Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1847 Page 3
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'* 1 1 1 I - Law Intelligent*-. Huphkmk Coi'irr?SptcuL Tkiim?Before Judge K<l* noodi?Occiiioim ? Oatmuii t? llart.~-Motion to change fruut) from New Vork to Monro* county, denied, because the plaintiff would thereby lose a trial. The judiciary act requiring the venue to he laid in aoounty where roue of the parties reside. iiu-ans parties in interest uot the party to the record the real,not merely the nominal party j |Grade vs. Thompson, rt?l.?Motion forretaxation deniml, but certain itemn ordered to be deducted from the bill. The rule that a yurty cannot hare oosts, for an answer where he might have demurred, applies only wU>-r? it is clear and undoubted,from the face of the bill, that it cannot be sustained, and not where it in posible for him to Lure either a discovery or rrliet' under his bill. Hrainard ami otheri vt Hanks and others ?Motion for leave to amen I a creditor's bill, after answer, without prejudice to the Injunction, granted on payment of costs of the motion, aud such costs as the defendants may be put to In putting in a new answer. Mi Dunnrll and Afaifcry vi Frott.?Where an attorney had hiied out a writ of error iu giving a bond sinned by himself, an insolvent brother-in-law, and a boy iubin office, and without disclosing tbe tact hail obtained from a.judge an order staying proceedings ou tbe judgment until the decision ou the writ of error be net aside, or ?ri-red. that tbe order to stay proceedings be Bet aside, with $30 costs, to be paid by the attorney. Swanty ads. Titus.?Motion to vacate a judgment because the plaintiff's attorney had gone on to judgment after the suit had been nettled. It appearing tbe suit had been settled, on condition that defendant should pay the cost*, and he having agice* to pav them, aud now seeking to avoid it by availing himself of the terms of a receipt given him, motion denied with costs. Hrawn us Jlmlrews?Defendant arrested ou a cornmissl?? of rebellion, objected, first, that papers were submitted in the suit. wi.ich was held to be right; and HH'-ond. that his co-defendant wus dead, which it was held did not affect the suit as to him; be then demurred to viuiii ol the ioterrogatoiies. because they related to other contempts than those foi which he nad been arro.-itud Demurrer sustained In the matter of Junes I) nnitt*n K<ecutor of Jiimrs C. Hiown. ? I'nuer a will, directing that the real estate hIiuII be told by the executor, with the oousent of a residuary legatee, the latter relusing, the executor asks li-Hve to sell without htm, for tho purpose of paying legacies. ex;n tiHi H. and nssesaimenls o*> the land ; prayer of petition granted, if ou re.fereace it shall appear that there are subsisting claims, and that tbe executor has no luuils to pay thein with fwiigWty vs. Kingsley.?Motion for feigned Issue granted. Houghton vi. Pollon?Kxoeptions to master's report on exceptions to answer. On a creditor's bill it Is no defence, that tbo defendant had a good defenoe in the action at law, which he omitted to make under the statute; the judgment is conclusive on this proceeding. An uiihu/nr in such nfLfie In ifisilfHillent that dififlnHMH t.h? state of the property at the ilato of the judgment, and the titiH of the answer omitting to state what it was when the bill wan filed. Master's report continued. Sprtngji lit Bank vs. IVhite 4- Sheffield.?Motion to dissolve injunction. I'laiutilT.i gave their note to one 1.. to ;et it. discounted, and to Head them the araiiN, inutead of which he passed it to the defendant*, and t>ok up on unaccepted draft of hi* for the name amount drawn on plaintiffs. lleld that defendant's were not hona jidr holders, and as such entitled to recover the note. Motion denied. Mechanic*'1 Hank vs. Parsons, el al ?A mortgage on a leasehold estate and the term expiring, on evidence (lilt the premises are a scanty security and the mortgagor insolvent. Ordered that a receiver be appointed and that the assignee of the mortgagor, who is in possession, pay to the receiver quarterly such sum for occupation rent as on a reference shall be found to be the value of the occupation, over and above the ground runt. Helden vs. Vermclyta.?Motion to stay prvcoedings, pending aa appeal on an order dissolving an injunction, tlfld tnat the appual itself, under the statute, stays the proceedings in the Buit in this Court; but it is never the practice of the Court to restore an injunction under the circumstances, and thus virtually reverse its own judgment. Motion denied. The judgment in the case of Metzer, claimed by the French government as a fugitive from justice, is postpOMd to Thursday next |H| Supiciuoh t'oi'iir.?Uefore Judge Oakley.? David lifcvrs it al vs. Kdntond S. Junes and others.?Tills was an action to recover ^JitOO, the balance of the price of 7000 kegs of nails. The plaintiffs are manufactures iu I'eunsyivani'i, acid defendants are commission merchants In this city. Iu 1SH, the defendants by their agent, John A. Moore, entered into a written contract with the plaintiffs for 0000 kegs of nails. In a faw days alterwards, Mr. Moore called on plaintiffs and entered into a verbal contraot with them for another 1000 kegi>,wndi,ave a note for the same payable in six mouths, which was paid at maturity The 6000 kegs were subse ?-> I-?j " ??" ? ?u U?BH ur notes of the defendants until February, 1845, wheu a bulaucr of $2900 was clue, for whioh the plaintiff'* agent took Moore's note payable in thirty days; the note wan not paid, and plaintiffs directed their agents to call on defendant* tor payment of the balance, whioh they refused. The defenco not up was tbat .Moore was not authorized to make the contraot for the last l,U(iO kegs, and that the money applied by him in payment for them, should be applied in payment of the balance now sued tor Verdict lor plaintiffs for amount claimed. Kor plaintiff, Messrs. K. Sandford and Ferguson; for defeudmts, Messrs Mumtord and Dodge, Jut Lynch and wife ??. Livingston --This was an action of ej eotment brought by plaintiffs, to recover pos HeHsiou of the store and lot N o. 'J00 Front street. The plaintiffs claim title in right of Mrs. Lynch, who was the niece and one of the heirs at law of Mrs. Jotnna Livingston, wife of Mr. Peter Livingston, deceased ? After plaintiff rested,the counsel for the defence offered to give iu evidence the transcrjpt of a deed recorded in the city of New Voi k, and purporting to bear date in 1826. executed by Mr. a^-d Mr* Livingston, by which she conveyed all her property a trustee tor Mr. Livingston. Itapp tared the deed was executed in Dutohess co. and a certificate of the acknowledgment given by the deputy clerk of that county. The evidence was objected to as inadmissible, by the counsel for the plaintiff on Llie juuuwiug KKIUIUS.?uiRb, u'tHunn iuo urriiuuate ui th? deputy clerk is not a compliance with the statute, which requires it to be made by th?* county clerk in person. Second, trial being in the nature of a judicial act, it cannot be performed by a deputy. Third, that even If it could, the deputy clerk cannot certify as to the knowledge of tliu clerk, an he has done in this instance. Fourth, in such case, if a deputy has authority, he tdiould have certified as deputy clerk, and as to his own knowledge. After considerable discussion between counsel on both sides, the discussion of the question is postponed to to-morrow, (this morning) For plaintiffs, Messrs. Lyndeaud Hastings; for defendant, Slosson and Schell. Common Pleas, Oct. 2.>.?Before Judge Ingraham? Nicholas H. liny iter vt Theodore M. Dougherty.?This w?i au action for false imprisonment . It appeared that a difficulty had existed between the plainti* and defendant; that they met iu Madison street in October, 194(3. and angry words parsnd; the defendant, who was then Assistant Aldermau of the ward, gave the plaintiff in charge of a policeman; he was taken to the Station House and detained there all night. For the defence it was allege.i taut piaiutin committed trio nrat assault, by spitting iu lh,? defendant's lace. Verdict for defen dunt Before Ju Ige l)?ly.?James Ferguson vs. Elijah Moody.?Thin Mat an action for the use and occupation of a houM and furniture in Mad'son street. The plaintiff did not prove his cane and wax non suited. For plaintiff Mr. L). Nagle?for defendant, Mr. J. 11 Whiting. Before .Judge iiurlbut.?In lie?Jiugustus Satterly, who stauds charged with having committed a rape on a child of six or seven years of age, was brought before the Judge tiiis morning, and his discharge asked for on the grouud of an Informality in the commitment. After hearing Mr H.N. Morris, on bis counsel, he wiB ordered to be remanded. U. State* Marshal'! Orrice.?Charge of Revolt? ?ieorge Handfordj and four others, part of the crew of the ship Kdwina, were arrested yesterday evening by Dep. Marshal Morrison, under a warrant granted by Alexander (*ar<iiuer, Ksq , U. 8. Commissioner, on a charge of attempting to mak* a revolt on board. Peter Kussie. another of the crew, was also arrested by the same officer iimler another warrant granted by Mr. liardiner, an a distinct charge. They were all committed for examination. Court or Qbherai. Sksiiomv Oct. 25.?Before Recorder Sc?tt, Rnd Aldermen Keeks and Tappan T'iulof Caroline Lohmm, alias Mailnne ll'stell, Joy Maintnvghier ? Counsel for the people, Ogden Hoffman, Jolii McKeon and Jonas B Phillips, Ksqrs ; for the defence, David tirahiim and James T. Brady, Ksqrs At th? opening; of court, this morning, Jonas B. Phillips, K-i[. VssiHant District Attorney, proceeded to open the Mm) on the part or the people. In the oourse of his remark*. he gave an interesting and detailed statement of > ?