Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1847 Page 3
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U?n. Tom Tmuiih remain* at the American Muirum until Inlf-vatt 3 6VJ'?ck tu-inorrow, Httiutdvy, whta lie clrpt'u fo'' h lr<tm, hi the Northerner Until ihnttime lie will co. iniui lii< uiual, St II o'clock, fu eoooa, at '4 to 3, i, 7 and 8'^ P M. Metallic Tablet llazor Mtrop._The attention of de lrr? i< invitcil to thi< article, being in ule of the liest m?Hinalv of city inmnfteture.aud luder the * ib?criber?' immediate lupervtsinn. They have, in all c uei, rendered to purcltMeti tiir perfect tatiafKCtiou Kor <nle at O 8\UNl)EKS Ik SON. 177 Broadway*, oppoaite Howard'a Hotel. Klne Cutlery.?The aubarrlbera have paid particular atti-ntiou to thi? branch of their buainets. aud i.ave ou baud at p e^eiit ih? mo?t be?utilul and well aelected aaaortincut it pen pocket, desk aud soartius Kniirea in the cltv. with a Urn:e variety of polished alee1, goods. Hu/.ors ground ami let at O. SAUNDKR8 & SON, 177 Broadway. a few doors above Courtlaiidt street. ttlrlielleu Diamond Pointed Mold Pens completrly triumph mt ?It is amusing to see the extent to which the p )pul*r?ty of t he "Kiqhelieus"7ns spoiled the good nature of rival tir lers;still we trust we thill be ahle to furnish the public w itli (hi* peii fur a long while yet. aud that it will couliune io he recognized ??a the heat aud cb'iwit i" the world. k he p;ice ia 52 only. Sold exclusively by B. r.. WATSON, 15 Willnm itreet, one door below Wall street, aud J. Y. h*v?*e 92 Fuliou street Other gold peus 75 ceirs, $1 aud $1 Ml, sold fit $ 50 and $2 elae where. Pens repaired The Cheapest and llest place In Ui? City to * i;ct vour boota, ahoee or gaireia, is hi Jonea'a 4 Ann street, near the Museum. Von can tret there as good boots far Si 60 n% can be purchased elsew here for $7. Q u'e a safring. lie also sell* a firm rate boot at $3 in, which is usually aold for $5. Double soled wat'r-|?roof boots ?t$l 50, $5 00 and $ 00. Jones has the true ayatem of doing business?light expenses and small profits. All goo<fa purchased at 4 Ann street are warranted to give entire satisfrrtion. I<'rem h Bunts?Boot* which arc Boot*, rc ailii.g for$i JO, equal to t'io*? sold ia other sores for S6 $7; line calf boois $J '<u. usuallv i'j ran be fouud at You >g'? Pari* Boot Kmpotium, opposite our office. Call and ?ee liim. Received thin Day?A auparlor lot of Parti Hi's. Iroui fe moat celebrated m^Ueri of 1'aiis Gentlemen wanting an elegant Hat are invited to call at GENI'N'S 2A Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The Sale of Lota near Atlantic Dock and * Hamilton Kerry, wiU be continued tins d<y at the Merc hints' Exchange, at 12 o'clock, by George B. Hollins, auctioneer. Clarke, Brother StCo.'n Superior Gold Pena. ?The Gold I'ena iiiiusufaciueed by f'ljrk. Brother it Co , No. 33 !"hn r-tieet corner "f N..ssau, ate now a?k?owIedged to be the (lueat nr icle 5 et offered tlie puDlm Thoae who have tri e>1 them recommend them highly. Thoae who have not are adv sed to rail and get one. and no longer be troubled with a bid pen. They ?re now ready to supply the trade in any quantity, t?g< iher with gold and silver canes of superior styles. 'like Pluinlte National Daguerrelan Gallery, 2JI Broadway.?Wr feel confident in the roitertiou that the Mi,ii .tures taken at this Gallery excel those taken at any other establishment in the country ; and there is oue ni?re advantage which mtike* double attract on; that of being d.vided into Hepnrate rooms winch secures the utmost privacy and com foil so that each visi'rr has a room to himself, and retains undisturbed possession until his or her picture is completed. This is a great improvement upon all other pl'ices, where you form one of a mixed crowd, and are frequently annoyed by the curiosity and observation of strangers Dr. Kelly, Analytical Phyalclan, will be In attend nice at the fi nalytiro-Medical lu.*titute. 4:6 Broadway, for cousulltt.ou with the sick on diseases of the lungs, liver. Sidneys, spleen, nervousness, dopsv. rheumatism, asthmi. deli. Iity. h'imoiirs, impurities of the blood, dyspeytia See , &c., during Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 28th, 29;h and Ulltli. Office hours from 10 A- M. to 4 P.M. No charge for consultation. The Virtue* of the Genuine Gouraud'a Italian Medicated Soap are too well known to require eulogy.? As a creator aim a conservator ol a lair, transparent lair >kin, ttii.s so*p m ;y be said to possess in luteal power, ll 11 distinguished l >r its extremely blaud, purify ilk and soothing effects uiiou the <kin, expelling all impurities, allaying every tendenuv to inflammation, and thua effectually dissipating tall rheum, barber'* itch, ringworm, pustules, redness, tnu, spots, blotches, I ret Ides, sunburn, and other unsightly eruptions, and is exquisite for shaving. Be sure and purchase the genuine, which can only be done at Dr. KKLIX UOUttAUD'S well known Cosmetic Uepot, M7 Walker street, first store FHOM Broadway. NONBY MARKBT. ;Tlmrn(lay, Oct. 28?0 P. M. There was no change of consequence In the stock market to duy, and the transactions in the fancies were only to a moderate extent. At the first board, treasury notes, Karmers' Loan, Morris Canal, Norwich and Worcester, Long Island and llarlem, closed at prioes current yeiterday ; Tenn 5's advanced per cent, while Reading Bonds fell off '4, and Heading Railroad ,'i per cent. At the second board, Harlem advanced >4, while others remained the same. There were only three or four sales in the afternoon. The Mechanics' and Farmers' Bank of Albany has declared a dividend ol five per cent. The Bank of the State of Ueorgia has declared a semiannual dividend of three dollars per share. The demand for foreign exchange for remittance by luoDUHton summer 01 me l si proximo, nan not heon M yet very active. There in bo little confidence in bills that many will be induced to ship specie, even at a loss We quote bills on London at 8% an per cent premium; on Purls, 6ftj>i'a5ft0; Amsterdam, 10,1.?a40>?; Hamburg, ?8a3#'i; Bremen, 7Pa79ji. The suspension of the house of Reld, Irving Ik Co, caused considerable anxiety among those interested In the Dank of Charleston, 8. C , as it was reported that a largo urnouut of bills had been protested. The bank has made a statement to this effect The total amount of drafts drawn by them upon Reid, Irving & Co , since the first of July to the present time, amounts to ?1,334 14s 4d , and as ihe drafts were all at eight, and for sums from ?1 to ?100, with one or two exoeptions, a portion of them have doubtless been paid, but how much, the bank is unable to state. Whatever of this amount, however, remained out after the stoppage of Held, Irving & Co., would be protected by the Bank of Liverpool (the regular correspondent of the Dank of Charleston) who promptly interfered for the purpose, and has already paid and returned to the bank all the drafts presented prior to the i>th of October. Tbu Bank of Charleston, as is well known, keep their general account with the Bank of Liverpool in Liverpool, and their transactions with them are numerous and to a large extent. With Keid, Irving k Co. they haTe kept small special accounts, for the convenience of small remitters In Charleston to Ireland, and who, during the late famine, wanted checks direct upon Loudon and at sight, and for this purpose it was rarely necessary to keep a balance in London of from more than ?1000 to ?5000 This balance, as shown by lleid, Irving Si Co 'o account current on the 30th June last, was ? J894 17; from which Is to be deducted an amount of sight checks then in transitu, but drawn prior to that date, and so much of the amount draws since the 1st July as may appear to have been paid. This balanoe, whatever It may be, with three bills of exchange remitted for collection not long before thtir failure, and not yet matured, and amounting in the ag. gregate to ?3076, comprise the extent of the Implication of the Bank of Charleston with Raid, Irving k Co. Tbe bills remitted for oollsctlon, it Is supposed, will be hand ed over, or the proceeds held by the assignee, for acoount of the bank. Counterfeit ten dollar notes on the Bank of Louisville uo iu uircuiatiun. The public works of Pennsylvania will loon be In order again for the resumption of navigation. The Wept Branch canal will b? open in a few days. The repair* to the main trunk, from Columbia to Northumberland, will probably be completed by the first of November. The North Branch can:tl has not suffered any Injury. The lines, therefore, from the West and North branches, will a*(uin be in operation, down to Havre de Grace, In the course of a week. This will give from four to six weeks more of navigation, and will not only swell the aggregate Income of the State from tolls, but will be of Incalculable advantage to the produoers of the section of country through whloh these works pass, and tend to a depreciation In the price of breadstuffs to the consumers. The amount leceived for tolls on all the New York State canals during the 3d week in Oct ,was $141,103 II Same period in 1840 121,120 03 Increase $10,082 18 The spgreate amount received for tolls from the commencement of navigation to the '22d of October, inclusive, (17A dajs.) was >3,081,460 48 During the same period in 184t?, (100 days). 