Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1847 Page 1
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^ggggggggg"???^ TIT] Vol. xm. Ho. auJ?Whole Xo. 4890. Affaire In the Cherokee Nation. The NaHnaul Counnil of the Cherokee* convened la Mi"?l *?Mlon at Tahlpciuiih. on the 1th Instant. Th? following named p?r*oni pre?eoted their credential*, or gave other Biticl'ietory evidenoe of their elation a> memheri of the National Committee, and were ?rr>rn Into offline E ' V MoNalr. Saline Dlntrlot; James KeU, R D Dmlel, Delaware; Thorn** F Tavlor, John Spear*, qiuh; JtlT-rson Hair John Thornton. Ooinc 8-k-; Jwu)?* Pritehett. Flint: Alexander Foreman, Wm. Drew, llllnolf; George W Onnter. Oeorge C Low?. ?w<? >,.nn. uj u w.? n?(.k The following inembera eleot of the council than pretexted their eredentUla and took tbn requlaite oath J*m"? Mwk?y. John Brewer. Takn-ataa ka, tlltnoU Eitriet: Jeaoh Thorn. Win. Doublehead. L'ghtningbug B >?Im Canadian; Nlok Byera. And. Handera. 8kin Bey >'i; ftTandng Deer. Chco-wa loo-ki, Wee-ly Too-wahII. Silln?; John Youajr, John F. Boot, A. Campbell, Tabl'quh; viotwf Tott, P?tMr. Wm Tuoker. Delaware; Geo. Hi' ka, Arrh Yano, tiding 8n*ke; Bark Flat*, Wm. Or'mnUt, Flint 1 Co-rnall elected Arablbald Campbell at Speaker, Hill D il Foreman. Clerk. In rhe a'ier*o?n a Joint meeting of both honaea ?ai held fir ih? purpoex of ooun'log tbe votea polled at tbe elmtion lu August, fjr Prtnolpal and Aaalatant Principal Chi.fd It ><ppeiir?d that Johu Ro-a vat elected to the former offl'ie. and (Jeorge Lowrey to tbe latter On the 6'h tbe two hou?ea met and eleoted D*vH Vann, aa Treasurer John Thoropaon A'latr. Jamen Handera, John Thorn. D M Foreman, and Nlobolas MoNalr. aa 8ui>r?me J udgea, and Thomia B WoU and Aaron Hloka, aa CliVult Juituoi", the former of the Northern, and the latter or the Southern Jadioial Circuit, and Walter 8. Adn'r. Superintendent of Pabllo Schoola The eat b? of office having been admlniatered to the varoua olBcera, the principal chief roae, with Mr D. M. Foreman as interpieter. and delivered the following int u?aral To the national committee and oounoil. in national oouucil convened: ? Friend* and Fellow. Citliena?You, aa the ohoaen re* preventative* of the nation, have met in acoordanoe wi<h tbe provisions of tbe oonatitntion, to legialate for tbe puhlio welfare. And aa it baa again become my duty to addreaa you on the present oooaaion, I would In the firat pl*oe congratulate you and tbe oountry for the orderly and peaceable manner In which the recent election has been conducted. In all free republican government*, tbs rights of the people are equal; benee the legitimate powers of the people ere equal. Ciriilr?tion, intelligence, and moraii* ty tnoulnace obedlenoe to thia principle?an oppoaite prao'loH would beget strife, violence, and blood-shed, to tbn dUgraoe and injury of any community For tbe orreomeaa of this .mertion, we need no further proof then to look hack and lea the avll effects produced by vim uiiuouoiii ?oie ouuiuiubcu iu tun wuuwj, buviv t'Biit ago. under color* stained wiUi indelible infamy. p.t?t soenes of dlsord?r and trouble, however, are now referred to only, as a warning lesson from which exp -rl*na? may device means to avert in tuiure similar dis.rgan ling and dangerous proceedings. Although there nave been many individual outrages and murders )>?rpetratod in the laud, sinee the last annual session, yet. on tba whole, the condition of the people, Individually <tnd oolleotively, Is prosperous; and while there is caiice to u">urn over ihe evils that nave oocurred from too rrcklt't-s oonduct of the drunkard, the oorrupt, and the vicious. I am happy to nay that the country baa cojoywd many blessing* from divine favor, for which we are all indebted, and should manifest our sincere gratitu 1) For it is evident that the health of our people has comparatively been good; that the industry of the husbandman has bten amply rewarded with bountiful crops; that l he efforts of the temperance societies have been etjuouraqed, and their numbers greatly increased?and thai, by tbu preaching < f the gospel, many converts have ba?u aided 10 the various churches established among m With these facts before us, and the improvements that are In progress, there is every onnoursgement to h ip? that under wise legislation and wholesome laws, religion, morality, aud knowledge will ere long make us a y? >?p*ruu< and happy peepla. The encouragement of sohoi M and the means of education should, therefore, ever form ibe gravest consideration of legislative deliberations. The district school system, Under competent teachers, has succeeded as well as can be expected? aud as lar a* 1 am informed, the Operations of these snaoold. ifrn current year, have been more flourishing thau hitherto : but not having as yet received the superintendent's report, I am unprepared to make any further suggestions on the subjeot at present; but the report shall be laid before yon so soon as it Is received The buildings authorised by the aot of November aath II18, to be erected for the two Seminaries designed for the education of the yentks of the oouatry, In the higher branches, have been contracted for, and the work l? uo? yeing on. j\ piau or system lor me government or i h.