, mortally?since dead; Ch-trles Daniels. slightly; Mark Chappls. severely, Michael Conroy. Wm (' Morris. H Morlnar, Wn Thoiuw. Js A Terrll, slightly; fly Boban?sine* dead; Maj (> W Taloott. Ud Lts G I. Kitzlng. It .Hivann, Wm J Mar- ' tin. W Tamil, (lightly; Serg't? W II Vertreaa. C P Wry noutb, K W .Itmuiu^d. aeveruly; J C Malbon, W J Herbert, R Harding. C It K J words, H Elliott, J K tiardiuer, slightly; Corp'ls W 8 MeCorell. K D Dennlaou, B , Ogle. J 11 Walker. Serg't It II Turnar, slightly; Privates I) Orayheer, A K Hhacklett, severely; J llall. slightly; J Ilrown, D Wyisp. A Wainaail, J Tortar, severely; U W , St-iiton. slightly; II 8imp*on. severely; J houipsou, J 1 vietoalf, A Adacnaon. nightly; T Davis, J Howell J 1 I'ujh. J Bunger, severely; A Kan day, T Karlah, T Pugb. J L Knott. S A Evans. M Conway. V Collins. ? Holandorf. T Clark, B Sylvester, H Wells. H kilgrove, W A Ward, slightly; J U-an. M U Oood. J L Silverhorn, severely ; J Malony, VV Allison, 1) Deraughn, alightly; J llowinakl. severely; J Spencer, T C Pariah, J Uonly, J J Nlekeroon, M Benton, slightly; O W Buogeant. severely. John Sloan, J L Hlsse. T Evans, H Kid well, A W Milbright. J .MeCaslin. slightly; J Cromley. D Davis, severely; J V Krnnklln. slightly; 8 Field. T Hlggtnson. severely; A Idler. U Krinar H Keenan, R I.?tnon, W A Men denball, J Mastey, P Morrel, B MeCabe, J V Perry, J Picken, J Pierce. B J Koss, W Jackson. O Morton. O Spencer, J Kook. O Kokhart, slightly; <i Beckenaehiti. F Korse. J Rutter, severely; T Uroorea. J Blgmac, slightly; J K Dentllnger, J A Yates. G W Jones, severely; W 11 Kitzhue, 1! White, W Bildburat. alightly; Major John II 8*vag<*. severely; ( apt Thos <Vlenn.Lt Hays, Thomas shields, Samuel U Davis, slightly; Corporals L. Warren. dan/rerou'ly; Muuroe Filming, slightly; Privates I nomas Hereon. James >1 ?, ox, nooeri urenion, aiigni| j; Fielding Young, severely; Jackunn W Lowry. slightly; Asa Sawyer, severely; Kayran* Lynch. William Karrrll. Louts H Mallerhy, David Hall, el'ghtly; .las Gillespie, severely; Hardy Johnson, Barnes it Aitstin. Tbos M 1 llayter, H*ury Dannigan. slightly: Captains WillUm H Irwin P M Guthrie, severely; Adjutant I) S Leo, slight- < iy; Sergeants John I' Welden. eevenly; Freeze. slightly; Lenox Kea. severely; J C Handy, slightly; (Corporal Charles Barturkey. Michael Freeney, RubtRaascb; . privates Isaac Mahon, Uriah Kitcben, severely; John j Hayes, mortally; James Rttger. slightly; Mo< luny R?dcliff Robt D Brown, h'oster R Carsou, James Dilk*. Wm i S Sathall. severely; James llUht. Schmidt, slightly, I U'm R Call, Jesse Flowers. Wm Oorman. slightly; Isaac | Pierce. James Nesbiit, riightly; Herman Bi kerfitlne, I-'red Babe, severely; Benjaini" Dickie, Simon Pickett, I slightly; John Ruverliig. mor'ally; Albert McGill,severely; Oscar Wood, John Wilson, severely, since dead; ( hristian Tapst, severely. missing, Privates Robert McKee. Joseph Scott, sinoe dwoovered to have been blown up at Casa del Mat*; Frnnels Beer, Artifloer Israel Barton, killed; private John Jacob Divine, Sergeant Jobu Coyle, privates John (iillesple, Thos Hardy, Wm Reynolds, J as Smith, Conrad Young. Henry viuilleur. Jackson Adams, Jas Leary, H A Wood, S Vandergriff. J L H?ss, David Ayrm. Jos G Smith. /'Ar Kttlrd, H'uumtril unit Mining of the 1 at Division in the actions of l.VA and 14/A Srpttmbir killed. Private Richard Oilmore; Sergt John Sear; Musician Joseph Cook; Privates Chan Carroll. John Kennedy, Wm O'Neli; Lieut A J Rogers; Sergta Win Donagan, tieorge Blani; Corpl Jas Hagm; Private* Conrad Graf; Isaac I Jooson, Alex M'Cov. Karl Slgmond, Michael Kelley, Wm Billington. Joel lUrreui; Jd Lieut J 1'Smith; Privates V K Reed. Jas McLoy, Patrick Hines, Wm Mooney, David Truth. And Leet, and Henry Jones. vrorwDtD, A A Gen W W Markall Volunteer , A D C George W Kendall, slightly; 1st Lieut J J Stevens, severely; Sergt.'* D Hasllnirs, P Maguire, slightly; Private Davit, Artificer Kdmuud Ring, Privates Thomas urphy, severely; Jo? Bateman, Wm Smlih, John Wolfe. Francis Desmond. Serg't James McCormick; Corp'l Henry BelHie. slightly; Musician Anthony Baker, mortally; Privates John Sweeney, Herman Van Steen, severely; Carl < happarcan Geo Chiveton, Frederlok Brugh; Jeremiah Cavaugh, W Garlick. David Rlkin, slightly; Patrick Born, John Young, Michael Halloran, severely; John Kilns, Nathan Randall, slightly; John /ear, Godfrey Clermont, severely; Marcus Bain. John Haggerty. (lightly; Lieut Col Joo Garland, commanding 1st Brigade, severely; 1st Lieut 8 Smith, mortally?since dead; 2d Lieut Maurice Maloney, condition not stated; Serg't Wm Bialsdrll, severely; Serg't David Toobwlller. slightly; t orporals Theodore Gregg, severely; Daniel Bennett, mortally, sinoe dead; Jos F Cooper, slightly; Hamilton 1 I. - I a tin WI f n ?11 urilll.m ( rut. aererely; Private* Patrick Toole. Lonmea. slightly, Wm Burton, wmrtij, James Lawless. Stephen Mann, Adolpbus 8ohi>j it, Jacob Shores John M Molllurlar slightly: Wm Ve.-ral. severely; William Wilson. I Mark npaufdlnn, VVinct) B Wwt, slightly; Oeo Henry I Wm Lawrcoe*, severely. Dawilda Myera. Thoa Colli*, slightly ,Wm Croa*. Jmr|>B Peck,severely; John CChrla- | lie, M?itont?r Crofort, Win Thompaon, slightly; H'y- I llyrnes Jaa Usher Jm Parker, ? Oraplncamp severely, \g*r,ns Dowia mortally; Capt DH Mol'hall, slightly; v--< t Henry Farmer. Corporal Dariuil Ballard, aev^rely; rri*at?? Joa?ph MoOartlin, Wm O'Shaugnnesi'y, I >bn V Shu her, severely; Wm Montgomery. slishtly; l"hn Dillon severely; las Harney, slightly; Thos Oats. ' HO Oill. severely; 1st LtL A Arinstead. sl'ghtly; Herg't I dward Thompson, slightly; Privates (J?o F.rnst. Ala* Maddnx Win Dowl?y, aeverely; Sergt Francs Fo*, igbUy Private* Bernard f.vnen. slightly; Andrew I iper severely; 3d Went I,t ,1m Longhui'st. lat Lt Joa - I do n severely Werg'ta John A Noon. J L Flak, Corpl'a I'.ohert sh?w rhomas Smith. severely; Private* Wm haw HUuer. John Mummery. slightly M Mona'hyn l*? i Melntyre Stephen McCounell, John Mo\uiay Wm Palronter, lohn Klhler. severely; Wm Fox, slightly Ale* Rin*hart. Nath'l Clegg, Cha* Mcl.oaky, Hanson Painter,severely Mitsina, Private* ( has Valentine ImpolT, Jas larramler, M Blaekman, Victor Whipple, las Lelae, John Briolon, ( baa Wfeltty 'irOXD f>IVI*l(J1 ? MRio. i,|fy TWIOOS. 