2,210,206 64 Increase . $832,164 04 The amount received for tolls up to the 23d of October, inclusive, exceeds by $206.32'.' 60 the entire receipts of 184# The following table shows the amount received for tollH during the third week in October, from the years IMOto 1847, Inclusive ; and also the aggregate amount received from the commencement of navigation to the 2.!d of October, inclusive, during the same years : ? Nkw York Stair Canals?Amount ok Tolls. 3d wtek in Oclobf . Totnl l? Oct.22d. iRio iuo.642 3i $1,4:10,9)8 86 nil 9),HIS 3!) 1.677 823 78 1812 97.316 ID 1,422,670 36 1811 92,039 DO 1,703 401 fig 1844 ?1,jit* 41 2,028 147 3^ 1811 113,926 71 2,080,482 92 IHI1 121,120 91 2,219 2911I l"47 Ill,103 II 3,011.410 41 The amount received lor tolls at Buffalo, Rochester snd Bnwego. during the third week In October, In the year* 1841, '40 and '47, Is as follows : ? Tolls Rectmco at Wiitcis I'orti. H41. 1846 |||7. Buflslo $21,7'9 90 19 .',06 93 31 flno 11 Rochester 11,886 87 12,990 62 9,06? 84 OiWigo 7,032 16 8,901 02 9,346 4 6 I Totals $14 699 11 41,398 17 10,211 81 > We subjoin a tariff of freights for 1847-8, on the line of railroad between Albany and Buffalo, includlog State toll*, msilti ia refareaoe to tho law of the legislature, *t)i>>li nsulrei the railroad companies to pay to the i State, oanal toll*, distance being reckoned by the canal diiiUnoM from place to piaoe:? Rin.ioii Tabiik. Toll per lot) Rates ptr J00 lit., pounds. Toll? included I F'mJllbany Canal Rsilr'it Id id l?f 3d 3d ' or Trov. lo IHit. LHtt Clan Clan last ClauClan I Utc? no 95 10 5x 38 33 n t Ruin* 125 110 II t>? 41 31 a ('UUtott 146 128 13 7 51 44 29 Chuienaniio... 153 !3I M 8 it 4<, Jl Hyrsfute.. ...171 148 15 l)j 61 51 34 Junction. 105 66 57 38 Aubtrn '74 69 60 40 Hrueca Kalla.. .21-5 190 19 II 75 65 43 1 Waterloo 219 193 20 II 77 66 41 Geneva 226 200 21 12 79 68 45 Vienna 208 83 71 <7 Cauandaigua... 222 87 7J 50 Rochester... .2*9 252 24 13>i 31 81 54* via 284 IK 92 SI Atiim 2?Xi 1 u 97 05 BafUlo 361 328 33 It 1 25 1 09 73 Undetermined. classification. Kirit Class?Merchandise generally, including the fol lowing articles, Tlx:?Furs, sheep Vpelts. butter, poultry, beep and hogs oysters in kegs, leather, (loose) 'ttoves. 'hollow ware and castings generally, boots, shoes, wool, glass ware, sheet and hoop iron, 'ootton waste. 'eg,s. 'lemons, 'oranges, 'medicines, 'machinery, 'wooden ware, 'mineral and Cong rem water, 'glass ware, 'car boys, and all unspecified articles Second Class?Domestic manufactured articles on account of the manufacturer, Including cotton and woolen cloths, carpeting, warps, leather in bozea and rolls, 'paper, 'paper hangings, hides, cotton and woal "ressed iu bales, hemp, 'oheese, lard, tallow, suniao, spirits turpentiue. sugar, molasses, oils, nails,rags, oamphlne h opa, 'fresh fish, dried Iruit, 'oysters and clams in shells, oakum. flax, clover and grass seed, spikes, bar and boiler iron and steel, domestic salt in bulk, "crockery in casus or crates, window glass, peas, beans, oil oake, tar, pitch, rosin, tobacco, unmanufactured. Third Class?Salted flsh, pork and beef in bbls, 'fresh pork and beef, 'domestic spirits, live cattle, pot and pearl ashes, pressed hay, water lime, aand pipe olay and plaster in bbls. 'marble, grind stones, wheat, rye, corn, oats, flaxseed, aud barley, lo bags or oasks. Special Rates?Pianofortea, each 4o per mila, horses In lots of six or more, 4o per mile each; In smaller lota, So per mile each: furniture, and all light and bulky articles, ner 8 oubio teet. or 100 lbs. at the odUod of the company. Xc per mile; double carriages and sleight,each 60 per mile; single carriages and sleighs, 4o per mile each, which must be properly secured from damage by ire and weather,or will not be received by the companies except at the owner's risk of Are, weather, or chafing. Klour, green "apples, and 'potatoes per bbl, as 100 lb*., first class rates. Twenty-five oeata will be oharged for receiving and delivering any article without regard to weight, and each single article will be estimated to weigh not less than 100 lbs. Cattle, sheep and hogs, tor less than ono eight wheel car load, one-half oent per mile, per 100 lbs. Stock Exchange. $27000 Tress Notes 6's 101 10 I'tica & Schen RR 117 10WS do l)iiw 101 1011 U-S Bank 3?j,' 1UC00 N y City Vi,'60 1)10 87 10 N ilaveu 81 Hartford 10l>? 10000 do blO U7X 41 Hudson Kiver RR 7S 4M0 U 8tates6's.'56 101 12JCautoaCo 29K 2008 Kentucky 6*? 200 do sl5 20,'* 51.00 Pequ'a 5'? b93 74 100 da MjZ 1000 Ohio #'s '60 25 Nor i Wor RR intv 40\ 5000 do s60 9725 do 4H>. 4000 ludinua Bds 39 100 i*e b60 41 8000 Iudiana State 5's 52 50 Woodhridge Min'g Co 8 10000 He.'duig Bds slO 69>? 50 Htoniugton RR 56>? 5000 Reading Mtg Bds 65 ISO LlslaudRR 28H 300? do G4X 50 do July 1 32 500 slis Readiug RR 64V 100 Harlem RR il 15 45 50 Farmers' Trust 26}*' 100 do blO 45 200 do *13 26* 450 do 45 100 do lb\ 100 do s60 44\ 50 Morris Canal 10)4 5M do slO 45 Second Board. 75 shs Harlem RR 15}^ 25 shs Nor 81 Wor RR 40'. 500 do b3 45K 51) L Inland KR 28*4 100 Raiding RR MX 30 do bnw 2tX 59 do >39 54>? N?w Stock Kxclianga. $:iOOO Treas Notes i)0 101 50 tin Reading RR s3 54V 50 shi llarlem RR c 15l4 50 do C 54* 50 do c 45 50 do bIT 54X 50 do i3 45V 25 Cantou Co >60 29', 50 do c 45H 25 do >10 20?? 150 do b3 45 V 50 L Uliuid RR 2?:>8 50 do C 45* CITV TKADK IlKPOHT. New York,Tmuk9I)iv Akteicioow, Oct. 'j8. The market for flour to-day continued Arm at yesterday's prices,with a fair amount of Males,consisting chiefly of new Genesee and Oswego. Southern brand! continued scarce and in good demand. Wheat continued i firm; we only heard of a sale of Western mixed, on term* stated below. Corn continued firm, and sales were pretty freely made; and in Bome cases, of yellow, at a slight advance. Sales of rye were made at an ad?anee. Oats remained about the samo. Barley sold at an advance. Provisions continued atiout lh? ?*m? nil ?nm? gale* of mess pork, we heard of no sale* 01 Importance. Groceries exhibited no change, and Bales were moderate. A.1HKJ?Sales of about 100 bbls. pearls were made at $8 12% a $8 26, and 60 pots at (6 60 BaKAOtTLTKi? Flour?Sales of 1000 a 1600 bbls. of new Genesee, in divided paroels, were made at $6 1000 do. sold, deliverable by the 1st of January next, at 43%: 600 do , Krle Mills, Blaok Rook, sold at $6 68%. A lot of 1000 barrels, consisting of Genesee. Utiio and Michigan, was sold at at $8 66.1*' a $6 Hi,1-.; MlH) to 300 do. scratched Ohio sold at $8 31%; 200 do straight brands Mlchigaa sold at (0 68%; 160 do mixed do sold at $8 68'4; 230 do Sullivan Mills sold at $8 68%, and 200 fancy Ohio at $6 87% Southern was iu light supply, and whs worth $6 76. iVheut? Sales of 2600 bushels mixed WeMtern wn m?J? ? #1 3IX ; uenesee of good <iuality was held at 143 a I6O0. Corn?Sales of 10.000 bushels yellow were made at 70 a 77c; 0 a 10,000 do do were made at 75a76%o; 1200 do 1 Northern yellow sold at 77o, and another small lot do at 77%c; 6000 do mixed, delivered, sold at 76o ; 3000 do New Orleans mixed,on the wharf, sold at 74o; 1400 do. damaged, sold at 72c; and 3,600 do New Orleans, sold at the same price. Meal?New Jersey continued Arm at (3 37% a 3 60; a small lot (60 barrels) New York was sold at $3 26. Aye?Sales of 3,800 bushels were made at 96o which established an advanoe. Rye Flour? Sales of 200 barrels were reported at $ '>. Barley?Holders were pretty firm at S3 a 90o. which was above the views of buyers. Two rowed sold in Albany yesterday at 89c; oats were steady at 48 a 49c Receipt! down the Hudson River, Oct 29. Flour 16,7?0 bbls. Wheat 9,200 bush. Rye 6.7i 0 " Corn 8,6tyi " Cotton.?The market assumed mere steadiness, and holders appeared less pressing for sates; prices however, were no higher, and not yet sufficiently uniform to admit of quotations being correctly made?the desire to purchase continued limited,and was confined to Continental buyers and manufacturers. The sales yesterday closed at 2000 bales; to day 1J00 were taken. , CerrcR.? l'he artiole continued about the same,without any sales of moment being reported. Kish?About 660 quintals dry cod had arrived, which were held at (3 62% . There were no arrivals of mackerel, and no sales. Herring, 600 boxes sealed, sold at 60 cts No 1 were worth 46, and No 2, 30 cts. KauiT?Sales* of 3000 boxes of Raisins were made at $2 20, 4 months. Hemp.?The market continued firm, and since last report about 100 bales were Bold at 9146 a $160 per ten. Hides ? 