Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1847 Page 3
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The Chair thought the precedent a rrtmarkably 'bad 0u? Air. Kevmovr was unwilling to withdraw the rwiblatiun. Ho believed that gentlemen were ready to p-?M it at the moment it was Introduced; and that tb*-ir opposition had arisen from the debate which bad followed, n >t (rout Miy well founded objection to the resolution. If t.hi-y would calmly refloat upon the resolution, be bell-*. li they would adjuiet-ee in It. lie regretted the diacuBHion which bad takes place; hut he muat insist upou tbn resolution. It wa* due to Mr Uritton. "r K.v?*? moved to ley the resolution on the tabl*. Mr AW mmimui k eiwg-wted that if It wai to Y>e Uhl on the tal l?, a preumbln should be attached to it sdating the res'nns for doing so. Mr Evahh mid th*t he did so beoause be had doubts about tbe truth of the resolution, sinoe the gentleman would biirjr him out (Sensation ) The Chair It'r making bad worse. lie hof,>ed the m' T*r would consent to withdraw tbe resolutio/ i, .'Or hrvMot still refusing to witbd/aw it, Ilev Dr. rose and withdrMr his s?f jondlng of It The motion to lay the resolution on the ta> ,le was then put and carried 'J'he house having agreed not to enter Om resolution on their minutes, Judge Chambers e*.ore/ a?d th? hi hut the reporters present would take no notice of the proceed ings. Th? committee ou oanons. who wt*? dlreeted to enquire Into tlie expediency of ajnenctt'jg oanon XXXI. of Id3i, entitled,"Of tine officiating Of ministers of thin cljureh in > lie churches or wit) tin IShe parochial cures of other ol*rK}u>en." having repo rted an additional section, the subject wits op lied up for at >usidsration ; and, after a brief debate, referred to the ngvxt general ooo mention A Message from the House of Btahopa w/a? here reReived, stating that they hail concurred i-a the amendm-rit pr. poM-,1 to the cHuon entitled "the remission and modification efjudicial siintenres.'' and htid passed the h>iuim as ameudtid '1 he canon. as now ado d by \he concurrent Tote of tlw two houses, is as follow.? OJ the P.tmittion nr MoHificatiirti r,f Judicial Senltner? III/ tht Hove of 'Jithopi. The biihoDf of this oh ?reh who Hr? ??tltled to mtata In of blshop-),may (aUoge.t'/ier remit and terminate any judicial sentenoo w^ir^h may have been imnoa'd. or ci ij n? reaiter be imp <??<! by bishops, acting oollectivsly f.u a judi i?l tribuns'^, or modify the same so far an to detl<?ri*te a precise pe /iod of t^Ane or other speoitlo contlni; *t\cy. on the 01 c ^arreavti of whioli such sentence shall utterly cea-M) and be of no further foroe or elleot Proiide t ihut no s' jr 11 remission or modillcatlon shall be raadn exu- pt at u meeting of the house of bishops during the session of 4oiuu general couventlon, or at a special meeting of tlie sild bishops, who shall be convened by the pri;t>ldir>u bishop, or the application of any five bishop?. three months notici i in writing of the time, place n d object of the meetli ig being given personally to each bishop, or left at his 'usual place of abode: provided. al?o, that such remissioia or modification be assented to >jy a number ef sitid bit hopi? not less thuu a majority of t he whole number entU led at the tim.? to seats in the house of bishops; sod provided, further, that nothing in this canon shall be understood to repeal or alter the provitions of cinou XXX)X,of 183J. ll-v Dr. Jaktis said lie had been instructed by the committee ?n canons, to move that the canon on Kplsunpal visitations be laid over to the next Convention? which wna ac/reed to. llnv Mr. A iajon o(Tared a resolution to the effect that tho corivent:jr>u in authorizing the uge of translations of the Pr*yer Boot, did not sanction any Inference which might be i (lade in retgard to doctrines ; which was re- | ferred to t,he committee on th.? i'rayer Book. l'tev Dr. .vIkad, Secretary, moved that the house ap- I point ? to inform the House of Bishops that the ho-jue hi a com plaited its business, and was ready to I aiJjou'm. SlV/ie rnemW Sll[TCP?*tintr thll. snn/,nrronna r*t bo^ne of delegates wo*ld be required in one of the canoyii. which the lloust?of Bishops were acting upon, Dr. Mbad said his object was not to exclude business, but to let 1 he House of Bishopa know thit they were ready to go home,an?d did not wish to be detained by the House of Bishops. The motion prevsiling, Dr. Van Inciin and Mr. were appointed the committee, with instruction*! to w lit on the House of Bishops and inquire whether they tiwl any communi nation to make to this house for its action. n-v. Mr. Masox submitted a report in favor of procuring a translation of the Prayer Book in the Danish language, and recommending that an edition of the name liu prepared and published in the French language. The report accepted Judge Ohamikrs having just learnod that a committee b-id been appointed to -wait upon the House of BUhops, and inquire iftbey bad any business requiring the ooncurreuce of the House of Deputies, said he thought it very uneourteous H? did not see how the House of Delegate* bad a right t?> send aa ofllcer to the House of Bichops. and say to Ubera," Oentlemen, you are very lazy. wo want you to hurry up." He hoped the order would be reosnsidered. After some further discussion, the vote to send said (emmittee was reoonsldered. Dr. Meao ttien culled up the message from the House cl Bit hops. proposing >? final adjournment this day, (the JTth Oet. ) nud m?v>id a concurrence on tho part ot the buuHH He thought it showed a great want of respect? contempt even?to take no notice of the message. [A meesige froifl the House of Bishops was here reccivt-d,stating thjatthey did not concur with the amendments the Hovrte of Delegates had made to the second canon of the joint oommittee, entitled ' Of the penalty ol sunj^eridon "J itev t)r. Haw?? moved that 9 committee of conference be a ppointed on the part of <2e House of Deputiel, to oon-i ii?v and report same. D .n Hanks it?i ja-vis, and Mr. Wharton, were appoi nu.l on that committee. Mr. Wharton declining, I'/U* Chambers was substituted in his place. Dr. *aid that as he was iu favor of oonourring with Ska iioura 0r Bishops, it would seem proper that he isbouUI n?t be appointed on that committee. The Chair ?oneurring in the view, Rev. Dr Ogiiby was appointed. 1 >im h.iimu ttiun ruun murl t ha onnai Juput inn nf fho euge in m the llouia of Bishopa in regard to a flo&l adjournment After aome diaoussion, th? Kev Ur. Ilawks .in-veil tint unless the hnuau adjeurn at an earlier period. it trould adjourn lint dit at 12 o'clock to morrow (Ttuirnday) and tbat the concurrence of the Houte ?f Uiali<n>? be requested to the tint. The motion waa paMnl A m -ciagH was here received from the House of Bishops seating that tb?j cooourred in appointing a committee of o>>uier?nce on the canon entitled " Of the penalty of kU*neti?lou," and had appointed Bishops Joaea, liopkii? ?ud Lne on the committee. ()n motion, the house then took a recess until seven o'clock. EVCNIKM ?K??I01?. Th? convention re-assembled at seven o'olook, the ?r?*id? tit taking the chair. The joint committee appointed at the laat session te taV.H into corn-Iteration the resolutions of the Hon. Mr. Ne.wt.on, of Massachusetts, proposing sundry amendments to the constitution of the (ieneral Theological Si-min try. submitted a report, with the following recommendations :? 1st That the general convention haa no right to interfere with the already vested rights of the dloocsea of the church. 3J. I'bat the general convention has not power, except with the concurrence of the board of trustees of theeeminaiy and of the general convention, to alter the constitution of the seminary. Ji That the adaption or Mr. Newton's lit, 2d, 3d, and 7th propositions ia inexpedient. 4th '1 hat the committee d'jftm it moat expedient to refer ba< k the 4th and 6t\t propositions to the general convention, without tbe Expression of any opinion. The committee alio presented the proxy system to the convention as a r abject worthy of consideration. Mr o* Viririuia.moved that the oonsidera Honor the reporj^ postponed till the next convention, 1 r delation*, together with the proportions ? 