-se institutions, will neoeesarllj have to be adopted before tb-y g? into operation?and wbloh should be digested upon mob principles u will secure, m far m posmble, eciuitaole advantages for the admission of pupils. At the last annual less Ion, a delegation composed of Messrs. David Vann. C. V. McNatr and W. P. Hoes, were appointed for the purpose of Tialting the seat of the United status government at Washington, with authority to bring ibu unst-ttled business of the nation with the United States to a oloee. And I herewith submit for your pi-rusal the documents oontaining their correspondence with the ofllaers of the government; alio, their memorials to the President aBd tbe congress of the United States, "ii u>* various hubjeota requiring tbelr attention. Prom thtse papers it will be seen that the delegation did not su:oeed In tbeir mission Although a very favorable report from tbe committee on Indian affairs in the Senaw, was made upon a portion of tbe claims submitted? yet. as osuai, from tbe multiplicity of business. or other saugvs, the aotien of the Senate oould not be nad on it b-fore the close of the session. A< to the special c immiasloners who were appointed to a<lju Heme Cherokee olaim* arising under the Treaty Of llU-'i it is Known that this board had organised to >lt in Washington ; and although the President nad once promised toe Delegation to instruot these commis'iourr* to come out for the purpose of transacting th- ir business in this nation, yet. for reasons never explained it has not been done. The great delay on the P'trt of the United States to settle promptly. Justly and equitably, the claims Of the Uberokees, both individually aud nationally, has been a souroe of great injury and <:iea|ipoiuiui-ut to all?and it is our unoeasing duty to press this witter most earnestly upon the early attention of tlie United Statts Government, until it shall I) IN been taken up, considered and settled, dednitlvely llappliy tor tlie country, peaoe and harmony prevail witiiiu our own borueia, as well as with thoee of every nation knewu to us?and it will be our aaored duty to endeavor to culHvate nd preserve this g .od understand lug permanently. As I shall take occasion to present special uoiuuiuuioattons, touching other matters for your information and unni-iaerslion during your present s?s mud, I will eoucim-i oy assuring you 01 my neariy coopeiaueu in your acts tor mi* public welfare, which may hoc cunfliot wkh constitutional principle* JOHN ROSS. TabUq*ah, C. N., Oot. 4, 1817. Common Council. Hoard or Aidkhmkn? Monday evening?Morris Fituklio, Limj President,in the cnair. ?a number of petition* were read and referred to the appropriate committee* L,mt Farmi?Vhe committee to whom was ref-rrml ? communication from Mr Nilea relative to the Long lilaiid Farm*, reported in favor of giving him pertain-ion to withdraw hie petition. Adopted Public Hchuult?Report in favor of depositing oertaln sums of money to the credit of the Board of Education. tff:innt ir>rtt? Report in favor of ohanglng the name of Walnut ?tr<>et to Jackson Bt. Adopted btuyvmnt irk -Report in favour of causing StayTenant Square or Park to be graded, and ornamented wiih tree*, shrubbery. fci, and appropriating $1000 to d'-frxy the pipf!)? !> thereof. Adopted. Rriiairmg Murk'! Report in favor of causing the varioun market houses to be repaired and painted at an < iprMRH not exoeediog (4000, and appropriating that amount for that purpnee Th- Unard then t< ok a recess jihn Houit Building ?Resolution by Aid Kelly In favor of appropriating (10.000 to defray the expenaes of altering th* building in ttie rear of lb* City Hail, and Biting uii ike tame in a suitable manner to be used for Oui t room*. Icn ?Adopted. R -o'u Inn, by Aid apofford, in favor of extending the tiro* fir completing the construction of the *ewer in 3o .h timet, b tween 8th and 9th avenue*, until the 1st o? December. F'H't'-mli S'rrr.t Minwtni.?Resolution, by Aid. Mayutrd, In favor of authorising the proprietors of lota in l~4tb dreet, to enclose, by iron fence, court tarda flfteeri U-t wide to front of tbM same; alio, to havetba MJ<< walks fltteeu feet wide on each aid* of the street, le**in? :i e%rrl?ito w?y 01 forty feet?Adopted u?nu iA -iitif of 21?r itrrtt.?Resolution, by Aid. Maynwii in fmvor of oauslng 21st street to be renumbered? Adopted II * n. rf C,title ?Resolution, by Alderraan Oliver, In fat'ir of prohibiting horned cattle from being driven through the city, scuth or 821 tureet. after 0 o'clock in '.b" morning Referred. /' 'icmg Va'ant Lou ? Resolution, by Aid CrolluR,ln f?v ir of ivias'ni; riieunt lots at the oorner of Forsyth and Sian'.oo Htte'ets to be fenced In. Adopted fCmaiai nj Col W ie'-r and Liiut C'A irniltr?ReaMu'lon, by Alderman Purser, lu favor of condollog *i<h the irlouJs of the lamented Col. Baxter and Li<iut <" bandlvr.and appointing a oommiltee of three to tot.fer with the military, und make arrangement* f r bringing on the rr mains of those gallant soldiers, and ioterriug them in their native State Kti x Mirk't. ? Report and resolution in favor of telling a portion of the ground ocoupled by K**?x market. Il">*no or Assis ranTi.? Pititioni IU/errrd.? Of sunJi y perxous to have eida-walks of 4tKh street flagged. Ot U M I'rawH, to be refunded mney paid tor the purchase of a lot H parts Jhinpteil ?In favor of regulating 29th street, between 7th aud ftth avenues. In favor of regulating 41?t street, between 6th avenue and Broadway. In favor < f paylog the funeral espeuses of the late Captain Zaoriskle. I etltion of sundry persons for a well and pump In the vicluUy ol Ud and 43d streets, und *Jtb avenue. II '^iutlon, to resoind the permission given to John I i?'"b Astor, to regulate streets owned by him between 37' li k 'I 4lsf street, unless he proceeds to rrgulate them forthwith. Keferitsd. The Jarnage caused by the recent flood* 1 n Fennsylvan>s, are now *?ld to be greater than was at first supposed Among the lual<J?nts of the fresnet we sea that tfhn s-nttou beat Keystone, with a oargo ot dry goods, Ji i,, valued at upwards of JI<10 000, was carried into the r f-r at. the time the Huntingdon Dam look gave way. o..i stotlon lodged on a farm near Huntingdon, another w . d?*hed to pieoes, and the others stova In such nriii.'