1,400 Purto Cabello are reported at 9%, 4 per cent off for cash, which is a falling off from the last sale of the same description of bides. A portion of the sales of Rio Grande reported last Monday,were Fnhsequently annulled. The Orinoco's then reported without nvlnu 1111/ a__ < ~ ? uu(suw omw., iniiKiiuin uo i nert nave been further arrivals from Kngland, a faot unfavorable to tbe market. Lkathkr?Tbe dale to-day wan well attended; prices were about tbe game as last week's sale?quality better. The stook on hand la unusually light for this season of the year, and tbe expectations for future receipts this Ml are also very light?still prices are slackening and the last two sales have been sustained principally by the trade, to prevent a depression In prices. Prices are now full one cent under those of July, a season when the Mies usually rule low. We are, therefore, of opinion that the present state of the market is brought about by Artificial means, and that prioes must Improve materially before the winter is out. Leap ?Small sales were reported at $4 60. Naval Storm ?The market continued about the same. Sales of a small lot (60 bbls) Spirit Turpentine, were made at .'>0 cts, cash The last sales of raw, were made a' $3 There was very little Rosin in market, previous prices were steady. Tar was worth %2 37K a * 2 60. Oils?Linseed?The market was heavy today with small sa(es of KngllNh at 67 a 6S cts Sales of 1600 gallons American, city prexsed. were made at 00 cts, each The marcet for crude Whale and Sperm, continued dull. Provuions.?Sales of 'i00 bbls Mess Pork were reported at $!?. Prime continued steady at $10 60 a #10 74 Lard?No sales were reported,and prices remained about the same. Chttie was inactive, and no sales of importance were reported Bvtltr--The lower grades were very dull, while good quality remain d the same, with a fair amount of sales. Rice? Sales of 70 tierces were made at *1 MX a $4 8iv Srt.AR ?A small lot of 30 boxen of brows was (old at 6"?c. and 108 hhds Musonvado at A'? a SHo. Tallow?Hales of .'>000 lb* wcr? made at lOe. Whalebone?N. W. continued dull at 3'2K?. Whukev?Hales of 100 barrel* were made, to arrive in 1A day*, at 3-Jo. Wool?A large sale, consisting of Hyrla, Smyrna, and other Mediterranean wools, wa* made to-day at auction, at fi month*,via:?707 bale* white Hyrla,sold at 0 a l'2Ko; 278 do black ard gray Smj rna and Tarsus, !?'< a I to; 3*i do black and grey, Limed and Cremea, I I S a 17c ; and 11)4 do Cremea, part washed, 7>?o. Ksr.i<iht??Cotton was engaged at to Havre. To Liverpool, heavy freight was worth 32*. Kor dour and grain the rates remained the same. There was na change in rates to London. Sales at Auction, Oat. '28 ?1*0 log* mahogany, per brig Su*an, at 7al0^ ; '200 sacks Liverpool damaged at $1 40a$l 4A, cash Real Estate at Auction.?Ka ra at Bushwiok, L I , containing 147 acres, $42,800; leasehold of "2A9 Division street, and 238 Kast Broadway, $.MKH) Brooklyn?Atlantlo Dock l*roperty?1 lot corner of Henry street and ad Place, "2Axlo0, $1 400; -2 do adjoining on-2d I'laoe, name size, $000 each. $1 hoo; '2 do, do. do, $l,IA0 each, ?'2.300; 1 do, do, do. $1,'2'2A; 1 do on'2d I'laoe. near Clinton street,'2Ax 100. $900; 1 do adjoining, snmesize. $9A0; I do east sid*Clinton street cor'2d Dace, 'J.)xliiO, $1 0-2.>; I do adjoining on '2d Haoe. same size. $9-2A; I do, do, do,'26 3x100, $9'2A; 1 do, do, do, '2? Hx 100, $900; 4 do, do, do, same aise, $87A each. $3 MM; 1 do on southwest side Clinton street "oorner 2d Plaen, '2AXI00, $1,200; 3 do adjoining on '2d Tlaoe, same alia. (900 each. 1 (2,700; 3 do, do, do, $87.s each, $'2.6'2.>; 1 do on northwest side Clinton street, c< rner of '2d Tlace. -26x100. >1 0*2A; 1 do adjoining on 3d I'laoe, same aise, $9-2o; 1 do do, do, -2? 6x100, $900; 2 do. do. do, same aise. $8.'>0 eaoh, j (1,71,0; 3 do, do, do, >H7-i each. $2 6-2A; on Columbia street, oorner of woodhull, '2AxlOO, $97A; lot adjoining, i same size. $77 A; do, do, $7AO; do, do, $77A; '2 do, do, do, | $HOO, $1,800; a do on Columbia straat, near President, ; 2Axl00, $1,SA0, 1 do adjoining, same slie, $7A0; 4 do on President utrset, near < oluruliia, J.'ixlOO, f'2,70o; 1 do, do, ! n??r Hamilton avsniis, $W)0; lot adjoining, $030; 6 do : j mr of ftfeoT* on I aloa ?tr#?t, f f>,7ooj 9 Jo adjoining, j $1,940; lot adjoining, average 90 hat (Imp, 9960; do, do, , 71 teet deep, $8.i0, do on Hamilton kftnut, near Carrol , street, 46x60 'net, $l .050, do near Summit street J5x63, I (060; do adjoining. 46x73. $74A: do, do4ux83. (776; do, do. 46x93 $850; do on Summit street, rear of above Joxti.l, $676; do adjoining, 45xB3. $646; do, do, 46x93, 700; do 4? 46x100, $10<?; do on President street, %ear Hamilton avenue, 46(60, $676; do adjoining. 46x71, $675; do 45x100, (irregular) $750, do 46x100, $77 .V TK LEUHA PI 1IC. CiHemnATi, Uot. 4t??P.M.?Klour?The market eon- j tlnued firm. We note sales of 400 or 300 barrel* at $4 10. [ City Mills was held at a figure more. Orain continued 1 in fair demand, but sales of both wheat and oorn were moderate, without change In prioee Provisions were steady Lard wai firm; some new bad appeared in market, and sold on terms not understood. Pork?Sales ot 600 hoga were made at $4 60, which appeared to be the ourrent rates, though 'eaters were operating sparingly at tb?se rates, under the supposition that they were too high Some holders of prints lots aeked a figure more. Whiskey continued firm, with a fair amount of sales. The river, since the late rain, in again on the rise. Nothing further of importance from the West Boston, Oot. 48?P. M.?Flour?The market continued firm, and sales of 4,000 barrels were made, including new brands Oswego and Uenesee, with some small lot* Southern (which was very soaro?), at $6 87>? a $7 Wheat?No sales. Corn?Sales of 10.000 bushels were 1 made, chiefly sound Western mixed, at 80c. Oats ? : S*lf? of 'J,000 bushel* were made at 53o. Rye continued : Arm at $1 No change In prevlaiona Cotton baa be oome inure steady at the decline, and sales to a moderate j exteat are dally making at the reduction. Frelghta? I No change. [( orreapondence of Philadelphia bulletin.] Pittsmi h<i, Oot 38, 1 P. M ?The ri*er la atlll In magnlfloent order, and tha freighting buaiueea I* aa aotWe aa oould be expeoted under the circumstance* Tha expected new* by tbn Krenoh nteamer haa indnotd a bus pension in busineaa until her adrloea are receired. Flour $4 H7>? from (tore Grain without ohange. Whiskey, in barrela, 19>? to "20><o. Prorlalona quiet, and no chmge in prloea. Baltimore, Oot. 38?1 P. M ? Southern mall failed to ' oonneot at Charleaton. Washington papera oontain no, thing of Intareat There ia no marked ohange from yea| terday in Flour, but the market is, ll anything, duller. | There la a steady trade demand, but large aalea oould I not be made exoept at a conceaaion. Both Howard street and City Mills are held at 35. Salea Wheat at i (1 38 to $1 31 for white and $1 34 to $1 37 for red ? I Corn ttS to 6&o, aa per <|uallty and condition. Oata 38 j to41o. Rye 9.1 to 9o. Whiskey in bbla 31. No movei merit worth reporting In Prorlriona or Urooeriea. Married. On Wedneaday erening, -17 th inst, by the Rey. laaac Ferris, L). I) , Uh.nry L. NusRu.of Para, Brazil, to Mtlu 8., daughter of Joaeph Hoxle, Kaq. On the 38th lnat., by the Rev. B. Krans, David Pattkrion, K*q, to VIlsi Sarah Taylor, all of thla olty. In Cheater, Orange oounly. Sept lat, by the Rev. Mr. Wood. Mr. Lkwm Ward, of New York, to Mia* Rpth M. Crouoi, youngeat daughter of Solomon T. Croaaon, Eaq , I of Monroe. (aj- Goshen and Stroudaburgh papera pleaae copy. In thla olty, Oot. nth, by the Rev. Spencer II. Cone, Uriah Cromon, aon of Solomon T. Croaaon, Kaq. , of Monroe, Orange oounty, to Mis* Mary, second daughter of Wm Madden, of Monroe county, Pa. ftJ- Goshen anil Stroudsburgh papers please copy. Died, On the-J8th Inst., Sarah v. Andkmon, daughter of George B. Anderson.sgeil 4 years, 9 months and 14 days. The friends and acqulntanoes of the family, also the ' members of the JetTerson Lodge, No. 4tt, I. O. of O. V ; , also the members of the New York and Knickerbocker I. t O. of G. K , are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, from his'late residence, 41 1 Uuane street, corner of Centre street, at 3 o'clock. At Jamaica, Long Island, on the MM instant, after a ' short illness, Rkbkcca Maria, the second daughter of Abraham and Kate Jackson. I On the "J8th inst., Martha Sinslair, in the 73d year of her age. The friends and acquaintances of her son, John Sinclair, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, on Saturday, 30th Inst, at 9 o'clock, from his residence, 104 Itende street. On the Mth inst., Thomaj William, only son of Bar' bara and Alexander Hardy, aged 1 year,3 months and 10 !days. The friends of the family and the members of the Waehingtonton Assembly, No 'i, B. O. of Bereans, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this