11 Newto., be published meanwhile ' .. Fohues moved tha adoption of the resolutions ?r^p,.U(|Ki to the report. .,0 * ?lr Nkwtok. of Ma?iaohusetts, hoped the reso'u .i'n:s heiild be adopted, and tbe subject be disposed of '#t i he pre?ent convention The (|ii?s:iou of postponement to the next general 'jonvi nm n w?? then put and carried. The committee on expens*s,to whom was referred the treasurer's report. than reported that they had audited tbe report, and found it oorrect. The balance remaining in th- hand* of tb? treasurer was $1281 07. Beveral quotas remained unpaid, but sufficient fund* remained to pay the s me. 1 he Seiii'ft.ry then called up the message from the Uou.?e of Bishop*, directing the Treasurer of tbe Conrmitiou to furi.lsh tha registrar of the House of Bishops, th- amount necessary to defray bis expenses Hev Or Mkad moved that the bouse eonour with the House ot Bishiop*. provided the same be paid out of the buUuoe i emilniug after tha contingent expenses of thi h houre had been paid The motion was agreed to. Mr Williams mored that a Committea of six be appointed to translate the Prayer Book into the DauUb language, to be named by tha Chair at his leisure,which was agreed lo. Judge Chamicm then submitted the report of the joint Cataiuill?H of Conference, in relation to oanon id of tbti Joint Committee on the New York resolution*.? Thb Committee concurred in recommending the following resolution ? Heiulved. That the House of Biahops agree to adopt tbe cunon as umeuded by the House of clerical and lay deputise Ju ige Cm a Micas remarked that the report waa signed by ?? ry member of the Committee. fluv Or PaoAL Inquired what aotion had been taken with regard ta the propoaition submitted at the laet Convention, in favor of publishing an edition of the I'rayer Book In the Welsh language Mr Si.VMora suggested that the committee be increased by adding soine individuals who, from thslr location, mii|ht feel an interest In the subject. Hon. Mr Nvwton thought it would be an induoement to VWleh emigrant* to unite with the Kpinoopfcl church If 'hry shoulil have an edition of the Prayer Book published in their f wn lan.uig*. Iter Ur Pevsl then moved that a new committee. to ooiinmt of 1 hr? e persons, be appointed tn the part of thl? hous?, to >11*01 the object, which was agreed to. [A ni?sei?ge win here received from the Home of Bishop* stating that it had oonourred with the amendment ot ton Mouse of Delegates In regard to the registrar of the oorirentlr.n ] The r nm a here announced the appointment of the Rev Or* Hr< al end Van Ingen and lie*. Mr. Hughes, as the committee on the Welch prayer book. r><v Or mi:ad, In the absence of other business, prop p J ti.ut the committee appointed at the last convention iu ri'latinn to a standard edition of the Bible, be reappoint, il which whh agreed to. Mr I'ai mi a. of Ml'-higin, proposed that the 2d article of th*< constitution of the Kplscopal church be amended ko as to a'low the convention to delegate the power of sppolutiug substitutes for non-attending delegates. Ji nor < iumbkr* spoke against the adoption of the pro," k tino, on the ground that it would be presumption Mr the limited number of members present to call tnemselves tbo general eonventlon of 1847. [A message was here received from the Honse of BUnni*. stating that they had concurred in the resolution relating to a standard edition of the Bible, and that they b*d appointed Bishops Browneil, Doane. and Whitjnghim on tbe committee ] Al the house was in want of business. Judge Cham msile one or two motions, to give members an opportunity to entertain the house with their remarks. Mr *>*? cptifjrrsd to the yiew that they had no risut to **?'?."' ? to themselves the honorable appellation (f the g^nrrai fonveMUon of H4T. They were but the Mrnitf ff i. Mil Wv f?w lu number i? vMm iiKh distinction. Ha hoped the subject would be deferred to the next convention. After eome further remarks, somewhat humoroue In ohinetar. by way of relaxation from the arduous dutle* to wbloh the attention of the house had to oloeely been called, the consideration of the whole aubjeot was Indefinitely postponed Dr. Jaavis, In behalf of the oommittee on the canon law, appointed at the laat convention, to take Into consideration the canon law of the ohureh, with a view to the preparation of a oomplete oode, submitted a report, recommending, 1st. That a majority of the dlocenee uust be represented to constitute a quorum, and that each diocese should be considered sufficiently represented for the purpoee, of one clerical or one lay delegate be represented. !ld. That a msjority of the committee were of the opinion that three clerical and three lay delegates from each diocese to the ife'- oral convention, wore amply sufficient. Instead of four a* at present required, and finally that the time was approaching when it would be expedient to hold the general convention once in seven, instead of three years, as at present ; but doubting as to the propriety of making the change for some years to come The committee suggested the propriety of their continuance, in order to have time to oomplete the business confided to them lion. Mr. Nkwtow rose to propose a serious question, Was it advisable to prepare, at this time, a oomplete code of law canon ? In his opinion the time had not come for such an aot Thev had not th? m?n to prepare such h system. and it was not necessary. He would not veature to move that tbe committee be dis charged from further coaaideratioa of the subjeot, al thrush he thought such a propoaitlon deelrable. llrv Dr Ouilby concurred with the views ofthe honorable gentleman from Massachusetts. A message wag here received from the House of Blnhops, elating that tbej bad passed resolutions to the following effect:? That tbe triennial report of the board of missions be received and printed, together with the documents read in connection with it, in the appendix ot the journal 'id That the 7th article of the constitution of the board ot missions be so amended as to introduoe, a'ter the words "foreign missions " in the 7th line, the proviso that an; of the foreign missions which might have a bishop at their head, might, at the instance ot such bishop, be placed under the charge and direotlon of a ooramittee of t hree bishops, to be elected for the purpose at the general convention. He* Dr. Ooilbv proposed to lay tbe proposition In relation to the preparation of a oode of oanou law on the talde, for the present; whloh being oarriad, lion. Mr. Newton moved that tbe House of Delegates do not concur in the adoption of the last named resolution After some further discussion of the subject, the hour of ten having arrived, Kev Dr Oqiliiy said be thought it important that they should have an opportunity to oonsider the proposition calmly and leisurely, and for tbat purpose he moved an adjournment, which motion prevailing, the house then adjourned to half past 9 this morning. Ship Aletokn, Captain idagulre We, the underai nrd, as cabin pasaeugera on board the ship Metoka, do ronaider it our duty to tender our sincere itramude to Captain M>iKuire. commander of aaid veaael. for hia kind, reaped fill and Keutlemau-like conduct towarda ua aud all othera under Hia care; and without exaggeration we do maintaiu (hit Capta>u M.tKuire'a peiaoual exertious at all limea conldnolbeaurpaaaed, with reaped to Ins tact aa a tranait alup commander; niiu as hia diligeuce and perioual devotedueaa to the few that were aick ou board hia veaael, we do cauilidly lay that we could not li'id worda adequate to rxpreaa to the public hia attention, ailmuiiateriug to them at all times wrh the greatest pletiaure whatever he considered would he serviceable. Therefore, we do recommend the *lup Alatoka to the uhlic at a good siiler, havu'g performed her voyage in todays; anil were it not for losing our fore top and lore top gnl'aut mut, topsail aud topgallant yard, maiu top gallant and royal tna?t and aail, we should have performed our voyage in 25 days. We d> also maintain that tliere'is not a transit vessel crossing the Atlantic has better accominoJatiuu, both for cabin aud steerage passengers. William Cressey, Philadelphia, Jane Creaiey, do Kzra Kllerly. Leeds, England, Elizabeth Kllerly, do Miss Mary Kider, do Hirhard P. Walsh, Donevaile,County Cork, lrrland. Mis* Klleu Walsh, do do do Miss Mary Warren, Baltevaut, do do Miss Kate Warren. do do do M'u Elizabeth Hale. Dunkeld, Scotland, Mrs. Jane Lmiuox, New York. Metallic Tablet Razor Strop?.The attention of detler* is invited to this article, beiug made of the best mairrials, of city mauufacture.aud under the subscribers' immediate supervision. 