Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1847 Page 1
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T 11J Vol. XIU. No. VJt>t_Whole No. 4891. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, RoitlfWeit rorner of Fulton anil Nuttu Itl, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. I'IRCrUTION-FOHTV UHOU8ASD. DMLY HKRALD?t-verv J?T. Price 2 ccuts per copy? $7 t> p r niii'Uin-pa\able i?. ttdvauce. WELKLV Hfc'KALO?E??ry Saturday? Price IK ctoli pTco v?$1 ISWcenr* i*r annum?payable in a'vance llKHAi.l) KOK EUliOPK? Kvery Steam Packet day? rncr (4^4 cents per copy?per iouuiq. including postage, ftr$3 W nHusive ol p -stage, payable iiiadvuuc*. f>ub ci|)? tionsaud adv~rris<9ments will bo received by Messrs. Galitf nnai, 18 ru? Vivieune Paris; P L Himouds, 18 Coruhiil, mid John th- b >oUsell?9r. Lrmd u. \N\UVL PICTORIAL HER ALD?Published 00 the < ?1 L L,tMr? of each year?single copy siipence. AD V ERTlSJC\i? Xf8. at the usual price#?always cash iu Mt <iic?j Adycrtisements shonul bs w*itftu in a plain, legible bi tuner The prop.ieior will Dot be responsible lor errors that ! insyoccir in them PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with d?*t?tch. All letters or communications by mall, addressed to tfce ' proprietor of the eittblishmeut. must be post paid, or the poet t/*1 will h# 4s<Jnfif?l from the subscription montr r?miu?rl Ir-W FKOTTiTct l IS B. si'a.A.vmUATS koh i ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Excepted ? mBma&immU Through Direct?At C o'clock,?. M., ftom tilt Pier bnween Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Mte tin boat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Win H. Peck, will ; leave 011 Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday evenings, at 6 j ? Steamboat HKNDRIK HUDSON, Cai>t. R. Q. Cratteo- I deo, >?ill leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evening, 1 at ( o'clock Ai five O'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermedial* place,? : from the foot nr Baic'ay street. Steamboat BANT\ CLADS Captiin 8 OverbagS, will leavr ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. at 5 o'cJork Steam boo SOUTH AMERICA, Capt T.N Hnlse, wUi leave ou Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at a o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the Hast cr West. Freight tnkea at moderate rates, and none taken altar 5 o'elork, P. M. rr All persons are forbid trusting any of th* boats of this I line, wirhnui a written order from th* captains or agents. i < -l- ? i 1 .i._ k^.._ * r ror i>*?*hk?; or ireiKiu, ?H"? ?? v. w , 8CHITLTZ. hi tlr iinfiot <ni 'tie wh*".. ollrh jr-?^ MORNING LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK ! r yltiL-^NFOR ALBANY AND TRO*. and inter ; (IMwWrSnUai medintr Landing*. The Ste merTROY u a third larger than any other Day Boat; and in point of speed, sifety, and coinuiodionsnes* u actually MNMHK No steamer ever acqaired more universal anil enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfection 'bote substantial eicelleucie* whfttti really ueservs puhlc favor. Break! <*t aud Dinner on board the Boat. The low preuare (teamboat TKQY, Captain A. Gorham, will leave the steemboat pier foot of Barclay stree', Monday*, WednecUvn, and Vridays, at seven o'olock A. M. Recurs i3k jo rhe nppnjite dayi. forjMniite or freight, apply on board, or to F. B.Hall, ?t the "ffire on the whan. * f6 re MORN1 NG LINK A ' 7 O'CLOCK. ijrUZ^FOH ALBANY AND TROY, landiug at MuMMlMaCaldwell*, Westpoint, Newburg, Hampton, Miliou, I ouKhkeepiie, Hyde Park, Kingstou, Upper Redhook, Barrytown, Btiilol, Caukill, Hudson. Coxaaekie, Kinderhooa and Bilinmre Landing at Hammond atreet. I,e<ves New York, Tneidav, Thuridar and Saturday, at 7 oVIock. \ .VI. B.eakfaat and Dinner ou board the boat. Tlie low prenure Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kelloiw. will t >e Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay itreet. Taendayt, Thursday*, \sd Saturday*, at aeren o'clock, A M. e'tunsr on the ippotite day*. For iwwtaue or freight, apply on board, or to F. B IIoll. at the .irtSc on the whtrf. *11 re U. 8 MAIL STEAMSHIP VVASHtl" INGTON?For Bremen, via Southampton *bov' will leave New York for Bremen on 11.111miav 11th November, (topat Southampton t? land panienger*. He uiuuig ?? ?ili leave Bremeu on the 3d, aud Sonthamp ton nn 7th December, ?>> as to arrive la time with good* intended for the holiday*. r ii-agr Iron, \c? Y oru to soninampwn or Bremen, ?i*u i IV??Ke f om 8ouih<inpt?n or Bremm to New Vork, tUO Foi f.nitht r puwiirr, apply to the Ocean Steam Nnrigxtiou Comrwn IS Will.?m >> nMI Hte<<d fh -~rr l7u Ol QL\I K IS A Li. LINK UK PAiKfcTS ?|3wy K)K LIVEKI'OOL?The miiriiific-nt f.ut sailm* WMBbBl ick lla'l L ue jiacU-t ill p MO N TF-ZIIM \, burthru I uil'i uhi?. Oil'1. v B L'.wber w ll a il p; ai'ively on Mo uldy ihf l?t of NoT?*raber. li-r rf itulir d iy. Kor ieim? of CaSm itC'i d iabl'1. - r ste'rajte pj?t"i<e > til fine And s| leuiiid packtt. ea ly ap, liration tn.uld be nude ou o aid, fu t of B'Cliiniii sireer. or 10 the lubicnber* Pi? aj'ctualso it secue from Liv? pool for p?mn? to Come by th>s iacket. which sails froin llirre nu ihe t#th Dro>-inS-r, or by any of ths Block Ball Liue, sailing twice each in 'nib. H.a.l* my<b'e ?teigh> on the Royal Batik of Ireland, and on Mesa a f'tascott, Grots, A.11 * k Co., bankers. l.oudon. Appi. to bOCHtt. BROTHKKH & CO., 15 F -Iron street, nest d'>or to the Kullon Rank N B ?The public are rs-psctfull / notirt-d, to tliat ihey m y lis Kti irda# <?*iu?r ? d?< ?ixinu which might be practised on th in that we an ths estiblished aud rsuu'ar apimiuted nee <t< bir the owaen. to adverse to bring out pininucts bv t in Hi i k iimII Liu* of imcIi* which Mil fno Liveipool on t1 a Maud of ra?h mo<ih; th<t w? h>?e no c?une*ti n wi'lt *4*- oihtr p%*s*nge< h*uieiu hsc'ty;nud ihit uo busilies is 'lone fjr at hate, what ii doi.e at 3i Kultou su 1 |*i H ftl U~SSI??M?P-? t.K r-HlF iTfffffKTr *1 LL k.Tr3^ iileue ?ei d .heir permits ou b^ard, atl'iert. N. K., jtit?S.'r tbr ..Wee f j ? HDVnfc H1NCK' N 8? WQI seeet. w,* < O.N slU N t> ? per K'Such ba>k t \ MlLLb. w iH pl ? ' ' "> 'heir iwrmita on board, at pier 7 EKSjmgL \. H , or ro t'?e offire of ? ? m guVI) k HIV KKV. a? Water ifeet < ON-> per aliip O k-A.> will picnic dCffV ?eml their permilton board,at i ter I .VR , or to j&UULhc tfficeof . 26 ? BOVD ItHIVrKgN.MWellrt. ***r- KO< tiL \SGOW.?Tne New iaiU l?t aud JMMfV It.h of each mouth ?The hue faat ? A I Britiah MmS2a?i>zrriue H VN DKKOUO, S00 tone. Copt. A. B. McAJpiu wi i tail lath November. F >r freight nr j>a? >t. having excellent aeesmmodatiooa, *i'l'U to the captain on b?a'd foot of Ronevelt at, F.nt Hirer, or'o WOODHULL He MINI UHN, 87 South at. The regular pncko* sh d B IK >< ?KSB Y, 6"0 toni, Cam. Hugh Mctwen. will in< ceeil tne HYNDKKOitD, and anil on her rcaii'*' d*y. 1-t l)ec?mb*r. r.26in Aifrvvr c(Jit LIVKKPoOL??'lie New l.iue?Regular MypJfV tVcket u< 21 it of November?The well knowu, laat AmUI?i ailu g p-cket ahip MOT TINUUfcR, 1000 tone, Citpt. lit ur?l*y. will nail iu above, her regular d<y. r'or fre'vhr nr rating*. having aplendid Urge and comforrable ata'e r. mm and cabin, >pply to the Captain ou board, at Wot aide of tiiarlli.g >lip, or to VVOODHULL U MINTURV, ?7 South .treet. Th* ftcket ahip LIVKMPOOL. IlOOtona hurthrn, Captain Jrihn K'dr itvr. will *nrc*ed ibe Hottiinruer. auil aail on her remi * d<y. >'?? December. r?26m AAvr .SO i R.E? Britiah Bark HYNDEFORL) it thia day kCySJV.nv hi\rgiii|[ under general order. All Kooila nitpeiMHMKMn tied wm ihrrefcre b? tent to Publir Store. WOODHULL k MINTURN.87 South afreet. Oc.jr. li'7. <Mm_ a A*- u;i Tli)S' NU'l h.K.-SCUOUNHH ISBO.N KTTfV-H .??? ?y. Drap?r h Jonea will aell at auction, on JMuUkfe I harailay, O. t. 28th. at 12 o'clock, at the Mvehnnta' Km:I) u??. the new achooner Ubou. about 130 tona burthen, bui t >n Philadelphia iu I8i6. She ia well fitted in all reapects, and M rraily for tea She ia 77 fret in length. 21 feet neam, 6 I ID feetliold, aud it well calculated to take n large cargo iu ahoil water. She now lies at (he foot of Broome street, pier No. S7 East Ruer, aud caa be examined any time previoua to the day of aa>. T>-rm??<-nth. nr approved paper aM months o23 7r m KiiK NEW OH l.K AN Regular Packet of the Mfr3rV?7th October ?The well known, taat (ailing packet JSaBlailb<hip M AV KLIIWKh. burthen 800 ton a. C'rabtree, m tier. will ?a> I at above, her regular dty. Her ac< ominodaT111114 ior cabin, lecoud cabin and ateerage r>Mtei gers. are roomy, well ventilated, and haidaomely fitted up. Peraona intruding to embark ah *uhl tn.Jie immediate application on board. f ot of Pine atreet, or to JAMES CLANNY, o?