7"*# Killed H'aund, J, nr,H M,?itSecond DivilI"h in M (( on cl Chupultepee and the K,nit,idt Helen en the 111 A ?> ! in the City nj ?n the 14/A osil It>lh September, IH47. ri?*T HEIOADK. HUtn Corp I* Dennla liyroe. C < \rm? Privates Tb#* I) Wbe?lei .U?n Town, Wm Donovan. Klijah O Pointer Jaa L He?d J-see Jantee Myroa Bell, Hiram l>?ngh. Win II ag an. U b> Finu> y. Jaa Kerrigan Tho* McUlone; Serg'l ; I ha Maid ( orp l Jaa HiiNtley. Private* Wm Portiton. Jnh? J O l<ot>o?li Jm WtUb If'bn Alexander. Walter geott. Hasry Bey!*, Michael O'LcgWln Florrcoa Mo Carty fOOIMC. 1st Lt Earl Van Dora, slightly, Major W W Uorlag, severely?arm lost; Ctpt'i J I ilmouto, J B Backenatoa, 8 9 Tucker; 3d LWut T S K P.u>mU ; B?t 3d Lieut J A Palmer; Capt Ooo Neoman. slightly; let Lieut and A tj't J M Brannan. s?v?rely; 1st Lieut J A Haskln, Severely; Sergeant Major Alonso Stanton, slightly; Sergeant* Samuel Harp s-verely ; 7 M P Hind; 1st Sergeaut J*in?n Manly; Sergeants William P Sunders. Hiram Dwyer. D >1 frame, allghtly; Corpl's Wm N Win- | ter, severely; L L Woroester, Geo Taylor, J M L Addi- I ton, Rufui Peck, Jer'h O Conncll slightly; J Freeman, ! severely: J Millard. slightly; Lance; Corp'la T ho man Darin Wm P Cook. Privates James Farrall, severely; Edw Allen.Chris Linden, K red Pilgrim, slightly; J M Cannon, severely; A Stickler, slightly; Geo W Raymond, Staos Uoraskl, severely; Jos Newhouse, (lightly; John Barber, Joun lllnh*rd?0!i, Jos llm. ?w. severely; VV F Harrington, .1 C Morion, U*o B Mothers, J W Robinson, Jos Unt"Ou, allgbtly; l.eri Orunsby, severely; Beuj Tabler, Joba Dillon, John O Myers Liadaey Hooker. Danl Williams, Lewla < opsey, Thru B Brash?no, severely; John Fickle, Lawrence J Kilaome, Berth W Wilson, Joab P bantmyme. Clinton Frezer; Wm W Wilson. Wm Spear, M Hamilton.allghtl/; M balsner; Franoia Whitebread; J Holt, J Murry; S iou>g; J C Roberts; J (; Chrlstman; Jos Pa'.terson, verely; F. A B Phelps, (lightly; Robert Williams. Josh Garrison, Josh Debecuue. Alien Overly, lightly; haul Wills. 1st S?r<'t Tbos Vvillium* severely; Curp'l Henry D Siiner. Wso Kerry, Danl B Butter. ArtlHoer John Welns; Private* Rlohard J Shepherd, lightly; Tboisu S Perkins, severely; Aoioe Kingsiey. slightly; Brandly Laud, John MeFarae, John Thompson, severely; Robert Kugan, Henry Watts, Harvey Oeinperd. John Miller, Lewis Russell. Franois Fletcher, slightly; Fred k Wissall, severely; Sergts Stewart Dougherty, Dixon Aj<ti worth, Orlando B Miles, slightly; Corp'In Nelson C'hsmberlsls, John Storm, severely; Wm Adams, slightly; Privates Jss McNulty, Henry Varner, .vloses Olea son, sevt-relv; Bayna Upton, Edgar Watson, Franols J Shlaihan, Francis Oestrloh, (lightly; Henry Haldman John O'BrSxv, Harry Abbarlee, severely; Amos Barnliart, Wm Campbell, John Cbllders; Cornelius Crowley, John Hamilton, Wm Myers, Philip Rvan, Timothy Sullivan, (lightly; Wm Keuny, Chas F E Hyer. t'dw Zimmerman. Patriok Morran, slightly: Henry MoCamphlll, Tbos Prltohard, Leonard Eliss, David Jermon,severely; Eli Gable, Chas MoKlnne, Jaeob Varnes, slightly: Jos lluttfrfivld severely; Geo Frank; Thomas MoKarland, H*hJly; Terry Dale, Cbarles J Truman severely; Kredt rick f. Cellini, Elliott Kilmer, Daniel Hmitb, David Wis?, slightly. Misnnc. Privates KduiunJ Quiu, Isftao Tracy, John Whitty, John Venator, storming party; John Montgomery, Theodore Woodbury, ,do. SKCOND BKIOADE. KlLLKD 1st Lieut Levi t'autt, Serg't W A Morrison. Corpl J as 'I ieru?y,Mu-<ioian MioUl El wood, Privates Jobn M Nash. I'ittk Sberidan, .Lewis Rinhart, Wm Stelnson, Joseph N Oirnett, Keyran Temple. Richard Shore, Neill Donnelly. C tptaln Silas Ca**y, lit Lt N Lyon, slightly; Corp'ls Robr. Uailry. Win Bond, Wnj M Kvans, slightly; Private F MoNally. slightly; John Kenly, Ueo Vlartin, Jno WalItni'. Migbtly; Corp'l Kliis, Prlvst?s Stevenson. William Feather, Titus 8 Gillow, VVm Hughes, Ervin Levin, Niooole* C James, Pat'k MoKenna, Jacob Mill?r, Abraham summons, Capt Thos Handey, severely; Private* Chas Clark* sightly; BeiJ Little, severely; Hergt Asab?l H Wells. ViUiilolan Thos Rene. Privates John Brown, Oanl t art. Piter Kerr. s?verely; Alex B*ebe. Patk Gallagher, J no Daly, iiiram Shlppey, R'd G Martin, Wm T Hay, slightly; ThonOraham. Lewis Hastings, Jno Kavenugh 1'itiricK Kelly, John Sumple, Daniel Lanahan, John l.yurh, Ja* Sullivan, severely; John Steevier, Samuel Noble. Augustus Walker, slightly; Corpl Wm Anderson. slightly; Privates Francis Ii Fox, severe'y; John McLau^hllu, Thomas Navy, slightly; Sergts Robert W Howard severely; Rd 8 Cross, slightly; Privates James l.illy, Jos Gillbuly, Patrick Murphy, ( has Howard John litrues,Geo F H igg, severely; John Hughes and Pat'k Murphy, mortally. musing. Steuben L Rouse, John 1'leroe, Michael Uilmore and David .Mayer Total? Killed, 36; wounded, 194; gisslng, 10. i'iiihn division?major (ienkiial pillow. ihr Killed, Wounded and Mining of ike Third Division eoctm inded by Major (temral I'itlaw, during the attack on Cltapultepec am/ Me city of Mexico, on the IIWi and I4'A S //'ember, 1647. Major General Gideon J Pillow, wounded severely; Lt G T Beauregard, wounded twice slightly, I IR8T ARTILLERY, co. I?FlgLLI BATTERY. wounded. Capt .1 B Magruder. twloe; Privates Paul Dalym, Edii.oud Lunargmi, severely; J