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The Catalogue of the New York Anatomical Gallery and Academy of Natural,Medical and Monl Science situated at the corner of Bowery and Dirision afreets, ia a useful and convenient appendage to visiters lo that institution, inasmuch as it furnishes an index io the models to which it refers The institution isund-rtlie management of Doctor (iray, the phienologist, who acts as a >uiue to tlie visiters and the book explanatory of the models, may be had on the a pot. ____________ The Ptumbe National Daguerrelan Gallery, on the upper corner of Broadway aud Murry street, has the largest collection of beautiful specimens ?i notablepersons in the United States Strangers and others should not fiil to visit this celebrated gallery. The Universal Celebrity whleli Gjurautl'a Italian Medicated Soap lias attained, for t^e spc-dy removal from the akia oj'tan, freckles, sunburn blotches, and every b^cvk* tri ii' iiRiutr r u|iii<tui, la mo urn |?r<j' i ?n mo **iiinnturn in whicx itialield. Il his the rare properties of never failing to prevent chapped t'aiids. and can be med in hard or alt water Uouiaud'a Poud-e Fnbtile will eradi ate auperllu'iaa hair, f'om any jurt of the haman frame. Pnrchaae only at the Dr.'a depot. 67 Walk'rat., firat atore from Broidway. Aarlyatlun of tns OtUu tllvai. Placet. Time. State af Huer, Louisville . Oct. 31. . .6 feet A In Cincinnati Oct 31. ..5 feet, falling. Wheeling... . ? .... ..... .Oct. 21. . 0 font. I'ittHhuty Oct. 'M. ...6 feat, filling. MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, Oit. '47_'l P. M. The stock market opened very heavy this morning, and prices fell off a fraction. At the flrit board Ilarlem declined yx per cent; Heading. K; Illinois 6s, 1; I'ennsyl- 1 vacla&s, > ; Treasury Note*, Long Island advanced !? per cent, Farmers' Loan >?. The most active stock in tha list was Harlem, and the slight fluctuations In the price from day to day are sufficient to give speculator* small profits The bears are making a desperate effort to hammer this stock down, while the bulls are a* actively engaged In putting prices up. The meeting of stockholders of this company, held at the Astor House on Monday evening, was adjourned over to Thursday evening, when the committee appointed to make such arrangements regarding the payments of the oouipany about maturing, as are necessary under the circumstances, will report progress. It is very necessary that h ttvaa B>tAnlil Ha full f onH a n ism ft/ ? ? *?.! - - some very important business will comn up for consideration and for final disposal. It 1* about time the stockholders did something towardH placing the company in a proper position, a position which the productiveness ?f the road and its encouraging prospects will justify, and, in time, sustain The different boards of directors have had the whole burdens thrown upon their ehoulders, and the directors have, in many instances, been obliged to come forward and oarry through financial operations entirely upon their own responsibility. If the stockholders would agree upon some arrangement for placing the debt of the company in a position so that its payment would be so distributed as to be within the means of the company, the market price of the stock would be much enhanced, and the extension of the road could be carried on with greater rapidity, and upon much more favorable terms Before giving our views relative to the proper plan to adopt to secure this object, we wish to tee the result of the meeting to be held to-morrow (Thursday) evening, at the Astor House. The Htonington Railroad Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of two and a half per cent, payable on the 1st of November. This is the second semiannual dividend of two and a half per cent., and hereafter, every six months the payment will be promptly aud punctually made. We have no doubt the semi-annual dividends will, hereafter, be at least three per cent The commercial revulsion reoently realised In (treat Britain,can be directly traced to two causes, although there are maay other* connected with these two, indirectly operating upon the commeroial classes, and tending to oarry out the work of destruction commented. The frequent ohanges which have, within the past ten years, been made in the financial and commercial systems of Oreat Britain, have tended more to derange mercantile matters than the operations of a lew houses engstC"! ln aD7 particular branoh of business. There haa been too much legislation in relation to these things, and it has been impossible to engage, with any guaranty of succesa, in any branch of trade, commerce, or manufactures, while these alterations have been going on We have guff> red lome from the uhanges ln the financial polity of our govern?eat, nod modltlcatlocc Mi alterations from time to time In our unffi.but they have been | Map**4 villi U>? rwUMd In lk? J financial and commercial systems of ;Or?*t BritainThe alterations mad* lath* sugar duties c f England, (>me time since, by which slave-grown (agar was almost prohibited, while free-grown sugar wu admitted upoa the most favorable terms, nearly ruined one elass of merchants, and established another class. This new system remained in operation just long enough to get the trade established upon another basis, when another chaDge must be made,and the whole fabrle constructed under the new system again falls to the ground. Upon the ruins of the new system, the old system oomes agein into operation, and the class of merchants establUhed under the new system falls with It It must, therefore, appear that these revolutions create enormous changes In the position of those houses engaged in the trade affeoted by theae continual changes in tbe general system of the government. The polioy of England, relative to her commeroial affairs, has ever been to monopoliser much as possible, every branch of it calculated to give her wealth and strength ; but her philanthropy has frequently stepped in and upset her commercial policy In the cam of the sugar dutlea, we see this practically Illustrated, and to tba asoendancy of this in her council*, oan be attributed tba frequent revolution* in bar oommerclal policy. These everlasting ohanges must ruin tba commaroa of any oountry, and ao long u any government adheres to tbia prinoipla, we can expeot no permanency, no stability la trade. Wben tba dutlea upon liar* grown augar ware advanced to a point making Ita admiaaion Into England almost prohibitory, an immense capital waa Invested by Brltifh merchant* In Si* growth and production of free grown sugar. These Investments promised to be vary productive for a time; but in the mldat of tbia prosperity under the new order of thing*, one of tboae everlasting change* waa made, by which tba dutlea on slave grown augar were reduoed ao that It oama In competition with the free grown augar, and aealed the ruin of tboee engaged In the latter, under the patronage of the government. The immense amount of money appropriated by the British government for the extermination of alavery from their possessions In the Weat Indies, waa a sufficient guaranty to British oapltalista that they would be proteeted in whatever meaaurea they adopted to enoourage the growth of free augar; but in tbia they have been miataken?wofully, terribly mlataken. There la nothing sure in the movements of a government subject to so mmy influences aa are brought to bear upon the party In power; and the ohanges in the position of parlies are so frequent that It Is Impossible to predlot, with any degree of certainty,what will be the next movement In the British parliament. These ravolutiona must Invariably be followed by revulsions, of greater or less strength, andj the only way to avoid the latter, is to do away with the former. We have alluded to the ohanges made in the sugar duties, for the purpose of showing one of the principal causes of tha present revulsion, and the prime causa of the downfall of many of the most extensive mercantile bouses In London. There are other oausea, somewhat similar to this, which have been very influential in bringing about the present panlo, among which the most prominent Is the total repeal of the oorn laws, after frequent modifications and reductions. The ruinous e"ect ut but?r uuaugt'H c?u omj u? reouzea Dy mac portion or the commercial classes directly oonneoted with the business affected, and the publlo generally only Me its effect in the extent of suspension), similar to thoae reoontly made. The merchants are compelled to adapt their ope. ration* in trade to the laws laid down by an aot of government providing fur its regulation, and when a more libwral construction is put upon the aot by the government, the only class benefitted la that coming In under the new act, and starting simultaneously with it. A heavy reductlen in duties upon any imporant article of trade, entail* heavy losses upon those holding large tooks of that artlole Imported under a higher rate of duty, tnd frequently tends directly to their ruin. Frequent changes of this kind tend to frequent losses, and the ultimate result of these movements is a general bankruptcy of the leading houses in the principal branches of business. The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley left at tide water during the 3d week In Ootober, In the years i 1H46 and 1847, la as fellows Flour, bbli. IVheat.bu. 1847 126 717 133,98) 140 096 161.637 1816 130.630 276.637 78.J72 1827)1 Increase.... 