-r as to discharge nearly all the good* f E NE" NEV Affair* In tile War <luart?r< THE EXPOSITION OF SANTA ANNA'S VIEWS. [> >010 the Vaw Orleans Picayoue Got 17 ] Tb? follow!of I* the circular to whloh we alluded yeiUriUy. addrecaed by the Mexican Secretary of State, 8?BMfael>eeo, to the Cioyernor* of the different Stated, thWWmr farther Ugbt upon hi* motlvea for abandoning the capital, and unfolding hi* vlewa aa to the government lately 1 Detailed hy htm, and hi* own peraooal de Igna. There are many paeaagea In It of notable Import, and the whole document will oommand attention It waa olidnally publlahed In I ha del Oolierna, printed at Tolue*. and thenoe tranaferred to th? Mom lor Republican*, where wa find it : ? Toluca. Sept IS, 1847 Circular by Sr. Jote Ramon Pmck'co, S'crttary of State, to the Oovemort of tAi different S ot'i Your Exoallenoy?After having sent to tout Exoalieaa? fMm lh? altv ut OoidtlUM Hldalco th? muuiArlDt decrae issued from that city under ye?Wrd?y's data, by bia CxoeJisoey tha President ad interim. I hara now the honor of sending you (blank) copies printed In tbla ol'y, in order that your Exoellenoy may oirculata them fn tha State wbioh you ao worthily (OTarn. and that tba nation may be informad that it < not laft without a haad. aa bis Excelleooy, General Don Antonio Loprc d? Santa Anna, previous to bia march to commence hti'military movements a*ainet tha base of the wmy't operation*. baa devolved tba government upon tha authority designed by the oonatitutlou. HI* Cxcelirnoy. by virtu* of tha extraordinary powara conferred on blm, took tba raaponaibility of ordering noma detail*, which, from tha force of olrcumftannea, could not be done In oonfbrmity with tha tenor of the eouatltutlon. none of the bod la* in whom these attrlbutee are vested being in existenoe On tbla acoount behaa dispensed with on* of the neoessary qualification* in one of the colleague* of tbe Executive, in order to give this additional guaranty to the nation. It ia also desirable that tbe piaoe fixed upon aa the realdenoe of tbe supreme government should be generally known, In order that all the functionaries and servants of tbe general government should regulate their actions aooording to our political system, a* provided by the laws. I mpartial history will some day reoord whatever fate Frovldenee may have deoreed. the oauies which brought about the event* whleh bave just occurred in the oapital, in oonaequcnoe of which it is now to our astonishment, indignation, and grief, in the power of the enemy. These cause* are known to thousands of witnesses, and well understood by those only who truly feel its immense loss to th?lr country. '1 he faot is, that one of tbe points WHICH ueientieu ian vouin w bun unj ua'iup VnrU tbtiidon?4 without any order*, and another point having been taken at the end of the day en the ISth, after a combat of fifteen hour*, it was decided by a meeting of the generals held that night in the citadrl. that a continued resistanoe would only expose the city to pillage, and to all the acts of immorality to whlob a savage enemy abandons himself. This latter was a misfortune whioh his Exeellenoy wished to avoid at all haiards, and with a view to which he had at the very commencement, caused the fortifioatlons to be made at far advanced points. In order to retain, on the other hand, all his armanent and the neeeuaey means to continue the war, without owing them to a humiliating capitulation, it was resolved to evacuate the city that very night, conducting the whole army to the oity of Guadalupe da Hidalgo; in order to take the next day, according to the intentions of his Excellency, the road to Tuebla. to redeem that city out of the power of the enemy, cutting off at the same time all oommunloatiou with Vera Cruz. The troops having already oommenoed the march,and having made Rome progress on the road, it became known, as muoh to out satisfaction as surprise, that the people, who the day before, although supported by the armv and the valiant National Guards, had taken no part'in the struggle, bu undertaken on tbelr own account the extermination of the invaders. Immediately the army waa countermarched, and two column*, one under the oommand of hia Excellency, and the other under (Jen. Don Juan Alvarez, penetrated aa far aa the streets of .Santa Domingo and La Ceroa, lancing some of the Americans Subsequently, after some measures and other circumstances which it is unnecessary to mention, the heroic people of the capital were disarmed * In undertaking to oariy out his first inten'. the most formidalle obstacle to be encountered was the entire want of means. The troops had been five days without any support His Excellency the Prrsldent bad exhausted all his personal resources From the 19th ot August, the date of the misfortune at Padiarna. to which our present situation is to be asoribed, up to that day?that is, in twenty-six days?not a man nor a dollar had been N tup pi * MM * 4 With the Routes fol fl I ! I i 2*1 if Mexican Batterlea A?Mexican Battery of3guna. B?Me*loan Battery of 4 guna. C?Garlta Battery of 3 guna D?Paaeo Battery of 3 guiia. K?Gun firing down the ? auacway, F?Breaatwork for Infantry. H?One gun, In the road to San Corae E*<JUSH ACCOSTS FROM MKXTCO [From the New Orleana Picayune, October 18.] The British ateamer Medway arrived at Havana on the 7th Inatant, bringiag $140,000 in apocie. The aceounta of lata event* In Mexloo are by no meana ao full aa we bare received bare We tranalate one letter, written by a Mexican to bla friend In Havana : ? Mcxica, bept. 37, 1H47 Vou will have aean by the pnbllo paper* the unfortunate evanta whleb have oeourred In thla country, but conaole youraelf by the faot that we have not Incurred the Ignominy of a dlagraceful peace, and be aaaurnd that unfortunate aa we are, aa humiliating aa may be our condition, that of