^ Sr*'C Nn mi) Month t'rent, Ijf*- K)'> l.O N Iji ?N?Regular I'.tckei ut the lit NowJMPwrrin irr?'l'li? new and miguiticeul I'arketahip JtttlfcV.iRKToVVN, burthen lt'O tona. W. S *eber, ro-it.e , *ill anil as above her regular day. Her accommodation* f r cabin, aecoud cabin. a:nltteeratte passengers. are unequ il ed by any ves??l 11 port, being ery spacious. and wel VMtilvrd Pernors intending to embirk, tnould avail themaelvea 1 f t i 1 verv favorable opportunity, by miking iuimednte >p; lica ion ou board, foot nf M id?n Lane, or to JO?EpH WcMIIRKAY, olS 11' re corver of Pine and South itreeti. ufr. TAPSC' ?T1 '8 EMIMRATIUN OFKlLfc. *. j&KTkr Mi-.utb atieet?Pera >na wt.iiiig to ?eud for theii fflUMKal'<'ieiid< in the old country can secure p.ut.ige ou ret.viii.ible terina, by Any of the magnificent thipt comtu-i?"nr the new Line of Liverpool packets, vi*:? CONSTITUTION, I7i0 tona, Captain John Britton. QUEEN Oh' THE WEST, MOO tona, Capt. P Wnodhouse ClVEIlPOOL, I2M tona, Captain John Eldridga. HO I' riNllUER, 1156 tona, Capt. Ira Buraley, snilnm from Liverpool on the 6th of every month. Puaaga oan also be secured by the St. Ueorge't Line, or the Union Line of Liveriiool packets, making in all a ship every firs aayt ir?ra itwi won. e o r i urinrrgnnic nI\yj~r jy~i, ?? Rnnrh mtrrrt. New York aaji i1*'K'.'fi ftTS tUTHK-tmii ? i iir ,*tTVhI'i|i BALTIMORE, K. Conn, muter, will amino iMMMin'tir fir"'November. ?< VP fc HIV K FN. Arena No II Vail-ai - ^ - MlK KAl.E-Th- ??ry faat tailing copi-ered vjfifv park<-t ?hip LOUISVILLE, JI3 tone btirth'n. built JUM..II New Yurk, coppered ar.d well foand Applv to V K rOI.LINS. MS nth.r H'lR VIAHSKILLKS-Th. fine ah in SARA H~fc \ iiffWfc AR^ILI V C p'aiu B. K. Butmiu, will m?t with SjH|Kii>r'iiri|it de?i"tch ^^o^fteight or p??.wge, apply to BOYD fc HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Bmldinga, or to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS ilSui ml Front atreet. L*at FOR Nh:w OKl.E VNS?Pucker of the nrh~Oet?her?The inwrmr well kuowii, faat anting aid jfijUft&favnnte .hip *)AY FLOWER. Opt CmbtfM. it | now in ill g. f .lit ur Pine *tre?t, and will he ilea|?tched ?a kh.iyr. I heheiwe?? deck* of the ship are hand?i'mely fitted up t' r the arenmmodation of ifcuid cabin and steerage I>aaae g*r* wha will ha taken nt moderate mtea Kor pa*a*ge. apply mi boird the ahip, or to M P.O. HERN Si (;? , lfiO Sooth I meet roruer of Dovar; and it Went ttrert, corner of Hctor. i M 5t* m m FOR MONROVIA. 0 API PAL MAS AND JHMfW'JUfc WKKV COAST OK AFRICA ?Tha f*at ->g Bark CHANCELLOR. William Oray. Mmt?r wnl poaitiealy an I on the lint of November F or freight or p *<***. hiring atate room neeointn xlatinna. nnnlv to < ti nv Wfr? rr_ ( II \ n. D. MATHEWW 61 Petri at. p A*TOFKCLOTHINO AND FURNITURE WANT V-/ <C(> ?Cadiea and Gentlemen having any ea?t off or anper* I llama olut.hiMir or tnrnitnre tn dupoae or can obtain a fair raah puce for ihe a*ra?, by tending a note, or by calling on the iabacriner. at hit reaidenca, or throagh the pott, which will be pan.:tu?llv aitended to H OK BOER, 71X r.anal street, apitnin. S B- Ladiea can lia ittended to by Mr?. De Boer oil* at.ick i id job gooda bought, nf any dearrintion, and \ i-n,,*.,' ?SJ0t?re L'h k - HKSt LCErha.ST?1? Mtt Hweediah and OetiaaD : Lrechea jaat reoeived aad far aale by I.F. CltU, importer of l.e?eh??, Na, T.'afcn Ii?f?i, F M ' "in try win | *k?t?enl?rfr afiapdad ?>. E IN E NEW \ ?n NKW VOKK HORSE B V/. VAK. No 31 Cro? street; L.- f HOLIUH Auctioneer?'Die next f 1 iil?r Auction Stle* will t*ke place ou Weduea Jay. JTili Oct., at II o'clock, with Carnafe?aod Ilarneu, ?nd at 11 o'clock with Horaei. U-ullemcu Luring bo-tes to offer will i>letie register ou Tue?d*y, before lire o'clock, or they caiiuot be offered by catalogue JOHN H. OATF1ELD, Proprietor. , n?fi 9t?-f W|I I I ?M I OWAV Man-ter o- ruKsiLti ?-H *?, a mt?i var.ely ol >iuckiUK Birila. the moat of thein in frill m gui^; alto, a line JiL' 101 Ol ntu oirui "I ?t?u imm plumage, wun a s[reat ?a>i?rmeut of Canariea ol the loig and slioit breeus; to be aeen at MB Pearlstrert. beiwaen Elmaud Ceutrestreet*. i\l'j 3f in jMa KOrl 8.\L? ? I he le.i-e nud fixtures of tliit wel ' PjM Irn wn public hnuae. 170 I'tail, formerly kept by VVin P.'iiB. S. Deverna. better knowu aa Rockeubargh'a old ?uiud. It la allowed to lie one of the beat atauds iu the city, when properly kept. The Inditing on the third door uearly pays the rent- The leaae. which has th ee aud a half yeara to ruu.aud the futures, will be aold on reasonable terms. Kor further particulars inquire on the premiaei, from ? to 1U A. M. < r from 6 to 8 P.M. nrr 2i>re ' lO Lt r?Posaeaaion giveu immediately, a i{eii PjW teel three atory House, with all the modern improveJ* inents nearly new, situated on the direct route of two of the beat lima of atagea, No 20 Abingdou Place. Enquire on the prrmuea, or of A. <J. Baflcy, 1W Broadway. o26 Jf m _ , M KUKNISHKD hOOMH TO LET tUK (JUS- ' [ IB TLKVIKN ?Three room*, newly pa uterf aud furu:ahXJK'd, would ba let reasonable, if applied for aoon. at 111 CatiaJ street r>J0 3t*rc A HARfi i.HANC TO JE W iCLEHh?The n)|,r"Pi'etor of an <>ld established Jewelry itore, vslio la (Slilm about ret'riug from the boameaa, offera for aala lua euu e stock and fia'urea, with a food run of citatotaa a, at a fair appiraaal, fi>t caah and approved paper. Ram moderute. Poaaraaion (ivea immediately A pply on 'h? uremiaes to ?H7i?re AAHOltC. ITUaK. ?> Hawarr M MANSION HOljiK, CH VKLtSTO Mrs. , {!?? D A?18 beta leave to announce to her friaadaand viaiXJl^tera to Charleston. that eitenaive addit ona anil improvements h<ving been made to har Ho?s?. during 'ho last aummer, lie la now piepared t> offer such actumniodatioua and comfortaaa ahe t: uata will fnllv meat tha wiahes ol those who may favor her oatabliahmeut wuh a visit. The improvements consist of an elegant and spacious dining room, weil aired and well veutilatad on Queen atreet. suits ol ' 'pa<tmeiita for large or email families and aiui(le rooms, all withpiazaa fronting the aonth, and hot aud cold batha in I he 1 eatabliahmmt The Manaion Home is pleaaan'ly sitnated iu the corner of : Meeting and Queen atreeta.and offera great advent ige to families and fffnillsxnrn of laisure si ?ell as thnsi> rnirsi'fH in hnsi. I uess Mr* D. flatters herself that her arrangements for the supply I i I" her 11hI? Ibothat home sod oecnsionully from the north) as well a* theaitention and general good attendai ce at the House, will be f >un't such as to give entire sarnfoctKW. oil I2t*rc , "st ' kT/k UL( Oft KrNT, IN THJfi CITY OF ffTT? BaLTI.VIORE.?A large, commodious and centrally JaJJL"tuated Eating and Drinking Home. Attached is a la'*e a>.d pleasant garden of lluwers. shrubs, arbors, be. h".? The home hw beeu newly done u,., painted aud papered. and ii situated in the very reutr- of the city, aud is well calculated lor a Club House, having ma-iy large. cimmodioiM and ?iry rooms, mutable Tor h 11 ards, Jt?. The location aud construet.on makes it uufqiialied as an Eating and Drinking House, and an lev C-eam Oardeu iu ihe auinmer. The proprietor h is beeu do ug a Urge and profitable business for the year past, and Willi proper management, we believe m iy be largely mcrcased. For particulars, enquire uy letter (i> ?t-iiaiill*f n2l 5i*re J. 8TOR.V1. Baltimore. Md. ntf DUTCH BUI,Br*.-The subscubers offer l~r sale tKffk their naual assortment of Dutch Bulbous Knots, con oJLt. sistiug of choice double and siagle hyacinths, tulips, narcissus, jonquils, aeris, gladiolus, crocOs, he. lie. Alto a large collection of green '.loose plants and garden seeds. Bouquets of choice floweis at all seasons. s2l Sflfrc D1JNLAP fc THOMSON . 635 Broadway. aist KOK SALK?WEnTCHtSTfcH LAN U ?At S 00 jiSKto f ISO per acre. To gentlcmeujwiahing sues for couutry jaaksexts, to market gardeners, and a'l otheisiu want of a location in the neighborhood of New York. 400 acres of land, at Westcheuer. within 9 milei of the City Mall. witr> right o( passing over Harlem Bridge, free f toll, are offered at private sale, in lota containing from ) to JO acres each. The lands are within 14 minutes' walk of the Harlem Railroad, front 01 good rwads, are in the neighborhood of schools aud churches of differentdeuomiuations, the water is good, and location healthy. Terms moderate, 1'itle indisputable.? j Warranty deeds, without anv restriction or reservation will i k? A.o.ittn nniiVfuNifiiii unuura Morrisiana. Westchester county; or to WALTER RUTHEHKORD, oir, l?t?rc Connaelkr, 79 Nnwau at.. New York. ^ LOOK Al' THIS ? Kiench Hoots and shoes Oen ^ rleinen, in thii atore you will tiud a large aw >rtruent, H be?>quality end cheap ; Ladies wilj also find here all kind of bin u am ahoea they may wuit; the slock ii o large anil the asanrtment ao great you cannot fail India rubberi all the different kinds of my own ni mufactnre. for I.idirs, KeuU, hoya, misses and children and will aell them cheaper thau auy other establiahmeut iu thii city, at 367 Bioadwav, rne dnoi above Franklin street. 06 Hteod rrc M. C A HILL. The piles.