Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1847 Page 1
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TH] vol. xxn. No. ao3_whole no. imt). THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Notth-weit corner or Pulton and Nmmu ata. lawirc cnonnu dcmmctt donddictno ininuw uuuuun uLiiiiLi i, rnurmtiuni CIRCULATION.!FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Pric? 2]ceut* per copy? 17 "J ii-r ionum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HK UAL D?Every Snurday?Trice 6J4 cent* prr co y?$ 1 12W cut* ner annum?payable iu advance. HK.HAl.U KOK F.L'HOPE?Every Steam Packet day? Prirr cents per copy?%'> per anuum, including postage, erS'J23 exclusive ol postage, payable luadtauc*. Hub cripitousand advertisements wilfbe received by Messrs. Oalig uaui, 18 rue Vivietine. Pari*; P L. Simond*, II CuruhUl, and John MOIer, ih? biufeseller. Lond <n. ANNUAL PICTOllIAL HER ALD?PublUhed on the lit of t it it. ry of each year?tingle copy *ixp?Qce. ADVERTISEMENTS. at the n?ual p'ioea?al way* caih Id kdranoe Advertisements should be written in a olain, legible ntiuicr The proprietor will not be reapondble for error* that mayoreur in them. 1'RlNTlNG of all kind* executed beautifully and with despatch. All letter* or communication* by mall, addressed to the proprietor of the e*t<b|isbtnent, mut bapost pnid, or the po*t iff will lie <l??1nrt#ut from the stihieviptinn mnnevremitted NOTICE.?On and after SUNDAY, No^'?S^r--W!*veml?er l*t. 184T, the steamer* ?YLPH and STxTEN ISLANDER will make the fol1 owing LEAVS IT1TIK IIUKD. At B, 10,11,12 o'clock, A. M.?J, 4,6 o'clock, P. M. LJCAVK SKW TORS. ' t 9. II o'clock, \. M.?I, 3K, ?, ?x o'clock, P. M. v r.rt,. Qcr. 20 Ign. 627 ~T*i* rt.OPuE'8 I 1NE STfe.AAIBOA'1'a ?OH ALBANY. Daily, Sunday* Excepted.? rcMKfcjtsHflba Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Piei between Courtlaudt awl Liberty *treet*. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday evening*, at 6 " Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crnttenilen, will leave on Tuesday, Thartday and Saturday evening* at S o'clock At Five O'clock, P. M-?Lauding at intermediate place*? from the foot of Barclay itreet. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS. Captain B. Overbad, will leave oil Monday, Wedneiday, Friday and Sunday alctruoon* at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N. Hul*?, will leave on Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon*, at ? o Vl The above boats will at all times arrive ia Albany in ampls time for the Morning Can for the Eaat or Wen. Fre ight takaii at moderate rates, and none taken alter J o'clock, P. M. Xy All persons are forbid trmting any of the boati of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. Kor n is??ge or freight, a|.^)y on board the boats, or to P. C BUHULTZ, ai the oltict on the wh*"' 0I8 rh MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK I ALBANY AND TROY, and inter t.VftftafirMnnai tnediaf Landings. The Summer TKOY is a third larger than any other Day Ooai ; aud in point of speed, safety, and commoiuousness is actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired more universal and enduring popularity, or retained in greater per feelion those substantial excellencies which really deserve pahlic nyof, Dreukfut aud Dinner ou board the Boat. ('lie low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorhsm, will leave the ster inboat pier foot of Barolay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'eloek A. M. Returnn the opposite days. For pasi-tge or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office nn the wharf. sl6tc _t? _ MORNING LINE A. 7 O'CLOCK, ALBANY AND TROY, landiug at *.rTiMMiBftlMhsCald wells, Westpoiut, Newburg, Hampton, Milton, I ougliknepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook, Bjrrvtowu, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson. Cossaekie, Kinderhoos and B?1 imure. Landing at Hammond street. Leaves New York, Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. Breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kel l??g, will leave toe Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street. Tuesdays, Thursduys, ind Saturdays, at seven o'clock, A M-- retnroinir on the opposite days. Fi?r passage or (reight, apply on board, or to F. B. HiM. at the office OS tl>e wlmrf. slfirr .*&m; FOll I*EW UKLKANS?Positively First PackfcflJTWet hii>?The packet ship MAYFLOWER, Capt. wQnh'Jrabtree, will sail on Saturday, the 30tli of October, win,out fail. A few more second cabin and steerage passengers can yet be accommodated in the most comfortable manner, if early application is made on board, loht of Pine s'..or to M. P. O'HERN St CO, 1(0 South street, corner of Dover, o28 St.* in in '56 vVe?t-t.. c-rner ?f Hector. FOR NEW OKLe-ANS?Louisiana and New York Line of Packets?Very Reduced Rates?RegujUnttfasl r packet for Bch November ?The new and spleudid lax ?4i..<igp rket ship AKCOLE, Cant Hondless, is now loading. and will positively sail as above, hei regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for ?plendor or comfort, applv on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall >treet. or to E. K. COLLlNH. 96 South at. 1' Positively no freight will be received on board after 8a u>day eveuiuM. >?v.?h. IIAgent in New Orleans. Mr. Williim Crseuy, who will promptly lorwa/d all goodi to his address. The packet bark GlS'tEsEK, Capt Dillingham, will succeed the Aroole, and sail [November 18th, her regular day. _ NO i ICE?Passengers per packet GAKHlUa, nBjr^ifwror Liverpool, win please be on boatd.thia day, vt?.n i wilt 0' Willftrcet, u which time the (hip will tail.? Letter bi.g? will clo? at the !?! placea, at; hall paateevru o'eiwk, 0J8 KOR NEW ORLEANS?Onty regui r paeket WfJJV of the 3th November. Tne lint claaa fait tailing 4jfUN? packet "hp ALFRED. burthen l,?H)c? t?na, Capt. CT. B. Pendlei.iu; will aail ai above, her regular day The accommodations in lliia iplendid ihip for cabin, iicond cabin, and i ig - pa ?eus<eri, are uuaurpaaied hy any venel in port. heii>R r?omy and well ventilated. Pe/?ois intending to ?mbuk abraM cinnrace tlii> very favorable oppoitnoity. Kor ' in-, which very mode ate MM on board, pier 13 Earn x(ivt<r, or to JOSEPH McMUhKAY. o?S9trc 69 South nt'eei. cur per of Pine. ol.D Ott BLACK BALL. LINE OK PACKKTS brQ9y KOU LI VEKPOOL.?The miguificnt fa?t aailiug &fifi&U| Ball Line packet ill p MONTEZUMA, burthru I uou torn. Cap*. B. Lowber. will aail positively on Monday, the lat of November, her regular day. Kor termi of caoin, aeeoud cabin. < r ateerage piaaage in tfaia fine and iplen- , iiul [lacliet. eaily application ah mid be made on board, fo tof Brehrain ureet, or to the aubicriben. Pa?>a*? can alio je ieeure.i from Live'pool for penont to come by thia packet, which aaila from there on the 16th December, or by any of the Black Ball Line, aailiug twice each m nth. Diaftt piyab'e at fight on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Me?? s Pieicott, (irute, Amei It _Co.j bank era. London. Ap pi* to KUUH?, uhutmkkb k uu, 33 K'llton (treat, next door to the Fulton Hank. N II?The public are respectfull / notified, so that they m y he guirded ng?ia?t a deception which might be practiced on th m that we are the established and regular appointed auentj by the owners, to advertise to bring oat passengers by the B! clc Mall Line of packeis, which sail from Liverpool ou tl.e lat n:id Kth of each month; tint we have no conneetiun wi>h aav other p'isseuger house in his city; and ihat no bnsilino is done lor us here, except what is done at 33 Fulton st. o2fi 6 m ii... r UH LIVERPOOL?New Line?The new and Kv-WV P'enoi.: f&stsailmg packet ship GaHHICK, M ilJBati Hunt, master, ia now loading, and will positively sail to-morrow ( Thursday,) October 18th. Kor freight or passage, having superior famished aecoa modntions. ii'ply ot board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it**et. nr to E. K. (iOLLIN8,il8outhti The pa?scngeri by this ship will please be on board, at Orleans wlia'f, IjOt ol Wall street, to-morrow. Thnmdnv, Oct. VSili, at 12 o'clock. M , at which tim* the snip will sail. l-rtter bugs will cose at the usual places at half-past 11. i'ti* pa- (iiiii KOKCIUS, Captain Asa Eldririge, will sncceed the Oarrir.k, and sail Nov. 26th,her regular day. ..2' .11 KOK NEW OHLKANC?Louisiana and New kfvSy Vork Line of Packet*?Very Reduced Kates?PosiSum* tivrly the first and only regular packet to s il Torn .ir >?, Thursla*, October 28ih ?The new and splendid fast aniliug jacket .hip SAMUEL HICKS, Samuel Ooodhue, m uter is now loading, and will positively aail as above, her lei ular in. bgFor freight or passage. having splendid furnished accomm illations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall freet, -irio E K. COLLINS, 16 South street. I'oait vely no freight will be received on board; after thia (Wed ie?day) evening, October 27th. Passengers will please he on l>o\ni, at Orleans wharf, footof W?II street, to-morrow. Thursday, Oct. 28, at 12 o'clock, M , which nme the ship will sail. * A** ui in New Orleans, Mr. Win. Creevy, who will prompt ly forwn,u -ill goods to his address. The packet ship LOUISVILLE will succeed the Ssmael Hicks, and sail on Monday, November 8th, her regular day. o27 m 4*^- FUR LIVERPOOL?Mew Line?Keguiar PackBTiW et of 26th November?The new and splendid fast JUmSMbt sailing packet ship KOSCIUS, Asa Eldridge, muter ii u?