alternoon, at 'J o'clock precisely, from M9 Greenwich street. IjMRST ASSKMBLY DISTRICT-We tike pleasure in recommeudiuK to our friends, for ilieir support at the com| iiir election, ___ | ur.r*. WILLIAM 11 ALL, lor Senator. J. PHILLIPS I'mOKN IX, for Aaaemb.y. Mechanics, Sailors, Laborer*, t>ue anil all, give men like these, your friend* and advocates, your united and uuilividcd support. o29Jtii*je FOURTH WARD.?Third Aueinbly District ? Uanner Ward to the Haicoe !?The Democratic Republican Electors of theFomth Ward, friendly to Regular Nomination* and the utagea of the party?oppoaed to all Whig Coalition?and favorable to the re-elaction of John H. Bowie, the regularly nominated candidate to the Anembly from tliia Diatnct, who haa faithfully repreaented the people dunug the paat year, are reqneated to aaaemble lu Maaa ' onvention, at the Hhakapeare Hotel, comer of William and Duaue atreeta, on Friday Uveiiing, the 29th inat.. at 7 o'clock, to make anch arrangement* aa miy be neeeaaary to aeenra the aucceaa of the Democretic Ticket at the election on i'ueaday next. MpcIi unci aeauien. atevedorea, longshore mou and othera, are reqoeateu to attend andauataiua caudidale long ideulilied with (he interest* of the laboring classes Several eminent speakers willatldreaa the meeting. By order of the Ward Committee, JAMBS HAGAN. Chiuman. Drkykoui, QgUUI H. I)< i.uhkktv, Sec'ya. o2!? lt*rc POUT U^KICK, ^lew York. October 2#tli, 1M7 ? The ateamer CAMBRIA will leave Boaton on Mvindiv, the lat of Notember. Her maila will cloae at the office un S.ttue day, the 3uth mat., at 3>? P- M Poitige M Ml letter* mual be prepaid to Boaton. Letlera of half aa ounce, or under. fire ceuta, ond each additional hall ounce five cent*. 29Jtfh robkht H. MOKHM, P. M r|H) La/i'?Allium ed r?om 1<>' n single geu'leman by a X Kre ch family. Enquire at 89 Head at, Id floor oMI2t?r C" i JNSULATE ok THE uni 1'El) *TATE8 ok AMKS RIUA?Ponce, Porto Ilico, October 3<l, 1817.? William Haney, a na'ive of Ireland, formerly a reaident of the United Statea, a* alao of the Dauiah lalaud of St Cioii, and laatly ?l Ponce, died iu Police, in July of llie preaentjear, intestate leatring a amall amount of money, which i* iiuhe control of the tribunal of the country. The uuderaigned ho been informed lately, that the deeeaaed ha* leftrela ivea in the United State*, the place of ?hose residence i? ankuowu; he, therefore, avails minaelf of the publi<presa, to inform thein tint their claim*, if accompanied with the proper vouchers, aim tranamitteu to him within a rraaonable period, will be laid before the Juitge who h<a cngm?ance of the matter. J. C. OALLAHKR, U. 8. Conaul oJpJtr ^ I3UR8! FUKS ! FURS I-KNOX, 128 Fulton atreet havJL mg aupplied tt>e gentlemen of this city with covering* for their fur-heada, it now ready to fur-niah ev-ry description of cemfortable a* d elegant fnr-niture for the head*, hands, feet, and necka of the 1 -die* Hi* itock of iruffa, tippets, hata, and boat, manufactured Irum the linest i|ualitiea of akina from llie fur west, it unr vailed for elevaucc and che-pness All atempts on the part of hi* competitors to tliatauce him in the race for popular favor, will prove fur-tive. Laat winter there waa a perfect furor among the hdica forlKnox's miifTa, and many a damael, in the cnlJeat weather, wa* kept warm a a fur nace by hit ir.uffs. An officer of the army obtained a fur-longl), on pnrpoae to come to New York to purcli ae a muff if Knox, for his wife at the West Ilia beautiful fur mocnaiua are now generally known aa K ura's I ir-hr!nw*. oB 7tia*rc PUKE MALT WHMK KY,e<]u il in strength and ll ivor to the beat Dublin distilled. For sile bv o2'>3t*rc CHARLVS MI: U R V V. 72 Rooaeve'r at._ FOR SALE.?A four whjnlad I'iitirri ( tht la teat faik* Ion, and entirely new. Tobeaecti at raiker'a, YoiUville. oWlt*re Nf.W YOHK, I'cruher 27tli, IUIT ? At a large and ir linential mee'ingof the Milkmen, of New Yo'k. Long Island, a id New Jeisev. it wa* iiinrinn usly rr? dved, that pure mil* could not be sola at reta 1 for leaa than nix pence per quart, for the winter ae iaon, and wholeaale price a could not be leaa than fnnr pance t er quart. By order of the committee. JOSEPH \VII ALKY, in the chair, Jamea O.SCoffey appointed Secretary. The meeting adjourned, to meet again on Saturday evening, the 30ih inat, at 6 o'clock, at the aame place, (North American Hotel,) corner Bowery and Bayard street*. New Vo k. o29 2t'r Let all who are akklicted with asm* MA read the following letter : .Mr Suli IV l.'.iu.le- Mir?ti i .in ....I r... than thirty yeara with the asthma, at timej in itvitt 11 to iucapacitate me from attendance to bii'iuess. aud hiving adopt* ed many medicines without any but temporary r?lief, I purchased about three yeara since, of Mr Edward Mason, ?onr agent in this city, several bottles of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, fram the effect of which I obtained more relief than from all the medicine I had ever taken for that distressing disorder. I have by the repeated use ol your valuable Bsliam been more free of pressure for breath, and oppression on the lungs, than I had anticipated, and indeed conceive myself cmed of this most dishearteuing malady I do most cheerfully tender yon this acknowledgment, which ynu will use as your judgment dictates. C. O. MAYNAhD. Argus Office. Portland. March 28, 1146. <>21 lt*r OK Kit >. OKTHK NKW VOKK, KHO VI DKN( t A>7) BOS I ON KAIL MO AD (JO, New Vork, Oetober 26. 1lt7.?A dividend of '1'wo Dollars and ? ifty cents |>er share on the capital stock of ths company, has this day hern declaied, payable 1st November. The transfer books will be closed from Mth October to 1st November, both inclusive. Ry order, o27 Vis'rc I HINTOl/l.. < lerk. NOVELTIKh I'KK HTKAMKH MIMHOI KI-KUhDKHU;K A. WOOD WORTH, 32i Broadway, onposite the uew theatre, is nowopening some new aud beautiful goods just lat.ded from the steamer, among which are ladies work tables, style of Louis XV., very rich; new ttvles of dress and bridal fans.ol the most tasteful deicrir Hon; work boies, diess ing cases, toilet aud jewel boies, odeur boies, cigai aud tea boies, Phsyche mirrors, mechanical and musical tableaux, , papier machee work tables, card receivers, icreeus and bask- I ets, toilet cnsluons, reading stands, iind paprtnes, reticules, caul rases, portrtnonnaies. bronze ornaments, aegar lighters, table bells, he.,I togetherf with a new ass^itmeut of Lnbiu's choice peifumes, fifty safeties. i 2^7lis end*m PBBCUMWN CAPH.OUNH, H AlKll.oTII, Itc ?Oeunine H B caps ribbed, also spl I in 1-10 and 1-Mhs. Laycock's brst quality hsirclotb. Knglisli double aud single ba<rel low pin exl gnna. Warranted C H files, chisscls, Itc. Low priced anvils, assn ted sues. Also knnh, pad and till locks . trace, log and <>i chains; curry combs; frying pans ; bed screws ; horse and wrought nails, he.: with a general assortment of staple Birmingham and 8hrffield. Kor sale at tip stair* prices, by JOHN A. NKWBOULD. 02> ttiseod* m ii John U . Up stajis ) Philadelphia PK.DKHTiuan?ii viug [mmm to thiieity, ha? commenced the nnparallelled feat of walking 312 miles in 312 hours, (or the sum of I5fl0. ou a platform 12 feet in length, after which he will be open to walk with the New Vork pedestrian for f>0tl within one month. The above feat has taken place at the house nfKdward McOovern, No. 110 Chfry street, Wednesday, Oct. 27th, at 3 o'clock P.M., ending Tuesday, Nov. I o'clock P.M He is a fine I looking young imu. Mr McOovern keeps the best of g iod order in his house. o2fl 2'ins?re TO SrOHTSMfcN?To be sold, a Double Oun, also, a large Durk Oun, botli by a first rate London maker ? Oentlemen requiring genuine London gnus, these ate worth their attention. To be seen at No 76 ) ulton street, Brooklyn. o2S It m . LOX P?A small gold lepine lady's Wstcli, sstm dial, with a bunch of Heals.he. The inaer will receives liberal iewird, by briueing it to 32 Broadway. o27 3t?re ANK OK 8ALIMBI/RY, MD?23 ceuu on the dollar will be paid for the Notes of this Bank, if iieseated soon at No. 24 Liberty street, second itory, oil litis eiHan]tlaW*m DD. N 48H, Auctioneer, Store lH Fulton Sheriff Hale of Furs. Th'i Day. (! riday )it I ? clock at J9 Fultou itrttt, 110 Muffs, of diffe eat vtiitlies Uf colors Monday?Sheriff Stle of about 400 pairs of ucw Bliuds. o89 Iff AN iNTfcRKSUNG MJ TION 8ALK-A LtVV will tell ou Situ'diy ICveuing. at 7 o'clock at No. 191 Broadw ty, a splendid collection of shells, all of which are perfect aud iu high order, wh>ch wilt be sold iu suitable lots. Tin? collection h?? been a ou tuber of year* collecting, aud are well deserving atteutiou \lso, afew choice l\iiulings, aud a < abiuet made ripressly for the shells off ftlttslt r __ |>o^ WANTED K tm<wortliT?iatoilig m mu>,i-miem a-f or fifteen years wauled in a watch iu?I>?ri?ng office. Oue whose pareuts live in the lower part o* the CUV would be prefttred. Apply i mined lately, at 84 Cedar street, up stairs o29 I' r AV OUNU MAN who has arrived within a iew mo ihi from Kerope, aud who h*s b*eu employed several years at Paris, withes a situstiou as waiter iu a private family, ho'el, i cotlcf h"uir or -eiuuraut. He h good recommeudatious ? Addres* X, Hinld ofiei ott3c *r WANTED?A ouug 9corchrniiu wautt a 11111(1(11 in a whole*tl* or retail dry goods store He is 'horoughlv acquainted with keening books by double entry, and the general duties of a wholesale store. Would iruke himself ?eue* rallv useful, tccept of a small salary .aud lodge capital at security Vddress J. M , b<>i 1MB, post office. o39 2t"r WANTKU by a respec hie fMB| Woiniu. a ?itu*l oe as ( htmhr tui tid or Waiter, or to tike rare of children. The best ol ci'y references giveu on ai-plymgat 9\ Moft street, up stairs, in the rear, in tne fr??ut room. ? 