-a cure for like 8ei;uRku~U7 Upham's Vegetable Electuary, or Interual Remedy I'othe Pilea, 1 rei'irad bv Or. Upham. New York, a regularly educated Ph yaioiau. who devote* hii attention Imutt entirely to thia disease. No mineral cau be detected in the ciimpontiod uor any other article that 1 an bo directly or indirectly deleterious. The remedy was invented by Ul, Upham after he eft college. He wan fliiven t > find a cure for the Piles by the misery tlie diaeaae inflated up 11 the world al large. The proprietor o the F. ec.uiry unequivocally and distinctly avers?land lialleugea conlrad etior.)?that it wrll completely cure external, internal oind or bleeding I ii.r* or the Lonoist Standing. uo matter how obstinate th - case tiny be. or hnnel-ajy the natient may be considered situated. Th ee one dollar boxei have entirely eradicated thr disease, after it had existed In it? most Tr.nmric AapKCTe, for twelve, fifteen, twenty ?uj tw-nty-five years; in proof of which, the 'ortunate individual* who were made whole have presented the most |*>? live ami tin mistake .hie teatimoiiir In some instances a cure has iw -u eflec.ed by six doses, or hill' a box, viler the ingenu.ty ofa host o physicians, sua the DwcauruL Kitt^r. <4 the Surgeon had been ejercisel 10 the utmost with bat the smalleti th-tdow of succest. Thrse are uot idle atte tions, lilselv put f irth to entrap the credulous, but solemn and \r nderful truthi to which hundred* will testify. Kveu if i turgiMl operation we>e crruin to accomplish h permanent euw. it is too disputing t" be thought of. while the agony it engenders is piialliug ii< the fitreine. and aliattrrs the coustitnti'-n bev onil a hope of recovery The number of persans tfer u?11 y cured of filet by the tlectaary in two year* fall but little atur of Tun Thousand in New York, Philadelphia, Button and other ciiiet ol the Union. Tim it a great result in boast, and it not equalled, or in en approached, by any event noted iu t?ie medical luitory of thnwoild. it it reato able to tui pose that aueeit will be levelled ut thete remarks So they were ut Kultou wher, he Arst made known the worth of steam and its great practical utility ?,o they weie at the persecuted Galileo when lie mblittied hit discovery of the Microscope?to they weie at Morse when he hinted at the discovery of the m?gnrtic telegrai h whu-li is now a f t mil tr and every day affair. It is s tier lor the sufferer Tut hefore he Pcorri, find procure happiness aud a renewed lease of life il' lie can ? Many a mail haa lost hi? existence by permitting Ins lncreduli to router hisjudgment. The kllei tuary ia particularly commended to the attention of married la<*iea, the one-h?lf of whon are subjected Ui the attacks of pilea iu a modified lorni. Tlie medicine run be safely taken under all circumstances Either before the piles appear, or after they have made their tad havoe, the victim n in de to endure severe costiveuesa, g ddiness, iull iinmatiou of the spleen kidneys. liver, intestines, blidder and Iplal, yjjk i?any corresponding ailments. lor the sure cure of all of which nothing equals the F.lectua'y. These professions are uot mere mercenary, but are made with a view of alleviatiuK The Distresses of Myriad* who ran discover no ineth d whereby to gain a restoration of I thrir health. This bM will be apiMient to all who lusp-ct the ! medicine, when, by so doing, they may perceive that its cost I must necessarily be i Imost as great as the price dcmacded for it. While thi? ! riltill a*d Sfeeoy Kkmepv j is to be hadiso cheap, it is enmi .ml to nejlect to test iu worth, aud put our ut'iualilird asseverations in its favor to the test. New Yo'k Certificate. Messrs. Wtitt k K etc ham?(leuti For several years i>a*t 1 have l-een troubled with Piles, a very costive slate of the bowels, indigestion and weakness of the tystem But my comidiint not being so severe as todisableme from biisiuess, and a dread I had of physicians mid pat'ut medicines, that until this spring I never used any medicine or ap lied to a physician for r?lief._ The piles then bring so severe that 1 allowed several operations to be performed, without any benefit. Determined niter this to try in her means, I read \ii advertisement of a cure guaranteed by the use o( Dr Upturn's K'ectusry. I purchased three boxes at ymir sto-r, and from the use ol which I loiiud mysell entirely cured of the Piles, and my health much imI proved. I remain, sirs; your much indebted (riend, KZIIA 01 HULK, 194 Broadway. Philadelphia Certificate. Dr IJgilAM?Dear Sii:?About five years a*o I wasaflliot'd Willi wnai was csueo < hrunic Uyset.fery. I hive suffered with it ever since, and physicians hate told me tliat my liver w 11 r tfected auiithat my bowels were u'Cerated. for blood and I'll", attended with a peculiarly putrid imell. were itie frequent itischsrges. A ?h >rt lime ?uice I ma te a visit to Jl?v aciiiiMeiu. in h' prs ot benefit fr m a eh?ng> of air. bu' suffered more severely 'hiin ever lief're While there, a pliysician offered 'o ruie ine for $10. in three mouth-. Happily, in the midst of interne paui, occasionally relieved by laudanum, i aiw iu a wrapper of vour Kle tuary a perfect d? s.-rrptiou of my complaint, tone her with in my certificates of cures.? This |<v( me great coufitmiee in the mediciue, aud I putchaseda box,and nine doses ni which have apparently cured me. and am prepared to say everything in Ha favor, or render any service I canto humanity by subscribing to ita merits Reapectfully yours, BENJAMIN PKR< IVAL. 89 South Sixth atreet Lt*.ter fro* Capt. McLean Hahwat, June 6, 1117. | ] hive beeu afflicted for yesri with the pilea, and have tiled I without anything like fjrrnaneut benefit, almost everything assuming the name of a remedy. I h<d, as a matter of course, lost all confidence in mtdicine. I'uder this feeling I waa iidueed?not without reluctance, I confess?to u?e Uphsm's Electuary, and having used it for abont three weeks according tu the direction' laid down. I find to my ntter surprise ss well as a tisfictl"n, that every symptom ol the disease has lert m?. 1 think it due alike to Dr. Uphan and myself to make this Statement. (i W M'LEA n, I .le of ihe V S H S Id wholesale and retail hy Wyatt & Ketchum, HI enllon at.. Dr. A Uiihim. IM Bowery. N Y . and by Druggists generally throughout the If. 8. Price tl ? bog. Marie*? I'he genuine Elecioiry has ihe wri'ten ngminre thus (53^* A. Upham, M D.) The hand is also dune with a pen. <>21 I'M V8c W m Dropsy and (jhavkl.-dk. o vauohn wou il call ti e attention of mv lids to his vegetable Lithontiiptic .Mixture, so h.ghlv celebrated throughout the country aa O V ughu's Great American K-oi'dy. Dr. Vaughn would earnestly assure *1) who desire a remedy of any kind, that the article possesses properties v?r ich will meet all classes of ilise iae ; that it cannot be taken without benefit, and that for pioof of iti gieat curative nowera he b-ga leave to refer to cert ficatea of curea from all tectiona of the country which are in pois*.aieo of his agents. They have sold this meditin for four rears peat for all kinds of complaints, and will he able to show testimony of 1 high ebutcter. D . Vaughn weuld eanieatly a?k the public to call and obuin fiia pamphlet in the hands of hia sgen s for gralnitons distribution. It w II show why one remedy ia as j^ooo u imy wneo mat one r?medv la properly compounded This njedecin# is eapeci'lly offered lor Propter, Gravel Kemsle Complaints, diseases of rh? Irrer, kidneys, and *11 affection* ol the nnnary organ*. A* a female medicine it i* out of the most certain enratirn erer talxu into the ?yst?m?not a single instanc* ha? it eyer Iwen retorted to without perfectly rest ing to a heal hy state th-debilitated frame Let the drop- : sical sufferer reso't at once to tins medicine ; the fir.t trial of a JO ot. bottle will how the power of ths article Let the inffetiiiK in that distress n( dirtnse, grnyel, and all other complaint*, try this remedy, and tho Mot bottle will conyiuce roo that it has eitnordinary healing urine*. Price, 12 o* bottle, tl ; 30o*. do., fl; or sit 12 ot bo tl?* for $i, and si* Jfl or. for fid, if taken at one time Office for the sale iK tins article 132 Nsss.n street, N. Y.; Htorrs & Co., 21 North Hiirh street, Philadelphia* HtniUi fc Atkinson, Ml Baltimore straat Baltimore : Mrri?ht It Co., Ill Chart'** *tr?*r, New Or'can* ; Mm. E. Kidder, TOO Court street, B??toB. V1 h/ mirm l f?ii*r*ll)M|irnq|h?nt yt* ? Ciuiufa*. | W TO fORK. WEDNESDAY MO Interesting War Intclllg?i>re. OEFICIAL DESPATCHES FKO.U I lit AKMY. 1 llKAUqL'AHTKH* lir Briuauk 3t> Division,^ 1 Mwnoqii, August li. ltU7 ) Captain?I ba?e the honor 10 report, forth* icforinatlon ofthe major general commanding the division. the operation* of my brittle during the aeT?ralengag?wenU < of the l!)th toil 20th ult Agreeably to ioatructiona, the Dth and 1 -JtLi regiment* of Infantry, commanded by Col. Hansom end Lieut. Col Unnhain were directed by uie to support th*t portion of Uen Twlggs'a division ordered to attaok the drat of the enemy a works at Conlreraa. . Tbeae regiments moved with great alacrity and ooolneta for three fourths of a mile, under a heavy Ore of round shot and shells. to a position a little to the right, and in advance of the battery commanded by Captain Magruder. 