- u?-v BUquuinj tance of the parties concerned to the present period. Mahi) Bonnr mm then callod by the prosecution; whereupon Mr Ilrady rose and contended In an argument ot considerable length, that the witness in question wis ?n incompetent one, on the ground that she was tbe principal offender; that, in fact, if any offence had been perpetrated, that olTxnoe had been perpetrated by the person whom it van nought to place on the stand an a witness against another whom idle charge* with having been implicated with her in the commission of a crime The objection of the defence was overruled by the court, and excepted to Mama Bodim: wits then sworn and examined. 8he deponed an follows : I was born in the town of Montgolnery, Orange county; I am now ift yearn old; in tbe month of June. IHlii I went to reside with Mr ook at Wdl'len, Orange county, in the capacity ol housekeeper; Mr < ook was a widower althe time; in about onemonth after I went to live with Mr. Cook I commenced to have Illicit intercourse with him, which wan continued until May of IS Pi wiien I discovered tb it 1 was iu the family ? .y I Wintend alter here describing the various symptom* that ieii ber to a ornviction of her situation, proceeded as lollown) ; ?Upon making this discovery I commuil^ted the tact to Mr Cook, and In consequence of what I communicated to Mr. Cook. It Was concluded tli iC I should nomo to the city of New York; I accordingly came be re in the middle or latter end of June, Ihlo; I left Kamapoh In the cars for Pleremont, where I took u passage in the boat, arriving here in the evening, and went to the house of ( apt. Tremble, and remained there that night; I went to my sister's next morning, my sister resides at No. J16 Bleecker it ; her mime Is K.sther Dexter, 1 remained at her house for several Jays, when I called at Madame llestell's in ( reenwlch stre.-t, I ascertained from the papers where Madame liestell lived; Madame Itestell admitted me iur to tli" h"iH ; she anaed nn?\vliat. I had called upon her for; I told li ir that I wiuied her to attend to my case; idle .11 k'*d op what a,led me; I told her that I was very uutv' l! and described how I felt; she ^ald from the way in which I complained that I was iu the family way, but thai s!u' > ould not tell me for a certainty without niakn,g au xaniin.uioii, ami that she should charge $;> for uiakit'g m ? .lamination; I hesitated for a moment, )>erau I had t ut little mom y with mo at the time; Madame li' .'ti II said that he had uome pills that were $A a box and some at f>! a box. and if I were not in the family way they would bring me right, and if I were, they woul I do me no harm, and might do inesome good, she then asked me what my beau's pecuniary circumstances were; 1 w Id her tbat he was an a^ent in a factory.? [Here witness on beiug urged to speak In a more audible ton'', "aid that sho had spoken too loud already. be cimij fni'it, aivl wa? conducted out of thf room After ?l?t?s of about hfcif anh lir she rtM'ttUrsd and BfO< I WtMtiff MWUowiJ " M?4, Atit?U th?n Mtld th?t I it yru rather expensive business to bar* abortion* j produoed, ami that her price waa $1M; that sbe I had rather not do it at all; that I had better go until I ! had advanced Biz months, and then return and board with her until my time waa out, and that her price for 1 my board would be $li per week; I told her my beau ; would object to my coming to board with her a* (he proposed; there waa nothing more aaid or done on that ocI oanion; her husband fame in and asked her to go out to walk with him, I then left the houae, and entered a dry good* store, to purohaae noma article*; while thereap officer came in and arrested me, and aocompanled me to the residence of my sister in Bleeoker street; after remaining there about a week or ten days, I returned to Mr. Cook'*, at Kamapoh, and in tbe course of another week again started for New York; onth * occasion 1 waa j accompanied by a man in Mr Cook's employ, named | John McCann. a bos* wearer; we came to I'iermont in th? cars,aud then took passage in the boat for the olty, ' arriving here in the evening, as I did on the former occasion, McCann accompanied me toward* Madam He* tell'*, until I got within a tew door* of the house, and I went alone to Madam Keatell's; she asked me what money I bad got; I told her $30; she said she could do nothing for me for that sum; I told her I did not know what I should do, a* that was all i had; Madam Ilestell told me to go and see McCann, as she had told him that I her fee was $76; I went out to the door and told MoCann, , who waa near, what Madam Ilestell had said to mo; af1 ter seeing MoCann I went back to Madam Uesteli, and again saw her; and in consequence of what 1 aaid to her, she took me up two pairs of stairs, iato a back room, where I remained a few minutes; Madam Ilestell tusned the key on tbe outside of the door when she left me. Question by a Juror ? At this time, bad yeu aaked Mvlam Ilestell to do anything for you ? Witnkis ?I had not I remained at Madam Reatell's nearly a week, during which time she brought nit my metis. Nothing oacurred on the day 1 went there ortbe day after On Sunday morning MoCann came to Madam Ilestell's, and gave me some money I then handed .Madam Ilestell $7o. MoCann left. Madam ilestell then took the pillows from the bed, placed themom the tloor, I inil till,I l..~ In 1i- -kl.l. T .11.1 ?i.? I oecdftl to make an examination of ay person, as she xald. for th? purpose of ascertaining how iniyjy plllf to give m? She inserted herbaud into my person and hur? mo Tory much I made loud groans in consequence of th? pninshe occasioned me She remarked) that it took her ho long to muke the examination because I wan ao different l'rom almost everybody else tbatshe had seen. (<01!kt Callddar ? This Day, Oct. 'J6 ? Common Pleat ? Tart I.?Before Judge Daly?Nos. 1, 13,87,79,83,87, 91,93, 95, 97, 9?, 101,103, 105,33 ['art II ? Before Judge Ingraham-Nos 131, 134. 133, 140, 14.2, 144, 140, 148, 150, 152, 154, 160, 162,104, 160. SurcnioR Court (two branches).?Nos. 50, 136, 75, 10, 84. 85, 86, 142, 103, 44, 47, 48, 133, 37, 38, 147,148, 153, 159, 160, 30,139, 155. 106, 51, 130, 134, 34, 17, 63. The Yellow Fever In New Orleaim. INTERMENTS IN THE DIFFERENT CEMETERIES, For the twenty-four houri ending at 6 P. M., OcM6. S^Yujnc*. Nativity. Namet Nativity Jamra Martin, Ireland John Wnifrnnd, Germany Thoin.ii Hi|>v)ii, Unknown James Keafe. Ireland I'etrr Dan*, Virginia Margaretha Union*, Uerin'y KUey lite Traitor. Mr. Editor: ?It appears that the case of T. lllley, tho traitor, who so richly deserved hanging with his companions in Mexico, but who escaped that punishment in consequence of having deserted a few days before the commencement of hostilities, has been very much misstated in the publio journals. He was never a drill sergeant at West Point, or a recruiting sergeant in New York. No man who ever breathed the air of West Point could become a traitor to his country. This wretch was a private of the 3d regiment of Infantry, who deserted from the American army while lying opposite the city of Matamoras, early in the month of April, 1810. Ililey, the reoruiting sergeant, who was stationed in New York a tew years ago, is a very diffeient man. lie is now an old man, and resides on his farm near Utica. He is a man of unimpeachable character, end has been a thorough soldier during a long period in our service, inoluilinff th? wholn nf fha l**st -uu i'?i a u would be unjust to confound this man with the traitor, ah Homo of the journal hare accidentally done. AN OFFICER OK TUB ARMY. The new baptist church on St. Krannis street, Mobile, was entirely destroyed by tire on the evening of the 16th inst. It was one of the moat elegant structures in the city, and wan built at a great expense both of labor and money. It is thought that it was set on fire by design. Armory of the Independent Tompkins Blunt, New i'ork, October 2Jth, 1M17.? \t aapecial meeting ol the above corps, held ou Monday evening: the Jitli in?t., for the object of exprestinK their feeliuiM on the death of their late (upturn, Charlea Baxter, while aerying hit country as Lieut. Col. of the lat Regiment of N. V. H. Volnsteera in Mexico. the following reaolutions were adopted: iteaalved, That it ia with aincere aud deep regret we learn of the death of our beloved commandant, brother aoldier, and much leapected fellow citizen, the