>w lotdiug and will sail as above, her regirar d.iy. For freight or passage having superior furnished accommodations apply on board at Oneans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 Sooth st. The packet ship Siddoni, F.d ward B Cobb, master, will succeed the ICosciui, and sail 26th December, her regular day. of? ? ONMONKfcH per OtLAIN will pleafle rff?HV sf,w' l^e'r I)erD,iu 00 board , at pier 8 W H , or to ^Mlfcrhe office of Boyp H1NCKEN. M Wall ?t. KOK UH8GOW.?Toe .New l ine tail* lit and fM49? It. h of Mfh m > >?h ?The tine faat wiling A 1 Brituh JHHMb'i*ri|iie H YNDKKORD.SOO tou?,C?pt. A. B. McAlpin *i I anil 16th November. K ir fu'ight nr paas^ge, hiring eieellent accommodations, apply to ilie c.ii'ttin mi tmi'd. fo it ol Roarrelt it, k.iat Hirer, or to wOODHULL. Si VHNlURN. 87 South it. The regular packet ship BKOOK9B Y, S^tl torn, Cant. Hugh Vcf.wfii, eill in-'ccrdihe HYNDKKtfttD, Bnd i&il on her retmlnr diy, lat December. "Wm 3bf?($k""ttv mTPuOL? < ha New Line?Regular wMMfV Packet <il Hot of November?The well-known, lait jdfiiitiilfatKiling packet khip HOTTlNUUfcR, 1000 tiMM, f'Hpl. irn < iirstr y-. will aail an abotr, her regular day. fui freight or paaaaga, baring apleudid large and comfortable rale r..<itn? and cabin, ipply to the Captain on board, at Weit (ide of Burlii.g alip. or to WOODHULL Sc. MINTURN, 87 South itreet. The P?i kei ahiLIVKKPOOL, 1300 tons burthen. Captain J .tin Eldr'dge, will snec?*d the Hottingner, and ?ail on her reiiu'ar ihv. >l?t December. nifim d-ftS "NOTICE?BritUh Bark HYNDEKORD is this day 'liscliarguig under general order. All goods not perJNMMfbin'ti>'<l will therefore b' ?ent to Puhlic Store. ??? WOODHULL k MINTURN, 87 South .treet. OeMI l"1^. o2fnt " AUCTION NOtuTET-scriTTONKiTTiloT wS#XV-H.t*gcrty, Draper k Jones Will tell at. anction. on jKNMThuraday. Oct. 21th. at 13 o'clock, at the Merchant!* Fitch inre. the new ichooner Iabon, about 1)0 tout burthen, hu i t hi Philadelphia in I816 She is well fitted in alI reipecta, mid la ready for aea She ii 77 feet in length. 21 feet beam, rl l in fret hold, and ii well calculated to take a large cargo ia thoil water. She now liei .it the foot of Broome street, pier No. J7 East liner, and can be examined any time preriona to the day of mU. . Term*?''ash. or approved paper at 4 month* o23 7t m i ONSIQNEIC9 t CII SHIP ON CI DA, WILL KT#?Vplenae aend iheir permiU on board, at Pier 8, N. 11., JSUALirthe office if i ,n BOVPfc HINCKftN. M Will if??t. x .,? H>R 'IKNOA.-The superior hirk D. (lODfiTlwV KHKY, Capt. Bearae. Kor freight or puaave, apply ffrW HOWES, OODPRAY 8t CO.. orto "re BOYD It HINCKEN, Broken , E NE' NEW TIM War, ?e. LETTERH FUOM COL. KA.NSO.YJ AND COL. SEYMOUR. HeAKI{UARTKR?, 0TH INKAWTRY. > 3 Miles from Mexico, Aug -JH. 1847 \ Uknebal Here we are, bard by the "Hall* but, like an ancient worthy, we are not yet permitted to ot?r the promiaed land. The great battle of Mexico ha?, however, boon fought and won With about 9000 men we have fought and conquered '25,000 men. the latter Rtrongly pouted, with field work*, entrenohmentc, rannon in ebundince, and every military munition denlrable The battle commenced on the afternoon of the 19th, at Contreran ? waa renewed at the dawn on the 30th. and wait cloned ......1 mil., ?hl. v.1 .V i. ? "VM4 "",0 uroi bUO Ul Mexico, on the *TenlDg of the 20th August Our loss in killed, wounded, and mtmlnir, is about 1000 men; that of the enemy Is not lens tban 3000 The 9'h was one of the first regiment* engaged, and the last In the fight. It has done nobly?no one stands better. I feel proud of my command " Hurrah for the '.'th -the bully 9th !" may be heard a* we pass along. All hare dona well, general: you will not bluah tor the representation from New England. We hare had toveral killed In the regiment, nnd 60 or more wounded The war, 1 think, it at an end Commissioner* have been appointed on both sides?an armistice has been agreed upon. V'ou will receive the particulars through ot her souroes Mexico is undoubtedly the great heart of this oountry. and the most stupid must now see that it stands at our mercy. We are cantoned at the villas, baolendas, and churches (all good torts) around It. Our cannon would prostrate its splendid domes and gorgeous palaces In an hour. With these convictions, our eyes naturally turn again to our father-land. True, this Is a lovely country?a delicious climate?ripe fruits and fair dowers forever smile upon you?the ardent rays of an almost vertioal sun are tempered gratefully by the eternal snow upon the mountain'ops. All season* and all climates are kindly mingled here Still, nur hearts are not here. We may say of New amther says of Old Kngland, "with all thy faults, I love thee still." Seymour has done nobly?so have your Connecticut boys generally. He sits at ray elbow. The day does not pass without our regrets that you are not with us. That quickness of apprehension, energy, and untiring activity. found in a certain Major-General we wot of, has been deemed by us a combination very desirable in our division of the army?and we think also good everywhere. My men are very well; but seven have died of disease, out of 700 men. since the organization of the regiment, within a period of six months Probably no regiment has suffered so little. They are able and williog, If need be, to fight again. The country has every reason to be proud of Its armies ?victory has every where perched upon our banners. With a handful of men, we have penetrated to the heart 01 me euraj i country, uiu (?? we ujinnj flceins ready to crown our effort* Seymour and mynelf must write "and tie." 1 have already passed to bis territory. My kindest regards to your good lady and such friends an may enquire. That we may be permitted aeon to shake y> ur good and hearty democratic hand, la the ardent wiab and prayer of your anolent (Mend and fellow-soldier in a foreign land. T 13 HANSOM. To Maj. General Trait. 6, 1847. Dear General: Slnoe the date of the Colonel's letter, the Mexicans have been in treaty with us until to-day. The rascals have deceived General Scott and all banda; the General haa terminated the armiatioe, and in a few hours we are to hare another battle. To all appearances it will be a terrible one, and many a brave man must fall before the oity of Mexico open* it* gates. The probability is, we shall have to storm the oity. We ought to have marched into it the day of our last great battle; It could easily have been taken then. Santa Anna ia outside of the gates, with from 10 to 15,000 men ?ready. I suppose, to fall upon our rear But let him take care and nol come too near, for the 0th Regiment are bound to have his other leg, and all of bis upper works. I have commenced ray letter in a very common-plaoe manner, dispensing with the affectionate greetings which lay near to my heart You must anticipate the ten thousand kind words and good wishes of an old friend, who, in the midst of many trying scenes, has ofren to shut his bosom against the thoughts whioh weuld melt it Into tears. Webb behaved noblv, in the critical battle* we had with the enemy?00 did Stoddard, Johnson and Hat heway. Poor Woodbouse was taken sick the day before we left?so very nick the surgeon would not allow him to go with us. in any way. We left him in tear* at parting Webb ha* been siok for several weeks, but turned out for the flght. Ilia name and the names of several others were unfortunately left out of the official report, but will be noticed in a letter which (Jen i'leroe Intends writing. You see I have no r om to send a word of affeetlonatu remembrances to the friend* in Hartford, who I would name on caper. To all of them give my true love. To my dear friends. Mr ltedQeld's family, my most affectionate remembrances?to my dear friend Hubbard, and my sweet oeuslna, and to your good lady and all your family, the same affectionate regard. I intended to have mentioned that young Luther Pratt fought like a hero, and fell, but not dangerously wounded. In the last engagement. The Colonel has made a corporal of him You may think it strange that you have not received any letter* from me, but.since I left Vera Cruz, the road bnlilud us lias been efftuluully closed U> us nil uur friends. I wrote to mv mother from Perote, but without any means of sending the letter which I could depend upon. Remember me to my political friend*, ho. I have letters tor many, but I can't send them yet?I have only a chance to send two letters. 