Doneliy, Antony Krelss, Vi/in Xlurpi^tr iliirhilv NINTH REUIMKNT INFANTRY. KILLED I ol T B Ransom, Serg't Quo C Hpnnoer; Corp'ls John lUUenau, Ueo E Barnes; Private! Foster, Edson, John 1'oriet, Geo Ball. WOUWDBD. Muslclau tieorge W King, slightly; Private* E T Plko, ( has W llorauwoll. Clark II Green, Win March, June* Mohan, I'atriok Counars, Win Welsh, Robt M Brown, N W king, Benjamin O.good, N U 8hett, severely; Wm H White, H B stone, Chat Twlit, John W els ton, John 8 I.jek, Isaac Wart, A Noyoe, W A Brown, J Moody, J iiridgei, slightly. fOI'KlCKNTIl RIO I MEN I' INKANTRV. IIUID, rrivatea Benjamin Hall, Robt Arnold; H R Manning, Jaa M Munypenny WOl'SUIP, Col Wm Trousdale a?irer?ly. I apt J M Moantland, r-.i??r*ly; ( apt Rob't O Beale, rery slightly; 'Jd Lleuts Kiobard >t?el Hob t W Bedford, slightly; Serg't Wm I Bledsoe. mortally; Corporal 11 Montgomery, slightly; I'nratM Win U 1'i.arrla, S bulienhrxer W V Beauty; J.itni'i Kennedy. Htewart Whit*, John Philand, Bolirar \ locent, Calviu C 1r orola, severely A D Anjon, A Chadwlok John Wilkintun, K Ksobalt. J 1'nunaUy, slightly. MISSIHO rrlvatns John i rawford, Wa Deariog, Jas McDermott, I hn lilalr. W R Wataon riTTKNTH KK't IM K XT INFANTRY. iiLun Privates Jos Grant. Jobn Havlland, John Herrlok, llsnry W btoy. Jas D KrnoU WOlHDKD. < apt K A Kior, lightly, Kerf t Jonathan Jones, ? Terely. Corp'ls in Kocb, Jidh McGill, mortally; llnrvnt I.vnn PrivatM Thn? Mcf Uaiin lumli I t>"ham. MetU Mllllngton, Jonan Auglemyer, George Motneoey, ('Bleb 11 Sly, Marrla Ward severely; Lhw>h Uiltrwn ( lirmtain llamiuel. Duooomb MuKlneey, Wtnk L llariinaw. llenry Hen* iilltfbtly. mimiwu. TriTktn llarklo VOLTIUKCR KKUIMKNT. KILI.KD Private* II Kriok, V. Mill nr. ? Rlebarttou, V Ha'tobury. s Kicbardson WOl'KltP. Lt Col Jon K Johnntou, >1121111;: Captain Moaei J Darnird, twice MWhtly; let Lu Jan Tiltou, H C Uungenecker, (AdJ'i) nightly; 2d Lta J L Kot.o, iwTen ly; W J NUrtin. oliuhlly; serg't W Peat. ?ererely; J (! v,albon. T S Gardner, II P Len<, "lightly; orp'n H F. Reed, M Pinlty, mortally; M Conwny. s?veiey; J Muldoon; K Cooper. J MoUowan, Mightly. Miio iKn A Kair. oeverely; Pr r it' ? M Bancroft, K Brace, mm tally; ? McC,all. W II K.tthugh, W Wood. Z Cox, J Uwyer. T EvHtiP, W K hi? teller, J Amey. J Smith, C Uedd ng, .VI Halo. <i Spencer, C MUler, J Young, P Maury D Itutighney. J L)eli*.*e?er>ly; T Wallace, O Ruuell. K T Oood *u, J H Malbon, J M Floyd T H (iill, T Trimble,Rllghtly. MIMING. Private* Jum Hall, J .vwduaif, J A Maple*, O Weygand. TOT A I.. Killed, 01; wounded, 111; mlMing. 10 ?14i. Horsei? Killed, 9; wounded. 1?1J

rOURIH IIIVISIOM?M ? T. C.RS. QPITMAM. U llcd Weunrftrf, unii Mining m Iht S<vtral Jiclmnt iVrur Ihf City tf Mnico, ou I'ith und 14(A of StpIrtnb er, 1M7. KI 0 Mfjor I. Twigg*. ( nj.t A V?u O'Llnda, Ist Lt J M Mnrjj?M. -M I,inut J Wellta l antey, Private* WmCarlin, Wo C Jloltln. Isaiah World us, Ch* Stewart, John Street.Jobn Tmt.i, J 'Iiq Mc l*oah<tn. Corporal Hugh Wrabarn; PrlvkUh Anthony E Egbert, Andrew McLaughlin, John Herl ert. Mathew Banks. Thou Kelley lit Serg'ta Wm Blocker, and U F \Uttisnn ; rrlvate< T MoHenrjr; Cor'i I. Oode; 1'rivates W B Devlin, J Morwood, C Mev?r, D 11 Tri'Hevant, H < alaban. T Cooper, T Lylea, >1 Martin, John Patrick, J C Tunlson. T Oolden, Andrew Jelard. John Wright, John Seaman. Thed* Zimmerman, John Homer,; Corpl Jaraes William* ; Private* Jo* A Dennis, lohn Shaw. John I. Young WOUNDED. LtCol. J M (iea.'y, slightly, Corpl* Wm Herbert, Peter IInfran, PrivateaJ Freymon, J Miller, J Armprtater, Han lloyer. T McObee, Jacob Rapp, (lightly; Job* Arthur, Ueorge Henry. Daniel rtaul, severely; Nathan Marti, dangerously: Peter Moyer, mortally ?at oe need ? John Worthington, Wm Humphrey*. Sergeant John Brookbank, Private* Abraham Rhndet, W J Stone, John Campbell, Hugh Storm, John McI.oughlln.Tbo* Holland, slighily: Orderly Sergeant Francis McKee, Private Auiirew Dripp*, Mverely: Private* Wm H Dietrich. Joan Snyder, severely; Corporal* A Patterson. E A Dewny F C McUermott, severely: Corporal* B F Davis, O W Neff, slightly- Sergeant* David Menkllng, K McClelaad, Oe* Deoker, Hugh Fiakil, slightly; Sergeant < banay F Sergeant, severely; Lieut A S Towrleoii, severely; Corporal William H Sogur, slightly; Private* rhomaa Humphreys, slightly; Private* John Vauton, Ja? T Sample, John Uetchtel, John Copenart, severely; Private* Win Rice, sarau-l K Major, slightly, Capt K S William*. ChH* sieb, Private* J Palmer. M Flaxter, P Ward, allghtly; Corpl Jaaeb Meyer,mortally; Private* R Kodgers.J Co*grove, E Moyer; severely; Sergt A Cummin*; Privates il Rlst. allghtly; Sam Morgan, mnrU ly; Wm Meudenhall. Aroh Graham; I N lloop*. Frederick Myera.'lightly; Captain Jaa Miller; Private* W Clement*, J Horn, James BustArd. John Solomon, Ernor M D*rl?, severely, WaSuyder, Wiu Smyth, M Ha**on, H 1'boma*. Ed Ulain, slightly; Lt.lotkn keafe; < orp'l A J Jones; Prlvats Wm Smyth, severely; Jon Lutz Tb Itavis. Chris vUlone, James Htewart, Wm Bishop, Wm Crabb, (lightly; Capt Jas Caldwell; Privates Josh Hamilton. John keever, David Shine. Charles Kpler, severely: Benjamin Shine, Lewi* BonnetU, Saxfnre Heasbly, slightly; lit Lt undAdjtDD Biker, 1st Lt and A <4 M J S Devlin, slightly; 3d Lt Cha.les A Henderson, 8gt Maj Ja* Mont gomery, slightly; Corny Sgt James Orr, Sgt John Iloaeb, severely; Sgt John Curran, slightly; Sgt W J Wilson, severely; Sgt GrandUen, L Tansiil, ullghtly; Privates 8e?v beck. Martin Fogg, Hugh Honey, severely: John, Philip Pheoli, Saaiuel Williamson, slightly; Bug*, severely; Connor, slightly; Francis t^ulnn, Thomas U Smith, Klhanan Stevens, severely; Kiw'd Cooper, slightly: J Linns, severely; Musician McDonald, slightly: Mil burn, severely: M?j A H Oladden, Aet'g Adjt M Clarke, severely; Sgt Major O T