6,087 Dec. I42/.48 Inc. 69,524 Dec. 21,113 The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tide water from the commencement of navigation to the i mu vi vui. luviiuiTv, is as luitown : ? Flour, bblt. Whtat, bu. Ctrn. bu. KtT 3 024 331 3,071,069 S,J7?,I17 791.181 1848.. 2,17177# 1.9SA.768 8*191)7 Incrcue..,. SlJ,4i0 1.08V00I 4.ISO.111! Dec 9I,*I3 By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter left at tide water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows ,an ex?eM equal to 1,062,030 barrel* of flour, and a decrease of exoeea *lnce our atatement of last week, of 32,443 barrel* of flour. The receipt* of oorn thus far exceed by 3,9(14,008bushels, the entire receipt* of 1840. The reoelpta of barley op to the clo?e of the third week in October, during the present year, compared with the corresponding period in 1846, show a decrease of 91.813 bushels; and from the 1st of September to the 22 J of Ootober, inclusive, oom pared with the same period in , 1846, a decrease of 222 869 bmshels. The following table shows the quantity of hoii of the principal article* of produce left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of Ootober, inclusive, during the years 1843, (191 days) 1816, (190 days) and 1847, (176 days) : ? Keccirn or Produce at Tidk With. ISO. 1846 1847. Canal optn JlprilWh. Jlpril ir,ih. May lit. Klour. bbla 1,642 317 a,178.176 3 l)il,235 Wheat. bush 801.711 1,986 768 3,071,669 Corn, both 28 9% 1,3*1004 1,574 117 B*r'ey, bush 6'ltW 881,997 793,181 Beef. bbls 26,494 3S S?0 29 J78 Koik bbli 31161 76 421 71 4<6 Ashes, bbls '.0,215 42 6M 28 74) Batter Ibi 10,489 6(8 10.fl O.44A II 661.371 Lnrd Ibi 2 332.167 1 213 1P0 4 M8,2|f Cheese,lbs 11,360,4?l 16.910401 18.778 934 1 Wool, lbs 7.311294 7,211 266 10 079 720 j Blew, lbs 736 100 1,771,610 3 139,430 The receipt* thl* year for the remaind-r of the ' on, comparcil with last, will, without doubt, b? very ! limited, and there Ik even a probability of th? mere* realized thus far, bi'iug reduced lie'orn the cloee of na- ; vlgatlon. It will be peroeivej, on referenoeto the above ' table, that the falling oil In the reciipto of wheat and barley, for the third wet-k In October, compared with the name week last year, has been greater than the increare in other descriptions of grain. Stock Bxchang*. $i000Trei? Notes t's l>90 101)* 100 ?h-|Fl*rlem RIl l?0 46 120(0 do III* 101 10 do bll 46 27000 do 101 10 KVmers'Trust 28H 2000 do 12-1 100j< 10 do 26i? 101,0 State7's, '48 101>? 10 do 2'fc 7000 Stale l'?, *60 No* I 101 100 do suw 2t.\ 2010 8ute l'?.'18 Not IIOOJ< 14>0 do 26;? 10000 Penn'a 1'a 73X 300 do hlO 27 10000 do b30 TiK 50 do bl5 27 MOO do >60 73*2 SO L Island HK 28V 2000 Ohio ?> 70 100 do Imw 28k 1000 Ohio e's, 10 98^ HO do |>I0 2DH 1000 Ohio 6's.'M 98 J00 do b60 29 1000 Illinois fundable 401* 10 do 28^ 100(18 do 30ds 40 110 do anw 28>. Vino do 40 100 do I 1000 Reading Bonds 6?X 1040 Reading RR Jl>* 11000 do 69* 10 do (|0 15 i 10 iha Muhattan Bank 9<>, 10 do blO 41W .40 do 93? 100 do y.C I 10 North River Bank 10 V 24 Huron and St Mary's 21 New Orleans Bank 71 co|i(,er stock II 1150 Harlem RR 41>4 20 Nor & Wor R ( 4(H? 10 do sio 44^* 100 do ?i*. '40 do 45V 20 do 41 IM do 41S Sec .mi t Bo art I. tllUUI 3'im Nn?i A. Ifll U.L. U..I...Dn V? ? I IIOmi Penn. 5? il 73'? jo do hit 45J. 2000 Kentucky M W, 100 do *16 4* i 3000 Heidinf Hill >10 h'fi <00 do 4 V: 21 ih? Nor k Wor RR 4' '4 300 do 4J i 175 Reading HR if, JO N A Trait tU I 50 Nor .V Wur H R h tO 41 M <lo 1 '4 1 New Stork Exchange 50 thi Harlem RR c o\ JO alia Reading BR r. JV4 JO do ?3? 4JU JO do *10 JJ > JO do >1 4Jh JO L Inland RR il 2R!* JO do 110 4'V JO do MM) rt 100 do e 4JV. jo Kiirineri' Loan c ak fJO do >3 ?H, .50 do bl JO Bttdini UK ) il'i JO do taw XX CITY TRAOB IlK POUT. Ntw York, Wi.dkkidat Aktkrmoon, Oct. 27. The flour market continued (toady, without material change in quotation*. Sale* were mad.' to a fair extent. Including a lot for export to Kagland. The market continued bare of Southern, and price* were Arm. There j wan very little done In wheat, while priae* continued firm. Corn wu firmer, and naletof both mixed and yellow were made at an advance on yesterday'* rate*, of about I oent per bushel. Rye wan al*o firmer, and ?ale* reported at an improvement in price*. Oat* atood unchanged. There were only moderate tranaactlon* in proTUiona, price* ruling nominally about the same for me** and prime pork. In groeerlei, *ale* were very moderate, and at about pr?Tlou* rate*. Aiiiri?Tot* were Arm at AO, and pearl* steady at #fl. at whioh *uall *ale* were made. Bcr.iwa*?Wa* inaotlve at J to a 34X0 for Northern yellow B*r.*n?Turr??Flour?Sale* of new (ienegee and Oswego were mad* to the extent of about 4 a 6,000 bbla In | eluding 3000 Otwego. for (hipment to England. at M 00, and iOOOenaiee %t Id fijK,-and a lot of Otwegn at fO " d'4; 100 do new Mlohigan told at Id and 337 do. I at >ti m>?; 1*0 hbla of Oklo told at f? oil',', and wu do \ faoof kfM4? '( . #N4 at ft ?7>f No i?l*i of aoMtbern 1 ^ . - 1 -1 ware reported I'rloea were (Lrm and ?tock light. W\eat 1 ?The market continued arm, bat no uIm were report- ^ ed beyond a small lot of Oeorgi* new, (200 buehel*) ' at I 30 cents. Corn?Bale* of 2000 bushels sourd j yellow were made at 77 oenta; 8000 do mixed told at 7.'> ? cents, and 2000 do do at 7&)f oenta; 2000 mixed (old, In a tore, at 74 cent*; and 1400 do damaged, sold at 72 o?nU. I" Meal?The article continued firm, and salea of New Jersey were made to the extent of 500 a 1000 bbla at $3 60 ? Hyt?Sales of 4000 a 5000 biuhela were made at f>3 a 04 centi. Oifi ?er? steady at 4H a 49 oent*. Barley? b Sale* of 3U00 bushels old were made at BO cant*. Tha ' last sale of n?w was made at 85 oent*. * RxcxirTi Doww the Humor Kivkr. October 2ft. October 20. Total Flour bbla 13,000 13,100 20,1(0 , Meal bbla. 700 ? 700 , Wheat bunh 7.250 6.000 12,310 r Corn I Huh 20,700 4.000 24,700 Uye busb 6 500 9,500 8,000 t Candlci ? Hperm coatinued firm at J3c. CorrcK ? We have only to notioea aale ot 160 ba^a Bio mnde by auction, at a 7c, cash. CorrtR ?Males of 10,000 lba. pig were made at 17>?o per lb Cottok.?The sales to day oompriaed 1100 bale*, and were made without any further change In prioea There waa rather leu pressing on the market, but It would be diflloult to aell largely without a farther reduation in Kijh ?Hales of 650 quintal* dry cod were made at $3 (10, including a portion at (3 63X Noun were left afloat unsold, and th? market continued Arm. Maoke- ] ral-350 barrel*, including No. I'* at $8 34, aud No. 3'* at $6 37H- andSSO barrel! large No, 3'i sold at (6 HX Herring?Hales 600 boxes scaled sold at 56 a 67e. There were no aalea of No 1 or N*. 2 650 barrels gibbe d, cold i at (3 94. HitMr.?No sale* reported, while prloes continued Arm. 1 Lead ? No sales transpired 1 Molasses.?bales of 40 hhda. Muscovado were mad* at 28o Natal Stores ?The market waa quiet and no vale* { were made Quotations conlluued th? same Oils ? Llmteed?KnglUh continued heavy at yesterday's price*. Amarloan city preened we qu?t? at 60c, flash Sale* 400 barrel* shipping whale were made at 33o Rates of orude *perin were mad* at $1 04. There we* no charge In other kind* raormo.N* -Mess Pork wa* Inactive; a lot of 100 hbls waa offered at (14 87X; prime was wirtn $10 60 a $10 75. Beef Hams?8al?e 2i>0 bhls were made at (12 37S; and 60 do sour, at (II M Va Lard ?Hale* 300 bbis were made, part for easb, at 10>j; 300 do No -J, at and 60 kegs new, at ll.