1 remain, dear (ieneral. Most truly and affectionately, Vour sincere friend, THOMAS H. SEYMOUR. I Si:rT. 13th, 1847. Dear General,?I open thin letter with a heart overwhelming with sorrow. We have jast stormed and carried the terrible battle of Chapuitepee, but wi to relate, our mutual friend Col. Ransom fell at the bead of the storming party mortally wounded, by a shot which struck him between the eyes. He was standing up In full sight ot the enemy? erect an a cedar of Lebanon, a splendid target for the foe, when the shot struck him It was a dreadful sight to me to see him stretched out before me dead?and I in a moment, in the midst of the most terrible battle of the war, suddenly placed in command of a regiment. The body of our dear friend, over whose affectionate lines to you, I am making a record of his glorious fall, has been placed In a leaden coffin, and will he taken with the regiment wherever it goes My hope and desire is that we may have an opportunity to return by next April. Truly, your friend and obedient servant. T. H. SEYMOUR. September 37th. P. S.?1 have just got a chance to send this to you aod one letter home. By the kindness of the British consul. I can send this to Havana, and I hope from thence it will go safe to Hartford We had to Inter the remains of the Colonel. I addressed a note to the British consul, and obtained permission to plaoe his body in the British burying ground, where it would be safe from the hands of ruthless Mexl cans. I commanded the escort at the funeral Generain Worth, Tleroe, and a large number of ofllotrs were present. AFFAIRS WITH ?KN. WOOL'S ARMY. (Krom the N. O. Picayune, Oct. 19 ) The U. 8 steamer Telegraph, Capt. Wilson, arrived on Sunday from the Brazos, having sailed on the 1 -Jth inst. Col. Hays was then at the Brssos with one oompany of his battalion. He expected to leave for Vera Cruz in a day or two In the James L Day. From Matamoras the only news of interest is the severity with which the yellow fever is prevailing there We have by this arrival a verbal confirmation of the news that Gen Taylor will establish his headquarters at Matamoras by the lath of November We have reoeived the following Utters from oar correspondent at Gen. Wool's headquarters: ? Vi?T*,Sept. 24, 1847. When 1 last wrote you we were in an agony of suspense to hear from Mexloo, expecting every hour news that "grim visaged war hath smoothed his wrinkled front," but on Wednesday night " a change name o'er the spirit of our dream," wrought by late news from the olty of Mexico via Parr as It was to the ell?ct that the armistloe bad been broken off and hostilities resumed ; that Oen Soott had attaoked Santa Anna in position outside the city on the 8th, Oth and 10th of Soptember, with stivers loss on both sides, and fallen back a short distanoe for supplies and amunitlon. The loss on the side of the Mexloans was stated at fifteen hundred, and ours they could not estimate, but it was suctioned to be verv heav v. a? our troops went said to have fought upon an open plain, while the Mexican** were behind breastworks When < the news was received at rarras on the 'JOth, som* of I the Inhabitants, considering that (Jen Scott had been I repulied, Indulged In a regular jolllQcatlon, aud ut I'atos i they rang thslr church belle till all was blue again. On the strength of the new* the caniillr. of Parra* excited | by the fume* of bad brandy and the thought* of a Mexican viotory, and Incited by the eiuisaries of Ki Senor Ookernador Aguirre, repaired to the house of Mr Lano, an American merchant of that place, assaulted it and also stoned Dr. MoManus, a resident there, and committed i other outrages for which they ought to " sulT-r some " ri'his news, as you may w?ll suppose, caused great excitement here, but them were many who would not believe it On Thursday afternoon, the g.ld. two gentlemen arrived from Man I.uis I'otosi, confltinlng the report of the termination of the armistice and the resumption of hos- i tilities. They also brought a pamphlet, published in the city of Mexico, oontaining all the proceedings relative to the armistice aud negotiation, with the propositions on our side and upon the part of the Mexicans, and i also the letter of Oen. Scott, dated the 6th of August, i Informing Sauta Anna that unless hn received apolrgy ] and satisfactory reparation for the violation of three articles of the armistice on the part of the Mexlo&as,before 12 o'clock the next day, he should consider the armistice at an end. Santa Anna's rtply, under date of the i 7th. was also given and was <{uite as clever a document ' as any he ever penned-It was Santa Anna all over. ] These documents Kendall has probably sent yon We are all Ailed with speculations here as to what is to be done with this column, but the general Impression is that whsther Oenersl Scott is successful in taking the city or not, this line will be abandoned to Matamoras, and a garrison maintained there, at Kort Brown, the mouth of the Hlo Orande, and at Brasos Santiago, and the residue of the troops despatched round to Vera Crus. They might be much better employed there | than here-there they tan be of service, here of none whatever. No one supposes for one single instant that J the Mexican army, or any portion of It will advanoe In this direction; and if thsy do they have nothing to gain. I As we lay no claim to any part of the country this slds of the Rio Grand*, why should six thousand good | W YO YORK. THURSDAY MO troop* be kept here in uilnn?r?. to malntaln'what we Jo | not want ? Kither send th<-iu through by San Luis, which every one would prefer, or (end them round. | The interior route would be the most expeditious, least expensive aDd eurest; and tho "great desert" buabear. 1 which ban go terrified the good people of the United , State*, is entirely exploded. Ail travellers from Ban ; Luis to this place, represent that there would b? no difficulty at ail. especially by the Zaaatecas route, and | very little hard inarching. Tb? order to msroh either 1 way would be received with the most unalloyed satisfaction by every man in the entire column I see the Union again announces that If peaon is not made beforo General Soott enters the olty. the war will be prosecuted'' with the utmost vigor.'' It Is quite time. Bi'kwa Vista.Sept 26.1847. i WVilU Han Wnnl I- Ih. I .. ... ... I of the murder of Dewltt. the priva e in Captain Meer's company of volunteers, much exoitement *?? produced ] by the commission of another murder on Wednesday, ; and which Is (till on the tapis. Two men attached to ; the quartermaster's department, named Raynes. from Kentucky, md Patterson, from Illinois. one a blacksmith and the other a wheelwright, had heen in the habit of meeting a party of Mexloan* near a rancho about half a mile from camp and gambling with them at montr On WednesJay they left their quarter* to their Mexloan friend*, but not eomlng home at | night, search wm made for tham the next morning. : and their murdered bodies were found In a ditch, partially buried, and near them evidanoes that they bad been playing card* Immediate measure* were taken by Gen?