1st artillery. wbnae oondunt I had an opportunity to observe with admiration, which position they maintained from two o'clook until 9 o'olock, r M At thai hour, tlndiug myself, ? I believed the senior officer in that part of the field, and learning from Captain MagTUder, whose battery had already suffered uruutly from tbe enemy's vastly superior weight of metal, that be win authored by the ord*r* of the general commanding the division. in case of an inability to make an impression on the opposite work*, to withdraw bin guns. I directed him, as well as the ioroe whiob supported hi* bat : ry. roi:slfctlDg of the 9th and l'Jth regiment* of infantry, tour companiea of the 3d infantry and rifle*. to retire to the bane of the height*, about a mile and a half in frout of I he enemy's work*, and there to watt further order* At 1 o'clock on the following morning. (, the 40th) tien Twins*, with Capt L**, of tha engineer oorpa? *ho*n distinguished terriers on both days will not, 1 am sura. he overlooked? came to By bivouac with ordure from the general in-ohief to aMainUa all the forces In my immediate neighborhood, and ooeupy a position In oriir to create a diversion in favor of Brig. (Jen Smith, who w?* to storm the enemy's works at dawn of d*y Being myself unable to keep my saddle or to walk, in oon sequence of a severe irjury from '.h? full of my horss the day before, the command of this force devolved upon Colonel Ransom, of the 9th infantry The night was extremely dark and the rain poured in torrents, but this gallant and efficient officer succeeded in organizing bis force, and in gaining the position assigned him without difficult* Ilia nreMtnrn ittrxiUd the Urn of the < nemy until the storming parties under the direction of (Jen. Smith, hud crowned the hill immediately in rear of thrir works. And when thin brilliant achievement of storming the enemy'i batteries was perfected, Kunsom's command poured 11 devouring fire into the ranks of the fugitives After the rout of the enemy at thli point, my command, in common with other troops. followed the retiring; enemy into the town of San Angel The lbth Infantry, which had been previously detached, and under the immediate order* of the general commanding the division, joined the brigade In the pursuit For the operation* of thia regiment thua far, 1 refer to Lieut. Col. Howard'* report, herewith enclosed. At San Angel, dispositions having been made to attack in reverse the entrenchments on the Han Augustin road, my brigade. In conoert with that of Gen Shields, was ordered to cross the open country between Santa CUarina and the above named road. In order to out off the enemy's retreat. Having arrived at a hacienda near the road, the enemy's iufantry was leund posted on the latter, as far a* the eye could reach in either direction, besides oavalry hovering in the cornfields on our flank and rear In this position our troops received a most galling fire, which for a time threw tbem into seme confusion, but they soon rallied and made a desperate eff irt to restore tbe fortune of the day. The intrepid (Jen. Shields, sup I'iKbvu uj uui. ivBUBviu^uomua'i iu unnging poruoua ox the commands into ord-r. and with the building aa a pivot. threw forward their left wings and danh?d on the thick* si of the enemy, Gen Shields moving directly on tha road where a Urge body of Vlexlcan infantry were cnusesled in a ditch which skirted it, and from whence they had hitherto kept up a deHtruettve Are, with comparative safety to themselves. Col. Ransom moved more obliquely toward the read and directed his nourae to an old village. on tbe top* and behind the housea of whloh the enemy were in great force. ji 'l he r>>ut of the enemy in thia part of the field immediately beotme complete Thus, in fifteen or twenty miuutea from the Ma-* when tbe fortune of the day aeeraed doubtful victory perched upoa our standard. The loa huptained by ray brigade in tha twodaya engng< menta amounts, in killed, wounded and missing, to boot I ?0 men of all grades That of the Ibth regiment, from its exposed position In front of the hacienda, in the last day's affair, was by far the greatest, ita gallant onlonel. Morgan, waa wounded early in the action. I regret to state that Lieut. Col Bonbam, commanding tbe 1 iih infantry waa aeverely wounded in tbe hand by tbe anoid'ntal discbarge of his pistol on the morning of the loth. la aona* quence of whloh I waa deprived of one of my most brave and efflelent offloera during tha ensuing engagements. lr. waa my misfortune, aa before atated, to reoelve a serious iujury from the fall of my horse, on the afternoon of the lBth This accident rendered me unable to atiuggle with tha dlffloulttee of the ground, over which we hid to paas an the evening of tbe laat day ; and in the eff irt to do so. 1 fell, faint from exhaustion aud pain, a fiw yards from the a?ver>-at Are of the enemy'* line ; and, altbough in a position to obaerve tbe general con bearing of my <>%o?ra u<l gnu no uunh from pmraanl ohgerratlon ? froui the rrp<irt?o( uiy MatT and those of the nominiintlrrs ol regiments These show It to have b?en everything that could be desi'ed; indeed. for new troops, thtir deportment was admirable. 1 havn already ppolcen of Colonel Kttisoia aud Morgan, and Lieut. Col Bonbum. in terms sufficiently Indicative ?t my hearty approbition of their conduct Lieut Col. Howard, who sue-ceded Col. Morgan In the command of the 15th regiment, and Copt, wood, who took the place of Lieut. Col Bonham. at the head of the 1 Jth. are Lot less entitled to my coium-ndatlon. Among the brave oflloern of my brigade who fell rnurI tally wounded upon the fleld, I Ihiiieut to mention Capt Augustus Quarles, of oompary K; L'eut. Goodloe. of company B. and Lieut. Goodman, of company K, all of the lAlh infantry. Major F D. Milia, of the 15th Infantry, after having behaved in the most gallant manner throughout the an lion, near its close followed in pursuit ot the foe, since which time he h s not been heard from, and K'fut fears are entertained for his safety. Commanders of regiment* speak in terma of high I commendation of the following oflloers : ?Major Seymour ; Captains Bodflsh, Thompson. and Kimball; 1st Lieutr C J. Sprague (adlutaut), O. Bowers. Jackson, and Slocum; Ud l.ieuts Newman. Palin?r, and I'lexce; the two former severely wounded, and Snrgeant Major MacNabb, acting -M l.ivut of company K.all of the '.tih infantry ; Capt. Holden, Lieut. Himpklni, and l.ieut Steen.of the litb infantry ; the two former wounded in the engagement of the 'join; Captain* Jones, Tell, tloaglaud, and Chase. I.ieu'. Bowie, commanding company A. and Lieut*. Beach. Beckett, and Wiley, all of the lAtn infantry; Lieut T H Brodhead, adjutant of the 16th*inI fantry. merits the highest commendation for his coolness and conduct. i I should do violence to my sense of justice were I to ; ouiit to notloe the admirable bearing of Lieut Reno, of the Ordnance, who, although not under my orders, was frequently associated with my commaud in charge of the mountain howitzer battery with which he rendered signal service, especially on the afterneon of the 'JOth I have great satisfaction in referring to the intrepid conduct and valuable services of my Adjutant (funeral ('apt. Wlnship of the 2d dragoons, and Lieut Fitzgerald ot the t>th infantry, my Aid-de-Camp. upon each ol whom devolved the severest services From the morning of the 19th to the night of the 30th, they were both In the most eiposed positions, engaged in an Intelligent and gallant discharge of their respective duties. I fear that, in coasequence of engagement* not connected with my immediate command since my arrival at I ?hl? I,I>K.| tml I h m nrsanl fall ?r>r thi. v.nn rt = 1. ..... return from Tacubaya, I may have occasion to regret (.he fall urn to do justice to the distinguished conduct of the "Mi -win nod men of my brigade. Accompanying this report ih a return of the killed, wounded and minting 1 bare the hon r to be, Very respectfully, your ob't serv't, (Signed) KRANK PIERCE, Brigadier Oen U. ?. Army. To Capt. J. IIoomEn, Ass't Adj t Uen'l. MORE OF THK IIKHOES OP THK WAR. [Krom the tialllinore Sun. October 29 1 Capt D II .VloPhall, of tbe Sth V. H Infantry, whose i name is foaod among the wounded in the recent battlea ] Immediately preceding the oapture of theelty of.Mexloo, I Ih a uative of Baltimore, well known to moat of our citt' rend, and baa a mother, with sister* and brothara, In our rnidat His earliest military history is canneotad with I the Klrst Baltimore Light Infautry, then under the j command ol John H l.atrobe, Lsq , tbe oldeat infantry company In the State, and at the time of Capt. .MoPhail's ! connection with It, was considered one of tn? best dlsolI pllnetl corps iu the Union. The la*t commission signed by General Jackson, a few days pr.or to the expiration of his term, was that of a Lieutenant in tbe 9th regiment of infantry for young McPball, and after receiving his commsssioa be was ordered to Kort Knelling, on our i N'orth-western frontier, where he became distinguished ! for bis gallantry as a soldier,au<i skill as a strict disciplinarian. Aboottwoy ears since we tlnd bun In Baltimore, a* a recruiting officer lor the 6th regiment, and after raising a large company <f the sons of Maryland, ba joined General Taylor, after the battles of Palo Alto and Resacade U Palma Having been attached to tha co