Oibbs, slightly; Private Tbos Oafney, severely; Lgts R I'ayan, J Duunogant, ] W Triplett. Privates M M Adams, J Thomas, M | Ward Y Muller, V Kvans, J Only, severely: Corporl > J Mood, I'Hvn'es V Cablll, N R Kvans. J Ferguson. Y Robins, C Ingram, H Lafferty. Bennstt, slightly; i Seig't L B Weaver; Privates Y Anderson, C H Kenny, slightly; A Delauy, severely: 3d Lt K Sellnok; Private H Watson, severe.,*; Corp'l W L Rodgers; Privates J H ! Saxton, H J Cou<hman, H Polock, J I) Stanford. Man- I ning Brown, J Kitxsimmons. B Hutchison, J Kelly, sa- ! voraly; 1st l.t A B O'Bannon: 'id Lt C J kirkland. Pri- ! vate J (J Atkinson, slightly; Privata J k Parker, mortally; Capt J H Williams; Harg't J Caldbreath; Corp'l J J ( eagle; Privates T Chapman, J Graham, J C Higgins, D firm H Sober lligh^lv Mntu A Little, R D LyU* A Keaqle. severely: Lt Col Cha* Baxter, mortally, since dead; Private* M**3ennls. Rowalt, severely; Corp'l MeCfww, Prlvata? Rife, Duncan. Waggoner, slightly; 3d Lt May?e Reede; Private* John Eber. John Hut, Ju Kelly, severely; Corp'l John Hal; Private* John Kerber.C Newman; ( a|>t J Barclay, 8 W Perl; Private* J White, John Russell; Corp'l Jan Saxon, sightly; Private* C Rfyman1 Ruiydwr B VanDeif, severely; C orp'l Johu Wh*l?v; Private* R Anderion, John Cassedy, Jas Smith. Js* Keuned?, D Standerwick. L StroblU, sUphtly; Capt C H Peareon; Private* Wa Connell. Y Donovan. **v*rely; Private S Calvert, J Davl*. R Jenkln, D L MoCoweo, dWhtly; 'id Lt Bell, Sgt J N taster by, Cerpl Bold; Priv't* R Hltcbfelt, J Martin, P 8 Graham. C Rankin, C Anderson. W L Beadon, slightly; 3d Lt J W 4 teen, Private* N Scott, D Nolun, James Walsh, severely; 3d Lt J B Dsri*. Serrt J VV Shett. Private*.S Camak, L Duke, W 8 Tldwell, ft J Barker, W < laxtoo. J Woodward, James M Cralx. t J (Jladney. J W Brlltendenham. J ? Odom, slightly; Prl vate* A Tuuluop, J B Ola**, B 8 Morrison, John T Oln?y?, (lightly: Private* Jame Burke, U Barry, M Coblln. H Hardenbrook. W Tomkini. severely; Captain D K Hungerford, lit Lt Charles 11 Jane*, 8?rgt O Montgomery, Corpl Cba* Thompson, Private* Owen Elwood, Thos Healry, slightly; Private* John MoKlnnay, J Snyder. V Van aiyke. Jame* Hart, severely; Sergt John Duffy. Private* Pat Honey, O Hani?l, lightly; Private Mleh'I Butler, mortally-*inoe dead; Capt M Fairohild. LleucJ W (Jreen. 1st aergt Barker, Private* Thomas L Decker, Ja* Franklin. Oeorire Pemberton. John L Oardlner. R Head ?riok. William Daly, (lightly; Privates D Robertson. Geo Thistleton. ?ever?ly; Hergt John M Lane, Corpl Cllpolet fcverett, 'lightly; Pi irate Alex Cook, severely. Us.ii hi. 8r*n- ?Brig. Gen James Shields, severely; F N Page, A A G fllghtly; M Lovell, A A A O, slightly; Capt Oauly. Vol A1J severely. Total- Killed 41, and wouuded, 367?308. OKMKaALTOTAL. Killed. Wounded. Mining 1 Gen. Worth'* Division.... 140 766 27 3 Gen. Twigge'Division..... 36 1 04 10 3 Oca Pillow'? Division 31 111 10 4 Gen. Quitman'* Division.. 41 367 ? Total 398 1338 47 Killed, wounded and missing in the four division* of General! Worth, Twiggs, Pillow and Quitman, 16J3. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. The following Is Prom the VeraCrai Oeniut of Liberty of the SOth ult:? Our city look* quite brisk and lively this morning, owing te the arrival of the steamers New Orleans, Telegraph and Ohio; our harbor, notwithstanding the violence of the wind. Is literally oovered with boats, running backwards and forwards, landing horses, mules and government stores; and the loud peal of the oannon Is occasionally beard from Fort Conception, giving a hearty welcome to eur gallant officers and brave soldiers. Gen Patterson and staff, Major Polk, brother of the President; Capt. Stapp. Lieuts. I.ampler, Palmer anu Vlitohel, Illinois volunteers; Capt. Livingston, Lieuts. 8tnwart, Scott and Holmes. Florida < lunteers; blent. Jenkins, regular army, arrived by the steamer New Orleans, from New Orleans, and Oen. Cushing and staff, by the steamer Ohio, from Brazos Our correspondent, writing on the 4th inst., says Gen Patterson expeeted to be able to start for the interior The U. 8. ichoooer Flirt had been out eleven days on a cruise In search of a suspicious vessel, supposed to be a privateer, but returned without .getting a glimpse of her. A report was circulating in Vera Cruz that a bearer of despatches from Gen. Soott was killed at the city of Cordova. The Fashion brings the Tampico Sentinel to the 3d Inst. It oontains rcaroely anything worth noting. The rainy h ason had net in, and scarcely a day or night ptissed without a heavy shower Two coi^aoies, B and D. of the Louisiana regiment, departed fuFAltamira on the Oth Inst., where they will be statloneJF under the command of Major Girault. The Sentinel tnaounces the following deaths:?Capt John Kwlng, 3d regiment Illinois volunteers; Lieut. Gad Owen, of the Putnam (iaardx; privates Roland Williamson and William Hall, of company K, Louisiana volunteers; private Samuel Sorrels, of the Putnam (iuards, and J. D. Spenoer and John McOrangh, late prisoners of the Mexioans. Annexed is a list of deaths in the general honpltal, from September 19th to 30th:?Private Thompson, company D, 3d artillery; Walsh, se?man, U. 3. Navy; Sergeant Farr, company D. 3d artillery; private Brown, Boyd's company of mounted volunteers?the first of Internal hemorrhage, and the la t of yellow fever.?New Orleans Picayune, 14>h Init. Lieut. J. D Stewart, with 124 recruits for the 16th infantry, embarked on Saturday last at Cincinnati, with orders to report to Gen. Scott. The Chattanooga Gazette says that the five companies of Cast Tennessee volunteers, passed through that plaoe on the 3d and 31 lnsts But half a sheet is issued by the Gazette in consequence ot its " Foreman and Devil" having joined the recruits. Captain