-al w'ool to hare the murderers detected, arrested and properly punished In the mean time, at night on the 23d Inst, a report was reoeived st headquarters th it an armed body of men from the dlffereut c.amps, to the number of ah ut sixty, were prooeeding In the direction of the rancbos near the o*mp. as it was supposed, with tbe intention of revenging the murder of RayiifH and Patterson. The general Immediately ordered out his body guard of dragoons and direotej hi* aidede-oamp. Capt Chapmau. to repair to the rancho*. and prevent any outrages, and cause all person* found thereto be arrested and brought to the provost guard The dragoons and Captains Oeas's and Hberman's companies of light artillery were also ordered out, and the same direction given. In less than twenty minutes about three hundred men w?re in the saddle and after the mob, but they could And no traoes of them Hearing the tramp of horses, they prohahly dispersed, and seoreted themselves in the extensive corn fields In the neighborhood. It was a bright moonlight night, and we had a fine gal lop of it, if nothing more. I can assure you that the appearance of so many armed mounted m?n. with their glittering sabres dangling by their sides, in this wild and romantlo country, was a beautiful sight. In every di icuwuii, uun uuiuu nn? pquilUR OI 111f*II emfTglDg ITOTQ Home oorn field, dashing down a deep descent or galloping through the chaparral; gallopplng into a rancho and scattering in all directions to detect any loiterers, sr walking their horses up from some deep dark nrroya. Returning from our fruitless hunt, we had to cro?s a very deep ravine, full a hundred feet deep, and two or three hundred across, at the bottom of which a small stream of water was trickling along A circuitous desoent, only wide enough for one horse, and ascent on the opposite side of a similar character, was the only means of crossing; and the command. Deaa's company, all mounted, liad to march by flies. When In the bottom of the dark and gloomy arroyo and ascending on the other side, the greater portion ot the oommand were high up on the edge of the opposite bank, and the effect of the moving figures against the clear blue sky was very beautiful. The light artillery batteries of Capts. Dess nnd Sherman are both in excellent order and Tery efficient troops. They are Indefinably drilled both as light artillery and dragoons, and their efficiency is of oourse thereby increased. The dragoons are also in excellent trim and well mounted. To return to the mur?*.er of the two men:?By untiring perseverance three Mexicans have been arrested, about whose guilt there is no doubt One of the rascals, doubtless upon the principle that misery likes company, peaohed on his comrades A military commission, oompoted of Major T. Hour.ard. quarter-master, ("apt. Hunker, of the Dragoons. Capt. Harper, of the Virginia regiment, Capt Napier, assistant quarter-master, and Lt Benham, Engineer Corps, with Lieut Franklin, of the topographical engineers, as recorder, have been sitting to-day If they lind their prlsoners guilty, they will be hung to a dead certainty, and a very exnellent effect It will have upon the Mexican community, une or tne poor devlla, a real Vlexioan | black-leg, very handsomely dressed. hand-cuffed, and I hla legs connected together by ail ankle-chain, nulte short, ha* junt paused my tent Although the unfortunate wretch mu<t take a highland fling with heartychoke sauce, as the saying Is, 1 could not help laughing at his manDer ot getting over the ground. Me is evidently accustomed to have hla legs fettered, for he goes along with a swinging, easy, danoing, sort of a gait, very graceful, such as I suppose the small footed Chinese ladies are compelled to adopt. The commission will sit to-morrow, and I suppose settle the business Capt. Junius H. Carleton, of the let dragoons,now acting as inspecter-guneral to (ten Wool, received orders from Washington to day to join his oompany ;K) on the other line. Capt. P. H. Thompson, who left here for Vera Cruz, in company with Osn. Cuahing, to Join his own oompany, is assigned by theaame order to command the squadron of dragoons here. TIIK liKROKH OP WE WAR. [Krom the Baltimore San, Oct :lti 1 Captain lames L. 0. Donaldson, of the 1st ltegiment of j Artillery, who baa distinguished himself in Meiloo, la a Dative of Baltimore, and of one of the oldeit and most ! patriot.o families In th? State The old 37th Regiment of Maryland militia will readily associate bin name with j that (if bit father, who no gallantly f-ll at North I'oint? a name which encircles the crowning cap of our Battle Monument. Capt. Donaldson ia a graduate of West ! I'oint. and nerved with the 4th regiment of artillery during the Florida war. Krom the 4th artillery he wan transferred to the lat artillery, and durlag the excitement on the northeaatern boundary he commanded the advance company on the frontier. Ha wan afterwards j nrleoted to run the boundry line an a compliment for ! valuable Information furnished by him to the War De- j partment. At the commencement of the war with Mexi- | oo, Capt Donaldson was atatlened at I'enaaoola, and waa, with hia oompany, the flrat to reaoh Wen. Taylor In his supposod critical position at Matamoraa. lie then pro- 1 needed with On. Taylor in hla onward maroh, and : highly dlatinguiahed hlmaellat the storming of Monterey ?no much ho aa to receive a brevet from the government, and (ten. Wool made him his chief commiaaary, a compliment aa decided aa that of a brevet appointment. The battle field of lluena Viata wai the next acene of Capt Donaldaon'a gallantry, and Gmeral Minon will forever recalled the shell and cannihter scattered by him among hia renka with hla U l-pounder howitiers ( apt Shriver, to whom ao much credit ia awarded, served under him in thia great engagement lie atiU remains with General Wool aa hla chii-f commissary, but will doubtleaa join hia company at an ?arly day. with Gen. Scott, in the city of Mexico, and if occaaion ahould again occur, will add additional honors to the name he bears, aa well aa to the city of hla nativity. ri-?rnm tha Rnatnn 1 Col. Martin 8oott! Sht.ll we relate hi* fabulous tea td ' We will: but without expecting to be believed. We never believed them possible ourselves, till our own eyed bsheld tliem, on an occasion when we hail taunted hlin into proving that possible which we had denied and derided a* an impossibllitv, a sheer romance We saw him throw two potatoes into the uir ami bore them both In the air with a (tingle bullet. - do this with both rifle and pistol W? saw him take >wn Ave swallowrt successively on the wlni( with hiB rule with siugle ball. We naw him plant tour successive ball* In the centre, so closely that but one hole could have been detected. At the fifth shot, his rifle hung fire. Nevertheledd, the half the diameter of the ball wad within the hole. We daw him dhoot at living object* at leant a thoudand timed, but never daw him draw trigger in vain, never knew hid bullet to vary a halr'n breadth from the spot where be had previously Raid be would place it Oen. Win. O. Butler was In Nashville, Tenn , on the 19th Inst. ARMY INTKLLIOKNCE. Capt J. Jones, of the Voltigeura, Capt. E. J. Jones and Lleute. Marah and Perklu*, of the 13th Infantry with 'ill men, will leave thld evening f>r Vera Cru*, These troopd have been encamped at the barracks for dome weekd past. Transports have been engaged, and are now In the river ready to reoelve on Doard any troops that may arrive here ?X. O. Delia, 19|A intt. The Victories In Mexico. Mayor's Ornci, Oot. 27, 1847. To the Hon Morsii Kkamili*. 'resident Board of Aldermen Sir?The recent Intelligence frera the seat of war hrlntffl fn na thn ifrmt lf?ln<? Maaiioan Asa tka> 4K a th? Amerloan troop* hnve been, even against the moKt unparalleled odd*. viotorious, sod that the flag of our country now float* in triumph over tb? capital of MexIc j; it seems to me fitting that iom? publio testimonial nhould be afforded ot our sympathy with th gallant officers aod soldiers who have, by their eonduet in the battlsa near the city or Mexico, covered themselves with glory, and won an imperishable fame, and I, therefore, respectfully suggest tiie propriety of convaniug the Common <*uneil on eomn future day, to be designated by yourself, to take Action on thin subject. War Ik always to be deplored - It brings with it many ?