2* It* r WV N IK IJ V lady wishes to obtain board iu .? private family . iu eichauge for lessons ou f lie piano forte. Address M. H W . Brooklyn. P.O. o2*J lt#rc AN rtl)?By a respectable young womau, a situation as vv Meumsrress in a private family; would have uo objection to assist iu the taking ra e of children. Satisfactory references as to character and capacity giveu A note addressed to B. H at this ffice. will receive immediate atteutiou "27 :it?rc WANT-b?A geotUman who profe? to tooch Otttki Latin, and Kuglish. wishes a situation as resideut teacher in a private ftuiily. Address M. O H.,to Finance Hotel, No. 1 Weit street. oV rc W AftTED?ti -a d, by a siugle Oeutteinau, a teacher of Music, in a private family or genteel b uudiug house, where he could give mstructiius on the piano, flee He would add that he it familiar with the Freuoh language, and q in refer to mnuy of our in^st respectable gentlemen as to character and competency. Ad lres<m"Mu?ic," Herald office. o27 3t WK&Saf rc TO FILE i UTTERS? An experieucrd I* ile Gutter aud a quick worker, will fiud coustant employment and liberal wages, at Noma' Loeouiotive Works, iu Philadelphia Schuylkill, 8nth street, above Railroad olB e. dtit rc BOARD WANTKI) iu a small family where there are nt other boarders, within ten minutes walk from the Ci'y HalJ, for a French family, composed of two ladies a geutle M and a chiUI. with a p.irlor and two bid rooms A Mi * M at tlfe office ol this pa|>er, addressed to R. 13 , stating location terdi, lie, shall be attended to. oI3 oteod+ai A GENTLEMAN 18 ANXIOUS TO PROCURE A lltllalwu* for a ?nh?r itMdv man at (^narliman ??H I4r?*nm ll? uudentands liis buainess perfectly well, and it a careful Rood driver. Any comma'da left for P. K. D , at Mr. Webb'* 12 Courtlandt *treet, will bepuuctua'ly attended to. He car refer to inme of the beat families iu the city. '1 he advertiaei ii of the Pniteatant religion. o2i)2(*rc AUKINTLKMAN io pmaeuion of high testimonial* the University of Cambridge, Knulaiid, where he studied would like to tind employment as an Inatructor, ei'her in a School or private family. He ha* had long aud iiiccesaful ex pen?nce in teaching Aa to emolument*, a moderate salary would be accepted, hi* principal object for the present being to obtain a comfortable home. He uuderataud* French anu Music, and would have no objection to go South or into the country. Addrea* Mr Be?t, 427 Broadway, New York. 027 it* in APAtiTNKR IN A HOTfefL WANTKD? Any gentleman who ctn command f flOOO, and i* detirou* to have an ii'tereat in a hotel situated in a central part of Broadway, mar hear of an opportunity. by addreaaiug, with real name, J. L., box 1362, Poat Office. The eatabli*hmen^ properly managed, i* well calculated to make for the proprietor* a fortune, aaa offer* a chance rirely to be met with. o28 3t*rc BUARL) VVANTKD ? A gentleman wishes board lor himaell' and wife, in a private family, where there will be few or no other boarder*. Location must be between Canal aud Fulton afreets, on the weat *ide < ( Broadway. For particular*, addrea* Mrs Wilber, 3] King atreet. Good reference given and required. New York. 27th Oct., 18?7. o28 Jt*rc TU MtH.CIIA.NT8 AND OTHKR-*.-Wanted, by a -1. amart, istelligent reapeetahle young mau, a aituatiou; ii a good accouutuit, writes a quick buaineaa hand, and would not object to make himaelf generally uaefol. Would not make wage* *o much a consideration a* employment. Mood refer' ence can be given. Application to K. V.. Herald office Na* aau atreet, NT Y., or to ba*emeut of 111 Broadway, will meei w ith pvowpt MtinOOB. o2H2t*m ' u inc. l. *\ y i rv-> niiniuCiiii ahu y iai i c^tva JL NEW YORK.-Wm. Scott 81 Co , No.377 Broadway respectfully invite attention to their stock ol' Lace Capes Veil*, real aud imitation trimming Laces, Mnslin Trimmings Bauds. Infants' Waists, Robes ana frocks, Needlework Col lars, Chemisetts, Handkerchiefs, Cuff*, (kc. Tarlatan, 8wisi aud Orga.idie Muslins, Embroidered Muslin Dresses, Laci Dresses, Uertlies, fcc. he., which are offered at very Ion prices, and will be found equal in extent and variety to any it the Citv. A large stock ol Uress Caps at one dollar each. N. li ?No deviation in prices. o28 lit"m NOTICK?The co-partnership heretofore existing betweei the unJersigued.GlLBERT Ik FLETCHER, is this dai dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due the concern wil be settled. A. GILBER T, 179 Broadway. W. FLETCHER. New York. Oet. Mih, U<7. o27 !t?ic 'I'HK ZINGARILLA.?ATW1LL haa now iu press thi X beautiful new dauee froia the billet ol L'Almee, p*i forming at the Broadway Theatre nightly, with a beautifu aiul appropriate vignette ol Madle and Mons. Monplaitir r they ap|>?ar in that favorite ballet, designed by one of the An a'tista, and printed iu colors; the music of this ballet hat hee secured by copy right, aud will be issued in the course of few daya with tnauy nnveltiea in the new music, iu< lur: iug the snogs and nieces from Loder'a new opera of the "Null Dancers." Jenny Liud's Snugs,I'olka etc. Also to be publitlie ou the 1st proiimo, the fifth number of the iieauties uf tin Opera. ATW1LL, 201 Broadway, oJ7 4tis*re near Kulton street. M~ U-ICAL.? Y1H. WILLIAM HEaMAA.T Prol?.7r o Music, has Incited himsell'iu this city, and offers his ?er vices as Teacher of Pianoforte, Violin, a id Theory of Mu sic aud will give lessons at his residcuce. 119 Greeue street aw oi st rwidence of liii papili. Mr. H Mudlet music regularly with Dr. K. Schneider, IJessau, Germany, aud is prepared to impart to his pupila a ihoriugh knowledge o mimic, according >o the moat modern aud approved authors. Kor terms, etc , apply as above, or at the Music Swire if Mr Millett. Broadway oil 6teod*ic NIBLO'H 8ALOON, SJ7 Broadway.?This establishment haviug indeigone an entire alteration for the winter sea son. hnviiig beeu thorough.y le-decorated aud painted, is uov ready lor respectable balls,coucerts, exhibitions, fairs, Sf Ike The Concert Saloon is allowed by muaiciaus and comp>ten ludgos to be one ol the best rooms iu the city as regards ligh and sound. Kor location aud respectability it is also nusurnai eil. 'I hit hull room lini Keen tiewlv furnmhed with a fiui spring floor, and richly decorated. The r? una are almirabl suited lor magical or other resectable light and igrcable ex hibttiona. The retirii nud drettiug MM are large, lighi and comfortable. Individual* or commitleea inay ascertan the lermt by applying on the premitet. or hy letter, pott paid add re tied to JOHN MBLO, o27 6t*rc Niblo'a Saloon, 5.57 Broa IwaT. iis W YOKK VOLUNTtKRH.? Wauted. to fill ih. rauki of the New Yo It Mcgimrut now serving in M'lici uuder Col. Burnett, 500 able bodied man. A bounty ol 1(1 acres of land located at tlie option of the holder, or trei ><n y tcnp lor 1100, bearing interest at 6 per cent, will be gi\ ei iu each lustanre on honorable citcharge Apply at the Ren dexvons. corner of Broad and Front streets. oW Tfr "?J1 _TH K (JKI.KB H ATKD TIIOTTINU M A K h I,ADV aUOUHTA, 15 hands high, has trjt'fd ? ' ' ""l? 111 1:10 ai d csu do it again. 8 >eart old las spring, himlaud gentle in single or doubM harness, or unOei the saddle: sound in every respect; is now offered lor tale t bargMii?$275. Apply to J. HAttRISON, Northern Hotel, n2> 2tis*rc eorne-Courilandi and Wot sts MS. KKWAiiD-UUli LOS t-A large while Newfoundland Dog, with black head, a black spot ii>ar hii tail, a bias k t|K>t on lilt right side, aud small j Inaca ?(.ots on his fore left; weighing about lOOpomidt. Wnt i lost on i hursday, the 21st imt, on the fitW avenue, near 42il it| Whoever will briuc him back to 160 Water itieet, will !* : ceive the above ieward, with hii *xp?niet. o29 7t*r MKIVK DOLLAKS HKWAHD?UOU l.OsT ? A large white Newfoundland dug, with head, a black spot near his tail, a black spot on kis right side 1 a nil t. mat I black siiots on lilt f ire legs; weighing about IOC I lbs, * a< lost on Thursday, the 21st iust , on the 6h Avenue, netr 42'l street. Whoever will bring him back to ICS Water street, will receive the above reward, with his expenses. r.?