Kuneally'a corp. the Montgomery Guards, have marohing orders for Tuesday, and leave on that day. This coaipany contains a large proportion of veterans. The steamers Taglioni and Batesville are freighted with a large number of government wagons,all for Texas and Mexico. There are yet two or three hundred soldiers encamped on the beautiful grounds of the barracks The discipline is almost perfeo . reflecting muoh credit on Captain Mollae. Artillery men are being trained dally at tho Garrison. The manntuvrcs of the gun pqusds are highly interesting ?Cincinnati Commercial, 1 Hth init. Affairs in France.?We present to our readers, in the supplement of this day's Herald, a translation of a speech delivered on the 20th ult. by M. Odillon Barret, at a meeting of the electors of Soissons, in France. It presents a view of the public mind of that country, and of the combustible materials of which it is composed, That speech is probably a type of public feeling. It clearly intimates that the people are the creatures of the government, instead of the government being the creature of the people, and that a second edition of the revolution of 1830 is at hand. It is very doubtful, however, that such an occurrence will take place during the life-time of Louis Philippe. The train is, however, appa- : rently laid, and his decease will be the spark that will ignite it. Time will tell whether from ihe wreck caused by the explosion, there will be a fragment sulliciently large for the basis of a j monarchy. Arrival of thk Macedonian.?The U. States frigate Macedonian, which left here in June last, with donations for the poor of Ireland and Scotland, returned yesterday. She left the Cove of Cork on the 26th ult., thus making a very pood , w#?afprlv mififlHrrp p rpnnrla hnvinor pnrnnn. I r "r ? I tered, in the Channel, the September gale, and in heating out had to wear Bhip and make a lee ! under Arran Island, where she cime to, with loss j of jib, fore-topmast, stay-sail, &e. As Bhe anchored off the Battery yesterday, John Sullivan, j seaman, fell from the main yard on deck, and ' was seiiously injured. Steamship Washington?We stated in our paper of Thursday that the departure of this steamer from England had been changed from the 19ih to the 24th inst., and consequently took it for granted that she could not leave here on her appointed day, the 11th of November. We are very happy to learn that the directors have determined not to disappoint the public, and will I despatch her on the regular day advertised. The J courtesy of the Collector, who has promised them every facility in his power on the arrival of the Washington, and the energy of the New York stevedore*, will enable them to do so. Sot tiikr.n Steamers.?A number of steamers, recently fitted out at this port lor the Southern trade, we notice, have got as far as Charleston on their course. Among them is reported the California, having arrived at that city in a passage of siity-eight hours, on her way to Mobile, for which port she wan advertised to leave on Wednesday. The Narrtgansett, whose arrival at Charleston we have already noticed, sailed on Tuesday for New Oileans. The splendid sea i-teumer Northerner, Captain Budd, hence on Saturday, reached Charleston in a passage of fifty-fonr hours. Tkk Hon. Daniel Wbistkk is now quite unwell at the Treim.nt House, Boston. Cltjr Ciotc or tni Fii* ? Thli Jar oIuim th? fklr, the proatcd* of wblnh will b? appropriated for tb? banaflt of the llttl* gir' wboM flager* w?r? out off by a machina at tha f?lr. Tba da?f and dumb will vUit tba fair mt two o'elock Cloning addrasa by Oan. Talmaga, Ice. Raw adr rtlariDoat. DtNin B Tiri-oa. K?q., til laaterening unanlmr/tiriv nominated by the Democratic Convention. of the I2tb \B*fmbly Dutrict. (14th Ward ) for a (eat In tb? next l-glalature I)r?TM it HtMOmiNAnc ?Coronar Walters wa? called yeeterday to hold in Inquect at No. 347 Houaton treat. oo the body of Kunegandei Knarden, a native of Oermany. aged twenty-Ova yean, who oana to liar death by bl?' eding from tha womb, after giving birth to a child Verdict accordingly Krotn tha evidence adduced In thla oaaa. It appeared that th? daceaaad had lived at tha aho?e plana elnoe May laat with a German by tha nana of Bartle* and paaaed aa hi* wife that thay bad frequently quarrelled and that tba ilaceaaad. in con?? .if being Informed that Barilea ' had a wife In Germany, had been known to cry. and say that Bartlea had tried to choke har. created nuaplclone ' of foul play baring been uaed to causa tha death of tb? , deceased in consequence of wblen Bart lea waa taken In- . to custody, but discharged at tha conclusion of tba caroner'a Investigation Appointviint bv iitk Preudknt ? 8olom*? P. Sublette, of Missouri, to ha agaat of Che United State* / for tha Hao and Koz Indiana, vioe John Beaota. NEW YORK HERALD. New York, Saturday, October 5*3, 1M7. THE WEEKLY HERALD. THE DETAILS OF THE WAR NEWS. FULL LIST OP THE KILLED AND WOUNDED THE MONUMENTAL CELEBRATION, die., dfcc , Oie The IVtekly Herald, full ol interesting aud valuable information, will be ready at nine tliia tnnrni n rr Among other details of the attaint of the week, it will contain the full description of the Washington Monument celebration, with thres illustrations; the late highly important intelligence jrom the city of Mexico, with the lists of the killed and wounded; the recent news from Europe, including a list of the commercial failures; the pugilistic affair between McFee and Gardiner; the proceedings, in part, of the Episcopal Convention; the conclusion of the testimony in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Lynde; list of the deaths of yellow lerer in New Orleans, &c., &c., See. Single copies,in wrappers /ready for the