the enemy la daily becoming worae.? Hanta Anna haa resigned the I'realdencv, and la lighting the Americana near Pnebla. Our army haa gone to queretaro. where it ia intended to reorganlae It for the oontinuance of the war, which. In my opinion, haa but juat began, alnee the popular efferveaoence after what haa happened at he capital la daily Inoreaalng PenayPena, the chief juatloe, now oocupiee the Preatdency He la decidedly in favor of the war. He la a man of known probity, and we all believe will bring the war to a auooeeeful termination ftanta Anna haa 3000 cavalry, which with 8000 infantry under General Rea, are at Tnebla, occupying the moat elevated helghta and doing great Injury to the enemy. The latter have thrown into the city mere than three hundred ahella and grenadea. Similar lattera are given In otheT papera. One from a Spaniard or Mexican atatea explicitly that upon the departure of Santa Anna a thouaand convict* were releaaed and arma placed in their handa, with whieh they fought our troopa who entered the city. The wonder la that (Jen floott had aneh aelf control m not to give over the whole city to be aaoked. A NKW OUBRU.I.A CH1XP. | Translated from the N O La Patria, loth Inat ) The Vera Correspondent of Li Patria givea the following account of another clerical guerilla ohief who ha* lately appeared In Mexico. " F.l Padre Juan Antonio Martin, In former tlmea, waa cnrate of a pariah in Medellin. and lately in a native of A loan! i W YO V YORK, TUESDAY MOI SKETCH OF THE OPERATIONS OF C On the 8th le * ' mt s^~? ^pr,.. \ \ ^i"* i *' //> %- ' , V# \ e Ats *c '} A.V- ' ^' '', / \ ; $'T J .>.,* '?>;/ ^ L : S^"- M " NOTKB OK K1 A-Wright's Storming Tarty K?Cadwalader* B?Smith'* Light Battalion. K?Sumunr'n Drag C?Garland'* Brigada. t>?Hugher'a Batt H MMlntnah'a RrliraJa U ftwtm** sunt from any paft. How could it be exaoted, or even expected. that the city of Mexloo, which had already made so many sacrifices, should alone carry on the war and bear the weight of the burdens which are destroying the nation ? To the evils of the war, caused by the invaders,it would not have become the government to add those of making the army live at the expense of the people, and yet t? disband the troops, in order that they might devastate the rosds and villages, would have been a still greater evil. The difficulty was insuperable, aa there was no food on that day for the soldiers, and the situation was dreadful. His Excellency the President, since his return to the republic, has above all had to oontend with difficulties of this nature, and to them is to be attributed the greater part of our misfortunes ; but rather than destroy a foroe which, after being purified and organized In a different manner, could still be rendered serviceable to the nation, be fmbraced the middle course of dividing the army into sectioos.under the command of tried officers, giving them instructions u to the roads they were to twice, His Excellency reserving for himself a part of the cavalry. In this manner were obviated the groat evils of a dl'bandment of the army: the burden was distribute so as not to weigh on a single distriot, and above all it furnished to the Htates of the interior a necl?us which they oould increase or shape as they might like, in order to carry on the war, which tbey ba?e all demanded, without listening to any propositions of peace from the enemy. As regards political organization, bis Exoellenoy saw the extreme or perplexity of another kind in which he was plnoed by his determination to oontinue, personally, LAN OF THE GROUNDS AB0D lowed by the American Army on the 19th Septei L i//i i Jw? i ? f/fg -i> r-xtn.' ///?" ^m -* 'Nsheao<ws" I NOTES OF R nnd Works. I I ?Batteries without gunt. K?Breastwork for I .-i fan try, near the Fortran. L- Large Kleldwork, deserted. O?Han Cosine Oarlta Battery of 1 pu. hapultepec Hill?Armed with 9 (una, and 1 mo tain howlt ??r? Citadel?A mad with 10 funa. in tno mnft iom or Aragon in npnin. formerly a carllst. nndoaptalu of tbe battalion of Oulasof Aragon, he in decorated with various crosses of dtetlnotion bestowed on litm for acts of bravery A good ImlUtor of Father Jaraiita In bravery, he haa earned from him tbe captainship of bis Infantry, and 1* the nam* individual who, on the 8th and 9th nit, with bnt 40 men, disputed thn &round band to hand with a division of Americans from la pajo Lagarto to tha I u?n Naolonal, oaualng them eoneiderable loss.dasplto of the frequent discharges of artillery which they mads on him.'' T1IK FIRST AI-CALDR'S PROCLAMATION TO THE INIIAIUTA.NT* OK rns CITY or MEXIKO. It la known to all that th- Mexican forces whloh ware defending thl* olty noma lima pant. have fled, and that the North Amarloaua have entered Immediately after the Ingres* of the latter, commissioner* appointed by this municipal body were despatched to their Commanderlu Chief to Inquire if hi* occupation would be pacific, and If the lirea and properties of all, Individually and collectively. wowld be respected Hia reply, coinciding, a* It did, with tbe dictates of humanity, Justice end liberality. render* It Incumbent upon all the oltiiena and people of*thla city to reciprocate It, by a oomportment modest and peaceable, and at the same time devoid of anything unbecoming tbe honor and rbaracUr of the Mexican people. Whilst Mexicans oould r.<aist. they did so nobly, but fortune having shown herself unpropltoua and tbe Mexican army baring abandoned the capital, it la certain that all hostility on our part, besides being in eflloaoiou* to our oountry. would be not only imprudent, under tbe present clrcumHtanoes, but absolutely reprehensible In the highest degree. The duty, than, or all the unarmed eltfren* ofthla olty Is to conduct themselvaa In the most tranquil manner, relinquishing (o the providence of the nation those things that belong to It, and to It only. Fallow countryman, be aaaured that tbe municipal autborltlea will be nnoeaaingly occupied. In common l with tba Commander-in-Chief of the Nort'i Americans In devising all possible means for the preservation ef nuK lie order and tranquillity, and tbe protection of Indlvl dual right*, and tboae of society at large RK E tNING, OCTOBER 26. 1& SEN. WORTH AT MOLINO DEI REY, ptember, 1847. DLTtPIC \ Ipfiim WORTH \f -^a -%\ VW/ZA\ BISHOPS ?N ^ c?s> ' ?- W0k\ PALACE