^c; Cheese?Sales of llerkimer dairies continued to be made at 7X<J Butter? The market exblblted no change, and aales were making at old prices Kick?Hales of 126 tleroea new were made at (4 MX a (4 76, and 00 do at (4 81V Hi'i;ab -hale* of 100a 160 hhda Muscovado, were made at A,V a 8,','; a sale of 130 hhda New Orleans was mad* by auction at 6jfc. 4 mo* Tallow oontinned firm, at 10c. Whalebone ? N W continued dull, at 33Xo. Whiskav ? Sales of 1'ennsylTanla were made at 3'2o; State prison waa held at 32)te, without sale*; Drudge we* held at 32c S^Kheiuhts?Ashes were engaged to Rotterdam, at 36s; Gotton to Havr* wa* steady at'sfl; to Liverpool and London, rates continued the aame. There waa rather rnor* offering, but at low ratea. Kor the eastward small veaseln continued In good demand. TKLKUHAPUIC. Baltimore, Oct. a7th, T. M.?Flour?The market was steady, and sales ot 4000 barrel* were mad*, oonsistlng chiefly of Howard street, at (6 '25,(0 60 a (6 62)*; for City Mill* a higher figure was asked Wheat?The sup ply was moderate ana market firm Sales of 2000 bushels were made, of prime Maryland red*, at $1 JO. Corn continued firm at tt4o for Maryland white and mixed, and 70o. for yellow. Oats were held at 48o Provisions were steady, with sales to a moderate extent at previous prioea. Whiskey firm. Alsanv, Oot. 37, 1847.?Flour?The market was firm 'or new Oswego and (ieneeee at $6 37>? a (6 50. Wheat ?No naif a. Corn?Sales of 2000 bushels were made at 7lo. (Western mixed.) Barley? Sales of 3000 bushels were made, consisting of two rowed at 82c. All offering sold. Itje firm. Oats, no change. Whiskey steady Receipts by nanal during the preceding twenty-four hours ?Flour, 2000 barrels ; oorn, 6000 bushels ; barley, 10,600 bushels. Freights?No alteration. BL'rr*i.o, Oot. 37, P. M.?Flour?The market waa steady, and aales of 5000 barrels were made, consisting of new Western and thia State brands, at $6 50 a $6 62X. Wheat?Sales of 20,000 bushels were made, consisting of Western mlsed at $1, and good red and whit* do. with some lots this State, at 120o. Corn?Salea of 5000 buahela, consisting good mixed, were made at 53c. Whiskey continued firm. Reoelpta during the past 24 hours, were as follows:?Flour, 7000 barrels; wheat, 7000 bushels; oorn, 10,000 do. Freights by oanal to Albany? Flour, 75e; wheat, 31c; corn, 1 Ho. Boston, October 27, P. M.?Flour?The market oontlnued firm, and sales of 3,000 bbls. were made, consisting of new brands Oenesee and Western, with some lots Southern, at (6 02>??>7. Wheat?No sales. Corn ? Sales footed up about 20,000 bushels, consisting of mixed at 77o., and of yellow at 6 Jo. Provisions were In I lair request, and aalea MM) bbla. clear mret pork were made at $ IS, and 600 do prime m?*ae beef at $16. Lard waa ateady, with light aalea. Whiakey waa firm.? Freights without change. [Telegraphic Cor. of Phlla Bulletin ] Nkw Oni.ri.ii Markets, Oat !i0?Cotton?There had bean a alight farther decline in oottoa, at whioh the market waa steady. Haifa of 'J.900 baiea were mad*, consisting of Leulslanna and Mlaalaaippi,at 10% to lOJf ( lour?The uinrkoi waa ateady, and salea of 1,000 bbla were made, including Illinois, at $6, and beat 8t. Loula brand* at $6 12X. Corn?Salea of prime yellow were made at 6'2>io. Tobacco?Sale* of 200 hhda. fair were made at 4?,' to 4Xo. Freight* Improving. Kxcbangea. No change. Hales N. O. sugar at 7>,'; molaaaea, 3i; aalea yellow oorn, 6ic. llarrlid. On Tuesday evening, 26th inat, at the ohurch of the Holy Kvangeliat. by the Iter Benjamin Krana. Mr. Jamki F. Bkamci, to Mlaa Sarah H. Ward, both Of thia cliy, the latter formerly of Wilkesbarre, Pa. (flj- Wllkeabarre papera pleaae copy. Ou the 24th inat., oy the Iter Dr Wllllans, Mr John Calvin Horri:*, to Miss F.liza Jamc Fo wlkb, all of thia eity. _______________ Died, On the :16th inat., A>>y Kelly, wife of Thoe. Kelly, in the 46th year of her age Her friends and tboie of the family are earnestly requested to attend her funeral, thia (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the reaidenoe of her huaband, 077 Greenwich atreet On Wednesday morning, the 27th Instrnt. Patrick Cal'ohliu, in the 49th year of his age, a native of the oounty Wfxford, Ireland. Ilia frlenda and those of hla brothers, Klohard and Junes Caughlin. are respectfully Invited to attend bla funeral, on Friday afternoon.29tn Inat , lrom hla late reaidenoe, No 75Courtlandt street, at 3 o'clock precisely, without further invitation. '|M> MERCHANT* AND O l'M.'.H ?.?Wante i, by a A smart, i telligri.t rerpecuble young nun i itaatiou; I* * good ?ccoiiut?nt wilt** a cjti;ck bu*iue*a haud. aud * uld not object to m?ke himieif eeiieinlly uieful. Would imt make wage* *o much a consideration at employment. (food rr fereiicr cau be given. Application to K. ?., lirraldvlBce >a?aau atreet, N. Y., or to Lnueuiem of 111 Broadway, will meet with fompt attention. o2SZt*m b^Oll SaLK?The Stock aud Future* i.f a well kuowu WMniM in the neighborhood ot the [idwW ; po-aer>ion given immediately. The situation cauuot be aurp^ued Apply at I IK Wall at., up itnira. <.2H lt*m IJ'Olt SAUfc?Two Uillnrd Table*, in complete order; may he aeeu at Mr John Kergusou a, 6J7 Broa<lw*y. Ap ply at 14 Wall atreet, upataira. o^R lieoil'in OPYRIGHT ARTICLE IN bLAi KWOOD'I* MA> J OAZINK for October?William Van Oorden. No 39 William street, ha*;uit published " Letter* to Oodf ey," originally contributed in Blackwood'* .Magazine, by an American citizen 'i he ae> ond edition will be ready on Thorauay ncir. rot ?nle alto by the bookseller* o?8 lt*m NUTM K?1 lie | ublic are li-ieliy c.iutioucd nut to trtint any of the crew of the Hrituh ship r.lm Perne from Liverpool. ?a do debt- ol their contacting will be paid by the ( nptain or eoimgnee. JOlKPH McMIjRRaY, o28 It rc Corner of Tine and Mouth tt?. TO THE LA?lfc* Kt, SI UK NT AND VISlTtKB IN NKW YORK.?Win fccotikCo, No. 377 Broadway, reapec'folly invite attention to their atock of Lace Cape* Veil, real and imitatiou trimming I,arei, Mnalin Trimming*. B.ind*. Intanta' Wairts Kobe* aud Krocka, Needlework Collar*, Cheini*et>(. ilaudkercli ef?, Cnffs.ltc. Tarlatan, riw i** aad Orva die Mutlin*, H.mbroideicd Mua'in Dreuea, Lace Dresses, Bertlie*, fcc kc., which ar? offered at very low NttNi and will be found . i .1 id exteut aud variet y 10 any in thecitv. A laige *tock ol Urea* (.ap* at one dollar each. > N. B ?No ilevialion in price* ojt lit'ni |jl UU .N L)? In J II m111 Luc and h anc V ?li)ie, 2"2>? ts<>w " erv, a nlffr H) IJrer.atim. 1 he lady who lo.l if. will ideate cull in perton oM 11* rc r11 tu HKV. UK. S I KVK.NM,) I H.I , rln(ol Hi. AiiX Drewi church, Philadelphia, will preach in the chinch of (li? Aaceuiion, thii, Thurtday. evening, when a collection will b? made m aid of Chrin?. hurch, tVilmmihtirv h Mrvice to commence o'clock. t n?l li?rc A i AHD -ll'n'. Mmw, Hitler, ,71k Bowery, ukei leave ro tendei; hit lint ili.nk> to Chief of Police, Matiell, Ihe Police of (tie Hth District. the Kire Deiurlment mid ci i/.eui la general, fir the kin<i aid rendered hy them at the diuairiiiu lire which occurred at hi* eitibliihiuent on Wedntiday tTrnnn. tli* I Hh inat. The delay which hai taken I'Uce in the Conine now ?lofted, it attributable to the total diiorgan nation of hit attain. New York, Oct 27 1847. o28 it*rc C-MiytJl AL LOLKir.. No 11 l.O.ol O. H ?The member* J of l ryatal Lodge ere repeated l i attend the neii meeting nf ih? l.odte at their room, No 411 Broad war, Thurtday evening llir 28th mat., when bunneta of imjiortanee will be brought belore them By or-'cr of W. R. WAflSTAFK, N O. WW K. BERltir.K. BttV o27 Jt're CiAKK l)Kt MiLl.k < oCONNlEjSALOON W7 broad' way?Oytteri of every kind ? J. Pintviu hat the honor to to hia frienda and the public in gei er:il, thai for he atialaction of hia humeroiit cmtoinera, can be bad at hia anloona, freali oyatcrt, cooked in every atyle.and of the beat qnalnier.) (iraiidn Hoireei MoMcOei every night. c2* Iteodia*re BANK <5V KAUrtBIRY, MD.-2J cent* on the dollir will be |iaid for the Note* of this Bank, if prOMted aoon at No. 2t Liberty alreer, aecond itory. nil l?tia tSn>i2liiW*m 'pilK 7.1XJARILLA.? ATWILL hai now in (reta llm M. beautiful new dance from the ballet ol L'Almee. p?r forming at the Broadway Th?atrc nightly with a beautiful and appropriate vignette ol Mad'leand Mon*. Monplaiair. at they ap|iear ui that I'avotue ballet, deaigued b>- one of the nut artiiu, and printed. in colon; the mime of thii ballet haa been termed b? copy right, and will be laamd iu tli? court* of a few daytlwith mauy nnttlhe* in the new xniic, Inclod, lug the tonga and inecei from Lorfer'i new opera ill he Night Dancer*." Jenny Lind'a Hong*.Polk* etc. Alio to be published on th? lit proximo, the fifth nnmberof the Ileantiei ?if the Opera. ATWILL, 2*1 Hroadway, oJ7 4tia?rc _____ near Pulton tlreet. OKI-|i tOKTIIK .>! W-HIHK, I'llllVI^.M KAMI BOS t ON RAIL HOAt) < O , New Voik, October 2*. 18,7 ?A dividend of Two Dollar* and fifty cent! per thai* on the capital atoek of thii company, hai thii day teen declared, payahle lit November The trantfer konka will b' cloied from Mth October lo 181 November, botli "v ^',t. l , r - l H M tH I.. I.,. DOYAL OUR LEY, Auctioneer ?v ALL'ABLK EN I ORAVINGR 1hi? half-put lOoVlock.will <t aold by Royal liuriey k Co., J04 Broadway, coruer I)n ue treet, a large aud spleudid collection of Loadou and Paria ii-graeiags. conapriaiug a great variety of tateieati, g aukjeeia aaoyul tfietu eapeuaire and high c?l I'nuu Aim I,.n?d iid mounted Pnnta.of va-ioua ueacriptioua. tAU<>, V i? w? m Icotlaod. 