mails, sixpence. Herald for Europe. The French steamship Missouri will leave fhia nnrf fnr llnvrp ti t rrr< I on MnndnV nett. Ht eteven o'clock. We shall, as usual, publish an edition of the Htraldfor Europe for the mails, and will make it an interesting compend of American news from the sailing ot the last steamship. It will contain the late important news from the seat of war; a summary of commercial, political and miscellaneous news, printed in French; and such further intelligence from all parts of the country, as may be received in th* interim It will be ready at 9 o'clock, on Monday morning, and will contain two engravings, illustrating the Washington Monument procession, and a full acount of that great event. Price, 6] cents p?r copy. Herald Supplement. We issue another supplement this morning. It will contain a very interesting speech of M. Odillon Barrot, in France; letters froir Washington ; army intelligence ; a corrected list of tne State and legislative candidates in this State; law and police intelligence; several columns of advertisements, &c., &c , &c. It is served gra tuitously to city subscribers. The Mexican Newi. \Ve continue publishing the details of the battles which preceded the capture of the City of Mexico, as fast as they come to hand. This day's paper contains many interesting particulars which will be read with concern by all our citizens, especially by such of thein as have relatives or friends in Gen. Scott\ranks, as the names of many ot the killed and wounded are contained in the accounts Arrival or Official Despatches. It will be seen on reference to our Washington letters, that the official despatches have reached that city. They are of the greatest interest. The Commercial Revul?io<i tn JKngland?Its Cause and Effect. We have received by every ateam packet from Europe, within the p&et three months, reports of most exteusive failures in London, Liverpool, and Manchester, and long lists of names have been published, showing some of the oldest, and supposed to be the wealthiest houses in the Uni -1 *' ?J? ? i i.. leu lYiuguom, w mir wo uavc uccu cuui|/cucu to record these disastrous tidings from the old world, we have not been under the necessity of giving similar statements relative to our domestic affairs, the failures so far, on this side of the Atlantic, having been only to a trifling extent, comparatively. We received by the last packet from Liverpool a larger list of failure*, involving a larger amount of liabilities, than by any one previous, and we are prepared to see another batch of equal magnitude by the next stnamer. The ball is fairly in motion, and it cannot be stopped until every one of the rotten concerns, which have sustained themselves so long Biter their substance was completely used up, have been swept from existencr; 1QU we cauuui cn|icv:i u. ucaiiuj ... the commercial world, until it has become puri' lied by the hurricane wbich is now sweeping through it. It is almost impossible to form an idea of the extent of the insolvencies which must arise from the complete rottenness whirfi h is been for so many years spreading so rapidly through the commercial circles of London and has from such a source spread over the Kingdom and the Continent. Notwithstanding the immense extent of the suspensions alread) known, and the amount of liabilities directlj aid indirectly involved, it is trifling comparec with the enormous timodnt of capital and credi employed in the commercial transactions o London. The failures thuii far have only beei about two per ccnt of the cap ital and credit of th< kingdom, and to double that per cent would b< so small ns to be, in reality, hardly realized ii the aggregate. The individual suffering fron these suspensions may be very great,but their influence upon trade and commerce generally will hardly be felt, the country in which they occui will not be retarded in its progress an iota, th< middle classes will not be affected in the least > and, bo far as the real and substantial prosperity of the world is concerned, \?e have not th< slight?st apprehension. It may appear very extraordinary to those noi understanding thoroughly the machinery an< ramifications of trade, how it is ilhat such a ori sib or such a revulsion can tak<t place in th< grand centre of commercial andf financial af lairs, without deranging to an equal extent th< movements of the commercial claaM s in this an< other important markets. Had this revulsioi bean brought about by any actual der&agement o commerce or of the finances of the United Kingdom, its effrct would have been mor< general, and consequently more disastrous The commerce of the world has during the pait five years bsen in an exceedingly healthy state ; fair profits have fteen realizei by all classes, and payments have beven prompt!} and punctually made. With the exception of ar artificial inflation to a certain extent to prices o breadstuff* last winter, produced by a combir.a tion between the ministry of England, mos powerful presses, and the most wealthy t>ankin| houses in Londou, for certain financial an*i poll tical purposes, there has been no dev'iatioi from the most legitimate line of trade, an.^1 n? variation from the soundest system of credit ?.? The operations of the Bank of England have, far as the regulation of tl\e currency is concerrr ed, been perfectly legitimate, and this imporian elsment of finance has been pi?