luinn ui ?ifuvrii ?"riu, wo urmi> uuu uiui, aiMi'iu^n ami a Lieutenant, in eommand or a company, unc mathlng hii -maiden aword" In atoruiing the height* of Monterey Ilia com pun y, t h < ' color company" of the K> /trnent placed the American flag on the height*, and hi. wordi addrea>ed to Sergeant Applegarth -"well doae. Applegarth you d?aer?e to b-made a Lieutenant"?b> long to the Malory of hln regiment <Jenrral Worth ? olTlrlal report* apeak of tba braveryland intffcpedity of Mol'hail,not only at Monterey, but at Vera Crut, la the taking of which ha alao participated He than atarted on an expe' dition to Alvarado. by order of (Jen Soott, to ancure horaea for th? Rifle Regiment, la wblah be war- moul successful. (. erro <iordo wan the next field of hi* exrloiu, and hers again ha la dtatinguUed In tha report* or th? cnmmaudrr-ln chief. At tha battled of Churubuwo, Cbapultepec, and tba atormidg of tha gataaof Kl I'ledad, he took a moat active part, an although wounded, succeeded the lamented Lieut. Col. Martin floott, In tha command of the 6th Regiment, and may he become aa disMngulahed aa hi* gallant prede<'e?*or Id the ia?t publiabed report of Lieut Col :?ooh to Col Mclnioah, detailing the dutlea pertormad by the Mh Itegiment, at the ba tie of Churubuaao, we bud the moat honorable i mention made of Capt. McPhail. b? baring aoocewded in ' bringing one of the captured gun' to H?ar on tba enemy Col Mclntoeb, in bU official rapi,n of tha capture of i Cb?rnbU4?o, alao apeak* of ('apt Merhail, aa baring di*?l*Ted courage and actlrttr worth? of hi* pi knmhmb " Paw MBcan of tb? i|' of ( apt M?rh*U ( t it k r RNIN(i, OCTOBER 27. II ja?e <"< 11 ho much hard aereioe. and may he long li?e Lo t-njoT tb? honora bin bravery aud intrepedity h?v? so well earned. ? TIIK VOLTIQEI'RS. < | krnm the Washington Union. Oct ib 1 The following 1* an extract of a letter from a member I sf tba voltigeur oorps to hla friend in thia city, dated City OK VIkiico. Sept 28, 1847. ' The voltigeur regiment wan first Inside the work a and i 3Mtle of Chapultep?c. in t e gre?t battle of the 13th inttanl. atid their little tttif (completely riddled by ball*) 1 woe planted on tba inaide tba battlementa at leaat tan 1 mioutea before any other Thia la fact acknowledged by nineteen twentieths of the army, although another I regiweut now claim* it; but It will not do Thia regiment behaved well In former battle*, but had not the front in either; notwltnitandinz they had ?? men hit In th? battle of tbe Hth Instant. and only between 60 and liU killed and wounded. (few of the former) la th* Int. In i which this regiment tiu In front, and did the hardest [ fighting of any. The fact Is. tbe Mexiaaus (hoot too ' high, and tho?e nearest to them frequently. If not oftenest. escape with less lo*? Their artillery, however, they tight well. *?? * Tell , that bis friend General Pillow has Tery inucb elevated himself lately He U our Msjer General lie Is wounded, but will get well of It Ilia wound was from a spent grape shot, in front of the instap, smashing \ the ban*." ARMY. The quartermaster's department In this otty, is actively engaged in preparing steamboats to proceed to Mobil*, for the purpose of conveying from that place to V?*a C us the flv* hundred mounted Georgia volunteer* Two of these boats were expected to leave yesterilay. and a third on* to-day The Telegraph arrived yesterday from the Brazos, will probably be sent round, and also th* New Orleans, as soon as she arrives. We have conversed with an officer of th* army, recently from Vera true who states it was asserted and | believed tnere, that Hanta Anna slept in Vera Cruz on th* 3t>th ult, and that his object was to leave the country Various circumstances had ocourred, which went to couflrut th* truth of this report One thing whieh gives some color to this report is, that there does not appear to be any reliable information as to his whereabout, sinoe be left the capital The intelligent officer from whom we have the Information, believed in the reDort.? jV. O Cum. Bulletin, ]8(A in$t. (Jot. Martin, of Alabama, bu again iaaued his'iig on the cltlr. <na to till the requisition fur * battalion of infantry made on that State Urit apring. Astronomical. Marbi.'hd. (In Kurh'aaen ) Sept. 2, 1847. Edtcemko Kriicnd: V'our friendly letter of July 13th I replied to on the liith August. sending you at the game time a copy of a review whinh I have made of your valuable bookn. and a diploma. So for you, entruaud to me by the luatituta; alt of which, making a tolerable package, were forwarded through Dr Klugel at Leipaic. Since then I have received your* of the 35th July, and at once alt down to auawer it by poit. Kirat, I tender you my tbanki for the interest with which you have taken up my view* concerning the observations ef Venus. and for the effective manner in which you have undertaken to make the plan known in the Uulted H.'atea The artiole in the National luteingmcer (No 10,733) expresses my idea* thoroughly, u yon will probably have seen in the more complete eaaay, Sachnehten, No. A99,) which has ere this reaehed you I r? gret to obaerve that I neglected to express in my paper the reasons why I deem it neceenry that tbeamail atara used for micromatrioal comparisons thould be seleoted at an early period, and that they abould be obrerved onea. the selection being by meana ef the Berli > Aoademy atar oharta. Though I regarded the reasons obvious, I became aware too lata that they should have been diatinctly indicated, and not have been passed over iu silence Ifiniurometrlcal measurement* shall prove of real utility, it i? manifestly necessary that the polot of the heaven* to which they refer, should be determined as nearly al possible. iu the same manner and from the same elements as tbe point C, ascertained by meridian observation*. This nan only be effected. tf the small stars undergo at tnch period new aud accurate determinations 0 f their right axcenslon and declination, by comparison with neighboring Fundamental stars, and ripeoi?lly with the same Fundamental star* to which the simultaneous meridian observations ot the planet are referred (Thus, 1 suppose, all obxervatlon* in 1847 should be referred to u Virginia aud a l.eonis, and those of IS4U to a Tauri and a Arietta ) Out, tbe small atari beiug inviaible (from day light) at the period when the observations are made on Venus, there must neaeaaarlly be a reduotion to or iroiu UU.-it'rTALIUUB u? miiun slfwu, buu, hjcidiuic, w eliminate th? vitiating vfleot of proper-inotloo, It Is abHolutoly ementUl that there be for reference observations of anterior year*, which li the out only with thoa* contained iu the " Hiiloirc ' Beuel'i Zunrs," ho * ' * " ' ? ' ' ' OERLINO. Lieut. J M. Gilliii, U. 8. N., Washington. HituiD UnivcmiTr. Oct. 2-J, 1847. Mill or Nkftit^c ?Tb? AsironomUobe Naohriobt?n of tiept 16, 1047, aontaloa a communication from Mr LumII of I.ifrrpool, concerning tiU obvrratious upon a supposed satellite of Nfptuue They ho?ui to be oouulusive iu favor of tho nstscence of auob a satellite, ?nd litMa f >r a rough ooinputation of tho mail ot tb* primary. li?