143 fine Kugraviova, Hngarth'a Wnrka, fce o n If in J.N1 U ttOUfcHT, Aacti .uaar -SrOCK UKcKut KT . RY.OLA89 AND CHINA Friday, Oct 29. 10 o'clock, t No (1 John at . catilogue tale of 300 Iota Iron lit* shelves, fit mid second flowing bloe, d irk and light blue, granite, ye Inir. iron atouewaie, kc ; edged and di|>t ware. ? ut and plain I us, Air , at 4 m nthtcieait Tli a aale it woithy the notice il retailer* and erorera. ' 28 lt* in J iv. bitO WN, AaciiooeeiH O U O ?. HOLL? FUHM TUR??J. W. Bmwu will tell el auctiou Thia Day, I'huiedM) October 28. at 14 o'clock, at No. JO Muiray treet, the furiiituie ol a family leavtug the city couipnaiug n<li"gany Sofa and (.'hairs, I ab ea, buieans, Wardrobe, Bedtrada Cart>eta. Oil Clotha. Crockery Olaaaware fcc Alao? ha Kitchen Kurnuute, with which ike aale will commence. o27 2tia.m _ A NTHONY J. BI.KK< KKll Auctioneer ?RK At, K* t\ TATt:. MADISON MiUARE-?'oaiti?e sa'e of M 'eiy valuable Lola in the moat improving part of the city, lu he imtn-diate viriuitv of Madiaou H.junre?(?n Taesday. No reinbei 9.h, w II be aold by Anthouy J ihe Mar hauls' Kxrh^nge, a i.uinhe- of very desirable Lota, well s'lolied on Madison avenue, 29Ui, 3uth and 31st streets,uid west of he Fourth avenue ?ij:? 21 Lota on Madisioo avenue. It " H'h ItrMt. II " JOtJi street. 9 " llat atiec. Terms lihcal. and uia<le kuown at the aale, or o( VVM. P HALLKTT M Wall street olJ.Hi 26 )0fcnl 4,6 I 9 rc dUNTLCM \N IS ANXIOUS fS fRO'L'Rk. A ntu -t on a sube steady m <n aa Co'clim m and ijro?m lis understands lna business pe feet y?ell. and it a careful, roiMldiiver. mi y con tnanda left for P K D . at r.^'bb'a, 12' oartlaudt arreet. wil be ru n tua Iv -tiended to. Ileca refe> to annie of ihe be>t f.milira iu the city. '1 lie advertiser la of the P o'otni.t religion "Ml *rr ?'A TNmTi.N a II EL WAMTs D? \nv (emituu who c u cminiu''IWmO, and is desirous t > have n I lu m lua hotel a tuaeil iu a central part o> Hrondway, a a bear ?r in opiMituiiry, by ad rraai'ig, with real name. J L., l>o* 'W2, Pi>at Olllce The a taW.ihuieut, properly mamged. i? well c Iculatad to make the i>,omi' lura a r r u..? ....I offe-? a fhi??w rarely to ba met with. <8? it* c B'AKU W a NTIlD ? Agentlemm v?i.hea bard lot himtell aud wife, in a i?rivat? family, where tlirre w 1> be 'r w I or no othr r boarder* I. or mi n uml be between Caul an-' Fnlton atr*ets. ou the wen ai?'e fBroflnav ho' particular! addiesa Mrs Wither, 31 King atrett. (Joed lafemte given anil iequ>rril. New irrth Oci-tia 7. oH fr?rc WA >Tr D ?\ situation, by a res|Kictnble y u> a u rl, as snamstrers in a private family. !-he staiuls dress lin?li'K aud thirl making Would have no objection to a or pnv te boardii.g house A ste.dy home u moie tierotjeel thin high wrges Please Call at iO Wil iam sine , f out room, 1 InrH floor, betwren Pine and Wall atierti; or address by note, which will be puuctually attcLded to. t. an l.e ?eeu for inn Hnys oM lt? c WA>TKI) a aituaiim'>y two rtapectible yoiiu* Wou.eti, one ? Cook or Laundress; the oilier aaa L harab- rmaid, i>r ndu (eueril lioutettork. liaTe no olje tmu f MO I Mull distance in the couutrv. Al>i>ly at Ji Dey street. The beat of cir leferencea if eqni r- <1. ol Item WAiN J KO?aiiUHtX'ua t>y iw respecoUir unla, euh r to do general houaewoik. or cook. w?ih tua iron, in a re iiertable family <Jood city refereuces fnim their l??r place. I l-aae call at HI Molt atree . fortwodaya eM I'm WANTtl'-lyte.i reaprctabl* women, places?nut u> do the cooking, wash ng and imniue of a mall private family; the other housework or ctainberwoik; la a Rood wakh'r aud irouer. Uood city reference giveu. Ai'Plv at '19 Rinnftona'. o'llli'm Wain i i".. ?Bv a rci|itci?blt young Kill a plate to do chamberwoik orgeueral housework or to attend cln dreu. Will receive calls for 2 dayi at II) Llereuih st'eet ? (Jond city rrferrure given. n28 'I'll! WAN I'EIJ? A aitu >tioii at chiinbennaul and ?aiter by a reipectable Proteataut youuif ? omm, IS to 20 years of a^t, or to miud a baby anil tewing .-! <- cau waah tnd iron fits: rate; would have no objection te go South with al<dy ? The beat of city rifereuce cau be given. f'lsaie call at 121 Bowery, first floor, backroom. Will receive calla all tint week, if not euaaied. o3t If w WANTICL)?Board mid Lodging in a private I'imily, by a Prufesanr of Muiir. lately arrived from t l?nm>iv unit. peusation of which tie wonld lustruct ou the Piano, Violin or Organ, Hi also thorough Baas. The beat references will be given Apnlv hoi i Lower Post Office. o28 3tis#rrc CALU vlN V M KKI TKL).? Iu order not to mar the hirmouy of the day devoted to laying the corner atoue <>f the contemplaed monument to the revered mem ry of the Father uf lii> Country,our Brother?(he illuatiioua Washington?as well a* to avoid any excitement iu the public mind prior thereto, St. Johu'a Grand Lodge,of the State of New York, haa forborne, till thii time, to notice the alanderout communication which appeared in the morning paper!of the ICth mat., headed "Masonic Notice"?"Caution, lie., and tinned by "K. K. Boyd. Grand Secretary." The St Johu'a Grand Lodge, in behalf of itaelf and thoae who acknowledge ita jurisdiction, who have, in a similar manner, been ruthlessly peisecuted for the last ten years, by the body styling itself "the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Hon"rable fraternity of Kree aud Accepted Maaous of the Sttte of New York"? aud feeling that a longer silence, under thia uutnerr.ed aspersion, wonld ce <se to be a virtue, is therefoie com elled, iu vindication of their Maaonie character, to declaie, that the atstemnutset forth in the above named communication.that lit. John's Grand Lodge "was formed by men eipelled by them for uuinasonic conduct," is, to lav the leaat of it. a tiaaue of misrepresentations, if not a wanton calumny ! Solar Irom lit. Joliu's Grand Lodge being formed by aiprlled masons. of the one hundred aud tweuty-seveu persons who assembled at the Howard House. He,trml>er 11th, 1IJ7, and who formed that body, more than one hundred and twenty were members of their own order, in good s'andi g, all of whom voluntarily and of their own free will and accord, renon-ced their allegiance to and memberahip of. a body iu which they had witueased persecution in a utoat vindictive and unmsaonic meaner, by declaring expelled from the I >rde', without a hearing, ?nd for the alleged high crime of nnmasomc conduct, a number of individuals forsimi ly using a masonic right and privilege guaranteed to ihem by the ancient uaagea ai d customs of the cralt, that of ullOrttaf the niul day of their patron 1ft.; and that aa regards St. John s Urand Lodge being a "self constinted" or "clandestine body." it claims to be, and iu truth is, as legally and justly a constituted Graud Lodge, according to the aacieut asages aud roituna, aud by formitiou, ins.alialion, fcc., as a' y other in the United ftales, or in the known world, not eveu excepting the"Mosl Worshipful Grand Lodge" of our accusers, who claim to be the ' Simon P-rea" of the Order, ami calumniate Ht John's Giand Lodge of the State ( Vfw York aa "clandestine," and who so mtriioriouily declined the invitation of the Wnahiagtoa M,xiuate?l Association. foi the alleged reason that an invitation had been extended to and accepted by lha St. John'a Grand Lodge. Yes ! declined to participate on this great occasion to do ttverence to oar illustrious Brother, the immortal Washington, lest they should be contaminated by the presence of the St John s Oraod Lodge, anil the members ol the Lodges under ita juris diction. The public have witnessed the result and will pro perly appreciate the m< tives nf the 'caution." lij Older of the Grand Lodge CHAHLES K. LINEBACK, Grand Secretary. Graud Lode* Boom, Oct 25, HIT. oil lt*trc MASONIC INVITATlON-ln addition -o the above replication, I hereby invite any officer or member of the M. W. tiraud Lodge of he State of New Yoik to select one man, and I will auother; these two m select fie third, and the three t* form or constitute a board i,f referees in wkoae hauda I will place the sum of one hundied dollars, both parties to appear helore thrm; and if I fail to prove to the satialaction i.