*d and bitter amooiatiuns it carried mourning to the hearts of thou?ands , but no true American could read the anoounts of the glorious victories achieved by our rountryroen, without a glow of emotion and pride; no truH American, however lie might deplore a war, would hesitate at any sacrifice to ensure lis prompt,honorable, and successful termination. Some tribute Is especially due from the city of Nrw York. the great commercial emporium of the Western world. Her sons have been permitted to share in these glorious victories-she is called on to mourn some ol the best and bravest cf her cltlxen* she deplores her losa-ahe rejoices in < heir triumphs, and all her citizens, I feel well assured, would join In any testimonial by which they might show that th? honor of our common country is deer to all ; that in the words of the Iscnentsd hero who gave his life for that country, they say, with all sincerity, " Our country, may she be always right?but right or wrong, our country " Respectfully, W\\T. V. BRADV. The Vcliow Fever In New Orlean*. fNTERMENTN IN THE DIFFERENT CEMK JKR IKS, for tht forty-right kntiri rnding at (J, M , Oct. IB Namr Nativity, Namr. Nativity. Jsmei Knight, Unknown Oeorge Brown, Oermsny Widow Coutreriere, do Jsinet Kadclift, Isle ol Man "aliere, do Jos. Schilling. Oermsny W. ration, Irelsn I Ileinrich Hlotli, do Mward Lynch, do Louisa Moore. Kentucky VV. Cunningham, Unknown (Jeorg* Behr, frraaae r^ii* Ac**f"sn. Germany Thos. Coyne, . Irejsud mt'" c 1 ' '" ticky Henry f. Norris, Manlaad John Wright, (ieimany Louisa Bsnm. Lsfryette Patrick McHagh. Ireland RK t RNING, OCTOBER 28. 18 TJu Mexican War at Home and Abroad. fFrom the New Vork Tribune, Oct 27 ] \ Lovers of I'eaou ! disciples of the Prince of Peace < the t alloys an J plain* of a slitter republic are smoking < with human gore' their streams run red to the revolting < st-an. Bv crush ?f canon shot, and shower of grape, and ! rattle of musketry, and thrust of bayonet, manv thousands of BomiualjCbrUtians are immolating eaoh other. With courage in their hearts, execrations on their lips, and deadly weapons in their hands, thousands after thousand! are tailing into graves which are but furrow* in the earth. If so much as that Kour times a* many writh horribly In keenest torture from wound* iwaWail In deadly fray?many ot them uncared for. and exposed to every privation and want. Thaw aro your brethren D<> you ears nothing for them ' And still the work of death goes on, and still the glare of burning houses, the Hmoke of human gore, the groan* ot the death stricken, the shrieks of slaughtered innocence, go up unoeasingly to heaven. The voice of mourning begin* to be heard in our olties and towns? the teart of the heart-broken widow, the detiolate, destitute orphan,mingle with and poison the oup of our prosperity; every breete from the South bears tidings of woe to families before unsmltten. and the bulletins of victory and conquest are surpassed in length by the lists or oar killed and wounded All this in the victorious, conquering United States?think, then, of the shrieks of Inoonsolnble anguish which asoend from prostrate, hleedlng Mexico; think how long these scenes have been continued, and how wide Is the field of conflict. how numerous the victims, how dark Is the shroud of defeat and disaster In whloh the brave men of that Hepublle lay them down to die! Why should we not have hearts to feel, even for them? They, too, are our brethren?defending their native land as we, if it were assailed, would defend ours Shall we continue to bntoher them benause they oannot oonsent to surrender as muoh of their oonntry, as many ot their oountrymen, to our dominion as our rulers ohoose to exaot? Shame on the heathenish, fiendish requisition! Lovers of peace! Christian electors of the State of New York! our appeal Is to you! If you will but do your whole duty with reference to our election at hand, the war. its authors and its objeots will be signally and e ffeotlvely rebuked, and its speedy termination well-nigh Insured. At all events you will have done your best to arrest it. What say you, then.' Shall business, or ease, or a stormy day of election,paralyse your efforts? Shall whoteiale murdrr and pilln?e. continue throui(h another year in orj-r that your nnet Tuetday't dinner may be ' eaten at exactly the right tem/ierature, or your bank-bonk thnw a few dnllart more profit on the year's bueinetgl | ui pt>aoe miu or gooa win, let your votes and your Hurts make answer! [From the London Times, Sept 30 ] It bad bono Anticipated that the aooounts from the United States and the neat of war in Mexico, which have just reached us by the Caledonia steamer, would put an end to the long period of suspense and perilous Inactivity in which General Scott's army has passed several weeks, and would probably annouaoe either the entry of that General into the Mexican capital, or the discomtlture of hia scanty foroes. The intelligence, whloh will be found in another column, hmrt much ot?re rn'mblanct to the latter than la thi fortntr of thrie alttrnativti. ???? In fact, having arrived under the walls of Mexico by dint of extraordinary perseverance and bard fighting. It Is by no means clear thac General Scott is nearer the grand object of bis gallant efforts than when he started from Vera Cruz: whilst, on the other hand, it is evident tn the merest tyro in military affairs, that an army of 6.000 men, at such a distanoe from Its base, and so inadequately supported from home, is in reality, In a poeltlon of great p?ril Conferences for the negotiation of | peace have, It U said, been opened, the alternative being another battle ol a still more perilous charaoter than the last; for ttmust be observed, that In General Scott's Rivv.iw jiwoimvu tun ivirnt iDfDinr uiuni un UUIUimilUU e huB absolutely no retreat. We should, therefore, not be surprised to learn that be In willing to conolude a peace on term* by no means flattering to the vanity of the United Stated. lint the moment we arrive at thin point we are met by various political considerations, peculiar to the institutions ot th? United State*, which render the Holutlon of th? question extremely complicated. Mr. l'olk undertook tint war on Ait own account, and it hai proved to 1 he the principal affair of Mi Presidency. The attractions ot military adventure and th* pride of military success have induced the people of the United States to endorse his bill* and to recruit his armies: and we have accordingly seen the Chief Magistrate of what wa> once the model of pacific government!, indulging himself in the royal liu ury oj a bloody war. AU this may be of some temporary advantage to Mr. l'olk and his adherents; but they must be well aware that advantages ho dearly bought by the nation will prove fatal to those who have speculated in them unless the burdens of the war can be terminated with this oampalgn, and unless this campaign oan be closed with an amount of suocess sufficient to screen the enorm>u> injustice of the invasion. In the jiieient state of public opinion in the world, we should have thought it extraordinary if the most absolute of F.urop'an sovereigns had dared to embark in luch a | war; but that a man, temporarily invested with a ilmj Ited power like that of the President of the United States, should, by his own will and pleasure, have I plunged his country into such a series of embarrassments, is, witboat exoeption, the most extraordinary ev-nt which has mwr ooeurred in tho history of any modern republic. Tho sequel will show whother the mere of military anhlevenunta Is snfllntont to overthrow all the principled on which the constitution of the United States ia professed to be founded; and even in this nfTnir of the armlstloe and the alleged negotiation for peace, we ahall be curious to learn how far < General Scott's conduct will be approved and supported by his Government, which no doubt anticipated a more brilliant result from the march to Mexloo. City Intelligence. Aaar.mdly Nomination.?The whigs of the 1st and 'Jd wards, composing the first assembly district, met. and unanimously nominated the lion. J. Phillips Pheniz as their candidate We learn that he has acoepted the nomination. The democrats of the 3d and flth wards, comprising the-id district, nominated William H. Shaler, as their candidate for assembly. Democratic Nomination.?At a meeting held at Htoneall's Hotel, last evening, by the delegates of the first six wards, in order to nominate a candidate for Senator, a portion of the first ward delegates, together with the sixth, split from the general convention on Monday night last, and so remained last evening, which resulted in both parties nominating a candidate. The first and sixth wards nominated James H Rutherford, and the others nominated ?x-Alderman Tlllou, whe received 10 vote*. Board or Eoucation ?Aspeclal meeting of the Board was called for last evening, to organise and adopt rules for the government of the evening free schools. A quorum did not attend, and the Board did not of course organ ise. The Weather.?The thermometer stood, yesterday, at VI o'clock M , at Delatour's, as low as 4h degreee; and at the same hour at the Northern Hotel, foot of Courtlandt street, as low as 42 degrees The frosty weather, It would appear, has set regularly Id. Kires.? A fire occurred yesterday morning In 33d st. and communicated to the rear or 31 Thompson street It was promptly put out by the polioe Another fire oo of I'euii and Murphy, at the bond of Cherry street, about half-past three o'clock yesterday morning. It wan promptly pnt out by the watchman, aided by offioers Kofi, with a private hose. No alarm was given. Damage trifling. (i??ni.