-erved in a heal thy condition. Its issuing debarment havint been separated from its banking busine-s, th currency has not been subject to those fluctua tionS, those expansions and contractions, wh.cfr have heretofore been resorted to during ever] commercial crinis. The bank cannot, therefore extend those facilities to concerns in periods o pecuniary difficulty,and they have been cumpellei to depend more upon their own resource*, whicl have recently been found sadly deficient. I f system upon which the bank is at present coti ducted will do more towards establishing- indi vidual credit upon a sound and solid basia, am do more towards clearing out those hoQisei mmmmm?mmmmKSBmasamm which have heretofore enjoyed almost unlimited credit, without the firat traction of actual capital, than any aystein ever before adopted ; and, notwithstanding the bitter complaints made againal that institution for the course it has pursued in the recent revulsion, it will receive the thanks and the support of all who trade upon their own capital, and who are really solvent in their affairs. When everything connected with commercial matters have, for such a length of time, been in such a healthy condition, it must appear very strange how no many extensive failures have j b<*en produced?what has caused the suspension of old and reputed wealthy houses. The insolvency of these concerns is not of a very recent date. They have for years been hopelessly bankrupt, and for that time been upon the verge of an explosion. This has not been the result so much of losses to any extent, in their legitimate, or even in their illegitimate business, as of the enormous expenditures annually required to build up and sustain the immense private establishments of the individual*) composing these firms. The substance of these houses has been drained away by the moat reckless extravagance, by expenditures to maintain a fashionable position in fashionable society, which on this side of the Atlantic would be considered enormous. When a firm composed of half a dozen individuals, each i f whom expends from ten to fifteen thousand pounds sterling per annum apeing the style of living adopted by the nobility, it requires an immensely profitable business to support it ; and this style must be supported as long as possible, without any regard to the condition ol the commercial affairs of the concern. In connection with this outlay by each member of the firm, ig the expenditure required to conduct the business establishment, which is carried cn at no small cost.Those who are acquainted with the magnificence of the west end of London, can form some idea of the effort the merchantsof that city living in that section have to make to keep up with the aristocracy of that place, and will not be surprised to learn the fate of those who have availed themselves of their credit in the commercial world, to keep their heads above water among the nabobs of that great metropolis. Many, or most of the first failures which oc uuucu in iiuuuuii, vau u?r uirruiiy irncea 10 Hie above causes, and so long as the social condition of any people is established upon such principles as have bo long characterized that of London, and we might say of England generally, ttiere must be a rottenness among the commercial classes, at any moment liable to become developed, and spread bankruptcy among many who could otherwise sustain themselves., TlMairlutl Mid o&ualcal. Park Theatre ?The opera of "La Sonaambula'' wax performed at the Park last evening by the new LogUsh and Italian troupe, and it la but faimple justice to ray that we have not often the privilege of listening to this charming music rendered to perfectly and in ao pleading ustyle Of Madame BUhop's Amioa nothing more oa*i | be aaid in praiae than was raid when she was at litis I house a few weeks sgo. She charmed her andienoes then, and her singing last evening brought baek pleasing recollections of the past to those who beard her at 1 that time, and awakened new admiration in the minds of { those who now heard;hertdng the music for the flrst time. Al'lle. Korslnskl acquitted herself well in th? part of Liza, so far as her muxloal talent was required. Her action is by no means bad and a little familiarity with business of the stsge will do her a vast deal of good la the particular school which it constitutes Ulguoi Valtelllnaa Count Rodolphe, was all that the lovers of musio could ileslra. He is a great favorite, and deservedly so His lCngllsa proaune.atlon Is better than we expeoted vrouid be. Of Mr. Reeves' performance we must speak In terms of praise. His song of " Still so gently o'er m<> i stealing " was awaited with considerable solloitude | his friends, and in faot by the whole aadienoe, for he has I already made friends of nearly all who have heard him '. sing. This was looked forward to as a teat pieoe, and his cxaoutlon of It brought down the whole housd Id rounds 1 cf applause. It was enoored. and received again with the | same demonstrations. Mr. K's voice is a specimen ot I pure Kcgliah tenore. He ia a young mau, and perhaps : a little difildenoa may be observable In bis acting, but all this la lost eight of as a matter of minor consideration ! when he oommenoes singing. The chorus was good last evening, and in faot the whole opera went off well, from I tint to last Madam Bishvp gave the finale In Italian, { and was encored as usual. She was also called out between the acta and at the eloae of the performance, and appeared in oompaoy with the others to receive the oong atula'ioas and usual marks of approbation at the hands of Lheir listeners Why would It not be a good Idea for the farce to be given before the opera ? fteven o'clock i? Tt-ry early to get out even at this season, and we bellsvs tbat a Urge number of the patrons of tbc opera wou d prefer this arrangement. To-night we are to hare " Norma," with the t>ame catt as on Thursday evening Bowkhv Thkatrf --the beautiful national drama of ' The Siege of Monterey," now nearlv four weeks being I performed, la still attracting thousand* The acenery is I splendid, and the eutire arrangements are