{ that hnard thnt Nt. John'a tirand I.ndst nf li'isa and Mr. ccpted Matous in the Suie of New Yuik, wu commuted b? as high M-? uic authority aa their own or any other ti. L. of Mamma lu the United btaten I will forfeit the $100. to be added to their ch rity fund. Their deeiaiou, whichever way it may be, to be published If they refuae u> accept thia, 1 respectfully appeal to the whole Mmobic lauiily and the rotninanity at l*r|fe, to decide lit.w much troth there la m their repe?t d assertions and publications uf ft. Joliu'a Orand Lodge being a elm destine bod/ i f Masons IfKNHV C. AI'WOOD, Deputy Orand Master ni8 It* tc < f ht. J' hti'a Utanrt Lodge R'~~fcsu UXIO~H TrtHfik.U B V I life. MKHUt H i LUB. at their atmory, Mercer flouae. llct. 2), 1817, by Captain J M. Turue Heaolved. That 'he membera of the Mercer Club ?i mpatliiie with the Indepeudriit Tomikins Bluea. the relatirea and friend* ot the late Lieut *'r.| I liarlea T. Baxter, in their loat of a commandant. a ion, and a f ieud. Aud t>e it further re?olved, That in out several rel itiooa wi'h Chirlea T. Baiter, we have ever f nnH h"n n good man aud a lerfect aoldier; ?nil our country liaa found hiin v list we re r-ointrie ded litm to be?a Hero. Kesolvrd, I haithe ah >ve res iution* be pabliahed in the Herald ai.d Military Arena. otT Wa?je WM PALMKR Secretary. PHIL AptLPHIA PEDEBTEI AN?H mi iiimn To timely. ha* commenced the unpar Helled feat of walking 312 tmles in 111 hours, (or the mm of tMO on a iilatf <rm il feet in 1'iigih. after which he will be open to walk with the >ew York l edntri .n for S.MM> wuhin one month The above entlna tnken (lace at the house ot Knward MeOorern, N? 170 Cherry atrert, Wednesday, Oct. 27th, at 3 o'clock P.M. 'iidiug Tueaday, Nor. 0th, nt 3 o'clock P.M He la a fine looking young mm. Mr. McOurem keeps the beat of good o der in Ins house. o2l2'in?*r' I'O BPllKTSMtN-To he told a Lfouhle Onn; alio, a large Pork Onn, both by a first rate Loudon m?ker ? irutlrinen requiring yeuniue London pnni, theae me worth their Kitrncion. To br ?eru M ,\o. 70 Fit I tun tlreet Brooklyn o2* 1t?in r~aL UNION COUIIB, L. I ?Tlnn> ^i)?v. Ortober ntli. at 3 o'cliwk, P M , !*VV n match for fire hundred dulUra?two mii? heata f?? hari.eaa. Ditid Bryan i.nines m. Lady HutMk. ,.j,n?e Wh*li>l*y Damn br. in. L>dy Sutton. i i.?il'-|int2 o'clock, * for tloo, mile lietti, beat J in i, I I bvMM 11. Woodruff namea h k Tetrnte. 8. Holland namea b m Arreuran Doe. 1 he ' ?'? will lenve South Kerry it 1 o'clock, mnl retort after the aooit arr over oM 7t*r? "~m. < \ > Mi Y HI K 1)1? A ituall ! > ol >?!i< e- uni li rr '$'gTm \ ellow mill Myrtle Cai.ary Hnd? ju?t arrived from I 'M/tftt Ai. twern. of vert fine |>lu unite and song Koraaleou | vBSU hoard ahi|> ehakapaara, font of pier I] H. nJIJt'm TT~~~ PIANO KOIlTKi KOH HI lit. at Wrahn gtou ?l'fri. Brooklyn, near Myrtlr At j i A '%~ftrt."r?A r.iriety of uew ami leconj liaiid Tuiin IIS I * Kortra, for tale o- hire: alao a general aaanrtireiit of Mnaic aud Muaical ir.?tiuinenU. ?-.R I2fre 1 VVAI.K HI _ WANTe.I>?A Jiarcliaaarjo' a an ?euve ,'"ih.5^3*3B',ia''0. A yoanc man fcoinj South it deairoua iia rfl?f diapotii.K of the him apon re?aon?ble I t IS 2 J?term?. J he finano nuy b? teen at 'MCanal rtr?t o'? It rr M' FOR S Xl.K?l >' f<(, f h i.d Kuturea ol one ,,f the br?i Heat'ttrautJ in the City. 1 he location .? in the yictnlty of ibe Aatnr Home, anil the leaae hai three rent* to ran. Ill he.lth ia the only re?ar n ol the pro. lietor having ? wi?h to tell out. Addreia H. C. h , at Una office. o26 1tt>*r< S1 ANNiVi.?H*HV OK THK BATTl.K OK White Plaina?Sham Kight at W hue P.aina Thursday, Oernber 2?lh. h? the Military of We.ifheater and 4itl??ei.t countiea. Th" eara o( the New Yerk and Harlem It.iiliead Company, will leave t'uv Hf'l at I ami 10 A. M. 2 10 ii I t J. T. M. Ueluritinf, will leave Wlule Plaita ?t 9 30 A \| . J awl I P M. o2i l? ir h ' ALBANJr IHKM I*?Puaa|t M eti r ?.?J-r_N-OrrOMTION I.I NIC FOR AI IH N y .SflMMBWHiTh* faatand |>l?>n<li(l "tea me r J AM K. s M AI >1W.N.Opt Joaeph N Hodman, will leave the pier loot i,1 Hohin?'>n afreet. Tn?aday, Thuraday and Saturday eveninga at ? 'clock. K"r f cglit ar tmaaage apply to the (Captain on Hoard, or M th? effiea na the dock. <2* ii'iu BMs. *9* CHARLKBTON. R C.-Theateam 7W Miv 4h'l' NOHTHr.KNKR. Capt. Ihomaa f. U?"M, will lenre the pier foot of Clinton ffUgfcJMn'tieet. Tuhai eo Impaction, K H . on SatinJay, tne Kith mat., at 4 o'elock, P. M. .No Berth kecuieil until i*id lor. *11 lolla of l> ilui( aigneu by llie e'erk on b<Mrd. Ml ec e * ill l.e received tiulil II o'cl -ck M on the of delartme Kor Vre tht or Paoage . a ply W SPOKKORD TILKSTOff, t< fW> , 41 South at. i / Paxengera hy theae ieaael?are reoaeated to < nd their h?*iffi;e on hoard prerioua to 12 o'clock, M , on ;he day of departure. f'ana'cnaea by the*' veaHr'a are particular!.* tr^ne.ted in attend in the receipt of their gonda on tl,a arrival ol etch ? >???. Hie Kilt LIVkKI'dUI.. ? Hefiilar packet ol the (.lii Nutrml'i ?'I he well known feat aailing packet JMU&ahip NKW WOHLIl. burlben WJO toua, < aptaiu Knight wilt aaiI aa above, her reculir day. Iter tccominoi|>tiora for cabin, accord cabin and iteetv|c paaiemcra are too jrrII known to require cotPm?nt. Thoee m million Id *('wi>k ?li< ulj u.'kr iinutdUvt kpplitatio i on kcird, i?M of ' lant, or to JO??fll >l?Ml HRAV. ?* wt ?rc i'pmi of M?# m?4 LiHfir >u DARK THEATRt.?Thumday E>eam?. Oetoker Wh. * Will be perfumed. in Eagliah, the ?>pera of LA HON AMBUL'-l,ouni Hhodolpha ?if. Va'trllina, Elrmo, M> W. H .Deere*; Aiiiinv Mme Au a Biahop; Liu, Mil*. Malhil da Kortidaki, Tereaa Mar. Boulard. . Mte, which. the comedy ot FORTY AND FIFTY?Mr. Lill> white. Mr. ?ui, Mi*. Lillywhitr, Mr*. Vtraoa. C'-uclnde wirh the O'aiid Heeti* and Carariaa, from T NCREDI; O Paul*?Di Tanti falien, by Mme. Am* Biahop Oonra open u IK o'elotk. Performance will comneaee *t 7 o'clock UUWtllV THEATRE.? W Jiciion, Alaaaaet; l?|l M? 87???i?..-Th? day K-uuTOet ? &. ^N.KVD-Robert Leater, Mr W Marah.U; Mark . Horaeleai. Hemlock, C Burke, Kale ol Be I ui ut Philllpe; Elt.?ey, Jordan i* i"c?f TAMING THE SHREW?Petraehio, Ml n'rnh Mt Buik?iCailu>iii?,Mn P- illip*. Double Highlitiitl Vlmg by ^itftct Barber an* i ockyor. 1 o rouciude with A OHQBT IN SPITE OF HIMSELF ?Dlgory, Mr Burke; LaTn.ia. Mr* Phillip* uUl* *l o'clock and the curt&ia will rtat at 7. Boifeft 2j ? CPU; and u?iitn cott KTfDiM, Oct. 17. will he pr< du? M 0* burletoue of lit* BEAUTY AND*rHE BE AST-f,.. B??t\lT A Idgate Puinr. C Taylor, Julio Quill. Mr Dc Bar- brauiy Mri Herbeit l'? be followed by the admired dr.-ina af ALADDIN? Aladdia, Miai Hildreth; Kaarac, Mr. De Bar; Abaaasoe, Mr Br-iu o<; Prince Aiiak, Btaftjid; Prince*a Badruulbaduar. Mi* Wray. Tn co elude with the fare* of THE LA DT AND THE DEVIL?1 aptalu Wildlore, Mr Sutherland. B ? * 11 cema?Pit u)i cenia. _______ MITCHELI ? OLYMPIC THA * TRE.? I hi* iiih Oct M, the performance wi'l comm-nce w th the faree ofLlOHT TR"OP OF BT JAMES<-Ma?er Thooua Smallbore*; Mr Hollaed; Muuee* Jane Hubert*. Mua Mary Taj lor. il>?r which, NEW PI.AVKT?Tho Now Plaaat, Mary Taylor. Juue Miu Mniierta; Venae, Mia# Phillip*. To He follow to by OUT UN THE 8IJr?Pi?lieo Pippin*, Mr oll?nd; Mr* Fm C p?r, Mim >iirf Tl" lot T? conclude wiiH ib* f?rc? o' Bt-EING HOLLAND? John Downey, Mr M? ll*ud; iu houv Hokey, Ci.?iiilll??i Bnaan, Min lioherte. D'x.n i'ixmi a 8H n'r'i'ck. Brf the f arfia will rl?* ?l T. Pi L lU'n r.KA nil it ? vl..uiL?y, Ocuitel -as. IIMT ?tua Ih week of the Celebrated k. i HlOflAN bKhk.>AD? KB, Mean. GERMON. Mtun. HELL. STAN WOOD. WHITE, ud HARRINGTON. HO'.VAKD. whote inimitable fcuterteiameitj here bee,. the ai'l?*r?al theme and adrntr .(ion of the world Ainoug'tieir lm o< petT n? they have Ih' honor of lucludmg (I,* Hreeideut of Mm 1 United hutee md fnn11,, Nocrr'ar * of ."Ha1*, u and i Navy, Her MaJ???y Queeu Vi ton*. H K. H Prinae Al| b< rt, Mil J Royal Family. the Nobility ud Geatry of Earoi>e, a..d elite and fuhiou of merie* | Under the duectiou ol Mr J. A jU.MBOLTON. ; Adinuiiun 13 cent* Door* open at 7 o'clock Concert at I o Vine k N B ? Heat* on 11 be aeenred daily at the Bos Office, from 10 A. M. till 4 f. M., *?d, iteutlemen are rrqauted wni to occupy awli Ui which ticketa aie affiled. '? *trt MECHANICS' HaLL, fl Broadway, between Grand and 11 room- aireeta, OPEN KVEHY NIOHT UNP K.CEDE T D SUCCESS. Kourth Week of die Ongiual cHiti?Ty ? MiNH'i HILH The Oldeat Vatablulied Baud In the United Statae. E r CHRISTY. E PEIRCE. G. N.< HRlsTY, C. ?BBOTT. w rOHTEK, T VAUGHfi, n hoae orikin .