-VV? yesterday received, with the respects of Or Underbill, a fine speolmen of grapes, grown In his own vineyard, and were much pleased at feasting ourselves on the same We would strongly couunend them to all lovers of this delicious fruit, i'ney were grown at bis vim-yard, Croton Point, andean be had at No. Ill Broadway, opposite Pearl street. K'n.i.hi sv a fall.?Coroner Walter* was oalled yesterday to bold an inquest at the foot of Duane street, on thu body of Patrick Johnson, a native of Ireland, aged ftt) years, who, while at work as a laborer on the New York and Krle Railroad, fell from a bank Into a quarry a distance of 30 feet, and died almost Immediately, verdict accordingly. Police Intelligence. Charge of Grand f.arceny?Offloer Caverly, of the 3d ward, arrested yesterday a man by the name of John Williams, on a charge of stealing a wallet, containing S3 In bank bills, belonging to Dennis Cannavan. residing at No. AIM Pearl street Upon tha arrest of tha accused, the wallet and money were found In his possession. Justice Osborne locked him up for trial. Hnhhrd on the Five Poind ?Captain Johnson, of the 18th ward, arrested yeeterday two Five Point thieves, called Jim Mn William. mn \,i? wiiiUm> of having robbed, few nights since, a man by the name of Jarars DHmooII, of a pome, containing twenty sis sovereigns and half eagles, several bank bills and (liver coin, together with a silver watch, valued In all at 9160, while in a thieving "crib"' located In Anthony (treat, on the Five I'olnts. The wallet and the graater part of the money, together with the watoh. ware found in the possession of the accu(ed parties. and Identified by Drlscoll a* bin property. Justice Koome looked them both up for trial. Jl Dnyfratt Game.? On Monday evening, about half pant 8 o'clock, a well dressed young man entered the (hoe (tore of Mr. I.aboyteau in Broadway, and ordered a parcel of boots to be (?int with him for a lady in West WashIntgon Place, to mske a (election from Mr I.aboyteau. without (u(pectlng that anything wan WTong, despatched his errand boy with the por(on, and a dozen pair of boots. They proceeded to cross Wasbinicton H |iiare, when the young man oommunioated something ta a person he met, ana suddenly caught the boy by the throat, and attempted to gain possession of the parcel, but not succeeding, he struck him a violent blow an the head with a stuog shot, seized the paroel. and made off The b?.y although bleeding profusely, raised the cry of thief, I and attempted to follow, but from weakness was unable to proceed far; he was conveyed to the store of Mr liassett, and the necpssary means taken for his recovery. To the Editok or tni Nrw Yon* Hr.min ? Sin -In yoar paper of tha 10th August last lia malicious and libellous article reflecting on the character i and reputation of D??t Oeorge W Lrach, of this olty As I am the party referred to In that publication, I ask leave publicly, as an ant of deferred justice to my hu?- I band, to deolara through yoar columns that the accusations are untrue In every particular, and that the ; charges and Imputations are wholly deatltuta of truth. | Mespeetfully, MARTHA I.F.ACH. No. <1 Harrison straat, South Brooklyn. Oct. 'ib. I.ntklliokmcr rRox Mo*t*vid*o.?By the bark I halcedony, Capt. Upton, which arrived at this_part yesterday, from Moatrvldo, Sept 8. ws learn that It tM ? ported that Oov Rom Intended closing his porU to the trade of that pUoe?Salem GttHl* [ERA 47. Uw Intelligence. JJCoi'rt ok Oiiiial 8ksiiom?, Oot. i7.?Befora Hi sorder ttoott, sod Aldermen Keeks and Tappan ?Tria' if Jinn I.oh man aliui NaJame MantlaugMer1 continued ?Counael forth* people. Oguen Hoffman. John, I McKeon and Jonas B. Phillip*. Ks<js ; for the defenoe, | David Graham and James T Brady. Lsqs . At the opening of Court this morning. the oroM-ezamination of M*ui* Booiik, waa resumed by Mr. Bra dy. She deposed as follows: i I went to the riermont boat at the foot of Duane itreet and gaw MoCann there, and then returned to Madam ResteU's, and told her that MeCann bad direotad me to t state to her tbat he had bid me to remain with her until c he returned, when he would bring the balance of the money; she then oonductedme up stairs, and left me in a room una locked the floor; 1 naw Madam Keatell again Id about an hour; she looked the door each time she want out; unless It *u her. I oannot nay whether ah* took the key out or not; she told m? not to let any on* Into the room tut herself; ll'uoy other person had oome to the door 1 bad no mean* of admitting tham. that I know of; did not leave the room from Thursday till Sunda . 1 joauuot nay that 1 had had any wliih to leave my room during that time; when Mofann came with the monev on Sunday morning, 1 Haw him in the parlor; I think that Madam ReateU oaine to my room and oalled me; I there was no one present at the Interview between Mo- | ( ann and myself; Madam Reatell waa in the back room at the time; I requested Madam Reatell to let me aee what came from me; 1 did not lee It; she did not do ao, but placed it behind the flreboard; then left the room, and wan absent for about half an hour; 1 waa In bed at the time; I walked alone from the houae of Madam Reatell to the boat, the Dight I returned to Ramapo; I arrived at home about 10 o'olook. and retired to bed In a few minutea after 1 arrived; I got up and attended to my usual dutiea the following morning; I waa obliged to do so; 1 left for Walden on the 1st of September; Mr Cook went part of the way with me; whea I arrived at Walden I waa In a ver? feeble state, 1 sent for Dr. Kvans on the third day; I cannot aay what kind of medioine be gave me; he oupped me. and applied leaches; I had no dieease at the tliae, txcept what resulted from the operation at Madam Reatell'a; 1 know a Mrs. Dowllng at Walden; she called upon me after I returned from Ramapo; I did not tell her what waa the matter with me; 1 don't know whether I told her that 1 waa suffering from a dlseaae of thu spine or not; Dr Kvans attended me for three months. Dr Thomas Mlllspaugh for the same period and Dr Governeur Millspangh for about two months ; Dr Kvans ceased to attend me of his ?wn aooord ; Dr Uoverneur Millapaugh told me that I had had a mlaoairlare . Dr. Hmith beiran to attend me In April and continued to visit me uatil A Ui<UKt, I wm still reildlng with my lister in Walden ; I came to this oitj about the middle of August; Dr Smith aooompanied me and took me to the residenoe of his sister,in Variok st , a Mrs iiorton.where be left me and returned home the tollowlna; morning; i remained there for about a month; 1 then w?nt to board with a Mrs. Nlvens in Oold street; I do not know by whom my board was i paid; i had not made any oomplaint at that time before any public officer; I Haw Dr Smithtwloe while I boarded with Mrs Nlvens; Dr. MoDonnell took me there; Mr. Bowyer wrote a statement of my case, which 1 signed; I did not swear to it; I saw the paper before the Grand Jury; I do not think that 1 have seen it since; when I went before the grand jury, some '|uestions were asked me whether the paper written by him (Bowyer) contained a true story; 1 said that It did; the paper was not read to me at the time; I have never heard it read except by the District Attorney, after I was before the grand Jury; I think I was not before the Grand Jury more than live minutes; the statement was written by Mr. Bowyer, inWald<n; Mr. Bowyer, Dr. Smith, Dr Bedford and Dr Cole visited me while I boarded with Mrs Nlvens; I hare seen the Mayor at the ( hlrf's office; It was after I bad been before the Grand Jury; Dr. Smith told me In Walden that he expeuted som* ono coming to see me from New V'ork; I was not affeoted with the venereal disease at any time between September. 1816 and Aorll. 