late Lieut. Col. Charles Baxter, who fell while uohlv deftsudiug and fcarleaalv battling for hia country'? righ's and honor, at the ever memorable vie miics oei'iro nig cuv 01 .Mexico. Resolved, That while a* citizens and men we feel the irreparable loss of the inauy gallant mid noble heroes who have been sacrificed for their countrv't good, that as a body having been lone "ml closely connected with, and dearly identified in feelings of respect attachment and friendship?having eiperteneed the pleasure ot his many - miable and good iinalit'es a? a ?iuc re Irieud.his integrity at a citizen, nnd hit expcrience ns n kind andaole commandant of our corps, that we more keenly feel this sad bereavement. Resolved, That as one of New York's noblest sons who ardently responded to 'heir country's call for defenders ol' her honor ; who, regardless of self, devoted Ins who e energies to Intve nobly rtpresiented in the armies of our country hit own beloved Slate, casting aside the honors of the civic wreath hii fellow-citizens had bestowed upon him. exchanging the code irmevts of home, and the society of those who knew aud love I him well, for the csrnp and its hardships, battle and its dangers?for the gallant service lie h?a dour at Vera Cruz, Ooutreras, t'hurubusco, and Chapultepec, is entitled to our las mg gratitnde. Resolved, That we deeply sympathize and sincerely condole with the widowed and honored mother, who has thin > ff.-reH upon the altars of her cmintiy's honor the child of her affections, the beloved son of her old age. that Christian resignation and ihe proud consciousness that be felt in the discharge of a nob's duty, may lighten this our calamity. Resolved, That as soon as circnmstancei shall permit, that liis revered remains l>? removed from the scene of his glorious death, and deposited naar the home of his childhood. That to perpetuate a name so hoooreii, and which now belongs to his country's history, aud to keep ever before our e;r* aud in our hearts, a Ml we loved so well; that in honorof him who in life commanded ns, in his death we hive his name,and will henceforth be known "s Baxter's blues. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to confer with his re'atives and friends, aud act in conjunction with the officers of the 2d Regiment of N. Y 8. V , and measures be takes to have hi* remains brought tothiacity. Resolved, That the members of this vorps wear the usual badge of mourning for the petiod of thirty days. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be ligned by the chairman, and a copy forwarded to the relatives of the dereased. Resolved, That the above resolntions be published in the dailv papers. 8. O. AYR KM. Lieut. Coin 'g. P H. Orcenc, Secretary. General Tout Thumb hnt concluded to remain a lew days longer, and open hii battery of " Cupid's artillery" again at the Museum. He has taken state rooms on tin steamer Northerner, lor Charleston, to sail next Saturday, when he positivelv takes his final leave of New York, ueyer to return asaiu Until that time he will continue his levees every morning, afternoon and evening, for tbe gratification of Ins friends who have not yet been able to gain admittance to hit exhibitions. The Naturalists of Boston announce the cunonsfact that two rays of light m*y be so thrown as to produce datkness. Knox, the naturalist in heaver skins, of 128 Foltoa st , announces the mure important fact, that h>s New Kali Kashiun of Gentlrmeu's Hats are so cientilically constructed hi to be both ds'k md light. Au inspection of them by the >-iiriout, will satisfy the most incredulous t*>at nothing iu the Hat line can be fou id to go a head of KNOX, I2S Fu ton street. TIlA Ptlimlia ft. ?.II y ? I mi the upper corner of Broadway anil Murray street, (over Trnney'i jewelry rore), contains tlx" llM IHCtMMand tlie I largest collection of p cturea in th? world. Strangers and | others ah"uUl not fail to viait tins null f celenrated establish- . in?ut. it being conducted upon the moat libeinl plan of any etlabl shineut in tSe world. Diamond Pointed CioM Pen*?That .1. VV. j UKEATON V Cll'H, Nn. 71 Cedar street, ia the beet place to net a good (inld i'en, all admit, as tliey have the largest osortment to be found in the ciry, and prices much lower than anv other house. They do not advertise to sell I'ens and Cases at $2 (as b?ii:g " without dispute the ben and cheapest .if the day,") and ask $3 for ethers, as is done by some. Tney nrr contented to sell these ' celebrated triumphant I'ens and ' ases," (made by A (J. Bagley it Co.) for tl 50 only, that theiropporenU are trvii g in sell, as the best in the city, tor $2, Wt'KATON St CO. have Pens and Cases from 7} 'cents upwards, and I hey sell the genuine Albert C. Bngley Pen aud i me for $I75oiiIv. Superior Gold Pena._If you wlah to get^a Pen at once easy and durable, with a beauty of finish which few poetess, to to the New YorkUold Pen Company, No. 33 John street, corner ofNassiu, up stai'a, where the greatest a sort mentor Uold Pens in the city is to be found The Pens sold at this establishment are all selected by one of the best judg-s, and purchasers either :ir wholesale or retail are sure of yetting 'he best articles. Uold anil Silver Pens and Pencil Casrs ef superior style, at low pticrs. Gold Pens rejuired, Richelieu Diamond Pointed <>old Pena._ The points of these pens are warranted, so that persons w ishiiw ? first rate pen ruu no risk in trying these. They are the cheapest and best pear, in tne world They are sold escliiMveIv by B Watson &. Co., 41 Willi im street, one door below Wall street, and J. V. Savage, !>2 Fulton street; also the pens of ell be.t established makers, wholesale and retail at the lownt price, to be found in the eity. Hinule pens, with pencils, 7J cent*. It. $1 JO. sold elsewhere at $1, $1 50, $2. Gold pens carefully repaired. We have read the name of Kdmund 9 Derry proposed as Senator lor ourdistrn t. He, individually, earned through the Catholic School Bill, and we shall sincerely regr't tVai an independent person should not receive his due return from his friends?hia enemies are unknown The people wish a represes'ative of talent to re present them?and why should it not be lie? 0 AN ADOPTED CITIZEN. Metallic Tablet Itar.or Strop, The attention of de tiers is invited to this article, being mule of the best materials, of city manufacture .and under the subscribers' immediate supervision. They have, in all cases, rendered to purchasers the most perfect satisfaction Kor sale at , II IlillVnL'DU 1. o?<*f ' 177 Broadway, oppoiite'Vloward i Holel. Fine Cutlery.?The aiihirrlheri hare paid particular attention to tlun branch of their business. and have on hand at present tlie inoat beautiful and well selected aslorinient of pen, pocket, desk and sportiug Knives in the city, with a large variety of polished steel goods. Kar.ort ground and set at (3. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway, a few doors above Courtlaudt street. Tlie Cheapest and Beat place In the City to tret vi'ur boots, shoes, or (altera, is at Jones's. 4 Ann street, near ijic Museum. Vou can get there as good boots for ti .V> as can lie purchased e|s??liere for %1. <ini'e a swing He also sells a ftrttrate boot at |:i M, which is nsnnlly sflld for t). Double noled water-proof bouU at $1 W), t!) 00, and (t 00. Jones lias liic true system of doing business? light espenses and small prints. All goods purchased at 4 Ann street are warranted to give entire satisfaction. Kremh HontJi.?Bont* which are Hoots, retailing for $1 30, eqanl to those sold in other atorei for $? $7; Hoc rnlf hoots $1 Mi.nsnally $3. can he found at Vonng's Pari.i Uoot Kinporinm, opposite our oflice. Call and see him. Key to Odd Kellow?lilp_IInve you read the new hipogition to Odd Fellowship recently publirhed in this city I If not, we would advis# you to get a copy forthwith?as it is certainly the great book of the age. Over one hundred thouifind cojuei hare altfady b?