>H? l\\v\l!!''// -/, :>* ,/ . " I \ .?u!l%^. // w! 'vM&Jr -Si^ tFMRKM'KS, \ Brlgado. I?Duncan'* Battery, tf-pounder*. oon?. K?I.arg* Mexioan Fore* ery, 'n-pounders I.?Advance of Mexican Lancers. 7, U-poundera. M?Mexican Field 0attar 7. the defence of the Independence of hia country, until one of the reverie* of wbtok so many have fallen upon us, through the will of Ood and our own distentions, and under which we are nulfering, should put an end to his exiaUmce Ills Excellency did not wish to he invested with the character of President of the Republic, in conformity with the resolution of August of last year, his desire being to devote himself exclusively to carrying on the war against the invaders: and If he nas since assumed that power, It was to put down a civil war whioh was raging in the capital. and, finally, to raise the neoessary resources to plsee It in a state of defence. His Kxoefleney saw that there was no one before whom be oould make his resignation, in order to release himself from that onerous charge which prevented him from pursuing the only object of his ardent desires, and which had drawn upon him so manv annoyances; that all his efforts and his repeated orders had been in vain to brim about a meeting of the Congrrss, composed of oue hun dred and forty members, whioh never held itsregula sessions for want of numbers, and of whioh hardly twei ty-slx members oould be assembled on oocasions wh he applied to It to discharge the mission whioh bad betconfided to It, and In order that the Executive might do no more than to carrv out the will of the represent* tlven of the nation. His Excellency saw that for the new operations which he meditated It would be neoessary that he should be personally absent from the oentre, and that moving with hla forces in different directions, the very uncertainty of his movements would occasion great dlfflcnltles In the administration of the government; he saw finally the consummation of the triumph of the enem y, T THE FORTRESS OF CHAPU nber, 1847, in the attack upon that Fortress an A 3 Kj-fl.^ fri^I ,r Dtp >M ^T?r*.^ ^ __?1 mt? ^u?a?p A 'A ~ 7 ^5i'?"? &EM. TWI59S HEAD ?i?ARSERRRBNCBI. American BttUrli 1 ? Battery of 2 IB-pounder* i J? Battery of 1 24-pounder i 3?Battery of 1 'i4-pouiider a 4- Battery of 1 10 inch mort 'in Magruder's Battery. In Me The Howitrer Battery, in thi Hunt'* Motion of Dnnoan'i I Drum'* Battery, also with (1 ?Mexlocm. nonvinoed of your forbearance and moderation, we hare decided upon remaining in oar present poiltlon, the dischargingof whnee incidental dutlei in an difficult m the occupying of It by ne in painful. Your countryman and ulncere friend. MANUEL R. VERAMENDI. Mexico, Sept. 14, 1847. INCIHKNTS OK Tlllt WAR, KTr:. [From tha Harannah Republican. Oat Jl ) Among the dangaroualy wounded. In the lata action*, we regret to notion tba mun? of Aaalatant Surgeon Roberta, wboaa mother and alatar are now rani41 or in Brum wick. Olvnn oounty?baring noma to tba Mouth to join Dr. H , who practiced thara prerloualy to hia entering tba army Dr R I* one of tha moat diatlnguiahed offl cere In tba madleal staff Ha waa particularly alluded to by the lamented Col. Melntoah. In his account of tba action! of Contrara* and Churubuaeo. In hi* r*t>ort, datad Tacnbaya, Aug 2-J, IM7, Colonel Malotoab thus alludea to Dr. R , who wan attached to hi* regiment: ? ' Aaalatant Burgeon Wm. Roberta accompanied tba reriment daring tba march Mia talenta and i?el wara not alona confined to bla profeaalon, bat wara displayed in a mora military capacity. In aiding, aatlating, and urging oa tba man to the contest " Or R In writing to a frland aftar tba battla* of < on treraa and Churubuaeo. says : ? " Aftar operating, with my aeaietanee, till J o'clock lo the morning, I left the buildirg of which I bad made a temporary hospital. to taka an hoar's rest in the opvn air I turned roon(l to look at my amputating table ? under it wm a parfaot heapof arm* and lege, and looking at myaalf I found 1 waa corered with blood from head to foot" Wa trust that th? doctor may atlll 1>? aparad to hla family and country. TUB MRROKS <?f TIIK WAS. The Hyracnsa Journal, of tha 'J*th Instant, In speaking of tba laath of < aptaln K K *?aith, aaya I Tba Intelligence received from tba army caata a deep gloom otwt thla commnnl'y Ona of tba noblaat nitl IERA 17. by abandoning tb?in> quertlnna to the Tiew* of denlgnlng l partintn* Under three clroum?tanoe?. hU Exoalleooy 1 ilitUrmini'il to itaue t ? decree which 1 communloated to your Excellency. ami of whlah I hare th? honor t? annex < a printed copy, by which hi* Exoelleney the President \ nd tntrrim endeavored to eonnult not only th" obaer- | Tknce of the fundamental lit In a great erlila. but alao | the spirit of the law and the will of lb* nation, nanifeatb J on former occasion* / Hi* Excellency only intend* by thi* decree to flU a ra- j cuum in the nrecent olrcumatanoe*. to praaarva a renra- ( ntatlcn of the unity and nationality of tha rapahilo? , the oapltal of which ia in the handa of the enemy?but by no mean* to impoaa hi* will upon hla fellow-oitliana _ Kar from thli-, he haa on thi* oooaaion only taken upoo hlmnell the aoiution of tha difficulty, bacauae neither at tha oapltal, which la ita legal reeldanoe, nor in any other