1847. Dirtct Etamination rmumrd.?After the operation had been performed I bad cold chills ; In the heat of August I had to sit by the Ore for several hours SamuklC. Smith examined?i am a practising physician; 1 reside in Newburg In the oounty of Orange; 1 know Maria Bodine; she has been living there since April last; I was then an overneer of the poor; from information received, I went to the house of Mrs. Youngblood and found Maria Bodine in a very feeble situation, and unable to be removed to the pour-house; I did not examine the condition of her health at that time; upon the 8th of May 1 found she required inedioul aid; nhe appeared to be in a very delicate situation; from the examination 1 then iuade it was evident either that she must have had a ohiid, and had been badly managed, or that aa abortion had been produced upon her, or that she had been lnj ured by an Instrument or violence in some way or other. In consequence of tho opinion formed, resulting from that examination and other causes, 1 wrote a letter to the Mayor of this city in reference to thii case, on the 'Jd of August last, and on the ttth of August, four days afterwards, Officer Bowyer oalled upon me with a letter from the Mayor, In answer to the one i had sent to the Mayor, be came to my bouse near Montgomery; I accompanied Mr Bowyer t? the houie of Mr. Youngblood, where Maria vw then (topping; I think we left VVaiden about # o'clock on the following morning; Maria Bodlne did not then come to the oity; I accompanied her myaelf on tba 19th of August laat; I left berat the house of a married sister of mine In Variok street; 1 subsequently aaw her at IflTeua. In Uold street. Q Independent of the personal examination you made while attending as a physician, did Maria Bodine make any communication to you at to the symptoms, character, and effect* of the malady. A. Yea sir. At this stage of the proceedings, the court adjourned until to-morrow morning. U>iir.i> Mi ate* Circuit Coi ht?Oot. i7.? Before Judge Nelson ?Leonard D. Niciill, John K Caldwell and Charles K Leonard, vs. the Manufacturers Insurance Company of Boston?This was an action brought by the plaintiffs on a policy of insurance for $12,000, effected at the defendants office on the plaintiffs' cotton fsctory, situate at New Windsor, in Orange county ? | The original policy was odieted in September, 1848, HU.V..BU "It. M.8o?ww,v?.un ?B"UV VI WHO vxjuaymujr/ wuu 1Cnldt'fi in thin oltj. Wnun,.Mr. tilgelow wan applied to by | plaintiffs, he required that the application should be In wrillDg and aooompanled with a survey of the property Thin requirement was oomplied with; a let of printed question whs then furnished by the company to the plaintiff*, which required a dlstinot answer to eaoh question. The '29th queatlon and the answer to it, would Mem to be the turning point In this cauje The following la the queatlon and answer "Q. la there a constant watoh kept on the building'" "A A regular watch from time of starting until 10 o'clock at night'' Upon the expiration of the original policy, it was renewed through Mr Bigelow, by a verbal application through the plaintiffs' agents In thia city, who gave him a description of the property. Mr Bigelow made a memorandum in writing at the time, sent It to the flefendanta and the policy wan accordingly renewed and transmitted to the plaintiffi?the premiums having been first paid The building, with its oontcnta, was consumed on the 0th or 10th of September. 1H46, by fire, and the plaintiff* aiiege mm inn value 01 me wnoie or tne property, including the building, wan $S4,*iM), and that It waa insured Tor $J'J OOil only. The company defend this action, on the ground of mlarepreaentation In the anawer to the jDth queation. They contend that the true construotion of tne answer Is, that plalntlffa were bound by it to keep a watoh until 10 o'clock T M. the year round, whereaa they only kept watoh daring the six winter month*, or when the mill wu running; that the answer having been given to a distinct question, it must be taken aa a par* of the policy, and is equivalent to a condition or warranty, which, having been broken, they insist the policy ia void. The plaintiffs reply, that even if it were a misrepresentation, it is not a material one, and did not Increase the rlak; and that it Is only where the risk Is Inoreaaed by a fraudulent misrepresentation the policy la void They further insist, that the true construction of their answer la, (and la in accordanoe with the uaa?e and cuatom of the neighboring mills) that watch is to be kept during the winter months, and at such time aa the mill waa running They further contend, and offered to give in evidence, that the premium paid by plaintiffs waa the same aa that paid by other mills In whloh no watch was kept, and which fact was known to the defendant* The cause Is adjourned till to-morrow (thl*) morning Kor plaintiff*. Messrs. B K. Butler and Kanchar for defendant*, Mr Bidwlll. Common Pleas,Oct. -J7?Benjamin Hitchcock and wi/t I vs. W m Wright ?This was an action for assault and I battery, alleged to have been committed by the defendant on plaintiff's wife. The case is adjourned to tomorrow moral ng. Si ritKMK Court?fcquiTT 8ii>r?Ootober 37?haac .Idruincr v? the Mayor, Jtldrrmrn, \c,?It will be remembered that Mr. Adrianoe died a bill against the ?,l I i.m mrtn < ' -II l_ nf I hmmt during the mayoralty of Mayor Mlckle, praTing.amoiigat other thing*, that the Corporation might be re*traio?d from drawing any money out of tha city Treasury to be applied to oertain purpone* *tated la the bill Ttie ?ult *m not defended, and Mr Adrlanoe had a decree In hi* favor, granting a perpetual Injunction according to the prayer of the bill, and wa* alto decreed hi* taxed co*t* Mr. Mott. hla aolieitor, bad the co?t* taxed to >118 Kor tbla fun he canned an execution to l**ua tbla morning , directed to the Mienff. after which it waa placed in the haiidH of deputy oherilT Vuitee. with ln*truot?on* to levy the amount out of the c orporation property 1 here waa a report In the hall during the day, that Mr. Vuitee had lavled on the hook* and property tn the Mayor'* office, but whether thl* I* *o or not, we were not able to aacrrialn with any degree of certainty, hut we | know the ainouut of the execution waa not paid up to a ' late hour this evening United Nutk* CovNiiiiom.a't Ohh.k, Oct. 37.? Uefore ' omroliwloner 1J L. Gardiner. ? Chartt nf 11,. voh. ? diorg? Krmlore and four other*, part or the crew of the *bip Mortimer M*ing*ton, charged with an attempt to create a revolt on hoard *aid ship, were ordered to find bail in >IO<l each, or In default to ba committed Defore CommiMioaer A. Gardiner ?Charge ?/ Rrvolt ?George lluxford and four other*, part of the crew of the ship Kdwlna, H'eat, master, were brought before the ( omnii**loner thl* morning, who, after hearing the te*tlmouy of the captain and none otham, ordered lluxford and Hall, the two ringleader*, to give bail in >100 or be committed; and discharged the other three on their own recognixanoea. Cot'ar l/iitnnini. ? Thia day, Oct 36 ? Commtn I'leai.?Part 1 ?Noa. 13 91, M, 101, 3.1, 107, 109, 113, 117,119, 131, 193, II. Part 3?No* 196, ItS, 300, 204, 306, 306, 310, 313, 314, 316, 318, 330 Suptnor Court,(two branched,)?.VI, 136, 7/1, 10, 84, H6. 86, 143, 103, 41. 47,4?, 133, 87, 38, 147,1411. I A3. IMI, 160, 30, 110, 1M, 100, ftl, 130, 134, 84, 17, 63, 30, 41, W, Ift7. Got. f latohar, agant of tha Winnebago Indian*, mm ad up tha Mlaaiaalppi recently, with $46^000 la tyaala. to pay the goTernment annultla* at Fort Atklneon LD. Fllll Two CMtti Theatrtral ?nrt Mualcal. I'*hk Thbatkc ? To night the BUhnp troupt appear main In the favorite o[.rr? of La Sonnambula,'' which laa been reccl?ed heretofore with lurh marked approbaIon Tbe ruumc ?f thin opera la pe.