*ii "old anil the <l?m*nd is in* orrMing -thrrefort. nil book *sr#cti wqhU (to wtllto Fuwuii lli?jir:rU?r? J'rK# ,|?H' SK "Ml 4taoo?ot 10 thi U?4? . It it ft>r hI* If ?li rtHoaiwl in ihl ""No Chug* until the Hair Is Restored. Seal's Hair Kts'ariUit ia applied on lha ab >*e term %. Office Ui> Nassau it. N.B.?Kor tinue who apply it is for sale. KE tl>?I, Aaron Clark, Mayor of the city of New Yn?h. do hereby certify, that 1 have ?e*u a general certificate and niiptrsouaily aci|uainlad with mtny of the parties wbo have siKued it. aud kaow them to be ineu ol the highest standing in the community AARON CLAKK. New York, March, 1839. A Ladies' Depository, 1J9 Broadway; Boiton Depots?iH Washington at. Or. Rollick's great Medical Work, Just issued, should be read by every weman iu the country, tee advertisement of the book ou laat page. MONEY NAHKBT. Monday, Oct. P. M The stock market opened s little more buoyant this morning, and prices, in several instances, improved a fraotion. At the first board, Reading Bonds went up V per cent.; banner's Loan, Jtf ; Canton, X ; Harlem, X ; Long Inland, ; Reading R. R., }, ; Treasury Notes, Kentucky li's, Illinois 6's, Indiana 6'?, Pennsylvania 5's, and Norwich and Woroester, olosed at prloes current on Saturday. Tbe transactions were, to some extent principally for cash. Tbe Kagie Fire Insurance Company have declared a dividend of five per cent., payable on tbe 1st of No rem bar. The receivers of the Citizens' Bank of Nantuoket, announced a dividend of twenty-five per cent, of the capital stock, payable to the stockholder*. At a meeting of the stockholder* of the Harlem R. R. Co., held at the Astor House, a committee was appointed, consisting of J. H. Dykers, Jaoob Little, D. 8. Miller, Ham. Schuyler, and Jean. Sturges, to devise a feasible plan for extricating the company from it* present^embarrassments, and to report the same to tha stockholder* on Thursday evenlag nest. The shipment of agricultural products during the past week has been larger than usqjU, particularly to Ureat Britain. The aggregate shipments for the week were 13,178 bbls. flour, 300 bbls. rye flour,20,982 bushels oorn, 5,400 bbls. corn meal. Of which there were gent to (Jreat Britain 6,891 bbls. flour, 25,082 bushels corn, aud 2,019 bbls meal. This looks like making shipments to some extent before the close of the season. It shown such a great increase on previous weeks, that we are induoed to believe that the state of prioes in the English markets, when the Cambria left Liverpool, was suoh as to warrant these shipments. In the event of higher'prices ruling on the other side than those last reported, we shall see considerable activity In shipments, unless in the meantime prices in our domestic markets advance beyond those ruling in Liverpool, placing it out of the question to make shipments profitable. Prices here are at present too high to lend anything forward for Immediate 'sales, an J] pay a profit. There is no prospect of any deoline in this market, and the only hi pe is an advance on the other side. The report of the canal board on the reference from the Assembly of memorials for the enlargement of the Erie canal and bavins, connected therewith at Buffalo, has just been made favorable to the prayer of the petitioners. The members of the board having examined the several propositions made 4by the oommon council and oitizens of Buffalo, for the enlargement of the harbor and of the Erie canal, with a view of increasing the facilities for the transhipment of property between the lake and canal navigation, were unanimously of the opinion that it was necessary and proper for thu State to make appropriations for the following objeots, and to the extent indicated:? " 1. Te complete the Main and Hamburgh stfeet canal, of the width and depth, and with the hrtiiirnn ?nn. templated in the original' plan of the Statu engineer ; and to construct a bridge no as to continue the tow-path from the Krie canal along the Hamburgh and (Hark and Skinner canals. "J. Toexoavate a slip on the land set apart by the Common Council for the purpose, from the Main and Hamburgh street canal, to oonneot with Buffalo harbor at Dead creek ; and at or near the point 01 Intersection with Buffalo Creek, to exeavate a basin on land to t>e provided by the C mmon Council, oovering an area of ten acres, and of sufficient depth to accommodate lake vessels ; or, if satisfactory arrangenfenta can be made for it, to excavate the basin at the termination of the Clark and Skinner canal, instead of Dead oreek. "3. Tooonnect tie Krie canal by a ship oanal, with Buffalo creek, near Its mouth, and.on the site of the ship canal laid down on the map furnished by the Common Council. The ship canal or basin, to be half a mile In length, 400 feet is width, and of sufficient depth to accommodate lake vees Is. The connection to be by slips from the Erie canal to the basin. The land for the ship canal, it is expected, will be furnished by the Common Council. The aggregate cost of making the Improvements referred to, acoordlng to the estimates of the resident engineer, la $3IO,84ti 79; but an appropriation of only } 1 .>0,000 la recommended for the surplus of the present fiscal year, as that sum will be sufficient to prosecute the work, until the residue of the sum required can be realized from the surplus revenues of 1M4n. The rapid increase of trade at the western termination of the Krle canal nlnarl* (k?t >11 11%. f...n J " ? - ? ties now proposed by the Canal Board, will be necessary to accommodate that trade. The amount of tolls collected at Buffalo for the last eleven seasons of navigation is as follows:? Canal Tolls aEccivcu at Buffalo. 1837 $128 570 1841 5*5.319 18JH Wi Ml 1844 501,68 3 1839 214,183 1845 482 635 181(1 321,417 1848 783,683 1811 348.688 1847 1,111,161 184* 374,773 In making up the tolls for the navigation season of 1847, the amounts fer Ootober and November are estimated at the amount reoelved for those; months In 1840. The tonnage at the western termination of the Krie canal, has increased from 73,194 tons, in 1837, to 478,918 tons in 1848; which will be greatly Increased for the navigation season of 1847. We annex the several monthly statementsof the banks of South Carolina, for the purpose of comparing the aggregate movement in each department, one period with the other Ba*k? or South Carolina. Dtbt$ "&? *f!!j3L /u'"31. Stpt. 30. Capital Stock tym iw J Bill* 111 circulation ... 1,926.621 2 1)29'.17 ? 711 iin n Toi1 &7JB"arrta; ** ?" *??? ?'?"? 1.1 ihi. State. . .. 1,600,393 J,834,240 1 696VQ Balance due to bank* |?*>s&,369 1,605,410 Air^^Whidi ,9,'?63 37i-Mi ?>.w MKSUfW "Ml "'03i IM'"? * ?? stiT&T-trV "7,JW ,2-"7 "7-9,s ?'.? St^Ce'S5rJU',dfo,- "' 26' **** ?MII 49.,02, loan for rehuildinit the city. 1.810.263 I.8I0.2J3 1,810 ?JJ 1 ||n hi Caih deposited ),Bwi,3I2 2,074,ill !:;?:?? Tj2il?Mre!f'" >14'3I7'H"2 '* "?.?? 'W^i77^~3 Specie on hand J39.D6S 902,367 961 2J8 m,,,, *? %% *MM 3i9'Ml 3^.937 BM^crdnVfroraVka' '3,180 f,,2M 8 505 BttS^Vromb'kV #9!,M J1'?" ?.tTl| N otei''dUcmimed on "'<* 1M'837 ?' ? 126.8451 I Lo^^.Mred^ bV 6',5C'Mg S-179-031 ? ?'?? ?.>24.949 pledge of iu own Loans cured by *" *' 213.9T7 206,917 199 714 n.,:)^'-?f.?t.V.,.tOCl1 418,647 410,118 ;; : ? am,JUT 563.538 roreicn do ... 152,Ml 505,633 138,753 87 205 lionds... .....1,122,612 1,129,170 1,070,371 1,126,689 Money invested in Stock . 1,383,969 1,370,106 1,366,950 1.320,301 SiKpeuded debt anu debt in suit 612,809 826,617 741,183 730,771 Slate Treasury 8.713 96,189 2.2*10 ? Branches ami agencies. 1,315,691 1,538,061 1,181,189 1,135,683 Bonds tinder law for rcbiillduiK 1'harleston 909,153 8),8,655 lll,9K 826,051 Interest and expenses of State loan......... 92,011 96,677 119,155 115,665 Money invested ill every other way than is specified in the forCKniiiK particulars 153,289 136,713 1J3,B)5 132,860 Total resources ... f 11,317,882 15,0*15,612 15,516,336 11,812,303 While there has been a falliug off In the aggregate movement of these banks, the amount of note* discounted exhibits an Increase, compared with the return* for July . Among the liabilities of the banks, there has been a material decline In the circulation, and a reduction In the depositee , there has also keen an Important decrease in the amount of speole on hand The banks of South Carolina included in the above statement, have for some time past been very uniform In their operations generally ; the fluctuations which have from time to time been experienced In the different department*, have not b?en sufficiently extensive to produce any material effect upon commercial affair* In that section, or to seriously restriot the movements of thoan dependent upon them for fac.ilitivit II will be pprcfirrd that th? line of diKCOuntH has not varied muoh over half a million of dollars, from thn prennrit amount., einoo July, I4IH. while the circulation and *p*rie havn innreaeed In about tba win* proportion, keeping the currency up to an uniform standard m rvgarda value. The bank* of Southern State* generally, thoH?vw? mean, in active op* ration,are In a much better oondition than thoec of the North. They are not, it ta true, aubject^to the name influence*, in bringing about an espanaion or contraction, and are, therefore, able to avoid tho?e great and audden fluctuation*, which are no ruinoua to thoie depending in any way upon bank credit# The above return* ibow tUa aggregate movement of til th? b*oki ksd brtwihu of Xouth Ctrolint for Tb? uinii ntnrni iihlblt til* B0T*n?nt la j the principal department of each back and branch at four p?riodi? Ba.mrj or South Carolina. !, Loan?. ; <817. 1847. 1847. ' Bf?ch S'cSSr i1"'"S1, * "'*> ir'j'iii ' ,l? C'llumbld. 903,460 92>,49l 921.414 I ail 8.8 ,1 8oathwe.t.m*K,i|e""' }}iMi 376 036 3WS 37 d K lrn J M '" 61i'W8 427 799 "1,884 1JI.18.I UmouTjI U 810 976'313 84?'91J <"*#49 8l?t? B.nll 68J.007 l?l,li2 610.86.', 630.486 , U tilk of SI ?i??8 583 nM ? ?.l. 797 118 7X0,702 W 7i0 8'i2 $6,116,128 1.176.Oil 1,816,325 ?. 121 919 * Br^ch|at,<Cu'| u'm tju,"$5 ,7J; ' SoiUhwMt.n, KHe"V 43,*6JO mo,7?# 1M J8? 88*92 KrU^kVrr,U- - 'a7?'379 ??.?? WMI 2?7.m f Hutt Ck ?'238 m m 93?< 98 "?? J Bulk of H I" I7'381 197 903 61 ? 