part or the Republic, i* there a laglalatiTe body, and he 9 1* ready to abide by whatever it may deaide * After acta to pure, originating in intention* ?o hon oraoie, mere win not oe vanillic rue passions mat > nlwuys will aoouM, aftar & uiUfortuiiH. and upon that ,, vary aeooant tbey art) the mora reprehensible HUi j Lxoellfnoy the President oarriee In his garment*, in ? the death of Individuals allied to bU person and In hla own person. irrefraglblH testimonial* of hla self denial to devotrt himself to bla oountry General Manta . Anna dooa not despair on aeoount of these miafor . tunea, nor on aconunt of ingratitude, wblcb U still worse Ilia Kioeliency runnunoM powar, and yat It li pomibta that stupidity may Join wltb malloa to add * absurd oalumnlaa to bla other Immanaa disasters Ha abandon* powar. and wltb It oonslgns three fact* to , Ulatory for hbi atarnal honor Firstly. that at the north, at th? east and at tha ospltal although wltb varioua fortuna, hn haa baan foand confronting tha aba mlei of his oountry. appearing at all points of tha bat tin, and In those moat aipoaad to danger ; secondly, that lu all tha States their respective authorities. aa 1 well Individuals aa eorporatlona, remain In tha free exercise of their funotiona and In the enjoyment of i their respective lawa ; thirdly, that tha nation, and the ( government whloh may be oalled to preside over it, will have abaolute liberty to aot aa may seem proper < with regard to tba question of war or peaoa with the ( United Htatea. alnoe It haa been proved that neither the preaanoe of their cannon nor the approaoh of a danger whloh haa alnoe beooma a reality, have had any influence on what waa due by the government of bia exoellencyOen Santa Anna to the divinity of hla oountry nor to hla own honor The government haa not taken a atap. nor haa It had a tingle communication with the en emy but what la within the reaoh of ail bla compatriot*, nor baa it been bound by any oompromlae paat. preaent or future If in the publication* which have bean made it may have exalted *urprl*?. and not without raaaon. not to have found tha discussions which were expected from the general and the commissioner of tha government of the United State*, It waa that the oontempt with whleh J they treat u?, and the unbluahlng determination wblch , they have taken to carry on a war tha moat Infamous and sanguinary for their ilmple diversion and pUasurs, no f other anawer oould be glysn, except through the can- I non'a mouth and death ilia Excellency the President ad inltrim orders the c undersigned to oommunicate to your Excellency the ? preceding exposition. at th? time transmitting to yon ? the decree of bis resignation, reserving to himself to t gi"e at a proper time to hli fellow oltlsens aelroumstan- t tial manifesto; he han nlno enjoined him particularly to 1 state, in bis name, he new connltuttonal govern- " meat, that ba will ?y down bin armn against the enemy of his eoun until thin governro.i-it, or what r government n i>? nominm.-1 by the natlou or COBBTMa, shall < him to lay them down; that he will be itn Arms' ipport against any resolution, a? also in every matter which may be determined a* to tbe American question. be it peace or war; tbat be will com- j ly (Urtllty of subject with the national will ly expressed, ai be always baa done in hi* oapaciy of K imt Magistrate, and that his Kxoellency wishes to the first to give an example of submission to the au- i rlty of the laws (Jod and liberty! a > the honor to oe with dint! oguisbed oonsideraPACHECO. 1 xoellency the Governor of . ^ <ni>or Rtpublicann peremptorily denies thin BU f F'acheoo about the two oalumns oountermarciu I .,>uu the city. It statea that on tha 14th. aoma of Hanta Anna * troopa re-entered the city, and that on 1 the l.'ith about 10 o'olook in the evening.a email body of < cavalry entered In disorder. Inflicting great Injuries apon the peaceable population, whloh had suffered so much the day previous. rLTEPEC, il the City of Mexico. BBB1 f in? 71 \ 9 ! i' %' "\ I t. MEX IATI 51 3 of a cuks I g 15 h S3 1 2 2^*N?'WtTZl1t 3 Si Hi ! ? i ^sT* ?5 5 = 5? . u ; and Works ind I R inch howHicr. .n<l 1 H Ineh howtimr nd 1 8-Inch bowttMr. u. >lino del Kay, and at (a)|com?r of road i Mollno Yard. .in, a..?.i n.u... rrieraf Quitman *en* or thU county hM fallen to the battlaa at the c Ity of Mexico. He waa widely known and M widely eateamed for thoae virtue* tb*t never fall to eialt human | charaoter He leave* a wife, daughter of Mr* Jerome, of the town of Camlllu*. and *i*ter of Mr* Win J *ck*on of thl* place, and tbr?e children, to mourn tbelr irreparable loan The well known Intrepidity and ??l' | lantrr of Capt. Hmlth. had eiolted ?eneral appreheiialon for hi* aafety At the oall of duty be knew no danger. A* a Urate and *klilful offloer he wa? only equalled by the eicellente of hi* private character HI* lo*a to the army will be aererely felt and deplored by the entire oountry ARMY INTILUOENCIl. The aehooner l> ( offln wa* deapatched to the Bra?"t loaded with hay and train, the aehooner November left for Tamploo, with ooal bay and grain, tha aehooner Ferdinand for Vera (-mi with 44 horaoa, and h*y. grain and other quarterraaner a *toree, and tha brig Saldana tor the a*ma port with 44 boraea, bay, grain, Vr The ateamahlp A R Hetael leavea thia morning tor Mobile to take on board troop* there for V?r?Cro?- >111 Orltnnt Picayunt, I7?A intt. The ahin MlaalaaloDl of Baltimore, nallad from thl* port (Kort Monro#), at 13 M , for Me*loo, with i < oinpaoy VV, ?th Artillery (114 itrnng)-offlear* <;apt ft I SomiI. eemmaadlng ??<w>nd Ll-utenant I " '>?' lend. 1th Art , aod ??oood Lieutenant J A d* LijuH id Art Alt", detachment if U. A vr>|tl*?