* lias giTf-n el?ven diagram* of tho position "f th-< atrlilte,tcorre*poodmg to as ni<tay different dat'B of observation four of wbmh are iu l9<iti, and tho remaining seven in 1H47 A caretui examination ot thane diagram* hUows that the satellite must bare made "latun ftr Iwolva Ant.lm rusnluf iniil ahmif. ItM nrlniur* Irom tt? superior conjunction, Dicembtr 1, 184tf, to the Mum* on July '2JJ, 1847, and that Its period of revolution ouat, therefore, bav? been 91.3 days, or 19.; dajs The latter of these period* seems 10 be molt oonsislent with all the observation* of 1847, and the form> r with one of those ot 184f>; go that the longer period He*mo to be the most probable one. Mr Lamelt has also given several estimated distanoes of tue satellite from Neptune, which he has never slated to appear to be more than four diameters of the planet. He did not, however, estimate the distance when the satellite was at its greatest elongation, but his greatest observed distance corresponds Kt? the time when the satellite wan at rather more than half its greatest possible distance from the primary By ooiupariug the times of observation with the probable times of oonjunction of the satellite with the planet, it U easy to ascertain the direction of the one body from the other, and theuce the apparent foreshortening of the line which join* them, to an otinerver of the earth. This mode ol computation ban given in? seven diameters of the planet, as the Diescure of the probable mean distanoe of the satellite from Neptune; and none of the observations give so great a Iieail UlSUIUce ? btiu miuilHri in .Tfiunr uui we ?l?o know the apparent diameter of Neptune, which hu been measured with great preolsiou by Ualle. Kuske. ''haUls, Walker and Mitchell, and fouud to be about J M seconds, and certainly less thau three seconds of ara. The probable mean dirtaucn of th? satellite from Neptune l?, therefore, about tw?uty seoouds of arc, and cauuot be as gr?at as thirty seconds ' if, however, the mean distance of the satellite In asauumwl to be thirty seconds,and the time of revolution If A days, the wan* of Neptune can be easily ooinputed to be oue half of the mass of llrauus, Instead of being twice as large as that of I'ranus, which ?ai the mass required by l?everrler's and Adams's theories. The observations of Lassell, then, seem to prove that Nrptuue cannot have more than one-fourth part of the mass of the planet of theory, and that its mass Is probably not more than one-fifteenth part of this theoretical planet. This extraordinary deficiency of mass, combtued with that of ecoeatrlclty, (which was first ascertained by Mr. Walker, and which Leverrler was very unwilling to admit, because he regarded it as a fatal blow to his theory, but which later observations have established beyoud ail di?put*)cuts down exceedingly the effective action of .Neptune upon Uranus. The unexplalaed irregularities of motion of L'rauus amount to oue hundred and eighty seconds, which were to be attributed to the action of the geometrical planet, but of which Neptune, with its pre nMDl UrDIl Ifclll VU?J Kinnrnv pnoium uiani uvunnvout nivu L*s*eirs observations, could not account for morn than twenty seconds, and does not probably account for Ave socoudit! I' tun speculation depends for its support upon l.assell'a estimated distances, bat a rigid scrutiny or these estimate* shows tnern to b? consistent with each other, and no(iH?t|unfitly worthy of confidence. Here, then, is the final blow to the most magnificent struoture which human genius haaever erected, and the moral of the ancient llabel menu to be reproduced in the defeat of the bold attempt to scale the Heavens by piling planet upon planet to Infinity. Yours, very reapeotfully, B P. Rumors Contradicted.?Rumor* are rite in the city, many ol which have no foundation.? Kor Instance, w* reoeived this morning a telegraphic bulletin from a Philadelphia editor, Inquiring wmd we should publish General Scott's despatcnes.' This curiosity was probably produoed by the blunder of a scribbler in this city, who writes to New York that a large budget of despatches had arrived from the camp But i he (act is, that no despatches have been received from the general, descriptive of the late atlrring eveuta, and, indeed, no letter, as we have understood, from (Jeneral bcott since the 4th of June. ICllher they have been in tercepted, or they have been withheld, from the apprehension of their falling into the hands of the guerillas, rhis state of things caunot continu t much longer, aa the advancing reintorcementa, and the positions which they mean to occupy uuon the route, must aoon opeu the communication indeed, we uudxraland that General ?oott has been expressly instructed to open th? road, tor the purpoee of tranamuting his deapatches. Another report was current in the streets of Waahinrf ton to-day. ?U: that an eipreen bad arrived from the Rio Grand*), with information that Urrea wm urosniDg the mountaiuH with '.20,000 troop*, (or the purpoee of weeping our po?tn la that direction. Rut we Ii*t? aeoertaiiihii that do otprHM hu arrived with any nuoh Information l,etter? hare been reoelvcd trow Oeural Taylor'* oamp, but t'.ey My nothing of Uma'a Invasion A lat? Now Orleans paper state* that <?en. J'ajlor in tend* to visit the United fttatea, and espect* to be in New Orl'-aun sometime In the month of November. We doubt thi? information, a* we preaama the General will not leave the arm; until ho ha* ocmmanicat?d bi? wishes to the department; and we understand that no <uoh notion ha*yet been received ?tVnfKtngltn rnion, Oct. 33. At St. Joaephi, Michigan, a man namvd Cllpfell, lately murdered bia father and then (hot himfif The old man had offunded his a?n ky frequently eipoatulatlnrf with him ou hi* habile of Intemperance I h? father Is ?nid to hare been SO yeariof age, the con M. An Indiana paper lately went Into deep monrnlng for , the death of the rreatdeut. T. L. CllsgMa.ef N. C., ?* ? elect k> the nwt j '.ongreM, wae at Hiiltdelphle e? Mc?(Uy I TFiR 4 347. Uw Intelligence. "Coi.'rt or Sk?ii >*?, Oot. Jd'h ?B?for? K?- i jorder Uoott, and Atderinun Keek? and Tappan?Trial yf Jinn Lohmin atnn Mudti n?? Ktil'll for H+mlauthlrr, nniinurd -Counirl lorthopnopla. U(d?n lluffiatn J tan VlcKeon and Jonia B. Phillip*. ; for the defenae, David Urabaui and lame* T Brady h?<j* Rxamination of Maria H-dmr. for tK* Proitculion, :oniinwd ?The operation iaatrd from dva to two in!nutot, during whioh time 1 waa iyiug on lb* floor Af>r .V'.adain Reitxll, rtninhed the operation, sb? told ma that I might gat up; 1 tbao got up and tat in a cha'r Madam Reatell than told ma that 1 ahould have t? take some pilln; she gave me Ave or ail pilla and told ma to take throe each day and then left the room; I do'nt re- i collect whether (he turned the key on the outaide or not; j I tnlnk sbe did not; l continued to sit in th? olialr tor*>me time; 1 was greatly distressed from the 9 Afoot a of the operation; I took the pills as directed by Madam KesteU, but nothing partlou larly ooosrrcd until Hunday morning, wb?n Madam KesteU entered my room at nil ttarly hour; 1 told her what had oocurred; she replied that that was nothing, that It would oontinue until I had got through Madam K<tstell continued to visit my room at intervals during the alteruoou In the eveuing the brought me a ligbt and a glass of water, and told me that In oase I should need her during the nlg'ut. to rtar the bell; but said shu did not think that 1 should want bar that night 1 did I not see Madam KesteU again until about seven o'oloek the following moining. when she oame and enquired how I got along 1 told her that I was very muoh distressed I kept getting worse and worsa Madam KesteU frequently visited medurlug the day, and she slept with use on Monday night; I remained there uutll Thursday afternoon. the name week; my fare was crackers and tea the first day; tKerward?, I had vegetables, gruel, soup, fcj , on Thursday Madame Restell same into my room aitl fvund mecrylnz; she asked me what was the matter, I told her that I wanted to go home, and tuat I had no money to go with; Madame Restell then said ttiat if I wished to go home she would give me money to pay my passage with, and she gave lum $1 tor that purpose, the prior of passage was MX shillings; took me down iuto the parlor, gave me a glass of wine, and said that she would look round and see if there were any poltoem-u about, for If there were, I should be taken to the boat in the carriage; before leaving the house she oautioned m? against saying a word to any ene In relation to what transpired, as ws were both liable to go to the State prison; that 1 had no right to be there, and she had no right to give me the medicine. After undergoing tbe operation at Madam Ilestell's, my breasta pained me very muoh, and milk oame from them Madaui KesteU gave me some directions what to do after 1 reached my home, in order to relieve them from pain, and dry up tbe milk; I left Aladam ResteU's be iween mree hdu luur ociuua hi iun ki brruuuu ui 1 uui p* day, the 41st of JuJy; as 1 waa about itarLlng,aha shook hand* with me, gave ma a Uh, and recomm>-nded ma uevsr to gft in such a situation again; I walked down to tha boat, which waa but a abort distanoe from Madame Restell> beuse; 1 went direct to Mr. Cook'* house In Hamapob; whan 1 left Mr. Cook'* I went to reaide with a married (liter, Mr*. Youngblood, in Walden, Orange connty; thl* wa* about the lut of September : 1 placed myself under the charge of a physician there, Dr. Kvans, who came to vi?it me on the third day after I arrived there; he oontlnued to visit me for some time, and brought Dr Maatell, Or. Smith, Dr. (ioverneur Mlllspaugh.aud Dr Thomas Millspaugh al*o to see me; Dr Smith attended me from April last until August; fr >m the time that 1 went to reside with my sister, in Walden, in September, 184b, until August last, I was constantly under the oharge of physicians: the present state of my health is very