very credit. I atile to the m'inager, whi 1a indefatigable In his eaerj ' Hons to oater for ihe amusement of hia patrons hi | | ccenery atid army r?pre>eniing tbe fall of Matamoiea, : the capture of Monterey, the bombardment of Vera ' ' Cruz, and tbe battin of Uuena Vista, are admin d by ' every visiter as brilliant illustrations of tbe Amer can 1 army in tbe hard fought b?"l a which they barn ' and ahlnh h .Tm Ailrl wl naa knpM.a to tha characteriatio featured of AmeriCiB Independence 1 h? r Bedouin Aiab*, who?e extraordinary featu have rfurprlaed > every beholder. wi 1 alao throw tbwr pome met a overs* I men wiih bayoueta, with other aatooUhiug leal*. (iu k early, or jou cannot iecure aeata. It ia their iaat night Chatham Theatkk?Thia evening la net apart for the ' benefit <>f Mr. A H I'urdy. and several eminent artlata ' have volunteered their service': ? Vleaara T. D Rich, H P. Orattan, H O Si erman, and tbe K nlop-.?ii O^ra ' .Vlluatrela; alao. \1tea Jem>j line, the aceotnpliahel dani kmc. '1 he piece* selected are the " Dumb Belle." in , which Mr. Uratlan plays O'Holrku; the interlu>ie of ' " The Mummy," vhe part of Ginger Blue by Mr Rice; ' | followed by a variety of dauciug Dy Mis* J??aeylln?, , 1 Mesara Vatta and Soott; and th? evenibg's eniertaiument will conclud* with "The Married Rake." Mm. I : .VioLean auataining two character* Thia ia a very atI i tractive bill, ami no doubt tha frieada of Mr Purdy will I give him a bumper. | Bowrtv Amphitheatre?Theequeatrlanaperforming 1 I here, under me management of Jobu 1'ryou, *r- ai. | traoting number* to behold thla light and placing i amuaement The entertaiuuienta couimenoe thia even * ing with the "Sprite01 the silver Shower," wbtob wul ! be followed by .vir Carroll's two borse act. acoo>upani>d by the youthful Miss Madigen The tthiopUn Miti> htr?U wul sing several negro songs and choruses, which will be succe> ded by dill vaultiDg, tumbling and ere{ raldinceshy the IVlis-es Well-; ?n l the exerols*s will ' conclude witll lh? laughable sketch of 'Jack Ro'imiua ?ud hia vlonkeyThere will b? ?a afternoon performt imce at twe o'clock. Ethi< fun 8k?Ki<i*Dici>? ? Mr. DumboUon, the Uireci tor of tb s oompauy. has every reason to feci proud of ! the highly r> sprcteble patronage be la every night receiving from ttie cms ns of New York. I'a mo's ih *1' waya crowded, to bear the aweet and harmonious mlostrel>y of this band We are not aurprlMd at thin. wu,q . we oail to miad ib? beautiful melodiea of Rosa Lee.'' 1 ' Lucy N*al " and maoy other plaintive aire, wbicb are 1 given with ancb aoieatitic precision aa to at one* a amp ibe performers aa gentlemen perfectly acquam'ed witu a knowledge of muaio. While auoh negro bands ar? o >nB dueled by a gentleman, wboae ambition la reap>otability, . aod no indulgeno* lp vulgar phrases, there ean b< do doubt of their fueoesa W? wish Mb J or Dumbolton a 5 continuation ( f bia present sucotss 1 Chsiitv'i Minstmls ? Mechanlc'a Hall cannot oon. tain the numbers who never tire in listening to the pure negro delineations of oharMi given by tbla popular ad f favo ite band The violin aud boue players are decidedly | i he best of all attached to any limi ar bead Here you behold tbealmple. careless, tunny, witty negro, pouring 5 forth ibe native melodiea of h>s caste, without extraordinary regard to musical meisuremeut, but at the name time, so pleesiDg, sweet and humorous as to draw down the plaudits of the audience (J N Christy la a hoe In hlmaelt, and hia dancing imitation of Lucy Long is the most natural and finished personation of negro oh>rac' ter we have ever seen There is a variety here that will r always attract. At three o'oloek to day, there will b.? a performance lor tna m?obhui>u?h?u vi uuuureu aceom1 panled by their parent! t Mr Dt*?*Tk*'? B*tL*D 80l?CC ATTItt Ta?M!V*CI.E. _TD? gentleman gave t?t? tir?t oonc.ert last ev. uing, before a very rr?p> etable audience. who seemed delighted by hearti.g the ?o?gs of their "native land," and the tououing ballad* expressed with no much feeling and ta*tm by Mr D?mp*ter We readily understand the popularity of this Dinger, when we reiueinber ourielrea the emo.ion we feel at the melodies of o*r country Ic U a chord wbieb no ooe will ever touch without moTiug the heart, aud .Mr. Deni^?ter hit oh seo, Indeed, the better part." ill* song af the "loUiau's Complaint'' was very well recelv d; so whs the ''Home in the Heart." The poetry of tbis ballad, written by fcUliu Cook, eoutaks ome beautiful verses, really exoeilent to Inspire Dotli i he compoper aud the singer The "Dying Child ami the Angel of Death," l.y .Vlary Hewitt, furnished to Mr. r Dempster ilu excellent occ?*lon to snow his musical talent. We remark)d. also, the 'Death of Warren, the " blind Boy," I am alone, all alone," and the churcteristio HoouifcU ballad, "Tat yer HUld cloak ab-uly-'' It: whole pertiu uiancea conc.udud with th? ce|?. bratfd CIIIlata of the " May Q jeeu." a touching hi.lory of a young aud l>e.aut>ful girl. tailing fi?m tbe oloom < f ' health to a premature *r?ve We think this 11 the i Ship on Kir. " of .Vlr Dempster Ha sai g It wl'.h a real i>ath >e, cspahle f drawing tears froui the aye* ot a 1 u>a i hearers 1 Ins charming ballad aiuger give* another concert on Wednesday evening next Sionos Butt. ?i hli is the last night of 'bis gentle man's txi-ibi i n ot legardemaiu, venir<loi|Uism. end a variety of plea*lug tricks lie la tv*ry emiuent in his ueernmancy !Thk Mopkls ?This graceful and rlaasio exhibition i? becoming the resort of the admirera of tha g eat ariut*. Wa Dope l?. may be aa well *upp?riad aa It deserves Mxionrori.- 1 his placa of .amusement is nighUy througeu by tha admirer* of Whti*ftad Ma*ter Jui.a, ?* i

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