*7f r KS Vi KKWillU?liOst, strayed or sto en, on the 2Jd a black tan terrier pup, thorn II months old full tail and trimmed ears, and answers to the nam' I ol rwtv, Whi erer will leturn laid dof at Win. Wlirilan'i | Kmpire Hotel, corner of 81th (treat and Id avenue,will recaivt the above reward. o29 lt*je jrm FOH r>ALK?The lease and lixtures of that wellkuowc pub'ic h >ns?, 470 Pearl street. Il n all wed to be onf -rthe best stands in the city, when properly kept. The loilg ng on the third floor nearly pays (he rent. The lease which has three and a half yeart to run, and the fixtures, will be sold mi reasonable trrma. For further particulars impure oil the premises, from A to 10 A.M.,or 6 to 8 P. >1. o 29 2t*r M TO LKT AND K1XIUKK8 Mill H A l?tv?The Safar btnre, 33 Dey street, consisting of th re ro ms, store, office and manufactory, all well fnruishrd with | every thing wanted by a Hegar manufacturer. Alto, a pats bly gnod stock of Hegars, I hewing and Hmoking Tobacco, I Pipes, Ike , so the business can be co tinned wuhont loss ol lime. Enquire between 1 and 1, afternoon, or 0 at.d 7, evening oWlfro a ON'. THOU SAN I) H \ND8l>v1K TKF.F.H tuitabli for Parks or Htreett. The tubtcribert offer for tale a ha f price, vii . 50 centt each, 1 000 Ailauthut treea, 13 t( I U feet high, C'iniidered hy good jndget the handaomeat lot o | trees ever offered in this market. Hamplea at our atore Bon 'luets of tweet towers for bridal and other putiea Nerpoli | tan vio'cU iu laife quantities during the season. DUNLAPfc THOMSON. Seedsmen and Florists, 615 Broadway. Wanted,* young man to >mit in > mero home. Apply*' above o?6t?re inrrr , - SI'LH S DID HOSf.WOOD I'lAjJf 1%'JgSmM KlKl K KOK ? ALIO-An e egant lined lyj tughly finished Piano Korte,6j< nclivri, Oc I I 5 III tli.c title, jast imported from Herman?. wai muted to he * movt superior nittrumeiit id ton*, lourli ant tiuiih ii offered firsa'ea bargain. The Piano Korte m ly b< eeti at I /O Hprmg, between Laurens and J liomp-on itretta. [ aWli'r ______ K^',. 18?J.?HA'LHOAD UfMK bKTWfcjfS - aT?C^NKW VOUK AN I) ALBANY. f..r feeigh MbtflBBbanil passengers in connection with ihc Alhvni and Wetter.i !<*ilro*il>, to BufTalnaud inter.nediate place* oi the line of the iloadi The steamboats NEW JK.KHKY. Captain IIitr licock. am ROfliKHTKK, Captain Kurey, will leave New York ant Albany daily, Hundays eierpted, *nd will run through fron cjty t icny in atioiit ten hour*, >o that good* hipped at Nev York iii the eveuing cnu be del ivered in Albany or on the rail roail the licit morning tT/* No Line preacnta the facilities or despatch offered b) the Railroad Line to merchants and others desiring their good atthe eirlieat poanble moment Trice* of freight moderate. Apply to I. NKWTON. Agent, HI Greenwich ?t , N Y, I S. OLMSTED.Agent,I 17 l'ier,or II Uuay ?t,oi J. W. HAKCUl/RT, Agent, on the P.erat o2fi Tin**rc M iirnreM. Albany UNION LIN if Uk r \< Kr. r? to and iron L~l V* iJMW K.KPOOL ?'I In* rplind d uew Packet "h p i VANPHb'IOF., 1400 tona burihi-.i, t apt. hdwa'di (la'e of the r*ckri Hlnp tie*), will sail Torn Ni w York on Thursday, Not. 4th, an'i from Liverpool on the 10 h of January Beat. Tliit mugnitlrent Packet ha* accommodations I r cabin, second cabin, and steerage pasnugers, oniorpaised by any ship sailing from the port of N?-w York Persons about proceeding to Knmiie or those wishing to send f.-r their friend* should make early applic?tio>i on lioaid foot of Dover it. or to o89r _ W Ik J. T. TAPHLOTT. Wl M nth st. ONLY BEOULAR LINK Of PACK f.TM KOK ORLEANS.?Tb? following well known, jflHKs'aa. sulirg ind lavorite par ket >h pi hive ac.oiamodationa unsurpassed for eahin ,econd cshin, and iteerage passengers, and will positively tail a* advertued, or passage free, rig;? The MEMPAIH, ( apt. Bunker, Novrmber lit. The WI8CON8IM. (new,) Capt. Mnmford, November 4th. Wmona wiahing to proceed to Nfw Orleans. will ilo wel' to secure pnaaAife by either the iborc paceeti, ?a they arc all fir?t cla?aahi|>a, eooiimndfd by man eip*nfuced in tl?r; trade, and will sail punctually on iheir ftpj'oiutftl c>yi. To secur# bartha, api-lv o?? hoard, of to ^ ~ I r??t? w. J. T. TAMCOTTi W iouili it. PIRK THfc ATRK.?kriday Kteuiuit, October mh, will be Jierformed the OL \ Dl ATOR?Spaiucua. Mr. K?rrea>; Phaaanua, Mr Dyoli .^Bracchiut, Mr Barry, Hesoua, To cmclnde with NICHOLAS KLAM?NifhuUi Flam, Mr. Baaa; Dr. Birch. O. Audrewa; Mita Puddicumbe, Mr?. ^ Oo?ir? open at (H o'clock Performance will cinaineaca at i 7 o'clock OVVfetU* THfcAiRt.'-W Vlna-inar. ii??. M?n??er. Ml 8t*vk"?.?I*riday h?eoin? Oct ?th. I CAPTAIN KYD?R"bert Leeter Mr W Marehall; Mark , MertUith, C W TUrke; H"r?eheau HemlocJi, ( Bftikt; Kate | ?fAfter* w b i eh'."K ATiRSlNE^*!j PKTRUCIIIO-Petru. chit. Mr W M?r?h?ll. O'umio. Burke; Katharine, Mr. PhilI '"To'coi'clud! iXu^PECTKK BRIOEOKOOM. I ?Duory, Mr Burke, Laviuia, Mra Phillipe Doura open at SM o'eloek ?ud the curtain will riM at T. Boiea 14 l/eiita; r'i aud ?*<llrr* ItH 1 IM I CHATHAM THILA I Rk??Um*u um m*11 g? \ ' KLKT'JHKR?Sum Manager. Vlr Addia.?Fndey Kvenma Oct. ?9, will be presented the melo drama <\f the KL> INO DUTUHM * N-Vauderdecken. Mr >eBar;Capt. Pat'l'ercoal. Mr C Taylor; LrateMc, Mra Herbert To be followed by the laughable farce of the ARTrUL DODtik H? Mtfitl Uodeer. Mr. De Bar; Harding. Mr. C. Ta>l<?r; Ku?ly. Miaa Hildreth; Varga'er, Mia. Herbert To cuucliide with the farce of PEHKKf TION?Sir Lawthucc t'aragnn, Mr. C. Tailor; Charlea Paragon. Sutherland. Kate O'flrieu, Mra. Mcl.eau; Lacy, Mra. Heibert. Boira 21 centa?Pit UX centi. Mm EZu 1 OLYMFIc TIUATMUtiii JCraa iiit Oct 29. the |iertorin?uce will commence Willi Kit NIGHT D \N' KKS-Ki J-liu. Mf. Hullaud; All.rrt, Mr?. Tiimn; Oiaselle, Mut Muy Tu>lor. rther winch, NEW rl.AN ":T? The New fluid, Mary Taylor; Juuo Miss Hnhtrta: Veuus. M>?? Phi I litis. To conclude wit^ THE WIDOW'S VICTIM?Mr. Byww Trrmaiue Pelhun 1'ndgr, Mr Holiaud; Mri. Twitter, Mm Ruben*: J mr Cii itt'fi) Mrs.'J iiiiui. I)oor?u|ieu * "V'i.cIi, < ll<l thr curtain will rue at 7. PAL.VIO'B ore.It.a HOl HE.?Monday, October 2iUi. 1147 ? Kuurth week of the celebrated ETHIOPIAN 8EHE.NADERS, Meurs. OERMON. Mean. PK.L.L, UTAWOOD. WHITE.and HARMNUTON, HOWARD. whose inimitable Entertainments h.ive breu the universal theme aud admiration ul the world. Among their, lilt of putr?ua. they hare the honor of including the Preaident of tke United Stales aud family, Secretaries of Htaie, War. aud Navy, Her Majesty Uueen Victoria, H. U. H. Prince Albert, nud Royal Family, the Nobility and Oeutry of Enrove, and elite aud fashion ol / inerica i Uuder the direction of Mr. J. A. UUMBOLTON. Admiaaion V> ceuia. Door* opeu at 7 o'clock. Concert at , I o'clock. N. B ? Seats can be aecured daily at the Box Office, from 10 A.'M. till 4 P.M., and] gentlemen) art requested not to oc| cuj y^aeaUJo which tickets art- affiled. oli #trc MECHANICS' HALL, 471 Broadway, between Orand and Broome streets, OPEN EVERY NIOIIT UNPKECEDE ?T? U 8UCCES3. Fourth Week of the Original 1 CHRISTY'S MINSTREL 8 The Oldeat Establiahed Band in the Uuited States. E. r CHRISTY. E. PEIRCE, O. N.CHR18TY, C.ABBOTT. 1 W. PORTER, T. VAUOHN. ' whose ongiual and inimitable concerts are nightly honored with crowded and highly respectable audieucea.aud universally i admitted to excel every amusement ol similar character of, fered iu this city. l Admission V> cents. Children under 10 yearit half price. l?oora open at7; concert will commence* at 8 o'clock. Head may be aecured on application at the Hall, from II A. M. to 3 P. M. For the accommodation of familie*, a concert will be I giveu on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Commencing at|3 o'clock. P. M. o34 7t*rc HEKZ. SIVOKI, AND KNOOP?Performing together. LAST CONCERT BUT ONE OF HfcNRl HE*Z AND CAMILLO SIVORI. On MONDAY, November lit at the Tabernacle. Tliey are happy to inform ?he publie. that the eirinent artiit. GEORGE KNOOP, 1 haa arrived in New York, aud will leud them the aid of hi* powerful talent on (hi* "ccaiiou MADAME ANTOINETTE OTTO will make her firat ?ppearauce aince her return from Italy. I THE ORCHKSTHA, Compoaed of the be*t Proleuor* in the city, will be led by Hipuor llnpettl. In the count' ol the eveuing will lie |>erformed, Mayiedei'* Graud Trio, by Henri Herz, Castillo hivori, and Ueoriie Knnop. f7" Particular* in amall bill*. MroKTaNT Notice ?The great preuure at the door on the I eveniag* of their former Conceit*, hiring given rue to complaint* on the pait of gentlemen who came accompauied by ladie*, II. and 8. have determined to make, for the future, the following arrangement. t Price of a ticket, tiken at the tnuiic *tore?, before t o'clock. P. M.,75 cent*; price of a ticket lakeu at the door, f 1. Cou cert to commence at 8. <>29 r TABEKNACLE.-MR. DEMPSTER'S Third Original Ballad Soiree will be given at the Tabernacle, on Man, day Evening, Nov. l*t, ou wliich occ?