860 1 Bank. IN. t, 11.2911 41,326 7J.I19 17,109 $139,861 902,367 961,210 810,471 wm< do Camdrn.,,, Southwestern 1(11 ... 270,705 436,160 401, 860 350.500 I'Uuters 6l Mucin 272,505 443,115 371.400 342 960 Uuion Bunk U2.9I0 IMi. J'.'U 118,615 ' State Bank 158,242 20.1,582 309 847 213,562 Bank of S. C 136,170 157,313 180,182 143,637 $1,926,621 2,929,517 2,731,311 2,430 057 | DrftUt. I Bank ?Tthe State 602,781 186,424 544.231 439 027 Branch at Columbia.. 73/84 7G,II8? 79,669 101.127 ilo Camden... 31,403 37,357 37.187 32,906 Southwestern KR... 410,474 361,053 235.888 208:119 Planter*' tt Mech?... 216.60} 227,40 1 236,168 179.4'!! Union Bank 161,919 189,469 154.514 113 945 State Bank 166,326 329,014 218,2 i4 206.170 Bank ol'8. C 207.091 2I>6,878 288,645 235.699 S1.883.3I2 2,074,514 1,794 516 1,549 662 With the exception of loana and diHcounta, the moveinent in eaoh of the** departments in September, wan less than in July and March prefious. The increase and deoreaiie has been pretty well distributed. Stock Kxchango. $15000 Tie?? Notes S's 101 St 50 shs < anion Co slO 29V I 3000 U 8 6'* 67 103V 50 do i9V 1000 Kentucky 6'i 99\ 50 Mohawk *3 fc?V 10000 Fenn 5'? 74 15o llarkm RR >3 15 I 2100 < ihio 6's. '50 91 V 50 rio slO 45V 5000 Illinoisfundable HV <50 do 45V 5000 Readme Bonds (3 6'JJH 100 do 4)V 28000 do k3 70 100 do 45jj 20 shs Ohio Trust % 50 do s3 46 75 Illinois Bauk 12 50 do h30 46V 15 Mecli Ki B ink 104 50 do blO 46 5 Bk of Com ce, fall 90}{ 200 do stw 46 50 Reading RR s3 55 450 do a 10 46 300 do 56.V 300 do 46 1)0 do b3 55jj 50 Long Island sw 28V 450 t do ^ 56 50 do 28*4 50 d<? bill 27 75 Nor it Wot b] 41 to <lo 2K\ joo do ) 40X 50 Morns Canal 10>. 20(1 tlo 40V 27 New Jersey lciJi 250 do s3 41 SeeJiid Boaril. $6000 Ohio 6 V60 99 50 Harlem RR b:)0 45 S?' 500 City 5'a 60 90? 50 ilo 44 175 shi Heaaing KK YiJi <50 do 45 5 Erie Scrip 78 50 do u% 50 Harlem RR 45J, 50 do 44\ 50 do 45?. 50 Farmers' Loan 26iK ,50 ?? 20(1 Long Island 28',, I0J do 45 V New Stock Bxchanit. 50 slu Harlem RR s3 \\]'t 150 slu Harlem R I si 46 do C 45 50 do s5 46 50 do c 45? 50 do Hi 46 j0 do b30 45V 50 Cautou Co s'JO 29 100 do b4 457| 25 do 29V MO do 4572 35 Nor Kc Wor b3 40\ 50 do c 46 50 Reading RR 55ji 200 do b3 46's' 55 do 56 50 do b3 46 300 do b3 5?Vi 300 do _ 46 CO" For City Trade Report and other Commercial matter, nee hint page. Died, On Sunday evening,'J4th inat., Khanlh OuSbvry, an old resident of thin city, aged 73 year*. The relatives and friends of the family, and of hla son, Kranois W. Ogsbury, and his son-in-law, FrosperM. Wetmore, are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral, from 113 Wooster street, without further invitation, on Tuesday, at 3 o'clock. On Sunday night, 34th inst , Kukdkkick Leech, aged 29 years. His friends and those of his brother-in-law, Charles Carviile, are respectfully invited to attend his luneral, Wednesday, 37th Inst., from No. 13 St. Mark's plaoe, at 4 o'clock, P M , without further invitation. (9n Monday, 36th inst., William Havden, In the 47th year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from bis late residence. No. 79 Chambers street, without further invitation, on Wednesday, 37th inst, at 3 o'olock, P. M. On the 35th inst., William Vistue, son of Widow Mary Virtue, aged 33 years and 3 months His friends and acquaintance, the members of Empire Tent, 1. O. of II, and the Sons of Temperanoe generally, are respectfully Invited to attend his luneral,from his lute residence, No. 376 Mixth street, at 4 o'clock on WedlirHday, 37th inst. In Brooklyn, of consumption, on the 33d inst , at the residence of his uncle, Jas. Murtha, Jow* H. McOamah, late .Major of (Ulnrs' regiment, in Mexico. (try- New Orleans papers pleatiu copy. On SatunUf 'J.'M in?f hlu p?ii^un.?o I I rapt. 1'aiAH tii' i-M. Weekly Report or Ueathi, |n thelCity nnd County of New York. from the 16th day of October to (he 23it day of October, 1847. Mbb78; Women 67; Boys62; Uirls 22. T?ul 339. DIIKA1K1. Apopleiy, 4; Asthma, 3: Bleeding, I; Bleeding from the lungs, 1; Burned or scalded, 3; Bronchitis, I; Cancer, 1;; Cholera Infantum, 3; Consumption, <1, Convulsions, II; Croup, 4; Congestion of lunps, I ;Concussion, I; Constipstion, 1; Caner unions, 1; Debility, 3; DeliriuiQ Tremens, 1; DiarrhtB*, >; Drowned, 3: L)ro|ny 7; Dropsy in the head, 9; Dropsy in the cheat, 2: Dysentery, 14; Epilepsy, l;'Erysipelaa, I; klruptioa, 1; Eipoaure, 1: rever, 4; do puerperal, 2; do remittent, 6; scarlet, 2; do typhoid, 8; do typhua. 9; Heart, disease of, 2; Hooping cough, 1; Inflammation, 1: do of brain, 5: lull immation ol bowela, 7; Inflammation of atomach.2; Inflammation of lungs, 16 ; Inflammation of throat, 2; lullnui nation oflivr, 4; Lockjaw, 1; Luea Venerea, 2; Marasmus,IU; Old age, I; Palsy, 3; Premature birth, 2; Pleurisy, 1; Mien nutism.l; Hupuire, I; Srofu'a, 2; Sprue, 1; Suicide, 2; Teething, 3; Ulcers, 1; Unknown, 1 Age?Under one year, >6; I to 1 years, 24; 2 to J, II; J to 10, 12; 10 to 20, IS; 20 to 30,34; 30 to 40,41; 40 to JO, 29: JO to 60, 9; GO to 70, 12; 70 to 10,6; 80 to 93,4; unknown 3. A W.WHITE,City Inapector. City Inspector's Office, Oct.*J. 1847. TAKE NOTICE.?The Uood WiiT Futures ud Lmn for five years, of the well known Dining aud Oyster 'u-.ll I... ?1.1 I .1? engaged in other biuineu. kncjuire of Geo. II Dakiu, on the prtmiMi. uV> Jt?rrc A mass mketino or wohkinomkn And Wiirkmgwonieu will lie held in Vamhall Garden, on Weiliie?day Evening. Oct. 27, At o'clock. The Saloon will l>e Tilled with aeata for the accommodation of 2000 |>er*on?.? The Syrian Ulee Club will enliven the eveumg with lona of their ehoieett Snug*. Win. L. McKeime aud other*, will ?P?ak on the aohject of a Kree Soil and Homea lor All. The public, especially the ladic*, are invited o2(i2ti**m IACBSON HQMK8TCAD K8TATIE. BKOOKLYN. *' JAMKS COLE will coutinne the *?le of part ol Mra. Chriatiana A. Peter*' portion of the Jackion Homeitead Katate, Mm diy, Oct. 2fith, at 12 o'clock, at ihe Merchant*'K* change. Every lot offered will be aold to the higheit bidder. oM It* re SI'IKI I M TUKPKNTINK?50 barrel* Spirit* Turpentine for sale by WOUDHULL & MiNTUKN, o2fim _____ South ?treet. 'IV) KAMILIKH.? An ii'iintrried gentleinin from 1 Kiirope, about live month* ago arrived to thi* country, la detirou* of llWhljl one or two neatly fnrnialied room* with break fait and tea, in a private family of uni|ue?tiouakle respectability .tud honeaty, where tlice are noue <n but very fe .v lodger*; and where the I nly of the bonne i* ohnerving of cl-aohnt'**, not only hi her parlor and rockuiK-chair, I,<11 II PMrmfiil (tint I hi. I...I --J The advertiier ia willing to itny he.e, and, therefore. he would he happy to fiuil a family really and genteely e nc-ited, aud not to i proud [mini' him, for the winter their fimily circle; and to prepar* for him a comfortable home. Addr'na. itatnu terma, which, in retard CO permanency, mint be moderate, with full oarticolara and real unmet, poatpaid, A. B. O., at the office of (hit ptper. o2#2t?rc ft 1 i \ HKWARI) ?Mtolen from atore 72 ( nual ?'rret. one ip -1" piece of Plaid Ribbon. The abore reward will be paid for the arreat of the thief. M., 72 (. anal itieet. o2? U*rrc ki X KKWaKD-W.11 be paid for the return of tl.e Uold Wat eh and Oold ('able t limn taken from the (Jitv H ill, on Saturday morning lait aa la auppoaed, to No. 397 Hiidaon meet, nnil no nue.ti.iia aaked. n2# lt*rrc (IS CL KKWAKD ? A large U..1.1 pencil caic, ha\ ing a p?n and y/r"peucil, and a atone, with the lettert W. W engraved on it, wat either lost or atoleu ou Saturday afternoon, from the neighborhood of Wall und South atin u. '1 he finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at the ellice of thia paper. (iM 3trrc. ___ OS | ^|||j (il( Sv.imhi ?Thiee Of inore persona, with llna amount of ca?h capital to loim a I ompany to cany ma Manufacturing [iuMueaa now in good 0|>eratmn, and ei.Eaga hi a new business which can he connected with the same aud business done to the amount of SRO.OOft per year, if rightly man ged The manufacturing yirlda icreral hundred percent?the other a much larger profit tlnn any oiher I mercantile, or ei|iially respectable buaiiieaa. That thia is perfectly safe anu lucrative wnl be aatisfactortly proven Helerencaa rschauced, and all conimunicationa aliictly confidcntial. Addresa.JBox IM9, Lower Post Office. o26 ft it* rrc DKVTKR'H SALOON, No. 17 Kiglith Avenue I. f Ufiter (formcrlv ol the saloon at Hahineau'a It a 11, Battery ) ret. ectftilly informs Ins fiiends and the public that he haa jus', opeui d the above | lace, where he would be happy to m?in viiinti. oM 2t rrc TO WHoCV 8AL.E DKAI.KRS l.x MNCY WOODS, BOOKH, PRINTS, kr.-The Advertiacr, having received on conaignmeut an ?>ao/tment of Fancy Ooods, intenda leaving the end of thia mouth (October) for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville and other Weitern and Southern eitiea, New Orleana, Mobile, Sic He intenda to make a laige cirrait through all the principal cinea, ahotild sufficient inducementa olti r. He ta, therefoie. willing to lake on crulignmenl any description of good* Would he willing to un dertake the talc and eotleelifin nl kn.,k. Lettera addreaaed to N B A. T-, Peat Office, Philadelphia, (I><>sf |>ni<1,) w ill bp attended t<*. oM I2t*f!C HA ( K M r iN. T A K K NOTIC I-..?