| and inimitable corcerd aie nightly honorad with crowded and hitcli V rei|?er table audieucea,aud ur-iveraall v admitted io e*rel ereiy auiuieiueut ol a iioular character offered in thia city. Admiiamu 23 centi Children nnder tt year a. half price. II...... .i a. ? ?.ll u L II wav be secured on ?pplication at the Hull, frutn 'I A. M. to 1 P. VI. hair the accouimodatiou of families, a coucert will be given on SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Commencing ar 3 o'clock, P M. oJ4 7t*rc H~EK~Z. ?l V OKi AND KISUOP?Her* and SivoribefTo inform tlie pubi c, that the eminent violoncellist, (JKOHOK KNOOP Will arrive in town to-morrow, to assist themat their conceit, which wnl take place early ntit week. They aie actively engaged in makiuf prepais'ioae for thta Irent Musical Festival, particulars ol which will be given is future advertisement. ott St' m BAllNUM'S AMKKII A.N MUHEUM.-P TT HmnvM. Proprietor: F 11 iTt'HcocB, Manager. FIVE AND A HALF DAYS MORE, commencing Monday. Oct , tS, WHI' H IS POSITIVELY THE LAST of that eitraordin>ry Man in miuat re. GENERAL TOM THUMB. who ha* taken 8'aie room* for him-e'f and suite in lb* STEAMSHIP NORTHERNER, for Charleston, which sails ou Saturday ne*t, the 30th iuaC, at 4 o'clock P. M. Oreat nnmbera of the friend* of the litt'e General have been unable to gain admittance to his levees, daring the past week, and to accommodate them he will continue for these few give FIVE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY ! I The first in the moruiug at 11 o'clock ; the a coed and third at X to 3 o'clock, and 4 o'clock. I*. M s the rtnaaiader at T and half-peat u> the evening, Saturday, Oct. 36th. beiug the day on which tie sails, he will hold only two levees, vi*.: at 11 o'clock A, M., and half-past ar M. At everv morning performance the General appears ia VARIOUS CHARACTERS AND COeTUMIbS. including hi* Citiieu'a Dre*s, Court Suit, worn before Queen V ictoria. H ighland Dress, Itr. At both the Afternoon and Evening performances the little Ueneral (fives his exhibitions in hisCitigen'ssnd Scotch Drees es in roBjnuciion with other interesting and chaste performances, and at each and every performance he will appear ON HIS P OMY HORSE. The little General is perfectly symmetrical in all his proportions, intelligent and graceful beyond b'li'l, and SMALLER THAN ANV INI-ANT THAT EVE* WALKED ALONE! The magnificent Tresents. Jewels, fcc.. received bom Ike Kmita. Queena, nil Noi.ility ef>.urop? will beexbibltao. Tint ! positively the laat line tiea. Tom Themb will aeae beaeen in New York, u he proceed* immediately lo New Orlrana end Havana, from I harleatou. via, Auruata. Savaanak. Coluuibua. Montgomery, Mobile and the principal luww Towni and Citiea. Hli beautiful MINIATURE KQU1PAOE1 Will perambulate the atreeta daily, and be eaea ta frw of tlie Moaeura at lutervala. ?mvk sspsBSii&i$asr?r MAS AM HO< K Wt LL, the fnmoua Koran* Teller. Adraiaaion U> the whole U cent*; children u?t Ma yttn of age and old enough to walk alone. 1JK cent*. CANli)87LENTkCO".'S AMERICAN ClAcyds-Tbia kJ elegantly equipped troupe of Kijuratriana, the I art eel and moat popular in the United State*, will make their Intaypearauce in tbia vicinity on the ltd ina'. The Company eompriaea the followinc among Lke hImIhI featurea o' Una eihibition : MAY FL Y, the celebrated Engliah Ihorough bred Imtl Hone. Twin Fome*. DAMON and PYTHIAS, ia their aaaca ui eierciaei. Fighting Pome*. DEAF BURK and TOM SPRINGS. Faity bleed C1N DERK.I LA. The hiah bred ?Ld beautiful thorough Arabian Polka Hone, BUCEPHALUS. And the moat beautifully marked, highly pained, docile and eagaciona Lilliputian Tionpe of 19 PONIES, all or whica axe fur the fl-ittimc. praaentrdlo ihia publ e. Prominent and in bold relief to any aimllar eihibiooa ever preaented to the public, aland the arret performancea of MR K. SANDS. and hia beantifal and talent* ri children, Maarice and Jeeee, forming a new achooi ol Gyaaaatiea. combined with a aeriee of Claaaic Paaaae. Kvolatioes, Urnepinga. Tab e?a(, and figlua oi .Crial Omae, that will command the adariratioa of th- arliolar and poet, tha pairter and the acalptor. lu'h a act Mr. Maude aad hie cb Idren have no Hull.||4 confidently defy competition M AHI'ER HERNANDEZ, the bold, aaahlng aad elegaat luvenile eiiucauian, who ia Juatly at>lcd the Dacrow of America Matter WALTER AYMAR.aecond toaoa* la bttKM abipforoneo hia\eara. VI r MflHt f.V.Y fhit rnmniii IT ntliah a/ana HiUr. ia . Mvi*. ty of graphic akrtehra mi h?ra*b?ck. Mr. H UUOLLH. in tut difficult aud dahag feata npoo tha flying curd. < L<lVVf?8?Meaar*. Pentlaud and Latham, lha origiaal nKtrymrn. whoaa Jokea and wittieiama Kara bean adopted bf mini oftheir c?>ntei?<porarie? I'INU viAH'KK-Mr L)c Tamp. TOM THUMB?Car auru i<in( in roeeltr ararr ttilif la the ahn|* r f ho>ae fleah, la the pi?my Hard Tom 'Ilinmb 2 qu'd'onrd ot the inutt perfect piopnrliona, maaaoniif naff lucliea in height, aud weighing but ?l poonda. Thi> M ?ckn<? ledged by iJ 1 lha amaileat patters of a horaa arar he?rd of. Thenboee will ba exhibited u followa i? Parieraoa, Friday an I Hmu'dnv. Oct. ttd aad 2Jd, Newark Ulh, Nth aad mh. Jertey City XlthJ Admiuin l'> centa. olllttrt I'oLLO KUOM?7?Dc. Mk-Dicl, hV tUf. MODKL, ART1HTK8?Oaa week longer?Dr Coll yar'i peraoniCcaiiora < { panning n J acn'p ura, by tha MODKL AHTlcTltB. it the Apollo Rooma, ?10 Broadway, will conMaoe for oaa week longer commencing on Monday evening, Oct. U, whan will ba preaented an entire n?- aeriea of colored groupe. la rludi< g the Parndiae acerea Jeptha'a Danahtar. 1 ha Lata I'liiyer. the May Pale Dance. lie... ke . ke. Aad oa Tneaday, ThtinJxy, aud Saturday a faithful repreaenution of the calahrmed atatue of the Venn* de Medici, with other groapeClwngr of pioarnDio r e?eiy evening, Kor partienlari ?ee deacriptiee programme e*ery eeaeiag. Tic lie la of admianon JO centa. I ickcla admitting a lady aud gentleman 7J centa, to b? obtained at tha door. Door* cpen at T, aid peraoniAcationa commence at o clock. oJ41t*re 7Yn K W i.KK L"NiiKH A> I) I'i'M I I v"j U\ tha LaST. i-F AT THK. S-I* IK.TV LIBMARV. i HIONOR BLITZ Be g* to *t*te the- at the ailic tationeol hi* anmeroma mead* I hf will coul dm* his | erfortntnret of MAOI- ANrp VF".NTHILOQV'?Mj_ 1 KVFKV KVENINO DUSINtt THK WEEK, Commencing "" Monday. Oct. M. f hange of programme nightly Adiniaaion 21 eta, children under It yMm of age, half price Doora oi>en at T o'clock -commence 11 7J<. [T7~ Afternoon performance on Batttrday. at 1 o'clock. rlt Vn \[M* UiiATORIO.?Mendel-"ha'j new and mbl'ma Oratorio. KLIJAH, will le rrrfnrmed by the NF.W YOHK HATRKD MUSIC SOCIETY. (Cor the Hnt time m thia conatry.) On WKDNK9DAY K.VK.NINO. No*. I. it the TABKRNAl LK. The lira! perfotmam e ol '* Kl'jah," which will be recorded aa a memorable event in thf hiniorv of maaic, took place at the great Birmingham festival in Angner. IW, and it ig ooa fidently believed lhat no performance ol aacred maaic over produced a greater aenaattoa. 1 lie Hacrad Maaic Hoc.iety have had the oratorio la rrhearaal anna three monrha, agi are now prepared to bring it oat la the moat effective maaaer To enauie thia, they hare anauged lor the moat efficient TOcal and instrumental talent iu the city . full paiticnlatg of which will ajipear in a fu lire advertieement. rerlnrminf member* ?f the aoeiety gre renueated to altead the leheareal thia (Wrdreaday) evening, at 7 o'clock, at the Coliae urn Non-performing member* can nhtaiu their ticket* of Mr. Gen. Wlntlork. Herreta'i . M < anal atreet o27 3trc TIME AMERICAN INSTITUTE KAIH, 23d Oatobev. 1117. ax aided a premium to Miaa A Jacoha, 119 lined air, ote door Irom lti.u?ton atreet, f-r the following elegan' aprnmena ol Infanta'and Children*'Clothing, ol Amenran ' Manufacture, winch are now for ilia, vig : One Miaaaa braided a,Ik Kroek. price $M M Two ailk velvet braided Rack* 20 M agch One pink merino braided Clugk and Hat ] (A Two plaid bovi Bark*....., 7 4*?rh ! fine embroidered Tin ('tuition IU (Ki One bra'ded alioit Cloak... Ill OA Milk and worated Hood aud Hat* J Ml each ; Mao, a fnll Kail tsaortment of every variety of Velvet*, P.'aida. Mermoa made into Pack*, Cloak*. Krock*. kc. N. B ?Ladie*'own material* made and ut to ordei.tud pat lerrn i iii M apprentice* waated immediately. oW Iff ft w Tax ? noawirwrffl}: Conith night o' the engagement of Mr. and Mr*. JAB WAI. ACK Inor.?Thur?diy evening. Oet tt. IMT. Will ka wa ented the admired play of KEUDAL TIMM?Walur Coah rune, Mr J W?ll*<:k. Jr , Ki-f Jamea. Mr. Crocker. Maiga ret Randolph, Mr* J Wallacb, Jr. ... I K.L BOI ERO. by Muter Rred and Mi.; Waldafrare , To conclude with * ROlIFdJOB AN OLl\KR?Al i fteil Highflyer. Mr Wlitalley; Maria Darlington, Mieg ChipT" morrow, beu'li' I f Mr ?i??t Mr* J Walliek. Mi l I' K-- ! M l?r I a. he! .tup KAMI M. |A|K||]| K', f>)r New Orlee"*. "I'lp'eua ? ?>wJ' S&fi&Lat wharf, l?et ol Wall rtr'??. U^Mdrrow, | Krida' ocl Will, M |1 dViMb M.,i? whM IW |M MM* ??u| i Ml)

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