*ion he will *ing hi* favorite aong*?"The Spot where I wm born"The Loved One i wa* not there;''"John Anderaon, my Jo;""The Hainy Day;" I " Saw ye my wee thing;" " I'm with you once again, my r friend*." "A man'* a man, for a' that:" ' Lameut of the lriah i emigrant;" "Let u* love!oue another;" "My Nannie 0;" 'I'm alone, all alone;" "Jeanie Morrison;" " Duncan dray." To couclnde with hi* popular cautata, "The May Queen," in three part*. , Ticket* 10 cent*?To be had at the Munic Store*, of Mr. *1 Dempater, New York Hotel, and at the Door on the evening. Door* open at half pa*t4?to commence at half pa*t7 o'clock. o29 4t re BAKNUM'a"AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. Proprietor; F HiTmcoe*, Manager. " FIVE AND A HALF DAYS MORE, \ commencing Monday. Oct., 23, WHH H IS POSITIVELY THE LAST ? of that extraordinary Man iu minat i re, ' GENERAL TOM THUMB, ' who ha* takeu Stale room* for him-elf and nine in the STEAMSHIP NORTHERN EH. for Charleston, which *ail* ou Saturday next, the 20th init., at '' 4 o'clock P. M. jj Great uumber* of the friend* of the lift e General have been unable to gain admittance to hi* levee*, during the i>a*t week, and to accommodate them lie will continue for theae few give . f FIVE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY!! The lirat in the morning at II o'clock ; the * cond and third at Aa to 3 o'clock, and 4 o'clock, 1*. M ; the remainder . at 7 and ltnlf-|Mi?t 8 tu the ?villus, I Mtturdty, Oct. 30th. being the day on which Tie aail*. he will I hold only two levee*, viz.: at 11 o clock A, M., and half-paat r 2 PM. At every morning performance the General appear* in f VARIOUS CHaRACTEHS AND COMTUMfcS. including hi* Citix*u'* Dre**, Court Suit, worn beforn Queen Victoria. Highland Drew, he. ? At both the Afternoon and Evening performance* the little ' General give* hi* exhibition* in hi* Cititen'* aud Scotch Dreaaea in onjuncuon with other intere*tiug and chaate peiiorm; ance*, and at each and every performance he will appear J ON HIS t OMY HORSE. The little General i* i?rfectly lymmetncal in all hia proportion*, intelligent and graceful bevoud belief, and I SMALLER THAN ANY INI- ANT THAT EVER V WALKED ALONE! The magnificent Pre*ent*, Jew?l*, Itc., received from the Kit.'g>, Queen*, and Nooility of Europe will be exhibited. I Thii i* positively the loat time Gen. Tom Thnmb will ever be *een in New Yoik, a* he proceed* immediately to New Orleau* and Havaua, from Charledon via, Auguata. HavaunaJi, Coluinbu* Montgomery, Mobile and the principal Southern e Town* and Citie*. i Hit beautiful I) MINIATURE EQUIPAGE! Will perambulate the atreet* daily, and b? *een in front of i _ the Muaeurn at intervala. UATiA I WMJ TilUl, 1119 IHDIirr I omcaiiu. TETE MORRIS. ivfiss BERNARD fcc.. MAB'AM HOi'KWf LL, the furious Koriune Teller. Admiesinn to the whole IJ cent*; children under Ma j?w of a Re mid od rnonirh to walk alone, 1IH crnu. t Vi'OLLC)'KOOMH.?VKM'S Dfc MEDIt I. BY THE A. MODEL, ARTISTES ? One week longer?Dr Colli j ei'i personifications <<f |>ainrii>K ?nd sculp1use, by the MODEL, ARTIbTES. at the Apollo Rooms. GO Broadway, will continue Tor one week longer e?mroeu.-ing on Monday evening, Oct. JJ, when will be presented in ? utire ne^ aeriei of colored groups, including the Tarnditc scenes Jepiln'a Dauiihter. J he Lnte Player. the May Pole Dance, 4tc., (kc , fcc, And on Tneaday, Thursday, and Saturday, a faithful representation of the cele brated statue of the Veuns de Medici, with other groap*. Change of |irograinir.e every evening, Kor particulars aee descriptive programme every eveniug. Ticket* of admission SO cent*. 'I irketa admitting a lady and gentleman 71 oenti, to he obtained at the door. Doora ,,|ien at 7, and peraonilicatioui commence at t o'clock oil 7t*rc _____ 1 rtNK WEEK LoNOEK AMI POSITIVELY the LAST. , V/ AT THE 8?ICIETY LIBRARY. HI ON OH BLITZ Be*s to state ilia' at the aolicitationa ol hii numerous frienda i he w ill Continue Ina performances of i MAGIC AND VENTRILOQUISM. EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK, Commeucm^ on Monday, Oct 23. > Change of programme nightly. 1 Admiaaion 25 eta, children under 10 year* of age, half pric*. Doora o|>en at 7 o'clock?commence at 7)<. ft"?"" Afternoon performance on Saturday, at ] o'clock. | i oi(4 7t?rc NEW OltA'i'ORIO-?Mendelsohn'* new and >ublime Orarorio, ELIJAH, | will be performed by the 1 NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC 80CIETY, (For ilie fir*t time hi thia country,) On WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nov. J, at the TABERNACLE. 1 1 The firnt performance of ' Elijah," which will be recorded memorable event in the history of mnaic, took place at ' | t' e xre^t Birmingham Festival. in Auguat. 1816. and it is con; liiUutly believe<Tlhat no |?rfoimance ol aacred muaic ?ver l i rtidared a greatrr aenaation. The Sacred Muaic Society hate had th* oratorio in rehearaal some thre* montha, and are now prepared to bring It out in the most effective manner. To eiiaute thia, they have arianged for the moat efficient vocal and instrumental talent in the city, full parttculara of which t will amiear in a future advertisement. > Performing members of the society are requested to attend f the rehearaal this (Wednesday) eveniug, at 7 o'clock, at the . .L.l. ,i#l>a rtT Mr if oil-i't- run inuig mrmiirn riu iniiiiu mru u<.? - ... ..... Wliitlock, Merreisry, BA ('unit street. ol7 Jtrr THK UHCjtk 81. A V K.-NOW fVIII III TI.Mi POWKRR 8TATUK OK THK ORK? K MLAVE, ' in the Urge Silooii of the National Aeadamy of Desigu. corner of Broadway aud Leonard ilreet, In m 1 o'cl ck, A. M lo ) I*. P.M. Admittance U rente. Mea?ou tirkett JO ceuts , fT?" Th? season for those bow holding ticket* will close on Ihe first day of November. Keaunn lirketa rarthiird on and . after Ihe 16tlirf October, will entitle the holder to vmt the I inhibition until the l?t day "I December neit. oH 7tiseod rc DKMI'lJTKR'S BMI'TIM'I. fc'-The May Queen, cowrlete or in |arta; .""T- Kmerald lale. Take ver Anld ( look about ye, O Wl y does il.e Write I Mau, l.ament of Inxli Kmigiant. I in U>ne. I>eal/i of Warren I Wheuhhr Nikht Wind Hew Alio. Heidoeth all r tiling well. Good Bye, Watcher, Old Oiamte Rule. I m j All. at, hp.der and Kly, Halls of Mflico. J new annee,] new olkaa 4 new Marches, Jenny Lwd Mwedish Melodiea, hr , I IIOLT'd Moaic Hiore. ) oil 1iH<iTiiliKri<*m I V? Kolton at. near Broadway 1 nPHC. AviMtH *N IN&fl I l t"K KA IK, 13d Ortober. ' 1 1*17, awarded ? inemnim io Mias A Jaroba, 619 Broadway, oi e door froin Hou'fon Mreet.f r ihe following rleyant aiM fimena ol Infanta'and ( hildrena' < loihing, ol Aineiiran ' Mannfarture, which *i* now for aale, ?it: fine braided ailk Krock, price %Vt 00 Two >ilk velvet b-.iided Harks 20 0(1 each. Oi.epink merino br<ided ( I ak and Hat ]0 OA Twoplaid bov? flacks.,. 7 ' earh ' One embroidered I'm ( uahion 10 (in One l'ia ded ihort ( loak... Id DO Kilk olid wor?red Hood and Hara 2 (0 each Alan, a full Kail assortment ol every variety of Velvet*. I'laida, Merinos made Into Hacks, I'loaka. Kroeka. lie. N. II ? Lailira'own materials made and cjit to order,and patterna ml. J(l apprentices wanted iminedia'My. I2l?re WAI.Nl 1 -TKKKT THEATRE, 1*1111> A1) K LI* IIIA? l-?>" K A. Marshall ; Manager, W II. Dlakc.? Kr ihe BKNF.KIt' of M, and Mra. JAMK.H WALI.A1 K Ini.r.?1< ndav evening, On M, IIMT. will be |>er forme.I the new |.|.y entitled rIn- KINO OK THfcCOMVONP?King Janice, Mr I Wnllsrk, Ji Mir Adam Weir I.einan, Malr?.|m: Young, Mr Wliestlev, l.aird Ninall Chapman; Madi liqe Weir, ft'rs J Walla. k.Jr; WHow Barton, Thaver. After which, the d.aiiiibf (he RENT DAY?Martin Hay- | wo id, Mr. J. Wallark, lr . Harhel Hey wood, Mia J Weilar k 1 o morrow, last night of Mr and Mra. J. Wallark. Mr K. Korrrit lamtaged for a few oi|hta, and will ahorlly appear. I^ENCINU, BROAD HWOHD.and CAVALHV K.XK.K * LBt, tanglit by M. De Lain'; No 411 Broadway, near I anal street. Army and N?vy ortirers langlit lha art of the sword in lesaona ar hnnra tnsnit their eonveniene* oil 17a* re pKAiOV't KARKR-AII ; {*,>?<. .,,.1 INTELLIGENCE TO THE &ATSBT MOMlVf. TKLKUHAPHIC, The b.tulhem Hall Fhiudilfhu, Oct 90. 1M7. There ?b no mall rue*Wed at Petersburg south of Wilmington TUe weather cool and froetlike Srrloua Railroad Accident* Bom on. Dot. ?