< onrhea conveying I company to thr Opeuinu Bull ul Mr. Miller, at the t liieiim, nu Tneada> Nuilit, 2ftih Oct, will please to let their company out wruh their lionra lieaila up Rro?dway. and t ke up in rererae order. CIlAS Bf.OOM oM lt*rc I luck loapeetor. ( > AKK DKS MILLK COLON NIC" SALOON 107 BroadJ w,?v?Oyatr-e ofevcrr kind.? J. Pinteui h?? llie honor to annod> ce to hia frienda ana the public in gekeral, that for he amnUrtion of ho numeroui cn-tomera, mo b, hid ul li*a a*loon?, fn-ali oyattri, cooked in e??ry alyle, mid u( the heat qaalitiea. Unnd?? Soiree* Mnaicalea nvery night. <>3K Iteodia*re WANTI''l> - By a ainart, nctli e, yonng wotnun, n aitn tio'J a cook, with malting mil ironing, or to do general homework in a nipall family or aa chambermaid with wiahing and ironing; ran produce (ictllent rity rrUtenc*, and w ill hr aeen until ergageil, at 210 VVeit 17th itreet, in the rear o*S 2f re LK.M IIK.M, LKK< IIKH-.\ freahaupply ?l Swtdiah -nd Herman l.eecliet, of the beat quality, J"?t ''f,!1,!,',?.'.. lora.k t>v tl.Akll IViriK, |> l>? rr. M Jj?* at ANVI 1.8, PKRCUSMION I,APS, HAIK "' ATINO ke. lie.?Genuine 8 B tjapa.fnll eoiint In 1-5 and Mftn* Sheffield and Biimingham Auvila, aaaorted aiiea. Layeock a beat hair aeatltif, at rcdiicfil pricea Alao knob locka, '"**> log. and ot ehai a. ?t*el yarda, gum. i'oil and braii candle lick*, furry tomUc, frylaepam. bfrf w?f- i nu'?J C I Clot, ehl???la ke cw|'f/?1fsSlrt,.t n JACOB 8 PL\TT, Auctitmeer.? AUCTION IIARI) I t WARE SALE -Jacob wilt sell,l\". Day ? 10 I 'clock, at the auction store No. 23 Plait by catalogue I ? 00 lota Hardware and< utlrrv, cimaisliug ?.( Kuglnh,tinman ! A 'tench. Birmingham. Sheffield and Auienrau henry ami ,|,r|f '1' ;o<ida, among which are lock*, hiugev screws, saws biacea I crew drivers, skates. brushes, uaila, 4tc. | (j Alao, IU50 dozen pocket and |>eu auives, on cards ;md m J n [ozena Alao, .'tiu dozen table cutlery. C Also, 3 i0 dozen scissors, on cards mid in dozens. I 1 t u lery?Table and deaert knives, forks and can era, pocket nd peu kuivea, acisao.a. razora lu caaca; >tag and aelf-upknivea . 7 ud forki, with Kreuc'i f'rka. Alao. WO caida Sheffield pocket cut'ery, consisting of pocket ; ud peu ku>i ea, of every at) le, 1, 2, 3. 4 and H blades. s|war I , loiuu, feather edge, clip point, sheep foot do, reversed blades, j tched aud mottoed with varioua devices, lor Southern aud i kVeateru trade Alao, razors, sciasora, shears, itc. Alao, 300 pairs stag handle carviug knivrs aud forks. Also a geueral aaaortineut ol f<ucy goods, viz: loolh, hair md shat iog blushes;horse do; leather dusters, soaps, cologueii lOiiHturna, he Sic. Also, a superior assortment of lapanued tea (raya. oM lt*rre WM M<()ORMICKi Aieiinw! ' [^1/RN1TUUK, SILVER VVAliE. PAINTINGS?Tina , day, at 10 o'clock, ?t No. 19 Vajidatii street, will be { u?ld the furniture of a Imnilv miinviiiu from the ritv. unhid iik three large plate Looking tilaues, iTiunrln Carpets, Hilver ware, a collection of valuable Oil Paintings, Sic , with a fe eral variety of other furniture. Sale of Furniture on Wed- j uesday, at No. 61 (jreeuwich meet Particular! to-morrow. o36 lt?m _ WALTKU URJCENOUUH, A?ction??f.?Kloor, Cora < .Meal, Beef, tic., at auction.? Walter (ireeuongh k Uo. willaell to.m irrow, Weduraday, at 11 o'clock, in front ol , their atore. 118 Wall meet, for account ol tl<e underwriter! or ' whom it may concern. Klour? HUO bbli. |>rime Weneiee (lour; 100 bbli. roru lueil, 'j0 bbli. beef, damaged, |>er brig Dammu j Cn>?. n2?i li" rc J NT HO* >TJ.~BLKM KKIl. Auctioneer -HILaLIs I TATK, MADISON hQUARfc.-Poiitiye .ale of 6ti very valuable Lots, in the most improving |mrt of the city, in I the immediate vicinity of Mndiiou Hnuare.?Ou Tutiday. No vrrnber 9h, w ill he aold. by Anthony J ihe Mer chants'?xchauge, a numbei of very desirable Lota, well situated on Madison avenue, 29tli, 30th and Jht streets,and west of the Fourth avenue, viz. 2) Lots on Maditioa avenue. ( 11 " V9*.h street. 18 " 30th meet. 'I " list street. Terin? liberal, and made known at the .ale. or of WM. P. HALLKTT.M W ill ,1 reel. o?J,2h.28.JOknI,4.6 8.9 rc WANTKU-A ?uiait active lyoiiug woman, willing and able to cook, aud iron for a respectable family in the central part of the ettv G.od recommendations will be ueceamry Apply >1 2'< Murray at. o2?, Itic WANTED?A situation by two resectable Protestant young women, one for chamberwork and wattiug. tlie other as^nurse auda sewing. They can waih and iron fi it rate. The best of city re;erence can be giveu. Pie ate call at 42H Bowery, first floor, back room. o2G2t*rc WANTKD?liy a resectable young Woman, a situation. Understaudi waihiug and ironing, and to do general house work ill a nuall family. Please call at No. 4 Jacob itreet. o26 lt*rc WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A good t.utter, one who haa had aeveral years experience in cuttiug cutlom work *ad well qualified tu cakerhmge of a large clothing huaiueaa. Salery $80" par ?car, hut uo ouc MM nj>|>!y uuless fully competent to till aucti a situation. Apply to 086 lt*M D, P. aMITH, 102 Fnltoastreet. WANTED?A situation by a respectable young woinau, to cook, waah, irou, or chambc rwork. or to do (he general housework of a iinall private family. No ohjectiouii to go to the country. The beat city reference given. Apply at 103 Spring itreet. o2ti If rc WANTKU.-A lady, who haa had experience in teaching, wialiea a ntuation a* reaideut teacher in a private family or ichool. Would prefer the South 01 Weal. Hel'erences of the highest respectability. Address W. II., OfTic* of hi> pii?r. mta* WANTKU-board and Lodging 111 a private family, by a Professor of Music, lately arrived from Oermany, 111 compensation of which he would iuatruct on the t'lano, Violin or Organ, aa alao thorough Baaa. The beat reference* will be Hiven Apply boa R93 Lower Pont Office. o2fi rrc WAN 1'KD?A situatiou by a respectable young woman, to do peueral home work, nurse or chambermaid. Apply at 138 Third Avenue. o2ti lt*rrc WANTED?A aituatiou bv a respectable young do general houaework. Beat city reference giveu. Please apply to 180 Madison street, in the rear. o2(i 2t*rc WAN 1'ED?Hituatioi.* by two respectable youug women, one n? chambermaid aud laundress, the other to do gmeral housework and chnmberwork. Best of city reference given. Apply at 246 Mulberry street oM 2t*m WANTED?A Tin aud sheet 11.iu wO'lier, tlua morning. Enquire of John Silts, Washington street, Hobokeu N. Jersey. .'26 lt*rc DYKKS AND M N18HEKS W AN 1 ED IMM EDIATKly at JOHIA & CO 8 Dyeing Establishment, 490 I'earl atreet. o26 It*m opposite City Hill Place. DEMPSTKU'S BKAl'TIKIj'L MONUtt. he.?The May Queen, complete or in parts; Blind Bov. Emerald Isle. Take yer Anld Clonk about ye, O, WUy does the White Mao, Lament of Irish Emigrant, I m Alone, Death of Warren. When the Nulit Wind Bewnileth, fcte. Alto, ile dot'lli all thing! well, Uooil Bye, Wnlcher, Old Granite 8tate, I'm Atluat, Hp.der aud Kly, Halls of Mexico, t> new Minna, 3 new olkas, 4 uew Marches, Jeuny Lind's Hwedish Melodies, Ike., HOLT'S Music Store, o23 3tHaTuliFris*m I.'i6 Kulton at. near Broadway. ?|M1K~fcYE-DK. WHKtLttll, Oculist. 29 Greenwich 1- street, devotes his exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye aud Opthalmic surgery. Artificial eves fur sale, aud insetted on reasonable terms- Olfire hours from 8 A. M. to I P. M , after which he viaits out-door patients. A pamphlet, containing remarka on diaeasea of the eve, with namerou* instances of Brent cares effected by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatinent, cau be had gratuit"usly at his residence^ or the rame will be forwarded to any making application to him hv letter, post paid. ol6 !ltianaTTh*rc NKWSPAFKlt KSTABLIS.MENT KOK Ha LB. ?A country newapa|ier catabliahmeut, (including ita subscription list, printing material*, and all the efli-cta ol' the office, \v ih its good will,) la offered lor sale, for rash, at a bargain. It is an administration iwper. and bus been established three years?enjoyiug a good subscription list, and the advertising and job work palrouage steadily on the iucrease. Any oue wishing to purchase ran learn further particulars by nuilressing a nole to " Eiekiel," U 8. Hotel- None need ap> ly unless they have the cash for payment,Mid lit least fl.MMof that. New York City. Oct. If>. IB47. o!7 12t*rrc BANK OK 8AL18BI.'RV, Ml).?B ceuts on the dollar will be [mill for (he No(es of (his Bonk, if presented soon tl No. 24 Liberty street, second story. nit 12tis eiSmi2(isVy ?in I^fcNCINO, BROAL) SWOlt 1),and CAVALK* KAC.K F l.WK, taught by M. De Lany; No 421 Broadway, near ( nnal street. Army and Navy officers taught the art or the sword id lessons at hours to suit their convenience o23 I2t*rc UNIVkllSITV UK NKW VORK ?The Introductory Lectures to the Wiuj'r Course, in the Medical Depart incut of the University, will commence on Mondfcy the 23th inst, at 7 o'clock P. M.. on which eveuing Dr. Mott will deliver an enlngium on the late lainemed Professor Kever*. The friends of Dr. Mevere, the profession and public, are respectfully invited to at(end. The Introductory Lectures will take place each evening at the same hour, in the following order. Dr. Mott on Monday. Dr. Paine on Thursday. Dr Piutison M Tjmiiy, Dr. Redlord ou Friday. I Dr. Dickson ou Wednesday. Dr. Draper on Saturday. By order of (he faculty, JOHN W. DRAPER, o224tis*m Secretary. tW FISH AND SALT S'l'OKK.