-ur?, und?r the command or evoond Ueut. VuR (>"jf P ?oltljffur r?glment. ? Corr Sorjolk HtraU.IM <n>t The New Orlean* Orfla of the 17th loet my*, amortlfyin* typographical error ooonrred in o?r pap?r of Thur*day, In the letter of our norreepondent d?eorlbieg thee* eort of ' Don* Henor* l,op?* de Hanta Anna" ?ee Mu? tan* etylee the lady of tb* e?.f"re?ldent of Me?leo-by "'apt l!arral."of tha Dragoona It ebould hare b**n l ol Harney, of tha l>r?i{oon?. one of tha moat gallanI. oldleraand elegant frntl-wn of tb* age Oen Hcolt, In ileprtlDR Col llarney to thl* delicate and Important mat erlnced that etnettea' mdrmeat which haa ch? r* LD. FHw Two C?nU. racuriaed nil bU appointment* (1no? b? bM b**n ?t tta* tiaad r th? army Capt Dunn wlioaw name ooeutu K) oftn In tfea lajort ?f the /Mia dbovUJ be i, fcpt Drum, U li from CmmjIraota i apt Auger, put down u oommaoding tit* ordiaac? before < bapultepao, thould be Capt Hnger, b* la from South Carolina ? Somnn.iN Htpullican, ?! < ?? ?. W? hare been Informed tbat a deUohmant of V B. wu. ?, r ?. V u .w?m ua 1 UMUM lUt nAVng la oharga nine Ouj? prUonern We ware not aUa olnni any partioulara connected with their arrant, father than rumor that aotne property wu hand la their >uu?Mlon, which bad bean taken from a tenu Fa trala -CKrroktt Jidvacait 17 th in it NAVAL. IMTBLt.iaC.1CK. C. 9 ?hlp Ohio, Capt String ham. ?u at Rio Janeiro, iept l'J, awaiting the arrival of tha frigate Brandy rlsa. V. S brig Parry, Capt Barron, arrived at Fnnobal, ladelra, on tba fttb September laat, aftar a tedlona paaage of 64 day* from Penaaaola. Sha iraa to tail far Rio ? Janeiro on the loth Instant. Ofloera and oraw all rail Col tad Statea steamer Water Wltoh, Lieut Com Handing Tottan. arrived at Penaaaola on tba 1Mb laat. rum Norfolk, and wu to tall for tba Gulf of Maxloo mmedlataly. 81oop-of-war Decatur, Commander Pinobney, ?M ta all from Penaacola on tba 14th lnat, for Boatoa. Steamer Mliaiwilppl waa getting ready to leave Peiuasola for tba Uulf of Mexico miacalleneotaa. A law ha* been paaaed lu Maryland, making ft a penal (fence for minora to be oonneoted with tba 0ra aoatpailea On Friday night, l&th inatant, a man In Naw Orleaaa tamed Hugh Dunlop, waa nabbed, ao that ba dlad la a ew momenta aftar, by ooe Arohlbald MoDongail White froata having mad* their appearanoe la Naw 3rleana, It ia thought that no (ear need ba entartalaad >t the yallow lever. The freabmtn olaaa at Amheret College number* (I. Thar* are 40 mora namaa on tha catalogue tbla yaar than there were laat iat 9.(L*k\cK ?ali. line ok Packets LI VEKPOOL?1 he mtaiiific-ni fa?t tailing SBULui'Cli Bail Lme P*ck-t .h v MO > 1 *ZL' M\. barthru I uu*i tout, C?p V B L wber w 11 anl puiiriviiy ta Vluuday. ihe let el November, h-r rrgul-ir d > For t? m? of cabin, tncuud cable. < r tte're?e id ihia 6ue ai.4 a^lra id packet. ea>ljr application >h old be mtde on b aia, fv> t of Brekmiii tirert. or to the mbicribere Pu?ag* n<tu alio jt aecu'e fium Live pool for pawn* to ...... k? ,i... l,.. . i. ...I. r .i ? .U. l.t T\. :e mHer, orbyur of iba Black Ball Liue, tailing i?im nek n >uih. Dialtt rmyab e at light ou lha Royal Bank ot I'Claod. aiiloa lleaart rrcacott. Ur^te. An m fc Co.. b^nkara. Loadon. Apilr ui WOc. Hii. BK0THKK9 k CO., U F -Iroa ?tr?et. ?e*t d<or to 'he Fallon Bask. N B ?Tha nublie are ra?pactfuM' n?tin?d, an thai iter n y be gutrd?<l i*?ia?t a <Je> aptinn w hich uiight be pracuatd >11 tli m. that we are tha raublithad and lagu'ar a(jpotat*4 t*i>U bv the owner". to adtariia* to bring out paitraaeie fcy be Bl rk axil Line of tweke t. which tail fom Livoipnol oa l-alttand I6th of rachmo'ih; lh'1 w? h.t* ao cuuna~tl< p rith aav oilier pMt*ugr li>nteiu h%c*ty;i*nd ih<t uo buavIS II la done fur ua here, t ice ft what i. d<?.e at M Falum at. *jnt- o>?ioNKc.? "KH7HIP CHWOA. ? ILL -TtW^ pleite iei d iheir peraaita on board,, at f i?r ?. N. JL , fiUUUL>rUie i-thca .f i ... BOVnk HlXCtCN BWrfla'awi ' ONblO.NEtS )>ar K'enoh ba k CAi*iii.LK, KrT]f> will I'l ate icud 'hair pciotita on pin t MjMfllb N. U , or ' > (he oflfire of _? b_i jn _ BOYt) fc HIN'? KEN, l> Waterefaat. a|T < OM>IUNt.r.? par a'np 0?.fcAlN will HFJFXV tend thair permiti ou boaid , at I iar I .> .R, at ( MMMCathe < fice of <. K BOYD k HI Vf'KF.N. I> Wall at. run uv&aruub-i>e? ou?-im ? aa4 tuleuan: f&at tailing par.kat ahip UaKKICK. M VHVfa Hnui, matter, will positively am] Thar*day, Oct* ber iJi. Hot I'raight or pnaaage, having tape nor fnrmjehad atjw* luodntioua, apply ou board, at Orlaaui whan, foot of waU it'hi hi lo t K. I'OLI.INb. Sg He?U> at. Tha pauengera by thia ?hip will plaaae ba on board, at Of leant whvf, foot of Wail atraat, Thu'tdav, Oct. Mui. at U Vclock M , at which nm? the alup will aail. Lftter bugs will c oae at tha ninnl plosck at half-past 11. fit p??aat >iu|. KUHC1U8, Captmr Aaa Cldnaia, W&i succeed the Oarrir.k, and tail Not Mth.har irgnlar day. oK m AML KUH MtW OKLr.A.No? L -ouiaiia uiO New WJBV Y?rk Line of ptcJiiii?Very Redooed Ratea?-Puai JBHMb nr*l v the firat and only regular packet to a U Oc tober 21 h ? The new and apleudid fa?t aailing packet htf SAMUEL HltKS, "emael UoodMie. nutrr u now loading, and will ixxitiTely >Ail u above, her ie?uier dev. For freight or paiufe having ?il?. Hid formatted ypel modatione, applr ua board, at IHeiua wharf foot of Wall 'e?t. ?rro K K. COLLtNt, it South e*r*et. Pueit ?eJ v no frtnglit will be received oil board after to-mot row. H'l d,.riday evening, October TTtii. A?> ut I. New Oilexni, Mr Wm. Creevy, who will promptly forwa.u all good* to hia ?<Mreaa. The pu-ket ahip LOUISVILLE will aoooaed the SamaeJ flirka, and aail ou Monday, November Ith. bee regular day. flKn fff Von. TTlW.-Ti* New Line >aiU IX aad mHVW llih of encli mouth ?The hne faat ?ailing A I Bruiah jflBMEaherque HVNDV KORU.M* toaa, C?pu A. B. MoAl fiu wi i aail 15th November. Jj'jfrLM.iML W'tf-KViMX^WVeirff*W?