bad; I have eonitant and distreaalng pain* in my head; 1 have pain* in the back, and a general weakness and trembling feeling throughout my body. Crust-txunnntd Ay S&e. Bradt?I went to reaide with Mr. Cook in July, 1H4?; I think it waa towards tfc* last of the month; Mr. Cook waa then a farmer at Walden, Orange County; he had no other business at that tim* , I had known him about a year before 1 went to live with bios; became after me; I waa redding with Mr*. Youughlood, who 1* my sister, at tbe time; I had previounly Hied for two months with a Mr Jordan; during tbe time 1 lived with Mr. Cook, bi* family consisted of himself, mother, and his son. besides myself and a mail named George MoLnou, Mr Cook'* daughter, Maria, sometimes resided at bome; 1 never bad auy conversation with Mr Cook before he oama to aee me about going to live with him. CounitL-You have said that In a month alter you went to live with Mr. Cook, you had llUoit intercourse with him. Waa that so? Witdiii?Ye*, air Counikl?Waa that Illicit InUroonrse continued up to Hn.UMt Witness?Yes, sir. Coujukl?Had Mr Cook anv illicit Intercourse with you in tbe montbof May, 1B481 Y Vimi'm ? I think nnt Counsel?How Ion; did you lira with Mr. Cook? WitmMi?Icontinued to live with him uutil .September. and Wits engaged as housekeeper all the time Couniel?Wti?t bad bean the stale of your health ' froui the fail before you went to live with Mr. Cook, to lbs time you removed to itamapo.' Witness?Middling good; 1 bad anjoyad good health all the tim?. Counsel?Had you ba?n attended by any pbyiloiao from the time you Ural went to live wltb Mr. Cook iu July, la4?, to April. 1846? Wi r.iKia ? I had out, to tha beat of ay reoolleation. Counsel?During that time had you any complaint or disease upon you, for wbioh you either doctored yourMtt or hud lb? attendance of a pby?scian? Witness?I bad nothing more than a heary oold Counsel.?Had jou never gona before a justice of tha yeaue tor tha purpose of making an oath that you were pregnant ' witness.?I nsvar had. Counsel.?Did you aver know a man by the name of William Uroadhead ? Witness.?I do not reoollact any mob man. Counsel ? Did you ever know a man by the name of Horace Armstrong ' Witness.?Yea, air. Counsel ?Did you ?ver know a doctor ar lawyer by the name of Moo Of II ? Witness.?No, air. Counsel?Did you ever My to William Uroadhead. Horaoe Armatroug, Dr Smith. Dr. Monnill, Ur Kvans, or Dr. Mlllspaugu, that you wera pregnant prior to lsJ4ti! Wn iiii ?No, air. I never had any reaaon to (uipeot that I waa preguant before 1M0. Counsel?Did you ever hare Illicit intercourse with any other person before Mr Cook I Witness here paused. whereupon the District Attorney wished the court to luolruot her that aha waa at liberty to deoline the qu?slion Counsel for defence insisted upon the witness answerlug the question. The Court decided that witneaa was not bound to *nmmmr nrniiilrai the an??M would tend to degrade or disgrace her; auci being Informed of bar right* by the Court, declined answering the question put by counsel toj defence, oo the ground tun It would t?nd to degrade her. (Mr. Bmuv here cross examined witness relative to the character of tha various symptoms which led her to the oouviction of her state of pregnancy at the time of making such discoveries ] ljuestion by .Mr Bkmut ? Did you ever take any medicine between making the first and aeeond visit to Mad. lt<>stell? Witwkm?No ?ir. ?Did you nonsuit any parson between the flrat and second viiit relative to your situation' WiTr<r.?i ?No one but Dr. Cole. Coi.ntKL?Did you tell Madam Reatell all you bare told here in relation to your oaae' YViTnr.ii.?I do not recolleot; I do not think that 1 told her avery thing Couiikl ? What did you mean when you told bar that you wanted her to attend to your ease ' ?I had name doabta about being in the family way, and I wanted to be certain, t went there to know the truth. Cornr.L.?Did you go to Madam Reetell'i with the in tentlon of asking her to do anything for you* WHIM. -I merely went there to aak bar bar advice Couisel.? Did you intend, in case she told you that you were pregnant, to get some medicine to regulate yourself with' WiTNr.i*. No. sir; 1 had no otb*r objaot beyond In quiring whether I waa pregnant or not. Coumkl.? Did you at any time aak Madam Restell er hint to her that you wished bar to do anything for you? Witness.? No, air. A few daya after flrat visiting Madam Reatell, I oonaulted Dr. Colas; he examined my breasts, which were very painful at the time I waa stopping at my sister's In Uleeckar-st at the time, i returned to Kamapo and want to Mr. Cook's house, and rasnin id my duties as housekeeper; I attended to everything except the washing; 1 remained there until I started on iny second visit to Madam Kestell's. I did not ask Mad*m Kesteil to make an examination of my parson She told me that her prloe was fA; I hesitated because I had not ao much money with me |A great portion of the testimony of this witness was of such a nature as to render It unflt for publication Her orosa-esamlnation will ba resumed this morning ] Sr rraioa Corar, Oct. 28 ?Before Chief Justice Oakley ? l.ynrh and wjt V L nngilon This cause waa raaumed this morning; the judge decidsd ia tavor of the objeationa taken by plaintiffs' eounael. to the admission of the transcript ot the dead mentioned in our report of yeaterday Tha defendant than called a wlinaaa to prove the loss ?f the original deed, in order af. ? ? ndary evidence of Its nontenta The ! caoan wan not concluded wb*n tb* oourt adiournad CnMMon Pt ?*?. ?et J"d<? Daly ? On* caiut of r*pl?fin only, which w*? of no iiu*ra*t to aoy but tho*? p >oo?i,n?u. wa? triad iothUooart Tb* oilier branch of th* ocurt adjournad in th* morning, do e?u?? being raady. Circuit Covht, Oct. J<V?Both branch** of thin oourt ar? adjourned. U H. Cmct iT Couar.Oet. it ? Mr Jnjtlo* N*l*on l* aipactad lu town tlil? ?-T?nlngor tomorrow (thin morning) to op*n th? circuit eourt In CiiHitu Bafor* Judge Vandarpo*! Claudiut Pord ii Jamtt l/olmtfi In thit nu?io Application wu mad* on hohalf of defendant to r*duoa bail It appeared from th* paper* upon whl'h th? application w?? founded, that the defendant In thl* ra*? earned a criminal prosecution to b* in?tltut*d agalmt th* piaintWT and oth*r* on a cbarg*of fraa l and oon?plra<-y, upon which a warrant wu granted by Juitloe Drinker under which th* plaintiff waa arr**ted and brought before th* luatio*. A bill of indlotment win afterward* found by th* grand jury again*t th* plaintiff; but upon further confederation th*y Iguorrd toe bill of Indictraent; tbr plaintiff than o?ma*no?d hi* aotton for a mali?tou* pro tenntleu agalntt tl*fe?danl aid h*14 hi* to kaU In th* ram *f *9000 Th* narti***pi>**r*dtht|i?<.r?t?it, ||4 imr hw>li| Mf w >ar?e?t, imomI for <*N?dj*. t T,T> Frio* Two UmU. '11 mppr.rt of ih- m'Uon. m l Mr. Ju1?h for plaintiff oppo?itton Ln Ho?'.r ih?t *albMoa?? might b*?after roine bef tk htm in another f ?rm( f'e would abatfttn from making auy remark. oo i * menu Hi would, bow #?.r My, that It w*? kgkini-i the policy of our Iim tad luftuuti'ioi to exuct ?ic?ln ball anil would alao add. that bail w?* ottcu a?lt?<l for not with a ?t?w ta further tb? ?ndi of ju?tloe. but with th? luteal of noarelng ? opponent In order to ooinpel Lira to make a?oo*??kHM which ha otberwiM wi.uld nut make |{? di.t ? ? "> be understood m imputing anything of thU kTndTto tba plaintiff in tbi? mum. but be had known Initancea mob u ha had alluded to. to have oocurrvd it li alan eU?ge4 I bat the plaintiff U a cltlian of the State of T-nmn' and ana tie to find bail In tbla city, in the amount rar?nuir?d by plaintiff Taking all tha clrcuraatanoaa Into oouddcration. I f??l siyMlf constrained to red net the bail from tSOOU to $1000 Bail reduoed U S CoMMKiiA.fKB'* Orricc, Oet U>> ? Before Commiaalonrr L) L tiardliwr?Chargt of R'volt ? 0-?f|< F fl'Wr, John Ltwii John Chapman, Jam't Lughitn. and Ham Charln Henrirkton, five of til* craw of tha ahtp .Vlartlmar Livingston, war* brought before tha Coat miasioner tbU morning, on tha oharg* of baring, on tha 3d of July iut, wbila tba thumI lay in tha Norta river, attempted to craata a revolt on board, by refusing to do duty, and acting In a riotoui and tumultuous manner, by wbleb tha paaMngers were graatly lU armed, and tha ship detained in tha river lor one day After tba al~ in iuat ton of two witnesses. tha em wai adjourned ? There are aeven other*, the oraw of tha (ame ahlp. an der arreat for an attempt to create a revolt on board oa tha I at initant, whilat (he lay In tha dream, about to prooeed on her voyage to Liverpool Count <.'ai - Tbt? day. Got *7. ? Common Pl-ai.?Part I - Before Judge Ua'y ? Not 19. 63, 91, N, 101. 11.107, 100. 113. 116, 117.110, 191, 141,11. Part A ? Before Judge Iniraham.?Nos IM, 170, 1T9, 174 170 178 ISO. I6i. 1*1. 180 1*1 1*0. |"J. 191 Superior Court, (two hranohes ) Ml 116, 7# 10. 64. 66. 66, 143. 