-villarlj adapted to ,he roioe* and ityl" of the artUta who appear la It.? vltdame Bishop baa tnus lax shown grunt Uste and oa >abllity in the performance of all the <lutlna wbloh have lovolved upon kar in bar present undertaking After he performance of "La Honnambula," the petit comedy if ' Forty and Fifty" will be enaoted. The faro* or*r , Uad'e B will appear for the last time In the grand soen* iDd oavatina from Tancredl, "O ratria, Di Tantl Pal>*tl." which she will King in oostume An attendance at :he theatre will be wall repaid in toeing and hearing thla ant cboloe piece. It hat been the admiration of all who bare heretofore witnessed It. llowrar Thkatih:.?The tragedy of " Vlrginlus'' was performed last night at this theatre, before a numerous lathering, Mr. Maranall sustaining the character of Vlrginlus with his usual ability. The play was well ?sit, well played, and well received. To-night A splendid bill, filled with varied and almost Irresistible attractions, 1s offered, being for the benefit of Mr. W. H. Marshall, who makes bis first appeal at this theatre to the publlo. The pieces selected for the evening's entertainment are of an interesting character, which, in oonneotlon with the feet that a talented an > worthy actor lay* especial claim upon his friends and the public, by an announcement of thla kind, are oertainly Inducements suSoient to give a lively appearance to the house on th? occasion. A new drama, written expressly for Mr. Marsbsll. embracing many interesting historical Incidents, calU4 Ceptaln Kyd, or the Witch of Hell Uata,'' will b? produced tor the first time to night. Hhalupeare's petite oomedy of "Taming the Shrew'1 will be performed. In which Mr. Marshall will repreaent the character of Petruchlo. The faroe of a " Ohost in Spite of Himself,'' and a Highland fling, embrace the crotiTamme of ttui evening's amusements. Chatham Thkat?e.?The patrona of thla favorite little house are to be furnished with exoaUant entertain m?nt this evening Mr. Da Bar anil Miss Valla* ara till aiding, and with great success Tbla evening the burlesque of 'Beiuty and tha Baait" will ba given, with Mr. Da Bar aa John Quill. After whiob, MIm Valla* will appear In "El Zapateado da Cadli," a new and muoh admired danoa ' Aladdin, or the Wonderful Leap," la whiob Mr Da Bar appear*, follows Then the fas d* Trols la Viennols," by MIm H Valise, Miss Daloralna and Mr. Yates And all will wind up with "Tha Lady and the Devil." Thla bill will of course attract a full representation from the public. fact's?Bowmv Ammotii?int.?Dan llloe, tha great Shaksperlan clown, Is drswiug houses oommenfarate with bis fame, at the circus, and they ara never disappointed In tbeir expectations, for on dropping hi there last nlgbt whilst ba was letting off some of hi* jovialities, we found tbe audienoe in a perfect roar of delight. The f*ot is, Dan Rice is a great olown, and the patrons of the olrous know it. and thus erowd to hear him while theyoan,as he has but three more evenings to perform; his winter engagements being suoh as te positively compel him to leave us after this week. In addition to his performances as olown. num rous scene* of horsemanship will be given, as also ground and lofty tumbling by all the principal vaulters and tumbler* la the l.'atoo ; gymnastics by Brewer, Kthiopian songs, and tlaally that inimitable l>urle?<iue of Don Quixote." wbioh has met with suoh applanso. We have no doubt the house will be full, aa usual. Rthiovian Hr.skmadksi.?To-night we hare a grand bill at I'almo'a, wlwu tn? h.tbloplann will put forth Rom* of their very beat (tonga of all kinds, ooml<- and sentimental. There la no doubt whatever that their popularity ia great, and deservedly ?o. The fumoua phantom chorui, from the " Aomnambula.'' which la given by them with such accuracy, 1a well worth the prloe of aJmlaaiOB to the whole. Though the words are burleaqua, the mualo la by noim-ann ao; it ia perfeot, and equal to tuany concerted pleoea that we have heard In grand opera. It will be aung to night, with many other favor Itea. Chriitv'i MiNiTatLi, at Mcchamici'Uall.?This popular band of melodist*. under the direction of Col. Chriaty, are doing really an lmmenso business. They are nightly crowded to overflowing with fashionable audienooa. Mr. Prince. the tainborinist, la a moat extraordinary performer; the bone player and violinist are truly great: In fact, aa a band, in their poealtar Una, they are inimitable, and well deserve their front raoooae. Ma. DtMrui '< Ballad Hoists.?This entertainment, whioh waa given at the Tabernacle last evening *u attended by a large but quite select audience. Mr. LiHmpBtcr certainly eioetfl id oaiiad Hinging, a kind Of vocal music, by the way, which it 1? to b? hoped will not be neglected now that a liberal patronage U being tended towardi Italian performance*. The aweet Tlttla gimi of Burn*, Moore. T. Mood. Longfellow, Whittter, Tunny on, Mary Howitt, Klua Cook, and other*, who have contributed to thl* department of poetry, are wall worth hearing when *ung with so much noul a* thl* gentlemen give* tbum. Mr. U. 1* U> Ring at the Lyceum ilall, Brooklyn, thl* evening, and offer* a well *?leoted programme. Our neighbor* over tue river have a treat in atore. (IIkrz, Sivom and K.ioor.?The fact that Harz and 81vori have engaged the renowned Knoop to aMi*t tbeni at their ooncert*, wlU be hailed with the groaUat satisfaction by the public. Such a brilliant oomblnaMon of three artist*, each a finished master of muaioal *elenoe, ba* never been presented here. Their fliat ooncert will take plaoe on Monday or Tueaday evening Siumor Bi.itt.-Th* little Hlgnor I* nightly appla?4ed to the full. Ill* trick* are wonderfully performed, and productive or muoh amusement. Among other*, be will to-night give hi* wonderful feat of the alx dinner plate*. Moukl A*ti?t?.?The group* given by the?? artUta are beautiful in the extreme. Many of our beet judge* of grace and artiitlc elegance have pronoonoed them to bu uue^ualled They are evidently arranged by praetinrd eye*. To-night no lea* than fifteen different scene* will be represented. Oer>r**L Tom Thumb, the commander In chl<?f of Cupid's artillery, oontinue* hi* levee* at tlie Amerioan w>-a?y uu io-morrow, naming t**?u nu? roens for himself Mil suit* on th* Northerner,to sail next Saturday. When the Guadalqulver win about to sail on her Late passage heuce for Havana, tt was discovered that one M the berths engaged for the members of Martl's op*ra tmupt, was uuooeupicd, and on enquiry being made, the absentee proved to be Hlgnor l.orinl, the new tenor* of that company Further investigation being Instituted, no one was f jund among the corps who had seen hignor L. for a week; but tt subsequently turned out that hm bal j oined the new ooinpany tn Astor Place, and the stealer sailed without htm VVe now learn that ha Km changed his mind, and has gone to Havana to Join his farmer eompauions. Miss WeymlM la At Louisville, whsre her performance" are highly applauded. Mr Booth was to take a benefit and make his last appearance at the Front Street Theatre, Baltimore, no Tuesday evening Thi CMi?t?r. JtrKia K?v?iin arrived at Newport. H | I., on Tuesday last. Nkws from Rio (Jra-ndk, Soi th Amrrica.? We arc indebted to Captain (Jp'on, of brig Ru?sell, arrived at this port v<Mtarday.. * a fli* of th? Hit itrandrnir to the llrst ofHepteUk. t, luolusive The paper of that date contain" a circular from the Connl (General of France to the foreign oonsular body In Montevideo, dated Jul) With, stating that aa doubts had been expressed In reference to the continuation of the blockade of lbs coasts ot the province of Bueno* Avret, by the Frenah naval foroea, he, therefor*, repeated the notice previously given, that the ahlps of that squadron would continue to blockade absolutely the province of Buenos Ayres, as wall as the porta of tha Oriental Ra public which may at any time be occupied by troops in the service ol the Argentine government The papers duruss freely the French and l.n.'llsh intervention , the writers all agreeing that if the Interior rivers are opened to F.uropeans they must bid farawell to independent* and to internal peace ?8at,m Gairtte Mlacellanaona. 1 hare wm * report In Bo?ton, on Monday that Pr Cooll<J|?. indict*'! for the murder of Mr Matthew*, ef WaterTllle, had committed auiclde by poison, In prlnon, at Aaguata. The aniiual burniu* of the prairie* haa commenced Tlia New ()ri?*n? paper* complain that *ome three do/en Taxalionda, InoludinK murder?r?, t .leyea and Tillain* or varloaa utaiopa, ha?e baan aant to that city by Major f.antlend, quartermaater at tba Braaoa. by ord?r of Han Taylor There are aararal remain in thin (jr?.'?lfMi;i'inp?ny, who have baan expelled from Mexloo. A ?feamt>o?t of 3IH) too* ha* ju*t baan butlt on tba Kentucky river, In tha mountain*, fifteen milaa trom Islington, and ona hundrad uila* deeper In tha Interior than a boat we* ever before oonatructed She haa been built, oat and out, from the forest tree to ihtt builder*' Anlih. by four men only. D^^^tliKKlLOTVrt-V010TLAtNUl!:l^ 8 Albania. at hfiiottt I'rieta.?llalfiue Tiltfi it $<H>?jumter ?ire 1 nt)*? at $3j. A 1*0, Platrt, t.aaei, Chemicals, < amen ami I nitiog lt?i?a,at the lowed market price*. Onle accom iimiail mill lemituocei, will he promptly attemled to, by adilreaatig W. fc T LANUKNH MM. Iliilailelplna Kirh-tnfe, or LANOKMtltlM h UKi Kc H" otj ISi * re 201 Broadway, New ? "'? A H l< I A 11 l-.H? ) \ \] KS BK..WHTKK t.a>.?* I ??ej V new Carnage Hepoaitory at 1*1 Urowiwar, IT' <P?ctfn?l7 infitt hit old pit -on a *ijH fn*nda to call tjli ' ?o# n romi?let* mi?ortm#nr of rirnaf*

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