<Wtjo?a, or u? wOODHtJLL fc MlN > CKf*. IT South at. The regular packet ah p BKOoKABY, tone, Capt. Hugh MeEweu, will air ceed the HYND* FORD. and tau oa bet regular day, lit December. oWai HO A LI VUHPuOL? i he Sew Line- tSSSSm J3MFV I'ucket ul Hat of November?The well-known. laK { feaailmg p*cket ahip tiOTTlNUUER. 1W9 toaa, Capt. ira ouraley. will aai> ?? abov?, her regalar d-y. ror freight or paaaaga, I av ug aj l?. did large and comfortable atare ri.omi mid cabin, xpply to the Ceplato on board, at VVear. aide of Burluig >lip. nr in WOOUHULL k MINTURN.r South atraec The Parkei aliu> LIVERPOOL., IMOtooa burthen, Ctpraia John Eldrdge, will au'reed the Hotungner. and aail on hat regu'a' duv, *<at l)ecraal?r oNa ijas~.NO 1ILE? Britiah Bark H YNDEFORD la Una day h.irgiug snder general order All gooda not pel JHflMibin'lt'd will therefore b* aent to Public Store WOODHULL k M1NTURN, 17 South aireet WC. JO ! ?'. WW 4*?- At:( 'IION NOIH l.-S< H00NfcRTbl?0> nVVW?Hagirerty, Draper k Jvnea will Mil at taction, oa Jjmmmtrn riiuraiLiy. Oft. Villi, at 12 o'clock, at the MerehaaU ' Kucli ome. the new schooner labun, about 130 tona butthm. bei't tu Philadelphia in I tin Hhe 1a well mted in all rrapecta. and ia ready for ana Hhe la 77 fret .n l?u?th. 11 feet DMf, 6 1 14 feet hold, and ia well ralcrlated to take a large c.\rgo In aliwil water. Hhe low liea a) the foot of Broome atreet, pier No. 17 Eaat River, and can be examined any tune prenoua to the day of aa'e. Tfrmn-< ?ah. or approved paper at 4 inontha o>3 7t m Hill NKW OKLKANrt?Herular Packet of tlM KOR^V27[h October ?The well known, faat aailiaa p?eke? tHNkaihipMAV KLOWKh. burthen MO ton, Cnbtna, ramar. will aail aa above, her rtfolar day. Her accommodationa lor cabin, aecond cabin and ateence paaaeknarat are roomy, well ventilated, and handaomely niiea up. Paraona intending to embark ahoald mike immediate app'ieacioa oa board, foot of fine ?treat, or to JAMKH CLANNY, oil 3t">c Nn illSiiiiih i'rwt tfg- Kill LO> LM(N?Regular I'arket ol the lai No jni^Vvr inner?The new ana mvtniScent Packetahip ?filCyuRKTOWN. banhaa ltM tooa. W 8 reb-r. maeie<, will aail at above her regular day. Her aceoamo4ationa fir cabin aacond cabin, and ataeraga paaaeagers, are unequtl ed by any veaael n port, baiaa >ary apacioaa. fad wet ventilated Peraoua tnteudmg to embark, aaould avail tkeB elveaof tl ia very favorable opportu >ity, b; aatiai iaaa diate application on board, foot of M iden Laae.or te JUPl^H MCM\.!BBAY, oil lOt re corner ol Pine aad ftouth atraafa. TAFSC^iff3 E.virBKAllON OKKICi., tt JSjvW South atreet ?Peranaa wia.?iug to aead for thetr MUbfrieiidi in the old conntry can aoenre paaeaye .in ry.i-a.miiKlf* t?irmi hv inv r\f rh# nunifiCAit aKira eomnriame the of* Lin* of Liverpool packet*, ?n>? CONSTITUTION. ITJO iuni, Captain John Brituim. Ciutkn of the West. m<# ton.. c??t. r. Woo4ho?a? UVKRPOUL. 1250 too*, Captain Jobs ?.ldnd?e lIOrriNOt'ER, llifl ton*. Capt Ira Bnfiley, ailing from Liverpool on the tut of erer? Booth. P|(MC? can ?l*rj be cured by the St. Oeorve'a Line, or the Ualoa Line of Liverpool packeta, making >n all a ehip every if laya from that port For t o rther^partic a 1 i IT la M Mnnri) ?"M1 New ('* FuH H aV ?? Brinull l,lur.? ^S? Hhm BALTIMORE. H Conn, matter. will tail oa iHtftfallir fir?tol Niuemlier ol BOYD h MIN n A reM. >? M t??l-rt. H)ll ? ?I.K?III ?erv l??t all;..* coprercj rfwK ( ?< *< ( ?hip LUUInVIbLfc. JU ton? hnnheni.baik 1|K?| New V urk, coppered aj.d well f"und Apply to _ * ' nl l l>'W' * * '? KOlTMAKStl I.Lt.??The hip samah k Jlk AHMIL/A.Cip'aui j. R. Batman, will meet wilk AHLnrnni^ deepMch 01 paa?a*e, ?pply to BOYD k RHCRIN, C M A viVfcVI'A I N*k p'hI^W ** oltm I>1 front ?tr?et "jjfi? FoR NEW ORl? \ N *?Packet of the VT.b 0? MfV1"'1"?The uperior. well >ti"Wn, (a?t ilme ai*d ?&? &<" onto ?hip .VIAY FLOWER, tapt Crabtree. la n>>* i? ill i, f '<) "f I'ma atrrat, and will ba daapaictiad aa nbnrr 1 lir Owki o( tha ahi|> or* bandaomaly fitrad up I rlli* accommodation of atcond rabm an* atar-rca paaa? gfra who will l>? mfceu at mixleft* run Kor ??ply <>u bond lh* (hip, or to M P.O. HKRN k C? . IH PiraUi irrat mrnir of Dorer; ami V> Writ tlraet, corarr of h ? tar .?sr,n j. ,, _ t iLori t.'n i if*?, /on j?m > -rr^N WICK. PRINCETON AND THE.NTON, ^kWHUn H put 2 r M , fool ol Kohinaau ?raet,u*?t abova Barclay Fata to N ?w Brunrwlck, IIS crnMi Pnnraion. ??H ranta; Traiium. $1 um _ ? 'fba .lanmboat ANT ELOPE, < apt ? Van Wiefcl*. laaraa I ha f..?l of H.bintnn airrndaily )?nad??? ricaptad) atKpaat 1 P M .lor Nrw Briiniwirli. landing at R? aailla, W.,Ajkr>dg*. P? rth *inl?T. Tothaa ? and Eranch"? Laadju; lira laHeaau l*aaa?i,gcii oka tba railroad ran diract far Priaeatoa ana Traw 1 Kftarainf, tha ANTfc'.LOPE laaraa New Bronawtek at T A M. Brt?uu?t<>n board. htagaa for Soaamlla, . pnt??ood ? il r-a. harry dlraat. __ nltl'*!" "~~n.ii ' MO'fltt-?'hlTRft l?LANU?llMUf. ?n and aftrr FRIDAY, Octobar lat, H?7. tba ''MafaMfe.iaimboat* hYl.PH and ST \TltN IM, A.N DLK w ill run a* followt, until lurthar none*:? i.nava mriri ULiKh At *. *. ?. 10, II o cloak, A M<?I, 2. 4, o'clock, P. M t.a*?r r ?w ?n?? ?tT. J. 10, || oVIock. A. M.?I. J. JH. 5. ?V o'clock, P M Neva V-rW.-.!! A 1X7 a30 ^ MUHNIMU "ITN6 A~ 7 OvCBFlT. t.VV*?-^?,OK ALBANY A,Ntl THOY, landing at aJMaMHBkCnldwalli, Waal point, Nawbi'm, (jajpwti 4illon, I OQlhlMCMie, Hyda Park. Klncaton, 1'ppar RadhBO*. Barry'owti, B'latol, Carakill. Hadaou. Co*a*ckia, KinJarhooa mn Bal'imora. Landing ?t Hammond atrcat. Lrtvaa ,Naw York, Tonidav 'T'.arad?? and Haiordtf, at T u'clock, A M. D eakiiat and Din"i ?" x'**''th* ? . Tl.a low praaanra !<'?aiiib.,at NI*t>Al? V'?fi .11" on, will It Hrcamboit Piar loot of Bvclay : aat, 1'Maa.Uva, Tlitifdara, ?vl f-fW- .-a, ' ??* n elnck. AVI. ratomint on t?i? tppnara da -a ? Kori uaosa or fraight, apiJi ' ^ U' til# nl? on lha whirl