103 41 47.14. I J3 37 M. 147 144, IAS 1*9. 100. JO, 1J9, 1 J?, 106, 61, ISO. 114 34, 17, 63. 30, 41, VI, 1*7. AlB4NT, October 36, 1647 T\t Patronage of tke General Government. la th? Senate this morning, the following jetnt reaota tion* were offered by Mr. Albert Lester, of OnUrto. They have been offered at the instigation of the radloal lection of the democratic party,who have lately ohargad that the demoeratio Statu Convention at SjraflUM waa thrown into the hand* of tha ooneervatlvss. by tha intimidation of iooal offlo?ra, dependent upon tha general govt ru merit for their bread; they have alao charged the general government with an undue interference In local elections: ? Kecolved, That tha Senators in Congress from this Stat* bo instructed, and that tha representative* In Congress from this f<tate b? requested, to UH thair beet effort* to procure the propoaal by Con gran* of an amendment to the constitution of tha United State*, wtUoh shall authorise Coufcres* ? 1. To provide by law, that any of the ofHoer* of the United State*, provided for any State or Territery. or for any subdivision or portion thereof, shall be eUoted by the elector* of (nob State or Territory, or some' subdivision thereof; and to prescribe the manner ef suoh election. J To prescribe by law thu duration of the official term of all oMoer* of tba Culled State*, the dnratiaa of whose official term* is aot fixed by the confutation: the oases in which any such offleer may be rsnofM from offlca before the expiration oi the term lor whieb i he shall have been elected or appointed; the ofloer or tribunal by whioh. and the manner in which *uoh sua pension or removal shall be made; and the manner of tilling any vaoancy occasioned by any auoh suspension or removal. Kesolved, That the presiding offloero of tha Senate tod Assembly be requested to transmit a copy of tba foregoing resolution* to each of the said aenator* and representative*. I'tiM tnllnoriticr aHAitinnal rMAhitinn wm AffMrvd bw Mr Bnrlow : ? Resolved, That lueb senators and representatives ba iiIhu r* quent?d to use their b.'nl efforts to procure th? proposal by Congress of an amendment to the aooatttutiou of the United Htalae whioh shall prohibit tha appointment by tha President or Prmlilitat, and Haunts, of any senator or representative la t ougretw to an; offioa except of main bar of the cabinet,under tha United Statea government, during tha term for which ha shall have been eltotad, or within one year after the termination thereof Tha raaolutions ware advocated by Messrs Lester, Spencer. Barlow, and many other senators of talent .Vlr Folium opposed thx establishment of a universal oleotive lyatein. If the senator (vlr Letter; would aanhue hia resolutions to tlie office of postmaster. ha (Mr. K ) would vote for them ; but otherwise ha eould not do ao. Ha adverted to the singular oonjunature whioh had suggested theae resolutions?the dlvlslous In the democratic party In thla State. Hi* remarks were extend>4 and eloquent, and 1 regret that I hare no time to sketch th?m. Mr. Srrncca Mid, that reoantly tha poat offloa department had beoome a powerful pohtloal arm of the govaraineut. Uef ire Mr MoLaue hald tha offioa of Poetmaater General, tLere wee no such thing aa changing subordinate postmasters upon a change ot administration But now. tins had become an iinmeoaa angina of power and oorruptlun, aud poatmaatera ware LaMm mated into a aupport of the general government. Hanoe, (said Mr. Mpenoer) tha Taat naoaaaity that tha office of pastmastar should be made elective vlr. 4 took occasion to compllaant Mr. McLaua, undar wboaa administration of tha office of Postmaster tieueral (he said) question* relating to tha removal of poatmaatera ware always referred to tha locality where thev renlded Mr Liitkk said tkat In offering these resolutions ha W..1 . A ministration, be had offered tLem with the oon viotlon that the American people were oapable of aelf govern ment, and that th?y were aleo oapaDle of electing thnir own offlcen. without the intervention of an agent. He believed the resolution embodied a sentiment whlob waa all but universal and be ttauughl that lb* satisfaction with which tbe new elective system bad been reoelved lu this State, warranted him In making this r?i*ark , no complaiuta had be?n made about tbe fitnaaa of tbe Judl oial oftieers who bad been elect?d by the people, and the expediency and aafety of the elective system in thla .Slate waa every where acknowledged. The question waa then taken upon Mr. Leetar'a resolutions, by yeaa and noes, wltb the following reault:? Ayea -Meesrs. ilaokua, Barlow, Beach, Beers, Burnham, Crook, Denniaton. Oridley. Johnso,., I.xoter. >lor ria, Handford, J. U. Smith, ? Hniltb, Npenoer, Townaend. Van rtchoonhoven, William*?Ik Naya?Messrs Kolaom and Whaeler -It. The additional resolution offered by Mr. Barlow la now under discussion. St Lock, Oct. IB, 1M7. [ Strut f\gk(?Crim. Can. ?Conwiia, <A? Slav*, fc.,^c. quite a flare-up took place yeeterday on Chaatnnt *tr*et, in front of th* Po?t OBm, th* parti** to whleb were Cyril C. Lady, th* editor of th? Ptoplt'i Organ, and John M. Wtm*r, the po*taa*t?r of < urgoodly oily The difficulty aro*? out of a charge of oSolal dereliction, ramie In tb? Organ of y**t*rday A boot noon tb* p*rtl?* met, wh?n tbe pout mat t?r, approaching Cady. aak*d blm If b? *w tbe author of tb* offenatv* article In qn** tlon. Cady at first equWoeaUd, bat finally anawerad that he ?u not tbe wriUr ; though ha, a* on* of th* editor*, of oour**, wa? retponaibl* for tb? offensive word* mod ' Then, sir," said Wlmar," permit me to t?U von that I consider you a moat contemptible puppy, and n base liar Into the bargain " The official continued heaping upon blm tbe most off*n*l?* epithet* conceivable All this tbe Organ man bor* with Imperturbable frarity, till at last. briitllag up, be replied "Now, sir. 'II tell you what I think you,1' at th* th* (am* time raining bin stick Winter seltad th* sttok,aad a aouffl* endued. ''Let go my (tick, or I'U blow von through " sawl Cady " Blow and ba aald the postmaster There waa no blowing, howrrer, except from th* haunted lunzH of tb* two oembatants; ae th* foot of an* Mltpping. the two I'm 11 on the payment At thla juaotare, tba Hon. J B. Bowlin. who ?u atandlag near when tbe difficulty commenced, run up sod Mpvaud the oombatanta .Neither waa aerinualy hurt, though < ady got the worat of it I Thla quarrel, In It* lnclplency fM connected with tbe < Award or the poet oflloe printing to the RtvttlU oewapa I per. Inatead of the Organ. An eioitlng crlm o?n case will oocnpy the attention or the nest aeaaion ol oar criminal court. The dellni|uent pert lea were arreeted a few day* also*, and bald to hall In (he inn or ?<HK) eacb The lad* la the wife of en ei*Ju<jge, and la otherwlaa rrepootaMy eooneeted? The gentleman la oae of tha million Tha pair eloped, *ome week* alnoe, and took refuge from the fury of tha j Injured huKband (alack, ror tba romance of the thing') ! in the iwampa or liiiaoie They were ferreted oat, hew | ? Trr, and will be brought before the awful tribaaal above named one which usually ooavicu tb? Innooent. and acqalt* the guilty (latrander ooneloted or shooting, with deadly Intent, a fellow by the name of Kueker, haj been admitted to bail In the ism of $3* .INK) until the Mupreme < oortehali d-eide upon Ilia claim to a new trial The pualabment umler tbe*eraiet would be two year* In tba penitentiary. I yeaterday *i*ited the oell of Coraalia, tba *la*e charged wltn being the accomplice of Mr* Ann Tanaer (ItMaUf acquitted) In the murder of a little negro girl, by whipping and atarration .the admits her partlalptucy, but eay* ahe wax compelled to take the Part aba uid lu the affair On one oeoaaloa the aaya tba eh Lid waa tied to a tree from voaday morning till Friday night, expoeed by day to the (unrobing ray* or tha suii, ami by nigbt to the atlnglug or myriad* of mosualtwea; and that during all thia IIcue the child bad aoibtag to eat. but waa whipped dally! Tba child Uld tba nana avory to Dr McDowell Mlaeatlaneoiaa. The jewelry atore of Meaars N OU**te4 It Hon, New llaaan >( hmkMVI intO On H&tllMhV nlfht hnrf tfMuta ?t"l?n tban-from to th? tnioant of aooeia 000 or ?4,0> 0 Thar* wm no froat Id tha atghborhood of Xann*b??, Mr , uutll tha naowod or third waak of the praaant mooib. : Lhn Indian corn h*4 tbarafor# tima ttt ripen bafora tba I (talk* wara killad Two louDgt'arr, ?f flrtoan. baiengtBg to eortngtwa K-ntuaky, want out to light dual, lha othar J?t, but wara taken back to thalr piranta bafora thay had trad 1 thtir Drat (hot. ' Tha itaknaaa at tha < Iraaa Ida Qurutlaa Nutioa baa materially abaWd Tha larrtaaa of two nadlo?i gantlaman, no longer na?dad,hava baa? <tiap?wa*<l wtih A maatlng tha Wrd af dlre?t?*a of 'ha rba?a fnt? t|d Ohl? *m>*1 fiii?i? h?id ta^atHar I )W|Hl of t^Junit piaAn'iraa * ?w??lafa tba wot i

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