# P M. The freight tral t of nan on the Vermont and .waa*? buaetU Ilailroad broke through tbe bridge near Athoi last evening by which acoideut four n?n wan kilted, and two badly wounded BY THE NAILS From a New Cor respondent. Waihimoton, Oct 37.1847 I have been here a few day* looking around the department*, riding up and down Pennsylvania avenue, loafing around the hotel*, picking up intelligence, and trying to get an oflce 1 Intend to remain here a few day*, engaged in the same interesting avocation. Offle* eeking in full of hope, In the morning of your earner; but in nine cases out of ten. it end* In storm*, la thunder, In lightning, and In elemental war I pity the President. He Is In an awful ooaditlon.? Hi* health i* bad?hi* prospeot* are gloomy?hi* diffleultlee numerous and his friend* are waning The only man of the administration who *eem* comfortable In tbla gloom la the living skeleton of the poat offlee, who at ill lament* the Ave cent pottage*, and cigh* for the twenty| five cenU, and Is continually making troable with hia I contractor*, with the pr*s?, with the community, ead i with Satan uud hi* friends It would be much better to abolish the Poat Offlce Department altogether, than to oonduet it any longer in the way It baa been for aome time past. Of the plan* of the government, in relation to Mexico, everything i* said and all sort* of opinion* are given. I The Only actual offlclsl desnatuhee that ht? Keen re. oeived from (len. Scott, are those dated the fourth o t June last. Not aline hu come from the hero of Vera Crui and Mexico, sinoe that time. He wrote to Mr. Maroy at that date, that he had a wagon load of despatches which he wanted to send on a* s?on as the road* and the communications were open; and 1 luppoee by this time they muit hare lnoreaaed to two wagon load*, besides the letters and note* from the officers and the army. The only accounts reoeired from Mexleo are those written by offloers of the army. Kendall's letters are the ?nly authentic aocount, published by the organ of the government. The brilliant victories, and the deed* of sur heroic army,have created almost as much oonfusion among the members of the government a> upon the wondering Mexican armies and statesmen, including Santa Anna and his tail. Mr. Polk knows not what todo. Mr. Buchanan, with a sad and sorrowful eye to futurity, knows not what to do?Mr. Marcy knows not what to do?Mr. , Mason knows not what to do?Mr. Walker knows not what to do. In fact, Cave Johnson is the only man who really knows what he Is about He expends his brillianey in mystifying the Tost Office Department, and throwing that great branoh of the government into confusion. He knows what be is about?so does the devil?so do the oountrj? and 1 hope so will Congress One part of the administration is for swallowing up Mexloo In a single mouthful?another for waiting till It Is properly oooked; but all re in doubt aa to what 1s best to be dona In the present state of affairs. I am In some hopes, however, that these difficulties will he overcome in a few davs.? Oysters and champagne have great virtues * One of your distinguished New York politicians has been here for Home time, and Is assisting in the deliberations of the President. He is well known in Tammany Hall, and has many friends in that quarter. He has been oousulting with the President for aome days past, and the result of these consultations is ourious Ha says the only dlsoovery yet made is, that Mr. Polk has entirely depopulated Tennessee; that he has given all the officess in his power to Tennesseeans; and that he is now waiting (or a number of hopeful offloe aeekera from the same State to ooma of age, so as to be able to receive further offices from the government. The next Presidency is also talked about. A strong party is making for Woodbury, of the North: another for Mr. Buobanan, of Pennsylvania, another for Mr. Walker, of the Welt, and 1 think I shall go for Cave Johnson in the extremity of hla distress, for be seems to be the only man with suffleient moral sublimity aapable of blundering and blundering, and being content with it The wbigs are beginning to talk of Henry Clay as their first and foremost oandldata, with a reservation for Scott or Taylor in the extremity of distress, when they reach a print beyond which bo medicine oan help them No one talks of Mr Polk aa a candidate for the present ; no one for Col. Beaton, nor Gov. Cass I shall remain here a few days, visiting the departments, telkiug with the Seeretertae. liriakiai tods water with the clubs and joining in prayers in the White House. I may have some further Information to oommunieata and further notes >o smJ for the good of the public, la this Interesting crista of the nation. In the meantime,t.oleman's bell ring*, and Imnstgo to dinner as fast as 1 on ADIEU. W ASM I NO TON, Oot. 20, 1047. The Official Deipattkrt fr?m iht Stat of War? TSt Slaltmmit of Iht Union The Union of last night oontalns the following We received this morning a telegraphic bulletla from a Philadelphia editor. Inquiring when we should publish General Scott's despatches This curiosity was probably produced by the bluader of a soribhler la this city, who writes to New York that a large budgetot despatches had arrived from the oauip But the fact Is, that aa despatches have been received from the (Jeneral, das orlptlre of the late stirring events As the above complimentary epithet Is doubtleas bestowed upon me, I being the only rsoordar of tha fact that despatohea had been received; and, being la a very placid mood this morning ; and, therefore, aot disposei to notice the Union't discourtesy, 1 will stats for the information of Ita editor, that despatches have been rsoelved from the city of Msxloo by tha lata arrival. On Wednesday evening last, a letter waa received In the city from a naval officer at the head quartan of the army, who had been In all tha battle* Immediately preceding the occupation of the capital. This letter was read by the Treeldent, and many Bianbara of tha cabinet, oa Wednesday evening, and waa not shown to the editor of the Union Kor what raaaoa it waa with unu, i wiu nui. ui uuuitii ruug|u jun now w> uj, li II would be any thing but complimentary to the old gentleman 1 will atate. for hi? further Information, that on Thursday evening. voluminous deiptlehM war* received from an official personage at the bead-quartan at the army, mora voluminous, indeed, than any j?t received during the war; and that on Friday evening a lattar wan received from aa official aouroa at headquarters. Doaa the editor of the ('man desire further information' If he do, I will Inform blm that the letter of Wednesday evening waa from Lieutenant Kammaa, of the navy, who waa In all the lata battles, volunteer ald-da-camp to Oenaral Worth?that It was addressed to Commodore Terry, and by him enclosed to a member of the ( abinet; and that the despatches of Thursday evening were from Mr. Trlst. The authorship of the letter of Friday evening, I do not feel at liberty to disclose,great aa is my deeire for the organ's enlightenment; but it may be sufficient to say, It has al the authenticity of an official document. And now one word of quiet comment. The editor o f the f/f>i?? the paragraph I have quoted, has confessed hia entire ignorance of even the eiistenoe of Important despatches from the head quarters.of the army, that were reoeived in this oity Ave days ago Mas be not thus oonvioted blmaelf of the charge I have to often reiterated, that be ia not in the confidence of the administration ' The publication in the Herald, In advanee of all other papera, of a nummary of the oontents of these despatched. the Union calls a blunder. If that paper were la the habit of committing sueh blunders, It would not be as it is, a millstone around the necks of ths administration?it would not be aa It Is, a stigma of rsproach to lis party?it would not be, as it is, a discredit to the oountry whose government organ It professes to be. GALVIENflRS. Wismiwotoi?, Got. 37, 1947. * Pfital .1t i an*ftntnli? M txican Mallm?Gtn. Stall anti iSr Pr t It Htnt't Organ. An inform*! mooting of the cabinet took place today at eleven o clock, by rei|ueet of the I'reatdent, who, U la to bo prrtumo'l had eomething important to aubalt for nonaideration. I have before elated there li a proapect of a eatia factory arrangement of the pottal difficulty between thla country and Ureat Britain. I learn that the Karl of ( lanrlcardo. thn llrltleh font >1a*ter lieneral. haaeubmittod to Mr Bancroft the draft of a ccunpact, having but a fc-w objectionable feature* Theee objectionable feat iro^powcter, ware doubtleae Inner ted fbrthe purpoeo o prolonging the negotiation and retarding a final adjuat mont until the near approach of th? time when our retaliatory meaaura would go Into oparation Great BrlUla ha? alwaya claimed the character of a very liberal governmoot, but there ia a aordld meanneaa in thla whole trasaa it ion not to be aooonnted for in any other way thaa that It arlaei from a mlierable jealou?y of the great advancement of thla country. For the pitlfal ta* (he haa \ levied on the letter* by oar steamer, the I* not muoh the richer, nor we muoh the poorer; but It haa not leaaened I tha dielike of England, which hae grown up with the | growth of thin country, and ?trengthened with It# 1 itrtBtfth There li do cordiality hatwaaa the two I muti!? ifci of wfclih ij|io4ii I* i

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