-The subscriber ha* commenced busiuess in the above line, at No. 219 front street, where will be found constantly on hand, dry ami pickled lisli of every description,viz:?Mackeri'l.salmon anil Shad; pickled and dry codlish always ou hand. Nova Scotia mackerel, salmon, and codfish, alewires, smoked herring, he All kinds of fine and coarie salt, including Liverpool, Turk's Island, and Snliua, in lots to suit purchases. T. PRANDY, 2l"? Front street. P. S. Business transacted between this city aud (he BrKish Provinces ou reasonable terms. T. P. Nova Scotia mackerel and salmon landing from schooner Joseph Howe, Halifax. For sale by T. PRANDY, 019 14t*rr tit Krwt st GB CLAKKK, FASHIONABLE TAILOR. lldWTI I m in street, opposite the Washington stores ?I have made my .lrraiigements for the fall business ; my stock ofgoodi is of tlie very nest i|uali(y?my prices low as usual. Overcoats I shall keep, handsomely trimmed, price Irom $14 to tl6 Very fine ones, $20. Very fine black French cloth dress coat, to measure, fit. As my whole tune is devoted to my business, gentlemeu will meet with every attention, aud their wauls anticipated. <i.B < LAKKK.. Oct. It. 1147. o2i 6t" re if UNION COUMip. L. I.?WJ?J> 1 1> IkWi NF.SDAV, Oct. 27th, at 2 o'clock P. M ?Purse $25, mile heats, best 3 in harness. N Simmon* enters b. g Passenger. II. Woodruff enters b. g Peanuts. S. HoacUud entr rs b in. American Dough, alias Miss McCarty. H. Jones enters g. White Surrey. W. King enters b. m. Kate Conner. K V. Hyde enters b. h. I'endegrast. Immediately after, a purse of $K), mile heats, best 3 in 3, in liarne.a. N. Rumnom enter, h g rnnnrvurr. John ('uduey enteri eh. m ( Win Kingeulerf b. in. Philade lihin Hal. _o26 2t"rc ,, . .nv ' UNION ( OI HHK, I -Tlmr.-^ilitv. October 2Sih, at 3 o'clock. P. M? JBKJESlT" mulch fur five hundred dollar,?two ^'mile hrai, in liaiueaa. David Bryun name, g. in. Lady Suffolk Jam#, Whelpley name, hr. m I.ady Button. o2JTt*re 'U NEWYOKK HOKMh BA/AAK, No ill r oi AAOby street; L. K HOUGH Auctioneer?The ne?t f ' * * r?p..l?r Auction Hale, will take place on Wednea day, 27 th Oct., at II o'clock, with Carriage,and llarnena, and at 11 o'clock with ({oriel. Gentlemen having lio to offer will i>lea?r regiater on Tueaday, before five o'clock, or they caunot he offricd by catalogue. JOHN II OATKIELP, Proprietor. r26 21' re Wll.l.l <M COWAN. Manager _ y ^ HUKMALK (/MC.At', a gieat variely of iHocliintt liirda, the Moil of them in full iiugnitf; alio, a line vBYIolofKd Birda of beautiful pi uma^i , with * if rent "* I rSSC soifm?ii <if f .luariri nl thr long and short breeds; to be seeu ar Pearl street, bt tweeu Kirn uid l nitre streets. ott 1t?m bliOO I n AM) MUlKi -III oil Kl.VN i . moved from No. 75 Nim^u street, t<> No. fl? Bcekinan street, opposite Kt Ueorife's < hnrrli, would he hippy to see Ins fronds, mud the public genera My, it his new place ol business. 111? arrHiiKeinerit* are such he r't;i lur* nish hoots Mt>d ihoci, of the latest stvlr nd the best wwrkmanship,at lower prices than ever b? fore . and solicits a share of I he f*itroiift|(e of the public- ol'* 2te wh M 'if) I.KI givoa immediately, i gen tetl three story House, with sll the modern improveJpiflk merit*, nearly new, situated on the direct route of two of the best lines of sMgr?. No 20 Abiogdon Flsce. Knqmie on the premises, or ol A Cr b ?*ley, 199 Dioadway. o26 3f m KUR .SALh?Ihe .Stock and Futures of one of fftW the best Kest-urantt hi the t.ity. The location is in XiUL'he vicinity of the Astor House, and the leane has three yen>s to run III health is the only reason ol the pro prietor having ? wish to sell out. Address K (J. K , at thia office. o2ftttis*rc Jtad bJ'HM.ill M) It OUMS TO LKT h<)fl iiW.S MTLKMKN ?Three roomi, newly painted and forn. lied, would be lei reatonable. if applied for aooq, at IIS tMllI IITMI. cilfiHt'rr MvlAVOK'H UKKH K, ? HAItLKMl'O.N.'Oit. 2". '817? At Private Hale?That lartre and aplend'd c?tahlithrmmt known at tne < HARLEATON llOTKL, C i ie<j in th? mot t central part of lh? eity?froiitniK on Meeting itrcct 171 feel deep on llatne and I'mckuey ttt.. immediately adjacent to the eiteuaive iai.(r of wholeule ?tun:4 Die Hotel it 4 aloriee IhkW. contauia Ui I'arlora und I h iinli< r>,a Inrui' Dinii>K HMooll ml) (Hilled li> um ii, l.adict' Oniiuk' Hooni Willi a ?uite of pneate |*rlor?nn I IHeJditoiy, Bur, Heading Hoom, Officea, Mime lloomi j and Kitchen. Alan, 'j Ht in n, and fl-tiber'a lloom on hajeio^iit , fronni.R Hayue atrett. A lir?e cittern oepahle ol cocumiMK aalloiia, nnh force pmnpt attached theieto, in caae ol I htt'i alio, two well* on th'- premite* The Tont r.f the Mottl it adorned by a two tlory < ollcnide Of Connthiau order, and for architectural beauty, will Tie , with any iinilae building m the country Termt "f ?*le moat 1 accoinmndatinK. which will be rnide known, b\ MH licalmna t t.Ire.nil to the Mayor of Chatleaton.uutil lit fanuarv, II4> ??aawl8ue T. LKOKR HUTCHINSON, Maytr. Kjy A KAKK CHA^t; TO JKWk.Lk.KH?The proprietor of an ?|U eitakliahed Jewelry ttore, who la iJc'Xj about retiring ff,un the buaiueat, pffers for tale ; qlire tuiek and fij'urev .nth a koo4 ran uf cnitone'i, at a fW tppiNial, fur OaaH and approve* (<aL?f. Rent uwdeute 1 " '"' ". WW wtorwrvSr. [ JAKK THFATHE.?Tueaday C'Mill. 0*> *. will M lapraacatad (<u Euifliati) ih" op?ra of LA BONAMBULA Couut Kodolplit Sik Va tellma; Elvino, W H. Keevea; tuiua.Muie Aunt Bi>hop; Lm, Mil*. Mathilda Koruoaki; creta, Mine. Boulaid Alter winch Hie patlt comedr eallrd POPPING THE [UEHTIO s?Mr. P'iuiroae, Mr. Baaa, Mita Biffia, Mra. Veron; Bobuin.Mia Kuigh'. To < wiih lite fraud areim aud caiatiua liomTAN111-01 ?<) I'rnim?l)i r?nn|>eti. >uog by Mme. Anna ia tlie costume of Tuicredi. Uoora <>p?u ai t>>4 o'clock Paiforroanca will cobumm* at oclo-li Tllh.ATHE.-W in lion, Miuugar; Mum II I ""V- Vl11 SmvitiM.?'Tuetday Evemix Oct Mth, ill be I*, formed tl,? dr?iii* ?f t|,r BE A KINO'S VOW? Sutherl ind' 1Umy Wiuikiud, Mr. Burke; (Jartha, Mra. Pre* ion ito which. A WIKK'S FIRST LESSON?Col. piS^I?' ; 1''"lv kll"b?th Kreelor#. Mm. To conclude will, ( ROHHINU THE LINE- Wouier Voo Wonveriimu, Mr Uurkc; E?tclle, Mi? Jordan. Doora o|>eu al >>* o'clock uid the cari&ia will naa at T. Boiea 2i < enta; V mid tiallen, (enta f 1 HATH AM THE A IKE -fader the VUu^.ina.i ofMr. Vj KLETCHCR?Stage IMnuaiser, Mr Addi*.?Tuaadar Kraniag. Oct. 16. will be prrxuied, the DUMB OIKL OK HENOA?Strappado, Mr. I)* Bar; Julieti*. Miaa H. Vallaa. After winch tne (rand trial dance ol La Bayadere. To wlircli will be adde<l the graud ballet of the 81'IRIT OV THE KOL'NTAIN.?L?oly?, the Spirit of the Kouniaa, Miai U. Vallee; Courad, Mr. De bar. __ To be followed bv a grand 'Fas le Neapolitaiu." To conclude with the drama of I he MILL OF RYLAND, >r h Poor Uirl'a Story.?<?en. Markham, Mr. Suffotd Admittance?Boies 25 cents; Pitt li>? ceuts. pilcus, BOWt.KV AMPHITHEATRE ?John Try on, U MauaKer. Kugageuieut for ail days only of DAN RICK, the popular <link?|'ean?n Clown; aad the great Franch Drummer Mobs. A8SIMKK, wlio imitates the firiac oI musketry ana caa lonadmg on a single drum Bmdei a lull variety of Horsemanship bv the first riders in lie profession oB K*lt MITCHELL'8 OLYMPIC THEATRE.-TaesiUy Er?Blug, Oct 2?> (lir performance will cominsnce with the I'APHIAN BOWKR-Adouis, Mrs. Timm; Venus, Miss Mury Taylor. To be followed with A WIFF. FOR AN HOUR?Joskyu liaiter, Mr Hollnud; Clara Warbleton. Miss Roberta. Alter winch, NKW PI.ANKT?The Mew Planet, Mir* Tavlor; Juno. Mm Kolierti; Venus. Miaa Phillipa. To conclude with HKF.TCHKH IN INDIA?Tom Tap*. Mr. Holland: r<ir Maihew tfnag^s, Mr. < unuiugliam. Belly HcragKa, Miss Mary Taylor. Doora open at 6>? o'c'ock, rud the curtain will rise at 7. PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE.?Monday, October 2JU>. I8<7?Fourth week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8F.HENADER8, Me?ar?. GERMON. Messrs. PKLL, 8TAVWOOD. WHITE,and HAKllNOTON. HOWARD. whose inimitable Eutertainmenta have been the universal theme nud admiration of the world. Among theirjlist of patrons, they have the hooor of including the President of the Uuited States and family, Secretaries of Htafe, War, aad Nuvy, Her Majesty Queen Victoria, H. R. H. Prince Albert, and Hoynl Family, the Nobility and Ueutry of Europe, and elite and fashion of / tnerica Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON. Admusiou 26 ceuu. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Coaeert at 8 o'clock. N.B.?Seals can be secured daily at the Boi Office, from 10 A.IM.till i P.M., audi gentlcmenl era requeued not to occupy aeata to which licketa are affixed. o2J ttrc MECHANICS' HALL,, 472 Broadway, between Oread and Broome atreets, rtPL'M L'Vl'DV MlllUT UNPH ECEDENTED SUCCESS. Kourtli Week of tlie Original CHRISTY'S MIN8TREL8 'Die Oldest Established Baud in the United States. B.r. CHR18TV. E. FEUlCJg. (J. N. CHRISTY. C.ABBOTT. W. PORTER, T. VAUGHN. whine oru:in?l and inimitable concern are nightly honored with crowded and highly reipec table audience*, and universally admitted to excel every amusement ol a similar character o? frred iu this city. Adininsinn 25 cents. Children nnder 10 year*, half price. Door* o|ieu at 7, concert will commence! at ( o'clock. Seat* tnav be secured on application at the Hall, from 12 A. M. to 3 P. M. For the accommodation of families, a concert will be given on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Commencing at 3 o'clock, P. III. o2< 7t*fe BAIlNUM'a AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P T Uahoim*. Proprietor ; K IIitvhi ih a, Manager. FIVE AND A HALF DAYS MORE, commencing Monday, Oct.. 24. WHICH IS POSITIVELY THE LAST of that extraordinary Man iu minat ire. GENERAL TOM THUMB. w ho hai taken Staterooms for huntell and anite in the STEAMSHIP NORTHERNER for Charleston, ? hich sails on Saturday uext, the 20th mat., at 4 o'clock P. M. Oreat number! of tha frienda of the litt'c General have bean unable t>? train admittance to hia leveai, during the past week, and to accommodate them he will continue for that* few days.togive FIVE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY!! The Aril in ihe morning at U o'clock ; the t cond and third at '? to 3 o'clock, and 4 o'clock. 1*. M ; the remainder lit 7 and half-past B in ina evening, Saturday, Oct. 30th. beiog the day on which lie tail*, he will hold only two levees,Iviz.: at 11 o'clock A. M., and half-put s r. m. At every moraine performance the General appears la VARIOUS CHARACTERS AND COBTUME8. including hia Citizen's Dress, Court Bait, worn before Queen Victoria. Highland Dress, be At both the Afternoon and Evening performances the little General Rives his exhibitions in his Citizen's and Seotch Dresses in conjunction with other interesting and chaste performances, and at each and every performance he will appear ON 1118 P.GMV HORSE. The little General is perfectly symmetrical in all hif proportions. intelligent anil graceful beyond brlielland SMALLER THAN ANY INFANT THAT EVER WALKED ALONE! The imymificent Presents, Jewels, lie , received from the Kuiki, Qui ens, ami Nooility of F.urope. will beeihibiud. Tnis i> positively the last time Gen. Tom Thumb will ever be iccn in New Voik, as he proceeds immediately to New Orli'Ain and Havana, from ( Auuusta. Savannah. f'lilumliuK, Montgomery, Mobile and the principal Huuthern Town* and Cities. IIis beautiful MINIATURE EQUIPAGE! Will perambulate the street* daily, and ba seen in front of the Museum ai interval!. GREAT WKHTKKN. the Yankee Comedian, PETE MORRIS. Miss BERNARD, lie., MADAM ROCKWKLL, the famous Koituna Teller. Admission to the whola, ft rente; children tinder tea yaara of agr and old enough to walk aloue, 12K cents. SANDB, LKNTfcCQ.'ft AMERICAN CIRCUS.-Thu elegautly equipped troupe of Equestrians, the largest and most popular in the United States, will maka their first appearance in this vicinity on the 22d Bis'. The Company comprises tha following among the principal features of this eihibition : MAY KL Y, the celebrated English thorough bred dancing Horse. Twin Ponies, DAMON and PYTHIAS, ia their antics and eiercisai. h'igiitiug Ponies, DEAK BURK and TOM SPRINGS. Kairy Steed CINDERELLA. 'in.. I l- 1 I I I _. l .L l. A U P..IL. u BUCEPHALUS. And the mmt beautifully marked, highly trained, docile and sagacious Lilli|iutiui Troupe of 20 PONIES, all of which are for the first time. presented to this |>ubl c. Prominent, anu iu bold relief to any similar exhibition ?T?t preirnted to the public, stand the great performance! of MR K BANDS, and hu beautiful and talented children, Maurice and JeM, forming a new school of Gy?nasties, combined with a aeriea of (,'lassir Passes, E*o|ations Groupings, Tableaai, and lights of jJCrial (Jrnee, iJm will command the admiration of lite sr.hoMtand poet, I be painter and the sculptor. In this net Mr. Hands and his ch.ldreu hare uo equals, and confidently defy comjwtition. MA8TEK HERNANDEZ, the bold, dashing and elegaat juvenile equestrian, who is justly styled the Dacrow of Amirira. Master WALTER AYMAK, second to none in horsemanship for one ol Ins years. Mr MOHELEY the famous English scene rider, m a variety of graphic sketches on horseback. Mr. KUOOI.E8, in his difficult and daring feats upon the (lying ford. I.'LOWNS? Messrs. Pentland and Latham, the original merrymen, whose jokes and witticisms hare been adopted by most of their contemporaries If I MM VI AMI Kit ? V!r II* Cimn. TOM THUMU?Car auruiasiug id novelty every thing in the shape of horse tlesh, is trie pigtny ateed TiimTnamb. A i|ii*druped of the molt perfect proportiona, meaauring only M'i inches in height, and weighing bm 41 pounds. Thia it acknow ledged by nil the amalleat pattern of a bora* ever henrd of. The above will be exhibited an follow! Patterson, Kriday nHd Hntuidav, Oct. 221 and 23d; Newark 2Jlh, 28th and J7lh, Jeraey City 21th 1 AamUiion 2'j rents. oltlttrt Aroi.l.o KOOM*.?VENUS DE MEDICI, BY THE MODEL A RTIMTES ?One week longer-Dr Collyer'a peranoilicauona of painting mid sculpture, by the MODEL ARTISTES, at (he Apollo Kooma, 410 Broadway, will continoe for on* week longer, commencing on Monday evening, Oct. 21, when will be presented au entire new series of colored group*, including the Paradise scenes Jeptha's Daughter. The Lata flayer, the May Pole Dance, Itr lie , lie, And on Tneaday, Thursday, and Saturday, a laithful representation of the celebrated statue of the Venni de Medici, with other groups. Change of programme every evening, Kor particulars see descriptive programme every evening. Ticket* of admission 10 cents. '1 ickets admitting a lady and gentleman 7) cents, to he obtained at the door Doors open at 7, and personifications commence at I o'clock oJt 7t*re ONE WEEK LONGER AND .POSITIVELY the LAST. AT THK. SOCIETY LIBHAKV. IIONOR BLITZ Hegs to state that at the solicitations ol his nnmerom friends he will continue his performances of MAGM AND VENTRILOUl ISM, EVEKV EVENING DURING THE WEEK, ( ommencing on Monday, Oct. 25Change of programme nightly. Admission 23 ct?, children under 10 years of age, half pric*. Doors open nt 7 o'clock?commence at 1% ff /- Afternoon performance on Saturday, at 2 o'clock. oi< 7t*re 1*ABER!NACLE.?Mr. DEMPSTER'S Second Ongina Ballad Euterlauiinent will be given at the Tabernacle on Wednesday evening Oct 27th, on which occasion he will oinir his original H'Uiga?"Hong of ludian Women," "The D?il? Eye has left ns, "Those we t?oy*;""The Hainy Day," What cap an Old Man do but Die ' ' Korget Thee " Koot <ieps of Angela," "The Di tog Child and the Angel of Death." Songs of Burns?' Poortlth snld;-' "Highland Mary;""Mary in Heavenand ' Duncan Gray." To conclude with hta popular I antnta, " The May Queen," in three |?rU. IT f Tickets Ml cents, with uroitrammes. To he had Hi ihe Mimic Sioiu, of Mr I)*inpater,'at the New Vmk Hotel, and at llie doora in the eveuiiig. Dnon npni '? befmr 7 o'clock. to commrnra at half paat 7 o'clock. Mr Itempaler will tins at Ihe Lyceum Hall, Brooklyn, on Tbnradav tveninit, October 2d. 1847 o21 Mrc fMlfc AMERICAN INHTITITK KAIK. 21d October A 1*17, awarded a premium to Miaa A Jaroba, ill Broad way, ore door from Mouiton itirrt, for Jthr following elegant iwtimrni of InNiili and ' hildreiia I luthiiig, ol Amtncu Manufacture, which an- now for aale, *it >l?e Mu?c? braided ailk Krock, price $20 0# Two illk velrel braidril Sacka... 20 00 each, One pink mrrlao braided Cli ak and Hat 10 to Two plaid boya Hack*... 7 jtaach. One embroidered I'm I 'nahion 10 mi One bra ded thort Cloak .. 10 00 Hilk and wor?ted Hood aud Hatii 3 CM each. Alao, a f?'l Kail amortment of erery \aricly of Velvata, riaida Merino* mad* iuto Nacka, ( loak*. Krock*. ke r^N B -Ladiea'own materiala made and cat to order,and patterna cut. 2n apprentice wanMd immediately. oM12l*re WALHVTH I HKK.T TIIKATHK, nilt ADKLPHIAl,ea?ee, K, A. Mnrahall , Vanaaer, W It Blake.*aaenndmaht o' the niKagrmml of Mr r nl Mra. .1 AH. WAIr LAI K liuir.?Tacada* * i en int. Oct. Inrla. 1817, will be |irateitird the (raiii-dy of THK. BH IP A t?M? lamia*. Mi I.Wallack, Jr.; Am?nia. Wheatley, Kradne, Mra. T. Wallack, Aipalia. Miaa C.' hat man 'I o conclude with a diamatic aketch railed THK OLD UlTA K D? llaienark. Mr NirhiBK* ; Melane, Miaa Chapman. Mr. and Mrv J. Wallirk will appear every craningtbia week. /MlAYONn h ABKit?All kind., ja?l re. eited. and lor v> aala, by O tJKKHON k to , oil I4l*rh W M''d?a Mae TPO rAKfcNTH ANU OUAKUIAN*-Maai? taught on I moderate tarmi by a lady who liaa had coaaiderable eapartenre m teaching the piano; ihe has giran grnaral aaU?ract'o?. andean refer loTatuifi'l whom kaa hffn to the nabu of trarhinr. jttsaos BUS? ?? ?" yav,,?

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